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J U N I O R L E A G U E O F O K L A H O M A C I T Y, I N C .

Celebrating Beth Shortt and her dedication to building a better Oklahoma City


President’s Letter Dear League Members and Friends, It is amazing what women who work together can accomplish. I’m so proud of the 25th Anniversary Mistletoe Market Committee, led by Bria Hanlon. Congratulations to these ladies who have dedicated countless hours making this year’s Market a successful event. As we wrap up 2018, and I think about what is coming up in 2019, I can’t help but feel excited about the League’s direction. Based on member feedback gathered from surveys, focus groups and one-on-one meetings, the Board has developed a strategic plan to guide our organization. The value of having a strategic direction for the League, resulting from member feedback, means that we can all work in the same direction and really focus on developing ourselves as leaders and addressing critical issues in our community. The big strategic goals identified as most important by membership are: Training and Development, Financial Strength, Accountability, Membership Experience and Leading Community Change. I believe that as we continue to work on this plan together, it will be amazing to see the impact the League will continue to make in the Oklahoma City community. Even though we are all busy – most of us have family and work obligations, activities and other responsibilities – I know it is busy women that get things done! It takes commitment and dedication to be a League member and I personally appreciate those of you who are able to make it a priority now and those who have done so in the past. The Junior League would not have the reputation of excellence and organizational sustainability without you. I really believe that each of us are on this League journey for a reason. It might be to meet your life-long friend, new business partner or even work on your professional development. Or, it could be to share your leadership knowledge, mentor and encourage other women. I saw this quote the other day, which I think could sum up the Junior League experience: “A strong woman knows she has strength enough for the journey, but a woman of strength knows it is in the journey where she will become strong.” (author unknown)

MISSION The Junior League of Oklahoma City, Inc. is an organization of women committed to promoting voluntarism, developing the potential of women and improving the community through effective action and leadership of trained volunteers. Its purpose is exclusively educational and charitable.

VISION The Junior League of Oklahoma City, Inc. will empower volunteers to impact our community and enrich lives.

FOCUS Women Building a Better Oklahoma City


Whatever it is that brings you to this journey, embrace it and become the strongest woman you can be. Reach out to your Junior League friends to run this race together and let’s see what else women who work together can accomplish! With sincere appreciation,

Pam Gutel Campbell President, Junior League of Oklahoma City, 2018-2019


To inform members and increase awareness of Junior League of Oklahoma City, Inc. projects and events. EDITOR Beth Armstrong SUSTAINING CO-CHAIR Shannon Love COMMITTEE MEMBERS Stephanie Hinton, Katelyn Kelly, Marshelle Oakley, Darian McPherson, Sarah Richert, Rebecca Smith, Mindy Wright and Ileanna Wright





NOMINATING CHAIR Kathy North SUSTAINING ADVISOR Lee Ann Nordin CHIEF OF STAFF Alexis Lux COMMUNITY ADVISORY BOARD Rita Aragon, Lillie-Beth Brinkman, Kristine Browne, Alex Cameron, Teresa Rose Crook, Nicole Dobbins, James Farris, Debbie Forshee, Kelly Dyer Fry, Jim Gebhart, Jeff Kretchmar, Aurora Lora, Mel Martin, Mary Melon, Molly Ross, Beth Shortt, Susan Webb, Annette White-Klososky, Noel Williams, MD, Kersey Winfree COMMUNITY PROJECTS/PROJECT MANAGERS CAR SEAT SAFETY CHECKS Tina Izadi COMMUNITY IMPACT EVENTS Lauren H Johnson &


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Get to Know Molly Ringwald, Speaker in the City 2019 Meet the Speaker in the City Committee General Membership Meeting Recap Leadership Institute: Developing Potential


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Beth Shortt: A Career in Civic Service AJLI Unstoppable Campaign Ann Felton Gilliland Named Woman of the Year


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Mistletoe Market Recap Community Spotlight: Kids in the Kitchen/Top Chef Community Spotlight: Pivot OKC What Do Dues Pay For?


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Sustainer Scoop End of Year Giving


Also included: Membership Report, Courtesy & Recognition, Little Leaguers, Nearlyweds & Newlyweds, League Leash, Letters to the League

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ON THE COVER: As Beth is set to retire from Leadership OKC, we take a look back at the impact she has had throughout Oklahoma City.


Mistletoe Market Speaker in the City Annual Campaign


Scene [ events ]

Get to Know Molly Ringwald, Speaker in the City 2019



n March 24, 2019 the Junior League of Oklahoma City will host the 4th annual Speaker in the City event. This year, we are delighted to hear from actress, singer and author Molly Ringwald. Ringwald is best known for her roles in Pretty in Pink, Sixteen Candles and The Breakfast Club. Since her “Brat Pack” days, Ringwald has written books, released an album, and been on Broadway to mention a few accomplishments. Before the Brat Pack era, Ringwald briefly appeared in the NBC sitcom, The Facts of Life. Soon after that role, she received her big break when she was cast as Samantha Baxter in Sixteen Candles. Ringwald went on to star in fan favorites, The Breakfast Club and Pretty in Pink. She has appeared in or starred in many films and television shows since then and currently appears on the hit show, Riverdale.

