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TIONS — SAME GRE MARK YOUR CALENDAR! FOURTH LOCATION OPENING SOON IN THE OLD QUINCY DINER 174 E. Chicago Street, Quincy, MI 49082 two days of celebrating... Grand Rapids 1400 Lake Dr. SE 616-284-3917 Marachi Band Sunday 5-9
ASTE! 7919

SPRING AT LAST! It wasn’t really a rough winter, but I was still more than ready to tell it goodbye. The gray just gets me down after a while! Not to mention all that warm/cold/warm/cold nonsense. (And sometimes it was really cold.)

Spring is a traditional time to get things cleared out, spruced up, and ready to go for summer. So, as usual, this is our yard/home/car issue. We have articles to help you with getting your home and yourself set for the fun of warmer months. Also, be sure to check the ads—we have some area businesses that can really help you with spring tasks and projects!

I have to take a moment to do a little grandma bragging. My son and his wife welcomed their second son into their family in January. Miles Paul is a precious new member of our clan!

We’ve profiled Kayla Kimble, a PA with Karim HealthCare who focuses on chronic condition management. Learn about her and how she came to choose this practice emphasis in our cover article.

If you’ve ever needed body work done on your vehicle, you know how important it is to get it done right. Read about how Bryan Dunlap, owner of City Collision, has expanded his business to serve the community better and about his commitment to quality repairs.

And, don’t miss learning about an exciting new business to help you look your absolute best in the article about Mindy Shoemaker and Empowered Image Consulting.

Now, get outside and enjoy everything spring has to offer!

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Kayla Kimble

Working as a team with her patients

Kayla Kimble has followed in the steps of many of the women in her family: taking care of her community as a medical professional. She now works as a physician assistant at Karim HealthCare.

“I always wanted to be in medicine somehow,” Kayla explains. “Many of the women that I look up to in my family, including my mom, are nurses, so there is a long history of that being the career path.”

Kayla grew up in Ohio, graduating from the University of Toledo with a bachelor’s degree in biology in 2014.

After graduating, Kayla didn’t immediately move into the medical field.

“I began working with adults who have autism as an undergraduate student. After I graduated from there, I worked for several years in a community setting with adults who had autism, and I also worked in a nursing home,” Kayla says. “I just wasn’t really sure where I wanted to go from there.”

Kayla eventually attended the physician assistant program at Kettering College in Kettering, Ohio, just graduating from that program this past August.

“I just wasn’t sure what my niche was going in. I had always been drawn to medicine and just didn’t know how I could best use my talents and my passions to help people. The PA program caught my attention because of the flexibility you can have with your specialty,” she says. “I found my passion during school there.”

Kayla has finally found her niche working with chronic conditions and preventative care.

“At Dr. Karim’s office, I do a lot of chronic condition management, including issues like COPD, diabetes, hypertension, and regular patient visits. I also really like women’s health and preventative care,” she says. “I really believe in becoming a team with a patient and making a plan that works for both the patient and for the provider. I enjoy encouraging people to take an active

Cover Feature
Cover Feature
12 |

role in their health care conditions and feel really drawn to working with people to improve their health.”

Kayla says she enjoys that, as a physician assistant, she is continuing to learn about a wide variety of areas and conditions, while building relationships with patients.

“Being a physician assistant allows me to continue learning forever,” she says. “It is really satisfying to be able to help people with chronic conditions, especially when it has clicked and we finally crack the code for managing their condition. When a patient really understands what needs to be done to manage their health, that’s when you can really make a difference for somebody that changes their life.”

Kayla’s positive experiences in her personal life with medical practitioners has inspired her.

“I’ve had that really positive experience with a great provider in my past who helped me, and that has really motivated me to keep working with people to help them reach their goals in whatever way that may be.”

She added that it is important for her to alleviate barriers to good care for her patients, whenever possible.

“It can be really frustrating when there are barriers to care such as patients not having access to care or the cost of care,” Kayla explains. “I’m just doing my best to alleviate those barriers to care in any way that I can.”

Kayla says it is important to her that her patients know that she is fighting for them.

“Especially with the chronic care patients, I am seeing people so frequently that you really do get to know them and become a team with them. You are working together to try to manage their conditions,” she says. “That’s what I truly enjoy about it is getting to know people and becoming part of their team and part of their community.”

Since she joined Karim HealthCare, Kayla has helped to reopen the Litchfield location.

“It is very exciting because there are no other providers or clinics in Litchfield, so it is kind of my pet project to keep that office open,” Kayla says.

In her free time, Kayla enjoys spending time outdoors and with her family.

“I have two dogs and I love to get outside and hike with them. Northern Ohio and Southern Michigan are just so beautiful,” Kayla says. “I like to garden and my husband and I are expecting our first child, so we are super excited about that.”

Karim HealthCare - Litchfield Office is open on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 8 a.m. - 4 p.m. and is located at 112 S. Chicago St., Litchfield, MI. Call (517) 797-4547 to make an appointment or for more information. Walk-in appointments are also welcome.

Karim HealthCare - Hillsdale Office is open Monday - Friday from 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. and is located at 3271 W. Carleton Rd., Hillsdale, MI.  Kayla has appointments at the Hillsdale Location on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays from 8 a.m. - 4 p.m. Call (517) 4373879 to make an appointment or for more information. Walk-in appointments are also welcome.

Karim HealthCare Growing to serve our communities! Affordability Availability Quality STURGIS • 269-832-8911 ce HILLSDALE 517-437-3879 517-797-4547 CEMENT CITY 517-547-4845 READING 517-797-4547 COLDWATER 517-924-1444 S TURG I S 269-832-8911 Dr Tariq Abdelkarim, MD STURGIS • 269-832-8911 COLDWATER 517-924-1444 QUINCY 517-639-1119 BRONSON 517-858-1400 Same Day Appointments Available at ALL Locations! Call to schedule an appointment for your sport physical in any of our 10 locations below.


ProMedica Pediatric & Adolescent Center

Pediatric and adolescent medical care can be a very rewarding area of specialization for a physician, but it does have its challenges. The age range treated by pediatricians is birth to age 21. And, while your actual patient is the child, adolescent, or young adult, family members are naturally part of the equation which means that the doctor may need to exercise a great deal of tact to get everyone on board for the child’s care.

At the ProMedica Pediatric & Adolescent Center, care is provided by two board certified pediatricians: Edelwina Dy, M.D., and Emad Kassas, M.D. Dr. Dy completed her residency at what is now called the Children’s Health Center in Brooklyn, New York. She has been practicing in Coldwater since November 1991. Dr. Kassas trained in pediatrics at Cooper University Hospital in Camden, New Jersey, and also completed a fellowship in neonatology at the University of British Columbia. He joined the practice in October 2019.

The overall philosophy of the center is summed up in this description from their website:

You understand that healthy children grow to build a healthy community. We support that. We want every child to reach his or her potential, and so do you.

Our pediatric team is just as invested. Dedicated pediatricians, doctors, and nurses work to keep your child growing strong, now and into the future. Count on us to answer questions about your child’s growth and development, vaccines, and more.

The practice focuses on ensuring the wellbeing of the patient and offers comprehensive pediatric care including well-child visits, immunizations, treating illness, and mental health care. There is also an extensive telehealth program which has been in place for ten years which includes in-school telehealth availability in Quincy, Bronson, and both Legg Middle School and Coldwater High School. This technology is not just “talking to a screen.” It allows the provider to do a true exam that covers listening to the heart and checking the ears and throat. There is an RN and a social worker at each telehealth location.

“We were the first in the state to have this technology,” explains office manager Karri Doty. “It helps reduce absenteeism at school and at the parents’ workplaces which benefits everyone.”

Dr. Dy describes another benefit of having the medical personnel on site at the schools:

“The children get to know the nurse and build trust. This helps a lot with making them comfortable to open up and share things they might not want to do otherwise. That’s very important with children.”

When asked about the rewards of pediatrics, Dr. Dy was quick to answer, “The hugs!” Dr. Kassas said that there is great satisfaction in seeing healthy, smiling children who are growing and developing well. Dr. Dy has been in Coldwater long enough that she is now seeing a second generation of patients—parents she took care of as children are now bringing her their children. She says it’s a good feeling to know the relationship she built with them years ago, continues on.

