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Certified Natural Beauty

In harmony with nature and the human being Summer 2014

About Weleda

About Weleda

In harmony with you Our team of Weleda Wellbeing Advisors include natural health practitioners, therapists and individuals with a passion for health and natural beauty. They work flexibly, doing talks and holding events to demonstrate

The original health and well being company

our fabulous range of products.

Founded in 1921 in Switzerland, by Rudolf Steiner, we are now a global company operating

Our Advisors provide personal service in the comfort

across five continents, in 50 countries. Our formulations have an holistic effect and are tailored

of your own home, either through a Wellbeing Event

to meet the body’s specific needs. We source biodynamic or certified wild raw materials

with you and your friends, or a bespoke one to one

wherever possible. Many of our ingredients are grown in our own Weleda gardens, and we


also work closely with selected suppliers in long term partnerships. We carefully monitor every step of production, from cultivation through to harvesting and processing.This ensures that

By allowing you to experience our wonderful range

you can have peace of mind when applying products to your skin – and to your family’s skin.

of products while sharing their tips, advice and expert knowledge, Weleda Advisors give you the opportunity

Weleda HQ In Derbyshire

Dr Rudolf Steiner (1861-1925), scientist, philosopher and founder of Anthroposophy

to learn about how our products can benefit you and your family’s health and wellbeing.

Our products Our products are totally natural, that means 100%.

All Weleda products are certified natural and organic by NaTrue.

They are free from synthetic preservatives, colourants and mineral oil derivatives, and in over ninety years we have never tested on animals. We offer fantastic affordable products and our

Founded in 2007, NATRUE label was set up as an

philosophy means that we formulate products with the

international kitemark to help consumers identify

perfect balance of ingredients based on efficacy rather

products that are genuinely organic and natural,

than the cost.

wherever they are in the world. Just one logo - the mark of true quality and authenticity. So consumers can see

Weleda is a member of UEBT

at a glance whether a product is truly natural, and know that the ingredients will be top quality and free from

To guarantee the ethical and sustainable

artificial colours, fragrances and preservatives such as

sourcing of ingredients, Weleda works with


In harmony with nature and the human being Our actions are defined by our respect for nature and serve the good of our customers, employees and partners.

the Union for Ethical Bio Trade. The UEBT Follow us on facebook

work to ensure that their members source ingredients which support biodiversity, fair partnerships and equitable distribution of natural resources. This

Follow us on Twitter @weledaUK

commitment extends to all ingredients used in Weleda products, and ensures that we work for the benefit of the earth, and the people in it.






Facial Skincare



What our Customers say about us

Facial Skincare Facial Skincare




Aknedoron Specialist Skincare


Almond - Sensitive Skin


Iris - Moisture Balancing


thanks to the oils and lotions and the additional use of

Wild Rose - Smoothing


the Skin Food, which I use daily on my knees, heels and

Pomegranate - Regenerating


elbows! I now use a large selection of the Weleda range

Men’s Skincare


including the Almond Facial Range, the shampoo and

“I have been using the Weleda Body Lotions and Oils on my skin for a number of months now, and my skin feels beautiful and smooth. I no longer suffer with ‘dry patches’

conditioner, body washes (still struggling with which smell


I like best – they all smell so good),the Birch Scrub (just



fabulous), and even the Rose Deodorant – which I love – no

Refreshing Citrus


more white marks on my clothes as well as doing my bit

Replenishing Sea Buckthorn


for the ozone layer! My skin just glows which in turn makes

Pampering Wild Rose


me feel healthier and I would have no problem at all in

Regenerating Pomegranate


recommending Weleda products to anyone.”

Relaxing Lavender


Lynne Powdrill, Sheffield

Purifying Birch


Home Therapy


Summer Essentials


“I have spent my adult life moving from product to product

5 Steps to Amazing Skin

trying to avoid allergic reactions. In the end I’d stopped

Natural Essentials

looking after my skin completely because it was just too

Natural Essentials


risky. Sam Kasaley suggested Weleda and I agreed to give



it a try. At 45 I really needed moisturiser and it has been

Juices & Elixirs


everything it promised and more. No itching, no burning,


no eczema, just compliments on how much healthier I look.”

Oral Care

Facial Skincare

Kirstin Roberts

Hair Care Shampoos


Conditioners & Treatments

29 “I find myself applying Skin Food and then breathing in

Natural Medicines

deeply - the smell alone makes me feel nurtured.”

Muscular Pain Relief


First Aid Medicines


Mum to be


Baby Skincare


Gift Ideas


Price List


Emma Chrysanthou

1 Remove eye make-up Pop some Almond Soothing Facial Oil on a damp cotton wool pad. Leave the pad on your eye for a few seconds to allow the product to soak into your lashes and mascara will come off much easier.

Facial Brush Working as a natural exfoliator and sloughing off any dead skin cells, dry brushing improves circulation and skin texture, promotes cell renewal and reveals healthier, more vibrant, younger looking skin. 408200 £3.95

2 Cleanse Apply cleanser to your face and neck using either your fingertips or a damp cotton wool pad. Remove the cleanser using a damp cotton wool pad, repeat until the pads show your skin is completely clean. 3 Steam This is optional but it will help to warm up your skin and open the pores making the rest of the facial even more effective. Add 5ml of Refining Toner to a bowl of steamy hot water, rinse a clean flannel or muslin cloth in the mixture, wring it out, then lay the flannel flat over your face. 4 Massage Apply a very thin layer of oil over your face and neck, using light, sweeping movements with the pads of your fingers. Our Wild Rose Facial Oil Capsules or Almond Soothing Facial Oil are perfect for this.


Once the oil has soaked in, leaving a sensuous sheen, apply a facial masque to give your complexion an extra boost. 5 Lock in moisture The final touch is to seal in the moisture. Apply either a facial cream, facial lotion or night cream in small dots on your neck, chin, cheeks, nose and forehead then spread it evenly over your face using light upward stroking movements.



Organic Muslin Cloth Our 100% cotton Muslin Cloth works as a natural and gentle exfoliator to help buff away dead skin cells, impurities and improves circulation, leaving your skin smooth and soft. It’s kind to your skin and especially recommended for sensitive and dry skin. 408211 £3.95

Facial Skincare | Cleansing

Facial Skincare | Cleansing

Cleansing HG


Refining Toner This refreshing tonic purifies any skin type following cleansing. Mildly astringent plant substances including lemon, wild rose petals and witch hazel have a pore-refining effect, leaving skin refreshed, smooth and toned. The subtle fresh fragrance of natural essential oils revives the skin and senses. 102105 100ml Ve £9.95

One Step Cleanser Toner Olive oil soap combined with balancing iris root and purifying witch hazel cleanse the skin and refine pores. Normal and combination skin benefits from deep yet gentle cleansing action, removing dirt and make-up in one easy step. 102010 100ml V £13.95

Gentle Cleansing Milk With nourishing jojoba oil to soothe and gently cleanse, this cleanser is ideal for normal and dry skin. Balancing iris root and witch hazel help skin to regulate oil levels, as well as providing additional cleansing power without disrupting your skin’s natural protective barriers. For best results follow with our Refining Toner. 102104 100ml Ve £9.95

Spritzer A handy spritzer for use with Weleda Refining Toner. 705000 £2.25 Pump Dispenser A handy pump dispenser for use with all Weleda 50ml and 100ml facial and bodycare glass bottles. 705002 £2.25

Aknedoron Specialist Skincare Aknedoron Cleansing Lotion HG A daily cleanser to gently purify without stripping away the skin’s natural defences. Sunflower and olive oils form the gentle cleansing base that lifts away dirt and grime while essential oils of orange, grapefruit, lavender and rosemary refresh and revive. Chamomile soothes, and Calendula restores the skin’s natural balance in preparation for our Aknedoron Purifying Lotion. Cleansing Lotion is also perfect for hot, humid weather, and for cleansing on long journeys, because of its wonderfully refreshing qualities. 102007 100ml V £9.95

Our facial skincare products help the skin maintain or regain its balance by supporting its natural functions. In this way, our products support and protect your beauty in every phase of your life, fulfilling your skin’s individual needs. Designed to cleanse and tone without drying the skin, Weleda’s mild cleansing products contain natural plant extracts such as witch hazel to calm and cool, revitalising wild rose leaf, cold-pressed jojoba oil and extract of iris root to soothe and balance the skin. The natural way to prepare your skin before following with Almond, Iris, Wild Rose or Pomegranate facial care.


For over 80 years our Aknedoron two-step programme has been treating problem skin on the face and body. Carefully formulated with 100% natural ingredients, Aknedoron is gentle, and free from harsh chemicals which can leave skin dry and irritated.

Save £9.10


Aknedoron Purifying Lotion A potent mixture of expertly selected plant extracts and minerals, this incredible lotion restores harmony and stimulates your circulation, treating skin problems from both inside and out. Sage, thyme and lavender provide balance, while calendula and chamomile soothe. Witch hazel’s mild astringent properties help clear the pores, and sulphur calms irritation while stimulating restorative blood flow. This lotion can be used on problem areas all over the body – simply apply gently, with cotton wool. 102006 50ml Ve £9.95

Specialist Skin Care Set Problem skin needs moisture too, which can make caring for it even more complicated. Our Specialist Skincare set contains an extra gentle Almond Facial Lotion or Cream for soothing, light moisturisation. Retail Price £35.10 You Pay £26.00 Saving £9.10 Offer Code: 409303 Ve/V Aknedoron Cleansing Lotion, Aknedoron Purifying Lotion, Almond facial lotion or Almond facial cream *contains pump dispenser 7

Facial Skincare | Almond - Sensitive Skin

Facial Skincare | Almond - Sensitive Skin

Almond - Sensitive Skin HG

Almond Soothing Facial Cream HG This creamy moisturiser strengthens your skin’s natural protective barrier. Organic sweet almond oil gently nourishes and supports your skin’s natural moisture balance with essential fatty acids. For use as a day or night cream, it also soothes redness and inflammation – leaving your skin soft, supple and protected. 102203 30ml V £12.95

Almond Soothing Cleansing Lotion This rich, creamy cleanser allows sensitive skin to restore its delicate balance without interruption – pH balance is maintained, and our gentlest cleanser will not strip away the natural oils necessary for healthy skin. Apply carefully with damp cotton wool, and your face is left clean, soft and refreshed. 102201 75ml Ve £9.95

Almond Soothing Facial Lotion HG A light hydrating moisturiser that absorbs quickly to balance and protect sensitive skin. Gentle sweet almond oil and soothing plum oil leave skin feeling refreshed. Ideal for use with our Aknedoron range – the light moisturisation effect will soften without increasing the oiliness of unbalanced skin. 102202 30ml V £12.95

The sweet almond’s delicate oil is a miracle of nature. Nurtured within the safe haven of its protective shell, the almond develops an oil rich in unsaturated fatty acids and vitamin E - ingredients your skin welcomes because they’re so compatible with its own natural makeup.


