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Christmas Catalogue 2013

Christmas Catalogue 2013

In harmony with nature and the human being Our actions are defined by our respect for nature and serve the good of our customers, employees and partners.

Weleda HQ in Derbyshire 2

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Christmas Catalogue 2013

About Weleda • Founded in 1921 in Switzerland, by Rudolf Steiner, we are now a global company operating across five continents, in 50 countries. • Our formulations and their main plant ingredients have a holistic effect and are tailored to the body’s specific needs. • We source biodynamic or certified wild raw materials wherever possible. • We grow many of our ingredients in our own Weleda gardens, and also work closely with selected suppliers in long term partnerships. • We carefully monitor every step of production, from cultivation through to harvesting and processing. • This ensures that you can have peace of mind when applying products to your skin - and to your family’s skin.

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All Weleda products are certified natural and organic by NATRUE. First founded in 2007, NATRUE provides an established worldwide cosmetics and skin care standard which is driven by a desire to promote integrity and transparency in the natural cosmetics marketplace. The NATRUE label was set up as an international kitemark to help consumers identify products that are genuinely organic and natural, wherever they are in the world. Just one logo - the mark of true quality and authenticity. So consumers can see at a glance whether a product is truly natural, and know that the ingredients will be top quality and free from artificial colours, fragrances and preservatives such as parabens.

Weleda is a member of UEBT To guarantee the ethical and sustainable sourcing of ingredients, Weleda works with the Union for Ethical Bio Trade. The UEBT work to ensure that their members source ingredients which support biodiversity, fair partnerships and equitable distribution of natural resources. This commitment extends to all ingredients used in Weleda products, and ensures that we work for the benefit of the earth, and the people in it.


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Christmas Catalogue 2013

The fragrant lavender plant is a member of the mint family. Its relaxing, comforting and de-stressing properties are known the world over.


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Christmas Catalogue 2013

Moldovan Lavender Moldova’s warm, dry climate and fertile black soil have supported the large-scale cultivation of lavender for centuries, and the country was once one of the world’s largest producers of essential oils. Many hectares of lavender disappeared in the 90s, but since then, much has changed. Old traditions have been revived and lavender growing has experienced a new lease of life. One reason for this is most definitely the partnership with Weleda, which began in 2005. Close collaboration, lasting cooperation and constant communication have resulted in the involvement of 200 families, and a lavender growing area of close to 200 hectares. Our involvement has also helped to solve many smaller problems, such as finding a sensible ecological solution for composting the residues of distillation. The economic and social stimulus this project has given the rural region is huge: growing lavender has become an integral part of the farmers’ income. The village school has been completely renovated and, to celebrate Weleda’s 90th birthday, we took part in the development of a new medical and social centre. Lavender plays a key role in many Weleda products, from our Lavender Massage Oil and Creamy Body Wash, to our acclaimed moisturising cream Skin Food, and even our gentle, soothing acne treatment, Aknedoron Purifying Lotion. Order by calling us on 0115 944 8200 or online at


Christmas Catalogue 2013

Calm and Soothe Lavender Creamy Body Wash This relaxing body wash cleanses the skin while gently calming the senses with the soothing and aromatherapeutic benefits of pure lavender essential oil. 104014 200ml Ve £7.95

Lavender Relaxing Bath Milk Its harmonising action soothes the body, reducing tension and calming the mind. Use in the evening, just before bed, to help promote a peaceful night’s sleep. 104007 200ml Ve £11.95

Lavender Relaxing Body Oil Lavender bushes can be found growing in long rows on salty, limestone earth. The flowers and leaves become charged with the intensely fragrant essential oil, which has been celebrated as a stress antidote for centuries. Lavender Body Oil is ideal for a relaxing massage at the end of a difficult day. 104015 100ml Ve £11.95 6

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Lavender Soap A soothing and luxurious vegetable soap, delicately fragranced with our Lavender essential oil. Enjoy gentle cleansing with a creamy lather, and nourishing care from organic olive oil. 104016 100g Ve £4.95

Lavender Gift Set Treat a friend or loved one this Christmas to the relaxing, aromatheraputic power of lavender with this gift set. With Lavender Soap and a mini Lavender Bath Soak, it’s the perfect gift for lovers of this beautiful plant. Complete with a gift card for your personal message. 409352 £6.50

Christmas Catalogue 2013

Lavender Room Spray Add ten drops of lavender essential oil to 250ml of distilled water. Place in a spray bottle and shake well before using to spritz a room, or even bed linen for a relaxing night’s sleep. Lavender Bath Mix seven drops of Lavender essential oil into a tablespoon of whole milk, then swirl it into a bath of warm water and relax!

