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Report on Giving 2015–2016

2016–2017 Board of Trustees Kate Jeton, President Conan Deady, Vice President Deborah Sampson Shinn, Secretary Tom Cronin ’78, Treasurer Dale Lewis, Member-At-Large Kate Burnham Catherine Cloudman Ben Devine Nicole A. DuFauchard William Harwood Cinda Joyce Denney Morton Jed Porta ’99 Emily Renschler Erica Schair-Cardona ’94 Christopher Smith Tim Soley Susan Spagnola Alexander H. Spaulding William A. Torrey Jeffrey Troiano Geoffrey Wagg, Head of School Cherie Wendelken Trustees Emeriti Charlton H. Ames Betts Armstrong Thomas M. Armstrong Jane Batzell Nancy M. Beebe ‘63 Roger Berle Gregory W. Boulos Nancy Brain Elizabeth P. Carroll Marylee Dodge Maria Tymoski Glaser Greg Hastings Hillary Huber Holm ‘82 Sherry Huber Anne O. Jackson Gregg Lipton Diane Lukac Jan Macleod Sue McMullan Peter McPheeters Cynthia Orcutt Darrell Pardy Deborah Reed Ineke Schair Alice Spencer Mary Lou Sprague ‘46 Ayres Stockly ‘82 Ann Staples Waldron

Table of Contents 1 Letter from the Head of School 2 The Waynflete Dialogue Project 4 Uncomfortable Learning 9 Lifelong Learning 13 Making the Leap to Better Healthcare Outcomes with Leah Binder ’80 15 N  avigating the Mashup with John Wordock ’87 17 A  bby Dubay-Troiano Receives 2016 Drake Award 18 Annual Volunteers 19 From the Director of Development 20 C  elebrating Philanthropy: Annual Giving 2015–2016

Waynflete’s mission is to engage the imagination and intellect of our students, to guide them toward self-governance and self-knowledge, and to encourage their responsible and caring participation in the world. Our aim is to provide a program that combines security with challenge, playful exploration with rigorous expectation and range of experience with depth of inquiry.


Dear Friends of Waynflete, It is with deep gratitude that I share with you Celebrating Philanthropy, Waynflete’s 20152016 Annual Report of Giving. Your investment in Waynflete has allowed us to fulfill our mission and further our strategic vision. This past year, over 580 students received a world-class education in the most nurturing and supportive community I know. This was only possible because of your support. As you will read in the inspiring stories and alumni profiles in the pages that follow, philanthropy supports opportunities and initiatives that touch every aspect of our program. Your support enables us to provide a Waynflete education to a socio-economically diverse student body, as well as professional development opportunities for our faculty. Because of you, we are a better school. In addition to your financial support, we rely on a large group of hard-working volunteers to be advocates for our school. We are grateful to everyone who has made calls, served as class agents, or volunteered in countless other ways to support our mission. Thank you for making Waynflete your volunteering and giving priority. With gratitude,

Geoff Wagg Head of School


The Waynflete Dialogue Project By Lowell Libby, Head of Upper School IN SPRING 2016, THE EDWARD E. FORD FOUNDATION awarded Waynflete a $50,000 grant to help launch the Waynflete Dialogue Project, a multifaceted effort to help Upper School students cultivate their capacities to discuss differences in viewpoints and backgrounds. As a condition of this competitive award, the Foundation requires that the school raise an additional $50,000 to match the grant by July 2017. “One of the most essential skills we can teach is how to initiate honest conversations about human experiences,” said Head of School Geoff Wagg. “We are thrilled that the E.E. Ford Foundation has recognized the important work Waynflete is doing to promote a culture of civil dialogue on social issues.” Dialogue is a strength of the school already, but given the complexity of the pressing problems and unprecedented opportunities we face as a global community, we want to hone this practice further and model it to other institutions. The Edward E. Ford Foundation grant will support this effort in several ways: with institutional assessment and dialoguerelated professional development for faculty; with the hiring of Jimmy Manyuru, our new Associate Director of Student Affairs; and with the hosting of the second annual New England Youth Identity Summit at Waynflete. At Waynflete, critical thinking is a core pedagogical goal and discussion is the preferred pedagogical method. Diversity is regarded as a condition of excellence and mutual respect is a defining part of the school’s ethos. In making the award, the Edward E. Ford Foundation stated that the grant was a perfect match for these ambitions. The Foundation also appreciated that the Waynflete Dialogue Project was a natural extension of the school’s mission.

At Waynflete, critical thinking is a core pedagogical goal and discussion is the preferred pedagogical method.


“This funding will enable us to tap into the richness of multiple perspectives, which deepens students’ natural capacity for empathy and creative problem-solving.” —Lydia Maier ’90 Waynflete has already received a partial match for the grant, enabling work to begin immediately. In July, interested faculty were invited to attend an off-site dialogue training led by consultants Jennifer Bryan and Jonathan Wilson. The training was a great success. Participants practiced using their own dialogue skills while also learning how to cultivate these skills in students.

“This funding will enable us to tap into the richness of multiple perspectives, which deepens students’ natural capacity for empathy and creative problem-solving,” said Director of Student Affairs Lydia Maier ’90. “We are grateful to the Edward E. Ford Foundation, as well as current and future matching donors, for their trust and support as we take on this important work.”

The Waynflete Dialogue Project will take on many forms in the upcoming school year. The Upper School faculty retreat focused on ways to cultivate the capacity for dialogue in our students, with special consideration given to the country’s current charged political climate. This fall, Waynflete will host a dynamic, performance-based educational program for students that is designed to provoke discussion while modeling the power of collaboration across differences. The emphasis on thoughtful dialogue will continue in classrooms throughout the year. In the spring, Waynflete will once again host the New England Youth Identity Summit, a twoday event intended to spark conversations about identity, diversity, and community. Waynflete co-hosted the inaugural program with Seeds of Peace in March 2016. The student-led summit featured speakers, musical performances, workshops and breakout sessions, and attracted more than 300 high school students and educators from across the Northeast. Photos of the New England Youth Identity Summit 2016 by Max Soley ’17

Spring 2017


“People are spending more time sitting on their couches, interacting with their screens, and speaking with people who share their political views. They’re not talking with anyone face-to-face—no one is challenging them, no one is pushing them on their assumptions. If you’re spending eight hours a day reaffirming existing beliefs, then nothing changes.” —Jeff Thaler

Jeff Thaler, father of Greg Thaler ’03 and Kai Thaler ’05.


Uncomfortable Learning Former Waynflete parent Jeff Thaler spearheads an effort to bring immersive homestays to Portland

IN 1972, WHEN JEFF THALER WAS A sophomore at Williams College, he also worked as a funeral home employee, a farmer, and an autoworker. He walked a beat with a small-town police officer and lived with a disabled coal miner. Thaler inhabited these multiple worlds through an experiential education program started by Robert Gaudino, his political science professor. Gaudino was at the forefront of the experiential education movement, which rejected the traditional pedagogical approach that kept college students sheltered. Gaudino’s approach centered on the idea of “uncomfortable learning”—full immersion in (and active reflection on) environments that exposed students to different cultures, values, and ideas. “Bob recognized that you learn much more when you’re outside your comfort zone,” says Thaler. Homestays and work placements were essential parts of the experience. Thaler and his classmates were responsible for finding their own work and making connections with individuals who were active in public agencies and institutions. They kept detailed journals, interviewed community members, and wrote papers at the end of each homestay. “We weren’t just learning about others,” says Thaler. “The self-reflection and self- awareness component was critical.” Convinced that immersive programs were an ideal way to achieve the goals of a liberal arts education, Thaler wanted to keep Bob Gaudino’s ideas alive after he passed away. “There was no domestic experiential education

program that compared in scale to studyabroad programs, and there still isn’t today,” says Thaler. “With increasing diversity in the United States, I knew that American students could have meaningful experiences right here.” When he moved to Maine in 1979, Portland was already a destination for refugees and asylees. Thaler dove into the community in volunteering and mentoring roles. “It got me thinking about the Williams program again,” he says. “Why do we spend so much money to send students abroad when we could provide them with an international experience here in Maine?” After seeking input from educators, service providers, and immigrant families, Thaler launched a program that connected Williams College students with host families in Maine. In January 2016, he expanded the program to Colby College. Immersive experiences in high school One of Thaler’s long-term objectives was to keep students and host families connected after the program’s conclusion, which often proved to be a challenge with college students. As a former Waynflete parent (to Greg ’03 and Kai ’05), Thaler also believed that a homestay experience could have a greater impact at the high school level. “You can have a diverse student body, but it may not truly mesh,” he says. “Students may not be learning as much from each other as they could.”

“We weren’t just learning about others. The self-reflection and self-awareness component was critical.” —Jeff Thaler


CLOCKWISE FROM LEFT: Jean-Claude, Maya Hamilton ’16, Dider, Germaine, Audrey, and Penuel at home in Westbrook.

Thaler, with Iman Lipumba (a Williams alumna who had volunteered in Waynflete’s African Literature course) crafted a proposal for an experiential homestay program for Waynflete students. Scheduling posed a potential roadblock—summers were problematic, and fitting a homestay into the academic calendar would be a challenge. Director of Student Affairs Lydia Maier ’90, EAL (English as an Additional Language) Mentor Alain Nkulu, and EAL Coordinator Sue Stein were committed to the idea, though, and ultimately found a creative solution: make the homestay experience a Senior Project. Each year, Waynflete seniors have the option to finish their regular coursework in May and spend the last four weeks of the school year engaged in a Senior Project, where they have the opportunity to pursue academic and co-curricular interests, investigate potential career paths, and get involved in community service. Thaler presented the idea to Waynflete’s senior class in December 2015. The inaugural program would run for four weeks: one week of preparation, a two-week homestay, and a final week that would conclude with a presentation to students, faculty, and parents.

“We all need friends, connections, and lifelong relationships. Newcomers and refugees in our city are no different.” —Alain Nkulu

The team’s primary concern was vetting student readiness and assessing whether applicants would be able to complete the program successfully. “We wanted to ensure that high schoolers could handle this level of responsibility,” says Maier. “We designed the application process in a way that encouraged students to think about what it would mean to be immersed in another culture.” The Waynflete team approached several seniors to discuss the opportunity. In the end, one student was accepted to the inaugural homestay program: Maya Hamilton ’16. The homestay experience Hamilton’s first week focused on orientation. She reviewed materials prepared by Maier, Nkulu, Stein, and Thaler, and wrote an essay on the impact of race, ethnicity, national identity, socioeconomic class, and religion on her life. Hamilton accompanied Nkulu to a class at Portland Adult Education taught by former Waynflete parent Arline Saturdayborn (mother of Caitie Whelan ’02) where she heard stories from refugees and asylees. Because of Hamilton’s vocational interest in education, Thaler arranged for her to be an EAL volunteer at Canal Elementary School in Westbrook. She would stay with a Rwandan family: parents Didier and Germaine, twin high school juniors Jean-Claude and Jean-David, and elementary students Audrey and Penuel. Hamilton’s journal entries reflect the degree to which she was overwhelmed by the warmth and generosity of her host family. To her surprise, she was most affected by her exposure to the family’s


religious life. “While I’m not religious, I saw my personal beliefs and values reflected in their faith,” she wrote. “I saw it through their generosity and humbleness as a family.”

“Their sense of hope and faith shines through. If they can survive and be so present and hardworking, I can surely get through any obstacle.”

