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Models: Kiersten Herr, Savannah Dion Photographer: Joanna Shi





Declare Independence

1 By: Wendy Bonilla




Winter 2018 New Style Ahead


Different Cultures Same Feelings


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The Tale of Triumph




Capturing the Moment


Releasing yourself from here


Let’s go BOLD


Article by Wendy Bonilla Photography Jian Zhang Styling Wendy Bonilla, Nivedita Govila The fashion feature brings a athletic mix to party wear.

Article by Hannah Wu, Nivedita Govila, Wendy Bonilla, Yiwei Su Photography Jian Zhang Styling Wendy Bonilla, Nivedita Govila Portraying the Venezuelan, Indian and Chinese culture as new year’s celebration the focus.

Interview by Yiwei Su A deep insight on Joanna’s journey as a photographer

Article by Yiwei Su Bacterial Design coming as the latest fashion invention.

Article by Nivedita Govila Photography Ritika Bhandale Styling Nivedita Govila Showcasing a story from Rajput and Mughal era, portraying the human behavior.

Article by Nivedita Govila Photography Kabeer Styling Nivedita Govila Hand carfted pieces of clothing with a focus on Beaded Knitting.

Article, Photography and Styling by Nivedita Govila The photoseries depicting the bond between a mother and daughter.

Article by Hannah Wu Luxury travel article focussng on a get away from the chilly weather during the holiday season.

Article by Hannah Wu Photography Jian Zhang Make Up Hannah Wu Talking about the upcoming makeup trends

5 With Christmas not too far away, the new creative team working for Dazed tried to put together articles that focused on a fun yet artistic approach, showcasing th new trends for the holiday season. The issue has a variety of articles which cover areas from makeup, fashion, travel to a more art and invention oriented articles. Here is a brief description about our contributers. As the assistant editor in chief , I ‘ Nivedita Govila’ tried to ensure that the magazine offers its readers a mix of articles. My article on Beaded knitting talks about the importance of crafts and customising clothing. The phtotoseries “ Capturing the moment” portrays a girl’s emotions after losing her mother.The story of the Rajput king and the Mughal Princess shows how human behaviour is desire and material driven. Wendy takes athleisure foward with her article that creates party looks by incorporating active wear into the wardrobe. All the contributors put together an article on the cultural mix for the new year celebrations. Sticking with the travel theme, Hannah takes the readers to a get away journey to escape from the chilly weather this holiday season. Its also time when poeple are looking for new makeup looks for the celebrations. She has put together some makeup trends, inspired by the runway for our readers. Yiwei Su’s interview with Joanna Shi, a fashion photographer gives us a deep insight on the phtotographer’s work and the inspirations. Her article on the barteria design makes us think about the future of fashion. Cheers, everyone. Nivedita Govila Assistant Editor-in-Chief @DazedMagazine

Nivedita Govila Assistant Editor-in-Chief


Wendy Bonilla Graphic Designer Contributor

Hannah Wu Make-up Stylist Contributor

Yiwei Su Features Editor Contributor



Photographer: Jian Zhan Model: Wendy Bonilla

Over the past years we’ve seen how fitness and nutrition have become a macrotrend, since then people started to wear athletic clothes all day and has been more acceptable, so now every major retailer is trying to jump on this trend if they haven’t already done it. People are wearing their workout wear all day now, whether it’s leggings with a longer coat and scarf, cropped T-shirt with Jackets, skirts with sneakers, or any active wear with some accessories you just have to styled it and be creative.




This trend became possible thanks to the develop of technology and new fibers that allowed odor reduction, sweat-wicking, stretchability that adapts to each body shape, breathability to let air in and out and also protection from dirt.


11 Athleisure is the new casual, it’s a lifestyle, we’ve seen influencers on social media as a reflection of the fast growing fitness trend and interest in health and wellness. Since the couple of past years a lot of sportswear and athleisure brands have begun collaborating with these influencers for sponsored posts and promote the awareness of their name, garment and collection.

