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Long-term Priorities We urge the Governor and Legislature to lead a broad cross-section of stakeholders in a process to develop the desired future for E-12 education that promotes innovation, reform and transformational change. The items below are meant to stimulate thinking on needed change and a clearly articulated vision for the future.

• Reform E-12 education funding system to provide

adequate and stable funding, fully fund the basic instructional needs of all students, and reduce the dependence on operating levies to fund district operations

• Allow local school boards to generate and spend financial resources to best meet local needs

• Continue to support the teacher alternative

compensation (QComp) program and explore other innovative strategies to build the skills of all teachers

• Recognize the reality of higher labor costs in the

metro area and implement the location equity index or similar provision to help districts pay for these increased costs

• Reduce administrative mandates that create •

inefficiencies and address the maintenance of effort provision on special education to allow more local control Encourage and reward innovative reform initiatives that focus on better meeting the needs of all students and closing the achievement gap

• Invest more in our state’s youngest learners by

increasing funding for programs and services for children ages birth-K and their families; and allow flexibility for districts to direct other funding toward early childhood programs For more information visit the LAC page at under Involvement

The 2012 Legislative Platform was approved by the Wayzata Public Schools Board and its Legislative Action Committee (LAC)

2012 Legislative Platform The mission of Wayzata Public Schools is to ensure a world-class education that prepares each and every student to thrive today and excel tomorrow in an ever-changing global society

District Vision The vision of Wayzata Public Schools is to be a model of excellence where all students discover their unique talents, develop a love and tenacity for learning and demonstrate confidence and capacity for success through:

• Exceptional student learning,

experiences and relationships

• Community trust,

confidence and partnership

• Operational excellence

Short-term Priorities

For the 2012 Legislative Session, we urge the Legislature and Governor to:

• Support legislation to preserve E-12 education

funding and make investment in students a top priority for Minnesota

It is essential for the Legislature to create a long-term strategic vision for E-12 education in Minnesota, including short-term problem solving and long-term planning. To that end, the Wayzata Public Schools Legislative Action Committee (LAC) has organized its 2012 Legislative Platform in two sections: short-term priorities, as well as priorities for the state’s longterm E-12 education vision.

• Develop a plan to reimburse Minnesota public school districts for the state aid payment shift

• Support legislation to allow districts the maximum

flexibility in establishing a school-year calendar that provides for year-round learning opportunities

• Invest in the state’s youngest learners by

supporting legislation that allows the district the flexibility to use early childhood and all-day kindergarten funding to most effectively serve early childhood children and families

• Reduce the need for school districts to pay for

the excess cost of special education programs by having the state pay its full share of special education costs

2012 Legislative Action Committee Platform  

2012 Legislative Action Committee Platform

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