Listening to the family’s stories about the Rwandan genocide gave Hamilton a new —Maya Hamilton ’16 perspective on transitions. “I’ve always struggled with change in my life, but the transitions they’ve gone through are asylee from the Congo, an adult education astounding in comparison,” she wrote. “The teacher in Portland, and twice a host for horror and loss the family has experienced is students from Thaler’s Williams College incomprehensible, yet their sense of hope and program, he believes the experiential faith shines through. If they can survive and be homestay programs are equally important to so present and hardworking, I can surely get host families. through any obstacle.” “Having a native-born American in your home opens the door to learn more about U.S. The power of stories culture,” he says. “When you’ve lived with Storytelling, which Maier calls “the foundation somebody, you form a relationship with them of identity formation,” plays a critical role in that’s quite different from what you might have the homestay experience. if you attend church or school together. My hope is that the friendships that form during “Kids seek to understand their identities in these programs will continue to grow.” high school through stories. There’s a lot of ‘what do other people think of me,’ but if you can change that to, ‘what are other people’s stories,’ you can set kids on a trajectory to be more curious and less self-conscious. My feeling about stories is that you’ve got to get close to them. With this project, students are participating in a live story that has no ending.” Hamilton agrees. “There is a lot you can learn about immigrant resettlement from primary source documents, but there is no way to feel the emotion and personal connection through readings. This can only come from actually being there and listening—that human-tohuman connection is crucial. The homestay helped me truly understand the struggle my host family endured.” Not just for students The homestay program doesn’t just provide students with new cultural experiences. “It’s a two-way street,” says Alain Nkulu. “We all need friends, connections, and lifelong relationships. Newcomers and refugees in our city are no different.” Nkulu comes to the Waynflete homestay program with a unique perspective. As an

Immersion still matters Some educators wonder whether immersive programs are now unnecessary given the greater diversity of the student body at schools like Waynflete. “It’s just not the case,” says Thaler, “We always learn at the end of our programs that there is as great a need as ever for immersion into the lives of others.” Thaler says, “People are spending more time sitting on their couches, interacting with their screens, and speaking with people who share their political views. They’re not talking with anyone face- to-face—no one is challenging them, no one is pushing them on their assumptions. If you’re spending eight hours a day reaffirming existing beliefs, then nothing changes. The hands-on experiential approach may seem a bit old-fashioned, but it works. We can’t deal with the diversification of our country by ignoring each other or assuming the worst about each other. The more opportunities we have to get to know people and work with them, the more we appreciate who they are and where they’re coming from.”


“We have this sense that cultural immersion can only happen abroad. Maya’s experience proves that cultural immersion can be accessible to everybody. It can happen in our own community, a few blocks from the school.” —Geoff Wagg

Head of School Geoff Wagg believes that local homestay programs will grow to be an important alternative to the overseas community service and language immersion trips that the school offers. “We have this sense that cultural immersion can only happen abroad,” he says. “Maya’s experience proves that cultural immersion can be accessible to everybody. It can happen in our own community, a few blocks from the school.” “Maya had a powerful individual experience that focused on relationships with the family and the teachers she worked with,” says Maier. “But we can take this even further if we can grow the program.” With more students participating, Waynflete faculty have the opportunity to look thematically at the barriers, obstacles, and advantages of immersion. And since local programs are easier to scale up—and much less expensive—they can play an important role in fulfilling the school’s mission to prepare students to thrive in a multicultural global community.

The Broader Mission Maier is struck by the feeling of hope that the program engenders. “Today’s younger students see humanity in a completely different light than any generation before them. They know intuitively that it’s just not possible to keep everybody in a box anymore. The more experiences kids have with differences, the more equipped they are to live in this incredible multicultural environment. I find that it’s a really exciting time to be doing this kind of work with students.”

Visit to watch Jeff Thaler’s 2011 TEDxDirigo talk, “Immersion in the Unfamiliar: An Education.”

Sue Stein, Maya Hamilton ’16, Alain Nkulu, and Lydia Maier ’90


Lifelong Learning Professional Development Takes Many Forms at Waynflete

10 Advisor Training Program One of the most visible examples of professional development is found in our advisor training program. Most Middle and Upper School advisors attend a five-day course at the Stanley H. King Counseling Institute, where they learn how to listen deeply, develop meaningful relationships, and help students establish patterns of responsible behavior. “Parents look at our faculty as partners, not just teachers,” says Middle School Director Divya Muralidhara. “The Stanley King Institute provides our advisors with the skills they need to be resources for both students and their families.”

Ask a member of the Waynflete community to name the school’s greatest asset and you will usually get a simple answer: “The faculty.” Subject matter expertise is an important consideration when we evaluate prospective new teachers. But while all our faculty members are highly qualified and always working to improve their craft, we know that expertise is only one part of the equation. What truly unleashes students’ potential at Waynflete are the trust-based connections that they form with their teachers. This is the “relational culture” for which the school is perhaps best-known—an environment where students feel safe to take risks and court failure. “Schools have historically not been as effective as they could be at building trust bonds with every student they serve,” says Head of School Geoff Wagg. “For this to work at Waynflete, we need to be able to meet the needs of any student, regardless of their background or learning strengths. This ongoing work often takes the form of professional development.”

“An essential part of my role as an advisor is to create a safe space where students can talk about their issues,” says math teacher Steve Withers. “Being present in the conversation— but not feeling that I have to steer them to the correct solution—allows kids to process their issues, and often come up with solutions on their own.” English teacher Alyssa Goodrich agrees that the program helps teachers overcome their natural inclination to solve advisees’ problems. “My job is to honor what the student is experiencing, to let them know that they are supported, and often just to listen,” she says. “While a solution to the problem may be revealed, that’s not the end goal. The real objective is to encourage students to talk.” Learning and the Brain Waynflete educators strive to keep current on research that examines adolescent brain development and the implications for teaching. Every year, several faculty members attend the “Learning and the Brain” conference. Breakout sessions examine issues ranging from the connection between emotion and learning retention to efforts to teach students how selfregulation can increase stress resilience. “The research confirms that psychological safety is a key precondition for lifelong learning,” says Director of Student Affairs Lydia Maier

“Parents look at our faculty as partners, not just teachers.” —Divya Muralidhara


“Being present in the conversation— but not feeling that I have to steer them to the correct solution—allows kids to process their issues, and often come up with solutions on their own.” —Steve Withers ’90. “This conference helps our teachers appreciate that, as Dr. James Comer put it, ‘no significant learning occurs without a significant relationship.’” Technology Waynflete is also constantly assessing its role in an environment where technology makes most knowledge instantly available. Professional development opportunities help ensure that our faculty use technology as a tool to complement traditional, tried-and-true approaches to teaching—and that its implementation is carefully considered. Every spring, Waynflete hosts EdCamp Maine, a professional development conference that draws inspiration from the software “boot camp” model by having no predetermined program. The event draws close to 130 attendees from private and public schools across New England. Technology Director Page Lennig also coordinates program details for the school’s annual internal tech camp, where Waynflete teachers meet in small group sessions to discuss both software and hardware-related issues, such as iPad integration. Diversity and Equity Waynflete’s Board of Trustees identified diversity as a condition of excellence for the school over a decade ago. “Today’s students come from very different backgrounds than has been historically typical at Waynflete,” says Wagg. “We have a responsibility to ensure that we are culturally sensitive and aware. These are the kind of skills that faculty develop through professional development.” For many years, Lower School teacher Debbie Rowe has been bringing her experience in Early Childhood education to Waynflete’s Diversity

and Equity Committee (DEC)—and her DEC perspective to her teaching. This summer, she attended a six-day diversity seminar for independent school educators. Rowe said she found great value in the immersive seminar, in part because she is now able to share resources from the seminar with her students and colleagues. The experience also moved her personally. Most inspiring, she noted, was the hope and energy with which the seminar approached the topics of race, gender, and class in education. The seminar shifted the goal of independent schools from “diversity” to “inclusivity,” and gave Rowe practical skills and new energy for the work of creating a nurturing environment for students and their families.


“After Nicaraugua, I became more comfortable with spontaneity and ambiguity in the classroom. I was better at thinking on my feet and trusting my decision-making ability.” —Sarah Macdonald Students Shoulder to Shoulder Waynflete teachers make up the largest contingent of course instructors from any individual school at the Students Shoulderto-Shoulder (SStS) program, which pairs high school students with grassroots NGO partners working on four continents. “It’s important to take note of the SStS leader model,” says Maier. “These are not recent college graduates on adventure trips. They are educators who are thinking deeply about how to apply the ethical lessons from their global experiences and improve the relationship they have with kids in the classroom.” English Department Chair Sarah Macdonald found her approach to teaching transformed after leading an SStS trip to Nicaragua in 2014. “Teachers can sometimes overplan or have unrealistic expectations about how classes need to progress in an orderly fashion,” she says. “After Nicaragua, I became more comfortable with spontaneity and ambiguity in the classroom. I was better at thinking on my feet and trusting my decision-making ability.”

“There is something about being around people who teach in other places or have taught at multiple schools ... It’s hard to overstate how many ideas come from these kinds of conversations.” —Divya Muralidhara

Energy for veterans Professional development energizes teachers. Wagg calls it “the lifeblood of the school.” It inspires teachers to develop new strategies to educate students and also models the ideal of being a lifelong learner. Veteran faculty members appreciate the opportunity to connect with outside colleagues. “There is something about being around people who teach in other places or have taught at multiple schools,” says Muralidhara. “It broadens the perspective and makes us more sure about what we’re doing. It’s hard to overstate how many ideas come from these kinds of conversations.”


Making the Leap to Better Healthcare Outcomes with Leah Binder ’80 IMAGINE ARRIVING AT YOUR AUTO REPAIR SHOP only to discover that technicians have accidentally replaced the oil in your car with water and have destroyed the engine. “The shop owner doesn’t go on to say, ‘And here is a bill for the water and a new engine,’” says Leah Binder. “But this happens every day in the healthcare industry. Unsafe hospitals bill employers and government for fixing the consequences of errors, with little or no financial sting.” Binder is president and CEO of the Leapfrog Group, a Washington-based nonprofit organization. Leapfrog launched operations in 2000 after executives from some of the country’s largest corporations gathered to address a simple question: Why were their products and services held up to market scrutiny when the hospitals that provided care to their employees were not?

