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Wayzata Public Schools Parenting Forum & Marketplace Guide Session II Only

Session I Only The College Search & Application Process - Advice for Parents Are you wondering how you can help your student in the college search process? Attend this session and learn the basics of conducting a good college search and, ultimately, making a wise college choice. Learn about the admission process, how admission decisions are made and hear an overview about financial aid and scholarships. Brian Peterson, Senior Associate Director of Admission, Hamline University

A Free Parenting Forum & Marketplace Saturday, February 2, 2013 Wayzata Central Middle School 305 Vicksburg Lane • • • • • • • • • • • Sponsored by Wayzata Community Education, Wayzata Schools’ PTAs/PTOs and PTSO, Wayzata Liaison Committee, Wayzata Communities in Collaboration Council and Wayzata Public Schools 8:30 - 9:30 a.m. 9:30 - 1p.m. 10 - 11a.m. 11:30 a.m. - 12:30p.m.

“The State of Wayzata Schools” — panel discussion and Q & A Dr. Chace Anderson, Superintendent of Wayzata Public Schools Jim Westrum, Executive Director of Business and Finance Dr. Jill Johnson, Executive Director of Teaching and Learning Amy Parnell, Director of Communications and Community Engagement Wade Phillips, Director of Technology Marketplace Open Session I Workshops and Speed Sessions Session II Workshops and Speed Sessions

Ready, Set . . . KINDERGARTEN!! What does my child need to know before kindergarten? When should I start “working” on getting my child prepared? What about summer birthdays? Is preschool necessary? Renée has worked with Wayzata School District kindergarten teachers and knows what children need to be ready for kindergarten. Recommended for parents, teachers and caregivers of 3-5 year olds. Renée Lach, School Readiness Manager, Wayzata Family Learning Center

Calm Your Chaos: How to Eliminate Paper Files Despite the recent trend of going paperless, you still encounter paper every day – bills, junk mail, magazines, children’s artwork and soccer schedules, receipts, etc. – and that doesn’t include what’s already in your filing cabinets! With simple systems and helpful tools, you will know where to put and find all papers! Andrea Hayft, Household Management Specialist

New to the Parenting Forum New this year there will be eight abbreviated 15-minute information sessions called Speed Sessions offered in the media center. You can attend up to three Speed Sessions during the hour-long Sessions I or II. Or, you can choose from one of more than 10 “traditional” workshops that focus on a single topic. Virtual Neighborhoods: Operating Speed Sessions are designed to quickly provide information to families about a variety of district topics. Responsibly Online (Elementary Parents) More and more, our children are provided CEU (Continuing Education Units) information is available in the Marketplace. opportunities to use digital tools for learning, communicating, creating, gaming and much more. Come learn how you can help keep them safe and Childcare Available operate responsibly in this virtual world. Childcare is available for children ages 2 through 12 from 8 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. at Central Middle David Zukor, Technology Specialist, Wayzata Public Schools School for a nominal fee of $3 per child or $6 maximum per family. Childcare reservations are required and will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis. Please call 763-745-5271 to make your reservation. On the day of the forum, please allow 10 minutes to register your child. Please call with cancellations so room can be made for others. Interrupting the Anxiety Loop: Parenting Interventions that Support Calming and Marketplace Competence (Middle and High School Parents) The Marketplace has some exciting changes this year! In addition to being open for the entire Parenting Normal developmental experiences of adolescence Forum, Marketplace will now offer the opportunity to learn more about Wayzata Public Schools’ challenge middle and high school-aged kids activities and organizations. Stop by the “Culinary Café” to sample fresh, nutritious and tasty choices by demanding increasingly more sophisticated offered to your kids every day from Culinary Express. Take a stroll down the “Shoppes of WPS” and coping methods for managing stress and anxiety. check out a variety of district student groups and activities offering their items for purchase. Successful management of stress builds selfconfidence whereas stress that overwhelms a teen’s capacity to cope can lower self-esteem and increase General Questions anxiety. This workshop will provide specific tools Call Karen Arkesteyn at 952-475-9348 for more information. Smart phone users can scan the code to that teach parents how to help teens identify and the right to view more information on the Community Education Website. “rally” the strengths and resources they need for healthy stress management. Judy Hoy, LICSW Wayzata Central Middle School is handicap accessible


Interrupting the Anxiety Loop: Parenting Interventions that Support Calming and Competence Stress and anxiety are unavoidable experiences that all children must learn to tolerate and effectively manage at each stage of their development. Sometimes it is difficult for parents to discern when stress is “normal” and when it may be overwhelming a child’s capacity to cope. This workshop will provide specific tools to help and how to determine when to seek professional help. Judy Hoy,

Virtual Neighborhoods: Operating Responsibly Online (Secondary Students) Our children are provided opportunities to use digital tools for learning, communicating, creating, gaming and much more. Come learn how you can help keep them safe and operate responsibly in this virtual world.


