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Spring has come at last, and I’m sure many of you are going over your golf and fishing equipment, looking over the camping gear, and going through other preparations for the good weather to come. Maybe you’re thinking about adding some new items?

In this issue we’ve profiled two local businesses under one owner: Dave Dow’s D&D Heating & Cooling and HD Mechanical. Whether you need installation or service on your HVAC system or are looking to buy parts and supplies for a DIY project, Dave has you covered!

Our car article is a change from the muscle car types we often feature to give you a look at a true classic: the 1929 Ford Model A station wagon—the first station wagon ever made. Owner John Shatelrow takes this beauty to many local shows and cruise-ins. Keep an eye out for it this summer.

We hope you’ll also enjoy our regular features, as well, and that you’ll read the ads along with the articles. Our advertisers keep this magazine coming, and we believe strongly in patronizing local businesses whenever possible.

Have a great spring and summer, and we’ll see you again in the fall!


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Whether you prefer to stay indoors or outdoors, we have the right products and expertise to get your project done right.

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David grew up in Hudson and then moved to Pittsford where he has lived since, so he is well-acquainted with our area and the kind of weather we have. He’s been an electrician most of his life and also has a degree in HVAC.

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D&D Heating and CoolingDavid Dow

If there’s one thing you want to be sure of in Michigan, it’s that your heating and cooling systems are working well. Our winters can hit sub-zero temperatures and we have days in summer when it’s not only in the 90s but so humid it feels as though you have to push your way through the air. And, of course, let’s not forget those weird stretches when we cycle through winter and spring several times in the same week! For all your heating and cooling needs, depend on David Dow and his team at D&D Heating & Cooling to handle the job.

David grew up in Hudson and then moved to Pittsford where he has lived since, so he is wellacquainted with our area and the kind of weather we have. He’s been an electrician most of his life and also has a degree in HVAC.

D&D Heating & Cooling was established in 2013 and offers a full range of HVAC services. Whether you have an existing furnace and/or air conditioning unit you want to get ready for the upcoming season, have noticed problems with a system, are considering installation of new equipment, or are thinking about changing to a new type of unit like an on-demand water heater, David and his crew are able to provide the help you need. If you’re thinking about replacing something,


David is happy to come out, assess your needs, and give you an estimate for the job.

D&D Heating & Cooling provides service across a wide area. David says he covers from Jackson down into Ohio and from Tecumseh to Angola. The quality of their service has created some amazing customer loyalty.

“I didn’t really plan to be working as far out as Angola, but when people I’ve been working for move, they want me to keep taking care of their HVAC issues. In fact, I’ve got one customer who’s building a house up by the Mackinac Bridge, and he wants me to come up and do the install on the systems there!”

As a family-owned small business, D&D is a tight group. “Even the people who aren’t family become family,” explains David. He maintains high quality standards with an emphasis on customer service and doing things as they should be done. If someone is ever not fully satisfied with a job, David wants that customer to reach out and discuss the problem so that he can make it right.

In addition to the heating and cooling business, David also owns HD Mechanical which carries HVAC parts and supplies and, by the time this article goes to print, he should also have plumbing supplies in stock. The store is open to contractors and

homeowners, so if you have a DIY project planned, stop in to see what they can do for you. They will special order what you need if they don’t have it. Prices have been revised and lowered—you can get what you need at prices you can afford. For larger orders, HD Mechanical offers free delivery within a 30-mile radius which means contractors don’t have to leave the job site to make a supply run.

D&D Heating & Cooling is located at 8200 Reading Rd. in Pittsford. You can reach them by phone at 517-425-7628. Normal business hours are Monday through Friday from 8:00 to 5:00, but he will accept emergency calls outside of those hours.

HD Mechanical is located at 9137 Hudson Rd. in Pittsford, and their phone number is 517-437-7751. Business hours are Monday through Friday from 8:00 to 5:00 and Saturdays by appointment. The website address is www. hdmechanicalmi.com.

13 517-437-7751 | 8:00-4:00 Monday-Friday David Dow - Owner WHOLESALE HEATING & COOLING SUPPLY HOUSE PVC Pipe • Custom Sheet Metal & Duct Work Hillsdale Medical Associates "Your Health Is Our Priority" MON - THURS • 8 AM - 6 PM (CLOSED FRIDAYS) MOST INSURANCE ACCEPTED SAME DAY APPOINTMENTS ACCEPTING NEW PATIENTS ROBERT E. SCHALL, MD Board Certified FAMILY PRACTICE 32 S. BROAD ST. | HILLSDALE | 517.437.3361 | HMAPLC.PORTALFORPATIENTS.COM Hillsdale 30 UNION STREET - (517) 437-4465 M- F 7-7 | SAT. 8-4 Jonesville 490 OLDS STREE T - (517) 849-7500 M- F 7-7 | SAT. 8-5 | SUN. 9 - 5 Complete Engine Machine Shop Great Par ts with Discount Pricing Propane Filling Facility - Equipped for all sizes of propane tanks S MAKES We’re “Better Because We Want to Be!” Hillsdale 30 UNION STREET - (517) 437-4465 M- F 7-7 | SAT. 8-4 Jonesville 490 OLDS STREET - (517) 849-7500 M- F 7-7 | SAT. 8-5 | SUN. 9 - 5 Locally O wned We’re “Better Because We Want to Be!” Rich and Ryan Galloway Carry Out & Delivery Available! 3883 W. Carleton Road | Hillsdale Follow us on Facebook & WCSR (517) 439-9191 Silo's SpillZone LaserTag Great location for parti ! come gather as a family in our spacious arcade and dining room! call for details! Coming Soon! Stop by for... pizza, golf & much more!