“Until recently, there were minimal financial consequences for an unsafe hospital.” —Leah Binder ’80

The costs are significant, with many U.S. businesses paying out more for employee health coverage than they earn in profits. While executives and shareholders want to ensure an acceptable return on healthcare spending, the human toll is more troubling: close to 1,000 Americans die in hospitals every day from preventable errors. “Until recently, there were minimal financial consequences for an unsafe hospital,” says Binder, who joined Leapfrog in 2008. She estimates that up to one-third of healthcare spending is wasted on unnecessary procedures, administrative costs, medical errors—and even fraud. Increasing transparency Leapfrog’s initial objective was to improve transparency by creating a national hospital performance report card that employers and employees could use to make informed decisions. Every year, the organization asks the country’s 4,000 hospitals to respond to the web-based Leapfrog Hospital Survey. Leapfrog compiles the collected data on safety, quality, and resource use— in areas from maternity care and surgical outcomes to handwashing policies and nursing standards—and publicly reports the results by hospital. National and regional health plans use the survey results to create decision-making tools for their members while regional coalitions use the data to move safety and quality initiatives forward. Not all hospitals complete and submit the voluntary survey. But as the number of responding institutions has increased to more


“Waynflete changed the game for me. For the first time I began to look at myself seriously as a student. It opened my eyes to a whole new opportunity. Waynflete jolted me into a broader view of what I could do.” —Leah Binder ’80

than 1,800— representing 60 percent of hospital beds in the country—non-responding hospitals have experienced pressure to make their safety records more transparent. Binder recounts tales of healthcare executives who tell her that one of their primary objectives is to earn an “A” rating from Leapfrog. “I also hear about uncomfortable board meetings,” she says. “Board members are cornering CEOs to say, ‘We don’t understand—for years, you’ve been showing us stellar safety reports, but we get a C from Leapfrog? Why?’” Binder says that her Waynflete teachers were the first to encourage her to pursue math and science and not be intimidated by data and statistics. Of her Waynflete education, she says, “It changed the game for me. For the first time I began to look at myself seriously as a student. It opened my eyes to a whole new opportunity. Waynflete jolted me into a broader view of what I could do.” Leveraging consumer-focused tools During her tenure, Binder has driven the organization to develop consumer-focused tools such as the Leapfrog Hospital Safety Grade. Launched in 2012, the Hospital Safety Grade uses publicly available data from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services. Unlike the hospital survey process, Leapfrog conducts its data analysis and then assigns a letter grade to each hospital, irrespective of whether the institution responds to the Hospital Survey. The Hospital Safety Grade captures significant media attention when it is released annually. “We have the dream team of national patient safety experts, so it’s not surprising that people are interested,” says Binder. “The safety grade each hospital receives helps consumers understand the dangers.” Consumer Reports

and U.S. News and World Report release their own findings, but since these publications examine different aspects of hospital performance, Binder considers the research to be complementary. “Consumers want as much information as possible,” she says. “We’re used to shopping online for everything today, and we like to see as many reviews as possible.” Binder, who was recently named to Modern Healthcare’s list of the “100 Most Influential People in Healthcare,” doesn’t doubt that hospital administrators have good intentions. “It’s just that no one has been able to hold them publicly accountable for their hospital’s performance because we didn’t have the data. They simply didn’t have to worry about the financial impact of catastrophic mistakes. Leapfrog is changing that landscape.”

Upcoming Alumni Gatherings 2016–2017 November 3, 2016 New York, NY December 20, 2016 Portland, ME May 10, 2017 Boston, MA For more information on our regional gatherings, contact Jenny Hall Alfrey ’91 at


Navigating the Mashup with John Wordock ’87 JOHN WORDOCK ALREADY HAD A HALF-DECADE of journalism experience under his belt when he entered Waynflete’s Upper School as a freshman in 1984. Graced with self-knowledge at a young age, he knew what he wanted to do (be a radio reporter) and where he wanted to do it (New York City or Washington, DC). “As a fifth-grader, I would get out my index cards and write down ball scores, headlines, and the weather report,” he recounts. “I’d read off the news pieces, play records in between, and record the whole thing on cassette tapes.”

“After you reach a certain experience level, you want to be able to influence what your industry is doing.” —John Wordock ’87

At Waynflete, faculty members like Alice Brock, Peter Hamblin, and Gary Hertz cheered Wordock’s enthusiasm. “They saw that I had a passion for journalism and they encouraged me to pursue it,” he recalls. “They ensured that writing was at the center of everything I did.” Wordock posted regular news reports on bulletin boards around the school that examined major news items of the day, including the Reagan presidency, the Iran-Contra scandal, and the changing relationship between the United States and the Soviet Union. Wordock continued to work in radio while pursuing his undergraduate degree at Vassar College. He joined Bloomberg Radio in New York City while at graduate school at the Columbia School of Journalism and went on to cover politics and business as a radio reporter. Wordock then ran’s radio network for six years, appearing on CBS stations in New York, Chicago, and Boston, before joining the Wall Street Journal in 2013 to head up its radio and podcasting group. “After you reach a certain experience level, you want to be able to influence what your industry is doing,” he says. Into the fray Newspapers had suffered at the hands of Craigslist and job websites like (the Journal weathered the storm better than most, thanks in part to its early transition to a paywall system). Print media executives were developing strategies to respond to the precipitous decline in ad revenue. News organizations abandoned their traditional silos in the pursuit of fickle customers (advertisers were also seeking stable ground). This “media mashup” continues unabated today, with


Finding success in this fast-moving field calls for an entrepreneurial mindset. Participation in social media, video, blogs, and podcasts is the new normal for journalists, with most job descriptions now calling for “multimedia journalists.”

the New York Times investing heavily in video and the Journal playing host to some of the most popular podcasts in the country. “Our executive team is very mobile-focused,” says Wordock. “85 percent of our audience listens to our shows on a mobile device, so my podcast work dovetails well with the Journal’s mobile strategy.” A growing trend among listeners is the desire to build individual “à la carte” media experiences. An individual facing a 60-minute commute may listen to general news from one source, business news via a Journal podcast, and then conclude the listening session with a comedy show. Wordock’s team experiments with segment lengths that can range from three minutes to one hour. The Journal’s three most popular podcasts—What’s News, Tech News Briefing, and Your Money Matters—are some of the most highly ranked podcasts in the iTunes business and tech categories, and each is under ten minutes. “Listeners appear to prefer short blasts of news when they can fit it in,” Wordock says. Analytics enable news outlets to constantly experiment and make rapid iterative changes. “Our close relationship with Apple gives us access to a dashboard that tells us where listeners are, how they’re listening, and whether they’re downloading or streaming our content,” says Wordock. “The data also tell us that 70 percent of our podcast audience is under 49, which is right in our advertisers’ sweet spot.”

The new normal Finding success in this fast-moving field calls for an entrepreneurial mindset. Participation in social media, video, blogs, and podcasts is the new normal for journalists, with most job descriptions now calling for “multimedia journalists.” Wordock, whose team delivers content to media partners that include Google, Apple, Amazon, and Spotify, sees himself as the owner of a small business inside a major corporation. “I work with advertising and marketing strategists, partner-development staff, and mobile and desktop technology specialists,” he says. “I really enjoy the combination of managing people and pursuing content.” The unrelenting pace has a downside that will sound familiar to many—the inability to disconnect. Wordock rattles off a long list of hardware devices that accompany him at work. As a father to a 14-, 13-, and 10-year-old, the home front is fully wired as well. Ironically, print newspapers are Wordock’s favorite escape from the digital world—particularly the local publications that he seeks out when he travels. “It’s not a screen,” he says. “Newspapers give my eyes a chance to relax!”


Abby Dubay-Troiano Receives 2016 Drake Award IN 1976, DR. AND MRS. EMERSON Drake—parents of four former Waynflete students—received a special honor for their service to Waynflete. Emerson Drake had served on the Board of Trustees for 16 years, the last several as president. Ping, his wife, was equally active within the school community. They were recognized by the Board of Trustees with the award that now bears their name. In presenting the first Drake Award, board member David Osgood said, “It is our hope that this award will serve not only as a lasting reminder of what the Drakes have done for Waynflete, but also as an inspiration to others to do likewise.” Abby Dubay-Troiano received the 2016 Drake Award during commencement ceremonies at Merrill Auditorium in June. Abby has been an essential part of the Waynflete community since 2003—a tireless advocate for families looking for opportunities to engage with the school. Her goal has been to help Waynflete parents from diverse communities connect with one another on campus throughout the school year. Abby has served in many Parents Association (PA) roles, including vice president, president, and member-at-large. She chaired the PA’s major fundraiser, “The Maine Event” auction, a gathering that strengthened the community and raised substantial funds to support the school. Last year, Abby served on the Senior Gift Team and helped create the Waynflete Gear Store. She also organized an event for

freshman and senior parents to help parents of ninth-grade students navigate the Upper School. The best demonstration of Abby’s commitment and generosity is found in the lead role she took in supporting faculty and students during the difficult 2015-2016 school year. She spearheaded an effort to provide breakfast and lunch for the entire faculty and staff, helped organize a barbecue lunch for Upper School students, and left thoughtful notes and gifts in faculty and staff mailboxes. A member of the Waynflete community described Abby in this way when nominating her for the Drake Award: “Abby exudes kindness and caring, creativity and ingenuity, inclusiveness and effusiveness, and grit and determination. She is open to new ideas while standing ready with a plan. She is honest in her assessments of strengths and weaknesses and always one to celebrate the accomplishments of others. Abby has a healing touch and a keen ability to mentor parents wherever they are in their family journey. It’s easy to mix metaphors when thinking of Abby because she is so many things to so many people at Waynflete. She’s the glue, the cornerstone, the rabble-rouser, the peacemaker, and the sounding board. These traits are what make her so effective in all that she does for Waynflete.”


Annual Fund Volunteers 2015-2016 Thank you to the many dedicated volunteers who made our fundraising success possible this past year. We are also incredibly grateful to those who helped us with mailings, phone-a-thons, our One Day fundraiser, and in countless other ways throughout the year. Board Advancement Committee Cinda Joyce, Co-Chair Erica Schair-Cardona ’94, Co-Chair Jane Batzell Denney Morton Bill Harwood Emily Renschler Kate Jeton Susan Spagnola Dale Lewis

Parent Chair Abby Lord Parent Class Agents EC Abby Lord K-1 Abby Lord 2-3 E  rica Schair-Cardona ’94 Christi Hissong 4-5 Jim Hornor 6 Peter Hart 7 D  eborah Stone Gretchen Knowlton 8 Dora Anne Mills 9 Mara Robinov Moorhead 10 Ralph Good 11 John Frumer Elizabeth Barrett

Alumni Chairs

Leadership Gift Agents

Anne Chadwick Parker ’61, Co-Chair Ben Bornstein ’07, Co-Chair

Alex Agnew Jane Batzell Katie G. Getchell ’88 Ralph Good Bill Harwood Anne Jackson Kate Jeton Marc Jeton Dale Lewis Denney Morton Anne Parker ’61 Jeff Troiano

Alumni Class Agents 2015 H  elen Gray-Bauer Gavi King 2013 M  esa Robinov Katherine Torrey 2007 Ben Bornstein Katie Campbell Levasseur 2006 Gretchen Koch 2003 C  ourtney Drake Farrell Jessica Scott 1997 Matthew Page 1996 Vanessa Gates-Elston 1991 Alizah Shriver 1990 Ellen Watson Cady Gillian Schair 1987 Lynne Manson Gawtry 1986 Jonathan Cantwell 1977 Mimi Gough 19 61 Anne Chadwick Parker 19 60 Cindy Drummond Choate 1959 Judy Dana Parker 1954 Happy Langmaid Bradford 1947 Dodie Detmer


Celebrating Philanthropy Report of Giving 2015 - 2016

Dear Friends, Last school year was an outstanding year for charitable giving at Waynflete. Thanks to the generosity, leadership, and loyalty of our community, Waynflete benefitted from more than $812,000 in annual giving. With gifts of all sizes, from all constituencies—parents, alumni, grandparents, former parents, foundations, businesses, and other friends—our community continued a strong tradition of bringing our mission to life through philanthropy. In the following pages, you will see the names of over a thousand donors and volunteers who made Waynflete a philanthropic priority during the 2015-2016 school year. I remain deeply grateful to every one of them for making a difference in the lives of our students and teachers.