What women experienced using our Almond Soothing Facial Lotion: Increased firmness Increased smoothness Lasting moisture *tested after 28 days


Almond Soothing Facial Oil Easily absorbed, this intensive treatment restores your skin’s healthy balance and revives its natural protective functions. Organic blackthorn flower extract, high in skin-toning tannins and vitamin C, calms and reduces irritation while plum kernel oil, rich in antioxidants and vitamin E, balances and soothes. Your skin is left feeling deeply restored, soft and protected. Almond Soothing Facial Oil is a must-have whatever your skin type, as the gorgeously thick texture means it is the perfect makeup remover. Apply a few drops to a cotton pad and wipe over the face – particularly good for removing eye make-up gently, quickly and effectively.

+27%* +24%* +45%*

Save £5.10





Sensitive skin occurs when the epidermis – the protective outer layer – becomes porous, and easily penetrated. To compensate, your skin Sensitive Skin Set* Retail Price £40.10 You Pay £35.00 Saving £5.10 Offer Code: 409302 Ve/V Almond Cleanser, Almond Oil, Almond facial cream or Almond facial lotion *contains pump dispenser

reacts by hardening, which causes irritation, and makes skin prone to dryness. With a hard shell surrounding its precious oil-rich kernel, the almond perfectly embodies the characteristics of healthy skin. The outer layer provides protection from the outside, while remaining porous enough to allow the core to breathe. Our Almond Soothing Facial Care is formulated with gentle, organic sweet almond oil and other pure ingredients carefully selected to be soothing and kind. Together, they calm your sensitive skin, reducing irritation and redness while they restore its natural balance and replenish its protective barrier. And since our formula is fragrancefree and hypoallergenic, even the most sensitive skin can become clear, smooth and comfortable.


Almond for everyone Sensitive skin has many causes, and can occur at any time. It’s lack of fragrance makes it ideal for use during pregnancy, when skin is easily upset and your sense of smell is on overdrive. Extremely dry skin is more prone to irritation, as is skin that’s under stress. Even Aknedoron users can benefit from the hypoallergenic formulas of our Almond range, providing light moisture without upsetting your skin’s delicate balance.


Facial Skincare | Iris - Moisture Balancing

Facial Skincare | Iris - Moisture Balancing

Iris - Moisture Balancing HG


Iris Hydrating Facial Lotion This gentle, light and quickly absorbed lotion helps regulate your skin’s natural moisture balance. With softening jojoba seed oil and soothing witch hazel, it supports your skin’s natural protection against the elements. Normal and combination skin will feel smooth and look radiantly fresh. 102101 30ml V £12.95

Iris Hydrating Night Cream This richly nourishing night cream helps soften and replenish the skin’s nightly regenerative cycle. Organic chamomile and calendula flower extracts soothe and calm your skin, and gentle almond oil intensively moisturises. By morning, your skin is beautifully relaxed and refreshed. 102102 30ml V £13.95

What women experienced using our Iris Hydrating Facial Lotion: Increased moisture

+9% after 14 days



Iris Hydrating Day Cream Soothing jojoba oil combined with cocoa and shea butters soften and improve elasticity, while your skin’s natural balance is regulated with extracts of iris and witch hazel. This cream supports your skin’s natural protective barriers, leaving it smooth and healthy and harmonised. 102100 30ml V £12.95

Save £11.30

Save £4.35

The root of the Iris plant has an exceptional ability to regulate its moisture balance, making it capable of surviving long periods of drought as well as rain.

Iris Hydrating Masque Provides the skin with intensive hydration. Excellent for when the skin needs a boost. Contains iris root extract, cucumber extract to cool and soothe, almond oil and jojoba oils to soften and strengthen the skin. Follow with Iris Facial Cream for a soft, bright complexion. 102103 30ml Ve £13.95

Iris root has been a key skincare ingredient since the time of the Ancient Greeks – known for its ability to preserve vitality. Our twenties are a time of great change and development, which can often disrupt the natural

our Iris range takes care of skin when its needs are

Iris Starter Kit* Retail Price £37.35 You Pay £33.00 Saving £4.35 Offer Code: 409306 Ve/V Cleansing Milk, Refining Toner, Iris Day Cream or Iris Facial Lotion

changing from day to day.

*contains pump dispenser and spritzer

balance of the skin. This is why Iris, with its moisture regulating qualities, is ideal for this stage of life. Expertly combined with soothing calendula, purifying witch hazel and gentle, nourishing oils of jojoba and sweet almond,

Iris Collection* Retail Price £51.30 You Pay £40.00 Saving £11.30 Offer Code: 409307 Ve/V Cleansing Milk, Refining Toner, Iris Night Cream, Iris Day Cream or Iris Facial Lotion *contains pump dispenser and spritzer

Grown in the Moroccan Atlas Mountains through fair trade partnerships, our Iris roots are kept in their natural habitat to ensure the very best quality ingredients. The roots are harvested and dried, before being chopped up and boiled to produce the precious extract.


The balancing properties of Iris make it perfect for wearing under make-up, helping to smooth out dryness and clear up oiliness. Try Iris Facial Lotion or Iris Day Cream to give you a smooth finish.


Facial Skincare | Wild Rose - Smoothing

Facial Skincare | Wild Rose - Smoothing

Wild Rose - Smoothing


Wild Rose Smoothing Facial Lotion Normal and combination skin receive perfectly balanced moisturisation with this light, quickly absorbed lotion. Organic rosehip seed oil provides an exceptionally high amount of essential fatty acids and antioxidants that preserve your skin’s elasticity and vitality. Your skin feels smooth, rejuvenated and soft to the touch. 102221 30ml V £15.95


Wild Rose Smoothing Day Cream A rich, smoothing moisturiser that counteracts fine lines, dryness and dull skin. With preserved elasticity and vitality, your skin feels nourished, smooth and beautifully radiant. 102220 30ml V £15.95 What women experienced using our Wild Rose Smoothing Day Cream: Renewed elasticity Increased moisture

+23%* +41%*

*tested after 28 days


Wild Rose Smoothing Face Masque With rosehip seed oil, mallow extract and peach kernel oil, this smoothing, intensive treatment is ideal for skin in need of extra hydration, nourishment and care. 102224 30ml Ve £16.95

Wild Rose Smoothing Night Cream HG This rich, smoothing night cream supports your skin during its natural regeneration cycle, helping to strengthen and replenish. Rosehip seed oil is combined with evening primrose oil for softer, smoother looking skin. 102222 30ml V £16.95


Wild rosehip seed oil is a deeply nourishing, intensively smoothing extract from the Chilean Rosa Mosqueta. Restorative and luxurious, rosehip seed oil helps improve skin elasticity and promotes a healthy glow.

Wild Rose Smoothing Eye Cream A gentle, mild and smoothing eye cream that reduces swelling and softens fine lines around the delicate eye area. Fragrance-free. 102223 10ml V £16.95

Save £5.35

Save £12.30

Used for centuries as a restorative tea, the rosehips of the Rosa Mosqueta are native to the Chilean Andes. Working together with skilled farmers, Weleda’s rosehip seed oil comes from organic, wild-cultivated plants. Grown in their natural environment, their health is paramount, as this assures the quality of our rich, luxurious oil. In your thirties, skin naturally begins to show the first signs of ageing- fine lines and the loss of that vital glow. It needs intensive nourishment and gentle smoothing to retain its youthful resilience and elasticity. Rosehip seed oil is perfect for your skin during this time of life. Proven to renew elasticity and intensively moisturise, this golden oil strengthens the skin’s resilience to environmental factors, while reducing the visibility of fine lines.

Wild Rose Starter Kit* Retail Price £40.35 You Pay £35.00 Saving £5.35 Offer Code: 409304 Ve/V Cleansing Milk, Refining Toner, Wild Rose Day Cream or Wild Rose Facial Lotion * contains pump dispenser and spritzer

Wild Rose Collection* Retail Price £57.30 You Pay £45.00 Saving £12.30 Offer Code: 409305 Ve/V Cleansing Milk, Refining Toner, Wild Rose Night Cream, Wild Rose Day Cream or Wild Rose Facial Lotion * contains pump dispenser and spritzer

Rose Absolute, the perfume that gives the Weleda Wild Rose range its unique, indulgent fragrance comes from the petals of organic Damask Roses. Grown in the Isparta region of Turkey, what began as a small initiative to train small-scale farmers in organic farming methods, now includes over 300 farmers in the production of these vibrant roses. 12

Our Wild Rose Facial Oil Capsules are the ultimate skin indulgence. Use once or twice a week for an intensively nourishing, deliciously scented treatment. For best results apply when skin is still slightly damp after cleansing, smooth upwards over the face and neck, using gentle yet firm sweeps of the fingertips.


