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Bagasse Hinged Containers

Nourish clamshell containers are made with natural fibers. Freezable and microwavable. BPI Certified compostable with no intentionally added PFAS.

VWH6HW 6” X 6” 1-Compartment

VWH8HW 8” X 8” 1-Compartment

VWHHOAGIE 9” X 6” Hoagie 1-Compartment

VWH9HW 9” X 9” 1-Compartment 200/CS

VWH83HW 8” x 8” 3-Compartment

VWH93HW 9” X 9” 3-Compartment

ProPlanet™ Hinged Containers

Made with up to 40% natural mineral content. Non-absorbent, cut resistant surface, resistant to sauces and liquids soaking through the container. Microwavable.

D60MFPPHT1 6” X 6” X 3” 1 Compartment

D85MFPPHT1 8” X 8” X 3” 1 Compartment

D206MFPPHT1 9” X

Microwaveable 2-Piece Containers

These two-piece polypropylene to go containers are microwavable and freezer safe. The stackable secure seal locking system prevents leaks, and the anti-fog clear lid offers a great presentation for any meal. The natural mineral content reduces the total amount of plastic for those eco-conscious users. Black base with clear lid.

DHG6X6PCO225 6” X 6” 1 Compartment 320/CS

DHG8X8PCO883S 8” X 8” 1 Compartment 150/CS

DHG9X9PCO993SBK150 9” X 9” 1 Compartment 150/CS

DHG9X9PCO993 9” X 9” 3 Compartment 150/CS

ReForm Microwaveable Containers

ReForm packaging items are made utilizing a proprietary blend of 99% PostConsumer Recycled polypropylene and constructed to perform through a variety of hot and cold applications. These containers are combo packed, bowl and lids in the same carton. Great for packaging food and meals to-go at any deli, restaurant, or food truck. Black base with clear lid. Instantly improve your take-out service with ReForm Polypropylene Microwaveable Injection Molded containers!

Compartment 200/CS D90MFPPHT1R 9”
Compartment 150/CS
X 3” 1
X 3” 1
FL17CPRB16 16 oz Round 150/CS FL17CPRB32 32 oz Round 150/CS FL17CPRB48 48 oz Round 150/CS FL17CPRCB28 28 oz Rectangular 150/CS
58 oz Rectangular 150/CS
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Hinged Hot Take-Out Containers

Sabert’s hinged take-out containers have perforated lids that tear away easily for table-ready dining on-the-go. Dual, easy-open tabs make handling simple while locking lids prevent leaks. Reheatable and refrigerator friendly, these containers offer convenience and style.

SH52060190F450 6” x 6” 1-Compartment 450/CS

SH52090370F180 9” x 9” 1-Compartment 180/CS

SH53090300F264 6” x 9” 1-Compartment 264/CS

SH58090030F180 9” x 9” 3-Compartment 180/CS

Molded Fiber Pulp Containers & Lids

Sabert’s environmentally friendly Green Collection includes a full line of molded fiber pulp compostable bases with recyclable plastic lids, offering everything from soup bowls and containers to catering platters and plates. Contains no intentionally added PFAS.

S42112F1000N 12

S48090030D300 32 oz. 3-Comparment 450/CS

S49148F300NPLS 48 oz. 1-Compartment 300/CS

S51201F1000 Dome Lid Fits: 12 & 16 oz. 300/CS

S5497SV300 Lid Fits: Oval Bowl 300/CS

S51901F300PP Dome Lid Fits: 32 & 48 oz. 300/CS

Sabert Hot Collection Take Out Guide
oz. Round 450/CS
oz. Round 300/CS S497BB300PLS
oz. Oval 300/CS
S42116F1000N 16
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Vegware Compostable Soup Containers & Lids

Compostable food containers, perfect for everything from hot soups and stews to ice cream sundaes. Features Vegware’s award-winning Green Leaf band for easy identification of compostable products. BPI certified compostable.

VSC06G 6

VSC08G 8

VLID115SW Lid Fits 12-32 oz

EPPPRLIDS Lid Fits 8 oz.

EPPPRLIDL Lid Fits 12-32 oz.


Heavy Duty Paper Hot Food Containers & Lids

For soups and hot carry-out foods. Extra-rigid paper, poly-lined inside and out.

Aluminum Pans / Lids

Use aluminum containers for cooking, freezing, storing and serving. Go directly from the freezer to the oven and back to the freezer. Odor and moisture-proof.


PLA Hinged Food Containers

A crystal clear container with large view window to showcase products. Great for bakery or deli, and made with Ingeo biopolymer. BPI certified compostable.

Hinged Deli & Bakery Containers

Made with recycled PET with 50% post consumer plastic containers are clear strong and durable.

oz White 1000/CS
White 1000/CS
White 500/CS
VSC12G 12 oz
White 500/CS
VSC16G 16 oz
White - Paper Compostable
- Paper Compostable
SLHS4085 8 oz. White 500/CS SLHS4125 12 oz. White 500/CS SLH4165W 16 oz. White 500/CS SLH4325 32 oz. White 500/CS
oz. Paper
SLCH16A Lid: Fits 8-16 oz.
SLCH32A Lid: Fits 32
HFA204700500 7” Round 24 oz. 500/CS HFA2047L500 Foil Board 7” / 24 oz. 500/CS HFA204630250W 9” Round w/Lid 48 oz. 250/CS
DPET53PST1 5.25” X 5.3” X 2.64” 500/CS DPET95PST1 8.8” X 9.3” X 3” 200/CS
EPLC6 6” X 6” X 3” Compostable 240/CS EPLC81 8” X 8” X 3” Compostable 160/CS
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Square Salad Bowls

Increase food visibility with sleek walls and secure lids, these bowls are the perfect choice from prep to presentation.

S18024B300 24 oz. Clear 300/CS

S18032B300 32 oz. Clear 300/CS

S52800B300 Dome Lid: Fits 24 oz. Clear 300/CS

S51800B300 Flat Lid: Fits 32 oz. Clear 300/CS

Visibly Fresh™ Hinged PET Clamshells

Made of rigid crystal clear packaging for visibility and stacking strength. Great for deli and bakery packaging needs.

Polypropylene Portion Cups

Made of durable, crack-resistant polypropylene, a sturdy choice for serving anything from salad dressing to whipped butter. The translucent PET lid construction allows customers to easily see the cup’s contents.

Plastic Souffle Cups/Lids

Ideal for take out orders. Eliminates messy spills and leaks.

PLA Portion Cups

Made from 100% plant based material. Clear for product visibility. Compostable.

IPVF8060 5.37” X 4.93” X 2.93” 36 oz. 500/CS IPVF8092 8” X 6.875” X 1.93” 48.6 oz. 200/CS IPVF8091 8”
2.75” 67.9 oz. IPVF8100 8.5”
2.875” 91.3 oz.
EPC200B Black 2 oz. 2500/CS EPC200
2 oz. 2500/CS EPC400 Translucent 4 oz. 2500/CS EPCLID2 Translucent Lid: Fits 2 oz. 2500/CS EPCLID3 Translucent Lid: Fits 4 oz. 2500/CS
Green Print 2 oz. 2000/CS FKGPC400GW Green Print 4 oz. 2000/CS
Clear Lid Fits: 2 oz. 2000/CS FKGXL345PC Clear Lid Fits: 4 oz. 2000/CS
2 oz. 2500/CS SLP400N
Translucent 4 oz.
DPL100N Clear Lid Fits: 2 oz. 2500/CS SLPL4NR Clear Lid Fits: 4 oz. 2000/CS
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Pizza Boxes

These pizza / bakery boxes are a great item to have in your restaurant or bakery. The boxes are heavy duty corrugated, so you can trust that your pizza will stay protected and warm while in transport. The boxes are made from heavy duty B-Flute corrugate so they can handle any pizza and as many toppings as you can throw at it!

