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Enrol now in the Community Services training options CII Community Services CHC20112 CIII Aged Care and HACC CHC30212 / CHC30312 CIV Disability and Aged Care CHC40312 / CHC40108 Call: (03) 5381 6701 Visit: We encourage learners of varying abilities to access our training. Please contact us to discuss your learning needs or support requirements. Wimmera HUB Inc. (RTO# 3862)

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Running the Gap Ross Sayes from Kangaroo Flat puts his glistening 1932 Ford Tudor hotrod through its paces during the eighth annual Old Skool Hotrod Run at Halls Gap. More than 400 hotrod and custom-car enthusiasts from across Victoria and interstate flocked to Halls Gap for a huge weekend of chrome and horse power. The event, which encourages visitors to patronise Halls Gap businesses and at the same time raises money for Stawell State Emergency Services as part of a bushfire response, attracted about 160 entries. Organisers are already busy preparing for next year’s event. Picture: LUKE HOBBS PHOTOGRAPHY

Come in and see Doug and Rustin


• Quoll survives fire • Toolondo update • Rural Summit • Catfish milestone

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Wednesday, February 19, 2014


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June wait for Toolondo



obbyists trying to convince authorities of a need for water in Toolondo Reservoir, south of Horsham, are likely to wait until at least June for an answer.

Regional bulk entitlements, based on a statutory water-sharing agreement, have been under review and state Water Minister Peter Walsh is scheduled to announce details of the findings later this year. The review called for public submissions last year and attracted several involving Toolondo Reservoir. Toolondo Reservoir, renowned as a premier trout fishery and general recreation water but of arguable value as a supply storage because of large amounts of naturally inaccessible or ‘dead’ water, is again going dry. The shrinking water level has prompted an outcry from Toolondo residents and lake enthusiasts who have joined an intense social media campaign and appealed for the government to intervene. They are calling for GWMWater to allocate 5000 megalitres from Rocklands Reservoir to maintain the lake’s longevity through summer. One of their arguments is that water savings generated from the Wimmera Mallee Pipeline should be more than enough to meet their request. But GWMWater’s Andrew Rose said the

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

corporation was legally bound to follow bulk-entitlement guidelines, based on comprehensive regional water-needs analysis, as part of the Victorian Water Act 1989. “We obviously recognise the value of Toolondo Reservoir to the region and its pre-eminence as a fishery but it is always going to be problematic as a storage because of a need for security of supply. As soon as water goes in there it is very difficult to take out and use,” he said. “Apart from events in late 2010 and 2011 it has been very dry. While rain has been timely for cropping, we’ve actually had well below average inflows for the last three seasons. The truth is, without the Wimmera Mallee Pipeline in place we might not be in a good situation at all. It is all a question of security of supply and the issue involving a very large amount of dead water involved.”


Toolondo Reservoir, based on a natural Barton Swamp depression, can only access water from its relatively small natural Mt Talbot Creek catchment or through a channel system from Rocklands Reservoir. Under guidelines and as a ‘balancing storage’ it can receive water from Rocklands Reservoir based on Rocklands reaching a 116,000-megalitre trigger level. But Mr Rose said it was important for people to know that it was crucial that Rocklands, apart from reaching the trigger

level, had to also be continuing to rise at a rate where it would soon replace water being transferred to Toolondo. “In other words, as soon as the transfer is finished the water in Rocklands must still remain above 116,000 megalitres and that is completely dependent on rain and inflows from the Grampians,” he said. “Also, if we were to simply transfer 5000 megalitres into a dry channel we would lose a large portion of water before it got to Toolondo. It’s not a case of simply taking water from one reservoir to another. There is considerable science involved.” A GWMWater discussion paper on Toolondo Reservoir outlines how entitlement holders were undertaking further work to determine an optimum round-theclock trigger level that took into account: • The need to maximise the reliability of supply to entitlement holders; • Toolondo had better storage characteristics such as less evaporation than Rocklands over much of its operating range, however, there was more operational flexibility if water was kept in Rocklands; • It was expensive to transfer water stored in Toolondo because much of the water would need to be pumped out due to the large ‘dead’ storage; • Water stored in Toolondo could not be returned to Rocklands; and • Balancing opportunities for recreation in both Toolondo and Rocklands.

Textile workshop in Halls Gap

A Grampians Texture series of textile workshops in Halls Gap starting this weekend will feature 16 Australian and international tutors. The event, including various exhibitions, will start with a makers market on the Stony Creeky lawns area at 5pm.

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Learning the ropes

Trainer Bernie Delahunty works with Nannie Panyapornsap and Ivy Wang during a Wimmera HUB English Learning Program introductory day in Horsham. The program, which runs until November, is designed to help regional migrants with their English skills so they can quickly settle into work and community activities.  Picture: MICK SHANNON

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Eligible Fish: Silverperch, Catfish, Redfin, Yellowbelly and Murray Cod (Legal Size)

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

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FISHING CONTEST Proudly sponsored by Horsham Motor Company

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BlueFin Estuary Trekker

Sunday 9th March 2014 (Labour day weekend) Tench/Carp cash jackpot • Senior & Junior sections • Free Riverbank Camping • Loads of spot prizes

Starts 7:30am - Finishes 3pm - Prize Ceremony 4.30pm


Family and friends who wish to fish together in a quiet and relaxed environment can fish in allocated areas along the river reserved for this specific purpose. All Angling Clubs that enter early will be allocated camping and fishing areas. Camping is free in all allocated areas along the riverfront. Approximately 50% of the river frontage is available for free family camping. Some of the camping areas provided are on private property and we ask all campers to be respectful of this privilege.

Allocation of fishing areas is by the way of colour coded stakes (pegs) which are allocated upon entry. Pegs can be obtained from the site office from Saturday March 1, 2014 and can then be placed at your selected fishing area. Full details of rules and regulations and prize lists are given at time of entry and collection of pegs.




3 7 T H


Section 1 - Registration

Please complete ALL sections of this form and return to Horsham Fishing Contest - PO Box 47, Horsham 3402

NAME (for return mail)

if fishing, please RE-ENTER name in Section 2






Section 2 - Name of Entrants ROD TAG NO.

You may enter up to five entrants with this form, please complete all details for each entrant. Photocopies accepted.




S = Senior, J = Junior, T = Tiddler



I /We Agree to the terms and conditions as provided.



Credit Card



Expiry: Visa

Master Card

T $2




Credit Card

*Cheques should be made payable to “Horsham Fishing Competition”. If paying by credit card, please complete the following authority;

Credit Card No: Card Type:

J $15

Total $

Section 3 - Payment Details Payment Type:

S $40



Bank Card

For any Enquires or for more Information: Office: 0457 GO FISH Phone AH: 0439 826 187

Authorised Signature



Feb 17 - Feb 28 , 9am to 12pm Sat March 1 , 9am to 5pm March 2 - March 6, 9am to 6pm.


SITE OFFICE : 9a Firebrace Street, Horsham From February 17 - March 6




SITE OFFICE 9a Firebrace St


• Prize presentaion at the Soundshell at 4:30pm Sunday


Available from Site Office New Location: 9a Firebrace St PRE-REGISTERED STAKE COLLECTION TIME Sat, March 1st 2014 - 8am REGISTRATION OPEN Sat, March 1st 2014 - 9am

• All proceeds go towards local charities


9am to 7pm

Sunday March 9th

6am to 12pm

• If a Junior enters the senior section, he/she are only eligible for Senior prizes




Tiddlers - $2


CONTEST Sunday 9th March 2014 (Labour Day weekend)

**Images used for display purposes only**



• Tench/Carp cash jackpot • Senior & Junior sections • Free Riverbank Camping • Loads of spot prizes Starts 7:30am - Finishes 3pm - Prize Ceremony 4.30pm


Proudly sponsored by Horsham Motor Company



Proudly sponsored by WebbCon Marine

Kia Rio S


WINNER CHOOSES FIRST! BlueFin Estuary Trekker

Seniors - $40 Juniors - $15

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Rare quoll survives fires



atest photographic evidence has confirmed that a rare tiger quoll spotted in the Grampians National Park last year has escaped last month’s devastating bushfire.

Grampians ranger in charge Dave Roberts said images captured on remote cameras after the fire had ‘clearly shown’ the quoll being active in unburnt bushland. He said the new photographs came as welcome relief for a Parks Victoria environmental team assessing widespread devastation in north-west sections of the park. “In all the chaos of assessing the fire damage we’ve managed to pull in another photo of the quoll and this time it’s a much better-quality image. The guys have since been out getting more information and searching for prints and scats,” he said. Authorities had presumed tiger quolls had been ‘locally extinct’ in the Grampians for 141 years before cameras, set up to monitor brush-tailed rock wallabies, captured images of the animal

last spring. Mr Roberts said he was also confident that the brush-tailed rock wallaby population, the subject of a major reintroduction program and in the same area as the quoll, had also escaped the fire. “There was certainly a lot of concern from our environmental team about the wally program during the fire. But the area in question is about 10 kilometres from the fire area,” he said. Mr Roberts said despite the revelation involving the quoll, the fire had heavily impacted on wildlife in northern end of the park. “The fire was very fast-moving and a lot of animals wouldn’t have made it out. The more mobile animals had a chance but many birds, small mammals and reptiles would have died or been injured. There has been a lot of work assessing and treating animals,” he said. “Rain is a large driver in the recovery of species and what we need is plenty of it, although not in a hurry, over winter and spring.” Parks Victoria staff are also working with other agencies to re-open various parts of the park. They hope to open Mt Zero and Flat Rock in

All set for Field Days

the northern end of the park for the March long weekend and are working with VicRoads to reopen Mt Victory Road between Halls Gap and the Wartook Valley. Mr Roberts said Cranages at McKenzie Falls and Hollow Mountain areas, where the fire was intense, represented ‘long-term’ challenges but infrastructure and flood-recovery work at Zumsteins had survived the fire. “We have a few plans to provide moderate access to McKenzie Falls in April, however a lot of work needs to be done. We’re very cautious and don’t want to heighten expectation. The positive story is that a lot of the walking-track network faired quite well but there is a lot of infrastructure damage,” he said. “Zumsteins fared better than McKenzie Falls, and although we lost two of the three heritage cottages, hard work hasn’t been wasted.There’s a strong push to have it right for the long weekend in March and certainly by Easter.” Parks Victoria is chairing a public fire-recovery meeting in Halls Gap’s Centenary Hall between 11am and noon today.

Wimmera Machinery Field Days committee has launched its 2014 program, listing all the highlights of this year’s event on March 4-6. Pictured is field days manager Murray Wilson with copies of the program, which are available from this week.  Picture: MICK SHANNON

News in brief North Park track

An athletics track damaged by floodwater in 2011 at Stawell’s North Park is on schedule to be available for school and community use by Easter. Northern Grampians Shire Cr Murray Emerson said applying the synthetic surface of the track would start this week with completion expected in mid-March. “The track will be closed to the community during this period as it is important that the surface can be applied smoothly and without any contaminants until it sets,” he said.

More memorabilia needed

Organisers of a memorabilia auction have encouraged people to get involved in the event. Real estate agent Rob Dolan from PRD Nationwide said the auction was an ideal opportunity for people keen to sell any unwanted memorabilia and at the same time make a contribution to fire-fighting services. Gary and Karen Bird are putting a collection of memorabilia up for auction at Horsham’s Victoria Hotel on March 7, with 10 percent of sales going to the Country Fire Authority in Horsham. PRD Nationwide is donating its services during the auction and Mr Dolan said people willing to give 10 percent of what they make from sales were welcome to add items to the list. “It’s an opportunity to get behind a great cause while perhaps making a little bit of money from something you no longer want,” he said. People with items for the auction and keen to register can get in touch with PRD Nationwide’s Tyler Neville on 0439 034 298.

Flood investigation at Landsborough

McKenzie nominates for Lowan pre-selection Haven resident Russell McKenzie hopes Nationals members will select him as representative for the Lowan electorate. Member for Lowan Hugh Delahunty, 64, announced earlier this month he would not re-contest the state election later this year, retiring from politics after a 14-year career. Nominations for pre-selection for the Nationals close on February 28. Mr McKenzie said he had always been interested in politics, and had years of experience in agri-politics

with the Victorian Farmers Federation, and on the boards of AWB and Primary Skills Victoria. He said he wanted to build on the solid foundation left by Mr Delahunty. “Having lived in the Wimmera and southern Mallee all my life and run the family farm, I am very aware of the issues facing farming families today,” he said. “The towns and cities which service our agricultural and pastoral sectors also face their challenges.

“I am a strong supporter of small business and I will be working hard to get the best outcomes for the people who run their own business and other industries throughout the electorate.” Mr McKenzie said healthcare was vital and he would work to get a ‘fair share’ for the health and aged care services in the electorate. “Likewise education and training is important not only for personal growth but also for the growth of our region. Our young people need


to be engaged in their communities as well as encouraged to seek the best education and training possible and to have the best opportunities for this available locally,” he said.

Upper house MP David O’Brien is another possible Nationals candidate for the seat of Lowan, reported in the Warrnambool Standard. Mr O’Brien, based in Geelong, represents Western Victoria, but is tipped to seek pre-selection in Lowan to move to the lower house.

Developing improved flood-warning systems for the upper Wimmera catchment is among recommendations of an investigation into flooding in the area. Upper Wimmera Catchment Flood Investigation consultants BMT WBM will present recommendations at a community meeting in Landsborough Community Town Hall tomorrow night. The meeting is from 5pm to 8pm with the formal report presentation starting at 7pm. The investigation has led to new flood-intensity maps showing different flood scenarios. These form the basis of recommendations for future flood-warning activities, emergency flood-action plans and local government planning schemes in the investigation’s 1500-square kilometre area. This area includes the towns and surrounding rural districts of Navarre, Landsborough, Elmhurst, Eversley, Crowlands, Joel Joel, Greens Creek and Campbells Bridge. Wimmera Catchment Management Authority, Northern Grampians and Pyrenees shire councils, Ararat Rural City Council, the Department of Environment and Primary Industries and VICSES were involved in the project. Wimmera CMA board chairperson Karen Douglas encouraged the community to attend the Landsborough meeting, the final community event for the investigation.


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Catfish conquest




he curious fresh-water eel-tailed catfish, familiar to so many of us in the Wimmera, is the subject of a fantastic project that provides a clear example of what we can achieve. It’s a profound story that seems to have all but slipped under the radar of public awareness. But enthusiasts and authorities, in an effort to develop a recreational fishery, might have ultimately rescued a species from localised extinction. For people with an association with the Wimmera River system, the resilient catfish, often a by-product catch for anglers on the hunt for redfin or yellowbelly, are, to use an appropriate expression, ‘as common as mud’.

The reality is far different. Despite a common misconception that catfish are endemic to the Wimmera system, scientific research tells us otherwise. They are native to the MurrayDarling system where they have become scarce and threatened across their natural range. That’s why the Wimmera basin is the only area in Victoria where anglers can keep a limited number of catfish they catch. Ironically, catfish not only thrive in the Wimmera but by chance, the liberation of specific individuals many years ago means the Wimmera population is genetically superior to other populations clinging on in other parts of the state. It means the Wimmera might have easily become a perhaps inappropriate last bastion for a threatened species. But enter Wimmera branch of Native Fish Australia, Hor-

SIR, - The residents of Dadswells Bridge community wish to thank and acknowledge the wonderful effort of the Country Fire Authority and assorted bodies who worked tirelessly to save homes and protect properties of our members and bring the fires under control in our area. The Dadswells Bridge community

Controlled burns

SIR, – I write to you with concerns about a need to increase the number of controlled burns in creek and river environments. I believe this would significantly reduce the incidence, size and impact of wild fires across the country. I have been trying to get controlled burns in creeks and rivers for some time with no results. I rang Member for Lowan Hugh Delahunty and asked why there had been nothing done. The answer was, ‘there have not been enough complaints’. River and creek vegetation, especially near houses, pose a high risk to Country Fire Authority members in protecting life and property. We all know that lightning is part of nature and naturally creates fires and CFA and DEPI

get called to put the fires out. But in many cases this means the fires are not allowed to take their natural course and then we are not getting enough controlled burns to compensate. The fuel load is therefore getting too great, fires in our forests become fiercer than they have been in the past and CFA crews can’t get close enough to put them out. More controlled burns in creeks, rivers and forests will reduce the intensity of wildfire and clean up debris on the floor of our waterways and forests. This will also allow flood water to flow in creeks and rivers properly instead being pushed onto private property. Reduced fuel in the forests will also allow animals a greater chance of escaping wildfire. I appeal to authorities to consider more grid burning in forests and parks. We have much bigger and better fire-fighting equipment now than we did 40 years ago and yet the fires are getting bigger and more devastating. If others have concerns I urge them to write letters to their local member, the CFA, Parks Victoria and DEPI. Terry Vincent Wonwondah Fire Brigade member McKenzie Creek

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New councillor: Ararat Rural City Council mayor Paul Hooper congratulates the city’s newest councillor Glenda McLean. Mrs McLean won the seat vacated by Ian Wilson who resigned last year, defeating Frank Deutsch and Bill Braithwaite. She polled 2640 first-preference postal votes, Mr Deutsch 2514 and Mr Braithwaite 1874.  Picture: GEOFF PENNA

sham Fishing Contest, Horsham district anglers, angling licence fees and the State Government. A unique partnership has involved the capturing, breeding, nurturing and finally, releasing, the fish into lakes in central Victoria. The next step is to see how the fish respond to their new homes. Importantly, the project has killed two birds with one stone. In the process of creating new angling opportunities using a native species, recognising circumstances and calling in regional knowhow, we might well have saved a species. Humble and perhaps even boring as the catfish might be to some, it shows that we in the Wimmera-Mallee should never underestimate our potential to be clever and use what we know to be productive and to make a difference. See story, page 11.

YOUR SAY Thank-you

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

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eware this time of year.

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Try the soup diet! Try counting calories! Try low carb, high fat! Try no carbs at all! Have dessert for breakfast, it’ll curb cravings! Regardless of the actual name of the plan it all comes down to this: cut calories and cut them big. We can’t really fault them, or can we? I mean this is how this weight loss thing has been sold for years, why change now? After all, it works doesn’t it?

“It works.” That is an interesting statement to consider. I suppose it could work, depending on what your definition of “it works” is.

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Karen migrants part of Rural Summit

Wednesday, February 19, 2014


mall Communities, Big Opportunities – Facing the Future and Embracing Change is the title for Rural Councils Victoria’s 2014 Rural Summit in Nhill next month.

It is also a perfect match for the stories of Nhill’s 160-strong migrant Karen community. Plaw Ganemy-Kunoo, educational multicultural aid at Nhill P-12 College, knows the remarkable stories of many in the community who have faced significant change in order to embrace their new life in the Wimmera. She also has an amazing personal story. “I love living in Nhill. It is similar to where

we come from – we like the sense of living in a small village and the sense of community. Karen people want to be independent and here they can find jobs and build a life for their families,” Mrs Ganemy-Kunoo said. Nhill’s Karen community, its partnership with Nhill’s Luv-a-duck industry and the benefits of migration to rural communities will feature at the summit. Rural Councils Victoria is the peak body for Victoria’s 38 rural councils and its Rural Summit provides an opportunity for an annual gathering. RCV chairman and Hindmarsh Shire Council mayor Cr Rob Gersch said the Nhill district com-

munity had benefited from the Karen migrants. “They are lovely people who have been welcomed with open arms by the long- standing locals. They have boosted our school numbers, started their own businesses and added to our cultural understanding. Last month we joined in their celebrations to mark the start of the Karen new year,” Cr Gersch said. “Plaw is an amazing young woman who has lived in Australia since she was seven but was born in Marnerplaw, which is in Karen state in Burma. She recently married and moved here from Truganina, near Werribee and plays a significant role in the community. In addition to her

Bouncing around at Willaura Cutout

role at the college, Plaw is the CALD Community Development Worker at the Nhill Neighbourhood House Learning Centre. “We are also very pleased to be presenting quality speakers including economist Saul Eslake; chef Stefano De Pieri and former Wimmera boy, Frank Delahunty. Frank will speak on the impacts of corporate farms on rural communities. “Now is the time to book your ticket and your accommodation. The Rural Summit attracts delegates from government, leaders of business and industry and economic and community development practitioners from local government.”

Warm weather ensured a good turnout to the Willaura Harvest Cutout 2014, with the crowd making the most of the various outdoor activities. A barbeque, live entertainment, archery lessons and plenty of children’s activities kept the whole family happy. It was the 10th annual cutout – an event which allows the community to come together and celebrate the end of the harvest. Pictured having fun on the Belly Bumpers are Kate and Amy Jackson and Tom Fleming. 

Hindmarsh opens office doors Children’s market fun Hindmarsh Shire Council will open its doors to the public to see its new offices on February 27. A series of tours of will take place on the hour, every hour, between 1pm and 6pm. Hindmarsh Mayor Rob Gersch invited all interested residents to explore the interior with a guided tour. “The building features are very impressive, and we can be proud to have such a progressive building in our shire. Staff are very happy with their new work environment, and we hope this will assist with attracting and retaining quality professionals to the area,” he said. “With final landscaping to

be completed this month, the building is now at a stage where we can be proud to show the residents of Hindmarsh Shire a completed product.” Chief executive officer Tony Doyle said the building would continue to evolve and adapt in the way it was used. “That is the beauty of the flexible design. The exterior will continue to settle into its environment, as the landscaping around the building becomes established,” he said. Mr Doyle said an official opening of the building would be on March 28 but the public open day would be the best opportunity to have a detailed tour of the

interior, meet and greet staff and councillors, and see the inside of the shire’s newest landmark. “Council have made room for more late afternoon and evening tours to accommodate families with school children, and working people that were not able to make the daytime tours when stage one was opened to the public in 2013,” Mr Doyle said. “Everyone is welcome to attend, the building caters for special needs, so all members of the public can feel welcome to come along. Private tours can be arranged for large groups on an alternate date if the open day doesn’t suit.”

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Fun, funky, colourful and full of energy is how organisers describe the Bubs2Teen Children’s Market.

The market, at Sawyer Park Horsham on Saturday, will showcase unique handcrafted baby and children’s goods, free activities and entertainment and community group fundraisers. Organiser Michelle Winnell said the market would include the best in merchandise for the children, aged from babies to teenagers, bringing quality yet affordable products that were mostly one of a kind. She said she took pride in carefully choosing stallholders to ensure there was quality clothing, accessories, toys and home decor for little ones. “You will be amazed at the diverse range of quality goods

and services, the most funky and gorgeous outfits for children, cute must have accessories, trendy bags, colourful wooden toys, handcrafted jewellery, unique creations, modern wall art and home furnishings, not to forget delicious home cooked goodies, hair styles, face painting, crafts room, mini photographic studio and much more,” she said. Tickets to a raffle raising money for Wimmera Uniting Care’s bushfire appeal and parenting education centre will also be sold at the market. It is free entry to the market, which is between 10am and 3pm. For more information or any inquiries, visit the Bubs2Teens Children’s Market Facebook page or email


Support for fire-affected businesses

Small businesses and primary producers affected by the Grampians bushfires last month can apply for concessional loans from the Natural Disaster Relief and Recovery Arrangement. The grants are for small businesses and primary producers in Ararat, Horsham, Northern Grampians and Southern Grampians. Loans of up to $200,000 are now available to help the longer-term recovery of businesses. The loans will be administered by the Victorian Rural Finance Corporation and can be used to fund recovery activities, including restoring damaged buildings and replacing damaged equipment or stock.

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Benefits to flow from first-of-its-kind centre

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

GM on BCG Trial Review Day agenda

The agronomic, environment, economic and co-existence impacts of genetically-modified canola will be discussed at BCG’s Trial Review Day on February 28, at Birchip Community Leisure Centre. Other topics include grain varieities and a 2014 forecast.


multi-million-dollar oil- “We believe in Science For seeds centre at Longer- A Better Life. Our partnerships enong College is the first of with the Victorian State Government, Longerenong College, its kind in Australia. The new Bayer CropScience Wheat and Oilseeds Breeding Centre, which officials opened last week, also represents a major long-term international investment in crops research in the region. Almost 300 guests, including parliamentarians and industry and farm leaders, attended the official opening of the centre. As part of its programs, Bayer Cropscience will employ up to 20 staff members and work closely with Longerenong agricultural college students. The centre’s main focus is developing high-yielding wheat and oilseed varieties and productivity improvements, specific for Australian agriculture. Bayer CropScience managing director for Australia and New Zealand Dr Jacqueline Applegate said the breeding centre had injected and would continue to inject inspiration and capital into the Wimmera. “Already we are seeing the positive impact the breeding centre is having on agriculture both locally and nationally,’’ she said.

Workco Wimmera Development Association and the Horsham Rural City Council are already enabling this. “Together we are developing new technologies so farmers can become even more efficient and more sustainable, and thus contribute to feeding this hungry planet. “We are also addressing the skills shortage in Australian agriculture by enabling young people with both at the technology and the opportunity to learn from our scientists at our stateof-the art facilities.’’ The State Government has also invested $1.24-million to upgrade roads and improve access to the breeding station. Horsham mayor David Grimble said the project was of ‘significant importance for the future advancement of crop production locally, nationally and globally’. “Bayer was attracted to the Longerenong site due to an assured water supply and the security this brings to their work. “The breeding centre will also further the economic development of the Wimmera

PARTNERSHIP: Bayer CropScience managing director for Australia and New Zealand Dr Jacqueline Applegate at the official opening of the Wheat and Oilseeds Breeding Centre at Longerenong.  Picture: DEAN LAWSON and enhance opportunities for industries, education and the community.’’ Enrolments at Longerenong College this year are at the highest in more than a decade with 70 students under-taking full-time study. Total enrolments have almost doubled since 2007. College general manager John Goldsmith said Bayer’s investment had enhanced learning op-

portunities and was attracting students to agricultural careers. “The excitement and opportunities associated with the breeding centre are already being recognised by our college community,’’ he said. “There is no question the partnership with Bayer and the benefits through shared research opportunities are influencing the way young people view agriculture.”


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Wednesday, February 19, 2014


Big stubble, no trouble AMAZONE CATROS with maintenance-free disc bearings and ground contour adaption is easy to pull, precise and very fuel efficient. Available in a range of mounted and trailed units from 3 to 7.5 metres, these compact offset disc cultivators make light work of all soil types, stubble conditions and operating depths. The addition of a fully integrated, fan driven, electricallymetered GREENDRILL unit accurately applies seed directly in front of the roller, which consolidates the bed,

ZAM Spreaders Soft ballistics, delivering hard profits AMAZONE’s soft ballistic system (SBS) is the gentle science of delivering valuable granular fertilisers, using world-class twin disc spreader technology. Combining this with site specific application maximises profits. The AMAZONE centrifugal spreader range starts with tractor-mounted units offering hopper capacities from 900 – 4200 litres and working widths from 10 – 48 metres. This is legendary German engineering designed to deliver accuracy and reliability over a long working life.

ZGB Spreaders Computer controlled precision The AMAZONE ZGB trailed bulk material spreader uses the proven German design and built spreading system seen on the ZAM Ultra Profis in conjunction with the cabin controlled Amatron 3 computer management system. The ZGB range offers capacities of 5500 and 8200 litres and a big spreading range of up to 48 metres delivering high output and coverage with exceptional accuracy.

CLAAS Harvest Centre Lake Bolac are at your local Spraying, Seeding, Tillage and Harvesting specialists. We areDays also See for yourself Wimmera Machinery Field recognised as being a leader in after sales service. Our staff understand that keeping your gear running through the season

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Catfish find new home


unique project involving the Wimmera, genetics, the preservation of a threatened native species and a charity fishing contest has reached a major milestone near Bendigo.

Fisheries officers have released 500 fingerling eeltailed catfish into Crusoe Reservoir, signalling the latest critical stage in re-establishing the species across its natural range. Another 1400 went into Lake Moodemere near Rutherglen. Native Fish Australia Wimmera has led the $140,000 three-year project with State

Government backing and in partnership with Fisheries Victoria and The Department of Sustainability and Environment’s Arthur Rylah Institute for Environmental Research. Wimmera anglers and competitors in Horsham’s annual Labour Day fishing contest have also played a critical role in capturing brood fish for the project. The juvenile fish, bred at Silverwater Native Fish Hatchery at Grong Grong, NSW, are the offspring of ‘genetically superior’ brood fish from the Wimmera catchment. Genetic diversity of 20 Wimmera River catfish, themselves

offspring of individuals introduced to the waterway from the Murray River system many years ago, has been crucial for project success. The Weekly Advertiser initially broke the story in 2012 while reporting on the catchand-release aspect of the Labour Day fishing contest. Diminishing populations of the species has meant the Wimmera basin has been the only area in Victoria where anglers can legally capture and keep eel-tailed catfish. There is a daily bag limit of two catfish per angler. The project is designed to re-establish a public fishery

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

across northern Victoria as well preserve the viability of the species. Research money has come from angler contributions through the Victorian Recreational Licence fund. Native Fish Australia Wimmera’s Bruce McInnes said the latest stockings represented major progress in developing a new recreation catfish fisheries outside the Wimmera. “Our members are looking forward to monitoring catfish growth and assisting fisheries managers to determine when angling for catfish might be permitted in these two lakes,” Mr McInnes said.

EXPERT ADVICE: Expo guest presenter Anne Kelly from Montessori For Dementia Australia gives a brochure to Areegra farmer Leo Downes.  Picture: PETER MILLER

RETURN: Fisheries officers release the offspring of Wimmera catfish into Crusoe Reservoir in Bendigo.  Picture: CONTRIBUTED

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Retirement expo to help

A Rural Northwest Health could enjoy the latter years of entertainment as well.” Ms Mills said she was exexpo in April will help peo- their lives and have fun. ple with retirement and plan- “The expo will feature a varie- pecting involvement from many ty of displays and presentations government-based organisaning decisions.

The To Retirement and Beyond Expo will be at Warracknabeal Town Hall on April 14 and Hopetoun Memorial Hall on April 15. Events on both days will start at 2pm and close by 8pm. Organiser and Rural Northwest Health community health nurse Julie Mills said the expo would show people how they

covering the needs and issues that affect quality of life in our aging years,” Ms Mills said. “We have invited a comprehensive range of organisations to be involved so that those attending can get the answers to every possible question they might have. “There will be numerous displays and presentations and if possible we will include some

tions and experts in a variety of fields. “There will be experts in healthy living, memory support, sport and recreation, advanced care planning, legal matters and wills, adult learning and of course retirement and aged care,” she said. “The expo is free and open to anyone who wants to attend.”

Enquiries - 105 Osborne Road, Horsham

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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

February 19, 2014

ararat ruralcity focus Mayor’s weekly meetings with ratepayers and residents For ratepayers or residents who wish to see the Mayor or enquire about Council, the Mayor will be available on Tuesdays between 9am and 10am at the Ararat and Grampians Visitor Information Centre, 91 High Street, Ararat. No bookings required.

Council’s Community Grants Program Ararat Rural City Council Community Grants program provides funding for projects and activities that build healthy and vibrant communities, sustain important community infrastructure and attract visitors to the area. All community groups and clubs in the Ararat Rural City municipality are eligible to apply for community grants. Applications are invited any time during the year, however they are assessed and funding allocated each March, July and November. To make sure your application is in on time for this current round you must have it submitted by Friday February 28. If you require any further information regarding Council’s Community Grants Program, please contact Robyn Hemley, Community Development and Client Services Coordinator on 5355 0257 or You can also find more information and download an application form at

Raise the standard Learn new skills and renew old ones with this exciting FREE series of training sessions; compete in a future digital world while refreshing your present business basics.

Real Jobs – Right Now! As part of Ararat Rural City Council’s Business Development program, an Employers and Jobs Forum will be held at the Ararat Performing Arts Centre on Thursday February 20 between 5.30pm and 7.30pm.

What’s on Council Meeting February 18, 6pm

In conjunction with the local and regional Job Services Providers and with the assistance of Federal and State Government departments, there will be a large jobs board with all the positions available, Real Jobs, Right now. Also present will be local employers for prospective job seekers to discuss some of the jobs available, including Hopkins Correctional Facility, Programmed Facility Management and AF Gason. Everyone looking to find a Real Job – Right Now is welcome to come and check out the Board and the Employers. Any other Employers or Providers that might be interested in participating or wanting more information should contact John Watson on or call direct on 5355 0250.

Calling all primary producers

Willaura Hospital Outdoor Market March 2, 9am-2pm

As part of a submission Council is preparing for the Federal Government on Mobile Coverage we are interested in hearing about how Mobile Coverage (or lack of) affects Primary Producers. Council has created a very short one-page online survey that we would appreciate you taking 1-2 minutes to complete. This online survey will help us formulate a submission to the Federal Government seeking funding to improve mobile coverage. The survey is anonymous and will help Council understand the overall picture of mobile coverage in the region including phone and internet accessibility, dead spots, lack of service etc. Please go to For more information please contact Ken Howell 5355 0271.

Clean Up Australia Day March 2

Jail House Rock Festival March 14-16

Upcoming subjects

Ararat Trash and Treasure Market

Get Social Media Working for YOU ............ February 19 Effective Web Pages ........................................... March 5 Planning For Your Future! .............................. March 19

March 16

Business Basics.................................................... April 2

Ararat Farmers Market

Afternoon or evening workshops are available please contact John Watson on 5355 0250 or

March 16

Council Meeting

20th Anniversary of the Ararat Jailhouse Rock Festival The JHR Festival is one of Australia’s longest running Rock’n’Roll Festivals, a true celebration of everything great about the 50s and 60s era.

March 18, 6pm

Contact us

Created in 1995 as a not for profit, incorporated body, as a celebration of all things rock’n’roll; the music, the dancing, the fabulous fashion, classic motorcycles and cars and of course, the Hot Rods! All the iconic items and themes of the fabulous 50s and 60s are celebrated over the weekend in Ararat. The JHR Festival has been conducted by a volunteer committee as an annual event for the last 19 years with support of the Ararat Rural City Council, and generous sponsorship from local and Regional Businesses. So dust off the dance shoes, polish the Hot Rod, dress to impress and please accept our invitation to join us in Ararat from Friday March 14 to Sunday March 16, 2014!

Ararat Rural City – Your location of choice.

Ararat Rural City Council PO Box 246, Ararat VIC 3377 Tel: (03) 5355 0200 Fax: (03) 5352 1695 Email: Website:


Wednesday, February 19, 2014


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ATTRACTION: Ararat’s Barkly Street transforms during Ararat Jailhouse Rock Festival.  Picture: CONTRIBUTED

Ararat getting ready to rock


rganisers of the Ararat Jailhouse Rock Festival, one of the biggest festivals of its type in Victoria, are busy finalising preparations for the March 14, 15 and 16 event.