Facial Skincare | Pomegranate - Regenerating

Facial Skincare | Pomegranate - Regenerating

Pomegranate - Regenerating


Pomegranate Day Cream HG This moisturising, nutrient rich cream helps reduce the appearance of wrinkles, improves skin elasticity and protects the skin from harmful exposure to the elements. Organic pomegranate seed oil and organic argan kernel oil intensely nourish and revitalise ageing skin. Depth of wrinkles 14% less after 28 days* 102050 30ml Ve £23.95

Pomegranate Serum This firming facial serum gives mature skin a regenerating boost of nutrients. The skin receives intensive hydration, making it feel soft and smooth, day and night. To further enhance its revitalising, firming effects, follow with Pomegranate Day or Night Cream. Depth of wrinkles 29% less after 28 days*. 102052 30ml Ve £34.95 What women experienced using our Pomegranate Firming Serum:

What women experienced using our Pomegranate Day Cream: Wrinkle reduction

Wrinkle reduction

+14% after 28 days

Increased moisture

*Measurement of depth of wrinkles with PRIMOS, test with 21 subjects in 2009, age: 42-69 years.


Pomegranate Eye Cream HG With precious extracts from organically grown pomegranate and golden millet, this gentle yet highly effective cream helps reduce the appearance of wrinkles. Frequent use tautens the skin and reactivates skin regeneration around the delicate eye area. Opthamologically tested, can be used with contact lenses. Fragrance-free. Dermatological tests show that after 28 days of use depth of wrinkles reduced by 23%*. 102053 10ml Ve £23.95

What women experienced using our Pomegranate Night Cream:

Pomegranate seed oil is an incredibly rich, nutritious source of vitamins and antioxidants. Known for its superfood status, it is as good for the skin as it is for the body, after all, what goes on you goes in you.

+35% after 28 days

What women experienced using our Pomegranate Eye Cream:

*Measurement of depth of wrinkles with PRIMOS, test with 21 subjects in 2009, age: 42-69 years.

Wrinkle reduction

+23% after 28 days

*Measurement of depth of wrinkles with PRIMOS, test with 22 subjects in 2009, age: 41 - 69 years.

After 40, our skin needs additional nourishment as circulation decreases, making it harder for the epidermis to remain soft and supple. Skin becomes drier and more sensitive to irritation. We believe the way to create the perfect, holistic skincare routine is to work with these changes, to celebrate maturing skin whilst enabling it to retain its natural beauty. The powerful concentrate of nutrients from pomegranate, including vitamins C, B5 and potassium, together with antioxidant polyphenols make it ideal for supporting the reduced regeneration abilities of the skin. Combined with rich argan and borage oil, the cold-pressed pomegranate seed oil in our range enables maturing skin to remain firm, vibrant and naturally radiant. Wrinkles are reduced and regeneration improves through our luxurious, deliciously scented skincare range.

Weleda was the winner in the CEW Eco Beauty Awards 2012 for their Pomegranate Firming Facial Care range. This award recognises a beauty product or product line that has most significantly moved towards the goal of true sustainability. 14

+39% after 30 minutes

*Measurement of depth of wrinkles with PRIMOS, test with 21 subjects in 2009, age: 42-69 years.

Pomegranate Night Cream This luxuriously rich cream helps to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and nourish the skin by activating and supporting the skin’s natural night time regeneration cycle. You wake up with skin that’s firm, renewed and ready for the day. Depth of wrinkles 35% less after 28 days*. 102051 30ml Ve £23.95

Wrinkle reduction

+29% after 28 days

Save £5.35

Pomegranate Starter Kit* Retail Price £48.35 You Pay £43.00 Saving £5.35 Offer Code: 409308 Cleansing Milk, Refining Toner, Pomegranate Day Cream * contains pump dispenser and spritzer

Save £10.30

Pomegranate Collection* Retail Price £72.30 You Pay £62.00 Saving £10.30 Offer Code: 409309 Cleansing Milk, Refining Toner, Pomegranate Day Cream, Pomegranate Night Cream * contains pump dispenser and spritzer


Save £15.80

Pomegranate Luxury Collection Retail Price £106.80 You Pay £91.00 Saving £15.80 Offer Code: 409353 Pomegranate Day Cream, Pomegranate Night Cream Pomegranate Face Serum Pomegranate Eye Cream

Facial Skincare | Men’s Skincare


Men’s Skincare


Four easy steps to gorgeous skin

We have devised a simple, three step regime to ensure that men enjoy a clean, close shave, leaving skin soft, smooth and invigorated - what better way to start the day? Shaving can irritate even the sturdiest of skin; our three-step range can help. Begin your day with fresh, clean skin, and feel invigorated the entire day. Protect your skin with our natural Shaving Cream to help prevent shaving rash or unsightly nicks. Replenish with our After Shave Balm containing cooling organic aloe gel. Nourish with our Moisture Cream to prevent dryness. For skin that needs an extra powerful moisturiser, our Intensive Cream will provide long lasting, protective care.

STEP 3: Moisture Cream For Men HG This refreshingly light and fluid cream quickly penetrates the skin, rendering it smooth, supple and toned. Extract of marshmallow root softens the skin, while organic sesame oil and organic jojoba oil moisturise, protecting it from dryness. 106022 30ml V £10.95

STEP 2: Cleanse Choose a body wash that complements your bath milk and gives your skin what it needs. Savour the natural essential oils as you cleanse your whole body, to allow the senses to fully enjoy the experience. STEP 3: Nourish, Protect & Moisturise Oils & Lotions can be used together for a more intensive body care treatment. Using our expertise in natural caring and essential oils, our products have been developed to help maintain or regain the skin’s natural balance. Choose the oil or lotion that best complements your skin’s requirements, and for best results apply while skin is still warm and damp.

What men experienced using our Moisture Cream for Men:


STEP 1: Shaving Cream Forms a lasting and creamy lather for a gentle, thorough wet shave. Goat’s milk and almond milk care for skin sensitised by the stresses of shaving. 106014 75ml V £7.95

STEP 2: After Shave Balm HG Extracts of chamomile and myrrh gently soothe and calm the skin after wet or dry shaving. Cooling, moisturising aloe vera combined with jojoba oil protects the face from dryness, keeping the skin smooth and supple. 106019 100ml V £13.95

STEP 1: Bathe Add a few capfuls of your chosen bath milk to a pre-drawn bath, making the most of the essential oils by adding it just before you step in. If you’re showering instead, add a few drops to the shower tray to allow the essential oils to work on your senses.

Increased moisture Increased smoothness *tested after 4 weeks

+26%* +16%*

STEP 4: Treat - Intensive Hydration Certain areas of your body will need special treatment. Apply Skin Food to any areas which are particularly dry & rough e.g. elbows, knees, shins. Applied regularly, this intensive cream should banish rough areas of skin. Finish off by massaging Foot Balm into your feet. This balm refreshes tired feet and helps to keep the skin feeling comfortable, firm and velvety smooth.

STEP 3: Men’s Intensive Cream HG Ideal for skin that needs heavy duty moisture. It provides maturing and dry skin long-lasting moisture and reduces feelings of tightness. The rich formula maintains the skin’s natural protective barriers as it softens and nourishes. 106034 30ml V £13.95

Body Brush Dry brushing improves the circulation, helping to remove toxins, reduce cellulite and improve skin tone. 408201 £4.95

Save £5.85 Men’s Skincare Collection Retail Price £35.85 You Pay £30.00 Saving £5.85 Offer Code: 409354 Shaving Cream, After Shave Balm, Men’s Intensive Cream 16

Our indulgently nourishing body lotions care for more than just your skin. Weleda has been awarded the prestigious Cosmetics Business Awards Special Award for Eco-Sustainability, demonstrated through and awarded to our incredible range of body lotions.

• Always brush dry skin for best results • Start with legs. Brush upwards towards the heart with long, firm strokes • Concentrate on stubborn areas of cellulite which are usually the back of your legs, your thighs and your bottom • Use a circular motion on your tummy • Don’t forget your sides and back (still brushing towards the heart!) • Brush arms from fingertips to shoulders


Bodycare | Citrus - Refreshing

Bodycare | Sea Buckthorn - Replenishing

Refreshing Citrus

Replenishing Sea Buckthorn

Francesco and Concetta Salamita manage a fair trading cooperative of around 100 biodynamic lemon farms throughout the Mediterranean island of Sicily. For Weleda, they gather the produce from these farms together, washing and drying the lemons carefully and never using preservatives. Lemon’s refreshing qualities make it perfect for skin and bodies that need a breath of life.


Citrus Creamy Body Wash HG A delightfully refreshing body wash, with organic sesame oil and biodynamic lemon peel oil, revive your senses and soften your skin in the shower or bath. Perfect for an early start or at the end of a hard day. 104011 200ml Ve £7.95



Citrus Refreshing Body Oil Pure almond oil, rich in unsaturated fatty acids, leaves the skin smooth and supple, while citrus essential oils impart a fresh scent that enlivens the body and spirit. A great oil for intensive, long-lasting daily moisture, and also ideal for revitalising massage. Dry skin is softened and protected from moisture loss, and your day is brightened by the sunny fragrance of Sicilian lemons. 106037 100ml Ve £13.95

Citrus Hydrating Body Lotion HG This refreshing body lotion cools, invigorates and hydrates. The caring formulation with organic aloe vera, coconut oil and sesame oil intensively moisturises for beautiful, supple, healthy skin. The fragrance of sun-ripened lemons awakens the senses and invigorates the spirit. 106008 200ml Ve £13.95

Citrus Deodorant Essential oils of lemon and sweet orange create a light summery scent. 106012 100ml Ve £8.95 106024 30ml travel size £5.95

Citrus Hand Cream HG A rich hand and nail cream that leaves your skin velvety-soft and your nails beautifully strong. The nourishing formulation with calendula and viola pansy, wool wax and sweet almond oil keeps the cuticle well-cared for, supporting the growth of healthy nails. The refreshing scent of citrus essential oil invigorates and refreshes the senses. 106054 50ml V £9.95

This rare plant is a potent source of nourishing, health giving compounds including vitamin C – which makes these vibrant berries ideal for use in both dietary supplements and skincare. The Künzi family have grown Sea Buckthorn in partnership with Weleda for many years. They farm biodynamic sea buckthorn in San Mario, Tuscany, where the intense sunshine provides the plants with enough light to develop the vitamin complexes that make the berries so uniquely nutritious.

