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Changing Lives Through Literacy

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Completing Tasks: positioning yourself in a better place

President’s Letter Dear Friends,


Cristi Hooper Reiger

MISSION The Junior League of Oklahoma City, Inc. is an organization of women committed to promoting voluntarism, developing the potential of women and improving the community through effective action and leadership of trained volunteers. Its purpose is exclusively educational and charitable.

VISION The Junior League of Oklahoma City, Inc. will empower volunteers to impact our community and enrich lives.

FOCUS Changing Lives Through Literacy

encourage each of you to complete the tasks of this League year, leave your position in a better place than you received it, and recommit for the coming League year, and the position(s) you have accepted. Each and every job in the League, whether a committee chair, a community placement, a project manager, or a member at large on a committee has real and true value. I hope that you will treat yours as if it is the single most important of the League, in terms of your dedication. Be prepared for your committee meetings, lead by example, participate in your placement with energy and enthusiasm, share your ideas, and ask questions. The League is here for you! Take advantage. There are skills you can learn, improve on, and at which you can become proficient. Skills from running a meeting to planning a special event, fundraising to public speaking, and beyond. Opportunities are ever present for your personal growth as a woman, a volunteer and a leader. All you have to do is sign up, show up and grow! The Junior League is a place for you to have fun, and make life long friendships, too. I can think of no better ways to build lasting relationships than by working together to make the community around you a better place, and attending trainings and social gatherings. I guarantee you will reap much more than you sow. I’m not the first person to declare I believe I get as much or more from a volunteer shift than does the recipient of my efforts. I know I won’t be the last. As President of a Junior League, I am often asked advice about League work. Regardless of the topic, there are three things that always come to my mind: 1. Commit to no more than you can or will give, and give 100% to everything to which you commit. 2. Faith, family, self, livelihood...then volunteer work. If they happen to overlap, that’s great. 3. You don’t have to be the League’s Super Woman every year; one year you might be a committee chair, then a project manager the next. Then you might do a community placement for a year or two, and then be a committee chair again. Perhaps, after that, you’ll be asked to serve on the Board. And, when you are, look back at numbers one and two, and determine if it is the right year for you. I hope that it will be, but saying no will not keep you from being asked again. You may always do as much or as little as you wish, when it comes to the type of placement commitment you make. This is YOUR League. Use it. Enjoy it. Benefit from it. Invite a friend to join you. I have, and I’m better for it. I know the training I have received from the League will take me many places and open many doors along the way. I might also add, the majority of my friends who will be there with me, I will have made in the Junior League! Here’s to You!

Cristi Hooper Reiger JLOC President 2012-2013 w w w. j l o c . o r g

2 May / june 2013

may / june 2013


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To inform members and increase awareness of Junior League of Oklahoma City projects and events. Editor Liza Cryder Assistant Editor & Business Manager Summer DeFehr Committee Members Ashleigh Ahrberg, Amy Bradt,

Annie Brown, Amna Choudry, Lindsey Edemann, Becky Grant, Kelsie Guthrie, Danielle Keogh, Adrienne Nobles, Laura Steen, Leah Sullivan DESIGN Walker Creative, Inc. 2012-2013 Board of Directors President Cristi Reiger President-Elect Kristen Brown Administrative VP Pam Gutel Bylaws Chair Sara Sweet Communications VP Adrienne Nobles Community VP Becky Howell Finance VP Mei Cheng Fundraising VP Ashley Jackson Membership VP Kristi Leonard Nominating Chair Christi Coyle Sustaining Advisor Helen Ford Wallace Community Advisory Board

Paul Ryckbost, Sean Simpson, James Farris, Ryan Johnson, Helen Ford Wallace, Barbara Ley, Paula Love, Mary Ann Williams, Cathy keating, Marnie Taylor, Bill Condon, Cathi Linch, Cherokee Ballard, Linda Mares, Bryan Eckert, Debbie Forshee, Claudia San Pedro, Clay Christiensen, Brain Maughan, Vicki Clark Gourley, Randy Lewis Community Projects/Project Managers A Soldiers Story Cortney Smith Amachi: Big Brothers Big Sisters Jenifer Stehr Back to School Ginny Starr Boys & Girls Child Literacy Amanda Soderberg Cultural Literacy Stephanie Gannaway Family Fun in the Zone Jenn Tupps Family Reading Nights Julie McCann Health Literacy Laurel Hall JETS After School Reading Molly McBride JLOC Book Drive Ashleigh Muse Kids in the Kitchen Alexandra Haygood KIPP (Knowledge is Power Program) Lindsey Pever Life 101 Kristy Kapp OCCC Adult Literacy Jamie Maddy Positive Tomorrows Shelly Walker Prime Time Natalie Fix Reading Rainforest Kristin Willingham Uniquely Me Katie Freeman Variety Care Health & Nutrition Literacy Wendi Shipp Variety Pack Brandy Parson Whiz Kids Paula Wackenheim Wild Tuesday Story Time Safari Caroline Mildren YWCA Financial Literacy Amanda Foote