Photographer: Jian Zhan Model: Nivedita Govila


13 Photographer: Jian Zhan Model: Hannah Wu

With increasing competition from brands in the athleisure market, many brands have begun to think different and create new styles. Now, you can find really fashionable activewear that sometimes you won’t even wear it to workout at all because they are too pretty. People are wearing it to go to work, to have dinner and even to go to parties. They are using everyday for any occasion or event, and to think that we didn’t see this coming 5 years ago, and now is a must trend to wear.


15 Major brands have incorporated this trend that represents more of a healthier lifestyle and very fashionable at the same time, whether with clothes or shoes, this is something big with new ideas with the emerged of technology, comfort and creativity on their hands and it’s not going anywhere anytime soon so get ready for the new Athleisure Era.






Photographer: Jian Zhan Model: Nivedita Govila


In this article series, our contributors share their experiences and traditional ways of celebrating the holiday season and welcoming the new year in their respective cultures. It gives us a feeling of a collaborative festiveness by reflecting individual cultures yet celebrating it together. Our contributors belong to different parts of the world and despite of the fact that they have different traditions, they come together to celebrate their happiness. The cultural diversity seen in the collaborative celebrations helps us to understand the different cultures and traditions. It helps us to understand that despite of different cultures, we all have that sense of belonging. Our cultures might differ but the excitement and feelings are the same. Let’s have a look at the Chinese, Venezuelan and Indian Culture Chinese New Year By Hannah and Su From the 23rd day of the previous lunar month, we do a thorough house cleaning and purchases necessities for the festival, including fish, meat, chicken, rice, flour, all kinds of nuts, candies and fruits, etc. Also, new clothes are bought for the New Year. Many families decorate the house into a festival atmosphere. The Chinese character ‘Fu’, which means blessing and happiness, is pasted on the front door and delicate Chinese paper-cut on windows. Red posters with poetic verses are pasted at the house gate and pictures on the wall. On Spring Festival Eve, no matter where you are, each member will try his best to come back to enjoy the family reunion feast, which called Nian Ye Fan. The dinner is bigger and more sumptuous than usual. In north China, the dumpling is indispensable and Niangao, which is a kind of cake made of glutinous rice flour, in the south is essential for the dinner. After dinner, all family members watch the Spring Festival evening party broadcast and chat together. Fireworks and firecrackers are also set continuously, among which the midnight blasts are the most thunderous.

On the first day of Spring Festival, we dress up to visit relatives and friends to extend New Year’s greetings. Children often receive red packets with ‘luck’ money from parents, relatives and seniors. During the following days, we will visit our distant relatives. The festival is also highlighted with colorful activities including temple fairs, lion and dragon dancing, beating drums and striking gongs, etc. The Chinese Spring Festival comes to an end when the Lantern Festival (on the fifteenth day of the Chinese New Year) is finished.

20 Photographer: Jian Zhan Model: Wendy Bonilla

Venezuela New Year’s Eve By Wendy Venezuelans people know how to celebrate and especially when it’s New Year’s eve. The tradition is saying goodbye to the old year and welcoming the new one in a way that will bring good luck, good health, love and prosperity. For this night people wear completely new and fancy clothes known as “estrenos” with yellow underwear to bring luck and money. They all gather together, friends, family and neighbors, it’s like everyone is celebrating together leaving old differences behind to begin the year with a clean slate. These New Year’ Eve parties are celebrated with delicious food like Pan de Jamon, Hallacas, Ensalada de Gallina, Pernil and classic drinks like Ponche Crema. Followed by festive music such as Gaitas some classics like “ Viejo Año” by Maracaibo 15 and “ Cinco pa’ las Doce”

As the countdown begins everyone grab their twelve grapes and a glass of Champagne and at midnight they eat their grapes with the twelve bell strikes making a wish with every grape, so you can imagine the rush in this one. Also, some people will walk around the block with a suitcase to wish for travel in the coming year. People shoot fireworks, hugs and kisses wishing a Happy New Year to the sound of a traditional New Year song like “Año Nuevo, Vida Nueva” (“New Year, New Life”). So, this is a very special holiday for Venezuelan people, they always get sentimental and the idea of this night is to be celebrated with their loved ones.

