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Amy Zoll R.N. C.N.M. and Dr. Brian Sinischo have a vision for their patients






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from the publisher

Winter Driving tips

Happy 2018, everyone!! TWO THOUSAND EIGHTEEN??? Amazing! Even though the year has barely begun, my head is already spinning with all that will happen in the coming 12 months. For me, the biggest and most exciting news is that my older son Gavin finally proposed to his lovely girlfriend, Andi, and they are now officially engaged!!! I’m thrilled beyond words and completely delighted by my son’s choice of life partner.

By Rob Shewman When it comes to driving during winter, there is really only one concern you need have: safety. It’s not miles of rubber on the road that you should concern yourself over; it’s what gets between the rubber and the road that causes most of the problems. Here are some tips on how to get ready for winter driving conditions and how to handle them once you’re in the thick of a winter storm. 1. Put some extra clothing and emergency items in your vehicle; these will come in handy if you break down in very cold weather. It doesn’t take much -- assemble a basic kit including a pair of gloves, weather-resistant pants and/or coat, maybe an old pair of boots, a blanket, jumper cables, a flashlight with some extra batteries, and a windshield scraper (and maybe a de-icer), and you should be in good shape. You might also toss in a few nutrition bars as well; those things won’t spoil until the next millennium, are packed with calories, and can bail you out in a pinch.

The wedding is a bit down the road, though, and won’t be occupying a lot of my time quite yet. I can tell you what will though: Strongman competitions. Yes, you read that correctly—Strongman competitions. James was introduced to Strongman training last year, quickly developed an obsession, and entered his first competition last September. I’m proud to say that with no previous strength competition experience of any kind, he placed second in his division and class which qualified him for nationals in June! We will be traveling to Kentucky in January for his second competition. Can’t wait to see how he does!

Marlanea McGraw Owner/Publisher

I hope that the Simply Hers community will continue with last year’s theme of spreading kindness and paying it forward. There can never be too much kindness, grace, gratitude, or service to others in this world. Let’s all of us do our best to put a smile on at least one other face every day. The new year usually means resolutions, and for most people that means aiming to lose weight and get in better shape. We’ve included some articles to help with those goals, but also encourage our readers to remember that a more healthful diet and regular activity are just two components of being healthy. We must also manage the stress in our lives, get adequate sleep, and build a support system for those times when it’s too hard to go it alone.

2. Make sure your car is checked over for winter weather readiness. In particular, you or a mechanic should check your tires before the first big winter storm.

There’s a wide range of articles in the issue, so dive in and enjoy! We have a great plan for organizing and decluttering your home, some off-season tips for canners, an introduction to the new obstetrics and gynecology practice in town, and many more. Now that the holidays are past, fix something warm to sip, curl up in a favorite spot, and take time for yourself as you enjoy our first issue of the new year.

3. Keep your headlights and taillights clean, especially in stormy weather. Keep windows clean and make sure defrosters work well. If snow has built up on your vehicle overnight or after a break from driving, clear it away so it doesn’t blow off and obscure your windows.

We thank our wonderful advertisers for their continued support and, as always, urge you to patronize local retailers, professionals, and service providers whenever you can. Small communities stay strong and viable only when those living there support local business!

4. Slow down. The U.S. Department of Transportation recommends slowing down by about 50 percent in very bad weather; additionally, leave extra space between you and the car in front of you. You’ll want to use your best judgment, but the slow tend to survive this race. 5. Remember that not all stretches of road are created alike. For example, many recently built small bridges and overpasses have been designed to blend into the surroundings, with a gradual or nonexistent change in elevation. These bridges nonetheless remain susceptible to icing over much more rapidly than regular blacktop. Look out and look ahead for these short stretches of road when temperatures near or drop below freezing. 6. If you are stranded and have to stay in your car, you can run the engine for heat, but make sure the exhaust pipe is not obstructed by snow or mud. If you prefer not to have the engine running the whole time, close the windows to keep heat in, and run the car for perhaps 10 minutes every hour, opening a front window a crack when you do so.



Sales Staff Simply Hers is published by and is the property of

Chestney Publishing For information on how to submit story ideas, concerns, or information on how to advertise, please contact Marlanea McGraw 517-320-9235 • sales@simplyhers.net www.simplyhers.net

517-439-1323 146 Lewis St • Hillsdale


Simply Hers Magazine makes every effort to provide accurate information in advertising and editorial content, however, does not make any claims as to accuracy of information provided by advertisers or editorial contributors and accepts no responsibility or liability for inaccurate information

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HPV and Cervicle Cancer Screening

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g! it’s a woman thin LE/LENAWEE BRANCH/HILLSDA



On the Cover:


ANd Amy Zoll R.N. C.N.m. ho hAve dR. BRiAN SiNiSC pAtieNtS A viSioN foR theiR


An OB/GYN and a midwife working together in the same practice has many interesting advantages. Dr. Brian Sinischo and Amy Zoll R.N. C.N.M. capitalize on the strengths of their chosen fields and share a similar philosophy and focus, making it a wonderful environment to care for pregnant women. See the complete story on page 44.








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Life Can Hurt... We Can HELP! Winter can bring slip & Fall injuries People who suffer from a Slip and Fall injury may experience trauma to the bones, joints, muscles, or ligaments on nearly any place on the body. This trauma can cause misalignments in the spine, causing severe pain and limitations. Exploring non-invasive, drug-free treatment options should become a priority. How It Helps Chiropractic care adjusts the spine to correct misalignments and remove the interference within the nervous system that is being caused by the injuries. When the interference is gone, the body can heal itself and return to a normal state of health. Since chiropractic care focuses on correcting physical alignments to help the body heal on its own, it is very involved in the area of personal injury treatment. Chiropractic care treats soft tissue injuries and sprains with a non-invasive and drug-free approach. Chiropractic care focuses on problems with the musculoskeletal system, as well as the nervous system; it is uniquely suited to treat common slip and fall injuries. Adjustments offer a safe and effective alleviation of pain by increasing the range of motion and the body’s ability to heal. Call today for your personal evaluation. By providing in-depth evaluations and by listening carefully to the circumstances surrounding your accident and the ways in which the trauma you experienced manifests as pain, we can determine the underlying cause and deliver the targeted treatment you need.

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e v o LLooks

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The Golden Rules of

Athleisure Is It Really Acceptable to Wear Yoga Pants All Day Long? Athleisure by Definition: A trend in fashion in which clothing designed for workouts and other athletic activities is worn in other settings, such as at the workplace, at school, or at other casual or social occasions. Athleisure outfits are yoga pants, tights, and leggings that “look like athletic wear” and are characterized as “fashionable, dressed-up sweats and exercise clothing.” The idea is that gym clothes are making their way out of the gym and becoming a larger part of people’s everyday wardrobes.


Keep up with seasonal trends

In the past, fitness did not have trends, it was all black; now it’s seasonal. Mesh panels were big, and now designs are trending toward bigger placement patterns and color-blocking. Not sure what is popular today? Check out the pair to the right; these are the most popular pair of leggings on Pinterest at press time.

Invest in pieces that mix function and fashion

Choose clothing made using performance fabrics so it’s not see-through when you bend forward, you can’t see cellulite through it, and you’re not going to get a muffin top. Performance fabric is quick drying, odor resistant, and moisture wicking. Add an oversized sweater and you have a trendy, stylish look.

Accessorize appropriately

It only takes one piece to take your athleisure look from gym to street. A pair of mirrored sunglasses, a structured leather jacket, a shirt tied around the waist . . . the key is that the piece has a sleek, sporty feel itself.


When in doubt, stick to neutrals.

If you’re in your 50s and 60s, it’s a bit of a risk to put yourself out there and wear something very vibrant. Start with a geometric print or stick to black, white, and gray and then move into brighter colors as you get more comfortable.

We’re Just Saying

Graphic fashions really get the word out. There are companies out there that cater to the empowerment of women and here are a couple of our favorites. Neva Activewear has vibrant colors, great quality, and, best of all, it is available locally at Maggie Anne’s in Hillsdale. Alo Yoga’s line of yoga wear is both stylish and comfortable.


Winter causes

Hydration LOSS

Winter weather is hard on your skin. Cold weather and low humidity levels steal moistureaway

from the skin every minute of the day. Indoor heat robs the air of moisture, hot showersor baths and harsh cleansers add to the problem, and the brutal Michigan wind completes thetrifecta. Without proper care, your skin doesn’t stand a chance. To reduce chapping, redness, itching, and keep skin healthier and more comfortable, try these hydrating tips:

Use Warm Water

I know it feels amazing to stand under a hot shower but washing with hot water will strip your skin of essential oils. It is best to choose warm water when washing.

Moisturize Immediately

Washing is very important but so is moisturizing right after youfinish washing. Keep a bottle close to your sink and shower so it will remind you to apply often.

Protect Your Skin


Moisturizers can’t get in if dead skin cells are too plentiful. It is important to use an exfoliating mask on your hands and face as well as gently on your lips. Choose an exfoliating body wash for your shower to help during the winter months.

Avoid Irritants

Using gloves and a scarf will protect your skin from cold wind, snow, and even rain. Also, add sunscreen to your routine. Winter sun can be just as damaging as summer sun without the warm and fuzzy feeling.

Particularly if you have eczema, dermatitis, or psoriasis, you have to avoid allergens and irritants that may trigger a flare up. Winter skin is more fragile, so avoid irritating fabrics (like wool) and chemical-laden detergents, and use mild cleansers and moisturizers designed for sensitive skin.

Be Picky About Your Moisturizer

Feed Your Skin

Petroleum-based products can actually further dry your skin in the winter months. Choose an oil-based solution that will help your skin retain moisture. Natural hydrating ingredients like lavender, chamomile, and jojoba will help soothe dry, itchy skin.


Heaters warm your home but they also dry out the air. Consider using a humidifier in your home — especially the bedroom — to put moisture back into the air and prevent your skin from drying out.

Drink Plenty of Water

We tend to drink less water in the winter because we turn to hot drinks like cocoa and tea, but don’t forget that your skin needs


hydration from the inside out. A little warm water with lemon can be very refreshing and hydrating at the same time.

Eating foods with high water content will hydrate your skin from the inside. Try watermelon, cantaloupe, apples, oranges, kiwi, and watery veggies like celery, tomatoes, cucumbers, zucchini, and carrots. Also, adding an omega-3 supplement will give your skin the building blocks it needs to appear smooth and supple.

Try DIY Masks

Homemade hydrating masks can provide needed moisture in the winter months. Use natural moisturizing ingredients like honey, avocado, yogurt, olive and jojoba oils, almond oil, bananas, and aloe. Mix what you like together to create a cream or paste and leave on skin for 10-30 minutes for lasting hydration.


Muscle up - live fit. A Different Kind of Fitness Resolution for 2018

By James Campbell Simply Hers Magazine

When you read this, Christmas will have come and gone again. All that anxiety to reach the one morning of chaotic flying wrapping paper, the ooh’s and aah’s of gift giving and receiving, and, of course, all that delicious food! I hope that all of you found time to be with your friends and family, filling the jolly season with stories of years past and of years to come. Smiling at the little faces as you see all the excitement they contain and building memories to last a lifetime, creating the stories of tomorrow. It’s easy to get “wrapped up” in everything, but now, today . . . all that is behind us. Like after any storm, comes the calm. Where life seems quiet—bland, even. Well, it’s time to spice it up a bit, because now is the time for new beginnings. Time to focus on what we can do to better our lives and the lives of those around us. I know that you’re thinking, “Here comes another of James’s rants on how fitness is what’s missing in my life.” Well, if fitness isn’t a part of your daily (or at least weakly—haha) lifestyle, it should be! Exercise of any kind is the most underutilized antidepressant there is! All right, I couldn’t help myself, I am what I am and couldn’t keep from plugging how important exercising the body and, in turn, calming the mind is. However, that isn’t the focus I’m after with you today.


January one comes every year, and every year your local gym gets significantly more crowded than you’re probably accustomed to. USUALLY, the “regulars” will watch as those numbers gradually fade back to the previous norm. Here’s an idea, Margot V. Biermann Athletic Center • Corner Oak College Streets though: what ifofwe as and a community continued that spirit that comes to life so much during Christmas

on through the new year and beyond? You know, that spirit of giving and lending a helping hand? Imagine for a minute that every time you go into the gym, people wanted to help those newbies succeed. Educating others on how to MAINTAIN this new agenda in fitness. All right, hold on just a second. I know that some of my comrades are saying that their time in the gym is just that, iron solitude. Well, it’s no secret that I, too, enjoy putting in my earphones and turning OFF the world, sometimes just for the sake of sanity and sometimes for some insane focus. But helping others achieve in the gym doesn’t always take place while you’re working out. There is something UN-said when you show how much focus it takes to achieve daunting tasks. It could be as simple as greeting someone when they come in as you leave, making them feel like part of your fitness team. Let’s be honest, the more you accomplish, the more people will look to you, so I challenge all of you self proclaimed “gym rats” to take on another goal this year. I challenge each of you to help ONE, yes, just one, newbie succeed! If you see someone working their tail off, give them an “atta boy/girl!” It’s the little things that add up and then build the foundation for the BIG things. Let’s make this a healthier community, a stronger community, and let’s do it together! I’m in!! PRIME is in!! My friends are in!! Are YOU?! See all of you soon! MUSCLE UP . . . live fit

YOUR PRESCRIPTIONS... YOUR WAY EASY CONVENIENT FREE All your Prescriptions... All AT ONCE! Plus, ask about our medication packaging and delivery programs

Maggie anne’s

(517) 439-1334 | 50 North Howell Hillsdale | www.maggieanneshoppe.com

Hillsdale Medical Associates


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Mon.-Fri. • 8 AM - 5 PM


Where’s My Workout? By Melissa McCance

Area facilities are ready to help you get in shape!


It’s a new year, and you’ve decided that this time you are going to keep that New Year’s resolution to start exercising! 2018 will see you transform from a sofa spud to a lean, strong, fit woman! That’s a resolution well worth keeping. There is overwhelming evidence that regular exercise and maintaining a healthy weight are two of the smartest things you can do to increase your quality of life and reduce the aches, pains, and illnesses that plague many people, especially as they age.

into your program. Weightlifting is safe but correct form and proper progression are critical. Knowledgeable instruction can mean the difference between sculpting that back and wrenching it. Second, you might not have the funds to purchase much equipment. Third, it takes a very disciplined person to stick to her workouts without any accountability. (I can assure you that the cat will not insist you do that last set!) And, fourth, a lot of people find it’s just more fun to exercise with someone else for encouragement and support.

Once you decide to start exercising, the next questions could be, “But, how? Where? What should I do?” There are hundreds of workout DVDs available along with workouts you can stream online. However, there can be some problems with a fitness newbie tackling this project alone at home. First, of course, is the safety factor, particularly if you’re going to incorporate free weights like dumbbells or kettlebells

Listed below are some facilities in the area that offer a variety of workout options. We recommend that you contact any facility that interests you to get the most current details about hours and services. Also, if you haven’t done any kind of regular physical activity in a long time, we strongly urge you to consult with your healthcare provider before diving into a workout program!