As for challenges, both agreed that one ongoing problem in our “information age” is the abundance of misinformation. Sometimes it takes patience and persistence to explain why something a parent or older child found online is not accurate or applicable.

The ProMedica Pediatric & Adolescent Center is accepting new patients and works with most insurances. Office hours are 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday. Telehealth hours are slightly different; please check with the office for the current schedule. The office is located at 358 E. Chicago St., Suite 202, in Coldwater. It is part of the medical campus around the hospital. You can reach them by calling 517-279-5252.

Viaggio SALON & SPA Mindy Shoemaker 2370 Hudson Rd. , Hillsdale, MI (517)610-5869 Spring for fresh New Hair Shannon Lewis | Owner 206 Park Street | Litchfield, Michigan | 517-542-3877 Mani’s & Pedi’s | Hightlights, Cuts & Color We Carry Two Organic Product Lines: “Loma” & “All-Nutrient” BEFORE AFTER 18 |
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Middays, 10-2 with Emma Rae


As we start putting our heavy winter coats and boots away and begin contemplating what our spring fashions are going to look like, it’s so refreshing to look forward to the bright and energized style trends for this season.

Every year, Pantone picks the colors of the season and this year didn’t disappoint with great pops of beautiful color! Peach Fuzz was announced as the Pantone color of the year which will look great on any red- or light-haired beauties.

20 |

Texture and bold patterns are hot this season with sheer materials, tropical palms and florals showing up a lot in clothing and accessories. This year geometric and abstract prints are making a comeback from the 80s and 90s while lace, crochet, and cutwork styles still remain strong. Newer on the scene you will see voluminous shirts, blouses, and sweaters on the sleeves and overall body; these will look great with our tailored pants, skirts, and jeans.

Denim and dress pants styles are changing a little for this season. If we want our outfits to be stylish and current, skinny jeans should be pushed off to the side for now. While you’re at it, place your low rise jeans to the back of your closet as well. In their place will be high rise, light washed jeans with either straight, bootcut, or flair leg openings. These styles go for full length or cropped pants.


Grey and metallic jeans should be hitting the stores soon along with any cream or ivory pants. Pintuck and wide cuffs are another trend we will be seeing this year. Also, you will see very little distressing on our jeans for a sleeker style. Dress pants will need to be well tailored for a more put together look. Cargo jeans and pants will also carryover into the spring/summer season along with patchwork pants. The biggest change in denim this year will be the laser printed denim with all types of patterns.

Shoe trends are a lot of fun this season with square

22 |

and round-toed true ballerina flats and simple sandals. Small-heeled, slingback kitten heels and bright colored pumps will dress up any outfit along with any double strap square heeled sandal.

Metallic toe caps look great on your flats and, if you’re wearing white, the look for the season is pointy toe mules. Mary Janes in either heels or flats are making a strong comeback. Platforms and trainers continue to be popular, which will look great with the new, elevated sportswear trend this season.

If you’re wanting to add some new trendy pieces to your wardrobe without sacrificing your bank account, accessories are your best bet! Red is a hot color this spring/summer for accessories in shoes, purses, or jewelry for a splash of color. A woven or basket weave purse or clutch is a spring/summer must-have along with metallic purses in silver or chrome. Love the look of a larger purse? Make sure it’s a slouchy, effortless style or a canvas and leather mixed bag.

Layered chains of varying lengths including chokers in your best metal color will help tie in your outfit. Pearls are back this season in a big way. You’ll be seeing them in your typical jewelry pieces as well as on purses and shoes. Chunky cuff bracelets, any floral design earring, and wide cinch belts will pull your outfits from just wearing to styled with little effort. With the sun becoming more prominent, your finishing touch should be a pair of tinted sunglasses before you head outside.


Beauty Forecast –

Skincare Trends

The forecast for beauty trends is predicted at this time of year by Pinterest where users pin everything from their favorite haircare and makeup products. It’s an online vision board type of social media.

2024’s biggest skincare trend will appeal if you like a little alone time and pampering because body care is coming to the forefront in the New Year.

All the signs are pointing at a surge in body treatments since interest and pinning on the topic have risen by 1025% this year. Here’s what we think is coming down the line.

The skincare trend is being Head to Glow by Pinterest and it includes a few other notable inclusions that have risen in search trends over the last 12 months.

Body care is up 845%, Body Moisturizer Aesthetic has risen to 245%, and Spa Aesthetic is at 60% which leads us to think that in 2024 we will all be taking long hot soaks and lavishing our skin with oils and lotions. But, how will this affect our day-to-day lives. Do we need to make changes?

You don’t need to follow a skincare trend if you don’t want to, but seeing as how this trend is a pleasant one and guarantees softer, more radiant skin, it might be worth giving it a go.

To prepare ourselves for a more intense routine, we’ve rounded up a few tips so that you can be ahead of the curve in 2024. These you might already have in your bathroom.

No matter what you already lavish on your skin, exfoliation is the starting point for great skin. A scrub or exfoliating lotion is good, but let’s be honest, the easiest way to exfoliate is with a mitt, like the ones you buy with a self-tan. Use once a week for glowing skin. At-home spa treatments, oils, body butters and everything else are going to be mentioned with this skincare trend (plenty will launch, too), so give everything a try.

We love a decent body oil for everyday moisture but not when we are wearing self-tan because it breaks down the tan. On those days, a good body butter or yogurt helps preserve the color for longer. If ever there was a need for a pampering and radiance-boosting skincare trend, it’s now when we are all exhausted from 2023. Enjoy.

24 |

It’s not about motivation

It is about dedication

Over the years of working out, one of the questions I get asked the most is, “How do you always stay motivated?” The simplest answer would be that I’m NOT always motivated, but I am dedicated. I like to relate to my workouts as my self-care. I personally know that I am a better mom, wife, friend, and overall a better person when I am consistently working out. Exercise is so good for my mental health. It helps relieve stress, gives me some alone time, gives me a goal to work towards, and gives me a sense of accomplishment. Not to mention that physically, it’s making me stronger, healthier, and more comfortable in my skin.

There are several mornings when I wake up and don’t really feel like working out and some days that’s OK; I use it as a rest day. But on other days when there is no good excuse, I have to give myself a little pep talk. I think about the fact that I can skip this 30-minute workout to watch TV and get no reward for it or I could suck it up and do the workout while knowing that years down the road my body will thank me for the time I have put in now.

As a younger woman in my mid-30s I am able to run around with my kids, wrestle with them in the living room, and play baseball outside. Not only do we love doing that but I also plan to do that with grandkids someday. I know that if I can condition and strengthen my body now, that years down the road I will have better muscle mass and stronger bones to support me as I age.

So, the long answer to how I stay motivated and disciplined would be that I don’t only do it for my current self, I also do it for my future self. I do it for my kids, my husband, and all of my loved ones around me. I know that a simple workout and being active daily will put me in a better mood instantly and will also keep me healthier, happier, and capable longer over the years to come. By choosing to do something small for myself daily now, I know I am giving myself a better chance to be around for my family a lot longer. If you can’t find the motivation to take care of your body for yourself, do it for someone you love.

26 |

Spring Cleaning: 5 Health Benefits to Decluttering Your Life

If you have a closet that is starting to overflow and take over your bedroom or junk drawer that has gradually started to expand from the drawer onto the kitchen counter top, then you’ve likely felt some level of stress brought on by piles of unnecessary junk. All of that stuff can be annoying to look at, so it’s important to take control of your clutter.

The stress of clutter can be caused by the general lack of organization and the inability to find things when you need them, guilt over not using the items you own, and even confusion over what you really want and need in your life. According to an article in Psychology Today, clutter can have psychological impacts. Living in a chaotic environment where the physical setting is noisy and disorganized can hold you back from getting things done and feeling a sense of accomplishment.

Getting rid of clutter may be a chore, but here are some of the benefits of letting go of your unnecessary items:

1. You’ll have better concentration. Do you work at a desk overflowing with papers? Is it difficult for you to focus without being distracted by or having to move some of your papers out of the way in order to complete a project? Having an excess of things around you can be distracting and have a negative impact on your focus and productivity. Neuroscientists at Princeton University found that people’s task performance increased in an organized versus disorganized environment. The study showed that the physical clutter in your environment competes for your attention causing decreased productivity and increased stress.

