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  Gleason  Lake  Elementary   Family  Packets  2012-­‐2013       August  30,  2012  

Dear  Parents/Guardians  of  Gleason  Lake  Students,   Welcome  to  the  new  school  year!             This  packet  contains  pertinent  information,  volunteer  opportunities  and  forms  that  your  family   and  our  school  will  need  to  start  the  school  year  off  smoothly.               This  year  the  emergency  contact  and  health  information  needs  to  be  filled  out  online  by  all   families  as  soon  as  possible.        Directions  for  this  are  as  follows:   1. Login  to  your  Family  Access  account  on  the  Gleason  Lake  homepage  on  the  web.   2. Click  on  “Start  Student  Information  Verification”  button  in  middle  of  screen.   3. Verify  contact  information  for  your  family,  then  click  the  “save”  button  upon  completion.   4. Update  Health  Form,  then  click    the  “save”  button.   5. Verify  Ethnicity  /  Race.,  then  click  the  “save”  button.     We  are  trying  to  help  make  this  a  paperless  world,  so  this  contact  and  health  information  online   form  is  our  first  big  step!        Thank  you  for  your  understanding  that,  for  now,  this  format  of  a  “family   packet”  seems  to  benefit  the  majority  of  our  families  as  well  as  the  volunteers  who  oversee  the   committees.     Please  place  your  completed  forms,  orders  and  donations/envelopes  back  in  this  large  envelope   and  return  to  the  Gleason  Lake  School  office  or  your  child’s  classroom.     Deadline  for  all  of  these  requested  forms  in  this  packet  is  September  11th.           Thank  you  and  have  a  wonderful  school  year!     Your  PTO  Family  Packet  Committee    

2012- 2013 Family Packet Checklist Gleason Lake Elementary School Please use this checklist to help you in filling out and returning these important forms. Thank you for your attention, assistance and timely response. _____Health and Emergency Information will be on-line this year. Please go to Family Access on the Gleason Lake Webpage to add information to your account. Please refer to the enclosed directions to access this page and help with troubleshooting.

PLEASE review and return the following: _____ GOLD – Gleason Lake Student Directory/handbook ( Please return only if you wish to be included in this year’s Directory)

_____ BLUE – Gleason Lake Parent/Teacher Organization Membership (One check or cash per family – put in the PTO Donation envelope)

_____ WHITE – Volunteer Opportunity Descriptions (Please sign up for most opportunities online this year and watch for electronic communication throughout the year as volunteer needs arise)

_____ WHITE – Health Screening Volunteers Needed (This opportunity occurs early in the year, so volunteers are needed now) _____ LIGHT GREEN – Classroom Activity Money (One check or cash per family – place in the Activity Money envelope)

_____ PINK - Gleason Lake Gator Apparel Order Form (Please staple payment to your order form; Apparel samples are available in the office)

_____ MULTI-COLORED - Gleason Lake 2012-2013 Yearbook Order Form

Please DO NOT include the following: Lunch money, Home Base payments, notes to a teacher, etc. Only what came in this packet should be returned in it. All completed forms/envelopes are to be placed back in the Family Packet manila envelope and returned to the school office by:

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Gleason Lake Elementary School Student Directory Information Form If you do not wish to be listed in the Gleason Lake Elementary School Student Directory, please DO NOT return this form to school. If you do wish to have your family contact information included in the directory, please complete this form and turn it in with your family packet. List all children attending Gleason Lake Elementary School, oldest first. Please print each name exactly as you want it to appear in the directory.


















SIGNATURE OF PARENT/GUARDIAN (required) NOTE: One copy of the directory will be provided to each household free of charge. Additional copies can be requested from the office for $2.00 each.