HILLSDALE COUNTY Gyms Anytime Fitness, 210 W. Carleton Rd., Suite A, Hillsdale; 517.439.2407; www.anytimefitness. com (enter location for the local facility); also on Facebook. CrossFit Timoro, 409 W. Chicago St., Jonesville; 517.990.2827; www.crossfittimoro.com; also on Facebook. Fit for Life, 63 N. Howell, Hillsdale; 803.795.3196.

Planet Fitness, 1368 Main St., Adrian; 517.759.3480; https://www.planetfitness.com/ gyms/adrian-mi; also on Facebook. YMCA of Lenawee County, 638 W. Maumee St., Adrian; 517.263.2151; www.ymcaoflenawee.org; also on Facebook.

Hillsdale College Sports Complex, 201 Oak St., Hillsdale; 517.437.7364; www.hillsdalechargers. com/athletics/sports-complex.

Yoga Bliss Yoga & Fitness, 114 S. Lane St., Blissfield; 517.486.5278 (reaches their affiliate, Transcend Physical Therapy); also on Facebook.

Hillsdale County Senior Services, 320 W. Bacon St., Hillsdale; 517.437.2422 or 800.479.3348; www. hillsdaleseniors.org/fitness-center.

Downtown Yoga, 126 N. Main St., Adrian; 517.263.6814; www.downtownyogaadrian.com.

PRIME Fitness Studio; 96 E. Carleton Rd., Hillsdale; 517.817.6475; on Facebook.

Flow Yoga, various locations; 517.270.1977; www. ritayoga.com; also on Facebook.

Yoga Hillsdale County Senior Services; 320 W. Bacon St., Hillsdale; 517.437.2422 or 800.479.3348. Contact the facility for yoga information.

Kim’s Massage & Wellness Center, 213 W. Main St., Hudson; 517.306.0044; www.kimsmwc.com; also on Facebook.

Goodlife Yoga Center; 4050 W. Sterling Rd., Jonesville; 517.610.4265; www.goodlifeyogacenter. com.; also on Facebook. Pure Earth Yoga; main studio: Jerome Community Building, 9611 Harrison St., Jerome; also at the Hillsdale Community Library, 11 E. Bacon St., Hillsdale; 734.218.3822; www.pureearthyoga.com; also on Facebook.


[NOTE: This list is intended to provide general information only. Please do your homework! We suggest that you visit in person, talk to the instructors and some members, and do some online research for reviews. Also, if you’re considering signing a membership agreement or personal training contract, be sure to read all paperwork thoroughly before signing, and do not be pressured into making any financial commitment before you’ve had time to consider it carefully.]

Jazzercise Tecumseh Fitness Center, 101 W. Chicago Blvd., Tecumseh; 517.424.2102; www. jazzercise.com (enter location for local facility); also on Facebook.

Gyms Anytime Fitness, 1400-1422 W. Chicago Blvd., Tecumseh; 517.301.4908; www.anytimefitness. com (enter location for the local facility); also on Facebook.

Pneuma Family Wellness Centre, 117 E. Maumee St., Adrian; 517.759.5390; www.pneumawellness. com/yoga; also on Facebook.

BRANCH COUNTY (because we do not cover all of Branch County, only Coldwater locations are listed) Gyms Anytime Fitness, 355 S. Willowbrook Rd., Coldwater; 517.278.2777; www.anytimefitness. com (enter location for the local facility); also on Facebook. CrossFit Livewire, 636 E. Chicago Rd., Coldwater; 517.677.1804; www.crossfitlivewire.com; also on Facebook.

B-Fit 24/7 Fitness Center, 1251 N. Main St., Adrian; 517.263.7250; www.adrianimagecenter. com/b-fit; also on Facebook. Open 24/7.

Fortitude Strength & Conditioning—CrossFit of Coldwater, 480-1 Marshall St., Coldwater; 517.677.1042; www.crossfitcoldwater.com; also on Facebook.

BlackHorse CrossFit, 1011 W. Beecher Rd., Adrian; 951.966.4927; www.blackhorsecrossfit.com; also on Facebook.

Great Lakes Health & Fitness, 603 E. Chicago Rd., Coldwater; 517.279.2790; www. greatlakeshealthfitness.com; also on Facebook.

The Centre, 1800 US-223, Adrian; 517.263.6232; www.thecentre.info; also on Facebook

Sauk River Athletic Club, 201 Butters Ave., Coldwater; 517.279.7991; also on Facebook.

Curves, 828 N. Evans St., Tecumseh; 517.424.9448; www.curves.com (enter location for local facility); also on Facebook.


Building A

HOME GYM With just a few simple tools, you can essentially create an environment that will allow your body to reap all the glorious benefits of fitness, without having to deal with a commute, parking, childcare, or the kid who loves taking selfies at the gym. And the best part? While building a home gym often allows you to put more time into your workouts, it facilitates the ability to get in quick bouts of activity on your schedule.


On a Dime

The Kettlebell A weight that’s shaped like a cannonball with a handle attached to it. Originally from Russia, it’s now a popular tool which is used all over the world to become stronger, fitter, and leaner. What makes kettlebells so special? Well, the biggest difference between a kettlebell and a standard weight is that a kettlebell’s weight is offcenter and this makes your core and grip work a lot harder. And for fat-burning purposes, even a 20-minute kettlebell workout can be sufficient.

The Jump Rope For a full-body workout that minimizes joint impact, combine intervals of jumping rope with floor moves that will help strengthen your core. The keys to pain-free jumping: (1) Stand tall, (2) land on both feet, and (3) stick to brief spurts. Standing tall shifts more of the impact to your hips, which are able to bear more load than your knees can, and landing on both feet spreads the impact to two places, not just one.

Resistance Band Resistance bands are a great alternative to weights or even a great addition to a traditional weight training program. They’re inexpensive, versatile, and they work your muscles in a completely different way than weights.

Dumbbells Dumbbells are relatively inexpensive when it comes to exercise equipment, but they are truly the foundation of any good home gym. Incorporating dumbbell workouts into your routine is an easy and effective way to trim and tone your whole body, as well as build muscle strength and endurance. Since they offer more free range of motion than barbells or weight machines, they are more versatile and allow you to work out multiple muscles groups at the same time.

Foam Roller Foam rollers are an inexpensive, super-versatile piece of equipment that can help you with everything from working out the knots in your muscles to sculpting an incredible set of abs faster. Foam rolling can assist in breaking up muscle knots as well as resuming normal blood flow and function. The goal to any corrective or recovery technique is to get you back to the point of normal functioning as if nothing was ever wrong.

Medicine Ball The medicine ball is a solid sphere that usually ranges in weight from one to 50 pounds. It can come in small sizes (like a softball) or larger ones, resembling a volleyball or beach ball. The medicine ball develops explosivity and, because you can throw the ball, you don’t have to worry about slowing it down for safety.


Winterfest 2018 Valentine’s Day WeekenD - Feb 9 - 11

arrive 6:00 pm | Depart 1:00 pm |Cost: $75 (ages 6-12)

• Sledding • Climb Goliath • Ride the Giant Swing • Play Fun Games & So muCh moRe!

Looking for Donors for our 32nD AnnuAL Benefit Auction KIMBALL CAMP YMCA Nature Center 517-283-2168 download a full brochure at www.kimballcamp.com

Contact for Reservations

517-283-2168 office@kimballcamp.com www.kimballcamp.com

Gift Certificates Available by Nichole Ellis, D.O. Simply Hers Magazine

Encouraging appropriate sleep habits in children starts at a young age but can also be reinforced throughout childhood. Adequate sleep is crucial to growth and development. Children who get sufficient sleep and who have good quality sleep tend to do better in school and have fewer behavioral concerns. Here are some helpful ways to help foster proper sleep behavior:

Fall in love with your skin again.

Do not allow screen time for the 1 ½ hours prior to bedtime. Screen time (TV, computer, smartphone) stimulates the brain, no matter what types of images children see. Quiet and restful activities such as reading—alone or with parental help—give the body cues to prepare the child for sleep. Do not allow screens or electronics in the bedroom. Screens or electronics, even if not working or not plugged in, have been shown to decrease the quality of sleep and deepness of sleep. Decrease light. Some children prefer the use of nightlights which is fine, but low light settings are encouraged.

Call Linda or Carla today for your 7 day free trial Linda: 248-349-7103 • Lindacous.nerium.com Carla: 517-431-3170. • Ccousineau.nerium.com 22

Noise machines have become popular, but one must keep the volume low and make sure that there are no extreme volume fluctuations. Sudden loud sounds can be disruptive to a child’s sleep, and loud noises near a child’s ear can cause hearing damage. If you have any topic ideas that you would like the doctor to discuss,

infants | children | adolescents

We are conveniently located nearby & would be delighted to have your child as our patient.

Board Certified

The Importance of


Jon Herbener, MD

Nichole Ellis, D.O.

Most Insurances Accepted

187 S Howell St | Hillsdale | (517) 437-5385

Routine is also very important. If your body and mind do the same thing each night consistently, it helps prepare the brain for sleep. These habits could be as simple as bathing or washing hands and face, brushing teeth, reading, turning off lights, or having family prayer prior to bed. Keep consistent bedtimes and awake times even through the weekend. This becomes especially important in adolescence when many adolescents like to stay up late and sleep in, especially on the weekends. Creating an appropriate sleep schedule and sticking to that schedule even on the weekends helps encourage good sleep patterns every night. Many parents use sedating medications such as Benadryl or melatonin. While short term and careful use is normally safe, use should be under the guidance of your physician and not be provided over long periods of time. If difficulty with fatigue and sleep persists, especially if snoring is involved, a professional sleep study may be warranted; snoring in children is never normal. With a little vigilance and consistency, your child will develop strong sleeping habits and live a healthier, more energetic life. Wishing you peaceful and quiet nights! please email them to us at marlanea@simplyhers.net

Holiday recovery at our fingertips. 517-306-0044 213 West Main St. • Hudson kimsmwc.com

Therapeutic and Relaxation Massage Aromatherapy Spa & Body Treatments All body treatments are created in our Wellness Apothecary.


Vertigo and Vestibular disorders:

it’s easier to fix than you may think! By: Stephanie Ray, PT, DPT – Hillsdale Facility Manager and Physical Therapist

Vertigo can be defined as a sensation of motion, either of yourself or your surroundings. Positional Vertigo is a spinning sensation produced by changes in head position relative to gravity. Vertigo Signs and Symptoms If you experience dizziness with positional changes (lying down/sitting up), have general imbalance or motion sensitivity, are less balanced when walking in dimly-lit environments, get dizzy when riding in a vehicle, or have unexplained falls, you may be an ideal physical therapy candidate. Causes of Vertigo It’s most common to experience symptoms without warning. They are typically first noticed when getting out of bed or when looking up in the shower. Other causes of vertigo include head trauma, sinus infections, neck pain, and degenerative changes due to aging. Why am I Imbalanced? Your overall balance consists of three components: your vision, inner ear, and sensations from joints and muscles. If these three elements are not all functioning optimally and working together, you tend to feel imbalanced. With vertigo and other vestibular disorders, it is the inner ear that is not optimally functioning.

Hillsdale 16 W Carleton St., Ste. 1 517-439-2376


My doctor AND the internet said that there are crystals in my ears!? This is true. There are calcium bicarbonate crystals, also called “rocks,” and they are supposed to be there. They let us know our direction of acceleration (forward/backward or up/down) and also let our brain know our body’s position in space (lying down/standing upright). If these rocks find their way into the inner ear canals, we likely will experience vertigo and imbalance. Physical Therapy Expectations and Treatment Evaluation. Your evaluation will depend on your main complaints and presentation. It may consist of positional and balance testing, assessment of your neck, gait and fall risk assessments, strength and flexibility testing, and oculomotor testing. Treatment. An individualized treatment program will be developed by your therapist based on your evaluation findings. Treatment may consist of a repositioning maneuver for displaced crystals, habituation exercises, exercises to improve visual gaze and balance, and neck exercises. On a positive note, positional vertigo can be resolved within only a few visits. Sometimes I follow up with patients in a day or two, and sometimes I follow up a week later as they complete home exercises.

brooklyn 250 S. Main St., Ste. 4 517-592-8695

Management. Prior to discharging my patients, I make sure they know what to do if their symptoms return. With positional vertigo, you have a 50% chance that symptoms will reoccur within five years. It is also important to continue with home exercises, if instructed. Patient Testimony “When Stephanie treated my vertigo I was impressed with how much she knew about the condition and that she took the time to explain it to me. I believe the maneuvers she performed helped me recover more quickly. I appreciated your professionalism and positivity and would recommend your services to anyone who suffers from the condition. I’m a fan of both you and your treatment of my vertigo.” -Michelle S., Hillsdale Patient Athletico offers free injury screens to determine if there is a need for physical therapy services for vertigo and for other common pain diagnoses. You can also see your physician to obtain a physical therapy prescription for physical therapy services. Athletico’s Vestibular Quiz can be found at www.Athletico.com by clicking the following prompts: Services > Head Injury and Concussion Management > Vestibular Rehabilitation > The Vestibular Quiz.

Hudson 325 Railroad St. 517-448-2035

Sue gruber, PT BRooklyn FaciliTy ManageR

Stephanie Ray, PT, DPT HillSDale FaciliTy ManageR

Brian Mcewan, PT aDRian FaciliTy ManageR

Marilyn Rendel, MSPT HuDSon FaciliTy ManageR

adrian 1801 W. Maumee St., Ste. 125 517-264-6141

Additional locations in Dundee, Eaton Rapids, Jackson, Marshall, Clinton, Temperance, and Coldwater. Visit www.Athletico.com for more info.

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The same is true for banking. With a classic pairing of a friendly staff and smart banking solutions, you can spend more time on what matters the most – you and your dreams. That’s what makes us better together.

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By Sarah Gray

Becky Lay

Prestige Title Insurance Agency, LLC

What are some issues facing women in business today? Making it in a man’s world. This type of business is mostly women but trying to go higher is hard. Who is your inspiration? My husband. When the chance came about to open my own company, he encouraged me to do it and was very helpful along the way.

Title: Manager/Owner Prestige Title Insurance Agency, LLC How long have you worked there? We have been open since November 3, 2003 Where did you get your training/education? I worked at another title company which taught me what I needed to know. What made you want to go into this profession? When I got out of college, I went and worked for a bank in the mortgage department, then I worked for a real estate office and then at a title company. I enjoy working with clients and seeing the joy when they purchase their first home. I like to help clients. What do you love about your job? Meeting people and helping them out. 26

What is one piece of advice you would give to the younger generation getting ready to go out in the workplace? My advice would be to work hard and listen to your peers. They have a lot of valuable knowledge to pass on. What do you do in your spare time? I love to spend time with my grandson Tell us a little about your family. My husband retired from Hydro Alum and we have been married for 46 yrs and we have a son Chris and his wife Nici who live in Grand Rapids and a grandson named Denver. I am the oldest of six children and grew up in Hudson. Are you involved in any service organizations? I am a member of the Lenawee County Association of Realtors

Prestige Title is a local Title and Escrow company located in Adrian, Michigan, that has been in service since 2003. The amount of experience and service that you will receive when you come to Prestige Title comes from the manager, Becky Lay, and her staff that have worked in this field for many years prior to 2003. There is also computer-based webinar training provided by the underwriters to keep the employees up to date on current regulations. The Prestige staff works hand in hand with realtors, lenders, and customers throughout the sales and purchasing experience until the transaction is complete. Prestige provides training sessions upon request to real estate professionals to understand what is involved in the very important part of the title and closing procedure. Consultations are provided with appointment, as well as walk in questions about the title and escrow service. Many Prestige clients are repeat buyers and sellers who enjoy the experience that we provide. For more information, stop in to see us at 3136 N. Adrian Highway, Suite C, or you may reach us at our website www.prtitle.com, or by phone at 517-264-6040.

