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‘You can’t stop Seth’ A


t first glance, Horsham’s Seth RolinsWinfield is a happy-go-lucky eightyear-old boy who loves Star Wars, country music and hanging out with his mates.

But look a little closer and you will see the impact of the cruel hand he has been dealt. His mind might be sharp, but Seth’s body is failing him every day. The Horsham Primary School student has Duchenne muscular dystrophy, a rare disease affecting about one in 3500 live male births throughout the world. Lack of the protein dystrophin causes muscles to break down, leading to progressive difficulty with walking and general mobility, and later on, affects breathing and the heart. There is no cure, although researchers are continuing to look for one. Seth’s mother Courtney Rolins knew her son was ‘different’ from an early age. Although he was diagnosed aged 4, Mrs Rolins said she suspected something was wrong long before that. “Seth didn’t walk until he was nearly two,” she said. “He could talk and he hit all his other milestones, except for walking and fine-motor skills. “It took a long time for us to work out what was wrong. I felt like I went to every doctor in the region asking for advice, but everyone kept telling me he was just delayed. I kept saying, ‘how can he be delayed when he is hitting all his milestones, except his motor skills?’. “Eventually, we got referred to a paediatrician, who noticed Seth’s large calf muscles and straight away thought of muscular dystrophy.” Seth underwent tests at the Royal Children’s Hospital, but despite her intuition telling her something was wrong, Mrs Rolins was not prepared for the results. “When they told me he had Duchenne muscular dystrophy it really was a shock, because you don’t think it’s ever going to be something bad,” she said. “Once we got the diagnosis, we researched it. I was still not really aware of what we had been told. Now that he is getting older we know a lot more about the disease and the direction it is going to take. “They say most boys with Duchenne’s don’t continue on past the age of 20. “But these days, with all the medical research, some are living beyond that stage.” Children with DMD generally lose the ability

to walk by 12 years of age and become reliant on a wheelchair. Mrs Rolins said her son’s deterioration was measured in ‘seconds’. “He has to run 10 metres with no shoes or socks on, as fast as he can,” she said. “On January 30, 2019, he ran 10 metres in seven seconds. On November 20, he ran it in 8.2 seconds. “Once he gets to about 12 seconds, the hospital will tell us he needs to use his chair full-time.”


Mrs Rolins said Seth was aware of his limitations, yet still became upset when he could not keep up with his friends. She said if other children climbed on play equipment at a playground, Seth knew he could not join them. “If there isn’t anyone else at the playground we can help him to go up the steps, but he moves very slowly,” she said. “A lot of the time he will just move around on the ground and play. “It is so cruel. The hardest part is knowing he was born to be able to do all of these things.” Mrs Rolins said despite his condition, Seth was a happy, funloving boy. “He’s like a duck, it runs off his back like water,” she said. “He doesn’t know everything and he doesn’t want to know everything, so I feel like we are going to have more trouble as he gets older. “But Seth knows what his wheelchair is for. He knows his limitations – but you can’t stop him. He is so happy, he makes the best of everything. “Eventually his wheelchair and mobility scooter will become his legs, but I know he will make the most of it.” Seth has a powered wheelchair on the way, but as his condition progresses, he will need further assistance to move around. The Rolins family is in need of a wheelchairaccessible vehicle for two adults and four children, yet the cost is proving prohibitive. Mrs Rolins has decided to host a family fun day and trivia night next month to raise money for a new vehicle. Continued page 3

Horsham’s Courtney Rolins will host a family fun day and trivia night next month to raise money for a wheelchairaccessible vehicle for her son, Seth. A highlight of the fundraising activities will be the auctioning of a guitar donated by Seth’s favourite singer, Australian country music superstar, Lee Kernaghan. Picture: PAUL CARRACHER

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Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Mental health focus in fire crisis C


ommunity health groups and organisations have urged people to remain conscious of their own and other’s mental health during the bushfire season.

With fires in the state’s east and New South Wales causing widespread loss and devastation, health services have put out the call for people to check in with themselves and their loved ones who could be struggling. Grampians Community Health chief executive Greg Little said national news coverage and recent hazy condi-

tions across the region could become a trigger for anxiety, stress and fear. He said this was particularly true in a region which had been known to experience significant fire threats in the past. “It doesn’t seem that long ago since we had bushfires – with the Black Saturday bushfires in 2009, Grampians bushfires in 2006 and Roses Gap bushfires in 2014,” he said. “We have a long history with bushfires, and for a lot of people it might be bringing back memories or creating some fear, especially when we look outside our windows and see smoke

in the backyard and are aware of what is happening elsewhere. “So, feelings of being anxious, stressed or short-tempered with partners or others will probably have a lot to do with that.” Mr Little said it was important, particularly for people who had or were currently experiencing the effects of bushfire and parents of young children, to be aware of their support options during a crisis. He said this included counselling services and general practitioners, as well as organisations such as Beyond Blue.

The national not-for-profit service has developed new online information about mental health and bushfires in relation to the bushfire crisis. Beyond Blue chief executive Georgie Harman said this included practical advice about dealing with the emotional impact of bushfire, information about the signs and symptoms of emotional distress, tips for supporting children and young people, and links to useful resources. Mr Little said he wished to remind people that is was okay to need help. “As Australians we’re always very good at saying ‘oh, I’m alright’,” he

said. “We’re also very good at putting other people before ourselves. “So, while you should keep an eye out for your family and friends, also keep an eye out for yourself. “And for anyone who might have been in the fires elsewhere and have returned or for people who are feeling anxious, come and see the support services of organisations in the area. “We’re all in this together.” Mr Little said people experiencing a significant mental-health issue should contact their general practitioner.

Flag outcry

GIVING THANKS: From left, Zara Scott, Asher Henwood, Klay Milner and Imogen Parish are among children at Green Leaves Early Learning Horsham to create thank-you cards for firefighters working hard to put out bushfires across the country. Centre director Stacey Faux said children in the pre-kinder room were interested in learning more about the fires and the smoke they could see in the air. “One of our educators, Natasha, is a volunteer firefighter who helped answer the children’s questions,” she said. “Some of the children asked what they could do to help and then came up with the idea of making cards for the firefighters with their own little messages. Natasha will pass the cards onto some of the firefighters.”

Fundraising day to support Seth’s journey From page 1 “Seth’s new chair will arrive on January 28, but we don’t have a way to get it anywhere. He can’t even go on the school bus because it doesn’t have wheelchair access, only steps,” Mrs Rolins said. “At the moment we have to help him in and out of the car. He struggles to step up and down because he doesn’t have the leg strength or upper-body strength to get in and out of the car by himself. “It would be so much easier for him if he could just glide in and out in his wheelchair.” Mrs Rolins said she reached out to

a few organisations for help to fund a new vehicle, but was unsuccessful. A group of friends decided to band together, creating a family fun day at 4th Horsham Scout Group headquarters in Baillie Street on February 22. The Seth’s Force Community Family Fun Day will run from 10am to 4pm and include live music, a sausage sizzle, market stalls, face-painting and a jumping castle. Entry is free with a gold coin donation for activities. Trivia With A Twist will run a trivia night at Horsham Table Tennis Association in Harriet Street from 7pm that night. Tickets cost $15 and bookings are

essential by calling Courtney on 0400 255 779.

Kernaghan’s guitar

A highlight of the evening will be the auctioning of a guitar donated by Australian country music superstar, Lee Kernaghan. “Lee is Seth’s favourite singer, so we reached out to him and he very generously donated one of his guitars,” Mrs Rolins said. “We are hoping that will generate a bit of interest, because Lee is very popular. It’s going to be a great night and hopefully we can get a good crowd along.”

Mrs Rolins said regional businesses had also donated prizes for raffles. She said she was grateful for the support, even though she found it difficult to reach out for help. “I’m the kind of person who would go without to help someone in need,” she said. “But we are not doing this for ourselves, we are doing it for our son – we wouldn’t reach out and ask for help unless we really needed it.” People can search Seth’s Force – Community Family Fun Day on Facebook for more information about the event or to register a market stall.

Beulah residents and police have condemned the flying of a Nazi flag in a yard in the Mallee town. The red and black flag has been flying over the private property for several weeks. Leading Senior Constable Shayne Riggall from Beulah police has told media police were  investigating and waiting for legal advice about  any offences that might  have been committed. Yarriambiack  Shire Council chief executive Jessie Holmes said the council was working on getting the flag removed. “We are doing everything we legally can and we are working with other agencies to get the flag removed,” she said. “We stand with the Beulah community and the flag doesn’t represent our values. Beulah is a wonderful inclusive community and this does not reflect well on our shire.”

Fatal crash A woman has died in a crash at Dadswells Bridge on Sunday afternoon. Witnesses told police a car was leaving the car park of a tourist attraction on the Western Highway about 3.20pm when it was involved in a crash with a truck. Emergency services arrived a short time later but the driver of the car, believed to be a woman in her 30s, died at the scene. The driver of the truck, who was uninjured, stopped and has spoken with police. Police are investigating the circumstances of the fatal crash. Police have called for anyone who witnessed the crash or with further information or dash cam footage to call Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 or submit a confidential report at  www.



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Bushfire Response — Australian Defence Force Reserve Call Out For the first time in Australia’s history, Australian Defence Force (ADF) Reserve Brigades have received a Call-Out Order of Reservists: Operation BUSHFIRE ASSIST 2019-2020. At the request of the Australian Government the Governor General, His Excellency General, (Retd), the Honourable David Hurley AC DSC has issued the Call Out Order. The Call Out will see up to 3000 predominately Army Reservists deployed to help State Agencies throughout the fire affected areas. The majority of Reservists who have been called out come from the Australian Army’s 2nd Division, 4 Brigade, 5 Brigade, 6 Brigade, 9 Brigade, 17 Sustainment Brigade and the broader ADF Community. With skills in professions including engineering, medical, logistics and transport, Reservists will support agencies in responding to the current bushfire emergency in New South Wales, Victoria, Tasmania and South Australia. The priority for those involved will be to assist in ensuring the safety of life, support the evacuation of affected people, provide assistance to communities and support State-managed evacuation centres. Reservists currently supporting the fires are exempt from this Call Out. For more information about exemptions please visit



If you have been called on to provide support, you will be notified by a letter or through your chain of command.

Your Reservist employee will have information for you.

The Reserve Call Out is compulsory. Your service is protected under the Defence Reserve Service (Protection) Act 2001. This means your employer must release you from your civilian employment. You will be employed under continuous full time service with all entitlements.

If your Reservist employee is subject to the Call Out, you do need to release them unless a valid reason can be provided. Please call the Unit point of contact in the information your Reservist will provide to you. To assist with the costs associated with the absence of your employee during this period you can apply to receive payments under the Employer Support Payment Scheme (ESPS).

Families wanting information or advice can contact The Defence Community Organisation 24/7 Defence Family Helpline on 1800 624 608 or 1800 801 026.

Both Reservists and the Employers of Reservists can contact 1800 DEFENCE (1800 333 362) or should they have any queries relating to the support available to them as a result of the Call Out. Defending Australia and its National Interests DPS:JAN001-20



Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Rockers reunite ahead of festival W


hen Horsham pub-rock band U-Jorgan formed in the 1980s, lead singer Paul Christopher was only 18 years old.

In the almost 40 years since, the Horsham-born performer might have missed out on becoming the next Michael Hutchence, but his love of music has remained. In fact, many people will likely recognise him as part of the trio Acousticus Stomp, where he can regularly be seen jamming it out at community events or one of the Wimmera’s pubs. And come February, Christopher will also be bringing his passion for performing to the multi-venue weekend of music nostalgia that is set to be 60 Years of Wimmera Rock. The three-day reunion event, from February 7 to 9, will gather more than 50 bands and solo acts across venues including Horsham Town Hall’s Heritage Hall, the town hall theatre, Maydale Pavilion at Horsham Showground and Horsham Soundshell at Sawyer Park. Christopher will form part of three different acts, but it will likely be his performance with U-Jorgan that will be the most notable. Christopher said the group broke up about 20 years ago, when the band comprised himself, Rob Eales, John

THE BOYS ARE BACK IN TOWN: U-Jorgan band members Rob Eales, guitar, and Paul Christopher, lead singer, are excited to relive their rock ’n’ roll glory days when they perform at 60 Years of Wimmera Rock in February with fellow members John Cosgrove, Stephen Hadley and Tim Cramer. Picture: PAUL CARRACHER Cosgrove, Stephen Hadley and Tim Cramer. He said members had moved across the state and as far as the Sunshine Coast. “Steve, who plays bass, moved up to the Sunshine Coast and Tim also went up there,” he said.

“John went to Ocean Grove near Geelong and Rob only recently shifted back to Horsham.” Christopher said 60 Years of Wimmera Rock offered them the opportunity to reunite again, as well as the chance to see some of the other faces of the Wimmera’s 1980s entertain-

ment scene. “We’ve already practised twice,” he said. “We met up recently in Geelong, so members flew all the way down from Queensland and we practised for four hours each time. “We’re older now and more refined in our music, so I reckon we sound

CRAFTY: Audrey Jochinke and her mum Simone Tait participate in a Surprise with Letters workshop at Horsham Regional Art Gallery on Tuesday. The workshop is one of several artdriven activities available at the gallery this week as part of the National Gallery of Victoria’s Kids on Tour program. The gallery will offer the NGV’s 2020 tour program until Sunday. People can visit www. horshamtownhall. for more information. Picture: PAUL CARRACHER

better. I think with anything you do you only get better the more time you put into it. “It will be good to see a lot of the old faces of the ’80s and relive a bit of that band rivalry of course.” Christopher said U-Jorgan, during its 10 years, played predominantly cover-gigs at anywhere from Horsham to Warrnambool, and regularly performed for crowds of up to 1000 people at events such as BnS balls. He said Wimmera audiences could expect at least one of the band’s originals when they take to the stage at 60 Years of Wimmera Rock. “We had three originals, and we’ll be playing one on the night, which is Animal House,” he said. “That was a so-called crowd favourite back then. I suppose we did have a big following back in the 80s, but that was also because everyone knew each other, and we had a lot of our friends coming along.” U-Jorgan will be playing in Horsham Town Hall Heritage Hall at 8.30pm on February 8. All 60 Years of Wimmera Rock events at Horsham Soundshell are free to attend, but a $10 per-day pass is required for adults at other venues. People can buy tickets online at ticketing.




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Kealy backs Orange Door N

ationals Member for Lowan Emma Kealy has thrown her support behind Wimmera Southern West Family Violence Partnership’s call to establish an Orange Door centre in Horsham.

Orange Doors are free services for adults, children and young people who are experiencing or have experienced family violence. The ‘one stop shop’ service is designed to make it easier for people to seek help and support earlier. The partnership, which covers 10 local government areas including Yarriambiack, Hindmarsh, West Wimmera, Horsham and Northern Grampians, was established in 2015 to provide leadership on family violence service planning and integration at a regional level. The partnership’s first major project was to research, understand and document the issues affecting family-violence service delivery, access and experience in the Wimmera and south-west. Ms Kealy said the project’s overarching finding was the relationship between family violence and rurality. She said rurality was a fundamental factor in restricting services’ ability to perform their core tasks; their capacity to meet the needs of women and children experiencing family violence, to keep them safe and to hold perpetrators to account. “The partnership’s research shows

that across the 10 local government areas represented by the partnership, there are geographic areas that have a higher incidence of family violence than the Victorian average,” Ms Kealy said. “This is leading to an increasing demand for domestic and familyviolence support services, with local service providers regularly approaching me concerned that their resources are being stretched to the limit with the increasing demand for help from Wimmera residents. “I have long advocated for a support and safety hub in Horsham and have written several times to the Minister for the Prevention of Family Violence calling for the Andrews Labor government to immediately provide funding for an Orange Door facility in Horsham. “In communities where Orange Doors are operating, local people can readily access family violence support services, giving them the support they need before a situation reaches crisis point.” Ms Kealy said an Orange Door service in Morwell had helped more than 5000 Gippsland residents. “I am proud to support the partnership in their call for the Andrews Labor government to make the funding available to establish a similar facility in Horsham to provide Wimmera residents with the support services they are entitled to and expect,” she said.

COLOUR TO DYE FOR: Bethany Clinton, left, and Trish Venn get creative at a Horsham Spinners and Weavers dyeing day at the weekend. Mrs Venn said about 12 people attended the Sunday session at the Makers’ Gallery and Studio above Horsham Library, where they dyed wool, fibres, fabrics and yarns with a variety of commercial and natural dyes. Picture: PAUL CARRACHER

‘Long overdue’ road funding Member for Lowan Emma Kealy is celebrating a ‘long overdue’ $4.5-million upgrade of a narrow section of Dunkeld-Cavendish Road. The State Government announced last week it would widen a 7.5-kilometre section of the road, which serves as a key link between the Glenelg and Henty highways for up to 600 vehicles a day, including heavy vehicles transporting timber from logging operations. Ms Kealy  said while the announcement was years overdue, it was a start and some reward for years of tireless

campaigning by local residents and road users. “Roads in western Victoria should never have to get to the shocking state of the Dunkeld-Cavendish Road before they get fixed,” she said. “While I’m concerned the funding might not be enough to repair all the potholes and crumbling edges of this dangerous road, it will go some way to addressing the safety concerns of local road users.” Acting Roads and Road Safety Minister Jacinta Allan said the major upgrade would ensure the road was safer

and equipped to handle rising levels of traffic travelling in either direction. There are sections of the road where vehicles are unable to pass each other while remaining on the sealed surface. Ms Allan said road works would start on Monday and take several months to complete. She said the upgrade was part of the Labor government’s $40-million investment in upgrading narrow roads across the state’s south-west.

A single ember can spread bushfires as far as 40km. Burning embers from bushfires can travel up to 40km, starting new fires in seconds, destroying homes and making escape impossible. If the Fire Danger Rating is ever extreme or above, don’t hesitate. Leave early.

Plan. Act. Survive. Go to

Authorised by the Victorian Government, 1 Treasury Place, Melbourne



Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Volunteers join fire-relief efforts W


immera Red Cross volunteers are among hundreds responding to requests for critical psychological and wellbeing support for bushfire victims.

Red Cross Australia Victorian state director Sue Cunningham confirmed one Horsham resident was rostered on to help provide relief services within East Gippsland and north-east Victoria this week. This follows three Horsham and one Stawell volunteer who returned on Friday from a January 4 deployment to Mallacoota, where fires have forced about 4000 people to evacuate and take refuge at Mallacoota Beach. Horsham’s Annette Jardine was part of the Wimmera support group. She said she and other volunteers were helping provide people with psychological first-aid at Mallacoota’s emergency relief centre and on-board evacuation ship HMAS Choules, as well as take registrations for Red Cross’s ‘Register.Find.Reunite’ service. She said while her experience was ‘full on’ with heavy smoke in the air and a steady flow of registrations, it was largely unalarming for people involved owing to their patience and the work of volunteer organisations. “It wasn’t scary,” she said. “We knew what to expect because we’ve seen similar situations quite a lot, and I think the people who were most heavily affected were those who had already been evacuated by the ship that came before we arrived, which had nearly 1000 people on board.