Not only does Ringwald have an acting career, she also has a music career. She started performing at the age of three with her father and his jazz band. Her music talents led her to spend time on Broadway as well. From December 2001 to April 2002, Ringwald played the role of Sally Bowles in Cabaret. She was also cast in Enchanted April in 2003. Ten years a later, Ringwald released her first album entitled, “Except Sometimes.” In 2010, Ringwald released her first book, Getting the Pretty Back, a book meant to encourage women to be “the sexiest, funniest, smartest, best-dressed, and most confident woman that you can be.” In 2012, she released her second book, When it Happens to You: A Novel in Stories. The book contains short stories about different women and some of the struggles they are facing. In addition to her two books, Ringwald’s writing has appeared in publications

including Vogue, The New York Times, The Guardian and Esquire. Most recently, Ringwald wrote an article for The New York Times wherein she reflected on her past roles and shared her thoughts on The Breakfast Club in the context of the #MeToo movement. In her article, Ringwald discusses her feelings about watching the movie with her daughter. “I worried that she would find aspects of it troubling, but I hadn’t anticipated that it would ultimately be most troubling to me,” she wrote. An inspiring and engaging woman with a career full of gumption, creativity and guts, we are thrilled to welcome Molly Ringwald to the Speaker in the City stage in March. Mark your calendars for Sunday, March 24 at 1 p.m. More details about the event and tickets can be found at

DID YOU KNOW? Molly Ringwald’s first television role was in 1977 in The New Mickey Club House.

Molly Ringwald was only 15 when she filmed Sixteen Candles.

John Hughes saw a headshot of Molly Ringwald when he was casting for another movie and was inspired by her and wrote an entire movie for her.

Molly Ringwald has recorded a cover of “Don’t You (Forget About Me).”

Molly Ringwald is currently on a jazz tour.


Molly Ringwald wrote an advice column in The Guardian.

MEMBERSHIP LEAVE OF ABSENCE Lindsey Fixley Wendi Shipp Emily Gray-Rigazzi Kimberly Meade (maternity) Danielle Deen Bailey Gatewood Laura Heckenkemper (maternity) Corinne Simon Jessica Hendrix Griffin Santino Deemah Ramadan Brooke Jensen Sara Perry Jillian Neville Cassie Thompson Rachel Holt

Katelyn Hudson (maternity) Lauren Nichols (maternity) Elizabeth Matson Bailee Cartwright Brook Johnson Emily Whipple Whitney Guild

TRANSFER OUT Karalee Langford Stacie Nguyen Michelle Keffer Victoria Tran Mickie Lara Martha Stemburger Ainsley Whittington Rachel Palmer

TRANSFER IN Chelsea Jenkinson (A) Hayden Fuller (A) Katy Long (A) Jolene Curry (S) Ann Thaxton (S) Shiann Copeland (A) Lindsey Benton (A)

REINSTATED Mandy Green Govia Susan Bernardy Jayme Howell

SUSTAINER Lindsey Pever Paula Wackenheim

Save the Date Sunday, March 24, 2019 1:00 PM

311 S Klein Ave, Oklahoma City, OKC 73108

Featuring: Molly Ringwald Tickets starting at $50 Purchase tickets at



Leadership Institute: Developing Potential


the new and exciting Junior League of Oklahoma City Leadership Institute is well underway this year. The Leadership Institute includes specially designed trainings that members can participate in throughout the year. To graduate from the Leadership Institute Junior League members must attend nine of the 11 courses. Members can also attend courses individually based on personal interests. Course offerings include relevant topics such as business etiquette, fundraising, personal branding, pay negotiation, effective meetings, diversity and inclusion, public speaking, understanding credit, women and networking and honest conversations. The Leadership Institute came to fruition when League leaders began the conversation about the importance of JLOC offering more leadership classes. Over the last year, Samara Terrill, Training Leadership Development Committee chair, and Pam Campbell, president, planned the Leadership Institute based on the


League’s mission, focus and strategic plans. Active member Krystal Murer said the Leadership Institute was exactly what she needed. “I looked into doing a couple of leadership coaching options outside of the League this past year and they were really expensive. I appreciate that this is a part of being a member of Junior League,” she said. Specific courses were deliberately chosen as a plan to enhance the leadership potential in JLOC members. “We wanted to focus on areas that would truly enhance our member’s abilities,” Samara said. “It was important to make sure that if something was seen as a ‘women’s weakness,’ it was addressed to help develop our own strengths.” Once courses were chosen, experts in the area were researched. Samara said some of the experts identified were women already affiliated with the League. Many members who have participated in the Leadership Institute said that they agree it has been empowering. “Because of the

By Stephanie Hinton

Leadership Institute, I have become more active within professional groups,” said Active Krissy Holman. Members participating in the Leadership Institute have already noted the impact that the courses have had on them. Natalie Fix, Communications VP, shared that said that the courses have been practical. “Everything has been very applicable and there have been action items you can take away and use in your career after every course,” said Natalie. Active Marcella Morgan pointed out that the sessions have motivated her. “Going through the Leadership Institute is very helpful because as an individual, you should always want to learn and grow,” she said. “It helps you in your personal, professional and League life.” The Leadership Institute is having a positive impact on the members of the League and fulfilling an incredibly important part of the

JLOC mission – developing the potential of women. The ALJI theme for the 2018-2019 year is UNSTOPPABLE – empowering women to act as agents of social change. President Pam Campbell said the Leadership Institute is one way our League is achieving this mission. “Our members are UNSTOPPABLE,” she said. “The Leadership Institute is preparing them to be active leaders in our community and in our League.” “We hope that the Leadership Institute will equip our members to feel confident in taking on leadership roles within the League, but it is so much more than that. We want to equip them to lead outside the League in the community and in their careers.” Samara said. Members can learn more about the Leadership Institute by clicking Events on your member homepage and selecting Training Opportunities from the dropdown.

