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1 Social Media From Luxury Brands Perspective

2 Social Media From Luxury Brands Perspective

TABLE OF CONTENT 04 Introduction 05 Luxury Fashion and Social Media 06 New generation addicted to Social Media 07 Fendi launches a new digital plataform 09 Chanel is known across the world 12 Dior expanding its consumer base 15 Louis Vuitton with a strong digital presence 18 Gucci uses a strong digital strategy 20 Conclusion 21 References 3 Social Media From Luxury Brands Perspective

INTRODUCTION Digital marketing has extended the spheres of influence for a brand that is trying to get noticed by its audience and wants to build a long-term relationship. But what about Luxury Brands? Who are they really addressing on social media? And how do they stay relevant over the years? One of the biggest part of creating that brand relevance, comes from being present in the right places and creating engagement by saying the right thing, sounds easy, but it’s not. They need to do market study, case study, among other studies that would make this possible. However, we know the importance of social media these days and through digital marketing enables brands to be in the centre of relevant conversaions, as and when they are happening. I am going to mention five luxury brands that have used digital marketing to make themselves more relevant in their own unique way.

4 Social Media From Luxury Brands Perspective

LUXURY, FASHION AND SOCIAL MEDIA. The usage of social media technology by luxury brands started in 2009. Over the years technology encourages customers to interact with brands, to desire even more what they see. These customer interactions build the brand by increasing awareness,involvement, and engagement; thereby, adding to brand recall and stimulating purchases. Tweets, blogs, and social networks like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat and Pinterest offer fashion brands ways to connect with audiences. Although, many fashion brands initially believed social networking would weaken the relationship with consumers. Social media now is a must for every luxury brand, is viewed as an opportunity to improve long-term customer relationships and to capture a larger audience.

5 Social Media From Luxury Brands Perspective

A NEW GENERATION ADDICTED TO SOCIAL MEDIA. A new generation of consumer has arisen, they have grown up using website and social media for everything. For this reason, they expect brands to use social networks the same way they do, using the same patforms, providing interesting and up to date content, and reacting in real time. Although not all of these digital addictive can be pontential customers for luxury brands, but, they might be potential brand advocates. After all, a luxury brand wouldn’t be so if there was not the exclusive side of who can afford luxury products.

6 Social Media From Luxury Brands Perspective

FENDI, HAS LAUNCHED A NEW DIGITAL PLATFORM ADDRESSED TO MILLENNIALS. Fendi is the latest luxury brand looking for different and new ways to reach a younger audience. The Italian label is making a play for the social media savvy generation with a new digital platform called “F is For...” that launched on February, Monday 6 2017. A move foreshadowed by the casting of top Instagirls Gigi and Bella Hadid in its spring campaign. This new platafform, which is essentially a blog linked to from Fendi’s main site as an additional vertical, features faces and places that the brand describes as representatives of “the new Rome.”

7 Social Media From Luxury Brands Perspective

“The Eternal City is far from its stereotypes,” the brand claimed in a release. “It’s a dynamic yet urban hub seen by the eyes of the F IS FOR... young crew.” The goal is to communicate the Fendi vision in an “authentic and innovative way” through a bymillennials, for-millennials platform that features (allegedly) unretouched and unfiltered images, city guides and more. Fendi also hopes to establish Rome as one of the major fashion cities of the future in the process.

The site features five verticals and different kinds of content:


explains the platform’s vision. features fashion editorials that are all shot on the iPhone 7. introduces models and other members of Fendi’s “young crew,”

“FREEDOM” lists hot spots to eat, drink, dance and more.


introduces art and music.

In addition to the online element, “F is For...” This brand will also host events like concerts, parties and fashion shows in the future in order to give fans more opportunities to engage with the brand in real life. 8 Social Media From Luxury Brands Perspective

CHANEL, A LUXURY BRAND KNOWN TO MILLIONS OF PEOPLE ACROSS THE WORLD. Chanel is the most popular luxury brand on social media with 18.7m followers on Instagram. Chanel was comparatively late to start their digital marketing strategy. Yet that hasn’t stopped it from becoming one of the most desired luxury brands across the world and becoming China’s most recognizable luxury brand.