21 Indian New Year By Nivedita Indian New Year traditions are very different. For a start, it doesn’t happen on 1st January, as most Indian festivals are based on the Hindu lunisolar calendar. India is culturally rich and every region has its own traditions; because of this, different parts of India celebrate New Year festivals at different times of the year. Here are just five of the most exciting and beautiful. Ugadi Ugadi, which means ‘the beginning of a new age’, is the New Year’s Day in the Deccan region of India. Celebrated with feasting and prayer for health and wealth in the New Year, Ugadi is marked by the symbolic eating of a dish with six tastes, representing different emotions and experiences.

Holi Also known as the festival of colours, Holi is an ancient Hindu spring festival that has grown in popularity with non-Hindus, spreading from South Asia to Europe and America. Thousands gather on the streets to paint each other with dry colour powder and coloured water in a day of play and celebration. Baisakhi Celebrated on 13th or 14th April, Baisakhi is the celebration of the Sikh New Year and the founding of the Sikh community in 1699. Originally a harvest festival in the Punjab, Baisakhi is now the most important Sikh festival – although it is still celebrated as a harvest festival across North Indian states.

22 Puthandu Also celebrated on 14th April, Puthandu is the Tamil New Year. Entrances to houses are decorated with patterns called kolams, with a lamp placed in the centre to eradicate darkness. A ritual called kanni, meaning ‘auspicious sight’, takes place, where people view a tray of fruit, flowers, jewellery, coins, and a mirror first thing in the morning. Kanni is believed to bring good luck for the New Year.

Bohag Bihu Three Bihu festivals are celebrated in Assam each year across all castes and religions, but Bohag Bihu is the most popular. Celebrating the Assamese New Year and the start of spring, Bohag Bihu is celebrated with feasting, dancing, folk songs, the preparation of paddy fields and the worshipping of cows.

23 Different cultures are united by the feeling happiness and welcoming a new year with the same enthusiasm no matter what part of the world the person is. People will always experience a sense of belonging despite of the diverse cultural festivities.







“Joanna: My main inspiration came from a fashion photographer, Tim Walker. Tim Walker is a British fashion photographer. Extravagant staging and romantic motifs characterize his unmistakable style. I think Tim Walker has a great influence on my inspiration for fashion photography, I love his dark visions and fairytale dreams.”



29 Question: I find this set of photos are very interesting. Can you tell me about this work? Joanna: This is my work for a fashion design graduate student (her work was shown in the SCAD Fashion show and Vogue). The concept of this set of work comes from electricity and technology. After discussion with the designer, we decided to make a device for this shooting. We found the students who are in production design to help us build the platform. We went to the second-hand market to purchase the old TV, went to Homedepot to buy the board, and went to find the students to borrow a model shelf. I like this design very much, so I hope to set up a perfect scene to cooperate with the shooting. Convey a sense of technology and future.


GAI COLLECTION - MODLE: SAVANNAH DION Question: Will you be a fashion photographer for your career in the future?

Joanna: In my freshman year and sophomore year, I have been photographing things that are close to life and nature, and I have a direction in my junior year that is I want to shoot portraits. In the last quarter of my junior year, I took a course in fashion photography and fell in love with fashion. In the future, fashion photography will be considered as a career, and I would like to work with more designers and magazines.



Question: Can you share with us the process of completing your work? Joanna: Sure. My shooting process is like this. First, there will be a meeting with the designer to determine the subject of the shooting. And do research. Then we’ll collect moodboard, look for models and makeup artists, find location. It’s important to check in advance on the day of shooting, which is to prevent uncontrollable factors like the weather. After the shooting, I will choose the photos with the designer, we must have a consensus about the choice of photos because this work will present the concept both of us. In the end, I usually finish the post-production alone and then send the finished product to the designer.