dyAGnostic Service & Solutions


Agriculture. We’re all aware of it and, if we’re smart, we’re grateful for it. Agriculture provides products that touch our lives in many ways, including the food we eat; the clothing we wear; kitchen, bath, and bed linens . . . even fine stationery. But, unless you’re part of the agricultural world, it’s possible that you don’t know very much about what’s involved in running a farm or ranch. And, you probably don’t think about the specialized support services that are necessary to keep farms going. Zack Harding, owner/operator of dyAGnostic Service & Solutions, is one of the people who fill that important niche of making sure things stay on track for area agriculture.

Zack’s whole life has been connected to farms, starting with the one where he grew up. A graduate of Springport schools, he began his electrical apprenticeship while still a senior in high school, obtaining his journeyman’s license in 2012. He worked at an ethanol plant for nine and a half years in plant maintenance, heading up a nineman crew. Those years not only gave him the work experience but taught him a great deal about how to work with and manage people. After leaving the plant, he went to work for another electrical contractor and got him involved in industrial and agricultural work.

But Zack knew it was time for him to do his own thing—to be able to decide for himself where he’d be working and what he’d do. He continued to pursue added certification in his field and will be a master electrician very soon. In January 2024, Zack began the paperwork to create his own business, and dyAGnostic Service & Solutions was launched in February.

As an agricultural electrician, Zack deals with any electrical problem or

need that might arise on a farm. Farming today involves a significant amount of expensive technology, and he helps the process go smoothly and efficiently by implementing and maintaining electrical systems specifically designed for agriculture. These may include complex systems for grain handling and storage, irrigation, and feeding, as well as other vital functions. He also provides preventative maintenance and will handle millwright work.

Being both experienced in his field and a problemsolver, Zack isn’t hesitant to tackle anything that comes his way.

“I’m the type of guy that if you’ve got an electrical issue, I’m going to tell you I can fix it because I can do it. One way or another, I’ll figure it out. If it’s something I haven’t ever done before . . . I’m still going to figure it out and it’ll be done the right way.”

That approach is summed up in the slogan on Zack’s business cards which reads: “Your challenge is our motivation—our experience and knowledge is your solution.”

When asked what he’s discovered about the challenges and the joys of running his

own business, Zack replied,

“Everybody told me it’d be more stressful, but to be honest, I don’t think it could be more stressful than what I was doing before. The plant ran 24/7, 365 days a year and I was getting calls all the time. As for the joys—it’s the freedom. You’re working for yourself; you wake up in the morning and you feel you have a purpose. I’d say the challenge is just getting everything set up and keeping things in line.”

Zack is based in Albion and works throughout mid-Michigan but is available for jobs in Indiana and Ohio as well. If your farm has an electrical issue, reach out to dyAGnostic Service & Solutions by calling 517-812-5179 or emailing him at Zharding@dyAGnostic.com. His website address is dyAGnostic.com.

Let’s clarify something up front—the aging process does NOT mean we give up on or lose touch with fitness. Actually, it’s the exact opposite! Training and aging go hand in hand. I mean, that is, if a high quality of life is important to you. It’s like anything else when it comes to training: at what level do you want to be, what is it you want to be able to do at 60, 70, or beyond. If hikes, bike rides, and even cross-country skiing are of interest, then cardiovascular training is a must.

Don’t get me wrong, it definitely gets harder as we age and maintaining levels are hard, too. However, the better shape you start in, the better the ending point, no doubt. Strength training is extremely important as well; it’s huge in helping with bone density! Unilateral movement helps develop balance and stability, and stretching is also huge for mobility. Moral of this story: if you want to feel young well into your mature life, you need to move accordingly.

Hormones become a hurdle, too, especially with men but not solely. As men, our testosterone falls, negatively impacting our day to day lives. But this is manageable in several ways and not only synthetically. Three big contributors are food/vitamins/minerals, taking a break, and lifting weights.

With food, if you’re undereating, you lack the proper nutrition for your body to function properly. Therefore, it becomes incapable of optimization, especially if you train

or are very active. This will also inhibit proper recovery day to day increasing potential for illness or injury. Things like vitamin D, magnesium, zinc, and Omega-3s contribute to proper testosterone production.

With training, sometimes we get so focused on staying on point that we forget to stop and enjoy the little things. Taking a week to enjoy a vacation will reset the mind and allow the body to recover, reducing inflammation built up from the constant grind. By doing this and adjusting food to a proper level, you could raise testosterone. Not to mention the mental clarity to attack once again.

Not getting bloodwork done regularly to fully understand where you are compared to where you want to be is irresponsible and careless (if I’m being honest).

In the end, fitness becomes more important to us as we age. The more in tune you are with where you want to be later in life, the better you can prepare today for those adventures then. It definitely changes as we progress towards those later years, but it doesn’t have to be negative, simply different.

