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I raised £3,000 by

“To fundraise for my expedition to Vietnam & Cambodia I started making cake stands to sell. I never Hayley expected it to take off quite as it did!”

How I did it



1. I went round charity shops and car boot


2. I then sorted them into coordinating two

Plates cost anywhere between 50p and £3.50. This will vary depending on where you buy

sales to collect decent plates or three tier stands.

3. I bulk bought the stand fittings online 4. I then drilled the plats with a ceramic drill bit

5. I sold over 450 stands

Think about Plan what you are going to do as early as possible, the sooner you get started the better Source your materials for as little money as possible to make your profit margins higher This was my main source of fundraising but I also raised £1,013 putting on an 80s party

Pricing Keep track of what you pay for each plate so you price your stand correctly Craft Fairs Get involved in as many craft fairs in your local area as you can

Get going Materials Charity Shop Finder: Cake Stand Fittings: Craft Fairs Find craft fairs up and down the country here:

I raised £230 by

I thought it would be a good idea to get fundraising quickly, so as soon as I signed up to World Challenge, I organised two Teddy Tombola's at local Christmas Fairs”. - Oliver

How I did it 1. 2. 3. 4.

Place a photo of yourself here Oliver


Get planning early on


Put the message out on social media

Stall prices vary, and you can negotiate costs if you tell them your story. I paid between £10£15 on stall costs. Raffle ticket books cost around £2. Teddies were donated

Ask friends and family for donations I kept events local to keep costs low (my mum and dad were kind enough to take me for free!). Plus, if you do go to local events ,you're bound to see people you know and they usually spend more!

Pricing I charged £2 per ticket and every ticket was a winner

Think about Plan your fundraising activities well and don't try and take on too much at the same time Keep active on social media Think about events you can do at various times throughout the year – my tombola's were at Christmas Fairs and I plan to do more of these in the summer

Get going Fairs Find potential locations here: Also, search your local newspaper for ‘What’s On’ listings

I raised £700 by

Having a regular income is useful. Put yourself out there to find any jobs you can, big or small, because every little helps!”

How I did it


I charged £6 an hour


I never turned down any opportunities to babysit


I created business cards and flyers to promote my services

I did about 100 hours


I asked my family, neighbours and parents friends

An average of 5 hours at a time


I advertised on social media on pages for my local area offering my services


I was friendly and responsible

£££ - I got £100 in tips - people are more likely to be generous if they know why you are raising money

Think about

Get going

Make the most of the free time you have once they are in bed by studying

Template Flyer

Do some research into the going rate for babysitting in your area. I was also 16 years old when I started. Think about how you get home safely afterwards.


Make a good impression so the parents might rehire you and recommend you to their friends



I raised £2,000 by


Working hard is always better when its for a good cause”

How I did it 1. I went to a local store and purchased equipment

2. I practiced my skills on my family's cars 3. I thought of a competitive price 4. I then went out every weekend to do other peoples


I charged £5 per car & most customers gave large tips The materials cost very little, increasing profit Time It took 30 to 45 mins per car

Think about Remember quality over quantity - a good review is better than £5


Get going Materials: Find local areas:

It is ideal if you cannot set up a large event Knowledge of your area is key to help you find the most profitable roads

I raised £300 by Hosting a

“All I needed was a final push to raise the last of the money for my trip to Nepal. So, I organised a garden party for all my friends and family. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves and it was an amazing day”

How I did it

1. Sat down with my parents and chose a date to host my party

2. Decided on different games to run at stalls which people could play

3. Collected prizes for a raffle 4. Created a Facebook event page where I invited all my friends and family

Think about



Expenditure - Provided free lunch which included sandwiches, cakes, sausage rolls, and drinks - I bought prizes for the tombola and stalls. A lot of the raffle prizes had been donated Profit - Entry was free - Raffle £1 per strip & tombola £1 for 5 tickets - 4 other stalls 50p a go - Put tins around for people to donate

Get going

Getting friends involved! Many hands make light work and my friends helped to run the stalls with me and help set up. Could not have done it without them!

Stall ideas Human Fruit Machine – Netball Shoot Out – Raffle – Tombola – Sweets in a Jar

Think of inviting young children, they love the games on the stalls

Inspiration Search ”Garden Party” in Pinterest

Write to local businesses asking for raffle prizes and keep an eye out for low cost prizes in the shops

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How to guides Fundraising examples  

How to guides Fundraising examples for Project Independence digi brochure

How to guides Fundraising examples  

How to guides Fundraising examples for Project Independence digi brochure