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What’s your color? You chose the perfect color for your bridesmaids. Now you want the men to coordinate. We’ve got you covered. If we don’t carry your color in our accessory lines, we will get it for your wedding. It’s called the Color Match Guarantee, and only Nedrebo’s has it. Bring in your swatch. We’ll take care of the rest.

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a jewel of a store specializes in engagement rings wedding bands gifts

A family owned store with personalized customer service, incredible selection and one-of-a-kind pieces.

CAPITAL CITY COINS & JEWELRY 6025 Monona Drive, Madison, WI (608)221-0140 • 5


to the WEDDING Planner and Guide magazine, the ultimate wedding planning resource. We bring you the latest in wedding trends, a detailed guide to help you plan the wedding of your dreams, and a comprehensive list of the finest wedding professionals in Wisconsin, and even the nation. 1st Edition

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This year marks our 30th anniversary. For 30 years the WEDDING Planner and Guide has helped couples plan every aspect of their wedding through the WEDDING Planner and Guide magazine, the WEDDING Planner and Guide bridal shows and A lot has changed in the wedding industry in the last three decades. Perhaps the largest change in the industry is that weddings, now more than ever, have become very personalized events. Your wedding is a reflection of you and your fiancé… your style, your personalities, your family history, your cultural heritage, your faith, and your love for each other. We have filled this edition with beautiful photographs of great ideas, fabulous fashion, informational articles, and helpful advice. We know these pages of inspiration will spark special ideas for you. Use this guide along with our website – wedplan. com – as the perfect companion in your planning process. At you will find wedding planning articles, worksheets, and checklists to guide you every step of the way. Be sure to peruse the many wedding vendors for every area of wedding planning. This site, along with the WEDDING Planner and Guide magazine is indispensable for anyone planning a wedding. For more inspiration and to talk to local professionals firsthand, join us at our WEDDING Planner & Guide bridal shows (details online and on pages 24-25 of this publication). This is your time to talk to the experts, sample great food, see the latest in bridal fashions and even book vendors. We are honored that you have placed your trust in us to help you plan your special day. As you embark on your wedding planning journey we encourage you to put extra thought into the most important aspect of this momentous event…your marriage. May God bless you with many years of love, life, and happiness. ❥

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Love and Marriage

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Soon you’ll be married.

The sun will rise on your wedding day, and when it sets

you’ll be married.

For now, though, think of everything you’ve done to get ready for this one day. No matter how simple or elaborate your wedding will be, you’ve treated each part of it with exquisite care because you want it to be just right. All the things you’ve done have been for your wedding, making sure nothing is forgotten, that everything flows together like sweet music. Can you ever remember putting so much effort into something? Have you ever been so concerned that all of your plans work out right? Probably not. And only after the wedding is past will you realize why you were right to be satisfied with nothing less than the effort you’ve given. You’ll also do well to hold onto that attitude of persistent dedication. Because if you look beyond the wedding for a moment, you’ll see that the days of marriage far outnumber the days of wedding preparation. What you make of those post-wedding days will depend on the same two things that made your wedding day such a success…planning and steady effort. Maybe you’ve never really pondered what the days after your wedding will require. You’ve been absorbed with wedding plans. You can’t express how much you love the man or woman who will become your spouse. Up until now, the expectation of how wonderful your wedding will be has sufficed. • 9

love and marriage That’s natural. It’s also risky. What if you hadn’t prepared but had simply expected your wedding day to work out fine? It seems crazy to ask such a question, because you’d never let that happen. Your wedding day deserved your full attention and, because you gave it that attention, you’re confident. According to the vows you will say, your marriage will be for the rest of your days. It deserves even more attention. But what does that mean? What can you do to prepare for a marriage that will work as well as your wedding? A good place to start is to recognize that the indescribable emotions you experience when you say “I do’’ will not remain every minute of every day thereafter. You’ll want them to remain, and they will return on occasion in your marriage. But they’re special emotions, not common ones, and will not be easily summoned during all the more common times of marriage. Can you imagine, for example, feeling those kinds of emotions when the two of you are disagreeing? So how can you plan for a marriage that works? Find a basis for it—a foundation that’s not unpredictable like your emotions. Think of the setting of your wedding, of the kinds of things you’ll be saying to the man or woman you love, to your friends and relatives and to God-—things like “I will love this man/woman, and honor and cherish him/her forever.’’

10 • Wedding Planner & Guide

Have you ever done anything forever? No. And neither has anyone else who’s said the same words at a wedding. But consider this: “Trust in the Lord forever, for the Lord God is an everlasting rock.’’ That’s a quote, and if you substitute “forever’’ for the more old-fashioned “everlasting’’ used in it, you’ll see that we just might be onto something. Remember again that God is going to be a part of the audience at your wedding. Maybe you’ve never really thought about that. Maybe you’ve looked at His participation in your wedding as mere formality. If you have, you’re shorting yourself. He is without question the most interested observer who will attend. Why? Because He’s got a stake in your marriage. He came up with the practice in the first place, and is committed to helping marriages work. Here’s another quote: “I will make with them an everlasting covenant, that I will not turn away from doing good to them.’’ Translate “covenant’’ there as “promise,’’ like the one you’ll be making when you say “I do.’’ God is not only capable of keeping promises forever, but He’s willing to help you do the same. Take Him up on the offer. Make Him the solid foundation that won’t budge when your emotions are doing somersaults. Do that and, after you speak your vows, you can expect your marriage to turn out as well as your wedding. ❥

Primavera Studios • 11


Plannin and Preparation

photos clockwise from top left Primavera Studios Paper Antler Red Gecko Studio Paul Toepfer Photography

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Blue Dandelion Photography

Congratulations! Let the wedding planning begin! To ensure the process is as stress free as possible, follow these tried and true tips. stay organized While it may seem like a no-brainer, when you are trying to choose a photographer during

your lunch break and trying to book a reception hall between social commitments, things can get a little harried. Planning a wedding is not a simple “sit-down-and-work-till-it’s-done” kind of project; oftentimes you have multiple projects at once. So stay organized! It often helps to create a binder where you can keep a budget sheet, a calendar checklist, pictures, fabric swatches, etc.

create a budget Where does wedding planning truly begin? With the numbers! Plan your budget before you get carried away with other wedding details. Determine how much you want to spend and how much assistance, if any, you will receive from family members.

You will also need to decide who pays for what. See the list on this page for a traditional breakdown. While these financial roles are generally followed, there are modern day variations. As the average marriage age for couples rises, many couples undertake the wedding expenses themselves. Sometimes families will give a specified dollar amount and allow the couple to spend it however they choose. Others will offer to help out with a particular aspect of the wedding. No matter what financial assistance is offered, the wedding is ultimately the couple’s financial responsibility. Be realistic about your expenditures. Make a list of all the different vendors you will need and allocate a portion of your budget to each, prioritizing when necessary. If the costs keep piling up, don’t panic! There are ways to trim costs without sacrificing vendor quality. Once you have settled on the bottom line, secure prices with a contract to help keep you within your budget. See the “Budget Expense Record” in the Worksheet section to keep track of your finances. And stick to your budget! Financial experts advise against going into debt for your wedding. It is much better to start a marriage without needless liabilities.

who tradtionally pays? bride’s family • Invitations and announcements (including postage) • Bride’s wedding dress and accessories • Bridesmaids’ and Flower Girl Bouquets • Groom’s Boutonniere • Bridesmaids’ party or luncheon • Flowers and rental costs for church and reception site • Engagement and wedding photography and videography • Musicians at both wedding and reception • Food, beverages, and related professional services (catering) for reception • Wedding cake • Gifts for bridesmaids (and accommodations, if necessary) • Groom’s wedding gift • Groom’s wedding ring • Transportation for wedding party on the wedding day groom’s family • Marriage license • Officiant’s fee • Rehearsal dinner • Bride’s bouquet and going-away flowers • Corsages for mothers and boutonnieres for men in the wedding party • Gifts for groomsmen and ushers (and accommodations, if necessary) • Bride’s wedding gift • Bride’s engagement and wedding rings • Honeymoon • Groom’s wedding attire • 13

planning and preparation

pick a date There are a few different ways to go about setting a date. The sooner you set the date the better, as vendors will have a greater range of open dates. However, if there is a particular professional you want to hire or location you wish to rent, wait to schedule your wedding until you have checked their date availability. Another way to pick a date is seasonally. Is there a particular color or decorating scheme you want to use that works best within a specific season? Do you want an outdoor wedding? That naturally places limitations on the date. For the budget-conscious bride and groom, the date you choose may have a large impact on your expenses. The most popular wedding months in this area continue to be June through October. Ask vendors and venue sites if they offer discounts for the off-season. You could potentially save thousands of dollars. Similarly, Saturday is the most common wedding day. Ask about discounts for Friday or Sunday weddings. If you want to ensure as many of your guests can make it as possible, consider planning your wedding near a holiday. When people have a three or four day weekend or even over the Christmas and New Year break, they are better able to travel to your nuptials.

2012 - 2013 Holidays Holiday

Ann Gorgen Photography

14 • Wedding Planner & Guide

2012 2013

Tue, Jan 1 New Year’s Day............................Sun, Jan 1 Martin Luther King Jr Day.........Mon, Jan 16 Mon, Jan 21 Valentine’s Day.............................Tue, Feb 14 Thu, Feb 14 Presidents’ Day............................Mon, Feb 20 Mon, Feb 18 Leap Day........................................Wed, Feb 29 N/A Sun, Mar 17 St Patrick’s Day............................Sat, Mar 17 Passover.........................................Sat, Apr 7 Tue, Mar 26 Easter.............................................Sun, Apr 8 Sun, Mar 31 Earth Day......................................Sun, Apr 22 Mon, Apr 22 Mother’s Day................................Sun, May 13 Sun, May 12 Memorial Day...............................Mon, May 28 Mon, May 27 Father’s Day..................................Sun, Jun 17 Sun, Jun 16 Independence Day.......................Wed, Jul 4 Thu, Jul 4 Labor Day.....................................Mon, Sep 3 Mon, Sep 2 Columbus Day.............................Mon, Oct 8 Mon, Oct 14 Halloween.....................................Wed, Oct 31 Thu, Oct 31 Veterans Day................................Sun, Nov 11 Mon, Nov 11 Thanksgiving Day.........................Thu, Nov 22 Thu, Nov 28 Hanukkah......................................Sun, Dec 9 Thu, Nov 28 Christmas Day..............................Tue, Dec 25 Wed, Dec 25 New Year’s Eve.............................Mon, Dec 31 Tue, Dec 31

Using Professionals A wedding is probably the most expensive party you will ever throw. It is tempting for a couple to try to save money by enlisting the help of family and friends or by undertaking much of the responsibility themselves, but there are clear advantages to working with the experts. Weddings are a unique event and those who specialize in them know how to handle just about any circumstance a couple may have. Wedding professionals deal with weddings on a daily basis and build their businesses on knowing what is proper and popular when it comes to weddings. When choosing professionals to work with, keep both the wedding budget and quality of services desired in mind. Compare the work of different professionals. Choose people who know their business, who show interest and kindness, and who listen and spend time with their customers. In businesses that have multiperson staffs, be sure to meet with the person who will actually handle your wedding and see samples of their work. Make appointments. This is both thoughtful and necessary because of the professionals’ own busy schedules. It also ensures that complete attention is given to your own particular meeting. Keep appointments and be on time. Be timely in your responses. Let businesses know if their services will not be needed (other couples may be missing out because a date was held). Be organized and try to give as much information as possible so they can do their job.

contracts To ensure that your day is as close to perfect

as you imagine, it is necessary to “get it in writing.” Paperwork is certainly a less glamorous aspect of wedding planning, but it plays a crucial role in keeping misunderstandings to a minimum. When a wedding professional provides a contract, make sure you read every line and ask any questions you may have. Compile a list of details you find important so you can incorporate them into the contract. Make sure your contracts include basic information such as the wedding date and time. You will also want

Captured Moments Photography

choosing your bridesmaids • Choose bridesmaids you are close to and trust to handle important details before, during and after the ceremony. • Bridesmaids should be people you trust to support not only you and your fiancé, but also your marriage. • An invitation to be a bridesmaid is permanent— except in extreme circumstances—so avoid friends and family that are unreliable and irresponsible and that you might later wish you could “unask.” • Do not feel like you need to invite someone to be a bridesmaid simply because you were a bridesmaid in her wedding. • Remember that you do not need to invite every friend you have ever had to be a bridesmaid. There are other positions to fill: personal attendant, vocalist, reader, manning the guest book or gift table, etc. • Inform bridesmaids of the expected financial commitment before they commit. • Typically the bride and groom have between two and six attendants each. A good rule of thumb is one bridesmaid and groomsman for every 50 guests.

attendants’ duties Attendants have a fun role, but one that carries a large responsibility. It is important to choose friends and family you are close to and trust to handle important details before, during and after the ceremony. At you can find responsibility checklists for each of your attendants. They are easy to download and print. Lists include: maid/matron of honor, bridesmaid, personal attendant, best man, groomsman, and usher. • 15

planning and preparation

to include more specific points such as a spending cap (if there is a clause allowing for unforeseen expenses) and detailed refund policies (in case you want to cancel or they don’t fulfill their end of the agreement).

Even if you have signed a contract, you can still make changes. Just make sure changes are in writing and signed by both parties. Don’t forget to keep a copy of all the paperwork!

wedding consultants Brides and grooms are often unsure of how to best utilize the experts to help them

create the wedding day they envision. A local wedding consultant can help you with the ins and outs of wedding planning. Consultants have a wealth of expertise on budgets, décor, etiquette, sites, timelines, vendors, etc. They are able to coordinate your entire wedding from the very beginning or just make sure everything runs smoothly the day of the wedding. You may even hire a consultant mid-stream, as long as you inform them what plans have been made so far.

about the


There are many advantages to hiring a consultant. A wedding consultant has been through the wedding process already and can save you a lot of time and headache. You may have a vision of the kind of wedding you want, but a consultant can take care of the details. If you are trying to plan the wedding from another city or state, it is prudent to have a local contact to bring everything together. Just remember: you do not have to give up your ability to choose what you want for your wedding; consultants are simply there to help make your dream a reality.

Korrine Engelke

Personal exPressions Wedding design When Korrine Engelke graduated from college six years ago, she teamed up with her mom, Kellie, to form Personal Expressions Wedding Design. As Korrine describes it, “I was blessed with the opportunity to put what I learned to use through this creative outlet!” And creative they are! The artistic ingenuity of this dynamic duo ultimately comes from the couples they work with instead of what happens to be trending at the moment. “After all,” Korrine points out, “the biggest ‘trend’ right now is that weddings are continuously becoming personalized. Couples are expressing themselves more and more through their event.” Whether expression takes the form of centerpieces, chair covers & linens, or floral masterpieces, Personal Expressions is a “one-stop-shop” for couples. They help brides and grooms through the entire process of designing the wedding and executing the details. “We will implement all the desired décor at the ceremony and reception, often acting as the day-of coordinator and even coming back to tear everything down after the event,” Korrine explains. Couples and their families are free to simply soak in the excitement of the event. Personal Expressions Wedding Design | Korrine Engelke, Manager/Designer 608-527-3348 |

16 • Wedding Planner & Guide

expert about the

Jayme L. Galanos Beyond elegant events, llC As a trained project manager, Jayme managed complex multi-million dollar technology projects for a living. After helping several friends and family members plan their weddings, she decided to test the waters as a Professional Event Planner. Jayme recalls, “I decided my true calling was helping clients turn their dream weddings to reality!” Since then, Beyond Elegant Events has built an impeccable reputation for listening to clients and managing every detail to perfection. With a long history in Southern Wisconsin and numerous honors, their staff has the expertise to collaborate with clients to guide them through every step of the decision making process. Their creativity ensures each event is not only memorable, but remarkable! Jayme leads her teams for a practical, yet personal approach to event planning. “Our years of experience and our calming presence allow clients to enjoy the planning process and not stress over all the little details,” Jayme explains. The result is a remarkable and polished event that falls within the budget and feels effortless to the happy couple. That’s the magic of hiring the right consultant.

about the


Beyond Elegant Events, LLC | Jayme L. Galanos, Senior Planner/Owner 608-225-1093 |

Laura Ursin

Brides On A Budget Laura Ursin founded Brides On A Budget in 2009 after planning several weddings for friends. Through planning these weddings, Laura realized that weddings can be planned on any budget while still utilizing top-notch local resources and vendors to create a couple’s perfect wedding day. Brides On A Budget specializes in providing consulting and planning services to help couples create a personalized wedding experience no matter their budget. “We’ve done weddings ranging from 25 guests to over 350 guests,” Laura explains, “and have worked with budgets ranging from $5,000 to over $60,000.” As a young, fresh and modern company, Brides On A Budget provides couples with a unique, individualized wedding experience while working to carry out their vision. Laura enjoys putting into practice the innovative changes and various perspectives in the wedding industry. “There are not traditional codes to follow anymore,” she remarks. “It gives my clients, vendors and me the chance to get creative, be unique and tailor to each couple – this is one of the elements I love most about my job!” Brides On A Budget | Laura Ursin, Wedding Consultant & Owner 608-628-9224 | | • 17

expert about the

Conni Hofeldt-Rowe An Aire Of flAir Conni Hofeldt-Rowe is passionate about helping people celebrate joy in their lives. As the creative force behind An Aire of Flair, she offers full-service event and floral design, planning and coordination. Because of Conni’s degree in The Performing Arts, An Aire of Flair is able to offer a specialty of thinking “out of the box” to stage each production and special occasion. Each bride wants a wedding that her guests will long remember. An Aire of Flair brings life, creativity and panache to create a WOW event with special qualities and personal touches. Conni explains, “We meet excitedly with each new client to help create an event that will look and feel differently from any previous event that we have done or that they have experienced.” Spend one moment with Conni and it is clear that people come first. She only schedules a limited number of events each year: “This way, each bride knows I am organizing, working and thinking creatively to create the magic…only for her!”

about the


An Aire of Flair | Conni Hofeldt-Rowe, Owner/Coordinator/Designer/Planner 3831 Manito Court, Middleton, WI | 608-225-6219 |

Bill Reed the wedding guy When asked why he went into the wedding planning industry, Bill Reed, owner of The Wedding Guy wedding and event planning company, explains, “I worked for a local event rental company and I love to help people plan events. It just seemed like a natural choice!” As a certified bridal consultant, Bill has provided brides and grooms with peace of mind and stress-free planning for the past nine years. “We can do everything from budget planning to decorating and ceremony construction,” Bill says. “There is nothing wedding-related we cannot handle!” Recently, two new coordinators have joined Bill. Both Amanda and Sarah offer invaluable insight to the wedding planning process. In addition to expertise, The Wedding Guy provides discounts to many local, outstanding businesses. Their team offers a service that couples never regret. Bill elaborates, “In fact, many people leave at the end of the night stating they could not have done it without us and that everything was absolutely perfect.” The Wedding Guy | Bill Reed, Main Event Coordinator / Owner 3825 Mammoth Trail, Madison, WI 53719 | 608-358-0383 |

18 • Wedding Planner & Guide

Breathe easy.

608 225 1093

Award-winning wedding planners

Your Love Story is Cause for Celebration ...

An Aire of Flair

...with , for as little or as much help as you need, to have the wedding of your dreams.

3♥ 3 You’ll Live Happily Before, During & Ever After Your Wedding Day

An Aire of Flair Design & Coordination

Conni@608-225-6219 • 19

20 • Wedding Planner & Guide


608.628.9224 /

Specializing in full-service wedding & special event planning in the Greater Madison area.

Making Your Special Event a Reality! THE






,, INC. INC.

Laurie Dies

“I can’t tell you how many times I told people how glad we were to have you there. You did much, much more than I would have imagined, because you were thinking ahead to things I wouldn’t have thought of...! It was great to just sit back and enjoy the event.” —Mother of the Bride


www.capi t olweddi ng s a nd eve n t s. c o m • 21

planning and preparation

Attending Bridal Shows

Perhaps the best way to get ideas and comparison shop is by visiting bridal shows. With all there is to do and see, attending is sure to help – no matter where you are in the planning process. A bridal show can help you get a general idea of what you like and dislike. It is a one-stop-shop of all the latest and greatest in the bridal industry. Enjoy a lively fashion show of the hottest styles and trends. Find inspiration in themed coordinated vignettes. See decorating ideas in a myriad of fashionable reception tables. Talk to a plethora of knowledgeable wedding professionals. Taste different cake and catering options. Comparison shop between different vendors. Possibly win thousands of dollars in prizes. Even book venues and services – all in one place. Pick out everything from your bridal gown and tuxedos to flowers, invitations, music, reception facility, cake, limousine and more! The Wedding Planner & Guide is the most trusted bridal show in the Midwest. Every January, the Wedding Planner & Guide hosts the Midwest’s largest bridal show in Madison, Wisconsin. For those who enjoy a relaxed, smaller scale affair, the Wedding Planner & Guide Summer Show offers a more intimate approach. So grab the girls, your fiancé, and mom and dad! Make planning the wedding just as fun as the wedding itself! Your perfect wedding starts here. For more show information visit ❥ | 608.497.0133

22 • Wedding Planner & Guide

bridal show tips before the show • Purchase tickets in advance to save money and avoid waiting in line at the door. • Discuss your budget. Have an idea of what products and services you want and how much you are willing to spend. • Decide ahead of time what you want to accomplish at the show. With the variety of businesses at a Wedding Planner & Guide Bridal Show, you can surely accomplish all of your planning needs in one place! • Pre-print labels with Name, Wedding Date, Address, Email and Phone Number to make signing up for drawings quick and easy! • Create an email address for all your wedding-related correspondence. This will keep you organized and prevent temporary wedding-related email from coming to your main inbox. day of show • Dress comfortably and wear comfortable shoes. You will be doing a lot of walking. • Bring people with you who are part of the decision making process (Bride, Groom, Moms, Dads, etc.). What you get done now saves time and money later. • Bring paper and pen for notes on exhibitors and the products and services that interest you. You can use the show program to mark fashions that catch your eye during the fashion show and exhibitors you would like to visit. • Allow as much time as possible to spend at the event. All of your wedding planning can be taken care of at the show. Use this time to your advantage. If it is a two-day show, consider attending both days. • Look at each booth. Don’t miss an opportunity or unique idea. For serious shopping, it is best to visit booths during one of the fashion shows. Aisles tend to be less congested, allowing for quality time with the vendors. • Take a break if you are feeling tired or overwhelmed. Sit by the fashion show stage or grab something from concessions. Rest, have a bite to eat, look over your gathered information, and discuss interesting things you may want to look at again. after the show • Go home and view the information collected. • Check out the Wedding Planner & Guide or for more information on vendors. • Follow up with vendors you are interested in. Come back to the show on Sunday to finalize decisions. • Most importantly, enjoy yourself throughout the planning process! Your primary goal is to get married; 
 everything else is secondary.

Amelia John Photographers


WEDDING planner and guide

need tickets? • 23

WEDDING planner and guide


Amelia John Photographers

24 • Wedding Planner & Guide

Creative Inspiration, Professional Expertise, and Valuable Prizes!

Winter bridal Show

Alliant Energy Center Exhibition Hall

January 14 & 15, 2012 January 12 & 13, 2013 Sat. 10 - 5; Sun. 11 - 4:30 l Fashion Show at Noon and 3 Tickets: $7 in advance; $10 at the door

Fashion show sponsor: Brandi’s Bridal Galleria, Etc.

Summer bridal Show Madison Marriott West

June 13, 2012

Wed. Evening 4pm - 9pm l Fashion Show at 7pm Tickets: $5 in advance; $7 at the door


For more information call (608)233-7001 or visit WEDPLAN.COM • 25

26 • Wedding Planner & Guide

bride to bride advice Don’t just listen to advice from us. We gave other local brides a chance to pass along what they learned in the wedding planning process. Here is what they said:

Red Gecko Studio

give yourself plenty of time to plan “Make sure you give yourself enough time to plan and to enjoy the entire process. Once the wedding day comes, do not worry about a thing. Let your personal attendant and bridal party take care of things. It is your day and you should enjoy it because the entire day will go by fast. I was engaged for two years before I got married and with a long engagement it was less stressful to plan and get things done/ paid for.” — Emily Meadowcroft, DeForest, WI Married June 18, 2011

take a vacation “The best advice someone game me was to plan a honeymoon for right after the wedding if at all possible (even if it’s just a few days and a mini getaway to somewhere local). After all the stress and to-do lists of the wedding planning, this was something to plan and focus on to keep my sanity. When the wedding came and went, my husband and I definitely needed the vacation away!” — Angie Wood, Chicago, IL Married April 30, 2011

delegate “I found the most helpful thing was having friends take on small details for me, honestly just having them call to make appointments for nails or hair. Or researching where the best place would be for this or that.” — Andrea Pawlisch, Fitchburg, WI Married August 13, 2011

prioritize “Make a list of everything that you want at your wedding/ reception, then pick the top things that are most important to you. That will help you determine what to splurge on and what to save on! This worked awesomely for me. I saved money on the things I didn’t care about and went all out for the things I did care about!” — Michelle Hildreth, Montfort, WI Married July 16, 2011

stop and enjoy “The best piece of advice I can give is to take a moment and take in all the sights of your big day. Just stop and look at all the friends and family that came to spend it with you. You will remember all of the big things, but this will help you remember the small things too! People told me all along the way that the day goes by so fast, but it really is a whirlwind! Don’t rush through it - enjoy it! No matter what doesn’t go as planned, your day will end perfectly because you are marrying the love of your life. Enjoy!” — Kala Flathau, Marshall, WI Married September 24, 2011

❥ • 27


Wedding Fas ion and Formalwear photography Paper Antler

hair and makeup Kendra Gassner - The Makeup Palette

bouquet Personal Expressions

furniture and props The Cottage Goddess

fashion coordination April Brady and Patricia Brady

location Paoli Mill Terrace & Park

28 • Wedding Planner & Guide

Right: Gown (Essense of Australia) and headpiece from Julie’s Bridal Gallery Left: Headpiece from Vera’s House of Bridals, Ltd. • 29

30 • Wedding Planner & Guide

Gown (Liz Simon), headpiece and jewelry from Mahin’s Bridal Salon • 31

LEFT: Gown (Pronovias) from Brandi’s Bridal Galleria, Etc. RIGHT: Gown (La Sposa) from Brandi’s Bridal Galleria, Etc.

32 • Wedding Planner & Guide • 33

LEFT: Gown (Liz Simon) and jewelry from Mahin’s Bridal Salon RIGHT: Gown (Enzoani Blue) and hat from Vera’s House of Bridals, Ltd.

34 • Wedding Planner & Guide • 35

ABOVE (L-R): Gown (Impressions) from Mahin’s Bridal Salon; gown (After Six) from Julie’s Bridal Gallery; gown (Alfred Sung) from Premiere Couture; gown (Mackenzie Michaels) from Brandi’s Bridal Galleria, Etc; gown (Bill Levkoff) from Beautiful Brides and Formals, LLC; gown (Alvina Valenta) from Vera’s House of Bridals, Ltd. LEFT: Gown (Bill Levkoff) from Beautiful Brides and Formals, LLC RIGHT: Gown (Robin Jillian) and headpiece from Beautiful Brides and Formals, LLC

36 • Wedding Planner & Guide • 37

38 • Wedding Planner & Guide

LEFT: Gown (Lea-Ann Belter) and

RIGHT: Gown (Lea-Ann Belter) and

headpiece (Sara Gabriel) from

headpiece (Sara Gabriel) from

Premiere Couture

Premiere Couture • 39

Gown (Essense of Australia) and headpiece from Julie’s Bridal Gallery

40 • Wedding Planner & Guide

Gown (Essense of Australia) from Julie’s Bridal Gallery • 41

42 • Wedding Planner & Guide

Gown (Enzoani), veil and jewelry from Vera’s House of Bridals, Ltd. • 43

44 • Wedding Planner & Guide

LEFT: Gown (Robin Jillian) from Beautiful Brides and Formals ABOVE (L-R): Gown (Lynn Lugo) from Premiere Couture; gown (Alfred Angelo) from Mahin’s Bridal Salon; gown (Jim Hjelm) from Vera’s House of Bridals, Ltd; gown (After Six) from Julie’s Bridal Gallery; gown (Bill Levkoff) from Brandi’s Bridal Galleria, Etc; gown (Exclusives) from Beautiful Brides and Formals, LLC RIGHT: Gown (Alfred Sung) from Premiere Couture • 45

wedding fashion

Best Dress Style for Your Body Type the pear or triangle: You have a small bust in relation to your full hips. De-emphasize your lower half and bring width to your upper half. A portrait neckline helps widen your shoulder line, as do capped, poufed, balloon, melon, or Juliet sleeves. You may also add a little more to your bodice with an appliqué, beading, or lace overlay. Look for a plain skirt with a high waistline such as an empire waist. full-figured: You have a fuller bust, hips and waistline. Minimize your waistline and create the illusion of smaller hips and thighs. Keep beading to a minimum, and opt for flat beads instead of round ones. A fuller skirt will mask your lower body. Angled lines will minimize the fullness of your figure, so look for a dress with a dropped V-waist and a V-neckline. Princess and A-line dresses will work well for you. petite: Your shorter height is proportional to your smaller bust, hips and waistline. Vertical lines will make you look taller. Find them in narrow mermaid or sheath style dresses and in dresses with vertical pleats in the skirt. Lengthen your torso with high necklines and with asymmetrical and Basque waistlines. If form-fitting options don’t look ideal on you, look at A-line or Princess style dresses and dresses with an empire waist. the rectangle: You are proportional through the bust and hips with an undefined waistline. Look for dresses that add curves to your body. A princess style dress gives the illusion of curves. An empire waistline hides your actual waistline and draws the eye toward the detail on your bodice. Bateau and off the shoulder necklines provide horizontal lines to break up the verticality of your figure. the inverted triangle: You have a full bust in relation to your small hips. Highlight your lower half while deemphasizing your upper half. Minimize your shoulder width by opting for a dress with a simple bodice, natural shoulder lines, and little sleeve or shoulder detail. Lengthen your upper half with a dropped waist, such as a Basque waistline. Feel free to have a full skirt or one with bow, pleats, beading, lace, etc. the hourglass: You have a full bust and hips with a small waistline. Look for almost any style you want. You can highlight your curves by wearing a mermaid or sheath style dress. Downplay your lines by wearing a classy dress with simple lines. Off-the-shoulder or sleeveless, princess or A-line, scoop or v-neck, they all look good! Visit for more details.

46 • Wedding Planner & Guide

Treat Yourself

1921 Monroe Street Madison • 608.255.1921 • Find us on Facebook! *On bridal gowns, new orders only. This is such an amazing offer that you must present this ad at the time of purchase, no exceptions will be made. Some restrictions apply. See store for details. • 47

Front Room Photography FREE alterations!*

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Over 500 Bridal Gowns Over 1000 Bridesmaids 20-25 minutes from Madison in New Glarus

608.527.4436 Mon-Thurs 10-7, Fri & Sat 9-5, Sun 10-3 Call today for an appointment! Also Now Open

in Rockford, IL • 49

Luxurious, Exquisite, Glamorous Wedding Gowns, Tuxedos, Prom, Special Occasion Dresses, Mother’s Dresses, and Wedding Accessories

s ’ e i l u 50 • Wedding Planner & Guide

l a d Bri

y r e l Gal

1019 16th Avenue, Monroe, WI Appointments recommended • 608-325-4553 • 51

• Bridal Gowns • Bridesmaids • Mother’s Dresses • Prom Dresses • All Occasion Dresses • Tuxedos • Accessories

Mahin’s B R I DA L S A LO N

Where Fashion and Personalized Service Come Together 307 11th Street, Monroe l (608)328-GOWN (4696) l Hours: Mon. - Fri. 10 - 7; Sat. 9-5; Sun. Please Call. 52 • Wedding Planner & Guide • 53

54 • Wedding Planner & Guide

Pierre’s Portrait Art

Destination or formal, we create the gown of your dreams... ¨ Alterations ¨ Custom Sewing ¨ Tuxedo Rentals ¨ Headpieces & Jewelry ¨ Groomsmen’s Gifts ¨ Drycleaning & Gown Preservation Cross Plains, Wisconsin • Call for an appointment 608-798-2323 • 55

bridalLingerie As soon as you start thinking about the style of wedding dress you want, it’s time to think about what to wear underneath. We can help you find the perfect undergarments to ensure your dress fits your supported shape perfectly.

Professional Garment Centre

2710 Marshall Ct. Suite 1, Madison, WI 53705 608-231-1711

Relax...We’ve got you covered. We provide quality wedding dress service. • Cleaning & Stain Removal • Pressing • Packaging for Storage & Preservation

Mention this ad and receive $10 OFF any wedding dress cleaning or pressing.

Shirts and dry cleaning In by 10am, ready at 4pm Mon — Sat Open: Mon — Fri 7am — 7pm & Sat 8am — 5pm Email coupons at

56 • Wedding Planner & Guide

Alterations by Sue Fitting you perfectly for 10 years and over 1000 gowns with affordable alterations and custom sewing.

Specializing in Bridesmaids, Mothers and Flower Girls • Stoughton, WI • 608-873-0374

“Madison’s Premiere Alteration Shop”

tates A ltered S A lterations Professional Alterations for the Entire Bridal Party and More!

32 Years Experience


Beautiful Portraits by Michael • Northside TownCenter • 1853 Northport Dr., Madison Hours: Tue, Wed, Fri 8-6; Thur 8-8; Sat 8-1

J ust forYou Formalwear Consignment shop Beautiful Dresses at Great Prices

Brides, mothers, maids and Flower girls Custom dressmaking, tuxedo rentals alterations availaBle 217 S. Main Street, Verona

608-848-3773 • 57

wedding fashion

Tuxedos frequently asked questions how soon should we order tuxedos for our wedding?AWedding tuxedos can be reserved at any time;at least 3-4 months prior to the wedding is recommended. Tuxedo styles are selected after the Bride has chosen her dress and the color of the Bridesmaids’ dresses.

Blue Dandelion Photography

Amelia John Photographers

when do the men have to be measured for their tuxedos?AMeasurements for the Groomsmen’s tuxedos should be in no later than 4-6 weeks prior to the wedding.

58 • Wedding Planner & Guide

who should wear tuxedos?ATraditionally the Groom, Groomsmen, Ushers, Fathers, and Ring Bearer will all be in tuxedos. If you have Grandfathers or other extended family members attending, you might consider having them wear tuxedos as well. This way your photographer will capture some family portraits with everyone looking their very best. how will we order tuxedos for our out-of-town groomsmen?AThe tuxedos should be ordered in the city where the wedding is taking place. Members of the wedding party living out of town should be professionally measured at their local formalwear or menswear store. The measurements can be called in, sent in, or submitted online. The tuxedos will be ready for the final fitting when your groomsmen come to town for the wedding. what is the final fitting? when is it?AA final fitting is recommended so that your groomsmen can try on the actual tuxedo. It usually takes place a day or two before the wedding. Any needed adjustments can be taken care of before the wedding. is an appointment necessary?AIf the men plan on coming in as a group, it’s a good idea to call ahead and schedule an appointment. If they’ll be coming in on an individual basis, it is generally not necessary to make an appointment. • 59

Beautiful Portraits by Michael

Voted Best of Wisconsin 2006 – 2011 by the readers of Wisconsin Bride Magazine


Madison: East•(608)241-3131 Junction Road•(608)833-8811 Verona Road•(608)271-2121 With Vera’s House of Bridals•(608)827-8548 Janesville: Janesville Mall • (608)752-2828

It’s called the Color Match Guarantee, and only Nedrebo’s has it. Bring in your swatch. We’ll take care of the rest.

All the colors of the rainbow and beyond — we’ve got you covered. If we don’t carry your color in our accessory lines, we will get it for your wedding.

The Sky’s the Limit

Red Gecko Studio

wedding fashion

Ceremony Type


Groom & Attendants







Attendants Formal

“Morning to Mid-Afternoon”

Groom Attendants

“EveningAfter Five”— “Black Tie”


Attendants Ultra Formal

“Morning to Mid-Afternoon”

Suit, dress shirt, four-in-hand tie, polished dress shoes Stroller/dinner jacket/”black tie”; black, dark gray tuxedos or white dinner jacket; matching pants; cummerbunds or vests; wing-tipped/turned down pleated shirts--either white or ivory to match bride’s gown; bow tie/tie; may wear vests or cummerbunds to match jackets--not bridesmaid dresses; patent leather shoes; Homburg gloves are optional Identical to groom, perhaps different boutonnieres Cutaway (Morning Suit) or Stroller with striped trouser; pearl gray vest; lay-down collar shirt; four-in-hand tie; patent leather shoes Identical to groom Black tie; black peak lapel tuxedo with matching trousers; white or ivory pleated shirts to match bride’s gown; wing-tipped/turned down shirts; bow tie, may wear black ties, cummerbunds or vests to match tuxedo; patent leather shoes, white dinner jackets or tuxedos (summer or tropical climate) Identical to groom, bow ties or boutonnieres may be different than groom


Gray Cutaway jacket with matching or striped trousers; white wing-collar shirt; pearl gray vest; ascot or striped four-in-hand tie; optional top hat, spats, gray gloves; patent leather shoes


May wear same ensemble with possible variation in the shirt or tie; “white tie”

Groom “EveningAfter Six”— “White Tie”

Style of Formalwear


60 • Wedding Planner & Guide

Black tailcoat with matching trousers; white pique wing-collar shirt; white pique vest or cummerbund; white pique tie/bow tie; fancy studs/cufflinks are worn in place of buttons; black patent leather shoes Same formalwear as groom, different boutonnieres or shirt studs

Planning a wedding can be hard. Looking sharp is easy. Front Room Photography


Look sharp and breathe easy with the absolute best selection of tuxedos, simple, all-inclusive prices and a genuinely FREE groom’s tuxedo.* *With five paid rentals, the groom pays absolutely nothing. Our rental prices include everything you need, right down to your shoes. There are no up-charges or add-ons.

1921 Monroe Street Madison, Wisconsin 608.255.1921 • 61


Beau y and Health

62 • Wedding Planner & Guide

photos clockwise from top left Blue Dandelion Photography Anderson Fine Art Photography Heidi Lee Photography Ann Gorgen Photography Paul Toepfer Photography Primavera Studios

Diet and Exercise Every bride wants to look and feel her absolute best on her wedding day. Before you undertake that crash diet, however, heed the professional warnings. Not only can crash diets interfere with dress fittings, they can also result in fatigue, dizziness and nausea on the day of the wedding. Accomplish controlled weight loss through a combination of calorie reduction and exercise. The best place to start is with a physician or weight loss specialist. Many weight loss programs provide sensible menu plans along with exercise, encouragement, information and counseling. Nutritionists and health club exercise professionals are also skilled at creating plans unique to your body and lifestyle.

Feeling Healthy A headache, neckache, or backache can leave you feeling tired and worn down. Today many men and women are turning to chiropractic care to relieve these common though irritating conditions. Massages are also a popular way to relieve daily tension and stress. Day spas open their doors to provide a haven from the cares of the world. These relaxation specialists offer services with a holistic approach to health and well being. Bridal spa services such as massages, body wraps, stone therapy, aromatherapy, facials, and even yoga help you relax, detoxify, and exfoliate to give you that healthy and happy glow. Day spas are not only popular for brides, they also provide a great way for attendants to get together, relax and pamper themselves for a fun shower or pre-wedding treat!

A Sparkling Smile Your wedding day is filled with smiles and pictures. On this day in particular, you want your smile to shine. Many dental professionals specialize in treatments aimed at whitening and brightening smiles. They also provide ways to straighten and perform aesthetic services without braces or surgery. • 63

beauty and health Hair

photo this page Anderson Fine Art Photography photos opposite Heidi Lee Photography Blue Dandelion Photography

Never before have wedding hairstyles been such an art form. Brides no longer clamor for that formal prom updo. They want to look unique and breathtaking. For those who want a new hairstyle, browse magazines and red carpet photos. Choose a hairstyle that will endure the long wedding day with all its photographs, hugs and dances. If you go with something dramatically different, try a new look in advance in order to make the change successfully. You will not want to feel self-conscious or unsure of yourself. Local experts also advise brides to consider dress style. If you have a large elaborate gown, a slick hairstyle may look disproportionate. Hair should balance your appearance and accentuate your dress. Contact your salon professional four to six months before the wedding day for a personal consultation. Book the first styling for two to six weeks before the wedding. You may want to schedule your hair and makeup trial run on the day the bridal portrait is taken or on the day of your final dress fitting. Then you can see exactly how you will look on your wedding day. The final styling is done on the morning of the ceremony. Bring along the chosen headpiece to help determine placement and hairstyle. Not only should you think about the kind of wedding day hairstyle you want, but also about the bothersome hair you do not want. Whether wearing a strapless dress on your wedding day or a bikini on your honeymoon, laser hair removal is an affordable, safe and effective way to remove unwanted hair. Schedule your initial appointment three to six months before your wedding day. If you do not have that much time before your wedding, don’t panic! After the very first treatment you will see dramatic results that last three to four weeks. If you opt for waxing, make sure to do it four or five days before your wedding so any redness or irritation has time to subside. 64 • Wedding Planner & Guide

Makeup Remember the importance of makeup on the wedding day: the bride is the center of attention, the day is long, and countless photographs are taken. Makeup helps the bride maintain her radiant good looks through it all. Brides want to look a little different on their wedding day than they normally do, but it is important to experiment. You don’t want to get your photos back and say, “That doesn’t even look at me!” Test makeup the same day as your hairstyle trial run to check for allergies and compatibility. The technician will use colors that complement your facial features and help you achieve a natural, but glamorous appearance that will look great in person and in your photographs. Choose long-lasting and waterproof makeup that will endure tears, heat and perspiration. Purchase the gloss or lipstick used at the salon so you can touch up throughout the day.

nails Your wedding day will be filled with handshakes and people admiring your ring, so don’t neglect your nails! Get a manicure and pedicure the day before your wedding. Polish takes three to four hours to completely dry so you don’t want to have your appointment amidst a flurry of activities. The ideal timeline is to get your manicure and pedicure, then go home to get ready for the rehearsal dinner. Choose nail color ahead of time, using a fabric swatch for accuracy. Purchase a bottle of the color your technician uses for touchups later on.

photos this page Heidi Lee Photography Paul Toepfer Photography photo opposite Anderson Fine Art Photography • 65

beauty and health Groom and Male Attendants Not surprisingly, many men are also taking advantage of salon services. Most male clientele will get their final haircut the week of the wedding, then will return for a final shampoo and hair trim (beard and mustache included) one day before or the day of the wedding. Eyebrow or back waxing should be done the week before the wedding so irritations will subside. With the abundance of close-up photographs, it is normal for grooms to get manicures for this special day as well. â?Ľ Primavera Studios

The Makeup Palette Kendra Gassner, Makeup and Hair Artist (608) 239-8520 66 • Wedding Planner & Guide

Hair. Makeup. Nails. Skin Care.

Engage Your Imagination.

SCaN to book Your look l 608.826.9645 l • 67


ur experienced bridal and event coordinator Britt can assist you in scheduling all your wedding party needs for the salon and spa! We can accommodate large wedding parties!

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Brides • Grooms • Couples

• Group Parties

Madison’s finest salon for hair and makeup. Award winning day spa for massages, facials, manicures,

pedicures and body wraps.

Jennifer Johnson Photography

Ultimately, it’s not just what we do, it’s who we are, and how we make you feel.

5713 Monona Drive, Madison

(608)222-4174 • 69

Perfectly bridal... perfectly groomed. Full Service Salon

Photos by Jill’s Creative Photography

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Special Occasion Styles Facials • Make-Up Manicures & Pedicures Body Waxing Hair Extensions Massage

Lake Point Commons • 2701 - H University Avenue, Madison, WI

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608-238-3334 • 71

72 • Wedding Planner & Guide

Wedding day aches & pains?


may be able to help! Complete Chiropractic Care For All Ages Sport, Work or Auto Injuries


Heidi Lee Photography

536 Southing Grange Road in Cottage Grove 20 mins from West Towne, 10 mins from East Towne Insurance Accepted • VISA/MC Flexible Payment Plans

Destination Spa Within the City... Massage • Facials • Fitness Classes Manicures • Pedicures • Bridal Packages Personal Training • Body Wraps • Yoga Aromatherapy Whirlpool & Steam Showers

5500 E. Cheryl Parkway, Ste. 126, Fitchburg 53711 Ph: 255-0070


WEDDING planner and guide

stay in touch. • 73

Diamon ds and Jewelry

photos clockwise from top left Anderson Fine Art Photography Red Gecko Studio Errin Hiltbrand Photography Ann Gorgen Photography

74 • Wedding Planner & Guide

Rings Engagement and wedding rings are a commitment to your future. As you begin your search for the perfect rings, set a budget. Don’t spend more than you can afford. Additionally, take a few minutes to learn about rings before you start your search. Jewelers want to help you make a well-informed purchase, so don’t be afraid to ask questions. A reliable jeweler will talk frankly and freely about the diamond you want to buy and the price you want to pay.


