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At the time of writing this, we are in the middle of a ďŹ ght to save our jobs and freedom to trade in New York. It’s unbelievable that a city council would try to ban its local community the chance to carry on buying fur. From Canada Goose to Ugg to Fendi, the city is full of consumers who love to wear fur. Big stores like Bloomingdale's and Barneys are full of fur and our local furriers have worked in the famous garment district for generations. At a time when we are all focused on the environment, banning a natural product makes no sense. Our campaign is putting pressure on the council to re-think and I will keep you all posted stage by stage. With regards, Mark Oaten. CEO, International Fur Federation






Intarsia Fox Jacket by Yves Salomon

Yellow Seal Bum Bag by Rebecca Bradley London Maple Mink Jacket by Manakas Frankfurt

Fox Coat by Saga® By Utzon

(left) Blue Mink Jacket by Liska Silver Fox Bag by Somper Furs (right) Grey Mink Bomber Jacket by Liska The Meow - Small Mink Bag in Pale Pink by Pologeorgis

Boulevard Scarf by Rachel London Bethanie Bomber Jacket by Maison Elama

Multicolour Mink Cloche by Jonevon Furs King Aubergine Blue Frost Fox, Unlined Vest by Rachel London Essential Backpack Lavender Mink Fur by ALEXQUISITE

Signtaure Natural Coyote Zip-up Jakcet by York Furriers

Fur Bomber Jacket by Django

Fur Trimmed Socks by Somper Furs

Scroll Wrap in Alpaca and Fox - CHARCOAL by Bewitched Couture

Brown Coat with Chevron Back by York Furriers

Fox Coat by SagaÂŽ By Utzon Red Trousers with Detachble Fur Pockets by Kopenhagen Fur

Fox Coat by Saga® By Utzon


FT BUSINESS LVMH Chairman and CEO Sidney Toledano

REMIX finalists collection, Berivan Cemal and Huseyin Ozer

IFF exhibit

IFF logo on the official backdrop wall

IFF sponsorship pack


etween May 19th-21st, luxury business leaders from around the world descended to Madrid, Spain, for the 2019 Financial Times Luxury Summit. Over the two-days, speakers from across all luxury industries including finance, real estate, e-commerce, digital media and fashion, gave deep insight into the future of luxury, in particular, re-thinking luxury which was the theme of the summit. The agenda was comprised of many fashion industry luminaries, including: Financial Times Fashion Editor Jo Ellison; Alexander McQueen CEO Emmanuel Gintzburger; Moncler Chairman and CEO Remo Ruffini; Paul Smith Chairman Paul Smith, Moda Operandi CEO Ganesh Srivats; LVMH Chairman and CEO Sidney Toledano; Fabrizio Viti shoes Creative Director and Louis Vuitton Co-Founder and Style Director Fabrizio Viti; and Loewe and Jonathan Anderson Creative Director and Designer Jonathan Anderson, to name only a few.




Moncler Chairman and CEO Remo Ruffini

“I m p to p


but an - the of th Fur Times magazine placed on seats in the conference room Summit Gala Dinner

The International Fur Federation (IFF) was a sponsor of the 2019 Financial Times Luxury Summit. Three mannequins showcasing REMIX gold winner Berivan Cemal, REMIX silver winner Huseyin Ozer and the Saga Fur winner Dong Wang, created a buzz around IFF’s stand as natural fur and its place in luxury fashion and the fashion industry was regularly discussed. IFF’s Natural Fur brochure, Fur Times Spring Issue, and informative booklets provided by auction houses were distributed to guests and visitors of the stand. As part of IFF’s sponsorship, the IFF logo was branded on all Financial Times marketing materials and online, this gave IFF extensive outreach not only to all attendees, but beyond the two conference days including the days leading up to the summit and the days that followed. Additionally, on the last day of the summit, IFF’s Fur Times magazine was placed on seats in the conference room ensuring all high-powered guests received one.