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J u n i o r l e a g u e o f o k l a h o m a C i t y, i n C .

Changing Lives Through Literacy

m ay / j u n e 2 0 1 3

Completing Tasks: positioning yourself in a better place

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The Junior League of Oklahoma City, Inc. 1001 NW Grand Blvd Oklahoma City, OK 73118 Phone (405) 843-5668 • Fax (405) 843-0994 FUNDRAISERS

Financial Development Mistletoe Market

Celebrating 85 Years of Service |


Scene [ events ]

Provisional Project Overview


Provisionals donate, dash and dust for the YWCA and the Boys & Girls Club.

he provisional class makes Oklahoma City a better place, individually and as a group. They gathered March 9 to collect donations for the YWCA and April 2 to beautify and organize the Boys and Girls Club.

4 May / june 2013

The YWCA “Donation Dash� resulted in more than $1,500 in in-kind donations. The provisionals kicked off the event at Heritage Trust Company, broke up into teams and drove around Oklahoma City to collect items from local businesses. From books to toiletries, the provisionals brought items and picked up items from

The YWCA “Donation Dash” resulted in more than $1,500 in inkind donations.

generous sponsors. One provisional went above and beyond and brought 100 pairs of socks! Through a scavenger hunt featuring JLOC trivia, provisionals zoomed around town to collect clues and pick up items for the YWCA. After the Dash, they met back at base camp to compile the loot, raffle off door prizes and visit over a postDash brunch. While the provisionals were enjoying sweet treats, two YWCA speakers presented information about the organization. Carla Fry, Economic Empowerment Coordinator, and Monica Suy, Director of Volunteer Management, discussed the impact that the donations would make on the families that the YWCA serves. The provisional class gathered again April 2 for the second provisional community project at the Boys and Girls Club. The focus of the project was to beautify and organize the Club with a spring cleaning. The group helped with different projects, ranging from cleaning the kitchen to reorganizing the library. Due to the cold, wet weather that day, the group was unable to plant flowers. Instead, the League will be contributing and delivering flowers later this spring. Everyone pitched in to make the building clean as a whistle. During the event, the provisionals took a break

and visited over pizza and soda pop. The Boys and Girls Club staff members expressed their sincere appreciation for all that the League does for Club Members, not only the spring cleaning that evening but the three regular community placements.

Jane Sutter, president and CEO of the Boys and Girls Club, visited with provisionals during the event. “One of the most significant League donations has been the recent Library renovation,” said Sutton. “The League is the most consistent volunteer group and one of our best community partners.” Hats off to the Provisional Community Outreach Committee and the advisors that planned these events: Suzanne Singletary, Lindsey Cryer, Dana Culton, PK Lee, Ashley McCubbin, Jen Randle, Cyone Harris and Shelly Soliz. Also, thank you to the kind businesses that donated, including Heritage Trust, Full Circle, Green Bambino, On A Whim, BCBG, The Lingerie Store and The Outlet Shoppes. We appreciate you! Through these events, the women in the provisional class not only helped neighbors in need, but also bonded as a group. It was the perfect way to wrap up the year as the 2012 provisional class.

Celebrating 85 Years of Service |



Congratulations to the 2013-2014 advising mentors advising mentor co-chairs: Pam Campbell Jamie maddy

We know you’ll do a great job this year! advising mentors: e’shaina harned sormeh slater shelly soliz pam gutel campbell macie craven-tims jacklyn christiansen whitney donley courtney steward jamie manoles 6 May / june 2013

Congratulations -AND-

Thank You to the JLOC members

who accepted

Member at Large

positions -for the-


membership: Jennifer Patterson Kate Ward Dana Culton

communications: Amna Choudry Lauren Ottaway Dinky Hammam

community: Katie Poulain Becky Taylor Caroline Galloway

fundraising: Whitney Merveldt Shannon Stiger Monahan Lauren Schwartz

administrative: Elaina Osteen Audra Doty-Bromagem Abby Byford

finance: Libby Boyles Leslie O’Neal Ashley Kehl


! r yea

Kristy Hayes Annie Brown Abbey Ronck

pace: Ellen Pogemiller Suzanne Singleterry Katie Davis Katherine Chandler

Community Enrichment: Danielle Toussaint

Celebrating 85 Years of Service |



Welcome 2013-2014 Provisional Class!

congrats! to

Amanda Cormesser f o r f in d in g the hidden g l a s s e s in the M a r c h / A pril issue!