Food Boxes

Stackable 1 piece design requires no assembly or lid inventory. Leak resistant and heat lamp tolerant.

Bakery Bags - Paper

Bakery bags are ideal for a wide range of to-go items like cookies, muffins, and breads.

ARVPIZ10KK 10” 50/CS ARVPIZ12KK 12” 50/CS ARVPIZ14KK 14” 50/CS ARVPIZ16KK 16” 50/CS
DSTTGCK1 #1 5.125” X 4.375” X 2.5” Kraft 450/CS DSTTGCK2 #2 8.5”
6.25” X 1.875” Kraft 200/CS DSTTGCK3 #3 8.5” X 6.25” X 2.5” Kraft 200/CS DSTTGCK4 #4 8.75” X 6.4375” X 3.5” Kraft 160/CS DSTTGCK8 #8 6” X 4.75” X 2.5” Kraft 300/CS DSTTGCW1 #1 5.125” X 4.375” X 2.5” White 450/CS DSTTGCW2 #2 8.5” X 6.25” X 1.875” White 200/CS DSTTGCW3 #3 8.5”
6.25” X 2.5” White 200/CS DSTTGCW4 #4 8.75” X 6.4375” X 3.5” White 160/CS DSTTGCW8 #8 6” X 4.75” X 2.5” White 300/CS
Kraft ARVPIZ8WK 8” 50/CS ARVPIZ10WK 10” 50/CS ARVPIZ12WK 12” 50/CS ARVPIZ14WK 14” 50/CS
16” 50/CS White PIZZA & TO-GO BOXES
4.5” X 2.5” X 28” Kraft 1000/CS BP300100 6.5” X 1” X 8” Natural 2000/CS BP300422 6.5”
8” White 2000/CS BGCP450019
White 2000/CS
X 1” X
6” X .75” X 7.25”
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Food Wrap / Liner

Grease resistant food wrap or basket liner. Available in white and colored check patterns.

PP22022001212 12” x 12” White 5 PKG/1000/CS

PP22021213040 12” x 12” Black Check 5 PKG/1000/CS

PP22021213041 12” x 12” Red Check 5 PKG/1000/CS

PP22021213043 12” x 12” Blue Check 5 PKG/1000/CS

Natural Sandwich Wrap / Liner

Grease resistant paper provides stain protection. EcoCraft® wraps are packaged in 100% post-consumer recycled cartons. Sustainable alternative to cartons and plastic containers.

BP300897 12” x 12”

BP300898 15” x 16” 3000/CS


PET Cold Cups & Lids

PET cold cup. Contact clear. Rolled rim. One lid fits 12-24 oz cups

FL12CC 12 oz. Clear 1000/CS

FL3198SL Lid: Fits 12 - 24 oz. Clear Slip Lid 1000/CS

FLCCFL1224 Lid: Fits 12 - 24 oz. Clear Straw Slot 1000/CS

FLCCDL1224 Lid: Fits 12 - 24 oz. Clear Dome w/hole 1000/CS

PLA Cold Cups & Lids

Plant based clear cup for cold drinks, desserts, crudités, mini salads, or healthy snacks. Made from PLA, a renewable material made from plants. Clear for visibility, with Vegware messaging in green. Award-winning quality by Vegware. Commercially compostable where accepted. BPI certified.

VR360YG 12 oz. Clear w/Green Stripe 1000/CS

VR500YG 16 oz. Clear w/Green Stripe 1000/CS

VR700YG 24 oz. Clear w/Green Stripe 1000/CS

VWFLCCGN Lid: Fits 12 - 24 oz. Green Straw Slot 1000/CS

VWFLCSGN Lid: Fits 12 - 24 oz. Green Sip Lid 1000/CS

VC96FCH Lid: Fits 12 - 24 oz. Clear Straw Slot 1000/CS

VC96FSP Lid: Fits 12 - 24 oz. Green Sip Lid 1000/CS

oz. Clear 600/CS
FL16CC 16 oz. Clear
FL24CC 24
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“Patrons value cleanliness when it comes to deciding what businesses they support. So cleaning is not just a chore. It’s a competitive advantage.”

Wrapped Straws

Enjoy convenience and hygiene with our individually wrapped straws. Perfect for on-the-go use in cafes and restaurants, each straw is individually wrapped for cleanliness and protection.

SZSF130IWW 7.75” White Flex 25/400/CS

SZSG1101WC 10.25” Clear Giant 4/300/CS

EPST770BX 7.75” Clear Compostable 5 PKG/1M/CS

EPST772BX 7.75” Green Compostable 5 PKG/1M/CS

Paper Hot Cups

Paper hot cups available in 8-24oz. PE Lined. Available in both black and white with matching lids.

SWHC8 8 oz. White

SWHC12 12 oz. White

SWHC12CM 12 oz. Black

SWHC16 16 oz. White

SWHC16CM 16 oz. Black

SWHCLDB8 Lid: Fits 8 oz.

SWHCLDW16 Lid: Fits 12-24 oz. White

Pulp Carriers

PWCC832 4-Cup Carrier 8-32 oz. 4/75/CS

Cutlery Kits

Conveniently pre-packaged cutlery kits, neatly wrapped for hygiene and portability. Ideal for on-the-go dining ensuring a hassle-free dining experience with every use.

SWHCLDW8 Lid: Fits 8 oz. White
SWHCLDB16 Lid: Fits 12-24 oz. Black
F/K/S/Nap/S&P White Mediumweight PP 1000/CS NC414042 F/K/S/Nap/S&P Black Heavyweight PP 1000/CS
F/K/S/Nap Black Heavyweight PP 1000/CS
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Medium Weight Polypropylene Wrapped Cutlery

White, medium-weight polypropylene utensils use break-resistant polypropylene for extended use and ideal for use with many foods. Wrapped.

NC406023 Fork White 1000/CS

NC406026 Knife White 1000/CS

NC406025 Spoon White 1000/CS

Heavy Weight Polystyrene Cutlery

Rigid cutlery with a heavyweight design that is excellent for cutting and puncturing.

NC406100 Fork White 1000/CS

NC406108 Knife

NC406104 Spoon

Heavy Weight Polypropylene Cutlery

High-quality, heavyweight polypropylene design, perfect for nearly any cuisine. Use in a variety of settings, from office parties to upscale catering. Economical, yet sturdy option for takeout or dine-in uses.

NC406029 Fork Black 1000/CS

NC406038 Knife Black 1000/CS

NC406035 Spoon Black 1000/CS

Medium Weight Polypropylene Cutlery

This medium weight and standard length size is perfect for takeout dishes and quick service dining.