Teen Dating Safety & Healthy Relationships Teenage and young adult dating violence is a big problem, affecting youth in every community across the nation. Learn the warning signs of abusive relationships and strategies to help prevent teen dating violence. Get the facts and important information about dating violence/safety and how to be a resource for your child. Judi Nelson, BSW, Sojourner Project

Calm Your Chaos: How to be More Efficient in Life and at Home No matter how busy you are, there are some areas of your life that don’t stop: appointments, incoming mail, meal planning, laundry and so on. With simple systems in place, you can have more time and more energy for what’s most important to you! Andrea Hayft, Household Management Specialist

David Zukor, Technology Specialist, Wayzata Public Schools

Session I & II Hooking Up is Not Just About Jumper Cables: Teen Sexuality & the New Dating Scene Join educators from myHealth for Teens and Young Adults for an open discussion about love, dating, sex and relationships in the 21st century, and learn how to guide and support teens as they navigate through these milestones. This sharing of collective knowledge will help you identify your own family’s beliefs and values, as well as key messages around sexuality and the best ways to communicate them to your teen. Nina Johnson, Community Education manager, myHealth for Teens and Young Adults

New Moms: How to Keep “You” While Navigating Motherhood Come learn about the common post-partum changes that new mothers encounter and how to face them head-on while keeping the essence of you. Learn about typical postpartum body changes, potential new mom medical issues, normal postpartum blues, and when treatment may be indicated for depression. Our speaker is not only an OB-GYN, but a mom herself. Dr. Sherry Paulson, North Clinic

Parenting, Marriage, and Stress....Oh My! Parenting styles are defined and playfully named after the four dog breeds: the kindly Golden Retriever, the attentive Border Collie, the relaxed Afghan, and the orderly German Shepherd. This model describes the private dilemma of parents who strive for happiness while unwittingly generating conflict, stress and marital discord. Paul Buckley, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

If Only They Had Come With a Manual Love & Logic is a way of working with children that puts parents and teachers back in control. It teaches children to be responsible and prepares young people to live in the real world with its many choices and consequences. Lynne Frederickson, Love and Logic Facilitator & Judy Anderson, Emerging Advantage

CPR & AED Training Participants will be trained on how and when to perform hands-only CPR and learn the use of an automated external defibrillator. These techniques increase survival chances for sufferers of a sudden cardiac arrest. Russel Carlson, Plymouth Rotary Club

Managing Time and Organizational Skills for Kids Help your student stay organized and learn to manage their time to optimize learning. Ronda will introduce tips on how to teach children how to manage their time and develop time awareness. She will also talk about organizational skills for your child. Ronda Gjestvang, Wayzata Kindergarten teacher Boys and Girls are Different! Boys and girls learn differently, communicate differently, and parents/ educators can benefit both for themselves and the child by learning a few tips. Marcia Treno, Family Learning Center

Speed Sessions

1. District Welcome Center An overview of the services offered in the new District Welcome Center at CMS that provides information and assistance to families new to a school or the district. 2. Skyward & Family Access This web-based application is available 24/7 and is designed to provide parents and students with classroom and school district information. 3. MyWay for Student Learning Hear an overview of the new district initiative that provides iPads to students to optimize the personalized student learning experience. 4. Transition to Middle School A principal will share information on how middle school is structured to address the specific needs of young adolescents and how parents can engage in the process of transition from elementary to middle school. • Caring for Kids Initiative • Hennepin County Library • Children’s Dental Services • Interfaith Outreach & Community Partners • LDA Minnesota • League of Women Voters • Plymouth Fire Department • Plymouth Police Department • Plymouth Park and Rec Department • Relate Counseling Center

5. Community Education Information on the wide variety of stimulating programs and classes available in the district for learners of all ages. 6. ECFE & Family Learning Center Learn about the outstanding parent education and support programs available to families with young children, as well as opportunities for creative time with your children. 7. What to get out of parent/teacher conferences Candid advice from an educator and a parent on how to get the most out of your teacher conferences from the elementary grades through high school. 8. Extra-Curricular Opportunities at WHS Find out the resources available to find the club, sport or activity that is right for your student.

Marketplace Participants

• Wayzata Communities in Collaboration Council • Wayzata Community Education and Adult Programing • Wayzata Family Learning Center • Wayzata LAC – Legislative Action Committee • Partners In Prevention • Wayzata School Board • Wayzata Special Education Advisory Council & Bead Crew • MyHealth – West Suburban Teen Clinic

• Wayzata Wishes • Ridgedale YMCA • CONECT • Culinary Express • Wayzata Spiritwear • Business Professionals of America - WHS • Huntington • Mathnasium • Que’ Tal Language Program

January 2013 Parenting Forum  
January 2013 Parenting Forum  

January 2013 Parenting Forum