They have declared that the 20th anniversary event, celebrating the pop culture from the 1950s and ‘60s, is ‘ready to rock’. Ararat’s population grows by several thousand during the event with visitors from across the country making an annual pilgrimage to be part of various activities and attractions. The festival starts on Friday, March 14 with a ‘Meet and Greet’ at Ararat Town Hall for all festival visitors. It continues by a ‘Giant Highway 8 Festival’ the following day and a ‘Moovin ‘n’ Groovin Ball’ in Barkly Street that night.

A Sunday ‘Rock Extravaganza’ at Alexandra Oval will represent a festival climax as well as draw a curtain on the weekend. Festival director Ian Wilson said the Jailhouse Rock Festival was about celebrating all that was great about the 1950s and 60s. “The fashion, hot rods, classic cars and bikes, dancing and of course the music,” he said. “It’s all about having fun in a family-friendly environment. Rock ‘n’ roll dance classes have been very popular with local school children and adults alike. There will be plenty of opportunities to practice new dance moves over the weekend.” Mr Wilson said the festival would welcome back several traditional rock ‘n’ roll bands which had supported the festival during the last 19 years. These included The Cruisers,

The Speedster, Fender Benders, Rockin Daddys and DJ Jeff. “These guys will present an exciting musical program and present lots of opportunities to dance the night away,” he said. Mr Wilson said tickets were still available for the ‘Moovin and Groovin Ball’ at the Town Hall, either online or in person from Hidden Secrets in Barkly Street or by phoning 0417 519 640. “So dust off the dance shoes, polish the rod, dress to impress and please accept our invitation to join us in Ararat from Friday, March 14 to Sunday, March 16, or just come for the day.” The festival is a community event and organisers invest all money they raise back into future festival programs. People can access full program details at

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Horsham upholsterer Karl Mitton has joined leading franchised leather-repair business The Leather Doctor.

He is one of eight Victorian franchisees to join The Leather Doctor Chain, scheduled to be operating nationwide within a few years. The Leather Doctor uses an online job tracking system called System 1 to provide franchisees with finding regular work. The Leather Doctor chief executive Dean Reid said the company was excited as a franchisor that Mr Mitton would be operating under Leather Doctor and The Timber Doctor brands in Horsham district. “We can see a great business synergy developing through this alliance,” Mr Reid said. Mr Mitton said he always had interest leather repair and the opportunity fitted neatly with plans to expand his business interests. “I’d been doing upholstery work for some 12 years so it was time for a change of focus in order to advance my career interests,” he said. “The Leather Doctor is very customer-oriented whether the job be for a large furniture company or cleaning the average person’s leather lounge.


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Lyrics, English and memories

Wednesday, February 19, 2014


“Never make fun of someone who speaks broken English. It means they know another language.” – H. Jackson Brown, Jr.


ccasionally I sit glued to the television screen watching songs from Indian movies, especially in my language, Tamil.

The other night while watching a song from a movie I was quickly transported to my school days. It wasn’t the choreography, the visuals or the music that took me down the memory lane but the interesting way the lyrics were coined. My parents, intent on me getting the best education, enrolled me in a private school, quite beyond their means. The school was one of the few institutions in the city to provide English as the medium of instruction. However, the teachers were constantly peeved that students reverted to speaking Tamil instead of English in class. Most parents wanted their children to excel in English and enrolled their children into this school. But the children hardly learnt to speak the language. As a result, rules were imposed to get students to speak in English. But it was to no avail. I still remember when class fines were introduced to prevent students lapsing into Tamil.

Sujatha Umakanthan

This only meant the class piggy banks became heavier. Much to the teachers’ dismay, the local language flourished secretly while the kids floundered in English. It was usually the younger children, thrust into the Englishspeaking world from non-English speaking backgrounds that struggled the most. It was hard to convey in English when most of the thinking and feeling was in Tamil. But to keep up with parents’ expectations and to avoid harassment from teachers and older children, the lower grades spoke a ‘different’ form of English. I do not know how and when this form started, but it was prevalent in our school. The subject and object in the sentences usually ended up fine in English but when it came to the verb, the affliction reared its ugly head. The kids usually retained the verb in the Tamil language and simply added the syllable ‘fy’ to the end – voila,

a mutated form of the language was born. Not that this style was any more acceptable or comprehensible to the teachers. But to the uninitiated in the language, it sounded almost English. This became the norm as the beginner’s standard not just in our school, but other English medium schools as well. Luckily, when students finished school and moved onto higher studies, there were no more rules imposed on speaking English. But since English is usually the passport to professional jobs, it became quite the fashion to speak the language. I believe now a new term, called ‘Tanglish’ has even been coined to refer to the mix of Tamil and English. As for me, I remember adopting the ‘fy’ dialect like most kids at school but somewhere along the line, my struggle with English ceased and soon turned into a fascination. When I heard the song which attached the ‘fy’ syllable to Tamil words throughout the lyrics, I couldn’t help but remember its use in my school days. I don’t know what the trend is in schools but to find our style resurrected in a latest movie song, well it looks like some things are worth the memory and the laugh.

ALL SYSTEMS GO: Member for Lowan Hugh Delahunty, left, Horsham Mayor David Grimble and Kane Constructions’ Peter Mann at the sod-turning ceremony of the Horsham Town Hall redevelopment project.  Picture: CONTRIBUTED

Sod turned at Town Hall

Member for Lowan Hugh Delahunty “The reality is we need to upgrade the turned the first sod to begin the redevel- facility. We have been looking at ways and opment of the Horsham Town Hall and means to redevelop this building since I was on council – and that wasn’t yesterday,” he Regional Art Gallery last week.

Mr Delahunty said the development of a modern cultural hub was much-needed in Horsham. “I get around to regional cities of similar sizes to Horsham and the one thing we don’t have is a regional Performing Arts Centre.


said. “The Gallery will soon be able to lay claim to housing the best collection of visual art in western Victoria. I’m excited about this redevelopment that will take Horsham to the level of other regional cities.”

Col Perkins

ch 2014

FOOTY TIPPING COMPETITION $5000 cash up for grabs!

1st Prize - $2000 2nd Prize - $1000 3rd Prize - $500 Last - $500 (must tip every game) $1000 donated to one lucky tipper’s nominated sporting club (must tip at least 10 rounds)

Visit or check our Facebook page for updates on when registrations open. Competition open to Gold Members, only $11 to become a member! Horsham Sports & Community Club 177-179 Baillie St, Horsham Ph: 5382 6262 Visit us online at or

20th to 23rd Mar

Peter Coad & the Coad Sisters, Johanna Hemara, Don Costa, Sandie Dodd, Col Perkins, Sandra Humphries, The Hoffmans, Trevor Keilar, Andrew D’Rosario, Michelle Little, Reg Poole and Allan Carroll

Program and Prices

Thursday 20th March, 2013 Walk-Ups

4:00pm - 5:30pm

Bush Balladeers

6:30pm - 10:00pm Admission $16

Admission Free Horsham Caravan Park Horsham Soundshell

Friday 21st March, 2013 Walk-Ups

9:30am - 1:00pm

Admission Free Roberts Place, Horsham

Local Artists

1:30pm - 4:30pm

Admission Free Roberts Place, Horsham

Tribute Night

6:30pm - 10:00pm Admission $16

Horsham Soundshell

Saturday 22nd March, 2013 Buskers

9:00am - 11.30am Admission Free Horsham Plaza & CBD

Country Music Spectacular 1:00pm - 10:00pm Admission $25 Horsham Soundshell ($18 after 6.30pm)

Sunday 23rd March, 2013 Walk-Up Poets

8.30am - 10:45am Admission Free Wilson Bolton

Gospel Music Marathon

11:00am - 4:00pm Admission $14

Horsham Soundshell

Further Information - Festival Enquiries - Lyall Wheaton Phone: (03) 5381 1995 Email:

Horsham Visitor Information Centre - Festival Pass $59 and Accommodation Enquiries

FREE CALL 1800 633 218

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

IMPROVING FA R M I N G : Birchip Cropping Group’s new staff members, from left, Kelly Angel, James Murray and Jacque Hogan are looking forward to join a team of 20 at the Birchip-based farm research group. Picture: CONTRIBUTED

Top specialists feature at Ararat pasture forum

The Perennial Pasture Systems group is combining with the Grassland Society of Southern Australia to present the MLA pasture update at Ararat on March 19. Dr Richard Culvenor from CSIRO will discuss the development and management of the phalaris varieties “Holdfast GT and Advanced AT” which are becoming the most widely used varieties in the region. Dr Culvenor was the lead scientist in the breeding pro-

grams and is researching the persistence of the varieties. Tom McKeon from Hassad Australia will talk about its operations in Australia, including the Moyston area, as well as the sheep meat industry in the Middle East. Department of Environment and Primary Industries chief veterinary officer Dr Rob Suter will outline the latest developments in internal parasites in sheep. Andrew Robson, from the University of New England, will outline the precision agriculture project which is implementing latest technology on a “future farm” scale. The project includes satellite imaging of pastures, automated weighing of stock and remote monitoring of stock

movements to assist in animal health and production. Linda Hygate will bring producers up to date with the latest research projects funded by MLA. PPS president Paul Harrington said the pasture update would be valuable for anyone involved in sheep or cattle production. The seminar, at Gum San, will start at 4pm and include a light dinner. For more information or to book contact PPS project manager Rob Shea on 0438 521357 or yadin@netconnect., or Grassland Society secretary Melinda Caspersz on 1300 137 550 or email

Fodder drive for fire affected farms Government and state agriculture leaders have joined forces to organise an emergency fodder drive for fire-affected livestock owners. Agriculture and Food Security Minister Peter Walsh said the government would provide funding and the Victorian Farmers Federation would co-ordinate the effort. “The total loss and damage caused by the fires is not yet clear but we do know that landholders have lost a large amount of pasture and it is essential they receive emergency supplies,” he said. “The VFF is now appealing for donations of

fodder for farmers affected by fires north of Melbourne, near Shepparton and in parts of Gippsland.

BCG’s theme for 2014 is to plan, review and improve. Revisiting the well-received presentation by Afterburner fighter pilots Phil Eldridge and Paul Simmons at the 2013 Main Field Day, the focus for the year is on ‘flawless execution’ strategies that can be used to improve the farm business. The ‘flawless execution’ business model, successfully used by elite fighter pilots, involves strategic planning, effective briefing, planned execution and ‘nameless and rankless’ debriefing. The goal is to make small but continued incremental improvements to the business. The theme is appropriate as Victoria swelters through another dry summer, weather forecasts suggest a potential El Nino by early winter and growers are exploring their rota-

tion options for the coming cropping season. Despite the dry start to the year, BCG is looking forward to the coming cropping season having welcomed three new staff members this year. Senior research officer Kelly Angel, her husband and three young daughters, have relocated to Birchip from the Liverpool Plains region of NSW. An experienced agronomist, Kelly said she was looking forward to becoming more involved the research side of the grains industry and delivering practical findings to farmers. Also joining BCG is research officer James Murray, from Camden, near Sydney. James is a Sydney University graduate, who majored in soil science. Jacque Hogan is BCG’s new corporate relations manager. Jacque, who joined BCG in January, will work the organisation’s valued sponsors.

Blazing performance starts here The Blazemaster series from Onga The Blazemaster series, available from your local Onga dealer, extends the tried and trusted Onga Enginemaster range. You can rest easy this summer, knowing that you and your property are protected by the latest innovation in fire fighting technology. Both pumps are selfpriming, driven by your choice of 4.8 to 13hp Honda petrol or Yanmar diesel engines. Ideal for water transfer when electricity is not available.

Clean, safe, water

The fodder program will run until demand is met, but not beyond March 11. VFF president Peter Tuohey said fodder supplies were limted and urged anyone who could to help out. Landholders with urgent animal welfare needs should contact the Department of Environment and Primary Industries’ Customer Service Centre on 136 186.


5382 3119 101 Wilson St. Horsham

artisan McPL053

pasture update seminar at Ararat next month will give district farmers and agricultural businesses an insight into the latest research and technologies.


Plan, review and improve

BCG has welcomed in the 2014 research season with a new theme and three new staff members.



Wednesday, February 19, 2014

For the week Feb 23 - Mar 1

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(March 21- April 20) Lucky Colour: White Lucky Day: Friday Racing Numbers: Lotto Numbers: Not a very good period for taking chances; leave speculations until a later date. You might not have the right answers now, so do not advise others in important matters.


(July 23- August 22) Lucky Colour: Cream Lucky Day: Tuesday Racing Numbers: Lotto Numbers: Lots of social contacts and a busy period for entertaining are indicated. Good news from a distance and financial benefits coming your way. Keep your head clear for some interesting new ideas?


(April 21- May 20) Lucky Colour: Yellow Lucky Day: Friday Racing Numbers: Lotto Numbers: A very good period in your career matters and progress in business can be expected. Plenty of energy and interest in new ideas and more harmonious relationships with loved ones.


(May 21- June 21) Lucky Colour: Green Lucky Day: Monday Racing Numbers: Lotto Numbers: You could be ready for some changes in your relationships. Not the right time to push your favourite issues; gentle persuasion will work a lot better and will leave you a chance to negotiate.


(June 22- July 22) Lucky Colour: Fawn Lucky Day: Wednesday Racing Numbers: Lotto Numbers: You could be guessing very right during this period and time to reap what you have sown earlier on. Try to keep away from quarrelling people and compromise will be better than defeat.


(August 23- September 23) Lucky Colour: Peach Lucky Day: Thursday Racing Numbers: Lotto Numbers: Some important decisions to be made concerning your future security, including your career aspects. Some very good opportunities coming your way very soon.


(September 24- October 23) Lucky Colour: Blue Lucky Day: Saturday Racing Numbers: Lotto Numbers: A much better mood is prevailing and friends could surprise you in a happy way. Now is the time in which you should be able to gain most of the things that have been on your mind.


(October 24- November 22) Lucky Colour: Orange Lucky Day: Monday Racing Numbers: Lotto Numbers: Very irritating aspects operating and your patience is put to the test. Try to take it all in good humour and it will become less frustrating. There is some good luck through a partner.

KERRY KULKENS’ PSYCHIC LINE 1900 946 244 or 1300 246 244 call cost $5 50 inc GST per min Mob/pay phones extra

AIR CONDITIONING SPECIALS AT BE • Ducted Evaporative Cooling • Split System Refrigerated Cooling • Fully Installed by our Qualified Staff

ED CT NG U D OLI ED CO TALL INSFROM9 94 $3, Braemar LCB250 to 4 outlets supplied & installed


IT SPLTEM G S SY LIN ED O LL O C TA INSFROM9 49 $2, Braemar MB50 5kw Split System supplied & installed

INTEREST FREE terms available from 6-60 months.

*some conditions apply see instore for details.

Sales • Service Installation 70 Hamilton Street, Horsham

Ph: 03 5382 3823


(November 23- December 20) Lucky Colour: Lilac Lucky Day: Thursday Racing Numbers: Lotto Numbers: Not the time to trust anyone with your secrets; they could use them against you at a later date. Business will not mix with pleasure or family matters even during this period; keep them separate.


(December 21- January 19) Lucky Colour: Blue Lucky Day: Wednesday Racing Numbers: Lotto Numbers: People seem to be expecting more of you and your time will be very much taken up by the demands of others. If planning to travel, you must be rather ruthless in your demands to get what you want.


(January 20- February 19) Lucky Colour: Pink Lucky Day: Thursday Racing Numbers: Lotto Numbers: You might not be in agreement with loved ones about an important issue. Do not let it get too big to handle. There are more demands on your time and your ability.


(February 20- March 20) Lucky Colour: Violet Lucky Day: Monday Racing Numbers: Lotto Numbers: This is a period for practical considerations when making plans and getting your ideas through. Goodwill and assistance from higher up should make things much easier to handle.

SMS 199 242 76 $4 send / receive By appointment 9754 4587


Worm your animals


e all want our pets to be as healthy as they can be but sometimes we cannot tell if they have a problem or not.

Most dogs or cats affected with an intestinal worm burden will appear to be bright, active and happy and will not show any clinical signs at all. But this can change as the burden grows. Our dogs and cats are susceptible to four main types of worms: roundworm, hookworm, whipworm and tapeworm. In the dog or cat host, these worms can attach strongly to

the intestinal wall. From here they can complete their life cycle and produce eggs which are passed into the faeces and into the outside world. These eggs can remain dormant in the environment for several months if the conditions are right. They are then eaten by another dog or cat for the process to start again. Sometimes intermediate hosts are also involved which is a type of host. For example, a rat, mouse, cow or even human. As the worms affect the intestines.Typical signs of an advanced worm problem include vomiting, diarrhoea and weight loss. Sometimes adult worms, usually roundworms, are passed in either vomit or stools and this would provide a clear diagnosis of a worm burden. The treatment for intestinal worms involves medications

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

which effectively paralyse the adult worms in the intestines. This causes the worms to detach and be passed out in the stools where they die when exposed to the environment. It is very common after treating your dog or cat to notice some worms that have passed so do not be alarmed.

ficacy and safety. There are also

Intestinal worming treatments should be given every three months because this will effectively kill the adult worms and prevent them from shedding eggs into the environment. It is important to keep up this three-monthly worming regime throughout your pet’s life to minimise the environmental contamination, which will build up in your home and garden. Good-quality worming tablets from your vet are recommended because these have proven ef-

Aside from the health benefit

Three monthly

There will be two functions, with the first at Kaniva Shire Hall on Saturday and then at Edenhope Mechanics Institute Hall on Sunday. Both launch events start at 2.30pm. West Wimmera Mayor Ron Hawkins said a considerable amount of work had gone into the history book production, titled ‘150 years of local government in West Wimmera 1862-2012 – Middle Gate’. “Author Bob Marmion has done a terrific job in putting together a valuable historical record and what is also a very interesting read,” he said. “The book production has taken longer than expected, but the


some combination products available which can treat most intestinal worms, heartworm and fleas all in one monthly product and these can also be used to successful deworm your pet. to your pet, another good reason to regularly worm your dog or cat is that the worms can also pass from dogs and cats to humans as intermediate hosts. Therefore good hygiene and regular worming of all pets in the household is important for both overall pet and owner health and happiness.

150 years of local government celebrated West Wimmera will celebrate 150 years of local government with a history book launch this weekend.

wait has been worth it. ‘The author, designer, printer and all those who have assisted along the way have done a superb job.” Cr Hawkins encouraged West Wimmera residents to attend one of the launch events. “It will provide an opportunity to catch up with old friends and acquaintances, and is probably as much a reunion as a book launch,” he said. The hard cover book can be purchased at the launch for the special price of $15. The book will be available for purchase at its normal price of $30 following the launch.



Treating the skin on the inside and out

The skin is far more than a protective outer layer of the body; it is our interface with the physical world. The skin is in many ways responsible for the maintenance of a stable and harmonious internal environment. On the one hand the skin protects us against the loss of water, salts and organic substances from inside the body and on the other hand it is one of the four main organs responsible for the excretion of waste products. As the skin is responsible for the excretion of about a quarter of the body’s waste products, any dysfunction of the skin in this field will put stress on the other three eliminative organs, namely the kidneys, the lungs and the bowels, as they will have to deal with the extra burden. The skin also plays a part in temperature control, as its sweat glands can regulate the excretion of water. Thus skin diseases

will often be an outer reflection of internal problems and must be treated as such. As a naturopath, the goal of all treatments is to find the cause of the ‘illness’ and treat it accordingly with dietary and lifestyle improvements, herbal medicine and vitamin and mineral supplements. Skin diseases or problems are often more challenging to treat, as they require longer treatment programs, to get to the root cause of the problem. Skin ailments such as acne, eczema, acne rosacea, psoriasis, warts, pigmentation and sun damage often need topical treatments to soothe the inflamed or damaged skin, as well as internal treatments to improve the health of the skin long term. In the past many of these topical treatments have been damaging to the skin and weakened the integrity of the skin. As the skin absorbs whatever products we apply to it, it is important to apply only natural and organic products to our skin. Aspect skincare is made in Australia with vitamins, minerals and herbs to improve the look and feel of your skin. Aspect skincare products work with your skin to improve the signs of aging such as dehydration, fine lines, age spots and pigmentation.


The products hydrate, nourish, calm and brighten the skin as well as feeding the skin with the nutrients it needs for a glowing healthy complexion. There are also specific products to im-

Is your skin dry and thirsty? SMC - Super Moisturising Complex will give your skin the drink it needs!

prove acne and acne rosacea and teenage skin. We live in a harsh climate in Australia and it is important to wear a sunscreen, a chemical free sunscreen. We do not want to apply chemicals to our skin as they will be absorbed into our body via our bloodstream and lymphatic system. Physical sunblocks are now readily available and they contain Zinc Oxide. The Aspect skincare range has a physical sunblock for use on the face and also acts as a moisturiser. If you would like to view the products or would like more information on the Aspect Skincare range then please telephone or go to

GUINNESS ON TAP NOW! P. (03) 5384 7230

A. Henty Highway, Dooen

The Dooen hotel


Wednesday, February 19, 2014

52nd Annual


4,5,6 MARCH 2014

You are invited to Australia’s premier farming machinery and country lifestyle event Wimmera Machinery Field Days Inc. Longerenong via Horsham Victoria Australia

Phone: 03 5384 7210 Fax: 03 5384 7276 Email:

9th Annual Victorian

Farm Sculpture Competition First Prize $2500 plus travel & accommodation

2 0 1 4 V I C TO R I A N

to enter the winning Victorian Farm Sculpture in the National Farm Sculpture Competition at the 2014 Spirit of the Land festival in Lockhart NSW

600 0


Get Creative!

Ma jor spo nso r


Sculptures can take any form and must be made from any items typically found outdoors on a farm or from rural products old or new.

52nd Annual


4,5,6 MARCH 2014

For competition info and entry forms contact | Ph: 03 5384 7210 |

Entry Form Return to PO Box 272 Horsham 3402 or Fax 5384 7276 or Email: Name

Prizes and Categories

Address Phone


Email Sculpture Name

Category Choice (tick one box) Open

2014 Victorian Farm Sculpture Competition

* Note: All other category entries are automatically included in the Open category as well.

Corrugated Iron


Small Sculpture

Entries accepted until Friday 28 February 2014. All sculptures must be delivered to the Field Days site by 12noon Saturday 1 March for judging and will remain on site during the Field Days ready for collection from 5pm Thursday 6 March. Winners announced and presentations take place on Thursday 6 March.

OPEN | First Prize


(plus travel & accommodation to compete at the National Farm Sculpture Competition in Lockhart NSW

Open Runner Up Open Highly Commended x 2 Open Locals Award (within 100km) Open People’s Choice Award NEW Wire Sculpture NEW Corrugated Iron Sculpture NEW Small Sculpture (less than 50cm in overall size HxWxL)

$800 $500 $250 $200 $250 $250 $250


Wednesday, February 19, 2014



ades Paint & Colour Centre is Horsham’s newest Paint Store located at 14a Sloss Street Horsham. We are your local PaintRight store, offering a wide range of paints and painting accessories including trusted brands such as Haymes, Resene, many respected accessories brands & even wallpaper. Our new paint centre is your one-stop paint and colour shop. When it comes to colour, you’re in good hands with Julie Francis. You can count on Julie’s experience for a truly personalised colour consultation – in-store, or even in your home. Julie’s mission is to ensure you achieve a perfect result for your project each and every time. COLOUR CONSULTANT: Julie Francis, pictured, can visit your home or you can see her in store to ensure all schemes compliment your existing décor to fully re-invent your home from start to finish.



5:30 Seven Early News [s] 6:00 Sunrise [s] 9:00 The Morning Show (PG) 11:30 Seven Morning News [s] 12:00 Movie: “They Watch” (PG v,a) (’93) Stars: Patrick Bergin 2:00 The Daily Edition (PG) 3:00 The Chase (PG) 4:00 Seven News at 4 [s] 5:00 Deal Or No Deal [s] 5:30 Million Dollar Minute [s] 6:00 Seven News [s] 7:00 Better Homes And Gardens [s] 8:30 The Friday Movie: “Tower Heist” (M) (’11) Stars: Ben Stiller and Eddie Murphy 11:45 That ’70s Show: Ramble On (PG) 12:15 Hung: What’s Going On Down Stairs? (M s,l) 12:45 The Late Movie: “ Deranged” (M v) (’98) Stars: Jobeth Williams & Jason Brooks 3:00 Home Shopping Home And Away 9:30 Shortland St (PG 7TWO 9:00 d) 10:00 Coronation St (PG) 10:30 Last Chance Surgery (PG) 11:00 Route 66 (PG) 12:00 Naked City (PG) 1:00 Homicide: Life On The Street (M) 2:00 Blue Heelers (M v) 3:00 Royal Upstairs Downstairs 4:00 The Jewel In The Crown (PG v,a,s) 5:00 Shortland Street 5:30 Coronation St 6:00 Bargain Hunt 7:00 Seven News 7:30 Doc Martin (PG) 8:30 Escape To The Country 9:30 Secret Location (PG) 10:30 Cowboy Builders (PG) 11:30 Downsize Me (PG) 12:30 Homicide: Life On The Street (M) 1:30 Naked City (PG)



5:30 Today *Live* [s] 9:00 Mornings (PG) 11:00 National Morning News [s] 12:00 The Ellen DeGeneres Show (PG) 1:00 Canal Road (M v,s,l) 2:00 Extra [s] 2:30 Alive & Cooking [s] 3:00 News Now 4:15 Afternoon News 5:30 Hot Seat 6:00 WIN News [s]’ 7:30 The Big Bang Theory (PG s) 8:30 Friday Night Movie: “Just Go With It” (M s) (’11) Stars: Jennifer Aniston & Adam Sandler 10:50 Late Night Movie: “The Last Kiss” (MA15+ s,l) (’06) Stars: Zach Braff 1:00 Win’s All Australian News [s] 2:00 Late Late Movie: “Thumbsucker” (M d,l,s) (’05) Stars: Keanu Reeves 4:00 Extra [s] 4:30 Good Morning America Children’s Programs 10:30 Adventure Time GO! 6:00 11:00 Power Rangers Samurai (PG) 11:30 Yu-gioh! Zexal 12:00 Extra 12:30 TMX 2:00 Two And A Half Men (PG) 3:00 Extra 3:30 Max Steel (PG) 4:00 Kids’ WB 4:05 Ben 10 (PG) 4:30 Young Justice (PG) 5:00 Movie: “The Golden Compass” (PG v) (’05) 7:20 Movie: “A Cinderella Story” (PG a) (’04) Stars: Hilary Duff 9:20 Movie: “Tamara Drewe” (M l,s,v,a) (’10) Stars: Gemma Arterton 11:30 Beware The Batman (M) 12:10 Movie: “Superman vs the Elite” (M) (’12) Stars: George Newbern 2:00 TMZ Live 3:30 Extra

6:00 Olympic Winter Games - Sochi: Overnight 6:30 Wake Up [s] 8:30 Studio 10 (PG) [s] 10:30 Studio 10 You (PG) [s] 11:00 TEN Eyewitness News Morning [s] 12:00 Dr Phil (M a,l,d) 1:00 The Doctors (M a,s) 2:00 The Biggest Loser 3:00 Judge Judy (PG) 3:30 ET [s] 4:00 Good Chef, Bad Chef [s] 4:30 The Bold & The Beautiful [s 5:00 TEN Eyewitness News [s] 6:00 Olympic Winter Games: Sochi Tonight [s] 6:30 The Project [s] 7:30 Program To Be Advised 8:25 Olympic Winter Games - Sochi: Evening - Day 14 *Live* – Women’s Ski Cross Finals. 9:30 Olympic Winter Games - Sochi: Evening - Day 14 *Live 10:30 Olympic Winter Games - Sochi: Late - Day 7 *Live 1:00 Olympic Winter Games - Sochi: Overnight 6:00 Olympic Winter Games - Sochi Live: Sochi ONE Overnight - Day 8 6:30 Olympic Winter Games - Sochi Encore – Join us we relive all the best action 9:00 Olympic Winter Games - Sochi Encore 12:00 Olympic Winter Games - Sochi Encore 5:55 Olympic Winter Games - Sochi Live: Sochi Early Evening - Day 9 6:30 Olympic Winter Games - Sochi Live 7:30 Olympic Winter Games - Sochi Live 8:10 Olympic Winter Games - Sochi Live 9:30 Olympic Winter Games - Sochi Live 10:30 Olympic Winter Games - Sochi Live 1:00 Olympic Winter Games Sochi Overnight





Children’s Programs 7:00 Weekend Today WIN 6:00 - Saturday 10:00 Mornings - Saturday (PG) TEN

8:00 Pair Of Kings 8:30 Fish Hooks 9:00 Big Australia 10:00 Ultimate Spider-Man 11:00 Motor Mate 12:00 Xena - Warrior Princess (PG) 1:00 Motor Mate: The History of Le Mans - Part 1 3:00 Xena - Warrior Princess 4:00 Hercules (PG a,v) 5:00 Just Shoot Me! 5:30 Mythbusters Specials (PG) 6:30 Movie: “Godzilla” (PG v,l) (’98) 9:30 Movie: “Underworld Awakening” (MA15+ v,h) (’12) Stars: Theo James 11:30 Operation Repo (M) 12:00 Eastbound & Down (MA15+) 12:30 Scare Tactics (M) 1:30 Motor Mate 5:00 Dream Car Garage


6:00 Home Shopping [s] 7:00 Weekend Sunrise [s] 10:00 The Morning Show Weekend (PG 12:00 Program To Be Advised 5:30 Sydney Weekender [s] 6:00 Seven News [s] 7:00 Family Movie Special: “The Lion King” (G) (’94) 9:00 The Saturday Movie: “Knocked Up” (M l,s,d) (’07) – Alison Scott is an up-an-coming entertainment journalist whose life is on the fast track. Stars: Katherine Heigl 11:45 That ‘70s Show (PG) 12:15 Hung: Sandee (MA15+ s,l) 12:45 Celebrity Juice (MA15+s,l) 1:30 Late Movie: “Little Jungle Boy” (G) (’71) Stars: Greg Evigan & Tony Lo Bianco 3:00 Home Shopping

7:00 TV Shop 8:00 Selling Houses Abroad (PG) 9:00 TV Shop 10:30 Surfing The Menu (PG) 11:00 Friends (PG) 12:00 Movie: “Crooks In Cloisters” (G) (’63) Stars: Ronald Fraser 2:00 Surfing The Menu (PG) 2:30 Domestic Blitz 3:30 Planet Earth (PG) 4:30 The Ellen Degeneres Show (PG) 5:30 The People’s Court (PG) 6:30 Friends (PG) 7:30 Antiques Roadshow 8:30 Movie: “To Be Announced 11:15 Movie: “Finding Forrester” (M l) (’00) 2:00 Movie: “The Small Back Room” (PG a,v) (’49) Stars: David Farrar 4:00 Movie: “The Brain Machine” (PG v) (’56)

12:00 Discover Downunder Summer Series 12:30 The Block: Fans V Faves (PG) 4:00 The Bottom Line (PG) 4:30 Animal Emergency [s] 5:00 News: First At Five [s] 5:30 Getaway (PG) 6:00 National News - Saturday [s] 7:00 Movie: “Journey To The Centre Of The Earth” (PG v) (’08) Stars: Brendan Fraser 9:00 Movie: “Spider-Man 2” (M v) (’04) Stars: Tobey Maguire 11:45 Late Movie: “Body Snatchers” (M v,h,l) (’93) Stars: Terry Kinney & Meg Tilly 1:20 Late Late Movie: “The Awakening” (M v) (’80) Stars: Charlton Heston 3:30 Extra 4:00 Danoz 4:30 The Middle (PG)

Home Shopping 11:00 Destination GO! 7TWO 10:00 WA 11:30 Great South East 12:00 Sydney Weekender 12:30 All 4 Adventure 1:30 Seven’s Horse Racing 2014: Blue Diamond Stakes 6:00 Neighbours At War (PG a) 6:30 Drug Bust (PG) 7:00 SCU: Serious Crash Unit (PG a) 7:30 Cities Of The Underworld (PG) 8:30 A Touch Of Frost (M a,v) 10:40 Taggart (M v) 11:40 Secrets Of War (M) 12:40 Movie: “Badman’s Territory” (PG v) (’46) Stars: Randolph Scott & Ray Collins 2:15 Movie: “Trail Street” (G) (’47) Stars: Randolph Scott & Robert Ryan 4:00 The World Around Us


9:00 Big Australia 10:00 Ultimate SpiderMan 11:00 Hercules (PG v) 12:00 Mark Berg’s Fishing Addiction 12:30 Marine Machines: Rescue (PG) 1:30 V8 Xtra 2:30 Shannons Supercar Showdown 3:00 Fifth Gear 4:00 Search & Restore 4:30 Trucks! (PG) 5:00 Xtreme 4x4 5:30 Muscle Car 6:00 Horsepower TV 6:30 Movie: “Dante’s Peak” (PG v,l,s) (’94) 8:50 Movie: “Jaws: The Revenge” (M v) (’87) 10:50 Movie: “John Carpenter’s Ghost Of Mars” (MA15+ v,l) 1:00 Marine Machines: Rescue (PG) 2:00 Monster Nation (PG) 3:00 Search & Restore

6:00 Children’s Programs 10:30 Batman: The Brave And The Bold (PG v) 11:00 Flea Bitten 11:30 Pyramid 12:00 Kitchen Whiz 12:30 Power Rangers (PG v) 1:00 Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal (PG) 1:30 TV Shop 2:00 Fishing Australia 2:30 Top Gear USA 3:30 Itunes Specials (PG) 4:30 Movie: “The Clique” (PG l,a) (’10) 6:30 Movie: “Planet 51” (PG v) (’09) 8:30 Movie: “The Matrix Reloaded” (M v,s) (’03) Stars: Keanu Reeves 11:00 The Originals: Crescent City 12:00 Movie: “The Reaping” (M a,l) (’07) 2:00 Movie: “Alien Raiders” (M a,l) (’10) 4:30 Itunes Specials 4:40 Winx Club (PG)


6:00 Movie: “Crooks In Cloisters” (G) (’63) 8:00 TV Shop 9:30 Movie: “Night Boat To Dublin” (PG v) (’46) 11:30 Postcards 12:00 House Husbands (PG) 2:00 Movie: “The Brigand Of Kandahar” (PG v) (’65) 3:40 Movie: “Mrs Miniver” (G) (’42) Stars: Greer Garson 6:30 Secret Dealers (PG) 7:30 Antiques Roadshow 8:30 CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (M v) 9:30 CSI: NY (M v) 11:30 Prime Suspect (M v) 12:20 Movie: “The Brigand Of Kandahar” (PG v) (’65) 1:55 Movie: “The Brigand Of Kandahar” (PG v) (’65) 4:30 Antiques Roadshow