9 Social Media From Luxury Brands Perspective

With over a 100 million viewers on YouTube, Chanel’s digital campaigns are one of the most successful among luxury brands. The famous “The one that I want” video starring Gisele Bundchen which launched Chanel into the digital universe as its very first post on Instagram October 13, 2014 is one of the most watched commercials of all time with over 17 million views on YouTube. Their website is another design spectacle with a beautifully flowing narrative.

10 Social Media From Luxury Brands Perspective

Quoting Duke Greenhill, CEO of Greenhill+Partners, “Luxury brands must embrace the fact that their primary products are actually elusive and ephemeral feelings, and that their physical products are mere mediums through which consumers achieve those feelings.” Chanel uses content to essay its rich legacy to the audience. None of their stories are about the user or the customer. Rather, they’re about the elusive charm that Coco Chanel translated to all her products. By revealing slivers of the brand, it makes users believe that they’re part of an exclusive club where limited, veiled access itself is a privilege.

11 Social Media From Luxury Brands Perspective

DIOR, A LUXURY BRAND EXPANDING A CONSUMER BASE TO MILLENNIALS. French atelier Christian Dior, a luxury brands that are catering to niche audiences with separate social accounts for various departments, such as Dior’s new Instagram (@diorhomme) dedicated to menswear. Luxury brands, already considered a niché group, have been appealing to even smaller groups with multiple social media accounts on one platform. Marketers have seen more engaged followers by focusing on these smaller groups, it looks like this new digital strategy is working. Dior is also focusing its marketing strategies in the online space to capture younger customers. Dior’s Poison Girl Eau de Parfum targets Millenials with US launch. This strategy, has been the youngest that the brand has done to date.

12 Social Media From Luxury Brands Perspective

“The Millennial is digital. We pushed the envelope quite drastically,” de Lesquen said of digital comprising the majority of a Dior fragrance’s media spend for the first time. “Sauvage stepped into a digital-oriented strategy but digital was for sure less than half of media spend.”

In addition to this fragrance Dior has started a new skincare campaign toward a younger audience (Millennials), the line is free of unnecessary ingredients and is sold in colorful, eco-designed packaging. “2017’s millennials fall between the ages of 20 and 36,” said Isabel Kieszkowski, digital media coordinator at Blue Moon Digital, Denver, CO. “Currently, in the United States, there are approximately 80 million individuals falling in this age range, making it the largest demographic in the country. 13 Social Media From Luxury Brands Perspective

“From a behavioral standpoint, millennials are at an ‘in between’ phase with their skin. Specifically, this phase is post-teenage acne and pre-aging, therefore millennials need skincare that is geared toward providing the best possible ingredients for the current state of their complexions.” “Dior’s strategy to foster early adoption with this demographic is a smart long-term plan because, one, the size of the baby boomer demographic will be on the decline in the future,” she said. “And, two, millennials will eventually grow older, and if brand loyalty is embedded in them at an early age, Dior will have a group of customers to cross-sell other product lines to.

“In addition to expanding a consumer base to millennials, Hydra Life’s additive-free aspect may be enticing to consumers who are seeking effective, natural products to add to their regimen. Therefore, Dior is maximizing opportunity by targeting new segments demographically and behaviorally.”

14 Social Media From Luxury Brands Perspective

LOUIS VUITTON, ONE OF THE LEADING LUXURY FASHION BRANDS WITH A STRONG DIGITAL PRESENCE. It is not surprising that Louis Vuitton is one of the leading luxury brands with powerful digital personality. They have mobile apps that allow users to browse their latest collections, and loyal followers on all social networking sites. This brand has a beautiful website designed and very friendly to navigate, but the one feature that stands out is the “World of Louis Vuitton”. The section takes you through a detailed narrative history of Louis Vuitton, their dedication and passion to design and their love for art, because what they are designing is art. It’s a digital library moving through stories about how the iconic brand came to be, the descriptions of their detailed production process.