Sarah Plimpton Director of Development


Annual Giving 2015-2016 VISIONARIES $25,000+

INVESTORS $10,000–24,999

BENEFACTORS $5,000–9,999

FELLOWS $2,500–4,999

Anonymous (4) Gregory W. Boulos Jeb Brooks & Cherie Wendelken Brooks Family Foundation Thomas ’78 & Patricia Cronin The Lawrence N. & Alice L. Friedland Foundation G. Arnold Haynes Steve & Cinda Joyce The John & Patricia Klingenstein Fund Gregg Lipton & Sara Crisp Zareen Taj Mirza ’75 Steven Rosenblatt The Shinn Family Jeff Troiano & Abby Dubay-Troiano Mrs. Helene Wilson

Anonymous (4) Acworth Foundation The Bailey Foundation Bernard & Sheila Devine The William J. J. Gordon Family Foundation The Hudson Foundation Anne & Dick Jackson Pope Hamill Fund of the Maine Community Foundation The Family of Richard Rockefeller Mrs. Mary Runser Tim Soley & Maria Gallace The Estate of Margaret W. Soule ’59 Joe & Susan Spagnola Ayres ’82 & C.C. Stockly William A. Torrey & Pamela Phillips Torrey

Anonymous (5) The Anderson Family Foundation Paula Kazon Bentinck-Smith ’70 & Peter Bentinck-Smith Frances Hollis Brain Foundation Nathan Clark & Kathryn Burnham Conan Deady & Cynthia Berliner The Evergreen Foundation Steve & Theo Hanson Debbie & Greg Hastings Varney Hintlian & Molly MacAuslan Laura Jackson Kate & Marc Jeton Daniel & Bethany Kleban Jocelyn Lee and Brian Urquhart for A Beautiful World Foundation Diane Lukac & Steve Silin Moser & Morgenstern Families Will Robinson & Lynn Reed Jeremy ’84 & Kerry Sclar David Sherman & Martha Burchenal Wells Fargo Matching Gifts Program

Anonymous (5) Capt. Ellis C. Adams ’77 Arthur Aleshire Stanley & Stacie Armstrong Roger Berle Joseph & Deborah Bornstein Parke Burmeister & Sarah Plimpton Robert & Elizabeth Carroll Thomas & Katherine Clements Tyler Clements & Lily King William Harwood & Ellen Alderman Ken & Hilary Holm ’82 Joanne Katz Ellen Libby Lawrence ’35 Avis & Fred Miller Bob & Libby Moore Benjamin Scoll & Emily Renschler David & Beverly Sherman Christopher & Anne Smith P.W. Sprague Memorial Foundation Unum Matching Gifts Program Geoff & Alice Wagg Hans & Lee Warner

Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of this report. Please call the Development and Alumni Relations Office at 207.774.7863, ext. 1221, with any omissions or corrections and accept our sincere apologies.

Annual Giving by Level

SUSTAINERS $1,000 - 2,499 Anonymous (15) Gregory & Lauren Adey Alexander Agnew & Lisa Markushewski Charlton & Eleanor Ames Jonathan Amory ’97 C.D. ’73 & Betts Armstrong Associated Jewish Charities of Baltimore Cornelia Greaves Bates Nancy Montgomery Beebe ’63 & Michael Beebe Jeff Benson & Michele Polacsek Hope Benton Nicki Bongiorno Happy Langmaid Bradford ’54 Julia Brock & Emmanuel Soultanakis Wendel Bruss George Calvert & MaryAustin Dowd Cynthia Drummond Choate ’60 Robert Cleaves & Jane Batzell Paul S. Crowley & Delia B. Pooler Brian Daikh & Heidi Wierman Ms. Alice Dillon Alec & Andrea DiNapoli Martha Holbrook Douglas Pigeon ’55 David ’65 & Kathleen Drake Jonathan Drake ’73 Peter Drake ’66 Tim Fahey & Eileen Gillespie Fahey Tracy Floyd & Bryson Hopkins Bill & Kathy Frappier Paul Friedland & K. Page Herrlinger John Frumer & Elizabeth Barrett Katherine Glaser Getchell ’88 Mr. & Mrs. Thomas P. Healy Jean Hoffman Eddie & Patricia Howells Harriet Hubbard Sherry Huber

Robert Kaplus & Jennifer Slack David & Heidi Kleban Keith & Elaine Knowlton Elizabeth & Willy LeBihan Mr. & Mrs. William Lee Jonathan & Leila Linen LMNOP Parliament Fund Ted & Abigail Lord John & Katharine Lualdi Carter Manny & Elizabeth Chapman Brian McNiff & Heather McCargo Charles & Michelle McNutt David & Libby Millar Roger, Margot, & Tara ’09 Milliken Gordon Millspaugh & Laura Lewis Chris & Steve Mitchell Betsy Morrell David Nelligan Raymond & Ruth Nowak David & Debra Osswald Darrell Pardy & Carolyn Hughes Elizabeth Decker Porteous ’48 Matt & Kay Ralston Thomas Rhoads & Rosa Scarcelli ’88 James G. Rogers III & Jayne Geiger James & Cindy Sanborn Jason Schoch & Elisa Tarlow Mr. & Mrs. John Shannon Sandy & Jill Spaulding Mary Louise Thomas Sprague ’46 & Phineas Sprague Mr. Campbell Steward Joseph H. Thompson Fund Nathaniel Thompson Jonathan ’94 & Tam Valenti Vincent & Nancy Veroneau James & Patricia Wasserman Barbara White

STEWARDS $500 - 999 Anonymous (12) Louisa Anderson Rand Ardell & Jessica Simmons Margaret Austin Joe & Abby Bliss James Bollinger Tessa Bollinger Leigh Bonney ’76 Benjamin Bornstein ’07 J.B. Brown & Sons Theodore & Sheila Bukowski Christopher Burke ’12 Pablo & Rocio Canales Gena Canning Robert & Carole Carter Jefferson Cotton & Kamala Grohman Betsy Critchfield ’06 David & Patricia Critchfield Deborah Curtis Mary Soule Davidson ’58 Josephine Hildreth Detmer ‘47 Robert & Wendy Epstein Sam & Norma Fratoni James & Mary Freilinger Lisa French & Charles Hall Roger & Charlotte Frerichs James Garland & Carol Andreae Peter Garsoe Candace Plummer Gaudiani ’63 Goldman, Sachs & Co. Matching Gift Program Ann Green Bo & Kristina Hewey Hillman Charitable Foundation Mark Hirschhorn Sara Holbrook ’62 & Foster Aborn James & Eileen Hornor Hugh & Elizabeth Humphreys Hal & Brigitte Kingsbury Anthony & Cynthia Lamport Henry & Sarah Laurence Ms. Kathie Levison Edward Li & Kin Ly

Jeffrey Madore State Of Maine Mr. Laurence Manchester Erin Martin Daniel & Alison McCormack Peter & Eve McPheeters Shelby Hayden Miller ’71 Kenneth Moller & Tracey Burton Jean Moon & Vicki Black William & Pia Neilson Benjamin & Anne Niles Jim Ohannes & Elizabeth McGrady Anne Chadwick Parker ’61 Lincoln Peirce & Jessica Gandolf Jeffrey ’88 & Elizabeth Cimino Pierce ’88 Leah Rachin Debbie Reed Elizabeth Silverman Reid ’82 Mr. & Mrs. Joaquim Ribeiro Wendy Richards Mrs. Sidney Richardson Dana & Youn Rivers Edward Rowe & Catherine Bickford Eliza Sprague Rowe ’87 & Will Rowe Jamie Grover Saunders ’91 David Sewall Mr. & Mrs. Peter Shames Glen Shivel & Julie Allen Mr. & Ms. Henry Silliman, Jr. Scott Simons Architects Michael & Nancy Tarpinian Robert & Mary Lou Thall Richard Thompson ’94 Louise Gulick Van Winkle ’60 Mr. & Mrs. Michael Wall Mr. & Mrs. Milton Walters George Weaver & Vicky Smith



Annual Giving by Level

ASSOCIATES $250 - 499 Anonymous (13) Jeanette Andonian & Bryan Woods Deke Andrew ’90 Alison Beebe Arshad ’88 Bangor Savings Bank Mark & Catherine Bennett Elizabeth Berle ’96 Caroline Clifford Bond ’53 Jessica Wannemacher Breitbeil ’89 Mr. & Mrs. James Broder Susan Payson Burke ’59 Patrick & Patricia Butler Aleksandar Cook & Renée Wolff Madeleine Gatchell Corson ’55 James & Dava Davin Charles & Marylee Dodge Daniel & Kimberly Dorsky Dougherty Family Fund of the Greater Cincinnati Foundation James Drummond ’63 & Jean Southern Drummond ’63 Richard & Susanna DuBois Jeremy Duda & Brooke Miller ’96 Donald Endrizzi & Marguerite Pennoyer Jay & Lynne Espy

Peter & Sheri Feeney Greta Flaherty ’04 Karin Hague ’79 Mr. & Mrs. Russell Fry Robert & Camille Goodwin Deborah Clark Gray ’66 Caitlin Gutheil & Douglas Welch Anne & Gunnar Hagstrom Peter Hamblin & Carol Titterton John Hancock Matching Gifts Program Susan Soule Hansen ’61 Mr. & Mrs. George Hissong Jr. Kurt & Christi Hissong Maureen Hopkins ’96 Megan Huber ’79 & Deb Braun Mark Isaacson & Karen Herold Herbert & Kathleen Janick Michael & Maria Kennedy Anthony Kieffer & Susan Conley Sean & Barbara Kirby Benjamin Leahy ’91 John Lord ’73 Stephen Majercik & Faith Barnes Marian McCue ’70 Tom & Holly McKenny Pierre & Liz Meahl Peter Miner & Joan Kenyon

John & Roberta Morris Florence Walker Morrison ’55 Walden S. & David N. Morton Joshua & Marci Murphy Dr. & Mrs. Richard Nordgren Joseph Nowak ’07 Matthew Page ’97 Mr. & Mrs. J. Samuel Parkhill Shari Perkins & Dana Perkins Sarah Maier Peterson ’96 John & Katherine Hildreth Pierce ’53 David & Margaret Pinchbeck Jed ’99 & Landace Porta Joseph & Tania Powers Mr. & Mrs. H. Douglas Pride Frances Emerson Prinn ’60 Ms. Sally Richardson Hilary Robbins Lee Tyler Robbins ’55 Jan Meyer Roberson ’55 Mrs. Jacqueline Robinov Cornelia Leighton Robinson ’52 Peter & Maura Rodway William Sandberg ’87 Andy & Catriona Sangster Justin Schair ’01 Ms. Margaret Schuler Mr. & Mrs. Scott Searway David & Nisu Seder

Beth Sellers & Marc Keffer Yu Shi Reed Silvers & Pauline Barry Deborah Weare Slavin ’62 Ian Smith & Carol Wilson-Smith Suzanne Spencer ’60 Mr. & Mrs. Richard Sperry Lucas & Yemaya St. Clair Anne Rines Stanley ’61 Charles & Eleanor Stetson Dorothy Stevens Lorry & Neal Stillman Karen Stray-Gundersen & Jane Begert Ms. Tamara Terenzi Jeffrey Thaler & Karen Massey Christian & Elizabeth Thomas Ben & Rachael Thrash Bruce Tindal & Nancy Drummond Tindal ’71 Mr. & Mrs. Chanh Tran Vanessa Van Deusen ’14 Lance & Gina Vardis David Vickery & Tasha Worster-Vickery David & Breda White Timothy Whittemore ’00 Mr. & Mrs. Wayne Wisbaum Joe & Carol Wishcamper Anne B. Zill ’59