NC406010 Fork

NC406017 Knife

NC406014 Spoon

NC406020 Soup Spoon

NC406013 Spork

Compostable Cutlery

Attractive earth friendly option made from PLA (a resin derived from plants).


FL42CBUK Knife

FL42CBUS Spoon Black CPLA 1000/CS WNACGVFKBR500CP Fork

White 1000/CS
White 1000/CS
White 1000/CS
White 1000/CS
Black CPLA 1000/CS
Black CPLA 1000/CS
Brown PLA
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Ideal for take out or dine in. Multiple options and sizes for dining as well as beverage napkins.





x 17” White Linen Like

x 17” White 3-Ply

XpressNap Dispenser Napkins

Ideal for small chains and independent restaurants that offer napkins at the table or on counter. Our most compact Xpressnap system ever has one-at-a-time napkin dispensing with equal savings in waste and napkins.


Napkin Band

These white napkin Bands are great for use pre-wrapping utensils during down time for that clean dressed-up appearance.

AMRRNB10M 1.5” x 425” White 4/2500/CS


The Sabert catering products feature a unique blend of sleek designs with premiere functionality to help make your next event a memorable one. Sabert’s catering products are Designed for the Occasion™, offering upscale presentations at affordable prices. Our collection completes any table setting. Square combo pack with dome lid.

SC9312PP 12”

SC9314PP 14”

SC9316PP 16” Black 25sets/CS

Dinner 17”
Dinner 17”
NW151728W Dinner 15” x 17” White 2-Ply
Black 2-Ply 1000/CS
x 10”
Beverage 10”
White 2-Ply 4000/CS
Tallfold 7.5”
White Dispenser 10000/CS
x 10”
x 13”
Environment Print Natural 1-Ply 12/500/CS SCADX900 White 1-Ply 12/500/CS SCA6232100 Table Top Dispenser Black 1/EA
Black 25sets/CS
Black 25sets/CS
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Catering Trays & Lids

It serves your purpose! From picnic to party, from preparation to presentation, every occasion deserves to be a celebration. Fineline Settings sets the standard for heavyweight dishes in quality construction and definitive design.

FLHR0012BK 12” Round Tray Black 25/CS

FLHR0016BKP 16” Round Tray Black 25/CS

FLHR0018BK 18” Round Tray Black 25/CS

FLDD12L Lid: Fits 12”

FLDD16L Lid: Fits 16”

FLDD18L Lid: Fits 18”

Square Bowls & Lids

Serve your creations in something that screams “order me, I’m fresh, clean and delicious.” Super Bowl Plus is our latest high performing, space conscious design made with PETE and a secure locking seal.

FL15080LBK 80 oz.

Serving Utensils

Make serving your meal easier with a high quality look and feel. Works great on any variety of food.

FL3326BK 6” Serving Tongs Black 48/CS

SUBK72PPST 6” Serving Tongs ‘Snap N Serve’ Black 72/CS

FLPP3302 8.5” Serving Spoon Black 144/CS

FLPP3310 9” Heavy Duty Tongs Black 100/CS

SUBK72FPP 10” Serving Fork Black 72/CS

SUBK72SPP 10” Serving Spoon Black 72/CS

Aluminum Pans / Lids

Use aluminum containers for cooking, freezing, storing and serving. Go directly from the freezer to the oven and back to the freezer. Odor and moisture-proof.

1/2 Size Deep Pans

HFAJIF8550 Full Size Medium Pans 50/CS HFAJIF8540 Full Size Deep Pans 50/CS HFA204900100FC Lid: Fits 1/2

Dome Lid Clear 50/CS
Dome Lid Clear 50/CS
Dome Lid Clear 50/CS
Black 50/CS
320 oz. Bowl Black 25/CS FL15816LFL Lid:
160 oz. Flat Lid Clear 50/CS FL15320V2LFL
Clear 50/CS
FL15160LBK 160 oz.
Black 50/CS FL15320V2LBK
Lid: Fits 320 oz. Flat Lid
100/CS HFAJIF8440
Board 100/CS HFA20500050FC
Full Size
Board 50/CS 11 Call us at (877) 398-3030
HFAJIF8450 1/2 Size Medium Pans
Size Foil
Lid: Fits


Chafing Dish Fuel

Operators gain unmatched value and performance with Leolight’s exclusive VIEWS™ chafing fuel. VIEWS™ Wick Chafing Fuels offer control, confidence and ease of use. You can clearly see the volume level left in the can after use! All recyclable materials. No more waste, no more guess work.

LiquidLight™ Fuel Cells

Our LiquidLight™ Fuel Cells are made of highly refined paraffin which burns with no smoke, emits no smell and lasts longer than their respective wax candle substitute. Most importantly, our candles are spill proof, consumer safe and completely recyclable. Use our LiquidLights™ in place of any traditional wax candle to avoid the mess of melted wax..

Wax Candles

Built with your standards in mind, our wax candles are non-dripping and straight burning. As well, our products burn hygienically by emitting no smell, soot nor smoke.


Compatible in most common transaction printers such as ATMs and cash registers.

Sandwich Picks

PHST200 2 Hour Chafer Stem
24/CS PHSV400 4 Hour Clear Body w/ Wick Screw Top 24/CS PHSV620 6 Hour Clear Body w/ Wick Screw Top 24/CS
CP64747 2-1/4” X 50’ Thermal White 50/CS CP64740 2-1/4” X 85’ Thermal White 50/CS CP65608 3” X 165’ Bond White 50/CS CP64773 3-1/8” X 220’ Thermal White 50/CS CP65802 3” X 100’ Bond White/Canary 50/CS KEG3632SP 3.5” x 6.75” 1-Part Green 50/50/CS
RR823 3.5” Wood Sandwich 750/BX AMRR812BPKG 4” Club Frill Wrap 10/1000/CS RPR803 4” Knotted Bamboo Pick 100/PKG POUHY19 4.75” Knotted Bamboo Pick 100/BG PH710 10 hour 144/CS PH715 15 Hour 96/CS
PH305 5 Hour Tealight White 500/CS PH310W 10 Hour Votive White 288/CS PH432RD 45 Hour Low Body Red Glass 12/CS
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Paper Bags

Whether for groceries or takeout orders, our paper bags provide ample space and durability to carry items safely. With a variety of sizes available, they’re perfect for retail stores, restaurants, and more.

Kraft w/Handles - 100% Recycled

DU87145 14” x 10” x 15-3/4” Super Royal 200/CS DU87490 10” x 6-3/4” x 12” Bistro 250/BL DU87124 10” ‘x 5” x 13” Missy 250/CS DU87129 16” x 6” x 12” Tote 250/CS

Kraft Grocery Bags - 100% Recycled

#20SH 8-1/4” x 5-5/16” x 13-3/8”

#25SH 8-1/4” x 6-1/8” x 15-7/8”

White Grocery Bags

#6 6” x 3-5/8”

Kraft Grocery Bags: Extra Heavy Duty - 100% Recycled

Plastic Grocery Bag

Strong economical choice for your carry out needs.