“It is very humbling and rewarding to be able to help them and assist them, even if it is just sitting and talking with the people. Sometimes they don’t need anything but that” 

– Annette Jardine

“Our ship had only 205 passengers including us, and 66 firefighters and 45 dogs. “There wasn’t a lot of emotion that we saw. Everyone was really good, from the firies and police to the Navy personnel on the ship, they couldn’t have done more for everyone.” Mrs Jardine said the four-person Wimmera support group flew into Mallacoota on a military transport aircraft, before being escorted to the town’s emergency relief centre – a gymnasium. She said this was where volunteers provided wellbeing support to affected persons, as well as where many people slept. “We slept on gym mats. But we also brought sleeping bags and pillows, so it wasn’t too bad,” she said. “There was a steady flow of registration and because there was too much smoke there were no flights running. “Then we were told we would be accompanying people onto HMAS Choules, which went to Cerberus in Hastings on the Wednesday, where people who weren’t directly picked up by family and friends were given accommodation in Melbourne.” Mrs Jardine said it was rewarding

to be able to assist people in times of crisis. “It is very humbling and rewarding to be able to help them and assist them, even if it is just sitting and talking with the people. Sometimes they don’t need anything but that,” she said. “The reason we do it is just to support the community.” Mrs Cunningham said volunteers statewide had been active in more than a dozen fire-relief centres, helping to provide psychological first-aid to more than 2500 people. She said their support was ‘absolutely critical’. “The support we are able to provide as an organisation is driven by our volunteers,” she said. “They are the absolute backbone, so we really can’t appreciate them enough for what they’re doing.”

READY TO HELP: Top, Wimmera Red Cross emergency-relief volunteers, front, Kerry Hapgood and Annette Jardine, fifth from right, Glenda Campbell and third from right, Sandra Spiers, with other volunteers as they prepare to leave Mallacoota’s evacuation centre; and above, volunteers and evacuees on a ferry waiting to be transferred to rescue ship HMAS Choules.


Heartfelt thanks

SIR, – Lightning strike ignited a scrub fire in the Jilpanger flora and fauna reserve at Tooan, west of Natimuk, on December 21, 2019. Burning on the north fringe of the reserve boundary, southerly winds pushed the fire through boundary fences and onto our farm property. Several local CFA brigade tanker crews attended the blaze and put in solid efforts over many hours to contain and then safely extinguish the fire, saving both property and livestock. Had the crews not responded so quickly and worked so diligently, the outcome might have been much more severe than the loss of fence lines. Some of the CFA brigades in attendance on the day included the tanker crews of Wonwondah one and two, Mitre, Toolondo, Clear Lake, Noradjuha and Natimuk. On behalf of my son Christopher, daughter-in-

law Colleen and wife Shirley, I wish to convey heartfelt thanks to these brigade members, as well as to all other brigade crews who attended not mentioned above, the Parks fire management crews and the skilled efforts of the driver in the tractor and large clay delver, who worked diligently in creating firebreaks and tracks for fire containment lines. We also wish to thank our farming neighbours, many of whom also arrived quite promptly with personal water carts and firefighting equipment to join the crews and help where ever they could. We are all incredibly grateful for the efforts of the responding firefighters and of our neighbours as well as for the wonderful job done by all in protecting our property and livestock. It was a hard-fought job, yet a job done extremely well by you all and we wish to sincerely thank you all very much. Wavell McPherson Tooan

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Wednesday, January 15, 2020

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Accreditation a team result


immera Health Care Group has gained one of its highest achievements to date after winning accreditation for acute services under new national standards.

The Wimmera’s largest health organisation was assessed against the second edition of the National Safety and Quality Health Standards. Services covered by the accreditation include dental, rehabilitation, inpatients, emergency, dialysis and oncology. The second edition addressed gaps identified in the first edition, including mental health, cognitive impairment, health literacy, end-of-life care and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health. WHCG clinical risk, improvement and innovation director Sally Taylor said the accreditation was the result of a complete team performance across the organisation. “When there are new standards applied, there is always a level of uncertainty in the first year they are used for assessment,” she said. “We only received three recommendations, which makes it even more pleasing. “It was a great team effort and everybody has worked hard to implement the changes associated with the new version of the standards and this has improved the safety and quality of the care we provide.” WHCG quality manager Leanne Seipolt was also impressed with the team’s commitment. “It was not just our clinical staff but administration, laundry, kitchen and everyone in our Horsham and

HIGH STANDARDS: From left, Wimmera Health Care Group chief executive Catherine Morley, board chair Marie Aitken and clinical improvement, risk and innovation director Sally Taylor with the national accreditation certificate presented by the Australian Council on Healthcare Standards. Dimboola campuses just pulled together as a team to get this outcome,” she said. Ms Seipolt said national standards assessment was to simply ensure patient safety and that everyone had the best experience possible when using WHCG services. “The assessors were on site for four days and covered all areas in that time, including clinical governance, patient safety, blood management, the patient journey, medication management and infection control,” she said. “They were very thorough. They spent about 60 percent of their time

in the wards and would turn up in different departments unannounced. “They interviewed community members, talked to patients and team members. One assessor followed a patient journey through theatre to check our policies and procedures. “It was a great experience for all the staff because the assessors spent so much time on the floor with them and they were really open and honest throughout.” The second edition of the National Safety and Quality Health Standards comprises eight standards. Clinical governance and partnering with consumer standards combine to

form the clinical governance framework for all health service organisations. They support and integrate with clinical standards, which cover specific areas of patient care. WHCG had team leads for each of the standards, helping to ensure all of the required actions were implemented. The eight standards are: Clinical governance, partnering with consumers, preventing and controlling healthcare-associated infection, medication safety, comprehensive care, communicating for safety, blood management and recognising and responding to acute deterioration.

New kinder play space St Arnaud Early Learning Centre will have a brand new play space to coincide with the launch of its State Government-funded three-year-old kinder program this year. Work on the redevelopment, which will blend existing and new play areas and provide natural spaces for kids to experience and enjoy all kinds of nature-based play experiences, started last week. St Arnaud Early Learning Centre parent fundraising committee is contributing $20,000 towards the project. The committee was also successful in receiving two shade grants for the space and contributed to planning design costs. Northern Grampians Shire Council will fund the rest of the project and has committed to use local contractors where possible to carry out the works. Northern Grampians Shire Council mayor Murray Emerson said the municipality was lucky to be included in the first six shires to offer the three-year-oldkinder program, from January 30. “This new space will complement the new three-year-old program, and council thanks the parent committee for their tireless work in making this happen,” he said. “The roll-out of funded three-year-old kinder will provide a fantastic educational base for our next generation and relieve some of the financial pressures on families when it comes to early childhood education. “Council is confident our kindergartens are well-equipped and prepared for what is shaping up to be a very popular program in the region. “Centres have set up new rooms, ordered new equipment and new qualified educators have been hired.”

Yarriambiack shire council AUSTRALIA DAY EVENTS

Community Cricket Program

Sunday, 26th January 2020 Warracknabeal: 8am Cooked Breakfast Celebration (gold coin donation), Australia Day Awards, Musical Entertainment, Guest Speaker Josh Gunn – Community Centre (Anzac Park) Hopetoun: 8am Free Breakfast Celebrations and Guest Speaker – Memorial Hall, Hopetoun Beulah: 8am Flag Pole Stroll, Breakfast and Guest Speaker – Beginning at Beulah Post Office Minyip: 8am Breakfast Celebrations and Guest Speaker and Presentations – Square (Main St) Minyip Rupanyup: 8am Breakfast Celebrations and Guest Speaker – Rupanyup Memorial Park (Murtoa Road, Rupanyup) Murtoa: 8am Breakfast Celebrations – Murtoa Neighbourhood House (36 McDonald Street, Murtoa) Woomelang: 8am Breakfast Celebrations and Guest Speaker – Memorial Hall Super rooms, Woomelang Patchewollock: 8:00am Breakfast Celebrations and Guest Speaker – Patchewollock Community Centre Wallup: 8am Breakfast Celebrations and Guest Speaker – Wallup Hall

Local clubs will be able to develop and upgrade cricket facilities in metropolitan and regional areas to cater for growing demand thanks to a funding boost from the Victorian Government through the Community Cricket Program. The types of projects that are eligible for support from this stream include: • cricket training nets/facilities that are publicly accessible and may be multi-sport • pavilion/clubroom developments with female friendly change rooms • facilities on school land with confirmed community use • new and/or improved cricket pitches or sports field upgrades that increase capacity or safety • sports lighting that improves capacity and safety. Requests for replacement of lighting with LED lights are not eligible unless part of a new lighting installation. Funding up to $100k with SRV 2:1 contribution. Applications close 13th March 2020. For further information on the Community Cricket Program go to or contact Andrea Stepney on 5398 0126 or

Wednesday 1st April to Tuesday 7th April, 2020

Tuesday, 28th January 2020

Leave a travel mug in your car and reduce single-use cups going into landfill.

The Yarriambiack Shire Council is offering a fun filled seaside holiday for all children of the Shire between the ages of 9 to 12 years. Activities include: snorkeling, swimming, high ropes, flying fox, giant swing, canoeing, arts & craft activities, strolls on the beach, movies, plus much more.

Funding Categories: • Event and Sponsorship: up to $1,000 with no matching funding required. • Business and Streetscape: up to $2,000 with 1:1 funding demonstrating local content. • Community Building Grants: up to $3,000 with no matching funding required. Eligibility: All recreation, service, community, volunteer and fundraising groups which are formally constituted organisations and businesses located within the municipality boundaries are eligible to apply. Organisations who received funding in the previous round are ineligible. Applications opened 6th January 2020 and close at 5pm on 31st January 2020. Application forms and guidelines are available at www.yarriambiack. or by contacting Andrea Stepney on 5398 0126.

Yarriambiack Shire Council would like to remind all property owners, including those whom have already received a Fire Prevention Notice; that they are required to maintain their property to an acceptable standard that does not pose a fire risk to the community e.g. grass should be kept to a maximum height of 100mm. This shall remain for the duration of the Fire Danger period.

Next Council Meeting:

34 Lyle Street, PO Box 243, Warracknabeal VIC 3393 Telephone (03) 5398 0100 | Free Call 1800 065 647 | Facsimile 03 5398 2502

22nd January 2020 at 9.30am |


The purpose of the program is to develop and actively support community organisations and businesses who positively contribute to community wellbeing and the cultural life of the region.

All applications must be handed into our Municipal Office by Wednesday 19th February 2020. Application forms are available at the Shire Office (Warracknabeal). Please phone 5398 0100 if you require an application form to be posted.

Municipal Office:


ROUND 2 – 2019/2020 Applications for funding of grants of up to $3,000 are available from Council’s Community Share Grants Program.

Prevention Property PORTSEA CAMP 2020 Fireowner requirements

Free First Aid Course

Councils Youth Engage Program, Thrive Not Survive is holding a First Aid Course at Gateway Beet Hopetoun and is available for youth aged between15-25 years. Applicants must register with Gateway Beet on 5383 3001.


Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Police to vote on pay deal W


immera police officers will move forward following industrial action over a long-running pay dispute by ‘taking to the polls’.

Victoria Police members are expected to vote on a new enterprise bargaining agreement in the coming weeks after the State Government and The Police Association of Victoria settled on a pay deal. The vote follows more than six months of negotiations between the organisations, which sparked five days of statewide protected industrial action against police workplace issues such as understaffed stations and ‘unreasonable’ wages. Wimmera police participated in the action, which included officers writing slogans on police vehicles and flashing their lights to warn drivers of oncoming speed cameras. Horsham Inspector Di Thomson said once the two organisations reached an agreement, Victoria Police stopped the action entirely. “Because of that agreement, all protected action has been lifted,” she said. “It’s unfortunate that it had to happen in the first place, but the community was not put in any risk and police were still doing their jobs. “It was mainly administrative interruptions so the community remained safe.” Ms Thomson said police members were now able to access the proposed

“It’s unfortunate that it had to happen in the first place, but the community was not put in any risk and police were still doing their jobs” – Di Thomson

agreement in preparation for a ballot vote. “A full proposed agreement is now online for members to read,” she said. Police and Emergency Services Minister Lisa Neville said the new enterprise agreement would provide police officers and protected services officers, PSOs, with annual pay increases of two percent, increased penalty rates and an extra two weeks of paid parental leave for primary caregivers. She said it would also provide a phased, in-salary ‘up-lift’ for sergeants and senior sergeants in recognition of their additional management responsibilities, as well as productivity reforms to ‘modernise the force and increase the ability of police to be where they’re needed, when they’re needed’. “This agreement properly rewards our dedicated Victoria Police officers and PSOs for their incredible work keeping us safe, while delivering a more flexible and responsive police force,” she said. Ms Neville said if police members agreed to the offer, it would proceed to the Fair Work Commission for formal approval.

HELP FOR HEALTH SERVICE: From left, Cellarbrations Superstore Horsham’s Dean Frew, Mukesh Bhutani and Pooja Bhutani, right, donate $5000 to Wimmera Health Care Group’s Judy Wood for Wimmera Base Hospital’s general acute ward Oxley. Ms Wood said the money would help purchase an observation monitor for use on patients who go through the ward. “We have a number of monitors and some of them are getting very old and they are to be decommissioned, so we are always on the look-out to try to find replacements,” she said. “They are also not cheap, they are very expensive, so this donation is quite fantastic.”  Picture: PAUL CARRACHER

Grants open to shire businesses New and existing Hindmarsh Shire businesses have the opportunity to access money to grow and support their venture as part of a business grants program. Hindmarsh Shire Council’s Business Assistance Grants Program is open for round two applications until February 14. Mayor Rob Gersch said the program started in 2016 as a way to develop the municipality’s business sector by providing established business with support and new business

start-up funding. He said this had previously seen businesses successfully apply for assistance with staff training, website development, signs, marketing and shopfront improvements. The program is split into two categories – ‘business development’, which includes support such as home-business expansion and mentoring, and ‘streetscapes’, which is open to existing businesses to improve the exterior of their building. Cr Gersch said council recommend-

ed businesses that had never applied or had been unsuccessful in previous years consider applying for funding, provided they met the eligibility criteria. “Council staff will be happy to assist businesses with any queries they might have prior to submitting an application,” he said. Grant application forms are available on Hindmarsh Shire Council’s website for download or online completion.

E est.


McDonald Steel Horsham has the following job available for immediate start...




$10 per person entry (Cash only) will be donated • The Ex is donating the venue AND profits from the bar • The bands will be donating their talents • There’ll be shaker tins, raffles, band merch and any other way we can come up with to extract your loose change to donate to the cause • Business and other outside donations accepted

If you love welding, and would like to be a part of one of the largest shed manufacturers in the Wimmera - this is the job for you! The position requires sound maths knowledge, a high level of attention to detail, and the ability to work unsupervised and in a team environment. Well above award wages paid and overtime will be available. For more details on this exciting opportunity contact McDonald Steel on (03) 5381 0992 Please email your resume to

All proceeds will be split equally and donated to ‘The Victorian bushfire appeal’ and the ‘WWF Australian wildlife and nature recovery fund’.

This is going to be an absolute monster! NOT ONE TO MISS.

100 Firebrace Street, Horsham For bookings call 5382 2004 Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Cnr Golf Course Road & Kendal Drive, Horsham



Numbers skyrocket V


isitor numbers have peaked at Horsham Aquatic Centre following the re-opening of its outdoor war memorial pool.

The new-look pool underwent a $1.5-million redevelopment last year, which saw upgrades to water depth, filtration and accessibility. After the pool re-opened last month, centre visitor numbers have skyrocketed to their highest in recent years. Horsham Aquatic Centre manager Sam Winter said there were just under 1600 visits across December, compared with an average of 1200. She said while these 1600 visits included people using any of the centre’s facilities, the majority of that stemmed from outdoor pool



use, which she said was thanks to the upgrade and good summer weather. “The outdoor pool is ridiculously busy, it’s been amazing,” she said. “The redevelopments have made the pool more inviting. “It looks nice and fresh and blue, and there’s lush green grass and shade sails out there now thanks to Horsham Sharks.” Ms Winter said the outdoor pool’s new access-ramp was also a welcome addition for customers. “The access ramp is being used a lot by families, particularly with children who might not be as confident going into the water,” she said. “It used to be just two or three steps and then you were right into the water but now it’s good to see people being able to walk up

and down the ramp.” As summer continues the spotlight is set to remain on Horsham War Memorial Swimming Pool. Ms Winter said the centre would continue using the pool across the month for activities as part of its 2020 summer school-holiday program. She said preparations were underway for the centre’s annual Australia Day Pool Party on January 27 from noon to 3pm. She said event admission was $7, including pool access and food, which would help raise money for YMCA’s Open Doors program that provides people in need with full or subsidised access to YMCA programs and services. “There is definitely heaps of action happening at the moment,” she said.

SUMMER FUN: Enjoying the new-look Horsham War Memorial Swimming Pool are, clockwise from top left, Charlie Arnts and Jules Darrington; lifeguard Rachael Krahe keeps her eye on the action; and Summer Campey, Pippa Denham, Minda Denham, Zarlie Patterson and Briely Lawson.  Pictures: PAUL CARRACHER

Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Park work starts

CALL FOR CRAFT PEOPLE: Horsham nurse Nicole Miller with hand-made pouches she has sewn for animals injured in bushfires. Mrs Miller, with Horsham’s Cecelia McDonald, has started a Facebook page to help people create their own pouches and generate more donations for affected areas. Picture: PAUL CARRACHER

Sewing for injured wildlife A


desire to help bushfire-affected wildlife has driven two Horsham women to combine their skills and form a Wimmerabased crafting community dedicated to creating animal pouches, blankets and beds.