10:00 7th Heaven (PG) 11:00 Everybody Loves Raymond (PG) 11:30 Frasier 12:00 Charmed (PG sn) 1:00 Star Trek (PG) 2:00 Judging Amy (M a) 3:00 Infomercials 3:30 Cheers (PG) 4:00 The King Of Queens (PG) 4:30 Laverne & Shirley (PG) 5:00 Happy Days (PG) 5:30 Beverly Hills 90210 (PG l) 6:30 Neighbours 7:00 Everybody Loves Raymond (PG) 7:30 American Idol 8:30 Movie: “Big” (M) (’88) 10:50 Sex And The City (MA15+ s,l) 12:00 The Late Show (PG) 1:00 ET 1:30 Everybody Loves Raymond (PG) 2:00 7th Heaven (PG) 3:00 Charmed (PG)


6:00 ABC News Breakfast [s] 10:00 Seeking Refuge 11:00 Big Ideas (PG) [s] 12:00 Midday Report [s] 12:30 Talking Heads [s] 1:00 The Song of Lunch (M l,s) [s] 2:00 At The Movies [s] 2:30 As Time Goes By [s] 3:00 East Of Everything (PG) 4:00 New Tricks (PG) 5:00 Eggheads [s] 5:30 ABC News [s] 6:00 Grand Designs [s] 6:45 What’s Your Story? Our Journey [s] 7:00 ABC News 7:30 7.30 [s] 8:00 QI: G-Animals (PG) [s] 8:30 The Doctor Blake Mysteries: A Foreign Field (PG) [s] 9:30 The Guilty (M l,v) [s] 10:20 Lateline [s] 10:55 Shaun Micallef’s Mad As Hell (PG) [s] 11:25 Hustle (PG) 12:25 rage (MA15+a,l,d,h,n,s,v) 5:00 rage (PG) 6:00 Children’s Programs (All day) 5:05 BaABC2 nanas In Pyjamas 5:20 Charlie & Lola 5:45 The Hive 6:00 Cloudbabies 6:15 Mofy 6:30 In The Night Garden 7:00 Spicks & Specks (PG) 7:30 Seconds From Disaster: Alpine Collision (PG) 8:20 Friday Night Dinner (PG) 8:45 I’m Having Their Baby (PG) 9:30 My Car Is My Lover (M a,s) 10:15 Arrested Development: Motherboy XXX (PG) 10:40 This Is Littleton (M a,l,s) 11:10 Adam Hills: The Last Leg 11:35 Crownies (M l) 12:30 Spaced (M l) 1:00 Seconds From Disaster 1:50 Green Wing (M a,l,s) 2:45 ABC News Update 6:00 Children’sPrograms 10:05 Parallax 10:30 Steam Punks! 10:55 History Hunters 11:20 WAC 11:45 A World Of Wonders 12:15 Backyard Science 12:40 CJ The DJ 1:00 Dex Hamilton 1:30 SheZow 1:55 League Of Super Evil 2:25 Oh No! It’s An Alien Invasion 2:55 Blue Water High 3:30 Dead Gorgeous 3:35 New Adventures Of Peter Pan 4:20 Shaun The Sheep 4:45 YooHoo & Friends 5:10 Grojband 5:35 M I High 6:05 Life With Boys 6:30 Operation Ouch! 7:00 Horrible Histories 7:30 Star Wars: The Clone Wars 8:25 Good Game SP 8:50 The Adventures Of Figaro Pho



5:00 Worldwatch 1:00 Food Lovers’ Guide To Australia [s] 1:30 Inspector Rex (PG) 2:30 NITV News In Review 3:00 France 24 International News [s] 3:30 Al Jazeera News [s] 4:00 The Journal [s] 4:30 PBS Newshour [s] 5:30 Global Village: Nomads’ Land [s] 6:00 The Lakes With Rory McGrath [s] 6:30 World News Australia [s] 7:30 Coast: The Hidden History of Harbours [s] 8:35 The Real White Queen And Her Rivals (PG) 9:35 As It Happened: The Great Escape: Secrets Revealed (PG) 10:30 World News Australia [s] 11:00 The Feed: Best Stories Of The Week 11:30 Drama Movie: “Desire” (M a,s,d,l) (’10) (In Spanish) 1:30 Inspector Montalbano: The Age Of Doubt (M a,s,l) (In Italian) Worldwatch News (All day) 4:00 SBS 2 5:00 Massive Moves: Ocean Odyssey 4:25 Beyond Survival - The Zulus Of South Africa 5:15 Iron Chef 6:05 UEFA Europa League Highlights 7:00 ALeague Live - Round 20: Central Coast Mariners v Wellington Phoenix 10:05 Bi-Curious Me (M n,s,l) – Explores the ramifications of usually straight-laced ladies seeking sexual fulfilment with other women 11:00 Orphan Black: Parts Developed in an Unusual Manner (M s,v,a) 11:50 South Park (M s) 12:20 Facejacker (M l,s) 12:50 SBS PopAsia (PG) 2:55 Weatherwatch Overnight

ABC 24

6:00 ABC News Breakfast 9:30 ABC News Mornings 12:30 Newsline 1:00 Capital Hill 1:30 ABC News 2:30 State To State 3:00 Afternoon Live 5:30 ABC News 6:00 The Drum 6:45 ABC Open 7:00 ABC News 7:32 The World This Week 8:00 News Exchange 8:32 One Plus One 9:00 The World 10:02 The Drum 11:00 ABC News 11:30 Big Ideas 12:00 ABC News 12:20 Lateline 1:00 BBC Impact 1:30 7:30 2:00 Al Jazeera Newshour 3:00 BBC World News 3:30 7:30 4:00 BBC World News 4:30 BBC Focus On Africa 5:00 Al Jazeera

rage (G) 10:30 rage (PG) 11:30 Australian ABC 6:00 Story [s] 12:00 Secrets Of The Superbrands [s] SBS

12:50 Movie: “The Red Shoes” (G) (’48) Stars: Moira Shearer 3:00 Basketball: WNBL: Semi Final 1 5:05 Nature’s Miracle Babies: Bilby, Ibis, Ferret, Fruit Bat [s] 6:00 Devil Island: Meet The Neighbours From Hell [s] 6:30 Hello Birdy: Songbirds (PG) 7:00 ABC News [s] 7:30 Doc Martin [s] 8:20 Agatha Christie’s Poirot: Dead Man’s Folly (PG) [s] 9:50 Silent Witness: Bloodlines: Part 2 (M a,v) [s] 10:50 Adam Hills: The Last Leg [s] 11:20 rage: Guest Programmer (MA15+a,l,d,h,n,a,v) 5:00 rage (PG)

5:00 Worldwatch 1:00 Sutra (Arts) 2:15 New York: 20,000 Trees Under The Skyline [s] 2:50 The Man Who Shot Beautiful Women (PG n,a) 3:55 Season At The Juilliard School New York: Artist In The City 4:30 PBS Newshour [s] 5:30 A History of Ancient Britain: Age of Cosmology [s] 6:30 World News Australia [s] 7:30 The Return Of The Tiger (PG) [s] 8:30 Living With The Amish (PG) [s] 9:30 Drama Movie: “An Education” (M a) (’09) (From the UK) 11:20 Biography Movie: “General Nil” (MA15+v) – The truth about the fierce leader is finally revealed. (In Polish) 1:30 Drama Movie: “Fugitive Pieces” (MA15+s) (07) (From Canada) 3:25 Weatherwatch Overnight

6:00 Olympic Winter Games - Sochi Live: Sochi Overnight - Day 8 6:30 Olympic Winter Games - Sochi Encore – Join us we relive all the best action 9:00 Olympic Winter Games - Sochi Encore 12:00 Olympic Winter Games - Sochi Encore 5:55 Olympic Winter Games - Sochi Live: Sochi Early Evening - Day 9 6:30 Olympic Winter Games - Sochi Live 7:30 Olympic Winter Games - Sochi Live 8:10 Olympic Winter Games - Sochi Live 9:30 Olympic Winter Games - Sochi Live 10:30 Olympic Winter Games - Sochi Live 1:00 Olympic Winter Games Sochi Overnight



8:00 Totally Wild 8:30 Me & My Monsters 9:05 The Loop (PG v,l,d,s) 11:35 Infomercials 12:00 Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (PG) 2:00 To Be Announced 5:00 Happy Days (PG) 5:30 Sabrina The Teenage Witch (PG) 6:00 Becker (PG) 6:30 Everybody Loves Raymond 7:30 To Be Announced 9:30 Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (PG) 11:30 The Loop (PG v,l,d,s) – Scott Tweedie and Ash London bring the latest music videos 2:00 Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (PG) 2:30 Charmed 3:30 Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (PG) 5:30 Home Shopping 5:30 Religious Program


ABC 24

6:00 Olympic Winter Games - Sochi: Overnight 6:30 Supreme Cat [s] 7:30 Escape With ET 8:30 Studio 10: Saturday (PG) [s] 10:00 Studio 10: Saturday Extra (PG) [s] 11:00 Tour The World [s] 11:30 Everyday Gourmet [s] 12:00 The Living Room (PG) [s] 1:00 It’s A Lifestyle TV [s] 1:30 A Taste Of Travel [s] 2:00 Basketball: NBL Championship 2013/14 4:00 It’s A Lifestyle TV [s] 4:30 Everyday Gourmet 5:00 TEN Eyewitness News [s] 6:00 The Simpsons (PG) 6:30 Attenborough’s Nature’s Great Event [s] 7:30 Bondi Vet [s] 8:30 Olympic Winter Games - Sochi 9:30 Olympic Winter Games - Sochi 10:30 Olympic Winter Games - Sochi 1:00 Olympic Winter Games - Sochi: Overnight



6:00 Children’s Programs 4:30 Babar And The Adventures Of Badou 5:05 Bananas In Pyjamas 5:20 Charlie & Lola 5:35 Ben & Holly’s Little Kingdom 5:45 The Hive 6:00 Cloudbabies: Rainbow In A Knot 6:15 Mofy 6:30 In The Night Garden 7:00 Spicks & Specks 7:30 Highway Thru Hell (PG) 8:15 Good Game Pocket Edition 8:30 Don’t Blame Facebook 9:15 Funny As (M s) 10:00 The Hollowmen: Edifice Complex (PG) 10:30 Arrested Development (M s) 12:20 Wild Rides (PG) 12:45 The True Story: Star Trek (PG) 1:35 Stop << Rewind 2:00 ABC News Update 6:00 Children’s Programs 9:45 Fleabag Monkeyface 10:10 Rated A For Awesome 10:20 Kobushi 10:30 Oh No! It’s An Alien Invasion 10:55 Rocket Power 11:20 The Super Hero Squad Show 11:45 Star Wars: The Clone Wars 1:40 Erky Perky 2:20 Tracey McBean 2:35 a gURLs wURLd 3:00 The Sleepover Club 3:30 Stoked 4:00 The High Fructose Adventures 4:15 Kid Vs Kat 4:35 Steam Punks! 5:00 Total Drama All Stars 5:25 Horrible Histories 5:55 You’re Skitting Me 6:20 MI High 6:50 Stoked 7:40 Deltora Quest 8:30 Astro Boy 8:50 The Adventures Of Figaro Pho

5:00 Worldwatch News (All day) 1:00 ALeague: Brisbane Roar V Central Coast Mariners 3:00 World B-Boy Championships 3:25 Football Freestyler 3:50 Rhod Gilbert’s Work Experience: Drag Artist (PG) 4:25 The Art Of Survival 5:20 Departures (PG l) 6:15 The Feed 6:45 The Witch Doctor Will See You Now (PG a) 7:40 Bare-Faced Cheek (PG) 8:40 RuPaul’s Drag Race (M l) 9:30 Vikings (MA15+v) 10:20 Shameless (MA15+s,l,d) 11:15 Benidorm Bastards (PG) 11:40 Shorts On Screen (PG) 12:15 Movie: “Just Sex and Nothing Else” (M a,l,n,s) (In Hungarian) 8:00 Weekend Breakfast 11:30 State To State 12:00 ABC News 12:45 The Arts Quarter 1:02 National Press Club Address 2:00 ABC News 2:30 Big Ideas 3:00 ABC News 3:32 Landline 4:00 ABC News 4:30 Australian Story 5:00 ABC News 5:32 One Plus One 6:00 ABC News 6:32 Foreign Correspondent 7:00 ABC News 7:32 State To State 8:02 Four Corners 8:45 The Indigenous Quarter 9:00 ABC News 9:32 Landline 10:00 ABC News 10:32 The World This Week 11:02 Q&A 12:02 Big Ideas (PG) 1:00 BBC World News 1:30 7:30 2:00 Al Jazeera Newshour 3:00 BBC World News


Wednesday, February 19, 2014



6:00 Home Shopping 7:00 Weekend Sunrise [s] 10:00 The Morning Show - Weekend (PG 11:00 Dr Oz: The Lazy Girl’s Guide To Getting Healthy (PG 12:00 Program To Be Advised 4:30 Better Homes And Gardens [s] – Join Joh for a visit to the family home of supermodel twins Zac and Jordan Stenmark. 5:30 Coxy’s Big Break [s] – Take a break around Australia and beyond with Coxy as he discovers the best food, entertainment and travel destinations. 6:00 Seven News [s] 6:30 Program To Be Advised 12:05 Hannibal (MA15+v) – Will and Jack hunt a killer who is burying his victims alive as fertilizer for his intricate garden of fungus 1:00 Home Shopping 8:30 Home Shopping 9:30 Coastal Kitchen 7TWO 10:00 The People’s Cookbook 11:00 Heaven’s Kitchen At Large 12:00 James Martin Digs Deep 12:30 New Zealand On A Plate 1:00 James Martin’s Brittany 1:30 Take on the Takeaway 2:00 Movie: “Hannibal Brooks” (PG v) (’69) Stars: Oliver Reed 4:10 Home & Away Catch-Up 6:30 Seconds From Disaster: Mount St Helens (PG) 7:30 The Border Patrol (PG) 8:00 Wild Vets 8:30 Escape To The Country 10:30 Homes Under The Hammer 11:45 World’s Toughest Fixes (PG) 1:00 The People’s Cookbook 2:00 Heaven’s Kitchen



5:30 Olympic Winter Games - Sochi: Overnight 6:00 Religious Program 7:30 Good Chef Bad Chef [s] 8:30 Studio 10: Sunday 10:00 Studio 10: Sunday Extra (PG) 11:00 What’s Up Downunder [s] 11:30 Everyday Gourmet 12:00 The Doctors (PG a) 1:00 Australian Athletics Tour 2014: Perth Track Classic 2:00 Basketball: NBL Championship 2013/14 4:00 Plonk [s] 5:00 TEN Eyewitness News [s] 6:00 Have You Been Paying Attention? (PG) [s] 6:30 So You Think You Can Dance Australia (PG) 8:30 Elementary: Tremors (M v) [s] 9:30 The Graham Norton Show 10:30 Olympic Winter Games - Sochi: Late 1:30 Olympic Winter Games - Sochi: Closing Ceremony live. 3:00 Olympic Winter Games - Sochi Closing Ceremony *Live 6:00 Olympic Winter Games - Sochi Live: Sochi ONE Overnight - Day 8 9:00 Olympic Winter Games - Sochi Encore – Join us we relive all the best action 12:00 Olympic Winter Games - Sochi Encore 5:55 Olympic Winter Games - Sochi Live: Sochi Early Evening - Day 9 6:30 Olympic Winter Games - Sochi Live 7:30 Olympic Winter Games - Sochi Live 8:30 Olympic Winter Games - Sochi Live 9:30 Olympic Winter Games - Sochi Live 10:30 Olympic Winter Games - Sochi Live 3:00 Olympic Winter Games Closing Ceremony 5:30 Omnisport





5:30 Today *Live* [s] 9:00 Mornings - SumWIN mer (PG) 11:00 National Morning News [s] TEN


6:00 Children’s Programs 7:00 Weekend Today 10:00 Financial Review Sunday *Live 10:30 Sarah Shark: Great White: The Infamous Shark 11:00 The Block: Fans V Faves (PG) 12:00 Hurley Australian Open Of Surfing 1:00 Kellogg’s Nutri-Grain IronMan Series: Round 6 4:00 The Block: Fans V Faves: The Pressure Builds (PG) 5:00 News: First At Five 5:30 RBT (PG) 6:00 National News - Sunday [s] 6:30 The Block: Fans V Faves (PG) 7:40 60 Minutes [s] 8:40 Fat Tony & Co: The Tony Special / The Mexican Job (M v,l,d,s,n) 10:40 Love Child (M a) 11:40 CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (M v) 12:40 Financial Review Sunday 1:00 What Would You Do? (M) 2:00 Skippy - The Bush Kangaroo 2:30 20/20 [s] 3:30 Danoz 6:00 Children’s Programs 11:30 Max Steel (PG GO! v) 12:30 Power Rangers Megaforce (PG) 1:00 Yu-gi-oh! Zexal 1:30 Tv Shop 2:00 Top Gear USA (PG) 3:00 Itunes Specials (PG) 3:30 The Bachelorette (PG) 5:30 Movie: “Dumb And Bumber” (PG v,s) (’94) Stars: Jim Carrey 8:00 The Middle (PG) 8:30 The Big Bang Theory (PG) 9:30 Movie: “Red Riding Hood” (M v,sn) (’10) Stars: Gary Oldman 11:30 Movie: “Rocknrolla” (MA15+ v,l,s) (’08) Stars: Gerard Butler 1:50 Movie: “Guess Who” (M s) (’05) Stars: Bernie Mac 4:00 Itunes Specials (PG) 4:50 Winx Club (M v)

9:30 Ultimate Spider-Man 10:00 Hercules (PG) 11:00 Xena - Warrior (PG v) 12:00 Seinfeld (PG) 2:30 Triathlon Geelong 3:30 Engineering Connections 4:30 Kings Of Construction 5:30 Extreme Engineering 6:30 Movie: “Kung Fu Panda” (PG v) (’08) Stars: Jack Black 8:00 Movie: “American Pie: The Wedding” (M s,l,n) (’03) Stars: Jason Biggs 10:35 Movie: “American Pie Presents: Beta House” (MA15+ s,n,l) (’07) 12:30 Boom (PG) 1:00 Engineering Connections (PG) 2:00 Extreme Engineering 3:00 Kings of Construction 4:00 Extreme Jobs (PG)


5:30 Seven Early News [s] 6:00 Sunrise [s] 9:00 The Morning Show (PG) 11:30 Seven Morning News [s] 12:00 The Midday Movie: “The Good Policeman” (M v) (’94) Stars: Andie Macdowel 2:00 The Daily Edition (PG) 3:00 The Chase (PG) 4:00 Seven News at 4 [s] 5:00 Deal Or No Deal [s] 5:30 Million Dollar Minute [s] 6:00 Seven News [s] 7:00 Home and Away (PG) 7:30 Program To Be Advised 8:45 Revenge: Control / Dissolution (M) [s] 10:45 How I Met Your Mother: Tick, Tick, Tick... / The Rebound Girl (PG) [s] 11:45 Parks And Recreation: How A Bill Becomes A Law (PG) [s] 12:15 Celebrity Juice: Emma Bunton And Myleene Klass (MA15+s) 1:00 Home Shopping

6:00 TV Shop 6:40 Movie: “Three Hats For Lisa” (G) (’65) Stars: Sid James 8:30 TV Shop 10:00 Movie: “Miss Robin Hood” (G) (’52) Stars: Margaret Rutherford 11:20 Getaway 11:50 House Husbands (PG) 1:50 Movie: “Return Of The Frontiersman” (PG v) (’50) Stars: Rory Calhoun 3:20 Movie: “Where Eagles Dare” (PG v) (’68) Stars: Clint Eastwood 6:30 Movie: “The Illusionist” (PG v,s,a) (’06) Stars: Edward Norton 9:00 Movie: “The Bodyguard” (M l,v) (’92) Stars: Kevin Costner 11:30 Longmire (M v) 12:30 Getaway 1:00 Seaway (PG) 2:00 TV Shop

12:00 The Ellen DeGeneres Show (PG) 1:00 Canal Road (M l) 2:00 Extra [s] 2:30 Alive & Cooking [s] 3:00 National News Now [s] 4:15 Afternoon News 5:30 Hot Seat 6:00 National News [s] 7:00 WIN News [s] 7:30 The Block: Fans V Faves: Bathroom Week Begins (PG) 8:40 Love Child (M a) 9:40 Movie: “Horrible Bosses” (MA15+ s,l) (’11) 11:40 Partners: The Archies (PG) 12:00 WIN’s All Australian News [s] 1:00 A Current Affair [s] 1:30 Oh Sit! (PG) 2:30 Extra [s] 3:00 Danoz 3:30 Good Morning America [s]

Shortland St (PG) 10:00 Coronation St GO! 7TWO 9:30 (PG) 10:30 Last Chance Surgery (PG) 11:00 Route 66 (PG) 12:00 Naked City (PG) 1:00 Homicide: Life On The Street (M) 2:00 Blue Heelers: Chasing Smoke (M) 3:00 Royal Upstairs Downstairs 4:00 The Jewel In The Crown (PG a,v) 5:00 Shortland Street 5:30 Coronation St 6:00 Bargain Hunt 7:00 Seven News 7:30 Mighty Planes 8:30 Mrs Brown’s Boys (M l,s) 9:10 Vicious (PG) 9:40 Mrs Brown’s Boys (M l) 10:20 Citizen Khan (PG) 11:45 Between The Lines (M) 1:00 Homicide: Life On The Street (M) 2:00 Naked City (PG)

6:00 Children’s Programs 11:00 Power Rangers 11:30 Yu-gi-oh! Zexal 12:00 Extra (PG) 12:30 TMZ 2:00 Two And A Half Men (PG) 2:30 The Middle (PG) 3:00 Extra 3:30 Max Steel (PG) 4:05 Batman (PG) 4:30 Young Justice (PG) 5:00 Adventure Time (PG) 5:30 The Block: Fans V Faves (PG v) 6:30 Two And A Half Men (PG) 7:00 The Big Bang Theory (PG) 7:30 Auction Hunters 8:00 Toy Hunters 8:30 Top Gear (PG) 9:30 Movie: “Payback” (MA15+ v,l,s) (’99) 11:30 Two And A Half Men (M s,l) 12:00 Auction Hunters 12:30 Toy Hunter 1:00 Top Gear 2:00 TMZ 3:30 Extra

9:00 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 10:00 7th Heaven 11:00 Get Ace 11:30 Frasier (PG) 12:00 Charmed (PG) 1:00 Star Trek (PG) 2:00 Everybody Loves Raymond 2:30 Neighbours 5:00 Sabrina (PG) 5:30 Beverly Hills 90210 (PG) 6:30 The Everybody Loves Raymond (PG) 7:00 The Simpsons (PG) 8:00 Futurama (PG) 8:30 Movie: “A Very Brady Sequel” (PG s,d) (’96) 10:25 Wilfred (MA15+ d) 10:55 Everybody Loves Raymond (PG) 11:25 Sabrina (PG) 11:55 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle 12:55 Beverly Hills 90210 (PG) 2:00 7th Heaven (PG) 3:00 Charmed (PG)


Shortland Street (PG) 10:00 Coronation GO! 7TWO 9:30 St 10:30 Last Chance Surgery (PG) 11:00 Route 66 (PG) 12:00 Naked City (PG) 1:00 Homicide: Life On The Street (M) 2:00 Blue Heelers (M v) 3:00 Royal Upstairs Downstairs 4:00 The Jewel In The Crown (PG v,a,s) 5:00 Shortland Street 5:30 Coronation Street (PG) 6:00 Bargain Hunt 7:00 Seven News 7:30 When Weather Changed History (PG) 8:30 Air Crash Investigations (PG) 10:40 I Shouldn’t Be Alive (M) 11:40 Salvage Code Red (M) 12:45 Homicide: Life On The Street (M) 1:45 Naked City (PG) 3:00 Route 66 (PG)


8:00 Pair Of Kings 8:30 Fish Hooks 9:00 NBC Today 11:00 Motor Mate 1:00 Dream Car Garage 1:30 Swamp Men 2:30 Xena Warrior Princess 3:30 Hercules 4:30 Just Shoot Me! 5:00 Seinfeld (PG) 6:30 Pimp My Ride (PG) 7:00 How I Met Your Mother (PG) 7:30 World’s Craziest Fools (PG) – Mr T takes a look at some of the craziest clips from around the world. 9:00 American Dad (PG) 9:30 Family Guy (M) 11:00 American Dad (M) 12:00 Stupid Suspects (PG) 12:30 Boom (PG) 1:00 Strike Back (MA15+ v,s,l) 2:00 Motor Mate 4:00 Dream Car Garage (PG)


keyboard keyboard

6:00 Children’s Programs 10:30 Adventure Time 11:00 Power Rangers Megaforce (PG) 11:30 Yugi-oh! Zexal 12:00 Extra 12:30 TMZ 2:00 Toy Hunter 2:30 Auction Hunters 3:00 Extra 3:30 Max Steel (PG) 4:05 Batman (PG) 4:30 Young Justice (PG) 5:00 Adventure Time (PG) 5:30 The Block: Fans V Faves (PG v) 6:30 Two And A Half Men (PG) 7:00 The Big Bang Theory (PG) 7:30 World’s Greatest Daredevils (PG) 8:30 The Bachelorette 10:30 Sun, Sex And Suspicious Parents (M) 11:30 Two And A Half Men (M s) 12:00 The Bachelorette (PG) 2:00 TMZ 3:30 Extra 4:00 Power Rangers Megaforce


7:00 TV Shop 8:00 The Baron (PG) 9:00 TV Shop 10:30 Surfing The Menu (PG) 11:00 Friends (PG) 12:00 WIN News 1:00 Movie: “Cage Of Gold” (PG) (’50) Stars: Jean Simmons 2:45 Music Special 3:00 Surfing The Menu (PG) 3:30 RBT (PG) 4:00 Rapid Response (PG) 4:30 The Ellen Degeneres Show (PG) 5:30 The People’s Court (PG) 6:30 Friends (PG) 7:30 Current Affair 8:00 RBT (PG) 8:30 The Amazing 80’s (M) 9:30 Movie: “The Devil’s Advocate” (MA15+s,v,l) (’97) Stars: Al Pacino 12:30 Friends 1:00 Dangerman (PG) 2:00 TV Shop


singing singing

6:00 ABC News Breakfast [s] 10:00 Backyard ABC Science 11:00 Big Ideas [s] 12:00 Midday Re- SBS



11:00 Everybody Loves Raymond (PG) 11:30 Frasier 12:00 Charmed (PG sn) 1:00 Star Trek (PG) 2:00 Saving Grace (M v,d) 3:00 Becker (PG) 3:30 Cheers (PG) 4:00 The King Of Queens (PG) 4:30 Laverne & Shirley (PG) 5:00 Happy Days (PG) 5:30 Beverly Hills 90210 (PG l) 6:30 Neighbours 7:00 Everybody Loves Raymond 7:30 The Simpsons 8:00 Raising Hope (PG) 8:30 Supernatural (M v,sn) 9:30 Death Valley (MA15+ l,v,h) 10:30 The 4400: Pilot Part 1 (M) 11:30 The Late Show (PG) 12:30 ET 1:00 Everybody Loves Raymond 1:30 Happy Days (PG) 2:00 7th Heaven


ABC 24

5:30 Today 9:00 Mornings - Summer (PG) TEN WIN 11:00 National Morning News [s] 12:00 The

Ellen DeGeneres Show (PG) 1:00 Canal Road (M l,v,s,d) 2:00 Extra [s] 2:30 Alive & Cooking [s] 3:00 National News Now [s] 4:15 Afternoon News 5:30 Hot Seat 6:00 National News [s] 7:00 WIN News [s] 7:30 The Block: Fans V Faves: The Pool Area (PG) 8:40 The Big Bang Theory (PG) 9:40 2 Broke Girls (M s) 10:40 Two And A Half Men (M s) 11:40 Weeds: Synthetics (M l,s,d) 12:00 WIN’s All Australian News [s] 1:00 A Current Affair [s] 1:30 Extra [s] 2:00 Seaway (PG) 3:00 Danoz 3:30 Good Morning America [s] 5:00 Early Morning News

8:00 Weekend Breakfast 9:02 Insiders 10:00 Weekend Breakfast 11:30 State To State 12:00 ABC News 12:45 The Technology Quarter 1:02 Big Ideas 2:00 ABC News 2:30 Offsiders 3:00 ABC News 3:32 The World This Week 4:00 ABC News 4:30 State To State 5:00 ABC News 5:32 At The Movies 6:00 ABC News 6:32 Australian Story 7:00 ABC News 7:32 Asia Pacific Focus 8:02 Insiders 9:00 ABC News 9:32 One Plus One 10:00 News 10:32 Foreign Correspondent 11:02 Landline 12:02 The World This Week 12:30 Big Ideas 1:00 BBC World News

6:00 Basketball: NBL Championship 2013/14 8 10:00 2014 Australian Athletics Tour: Perth Track Classic 11:00 Omnisport 11:30 MasterChef Australia 2:00 Psych (PG v) 3:00 Whose Line Is It Anyway? – An improvisational comedy game show (PG) 4:00 Alby Mangels Adventure Bound (PG a) 5:00 Big Angry Fish 5:30 I Fish 6:00 Olympic Winter Games - Sochi Encore 8:30 Olympic Winter Games - Closing Ceremony 12:00 Omnisport 12:30 Cricket: Women’s T20 Final: ACT Meteors v QLD Fire 3:30 NFL: America’s Game 5:30 Omnisport



5:30 Seven Early News [s] 6:00 Sunrise [s] 9:00 The Morning Show (PG) 11:30 Seven Morning News [s] 12:00 The Midday Movie: “Rapid Fire” (M l,v) (’05) Stars: Lauro Chartrand 2:00 The Daily Edition (PG) 3:00 The Chase (PG 4:00 Seven News at 4 [s] 5:00 Deal Or No Deal [s] 5:30 Million Dollar Minute [s] 6:00 Seven News [s] 7:00 Home and Away (PG) 7:30 Program To Be Advised 8:45 Winners & Losers: Selective Reality (PG s) 9:45 Parenthood: Let’s Be Mad Together / The M Word (PG s) – Max’s photography knows no bounds while Joel struggles for boundaries with Peet. 11:45 Program To Be Advised 1:00 Home Shopping

ABC 24

port [s] 12:30 Talking Heads [s] 1:00 Landline [s] 2:00 Parliament Question Time: The House Of Representatives [s] 3:00 Rain Shadow (PG) [s] 4:00 New Tricks (PG) 5:00 Eggheads [s] 5:30 ABC News: Early Edition 6:05 Grand Designs [s] 7:00 ABC News [s] 7:30 7.30 [s] 8:00 Australian Story [s] 8:30 Four Corners [s] 9:15 Media Watch [s] 9:35 Q&A [s] 10:35 Lateline [s] 11:10 The Business [s] 11:35 Dalziel And Pascoe: Dead Meat (M v) [s] 1:15 Movie: “Song Of Freedom” (PG) (’36) Stars: Paul Robeson 2:30 Movie: “The Birth Of A Nation” (PG) (’15) Stars: Elmer Clifton


9:00 TV Shop 10:30 Surfing The Menu (PG) 11:00 Friends (PG) 12:00 WIN News 1:00 Movie: “Seven Days To Noon” (PG) (’50) Stars: Barry Jones 3:00 Surfing The Menu (PG) 3:30 Zoo Juniors 4:30 The Ellen Degeneres Show (PG) 5:30 The People’s Court (PG) 6:30 Friends (PG) 7:30 A Current Affair (PG) 8:00 Rapid Response (PG) 8:30 What’s Your Emergency? (M) 9:30 Embarrassing Bodies (M mp,n) 10:30 Britain’s Fattest Man (M mp, n, l) 11:30 The Big C (M l) 12:00 Friends (PG) 12:30 Adventures In Rainbow Country 1:00 Dangerman (PG) 2:00 TV Shop

6:00 Children’s Programs 8:25 League Of Super Evil 8:45 Prank Patrol 9:15 The Crust 9:40 Life With Boys 10:05 Naturally Sadie 10:30 The Wannabes 10:50 Girls In Love 11:15 MAL.COM 11:25 Dance Academy 1:30 Big Babies 1:45 I Got A Rocket 2:00 Sally Bollywood 2:15 Don’t Blame The Koalas 2:40 Blue Water High 3:10 Mortified 3:35 WAC: World Animal Championships 4:05 The Little Prince 4:55 Splatalot 5:20 Officially Amazing 5:50 Deadly 60 6:20 Spectacular Spider-Man (PG) 6:45 Iron Man 7:05 The Avengers 7:45 Jeopardy 8:50 The Adventures Of Figaro Pho



5:00 Worldwatch 1:00 Al Jazeera News [s] 1:30 Cycling Central 2:00 Speedweek [s] 4:00 Football Asia [s] 4:30 UEFA Champions League Magazine [s] 5:00 ADbc [s] 5:30 Who Do You Think You Are? Bill Oddie (PG) 6:30 World News Australia [s] 7:30 Lost Worlds: Archaeology: A Secret History: The Power of the Past [s] 8:30 Plane Crash (PG) [s] 9:55 Everything And Nothing: Nothing [s] – In the second part of this intriguing documentary, Professor Jim Al-Khalili explores science at the very limits of human perception 11:05 Drama Movie: “Jacquou Le Croquant” (M v) (’07) (In French) 1:40 Drama Movie: “The Road to Guantanamo” (MA15+l,a) (’06) (In Urdu) 3:25 Weatherwatch Overnight Worldwatch News 12:05 Into the SBS 2 5:20 Universe with Stephen Hawking 1:00 Brave New World with Stephen Hawking 2:05 Foodie Planet: Destination Cameroon 3:05 No Kitchen Required (PG a) 4:00 SBS PopAsia (PG) 6:00 G* Wars (PG) 6:55 Iron Chef 7:40 If You Are The One 8:35 Russell Howard’s Good News (M s,l) 9:45 South Park: The Coon (M s,l) 10:00 Bunk (PG l) – A game show spoof 10:40 Drama Movie: “Kinyarwanda” (M v) (’11) (In Kinyarwanda and English) 12:30 The Phone: Netherlands (M l) 2:10 Weatherwatch Overnight

5:00 Worldwatch 1:00 Titanic: The Mission (PG) [s] 1:55 The Last Explorers (PG) [s] 3:00 France 24 News 3:30 Al Jazeera News [s] 4:00 The Journal [s] 4:30 FIFA Futbol Mundial [s] 5:00 One Man & His Campervan [s] 5:30 Global Village [s] 6:00 The Lakes with Rory McGrath [s] 6:30 World News Australia [s] 7:35 Strip The City: New Orleans Hurricane City [s] 8:35 Stephen Hawking’s Future Universe (PG) 9:30 Housos: Thailand (MA15+a,d,s,l)10:00 Benidorm Bastards (PG) 10:25 World News Australia [s] 11:00 The World Game 11:30 Clown: Size 44 (MA15+s) 12:00 Shorts on Screen 12:35 Derren Brown Investigates (M l) [s] 1:30 William Shatner’s Weird Or What?