32 Question: What do you think of fashion photography? What’s special about it? Joanna: I like to work with designers because their clothes are unique and have different concepts. This has given me a challenge because my creations are based on their design philosophy. Many of the photos, in the ordinary people, look like it’s just a photo. But each of the models and scenes you see in the picture is reviewed and screened by the photographer before we shoot. For me, I like to spend a lot of time to prepare before shooting, for example, location scouting, and selecting models with designers and how to use props. Sometimes we work with people who are in production design.










What is BioCouture? Founded in 2003 by art director, Suzanne Lee, BioCouture is a company focused on creating sustainable consumer products by exploring how living organisms like yeast, fungi, algae and bacteria can be utilized to produce fabrics. It is an innovative New York-based team of scientists, engineers, designers and artisans developing cultured animal products and exploring new ways to create sustainable animal materials, such as lab-grown leather. Lee is also founder of Biofabricate, the leading event for the field of design, biology and technology, focused on the emerging world of grown materials. “There’s a whole spectrum of organisms that can grow material,” says Lee, who founded BioCouture to explore how organisms like bacteria, yeast, fungi and algae could be harnessed to produce fabrics.



39 Imagine you could grow your own clothes, using fermented tea, bacteria, yeast, and other microorganisms that can spin the ingredients into eco-friendly fibers. This is exactly what fashion designer Suzanne Lee pioneered. She investigated the possibility of creating clothing through the use of microbial cellulose. For this research project Lee coined the term Biocouture, which transitioned to a biocreative consultancy some years ago. Suzanne Lee uses green tea as basis material. She brews up to about 30 liters of tea at a time, and then while it’s still hot, add a couple of kilos of sugar. Stirring this in until it’s completely dissolved and then pour it into a growth bath. when the temperature has cooled to below 30 degrees C and then adds the living organism and some acetic acid. she uses a heat mat to sit the bath on and a thermostat to regulate it to maintain an optimum temperature for the growth. After about three days, the bubbles will appear on the surface of the liquid. So, this is telling that the fermentation is in full swing. And the bacteria are feeding on the sugar nutrients in the liquid. So, they’re spinning these tiny Nano fibers of pure cellulose and they’re sticking together, forming layers and creating a sheet on the surface. After about two to three weeks, it became one inch in thickness. When it’s ready to harvest, it’s over 90 percent water, so we need to let that evaporate. Finally, the color in this jacket is coming purely from green tea. Suzanne Lee minimizes the addition of any chemicals to keep the organic material. She changed colors without using dyes. Use fruit and vegetable stains to create organic patterns. Use indigo to make it resistant to microorganisms. In fact, cotton needs 18 indigos to achieve this color. Because of this superior absorption of cellulose, it only needs one. BioCouture may well alter the scope of the fashion industry as we know it. While the use of living organisms to produce apparel and accessories may seem unpalatable to most people at first, but this is also a new thinking about sustainable development in fashion industry. Although this material can’t really be used in fashion, it will certainly give new inspiration to the fashion industry.




THE TALE OF TRIUMPH Article by Nivedita Govila

It is always argued that people’s good behavior actually only exists for self-interest: People only do the right thing because they fear being punished if they get caught. If human actions were invisible to others, philosophers say even the most “just” man would act purely for himself and not care if he harmed anyone in the process. We as humans are always looking forward to acquire what we desire for. It comes so naturally to each one of us to be able to find a way to get want we want. Here is a work of art that tries to convey a story revolving around three main characters, Amar Singh, Sahir Shah and Naajidah. Amar Singh- A Rajput king who has recently overthrown a Mughal ruler and taken over his territory. A kind and just king, but only to those who accept his supreme

authority, either of free will or after being coerced. A strong personality, confident of his power, Amar Singh get what he wants, by hook or crook. He appreciates beauty, especially when it’s in the form of women. Sahir Shah- A noble loyal to the overthrown Emperor; also, the lover of the beautiful woman that Amar Singh fancies. He grudges the shift of power to a Rajput king and tries, unsuccessfully, to hide these thoughts for fear of execution. Naajidah- A beautiful, high-born lady, betrothed to Sahir Shah. She accepts her fate after the shift in power with grace, until she learns how she has been wronged. She then shrewdly works towards her personal retribution.