Thank you for your time! Until next time... MUSCLE UP...live

17 LIVING ROOMS WHERE YOU CAN SPEND YOUR EVENING IN COMFORT. Located On M-34 In Pittsford, MI 523-2178 bob@kellysfurniture.comcastbiz.net Daily 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM Friday Until 6:00 PM Closed Thursday & Sunday ©Kelly’s Furniture 2020 LARGE SELECTION... LOW PRICES A Tr u l y Pers o n al E x pe r i e n c e Call us at 517.278.2505 or email LM iller@HillsdaleLaw.com Ser ving Hillsdale and Branch Counties hi l lsdal el a w. c o m Attorney Lorrie Miller

I have read research articles that start by stating from the author that a view from 30,000 feet or that of what is common for passenger planes, suggesting a wide view. Concerning writing an article of any intuitive perception, it’s become an honor for me to realize that I will glean my revelation for the purpose of sharing from about three feet and under for the time being. Three feet and under. Certainly, a little closer to earth and to the point. In other words, my wisdom is not all my own but gifts from the mouths of babes namely, grandchildren.

In fact, The Bible declares in Psalm 8:2 that, “Out of the mouths of babes (young children) and nursing infants, you have ordained strength.” How interesting. So, it’s not only possible that a child may, on occasion, give us food for thought that’s not only catchy and cute but perhaps wisdom that transcends our own and is worthy of taking to heart not only from bias heritage but far greater, our Creator. Therefore, whether you have children, grandchildren, or greater, this conclusion could apply to all.

On my last recent visit to spend time with my grandchildren—Ella, now 6, and Jackson, 4—I highly anticipate hugs so precious, energy almost unlimited, laughter contagious, and conversation unmatched in turns of engagement, Intimate privilege, and appointment. I call it munchkin boot camp. Not to be taken lightly. So here we go.

On the morning following a full day, full of all of the above, I sat down to breakfast between the little darlings. Spontaneous entertainment and insight in stereo. When our food arrived from Mom, largely responsible for this experience, I offered an invitation to say grace to whom I’ve heard both profess quite profoundly.It was greeted rather quickly by Jackson to respond in defense as if he might suggest he’d pass based on what I considered to be childlike meditation and rightfully so. He stood up on his chair, leaned towards me and exclaimed quite determined: “I’ve prayed to God to have good dreams and have had bad ones, anyway.” Whoa! Little Britches has obviously put some thought into this prescribed practice.

The Bible also tells us to always be ready to give an answer to everyone who ask you a reason for the hope you have inside you. OK, so he wasn’t asking a question for sure, but I was inclined to give an answer just the same. Whether it be impulse or opportunity I replied, “You can pretty much be assured, little buddy, you can’t control your dreams.”

It was then from my other side, the other speaker if you will, came with the added wisdom that settled the issue. In the astounding manner of what I

believe the Bible speaks: “You can’t control God, either.” Hmmm. Wow! OK. Amen!

I’ll leave us with this, from Isaiah. He was a prophet who wrote us many explicit predictions concerning God’s plans that came to pass—every one—to aid our belief in Him.

“You will keep in perfect peace those whose minds are steadfast because they trust in You.” Isaiah 26:3.

I shall be the first to confess that steadest has much room for improvement. And just when it’s tempting to consider doom at the hands of mere men, a precept uttered that even a child can understand should give us all strength. “We cannot control God,” yet trust Him that offers perfect peace in a world gone crazy.

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Mark and I used to rock a happy morning routine. He would take the dog out, pray with me, and give me a goodbye kiss.

Then grief hit and stayed like a weight we dragged everywhere. We lost our loyal dog, Remi. Life without her wagging tail and loyal devotion aches. Every morning, my hubster would spend 15 to 20 minutes walking Remi, scooping up her doodoo, and throwing a duck dummy for her to retrieve. What a void and heartbreak for us. My eyes well with tears typing this.

Remi’s passing freed up a small chunk of time.

For years, Mark held my hands, prayed over my day out loud, and kissed my forehead with a “Love ya.” Every. Single. Morning. Yeah, my heart flutters thinking of this, but we still mourn the loss of our furry family member.

With Remi’s passing and our daily sadness, I suggested we add one ballroom-style dance to lift our days. We had gained 15 minutes of extra time. The new routine simply includes requesting music from Alexa to swing dance together. We wanted to lift our spirits over grieving our sweet Remi.

It works.

We start the morning with smiles.

Here’s our typical weekday morning. I am often reading my Bible first thing or working out, depending on the time. Mark gets dressed for work and finds me. He reaches to hold my hand and prays something like this, “Oh God, thank You for another day. May we be light to others and honor You. Guide us today. In Jesus’ name, we pray. Amen.” Mark kisses me on the forehead saying “Love ya, my queen.”

Now, after praying, he pulls me gently up for our one dance. I say “Alexa, play swing music.” Whatever song pops up on our Alexa, we dance along. Mark leads. I follow. We both end up grinning. We often finish in a silly dip after twirling our dance steps. My giggles flow. If we aren’t near the Alexa, we swing step without music.

It’s fun.

This starts our days connected to God and each other. Some days, Mark’s prayer runs deep and long. Other days, it’s brief. But we do this routine daily. It bonds like a three-cord strand not easily broken. “Beloved, let us love one another, for love is of God, and everyone that loveth is born of God, and knoweth God,” (1 John 4:7 KJV).