Bacteria is found in 99% of reusable bags tested, but none were present in new bags or paper bags. Paper bags are a great option where contamination is a concern. If bags are made from 100% recycled fiver, no trees were harvested in the making of the bag. Paper bags are also recyclable and Duro paper bags are BPI certified compostable.

40# 500/BDL DU18428
40# 500/BDL
16” 57# 400/BL
#16 7-3/4” x
x 11-1/16” 35# 500/BDL DU51028 #8 6-1/8” x 4-1/8” x 12-7/16” 35# 500/BDL DU51032 #12 7-1/16” x 4-1/2”
13-3/4” 40# 500/BDL
S1110093 11.5” x 6.5” x 21” ‘Thank You’ Print 12.5 Mic 1000/CS SW001507 12” x 7” x 22” ‘Thank You’ PrintReusable 2.25 Mil 250/CS
Duro: We Know Paper bags
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Seal Top Bags

Clear Line Zipper reclosable bags provide excellent protection, convenience and economy. The zipper type seal closes securely and is easy to open and close time after time. Meet FDA requirements for use in food applications.

Bakery & Produce Bags

Made from seamless tubing with no slits or side seals that can rip. Packaged in dispenser packs of 100 for cleanliness and convenience. Meet FDA requirements for use in food applications

Roaster Size Bags

Made from seamless tubing with no slits or side seals that can rip. Meet FDA requirements for use in food applications

Negative reviews about cleanliness can seriously affect a business.

• Restaurants are the most negatively affected business by negative reviews about cleanliness, even above hotels and doctor’s offices.

• 75% of consumers will not visit a restaurant with negative reviews about its cleanliness.

1000/CS F20305
1000/CS F20406
6” 1000/CS F20708 7” x 8” Quart 1000/CS F21012 10” x 12” Gallon 1000/CS
2” x 5”
3” x 5”
4” x
12G084018 8”
18” Ham 1000/CS 12G108024 10” x 8”
24” Turkey/Ham 500/CS 10G050530 5”
5” x 30” 1000/CS 10G054515 5” x 4-1/2”
15” Bread Bag 1000/CS 10G055415 5-1/2” x 4-3/4”
15” Bakery Bag 1000/CS 10G055419 5-1/2”
Bread Bag 1000/CS 10G055422 5.5”
Bread Bag 1000/CS 10G084021
x 4” x
x 4-3/4” x 19”
x 4.75” x 22”
8” x 4” x 21” Produce Bag
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Food Film

This clear film has better cling to maintain freshness. Improved box construction for easy dispensing. Trilingual instructions on bottom of box. The boxes are individually wrapped for sanitary protection from dust particles. The slider insert is enclosed inside the box and easy to assemble. FDA approved for food contact. Kosher certified.

Cut Box

Meat Film

Premium dual layer blown overwrap film offers superior clarity and performance. Dependable and economical solutions for use at hand wrap stations or Hobart Auto Wrappers.

Roll Foil

Foil can handle both intense heat and extreme cold with ease, while keeping food moist and fresh. You can also minimize spills by covering pots and pans with foil for later use.

Foil Sheets - Interfold

Wrapping sandwiches, needing to cover food, lining a baking pan or preparing baked potatoes for the oven, foil sheets are an ideal way to increase your kitchen’s productivity.

NPPCFSL1202 12" x 2000' Slide Cut 32 Gauge 1 RL NPPCFSL1802 18" x 2000' Slide Cut 32 Gauge 1 RL NPPCFSL2402 24" x 2000' Slide Cut 32 Gauge 1 RL NPPCFSW1202K 12" x 2000' Cut Box 32 Gauge 1 RL SW001958 18" x 2000' Cut Box 32 Gauge 1 RL NPPCFSW2402K 24" x 2000' Cut Box 32 Gauge 1 RL
RRPL18 18" x 5000' Dual Layer 50 Gauge 1 RL
HFA11203 12" x 1000' 55 Gauge 1 RL HFA51803 18" x 500' 55 Gauge 1 RL HFA11803 18" x 1000' 55 Gauge 1 RL HFA51807 18” x 500’ - Heavy Duty 80 Gauge 1 RL
HFAJIF8950 9” x 10-3/4” 6 PK/500/CS HFAJIF8960 12” x 10-3/4” 6 PK/500/CS
Cut Box
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Freezer Paper Rolls - Bleached

Intended for wrapping and storing food in the freezer. Poly lined to provide a moisture barrier protecting food from freezer burn and preserves taste of frozen food items. Roll form allows you to cut to desired size.

Freezer Paper Sheets- Bleached

Premium freezer paper that has a soft, pliable finish that conforms to shapes with ease, while resisting punctures and tears. Preferred by butcher shops and meat packers for its tough strength and malleable feel.

Ziploc® Freezer Bags

Ziploc freezer bags lock out freezer burn while keeping food fresh & preserving the original flavors. Start protecting your food & save money today.

Open Top Gusset Bags

Bags expand with the gusset to accommodate bulky or irregularly shaped items, providing ample space for storage and transportation.

SWFP15355 15" x 1100’ 35/5# 1 RL SWFP15395P 15" x 1100’ 39/5# 1 RL SWFP18395P 18" x 1100’ 39/5# 1 RL SJN696187 7” x 7-3/4” Double Zip Quart 300/CS DV94604 13” x 15-5/8” Double Zip Gallon 250/CS WP1215P 18” x 18” 40/6# Plasticized 1000/CS WP1818P 12” x 15” 40/6# Pac Guard Plus 1000/CS
15G063015 6” x 3” x 15” .0015 Mil 1000/CS 15G063515 6” x 3-/2” x 15” .0015 Mil 1000/CS 15G064015 6” x 4” x 15” .0015 Mil 1000/CS 15G084018 8” x 4” x 18” .0015 Mil 1000/CS 15G084021 8” x 4” x 21” .0015 Mil 1000/CS 10G085018 8” x 5” x 18” .0015 Mil 1000/CS 15G108024 10” x 8” x 24” .0015 Mil 500/CS 15G159024 15” x 9” x 24” .0015 Mil 500/CS 20G084018 8” x 4” x 18” .002 Mil 1000/CS 20G181640 18” x 16” x 40” .002 Mil 250/CS
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Flip Top & Saddle Bags

Simply place the item inside the bag, then flip the top lip backwards to close. This is the most conventional short-term food storage on the market.

DP657 6-1/2” x 7” +1-3/4” LIP Flip Top Saddle Pak 2000/CS

H07 7” x 7” +1-1/2" LIP Flip Top 1000/CS

Deli Containers w/Lid

Made from polypropylene, this line of clear round deli tubs are microwave-safe, durable and shatterproof. A matching lid seals in hot or cold foods, keeping items fresh for longer. At your restaurant, catering business, or take-out counter, these containers are convenient for food storage and transportation.

EHDC08C 8 oz.

EHDC12C 12 oz.

EHDC16C 16 oz.

EHDC24C 24 oz.

EHDC32C 32 oz.

Deli Sheets

These deli sheets provide a reliable barrier between food items and surfaces. Ideal for delis, sandwich shops, and food trucks, designed to withstand moisture, grease, and tearing, ensuring your food stays fresh and intact.