2012-­‐2013 Gleason  Lake  PTO  Membership   Dear  Gleason  Lake  Parents,  Guardians  and  Staff  –   Your   support   of   our   PTO   is   what   allows   our   children   to   benefit   from   the   variety   of   activities   and   programs   that   we   sponsor.    These  programs  make  our  school  like  no  other.   Last  year,  the  PTO  supported  these  opportunities  available  at  our  school:   • • • • • • • • •

Partnered with  the  school  to  purchase  5  out  of  15  laptops  for  a  mobile  classroom  laptop  unit   Provided  a  Poet  in  Residence  for  1  week  in  second  grade  –  teachers  said  the  work  the  children  created  was  the   best  they  have  ever  seen  and  they  will  utilize  the  same  materials  in  their  own  classrooms  in  the  future   Purchased  a  new  set  of  Leveled  Reading  Books  for  kindergarten   Purchased  5  IPODS  for  kindergarten  which  are  used  in  stations  to  help  with  math,  letter  recognition  and  reading   Provided  our  Social  Worker  with  sensory  tools   Purchased  some  new  Physical  Education  equipment  –  older  equipment  was  donated  to  the  playground  supplies   The  third  grade  teachers  received  teaching  resources  to  enhance  their  writing  curriculum   Funded  scholarships  for  school  supplies  and  field  trips  for  our  students   Supported  the  second  grade  teachers  (our  largest  class  by  grade)  with  calming/relaxing  music  and  movement  CD   set  

Thank you  for  your  support  of  Gleason  Lake!   Please  contact  me  if  you  have  any  questions.   Gretchen  Streeter  


Don’t forget  that  your  contribution  is  tax  deductible.     ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++  

2012-­‐2013 PTO  Membership  Form   Please  return  this  portion  with  your  payment.    Cash  or  check  –  payable  to  Gleason  Lake  PTO   Parent/Guardian/Staff  Name(s)_______________________________________________________________________   Student  Name(s)______________________________________________________________________________   Green  Contribution  


Blue Contribution  


Gator Contribution  




Please consider   asking   if   your   employer   will   match   your   gift.     Many   companies   will   provide   the   forms   you   need   to   make   this  happen.    Thank  you  for  your  generosity!  

Volunteer Opportunity  Descriptions  2012  –  2013     Following  is  a  compilation  of  the  many  volunteer  opportunities  available  at  Gleason  Lake.     set,  to  sign  up,  please  go  online  to  the     find  opportunities  that  fit  your  skill   Once  you       Gleason   Lake  home  page  at:       Questions?  Contact  Freddie  Contreras:     you  wish  to  contact  them  directly.     Chairpersons  have  been  listed  should     require  MANY  volunteers     Denotes  committees  that             Gator  Gazette   Health  Screening  (September)         The   Gator  Gazette  is  written  for  students,  by   Current  chair  is  looking  for  co-­‐chair  and  many   students.   3-­‐4  volunteers  needed  to  help  4th  and  5th   volunteers  for  the  days  of  the  event.  Volunteers   graders  during  newspaper  creation  workshops.   assist  with  student  screening  of  vision,  hearing,   Three  issues  are  published  (fall,  winter  and  spring)   height  and  weight  tests.  Health  care  experience   with  2-­‐3  workshops  for  each  issue.  Volunteers  are   not  necessary.  Time  commitment:  ½  day.  Morning   needed  to  help  students  generate  story  ideas,  edit   or  afternoon.       articles  and  help  with  layout.   Jenny  Higgins:   ••A  new  chairperson  is  needed  for  this  position.       Gift  Wrap  Sale  (Mid-­‐September)         Yearbook   Volunteers  needed  to:   Volunteers  are  needed  to  assist  with  page  layouts   • Stuff  packets  before  kickoff  (September)   and  design  (Dec.  –  March);  yearbook  sales  (May)   • Process  orders  (October)   and  photography  throughout  the  year.   • Unload  wrap  from  truck  (November)   Sara  Sausker:   • Pass  out  orders  (November)     Jill  Wine:   Volunteer  Tutors       This  person  works  with  staff  to  determine  the   Family  Events  Committee           children  that  the  teachers  identify  in  their   8-­‐10  people  needed  to  help  plan  the  all-­‐school   classrooms  who  may  need  extra  support.     family  events  including    the  Fall  Festival   Melissa  House:     (Sept/Oct.),  Winter  Jam  (Jan.),  and  End  of  the  Year     Picnic  (May).  In  addition  to  committee  members   Media  Center  Volunteers   needed  for  planning,  many  more  volunteers  are   Gleason  Lake  students  check  out  thousands  of   needed  the  days  of  the  events.     books/materials  each  month.    Volunteers  are   Katie  Troyak:   needed  to  assist  the  Media  Specialist  and/or   Yasmin  Akhtar:   students  in  the  library.    A  commitment  of  one     morning  or  afternoon  per  week  is  appreciated,  but   Hospitality   not  required.  Duties  may  include  greeting  students,   Occasionally  provide  food,  serve  food  or  clean  up   checking  books  and  materials  in/out,  shelving   after  various  activities  throughout  the  year.   books  and  creating  displays.     Activities  include  teacher  meals  during   Jill  Perrigo:   conferences,  organizational  meetings,  grade-­‐   specific  events,  programs,  orientations  and     graduations.     Emily  Leach:                   Sign  up  online  at  Gleason  Lake  home  page:  Page  1    