Professionals emphasize the importance of the stones, most commonly the diamond, in the engagement ring. They suggest focusing on the quality of the diamond rather than the setting, which can always be changed years later. Therefore, when searching for the perfect diamond, a good place to begin is with the “Four C’s”: Cut, Color, Clarity and Carat. Experts agree that the following information is crucial to understanding what to look for in a diamond. cut: The visual beauty of a diamond is largely determined by the cutter and polisher when they transform the rough, natural-occurring crystal into the faceted, refined gemstone seen in the jewelry store. Ideally, the best cut will reflect the maximum amount of light back to the viewer. The cut is what gives the stone the sparkle and shimmer we all enjoy. This reflection, called brilliance, is most important in determining the value of the stone. Cut also refers to the shape of the diamond. The most common shape is round; however, square cut diamonds, which include princess, cushion, Asscher and various other trademarked cuts, are a close second. Those are followed by the less popular oval, marquise and pear or teardrop cuts.


Marquise Emerald







color: To the untrained eye, the common diamond is somewhat colorless. However, most diamonds have a tinge of yellow, brown or gray. The completely colorless diamond is very rare and very valuable. But if a more obvious hint of yellow appeals to a couple’s personal tastes, they may get more diamond for their money. In addition to the colorless diamonds, there are rare and valuable “fancy stones,” diamonds with definite color rather than just a shade or tinge. Yellow, red, green, blue, canary and brown are some of the colors that make “fancy stones” valuable. clarity: A flawless diamond shows no surface blemishes (black or gray specs) or interior inclusions (tiny diamonds or other mineral crystals trapped inside the diamond when it formed) when examined at a 10x power magnification. Generally, the more irregularities there are, the lower the value of the diamond. However, all diamonds, except flawless diamonds, have these inclusions. Depending on the placement of these inclusions, one could still have a high quality stone. Value is also affected by those imperfections that interfere with light passage. carat: The weight of a diamond is expressed in carat fractions and points: 1-carat equals 100 points; ½-carat equals 50 points; and so on. The three other C’s discussed above – cut, color and clarity – play a greater role when computing diamond price than the weight of a diamond. If cut, color and clarity are equal, a 1-carat stone will be more valuable than a ¾ carat. But a ¾-carat diamond that has a better cut, color or clarity can easily cost more than the 1-carat stone. • 75

d i ca am koensd s a n d aj e n dw e l r y confections

Whether looking for a sparkling diamond or lovely gemstone, take time to consider a fifth “C”: Conscience. Make sure to ask your jeweler to verify the gems you purchase are conflict-free. Many diamonds have certification that they are conflict free, such as those that have been through the internationally recognized Kimberley Process. With knowledge of these five C’s, you can purchase the perfect ring for you with confidence.

Other Gems and Stones Engagement rings are not simply limited to diamonds. Because of the royal wedding and the Duchess of Cambridge’s stunning sapphire and diamond engagement ring, sapphires have once again witnessed a rise in popularity. Other commonly sought after gems and stones include fancy sapphires, rubies, pearls, opals, emeralds and tanzanite. Be sure to ask your jeweler for guidance, however, because these are often less durable than diamonds.

settings mount: 4-prong settings are traditional, though 6-prongs might be used for larger stones pavé: a band that is either half way or fully paved with small diamonds shank: the ring band side stones: may be baguettes or smaller versions of the main diamond on either side of the center stone simple shank: a traditional solitaire with no accents Primavera Studios

Bands White or yellow gold are the most popular band material, however other options such as platinum, titanium or tungsten steel exist. Whichever type of band you choose, one local professional stresses the importance of buying a band from a reputable manufacturer.

Custom Jewelry

Custom jewelry is popular, especially when it comes to wedding bands. However, the prospect of creating jewelry is intimidating for many people. “You don’t have to be a designer,” our professional assures, “you just have to guide the professionals.” Leave the work to the professionals—you can simply help create! ❥ 76 • Wedding Planner & Guide

Experts in Gold and Silver buying for over 30 years. Also offering: Custom work, New and pre-owned jewelry, Coins & coin jewelry, Diamonds, Gemstones, Gold, Platinum, Mother’s rings, In-store appraisals, Watches and clocks.

Capital City Coins & Jewelry A jewel of a store on Monona Drive

(608)221-0140 • 77

Over 800 wedding bands in stock everyday...

University Avenue at Allen Blvd. in Middleton 608-233-4700

Wedding Band Trunk Shows:

Feb 18-19 2012 l Feb 22-23 2013

A bouquet of baroques for your bridesmaids. We invite you to visit Goodman’s Jewelers for all your bridal gift needs.

(608)257-3644 Find us on Facebook 78 • Wedding Planner & Guide

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Your discount source for Diamond or colored gemstone jewelry “Like us” on Facebook

1 South Pinckney in the US Bank Plaza


we’ve got something to talk about.

WEDDING planner and guide • 79


Invita ions and Favors photos clockwise from above The Wedding Flasher Red Gecko Studio Ann Gorgen Photography Primavera Studios Heidi Lee Photography Beautiful Portraits by Michael Sugar River Stationers

80 • Wedding Planner & Guide

Invitations save-the-date Save-the-Date cards are a great way

to give your guests plenty of time to make the proper arrangements to attend your wedding, especially if you are getting married on a holiday weekend, in the summer, are planning a destination wedding, or are expecting guests from out-of-town. Save-the-Date cards come in various styles. They tend to be more casual and fun than the invitations, although they may carry the same theme. One local stationer says Save-the-Date cards can be pretty creative. She has seen elaborate two-sided, tri-fold, and even a three-page card for a destination wedding, but they can be as simple as a postcard, perhaps with a photo of the couple on the front side and the pertinent wedding information on the back. Couples tend to have elaborate Save-the-Date cards for destination weddings because they contain a lot of information such as the entire wedding weekend agenda. Save-the-Date cards should be sent out six to twelve months before the wedding and, if possible, include all the relevant dates, times, locations and any other helpful information about the area and places to stay.

invitations Look for and purchase invitations about six months before your wedding. If you look at invitations a year in advance your choice may be outdated because new designs are constantly arriving and other designs are being discontinued. If you wait until the last minute to look for invitations, it will limit your selection. Invitations are the first glimpse of your wedding that guests see. They are a visual statement that reflects who you are as a couple and hints at what excitement lies ahead for guests that attend your celebration. The paper, wording, letter font, and style all work together to proclaim the style, tone and formality of your wedding. There are so many options when it comes to colors, textures, printing types, etc. You can even create custom invitations if you have something particular in mind. Professionals stress the importance of keeping an open mind. There are millions of invitations available. It is best to choose invitations based on the feel you want your wedding to evoke, not necessarily a theme or an exact color. Give your stationer a few key descriptive words and see all the possibilities unfold before you! • 81

invitations and favors

invitation wording samples See for ideas on how to word your invitation.

A stationer is also able to walk you through the process of wording the invitations. Arranging the wording can be difficult, especially because of today’s blended families. The key is to rely on the professionals. In most cases they will point out the socially correct way to spell and arrange words. Their wealth of knowledge is helpful for many other aspects of the wedding as well.

invitation wording Traditionally the bride’s parents host (pay for) the wedding, so their names are atop the

invitation (see wording for “bride’s parents hosting” at More often than ever before brides and grooms pay for their own weddings, so their names top the invitation (see wording online for “bride & groom hosting” at If you choose this option, you may still honor your parents by including their names in the wording. Jot down your initial wording in the worksheet section of this Wedding Planner & Guide. Remember, the only way to make sure your invitations are worded properly is to work with a professional stationer or invitation specialist. Visit your local stationer or printer to discuss the details and to determine what type of invitations, printing processes (engraved: letters cut into the paper; thermography: raised lettering, etc.), colors or trends will work best with your wedding plans.

wedding announcements Send wedding announcements the day of or the day after the wedding to those who were invited but could not attend or to those who may not have been invited, such as parents’ friends and co-workers. You may also use wedding announcements if you have a small, private wedding or elopement. Announcements are worded slightly different than invitations. For example, they include the date and year, but not the times. Consult your stationer for proper wording.

thank you notes Thank you notes are a must! Some brides buy thank you notes that are casual in style for gifts they receive at showers. It is also common to buy different thank you notes for gifts received before the wedding (with your maiden name) than for gifts received after the wedding (with your married name). Write thank you notes as gifts are given to you, then you will not have an overwhelming amount to write when you return from your honeymoon. It is also helpful to keep a master list of all the gifts you have received so you can track which thank you notes you have sent. wedding favors Wedding favors are a great way to say thank

you to your guests and to give them a tangible reminder of your special day. For a plethora of favor ideas, check out

❥ photos Captured Moments Photography, Primavera Studios, Sugar River Stationers

82 • Wedding Planner & Guide

Invitation Etiquette

L Spell out names and titles, except for Mr., Mrs., Ms., and Jr. L Write out all dates and times in the invitation. The numbers in addresses

Stationery Checklist

❏ Save-the-Dates

❏ Invitations

need not be spelled out, although streets should be. Include the state if the city is not well known.

L Never under any circumstances, include information regarding your gift

❏ Programs

registry or desire for monetary gifts on the invitation. Pass along registry information by word of mouth. The only place written registry information is considered acceptable is on Bridal Shower invitations. Recently, it has be come acceptable to declare “no gifts” on wedding invitations or indicate that a donation can be made to a specified charity in lieu of a gift.

❏ Place Cards

❏ Table Cards

❏ Menu Cards

❏ Guest Book

❏ Shower Invitations

❏ Favors

❏ Thank You Notes

❏ Thank You Gifts

❏ Specialty Cards

❏ Etiquette Books

❏ Ringbearers Pillows

❏ Flower Girl Baskets

L Do not seal the inner envelope. Address it simply to “Mr. and Mrs. Jones.” L Do not use first names, except in the case of children. Even then, they should

be listed on a second line underneath their parents’ names.

never type them or use mailing labels. Do not abbreviate names or addresses. Include the return address centered on the back, near the top.

L Envelopes should be addressed in black ink. They should be handwritten— L Mail invitations six to eight weeks before the wedding. L Mail announcements on the day of the wedding (or soon after).

❏ Wedding

Announcements • 83



photos 1. Pierre’s Portrait Art Co.

1. 2.

invitations by Paper Piper 2. Captured Moments Photography invitations by The Paper Deli 3. Captured Moments Photography invitations by The Paper Deli 4. Captured Moments Photography invitations by The Paper Deli 5. Pierre’s Portrait Art Co. invitations by Paper Piper 6. Amelia John Photographers invitations by Sugar Pear Design 7. Sugar River Stationers 8. Pierre’s Portrait Art Co. invitations by Paper Piper

3. 4. 84 • Wedding Planner & Guide

invitation tips 1. Order invitations six months before the wedding. Make sure all details are secured before ordering (i.e., location, date, time, clear directions to the sites, etc.). 2. Get everything - invitations, envelopes, announcements and any supplements - at the same time. Be sure to have an accurate guest count.


3. To save headaches later, choose programs, thank-yous, printed napkins, place cards and other related items now.


4. Proofread the order form carefully before signing it. Printers will not usually correct mistakes unless you pay for them. 5. Mail Save-the-Date cards six to nine months before the wedding.



6. Mail invitations six weeks before the wedding (eight weeks if most of the guests are outof-state). 7. After the invitations are sent, responses begin arriving immediately. Devise a system to keep track of replies. An alphabetized checklist, index cards, ledger or computer are all easy ways to keep track of who has and has not responded (keep in mind that statistics show you should only expect a 75 to 80 percent return). • 85

invitations and favors

Captured Moments Photography / The Paper Deli

Inserting Invitations


1. Insert invitation into the inner envelope along with enclosure card, reply card and any other enclosures. Always remember the front (printed side) of the invitation faces the back side of the envelope (see diagram A).The tissue that is placed over lettering to prevent smudging may be discarded or left in place.  2. Place the unsealed inner envelope into the outer envelope. The front (addressed side) of the inner envelope faces the back of the outer envelope (see diagram B).

about the



Heather M. Raffel Sugar river StationerS After receiving numerous awards for her self-designed wedding invitations, Heather Raffel turned her creative ingenuity into the business Sugar River Stationers. Since its inception in 2004 she has been recognized on the TLC Network for work on Niecy Nash’s wedding and has also been featured in magazines such as Inside Weddings and Grace Ormonde Wedding Style. Sugar River Stationers always pushes the envelope in terms of the quality and uniqueness of the stationery ensembles they create. Not only do their custom designs have an artistic bent, they also incorporate new processes that make their stationery more like an art form. “We’ve always tried to be cutting edge with our stationery designs,” Heather says. “It’s great to see stationery that communicates something non-traditional, yet still follows invitation etiquette.” A few distinctive examples include working with a variety of printing methods, using high quality and textured papers, writing edgy and humorous copy, and even creating scented stationery. When opening a Sugar River invitation, guests know it will be an event they really want to attend. Sugar River Stationers | Heather M. Raffel, Owner, Creative Director 608-798-0427 |

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expert about the

Kathy Marcelle Sugar Pear DeSign As a professional graphic designer for such companies as Oscar Mayer and American Girl, Kathy Marcelle decided to design her own wedding invitations. She remembers, “I fell in love with the process! As a result, Sugar Pear Design was born.” Founded in 2006, Sugar Pear Design has offered bespoke invitations, announcements and social stationery; providing wedding stationery for every stage of the planning process: save-the-dates, invitations, programs, reception pieces, thank you cards and more. “I offer custom design in the true sense,” Kathy explains. “We start with a white sheet of paper and go from there. How it’s printed, ink or paper color combinations, typography—even how it is delivered—all can be customized. I ask a lot of questions to get to know my clients and discover how they envision their special day. All of that transpires into a design that is a true reflection of them.” Kathy’s creativity helps couples look beyond the expected and find ways to delight their guests. She also offers letterpress printing, eco-friendly papers and bilingual wording.

about the


Sugar Pear Design | Kathy Marcelle, Design Consultant 608-288-8976 | |

Brian and Jessica Breezer The PaPer Deli The Paper Deli might be new, but husband and wife owners, Brian and Jessica Breezer, have over ten years of experience on their side. Four years ago they created the custom invitation business, BB Design, which quickly grew into the full-service store, The Paper Deli. While still carrying its own custom invitation and stationery line, The Paper Deli offers an assortment of other options, including high-quality paper products, greeting cards, journals and gifts. For several years now, couples have really gravitated to the idea of custom invitations designed just for them. The Paper Deli is happy to accommodate. “We like to have fun at The Paper Deli,” says Jessica. It shows in the invitations and stationery they create! But custom doesn’t mean expensive! Brian insists, “We pride ourselves on being able to create custom designed invitations for all budgets. All of our custom invitations come completely assembled, sealed, and ready-to-be-addressed - and we can even take care of that too!” The Paper Deli | Brian and Jessica Breezer, Owners 8444 Old Sauk Rd, Middleton, WI 53562 | 608-829-5505 | • 87

Custom, affordable UNIQUE Stationery and Paper for any event

paper piper Available exclusively at Whoops! and Co. 555 S. Midvale Blvd 105 • Madison, WI • 608.236.4555 • 88 • Wedding Planner & Guide • 89

Invitations, Programs, Place Cards, Favors and Table Decorations Rita Smith, owner and designer for Scrapbook Superstore for the past 14 years, will continue her invitation business as Divine Designs Custom Invitations. At Divine Designs together we can create custom invitations for any budget. Beautiful, unique and perfectly you.

Consultations by appointment. 608-345-9843 •


OLD SAUK ROW SHOPS | 8444 OLD SAUK ROAD | MIDDLETON, WI 53562 6 0 8 . 8 2 9 . 5 5 0 5 | w w w. t h e p a p e r d e l i s t o r e . c o m | i n f o @ t h e p a p e r d e l i s t o r e . c o m

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Over 35 years of expertise with the largest selection of wedding stationery. Event planning available By Appointment: 608-238-5698

SPECIALIZING IN THE DESIGN OF BESPOKE INVITATIONS, ANNOUNCEMENTS & SOCIAL STATIONERY Also offering bilingual wording, letterpress printed stationery & eco-friendly papers.

1310 S. Midvale Blvd., Madison • 680 S. Enterprise Dr., Lake Mills

(608)278-4243 •


Blue Dandelion Photography

consultations by appointment



and Gifts

photos clockwise from top left Paper Antler Anderson Fine Art Photography Beautiful Portraits by Michael Tim Fitch Photography

92 • Wedding Planner & Guide

Parties the engagement party  Parents traditionally host the first engagement party soon after the engagement. Occasionally, the parents of the bride and groom will host the party together, but more often separate parties are held. Engagement parties often serve an important function. It is a convenient way for parents to introduce their child’s fiancé to family and friends. Some parents find this party an enjoyable way to get to know their child’s fiancé better as well. It can also be a good way for the parents of the couple to meet if they have not already done so. 

showers  Traditionally, showers are given for the bride, but today it is not unusual to find the groom at these lively functions also. Chances are he will be just as delighted with the gifts and the chance to celebrate. Showers are given by any friend or relative who wants to do something special for the couple. Customarily, members of the immediate family of the bride and groom do not host a shower, because it is too much like asking for gifts. However, every bride is entitled to at least one shower—the laws of etiquette are there to help, not hinder the effort. Often, it is the honor attendant with the help of the maids, who volunteers to host a shower. Since the shower is always given by someone other than the bride, this is one instance when registry information may be included with the invitation. 

Heidi Lee Photography • 93

pcaar kt ei es s a n da ngdi f t s confections

the bridesmaids’ luncheon

The maids’ luncheon (or tea) is another popular pre-wedding party. Bridesmaids give the party as a “farewell” to the bride, although the bride may host the party herself. This luncheon may take place in a home or restaurant, wherever the bride and her ladies can take time to get together. The bride may give her ladies their wedding mementos at this time, schedule final dress fittings, display her gifts or simply revel in her friends’ company. Refreshments are usually simple, such as finger sandwiches and coffee. 

the bachelor and bachelorette party Today both bachelor and bachelorette parties are equally popular. These types of parties are generally very casual and emphasize having fun, unwinding and celebrating the wedding. These celebrations often incorporate a theme and can include attending a sporting event, going to a comedy club or having a shopping excursion to Chicago or the Mall of America. Some enjoy activities such as laser tag, paintball, gambling, golfing, bowling or even camping. Hire a limousine, bus or other transportation service to transport partygoers. This alleviates the responsibility of designated drivers, allowing everyone the opportunity to celebrate. Keep in mind, if alcohol is served, the party should be scheduled several days before the wedding. 

photos from top: Azena Photography, Heidi Lee Photography, Amelia John Photographers

94 • Wedding Planner & Guide

the rehearsal dinner The rehearsal dinner, held immediately after the rehearsal, can be as simple or elaborate as the host wishes. However, it should never upstage the wedding itself. It is best to go to a restaurant or club. This eliminates anyone in the immediate family having to deal with entertaining and clean-up the night before the wedding. Traditionally, the groom’s parents are responsible for the cost of the rehearsal dinner. If they are from out-of-town, they may ask the mother-of-the-bride to help with reservations. It is perfectly acceptable to have a godparent, friend or member of the bride’s family do the honor of hosting this function. The guest list will include the attendants, the bride and groom’s immediate family, the ceremony officiant (and spouse, if any), plus any out-of-town guests, family or friends you or the host wishes to invite. If it has not already been done, the attendants’ gifts may be distributed at this occasion.

Amelia John Photographers

All will fare better if they make it an early evening and don’t drink excessively. The best party—the wedding—is yet to happen!

the wedding breakfast The wedding breakfast is hosted the morning of the wedding for all the guests that came from out-of-town to enjoy the festivities. The meal is often thrown by a close friend or neighbor and does not need to be elaborate. Simple breakfast foods, coffee and juice are just as acceptable as an extravagant breakfast buffet. This is an ideal time to remind people of the day’s schedule and to answer any questions the guests may have. The bride, groom, and their families may be present for the occasion if they choose to, however they are not expected to attend. the after party Sometimes you just don’t want the fun to end! All your nearest and dearest are in one place and you want to make the most of your time together. Brides and grooms often complain the wedding day goes by in a blur. Help slow things down by casually hanging out with friends at an after party in the hotel bar or other nearby place. Relax in the casual atmosphere, munch on snacks, and enjoy the presence of your best friends. This can be an ad hoc affair or pre-planned event. No matter • 95

pcaar kt ei es s a n da ngdi f t s confections

Thank You Note Pointers • No matter what type of gift is given, a thank you note is always necessary! Even if you have already thanked the gift giver in person, a written thank you is still necessary. • Carefully record gifts you receive—and from whom. • Send thank you notes as soon as possible after you receive the gift, generally within two weeks if given before the wedding and four weeks if given after. The note should include: 1. Mention of the gift itself 2. The item’s usefulness 3. Your appreciation of the item 4. Something personal about your relationship with the givers 5. If a monetary gift is given, do not mention the amount, instead describe how you plan to use it.

example Dear Mr. & Mrs. Johnson, Thank you so much for the beautiful picture frame. It now holds one of our engagement photos and looks lovely hanging in our living room. Now when we see it, we’ll think of you! Thank you so much for sharing in our celebration. We didn’t get to talk as much as I would have liked, but it meant so much to have you there! We hope to see you soon! Gratefully, Andrew and Sara

96 • Wedding Planner & Guide

what, it should be stress free! Keep it simple, and ask a bridesmaid or groomsman to handle any arrangements since you have a lot to do already.

the bridal brunch This gathering is held the day of or the day after the wedding and provides the bride an opportunity to visit with relatives that traveled a long distance to join in her special day. The bride may invite local family members if she desires, but this is especially for those relatives that she will probably not see for a very long time. Many of these guests may arrive shortly before the wedding and return home before the bride returns from the honeymoon. This is a thoughtful way to include family members in the celebration and to build relationships for the future.

gift opening party Nowadays many couples plan gift opening parties. This small gathering usually only includes the bride and groom’s families and members of the bridal party. More often than not, gifts are opened the day after the wedding or soon after the newlyweds return from their honeymoon. When held the day after the wedding, the gift-opening party is often planned around a meal. Snacks and refreshments left over from the reception may also be served. The purpose of the party is to open wedding gifts. A few moments of planning will save headaches later, therefore keep a careful record of who sent what. A guest book with a gift record section is the perfect way to keep account.

Gift Registries The bridal registry is a free service offered by most department and specialty stores to help the bride and groom determine what they want and need in order to

to begin their new lives together. The couple chooses the items they would most like to receive. When gifts are purchased from the registry, it is recorded so other gift-buyers can see what has or has not been purchased. Etiquette dictates that registry information is never written on the wedding invitations themselves. That said, it is still perfectly acceptable to pass along registry information by word of mouth. Begin to register shortly before your first shower. You want to give your guests plenty of time to purchase gifts, but do not want to register so early that there is merchandise change-over between when you register and your wedding. Both the bride and groom should register, because you are both going to live with the gifts given. And as a general rule, make sure to register for more than you think you should. The more items you register, the easier it is for guests to shop without buying duplicates. It also gives gift buyers a wider range of choices. Most couples register at two or more places, not only because one store may not have everything they need, but also because they may want to register at both local stores and national stores. For guests that live out of town, some stores provide nationwide registry information at their various locations or via the Internet. Many nationwide stores have set up their registries on the Internet so that a customer can visit the website, access your registry list in the store’s database, buy your gift online, Ann Gorgen Photography and have it shipped directly to you. After deciding where to register, call the store’s registry department to find out the best time to go in. Avoid weekend afternoons and sale days, and make sure to set aside a minimum of one hour for the excursion. Use the “Bridal Registry” form in the “Worksheet Section” to make sure you do not miss anything. Fill in as much as you can, then do the rest when you get to the stores.

when you have everything you need As more couples are getting married at a later age in life, many are finding they already have everything they need and prefer not to receive gifts. Couples who find themselves in such a situation may declare “no gifts” or may ask their guests to donate money to a certain charity in lieu of a gift. This generous gesture not only keeps the couple from receiving many items they may never use, but can also go a long way in helping others.

Madison’s Favorite"Buy Local" Wedding Registry Cookware Glassware Kitchen Electrics Shower Gifts


1721 Monroe St. • Madison 255-8211 • Open Daily • 97

our favorite things...

Narella Studio

f acvaok rei st e t hai nn dg s confections

▲ Make a statement with a personalized ice sculpture! Be unique with an ice sculpture candy luge on your dessert table or create a special signature drink served from an ice sculpted luge...sure to be the talk of the party!

Solid Ice Displays Madison l 608-492-0271

The Petal Patch offers unique and versatile Lantern Rentals. Dressed up or rustic, they’re perfect for hanging on their shepherd hook rentals, and go nicely from wedding aisle decorations to reception tables. They’ll add beautiful flowers to match your wedding! The Petal Patch 4810 Larson Beach Road, McFarland 608-838-9864 l

98 • Wedding Planner & Guide

▲ From buttons to crystals, and ribbons to feathers, the smallest of details can really make your wedding flowers pop! Flora Designs by Jamae is all about creating beautiful flowers with special touches that truly reflect your personality and style. Flora Designs by Jamae 608-921-6400 l

▲ Want your polish to last throughout your Honeymoon without damaging your nails like acrylics do? Then try a Shellac manicure. The revolutionary gel-based polish is applied directly over your natural nails. It dries instantly and the color lasts up to 14 days.

Kneaded Relief Day Spa & Wellness 5500 E Cheryl Parkway, Suite 126, Fitchburg, WI 53711 608-255-0070 l

Samba Brazilian Grill’s very own pastry chef Brad Banks can create the perfect dessert for your special day. Wedding cakes, cupcakes, cheesecakes, and much more. Samba Brazilian Grill 240 W Gilman Street, Madison, WI 53703 608-257-1111 l • 99

Narella Studio

Narella Studio

f acvaok rei st e t hai nn dg s confections

▲ A stunning rental feature for your big day – whether you utilize it as the most beautiful card box ever or as a one-ofa-kind, show-stopping centerpiece – their birdcage rental is sure to leave your guests talking.

Beauty Blossoms 7475 Mineral Point Road, Madison WI 53717 608-831-4242 l

Gigi’s Cupcakes offers gourmet cakes piled high with delicious frosting and exquisite decorations. They have more than 50 flavor varieties with nothing but the finest ingredients. Their signature “swirl” is a delicious way to make any event a sure hit! Gigi’s Cupcakes Hilldale Mall, 554 N. Midvale Blvd., Madison 608-661-PINK (7465) l

▲ Add some whimsy to your cocktails! These colorful pom poms are food safe and completely customizable. Use them as drink stirrers or as a fun addition to cupcakes for the perfect personalized touch. Twisted Twig

100 • Wedding Planner & Guide

Forget the lined roster at your reception! Your guests will go ape for the Photo Guestbook featuring your engagement session images. This nifty book has space around the photos for guests to write personal messages. Your descendants will thank you!

Amelia John Photographers 1976 Atwood Avenue, Madison 608-338-9642 l

This stunning Colombian emerald ring contains rare, 100% natural emeralds that are mounted in 14k yellow gold. The center stone is 1.44 carats and sure to turn heads! Enjoy a treasure that you will want to pass down for generations. DW’s Custom Gemstone Jewelry Designs Madison l l

▲ These delightful candies and truffles wrapped in elegantly personalized gift boxes make the perfect gifts for your guests. Choose from a variety of delectable homemade chocolates and beautifully customized packaging to complement your table settings. James J. Chocolate Shop 1310 S Midvale Blvd., Madison, WI 53711 l 608-278-4243 680 S. Enterprise Dr., Lake Mills, WI 53551 l 920-648-3334

find more at • 101



photos clockwise from top left Anderson Fine Art Photography Paper Antler Primavera Studios Beautiful Portraits by Michael Pierre’s Portrait Art Co. Blue Dandelion Photography

102 • Wedding Planner & Guide

Marriage Licenses when to apply for a license One or both of the parties must reside at least 30 days in the county of application. The license may be used in any of the 72 Wisconsin counties. Out-of-state residents must apply for a license in the county where the ceremony will take place. Licenses are issued at least six full days after the application is submitted. where to apply To find information on where to get your marriage license, check out

checklist ❏ Over 18 years of age

—unless with signed consent from guardians

❏ Both parties must apply in person at same time ❏ Proof of Residence

(i.e., driver’s license, lease, utility bills, letter with postmark over 30 days old)

❏ Certified copy of birth certificate ❏ Photo ID and Social Security Card ❏ Copy of judgment of divorce, annulment or death

certificate from most recent marriage

❏ Location and date of marriage ❏ Officiant’s name, title, address and phone number ❏ Names, with correct spelling for both parents, including middle names and mother’s maiden name

❏ A third person to interpret if one or both of the

applicants do not speak English

❏ Licenses are valid for 30 days • 103

Special Ceremony Sites Anderson Fine Art Photography

Agora Pavillion Fitchburg Outdoor Seating: 200 The perfect location for your ceremony/reception, the Agora Pavilion provides a beautiful setting under a striking white canopy.

Chapel of the Archangels Beaver Dam Indoor Seating: 350 Beautiful 110-year old chapel with a majestic entrance, original stained glass windows, and a dramatic altar area with dome. Cold Water Canyon/ Dells Boats Wisconsin Dells Indoor Seating: 80 Outdoor Seating: 150 Cold Water Canyon is a beautiful shady tributary glen on the Wisconsin River that is an exclusive retreat for private gatherings.

Deer Valley Lodge Barneveld Indoor Seating: 200+ Outdoor Seating: 600 Get married in their beautiful outdoor wedding gazebo overlooking a 27-hole championship golf course. Experience a wedding with breathtaking views.

104 • Wedding Planner & Guide

Dells Weddings at the White Rose Inns Wisconsin Dells Indoor Seating: 120 Outdoor Seating: 120+ Outdoor park venue with stunning view of the Wisconsin River, charming garden setting or their lovely River View room.

Dorf Haus Roxbury Indoor Seating: 200 Outdoor Seating: Unltd Placid landscape, a beautiful garden and charming gazebo offer ideal settings for an outdoor ceremony — a short drive from Madison. Eagle Ridge Resort & Spa Galena, IL Indoor Seating: 600 Outdoor Seating: 160 Say “I Do” surrounded by the natural beauty of 6,800 acres of rolling hills and beautiful 225-acre Lake Galena.

First German Lutheran Church Middleton Indoor Seating: 180 Historic 1866 country church restored to original condition and colors. Available for rent April-October. Registered National Historic building.

Folklore Village Dodgeville Indoor Seating: 120 Outdoor Seating: 150 Picturesque country setting with a casually elegant hall. Lovely gardens and spacious grounds outside. Historic chapel for charming wedding ceremony.

Grace Episcopal Church Madison Indoor seating: 350 Celebrated landmark with distinctive red doors and Gothic architecture on Capitol Square within walking distance of downtown receptions and hotels. Holy Wisdom Monastery Middleton Indoor Seating: 300 Outdoor Seating: 150 Specializing in “green” weddings. 138-acres with unique view of Madison skyline. Can bring own officiant. Ceremonies, receptions, rehearsal dinners. The House on the Rock Resort Spring Green Indoor Seating: 250 Outdoor Seating: Unltd Ceremony locations among rolling hills, overlooking the golf course, or atop a bluff with a view of the Wisconsin River. Lake Windsor Golf Club Windsor Indoor Seating: 400 Outdoor Seating: 400 Nominated for “Best Outdoor Venue” by Wisconsin Bride magazine. Just minutes from Madison. An indoor alternative with a breathtaking view. The Madison Club Madison Indoor Seating: 220 Outdoor Seating: 150 Downtown historic building with fantastic cuisine, outstanding service and elegant setting. Perfect for rehearsals, ceremonies or weddings.

Madison Masonic Center Auditorium Madison Indoor Seating: 1000 Located on National, State and Local Registries of Historic Places. Ornate detail, original acoustics and fixtures provide a majestic ambience.

Marriott Madison West Middleton Indoor Seating: 200 Their waterfall atrium is a wonderful and elegant place to hold a wedding.

Milford Hills Hunt Club Johnson Creek Outdoor Seating: 250 Wisconsin’s premiere event location has breathtaking views, stone cocktail patio, rose trellis, mouthwatering entrees, stone fireplaces, full-service bars and more! Music of the Lake Door County Indoor Seating: 50 Outdoor Seating: 50 Private, intimate ceremony site on the shores of beautiful Lake Michigan in Door County. Package includes officiant and live music. The Old Feed Mill Mazomanie Indoor Seating: 150 Outdoor Seating: 150 Elegant country ceremonies next to the 1857 Mill, under a canopy of ash, or inside the Mill’s upstairs Miller’s Loft. • 105

wedding ceremony Oscar H. Hanson House B&B Cambridge Indoor Seating: 30 Outdoor Seating: 30 The Hanson house is an 1883 Victorian with period architecture and gardens that create a romantic atmosphere for your wedding. Overture Center for the Arts Madison Indoor Seating: 300+ Start your journey together at Madison’s own downtown stunning arts center. Ensure your day is artful, exquisite and unique.

Spring Brook Resort Wisconsin Dells Outdoor Seating: 300 Stunning scenery and a dedicated staff will make any outdoor ceremony truly memorable. Full-service restaurant, bar and accommodations on-site.

Sugarland Arena Outdoor Seating: Unltd Walk down a lush aisle near a cascading fountain to exchange vows under a majestic oak. An intimate, country setting.

Paradise Park Cottage Grove Outdoor Seating: Unltd

Von Rutenberg Ventures Madison Indoor Seating: 400 Outdoor Seating: 400

A wide array of gardens, lawns and natural attractions. Their 20 acres provide many romantic settings for ceremonies and receptions.

Waterfront marina setting for outdoor, indoor or indoor/outdoor events. Weddings on the water with Betty Lou Cruises.

Pres House Madison Indoor Seating: 275

Neo-gothic landmark with gorgeous stained glass. Close proximity to downtown reception venues. On-site wedding coordinator to help with your ceremony. Quivey’s Grove Madison Indoor Seating: 40 Outdoor Seating: 250 Wedding ceremonies under a canopy of black walnut trees, or a festive wedding tent at five-acre 1855 historic landmark.

106 • Wedding Planner & Guide

e r o l k Fol lage Vil

A unique country setting for indoor or outdoor ceremonies & receptions. 3210 County Hwy BB, Dodgeville, WI



ou make the choices, we do the rest… have your destination wedding in Wisconsin Dells.


Dells Weddings at the

hite Rose

packages . coordination . location . luxury suites . receptions . cake . minister Call Christine: (608) 432-2329 • • 107

A SCENIC RIVER CRUISE transports you to the secluded glen of

COLD WATER CANYON for a unique and unforgettable ceremony and reception — the ideal way to






xquisite, stunning E and historic... Located on the Capitol Square, Grace Episcopal Church offers a beautiful space for your wedding within walking distance to your reception, numerous hotels and scenic downtown Madison. A celebrated historic landmark with distinctive red doors, grand Gothic architecture, and brilliant stained glass windows, Grace can accommodate up to 350 guests for your elegant wedding. Our on-site wedding coordinator can provide expertise and can recommend a priest, minister or judge to perform your customized ceremony.

Grace Episcopal Church 116 W. Washington Ave., Madison, WI 53703 608.255.5147 ext. 22 Call for a tour.

Photography by Noir et Blanc

108 • Wedding Planner & Guide

Inspire Lifelong Memories Here...

Paradise Park 608.873.4084 l

Your day – our peaceful setting All are welcome

• indoor & outdoor ceremonies up to 300 • rehearsals and receptions up to 150 • eco-friendly • guest officiants welcome • on-site wedding coordinator

Contact us for a tour

• • •

(608) 836-1631 ext. 141 guest-services/weddings Photo by Gustav Ryberg

Holy Wisdom Monastery • 109


A Beautifully Restored Historic Site Available May through October Open to any Christian Denomination

For Reservations Contact Ann Walser 831-7226 Corner of Old Sauk & Pleasant View in Madison

Chapel of the Archangels • Chapel • Receptions • Banquet Room • Meeting Room

• Newly renovated extraordinary historic landmark at the heart of the UW campus

• Simply elegant chapel seating up to 275 guests • On-site wedding coordinator to help with your inspired ceremony

• Close proximity to numerous popular downtown reception venues • Charming hall with fireplace for your intimate rehearsal dinner up to 70

Accommodations for 350 in our chapel, 235 in the Angel’s Den 839 Madison St., Beaver Dam, WI 920-356-1900

110 • Wedding Planner & Guide


608-795-4909 ask for Nancy • • Linley Rd. , Arena, WI


edding & Event Pavilion

Jennifer Quist Photography

Jennifer Quist Photography

Primavera Studios

alk down a lush natural aisle by a cascading fountain, exchange vows under the shade of a majestic oak, and share the most important moment of your life in an intimate and refined country setting.

Door County destination wedding site On the Shores of Lake Michigan

Agora Pavilion

The perfect outdoor setting for your ceremony, reception, rehearsal dinner, shower or gift opening. Reasonable rental rates. Accommodates more than 200 guests. • 608-277-2592

5511 E Cheryl Pkwy, Fitchburg

Package including site, officiant and live musicians. 608-833-8467 • 111

w ce a d kdei ns g c e raenmdo n y confections

Personalizing Your Ceremony officiants A wedding ceremony is an outward statement of a committed relationship and an officiant can help personalize that statement. If you belong to a church or have a religious affiliation you may want to consider choosing a reverend or other clergy member from your place of worship to officiate the ceremony. If you desire general religious themes in your wedding but do not necessarily want to reference a specific religion or have a traditional religious ceremony, there are other officiants that can help you create a customized wedding ceremony. Otherwise, a civil servant can officiate the wedding if you want a ceremony without any religious content. No matter who you choose, find someone you are comfortable with and who is flexible enough to craft a ceremony that is meaningful to you. vows One way to personalize your ceremony is through your vows. Some ambitious couples write their

own vows. If you intend to do this, discuss your plans with your officiant so you can include any particular wording that may be necessary. Ask the officiant if he or she has any suggestions or has seen anything from previous ceremonies that you might want to include. If marrying in a church, find out if there are any conditions about personalized vows.

ring exchange Now that you are moving from engagement to marriage, what do you do with your engagement ring? Brides have a few different options: Some will move the engagement ring to the right hand

Paul Toepfer Photography

112 • Wedding Planner & Guide

until the wedding ceremony, then move it back to the left hand once the wedding band goes on. Others will give both the engagement ring and wedding band to the best man, then put on both during the ceremony. Still others will quickly slip the engagement ring off during the ceremony and put it back on after the wedding band goes on the finger. Sometimes couples have a story associated with the rings they chose. Share this special meaning with your guests for a truly personal touch.

unity ceremony The unity candle is one of the most popular ways to symbolize the merging of two families into one family or two people into one marriage. Commonly, at the beginning of the ceremony, the bride’s and groom’s mothers will each light a candle on either side of the unity candle. At some later point in the ceremony – usually after the ring exchange – the couple will each pick up a candle and light the unity candle in the center. This portion of the ceremony can be very personalized. Some couples achieve this symbolism by pouring different colored sand into glass canisters. If children are also entering this new marriage, they can participate in this ceremony as well, the blending of multi-colored sand representing the blending of their families. after the ceremony Directly after the ceremony your guests can celebrate by launching rice as you brave the crowd of well-wishers. Rice is not as popular as it once was. Some churches simply do not allow rice since their small size makes them tricky to clean up. If you are not allowed to use rice or just want to do something different, try personalizing this aspect of your ceremony by providing real or silk flower petals for your guests to throw. Packets of birdseed work well too, and you don’t have to worry about clean up! Blowing bubbles is absolutely beautiful, but warn guests that they potentially stain silk clothing. Other brides and grooms opt to have their guests release helium-filled balloons, butterflies or doves. White doves can provide a breathtaking image. Doves are a well-known symbol of peace, but they also represent purity, love, unity and spirit. Available for release yearround, these doves are not left defenseless in the wild, but return directly to their aviary after released. Add a dramatic effect by lighting the night sky with bright sparklers.

photos Tim Fitch Photography Anderson Fine Art Photography • 113

w ce a d kdei ns g c e raenmdo n y confections A Note About Second Weddings When planning a second wedding, treat this wedding as special as the first. After all, this marriage is as important as the first and should be treated with the same excitement and joy. Use this book just as a firsttime bride or groom. However, please note the following:

children If children are involved from a previous marriage, tell them about the engagement first. Regardless of their age, tell children in private so they’ll be able to ask questions and express their feelings without feeling pressured by the presence of others. Tell parents and other family members next. Consider including children in the ceremony in a memorable way. Perhaps create a set of vows to say directly to the children. gifts and showers Today’s etiquette allows for showers and gift registries for second marriages. However, past tradition also allows the guests to determine whether they feel it is appropriate to bring a gift, especially if they attended and gave gifts at the first wedding.

114 • Wedding Planner & Guide

guests Second weddings, like the first, can range in size from a very intimate gathering to a grand affair. The only guest list restriction is the former spouse. No matter how good the relationship, it is not appropriate to invite a former spouse to the wedding. This might be confusing for your children, and it will definitely be awkward for everyone else. It is appropriate to invite former in-laws if desired. apparel As a general rule, the bridal gown’s style should match the location and formality of the wedding. That said, as a second time bride you should feel free to wear anything you want. This may be a second wedding for just one of you or you may not have worn a fancy dress for your first wedding and want to now. No matter what the situation, this is still your special day and you can wear whatever makes you feel the most beautiful. the ceremony Some religions may have certain restrictions and rules required for second marriages. It is important to discuss initial plans with the clergy before any final plans are made. Additional documentation must also be provided when applying for the marriage license. etiquette The rules of etiquette are simply there as a guide. You may do anything in order to make this wedding as special as any other!

photos Red Gecko Studio • 115

w ce a d kdei ns g c e raenmdo n y confections Destination Weddings For couples looking to create a memorable and unique wedding event, destination weddings hold enormous appeal. Imagine saying your vows on an idyllic beach in the Riviera Maya, on a yacht in exotic New Zealand, or nestled within the walls of an Irish castle. In addition to aesthetic appeal, a destination wedding may be downright practical for couples whose friends and family are scattered around the country. As one local travel agent suggests, “Guests are going to have to travel anyway – why not make a vacation out of it for everyone?” It is important to start planning your destination wedding about a year in advance. Travel agents are an essential part of that process. They work with you to find the best resort for your needs and navigate the ins and outs of resort wedding packages. They will also coordinate the trip for your guests by getting passports, visas, and other paperwork in order. Your travel agent can help make your wedding a stress-free event you will never forget!

about the


Joan M. Pape

Ceremonies by Design After Reverend Joan became ordained in 1999, she had the honor of conducting her daughter’s wedding ceremony. “I loved the journey through creating, developing and conducting their ceremony so much,” she recalls. “I knew I wanted to do this for a living!” Shortly thereafter, Joan founded Ceremonies by Design to do just that. In the over 300 weddings Reverend Joan has conducted, no two have been exactly the same. “I believe your ceremony should be a reflection of who you are,” she explains. Reverend Joan encourages couples to think about what is important in their relationship and their lives and then rely on her to help integrate their personalities into a creative and distinctive ceremony. Reverend Joan pays particular attention to details and creatively approaches the design of each ceremony. Whether it is bringing fresh ideas to the unity ceremony or making sure couples think of every detail, Reverend Joan’s wealth of knowledge and experience make her an important and trusted resource. She takes care of everything for the ceremony so couples can just enjoy the day they dreamed about. Ceremonies by Design | Joan M. Pape, Owner P.O. Box 192, Blue Mounds, WI 53517 | 608-335-3627 |

116 • Wedding Planner & Guide

expert about the


Pierre’s Portrait Art Co.

When Rev. Jim and Rev. Connie Engmann became ministers, they wanted to provide the same wonderful experience for couples that they had in their own wedding ceremony. “When we married,” Jim recalls, “we found an officiant who was willing to create the wedding ceremony we wanted to have.” And since 1997, both Rev. Jim and Rev. Connie have helped over 600 couples create beautiful wedding ceremonies that reflect their unique lifestyle and relationship.

Both Jim and Connie are ordained ministers who specialize in counseling, chaplain services and ceremonies. As a husband and wife team, they are uniquely equipped to design ceremonies that will inspire and empower those in attendance. “When we come home from a wedding, we are more in love with each other.” Connie explains, “Our hope is that our wedding ceremony will touch not only the Bride and Groom but the wedding party and guests, as well.”

about the


Happily Ever After Wedding Officiants | Rev. James and Rev. Connie Engmann 608-831-0993 |

Rev. Arthur M. Hendrick Sky’S the Limit WeddingS Each wedding ceremony Rev. Arthur Hendrick has performed since he began in 2006 has been unique to that couple. “It is my desire to help create a wedding ceremony that truly reflects the couple and their religious and spiritual beliefs,” he explains. “I want to use the words that express what marriage means to them and the love they have for one another.” He advises couples to think seriously about their wedding ceremony. “It is the most important part of your wedding day – even if it’s the shortest! The ceremony should reflect why you are having this day.” Rev. Arthur knows the importance of the ceremony. He charges one fee and helps each couple craft their ceremony – even creating a useful booklet to help couples plan. Rev. Arthur performs only one wedding a day so he can give couples his utmost attention. “It is my desire that the words spoken during the ceremony will be remembered many years after the wedding day and will serve as the foundation of the marriage.” Sky’s the Limit Weddings | Rev. Arthur M. Hendrick, Wedding Officiant 608-206-3277 | • 117

Creating the ceremony that reflects your very special relationship. Rev. Arthur Hendrick

Thanks doesn’t seem like enough to express how much we appreciate all that you did for our wedding. The ceremony was everything we could have hoped it to be. We count ourselves lucky to have found you…. and in you, found a friend. Thank you.” - Bride and Groom - Lisa and Nick

608-206-3277 118 • Wedding Planner & Guide

Non-Denominational Wedding Officiants • Officiating weddings throughout the Madison area and beyond.