CHRISTIAN DIOR “I made it my passion to not only promote the fashionability of fur, but to help – and defend - the members of the industry.”


he sold-out fashion exhibition the world is talking about, Christian Dior: The Designer of Dreams, is just that – a dream. Housed at London’s iconic Victoria & Albert Museum (V&A), a suspended duck-egg blue ribbon guides the way to

one of Dior’s greatest archives where, upon entering its imposing entrance, I was greeted by the early years of Dior’s life and career. Encased in glass are Dior’s first fashion sketches which would ultimately be his gateway into fashion design, combined with facts which chronicled Dior’s Normandy, France, upbringing. All of this softly introduced Dior’s creative genius to eager onlookers. Presented with Dior’s love for gardens, travel, art, architecture and fancy-dress costume design, a series of paintings, photographs and sketches trace Dior’s footsteps to culture and couture capital of the twentieth century – Paris. Dior overcame many obstacles to become one of high fashions greatest designers. He fought his parents who pressed him to study Political Science, served his country as a conscript during World War Two, and overcame financial ruin following the 1929 Wall Street Crash. Overcoming all this hardship, Dior unveiled his first haute couture collection on the 12th February 1947, where he famously rewrote the fashion rulebook presenting a radical alternative to the masculine boxy female fashions of post-war Paris. Dior’s stand-out silhouettes, which synched the waist of the women who wore them, would become a defining feature of all his collections to come. His soft shoulder, shaped hips and figure hugging pencil skirts celebrated the natural curves of the


THE DESIGNER OF DREAMS female form – a look epitomised by Dior’s iconic Bar Suit and Hat look. Carmel Snow, editor in chief of Harper’s Bazaar, announced, “It’s quite a revolution, dear Christian. Your dresses have such a new look!” And thus, Dior and his collection was christened the New Look of high fashion. Following the success of Monsieur Dior’s inaugural collection, the world eagerly awaited each up-coming collection. Dior designed 22 collections throughout his career, many made up of 150-plus looks and each one paying homage to female curves through structure and proportions. Dior’s innovative designs ensured new and returning custom and, ultimately, the continued success of the design house. Dior confessed 10-years after his first show, in 1957, “I think of my work as ephemeral architecture, dedicated to the beauty of the female body” – a statement which highlights his passion for architecture and fashion, and the mutually-informing symbiotic relationship of both. Causing quite the sensation when it was first released was Dior’s H line. Worn by Hollywood starlet Jane Russel, famous for her curvy figure, in part to shun critics who accused the design of suppressing the female body when previous collections had celebrated it, the design features a material Christian Dior himself, and the house of Dior today, love: Fur. The fitted black dress with button detailing and warm brown mink collar, with matching hat trim, suited the starlet beautifully and proved its allure on all body types. Dior infused natural fur in his ready-to-wear and haute couture collections throughout his career. And since his untimely death, in October 1957, all the creative directors who took the helm at Dior continued the house’s affinition and use of the material. Christian Dior’s golden age of fur came when Frederick Castet was appointed the head of Dior’s fur division. Castet became Dior's master furrier and, along with the Fendi sisters among others, brought innovative fur styling into mainstream fashion by 1968. Known for his bold treatment of furs, Castet trimmed, plucked, dyed and cut any and all types of pelts in an era where Dior furs were growing in popularity. Fast forward nearly twenty years, to the 1980’s, a time of ostentatious luxury, glamour, powerful women, and extravagant styles, a triumphal era for Dior Fourrure, Dior was teaming with customers flooding stores to buy furs with costly price tags. Dior’s furs had become fashions hottest commodity, much which can be attributed to Frederick Castet. Today, the house of Dior stands confident and strong in their resolve to use sustainable and natural materials, like fur, leather, silk and wool, in their womenswear and menswear collections, with artistic directors one after the other parading natural fabrics on the catwalk, keeping Christian Dior’s love of the magnificent natural materials alive. Christian Dior: Designer of Dreams is the most creatively and culturally

progressive exhibition of the twenty-first century. Demonstrating the difference between cultural appropriation and appreciation, Dior’s exhibition is bursting with inclusivity. It’s a celebration of glamour and architecture and a signifier of innovative art and design. Christian Dior will forever be known for creating a New Look which changed fashion’s history and future forever. He is Christian Dior, the Designer of Dreams and architect of aspiration.


Fur fashion explored by experts.