Office Volunteers   Assigned  volunteers  will  work  in  the  school  office   about  2  hours/week  and  assist  staff  on  a  regular   schedule  making  copies  for  Teachers,  Thursday   folders,  etc.  Training  provided.  This  person  may   also  assist  office  staff  with  other  jobs  if  needed.     Jodi  Nelson:     Art  Room  Coordinator  and  Volunteers   Help  our  students  show  off  their  fabulous  art  work.   The  coordinator  schedules  the  volunteers  for  the   art  classroom  to  help  with  various  tasks  like  cutting   paper,  matting  projects  and  displaying  artwork   around  the  school.  Art  room  “room  parents”  and   volunteers  are  also  needed.  Time  commitment  is   flexible  and  some  projects  can  be  done  at  home.   Wendy  Beltrand:     Outdoor  Learning  Center  (OLC)   Volunteers  help  to  enhance,  maintain  and  expand   our  OLC.  We  need  people  to  serve  on  the   committee  as  well  as  work  in  the  OLC  on  various   projects  throughout  the  year.  Note:  volunteers  for   field  trips  are  arranged  through  classroom   teachers.   Dan  Dobson:     Book  Fair  (November)         A  wide  variety  of  volunteer  opportunities  are   available  for  this  annual  event.  Volunteers  are   needed  to  visit  classrooms  to  preview  Book  Fair   selections,  sell  books  during  the  Fair  and  assist  at   the  Book  Fair  Family  Night.  Time  commitment:  2-­‐3   hour  shifts.     Annie  Schrader:     Community  Outreach  Committee   Through  volunteer  work,  the  children  of  Gleason   Lake  will  be  inspired  to  care  about  others  and   make  their  world  and  community  a  better  place.   We  will  partner  with  local  agencies  (e.g.  IOCP)  and   our  student  council  to  sponsor  activities.    Ideas   include:   • •

Food drives     A  shift  at  Feed  My  Starving  Children  

• • • • •

Hosting a  Family  Service  Night   Adopt-­‐A-­‐Family  during  the  holidays   Writing  letters  and/or  drawing  pictures  for   military  or  nursing  homes   Hosting  Locks  for  Love   Partnering  with  nearby  senior  citizen   neighborhoods  to  volunteer  in  the   classrooms,  help  at  events  