Sea Buckthorn Body Oil HG Vibrant orange sea buckthorn berries and gentle, rich plant oils contain nutrients such as unsaturated fatty acids, along with vitamins C, A and E. This makes Sea Buckthorn Body Oil incredibly replenishing, intensively moisturising, and nourishing for the skin. Helps revitalise your skin and is ideal for use after sun exposure. 106025 100ml Ve £15.95

Sea Buckthorn Creamy Body Wash HG Nourish the skin with a soft creamy lather and sea buckthorn oil. Essential oils from sun-drenched oranges and grapefruit create a fresh, fruity aroma. 104012 200ml Ve £7.95



Sea Buckthorn Hand Cream Rich in vitamins and unsaturated fatty acids, the sea buckthorn and sesame oils in this soothing balm give rough, dry, hard-working hands an intense moisture boost, while the bright, fruity scent gives you a boost whenever you apply it. 106026 50ml V £9.95

Sea Buckthorn Replenishing Body Lotion This replenishing body lotion contains essential fatty acids for visibly smoother, lastingly soft skin. The formulation with vitamin-rich oil from organic sea buckthorn, mallow extract and shea butter protects skin from moisture loss and activates its regenerating functions, revealing soft, gorgeously healthy skin. A fresh, fruity fragrance invigorates the senses and lifts the mood. 106006

Citrus Refreshing Bath Milk The fresh fruity fragrance revitalises and enlivens the senses – an ideal start to the day or a refreshing pick-me-up at any time. Suitable for the whole family, it’s particularly good after physical exertion. 104005 200ml Ve £12.95



“I have been using my Sea Buckthorn Body Lotion and Body Oil for over a fortnight and here is my feedback - magic! No need to exfoliate! I wouldn’t have believed it if I hadn’t tried it for myself! I have mature, very dry skin and the difference is amazing. The treatment has moisturised and softened my skin already and the flaky patches are gone. Thank you Weleda, I’m a convert and no more exfoliating either!” - Susan Sanderson




Bodycare | Wild Rose - Pampering

Bodycare | Pomegranate - Regenerating

Pampering Wild Rose

Regenerating Pomegranate

Rose Absolute, the perfume that gives the Weleda Wild Rose range its unique, indulgent fragrance comes from the petals of organic Damask Roses. Grown in the Isparta region of Turkey, what began as a small initiative to train small-scale farmers in organic farming methods, now includes over 300 farmers in the production of these vibrant roses.

Our organic pomegranates grow in the fertile Mediterranean region of Cappadocia in Turkey. Weleda’s fair trade partnership with around 50 families in the area allows for the traditional cultivation of the unique fruit, and consistently abundant crops mean that we are able to guarantee both the quality of our pomegranate seed oil, and the economic stability of the area.

NEW Wild Rose Creamy Body Wash HG An indulgently fragranced formulation of nourishing organic rosehip seed oil, blended with Rosa Damascena essential oil to pamper your skin and senses. 104013 200ml Ve £8.95

Wild Rose Cream Bath A velvety, creamy consistency and delicate rose fragrance from natural essential oils nourishes your skin and indulges the senses. Weleda’s rosehip seed oil comes from wild Chilean rose bushes, and is rich in unsaturated fatty acids providing intensive, moisturising care. Rich jojoba and olive oil complement the rose oil, providing luxurious pampering from head to toe. COMING SOON! 104034 100ml V £9.95

HG Wild Rose Pampering Body Lotion

Wild Rose Body Oil Our specially harvested rosehip oil is extracted from the Rosa Moschata, which grows wild on the foothills of the Andes Mountains. Due to the oil’s unique combination of vitamins and essential fatty acids, it is ideal for use as a nourishing skin treatment and for a pampering massage. 106001 100ml Ve £19.95

This nourishing body lotion helps to stimulate the skin’s regenerative processes and maintain its natural elasticity. The special formulation with organic wild rose oil, jojoba oil and witch hazel noticeably smoothes the skin. The luxurious fragrance of the Damask rose indulges the senses. 106005 200ml Ve £19.95


Pomegranate Creamy Body Wash HG The indulgent and invigorating fragrance of this nutrient-rich body wash will stimulate the senses and bring balance to your body and mind. Full of indulgent sesame and organic pomegranate seed oil, reveal nurtured, soft skin that’s laced with the incredible scent of neroli rose and sandalwood. 104022 200ml Ve £8.95

Pomegranate Body Oil Luxurious and indulgent, this firming body oil is packed with essential fatty acids, vitamins and proteins to smooth and protect the skin, letting its natural beauty shine through. Renewing pomegranate seed oil combined with wheat germ oil, jojoba oil and sesame to deliver intensive nourishment, improving elasticity and softness. Tests have shown that this nourishing body oil accelerates natural skin renewal by 50% in two weeks.* 104023 100ml Ve £21.95 What women experienced using our Pomegranate Body Oil: Skin renewal

HG Wild Rose Deodorant Light floral scents of wild rose and neroli provide a feeling of freshness and well-being. 106021 100ml Ve £12.95 106020 30ml travel size £7.95

“All our judges loved this luxurious pure organic rose body lotion in a handy pump dispenser” – Janey Lee Grace

Rose Soap Luxurious scent made with exquisite rose extract and pure essential oils. 104001 100g V £9.50

Janey Loves 2012 Platinum Awards: Best Natural Body Lotion - Wild Rose Pampering Body Lotion


+50% after 14 days

*Measurement of depth of wrinkles with PRIMOS, test with 21 subjects in 2009, age: 42-69 years.

Pomegranate Hand Cream HG This skin-renewing natural wonder contains certified organic shea butter which is rich in fatty acids to protect skin from moisture loss, while natural plant extracts stimulate cell renewal to keep hands soft and refreshed. Perfect for keeping hard-working hands smooth and supple, for lifting the mood with its bright fragrance, and for avoiding winter dryness. 104024 50ml Ve £11.95

Pomegranate Regenerating Body Lotion This regenerating body lotion actively prevents the premature ageing of the skin, and its inspiring fragrance makes application a daily treat. The luxurious formulation with organic pomegranate seed oil, apricot kernel oil and shea butter stimulates cell renewal and protects skin from damaging external influences. Maturing skin is left firmer, and feels velvety-smooth. 106007 200ml Ve £21.95


Bodycare | Lavender - Relaxing

Bodycare | Birch - Purifying

Relaxing Lavender

Purifying Birch

Birch is renowned for its detoxification power. Full of flavonoids which encourage the body to flush out toxins, birch leaf extract helps to restore skin radiance from both inside and out. Weleda uses 500 tons of organic birch leaves a year, collected by our fair trade partners in the Czech Republic. Moldova’s warm, dry climate and fertile black soil have supported the large scale cultivation of lavender for centuries. Weleda’s partnership with Moldovan lavender-growers began in 2005 and since then close collaboration and effective communication has resulted in the involvement of over 200 families and a growing area of almost 200 hectares. The economic stimulus that our partnership has created in the farming area is considerable, and lavender growing has become an integral part of the culture. To celebrate our 90th anniversary, Weleda took part in the development of a new medical and social centre, as well as being involved in the renovation of the local school.

A dermatological study* confirmed that when using Birch Cellulite Oil twice daily over 28 days in combination with Birch Juice, testers’ skin was on average noticeably 35% firmer and skin elasticity improved by 20%.

Birch Body Scrub HG Containing the gentlest of exfoliators – tiny beeswax pearls, with round, soft edges, Birch Body Scrub loosens dead skin cells without disturbing the healthy layers below. Healthy skin exfoliates naturally, so there’s no need to use one every day when your skin is in great condition. Birch Body Scrub is ideal for use weekly, to give your skin a boost and a glow. Our exfoliator pearls are suspended in a rich, creamy cleanser made from moisturising coconut, with birch extract to purify and tone the skin, citrus to refresh, and rosemary to stimulate the circulation.


Lavender Soap A soothing and luxurious vegetable soap, delicately fragranced with our Moldovan lavender essential oil. Enjoy gentle cleansing with a creamy lather and nourishing care from organic olive oil. 104016 100g Ve £4.95

HG Lavender Relaxing Body Oil

Lavender Relaxing Bath Milk A long soak in our Lavender Bath Milk is the ideal therapy for mental exhaustion, overstimulation and restlessness. Its harmonising action soothes body and mind, reduces tension and calms racing thoughts. A long fragrant soak in the evening, before bed, will help promote a peaceful night’s sleep. 104007 200ml Ve £12.95

Ideal for a relaxing massage at the end of a difficult day, this potent massage oil infuses the senses with a feeling of wellbeing. After a bath, apply to warm, slightly damp skin in a softly lit room. Use in place of a body lotion for intensive nourishment and incredible relaxation. Enjoy a good night’s rest, and wake up with soft, smooth skin that’s ready for another day. 104015 100ml Ve £11.95 22

“This is a clever blend of plant extracts and plant oils which really seems to work on cellulite busting, after a month you can see a marked difference”. - Janey Lee Grace

Recommended use: Once weekly 104021 150ml V £9.95



Birch Cellulite Oil This extraordinary oil is bursting with ingredients designed to tone, smooth and firm the skin. Organic birch leaf extract is full of flavonoids to purify and detox the body. Rosemary improves the circulation and metabolism, while Butcher’s Broom has an anti-inflammatory effect. Jojoba oil smoothes, apricot oil provides essential fatty acids and wheat germ oil nourishes the skin with vitamin E. Massage into problem areas using moderate pressure, and in circular movements work upwards, towards the heart. In just under two months, skin elasticity and firmness can significantly improve, as demonstrated by independent assessors using ultrasound tests. 106003 100ml VE £19.95

* The latest efficacy tests for Birch Cellulite Oil were conducted independently by German dermatological specialists proDERM, Institut für Angewandte, Dermatologische Forschung GmbH, Hamburg, over 12 weeks, using Birch Juice for the first three weeks of the study.