• Short and sweet, elopements, traditional, indoor or outdoor, short notice or just make-it-legal.

• We listen to your wants and needs, making each ceremony unique and individual. • Visit our web page for our online request form, live chat, music, couple’s quiz, photos, tips, location ideas, how to obtain a marriage license and so much more!

• Already married? Plan an exciting vow-renewal trip with us! From the beach to cruise ships and mountain tops, Disney or Hawaii! Call to see where we’re headed next! Visit us online today and discover just how much we can help you with your unique wedding!

608.301.5123 l

l • 119

Ceremonies by Design Your partner in designing your distinctive wedding ceremony. 608.335.3627

From Bride and Groom, Jacqui and John

Pape n a o J Rev.

“ …Thank you so much! You took time to really get to know us & delivered our ceremony with grace and eloquence. We are so happy that we found you!”

A Ministry Celebrating New Beginnings • Non-denominational wedding minister • Wedding coordination service • Call today for a personal consultation to co-create a customized ceremony Photo by Maureen Cassidy Photography

Rev. Pat Werk 608.213.7558 120 • Wedding Planner & Guide

Thank you so much for your suggestions, experience and calm demeanor before and on our wedding day. I am convinced that everything went so smoothly because of you. We can’t thank you enough... –Jordan and Jen Anderson

Begins Here.

Pierre’s Portrait Art Co.

Happily Ever After...

Rev. James & Rev. Connie Engmann 608.831.0993







,, INC. INC.

Thank You The Wedding Planner & Guide is honored to have been voted the winner of the National Association of Wedding Professionals-Madison Chapter Service to the Industry Award 2010 & 2011

Ceremonies as unique as you are Rev. Mary Jane Mihajlovic 608-423-4379 • 121

Reception and

Rehearsal Dinner

122 • Wedding Planner & Guide

Reception The party begins! You and your guests will probably spend most of the festivities at your reception, so carefully consider your location options. What is your budget? What kind of celebration do you want to have? Indoor? Outdoor? How many people are you going to invite? What mood do you want to convey? Elegant? Trendy? Casual? Formal? There are reception sites for whatever style wedding you plan.

photos left to right from top Azena Photography Beautiful Portraits by Michael Heidi Lee Photography Paul Toepfer Photography Red Gecko Studio Anderson Fine Art Photography Amelia John Photographers Blue Dandelion Photography Primavera Studios

Hotels, catering halls, country clubs and restaurants are popular sites for receptions, but other favorites include museums, university unions, athletic clubs, and ethnic or social clubs. For those on a tight budget, the church hall is a favorite reception site, usually available at little or no cost. Be sure to reserve your reception location before making other plans - the most popular reception sites are often reserved more than a year in advance.

Rehearsal Dinner All the stresses and excitement of planning your wedding come to a head as you and your closest friends and family unite for the rehearsal dinner. It is a wonderful time to reflect on your relationship with your spouse-to-be as well as with your closest friends and family as many meaningful toasts are given. Traditionally, the groom’s parents host the rehearsal dinner. Common venues are private clubs, restaurants, hotels, parks, or even at home. No matter what size, tailor the rehearsal dinner to your style and taste. Whether that is a swanky dinner with a small group or a casual cookout with a large group, have fun and enjoy yourselves! • 123

receptions and rehearsal dinners


Golden dreams

photography Amelia John Photographers

coordination & design concept The Wedding Guy

florals & centerpieces Garden Laurels by Donna Sager

cake "I Do" Cakes by Betty

rentals Event Essentials

stationery Sugar Pear Design

venue Lake Windsor Golf Club

124 • Wedding Planner & Guide • 125

receptions and rehearsal dinners


photography Captured Moments Photography

coordination, design concept & floral Simply Glamorous Designs at Oregon Floral

cake Chris’s Confections

rentals Event Essentials

stationery The Paper Deli

venue Overture Center for the Arts

126 • Wedding Planner & Guide

Uptown Chic • 127


receptions and rehearsal dinners

Glamorous garden

photography Beautiful Portraits by Michael

florals The Flower Studio

rentals Event Essentials

stationery Paper Piper Designs

cake Suzanne’s Sweet Artistry

venue Lake Windsor Golf Club

128 • Wedding Planner & Guide • 129

receptions and rehearsal dinners


Country bliss photography Pierre's Portrait Art Co.

coordination, design concept & florals Personal Expressions

cake Creative Confections

rentals Personal Expressions and Event Essentials

stationery Paper Piper Designs

venue Paoli Mill Terrace & Park

130 • Wedding Planner & Guide • 131

expert about the

Rebecca Maier-Frey DORF HAUS SUPPER CLUB AND BANQUET FACILITY With over 50 years in business, the Dorf Haus Supper Club & Banquet Facility has proudly helped over 1600 couples plan receptions. Owner, Rebecca Maier-Frey, enjoys making things run smoothly: “Every couple is different, which always makes it fun and interesting!” Nestled in the quaint village of Roxbury, the Dorf Haus can accommodate large groups in the charming banquet room with a private bar and beautiful wooden dance floor. A two-tiered deck and a garden with a gazebo are picturesque gathering spots for photos or even an outdoor ceremony. As a family business, Rebecca and her brother, Monte, give couples the personal service they desire. “We do one reception per date, which allows us to direct all our attention to the couple and their guests.” Rebecca says, “We have been able to share in generations of family celebrations, which is a real honor. Our goal is to earn your trust and make your day a day that other people remember for years to come.”

about the


Dorf Haus Supper Club & Banquet Facility | Rebecca Maier-Frey, Owner/Mgr 8931 Cty Hwy Y, Roxbury, WI | 608-643-3980 |

Risa Kuhlman

The Legend aT BergamonT Just 10 minutes from the Beltline, you’ll find Madison’s newest and finest country club and wedding facility. The Legend at Bergamont’s state-of-the-art clubhouse, opened in 2007, seats up to 350 guests, and offers breathtaking views of the golf course and surrounding countryside from the ballroom and vast balcony, creating the perfect setting for your ceremony or pictures. Just because the building is new doesn’t mean The Legend is new to the wedding scene. With two other established Legend properties, Co-owner Risa Kuhlman has worked with hundreds of couples to plan every detail of their special day. When you include Special Events Coordinator Becky Banker and Executive Chef Jonathan Cross, The Legend’s wedding team has over 50 years of experience. “We have a great team here at The Legend – the physical attributes of this incredible property allow us to do so much for our wedding couples. Every wedding is truly unique and special for us!” said Risa Kuhlman. With such an incredible facility, the attention to detail of a dedicated team, and stunning surroundings, your day is sure to be Legendary at Bergamont. The Legend at Bergamont | Risa Kuhlman, Co-owner 699 Bergamont Blvd., Oregon, WI | 608-291-2400 |

132 • Wedding Planner & Guide

expert about the

Abby Schulz Fleming’s Prime steakhouse & Wine Bar As the former Catering Manager of a well-known hotel in Chicago, Abby Schulz uses her expertise to customize every event at Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse & Wine Bar. Her passion for event planning ensures that each event at Fleming’s is memorable and worthy of the occasion. Abby and her team work with couples to ensure that every detail – from the food and drinks to the ambience and timing – is exactly right. That way, at the event, couples are free to concentrate on their guests. They deliver a contemporary experience that is full of hospitality. Not only do guests experience 100 wines by the glass, aged prime beef and a detail-oriented staff, they also have a personal Private Dining Director to cater to every need and custom-tailor each special occasion. Abby believes that, no matter the budget, everyone is deserving of an event that boasts impeccable service and exceptional food and wine. “We pride ourselves on exceeding expectations and will go above and beyond to make your event a success!”

about the


Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse & Wine Bar | Abby Schulz, Private Dining Director 750 N Midvale Blvd., Madison, WI 53705 | 608-233-9550

Judy Zeman & Deena Ignatowski Radisson Hotel – Madison As the director of catering at the Radisson Hotel – Madison, Judy Zeman loves working with couples to create the perfect day. “After seeing hundreds of weddings, I enjoy helping new couples start their planning process and offering suggestions and advice as needed.” She and the executive chef, Deena Ignatowski, make the perfect team when helping couples plan the wedding of their dreams. They work together to provide one-on-one attention from day one. Both Deena and Judy believe that every couple deserves the wedding of their dreams, no matter what their budget. With their 20+ years of experience, they help couples create the perfect reception with flexible menus and budgets. Their personalized philosophy is apparent in how they approach each wedding. As one recent bride told them: “We will never forget how beautiful the room looked when we walked into the banquet hall for the first time after the ceremony. It was breathtaking. Every detail was perfect and even better than we had imagined it.” Radisson Hotel – Madison Judy Zeman & Deena Ignatowski, Director of Catering & Executive Chef 517 Grand Canyon Dr., Madison, WI | 608-833-0100 | • 133

Angell Park Pavilion Sun Prairie • (608)837-5252



The Armory Janesville • (866)995-7400



Bellini Restaurant Madison • (608)250-0097



Best Western Plus Inn on the Park Madison • (608)285-8000



Betty Lou Cruises Madison • (608)246-3138



Biaggi’s Ristorante Italiano Madison • (608)664-9288



Bonfyre American Grille Madison • (608)273-3973



Brickhouse BBQ Madison • (608)257-7675



Candlewood Suites Madison • (608)271-3400


Capitol ChopHouse Madison • (608)255-0165


Striking white open-air pavilion nestled amid prairie and ponds


Spacious indoor reception facility


Variety of venues, stylish decor, extraordinary cuisine - for any budget


A beautifully restored 1897 historic church with exquisite stained-glass windows


Madison’s only Capitol Square hotel


Floating rehearsal dinners, weddings, receptions, bachelor(ette) parties, etc.


see ad on page...

sit-down dinner

changing room


bridal suite

private catering OK

hotel room package

outdoor area


ceremony site


dance floor

# of banquet rooms


in-house catering


rehearsal & reception facilities

Agora Pavilion Fitchburg • (608)277-2592



A perfect combination of authentic Italian food and distinctive ambiance


Enjoy contemporary comfort food in an upscale, casual environment


Three floors of dining, rooftop patio, 40 beers on tap




Chapel of the Archangels Beaver Dam • (920)356-1900



Chula Vista Resort WI Dells • (866)382-4852



Clarion Suites - Madison Central Madison • (608)284-1234



The Coliseum Bar & Banquet Madison • (608)251-2434



134 • Wedding Planner & Guide


Elegant ballroom with floor to ceiling windows and built in bar


Private dining rooms available. Featuring locally grown & organic menus


Newly remodeled reception area with hardwood dance floor


Wisconsin Dells’ most beautiful and popular resort for your wedding


Ideal location, exceptional service and accommodations for your wedding event


Easy access from Beltline, area hotels and centrally located.


Deer Valley Lodge Barneveld • (888)924-1601



Dells Weddings at the White Rose Inns WI Dells • (608)432-2329


Devil’s Head Resort Merrimac • (800)472-6670




Dorf Haus Roxbury • (608)643-3980



Doubleday’s Cottage Grove • (608)839-5101



DoubleTree by Hilton Madison Madison • (608)251-5511



Eagle Ridge Resort & Spa Galena, IL • (815)777-5000



The East Side Club Madison • (608)222-9131



Edgewater Hotel Madison Madison • (608)256-9071



Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse & Wine Bar Madison • (608)233-9550



Folklore Village Dodgeville • (608)924-4000



Francesca’s al Lago Madison • (608)255-6000



Harvest Restaurant Madison • (608)255-6075



bridal suite


dance floor

outdoor area

ceremony site


Smaller receptions onsite or any size off site.


An award-winning hotel providing services beyond your expectations


A chandelier-lit ballroom inspired by vintage elegance


Hotel, indoor water park, elegant hall, beautiful golf course setting


Sky Lite Riverview room, Mediterranean style cafe, or poolside deck


Quiet, elegant setting surrounded by rolling hills and beautiful countryside

132, 183

Elegant, enchanting, festive...A true gem nestled in charming Roxbury


Spacious banquet facility, scenic views and a quiet country setting


Award winning service, classic decor, and appetizing cuisine; located downtown


Unique scenery inside and outside resort facilities


Beautiful sunset views of Lake Monona and the Capitol skyline


Gorgeous Ballroom in famous lakefront boutique hotel with delicious banquets

133, 139

Prime steaks and 100 wines by the glass


Ironwork chandeliers, vaulted ceiling, dance floor, expansive grounds, Plumgrove Chapel


Bustling trattoria featuring rustic Roman cuisine


Rated as one of America’s top restaurants • 135

rehearsal & reception facilities



The Crystal Room WI Dells • (608)253-2200

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changing room


hotel room package


sit-down dinner

Crowne Plaza Madison • (608)244-4700



private catering OK

# of banquet rooms


in-house catering

capacity Cranberry Creek Restaurant & Catering Madison • (608)222-9752


dance floor

hotel room package

bridal suite

changing room

see ad on page...


Undiscovered taste and quality just minutes from Madison

The Heights - Verona Verona • (608)848-8777




Undiscovered taste and quality just minutes from Madison

Hilton Garden Inn Madison West/Middleton Middleton • (608)831-2220




Intimate and romantic banquet space with exceptional service. Newly renovated

Hilton Madison Monona Terrace Madison • (608)260-2304




All rooms have a view of Lake Monona or Capitol

Holiday Inn Hotel & Suites Madison West Madison • (608)826-0500




With one ballroom on-site, your wedding is their main focus

Holiday Inn Madison at the American Center Madison • (608)249-4220




Outdoor patio for cocktails / hors d’oeuvres; elegant chandelier-lit ballroom reception

Holy Wisdom Monastery Middleton • (608)836-1631




Specializing in “green” weddings. Unique Madison skyline and lake view

The House on the Rock Resort Spring Green • (800)657-7677




Frank Lloyd Wright inspired architectures, Wisconsin River views, and more

JB’s Italian Grille Sun Prairie • (608)837-6016




Good food, good people, reasonable prices

Kalahari Waterpark Resort Convenction Center WI Dells • (608)254-3303



Kestrel Ridge Golf Club Columbus • (920)623-4653



Knights of Columbus 4527 Badger Columbus Club LLC Fitchburg • (608)288-9357



Lake Windsor Golf Club Windsor • (608)846-4711



Lake Wisconsin Country Club Prairie Du Sac • (608)643-4554



The Legend at Bergamont Oregon • (608)291-2400




sit-down dinner



private catering OK

ceremony site


in-house catering

# of banquet rooms


outdoor area


rehearsal & reception facilities

The Heights - Stoughton Stoughton • (608)205-9088


136 • Wedding Planner & Guide

Inside Back Cover

Elegant African-themed waterpark resort convention center in Wisconsin Dells


Upscale banquet facility, crystal chandeliers, gorgeous golf course view


Quality service, spacious facility and caterer of your choice


Awarded ‘2008, 2009, 2010 Best Reception Facility’ - Wisconsin Bride Magazine


Lake Wisconsin Country Club overlooks the beautiful Lake Wisconsin

132, 148

Breathtaking views of the golf course and surrounding countryside



Madison Turner Hall Madison • (608)222-4922


Mariner’s Inn Madison • (608)246-3120




Milford Hills Johnson Creek • (920)699-2249



The Old Feed Mill Mazomanie • (608)795-4909



Orpheum Theatre Madison • (608)255-8755



Overture Center for the Arts Madison • (608)258-4163



Pres House Chapel Madison • (608)216-7319



Prime Quarter Steak House Madison • (608)244-3520



Quality Inn & Suites Madison • (608)274-7200



Quivey’s Grove Madison • (608)273-4900



Radisson Hotel Madison Madison • (608)833-0100



Samba Brazilian Grill Madison • (608)257-1111




Elegant setting with customized menus, fantastic food and personal attention


Extraordinary service, impeccable facilities, superb cuisine


This upscale hotel provides a setting unlike any other


Historical landmark; Auditorium and Ballroom


Beautiful banquet facility featuring grand oak bar, large dance floor


Waterfront marina setting for outdoor, indoor, or indoor/outdoor events


Unique European lodge setting; breathtaking views; outstanding service


The restaurant is an exquisitely restored 1857 stone mill


1920’s theater with ornate, gold walls, arched staircase, crystal chandeliers


This gorgeous downtown building captures romance, style and elegance


Neo-gothic elegance describes hall with fireplace for intimate rehearsal dinner


They will host your rehearsal dinner


Two-story ballroom with floor to ceiling windows


Five acre estate on the National Historic Register

133, 169

Experienced staff to assist you with all of your details

99, 166

Historically preserved building; 3 dining floors and a performance stage • 137

rehearsal & reception facilities

Madison Masonic Center Madison • (608)256-5734


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changing room


bridal suite

Madison Marriott West Middleton • (608)831-2000

hotel room package



dance floor


sit-down dinner

The Madison Concourse Hotel and Governor’s Club Madison • (608)257-6000


private catering OK

ceremony site


in-house catering

# of banquet rooms


outdoor area

capacity The Madison Club Madison • (608)255-4861


Sprecher’s Restaurant & Pub Madison • (608)203-6545




Sprecher’s Restaurant & Pub WI Dells • (608)253-9109



Spring Brook Resort WI Dells • (608)254-1463



Stoughton Country Club Stoughton • (608)873-7861



Trappers Turn Clubhouse WI Dells • (608)254-3303



Tyrol Basin Mt. Horeb • (608)437-4135



The University Club Madison • (608)262-5023



Waunakee Village Center Waunakee • (608)850-5992



West Side Club Madison • (608)833-6355



Wilderness Territory/Glacier Canyon Lodge at the Wilderness WI Dells • (800)867-9453



Wintergreen Resort WI Dells • (800)648-4765




Packages available for rehearsal, reception, and gift openings


Catering parties of two to 200, perfection with every taste


Catering parties of two to 200, perfection with every taste


Catering parties of two to 200, perfection with every taste


Elegant outdoor tent receptions and ideal indoor rehearsal dinner options


Country club on Lake Kegonsa with large dance floor

Inside Back Cover

Beautiful landscaped golf course with new clubhouse overlooking 18th hole


Scenic chairlift rides for guests’ enjoyment or to ceremony site


Unique historic landmark, warm turn-of-the-century elegance


Beautiful new building in a lovely park setting


Beautiful facility with exclusive quality catering by Queen Anne’s


Elegant reception and outdoor area with breathtaking views of the Wilderness


Exceptional cuisine in enchanting Victorian elegance


see ad on page...

outdoor area

changing room

private catering OK

in-house catering

bridal suite


hotel room package

Sprecher’s Restaurant & Pub Lake Geneva • (262)248-7047


dance floor

ceremony site


sit-down dinner

# of banquet rooms




rehearsal & reception facilities

Sheraton Madison Hotel Madison • (608)260-2304


reception chart photos in order Amelia John Photographers, The Wedding Flasher, Beautiful Portraits by Michael, Red Gecko Studio, Primavera Studios

138 • Wedding Planner & Guide

Discover a Perfect Setting for Your Bridal Celebration

Prime Steak & 100 Wines by the Glass Rehearsal Dinners • Engagement Parties & Bridal Showers Cocktail Gatherings • Bachelor/Bachelorette Dinners Preset Menus and Custom Dining Arrangements

750 North Midvale Boulevard, Madison • 608-233-9550 • 139

The only thing we overlook...

Awarded 2008, 2009, 2010 Best Reception Site and 2011 Best All-Around Wedding Vendor

4628 Planner Golf Road, Windsor, 140 • Wedding & Guide

Wisconsin • 608.846.4711 x0

is the golf course! • • 141

142 • Wedding Planner & Guide

Enjoy the perfect ceremony in the scenic Baraboo bluffs, on the pristine greens of Devil’s Head Resort. Fabulous mountainside reception and banquet facilities accommodating up to 600 guests. Complimentary suite and breakfast for the bride and groom. A variety of lodging options with exceptional amenities and recreational activities for the perfect honeymoon.

Located in Beautiful Merrimac, Wisconsin l 1-800-472-6670 • 143

For a day this special,

_Éëí= oÉÜÉ~êë~ä= aáååÉê sÉåìÉÒ

R=b^pq=tfiplk=pqobbq===altkqltk=j^afplk SMUKORRKQUSN=====tttKj^afplk`ir_Klod 144 • Wedding Planner & Guide mÜçíçë=ÅçìêíÉëó=çÑ=ã=íÜêÉÉ=ëíìÇáç=éÜçíçÖê~éÜó

there’s no other place. “ We could not have been happier with our experience at the Madison Club. Our guests continually commented on the elegance of the Club, the caliber of the service staff and - wow, the food - five stars!”

^ï~êÇJïáååáåÖ=ÅìáëáåÉ======bäÉÖ~åí=~íãçëéÜÉêÉ pìåäáí=é~íáçë=C=açïåíçïå=îáÉïë mêçÑÉëëáçå~ä=ÉîÉåí=éä~ååÉêë ^Çà~ÅÉåí=ÜçíÉä=~ÅÅçããçÇ~íáçåë • 145


ierre ’s

Portrai tA

rt Company

© Krakora S


Downtown Romance An overture is a beginning. Start your journey together at Overture Center for the Arts.

• Fourteen breathtaking spaces • Theatrical lighting and production

© Lemon Tree Photography

• Exclusive in-house catering

146 • Wedding Planner & Guide | 608.258.4163 |

© Front Room Photography

a Studios © Krakor • 147

The resident culinary arts company of Overture

148 • Wedding Planner & Guide • 149

150 • Wedding Planner & Guide • 151

Receptions • Rehearsal Dinners • Bridal Showers Any Special Event 152 • Wedding Planner & Guide


Catering to all your wedding dreams in the most unique way!

Enjoy your special day together in an atmosphere of gracious hospitality and beauty. 401 E. Washington Avenue, Madison, WI 53703 • Phone 250.0097 email: • • 153

154 • Wedding Planner & Guide • 155


Sun Prairie’s Largest eception Facility...


Pavilion at Angell Park

Indoor or Outdoor Facilities l Ceremony Facilities Throughout the Grounds Seating for up to 450 with Over 5000 Square Feet of Maple Dance Floor

608.837.5252 l 156 • Wedding Planner & Guide


an Exquisite RECEPTION at The Edgewater Hotel ENJOY THIS SPECIAL DAY

in an elegant atmosphere.

Our formal ballroom is open for up to 300 guests. Free indoor parking Airport shuttle service Complimentary bridal suite Guest rooms and suites available MAKE YOUR RESERVATION TODAY AT 608.256.9071

Wisconsin Avenue at Langdon St. | Downtown Madison 608.256.9071 | • 157

Event Design by Personal Expressions

Up to 950 seat auditorium for your wedding ceremony Up to 500 seat ballroom for your wedding reception

301 Wisconsin Avenue, Madison


Event Design by Personal Expressions

158 • Wedding Planner & Guide

Make your wedding a special memory for all. Madison West/Middleton Learn more at or call 608.831.2220 to schedule a tour. Wedding accommodations for parties of up to 250 guests. Greenway Station • 1801 Deming Way • Middleton, WI 53562 • 159

160 • Wedding Planner & Guide

Promises are invited. At the Sheraton Madison Hotel with room for up to 375 people to toast, to cheer, to share your day. Let our wedding coordinator take care of the details. Because you don’t just stay here.

You belong. 706 John Nolen Drive, Madison 608-260-2304 • The Sheraton Madison Hotel is independently owned by Woodmen of the World Life Insurance Society and operated by Haazo Management, Inc. under a licence issued by the Sheraton Corporation. • 161

162 • Wedding Planner & Guide • 163

An Elegant and Unique Historic Landmark Serving Members and Their Guests Since 1907 • Please Inquire

Wedding Receptions • Rehearsal Dinners Bar/Bat Mitzvahs • Intimate to Formal Occasions Meetings and Seminars • Retirement Parties From Four to Four-hundred

803 State Street • On Library Mall • email-

(608) 262-5023

164 • Wedding Planner & Guide

“Love is a canvas furnished by Nature and embroidered by imagination.” ~Voltaire

European Lodge Interior Seating for up to 180

Beautiful Clubhouse

Stunning Photo Location

Located halfway between Madison and Milwaukee in the rolling hills of Johnson Creek, Milford Hills’ stunning scenery is the perfect backdrop to your beautiful wedding. A beautiful location for ceremonies, receptions and rehearsals. W 5 6 7 0 F r e n c h roa d • J oh n s on c r e e k , W I 5 3 0 3 8 9 2 0 - 6 9 9 - 2 2 4 9 • m I l F or dh I l l s W e ddI n g s . om • 165

166 • Wedding Planner & Guide

Primavera Studios


he beauty of nature can be the scenic setting for your ceremony or the backdrop for your wedding reception at The House on the Rock Resort or the Wintergreen Lodge. Indoor and outdoor sites are available for ceremonies and receptions at both locations. The House on the Rock Resort is set in harmony with the rolling hills of the Wisconsin River Valley and has splendid views of the surrounding greenery. This setting accommodates up to 110 guests.

To speak with a Special Occasions representative, call


The Wintergreen Lodge has spectacular bluff-top river views. It is located just a short drive from the Resort and can accommodate up to 250 guests. 400 Springs Drive , Spring Green, WI 53588 • • 167

168 • Wedding Planner & Guide

Our renowned attention to detail, impeccable service, and outstanding quality guarantee the perfect ending to the perfect day.

Complete wedding packages starting at $20 per person.

Radisson Hotel Madison 517 Grand Canyon Drive Madison

608-833-0100 • • • 169

Deer Valley Lodge Our Banquet Facility seats up to 400 and boasts an extensive banquet menu and full-service bar. The Outdoor Patio and Wedding Gazebo overlook our beautiful Golf Course. And our 62 room Hotel offers nicely appointed suites and an Indoor Water Park.

401 W. Industrial Dr. Barneveld, WI 53507 Great location just 30 minutes west of Madison on Hwy 18/151

888.924.1601 •

170 • Wedding Planner & Guide

Elegant, intimate gatherings for up to 200 guests. Perfect for your wedding reception, rehearsal dinner, gift opening, or bridal shower. An ideal downtown location with complimentary parking.

525 West Johnson Street

(608) 251-5511 • 171


verything from Classic to Extravagant...

3 Exquisite Ballrooms Impeccable On-site Catering Personalized Menus & Packages Overnight Guest Accommodations One-on-One Planning Services from Beginning to End

Receptions & Dinners Ceremonies• Rehearsal Dinners Showers• Gift Openings and much more...

4402 East Washington Avenue, Madison, WI 53704 Sales l 608-244-4700 • Front Desk l 608-244-4703

172 • Wedding Planner & Guide • 173

PhotograPhy by Pierre’s Portrait art Co.

An elegant rehearsal

A wedding ceremony under a

An afternoon reception

dinner within the charm of

canopy of black walnut trees, dinner &

or bridal shower in the

one of our private dining rooms

dancing under the festive wedding tent

rustic Stable Grill is the perfect

in the Stone House makes your

in our paddock, carriage rides into the

setting any time of the year.

special occasion truly unique.


Quivey’s Grove

6261 Nesbitt Road, Madison (608)273-4900 •

174 • Wedding Planner & Guide

Madison’s Must-Visit Restaurant -New York Times Magazine

Top Farm-to-Table Restaurants -Gourmet Magazine

One of Wisconsin’s premier restaurants specializing in intimate gatherings for rehearsal dinners and receptions. On the Capitol Square in Madison 21 North Pinckney Street • Call Tami at 608-255-6075 • 175

Close your eyes...

Imagine your perfect wedding ceremony and reception on the shores of lovely Lake Monona. You will be able to enjoy the beautiful view of the Capitol and the Madison skyline.


come true.

Photography by Adam Tyksinski

Open your eyes...

The East Side Club on Lake Monona 3735 Monona Drive • 608-222-9131 • 176 • Wedding Planner & Guide

Modern Hotel... Beautiful Ballroom... Affordable Prices... Located in a quiet, upscale corporate neighborhood in the rural outskirts of Madison


njoy cocktails and hors d’oeuvres on our outdoor patio followed by an elegant reception in our chandelier-lit ballroom for up to 200 guests. • Welcome Receptions • Rehearsal Dinners • Wedding Receptions • Luxurious Guest Rooms • Ample Complimentary Parking • Restaurant & Bar On-site

Madison at The American Center 5109 West Terrace Drive, Madison, Wisconsin (608) 249-4220 See more about us under the Rehearsal & Reception Facilities Vendor Category on • 177

Photography by Pierre’s Portrait Art Co.


Events for groups of 50 to 300

• Banquet / Meeting Rooms Available • Wedding rehearsals and receptions, business meetings and luncheons, corporate dinners • Limited audio/visual equipment available

Catering too!

232 East Olin Avenue, Madison, WI 53713 608-251-2434 • 178 • Wedding Planner & Guide

3 private dining rooms available for up to 40 guests with complimentary valet parking in the Hilton lot. 9 East Wilson Street Madison, WI 53703 608.255.0165

Bringing Elegance and Charm Together in a Country Setting tography

Jennifer Quist Pho


a Studios

More than just an ordinary restaurant, The Old Feed Mill is a historic masterpiece — perfect for your special day.

e Ceremonies e Rehearsals e Receptions • 114 Cramer Street, Mazomanie • (608)795-4909 • 179

Receptions, Rehearsal Dinners, Showers and More...


eautiful new building in park setting.

Food catered or bring your own. Flexible arrangements

333 South Madison Street, Waunakee • 608-850-5992 •

Seats up to 225 People for Dinner • Floor to Ceiling Windows Access to an Outdoor Patio & Gazebo • Catering Provided by the Tuscany Grill Built In Bar with Two Service Windows • Complimentary Suite for the Bride & Groom 5421 Caddis Bend, Fitchburg, WI 53711 • ph: 608-271-3400

w w w. c a n d l ewo o d s u i t e s. c o m / fi t c h bu rg w i 180 • Wedding Planner & Guide

L eave everything to us... Extensive menu selections for on-premise or off-site catering with accommodations for up to 500 buffet • sit-down • family-style Round or rectangular banquet tables Decorating service and centerpieces available Helpful staff and affordable pricing

andE njoy your day!

R ehearsalD inners •R eceptions •C atering Reception Hall at Doubledays

4586 Baxter Road, Cottage Grove (608)839-5101 • • 181



Rehearsals Receptions Ceremonies Gift Openings Overnight Accommodations Free Parking

Marriott Certified Wedding Planners on Staff Newly Renovated 10,000 Square Foot Ballroom

1313 John Q Hammons Drive, Middleton 608-831-2000 • Fax 608-831-1376

Captured Moments Photography

Beautiful Atrium Lobby Ideal for Wedding Ceremonies up to 250 and Cocktail Receptions

Affordable prices Just a short 20 minute drive from Madison

Kestrel Ridge Golf Club 900 Avalon Rd, Columbus, WI • 920-623-4653 •

182 • Wedding Planner & Guide

TURNER HALL Receptions • Rehearsal Dinners • Showers

Beautiful banquet facility for up to 450 guests. Use one of our professional caterers or choose your own. Friendly, flexible and professional service. Beautiful oak bar and fantastic dance floor. 3001 S Stoughton Rd Madison WI 53716 (608)222-4922

Receptions & Rehearsal Dinners for up to 450 guests. Garden & gazebo for outdoor ceremonies & receptions.

Roxbury, WI Beautiful 15 minute drive Northwest of Madison


Ziegler Photography

A wedding favorite for • 183

Lakeside WeddingReceptions


Rehearsal Dinners up to 250 Two Dining Rooms with Lakeside View and Dance Floor Business Meetings • Golf Outings


On Beautiful Lake Kegonsa•3165 Shadyside Dr•Stoughton, WI 53589•873-7861•873-8464

Wedding Ceremonies, Wedding Receptions, Rehearsal Dinners, Parties & Reunions May thru October Scenic Chairlift Rides

The Chalet at Tyrol Basin Private country setting in picturesque valley... 184 • Wedding Planner & Guide

3487 Bohn Road • Mt. Horeb 608-437-4135 Take a virtual tour of Tyrol at

Timeless Elegance.

Ceremonies Rehearsal Dinners Receptions 216 State Street, Madison, Wisconsin 608-255-8755 Trevor Johnson Photography


rpheum Theatre

Seating for up to 250 People Two Story Ballroom with Dramatic Staircase Complimentary Whirlpool Suite for the Bride and Groom Complimentary Gift Opening Room Catering by the Tuscany Grill

w w w. q u a l i t y s u i t e s m a d i s o n . c o m 2969 Cahill Main, Fitchburg, WI 53711 • Ph:608.274.7200 • 185

WEdding REceptions

REhearsal Dinners

411 Prairie Heights Drive, Verona, WI

2300 US HWY 51-138 Stoughton, WI



Lake Wisconsin Country Club welcomes you to an

elegant and

intimate setting, overlooking beautiful Lake Wisconsin with sunsets over the Lake that give the clubhouse Dining Room and Bar an ambience

like no other.

Rehearsal Dinners Cocktail Parties On Site Ceremonies Receptions • (608)643-4554 N1076 Golf Road • Prairie du Sac, WI 186 • Wedding Planner & Guide

Hors d’oeuvre Buffets Accommodating up to 250 Guests



1:42 PM

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A Night to Remember...

Weddings at the Armory Your Vision ▪ Your Style ▪ Your Day    

Madison’s Choice for Quality and Value. • Receptions • Rehearsal Dinners • Gift Openings • 157 Elegant Guest Rooms & Deluxe whirlpool suites • The Ballroom accommodates up to 230 guests.

10 S. High Street ▪ Janesville, WI 53548 8669957400 ▪

1109 Fourier Dr. • Madison 608-826-0500 • • 187

For your intimate celebration. rehearsal dinners showers intimate gatherings great menu selections seating for up to 90 guests full bar service Ask about JB’s Music-To-Go DJ service at this or any location! 1086 Emerald Terrace, Sun Prairie, WI 608-837-6016 • Make Your Gathering

An Event To Remember! 111 Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd on Madison’s Capitol Square

Accommodations up to 300 for Weddings and Rehearsal Dinners, Large and Small Receptions, Bridal Showers and Parties of All Kinds! Approved Caterers Handicapped Accessible

Specializing in Engagement Parties, Bridal Showers & Rehearsal Dinners

(608) 255-6000

Visit us online at

188 • Wedding Planner & Guide

(608)288-9357 Knights of Columbus Council 4527 BADGER COLUMBUS CLUB, LLC 5256 Verona Road, Fitchburg, WI

Grilled to Perfection.

mmm...Steak! For a night of great food...“grill your own” at the Prime Quarter Steak House. Rehearsal Dinners • Parties • Gatherings 3520 E Washington Avenue Madison, WI 53704 608-244-3520

Rehearsal Dinners, Bachelor/ette Parties Engagement Parties, Showers, Gift Openings MADISON

Lake Geneva





1262 John Q. Hammons Dr. Priv at Ava e Room s ilab le

111 Center St.

644 Wisconsin Dells Pkwy.


Tim Fitch Photography

make it a party.

WEDDING planner and guide • 189

receptions and rehearsal dinners Catering Reception guests always look forward to food and refreshment. Thankfully, professional caterers offer a full range of culinary delights and services. Formal dinners, buffets and brunches can feature a variety of tasty cuisines. Hors d’oeuvres, salads, breads, desserts, pastries and even pig roasts are available for reception fare. From hummus platters to stuffed tenderloin, caterers can satisfy the tastes of any couple, not only for receptions, but also for rehearsals and showers.  Many reception facilities are under contract with specific caterers, giving you no choice in your food service. If you are able to choose your own caterer, there are a delectable variety of caterers in this area to choose from.  When calling caterers for prices and menus, ask about sampling before making a final decision. Some caterers specialize in the business, while others can be part of a restaurant or food market that goes off premise to cater. With such a variety to choose from, there is certainly something for everyone’s taste!

Bartender Services When looking to provide your own alcohol at your reception, mobile bartender services provide licensed and certified bartenders, waitstaff, bar backs and even hosts and hostesses. The service provides everything from the mixers and sodas to straws and garnishes to cups, glassware, and other bar necessities. When booking a mobile bartender service, make sure you have an estimate of how many guests will be attending and a budget in mind. The professionals can then tailor a package to meet your specific needs. Additionally think through what kind of options you want to give your guests. Do you want strictly beer and wine or would you like to provide other spirits such as vodka, gin, tequila, whiskey, scotch, etc? Will there be children present? This will help the staff better understand what to prepare for. A bartender service is certainly not limited to the reception, however. You may want to consider a bartender service for the rehearsal dinner and bachelor/ette parties or even just girls night out! Blue Dandelion Photography

Bartenders and Waitstaff for Hire Serving Southern WI and Northern IL

(608) 6-BAR-608 190 • Wedding Planner & Guide • 191

Exceptional Catering and Event Planning Professionals With personalized one-on-one wedding consultations and customized menus for unique individual tastes, we pride ourselves on our superb customer service.

Extraordinary Hors d’Oeuvres Buffet or Sit Down Dinners Celebrating over 45 years 709 Atlas Avenue, Madison

608.222.1267 l l

ChaRCoaL RoTiSSERiE CaTERinG Pigs • Chickens • Turkeys Lamb • Prime Rib • Tenderloin Baby Ribs • Fish Boils We turn an outdoor roast into a gala event! Customized Catering and Event Planning Services Elegant Country Wedding Specialists Rentals including: Tents, Tables, Chairs, Linens, Centerpieces, China, Glassware, Silverware

toll free 888-992-6328 192 • Wedding Planner & Guide

ting 22 ear ebr1a9 9 0 - 2 0 1 Y l s e 2 C

The Wedding Experts Voted Best of Madison 2003 through 2010 Serving you at over 15 locations. Exclusively at The West Side Club, Zor Shrine, and English Cottage.


Creating an atmosphere for all occasions while exceeding all expectations...

For Events Year Round Rehearsal Dinners • Bridal Showers Wedding Receptions • In/Outdoor Settings & More! Mon.-Fri., 9a-9p; Sat., 8a-9p; Sun., 10a-6p

668 Janesville Street, Oregon • (Fax) 608-835-0608

608-835-9188 •

Madison’s First Choice for Wedding Buffets Cranberry Creek Catering 1501 Lake Point Drive, Madison WI 53713 (608)222-9752 • • 193

receptions and rehearsal dinners

Outdoor Reception Depending on the time of year, an outdoor reception can be absolutely beautiful. Some reception halls have outdoor sites available or you can choose from a variety of city, county, and state parks. Otherwise, you could always host your celebration in your own home or backyard Ă la Father of the Bride! If you decide to host your reception at a local park, you may be able to reserve a pavilion. Make sure to find out well in advance what you are allowed and not allowed to do. Each park has its own particular rules and restrictions.

194 • Wedding Planner & Guide

If you choose to host your reception outdoors, there are additional considerations to take into account. Does your site have some kind of shelter or will you provide your own? Is there restroom accessibility? Do you have an alternate plan in case of inclement weather? How will you deal with extreme conditions? Do you have to deal with a large insect population? A major benefit of hosting your reception in the great outdoors is the picturesque atmosphere. An outside reception also allows for a wide range of menu options. Enjoy anything from no-frills picnics to formal sit-down dinners. You can hire a caterer or do-it-yourself with the help of rental companies.

Rentals Rental companies offer everything you need to make your reception the perfect event. Do you need shelter? Rental tents let you enjoy the beauty of the great outdoors while offering protection from the elements. Tents are available in many sizes; some can even accommodate over 2,500 people! They are also available in different styles, from open-air canopies to tents enclosed with French windowed walls. Complete the ensemble with tables, chairs, table settings, linens and chair covers in a wide array of styles and colors. Rental companies also offer dance floors, lighting, audio-visual equipment and more to provide the ideal atmosphere for any celebration. photos clockwise from left Blue Dandelion Photography Primavera Studios Heidi Lee Photography • 195

receptions and rehearsal dinners

When choosing an outdoor venue there is one more thing to keep in mind: restroom accessibility. Some companies that carry portable restrooms will rent them for special events. Companies that specialize in the business may surprise you. Their units are clean and can come equipped with flushing toilets, sinks, mirrors and lights, providing all the conveniences of an indoor facility outdoors!

photos clockwise from top left: Primavera Studios, Paul Toepfer Photography, Heidi Lee Photography, Pierre’s Portrait Art Co. at Agora Pavilion

196 • Wedding Planner & Guide

expert about the

Farrah Slinger EvEnt EssEntials As the event division manager of Event Essentials, Farrah Slinger loves the continually changing nature of the event industry. These changes have propelled A to Z Event Essentials into changes of their own. Currently, A to Z RentAll and Event Essentials are splitting into two separate divisions. “In an effort to improve our products and services,” Farrah explains, “we have decided to solely focus on each division individually.” The expert staff at Event Essentials has multiple years of experience and is dedicated to knowing the latest industry trends. They regularly participate in national, regional and local industry meetings. “We have better ideas to make each client’s event unique and memorable and we continue to be trendsetters in an ever-changing industry!” Farrah and her team provide a stress-free event for their clients. Because Event Essentials is a single point of contact for a couple’s event equipment needs, customers do not need to coordinate as many vendors and can produce a more seamless event. “Additionally,” Farrah offers, “we have after-hours coverage and respond to event problems, should they occur.”

about the


Event Essentials | Farrah Slinger, Event Division Manager 6485 Blanchar’s Crossing, Windsor, WI | 608-223-3140 |

Todd Scheel Exciting EvEnts, inc. For over 25 years Exciting Events has been providing music, décor, lighting and video for weddings and other events. Their experienced staff, one-of-a-kind equipment and dedication to remaining leaders in the industry are just a few reasons why they are the preferred professionals of many distinguished venues throughout southeastern Wisconsin. Couples value this commitment to excellence and look to Exciting Events to create reception magic. “Exciting Events strives to turn events and venues into experiences of a lifetime,” Todd says. “No matter the budget, even a small amount of lighting and décor can have a huge impact.” They offer the utmost in personalization through song selections, lighted monograms, and customized interactions with guests. Exciting Events even offers Wedding Receptions 101 to all couples. Todd describes, “This class is a priceless opportunity to practice the wedding reception and it’s fun and entertaining too!” From the entrance of the bride and groom to the last song, they walk through every part of the night. This personalized service is what ensures a night to remember. Exciting Events, Inc. | Todd Scheel, Owner/President 2020 S. Calhoun Rd., New Berlin, WI 53151 | 262-797-8880 | • 197

198 • Wedding Planner & Guide • 199

200 • Wedding Planner & Guide

are o we h w ’s it do at we h w ’s t eate i we cr t a h it’s w



Audio • Video • Lighting • decor

262-797-8880 • • 201

We have what you need. Tents  Decorative Lighting Dance Floors  Portable Restrooms & Sinks French Window Sidewalls  Tables & Linens White Folding Chairs  Wedding Arches & More!

Bruce Fritz

Rentals, Inc. 2182 Hwy MM, Oregon

(608)291-2500 

Bruce Fritz


Bruce Fritz

Decoration Specialist & Wedding Planner on staff.

The Country Plumber

Portable Restroom Services

NEW! The Portalisa JAG Restroom Unit - includes lighting, wooden floor, marble countertops, air conditioning, and am/fm & cd radio! Tents Also Available Weddings Graduations Anniversaries and Parties Any Indoor or Outdoor Activity! Portage, Madison • (608)742-2648 • Toll Free (800)472-7448 • 202 • Wedding Planner & Guide

chair covers sashes table runners rentals 608.852.5007

Chair Covers Linens Chiavari Chairs Centerpieces Chair Cover Special $1.95 each

includes chair cover and sash with installation: $3.25

Waverly pattern caps

Chiavari chair rental $6

Specialty overlays

Spandex linens

Unique centerpieces

VISIT OUR SHOWROOM: N8069 County F • Centrally Located

920-355-4014 l • 203

WEDDING planner and guide

Primavera Studios

204 • Wedding Planner & Guide

you’ll find all you need...

Photo Booths Photo booths debuted at weddings a few years ago and quickly becoming a wedding staple. During the reception, guests often look for something to do, whether during the lull between the ceremony and the reception, right after dinner, or even during dancing. Keep your guests occupied and entertained throughout the night by renting a photo booth. Couples usually rent one for anywhere between three to eight hours. Guests will love plotting their poses and picking out props. They walk away with their own photo and the bridal couple has a copy placed in a scrapbook keepsake just for them. Photo booths are the perfect way to entertain your guests and to preserve fun wedding memories at the same time.


Laura Zastrow Photography

608-347-4576 • • 205

206 • Wedding Planner & Guide

Flipbooks One of the newest reception trends for guest entertainment is mobile flipbook studios. Similar to photo booths, guests step in front of the camera to create a short video clip. Within mere minutes, this recording is turned into a personalized flipbook. The flipbook booth is manned by professional attendants to produce the books and help with the flow of guests. Not only do your guests walk away with a fun favor, but everyone is able to enjoy watching other guests create video clips. The bride and groom are even able to purchase a compilation of each guest’s clips. There are many options to personalize the flipbooks and the experience. Couples can opt for custom flipbook covers, fun props, customized backgrounds, light graffiti, scrolling text along the bottom of the flipbook pages, fun signs and either black and white or full color books. Though they make the perfect wedding favors, flipbooks may also be a fun activity for the Bachelorette party or rehearsal dinner and are a unique option for Save the Dates or Thank Yous.