2. You’ll sleep more soundly. Do you lie in bed and stare at your messy closet or that pile of laundry on the floor and feel stressed out by it? A sleep study by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine found that people who doze in cluttered rooms are more likely to develop sleeping problems and are at higher risk for developing hoarding disorder. Clear out your clutter and create a more calming environment for yourself to catch some quality ZZZs!

3. Your mood will improve. Clutter can make you cranky and sends a visual signal that things are not in the place that you want them, causing sadness, anger, and

even self-deprecation. According to a study done at UCLA, “clutter has a profound effect on our mood and self-esteem,” with links between high cortisol (stress hormone) levels and high density of household objects.

4. You’ll be able to let go of the past. We tend to associate material objects with specific events or people and in turn hold on to them after they’ve lost their value or relevance, like an ex’s old tee shirt or a broken Eiffel Tower key chain from your Paris trip. Hanging on to these things can carry a lot of emotional weight, so start by identifying the items that you feel it might be time to let go of. Get rid of anything that drags you down or causes you to have a negative emotional response.

5. You can turn your focus to accomplishing goals. When you let items pile up, they can stand as a reminder of the projects you have to finish or goals you have yet to accomplish. Sometimes this can be good. For example, a resistance band kept in the corner of the living room may be a daily reminder to incorporate physical activity and exercises into your daily routine. But if that same resistance band sits in the corner unused for months, it turns into clutter. In reality, we all have more items than we need, and, instead of motivating us, they hold us back. Keep the things that inspire and motivate you to accomplish your goals and get rid of the things that hold you down or make you feel guilty.

“The old adage ‘less is more’ has many meanings. In relationship to our stuff, the more we have, the more anxiety it can provoke. Spring cleaning is a time for new beginnings. Staying organized can save us time, money, and actually decrease our stress levels,” says Denise Driscoll, RNC, CARN, CS, NPP, Assistant Vice President of Behavioral Health at Mather Hospital. Letting go of material objects can be a hard task but learning to live a more minimalistic life can be freeing by allowing you to appreciate and treasure the items you have that carry true meaning and value, helping you to live a more fulfilling life.

28 |
Ask the Doctor:
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517-439-1610 1231 Hudson Road • Hillsdale Participating with most insurances and Care Credit. Sandra Hepker Better hearing starts here... Ask me about Prescription versus Over-The-Counter Hearing Aids. Hillsdale Medical Associates "Your Health Is Our Priority" MON - THURS • 8 AM - 6 PM (CLOSED FRIDAYS) *ACCEPTING NEW PATIENTS MOST INSURANCE ACCEPTED SAME DAY APPOINTMENTS ACCEPTING NEW PATIENTS Board Certified FAMILY PRACTICE Live in Comfor t and S ave Money! Trust the propane professionals to keep your home comfor table, no matter the season. 517-688-3787 • 7424 E. Chicago • Jonesville • Budget Plans Delivery Service Emergency Service Call Today! Lynn & Sarah Hartzler, Owners, with their three daughters. 31
Suffering with LOOSE DENTURES? Embarrassed to Smile because of MISSING TEETH? MINI IMPLANTS are the AFFORDABLE SOLUTION for you! With Our Experienced Dentist, This Life Changing Approach Will Restore Your Confidence to Smile and Eat What You Like.... Mini Implant Restoration Immediate Tooth Replacement Denture Stabilization Full Arch Fixed Bridges No More Dentures! Todd H. Ryan, DDS CALL TODAY! (517)437-1000 SOUTHERN MICHIGAN M I NIDENTAL IMPLANTCENTR E FREE MINIIMPLANT CONSULTATION WITH PANORAMIC X-RAY 57 N. Howell Street • Hillsdale, MI 49242 Southen Michigan Hillsdale 30 UNION STREET - (517) 437-4465 M- F 7-7 | SAT. 8-4 Jonesville 490 OLDS STREE T - (517) 849-7500 M- F 7-7 | SAT. 8-5 | SUN. 9 - 5 Locally O wned We Make Hydraulic Hoses & B In-House Brake Drum & Heav y-Duty Complete Engine Machine Shop Great Par ts with Discount Pricing Propane Filling Facility - Equipped for all sizes of propane tanks SH MAKES OUR COMMUNITY STRONG We’re “Better Because We Want to Be!” 30 UNION STREET - (517) 437-4465 M- F 7-7 | SAT. 8-4 Jonesville 490 OLDS STREET - (517) 849-7500 M- F 7-7 | SAT. 8-5 | SUN. 9 - 5 Locally O wned We Make Hydraulic Hoses & B In-House Brake Drum & Heavy-D Complete En Great Par ts with Dis Propane Filling FacilityOUR COMMUNITY STRONG We’re “Better Because 33

Life is the Berries

Don’t Touch It

I hired a techy team to help with branding the ministry of my inspirational speaking and writing. We are updating my website, designing book covers, and creating signage/business cards. A silhouette of me throwing my arms in the air is the official image of Loveberry Ministries.

It fits me.

Often, I thrust my hands up with high energy at speaking events as I talk eagerly about Jesus. I praise God’s power to transform lives. But the hallelujah hands raised high must be for God’s glory—not mine. It’s a balance to figure out the marketplace branding and mission field. Four words echo in my head.

“Don’t. Touch. The GLORY.”

With a deliberate pause between each word, I heard a wise pastor advise the congregation, “Don’t . . . touch . . . the glory.” He repeated it slowly, gently pounding the phrase. He referenced the danger of grabbing credit for what the LORD does. Beware. God deserves all the honor—not us. I fear the consequences of embracing the praise directed for God and taking it for myself. It terrifies. Don’t touch it.

Don’t snatch the glory even for a moment.

You and I need Paul’s words from the Bible embedded deeply: “Now to Him who is able to do far more abundantly than all we ask or think, according to the power at work within us, to him be glory in the church and in Christ Jesus through all generations, forever and ever. Amen,” (Eph. 3:20-21 ESV). It’s his power.

God sometimes chooses to work through us, mere vessels God flows through. Our testimonies celebrate God’s triumphs over our trials. Our ministries magnify the Messiah who does immeasurably more than we imagine. The theory of “brand” personality may set us apart by logos and color schemes in the marketplace, but I choose to lift the name of God above all. It’s crucial.

Let’s raise our hands for God’s renown.

As we live and breathe and tell our story . . . let’s do it all for God’s glory.

34 |
Spring Best Home Furnishings named Kelly's Furniture one of the Top 100 Dealers!! one CLEAN WITH NEW FURNITURE! CARBONLESS FORMS, LETTERHEAD, COLOR COPYING, LAMINATION, POSTCARDS, BUSINESS CARDS, BROCHURES, LABELS AND MORE! 72 W. Carleton Road, Hillsdale, Michigan 49242 (517) 437-2990 • Printing & Copy Center • CMYK Digital Printing! • Graphic Design Services! • Bindery Services! MENU All Beef Hot Dog … 3.00 Coney Dog … 4.00 Kielbasa … 4.50 Coney Kielbasa … 5.00 Chips … 1.50 Bottled Ice Mountain Water … 1.00 Ice Cold Soft Drinks … 2.00 Coke, Diet Coke, Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Mountain Dew, Diet Mountain Dew, Sprite, Dr. Pepper, A&W Root Beer and Diet Root Beer The Cart Special: 2 All Beef Hot Dogs, 1 Chip and 1 Beverage … 8.00 2 Coney Dogs, 1 Chip and 1 Beverage … 9.00 PROUDLY SERVING ALL BEEF, HICKORY-SMOKED HOT DOGS WATKINSOILCO. 517-437-3140She’s found her Main Squeeze! Please join us for Bridal Brunch honoring Laura Smith Saturday, May 14, 2022 Pittsford, Michigan 49271 RSVP by ???? R c 35

Auction Haul

So, what did you do during the January sub-zero weather days? It is always an enjoyable time to catch up on some household stuff when it is too cold to go out. An enjoyable time to do some de-cluttering, baking, sewing, reading, TV show binging. But then comes cabin fever and the idea of getting out sounds really good. So, luckily, there was a Saturday morning auction!