Do You Know Someone Who Would be a Great Junior League Member? We encourage you to invite women who are interested in being a community leader to an upcoming Prospective Member Event to learn more about the Junior League of Oklahoma City and requirements of membership. Ladies interested in joining must attend one session to be considered for membership for the 2019-2020 year. The events will be held at JLOC Headquarters at 6:30 p.m. on the following dates:

• Wednesday, January 16 • Monday, February 11 • Monday, March 11 The application deadline for Prospective Members is Monday, March 18, 2019. Applications must be received by that date to be considered for the coming year. Provisional Interviews are scheduled for Saturday, April 6 and Sunday, April 7, 2019. The next JLOC year begins June 1, 2019. For more information, please visit and click the ‘Join” tab in the top banner.



Meet the Speaker in the watching all the work that goes on behindthe-scenes to pull this event together. These women put so much effort into making this event a success. What I look forward to the most about SITC is seeing our work come to life. Favorite Molly movie: Sixteen Candles. ANGIE HTUFFAKER Active Co-Chair The ladies on this committee are AMAZING! Everyone is so committed to making this event successful and I am excited to see what we do together. I feel motivated by the enthusiasm and excitement for our Speaker this year, so I am looking forward to that continuing into the actual event. And of course, hearing Molly! Favorite Molly movie: Sixteen Candles.

SARAH FRANK Sustaining Co-Chair My favorite thing about SITC is the amazing women who make up the committee. They are creative, enthusiastic, smart and fun! I am excited for SITC 2019 because I think Molly Ringwald transcends a variety of generations and interests. I am also excited because this event has such a bright future; we are just touching the surface of what can be accomplished. Favorite Molly movie: The Breakfast Club - great characters and fantastic soundtrack.

DANA GILLETT Active Vice Chair I love brainstorming fun ideas with our wonderful SITC committee on how to make this a “can’t-miss” event. I can’t wait to meet Molly at the VIP party! Favorite Molly movie: Sixteen Candles.

LYN WATSON Sustaining Vice Chair I look forward to bringing in a speaker for our League to breathe life and hope into our women. I love meeting and connecting with the next generation and SITC has brought that to my life. Favorite Molly movie: Sixteen Candles.

CANDACE BEATY Finance Assistant My favorite thing about SITC committee is


SALLY KERNKE Arrangements & Hospitality I have absolutely loved getting to know the ladies serving on this committee. We all work together so well and our meetings are productive and full of enthusiasm and excitement for this event. There are so many things to be excited for when it comes to SITC 2019. I think the conversation with Molly Ringwald is going to be an incredible experience for those in attendance. The venue and the extras we have planned will perfectly set the tone to make this year one for the books! Favorite Molly movie: The Breakfast Club.

AUTUMN DAVENPORT Marketing & Promotions My favorite thing about the committee is definitely the Cinnabon Delights that Sarah

City Committee Frank brings from Taco Bell! I am so excited we are bringing a speaker that will impact all kinds of women in our community. All ages, backgrounds and personalities will enjoy the message that Molly will bring to OKC. Favorite Molly movie: Pretty in Pink—the scene with Ducky singing in the record store is a classic!

kinds of opportunities to grow inside the League. I look forward to seeing the women of our community come together, just to enjoy themselves. With so much stress in our world, a Sunday afternoon celebrating women and drinking mimosas while listening to an iconic actress sounds like a lot of fun to me! Favorite Molly movie: Funny fact – I’ve never actually watched a Molly Ringwald movie But plan to have a major binge session before March!

MOTE NICKEL Marketing & Promotions Speaker is a fantastic, but relatively new project for JLOC. I love how the committee is constantly brainstorming ideas on how we can improve and grow our impact. I’m looking forward to having the opportunity to meet Molly at the VIP reception. Researching her for this event has been eye opening; she’s done so many interesting things since her John Hughes days. Favorite Molly movie: The Breakfast Club.

AMY BRADT Sustaining Fundraising Manager My favorite thing about being on the committee is being involved with other members and watching JLOC continuing to thrive. What I look forward to the most about Speaker is working with the ladies again and delivering the best event possible. Favorite Molly movie: Sixteen Candles.

BRITTANY ATTAWAY Active Fundraising Manager I would have never had the opportunity to get to know many of these women had it not been for SITC, and I’m thankful for these

MORGAN HOPSON Active Special Events Chair My favorite thing about being on the SITC Committee is collaborating with our awesome team to create an event that will

By Sarah Richert

be fun and exciting for not only our JLOC members but the public as well. I believe as this event continues to grow, it will be a great way for the general public to learn more about JLOC and all of the wonderful ways we are able to directly give back and impact the community. Favorite Molly movie: Sixteen Candles.

KIRSTEN LINDSAY Sustaining Special Events Chair My favorite thing about being involved with SITC is reconnecting with some old JLOC friends, and making some new ones. I realize I’ve missed the energy of the League, so I’m happy to be back in the loop. I think the combination of venue, the vibe, the format and of course the speaker herself will combine to make an event that is special and unique. Favorite Molly movie: Actually, my favorite role of hers is from a mini-series: Francis Goldsmith in The Stand.