Annual Giving by Level

FRIENDS $1 - 249 Anonymous (124) Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Abbott Patricia Piper Perry Adams ’50 & Josiah Adams Mr. & Ms. Gregory Adey Isabel Agnew ’13 Madeleine Agnew ’12 Bulina Ahmad Linda Albert & Rocco LaPenta Henok Alemayo ’06 Jennifer Hall Alfrey ’91 Nancy Tyler Allyn ’47 Joan Altman ’96 David & Isobel Anable Betsy Anderson Gladys Andonian Cindy Holmes Andrews ’70 Kathryn Andrews ’05 Violeta Anghel Joel Antolini & Meeghan McLain Alexandra Armstrong ’14 Thomas ’76 & Liz Armstrong Taylor Asen ’02 & Rebecca Watson ’02 Joanne Asherman ’60 Rachel Attwood Mistler ’94 Kristen Pulkkinen Bailey ’89 Ingrid Baily ’83 Roxanne Baker Bank of America Matching Gifts Nancy Barba & Cynthia Wheelock Mr. Michael Bartini Morgan Finch Bartlett ’04 Basics Fitness Center Basix on Dearborn Jefferson Bates ’04 Christopher & Elizabeth Beaven Stuart Beddie ’87 Lauren Wilkis Bedford ’96 Christine Beebe ’91 Elizabeth Woodman Begin ’70 Sarah Begin Cameron ’01 Karen Belleau & Dean Ridlon Miriam Beman

David & Christine Beneman Lisa Beneman ’09 Harry & Joan Bennert Edward & Julie Bennett Christian Berle ’99 Daniel Berman ’87 Madeline Berrang ’09 Thomas Bethea Marilyn Bickford Brett Bigbee & Ann Binder Elizabeth Norton Birchfield-Dibiaso ’60 Mr. & Mrs. Arnold Bishop Bradley Bissell ’94 Christopher Bixby ’03 Steven Bizub & Makiko Nagae Jean Gyger Black ’48 Mr. Ed Blanchard Ms. Susan Blanchard Bill ‘75 & Lucinda Bliss Amanda Pilon Boger ’01 Ann Bonebakker Bonney ’91 Reginald & Gloria Bonnin Alexander Bonnin ’07 Gabriel Bornstein ’10 Drew Boulos ’12 Gretchen Boulos ’01 Desiree Bousquet ’84 Tom Brady & Carrie McCusker Craig Bramley & Kimberly Simmons John Branson ’65 Betsy Brayley Lynne & Tim Breen Christopher Bride ’91 Robert & Pamela Brittingham Christopher Brown ’67 Mrs. Eleanor Brown Rachel Brown Thomas Bull ’90 Ross & Elizabeth Burdick Dona Burke Polly Blake Burke ’62 Hannah Burroughs ’97 Stephen Burt Kai Bicknell & Christopher Cabot Ellen Watson Cady ’90 Albert & Irma Cameron Patricia Lappin Camp ’49

Bethany Campbell ’10 Christopher & Meg Campbell Edward & Phyllis Campbell Megan Campbell ’10 Thomas & Lori Campbell Ronald Cantor & Alexandra Bennett Jonathan Cantwell ’86 & Elizabeth Dranitzke Robert & Barbara Cariddi Mr. Philip Carlsen & Ms. Geraldine Theriault Abigail Carroll ’87 Michelle Carroll Penelope Pachios Carson ’58 R. Stuart & Abigail Carter Gregg Carville ’91 Tim & Kim Case Jessie Cash & Cynthia Sortwell Brian & Liz Chamberlain Graham Chance ’14 Olivia Chap ’11 Mrs. Joanne Chapman George & Sally Chase Glen & Elizabeth Chidsey Anita Choate Ms. Jane Christie Jennifer & Fred Clarke Henry Cleaves ’14 Samuel Cleaves ’10 William Cleaves ’12 Margery Arzonico Clement ’47 William & Susan Clifford Gail Chapman Close ’72 B.J. & April Cloutier Coastal Studies For Girls Nina Coates ’08 Mr. & Mrs. John Cochrane Amy Cohen & Austin Smith Andrew Cohen ’86 Timothy Cole & Deborah Rowe Mary Murray Coleman Michael & Yaeko Collier Ann Martin Collins ’54 Lily Collins ’13 Phoebe Colvin Oehmig ’15 Joan & George Connick Mr. & Mrs. John Connolly Patricia Bridge Connor ’84

Andy & Cathie Connors Joseph Connors ’15 Amanda Cote Judy Cox William & Laurie Cox Thomas & Elizabeth Crane Lauren Cressey ’14 Jason & Wendy Curtis Michael & Margaret Curtis Anna Curtis-Heald ’11 Laurie Marshall Cushman ’59 John Cutler ’13 Haley Jo Cutrone ’15 Peter & Joy Cutrone Iessa & Amani Dahia Hannah Daly ’11 Laurel & Brian Daly Jennifer Warde Darrell ’00 Eleanor Davenport Peter ‘61 & Ronni Davidson Geraldine Davis Scott & Lynn-Eve Davis Allison Dawe ’09 Kevin & Caitlin Dean Patrick & Sarah DeBenedictis Hannah DeBlois Nancy Jordan Deery ’45 Margaret DeFanti ’06 Joanne Taylor DeKay ’86 Mr. & Mrs. Robert Delaney William & Susan DeLong Sarah Knowles Dent ’80 Real Deprez ’96 Anne Detmer ’70 Judge & Mrs. Bernard Devine Mark Devoe ’95 Eric & Angela Dexter Zoe Dexter ’92 Kathleen Pape DiPasquale ’77 Jane Doherty ’58 Ryan Doil ’01 James & Stephanie Dolan Peter Donnelly Ned Donovan ’08 William Donovan ’03 Margaret Stein Doody ’05 Christopher & Kolleen Dougherty Cathy & Matthew Douglas



Annual Giving by Level

Traci & Michael Dowd Chelsea Doyle ’02 Susan Doyle Virginia Drake ’05 Edith Tucker Dubord ’76 Drew & Susan Dubuque Diane Duncan ’62 Mathieu Duvall & Beverly Johnson Leila Porteous Egginton ’98 Mr. Samuel Elliot Ms. Sara Jane Elliot & Ms. Rita Clifford Linden Ellis ’05 Aubrey Emory ’88 Alison End Fineberg ’99 Stephen Epstein ’15 Barry & Jane Fanburg Jonathan Fanburg & Stephanie Gartner-Fanburg Paul Farrar Courtney Drake Farrell ’03 Amy & Sean Fawcett Jesse Field ‘94 Paul Field & Kathryn Ziminsky Jennifer Fife Pamela Fife ’74 Jason Fifield ’90 David Finkelhor & Christine Linnehan Ariana Fischer Mr. & Ms. Julian Fischer Diane Fisher Margaret Fisher ’10 Christopher Fitze & Jessica Eller Kiffer Fitzgerald ’91 Brenden & Kaitlyn Fogg Margaret Forsley Matthew & Julie Forsyth Jonathan & Dorothy Fox Michael Fralich & Julie Thompson Fralich ‘70 Sam Frederick ’15 Tarah Frederick Elizabeth Freeman Sarah Freilinger ’91 Hugh Freund ’06 Jacob Freund ’03 Martha Chaplin Frink ’71 Kelley Frumer ‘17 Louis Frumer ’14 Tiki Fuhro & Kevin O’Leary

Sarah Fuller-Matsubara & Ken Matsubara Mamo & Kedija Fulli Tim & Michelle Gagnon Erica & Bob Gallagher Wyatt Garfield ’03 Elizabeth Gates Vanessa Gates-Elston ’96 Lynne Manson Gawtry ’87 & Michael Gawtry Matheus Geldenhuys & Irene Lim Michael Gelsanliter Pamela Malcolm Gemery ’53 P. Wheeler Gemmer ’74 Frank & Susan Gentile Joseph & Linda Gervais Ali Ghorashi ’15 Mr. & Mrs. David Giampetruzzi Jane Gilbert Linda Gilman David & Maria Glaser Rabbi Brenner Glickman ’89 & Elaine Glickman Emma Glidden-Lyon ’04 Peter & Diane Godsoe Kimberly Davidson Golden ’94 W. Blake & Kristin Gooch Alyssa Goodrich Lacey Goodrich & Ed Lutjens Heidi Van Winkle Gorton ’90 Miriam Gough ’77 Deborah Gould ’65 Michal Rogers Gould ’70 William & Hilda Grady Graffam Insurance Group, LLC Emily Graham & Karl Gifford David & Bean Granger Sarah Gratwick ’07 Mary Gray & Karen Bauer Helen Gray-Bauer ’15 Rosalind Gray-Bauer ’12 Mrs. Cynthia Greene James Gregg & Jennifer Wright Gregg Mr. & Mrs. Patrick Gribbon Hyman Gulak Lauren Hadiaris ’09 Jacob Hagler ’15

Elizabeth Hall ’09 Katie Hall ’92 Ronald & Susan Hall Lee Hallagan & Jenny Carwile John Hambley ’01 Alex & Meredy Hamilton Chase Hamilton ’08 Annie Hancock ’06 Stephanie Hancock ’06 William & Lindsay Hancock Betsey Staples Harding ’62 Meredith Harrell ’91 Kevin & Susan Harrington Katie Fullam Harris ’85 Mary Senter Hart ’55 Peter Hart & Heather Courtice Hart ’88 Kate Hartmann Nasra Hassan ’09 Corrilla Decker Hastings ’53 Rocco Havelaar Holly Haywood Isaac Hazard ’90 & Angie Hazard Phoebe Hazard-Backler ’93 Timothy Heath ’91 Tim Hebda & Sarah Morrisseau Robyn Smith Helmer ’54 Alice Heminway ’92 Buell & Anne Heminway Merritt Heminway ’90 & Lydia Maier ’90 Amy Bokinsky Henderson ’87 Timothy Hiebert ’75 Wendy Dana Hines ’63 Margaret Snyder Hinman ’58 Jason Hirshon ’97 Shelley Hodges ’00 Lily Hoffman ’06 Eric Hoffsten & Claire Houston Kevin & Katherine Hogan David & Sara Holdridge John Holdridge & Meg Springer Mr. & Mrs. John P. Holloway Robert & Elizabeth Hopkins Scott Horton & Leslie Richfield Chris Howell ’84 Mr. & Mrs. William D. Howells

Felicity Howlett ’62 John Hoy & Mary Sauer Mr. & Mrs. Royal Hoyt Bronwyn McCarthy Huffard ’88 John Hutchison & Stacey Sevelowitz Mr. & Mrs. Alan Hyde Mark Ireland & Lisa Tessler Noah Isaacson ’06 Mark Isherwood & Heather Robertson Isherwood ’89 Glenn & Elizabeth Israel Mr. & Mrs. Solomon Israel Howard Ives ’65 Ramanath & Mary Iyer Molly Field James ’98 Paul & Sarah Jessen Kevin Johannen & Megan Connolly Celie Johnson ’15 Margaret Thompson Johnson ’60 John Joseph Teresa Joseph Elizabeth Perkins Jowers ’02 Suzanne Joyal ’84 David ’96 & Jessica Joyce Patrick & Janet Joyce Lissa Hall Juedemann ’94 Sara Hyde Jurgeleit ’59 Tyler Karu ’00 Ms. Blanche Katz Stephen Kautz & Raquel Martin Burgos M. Irvil Kear Patrick & Jessica Keenan Ana Keilson ’01 Samantha Saturley Kelley ’00 & Brenden Kelley ’00 Blake Keogh & Kennesaw Richards Sherman Kew ’99 Gavriella King ’15 Kristen Graffam King ’89 Richard King Kevin Kingdon & Jill Burgess Justine Knizeski ’72 Ed Knoll & Divya Muralidhara Piper Knoth ’10 Caroline Campbell Knott ’55 Alexander Knowles ’67 & Linda Knowles Gretchen Koch ’06