43 Amar Singh, who has recently taken control of a Mughal territory, falls for the beautiful Naajidah. However, Naajidah is betrothed to Sahir Shah, who is also a political threat to the king considering his loyalties to the old Emperor.


Hence, Amar Singh, under some false accusations, gets Sahir Shah imprisoned. He marries the distressed Naajidah who was completely unaware of Amar Singh’s involvement in Sahir Shah’s imprisonment.

Models: Tannaz Sidhu, Chandrajeet, Styling and Photography: Nivedita Govila





49 One day, Naajidah, chances to spot her husband visiting the prisoners. She learns the truth after overhearing an interaction between the King and Sahir Shah. Heart-broken and miserable, she doesn’t react with rage, but slowly works her charm on the King.

50 The King becomes so bewitched by her tactics that gradually, he just becomes a puppet in her hands.Thus, she gets the justice that she deserved. The playing cards here are used metaphorically to portray that despite of winning Naajidah, Amar Singh loses in the game of life.

51 India’s Rajput heritage is vibrant. Rajput courts were centers of culture where literature, music, dance, painting, and sculpture flourished with support of the Rajput elite. The grandeur can be seen in the beautifully ornate costumes. But have we ever imagined if luxurious clothing, expensive ornaments can ever buy happiness for someone. Are we trying to seek happiness in materialistic things without understanding the importance of humanity. This picture series captures

the essence of the customs and norms that were meant to be followed by a person who has authority. But are these humans happy from within. Despite of leading a royal life, Naajidah could never get the love of her life. Its probably time to think of our little actions that can have a great impact on the lives of other. Lets try to focus on a healthier quality of life rather than material or desire driven life.





Article By Nivedita Govila

There is no need they say but the needles still move their rhythms in the working of your hands as easily as if your hands were once again those sure and skillful hands of the fisher-girl. You are old now and your grasp of things is not so good but master of your moments then deft and swift you slit the still-ticking quick silver fish. Hard work it was too of necessity. But now they say there is no need the kids they say grandma have too much already more than they can wear too many scarves and cardigans – gran you do too much there’s no necessity… At your window you wave them goodbye Sunday. With your painful hands big on shrunken wrists. Swollen-jointed. Red. Arthritic. Old. But the needles still move their rhythms in the working of your hands easily as if your hands remembered of their own accord the pattern as if your hands had forgotten how to stop. -Liz Lochhead


56 Homecoming is a journey that teaches us not to forget our origin as every element returns to its roots, no matter how much it grows and spreads.

57 Models: Devanshi Tuli, Chandni Popli Styling and Photography: Nivedita Govila



“The knitting techniques have been inspired by the beaded knitting practised during the victorian-era to make intricately beaded bags, which show both patience and skills.�

Today, when our minds are preoccupied with the everyday chores and responsibilities, our lives have become so monotonous and technology driven that we are moving away from the beauty of hand skills. We watch our grandmothers knit, and make beautifully crafted pieces, but are not willing to patiently learn the art of handcraft and customising thingson our own. With the advancements in technology, coming generations are drifting away from their foundations. The valuable handskills are losing their identity. These creations are an attempt towards explaining the importance of customising clothing on our own, of learning and inheriting the art of crafts from our skilled mothers and grandmothers. The inner peace, joy and utmost satisfaction experienced while handcrafting our own pieces of clothing is incomparable.