5:30 TEN Eyewitness News Early [s] 6:30 Wake Up [s] 8:30 Studio 10 (PG) [s] 10:30 Studio 10 You (PG) [s] 11:00 TEN Eyewitness News Morning [s] 12:00 Dr Phil (PG l,a) 1:00 The Doctors (PG) 2:00 Program To Be Advised 4:00 Good Chef, Bad Chef [s] 4:30 The Bold & The Beautiful [s 5:00 TEN Eyewitness News [s] 6:00 Program To Be Advised 6:30 The Project [s] 7:30 Program To Be Advised 9:30 Blue Bloods: The Bitter End (M v) 10:30 TEN Eyewitness News Late [s] 11:00 The Project Encore [s] 12:00 The Late Show (PG) 1:00 Infomercial (PG) 2:00 Home Shopping (PG) 3:30 Religious Programs (PG)


8:00 Pair Of Kings 8:30 Fish Hooks 9:00 Ultimate Spider-Man 10:00 Big Australia: Camp Drafting 11:00 Motor Mate 1:00 Dream Car Garage 1:30 Swamp Men (PG) 2:30 Xena - Warrior Princess (PG) 3:30 Hercules (PG) 4:30 Just Shoot Me! 5:00 Seinfeld (PG) 6:30 Pimp My Ride (PG) 7:00 How I Met Your Mother (PG s,a) 7:30 Mythbusters Specials: Ultimate Mythbuster (PG) 8:30 Pawn Stars (PG) 9:30 American Restoration 10:30 American Pickers (PG) 11:30 Sportsfan Clubhouse 12:30 Boom (PG) 1:00 Extreme Jobs 2:00 Motor Mate 4:00 Dream Car Garage (PG)


6:00 rage 7:30 Asia Pacific Focus [s] 8:00 Weekend Breakfast [s] 9:00 Insiders [s] 10:00 Offsiders [s] 10:30 Doc Martin (PG) [s] 11:30 Songs Of Praise: St David’s Day [s] 12:00 Landline [s] 1:00 Basketball: WNBL: Semi Final 2 [s] 3:00 Football: W-League: Grand Final 5:30 Inside Incredible Athletes (PG) 6:30 Australia’s Remote Islands: Norfolk Island 7:00 ABC News [s] 7:30 Flying Monsters With David Attenborough 8:40 Rake (M a) [s] 9:40 Tim Winton’s The Turning (M a,l,s) [s] 11:10 When Bjork Met Attenborough [s] 12:00 Place [s] – A dance piece created for Mikhail Baryshnikov and Anna Laguna. 12:30 Agatha Christie’s Why Didn’t They Ask Evans? (PG) 3:35 Dalziel & Pascoe (M s,h,v) 6:00 Children’s Programs 4:00 Mister Maker ABC2 4:25 Penelope 4:30 Babar 5:05 Bananas In Pyjamas 5:15 Peppa Pig 5:35 Ben And Holly’s Little Kingdom 6:00 Cloudbabies 6:15 Mofy: A Sunbeam 6:20 Miffy & Friends 6:30 In The Night Garden 7:00 Spicks & Specs 7:30 The True Story: Platoon (PG) 8:20 Video Killed The Radio Star 8:40 The Human Camera (PG) 9:30 Louis Theroux’s Weird Weekends: UFOs (M l) 10:20 My Car Is My Lover (M a,s) 11:05 The Trials of Phoebe Prince (MA15+a) 12:00 Wake In Fright (M a,v,d,s) 1:45 Stop << Rewind 2:10 Like A Version 2:15 ABC News


6:00 Children’s Programs (All day) 5:05 Bananas In Pyjamas 5:20 Charlie & Lola 5:35 Ben & Holly’s Little Kingdom 5:45 The Hive 6:00 Cloudbabies 6:30 In The Night Garden 7:00 Spicks & Specks (PG) 7:30 Seconds From Disaster: Fukushima 8:30 Louis Theroux’s Weird Weekends: UFO’s (M l) 9:20 Hell On Wheels (PG) 10:00 Arrested Development (PG) 10:25 The Human Camera 11:10 Crownies (M l,v) 12:05 Seconds From Disaster: Fukushima 12:55 World’s Toughest Driving Tests: Essex 1:50 Art Race 2:20 Hell On Wheels 3:05 ABC News Update 6:00 Children’s Programs 10:55 History Hunters 11:20 WAC 11:45 A World Of Wonders 12:00 BTN Extra 12:15 Backyard Science 12:40 CJ The DJ 1:00 Dex Hamilton 1:30 SheZow 1:40 Almost Naked Animals 2:10 Rated A For Awesome 2:25 Oh No! It’s An Alien Invasion 2:50 Erky Perky 3:30 Lockie Leonard 3:55 Adventures Of Peter Pan 4:45 YooHoo And Friends 5:10 Grojband 5:35 M I High 6:05 Life With Boys 6:30 Operation Ouch! 7:00 Horrible Histories 7:30 Star Wars 7:00 Horrible Histories 7:30 Star Wars (PG) 8:25 My Place 8:50 Adventures Of Figaro Pho

5:00 Worldwatch News (All day) 4:00 Bang Goes The Theory 4:30 Beyond Survival (PG) 5:20 Iron Chef 6:05 Ninja Warrior (PG) 6:35 If You Are The One 7:35 The Feed 8:00 30 Rock: Stone Mountain (PG) 8:30 Life Support (M a) – Spoof lifestyle program 9:00 Wilfred: Dog of a Town (Part 2) (MA15+ l,n) 9:30 A-League Highlights Show 10:30 The Feed (M s,a) 11:00 Comedy Bang! Bang! (M a) 11:25 Don’t Tell My Mother.. Iran (PG) 12:25 Aqua Teen Hunger Force: Ezekial (MA15+ s,a,v) 12:40 MXC (M s) 1:10 Weatherwatch Overnight

6:00 ABC News Breakfast 9:30 ABC News Mornings 12:30 Asia Pacific Focus 1:00 Capital Hill 1:30 ABC News 2:00 Parliament Question Time 3:15 Afternoon Live 5:30 ABC News 6:00 The Drum 6:45 The Environment Quarter 7:00 ABC News 7:30 Grandstand 8:00 ABC News 8:32 The Business 9:00 The World 9:35 Q&A 10:30 ABC News 11:02 The Drum 11:45 The Environment Quarter 12:00 ABC News 12:20 Lateline 1:00 BBC Impact 1:30 Newsline 2:00 Al Jazeera Newshour 3:00 BBC Global 3:30 The Business 4:00 BBC World News 4:30 BBC Focus On Africa

6:00 ABC News Breakfast [s] 10:00 Behind SBS ABC The News [s] 10:25 Real Chinese [s] 10:55 A

5:30 TEN Eyewitness News Early [s] 6:30 Wake Up [s] 8:30 Studio 10 (PG) [s] 10:30 Studio 10 You (PG) [s] 11:00 TEN Eyewitness News Morning [s] 12:00 Dr Phil (PG a) 1:00 The Doctors (PG s) 2:00 The Living Room Encore (PG) 3:00 Judge Judy (PG) 3:30 ET 4:00 Good Chef, Bad Chef [s] 4:30 The Bold & The Beautiful [s] 5:00 TEN Eyewitness News [s] 6:00 Modern Family 6:30 The Project [s] 7:30 The Biggest Loser (PG) 8:30 NCIS: Alibi (M) [s] 9:30 NCIS: Recovery (M) [s] 10:30 TEN Eyewitness News Late [s] 11:00 Hawaii Five-O: Mea Makamae (M) 12:00 The Late Show (PG) 1:00 Infomercial (PG) 2:00 Home Shopping (PG) 3:30 Religious Programs (PG)

Table! [s] 11:00 Four Corners [s] 11:45 Media Watch [s] 12:00 Midday Report [s] 12:30 Talking Heads [s] 1:00 Q&A [s] 2:00 Parliament Question Time 3:00 Rain Shadow (PG) [s] 4:00 New Tricks (PG) 5:00 Eggheads [s] 5:30 ABC News: Early Edition [s] 6:05 Grand Designs 7:00 ABC News [s] 7:30 7.30 [s] 8:00 Family Confidential: RM Williams (PG) 8:30 New Tricks (PG) [s] 9:30 At The Movies [s] 10:00 Jennifer Byrne Presents: Ian Rankin 10:30 Lateline [s] 11:05 The Business [s] 11:30 Four Corners [s] 12:15 Media Watch [s] 12:30 Movie: “The Cardinal” (M a,v) (’63) Stars: Carol Lynley & John Huston

5:00 Worldwatch 1:00 Persons Of Interest: Gary Foley (M) 2:00 The Long March To Freedom (PG) [s] 3:00 France 24 International News [s] 3:30 Al Jazeera News [s] 4:00 The Journal [s] 4:30 PBS Newshour 5:30 Global Village: People on the Loire [s] 6:00 The Lakes with Rory McGrath [s] 6:30 World News Australia [s] 7:30 Who Do You Think You Are: John Howard (PG) 8:30 Insight [s] 9:30 Dateline [s] 10:30 World News Australia Late [s] 11:00 The Bridge (M a,v) 12:05 Sergio (PG) – Charismatic Sergio Vieira de Mello was the United Nation’s go-to guy. 1:45 Destination Australia: Bridge Between Two Worlds [s] 2:45 Weatherwatch Overnight


6:00 NASCAR Sprint Cup 11:00 MasterChef Australia 2:00 Psych (PG v) 3:00 Whose Line Is It Anyway? – An improvisational comedy game show (PG) 4:00 Alby Mangels Adventure Bound (PG a) 5:00 Big Angry Fish 5:30 I Fish 6:00 M*A*S*H 6:30 Get Smart 7:00 COPS (PG l) 7:30 Python Hunters (PG) 8:30 COPS (PG a,d) 9:00 COPS: Adults Only (M a,v) 9:30 Ross Kemp: Back On The Frontline (MA15+ mp) 10:30 Super Rugby Extra Time 11:30 Sleeper Cell (M v,s,l) 12:40 Lumberjacks 1:10 Omnisport 1:30 NFL America’s Game 2:30 Cricket: KFC T20



11:00 Everybody Loves Raymond (PG) 11:30 Frasier 12:00 Charmed (PG sn) 1:00 Star Trek (PG) 2:00 Judging Amy (M a) 3:00 Becker 3:30 Cheers (PG) 4:00 The King Of Queens (PG) 4:30 Laverne & Shirley (PG) 5:00 Happy Days (PG) 5:30 Beverly Hills 90210 (PG l) 6:30 Neighbours 7:00 Everybody Loves Raymond 7:30 Rules Of Engagement (PG s) 8:30 New Girl (PG s,d) 9:00 How To Live With Your Parents (M s,d) 9:30 Snog, Marry, Avoid? (PG s) 10:00 1600 Penn (PG) 10:30 Fresh Meat (MA15+ s) 11:30 Late Show 12:30 ET 1:00 Everybody Loves Raymond


ABC 24



6:00 Children’s Programs (All day) 5:05 Bananas In Pyjamas 5:20 Charlie & Lola 5:45 The Hive 6:00 Cloudbabies 6:15 Mofy 6:20 Miffy & Friends 6:30 In The Night Garden 7:00 Spicks & Specks (PG) 7:30 Seconds From Disaster: Pearl Harbor (PG) 8:20 The Checkout 8:30 Good Game 9:00 The Checkout 9:30 Tough Tuesdays: Hard Times (M a) 10:25 Arrested Development: Sword Of Destiny (PG) 10:45 Highway Thru Hell (PG) 11:35 Crownies (M l,s) 12:30 Seconds From Disaster: The Bismarck (PG) 1:20 Being Human (M v) 2:20 ABC News Update 6:00 Children’s Programs 10:05 Parallax 10:30 Steam Punks! 10:55 History Hunters 11:20 WAC 11:45 A World Of Wonders 12:00 BTN Extra 12:15 Backyard Science 12:40 CJ The DJ 1:00 Dex Hamilton 1:30 SheZow 1:40 Almost Naked Animals 2:10 Rated A For Awesome 2:25 Oh No! It’s An Alien Invasion 2:50 Erky Perky 3:30 Lockie Leonard 3:55 Adventures Of Peter Pan 4:45 YooHoo And Friends 5:10 Grojband 5:35 M I High 6:05 Life With Boys 6:30 Operation Ouch! 7:00 Horrible Histories 7:30 Star Wars 8:25 Chris Humfrey’s Wild Life 8:50 The Adventures Of Figaro Pho

5:00 Worldwatch News (All Day) 4:00 Bang Goes The Theory 4:30 The World Game 5:00 A-League Highlights Show 6:05 Ninja Warrior (PG) 6:35 If You Are The One 7:30 The Feed 8:00 30 Rock: Audition Day (PG) 8:30 Orphan Black: Entangled Bank (M s,a,d,l) 9:20 The Returned: Julie (M v,s,n) 10:20 The Feed 10:50 Comedy Bang! Bang! (M l) 11:15 Action Movie: “One Last Dance” (MA15+ v) (’07) Stars: Francis Ng (In Cantonese and English) 1:10 Tim And Eric’s Awesome Show, Great Job (M s,l,d) 1:25 MXC (M s) 1:55 Weatherwatch Overnight 6:00 ABC News 9:30 ABC News Mornings 12:00 ABC News 12:30 Newsline 1:00 Capital Hill 1:30 ABC News 2:00 Parliament Question Time 3:15 Afternoon Live 5:30 ABC News 6:00 The Drum 6:45 The Finance Quarter 7:00 ABC News 7:30 Grandstand 8:00 ABC News 8:32 The Business 9:00 The World 10:02 The Drum 10:45 The Finance Quarter 11:00 ABC News 11:30 7.30 12:00 ABC News 12:20 Lateline 1:00 BBC Impact 1:30 Newsline 2:00 Al Jazeera 3:00 BBC Global 3:30 The Business 4:00 BBC World News 4:30 BBC Focus On Africa 5:00 Al Jazeera

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Wednesday, February 19, 2014



5:30 Seven Early News [s] 6:00 Sunrise [s] 9:00 The Morning Show (PG)11:30 Seven Morning News [s] 12:00 The Midday Movie: “The Linda McCartney Story” (M s,a,l) (’00) Stars: Elizabeth Mitchell 2:00 The Daily Edition (PG) 3:00 The Chase (PG) 4:00 Seven News at 4 [s] 5:00 Deal Or No Deal [s] 5:30 Million Dollar Minute [s] 6:00 Seven News [s] 7:00 Home and Away (PG) 7:30 Program To Be Advised 8:45 The Blacklist: The Cyprus Agency (M v) 9:45 Chicago Fire: Fireworks / A Coffin (M) [s] 10:45 Marvel’s Agents Of SHIELD: Seeds (M) 11:45 Defiance: Down In The Ground Where The Dead Men Go (M v) 1:00 Home Shopping Shortland St (PG) 10:00 Coronation St 7TWO 9:30 (PG) 10:30 Last Chance Surgery (PG) 11:00 Route 66 (PG) 12:00 Naked City (PG) 1:00 Homicide (M) 2:00 Blue Heelers (M v) 3:00 Royal Upstairs Downstairs 4:00 The Jewel In The Crown (PG v,a,s) 5:00 Shortland Street 5:30 Coronation Street 6:00 Bargain Hunt 7:00 Seven News 7:30 Highway Patrol (PG) 8:00 Crash Investigation Unit (PG) 8:30 Fantasy Homes 9:30 Australia’s Best Houses (PG) 10:00 Britain’s Empty Homes 10:40 Homes Under The Hammer 12:00 The Bill (M) 1:00 Route 66 3:30 Sons And Daughters



5:30 Today 9:00 Mornings - Summer (PG) 11:00 National Morning News [s] 12:00 The Ellen DeGeneres Show (PG) 1:00 Canal Road (M l,v,s,d) 2:00 Extra [s] 2:30 Alive & Cooking [s] 3:00 National News Now [s] 4:15 Afternoon News 5:30 Hot Seat 6:00 National News [s] 7:00 WIN News [s] 7:30 The Block: Fans V Faves: A Block Wedding (PG) 8:40 Program To Be Advised 10:40 CSI: NY: Civilized Lies (M v) – When a beloved off-duty NYPD officer perishes in a robbery, the CSIs use the art of interrogation to break down their suspects and get to the truth. 11:35 Extra [s] 12:00 WIN’s All Australian News [s] 1:00 A Current Affair [s] 1:30 Dallas (M v,s,d) 2:30 Danoz 3:30 Good Morning America [s] 5:00 Early Morning News Children’s Programs 12:00 Extra 12:30 GO! 6:00 TMZ 2:00 Two And A Half Men (PG) 3:00 Extra 3:30 Max Steel (PG) 4:05 Batman (PG) 4:30 Young Justice (PG) 5:00 Adventure Time (PG) 5:30 The Block: Fans V Faves (PG v) 6:30 Two And A Half Men (PG) 7:00 The Big Bang Theory (PG) 7:30 Two And A Half Men (PG) 8:30 The Big Bang Theory (PG) 9:30 The Originals (M) 10:30 Movie: “Sin City” (MA15+ v) (’05) – Four tales of crime adapted from Frank Miller's popular comics. Stars: Jessica Alba & Benico Del Toro 1:00 The Originals (M) 2:00 TMZ 3:30 Extra 4:00 Power Rangers Megaforce

6:00 TEN Eyewitness News Early [s] 6:30 Wake Up [s] 8:30 Studio 10 (PG) [s] 10:30 Studio 10 You (PG) [s] 11:00 TEN Eyewitness News Morning [s] 12:00 Dr Phil (PG a) 1:00 The Doctors (PG s) 2:00 The Biggest Loser: Challenge Australia (PG) [s] 3:00 Judge Judy (PG) 3:30 ET (PG 4:00 Good Chef, Bad Chef [s] 4:30 The Bold & The Beautiful [s] 5:00 TEN Eyewitness News [s] 6:00 Modern Family 6:30 The Project [s] 7:30 The Biggest Loser: Challenge Australia (PG a) 8:30 The Good Wife: Everything Is Ending & The Bit Bucket (M) 10:30 TEN Eyewitness News Late [s]11:00 Elementary: Lesser Evils (M d,a) 12:00 The Late Show (PG) 1:00 Infomercial (PG) 2:00 Home Shopping (PG) 6:00 Basketball: NBL 8:00 World Series SprintONE cars 9:00 NFL America’s Game 10:00 Sporting Greats 10:35 Omnisport 11:00 Tour The World 11:30 MasterChef Australia 2:00 Psych (PG) 3:00 Super Rugby Extra Time 4:00 Get Smart 4:30 COPS (PG l) 5:00 Big Angry Fish 5:30 I Fish 6:00 M*A*S*H 6:30 Get Smart 7:00 COPS (PG l) 7:30 White Collar (PG) 8:30 Burn Notice (M v) 9:30 Sons Of Anarchy (M) 10:40 NASCAR Sprint Cup Race 1: Daytona 500 3:40 Omnisport Hot off the satellite 4:00 Basketball: NBL Championship 2013/14: Melbourne Tigers V Adelaide 36ers





5:30 Today 9:00 Mornings (PG) 11:00 NaWIN tional News [s] 12:00 The Ellen DeGeneres TEN

8:30 Fish Hooks 9:00 NBC Today 11:00 Motor Mate 1:00 Dream Car Garage 1:30 Swamp Men 2:30 Xena - Warrior Princess 3:30 Hercules 4:30 Just Shoot Me! 5:00 Seinfeld (PG) 6:30 Pimp My Ride: 1988 Honda Civic (PG) 7:00 How I Met Your Mother (PG) 7:30 Pawn Stars (PG) 8:00 American Restoration 8:30 Hardcore Pawn (M) 9:30 American Pickers (PG) 11:30 Rude Tube (M v) 12:00 Eastbound & Down (MA15+ s,l,d,v) 1:00 Strike Back (MA15+ v,s,l) 2:00 Home Shopping 3:30 Sons And Daughters (PG) 4:00 Motor Mate 5:00 Swamp Men (PG)


5:30 Seven Early News [s] 6:00 Sunrise [s] 9:00 The Morning Show (PG) 11:30 Seven Morning News [s] 12:00 The Midday Movie: “Going To The Mat” (PG v,a) (’04) Stars: Andrew Lawrence 2:00 The Daily Edition (PG) 3:00 The Chase (PG) 4:00 Seven News at 4 [s] 5:00 Deal Or No Deal [s] 5:30 Million Dollar Minute [s] 6:00 Seven News [s] 7:00 Home and Away (PG a) 8:00 Border Security Australia's Front Line (PG) 8:30 Special: Anh Does Scandinavia (PG) 9:30 Tricked (PG) 10:30 Young, Lazy And Driving Us Crazy (PG) 11:30 Parks And Recreation: Sex Education (PG s) 12:00 Celebrity Juice (MA15+s,n) [s] 1:00 Home Shopping

7:00 TV Shop 8:00 The Baron (PG) 9:00 TV Shop 10:30 Surfing The Menu (PG) 11:00 Friends (PG) 12:00 WIN News 1:00 Movie: “SOS Titanic” (PG v,a) (’79) Stars: David Janssen 3:00 Hot In Cleveland (PG) 3:30 Life In The Undergrowth 4:30 The Ellen Degeneres Show (PG) 5:30 The People’s Court (PG) 6:30 Friends (PG) 7:30 Customs (PG) 8:00 Rapid Response (PG) 8:30 RPA (M mp) 9:30 Life Flight (PG) 10:30 Air Crash Confidential (M) 11:30 AFP: Australian Federal Police (M a) 12:00 Hoarding: Buried Alive (PG) 1:00 Gideon’s Way (PG) 2:00 TV Shop

Show (PG) 1:00 Program To Be Advised 2:00 Extra [s] 2:30 Alive & Cooking [s] 3:00 National News Now [s] 4:15 Afternoon News 5:30 Hot Seat 6:00 National News [s] 7:00 WIN News [s] 7:30 The Block: Fans V Faves: Bathroom Battles (PG) 8:40 The Block: Fans V Faves: Unlocked (PG) [s] 9:10 Program To Be Advised 10:10 Movie: “The Hangover 2” (MA15+ s,n,l,d) (’11) Stars: Bradley Cooper & Ed Helms 11:10 Two And A Half Men (PG s) 12:00 WIN’s All Australian News [s] 1:00 A Current Affair [s] 1:30 Extra [s] 2:00 Dangerman (PG) 3:00 Danoz 3:30 Good Morning America

Home And Away 9:30 Shortland St GO! 7TWO 9:00 (PG) 10:00 Coronation St (PG) 10:30 Last

6:00 Children’s Programs 11:30 Yu-gi-oh! Zexal 12:00 Extra 12:30 TMZ 2:00 Two And A Half Men (PG) 3:00 Extra 3:30 Max Steel (PG) 4:05 Batman (PG) 4:30 Young Justice (PG) 5:00 Adventure Time (PG) 5:30 The Block: Fans V Faves (PG v) 6:30 Two And A Half Men (PG) 7:00 The Big Bang Theory (PG) 7:30 Two And A Half Men (PG) 8:00 The Big Bang Theory (PG) 8:30 Survivor: Cagayan (PG) 10:30 Movie: “Easy A” (M s) Stars: Emma Stone & Amanda Bynes 12:30 Two And A Half Men (PG s) 1:00 Itunes Specials (M d) 2:00 TMZ 3:30 Extra 4:00 Power Rangers Megaforce

Chance Surgery (PG) 11:00 Route 66 (PG) 12:00 Naked City (PG) 1:00 Homicide (M) 2:00 Blue Heelers (M v) 3:00 Royal Upstairs Downstairs 4:00 The Jewel In The Crown (PG v,a,s) 5:00 Shortland Street 5:30 Coronation St 6:00 Bargain Hunt 7:00 Seven News 7:30 Movie: “Grease” (PG a) (’78) Stars: John Travolta 9:50 Movie: “Bowfinger” (M l,s) (’99) Stars: Steve Martin 12:00 The Bill (M) 1:00 Harry’s Practice 1:30 Naked City (PG) 2:30 Route 66 (PG) 3:30 Bargain Hunt 8:00 Pair Of Kings 8:30 Fish Hooks 9:00 NBC Today 11:00 Motor Mate 1:00 Dream Car Garage 1:30 Swamp Men (PG) 2:30 Xena - Warrior Princess 3:30 Hercules: The Legendary Journeys 4:30 Just Shoot Me! 5:00 Seinfeld (PG) 6:30 Pimp My Ride (PG) 7:00 How I Met Your Mother (PG) 7:30 Swamp People (PG) 8:30 Tattoo Nightmares (M s,l) 9:30 Special: Outback Truckers (PG) 10:30 America’s Hardest Prisons (M) 11:30 SportsFan Clubhouse (PG) 12:30 Boom (M) 1:00 Strike Back (MA15+ v,s,l) 2:00 Motor Mate 3:00 Classic Marathon Rally



8:00 Hoarding: Buried Alive (PG) 9:00 TV Shop 10:30 Hot In Cleveland (PG) 11:00 Friends (PG) 12:00 WIN News 1:00 Movie: “The Lady Killers” (PG a) (’55) Stars: Alec Guinness 3:00 Hot In Cleveland (PG) 3:30 Customs (PG) 4:00 Rapid Response (PG l) 4:30 The Ellen Degeneres Show (PG) 5:30 The People’s Court (PG) 6:30 Friends (PG) 7:30 A Current Affair 8:00 Customs (PG) 8:30 10 Scariest Plane Landings (PG) 9:30 Domestic Blitz (PG) 11:00 Selling Houses Abroad (PG) 12:00 Young Rich And House Hunting (PG) 12:30 Friends (PG) 1:00 Gideon’s Way (PG)

11:30 Frasier 12:00 Charmed (PG sn) 1:00 Star Trek (PG) 2:00 Judging Amy (M a) 3:00 Becker 3:30 Cheers (PG) 4:00 The King Of Queens (PG) 4:30 Laverne & Shirley (PG) 5:00 Happy Days (PG) 5:30 Beverly Hills 90210 (PG) 6:30 Neighbours 7:00 Everybody Loves Raymond (PG) 7:30 The Simpsons (PG) 8:00 Futurama (PG) 8:30 The Simpsons (PG v) 9:00 Futurama (PG) 9:30 The Simpsons (PG v) 10:00 The Cleveland Show (M s) 10:30 Bob’s Burgers (M a) 11:00 Cheers (PG) 11:30 Late Show (PG) 12:30 ET 1:00 Everybody Loves Raymond 1:30 Happy Days


6:00 ABC News Breakfast [s] 10:00 My Place [s] 10:25 Australia’s Prime Ministers 11:00 One Plus One [s] 11:30 Family Confidential [s] 12:00 Midday Report [s] 12:30 National Press Club Address [s] 1:30 Hello Birdy (PG) [s] 2:00 Parliament Question Time 3:00 Rain Shadow (PG) [s] 4:00 New Tricks (PG) 5:00 Eggheads [s] 5:30 ABC News: Early Edition [s] 6:00 Grand Designs [s] 7:00 ABC News [s] 7:30 7.30 [s] 8:00 Shaun Micallef’s Mad As Hell [s] 8:30 Spicks And Specks (PG) [s] 9:00 The Moodys (M s) [s] 9:30 Adam Hills: The Last Leg [s] 10:00 Would I Lie To You? [s] 10:30 Lateline [s]11:05 The Business [s] 11:30 The Straits (M l,a,v) [s] 12:25 Movie: “The Terror” (M h) (’63) Stars: Jack Nicholson 6:00 Children’s Programs (All day) 5:05 BaABC2 nanas In Pyjamas 5:20 Charlie & Lola 5:45 The Hive 6:00 Cloudbabies 6:15 Mofy 6:20 Miffy & Friends 6:30 In The Night Garden 7:00 Spicks & Specks (PG) 7:30 Seconds From Disaster: Mountain Tsunami 8:20 Would I Lie To You? 8:35 Teen Exorcists 9:30 Licence To Kill (M l) 10:20 Arrested Development: Meat The Veals (M d,s) 10:40 Hard Time: Cellphone War (PG) 11:35 Crownies (M a,l) 12:30 I’m Having Their Baby (PG) 1:15 Seconds From Disaster: Mountain Tsunami 2:05 Like A Version 2:10 ABC News Update 6:00 Children’s Programs 10:05 Parallax 10:30 Steam Punks! 10:55 History Hunters 11:20 WAC 11:45 A World Of Wonders 12:00 BTN Extra 12:15 Backyard Science 12:40 CJ The DJ 1:30 SheZow 1:40 Almost Naked Animals 2:10 Rated A For Awesome 2:25 Oh No! It’s An Alien Invasion 2:55 Erky Perky 3:30 Lockie Leonard 3:55 New Adventures Of Peter Pan 4:45 YooHoo And Friends 5:10 Grojband 5:35 M I High 6:05 Life With Boys 6:30 Operation Ouch! 7:00 Horrible Histories (PG) 7:30 Star Wars (PG) 8:25 My Great Big Adventure 8:45 The Adventures Of Figaro Pho



5:00 Worldwatch 6:30 UEFA Champions League 2013/2014: Olympiacos vs Manchester United 9:00 Worldwatch Continues 1:00 Insight [s] 2:00 Dateline [s]) 3:00 France 24 International News [s] 3:30 Al Jazeera News [s] 4:00 The Journal [s] 4:30 PBS Newshour [s] 5:30 Global Village: Peru: Dolphins in Danger 6:00 The Lakes with Rory McGrath [s] 6:30 World News Australia [s] 7:30 Indian Ocean With Simon Reeve (PG) 8:35 One Born Every Minute (M a,l) 9:30 Lilyhammer: The Other Smelly Fish (M s,l) 10:25 World News Australia [s] 11:00 Drama Movie: “Front Line” (M v,l,s) (’09) (In Italian) 12:50 Martial Arts Movie: “The Protector” (MA15+ v) (’05) (In Thai &d Mandarin) Worldwatch News (All day) 4:00 SBS 2 5:00 Bang Goes The Theory (PG) 4:30 Beyond Survival (PG) 5:20 Iron Chef 6:05 Ninja Warrior (PG) 6:30 If You Are The One 7:30 The Feed 8:00 30 Rock: The Problem Solvers (PG) 8:30 Thriller Movie: “Anything For Her” (M) (’08) Stars: Vincent Lindon, Diane Kruger and Lancelot Roch (From France, in French) 10:30 UEFA Champions League 2013/2014 Olympiacos V Manchester United 11:45 The Feed 12:15 Robot Chicken: Day at the Circus (MA15+ s,a) 12:30 MXC (M s) 1:00 Weatherwatch Overnight

ABC 24

6:00 ABC News Breakfast 9:30 ABC News Mornings 12:00 ABC News 12:30 National Press Club Address 1:30 Capital Hill 2:00 Parliament Question Time 3:15 Afternoon Live 5:30 ABC News 6:00 The Drum 6:45 The Culture Quarter 7:00 ABC News 7:30 Grandstand 8:00 ABC News 8:32 The Business 9:00 The World 10:02 The Drum 10:45 The Culture Quarter 11:00 ABC News 11:30 7.30 12:00 ABC News 12:20 Lateline 1:00 BBC Impact 1:30 Newsline 2:00 Al Jazeera Newshour 3:00 BBC Global 3:30 The Business 4:00 BBC World News

ABC News Breakfast [s] 10:00 Classic ABC 6:00 Tales 10:35 Behind The News [s] 11:00 Human SBS

5:30 TEN Eyewitness News Early [s] 6:30 Wake Up [s] 8:30 Studio 10 (PG) [s] 10:30 Studio 10 You (PG) [s] 11:00 TEN Eyewitness News Morning [s] 12:00 Dr Phil (PG l,a) 1:00 The Doctors (PG) [s] 2:00 The Biggest Loser (PG) [s] 3:00 Judge Judy (PG) 3:30 ET (PG) 4:00 Good Chef, Bad Chef [s] 4:30 The Bold & The Beautiful [s] 5:00 TEN Eyewitness News [s] 6:00 Modern Family 6:30 The Project [s] 7:30 The Biggest Loser: Challenge Australia (PG l) 8:30 Law & Order: SVU (M) 10:30 TEN Eyewitness News Late [s]11:00 Saving Grace: We’re Already Here (M v,d,a) 12:00 The Late Show (PG) 1:00 Infomercial (PG) 2:00 Home Shopping (PG) 3:30 Religious Programs (PG)

Planet (PG) 12:00 Midday Report [s] 12:30 Talking Heads [s] 1:00 Shaun Micallef’s Mad As Hell [s] 1:30 The Checkout [s] 2:00 Parliament Question Time 3:00 Rain Shadow (PG) [s] 4:00 New Tricks (PG) [s] 5:00 Eggheads [s] 5:30 ABC News: Early Edition [s] 6:05 Grand Designs 7:00 ABC News 7:30 7.30 [s] 8:00 The Checkout [s] 8:30 Janet King: A Song Of Experience (M a,l) [s] 9:30 The School (M l) [s] 10:25 Lateline [s] 10:55 The Business [s] 11:25 Rome Wasn’t Built In A Day (M l) 12:10 Movie: “The Owl And The Pussycat” (M d,s) (’70) Stars: Barbra Streisand & George Segal

5:00 Worldwatch 6:30 UEFA Champions League 2013/2014: Galatasaray V Chelsea 9:00 Worldwatch Continues 11:00 UCI Track World Championships 2014 - Day 1 1:30 Nobel Peace Prize Concert 2013 3:00 France 24 News [s] 3:30 Al Jazeera News [s] 4:00 The Journal [s] 4:30 PBS Newshour [s] 5:30 Global Village [s] 6:00 The Lakes with Rory McGrath [s] 6:30 World News Australia [s] 7:30 Mexican Fiesta With Peter Kuruvita [s] 8:00 Gourmet Farmer [s] 8:30 Sicily Unpacked [s] 9:35 Rectify: Plato’s Cave (M a) 10:30 World News Australia [s] 11:00 UEFA Champions League Highlights 11:30 Thursday FC 12:30 What Is Reality? [s] 1:30 Public Enemy No. 1 (PG)


6:00 NFL America’s Game 7:00 Basketball 9:00 Super Rugby Extra Time 10:00 Omnisport 10:30 Plonk (M) 11:30 MasterChef Australia 2:00 Psych (PG v) 3:00 Whose Line Is It Anyway? (PG) 4:00 Get Smart 4:30 COPS (PG l) 5:00 Big Angry Fish 5:30 I Fish 6:00 M*A*S*H 6:30 Get Smart 7:00 COPS (PG l) 7:30 Whose Line Is It Anyway? (PG) 8:30 Fast Forward (M s) 9:30 An Idiot Abroad (M l) 10:30 The Sketch Show (PG l) 11:00 Blokesworld (M) 11:30 Would You Rather? (M s) 12:00 Whose Line Is It Anyway? 1:00 Python Hunters



9:30 Wurrawhy 10:00 7th Heaven (PG) 11:00 Everybody Loves Raymond (PG) 11:30 Frasier 12:00 Charmed (PG sn) 1:00 Star Trek (PG) 2:00 Judging Amy (M a) 3:00 Becker 3:30 Cheers (PG) 4:00 The King Of Queens (PG) 4:30 Laverne & Shirley (PG) 5:00 Happy Days (PG) 5:30 Beverly Hills 90210 (PG l) 6:30 Neighbours 7:00 Everybody Loves Raymond (PG) 7:30 American Idol (PG) 9:30 Movie: “Some Kind Of Wonderful” (M l) (’87) 11:30 The Late Show (PG) 12:30 Entertainment Tonight 1:00 Everybody Loves Raymond 1:30 Happy Days 2:00 7th Heaven (PG)


ABC 24


We’re OPEN!

