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At the core, the goal of MyWay is to provide a world-class and personalized student learning experience.

Principal Welcome Message Parent \ Student Engagement and Logistics

Wayzata MyWay - Why? Strategic Alignment In Action - Mission, Vision, Core Values

Personal Learning Devices Check Out Student iPad, Case and Peripherals

Digital Citizenship and Safety Online Virtual Neighborhood, Common Sense Media, OpenDNS

Insurance Option Electronic Device Insurance Program - Worth Ave. Group

Personal Learning Devices Orientation iPad Setup, VPP, Wireless, Google Apps

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Wayzata MyWay - AGENDA ‣ Read and sign the iPad guideline agreement. Turn in the signed agreement at the last station ‣ Key Messages and expectations ‣ Check out your district issued iPad and case ‣ Complete iPad orientation process ‣ Sign up and pay for iPad insurance protection program ‣ Ask questions

Why MyWay ? Academic Achievement



21st Century Fluencies





Why MyWay ?


“The paradigm shift to a personalized learning experience is the process of contouring learning to individuals, recognizing that individuals inherently have different strengths and weaknesses, interests and ways of learning.�

Sir Ken Robinson

Wayzata MyWay - Trojan Pride I will RESPECT myself by: • Bringing my iPad to class every day • Making sure it is charged and ready to go • Using it for educational purpose – Learning First! I will RESPECT others by: • Not taking or modifying another student’s iPad • Being on task with the class and teacher • Taking only authorized video and pictures of others and activities I will RESPECT property by: • Leaving my iPad in my locker during lunch and recess • Locking up my iPad at all times when not in use for class or learning • Treating the iPad like I purchased it myself I will RESPECT the community by: • Teaching others how to be respectful with the iPad • Encouraging others to make good decisions

Wayzata MyWay - Student Commitment ‣ Excited to learn? ‣ Safe and responsible? ‣ Commitment to learn and share with us your experience at: Email - ‣ Go get your iPad!

“In times of change, learners inherit the earth, while the learned find themselves beautifully equipped to deal with a world that no longer exists.”

Eric Hoffer

Wayzata MyWay - Keeping Kids Safe Online ‣ Keep all Internet access in a public place, including cellphones. Do not charge them in bedrooms. ‣ Make, sign, and display a contract about your expectations when your kids use the Internet. ‣ Talk to kids regularly about where they are going online. Have them show you. Don't be afraid to learn from your kids, and remember that you are the expert in making good decisions. Things posted online leave a digital footprint. ‣ Keep open lines of communication. Remember that kids learn through practice. Taking away computer privileges for long periods of time will lead kids to sneak their Internet access behind your back and not tell you when something is wrong. ‣ Know your child's usernames and passwords. Make it clear that online social networks are not private. You need to know who their friends are and make sure they are building healthy relationships. ‣ Review the rules regularly. Model good responsible use for your kids.

Wayzata MyWay - Monitoring Online Behavior ‣ Wayzata Public Schools will filter District issued iPads to the extent technically possible using HTTP Global Proxy filter settings and device restrictions ‣ Wayzata Public Schools also recommends OpenDNS for home filtering as an additional safeguard : ‣ Change the DNS settings on your router ‣ You set the filtering level ‣ You can customize the settings if you choose Full directions at:

Wayzata MyWay - Information or have questions? virtualneighborhoods

Wayzata MyWay - Personal Learning Devices Insurance Worth Ave Group Electronic Device Insurance Program ✦40 Years of experience in the property and casualty insurance industry. ✦Worth Ave. Group and Student Insurance Partners are affiliated with National Student Services, Inc. ✦Since 1971, they have been the leaders in providing personal property insurance designed specifically for students, faculty and staff of colleges and universities. ✦Their expertise has expanded to include K-12 education, businesses and individuals. ✦They are licensed in all states, including Alaska and Hawaii and all US Territories. ✦Their underwriter, Hanover Insurance Company in Worcester, Massachusetts, has an Excellent rating of A from A.M. Best Company, an organization rating insurance companies based on operating performance and financial strength.

Key Message: This is what they do, and they do it well.

Wayzata MyWay - Personal Learning Devices Insurance What is Covered?

Wayzata MyWay - Personal Learning Devices Insurance What is not Covered? ✦Intentional Damage ✦Mechanical Failure ✦Manufacture Defect ✦Lost Equipment ✦Nuclear Hazard ✦War or Government Seizure

Wayzata MyWay - Personal Learning Devices Insurance What does it cost and how do I sign up? Annual Usage Fees - Standard Student Rates ‣ 1 Year Term - $32.00 ‣ 2 Year Term - $62.00 ‣ 3 Year Term - $89.00 ‣ $0 Deductible \ Transferable

Wayzata ePay Online

Effective Date: Based on the receipt of signed agreement. Must be signed and paid today. For payment plan, see building Principal.

*Expiration Date: January 2014 -- Rates subject to change

Wayzata MyWay - Why?


The glistening paradox of great education: It is not about answering test questions. It is about knowing that, when tested by the most grueling challenges ahead, you have the capacity to learn what is required to succeed Now You See It, C. Davidson Author

MyWay iPad Distribution Presentation  

MyWay iPad Distribution Presentation