JLOC Takes Over Tower Theater for General Membership Meetings By Sarah Richert


he September General Membership Meeting was full of excitement for the upcoming year! The enthusiasm was palpable as women poured in to the new meeting location at Tower Theatre. The iconic theater offered plenty of room for members to grab Mistletoe Market shirts and tickets, catch up from the long summer and get settled in for the meeting. Bylaws were approved to add an Education and Development Vice President to the board of directors, as well as a corresponding Council, which allows Junior League members more opportunities for professional and personal development. Keynote Speaker Kathleen Shannon spoke on “Being Boss” in both a professional and personal setting, with quick wit and guidelines on meeting professional and personal goals. To the delight of everyone in the room, Speaker in the City Co-Chairs Angie Huffaker and Sarah Frank announced Molly Ringwald will be the guest for our 2019 Speaker in the City event. To add to the excitement, the Tower Theater will host

10 DECEMBER 2018

a Molly Ringwald film festival featuring her biggest blockbusters the day before the event. (More details about the upcoming events at As the September meeting concluded, “Pretty in Pink” cupcakes were enjoyed as Active and Provisional members made sure to grab Mistletoe Market tickets and yard signs to spread the word about the 25th anniversary of the Junior League’s biggest fundraiser. The November General Membership Meeting empowered members to take control of their health. Active member Kelli HaywardWalsh facilitated a discussion with physicians from OU Medicine to answer members questions about women’s health and the importance of annual breast screenings. JLOC President Pam Campbell rolled out the new Strategic Plan, which was a direct result of member feedback. There are five broad goals that will guide the work as strategies and tactics are finalized. Board members Sheena Karami, Fundraising VP, and Mandy Heaps, President Elect, shared details on upcoming JLOC fundraisers like the Christmas Crawl and the Annual Campaign.


Congratulations to

Jenna & Jared North Married August 30, 2018

#WEAREJLOC You will see our JLOC Provisional class in lots of different events this year. Here are our JLOC Provisional “Superheroes” as they recently volunteered at the RedMan Triathlon providing water at the water stops. #unstoppable #JLOC 

Katie Blaik James Real Estate Broker Associate

RE/MAX FIRST 1000 W. Wilshire, Ste 428, Oklahoma City, OK 73116 office: 405.843.8448


Katie Blaik James Real Estate Broker Associate


When I get really excited, you can’t see my eyes… Thanks for letting me fangirl out @andkathleen and thanks to @jloc for bringing her to us! #beingboss #WeAreJLOC

1000 W. Wilshire, Ste 428, Oklahoma City, OK 73116 office: 405.843.8448



Profile [ people ]

Beth Shortt: A Career in Civic Service BY STEPHANIE HINTON LOC Changed the Path of my Life.” Sustainer and Past President Beth Shortt is the essence of unstoppable. Beth is from a small town in North Carolina, where she said she felt she wasn’t raised with a sense of volunteerism or collective community, but JLOC changed that and started her in a lifetime of community service work. Being

12 DECEMBER 2018

from outside of Oklahoma City, Beth said joining Junior League was a life changing experience that engaged her in camaraderie after relocating to the new city. In 1981, Beth began her Provisional Year with 30 other women. She also adopted her first child that same year. She explained that Junior League gave her a community of women to do life and motherhood with. At that time, membership was predominately

made up of mothers who did not work outside of the home. Beth said being a member of JLOC gave her a sense of affirmation and purpose that she was a part of a larger community. In her first year in the League, Beth said she had the opportunity to attend a training with Michael Doyle on facilitation strategies. She said she considered it an honor to be allowed to attend a training so early in her League career, and she also believes that this training prepared her for the great work she would have the opportunity to do throughout the Oklahoma City community. “Junior League made me a better person, and along the way, I feel I occasionally did a small good for someone else,” she said. Throughout Beth’s time as an active member in JLOC, she said she learned valuable skills that propelled her forward in her career and community work. She also met people along the way who were important to her life in every placement. Beth said her favorite community placement was the 1989 Olympic Festival in which she co-chaired the hospitality suite. While she admits that this placement was outside of her comfort zone, it grew her. It wouldn’t be the only life-changing placement for her. Beth also had the opportunity to be placed as the Cookbook Chair, where she was responsible for selling and promoting the book. In this placement she said she learned the difference between invoices and statements, and about billing - a skill she would later need and continue to use

in her position as the Executive Director of Leadership Oklahoma City. When Beth served as the Ways & Means Chair, she said her committee began work on an innovative and slightly controversial idea to raise money. In prior years, the League had attempted a small bazaar. With few vendors, it did not bring in a profit and that had solidified, in the minds of many members and sustainers, that this was not the best means for fundraising. However, Beth’s committee was determined to prove that with a few adjustments they could launch a successful craft fair. After visiting the Junior League of Austin, the committee appointed leaders who would spend the next two years planning for the first Mistletoe Market, which would become the League’s most successful fundraiser. According to Beth, one of her favorite in-League placements was working with Provisional members as the Provisional Vice Chair and Chair. She said this work was a precursor to the work she would do with Leadership Oklahoma City. In this placement, Beth realized the importance of learning and remembering people’s names and connecting with what is happening in their lives. This is a skill that still endears her to all that encounter her through her work in Oklahoma City. “I never had a placement I didn’t like… but there were some I wouldn’t have done if it weren’t for the League,” Beth said. In 1992, Beth began her year as President of the Junior League of Oklahoma City. During her year as President Elect, she had the opportunity to participate in Leadership