6:00 Children’s Programs (All day) 5:05 Bananas In Pyjamas 5:20 Charlie & Lola 5:45 The Hive 6:00 Cloudbabies 6:15 Mofy 6:30 In The Night Garden 7:00 Spicks & Specks (PG) 7:30 Seconds From Disaster (PG) 8:30 Spicks & Specks (PG) 9:00 Shaun Micallef’s Mad As Hell 9:30 This Is Littleton: 54% Unemployed (M l) 10:00 Warehouse Comedy Festival: Judith Lucy (MA15+l) 10:30 Arrested Development (M l,s) 10:50 Michael McIntyre’s Comedy Roadshow (M s) 11:40 Bleach, Nip, Tuck (M n) 12:25 Seconds From Disaster (PG) 1:15 WikiLeaks (M l,v) 2:20 ABC News Update

6:00 Children’s Programs 10:05 Parallax 10:30 Steam Punks! 10:55 History Hunters 11:20 WAC 11:45 A World Of Wonders 12:00 BTN Extra 12:15 Backyard Science 12:40 CJ The DJ 1:00 Sumo Mouse 1:40 Almost Naked Animals 2:10 Rated A For Awesome 2:25 Chop Socky Chooks 2:50 Erky Perky 3:30 Lockie Leonard 3:55 New Adventures Of Peter Pan 4:30 Pinky & Perky 4:45 YooHoo & Friends 5:10 Grojband 5:35 M I High 6:05 Life With Boys 6:30 Operation Ouch! 7:00 Horrible Histories 7:30 Star Wars: The Clone Wars 8:25 WAC 8:50 The Adventures Of Figaro Pho

5:00 Worldwatch News (All day) 4:00 Bang Goes The Theory (PG) 4:30 Beyond Survival - Sri Lanka (PG) 5:20 Iron Chef 6:05 Ninja Warrior (PG) 6:30 If You Are The One 7:30 The Feed 8:00 30 Rock: Sun Tea (PG) 8:30 Thursday FC 9:30 American Weed: War Over Weed (M a,d) – A Fort Collins resident encourages passing motorists to vote for Question 300 10:25 The Feed 10:55 Comedy Bang! Bang! (M d) 11:20 The Returned: Julie (M v,s,n) 12:20 Aqua Teen Hunger Force: Carl Wash (MA15+ s,a,v) 12:35 MXC (M s) 1:00 Weatherwatch Overnight

6:00 ABC News Breakfast 9:30 ABC News Mornings 12:30 Tasmanian Leader’s Debate 1:00 Capital Hill 1:30 ABC News 2:00 Parliament Question Time 3:15 Afternoon Live 5:30 ABC News 6:00 The Drum 6:45 The Consumer Quarter 7:00 ABC News 7:30 Grandstand 8:00 ABC News 8:32 The Business 9:00 The World 10:02 The Drum 10:45 The Consumer Quarter 11:00 ABC News 11:30 7.30 12:00 ABC News 12:20 Lateline 1:00 BBC Impact 1:30 Newsline 2:00 Al Jazeera 3:00 BBC Global 3:30 The Business 4:00 BBC World News 4:30 BBC On Africa 5:00 Al Jazeera

Simply Helping You. In Home Support

Our brand new Paint and Colour Centre is open at 14a Sloss Street, Horsham. Come in and see our colour consultant Julie Francis for help and advice in-store or in your home.

Some of what we do:

✓ Home Help ✓ Gardening & Home Maintenance ✓ Personal & Respite Care

Paint • Accessories Advice

paint & colour centre

14A Sloss Street, Horsham

Ph: 03 5382 4941

m sha Hor ad, o R 7 033 ilton .au Ham h: 5347 39A P pe sca id w.k ww


fo on’t

Step out of the heat and into the fully air conditioned play centre at Kids Capers! !


r so



(03) 5381 2076

To advertise within the TV Guide please contact The Weekly Advertiser on 5382 1351 and talk to one of our experienced Account Executives.


Wednesday, February 19, 2014

CROSSWORD & puzzles t, a

Great venue, fantastic equipmen cafe and awesome coffee!

ORD The 11 X 11Easy 1


Release No. 2522 Way 3





8 9





14 15




19 20


5 7 8 9 11 13 14 15 17 19 20 21 22

OPENING TIMES MON-FRI: 9.30am - 5pm SAT-SUN: 10am - 4pm

TWO880 ACROSS Decided previously Weary Measure of heat Girl’s name Scraps Amaze A container Look rudely Throw An illness Completed Peel Sticks to

DOWN 1 Not public 2 Tends 3 Flood 4 Countenance 5 Guarded 6 Stood over 10 Not knowing 12 Harangue 13 Safe 16 Italian volcano 18 In present condition (2,2)

Don’t forget your socks!

39A Hamilton Road, Horsham Ph: 5347 0337

Mind Twister

1. OHM is to PIN as ADD is to ? 2. What two letters come next in this sequence? L, I, A, N, B, M,U… 3. What are the missing numbers? 7, 21, 17, 51, ?, ?, 137, 411 4. What do these words have in common? Gall, Adam, Ramp, Buoy, Claim. 5. What is strange about the word “subcontinental”?


Solution next issue

Combo Crossword No. 2522

DOWN 1 Not public No. 2522 TWO880 2 Release Tends 3 Flood 4 Countenance ACROSS DOWN 53 Guarded 4 5 Given an early inclination 1 Some surprise Crete 6 Stood over when sat after prides people keep hidden from 10 Not knowing 6 moved others 12 Harangue 7 Lacking energy, it turned 2 Looks after mental things 13 Safe colour 3 Sudden inundation of used 16 Italian volcano 8 The British serviceman’s tapes 188 In present condition unit of heat 4 View commanded in facial (2,2) 9 Make a case for the girl expression


11 Sort out some fragments 5 Fellow turned over as went 13 Temporarily stop fruit round protecting 11 12 13 returning 6 Completely controlled mate 14 Credit consumed in in odd manner 14 framework of slats 10 Have no knowledge of girl Cryptic Clues No. 2522 15 Strange look for sheltered with articles of ACROSS 15 16 17 DOWN 18 side right merchandise 5 Given an early incli1 Some surprise Crete 17 Combo Solution List of players to tossNo. away2522 12 Lengthy writings from nation19when sat after people keep hidden 19 Note sun colour scientific plant S M onSus from A prides moved from others infectious 13 Make safe for hound to P R Edisease D I S P O S E D 20 21 7 Lacking energy, it 2 Looks after mental 20 FellowA easily first over look round C N A P O turned colour things 21 Firm covering of fruit 16 Secret nature central to T I R E D T HinE R M 22 S U E C I 8 The British service3 Sudden inundation of short RroadEoutside European landmark R T Sout N T U N 22 SticksOhead with Sshort 18 A family girl doesn’t have to man’s unit of heat used tapes L C R A T E A reserve change (2,2) 9 Makenext a case for the 4 View commanded in Solution issue

L E E R W C A S T girl facial expression E T E T A N U S E 11 Sort out some frag5 Fellow turned over Combo Crossword No. 2522 D O N E R R I N D ments as went round proA D H E R E S ACROSS DOWN 13 Temporarily stop fruit tecting 5 Decided previously 1 Not public returning 6 Completely con7 Weary 2 Tends 14 Credit consumed in trolled mate in odd 8 Measure Flood Keep your brainofsharp in just 303 seconds. the AND Solution the beginners’No. challenge, and advanced players have to framework ofheat slats mannerStart on the left with Combo 2522 Keep your brain sharp in just 30 seconds. Start on the to complete their own challenge 9 Girl’s name 4 Countenance number given and follow as knowledge you given go across. Within complete their intermediates own the AND thehave intermediate. You can try to improve 15 Strange look for the instructions 10 Have no left with the number and follow the instructions AND beginners’ challenge, and advanced players DOWN 11 30-second Scraps 5 Guarded the time right limit, beginners have to articles complete ownACROSS onlimit, your times each day. sheltered side of go girl with of their as you across. Within the 30-second time have to complete their own AND the intermediate. You 5 Predisposed 1 Secret 13 6 toStood over challenge, havebeginners complete own their challenge have totheir complete own challenge, can try to improve on your times each day. 17 Amaze List of intermediates players to toss merchandise 7 Tired 2 Minds 14 A container 10 knowing away 12 Not Lengthy writings ansWeR BegInneR 8 Therm 3 Spate 15 rudely 12 Harangue 19 Look Note sun colour on from scientific plant ½ of IT 4 Aspect 9 Sue 17 Throw 13 Safe 56 ÷7 us from infectious 13 Make safe for hound 11 Orts 5 Patrolled 19 An illness 16 Italian disease to lookvolcano round ansWeR InTeRMedIaTe 6 Dominated 7/50 134Stun 20 18 In present condition 75% 20 Completed Fellow easily first 16 Secret nature central /7 of IT 5% of IT 3/8 of IT 10 of Unaware of ThIs 14 Crate ThIs 21 Peel (2,2) 72 over to European land15 Leer 12 Screed 22 Sticks to 21adVanced Firm covering of fruit mark ansWeR less 2 17 Cast 13 Secure douBle ITfamily girl doesn’t less 10% 66 /3% 7/9 of IT Plus 25% in short road outside 18 A 7 1/3% /12 of IT ThIs 19 of Tetanus 16 Etna 33 132 22 Sticks head out with have to change (2,2) Help build and develop number skills with the teaching and practice pages in: School lifetime licence now available. you can Today’s answers appear below 20 Done 18NowAs is buy using Australian dollars. short reserve 21 Rind Cryptic Clues No. 2522 22 Adheres ACROSS DOWN 5 Given an early incli1 Some surprise Crete Combo Solution No. 2522 nation when sat after people keep hidden S M S A prides moved from others P R E D I S P O S E D 7 Lacking energy, it 2 Looks after mental A C N A P O turned colour things T I R E D T H E R M R E S U E C I 8 The British service3 Sudden inundation of O R T S N S T U N man’s unit of heat used tapes L C R A T E A 9 Make a case for the 4 View commanded in L E E R W C A S T girl facial expression E T E T A N U S E 11 Sort out some frag5 Fellow turned over D O N E R R I N D ments as went round proA D H E R E S 13 Temporarily stop fruit tecting returning 6 Completely con14 Credit consumed in trolled mate in odd framework of slats manner Combo Solution No. 2522 15 Strange look for 10 Have no knowledge ACROSS DOWN sheltered side right of girl with articles of 5 Predisposed 1 Secret 17 List of players to toss merchandise 7 Tired 2 Minds away 12 Lengthy writings 8 Therm 3 Spate 19 Note sun colour on from scientific plant 9 Sue 4 Aspect us from infectious 13 Make safe for hound 11 Orts Patrolled Under5 1yr - Free disease to look round 13 Stun 6 Dominated 20 Fellow easily first 16 Secret nature central 1 to 3yrs - $4.40 14 Crate 10 Unaware over to European land3yrs12 & above - $8.80 15 Leer Screed 21 Firm covering of fruit mark Adults Free 17 Cast 13 Secure in short road outside 18 A family girl doesn’t 19 Tetanus Etna Mon16 - Fri 9.30 to 5pm 22 Sticks head out with have to change (2,2) 20 Done As10am is to 4pm Sat 18 & Sun short reserve 21 Rind 22 Adheres

30-Second Challenge

ACROSS DOWN 30-Second Challenge 4. early Ant can be added1 toSome the Lord Word Worm Twospeed Crossword Sudoku 5 Given an inclisurprise Crete Combo Solution No. 2522 12 - 18 - 58 back. Gallant, Adamant,people keep hidden nation when sat after S M S A Rampant, Buoyant, from others 2 7 3 prides moved P R E D I S P O S E D Mind Twister Claimant. 8 9 6 SA K E SAG E CAG E K E mental 7 Lacking energy, it 2 LooksWA after A C N A P O 1. BEE. Move one letter 5 1 4 turned colour things T I R E D T H E R M forward in the alphabet. 5. It has all the five vowel 6 5 8 R E S U E C I 8 The British service3 Sudden inundation of letters in reverse order (U, O R T S N S T U N WOKE SAFE CAKE 7 2 1 used tapes 2. H,T. Thumbnail man’s unit O, I,ofE heat and A). L C R A T E A 9 Make a case for the 4 View commanded in 4 3 9 backwards. L E E R W C A S T girl facial expression 3 4 2 E T E T A N U S E 11 the Sort out some frag5 FellowWturned 3. 47, 141. Multiply O V E D Oover V E C OV E C O K E 1 6 7 D O N E R R I N D first by 3, subtract 4 from ments as went round proA D H E R E S 9 8 5 the next, then repeat. X*3, 13 Temporarily stop fruit tecting (X*3)-4. returning 6 Completely con14 Credit consumed in trolled mate in odd framework of slats manner Combo Solution No. 2522 30-second challenge - 18, ADVANCED - 58. 15 ansWeRs Strange- BEGINNER look for- 12, INTERMEDIATE 10 Have no knowledge ACROSS DOWN sheltered side right of girl with articles of 5 Predisposed 1 Secret 17 List of players to toss merchandise 7 Tired 2 Minds away 12 Lengthy writings 8 Therm 3 Spate 19 Note sun colour on from scientific plant 9 Sue 4 Aspect us from infectious 13 Make safe for hound 11 Orts 5 Patrolled disease to look round 13 Stun 6 Dominated 20 Fellow easily first 16 Secret nature central 14 Crate 10 Unaware over to European land15 Leer 12 Screed 21 Firm covering of fruit mark 17 Cast 13 Secure in short road outside 18 A family girl doesn’t 19 Tetanus 16 Etna 22 Sticks head out with have to change (2,2) 20 Done 18 As is short reserve 21 Rind 22 Adheres

x5 +11 ÷3 +9 x10 -22 ÷9 x3 +19 x20 x3 +26 -18


To solve the puzzle, all the blank cells must be filled in using numbers from 1 to 9. Each number can only appear once in each row, column and in the nine 3x3 blocks. You can successfully solve the puzzle just by using logic and the process of elimination.


3 6 1 4


5 4 2

7 4



3 8 8


2 1


2 9 8


Lord Word Worm

W A R N I N G ! Note to Editor: Solution to this puzzle should not appear on the same page

30-second challenge


Create a single continuous loop of four-letter words by filling in missing letters and drawing lines to join all hexes together. Every hex must be joined to exactly two adjacent hexes Create a single loop of four-letter words by filling in (some hexes arecontinuous already joined). Each pair of joined words missing lines to joinWords all hexes together. must haveletters only and onedrawing letter different. cannot be Every hex must be joined to exactly two adjacent hexes (some hexes are repeated.


already joined). Each pair of joined words must have only one letter different. Words cannot be repeated. Difficulty

W_ _ _

_ _K_

Created: Alex Findlay Creator No. 1090 Qxpress: 4.0 Checked: Barbara

ACROSS Decided previously Weary Measure of heat Girl’s name Scraps1 2 Amaze A container Look rudely Throw An illness Completed Peel 9 10 Sticks to

ORD The 11 X 11Cryptic 5 7 8 9 11 13 14 5 15 17 19 7 20 21 22

_ _K_

W_ _ _

_ _G_

_ _F_

D_ _ _

_ _G_

C_ _ _

_ _V_

_ _K_

© Inventerprising Pty Ltd (Dist. by Auspac Media) LWW006H

1 5 3 7 6 8 9 2 4

6 2 8 4 9 5 1 3 7

9 4 7 2 3 1 5 8 6

Cryptic Clues No. 2522

4 1 2 9 8 7 6 5 3

5 7 6 3 4 2 8 9 1

8 3 9 1 5 6 7 4 2


Note to Editor:

5 7 8 9 11 13 14 15 17 19 20 21 22

ACROSS Decided previously Weary Measure of heat Girl’s name Scraps Amaze A container Look rudely Throw An illness Completed Peel Sticks to

✓ Delicious lunch menu -for adults & kids-

✓ Huge choice of drinks ✓ Coffee and Slice ✓ Chips and snacks ✓ Daily specials

Stay cool while your kids have a ball Email: Visit our site:

1 2 3 4 5 6 10 12 13 16 18

DOWN Not public Tends Flood Countenance Guarded Stood over Not knowing Harangue Safe Italian volcano In present condition (2,2)


Created in QUARK XPRESS Vers. 4.03 Items not needed for publication can be erased as each is in a separate text box.


Perfect in the air conditioned playcentre

Fantastic Cafe

39A Hamilton Rd, Horsham Ph: 5347 0337 E:

Outliving your super

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

None of those options are very attractive strategy to see if you’re able to accept riskibut if this came to fruition, which would you choose? er investments in your portfolio – if it gives


Sustainability awards now open

Entries for the Premier’s sustainability awards open March 3. Categories include innovative products or services, infrastructure and buildings, environmental protection, education, small and medium enterprises. Entries close June 2.

Enough superannuation?


he instability that has haunted global stock markets over recent years is having the biggest impact on the superannuation balances of people nearing, or already in, retirement.

For some investors, the question weighing most heavily on their minds right now is: Will my superannuation be enough to meet my needs throughout my entire retirement? Or, in more technical terms: Am I exposed to longevity risk? What is longevity risk? In the context of superannuation and retirement planning, longevity risk is essentially the risk that you will outlive your retirement capital.

Impact of longevity risk

For many people, outlasting their retirement savings would leave them with some difficult choices to make, such as: • selling their home and either renting locally or living with family; • selling their home and buying in a cheaper area, possibly well away from family and friends, and living on the sale proceeds; • Living on the age pension and having a much lower standard of living in later years than previously imagined.

There are three points you should consider to determine if your superannuation nest egg is going to be large enough: 1. The level of income you need each year in retirement. The longer you live, the greater the likelihood that you will incur care costs at an aged care facility. This can be very expensive, especially the extra service fees. 2. The number of years you need to draw an income. This will depend largely on your current health status, but genetics also can sway things. If your family members live long lives, chances are that you will too. 3. The average expected investment return during your retirement years. While market movements play a part here, as well as overall investment selection, your risk profile will also have an influence. Generally speaking, the more aggressive your risk profile, ie. the greater the exposure you have to shares and property as opposed to cash and fixed interest, the higher your average investment return will be. All is not lost if your superannuation balance is not as super as you’d hoped. Consider these three strategies: 1. Revise your budget with a view to making additional superannuation contributions, within the annual limits; 2. Postpone your retirement date; 3. Examine your asset allocation

Hang on a tick

Your weekly

you a better chance of meeting your goal. The best course of action is to speak to a qualified financial planner to make sure you are taking the right steps towards enjoying the style of retirement you deserve. • Robert Goudie is an authorised representative of Meritum Financial Group Pty Ltd AFSL 245569.

Ask a financial question A financial adviser can answer your financial question by submitting questions at www. Answers can be viewed via a Q&A video at www., or like our Facebook page. Proudly brought to you by


1 point

2 points

1. In what year did former Horsham footballer Luke Brennan get drafted to the AFL? Which club drafted him? 2. St Arnaud is named after a French marshal and commander-in-chief of the ‘Army of the East’ fighting in what war? 3. Which has a thickened club or hook on the tip of their antennas – moths or butterflies? 4. Wimmera Football League club Ararat holds the league record score which is: A, 46.28 (304). B. 39.23 (257). C. 51.39 (345). D. 35.21 (231).

1952, famously created what organisation to combat disloyalty in response being hit in the face during a conscription rally in Queensland in 1917? 6. Wimmera Football League and Warracknabeal player and Victorian representative Russell Crow played for what VFL team? 7. What Peruvian district in the province of Corongo starting with ‘Y’ shares its name with a southern Mallee settlement?

24A Darlot St, Horsham. Ph: 5382 3460

3 points plants? 9. How many feet do slugs have? 10. What Wimmera Football League club originally started in the late 1800s with a blue jumper with a white diagonal sash, changed to red and white vertical stripes, had black and white vertical stripes in the mid 1920s, was black with a white monogram in the 1930s, changed

in 1946 to white with a red vertical stripe 8. What usually happens when a tiny 5. Former Australian Prime Minister lacewing insect confronts a sucking and changed in 1948 with a modification William Morris ‘Billy’ Hughes, 1862- aphid, renowned for damaging flowering in 1998 to the uniform it wears today?

Evan Schubert

THE TERMITE MAN • Baiting systems • Chemical treatments • Pre-purchase house inspections • Home owners house inspections for termites (white ants)

SCHUBERTS PEST SERVICES Ph: 5382 7484 Member of A.E.P.M.A.

COMING TO THE FIELD DAYS? Get in and see the Hip Pocket team featuring former Kangaroo’s legend Glen Archer See us in the Moore Pavilion Wide range of pro safety products on site

Answers: 1. 2002. Hawthorn. He was pick number eight. 2. Crimean. 3. Butterflies. Moths have feathery antennas. 4. A. 46.28 (304) against Jeparit in 1989. 5. Commonwealth Police Force. It was formally disbanded in 1919. 6. Fitzroy. 7. Yanac 8. The lacewing, which looks surprisingly similar to a type dinosaur under the microscope, eats the soft-bodied aphid. 9. One. 10. Ararat.


• Rosser Mulch • Cottage mulch • 12 & 25mm Mulch • Redgum Mulch • Biomat • Mushroom Compost • Planting Compost • Quartz 7, 14 & 20mm • 20mm Tuscan Pebbles • Mixed Garden Soil

OPEN SATURDAY MORNING 8:30 - 12NOON (Horsham yard only) Kenny Rd, Horsham - Ph: 5382 0687 Industrial Rd, Horsham - Ph: 5385 2336


• Fine Course Sand • Loam • Quarry Dust • Sandstone • Scoria • Gypsum • Concrete Mix • Concrete Septic Tanks


Wednesday, February 19, 2014

ocal trade directory YIELD DATA MANAGEMENT

Noel Sharrock (Di

g Ag Scien

0401 504 176ce) sharrock@netco

If you’re after quality, precise yield and property mapping then Noel Sharrock at Precison Ag is the man to call. With over 14 years experience, Noel can generate yield and profitability maps on any brand of header out today. He can also supply advice on getting yield monitoring equipment installed on your header. Noel services all areas from Mt Gambier to Maryborough and all the way to Hopetoun, not to mention every place in between. To organise an appointment with Noel call 0401 504 176 and enjoy the benefits of using Precision Ag and yield data management. Photo: CONTRIBUTED

UHF RADIOS • Repairs • Accessories • Aerials • Installation

HANDYMAN SERVICE • Electrical safety testing • Sprinkler systems • Fencing (town & semi rural) • Stump removal • Rubbish removal • General Pruning • Mowing & slashing

70 McPherson Street, Horsham

5382 3810

JAYTLEM SAFETY SERVICES 68 Wimmera St, Dimboola Call John: 0419 872 398

REC 14579 ARC AU26861

• Solar • Security • Domestic • Industrial • Commercial • Refrigeration

Stawell Rd, Horsham Phone 5381 1385

“Totally Dependable”



• Colorbond post & rail • Tubular fencing • Serving Horsham & district




For all of your Auto Electrical Repairs


Tim Kennedy 0419 582 114 18 Western Hwy, Stawell 5358 2140

REC. 11963

Ph. (03) 5382 3238

fluid power by design Ph: Graham Hudson

89 Plumpton Road, Horsham

Ph. 03 5382 1375

Wimmera Hose & Fittings


For a FREE quote call Ian 0400 564 672

• Data & Comms • Appliance Repairs • Heating & Cooling • Electrical Inspections • Maintenance & Service

0413 475 604

• Hydraulics • Industrial • Pneumatics • Rural • Compressed Air • Installation • Sales & Service

web: email:


Noel Sharrock (Dig Ag Science)

0401 504 176

Roof Restorations Tile and Iron Roofs. Pressure-washing, Re-bedding, Pointing and Painting.

Phone: 0410 830 522 Call Bobby for an obligation-free quote!

Robert Anthony van Roosmalen ABN: 48 766 939 302

W E P 03 5382 6777 RTA number AU 08455

• Shed relocation & Raising • Portable buildings for sale Phone 0418 504 401

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Sausage Roll

Limit one per voucher, valid to 28th February, 2014

Limit one per customer Valid until close of business Sunday, February 23.

Available at Horsham, Stawell & Ararat stores

Ararat 5352-1618 • Stawell 5358-1238 • Horsham 5382-0045

Simply Helping You. In Home Support

Some of what we do:

✓ Home Help ✓ Gardening & Home Maintenance ✓ Personal & Respite Care

0474 058 330

Allstyle Business Solutions

BAS, book keeping & business requirements

PORKY’S TASSIE TYRES • Sales, service and fitting. • Truck tyre specialists

(03) 5381 2076

24/7 Mobile 0411 658 270 ALL BRANDS - ALL SIZES

•Lawn Mowing • Gutter Cleaning • Lawn Mulching • Landscaping • Gardening • Pruning TOTAL GARDEN PROFESSIONALS • Weed Control HIGH QUALITY RELIABLE SERVICE • Rubbish Removal INSURANCE COVER

131 546

• Removals • Freight • Backloads to Melb

• Trucks, cars and agricultural machinery



Kids back at school – We’ll shout them a FREE Shortbread Man!

• BAS • Book keeping • Payroll • Accounts Payable / Receivable • Budgets & Cash flow Management • Profit & Loss Reports • MYOB training

furniture removals Corner Hamilton & McPherson St, Horsham Ph: 5381 0622 E:

KD &


GRAIN CLEANING Wimmera Highway, Natimuk. Phone 5387 1144

McMartin Fire Prevention & Glass • Slashing • Fire Prevention • Spraying of vacant blocks, hobby farms and small acreage. • Also glazing and glass requirements

61 Wavell St, Horsham

Ph: 5382 2840 (All hours) Mob: 0427 051 755


• Servicing Kaniva, Nhill, Rainbow, Warracknabeal, Rupanyup, Stawell, Ararat and Halls Gap. • Professional Floor Service • Restoration Work • Parquet Resurfacing



Ph: 0417 302 551

5382 5429

9 Madden St, Horsham

Across town or interstate

Custom made trailers phone Gary on

0428 820 175

• Renovations and extensions, pergolas and decks and resurfacing concrete • Renovations throughout the Wimmera • Portable shower hire • Tiling David McMaster DB-U 39486

7 McPherson St, Horsham Ph 0437 985 319 Fax 03 5381 2725



*New Homes *Renovations *Extensions *Patch-ups *Suspended Ceilings *Rendering *Foam Cladding *Ornate Cornices * All jobs Plaster & Rendering Qualified Tradesmen, Quality Work Mobile: 0429 408 042 AH 5382 3030 FREE QUOTES Call Daniel

CARS, TRUCKS, BUSES, 4WD’S Located at:

18-20 Dimboola Road, Horsham PH. 5382 7737 AH. 0417 824 141


Cross Builders

T & L Popadynec

PAINTING ABN - 38 153 001 754

• Family run business • Extensions • Concreting

• New homes • Renovations • Pergolas & Decking

Phone - 5382 2817

Peter - 0418 524 879

• Fire hazard grass slashing of vacant blocks and small acreage • Weed spraying of vacant blocks and small acreage

Tim & Leah

Mob. 0439 022 870

For all your domestic painting needs!

Get your business featured here! For a weekly investment of just $38.50 you will receive an advertisement (as above) PLUS four 10 second radio commercials per week on both 3WM and Mixx FM


Wednesday, February 19, 2014

53982219 Sales 53982201 Rentals

53-55 Scott St Warracknabeal


on e right directi th in u o y g in Mov





















































$150,000 4 1+ SAV 1






















































Cheryl Gardiner Admin


4 Christine Morrow Property Manager



Lorraine Sleep Admin


1 Lynda Weir

Property Manager


2 John Hadley

Licensed Agent



Rob Lehmann Sales


Wednesday, February 19, 2014

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Animals & Accessories

Animals & Accessories


2 Alpacas, 2yo, flock protectors $330 Ferrets, male black-eyed pole’s, born Antique cedar wardrobe, 3 door, 1 07/11/13 $15, female adult black-eyed mirror door, GC $500 Ph 53581158 each incl Ph 53836208 Stawell 8 Poll Dorset rams, 1 1/2yo, Gudair white $20 Ph 53990508 Beulah vacc and Brucc acc $330 each incl Fish Tank, for sale, excellent working Antique Edwardian Dutchess, $550, condition, POA Ph 53582865 Stawell timber hall stand with cupboard $200, Ph 53836208 Grass Hay, small square bales, in both in EC Ph 0435824795 the shed, 450 left $7ono Ararat Ph Blackwood sideboard, 2 door, 2 Adorable miniature horses, 0408501630 drawers, oval mirror, backed $325 Ph young, friendly, nurtured from birth, Kelpie pups, vacc, microchipped and 53913136 golden palominos Ph 0418516253 wormed, m/c# 956000003636673, Concave Picture Frames, $80ea Ph Alpaca, all colours, from registered 956000003656427, 956000003430476 0428324210 $400 each Ph 0437476499 breeder, good rates Ph 53847380 Dinner set, Royal Dalton, 1970’s Miniature goat babies, currently bottle Harmony pattern, 8 person plus extras Alpaca, herd guards and pets, male feeding, both sexes, various colours, $2500 Ph 53548274 and female available, prices vary immunised, wormed, disbudded, Ph 0428852338 MGBA registered, potential A grade, Alpacas, breeding stock, pets and flock protectors, all stock guaranteed, inspections welcome, delivery available Ph 0427602773

from $250 Ph 0427340750

Minituare Purebred Poodle puppy, male, adorable, vacc and vet checked, m/c# 978102100104508 $700 Ph Appaloosa Horses, registered 53881314 geldings, 14 to 15 hands, yearlings Palomino mini horses, 1 colt, 1 to 3 year olds, colours and spots, well gelding, reg MHAA, show quality $400 handled $1500-$2500 Ph 53543264 each Ph 53870520 Aquasonic fish farm, air operated, 1500lt tank, inc filter equipment and chemicals, great for backyard hobby, EC $2500ono Ph 0428564676

Parrots for sale, princess parrots, turks, red rumps, and more, ring for prices Ph 0408535515

Caravans 2003 Spirit Camper Trailer, heavy canvas, 3 way fridge and small generator P89984 $7500ono Ph 0447398338

2006 Jayco Sterling pop-top, 18’ tandem ensuite RC/AC, elec/gas cooktop/oven, hot water, battery pack, m/wave, 3 way fridge, island d/b plus under storage, 240/12v, TV, radio, DVD, R/O awning, full annexe $30,000 Ph 0417502723 Cabana Pop-top Caravan, GC $3750ono Ph 0428504611 Natimuk

Camper trailer, Alum, 7x4, off-road with 23x18’ tent, lots of storage, deep cycle power, stainless kitchen, Fire Surround with cast iron and tiled pumped water, as new $6500ono Ph insert, over 100 yr old, VGC $900 Ph 0417578896 0439101170 Campervan, Goldstream Sovereign Leadlight Display Cabinet, $390 Ph 2000, special edition, bed flies, awning, 3 way fridge, microwave, 1 owner, 0427523317 EC, shedded $16,500 Ph 53820136 or Miners Lounge, $200 Ph 0428324210 0428972221 Old antique sunshine wooden box combine, best offer Ph 0427972106

Pekin Bantam Roosters, beautiful Arabian Filly, 2yo, must go to kind assorted colours $5each Ph knowledgeable home, easy to handle, 0437811661 reduced to $550ono Ph 53542792 Pet bunny Rabbits, mixed colours Assorted roosters, $5each, Guinnea $30each Ph 0407886419 fowl $15each Ph 0428564676 Piglets, Wessex Saddlebacks, Black Arab mare 12hh, been shown, from 6 weeks, ready to go $120 Ph Ridge pole tent with 4’ walls, 1 x 12’ x 0407886419 Moyston sound, exp. rider $400 Ph 54672235 14’, EC $70ono Ph 53852296 Boar Goat buck, 2yo $100 or swap for Pigs, black Bore and Sow $600 for Singer Treadle Sewing Machine, the pair, piglets 14 weeks old Ph same Ph 0437002002 beautiful stitcher, VGC, extras $300ono 0407399313 Lake Fynas area Ph 53581100 Border Leicester Ram, 1 and a Purebred Arabian, quiet 7yo, 14.3hh, Canterbury 19’-4’’ caravan, signature half yo, OJD vacc bruc ACC “staffa” bay gelding, broken and spelled, ready series pop-top, tandem axels, full $330inc Ph 0429944552 to go into work, make good all rounder annex, R/O awning, reg 11/14, new Baby Needs Border Leicester rams, 1/2yo $300 $2000 Ph 53524913 or 0407960457 tyres, q/bed, elec brakes, int/LED inc GST Ph 0427340814 fridge, gas cooktop, A/C, microwave, Quarter horse x thoroughbred, Toddler seat, Valco Siesta, for a VGC $24,000 Ph Barrie 53541424 or Budgies, various colours Ph 53827626 2yo gelding, well handled, great trimode runabout pram, EC $40 Ph 0488303587 temperament $1500 Ph 0437002002 Chestnut mare, 14hh, 13yo, great 0407564307 Horsham Caravan Jayco Freedom pop-top second pony but not for beginner, done Valco Bassinet for trimode runabout 2004, reg April, 2 singles, A/C, CD/ pony club, endurance rides, shows, pram, EC $40 Ph 0407564307 radio, side panels, EC also many gymkhanas, trail rides, jumped up to Horsham extras at bargain prices Ph 54681034 1m $3000ono Ph 0438547614 Caravan Pop-top, Golden Egal grand Chooks and Roosters, Frizzle Silkie, Business tourer, 19’6” rear O/S, single beds, lots of colours and sizes $7.50 each Ph front kitchen, club lounge, HWS, A/C, Opportunities 53951077 or 0429951077 deluxe tebbes annexe, EC $24,000 Clover hay, 100 small squares, Snack and Coffee vending machine Ph 0402194570 or 0408348566 Ararat good horse quality $10 plus GST Ph business for sale, earn a second Caravan, Avan Erin 2004 17’6 pop-top, 0418791859 Willaura income for 6 hours a week, established annex access, serviced & shedded sites all within Horsham, flexible hours Diamond python, beautiful markings, $20,000 Ph 53822998 $49,500 inc GST Ph 0457826332 after about two meters, handled daily, 2pm Ragdoll Kittens, purebred, seal point gender unknown, license required males, family raised in a smoke free $448 Ph 0438075837 home with children, vet checked, vacc, Ewes, pure breed, black face Suffolk’s, wormed, toilet trained, desexed, DOB Caravans from stud stock Ph 0419664345 Liz 25/11/13, m/c # 985141000804774, # 985141000804718 Ph 0428915271 04 Avan Rhys 16’ pop-top, gas stove Rams, Stud & flock Hampshire down, and oven, microwave, 3way fridge, s/ The Weekly Advertiser ovine brucellosis accred, July shorn, beds, battery pack, one owner $18,800 welcomes your advertising. 6-in-1 vaccinated, drenched, dipped Ph 53824030 We are required strictly by law $350 Ph Matt 0488159853 St Helens Caravan, Paramount 18’6”, 2005, 1982 Jayco Campervan, 3 way fridge, to include specific information Plains DB, 3-way fridge, 4-burner gas stove awning, boat rack, GC $5600 Ph on some items when and oven, AC, fridge, microwave, Roosters, Pure Wyandottes, French publishing your advertisement. Maroans, Minorcas $5 each Ph 53982240 battery, DVD surround sound, leadlight 2000 Roadstar Voyager, pop-top cupboards, r/o awning and new full A snapshot of your obligations 0427547636 low rider, pull out awning and annexe annexe, one owner, always shedded, are as follows: Staghound Wolfhound X male and cover, 3 way fridge, full oven, EC $29,500ono Ph 0428133100 ANIMALS pup, 6 weeks old $200 m/c # cook top, microwave, 2 SB, level Caravan, Windsor pop-top, excellent 956000003427200 Ph 0429326632 *All for-sale advertisements, riders, independent suspension, for either cats or dogs must Stud & Commercial Black Suffolk VGC, N43321 reduced $15,500 Ph value, clean, comfortable, roll out awning, island double bed, extras Rams & Ewe’s Ph 0427848280 0427970970 Ararat include one of the following: included $10,000 Ph 53562310 or Dadswells Bridge • Individual microchip 0400699039 White Dorper ewes, good shedders, numbers small lots available, ready to mate, • Vet certificate to exclude 8mths old Ph 0447275737

individual animals from needing microchips • Domestic animal-business number

Wiltshire Horn Rams, young, purebred, no shearing needed $150 Ph 53899295 or AH 0431649531


*The Weekly Advertiser reserves the right to accept or refuse advertisements.