Suffering with

With Our Experienced Dentist, This Life Changing Approach Will Restore Your Confidence to Smile and Eat What You Like....

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BONE DENSITY — Skin Biopsies, Procedures — Primary Care/ SCAN ExpandEd Hours and sErvicEs & Cryosurgery Family Medicine 7 Days A Week 8 am-8 pm M-F • 8 am-3 pm Sat. & Sun. to—BEttEr sErvE Bone Density / Dexa our Scan community — Urgent Care — Sleep Lab — Pulmonary — Skin Biopsies, Procedures — (the Primary Care/accredited Sleep only — Sleep Medicine 3271 W. Carleton Rd., Hillsdale • 517-437-3879 & Cryosurgery Family Medicine Lab) - Advanced 4 Beds —• 8 am-3 Allergy Testing 7 Days A Week 8 am-8 pm M-F pm Sat. & Sun. — Bone Density / Dexa Scan — Urgent Care PULMONARY —— Home Sleep Studies — Allergy Shots FUNCTION — Sleep Lab - AdvancedTESTING 4 Beds Pulmonary — Hospital & Intensive Care theMedicine Comfort of your home) — Home Sleep Studies — (in Sleep (in the Comfort of your home) Allergy TestingFunction Tests — General Ultrasound —— Pulmonary — Pulmonary Function Tests — Allergy Shots — Cardiac Ultrasound/ — EKG — EKG Hospital & Intensive Care Echocardiogram —— Fiberoptic Laryngoscopy — Fiberoptic Laryngoscopy — General Ultrasound — Vascular Ultrasound —— Interventional Pulmonology/ — Interventional Pulmonology/ Cardiac Ultrasound/ & OFFICE AdvancedSKIN Bronchoscopy/ Echocardiogram — Ultrasound Guided Advanced Bronchoscopy/ Endobronchial SURGERY Thermoplasty — Endobronchial Vascular UltrasoundThermoplasty— Breast Ultrasound Interventions: ON-SITE Ultrasound Guided LAB Thoracentesis —— Breast Ultrasound — Breast Biopsy Interventions: Thoracentesis Paracentesis — Breast Biopsy Paracentesis Joint Injections/Aspiration Joint MORE Injections/Aspiration SERVICES MORE SERVICES Lymph Nodes / Thyroid 8:00 am 8:00 pm Mon.-Fri. Lymph Nodes /Thyroid TO BE ADDED SOON ON-SITE TO BE ADDED SOON 8:00 am - 3:00 pm Sat. & Sun. ULTRA-SOUND

Karim HealtHCare 3271 W. Carleton Rd., Hillsdale • 517-437-3879

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— Primar Family X-RAY INJECTIONS LAB 7 Days A Week 8 am-8 pm M-F • 8 am-3 pm Sat.SLEEP & Sun. — Urgent — Pulmo — Sleep RYAN BRANDON DOUGLASS, PA BARRY STRAIN, NP CHARLES BIANCHI, CEO CARA KLEIN, NP DR. KARIM, MD DR. AL-AZEM PENNY WALLMAN, NP RYAN HOLMES, PA — Allergy — Allergy BONE DENSITY — Skin Biopsies, Procedures — Primary Care/ — Hospit SCAN Chicago St. - Suite 2, Coldwater • 517-924-1444 3271 W. Carleton Rd., Hillsdale • 517-437-3879 & Cryosurgery Family Medicine 605 W. — Gener 7 Days A Week 8 am-8 pm M-F • 8 am-3 pm Sat. & Sun. 7 Days A Week 8 am-8 pm M-F • 8 am-3 pm Sat. & Sun. — Bone Density / Dexa Scan — Urgent Care — Cardia — Sleep Lab — Pulmonary 27Echoc (the only accredited Sleep — Sleep Medicine — Vascu ON-SITE LAB


ON-SITE JOINT PAIN 3271 W.&Carleton Rd., Hillsdale • 517-437-3879 THE ONLY ACCREDITED

The world could use a little more r-e-s-p-e-c-t Respect. It’s something I like to think all parents try to teach and instill in their children. Respect people of authority, respect people who are older than you, respect your parents. However, in this digital age of increased sarcasm and insincerity, it seems to be a harder value to instill.

Gray Matters By Sarah Gray Simply Hers Magazine

No more the mindset of “children should be seen and not heard;” more often, the children are the only ones being heard—and heard loudly. If they, and all of us for that matter, could be a little more respectful of the people around us, I think our planet would be much better off. As with most things, it all begins at home. What we teach our children and, almost more importantly, the example we set, will shape our children into who they will become. I’m no angel. I know my voice drips with sarcasm, often when I’m driving and “little ears” are picking up on everything I say. (Funny though, when I’m talking directly to my son, he doesn’t hear a word I say, but say something when I hope he’s not listening and he catches every word.) So it begins with me and my husband showing respect to each other, to people we interact with (or drive behind way too slowly), to our community, our Earth, even people we completely disagree with on fundamental levels. If we can do this, our actions along with our words can have a positive impact on the people they choose to become. Now I’m not saying we have to raise children who don’t question or challenge authority. I want my children to stand up for what is right and speak their minds. I also know that all of this can still be accomplished when done in a respectful manner. (Sadly, you wouldn’t know this by turning on any news channel.) Just because a child is respectful


does not mean they are quiet or submissive. Respectful does not equal passive. I have learned over the years (mostly from my amazingly smart husband) that an argument or comment has a better chance to be taken seriously if the speaker has a respectful tone and demeanor. Anyone can dismiss someone who is being disruptive and rude. But being able to have self-control and use respect will give you a better opportunity to be heard and understood. A few years ago I had the opportunity to teach my daughter a lesson in respect. She had a substitute teacher at school that she did not get along with at all. She is a bright, self-driven student who knows what she is supposed to do and needs little instruction when the teacher is not there for a day. However, she also can be quick to point out to a substitute that this is not the way it is usually done and can become easily annoyed when things don’t go the way they usually do. She came home one day very upset because the substitute had “yelled at her” about something and told her to go sit down. Now, I have been in quite a few classrooms in my day and I know my daughter well, so I can just picture what really happened versus her “version.” So I sat her down and told her that she does not have to like this substitute teacher but she does have to respect her, and part of that respect is not correcting everything she does. The substitute is doing the best she can and things will go back to normal when the teacher gets back. I also told her that in her life there will be many people she does not like or get along with, but she does have to show them respect. And by teaching the lesson to my daughter, I am teaching it again to myself.

Everyone needs a little support!

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Hillsdale County first to have Safe Haven Baby Boxes Publisher note: Due to a printing error a portion of the article was omitted last publication. Please accept our apologies and enjoy the story in its entirety.


very life is precious, and a group in Hillsdale County wants to make sure every baby has the best chance of survival—even if the parents do not think they can care for it.

Safe Haven Baby Boxes is a non-profit organization which was started in Indiana in 2014 by Monica Kelsey. Now an EMT, Monica was abandoned as an infant and has made it her mission to educate others on Michigan’s Safe Delivery Law. SafeHaven/Safe Delivery laws (also known in other states as the Baby Moses law) are statutes enacted by each state’s legislature that decriminalize the surrendering of unharmed infants with statutorily designated emergency personnel so that the child can be placed for adoption. In Michigan, children do not become a ward of the state; they are placed with a child placing agency. Once the child is surrendered, the parent has 28 days in which to petition the court to regain custody. After that, adoption proceedings occur. Every state in the U.S. has a Safe-Haven or Safe Delivery law with each state establishing its own requirements. Currently, Michigan’s Safe Delivery law states a parent can leave a baby who is no more than 72 hours old with any staff member at any hospital, fire station, police station, or any emergency service provider that is on duty in Michigan. “They can be surrendered with no questions asked,” says attorney Kimm Burger of KB Law Office in Hillsdale who is helping Monica Kelsey and Teresa Bertke establish a location for and placement of a Safe Haven Baby Box in the county. “There will be no prosecution if there is no harm to the child.” The main purpose of Safe Haven Baby Boxes is to inform pregnant women about their options. If the women are struggling with their pregnancies and do not know what is available or what they can do, the mother can contact the 24-hour hotline—which is staffed by licensed counselors— that was established by Safe Haven Baby Boxes. In 2016, the hotline received 942 calls, and of those, 132 were referred to pregnancy crisis centers, four placed the child for adoption and six


By Sarah Gray

surrendered the child under the law. According to the Safe Haven Baby Boxes website, as of 2016, 3,317 babies have been safely surrendered at Safe Haven locations nationwide. “We want to inform women of the law and the options they have available to them,” Burger says. “Our biggest goal is education.” No matter how much information is available, however, not every woman is going to call to speak with someone and inquire about how to safely surrender their newborn. This is where the Safe Haven Baby Box comes in. The baby box is a place where a woman can surrender their baby safely and anonymously. It is known that even when a mother has chosen to surrender their child, “most women do not want to surrender their child in a face-to-face situation,” states Ms. Burger. She says she can understand their feelings, “but the Baby Box gives the mother anonymity which can help ease the decision” and “can help the mothers who may otherwise feel they are being judged.” The goal is to allow the mothers a safe and anonymous place to surrender their child. The box is placed into a wall of a building that is staffed 24-hours a day, seven days a week. The box is heated, cooled and regularly tested for malfunctions and contains a three-tier monitoring system. Once the door to the box is opened a silent alarm goes off wherein the monitoring company will immediately contact the local dispatch center which in turn notifies first responders. Once the baby is placed inside the box, a second alarm is triggered and the third alarm goes off once the door to the box is closed. The door also automatically locks once it is closed so it cannot be reopened. Since the building is always staffed an emergency service provider is able to get to the infant very quickly. “The last resort is the baby box. But one life saved is one life saved,” Burger says. She adds that since the boxes have been in place in Indiana and Ohio, nine babies have been saved because mothers have contacted the organization’s hotline for help.

These women reached out to find the closest Baby Box but the workers, at the request of the mothers, have been able to walk alongside those women to help them safely surrender their child to an actual person. “Hopefully, we will never have to use the boxes, but we want to make sure the baby is safe and provide mothers with every option.” Hillsdale County is currently working to be the first county in the State of Michigan to have a Safe Haven Baby Box. Ms. Burger has been working with local and county officials on the requirements and “[e]veryone in the county is on board.” The location of the Baby Box has not yet been determined, but the two locations being considered are the Hillsdale Fire Station on Carleton Road in downtown Hillsdale and the Reading Emergency Unit on Monroe Street in Hillsdale. Along with educating the community about Safe Haven Baby Boxes, Ms. Burger is also working to raise funds for the program. “The county is not paying a dime for this,” she is quick to add. Private funds are being solicited to finance the hotline and installment of the Baby Box. Currently $3,000 of the $7,000 needed has been raised. Not everyone is in favor of the Baby Boxes, and Ms. Burger says they have received some opposition from groups outside the state. Burger says the goal of this program is to educate women who are not sure if they want to keep their babies. “The last resort is surrendering,” she says. However, she says it is also important to save every baby they can. “We want them to surrender (the babies) without harming them.” For more information about Safe Haven Baby Boxes, contact Ms. Burger at 517-797-6021 or email kimm@kburgerlaw.com. Those who would like to donate can drop off or send their donation to KB Law Office, PO Box 904, Hillsdale, MI 49242. Please make checks payable to Safe Haven Baby Boxes. Information for the organization can also be found on their website: www. safehavenbabyboxes.com

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improve your community? The Hillsdale County Community �ounda�on �ould lo�e to hea� a�out it� The love your community program supports projects aimed at enhancing and engaging local communi�es in Hillsdale County. The strongest proposals will demonstrate crea�vity and innova�on, and cannot duplicate services or programs already in place. Each grant award will not exceed $2,000, and funded projects must be completed by May 1, 2019. ���li�a�on �o�ms a�e due �y �anua�y ��. The top ideas will be posted on our facebook page, where the public can vote for their favorite. �an vo�ng will be open March 12 ‐ 26, and winners will be announced at a community recep�on on �pril 12. �or more informa�on or for an applica�on form, please visit the HCC� office at 2 S. Howell St. in Hillsdale, or visit our website at www.abouthccf.org.


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3 boys and a transplant By Alicia Curtis, Simply Hers Magazine

In all of our weakness, he becomes so strong.

This time of year is always full of a lot of emotions. We are so blessed to have three beautiful boys. I will never take for granted the little things like seeing them jump up and down during a parade, jumping out of bed to find the elf (I can feel every mom in the world rolling their eyes at this), and just taking in the overall magic of the holiday. We really try to create “magic” for them as many times as we can. When you almost lose the opportunity to have a complete family, the holidays become much more important to you. This year on December 17 was the five-year anniversary of Oscar’s open heart surgery. This surgery was and is to this day a memory that changed my life. In true Oscar form, he handled this surgery incredibly well. There were no issues, no bumps, and everything was going as planned. Oscar fought the ventilator until they took it out that same night. For the next twenty-four hours Oscar was having some problems being comfortable. He thrashed quite often, he wasn’t sleeping, and we couldn’t figure out what the problem was. He had finally calmed down enough that we felt comfortable with my husband going home and being with the boys for a night. About an hour into being by myself, Oscar started struggling again. I was having a hard time making a connection with the new nurse who was assigned to my precious little guy. She was doing percussions on Oscar’s chest to try and clear his lungs (which is standard after an operation like this). I had told her to call a doctor because I felt as if something was wrong. There was no doctor called. I asked her to call again and that I wanted a doctor in the room soon. No call was made. As her percussions 32

continued, I could slowly see my baby slipping away. I texted Jeremy to get to the hospital as soon as he could which was a 45-minute drive. All of a sudden Oscar started throwing up blood. Before I knew it, a whirlwind of activity was happening and an army showed up to save my son. I found myself in the fetal position in a chair across from his crib. I was watching everything happen and could do nothing. It was one of the loneliest places I have ever been. By the time my husband showed up, they had gotten Oscar stabilized. I couldn’t move from that spot in the corner of his room, and I didn’t for a long time. Since that night five years ago, I have found myself back in that same state. This night changed my life. It has given me so much stress and anxiety that still hasn’t found its way out of my body. It has torn me apart in so many ways. Even with Oscar’s outcome, this moment has made me a much weaker person. With that said, as much as it has made me weak, it has given me one of the most important memories of my life. I was able to see a real-life miracle that night. I was able to watch God in all of his wonder. The holidays can be difficult for so many people. For those of you who are reading this and are struggling, I understand. I am right there with you and I want to leave you with hope. Hope that God will perform a miracle for you. The hope that it WILL get better. The hope that you can create your destiny. And the hope of forgiveness. Happy New Year to you and yours.