IFF produces a brand-new fashion campaign. T

he IFF comes back this year with an exciting and innovating approach to promoting fashionable fur with an environmental conscious! The IFF has recruited a series of external experts to lend their voice to narrate this year’s campaign and to present their own observations and conclusions on both, natural fur as a material as well as the industry. Their views endorse what the industry has been repeating through the past few years; natural fur is the responsible choice and goes as far as concluding that the fashion industry all together could learn from the fur industry practices. An environmentalist, a conservationist, a fashion influencer, an avid customer, a business owner and a journalist as well as an artisan all discuss what makes fur responsible from their own expertise. Sustainability is the main theme that will carry on this year, and those fashion films will promote how sustainability is embedded within fur as a material and within the industry all together. Sustaining ecosystems, sustaining the environment, sustaining jobs, sustaining tradition and skill, sustaining responsible consumption are all themes you should expect to hear about throughout the campaign endorsed by the external experts. We have chosen a stunning natural backdrop, a lake side location with mountain ranges in the background, plenty of greenery, moss, water and an un-assuming raw setting all together that puts fur in its natural habitat. An ‘army’ of four models have been recruited to give face to the campaign, often posing in groups emulating a society of fur lovers; a community that is unapologetic proudly wearing natural fur in a variety of styles. The campaign presents the beautiful fashion from over 18 IFF members’ brands and a list of high fashion brands as well.

FUR&FASHION What went down behind the scenes? And what does it take to produce this annual fashion campaign? Here is a rundown of my personal journal and experience being on location on this year’s campaign! From the outside, fashion shoots seem glamorous, stylish and exciting – but have you wondered what it takes to make a fashion shoot work? Do you know what is needed to create that stunning image? Or, what happens behind-the-scenes to make sure everything goes to plan? So that the models are in check fitting the part, the camera men have impeccable lighting ready for the next round of photos they’ll be taking, the hair and make-up is seamless, the setting fits the picturesque message that’s in mind and more? So much more so that you’ll be looking at a fashion campaign photo reflecting on all of the hours spent to create THE perfect shot. Luckily, I had first-hand access to our annual fashion campaign behind-the-scenes photoshoot and can uncover all that happened. Hair and makeup: 7:30am – Models needed to be at the hotel where our shoot was, ready and barefaced. Evidently makeup is extremely important, it takes the direction of where the theme of your shoot is going. In our case, modest, unapologetic and simplistic was where we were headed. The same goes with hair… natural waves and a loose bun, as after all our shoot focuses on the natural beauty of fur – the overall aesthetic needed to replicate that. Makeup for all three models took the route of a lightly smoked eye, with very minimal contouring and natural lip. In between shots, and back at the hotel waiting for the set-up of the next location to be prepped, models were always getting ‘touched-up’, whether that was with extra lipstick, more hair-gel, a re-blow-dry or to re-adjust an out-of-place piece of hair that fell at the front of the model’s face – nothing went unnoticed, and everything was made to ensure that the models looked exactly as we wanted them to. You never really notice how much work goes on behind the scenes to make sure even the slightest bit of hair or makeup is altered; it was fascinating to witness all of the looks gradually come together to produce a piece of art. Although when the models were getting these touch-ups, not that they necessarily needed them (I thought so), you could undeniably see the difference after the hair scrunch, or the clipping of the male model’s hair sleeked backwards over the ear instead of above… it’s the smallest of touches that make such a difference.

FUR&FASHION Cameramen/videographer: The impeccable photos that catch the mountains, the nature, the ambiance, the models and everything else you see are all down to the cameramen and videographer on set making it happen. It takes hard-work to make an idea materialise into something magnificent, and it wouldn’t be possible without the camera crew. Although the models looked incredible, it was intriguing to watch the way the cameramen would run up and down, with their cameras and foam board reflector in their hands, chasing the models every move, whether they were walking or standing – making sure to capture every moment of the photoshoot to create something mesmerising. One doesn’t really comprehend how much work and effort is put into creating a photoshoot, but from having a look at just how in-depth it is, there really is much more than what meets the eye on a pictorial image. The thousands of ‘click’ noises on the camera, and the different poses from the models were all part of the exhilarating experience BTS. I reminisce watching one of the models strut down the grassy pavement, with the cameramen and videographer behind her and realising just how much she and nature looked virtuous together and moulded the idea behind why natural fur is the responsible choice. Location/Weather: The location was set outside a scenic hotel in the Lake District, UK, where the lake was glistening. It was an astonishing sight that perfectly fit the message of our campaign. The set was beautiful, with plenty of breath-taking views for each different location… it was dreamy! The weather was grey and cloudy, but it made it all that better, really allowing the fur to POP against the moodiness. While it did start to rain later on during the day, nothing metaphorically rained on our parade! The ‘wet’ look allowed to create a different kind of melancholy composition, in comparison to the other shots that we obtained. With so many stunning locations paired together with the weather, each shot allowed for a different backdrop and feel. Stylist: Other behind-the-scenes happenings were the stylist always being on hand. When you see a photo, you assume that there has been time taken to organise what piece will go with what piece, and rightly so, but even on the day things can change. A look won’t fit the location or look the way you assume so during a fitting. Naturally, our stylist had to change a few things like sunglasses, or a bandana to enhance a look. Depending on the setting, changes to style are bound to happen and this is the beauty of it all – what seems proficient all varies on the day, the weather, and the overall aesthetic of the location. The styling looks were very modern, chic and up-to-date, reflecting on our message. As an example of one look, the stylist paired sunglasses with a bandana and fur coat… you wouldn’t usually put the three together and expect a worthy outfit, but there is creativity in fur like no other that combining the unexpected will give you innovation. A sneak peak of some of the brands that were used to enhance the lakeside were, equally naturistic, a butterfly Valentino fur coat, a Saks Potts multicoloured mink coat and SPOTTED, a Yves Salomon fur coat! A mini list of other brands that showed their fur were Louis Vuitton, Oscar De La Renta, Astrid Andersen, Edward Crutchley, J. Mendel, Kopenhagen Fur, Saga Furs, and many more. Each bought a different aesthetic and allowed for distinctive looks upon each location to really be conspicuous.