Ways with Lavender Weleda knows just how to harness the relaxing power of lavender, whether that’s through our beloved body care range, or these home recipes you can make yourself!

Lavender Posey Take a bunch of dried lavender, tie with a beautiful ribbon and hang at end of curtain pole, over a door frame or up in your kitchen for a gentle, natural room fragrance.

Lavender Sugar Put a sprig of dried organic lavender into a jar of caster sugar and give it a shake every day for a few days. Use in place of regular caster sugar in scones and sponges for a delightfully aromatic flavour.

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Lavender Potpourri Sew a small bag using a lightweight material such as organic muslin or cheesecloth. Stuff with the flower heads of dried lavender, and tie with a pretty ribbon. Alternatively, place a heap of lavender flowers on a square of fabric, gather the corners and tie with your ribbon. 7

Christmas Catalogue 2013

Bryony Blake Make-up Artist When did you first discover the Weleda range?

Bryony Blake, make-up artist to the stars, is a life long Weleda user. She tells us about her favourite products and what it’s like working with celebrities.

I actually grew up with Weleda products because I went to a Waldorf Steiner School from the age of 4 to 17. Weleda were the only products we used, including the homeopathic medicines. My best friend from school has always used the Iris cream and whenever I use it, I always think of her and that’s such a comfort especially when I’m away from home and friends and family. Smells play such a huge part in people’s lives and I find with so many of the Weleda products they always bring back such wonderful memories, hence the reason I am such a huge fan.

I’ve been in the business for about 9 years now, and I think the projects I’ve really enjoyed are the live TV shows I’ve had the privilege to work on - X Factor, Britain’s Got Talent and Strictly Come Dancing. Strictly allows you to be over the top and experiment with different styles and looks. It’s so theatrical and elegant, and such a fun show to be part of! Working with a celebrity can be quite daunting at first as you never know what they’re going to be like! But once you’ve sat them down and discussed the look your going to do, you forget all that and just start thinking what will suit them: what colours will compliment them and make them feel great. Most of the time when I’m working with a high profile client they just want to look and feel great. Working with models is quite different because their job is to make the brand look good. Then we are working together to make something look its best. Models are pretty used to having anything and everything done, and are usually unfazed by it. 8

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Which is your absolute musthave product from the range if you could only pack one? That is impossible for me to answer as there are too many to choose from! I love the Wild Rose Creamy Body Wash and use it every morning. I love Skin Food and definitely couldn’t live with out that. I use the Sea Buckthorn Body Lotion all the time and all my clients love the smell of it.

Christmas Catalogue 2013

Will you be giving anyone a Weleda present this Christmas? Funnily enough a dear friend of mine has just had a baby and I’ve put together a little package of Weleda Baby goodies. I bought the amazing Calendula Nappy Change Cream which is soothing for any kind of skin irritation, and the Baby Oil, and the Lavender Bath Milk so once the baby’s in bed she can have a well deserved soak. Do you have any particular tricks of the trade you could share with us? Skin Food is brilliant for bringing old gel liners back to life! Sometimes when I’m making people up, I don’t always put the lids back on my gel liners (and cream eye shadows too) and they get a bit dried out so I just mix a tiny amount of Skin Food with them and they’re as good as new! The Calendula Weather Protection Cream is fabulous too for people who have very sensitive skin or are suffering with any dry red patches (some pregnant women get this). Foundation then makes these patches look flaky. The calendula cream rubbed into the area first forms a breathable barrier and lets the foundation sit perfectly onto the problem area. Order by calling us on 0115 944 8200 or online at


Christmas Catalogue 2013

Organic Damask roses give our Wild Rose range its unique fragrance. The Weleda rose project started in the Isparta region in 2001 with the local rose oil distiller and 30 small-scale pioneering farmers, working in collaboration with Weleda.