Class X. She said this opportunity would later propel her into a new career that she was prepared for through community service opportunities and skills she learned in the League. From 1993-1995, she served on the Association of Junior Leagues International (ALJI) Board of Directors. At that time, Area V did not have much representation within the ALJI and important decisions were being discussed as the League was preparing for changes. Annual Conference became a time to put the skills of board governance to use, which allowed Beth and other League leaders to protect the rights of the individual Leagues as they made decisions of what was best for the

communities they served. This earned her the nickname “the woman in the red dress” (referring to the outfit she was wearing at this particular annual conference) but nonetheless she left a lasting impression on other League representatives who admired her passion for protecting the Junior League of Oklahoma City that molded her over the years and her knowledge of board governance. “If I had not joined the League; I do not know what my life would look like,” she said. After the tragedy of the Oklahoma City bombing, Beth had the opportunity

[ CONTINUED ON PG. 14 ] 13

Profile [ CONTINUED FROM PG. 13 ] to serve her community through the art of facilitation. Beth was charged with facilitating the committee that would write the mission statement for the Oklahoma City National Memorial to honor those who were impacted on April 19, 1995. Facilitating the work of the mission statement is the most fulfilling position Beth said she has had the opportunity to be a part of. She said she believes that the Oklahoma City National Memorial continues to live by the mission statement that she helped develop in 1996: We come here to remember those who were killed, those who survived and those changed forever. May all who leave here know the impact of violence. May this memorial offer comfort, strength, peace, hope and serenity. LEADERSHIP OKLAHOMA CITY JLOC Sustainer and Past President Karen

14 DECEMBER 2018

Luke, served as the first Executive Director of Leadership Oklahoma City (LOKC), and was a role model to Beth. When Karen Luke stepped down from her position with LOKC, Beth said she was grateful for the opportunity to accept the role. Through her service to JLOC, she said she found her career and role in our community of which she is most proud. She said she believes that her background as an educator, along with the trainings that she received as a member of the JLOC, and the dedication she had to community service with the League, prepared her for this position. At the end of 2018, Beth will retire from her role as Executive Director of Leadership Oklahoma City, but the mark that she has left on the organization will have a lasting impact. Leadership OKC began with its Signature Program in 1981 when two members of JLOC decided to follow the example of other major cities and begin a community

leadership program. They completed a site visit of Philadelphia’s program and then launched the first class in 1982. During its first five years, LOKC was managed by volunteers and was a true community initiative. During Beth’s tenure with LOKC, the Signature Program continued to grow, and the programming that was developed during this time that has truly expanded the scope of LOKC’s mission. Two high school programs have been developed, YLX which focuses on developing the leadership skills of teenagers and Youth in Action, which is the Youth Council of OKC and in partnership with the City of OKC. Also developed 19 years ago was the very popular and successful young adult program, LOYAL. Originally intended to be a condensed version of Signature Program for young community leaders who were unlikely to participate in the full program, LOYAL focuses on skills-based leadership.

Beth said the program was planned to only run for five years, however due to the popularity of the program, LOYAL is a permanent part of the LOKC suite and is never short of applications. Beth said she is proud of the work she been able to do through LOKC. She is quick to point out that it is a Board-driven organization whose mission is focused on developing community leaders Beth said she believes that Leadership OKC is making a difference by building bridges through the community where people can meet other people from diverse backgrounds within an established culture of respect. She said that good things have happened in Oklahoma City because of LOKC and how the organization has empowered young people to solve problems. Beth said that it is due to the organization and its programs, but those who have been touched by the LOKC community know that it is also Beth’s leadership that has touched many lives throughout the city and beyond. “I’ve seen a lot of change throughout my time with the League,” she said. Beth Shortt was an active member in JLOC for 15 years and through that time, she said she saw many things change in the League and in the world around her. But she said she is confident that JLOC was an entry point for her to the many paths she would travel beyond the League. Beth said being a member of JLOC impacted her personal and professional life - it led her to her career, her husband and friendships that have lasted a lifetime. When reflecting on her time with JLOC, she said she has advice for current and future members. “Building relationships is key,” she said. “Stretch yourself and take opportunities to build your leadership capacity.”



Junior League Members are By Rebecca Smith


he Association of Junior Leagues International recently launched the “Unstoppable” campaign to showcase the drive and dedication of League members. Through social media posts, print ads and public service announcements, AJLI and Leagues in four countries are working together to cohesively provide consistent brand messaging that reflects the vision and values of Junior League. The campaign emphasizes the mission of Junior League to support, empower and train women to become effective leaders who address social issues in their communities. The beauty of the Junior League is the variety of ways members can get involved,” said President Pam Campbell. “Women can choose training and leadership opportunities to develop different skills depending on their own needs, which will make members even more unstoppable!” Through the Leadership Institute, the Junior League of Oklahoma City provides women with opportunities to develop and strengthen skills that can be utilized to be unstoppable in their career and the community. So far in 2018, members have made an impact working with approximately 25 community partners, renovating the Jungle Gym at the Oklahoma City Zoo (in just four days),


publishing two books – Goodnight OKC and Western + Grand, successfully executing the 25th Anniversary of Mistletoe Market, securing an iconic speaker for Speaker in the City and planning monthly sustainer events – and that’s not even close to all of the accomplishments. “Our members consistently show what being unstoppable means,” said Pam. “These smart,

driven and accomplished women give their time and talent to the League, and take care of their families, careers and education. They are inspiring!” JLOC women continue to show through their dedication to the community, that they are determined, impactful and unstoppable.