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picks The 12-MONTH “I Am Strong” Challenge January: Try a New Workout Pick a new style of workout, and commit to it all month long, It has to be something you’ve never done before.

February: Compliment Yourself More Make it a goal to give yourself five compliments a day for a month.

March: Set a Strength Goal

Complete a pull-up, do 50 push-u[s, sign up for your first half-marathon, or plan a challenging hike.

April: Pack Your Fitness Schedule

Plan five workouts each week for the whole month.

May: Gratitude Journal Find a journal or notebook, and each day in May write down five to 10 things you’re grateful for.

21 great kid valentine’s day gift ideas Normally, Valentine’s Day is aimed at adults, however, those of you with children will probably appreciate showing them some extra love on the 14th February with these 21 Super Sweet Valentine’s Day Ideas for Kids this year!


June: Strong-Body Diet

This is your month to learn about macronutrients and focus on getting more protein to nourish your strong muscles. Learn four to six new protein-rich recipes.

July: Kickass Combat

Try boxing, Muay Thai, kickboxing, or a similar workout. Go at least four times.

August: The Buddy System

Find an accountability partner, and go to healthy lunches together, plan workouts, and shower each other with empowering words of affirmation.

September: Meditation and Affirmation

Try 10-minute meditation practice each morning, repeating your strong mantra.

October: Learn a New Skill Empower yourself by learning how to do something new.

November: Heat Things Up

As the weather gets chilly, choose super sweaty hot workouts. (Also, make sure you’re completing your strength goal from March).

December: Give Back

Share your strength. Choose a charity, cause, or nonprofit to focus your efforts on. You did it!




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Winter in


The fun never stops in Tecumseh, even during the long, cold months of winter.

In January and February, the Tecumseh Center for the Arts continues its National Touring Season with two highly anticipated, energetic shows. On January 20, The Second City will be featured at the TCA to kick off their 2017-2018 National Touring Season. Since The Second City comedy club opened its doors in Chicago in 1959, it has since grown to become the world’s premier comedy club, theater, and school of improvisation. Get ready for an evening of overflowing laughter and fun! Dueling Pianos is back at the TCA by popular demand, as part of the National Touring Season on February 17. Come clap along, sing along, roast and toast in this high-octane, interactive performance! Join us in Downtown Tecumseh for a weekend of winter festivities at the 9th Annual Ice Sculpture Festival on January 20-21, sponsored by the Central Business Association, TLC Community Credit Union, and Republic Services.


Throughout the weekend, enjoy shopping at area merchants and dining at the local area restaurants, play with interactive ice sculptures like putt-putt golf,

an ice hockey table, and a bean bag toss. The make-it/take-it craft project for kids and selfies with “Olaf” top off this great family event! Saturday events feature ice sculpture carving demonstrations, the dueling ice sculpture carving competition, and the Winter Warm-up Beverage Walk. Also, the all-female singing group Ear Candy will give two performances downtown. On Sunday, visit various locations downtown for chocolate-themed activities and specials on the Chocolate Walk or reserve a space to take a winter cooking class at Evans Street Station. At the Rooftop Café at the British Tea Garden, artisans will delight you with their old-world talents at the Lost Arts Demonstration on Saturday and Sunday. For additional information, visit .downtowntecumseh.com

Dr. James Daniels Hillsdale Family Dr. Sasha Griffis Chiropractic Dr. Matt Gordon Dr. Whitney Smith

With its intricate cross, gold-scalloped edge, and five hand-applied swarovski crystals, this PrayerBowl is both elegant and graceful. Romans 12:12“. Rejoicing in hope, patient in tribulation, continuing steadfast in prayer” scrolls around the delicate edges our signature bowl. A bundle of prayer cards is included. Available now at...

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New Owner Mike Sweeney 37

Celebrate 2018 with the TCA! Celebrate 2018 with the TCA! The TCA Starts the New Year in Style! The Second City comes to Tecumseh Center for the Arts on Saturday, January 20. The Second City opened its doors on a snowy Chicago night in December of 1959. No one could have guessed that this small cabaret theatre would become the most influential and prolific comedy theatre in the world. With its roots in the improvisational games of Viola Spolin, The Second City developed an entirely unique way of creating and performing comedy. Founded by Spolin’s son, Paul Sills, along with Howard Alk and Bernie Sahlins, The Second City was experimental and unconventional in its approach to both theatre and comedy. At a time when mother-in-law jokes were more the fashion, The Second City railed against the conformist culture with scenes that spoke to a younger generation. The Broadway success of Mike Nichols and Elaine May – members of The Second City’s predecessor, The Compass Players – put attention on the fledgling company. Soon, alumni of The Second City – such as Alan Arkin, Barbara Harris, Robert Klein, David Steinberg and Fred Willard – began to cement the theater’s reputation for developing the finest comedic voices of each and every generation. With the debut of NBC’s Saturday Night Live, populated by Second City Alums John Belushi, Dan Aykroyd, and Gilda Radner, the theatre became internationally known for its ever-increasing roster of comedy superstars. Soon, Second City’s sister theater in Canada developed its own sketch comedy series, SCTV, hailed as one of the greatest comedy series of all time and featuring an all-star cast that included Martin Short, Andrea Martin, Catherine O’Hara, John Candy, 38

Eugene Levy, Dave Thomas, Joe Flaherty, and Rick Moranis. By the 1980s, The Second City had become much more than a small cabaret theater on Chicago’s north side. In the middle of the decade, The Second City would begin a new era as Second City Toronto proprietors Andrew Alexander and Len Stuart would buy out Bernie Sahlins’ interest in The Second City Chicago and set in motion a new era of innovation for the company.

theater. Princess Day 2017 will feature games, crafts, snacks, hair and make-up, a tour of the theater, and the chance to meet Belle in person! Princesses are encouraged to dress in their favorite Princess Day costume or attire.

Today, The Second City continues to produce the premiere comic talent in the industry. From Mike Myers to Steve Carell, Stephen Colbert to Tina Fey, The Second City imprint is felt across every entertainment medium. Additionally, The Second City has grown well beyond a single stage to become a diversified entertainment company. Second City Training Centers in Chicago, Toronto, and Los Angeles teach thousands of students every week; four touring companies perform Second City revues all over North America and abroad; Second City Communications has become an industry leader in bringing improv-based methodologies to the corporate sector; and Second City continues to create unique media in television, film and the digital realm.

(This event is recommended for ages 2-10.) Dueling Pianos Return to the TCA Stage! We are welcoming back New York, NY Dueling Pianos for our 2017-18 National Touring Season! This comedy-based dueling piano show is always a fun, high energy party-in-a-box! Pianists sing and play a wide range of music including Jimmy Buffet, Garth Brooks, Billy Joel, Tom Petty, Disney, Lady Gaga, Elvis, Metallica, and much more! It’s a clap-along, sing-along, crazy fiesta with roasts, drinking songs, toasts, and high octane comedy! Come sing along with Drew and Kin on Saturday, February 17, as they perform once again at the TCA!

You don’t want to miss The Second City perform live at Tecumseh Center for the Arts. Tickets are $30 for adults and $25 for seniors, youth, and military members. Calling all Princesses! With Beauty and the Beast returning to the big screen, Tecumseh Center for the Arts is hosting a beauty of a ball right here at Tecumseh’s local



Tickets are on sale now and are limited to just 100 princesses. Join us on Saturday, January 13, from 2-4 pm. Tickets are $30 and include one princess plus one adult. Each additional princess is $10 and each additional adult is $5.

Tickets are $40 for onstage VIP seating, $25 for adults and $23 for seniors, youth, and military members. Purchase Tickets All tickets can be purchased online at www. TheTCA.org or through the TCA Box Office located at 400 North Maumee Street or by calling 517-423-6617 Tues-Fri from noon until 5 pm. We’ll see you at the TCA!

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Winter in the Gardens is a magical place. Snowscapes welcome skiers and hikers alike. The trees put on a new cloak of shimmering white and the air is crisp and fresh. The Conservatory in winter is a haven of warmth, beauty, and color. Look for tropical fruits, flowering bulbs, and other interesting plants.

Tecumseh • 423-3250 Clinton • 456-4150 Blissfield • 486-2145

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Adrian Armory Redevelopment

By Haley Rising Events and Marketing Coordinator Visit Lenawee


Visit Lenawee has started a new business venture in partnership with the Adrian Armory Events Center! This non-profit organization, previously called Lenawee County Conference and Visitors Bureau, is the destination marketing organization for Lenawee County. Its work centers around enriching the lives of residents and business owners within the county and providing a great experience to the visitors who travel here. They will continue with their current mission of promoting Lenawee County as a four-season destination but have increased staffing levels to assist with the development management of events at the armory. Both ventures go hand in hand because the event center provides a flexible space to host attractions that will bring in visitors.

The Adrian Armory Events Center is unique to the area. Located in an historic National Guard Armory built in 1924, it has been renovated in the interior developments while still honoring its rich military history . It’s elegant, old-fashioned style makes it the perfect setting for any event. This facility provides the most square footage of any rental space in the county. This venue also has the capability to host larger events and live performances that will attract visitors to the area and therefore enrich our community. As the partnership of Visit Lenawee and the Adrian Armory Events Center continues to work through the development of possible events and attractions, some of the beginning discussions have centered around bringing to the area a more consistent offering of entertainment

that could include comedians, live bands, and various industryspecific expos. This will be a great addition to Lenawee County, giving residents more entertainment options closer to home. The Adrian Armory Events Center is now accepting calls to book events. If you’re considering venue options for weddings, business meetings, silent auctions, or just about any other type of gathering, the Adrian Armory Events Center is equipped with all the amenities that your event could need. For any questions or to book your event, please call toll-free 800-536-2933.

Its elegant, old-fashioned style makes it the perfect setting for any event.


BETH STEWART, RAc Registered Acupuncturist / Mei Zen Practitioner 101 W. Maumee St., Adrian / 517-759-4018 info@adrianwellnesscenter.com adrianwellnesscenter.com

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Trust us when we say it is more than just an old shirt... With your donations, Goodwill provides exceptional opportunities for people facing barriers.


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A Year to

Remember Looking back on 2017, it was certainly a year to remember in Manitou Beach Village. In the spring, we welcomed “Twisted Sister” in the “Coral House” offering repurposed furniture and home décor. “Michigan Gypsy” moved into the beautiful boathouse with a nice variety of gifts. Their opening coincided with the opening of “The Michigan Boathouse Art Gallery” which was funded by the David Gajda/Jose Malagon Foundation. Here you will find unique and high quality art, created by Michigan artists.The gallery also includes classroom space for art classes.

Jewelry, Handbags & Scarves

Twisted Sisters Repurposed Treasures & Home Decor 517-252-5410 161 Walnut St. Manitou Beach @Twotwistedsistersllc


Also this spring, Mark Baker opened another “Foundation Realty” location in the former Howard Hanna space. Mid-summer, the longtime family-owned “Manitou Bar & Grill” was sold to Ben and Wendy Leonard. They and their general manager Tina Goodlock have added many positive changes including a new menu and more entertainment and events. This fall, the Manitou Beach Historical Society installed their first community-based art installation: the “Memory Arch.” You can purchase or bring in a special lock and “lock in your special lake memories” to the piece. Dave and Jose also purchased several houses in the village. One will be a microstay with three units for daily or weekly rental, and the “Turquoise House” has been converted to beautiful commercial space ready for a new business to make their mark. We saw new trees planted in the village, more parking, and many additional improvements. We have also added more events and advertising opportunities to get the word out on all of our many ongoing changes, and you can view our new Manitou Beach Village website and Facebook page for the latest events and updates. Devils Lake View Living, the Buoy at the Lake, Trends Salon & Spa, and the “Trillium House” rental continue to

• Clothing • Jewelry • Home Decor • Unique Gifts • Fine Art

thrive and look forward to another great year to come. The next planned activity is the 66th Annual Tip-Up Festival at Devils Lake, February 2-4.. This long-running event packs in the crowds even if the ice activities are limited. Tip-up offers a wide range of winter activities including a red light ride, fishing contest, a poker run, ice race events, ATV and bike racing, hockey, and a benefit auction. Visit the local restaurants and bars for food, spirits, and live music on Feb 2 and 3. For more details about Tip-Up, visit the Devil’s and Round Lakes Men’s Club Facebook page. Bring your friends and family to the Manitou Beach Village for year-round shopping, dining, special events and fun activities. Visit the individual websites and Facebook pages for seasonal hours and more details about each business.

Michigangypsy.com 136 N Lakeview Blvd • Manitou Beach • (517) 224-1984

estyle! ur home and your lif yo r fo fts gi e iv ct in Dist

Information about the village and events can be found by visiting http:///manitoubeachmichigan.com.

! Always Something New

Open Year R ound

apparel jewelry purses and bags customized paintings bath and body gourmet food items dinnerware candles baby gifts and more!

devilslakeviewliving.com 517.252.5287 | 200 Devils Lake Hwy | Manitou Beach


on the cover

Oh, Baby STORY BY SARAH GRAY Photo by Synergy In Motion Studios

Women’s health and patient education top priority for new practice An OB/GYN and a midwife working together in the same practice has many interesting advantages. Dr. Brian Sinischo and Amy Zoll R.N. C.N.M. capitalize on the strengths of their chosen fields and share a similar philosophy and focus, making it a wonderful environment to care for pregnant women.

Dr. Sinischo began working for the hospital October 1 and has been seeing patients for the last two months. He joined with a Hillsdale Hospital veteran, midwife Amy Zoll R.N. C.N.M., to make the practice. Zoll was previously the Director of Obstetrics and Women’s Health at Hillsdale Hospital.

“We have a vision for our patients,” Zoll says. “Good things are coming.”

“It felt natural, right off the bat,” says Amy of working with Dr. Sinischo. “I love working with him. He makes me laugh out loud every day.”

Good things are already happening every day at Dr. Sinischo and Amy’s new practice at Three Meadows Medical Building in Hillsdale.

Before becoming a doctor, Sinischo was a paramedic for seven years. He came close once but never delivered a baby on the job. The first birth he was able to be a part of was his daughter Dara’s. “Watching a person come out of someone is one of the most humbling experiences in life,” he says. Dara is now six and he also has a son Moshe who is five. Prior to being hired by Hillsdale Hospital, Dr. Sinischo received his undergraduate degree from Michigan State University, went to medical school at Ross University, and completed his residency through Central Michigan University working in hospitals in the Saginaw area.