Susan Koch Allison Koss ’08 Lisa Kostopoulos ’78 Mr. Charles Kozlosky & Mrs. Marta Finch-Kozlosky Lewis & Margaret Krainin Sarah Krainin ’98 Erik & Lisa Kramer Johanna Rosenfield Kremberg ’01 Norman Lalumandier Kol Lam Ven Lam & No Thach Jerry Swanson Landt ’62 Michael & Carolyn Lane Mr. & Mrs. William Lane Sr. Brian & Candie Lang Betsy & Leonard Langer Jim Langford & Molly Aldrich Charlotte Langmaid ’60 Elianna Lantz ’07 Wendell & Soozie Large Mary Soule Le Maistre ’66 Louise Dyer LeBlanc ’95 W. Christopher Lee & Sophia Mendoza Chelsea Leighton ’07 Frederick & Carol Lennig Page & Laura Lennig Darene Holbrook Lennon ’58 Michele Lettiere Katherine Campbell Levasseur ’07 Rachel Levy ’08 Catherine Lewis ’84 Michael & Camilla Li Anna Libby ’09

Lisa & Joseph Libby Lowell & Melissa Libby Spencer Libby ’06 Cameron Linen Misha Linnehan ’14 Wade Lippert & Heather McKenny Lippert ’92 Miles Lipton ’19 Brian & Sandra Livingston Ms. Rebecca Lockridge Martin Lodish & Kristin Schardt Mrs. Theda Logan Jeffrey & Beth Longcope Nancy Langmaid Loth ’62 Keith Lourdeau & Alison Vanderhoof David Low & Elizabeth Linen Low Mr. & Mrs. David Low Sr. Cate Lund Chris Lutes ’79 Ms. Margarethe Lutz Mr. Mark Lutz & Ms. Carol Arone David Lyall & Blanche Belliveau ’87 Christopher & Elizabeth Lynch Fox Maasch ’15 Sarah & Simon Macdonald Mary Maltby MacDougall ’57 Erin Macey & David Farmer Ann Machado Elizabeth MacKinstry Robert ’67 Lindsey Macleod ’10 Emily Mitchell Madero ’98 Rick & Martha MacDougal Magnuson ’91

Andrew & Katie Magoun Edward & Suzanne Mahar Jim & Liz Maier Maine Island Trail Association David Mallon & Rachelle Parise Mr. & Mrs. Robert Mallon Kate Leslie Mann ’66 David Manson ’89 David & Ellen Manson Peter Marc & Ronni Ellen Davidson Trust Carla Marcus & Lawrence Mohr Erika Marks ’88 Ms. & Mr. Jill Marsanskis Elizabeth Marston ’14 Matthew Marston ‘97 & Rosie Williams Eric Martin ’87 Molly Martin Mr. & Mrs. Edward Massey Paul & Theresa Mattor Michael Maxim ’00 Sam & Alexandra May Mark & Kimberly Mayone Nicholas Mazuroski ’05 Sally Baker McAllaster ’45 Suzanne McAllister Hannah Nagle McCabe ’02 Joyce Gyger McCarthy ‘46 * Robert McCarthy ’00 Guy & Tatiana McChesney Claire McClintock ’03 Pamela Drake McCormick ‘68 Diana McCue ‘07 Constance Rogers

McIntyre ’49 Nancy McKusick Constance McLean ’58 Mr. & Mrs. Roger McLean Judith McManamy ’58 Suzanne McMullan Anne McPheeters ’99 Patsy McSweeney Kirsten McWilliams ’91 Sovann Meas Scott Meiklejohn Steve Melchiskey & Nanci Kahn Joseph & Gloria Melnick Spencer ‘90 & Shea Melnick Ellie Hallett Mendoza ’09 Peter & Ellie Mercer Eliza Mette ’08 Andrew Michaelson & Kathleen Sullivan Susan Michaelson Greer Millard ’09 James & Kristine Millard Jacob Miller ’07 Mark Miller ’98 Rachel Miller ’03 Tara Milliken ’09 Dora Anne Mills Nathan & Jennifer Mills Robert & Christine Mills Ben Mini & Braden Buehler Hanae Miyake ’12 Abdisalan Mohamud ’13 Kent & Ann Mohnkern Courtney Mongell Mariah Monks ’09 Maximiliano Monks ’06 * deceased


Annual Giving by Level

Katharine Moody ’76 Frances Kendall Moon ‘40 Albert Moore ’83 Anne Cobb Moore ’56 Janice L. Moore ’82 Warren Moorhead & Mara Robinov-Moorhead Adrian & Sarah Moran Sophia Morgenstern Ranta ’05 Sally Morris Raymond & Leah Morrow Nate Morse ’80 & Kristi Hiebert ’78 Sean & Elizabeth Murphy Justin Muto ’01 Anando Naqui ’08 Nondini Naqui ’98 Cecilia Nardi ’07 Annalise Marcus Nazlica ’97 David Neilan Thomas Neilson ’06 Barry & Susan Nelson Hannah Harwood Nelson ’99 Daniel Nere & Hana Alem Anne-Marie Newton ’98 Thomas Newton ’07 Arthur & Juanita Nichols Ceri Nichols ’04 Elicia Niemiec & Lisa Smith ‘76 Hilary Niles ’12 Nathaniel Niles ’10 Kyle & Diane Noble Nicki Noble Bean ’01 Victoria Nolan ’70 Judith Novey Dora Novey-Buttfield ’10 Carolyn Noyes Andrew O’Brien & Jessica Buckley Saniya O’Brien ’91 Donna Hildreth O’Hara ’51 Destry Oldham-Sibley Barak & Mimi Olins Hannah Orcutt ’07 John & Cynthia Orcutt Sofia Ordonez-Gamble ’07 Neil Orenstein & Gretchen Knowlton Judith Jones Orlandi ’64 Michael & Julie Ouellette John Palmer ‘54

Thomson Pancoast ’77 Stephen Pardy ’09 Aaron Park & Juliet Connelly Judith Dana Parker ’59 Julie Parker ’88 Stephen ’84 & Jane Parker Deborah Payson ’61 George Payson ’66 Margo Chapman Pearson ’67 Christian Penney & Renee Lewis Edie Perkins Elizabeth Drake Perkins ’98 Paul & Lauren Perreault Katherine Peterson ’07 Julia Emerson Pew ’57 Jodi Phinney ‘87 Amanda Pilon Boger ’01 Allen & Kathy Pipkin Ms. Ann Pipkin David Plumb ’90 Ingeborg Polacsek Victoria Simes Poole ‘45 Robert Porteous ‘69 & Phoebe Moore Porteous ’69 Cristin Walsh Poulin ’98 Carol Copeland Pratt ’57 Glenn & Marguerite Prentice Aaron Price Christopher Price & Wendy Poole Elizabeth Pride ’08 Stephen Pride ’01 Jane & Jim Puiia Mariam Qazi ’09 Patricia Benoit Quinlan ’42 Shirley Cole Quinn ’42 Damion Rallis & Courtney Cook Alice Hildreth Rand ’48 Graham Ratner ’15 Naomi Rauff David Ray & Margaret Carver Torie Reed ’92 Mary Rehak Katie Reimann ’03 Edward Reiner & Susan Lakari Pam Remy & Karen Weiss Sharon Renault Mr. & Mrs. Daryl Renschler Parker Repko

Janice Ribeiro Judith Ribeiro Jona & Jamie Rice Neil Rice & Andrea Truncali Hugh Riddleberger & Louise McIlhenny James Rines ‘76 Genevieve Dubuque Rizzo ’03 Judith Robbins ’95 Cheryl Seymour Roberts ’67 Caroline Robertson ’01 Rodney & Diane Robertson Kelsey Robinov Mesa Robinov ’13 Frederick & Barbara Robinson Bethany Valliere Roderer ’84 James Rohman ’89 Daniel & Crystal Rollins Adam Rosenbaum & Rose Greely Paul & Cameron Rosenblum Howard & Mary Jane Rosenfield Jonah & Kristen Rosenfield Ian ‘91 & Stacey Ross Susannah Ross ’89 Leslie Tuttle Rowson ’64 Charles Ruch ‘93 Julie Russem Nina Russem ’09 Thomas Ryan ’11 Julie Ryder André Saadé & Sarah Lockridge Mason Saltz ’14 Brandon Salway Ralita Sarapak Gail Leslie Sargent ’61 Art & Mim Saunders John & Kirsten Scarcelli Karen Schaedel ’91 Leah Babcock Schaff ’91 Annemieke Schair ’04 Arthur Schnell & Michele Bednarz Caroline Schnell ’06 Tony & Leigh Schwieterman Elisabeth Scott ’05 W. Parker Seeley, Jr. & Associates PC Mr. & Mrs. W. Parker Seeley, Jr.

Mark Segar & Susan Metters Eleanor Semmes ’12 Elisabeth Sewall ’01 Carlie Cole Seymour ’46 Derek Shaffer ’93 Mark Shapp ’06 Michael & Suellen Shaw Joan Ross Shepherd ’56 Miranda Shinn ’13 Laura Siegle ’02 Jonathan Silin ’14 David Silk & Lynne Crandall Mrs. Jane Silk Brett Simmering ’91 Mr. & Mrs. Jack Simmons Mark Simmons & Kristin Fuhrmann-Simmons Ari Sky ’83 Matthew Slocomb & Michelle McFarlin Dr. & Mrs. Barry Smith Charles & Mary Anne Smith Elizabeth Smith & Jennifer Hoopes Joan Brown Smith ’39 Lendall Smith & Nancy Herter Louisa Smith ’07 Timothy Smith & Sandra Banks Beth Smith Horton ’52 Allegra Snyder Jacob Soley ’15 Benjamin Sosnaud ’04 Margaret Sosnaud ’05 Susan Bliss Soule ’72 John Southall & Krista Nordgren Southall H. William Sowles ‘70 Mr. & Mrs. Otto Spaeth, Jr. Courtney Aronson Sparks ’95 Molly Miller Sparling ’93 Joan Thurston Spear ’44 Dick & Alice Spencer Jane Spencer ’94 Sam Spencer ’91 Beth Sperry & Thad Shattuck Robert Spivey & Marian Dalton Rose Magill Splint ’97 Seth & Laura Sprague Susanna Sprague ’08


Mrs. Dagny St. John Jordi & Katrina St. John Rebecca Stanley Amelia Stein ’08 Peter Stein ’12 Susan Stein Andrew Steinkeler ’00 Gretchen Stevens ’14 Janet Stinson Marjorie Stockford Olivia Stockly ’14 Ellen Fisher Stockmayer Mark & Deborah Stone Noah Stone ’12 Ann Lib Robinson Strout ’41* Jean Philbrick Strout ’43 Amanda Struzziero ’91 Sunny & Tracy Stutzman Stutzman’s Farm Stand & Bakery Michael & Christine Sullivan Mr. & Mrs. Howard Summerville Bob & Kari Suva Phoebe Suva ’13 Michael Sylvester Sparks Sylvester ‘15 John & Nancy Tabb Neil & Vickie Taliento William Talpey & Carla Burkley Target Corporation-Thanks A Billion Michael Terrien ’86 Nancy & James Tetrault Philip Thaxter ’65 Charles Thaxton ’08 Jessica Wolfberg Tholfsen ’91 Christina Poole Thomas ’74 Jonathan Thomas ’74 Dan Thomsen & Sara Gimeno Mr. & Mrs. Leonard Thomsen John Thurston & Guy Mark Foster Gerard Tiernan ’91 Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Tillman Ms. Jessie Timberlake Elizabeth Timpson ’06 Jonathan Tindal ’02 Edward Tittmann & Amy Ferrer Rogers