Antics Flipbooks provides interactiv e entertainment an d unique favors for your gu ests. Personalized flipbo oks created on the sp ot!

l ip b o o k M o b il e F • • • • •

S t u d io

Unlimited Flipbooks! Custom Cover Design Deluxe Props and Signs Choose Color or B&W DVD of all Video Clips

608-770-7999 • 207

receptions and rehearsal dinners The First Dance The lights go down, the music starts, and you and your new spouse take the spotlight on the dance floor. The first dance as husband and wife is one of the most special moments of the night. Whether you opt for sweet and romantic or a lively showstopper, all eyes will be on you. The first dance represents the new marriage you just committed to and how you are now working together to move through life. Learning to dance as a couple not only teaches you exactly how to work together, but it also teaches you to be gracious with one another and allows you to connect in a way only the dance floor allows. If you can gracefully dance together, you have learned to be vulnerable with each other, communicate with each other, and utilize your strengths. Learning to dance together will help you understand each other more intimately than ever before. In order to make a stunning entrance as husband and wife, a little preparation is in order. Schedule professional dance lessons well in advance of your wedding. When wedding plans get stressful, use this as a date night for just the two of you. With a little professional tutoring you will be able to celebrate your marriage like never before‌ and just dance.


208 • Wedding Planner & Guide

photos above: Heidi Lee Photography, Tim Fitch Photography, Primavera Studios

reception traditions first toast The best man proposes the first toast after the wedding party has been served. This is usually followed by toasts from other relatives, friends, or the bride and groom. newlyweds’ cake cutting The bride and groom cut the cake hand-over-hand and feed each other a small piece. first dance The newlyweds dance the first dance as guests look on. Although traditionally a waltz, a contemporary approach can entail a special song, choreographed routine, or any dance the couple chooses. customary dances Following the first dance, the bride dances with her father, the groom’s father and best man. The groom dances with the bride’s mother, his mother and maid of honor. Other guests join the wedding party on the floor after these dances. tossing the bouquet The bride tosses a small bouquet over her shoulder to a waiting group of single women. According to tradition, the woman who catches the bouquet will be the next bride. garter toss The groom removes the bride’s garter from her leg and throws it to a waiting group of bachelors. According to tradition, the lucky recipient will be the next groom. • 209

receptions and rehearsal dinners

guest accommodation checklist

❏ Six to nine months before the wedding send Save-the-Date cards to guests who will need to make travel arrangements. Include as much information as possible so they are able to make plans. ❏ Let out-of-town guests know about area attractions and the locations of points of interest. Maps, guide books and directions are helpful for those unfamiliar to the area. ❏ If you have many guests from out-of-town, consider setting aside a block of hotel rooms. Most hotels, motels and inns offer special rates for a block of rooms. When you call to reserve rooms you may find some hotels require a deposit. Others may simply offer rooms at a special rate until a specified date. If a certain number of rooms are needed, reserve a block of rooms early. Some hotels also offer a free room for the bride and groom or a free meeting room for a gift opening party. Certain dates fill quickly, especially if area events are taking place at that same time. ❏ Consider leaving small gifts at the hotel for your guests. Leave special goodie bags or baskets at the hotel to be given to the guests when they check in. These thoughtful packages may include candy, snacks, bottled water, a gift certificate for a nearby restaurant, an area tour book, a map, or even a simple card thanking them for coming from so far to attend the wedding. ❏ Include out-of-town guests in many of the pre- and post-wedding festivities. Invite them to the rehearsal dinner (if budget allows), a special brunch, or the gift opening party. If other special activities are planned, consider extending an open invitation to distant travelers. Usually the bride or groom’s family, depending on whose friends or relatives they are, will entertain the out-of-town guests prior to or following the wedding day. ❏ If you are having a formal reception, carefully plan the seating arrangement. Place guests in comfortable situations with those they know or with whom they share similar interests. ❏ If the reception dinner guest list includes children, consider ordering “kids’ meals.” Your younger guests will enjoy them. ❏ When giving toasts, remember to include a “thank you” to everyone for attending your celebration. ❏ Send a hand-written thank you note for every gift. You must follow e-mails, form letters, and a verbal thank you with a hand-written note. ❏ Keep in mind that out-of-town guests my have spent hundreds of dollars just to get to the wedding day. They certainly deserve the extra attention to help them feel welcome!

210 • Wedding Planner & Guide

Madison East 608-661-8100 Madison West 608-203-0100

Madison East 608-244-9400

It’s Your Moment to

Celebrate! Arrange your wedding block at any of our nine Madison area hotels and provide your family and friends with the service only The North Central Group can provide. Our promise is to deliver exceptional service to you and your guests by exceeding expectations. Check-in to the start of many special memories to come.

Madison West 608-271-0200

Madison West/Middleton 608-831-2220

Madison West/Middleton 608-831-1400 Madison East 608-661-2700

That’s Our Commitment to You!

Madison West/Middleton 608-662-1100

For further details contact the Madison Sales Office at 608-662-3659 or visit us online at

Madison West 608-271-0600 • 211

Clarion Suite Madison — Central is a first-class, All suite hotel that offers the following: • 140 Spacious Suites • Indoor Pool, Whirlpool, and Fitness Center • Complimentary Hot Breakfast Buffet • Complimentary Social Hour — Mon. - Sun. • Elegant Catering with Customized Menus • Hospitality Room • Block Rates available for Weekend Wedding Groups

For Reservations call

608.284.1234 Ext. 6405

Visit us at

Rehearsal Dinners, Gift Openings, Bridal Showers and Deluxe Room Accommodations

2110 Rimrock Road • Madison, WI 53713 (3 miles from downtown)

Find us on Facebook


ou’ve been dreaming of marrying Mr. Right your whole life.

We’re pretty sure that dream didn’t include a reception at some ordinary banquet hall. This is the one day in your life when you don’t have to settle for ordinary. After all, you’re the bride. And this is your day. So a reception at the elegant Hilton Madison Monona Terrace only makes sense.

9 East Wilson St. l Madison l 608.260.2304 l 212 • Wedding Planner & Guide

✶ Complimentary Shuttle to & from Reception ✶ Ask About Our Free Bridal Suite ✶ Pool,Whirlpool & Fitness Center (24 hours) ✶ Complimentary Hot Breakfast ✶ Free Wireless Internet Call for Wedding Specials


Conveniently located off I90 and Hwy 12 &18 East


24-hr. indoor pool & whirlpool • Free SuperStart® breakfast Free wireless Internet • Business center • Fitness room Newly remodeled lobby • In-room fridge & coffee maker HBO • Free local calls • 5 min. from UW, Kohl Center, Alliant Energy Center & Downtown Madison

Jct. of Hwys. 12/18 & Fish Hatchery Rd. 1602 W. Beltline Hwy.

(608) 258-8882 1.800.800.8000 • 213


photos clockwise from above Captured Moments Photography Blue Dandelion Photography Heidi Lee Photography Red Gecko Studio Tim Fitch Photography Anderson Fine Art Photography Primavera Studios

214 • Wedding Planner & Guide

Wedding Photography After the lights fade, the guests go home and the buzz dies down you can relive the excitement of your wedding time and again. Months of wedding planning go into this one fleeting day. Your wedding photographs will capture those priceless moments as an heirloom to be passed down through your family for generations to come. Choosing the right professional photographer is an essential part of accomplishing this. Good photographers will demonstrate competence, experience, and knowledge of their equipment. One local professional recommends looking for a photographer that interacts well with people. Your photographer is present for much of your wedding day, and you do not want someone that makes you or your guests uncomfortable. A professional photographer will offer an easyto-understand contract or brochure that states explicitly what is included in your photography package. Make sure to check references! Each photographer approaches his or her artistry with a distinct style. Some take a classic approach, while others take a romantic or dramatic approach. How you want your day to look and feel is dictated by the photographer you choose. Find a photographer whose style matches the style you envision for your wedding and your photographs. After you’ve determined what style photography you like, think about what kind of services and products you want. Some photographers will simply cover the wedding and give you the raw images, leaving you to purchase other products, such as portraits, photo albums, thank you cards, etc., a la carte. Other photographers offer photography packages. If you want beautiful albums and specialty projects, you will want to find a photographer that has those specialized skills. You should also decide if you want the rights to your photos. When you hire a photographer, you pay for the creation of the photography, not always the copyrights. Some photographers give out the license for personal use or allow it to expire after a certain • 215


amount of time. If you are artistically inclined and want to create your own projects with your photographs, you will want to find a photographer that will give you the rights. However, for most people it does not matter. The kind of products they want done with their prints is so specialized that the majority return to their photographer anyway. A note of caution: In order to cut costs, it may be tempting to ask a friend or relative to snap a few photographs for you. This is a lot of pressure to place on someone who is not a professional, and the risk of accidental loss or damage rises dramatically. A professional photographer will not only safeguard against catastrophes, he or she will also be able to help make decisions about style, poses, and the sequence of shots. After the wedding, photographers will touch-up and color correct your photos to make them picture perfect for presentation. In addition, professionals can be a tremendous resource because they have wedding expertise that extends beyond the camera. Photographers are one of the few professionals there throughout the day. They know which other wedding professionals are consistently outstanding. Take advantage of your photographer’s experience! As with most other wedding services, book a photographer as soon as possible, which usually means as soon as you have set the wedding date. One photographer also recommends that you have your ceremony and reception sites picked out. After your wedding, it typically takes four to six weeks to receive proofs. Digital photographers can make proofs almost immediately; however there is oftentimes so much material to go through that it takes longer. Many digital photographers will provide a CD to view on a computer or even post an online wedding gallery accessible through their website.

Engagement Photos An engagement portrait session is a great chance for camera shy brides and grooms to practice their poses before the big day. It is also an opportunity for you to see your photographer in action. You may already know you like your photographer’s style, but it is just as important that you feel comfortable and interact well with your photographer. These photos mark the beginning of a very momentous time in your relationship — and a cute shot of the two of you for the newspaper announcement is a must! Book your portrait session four to five months ahead of the wedding so you have plenty of time to submit photos to your local newspaper. Primavera Studios

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top 10 madison wedding photography locations

1) The Capitol 2) Memorial Union Terrace 3) Olbrich Gardens 4) Overture Center 5) Monona Terrace 6) Allen Centennial Gardens 7) Olin Park 8) State Street 9) UW Arboretum 10) Willy Street



5 10


photos 1. Appleby Photography 2. Blue Dandelion Photography 3. Red Gecko Studio 4. Pierre’s Portrait Art Co. 5. The Wedding Flasher 6. Red Gecko Studio 7. Heidi Lee Photography 8. Blue Dandelion Photography 9. Primavera Studios 10. Paper Antler

6 2 3 7

8 • 217

expert about the

Jennifer and Andrew Keeley Yonda AmeliA John PhotogrAPhers Jennifer and Andrew Keeley Yonda are the husband and wife duo behind Amelia John. Commonly hailed as creative geniuses, it is no wonder this dynamic team took to the creative arts professionally. “Back in the days of film I had a lot of family, friends, and friends of friends of friends asking me to shoot their weddings,” Andrew laughs. “I suppose that’s what happens when you go to school for photography!” It turns out that he had a blast doing it and people loved the images he provided. “So around the time I met Jennifer,” he recalls, “I decided to make a go of it and turn what I was doing for fun into a real business.” Jennifer also had an affinity for photography early on; though she never imagined she could do something she loved so much as a profession. “When Andrew and I met and he booked his first wedding as a real business,” she remembers, “naturally I pointed out how awesome it would be for me to come along and help him out! Ever since that first wedding we were hooked!” Amelia John does all kinds of photography, but they particularly love the excitement and creativity of wedding photography. “It’s always surprised me how people I’ve only met a few times will welcome me so closely on one of their most treasured days ever.” Andrew relates. “I feel really honored!” Andrew and Jennifer encourage couples to find a photographer that is totally unique and whose style and personality really fits them. “It’s important to take the time to educate yourself about the differences from one photographer to the next.” Andrew points out that photographers’ websites and portfolios can often look almost identical. “To get a true sense of what your photographer might actually deliver you, ask to see a few recent online wedding galleries,” Andrews advises. “Often this is where you can see important difference in style and consistency.” What couples will find when they look at Amelia John’s wedding galleries is a signature style that mixes fashion-based images with fun, quirky photos. “Whenever we photograph people, we want to document real emotions.” Jennifer says, “Whether the bride’s cracking up because of something the groom whispers in her ear or a quiet, intimate moment when the couple forgets that we’re even there.” Amelia John’s clients agree: when it is all said and done, couples rave about how enjoyable it was to work with both Andrew and Jennifer and at how stunning their wedding photos turned out. Amelia John Photographers Jennifer and Andrew Keeley Yonda, Owners/Photographers 1976 Atwood Avenue, Madison, WI 53704 | 608-338-9642 |

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expert about the

Chris Maitzen A True Likeness Chris Maitzen, owner and lead photographer of A True Likeness is a true student of the art of photography. He has been photographing for 38 years and has obtained a Bachelor degree and two Masters of Fine Arts degrees specializing in photography. In addition, he has been involved in various aspects of photography, from teaching to industrial production. When photographing a wedding, Chris collaborates with each couple to create a unique document of their day. As Chris observes, “Your wedding photographer is your witness for the future.” It is important that your photographer shares your vision for how the day unfolds. With A True Likeness, couples rest assured they have the best service possible. “I limit the amount of weddings I do per year because I prefer to concentrate wholly on each wedding I do,” Chris explains, “and I always have a second photographer to assist.” Couples can choose from a variety of add-ons to make their day truly unique and ensures that every moment is captured in a way that fits the flavor of the day.

about the


A True Likeness | Chris Maitzen, Owner/Photographer 1233 Union Road, Oregon, WI | 608-835-8684 |

Michael Mowbray Beautiful Portraits By Michael Named 2011 Wisconsin Photographer of the year - FRU, and 2011 International PPA Gold Photographer of the Year, master photographer Michael Mowbray pushes himself and his team to make every wedding they photograph “the best wedding ever.” He mixes on-the-edge creativity with a fun-loving attitude to deliver an amazing wedding experience time and again. Couples gravitate to Beautiful Portraits by Michael because of their non-traditional style of photography. Michael’s fashion-inspired creativity and dramatic imagery capture the romance of the wedding in an unforgettable “portrait photojournalistic” style. His clients Adrienne and Kerry agree: “On behalf of both me and my husband – as well as my entire family – we cannot thank you and your team enough for the pictures!! The quality was so astounding and beautiful there are not enough words in the English language to describe the perfection of them. I looked at them from the link you gave me this past Friday and I was sobbing in front of the computer at our resort in Belize--I AM SO HAPPY!!” Beautiful Portraits by Michael | Michael Mowbray, Master Photographer 707 W. Lexington Pkwy, DeForest | 608-846-5319 | • 219

expert about the

Erin Melissa Halvorson

Melissa Grace PhotoGraPhy Erin Melissa Halvorson has always possessed a natural artist’s “eye”. She started taking pictures in 1999 and the reactions she got from family and friends encouraged her to launch Melissa Grace Photography in 2005. Erin loves capturing wedding images for the pure enjoyment of the day. “I love what I do and I really love people in love!” With every wedding she photographs, Erin strives to capture real memories and show real stories through her images: “The images should remind you of how you felt, laughed, and loved at that singular moment frozen in time.” And Erin accomplishes just that. As one local wedding officiant observed, “It seemed that when a photo opportunity presented itself, you were there to capture the image. And we enjoyed just watching you work, always looking for a creative angle or different shot.” Erin’s motto is ‘tradition with an artistic edge’. She works to make everyday people into timeless works of art, affordably. “If you want a timeless look with an artsy edge, I am your photographer!”

about the


Melissa Grace Photography | Erin Melissa Halvorson 608-230-6386 |

Kevin & Kelsey Visel Primavera StudioS Kevin and Kelsey Visel are the husband and wife team behind Primavera Studios. They both took an artistic direction in college that, when combined with their passion for photographing weddings, led them to launch Primavera Studios six years ago. They have a fun, natural and artistic style that is evident in their work. “We pour our hearts into what we do,” Kevin says. “We provide an awesome, fun, and stress-free wedding day experience,” Kelsey adds, “as well as professionalism and reliability before and after the wedding.” They approach every wedding as if it were their own, giving each couple the same kind of personal attention they would show a family member. Not only do they make the experience enjoyable, they also create stunning artwork that couples can display and treasure for years to come. “We believe that a marriage relationship is one of the most significant that exists,” Kevin explains. “This is why we’re so passionate and excited to be able to capture our couples’ wedding days in a way they will cherish forever.” Primavera Studios | Kevin & Kelsey Visel, Owners/Photographers 6524 Seybold Avenue, Madison, WI 53719 | 608-229-1321 |

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expert about the

Tim Fitch Tim FiTch PhoTograPhy Tim Fitch has been creating uncommon photos for the extraordinary couple for twelve years. After photography school, he spent a lot of time learning the craft of commercial photography. “Ultimately, however,” Tim recalls, “my love of documentary, journalistic and fashion photography pointed me to weddings.” What brides and grooms love about Tim is his ability to go beyond the safe images. Though shooting a safe image is second nature, he takes calculated risks to shoot the real moments many photographers miss. Tim explains, “I am a storyteller who has committed to be the best and never settle.” He avoids what is considered trendy and focuses on what is original. Tim advises couples to look at full wedding collections when shopping for a wedding photographer. “Let your emotions do the work,” he prods. “Once you have looked at the 600 or more images a client receives and you’ve checked off all the basic requirements, your instincts will tell you exactly who to trust.” This is undoubtedly why so many couples trust Tim Fitch Photography to capture the fleeting moments of their big day. Tim Fitch Photography | Tim Fitch, Owner/Photographer Madison, WI | 608-772-0551 | • 221

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608-279-0646 . 230 • Wedding Planner & Guide

Creative Images by Cal Photography/Videography Flat rate, all day coverage. you keep the prooFs you keep the digital Files. call today! 608.576.1100 available dates are limited • 231

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Elegant photographs for the changes in your life.

Madison, WI • 608-218-4742 238 • Wedding Planner & Guide • 239

240 • Wedding Planner & Guide • 241

Stunning... Capturing cherished moments for over 20 years.

Quality, affordable wedding photography packages including digital negatives.

Michelle Allen P










2935 S. Fish Hatchery Rd, Fitchburg (608)230-6070 •

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Y • 243

244 • Wedding Planner & Guide • 245

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Tradition with an

artistic edge

Melissa Grace p h o t o g r a p h y • 608-230-6386 • 247

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Natural Moments Photography By Lisa Braley

Award Winning Imagery And Expertise With Affordable Packages And Options That Meet Your Wedding Coverage Needs.


Creative Photography

608.843.9932 • 249

250 • Wedding Planner & Guide

Starting at $1500. Packages at $1950.

608.515.6488 click “Weddings>Associate Team”

10/20/2011 Glenn Trudel Photography

beautiful_portraits_associate.indd 1

10:28:20 AM

great candids • affordable • 608-244-4323 • 251

it’s your wedding.

we’re here to help.

Primavera Studios

plan it it your way.

Madison’s Wedding Planner & Guide 252 • Wedding Planner & Guide

what’s your style? Formal: classic, posed photos that are usually agreed on beforehand, such as shots of the entire bridal party, the bride with her parents, and the groom with his parents.

Editorial: a blend of both formal and photojournalistic shots.

Heidi Lee Photography

Photojournalistic: photographs that are generally taken from a distance so the subject is unaware and does not pose. It captures more natural emotion. • 253


254 • Wedding Planner & Guide

Videography Videography captures all the special moments of the wedding day—some you may remember and others you may not even know occurred. Brides consistently place a greater value on videography in retrospect, because artistically capturing your wedding on video is the only way to preserve both the sights and the sounds of your wedding day. It allows you to relive the moments that rushed by in a blur of excitement: the vows, kisses, dances, toasts, laughter and excitement. Videography lets you experience the moments you completely missed in addition to the possible bloopers, the tears of joy, and the sentiments of your guests. You are the star of your own romantic movie!

photos clockwise from top left Heidi Lee Photography Primavera Studios Michelle Allen Photography Jennifer McCarty Photography The Wedding Flasher Ann Gorgen Photography

But videography is not only for viewing those priceless memories for generations to come, it is also for your actual wedding day. You can entertain your wedding guests with photo montages, highlights of the ceremony, or your “Love Story” to show at the reception. Creative couples are pushing the limits in other ways by utilizing videographers to create personalized video Save the Dates for their guests to view online or 3-D slideshows to entertain guests during the reception. Some couples will provide a live-streaming webcast for guests that may not be able to travel to the event. Other adventurous couples are even putting together “Trash the Dress” style video productions to wow and astonish. Before you ask Uncle Rick to bring his camcorder as a standin videographer, remember that filming your special day can be a very high-pressure job. Videographers have to capture all the right moments at just the right times. They work with the photographer, must interact well with all the guests and have the proper equipment to film your special day. Uncle Rick most likely does not have wireless microphones to ensure great sound quality, multiple cameras to capture every moment, and multi-chip imaging sensors for much better picture quality. Don’t burden a guest with such an important responsibility. Professional videographer’s have the artistic eye and the years of experience needed to ensure your wedding emotions, events and memories are captured in a DVD production you will enjoy watching over and over again. There is a broad array of add-ons, package prices, artistic styles and levels of experience, so be sure to view a thorough sample of a videographers work and at least one complete video.

❥ • 255


video tips • Compare the work of potential videographers. Make sure to view the work of the person who will actually be recording the event. • View a thorough sample of a potential videographer’s work. • Check videos for clarity, steadiness, and attention to detail. • Listen carefully to the quality of various sounds, from soft-spoken vows to the beat of dance music. • Look to see if desired feelings and moods are captured. • Watch for transition from scene to scene and the use of special effects (if desired). • Interact with the videographer to make sure he or she will interact well with you and your guests. • Get everything in writing. Check over the contract so you know what is included. • Discuss any special requests ahead of time. • If the videographer will be recording both the ceremony and reception, check to see if he or she needs to be included in the dinner count.

wedding day moments to capture

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Captured Moments Photography

❥ Bridal Party entrance ❥ Rehearsal ❥ Cake-cutting ❥ Pre-ceremony preparation ❥ Toasts ❥ Ceremony ❥ First Dance ❥ Receiving Line ❥ Photography session ❥ Garter & bouquet toss ❥ Transportation between venues

Creative Images by Cal



weddings, events, quinceaĂąeras, bar mitzvah,

bat mitzvah, parties, commercial advertising,

t. v. shows

call today! 608.576.1100 available dates are limited • 257

Photos by: Angelic Angles


View Beautiful Video Samples Online 608.833.4155

EllaBella productions

Charming, Professionally Trained, Creative Videographers It has been our pleasure to be the wedding videographers of choice by hundreds of couples. We pride ourselves in capturing discreet wedding day videography and providing both traditional and contemporary editing styles. “The video is beautiful. We both had tears of joy while watching it. It was such a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity AND you captured it!” —Thanks, Elena and Mike


Live it…Capture it…Remember it…

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DVD and HD Blu-ray Production Ask about our “Day of Reflections” Package Contact Tim at 608-209-1290 • 259

Flowers and Decorations

260 • Wedding Planner & Guide

Getting Started

photos top (left to right) Azena Photography Amelia John Photographers Paul Toepfer Photography

photo center Beautiful Portraits by Michael

photos bottom (left to right)

Flowers bring personality to your wedding. The colors, scents, and styles all work together to create a statement that is uniquely you. Before you visit your florist, try to identify the style or mood you envision for your wedding. Do you want a vintage look? Modern? Traditional? Whimsical? Elegant? Romantic? This helps your florist understand what you want. It also helps to have your wedding gown and bridesmaid dresses picked out. Bring pictures or fabric swatches so your florist can determine what colors and styles best complement the dresses.

Red Gecko Studio Blue Dandelion Photography Ann Gorgen Photography

Determine your floral budget before your appointment and do not be afraid to tell your floral professional exactly how much you have to work with during the first consultation. Make a prioritized list of where you do and do not want flowers so your florist has a clear framework to work within. One local florist says couples should let them know if they have a favorite flower or color that they want incorporated into the floral arrangements, but be open to what your florist suggests. Florists have an eye for what works well together and with a little artistic license they are able to create floral arrangements that help you get the most of the look you want for your budget. • 261

cf laokwees r s a n d a n dd é c o r confections

Bouquets Your bouquet can be as much a focal point as your wedding gown. Be daring! To find your own creative flair, use your bouquet to tell a story. Is there a flower your fiancé would always give you? Use it in your bouquet. Incorporate special mementos such as lace from your mother’s wedding dress, one of grandma’s brooches, or your family’s heirloom jewels. Bridesmaids’ bouquets are becoming more creative as well. Instead of very similar versions of the bride’s, though this is still popular as well, people are ramping up the drama by using contasting colors or putting floral accents on other items such as purses.

Décor Decorating is one thing you can either hire a professional for or do-it-yourself. If you want to handle every detail yourself, keep in mind that many of the decorations can only be done the day of the wedding. This added stress might not be worth the small savings in the decorating budget. If you do decide to take care of the decorations yourself, it is still helpful to turn to the professionals for help. Most professional décor providers are happy to sell you supplies, rent out equipment, and even show a few tricks of the trade. Once you make your plans, get approval from your contacts at the ceremony and reception sites. 262 • Wedding Planner & Guide

photos opposite page Errin Hiltbrand Primavera Studios photos this page The Wedding Flasher Jill’s Creative Photography Ann Gorgen Photography

bouquet styles arm: one long-stemmed flower or an arrangement of long-stemmed flowers (usually calla lilies or roses) that are loosely tied with a ribbon and are cradled in one arm. biedermeier: employs concentric rings of contrasting flowers. cascade: contain a mixture of blossoms and greenery that falls into an elongated, trailing shape. composite: a single stem with a cluster of blooms or individual petals that are wired or glued together to form a fuller, elegant blossom. hand tied: arrangements of flowers that usually have a rounded shape and stems bound together by ribbon. nosegay (called a posy when miniature): a round burst of blossoms which are either hand-tied or packed into a bouquet holder. pomander: a densely packed sphere of flowers with a looped ribbon handle. They are more common for flower girls, but are gaining popularity for bridesmaids. pseudo-cascade: a combination of cascade and hand tied. It creates more of a dripping bouquet effect. • 263


Simply Glamorous Designs at Oregon Floral



4. 1.


5. 264 • Wedding Planner & Guide


6. photos 1. Christie Maddox Photography 2. Paper Antler 3. Amelia John Photographers 4. Anderson Fine Art Photography 5. Red Gecko Studio 6. Primavera Studios 7. Blue Dandelion Photography 8. Michelle Allen Photography 9. The Wedding Flasher

9. 7. • 265

f l o wc ea rkse sa n d daĂŠ ncdo r confections The Ceremony The entrance to your ceremony site is the first your guests will see of your wedding. You can use floral wreaths or planters to elegantly grace the doorways. Use floral arrangements, balloons, tulle, and candles or other soft lights to set the atmosphere while guests line up to sign the guest book. Decorate the altar with flower arrangements or use pedestals to frame the area with flowers and other decorations. One local florist recommends using two floral arrangements on either side of the altar as a cost saving measure. These arrangements can later be used to decorate the reception site. The first time the bride and groom catch sight of each other is oftentimes the walk down the aisle. If you are the bride, this is when all your guests stand up and look only at you; it should be an ethereal atmosphere. Your goal is to make the aisle as magical as possible. You can line the aisle with the heads of blossoms, candles or bows and give the flower girl petals to drop on her walk down the aisle. Tulle, flowers and custom bows make a tasteful way of denoting reserved seating at the ceremony.

266 • Wedding Planner & Guide

photos opposite page Blue Dandelion Photography, Anderson Fine Art Photography photos this page clockwise from top Paul Toepfer Photography, Blue Dandelion Photography, Dells Weddings at the White Rose • 267

f l o wc ea rkse sa n d daé ncdo r confections The Reception Do not limit beautiful arrangements simply to your ceremony. Pomander balls and topiaries are elegant adornments for both inside and outside. Table centerpieces are very important for setting the tone of the reception. Guests sit at the tables for several hours and the centerpieces should be an eye-catching conversation piece. To cut costs while also creating depth and visual interest when guests walk into the room, use two or three different versions of your centerpiece. Vary your centerpieces by using more flowers on some and less flowers on others, you can spread your budget further while creating depth and visual interest. Utilize different heights and different elements in your centerpieces to create visual depth and interest. Although different, they should still have a common thread of some sort, perhaps a similarly shaped vase or common accessory. Aim for centerpieces that are visually interesting, yet flow together. And be sure to consider eye level! Arrangements should either be below eye level or above it so as not to impede conversation. In addition to your guest tables, you also have the head table, cake table and gift table. Try to carry the same theme throughout. Transport the floral arrangements from the ceremony altar to use on these tables. One florist suggests using an abundance of tea lights on the head table. The outcome is a truly enchanting reception space.

photos top to bottom this page Beautiful Portraits by Michael, Paper Antler photos clockwise from top next page Tim Fitch Photography, Primavera Studios, Pierre’s Portrait Art Co.

268 • Wedding Planner & Guide

Ice Sculptures Ice sculptures are a dramatic way to decorate your reception. Sculptors can chisel these memorable creations into almost any figure you desire, from a bride and groom dancing together to a heart formed by two swans. These ice sculptures are the ultimate personal touch at your wedding and are surprisingly inexpensive for the elegant look they achieve. A sculpture typically lasts anywhere from five to eight hours but depends on a multitude of factors such as size, location, time of year, and weather. Moving air of any type will dramatically reduce its longevity, so if outside, keep the sculpture out of the wind, and if inside, keep it away from fans or vents. Contact an ice sculptor about six months in advance to allow adequate time for preparation. â?Ľ • 269

flowers and décor

top trends Eco-Friendly – couples are still looking for locally grown and sustainably grown arrangements Natural Arrangements - mason jars, 
wildflowers and a bit of free spirit Textural Elements – berries, seeds, 
and foliage with unique textures are adding pizzazz Vintage Touches – feathers, old buttons, brooches, millinery accents, and even paper flowers Bling – diamonds, jewels and beading add a little sparkle

photo clockwise from top left Anderson Fine Art Photography Blue Dandelion Photography Primavera Studios Paper Antler

270 • Wedding Planner & Guide • 271

flowers and décor

wedding flower checklist ❏ Bouquet (Bride, Bridesmaids,

❏ Presentation Flowers (Catholic ceremony)

Jr. Bridesmaids)

❏ Reception Entrance

❏ Flowers in Bride’s Hair (Instead of veil or

❏ Guest Book table

only at reception)

❏ Place card table

❏ Flower Girl’s Petals, miniature bouquet,

❏ High top cocktail tables

pomander ball, or flower baskets

❏ Hors d’oeuvres area

❏ Corsages (Pin-on, Wrist, or Hand-tied

❏ Head Table (or Sweetheart Table) Décor

posy; Mothers, Grandmothers, Personal

❏ Dining Table Centerpieces

Attendant, Honored Guests)

❏ Buffet Line Decor (If having buffet)

❏ Boutonnieres (Groom, Groomsmen,

❏ Cake Top/Table (On or around)

Ushers, Fathers, Grandfathers, Ringbearer,

❏ Reception Ceiling

Godparents, Honored Guests)

❏ Around Dance Floor

❏ Ceremony Entrance

❏ Toss Bouquet

❏ Aisle Decorations

❏ Bar Decor

❏ Altar Arrangements

❏ Bathroom Décor

❏ Flowers for Unity Candle

❏ Lounges

❏ Memorial Flowers (For memorial to

❏ Bridal Suite

deceased relatives)

❏ Vehicle

e x p r e s s yo u r e s s e n c e ™ A f loral design studio handcrafting timeless bouquets inspired by you. Madison, WI | 608.238.5555 | 272 • Wedding Planner & Guide

Photos by Krakora Studios

Captured Moments Photography

by Sager

Floral Artistry Expressing the Look and Style of Your Wedding. Local & Global Flowers.

Donna Sager l 608.845.6952 l • 273


designs by Jamae

A design service that specializes in custom wedding flowers to reflect your personal style. Also offering “DIY FLOWERS” perfect for the creative bride.

Consultation by Appointment Jamae Ramsden


608-838-9864 For Beautiful Flowers Unique Rentals Fabulous Truffles

274 • Wedding Planner & Guide

4810 Larson Beach Road, McFarland



visit us on Facebook

Simply Glamorous Designs at Oregon Floral

Take Time to Smell The Roses

Captured Moments Photo & Video

Amelia John Photographers

Amelia John Photographers

Consultation by appointment - Sarah Lopez (608)835-3707 • 275

simplyG Gorgeous orgeous


202 W. Main Street | Sun Prairie, Wis. 608-837-3830

Call for a free consultation

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Stop by our booth for show specials!

Act II

Floral Studio

unique custom creations classic to contemporary floral designs free consultation • no wedding too small or too large serving Madison for over 25 years Marie Jacobson • (608)249-0662 •

The Flower Studio 1025 Emerald Terrace Sun Prairie 608.837.9090

Generations of Beautiful Brides


3758 East Washington Avenue, Madison, WI 53704 608-244-5661 • •

Dream wedding, dream flowers. We add the perfect touch.

Blue Dandelion Photography

300 West Main St., Mount Horeb, WI (608)437-3114 • 277

Ca kes and Confections

278 • Wedding Planner & Guide

Cakes The cake tasting appointment is laughingly referred to as the highlight of the wedding planning process—the time when people jump out of the woodwork to “help” you plan your wedding. Undoubtedly, bakers want to make cake shopping as pleasurable as possible, but there are a few things you can do as well. First, start your search early. One baker recommends six months, at the very least, to a year in advance. Next, figure out other essentials. What style wedding do you want: casual, formal, themed? How many people are you inviting? A baker can guide you through the process, but it helps to start thinking about what you want.

flavors There are hundreds of different flavor choices. Brides today often request more than one flavor in their wedding cake. “They’re interested in letting their guests have a choice,” explains one area baker.

photos clockwise from top left Amelia John Photographers Beautiful Portraits by Michael Ann Gorgen Photography Paul Toepfer Photography Tim Fitch Photography

She explains that her customers want sophisticated flavors for their cakes. Liqueur-based cakes and fruit flavors are extremely popular. There is such a wide variety of flavors now that the daring bride can even choose flavors such as mochaccino or champagne. But traditional white and yellow flavors are still popular. They help to accent distinctive cake fillings such as fruit, chocolate, cream cheese, curd, and mousse. For an entirely different take, some brides even choose cheesecake as part of their dessert offering.

The Wedding Flasher

size & cost Knowing how much cake to order can be a lot of guesswork. Consider several factors when consulting your baker: How many guests will attend? How large will each serving be? Is leftover cake desired, and if so, how much? Will you retain a portion of the cake to freeze for your first anniversary? The number of servings it yields determines the price of a wedding cake. Serving sizes differ widely from bakery to bakery, so find out what the serving size is and communicate that to whomever cuts the cake at your reception. • 279

c a ck ea sk eas n d c o n faencdt i o n s confections

photos left to right Beautiful Portraits by Michael Beautiful Portraits by Michael Red Gecko Studio Primavera Studios Tim Fitch Photography

types of frosting Rolled Fondant: a very popular frosting that is made of different types of sugars and little to no shortening. It is a “sugar dough” that allows the baker to create three-dimensional decorations similar to marzipan. Its smooth, unmarred surface makes a perfect base for creative decorations. Rolled Chocolate: creates an effect similar to fondant — and it fills that chocolate craving at the same time! Buttercream: another very popular frosting that comes in delicious varieties such as French, chocolate, and white chocolate.

tips to cutting the cake 1. Make sure the person cutting the cake is familiar with the directions to do so. Ask the baker for instructions for cutting the particular shape and style of cake you chose. 2. Use a sharp, thin knife. Insert the knife straight down into the cake, and then pull it at an angle toward the outer edge. Before each cut, wipe the knife clean with a damp cloth. 3. If cutting a stacked cake of any shape, remove all layers down to the bottom before cutting. Begin by cutting the large bottom layer first, continuing from largest to smallest. Some couples retain the top layer to freeze and save for their first anniversary.

ROUND SHAPE: For round tiers, move in two inches from the tier’s outer edge, cut a circle and then slice one inch pieces within that circle. Repeat cutting a circle in two inches from the new edge, then slice one inch pieces within that circle. Continue until the tier is completely cut, the center piece can be cut in half. Then repeat entire process for next largest layer.

SQUARE SHAPE: For square tiers, move in two inches from the outer edge and cut straight across. Then slice in one inch pieces. Repeat by moving in another two inches from the new outer edge and slice again, repeating until the entire tier is cut.

OVAL, HEXAGON, PETAL SHAPE: Follow directions for round. Where the shape references a “circle,” insert the name of the shape of the cake being cut.

5. To preserve cake for the first anniversary, place in an airtight container, keep frozen until ready to eat. Defrost in unopened container in the refrigerator and enjoy.

280 • Wedding Planner & Guide

4. Cut a maximum of 4 or 5 pieces at a time before moving each to its plate so pieces do not fall.

delivery Wedding cakes are complex, delicate constructions that require professional handling. Most bakers include the cost of delivery and set-up in the price of the cake. If a particular baker charges extra, it is a small price to pay for peace of mind and a flawless cake. Bakeries have the correct vehicle to transport wedding cakes and bakers know how to assemble one on site. Bakers who deliver also bring along equipment to repair any minor dings a cake might acquire along the way. Many supply decorative cake knives, but some do not. Make sure you know who is responsible for what. Will the cake deliverer put the floral decorations on or will the florist? If you choose a tiered cake, you may be responsible for returning columns and other items to the baker after the wedding. You may want to ask a trusted friend to return them for you.

personalizing your cake Use unique shapes ranging from basic forms like hearts, scalloped ovals, squares, hexagons, and diamonds to an ornate hat or a stack of gifts. Delve into different decorating options such as icing bows, ribbons, rhinestones and swags. Incorporate flowers, votive candles, fountains, beads, lights, bows, lacework, shells, draping, and more to create a cake that fits your wedding style. Discover the world of cake toppers! Plastic figurines can look exactly like you and your betrothed; cake jewelry such as pretty initials studded with Swarovski crystals are a nice touch; fondant butterflies, flowers or bows look stylish; fresh flowers are always beautiful; or seasonal touches like fanciful snowflakes are distinctive. • 281


gallery 3.

1. 2.


5. 282 • Wedding Planner & Guide



6. 7.

photos 1. Captured Moments Photography; cake by Chris’s Confections 2. Amelia John Photographers; cake by “I Do” Cakes by Betty 3. Amelia John Photographers; cake by “I Do” Cakes by Betty 4. Amelia John Photographers; cake by Carl’s Cakes at Market Street Diner 5. Pierre’s Portrait Art Co.; cake by Creative Confections 6. Amelia John Photographers; cake by Suzanne’s Sweet Artistry 7. Pierre’s Portrait Art Co.; cake by Creative Confections 8. Beautiful Portraits by Michael; cake by Suzanne’s Sweet Artistry 9. Beautiful Portraits by Michael; cake by Suzanne’s Sweet Artistry 10. Creative Images by Cal; cake by Craig’s Cake Shop 11. Amelia John Photographers; cake by “I Do” Cakes by Betty


11. 11. • 283

c a ck ea sk eas n d c o n faencdt i o n s confections Other Confections Chocolate fountains are a popular reception treat. Your guests will line up in droves to sample the elegant fondue. Guests can dip anything from bananas, strawberries and peaches to Rice Crispies, Milano cookies and cream puffs. Dip anything you can imagine in either milk, dark, or white chocolate. Chocolate makes everyone happy!

photos top to bottom Amelia John Photographers Anderson Fine Art Photography Beautiful Portraits by Michael; confection by Suzanne’s Sweet Artistry

284 • Wedding Planner & Guide

Cupcakes have certainly gained popularity recently, and this year is no exception. Whether in place of a traditional wedding cake or in addition to one, cupcakes are always a welcome sight! Display them in tiers like a traditional wedding cake or individually place them at each guests’ seat. Mini cupcakes make an adorable dessert table treat! Accent these mini creations with edible baubles such as delicate fondant flowers or butterflies. Recently, other whimsical confections have gained in popularity as well. Whoopie pies, which have a delicious creamy filling sandwiched between two soft cake-like cookies, are appearing as a delectable wedding treat. Cake pops are also an adorable, bite-sized snack that can be customized to fit any event. In addition to the wedding cake, some couples provide a dessert buffet of delicate pastries, petite cakes, cookies, exquisite chocolates and other delectable treats that allows guests to choose the desserts they like and serves as a stunning display at the same time. Your baker and local candy shop can provide a delicious array of items certain to satisfy any sweet tooth. Confections can also double as favors. Hand-dipped chocolates, nuts, mints or other candies wrapped in tulle, lace, or tucked into a beautifully adorned miniature box make a delightful gift and a lovely table decoration. Specialty chocolate and candy shops have a variety of choices for these tasty treats, some even offer personalized imprinted boxes or ribbon to top off these fanciful favors. ❥


et Gigi’s Cupcakes create a one-of-a-kind gourmet cupcake arrangement that will truly capture the beauty of your day. Whether it’s a bridal shower, a rehearsal dinner or the big day itself, we offer a large variety of gourmet cupcakes from which to choose, including Italian Cream Wedding Cake, Champagne and Wedding Cake. We also offer a private tasting and Gigi’s Minis are available for events as well. It’s no wonder more and more brides are now saying “I do” to Gigi’s Cupcakes.

Madison (Hilldale Mall) 554 N. Midvale Blvd. Madison, WI 53705 Tel: 608.661.PINK (7465) Mon-Sat: 10am-7pm; Sun: 12-5pm : GigisCupcakesMadisonWisconsin • 285

286 • Wedding Planner & Guide

call 6 0 8 - 8 4 6 - 5 1 8 6

Set the mood with a confection that`s uniquely you·

CREATIVE CONFECTIONS designs by Alicia Russell 608.455.1448 • 287





















The Wedding Cake Alternative ••••••••







(608) 767-2990 |




LL-Ad-WP-Fnl-1.indd 3







•••••••• •••••••• • Your Theme, Your Day, Your Way • Elegant & Classy or Fun & Frivolous • Frosting to Match Your Colors • Customized Displays • Made with the Freshest Ingredients •••••••• ••••••••

10/5/11 12:06 PM

You dream it...

We make

it! 2935 S. Fish Hatchery Road, Fitchburg, WI 53711 608-270-9611 288 • Wedding Planner & Guide • 289

Photography by Pierre’s Portrait Art Co.


Cakes • Cupcakes • Sheet Cakes

Come in for a free cake tasting

CHRIS’S CONFECTIONS elegant wedding & special occasion cakes


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Ask us about our bachelorette and bachelor cakes. Steiny Jo’S Bakery 109 Hotel St. Suite #3 / Brooklyn, WI 53521 / 608-455-1909 /

the CAKE box

Where Your Sweetest Dreams Come True

608-879-2253 •

Custom Cakes For Any Occasion


Sweet Street 608-527-CAKE

ORGANIC & LOCAL — From Scratch

Beautiful Portraits by Michael

608.831.5797 |

Winner of 10 ” ison as “T te of Mad s d ar Aw


Bride’s Cake Groom’s Cake Rehearsal Dinners • 291

Musicians and


Enter ainment photos clockwise from top Red Gecko Studio Anderson Fine Art Photography The Wedding Flasher Azena Photography Paper Antler Primavera Studios Tim Fitch Photography

292 • Wedding Planner & Guide

The Ceremony Music is uniquely capable of triggering memories from different stages of our lives. Choosing music for your special day is a way to make tribute to the soundtrack of your life while choosing the songs that will remind you of your wedding for years to come. The soundtrack of your day begins with the ceremony. Sit down as a couple and form a plan for your ceremony. Choose a theme or feeling you want the ceremony to evoke. Next, meet with your officiant to discuss the order of the ceremony, how music can be incorporated, and to find out if there are any restrictions placed on music. Proceeding from this meeting with a clear plan or set of songs in mind will help as you find a musician. While the final music selections are certainly yours, it is wise to find a musician, vocalist or even DJ who can give valuable input on your choices. He or she can give a musical viewpoint on such things as the song’s difficulty level, its appropriateness for your ceremony, and whether or not the sheet music is even available. Before you hire, make sure to check the musician or vocalist’s references and to make sure you hear them in person. Then you can relax and enjoy the sweet serenade as you say, “I do.”

tips for a smooth ceremony • Give the musician(s) a schedule or “script” of 
 the ceremony highlighting their songs so they 
 know at what point in the service they play. • Check out the sound system ahead of time, 
 including the piano or organ that will be used. • Make sure a written agreement is in place. 
 • Formally confirm all dates and times with the 
 musicians. • 293

musicians and entertainment ceremony music checklist before hiring ceremony musician(s) • • • • • • • • • • • •

What is the central theme of the ceremony? Formal or informal? What feelings should the music evoke? Romance? Drama? Do you want vocalists, instrumental music or a combination of both? How much of a priority is music? Are you willing to book high profile musicians? How much can be spent for ceremony music? Do you prefer live music or music recordings as a background for your vocalist? Which special songs should be included in the ceremony? Musicians can help you crystallize what you want. Does the church or ceremony location have its own sound system or will you or the musicians have to provide one? Have you shopped around? Do you know who can give you the highest quality? Have you checked the person/group’s references to make sure they are reliable? Have you heard them in person? It is important to verify they are what you expect and want. Are you booking early enough?