“Our primary job is to educate people,” Dr. Sinischo says. This is one of the reasons he decided to pursue obstetrics and gynecology. He says that when women find out they are pregnant they are willing to make huge changes in their lives. “As Americans we do some things very well and struggle with others. Our struggles range from our weight, exercise habits, smoking and sometimes drug use. I like that I am able to assist people in making healthy changes,” he says. New to the area and recently graduated from residency, Dr. Sinischo is excited to be a part of the Hillsdale community. “I love the size of the community,” he says, adding that when he met with Terri Draper from Hillsdale Hospital about starting a practice, he quickly noticed the “amazingly positive vibe. I have worked in many hospitals around Michigan, but I have never been in such a positive environment. Everyone seems really interested in taking care of patients.” 44

Entering medical school, he thought he wanted to be a pediatrician, but after his OB/GYN rotation he decided on a different route. He says he likes getting to meet new babies, the surgical component, and “getting to be with people willing to make big changes.” Zoll says one of the reasons she and Dr. Sinischo work so well together is the similar style with which they treat their patients. “Part of Brian’s training was completed by midwives,” Zoll says which complements her method of “minimal intervention unless medically necessary.” Both

have worked hard to make their practice a positive environment for their patients. They’ve even created themed exam rooms including a women’s empowerment room, a baby animal room, and an outer space room. Zoll says she mainly sees patients in this room because she is “out of this world.” Zoll has worked for Hillsdale Hospital since 1993 where she started as an OB nurse. “I always knew I wanted to be a nurse,” she says. She worked closely with Dr. Bediako for many years. “He shared his incredible brilliance with me. He is an amazing teacher, friend, and mentor.” Amy began her education here in Hillsdale at Hillsdale College where her father was a professor of history. She graduated in 1987 and later completed her RN degree at Jackson Community College in 1993 while raising her growing family. Her education was completed in 2002 when she graduated from Frontier as a midwife. “It felt very natural,” she says of becoming a midwife. For the past six years she worked as the director of the Birthing Center at Hillsdale Hospital, but when this opportunity came along she knew it was time to pass the baton to someone else and take on a new challenge. “I am where I’m supposed to be,” she says. Dr. Sinischo and Zoll have much of the same mindset working with their patients. The Birthing Center and Hillsdale Hospital provide all the additional assistance they need. “There are 650 live births annually in Hillsdale County and 320-350 of these deliver in our Birthing Center,” Zoll says. “We want to keep our mothers close to home for their care.” The Birthing Center is state-ofthe-art with anything a laboring patient may need such as birthing balls or hydro therapy and is staffed 24-hours a day, seven days a week. Although both Zoll and Dr. Sinischo are on call for their patients at all times, the Birthing Center allows patients to visit triage, staffed by labor and delivery nurses, prior to them being called in to the hospital. Zoll says it is like the emergency room for pregnant women. “We love the care our patients receive through Hillsdale Hospital. Our nurses are great.”

focus is three-fold. “Patients come first,” Sinischo says, “that’s what drives us. First, we want to make it a positive atmosphere for our moms. Second, give our patients all the information they need to make wise medical decisions. We try to be completely transparent. Third, we want our patients to trust us and in turn understand all their options to get the best care possible.” Both he and Zoll meet each other’s patients throughout their pregnancies. “I feel it is important for patients to know both of us and be familiar with both us,” Zoll says. “So we are readily available if needed.” Education is one important aspect to women’s health for both Zoll and Dr. Sinischo. They are working to begin implementing classes through their practice and have a wall full of informational brochures available to their patients. “I love drawing pictures of anatomy to explain procedures and sometimes complex physiology. The goal is for a patient to able to explain the issues back to me after we talk,” Dr. Sinischo says. Patients interested in learning more about Dr. Sinischo or midwife Amy Zoll can call 517-437-8292 or stop by their office: Suite 220, Three Meadows Medical Building, 451 Hidden Meadows Drive in Hillsdale. Tours of the Birthing Center at Hillsdale Hospital are always welcome by calling 517-437-5280.

Dr. Sinischo says the response to the new practice has been very good. “We have been getting a lot of word-of-mouth referrals, plus all of the advertising the hospital is doing,” he says. “It has been really positive.” Along with making sure mom and baby stay safe and healthy during pregnancy, both Dr. Sinischo and Zoll agree that their patient


Keeping it in Stitches The story behind “barn quilts”

By Diane K Clow Sewist and Long Arm Quilter Eversew Quilted

For those of you who are non-quilters, quilt blocks come in a variety of patterns. Many are traditional with multiple names for the same block. Some examples of traditional block names are “Log Cabin,” “Churn Dash,” and “Bear Claw.” These blocks can also be replicated on plywood boards in colorful paint and then displayed on sheds, houses, and barns, making them “barn quilts.” You will see many in the area as you travel the countryside. I have a variation quilt block that could fall in the family of traditional blocks such as “Flying Geese,” “Drunkard’s Path,” and “Tumbling Block,” I’m going to call mine “Flying Barn.” If you’ve noticed the addition of three barn quilts— created by yours truly—on the outside front of Trevathan’s Sweep and Sew Shoppe in Hillsdale, here is a story behind them related to the block I’m naming “Flying Barn.” These 3’ x 3’ barn quilts were a summer project. Each shape taped out with painter’s tape, each color requiring three coats of paint with drying time in between. Rotating the process between the three to allow for space to work, dry, rinse brushes, repeat. I found room on our deck to provide the perfect work area . . . until it threatened rain. Where do you put three wet plywood boards of that size? Well, having become a recent “picker” at estate sales and auctions, I had traded in my car for a mid-size pick-up with a bed cover. The bed cover was the perfect place to dry the “barns” in the garage, out of the weather.


Over the next few days I’d attended an estate sale out on the Bacon and Tripp Roads area. After sorting through my “treasures,” I decided it was time to add another coat of paint to my barns in progress. One was almost completed, the second was halfway done. I thought I’d finish the final touch-up on the one that was almost done. But where was it? I searched the garage, the house, the shed, but no barn! How do you lose something that big!? Then my husband reminded me of my drying process. On the truck bed cover. Before going to the estate sale. Wherever you are, dear barn quilt, in the brush and weeds or adorning someone’s barn or house, I wish you a long and colorful life. (Maybe “Wooden Kite” would be a good alternative name to “Flying Barn.” I wonder if anyone was near enough to see it go sailing by . . . .) I finished my second version of “Flying Barn” and delivered it to Trevathan’s where you can see them displayed today. Apparently, they have been well received and I was asked to paint four, 4’ x 4’ barns for the south side of Trevathan’s building. I learned my lesson. Each was dried and carefully stored in the house! (My patient husband never complained of the weeks spent with a huge barn quilt on the counter island, even with having to move it to get to the sink and again to get to the refrigerator.) My hope is that you all learn a lesson from this story—never dry or store stuff on the hood, top, bed cover, bumpers, or trunk of your vehicle. I also hope this story finds you in stitches!

Love S weet IS

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Party room available for birthdays, showers & special occasions 4 S. Howell St, Hillsdale • 517.610.5403 Tue -Thu • 10 - 6 | Fri & Sat • 10-8 | Closed Sun & Mon


vision is our focus

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We are welcoming new patients for eye exams and full optical services at both Hillsdale and Homer locations. the Only Ophthalmologists in Hillsdale county...

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New Year Reset I’m not one for new year’s resolutions, goals, and plans. I am buried in motherhood and trying to keep my head above water. I mean, what day is it? What year is it? I know there are other mothers out there who can relate. If you’re a mom, dad, single, whatever, resetting the body in January does wonders physically and mentally. I’m sure most of us enjoyed the holiday season with drinks, foods, and lots of parties. After January 1, I’m ready to get back into a routine. Every January 2, I do a 30-day reset to get my body back on track. I refrain from any refined sugars, dairy, grains, and legumes. I eat lots of veggies, quality meats, and fruits. Below are a few things that set me up for success for my reset. NO MORE SUGAR Sugar doesn’t stop at refined sugar. Sugar is everywhere. And, sugar turns into fat. Carbohydrates are sugars, too! I still cook with real, local honey, and real, local maple syrup, but I refrain from the simple sugars like white bread (any bread for that matter), table sugar, corn syrup, beans, and processed grains. Instead, I consume complex carbohydrates like fruits and vegetables. The benefit of consuming fruits and vegetables is that they will help burn more fat, are more filling, decrease body inflammation, and regulate the release of insulin. Don’t be fooled by a low-fat diet. Those foods are full of sugars which eventually leads to more fat storage. Eat real food, and eat healthy fats.


STOCK UP ON GOOD MEAT I just purchased half a pig and a quarter cow from Greener Grass Farms in Quincy. These animals were pasture raised and grass fed and finished. It’s always a great idea, if you are able, to buy meat this way. If you eat grass fed beef, this is certainly a better way, financially. The cost

By Stephanie Gordon

per pound is nearly half of what it is at the grocery store. Support a local farmer and eat quality meat! Know what you’re eating. INVEST IN ONLINE MEMBERSHIPS I know Costco and Sam’s Club are good resources for healthy, organic foods, but there are a lot of great e-commerce membership retailers out there. I personally love Thrive Market and Amazon Prime (for basics). Thrive Market offers organic, non-gmo foods and ingredients for a fraction of what they would cost at a physical store. Thrive also offers foods and ingredients you can’t always find in our area. You receive $20 off your first three orders. After a free, 30-day trial, it simply costs $59.95 a year. As a parent, I love the fact that I don’t have to leave my house and it comes to my door in just two days. PREP, PREP, PREP I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: set yourself up for success! Take time during the week to prep meals. Sundays are always good, as are Saturdays. If you don’t like to spend time on the weekends prepping, find time during the week. Less stress will make you a happier person. Happy new year! Happy reset! I wish you lots of health and happiness as we start this new year! Stephanie is paleo enthusiast, wife, full-time SAHM, part-time marketing director, and blogger. Follow her at www.stephgordonblog.com.

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turn the page Book and Author Reviews

Winter has finally set in; at least, it has on this day as I compose my article. It’s snowing! I’ve been so busy preparing for the holidays that I haven’t done much reading. I think I may be going through reading withdrawal!

By Nancy Ryan Simply Hers Magazine

My fellow readers, however, have kept me informed and up-to-date on what’s out there. Carolyn just finished Jan Karon’s newest release, To Be Where You Are, book 14 in my beloved Mitford series. Father Tim and his lovely wife Cynthia are back. And, not twenty minutes from Mitford are the newlyweds, his adopted son Dooley and Lace Kavanagh. They have married into their own set of problems running their veterinary practice. Carolyn also recommends Elin Hilderbrand’s newest, Winter Solstice. It is the continuation of a series— the Saga of the Quinn Family—that I thought ended last winter with book three entitled Winter Storms. Well, this latest, Winter Solstice, picks up with the Quinns moving forward with their happy but complicated lives. I look forward to reacquainting myself with them once again! Barb recommends her latest read, Rise of the Rocket Girls by Nathalia Holt. It is the story of the women who propelled us from missiles to the moon to Mars. It sounds a bit like the book and movie Hidden Figures, which was also a wonderful insight into the worker bees in the early days of the space program. Rise of the Rocket Girls is a true story and is based on extensive research and interviews with all of the living members of the team. It offers a unique perspective on the role of women in science.


My son’s good friend Jim recently visited our home. With him, he brought an author I’d never heard of, although he has been around since 1986. Robert Fulghum writes humorous, self-reflective books that I have latched onto and enjoy immensely. His first book is entitled All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten (Uncommon Thoughts on Common Things). Each observation on any given subject takes up little of a reader’s time, like three to four pages. One chapter finds a reflection on organized people. “Do you know there are people out there who clean out their gutters? Who balance their checkbooks? Who have filing cabinets? Who change their furnace filter each year? These are the folks who have it all together. Exempt from the reign of chaos and laws of entropy. All-around, calm and easy pillars of society. People in your high school yearbook you wanted to be. The ones who made it . . . .”

You get the picture. It is a hilarious yet thoughtful introspection on humankind. An observation of children playing hide and seek, dandelions as flowers, not weeds. There are heart-rending stories, too, like that one about an old shoe box decorated and given to him by his oldest son. “I’ve saved it all these years, and on occasion take it down and remember. My children are grown now. They still love me, though it’s harder sometimes to get direct evidence. And it’s love complicated by age and knowledge and confusing values. Love, to be sure, but not simple. Not something you could put in a shoe box.“ There is a precious chapter at the laundromat where he has been sent as his washer died. Enjoy his observation on the detergent Cheer and how it removes dirt and excrement from our clothing: “If only the experts could come up with something to get it out of our minds. One cup of fixit frizzle that will lift the dirt from our lives, soften our hardness, protect our inner parts, improve our processing, reduce our yellowing and wrinkling, improve our natural color, and make us sweet and good . . . . Don’t try Cheer, by the way. I tasted it. It’s awful. (But my tongue is clean now.)” See what I mean? Thought-provoking and uplifting. Fulghum’s second writing is entitled Maybe, wherein he balances levity and gravity with amazing grace. “If I was absolutely certain about all things, I would spend my life in anxious misery, fearful of losing my way. But since everything and anything is always possible, the miraculous is always nearby and wonders shall never, ever cease.“ Book three is entitled Uh-Oh. “Uh-Oh is way up near the top of a list of small syllables with large meanings. A frame of mind, a philosophy.“ I have absorbed, not read, his first three books. I now know that Fulghum has written nine books in all. His most recent Union, is a “sweet, serious, and non-gaggy wedding reading about love.” I heartily recommend these books to all book readers of fiction! Step out of your comfort zone. I know Hillsdale College Bookstore has copies available in the store which means you pay no shipping! These are books that need to be given as gifts to good friends and to keep nearby on your coffee table. Truly. See you at the library!

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I love modern technology, don’t you? I especially like texting. It’s an easy way to reach someone at your convenience. You want an answer to a question, you text and wait for their response. You want to send a cute picture, you attach it to a text. There is a problem with technology that maybe you’ve never experienced but I have, and it’s enough to put me over the edge.

By Willie Smith Simply Hers Magazine

I have a two and a half year old granddaughter, Fenley Faith. I love that girl! Kayla, Fenley’s mom, is wonderful about keeping in touch with pictures and videos of Fenley. In fact, last week I got a video from Fenley saying “Happy Friday, Gramma!” Now, how sweet is that? I’m telling you that girl is the cutest thing ever. I know every Gramma says that, but my granddaughter really is the cutest, most adorable child ever. Kayla had recently given me a quick tutorial of Facebook Messenger so I could send videos, too. Just after Kayla gave me that lesson, my husband and I sent a video to our favorite son-in-law, Joseph, where we “rapped” a message to him. He was having a celebration of sorts and we thought it would be fun to help him celebrate. I spent a good 10 minutes thinking of the right words, and we found some rap music on the computer. My husband grabbed a Hawaiian shirt and sang into his hairbrush. It was very classy. I had a wee bit of a problem trying to remember what Kayla had taught me, but I finally got the short video to go through. Joseph loved it. We are officially his favorite mother-/father-in-law!