Priscilla Ham Tolman ’60 Janice Lord Tooker ’62 Emily Torrey ’10 Katherine Torrey ’13 Christian & Kathryn Townsend Tradeweb Emily Trafton ’12 Aklilu Tsaedu & Rahel Hagos Mrs. Janet Tucker Samuel & Lindsey Tucker Benjamin & Christine Twining David & Deborah Twomey Abigail Whiting Van Dam ’03 David & Karen Van Dyke Deborah Sampson Van Hoewyk ’60 Edie Van Syckle Suzi Van Wye Suzanne VanPoortvliet Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Vardis Richard & Dolores Vayo Andrew Veroneau ’07 Joseph Veroneau ’11 Ms. June Viviano Paul Voss ’85 Mr. & Mrs. Timothy Wagg Margo Walsh ’82 Morgan Warner ’21 Chris & Pat Watson Christopher Watson ’07 George Watson ’87 Lucy Weaver ’15 Elizabeth WeaverRadcliffe ’76 Dave Weinberg Leah Weisberg ’02 Wellington Management Company, LLP John & Lucy Werner The Werner Family Kenneth & Vivian Weston Rebecca Wheatland ’90 Caitlin Whelan ’02 Katherine Whitaker ’12 Luena Atwood Whitaker ’51 Stevenson Whitaker ’08 Catherine White ’02 Noel White Dave & Felicia Wiggins Alexandra Collins Wight ’00 Ms. Barbara Wildes

Peter Wildes & Stephanie Pandora Cheri & Steve Wiley Ivy Wilkinson-Ryan ’00 Leonora Zilkha Williamson ’91 Gladstone Wilson & Bessie Higgins Kim Wilson & Christopher Dow Michael Wilson & Carolyn Graney Virginia Dana Windmuller ’57 Ms. Phyllis Winfield Max Winson ‘18 Wyatt Winson ‘20 Steven & Lauren Withers Anna Witt ’13 Dalit Gulak Wolfe ’01 Mrs. Anita Wolin Jessica Wolinsky ’02 Jonathan Wolinsky ’06 Kingson Woo & Domenica Vacca Deborah Dodge Wood ’56 Alexandra Woodhouse ’08 Roger Woodman ‘72 & Carol DeTine Stephen & Mary Woods Otis Wortley ’09 Richard Wortley Martha Robinson Wurster ’66 Ria Sara Yalamanchili ’09 Erin Peck Yarema ’98 Semere Yehdego & Asmeret Teklu Alicia Zambelli ’88 Eric Zieff ’84 Andrea Zimble Mr. Victor Ziminsky, Jr. Huiru Zou

* deceased

Annual Giving At a Glance 2015–2016











$666,854 1,118



$145,416 143

FUNDRAISING VOLUNTEERS: Senior Gift Team Parent Agents Alumni Agents Leadership Agents Online Ambassadors


Annual Giving by Constituency

TRUSTEES, FORMER TRUSTEES, Anonymous (2) Charlton Ames Nicholas Armentrout ’88 Betts Armstrong Jane Batzell Christopher Beaven Nancy Montgomery Beebe ’63 Elizabeth Woodman Begin ’70 Roger Berle Deborah Bornstein Gregory W. Boulos Nancy Brain Polly Blake Burke ’62 Elizabeth Carroll Penelope Pachios Carson ’58 Joan Connick Thomas Cronin ’78 Deborah Curtis Conan Deady Josephine Hildreth Detmer ’47

Bernard Devine Marylee Dodge Jane Doherty ’58 David Drake ’65 James Freilinger Paul Friedland James Garland Katherine Glaser Getchell ’88 Maria Glaser Mary Gray Hyman Gulak William Harwood Greg Hastings Hilary Holm ’82 Luke Huber ’81 Sherry Huber Anne Jackson Kate Jeton Cinda Joyce Dale Lewis Gregg Lipton John Lord ’73 Diane Lukac Molly MacAuslan Jan Macleod

Tom McKenny Suzanne McMullan Peter McPheeters Scott Meiklejohn James Millard Walden S. Morton Peggy MacVane Murray ’70 Cynthia Orcutt Darrell Pardy Anne Chadwick Parker ’61 Stephen Parker ’84 Katherine Hildreth Pierce ’53 Victoria Simes Poole ’45 Tim Porta Elizabeth Decker Porteous ’48 Phoebe Moore Porteous ’69 Debbie Reed Rosa Scarcelli ’88 Erica Schair-Cardona ’94 Jeremy Sclar ’84 Maxine Sclar Emily Renschler Mark Segar Deborah Sampson Shinn Mohammed Shir ’90

Deborah Weare Slavin ’62 Christopher Smith Tim Soley Susan Bliss Soule ’72 H. William Sowles ’70 Susan Spagnola Sandy Spaulding Alice Spencer Mary Louise Thomas Sprague ’46 Ayres Stockly ’82 Holmes Stockly Karen Stray-Gundersen Ann Lib Robinson Strout ’41* William A. Torrey Jeff Troiano Louise Gulick Van Winkle ’60 Vincent Veroneau Geoff Wagg Ann Staples Waldron Cherie Wendelken Breda White Carol Wishcamper

* deceased

Annual Giving by Constituency

ALUMNI BY CLASS 1935 Ellen Libby Lawrence 1939 Joan Brown Smith 1940 Frances Kendall Moon 1941 Ann Lib Robinson Strout* 1942 Dorothy Barbour Hayes Patricia Benoit Quinlan Shirley Cole Quinn 1943 Constance Verrill Reich Jean Philbrick Strout 1944 Joan Thurston Spear 1945 Nancy Jordan Deery Sally Baker McAllaster Victoria Simes Poole 1946 Joyce Gyger McCarthy* Carlie Cole Seymour Mary Louise Thomas Sprague Pamelia Deering Strayer 1947 Nancy Tyler Allyn Margery Arzonico Clement Josephine Hildreth Detmer Patricia Davis Klingenstein 1948 Jean Gyger Black Elizabeth Decker Porteous Alice Hildreth Rand 1949 Patricia Lappin Camp Constance Rogers McIntyre Barbara Boyd Soule 1950 Patricia Piper Perry Adams 1951 Donna Hildreth O’Hara Luena Atwood Whitaker 1952 Cornelia Leighton Robinson Beth Smith Horton 1953 Caroline Clifford Bond Pamela Malcolm Gemery Corrilla Decker Hastings Katherine Hildreth Pierce

1954 Happy Langmaid Bradford Ann Martin Collins Sally Howes Hansen Robyn Smith Helmer John Palmer 1955 Anonymous Madeleine Gatchell Corson Martha Holbrook Douglas Pigeon Mary Senter Hart Caroline Campbell Knott Florence Walker Morrison Lee Tyler Robbins Jan Meyer Roberson 1956 Anne Cobb Moore Joan Ross Shepherd Deborah Dodge Wood

1962 Polly Blake Burke Diane Duncan Betsey Staples Harding Sara Holbrook Felicity Howlett Jerry Swanson Landt Nancy Langmaid Loth Deborah Weare Slavin Janice Lord Tooker

1973 C.D. Armstrong Jonathan Drake John Lord

1963 Nancy Montgomery Beebe James Drummond Jean Southern Drummond Candace Plummer Gaudiani Wendy Dana Hines

1975 Bill Bliss Timothy Hiebert Zareen Taj Mirza

1964 Judith Jones Orlandi Leslie Tuttle Rowson

1957 Mary Maltby MacDougall Julia Emerson Pew Carol Copeland Pratt Betsey Loveland Wheeler Virginia Dana Windmuller

1965 Anonymous John Branson David Drake Deborah Gould Howard Ives Philip Thaxter

1958 Penelope Pachios Carson Mary Soule Davidson Jane Doherty Margaret Snyder Hinman Darene Holbrook Lennon Constance McLean Judith McManamy

1966 Peter Drake Deborah Clark Gray Mary Soule Le Maistre Kate Leslie Mann George Payson Martha Robinson Wurster

1959 Susan Payson Burke Laurie Marshall Cushman Sara Hyde Jurgeleit Judith Dana Parker Brenda Russell Prusak The Estate of Margaret W. Soule* Anne B. Zill

1967 Christopher Brown Alexander Knowles Elizabeth MacKinstry Robert Margo Chapman Pearson Cheryl Seymour Roberts 1968 Linda Detmer Knowles Pamela Drake McCormick

1960 Joanne Asherman Elizabeth Norton Birchfield-Dibiaso Cynthia Drummond Choate Margaret Thompson Johnson Charlotte Langmaid Mary Howes Merrick Frances Emerson Prinn Suzanne Spencer Priscilla Ham Tolman Deborah Sampson Van Hoewyk Louise Gulick Van Winkle

1969 Phoebe Moore Porteous Robert Porteous

1961 Peter Davidson Susan Soule Hansen Anne Chadwick Parker Deborah Payson Gail Leslie Sargent Anne Rines Stanley

1971 Martha Chaplin Frink Shelby Hayden Miller Nancy Drummond Tindal

1970 Cindy Holmes Andrews Elizabeth Woodman Begin Paula Kazon Bentinck-Smith Anne Detmer Julie Thompson Fralich Michal Rogers Gould Marian McCue Peggy MacVane Murray Victoria Nolan H. William Sowles

1972 Gail Chapman Close Justine Knizeski Susan Bliss Soule Roger Woodman

1974 Pamela Fife P. Wheeler Gemme Christina Poole Thomas Jonathan Thomas

1976 Thomas Armstrong Leigh Bonney Edith Tucker Dubord Katharine Moody James Rines Lisa Smith Elizabeth Weaver-Radcliffe 1977 Capt. Ellis C. Adams Kathleen Pape DiPasquale Thomson Pancoast Miriam Gough 1978 Thomas Cronin Kristi Hiebert Lisa Kostopoulos 1979 Karin Hague Megan Huber Chris Lutes 1980 Sarah Knowles Dent Nate Morse Michael W. Murphy 1981 Luke Huber 1982 Hilary Huber Holm Janice L. Moore Elizabeth Silverman Reid Ayres Stockly Margo Walsh 1983 Ingrid Baily Albert Moore Ari Sky 1984 Anonymous Desiree Bousquet Patricia Bridge Connor Chris Howell Suzanne Joyal Catherine Lewis Stephen Parker Bethany Valliere Roderer Jeremy Sclar Eric Zieff

* deceased



Annual Giving by Constituency

1985 Katie Fullam Harris John Thomas Paul Voss 1986 Jonathan Cantwell Andrew Cohen Joanne Taylor DeKay Heidi McKee Michael Terrien 1987 Stuart Beddie Blanche Belliveau Daniel Berman Abigail Carroll Lynne Manson Gawtry Amy Bokinsky Henderson Eric Martin Jodi Phinney Eliza Sprague Rowe William Sandberg George Watson John Wordock 1988 Nicholas Armentrout Sarah Chappell Armentrout Alison Beebe Arshad Heather Courtice Hart Aubrey Emory Katherine Glaser Getchell Bronwyn McCarthy Huffard Erika Marks Jessica Lang Nowinski Julie Parker Elizabeth Cimino Pierce Jeffrey Pierce Rosa Scarcelli Matthew Voss Alicia Zambelli 1989 Anonymous Kristen Pulkkinen Bailey Jessica Wannemacher Breitbeil Rabbi Brenner Glickman Heather Robertson Isherwood Margaret Christie Keohan Kristen Graffam King David Manson Katherine Pratt James Rohman Susannah Ross 1990 Anonymous Deke Andrew Thomas Bull Ellen Watson Cady Jason Fifield Heidi Van Winkle Gorton Isaac Hazard Merritt Heminway Lydia Maier Spencer Melnick David Plumb Gillian Schair Mohammed Shir Rebecca Wheatland