Layering up socks and sweatshirts, boots, and gloves, we prepared to stand in a pole building with a scattering of kerosene heaters, on freezing cement floors, and bid on a variety of “treasures.” Once there, we walked through the building and looked at the tables of items up for sale.

From our online research, we reviewed the posted photos so we knew what this auction would offer. But there are never pictures provided of everything – so it is still a “treasure hunt.” This sale featured a sizable collection of vintage beaded evening bags and purses. Although beautiful, I just do not have enough knowledge about these little bags to chance an investment in them. So on to other things. There were tools and furniture and some vintage metal toy cars and trucks. But my focus was on the box filled with vintage beer can and bottle openers, many advertising the beer brand they represented. The other item of interest was a large tin filled with some midcentury red plastic HRM cookie cutters that were made in the USA.

The first item where I won the bid was a red Flexible Flyer child’s wheelbarrow. I also got two old metal child-sized wagons. My Hubs scored a number of wood molding planes, draw shaves, levels, and a variety of stuff that I have no idea what they were. (All I do know is that there were a few other tool collectors who did know what they were and were not happy Hubs got most of it.)

It is hard to know when to say when, when bidding. It can be easy to get caught up in the battle and go way beyond what you will ever recoup on an item. I must really think through how high I am willing to go and then focus so as not to get swept up in the moment. This comes from experience. (Experience of paying way more than ever intended for an item you really did not want that much. You know, “experience.”)

Finally, we loaded up our haul, including eightytwo vintage beer can and bottle openers and seventy-eight red cookie cutters and headed for home. Next, on to eBay to research pricing on each and every find. All in a day’s work at an auction.

Keeping It in Stitches – and antique booth merchandise!

36 |
Opening May 10th Scan code to visit us online... 37


Book and Author Reviews

There’s only one positive thing to say about the mid-winter cold, snow, and ice. And that is a warm, cozy house to be ensconced in with a good book and a cup of hot tea or chocolate!

I discovered another new author for me (much to my delight). The author is Katherine Center and the book is Things You Save In a Fire. Our heroine, Cassie, is an Austin, Texas, firefighter, and a darn good one at that. Because she says so! She has mostly been brought up by her dad after her mom left them on her 16th birthday. At 26, she has adjusted to the hurt and resentment, but not really. When her estranged mom calls from Boston with a request for assistance for a year citing health reasons, she is ready to refuse. But then circumstances at her fire station change, and she finds herself reconsidering her mom’s request. I read this book in one day, when the weather was so bad and the schools were closed.

Following up on another of this author’s books, I read Hello Stranger. Sadie, the heroine in this one, has a different kind of problem altogether. It is something that I’d never heard of called “prosopagnosia,” or face blindness. Sadie is a portrait artist by profession and has been given the opportunity to enter a national competition for her trade. As she prepares for this wondrous event, she is in a car accident, hits her head, and lands in the hospital with a leakage in her brain. This triggers the discovery of her hereditary ailment, face blindness. Of course, there is romance with angst, but her amazing condition took precedence for me, rather than the romantic story!

Apparently, there are two types of prosopagnosia, acquired and developmental. The acquired type

happens with some sort of injury to the brain or a lesion. The developmental type is typically a condition that people have all of their lives. It is more commonly associated with memory than perception. One can generally see faces in the moment, but just have trouble remembering them later. One in fifty people have it, and don’t even know it. They assume it is how everyone sees! If you are interested in learning more about this condition, you can go to Notable people with the disorder include Brad Pitt and Jane Goodell.

Fellow reader Kathleen also discovered a new author to her, Kristin Harmel. The book is When We Meet Again, and it begins during World War II through the present. Heroine Emily is alone. Her dad ran off when she was young, her mom died when she was 17, and her beloved grandma just passed away. When she is sent a beautiful painting of a young woman standing at the edge of a sugarcane field, she recognizes it as her grandmother. Emily begins to dig into the meaning of the picture, and the trail leads her from the Florida Everglades to Munich, Germany, and back to the Atlanta art scene. Along the way she discovers a new angle on her painful family history and her father’s disappearance. Harmel is also the author of several international best sellers, including The Sweetness of Forgetting and The Life Intended

What are you reading? Email me at nancyryan47@

See you at the library!

38 |

Over The EDG

We all have our aggravations and pet peeves. Aggravations? The older I get, the more everything aggravates me and as for pet peeves, there are far too many to list. (Don’t even get me started on people not using their turn signals!) Recently, though, I had something happen that went beyond any aggravation or pet peeve. Tax season—it’s enough to put me over the edge.

It’s that time of year again when we have to start gathering our tax documents. What a pain in the tushy. It used to be that most tax documents were mailed to you, but now with on-line everything it’s not as easy as it used to be if you can’t remember to whom and how much you donate. I donate to a lot of charities that my husband doesn’t have the same heart for. I’m not saying he doesn’t have a heart, but … wait! That is exactly what I’m saying.

I’ve given to certain charities for years, so that’s an easy list to accumulate, but those charities that I give to on a whim are a little harder to remember each year. I finally got the list together, but when my husband matched that list to the donation paperwork, there was one charity missing. I tried to look the information up on their website, but I couldn’t remember my username or password so I called them. I had to go through the telephone menu. “In a few words tell us what you want so we can connect you to the proper person”. I told them tax information, but apparently the system could not understand me and I was transferred to the “all other calls” department where I was promptly put on hold so my call could be “answered in the order it was received.”

There must have been a bunch of calls ahead of me because I waited and waited and waited. My mind began to wander, so I opened Facebook to see if there was any important information I was unaware of and there was! There were several books I just had to read. There’s a new toothbrush/flosser that’s better than anything on the market for getting your teeth clean and did you know there’s a new Alzheimer’s test about to be released? Who would know these things if not for the wonderful world of Facebook and all of its ads?

After 23 minutes and 47 seconds on hold, suddenly a real person comes on the line and asks how she can help me. Do you think for one moment I could remember why I called or even who I had called? Nope. Nothing was coming to mind so I asked her if she knew anything about the books I needed to read or if she knew about the new toothbrush/flosser. She sounded confused and suggested I call a friend to discuss my books and flosser. The new Alzheimer’s test came to mind and I thought maybe I had called the doctor’s office to ask about that. The nice lady said she knew nothing of that either and politely said I had obviously called the wrong number. She thanked me for calling St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital and said goodbye.

Noooooooooo! Don’t hang up! Now I remember who I called and why, but it was too late, she was gone. Son of a mother, I was gonna have to start all over again. I hate tax season! It’s enough to put me over the edge.

40 |

Court Appointed Special Advocate volunteers are needed now more than ever. For more information please contact Heather Upton by calling (517)797-6020 or email