2003 Jayco pop-top, 17’6”, large single beds, AC, microwave, gas/ 1930’s dressing table, wooden, GC electric hotplates, griller, 3 way fridge, $200 Ph 0497568700 Ararat electric w/pump, rollout awning, full Antique cedar wardrobe, 2 door, GC annexe, EC $18,500 Ph 0400138106 $700 Ph 53581158 Stawell Ararat


Caravans Jayco Swan Campervan 1986, 6 berth, new L/T tyres, as new bed flies, awning and annexe, GC, reg to 01/15 C55350 $9500ono Ph 0427861316

Commercial Equipment Drink Fridge, Orford, 2 glass doors, shelves and lights $1200 Ph 0417101120

Orfod black commercial 2-door Light weight viscount caravan, fridge, for flowers, wine or drinks, 860KG, all new inside, heavy duty highlights colours, works well $1500 annex, EC, reg 01/15 $11,500ono Ph Ph 0417101120 Cororomal Apollo 535 ‘96 model, 0418143402 17’’6’’ length, reg 12/14, tandem axel, Computers & electric brakes, front kitchen, 3 way fridge, microwave, hot water mains tap, Entertainment d/bed, under bed storage, two room 17 PlayStation and 4 Xbox games, annex, floor matting, extra awning, pole rated G and PG $100 the lot or will holder, front boot, two spare wheels, separate Ph 0407096228 GC, lots of extras $15,000ono Ph 53585940 Motorhome, fully equipped, Nintendo Wii, sky lander game, with 7 1978 Domino Coach, complete fit out sky landers, Wii fit board, 5 games and and overhaul 2003, roof raised, new accessories, over $500 worth selling front, new external skin diesel motor, for $200 Ph 0418747676 5 spd auto trans both reconditioned, fully equipped solar operation, modern elecs, full size shower, toilet, QB bed, Farm Machinery recliners, modern kitchen storage bins underneath incl grey, black and fresh 1000L Water Carrier, solid steel, ex water tanks split system, rev camera, DPI, can mount pump/fire hose $1000 Fifth Wheeler 2010 model, spree 28’ heaps of extras, incls tandem box Ph 0400919769 Prime Mover 2007 Holden Rodeo, EC, trailer for small 4WD with extra storage, reg to 05/14, 2 slide outs, separate min off road, only 118,500km since 1995 Kenworth T400, 6 cyl cummins shower and toilet, gas hotplate and 2003 Ready to travel for others to 10 spd, 8 bag suspension, PTO, oven, large kitchen, plenty of storage, enjoy $62,500ono inspect anytime Ph HYD, ball race, T/Table, AC, XSO430 2 door fridge freezer, solar panel, 0408127425 Horsham $25,000 Ph 0419323118 grey, fresh and black water, all electric 200L Mister, 8HP motor $550 Ph Outback camper 2003 4x4 sturdy wiring and plumbing done to Australian construction, with awning, q/bed, rear 0428911459 standards, lots of underneath storage, slide out kitchen, electric brakes $5750 24 row Massey 500 combine $400 Ph reluctant sale, T11094 $84,000 Ph Ph 0427574264 0427972106 0407434003 Jayco 2011 Swan Camper Van, EC, bed flys & bag awning, used twice only, microwave and 3 way fridge, reg until 01/14, only selling to upgrade, REDUCED $19,500 Ph 0417506599 or 53820429 6x6 Acco truck with 14’ right way 2 Reduced 2001 Roma pop-top, 14ft, bin grouper with elevator, grouper has s/beds, EC, back entry $12,500 Ph remote open/close electric actuators 53548223 on both bins, 9hp vanguard motor, rear Regal Comfort Tourer, 16ft, air-con, camera and roll tarp, unit has been full annex, micro inverter, single axle, cleaned up and repainted, runs very well, VGC $27,500 inc Ph 0429670012 reg E23516 $10,500 Ph 0422173617 Jayco Campervan 2011, immaculate, almost new, bag flys, e/brakes, dream to tow, tare 993kgs, reg til 05/14, fully equip, ready to go $20,500neg Ph 53521424 or 0438835600

Slide-on Camper, Millard 1985, 3 AFM Cultivator, 43ft floating hitch, berth, fridge, stove, battery pack, GC air kit, 340 pound break out, GC $27000+GST Ph 0429383705 $4500 Ph 0439797922 or 53871504 Tent trailer Tambo Cooper 2003, off-road, q/s bed, large tool box, gas bottle, water tank, stove $5000 Ph 0447550204

Air seeder, Connorsheo, 20’ scarifier plus 3RS-T, harrows plus PTO trailer bin, no rust, GC $3850 inc Ph 53870522 AH or 0459728544

Viscount 15’ Caravan 1970’s, Alfarm A550 bin and Urea spreader, unregistered $1900 Ph 0427523317 new spare belt included, VGC Stawell $15,000ono inc GST Ph 53894258 or Viscount Ambassador, 17ft, with gas 0428894258 Dimboola electric fridge and hot plate $2500 Ph Auckland Field Bin, $1500 Ph 0428919275 53590232, 53581430 or 0427590232 Jayco Expanda 2010 Outback 16-49, 4 birth pop-top family van, easy Viscount pop-top aerolite, EC, plenty Auger Grainline 46’ x 8’’, 20hp, towing 133kg, ball weight 1400kg tare, of storage, TV, microwave $6000 Ph vanguard, rev gear box, poly hopper, 0422898036 new 2010, less than 10hrs use, cost includes awning, anti flappers, hot $12,000 inc GST, sell for $9000 inc water system, A/C, privacy screens GST Ph 0428846285 and battery pack plus all the outback features, in EC, would suit new buyer Auger, Grainline Grouper, GC $3600 $31,500 Ph 0428216218 Ph 0417538886

Jayco Expanda Outback, 2008, battery pack, roll out awning, full annexe, bed flys, great family van, very spacious, one owner, immaculate condition $29,500ono Ph 0438887732 Windsor Caravan, one owner, A/C, 4 or 53874235 burner stove and griller, microwave, 3 Jayco Expander, 16’ pop-top, 12/05 way fridge, lovely interior of soft green, build, 3-way fridge, roll out awning, d/bed, R.O awning and annex, always inner-spring mattress, microwave shedded, EC $16,900 Ph 53826676 or $22,000 Ph 0419351246 0428826676 Jayco Flight 1998, pop-top, 6 berth, reg til 2/10/14, full annexe, fly screens blue upholstery and curtains, EC for age, 50L water tank, 210L Electrolux 2 way fridge, 2 burner gas stove and grill, 2x 240 internal double power points, near new tyres and spare, front tool box, deceased estate, 863191 $8500neg Ph 53521948 or Compass 15ft Pop Up Caravan 0444802571 1993, island double bed, wardrobes, Jayco Pop-top, 90’s series, 15ft 6 Windsor Caravan, twin beds, front hot plates, 3 way fridge, sink, inches, 2 single bunks, double also kitchen, gas oven and hotplates, plenty plenty cupboard space, EC, light an option, 3 way refrigerated, oven, 4 of storage, easy to two, EC, always blue interior E27531 $15,000 burner cooktop D43065 $10,000ono garaged, REDUCED to $7000ono Ph Ph 0402302028 Robyn 0417556879 Ph 53581787 AH

Auger, PTO driven/working order, 33x7 $800 Ph 0419389693 Boomspray 2000lt Silvan tandem simplicity susp. 60’ hyd lift, fold broom, D.S foam, elec controls $11,000 Ph 0427871404 Canola Pickup & Trailer, John Deere 615, 15ft, GC $35000 plus GST Ph 0427781265 Case IH 1010 front, 30’ with 28’ smale pea plucker $7000 plus GST Ph 0428378130 Case MX 180, Trimble steer ready, 3m spacing, 1999 model, 4850hrs, tyres 80% $66,000 inc Ph 0428837235 Chamberlain 4490 FWA, linkage, new clutch, water pump, GC $21,500ono Ph 0427902322 Class 180 RC Baler, wrecking been burnt near new knives $1000 Ph 0408588652 Class 96 Header, 5000hrs, 25ft finger reel, trailer $10,000+GST Ph 0427861052 Kaniva


Farm Machinery

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Farm Machinery

For Sale

Combine, Case 5120, Johns u/c SSB fingers harrows, EC $8000ono Ph 0428334323 Combine, Inter A62, 9” sp SSB finger harrows, goes well $2000ono Ph 0428334323 Famson 40 Foot x 7 Inch Auger, hydraulic $4000ono, 25 foot ford scarfire $2000ono, John Deere 40 foot cultivator $4000ono Ph 53832215 leave a message or 0427832215 Farm gates, c/w gate sets, 2 at 2.8, 3 at 3.6 $550 Ph 0410586482 Fencing auger, 3inch, almost brand new $330inc Ph 53502339 Fergie 35 Tractor, 2 stage clutch, 2 spd, PTO mech sound, 3PL, rotary hoe and assorted other implements $3900 Ph 53542542 or 0409803298

Massey Ferguson, 14 plate, disc plough $500 Ph 0419867539 Mister 400 Litre Poly Tank, engine 30 tonne log splitters, split driven fan, electronic controls $1320 horizontally and vertically, 6.5hp Ph 0408588652 engine, assembled and test run $1370 Mulcher, 4 metres wide, height wheels inc GST Ph 53891541 $13200 Ph 0408588652 6’x4’ steel trailer, 1/8 plate floor, EC, Pea Plucker, Smale, 30ft on trailer, GC reg 07/14 $575ono Ph 0428516642 $8500inc GST Ph 0427781265 Airless spray unit pump, Greco Petrol/Kero Fordson major tractor Construction King $6000 Ph 53582131 1956, a goer but needs some work Aluminium ladder, Bailey, 120kg load, $1000ono Ph 0400356147 extends to 5.83m, VGC $150ono Ph Portable sheep yards, Thorton, 22 0419180196 panel, VGC $4800 Ph 53581825

Field bins, 2 Sherwell, 1 Jaeschke $12,000 the lot or will separate Ph Prickle Chain, approx 32’ $7000 Ph 53931451 0432401690 Flexi coil, 550 pound tynes, price neg Reco Catipillar starter mower, Ph 0428911459 12V, part no. OR5208 $400ono Ph Fuel tank, Silvan diesel, 400L with 12v 0429951357 pump and hose $440inc Ph 53502339 Reco Remy starter motor, model Fuel tanks, 800lt and 100lt $500neg no. 11141.10, 12V $400ono Ph for the lot Ph 0428911459 0429951357 Avanti Quantum 2 Carbon Road Gear Pump, 2 inch with 13hp Bike, size XL/59.5, colour nickel red, Honda reduction drive, EC $2750 Ph schimano 105 gears, brand new, never 0408588652 ridden $1400 Ph 0457810223 Goldacres 5000 Litre Sprayer, Axe, 3pt linkage, hyd wood super 28 meter boom, hydraulic drive, $1800 Ph 0428504725 transcal, chem hopper, foam marker, Bar fridge, 125lt, VGC $140 Ph 440DB controller, VGC $44,000 Ph 0427523317 0408588652 Barn, 40 x 20, good roof and floor, red Grey Fergie Tractor T20, some accessories, goes well $3000 Ph Semi Tipper Bogie, 25ft x 6ft, TOA, gum stumps $500 Ph 53981825 53825117 or 0418353633 QR, grain chute $16,500ono inc Ph BBQ, 4 burner with mobile stand and hood $50 Ph 0427630051 0428540644 Silos, 7x60t, Jaeschke, Tarranyurk district $5200 each plus GST Ph 0428975294

Grey Ferguson Tractor, TO20, 12V, runs well, reduced to $3000ono Ph Ron 53584799 Stawell Hardie Boomspray, TPL, 600L, 10m FM $2800 Ph 0417538886 Hay Rake, New Holland NH56, EC $2450 plus GST Ph 0487308718 Hay trailer, round bale, capacity 6 rolls $2000 Ph 53590232 Header JD8820 X2, both goers 3500hrs, 2 30’ open front on trailers and one pick up front, always shedded, immaculate $35,000 the lot inc GST Ph 0428334323 Header Shearer 110, 14’ western front $660 Ph 530904201 Mob 0488904201 Brim Header, Case 2166, 3000 hours, EC, 25ft front, trailer, harvest ready $85,000 Ph 0418541224 Header, International, 1420, Pea front, Leith comb trailer, many extras, EC $20,000 + GST Ph 0448891486 Horwood Bagshaw 24 run, fair condition levermatic $600 Ph 0432401690 Howard 5 Foot Rotary Hoe, Selecta Tilth $2795 Ph 53891499 Hydraulic Power Pack, Honda motor large oil tank $1650 Ph 0408588652 Illabo Bunker Auger, 12” 70’ with a 15’ swivel shoot, Perkins turbo motor, perfect for filling and emptying up to 25 meter bunkers $28,000ono Ph 0428918222 Inter 710, 16’ PDO header $600 Ph 0427972106

Bed single dark stain pine, VGC $75 Ph 0400107718

Bed, futon, queen size innerspring Silvan 300 Litre Linkage Sprayer, mattress $400 Ph 53822911 $880 Ph 0408588652 Black Plastic, 8 new rolls, 4m x 50m, Silvan Slasher, PTO 3pt linkage, 4’ suitable for grain shed floors and wide $1100ono Ph 0427322006 or bunkers $1200 Ph 0427323041 53541270 Willaura Bob-cat Toyota SDK-8, skid steer, Slasher, 6ft, 3pl, HD, berends, fair full eng reco 170hrs ago, steer pump reco, new drive motors, new seals in condition $2500 Ph 0428894228 roms, no oil leaks, new seat, 4 in 1 Solar pump, bore or dam, mono bucket and G.P. bucket $12,500ono model 2 MO222 MK 300 watt, includes Ph 0408272406 floats, filter, cable, safety wire, auto cut off, panel stand, no solar panel, no Camping fridge, 3 way, 12v 240 and control box, EC $1500 Ph 53564463 or gas, 35-40lt, chest cold mark 2, EC $300ono Ph 0429393549 0427670612 Stainless Steel Tanks, insulated, Car trailer, 14 x 6’ 6’’ U80-835 $4000 various sizes $0.50 per litre Ph Ph 0428820175 0408588652 Carpet cleaning equipment, portable Stihl O5I Chainsaw, VGC, 3 spare extractor, booster box, carpet and upholstery wand, vacuum hoses, pre bars $600 Ph 53583326 soaker, tile cleaner etc, all here to Tank, 95,500ltr, galvanised maxi, 2” start your own business $6000 Ph outlet and ball valve, ladder, lockable 0488435083 access hatch, plus extras $4800 Ph Carport, Ranbuild double gable roofed 0418304855 - zinc, 5.8m W x 6m L x 2.6m H, fully Taylor-way Offset Disk, 56 plate engineered, still in packing $3000 or $11,200 Ph 0418553990 Kaniva best offer Ph 0407649916 Horsham Thorton portable sheep yards, 22 Cartoon memorabilia, includes panel, GC $4800 Ph 0417538886 ‘Bluey’ and ‘Curly’ and other originals, Tractor tyres, 2 of 14.9 x 28’’ $350 or package deal Ph 53823211 will separate Ph 53911884 Chainsaw Stihl 028, super 51cc, 16 Trailing Boom, 80’, Andy line, not inch bar, one owner, mint condition, workshop and field tested, 3 months plumbed $800 Ph 0428837235 warranty $550 Ph 0439723289 Transcal gold acres $250 Ph Chainsaw STIHL MS390, c/w case, 2 0428837235 spare chains, 12V sharpener, 10L fuel Truck 1952 International, AL162 $1500 can $725 Ph 0409523182 Horsham Ph 0488733906 Chainsaw, new Poulan-Pro 46cc, 18” Truck tyres, 2 of 10.00 x 20, RWC bar $300 Ph 0428504725 $200 or will separate Ph 53911884 Chipper stroke shredder, 13hp, 2’’ Water Truck ‘91 Isuzu FVZ, 1400 capacity, EC $450 Ph 55701161 long, 18,000L mag sprays etc. TDR392 Concrete cutter, Husqvarna, 371k, $66,000neg Ph 0408504096 14” $1200 Ph 0428504725

For Rent

For Sale

For Sale

Generator 4KVa, near new, 7hp, 1x3 Petrol motor, TWM 5.5HP with 2.1 Trailer crate, steel 92’x68’ $250 Ph phase and 3x240V outlets $420 Ph reduction box, new $300ono Ph 0427523317 0428504725 0429802177 Horsham Trailer tandem 8 x 5, heavy duty, Gold detector, Minelab GP extreme Pine Floorboards, old, lifted out of extra high sides, hyd brakes, 2 door, plus accessories $3250ono Ph woolshed, best offer Ph 0408588652 spare tyre, jockey wheel, L.E.D lights, 0408127425 Pot Belly Heater $200 Ph 0427523317 all wiring solder joined, all Australian Hay, Lucerne and Clover in small Pressure washer, hot water, industrial, made, no down grade or seconds steel squares, this seasons, $10 each or reconditioned pump, 240v, single used $2650 Ph 0400562627 $8 for 20 or more Ph 0428852338 phase, in A1 condition, inspection Trailer, 6x4 ‘major’ builders trailer Horsham $1500ono Ph 0427820638 welcome $1990ono Ph 0409851412 Hay, Lucerne/rye, wheat, rye pasture, Trailer, new galvanised, 8 x 5 tandem, fresh small squares and rolls, pick up ch/plate floor, new wheels/spare, L/ west of Horsham or delivery Horsham truck tyres, jockey/w, 900mm galv cage area available Ph 0418584308 $2780 Ph 0437808140 Henslite Dreamline Bowls, size 1H and case $300 and circulation booster $150 Ph 53521142 Hitachi compound mitre saw, approx 10 yrs old $340 Ph 53881238 Toolondo area

Trampoline, 3m round $60 Ph 53823092

Quiptron 2, S609 automatic sand filter and clear water C140T, Salt Chlorinator and Podrite SQI600, 1.1kw water pump to match, been shedded and in good order $1150 Ph 0428177264 Raco Stump muncher, self propelled, forward reverse gear, 2 sets of teeth, goes well $2000 Ph 0422898036 Rail top tarp, 24 x 8, VGC $200 Ph 53981825

Honda Oddyssey FL250 Buggy, chassis-up rebuild, VGC, VIN# JH3TB040ZEC703822 $3000 Ph 0419589583

REDUCED! Hydraulic Landing Legs for Semi Trailer, with wheels, $400 Ph 0419323118

House bricks, 2500, s/hand, clean, ready to lay, $2000ono Ph 0418535801

Howard Rotavator Gem, G20 model Relocatable Unit. 5 x 10m at Pomonal, fully restored, needs Kohler motor Metal clad - insulated roof and walls, new floor coverings and blinds, EC $475 Ph 0411419516 Ararat Open to offers located at Pomonal Howard Terrier Rotary Hoe, Fitted Ph 0419565953 for information and with brigs engine, Howard engine & inspection parts available to put back to original $500 Ph 53824038 AH or 0427322623 Ride-on Mower Greenfield, evolution 3 deluxe, 13HP, bos 32” cut, $2000 Ph Jarrah Timber, skip dressed, 0427529818 180x35x1.8 $30, 90x35x1.8 $20 Ph Ride-on Mower, Cub Cadet 46” 23HP, 0417507882 Stawell kohler, EC $1650 Ph 0447345085 Kioti (MTD) 42” Ride-on Mower, 20hp ROK Electric Vacuum Blower, $2950 Ph 53891499 never used, still in box $100ono Ph 0447539415

Household Items Clothes dryer, Simpson 5kg, model 39S500 $250 Ph 0409957620 Couch, leather, beige, very comfortable recliner $350ono Ph 0467556877

Couches, 1x 3-seater, 1x 2seater, Red Cherry, hardly used, 100% leather, can deliver in Horsham area, EC $2000 will separate Ph 53827788 D.bed mattress, single base mattress. VGC $100 Ph 53891926

Tray to suit prime mover $1800ono inc Deep Freeze, chest type, Kelvinator, GST Ph 0428894258 270L, VGC $335 Ph 53582465 Stawell Trimmer, Husqvarna, new, 24c $180 Deep Freeze, Westinghouse, 393L, Ph 0428504725 3yo, GC $180 53582263 UHF radio, Uniden, 80 channel model Desk, solid timber, walnut, 2 drawers UH089NB with ariel, EC $180 Ph + file drawer, keyboard shelf, TV shelf, 0423706954 1400 x 710 x 780h $100 Ph 53820159 Water cartage tank, rapid spray, or 0429820159 15400lts, can be reduced to any size Diamond Creek Timber coffee table, down to 4200lts, with 4” camhock GC $250ono Ph 0447010173 out let, retail $18,000, sale price $10,000ono Ph 0419323118 Horsham Dining Chairs, 2 x Straight Backed Edwardian $200 Ph 53562301 Wood heater fabricated, suit shed or outdoor entertaining area $400 Ph Dining suite, round table with 6 Thonet Bentwood chairs, VGC $500 0400606378 Ph 53911471 Wood Heater, freestanding $200 Ph Dining table and chairs, custom 0427523317 made, black wood with red velvet Yanmar diesel engine, 37,8HP, suits parts or rebuild $500 Ph 0400236535 chairs, 1.82m x 1.04m $650 Ph 53825125 or 0417765017

Household Items

Dining table teak extendable (6-8), 8 fabric chairs, VGC $650 Ph 53524062 Ararat

2nd hand U-shaped kitchen, 1970 x 3000 x 1850mm, inc. laminate tops, sink and Westinghouse electric cooktop, oven and range-hood $600ono Ph 0439610481

6 Chairs, including 2 carvers moss green vinyl padded seats and backs black metal frames $300, table, laminex top, 120cm x 90cm, strong black, metal frame $75, Westinghouse fridge, white, 2 door, 220lt $200 Ph Dining Table, inlayed walnut timber 53548274 top, 14 chairs including 2 carvers, EC Rover ride on, 38’’ cut, 11½ hp, with Air Conditioner, mobile refrigerated, $2995ono Ph 0488743263 trailer $1100ono Ph 0467362436 as new $290 Ph 0427523317 Dining Table, walnut with metal legs, Rye grass, large round netted Air Conditioner, window mount, six fabric chairs $650 Ph 53822911 bales, $40 per bale Ph 53839291 or works well and runs very quiet $95 Ph Double Bed, Camelot black 4 poster, 0400641056 or 0438044389 0427523317 white curtains and mattress as new Sack trucks, new $25 Ph 0410586482 Bar Fridge, 3ways power $90 Ph $950ono Ph 53502280 Scanner, Uniden model UBC733XLT 0467556877 Entertainment Unit, 1.45 x 0.50 x Klamp Wheel Lock, 100% protect all bands external ariel, EC $180 Ph 0.55m, includes CD storage shelves your car, size 195mm, its new, delivery 0423706954 and drawer $550 Ph 53822911 Wimmera $90 Ph 0400543038 Shop counter, pine teak, charcoal Entertainment unit, lead light laminate top, 2 x 1.2 x 600, VGC $175 solid pine, Puddle Lane, 1900cm L Ph 0427523317 x 1320cm H x 60cm D, full height leadlight doors either side $800 or best offer Ph 0407649916 Horsham

Kubota BX1860 2011 Tractor, with front end loader and kanga 1.2m slasher, only 35hrs use, diesel, 4wd, Sports ground marker plus one bag EC $16,000 Ph 53595264 of marking powder, new condition Lawn mower, 4 stroke Icon, EC $60 $500ono Ph 0427881236 Ph 55701161 Stiga ride on mower, 6.5 stroke, 63 Lawn mower, Pro-Scape walk behind, model, EL63, GC $1000 Ph 53982486 6HP Kawasaki motor, new $900ono Ph Swimming pool, 50,000L, above 0428504725 ground, includes filter, fittings, accessories, solar blanket and roller, solar heating, gate, fencing, fully operational, GC, purchaser to dismantle and remove $4900 Ph 53820857

Sylvanian Doll Collection, grand hotel, 2 houses, cars, caravan, shops, lots furniture, 53 dolls including rare wedding group and much more, EC, Concrete sealer, 5 drums, clear, 20L, 1 drum of Solvent thinner, 20L $820 or Lincoln AS400/50 welder, EC $4500 cost $1500, will sell complete $550 Ph 53582131 Ph 53972020 will separate Ph 0427820638

International A6-1 Combine, 24 run, SSB, C/Harrows, SR, ex con $2850 Room for rent, suit 2 people, Diesel oil, Dello 400, 70L $250 Ph plus GST Ph 0487308718 cleaned each week, ring Dianne Ph 0410586482 Jackman powder pickler, price neg 0457216705 Dimplex Refrigerated Air Cooler, Ph 0428911459 reverse cycle, portable, as new, $550 JD 7720 Header, reverse feed, dual Ph 53596260 or 0439855993 speed drum, 230 front, comb trailer, For Sale Dining chairs, Spindle back, total GC $17,500ono Ph 0428821394 8, as new $400 or will separate Ph John Deer D450 Windsteer, 378hrs, 2 Polymaster Tanks, rain water, 53881314 with roller, auto steer ready, no front, 32,000L or 7000G, as new $6000 will Double Bunk Bed, silver with top machine only $104,500 inc GST Ph separate Ph 0429909290 mattress, VGC $280 Ph 0408222466 0427781265 Jacko Federation Side Board and Oak John Deere 1075, hydro 4, 224 front, Writing Desk $650 Ph 03 53566369 good tyres, lots extras $9900 Ph 0428664490 Fibreglass shower recess, sliding brown glass doors, new condition, John Deere 9660 STS, chopper, 1850x900x7400 $195 Ph 0427523317 harvest ready, c/- 2012, Macdon 35ft FD70 flex draper and Leith trailer, as Firescreen, sturdy steel $80 Ph new condition, will consider splitting 53823833 $299,200 inc GST Ph 0458825551 Floor boards, Baltic Pine, 145mm x John Deere Tractor, 8760, 300HP, 23mm, various lengths, approx 400m 24sp power shift, 8000hrs, GC $25,000 $2000 Ph 0408912292 inc Ph 0428212996 2007 Sym HD200, 21,000kms, new Freezer, chest 700lt, EC $800 Ph Kioti DS3510, 4WD 4 in 1 FEL belts and rollers, new battery, Oct rego 0419595132 $25,391 Ph 53891499 GC895 $2550 Ph 0417580747 Gas heater LPG, portable Rinnai Kubota B1750 Tractor, $5495, 1m 2008 Baroni scooter, 125cc petrol, convector, flexible bayonet connector, slasher $1395 Ph 53891499 1100km, VGC, reg 07/14, IS576 VG unit $300 Ph 53811093 Massey 35 Petrol Tractor, good tyres, REDUCED to $1950 Ph 0408222466 Gas hot water unit, Rheem, 90L, town Ararat ROPS $3850 Ph 0408588652 gas $130 Ph 0427523317

For Sale

Log Splitter, 40 tonne, only split approx 3 T, no further use $1300 Ph 54662335 Mig Welder, 320 austmig S phase with traveller, heavy duty, EC, on transporter wheels $1000ono Ph 0427874213 Mini bike 110, rarely used $800 Ph 0410586482 Noritake (Evansdale) dinner set, Table round resin, easy store, 4 steel EC, 8 settings, 56 pieces, $400 Ph chairs, EC $199 Ph 0412936307 53825283 Tent, Macpac Minaret, 2 person, 4 Oaten hay, small square bales $7 Ph seasons, tunnel tent, fly and inner, 0418824724 VGC $350 Ph 0487227965 Old wooden wagon, needs some Timber flooring, Cowley pine, 6” x 1” work Ph 0427972106 boards $800ono Ph 0429981984

Bar, with built in downlights, mahogany colour, VGC $1599 Ph 53584868

Executive 3 drawer desk, teak Bath, free standing, 1800x850x800, laminate desk, EC $220ono Ph white acrylic, pick up only, as new 0428564422 $1200 Ph 0419500757 Federation style wooden single Bed settee, queen size, sage colour, beds, GC $100 each Ph 0437760291 VGC $400 Ph 0467362436 Filing cabinet, two draw, no key, VGC Blackwood Leadlight writing desk, $30 Ph 0419180196 GC, $150 Ph 0437760291 Freezer 150L, chest, Heller $210 Ph Book shelf, G/C, 4L, pine colour $55 0427523317 Ph 0427523317 Fridge, Panasonic, brand new, 90L, Boori Classic white cot/bed, change still in original box $180 Ph 53582263 table and chest of drawers, includes Gas heater, Rinnai energy saver mattress and change mat, near new 551FT, natural gas $600 or best offer condition $1200 Ph 0411377997 Ph 0407649916 Horsham Horsham Household Furniture, couch/futon, Bread maker, Sunbeam Quantum 2x entertainment units, student desk, Smart Bake, EC, used once $100 Ph bar stools, bar fridge, EC $250 or will 53522053 separate Ph 0400573984 Buffet 1940’s Tudor style with pie crust Household items, queen size bed edging $145 Ph 0427523317 Stawell metal and wood frame, S/P single Bunk DB, ideal teenager facility for mattress, black extendable dining desk or lounges, metal frame $250 table, 8 chairs, coffee table with a drawer $350 or will separate Ph Ph 53525760 53502280 or 0447660707 Household Package, TV unit, dining table, pinto chairs, 3 drawers lowboy Ph 53822256 or 0429822256 IKEA q/bed frame, slats and mattress, as new $295 Ph 53820290 Horsham

Orders Taken, for small square bales Tool Boxes, assorted, ex Powercore, of oaten hay, at Kalkee $5 a bale lockable Ph 0428837235 in paddock Ph 53832215 leave a message or 0427832215

Juice Extractor, Breville BJE200, new, still in box $80 Ph 53825125 or 0417765017

Outside toilet, GC $200 Ph 53981825

King size ensemble, Sleep To Live, 1000 series, top of range, as new $1000 Ph 53522057

Palm tree, small, well established, $50 Ph 0410438550 Pea Straw/Garden mulch, weed free, $5 delivered Horsham area Ph Tradesmans Steel Full Length Roof 0407011084 Rack, could also be used for a boat, for Peddle power bike scooter with new std Ute tray, heavy duty, 3.3m x 1.37m battery $750ono Ph 0417119487 $250 Ph 0417025244

Childs matching desk, chair and bookcase in peach and cream $200 Ph 0418175930

Kitchen table, circular, one metre, four metal and one cane chairs $300 Ph 53822911

Claw foot bath Ph 53824038 or 0427322623

Laminex table, 1952, 5’ x 3’, plus 4 chairs, VGC $150 Ph 0419180196

Household Items Large Computer Desk, with many compartments, GC $50 Ph 0437706291 Linen Cupboard, H 86cm, W 136cm, D 73cm, EC $220 Ph 53820113 Lounge suite, 3 seater reclining couch and 2 reclining chairs, chocolate suede $1500ono Ph 0407098010

Lounge suite, 6 piece Tessa T4 premium, leather, EC, 2x2.5 couches, 3 lounge chairs, foot stool and glass top coffee/lamp table, no sun or animal damage $3000 Ph Helen 53911111 or 0427042750 Nhill

Marine The Weekly Advertiser welcomes your advertising. We are required strictly by law to include specific information on some items when publishing your advertisement. A snapshot of your obligations are as follows: BOATS All advertisements for boats must include: • Hull number or registration number of the boat If a trailer is included with the boat, the advertisement must also include: • Registration number or chassis number of the trailer.