Find the

hidden glasses! email summer dEFehr ( if you spot the reading glasses. you will win a really great prize!

Joli Babek Deidre Bales-Poirot Brett Barnes Lauren Been Carie Benton Emily Blanding Carla Bloomer Alex Butts Helen Carter Karisa Davis Sara Elder Caroline Featherstone Lindsey Fixley Emma Flinton Melissa Frost Kristen Gaddis Emily Gee Alyson Gilbert La’Tasha Givens

Jill Halloran Stacey Hankinson Bria Hanlon Emily Harris Alexis Hefner Leigh Henderson Sabrina Hermann Rachel Holt Morgan Hopson Carrie Johnson Jade Judd Nichole Knox Whitney Kovash Lauren Lambeth Allison Lawrence Aletheia Lawry Emme Ledue Katie Lehew Kaci Lightner Megan Marsh

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We’re on top of it.

ma Roofing Oklaho for more than

3 Decades!

and Construction

Joanna Rus Laura Sams Ashley Sanders Griffin Santino Keisha Schultz Andi Smith Amy Smith Lauren Stanfill Katylee Strange Jessica Strecker Emily Stringer Anastasia Svec Kristen Tapp Brittany Thomas Maggie Webber Heidi Wilburn Lindsay Workman

We are also he help out with al re to l your remodeling ne ed Call us today fo s. ra


Roofing, Remodeling and Handyman Service


1549 SE 25th St Oklahoma City, OK 73129 MAJESTIC_JRLEAGUE.1.indd 1

8 May / june 2013

8/15/12 4:06 PM

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Social Media Profile


rovisional Abby Byford has been a pinning guru since she joined Pinterest a year ago. If you’re not familiar with Pinterest, it’s essentially a tool to collect and organize things on different online bulletin boards. From recipes to wedding ideas, Pinterest allows users to pin images on their personal “pin boards” that link to the original website. It’s the third largest social media site and rapidly growing, especially among women. Check it out at and make sure to follow Abby! How much time do you spend on Pinterest every day? (be honest now!) I Pinterest probably 30 minutes a day. I am a teacher and a photographer. It is so helpful in getting ideas for my classroom and getting the juices flowing when I do my weekly planning. I also get a lot of ideas for photo shoots, especially how I am going to pose my clients. What boards do you have? My boards are called “Yum in my tum!” (recipes), “Fashionista” (things that are just my style), “Home Sweet Home” (decorating inspiration), “Education” (classroom ideas), “Ha.” (things that make me laugh), “I likey” (crafts, home remedies, and great ideas that I want to try), “Products” (genius products that I have to have), “Wedding” (a girl can dream, right?), “Photography” (photographs that I look to for inspiration before a shoot), and “Gift Ideas.” What’s your favorite board and why? My favorite board which has the most pins is “Home Sweet Home.” I love finding ways to rearrange my furniture, organize a bookshelf or new uses for a space that I’ve never thought of before.

10 May / june 2013

Do you actually make any of the recipes or craft ideas that you pin? I have made most of the recipes I have pinned. I love to cook so I am always looking for a new and EASY recipe. As for crafts, I haven’t pinned many crafts because I’m not much of a crafter. I’m very selective in my pinning. I only pin something if it’s worthy. I absolutely use everything I have pinned on my “Education” board. It is somewhat of a lifeline for me. Who’s your favorite person that you follow? My favorite person that I follow is Lauren Schwartz, another JLOC provisional, who pins only the best

things and has a board called “Westie obsessed” - so cute! Do you follow any good brands or stores? I also follow Beth Jansen, who is a local photographer whose work I admire most. And, I love West Elm and Crate and Barrel. As a teacher, do you get any educational ideas from Pinterest? I get a lot of great ideas for my classroom from Pinterest. It is a great resource for education. I have even recommended the “Education” category to parents of my students who want to follow up on material we’ve covered at school with at-home activities. 