Maybe others will start a similar routine to pull out of grief, bond together, and offer the day to the Lord with joy.

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10 Simple ways to Support Veterans and Make a Difference

Whether you read it on the internet, hear it on the radio, or see it on TV, people from all walks of life are saying they support veterans. However, actions speak louder than words and saying you support veterans is different from actually going out there and doing it – and making a difference. If you would like to show gratitude for the sacrifices made and support veterans, there are many ways to make it happen. Sometimes even a small gesture can have a big impact. Our veterans have many needs and challenges because of their military service, and they can use support and assistance in a variety of ways that may not always be obvious.

Show you Support Veterans by Providing Transportation

One way to support veterans in your local area is to provide necessary transportation so that veterans can get to medical and mental health treatment appointments. The VA has a volunteer transportation network that allows volunteers to donate their time and/or the use of their vehicle for veterans in need. Donated vehicles may also be used or accepted by the program.

Visit Wounded Vets in a Nearby VA Facility

Another great way to show that you support veterans is to pay a visit to wounded vets at a VA facility near you. These wounded veterans may not have many visitors to brighten their day. Once you find the nearest VA facility, contact the staff and find out if you can arrange a visit. The staff may be able to identify veterans who would benefit the most from a visit.

Say Thank You and Mean It

One of the easiest ways to support veterans is a

simple thank you, as long as it is heartfelt and sincere. A simple act of gratitude for everything that the veteran faced and gave up seems like such a small thing, but it is something that American veterans do not hear as often as they should. These two words can brighten even a bad day for a veteran because you acknowledge their service.

In particular, saying, “Welcome home. Thank you for your service” to Vietnam veterans can have a huge emotional impact on them, since Vietnam era veterans did not experience even the lip-service support from American society that today’s veterans receive.

Fight Homelessness, Eviction, and Foreclosure among Veterans

If you support veterans then you realize that many veterans face foreclosure, eviction, and homelessness. You can volunteer with the National Coalition for Homeless Veterans, donate your time and effort to Homes for Our Troops, or even provide financial assistance to veteran organizations to prevent the eviction of a military family.

Perform Home Repairs or Household Chores for a Veteran in Need

One terrific way to support veterans is to perform home repairs or household chores for a veteran in need. Many veterans in your area may need help with household chores or home repairs because of a disability, a severe injury, or even a lack of financial resources. When you help out in this way, you will gain an incredible sense of satisfaction while helping repay a veteran who deserves it.

Donate your Time to a Veterans Organization

There are other ways that you can support veterans even if you do not have special skills or a lot of knowledge in home repair. You can volunteer with a veteran organization and make a difference. These organizations depend on volunteers to keep costs down. Clerical work, answering phones, organizing, and stepping


in to help with menial work can make an enormous difference. The National Veteran Foundation welcomes volunteers of all ages and skill levels at our offices in Los Angeles.

Volunteer your Services to Help Vets in Need

If you do have special skills that you can offer whether these are IT skills, tax preparation training, or medical training, you can support veterans by offering your skills free of charge. You will be able to use your knowledge and training to help veterans who need these skills right now and who may have limited financial resources to pay for this type of assistance.

Spend Time with a Vet and Take the Time to Listen

One way that you can give something back to a veteran who was willing to sacrifice everything is to spend time with them and really listen to them. Many veterans end up socially isolated and this can have a negative effect on their mental and physical health. Get to know veterans in your area and spend time with them so that they have social opportunities and do not end up isolated.

Provide Food for Veterans

Many veterans are hungry and a home cooked meal will provide them with much-needed nutrition. Even vets that are not lacking food will benefit from a meal or a homemade batch of cookies. It shows them that someone cares. Contact your local church or veteran organization to see who might appreciate your culinary delights. Feed Our Vets is an organization that specializes in feeding hungry veteran families.

Visit a Vet with your Pet

It is a well-known fact that animals provide emotional and physical benefits. According to the Mayo Clinic, “Animal-assisted therapy can significantly reduce pain, anxiety, depression, and fatigue in people with a range of health problems.” Dogs are the most commonly used for therapy and service dogs. A well-behaved dog can receive certification and be able to bring some affection and calmness into a vet’s life.

Whether you support veterans with your time or donations, know that every little bit you do makes a difference. For more information on how you can help support veterans in your area, contact the NVF’s Lifeline for Vets at 888-7774443 or vetnet@nvf.org


Scan the code with your phone to find Michigan Veteran Events!



The mission of the Halter Shooting Sports Education Center, which is located right outside the city of Hillsdale, is to share shooting sports with the next generation while bringing “the ideas of liberty to life.”

First established by Hillsdale College in 2008, the center has steadily expanded over the years and is now home to the USA Shooting National Team.

“Our first mission is to teach,” says Matthew Little, the range manager at the center. “This is where all kinds of people are going to be educated. We train anyone from a 12-year-old student to a USA Olympian, and everyone in between.”

Little explains that the shooting center stands out internationally for its facilities, which include indoor and outdoor ranges, bunker trap fields, an archery course, a 23-station sporting clays course, and a lodge with space for meetings, classes, and events.

The center has lots of big plans for expansion moving forward.

“We are in the process of building cottages out here for people to stay on site,” Little says.

One of the cottages is already operational, while three others should be completed over the summer. Eventually, the Center hopes to have eight cottages.