2009 Honda CRF 100F, EC $2500 Ph 0427894207

2010 Kawasaki Ninja 250R (EX250J), learner approved, 5150kms, black, reg 08/14 1C5FQ $3950 Ph Andrew 0428380775

Moran Contemporary Macro Fibre, 3 seater lounge and one slipper chair, EC $550 Ph 0428923251 Natuzzi Lounge suite, VGC, 2 seater and 3 seater, chocolate brown Dream 5.4 Savage Lancer cubby cab, fibre $500ono Ph 0429989120 115 Mercury, 324hrs deck wash, FM Over Mantle, H 132cm, W 116cm, D radio, Garmin GPS, compass, Koden 15cm, 6 mirrors, antique, handcrafted, colour sounder, UHF $14,500ono Ph 0437744630 EC $500 Ph 53820113

Single bed mattress and base, Sleepmaker Captn’s Choice, as new $295 Ph 53820290 Horsham

2013 KTM SSXF250, EC, engine rebuild, first to inspect will buy $5500 Ph 0448560006 CRF 250R, 2011, brand new rebuilt motor, spares $5700ono Ph 0429204037 or 53840375

Farm Bike, Honda CT 125cc 1974, great condition for age, ready to ride Fishing boat, Stessl 4.3m alloy, $700 Ph 0434672909 Rhymney forward control, half Bimini cover, Gas Gas Pampera 400 2006, both full travel cover, radio, fish finder, tyres near new, EC, comes with extras handrails, bulge pump, clearance $3600ono Ph 0437726831 lights, 40hp Johnson outboard, elec start, power tilt and trim, noble, tilt trailer, boat and trailer reg Oct, AE329 $7000 Ph 0407521992 A/H Ararat Jet Ski, 650SX, reg AE575, spares $2700ono Ph 0429204037 or 53840375

Kayak, Zambesi 2.6m, inflatable Single bed, solid timber, with good with paddle, seat and pump $195 Ph quality mattress, EC $390ono Ph 0487227965 0417162420 Goldwing 1500cc, 6cyl, CR711, 1989 model, includes trailer, 6mths reg Timber coffee table, 115cm L, 5cm $9000 Ph 0422898036 W x 55cm H, GC $50 Ph 0447010173 Timber furniture, Diamond Creek, matching set, hall stand $100 each, price for full set is negotiable Ph 0417571806 Tumble Dryer, gas/electric, VCG $275 Savage Avenger 14’’ fibreglass, 90hp Ph 0427523317 Johnson, Bimini, new windscreen, carpet, sport hydrofoil, 12 mth reg, NB968, trailer, LED’s, new tyres, Harley Fatboy 1996, RWC, many rollers, bearing bud, 12 mth reg, extras, S&S carby, 88 cube, EC, reg WP031, $15500 Ph 0458121615 P14435 $6400 Ph 0407979866 Savage Gull, 11’, 99 model, 15hp Johnson, mech A1, all safety gear, nav lights, many extras, reg til 10/14 ZN016 $3250ono Ph 0407567247

3.4 Savage Boat and trailer, 15hp, Yamaha, F/F, Bimini $3750ono Ph 0414840645

Honda XR600 98, fresh engine, strong Motorbike Trailer, 3 Bike, new tyres, fast bike, GC, with extras $3000ono Ph jellybean mags, led lights, ready to use $700 Ph 0434672909 Rhymney 0417578896 Kawasaki KLX250H 2007, 2400km, unreg, VIN# JKALXMH177DA19917 $4400 Ph 0428502381 Lake Bolac

4.29 Sea-way 15’ boat, 40hp merc motor EFI, low hours, all safety gear, 6 life jackets, as new condition, PG727, trailer 063987 2012 model, Bimini cover and cover for motor, 2 rod Gopher, Invacare-Comet Alpine, top of holders $17,000 Ph 53810806 the range, immaculate condition, used 4.8 Savage Osprey, Yamaha 70hp, for only 3 months, still in warranty, cost approx 20hrs, Garmin fish finder/GPS, $5000 sale $4300 Ph 0417101840 Kawasaki Workhorse ATV, model marine radio, electric bilge pump, Kate KLF 250, only 201kms, as new, first Anchor, reg AA879, Mackay trailer, EC, Lift Chair, blue fabric electric to see will buy, bargain $3250 Ph reg D26530 $11,500 Ph 0417368363 Brampton, EC $400 Ph 53523542 0409523182 Horsham

2002 Holden Commodore VX, manual, 135,000kms, VGC, RRA511 $6500 Ph 0438522841


Motor Vehicles $3000 - $10,000 Holden Astra, 2001, manual, silver, local car, cruise control QVF654 $3000ono Ph 0447398338 Holden Commodore VZ, Shanghai red, Berlina, spoiler, EC, RWC, TKK011 $6900ono Ph 0425420550

Hyundai Elantra 2001, auto, 187,000kms, ideal first car RDB911 $3500 Ph 0428504873 Magna 1998 TF, GC, RWC, 153,000kms, 4 new tyres, reg til 07/14 WDH370 $3250 Ph 53549281 Mercedes Benz, 300ce 24, 1991 collectors item, 5spd auto, sunroof, 2 door coupe, EC, nice mags, tyres, as new, drives beautifully, tinted windows, white over light grey YTL458 $6000 Ph 0419388612 or 53583324

1985 XF Falcon Ute, runs well, good tires, no reg, Serial# 34241C 2002 Statesman International, V8, auto, leather interior with all options, $1000ono Ph 0422173617 211,280km, reg 04/14, YZJ963 1995 Ford Laser Liata, gold, $7000ono Ph 0407917903 1.6L, motor not running, VIN: Mitsubishi Express 2004, 4-cyl 2 litre Suzuki GSXF, 750cc, VGC, just JCDAAASGPLSU35900 $850 Ph M/P, fuel injected, 5 speed manual, serviced, new front, back tyres, new 53523580 171,600km, roof rack, air conditioning, battery, Ventura pack, 28,000kms, 1995 Jeep Cherokee limited, full engine immobilizer ZCO946 $5350 Ph RWC, 12mths reg, ZZ340 $4500 Ph leather, electrics, 4x4, HD towing, elec 0428336397 0458090953 brakes on gas, 260,000kms RLB267 Mitsubishi Solara Sedan 2001, EC, $2900neg Ph 0408531621 2004 BA Ford Falcon Futura Sedan, reg til 27/07/14, 163,300kms QVV141 auto, white, 143,000kms, reg til 01/15, $5000ono Ph 0417550843 1995 SAAB 9000CD, 157,000km, Abs new Michelin tyres, tinted windows, brakes, 2 airbags, RWC, good order, EC, full service history, lady driver, no further use PLW450 $2900ono Ph RWC, SRS452 $6500 Ph 0447639415 0408504613 or 53825508 after 6pm 1996 Saab 900S, 5 door hatch, 5spd 2005 Hyundai Getz, 2 door, manual, man, 6 stack CD, GC, alloy wheels, red, 30,000kms, immaculate, one VMX Scramble Bike, CZ Jawa 1972 owner, UGK606 $8,500 inc RWC Ph ‘980’, EC, very reliable and powerful no reg, VIN# YS3DD55V7T202355 0447398338 $1000ono Ph 0422173617 $4750 Ph 0434672909 Rhymney Mitsubishi Triton 1992, dual cab, olive green, manual, A/C, unleaded Motor Vehicle petrol/gas, tinted windows, tow bar, Accessories bull bar, CD player, removable canopy, reg 12/03/14 PJH566 $7000 Ph 2005 onwards Toyota Hilux roll 0467791003 bar alloy sports bar $200ono Ph 0400356147 2005 VZ Commodore Lumina, 17’ Nissan Navara 98, 3.2lt diesel, 4x4, 2001 Commodore, 185kms, reg 09/10, wheels, blue, 177k, VGC, TCB677 dual cab, reg 1/14, immac cond, will 2005-12 Hilux rims x4, GC, with near consider trade for Honda Shadow or $7950ono Ph 0428918222 new 205R16 Dueller A/T’s $400 Ph EC, QZK041 $2900 Ph 0438394426 Suzuki Intruder SJX124 $9800 Ph 53583692 97 Ssangyong Musso, 5cyl auto 2006 Mitsubishi 380 limited edition, 0488340126 auto, full electrics, Bluetooth, reversing diesel, good goer, 330,000km, no rego, 302 Cleveland, gas heads, big cam, Nissan Pulsar 2005, one owner, 5 balanced, low kms, EC $1400ono Ph VIN KPTFOBIBSVP102024 $2300ono sensors, 70,000kms, blue, RWC, speed, 6 months reg, 169,812kms UIO326 $8500 Ph 0427542528 0404730072 Ph 0419118788 Dimboola TQK691 $6900 Ph 0428884252 2007 Hyundai Sante Fe Elite, auto, Daewoo MUBRIA wagon, 98, green, 2.2DT, great family car, full and regular SS Commodore 2001, red, cheap to run, goes well, manual, eng# service history, RWC, rego 05/14, sun 170,000km, 6 speed, ZKG125 $8000 7851965 $1400ono Ph 0417578896 roof, tow bar, 304,834kms UUS003 Ph 0428913235 Holden VN Commodore Sedan, $7000ono Ph 0422587091 Statesman 2000 WH, super charge manual, runs well, body rough, VIN# 2007 Mitsubishi Triton, 2dr, 4cyl, with V6, 320,000kms, RWC, UHX224 6H8VNK1HLL416931 $1000 Ph rear ladder racks, RWC, 173,000km $5000 Ph 0418891872 RGA259 $8500ono Ph 0407225878 0419589583 Toyota Corolla Seca 2000, 5 speed, HQ Belmont Ute, GC though currently 95 XG Ford Ute, 4-spd auto, near manual, EC, new tyres, RWC, QIT589 4 x Mags, Commodore HSV, 18x8, not running, restoration project, eng new exhaust & tires, fiberglass canopy, $6000ono Ph 0448259871 EC, new tyres, now only $1100 Ph no 161H25964 $2500 Ph 0447640512 just over 263,000km on clock, no VS 1996 white Commodore, 6 seater, rego, VIN# 6FPAAAJLCMSE23078 column shift, alloy wheels, new tyres, 0418529907 Mitsubishi Magna 1988, new gear $3300ono Ph 0419118788 Dimboola reg 06/14, GC, 160,000kms on engine Canopy Ute Back to suit std tray, near box, new drive shaft, no RWC, no reg, Blue Holden Statesman 2000, YIY778 $1600 Ph 0422114286 new cond, $1800 Ph 0418535801 VIN# TN2H41VG12050523 $500ono 185,000kms, reg Oct 14, full service Cargo Barrier Suit 90’s camry, SW, Ph 0423946779 history, EC, QFW607 $6500ono Ph GC, all fittings $50 Ph 53581840 Mitsubishi Magna 2001, V6 runs well, 0429909213 Commodore mags x4, ROH 15x7J, vin# 6MMTJ8A42IT033630 $1000ono Bus, Isuzu 1984, 40’, 6BD1 turbo 5.7L AC, with 205.165R15 Maxxis, 5mm diesel, manual 5 speed, runs well, ex Ph 0417578896 tread $200 Ph 53583692 Christians, chassis ECR5702506177 Flat lid off 07 BF ford Ute, lightning REDUCED 1997 GL Ford Falcon $10,000ono Ph 53521854 AH strike, silver, GC $1000 Ph 0427128095 Sedan, auto, white, near new tyres, Dual Cab Hilux 2001, cruise control, tow bar, GC, neat vehicle, OCO140, CD player FTI282 $6500 Ph Scott reg 06/14 $1500 Ph 0438522375 0409490522 White Daihatsu Toyota Sirion 5 door Subaru wagon, manual, modal 1994, Ford Courier 2002 space cab, hatch, long registration, just had full tow bar, cargo bar, roof rack, AC, 22,000kms, VGC, manual, 4x4 bull bar, service, new tyres, 1.3GTVI, zippy but engine number # 143110 $2500ono Ph turbo diesel, aluminium tray, XVZ508 uses 6L/100km, under 150k kms, cold air, power everything, exceptionally $9500 Ph 0407851798 0428504558 clean inside ZZG051 $3250 Ph Ford Falcon BA XT wagon, 2004, 53825323 or 0429133411 265,000kms, silver, auto, t/wind, tow Genuine Mitsubishi aluminium pack, ACE, Anderson point in rear nudge bar, suits Pajero, all fittings Motor Vehicles for charging FRR225 $5000 Ph $325ono Ph 0427851410 0439567982

Savage Streaker 4.4m, Fibreglass TV Cabinet, Jackaroo, EC, 161cm runabout with Yamaha 90HP 2ST OB, w x 50h x 63d $250 Ph 0407564307 rego GF901, easy glide trailer rego Horsham P19391 $6000ono Ph 0419319846 TV unit, pine corner, 152cm high $100 Ski boat, 350 Chev, fibreglass clinker, Honda CBR1000rr, 05, yoshi, chrome Ph 53523172 Ararat reliable, Bimini boat cover NR377 rims, power commander, tyres 90%, Washing machine, brand new, top $10,000 Ph 0417734256 ventura rack, 28k, VGC EQ-375 load, Fisher and Paykel $400 Ph $8900ono Ph 0428918222 53583086 Stawell Honda CBR250RR, 1990, rego August Mobility Aids Wood pallet heater, free standing, 2014, 24,000km, VGC, learner legal, blaze model, manual flu, VGC $400 VP147 $2990 Ph 0427094601 2 Plega Single Beds, 3ft x 6.8ft, Ph 53928222 Honda CRF 230, 2010 model, looks touch button controls, back and leg lift new, little use, comes with REC rego, with inner spring mattress, EC, cost 8004.A $4000 Ph 0447188274 $4500 each sell $3000ono each Ph Marine Honda CRF450R 2010, suit new buyer 0447539415 $6500 Ph 0408250032 12’ Dehavilland boat, with 4HP 4 wheeled scooter plus extras, still Honda CRF70, 2009, EC, VIN Yamaha outboard, OZ012, home made under warranty, purchased July 2013 JH2GE02U59101014 $1800 Ph for $3500, used approx 6 times, sell for trailer Z11912, reg 05/14 $2000 Ph 54981332 $2500 Ph 0408532537 Horsham 53911373 Nev Honda CRF70F, 07, 10hrs, VGC, VIN# Disability battery electric chair JH2DE02067K007556 $1700ono Ph Hard lid cover, to suit 2008 dual cab $1800ono Ph 0467556877 Hilux $200 Ph 0418553990 Kaniva 0428918222 Electric lift armchair, recliner, Honda VTR1000 Fire Storm 2003, Mitsubishi Triton hard lid and roll nice green fabric, GC $500ono Ph 7,600kms, BR594, new tyres, RWC, bars, suits GLX-R model, blue, EC 0428825553 $1000 Ph 0434557919 $7000 Ph 0428941264 2009 Custom 4.9m, 60HP, 400hrs, has the lot, EC $18,000ono Ph 0408578275

Motor Vehicles $3000 - $10,000

Suzuki 2008 GSX650F, LAMS Ute tray, stainless steel, to suit Toyota 0413529999 approved, VIN# JSICJ225300100072 Land cruiser single cab, $1000 Ph 2000 Holden VT Sedan, white, auto, 0429821171 10,135km $6500ono Ph 0438318619 V6, dual fuel, always serviced, UHJ200, Suzuki DS80, 1990 model, GC, White BF Ford Ute tub, GC $400 Ph VGC $3400ono Ph 0435087251 or 53825569 VIN: DC13A100738 $950ono Ph 0429909290 2000 Mazda Ute, twin cab, dual fuel, 0427801969 GC, ONY816 $4500 Ph 0418120702

Motor Vehicles Under $3,000

Mattress, DB, in new condition $175 Ph 0427523317

Side Board, H 203cm, W 115cm, D 44cm, 2 mirrors, drawers, doors, antique, EC $500 Ph 53820113

Motor Vehicle Accessories

on steel rims to suit Rodeo or similar 1998 Volvo V-40 Wagon, EC, leather upholstery, 191,183kms RYU263 $500ono Ph 0457810223 $6000neg Ph 0414874513 Ute canopy, silver Flexiglass to suit 1999 Mitsubishi Solara Wagon, 3.5L Mazda Xtra cab, ladder rack, hood V6, auto, 183,000km, one owner, lining, VGC $1900 Ph 0487227965 EC, reg 12/13, PUG819 $4000 Ph

2007 Honda Sportrax 400EX, few modifications, EC $4999neg Ph 0428539490

Lounge suite, EC, 2x 3 seater sofas with 2 matching Ottomans, autumn tonings $600ono Ph 0429989120

Retro brown/cream lounge suite, x2 arm chairs & small 2 seater couch GC $250 Ph 0437760291


2006 Honda VTR250, HN130, VGC Kawasaki, Zephyr, Z750, 1993, Sports bar, 75mm Alloy tradesman $3500 Ph 0418911543 57,400kms, 421 Ventura rack, VGC, suitable for VU Commodore Ute $250ono Ph 0439610481 2006 Yamaha Peewee 80, EC, hardly IAYTV $3750 Ph 0427902322 used $1500 Ph 0409510232 KX65 2004 model, full engine rebuild Sunraysia 5 stud wheel cooper LT 30hrs ago, ring for more information tyre, never used $250 Ph 53521234 $1200 Ph 0402154476 Tow bar for BA-BF Sedan, rated Quad Bike trailer, 5x3, hardly used 1600kg auto, 1200kg manual $100 Ph $550 Ph 0429200566 1996 Landrover Discovery, 3.9L V8, 0400917978 automatic, 198,000kms, full service Towing mirrors pair $60 Ph 53821468 history, 10 stacker CD, electric trailer Tyres and rims, 4, 245/70R16 brakes, twin airbags, no roadworthy, Goodrich all terrain tyres, 50% wear, RDP084 $3200ono Ph 0417556087

Lounge suite, cream, 2x 2seaters, 2x 1seater, EC $395 Ph 53981376

Recliner electric St James concept velvet steel, EC $500ono 0467629412

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Personalised plates, slim line x 2, TBLUE1 $850neg Ph 0429136918 AH Nhill Roll bar and tarp to suit Commodore Ute $350 Ph 53982486

$10,001 - $20,000

Ford Focus 2004, white, A/C, 08 Holden VE Calais V Series, silver, 215,000kms, RWC, reg 07/14 SZR668 auto, 106,000kms, leather, premier $3800 Ph 0428304554 sound dvd, new tyres, EC XFP994 $16,500 Ph 0427902375 Toyota Dyna RU12 SWB 2-Ton, inc Tieman 1000lb lift, runs well, QRL326 $3000 Ph 0418529907 Toyota Hilux Ute, 1991 Model, 2WD, alum tray, mags, on gas, NFJ741 $2000 Ph 0437586353 or 0458681119 Ford Focus Zetec, hatchback, 2006, manual, 120,000km, charcoal grey, Ute Mazda Bravo 93, dual fuel, white, 10 months reg, full service history, twin cab, later motor good order, gear KIRBZ7 $9,990 Ph 0429955649 box needs bearing, no rust, parts or Ford Futura wagon, 153,000kms, EC, goer, vinJMOUFY86300 $900 Ph SGT943 $6500 changed number Ph 53824038 or 0427322623 0407686905

Motor Vehicles $3000 - $10,000

Grey Ford Fairmont, 175,285km, mags, back spoiler, 12 months rego, RWC, EC, SVY931 $7000ono Ph 0400009858

2002 VY Commodore Ute, new tyres, 12 months reg, 5 spd manual, 178,000km, GC, ideal first car, RUQ596 $10,800 Ph 0414858986 Stawell 2004 Rodeo twin cab with canopy, 3.5 V6, auto, VG order ZGZ473 $10,500 Ph 55861352 or 0406548700

2005 Mazda 3 SP23, 136,000kms, 6 Roof Racks to fit Pajero Wagon and 1996 Holden Ute, column auto, 3 HJ 1 Tonner, unfinished project, months reg, RWC, A/C, P/S, climate Land Rover Defender Wagon $600 will seater, dual fuel, AC, PS, mags, good a lot of new parts, extra cab, VIN control, leather interior TOG825 separate Ph 53882274 $13,000 Ph 0431945901 goer, XHL456 $3000ono Ph 53823986 VHJ14009M $2500 Ph 0422066348


Motor Vehicles $10,001 - $20,000

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Motor Vehicles $10,001 - $20,000

2008 Toyota Aurion, 6spd, auto, only 70,000km, full leather interior, near new tyres, 8 months reg, RWC, WHK793 $17,000 Ph 0419000684 2009 Toyota Camry Touring Sedan, silver, auto, 42,500kms, reg 06/14, RWC, EC, ZAH798 $16,000 Ph Kia Cerato SLI 2010, one lady owner, 0409021026 only 17,000kms, driver, passenger and Aurion Presara 2007, black, 1-owner, side curtain airbags front and rear, 97,000kms, EC, luxury driving UVK099 automatic transmission, full leather $16,500 Ph 0447345085 interior with rear seat covers, CD player, iPod compatible, mag wheels including full size spare, full factory fitted body kit, full roadworthy, fully serviced, near new condition XVG992 $17,900 Ph 0409940161 Subaru Forester X 2006 MY07, 145,000kms, white, manual, new BMW 330ci Steptronic Convertible tyres, 6mths rego, RWC, UQB341 2001, sat nav, TV, 4 seater electric $12,000ono Ph 0408184777 heated leather, elec roof, fully optioned, QYB480 $15,300ono Ph 0428918222 Falcon FG XT, 2009 auto, metallic, kashmir duco, dedicated factory LPG, alloy wheels, CC, TB, mp3, CD, iPod aux, 120, 000km, reg 07/2014, RWC, new tyres, full maintenance service YMQ598 $13,500ono Ph 0467249187 Falcon Utility FGR 6 2009, sensation blue, automatic, dedicated gas, alloys, all extras, 81,000kms, one careful VY SS 2002 Model, 5.7L V8, owner, EC, WYO985 $15,500 Ph 123,000km, well looked after, red, 0421822535 service history, new tyres, XTQ777, Ford 2010 WF Fiesta Zetec, grey, road worthy condition $14,000ono Ph manual, RWC, 69,000km, XRK314 0405365796 $12,800ono Ph 0429821730 or 53881390 AH Ford BA XR8 2004, 117,000km, purple, leather interior, DVD, auto, RWC, TTI758 $9990ono Ph 0412880201 Ford XR6 Ute, 2004 BA mkII, 155,000kms, reg 08/14, brand new tyres, comes with RWC, great first car VZ SV6 Commodore 2005, one XFO403 $11,750 Ph 0400872011 owner, full service history, automatic, Holden 2008 VE Commodore tow bar, VGC, 100,000kms TKS386 Phantom black, 60th anniversary $11,500ono Ph 0417513226 V6 auto sedan, Bluetooth, reverse sensors, 8 airbags, ABS, cruise Motor Vehicles control, auto lights, leather seats, over $20,000 electric drivers seat and mirrors, 18’’ factory alloy wheels, reg til 05/14, one female owner, always garaged, RWC, 2008 Toyota Kluger KXS, blue, in showroom condition, first to see will leather seats, reverse camera, reg buy, only 38,621kms WIA972 $19,200 08/14, RWC, WPU427 $26500 Ph Ph 53566382 0425622393


Real Estate

5 Acres 4BR house, available Bowls, set of green Master Powers, in smaller lots $250,000ono Ph minimum bias, size 4H, 1 season 0408501630 Ararat old, colour speckled blue $450 Ph Allotments - Halls Gap. Proven area for sound investment. Fully serviced. 0417302688 Average size 1200m². Magnificent Compound bow, Bear Mauler, 70lb, views. From $119,000. Ph 0447582100 Nissan Patrol ST wagon 2001, 3.0Lt Block For Sale, 4.6 acres, 1.86ha, near new $550 Ph 0438388195 turbo diesel, EC, tow bar, cruise town water/power, 99 Old Hamilton Cross Trainer, Proteus Fitness control, UHF radio, QJN141 $16,000 Road Haven Ph 0438823814 Ph 0409149395 EEC-1950, VGC $500ono Ph Block for sale, Nelson VIC, flat Suzuki Grand Vitara 2006, 2.7lt V6 0428846279 manual, VGC, tow bar, 89,000km, allotment, approx 859sq/m, great reg 06/14, RWC, UFF051 $16,500 Ph location, with bay view $115,000 Ph Ladies Golf clubs, Cougar, only used 0429838793 0432525652 3 times, EC $200ono Ph 0419180196 Farm Barn for removal 12.2 x 6.1m fair condition, 35km east Horsham $1200 Recurve bow, 60lb, with spares $200 Musical or best offer Ph 0427843231 Instruments Ph 0438388195 Stawell House for Removal from Douglas, Brass trumpet, Yamaha, genuine, weatherboard, 4 bdr, GC, bathroom Trampoline, rectangle, GC $100 Ph students with black carry case, EC and kitchen reno, inspections welcome $500 Ph 0417162420 53525760 $12,000 Ph 55880239 AH Drum kit, Black Peace, 5 piece drum House for Removal, 4 bedrooms, York Fitness Compact 1, 12 weights, kit $550ono Ph 0407043917 aluminium clad, weatherboard, 10mins 10LB - 120LB, leg and arm pulls $250 Drum kit, DXP 5 drums, 2 cymbals inc stool, sticks and covers, VGC only from Horsham, reasonable offers Ph 0488068251 considered Ph 53822495 $350 Ph 53585715 Electric organ, Yamaha Electrone, model S/be A-55F, VGO $500 Ph 53523542

Holden Statesman V8, Dec 2004, 100,000km, silver, 10 months reg, full service history, SXW928 $16,500 Ph 0418146265

Public Notices

• Currently looking to buy anything old or interesting • Enquiries for Cabinet and Site Space welcome. • Don’t be deceived by our Shop front entry, that’s just the start! Continue into the building to discover an area with over 30 dealer spaces and an extensive stock Itinerary. Including Antiques, Collectables, Homewares, Garagenalia, Historic Items, Kitchenalia and lots more. • Open 7 days 10am – 5pm ( except Christmas and Good Friday) • Opposite McDonalds on the Western Highway in Stawell. • You can find us on Facebook or • Email or phone 03 5358 5075 for enquiries

Coach Trips & Tours Grampians Grape Escape

Wanted To Buy

Fender Strat Squier, cherry red, immaculate condition, RRP $430 sell $285 Ph 0432502452

Saturday 3rd May - $20pp return

The coach departs Ararat - Great Western - Stawell Expressions of Interest being taken now. Price is coach only

24 row direct drill combine,

Flute, original Yamaha, 2nd hand, YFL245 Japan, very good $325 Ph Reduced Ararat Area, charming open 0438328693 plan d/brick loft home, situated on Organ Yamaha, pick up $300 Ph approx 2 ac, town water, electricity, 0404656392 Stawell gas cooking, two bedrooms easily converted to three, dam, orchard, shedding, landscaped, absolute privacy $265,000neg www. Ph Anne 0403733617 or Bev 0447670297

10’’ spacing, small feed box Ph 0438583721

The King & I

Wood Lathe quality machine required

Sunday 6th July - $1149pp

Ph 0407340386

Matinee - At Princess Theatre - Melbourne 2014

Work Wanted

Extended Tours *FREE HOME PICK UP 13th May High Country - 5 days $749* *Prices based on per person twin share Limited seats

Wal Wal Land, 145 acres for sale, on 3 Air Seeder operator, also Boomspray titles Ph 53596244 operator, front loader and truck licence Pearl Forum drum kit, 5 piece, red Situations Vacant wine colour, paiste cymbals with stands, stools and pedals, GC $500 Ph 0400049439 Cleaner wanted for thriving Piano Beale, 108cm upright, light business, hours negotiable, drivers walnut, 142Wx55D, EC, suit new buyer licence required, must be reliable Ph 0437718077 $1800 Ph 0417558774 Piano Thurmer Upright, EC, with stool $3200 Ph Bryce 0418175930 to arrange inspection, Horsham

Sound & Vision

Piano, Randal upright, with stool, recently tuned $2200 Ph 0437008528

Holden Rodeo 2002 LX, 3LT T/Diesel, 5-spd manual, 4WD, cruise control, long range tank, new tyres, RWC, many extras, reg 6/14, 165,000km RNY078 $14,000 Ph 0427861316

Sports Equipment

9th Nov BLUE MOUNTAINS - 6 days $959*

Ph David 53826840 or 0428528649

Wagga Wagga - Mt Panorama - Katoomba - Echo Point - Three Sisters - Belpin Fruit Market - Govetts Leap - Goulburn *Prices based on per person twin share

House cleaning, good reference Ph 53826840 or 0438836619 SHEARER


6th Oct CANBERRA FLORIADE - 5 days 1035* 10


experience Ph 0429233729

Public Notices

Bass Amp, Gallien Krueger, 400RB Wertheim Piano, steel frame, ivory combo, 15in, with back liner, 4 x 10 bin, near new condition, $1200 Ph Port Fairy Folk Festival Tickets, keys, GC $850 Ph 0437760291 0428837235 7-10th March, 2 Adults $440 Ph Yamaha Organ, stool and double keyboard, B4B series $200ono Ph Camera, Sony 16.1mp, DSC-TF1, 53891339 53852201 brand new $100 Ph 0438561361 Canon 600D, digital camera, creative Stubble Mulching, small or large Ford MKII Utility 2012, auto, A/C, kit, 18-55,55-250,50mm, 90-300lens, acreage, Wimmera Mallee - Western tonneau, 18,404kms, balance of Real Estate 420ex flash, bag, tripod $750 Ph warranty, reg and more, ZHH790, also Regions, call for a free quote Ph 53857692 available camp frame and canvas to 105 Acres Ararat, close to town, 0417300548 suit $21,500neg or will separate Ph Digital karaoke Juke Box for sale (or enquires Ph 0438389622 0419579233 hire), digital, LCD screen, from $1800 25 acres, run down house, shearing shed and yards, very good garden Ph 0419563479

Floriade - Cockington Green - Telstra Tower Australian War Memorial - Mt Ainslie *Prices based on per person twin share Contact us for a Tour Brochure

Have you thought of a Bus for your Wedding Transport? On your special day include our coaches or minibuses, with an experienced driver, to transport your family and guests to the Wedding - Photos - Reception Mini Buses are also available for Self Drive


5352 1501 *Conditions apply to all trips. *Ararat & Stawell

soils, yabbie dam $120,000ono Ph Surround Sound System, JBL 53931451 or 0478412784 speakers, Pioneer amplifier, 4-BR House, 36.5 Acres, hobby farm, replacement cost $4400 sell $1500 $400,000ono Ph 0404157484 Ararat Ph 53822911

Expressions of Interest

The Weekly Advertiser welcomes your advertising. We are required strictly by law to include specific information on some items when publishing your advertisement. A snapshot of your obligations are as follows: ROAD VEHICLES All advertisements for road vehicles must include a price, as well as: • A registration number, if registered • Either an engine number, VIN or chassis number if the vehicle is not registered.

sleeper, 400 Cummins, 13 spd airbags, hydraulics, brtt and bulbar, 64475F $24,200 0408588652

4WD Colorado 2008 diesel crewcab, 135,000kms, 1 owner, service history, e.brakes, a.plug $19,500 Ph 0423464800 Holden Rodeo, LT, 2008, dual cab, 4x4, 3lt turbo diesel, manual, 120,000kms, ironman BB, snokel, TB, tonneau cover ZTW004 $22,000 Ph 0437195432 Hyundai Terracan 2006 SLX turbo diesel auto, 7 seats, e/brakes, 94,000kms, UZP347 $16,000 Ph 0497609944 Nissan Navara STX Ute, Dec 2007, manual, 12mths reg, 101,000kms, all extras, EC, WCH991 $24,990ono Ph 0428911273

Public Notices

White’s Gypsum & Lime



Please phone your orders in advance Monday to Friday – 8am to 5pm PHONE STEVE – 5391 9220 AH OR SARAH – 0427 919 220 UHF CHANNEL 3 CLOSE 12PM TOTAL FIRE BAN DAYS

The Minister for Environment and Climate Change is seeking expressions of interest for 4 skills-based positions on each of the following waste and resource recovery group boards: • Metropolitan • Grampians Central West • Barwon South West • Loddon Mallee • Gippsland • North East • Goulburn Valley Metropolitan Waste and Resource Recovery Group board directors will commence on 3 July 2014. Regional waste and resource recovery group board members are expected to commence in August 2014. The new waste and resource recovery groups will be established under proposed amendments to the Environment Protection Act 1970, subject to successful passage of the Environment Protection and Sustainability Victoria Amendment Bill 2014 (the Bill) through Parliament. Subject to passage of the Bill, all boards will be responsible for waste and resource recovery infrastructure planning, and have a facilitative role in procurement of waste management facilities and waste and resource recovery services, delivery of education programs and waste and resource recovery projects. For information on board director duties, go to about-us/boards-and-governance/on-board-board-vacancies.

The Nationals are seeking nominations for the State seat of Lowan. Nominations open Friday 14th February 2014 and close at 5.00pm Friday 28th February 2014. A nomination form can be obtained from the State Director on 03 9654 6588. Authorised by Jenny Hammett, Level 5 / 30 Collins St, Melbourne VIC 3000

Applicants will be short-listed on the basis of their skills, experience or knowledge in at least 2 or more of the following areas: • Local Government • Financial Management • Contract Management • Risk Management • Environmental Policy • Waste Management • Materials Efficiency The Victorian Government is committed to ensuring the diversity of our boards represent the diversity of our communities. Women, Indigenous persons, people with a disability, young persons and people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds are encouraged to apply. Application kits can be obtained from the Department of Environment and Primary Industries by phone 136 186 or email Applicants are required to undergo police and probity checks. Expressions of Interest close Tuesday, 11 March 2014 Customer Service Centre 136 186


Holden VE SSV Sedan 2010, V8, auto, leather trim, cruise, dual climate Holden VY Ute, Sept 03, S-pack, and electrics, GTS exhaust, VCM auto, SS interior, red, lady driver, good intake and professionally tuned, tyres, EC, 160,000kms, RWC, ZNU971 EC, RWC, ZQA426 $30,000ono Ph $12,000ono Ph 0428861022 0400048550 Honda Accord BCI Luxury 2009, 80,500kms, EC, polish metal, auto, Prime Mover, 1992 Scania, 113M, sunroof, leather seats, climate control, HYD, BRTT, clean skin tyres, new tyres, full service history, one EC, 47672F $30,000inc GST Ph owner, WXD955 $20,000ono Ph 0407632371 0419338152 Sline Truck, 1990 model, integrated

Public Notices

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Public Notices

Situations Vacant

Situations Vacant


TECHNICIAN We repair and service Hospital and Mobility equipment in the Horsham and surrounding areas. We are looking for a Technician to strengthen our Service Department. It is easy and clean work that will give you real satisfaction from helping other people.


This role will allow you to provide a range of technical and administrative services and we offer first class training.

Wednesday, March 19 7pm

Applicants will be self-motivated, reliable and have an excellent work ethic. A driver’s licence is required. To apply please forward your application to: The Manager, PO Box 827, Horsham 3400

Horsham Rural City Council Reception Room


Cosa Cranes Horsham has a position open for a trade qualified person with a mechanical background. Duties would include maintenance of cranes and machinery, workshop duties, and would also include working in the field as a Dogman, and possible crane operator in the future. This position would be ideally suited to a qualified mechanic wishing to broaden their skills and gain experience in the crane industry Any experience working with cranes would be an advantage.