294 • Wedding Planner & Guide

❏ prelude: Music played during the seating of guests that usually lasts for ten to fifteen minutes. ❏ seating of the parents: This usually consists of one song and is sometimes a vocal solo with special meaning for the bride and groom. ❏ processional: Two different songs, usually instrumental, one played while the bridesmaids proceed down the aisle and the second played while the bride proceeds down the aisle. ❏ song for the bride & groom: This is usually a vocal song of special significance to the bride and groom, and is most often sung immediately after the vows are made. ❏ recessional: The music played after the ceremony while the bridal party exits. ❏ postlude: Music played as guests are dismissed.

The Reception When you think about weddings you have attended in the past, chances are, one thing that stands out the most in your memory is the reception entertainment. Music sets the mood for the occasion, and your entertainment professionals have the power to set guests at ease and help them to really enjoy the celebration. In addition to providing music for both dinner and the dance, entertainment specialists are responsible for the flow of the night. They help your guests know where to be and when so there is no chaos or confusion. Local professionals stress the importance of hiring someone with integrity, skill, and passion. Whether live music or a DJ service, entertainment professionals must have the skill to read the crowd and make adjustments to keep the party flowing smoothly. Not only does your entertainment need to interact well with you and your guests, they also need to have the ability to keep the atmosphere lively and the energy contagious. Help them do that by giving them the freedom to read the crowd and adjust the playlist accordingly, instead of requiring they stick to a set playlist. Find professionals that ask you questions and care about who you are as a couple. They will be able to help you create the celebration you always envisioned.

before hiring reception entertainment • How long should music be played? • When should it start? • What is the desired mood of the reception? • Are there special songs you want played? • What type of music? Live or recorded music? • Do you want dancing music? Background music? • How much can be spent on reception music and entertainment? • Are you buying entertainment according to your schedule of events or because there is an all-inclusive package? • Are you paying for hours of entertainment you do not really need? • Are you just shopping price? Remember, entertainment can make the party! • Have you met the DJ/entertainers/musicians who will actually work at your wedding? Will they have good rapport with you and your guests? • How many years of experience do they have? • Are they keeping up with changes in the industry? • Do they belong to any associations?

tips for smooth reception entertainment • Get everything in writing ahead of time:
cost, time of set-up and tear down,
and amount of performance time. • Meet the DJ/entertainers/musicians who will actually
be at the reception. Discuss expectations and any
special requests you want played or not played. • Make sure the style of the entertainment
fits with the desired style of the celebration.
Consider guest preferences in music too. photos left to right Ann Gorgen Photography, Tim Fitch Photography, Paul Toepfer Photography • 295

expert about the

Scott Schiltz PRIME TIME MOBILE DJ’S Scott Schiltz of Prime Time Mobile DJ’s has been entertaining groups both large and small for nearly 30 years. Scott and his talented team have the experience and professional expertise to help couples plan the reception they have always envisioned. To help couples get started, Prime Time provides planning guides to their clients for the dinner and dance. Scott encourages couples to meet with their DJ to formulate a plan that will keep things organized and timely. As he points out, “A DJ and a microphone can help keep things on track.” The professionals at Prime Time go above and beyond by meeting with their clients’ other wedding vendors (e.g., catering manager, photographer, etc.,) to make sure everyone is on the same page and no detail is overlooked. While it is imperative that the reception flows smoothly, it is also important that the reception is personalized and unique to each couple. Whether couples want to honor guest birthdays and anniversaries or determine which events and activities take place during their celebration, Prime Time helps couples create a night that is truly their own.

about the


Prime Time Mobile DJ’s | Scott Schiltz, Mobile Disc Jockey PO Box 83, Waunakee | 608-849-3333 |

Travis Seibert Madison Mobile dJ service Even from a young age Travis Seibert, owner of Madison Mobile DJ Service, was always the one leading the dance floor, “At one of my high school dances, the DJ asked me to help him,” he recalls, “and the rest is history!” With professional training and extensive experience as a radio and event DJ, Travis knows what it takes to plan a successful celebration. For 21 years, Travis and the incredible team at Madison Mobile DJ Service have been facilitating memorable receptions from start to finish. “We will have music playing from the moment your guests arrive through the cocktail hour, dinner, toasts, speeches, the formal and casual dancing up until the very end.” Travis explains. They have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and provide unlimited, personalized services for one flat fee. Their top-of-the-line equipment and commitment to exceeding expectations ensures any event is a success. After a Madison Mobile DJ Service wedding, brides and grooms repeatedly hear, “Your wedding was awesome! I’ve never danced that much in my life! I will never forget seeing your parents have so much fun!” Madison Mobile DJ Service | Travis Seibert, Owner 608-770-6106 |

296 • Wedding Planner & Guide • 297

298 • Wedding Planner & Guide



Specializing in Wedding Dances with 29 years of Experience and Personalized Service. Complete Pre-Planning ensures that your wishes are understood. From ceremonies, dinner music and dancing, we’ll help your event run smoothly and keep your dance floor busy! Uplighting • Slideshow/Video • Personalized Gobos

800.479.0698 / 608.849.3333 go online and download our dance planner • 299

That’s DJ Magic.

You can have your songs and dance to them, too. Check out our exclusive online playlist selector. Including the “Must Play” and “Don’t Play” options.

DJ MAGIC ENTERTAINMENT A Top 500 Entertainment Company in the USA. Want evidence? Check our website Testimonials for 20 years of customers you can call to verify. Phone: 608.352.0271 • E-mail: •

DJs/Emcees Saxophone Player l Photo/Video Presentations String Quartets l Outdoor Ceremony Audio LED Uplighting l Gobo Logo Projectors

“The best is yet to come” Best of Madison ‘07, ‘08, ‘09, ‘10 and 2011


Best of Wisconsin ‘07, ‘08, ‘09, ‘10 and 2011

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Photo by Krakora Studios

Digital Audio, Video & Vinyl • Professional • Courteous • Experienced • DJ Andrew Paul Larson • • 608-443-8312

“They say that diamonds last forever… memories with Black Diamond last a little longer.” 100% Owner vested & operated • Wisconsin Dells/Madison/La Crosse Email: • Phone: 608-415-7227 • 301

The night is yours, Let’s make it memorable • Professional sound and light • Karaoke available • Competitive prices

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Weddings and Other Special Occasions

~ Celebrating 25 Years ~ We accept major credit cards

40’s thru Current Top 10 • 608-846-7177 302 • Wedding Planner & Guide

No heavy metal. No off color lyrics.

Bob Viking Entertainment Now featuring complete ceremony and reception photography all under one umbrella.

Viking MC & Entertainment


Wisconsin Dells Mega Resort Wedding DJ now taking reservations for their mobile show to be at your statewide location reception site. Paul Toepfer Photography

Certified Professional DJs  For 32 years. Since 1978  Up to 8 Fun-filled hours

 We Guarantee: On your day, we play it your way

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Rock-A-Fellas Mobile DJ Service

• Professional Sound & Lighting • Unlimited Hours • Big Screen Photo Montages • 2 DJs at Every Event • On-line Planning Tools • LED Uplighting • Over 10 Years Experience Red Gecko Studio

We’ll help you plan your wedding day, your way! • Toll Free 1-877-601-1293

top ten reception songs Courtesy of Juke Box Bandstand Party Rock Anthem - LMFAO Give Me Everything - Pitbull & Ne-Yo Dynamite - Taio Cruz I Gotta Feeling - Black Eyed Peas Don’t Stop Believing - Journey Way You Make Me Feel - Michael Jackson Jump Around - House of Pain Born This Way - Lady Gaga DJ Got Us Falling In Love - Usher & Pitbull On The Floor - Jennifer Lopez • 303

musicians and entertainment

top special dance songs Courtesy of Prime Time Mobile DJs Father/Daughter Dance I Loved Her First - Heartland Mother/Son Dance All to You - DJ Keo

top ten ceremony songs

Heidi Lee Photography

Courtesy of The Ancora String Quartet Canon in D - Pachelbel Jesu Joy of Man’s Desiring - Bach Air on the G String - Bach Ode to Joy - Beethoven Brandenburg Concerto #3 - Bach Arrival of the Queen of Sheba - Handel Spring, from the Four Seasons - Vivaldi Hornpipe, from Water Music - Handel Wedding March - Mendelssohn Wedding Song (‘There Is Love’)

304 • Wedding Planner & Guide


Mary Ann Harr 608.231.3256 •

Arioso Ensembles

Soloists, duos, trios string quartet 608-833-8467 • 305

Brian Whitty Musical Services Ceremony, Reception & Dance Music From Solo Piano to 18 Piece Big Band Featured Ensembles: Ceremony: Quinthorne Brass Quintet Monroe Chamber Trio Reception & Dance: The Brian Whitty Group Madison Jazz Orchestra 608.225.4931

The finest in live music

Classical to Jazz Festive music for your wedding ceremony and reception. Sandy La Clair - Musical Productions 608-221-2930 •

Violin • Piano • Voice


A Touch of Music for all occasions. Please visit our website! (608) 492 - 2122

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mos Roe

pianist/classical guitarist

Baroque to Jazz Solo or duos with guitar, violin, flute, vocals. No piano? No problem! - A high quality keyboard/PA is available for any venue.

Freedom Music 608-544-5015 Website:

“You are the most sensitive pianist I have ever heard.” - 9/3/11 608-829-1768

THE STELLANOVAS Yahara String Quartet Weddings, Receptions, Special Events Classical Strings & Vintage Jazz for your Ceremony, Reception, Dinner & Dancing Needs. Duo • Trio • Quartet (608) 274-7831

Chris Wagoner & Mary Gaines

608.834.2122 •

Camerata String Quartet

Photo by Katrin Talbot

Primavera Studios

Elegant Music for Your Special Event 608-848-4154 • 307


Transpor ation

photos clockwise from top left Azena Photography Anderson Fine Art Photography Ann Gorgen Photography Heidi Lee Photography

photo at right

308 • Wedding Planner & Guide

Amelia John Photographers


Know your transportation options! • Horse Drawn Carriage: these romantic rides can fit up to four, but are probably best for just the happy couple. • Luxury Sedan/Exotic Car: these stylish and intimate cars fit up to three passengers. • Luxury SUV: transport up to six passengers with a modish SUV. • Classic Limousine: the traditional wedding car for up to six passengers • Stretch Limousine: styles can seat from eight to ten passengers • Stretch Luxury SUV: turn heads in this automobile for ten to 22 passengers • Limo Bus: for those with an entourage, these vehicles can transport up to 20 passengers. • Limo Party Bus: for those who really like to party, these vehicles can transport up to 30 passengers. • Trolley: Most trolleys hold up to 45 passengers, with the added bonus of oldworld charm! • School Bus: If you really have a large group to transport, school buses can hold up to 80 passengers.

No matter what style wedding you have, there are a variety of vehicles to meet your transportation needs. Sexy sedans, traditional limousines, SUVs, stretch or super stretch limousines and even bicycles are popular. Many limousines provide the comfort of leather seating and special features like televisions, stereos, bars and mood lighting. Be sure to ask if drinks are included! A trolley provides a fun atmosphere and will certainly turn heads. Most trolleys hold up to 45 passengers and can be very cost effective. In many cases you can even decorate and personalize your trolley. You can send out-of-town guests on a citywide trolley tour with refreshments while the wedding party is taking pictures. Many couples only plan transportation for the day of the wedding, but area professionals point out that you may need transportation for pre- and post-wedding activities as well. You can rent vehicles to transport your wedding party for tuxedo or dress fittings or to party in style at your bachelor or bachelorette party. If your budget permits, you might consider shuttling out-of-town guests between the airport, their accommodations, and the wedding festivities. If you know some guests might go overboard at your wedding, consider hiring a car to transport not-quite-sober guests from the reception. In order to guarantee the largest selection to choose from, book your transportation as soon as you have your wedding date, your ceremony and reception sites, and your wedding day timeframe determined. This usually translates to about six months before the wedding, but some couples are booking out as far as two years! ❥ • 309

Paul Toepfer Photography


transportation tips • Make sure the company you work with is properly licensed and insured. • Verify they have more than one vehicle in case of a breakdown. • Carefully plan your schedule so you do not hire a vehicle to have it sit idle. • Plan extra time into your booking in case your schedule is delayed. • Provide an itinerary or have one in mind. • Don’t forget to tip your driver!

Polite, Prompt, and Professional

608-938-1300 • 310 • Wedding Planner & Guide

s Luxury Limo for Less!


First Class Travel... The charm of our authentically detailed, turn-of-the-century Badger Trolley is sure to make any event forever memorable. For weddings, anniversaries & special tours.

Badger Trolley A division of Badger Coaches

(800)442-8259 • • 311

Presidential Limousine Service Ltd. Exceeding Expectations

Featuring New Limousines, Buses, SUV’s, Vans and Sedans Accommodating 1-32 passengers and Groups up to 300 Member National Limousine Association, Wisconsin Limousine Association, and Greater Madison Convention and Visitors Bureau

When Only the Best Will Do For Your Wedding 24 Hour Service • 7 Days A Week

608-423-2300 •

email: • 269 Rodney Road, Cambridge, WI 53523

14 & 25 Passenger Party Bus 40 Passenger School Bus 6 Passenger Escalade & 3 Passenger Lincoln Towncar also available


★ Bachelor/ette Parties ★ Wedding Parties ★ Guys/Girls Night Out ★ Airport Transfers ★ Sporting Events ★ Corporate Parties

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• 22/25/31/35 passenger Limo Buses with perimeter seating and lots of room! • 55 passenger Party Buses with perimeter seating • 10 passenger Limo Car • 81 passenger School Buses • Flat Rate our Specialty • Weddings, Bachelor(ette) Parties • Deal direct with the owner 24/7

Wayne Ace

Bus & Limo Service, LLC 608-576-7281 • Call 24/7

A ntique C ars andL imousines!

First class service from planning to your special day! Limousine service that is second to none because of our superior level of customer service and prompt, professionally trained chauffeurs. Featuring Lincoln, Cadillac, Sedans, SUV limousines and Limousine Coaches up to 26 passengers.

608.279.5466 •

“Ride with the Knight” Let us help with the finishing touches to one of the most important days of your life! Bride & Groom or the entire wedding party, we will provide your wedding day transportation.

8 4711 Lien Road, Madison, WI 53704

608-242-7000 or 800-725-5655 Anderson Fine Art Photography • 313

photos clockwise from top left Heidi Lee Photography Paper Antler Tim Fitch Photography Blue Dandelion Photography Ann Gorgen Photography Amelia John Photographers Blue Dandelion Photography Primavera Studios





314 • Wedding Planner & Guide

Honeymoon The honeymoon is the beginning of your new life as husband and wife. In these first few days, weeks and months of marriage you begin your new life as a family. For the couple short on time and funds, the best destination may be close to home. Living in the Southern Wisconsin/ Northern Illinois area has its advantages. Cities like Madison and Milwaukee offer a variety of beautiful hotels and inns along with fabulous dining and entertainment experiences throughout the year. Lake Geneva is host to some of the most luxurious resorts and spas in the country. Chicago is within a short drive and offers everything a couple could desire from sports to theatre, dining to shopping and more. Heading north, Door County, Wisconsin has a charming array of bed & breakfast inns. The beautiful shores of Lake Michigan make this a romantic and peaceful honeymoon getaway. For those with a sense of adventure and a love of nature, the Northwoods offers breathtaking surroundings perfect for hiking, rafting or snuggling away in a secluded wooded setting. If you want to travel off into a more distant sunset, a professional travel agent is indispensable. Travel agents are able to help plan flight itineraries, find the lowest prices, and put together packages that include hotel, airfare, car rentals and even various activities. Whether you have decided the exact location you want to honeymoon or just want to head somewhere warm, travel agents can help make your honeymoon a dream vacation. These experts can help determine the perfect destination for you, then handle every little detail so you can relax and enjoy being together! The best rates and chances for availability fluctuate throughout the year, so start to discuss your honeymoon plans with a travel agent about six to nine months in advance. Favorite honeymoon spots include Hawaii, Caribbean Mexico, sunny Jamaica, or even faraway adventures to Europe or the South Pacific. Within the continental United States couples enjoy the magic of Disney and the romance of the Poconos, or trips out west to San Diego, Yellowstone National Park, the Grand Canyon and Las Vegas. Wherever you choose, there are many details to plan. Many travel agents travel to a variety of locations themselves and know which hotels to recommend, which sites to see, and which details need to be finalized. • 315

h o nceayk me os o n a n da nadf t e r confections

One of the most prominent factors a couple considers when planning a honeymoon is the budget. Many couples now choose all-inclusive packages so they know in advance exactly what they will be spending. All-inclusive resorts include all your meals and entertainment, which might be quite costly if you were paying separately. If this interests you, discuss the details with your travel agent to find out exactly what is included and what is not.

We help select your perfect destination!

Paying for everything in advance can give you peace of mind, so that once you arrive you can relax and do what you want without worrying about the cost. For the couple that has everything, consider signing up for a “honeymoon registry.” Couples can register for things they want while on their honeymoon (candlelit dinner on the beach, wine tastings, massages, transportation, etc.), or they can set a dollar amount. Then, guests purchase different items, services or excursions for the couple. With the unlimited options available for honeymoon plans, plan to take time for yourselves and enjoy the start of your new life together.

We travel then! orld so you ca


Your homebase for travel... anywhere! 600 West Verona Ave., Verona, WI 608-845-6880 • 800-358-3990

Honeymoons & Destination Weddings are all we do! FREE Customized Travel Planning Most Favored Travel & Destination Pricing Upgrades and Access to Additional Services

608-445-4188 •

316 • Wedding Planner & Guide

After the Wedding

buying a home Buying a home is one of the biggest financial decisions you and your spouse will make during your lifetime. The first step is to sit down together with a lender to discuss your financial situation and determine how much you can afford and what you will need to save for the down payment. If you want to figure this out by yourselves, you can estimate the cost by multiplying your annual income(s) by 2.5. The down payment is usually between 5 and 10 percent of that total. However, the bigger your down payment, the smaller the mortgage and your monthly payment will be. It is wise to visit your lender before you begin to look, so that you know your price range ahead of time. After you’ve determined what you can afford, the next step is the search. Start your search by listing your

preferences, such as location, size, number of bedrooms, number of bathrooms, etc. This will help narrow your selection. However, keep in mind that your first home may not fulfill your every wish. Also, if you plan to start a family within the next few years, look for a home with enough bedrooms or a home with room to expand. After you have your ideal house in mind, you may start the search, either on your own, or with the help of a realtor, buyer broker or broker agent. The search is on. After looking at many different houses, it can be easy to confuse them, so always take notes after each viewing. Also, be sure to ask questions! The only dumb questions are those that have not been asked. Before buying any house, have it inspected by a professional who will check any details you may have overlooked.

establishing a budget While buying a home or a new automobile are some of the biggest financial purchases

you will ever make, it’s the daily financial decisions that make those purchases possible. Sometime before the wedding, determine how much money you expect to make and how much you will spend during your first year together. Expenses every couple should itemize include fixed costs: shelter, food, clothing, transportation, insurance and utilities. Other expenses include entertainment, travel, hobbies and the like. By subtracting expected expenses from net income, you will begin to realize how much you are able to spend. Of course, expenses relate directly to your goals. Choose together what is important to you and manage your money accordingly. Today’s husband and wife, typically both wage earners, wisely discuss how having children will affect earnings. Will both spouses continue to work when a child is born? If not, be wary of becoming accustomed to living off both incomes.

financial planning You’ve heard the adage, when you marry someone, you also marry their family. It is equally

true that when marrying someone, you also marry their financial history. You and your spouse must navigate this

Blue Dandelion Photography • 317

h o nceayk me os o n a n da nadf t e r confections

new financial territory and decide how to merge finances as you start a new life together. It is important to talk about your respective assets and liabilities, and to also lay down ground rules for future spending patterns and savings goals. A good financial plan will address all your goals and put you on the right track to achieving them. Finances are one of the largest points of contentions between couples. Addressing your financial histories and creating a new financial plan will not only prevent dissension, but will enhance your marriage. When you share common goals and dreams, you can build upon your financial future together and enjoy peace of mind.

insurance Insurance is necessary to protect against possible evils. To get the protection you need, work with a

qualified professional to understand how insurance works, what types are available, and how to determine how much is enough. Life insurance, health insurance, car insurance, and homeowners or renters insurance are among the most important options to explore. Life insurance is still a necessity for the average couple, though seen more as a fund for the surviving spouse and children and less as a long-term investment. Health insurance is important in case of unexpected injuries or sicknesses. There are many different types of car insurance available, such as collision or comprehensive, liability, and uninsured or under-insured drivers. Homeowners insurance plans can include things like fire, flood, personal injury and theft. Renters insurance is important to protect the belongings within your home even if you don’t own your own home.

what’s in a name? Traditionally, women take their husband’s surname, but there are certainly other options: Some women retain their maiden name; Some women retain their maiden name professionally, but change their legal name; Some couples adopt a joined surname (hyphenated or not hyphenated); Some couples mix their surnames to create an entirely different name. Each of these options is perfectly legal. Your marriage officiant will have you sign the marriage license using your new name. He or she will then forward the license to the county clerk who will send you an official copy of your marriage license. You should start using your new name immediately. It may even be wise to sign both names for a little while (i.e., Jane Smith, formerly known as Jane Doe). ❥

Update your name at each of the following: • Banks • Contracts • County Tax Assessor • Credit Card Companies • Driver’s License • Employer (fill out new W-2) • Estate Planning/Retirement Documents • Insurance Companies

318 • Wedding Planner & Guide

• Investment Companies • IRS • Leases and Mortgages • Legal Documents • Marriage Certificate • Medical Care Provider • Post Office • Professional License— Notification Letter

• Social Security (should be automatically forwarded to IRS) • State Tax Commission • Wisconsin Dept. of Revenue • U.S. Passport • U.S. Postal Service • Utility Company • Voter Registration • Wills • 319

be inspired.

plan a wedding as unique as you are... more ideas, more wedding professionals, interactive worksheets

Making wedding planning easier for 30 years. phtots by: Beautiful Portraits by Michael, Paper Antler, Ann Gorgen Photography, Primavera Studios, Creative Images by Cal

320 • Wedding Planner & Guide

Wedding Planning Worksheets

WEDDING planner and guide

for the wedding of __________________________________________________ to __________________________________________________ date __________________________________________________ time __________________________________________________ location __________________________________________________

For interactive wedding tools and worksheets visit • 321

Calendar Checklist The following checklist is an ideal timetable. Couples who do not have as much time as shown should plan their wedding in much the same order, using the checklist as a guide. Be sure to check things off as they are completed.

immediately after the engagement: ❐ Discuss a budget and the size and style of the wedding with parents. Decide who pays for what. ❐ Choose a wedding date and time. You may want to check vendor availability prior to setting date.

❐ Create a binder to organize your thoughts, photos, worksheets, etc.

❐ Enlist the services of a wedding consultant.

❐ Make initial contact with vendors and obtain references.

❐ Reserve wedding and reception sites; make initial catering contacts. ❐ ❐ ❐ ❐

Register at local bridal registries. Hire photographer. Hire videographer.

Make arrangements for the music at the wedding and reception.

❐ Make all transportation arrangements to and from the wedding and the reception. Consider hiring a limousine, party bus, trolley or horse-drawn carriage.

❐ Meet with wedding officiant; schedule premarital counseling.

six months or more before: ❐ Compile the guest list. ❐ Send out Save the Dates. ❐ Reserve a block of hotel rooms for out-of-town guests.

❐ Choose wedding rings. ❐ Send engagement announcement to newspapers.

❐ Select and order wedding gown, leaving ample time for delivery and alterations.

❐ Look for alteration specialist (if someone other than bridal shop). ❐ Select the attendants (bridesmaids and groomsmen). Choose and order bridesmaids dresses. ❐ Purchase invitations.

❐ Select one usher for every 50 guests. ❐ Schedule wedding cake design appointment. Get estimates. Book the date.

❐ Implement diet and exercise program. ❐ Plan beauty preparations by checking with your salon for how far in advance they book wedding parties.

❐ Complete all honeymoon plans. If traveling outside the country, check on visas, passports and inoculations. ❐ Sign up for dance lessons. Talk to instructor about choreographing a special dance routine to “wow” guests. ❐ Book vendors; secure dates by putting down deposit.

322 • For interactive wedding tools and worksheets visit

four months or more before: ❐ Confirm final details with the caterer. ❐ Order napkins and purchase any other items needed for the ceremony and reception. Check with the caterer to see what he/she includes. ❐ Order invitations (25 extra) and personal stationery or “Thank You” notes. ❐ Book engagement photo session with enough time to submit photos to local newspapers.

❐ Visit the photographer again to discuss specifics. Use the “Photography Worksheet.” ❐ Get estimates and order flowers and floral arrangements for wedding and reception. ❐ Get estimates and order balloons, decorations and favors for wedding and reception. ❐ Book room for wedding night.

three months or more before: ❐ Order wedding rings. Allow time for any final engraving.

❐ Order tuxedos for the groomsmen and fathers.

two months or more before: ❐ Mail invitations (six weeks before the wedding; eight weeks to out-of-town guests).

❐ Finalize arrangements of accommodations for out-of-town attendants and guests.

❐ Buy a wedding gift for future spouse and gifts for attendants and helpers.

one month or more before: ❐ Ready all accessories, shoes and lingerie for bridal gown.

❐ Check with the newspapers on wedding announcement requirements.

❐ Do trial run with hair and makeup. Schedule this appointment with beauty consultant on the same day as bridal portrait or final dress fitting for a preview of the wedding day look.

❐ Finalize plans for rehearsal dinner. ❐ Plan seating arrangements for the

❐ Have final fitting for bridal gown and bridesmaids’ dresses. ❐ Have bridal portrait taken. ❐ Have groomsmen registered and measured at the formal wear store.

rehearsal dinner and reception.

❐ Review this checklist to be sure nothing has been missed. ❐ Complete change-of-address information for post-office. ❐ Keep current with “Thank You” notes for shower and early wedding gifts.

For interactive wedding tools and worksheets visit • 323

two weeks before: ❐ Get the marriage license. Be sure to bring all needed documents. ❐ Inform or send rehearsal invitations including exact time and location to those who will attend the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner.

❐ Inquire about where bride, groom and attendants will dress for the ceremony.

❐ Review all details. Walk through the entire event considering things like parking, access for handicapped guests, etc. ❐ Confirm all transportation plans. ❐ Check in with caterer, photographer, videographer, musicians, DJ, florist, etc. to confirm all arrangements.

❐ “Break in” wedding shoes at home.

one week before: ❐ Appoint someone to act as an

❐ Confirm honeymoon arrangements.

“organizer” to handle any last minute problems.

❐ Pack for the honeymoon.

❐ Give a final guest count to the caterer.

❐ Enjoy a day with family and friends.

❐ Review final details for those in the

Visit a day spa, have a massage, a facial and relax.

wedding party.

one day before: ❐ Attend the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner and give gifts to attendants. ❐ Give the rings and clergy’s fee to the best man. ❐ Organize gown, accessories, etc. to go to ceremony. ❐ Get a manicure and pedicure.

on the wedding day: ❐ Mail wedding announcements. ❐ Get hair, makeup, etc. done. ❐ Enjoy the day!

324 • For interactive wedding tools and worksheets visit

Budget Expense Record

estimated actual

Bridal Gown (include Alterations)












Groom's Tuxedo



Bride's Rings



Groom's Ring



Stationery (Total from Worksheet)









Ceremony Musicians



Reception Entertainment



Wedding Cake



Flowers (Total from Worksheet)



Aisle Runner









Add'l Ceremony Decorations



Add'l Reception Decorations



Ceremony Officiant



Rental Equipment



Wedding License



Food/Beverage Catering



Rehearsal Dinner



Reception Hall Rental






Bride's Attendants Gifts



Groom's Attendants Gifts



Bride's Gift



Groom's Gift









For interactive wedding tools and worksheets visit • 325

The Bride’s Trousseau Bridal Gown Store: ______________________________________________________________________________________ Telephone: _________________________________________________________________________________ Address: ___________________________________________________________________________________ Consultant:_________________________________________________________________________________ Gown Description (Color, Fabric, Lace, Style, etc.): _________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________ Price:_______________________________________________________________________________________ Date Ordered: ____________________________________

Date Promised:________________________

Fitting Appointments: ____________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________

(Be sure to bring proper undergarments and shoes to fittings)

Bridal Accessories Headpiece & Veil:____________________________________________________ Price:________________ Bra / Bustier:_________________________________________________________ Price:________________ Teddy / Body Stocking:_______________________________________________ Price:________________ Stockings / Pantyhose:_______________________________________________ Price:________________ Garter:______________________________________________________________ Price:________________ Petticoat / Slip:______________________________________________________ Price:________________ Shoes:_______________________________________________________________ Price:________________ Jewelry:______________________________________________________________ Price:________________ Wrap / Cape:________________________________________________________ Price:________________ Other:_______________________________________________________________ Price:________________

Something Old:_____________________________________________________________________________ Something New: ____________________________________________________________________________ Something Borrowed: ________________________________________________________________________ Something Blue:_____________________________________________________________________________

326 • For interactive wedding tools and worksheets visit

The Attendants The Maids Name:_______________________________________________ Phone:_________________________ Name:_______________________________________________ Phone:_________________________ Name:_______________________________________________ Phone:_________________________ Name:_______________________________________________ Phone:_________________________ Name:_______________________________________________ Phone:_________________________ Name:_______________________________________________ Phone:_________________________ Name:_______________________________________________ Phone:_________________________ Name:_______________________________________________ Phone:_________________________

Dress Store: ________________________________________________________________________________ Telephone: _________________________________________________________________________________ Address: ___________________________________________________________________________________ Consultant:_________________________________________________________________________________ Gown Description (Color, Fabric, Lace, Style, etc.): _________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________ Price:_______________________________________________________________________________________ Date Ordered: ____________________________________

Date Promised:________________________

(Remind attendants they will need to make an appointment for fittings. Advise them to bring proper undergarments and shoes to all fittings.)

Attendants Accessories Shoes:_______________________________________________________________ Price:________________ Jewelry:______________________________________________________________ Price:________________ Undergarments:______________________________________________________ Price:________________ Handbags:___________________________________________________________ Price:________________ Wrap:_______________________________________________________________ Price:________________ Other:_______________________________________________________________ Price:________________

For interactive wedding tools and worksheets visit • 327

The Groomsmen/Ushers Name:_______________________________________________ Phone:_________________________ Name:_______________________________________________ Phone:_________________________ Name:_______________________________________________ Phone:_________________________ Name:_______________________________________________ Phone:_________________________ Name:_______________________________________________ Phone:_________________________ Name:_______________________________________________ Phone:_________________________ Name:_______________________________________________ Phone:_________________________ Name:_______________________________________________ Phone:_________________________

Tuxedos (Store): ____________________________________________________________________________ Telephone: _________________________________________________________________________________ Address: ___________________________________________________________________________________ Consultant:_________________________________________________________________________________ Tuxedo Description (Color, Designer, Style, etc.): ___________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________ Price:___________________________________________Date Measurements needed by:_________________ Date Ordered:_______________________________ Date Promised:_____________________________


coat shirt




Neck Sleeve Waist Length Shoe

________________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________

328 • For interactive wedding tools and worksheets visit

Pre-Wedding Details Engagement & Wedding Rings Jeweler:________________________________________________ Phone:___________________________ Address:__________________________________________________________________________________ Salesperson:______________________________________________________________________________

Description of Ring(s):____________________________________________________________________



Price: _____________________________________________________________________________________

Invitations & Stationery Stationer:________________________________________________ Phone:__________________________ Address:___________________________________________________________________________________ Salesperson:_______________________________________________________________________________ Date Ordered: ______________________________________ Date Promised:_______________________ Manufacturer: ______________________________________________ Style #:______________________ Quantities and Prices (Be sure to order extra and order everything at once.)

Quantity Price

Save-the-date Cards



Wedding Invitations



Response Cards



Thank You Cards















Total Cost:_______________________

For interactive wedding tools and worksheets visit • 329

Invitation • Announcement Wording Worksheet Be sure all details (date, time, place) are secured before ordering invitations.

________________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________

330 • For interactive wedding tools and worksheets visit

Gift Registry The gift registry is the perfect opportunity for the bride and groom to set-up their household. It is wise for the couple to do this “wish-list” shopping trip together to be sure they choose items and styles both desire. Of course, they should keep in mind they probably won’t receive everything they want, but it is a good way to get started. Traditionally when people thought of registries, they thought of items like fine china, flatware, and crystal. While some couples may shy away from the idea, many couples are discovering the incredible array of choices available, everything from fancy to contemporary or everyday casual. Today longstanding manufacturers have included lines that are dishwasher and microwave safe making china an ideal choice for everyday use. The registry is also the perfect time to begin the china, flatware or crystal collection, since these items, though desired, are often not purchased by the newlyweds themselves. Other items to consider registering for include general housewares, linens and even electronics or sporting goods, depending on the couples interests and activities. The following worksheets can be used to provide ideas of items to register for and to organize plans for the gift list. Once completed, a call to set an appointment with the store’s registry department is recommended. Then take these forms to the stores of choice and enjoy “shopping!”

Stores Where Gifts are Registered Store:______________________________________________________________________________________________ Address:_________________________________________________________________________________________ Registrar:________________________________________________________________________________________ Telephone:______________________________________________________________________________________ Website:_________________________________________________________________________________________ Store:______________________________________________________________________________________________ Address:_________________________________________________________________________________________ Registrar:________________________________________________________________________________________ Telephone:______________________________________________________________________________________ Website:_________________________________________________________________________________________ Store:______________________________________________________________________________________________ Address:_________________________________________________________________________________________ Registrar:________________________________________________________________________________________ Telephone:______________________________________________________________________________________ Website:_________________________________________________________________________________________ Store:______________________________________________________________________________________________ Address:_________________________________________________________________________________________ Registrar:________________________________________________________________________________________ Telephone:______________________________________________________________________________________ Website:_________________________________________________________________________________________

For interactive wedding tools and worksheets visit • 331

Dining / Serving Formal Color Scheme: ____________________________________________________________________________ Formal Dinnerware Manufacturer/Pattern: _________________________________________________________ Formal Glassware Manufacturer/Pattern: ___________________________________________________________ Formal Flatware Manufacturer/Pattern:_____________________________________________________________ Casual Color Scheme: _____________________________________________________________________________ Casual Dinnerware Manufacturer/Pattern:__________________________________________________________ Casual Glassware Manufacturer/Pattern: ___________________________________________________________ Casual Flatware Manufacturer/Pattern: ____________________________________________________________________ Table Size: ____________________________________ ❐


❐ Placemats

❐ Cloth Napkins

❐ Ice Bucket

❐ Pitcher

❐ Wine Rack

❐ Decanter

❐ Punch Bowl Set

❐ Coasters

❐ Corkscrew/Opener

❐ Quiche Dish

❐ Serving Bowl

❐ Serving Platter

❐ Covered Casserole

❐ Soufflé Dish

❐ Chafing Dish

❐ Soup Tureen

❐ Gravy/Sauce Boat

❐ Bread Tray

❐ Serving Tray

❐ Tea Service

❐ Coffee Service

❐ Cream/Sugar

❐ Cake Plate

❐ Torte Plate

❐ Dessert Dishes (set)

❐ Compote

❐ Salt/Pepper

❐ Trivet

❐ Cheese Board

❐ Candle Sticks

❐ Candle Snuffer

❐ Napkin Rings

❐ Salad Bowl

❐ Nut Dish

❐ Other: ________________________________

❐ Other: ___________________________________

In the Kitchen

Color Scheme: _____________________________________  Table Size: ______________________________

❐ Toaster

❐ Toaster Oven

❐ Coffee Maker

❐ Coffee Grinder

❐ Food Processor

❐ Blender

❐ Stand Mixer

❐ Hand Mixer

❐ Deep Fryer

❐ Slow Cooker

❐ Electric Skillet

❐ Steamer

❐ Wok/Utensils

❐ Can Opener

❐ Juicer

❐ Microwave Oven

❐ Skillet

❐ Saucepan

❐ Ice Cream Maker

❐ Stock Pot

❐ Tea Kettle

❐ Dutch Oven

❐ Roasting Pan

❐ Bakeware

❐ Bread Machine

❐ Baking Dish

❐ Mixing Bowls

❐ Measuring Set

❐ Cutlery Set

❐ Utensil Set

❐ Cookbook

❐ Wire Racks

❐ Oven Mitts

❐ Dish Towels

❐ Placemats

❐ Tablecloths

❐ Other:_________________________________

❐ Other:___________________________________

332 • For interactive wedding tools and worksheets visit

For the Bedroom Color Scheme: _____________________________________  Bed Size: ______________________________ ❐

Flat/Fitted Sheet

❐ Electric Blanket

❐ Pillow Case/Sham ❐ Blanket

❐ Throw Blanket

❐ Comforter/Duvet

❐ Bedspread ❐ Mattress Pad

❐ Pillows

❐ Breakfast Tray

❐ Other: ________________________________

For the Bathroom Color Scheme:_______________________________________________________________________ ❐

Bath Towel

❐ Hand Towel

❐ Face Cloth

Shower Curtain

❐ Bath Scale

❐ Bath Mats/Rugs ❐ Hair Dryer

❐ Bath Accessories

❐ Showerhead Massage ❐ Other: ________________________________________________________

Around The House Color Scheme: _______________________________________________________________________________

❐ Television



❐ Camera Equipment ❐ Video Camera

Iron/Ironing Board ❐

Sewing Machine


Other items not listed:

❐ Stereo Equip.

Vacuum / Sweeper ❐


❐ Telephone ❐ Home Computer ❐ Tool Box

❐ Luggage

❐ Lamps

❐ Picture Frames

❐ Planters

❐ Other: _________________________________

_______________________________________________ ____________________________________________ _______________________________________________ ____________________________________________ _______________________________________________ ____________________________________________ _______________________________________________ ____________________________________________ _______________________________________________ ____________________________________________ _______________________________________________ ____________________________________________ _______________________________________________ ____________________________________________ _______________________________________________ ____________________________________________ _______________________________________________ ____________________________________________ _______________________________________________ ____________________________________________ _______________________________________________ ____________________________________________ _______________________________________________ ____________________________________________ _______________________________________________ ____________________________________________

For interactive wedding tools and worksheets visit • 333

Showers Shower No. 1 Host/Hostess:_______________________________________________________________________________________ Telephone: _________________________________________________________________________________________ Location/Address:___________________________________________________________________________________ Date:________________________________________________________________________________________________ Time:_______________________________________________________________________________________________ Type of Shower:_____________________________________________________________________________________



Thank You

_____________________________________________________ _________________________________________________

_____________________________________________________ _________________________________________________

_____________________________________________________ _________________________________________________

_____________________________________________________ _________________________________________________

_____________________________________________________ _________________________________________________

_____________________________________________________ _________________________________________________

_____________________________________________________ _________________________________________________

_____________________________________________________ _________________________________________________

_____________________________________________________ _________________________________________________

_____________________________________________________ _________________________________________________

_____________________________________________________ _________________________________________________

_____________________________________________________ _________________________________________________

_____________________________________________________ _________________________________________________

_____________________________________________________ _________________________________________________

_____________________________________________________ _________________________________________________

_____________________________________________________ _________________________________________________

_____________________________________________________ _________________________________________________

_____________________________________________________ _________________________________________________

_____________________________________________________ _________________________________________________

_____________________________________________________ _________________________________________________

334 • For interactive wedding tools and worksheets visit

Shower No. 2 Host/Hostess:_______________________________________________________________________________________ Telephone: _________________________________________________________________________________________ Location/Address:___________________________________________________________________________________ Date:________________________________________________________________________________________________ Time:_______________________________________________________________________________________________ Type of Shower:_____________________________________________________________________________________



Thank You

_____________________________________________________ _________________________________________________

_____________________________________________________ _________________________________________________

_____________________________________________________ _________________________________________________

_____________________________________________________ _________________________________________________

_____________________________________________________ _________________________________________________

_____________________________________________________ _________________________________________________

_____________________________________________________ _________________________________________________

_____________________________________________________ _________________________________________________

_____________________________________________________ _________________________________________________

_____________________________________________________ _________________________________________________

_____________________________________________________ _________________________________________________

_____________________________________________________ _________________________________________________

_____________________________________________________ _________________________________________________

_____________________________________________________ _________________________________________________

_____________________________________________________ _________________________________________________

_____________________________________________________ _________________________________________________

_____________________________________________________ _________________________________________________

_____________________________________________________ _________________________________________________

_____________________________________________________ _________________________________________________

_____________________________________________________ _________________________________________________

For interactive wedding tools and worksheets visit • 335

The Rehearsal At the Ceremony Site Rehearsal Date: __________________________________ Time: _____________________________________________

The Rehearsal Dinner Site: _________________________________________________________________________________________________ Address: _____________________________________________________________________________________________ Phone:___________________________________________________ Contact: ___________________________________ Date: ____________________________________________________ Time: ____________________________________ Menu:________________________________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________________________ Price: _________________________________________________________________________________________________

Rehearsal & Rehearsal Dinner Guest List Invite Sent Guest Name

Invite Sent

Guest Name

❐ _______________________________________

❐ ______________________________________

❐ _______________________________________

❐ ______________________________________

❐ _______________________________________

❐ ______________________________________

❐ _______________________________________

❐ ______________________________________

❐ _______________________________________

❐ ______________________________________

❐ _______________________________________

❐ ______________________________________

❐ _______________________________________

❐ ______________________________________

❐ _______________________________________

❐ ______________________________________

❐ _______________________________________

❐ ______________________________________

❐ _______________________________________

❐ ______________________________________

❐ _______________________________________

❐ ______________________________________

❐ _______________________________________

❐ ______________________________________

❐ _______________________________________

❐ ______________________________________

❐ _______________________________________

❐ ______________________________________

336 • For interactive wedding tools and worksheets visit

Wedding Day Details Beauty Salon: _____________________________________________________________________________________________ Telephone:_________________________________________________________________________________________ Address:____________________________________________________________________________________________ Stylist:______________________________________________________________________________________________ Appointments: 1)___________________________________________________________________________________ 2)__________________________________________________________________________________________________ 3)__________________________________________________________________________________________________ 4)__________________________________________________________________________________________________

The Cake Bakery: ____________________________________________________________________________________________ Telephone:_________________________________________________________________________________________ Address:____________________________________________________________________________________________ Salesperson:________________________________________________________________________________________ Date Ordered:____________________________ Date/Time Promised:____________________________________ Price:_______________________________________________________________________________________________ Delivery Information:_________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________________

Transportation Company Name:____________________________________________________________________________________ Telephone: __________________________________________________________ Salesperson:________________________________________________________________________________________ Type/Description (Carriage, Limo, etc.):______________________________________________________________ Pickup Date: _________________________________ Time:_______________________________________________ Length of Rental Time: _______________________ Capacity:_____________________________________________ Cost:_______________________________________________________________________________________________ Additional Time Charge:_______________________________________________________________________________

For interactive wedding tools and worksheets visit • 337

Music Ceremony Musicians: 1)_________________________________________________________________________ Telephone: ______________________________________________ Price:_________________________________ Ceremony Musicians: 2)_________________________________________________________________________ Telephone: ______________________________________________ Price:_________________________________

Musical Selections: Processional:______________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________ Ceremony:_______________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________ Recessional: ______________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________

Reception Entertainers: 1)___________________________________________________________________________ Telephone: ______________________________________________ Price:_________________________________ Reception Entertainers: 2)___________________________________________________________________________ Telephone: ______________________________________________ Price:_________________________________

Musical Selections: Bride & Groom’s First Dance::_______________________________________________________________________ Wedding Party Dance:______________________________________________________________________________ Couple / Parent’s Dance: ___________________________________________________________________________ Other Requests: ___________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________

338 • For interactive wedding tools and worksheets visit

Photography Studio Name: _______________________________________________________________________________ Telephone:__________________________________________________________________________________ Address:_____________________________________________________________________________________ Photographer’s Name: _________________________________________________________________________ Price: ________________________________________________________________________________________ After marking your selections from the list below, make a copy of this checklist and take it to the photographer to discuss the photography plans. Be sure to specify which shots are posed, candid, in color or black & white.

before the ceremony

Bride alone (in wedding gown)

Groom alone (in tuxedo)

Bride with her mother

Groom with his mother

Bride with her father

Groom with his father

Bride with both parents

Groom with both parents

Bride with maid/matron of honor

Groom with best man

Bride with bridesmaids

Groom with groomsmen

Bride fixing make-up/hair

Groomsmen getting boutonnieres

Attendants receiving flowers

Other _____________________________

Parents receiving flowers

Other _____________________________

at the ceremony ❐

Guests outside of church

Bride and groom saying vows

Ushers escorting guests to seats

Ring ceremony

Bride’s mother being seated

Flower girl and ringbearer

Groom’s family being seated

The kiss

Bride and father entering church

Bride and groom coming up aisle

Groom and groomsmen at altar

Bride and groom leaving church

Attendants coming down aisle

Bride and groom getting into car

❐ Bride and father coming down aisle

Bride and groom in decorated car

Giving-away ceremony

Other __________________________________

Altar during ceremony

Other __________________________________

before the reception ❐

Bride and groom’s hands

Bride and groom with wedding party

Bridesmaids looking at bride’s ring

Bride and groom with all parents

Bride and groom

Bride and groom with bride’s family

Bride with her parents

Bride and groom with groom’s family

Bride and groom with honor attendants

Bride and groom looking at each other

Bride with bridesmaids

Other ___________________________________

Groom with groomsmen

Other ___________________________________

For interactive wedding tools and worksheets visit • 339

At the Reception Photography Bride and groom arriving

Bride and groom cutting the cake

Bride and groom going into reception

Bride and groom feeding cake

❐ Receiving line

Bride and groom toasting

Bride and groom in receiving line

Bride throwing bouquet

Parents in receiving line

Groom removing bride’s garter

Buffet table

Groom throwing garter


Bride and groom dancing

Bride and groom seated at table


Bride dancing with her father

Other _____________________________________

Groom dancing with his mother

Other _____________________________________

Bride and groom talking with guests

Other _____________________________________

❐ ❐

Notes for the Photographer (Capture these moments, special people, etc.): ___________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________________

340 • For interactive wedding tools and worksheets visit

Videography Studio Name: _____________________________________________________________________________________ Telephone:________________________________________________________________________________________ Address:___________________________________________________________________________________________ Videographer’s Name: _______________________________________________________________________________ Price: ______________________________________________________________________________________________





Videotape these Moments (ie., Bride & Groom’s Dance, Cake Cutting, etc.): _________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________________

For interactive wedding tools and worksheets visit • 341

The Decor Flowers Florist:_____________________________________________________________________________________ Telephone:_________________________________________________________________________________ Address:____________________________________________________________________________________ Salesperson: _____________________________________________ Date: ____________________________ Delivery Date / Time / Place:________________________________________________________________ Description (Bouquet Style, Colors, Flower Types):___________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________


unit cost

total price

Bridal Bouquet

__________________ ___________________


Floral Headpiece

__________________ ___________________


Honor Attendant Bouquet

__________________ ___________________


Bridesmaid Bouquet

__________________ ___________________


Flower Girl Bouquet

__________________ ___________________


Floral Headpieces

__________________ ___________________



__________________ ___________________



__________________ ___________________


Altar Pieces

__________________ ___________________


Aisle & Pew Decorations

__________________ ___________________



__________________ ___________________



__________________ ___________________


Cake Top

__________________ ___________________


Cake Table

__________________ ___________________


Reception Centerpiece(s)

__________________ ___________________


Rehearsal Dinner Centerpiece(s)________________ ___________________



__________________ ___________________


Total Cost

__________________ ___________________


342 • For interactive wedding tools and worksheets visit

Balloons/Decorations Decorator:_____________________________________________________________________________________ Salesperson:_______________________________ Telephone:________________________________________ Address:_______________________________________________________________________________________ Delivery Date / Time / Place: ___________________________________________________________________ Description (Colors, Style, Shape):______________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________________

Price: _____________________________________________

Rentals Store: 1) ______________________________________________________ Telephone:____________________ Address: ______________________________________________________ Salesperson:___________________ Items to Reserve for Ceremony / Reception:_____________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________________ Pickup/Delivery Date: ___________________________________________ Time:_______________________ Return Date: ____________________________________________________ Time:_______________________ Deposit: ________________________________________________________ Cost:_______________________

Store: 2) ______________________________________________________ Telephone:____________________ Address: ______________________________________________________ Salesperson:___________________ Items to Reserve for Ceremony / Reception:_____________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________________ Pickup/Delivery Date: ___________________________________________ Time:_______________________ Return Date: ____________________________________________________ Time:_______________________ Deposit: ________________________________________________________ Cost:_______________________

For interactive wedding tools and worksheets visit • 343

The Wedding Day Ceremony Site Site: ____________________________________________________________________________________________ Address: ________________________________________________________________________________________ Phone:____________________________________________ Contact: _____________________________________ Officiant: _______________________________________________________________________________________ Date: ___________________________________________________________________________________________ Ceremony Time:_________________________________________________________________________________ Arrival Time: ______________________________________________________________________________________

Premarital Counseling Dates & Times: 1)______________________________________________________________ 2)_______________________________________________________________________________________________ 3)_______________________________________________________________________________________________ 4)_______________________________________________________________________________________________

Items to remember to bring to the ceremony site: All clothing (if getting dressed on site) - gown, hosiery, shoes, veil, etc. All jewelry (bridal accessories, bridemaids accessories, wedding rings) Unity candle (and lighter if necessary) Guest book and pen Programs or bulletins Flowers (if not delivered by florist) including corsages, boutonnieres, decorations, bouquets, etc. Ceremony decorations Send-off items (birdseed favors, bubbles, doves, butterflies or balloons) Other:____________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________

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Your Personal Wedding Vows: _______________________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________________

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The Reception Site: ____________________________________________________________________________________________ Address: ________________________________________________________________________________________ Phone:____________________________________________ Contact: _____________________________________ Date: ______________________________________________ Time: _______________________________________ Price:____________________________________________________________________________________________ Caterer: __________________________________________________________________________________________ Menu: ___________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________ Beverages: ________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________ Caterer will also provide: ___________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________ Price: ____________________________________________________________________________________________

Special Notes: _____________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________

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Traditional Line-ups


receiving line

head table (reception)



Bridesmaid Groomsman



parents table (reception)

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The Honeymoon Travel Agency: _____________________________________________________________________________________ Address: ___________________________________________________________________________________________ Phone:____________________________________________ Contact: ________________________________________ Destination: _________________________________________________________________________________________ Departure Date: ______________________________________________________________________________________ Return Date: ________________________________________________________________________________________ Travel Notes: ________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ Packing List:

❐ Her Casual Outfit(s) (shirts, pants, shorts, shoes) _______________________________________________ ❐ His Casual Outfit(s) (shirts, pants, shorts, shoes) ________________________________________________ ❐ Her Formal Outfit(s) (dress, shoes) _____________________________________________________________ ❐ His Formal Outfit(s) (shirts, pants, shoes) ______________________________________________________ ❐ Her Underwear

❐ Hosiery / Socks

❐ Bras

❐ His Underwear

❐ Sleepwear

❐ Swimwear

❐ Coat / Jacket

❐ Hats

❐ Make-up / Skin Care

❐ Toothpaste

❐ Tooth Brushes

❐ Deodorants

❐ Hair Brushes / Combs / Barettes, etc.