The knitting techniques have been inspired by the beaded knitting practised during the victorian-era to make intricately beaded bags, which show both patience and skills. To create these, a chart was followed carefully and all the beads threaded onto the yarn in reverse order to correspond exactly with the design in beads. While kntting the beads where taken into the loop formed by following the chart. So laborious was this that entrtepreneurial suppliers of recipes and materials began to produce kits for purses with the beads already strung, ready for knitting up. Beautifully beaded items represented the pinnacle of hand knitting in the mid 19th century, but the rapid development of industrial machine knitting ensured concluisvely that hand knitting would henceforth be confined to the domestic craft.


61 By: Nivedita Govila




Article and photoshoot by Nivedita Govila

In today’s fast-paced scenario where our lives are driven so much by technology, we sometimes fail to observe and understand the diverse stories around us. People are so much absorbed into their own lives that there is hardly any time to capture the essence of things around. Photography is a tool to capture the beauty, emotions and the vastness of ideas that can be viewed over and over again. Thus, story telling through a series of photographs takes the viewer through the journey of experiencing the emotions and instances that a person went through.

Mother “ You brushed my hair and tucked me in, Made me laugh for hours on end. You bought me teddies and dresses too, Mommy there’s no one quite like you. Trying so hard to be happy without you, Now when I search, I can’t find you. Because it’s you who completes me, Understands me and makes me who I am. You’ve taught me so much, and each day that passes by, I miss you and I love you more.” The girl’s life revolved around her mother. But after her mother’s death, she seeks little moments of joy in her mother’s clothes,ornaments and feels her presence around. It is so fascinating to see how a small piece of clothing can have so much significance in a person’s life.They are not just clothes or pieces of jewellery but a memory. These series of pictures tries to encapture the journey of a daughter with her mom and after her mom’s death. Sometimes we tend to overlook how little things have great impacts on the lives of people. Its about sharing those little moments of joy with your loved ones because ultimately its all a memory.

Models: Priya Agarwal, Manisha Kumar Styling and Photography: Nivedita Govila



66 Models: Priya Agarwal, Manisha Kumar Styling and Photography: Nivedita Govila




The festival season is near and the cold winter days are rolling in

so what better way to chase the winter blues away than a Christmas vacation?

Releasing Yourself From Here


Our favorite destinations for Christmas getaways

involve lots of sunshine and warm weather. It’s hard to beat the idea of escaping the short wintery days, swapping your Christmas jumper and grey skies for a swimsuit and two weeks of beautiful sunshine. So why not let your imagination run wild and let our travel experts make your festive wishes come true for a seriously special one-of-a-kind seasonal adventure. Immerse yourself in the unspoiled landscape of Phuket and visit the unparalleled beauty of Phang Nga Bay with its sheer limestone cliffs and emerald green waters. Hike up to Karon View Point and look down over the treetops of Old Phuket Town and the stunning floating Thai islands in the ocean.Stay at the eco-luxury beach resort Santhiya Koh Yau Yai from £909 per night in a Royal Grand Pool Villa Suite that features ocean panoramic views and a private swim-up pool.


A Nicaragua getaway has all the right ingredients to put

life on hold: waves worth waking up for, cliffs plunging into the sea, fresh guacamole on demand, private bohios with water views, and pastel-colored colonial cities with cobblestone streets so lovely they beg for a photo are just the start. Word is getting out, but there’s enough coastline and frond jungle to have a spot to yourself for a few days. It’s a particularly fascinating time to visit some of the richest and most pristine uninhabited islands on our planet: Raja Ampat, Indonesia. Though it’s possible to visit on your own, few have the chance to see them like this: alongside leading conservationists on a philanthropic expedition of perspective-shifting proportions. This is your chance to join Blue Sphere Foundation, the marine-conservation activist nonprofit founded by Shawn Heinrichs who was featured in Discovery Channel’s inspiring documentary Racing Extinction, and MSV Silolona, Southeast Asia’s most prestigious luxury Indonesian yacht, on a ten-day sailing journey only a handful of people will ever experience.




movie on the sandbanks of the Maldives. You can now enjoy a private dinner and movie screening under the stars which begins with a breathtaking sunset boat ride to the famous sandbanks of the Maldives. Upon arrival, a bottle of house champagne is served alongside traditional movie snacks and Baros-made popcorn. Here, guests can sit back and relax on comfy lounge chairs or arrange a private candlelit dinner for two, complete with on-call butler service, while they watch a movie on the large screen. It is time to begin a crazy, warm and luxury travel with your family and BBF in Christmas! Don’t be hesitated to experience the luxury travel, just like the world in the article. You will find the most fancy and attractive world in your whole life.