I figured if I could do it for Joseph, I could do it for Fenley, too. You know how you fumble your way through something and get it right the first time, but when you try to do it again, you can’t for the life of you remember how you did it? Yep, that’s where I was with my video for Fenley. I wrote the words to the little ditty myself knowing they were silly, but I also knew no one but my granddaughter was ever going to see it so I could be as silly as it took to entertain a two-year-old. She’s too young to be embarrassed by her Gramma acting goofy. I

thought now would be the time to do these silly things before she grows up. One of these days she’ll see my name come up on a phone screen and she’ll hit delete without even listening to me!! I made two pom-poms out of pencils and taped cut up paper towels on the ends. I even got the video right the first time. I mean how hard is it to throw around two homemade pom-poms and say Fenley, Fenley, that’s my girl, Fenley, Fenley . . . well, you get the point. I thought the words to the cheer were kinda cute and I had a ball jumping around and belting out the poem like a crazy woman. I would have been embarrassed beyond words if anyone besides Fenley saw it, but I knew she would get a kick out of seeing Gramma act like a lunatic. All I had to do now was download it, or upload it, or load up on it, or something. I’m not sure of the technical terms, but I knew I had to push several buttons and voila!—it would magically appear on my daughter-in-law’s phone. Why didn’t I write those instructions down she had given me? Oh well, how hard could it be? Everybody in the world knows how to send videos, right? I thought I could I figure it out, too. Obviously I was wrong. I was getting very frustrated and I may have even said some bad words. If asked about that, however, I will deny it. Dang! Dang!! Da . . . Wait, what just happened? Something just happened. The video was here and now it’s not. Where could it have gone? Is cyberspace real? Why, oh, why do these things always happen to me? What was that noise? My phone just pinged. It pinged again. There was a message that said I had sent my video to the public!? Who is the public? Please tell me the public isn’t PUBLIC. This is bad! This is very bad!! Tell me it didn’t go to people I don’t even know! Please! No!! Well, apparently the public is just that, the public, and that video did go to people I don’t know. It would appear that everybody in the free world got that embarrassing video except my granddaughter. She’s still waiting to see it. I’m telling you, technology is enough to put me right over the edge.

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What you have alWays Wanted to knoW about capital gains tax but Were too afraid to ask. Question: I don’t want to pay capital gains tax. How can I avoid it? Answer: Unfortunately, you can’t avoid capital gains tax if it applies to you. The good news, however, is that capital gains tax rates are generally lower than tax rates that apply to other income. Capital gains tax rates apply to net capital gains on most investments held over one year and dividends held over 60 days. The capital gain rate is relative and dependent on your regular tax bracket (2017) as follows: Regular tax bracket Maximum capital gains tax 10% 0% 15% 0% 25% to 35% 15% 39.6% 20% Question: Do I pay capital gains tax on the sale of my home? Answer: A principal residence is the taxpayer’s main home, which is the home where he or she ordinarily lives most of the time. A taxpayer can only have one main home at any one time. A single taxpayer can exclude up to $250,000 of gain on the sale of a home if these three provisions are satisfied: 1) The taxpayer owned the home for at least two years during the 5-year period ending on the date of sale. 2)The taxpayer used the home as a principal residence for at least two years during the 5-year period ending on the date of sale. 3)The taxpayer did not exclude gain from the sale of another home during the 2-year period ending on the date of sale. If you would like to know more about capital gains tax and how it may apply to your situation, please give us a call for a first-time consultation, free of charge.


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Bits and pieces By Melissa McCance

Don’t be pushed around by the fears in your mind. Be led by the dreams in your heart. ~ Roy T. Bennett

Women and cats will do as they please, and men and dogs should relax and get used to the idea. ~ Robert A. Heinlein

Valentine’s Day

And now let us welcome the new year, full of things that never were. ~Rainer Maria Rilke

Winter is the season in which we try to keep the house as warm as it was in the summer when we complained about the heat.

Feb. 14 One of the very best reasons for having children is to be reminded of the incomparable joys of a snow day. ~ Susan Orlean


Each New Year, we have before us a brand new book containing 365 blank pages. Let us fill them with all the forgotten things from last year—the words we forgot to say, the love we forgot to show, and the charity we forgot to offer. ~ Peggy Toney Horton

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Celebrate Winter

Winter marks the beginning of a time of hardship for our wild friends. Even though they are perfectly equipped to cope with the harsh outdoor environment, food is not as plentiful as it is in the summer months. So, to give them a little boost, this is when we hang our suet feeders and peanut cages and keep our seed feeders full. To make it a little more special, we decided to make this our “Celebration of Winter” tradition and chose a tree in our yard to decorate with some festive treats for our surrounding wildlife.


Popcorn Strings! Since these are for wild birds that could be harmed by ingesting string or thread, I chose to string our popcorn on a length of uncoated florist’s wire. Birds won’t be able to take any with them when they grab a kernel. We popped plain popcorn in a pot on the stove with a bit of melted tallow; don’t add any salt, of course. For a splash of color, a little vitamin C, and moisture for our feathery friends, I added fresh cranberries to the strings as well as ornaments made with orange slices.

Bird Friendly Cookies are also on the menu. Preheat your oven to 350° and combine in the bowl of a food processor until very sticky: 1 cup dried dates, apricots and dehydrated apples 1/2 cup oatmeal 1/2 cup raisins 1/2 unsalted sunflower seeds 1/2 cup mealworms (optional)

by Rachel Yoder now they’ll stay out of our garage.

Transfer the mixture to a large bowl and add two tablespoons of natural peanut butter and one tablespoon of raw honey. Stir until thoroughly incorporated—the mixture will become hard to stir. Roll into balls or press into cookie cutter shapes and bake for 20 minutes. Cool, string on wire, and hang. For our very plentiful population of wild rabbits, carrots and apples will be roughly chopped and placed in areas they are known to frequent. Corn cobs will be added to our squirrel feeder . . . maybe

A lot of people express concern about where birds get water in the winter when all fresh water sources are frozen. Rest assured that their water requirements are met by eating snow and wild berries and fruit. But an open water source is always appreciated. You can find various heated bird baths available on the market, and you may find that your yard becomes a hot bed of wild bird activity. Purchase a low to the ground bath if you wish to give your rabbit visitors a drink as well. A note regarding the special treats mentioned in this article: The popcorn strings and bird cookies will only be presented on this day until they are gone and they will not be available to wildlife the entire season to prevent dependence on them. If you live in an area that prohibits the feeding of wildlife, please observe these rules as they are there to protect not only the wildlife but you and your family as well.

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Hear what the Folks at Drews Place are saying “I am glad I chose Drews Place to live when I started needing help after my wife, and best friend, passed. The staff quickly became my friends and family.” ~ Richard “I definitely made the right choice when I moved to Drews Place. I knew the Drews family when I moved here, and I knew they would take the best care of me.” ~ Carolyn “This is not just a place, this is home to me. They offer a variety of activities. I was able to bring all my treasures from home to make my apartment feel like mine. ~ Marcelyn

Drews Place Assisted Living for seniors

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Off-Season Canning Preparation Five Things You Can Do NOW! by Rachel Yoder

Canning is one of those things that homesteaders look forward to each year with excited anticipation and a slight twinge of dread. Nothing beats the feeling of accomplishment you get from preserving your harvest each year, but it’s such a lot of work and most of that time spent is in the preparation. With all that happens during the canning season there are a few things you can do right now to prepare for next year that will make your life a little easier. Check and replace the gasket on your pressure canner. Look for cracks in the rubber or signs of disintegration. Bad gaskets will affect your canner’s ability to reach and maintain proper pressure while in use. Gaskets should be replaced every two to three years as part of your canner’s maintenance regimen. You can pick one up online or at your local hardware store for around $10. Get your dial gauge tested (weighted gauges do not require testing). You can take your dial gauge to your county extension office to have it tested, often free of charge (be sure to call ahead so they have someone on staff to test it for you). It’s recommended to have your gauge tested and adjusted if need be before each canning season to ensure your safety. Gauges that read high can result in under-processed canned goods that are unsafe to consume. Ones that read low can result in not only over-processed canned food but it increases the risk of dangerous kitchen mishaps. If your gauge tests more that 2 pounds off, high or low, it should be replaced, as well as any cracked or broken gauges. You can find replacements online for around $15. Other places that test dial gauges include hardware stores and companies like “Presto” that manufacture canning equipment.


Sort through your collection of can rings. Discard any rusty, worn, or dented rings. Dents can mean an improper seal and rust can transfer to the lids making it hard to remove the ring from the jar thus causing the lid to loosen when removing the ring before storage. To avoid rust, remember always to remove the ring from your canned goods 24 hours after removal from the canning vessel before long term storage. Then, wash them in warm soapy water and dry them thoroughly to ensure they have a long, rust-free life. Leaving the rings on the jars can also cause a false seal or rust eating through can lids making food unsafe. Inspect those jars. As you work your way through your pantry this winter, wash your jars with warm soapy water and, while they are still wet, run your finger around the rim of the jar to check for any nicks or chips in the glass that would cause an improper seal. Discard any jars with defects or give them a new life as decorations in your home. I like to use mine as vases for all the bouquets my boys carefully pick for me in the summer months. Watch for those off-season deals. Keep your peepers peeled at your favorite stores for canning equipment on sale. You can often find great deals on jars, lids, rings, and maybe even that large capacity pressure canner you daydreamed about while you worked away at your fifth load of canned beef this October. Now is also a great time to cruise the Ball website for tested canning recipes to try something new and different next season. I’ve found some of my favorite recipes there . . . even an apple pie filling recipe that earned first place at the county fair this year!

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Meet Matcha by Rachel Yoder

Chances are, like me, you've been indulging in warm cozy drinks like crock pot hot chocolate, mulled wine, and coffee with lots of peppermint mocha creamer. These yummy treats tend to add up in the calorie department. That's why I want to share a centuries-old drink with you that will satisfy your urge to snuggle up to a warm and rich mug without the guilt and with the added bonus of health benefits. Matcha tea is a fine powder made with green tea leaves that have been specially grown, harvested, and processed. Unlike other types of green teas, matcha is produced using only young tea leaves and buds from the very top of the plant. Weeks before harvesting, the tea plants are covered to block direct sunlight. The shady conditions encourage the plant to produce more caffeine and an amino acid called L. Theanine. Then the leaves destined for matcha are hand picked and dried in the shade. When the tea leaves are dried, the stems and veins are removed before the leaves are ground with granite mill stones making a very fine powder that can be dissolved in hot water or milk. While matcha does contain caffeine (in a much smaller amount than the average cup of coffee), the addition of L. Theanine causes the tea to release its caffeination slowly throughout a six- to eight-hour period, eliminating the jitters that can be associated with coffee. L. Theanine can also lower blood pressure and help with the symptoms of PMS. There is also some evidence that matcha is a fat-fighting super-food loaded with antioxidants and chlorophyll making it the perfect drink for post-holiday detoxing! You can enjoy matcha as a hot beverage by whisking a half-teaspoon in eight ounces of hot water until it dissolves. Or . . . as a latte! Add a splash of milk (or your favorite milk alternative) and a teaspoon of maple sugar or honey. Alternately, you can add a half-teaspoon to your morning oatmeal, stir it into a cup of yogurt, or sprinkle it into a smoothie. Even children can benefit from a serving of matcha a day as it promotes concentration and memory as well as boosting creativity! 62

Admittedly matcha isn't the most budgetfriendly beverage out there as 100 grams (3.2 oz) of good quality matcha can set you back around $40 or more. But, it lasts a long time, and honey—you are worth it! Price varies by grade; the darker green it is, the higher the quality. Lower grades of matcha are great for cooking or adding to smoothies, but to be perfectly honest, my untrained palate can't detect much of a difference between high or low grade! Matcha can be found in health food stores, online, or from companies like “Steeped Tea.” I've even noticed that Walmart carries it now!

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in your roof to your

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Pet Talk By Melissa McCance

Pudgy pets— America’s obesity epidemic has hit Fido and Fluffy! You see them everywhere: roly-poly dogs with bellies nearly brushing the ground, cats that look like furry water balloons. Perhaps there’s even one of these chunky furbabies in your home. Over half the dogs and cats in this country are overweight, some of them extremely so. The sad fact is that too many Americans are slowly killing the companion animals they love by overfeeding them. Just as being significantly overweight can contribute to health problems in humans (gallbladder disease, type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, and stroke), our pets face numerous health risks from carrying too much fat on their bodies. Obese dogs face increased risk of arthritis, bladder/urinary tract disease, low thyroid hormone production, liver disease, torn knee ligaments, diabetes, diseased spinal discs, chronic kidney disease, and heart failure. For cats, the list includes bladder/urinary tract disease, chronic kidney disease, diabetes, liver disease, asthma, arthritis, high blood pressure, heart failure, gallbladder disorder, flaky skin or feline acne, and immobility of the spine. It is also riskier to anesthetize or sedate an obese animal. Not a very nice picture, is it? The responsibility for being overweight rests not on the animal, but on its owner. After all, they eat what we feed them! Sometimes people follow the feeding guidelines on their pet’s food without considering that those quantities are only a suggestion. It’s important to take into consideration your cat’s or dog’s age, activity level, and overall build. If you’re feeding the amount suggested on the bag of food for your animal’s weight range and your pet is getting 64

steadily heavier, it’s time to re-evaluate! A high-energy dog that gets a lot of vigorous exercise every day is obviously going to need more food than a quiet one that spends most of the day either sleeping or snuggling on your lap. You cannot evaluate your pet’s body condition simply by looking at it; you need to do a manual examination of three body areas. Two guides to doing this evaluation can be found at the following sites, one from the Michigan State University Extension Office and the other from the Ohio State University Veterinary Medical Center: http://msue.anr.msu.edu/news/body_condition_scoring_in_dogs_ and_cats https://vet.osu.edu/vmc/companion/our-services/nutrition-supportservice/body-condition-muscle-condition-score-charts Now, if you determine that your beloved animal friend is, indeed, carrying more weight than it should, we offer one essential rule: never put your pet on a weight-reduction plan without first consulting your veterinarian! Your vet is familiar with your animal and can explain how to reduce your pet’s food intake (and possibly modify the diet in general) to produce the desired result. With cats, in particular, aggressive weight loss can result in fatty liver disease which is often fatal. But, under guidance from your vet, it is possible to get those extra pounds off your pet safely, and you will have the satisfaction of knowing that you have helped your dog or cat avoid health issues, feel better, have more energy, and likely enjoy a longer life.

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3881 Tripp Rd. Osseo (517) 523-2308 Bailey needs someone she can trust. She is not good with children. Needs a mature, quiet home. She does not like to share attention/affection with other animals. Needs to be the only pet. Adoption fee 150.00. Hours are Tues - Sat from 12-3. You must be 21 or older to adopt a pet from this shelter and supply a proven good vet history. We accept cash, credit and in county checks.

(517) 263-3463

Shadow is begging you for a miracle. She’s lived a wonderful life so far, but her owner’s recent health issues have forced Shadow to look for a new family. Shadow is asking for a quiet home with a lap she can claim as her own and someone patient enough to let her come out of her shell. She’s lived with another cat her entire life and doesn’t mind cat-friendly dogs. Be Shadow’s hero by applying to adopt her online at lenhumanesoc.org or in person at Lenawee Humane Society!