Thank W You JLOC Donors!

e did it! In fact, one exclamation point just doesn’t seem enough to emphasize the celebration of surpassing one of our fundraising goals. At the writing of this article in mid-April, the annual campaign was more than $108,000 in donations - well beyond our original budget and exceeding our highest expectations!!! So what led to our success? Could it simply be that it was our 85th anniversary year and the donations just rolled in? The answer is no. Our success this year was a series of strategic lessons that started in mid-2012 at the beginning of the League year. The secret to our success began by consulting with the professionals at Oklahoma Center for Non-Profits. We learned the first training concepts that our Financial Development Committee needed early in the year – focus not on the money

you hope to raise, but instead focus on building strong relationships with your donors…and then the money will come. Next, we needed to identify our donors. This was the easy part. Our donors were mostly our own members of the Junior League. This allowed us the opportunity to focus on the fact that we have 85 years in the community and the connection we each have to this mission was invaluable to the campaign. We also learned we needed to find ways to recognize our donors. Several Sustainers, with years of fundraising experience, took our committee under their wing to share that donors give because they receive something back in appreciation. We had to learn what our donors would find appropriate for their gift and it wasn’t the same every time. Some donors simply wanted to know that Continued on page 12

Complete Home Care from Laura Lynn’s Laura Lynn’s Home Care is a full-service, private duty provider serving families throughout the Oklahoma City Metro area. Our team of highly skilled and friendly care providers takes the worry out of the home care transition with individualized care plans designed to deliver the care needed to maintain the desired quality of life for our clients.

24/7 Care avaiLabLe

Services include but are not limited to:

Call us today for a consultation, we look forward to caring for your loved one.

Personal Hygiene assistance Medication reminders Light House Work Laundry Cooking Memory Care

(405) 418-2961 Laura Lynn Hicks and Courtny Steward, owners of Laura Lynn's Home Care.

OSDH Lic #HC7950 Celebrating 85 Years of Service |



PAT Advisors

for 2013-2014: 1-4 Active years Jenna Hudson Mary Fitch Cathie Clark Sabrina Buccolo Kelly Ferguson

5+ Active years Jill Farrand Leslie Buford Mariam Clark Kathy Swift

Continured from page 11 their gift made a difference in our organization or touched someone’s life, while others appreciated public recognition for their contribution. For some, a simple Thank You was all they asked. One of the hardest lessons was the most intimidating – Always ask. One of our Sustainers shared advice that she learned while fundraising in the community, “It isn’t up to you to determine if someone wants to give or how much, but it is your job to always ask.” What seemed to come easiest was finding ways to say thank you. We thanked our donors through phone calls, personal notes and letters. However, we took our appreciation one step further and hosted a donor reception at the JRB Art Gallery in the Paseo Arts District on April 11 to celebrate our donors’ impact in the community and thank them for their support.


The Hall

The secret to our success began by consulting with the professionals at the Oklahoma Center for Non-Profits. The last lesson is one that will be carried on by next year’s new Financial Development Committee – Keep in touch. Success for future year’s campaigns will rely on the development of long-term relationships with our donors. This means that next year we won’t be starting with lesson one, but building on our success. So that every year, we get to say, “We did it!”

Summer enrichment for children in preschool through grade 12. Programs are open to the public.

1800 NW 122nd St • Oklahoma City, OK 73120 405.749.3001 • WWW.HERITAGEHALL.COM/SUMMER 12 May / june 2013


available QUAIL CREEK


3340 Rosewood Lane $318,000 3 bedrooms, 3.1 bathrooms 3075 sf (approx.) One level home with upstairs loft Open Layout Just under 1/2 acre.

3240 nw 21st St. $248,500 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms 2789 sf (approx.) year built 1939 Charming historical home with upstairs suite, and living space New driveway Wood floors throught

GAILLARDIA 15009 Laurin Lane $1,090,000 4 bedrooms, 5.1 bathrooms year built 2001 4 Living Areas 2 Dining Areas 4 Fireplaces Exquistie home with pool and cabana

year built 1984 Huge fenced yard


sold 4680 sf (approx.)