Known the world over for its incredible soothing, relaxing power, lavender is the ultimate choice for a relaxing bath or body care product. Our formulations, with luxurious natural plant oils expertly blended with our organic Moldovan lavender, will calm the mind, soothe the body, and nourish the skin.

Lavender Creamy Body Wash This relaxing body wash cleanses the skin while gently calming the senses with the soothing and aromatherapeutic benefits of pure lavender essential oil. Nourishing organic sesame oil conditions the skin as you relax and take in the gorgeous scent. 104014 200ml Ve £7.95


Broadcaster, Author and Natural Beauty Advocate

Birch Juice HG The ultimate supplement for cleansing the body. Organic silver birch helps cleanse the system, bringing you rediscovered vitality, and leaving your skin looking clear, bright and healthy. Shake the bottle, then add a tablespoon to a glass of water, or two tablespoons to your water bottle to sip throughout the day. You can even stir into yoghurt. 100% natural, this juice is suitable for diabetics and vegans. 203002 200ml VE £9.95

Massage Cup Improve circulation, combat cellulite and ease muscular tension with cup massage, an ancient technique that stimulates blood flow and lymph drainage to leave you with smooth healthy skin. Use with Birch Cellulite Oil for holistic detoxification. 405194 £5.95


Bodycare | Home Therapy

Essentials | Summer Essentials

Home Therapy

Summer Essentials

Weleda therapeutic Bath Milks are a sensual treat to soothe both the body and mind. Perfect at the end of a hard day or the start of a new challenge, they are ideal for reducing tension, easing restlessness, or preparing for a peaceful night’s sleep. Our gentle, sensual massage oils are the perfect end to a relaxing bath. Soothes aches, softens skin and calms the mind with our expertly formulated body oils.

Everything you need for a gorgeous summer. Whether you’re off somewhere exotic or soaking up the sun in your back garden, these amazing offers will help you look and feel great all summer long.

Pine Reviving Bath Milk Infused with the warming scent of aromatic pine forests, this milk will refresh and invigorate, ideal during cold or damp weather. Perfect after a particularly tiring or stressful day, its restorative action will help to balance the mind and infuse you with renewed strength. 104008 200ml Ve £12.95

Lavender Relaxing Bath Milk A long soak in our Lavender Bath Milk is the ideal therapy for mental exhaustion, overstimulation and restlessness. Its harmonising action soothes body and mind, reduces tension and calms racing thoughts. A long fragrant soak in the evening, before bed, will help promote a peaceful night’s sleep. 104007 200ml Ve £12.95

HG Arnica Massage Oil This oil is ideal for massage before and after sports, to keep the muscles warm and flexible. Sunflower seed and olive oil intensively soften the skin, while extract of organic arnica flower has a warming effect on the muscles, relieving the tight, sore feeling of hard working muscles. The addition of birch gives this massage oil a toning, detoxing effect, the ideal partner for a new exercise regime. 106052 100ml Ve £9.95

Rosemary Invigorating Bath Milk Grown on the sun-soaked hillsides of Valencia in Spain, it is no wonder that rosemary stimulates and invigorates the senses so effectively. Slip into a warm bath with this rosemary infused milk to drive away the familiar ache that comes with tiredness. Perfect for a foot bath after a long day, it will help to overcome excessive perspiration and improve the general circulation in the legs. 104009 200ml Ve £12.95

These carefully selected summer essentials will help you look and feel great this summer. From insect bites to upset tummies, sandal-worn feet to bruises from outdoor games, we’ve got you covered. Choose from Replenishing Sea Buckthorn or Refreshing Citrus, both of which are ideal for the summer skin. The bright, refreshing scent of citrus invigorates the senses, and with organic aloe vera extract to soothe its perfect for days spent out in the sun. When holiday fun leaves your skin needing extra nourishment, sea buckthorn’s rich vitamin complex is ideal. Combined with soothing mallow and rich shea butter, this vibrantly scented body lotion is also deeply moisturising, perfect care for too much sun, sea and sand!

Save £4.95

Citrus Summer Essential Bundle - Refreshing Retail Price £59.45 You Pay £55.00 Saving £4.95 Includes: 75ml Skin Food OR 106016 Foot Balm Citrus Hydrating Body Lotion, Citrus Deodorant travel size 30ml, Combudoron Spray, Calendula Cuts & Grazes Skin Salve, Digestion Calming Drops, Citrus Creamy Body Wash

Save £4.95

Sea Buckthorn Summer Essential Bundle - Replenishing Retail Price £61.45 You Pay £57.00 Saving £4.95 Includes: 75ml Skin Food OR 106016 Foot Balm Sea Buckthorn Replenishing Body Lotion, Citrus Deodorant travel size 30ml, Combudoron Spray, Calendula Cuts & Grazes Skin Salve, Digestion Calming Drops, Sea Buckthorn Creamy Body Wash

Calendula Massage Oil HG Calendula is the ideal plant for skin that needs intensive, gentle care. This massage oil, rich in unsaturated fatty acids and extract of calendula, supports the skin’s natural protective processes while gently moisturising and rebalancing. Skin is left healthy, soft and supple, and the refreshing fragrance enlivens the senses. 204003 100ml Ve £9.95

Citrus Refreshing Bath Milk The fresh fruity fragrance revitalises and enlivens the senses – an ideal start to the day or a refreshing pick-me-up at any time. Suitable for the whole family, it’s particularly good after physical exertion. 104005 200ml Ve £12.95 24


Essentials | Natural Essentials

Essentials | Natural Essentials

Natural Essentials


Oral Care

Our natural deodorants are 100% free of all aluminium salts, using only natural extracts and essential oils to freshen and deodorise. Skin Food HG A highly effective, intensive moisture cream, with soothing viola pansy, calming chamomile and healing calendula. Rosemary stimulate the circulation, while sunflower and sweet almond oil deeply nourish. Beeswax and lanolin lock in softness, for long lasting, incredibly versatile, and extremely good value care. First formulated in 1926, this cream is adored by all, from fishermen to supermodels, surgeons to gardeners and everyone in between. 106013 106028

Sometimes the skin needs targeted care and attention. Hands, lips and feet work hard every day, and these intensive moisturisers will soothe, soften and replenish.


75ml 30ml


£8.95 £5.95


Lip Balm The delicate skin of the lips makes them particularly vulnerable to harsh environmental factors such as sun, wind and cold. Our rich lip balm has been made with a selection of natural waxes and oils to gently soothe and protect the lips. Organic jojoba seed oil, rose wax, beeswax, candelilla and carnauba wax provide all round care. Vanilla and rose essential oils create a delightfully soft fragrance, for a lip balm you’ll carry everywhere. 106017 4.8g V £4.95

Citrus Hand Cream HG A rich hand and nail cream that leaves your skin velvety-soft and your nails beautifully strong. The nourishing formulation with calendula and viola pansy, wool wax and sweet almond oil keeps the cuticle well-cared for, supporting the growth of healthy nails. The refreshing scent of citrus essential oil invigorates and refreshes the senses. 106054 50ml V £9.95


Foot Balm – refreshes tired feet Packed with soothing and cooling natural extracts, this refreshing balm is the perfect treat for hot, tired or aching feet. Essential oils of lavender, rosemary, sweet orange and litsea cubeba refresh and revive in a non-greasy formulation that also strengthens skin to protect against blisters. 106016 75ml V £9.95

Sea Buckthorn Hand Cream HG Rich in vitamins and unsaturated fatty acids, the precious sea buckthorn and sesame oils in this soothing balm give rough, dry, hardworking hands an intense moisture boost. 106026 50ml V £9.95

Calendula Toothpaste Peppermint-free especially for users of homeopathic medicines, naturally flavoured with fresh-tasting fennel. Regular use helps protect against the build up of plaque. 101001 75ml Ve £4.50

Citrus Deodorant Essential oils of lemon and sweet orange create a light summery scent. 106012 100ml Ve £8.95 106024 30ml travel size £5.95

Plant Gel Toothpaste This gel formulation with soothing chamomile is especially gentle on tooth enamel and delicate gums. The fresh mint taste from peppermint and spearmint oils work to keep breath fresh. 101003 75ml Ve £4.50 Salt Toothpaste Natural sodium bicarbonate helps neutralise harmful plaque acids, and stimulates salivation to promote selfcleansing and reduce the formation of tartar. A mixture of essential oils provides long lasting freshness. 101004 75ml V £4.50

Wild Rose Deodorant A light floral fragrance with neroli and wild rose provides a feeling of freshness and wellbeing. 106021 100ml Ve £12.95 106020 30ml travel size £7.95

Ratanhia Toothpaste Traditionally used by the people of the Peruvian Andes as a gentle yet effective oral care ingredient, the ratanhia plant’s natural astringent and strengthening properties are harnessed in this toothpaste. The mouth is kept in great condition and essential oils of peppermint and spearmint keep your breath fresh. 101002 75ml Ve £4.50

Sage Deodorant A fresh herbal fragrance from essential oils of sage, rosemary, pine, lavender and thyme. 106015 100ml Ve £8.95 106023 30ml travel size £5.95

Ratanhia Mouthwash An invigorating mouthful of natural organic plant extracts that soothes and tones your gums whilst freshening your breath. Ratanhia and myrrh cleanse with their gentle astringent properties, while essential oils of peppermint, sage and eucalyptus refresh. 101009 50ml Ve £7.50

Juices and Elixirs Blackthorn Elixir HG Invigorating and fortifying, this delicious supplement helps you keep up with demanding times, at school or work, during growth phases, pregnancy and breastfeeding, or in later life. Blackthorn Elixir is made from ripened sloe berries, gathered from our controlled wild collection to guarantee the health of the plants, and the quality of the fruit. Whether you’re going through a trying time, or just need something comforting and delectable to get you through a tough day, this fruity drink is ideal. Perfect diluted into hot or cold water or milk.