"I always wondered why babies spend so much time sucking their thumbs. Then I tasted baby food." —ROBERT ORBEN

Lucy Maxine Johnson

Edie Simone Feeback

Porter Davis Hudson

born June 8, 2018 to parents Brooke and Chris Johnson

born August 27, 2018 to parents Ashley and Brett Feeback

born September 5, 2018 to parents Katelyn and Evan Hudson

16 DECEMBER 2018



OF THE YEAR Past President Ann Felton Gilliland was named Woman of the Year by the Journal Record at a special awards ceremony Oct. 11. Each year, The Journal Record honors a Woman of the Year and Fifty Making a Difference, celebrating women across the state who spend their time and talents making Oklahoma a better place to live, work and play. Gilliland has been part of Fifty Making a Difference three times in the past three decades. Among the Fifty Making a Difference honorees this year were President Pam Gutel Campbell, who has been among the honorees for two years in a row, and Active member Deemah Ramadan. We commend and celebrate Ann Felton Gilliland, 2018 Journal Record Woman of the Year for her work as Chair and CEO at Central Oklahoma Habitat for Humanity, and for her dedication to serving our community.


Focus [ projects ]

Mistletoe Market Recap



he 25th Anniversary Mistletoe Market is all wrapped up! From Preview Party to close of business on Saturday, the Cox Convention Center was bustling with members, merchants and shoppers. Pam Campbell, president, said the 25th year of Mistletoe Market was a success. “This Mistletoe Market team, led by Bria Hanlon, were focused and worked so well together, which translated into shoppers and members having a great experience,” she said. “It is amazing to see what women can accomplish when they work together.”

18 DECEMBER 2018

Thank you to all of the amazing members who volunteered their time and talents to making Mistletoe Market a triumph. There were 120 vendors, who set up shop, and numerous shoppers and members of the Oklahoma City community who supported JLOC’s largest fundraiser. The funds raised at Mistletoe Market help support our leadership trainings and health-based community projects to further the mission of Junior League by allowing us to send trained volunteers into the Oklahoma City community. Preview Party was a great kick-off where attendees enjoyed cocktails, live music, food tastings and, of course, shopping! The evening

included a silent auction, wine raffle, diamond raffle and on-site painting and live auction with artist Zonly Looman. Ladies’ Night Out was a hit as New Leaf Florist guided friends through creating beautiful floral masterpieces. Boo! Breakfast was a spookatcular Saturday morning filled with face painting, storytime, cookie decorating and family photos. The kiddos were cute in their Halloween costumes and our volunteers brought characters to life during with trick-or-treating. Musical sounds filled Market as kids played at the Oklahoma City Philharmonic instrument playground.

Thank You

to our  2018 Mistletoe Market Sponsors Titanium Sponsors

Sapphire Sponsor

Silver Sponsors

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Copper Sponsors




Have you wondered what benefits come from your annual dues? Active members pay $123 annually which covers both local dues ($80) and AJLI dues ($43). Your membership in JLOC includes access to volunteer opportunities, leadership training, skill development and the opportunity to connect and network with women across central Oklahoma. Your AJLI membership provides access to training webinars, discounts on travel and professional services and access to volunteer opportunities across the world. There is incredible value to membership in Junior League not to mention that your dues are tax deductible. Junior League is launching an easier way to fulfill your dues, Mistletoe Market and Speaker in the City ticket quotas. All financial obligations are being bundled so members can meet the

20 DECEMBER 2018

minimum financial requirements for membership without having to worry about or keep track of what has or hasn’t been paid throughout the year. Members will have the option to pay $203 by March 1 or spread out the

payment with an initial $103 by March 1 followed by a payment of $50 on April 1 and $50 on May 1. More information about how to secure your payment will be shared in the annual dues renewal letter to be mailed in February.

Letters to the League

COURTESY & RECOGNITION BIRTHS Brooke Johnson welcomed daughter Lucy Maxine Johnson on June 8 Ashley Feeback welcomed daughter Edie Simone Feeback on August 27

Katelyn Hudson welcomed son Porter Davis Hudson on September 5



Holiday Impact

Community Spotlight: Kids in the Kitchen &Top Chef By Darian McPherson


hildren’s health and wellness has been a key issue for Junior League’s since the founding of the first Junior League in 1901. As time continues, the Junior League is still committed to teaching children how to choose nutritious meals and exercise their bodies, in an effort to promote lifelong health.


The Association of Junior Leagues International, Inc. and various Leagues have upheld this commitment to the health and wellness of children, but it wasn’t until the early 2000s that this specific project came to action. Junior League members noticed the frequency and urgency of the childhood obesity epidemic in their individual communities. They also recognized the impact the epidemic could make on a child’s mental and physical health, and potential implications for education, social, and life-long success. In 2001, Junior Leagues’ Kids in the Kitchen program was born. Inspired by the Junior League of Calgary’s Junior Chefs program, the initiative aims to educate children and their families about nutrition and fitness via hands-on activities and events.


Kids in the Kitchen is implemented in over 200 communities. In Oklahoma City, this program takes place Monday evenings at the Boys and Girls Club of Oklahoma County. The sessions include third and fourth graders, who receive a snack, healthy food lesson and engage with volunteers through a fun activity. There is an informational guide for the volunteers that is concise and includes a quick and easy to-do list when prepping for sessions.


JLOC has evolved a unique “Top Chef”

22 DECEMBER 2018

component to the program, through after-school cooking classes offered for high schoolers at the Boys and Girls Club. Top Chef is a hands-on opportunity for high school students to cook a healthy recipe from start to finish with guidance from Junior League volunteers. Like with Kids in the Kitchen, there is a Top Chef informational guide to make the volunteer’s job as easy as possible. Volunteers have the opportunity to engage with these students and teach them many things about cooking and health that they may not have exposure to on an everyday basis.