9909 Sunnymeade Place $109,000 3 bedrooms, 1.1 bathrooms 1325 sf (approx.) year built 1958 One owner home meticulously maintained 2 car garage Ideal Village location


in fundraising, we are in for a fun ride! We are combining the Annual Campaign and Mistletoe Market fundraising endeavors with the hope of bountifully increasing funds given to the League. We aspire to build relationships with outside businesses and donors interested in sponsorship opportunities while retaining our current donors and cultivating our members.

Financial Development must take up quite a bit of time but you are also very active in the community in OKC. Can you tell us about that?

Amanda Kirkpatrick active How many years have you been in JLOC? I joined JLOC in 2010.

What has been your favorite placement or committee? My first placement was In the Zone at the Children’s Hospital. I loved working with the kids and watching them enjoying themselves despite their circumstance. I miss seeing the girls who were in my group too!

What advice do you have for incoming provisionals? Stick with it! The first year is full of “getting to know you activities,” meetings, and volunteer hours. It’s all worth it!

14 May / june 2013

You’ll enter your first active year with a group of great friends. Also, your involvement level within the League is up to you … You will want to remain involved to see your friends. Provisional year is also a great time to start taking advantage of the League’s various training opportunities and fun membership events.

You’re the Financial Development Chair next year. What are your goals and expectations for the coming year? I am honored and excited to serve as Financial Development Chair! With the constant change of the economy and the evolving trends

I love when people say that they don’t have any time … who does? When I first began my young professional life, I got involved volunteering and serving on boards and committees for several local nonprofits. Through the years I’ve had to learn to say “no” and limit myself to the organizations that mean the most to me. Currently, I sit on five JLOC committees aside from Financial Develompent, I serve on the Allied Arts’ Catalyst board, which led me to chair Destination ARTini (OKC’s largest martini tasting and art auction); I am co-chairing the facepainting booth at the Oklahoma City Festival of the Arts; I am on Heritage Hall Alumni Association board; I serve as fellowship chair at Mayfair Heights United Methodist Church; and I’m helping plan the Myriad Gardens Foundation’s 25th anniversary gala “Spendor in the Gardens” (fun farm-to-table dinner under the stars on June 20!). Needless to say, my evenings book up quickly with meetings and I

miss too many Thunder games! Nonetheless, I love it. I care deeply about the organizations that I work with.

I hear that you are planning a wedding! Tell us about your fiancé and how you met. Planning a wedding is SO much fun! Our wedding is in September and we couldn’t be more excited. I met Travis through his boss, Brett Davis, who happened to be a longtime friend of my family. Brett introduced us and we’ve been together ever since! After we met, we discovered that I went to high school with and knew his closest friends. We believe that we were bound to meet … when the timing was just perfect!

Other than wedding planning, do you have any other big summer plans? My WONDERFUL sister is taking me to Paris as an early wedding gift. I’m also going to Mexico with some girlfriends for my bachelorette trip! Aside from that I’m going to be busy nailing down Mistletoe Market sponsors and planning my wedding!

What is your favorite Summer activity in OKC?  I love everything about summer! Really my favorite thing to do is go to the pool. I also love the “Movies Under the Stars” at the Myriad Botanical Gardens.

People would be surprised to know…. That my one and only sister, and best friend, is 18 years older than I am! She calls me her little sister because I’m taller.

BLOCK Lauren Anthony provisional Where did you go to college? University of Richmond. Go Spiders!

What made you want to go to Richmond, Virginia? College is a great excuse to explore another part of the country. I knew I wanted to get out of Oklahoma and Texas and experience the East Coast. UR had a beautiful campus, amazing reputation and I had a cute tour guide :).

And what brought you back to Oklahoma City? After I graduated from Richmond, I moved to Dallas and worked at a couple different digital and loyalty marketing agencies. The agency-side was a perfect place to start my career and gain a wide variety of experiences, but I knew that I wanted to join the client-side of the business. To prepare myself for the transition, I went back to school and got my MBA

from SMU. After graduation, I was approached by a recruiter about a job at Sonic. I have always loved the brand and knew I would be happy back in Oklahoma City. Three months later, I am now leading the digital team at Sonic. It’s amazing how one phone call can change your life!

I know your mother is a Sustainer, but was she the only reason you decided to join the Junior League?

What are you most looking forward to this Provisional year? During the bus tour, we visited several current placements. I really enjoyed our time at the Infant Crisis center and am looking forward to learning more about them and how the League has helped them in the past.

Summer plans? Nothing too exciting. Just getting excited for a trip to Jamaica in the fall.