Birch Juice A cleansing elixir made from organic silver birch. Great for a spring detox, as it helps the body eliminate toxins accumulated over the winter, restoring vitality and boosting the complexion to leave skin clear and bright. With biodynamic lemon juice, organic sugar and honey. 203002 200ml Ve £9.95


Pomegranate Hand Cream This skin-renewing natural wonder contains certified organic shea butter, rich in fatty acids, which protects skin from moisture loss, while natural plant extracts stimulate cell renewal to keep hands soft and refreshed. 104024 50ml Ve £11.95

SPECIAL OFFER ! Free Pumice Stone when you buy 75ml Foot Balm and Skin Food together. 405087 - £3.95

203004 200ml V/D £9.95 Sea Buckthorn Juice HG A revitalising juice made of 100% organic sea buckthorn berries, a rich natural of vitamin C, vitamin E and provitamin A that help fight free radicals and maintain the body’s natural defences. An ideal choice for school children and students, athletes and runners, convalescents or anyone who needs an immune boost. 203007




£12.95 27

Essentials | Hair Care

Essentials | Hair Care

Hair care

Our hair care range tailored to your needs. HG

At Weleda, we understand the harmonious connection between nature and humans. We have used this knowledge since 1921 by carefully selecting natural substances for our products in order to support the body’s own strengths. Now, we have used our expertise to develop an holistic, comprehensive and highly effective hair care range.

Oat Replenishing Conditioner HG This nourishing formula harnesses the restorative and structuring properties of oat, infusing the hair with vitamins, minerals and proteins. Complementing oat is jojoba oil, an easily absorbed oil that sinks in fast, leaving a satiny feel. White mallow calms and smoothes, adding to the uniquely softening qualities of our extraordinary conditioner. With floral mimosa and aromatic cedar wood oil, this deliciously scented conditioner can be used in conjunction with all other products in the range. 103019 200ml Ve £ 9.95

Oat Replenishing Treatment Being the most richly nutritious grain, oat is the natural choice for a deeply restorative, soothing treatment. Coconut oil and shea butter combine to intensively care for the hair, and viola tricolor pansy extract soothes flaky scalps. Incredibly thick and luxuriant, the treatment is like a body butter for the hair. It can be applied all over, or just to parts of the hair that need it. Leave it on for ten minutes, or even overnight. Use with any other products in the range, to care for your hair’s individual needs. 150ml Ve £11.50 103023


A key part of our holistic hair care philosophy is our lead plant principle –

Millet Nourishing Shampoo HG Normal hair needs maintenance and preservation - unlike other hair types it is already in the state it needs to be in. Millet’s natural ability to protect and preserve itself is harnessed in this shampoo, which prevents hair from becoming dry, as well as maintaining nutrient levels. With macadamia nut oil to add a caring, lightly conditioning element, this sweet, vibrant shampoo is ideal for all the family. 103016 190ml Ve £ 8.95

a combination of anthroposophical and scientific knowledge. This concept is based on the link between the lead plant and the needs of the body. Hair and grains have many similarities, such as the way they grow, their surface and their structure. And just as grains can only grow in fertile earth, shiny hair can only grow on a healthy scalp. Tailored to the individual needs of the respective hair type, Weleda provides the scalp and hair with exactly what it needs. The ingredients in our formulations all contribute to the effectiveness of the product. The unique fragrances derived from pure essential oils make our hair care an experience for all the senses. Our mild cleansing and caring products revitalise your scalp and give you naturally beautiful hair.

Oat Replenishing Shampoo HG Dry and damaged hair needs a shampoo that restructures, and imparts moisture to the parched shaft. Oat extract is naturally bursting with nutrients including vitamins, minerals and proteins. This makes it ideal for hair in need of nourishment and extra moisture. To enhance the holistic effectiveness of the oat extract, the shampoo contains sage leaf, a natural tonic for the scalp. Together these natural plant extracts provide the entire length of hair with restorative, soothing care. 103017 190ml Ve £ 8.95

Wheat Balancing Shampoo HG This shampoo is for hair and scalps that need extra help in achieving healthy balance. Dandruff, whether dry or oily, can be treated with this gently cleansing formulation. Wheat is rich in vitamin E which prevents cellular damage, as well as being full of antioxidants to protect the hair and scalp from free radicals. Wheat is supported by viola tricolor pansy extract which soothes dry, flaky scalp, rosemary to revitalise, and Tea Tree oil to gently ease skin problems. 103018 190ml Ve £ 8.95


Rosemary Nourishing Hair Oil Natural deep-conditioning treatment for the hair. Nourishes, restores moisture, adds radiant shine and provides intensive care for split ends. 606061 50ml Ve £8.95

“Heavenly aroma, the Oat Replenishing Shampoo and Conditioner is brilliant for protecting dry hair. Fab work again from this Natural Pioneer” - Janey Lee Grace


Revitalising Hair Tonic Formulated in 1921, this is the oldest product in our natural, organic cosmetics range. It has been a cornerstone of Weleda’s natural care for over 90 years, helping to treat problems of the hair and scalp, including hair loss, thinning or brittle hair, dandruff and dryness. Used for centuries to stimulate the circulation, rosemary helps restore the health of the scalp, while stonecrop and horseradish extracts work together to discourage microbial development and reduce inflammation. 103024 100ml Ve £9.95


Revitalising Hair Tonic Atomiser A handy spray atomiser for easy application of Revitalising Hair Tonic. 705015 100ml Ve £2.25

Buy three products and get a free wooden comb


Health | Natural Medicines

Pregnancy & Baby | Mum to be

Natural Medicines

Mum to be

Muscular Pain Relief Arnica Massage Balm Traditionally used for the relief of rheumatic pain, muscular pain and stiffness, back-ache, fibrositis, bruising, cramp and sprains. 204009 200ml Ve £17.95 204001 100ml Ve £10.95 204002 50ml Ve £7.95

Muscular Pain Relief Spray Made with organic alcohol our Muscular Pain Relief Oromucosal Spray is a perfect complement to balm or salve. Working from the inside out to relieve muscle ache and tension. For oral use only. 303001




Bumps & Bruises Salve Both traditionally used to reduce swelling after minor bumps and sprains. 205002





£6.75 Arnica Muscle Soak This bath milk soothes your mind and body while your muscles and tired limbs relax. 701627 200ml V £12.95

Arnica Bumps & Bruises Spray A traditional herbal medicinal product used for the relief of minor sports injuries, muscular pain, stiffness and sprains. 303007 25g V £5.95

Trust your intuition and mother nature

First Aid Medicines NEW

Our certified natural ingredients work in harmony with the skin, making them ideal for you and your baby, both before and after you become a mum.

Calendula Cuts & Grazes Spray A traditional herbal medicinal product used for the relief of minor wounds, cuts and grazes. 303008 25g V £5.95

Combudoron Spray Traditionally used to reduce irritation and swelling after insect bites. 206010 30ml V £6.95

Dry Skin & Eczema Relief Spray For the symptomatic relief of dry skin and eczema. 303002 20ml V £9.95

Combudoron Ointment For relief of minor burns and scalds where the skin is unbroken. 205008 25g V £6.75

Calendula Cuts and Grazes Skin Salve Traditionally used to treat cuts and grazes. 205005 25g V £6.75

Avena sativa comp. Drops Stressful day? Try Avena (oats) for a relaxing night. Traditionally used to aid peaceful relaxation. 206005 25ml Ve/G £8.95

Hypercal Wound Salve Traditionally used for the treatment of painful cuts and minor wounds. 205012 25g V £6.75

Digestion Calming Drops For the symptomatic relief of dry skin and eczema. 206015 25ml Ve £7.95

Always seek medical advice if your symptoms persist or are causing problems. 30

Cold Relief Spray For the symptomatic relief of the common cold, cough associated with the common cold and related flu-like symptoms. 303006 20ml Ve £9.95

Rhinodoron Nasal Spray To clear blocked, stuffy noses. Rhinodoron is a natural nasal spray that comes as a neat little medical device to help clear a blocked, stuffy nose when you have a cold or are suffering from an allergy such as Hayfever. Suitable for babies from the age of 3 months. 206036 20ml Ve £7.95

Herb & Honey Cough Elixir Traditionally used to bring relief for dry irritating coughs. 203006 100ml V/D £7.95

Mixed Pollen Contains a mixture of grasses, cereals, early and mid blossom trees and weeds. 302035 125 Tablets V £6.95


Must-have breast treatment

2012 midwife tested

Developed by experienced midwives and pharmacists our products are free from synthetic fragrances, colours and preservatives. We never use raw materials derived from mineral oils, such as petroleum or paraffin, which form a film over the skin rather than caring for it. Instead our products are made from plant-based oils, which are easily absorbed by the skin, being closer to the skin’s own structure. To complement our nourishing oils we use natural, soothing plant extracts including organic calendula and chamomile, and gentle essential oils of lavender, ylang-ylang and orange – warming, nourishing and nurturing.