Wild Rose Smoothing Facial Oil Capsules Luxurious and intensive care for the skin in a capsule containing oils from wild rose hips, evening primrose, peach kernel, almond and jojoba. 102225 30x0.3ml capsules V ÂŁ18.95

Nourishing Wild Rose 10

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Wild Rose Duo Gift Pack Two Weleda favourites, 200ml Body Lotion and Creamy Body Wash, beautifully presented in this fabulous gift pack. Treat a friend or loved one to the soothing indulgence of our incredible Wild Rose body care. 409224 - Ve ÂŁ28.90

Christmas Catalogue 2013

Wild Rose Body Oil Our specially harvested rosehip oil is extracted from the Rosa Moschata, which grows wild on the foothills of the Andes Mountains. Due to the oil’s unique combination of vitamins and essential fatty acids, it is ideal for use as a nourishing skin treatment and for a pampering massage. 106001 100ml Ve £19.95

Wild Rose Creamy Body Wash A precious formulation of nourishing organic rosehip seed oil and Rosa Damascena. Massage into an indulgent lather to pamper the skin and senses. 104013 200ml Ve £8.95

Wild Rose Pampering Body Lotion This nourishing body lotion helps to stimulate the skin’s regenerative processes and to maintain its natural elasticity. The special formulation with organic wild rose oil, jojoba oil and witch hazel noticeably smoothes the skin. The precious fragrance of the Damascene rose indulges the senses. 106005 200ml Ve £19.95

Wild Rose Body Care Starter Kit Containing protective vitamins A and E which help the skin resist the signs of ageing, leaving skin soft and smooth. Contains: 20ml Wild Rose Creamy Body Wash, 10ml Body Oil & 20ml Body Lotion 409336 £6.95 Order by calling us on 0115 944 8200 or online at

Wild Rose Deodorant Light floral scents of wild rose and neroli provide a feeling of freshness and wellbeing. 106021 100ml Ve £12.95 106020 30ml travel size £7.95

Wild Rose Christmas Crackers Give the gift of indulgent Wild Rose this Christmas! Choose from Mini Day Cream or Mini Body Lotion in an adorable Christmas Cracker you could even decorate the tree with them! 20ml Mini Lotion 409242 - Ve


30ml Day Cream 409240 - V

£13.95 11

Christmas Catalogue 2013

A plant with rich history, our pomegranates are grown in Turkey by family run businesses, in fair trade partnership with Weleda. Pomegranate Hand Cream This skin-renewing natural wonder contains certified organic shea butter, rich in fatty acids, which protects skin from moisture loss, while natural plant extracts stimulate cell renewal to keep hands soft and refreshed. 104024 50ml Ve £9.95 +9.1% after 28 days

Roughness reduction

+34% after 28 days

Increased moisture

*Forearm patch test vs. control. Skin moisture content measured by Corneometer, 27 subjects, between 18–61 years of age, four-week product application, twice daily. **Forearm patch test vs. control. Skin roughness determined by FIOTS measurement, 30 subjects between 18–65 years of age, four-week product application, twice daily. Roughness reduction +9.1% after 28 days. Increased moisture +34% after 28 days.

Regenerating Pomegranate

Pomegranate Duo Gift Pack Two Weleda favourites, 200ml Body Lotion and Creamy Body Wash, beautifully presented in this fabulous gift pack. The regenerating properties of Pomegranate are the perfect Christmas gift. 409223


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Christmas Catalogue 2013

Pomegranate Body Oil This luxurious oil contains only pure plant oils, rich in essential fatty acids and vitamins which help to support the natural hydration and regeneration processes of the skin, leaving it more elastic, smooth and supple. Tests have shown that this nourishing body oil accelerates natural skin renewal by 50% in two weeks.* 104023 100ml Ve £21.95

Pomegranate Regenerating Body Lotion This regenerating body lotion actively prevents the premature ageing of the skin. The precious formulation with organic pomegranate seed oil, apricot kernel oil and shea butter stimulates cell renewal and protects skin from damaging external influences. Maturing skin gains in firmness, leaving it feeling velvety-smooth. With an inspiring, sensual fragrance. 106007 200ml Ve £21.95

What women experienced using our Pomegranate Body Oil: Skin renewal

+50% after 14 days

*Measurement of depth of wrinkles with PRIMOS, test with 21 subjects in 2009, age: 42-69 years.