FUR&FASHION An example of this was J. Mendel’s long black swakara coat with black fox cuffs in the woods – this lingered in my mind as the look was unforgettable. This location in the woods seemed like a mini hollow where it seemed near impossible to reach… at least in my position above the pathways. Director running the shoot: ‘Look serious’, ‘more cheeky fun’ and sometimes ‘no smiling’ were just some of what the director of the shoot was saying to the models. This in very simple terms, is how he produced our campaign. By saying this, the director ensured that the work of the models articulated what we wanted from this campaign, both tactically and explicitly. The director oversaw all on set so that we got perfect shots and films, from different face gestures, to how the models should move (either more touching between each other or moving faster/slower), where they should be positioned, to where hands and legs should be placed, like on a rock, or on other models’ shoulders. The smallest of details can make the world of difference, so much so that even with a remarkable view, a model’s hand on their hip instead of free-flowing is the difference between an average image and THE image. To conclude, there is much more that takes place behind a photoshoot – with people working on aspects that one wouldn’t necessarily put their mind to. It takes a big group of dedicated individuals to produce something so spectacular and having behind-the-scenes access to see what it’s like on the other side of the camera is edifying in terms of what it actually takes to turn our ideas into a reality.

by FUR Style Blog

FUR&FASHIONNEWS An i mal Activists, Busi n ess Own ers Spar Over Fu r-Ban Bi ll @TheWallStreetJournal Hundreds of animal-rights activists and fur-industry supporters squared off Wednesday at an hours long New York City Council hearing on a bill that would ban nearly all sales of fur in the city. Manhattan’s Fashion District has one of the largest fur industries in the world. During the hearing, some fur-company owners in the city said the ban would put them out of business, and more than 1,000 people—many of them immigrant workers—would lose their jobs. A group of African-American pastors from churches around the city also oppose the ban, saying fur has historical significance in their culture. Mark Oaten, the CEO of the International Fur Federation, said New Yorkers should be allowed to buy fur. “A ban proposed this way would stop the freedom of designers to work with fur and would stop consumers here in New York from buying fur they want to buy,” he said.

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SA KS POTTS W I N S EL L E AWA R D FO R B EST S H OW @KopenhagenFur On Friday evening 10 May, this year’s ELLE Style Awards Denmark took place at the Aller House in Copenhagen, and once again the Kopenhagen Fur brand partner Saks Potts took home a prestigious prize. Last year, the designers Cathrine Saks and Barbara Potts won an ELLE statuette for being ‘Brand of the year’, and this year the designer duo took home the ‘Show of the year’ price for their SS19 show, which was created in collaboration with Kopenhagen Fur. Fur has always been a crucial part of Saks Potts’ design, and ever since 2015 the duo has been collaborating with Kopenhagen Fur. “Kopenhagen Fur has taught us a lot about fur techniques, how to grade fur, animal welfare and sustainability. The collaboration has developed over all the years we have been working together, and has been extremely educational for us, and I think also for Kopenhagen Fur,” says one half of the Saks Potts brand, designer Cathrine Saks. To continue reading, scan the barcode or visit the link: /saks-potts-wins-elle-style-award-for-best-show/