“We are also hoping to break ground on a 67,000-square-foot inside and outside pistol, rifle, and archery building sometime this summer,” Little explains.

the center has been focused on expanding its educational and outreach programs to both high school and collegiate students.

“We host six different club teams for high school trap,” Little says. “We’ve got three USA shooters on our staff and our 16 young athletes that are on our collegiate teams.”

Those teams compete across the state, nation, and, in some cases, the world.

Little added that working with the high school club teams has been a really unique opportunity to connect with local communities.

“It’s kind of word-of-mouth through parents,” he says. “They may or may not be sponsored by a school, but they will name their team for their particular community.”

The center also regularly hosts Olympic athletes and training camps.

“We primarily focus now on our shotgun program,” Little says. “We partner with USA Shooting for shotgun.”

This July, the center will host the Junior Olympic Nationals, and in September, it will be hosting the USA Nationals, which will be one of the first selection rounds for the 2028 Summer Olympics.

The center will also hold training camps in the weeks surrounding the nationals.

“During our nationals, typically a lot of the athletes will come in a week or two in advance,” Little says. “Last year at nationals, I think we had about 240 shooters attend.”

This year in June, the center is also set to host a Paralympians Shoot.

Over the last few years,

“We’ll see people from all over the world—from Brazil, from France, from Italy, from Egypt, from the Far East, from Europe—come here. We’re hoping to see somewhere between 75 and 100 shooters for that event,” Little says.

Little emphasized that he wants the surrounding communities to remember that the center is also here for them.

“We are open to the public, and everybody is welcome.”

For more information about the center and its hours, visit shootingsports.hillsdale.edu. You should call ahead at (517) 610-5593 to check range availability.

24 business spotlight
A world-class Olympic-caliber range close to home! 4390 Bankers Rd. | Hillsdale, MI 49242 THE HALTER CENTER IS THE OFFICIAL HOME OF THE USA SHOOTING NATIONAL TEAM For more information, visit shootingsports.hillsdale.edu or call (517) 610-5593. OPEN TO THE PUBLIC, OFFERING: • Shotgun • Archery • Pistol • Trap/Skeet • Sporting Clays • Memberships Available • CPL Classes


New models. New features. Same passion.


Massive news from Triumph, even if it is not unexpected as spy shots have been circulating for at least a year. This will be Triumph’s first single cylinder engine in over 50 years and it is a fuel injected DOHC unit, developing 40 horsepower and 28 foot pounds of torque with the bulk of the latter available from 2500rpm up to 9500rpm. Slightly longer-travel suspension than the Speed 400 but, in reality, this is more of a “street scrambler” with style more important than real-world off-road ability, although Metzeler Karoo Street tires will work well off-road, while the 19-inch front/17-inch rear tire sizes mean that there will be plenty of street rubber that can be fitted if there is no intention to head off-road. 395 pounds is the all-in weight and, if Triumph has maintained the build quality of its larger models,

There was a time when bikes such as the Kawasaki KLR600 and Honda XR650 were still strong alternatives to the relatively new breed of adventure bike and, even though you can still buy both if you’re in the right country, they are fantastically old-fashioned and far too uncomfortable to offer any opposition to the likes of the BMW GS models. But that doesn’t stop the appeal of a large-engined ‘trail’ bike and Kawasaki’s 2024 KLX300 is a brilliant antidote to the weight and bulk of modern adventure bikes. The engine is a 292cc, fuel injected four valve single, which just about large enough to enable a longer ride on the black top. But it will be off-road where the KLX will excel, thanks to its tall suspension and 21/18-inch wheels wearing knobby tires. Also, available is the KLX300 SM - ‘SM’ for Super Motard, with road-tire wheel sizes.


But what if you do need the flashiest quad on the trail? In that case, the 2024 Polaris Sportsman XP 1000 Ultimate Trail is the rig for you. The XP 1000 gets a 952cc ProStar twin that puts out 90 hp which is mated to Polaris’ PVT. A 1,500-pound towing capacity, 12 inches of ground clearance, and on-demand all-wheel drive all come standard. With the Trail Edition, you get 27-inch Duro tires mounted on 14-inch wheels, a 3,500-pound Polaris winch, front and rear bumpers, and Ride Command.

We spent some time with the $16,899 XP 1000 High Lifter edition last year and it was amusing to say the least. The engine puts out enough power to get yourself in trouble, so it’s definitely not for beginner riders. It genuinely felt like an expensive machine, and the same thing goes for the $15,499 XP 1000 Ultimate Trail. It’s bright, loud, and the perfect quad if you want to stand out among the crowd.

27 5621 Abbott Rd. | Reading, MI 49274 | jcaldwell@dmcibb.net | Accepting Visa and Mastercard | Jake Caldwell - Owner Driveways, sidewalks, patios, floors, & more! Skid steer service available Sat&Sun.MAY4&5 • DRINK SPECIALS • GREAT FOOD • FUN FOR ALL! GET READY MI AMIGOS... two days of celebrating... Marachi Band Sunday 5-9 MARK YOUR CALENDAR! Hillsdale 252 W Carleton 517-437-7919 Coldwater 74 W. Chicago 517-278-4234 TWO LOCATIONS — SAME GREAT TASTE! HILLS DAL E 252 W. C ARL E TO N 517-437-7919 HOURS: MON-THURS 11AM - 9:30PM FRI & SAT 11AM - 10PM SUN 11AM - 9PM

Erie holding the least. To raise the water level of Lake Superior by one inch, you would need to pour more than 500 billion additional gallons into it!