No. While she is a big reason, she is not the only reason. I have several friends who have joined the League and really enjoyed their experience. The league has evolved from the time my mom was involved, and I am happy to say that I am really enjoying my time meeting new people and learning about how the community has changed since I left Oklahoma 10+ years ago.

What do you hope to gain from being a member of the Junior League? I am eager to meet new people and get involved in the community. I grew up in a bubble in Oklahoma City and am looking forward to meeting people from various parts of the city with different experiences. The League is a great way to get involved and to network.

Celebrating 85 Years of Service |



the recovery effort. It was a monumental task to assure our sister Leagues’ dollars were distributed for the most impact and effectiveness.  Past President Lisa Berry and I attended weekly meetings to listen to individual victims’ needs and to allocate our funds for the victims and families.  It was a sad and stressful process, but at the end, after all of the money was finally distributed, we knew where every dollar had gone and that the Leagues had made a difference for so many victims. The tragedy of the recent tornadoes brought back memories of that time we spent organizing volunteers for the Red Cross and being the recipient of the generosity of the Junior Leagues across the nation.

Patty Anthony sustainer How many years were you Active in the Junior League? 15 years

What was your favorite placement, whether in-League or Community, and why? My favorite placement was Project Chair for “Kids Who Care” which was a project where JLOC partnered with KOCO Channel 5 to recognize high school students across the state who demonstrated outstanding volunteerism in their community. It was inspiring to meet these wonderful students who, at such a young age, realized the importance and value of giving back to their communities.  I worked with past President Carol Troy, who was Community Relations

16 May / june 2013

Director at Channel 5. We had so much fun traveling across the state to surprise the students at school assemblies and film them receiving their awards. The exposure and positive PR that the League gained from this project was immeasurable.

What is your proudest memory from your year as JLOC President? It is difficult to pick one particular memory, but I do remember the year we sat on the Community Resource Board that was formed to distribute donations that poured in for the Murrah Building Bombing victims. After the 1995 bombing, Leagues from across the country sent over $500,000 to our League to assist in

What made you want to come back and be a Sustaining Advisor for the 2013-2014 JLOC Board? I was so honored to be asked by Kristen (Brown) to serve on the Board. This year’s board is filled with strong, capable and FUN women who I knew I would love working with and being part of their team.  This is an exciting time for our League as we navigate the transition to a Health Focus and plan for the next fundraiser to replace the Remarkable Shop. I wanted to help in this process. I also wanted, in some small way, to give back to JLOC for all that I gained as an Active member.

Your daughter, Lauren, is a Provisional this year. What do you hope she takes from this experience and what advice would you give her going forward in the League? I am thrilled my oldest daughter, Lauren, has moved back to OKC and joined the League. I hope she will cultivate wonderful lifelong friendships as I did during my Active years.  I hope she will

try Placements that are “out of her comfort zone” and totally different than what she does in her work. The League allows you to stretch and develop skills that you might not have otherwise attempted.  Also, I am excited for her to learn what a driving force JLOC is in the community and understand what her Mom was doing all the time and why I was late for carpool!

How have you used the volunteer training you received in the Junior League in your community? On the community boards that I have sat on since going sustaining, I use League training such as agenda setting, budgeting, and team building at every turn. Being able to run an efficient meeting is so beneficial and appreciated by fellow board members! As the Race Director for the Redbud Classic for the past 8 years, I can honestly say I use Junior League training every day, from board management, to organizing volunteers, to conducting meetings, to budget management and last but not least, raising sponsorship dollars.  Having been a stayat-home Mom and community volunteer for 25 years, I didn’t have true “work experience” for my résumé but I did include invaluable training and management skills that I learned from my years in the League, which I feel was probably better than if I had been in the workforce.   Fundraising wasn’t my favorite task, but as President I had to accompany our Financial Developers on “big asks” and I learned how to ask for money - which is what I spend most of my time doing for Redbud! Looking back, I am really glad I went on those calls!

Any fun summer plans?? Hope to spend some down-time with the family!