Horsham nurse Nicole Miller and Bank of Melbourne Horsham branch’s Cecelia McDonald are sewing items to assist animal rescuers care for injured and young marsupials such as kangaroos and possums. Their efforts form part of a growing community of people across Australia who are knitting, crocheting and sewing the shelter items as part of Animal Rescue Collective and Animal Rescue Craft Guild. And the pair is hoping to encourage other Wimmera people to pull out their sewing kit or needles and join the campaign. Mrs Miller said she and Mrs McDonald created a Facebook page called Horsham Crafting for Bushfire Animals after realising they had both started to make items at home. She said she hoped the page might provide inspiration and information for people in the area to pursue their own sewing or crafting projects. “I think it’s that need of wanting to do something to help,” she said. “And you can see there is a need – they’re talking something like billions of animals. “That’s not just going to be this week, it’s going to be months moving forward with the lack of food and the environments that have been affected. “So, we thought collectively in Horsham, if we all work together and if we can sew a couple of things each, we could send up some big boxes. “And we thought having it all on the one site

Wednesday, January 15, 2020

“I think it’s really empowering for the kids to be able to have a little project and mail it off and feel like they are helping” 

– Nicole Miller

with the guild’s information about what things people should make and the patterns they can use would also be so much easier.” Mrs Miller said the pair had also set up a dropoff point at Bank of Melbourne Horsham branch where people could donate both items they had made or materials for someone else to create the items. She said materials included good-quality and clean old flannelette sheets, cotton and bamboo sheets, pillowcases and blankets. “Anyone who can donate materials or help out in any way will be appreciated,” she said. “We don’t want people to buy any fabrics though. Look at upcycling and asking friends and family for donations. “People should also remember that it isn’t show sewing. They don’t need to worry about matching colours or anything like that, so even beginners can give it a go.” Mrs Miller said any sewing, knitting or crocheting could also be a great school holiday project for children, particularly for those who might be watching the national news and wanting to help. “There are a lot of kids sewing a lot of the very simple marsupial pouches at the moment,” she said. “I think it’s really empowering for the kids to be able to have a little project and mail it off and feel like they are helping.”

Construction of a multi-million-dollar club room development for Stawell’s North Park will be underway this month, with project leaders expecting the upgrades to be completed by December. Northern Grampians Shire Council mayor Murray Emerson said residents of houses surrounding the park would have started to receive flyers detailing key construction information. Cr Emerson said project leaders had looked to minimise the impact of the development for park users and nearby residents. He said the council had taken into consideration feedback from Stawell Recreation Advisory Group and community members regarding site work parameters, site access, parking and time restrictions on project operations. “2020 is shaping up to be a great year for sport in the Northern Grampians Shire,” Cr Emerson said. “With these new clubrooms beginning to be constructed, the Great Victorian Bike Ride returning to the Grampians, and our local clubs gearing up for another great year, it’s a golden era of sport for our residents.” BLR Provincial Construction Pty Ltd won the construction contract and has worked with council staff to establish a project timeline. Upgrades to North Park will include construction of multi-sport, female-friendly and unisex change rooms, as well as other public amenities and social spaces to promote further participation in sports and activities that operate out of the park.

FIVE-DAY forecast

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The MEAT MARKET is moving later in January to 50 Firebrace Street

We are mooving the steaks It’s a LAMBITIOUS moove Lamb Loin Chops



Min. 1kg


Rolled Corned Brisket




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Meat Market Smokehouse Favourites Cabana Sticks

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Local pork, made on the premises.





• Smoked salmon • Smoked chicken fillet • Pepperoni sticks • Leg ham nuggets

Bacon– We smoke our own from Australian Pork – great for a breakfast grill, or adding flavour to risotto, pasta, pies and soups!

Pork Schnitzels




Chorizo Fresh Frying $ 99 kg Sausages


Pork & Veal Mince


$ 99


Trading Hours: Monday to Thursday, 8am to 5.45pm Friday, 8am to 6pm • Saturday, 8.30am to 12.45pm Specials apply from Wednesday, January 15 to Tuesday, January 21

Wimmera 36 Pynsent St, Horsham SUPER MEAT Ph 5382 2203 Market

Super in your 30s I

f you are in your thirties, chances are life revolves around children and a mortgage.

As much as we love our kids, the fact is they cost quite a lot. As for the mortgage, this is the age during which repayments are generally at their highest, relative to income. And on top of that, one parent is often not working, or working only part time. Even if children are not a factor, career building is paramount during this decade. As careers start to hit their strides, the thirties can be a time for earning a good income. If children are not yet in the picture, but are part of the future plan, then it’s an excellent idea to squirrel away and invest any spare cash to prepare for a drop in family income when Junior arrives. Just remember that any savings you want to access before retirement should not be invested in superannuation. By the time a 35-year-old couple today reaches retirement age, the effects of inflation could mean that they might need an income of about $150,000 a year to enjoy a ‘comfortable’ retirement. To support that level of income for up to 30 years in retirement they will want to have built a combined nest egg of about $2.7-million. If you are on a 30 percent or higher marginal tax rate, willing to stash some cash for the long term, and would like to reduce your tax bill, then salary sacrifice – pre-tax – contributions to super might be suitable.



with Robert Goudie CFP Dip FP Consortium Private Wealth For most people super contributions and earnings are taxed at 15 percent, so savings will grow faster in super than outside it. Even if you can’t make additional contributions right now, there is one thing you can do to help achieve a comfortable retirement: ensure your super is invested in an appropriate portfolio. With decades to go until retirement, a portfolio with a higher proportion of shares, property and other growth assets is likely to out-perform one that is dominated by cash and fixed interest investments. But be mindful: the higher the return, the higher the associated risk. Whether it’s super, establishing investments or building your career, there’s a lot to think about when you are thirty-something. It’s an ideal age to start some serious financial planning, so talk to a licensed financial adviser about putting a plan into place so you can have everything now – and in 30 years’ time.

Morning Melodies returns Ararat and district residents can get their music fix at the first Morning Melodies of 2020. Jan Pope is back to host the popular event, which will be at Ararat RSL on January 30. Morning Melodies comprises a range of ‘old

favourite’ songs and is open to all. The free event starts with morning tea at 10am, with the music underway at 10.30am. Morning Melodies is usually on the last Thursday of each month.

Which pile would you prefer ?

In the last 12 months we obtained ed over $180,000 more fered in claim settlements than the insurance companies offered for our clients. Get the most out of your insurance with Grampians Insurance Brokers. 99 Barkly Street, Ararat • 3 Patrick Street, Stawell 5352 2661 or 5358 4030 • Page


We’re with you all the way Wednesday, January 15, 2020

BOOST: East Grampians Health Service’s Brooke Currie receives her Building for the Future Foundation bursary from foundation chair David Hosking.

Building for future SWEET ACHIEVEMENT: Founding members of Cake Decorators Association of Victoria Horsham branch.

Decorators share joy BY LOTTE REITER


t would likely require little asking around to ascertain that many people find joy in eating a well-made cake, pudding or pastry.

But if you ask a small group of Horsham women who have been making and decorating charity, display and made-to-order cakes for nearly 30 years, they’ll say it is just as nice to be on the creator’s side. Cake Decorators Association of Victoria Horsham branch consists of about 15 to 20 women who meet monthly to share ideas, host workshops and master new decorating techniques. From the phasing out of intricate piping and lace work into today’s more common trends of butter cream and stacked ‘naked’ cakes, the group has long been witness to the changing interests of sweet tooths and decorators alike. Branch secretary and founding member Julie Wirth said one thing that had stayed consistent, however, was the opportunity to bring happiness to others. She said the group had been donating to

the Christian Emergency Food Centre annually for more than 10 years, and prior to that donating to the Salvation Army. And it was 2019’s Christmas period that saw the women give one of their highest donations yet, with more than 100 cakes going towards the food centre’s festive hampers. “Usually we create about 70 to 100 cakes, so this was one of our higher donations,” Mrs Wirth said. “It depends on if the ladies decide to do just one cake or more. “Workshops were held to make the decorations, then to ice and decorate the cakes, and we had donations of cakes from Coles, Woolworths and the food centre, along with our own members. “You can never do enough for the hampers the food centre provides, because they have something like 500 each year, but it’s just nice to bring a smile to people’s faces and help out.” Mrs Wirth said her passion for cake decorating stemmed from when she first started making birthday cakes for her children. But after seeing the then Marnoo branch

of the Cake Decorators Association present a workshop at a field days event, she and a couple of women thought, ‘why not form our own branch in Horsham?’. Mrs Wirth said since then, the Horsham branch had hosted community workshops, their own field days demonstrations, and attended the association’s yearly state seminars to show-off the region’s cake-decorating skills, with plans to attend this year’s seminar in April at Wangaratta. “It’s good to get together, and the friendship is just great,” she said. “Our motto is ‘It’s good to compare, but better to share’, so members might see something demonstrated at a meeting and then go home and find a better way, and share that with the group next time. We have become a family.” Mrs Wirth said new members were always welcome to attend. She said the group met on the third Tuesday of each month, with their next meeting in February at 10am in Horsham RSL’s conference room. Mrs Wirth said people could call her on 5382 3636 for more information.

Three East Grampians Health Service staff have won bursaries to further their education and better serve their community. East Grampians Health Service’s Building for the Future Foundation awarded $15,000 bursaries to Brooke Currie, who will study a CPA, Certified Practicing Accountant, and Deborah Bennett, who will study a Masters of Nursing-nurse practitioner. Foundation leaders also announced $12,000 over three years for Laura Peake to continue to increase her knowledge of occupational therapy in the areas of aged care, dementia and palliative care. The service’s 2019 Angela Laidlaw Clinical Scholarship went to Sandy Golamari, who will undertake a Diploma of Nursing. The Laidlaw family donates the scholarship in memory of Angela, a former East Grampians Health Service employee. The scholarship creates opportunities for staff working in clinical areas, in recognition of effort and their commitment to further study alongside the usual requirements of their role. The service also welcomed a $15,000 bursary from Epworth Healthcare to ensure improvements in the long-term viability of obstetric services.

HONOUR: Geoff Laidlaw presents Sandy Golamari with the Angela Laidlaw Clinical Scholarship.


Front Lift Bins Skips Hook Bins Wheelie Bins

Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Operating in Western Victoria for over 30 years ... a locally owned and operated family business

8 Turnbull Dr, Horsham • Ph: 03 5381 1300 E: • w:



Your Lucky Stars

1. Who is Peter Parker’s al- 5. Name all four of the original members of American ter ego? punk-rock band Ramones. 2. True or false? Concrete First names only. used by ancient Romans is stronger than the concrete 6. What is the name of the ancient Egyptian sun god, of today. depicted as having the head 3. Warrnambool is set to be- of a falcon? come the home of a major new renewable-energy proj- 7. A rock hyrax is a small ect hub involving what to beaver-like mammal native to Africa and the Middle generate energy? East. Incredibly, scientists 4. The origins of what brand claim it is the closest living of tea had its origins in a relative of what other herBritish supermarket chain, bivore? which had the same name?

8. Is a bassoon a woodwind, string or brass instrument? 9. The highest quality cricket balls are made from how many pieces of leather? 10. Still on cricket, what is a delivery from a left-arm unorthodox spin bowler, where the ball to a right hand batsman turns from leg to off, colloquially called?

Answers: 1. The Marvel superhero Spider-Man. 2. False. While considered concrete masters, ancient Roman concrete did not include steel reinforcement so technically has less tensile strength. 3. Hydrogen. The Federal Government is investing $2-million to help establish a hydrogen fuel cell and supply chain. 4. Lipton. The brand is now owned by British-Dutch consumer company Unilever. 5. Joey, ‘Jeffrey Hyman’ Dee Dee, ‘Douglas Colvin’, Johnny ‘John Cummings’ and Tommy, ‘Thomas Erdelyi’. All, who took on the surname ‘Ramone’ are dead, three from cancer and one from a drug overdose. 6. Ra. 7. Elephant. 8. Woodwind. 9. Four. Stitched balls are made from four or two pieces of leather. 10. Chinaman. It is a left-arm wrong-un.


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For the week January 19 - 25

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Culture and colour lead celebrations


colourful celebration of one of the region’s growing ethnic communities took centre stage in Nhill at the weekend when the Wimmera’s Karen population rang in their new year. People from across the region and beyond gathered at Nhill Memorial Community Centre on Saturday to watch displays of dance and song as part of the Happy Karen New Year 2759 event. Event spokesman Htoo Kaw Jah said it was a fantastic success, with about 600 people attending, including groups from Bendigo, Werribee and Geelong. He said this year had also brought a landmark number of guests from Horsham. “There was a lot of people who came and enjoyed the celebrations with us,” he said. “This year, we also had a lot of people

from Horsham. It was fantastic. It grows each year.” The weekend program included cultural performances and a traditional meal provided by Nhill and Horsham Karen communities. Mr Jah said celebrations also extended into the night with a free music concert at the centre, which he said helped raise money for bushfire relief. He said he and the Karen community were appreciative of all people who took part in the event. “Thank you to everyone who came and joined our celebrations in Nhill for Karen New Year. We had a beautiful time,” he said. “And I would like to invite people to our Karen New Year 2021 in Horsham, which should also be very big with people from all over the state.”  – Lotte Reiter HAPPY NEW YEAR: Enjoying Happy Karen New Year 2759 at Nhill Memorial Community Centre on Saturday are, clockwise from left, Wendy Bywaters and her granddaughter Elyse Matheson; from left, Plot Nyo, Paw Nee and Hseh Ku Say; Bendigo Karen group members Moo Dah and Khin Nay Yi; Thar Shue Bee and Harmony Htoo; and Lucky Kny Aw, Khin Sar Ayr and Pah Saw Htee. For more pictures, visit www.theweeklyadvertiser. Pictures: PAUL CARRACHER

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The Weekly Advertiser put out a call to our tiniest primary school pupils in 2020, asking what they were most looking forward to in their first year of school. Below are some responses. For more, visit

Kai Morrison, Horsham West Levi Batchelor, Horsham West Mercedes Bennett, Horsham PS I’m excited to be going to Painting, books, playing, writI’m excited about going on the Horsham West and making ing, my friends – Brody, Scarschool bus to and from school new friends. lett, Isabella and Ambrose. with my big sisters.

Ruby Dreckow, Horsham West Primary School I’m excited about making and meeting new friends.

Alexis Khan, Ss Michael and John’s I’m most looking forward to playing with my buddy Kira.

Dakota Oakley, Ss Michael Brody Sanders, Horsham PS and John’s I’m excited about going on the bus and playing with friends. I can’t wait to meet my teachers.

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Amity Simmons, Horsham West Primary School I’m looking forward to seeing my sister outside at recess.

Elliot Buwalda, Horsham PS Can I go to my big school yet?

Hamish Sladdin, St Mary’s Ararat I just can’t wait.

Hannah Luke, Ss Michael and John’s Making friends and reading.

Tyrese Douglas, Horsham West I can’t wait to get there.

Mason Slorach, Ss Michael and John’s I’m super excited to start prep to be with my Buddy Angus.

Piper Ryan, Ss Michael and John’s I can’t wait to spend time with my buddy and learn to write.

Lucas Purchase, Haven Making new friends and playing with my sister.


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School’s in for all Gerdtz sisters I


t is that time of the year again when many young children, and perhaps some parents too, are eagerly waiting for the ring of the year’s first school bell.

In addition to students keen to get back into the swing of school, catch up with friends and explore new topics, there is also a group who will be starting their school-based education entirely. Imogen Gerdtz, a four-year-old preparing to start foundation at Horsham’s Holy Trinity Lutheran College this year, is one such student. And along with finally being able to join the leagues as ‘one of the big kids’, Imogen’s first year at school will also see her join her three older sisters – Sophia, grade two, Trinity, grade four, and Chontelle, grade five – at the college. Parents Cassie and Paul Gerdtz said the idea had Imogen counting down the days. “She can’t wait to be able to get on the school bus and just be one of the big kids,” Mrs Gerdtz said. “She has probably been looking forward to school for the past six months. “She knew that after Christmas she would get to go to school, and now she wants to know when she is getting her new school shoes. “She’s also been carrying around her new library bag, that her nan made her, for the last week. “She’s pretty excited.”

Wednesday, January 15, 2020

ALL ON THE BUS: From left, Sophia, grade two, Imogen, foundation, Trinity, grade four, and Chontelle Gerdtz, grade five, are ready for the new school year at Holy Trinity Lutheran College.  Picture: PAUL CARRACHER Mr Gerdtz said the family was also thrilled to see Imogen start school, although he admitted that time seemed to have disappeared between sending off his first daughter Chontelle and preparing to now send his youngest. “It seems like it has gone way too quick,” he said. “Just a couple days after Christmas

Imogen asked, ‘when am I going to school?’” Mrs Gerdtz said it was nice to know that the four sisters would be able to look out for each other, especially with Chontelle and Trinity, and Sophia and Imogen sharing play areas. “They can be the best of friends and they cannot. But they are mostly the

best of friends,” she said. “We’re very excited and it’s a great school. “It’s also great that the Lutheran offers all the way up to year 12 as well now, so the girls can just stay at the one school the whole journey.” Holy Trinity Lutheran College junior school students start term one on January 29.

“She can’t wait to be able to get on the school bus and just be one of the big kids” 

– Cassie Gerdtz




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Prep saves time, simple creates healthy I


t is well known that if a person thinks something sounds too good to be true, they are probably right. But when you are a parent of young children – strapped for time and stressed from work – sometimes the simplest ‘too-good-to-be-true’ idea is actually the best, for both your health and your sanity. Kim Van Buuren, a Horsham mum of four children and Thermomix consultant, knows this to be true. And as the end of January approaches, Mrs Van Buuren said it was the perfect time for parents to start thinking about getting back into a routine that reduces cooking times and ramps up the health-factor of meals. She said this included taking time out on the weekend to prepare meals and snacks, and buying basic, whole food ingredients so food is simple, tasty and free from additives. “We’re all time poor, because we try to fit a lot into our day. I’m the same. I’m a mum of four and working, so there’s nothing worse than having to get all these different machines out or run down to the grocery store for extra things,” she said. “Anything that is simple and fresh is just amazing. “So, making recipes on a Sunday and freezing them is an awesome way to save time.” Mrs Van Buuren said her four children, Janay, 13, Zac, 12, Malakai, 11,

and Amelia, 9, were big fans of simple foods like sausage rolls, which she said were equally as simple to hide extra vegetables. She said while her family took advantage of its Thermomix to reduce time in the kitchen, having any straightforward healthy recipes onhand or already made was key to reducing much of the added stress of meal times. She said simple recipes also encouraged children to help out in the kitchen. “I find for parents, especially with children who are getting a bit older, and whether it’s Thermomix or not, if the children are able to spend time cooking, they appreciate the time and effort that goes into preparing their food more,” she said. “Because a lot of the recipes we make at home are really easy, my kids can do everything I do. “So, we have them cook once a week as well and they enjoy it because it’s their chance to cook what they want.” A couple of Mrs Van Buuren’s favourite easy-to-make Thermomix meals are below, which can also be altered for non-Thermomix users.

Sausage rolls

Ingredients: one carrot; one small zucchini; one onion, halved; one garlic glove or one spoon minced garlic; 500g sausage mince; 500g pork mince; two tablespoons barbecue sauce; two tablespoons tomato sauce; one egg; six sheets puff pastry; one

“We’re all time poor, because we try to fit a lot into our day. I’m the same. I’m a mum of four and working, so there’s nothing worse than having to get all these different machines out or run down to the grocery store for extra things” – Kim Van Buuren

line down the opposite side. Roll into a long thin roll making sure that the joined pastry seam is facing down. Cut each roll into five pieces. Brush lightly with the egg mixture. Sprinkle with sesame seeds or black poppy seeds and bake for 15 to 20 minutes or until golden and puffed.