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We Do Hard Things

By Laura Loveberry Elementary School Assembly Author/Speaker, Inspirational Speaker Women’s Retreats/Conferences, Caricature Artist

I am subbing in an elementary science class when I notice a student visibly frustrated with the assignment. I determine to encourage this child and his classroom. Pupils can do challenging projects without melting down. I desire to train up students for stressful moments in life. I want them to gain fortitude and a CAN-DO attitude. This is my moment to teach in an uplifting manner. I ask the entire class to repeat a rap I make up on the spot: “WE DO HARD THINGS.” The whole group repeats loudly, “WE DO HARD THINGS!” I encourage them more with, “WE DO NOT QUIT.” The smiling class chants, “WE DO NOT QUIT!” “WE NEVER GIVE UP.” “WE NEVER GIVE UP!” “WE KEEP TRYING.” “WE KEEP TRYING!” The class jives along with the chant and the frustrated student determines to get right back on task. The best part of my instructional day comes next. Near the end of the hour the same student grows irritated again. This time a sweet little girl at his table takes the initiative to supportively say to him, “WE DO HARD THINGS.” Her table repeats the line with a steady beat. Then she spontaneously


leads the chanting again with the “WE DO NOT QUIT” chant. By this time, the entire class chirps in with the repeating phrases. This tiny classroom motivator goes through my whole rap, leading her classmates in cheering each other onward. BOOM! What an inspiring teaching moment! I witness the birth of a big motivational leader in a pint-sized elementary kid. The stressed student stops struggling and keeps right at it, thanks to his grinning classmates cheering him on. We all can benefit in this life by speaking positive truths of encouragement to ourselves. The Word of God is clear in the book of John, “…In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.” John 16:33b NIV Bible. Let’s grow through doing the difficult things and make an impact on this earth. Let’s grab strength from God and do the hard things God guides us to do. Do not quit. Keep trying. Simply Hers readers, we can do hard things with the perseverance God desires in us through His strength. Jesus is our triumphant inspiration and example to overcome. Take heart readers. With all the debilitating diseases, tragic car accidents, family breakdowns, drug misuse, shattered relationships, death, and brokenness of life, we can take heart. We can overcome. We. Can. Do. Hard. Things.

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S. O. S.

FOR 2018

(Sort, Organize and Simplify) by Peggie Bildner

There’s something about a fresh new calendar that gives us hope for a clean start on the next year. We realistically know that life will still be busy, unpredictable, and more often than not, downright chaotic! But the optimist in most of us starts January with determination to make this the year when we finally________ (fill in the blank). For many of us, this is getting organized. What does “getting organized” mean to you? Is it a smooth morning where everybody is sent off with a nutritious breakfast and no missing homework or unsigned permission slips? Is it getting to work on time, having an organized work area and a productive day that allows you to leave with a sense of accomplishment? Maybe it’s just getting the bills paid on time, 68

the cupboards stocked with groceries, or the clean clothes from the washer to the dryer and put away in the designated spaces (we can dream, can’t we?). Sometimes the idea of getting organized is more overwhelming than the actual process. It may help to identify WHY you should “get organized.” Studies show that at least a basic level of organization can make you more efficient, reduce stress, promote a sense of calmness and serenity in your home, and even save you money. Studies also show there are several common traits of an organized person. So, we have taken some of those and added in a few of our own to help you get started!

Make peace with imperfection! Life will never be perfect, not even close. We live in our homes, chaos happens. Make it a goal to do what you can to get started. Many hoarders and people we would deem as extremely unorganized are actually perfectionists who can never get started because they are overwhelmed with the task of making everything perfect.

Open your mail over the wastebasket or shredder! Don’t even lay that junk mail down. Quickly eliminate unwanted papers. To put them somewhere to be sorted “later” just adds to the clutter and makes the sorting process more overwhelming. Clutter attracts clutter. Break the habit by declaring all flat services in your home as “clear” zones!

Don’t be afraid to ask for help! The first line of support should be your family. Share your ideas and goals, explaining that it will benefit everyone (not to mention Mom’s mood!). If you have a friend who loves to organize, pick one day a month to take advantage of those skills and enjoy a girlfriends’ day in the process.

Make your bed! I know, I know . . . you’re just going to mess it up again in a few hours but trust me, this five minute task will go a long way to setting the tone of your new organized life! There is something about a neat bed that just makes your room seem welcoming and calmer. And who doesn’t want that at the end of a hard day?

Steal 15 minutes from the night before! As bedtime approaches, set the timer for 15 minutes and do a quick pickup/gathering. To keep from getting into time-consuming projects or being distracted, try what I call “grasshopper organizing.” Start in one room and remove an object or two that belong in another room. As you put it in the correct space, take something out of place in that room and move it to where it belongs. Continue from room to room, simply putting things away in their proper place. In other words, don’t leave the room empty-handed. You will be surprised how doing this for just 10 minutes will make real progress towards putting your world in better order! Spend the last five minutes laying out things for the next morning.

Sorting like items and labeling can be game changers! One of the main advantages of being organized is being able to locate the things you want when you want them. The old saying “a place for everything and everything in its place” speaks to the common sense of knowing where things belong and putting them there! Whenever you have more than three or four of one item, corral them in a tote, basket, toy box, etc. Clearly mark or label what it contains. There are so many wonderful storage container options available now. You don’t have to be limited to ugly plastic totes or cardboard boxes. This is also a great way to teach children to take care of their things. By marking where items are to go, you will encourage the family to cooperate with your new organized lifestyle.

Clutter wasn’t conquered in a day! Break down the areas of clutter and set a goal to work on one or two a week. If you decide you are going to completely empty, clean, and reorganize your entire kitchen, you will never find the time. But if you take one drawer and one cupboard a week, the time commitment will be minimal. Try tackling a drawer while you’re waiting for dinner to cook. Clean that cupboard while you’re talking on the phone. As a small area gets finished, appreciate your accomplishment and be encouraged to keep going.

Know where to donate! Keep an ongoing box to fill as you sort and declutter. As soon as it’s full, get it out to your favorite charity. If you find organizations that do good work in your community, it is easier to let go. Separate your emotions from your possessions by finding joy in knowing your items will be helping someone else instead of filling your closet or basement, unused.

Any successful resolution or lifestyle change starts with baby steps. So let’s get started! Set realistic goals, don’t be too hard on yourself, and take the steps to make 2018 the year when you finally do SORT, ORGANIZE and SIMPLIFY your life. HAPPY NEW YEAR!


GearVana — Cell Phone Repair By

Nirvana. Life and death. A device once dead brought back to life. What do you get when you walk into Gearvana? A businessman who understands that his customers want quality, price, customer service, and speed of service. Isaac Gradeless gives them more than they are looking for with a technology-based company focused on fixing devices people use every day: their cell phones and tablets. Working in the technology industry for many years, Isaac learned basic customer needs, the technical aspects of the business, and an awareness of what was missing. Customers having no insurance could not be serviced in stores where he had previously worked , so an average of 8-10 people per day were turned away. This gave him a built-in customer base. Helping people search for photos thought to be lost, getting “repairs gone bad” from other shops, and figuring out how to do the hard stuff others didn’t want to do are all challenges he enjoys and are reasons why people come to him. Previous experience and ongoing training gave Isaac the confidence that he could exceed expectations. He is able to help with things others can’t. Data recovery, and a willingness to take on the difficult jobs will help him grow into a healthy business over the long term. The name “Gearvana” came from emergency for your phone, ER. Emergency Repair. He has grown from a business starting out on a shoestring in 2014 with people knocking on his apartment door to the professional building where he is now located. Building trust from the beginning while fixing devices in his living room workshop allowed Isaac to work on their personal devices as his business continued to grow. Carrying the parts people need for all phones is a priority. It is not a Best Buy or a retail store, though. Gearvana is a customer-based business. When asked what he wants customers to know, it was clear we need to know that technology can and will fail at any time because it is built with raw materials like silicone, lithium, 70

and graphite. It is not made to last forever. Understanding this makes the process for employees and customers much easier. He says technology is an extension of the human body, a part of life. Understanding that, you can expect to have a turnaround in 30-60 minutes at Gearvana. If it is a more difficult job, Isaac has been known to take customers into his work room to look through the microscope at the complexity of resistors, diodes, and IC chips he is working with. Knowing customers cannot do without their phones for even 20 minutes gives him a rush of fixing a device that is challenging. Having a personal passion, great mentors, and an entrepreneurial spirit make the future bright. It’s an obsession of his to become better and bigger, while keeping quality high. Steady growth, building a brand, and looking beyond what is going on today is more important than a quick buck. They are here for the long term. You can find Gearvana at 1099 E. US 223 Hwy., Adrian MI (517260-7456), during the hours of 10 am-7 pm from Monday-Friday and 10 am-5 pm on Saturday.

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Rekindle Romance Detroit — A place to escape close to home by Sarah Gray

Feeling a little wrung-out after the craziness of the holiday season? Don’t want to look at one more glass of eggnog, one more decorated sugar cookie, or sing one more Christmas carol? Then take a much needed and much deserved break away from it all, reconnect with the love of your life, and head east to Detroit. There are many places to visit, delicious dining to be had, and entertainment to enjoy in Detroit. However, there are many places you can go to just relax, unwind and be pampered as well. Visit one of Detroit’s three casinos to enjoy all this in one convenient location. Drive into the bustling city and then have all the stress and noise melt away. Enjoy a relaxing dip in the pool or hot tub, unwind with a relaxing couples massage, or just take an enjoyable nap in one of the many spacious and luxurious hotel rooms. Feeling ready to add back a little excitement? Try your turn with lady luck in the casino or have romantic dinner for two in one of the many wonderful restaurants. Speaking of food, Detroit culinary fare is among in the best in the state, offer-

ing delicious choices for any taste on any budget. Michigan.org has listed many of the best and most romantic places to dine in Detroit including The Whitney. Located in the heart of Midtown in an historic 1890s mansion, The Whitney offers classic American cuisine and an extensive wine list. For those looking for just a drink, head upstairs to the third floor Ghost Bar. Well-known Chef Michael Symons’s restaurant Roast is a fantastic atmosphere for date night. “The Chew” host’s menu features meat, poultry, and seafood cooked over an open flame. Once a hotspot for important business deals, the historic London Chop House recently reopened and many of the nostalgic fixtures are intact, making it the perfect spot to cozy up to your loved in a red leather booth and reminisce. While you could travel to Detroit just for the food, spending a weekend away in Detroit can also give you a chance to explore some great culture. The Detroit Institute of Art is 600,000 square feet of exquisite and priceless works of art. Since its founding in 1885, it has been a trademark of Detroit featuring pieces including Vincent van Gogh’s “Self Portrait” and the masterpiece sculpture “Nail Figure” from Zaire. Art in all forms is can be seen and heard in Detroit including the Motown Historical Museum. The modest twostory home on West Grand Boulevard,

dubbed “Hitsville U.S.A.,” became the largest independent record company in the mid-70s. The museum has displays of the dozens of famous artists signed to the label over the years including such Motown greats at Martha Reeves and the Vandellas, Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder, Smokey Robinson and the Miracles, the Temptations, the Four Tops, Gladys Knight and the Pips, Diana Ross and the Supremes, and the Jackson Five. Though the weather may be cold, nautical lovers can see and explore Michigan’s maritime past at the Dossin Great Lakes Museum on Belle Isle in the Detroit River. The museum allows visitors to take the helm of a Great Lakes freighter or view an early passenger steamer’s grand salon. Enjoy Detroit in the outdoors at Meridian Winter Blast 2018. The three-day event kicks off January 26 and features winter activities such as the winter slide, live entertainment, and food for every palate. Free ice skating will be available on the Campus Martius rink, there will be marshmallow roasting, 50 entertainment acts will perform, and warming stations will help you snuggle up to your loved one when the air gets too cold. For more information, visit www.winterblast.com. Whether it’s for a weekend or a day, a time for relaxation or a time to play, Detroit has everything to see and do with someone special to you! 73




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423 W. Maumee St., Adrian Mon-Fri 9-5 / Sat 10-4 517.438.8263 www.neighborsofhope.com Proceeds help the homeless and hurting. Antiques, vintage items, furniture, housewares, clothing & more.

1400 US 223. • Adrian Mon-Sat 9-8 / Sun Noon-5 517.263.2135 www.goodwillsemi.org Shopping our stores in Adrian, Saline, Monroe and Lambertville helps to provide exceptional opportunities for people facing barriers in our community. Check out our eBay, Amazon, half.com and ShopGoodwill.org stores online at: http://goodwillsemi.org/shopping

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BROOKLYN 1025 E. US 223 • Adrian Tue - Sat10 -5 517.266.0746 Donations and purchases help to build and repair homes in Lenawee County! Selling new and gently-used donated building supplies, appliances, and furniture

146 N. Main St., Brooklyn Mon - Fri 10:30-5 • Sat 10 - 4 517.592.8686 Why pay the difference when you can’t tell the difference? Accepting consignments and buy-outs daily. Quality name-brand clothing at prices you won’t believe.

Resale shopping is one of the fastest-growing retail categories today, and we wanted to introduce you to some of our favorites! Be sure to check the listings in each issue for new updates and special offers exclusively for Simply Hers readers.

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517.682.1101 • 131 S. Lane Street, Blissfield My daughter is 23 years old and was diagnosed with a form of MD (muscular dystrophy). The muscles bulk up appearing like she would be strong, but the muscles are extremely weak. I have fought with doctor after doctor trying to find a medicine that would give my daughter some kind of quality of life.

Serving the area for more than 40 years.

country carpetS 120 S. Main St. Reading (517) 283-3993

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Complete Real Estate With A Personal Touch “Serving All Of Hillsdale County” The highest compliment my clients can give is the referral of their friends, family and business associates. “Thank You For Your Trust”

Looking for a new year’s resoLution? Let me help you make a positive change in your family for 2018!

For 7 years the money it has cost us for doctoring, medication and specialist, just to be told there is not many options out there. No one knows the toll it takes on a mother watching her child not be able to live a normal life. Watching days where your child walks like a 90 year old and some days in so much pain that she can’t walk at all.

Jordynn’s Story

Finally her doctor recommended a special oil. He knew other people that had good results from it. I decided at that point, why not try it, we had tried everything else. Well, I’m here to tell you, after about 2 weeks of using the oil, I got to witness my daughter at the age of 23 dance for the first time in her life. I could not help but to drop to my knees and wept tears of joy for my daughter. She had the biggest smile I had ever seen on her face in years. My daughter has been able to get out of the house now more and she has started driving a little bit...not far, but at least driving and being able to have some independence again. We owe it all to the oil and the wonderful couple from J.R. Smoke Shop that helped us get her life back! This oil has been a miracle for my daughter and it has given me back that beautiful smile of hers and her laughter that I have missed for so long. Thank you, Kim Girdham If you suffer from pain, anxiety, cancer cell growth, seizures, convulsions, blood sugar issues, immune system problemsa, inflammation, artery blockage, bacterial growth, or muscle spasms contact JR Smoke Shop to learn about this amazing oil.