Pomegranate Body Care Starter Kit By supporting the skin with the powerful nutrients of pomegranate, regular use can reduce the appearance of wrinkles, help firm the skin, deeply moisturise, improve elasticity and smooth skin tone. Contains: 20ml Pomegranate Creamy Body Wash, 10ml Body Oil & 20ml Body Lotion 409334 £6.95 Order by calling us on 0115 944 8200 or online at

Pomegranate Creamy Body Wash This precious body wash inspires your senses with a unique fragrance, while oils from pomegranate seeds, sesame and macadamia nuts render your skin perfectly soft. 104022 200ml Ve £8.95

Pomegranate Christmas Cracker The power of pomegranate contained inside a pretty little cracker! Perfect on your Christmas dinner table, or ideal as a gift for teachers! 20ml Mini Lotion 409245 - Ve

£3.50 13

Christmas Catalogue 2013

Refreshing Citrus Francesco and Concetta Salamita manage a fair trading cooperative of around 100 biodynamic lemon farms throughout the Mediterranean island of Sicily. For Weleda, they gather the produce from these farms together, washing and drying the lemons carefully and never using preservatives. Lemon’s refreshing qualities make it perfect for skin and bodies that need a breath of life, whether that’s in Aknedoron, Blackthorn Elixir, Digestion Calming Drops, or our incredible Citrus Bodycare range.


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Christmas Catalogue 2013

Citrus Creamy Body Wash This body wash combines the essential oil of organic lemons to enliven the body and senses, while sesame oil helps protect from moisture loss. 104011 200ml Ve £7.95

Citrus Hydrating Body Lotion This refreshing body lotion cools, invigorates and hydrates. The caring formulation with organic aloe vera, coconut oil and sesame oil provides the skin with moisture for supple, beautiful skin. The fragrance of sunripened lemons awakens the senses and invigorates the spirit. 106008 200ml Ve £13.95

Citrus Deodorant Made with refreshing essential oils of lemon and orange with a light summery scent. 106012 100ml Ve £8.50 106024 30ml travel size £5.95

Order by calling us on 0115 944 8200 or online at

Citrus Refreshing Body Oil This refreshing oil invigorates your skin and senses. Pure almond oil, rich in unsaturated fatty acids, leaves the skin smooth and supple, while citrus essential oils impart a fresh scent that enlivens the body and spirit. This oil is ideally suited for daily skin care or a revitalising massage. Dry skin is softened and protected from moisture loss. 106037 100ml Ve £13.95 Citrus Duo Gift Pack Two Weleda favourites, 200ml Body Lotion and Creamy Body Wash, beautifully presented in this fabulous gift pack. The refreshing fragrance of citrus – perfect for anyone who needs a good wake up in the morning! 409222




Citrus Christmas Cracker This delightful cracker containing a Mini Citrus Body Lotion is the perfect Secret Santa gift. 20ml Mini Lotion 409243 - Ve



Christmas Catalogue 2013

Men’s Skincare We have devised a simple, three step regime to ensure that men enjoy a clean, close shave, leaving skin soft, smooth and invigorated - what better way to start the day?

Shaving Cream Forms a lasting and creamy lather for a gentle, thorough wet shave. Goat’s milk and almond milk care for skin sensitised by the stresses of shaving. 106014 75ml V £7.95

After Shave Balm Extracts of chamomile and myrrh gently soothe and calm the skin after wet or dry shaving. Cooling, moisturising aloe vera combined with jojoba oil protects the face from dryness, keeping the skin smooth and supple. 106019 100ml V £13.95 16

Moisture Cream For Men This refreshingly light and fluid cream quickly penetrates the skin, rendering it smooth, supple and toned. An extract of marshmallow root softens the skin, while organic sesame oil and organic jojoba oil moisturise, protecting it from dryness. 106022 30ml V £10.95 What men experienced using our Moisture Cream for Men: Increased moisture Increased smoothness *tested after 4 weeks

+26%* +16%*

Men’s Intensive Cream This rich cream leaves skin feeling smooth and supple. It provides maturing skin with long-lasting moisture and reduces feelings of tightness. The natural formula maintains the skin’s natural protective functions. 106034 30ml V £13.95

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Men’s Christmas Crackers Don’t leave them out of the fun! Our Men’s Christmas Cracker is perfect as a stocking filler, Secret Santa, teacher’s gift or table decoration. 30ml Moisture Cream 409239 - V £10.95

Christmas Catalogue 2013

Gift boxes – personalised for you Some gift collection ideas The Ultimate Indulgence Our luxurious Body oils provide intensive care to the skin. Team this up with a refreshing creamy body wash, natural deodorant and one of our calming, smoothing or replenishing facial care products for the ultimate top-totoe indulgence! Get ready for the celebrations - Party Feet! Prepare for the festivities by adding a splash of Citrus Refreshing Bath Milk to your foot bath - both revitalising and stimulating! Don’t forget to add Foot Balm to refresh tired and aching feet for the following day!