576 Olds Street, Jonesville, MI Ph: 517.797.1173 “Some of the most skilled accountants I have met.
of the kindest people you will ever meet.
know their stuff!” — J.E. Bookkeeping, payroll, and tax services customized to fit your needs. Call for appointment! Grandpa has my ride ready for Spring Weather GENE’S AUTO SERVICE, LLC 17 Hillsdale St. | Hillsdale | (517)439-1221 | M-F 8-5 General Auto Repair 517-437-7751 Open 8:00-4:00 Monday-Friday Open to the Public We’ve Moved David Dow - Owner HEATING & COOLING SUPPLY HOUSE PVC Pipe & Fi�ngs • Furnace/AC Filters & Parts 9137 Hudson Road, Pi�sford YOUR LOCAL SUPPLY HOUSE FOR FURNACE, AC AND PLUMBING NEEDS! Registers • Plumbing & Hardware Come Tour The Farm! 866 N. Wisner Street | Jackson | 517-783-3810 Mon & Fri 10 - 4 | Tues to Thurs 10 - 6 | Sat 10 - 2 | Closed Sunday Printing services available! Residential and Commercial Framing Custom Matting & Framing The Areas Largest Seletion of Ready-Made Mats & Frames REFRESH YOUR HOME with fine art from our online catalog. Scan Code With Your Phone!
Help Us Reach Every Child!
child in foster care deserves to have a CASA volunteer to advocate for them. As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit
we run completely off of grants
We do not charge
our services. You can help us in this quest by providing critical financial support.
Now accepting applications for our new volunteer summer training. Become a volunteer today and help them grow! Find us on FB at Hillsdale
Dates TBA. 41
and donations.
42 |
44 |
ONSTRUCTION Mark Stoll O W N E R 517.206.8801 Kitchen/Bathroom Remodels Deck/Garage Concrete Driveways Community 37 45
46 |
48 |
JOINUSFORST.PADDY’SDAY 517-448-1070 • 521 S M e r i di a n R d • Huds o n CORNEDBEEF&CABBAGE! DJ BRO-D, 7PM - MIDNIGHT DJ BRO-D, 7PM - MIDNIGHT Saturday(3-16)startingat4& Sunday(3-17)11-9 Tues -Friday open at 11:00 Sat. & Sun. open at 8:00 for Breakfast 3980 N. Hillsdale Road, (2.2 miles north of Hillsdale) Tues.-Sat. 10AM-5PM (Closed Sun. & Mon.) (517) 437-5555 Repair most makes of Vacuums & Sewing Machines RICCAR & MIELE VACUUM DEALER Janome & Elna Sewing Machines 1252 E Chicago Road • Jonesville • 517-297-9909 Providing Experienced Duct Cleaning to South Central Michigan; Serving All of the Surrounding Counties Hillsdale, Branch, Jackson, Calhoun Property Owners Residential & Commercial Duct Cleaning We use state-of-the-art technology to efficiently remove pet dander, mildew, and more from your air conditioning and heating ducts with minimal disruption to your daily life or business operations. Services also include dryer vent and chimney cleanings.
HILLSDALE 3380 W. Carleton Road (517)437-0605 HANOVER 221 Main Street (517)563-2255 JACKSON 4204 Ann Arbor Road (517)315-4333 Care for Them Even After You’re Gone By Planning Ahead Now CREMATION SERVICES Interment Graveside Services/ Tributes · Scattering Ashes · Urns MEMORIAL SERVICES Visitation · Funeral/ Memorial Service BURIAL SERVICES Immediate Burial Graveside, Chapel or Committal Services It can rock our world when someone we love passes away before we’re ready to comprehend what’s happening. We’ve all experienced moments like that. We take for granted how fragile life really is, but a sudden loss brings it home. That is why it can be so beneficial for your loved ones when funeral plans are arranged ahead of time. This gives those closest to you the room to grieve without the stress of planning and preparing. It also allows you the opportunity to create your own unique celebration of life with your family by your side and can help them feel connected to you in life and death. No matter what life throws your way, pre-planning will be a blessing to your dear ones. 103 W Main Street in Downtown Homer (517)568-5555 | Daphne’s reopens for the season Wednesday, March 13th 10:00 – 6:00. Spring is in full bloom with all your Easter & Spring décor. Come shop DAPHNE’S custom framing gifts & home decor 50 |
Home D ecor • Handmade Furniture • R ickles Pickles • Candles Fashion Accessories • Specialt y Soaps • Lotions • & More! ome Soaps STOP. SHOP. ENJOY. STOP. SHOP. ENJOY. 10 E Chicago St - Downtown Quinc y • 517.639.2456 • Wed - Sat 10-5 oldwater AUTO SERVICE 483 N Willowbrook Rd • Coldwater, MI • 517-278-2299 • Mon-Fri 7:30-5 • Oil Changes • Brakes • Suspension • Gasoline & Diesel • Diagnostics & Repair • Alignments • Tires & Tire Repair • And more... Springisin Springtheair!isin theair! 51

This installment of party tips covers an all-ages option for April and a popular classic for May. di G


April 28 is Superhero Day, and we think that is a fun party idea for adults as well as children. For that matter, it’s perfect if you’re looking for a party that will work for the whole family or a group of friends that includes families with children.

Décor? Think comic book bright for colors: red, blue, yellow, and green with white and black accents (if desired) work for tablecloths, napkins, utensils, balloons, streamers, etc. Cut posterboard into shapes like starbursts and lightning bolts that mimic the “sound effects” in comic books. Using the fattest marker you can find, write things like POW, BAM, BOOM, POP and WHACK on the shapes and spread them around the party area including putting some on the walls.

Find printable superhero images online and add them to the mix. Invest in a few big character cutouts to do a drawing at the end of the party to send

Party Tips

them home with some lucky guests. A city skyline backdrop on one wall makes a great spot for photos—be sure to collect some props to bring the photos to life. Encourage guests to come in costume if they wish and have some masks and capes on hand for anyone who couldn’t manage full cosplay but wants to get in on the fun.

For food, serve whatever you like that’s unfussy and delicious. There are great ideas for superhero party games at superhero-minute-to-win-it-games-for-kids/ which are actually suitable for all ages. The whole point of this party theme is to have fun and let your inner superhero out to play!



This party is your chance to gather your favorite people together and stuff them with food and drinks that are loved by many! Although May 5 celebrates Mexico’s victory over France in 1862, the holiday is actually celebrated with more gusto in the U.S. than in Mexico. Consider it an opportunity to pay homage to Mexican culture and all that it has contributed to our lives, but, please—do it respectfully.

One focus will obviously be the food, and this is where you can go as far as you like. If you want a simpler menu, your guests will certainly enjoy a spread that includes guacamole, nachos, chips and salsa, and tacos. If you’re more adventurous and enjoy cooking, consider adding a burrito bar, pans of enchiladas, and fajitas. Sweet corn—steamed or roasted—is a classic side dish. For dessert, flan and conchas (also called pan dulce) are great choices.

Pitchers of margaritas and Mexican beers like Dos Equis and Corona are good options for adult beverages. For nonalcoholic drinks, you can find margarita mocktail recipes online or try the delicious fruity drink called agua fresca. There’s a recipe with great tips here:

The Mexican flag is green, white, and red which makes those colors a good choice for your decorations, tablecloths,

napkins, etc. Since many people mistakenly think Cinco de Mayo is the Mexican Independence Day, you could print explanations of the day’s real meaning and have them at each place setting if you’re doing a sit-down meal or available throughout the party area.

Purchase one or more piñatas (depending on how many guests you have) and provide blindfolds and sticks for whacking! If you have children participating, make sure to assign some adults to oversee the action so no one gets clobbered. This is a good activity to signal the end of the party, and people enjoy cheering on the participants as well as gathering up the candy that spills from the piñatas.


Empowered Image Consulting: Empowered Image Consulting:

Inspiring Women to Love Themselves and Their Style

After 30 years of working in the beauty business, Mindy Shoemaker recently became a certified color and image consultant through Style by Color and will start her own image consulting business, Empowered Image Consulting, in March this year.

Shoemaker became one of the three women in Michigan licensed by Style by Color. She will base her consulting business out of Viaggio Spa, where she has worked as a hairdresser for nine years.

Style by Color is a faith-based image consulting business dedicated to making women feel confident in the way God created them, with over 300 certified consultants nationwide.

Shoemaker’s certification involves specialization in color and body analysis. In a typical session with Shoemaker, she analyzes a client’s specific color profile based on their skin tone, hair color, and other unique features. Shoemaker will also identify a client’s body type and help guide the client toward the most flattering clothing styles. At the end of the consultation, she provides each client with a booklet containing their most flattering colors and patterns.

Shoemaker was inspired by Style by Color founder Shari Brandel’s commitment to finding the colors and styles that best suit women.

“My goal is to empower women so they feel confident — that’s what I’m passionate about,” Shoemaker said. “I know how much it changed my life, and how much it boosted my confidence, and I think that’s very important. All women are strong, but sometimes we don’t always see that in ourselves. I want to change people’s vision of who they are.”

Shoemaker said she first found out about Style by Color by searching for Christian color analysis companies.

“I had my own colors done, and it literally changed my life — it just streamlined everything,” Shoemaker said. “I now know what colors look good on me, and that gives me confidence. After that, I went home and cleaned everything out of my closet that didn’t suit me.”

Shoemaker said color analysis also made getting dressed much more convenient.