❐ Shave Cream / Razors / Aftershave

❐ Shampoo / Contitioners / Other Hair Care

❐ Lotions / Sunscreen / Bug Repellant

❐ _______________________________________________________________________________________________ ❐ _______________________________________________________________________________________________ ❐ _______________________________________________________________________________________________ ❐ _______________________________________________________________________________________________ ❐ _______________________________________________________________________________________________ ❐ _______________________________________________________________________________________________ ❐ _______________________________________________________________________________________________ ❐ _______________________________________________________________________________________________ ❐ _______________________________________________________________________________________________ ❐ _______________________________________________________________________________________________

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Marriage After Every Wedding Comes a Marriage by Florence Littauer If any of us thought we were going to get divorced, we would not bother to get married. If we didn’t plan on a long-range relationship, we wouldn’t invest money in homes, furniture, dishes, crystal and silver. Yet statistics show that 50% of those getting married will end up divorced, suffering through the separation of themselves, their children and their possessions. Why does this happen and how can you prevent a similar fate in your marriage? In the 20 years that Fred and I have been counseling people with marriage problems, we have developed some principles that may make a major change in your perspective. We fall in love with opposite personalities. Although we seek companionship and compatibility, we usually choose to marry someone who is nothing like us. We subconsciously select a person who fills in our weak areas, and when we do, the two of us fit together and become one. The one who loves to talk marries one who likes to listen. The one who likes to lead marries one who is willing to follow. Optimists marry pessimists, extroverts marry introverts. We focus on our mate's weaknesses. Once we come home from the honeymoon we begin to notice faults in the other person. She doesn’t keep the house in perfect order or cook like mother. He’s constantly giving instructions and isn’t loving like father. We find that marriage isn’t what we thought it would be, and that we don’t agree on much of anything. We decide to make our partner over. Once we realize we’ve married a person with totally different standards and opinions, we begin to remake our mate in our image. If only we could turn the person we have into what we’d like him to be, we could be happy. We want the fun-loving one to get serious and organized, the deep thoughtful one to lighten up, the aggressive worker to slow down, and the easy going one to speed up. We set about to change what we have into a new model. We get discouraged. When we discover that our mate is resistant to change and doesn’t get excited over our “partner-improvement program,’’ we get discouraged and wonder if perhaps we’ve married the wrong person. We need help. Fred and I, without knowing what we were doing, fell into this negative pattern. We thought being in love was enough and we spent no time looking ahead to possible problems. We had such a fantastic wedding that it was featured in LIFE, May 18, 1953, but neither of us realized that after every wedding comes a marriage. When we got home from the honeymoon Fred announced, “Now I’m going to put you on your training program.’’ I was shocked to find that he didn’t like me as I was but only as he hoped I might become. He showed me that I didn’t walk or talk right and that I didn’t even preheat the dinner plates. He tried to make me over. I resisted the transformation, and we both became discouraged.

For interactive wedding tools and worksheets visit • 349

After 15 years of a declining marriage, we discovered the concept of the “4 Basic Temperaments,” and for the first time, had a tool to use in examining ourselves and accepting each other. We found help. We can appreciate each others differences. Once I saw that I had been created as a Sanguine, an outgoing, fun-loving optimist, and that Fred was born a Melancholy, a deep, thoughtful, introspective introvert, I could understand that we had been attracted to each other’s opposite strengths and discouraged by each others opposite weaknesses. Once we found out that we were naturally different and that one of us wasn’t out to get the other, we began to accept each other as we were. We can become one. Look over the following chart together and check off what characterizes you. Discuss your differences before getting married and realize that there is no perfect person. With every set of strengths come accompanying weaknesses, but when you two focus on your assets, you will fill each other’s empty spaces. SANGUINE: The Popular Person, The Born-entertainer, Likes parties, people and fun, Loves to talk, Wants to create excitement, Entertains everyone, Gets prize for best personality, Needs attention and approval, Has little organization or follow through, Gets Depressed when life’s not fun, Controls by charm. CHOLERIC: The Powerful Person, The Born-leader, Likes action and progress, Loves to work, Wants to motivate others, Directs everyone, Gets prize for most accomplishments, Needs obedience and appreciation, Has little tolerance for incompetence, Gets depressed when losing control, Controls by force. PHLEGMATIC: The Peaceful Person, The Born-follower, Likes harmony and rest, Loves to relax, Wants to calm people down, Gets along with everyone, Gets prize for best liked, Needs peace and sense of worth, Has little self-motivation, Gets depressed over conflict, Controls by procrastination. MELANCHOLY: The Perfect Person, The Born-thinker, Likes solitude and silence, Loves to plan, Wants to analyze everything, Sets standards for everyone, Gets prize for most intelligent, Needs support and sensitivity, Has little need for sociability, Gets depressed over imperfection, Controls by moods, Pessimistic, Introverted, Soft-Spoken, Drained by people. Florence and Fred Littauer travel constantly and speak on marriage and personal relationships. Florence has written 15 books. For further study on the subject of understanding others, read, “After Every Wedding Comes A Marriage”, “Personality Plus”, or “Your Personality Tree”. Discovering your personality type can be an enlightening experience and an excellent way to improve marriage communication. Based on the knowledge of your spouse’s strengths and weaknesses, your communication will become more meaningful, your understanding and acceptance of your spouse more complete. The following test will help you establish which temperament you are, sanguine, phlegmatic, melancholy, or choleric, as well as point out the characteristics of each type.

The following charts are created by Fred Littauer. Reprinted by permission from PERSONALITY PLUS, Florence Littauer, Fleming H. Revell Publishers. All rights reserved. NOT TO BE REPRODUCED—COPIES MAY BE ORDERED FROM: CLASS Speakers • P.O. Box 66810, Albuquerque, NM 87193. 1-800-433-6633.

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Personality Profile DIRECTIONS: In each of the following rows of four words across, place an X in front of the one word that most often applies to you. Continue through all forty lines. Be sure each number is marked. If you are not sure of which word “most applies”, ask your fiance, spouse or friend. Now transfer all your X’s to the corresponding words on the following page and add up your totals. Then visit to discover the personality strengths and weaknesses of you and your spouse.

1 ____ Adventurous

____ Adaptable

____ Animated

____ Analytical

2 ____ Persistent

____ Playful

____ Persuasive

____ Peaceful

3 ____ Submissive

____ Self-sacrificing

____ Sociable

____ Strong-willed

4 ____ Considerate

____ Controlled

____ Competitive

____ Convincing

5 ____ Refreshing

____ Respectful

____ Reserved

____ Resourceful

6 ____ Satisfied

____ Sensitive

____ Self-reliant

____ Spirited

7 ____ Planner

____ Patient

____ Positive

____ Promoter

8 ____ Sure

____ Spontaneous

____ Scheduled

____ Shy

9 ____ Orderly

____ Obliging

____ Outspoken

____ Optimistic

10 ____ Friendly

____ Faithful

____ Funny

____ Forceful

11 ____ Daring

____ Delightful

____ Diplomatic

____ Detailed

12 ____ Cheerful

____ Consistent

____ Cultured

____ Confident

13 ____ Idealistic

____ Independent

____ Inoffensive

____ Inspiring

14 ____ Demonstrative ____ Decisive

____ Dry Humor

____ Deep

15 ____ Mediator

____ Musical

____ Mover

____ Mixes Easily

16 ____ Thoughtful

____ Tenacious

____ Talker

____ Tolerant

17 ____ Listener

____ Loyal

____ Leader

____ Lively

18 ____ Contented

____ Chief

____ Chartmaker

____ Cute

19 ____ Perfectionist

____ Pleasant

____ Productive

____ Popular

20 ____ Bouncy

____ Bold

____ Behaved

____ Balanced

21 ____ Blank

____ Bashful

____ Brassy

____ Bossy

22 ____ Undisciplined

____ Unsympathetic

____ Unenthusiastic

____ Unforgiving

23 ____ Reticent

____ Resentful

____ Resistant

____ Repetitious

24 ____ Fussy

____ Fearful

____ Forgetful

____ Frank

25 ____ Impatient

____ Insecure

____ Indecisive

____ Interrupts

26 ____ Unpopular

____ Uninvolved

____ Unpredictable

____ Unaffectionate

27 ____ Headstrong

____ Haphazard

____ Hard to Please

____ Hesitant

28 ____ Plain

____ Pessimistic

____ Proud

____ Permissive

29 ____ Angered Easily

____ Aimless

____ Argumentative

____ Alienated

30 ____ Naive

____ Negative Attitude

____ Nervy

____ Nonchalant

31 ____ Worrier

____ Withdrawn

____ Workaholic

____ Wants Credit

32 ____ Too Sensitive

____ Tactless

____ Timid

____ Talkative

33 ____ Doubtful

____ Disorganized

____ Domineering

____ Depressed

34 ____ Inconsistent

____ Introvert

____ Intolerant

____ Indifferent

35 ____ Messy

____ Moody

____ Mumbles

____ Manipulative

36 ____ Slow

____ Stubborn

____ Show-off

____ Skeptical

37 ____ Loner

____ Lord-over-others

____ Lazy

____ Loud

38 ____ Sluggish

____ Suspicious

____ Short-tempered

____ Scatterbrained

39 ____ Revengeful

____ Restless

____ Reluctant

____ Rash

____ Crafty

____ Changeable

40 ____ Compromising ____ Critical

For interactive wedding tools and worksheets visit • 351

Personality Scoring Sheet Strengths SANGUINE CHOLERIC MELANCHOLY PHLEGMATIC POPULAR POWERFUL PERFECT PEACEFUL 1 ____ Animated ____ Adventurous ____ Analytical ____ Adaptable 2 ____ Playful ____ Persuasive ____ Persistent ____ Peaceful 3 ____ Sociable ____ Strong-willed ____ Self-sacrificing ____ Submissive 4 ____ Convincing ____ Competitive ____ Considerate ____ Controlled 5 ____ Refreshing ____ Resourceful ____ Respectful ____ Reserved 6 ____ Spirited ____ Self-reliant ____ Sensitive ____ Satisfied 7 ____ Promoter ____ Positive ____ Planner ____ Patient 8 ____ Spontaneous ____ Sure ____ Scheduled ____ Shy 9 ____ Optimistic ____ Outspoken ____ Orderly ____ Obliging 10 ____ Funny ____ Forceful ____ Faithful ____ Friendly 11 ____ Delightful ____ Daring ____ Detailed ____ Diplomatic 12 ____ Cheerful ____ Confident ____ Cultured ____ Consistent 13 ____ Inspiring ____ Independent ____ Idealistic ____ Inoffensive 14 ____ Demonstrative ____ Decisive ____ Deep ____ Dry Humor 15 ____ Mixes Easily ____ Mover ____ Musical ____ Mediator 16 ____ Talker ____ Tenacious ____ Thoughtful ____ Tolerant 17 ____ Lively ____ Leader ____ Loyal ____ Listener 18 ____ Cute ____ Chief ____ Chartmaker ____ Contented 19 ____ Popular ____ Productive ____ Perfectionist ____ Pleasant 20 ____ Bouncy ____ Bold ____ Behaved ____ Balanced





Weaknesses SANGUINE CHOLERIC MELANCHOLY PHLEGMATIC POPULAR POWERFUL PERFECT PEACEFUL 21 ____ Brassy ____ Bossy ____ Bashful ____ Blank 22 ____ Undisciplined ____ Unsympathetic ____ Unforgiving ____ Unenthusiastic 23 ____ Repetitious ____ Resistant ____ Resentful ____ Reticent 24 ____ Forgetful ____ Frank ____ Fussy ____ Fearful 25 ____ Interrupts ____ Impatient ____ Insecure ____ Indecisive 26 ____ Unpredictable ____ Unaffectionate ____ Unpopular ____ Uninvolved 27 ____ Haphazard ____ Headstrong ____ Hard-to-please ____ Hesitant 28 ____ Permissive ____ Proud ____ Pessimistic ____ Plain 29 ____ Angered Easily ____ Argumentative ____ Alienated ____ Aimless 30 ____ Naive ____ Nervy ____ Negative Attitude ____ Nonchalant 31 ____ Wants Credit ____ Workaholic ____ Withdrawn ____ Worrier 32 ____ Talkative ____ Tactless ____ Too Sensitive ____ Timid 33 ____ Disorganized ____ Domineering ____ Depressed ____ Doubtful 34 ____ Inconsistent ____ Intolerant ____ Introvert ____ Indifferent 35 ____ Messy ____ Manipulative ____ Moody ____ Mumbles 36 ____ Show-off ____ Stubborn ____ Skeptical ____ Slow 37 ____ Loud ____ Lord-over-others ____ Loner ____ Lazy 38 ____ Scatterbrained ____ Short Tempered ____ Suspicious ____ Sluggish 39 ____ Restless ____ Rash ____ Revengeful ____ Reluctant 40 ____ Changeable ____ Crafty ____ Critical ____ Compromising









Visit for the Personality Meanings. 352 • For interactive wedding tools and worksheets visit

feature weddings • 353

feature wedding

Makayla & Eric May 21, 2011

WisconsinBliss Photographer: Primavera Studios

Ceremony Location: St. James Catholic Church

Officiant: Monsignor Thomas Baxter

Photo Shoot Location: UW Arboretum

Reception Location: UW Memorial Union (Tripp Commons)

Gown: Casablanca from Vera’s House of Bridals, Ltd.

Suit: Calvin Klein from Macy’s

Invitations: Michaels

Floral: Abundance Acres

Cake & Cupcakes: Made by the Groom’s Mother

DJ: Matt Long from DJ Magic

354 • Wedding Planner & Guide • 355

feature wedding

Homespun Elegance Hollis & Nick June 18, 2011

Wedding Planner: Rachel Tatge of Top Shelf Weddings Photographer: Paper Antler Ceremony Location: Allen Centennial Gardens Officiant: James Engmann of “Happily Ever After Weddings” Photo Shoot Location: Observatory Dr. on UW-Madison Campus Reception Location: The University Club Gown: Watters Collection from Watters Bridesmaids Dresses: Made by best friend Invitations: Self-designed Floral: daffodil*parker Cake & Cupcakes: Daisy Café and Cupcakery Transportation: Wayne Ace Bus & Limo Service

356 • Wedding Planner & Guide • 357

feature wedding

P lum Perfection Tiffany & Josh May 21, 2011

Photographer: Red Gecko Studio

Ceremony Location: Madison Museum of Contemporary Art

Photo Shoot Locations: Madison Museum of Contemporary Art, Allen Centennial Gardens, Memorial Union, Capitol

Reception Location: The Monona Terrace

Gown: Vera’s House of Bridals, Ltd.

Accessories: Premiere Couture and Etsy

Tuxedo: Nedrebo’s Formal Wear

Salon: ANiU Salon Spa

Floral: Beauty Blossoms

Cake & Cupcakes: Monona Catering

DJ: Jukebox Bandstand

358 • Wedding Planner & Guide • 359


360 • Wedding Planner & Guide

apparel............................................................. 362 beauty & health............................................. 364 cakes & confections..................................... 365 catering............................................................ 366 ceremony sites.............................................. 366 dance instruction......................................... 367 flipbooks.......................................................... 367 flowers & decorations................................. 368 gift registries.................................................. 369 guest accommodations............................. 369 homes & realtors........................................... 370 honeymoon & destination travel............ 370 ice sculptures................................................. 370 invitations & favors...................................... 371 jewelers............................................................ 372 musicians & entertainment...................... 372 officiants.......................................................... 375 photo booths................................................. 376 photography.................................................. 376 rehearsal & reception facilities................ 379 tents & rentals................................................ 386 transportation............................................... 386 photos clockwise from top left Blue Dandelion Photography Anderson Fine Art Photography

videography................................................... 387 wedding consultants.................................. 387

The Wedding Flasher Red Gecko Studio Beautiful Portraits by Michael • 361


apparel ALTERATIONS BY SUE (p. 57) 701 Hwy N, Stoughton, WI 53589 • (608)873-0374 • e-mail: ALTERED STATES ALTERATIONS (p. 57) Northside TownCenter - 1853 Northport Drive, Madison, WI 53704 (608)244-2073 • e-mail: Altered States Alterations is not only the premiere alteration shop in the Madison area, but also the best value in town…quality alterations at competitive prices. From bridal, special occasion, or formalwear to basic hems, they do it all! Let them alleviate your fitting concerns to make your special day truly special. TWF 8-6, Th 8-8 and Sat 8-1. BEAUTIFUL BRIDES AND FORMALS, LLC (p. 51) 4522 E. Washington Avenue, Madison, WI 53704 (608)246-2800 • Best Bridal Retailer 2011 - Once you enter their showroom, you’ll understand why Beautiful Brides and Formals has been the favorite among brides for 36 years! They feature hundreds of wedding gowns you won’t find at other area salons, through size 30. You’ll love their bridesmaid dresses, custom veils and headpieces, thousands of jewelry pieces, and the area’s largest prom and eveningwear collection! As a third generation family-owned and operated salon, they promise personal and professional service, from their family to yours. Appointments suggested. BRANDI’S BRIDAL GALLERIA, ETC (p. 48-49) 1101 State Road 69 #13, New Glarus, WI 53574 (608)527-4436 • Winner/Finalist “Wisconsin’s Best” 6 years running! Known for their selection and service, Brandi’s offers everything from cutting edge to romantic with over 500 bridal gowns and 1,000 bridesmaids. Pricing pleases everyone. A warm, inviting atmosphere greets you in their elegant, spacious store. You, your family and friends feel pampered and comfortable while you find the gown of your dreams. Their contagious enthusiasm follows you from your first call until you walk down the aisle. Check out Brandi’s “Off The Rack” in Rockford IL. BRIDES N’ BELLES (p. 54) 140 E. Main Street, Reedsburg, WI 53959 • (608)524-8133 • e-mail: Brides N’ Belles is excited to announce their new 7,000 square foot location! Their family owned and operated full-service bridal salon has grown, yet they remain committed to offer you a tremendous collection of gowns and accessories. Their goal is to make your

362 • Wedding Planner & Guide

visit an exceptionally satisfying experience. Their accredited bridal consultants look forward to personally assisting you and your bridal party. Alterations are completed in-house by their experienced staff, while all gowns are pressed and stored at no additional charge. CONTOURS LINGERIE (p. 54) 6102 Mineral Point Road, Madison, WI 53705 • (608)237-6407 • e-mail: Contours Lingerie has beautiful lingerie, classic sleepwear, and everything for the bride from size small to a curvy 3x. They offer professional bra fitting for your special day and every day. Whether you’re an AA, K cup or in between, they can help you find something fabulous. Register with them for your bridal shower or book a private shopping party for you and your girlfriends. DU BOIS FORMALWEAR AT PREMIERE COUTURE (p. 61) 1921 Monroe Street, Madison, WI 53711 • (608)255-1921 • e-mail: DuBois Formalwear at Premiere Couture is a match made in heaven - the finest tuxedos available combined with attentive service offered in a relaxed atmosphere. Add to that easy, allinclusive prices and a genuinely free groom’s tux and you’ll agree. When you stop in or call, just ask for Joel or e-mail joel.tuxedos@ JULIE’S BRIDAL GALLERY (p. 50) 1019 16th Avenue, Monroe, WI 53566 • (608)325-4553 • e-mail: JUST FOR YOU (p. 57) 217 S. Main Street, Verona, WI 53593 • (608)848-3773 Formalwear Consignment Shop. Lovely and up-to-date formalwear in a relaxed, home-like setting. Your next formal occasion doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Just For You carries many bridal gowns, mother-of-the-bride dresses, bridesmaid dresses, flowergirl dresses, pageant dresses and other special occasion gowns. Tuxedo rental available. Custom dressmaking and alterations are also available. No appointment needed. You’ll be wonderfully surprised by the selections. KLINKE CLEANERS (p. 56) Monona: 4518 Monona Drive • (608)222-0613 Capitol: 412 E. Washington Avenue • (608)257-1073 Fitchburg: 3050 Cahill Main • (608)274-6212 Stonefield: 1003 N. Gammon Road • (608)831-6441 Monroe St: 2502 Monroe Street • (608)233-5099 Gammon: 728 S. Gammon Road • (608)277-0800 Sherman: 1295 N. Sherman Avenue • (608)244-0585 Old Sauk: 8640 Old Sauk Road • (608)833-3748 Campus: 2875 University Avenue • (608)231-1605 University: 5441 University Avenue • (608)238-8055 Stoughton: 1308 Hamilton Street • (608)873-5238 East Towne: 1726 Theirer Road • (608)246-8555 Sun Prairie: 1225 W. Main Street • (608)825-7778 Park St: 939 S. Park Street • (608)268-6868 Verona: 208 E. Verona Avenue • (608)848-7770

MAHIN’S BRIDAL SALON (p. 52) 307 11th Street, Monroe, WI • (608)328-GOWN (4696) • e-mail: MARAH’S ELEGANT BRIDAL, LLC (p. 53) 101 E. Main Street, Mount Horeb, WI 53572 • (608)437-6107 • e-mail: MOMENTS TO CHERISH BRIDALS (p. 55) 2990 Cahill Main, Hatchery Hill Plaza, Fitchburg, WI 53711 (608)274-5683 • e-mail: Moments to Cherish is a Bridal Store specializing in all bridal and wedding attire including tuxedo rentals. They are happy when the bride is happy. Every wedding is as unique as its bride. Their goal is to guide the bride through her unique vision of what her wedding will look like. They strive to achieve the highest customer satisfaction and quality of gowns at a reasonable price. Stop in and let them lead you through your dream wedding. NEDREBO’S FORMAL WEAR (p. 1, 59) 7857 Big Sky Drive, Madison, WI 53719 • (608)827-8548 (With Vera’s House of Bridals) 601 Junction Road, Madison, WI 53717 • (608)833-8811 5237 Verona Road, Madison, WI 53711 • (608)271-2121 4522 E. Washington Avenue, Madison, WI 53704 • (608)241-3131 Janesville Mall, Janesville, WI 53545 • (608)752-2828 • e-mail: PREMIERE COUTURE (p. 47) 1921 Monroe Street, Madison, WI 53711 • (608)255-1921 • e-mail: Premiere Couture—Madison’s most fun and unique bridal salon! Nestled in the distinctive Monroe Street shopping district, you’ll find their exclusive bridal collection refreshingly unfussy and lovely and the bridesmaid dresses fun and fresh. Choose from designers like Nicole Miller, Lea-Ann Belter, Robert Bullock and Lynn Lugo. For a bridal ensemble you’ll love, love, love make an appointment to have their highly trained staff style you from head to toe. Follow them on their frequently updated blog, Facebook and Twitter!

process: from picking fabrics, trims and a silhouette, to creating a unique wedding gown and headpiece unlike any other ¬anywhere. Your gown will fit you (and your style) impeccably. Customization and alteration of existing gowns also available. By appointment only at their downtown studio. SISTERS ON MAIN (p. 55) Cross Plains, WI • (608)798-2323 • e-mail: Close your eyes and imagine the wedding gown of your dreams, then call Sisters on Main to make it a reality. From a picture or vision in your mind, they can create just about anything, including bridal, bridesmaids, mothers and special attendants. If you’ve already found that perfect dress, they can do alterations making it a perfect fit. Sisters on Main also offers tuxedo rentals, headpieces, jewelry, groomsmen’s gifts, dry cleaning and gown preservation. VERA’S HOUSE OF BRIDALS, LTD. (Back Cover) Madison, WI: 7857 Big Sky Drive • (608)833-6006 Janesville, WI - Clearance Center: 2916 S. Hwy. 51 (608)741-4421 • e-mail: Vera understands that selecting the perfect gown is just the beginning. It’s how you look walking toward your groom that is most important. Vera’s design studio is one of the nation’s best. A Vera’s bride will have her gown fit perfectly. Since 1964 Vera’s has been helping brides select their dream gown. Over 300 styles, sizes 4-28, moderate to couture, with many available for immediate delivery. From young to young-at-heart, Vera’s will deliver you down the style. Appointments are recommended. Heidi Lee Photography

PROFESSIONAL GARMENT CENTRE (p. 56) 2710 Marshall Court, Suite 1, Madison, WI 53705 (608)231-1711 The Professional Garment Centre provides the foundation for looking great on your wedding day. They’ve been in business over 30 years helping women look and feel their best with specialty undergarments fitted for all body types. Their bridal line specifically helps give smooth support under any style of gown; including backless, strapless or a simple satin column. Their expertise in fitting is unsurpassed. REBEKAH JACOBS COUTURE (p. 53) 402 E. Wilson Street, Madison, WI 53703 • (608)577-2094 e-mail: Make your special day truly unique with a wedding gown designed and handmade just for you by Rebekah. With over 15 years experience in special occasion design, she¹ll guide you through the • 363

beauty & health ANIU SALON AND SPA (p. 67) 2275 Deming Way, Middleton, WI 53562 • (608)826-9645 • e-mail: ANiU Salon and Spa, voted Best of Madison 2011, provides the largest staff of bridal beauty experts in Wisconsin and can accommodate any size bridal group. ANiU’s talented and professional staff participates in the most advanced ongoing training and provides the best offerings of current trends in the bridal beauty industry. ANiU’s Bridal Coordinator makes sure that each bridal party has a completely tailored wedding day experience. ANiU Salon and Spa is the best choice for brides. BE INSPIRED SALON (p. 71) 425 S. Yellowstone Drive, Madison, WI 53719 • (608)271-2771 • e-mail: HARBOR ATHLETIC CLUB (p. 72) 2529 Allen Boulevard, Middleton, WI 53562 • (608)831-6500 • e-mail: Harbor Athletic Club is a multi-generational club celebrating 25 years of serving its members and the local community. They strive to provide the most professional and friendly service in the industry within all of their programs from personal training to pilates and yoga. Both members and non-members can take advantage of individual and small group personal training. Members can enjoy four pools including a saltwater lap pool! With over 85,000 square feet, there is certainly something for everyone. KNEADED RELIEF DAY SPA & WELLNESS (p. 73, 99) 5500 E. Cheryl Parkway, Suite 126, Fitchburg, WI 53711 (608)255-0070 • e-mail: Overlooking a beautiful prairie and waterfall ponds you’ll feel like you’re a world away, yet only steps outside of Madison. Bring your Bridal Party for a day at Madison’s Best Spa or sign up for

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their Bridal Boot Camp! They have a variety of packages to choose, including fitness programs to get you (& the groom!) in top shape. Let their “total wellness” spa help you achieve the results you want for your wedding from facials, nails, massage and fitness! MADISON NO FEAR DENTISTRY (p. 71) 344 S. Yellowstone Drive, Madison, WI 53705 • (608)836-5700 e-mail: THE MAKEUP PALETTE (p. 66) 5910 Monona Drive, Suite 105, Monona, WI 53716 (608)239-8520 • e-mail: NEW SELF RENEWAL CENTER (p. 71) 6300 Enterprise Lane, Madison, WI 53719 • (608)310-6775 • e-mail: TOIJALA CHIROPRACTIC (p. 73) 536 Southing Grange Road, Cottage Grove, WI • (608)839-3108 Discover the benefits of specific chiropractic care! Dr. Erik Toijala performs hands-on care for all ages. He has an in-house x-ray facility and is open evenings for appointments. Your body is moving and dynamic, keep it moving and dynamic with his specific hands-on care. THE ULTIMATE SPA SALON (p. 68-69) 5713 Monona Drive, Madison, WI 53716 (608)222-4174 • Your wedding day….Everything has to be perfect: your dress, the flowers, the weather, and most importantly YOU! Leave nothing to chance! See why The Ultimate was voted Best of Madison. They will provide you, your wedding party, and your family with nothing short of perfection. Their experienced bridal coordinator, Britt, will handle all your scheduling needs for the salon and spa. Pamper yourself with hair designs, manicures, full sets, pedicures, makeup, facials, massage, body wraps, teeth whitening, and more! WILLIAM JON SALON & SPA—WEST (p. 70) Lake Point Commons 2701-H University Avenue, Madison, WI 53705 (608)238-3334 • Bring your wedding fantasy to life with the help of talented artists at the William Jon Salon. They offer an array of services including, massages, speciality styles, makeup, manicures and pedicures, to accommodate your individuality. They will help you create a picture perfect image for your wedding day. For information on group rates or to make your reservation call them and let them help you make your wedding dreams come true!

cakes & confections BLOOM BAKE SHOP (p. 291) 1834 Parmenter Street, Middleton, WI 53562 • (608)831-5797 • e-mail: CAKE BOX BAKERY (p. 291) 100 E. Spring Street, Ste 100, Orfordville, WI 53576 (608)879-2253 • e-mail: The Cake Box is Southern Wisconsin’s answer to beautiful, custom wedding cakes. From simply traditional to cutting edge sugar designs seen in Bridal magazines - the Cake Box delivers. The Cake Box uses the freshest ingredients available to ensure your wedding cake is not only the show-stopper of your reception, but it leaves your guests dreaming of that decadent piece of cake. The Cake Box strives to stay on the cutting edge to make sure every bride’s vision becomes reality. CHRIS’S CONFECTIONS (p. 290) 5207 Rustic Way, McFarland, WI 53558 • (608)838-6028 e-mail: CRAIG’S CAKE SHOP (p. 289) 604 W. Verona Avenue, Verona, WI • (608)848-6331 Winner of Wisconsin Bride Magazine’s Best Cakes: 2008, 2010, & 2011. Craig’s Cake Shop, located in Verona, WI, specializes in custom cakes that not only look beautiful, but taste great too. Their cakes are up to two flavors of cake per tier separated with mousse or filling. They offer a choice of Signature (whipped frosting with white chocolate shavings) or Buttercream frosting. Schedule a tasting and see why their brides say there is a taste of Heaven in every bite. CREATIVE CONFECTIONS (p. 287) 4282 Old Stage Road, Brooklyn, WI (608)455-1448 • e-mail: GIGI’S CUPCAKES (p. 100, 285) 554 N. Midvale Boulevard, Madison, WI 53705 (608)661-PINK (7465) • e-mail: GRACE CHEESECAKES, LLC (p. 291) (608)516-9888 • e-mail: “I DO” CAKES BY BETTY (p. 287) Madison and surrounding area • (608)846-5186 • e-mail:

THE KNOCK SHOPPE’S COUNTRY CAKES (p. 290) W4743 10th Road, Westfield, WI 53964 • (608)369-1314 e-mail: With over 25 years of experience, they guarantee that your wedding cake will be the 2nd most beautiful thing at your wedding, and it will taste as good as it looks. Their wedding cake gallery is the largest in Wisconsin. Their showroom has over 20 cakes on display. You can pick from those or they are able to create a unique wedding cake especially designed for you, per your instructions, right before your eyes. Their cakes are very elegant, yet very affordable. LUCY LOU’S CUPCAKES (p. 288) (608)767-2990 • e-mail: MADISON SWEETS (p. 289) 511 State Street, Madison, WI 53703 • (608)630-9030 e-mail: MARKET STREET DINER & BAKERY (p. 286) CARL’S CAKES 110 Market Street, Sun Prairie, WI 53590 • (608)825-3377 • e-mail: Celebrations made simple. Specialty Catering and Wedding Cakes in one easy stop. Looking for the perfect mix of elegance and ease for your wedding day? Carl’s Cakes and Market Street Diner and Bakery are the answer! Carl’s Cakes has the most recommended wedding cakes in Madison. Market Street Diner offers an extensive catering menu with selections for everything from an intimate sit down dinner for 20 to your dream buffet for 300 of your closest friends and family. THE ROLLING PIN BAKE SHOP (p. 288) 2935 S. Fish Hatchery Road, Fitchburg, WI 53711 (608)270-9611 • e-mail: STEINY JO’S BAKERY (p. 290) 109 Hotel Street, Suite #3, Brooklyn, WI 53521 • (608)455-1909 Fax 608-455-1928 • e-mail: SUZANNE’S SWEET ARTISTRY (p. 291) P.O. Box 584, DeForest, WI 53532 • (608)842-0600 e-mail: SWEET STREET (p. 291) N9229 Old Madison Road, New Glarus, WI (608)527-CAKE(2253) • e-mail: • 365

catering BARTENDER 608 MOBILE MIXOLOGISTS (p. 190) (608)622-7608 • e-mail: CRANBERRY CREEK CATERING (p. 193) 1501 Lake Point Drive, Madison, WI 53713 • (608)222-9752 e-mail: Cranberry Creek Catering has quickly become the Madison area’s first choice for premium wedding buffets. Unparalleled food quality, close attention to detail and value are what you can expect from Cranberry Creek. Cranberry Creek Catering is on the preferred list of caterers at Olbrich Gardens Madison, Madison Turners Hall, Lussier Heritage Center, Century Barn in Mt. Horeb, Badger Farms in Deerfield, Waunakee Village Center, Brink in Madison, Fitchburg, Monona, Deforest Community Centers. Contact them today for a private tasting! FOOD FIGHT RESTAURANT GROUP (p. 191) 2002 Atwood Avenue, Suite 208, Madison, WI 53704 (608)246-2719 • GAYLORD CATERING SERVICE, INC. (p. 192) 709 Atlas Avenue, Madison, WI • (608)222-1267 • e-mail: Gaylord’s full-service event planning and catering staff will help make your wedding dreams come true. Their staff will create a menu and service package that suits your tastes and budget without compromising quality. They offer outstanding food, exquisite presentation, impeccable service, and reasonable pricing. From elaborate buffets to beautifully presented dinner entrees, the taste only supersedes the presentation. Call them today. Let them take care of the food and the details, so you can simply enjoy. Voted Best of Madison 3 years in a row. JL RICHARDS PRIME MEATS & CATERING (p. 193) 668 Janesville Street, Oregon, WI 53575 • (608)835-9188 • e-mail: JL Richards offers full-service catering for events year round. Whether you are planning a casual gathering or an elegant affair, they offer flexible menus to meet your needs. JL Richards will cater to any size group for bridal showers, rehearsal dinners, and wedding receptions. People rave about their pig roasts, but they also have a variety of options for delicious dinner buffets. Call JL Richards to create a menu perfect for your special event. JOHNSON’S CATERING (p. 192) 416 State Road 16, Rio, WI 53960 • (888)992-6328 QUEEN ANNE’S CATERING (p. 193) P.O. Box 44203, Madison, WI 53744 (608)833-0404 • Queen Anne’s Catering offers a delightful array of fresh, homemade

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menu selections for your catered event. Besides the bride and groom, Queen Anne’s food may be the most talked about subject at your reception. Queen Anne’s is the exclusive caterer for the West Side Club and Zor Shrine, with service also provided at: Olbrich Gardens, Warner Park, Lussier Center, Turner Hall, and many other facilities—including The English Cottage in Mineral Point. Queen Anne’s was voted the Best Caterer in Madison in 2003-2010! THE SUNPRINT ON THE SQUARE (p. 193) 1 S. Pinckney Street, Madison, WI 53703 (608)268-0114 • e-mail:

ceremony sites AGORA PAVILION (p. 111) 5511 E. Cheryl Parkway, Fitchburg, WI 53711 (608)277-2592 • e-mail: The word “Agora,” of Greek origin, means gathering place, so it is only natural that such a beautiful facility be available for wedding ceremonies, receptions and parties. The pure white pavilion stands majestically over a 7-acre prairie with pathways that link you and your guests to adjacent ponds and informal seating areas. The Agora can accommodate upwards of 200 guests and provides a perfect backdrop for your event, allowing for a simple ceremony or a more formal affair. CHAPEL OF THE ARCHANGELS (p. 110) 839 Madison Street, Beaver Dam, WI 53916 • (920)356-1900 e-mail: COLD WATER CANYON/DELLS BOATS (p. 108) P.O. Box 630, Wisconsin Dells, WI 53965 • (608)254-8555 • e-mail: Treat your guests to a private event in the lush surroundings of Cold Water Canyon courtesy of Dells Boat Tours. Their newly refurbished historic stone pavilion is now available for weddings. Your occasion begins with an exclusive charter boat excursion on the Upper Dells leading to your scenic destination. Cold Water Canyon is a strikingly beautiful tributary glen that cuts deep into the east bank of the river. This unique site can accommodate groups of 20-150 for dinner and reception or ceremony alone. DELLS WEDDINGS AT THE WHITE ROSE INNS (p. 107) 910 River Road, Wisconsin Dells, WI 53965 • (608)432-2329 • e-mail: FIRST LUTHERAN CHURCH (p. 110) Middleton, WI • (608)831-7226

GRACE EPISCOPAL CHURCH (p. 108) 116 W. Washington Avenue, Madison, WI 53703 (608)255-5147 Ext. 22 • e-mail: Create your own ceremony in a distinctive historic landmark on Madison’s Capitol Square. Team up with their on-site Wedding Coordinator to design a wedding fitting your personal style. With numerous resources they take care of the details in advance so you arrive on your day relaxed and in-the-moment. You may provide your own officiant or they can provide one for you. From mixeddenomination to destination weddings – they’ve been creating memorable moments on the Capital Square for 150 years.

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HOLY WISDOM MONASTERY (p. 109) 4200 County Road M, Middleton, WI 53562 (608)836-1631 Ext. 141 e-mail: Specializing in “green” weddings, they provide a spectacular setting like no other. The 138-acres of restored prairie with a unique view of the Madison skyline and Lake Mendota offers an elegantly understated venue for outdoor and/or indoor weddings or commitment ceremonies. Their on-site wedding coordinator can help plan your ceremony up to 300 guests. Your own officiant is welcome. Enjoy a superbly catered rehearsal dinner or reception up to 150 guests in their brand new, award winning “green” building.


MUSIC OF THE LAKE (p. 111) Door County, WI • (608)833-8467 • e-mail: PARADISE PARK (p. 109) Rural Cottage Grove • (608)873-4084 Graced with a wide array of gardens, lawns and natural attractions, Paradise Park provides a variety of tranquil settings for outdoor weddings, receptions and special events. Their most popular wedding scene boasts a natural forty-foot bridge, stretching the ravine from a highly visible woodland trail to a stunning flower garden—beautifully symbolic as you cross into your new life together. Your guests will never forget it. Your photos will be breathtaking. Your marriage will be made in paradise!