Volunteers  will  be  needed  to  help  with   coordinating  and  working  events,  carpooling  and   driving  food  to  IOCP  (once  a  month).   Amy  Pucel:     Community  Fundraising   Assist  in  various  fundraising  activities  for  Gleason   Lake.  Volunteers  are  needed  to  contact  area   businesses,  corporations,  etc.  to  buy  ads  for  the   Handbook/Directory,  sponsor  booths  at  Carnival,   etc.  Volunteers  also  needed  to  collect,  cut  and   count  the  “Box  Tops  for  Education,”  Target  Card,   etc.  to  earn  funds  that  benefit  our  school.  Time   commitment:  2  hours/month.     Parents’  Night  Out  Fundraiser   Be  part  of  a  team  that  will  plan  this  fundraising   event.  Assistance  needed  with  donations,   coordination  of  live  and  silent  auctions,   registration,  event  planning,  set-­‐up,  check-­‐out  and   more.     Stef  Pennaz:   Beth  Ulrich:                              

Sign up  online  at  Gleason  Lake  home  page:  Page  2    

Art Adventure         This  art  appreciation  program  for  all  students  is   sponsored  by  the  Minneapolis  Institute  of  Art.  No   background  in  art  is  necessary  –  a  docent  will  train   volunteers.  This  person  will:   • Attend  a  required  docent  led  training   session  at  the  Art  Institute  (3  hours)   • Attend  3  meetings  to  plan  classroom   presentations  (1.5  hours);   • Give  at  least  two  half-­‐hour  presentations  to   classrooms  (given  in  January  and  February)   and   • Accompany  class  on  field  trip  to  Art  Institute   (3  hours)   Cindy  Larson:     Carnival    (March)       The  carnival  is  an  evening  of  family  fun,   entertainment  and  school  spirit  with  things  like   Wacky  Hair,  carnival  games  and  food.     • Volunteers  are  needed  to  chair  or  work  on   one  of  several  committees.     • Volunteers  needed  on  Carnival  night  to  help   with  games,  activities,  food  and  clean  up.   Indicate  your  preference  when  you  sign  up.   Jodi  Nelson:     Basic  Aid  Training   Basic  Aid  Training  (BAT)  is  a  Red  Cross  course   taught  to  4th  graders  by  parent  volunteers.    We   teach  Basic  First-­‐aid,  the  Heimlich  and  Rescue   Breathing.    It  takes  place  in  March  over  a  3-­‐4  day   period.    Parents  take  a  short  training  course  taught   by  the  BAT  co-­‐chairs  prior  to  the  dates  in  March.     We  need  many  parent  volunteers  to  teach  in  teams   of  2  or  more,  and  you  do  not  have  to  have  a  4th   grader  to  participate.    No  medical  background  is   required.   Beth  Albright:     All  School  Art  Fair  (April)   Volunteers  needed  to  help  coordinate  the  event,   collect  and  post  art  and  help  the  day  of/evening  of   the  event.      

Family Packets   Volunteers  are  needed  to  help  assemble  next   year’s  Family  Packets  prior  to  the  school  year  and   help  sort  incoming  Family  Packets.  Time   commitment:  1  morning  during  the  last  week  of   August  for  assembly.  2-­‐4  hours  to  sort  incoming   materials  during  late  September.   Amy  Hunt:     School  Supply  Kits   School  supply  kits  are  filled  with  all  the  required   school  supplies  (by  grade  level)  that  a  student  will   need  to  start  the  school  year.  Volunteers  needed   to  coordinate,  publicize  and  compile  orders  for  the   sale  of  school  supply  kits  in  the  spring  and   distribute  kits  to  the  appropriate  classrooms   before  the  Open  House  in  the  fall.   Annie  Etzel:  