“Now I can go in my closet and grab anything,” Shoemaker said. “Everything matches, everything goes together, and it’s less stressful. I save a lot of time and a lot of money, and I just don’t buy clothing frivolously anymore, because I know my colors.”

Brandel developed a color code system that differed from typical four-seasons color analysis which only matches women to a color code based on one of the seasons. This system considers a client’s hue, value, and chroma in natural lighting.

Shoemaker hopes to carry out the mission of Style by Color to empower women to appreciate their God-given beauty.

In the future, Shoemaker plans to use her skill in color analysis to help women in need, particularly those in difficult situations who would like to improve their confidence or need to dress well while entering the workforce. She also hopes to participate in speaking engagements at churches and nonprofits to motivate women to appreciate their inner and outer beauty.

To get in contact with Mindy, you can reach her via Viaggio Spa at 517-398-2108, or you can email her at Empowered Image Consulting is located in Viaggio Spa at 2370 Hudson Road, Hillsdale, Michigan, 49242. You can also visit her website at

Business Spotlight
54 |

 Landscaping can be a nice boost as well!

 Fresh paint

 De-cluttering

 Updated lighting

 New window treatments

 New simple fixtures

Are you thinking of selling your home? Home improvements that can add value to your home: THE MOST BANG FOR YOUR BUCK WILL USUALLY BE FOUND IN UPDATING/UPGRADING THE FOLLOWING
Kitchens and bathrooms
as finishing a basement or even putting on an addition
Adding living space such
Adding a deck or patio for outdoor entertaining space
Freshen up simple touches to kitchens
WANT TO BE MINDFUL OF SELLING IN THE NEAR FUTURE, THINK MIDDLE OF THE ROAD IN TERMS OF COLORS AND FINISHES. NOT TOO FLASHY OR OVER THE TOP EXPENSIVE. Call anytime to discuss this in more detail, or for any of your real estate needs! Thank you so much for voting for me four years in a row! 81 W. Carleton Road, Hillsdale • Next door to Finish Line Restaurant · 2016 & 2018 Hillsdale County Realtor of the Year · Over $17 million closed in 2022! · 2019 Hillsdale County Board of Realtors Lifetime Achievement Award Winner · Exclusive Listing Broker for Hillsdale Commons Condos · Specializing in all things real estate - residential, vacant land, lake property, investment & commercial · Listen in monthly to “At Home with Christie Plemmons on WCSR 92.1FM · Residential Lake Properties · Investment Properties Hunting & Farmland Christie Plemmons Broker/Owner/REALTOR Ready to make your move? Call Christie! Hillsdale People's Choice Award Winner 2020, 2021, 2022 & 2023!
Landscaping on a smaller scale that can add pop
IRT-1948K-A > | Member SIPC New job, new retirement account options Changing jobs? Consider these 401(k) options: • Leave the money in your previous employer’s plan
Move it to your new employer’s plan • Roll it over to an Individual Retirement Account (IRA)
Cash out the account subject to early withdrawal penalties We can talk through your financial goals and find the option that works best for you. Don L Toffolo , AAMS™ Financial Advisor 253 E Chicago St Suite 1 Jonesville, MI 49250 517-849-7771 Automotive & Light Truck Repair 166 S. Broad St. Hillsdale, MI 49242 Bryan T. Jeffrey Owner/Mechanic 57

City Collision City Collision Making Things Right Again!

It’s happened to many of us. The deer that suddenly appears right in front of your vehicle. An abandoned shopping cart flying across a parking lot. Worst of all, a collision with another car or truck. Whatever the cause, now you need someone to replace damaged parts and do the body work so you can get back on the road. Bryan Dunlap, owner of City Collision in Hillsdale, is dedicated to providing those services and doing it with care, precision, and expertise.

Bryan is a local guy and Hillsdale High School graduate who’s lived in the area his whole life. He got into vehicle repair out of necessity—as a lifelong car guy, he discovered early on that car repairs can get expensive and you save a lot of money doing them yourself. He also got into drag racing which can be very pricey if someone else is keeping your car in peak condition. So, Bryan taught himself what he needed to know along with picking up pointers from more experienced people.

When City Collision was under the previous ownership, Bryan hung out at the shop a lot and learned a great deal from watching the work being done. At that time, the business was located on East Bacon just off of downtown Hillsdale. After the owner retired, the shop was closed for a while and Bryan took it over in 2016. The business does the full range of collision- and auto body-related repairs and works with all insurances.

The shop is now located at 3391 Hudson Rd. in Hillsdale, and Bryan recently added a large addition which increased the work area by five bays. The added space has improved work flow and also keeps repairs moving.

“With multiple vehicles inside at the same time, work keeps going. If we’re waiting on a part for one job, we can work on another one and then go back to the other one when the part comes in. It’s really made a difference in how much we can get done.”

City Collision is a busy place, and Bryan is looking to add to his team. People with a good work ethic and experience in collision work who are interested in being part of a quality operation should contact him for an interview.

Bryan says that there’s a commitment top-quality work at City Collision, and that they really care about doing the job as it should be done.

“We do it the right way. I use only the best materials available and always OEM parts whenever possible. We want the customer’s car or truck to look right when it leaves here. This isn’t a high-production shop where we push them out as fast as we can. Body work takes time if you’re going to do it right, and we do.”

Business hours are 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday. Saturday and Sunday hours are by appointment only. You can reach Bryan by calling 517-437-4551 or completing the contact form on the website:

Business Spotlight
58 |
“WE USE OEM PARTS” 3391 Hudson Road, Hillsdale, MI 49242 517-437-4551 | | Monday - Friday 8:00 - 5:00 From fender benders to deer accidents, we work with all insurance companies to give you the best service possible. FULL WARRANTY ON ALL COLLISION REPAIRS! 59


A German and an American Citizen

Walking into Katja Szarafinski’s spacious farm-style kitchen is like entering a warm, peaceful nest. Besides owning the Allen Day Spa at East of Edon, Katja is also a fiber artist who dyes and spins her own yarn. There were baskets throughout the room, each holding skeins of yarn in rich colors. After we settled at her table, Katja resumed her work of spinning clouds of carded wool into beautiful gray yarn.

“I’m from the Hessen region in central Germany—the land of the Grimm Brothers,” she explained. Her father worked for the post office, and she has three brothers and a 91-year-old mother still living there. Katja left formal education after middle school as she felt that she wasn’t gaining much from it. Katja dated a G.I. in Germany for 18 months who led her to believe he’d be taking her to the U.S. That ended when he disappeared suddenly and she discovered he had a wife and four children living on base. (!)

Undaunted, Katja decided she could make the move on her own and connected with a German day spa owner living in San Antonio who wanted to hire her because of her training in European skin care. The woman helped Katja secure her green card, a process that took another year and a half. She came to the U.S. in 1980 and worked for her in San Antonio for two years, after which she relocated to Austin where she lived for eight years. While there, she met her husband who was from Michigan. Three of her five children were born in Texas; the final two were born in Michigan after the couple moved here.

She could have applied for citizenship after two years here and did start the process of citizenship several times, but it was an expensive endeavor with a houseful of young children along with her desire to visit her family in Germany from time to time. “I actually had all the rights of a citizen except for being able to vote, and it just didn’t seem to be the best use of our funds at the time.”

In the late 1980s, Katja and her husband moved to her current location southeast of Allen, Michigan, where they built their house. After her divorce in 2007, Katja opened the Allen Day Spa at East of Edon and offered massage and esthetician services. She has since discontinued the full-body massages, but still does facials, manicures, and pedicures.

“I love working at home, I love sharing my home with my clients, I love sharing my garden with my clients. I have my fiber arts studio—this whole house is becoming my fiber arts studio,” laughs Katja.

Coping with tightened travel security after 9/11 is what moved Katja to obtain her U.S. citizenship. “A lot of airport officials did not know what to do with my ancient green card,” she explains. “I started getting funny looks when I showed a green card with a 20-year-old photo. They would look me in the face and say, ‘Don’t you need to renew this?’ This was one of a rare batch of green cards that had no expiration date. I don’t know if it was an oversight or a misprint at the time, but I sure enjoyed never having to renew the card!”