Maybe there’s a specific body lotion, bath soak, or Weleda baby product you know someone would love, but isn’t in any of Weleda’s pre-prepared gift sets. To let you personalise your Weleda presents, we’re offering bespoke gift boxes again this year. Stylishly presented with a silver bow and personalised gift tag, they come in two sizes and are suitable for all your family and friends.

Gift Boxes are £3.95 plus your choice of one to six items. Order online at, by phone with Weleda Direct (0115 944 8222) or by post. Send your order to Weleda (UK) Ltd, Heanor Road, Ilkeston, Derbyshire DE7 8DR. (gift wrap is not available on any of our pre-packed Christmas gifts, crackers or mini gift sets)

For orders, helpline and stockists call 0115 944 8222 or visit

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Christmas Catalogue 2013

Sea Buckthorn farmer Kurt Künzi and his eight employees have worked in partnership with Weleda for over ten years. Through sustainable cultivation, the continued existence of this endangered plant is guaranteed. By protecting sea buckthorn we not only preserve biodiversity, but also bring you the health and skin care benefits of these extraordinary berries.. Sea Buckthorn Body Oil The bright, yellow-red sea buckthorn berries used in this oil are made up of extremely nourishing unsaturated fatty acids, along with vitamins A and E. Sea Buckthorn Body Oil helps revitalise your skin and is ideal for use after sun exposure. 106025 100ml Ve £15.95


Sea Buckthorn 18

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Sea Buckthorn Duo Gift Pack Two Weleda favourites, 200ml Body Lotion and Creamy Body Wash, beautifully presented in this fabulous gift pack. The vibrant, replenishing sweetness of Sea Buckthorn is ideal for restoring a sense of happy wellbeing! 409225 - Ve £23.90

Christmas Catalogue 2013

Sea Buckthorn Hand Cream Rich in vitamins and unsaturated fatty acids, the precious sea buckthorn and sesame oils in this soothing balm give rough, dry, hard-working hands an intense moisture boost. 106026 50ml V £8.95

Sea Buckthorn Elixir A natural source of vitamin C, antioxidants, provitamin A and vitamin E, organic sea buckthorn berries help to fight free radicals and maintain the body’s natural defences. Top up your nutrient levels with this Elixir by adding to tea or water, like a cordial. It is naturally sweetened with organic honey and sugar. 203008 200ml V/D £9.95

Sea Buckthorn Replenishing Body Lotion This replenishing body lotion contains essential fatty acids for visible and lasting care for dry skin. The formulation with vitamin-rich oil from organic sea buckthorn, mallow extract and shea butter, protects skin from moisture loss and activates its self-regulating functions. A fresh, fruity fragrance invigorates the senses. 106006 200ml Ve £15.95

Sea Buckthorn Body Care Starter Kit Rich in Provitamin A and Vitamin E to intensively nourish and protect. Perfect for skin that’s been weakened by environmental conditions such as wind, cold or extended sun exposure. Contains: 20ml Sea Buckthorn Creamy Body Wash, 10ml Body Oil & 20ml Body Lotion 409338 £6.95 Order by calling us on 0115 944 8200 or online at

Sea Buckthorn Creamy Body Wash Nourish the skin with a soft creamy lather and Biodynamic sea buckthorn oil. Essential oils from sundrenched oranges and grapefruit create a fresh, fruity aroma. 104012 200ml Ve £7.95

Sea Buckthorn Christmas Cracker A fun, vibrant and colourful cracker, the incredible Sea Buckthorn Body Lotion is ideal as a stocking filler, and perfect for introducing a friend to the Weleda range. 20ml Mini Lotion 409244 - Ve