BOPP8F1515 15” x 15” Poly 1000/CS

BP011010 10” x 10-3/4” - Interfold Dry Wax 6000/CS


Patty & Steak Paper

Designed for versatile use in restaurants, diners, and food trucks, this high-quality paper provides a reliable barrier for food items such as burgers, sandwiches, and deli meats. Its dry wax coating ensures moisture resistance, keeping your food fresh and preventing sogginess.

ZPP6 6” x 6” White Dry Wax 10 PKG/1000/CS

BP016010 10” x 10-3/4” Kraft Dry Wax 6000/CS

P106103 10” x 30” Peach BS40 1000/CS

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Butcher Paper

Ideal for wrapping meats, sandwiches, and lining trays, our high-quality butcher paper offers excellent strength and durability. It provides a clean and hygienic surface for food preparation and storage. Whether used in butcher shops, delis, or home kitchens, our butcher paper is a trusted choice for preserving freshness and maintaining quality. Available in convenient rolls for easy dispensing and use.


The number one deal breaker when it comes to eating out isn’t expensive prices or rude wait staff — it’s cleanliness, according to a new survey. The poll of 1,000 American consumers and 1,000 small business owners and hospitality workers finds that when it comes to restaurants, cleanliness (44%) ranks higher in importance than having a variety of menu options (35%) or the affordability of the restaurant (33%).

SWBP1840 18" x 1300’ 40# 1 RL SWBP1850 18" x 1100’ 50# 1 RL SWBP2440 24" x 1300’ 40# 1 RL SWBP3040 30" x 1300’ 40# 1 RL SWBP3050 30" x 1100’ 50# 1 RL
White SWKR1840 18" x 1275’ 40# 1 RL SWKR2430 24" x 1625’ 30# 1 RL SWKR2440 24" x 1275’ 40# 1 RL SWKR3030 30" x 1625’ 30# 1 RL SWKR3040 30" x 1275’ 40# 1 RL SWKR3050 30" x 1025’ 50# 1 RL SWKR3060 30" x 825’ 60# 1 RL SWKR3660 36" x 825’ 60# 1 RL Kraft
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Poly bun rack covers are designed to shield bakery racks and their contents from dust, debris, and contamination. These covers provide a hygienic barrier, keeping baked goods fresh and sanitary during storage or transport. Easy to use to maintain food quality and safety standards in commercial kitchens, bakeries, and food service establishments.


Rack Covers LABELS


Efficient, economical, and innovative ways to label in compliance with Federal Food Codes for the food service industry.

DMIT112439 2” x 2” Dissolve ‘Use First’

DMUBLBL 2” x 2” Dissolve ‘Use By’

Cotton Meat Twine

General use polypropylene twine that is safe for food handling. Convenient center pull cone that is great for poultry, meat, roasts and more.

CW004076 24 Ply Cotton Twine 8.5# Cones 20/CS

White Wax Baking Cups

Economical solution for cupcakes and muffins. These cups are made from dry wax paper, making them easy to remove from the product after baking.

AP3752958075 37-1/2” x 29-1/2” x 80” .75 Mil 150/RL BPRC12F5280 52” x 80” .6 Mil 50/CS
Yellow/Black 24 RL/250/CS
4” Movemark w/Date White 24 RL/500/CS
24 RL/250/CS DMIT120147
2” x 5-1/2” x 1-3/4” 20 PKG/500/CS PP42345140000 2-3/4” x 5-1/4” x 1-1/4” 20 PKG/500/CS
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Pan Liners

Paterson Pan Liners feature a hard, pinhole-free surface. Perfect for temperatures up to 425 degrees Fahrenheit. Handles 1-2 bake cycles per sheet.


PP24051590000 12.1875” x 16.3875” 1/2 Sheet White Quilon 1000/CS PP24051610000 16-3/8” x 24-3/8” Full Sheet GPQ



Our famous flat bottom design that results in rich flavor extraction. Fluted walls designed to protect against the overflow of grounds into your coffee during the brew cycle.

BOM201000000 12-3/4” x 5-1/4” 1.5 Gal Single/Dual 500/CS BOM201150000 9-3/4” x 4-1/4” 12

x 5-1/4” 1.5 Gal Urn/Ice Tea 2 PKG/500/CS


Versatile, durable carts perform a wide variety of tasks. Easy-to-clean smooth surfaces. User friendly handles on each end enhances mobility. Swivel casters, brushed aluminum uprights. RMFG342488PLAT 18.5”W x 33.5”L x 37”H 200 LB. Platinum 1 EA

Free 1000/CS PP24461610000
24-3/8” GPQ Natural 1000/CS
16-3/8” x 24-3/8” Chrome
16-3/8” x
Cup Regular 2 PKG/500/CS BOM201200000
Coffee 2 PKG/252/CS BOM201570000
15-1/8” x 5-3/8” 2
12-1/2” x 4-1/4” C-Funnel 2 PKG/500/CS BOM201381000 13-3/4”
Bunn Coffee & Tea Filters
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BRUTE® Utility


Nitrile Powder-Free Gloves

Perfect for countless applications, from cleaning to cooking and food handling. Textured fingertips for improved grip in wet & dry applications (SW). Great for both light industrial and food handling applications. Meet FDA requirements for use in food applications. Also available in black.

Vinyl Powder-Free Gloves

Great value at an even better price. These industrial grade disposable gloves provide high levels of comfort, dexterity and tactile sensitivity at a terrific price. Meet FDA requirements for use in food applications.

Poly Food Service Gloves

11” length comfortable and ambidextrous for easy on and off. Clear, embossed and latex free. Meet FDA requirements for use in food applications.

Handwashing may not always be enough to stop the spread of germs from hands to food. So the FDA recommends use of barriers such as gloves to stop the spread of germs. But research on handwashing and glove use in restaurants shows that these practices do not occur as often as they should.

SW001705 Small 4 Mil Blue 10 BX/100/CS SW001729 Medium 4 Mil Blue 10 BX/100/CS SW001743 Large 4 Mil Blue 10 BX/100/CS SW001767 X-Large 4 Mil Blue 10 BX/100/CS SW001781 XX-Large 4 Mil Blue 10 BX/100/CS AMAPFN42100 Small 3 Mil Blue Exam 10 BX/100/CS AMAPFN44100 Medium 3 Mil Blue Exam 10 BX/100/CS AMAPFN46100 Large 3 Mil Blue Exam 10 BX/100/CS AMAPFN48100 X-Large 3 Mil Blue Exam 10 BX/100/CS
SW001880 Small 3 Mil Clear 10 BX/100/CS SW001873 Medium 3 Mil Clear 10 BX/100/CS SW001866 Large 3 Mil Clear 10 BX/100/CS SW001859 X-Large 3 Mil Clear 10 BX/100/CS SW001842 XX-Large 3 Mil Clear 10 BX/100/CS
Small Clear 10 BX/10 PKG/100/CS SSGDPEMD Medium Clear 10 BX/10 PKG/100/CS SSGDPELG Large Clear 10 BX/10 PKG/100/CS SSGDPEXL X-Large Clear 10 BX/10 PKG/100/CS
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Touch Free

A one-step foam handwashing and sanitizing soap for the food processing industry. Kills 99.99% germs including the most common foodborne bacterial pathogens.