Stretch Mark Massage Oil A soothing, softening combination of jojoba, sweet almond and wheat germ oils, this massage oil is full of vitamins A, D and E as well as essential fatty acids and warming, skin-relaxing arnica. Massaging into the skin daily will help keep the connective tissues elastic – our best defence against stretch marks. Regular use visibly helps to correct the appearance of stretch marks on your pregnant belly, your thighs, bottom and breasts, and also helps prevent new ones. Easily absorbed, and with a delicate, light fragrance, Stretch Mark Massage Oil is a pleasure to apply. 606160 100ml Ve £15.95 The treatment of the skin with Stretch Mark Oil over a period of six months resulted in a reduction of existing stretch marks: REDUCTION OF STRETCH MARK AREA - 33% after six months SKIN SURFACE SMOOTHNESS

+ 92% improvement after six months 31

Nursing Oil Developed by midwives and pharmacists, this gentle, natural formula was created for nourishing and soothing massage of the breasts prior to nursing. Pure, natural essential oils of fennel, caraway and marjoram are traditionally used to support healthy lactation and stimulate milk flow. Regular massage with this warming oil helps to promote a positive breastfeeding experience. 606162 50ml Ve £7.95

Pregnancy & Baby | Babycare

Pregnancy & Baby | Babycare

Baby Skincare

Calendula Bath A soothing bedtime bath for extra-delicate skin, this bath is also ideal for calming fractious babies. Calendula and thyme extracts combined with blackthorn juice give this unique bath its amazing calming properties. Free from detergents. 105003 200ml Ve £10.95

Calendula Oil Give your baby long-lasting protection with this nourishing body oil. Suitable for daily care, it is an excellent product for baby massage and for cleansing the nappy area. 105100 200ml Ve £9.50

Calendula Oil won the 2013 ‘Janey Loves’ Platinum Award for Best Baby Skin Care - “A Lovely pure gentle and subtle oil” Janey Lee Grace

Our 100% natural Calendula range gently protects your baby’s skin, supporting healthy development and growth.

Calendula Cream Bath Your baby’s delicate skin gets the gentlest bathing treatment with our soothing cream bath. It’s a calming addition to bath time that nurtures your baby’s sensitive skin and ensures that essential moisture is protected. 105004 200ml V £8.95

Calendula Lotion This light, nourishing body lotion provides long-lasting protection from environmental drying influences. Particularly good for use after bathing, or to gently cleanse sensitive skin. Its milky consistency absorbs quickly, leaving your little one glowing and happy with soft, moisturised skin. 105005 200ml V £7.95

Protecting and caring from the very beginning Nothing is more precious to you than your child. You want the very best care and protection for your little one, so skincare that has been specially formulated for the young skin of babies and children is essential. As your child‘s delicate skin is thinner and more permeable than your own, products that are free from synthetic preservatives, fragrances and colourants are the natural choice. Weleda Calendula Baby Care is 100% certified natural, so you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that your baby’s skin is being truly protected and effectively looked after.

Calendula Soap Your baby’s delicate skin gets mild cleansing with this soothing soap. It’s a lightly fragrant, moisture-balancing bar that’s perfect for your baby’s sensitive skin. 105010 100g Ve £4.95

Baby Health

AWARD WINNER! Calendula Nappy Change Cream A deeply nourishing, protective barrier cream which cares for the delicate skin of the nappy area. Extracts of biodynamic calendula and organic chamomile soothe irritation and comfort the skin. Helps prevent soreness and reduce redness. 105009 75ml V £6.95

Weleda Calendula Baby Care provides comfort and promotes the development of healthy skin. All our products have been developed with the assistance of physicians and midwives and are dermatologically tested.

Calendula Moisturising Body Cream A soothing and nourishing cream to protect dry or sensitive skin, allowing it to breathe freely. 105008 75ml V £7.95

Weleda’s Specialist Pharmacy is staffed by qualified and experienced pharmacists there to help you. We have access to literally thousands of natural remedies to suit every eventuality. In true Weleda spirit, we can tailor make our medicines and special preparations to individual needs, including the preparation of homeopathic medicines in granular form for babies and small children.



of the Best

100 %



midwife tested

Certified Natural Care

Calendula Shampoo & Body Wash Calendula Shampoo & Body Wash Your baby’s delicate hair and skin gets the perfect balance of cleansing moisture and the kindest care in our softly lathering shampoo and body wash. It’s a gentle wash that retains the natural oils in the skin and hair, leaving your baby feeling silky smooth and protected from dryness. 105001 200ml Ve £6.95

Calendula Face Cream Calendula Face Cream Your baby’s delicate facial skin gets soothing protection from this light cream. It supports the natural functions of the skin to moisturise and protect against dryness. 105002 50ml V £7.95

Chamomilla 3X Granules Relieves symptoms of teething & colicky pain. Suitable from birth. 207010 15g Ve £4.95


Editor’s choice decongestant


midwife tested

Calendula Weather Protection Cream Intensive protection against drying winds or cold, wet weather, this soothing, moisturising protective cream is perfect for babies as well as the rest of the family. 105007 30ml V £8.95

Baby Tummy Oil Baby Tummy Oil is a pure, natural formula for tummy massage, which can ease digestive discomfort in babies. Dermatologically tested. 606164 50ml Ve £7.95

AWARDS 2011/12


Rhinodoron Nasal Spray Soothes and clears a blocked and stuffy nose. Suitable for babies from the age of 3 months. 206036 20ml Ve £7.95


Body Care | Gift Ideas

Personal Service



Gift Ideas

Maybe there’s a specific body lotion, bath soak, or Weleda baby product you know someone would love, but isn’t in any of Weleda’s pre-prepared gift sets. To let you personalise your Weleda presents, we offer a personalised gift wrapping service. Stylishly presented with a silver bow and personalised gift tag, they come in two sizes and are suitable for all your family and friends. 804077 £3.95

HG Mens Gift Set

This Gift Set contains Men’s Shaving Cream 75ml & Men’s Intensive Cream 30ml 106036 Ve £21.90

HG Lavender Gift Set

Treat someone to the relaxing, aromatheraputic power of lavender with this gift set. With Lavender Soap and a mini Lavender Bath Milk, it’s the perfect gift for lovers of this beautiful plant. Complete with a gift card for your personal message. 409352 V £6.50

Wild Rose Body Care Starter Kit HG Gorgeously fragranced with the perfume of the vibrant, pink Damask Rose of Turkey, our Wild Rose body care is deliciously indulgent as well as intensely nourishing. Full of free-radical fighting vitamins to help protect the skin against ageing, it is also rich in essential fatty acids to moisturise and soften. Contains: 20ml Wild Rose Creamy Body Wash, 10ml Body Oil & 20ml Body Lotion





Mini Gift Sets

Pomegranate Body Care Starter Kit HG A sophisticated, luxurious fragrance inspires the senses, and nourishing pomegranate seed oil renews and cares for the skin. A rich combination of oils including sesame, jojoba, wheat and millet infuse the skin with essential fatty acids and the vitamins it needs to become firmer, more elastic, and radiantly beautiful.

With five gorgeously presented mini bottles, this is the perfect chance to treat a friend or loved one to an indulgent gift. Contains Pomegranate, Arnica, Lavender, Sea Buckthorn and Wild Rose Body Oils. 409342 - V £12.95

Contains: 20ml Pomegranate Creamy Body Wash, 10ml Body Oil & 20ml Body Lotion





Sea Buckthorn Body Care Starter Kit HG Bursting with sea buckthorn oil, this body care range is rich in essential fatty acids, provitamin A and vitamin E to intensively nourish, replenish and protect the skin. The vibrant, fruity smell lifts the senses and leaves your mind feeling as refreshed as your skin.

HG Creamy Body Wash Gift Set

Contains: 20ml Sea Buckthorn Creamy Body Wash, 10ml Body Oil & 20ml Body Lotion




Our body washes are incredibly smooth, luxurious and delightfully fragranced with pure essential oils. This set of five 20ml bottles is perfect for giving someone a taste of Weleda! 409341 - V £9.95


Wild Rose Facial Care Starter Kit HG With intensively nourishing ingredients such as organic, wild-cultivated rosehip seed oil, our Wild Rose Facial Care is rich in protective vitamins A and E which help the skin resist the signs of ageing, as well as essential fatty acids to help maintain the skin’s protective barrier. Contains: 10ml Gentle Cleansing Milk, 5ml Day Cream, 5ml Night Cream & Muslin Cloth





HG Calendula Flower Baby

Almond Facial Care Starter Kit HG With gentle ingredients including sweet almond oil, the range is welltolerated by all skin types, and has a calming, healing effect. Containing omega 6 and 9 fatty acids, it is highly effective at protecting skin against moisture loss, and strengthens the skin’s natural barriers.