Healthy apricot balls

ALL IN: Horsham’s Chris and Kim Van Buuren encourage their children, from left, Janay, Zac, Amelia and Malakai, to help out in the kitchen. extra egg, beaten; two tablespoons sesame seeds or black poppy seeds. Method: Preheat oven to 220 degrees Celsius or 210 degrees fan-forced. Place carrot, zucchini, onion and garlic clove into the Thermomix bowl. Grate on speed nine for five seconds or until mixture is fine. Place grated vegetables into a strainer and squeeze out all of the excess liquid. Return to the Thermomix bowl.

Add the sausage mince, pork mince, tomato sauce, barbecue sauce and egg to the Thermomix bowl. Mix on reverse speed five for 30 seconds or until completely combined, using the spatula to help mix. Cut one sheet of defrosted puff pastry in half. Using a pastry brush, lightly brush the egg mixture down one long side of each half. Place sausage mix in a long thin

Ingredients: 190g dried apricots; 70g rolled oats; 20g desiccated coconut; one tablespoon chia seeds; two tablepoons coconut oil, melted; two tablespoons rice malt syrup or honey. Method: Chop the dried apricots on speed eight for five seconds. Scrape down the sides of the bowl. Add all of the remaining ingredients and mix together on speed six for 10 seconds. Roll the mixture into balls. If it is too crumbly, add a bit more honey or rice malt syrup and mix again. Store in an airtight container in the fridge for up to five days or in the freezer for up to two months.

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Wednesday, January 15, 2020

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Time of change for primary graduates T


he combination of excitement and nerves that comes with transitioning from primary to secondary school is a memory many who have completed their education have likely forgotten. For much of the Wimmera’s 2019 graduating year-six students, however, it’s currently a reality. From a new environment, classes and teachers to different peers and uniforms, the approaching school year will likely mark one of the biggest changes such students will experience in their school lives. Horsham’s Grady McCourt, among those preparing to make the change, believes it is therefore important that students take time to speak to teachers and parents about their concerns. The former Ss Michael and John’s Primary School captain will start year seven at St Brigid’s College at the end of the month. He said the idea was one that had both worried and excited him at first. But after talking to his primary and secondary teachers, as well as his parents, he said he felt eager to get back to school. “At the start I was a little bit nervous,” he admitted. “For the seven years I was at St Michael’s I was almost friends with everyone and knew everyone, and now I’m going into this new group where everyone is older, and I don’t know them as much. “But after talking to my primary school teachers, my parents and Mr Gutteridge at St Brigid’s, who all told me not to worry and that I can still catch up with friends if they go to a different school, I’m actually a lot more excited.

Grady McCourt “It is going to be a change, but it is not going to be that big.” For many families, a child’s transition from primary school to high school can also be just as much about a parent relinquishing some of their responsibility to their children. Roslyn McCourt, Grady’s mum, said her son and many of his friends were now at a stage where they were trying to be more independent. She said while this change was scary, particularly because it meant her youngest child was becoming more of an adult, she was also excited to see him broaden his mind and opportunities. “Grady is our last child. He’s our youngest, and it feels like the time has gone so fast,” she said.

“So, it’s a little bit scary because obviously he’s going to have more responsibility, and I think as parents we’ll have to trust the school will be looking after them. “But I’m very excited that he’ll be able to do more of what he is interested in and passionate about, because the subjects that they’re teaching at St Brigid’s, like history and geography, are things that they didn’t teach at the primary school. “So, this will really be able to let him learn in areas that he really wants to.” Mrs McCourt said she felt this change had also been made easier for Grady because he had attended multiple orientation days and had the opportunity to get to know his teachers. She said she thought this was important for any student preparing for high school in order to make them feel more familiar and comfortable at their new school. “Even though Grady comes across as being a really outspoken and confident person, he has been a bit apprehensive about going from grade six to year seven,” she said. “But what has really helped him is that he’s done a lot of orientation days, he’s gotten to know the teachers and the classrooms and St Brigid’s has had a few fun activities through the year that grade six students were invited to attend. “And because it’s in a fun environment, he has learnt to feel comfortable. “So, I just think that no matter what personality you have, the child needs to be able to visit the school they are going to be attending a few times before they go into year seven. “For Grady, at least, I think it has made a huge difference in his confidence.”

“After talking to my primary school teachers, my parents and Mr Gutteridge at St Brigid’s, who all told me not to worry and that I can still catch up with friends if they go to a different school, I’m actually a lot more excited” – Grady McCourt

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It’s full S.T.E.A.M ahead at St Brigid’s College! Over the past few months, the Wimmera community have been watching as a new roof has risen over the grounds of St Brigid’s College. Students are eagerly watching their STEAM Centre, that began lifting from paper in 2018, coming to life. The $8-million purpose-built centre will be home to science and technology subjects that empower students to investigate our world and complete inquiry projects. It provides students the opportunity to pose questions and use and develop their skills of how to come to a solution. They will use knowledge they have gained in their years at our Horsham primary schools and junior years at St Brigid’s College, along with expert help from local industry to work on problems that surround them locally, nationally and globally. The learning programs will focus on real-world issues, problems and applications whilst being guided by a design process. The students will be immersed in a design process that encourages hands-on inquiry, exploration and problem solving using critical and creative thinking skills.

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Wednesday, January 15, 2020


Land Rover debuts new connectivity and safety tech


and Rover has stepped up its connectivity game with the new Defender at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, debuting a new dualmodem, dual-eSIM system for its Pivi Pro infotainment set up.

Jaguar Land Rover director of connected car and future technology Peter Virk said the new Defender has the digital capacity to keep customers connected, updated and entertained at all times anywhere in the world. “You could liken the design to a brain, with each half enjoying its own connection for unrivalled and uninterrupted service,” he said. “Like the brain, one side of the system looks after logical functions, like SOTA, while the other takes care of more creative tasks.” According to Land Rover engineers, the new system will relegate in-dealer software updates to a thing of the past by the end of next year as the number of updatable modules grows from the current 16 to more than 45. Extra features of the new Pivi Pro system include being able to con-

Powered by two Qualcomm Snapdragon 820Am Automotive Platforms, the system has been designed to enhance the Defender’s connectivity and infotainment functionality by dedicating one of the modules solely to managing Jaguar Land Rover’s SoftwareOver-The-Air, SOTA, updates while the other handles the regular infotainment tasks like streaming music. Land Rover says the result is seamless software updates with no interruptions to music streaming or other app functions.

nect two mobile devices via Bluetooth to the car at the same time while LTE connectivity allows the system to jump between networks and maintain maximum connectivity, minimising reception black spots. Away from the entertainment side of Pivi Pro and sitting squarely in the ‘info’ part of the word infotainment is the new Blackberry QNX operating system which, among other things, powers the latest-generation TFT interactive driver display. Drivers can configure the display to show either vehicle instrumentation, navigation instructions and mapping information or a combination of the two. To smooth over the ease of use, the QNX Hypervisor consolidates more systems onto fewer ECUs, something Land Rover says will be an integral

part of its next-generation vehicle architectures. Built on-top of the hypervisor is also a domain controller responsible for consolidating a number of advanced driver assistance systems and driver convenience functions built around the hypervisor. Safety features and the relating technology are always hot topics at Consumer Electronics Show and 2020 was no different for Land Rover, showing off its latest advanced driver assistance systems developed in collaboration with Bosch. A new 3D surround-view camera system takes the top step as the biggest development in this area, which uses four wide-angle cameras – each with 190-degree field of view – and 14 ultrasonic sensors to provide the

driver with a unique view of the vehicle’s immediate perimeter. In tight off-road environments or carparks, drivers are able to use the infotainment screen to pan around the perimeter of the car and check for obstacles and their proximity. Advanced new blind spot assist has also been developed with the help of Bosch, which has been working with Land Rover for more than a decade. Back on the entertainment front, Land Rover has become the first carmaker to use CloudCar’s latest cloudbased services platform which includes a QR function to recognise the driver’s ‘digital life’ and add the relevant streaming or other app accounts such as Spotify, TuneIn and Deezer to the infotainment system.  – Callum Hunter

• Mitsubishi gives Pajero Sport a facelift, extra equipment and price tweak – Page 27 Horsham Toyota’s Demo Clearance Sale – Reduced prices on company demonstrator vehicles

AWAY $59,990 DRIVE 2019 Toyota Prado GXL wagon

AWAY $51,990 DRIVE 2019 Toyota HiLux SR5 Pickup

AWAY $22,990 DRIVE 2018 Toyota Corolla Ascent Sport Hatchback

AWAY $21,990 DRIVE 2018 Toyota Corolla Ascent Sport Hatchback

12,872km. Rego: 1PM-9TY.

4,908km. Rego: 1PW-9KL.

11,058km. Rego: 1OD-9VB.

14,705km. Rego : 1NO-4TX.

Graphite. Current shape and look Prado! Comes with a host a ‘safety features’ like lane departure alert, active cruise control and pre-collision safety system (PSC).

Pearl White. Comes with balance of new car warranty! Capped priced servicing to 60,000km.

Pearl White. Current shape and model Corolla! Standard with 16in alloys, active cruise control, reverse camera and lane departure alert.

Glacia White. Current shape and model Corolla! Standard with 16in alloys, active cruise control, reverse camera and lane departure alert.

Horsham Toyota

81 Stawell Road Horsham VIC 3400 T 03 5381 6111 Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Stawell Toyota

72-76 Longfield Road Stawell VIC 3380 T 03 5358 1555 LMCT 10984





Gavin Morrow

0418 504 985 Director

Wade Morrow

0409 133 939 Director

33 Dimboola Rd, Horsham. Ph 5382 6163. LMCT 8353 | Open Saturday until noon



Craig Kemp

0418 504 987 Sales

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0456 744 014

0438 592 788

Daniel Ross

0423 106 273

Business Manager

Proud supporter of Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Mitsubishi facelifts Pajero Sport kit ow entering its sixth year of production, Mitsubishi’s facelifted Pajero Sport has hit Aussie showrooms, bringing with it a few spec upgrades and price increases when comparing retail prices, the biggest being $2700.

The entry level GLX now retails for an extra $500 at $46,990 plus on-road costs, but Mitsubishi has taken the bold step of offering a launch price of $45,990 driveaway for private buyers. Prices for the mid-range five and seven seater GLS models have each risen by $1500, now $51,490 and $52,490 plus on-road costs respectively, while the aforementioned $2700 increase is for the top spec Exceed, now asking $57,190 plus on-road costs. Mitsubishi product strategy division chief product specialist Yoshiki Masuda said a lot of thought went into evolving the Pajero Sport for 2020. “We decided that in addition to refreshing the overall design we would give particular attention to up-rating its advanced equipment specification and its convenience and utility performance,” he said. “We wanted to deliver the kind of useful and comfort functions that would meet the diverse needs of as many customers as possible.” On the outside, the 2020 facelift has brought the Pajero Sport more into line with the Japanese brand’s ASX

small SUV and the closely related Triton, with Mitsubishi having lifted the bonnet line, revamped the headlights and included more sculptured chrome inserts in an evolution of its latest ‘Dynamic Shield’ front design concept. At the back of the car, the rear light clusters have been updated to feature more LEDs and have had a redesign to shift the brakelights further away from the tail-lights in a bid to reduce

any confusion between the two while driving. The 2020 model should offer a little more capability off-road, thanks to the side steps being mounted higher up and therefore improving ground clearance. Inside brings a sea of small changes designed at enhancing the sense of luxury, including a new 8.0-inch colour LCD screen with Mitsubishi’s Smartphone-link Display Audio, –

MOTOR GROUP 95 Stawell Road, Horsham Ph: 5382 4677 2015 FORD PX RANGER XLT 4X4








1LL-8ZK. 109,000km, 3.2L turbo diesel, 6-spd auto, 3.5t towing, tubliner

1GO-5YJ. 61,000km, 4.0L 6-cyl petrol, 6-spd auto, reverse cam, just serviced, new tyres






Also new to the Exceed is the latest version of Mitsubishi’s Remote-Control app from which the driver can operate a range of features including the power tailgate and car park beacon. The system also notifies owners if they forgot to turn off any auxiliaries such as the headlamps, position lamps or hazard lights as well as if they left any doors or windows open. Information such as average fuel consumption, predicted cruising range, eco-drive score and fuel consumption history can also be accessed via the app. Safety has also been improved, with the 2020 Pajero Sport retaining its predecessor’s five-star safety rating and brings with it a new radar-based blind spot monitoring system which replaces the old ultrasonic setup – a new lane change assist and rear cross-traffic alert system also use the same radar. Mechanically, the same 2.4-litre turbo diesel four-cylinder engine and eight-speed automatic transmission has been carried over unchanged, still producing 133kW of power and 430Nm of torque. Suspension and braking duties have been left as is with double wishbones up front and a multi-link arrangement at the rear and discs all-round. Two new colours have been added, white diamond and graphite grey, taking the number of choices to seven.  – Callum Hunter

Mitsubishi’s facelifted Pajero Sport has hit Australian showrooms


boasting Apple CarPlay and Android Auto – redesigned centre console, electric and automatic park brake as well as adaptive cruise control and a power tailgate on the GLS and Exceed models. The top spec car also scores a new 8.0-inch colour LCD instrument cluster able to display information from the advanced driver assistance system in conjunction with the Smartphonelink Display Audio.

You’ll like us... we’re different!

LMCT: 7944

N Western Highway, Stawell Ph: 5358 2144

Summertime SAVINGS






WAS $41,990












1NZ-3PI. 75,000km, 3.2L turbo diesel, 6-spd auto, TJM bullbar, driving lights, tubliner

ATK-267. 7126km, 3-cyl – 1.5L petrol – FWD 8-speed auto, ex. service loan car, great savings, remainder of 5 year warranty.












WAS $38,990 XBR-172. 256,222km, 6cyl, 4.0L sports automatic, rear wheel drive, tow bar, cruise control, climate control, leather interior

1AH-8VP. 136,439km, 8-cyl, 6.0L sports automatic, RWD, sat nav, dual zone climate, cruise control, leather suede interior

XFD-430. 158,831km, 4-cyl, 2.5L 4x4, dual cab manual,3t towing, bullbar, driving lights, loopless tonneau, air con, cruise control, rubber floor mats

1GT-8SP. 76,867km, 3.2L turbo diesel, 6- spd auto, canopy, storage drawer in tub, UHF radio, electric brakes

1BO-5LV. 183,000km, 3.0L turbo diesel, 5-spd auto, space cab, steel tray, towpack, service book

1FN-3UR. 99,000km, 3.2L turbo diesel, 6-spd manual, full service book, two keys, towpack

























WAS $19,990 AJA-520. 43,000km, 3.2L turbo diesel, 6-spd auto, GPS, camera, heated seats, towpack, service book

Bill Norton 0418 131 163

1FB-1FO. 72,650km, 6cyl, 2.7L turbo diesel, auto, rear wheel drive, tow bar, cruise, climate control, sat nav, DVD player, leather, 7 seater

1AQ-9IY. 173,758kms, 6-cyl, 4.0L sports automatic, rear wheel drive, parking sensors, cruise control, climate control, carpet mats

Nick Wilson 0419 510 284 Sales Manager

ZMH-562. 99,000km, 3.0L turbo diesel, 5-spd auto, leather, reverse camera, towbar

James Henwood 0408 846 244 Sales/ Finance

1GG-1ZG. 90,000km, 3.2L 5-cyl turbo diesel, 6-spd auto, towpack, electric brakes, full service book

Clinton Smith 0402 366 659 Sales/ Finance

1EA-8EV. 151,000km, 1.8L petrol 4-cyl, auto, reverse cam, heated leather seats, push button start

Our all new aftermarket car care product gives you glass coat paint protection, fabric, leather and vinyl protection with Suberrrb Scratch ’n Dent membership

THE WIMMERA’S LARGEST USED CAR RANGE Wednesday, January 15, 2020





15 Park St – This is all about the sheds. But first, the home is a durasteel clad 3 b/room, timber kitchen, wood heating & s/s a/c, BIR’s in all b/rooms, split system a/c in master, corner spa in bathroom. Well maintained surrounds with comp. watering. C/bond carport/ garage approx. 11.5m x 6m, workshop 8m x 6m power points everywhere, ceiling fans & roll a doors. 3 additional sheds at rear. Good fencing and more.

57 Broadway – P4 b/room brick veneer in Jeparit, which offers basic amenities incl. supermarket, hospital, doctor etc. Large kitchen/ dining area with elec. appliances, lounge featuring a wood heater insert & split system a/c, bathroom acts as ensuite to master, 3 b/ rooms with BIR’s & 2 with ceiling fans & 2 toilets. Lge outdoor living area, dbl carport, 2 x cement r/w tanks, garden shed. Rented till June at $185pw.

9 Livingstone St – This PVC clad home is set on a large prominent corner block with access on 3 sides. The home features 3 double bedrooms, lounge with a split system A/C, country style kitchen with electric stove and bathroom with a shower over bath vanity. Outside you’ll find a single garage, workshop and carport all on . This property is ideal for the first home buyer or someone who can look outside the square with an eye for further development opportunities.

2 Daphne St – Tranquil living in a small country town. Set on approx. 1800 sq. mts on high point in Jeparit. Views to west and river. 4 b/ room steel framed brick veneer with spacious outdoor living area (like another room), large open plan living area with bay window to west. Elec. appliances with d/washer. Elec. zoned in-floor heating, ducted evap. cooling, split system a/c. BIR’s, master with walk in robe & vanity, spa bath in bathroom. Dbl garage with roll a doors, massive r/w storage, exc. fences and so much more.

Price: $139,900

Price: $119,000

Price: $120,000

Price: $218,500





EW 1








40 Meyer St – At the same time the owner has brought the home into the modern era with the choice of colours and very clever distressing of the floorboards throughout a good portion of the home. The lounge has a wood heater insert and the kitchen also has a wood heater set in an old fireplace, ducted evap. cooling takes care of the summer months. The modern kitchen also has a large walk in butlers pantry and separate dining area. The master bedroom has an ensuite and the main bathroom has a claw foot bath to add to the character. There is also a cosy sitting room just off the lounge.

35 Wood St – This hardiplank home features 3 bedrooms, all with BIR’s, carpet and ceiling fans in two. The lounge also features a free standing wood heater (installed recently), carpeting and a split system a/c. The delightful timber kitchen has electric appliances including a dishwasher, dining area, double sink and a island bench. A bonus is the additional utility room, with entry from outside. The home has a 3kw 12 panel solar system. Workshop space is well taken care of with 2 carports and and a double garage with sliding doors, con floor and power. As well there are 2 x garden/storage sheds, a poly r/water tank and good fencing.