Applications close Thursday, March 6, 2014.

The position is full time and would include some weekend work.

All welcome.

Forward all resumes to: or PO Box 1333, Horsham Vic 3401 Phone 03 5381 0500

Expressions of interest regarding a seat on the Board of Management can be accessed at Horsham YBM newspaper ad_FINAL.pdf 1 17/02/2014 12:27:52 PM

Sales Representative Horsham, Bordertown, St Arnaud Full training is provided Wurth has been a global leader in assembly products within the automotive, construction and engineering industries for over 50 years. Wurth in Australia has approximately 550 employees visiting 40,000 customers and selling our wide range of uniquely branded workshop supplies such as

Situations Vacant


Learn how to live a brain-healthy lifestyle and reduce your risk of developing dementia.

THURSDAY 20 MARCH Horsham Golf Club


304 Golf Course Road, Haven 10:15am - 12:00pm morning tea provided

Drop & collect catalogues and deliver orders in your area. Immediate start.


Phone 1300 306 306

• Abrasives • Adhesives • Sealers

• Fasteners • Hand tools • Power Tools

We are currently seeking suitable applicants to join our company to aid in our growth and expansion plans. The role involves visiting our existing customers and prospecting for new accounts to further develop the business.

The successful applicant will enjoy a rewarding remuneration package including a attractive retainer, commissions, bonus’s and a fully maintained company vehicle. If you have some retail experience or trade aptitude, an ambition to succeed and would like to start your new sales career at this exciting time with an international company, please apply now on our website at Wurth is an equal opportunity employer

No recruitment companies please

Brigade Sustainability Team Leader As a result of a new and exciting project, The Country Fire Authority (CFA) currently has an opportunity for a Brigade Sustainability Team Leader to be located in the Grampians Region of Victoria, in Ballarat, Ararat or Horsham. This role will be a full-time, fixed term contract for 12 months. The successful applicant will be responsible for leading and supporting a team of Brigade Sustainabilty Coordinators in the development of support tools and the delivery of initiatives designed to increase brigade capability and to improve growth and sustainabilty of volunteerism within the CFA. This will be a challenging role and well suited to an applicant who can demonstrate strong leadership skills and have a background working within volunteer organisations. To find out more about this position, including a Position Descripton, key requirements and details on how to apply, please visit and select ‘Volunteer & Career’ followed by ‘Positions vacant’. CFA values workforce diversity and is an Equal Employment Opportunity organisation. ZO480086

ICP Industry Trainer Required Executive Officer

Full time position (initial tenure 9 months) Competitive Remuneration Package including company vehicle

COMMUNITY CommunityINFORMATION Information SESSION Session Grampians to Pyrenees Biolink (G2P),Pest Grampians to Pyrenees Biolink (G2P), Integrated Management (IPM)Management and Climate Change projects Integrated Pest (IPM), and Climate Change projects Monday 24 February 12pm Monday 24- 2pm February DEPI Offices, Barkly St, Ararat

12pm – 2pm DEPI offices, Barkly St, Ararat

The Central Grampians Local Learning and Employment Network (CGLLEN) is seeking a highly motivated person with outstanding leadership qualities for the position of Executive Officer. The CGLLEN is a not-for-profit organisation with a key focus on building partnerships within the education, business and community sectors across two local government areas which assist local young people to be engaged or re-engaged in education, training and employment. The successful applicant will be responsible for managing the business operations of the organisation, the implementation of the CGLLEN Strategic Plan and the development and maintenance of strong and effective partnerships with key organisations and stakeholders.

Glenelg Hopkins CMA staff and Upper Hopkins Land Management Group members will be present to talk in detail with interested landholders about: The Glenelg Hopkins CMA and Upper Hopkins • Funding available via the G2P Biolink project for Land Management Group be present to talk in fencing, revegetation and will stewardship payments; • with Potential location oflandholders biodiverse carbon plantings; detail interested about: • How IPM can improve pest management and reduce • Funding available via the G2P Biolink project reliance on chemicals.

For consideration, applicants must provide responses to each of the Key Selection Criteria.

for fencing, revegetation and stewardship Please RSVP either Tania Parker (GHCMA) on 5571 2526 or Una payments; Allender (UHLMG) on 0419 891 920.

Position Description and Selection Criteria available from Ph: 03 5352 3266 or email

• Potential location of bio-diverse carbon plantings;

Please RSVP either Tania Parker (GHCMA) on 5571 2526 orSituations Una Allender (UHLMG) Vacant On 0419 891 920.


• How IPM can improve pest management and reduce reliance on chemicals.

Due to continued expansion and growth; we are looking for qualified trainers in the following industries to deliver training across our Western Victoria Region commencing in February 2014. These positions are offered on a casual or contractual basis. Training Delivery includes: • Cert III in Aged care - and/or (HACC) Home And Community • Cert I Vocational Preparation • Hospitality • Retail • Cert III in Children’s Services • Cert II Cleaning Operations Applicants suitable for these positions will possess: • Recent industry experience (within 3 years) is highly beneficial • Relevant current qualifications. • Current TAE. • Working With Children’s Check. • Current Driver’s License • Experience working with an RTO. • Attention to detail with the ability to complete course administrative tasks. • Employer networking contacts in their respective field of Industry training. • A desire to make a positive difference to the employability of our student clients. • A willingness to develop a trusting and reliable working relationship with our JSA & Employer stakeholders. A4e is an EEO employer and we value cultural diversity within our organisation. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders strongly encouraged to apply To be considered for this role please forward your resume and covering letter addressing the criteria above to Bernie Cooke (Voc Prep Coordinator)

Applications close 5pm, Friday 21st February 2014

Current Vacancies: Contact WDEA Horsham Free professional job matching service for employers. Give us a call when you need staff and we can come to your workplace to make it easier for you. Job search computers at all sites. Meeting/Training rooms available for hire.

Horsham: 31 Wilson Street P: 03 5382 6100 E:

Windscreen Fitter – Horsham employer seeks a windscreen fitter. Windscreen fitting experience important. Award wages. Applications close February 28, 2014. Ararat: 146 Barkly Street P: 03 5352 3611 E:

Other Vacancies Barista – Horsham and Nhill Casual Butcher – Horsham Farm Hand – Warracknabeal/Jeparit area Welder - Nhill

Stawell: 152 Main Street P: 03 5358 2799 E:


Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Horsham triathlon triumph

Edenhope Cup looms

Anyone seeking more info regarding the Edenhope Cup meeting can contact club manager Jane Richardson via email

Another Cup for Vixen


usting off your race wear and start studying the form guide because the 2014 JH Greenhill West Wimmera shire Edenhope Cup on March 8 is only over a fortnight away.

Rohan Creed, of Warrnambool, was the overall winner of the Horsham Triathlon on Saturday. Creed, pictured on the cycling leg, finished the long course in 59 minutes and 55 seconds. He was more than a minute ahead of second place-getter Chris Pye, of Horsham. The long course included a 500-metre swim in the Wimmera River, 20-kilometre bike ride and five-kilometre run. The event attracted its largest ever field, and was well supported, attracting plenty of spectators. Horsham’s Kelly Miller won the female long-course section. Picture: WILLAMY IMAGES

The Edenhope committee has been working tirelessly ensuring the track and its surroundings are in tip-top shape for the cub’s premier race day. The Edenhope club, with Racing Victoria funding, has installed a state-of-the-art collapsible plastic running rail, revolutionising safety for horses and jockeys. This year’s cup will be sure to attract a quality field with stake money for the 1850-metre staying test set at $15,000. Wimmera-trained gallopers such as Great Western and Halls Gap Cup winner Spanish Vixen along with three-time Horsham Cup winner Texan Warney and his in- form stable mate Bernie’s Boy might be potential starters for the time-honoured race first run in 1935. Stawell trainers Terry and Karina O’Sullivan and Ballarat trainer Darren Weir are sure to have a strong hand throughout the seven-race card. There are a host of other activities available such as the Angrove family Winemakers fashions on the field, and for the kids the West Wimmera youth bus will be there.

Stawell trainer Paul Jones has continued his good form. One of his flag-bearing gallopers over the period has been Spanish Vixen, winning the Great Western Cup along with success at Penola. Late last week he saddled up his mare in the 2000-metre Halls Gap Cup at Ararat’s bushfire recovery race meeting. Apprentice jockey Lily Coombe was again in the saddle, eager for more success after her Great Western triumph. Wimmera punters showed keen interest in Spanish Vixen, expecting her to continue her rich vein of form with odds of 3-1 with the bookies. Once the starter released the nine-horse field Coombe was keen to take up a prominent position, racing on the pace with the leading horses. Passing the 800-metre marker the five-year-old was slightly hampered by a competitor but this didn’t worry Spanish Vixen who was looming large approaching the business end of the race. After entering the home straight the daughter of Emirates Park resident stallion Al Samer scored a comprehensive two-and-a-half-length win. After her latest victory, future success would not surprise. In brief Stawell trainers Terry and Karina O’Sullivan also tasted success at the Halls Gap Cup meeting with maiden galloper Already Taken breaking his duck at start number seven. Horse to follow: Spanish Vixen looks to continue her winning way and is among early nominations for Moonee Valley on Friday.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Pigeons red-hot in the run to finals

Wickets, runs and a runaway lead on the com- The Bullants are sitting in fourth place on the ladder moment and Laharum will meet Colts in what looms as petition have all but confirmed Homers as red- only by percentage and have to keep on winning to a dog fight at Laharum. In Grampians Association the top four appears settled hot Horsham Cricket Association premiership stay there. All-rounder Josh Colbert is among in-form Bullants as two-day games resume this weekend. favourites. who proved too good for Laharum last week. Tatyoon is leading from arch rival Swifts-Great WestThe Pigeons, with opening bowler Siphe Mzaidume

fresh from a hat-trick and Chris Hopper sharpening his timber blade with a ton last week, now take on Noradjuha-Toolondo in the penultimate round of the season. The Pigeons will use the remaining two home-andaway games as finals warm-ups, while NoradjuhaToolondo would consider the two-day game starting this weekend as a mini final.

Cricket fans could almost hear the collective groan from Coughlin Park in Horsham last week as Horsham Saints’ batting list crashed against the Pigeons. The result has left the Saints precariously placed in fifth spot and needing an upset win over RupanyupMinyip. Third-placed Blackheath-Dimboola will need to keep its guard up against Jung Tigers but appears safe for the

ern with victories against Buangor and and Aradale far from assured. St Marys leads Wimmera-Mallee Association from neighbouring Brim-Kellalac-Sheep Hills as teams head into the final round of the season. Marnoo has a chance of snatching an 11th-hour place in the finals if it can beat third-placed Donald.


This week: Two-day game, Noradjuha-Toolondo v Homers at Sunnyside, Laharum v Colts at Laharum, Jung Tigers v Blackheath-Dimboola at Horsham City Oval, Horsham Saints v Rupanyup-Minyip at Coughlin Park. Last week: Rupanyup-Minyip 212 (P. Morgan 80, J. Byrne 37; G. Marshall 3-31) d Jung Tigers 138 (R. Metelmann 4-32), Homers 299 (C. Hopper 131, L. Jones 86, T. Hopper 40; J. Carroll 4-31) d Horsham Saints 112 (T. Kariyawasam 35, G. Davidson 27, S. Mzayidume 4-28 inc hat-trick, S. Hopper 3-20), Noradjuha-Toolondo 171 (M. Combe 27, J. Colbert 27, J. A. Combe 27; D. Griffiths 5-34) d Laharum 102 (R. Nagorcka 33; J. Colbert 4-13, J.c Combe 3-30), Blackheath 3-126 (T. Hair 60, H. Exell 40) d Colts 121 (B. Millar 50; J. Lawson 4-18). Ladder: Homers 70 points, 2.82 percent; Rupanyup-Minyip 58, 1.54; BlackheathDimboola 42, 1.05; Noradjuha-Toolondo 36, 1.22; Horsham Saints 36, 0.99; Jung Tigers 21, 0.76; Laharum 18, 0.66; Colts 15, 0.37.


How they stand: Swifts-Great Western 143 (T. Nicholson 33; R. Taylor 3-21, J. Butler 3-39) v Aradale 3-11 at Alexandra Oval, Pomonal 207 (J. Pollock 47, M. Grinham 29) v Youth Club at Central Park; Buangor 158 (T. Carr 57; T. McDougall 4-33, M. Harris 3-24) v Tatyoon 2-32 at Tatyoon.


THREE IN A ROW: Homers new-ball operator Siphe Mzaidume is pictured claiming the scalp of Horsham Saints’ Trent King while collecting his maiden hat-trick.  Picture: WILLAMY IMAGES

This week, final round, two-day game: St Arnaud v Wycheproof-Narraport at St Arnaud, Donald v Marnoo at Donald, St Marys v Charlton at Warracknabeal, BrimKellalac-Sheep Hills v Jeffcott at Brim. Last week: Charlton drew with St Arnaud, Wycheproof-Nrraport drew with Donald, Jeffcott 4-140 (T. Grant 49, A. Sheridan 38) d St Marys 134 (T. Bell 54; M. House 3-19) Marnoo 182 (S. Lang 38, D. Lang 38; M. McPherson 3-34, D. Giuliani 3-38) d BrimKellalac-Sheep Hills 163 (L. Somers 33; R. Tickner 3-42). Ladder: St Marys 51, 1.84; Brim-Kellalac-Sheep Hills 39, 1.45; Donald 36, 1.22; St Arnaud 30, 1.33; Marnoo 27, 0.87; Charlton 24, 0.65; Jeffcott 21, 0.70; WycheproofNarraport 12, 0.51.

Council to consider oval clubrooms buy A


possible acquisition of football and netball clubrooms on the eastern end of Horsham City Oval is set to open the door for future redevelopment at the recreation reserve.

Horsham Rural City Council voted at its last meeting to discuss buying the clubrooms, on private land next to the reserve, from Horsham RSL Diggers Football and Netball Club. If it buys the property, the council will own the whole triangular block between Baker and Hocking Streets and Firebrace Street and O’Callaghan Parade. It has already spent almost $300,000 on the Horsham’s former ambulance station, on the corner of O’Callaghan Parade and Hocking Street. Chief executive Peter Brown said the council had resolved to discuss buying the land with officials from Horsham RSL Diggers idea next week. “There is long-term strategic importance in the council having control of the whole city oval triangle,” he said. “We were approached by the Diggers and the council considers it important to seize the opportunities as they arise.”

Horsham RSL Diggers, city oval co-tenants with fellow Wimmera League club Horsham which has clubrooms at the other end of the reserve, are in merger discussions with Natimuk in Horsham District League. Club officials have agreed in principle to the merger going ahead but the final decision rests with members from both camps at special club meetings tonight. The clubs need a 75 percent majority vote for the merger to happen. Depending on financial circumstances, the sale of the city oval clubrooms might provide a substantial windfall for a merged club. Regardless of the result, Horsham RSL Diggers has pulled out Wimmera League this year which means if the merger fails they will either go into recess or fold. Mr Brown stressed that any development involving the southeast section of the city oval would be the result of long-term planning. The council has established medium-term tenant agreements with Horsham Men’s Shed and St Johns Ambulance Australia for the former ambulance station which means major development is unlikely for at least five years.


Miners in Horsham

Ballarat Miners basketballers will play in a series of pre-season South East Australian Basketball League matches in Horsham this weekend. The Miners will will take on Mt Gambier at 11am and Bendigo at 6pm on Saturday and Nunawading at noon, Sunday. Miners head coach David Flint will also lead a series of development clinics for 150 domestic players as well as elite juniors and coaches.

National titles

Wimmera athletes Anna Bush, Laura Hutchins and Darcy Edgerton have qualified for Athletics Australia Australian junior championships in Sydney from March 12 to 16. Bush qualified in triple jump, long jump and 90 metre hurdles, Hutchins in discus and shot put and Edgerton in javelin. All three took part in Junior State Track and Field Championships in Melbourne last weekend where Bush won gold in under-16 triple jump and silver in long jump, Hutchins gold in under-18 women’s discus and bronze in shot put, and Edgerton bronze in under-14 javelin.



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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Footy Countdown Noradjuha Quantong

Bombers set for a boost



f pre-season chatter is anything to go by then Noradjuha-Quantong might well be set to cause a few headaches for opposition teams in Horsham District Football League this season.

Chins were quickly wagging through regional footy ranks with news that veteran high flier and potential match-winner Heath Watson would shift from Horsham Saints to the Bombers and was taking goal-kicking onballer Nathan Byrne with him. With other additions including Carl Obst from EdenhopeApsley, Jarrod Crabtree, Minyip-Murtoa, and Brian Harrison, Pimpinio, Noradjuha-Quantong suddenly has reason to start generating expectation. The influx of recruits suggests the Bombers might have considerably more extra experience and goal-kicking potential at their disposal. Watson’s inclusion in particular adds considerable flexibility to the Bombers’ forward-line structures and it might be that his simple presence in attracting key defenders, will free up talented Sam Weddell in keyposition duties. Weddell is one of the rising

goal-kicking talents in the competition, a fact far from lost on the Bombers’ brains trust. Coach Jarred Combe is of course another proven goal kicker. Combe was quick to put a lid on any speculation about how the Bombers might perform this year, other than to suggest his growing senior list was encouraging. “We’re not shaping up too badly although obviously it is still pretty early in terms of the season. The pre-season has been pretty strong and we’ve been happy with numbers on the track. Combe agreed that the newcomers would add considerable experience to the list and said Watson in particular would give the side a fresh luxury in attack. “With Heath playing it certainly takes a lot of pressure of Sam Weddell at centre half forward. Bringing in extra crumbing forwards also fills positions we lacked last year,” he said. “At the moment we haven’t set our specific goals for the season. It’s been more about what we want to do in the preseason. We’ve had from low

NEW LOOK BOMBERS: Noradjuha-Quantong senior coach Jarred Combe has recruited well. Picture: WILLAMY IMAGES



Seniors: Reserves: Under-17s: Under-14s:

30s to high 20s on the track and probably 45 to 50 different blokes come to training. “There are no major losses at this stage and it has been a goal to retain our playing list. Obviously you can never keep 100 percent but at the moment it probably sits at 98 percent.” Combe said a major emphasis this year was stressing a need for players to encourage and support each other. “That’s probably the major expectation we have. It’s not just about what I expect from the players but what they expect from each other. The emphasis is that the players push each other along, not just the coaches. It’s about playing more as a team this year – as one – and not concentrating on individuals too much. “The club’s junior program is first class and the seniors will work closely with the juniors.” Combe said a player he expected to continued to step up was Ryan Leeder who won the club’s reserves best and fairest award last season and was training strongly. Jason Kerr has stepped up to an assistant coaching role with

Jarred Combe Rohan Adams Heath Francis Tim Kelly

the Bombers, who are training at Quantong at 6pm every Monday and Wednesday and every second Friday. Club president Ian Wilson echoed Combe’s sentiments in regards to the approaching season but added that it would be a big season for the Bombers preparing for Quantong and Noradjuha premiership reunions. “There are a few big social functions during the year and we’re all looking forward to the start of the season. We had quite a successful season across the club last year and we’re obviously keen to continue improving” he said. Mr Wilson confirmed that Horsham’s White Hart Hotel had again come on strongly as major sponsors.

• Next week’s Horsham District Football League club preview: Harrow-Balmoral

Welcome new coach and new players NQFNC are pleased to welcome Jarred Combe as Senior Coach and new additions to the club Heath Watson, Nathan Byrne, Carl Obst, Jarrod Crabtree, Brian Harrison

Great Facilities The Capitis team is once again proud to be associated with the NQFNC Please contact us for all your accounting, tax & business needs

PH: 5381 1655 GO THE BOMBERS IN 2014!

The club has undergone extensive renovations to their clubrooms making it one of the best sporting facilities in the Wimmera and district. We would like to welcome any new families that wish to come along to support us.

141 Stawell Road, Horsham

Ph: 5382 6110


N Servicing all major truck F Q makes and models. N F Also selling O S R Hamlex Tipper O S Trailers! N D U O R P


Wish the NoradjuhaQuantong Football Netball Club all the best for the 2013 season

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Footy Countdown Ararat


Rats on the rebuild



here has always been something special and imposing about Wimmera Football League force Ararat.

REBUILDING: Ararat’s Nick Brain in action for the Rats.  Picture: WILLAMY IMAGES

• Next week’s Wimmera Football League club preview: Nhill Tigers

Regardless of how the Rats might perform in a particular season, on the off the field, the club historically stands as a giant of western Victorian football. Ararat teams matching it with visiting VFL outfits in the past is the stuff of Wimmera League legend and the names of Toohey Medallists, premiership coaches and stars almost seem to echo in the breeze across Alexandra Oval. Opposition teams have traditionally shuddered when Ararat has been on a roll and while most of the perception is based on legend, it is often true that when the great south-east force is strong, Wimmera League is also strong. It is a badge of honour the Rats share with powers Horsham and Stawell. The Ararat of today, after a few lean years, might seem far removed from the power-packed outfits that steamrolled their way over the northern clubs. The club, like many of its contemporaries, have had to deal with changing and challenging football circumstances and team leaders realised long ago that they could no longer rest on any laurels. Last year Ararat won only a handful of games but it was the way the Rats finished the season that has perhaps provided a sneak preview of 2014. Joint coach David Hosking, again lead-

Ararat Football Club




David Hosking, Andrew Louder Reserves: Paul Ganley Under-17s: Scott Turner, Brad Haslett Under-14s: Rohan White ing the Rats with Andrew Louder, agreed that there was a moment of revelation within the ranks when his team found itself seriously challenging Horsham. “A lot of stuff we we were trying to teach the young group finally started to click. They basically got it and started to believe in themselves,” he said. That momentum tipped into this year’s pre-season with the club attracting good numbers on the track and only one player from last year’s list, Nick Maddison, leaving with a shift to Warrnambool. In other ways ways Ararat has undergone a transformation. It has a relatively new-look committee led by president Bill Bell and critically, several recruits in the key mid-age level joining the ranks that still include the likes of Jake Williamson, Alan Batchelor, Aaron Searle and Peter Thomson. Hosking said the club had recognised a need to introduce stronger bodies through the midfield and key positions. Players such as Daniel Mendes from

Vermont, Beau Cosson, Noble Park, Tim Porter, Geelong Grammar, and Jake Robinson, back from North Ballarat Rebels, fitted the bill. He added that the club was hopeful that key-position aerialist Mick Fratin would also be playing with the Rats and was looking forward to having Steve Phillips and Thomson back having an influence. “We’re significantly better off now than we were at this time last year in terms of player numbers. Depending on what night it is, we’ve been getting in the mid 30s,” Hosking said. “Last year the players, a good group of young fellas, won the admiration of supporters and we’re looking to continue to improve. We will definitely have a stronger structure. In saying that, we’ve been saying to the guys ‘let’s not get ahead of ourselves, let’s just try to win the first quarter of football we play’. We’re training Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays, trying to lay down a pretty decent fitness base.” Players have made use of a new gymnasium, under conditioning coach Jill Brennan and running under the guidance of Marcus Cooper. Ararat’s home-base facilities at Alexandra Oval are undergoing a major facelift and the changes might well reflect a change in fortunes for the Rats. The Rats have a heavy practice-match schedule, playing in a Sebastopol lightning premiership and then against Hamilton and reigning Hampden League premier Warrnambool.


would like to thank the following major sponsors

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We would also like to thank our other generous supporters & sponsors

Western Wool Marketing provides Marketing, Risk Management, On Farm Collections, Wool Testing and Marketing reports to give the best possible service to their clients. We would like to wish the Ararat Football

Netball Club all the best for the 2014 season

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Wednesday, February 19, 2014 ● Phone 5382 1351 ● Vol. 16 No. 32


Well, you were not the only one – Jeep now outsells Ford in the SUV market, and is not too far behind Holden. For full story, see page 5

The Australian Automobile Association wants the Federal Government to slash tariffs on imported vehicles, following the withdrawal of three major car manufacturers in Australia. See page 3

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Call to end the tariff on imported cars A

ustralia’s peak motoring organisation, the Australian Automobile Association (AAA), has called for tariffs on imported motor vehicles to be scrapped immediately, saying the there is no longer any justification for protecting the local motor manufacturing industry.

If about 690,000 vehicles incur the tariff, with an average payment of about $1500, the loss to Canberra would be about $1.03 billion. However, the tariff also inflates other federal imposts by raising the landed cost of vehicles, with GST and the luxury car tax increasing by proportion. Meanwhile, Mr Macfarlane reportedly has asked the Productivity Commission to refocus its motor manufacturing industry inquiry on to the parts supply industry to keep as much of the industry afloat as possible in the wake of the decisions by Holden, Ford and Toyota to all quit local manufacturing by the end of 2017.

But the Federal Government has reacted coolly to the proposal which reportedly would cost Canberra’s coffers an estimated $1 billion in lost income and hasten the decline of the three manufacturers ahead of their announced demise by late 2017. Industry minister Ian Macfarlane told ABC radio that it would look at the issue, but added: “Let’s realise that this transition isn’t one that’s going to take place overnight.” AAA chief executive Andrew McKellar said that because all three Australian carmakers had announced plans to shut their local factories, the five per cent tariff on imported new vehicles should be dropped to improve motoring affordability. “If tariffs were designed to

REDUCE IMPORTED CAR TAXES: The Australian Automobile Association has called for the federal government to scrap tariffs on imported cars, following the announcement that Holden, Ford and Toyota will withdraw from car manufacturing in Australia.

help protect the local industry then there is no longer any justification to maintain them,” he said. “The removal of tariffs could save the average new car buyer between one and two thousand dollars on the cost of a vehicle. “The government must use the upcoming federal budget to announce the end of vehicle

that they will maintain their production at their Altona plant until 2017 we have the time to get this right and to step through it,” he said.

those imports do not attract the five per cent tariff, as they come from countries with free-trade agreements with Australia.

Asked about the proposal on ABC radio, Mr Macfarlane indicated the federal government would look at the issue in due course.

Of the 1,039,471 vehicles sold in Australia last year, 932,749 were imported, leaving the Australia car-makers with about 10 per cent of the market.

“Toyota have guaranteed

However, a large slice of

For example, Thailand – the second largest source of cars and trucks sold in Australia after Japan – accounted for 208,593 units, while the United States exported 32,372 vehicles to this country.

import tariffs in order to improve motoring affordability.” The AAA is a national body representing motor organisations such as the RACV, NRMA and RACQ.

“There are some very world class component suppliers, both to Toyota and of course to Ford and Holden, but also who are already exporting,” Mr MacFarlane told the ABC. “So we need to see what we need to do to position them to be able to continue that export and to grow the component obviously of export to 100 per cent.” Ron Hammerton © GoAutoMedia, 2014

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6x SRS Airbags Heated & Cooled Cup Holders Washable Luggage Board Rear Drawer System

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6 year 120,000km Capped Price Servicing 3 year 100,000km Warranty 3 year 24 Hour Roadside Assistance

Our comprehensive ownership experience between 1/01/14 and 31/01/14. Offers exclude government, rental and national fleet customers. Navara D22 offer on ABN buyers only. Accessories not exchangeable for cash. Nissan reserves the right to vary, extend or withdraw these offers. ∞Towing capacity figure described is a maximum figure. Actual towing capacity depends on the laden mass of the vehicle, driving conditions, fitment of any accessories or towing equipment limitations including the maximum towball download. ^Extended warranty expires 60 months from date of first vehicle registration or after 150,000 km (whichever comes first). Conditions apply. ‡Terms and conditions apply, please visit 6 year capped price servicing applies to the first 12x 10,000kms scheduled service intervals for up to 6years/120,000kms (whichever occurs first). Some exclusions apply. Ask in dealership or visit for full terms and conditions.






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Key Features

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Wednesday, February 19, 2014


Big push for Jeep, Fiat and Alfa F

iat-Chrysler Group has emerged as a top-10 player in the Australian automotive market in little more than 18 months, using its direct factory clout to propel Jeep into the SUV mainstream while re-launching struggling Italian brands Fiat and Alfa Romeo.

Sharper pricing, expanded model line-ups and canny marketing have all played a role in the sales growth of the company’s collective five nameplates – Alfa, Fiat, Chrysler, Jeep and Dodge. The mix of Italian and American brands came together under one management structure in May 2012 when the newly married global Fiat-Chrysler group – a merger triggered by the global financial crisis when Chrysler went bust – bought back the Australian distribution rights for Fiat and Alfa Romeo from independent importer Ateco Automotive and bundled them in with the existing Chrysler business in Australia. At the time, Fiat’s representation in Australia was down to just one passenger car model – the 500 bambino – and two commercial vehicles, the Ducato and Scudo. Alfa had just two vehicles – the MiTo and Giulietta – which were reduced to double figures in monthly sales towards the end of the Ateco reign. At the same time, Chrysler was extracting itself from a previous tie with Daimler and an ill-fated dalliance with venture capital company Cerberus, with Chrysler Australia moving out from its quarters in Mercedes-Benz Australia’s Mulgrave head office in Melbourne to stand on its own two feet.

Prices cuts, fresh models and an injection of high-profile marketing re-energised the various brands. Last year, the Fiat-Chrysler group posted a 47.8 per cent jump in sales volume, from 22,820 in 2012 to 33,734 in 2013. This placed the company ahead of Kia (29,778) and Mercedes-Benz (27,547), and apparently closing on others such as Honda (39,258) and Subaru (40,200). Last month, the group’s sales tally was 3113 vehicles, surpassing the January totals of Honda (2471) and Subaru (3051), and clocking up its sixth successive month of 3000-plus sales. What’s more, its top-selling Jeep Grand Cherokee outsold Toyota’s dominant Prado to top the January large SUV segment, 1359 to 1024.

So far, Jeep has led the charge for the group, thanks at least in part to the memorable “I bought a Jeep” advertising campaign. It now sells more SUVs than Ford, and is not too far behind Holden. Jeep accounts for two thirds of Fiat-Chrysler Group sales in Australia, with the flagship Grand Cherokee – a product developed alongside the Mercedes-Benz M-Class under the now-defunct alliance with Daimler – accounts for about two-thirds of Jeep sales.

people-mover. The company relaunched the 300 in July 2012 with a refreshed range and price cuts of up to $10,000, helping Chrysler sales to a monthly peak of 361 units in September last year.

Jeep sales have exceeded 2000 units every month since August last year, peaking at a record 2211 units in December. Not since 30,000 American Army GIs rolled off troop ships into Australia in World War 2 has Jeep had such an impact on local motoring.

The Voyage is all but invisible, achieving just single-figure sales lately.

Chrysler has had less of an impact, having been reduced to just two models in the local market – the 300 large sedan and aging Voyager

Fiat-Chrysler has better news out of its Fiat division, with sales soaring from zero in May 2012 to 852 in December. Under Ateco, Fiat’s

Chrysler’s sister brand Dodge – a one-car brand with its Journey – is also just bumping along, with sales dropping from more than 200 a month to about 140-180.

best month in the past decade was 279 units in May 2009. The Fiat 500 remains the mainstay of the brand, with cheap prices starting at just $14,000 (plus on-road costs), but the new Fiat Freemont – a rebadged Dodge Journey – has added handy volume since its introduction last year. Alfa Romeo is also rediscovering its mojo, achieving a peak of 371 sales in August last year and now settling around 250 units a month – similar to it sales rate in the early 2000s. Ron Hammerton © GoAutoMedia, 2014

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$14,490 RMP103




2008 Ford Mondeo

Colorado 7 LTZ 2.8ltr T/Diesel, 6-speed Auto, 3000kg Towing, Full Leather trim, 7 Seats, 3rd Row Air Con, Climate Control, Side Steps, Cargo Blind, Rear View Camera




2012 Holden Cruze Sri Ex- Demo, only 5,490k’s, sporty 1.4ltr turbo petrol, 6 speed tiptonic auto, 5 star ANCAP safety rating with 6 airbags, as new


2010 Honda Accord Euro Ex-company vehicle, only 37,000Km’s, Honda’s proven reliability, alloy wheels, climate control, excellent vehicle





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2009 Holden VE SV6 Sedan Sporty SV6 sedan, only 38,000km’s, locally owned, sold and serviced by us, alloy wheels, sports seats, 3.6ltr V6, sports shift auto, won’t find better






2010 Holden Cruze CD

2013 Mitsubishi Outlander ES

Locally owned and fully serviced has done 74,400kms, alloy wheels, tow pack, 6 airbags, 5star ANCAP safety rating.

2.0ltr 2WD, standard with bluetooth, rear parking sensors and camera, current model ex-company demo vehicle.

$14,990 XWU222




2010 Mitsubishi Triton GLX Single cab chassis, steel drop side tray, auto, 2.5ltr turbo diesel, steel bull bar, tow bar , sold by us, only 37,000km’s, great value

2010 VE SV6 Sedan

$25,990 YCV259


5382 0185 *Only available to approved applicants. Finance provided by Esanda, a division of Australia and New Zealand Banking Group Ltd ABN 11 005 357 522. Australian Credit License Number 234527. All applications for credit are subject to Esanda’s normal credit approval criteria. Terms and conditions, fees and charges apply.



Locally owned, full service history, travelled only 58,000km’s, series 2 update, dual zone climate, Bluetooth, touch screen radio, brilliant value


Ex-company demo vehicle, 5-speed manual, handy hatchback style, has full leather seats, heat able front seats, rear view camera. As new!



2008 Mitsubishi Pajero 25th anniversary edition, leather seats, sat nav, alloy wheels, side steps, rear view camera, 3.2ltr turbo diesel auto, travelled 120,000km’s, service history, value pack



2009 VE SV6 Sedan 3.6ltr SiDi V6 engine with 6 speed auto, one owner vehicle has done 71,500kms, in great condition, service history, will not disappoint,

$34,490 WKW398


2012 Mitsubishi Lancer

$23,990 YDX066


Updated and economical 3.6ltr SiDi V6 and 6 speed Auto, rear view camera, 90,300km’s with service history. Very neat inside and out.

2011 Holden VEII Omega ute

$15,490 YOT334

Hard to find auto, has travelled 205,000K’s



2011 Holden Cruze CD


2004 Pajero GLS


Australian built Cruze with 1.8ltr 4 cylinder 6-speed auto, cruise control, 6 air bags, ESC, travelled 85,300kms, with full service history from one local owner.

$24,990 ZMT760



Sporty family five door, economical turbo diesel motor, 80,000km’s, full service history, sunroof, alloy wheels, front & rear parking sensors


2010 Caprice-V This vehicle is immaculate, has only travelled 54,300kms, has full leather trim, 6.0ltr V8 with AFM, DVD, Sat Nav and more!


$20,490 XIE720


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The Weekly Advertiser - Wednesday, February 19, 2014  

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The Weekly Advertiser - Wednesday, February 19, 2014  

Read the February 19 edition online!