Care Gift Set If you know someone who’s just received some very exciting news, then this set is absolutely ideal. Our award winning, delicate and soothing range is a wonderful gift for a new addition to the family. Contains travel sized Shampoo & Body Wash, Face Cream, Nappy Change Cream, Body Lotion, Baby Oil and a muslin cloth. 409068 - Ve £12.95

Contains: 10ml Almond Cleansing Lotion, 7ml Facial Cream, 10ml Facial Oil & Muslin Cloth






Pomegranate Facial Care Starter Kit By supporting the skin with powerful nutrients from pomegranate, regular use can reduce the appearance of wrinkles, help firm the skin, deeply moisturise, improve elasticity, and smooth skin tone. Put it to the test with this gorgeous Starter Kit. Contains: 10ml Gentle Cleansing Milk, 7ml Day Cream, 7ml Firming Serum & Muslin Cloth




HG Body Oil Gift Set

£12.95 34


Almond Facial Care 102201 Almond Soothing Cleansing Lotion 102203 Almond Soothing Facial Cream 102205 Almond Soothing Facial Oil 102202 Almond Soothing Facial Lotion Iris Facial Care 102100 Iris Hydrating Day Cream 102103 Iris Hydrating Masque 102101 Iris Hydrating Facial Lotion 102102 Iris Hydrating Night Cream Wild Rose Facial Care 102221 Wild Rose Smoothing Facial Lotion 102220 Wild Rose Smoothing Day Cream 102222 Wild Rose Smoothing Night Cream 102224 Wild Rose Smoothing Masque 102223 Wild Rose Smoothing Eye Cream Pomegranate Facial Care 102050 Pomegranate Firming Day Cream 102051 Pomegranate Firming Night Cream 102052 Pomegranate Firming Face Serum 102053 Pomegranate Firming Eye Cream Facial Cleansing 102105 Refining Toner 102104 Gentle Cleansing Milk 102010 One Step Cleanser & Toner 102006 Aknedoron Purifying Lotion 102007 Aknedoron Cleansing Lotion Body Oils 104023 Pomegranate Body Oil 106025 Sea Buckthorn Body Oil 106001 Wild Rose Body Oil 106003 Birch Cellulite Oil 106037 Citrus Body Oil 104015 Lavender Body Oil 204003 Calendula Massage Oil 106052 Arnica Massage Oil Body Lotions 106008 Citrus Body Lotion 106007 Pomegranate Body Lotion 106006 Sea Buckthorn Body Lotion 106005 Wild Rose Body Lotion Body Scrubs and Washes 104021 Birch Body Scrub 104011 Citrus Creamy Body Wash 104014 Lavender Creamy Body Wash 104022 Pomegranate Creamy Body Wash 104012 Sea Buckthorn Creamy Body Wash 104013 Wild Rose Creamy Body Wash 105010 Calendula Soap 104016 Lavender Soap 104001 Wild Rose Soap Bath Milks 104005 Citrus Refreshing Bath Milk 104008 Pine Reviving Bath Milk 104009 Rosemary Bath Milk 104007 Lavender Relaxing Bath Milk Juices and Elixirs 203002 Birch Juice 203004 Blackthorn Elixir 203008 Sea Buckthorn Juice Deodorants 106024 Citrus Deodorant 106012 Citrus Deodorant 106023 Sage Deodorant 106015 Sage Deodorant 106020 Wild Rose Deodorant 106021 Wild Rose Deodorant Intensive Care for Hands, Feet, Lips and Body 106016 Foot Balm 104024 Pomegranate Hand Cream 106026 Sea Buckthorn Hand Cream 106017 Lip Balm 106013 Skin Food 106028 Skin Food 106054 Citrus Hand Cream





75ml 30ml 50ml 30ml


£9.95 £12.95 £14.95 £12.95

30ml 30ml 30ml 30ml


£12.95 £13.95 £12.95 £13.95

30ml 30ml 30ml 30ml 30ml


£15.95 £15.95 £16.95 £16.95 £16.95

30ml 30ml 30ml 10ml


£23.95 £23.95 £34.95 £23.95

100ml 100ml 100ml 50ml 100ml


£9.95 £9.95 £13.95 £9.95 £9.95

100ml 100ml 100ml 100ml 100ml 100ml 100ml 100ml


£21.95 £15.95 £19.95 £19.95 £13.95 £11.95 £9.95 £9.95

200ml 200ml 200ml 200ml


£13.95 £21.95 £15.95 £19.95

150ml 200ml 200ml 200ml 200ml 200ml 100g 100g 100g


£9.95 £7.95 £7.95 £8.95 £7.95 £8.95 £4.95 £4.95 £9.50

200ml 200ml 200ml 200ml


£12.95 £12.95 £12.95 £12.95

200ml 200ml 200ml


£9.95 £9.95 £12.95

30ml 100ml 30ml 100ml 30ml 100ml


£5.95 £8.95 £5.95 £8.95 £7.95 £12.95

75ml 50ml 50ml 4g 75ml 30ml 50ml


£9.95 £11.95 £9.95 £4.95 £9.95 £6.95 £9.95

Code DESCRIPTION Hair Care 103017 Oat Replenishing Shampoo 103018 Wheat Balancing Shampoo 103016 Millet Nourishing Shampoo 103019 Oat Replenishing Conditioner 103023 Oat Replenishing Treatment 103024 Revitalising Hair Tonic 705015 Revitalising Hair Tonic Atomiser 606061 Rosemary Hair Oil Dental Care 101001 Calendula Toothpaste 101002 Ratanhia Toothpaste 101003 Plant Gel Toothpaste 101004 Salt Toothpaste 101009 Ratanhia Mouthwash Baby - Calendula 105003 Bath 105002 Face Cream 105004 Cream Bath 105005 Lotion 105008 Moisturising Body Cream 105009 Nappy Change Cream 105100 Oil 105001 Shampoo & Bodywash 105007 Weather Protection Cream 606164 Baby Tummy Oil 207010 Chamomilla 3x Granules Pregnancy and Birth 606160 Stretch Mark Massage Oil 606162 Nursing Oil Men’s Range 106019 After Shave Balm 106014 Shaving Cream 106022 Moisture Cream for Men 106034 Intensive Moisture Cream For Men Gifts 409336 Wild Rose Body Care Starter Kit 409334 Pomegranate Body Care Starter Kit 409338 Sea Buckthorn Body Care Starter Kit 409335 Wild Rose Facial Care Starter Kit 409337 Almond Facial Care Starter Kit 409333 Pomegranate Facial Care Starter Kit 106036 Mens Gift Set 409352 Lavender Gift Set 409342 Body Oil Gift Set 409068 Calendula Flower Baby Care Gift Kit 409341 Creamy Body Wash Gift Set Accessories 408201 Body Brush 705002 Pump Dispenser 705000 Spritz Pump 804077 Gift Box & Tag 408200 Facial Brush 405087 Pumice Stone 408211 Organic Muslin Cloth 405194 Massage Cup Skin Care Sets 409303 Specialist Skin Care Set 409302 Sensitive Skin Set 409306 Iris Starter Kit 409307 Iris Collection 409304 Wild Rose Starter Kit 409305 Wild Rose Collection 409308 Pomegranate Starter Kit 409309 Pomegranate Collection 409353 Luxury Pomegranate Collection 409354 Mens Skin Care Collection 409352 Lavender Gift Set Natural Medicines 701627 Arnica Muscle Soak 303001 Muscular Pain Relief Oral Spray 204009 Arnica Massage Balm 204001 Arnica Massage Balm 204002 Arnica Massage Balm 205002 Bumps and Bruises Salve 303007 Arnica Bumps and Bruises Spray 205005 Calendula Cuts and Grazes Skin Salve 303008 Calendula Cuts and Grazes Spray 205012 Hypercal Wound Salve 206010 Combudoron Spray 206005 Avena Sativa Comp Drops 203006 Herb & Honey Cough Elixir 303006 Cold Relief Spray 303002 Dry Skin & Eczema Relief Spray 206015 Digestion Calming Drops 206036 Rhinodoron Nasal Spray 205008 Combudoron Ointment 302035 Mixed Pollen

= Vegetarian = Vegan and Vegetarian = Contains Gluten = Not suitable for diabetics

HG = Hostess Gift 35




190ml 190ml 190ml 200ml 150ml 100ml 100ml 50ml


£8.95 £8.95 £8.95 £9.95 £11.50 £9.95 £2.25 £8.95

75ml 75ml 75ml 75ml 50ml


£4.50 £4.50 £4.50 £4.50 £7.50

200ml 50ml 200ml 200ml 75ml 75ml 200ml 200ml 30ml 50ml 15g


£10.95 £7.95 £8.95 £7.95 £7.95 £6.95 £9.50 £6.95 £8.95 £7.95 £4.95

100ml 50ml


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100ml 75ml 30ml 30ml


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5x10ml 5x10ml 5x20ml


£6.95 £6.95 £6.95 £11.95 £9.95 £12.95 £21.90 £6.50 £12.95 £12.95 £9.95 £4.95 £2.25 £1.95 £3.95 £3.95 £3.95 £3.95 £5.95

200ml 20ml 200ml 100ml 50ml 25g 25g 25g 25g 25g 30ml 25ml 100ml 20ml 20ml 25ml 20ml 25g 125tbs

Ve/V Ve/V Ve/V Ve/V Ve/V Ve/V Ve/V Ve/V Ve/V Ve/V Ve/V

£26.00 £35.00 £33.00 £40.00 £35.00 £45.00 £43.00 £62.00 £91.00 £30.00 £6.50


£12.95 £9.95 £17.95 £10.95 £7.95 £6.75 £5.95 £6.75 £5.95 £6.75 £6.95 £8.95 £7.95 £9.95 £9.95 £7.95 £7.95 £6.75 £6.95

Since 1921

Get involved with Weleda In Harmony With You Want to get more involved with Weleda through ‘In harmony with you’? Here’s how: Ordering All the products shown in the brochure are available to purchase from your Wellbeing Advisor at anytime, not just at an event. Receive no obligation help and advice plus deliveries direct to your door. Ask your Wellbeing Advisor for the current promotions and offers exclusive to ‘In harmony with you’. Through ‘In harmony with you’ you receive a 30 day money back guarantee on all purchases.

1:1 Personal Service Skin problems and worries? We can link you into our team of Weleda experts for a complimentary one-to-one advice and consultation.

Booking a Wellbeing Event Introduce friends and family to a more natural lifestyle and spread the Weleda way by hosting a Wellbeing event at a time and date to suit you. You can host this at home or at a suitable venue such as your local school, your office, or club. Invite your friends, family or colleagues and as a thank you from us receive 15% of total sales in FREE Weleda products. Plus you can take advantage of other exclusive deals only available to our Wellbeing hosts.

Fundraisers Weleda support a number of local and nationwide charities. If you or anyone you know is interested in helping to raise money, or does so already, get in touch - we will be happy to hear from you. For further information on any of the above contact your local Wellbeing Advisor.

Weleda UK Ltd, Heanor Road Ilkeston Derbyshire DE7 8DR Tel: 01159 448200

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