Pro posed Fu r Ban i n N ew Yo rk Pits An i mal Ri ghts Advocates Agai nst Black M i n isters @TheNewYorkTimes The proposed ban, backed by animal rights advocates, has met an unexpected challenge from a diverse set of opponents, including black pastors and Hasidic leaders. They say a prohibition would fly in the face of centuries of religious and cultural tradition. Each side had celebrity power: The anti-fur movement was represented by Tim Gunn, the “Project Runway” style guru; the pro-fur crowd had Safaree Samuels, a rapper and television personality, who was wearing a lynx coat that he said he had bought for the event. Councilman Chaim Deutsch of Brooklyn said that he opposed the ban for several reasons, including that many Hasidic Jewish men wear hats made of fur, known as shtreimels or spodiks.“Today they’re going to ban fur, tomorrow our pants are going to start falling down because they’re going to ban leather, we’re not going to have belts,” he said. “We’re not going to have shoes. Once you start with one thing, where does it end? What is next? We can’t eat chicken? We can’t eat meat?” To continue reading, scan the barcode or visit the link:


FURMARK Moving Forward the International Mark of Responsible Natural Fur The International Fur Federation (IFF) is continuing with the implementation of FURMARK: an independent world-class, comprehensive certification and traceability program that covers sustainability, animal welfare and transparency at all stages of the fur supply chain. In May 2019, the IFF published an update of the full FURMARK brochure and executive summary which has been translated into French, Italian, Turkish, Russian, Greek, Spanish, Korean, Ukrainian and Chinese. Other translations are available on The IFF has also been running or attending a series of events during May and June covering countries such as Korea, Canada, Denmark, Italy, France, Spain, and Greece in order to promote FURMARK. Before the summer, the IFF will be also be presenting in China, USA, Turkey and Russia. If IFF members would like dedicated FURMARK member events please contact Claudia Proietti as we would be happy to coordinate these events in the coming months. The IFF has also taken stands at some of the major auction houses in order to promote FURMARK and engage fur supply chain customers.

FURMARK at Kopenhagen Fur (May 2019

In May 2019, the IFF chaired the first of the FURMARK Steering Group meetings which included representatives of the fashion industry. A further steering group meeting is planned for July 2019. The IFF continues to work with ChainPoint in developing the traceability system. To support the development of FURMARK, the IFF is also in the process of commissioning an external auditor in order to review the entire program which will aid the transparency and promotion of FURMARK. Further details will be provided in due course. Our Commitment to Sustainability The IFF is making good progress in the development of the Sustainability Strategy which will be launched later in 2019. In order to benchmark how the sector is performing, the IFF in partnership with Fur Europe is commissioning internal research into each component of the fur supply chain. This exercise will involve detailed questionnaires which have received excellent support from major auction houses and the International Fur Dressers and Dyers Association (IFDDA). Once completed the insights from the research will help shape the strategy as we move forward. A detailed independent report into the global warming potential of the farm-raised fur sector is nearing completion and a second report is in development to explore the impact of wild fur. This research which includes detailed life cycle analysis is critical in our efforts to defend and promote natural fur. The report into farm-raised fur will be published shortly. For further information please contact Claudia Proietti


eur ope Asia

New WELFUR Protocol is underway While the science-based animal welfare programme WelFur currently is being implemented on 3.200 mink and fox farms across Europe, the development of science-based measurements for a much less known fur animal are quietly underway. Finnraccoon, also known as raccoon dog, is farmed commercially in Finland, and the production counted 160.000 pelts in 2018. Right now a pilot phase is taking place in which animal welfare researchers are testing the validity of measurements, while at the same time the calculation model is being developed. The new protocol - that effectively work as a manual for the independent third-party assessors - will be handed over to an external review committee by the end of the year. The committee will review the protocol for its scientific validity and alignment with the methodology and principles of the European Commission’s Welfare Quality protocols. “All animals matter, also if the production is less economically significant. The WelFur protocols developed for mink and fox are already a success before consumers can buy products from certified farms. As the only animal welfare programme in the world, WelFur has been obtained in the European Commission’s self-regulation database, and Fur Europe’s board did not hesitate in deciding to move on with a finnraccoon protocol,” CEO of Fur Europe, Mette Lykke Nielsen, says. Recently, it was also revealed that fur farmed species will be a focus area of the European Commission’s next reference centre for animal welfare together with poultry and rabbits. The reference centres gather animal welfare expertise, and Mette Lykke Nielsen is pleased with the focus on scientific knowledge: “We think independent, scientific knowledge should underpin decisions on animal welfare. The WelFur protocols are dynamic, scientific tools too, in the sense that protocols and score system will change as new research and better welfare measurements emerge. WelFur is based on animal indicators, and while everybody know animal indicators are ‘state of the art’ in animal welfare assessment, the fur sector is the only industry to implement it on this big a scale,” Mette Lykke Nielsen says.