Once she made the decision, it took five years to complete the process. The combination of Covid and Katja wanting to keep her German citizenship complicated everything, including Germany requiring two trips to Chicago. But, on October 18, 2023, Katja finally became a U.S. citizen.

“I’m looking forward to smooth sailing from now on when I travel,” says Katja. “I want to make one more trip to Germany to visit my mother, and I can get in the ‘short line’ at both ends of the trip because of being both a German and an American citizen. Here’s hoping, anyway!”

62 |
H ILLSDALE You do not have to be a member— EVERYONE IS WELCOME! M o n - F ri • 9 - 6 | S a t • 9 - 5 | C l osed S u n 517.439.1397 | 30 N. Howell | Hillsdale | hillsdalenaturalgrocer Visit Us At Our New Location - 30 N. Howell SPECIAL DIETARY NEEDS • SUPPLEMENTS BULK FOODS • NATURAL REMEDIES Owners: Frank & Carolyn Mancino Quality Second to None! ITALIAN DINNERS NACHOS • SALADS Mon.-Thurs. 11 am - 10 pm Fri. & Sat. 11 am - 11 pm Sunday 12 pm - 8 pm 256 CARLETON RD. • HILLSDALE 437-9585 Family owned and operated for over 20 years. Serving breakfast lunc, and dinner daily. BREAKFAST • SOUPS • SALADS • BURGERS • SPECIALS Everything now under one roof at the Family Restaurant in Jonesville! featuring ICE CREAM YEAR ROUND! SUN 8 am - 2 pm | MON & TUES 7:30 am - 8 pm Closed WED | THURS - SAT 7:30 am -8 pm 63
1522 Hudson Rd. Hillsdale | HOURS: Monday - Friday 8 - 5 W e K n o w N u m b e r s . B u t , Y o u ’ r e N o t A N u m b e r T o U s ! 517-439-1585 C a l l U s T o d a y ! 64 N. Howell Hillsdale smiths 517-437-4485 Easter March 31st St. Patrick’s Day March 17th CONNOR JONES SALES CONSULTANT 481 Olds Rd. • Jonesville • 517.212.9100 — ENJOY OUR BUFFET — 9 94 0 E . CH I C A G O | JE R OME , M I | HOURS: Daily 6 am to 3 pm | Fri-Sat 6 am - 8 pm 2021 Catering Available Friday All Day Fish Fry & Salad Bar - 4 - 7:45 Breakfast Bu et: Sat & Sun - 8-Noon Saturday Dinner Bu et starting at 4 Home of e #1 Hilltop Burger! 64 |



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Have you found your dream home but haven’t sold your current one yet?

Do you want to buy a new home without a cash down payment?

Consider a Bridge Loan! Connect

Brandy Titus
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Legal Matters

“New to you” vehicles

With spring around the corner, you may be looking into purchasing a new vehicle or “new to you” vehicle. The old saying goes “have someone inspect it before you buy it” and it is a good concept to follow if you are buying a used car.

Even if you had the car inspected before you bought it, there can still be unseen issues with the vehicle that you could not have known or that could not have been identified at the time of the purchase. The good thing in this day and age is the use of the CarFax system which, in addition to the inspection, can

really help you understand the history of the vehicle and can provide you with a great deal of information prior to the purchase.

Even with all your research, you can still run into maintenance issues which will require you to have repaired in order to keep your car serviceable. Obviously, if you buy a new car, you have the warranty time to get those repairs made, but what happens if you purchase an older vehicle without a warranty?

Normally, when you purchase a used vehicle, you are buying the car “as is” which means that you understand the seller is making no warranty or guarantees about the operation of the vehicle and you assume all responsibility if something goes wrong. Those repairs can cost you hundreds if not thousands of dollars.

What can happen, especially if a woman takes the vehicle in to be repaired, is unsavory mechanics attempt to take advantage of an owner’s inexperience or lack of knowledge of the workings of the vehicle and will attempt to charge for things that don’t need to be fixed or will charge more for those services. If an owner finds out this has happened, there is legal recourse.

There are statutory actions relating to unfair or deceptive practices in motor vehicle repairs. Some of these would include making misleading statements and entering into unfair contracts, failing to give a written estimate, exaggerating the seriousness of a malfunction to get a customer to agree to a repair, charge for repairs that are in fact not performed, perform and charge for repairs that are not specifically authorized and failing to give a proper written statement of repairs to the customer when returning a repaired vehicle. These are only a few that are outlined in state regulations.

If you believe that a repair facility has engaged in these acts, consult with an attorney to find out if you have legal recourse against the facility.

70 |

Ways to increase your home’s value with landscaping

Landscaping plays a major role when it comes to increasing the value of your home or business. In fact, in a 2005 study, researchers found that the perceived value of real estate property increased by 11% when small investments in landscaping were made.

Whether you are looking to sell your property soon or are simply concerned about the upkeep of your property’s value, effective landscaping is key. It helps shape the first impressions of buyers and, of course, delights visitors, guests, friends, and family.

The value of development projects is maximized with a well-landscaped residential or commercial space, as landscaping adds to the property’s ambiance and aesthetics. And, as landscaping trends are set to increase, don’t you think it’s time you invested in your landscape, too?

While some might think landscaping is a hefty investment, the return can be very fruitful.

From the front walkway to the backyard, from the patio to the rooftop, all these spaces stand to benefit from remodeling and landscaping to increase the value of the building.

Plant Trees

Planting a tree on your property has a lot of advantages. Trees, especially mature trees, add color to a dull yard. Be it in the driveway, walkway, or backyard, they can also add privacy and increase your home’s value or selling price.

Having a mature tree not only makes the home’s landscape better, but it can also be a huge demand for the buyer of the house or space. It usually takes at least three to eight years to have a mature tree, so plant your trees as early as possible because the additional value may depend on the plant size. Or, opt for mature trees from the local nursery.

Maintain A Healthy Lawn

Having a well-maintained lawn can make the home or business more appealing. Planting different types of flowers, fruits and vegetables may help your garden or flower beds look healthy. Make the front yard as appealing as possible because first impressions last.

Overgrown lawns, roots, and dead plants are signs of neglected lawns, and these can cause damage to your home and the home’s value. Lawn maintenance, lawn care service, and basic yard care service can make the

72 |

selling price higher which is good for the landscape designer, real estate agents, and even homeowners who want to increase their home’s value.

Landscape Lighting

Attractive landscape lighting improves security and improves value. A well-lit yard, garden, patio, outdoor kitchen, deck, front door, and garden upscale the overall look of the home. This leads to an increase in home value, which makes real estate agents very happy.

Having good lighting can make the home look lively. Why have a landscaping project when you cannot see or appreciate it at night? Landscape lighting is rapidly becoming a preferred landscape feature amongst homeowners and business owners.

A good outdoor light can illuminate your exterior, accent landscape features, or improve home security. Make costs low by choosing LED and solar lights that are bright enough to illuminate but do not add to your electric bills!

Go For Curb Appeal

Targeting curb appeal is a way to utilize minimal landscaping while creating incredible value. This can be as simple as dressing up the walkway with delightful planters, using trees to frame doorways, or having flowering shrubs welcome guests from the roadside.

The best way to do this is to use containers. Planters keep plants neat and tidy and reduce gardening time and effort by providing a controlled environment for plants if you use the right materials –by the way, fiberglass is the best!

Decks Are Great

A recent 2021 study analyzed home improvements that result in the best return on investment. It turns out that decks are the best landscaping project for increasing home value!

On average, a wood deck costs $16,766 which has a rate of 65.8% return at resale. The composite deck returns 65.8% at resale and costs $22,426.

Due to the rising lumber prices, the ROI for wood decks has plunged in the last two years, while ROI for composite decks has held steadier. But over the last decade, both have performed well.

Add Fresh Mulch

Mulch is often overlooked, but it can play an important role in making the landscape look fresh and thus attract the buyers you need.

As you know, mulch helps soil retain moisture, reduces weeds, and provides nutrients. Red mulch is more popular than black and brown but it will depend on the color of your house. Brown mulch makes plants appear vibrant and it’s also a universal color. However, it tends to lose color after a season. In colder regions opt for black mulch because it heats better and retains sunlight.