£3.50 19

Christmas Catalogue 2013

Zoe’s an holistic baby! What a treat to chat to one of our favourite customers, Zoe Hobbs, about her life as model, mother and Mrs Cole - wife of professional dancer Brendan Cole from Strictly Come Dancing. I fell in to modelling by accident really. I was scouted by London agency Storm when I was on a school ski trip aged 14. Although my parents felt I was too young at the time, the opportunity arose again a few years later when I was at college and at that time the glamour of the fashion industry seem preferable to sitting in lectures! I’m very lucky to have travelled all over the world with my job and have lived in Barcelona and Miami. I’ve met fantastic people and had some amazing jobs - swimming under waterfalls and camping on the beach in Mexico. But perhaps my favourite job has been a television commercial for Mercedes where I got to race Mika Hakkinen and Michael Schumacher up a frozen mountain in Austria! As a huge Formula 1 fan this really appealed. My daughter Aurelia was born on Christmas Day last year. She’s a delightful little girl and full of energy like her Daddy! I was lucky enough to have a wonderful pregnancy and birth, and used Hypnobirthing which I feel really helped me. Being a mum is in some ways similar to modelling, with ridiculously long hours and never really knowing what surprises are round the corner! It is of course far more fulfilling and lots more fun. 20

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Christmas Catalogue 2013

It’s so lovely seeing Brendan with Aurelia. He absolutely adores her and you can see him swelling with pride when he’s around her. He’s a very hands on Daddy and does his fair share of night feeds and nappy changes. He’s the energetic, playful one but the calming, restful stuff is not necessarily his forte. I’ve somehow ended up being the one who dances around the kitchen with her. I’m not sure how that happened but at least someone likes my dancing! I don’t have any immediate plans to go back to modelling but I fully intend to sometime in the future. I’m lucky that I have a career that I can dip in and out of. For me it is very important to be doing something for myself as I find it makes me a better mother. I am lucky enough to have a very supportive family who help out with child care now and again. For now I’m very fortunate that I can dedicate the time to being a full time Mummy especially as Brendan is very busy with Strictly and his own theatre tour. I’ve been aware of Weleda ever since I can remember. My mother is a naturopath and nutritionist and as a child our house was always full of the smell of Weleda massage oil. I still physically calm every time I smell that fragrance and now use it on my family.

My favourite products • I swear by Calendula Nappy Change Cream. It’s a really good barrier cream and Aurelia has hardly ever had nappy rash. • Another favourite baby product is Chamomilla Teething Granules. Everyone I’ve recommended them to has been really impressed and had more sleep as a result! • A firm favourite with models, Skin Food is fantastically nourishing for overworked, stressed skin. It’s also great on dry hands and lips in the winter. • Aurelia was born on Christmas day and when I got home from hospital I used the Pomegranate Creamy Body Wash for that first wonderful shower. The smell is absolutely divine and so Christmassy. It will always now be a winter favourite and remind me of that magical time. • Iris day and night creams. When I was pregnant my skin changed and I found these creams to be perfect. Nourishing yet light.

Weleda is the one brand I know I can always trust even without checking the ingredients. I know they will always be good for our skin as well as the environment. I’m very aware that everything you put on your skin is absorbed into your body and after years of modelling I’ve had more than my fair share of so-called beauty products on my skin containing parabens and harmful chemicals. For this reason I am forever extolling the virtues of Weleda products to make-up artists.

Zoe Cole x

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Christmas Catalogue 2013

Zoe’s Christmas Favourites Calendula Baby Oil for Aurelia, with a massage video. Aurelia is very energetic so I’d be very keen to try baby massage for its soothing, relaxing effects.

Foot Balm for Brendan. When he is on tour with his theatre show every January his body is really put through its paces. It’s a physically demanding show so I’m sure he’d love this foot balm (and a little foot massage to go with it!) 106016



Wild Rose Pampering Body Lotion for myself - rose essential oil is my favourite smell in the world.




200ml Ve £9.50

Birch Juic e


Foot Balm




Birch Juice or Elixir for my mother, for detoxing. My Mum is a nutritionist so I’m sure she’d be keen to try this and let’s face it, everyone loves a January detox! 203002



Calendu Baby Oilla

Lavender Relaxing Bath Milk for a girlfriend. I used this during my late pregnancy and it’s great for creating a spa in your own home with candles and relaxing music. 104007 200ml Ve £11.95


Wild R Body lotose ion

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Lavend Bath Miler k

Christmas Catalogue 2013

Christmas Crackers The perfect stocking fillers, teachers’ presents or Secret Santa gifts – they’d even look great decorating your tree or Christmas dinner table! There’s something for everyone in our adorable mini crackers.