NeARly-wedS Amanda Kirkpatrick & Travis Lawler


To be Wed September 7, 2013

Mr. and Mrs. Kyle Cowan married March 9, 2013

To announce your engagement or wedding in the League Link, go to the Members Only portion of the website and submit your requested information. The NearlyWed/Newly Wed form is located under the Forms/References tab. If you would like to submit a photo, please send it to Summer Smith at

To announce your engagement or wedding in Brides of Oklahoma Magazine, contact us at 405-607-2902 or visit

Junior Leaguers receive $100 off your announcement in Brides of Oklahoma Magazine

Focus [ projects ]

Amachi Program


he Amachi Program is a partnership with Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Oklahoma and our wonderful JLOC volunteers. Our volunteers are matched up with a Little Sister to mentor throughout the school year. Typically this time would consist of the JLOC volunteers talking with their Littles about their classes, working on homework, reading together or playing on the playground. The goal of the program is to build trust and friendship, and to expose the children in the program to new opportunities and options.

18 May / june 2013

Amachi is a Nigerian word of hope from the Ibo people meaning “who knows but what God has brought us through this child.” All Little Sisters chosen for the Amachi program have an incarcerated parent. Oklahoma’s incarceration rates are the highest for women and 3rd highest for men per capita in the nation. There are at least 27,000 children in Oklahoma that have one or both parents in prison. Having an incarcerated parent can make growing up more difficult and it is our goal as JLOC volunteers to offer our Littles

with additional support and guidance and act as a Big Sister role model. It has been a very well received project and many of the current volunteers have made a commitment to continue on with their Little even after the JLOC year is over. It has been a very rewarding and inspiring placement, and we would encourage all that are interested to choose this as your placement. There are many Littles out there waiting to be matched with our wonderful JLOC volunteers to begin a flourishing friendship.

STAR & ABC Awards STAR Award Winner Lathonia Shivers

Volunteers at OCCC Adult Education and Outreach work with adults who are enrolled in either the General Educational Development (GED) or English as a Second Language (ESL) classes to help improve their English, math and literacy skills. These are motivated adults who are enrolled in these classes in order to increase their likelihood of finding better paying jobs. Lathonia went above and beyond to help one of the adults at OCCC who needed help beyond what the project provided because he did not have the basic skills necessary to benefit from the program.  She called several of the literacy partners in Oklahoma City to match him with an agency that could meet his needs.

ABC Award Winner Paula Ward

Paula Ward is being nominated for the excellent leadership and thoroughness she displayed while working on the Organizational Self Assessment. Shortly after being appointed as the Strategic Planning Vice Chair, the Strategic Planning Chair had to step down and Paula took over the committee until the position was reappointed, and has successfully led the OSA team!

Celebrating 85 Years of Service |





n Nov 3, the KIPP group was taken to the OKC Boathouse District to tour the facilities which included the Devon Boathouse (National High Performance Center facilities) and Chesapeake Boathouse and Finish Line Tower. As part of the tour, the group learned how to race dragon boats. In a brief but very rewarding experience, the students learned how to get past their fears, paddle the boat in sync and even race one another! The exercise was one that promoted (mandated) teamwork, communication and mutual encouragement. This was the first-ever time on a boat for these students!! KIPP is a national network and our local KIPP just won the blue ribbon award: KIPP_Reach_Blue_Ribbon_School_Press_Release.pdf

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Give us a call anytime at 405.432.4443 or easily hire a Runner for $25/hour at 20 May / june 2013

ŽěȹÂžÂœÂ‘Ç°Čą 3rd Grade, Science & Social Studies Teacher John Robertson, Casady Student, Class of 2015








Today, I ignite their curiosity. 1947






















Casady School 405.749.3185


Tomorrow, my curiosity seeks solutions. ŠœŠÂ?¢ȹÂ?ŠŒž•Â?Â˘ČąÂ–ÂŽÂ–Â‹ÂŽÂ›ÂœČąÂŽÂ—ÂŒÂ˜ÂžÂ›ÂŠÂ?ŽȹŽÂ&#x;ÂŽÂ›Â˘ČąÂŒÂ‘Â’Â•Â?ČąÂ?Â˜ČąÄ™Â—Â?ČąÂ‘Â’ÂœČąÂ˜Â›ČąÂ‘ÂŽÂ›Čą Â™ÂŠÂœÂœÂ’Â˜Â—ÇŻČąÂ?ČąŠœŠÂ?¢ȹÂ?Â˜Â›ČąÂ—ÂŽÂŠÂ›Â•Â˘ČąÂ?Â Â˜ČąÂ?ŽŒŠÂ?ÂŽÂœÇ°Čą ŽěȹÂžÂœÂ‘ČąÂ?ÂŽÂŠÂŒÂ‘ÂŽÂœČąÂ?‘’›Â?Čą grade science and social studies. John Robertson, Class of 2015, Â?˜—Â?Â•Â˘ČąÂ›ÂŽÂ–ÂŽÂ–Â‹ÂŽÂ›ÂœČąÂ‘Â’ÂœČąÂ?’–Žȹ’—ȹ›ǯȹÂžÂœÂ‘Č‚ÂœČąÂŒÂ•ÂŠÂœÂœÂ›Â˜Â˜Â–ÇŻČą ÂŽČąÂŒÂ›ÂŽÂ?Â’Â?ÂœČąÂ‘Â’ÂœČą teacher for igniting an interest in science and for helping satisfy his insatiable hunger for information. John now aspires to become a œŒ’Ž—Â?Â’ÂœÂ?ȹ’—ȹ™Š›Â?ČąÂ‹ÂŽÂŒÂŠÂžÂœÂŽČą›ǯȹÂžÂœÂ‘ČąÂ?ŠÂ&#x;Žȹ‘’–ȹÂ?‘ŽȹÂ?›ŽŽÂ?Â˜Â–ČąÂ?Â˜ČąÂŽÂĄÂ™Â•Â˜Â›ÂŽÇŻ Casady delivers on its promise to prepare its students for success.