6. Lake Michigan is the only Great Lake that is entirely within U.S. territory

The Great Lakes touch 8 states – but Michigan is the only state that touches four lakes, with borders on Superior, Michigan, Huron and Erie. While two Canadian provinces also touch the Great Lakes, Lake Michigan is the only Great Lake that doesn’t touch Canada.

7. The Empire State Building would sink beneath the surface of Lake Superior.

Lake Superior’s deepest point is 1,330 feet – for comparison, the Empire State building is 1,250 feet tall from ground to roof. If you built the Empire State Building on the deep -

10. Lake Michigan has a ‘Bermuda Triangle’ of its own.

There’s an area of Lake Michigan where many unexplained occurrences have left people bewildered that has been dubbed the Michigan Triangle – similar to the Bermuda Triangle. Occurrences have included unexplained ship disappearances and missing planes. North of the triangle near Traverse City, a strange, Stonehenge-like rock formation rests below the lake’s surface. Some believe the two phenomena are related to each other.

Bonus: Lake Erie has a Loch Ness-like sea monster.

Lake Erie is allegedly home to Bessie, a “sea monster”-like creature that has been spotted on multiple occasions for decades. The Cleveland baseball team - the Lake Erie Monsters - were named after this legend.



The best gifts & gadgets for men are captivating, purposeful, and unique! If you’re after a special new toy, the following selection of interesting gadgets is for you. We’ve chosen highly-practical gadgets for everyday use, those for fun and entertainment, and even some quirky and intriguing items you never knew existed!

Personalized Leather BBQ Gloves

Personalized Embossed Named Wooden Whiskey Dispenser

Leather Money Clip Wallet
Wood Watch; Explorer S - 44mm
Custom Branding Iron For Burgers/Steaks
Wristband Multitool 5-in-1 Tactical Survival Gear
Engraved Beer Table SCAN CODES with phone to view online

To say that Henry Ford’s Model T revolutionized life in the United States is a feeble understatement. Once he established the assembly line method of building his cars and had three shifts running, the factory could produce a Model T at the phenomenal rate of one every 24 seconds. For the first time, automobiles were affordable for millions of people which changed how Americans lived, worked, and vacationed. It was no longer necessary to live close to where you worked which contributed to the development of the suburbs.

As automotive technology advanced, Ford brought out a new car in 1927: the Model A. This car was wider and heavier than the Model T, but not taller—the “Tin Lizzie” perched high above its wheels. Both cars had four-cylinder engines, but the Model A had twice the horsepower at 40 hp and a top speed of 65 mph versus the Model T’s 45. The Model A was available in numerous styles including coupes (standard and deluxe), convertible cabriolet, business coupe,

sport coupe, roadster coupes (standard and deluxe), convertible sedan, phaetons (standard and deluxe), Tudor sedans (standard and deluxe), town car, Fordors (five-window standard, three-window deluxe), Victoria, town sedan, station wagon, taxicab, truck, and commercial. Production of the Model A ended in 1931.

John Shatelrow of Reading is the proud owner of a beautiful 1929 station wagon. These were the first mass-production station wagons, and John explained that they were used to transport passengers from train depots to hotels. It features a bench seat in front, two jump seats in the middle, and another bench seat in the back. John’s car is not only a station wagon but one in the “woody”


(or “woodie”) style with beautiful wood trim covering both sides and the back of the vehicle. John said that Ford had several mills and nearly 500,000 acres of Upper Peninsula land to produce the wood products needed to trim his cars.

The station wagon was built in Iron Mountain, Michigan, and came to John through the Brown family of North Adams. Joey Brown purchased it in Michigan City, Indiana, in 1954. After his passing, son Tom had the car. He repainted it and put on a new top. In the summer of 1922, John and his wife stopped by Tom’s house and discovered the car was still there. It became John’s who said, “All I had to do was put new tires on it. It ran fine!”

One great bonus that came with the deal for the car was a large assortment of original parts. Model A aficionados spend hours combing swap meets and antique markets searching for original parts to restore their cars, but John has a considerable stash. He has hopes of going through the parts soon to figure out just what he has!

car with the hood open because people like being able to see the engine and the mechanical set-up of the antique. John was stunned to be the recipient of the trophy for “Best Classic Prior 1949” at the American Legion Post 53 Baw Beese Bash in 2023.

It’s great to see this fine example of early American automotive achievement still running and still looking great!


American Legion Riders Post #53 Breakfast

Saturday, April 6, 8 am-11 am

Switching things up a bit here at our Legion on the Lake! Your Riders will be cooking breakfast now on the first SATURDAY of the month!! We want to give more folks the chance to come out and let us cook for you and to see what being a Legion Rider is all about! Applications for Vets, Sons, Aux AND Riders always available!! Come on out and get all you can eat; eggs your way, bacon, hash browns, waffles or pancakes or French toast, toast, coffee and juice. All for just $10.00!! All while enjoying the beautiful view of Baw Beese Lake!! Donations from this breakfast will be given to TALONS OUT HONOR FLIGHT, sending our vets on a no-cost to them flight to our nation’s capital!

