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SUNSET HILL ELEMENTARY CONFIDENTIAL PARENT INPUT FORM FOR STUDENT PLACEMENT 2012-2013 Each spring we develop class lists for the coming year, striving to create classes where optimum learning for all students can take place. We have learned the importance of having balanced classes across each grade level. We consider many factors as we try to balance our classes and accommodate individual needs: Gender balance Number balance Student separations Balance of ability levels and leadership skills Special learning needs Social and emotional needs Behavior factors Creating groups of students that can work together is a task that our staff feels is critically important and is one that, with teamwork, can be achieved. Parent selection of specific teachers for certain students often works against our goal of balanced classes, and it will not be our practice. Remember that we cannot honor requests for specific teachers. There are two parent input factors that we will consider when creating class lists. If either of these factors applies to your family, please complete the following form and return to Karen Keffeler, Principal, by Friday, May 25, 2012. Student Name__________________________________________________________________ Current Teacher____________________________________Grade for 2012-2013 _________ ______ Consider separating my child from a certain child. Please list from whom and write a brief note as to why. ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ ______ Consider pairing my child with a certain child. Please list with whom and write a brief note as to why.

______ Another child in our family had the following teacher, or has already had the teacher at a previous grade: . I prefer that you consider placing our child with another teacher in that grade level.

We are not asking for other information about your child at this time. In the fall of 2012, your child’s new classroom teacher will ask you to complete an information form sharing your insights about your child, so that together you can plan a successful school year for him/her. Return to Sunset Hill Office by Friday, May 25, 2012

Sunset Hill Student Placement Form  
Sunset Hill Student Placement Form  

Parent input for student placement