3 Athol Crt – Reasonable offers will be considered. Now it is time to enjoy the spoils of many years of hard work. Move into this as new modern brick veneer home boasting 3 double bedrooms, spacious open plan living/meals area, excellent heating and cooling, well appointed chefs kitchen, fully renovated bathroom, 2 outdoor entertaining areas, easy care garden with workshop, fully automatic sprinkler system, rainwater tanks and the convenience of a double garage with auto doors and storage cupboard. The owners have just recently replaced a split system A/C and the floor coverings through out the house.

Price: $159,000

Price: $179,000

Price: $319,000




















SOLD 5398 2219 sales 5398 2201 rentals 53-55 Scott Street, Warracknabeal JEPARIT


23 Broadway – With an elevated view towards the river and the Footy oval this brick veneer home will certainly be well sort after. Featuring large spacious open living areas facing the open spaces across the road, 3 dble bedrooms all with BIR’s and ceiling fans, family friendly bathroom, kitchen with electric wall oven and hot plates, split system, single carport, rainwater tank with pump, a fernery and a lovely established garden. There is excellent rear access with plenty of scope to build your own shed.

8 Molyneaux St – This vinyl clad home would make a great 1st home for someone to start with. Set on a 1000m2 block this home features 3 double bedrooms with B.I.R’s, lounge with a split system A/C, combined kitchen and Laundry with a large stainless steel electric stove, walk in pantry, bathroom with a shower over bath, toilet and vanity and a centrally located dining room. Outside on the well fenced block you’ll find a double garage with power and concrete floor, pergola, outside toilet, computerised watering system and a rain water tank.

Lots 1-11 & 15-16 Nursery Rd – Totalling approx. 3.3 acres this parcel of land consists of 13 allotments giving you the opportunity to let your imagination go wild with ideas for its development. This flat acreage is on the attractive tree lined St Leonards Avenue on the southern edge of the Wimmera town of Dimboola and only a short distance to the lovely Wimmera River. It also borders Nursery Rd which takes you out to the popular skiing area known as Picnic Bend.

Price: $159,000

Price: $129,900

Price: $82,000








2 Land 1 Vacant



1 Schickerling St – Opportunities like this don’t come up very often so in the words of the famous Hawthorn coach John Kennedy “ Don’t think Just do” sums up how you should approach buying this property. Being a former Mechanics workshop it features 2 high clearance doors, 3 phase power, secure well fenced yard, air conditioned office, triple interceptor wash down bay, toilet, heavy duty air compressor and a evaporative cooler in the workshop. The property is set on a corner block with excellent access to the Henty Highway and into the property from the two street frontages.

Price: $109,000 plus GST if aplicable





11 Hoban St – This 2 bedroom home is rented until March 2019 at $135 per week to a reliable tenant gives you an 8.88% gross return. Set on a typical size block for the area, just under a quarter acre or 1000 sq. mts., the home offers the two bedrooms both with BIR’s and ceiling fans, lounge with the split system and ceiling fan and the kitchen with elect stove. The large electric hot water service (315 lt.) is only 4 years old.

1a Rainbow Rd – Set in a perfect location just a short walk to the main street and with fantastic views of the Yarriambiack Creek. This weather board home features 3 bedrooms, spacious lounge- dining room with a gas log heater and a split system A/C, galley style kitchen with a gas stove and a functional bathroom with a shower and baby bath in the bottom of it. Outside the corner block gives you great access to the back yard through the steel frame carport, you’ll also find an older workshop, garden shed, fernery, outdoors laundry and a brick paved pergola.

10 Lyle St – This 809m2 approx block would make an ideal spot to build your new home STCA. Just a short walk to the shops, Primary Schools, Churches and the walking tracks around the Yarriambiack Creek. This property has the water connected already and power is out the front making the connections easy. The block is flat and has a couple of established trees and a garden shed.

Price: $120,000

Price: $49,990




Price: $75,000




3 land 1 Vacant






5 Vickery St – Only a few kilometres from the Little Desert National Park this home would make a great base for people keen to explore what the region has to offer. There are 2 double bedrooms with BIR’s (an easy renovation to create a 3rd bedroom), gas cooking and hot water, 2 bathrooms, large lounge, very good heating and cooling, 12,000 gal of rainwater storage. The first half of the house was built about 20 yrs ago with the 2nd half being built just over 10 yrs ago. The home is clad in hardiplank and has some small sundry shedding with power connected. The property backs onto the Western Highway.

60 Scott St – Here is a fantastic opportunity to purchase your own profitable business. Ideal for a husband wife partnership, this business has been showing consistent profits over the years. The current owners are welling to help the new owners get established and with advertising and the buying of stock. The freehold is also included in the price. The building is a brick building in the main street of Warracknabeal opposite the newsagency and CBA Bank. The building has rear car parking and access. Purchasing options available.

4 Johns St – This property is actually nearly made of tin. The outside in clad in a vintage type of mini orb and most of the interior walls and ceilings are pressed tin. The home features 3 double bedrooms, kitchen with gas hotplates but no oven, lounge with split system, polished and painted floor boards, bathroom with a vanity, toilet and a shower over bath and a internal laundry. Outside you’ll find a single carport and rain water tank on a good size block. The property is currently rented for $120pw on a periodic bases.

103 Jamouneau St – Set in a nice leafy street only a short walk to the Secondary College, the Primary School and Anzac Park is this spacious family home. Featuring 4 bedrooms, 2 large living areas, kitchen with electric stove and ample cupboards, centrally located bathroom, ducted A/C and heating plus another split system at the rear of the house. Outside there is a double garage, solar panels on the roof plus an older garage/ workshop.

Price: $90,000

Price: $179,000








Price: $109,000

4 1 Commercial sale

4 Price: $90,000+SAV







Wednesday, January 15, 2020

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3x timber and mesh bird aviaries, # 1 183cm w, 140cm d, 250cm h, # 2 175cm w, 90cm d, 230cm h, # 3 170cm w, 122cm d, 240cm h, $250ea Ph Mark 0438201250 Angus Heifers, 6, 9mths old, PIC # 3NGJT129 $3900ono the lot Ph 0488616055 Birds, young male Gouldian Finches black heads, Cockatiels Indian Ringnecks - yellow and green Ph 53902287 Briarwood White Suffolk Rams, located Drung, OB-Free $550 Ph 0429935382 or 0400792111 Budgerigars, assorted colours $8each Ph 0417533579 Budgerigars, show quality at pet prices Ph 0447080439

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Cat cage, as new $10 Ph 0409967815 Chook feeders, made by Max Hedt, 2 sizes, large $175, small $130, will reduce feed costs dramatically, last remaining stock, cash only Ph Eric 53470200 Kelpie Puppies, displaying eagerness and good interest in sheep and goats, good presence, strength and recall, repeat joining of previous successful litters, vaccinated, wormed and micro chipped, 1 bitch, 1 dog available, DOB 26/08/2019, both parents work and from good proven bloodlines, microchip# 956000012225934/956000012226603 source # EE108655 $500each Ph Jason 0417800550 Kelpie working dog, dog 4 years, good natural ability, will work all day, good force, natural presence, will back and bark, good biddable nature, genuine reason for sale, up to date with vaccination and worming, microchipped, working kelpie registration pending, microchip # 9560000095477582013311, source # EE108655, $2500.00 Ph Jason 0417800550 Linara Poll Dorset stud Rams, 2018 drop, paddock raised, PIC # 3NGJM012 $600 plus Gst Ph 0427155508

Peachface and Fisher Lovebirds, variety of colours, from $20 Ph 0428832058 Stawell

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Quality antique furniture clearance, extension dining table and chairs, oval table and chairs, bedside cabinets, auto trolley, hat stand, plant stand, hallway table, QA chifonier, cotton reel tallboy, crystal cabinet, hat stand, occasional chair, priced to sell Ph/text 0408881137 for photos and info

Carry Me Camper, full annex, 240v/12v, new battery, water tank, fridge/freezer on slide $6500 Ph 0427840201


Coromal 2009 Caravan, 16’ poptop, as new cond, brand new cover, 2 s/beds, a/c, heating, elec brakes, reverse camera added $18,000 Ph 0423967449

Family Jayco caravan, very comfy d/island pillow top bed, 2 good size bunk beds, microwave, 90L fridge, easy to erect annex, a/c and heating, plus all accs Ph Nathan for availability 0418657247

Vintage cane cot, 80+yo, in GC, would come up a treat with restoration, pick-up in Horsham $60 Ph 0407357985

Pigs for sale, PIC# 3YKHF059, from $120 Ph 0481864397

Baby Needs Barely used 3 in 1 cot with new mattress and some bedding, swivel car seat and booster seat $800ono Ph 0407315655

Jayco Flamingo campervan, tough offroad, 2000 model, VGC $12500ono Ph 0457809056

REDUCED Pop-up Statesman Royale caravan, 17’6”, 1994, island d/bed, mod/ cons, roll-out awning, EC $16,000 Ph 0407821021

caravans 130L 12V caravan fridge $750 Ph 0427840201

Tropical fish, convict cichlids or bristlenose catfish $10each or 3 for $25, $5 from each purchase goes to anti-cancer Ph 0474159010 after 6pm Two female Regent Parrots $50 each Ph 53902387

1993 Jayco caravan with annex and all needed for free camping $13,000 Ph Kenny 0437678117

Young ferrets $25 Ph 0407652011

Jayco Swan 2012, EC, only used at Christmas, sleeps up to 6 people, full annex, bag end flys, 3 way fridge, gas-electric stove, innerspring mattress, very clean unit $19,000ono Ph 0477616759 Jayco Swan off-road camper, 1998, microwave, gas stove, 90L fridge, new bed end flys, side awning, bench, cafe dinette, full robe and full annex, sleeps 6/8, q/bed, d/bed, table, couch convert to beds, 15’ without beds pulled out, always shedded, all in working and EC $13,200 Ph 0409350743

REDUCED Trakmaster 17.5’ off-road van, built strong but never been off-road, tandem axle, two solar panels, 12” heavy duty breaks, long double island bed, a/c, diesel deater, new hot water system, external shower, awning, off-road hitch, sugar glider suspension, reversing camera and more more extras $39,000 Ph 0455735514

Young Muscovy drakes $25 each Ph 0429912620

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Antique clock running well, GC Ph 0458014560 1997 Jayco Swan Campervan, VGC, full annex, gas oven and grill, 3way fridge, sleeps 6 $9500 Ph 0417166309

Majestic Tiara, late 2007 build, 20’, ensuite, loaded with features, one owner, EC, always shedded $35,000 Ph 0400999412

REDUCED Windsor 638S limited edition, 21’, lots of extras, EC, ensuite, low kms $36,990 Ph 0413445347 Tow Hitch and Level Riders, VGC, $405 Ph 0427705671 Windsor caravan 19’6, island bed, reading lights, battery pack, skylight, r/c, a/c, gas stove, microwave, fridge, rollout awning and walls, porta potty $22,500 Ph 53820505

Mitsubishi Triton 4x4 campervan, 2011 GLX 2.5 auto diesel, d/bed, auto washer, microwave, double gas burner, TV, rev camera, pull out awning, EC, 181,750km 1LX6JS $29,500ono Ph 0419035370 Windsor Statesman full size, dual axle, full sized annexe, double island bed, sas oven and cooktop, 3 way fridge, elec brakes $16,850 Ph 0427301165

Antique dresser/hall stand, beautifully restored $395 Ph 0438811721

2003 Avan the Tayla pop-top, 2 axle, reg till 12/19 $15,500 Ph 0417119787 2006 Traveller Penthouse 21’6”, ensuite, queen bed, awning and tebbs annexe, air con, 80lt fridge, dual batteries, extra storage, low kms, garaged $35,000 Ph 53521626 or 0457150643 Ararat

Antique French style dresser/ sideboard, original glass and mirror, separates into 3 piece for easy transport, look beautiful in country kitchen, period lounge $1000 Ph 0448523758

2014 Avan Aliner, annexe, 3 way fridge, elec brakes EC $17,500 Ph 53981199 or 0447075578 Warracknabeal

REDUCED 2008 Bailey Senator, 4 berth, island d/bed, ensuite, a/c, heating, awning, motor movers, many extras, EC $30,000 Ph 0429333393

Clothes & Accessories Masonics Past Grand Standard Bearer apron, collar, jewel $300 Ph 0439101170 Masonics Set of tails, pure wool, little use, white braces etc, EC $100 Ph 0439101170

REDUCED 22’ Walkabout caravan with Landcruiser 80 series steel axle, disc brakes, all independent air bags, suspension with built in air compressor and tank, 186L, 2dr fridge/freezer, separate shower, toilet, 7kg washing machine, aircon, gas room heating, many extras $34,000 Ph 0429986219

New 3/4 length suede coat, large size 14, terracotta/tan $90ono Ph 0413555645

Commercial Equipment Skope Misa lock key cool room, drop in unit, 2230w x 1830d x 2230h, VGC $4000 Ph 0417101120



Computers & Entertainment

Farm Machinery

Desk computer monitor, mouse, keyboard and drive plus all leads, EC $120 Ph 0409967815 Horsham

1999 John Deere CTS II with 936D Draper front on trailer. MAV chopper rotor upgrade, Big Top, 2100 colour screen and receiver for yield mapping. Fire extinguishers, spot and LED lights, camera for reverse and engine, 4478 Sep hrs $47,000 plus Gst Ph 0407179433

For Sale

Ferguson TEA20 1951 12V, new tyres, mudguards, 5/wheel, seat, water pump, hoses, paint, recored radiator and alternator in top condition, more information and spection photo available Ph Laurie 0429491426 Horsham

AMC ride on mower, 330 Outback 13hp Honda $1100ono Ph 0458681119

$10.45 inc GST per acre

Gleaner Header, R62, 30’ Flex front, Deutz motor, chaff spreader, been through workshop $32,000 plus Gst Ph 0427848280

2008 Claas Lexion 600 header and 40’ Hay for sale/wanted, machinery for Macdon FD70 front $200,000 plus Gst sale/wanted, grain for sale/wanted www. Ph 0427323041 Ph 0429008301 Header 1986 Inter 1440 model 5200 hrs with 23’, 810 open front serviced annually by IH mechanic, always shedded, EC for age $12,000 plus Gst Horsham Ph 0428844204

2x Sany mini excavators, 2018, plus gal trailer, mud bucket, ripper, two GP buckets, quick release and piping, 23 and 24hrs, EC $27,000each inc Gst or Heaslip 5-6T Grouper, roll tarp, 6.5hp, will separate Ph 0428344291 stands, no further use $7700 in Gst Ph 30’ Smale Pea pickup on John Deere 0457589689 front $12,000 plus Gst Ph 0499852208

Ph 0428 349 401 REDUCED NH TR88 header, 36’ Macdon front, perfect cond $38,500 inc Gst ono Ph 0428946395

Pool table, 9’x4.5’, inc light and all accessories, VGC, must sell $1100 Ph 0401282004

Antique barbers chair, located Nhill, pick up only $1500 Ph June 0428334932 or Liz 0402447037 REDUCED Slasher 3PL Howard, 2011, gal deck, 1.3m, full wheel equip, very good original cond $1430 inc Gst Ph 0427861958 REDUCED Stevlon mobile trailing sheep feeder, 24 bag $1500 inc Gst Ph 0457866027

3pl Hayes 4’ PTO slasher, VGO $1375 inc Gst Ph 0429986227

Atom lawn edger, VGC $250 Ph 53822660

Schumachers crop lifters, suit 40’ with cotton reel holders $25 each Ph 0428894258

REDUCED 2000 Surplus building bricks, new $700 for the lot or will separate Ph 0457570421

Tractor Inter B414 diesel, new clutch, new back tyres, 3pt linkage $7700 inc Gst Ph 0428847201

REDUCED Crouch fishing reel, HMV old gramophone, Mickey Mouse cream radio, black marble clock Ansonia, old violin in original case, old HMV wooden radio, Empire State radio, 3pc cane fishing rod, cottage clock, upright gramophone, bakelite and chrome overhead reel, solid brass fishing reel, will separate Ph 53824316

Various field bins ranging from $3300 to $8800 inc Gst Ph 0428946395

For Sale 12’ x 7’ tri axle trailer $2200 Ph 0437412198 145’ tri axle flat top trailer, 143’ tri axle flat top trailer, 1957 Ford truck, side valve, V8, EC, 1 poly fuel tank, 800l with pump, 1 poly fuel tank, call for prices Ph 0427557622

Billiard table, full size Alcock Thomson & Taylor No 2360, includes all original accessories, rules and score board, removal at purchaser’s cost $3500ono Ph 0409406366 Stawell Bolens ride on mower, 38” mulching deck $1200 Ph 53811891 Chef uniforms black and white, all EC, some brand new, size M $30 Ph 0400197914 Stawell Coleman gazebo, 3m x 3m, never used $120ono Ph 53523885 Ararat Cricut maker machine, POA Ph 53928252 Freezer Westinghouse 150L chest $155 Ph 0439300079

Jetstream computer boomspray, 2000L, GC $5000 plus Gst Ph 0418345035

1x 3000L slimline poly tank, taupe colour $775 Ph 0428847968

2004 Pioneer Argyle camper trailer, hard floor, built strong and reliable for all terrain travel, EC, quick set up for overnight stays, Q74641 $13,000 Ph 0437170526 2011 Traveller RV camper trailer, king bed, grey, heavy duty canvas, single axle, tailgate lantern, 2x 90L water tanks, 2x LED lights, EC $4000 Ph 0412784365 2x 2000L rainwater slimline poly tank, taupe colour $575 each Ph 0428847968

K125 Kenworth 36’ bogie tip over axle trailer, would make good farm truck, truck reg 03884F, trailer reg 01129A $25,000 Ph Dale 0418166024


Golf GTH 16’ 6’’, features, combo shw/ tlt, gas h/wtr, 2 s/ beds, new 3 way fridge, phone for more great features, reluctant sale -downsizing home, lovely well kept van, many extras $14,500 Ph 0354951652 St Arnaud Hardwood timber, 9 pieces, 3m 470cm long, 145cm wide, 70cm thick Ph 0458014560 Hasq ride on mower, GC, inspect in Horsham $1000 Ph 0408378665 Header parts to suit 1460 and 1640 case headers, rear axle, dbl sided shaker drive belt, new, 1/4 of new price $300 Ph 0407911884 Homebrew kit, spirit and beer, too much to list $999 Ph 0419505737

Husqvarna ride on mower, model LTH2038, 2010, EC $2500ono Ph 0408808297 Horsham

5’ Irish slasher, GO $400 Ph 53812721 night only 8 tine scarby linkage $300 Ph 53812721 night only 8’ x 5’ tandem tipping trailer $2500 Ph 0437412198 8x5 heavy duty tandem trailer, as new, complete with 2’ cage and weather proof poly cover $3700 Ph 0421763528 9” Wolf angle grinder with Wolf Sapphire vertical cut off stand of various discs $200 Ph 0487592270