Stillwell Ford 8th annual classic car show - Sept 14, 9 am-2 pm


Cruise In & Concerts take place the 4th Friday of the month between

May and September. Downtown Jackson 5-8 PM Bark & Brew 2024

Saturday, May 18, 1 PM-5 PM

Come join us for Bark & Brew, a fun-filled day of dogs, drinks, and good times - bring your friends and enjoy a cold one with us! It’s the perfect way to spend time with your best furry friend while supporting a great cause - Jackson County Animal Shelter. Save the date and get ready to have a tail-wagging good time at Bark and Brew!


Rockin’ to the Oldies Car Show

Saturday, April 27, 2024

Dash plaques to first 30 registered participants

Benefits the humane society. Fly-In/Car Show at Prop Blast Cafe

Sunday, June 2, 2024

Free with door prizes, outdoor games, goodie bags, dash plaques, & much more!


The 36th annual Coldwater swap meet and car show.

Mothers Day Weekend May 11 & 12

Branch County Fairgrounds Show cars & motorcycles!

Adrian Cruise In Car Shows. First Friday every month

May - October 5-8 PM, Downtown Adrian Hot Rods - Classic Cars - Trucks - Rat RodsMotorcycles.

Car & Bike Shows, Cruise Ins & More!


Leadership Traits What makes an effective leader

What are Leadership Traits?

Leadership traits refer to personal qualities that define effective leaders. Leadership refers to the ability of an individual or an organization to guide individuals, teams, or organizations toward the fulfillment of goals and objectives. It plays an important function in management, as it helps maximize efficiency and achieve strategic and organizational goals. Leaders help motivate others, provide guidance, build morale, improve the work environment, and initiate action.

List of Effective Leadership Traits

A common misconception is that individuals are just naturally gifted with leadership skills. The truth is that leadership traits, like other skills, can be acquired with time and practice. Below are seven traits of an effective leader:

1. Effective communication

Leaders are excellent communicators, able to clearly and concisely explain problems and solutions. Leaders know when to talk and when to listen. In addition, leaders are able to communicate on different levels: one-on-one, via phone, email, etc.

2. Accountability and responsibility

Leaders hold themselves accountable and take responsibility for any mistakes. Leaders support and encourage individuality while abiding by organizational structure, rules, and policies that need to be followed.

3. Long-term thinking

Leaders are visionaries. This is evidenced by the leadership trait of being able to plan for the future through concrete and quantifiable goals. They understand the need for continuous change and are open to trying new approaches to solve problems or improve processes.

4. Self-motivation

Leaders are self-motivated and are able to keep going and attain goals despite setbacks. In addition, good leaders try their best to exceed, not just meet, expectations.

5. Confidence

Virtually all good leaders share the leadership trait of confidence. They are able to make tough decisions and lead with authority. By being confident, leaders are able to reassure and inspire others, establish open communications, and encourage teamwork.

6. People orientation

Leaders are typically people-oriented and team players. They’re able to foster a team culture, involve others in decision-making, and show concern for each team member. By being people-oriented, leaders are able to energize and motivate others. By making each individual feel important and vital to the team’s success, they secure the best efforts from each member of the team.

7. Emotional stability

Leaders exercise good control and regulation over their own behavior and are able to tolerate frustration and stress. Leaders are able to cope with changes in an environment without having an intense emotional reaction.

Traits of Bad Leaders

Listed below are the traits that bad leaders commonly exhibit:

• Too bossy

• Fearful of change

• Unwilling or unable to communicate effectively

• Dismissive of ideas other than their own

• Lacking empathy

• Inconsistent

• Prone to blame others rather than accept responsibility themselves

• Indecisive Leadership Traits Personality Tests

Several tests are available to help determine your personality, strengths, and traits. These tests include the following:

• Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)

• DISC profile

• Strength Finder

• Wealth Dynamics Profile

The Myers Briggs Type Indicator is one of the most well-respected and widely-used personality type assessment tools. The Myers Briggs Type Indicator can be used as a guide to help identify strengths, weaknesses, and the way you perceive and process information. In fact, over 80% of Fortune 100 companies rely on tests such as the Myers Briggs to help build an effective and healthy organization.


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Jon McDonagh Lenawee County Mitchell Grubbs Jr Zach Miles Concord MI Logan Hayes. 12 Hillsdale MI Henry V Trey Zieman Caleb & Kasen MacDonald Hillsdale MI Mason, Ken, Trey Parma MI
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Twice a year, residents and out-of-state visitors can legally ride Michigan's 4,000 miles of off-road vehicle trails and routes and the state’s six scramble areas (Bull Gap, Black Lake Scramble Area, Holly Oaks ORV Park, Silver Lake State Park, The Mounds and St. Helen’s Motorsport Area) without an ORV license or trail permit. All other ORV rules and laws still apply, and the Recreation Passport is required where applicable.

This year's free weekends take place June 8-9 and August 17-18, 2024.

Typically, there is an entrance fee at Holly Oaks ORV Park (although no Recreation Passport requirement), but the fee will be waived both weekends this year.

Three Free Weekend - The first Free ORV Weekend (June 8-9, 2024) also lines up with Summer Free Fishing Weekend, when fishing licenses and the Recreation Passport requirement are waived. Don't miss "Three Free" weekend - two full days when Michigan residents and visitors can grab a fishing pole, ride the off-road trails and visit state parks and boating access site - all free of charge.

