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2018 Report to the Community Old Louisville

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We talk a lot about “vulnerable” populations in the world of social services and with good cause. There are many adults and children in Metro Louisville that are just barely making it and many valuable nonprofits working to improve people’s lives. How is Wellspring different and why is Wellspring worthy of your support? People with serious mental illness live with disabling conditions that impact their thinking and moods in significant ways. The onset of mental illness often comes at a point in life when others in the same age group are becoming increasingly independent. It impedes forward movement and interferes with school and work. Adding a cruel double-whammy to the burden of a serious, often life-long, diagnosis is the reality that not working and not pursuing higher education often results in a lifetime of poverty. Despite where they started in life or where they (& their families) thought they were going, most of Wellspring’s clients live far below the poverty level. It’s not a big stretch to say that living in poverty with a seriously disabling condition, is a stacked deck that often leads to homelessness, institutionalization, incarcerations, and a general sense of despair. Piled on top of this, is often substance use and poor physical health. We often marvel at how our clients keep going but they do. Despite incredible challenges, every day we see clients with goals and hopes for a better life. We see people recover from seemingly insurmountable circumstances, working hard to put the shattered pieces of their lives back together. Anyone with this kind of resilience and indomitable spirit deserves a little help. Without the affordable and supportive housing that we help people find, the numbers of homeless under the overpasses and in the camps would go up. Without our Crisis Stabilization Units many of the clients served would end up needing costly and restrictive hospital care. More importantly, nearly 1,000 people would lose a critical source of hope for building a better life. Thank you all for helping build a more caring, compassionate and inclusive community through your support for our work.

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Wellspring’s Impact on Our Community!


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Wellspring by the Numbers Statement of Activity Revenue % $ (Rounded) Federal, State & Local Grants 48 2,360,636 Apartment Rentals 3 167,738 Client Services 35 1,728,675 Contributions & Special Events 11 516,251 Metro United Way 2 84,823 Investments & Interest 1 28,510 Total Revenue 100% 4,886,633

Expenses Client Services & Supported Housing 83 4,302,801 Management & General 12 596,393 Fundraising 5 263,024 Total Expenses 100% 5,162,218 (Includes $213,710 depreciation & amortization)

In 2018 Wellspring was proud to open the Bernie Block Wellness Center. Services offered include Case Management, Supported Housing, Supported Employment, Peer Support, Art Therapy & Group therapy.

Wellspring promotes mental health recovery and supports individuals in building healthy and hopeful lives through behavioral health, housing and employment services.

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2018 Report to the Community  

2018 Report to the Community