GOJ658202 CS6 Healthy Soap Antimicrobial E2 Foaming 2/1200

GOJ653401 CS6 Touch Free Dispenser - Graphite 1/CS


A one-step foam handwashing and sanitizing soap for the food processing industry. Removes fats, oils and other food processing soils.

GOJ513204 CS4 Food Process Antimicrobial E2 Foaming 4/1250 mL/CS

GOJ513401 CS4 Push Style Dispenser - Graphite 1/CS Bulk

Using the germ killing power of Cholorxylenol (PCMX) this effective skin cleanser kills germs and leaves hands feeling clean and moisturized.

Kitchen Roll Towels

These towels tackle spills, messes, and everyday cleaning tasks with superior absorbency and strength.

Hardwound Roll & Multifold Towels

Fits into any standard paper towel dispenser, ensuring seamless integration into your space. Produced in the Pacific Northwest.

Bath Tissue

Soft absorbent economical bath tissue. Produced in the Pacific Northwest.

SW001474 Antimicrobial Lotion Soap 4 Gal/CS
PGC65538 2 Ply White Kitchen Roll 5.9” x 11” 12/CS SCAHB1995A 1 Ply White Kitchen Roll - EcoLogo 5.4” x 11” 12/CS
Towel 7.875” x 800’ White 6/CS SW007HWNW Roll Towel 7.875” x 800’ Natural 6/CS SW007MFNW Multifold 9.25” x 9.5” Natural 16/250/CS SW008MFW Multifold 8” x 9.5” White 16/250/CS
Ply Bath Tissue 4” x 3.5” 80/CS SW004TT2REC
Ply Bath Tissue - Recycled 4” x 3.5” 80/CS SW007JJ2
Roll Bath Tissue 3.43” x 1000’ 12/CS
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Ready to Use

With quick and easy application, these disinfectants effectively sanitize tables, countertops, and other high-touch areas, helping to maintain hygiene standards and protect against the spread of illness. No rinse food contact safe.

GOJ334106 Purell Food Service Sanitizing Spray DfE 6/32 oz/CS


Doesn’t require gloves, handwashing, or rinsing after use – even on food-contact surfaces – making it simple to disinfect the surfaces that matter the most.

GOJ934106 Purell Food Service Sanitizing Wipes - Tub 6/110 ct/CS

GOJ937112 Purell Food Service Sanitizing Wipes 12/72 ct/CS

Concentrated Liquids

With dilution flexibility, a little goes a long way, making these economical and efficient. From floors to surfaces, concentrated chemicals deliver superior results, leaving your space spotless and fresh.

CLO30966 Concentrated Germicidal Bleach 8.25% 3/121 oz/CS

PGC02291 Comet Liquid Cleanser w/Bleach 3/1 gal/CS

US057602 Shurguard+ Liquid Quat Based Sanitizer 4/1 gal/CS

IMP55066SEA 6 Quart Red ‘Pura Pail’ Sanitizing Bucket 12/CS

Ready to Use Sprays

Ready to Use formula helps to erase grease and grime effortlessly. Engineered for maximum cleaning power, formulas penetrate deep to dissolve tough residues on various surfaces.


CLO35306 Formula 409 Degreaser / Disinfectant 12/32 oz/CS

PGC56037 Dawn Professional Power Dissolver Spray 6/32 oz/CS

Degreaser & Disinfect

CLO35417 Clorox Clean-Up Cleaner Bleach 9/32 oz/CS

PGC02287 Comet Cleanser w/Bleach 8/32 oz/CS

Concentrated Liquids

Engineered to tackle the toughest grease and grime with ease. Our premium formulas cuts through oil and grease buildup, leaving surfaces spotless and residue-free.

PGC07307 Multi-Surface Heavy Duty Degreaser 2/1 gal/CS

SW001283 On Deck Meat Room Cleaner/Degreaser 4/1 gal/CS

BE16704 167 Citrus Chisel Degreaser 4/1 gal/CS



23 Call us at (877) 398-3030




The perfect solution for quick clean-ups and efficient maintenance tasks. Crafted with absorbent materials, these wipers offer superior strength and durability, ensuring effective wiping without leaving lint or residue.


Microfiber cloths are a great choice for general cleaning and dusting. They are excellent for cleaning surfaces like counter tops, porcelain, chrome, glass and wood.

Bar Towels

For janitorial and restaurant applications. Absorbent, low linting, machine washable. Aggressively-priced cleaning towels for heavy-duty cleaning, dusting and polishing.

From tough scrubbing tasks to delicate surfaces, these brushes are designed to tackle any cleaning challenge with ease. Ergonomic handles and durable bristles deliver reliable performance.

Bottles & Triggers

Designed for a variety of applications, these graduated plastic bottles and trigger sprayers provide precise dispensing of cleaning solutions, ensuring thorough coverage and maximum effectiveness with every use.

KC06280 Wypall Food Service Wiper Blue/White 150/CS SCA192192 Antimicrobial Food Service Wiper Blue 150/CS IMLFK300
Gray 1 DZ/CS IMLFK520
Green 1 DZ/CS
16” x 16” All Purpose Wiper
16” x 16” All Purpose Wiper
RMFG648200COBLT 6” Poly Iron Handle Scrub Brush 1/EA RMFG634200SILV 8” Flagged Poly Counter Brush 1/EA RMFG9B5600BLA 8.5” Tile & Grout Brush 1/EA IM5024WG 24 oz. Spray Bottle w/Graduations 1/EA IM5032WG 32 oz. Spray Bottle w/Graduations 1/EA IM4806 8.25” Trigger Sprayer 1/EA IM4745 10” Trigger Sprayer 1/EA
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BI60243 14” x 17” Terry Bar Towel White 1
BI60209 16” x 19” Ribbed Bar Towel White 1 DZ/CS


3 Sink System

Dawn dishwashing detergent with long-lasting suds cleans 58% more greasy pots and pans vs. Dawn non-concentrated. Superior grease fighting power vs. leading competitive products. Broad Range Quaternary Sanitizer is formulated for third sink sanitizing of dishes, pots, pans, and cooking utensils. Requires P&G professional dispenser.

PGC57445 Dawn Dishwashing Soap Original 4/1 gal/CS

PGC07534 Broad Range Sanitizer Closed Loop 3/1 gal/CS

Pot & Pan Detergent

Formulated with advanced grease-cutting technology, our detergents effortlessly remove stubborn food residue, grease, and stains, leaving dishes sparkling clean.

PGC08836 Dawn HD Pot & Pan Dish Detergent 8/32 oz/CS

PGC08837 Dawn HD Pot & Pan Dish Detergent 4/1 gal/CS

PGC45112 Dawn Dishwashing Soap Original 8/38 oz/CS

PGC57444 Dawn Dishwashing Soap Lemon 4/1 gal/CS

PGC57445 Dawn Dishwashing Soap Original 4/1 gal/CS

These sponges offer superior absorbency and durability, making them perfect for wiping countertops, washing dishes, and cleaning surfaces. Their soft yet resilient texture effectively lifts and traps dirt, grease, and spills without scratching or damaging surfaces. Sponges


Scouring Pads

The ultimate solution for tough cleaning challenges in your kitchen and beyond. Engineered with precision and durability, these pads offer superior scrubbing power to tackle stubborn stains, grease, and grime with ease.