Consider purchasing an ORV license or trail permit for the season. Fees generated through the sale of ORV licenses and trail permits are reinvested back into the ORV system. These important dollars help fund trail expansion, maintenance, and infrastructure improvements such as bridge and culvert construction and repair as well as law enforcement and the offsetting of damage created by illegal use. The cost is $26.25 for an ORV license and $10 for a trail permit for a total of $36.25.

There are articles all over the internet about the new kitchen gadgets you “absolutely must have in your kitchen.” Unfortunately, the vast majority of these gadgets are single-use appliances and are cheaply made.

If you’re serious about cooking delicious meals from scratch, you don’t need the latest plastic gizmo. You need a few quality kitchen basics. One of those basics should be a Dutch oven. There’s a reason Dutch ovens have been used for centuries throughout the world. They are kitchen workhorses.

Dutch ovens are thick-walled, solid cast iron or enameled cast iron pots with thick, sturdy lids. Traditionally they were used for hanging over an open fire or baking in the coals of an open fire. Today they’re most frequently used to cook on the stovetop, in the oven, or on a grill, but they’re still just as useful.

6 Advantages of a Dutch Oven

1. Many Dutch ovens can be used in a variety of ways.

Most Dutch ovens are safe to use on the stovetop, in the oven, and even on an open fire. For this reason, they’re perfect for everyday use as well as for camping, off-grid living, and survival scenarios.

2. Dutch ovens are super durable.

Unlike many modern kitchen tools, Dutch ovens are made to last. They’re one of the few pieces of kitchenware that will hold up so long they’ll probably be passed on to your grandchildren.

3. Dutch ovens are safe.

Unlike a lot of modern non-stick cookware, Dutch ovens aren’t coated in chemicals.

4. They’re incredibly versatile.

You can cook almost anything in a Dutch oven from roasts to French fries to bread. This is partially because they’re safe to use for so many cooking methods.

5. They can help you save energy. Dutch ovens retain their heat for a long time, so they can be used to continue cooking food after you’ve turned your burner or oven off. They were often used in combination with a “haybox” to keep them insulated and cook a meal slowly with little energy.

6. They heat evenly and hold in moisture and flavor.

These characteristics often make for extra-delicious baked goods, casseroles, and stews.

4 Types of Dutch Ovens

The first thing to consider when purchasing a Dutch oven is whether you’d like a solid cast iron Dutch oven or one that has been enameled. Both come with their own distinct advantages and disadvantages.

1. Enameled Dutch Ovens

While enamel Dutch ovens cannot be used in campfires, for those sticking with just home cooking, they can still be an excellent choice. You’ll never need to season them, they’re still very durable, and they heat even more evenly than a traditional solid cast iron Dutch oven. They also come in a variety of colors.

When purchasing an enamel Dutch oven, be sure to opt for a quality piece that is rated for a high temperature.

2. Solid Cast Iron Dutch Ovens

These Dutch ovens are probably the more versatile of the two. They can handle camping trips and being set right in the fire and can be used in your home oven at extremely high temperatures.

They also add a little bit of iron to your food each time you cook in them, helping you make sure you’re getting your daily recommended value. Unlike enamel Dutch ovens, however, these Dutch ovens will need to be seasoned. This is a simple process but does add a bit of extra maintenance.

Cast iron Dutch ovens also come in three basic styles giving them added versatility for your personal cooking style. Most just have a plain pot and lid, but there are camp ovens and double Dutch ovens available as well.

3. Camp Dutch Oven

Consider how much outdoor cooking you want to do. Some Dutch ovens offer the benefits of small legs and a flat, lipped lid into which you can scoop coals. These features allow you to bake food evenly in an open fire. They also generally have a sturdy handle for easy retrieval or for hanging them over the flames.

4. Double Dutch Ovens

These Dutch ovens add yet another aspect of versatility because their lid doubles as a skillet. No matter what type of Dutch oven you choose, it’s important to look for quality. If you opt for a quality one, it will never need to be replaced. Quality Dutch ovens have a few important features.

 They’re rated to withstand high temperatures including any handles.

 They have an even thickness throughout.

 They’re made of cast iron (cast iron covered with enamel counts).

 There are no chips, dents, or odd shaping of their iron or enamel.


46 Director of Veteran Affairs Renae Shircliff — r.shircliff@co.hillsdale.mi.us 33 McCollum St. Suite 108, Hillsdale • 517-437-3630 YOUR BEST TOOL FOR THE JOB AMERICAN MADE UTVs Camden, MI 49232 10700 Edon Road 888.368.5266 TEST DRIVE ONE TODAY! www.dpequipment.com Court Appointed Special Advocate volunteers are needed now more than ever. For more information please contact Heather Upton by calling (517)797-6020 or email casaofhillsdale@gmail.com. #changeachildsstory Help Us Reach Every Child! Every child in foster care deserves to have a CASA volunteer to advocate for them. As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, we run completely off of grants and donations. We do not charge for our services. You can help us in this quest by providing critical financial support. www.hillsdalecasa.org Now accepting applications for our new volunteer summer training. Become a volunteer today! Find us on FB at Hillsdale CASA- Child Advocates. Dates TBA.
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