Sign up  online  at  Gleason  Lake  home  page:  Page  3    


-­‐This  year’s  Gleason  Lake    Health  Screening  will  be  held  Monday  -­‐Thursday,   October  8-­‐11.       -­‐We  screen  most  GL  students  for  vision  and/or  hearing  under  the  guidance  of   a  Wayzata  Public  Schools  District  Nurse.       -­‐This  is  a  fun  way  to  volunteer  directly  with  the  students!         -­‐No  medical  experience  necessary!     -­‐Morning  or  afternoon  shifts  needed.    Exact  shift  times  may  change  slightly.     YES!    I  would  like  to  volunteer  for  Health  Screening.    Please   indicate  which  shift  works  best  for  you,  and  place  this  sheet  back   in  the  family  packet.    Also,  forms  will  be  available  in  the  school   office  starting  in  early  September.         Monday,  10/8  8:50-­‐11:30  am              _____________   Monday,  10/8  1:00-­‐3:30  pm                    ____________   Tuesday,    10/9  8:50am-­‐12:00  pm____________   Tuesday,  10/9  12:45-­‐3:00  pm            _____________   Wednesday,  10/10  8:50am-­‐12:30pm  __________   Thursday,  10/11  8:45am-­‐12:30pm____________   Tuesday,  11/13  (Rescreen  day)  8:45am-­‐12:00pm___________   I’m  flexible!  _______________________________________________     Name__________________________________________________________________________________     Email___________________________________________________________________________________     Phone__________________________________________________________________________________       Thanks!        Jenny  Higgins  &  Kris  Webert   Please  contact  us  with  any  questions.    

Classroom Activity Money - Fall 2012 Dear Parents/Guardians, Throughout the school year, each classroom is involved in a variety of supplemental activities such as special events related to units of study and classroom celebrations. To help defray the cost of these activities, we are asking for a $5.00 donation for each student in your home that attends Gleason Lake. Donations collected will be distributed equally across each grade level. Please fill out the information below and place both the completed form and check or cash in the attached envelope. Return this along with the other forms included in your Family Packet by Tuesday, September 11, 2012. Checks should be made out to Gleason Lake PTO Only one check per family. Please use a separate check for the Activity Money and PTO Contributions. Your support is greatly appreciated! Thank you! The Gleason Lake PTO ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Activity Money Slip Student’s Name


1. ______________________________


2. ______________________________


3. ______________________________


4. ______________________________


________________________________ X $5.00 = ____________________ (# of students at Gleason Lake) Additional Funds given

+ Total

____________________ _____________________

#1 & # 2 Adult and Youth Performance Fleece Hoodie Navy with Gold

#3 & # 4 Adult and Youth Performance T-Shirt Navy with Gold

#10 & #11 Adult and Youth short sleeve Navy burnout tee with #9 Ladies Long Sleeve Tie Dye Burnout Tee Navy/Gold

#14 Navy Tassel Hat Wayzata in Pink

#15 Striped Beanie Navy/Gold/White “W” in Gold

#5 & #6 #7 & #8 Adult and Youth Navy/Gold Plaid Wayzata in Gold

Bubble Gum Plaid Wayzata in Navy

On front

#12 & #13 GATOR PRIDE T-SHIRT $5 (available for purchase at open house and by order)

#16-#20 School Spirit Hair Accessories

#21 Gator Pride Tote and Tag (available for purchase at open house and by order)

The friends, the experiences, the fun... it’s all in there.

***Highly Recommended!*** Gleason Lake Yearbook

This is your chance to GUARANTEE a book for your child at the signing event in the spring. (We ran out of books last year.) You can order a yearbook in two ways:

By check: Return this order envelope with a check for the total amount due. or

Online: (or the link on the school home page). More options are available online. Yearbooks will cost $20 in the spring, so order before September 20th.

Gleason Lake Yearbook Student’s Full Name: ____________________ Grade: _______ Teacher: ______________________________ Student’s Full Name: ____________________ Grade: _______ Teacher: ______________________________ Student’s Full Name: ____________________ Grade: _______ Teacher: ______________________________ Quantity Yearbook Donate a yearbook




$16.00 $5.50 Total

Total Enclosed: $___________________________

Consider buying an extra book that can be donated to a student who can’t afford one. Please make your check or money order payable to: Gleason Lake / Yearbook Check # __________________

Gleason Lake Family Packet 2012-2013  

Gleason Lake Family Packet 2012-2013