#86N Niagara Heavy Duty 6” x 9” 15/CS

3M088 #88 Scotch-Brite Pot & Pan 6” x 9” 10/BX


IM7160P Cellulose Sponge 3.6” x 7.25” x 1.25” 6/PKG IM7180P Cellulose Sponge 7.6” x 4.2” x 1.5” 6/PKG 3M08251
Sponge 3.6” x 6.1” 20/CS 3M20688 #74 Scrub Sponge 3.6” x 6.1” 20/CS 3M19428
6.1” 20/CS
#63 Scrub
#74N Niagara Scrub Sponge
Scotch-Brite Light Duty 6” x 9” 3 BX/20/CS 3M19373 #98N Niagara Light Duty 6” x 9” 20/CS 3M15027 #9650 General Purpose 3” x 4.5” 2 BX/40/CS
3M08293 #96 Scotch-Brite General Purpose 6” x 9” 20/BX 3M19369 #96N Niagara Medium Duty 6” x 9” 20/CS 3M05509 #86 Scotch-Brite Heavy Duty 6” x 9” 12/BX 3M19370
25 Call us at (877) 398-3030
2020 Scotch-Brite Scouring 2.8” x 4.5” 24/CS



These scrubbers are built to withstand tough scrubbing tasks while maintaining their integrity over time. Their robust construction ensures effective removal of stubborn food residue from pots, pans, and dishes

ACSPS700 Non Abrasive Plastic Mesh 4.5” Red 24/CS

3M19084 #84 Scrubber Pad 1.75 oz. Stainless Steel 12/CS

Dishwashing Gloves

Perfect for dishwashing and cleaning tasks, these gloves provide reliable protection against hot water and chemicals.

GG150FM Flocklined Latex Yellow 12” 18 Mil M Dozen

GG150FL Flocklined Latex Yellow 12” 18 Mil L Dozen

GG150FXL Flocklined Latex Yellow 12” 18 Mil XL Dozen

SSGNGUMD11 Unlined Nitrile Green 13” 11 Mil M Dozen

SSGNGULG11 Unlined Nitrile Green 13” 11 Mil L Dozen

SSGNGUXL11 Unlined Nitrile Green 13” 11 Mil XL Dozen


Designed for convenience and practicality, our aprons offer protection from spills and stains, while our bouffants and beard covers prevent hair contamination in food preparation areas.


Hair & Beard Nets

TXBC21 21” Bouffant Cap 21” White 1000/CS TXBRD1000 Beard Cover White 1000/CS


The Cascade Professional system line-up is specially formulated to deliver exceptional shine every time, without the extra work of rewashing, bleaching or polishing. Requires P&G Professional Dosing System.

PPL71189 Cascade All-Temp Dish Detergent - Unscented 2/1 gal/CS

PPL71187 Cascade All-Temp Rinse Aid 2/1 gal/CS

PPL71188 Cascade Silverware Presoak - Closed Loop 2/1 gal/CS

PPL45916 Liquid Chlorine Sanitizer - Closed Loop 2/1 gal/CS

PPL45908 Luster Delimer ZP - Closed Loop 4/1 gal/CS

36.5” 1 Mil 4 BX/100/CS AMPA175
Mil 4 BX/50/CS
White Poly Apron
x 46” 1.75
7/ 75 oz/CS Powder 26 Find even more essential supplies at
PGC59535 Cascade Auto Dishwasher Detergent


Screens, Pads & Bricks

Full line of pads and screens for removing carbonised grease and food build up on flat top griddles.

Oven & Grill Cleaners

Oven and grill cleaners are powerful solutions designed to effortlessly remove stubborn grease, baked-on residues, and carbon deposits from ovens, grills, and other cooking surfaces.

3M84643 Stainless Steel Hood Degreaser Wipe 6 PKG/30/CS

Champion Spray On Oven And Grill Cleaner 12/18 oz/CS

Fryer Maintenance

Low-foaming formula that degreases/cleans food service fryers, while preventing boil over or the need for a separate neutralization step. Removes accumulated grease build-up, allowing shortening to stay fresher and work longer. Filter envelopes help trap loose sediment to improve the life of fryer oil.

DVCBD991209 Break-Up Fryer Boil-Out Liquid Packets 36/2 oz/CS AMRFE1820SP 18-1/2" White Fryer Paper Envelope Filter 100/CS


Ice Cream Maintenance

Highly-concentrated formula is ideal for shake, slush, soft-serve or yogurt machines. No-foaming formula. Use sorbent pads to prevent slips and falls where moisture accumulates.

DV90234 Sani-Sure Soft Serve 1 oz. Sanitizer & Cleaner Packet 100/CS BI91108 15"X18" Universal Heavy Weight Gray Sorbent Pad 100/CS

5.5” 20/PKG
Scotch-Brite 4”
5.25” 15/CS
Pad #46 Scotch-Brite 4” x 5.25” 20/BX 3M05238 Grill Brick 3.5” x 4” x 8” 12/CS
3M20507 Griddle Screen #200CC Scotch-Brite 4” x
3M59817 Griddle Pad #746
3M19970 Griddle Polish
DVCBD991206 Break-Up Prof Oven
Grill Cleaner 6/19 oz/CS
27 Call us at (877) 398-3030



Drain Maintainers

A stable liquid suspension of probiotic bacteria and malodor counteractants capable of digesting complex proteins, starches, fats, oils and greases, paper, vegetable gums and other organic waste.

Grease Trap Cleaner

Blend of probiotics that degrade grease and short and long-chain fatty acids that are the root cause in clogging drain lines and grease traps.

Freezer Cleaner

A non corrosive formula is safe to use on aluminum. It is specifically formulated to clean coolers, refrigerators and walk-in freezers. Effective in sub zero temperatures, it eliminates the need for freezer shutdown.


Waste Receptacle & Dumpster Cleaners

Dumpster cleaners are specialized solutions formulated to tackle tough grime, grease, and odors commonly found on dumpsters and waste containers.

SW001306 Bioactive Floor, Drain & Spotter Cleaner 4/1 gal/CS BE13312 Push Drain Maintainer Floor Cleaner Spotter 4/1 gal/CS BE260004 Bioactive Solutions DT7 Drain & Grease Cleaner 4 / 1 gal/CS
US5502923 Microtech Freezer Cleaner 4/1 gal/CS
BE260904 Envirozyme Dumpster Treatment Cleaner 4/1 gal/CS PGC02287 Comet Cleaner w/Bleach RTU 8/32 oz/CS PGC02291 Comet Liquid Cleanser w/Bleach 3/1 gal/CS
28 Find even more essential supplies at


Floor Cleaners

Floor cleaning chemicals are specially formulated solutions designed to effectively remove dirt, stains, and grime from various types of floors. A range of formulations tailored to specific needs.

BE25847 Bioactives No Rinse Floor Cleaner Concentrate 4/2 L/CS

BE91290 Fastdraw Freedom Portable Dispensing Unit 12/CS

PGC31569 Spic & Span Floor Cleaner Concentrate 3/1 gal/CS

SW001306 Bioactive Floor, Drain & Spotter Cleaner 4/1

Small Area Scrubbers

With their maneuverable size and powerful scrubbing capabilities, they’re perfect for areas like bathrooms, kitchens, and hallways. These machines feature adjustable settings and ergonomic designs for ease of use, delivering professional-level results in a fraction of the time.