2019 China Graduate Fashion Week organized by China Fashion Association, China National Garment Association and China Textile and Apparel Education Society, was held from May 13-19 in Beijing 751 Art Zone. Designers from 47 well-known colleges in 18 provinces, districts and countries attended 46 events or show during the fashion week. As a sponsor, IFF support this most influential fashion week to China’s young generation. IFF pays close attention to young designer’s fashion design and attitude in China. Through involving the events and support young designer, we hope to take the Natural Fur to more young people, let them have a better understanding of sustainability, and love natural fur. Film about natural fur and fur fashion was shown at the main entrance of art zone attracting many people’s interest and eyes. IFF’s natural fur booth stood at the main place of exhibition during fashion week. Pictures and words about natural fur can be seen in the catalogue, social media and magazine here. And IFF attended the main activities including opening ceremony, fashion show, forum and design competition held during fashion week.


eura sia

Catalogue of Russian Fur Manufacturers Russian Fur Union has issued a catalogue of Russian Fur Manufacturers which contains information about 1000 companies. This catalogue first of all seeks to confirm the actual number of existing fur product manufacturers in the country in order to use this data to elaborate promising programs aimed at developing the domestic fur industry, specific measures to support fur business and establishing business contacts between fur producers, manufacturers of finished garments and sales organizations in Russia and other countries. Le Show fair in Moscow From May 14-16, 2019, the 23rd international exhibition of winter fashion Le Show was held. About 60 exhibitors took part in the exhibition, including 20 companies from Russia, 25 companies from Turkey, 3 from Greece, several companies from China, Slovenia, Hungary and Italy. The exhibition was not crowded. According to reviews of a number of exhibitors, the reason was the interest and participation of some customers in the exhibition in Pyatigorsk, as well as the close dates of the upcoming exhibition in Antalya. The exhibition featured a relatively small number of whole fur garments, most of the collections were occupied by down jackets, coats and leather jackets with natural fur trim. The guests of the exhibition were interested in the presented goods, work was actively going on the stands. A visit to the exhibition by new buyers was noted. Furrier courses in Istanbul Annual fur workshop is being held in Istanbul from 19-31 May, 2019. Students from all IFF-Eurasia countries are taking part in this event and learn furrier skills under guidance of professionals who has years of experience. Fur Fair in Antalya From 22 to 25 May 2019, an international exhibition of leather and fur will be held in Antalya (Turkey), in which 55 companies and more than 1,000 buyers from different countries will take part.

ame ricas

New York State Assemblywoman Linda Rosenthal has introduced a state bill, AB 5040, which would prohibit the manufacture of fur products in the state, effective 2021. Ms. Rosenthal, who hails from the upper west side of New York City, is known for carrying legislation that reflects the broader animal rights agenda in the state, and this bill is just one of several animal-related bills she has sponsored this year. New York City Since the bill's hearing date was scheduled, we restructured our NYC for press, government relations, litigation and coalition-building. We have made significant progress in three weeks, with many Councilmembers opposing the ban, in addition to generating positive TV and newspaper coverage on how a ban would negatively impact jobs, the economy, the environment, and international relations. Last week, over 100 African American community, pastors and parishioners on the steps of City Hall for a Rally. This week we participated in the City’s Public Hearing. We arranged for over 200 New Yorkers to attend, including environmental, animal welfare, economic experts and African American celebrities to attend. The tide is turning, in our favour. California AB44 was voted out of Appropriations on a straight roll call vote reflecting the democratic majority on Thursday and will now move to the full Assembly for a floor vote as soon as next week. The CA team will continue with their aggressive lobbying efforts along with a comprehensive, full-scale public affairs campaign to persuade California lawmakers to oppose AB 44 (Friedman) unless amended with industry-driven certification language during the 2019 legislative session.

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FUR Times: Summer Edition  

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