Most recently, JLOC has implemented a special Farmer’s Market in December and May. During this event, the children go through a market set up in the cafeteria at the Boys and Girls Club. They pick up items for their family holiday dinner such as turkeys, onions, potatoes, green beans, and more -all free of charge. Last year was a great success, and there are plans to make an even bigger impact this year! Through the partnership with the Boys and Girls Club and JLOC, Kids in the Kitchen and Top Chef both have grown in the Oklahoma City community. Kids in the Kitchen and Top Chef have been a way for children of all ages to engage in the importance of eating healthy foods and fight against childhood obesity.


“When I first joined the program as a volunteer, I couldn’t help but notice how happy the kids were to be there. In the past, I’d volunteered with kids in several different organizations, usually as a tutor or homework helper, and most days left me feeling that I hadn’t done enough for them. But here, the

energy is different. Part of that is the excellent structure that the Boys & Girls Club sets up for the kids. But a big part of it was the fact that we were in the kitchen, sharing meals and snacks and healthy food lessons. Food has a way of dissolving the boundaries between us, of showing us how similar we are, even if backgrounds or lifestyles would tempt us into thinking we are different. Every person in the kitchen has a story or cooking tip to offer, and once we have our hands deep in avocados, it becomes exponentially easier to get to those meaningful conversations. Recently, I was chatting with a student after the session, offering ideas of how to use some of the leftover ingredients that she was taking home. She’d never cooked with arugula before, so I mentioned that one of my favorite things was to eat it with scrambled eggs in the morning. Something lit up in her eyes, and as we continued talking about breakfast dishes we realized how similarly we start our days—over eggs. Yes, Kids in the Kitchen and Top Chef are about food and teaching healthy lessons, but the placement is about so much more than that. It’s about connecting with the kids on a human level and being a consistent, fun, carefree part of their lives. As they tell us happy memories of their favorite dishes or of cooking with grandmothers, it’s easy to forget the challenges that many of them face outside of that kitchen -- and it seems that many of them forget, too. But even once we’ve wiped down the counters and gone home, we hope that we’ve added one happy memory, along with some fun food tips -- and that they know they can rely on us to be right back in the kitchen the next Monday, ready for the next round of Kids in the Kitchen and Top Chef.”

Community Spotlight: Pivot OKC

Adorn helps businesses and residential clients create amazing first impressions with custom container gardens and outdoor décor.

By Mindy Wright


ivot (formerly Youth Services of Oklahoma County) provides support and resources to teens that have spent most of their lives either in the welfare system, living on their own without parental support or as a child in need of a safe, stable place to stay. Junior League volunteers get to be a part of these kids’ journey, providing tools to prepare them for adulthood. League project manager, Kajal Jassemnejad, has implemented several activities to ensure the teens are getting a well-rounded experience, gaining vital life skills to achieve success. League volunteers meet every Tuesday during the summer, fall and spring sessions. This summer at Pivot, League volunteers took them to Climb Up in Oklahoma City for a fun day of rock climbing, spent the day at the OKC Museum of Art providing the teens with a cultural experience and played dodge ball, basketball and foursquare at the shelter. Volunteers also took the teens to Frontier City, where they were able to go on a VIP tour with the staff, and learn about the different job opportunities available, such as mechanical positions and in the food industry. This fall, the teens got to cook alongside volunteers, putting a fun spin on making breakfast for dinner. The volunteers focused on teaching the children kitchen etiquette and safety while cooking, and implementing healthy breakfast options. They learned about different dietary restrictions and how to host a dinner party. On Dec. 18, League volunteers will provide an experience for the teens to learn financial responsibility, by giving each teen with a gift card to Old Navy and Chili’s. They will show them how to balance their spending, allowing them to feel independent by making smart choices with their purchases. At Chili’s, they will be able to order for themselves, learn how to pay for their meal and add the gratuity. Kajal said there is nothing better than hearing from the shelter coordinator that the teens wake up and rush in to ask them, “Is today Junior League day?” The impact on these teens’ lives is significant, and the League could not accomplish these things without all of the wonderful volunteers.



An exceptional education opens many doors, so we’re opening

&Campus Tours

Shadow Days


There’s no better way to experience Heritage Hall than by visiting our campus for a tour or a Shadow Day. Please contact our Admission staff at 405.749.3002 to schedule your visit. For a virtual introduction to Heritage Hall, see our videos on the home page at



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 Betsy Hyde Berry and Cristi Reiger enjoy the elephant presentation at the OKC Zoo’s Sanctuary Asia

[ various ]

Sustainer Scoop



he Sustainer Events Committee has started the year off like “busy bees” with four fabulous events in September, October and November, and we are thrilled with the attendance each month! In September, the Oklahoma City Zoo graciously hosted a behind-the-scenes event with a private tram tour and presentation in the newly opened elephant pavilion, Sanctuary Asia. The happy news to report is that after mother Asha had a 2-year pregnancy, baby elephant Kai (Sanskrit for Moonlight) was born shortly after this special tour. The tour also allowed guests to explore the JLOC Jungle Gym Playground and hear about

the renovation and expansion project completed to commemorate JLOC’s 90th Anniversary. The tour culminated with a presentation by the Zoo’s Conservation and Science Curator. If you haven’t heard what the “buzz” is all about, the OKC Zoo is home to honey bees and we had a rare opportunity to learn more about the Zoo’s commitment to protecting them from extinction. Sustainer Candice Rennels, who is also the director of Zoo Public Relations, and Tim Rasnic, executive director of Zoo Friends, addressed the group with a fascinating tour and experience. Sustainers were encouraged to “BEE part of the JLOC Hive” and attend upcoming events! In October, a wine tasting event at the

SoRelle Fitzgerald, Beth Tolbert, Darlene Parma and Sandy Meyers enjoy the wine tasting event at the OKC Cellar.