REDUCED Chamberlain 9G 1962 Model new head gasket, linkage, cab, pwr/st, good rubber, no further use $6500 plus GST Ph 0428848203 REDUCED Fourteen Mackay combine sprint tynes and fittings $150 the lot Ph 53811093

Silo aeration/fumigation Smallair fan on new adjustable base and pulleys $2400 Ph 0428944462

9x6’ blue oriental carpet, suits modern decor, EC $800 Ph 0408 378 665 Horsham Air conditioner, Altise window mobile refrigerated cooling 15,000 BTU, used twice due to rooftop upgrade $390 was $1100 new Ph 0439300079 Air conditioner, artic circle, CFM6000, engine good, base rusty $180 Ph 53840235

Pegar pocket spring seats Home Theatre 4 seater recliner in soft brown leather, made in QLD, model ‘Wellington’, 4 modified drink holders to suit wine glasses or stubbies or cans, optional adjustable headrests, comes from pet free, smoke free, kid free home, absolute EC $5750 Ph for more pictures and info Ph 0427042750 Nhill

Smart space cookware, saucepans and frypan set $150 Ph 0427840201

Stunning timber table, 6 chairs, EC $1200 Ph 0407826604 Vacuum cleaner, Dyson DC 54, bagless, hardly used, EC $200ono Ph 53585634 Westinghouse 60cm stainless steel freestanding dishwasher, brand new, RP $1099 sell $800 Ph 53523885

marine 32 pound 12v elec trolling motor, new $150 Ph 0427840201

Rangehood and glass ceramic cooktop and cleaning utensils $280ono Ph 0409967815 Horsham

REDUCED Vacuum cleaner, Dyson DC39, almost new condition $200 Ph 0400821702

Roll top desk with 10 drawers, key lock for security, roll top locks automatically Slate billiard table, 8x4, EC, never used, when closed including all drawers, too big for room, with cues, scorer and all extra storage pockets inside roll top, balls Ph Bill $4000 Ph 0427311998 handy for hiding the general paperwork, Superior multihead mower, 3PL 8’ home business or students desk, suitable lawn mowing, EC $1900ono Ph H1175xW1220xD610, Australian made, 53826461 or 0429309491 very clean, kid free, smoke free, pet Table tennis table, GC $100 Ph free $425 Ph for more pictures and info 0469740723 0427042750 Nhill

Hot water system, Rheem, natural gas, 135l $100ono Ph 0428313173

4.2m runabout for sale, forward controls, front opening windscreen, 2 swivel seats, vinyl top, boat is powered by a 30hp Chrysler 2 stroke outboard and Evinrude electric trolling motor, AX599, boat sits on galvanised trailerQ32043, boat has had a sheltered life on inland waters, mainly the lower Glenelg and Rocklands Reservoir, starts and runs well, limited use over its lifetime and past 4 years none at all, always shedded and covered $3000ono Ph Geoff 0488689502 and leave message

Hydro pressure excavator, sucker trailer large capacity, 2006 sharp, reliable $20,000 plus Gst Ph 0428582177 Industrial flood light 250 HPS or 250MH comes with lamp and spare ballast ignitor lamp to make 250MP, never used, 240v $250ono Ph 0409967815 Horsham

Timber miners cottage couch/single bed $100 Ph 0417985956 Ararat Tri-axle plant trailer, elec brakes, new tyres, VG cond, stock crate to suit, W64074 $7700 Ph 0427361335

Water pump (leader), suit small to medium size tank, new, PRP $300 sell $180 Ph Steve 0432502452 Horsham Windows Cedar, 1x 620w 1800h, 1x 1740w 1800h $200 or will separate Ph 0428535646 World War 2 ammunition containers, timber and steel, various sizes, individual prices Ph 0487592270

Ladies Repco bike, GO, pick up only $85 Ph 0429066504 after 6pm

Household Items

Line Trimmer kit, 2 stroke engine, brush cutter that connects to same shat, 2 in 1 $120 Ph 0438644473

Bench top elec oven and hot plates $75 Ph 0427840201

Metal tool box 1.15m long x 15cm wide $30 Ph 0458014560

Pride ski boat, 150hp Evinrude, fantastic first boat, E32-12 $5000 Ph Peter 0428990907 REDUCED 10’ de Havilland aluminium boat, 4hp Mariner o/board, trailer and accessories, excellent car topper, 2 ski bars with rear loader, boat reg XV027, trailer reg L76302 $900neg Ph 53524062 Ararat

Garage Sales

Various potted plants, large and small great prices Ph 0353821130

3PL PTO Tractor slasher, 1.8m wide, heavy duty $1000 Ph 0417385223

REDUCED Amazone Spreader, Z-AM 3000 $13,000 plus Gst Ph 0427861246


New in box marble trend vanity, white gloss, 900 one tap hole $250 Ph 53852748

Generator AEG, 2400w on wheels, used once $450 Ph 0409967815 Horsham

30 quality mountain bikes in GC, from $150 each Ph 0408646406

Chamberlain 4080B tractor, 7700hrs, 3 point linkage, EC $9000 plus GST (neg) Ph: 0409825423 Stawell

DH22 1949 Howard tractor and rotary hoe, complete nut and bolt, the best restoration with all receipts, welcome inspections $13,000 Ph 53891725

Samsung 2dr fridge/freezer, VGC, $500 Ph 0407826604

Rotary Hoe, 6’ 3PL HD 3sp rotor, EC $1600ono Ph 53826461 or 0429309491

Husqvarna hedge trimmer, 123 HD60, 550m bar, EC $350 Ph 53826461 or 0429309491

Loxton slasher 10’ $3000 plus Gst Ph 0429434340

MX 200 Magnum 2000 tractor, EC, 2180hrs, trimble FM 750 guidance $57,000 plus Gst Ph 0428857579

REDUCED Slater 200lb Scales, rayo kero table lamp, lge duplex steelite reel 1931 6in, dietz union driving lamp kero, HAC wooden helmet mantle clock, wooden mantle clock,floyd pound/in pressure gauge, solid brass 10in boat propeller, lge wooden gun case with acc, solid leather gun case by cashmanc, $1050 or will separate Ph 53824316

Shogun Mountain Bike, trailbraker 2, MTB series, Shimano 26 gears, cassette sprockets, mirror, drink bottle, EC $145 Ph 0431215956

18’ Windmill $1200 Ph Melissa 0490043749 JD CTS 2 Maximiser header, chopper, chaff spreader, customer drawbar, grain tank cover, front tyres 90%, rear 30%, 4330 egn hrs, 2900 rot hrs, JD 930R front, tyne reel, Leith trailer, canola pickup front, spare parts, VGC $68,200 inc Ph 0427861316

Rangehood and 4 burner gas cooktop, EC, selling due to upgrade $120, can separate Ph 0402808839 Stawell

Ariens self-propelled lawn mower 6.75hp 3-N-1, mulch bag, side discharge EC new price $1900 sell for $1000 Ph 0459602388 Ararat

30’ Smale pea plucker, Case 1010 front in GC, front only, no trailer $8000 Ph 0418166024

Chamberlain 24 Run John Deere Combine with small seed box and Morris 3 row finger tines, $10,000 plus GST ono Ph 0428844204

Magic Maid Luke Imperial Food Trolley GC working $200 Ph 53582955

Portable Lincoln welder, 200amp, 3000 watt, 15amp generator, with Kohler twin motor on wheels $1600 Ph 0429986219

2002 Case IH 2388 Harvester, harvest ready, full service history, egn 4972hr, rot 4064hr, trimble FM 750 guidance, 2011, 2142 draper front, 30’ with trailer Ph 0428857579

CAT 480 R 2003, Canola pick up (country wide), 12’, 972 McDon, 36’ draper front plus trailer, tyres 95%, C12 motor, EC, ready to go, worth look, cheap high capacity machine, farm leased $88,000 inc Gst Ph Peter Velthuis 0428990907

Household Items

Aircraft Hanger Horsham Airport, 40’x40’, could be used for storage $40,000 terms available Ph 53824766

Grain auger, Sherwell, 43x7, 18hp Vanguard jockey wheel, GC $2750 inc Gst Ph 0428504228

Boomspray Croplands Pegasus 2012, 6000l, airbag, suspension, 7 section, all the extras, excellent A1 condition $68,000 plus Gst Ph 0428857579

Household Items

20’ ILGI Aragon

Goodyear tractor tyres, 420/70R 28, brand new $650each Ph 0428212996

Amazone 36m spread spreader, EC $8000 plus Gst Ph 0428857579

For Sale Oztrail tent, canin type, new, 12x15, fits 6 $375 Ph 53843207 or 0407750274


Farm Machinery 1 tonne field lot grain feeder $500 Ph 0428384111

Farm Machinery

Dream pot thermal cooker 6L $120 Ph 0427840201

One Scheppach 10” band saw, as new, one carbee wood lathe and tools Ph 53812721 night only

Fantastic Furniture 5 seater Drake Modular lounge suite, VGC, new $900 selling for $500neg Ph 0417243954

Outdoor setting, 6’x3’6” table with 6 chairs and cushions $800 Ph 53811891

Kelvinator Opal 300L fridge/freezer $250 Ph 0439300079

Garage Sale 10 Heslop Court, Horsham Saturday, January 18 8am to 5pm REAL MANS SALE - downsize - workshop & garden tools, all good working order, household & sporting goods, etc

Garage Sale 4 Bowen St, Horsham Saturday, January 18 8:30am to 2:30pm Items include furniture and household goods Wednesday, January 15, 2020



Motor Vehicles $3000 - $10,000

Motor Vehicles $10,000 - $20,000

Motor Vehicles $3000 - $10,000

Motor Vehicles over $20,000

real estate Home for relocation, period style, located in Horsham Ph 0427808277

Savage putt putt boat 1950s, 15’ fiberglass body and trailer, complete mint Suzuki GS 500, 2009, EC, 8255kms, mint restoration, welcome inspection, 1C6YR $4200 Ph 0428857579 boat reg SR944 $6000 Ph 53891725 Yamaha Grizzly 4 Wheel Motorbike, 350 auto, 627hrs, 2 wheel drive, reg serviced, 2.5yo, VGC, side flares, carry box, water mobility aids tank, 6500kms $5500 Ph 0457866027 Electric wheelchair, compact, folding, near new, paid $2450 sell $1900ono Ph 0447724508

1978 Mercedes Benz 280SEL, in VGC, eng # 11098522038527, serial # 2227544, $4000 with RWC Ph Geoff 0488689502 leave message 1999 VT Holden Calais, auto, full leather interior, sunroof, tow bar, PSS - 221 $4500 neg 53521260 2003 Toyota Hilux Ute, manual, 6mths rego, 4 new tyres, dual fuel, cruise control, CD player, genuine tray, tonneau cover, 325,000kms, SNW593 $4000 Ph 0401233321

REDUCED 1977 XC Fairmont, 4.1 TBar, auto, power steer, a/c, no reg or RWC, permit supplied, owned 25 years, VIN JG34TU82540C $5500 Ph 53569340 or 0412482521 REDUCED Triton 2008, c/chas, RWC, P/ST, a/c, al tray, reg 2/20, 172,000kms,1QE6TU $9000ono Ph 0447724508

Fold-up scooter, easy to erect and put take apart, paid $2200 will sell for $1600ono Ph 0423664106 Nhill New light weight wheel chair with accessories, paid $700 will sell for $500 Ph 0402194870

Motor Vehicle Accessories 1984 Nissan Patrol Completor minus motor and gearbox, parts only $375 Ph 0411419516 Ararat

REDUCED Gopher, GC, 2 new batteries, 8mths old $750 Ph 0435488426 or 0418145471 Horsham

Near new Bond battery, 12v, 85 amp hr, suit 4WD, still under warranty, paid $247 sell for $150 Ph 0447981047

2004 Holden Vectra CDXi Sports hatch, new tyres and battery, GC, runs and drives really well, V6 motor, low kms, reg and RWC, IPV7MG $5500 Ph 0428504395

2008 Ford Falcon FG G6E Sedan, LPG, 124,513kms, one owner, WRY614 $10,000 Ph 0407824379

Steinbauer performance chip suit Colorado 2014-2019 $1000 Ph 0427840201

Shoprider gopher, VGC $1100 Ph 0419570991 Nhill


2003 VY Commodore, 12mths rego, towbar, SGN821 $3000 Ph 0427881236 2004 Harley V-Rod 1100, immaculate condition, reg till 9/20, 28,500 genuine kms, HF808 $17,000 Ph 0409590596

2009 Kia Rio 5sp, manual, 4cyl engine, reg until April 2020, great little car, would make perfect first car or run-a-bout, cheap to run, sold as is, WYK816 $2200 Ph 0448018070 2005 VT750 Honda Shadow, immaculate cond, brand new tyres, approx 6mths reg, RWC, 25,000kms, 1B2PB $5500ono Ph 0427506755 2015 XVS650 Yamaha V-Star. New condition, warranty, 2667km Reg. 1T-6XN, V&H exhaust, RWC on sale, LAMS approved $9000ono Ph 0427051897 2018 CRF 250R, 2.1hrs on meter, as new $8000ono Ph 0428243616 Harley Davidson, 1976 shovelhead, 1200cc, 5speed, fitted with sidecar, EC, best offer Ph 0434957205

Falcon AU Ute, 2002, auto, damaged, no tray, BTA714 $240 Ph 0490364260 Dimboola Falcon EB, sound mechanically, GC, registered, ZQI195 $800ono Ph 0427029051 REDUCED 1963 Humber Super Snipe, good project car, full history, eng no. B8281399 $1500ono Ph 0417106324 Ararat REDUCED 2002 Subaru Outback Wagon, 6cyl, 3.0ltr auto, runs well, 418000km, WBU243, best offer Ph 0400979635

Honda 125 dirt bike, seat height 700ml only, VGC, $1000 firm Ph 0429060349

Toyota Camry, 1995, csi, 4cyl, auto, as is no reg or rwc, 195,000kms, IDH98N $750ono Ph 0406533184

REDUCED 2013 Honda Motorcycle, CRF250, EC, 12mths reg, only 900kms, 1E2TO2 $4500 Ph 0400518232

VR Ute, bullbar, towbar, canopy tub liner, good tyres, eng # 6H8VRK80HSL810643, no reg/RWC $1800 Ph 0422621071

Wednesday, January 15, 2020

wanted to buy Cash paid, gold and silver jewellery, coins, medals, spoons, plates, cups,

Motor Vehicles over $20,000

cutlery, damaged gold chains, rings, etc Ph Chris 0497249130 SHD0015489 Lawn Verticutter to buy or hire Ph Beale Vader piano, VGC, plays well $500 Ph 53822409 Kerrera 6 string banjo, brand new with bag $300 Ph John 0475112667 Piano, upright, manufact by Gebr Perzina before 1910 SN9202 $100 Ph 0427855390

045517355 Small car, auto, up to 10yo, RWC Ph 0480137184 Wanted,






2000 Toyota Landcruiser 100 series, manual transmission, 270,000kms, perfect set up for outback adventure, 2002 Nissan Patrol GU111 ST 3L lots of extras ULS929 $25,000 Ph turbo diesel, auto s/wagon, 3mths rego, 0437170526 EC, 185,145km RKV998 $15,500 Ph 2015 FGX-XR8 6sp manual 0409103049 Stawell silhouette paint with grey/black leather interior, travelled 26,000kms, as new always covered and garaged, car bra included AXM968 $41,000ono contact Ph0458505914

Rental retirement community for over 55s

FOR RENT 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom, double carport, air-conditioned unit with balcony.

2008 Toyota Aurion Prodigy, auto, reverse sensors, leather interior, 235,000kms, WXK999 $6000ono Ph 0427340701

Variety of cargo barriers, left over stock to fit Toyota Prado 2002 and 1996, Toyota L’Cruiser, GQ Patrol and kit, L’Cruiser 100S 2005 (2), Toyota Kluger, Ford EA-EF Falcon S/wagon Ph Ken 0418202203 for more info Nhill

Motor Vehicles under $3000

$1000 Ph 53812721 night only

Musical Instruments

2000 Toyota Prado, petrol, auto, 254,223km, 1IN6NI $17,000ono Ph 0434358412

Located upstairs in a secure gated community.

2012 BMW 320I auto, EC, RWC, lady owner, 116,000km, GEB544 $19,990ono Ph 0481285906 MY17 BMW 3 Series MSport, 1 owner selling as no longer needs, excellent BMW dealer service history, VERY low mileage, as good as new, sold with RWC, 1ID4AZ $42,990 Ph 0409549714

2009 Silver Hyundai i30, 5L, SLX, 152,000kms, petrol, auto, near new tyres, XAU226 $8500ono Ph 0412784365

Wheelchair, no further use, over $3000 new, sell $1500 Ph 0457589689

Golf buggy with trailer, Parcar, GO

For rent

Roof rack, suit Patrol or Ford Maverick $100ono Ph 0447981047

Toyota Hilux 2.8ltr diesel motor, disassembled $800 Eng No. 3L4018131 Ph 0478001572

REDUCED Commodore VF SS ute, long reg, towbar, black, manual, RWC supplied, new tarp, must sell 1BE7GT $23,995 Ph 0478829527

REDUCED Nissan Navara Twin Cab, 2009 D40, 4x4, 6spd manual, RWC, 16’ alloy wheels, abs brakes, 6 stacker CD player, 12mths reg, 1DL4AS $13,000ono Ph 0423662397

3 1/2” Beaudersert exhaust, fits 2016 onwards 200 Landcruiser, paid $1700 sell $1000 Ph 0418981322 Engine L98, V8 with complete manual drive line from 2010 VE SS, done 20k only Ph 0488228976

Sports Equipment

Motor Vehicles $10,000 - $20,000

Yamaha Scooter, 5750kms, EC, reg 1F173 $1600 Ph 0408824734 Yamaha TTR 50E 2012, GC $999 Ph 0429885236

REDUCED 2015 Subaru Forester 2.0 diesel S4 auto AWD MY15, towbar, optional bullbar, servicing up to date, RWC, need to go bigger, 98,444kms, 1GQ6NC $21,995 Ph 0419135164

2013 Mazda6 Touring, pearl white, 2.2L diesel, EC, 161000kms, comes with RWC, ZPO687 $14,999 Ph0419902405

Available now for $370pw.

Contact Barb after 9am on 5382 4105 for further details. Public Notices

2014 Kia Sportage, just serviced, new tyres, GC, 79,000kms, 1CP3ZT $16,000 Ph 0459941601

2011 Hyundai i30, auto, 3mths reg, tinted windows, 99,000kms,1DW4MA 2016 Holden Cruze JH CD, hatch, 6 $9500ono Ph 0428503733 spd, tiptronic, silver, 60,000kms, rego till May 2020, service books, 1HE1TY $13,000 Ph Keith Ficher 0417691000

2014 Ford Territory, registered till 15/4/2020, 4.0lt petrol with 6 speed auto, clean and drives VERY well, recent work includes: rebuilt gearbox, 4 new tyres, new windscreen, RWC, regularly serviced by Wimmera Auto, features towbar, trip computer, tinted windows, 265,000km, 1CW2GV $8000 Ph Greg 0427 823845

The Weekly Advertiser welcomes your advertising. We are required strictly by law to include specific information on some items when publishing your advertisement. A snapshot of your obligations are as follows: ROAD VEHICLES All advertisements for road vehicles must include a price, as well as: • A registration number, if registered • Either an engine number, VIN or chassis number if the vehicle is not registered.