NIL9087381020 Advanced Battery Micro Web Scrubber 14”

ADV9087342020 Advance SC351 Auto Scrubber 15"

Flat Mop Kit

Microfiber construction makes this flat mop 7% more absorbent, compared to RCP large cotton string mops, with the 18 in. Adaptable Flat Mop Frame allowing for greater floor coverage. Perfect for large spaces, big messes and spills.

RM2132426 Adaptable Flat Mop Kit (Wavebreak)

RM2132427 Microfiber Pad

Mops & Handles

Designed to withstand heavy use, these mop heads effectively capture dirt and grime, ensuring thorough floor cleaning.

Bucket & Wringer

Patented WaveBrake baffles result in less splashing while mopping and maneuvering, helping to create a safer environment for patrons and staff. Additionally, water stays in the bucket, eliminating unnecessary trips to the storage closet to fill up the bucket, enhancing productivity.

Blue Adaptable (Flat
Refill) 12/CS
IMLF0002 Microfiber Tube Wet Mop
Med Blue 5” HB 12/CS RMFGD21206BL00 Super Stitch Mop Med Blue 1” HB 6/CS RMFGD25206BL00 Super Stitch Mop Med Blue 5”’ HB 6/CS RMFGD25306BL00 Super Stitch Mop Lrg Blue 5” HB 6/CS RMFGF11800WH00 Premium Cut End Cotton Mop 24 oz White 1” HB 12/CS RMFGH14600GY00 Fiberglass Mop Handle 60” Gray 12/CS
- Canvas
RMFG758088YEL Wavebrake Side Press Combo - 35 Qt 1/EA RM2064907 Wavebrake Red Dirty Water Bucket - 18 Qt 1/EA 29 Call us at (877) 398-3030

Wet Floor Sign

Lightweight “Caution Wet Floor” sign is 2-sided for effective safety communication and utilizes ANSI/OSHA-compliant color and graphics. Folds and has integrated carry handles to provide easy transport and storage on cleaning carts, rim caddies, and in closets. 2-sided sign is ideal for doorways and narrow spaces.

RMFG611277YEL 25" Floor Safety Sign ‘Caution Wet Floor’ - 2 Sided 6/PKG



The combination of squeegee and scrubbing bristles makes this a perfect tool for heavy-duty floor care. Squeegee has plastic frame with double foam red rubber. Use standard threaded handle (sold separately).

CMS36781800 Double Foam Rubber 18” Brush/Squeegee Combo 10/CS IM6271 Aluminum Handle w/threaded Tip 6/CS

Brooms & Dust Pans

Essential cleaning tools designed to efficiently sweep away dust, dirt, and debris from floors and surfaces.


Kitchen Matting

Lightweight panels are easily removed for cleaning. Grease and chemical resistant. Multipurpose anti-fatigue mat. Common uses include commercial kitchens, restaurants & bars, food service and work stations.

MCSKM33BBK 3’ X 3’ Kushion Safe Modular Anti-Fatigue Interlocking Tiles

MKM35DBBK2 3’ X 5’ Kushion Safe Light Anti-Fatigue w/Beveled Edge

MKM336BBK 3’ X 36’ Kushion Safe Anti-Fatigue Runner

MCSKM33RD 3’ X 3’ Kushion Safe Modular Anti-Fatigue Interlocking Tiles

MKM35BRRD2 3’ X 5’ Kushion Safe Light Anti-Fatigue w/Beveled Edge

MKM336RRD 3’ X 36’ Kushion Safe Anti-Fatigue Runner

Black 6/PK
Heavy Duty Plastic Charcoal 12/PK RMFG253100BLA Lobby Pro Upright Dust Pan w/Handle Black 6/PK
Angle Broom Jumbo Metal Handle
RMFG200500CHAR Dust Pan
Black Red
DON’T FORGET TO CHECK OUT OUR FULL LINE CATALOG NOW! AVAILABLE 30 Find even more essential supplies at


Waste Receptacles

Venting channels make removing liners from the container easy. Robust handles at the base and rim of the container resist tearing and improve control while lifting and emptying.


Compostable Can Liners

100% compostable, meets ASTM D6400 standards. Use for the collection of food or compostable waste. Cedar Grove approved.

Low Density Can Liners

Excellent resistance to puncture or tears, recommended for sharper objects or heavier waste. Liners for the ‘back of the house.’

High Density Can Liners

Durable bag contains 50% less plastic than comparable low density liners. Recommended for lighter waste in office areas or ‘front of the house.’


RMFG354060BLA 23 Gal Black Slim Jim Waste 1/EA
23 Gal Blue Slim Jim Waste Recycle 1/EA
23 Gal Green Slim Jim Waste Recycle 1/EA
16 Gal Black Slim Jim WasteUnder Counter 1/EA
NT1025X10 23.5” x 29” .9 Mil 13 Gal 10 RL/25/CS NT1025X34 28” x 44” .9 Mil 23 Gal 8 RL/25/CS NT1025X18 30” x 39” .8 Mil 30 Gal 8 RL/25/CS NT1025X14 33” x 40” .8 Mil 33 Gal Slim 8 RL/25/CS NT1025X12 33” x 40” 1 Mil 33 Gal 8 RL/25/CS NT1025X31 34” x 48” .9 Mil 35 Gal 5 RL/20/CS NT1025X11 38” x 48” 1 Mil 45 Gal 5 RL/20/CS NT1025X30 42” x 48” .8 Mil 55 Gal Slim 10 RL/10/CS NT1025X15 42” x 48” 1 Mil 55 Gal Slim 5 RL/20/CS NT1025X29 47” x 60” .9 Mil 64 Gal 10 RL/10/CS
SWLD243210BLK 24” x 32” 1 Mil 16 Gal 20 RL/25/CS SWLD303610BLK 30” x 36” 1 Mil 30 Gal 10 RL/25/CS SWLD333910BLK 33” x 39” 1 Mil 33 Gal 10 RL/15/CS SWLD333915BLK 33” x 39” 1.5 Mil 33 Ga; 6 RL/25/CS SWLD404612BLK 40” x 46” 1.2 Mil 45 Gal 4 RL/25/CS SWLD404615BLK 40” x 46” 1.5 Mil 45 Gal 4 RL/25/CS SWLD434715BLK 43” x 47” 1.5 Mil 56 Gal 4 RL/25/CS SWLD434720BLK 43” x 47” 2 Mil 56 Gal 10 RL/10/CS SWLD385815BLK 38” x 58” 1.5 Mil 60 Gal 4 RL/25/CS SWLD385820BLK 38” x 58” 2 Mil 60 Gal 10 RL/10/CS
SWHD334016N 33” x 40” 16 Mic 10 RL/25/CS SWHD334022N 33”
40” 22 Mic 10 RL/25/CS
60” 16 Mic 8 RL/25/CS
SWHD366016N 36” x
48” 16 Mic 10 RL/25/CS
48” 16 Mic 8 RL/25/CS 31 Call us at (877) 398-3030
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