Coach ~ Sonja Loraine

Say yeS to Life after Divorce

- Minimize harm on children - Coping Techniques - Conflict Management

517-431-3000 • 1325 Suite D North Main St, Adrian www.tranquilstudio.org A 501(3)C organization 75




123 W. Maumee St. • Adrian Mon-Fri 10-5 • Sat 10-3 517.920.4433 awesomefinds@comcast.net Home Décor, Unique Antiques, Primitives, Architectural Salvage, Decorative Collectibles


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146 1/2 N. Main St. (M-50) • Brooklyn Thur 10-6, Fri 10-8, Sat 10-6 517.938.8147 idkcreativedecor.com Vintage, Industrial, Antiques, Jewelry



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1322 E. Monroe (M-50 at M-52) Tecumseh • Open 7 Days 10-5:30 517.423.8277 hitchingpostantiques.com Over 8000 sq ft – Victorian, Military, Clocks, Glass, Estate Jewelry, Lighting & Lamp Parts

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Pure Michigan Getaways

The days are shorter and the frigid temperatures make leaving the house hard. But don’t let the forecast keep you from a weekend escape! There are plenty of Pure Michigan winter activities to choose from and here are five favorites. 78

Big Cities

Michigan’s Upper Peninsula


If you haven’t been to Detroit in a while, it’s time to revisit the Motor City. There’s so much to do downtown, from ice skating at Campus Martius to seeing a show at one of the many beautiful theaters downtown to the North American International Car Show, there’s something for everybody. For a quick and less expensive trip to the tropics, check out Belle Isle. The Anna Scripps Whitcomb Conservatory is home to tropical trees, palms, succulents, fruit trees, and an ever-changing display of flowering plants. Just a short walk away is the Aquarium, which was built in 1904 and is the oldest operating aquarium in the United States.

Embrace the winter and venture to the snowier Upper Peninsula. You don’t have to travel all the way to Alaska to watch a dog sled race. Every February, mushers from all over the country travel to Marquette to compete in the UP 200, a 240-mile course from Marquette to Grand Marais and back. And between the start and finish of the UP 200 there’s the Midnight Run, a 90-mile race to Chatham and back. The excitement doesn’t stop when the dogs leave town. The snow-covered streets are perfect to set up a rail course for Marquette’s Downtown Showdown Rail Competition. Snowboarders and skiers of all ages and skill sets will test their skills on the course. With more than 1,500 spectators and events happening all weekend, it’s a great time for everyone involved!

If getting out of town seems impossible, look into a local staycation. From cozy cabins to unique B&Bs, there are so many options for a weekend stay. We spend more time exploring places far away than we do in our own hometowns. Plan ahead and make a list of events, stores, and new restaurants that you haven’t tried.

Michigan Skiing You don’t have to head out west to test your skills on the slopes! Michigan has plenty of ski resorts for every level skier. Crystal Mountain is the perfect destination for a pampering weekend. The ski-in/ski-out lodges make hitting the slopes easy. And the 11,000-square-foot Crystal Spa has thought of everything to make your weekend as relaxing as possible. For a more rustic and thrilling experience, head to Mount Bohemia and stay in a yurt! Mount Bohemia has two peaks and now offers a Snowcat experience for backcountry skiers.

Wineries & Breweries Traverse City is packed with wineries and breweries. On Old Mission Peninsula, you might see workers harvesting frozen grapes to make sweet ice-wine in the winter. Take refuge from the cold in Chateau Chantal or 2 Lads to sip on a warm red or a dry white and watch the sun set over the frozen Lake Michigan. For the beer aficionados, visit Right Brain Brewing in downtown Traverse City for a culinary beer experience. Right Brain brews their own unique beers on-site with no extracts. If you taste cherry pie, asparagus, or pig it’s because they put 79 it there!


Meal Prep Chicken Burrito Bowls Ingredients Meal Prep Bowl #1 (Warming up Ingredients) 1 pound boneless skinless chicken breasts 2 tablespoons taco seasoning 3 tablespoons white flour 2 tablespoons butter (or use olive oil) 1 can Mexicorn (southwestern corn) or regular corn 1 can black beans 1 cup white (or brown) rice 1 large bunch fresh cilantro (separated) 1 and 1/2 teaspoons minced garlic (separated) 2 cups chicken stock or broth Meal Prep Bowl #2 (Cold Ingredients) 2 large heads or hearts of Romaine lettuce 4 limes (separated) 1 package (with 4-5, 2.0 ounces each) store-bought snack pack chunky guacamole 1 container (10 ounces) store-bought pico de gallo 1 container (8 ounces) low-fat sour cream (separated - you’ll need 1/2 cup for the dressing) Salt and Pepper 2 tablespoons prepared ranch seasoning mix (dry) 1 tomatillo 1/2 of 1 full jalapeno (seeds removed) 1/2 cup regular mayo Instructions Chicken Remove fat from the chicken breasts and then either pound the chicken to even, thin pieces or slice large breasts evenly in 2 halves. Salt and pepper the chicken pieces. In a bowl, stir together the taco seasoning and white flour. Generously dredge each piece of the chicken breasts in this mixture. Warm a large, non-stick (12-inch) skillet to medium-high heat. Add in the butter. Once the butter is melted, add the chicken in a single layer in the skillet. Cook for 3 minutes on one side and then flip to the other side and cook for another 4-6 minutes or until chicken is cooked through (registers 165 degrees F with a meat thermometer). Set aside to allow to cool.


Cabin fever...

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Rice, Beans, & Corn While the chicken is cooking, prep the rice: combine the rice, chicken stock or broth, and 1/2 teaspoon minced garlic in a pot over high heat. As soon as the mixture begins to boil, reduce the heat, and cover with a lid until the rice is cooked through. Once the rice is cooked through, tender, and no liquid remains, stir in 3 tablespoons (1 large) lime juice and 3 tablespoons packed & finely chopped cilantro. Season to taste with salt and pepper. Put together: chop or slice the cooked and cooled chicken and place on one side of 4-5 meal prepping containers (or tupperware). Add a row of drained Mexicorn. Add a row of drained and rinsed black beans. Place the cilantro-lime rice next. Cover these containers and place in the fridge until ready to enjoy. Cold Ingredients (Salad and Dressing) Chiffonade the lettuce and then coarsely chop to get small and thin pieces of lettuce. Separate the lettuce evenly into 4-5 meal prep containers (or tupperware). Cut 2 limes into wedges and add 1-2 wedges on top of the lettuce. Place a large scoop of the pico de gallo next to the lettuce. Add one of the guacamole snack packs next to that (I don’t open these up besides for the pictures in this post so they stay fresh). Add in a scoop of sour cream. For the dressing: Zest and juice the last remaining lime. Add the juice and zest to the blender along with the prepared ranch seasoning mix, remaining 1 teaspoon minced garlic, chopped tomatillo, and 1/3 of 1 bunch of cilantro (Just cut off the large stems, but the rest is fine). Add 1/2 a jalapeno (a full one for more kick, remove seeds) and the mayo. Add some seasoned salt and pepper to taste (I use 1/4 teaspoon of salt and 1/8 teaspoon pepper). Blend until completely smooth. Taste and adjust to personal preference (more lime, more garlic, salt/pepper). Whisk or blend in 1/2 cup of the sour cream. Place this dressing in a small separate tupperware or pour it into a section of each of the containers. Cover these containers and place in the fridge until ready to enjoy. When ready to enjoy, heat one of the warm containers in the microwave for 1-2 minutes and then toss everything together with one of the cool containers and enjoy immediately.

te yo u r Celebra

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fo t a e r g with






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Teriyaki Glazed Chicken Salad Ingredients FOR THE MARINADE: 3 tablespoons low-sodium soy sauce 3 tablespoons mirin 3 tablespoons sake 2 tablespoons sugar (brown or white are both fine to use) 1 tablespoon minced garlic 1 tablespoon oil 4 boneless , skinless chicken thighs or breast fillets FOR THE DRESSING: 1/4 cup untouched teriyaki dressing (from above) 1 teaspoon rice wine vinegar 1 teaspoon toasted sesame oil FOR THE SALAD: 4 cups Romaine lettuce leaves, washed and dried 1/2 large cucumber , sliced 1 carrot , sliced thin or grated 1 avocado , sliced 1 green onion, sliced Sesame seeds 1/4 seaweed sheet , shredded Instructions Combine the soy sauce, mirin, sake, sugar and garlic in a medium-sized shallow bowl; mix well until sugar dissolves. Pour out 1/2 cup of sauce into a small bowl for later use; set aside. Add the chicken thighs or fillets into the marinade in the bowl, and coat evenly. Heat the oil in a good quality non-stick pan or well seasoned skillet over medium-high heat. Sear the chicken for about 5 minutes, flip, and continue to sear for a further 3 minutes. Put in the remaining sauce left in the bowl, and continue cooking with the chicken until the sauce thickens and reduces down. Once cooked, allow to rest for 5 minutes while preparing the dressing. Whisk together the reserved marinade from step 1, with the rice wine vinegar and sesame oil. Add 2 tablespoons water; mix well. Prepare all of the salad ingredients in a large salad bowl and mix. Slice the chicken and arrange over salad. Top with the green onion slices, sesame seeds, shredded seaweed, and drizzle with dressing.


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One Pan Lemon Roast Chicken and Asparagus Ingredients 2 boneless chicken breasts 3 lemons 2x zest- 1x sliced juice of 1/2 lemon 2 cloves garlic grated 1 1/2 oz. olive oil 2 Tbsps Herbes de Provence 2 Tbsps basil dried 1 Tbsp honey Salt/Pepper 1 lb. new potatoes 1 x bunch asparagus trimmed Instructions Pre-heat the oven to 350o. In a small bowl combine the olive oil, grated garlic, lemon zest, honey and dried herbs. Spread the marinade over the chicken and leave to sit while you prep the potatoes. To prep the potatoes, slice the new potatoes in half lengthwise. This makes them thinner than if you cut them width wise and they will cook faster. Drizzle with olive oil and salt and pepper. Scatter with some thyme sprigs and place in the oven for about 10 minutes. When your ten minutes is up, add the chicken to the pan and place back in the oven for another 20 minutes. For the final 10 minutes of cooking add your asparagus to the roasting pan. Drizzle with some more olive oil and salt and pepper. Place back in the oven for the last 10 minutes. Serve dinner right from the pan.


homemade soup. delicious.

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FinisH line

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HPV and Cervical Cancer Screening by Hannah Burkhart, FNP

Human papillomavirus is one of the most common sexually transmitted diseases that has few signs that one might be infected. In the United States, about 60 to 80 percent of women will be infected with an HPV infection. There are multiple misconceptions that lead to a lack of social acceptance of the HPV vaccine. One of the main misconceptions is that many parents feel that it is only given to children who are sexually active. The misconception being that the HPV vaccine will result in the initiation of sexual activity at a younger age or a reduction in condom usage. Vaccine safety is also another misconception parents feel due to the newness of the HPV vaccine. However, numerous studies on HPV vaccine safety have been published showing little or no evidence of severe side effects associated with it or an increase in sexual behaviors with the vaccine.

a gender-specific vaccine like many people think. This vaccine should be given to both girls and boys starting at age nine up to the age of 26. The human papillomavirus vaccine should not be one that is given when a child becomes sexually active but should be given with routine vaccines. Both girls and boys alike are vaccinated to combat the spread of HPV and decrease the rates of potential cervical cancer. Although vaccines can significantly decrease rates of HPV, it is still important to screen for cervical cancer. Screening for cervical cancer helps detect changes in the cervix prior to cancer developing. This will help to detect cervical cancer at early stages to decrease progression of the disease and improve treatment outcomes. Cervical cells, on average, take about three to seven years to change into cancer which is why it is so important to start early screening and vaccination.

Additionally, there is much confusion regarding recommendations for who should receive this vaccine. It is not

Guidelines from The American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists recommend that women begin

cervical cancer screening at the age of 21. Screening depends on age and if there have been previous abnormal Pap smear results. Basic screening recommendations state that women aged 21 to 29 should have a Pap performed every three years and do not recommend HPV testing. Women aged 30 to 65 should have both a Pap and HPV testing. This is called “co-testing” and should be performed every five years or three years for a Pap without HPV. Cervical cancer and HPV are preventable and treatable with both regular screening and vaccinations. With the New Year, think good health, see your health care provider, and start the process of keeping both you and your family healthy and protected. “ACOG.” American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, Sept. 2017, www.acog.org.

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Crystal Flash now delivers propane from our newest location in Adrian.

We are the proud new owners of the Lenawee Farm Bureau Oil Co-Op in Adrian. Our goal is to be a great neighbor — and we will do this by investing in our community, employees and facilities. As an example, we’re adding propane delivery service to the Lenawee, Monroe, Washtenaw, Jackson and Hillsdale county area.



We are a 100% employee-owned energy

• • • • • • •

distribution company with locations throughout Michigan. We deliver propane, fuel and heating oil to residential, agricultural, commercial, industrial and government facilities. Since 1932, we have focused on the communities we serve.

No enrollment fees Extended customer service hours 24-Hour emergency service Price protection programs Automatic fill delivery available Multiple payment options Unlimited $100 referral program

WE’RE READY TO DELIVER FOR YOU Call 800-875-4851 or Visit crystalflash.com

A 100% Employee-Owned Company


Experts in Orthopedics & Sports Medicine


Apply online at HillsdaleHospital.com

Christopher Hogg, D.O. Vithal Shendge, M.D. Parthiv Patel, D.O.

* Join a Highly Engaged Winning Team * Four Star CMS Rated Hospital * Award Winning Top Nursing Homes – U.S. News and World Report * Nationally Recognized A+ Safety Rating * Top 100 Rural & Community Hospital in the U.S. * Excellent Benefits Package, Including… Education Assistance/Reimbursement Program * All full-time team members receive competitive compensation and benefits package: Medical, Dental, Vision, Prescription Drug, Life Insurance, Short-term Disability, Paid Time off and Retirement Benefits.

Caring. Commitment. Community.



This Institution is an Equal Opportunity Provider. Hillsdale Hospital complies with applicable Federal civil rights laws and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, age, disability, or sex.

illsdale Orthopedics provides the full spectrum of advanced sports medicine care and total joint replacements (hip, knee, shoulder and elbow) from highly skilled orthopedic physicians trained in the latest techniques. Our experts are fellowship-trained, which means they’ve received additional expert instruction in the treatment and prevention of sports-related injuries and are well-trained in performing complex joint replacement as well as revision surgery. We know aches and pains in muscles, joints and bones can keep you from everyday activities. That’s why we offer complete orthopedic care to get you back to living life your way. Whether your pain is a result of an accident, injury/sports injury or deterioration, our team of experts at Hillsdale Orthopedics can help.

Hillsdale Hospital complies with applicable Federal civil rights laws and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, age, disability, or sex. “This Institution is an Equal Opportunity Provider”

Hillsdale Orthopedics

61 W. Carleton | Hillsdale • 517-439-5411

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Local women's lifestyle magazine for Branch, Hillsdale and Lenawee.

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