Mini Lotions 20ml

Classic 30ml

Wild Rose 409242 20ml


Skin Food 409238 30ml




Pomegranate 409245 20ml



Men’s Moisture Cream 409239 30ml V £10.95

Sea Buckthorn 409244 20ml



Wild Rose Day Cream 409240 30ml V £13.95

Citrus 409243




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Christmas Catalogue 2013

Stocking Fillers Weleda Calendar 2014 A work of art to brighten up any space, and ideal as a gift – or a personal treat. 404045 £8.95

Wild Rose Facial Care Starter Kit With oil from organic rosehip seeds grown high up in the Chilean Andes, our precious Wild Rose Facial Care contains protective vitamins A and E which help the skin resist the signs of ageing. Contains: 10ml Gentle Cleansing Milk, 5ml Day Cream, 5ml Night Cream & Muslin Cloth 409335 £11.95 Almond Facial Care Starter Kit Ideal for those with sensitive skin, our almond range is renowned for being well-tolerated by all skin types, and has a calming, soothing effect on the skin. Contains: 10ml Almond Cleansing Lotion, 7ml Facial Cream, 10ml Facial Oil & Muslin Cloth 409337 £9.95 Pomegranate Facial Care Starter Kit Our pomegranate products have been specially formulated to meet our skin’s needs in our 40s and 50s. By supporting the skin with the natural powerful nutrients of pomegranate, regular use can reduce the appearance of wrinkles, help firm the skin, deeply moisturise and improve elasticity and smooth skin tone.

Having trouble deciding? Know someone who’s impossible to shop for? Or knows exactly what they want from their skincare? Weleda Gift Certificates are available online. Visit to find out more.

Contains: 10ml Gentle Cleansing Milk, 7ml Day Cream, 7ml Firming Serum & Muslin Cloth 409333 £12.95 24

Order by calling us on 0115 944 8200 or online at

Christmas Catalogue 2013

Foot Balm Packed with soothing and cooling naturals, this refreshing balm is the perfect treat for hot, tired or aching feet. Essential oils of lavender, rosemary, sweet orange and litsea cubeba refresh and revive in a non-greasy formulation that also strengthens skin to protect against blisters. 106016 75ml V £8.95

Skin Food For a one-cream-fits-all problem solver you can’t beat Weleda’s Skin Food, which has stood the test of time, as it was first introduced in 1926 and has been a firm favourite with savvy buyers ever since. This awardwinning power-house of a cream is also incredible value. 106013 106028

75ml 30ml


£8.95 £5.95

Iris Hydrating Day Cream This rich moisturising cream for dry and very dry skin helps regulate your skin’s natural balance and preserve moisture. With soothing witch hazel and jojoba seed oil to soften and improve elasticity, this cream supports your skin’s natural protection against drying elements, leaving your skin smooth and healthy. 102100 30ml V £11.95

Pine Reviving Bath Milk Infused with the warming scent of aromatic pine forests, this milk will both refresh and invigorate, especially good in cold or damp weather. Perfect after a particularly tiring or stressful day, its restorative action will help restore your inner balance and infuse you with renewed strength. 104008 200ml Ve £10.95

Calendula Massage Oil This gentle massage oil is rich in unsaturated fatty acids, which support rebuilding of the natural protective layer of the skin thus balancing its natural fat and moisture content. The skin remains healthy and supple. The ideal massage oil for sensitive and delicate skin. 204003 100ml Ve £9.95

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Christmas Catalogue 2013

Body Oil Gift Set 409342 10ml V


Mini Gift Sets Our mini gift sets are ideal for giving someone their first taste of Weleda – and perfect for frequent travellers too! 26

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Creamy Body Wash Gift Set 409341 20ml V £9.95

Christmas Catalogue 2013

The Ultimate Gift Experience Weleda Espace - Paris For a truly unique experience for that special someone, look no further than Weleda’s island of natural serenity, literally seconds away from the Champs Elysees. Designed with utmost respect for the environment, the Espace Weleda is an expression of our philosophy – it truly is in harmony with nature and the human being. Marking the threshold between the noisy, restless urban world outside, and the calming, rejuvenating interior, was the inspiration for designer Maryam Ashford Brown when she created the façade of Espace Weleda, right in the heart of Paris.

Personal Service The spa experience differs from person to person, and this uniqueness is embraced by Weleda Espace, where clients receive individual attention and treatment from qualified estheticians. Treatments, including body massage, facials and incredible two-hour long head-totoe massages, promise to leave you relaxed, serene and entirely pampered.

The vertical garden, of almost 15 square metres, is composed of 28 plant species, and has been designed to bring nature into the heart of Espace Weleda. Created by the internationally renowned botanist, researcher and artist, Patrick Blanc.

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