Build A Fire Pit

Having a fire pit not only increases the value of your home or business. It can also be used for family or corporate events such as barbecue parties, camping, and having s’mores in the backyard. Installation of a fire pit can bring much joy to the existing users of the space, as well as interest potential buyers.

Incorporate it into the patio, garden, or backyard, but make sure it is a safe distance away from plants and other hardscape features like planters.

Stay Low Maintenance

Our last tip for landscape is to focus on keeping maintenance low while creating an eye-catching landscape.

Using plants that do not need lots of water and can adapt to weather changes like succulents, sage bushes, or terracotta yarrow, and applying mulch annually, are good for a lowmaintenance landscape design.

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A world-class Olympic-caliber range close to home! 4390 Bankers Rd. | Hillsdale, MI 49242 THE HALTER CENTER IS THE OFFICIAL HOME OF THE USA SHOOTING NATIONAL TEAM For more information, visit or call (517) 610-5593. OPEN TO THE PUBLIC, OFFERING: • Shotgun • Archery • Pistol • Trap/Skeet • Sporting Clays • Memberships Available • CPL Classes
75 W. Carleton RD | Hillsdale We Have DailyandSpecials a Senior Menu Corned B eef & Cabbage with a little good luck on the side! Breakfast | Lunch | Dinner | Dessert | Ice Cream Dr. Matt Gordon Dr. Jenelle Devenney Hillsdale Famil y Chir opr actic Chiropractic Care | Corrective Exercises | Nutritional Counseling | Lifestyle Advice 79 Hillsdale St, Hillsdale, MI 49242 | (517) 439-9800 KEEPING FAMILIES HEALTHY CALL FOR AN APPOINTMENT Dr. Andrew Mekas Dr. Sasha Gri s 79

10 Facts About Michigan Ice Wine

Connoisseurs might describe this irresistible and luscious wine choice as liquid gold: ice wine. Learn more about Michigan ice wine and the local producers that have received awards for the highly-prized delight below.

1. Ice Wine is Sweet and Delicious This is why it is a dessert wine. The wine is sweeter because it is made with grapes still frozen on the vine. The sugars, however, do not freeze which allows for a more concentrated and sweeter flavor.

2. Michigan is Ideally Suited for Ice Wine Production Most other U.S. states cannot produce this decadent libation – it just doesn’t get cold enough. While not all Michigan wineries offer ice wine, many do. Consider booking a trip to the Leelanau Peninsula Wine Trail near Traverse City or the Lake Michigan Shore Wine Trail.

3. There are Strict Rules These rules are for governing the harvesting, handling, and labeling of ice wine, not just in Michigan but internationally.

4. The Grapes are Frozen Ice wine is made from grapes that have been partially frozen on the vine. There are “ice-style” wines that are made from grapes that are harvested then frozen, but these cannot be labeled as “ice wine.” Many vineyards will let you tour their grounds during the winter months, which offers a unique contrast to what you’ll see between spring and fall.

5. It is Risky Leaving grapes on the vine for ice wine is risky. The longer the grapes hang on the vine, the more the sugar is concentrated. More sugar means more tasty morsels for birds, raccoons and other critters. Growers often cover the vines with netting to help reduce the damage.

6. Weather Counts The grapes can also be lost to other elements of nature – hail, wind, and even a sudden warm spell can jeopardize an ice wine crop.

7. It Must be 18 Degrees Harvesting grapes for ice wine must be done when the temperature drops to about 18 degrees Fahrenheit. At this point, the water in the grapes freezes, but the sugar does not.

8. It Cannot be Too Cold If the temperature dips too low, for too long, the grapes can actually freeze too hard and the grapes are like marbles. No juice can be extracted, so the grapes are unusable.

9. They Cannot Thaw The grapes can’t be allowed to thaw, so harvest must happen quickly, often with very short notice. It’s not uncommon to harvest grapes for ice wine in the middle of the night. And, it’s done by hand. The grapes must be pressed while still frozen, yielding mere drops of concentrated ultrasweet elixir.

10. Pair it Right Ice wine is irresistible on its own and luscious with desserts like crème brulée or pecan pie, but it’s also fun to pair with strong cheeses or a creamy pâté. Now you’re ready to unwind and celebrate with a perfect evening of flavor.

Now that you’ve got a base knowledge of ice wine, go out and taste it! In Traverse City, try Black Star Farms, 106 acres of familyowned estate with award-winning wines; Brys Estate Vineyard and Winery, a 1890s farmhouse offering tastings and charcuterie boards while overlooking the East Grand Traverse Bay; and Chateau Chantal which is also a bed and breakfast that offers cooking classes and tours.

Or, try Burgdorf’s Winery with 40 years of artisan wine-marking experience, Chateau Aeronautique where you can sip wine in an airplane hangar, Cody Kresta Vineyard and Winery which produces hand-crafted wines in its 1882 vintage homestead, and Fenn Valley Vineyards, perched on the shores of Lake Michigan.

80 |
3000 State Road, Hillsdale | 517-437-3773 | Trading Post, Inc FSA 57 A lightweight and easy to use battery-powered trimmer - ideal for suburban yards. Batteries and chargers can be purchased separately or as a combined set with tool. Electric & Gas Units In Stock!! NOW$149.99 SAVE $50 The first battery-powered garden pruner of its kind on the U.S. market. GTA 26 Yard Trimmer Garden Pruner We have everything you need this SPRING! We have everything you need this SPRING! • Hedge Trimmers (Stihl and Toro) • Blowers and Brushcutters • Lawn Tractors and Zero Turn Mowers (Simplicity - Toro - Grasshopper) Rototillers & Power Washers Hand Tools, Power Tools, & Much More! $179.99 83


Do you love dogs, but you aren’t sure if you are ready to adopt?

allow us to learn so much about the dog’s behavior, as well as give them a break from the anxieties of their kennel. It’s also a great way to get to know a dog before you commit to adopting them. It doesn’t cost anything to participate, but there are some rules to follow:

1. You must be over 18 with valid ID.

2. Dogs are required to be on a harness at all times for safety reasons.

3. Stay with the dog at all times.

4. Only one dog per car.

5. The dog is not allowed to have unsupervised oneon-one contact with other dogs. If other dogs/animals are encountered, such as on a walk, that is OK as long as totally supervised.

6. Do not take the dog to non-dog friendly places.

7. Return the Animal by 3:00 PM.

If you want to sign up to take an animal for Happy Hour, please visit our website and sign up for a day and time that works for you. You can pick any dog listed on the website except for young puppies because they aren’t fully vaccinated yet. Bring your ID, and we will have you fill out some quick paperwork before you take the dog. When you come back, we ask that you fill out a “report card” so we can learn different things about what you did with them and how they acted in certain situations.

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We are looking forward to springtime PATIO SEASON with our two beautiful outdoor patios! The Lakeside Cafe meets at the intersection of art, food and community. Discover local delights, from quiche, breakfast sandwiches to handcrafted cookies, in a warm ambiance while enjoying Zingerman's amazing coffee or espresso drink! Hours 8:30 - 2 pm Wed - Monday Closed Tuesdays 135 Devils Lake Highay, Manitou Beach, MI 49253 517- 252 - 5279 91
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Inside orhaveoutside, you covered! Inside orhaveoutside, you covered!

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Gift Certi cates Available Open 7 Days A Week | 7 AM - 8 PM 517-901-0360 | 135 E Michigan | Reading Sat. 4-8 pm $2.00 Each 95
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R I 9-5 | SAT 9-1 394 W. Chicago • Jonesville • 517.995.5070 COUNTRY CARPETS New Luxury Vinyl Racks and Stock options!! 97

It’s time to think about getting our homes ready for the summer months. Here are a few maintenance projects you will want to add to your to-do list this spring.

 Inspect your roof and repair any damage winter may have caused.

Clean your gutters to keep those spring rains owing away from your home.

Clean your dryer vent.

Clean and repair your window screens so you can enjoy the fresh air of spring.

Check the seals around your windows and doors.

Clear away any vegetation that may be gathering around your AC compressor.

As we put our furnaces away for the summer, it’s a great time to change the furnace lters.

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Spring is almost here!
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