FRED ASTAIRE DANCE STUDIO OF MADISON (p. 208) Peter & Linda Goethche 7701 Mineral Point Road, Madison, WI 53717 (608)833-2623 • e-mail:

ANTICS FLIPBOOKS (p. 207) PO Box 44581, Madison, WI 53744 • (608)770-7999 • e-mail: Antics Flipbooks is Madison’s first mobile flip book studio, providing interactive fun and unique favors for your wedding. Guests step in front of the camera and make a short video clip using props, signs, and their imaginations. Within minutes, friendly Antics attendants turn that video clip into a personalized flip book. Guests will enjoy their keepsake flip books and you will love the DVD of video clips from your wedding. Visit www.AnticsFlipbooks. com to see the flip book studio in action! Primavera Studios

PRES HOUSE CHAPEL (p. 110) 731 State Street, Madison, WI 53703 • (608)216-7319 • e-mail: Pres House provides a perfect setting for your downtown wedding. Located on the UW Campus Mall, this neo-gothic landmark is close to numerous reception venues. Renovated in 2007, the church maintained its historic charm with its beautiful stained glass windows, but added air conditioning for up to 275 guests. The Pridham Lounge, with gas fireplace, provides an intimate setting for your rehearsal dinner. The on-site wedding coordinator can help personalize your ceremony to create the wedding of your dreams. SUGARLAND (p. 111) Linley Road, Arena, WI • (608)795-4909 • • 367

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Street, where she carries on Fleurishes’ tradition of impeccable detail and innovative style, offering fresh inspiration for every Bride. Please call to make an appointment for a free consultation.

A NEW LEAF FLOWERS & GIFTS (p. 275) 4106 Monona Drive, Madison, WI 53716 • (608)221-8800 • e-mail:

FLORA DESIGNS BY JAMAE (p. 99, 274) Stoughton, WI • (608)921-6400 • e-mail:

ACT II FLORAL STUDIO (p. 277) (608)249-0662 • e-mail: With over 25 years of experience, trusting your wedding flowers to Act II is the easiest way to know your wedding is in good hands. While assisting you in preparing a complete wedding floral plan, Act II will keep your desires and budget in mind. From exotic to traditional, silk, fresh or dried, you can count on them for quality, friendly personal service and attention to detail. No wedding is too small or too large. Free consultation, call for your appointment.

THE FLOWER STUDIO (p. 277) 1025 Emerald Terrace, Sun Prairie, WI 53590 (608)837-9090 • The Flower Studio considers it a privilege to be a part of your wedding day. After consulting with The Flower Studio, you will leave stimulated by ideas and assured that every detail is addressed. The shop offers custom designed weddings, creating an unforgettable ceremony for you and your guests. From large show pieces to a quiet intimate ceremony, The Flower Studio will assist you with your plans offering 30 years experience. Relax! Let The Flower Studio make all the arrangements.

BEAUTY BLOSSOMS (p. 100, 273) 7475 Mineral Point Road, Madison, WI 53717 • (608)831-4242 e-mail: FLEURISHES, LLC (p. 272) 931 E. Main Street, Suite 1, Madison, WI 53703 (608)238-5555 • • e-mail: For more than twenty years, Fleurishes has represented the absolute highest standard in floral design for weddings and events. Owner/Designer Andrea Berto has moved into a bright and airy studio in the Main Street Industries building, at 931 East Main

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GARDEN LAURELS BY DONNA SAGER (p. 273) (608)845-6952 • e-mail: Donna Sager of Garden Laurels by Sager offers twenty years of experience creating exquisite floral designs for weddings, with a reputation for creating artistry that reflects the emotion and style of your wedding. Bouquets, ceremony and reception flowers are created with the finest cut flowers available. Attention to detail and the pursuit of perfection results in a wedding that exceeds your expectations. Call or e-mail for a free consultation to view her exceptional work and discuss your ideas!

HY-VEE (p. 276) 3801 E. Washington Avenue, Madison, WI 53704 (608)244-4696 • e-mail: Hy-Vee’s strong reputation for excellence throughout the Midwest, as displayed at the Madison store with its renowned wedding experts, will make your wedding the event you have always dreamed of. Hy-Vee’s creative floral and cake designers will listen to your vision and create the perfect floral arrangements and decadent cake for your special day. You can count on satisfying all your culinary requests with delicious selections from Hy-Vee’s catering service. Hy-Vee - making lives easier, healthier, happier. KLEIN’S FLORAL & GREENHOUSES (p. 277) 3758 East Washington Avenue, Madison, WI 53704 (608)244-5661 • e-mail: Whether 21 or 101 years young, local brides continue to share with others their memories and complete satisfaction with one of the Madison area’s oldest and most respected florists. Since 1913, Klein’s Floral & Greenhouses has fulfilled generations of brides’ wedding day dreams. From planning to delivery and set up, Klein’s is there to make your day a perfect one. Third generation owner, Sue Klein, continues the tradition, offering both traditional and contemporary design options following all the latest fashion trends. PERSONAL EXPRESSIONS FLORAL & WEDDING DESIGN, LTD (p. 16, 271) 218 Railroad Street, New Glarus, WI 53574 • P.O. Box 933 (608)527-3348 • e-mail: The unique team of Personal Expressions will guide you through the complete creative process of planning your wedding. For your convenience, color consulting, artistic floral, decor styling and day-of-production details are addressed all under one roof. Experience for yourself their environment of trust, honesty, respect and just plain fun! Allow them to show you the difference between ordinary and extraordinary with Personal Expressions wedding design. Schedule your complimentary consultation today! THE PETAL PATCH, LTD. (p. 98, 274) 4810 Larson Beach Road, McFarland, WI 53558 (608)838-9864 • e-mail: PRAIRIE FLOWERS & GIFTS (p. 276) 202 W. Main Street, Sun Prairie WI, 53590 (608)837-3830 • e-mail:

VICTORIA’S GARDEN (p. 277) 300 W. Main Street, Mount Horeb, WI 53572 (608)437-3114 • e-mail:

gift registries ORANGE TREE IMPORTS (p. 97) 1721 Monroe Street, Madison, WI • (608)255-8211

guest accommodations CLARION SUITES (p. 212) 2110 Rimrock Road, Madison, WI 53713 • (608)284-1234 • e-mail: HILTON MADISON MONONA TERRACE (p. 212) 9 E. Wilson Street, Madison, WI 53703 (608)260-2304 • MADISON SLEEP INN & SUITES (p. 213) 4802 Tradewinds Parkway, Madison, WI 53718 • (608)221-8100 • e-mail: MAGNUSON GRAND HOTEL (p. 213) 3510 Millpond Road, Madison, WI 53718 • (608)224-1500 (800)510-3510 • e-mail: The Magnuson Grand Hotel is a 3-star/diamond hotel located on Madison’s Southeast side. They offer a complimentary shuttle to and from your wedding venue. They have several amenities including: 24-hour pool, whirlpool, fitness center, and business center. Seven days a week they offer a complimentary deluxe continental breakfast. Their rooms include refrigerators, microwaves, irons, and ironing boards. They also have free local calls and free wi-fi available in the entire hotel for their guests.

SIMPLY GLAMOROUS DESIGNS (p. 275) At Oregon Floral • 933 N. Main Street, Oregon, WI 53575 (608)835-3707 • e-mail: • 369

THE NORTH CENTRAL HOTEL GROUP (p. 211) Courtyard by Marriott - Madison West: 2266 Deming Way, Middleton, WI 53562 • (608)203-0100 Residence Inn by Marriott West: 8400 Market Street, Middleton, WI 53562 • (608)662-1100 Fairfield Inn & Suites by Marriott West: 8212 Greenway Blvd., Middleton, WI 53562 • (608)831-1400 Hilton Garden Inn - Madison West / Middleton: 1801 Deming Way, Middleton, WI 53562 • (608)831-2220 Hampton Inn Madison - East: 4820 Hayes Road, Madison, WI 53704 • (608)244-9400 Courtyard by Marriott - Madison East: 2502 Crossroads Drive, Madison, WI 53718 • (608)661-8100 Fairfield Inn & Suites by Marriott East: 2702 Crossroads Drive, Madison, WI 53718 • (608)661-2700 Hampton Inn & Suites - Madison West: 483 Commerce Drive, Madison, WI 53719 • (608)271-0200 Homewood Suites by Hilton - Madison West: 479 Commerce Drive, Madison, WI 53719 • (608)271-0600 It’s your moment to celebrate! Arrange your wedding block at any of their nine Madison area hotels and provide your family and friends with service only The North Central Group can provide. Their promise is to deliver exceptional service to you and your guests by exceeding expectations. Check-in to the start of many special memories to come. That’s their commitment to you! Visit The North Central Group online at SUPER 8 MADISON (p. 213) 1602 W. Beltline Hwy, Madison, WI 53713 • (608)258-8882 e-mail:

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homes & realtors VERIDIAN HOMES (p. 319) 6801 South Towne Drive, Madison, WI 53713 (608)226-3000 • It’s time to dream about a new beginning filled with possibilities. And at Veridian Homes, they know a little something about dreams – and how to turn them into reality. They take pride in building great homes in great communities. And because they offer a variety of move-in ready model homes, you can start living your dream today. Plus, their Lease Liberation program can make it easy for you to stop renting and start owning. Contact them today for more details or visit

honeymoon & destination travel ALL ABOUT HONEYMOONS (p. 316) Madison, Wisconsin • (608)445-4188 • Fax (866)725-6293 e-mail: All About Honeymoons is a full-service travel Franchise specializing in honeymoons and destination weddings. They offer free consulting, research and planning. They have traveled the world to develop a premier network of honeymoon and destination wedding suppliers. These relationships allow them to share their first-hand knowledge with you in addition to featuring the most favored honeymoon or destination wedding package prices for all investment levels. Couples also benefit from their free Honeymoon Gift Registry and Couples Webpage. Never a service fee! PYRAMID TRAVEL (p. 316) 600 W. Verona Avenue, Verona, WI 53593 • (608)845-6880 • e-mail:

ice sculptures SOLID ICE DISPLAYS (p. 98) Madison, WI 53704 • (608)492-0271 • e-mail:

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invitations & favors DIVINE DESIGNS CUSTOM INVITATIONS (p. 90) (608)345-9843 • e-mail: Rita Smith, formerly of Scrapbook Superstore for the last 14 years continues her custom invitations as Divine Designs. She offers unique designs at an affordable price. They offer invitations, programs, favors, menu cards, table numbers and more. Free consultations. Call for an appointment. Divine Designs - fresh, innovative style. Beautiful invitations that are perfectly you. JAMES J. CHOCOLATE SHOP (p. 91, 101) 1310 S. Midvale Boulevard, Madison, WI 53711 • (608)278-4243 680 S. Enterprise Drive, Lake Mills, WI 53551 • (920)648-3334 e-mail: THE PAPER DELI (p. 87, 90) 8444 Old Sauk Road, Middleton, WI 53562 • (608)829-5505 • e-mail: The Paper Deli offers a unique custom invitation experience. From their original designs to their complimentary design consultations and affordable prices, The Paper Deli team is passionate about exceeding your expectations. In addition to their custom line, they offer a selection of invitations from other companies throughout the nation. The Paper Deli also carries high quality and distinctive paper products, stationery, greeting cards, gifts and office accessories that are currently not available in the Madison area. PAPER PIPER DESIGNS (p. 88) available at Whoops! and Co. 555 S. Midvale Boulevard 105, Madison, WI 53711 (608)236-4555 • e-mail:

RSVP—JUDY SCHREIBER (p. 91) Madison, WI • (608)238-5698 • e-mail: Your wedding is special and RSVP has the expertise of over 35 years to help you put your dreams into reality. View Madison’s largest selection of wedding invitations, Save the Dates, wedding stationery, rehearsal dinner invitations, favors, attendants gifts and special touches. Something for every style and budget. Event planning also available. By appointment. SUGAR PEAR DESIGN (p. 87, 91) (608)288-8976 • e-mail: You want your wedding to be like no other. You want your wedding to reflect your unique personality and style. Specializing in the design of bespoke invitations, announcements and social stationery, Sugar Pear Design offers the perfect complement to your wedding day. Combining hand-selected papers from around the world with fine craftsmanship and meticulous attention to detail, their wedding stationery delivers a reflection of you. BEAUTIFUL. ELEGANT. UNDERSTATED. Consultations by appointment. Winner of Wisconsin Bride magazine’s 2010 & 2011 Reader’s Choice Awards-Best Invitations. SUGAR RIVER STATIONERS (p. 86, 89) (608)798-0427 • e-mail: Creating upscale invitations as special as the event they herald, Sugar River Stationers unites invitation to art in their custom and innovative stationery designs. Award-winning graphic design experience, trend-setting styles, meticulous attention to detail, and a love of tactile luxury make Sugar River a recognized leader in couture stationery design. Offering unique services such as green design, bilingual wording, letterpress and engraving since 2002, they cater to those who appreciate superior quality and one-of-akind distinction. Call today for a consultation.

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Kristin graduated from UW - Eau Claire with a Bachelor of Music Education and has been teaching band for five years. They would love to talk with you about adding special music to your event!

CAPITAL CITY COINS & JEWELRY (p. 5, 77) 6025 Monona Drive, Madison, WI 53716 • (608)221-0140 e-mail:

AMOS ROE, PIANIST/GUITARIST (p. 307) (608)544-5015 • e-mail: Whether performing during the ceremony, accompanying others, or serving up a sophisticated mix of background cocktail/dinner music, Amos combines versatility with impeccable touch and style. A veteran musician, he also plays classical guitar and is available as a duo with Doug Brown on violin and guitar. For reviews and samples, see Or interested in something fun and different for your party? Check out Amos Moses at!

CHALMERS JEWELERS (p. 78) 6202 University Avenue, Middleton, WI 53562 (608)233-4700 • DINY’S JEWELERS (p. 79) 1903 Cayuga Street, Suite 105, Middleton, WI 53562 (608)831-3469 • • e-mail: DW’S CUSTOM GEMSTONE JEWELRY DESIGNS (p. 79, 101) (608)692-8000 • • e-mail: GOODMAN’S JEWELERS (p. 78) 220 State Street, Madison, WI 53703 • (608)257-3644 e-mail: ROMANCE JEWELERS (p. 79) 1 S. Pinckney Street, Madison, WI • (608)251-6866

musicians & entertainment A TOUCH OF BRASS—JAZZ COMBO, THE MADISON BRASS—QUINTET & THE IMPACT OF BRASS (p. 306) (608)221-2930 • e-mail: Capture the classical splendor of brass for your wedding ceremony and then enjoy A Touch of Brass or the Impact of Brass (the Brass with full percussion) for lively cocktail, dinner and dance music. Their reception music features light jazz, pops, swing, rock, Latin, waltzes and polkas. They offer personalized service and the finest in professional “live” music. For over 25 years they have specialized in select social and corporate events throughout the Midwest! A TOUCH OF CLASSICAL (p. 306) (608)492-2122 • e-mail: A Touch of Classical is an ensemble that offers piano and violin music for special occasions. Its members are Geri Toole and Kristin Willcutt. Geri graduated from UW - Madison with a Bachelor of Music and has been teaching orchestra for eight years.

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ANCORA STRING QUARTET (p. 306) Leanne League • (608)244-5998 • e-mail: These four exceptional musicians, graduates of nationally recognized music schools and members of the Madison Symphony and the Wisconsin Chamber Orchestra, bring a professionalism and passion to playing chamber music that can be witnessed in their regular recitals (see website for season schedule). Let their exquisite music reflect and celebrate your special commitment! With their expertise, care, and split-second timing, they will transform your custom-designed music program into the sound track for the wedding of your dreams. Demo CD available. ARBORETUM DUO (p. 305) Madison, WI 53715 • (617)816-5514 e-mail: Flute and cello – a naturally elegant atmosphere for your occasion. ARIOSO ENSEMBLES— HARPIST ELIZABETH BORSODI (p. 305) (608)833-8467 • e-mail: B KUHL ENTERTAINMENT (p. 301) 6817 Tottenham Road, Madison, WI 53711 • (608)444-7003 920-319-KUHL (5845) • e-mail: BADGERLAND MOBILE DJ SERVICE (p. 302) (608)846-7177 • BLACK DIAMOND MOBILE DJ, LLC (p. 301) (608)415-7227 • e-mail: BRIAN WHITTY MUSICAL SERVICES (p. 306) (608)225-4931 • e-mail: Brian Whitty Musical Services can provide all of your musical needs from solo piano to an 18 piece big band! A brass quintet for your ceremony or reception. Jump blues, soul and R&B for your reception. Or jazz, Latin, swing, 50s, 60s, and 70s for your

wedding party! They can tailor the performance of the groups to fit your needs! With access to several groups, Brian Whitty Musical Services is able to assist you in the success of your event! CAMERATA STRING QUARTET (p. 307) (608)848-4154 • e-mail: CAPITAL SOUND DJ’S (p. 299) Madison, WI • (608)712-DJ4U (3548) • e-mail: CELEBRATIONS ENTERTAINMENT (p. 302) 630 Struck Street, Madison, WI • (608)233-5822 e-mail: Fun. Memorable. Weddings. Consistently honored one of the top 3 DJ companies in Wisconsin, and again honored as ‘The Best of Madison’ GOLD winner for 2011! At Celebrations, every event is unique and personally coordinated to match your personality. They care about you and your guests, and guarantee a fun and stress-free experience. Combining your vision with Celebrations’ professional experience, the memories of your perfect evening will last a lifetime. Also offering photo booths, specialty lighting, décor ‘up’-lighting and more! Find them on Facebook: www.facebook. com/celebrationsentertainment. DJ MAGIC ENTERTAINMENT (p. 300) PO Box 8834, Madison, WI 53708 • (608)352-0271 • e-mail: HARPIST — MARY ANN HARR (p. 305) (608)231-3256 • e-mail:

Mary Ann is an active, versatile harpist with lots of wedding expertise. She is also harpist with the Wisconsin Chamber Orchestra, Concerts on the Square, the Madison Symphony Orchestra, and the flute and harp duo, Pure Enchantment. She runs a lively teaching studio with lots of harps! HOFFY’S ENTERTAINMENT (p. 297) (800)615-9475 • (608)225-2872 • e-mail: Hoffy’s Entertainment offers every couple 24-hour access to their state-of-the-art Online Planning Website where they can select exactly how the night will layout. From the Entrance to the Last Dance, Hoffy’s includes every bride and groom in the decisions of their special day! Mention this ad to receive a free Tan Air Brush Package for your Bridal/Bachelorette Party (up to 10 people valued at $350). Hoffy’s also offers photo montages, photo booths, and more. Check out their ads in Photography and Rentals. INTERMEZZO STRING QUARTET (p. 307) Carlyce Skjervem • (608)829-1768 e-mail: Classical music for special occasions from one of Wisconsin’s premier wedding quartets. Music sets the mood from the moment of arrival; the rich sound of a string quartet enhances any gathering. Accommodating special requests from a comprehensive musical repertoire, this professional ensemble will work with you to create an elegant atmosphere for your wedding ceremony, reception, or celebratory social event. View their website for additional information or call for a personal consultation. Demonstration CD available upon request.

Anderson Fine Art Photography • 373

JB’S MUSIC TO GO (p. 302) 1086 Emerald Terrace, Sun Prairie, WI 53590 • (608)514-4211 • e-mail: JUKE BOX BANDSTAND (p. 300) (608)249-2900 • e-mail: Juke Box Bandstand is a family operated business where each and every detail is as important to them as it is to you, because it’s your special day. The best talent, music variety and value. There’s a reason Juke Box Bandstand was awarded Best of Madison (Gold) by Madison Magazine; Best DJ in Wisconsin by Wisconsin Bride Magazine 5 years in a row; Selected by Modern Bride Magazine as one of the Top 150 Entertainment Companies in America. Juke Box Bandstand...simply the best! MADISON MOBILE DJ SERVICE (p. 296, 298) (608)770-6106 • e-mail: MIDWEST SOUND DJ ENTERTAINMENT (p. 302) N15 W22180 Watertown Road, Suite 12, Waukesha, WI 53186 (262)751-2900 • e-mail: MUSIC FOR YOU BY KEITH CHRISTOPHER (p. 303) (608)276-8742 • e-mail: PRIME TIME MOBILE DJ’S (p. 296, 299) P.O Box 83, Waunakee, WI 53597 • (608)849-3333 (800)479-0698 • With 29 years of experience, and recently awarded the Knot’s Best of Weddings for 4 years in a row, their full-time staff will help you plan the perfect reception. Pre-planning with their planner and personal meeting will help ensure that your wishes and preferences are understood. Their entertainers are wedding specialists. They will help your event run smoothly and keep your dance floor busy.

ROCK-A-FELLAS MOBILE DJ SERVICE (p. 303) Toll Free: (877)601-1293 • e-mail: They do more than just “play the music” at your reception. They have a genuine desire to make your wedding a wonderful experience. Formal attire, enthusiastic attitude, extensive music knowledge and comprehensive skills in event coordination make their service second to none. They also understand that planning a wedding can be costly. That’s why they provide a flat rate without any hidden costs to you. For package details, pricing and availability, check out their website or call their toll-free number. SATURN’S 8 ENTERTAINMENT CO. (p. 301) Madison, WI • (608)443-8312 • e-mail: Andrew Larson is professional, courteous, and experienced. What’s great about Andy is that he genuinely cares about making the bride and groom totally happy. He shows up on time with a professional sound and light system and is flexible in altering his plans when the bride and groom request last-minute changes to the night’s schedule. Andrew’s music selections are fun and unique. He is extremely accommodating in finding the music that the honored couple wants. He makes parties personalized and meaningful. THE STELLANOVAS (p. 307) (608)834-2122 • e-mail: Award-winning veterans of the Madison music scene, the husband and wife duo of Gaines and Wagoner often perform classical string arrangements (violin and cello) for the wedding ceremony, then perform vintage jazz as The Stellanovas for the reception, dinner, or dancing. Available as a Duo, Trio, or Quartet (drums and guitar), The Stellanovas’ unique instrumentation (cello, violin, accordion, ukulele, Hawaiian guitar, and vocals) will help make your wedding even more memorable. Errin Hiltbrand Photography

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VIKING MC & ENTERTAINMENT (p. 303) (888)262-7357 • e-mail: Wonderful lights that turn your dance floor into a nightclub. You help pick the music. Ask the wedding party for their favorites. Have the party of the year. Don’t fool around with the biggest night of your life. Their wonderful Dells Mega Resort Traveling Wedding Show will come to your area. Get the free Dells Fun Package included. Book the huge video screen for your slide show. Professional photographer on staff for perfect pictures all day and night. THE YAHARA STRING QUARTET (p. 307) (608)274-7831 • e-mail: Make your wedding day one to remember, with the sumptuous sounds of the Yahara String Quartet. They work with you to make your day perfect by including your special requests and suggesting music. Their repertoire ranges from traditional classical music and wedding classics to Irish tunes and jazz. Log on to the website for more information and rates.

officiants CEREMONIES BY DESIGN (p. 116, 120) Rev. Joan M. Pape (608)335-3627 • e-mail: Your wedding, just the way you want it - tasteful, meaningful, and personal. Let Reverend Joan create the ceremony you have always dreamed about. Reverend Joan is your coach, collaborator and confidante in the design of your exclusively customized ceremony. Each ceremony is a distinctly profound celebration that honors and celebrates your individual personalities and your marriage. Reverend Joan is your partner in designing your soulful wedding ceremony - just the way you want it.

passionately committed to creating and officiating a memorable marriage ceremony for you as they have for over 600 couples since 1997. As Madison’s premier wedding officiants, they have the talent, training, experience and resources to write and perform your unique wedding ceremony, one that touches the hearts and funnybones of everyone present. Named WI Bride Magazine’s 2011 Best Wedding Officiants! KORU CEREMONY: A MINISTRY CELEBRATING NEW BEGINNINGS (p. 120) Rev. Pat Werk • (608)213-7558 • e-mail: Your day should be special and reflect your personality. Rev. Pat Werk will help you put together a customized ceremony that is warm, inviting and meaningful for you and your guests. Her care and attention to detail, wedding coordination skills and extensive resources will give you comfort and confidence in knowing your day will be nothing less than fabulous! Call today for a personal consultation. LET’S GET MARRIED (p. 119) (608)301-5123 • e-mail: SKY’S THE LIMIT WEDDINGS (p. 117, 118) (608)206-3277 • e-mail: Reverend Arthur is warm hearted and accommodating. His heartfelt wish is to help you share your excitement and deepest feelings on your very special day. He will spend as much time as is necessary to craft a service that is exactly what you want it to be. He will create the ceremony that reflects your very special relationship and everyone will say it is the most beautiful ceremony they have heard in a long time.

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HANSON HOUSE WEDDINGS (p. 121) 303 E. North Street, Cambridge, WI 53523 • (608)423-4379 • e-mail: Reverend Mary Jane Mihajlovic is an ordained minister in the Universal Life Church and an innkeeper at the Oscar H. Hanson House B&B in Cambridge, Wisconsin. Ceremonies can be performed at your venue or at their Bed and Breakfast. Rates start at $249. Prices vary by distance and the amount of time needed for your ceremony. Take a look at the Hanson House B&B’s affordable Wedding and Vow Renewal/Commitment Ceremony Packages. HAPPILY EVER AFTER WEDDING OFFICIANTS (p. 117, 121) (608)831-0993 • e-mail: Happily Ever After...Begins Here...with Happily Ever After Wedding Officiants! Revs. James and Connie are a husband-wife team • 375

photo booths BEYOND THE BOOTH (p. 205) (608)347-4576 • e-mail: CHEEKY BOOTH (p. 205) Madison, WI • (608)235-6648 • e-mail: GLOBAL ENTERTAINMENT (p. 206) (800)901-1007 • Global Entertainment created the PhotoBooth to bring joy, fun and excitement to your party! They’ve built on 25 plus years of experience to offer great entertainment options like the PhotoBooth, Global Dee Jays and much more. They work hard to provide the best experience at your special event while keeping the cost affordable. Choose Global Entertainment to provide the best PhotoBooth and Dee Jays, making your event the most remembered, most exciting, and most fun! Call 1-800-901-1007 or visit PHUN PHOTO BOOTHS (p. 205) P.O. Box 5034, Madison, WI 53705 • (608)849-4748 e-mail:

photography 5TH STREET PHOTOGRAPHY (p. 244) (608)712-3747 • e-mail: For people that think photos are more important than taglines. A TRUE LIKENESS PHOTOGRAPHY (p. 219, 246) 1233 Union Road, Oregon, WI 53575 • (608)835-8684 • e-mail: Chris Maitzen has been photographing for 35 years and is passionate about his work. Every image is carefully composed and sensitive to this exciting day. Chris consults with you to plan the wedding day memories you envision. His knowledge of technique and imagery assures that your wedding is captured in all its joy and uniqueness. Chris and his assistant attend to every photographic detail so you will be able to cherish each moment of your wedding for years to come. ALLEN, MICHELLE PHOTOGRAPHY (p. 242) 2935 S. Fish Hatchery Road, Fitchburg, WI 53711 (608)230-6070 • e-mail: Michelle Allen has been capturing cherished moments for over 20 years. Over those years Michelle has won numerous

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awards, trained under a world renowned photographer, and has become one of the most sought after photographers in Southern Wisconsin. Partnering with her sister Jaimie Thayer, Michelle Allen Photography combines quality and affordability for your special day. Call or visit their new full service studio located in Fitchburg. AMELIA JOHN (p. Inside Front Cover, 101, 218, 224) 1976 Atwood Avenue, Madison, WI 53704 • (608)338-9642 e-mail: Amelia John’s hip wedded duo brings a playful spontaneity and fashion-inspired style to every wedding. From a romantic engagement portrait set against a backdrop of urban decay to an all-hands-on-deck carousel ride with your whole wedding party, Jennifer and Andrew have a passion for bringing out your sense of adventure and the love you share. The result is a striking album that will retell the story of your day for years to come. ANDERSON FINE ART PHOTOGRAPHY (p. 230) Middleton, WI • (608)279-0646 e-mail: Anderson Fine Art Photography is a husband and wife team shooting for over 9 years. In a nutshell, they deliver high quality photography, with a creative touch at a modest price. Tim’s relaxed style will put you and your guests at ease and allows you to enjoy your special day. ANGELIC ANGLES PHOTOGRAPHY (p. 221) 824 E. Johnson Street, Madison, WI 53703 • (608)279-7670 e-mail: Contemporary. Intuitive. Artistic. Jennifer Andersen will capture the story of your wedding day with images you will cherish for a lifetime. Mixing the classic formals with the latest in digital techniques, your portraits will reflect your unique personality. You deserve distinctive photographs of this momentous occasion! Please call or email for availability and to schedule a personalized consultation. ANN GORGEN PHOTOGRAPHY (p. 226) (608)574-3679 • e-mail: APPLEBY PHOTOGRAPHY (p. 246) (608)280-8845 • e-mail: Each wedding has its own unique character, and it is within this canvas that Rebecca and Christopher will capture the emotion and excitement of your day. They are specialized photographers who work together to tell the complete story of your wedding. Combining their distinctly different visions on the wedding day, Rebecca and Christopher offer contemporary formal and casual photojournalistic documentary style photography. Please call or e-mail to set up a personalized consultation to meet and view examples of their work.

AZENA PHOTOGRAPHY, LLC (p. 241) 203 S. Paterson Street, Suite 300, Madison, WI 53703 (608)245-2797 • e-mail: Azena Photography takes the latest trends and infuses them with their own imaginative style to create beautiful, unforgettable images. Your day will be documented in an editorial approach for its love, emotion and spontaneity. Looking for traditional romantic portraits and fun candid photojournalism? Azena will provide comprehensive wedding coverage that documents your wedding day’s timeless elegance. Azena Photography is the style you are looking for. To learn more, visit their Website, Blog and Facebook pages and call or email today. BEAUTIFUL PORTRAITS BY MICHAEL (p. 219, 243, 251) 707 W. Lexington Parkway, DeForest, WI 53532 (608)846-5319 • e-mail: Named “Best of Madison” and 2011 Wisconsin Photographer of the year - FRU. Michael’s captivating blend of romantic portraiture and photojournalism places him in high demand each wedding season. Clients rave about his wedding album designs. His light-hearted demeanor makes your wedding photography a truly enjoyable experience. BLUE DANDELION PHOTOGRAPHY, LLC (p. 235) Sun Prairie, WI • (608)347-8029 e-mail: BROOKE MARIE PHOTOGRAPHY (p. 251) (608)515-6488 • (608)212-5059 e-mail: BRUCE FRITZ PHOTOGRAPHY (p. 253) Monona, WI • (608)222-5299 • “Preserving Life’s Journey.” Bruce passionately documents your wedding day in his unobtrusive, photojournalistic style. His expertise, finely honed skills, sensitivity, integrity, and professionalism - learned from decades of national award-winning creativity - will help make your wedding day go smoothly-and be fun. His poetic vision, attention to detail and composition artfully capture the emotions, beauty, romance, and joy of your wedding. He’s friendly, flexible, energetic, and properly equipped. Bruce will travel anywhere, and would be honored to help you preserve your dream day. CAPTURED MOMENTS PHOTOGRAPHY (p. 232) Madison, WI • (608)845-8529 • e-mail:

CREATIVE IMAGES BY CAL (p. 231, 257) (608)576-1100 • e-mail: ERRIN HILTBRAND PHOTOGRAPHY (p. 248) Madison, WI • (608)712-5054 e-mail: GLENN TRUDEL PHOTOGRAPHY (p. 251) Madison, WI • (608)244-4323 • e-mail: Let award-winning photojournalist Glenn Trudel artfully and affordably capture your wedding day. Brides give rave reviews of his work. “Thank you for taking the most gorgeous wedding photos we’ve ever seen!” Ginelle wrote. Jennifer commented, “You really captured the intimacy of the day.” And Diane expressed, “You truly captured the emotion behind every setting and we’re thrilled with the variety of candids you took. These are truly pictures we’ll treasure for a lifetime.” GREAT PICTURES (p. 252) (608)332-5343 • e-mail: GRIFFIN PHOTOGRAPHY (p. 251) (608)434-5468 • e-mail: HANSON PHOTOGRAPHY (p. 253) 10 N. Parker Drive, Janesville, WI 53545 • (608)295-8753 e-mail: HEIDI LEE PHOTOGRAPHY (p. 239) (920)997-1596 • e-mail: HOFFY’S PHOTOGRAPHY (p. 240) (800)615-9475 • (608)225-2872 e-mail: You have Hoffy’s Photography from the start of your day until you say stop. They ensure no important shot is missed by providing an exclusive online planning form to help with every detail of your day. Each wedding receives two photographers, unlimited hours, photos and all royalty-free proofs within 30 days of the event. Mention this ad to receive a free Engagement Session when you book your Wedding Package. Ask about their photo montages, photo booths and check out their ads in Rentals and Entertainment.

CHRISTIE MADDOX PHOTOGRAPHY (p. 247) (608)617-1026 • e-mail: • 377

IMAGE STUDIO PHOTOGRAPHY (p. 250) Madison • (608)514-2242 • e-mail: Chrystal and Lucas of Image Studio Photography provide a fresh, distinctive approach to weddings – capturing your day as it truly happens, providing you with both real, unscripted images as well as tastefully designed portraits. Image Studio provides the highest level of technical merit and artistic creativity, offering only the best coverage for your celebration. Their easy-going personalities ensure that your wedding day will be smoothly captured and fun. The end results are extraordinary! JAMES STUDIO (p. 248) 2611 University Avenue, Madison, WI 53705 • (608)233-5556 • e-mail: Weddings truly are amazing. There is artistry, romance, extensive preparation, and excitement all mixed into one wonderful day. When your special day comes it happens in a blur. James Studio provides both photography and videography. They work together to beautifully preserve the special moments of your day. The outcome is pictures and video that have vivid clarity and rich color depth. Jim uses his skills, creative gifts, and leadership strengths to provide peace of mind and fun for everyone. JENNIFER MCCARTY PHOTOGRAPHY (p. 245) (608)249-6646 • e-mail: JILL’S CREATIVE PHOTOGRAPHY (p. 249) Madison, WI • (608)843-9932 • e-mail: JOSHUA THOMAS STUDIO (p. 238) Madison, WI • (608)218-4742 • e-mail: From planned images that invoke the cinematic drama of your favorite movies to the spontaneous emotion of saying “I do,” Joshua Thomas Studio will capture your unique wedding day. Says owner Josh, “I love photographing weddings, I’m a romantic at heart.” And to ensure your wedding has their full attention they never book more than one wedding per week. Their wedding packages include digital negatives and your choice of heirloom albums and prints. JULIE LYNN PHOTOGRAPHY (p. 253) Madison, WI • (608)712-7074 e-mail: Julie Lynn will photograph and preserve your precious memories with style, grace, and sophistication. Julie is an accomplished photographer with years of experience photographing weddings of all sizes, both traditional and non-traditional. Julie brings a degree in photojournalism as well as a relaxed, friendly, personal touch to your wedding, family reunion, or special occasion. Let Julie capture the joy of your happy event! All packages include complete digital negatives. For booking information, or to set up a consultation, contact Julie Lynn.

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LOCKSTEIN PHOTOGRAPHY (p. 222-223) Sun Prairie, WI • (608)358-3327 • e-mail: MELISSA GRACE PHOTOGRAPHY (p. 220, 247) (608)230-6386 • e-mail: Melissa Grace Gallery is a name blend of Erin Melissa Halvorson and her daughter Ella Grace. Erin likes to think outside the box with her business name as well as your photos. Tradition with an artistic edge is Erin’s mantra for your wedding day. Erin provides a mix of tradition and photojournalism that captures memories and emotions that will look timeless for years to come. Erin’s goals for your wedding photos are customer service, value, and stunning images you’ll love. NATURAL MOMENTS PHOTOGRAPHY (p. 249) (608)776-4615 • e-mail: PAPER ANTLER (p. 236) • e-mail: PAUL TOEPFER PHOTOGRAPHY (p. 237) 2935 S. Fish Hatchery, Suite 225, Madison • (608)848-2060 • e-mail: Paul provides a unique and personal approach to your wedding day. His master’s degree in art, 20 years of professional experience, and friendly personality will add artistic flair to your own ideas to create beautiful photographs you’ll treasure for a lifetime. He loves to combine the best in today’s photojournalistic style with his “reactionary” style of all the “choreographed” images you desire. Be sure to ask him to create one of his masterful “photo-paintings” just for you. PIERRE’S PORTRAIT ART CO. (p. 229) 5283 Felland Road, Madison, WI 53718 (608)242-0120 • e-mail: PORTRAIT INDEPENDENCE PHOTOGRAPHY (p. 252) (608)843-2886 • e-mail: PRIMAVERA STUDIOS (p. 220, 225) 6524 Seybold Road, Madison, WI 53719 • (608)229-1321 • e-mail: RED GECKO STUDIO (p. 234) 402 E. Wilson Street, Madison, WI • (608)669-1268 • e-mail: SHARP EXPOSURE PHOTOGRAPHY (p. 253) (608)442-7114 • e-mail: SV PHOTOGRAPHY (p. 250) Madison, WI • (608)354-3482 • e-mail:

TIM FITCH PHOTOGRAPHY (p. 221, 227) Madison, WI • (608)772-0551 • e-mail: THE VISUAL SOUNDTRACK (p. 233) (608)220-3790 • e-mail: Offering a modern photo-journalistic approach, The Visual Soundtrack captures your story through emotive and resonant images. A fresh perspective and attention to high-end finishing result in beautiful photography that is as unique as it is timeless. THE WEDDING FLASHER BY FOSS IMAGERY (p. 228) Madison, WI • (608)850-9295 • (608)335-5653 e-mail: The Wedding Flasher, a husband and wife team, are premier wedding photographers that specialize in capturing the artistic, timeless, and unforgettable moments of your wedding day, or as they call them, the “aha”, “ha-ha”, and “aahs”. As one of Madison’s premier artistic photography teams they limit the number of nuptials they shoot annually, ensuring each couple receives the special attention they deserve. Become part of their Beautiful Destruction™ Series - exclusively at “Let us tell your love story.”

rehearsal & reception facilities ANGELL PARK (p. 156) 300 Park Street, Sun Prairie, WI 53590 (608)837-5252 • e-mail: THE ARMORY (p. 187) 10 South High Street, Janesville, WI 53548 • (608)741-7400 Toll Free: (866)995-7400 • e-mail: BELLINI RESTAURANT (p. 152-153) 401 E. Washington Avenue, Madison, WI 53703 (608)250-0097 • Fax (608)257-1980 • e-mail: Just 3 blocks from the Capitol, Bellini Restaurant is the perfect setting for your wedding celebration. Enjoy their unique ambiance in a church built in 1897. Bellini’s stands out as one of Madison’s most beautiful restaurants with an atmosphere that will captivate you, from vaulted ceilings to beautiful stained-glass windows. Let Bellini’s experienced staff help plan the wedding of your dreams. Their talented chefs can offer anything from an elegant buffet to an elaborate plated dinner. Food that is truly outstanding.

BEST WESTERN PLUS INN ON THE PARK HOTEL (p. 163) 22 S. Carroll Street, Madison, WI • (608)285-8000 (800)279-8811 • e-mail: The Best Western Plus Inn on the Park is Madison’s only Capitol Square Hotel. Over 140 years in the hospitality industry has guided them in providing top quality catering services that are all about you. The banqueting facilities feature the Hall of Wisconsin Ballroom and the Top of the Park - Madison’s only skyline banquet facility. Trust them with your event - elegant rehearsal dinners with spectacular views of the Capitol, regal receptions tailored to your specifications, relaxed gift openings and everything ‘ever after.’ BIAGGI’S RISTORANTE ITALIANO (p. 189) 601 Junction Road, Madison, WI • (608)664-9288 • e-mail: Whether it’s a rehearsal dinner, business meeting, family reunion, holiday party, or other important occasion, let Biaggi’s help put it all together. They offer a perfect combination of authentic Italian food, distinctive ambiance and affordable pricing that can make any gathering of 10-100 people an event to remember. For more information on Biaggi’s, please take a minute to call or visit their website. BONFYRE AMERICAN GRILLE (p. 188) 2601 W. Beltline Hwy, Madison, WI 53713 • (608)273-3973 • e-mail: Bonfyre American Grille offers the perfect setting for your private rehearsal dinner. Their fresh & flavorful approach to dining will delight your guests. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that every detail will be taken care of. Bonfyre’s dedicated staff is available to command the set-up, food & beverage service, staging, event décor, and clean-up for your event. They ensure a seemingly effortless event for you from beginning to end. Mention this ad when reserving your rehearsal dinner and receive a $25 gift certificate. BRICKHOUSE BBQ (p. 166) 408 W. Gorham Street, Madison, WI 53703 • (608)257-7675 e-mail: This charming brick building near State Street with three floors of dining and two patios offers the perfect spot for rehearsal dinners, ceremonies, receptions, and private events. Rooftop patio has unbeatable views of the Madison skyline and Capitol dome. Meats are smoked in-house. Three bars, each highlighting 40 taps of the best microbrews from the Midwest, along with an exceptional selection of small batch bourbon and rye. Private third floor accommodates up to 100 guests. Entire restaurant is also available. CANDLEWOOD SUITES (p. 180) 5421 Caddis Bend, Fitchburg, WI • (608)271-3400 The Candlewood Suites is conveniently located off Fish Hatchery Road. The ballroom can seat up to 225 people, and includes vaulted ceilings, floor to ceiling windows and access to an outdoor patio. The bride and groom receive a complimentary suite. • 379

CAPITOL CHOPHOUSE (p. 179) 9 E. Wilson Street, Madison, WI 53703 • (608)255-0165 e-mail: The Capitol ChopHouse offers 3 private dining rooms that can accommodate up to 40 people for a private lunch or dinner. The ChopHouse features 28 day aged beef and line-caught seafood. The ChopHouse has an incredible wine selection and has been awarded the wine spectator award since 2004. The menu is filled with creative items featuring ingredients from Madison area local farmers. The ChopHouse is open Monday – Saturday. Sundays the 90 seat restaurant can be rented for a private event. CHULA VISTA RESORT (p. 160) 2501 River Road, P.O. Box 30, Wisconsin Dells, WI 53965 (608)254-8366 Ext. 5207 • (608)388-4782 e-mail: Celebrate better at the Chula Vista Resort in Wisconsin Dells. Chula Vista Resort is located on 100’s of acres along the beautiful upper dells of the Wisconsin River. The resort is perfectly natural to host both indoor & outdoor receptions. An elegant, affordable and flexible facility that can accommodate both intimate and large gatherings. Professional planners available. Special group room rates for your guests.

COLISEUM BAR & BANQUET (p. 178) 232 E. Olin Avenue, Madison, WI 53713 • (608)251-2434 e-mail: Hundreds of newlyweds have celebrated their wedding day at the Coliseum Bar. Astounding views overlook beautiful Olin Park, Lake Monona, Willow Island and the downtown Madison skyline. Their variety of banquet halls can accommodate any size wedding from a small, intimate affair up to parties of 300. With a menu that includes appetizers, buffet service or full-service plated dinners, their courteous, professional and engaging staff will treat you and your guests to the reception, gift opening or rehearsal dinner of your dreams. CROWNE PLAZA MADISON (p. 172) 4402 E. Washington Avenue, Madison, WI 53704 Sales: (608)244-4700 • Front Desk: (608)244-4703 • e-mail: Forever begins at the Crowne… From the very beginning let Crowne Plaza Madison be your partner in arranging all aspects of your special day! Offering three exquisite ballrooms, impeccable on-site catering, personalized menus and packages, and one-onone planning services…Crowne Plaza Madison will ensure to create your vision of the perfect event that will last a lifetime! THE CRYSTAL ROOM (p. 173) Wisconsin Dells, WI • (608)253-2200 • e-mail: DEER VALLEY LODGE (p. 170) 401 W. Industrial Drive, Barneveld, WI 53507 (888)924-1601 • e-mail: DELLS WEDDINGS AT THE WHITE ROSE INNS (p. 107) 910 River Road, Wisconsin Dells, WI 53965 • (608)432-2329 • e-mail: The White Rose Inns have beautiful gardens for small intimate weddings, and rolling lawns that overlook the Wisconsin River for larger weddings. Their River View Chapel has floor to ceiling windows across the front bringing the outdoors indoors. Wedding Celebration Packages may include wedding, reception, and accommodations at their Inns. Their venue is exquisite and the rooms are beautiful. The gourmet cuisine was featured in Rachael Ray’s Magazine. They are dedicated to creating a unique experience, making your wedding day a cherished event.

Beautiful Portraits by Michael

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DEVIL’S HEAD RESORT (p. 142-143) S6330 Bluff Road, Merrimac, WI 53561 • (608)493-2251 (800)472-6670 • It begins here… A quiet, elegant setting, surrounded by rolling hills and beautiful countryside. Devil’s Head can accommodate up to 550 - buffet or plated dinners. Attractively priced menus. Complimentary suite for the wedding couple. Other activities available to your guests include: 36-hole Championship golf course, tennis, mountain biking, indoor and outdoor pools, and whirlpool. Call their Group Sales Staff today. They’ll be happy to answer any and all questions you may have regarding your special day!