24 DECEMBER 2018

OKC Cellar was a “grape” success! We enjoyed charcuterie delights, tours of the wine storage area and wines presented by Premium Brands. Mistletoe Market committee members also shared opportunities for Sustainers to support our major fundraising event. November events were sweet and real “page-turners” with two offerings. The first was Woody Candy Company by owner and Sustainer Elaine Jackson, and coordinated by Sustainer Suzy Bennett. An exclusive tour delighted all guests as did the opportunity to try their hands at candy making. Mid-November, we enjoyed an early morning opportunity to shop at an Oklahoma City institution, Full Circle Bookstore with a generous discount offered by owner and Sustainer Beth Tolbert. Artist and Sustainer Margaret Hoge graciously attended to sign copies of the new edition of Goodnight OKC, and copies of Western + Grand were available for purchase. JLOC Sustainers are truly engaged in our community in amazing ways, and we are Leaguers for Life! Deck the Halls with Holiday Cheer, as our December event on Dec.12 is graciously hosted by Sustainer Linda Slawson. The halls and rooms of her lovely home decorated for the season will welcome everyone for the opportunity to share time together and a collection to support our JLOC community projects. We wish everyone the happiest holiday season and look forward to seeing you in the New Year for our 2019 events. Stay tuned for more details in upcoming JLOC Member Emails and future announcements in your mailbox. We hope to see you for fun and camaraderie with Sustainer Events this year!



Scott Witherby of Premium Brands shares samples with Suzanne Spradling, and Susie Moock is thrilled to be the lucky winner of a door prize! Background: Betsy Mantor and Hunter Merritt discuss the finer points of wine storage.

Shelly Soliz, Tim Rasnic, Executive Director of Zoo Friends, and Tamara Hermen enjoy hearing all the news “buzzing” at the OKC Zoo.

Group photo at the OKC Zoo.

Proud mom and Sustainer, Cheryl Merritt chats with Hunter Merritt, owner of the premiere wine storage facility, the OKC Cellar.

For more than 90 years, the Junior League of Oklahoma City has been committed to building a better Oklahoma City through the training and development of women leaders. Our empowered volunteers work on a community focus of health and wellness to create programs that have measurable impacts throughout Oklahoma City. We partner with agencies and nonprofits to improve the quality of life for thousands of Oklahomans. Our training and community programs are funded through special events like Mistletoe Market and Speaker in the City and by donations from individuals and organizations. The impact of our members has been felt across the metro area. Between June 1, 2017 and May 31, 2018, members volunteered more than 10,000 hours in the community, totaling a value of $249,690 reinvested right here in Oklahoma City! To continue our momentum, we need your financial support to serve the metro’s most vulnerable citizens. That’s why we are asking for your support through our year-end campaign. Your gift, large or small, allows us to continue promoting voluntarism, developing the potential of women and improving the community. Please consider including JLOC in your 2018 giving. Each donation is tax-deductible and will help our members continue to promote this mission. Would you be willing to make a special year-end donation to help us continue building a better OKC? Please visit to make a donation. Thank you for your continued support of the Junior League of Oklahoma City.


Et Cetera

League Leash

Each issue, we will feature JLOC pets! If you would like to see your pet in the League Link, please email photos to

Meet Hendrix, an 11.5-year-old Boston Terrier. He likes going to Starbucks, Home Depot, and the dog park.


—Blair Bradley, Active member

Lauren Hammonds Johnson, Pet owner This is Bella! She loves training for half marathons with her parents, playing with her best friend, Milly, and her guilty pleasure is cheese-its.

This is Remington, a 16-month-old Goldendoodle. His favorite thing to do is ride around OKC in the car with his doggles on.

—Carley Yates, Active member

Panda cat is a snowshoe mix - we think about 3 years old. Literally showed up at my backdoor about a year and a half ago. He’s just a bit cross-eyed... which ups the cute factor!

—Adrienne Nobles, Active member 26 DECEMBER 2018


Women Building a Better OKC

MISSION The Junior League of Oklahoma City, Inc. is an organization of women committed to promoting voluntarism, developing the potential of women and improving the community through effective action and leadership of trained volunteers. Its purpose is exclusively educational and charitable.

VISION The Junior League of Oklahoma City, Inc. will empower volunteers to impact our community and enrich lives.

FOCUS Women Building a Better Oklahoma City

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Get on board for the 2018-19 League Link year and start advertising. The circulation is more than 1,500 and sent not only to JLOC Members and Provisionals, but also to numerous businesses and community organizations. Special rates are available for JLOC Provisionals, Actives and Sustainers.


Contact Natalie Fix, Communications VP, for more information at

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December 2018 LeagueLink  

The Junior League of Oklahoma City, Inc. is an organization of women committed to promoting voluntarism, developing the potential of women a...

December 2018 LeagueLink  

The Junior League of Oklahoma City, Inc. is an organization of women committed to promoting voluntarism, developing the potential of women a...

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