An unusual concept of a private dinner and




Let's go




Time to shake up your beauty routine! The key word this upcoming season is: experimenting,

and plenty of inspiration is coming from the runways, which like every year offer tons of ideas. Afraid to get lost among too many options? Keep scrolling! Here are five tips that make you stay fashionable in 2018 that you cannot miss it right?

81 Graphic Eyeliner

Oversized Eyelashes Super long lashes are at the top of the list of trends to follow next winter. Put false lashes on the lower lids, slightlyspaced out for a touch of Twiggy style. While minimalism still reigned on many of the catwalks, a delightful lash maximalism took hold at MSGM, Emilio Pucci and Chanel - think doll-like, boldly-coloured and Sixties-inspired styles respectively. “Mascara and lashes are now being used in an ornamental way, to give the eye an edgy feel that is full of attitude: Telling a story of where this woman has been and what she has done,” says M.A.C makeup artist Gordon Espinet.

Whether it’s a rectangle or semicircle, eye liner has gone up a level this season and is now worn high on the upper eyelid – a minimalist detail for maximal enhancement. The same can be said for the cut crease. Makeup artists and bloggers have hit the refresh button on this eye look, which traditionally embodied the heavy, dramatic look of the ‘60s. To the contrary, the iterations sweeping the ‘gram right now are fresh, modern, and wonderfully minimal. Makeup artist Katie Jane Hughes calls the look “The Floating Crease” and wears it often. “It’s this graphic, Twiggy-like line between your lash line and brow,” she explains. “It’s different from a cut crease in the way that it’s graphic and simple, rather than heavily blended and layered.”


The Glowing Complexion Highlighting the defining features of the face, makeup artists have lifted the complexion. To capture the light, opt for liquid foundations that melt into the skin for a glowing, almost wet finish. It seems as though no matter the runway show or season, one trend you can always count on is perfect skin making its way down the runways. This season was no different, as we saw models with beautiful glowing skin glide down the catwalk at DKNY, Calla and Ralph Lauren.

The Statement ip It’s undeniable. Lipsticks are growing and growing in popularity. Smokey eyes used to be the most popular trend in makeup, however, lipsticks are taking over. Rocking a statement lip has taken the fashion world by storm. Whether that’s a bright color, a cool lip art look or a strong nude. With neon pigments, dark shades and two-tone, this seasons lips are bold. The one rule to follow? Don’t be halfhearted. Tired of smudging your lipstick and having to constantly reapply it? At Preen by Thornton Bregazzi, Val Garland cited “just-snogged” lips as the inspiration for the smeared, messed-up pouts, whilst subtly worn-in colour and diffused edges were on show at Giambattista Valli, Temperley London, Monse and Topshop Unique.

With clear skin, a minimalist eye and a nude lip, the make-up artists had one obsession backstage: celebrating the natural beauty of the models. A look that’s so subtle, it’s barely there at all. Almost everywhere we looked on the runway this year, we saw impossibly dewy skin that was completely powder free. I really hope this minimalist makeup trend catches on, because it’s beautiful and easy, and makes for an excellent departure from the oh-so-popular powder baking trend that leaves the skin looking super matte. We also saw naturally dewy models at Jil Sander, where the rest of the look was also quite minimalist, with just a touch of contour and lips in soft shades of peach and raspberry.


Maximum Minimalism



86 By: Yiwei Su


Fashion Magazine


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