36 Ford sedan, steel body and chassis, partly restored, most original parts, no separating of parts, chassis # 68TS4620 $12,000 Ph 0417512892

Nissan Navara 2010, dual cab ute, auto, RWC, 206,000kms, XMO948 $13,500ono Ph 0431718423

Nissan Patrol 2003, new 4cyl auto done 38,000kms, car 218,000kms, bullbar, towbar, wide tyres, new fuel pump, May reg, RWC, TNW313 $12,000 Ph 0400251464



Expressions of Interest

Public Notices

Situations Vacant

Situations Vacant

ARC Authorisation No. AU08455 REC No. 15292 ABN 58 217 427 791

Two Co-ordinator Roles


PO Box 1431, Horsham Vic 3402 P 5382 6777 F 5382 7093 E

EOI - MEMPC Community Volunteer

Refrigeration Mechanic

Both of the following positions are available as: Permanent Full-time Flexible work conditions

Purpose of this Position

Be involved in discussions about local planning and preparation for emergencies. Join Council’s Municipal Emergency Management Planning Committee.

The successful candidate will have the responsibility of working with our refrigeration team. The ability to meet deadlines, a commitment to teamwork and detailed follow through will be the key to being successful in this role.

Co-ordinator Recreation & Open Space Planning - 4985537

Responsibilities Include • Reporting to the General Manager and Mechanical Services Manager • Installation, repair and servicing of refrigerated and evaporative air conditioning systems • Must adhere to all OH & S policies and procedures • All other duties as assigned

• Develop leadership skills • Work with experienced people • Help to improve emergency planning • Gain planning and communication experience

You will lead a small team in the planning, identification, delivery, and activation of recreation & open space services, assets, programs and projects that meet the needs of the current and future community. You will have proven leadership and team development skills, and well-developed knowledge and understanding of the open space, recreation, community development, and social infrastructure sector. You will lead change and work collaboratively to ensure recreation services and assets respond to local needs and reflect place-making philosophies.

Knowledge and Skills • A working knowledge of refrigerated air conditioning systems • The ability to work independently and as a team member, schedule and manage jobs as required • Excellent communication skills (written and oral) including a strong working knowledge of simPRO software (preferred but not essential) • Excellent organisation skills

• Gain insight into government operations and advocacy EOIs due by 31 January 2020. Visit MEMPC or call 5358 8700 for further information.

For a confidential conversation please contact the Director Community Wellbeing, Kevin O'Brien on (03) 5382 9743.

Co-ordinator Project Office - 4985297

Education and Experience • EDUCATION The position requires a minimum of Year 12 education and Certificate III in Air Conditioning and Refrigeration • EXPERIENCE A minimum of 12 months as a qualified technician

Public Notices

This Coordinator position oversees a small team responsible for delivery of Council's capital works program with a typical annual budget of around $12- $15 million. Key parts of the role include implementation of the Project Management Framework across all of Council's projects and enhanced planning and monitoring of the delivery of individual projects.

Physical requirements Must be in good physical condition. Requires the ability to work both indoors and outside and the ability to work at heights. All enquiries to be sent to Applications close Friday, January 31, 2020

Now servicing Ararat and Stawell

• Ararat Office National (formerly Ararat Newsagency)

• Stawell Bi-Rite

Pick-up Monday, Wednesday and Friday

Ph 5382 0830

U3A - Is it for you? Our full name is University of the Third Age, but it’s not really a university like we know it! At U3A you can do an enormous range of things like; • Card games • Board games • Learning a language • Nature videos

• Classic movies • Cryptic crosswords • Paint in water colours or oils Plus much more!

If you don’t know how, you can learn at U3A! All up Membership $40 for full year includes all or any class.

Come and find out more at U3A’s Registration Day from 10am Thursday, January 16, 2020 at the Horsham Railway Station

The position has an emphasis on implementation, contract management, stakeholder communication, regulatory requirements and timeliness of specific outcome delivery. For a confidential conversation please contact the Director Infrastructure, John Martin on (03) 5382 9724. Applications close 26 January 2020

Technical Assistant • • • •

To apply please visit: & enter the respective ref code.

$52,493 -$67,410 (Plus Superannuation) Fixed Term, 2 years Usual hours of work: Full Time (flexibility may be available) Usual work location: Horsham

Regional City Lifestyle

You will assist to set up and maintain field-based experiments, and undertake data collection, harvesting and processing of samples in the laboratory. The role requires a lot of outdoor work in a range of weather conditions, which can sometimes be physically demanding, and at certain times of year will require work outside of normal working hours, i.e. at harvest time. There is a requirement to occasionally supervise and manage small teams of casual staff. The successful candidate for this position will demonstrate – • understanding of concepts in plant breeding and/or crop production systems; • willingness to learn, lead areas of work, complete work in a timely manner and a desire for continuous improvement; • capability in safe and effective use of farm machinery, farm and laboratory equipment, hand tools, chemicals, and horticultural materials; • ability to accurately observe, collect and prepare data from the field and glasshouse experiments, and to accurately follow instructions; • ability to work independently and as part of a team, to operate under minimal supervision and show a high level of initiative and effective time management skills;

We have the following employment opportunities: Cabinet Making Apprenticeship

Full-time, based in Murtoa Gain a qualification in an expanding industry with Western Victoria’s largest manufacturer of quality commercial and residential joinery. This 4 year apprenticeship will train you in some of the following areas: - Work safely in the construction industry - Read and interpret construction documents - Fabricate and install custom made joinery - Prepare cutting lists from plans and specifications - Set up and operate a range of factory machinery including routing, shaping and CNC machinery

For a confidential discussion, please call Garry Rosewarne, Senior Research Scientist on 0477 616 759. Successful candidates will be required to undergo a National Police Records Check prior to commencing employment with the Department.

Applications close 29 January 2020.

Installer/Cabinet Maker


For further information on the position, and position description, and to apply please visit and refer to 020465. Authorised by the Victorian Government, 1 Spring Street, Melbourne

RestoRe sight foR just $25

In times of crisis you can give

Need help spreading the word? Call The Weekly Advertiser on 03 5382 1351 or email Page


We are looking for a qualified and experienced joiner/cabinet maker/shopfitter to come on board and work with our team. You will be working on a wide variety of joinery projects such as Commercial Fit outs, Office Refits, Kitchens and Residential Projects. Duties include: - Read and interpret construction/shop drawings - Maintain an excellent presentation of self, tools & work area - Use machinery unsupervised - Identify ways to improve systems or processes - Understanding the integration of steelwork, aluminium, glass, upholstery, stonework and solid surfaces within the joinery construction - Working with & teaching apprentices. The successful candidate will be able to demonstrate: - Sound knowledge of the kitchen manufacturing industry, site installation and the risks that can derail a joinery project - High level of attention to detail, excellent communication skills, the ability to meet deadlines and problem solve - The pride and passion to ensure we “get it right the first time” for our clients - Strong work ethic and a willingness to learn and be adaptable - Ability to work autonomously to meet deadlines - Valid Australian driving license, suitable vehicle and tools - Valid Construction Industry White Card If either of these positions would suit you, please email your application to our Factory Manager, Lee Brazier - or call direct on 03 5385 2788 for more information.

Donate now Donate now to help us continue Fred’s work. 1800 352 352

Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Situations Vacant

Service Manager

Situations Vacant


Belle-Vue Trading is a leading supplier of new and used agricultural machinery across the Wimmera and Mallee. Belle-Vue Trading currently have an exciting opportunity for a suitably qualified individual to join our team in Warracknabeal as our Service Manager.

The Weekly Advertiser, as part of Ace Radio Broadcasters, is seeking the services of a journalist, writing specialist or person with media-industry experience to join its regional newspaper team.

• Deliver exceptional Customer Service to our valued customers • General department management and day-to-day operations • Maintain and drive safety awareness in line with company objectives

The Weekly Advertiser is inviting people from a broad media background or acute interest and ability in news gathering and dissemination to apply for this position.

We are looking for self-motivated individuals with: • Relevant trade qualification (Diesel Mechanic or similar) would be advantageous • Considerable experience and time within a similar role and industry • Proven ability to lead a team including apprentices and senior mechanics • Ability to anticipate and identify problems, and develop a plan to implement solutions • Excellent time management skills and the ability to handle a number of simultaneous tasks This is a fantastic opportunity to join a well-known and highly regarded business that prides themselves on providing excellent job satisfaction and exciting career opportunities for employees. Remuneration will be based on experience and ongoing training and development opportunities will be offered. Please contact Justin Ward on 0428 941 070 or forward a copy of your resume through to Applications close: 31st January 2020

Situations Vacant

GWMWater is an innovative and exciting employer committed to contributing to the sustainable growth of communities within the Grampians, Wimmera and Mallee regions.

The position might suit a graduate or student, a school leaver with exceptional English, communication and learning skills, or a former media professional keen to return to or further explore journalism. The successful applicant will have aboveaverage general and regional knowledge.

Applications are being sought for the following positions:

Communications and Engagement Coordinator (Fixed Term 2 Years)

The position has become available based on the continuing growth of The Weekly Advertiser, a free weekly publication distributed across the Wimmera, Mallee and Grampians.

The Communications and Engagement Coordinator will work as part of a team to deliver objectives as outlined in GWMWater’s Communications and Engagement Strategy 2019-24.

The successful applicant, under the guidance and training of senior staff members, will cover general, social and sporting news in an intense deadline-driven environment.

The position is responsible for developing and implementing internal and external communication strategies and materials for a range of projects across the organisation.

They will also take photographs and be required to provide copy for various media platforms. ­The successful applicant will be based in Ace Radio’s Horsham office and must be willing to work flexible hours.

To apply online please visit: Refer to the position number VG/3205

Project Engineer - readvertised

Remuneration will be reflective of proven experience.

(Fixed Term until 11/03/2022)

Expectations are for a journalist to start in this position in March.

The Project Engineer will, as part of the Project Delivery team, contribute to the delivery of capital works.

The Weekly Advertiser and radio stations 3WM and MIXX FM have headquarters in Horsham and an office in Ararat.

As a Project Engineer with GWMWater you will be primarily responsible for capital works related project management, contract management construction supervision, and stakeholder liaison.

To apply email resume to or phone 5382 1351 for more information. ACE Radio Broadcasters is an equal-opportunity employer.

The position also offers flexibility to participate in planning and development, technical and economic evaluation, design and documentation, tender preparation and review and providing support to other Infrastructure and Service Delivery divisions of the Corporation. If you are a Graduate or an Engineer with 2 to 3 years’ experience and are driven by making things happen then we want to hear from you!

You can be more than part of your community be someone making a difference for people in your community

To apply online please visit: Refer to the position number VG/4307B

Planning Engineer The Planning Engineer will, as part of the Assets and Planning team, investigate, plan and prepare capital works for delivery. As a Planning Engineer with GWMWater you will be primarily responsible for planning and development, technical and economic evaluation, design and documentation, tender preparation and review and stakeholder liaison.

Plan Management & NDIS Data Support Officer Hours: Salary: Contact:

30.4 per week Stawell $28.71 to $32.80 per hour Wes Oosthuizen

Specialist AOD Family Violence Advisor Hours: Salary: Contact:

22.8 per week Stawell or Horsham $30.56 to $40.01 per hour Caleb Lourensz

Looking for staff?

The position also offers flexibility to undertake project management, contract management and construction supervision related to capital works and provide technical support to other Infrastructure and Service Delivery divisions of the Corporation. This role would suit an Engineer with 2 to 3 years’ experience who has a passion for sustainability and is ready to take the next step in their career. To apply online please visit: Refer to the position number VG/4414

Closing: 12pm Monday 3 February 2020

Applications for the above vacancies close on Thursday 30 January, 2020. For more information please contact Kirsty Thornton, Acting Senior People and Culture Advisor on 1300 659 961 during business hours.

our website:

GWMWater is an EEO employer and is committed to continuously improving our quality, safety and environmental systems. or call contact person on 5358 7400


70 Vincent Street, Ararat

and talk to their friendly staff today! Alternatively, you can contact The Weekly Advertiser on 5382 1351 or email:

Wednesday, January 15, 2020

To receive information in relation to these vacancies in an accessible format such as large print, please contact People and Culture on 1300 659 961.

We can help!

Mark Williams Managing Director

11 McLachlan Street Horsham

Place your situation vacant advertisement in

Christian Devotion

– the largest circulating newspaper in the Wimmera, southern Mallee and Grampians. Telephone (03) 5382 1351 Email


Making up the Difference in Families.

There was a man named Joseph; a favourite of his Father, he was hated by his jealous brothers who decided to kill him. One of the brothers wanted to avoid this and he was sold into slavery and ended up in Egypt. Betrayed by his brothers, he was later betrayed by another, ending up in prison although he was innocent of the charge. Finally he was released from prison and his gift of interpreting dreams made him an advisor to the King of Egypt. Filled with wisdom, he guided Egypt to prepare for famine that would come. Years later, he was faced with his brothers, who came for food but didn’t recognise him. Instead of being bitter or angry, Joseph decided to love like he’d never been hurt, and so saved his family and the world. Jentezen Franklin, who writes of this attitude in life, says “Forgiveness is not an emotion – it is a thought.” An action. Jesus showed love like he’d never been hurt, when on the cross, he said about his persecutors, “Father, forgive them; they don’t know what they are doing.” When we have fractured relationships – when we don’t seen children, grandchildren, siblings, parents; where there is unresolved conflict, we can live and act like we’ve never been hurt; by forgiving each other, we can make up the differences and so change our lives and change the world. Susan Pearse, Uniting Church




YEARS IN BU SINE SS 1996 - 2 0

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Horsham District

2011775 Radiator Repairer/Welder,

We are looking for people to do farm and field work, machinery operation and laboratory work at various skill levels. Skills appropriate to these types of work are required. A driver’s licence is necessary for field and farm work. Completion of VCE is required for laboratory work. There is no guarantee as to the length of employment for any position. If you lodged an application with us last year you must re-apply.

Full time, Horsham

Contact SIMPSONS HORSHAM for more details

Hand Harvesting/Seed Cleaning Casual, Horsham

HC Truck Driver Horsham, Full time hours, local work only


HORSHAM 03 5382 5801

52A McLachlan Street | ADVERTISEMENT

Expressions of interest are sought for casual work at the Wimmera’s leading crop research organisations.


BALLARAT 03 5364 2955

15 Dawson Street South |

Dr Anne WEBSTER MP FEDERAL MEMBER FOR MALLEE Mobile Office - Thursday January 23rd Natimuk - Natimuk Post Office 9am Edenhope - Edenhope Takeaway 11am Kaniva - Windmill Cafe 1:30pm Nhill - Mr Le 3:30pm

Friday January 24th Dimboola - Dimboola Store - 9am Jeparit - Jeparit Supermarket & Cafe - 10am Rainbow - Bow Bakery - 11:00am You can contact my office on 1300 131 620 Authorised by Anne Webster, The Nationals, 1/146A Eighth Street Mildura, VIC, 3500 Page


Wednesday, January 15, 2020


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Our friendly reception team Available Monday to Friday, 8.30am to 5pm 5382 1351

Lady Hornets fight for finals berth H


orsham Lady Hornets will look to pull out all the stops at the weekend as they face two crucial matches that will determine their fate in the 2019-20 Country Basketball League season.

The Lady Hornets are sitting sixth out of seven teams on the south-west conference ladder, but the intensely close competition means a finals berth is still in reach. Coach Tony Sleep said his charges would be raring to go come Saturday night, with the Hornets hosting Geelong United at Horsham Basketball Stadium. “The competition is that tight that anyone in the top six could be a chance,” he said. “I’m sure the CBL is very happy to have such a tight competition, but it certainly leaves us coaches with a few headaches.” Sleep said his side needed to win both Saturday night’s clash with fourth-placed Geelong and Sunday’s encounter with bottom side Colac in order to qualify for post-season action. “On Saturday night we need to win by 10 or more points, because of our head-to-head differential with Geelong,” he said. “On Sunday, while they are on the bottom of the ladder, Colac was quite competitive in the first half against us last time, so we will need to play well. “Ideally we would like to win both games by as much as we can.” Sleep said the Lady Hornets had enjoyed a strong season ahead of the Christmas-New Year break, despite dropping a couple of close games. He said if the Hornets could secure a finals spot they had as much chance of progressing as any other side. “We would love the Horsham community to get behind us, particularly on Saturday night,” he said. “Having a big home crowd makes a difference and we’d love to see everyone get down to the Hornets nest.” Sleep said young gun Grace Manserra and veteran Rebecca McIntyre were unavailable on Satur-

day night due to representative basketball commitments, but he hoped they would take to the Horsham court on Sunday. Sleep said he would look to Caitlin Dumesny and Faith McKenzie to continue their solid seasons, although any player on his team was capable of stepping up on the day. “We get between eight and 10 points out of four or five players most weeks, so we don’t just rely on one or two players,” he said. “Georgia Hiscock is capable of a big game, Liv Jones was shooting really well at a very good percentage before the break and youngster Imogen Worthy gave us some really crucial minutes in a bad game against Mt Gambier. “She really got herself going, which for a 14-year-old in open women’s competition, shows plenty of positive signs.” The Lady Hornets will host Geelong United at 5pm on Saturday and Colac Kookas at noon on Sunday.

Men’s competition

Ararat Redbacks are ruing a 10-point loss to Portland at the weekend, shattering the team’s finals chances. The Ararat outfit is sitting ninth and its slim finals hopes rest on the outcome of other matches. A slow start proved costly for the Redbacks, who trailed by six points at the first break and again at half time. The players regrouped for the third quarter and spurred on by an 11-point haul by Josh Fiegert, took a five-point buffer into the last quarter. But the Redbacks were unable to capitalise on their advantage in an intense final term, with the home side making the most of their opportunities to steal the win, 98-88. Fiegert finished with a game-high 29 points, with Jason Cameron contributing 23. The Redbacks will regroup to host ladder leader Geelong United at Ararat Fitness Centre at 7pm before travelling to Terang on Sunday to take on the Tornadoes at 1pm. The Redbacks will have their fingers crossed things fall their way.

Hornets cruise

Horsham Hornets will take to their home court against Colac on Sunday

following a win over Terang last week. Leading scorers Tim Pickert, 30, and Jeremiah McKenzie, 28, again led the way on the scoreboard, with a strong spread of scorers involved in the victory, 107-91. Veteran Robbie Fry, 4, scored his first points for the season since returning to the court for the Hornets, and youngsters Jude Kilpatrick and Max and Cody Bryan gained valuable senior experience. The Hornets have their eyes on the prize this season and will not want to drop a game to the Kookas as they look to secure a top-two finish. Tip off is at 2pm.