Financial aid available. Casady School admits students of any race, color, and national or ethnic origin.

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1. What book are you currently reading? 2. What book that you have read in the past 1-2 years would you highly recommend to your fellow JLOC members? 3. What is your favorite children’s book?

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Kelsie Guthrie

Annie Brown




1. I am currently reading “Unbroken” by Laura Hillenbrand, the very inspiring and true story of a man’s remarkable life— before, during and after his years as American soldier held as a POW by the Japanese in WWII. I was warned that this book would stir up every emotion in me and it sure has. So glad I finally settled in with this book! 2. Anne Lamott is one of my favorite authors and her little book  “Help, Thanks, Wow: The Three Essential Prayers” is a book I keep on my nightstand and read almost daily. I think everyone should read it so I’ve been giving it to all my friends— I just love it that much. 3. My favorite children’s book is “The Little Mouse, the Red Ripe Strawberry, and the Big Hungry Bear” by Audrey Wood and Don Wood. It seems really funny and clever to little ones and I’ve never met a child that didn’t want it read over and over again— and it stays a favorite of theirs for years. 

1. I am currently reading “Inviting God to Your Wedding” by Martha Williamson. I’m getting married in July and a coworker gave me this book as a gift. It gives wise, Christian advice for all the craziness of wedding planning! 2. “The Kabul Beauty School” by Deborah Rodriguez is one of my favorite books. It’s a true story of Deborah’s life when she moved to Kabul, Afghanistan after 9/11. As an American beautician, she started beauty schools in the city to help the local women find financial independence. Her stories of living in Kabul, and marrying an Afghan man, are extremely fascinating. 3. I always loved any of the “Little House on the Prairie” books. The adventures of Laura Ingalls and her pioneering family in the late 1800s captured my attention at a young age. I highly recommend the books to elementary aged children!

1. I’m actually reading a cookbook right now, “The Smitten Kitchen Cookbook” by Deb Perelman. 2. I recently read “Jane Eyre” by Charlotte Bronte for the first time and I loved it. I love that Jane is such a strong female lead. She is an independent young woman who knows who she is and what she wants. The book is also beautifully written and is one of the best love stories I’ve ever read.  3. “The Little Mouse, the Red Ripe Strawberry, and the Big Hungry Bear” by Audrey and Don Wood.

22 May / june 2013

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League Leash

Shirley Kay Consedine’s gorgeous dogs, Oscar & Olaf

Natalie Browne’s son, Hillman, with their pooches, Zeke and Sugar.

24 May / june 2013

Meet Jetson, Audra Bromagem’s adorable pup!

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“Where Everybody is Somebody and All Live for God.”

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Whether you’re hosting a backyard party or just hanging out, Calvert’s offers lavish containers and exotic plants that can be customized for your outdoor living spaces.




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MISSION The Junior League of Oklahoma City, Inc. is an organization of women committed to promoting voluntarism, developing the potential of women and improving the community through effective action and leadership of trained volunteers. Its purpose is exclusively educational and charitable.

VISION The Junior League of Oklahoma City, Inc. will empower volunteers to impact our community and enrich lives.

FOCUS Changing Lives Through Literacy

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The Junior League of Oklahoma City, Inc. is an organization of women committed to promoting voluntarism, developing the potential of women a...

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