15 Social Media From Luxury Brands Perspective

Clearly, Louis Vuitton does a stupendous job of spreading its unique character to their audience through traditional and digital media. The LV instagram displays a knack for well thought out storyboarding and high-quality imagery. It covers latest events, product updates and videos of their recent campaigns. Louis Vuitton is driven by a new breed of affluent millennials, engaging through digital to form a new fan base of fashion lovers who are quickly realising the power of the millennial click. Louis Vuitton’s recent collaboration with Supreme was the key driver in successfully connecting with younger audiences. Almost half (40%) of the top ten searches for the luxury brand are now related to “Supreme” and “Louis Vuitton”.

16 Social Media From Luxury Brands Perspective

Louis Vuitton has released on Instagram the latest installment of its FW17 campaign, an eerie computer-generated video by French artist and musician Woodkid. The video sees a computerrendered model donning Nicolas Ghesquiere’s futuristic womenswear creations, accompanied by a suitably tense soundtrack. It might be the biggest advertising of luxury house on planet earth.

17 Social Media From Luxury Brands Perspective

GUCCI USES A STRONG DIGITAL STRATEGY TO THEIR ADVANTAGE. Today, Gucci is one of the best established as well as high profile names in the luxury fashion industry. The key has been in Gucci’s effort to take its legacy offline business and seamlessly mesh in online capabilities, including e-commerce, social media, digital marketing and integration of mobile apps and new strategies and efforts. Gucci’s online campaigns are into a clever multi-media experience supporting the power of video, photography, and more. It’s campaigns are consistently adapting to its audience. For example, Gucci’s smartphone and tablet website experiences were customized for these user environments, yet were seamless to the main site and consistent with the stores. This luxury brand has created new and exciting content for customers to enjoy, access, and purchase its products. Gucci utilized strong

partnerships to help grow its digital efforts, working with partners from Hollywood to car manufacturers, to art museums and digital influencers. 18 Social Media From Luxury Brands Perspective

One of the latest partnerships is Debuting #TFWGucci, the House’s new collaborative art project in the digital space is a lineup of memes featuring the new Le Marché des Merveilles collection of watches. This empowers the brand to reach into other demographics and customer bases while maintaining its own identity and brand. It’s proven to be a win for the company’s digital business, helping to not just create online buzz but establish Gucci as an innovative, creative “new” world luxury brand, even though the company has been in business for nearly a century.

“Gucci is seeing growing sales are successful because of how they’ve captured upper end millennials online so they can buy offline. This group is sensitive to digital marketing rather than traditional places, such as ads on TV or through product placements. The younger audience are digital-first and user commentary and video formats are popular,” said Paradysz.

19 Social Media From Luxury Brands Perspective

CONCLUSION For luxury brands to connect and engage with their audience, they need to go above the apparent features of their products to extract the real emotion they translate to. Digital marketing ensures that they remain true to the essence of the brand but also reach a whole new generation of customers who are more accessible today, than ever before.

With the rise of Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, Facebook and other social networks, they need to mantain exclusivity and prepared bloggers to represent their brand and by responding only online information rather than customer service. It is important to keep in mind the engagement online is different for luxury brands because they are not communication with clients, for the most part, but with brand advocates and the more these advocates build up buzz around a product or a brand, it makes it much more desirable. 20 Social Media From Luxury Brands Perspective

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21 Social Media From Luxury Brands Perspective

By Wendy Catherine Sarmiento

22 Social Media From Luxury Brands Perspective


Digital marketing has extended the spheres of influence for a brand that is trying to get noticed by its audience and wants to build a long-...


Digital marketing has extended the spheres of influence for a brand that is trying to get noticed by its audience and wants to build a long-...