DORF HAUS (p. 132, 183) Roxbury, WI • (608)643-3980 • e-mail: A short beautiful drive from Madison. Elegant, Enchanting and Festive describes the atmosphere of the Dorf Haus, making it a favorite for rehearsal dinners and wedding receptions. Indoors, they offer the Bavarian room, with a private bar and large wooden dance floor...accommodating up to 450 guests. Outdoors, their garden and gazebo make picture perfect backdrops...great for wedding ceremonies. Whether you’d like hors d’oeuvres, sit-down dinner or buffet, they offer a variety of delicious choices, as well as reasonable prices. DOUBLEDAYS (p. 181) 4586 Baxter Road, Cottage Grove, WI 53527 (608)839-5101 • • e-mail: Newly remodeled banquet facility for wedding receptions, meetings, parties and more! Doubleday’s has a spacious banquet room accommodating up to 500 guests. Two bars are available for your event. On-site catering is provided with a varied menu to suit any occasion. With scenic views and a quiet country setting two miles east of Cottage Grove and only 15 minutes from Madison Doubleday’s is your place! This facility also offers bowling, game room, softball, dart and pool leagues and more! DOUBLETREE BY HILTON MADISON (p. 171) 525 W. Johnson Street, Madison, WI 53703 (608)251-5511 • e-mail: DoubleTree by Hilton Madison is the perfect downtown location for wedding receptions, bridal showers, engagement parties, and rehearsal dinners. Take comfort in knowing that their exceptional service, classic décor and appetizing cuisine are guaranteed to please you and your guests. Their onsite event coordinators will work closely with you to ensure your event exceeds your expectations. DoubleTree by Hilton Madison features an indoor pool/whirlpool, business center, on-site restaurant/lounge, complimentary high-speed wireless Internet, on-site parking, and shuttle service to/from the airport and surrounding area. EAGLE RIDGE RESORT & SPA (p. 168) 444 Eagle Ridge Drive, Galena, IL 61036 • (815)777-5000 • e-mail: THE EAST SIDE CLUB (p. 176) 3735 Monona Drive, Madison, WI • (608)222-9131 • e-mail: A stunning site for the event of a lifetime. The East Side Club offers an unforgettable panoramic view of Madison’s Capitol skyline across glistening Lake Monona. Their Capitol View Room, Lake View Room and Lake Side Area offer an exceptional value for outdoor ceremonies and receptions to accommodate from 50 to 350 guests. They work closely with two of the area’s finest caterers to insure that your special day is flawless. The East Side Club is a magnificent event destination.

EDGEWATER HOTEL (p. 157) Wisconsin Avenue at Langdon Street, Madison, WI 53703 (608)256-9071 • (800)922-5512 Ext. 581 • e-mail: The famous Edgewater Hotel sits on beautiful Lake Mendota right in downtown Madison. They can host weddings, receptions and rehearsal dinners of any size and provide many amenities such as a permanent dance floor, cake cutting service, adjustable lights, staging, and scenic photograph locations. A Bridal Suite is included with a ballroom reservation as well as a wedding guest room block of 25 (upon availability). Their full banquet menu includes plated meals, buffets or passed hors d’oeuvres as well as a variety of bar offerings. THE ENGLISH COTTAGE (p. 193) 776 County Road J, Mineral Point, WI 53565 • (608)987-2200 The English Cottage offers a spectacular setting for your wedding reception, rehearsal dinner, or any other celebration. This private, wooded, 32-acre estate is truly a one-of-a-kind location, wellsuited for a variety of gatherings for up to 125 people. Whatever you decide, rest assured that the combination of nature’s sights and sounds, along with the many delicious menu selections offered by Queen Anne’s Catering, provide a truly delightful backdrop for any occasion. FLEMING’S PRIME STEAKHOUSE & WINE BAR (p. 133, 139) 750 N. Midvale Boulevard, Madison, WI 53705 • (608)233-9550 e-mail: Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse & Wine Bar is an ongoing celebration of exceptional food and wine. Indulge yourself with the finest aged prime beef and discover new tastes with their award-winning wine list, featuring 100 wines by the glass. Fleming’s service and dedication to excellence turn evenings out into memorable times. Call your Fleming’s Private Dining Director and let them help you create an event that’s truly memorable. FOLKLORE VILLAGE (p. 106) 3210 Cty Hwy BB, Dodgeville, WI 53533 • (608)924-4000 • e-mail: Amidst the rolling farmland only 35 minutes west of Madison, Folklore Village provides a picturesque country setting for your very special day. This 94-acre site includes a casually elegant airconditioned hall with many unique features such as hand-forged ironwork chandeliers; a vaulted ceiling; inlaid wooden dance floor; restaurant-quality kitchen; an outdoor porch overlooking expansive grounds and playground area. The historic Plum Grove Chapel provides charming ambience for a memorable ceremony. Create the wedding celebration of your dreams! FRANCESCA’S AL LAGO (p. 188) 111 Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard, Madison, WI 53703 (608)255-6000 • e-mail: • 381

HARVEST RESTAURANT (p. 175) 21 N. Pinckney Street, Madison, WI 53703 (608)255-6075 • e-mail: Harvest draws its inspiration from the traditions of American and French cuisines with a modern emphasis on the finest and freshest seasonal ingredients. Named by Gourmet, and Organic Style magazines as one of the top 20 restaurants in America. Harvest’s mission is to offer sophisticated, restrained food that never loses touch with tradition, to provide warm, gracious service, and to share their dedication with their patrons, both regular customers and those soon to be. THE HEIGHTS (p. 186) 411 Prairie Heights Drive, Verona, WI 53593 • (608)848-8777 2300 US Hwy 51-138, Stoughton, WI 53589 • (608)205-9088 e-mail: HILTON GARDEN INN MADISON WEST/MIDDLETON (p. 159) 1801 Deming Way, Middleton, WI 53562 • (608)831-2220 e-mail: Located in the heart of Greenway Station, the Hilton Garden Inn is the perfect place for your event! Build your own menu or take advantage of great wedding packages that include hors d’oeuvres, a champagne toast, dinner, and late-night snacks. With flexible setup options, an experienced and accommodating staff, the Hilton Garden Inn customizes everything just for you. Newlyweds will enjoy a complimentary suite, and overnight guests will love the enhanced pool area and beautiful guestrooms. HOLIDAY INN & SUITES, MADISON WEST (p. 187) 1109 Fourier Drive, Madison, WI 53717 • (608)826-0500 • e-mail: This stunning hotel features the sophistication you have been searching for. An elegant ballroom (accommodating up to 230) for receptions, rehearsals and gift openings. A grand piano lobby bar and unbelievable deluxe whirlpool suites. Your guests will love the Crawdaddy Cove - Madison’s only Indoor Waterpark. Featuring a children’s pool with shooting fountains, 5 mini slides and a shrimpboat. Activity pool, 55 foot slide, water basketball, enormous whirlpool & pool bar. Kid suites available. Kids stay free. HOLIDAY INN MADISON AT THE AMERICAN CENTER (p. 177) 5109 W. Terrace Drive, Madison, WI 53718 • (608) 249-4220 • e-mail: Relax amid the peaceful surroundings of the Holiday Inn Madison at The American Center and let their professionals help you celebrate your special day in the chandelier lit Florida Southern Ballroom. Specializing in weddings up to 200. Cocktail receptions are ideal in their warm and inviting pre-function area, with floor to ceiling windows, or outside patio. No driving necessary, for a great night sleep your guests can retire to their luxurious rooms with flat panel HDTVs and Simmons Beauty Rest Beds.

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HOUSE ON THE ROCK RESORT (p. 167) 400 Springs Drive, Spring Green, WI 53588 (608)588-9316 • Toll Free: (800)657-7677 e-mail: The House on the Rock Resort facilities provide the perfect background for your special day. The Resort is a Frank LloydWright-inspired architectural masterpiece set in harmony with the area’s rolling hills. The luxurious setting has reception facilities for up to 110 guests. The Wintergreen sits atop a bluff and offers a spectacular view of the Wisconsin River. The Wintergreen is located off-site; just a short drive from the main resort and accommodates up to 250 guests. JB’S ITALIAN GRILLE (p. 188) 1086 Emerald Terrace, Sun Prairie, WI 53590 • (608)837-6016 • e-mail: KALAHARI RESORT CONVENTION CENTER (Inside Back Cover) P.O. Box 590, 1305 Kalahari Drive, Wisconsin Dells, WI 53965 (608)254-3303 • e-mail: KESTREL RIDGE GOLF CLUB (p. 182) 900 Avalon Road, Columbus, WI 53925 • (920)623-4653 • e-mail: Picture your gala celebration in candlelight with crisp linens, dark woods, sparkling crystal and polished, professional service. Enjoy your own private room with bar and fireplace. The large windows and outdoor balcony offer panoramic views of the golf course. They can comfortably accommodate events for as many as 250. Choose from an extensive and unique menu to offer your guests an exceptional dining experience. Please contact them for menu selections, pricing, and availability. KNIGHTS OF COLUMBUS COUNCIL 4527 (BADGER COLUMBUS CLUB, LLC) (p. 188) 5256 Verona Road, Fitchburg, WI 53711 • (608)288-9357 The Knights of Columbus 4527 is a spacious banquet facility that is perfect for your wedding gathering. The caterer of your choice and service staff of the Knights of Columbus are prepared to make your event a memorable one. They are ready to serve groups from 25 to 300 people for any and all occasions, including wedding receptions, rehearsal dinners, anniversaries, holiday parties and business meetings. Call for more information. LAKE WINDSOR GOLF CLUB (p. 140-141) 4628 Golf Road, Windsor, WI • (608)846-4711 • e-mail: Awarded 2008, 2009, 2010 Best Reception Site and 2011 Best All-Around Wedding Vendor by WI Bride Magazine! Minutes from Madison, floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking their stunning golf course, and accommodations for receptions, ceremonies, and rehearsal dinners for 4 to 400 guests! Let their in-house chef and on-site event coordinator create your dream event. A beautifully landscaped gazebo, pond, and patio are available for photos and ceremonies. They offer Friday and Sunday discounts, hotel shuttle service, and bachelor party golf outing specials!

LAKE WISCONSIN COUNTRY CLUB (p. 186) N1076 Golf Road, Prairie du Sac, WI 53578 • (608)643-4554 • e-mail: THE LEGEND AT BERGAMONT (p. 132, 148-149) 699 Bergamont Boulevard, Oregon, WI 53575 • (608)291-2400 e-mail: Just 10 minutes from the Beltline, you’ll find Madison’s newest and finest country club and wedding facility. The Legend at Bergamont’s state-of-the-art clubhouse, opened in 2007, seats up to 350 guests and offers breathtaking views of the golf course and surrounding countryside from the ballroom and vast balcony, creating the perfect setting for your ceremony or pictures. With such an incredible facility, the attention to detail of a dedicated team, and stunning surroundings, your day is sure to be Legendary at Bergamont. THE MADISON CLUB (p. 144-145) 5 E. Wilson Street, Madison, WI • (608)255-4861 • e-mail: Just two blocks from the Capitol building and overlooking Lake Monona, the Madison Club is a beautiful historic building with fireplaces, floor to ceiling windows and ornate architecture throughout. Facility offers magnificent backdrops for photos, award-winning cuisine, unparalleled customer service and truly one of the most elegant settings for your rehearsal or wedding. Banquet space can seat up to 220 people for a sit-down dinner and up to 300 people for an hors d’oeuvres reception. THE MADISON CONCOURSE HOTEL AND GOVERNOR’S CLUB (p. 154-155) 1 W. Dayton Street, Madison, WI 53703 • (608)257-6000 (800)356-8293 • From the rehearsal dinner to the reception, The Madison Concourse Hotel is welcoming and romantic. Their experienced

catering staff and award winning chef set an unprecedented standard for working with each bride to ensure the day is everything she dreamed of. Your guests will feel special spending the weekend at a renowned hotel in the heart of downtown Madison. You’ll love the modern ballrooms and exclusive Governor’s Club guest rooms. See why they are a 2008-2011 Wisconsin Bride award winner. MADISON MASONIC CENTER (p. 158) 301 Wisconsin Avenue, Madison, WI • (608)256-5734 • e-mail: Madison Masonic Center features a ballroom surrounded by the elegance of a past era with pillars, marble flooring and a big band stage. The perfect setting for unique reception gatherings up to 550. On site catering is provided by Mike Losse Catering. Choose from their variety of menu choices or let them custom design your menu. MADISON TURNER HALL (p. 183) 3001 S. Stoughton Road, Madison, WI 53716 • (608)222-4922 • e-mail: Turner Hall at Madison Turners is perfect for any event wedding receptions, rehearsal dinners and bridal showers! Their beautiful hall has a fantastic dance floor and oak bar. They can accommodate up to 450 seated guests. Conveniently located off Beltline with spacious guest parking. Use one of their Preferred Caterers or choose your own. Madison Turners offer several rental options - linens, centerpieces, etc. They are friendly and accommodating and are excited to host your special event! Call or e-mail them today. MARRIOTT MADISON WEST (p. 182) 1313 John Q. Hammons Drive, Middleton, WI 53562 (608)831-2000 •

Pierre’s Portrait Art Co. • 383

MILFORD HILLS (p. 165) W5670 French Road, Johnson Creek, WI 53038 • (920)699-2249 e-mail:

your guests, wedding dinner under the white wedding tent. Private dining rooms available for showers and rehearsal dinners. Receptions for up to 250 people. Call for more information or visit website at

THE OLD FEED MILL (p. 179) 114 Cramer Street, Mazomanie, WI 53560 (608)795-4909 • (888)345-4909 • Experience country elegance and dining excellence at The Old Feed Mill, the absolutely perfect location for rehearsals or receptions, accommodating up to 200 guests. The historic building has won awards for incredible restoration, and The Old Feed Mill has been featured on the Food Network’s “Best of Country Cuisine.” For the very best service in authentic surroundings, choose The Old Feed Mill. On-site bakery available for wedding cakes. Outdoor space also available for ceremonies or receptions. Call Nancy today.

RADISSON HOTEL MADISON (p. 133, 169) 517 Grand Canyon Drive, Madison, WI 53719 (608)833-0100 • e-mail: Their attention to detail and impeccable service ensure the perfect ending to the perfect day. Whether it’s a rehearsal dinner, elegant reception, anniversary or gift opening, their event planners provide the recognition and services that are delivered by a premier hotel. They are conveniently located just off Highway 12 by West Towne Mall. If you’re looking for the perfect venue for the perfect day, you’ve discovered it at the Radisson.

ORPHEUM THEATRE (p. 185) 216 State Street, Madison, WI 53703 • (608)255-8755 • e-mail: If you can dream it up, the Orpheum Theatre can make it a reality. Their in house wedding planner will work with you to ensure every detail of your event is perfect. The newly renovated main theater can hold up to 300+ guests for seated dinners/buffet and up to 500 for appetizer parties. Lobby can accommodate 80 guests for seated dinners and up to 250 for appetizer parties. The Orpheum Theatre proudly offers a wide range of catering through the Orpheum Lobby Restaurant.

SAMBA BRAZILIAN GRILL (p. 99, 166) 240 W. Gilman Street, Madison, WI 53703 • (608)257-1111 • e-mail: Located in the heart of downtown State Street, it’s the perfect spot for your rehearsal dinner, wedding, reception, or private event. Enjoy a bit of Brazil with a fun and unique dining experience. Menu features unlimited choices from their artisinal salad display and rodizio service of grilled meats carved table side. Private brunches also available. Their grand stage is ideal for a ceremony, band, dj, or slideshow presentation. Three private dining options or entire restaurant are available, up to 300 guests.

OVERTURE CENTER FOR THE ARTS (p. 146-147) 201 State Street, Madison, WI 53703 • (608)258-4163 • e-mail: Begin your journey at Overture Center for the Arts, Madison’s stunning performing arts center. Overture Center features 14 gorgeous spaces - from intimate family settings for 15 to grand halls for 1,500. Each venue captures the romance, elegance and style of your special day. Catering a Fresco, their exclusive in-house culinary arts company, will work with you to craft a decadent menu, and their event coordinators help to ensure that each event at Overture is artful, exquisite and unique.

SHERATON MADISON HOTEL (p. 161) 706 John Nolen Drive, Madison, WI 53713 • (608)260-2304 Promises are invited. At the Sheraton Madison Hotel, with room for up to 375 guests to toast, cheer and share your day. Central location with complimentary surface parking. Their expert staff will help create your dream event. Guest room accommodations include a reservation web site just for your event. Experience the warm service at the Sheraton Madison Hotel. Because you don’t just stay here. You belong.

PRIME QUARTER STEAKHOUSE (p. 189) 3520 E. Washington Avenue, Madison, WI 53704 (608)244-3520 • QUALITY INN & SUITES (p. 185) 2969 Cahill Main, Fitchburg, WI 53711 • (608)274-7200 Located on the corner of Fish Hatchery and Cahill Main. Their two-story ballroom can seat up to 250 people, and features floor to ceiling windows, dramatic staircase and a built in bar. Complimentary suite and breakfast the next day. QUIVEY’S GROVE (p. 174) 6261 Nesbitt Road, Madison, WI • (608)273-4900 Imagine having your ceremony and reception in an 1855 historic landmark. Wedding ceremony under a canopy of black walnut trees, champagne on the lawn, hors d’oeuvres passed amongst

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SPRECHER’S RESTAURANT & PUB (p. 189) 644 Wisconsin Dells Parkway, Wisconsin Dells, WI 53965 Suzi Morath • (608)253-9109 e-mail: 1262 John Q Hammons Drive, Madison, WI, 53717 Sarah Lafvenberg • (608)203-6545 e-mail: 111 Center Street, Lake Geneva, WI 53147 Steve Schroeder • (262)248-7047 e-mail: SPRING BROOK RESORT, WISCONSIN DELLS (p. 181) 242 Lake Shore Drive, WI Dells, WI 53965 Lisa Pfeifer • (608)254-1463 • Host an outdoor reception with ease and style under Spring Brook’s stunning outdoor tent, with seating up to 300. A chiffon ceiling liner adds elegance and the scenery of the surrounding tall pines makes for a perfect day. Outdoor ceremonies overlooking the

course. Full-service bar & restaurant, along with on-site vacation home rentals and indoor/outdoor pools for guests. Also a perfect and unique place for your rehearsal dinner, bachelor/bachelorette party or bridal shower. STOUGHTON COUNTRY CLUB (p. 184) 3165 Shadyside Drive, Stoughton, WI 53589 (608)873-7861 • (608)873-8464 e-mail: TYROL BASIN (p. 184) 3487 Bohn Road, Mount Horeb, WI 53572 • (608)437-4135 • e-mail: Tyrol Basin’s Chalet, located in a picturesque valley, is a renovated barn offering private facilities in a beautiful, natural backdrop for receptions and outdoor wedding ceremonies May through October. Excellent food offerings for buffet style or sit down dinners. Seating up to 225. Full service bar, dance area, and ample parking. Treat your guests to a relaxing, scenic chairlift ride or champagne toast at the top of the hill. 20 miles west of Madison and 5 miles north of Mt. Horeb. THE UNIVERSITY CLUB (p. 164) 803 State Street, Madison, WI 53703 • (608)262-5023 • e-mail: The University Club, a unique historic landmark located on Library Mall, has a warm turn-of-the-century elegance and provides an ideal location for your reception, rehearsal dinner, or any occasion special to you. The club features local cuisine. Amenities include full bar and wine lists, dance floor, dining rooms for 20 to 175, and receptions to 225. Membership is open to the Madison community, faculty, staff, alumni and grad students. Please call for further information. VON RUTENBERG VENTURES (p. 162) 1001 Arboretum Drive, Suite 204, Waunakee, WI 53597 (608)246-3120 • The von Rutenberg family would be honored to host your special event at any of their three unique waterfront restaurants (Mariner’s Inn, Nau-Ti-Gal, or Captain Bill’s) or on board Betty Lou Cruises, Madison’s Premier Cruise Line. Restaurant/cruise packages also available. Their family has been specializing in outdoor seasonal events and personal touch indoor events for over 40 years. Enjoy “Betty Lou to You” - catering at YOUR site, any time of year. They would be honored to make your special day memorable.

WEST SIDE CLUB (p. 193) 437 Junction Road, Madison, WI 53719 • (608)833-6355 The West Side Club is exclusively catered by Queen Anne’s Catering and is the perfect location for your wedding reception, rehearsal dinner, bachelor party, bridal shower, or any special event. Custom-designed menus reflect your style and tastes, with many mouth-watering selections to choose from. A large comfortable lounge area, ample free parking, and accommodations for up to 450 guests make the West Side Club the best choice for your gala affair! WILDERNESS HOTEL & GOLF RESORT/ GLACIER CANYON LODGE (p. 150-151) 511 E. Adams Street, P.O. Box 830, Wisconsin Dells, WI 53965 (800)867-9453 • Celebrate the moment of your life at the Glacier Canyon Lodge, which is the newest addition to the Wilderness Territory in Wisconsin Dells. The Glacier Canyon Lodge is sure to be the perfect place to begin your life together. Let them plan your ceremony, reception, rehearsal dinner and weekend getaway at their beautiful, rustic and luxurious destination location. Whether it’s Golf, Spa or just relaxation, they cover it all. Call now for more information and to schedule your personal tour. WINTERGREEN RESORT & CONFERENCE CENTER (p. 187) P.O. Box 296, 60 Gasser Road, Wisconsin Dells, WI 53965 (608)254-2285 • (800)648-4765 Ext. 3 e-mail: ZOR SHRINE (p. 193) 575 Zor Shrine Place, Madison, WI 53717 • (608)833-0404 The Zor Shrine is a beautiful reception facility, made complete with an oversized wood dance floor, large custom-made bar, and lots of windows. Your guests will enjoy the privacy of this wonderfullymaintained facility, with ample free parking and a great location (close to West Towne Mall). The Zor truly offers an unmatched style. It is very successful because of the personal service provided and because of their exclusive caterer: Queen Anne’s Catering, which was voted the Best Caterer in Madison in 2003-2010.

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WAUNAKEE VILLAGE CENTER (p. 180) 333 S. Madison Street, Waunakee, WI 53597 • (608)850-5992 • e-mail: This beautiful new facility is nestled in Waunakee’s oldest park with a lovely view of mature trees, Six-mile Creek and the expansive park lawn. With banquet rooms for the smallest groups up to 180 guests, their flexible facility offers options that allow you to fine-tune your event to meet all of your individual needs. Renters can contract with a caterer of their choice or bring in food of their own. Conveniently located within 15 minutes of both east and west Madison. • 385

tents & rentals BUCKY’S RENTALS, INC. (p. 202) 2182 Hwy MM, Oregon, WI • (608)291-2500 • e-mail: From a casual outdoor ceremony to an elaborately elegant reception, Bucky’s Rentals will make your event a success. Their durable tents and French window side walls are the solutions to your biggest fear… the weather. Their porta-floors create a clean path for the bride’s grand entrance. Other rentals include: decorative lighting, dance floors, tables, linens, white folding chairs, heaters, portable restrooms and sinks. Their flushing units, equipped with sinks and mirrors, make the restroom accommodations more appealing for such an elegant event. THE COUNTRY PLUMBER (p. 202) Madison & Portage, WI • (608)742-2648 • (800)472-7448 • e-mail: The Country Plumber Portable Restroom Services. Wedding, Graduation, Anniversary, Birthday Parties. Any indoor or outdoor activity. Starting with their Portalisa Trailer unit, the Country Plumber has all kinds of units to help with your special events: ADA handicap units, auto-flushing units, and sink units. The Portalisa has marble countertops, special lighting, AM/FM radio, CD player, and air conditioner. Unit can be hooked up to water or contains a limited amount on its own. COVER IT UP—CHAIR COVER, SASH AND TABLE RUNNER RENTAL (p. 203) Madison, WI • (608)852-5007 • e-mail: EVENT ESSENTIALS (p. 197, 200) 6485 Blanchar’s Crossing, Windsor, WI 53598 • (608)223-3140 • e-mail: Visit Event Essentials and browse their convenient showroom to find all your wedding needs. White tents, round and rectangular tables, white and standard chairs, risers, tent lighting, and sound systems. Food service items such as portable bars, tableware, table linens, catering equipment, fountains, grills and food warmers. Decorative items include tent liners, chiavari chairs, chair covers & ties, table runners, overlays, centerpieces, arches, and more. From informal to elegant, do-it-yourself to full service, Event Essentials can tailor your event to fit your needs. EXCITING EVENTS (p. 197, 201) 2020 S. Calhoun Road, New Berlin, WI 53151 (262)797-8880 • HOFFY’S RENTALS (p. 204) (800)615-9475 • (608)225-2872 • e-mail: Hoffy’s Rentals specializes in ipod DJ system rentals and banquet room/tent up-lighting. Plug in your ipod, laptop or MP3 player to a Concert JBL sound system and enjoy entertainment at a fraction of the cost. With up-lighting, Hoffy’s turns any room into a work of art. Also offering Karaoke systems, outdoor ceremony music,

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motion/intelligent lights, candy buffets, slush/margarita machines, dance floors and much more. Mention this ad to receive 10% off any rental over $250. Check out their ads in Photography and Entertainment. SPERRY TENTS GREAT LAKES, LLC (p. 198-199) (608)201-6581 • e-mail: WHITE LINEN (p. 203) N8069 Hwy F, Ixonia, WI 53036 • (920)355-4014 • e-mail:

transportation ABRACADABRA LIMOUSINES (p. 310) (608)938-1300 • e-mail: Abracadabra Limousines has the most reliable and professional chauffeurs around Madison; they are here to make your day perfect and arrive in style. Abracadabra has everything from a 12 passenger Chrysler 300 to a 30 passenger limo bus to help you and your guests arrive on time. Try them out before the big day for your bachelor or bachelorette party as well. To start your next adventure call Abracadabra Limousines for the best rates. ACE, WAYNE BUS SERVICE (p. 313) (608)576-7281 • e-mail: BADGER COACHES (p. 311) Madison, WI • (800)442-8259 • e-mail: “Get Me To The Church On Time” The Badger Trolleys and their professional drivers will “get you to the church on time.” Why not reserve a unique, vintage Badger Trolley for your special day? Each air-conditioned Badger Trolley will accommodate up to 45 people. Your entire wedding party will be together to help you celebrate. Need to shuttle more guests; or maybe you want a more updated look? Consider one of Badger’s 47 or 55-passenger deluxe modern motor coaches. GALLANT KNIGHT LIMOUSINE (p. 313) Madison, WI • (608)242-7000 • (800)725-5655 • e-mail: On the day that everything needs to go right, trust the professionals at Gallant Knight Limousine. Numerous wedding couples have enjoyed their reliable service and they know you will too. They take your trust seriously. Whether you desire simple elegance or an extravagant event, whether you need two hours or two days, Gallant Knight Limousine provides options to meet your style and budget.

MAD CITY LIMOS (p. 311) (608)513-LIMO • e-mail: MAD CITY PARTY BUS (p. 312) (888)826-7602 • e-mail: PRESIDENTIAL LIMOUSINE SERVICE (p. 312) 269 Rodney Road, Cambridge, WI 53523 • (608)423-2300 • e-mail: Presidential Limousine Service is a professional transportation company in Cambridge, Wisconsin. Their fleet consists of a variety of vehicles from Lincoln Sedans, Cadillac Escalade ESV’s, Stretch Lincoln Limousines, Stretch SUV’s, Vans, Limo Buses and Party Buses. Vehicles range in size from 1 – 32 passengers and they can accommodate groups up to 300. Presidential Limousine Service offers first class service with a guarantee that they’ll arrive on time, every time. They offer 24-hour dispatching and advance software for reservations. Call 608-423-2300. SUNSET LIMOUSINE SERVICE, LLC (p. 313) P.O. Box 312, Stoughton, WI 53589 • (608)279-5466 • e-mail:

videography A GENERATIONS PROJECT (p. 259) (608)222-0649 • e-mail: CREATIVE IMAGES BY CAL (p. 231, 257) (608)576-1100 • e-mail: ELLABELLA PRODUCTIONS (p. 258) P.O. Box 8834, Madison, WI 53708 (608)432-5782 • e-mail: MEMORY LANE VIDEO (p. 258) (608)833-4155 • e-mail: Memory Lane Video now offers your wedding day in High Definition, and available on standard or Blu-Ray disc! When all the excitement of your special day ends, you will still have the most precious heirloom to enjoy. View beautiful sample ceremonies and montages from area locations at Ask about photo montages for any occasion. Your High Definition video will be a keepsake for generations!

MOONSTRUCK MEDIA PRODUCTION (p. 256) (608)850-3725 • e-mail: Moonstruck Media Production has helped couples capture their special wedding day for over 10 years. Couples can choose from one of their traditional wedding packages or live streaming webcasts for guests who cannot attend the wedding. Your wedding video is made by their team of specialists and is guaranteed with customer satisfaction in mind. All couples’ special requests will be honored. Contact them today so they can sit down and make your wedding dreams a reality. VIDEO REFLECTIONS (p. 259) (608)209-1290 • e-mail: A professional videographer has succeeded if his work reminds you of the richness of your friendships, loved ones, and celebration. Since 2005, Video Reflections, has been providing grateful couples and families with that personal style of wedding video. Tim approaches every wedding day devoted to capturing each intimate moment …especially the things you may miss!

wedding consultants AN AIRE OF FLAIR (p. 18, 19) Conni Hofeldt-Rowe 3831 Manito Court, Middleton, WI 53562 • (608)225-6219 • e-mail: What will make your wedding so special that your guests will secretly take notes to recount every detail? It is that “Aire of Flair” that sets your day apart from all others. A “one-stop shop” for as much or as little help as you need with: Planning, Coordinating, Reserving quality vendors, Invitations, Programs, Silk and Fresh Floral Production, Photography or Sewing. All budgets and dreams are treated with professionalism, quality and above all— distinction. BEYOND ELEGANT EVENTS LLC (p. 17, 19) Jayme Galanos • (608)225-1093 e-mail: Beyond Elegant Events LLC has built an impeccable reputation for listening to clients and managing every detail to perfection. Repeatedly honored as the top vendor by the readers of Wisconsin Bride Magazine, they approach every event as a collaborative effort between client and planner. With a long history in Southern Wisconsin, their staff has the expertise to guide you through every step of the decision making process. They also offer creativity to make your event not just memorable, but remarkable! • 387

BRIDES ON A BUDGET (p. 17, 21) Laura Ursin • Madison, WI • (608)628-9224 Brides On A Budget is here to help you plan your day on your budget. They focus on utilizing local amenities and vendors to give each couple a unique wedding experience. Brides On A Budget provides fresh, modern and innovative ideas, and offers packages for weddings of all sizes. Inquire today for a free consultation with your personal wedding consultant. CAPITOL WEDDINGS & EVENTS, LLC (p. 21) Laurie Dies, Owner/Bridal Consultant (608)712-8578 • e-mail: Congratulations! The excitement of creating one of the most special events in your life can be overwhelming; let Capitol Weddings & Events minimize the worry and make your dreams a reality! This full service wedding consulting firm offers customized wedding planning, coordination, and bridal services tailored to your unique wishes and desires. Passionate about weddings and the personal touches that make the day your own, they are prepared to handle the details; call for a complimentary consultation today! CHERRY BLOSSOM EVENTS (p. 22) P.O. Box 930541, Verona, WI 53593 • (608)497-0133 • e-mail: Cherry Blossom Events designers are passionate about creating beautiful and cohesive weddings that truly express each couple’s unique personality. Your wedding day is an incredibly special occasion, and you deserve only the best as you celebrate your love and commitment to one another. Their goal is to make you the priority on that unforgettable day by providing you with the expert guidance you need. All you have to do is enjoy the wedding of your dreams.

LAVENDER HILL EVENT DESIGN & PLANNING (p. 20) 402 E. Wilson Street, Madison WI, 53703 (608)535-9030 • e-mail: Lavender Hill Event Design & Planning specializes in wedding planning for Madison and throughout Wisconsin. They bring to each event a design perspective that is creative and stylized for each client, and can include not only décor, but also menus, music, and attire. They are business savvy to negotiate contracts and align the customer with the best vendors to meet their needs; and detailed management so the planning, timeline and the day of your wedding is everything you dreamed of! PERSONAL EXPRESSIONS FLORAL & WEDDING DESIGN, LTD (p. 16, 271) 218 Railroad Street, New Glarus, WI 53574 • P.O. Box 933 (608)527-3348 • e-mail: THE WEDDING GUY (p. 18, 20) 3825 Mammoth Trail, Madison, WI 53719 • (608)358-0383 • e-mail: Imagine a beautiful and meaningful ceremony with a picture perfect reception. That is what you will receive with very little effort. The Wedding Guy bridal consulting service takes the work out of weddings. With several different wedding packages to choose from they will find the right one for your needs. Call for a free consultation with a certified bridal consultant. The Wedding Guy will plan your perfect day from beginning to end. Best wedding planner of Wisconsin 2008-2011—WI Bride Magazine. THE WEDDING SHOWCASE GROUP (p. 22)

Captured Moments Photography

388 • Wedding Planner & Guide

WEDDING planner and guide

As we look back on a wonderful 30 years, we would like to thank all our advertisers and bridal show participants for sharing in our journey. Special thanks to those that have believed and trusted in us since the very beginning. Without you we would not have had a start. We are truly thankful for your loyalty over the past 30 years!

A to Z Event Essentials Best Western Plus Inn on the Park Boston Store DoubleTree by Hilton Madison Felly’s Flowers Madison Concourse Hotel and Governor’s Club Memory Lane Video Productions Nedrebo’s Formal Wear Quivey’s Grove

cake: Chris’s Confections photo: Primavera Studios • 389



5th Street Photography..............................................................244 A Generations Project................................................................259 A New Leaf Flowers & Gifts.......................................................275 A Touch of Classical..................................................................306 A True Likeness.................................................................219, 246 Abracadabra Limousines............................................................310 Act II Floral Studio.....................................................................277 Agora Pavilion...........................................................................111 All About Honeymoons..............................................................316 Allen, Michelle Photography......................................................242 Alterations by Sue........................................................................57 Altered States Alterations.............................................................57 Amelia John Photographers....... Inside Front Cover, 101, 218, 224 Amos Roe, Pianitst/Guitarist......................................................307 An Aire of Flair.......................................................................18, 19 Ancora String Quartet.................................................................306 Anderson Fine Art Photography.................................................230 Angelic Angles Photography......................................................221 Angell Park................................................................................156 ANiU Salon and Spa....................................................................67 Ann Gorgen Photography...........................................................226 Antics Flipbooks........................................................................207 Appleby Photography.................................................................246 Arboretum Duo..........................................................................305 Arioso Ensembles......................................................................305 Armory, The...............................................................................187 Azena Photography, LLC............................................................241 B Kuhl Entertainment.................................................................301 Badger Coaches, Inc..................................................................311 Badgerland Mobile DJ Service...................................................302 Bartender 608 Mobile Mixologists.............................................190 Be Inspired Salon.........................................................................71 Beautiful Brides and Formals LLC...............................................51 Beautiful Portraits by Michael....................................219, 243, 251 Beauty Blossoms...............................................................100, 273 Bellini Restaurant............................................................... 152-153 Best Western Plus Inn on the Park.............................................163 Beyond Elegant Events, LLC..................................................17, 19

390 • Wedding Planner & Guide

Beyond the Booth.......................................................................205 Biaggi’s Ristorante Italiano.........................................................189 Black Diamond Mobile DJ, LLC.................................................301 Bloom Bake Shop......................................................................291 Blue Dandelion Photography.....................................................235 Bonfyre American Grille.............................................................188 Brandi’s Bridal Galleria, Etc................................................... 48-49 Brian Whitty Musical Services...................................................306 Brickhouse BBQ.........................................................................166 Brides N Belles............................................................................54 Brides on a Budget................................................................17, 21 Brooke Marie Photography........................................................251 Bruce Fritz Photography.............................................................253 Bucky’s Rentals..........................................................................202 Cake Box Bakery........................................................................291 Camerata String Quartet.............................................................307 Candlewood Suites....................................................................180 Capital City Coins & Jewelry...................................................5, 77 Capital Sound DJ’s....................................................................299 Capitol ChopHouse....................................................................179 Capitol Weddings & Events, LLC.................................................21 Captured Moments Photography...............................................232 Celebrations Entertainment........................................................302 Ceremonies by Design.......................................................116, 120 Chalmers Jewelers.......................................................................78 Chapel of the Archangels...........................................................110 Cheeky Booth.............................................................................205 Cherry Blossom Events................................................................22 Chris’s Confections....................................................................290 Christie Maddox Photography...................................................247 Chula Vista Resort.....................................................................160 Clarion Suites............................................................................212 Cold Water Canyon/Dells Boat Tours........................................108 Coliseum Bar & Banquet...........................................................178 Contours Lingerie........................................................................54 Country Plumber, The................................................................202 Cover It Up.................................................................................203 Craig’s Cake Shop.....................................................................289

Cranberry Creek Restaurant & Catering.....................................193 Creative Confections by Alicia Russell.......................................287 Creative Images by Cal......................................................231, 257 Crowne Plaza Madison..............................................................172 Crystal Room, The.....................................................................173 Deer Valley Lodge......................................................................170 Dells Weddings at the White Rose Inns.....................................107 Devil’s Head Resort............................................................ 142-143 Diny’s Jewelers............................................................................79 Divine Designs Custom Invitations..............................................90 DJ Magic Entertainment.............................................................300 Dorf Haus...........................................................................132, 183 Doubledays................................................................................181 DoubleTree by Hilton Madison..................................................171 Du Bois Formalwear at Premiere Couture....................................61 DW’s Custom Gemstone Jewelry Designs...........................79, 101 Eagle Ridge Resort & Spa..........................................................168 East Side Club, The...................................................................176 Edgewater, The...........................................................................157 EllaBella Productions.................................................................258 Errin Hiltbrand Photography......................................................248 Event Essentials.................................................................197, 200 Exciting Events...................................................................197, 201 First Lutheran Church................................................................110 Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse & Wine Bar..........................133, 139 Fleurishes, LLC..........................................................................272 Flora Designs by Jamae.......................................................99, 274 Flower Studio, The.....................................................................277 Folklore Village..........................................................................106 Food Fight Restaurant Group.....................................................191 Francesca’s Al Lago...................................................................188 Fred Astaire Dance Studio of Madison......................................208 Gallant Knight Limousine, Inc....................................................313 Garden Laurels by Sager............................................................273 Gaylord Catering........................................................................192 Gigi’s Cupcakes.................................................................100, 285 Glacier Canyon Lodge at the Wilderness........................... 150-151 Glenn Trudel Photography.........................................................251 Global Entertainment..................................................................206 Goodman’s Jewelers....................................................................78 Grace Cheesecakes, LLC............................................................291 Grace Episcopal Church.............................................................108 Great Pictures............................................................................252 Griffin Photography....................................................................251 Hanson House Weddings...........................................................121 Hanson Photography.................................................................253 Happily Ever After Wedding Officiants...............................117, 121 Harbor Athletic Club....................................................................72 Harpist-Mary Ann Harr...............................................................305 Harvest Restaurant.....................................................................175

Heidi Lee Photography...............................................................239 Heights, The...............................................................................186 Hilton Garden Inn-Madison West/Middleton.............................159 Hilton Madison Monona Terrace...............................................212 Hoffy’s Entertainment.................................................................297 Hoffy’s Photography.................................................................. 240 Hoffy’s Rentals...........................................................................204 Holiday Inn & Suites Madison West..........................................187 Holiday Inn Madison at The American Center............................177 Holy Wisdom Monastery............................................................109 House on the Rock Resort, The..................................................167 Hy-Vee.......................................................................................276 “I Do” Cakes by Betty.................................................................287 Image Studio Photography.........................................................250 Intermezzo String Quartet...........................................................307 James J. Chocolate Shop....................................................91, 101 James Studio.............................................................................248 JB’s Italian Grille........................................................................188 JB’s Music To Go......................................................................302 Jennifer McCarty Photography...................................................245 Jill’s Creative Photography........................................................249 JL Richards Prime Meats & Catering.........................................193 Johnson’s Catering....................................................................192 Joshua Thomas Studio..............................................................238 Juke Box Bandstand...................................................................300 Julie Lynn Photography.............................................................253 Julie’s Bridal Gallery....................................................................50 Just For You................................................................................57 Kalahari Resort Convention Center..................... Inside Back Cover Kestrel Ridge Golf Club.............................................................182 Klein’s Floral & Greenhouses....................................................277 Klinke Cleaners............................................................................56 Kneaded Relief Day Spa & Wellness......................................73, 99 Knights of Columbus.................................................................188 Knock Shoppe’s Country Cakes, The.........................................290 Koru Ceremony..........................................................................120 Lake Windsor Golf Club..................................................... 140-141 Lake Wisconsin Country Club...................................................186 Lavender Hill Event Design & Planning.......................................20 Legend at Bergamont, The......................................... 132, 148-149 Let’s Get Married........................................................................119 Lockstein Photography...................................................... 222-223 Lucy Lou’s Cupcakes.................................................................288 Mad City Limos.........................................................................311 Mad City Party Bus....................................................................312 Madison Club, The............................................................ 144-145 Madison Concourse Hotel and Governor’s Club, The........ 154-155 Madison Masonic Center...........................................................158 Madison Mobile DJ Service...............................................296, 298 Madison No Fear Dentistry..........................................................71 Madison Sleep Inn & Suites......................................................213 • 391

Madison Sweets.........................................................................289 Madison Turner Hall..................................................................183 Magnuson Grand Hotel..............................................................213 Mahin’s Bridal Salon....................................................................52 Makeup Palette, The.....................................................................66 Marah’s Elegant Bridal.................................................................53 Market Street Diner & Bakery/Carl’s Cakes................................286 Marriott Madison West..............................................................182 Melissa Grace Photography...............................................220, 247 Memory Lane Video...................................................................258 Midwest Sound DJ Entertainment..............................................302 Milford Hills Hunt Club.............................................................165 Moments to Cherish Bridals........................................................55 Moonstruck Media Production, LLC..........................................256 Music For You by Keith Christopher.........................................303 Music of the Lake......................................................................111 Natural Moments Photography..................................................249 Nedrebo’s Formal Wear............................................................1, 59 New Self Renewal Center.............................................................71 North Central Group...................................................................211 Old Feed Mill, The.....................................................................179 Orange Tree Imports....................................................................97 Orpheum Theatre.......................................................................185 Overture Center for the Arts............................................... 146-147 Paper Antler...............................................................................236 Paper Deli, The......................................................................87, 90 Paper Piper Designs Available at Whoops! and Co.....................88 Paradise Park.............................................................................109 Paul Toepfer Photography..........................................................237 Personal Expressions Floral & Wedding Design.................16, 271 Petal Patch, The...................................................................98, 274 Phun Photo Booths....................................................................205 Pierre’s Portrait Art Co...............................................................229 Portrait Independence Photography...........................................252 Prairie Flower & Gifts................................................................276 Premiere Couture.........................................................................47 Pres House................................................................................110 Presidential Limousines.............................................................312 Primavera Studios..............................................................220, 225 Prime Quarter Steak House........................................................189 Prime Time Mobile DJs.....................................................296, 299 Professional Garment Centre.......................................................56 Pyramid Travel...........................................................................316 Quality Inn & Suites...................................................................185 Queen Anne’s Catering...............................................................193 Quivey’s Grove...........................................................................174 Radisson Hotel Madison....................................................133, 169 Rebekah Jacobs Couture..............................................................53 Red Gecko Studio......................................................................234 Rock-A-Fellas Mobile DJ Service..............................................303

392 • Wedding Planner & Guide

Rolling Pin Bake Shop, The.......................................................288 Romance Jewelers.......................................................................79 RSVP-Judy Schreiber..................................................................91 Samba Brazilian Grill...........................................................99, 166 Sandy La Clair-Musical Productions.........................................306 Saturn’s 8 Entertainment............................................................301 Sharp Exposure Photography.....................................................253 Sheraton Madison Hotel............................................................161 Simply Glamorous Designs at Oregon Floral.............................275 Sisters on Main............................................................................55 Sky’s the Limit...................................................................117, 118 Solid Ice Displays........................................................................98 Sperry Tents Great Lakes, LLC........................................... 198-199 Sprecher’s Restaurant & Pub.....................................................189 Spring Brook Resort...................................................................181 Steiny Jo’s Bakery......................................................................290 Stellanovas, The.........................................................................307 Stoughton Country Club............................................................184 Sugar Pear Design.................................................................87, 91 Sugar River Stationers...........................................................86, 89 Sugarland..................................................................................111 Sunprint on the Square..............................................................193 Sunset Limousine Service..........................................................313 Super 8 Madison.......................................................................213 Suzanne’s Sweet Artistry............................................................291 SV Photography.........................................................................250 Sweet Street Bakery....................................................................291 Tim Fitch Photography.......................................................221, 227 Toijala Chiropractic......................................................................73 Twisted Twig..............................................................................100 Tyrol Basin.................................................................................184 Ultimate Spa Salon, The........................................................ 68-69 University Club, The..................................................................164 Vera’s House of Bridals, Ltd...........................................Back Cover Veridian Homes.........................................................................319 Victoria’s Garden........................................................................277 Video Reflections.......................................................................259 Viking MC & Entertainment.......................................................303 Visual Soundtrack, The..............................................................233 VonRutenberg Ventures.............................................................162 Waunakee Village Center...........................................................180 Wayne Ace Bus & Limo Service................................................313 Wedding Flasher by Foss Imagery, The.....................................228 Wedding Guy, The.................................................................18, 20 Wedding Planner & Guide Bridal Shows............................... 24-25 Wedding Showcase Group...........................................................22 White Linen................................................................................203 William Jon Salon & Spa.............................................................70 Wintergreen Resort....................................................................187 Yahara String Quartet.................................................................307

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