Tough weekend

Stawell Wildcats will play their last match of the season since rejoining the competition and are set to host Geelong at 1pm on Sunday. The Wildcats endured another tough weekend, falling short of Warrnambool Seahawks by 72 points on Saturday and Terang Tornadoes by 80 points on Sunday. Despite a healthy spread of scorers, the figures were not strong enough to trouble the Wildcats’ higher-ranked opponents.

WINNING FORM: Horsham Hornets defeated Terang 107-91 at home at the weekend. Pictured top, veteran Robbie Fry scored his first points for the season since returning to the court for the Hornets; and above, young gun Cody Bryan takes control.  Pictures: PAUL CARRACHER

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WEST CRANE & ACCESS HIRE Wednesday, January 15, 2020

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Libby Price on

Country Today Weekdays from noon on

Saints set sights on second spot G


rampians cricket resumes on Saturday after an extended Christmas break, with the major match being between third-placed St Andrews and secondplaced Youth Club in a twoday fixture at Alexandra Oval, Ararat.

A win to either team is vital at this stage of the season. If the Saints win, they will replace Youth Club in second spot, while a win to the Clubbers will see them keep in touch with leader Swifts-Great Western. The Saints and Clubbers have not yet faced off, as an earlier one-day round was cancelled due to wet weather. Both teams had very good wins prior to the break, the Saints outrighted Chalambar, while the Clubbers chased down a good score while losing just one wicket. The key to this match is probably the form of leading run-scorer and skipper Nic

Baird. If he fires, the Saints are in trouble, if he fails, then it falls upon lesser batsmen Damon Folkes, Bailey Taylor and Jarrod Illig to post a competitive score. The Saints’ two strike bowlers, Tom Mills and Ned Bohner, will target Baird in the hope of dismissing him cheaply, and then pressure the remaining batting line-up. The addition of all-rounder Adam Haslett to the Saints will give the team a boost. The Saints will be hoping Clubbers bowlers Cam Kimber, Folkes and Clinton Slorach have an off day and allow Mills, Bohner and Michael Harricks to post a big score. At Stawell’s Central Park, Halls Gap hosts Pomonal, a match in which both teams would fancy their chances, although their recent form is average. Halls Gap fell to the Combine in just one day, while Pomonal only managed to take one wicket against the Clubbers. Pomonal has more to gain

from this match as a loss will see its finals spot in jeopardy. The Tigers will look to proven performers Lynden Brewis, Michael Armstrong and young Lachy Dalkin to get them over the line, whereas the Gappers will rely on Josh Leith and Joe Martin with the bat, and Josh Reid and Brian Driscoll with the ball. In the remaining game, Chalambar takes on leader SwiftsGreat Western at Gordon Street Oval, Ararat. Chalambar’s bowling has lacked penetration this season with only Chad Gilmour and Mathew McKinnis worrying batsmen. This will be a big concern against the Combine’s long batting line-up, which includes form players Sam Cocks and Tom Eckel among other capable batsmen. Throw in the association’s leading wicket takers Matt Heffer and Lachlan Patching and it makes for a tough ask of Chally batsmen Luke Walker, Ryan Bertram and Sam Pilgrim to post a winning score.

FOUR: Will Drummond, Horsham, hits a four against Hamilton during under-15 junior Country Week Carnival action at Sunnyside Oval, Horsham. Picture: PAUL CARRACHER

Country Week Carnival continues Horsham Cricket Association claimed runnerup honours in the 2020 Horsham under-15 Country Week Carnival, with Warrnambool Blue enjoying a comfortable victory. The home side batted first at Horsham City Oval but was unable to recover from the loss of early wickets. Hugh Dougherty, 36 runs, and Oscar Gawith, 24, launched a rescue mission with the bat, but knew a total of 122 was going to be hard to defend. The Horsham bowlers were accurate, but were unable to take the regular wickets needed to put their opponents under pressure. Warrnambool Blue won the grand final by eight wickets, with four overs remaining. Wimmera-Mallee Cricket Association lost the battle for third, going down to Colac by 42 runs in a Twenty20 clash. Colac’s Micah Robb and Warrnambool Blue opener Flynn Wilkinson, who top-scored in

the final with 35 runs, were joint players of the carnival. Horsham Cricket Association drew with Portland in an under-17 Country Week pool grand final in Warrnambool. The final was washed out without a result. Wimmera-Mallee Cricket Association lost its Twenty20 pool final to Hamilton after finishing with 5-96. Warrnambool Gold claimed the under-17 shield on points against Warrnambool Blue after play was rained out. Horsham and Wimmera-Mallee associations are contesting under-13 Country Week action at Portland. The competition started on Monday, with finals scheduled for today. • Homers cricketer Georgia Baker-Miller will represent Renegades Country in the Youth Super Series after strong performances with the Western Waves in the Youth Premier League.


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Wednesday, January 15, 2020


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A Grade This week: T20 double games, round-10, Blackheath-Dimboola v Noradjuha-Toolondo at Horsham City Oval at 10am, Colts v Laharum at Dudley Cornell Park at 10am, Jung Tigers v Rupanyup-Minyip at Horsham City Oval at 4.15pm, Horsham Saints v Homers at Coughlin Park at 4.15pm; round-11, Jung Tigers v Laharum at Horsham City Oval at 1.15pm, Colts v Blackheath-Dimboola at Dudley Cornell Park at 1.15pm, Horsham Saints v Noradjuha-Toolondo at Coughlin Park at 1.15pm, Homers v Rupanyup-Minyip at Horsham City Oval at 7.15pm.


A Grade This week: One-day games, Halls Gap v Pomonal at Stawell’s Central Park, St Andrews v Youth Club at Ararat’s Alexandra Oval, Chalambar v Swifts-Great Western at Ararat Gordon Street Recreation Reserve.


A Grade Competition resumes with one-day games on February 1.

Association to host T20 trial H


orsham cricketers will resume competition at the weekend with an association first as sides participate in an inset Twenty20 cricket season.

Association secretary Darren Chesterfield said both A and B grades were preparing to play two T20 matches on each of the next three weekends, culminating in a T20 grand final on February 16. He said this would see eight matches played on each day, contributing to both a T20 ladder and half-points to the competition’s standing ladder. He said this was part of a test trial that would help determine whether T20 matches could feature more prominently in the association’s yearly competitions. “Lots of people have been keen to play T20 cricket, and lots of people haven’t. We have got a few who like it and a few who don’t,” he said. “So, we figured the best way to know if it’s something people actually want to do is to run a bit of a trial. So, that’s this year. “If the feedback is positive, we’ll look at a way we could keep it going. If it’s not, we’ll try something else.” Mr Chesterfield said the competition’s four Horsham City Oval matches on Saturday would also help raise money for bushfire relief as part of a ‘Hit a Six’ fundraiser.

He said the association would donate $25 each time a player hit a six during the four games, with major sponsor Ben Sawyer from Preston Rowe Paterson property valuers Horsham matching the donation. “So, we’ll have $50 donated for every six in the four main city oval games,” he said. “The main thing really is that people turn up at the time they’re supposed to play, and hit some sixes.” This week’s T20 matches will see second placed Horsham Saints try to break away from third-rung Noradjuha-Toolondo at 1.15pm, before turning to ladder-leader Homers in a 4.15pm match, both at Coughlin Park. Homers are then matched up against Rupanyup-Minyip at Horsham City Oval at 7.15pm for a ‘Hit a Six’ game. Blackheath-Dimboola and NoradjuhaToolondo will also be going for sixes when they take on each other at the city oval at 10am, with Colts and Laharum starting their first matches of the day at the same time at Dudley Cornell Park. Laharum will then take on Jung Tigers at 1.15pm for another Hit a Six match, while Colts will stay put to square off against Blackheath-Dimboola at Dudley Cornell Park. Rounding out the four ‘Hit a Six’ games will be Jung Tigers and Rupanyup-Minyip at 4.15pm.

Tony Caccaviello

Caccaviello fires Gun Horsham Saints bowler Tony Caccaviello snared two wickets to help his Victorian team to gold in the Australian Country Cricket Championships in Toowoomba. Victoria Country defeated reigning premier Western Australia Country by 49 runs, with Caccaviello finishing with figures of 2-16 in the decider. Victoria Country batted first, setting a target of 194. Caccaviello was run out for four but did his most damage with the ball, dismissing opener Aaron Burrage for 17 and making short work of low-order batsman Coen Marwick, who was out for one. Victoria Country bowlers dismissed fellow opener Callum How, 5, and first drop Bevan Bennell, 0, cheaply, leaving Western Australia to rely on its middle order to complete the run chase. With the tail end falling quickly, Western Australia was at 9-145 when stumps were drawn.

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Stephan in running

‘Bad boy’ wins cup Balmoral breeder-owner-trainer Janet Exell’s ‘bad boy, come good’ Show Me The Moolah, took out Sunday’s $7000 Barker Trotters Handicap at Hamilton’s cup meeting. The five-year-old bay gelding has rarely brought his best behaviour to the races, but a confidence-boosting third placing at Mt Gambier less than a week earlier set the foundation for another ‘safe beginning and trotting the whole race’ at Hamilton. Exell knew Show Me The Moolah had more ability than his well mannered stablemate Keep The Dream, but must have come close to thinking that she’d never win a race with the wayward son of Allawart Ray until that faultless display at Mt Gambier. However, most punters at Hamilton doubted that Show Me The Moolah could repeat the effort and at post time there was plenty of 40-1 odds on offer. Driver David Drury quickly had his charge into its gait when the tapes were released and Show Me The Moolah worked to the lead as they passed the winning post with two laps to go. Those who’d supported the 30-metre backmaker and short-priced favourite Dublin Chub, Kerryn Manning, lost their money early on, when the smart three-year-old broke stride seemingly for no reason, just 600 metres into the contest. In doing so, Dublin Chub also checked the second elect Dicko Dixon



hill export and rower Lucy Stephan continues to make waves in the sporting scene with a back-to-back finalist nomination for Victorian female athlete of the year.

The two-time world champion is in the running for the accolade, one of 18 categories presented at an annual Victorian Sports Awards ceremony in Melbourne next month, after missing out to table tennis player Melissa Tapper last year. The Victorian Sports Awards recognise and celebrate the achievements of individual and team athletes, coaches, administrators and volunteers from metropolitan and regional Victoria. This year, Stephan is up against premier athletes including Melbourne Vixens and Australian Diamonds netballer Liz Watson, billiards world champion Anna Lynch and mogul skier Jakara Anthony. Stephan said despite the ‘incredibly talented’ list, she hoped to bring home the award. “It’s huge and pretty cool to be recognised,” she said. “I’m up against some incredibly talented athletes again this year, so we’ll see how we go. But it would be nice.” Stephan, who grew up at Nhill before attending boarding school in Ballarat where she started rowing, said she always tried to keep her eyes on the ‘next step’ in her career. It is a philosophy that has seen her represent Australia at the 2016 Rio Olympics as part of the women’s eight team, as well as the Australian women’s four at the past three World Rowing Championships. She said she was now training on the Tamar River in Launceston, Tasmania, to prepare for trials for the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo, Japan.

Lucy Stephan “I started rowing in 2007-08 under my school’s rowing program, but we had no water in the lake, so we used to have to go to Geelong to practise,” she said. “But it was from there that I really fell in love with the sport and since then it has always been: ‘what is the next thing that I can aim for?’” The Victorian Sports Awards will be at Melbourne’s Marvel Stadium on February 26.

and the pair tailed the field some 100 metres astern of the leaders. The name of the game is to trot and so all honours were with the winner. Show Me The Moolah never missed a beat throughout the 2160-metre journey and dashed home in 58.1 seconds to score by 10.8 metres from The Summer Cat, Denbeigh Wade, with Aballofmuscle, Michael Bellman, a similar margin away in third place.

Winning streak

The Aaron Dunn team has enjoyed a great run of late, and five-year-old bay mare Marjorie Jean continued the streak with a strong sprint to the finish line at Hamilton to capture the $7000 Grand Central Hotel Pace. Marjorie Jean joined the Dunn stable back in September, with trainer Owen Martin out of action after surgery. Owner Steve West has been a regular visitor to the winner’s circle since then. Marjorie Jean has really blossomed as a racehorse over the past 18 months. With just a single victory to her credit from her first 30-odd starts, the mare now boasts a record of 11 wins and 11 minor placings from 71 starts and a bank of $65,500. Driver Jackie Barker has forged a wonderful association with Marjorie Jean as pilot in her past six wins and hopefully the combo can pick up a mares race at Melton over the summer.  – Tony Logan


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Civil Construction Apprenticeship

Insurance Broking Traineeship Location: Horsham Closing Date: January 24

Location: Hopetoun Closing Date: January 24 • Ability to follow instructions • Physical fitness and and able to undertake manual handling • Pride in quality of work As part of the Yarriambiack Shire Council’s ongoing commitment of Apprentices and Traineeships, applications are invited for this position in Hopetoun. The candidate we are seeking will be trained to assist with construction and maintenance tasks for drainage, earthworks and other municipal works and services as required.

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Skillinvest, on behalf of GWM Water, are seeking a self-motivated person with a genuine interest in starting a career in the field of Information Technology (Support). If you are committed to customer service, have a responsible attitude and are willing to work as part of a team, we would like to hear from you.

• Good communication and organisation skills • Commitment to outstanding customer service • Ability to follow direction and to prioritise work Skillinvest, on behalf of a well-established Horsham business, are seeking a keenly interested person wishing to commence and develop a career in the Insurance industry. The position represents an excellent opportunity to join a leading insurance broking firm with a reputation for outstanding customer service.

BIRCHIP 03 5492 2311 HORSHAM 03 5382 1727 SHEPPARTON 03 5821 4555 WARRACKNABEAL 03 5398 1877 BORDERTOWN 08 8752 1311


Location: Horsham Closing Date: January 24


Location: Horsham Closing Date: January 20

2746 Engine Hours, 1919 Rotor Hours, 420 HP, 900/60R32 Front Tyres, 600/6528 Rear Tyres Coolamon 3 Axle Comb Trailer

1955 Engine Hours 1438 Rotor Hours 12.9L IVECO Engine 450 HP, 1,000 Litre Fuel Tank Capacity




JOHN DEERE S680 640D & TRAILER 2012 PACKAGE 1796 Engine Hours 1499 Rotor Hours 470 HP, Excellent Condition Coolamon 3 Axle Comb Trailer

NEW HOLLAND CR9080, HONEYBEE TRAILER PACKAGE 2009 Model, 42 Ft, 3775 Engine Hours, 2797 Rotor Hours, 6 Cyclinder Cursor Engine Stump Jump Comb Trailer 2009





Heavy Diesel Mechanic Apprenticeship


Certificate IV Information Technology

CASE IH 8230 2012



Certificate 3 in Business


CONDOBOLIN 02 6895 2622 COROWA 02 6033 1666 FORBES 02 6852 1200 GRENFELL 02 6343 1422 WEST WYALONG 02 6972 2288

Location: Horsham and Warracknabeal Closing Date: January 24 • A general interest in mechanics hydraulics and electrics • Competed Year 12 • Commitment to complete your apprenticeship Skillinvest is currently recruiting on behalf of O’Connor’s Farm Machinery in Horsham and Warracknabeal for an enthusiastic and committed person wishing to start a career within the Automotive Industry.

Heating and Cooling Technician Apprenticeship Location: Horsham Closing Date: January 24 • A genuine interest in the trade • A commitment to an Apprenticeship • Be reliable and dedicated to the job Skillinvest is currently recruiting on behalf of Wade’s in Horsham, for an enthusiastic and committed person wishing to start a career within the plumbing trade.

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You want the best... choose Skillinvest! Wednesday, January 15, 2020


Need hot water? See wades Brought to you by

18-20 Pynsent Street, Horsham • Ph: 03 5382 3823

FOCUS: Far left, Shannon Bartlett, Horsham, division three; left, Luke Hutchinson, Dimboola, division three; and below, Craig Britten, Horsham, division one; in action during the third annual Wimmera Friendly EightBall Invitational in Horsham at the weekend. Picture: PAUL CARRACHER

Organisers to build on success


rganisers of the third annual Wimmera Friendly Eight-Ball Invitational expect to attract even more of country Victoria’s best players to next year’s event following a successful tournament at the weekend.

About 250 players converged on Horsham, for this year’s competition, with teams from as far as Geelong, Swan Hill and Mt Gambier joining Wimmera outfits from Ararat, Stawell, Dimboola and Horsham to compete for cash prizes. Thirty-two teams across four divisions took to pool tables at Horsham’s Royal and Commercial

hotels on Saturday and Sunday. Horsham Eight Ball Association secretary and event co-ordinator Darren ‘Deadly’ Duncan said at least eight people approached him at the weekend to ask if they could submit additional teams in 2021. “It was a great weekend had by all,” he said. “Everyone I spoke to said they would come back again, and that plus people asking about entering extra teams means we will be in for an even bigger event next year.” Mr Duncan said the event would go ahead in 2021, despite needing to find a second location due to the Commercial Hotel changing hands

and being set for redevelopment. “We will still have two divisions at the Royal, I’ll just have to find somewhere for the other two – but I have a couple of ideas,” he said. Mr Duncan said he was impressed with the standard of competition this year. “It just keeps getting better,” he said. “A team from Dimboola won division three, so it was nice to have some local winners.” Shark Squad, comprising players from western Victoria, won division one; Melzer, featuring players from Central Highlands Pool Association, CHPA, and Geelong

claimed division two; and a CHPA team won division four. Mr Duncan said two-time Australian title holder Michael Scerri played well, but his team was knocked out in the first final. “Even though it’s hard for people to watch others because they are focused on their own tables and their own divisions, having someone like Michael there is particularly good for the young players and spectators because they have an opportunity to watch what he does,” he said. Participants raised $600 for Horsham CFA throughout the weekend. – Sarah Scully


Lunch kicks off at 12 16 Dimboola Rd, Horsham. Ph 5382 1162 Wednesday, January 15, 2020




Sport Vol. 22 No. 27 Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Eyes on the prize

Two-time Australian eight-ball title holder Michael Scerri is all concentration as he lines up a shot in the third annual Wimmera Friendly Eight-Ball Invitational in Horsham at the weekend. Scerri performed well but his team failed to progress past the first final. Organisers were thrilled with the standard of competition, which they believe is set to grow in 2021. Story, page 39. Picture: PAUL CARRACHER

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Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Profile for The Weekly Advertiser

The Weekly Advertiser – Wednesday, January 15, 2020  

Read the January 15 edition online!

The Weekly Advertiser – Wednesday, January 15, 2020  

Read the January 15 edition online!