1991 Anonymous (3) Jennifer Hall Alfrey Christine Beebe Ann Bonebakker Bonney Christopher Bride Alethea Cariddi Gregg Carville Kiffer Fitzgerald Sarah Freilinger Meredith Harrell Timothy Heath Benjamin Leahy Martha MacDougal Magnuson Kirsten McWilliams Saniya O’Brien Ian Ross Jamie Grover Saunders Karen Schaedel Leah Babcock Schaff Brett Simmering Sam Spencer Amanda Struzziero Jessica Wolfberg Tholfsen Gerard Tiernan Leonora Zilkha Williamson 1992 Zoe Dexter Alexis Gilman Katie Hall Alice Heminway Heather McKenny Lippert Torie Reed 1993 Anonymous Phoebe Hazard-Backler Jessica Stillman Lenci Charles Ruch Derek Shaffer Molly Miller Sparling 1994 Rachel Attwood Mistler Bradley Bissell Jesse Field Kimberly Davidson Golden Lissa Hall Juedemann Erica Schair-Cardona Jane Spencer Richard Thompson Jonathan Valenti 1995 Mark Devoe Louise Dyer LeBlanc Judith Robbins Courtney Aronson Sparks 1996 Anonymous Joan Altman Lauren Wilkis Bedford Elizabeth Berle Real Deprez Vanessa Gates-Elston Jessica Robinson Hauser Maureen Hopkins David Joyce Sarah Maier Peterson Brooke Miller

1997 Jonathan Amory Benjamin Birney Josh Broder Hannah Burroughs Jason Hirshon Matthew Marston Annalise Marcus Nazlica Matthew Page Clayton Rockefeller Rose Magill Splint 1998 Leila Porteous Egginton Molly Field James Sarah Krainin Rebecca R. Lambert Emily Mitchell Madero Mark Miller Nondini Naqui Anne-Marie Newton Elizabeth Drake Perkins Cristin Walsh Poulin Erin Peck Yarema 1999 Anonymous (2) Christian Berle Alison End Fineberg Sherman Kew Anne McPheeters Hannah Harwood Nelson Jed Porta 2000 Anonymous Keith Case Jennifer Warde Darrell Eliza Ginn Shelley Hodges Tyler Karu Brenden Kelley Samantha Saturley Kelley Michael Maxim Robert McCarthy Andrew Steinkeler Timothy Whittemore Alexandra Collins Wight Ivy Wilkinson-Ryan 2001 Anonymous (2) Amanda Pilon Boger Gretchen Boulos Sarah Begin Cameron Ryan Doil John Hambley Ana Keilson Johanna Rosenfield Kremberg Catharine Keith LaPuma Justin Muto Nicki Noble Bean Stephen Pride Caroline Robertson Justin Schair Elisabeth Sewall Dalit Gulak Wolfe

2002 Anonymous Taylor Asen Chelsea Doyle Elizabeth Perkins Jowers Hannah Nagle McCabe Laura Siegle Jonathan Tindal Rebecca Watson Leah Weisberg Caitlin Whelan Catherine White Jessica Wolinsky 2003 Philip Armstrong Christopher Bixby William Donovan Courtney Drake Farrell Jacob Freund Wyatt Garfield Claire McClintock Rachel Miller Katie Reimann Genevieve Dubuque Rizzo Abigail Whiting Van Dam 2004 Anonymous Morgan Finch Bartlett Jefferson Bates Greta Flaherty Emma Glidden-Lyon Ceri Nichols Annemieke Schair Benjamin Sosnaud 2005 Anonymous Kathryn Andrews Margaret Stein Doody Virginia Drake Linden Ellis Nicholas Mazuroski Sophia Morgenstern Ranta Elisabeth Scott Margaret Sosnaud 2006 Anonymous (2) Henok Alemayo Betsy Critchfield Margaret DeFanti Hugh Freund Annie Hancock Stephanie Hancock Lily Hoffman Noah Isaacson Gretchen Koch Spencer Libby Megan Macleod Maximiliano Monks Thomas Neilson Caroline Schnell Mark Shapp Elizabeth Timpson Justin Troiano Jonathan Wolinsky

Annual Giving by Constituency

2007 Anonymous Alexander Bonnin Benjamin Bornstein Sarah Gratwick Elianna Lantz Chelsea Leighton Katherine Campbell Levasseur Diana McCue Jacob Miller Cecilia Nardi Thomas Newton Joseph Nowak Hannah Orcutt Sofia Ordonez-Gamble Katherine Peterson Louisa Smith Andrew Veroneau Christopher Watson 2008 Anonymous (2) Kristy Andrews Nina Coates Ned Donovan Chase Hamilton Allison Koss Rachel Levy Eliza Mette Anando Naqui Elizabeth Pride Susanna Sprague Amelia Stein Charles Thaxton Stevenson Whitaker Alexandra Woodhouse

2009 Anonymous Lisa Beneman Madeline Berrang Allison Dawe Lauren Hadiaris Elizabeth Hall Nasra Hassan Anna Libby Ellie Hallett Mendoza Greer Millard Tara Milliken Mariah Monks Stephen Pardy Mariam Qazi Nina Russem Otis Wortley Ria Sara Yalamanchili 2010 Gabriel Bornstein Bethany Campbell Megan Campbell Samuel Cleaves Margaret Fisher Piper Knoth Lindsey Macleod Nathaniel Niles Dora Novey-Buttfield Emily Torrey 2011 Anonymous (3) Olivia Chap Anna Curtis-Heald Hannah Daly Elizabeth Lewis Thomas Ryan Joseph Veroneau

2012 Anonymous Madeleine Agnew Drew Boulos Christopher Burke William Cleaves Rosalind Gray-Bauer Hanae Miyake Hilary Niles Eleanor Semmes Peter Stein Noah Stone Emily Trafton Katherine Whitaker 2013 Anonymous (2) Isabel Agnew Lily Collins Jack Cutler Abdisalan Mohamud Mesa Robinov Miranda Shinn Phoebe Suva Katherine Torrey Anna Witt 2014 Anonymous (2) Alexandra Armstrong Graham Chance Henry Cleaves Lauren Cressey Louis Frumer Misha Linnehan Elizabeth Marston Mason Saltz Jonathan Silin Gretchen Stevens Olivia Stockly Vanessa Van Deusen

2015 Anonymous (5) Phoebe Colvin Oehmig Joseph Connors Haley Jo Cutrone Stephen Epstein Sam Frederick Ali Ghorashi Helen Gray-Bauer Jacob Hagler Celie Johnson Gavriella King Fox Maasch Graham Ratner Jacob Soley Lucy Weaver



Annual Giving by Constituency

PARENTS Anonymous (29) Michael Abraha & Regat Mebrahtu Gregory & Lauren Adey Bulina Ahmad Timothy Aho & Susannah Corwin Arthur Aleshire Jeanette Andonian & Bryan Woods Violeta Anghel Joel Antolini & Meeghan McLain Rand Ardell & Jessica Simmons Nicholas Armentrout ’88 & Sarah Chappell Armentrout ’88 Edmund Armstrong Stanley & Stacie Armstrong Sandra Avery Kristen Pulkkinen Bailey ’89 Nancy Barba & Cynthia Wheelock Michael Belleau & Molly Sneden Edward & Julie Bennett Jeff Benson & Michele Polacsek Rick Bertaska & Gail Spaien Brett Bigbee & Ann Binder Steven Bizub & Makiko Nagae Joe & Abby Bliss James Bollinger Tessa Bollinger Nicki Bongiorno Tom Brady & Carrie McCusker Tod & Val Bramble Craig Bramley & Kimberly Simmons Robert & Pamela Brittingham Julia Brock & Emmanuel Soultanakis Jeb Brooks & Cherie Wendelken Rachel Brown Michael & Emily Bukowski-Thall Laura Burden Ross & Elizabeth Burdick

Stephen Burt George Calvert & MaryAustin Dowd Christopher & Meg Campbell Pablo & Rocio Canales Gena Canning Keith & Maria Canning Ronald Cantor & Alexandra Bennett Michelle Carroll R. Stuart & Abigail Carter Tim & Kim Case Jessie Cash & Cynthia Sortwell Samrith Chap & Nora Holloway Nathan Clark & Kathryn Burnham Tyler Clements & Lily King William & Susan Clifford B.J. & April Cloutier Andy & Cathie Connors Aleksandar Cook & Renée Wolff John Cooper & Janice Malay Jefferson Cotton & Kamala Grohman William & Laurie Cox Paul S. Crowley & Delia B. Pooler Jason & Wendy Curtis Michael & Margaret Curtis Peter & Joy Cutrone Iessa & Amani Dahia Brian Daikh & Heidi Wierman James & Dava Davin Scott & Lynn-Eve Davis Kevin & Caitlin Dean William & Susan DeLong Bernard & Sheila Devine Eric & Angela Dexter Figgy DiBenedetto & Aaron Staples Alec & Andrea DiNapoli James & Stephanie Dolan Daniel & Kimberly Dorsky Christopher & Kolleen Dougherty Cathy & Matthew Douglas Richard & Susanna DuBois Jeremy Duda & Brooke Miller ’96

Patrick Dunton & Pamela Stutch Dunton Mathieu Duvall & Beverly Johnson Jamie Ecker & Jane Nichols-Ecker Jennifer & Charles Enders Robert & Wendy Epstein Tim Fahey & Eileen Gillespie Fahey Jonathan Fanburg & Stephanie Gartner-Fanburg Paul Farrar Peter & Sheri Feeney Jesse Field ’94 John Field & Julianna Acheson Paul Field & Kathryn Ziminsky Jennifer Fife Ariana Fischer Diane Fisher Christopher Fitze & Jessica Eller Tracy Floyd & Bryson Hopkins Matthew & Julie Forsyth Bill & Kathy Frappier Sam & Norma Fratoni Elizabeth Freeman Paul Friedland & K. Page Herrlinger John Frumer & Elizabeth Barrett Mamo & Kedija Fulli Tim & Michelle Gagnon Peter Garsoe Matheus Geldenhuys & Irene Lim Joseph & Linda Gervais Eric & Jennifer Giguere W. Blake & Kristin Gooch Ralph Good & Catherine Cloudman Lacey Goodrich & Ed Lutjens Robert & Camille Goodwin Ann Green James Gregg & Jennifer Wright Gregg Caitlin Gutheil & Douglas Welch Lee Hallagan & Jenny Carwile Alex & Meredy Hamilton Moritz Hansen &

Suzanne Fox Steve & Theo Hanson Kevin & Susan Harrington Peter Hart & Heather Courtice Hart ’88 Kate Hartmann Debbie & Greg Hastings Rocco Havelaar David & Kelley Heath Merritt Heminway ’90 & Lydia Maier ’90 Varney Hintlian & Molly MacAuslan Mark Hirschhorn Kurt & Christi Hissong Jean Hoffman Eric Hoffsten & Claire Houston Kevin & Katherine Hogan John Holdridge & Meg Springer James & Eileen Hornor Eddie & Patricia Howells Mark Isherwood & Heather Robertson Isherwood ’89 Glenn & Elizabeth Israel Herbert & Kathleen Janick Paul & Sarah Jessen Kevin Johannen & Megan Connolly David Johnson & Charrisse Kaplan John Joseph Teresa Joseph David ’96 & Jessica Joyce Robert Kaplus & Jennifer Slack Patrick & Jessica Keenan Michael & Maria Kennedy Peggy Keyser Anthony Kieffer & Susan Conley Kevin Kingdon & Jill Burgess Sean & Barbara Kirby Daniel & Bethany Kleban David & Heidi Kleban Erik & Lisa Kramer Michael & Carolyn Lane Brian & Candie Lang Elizabeth & Willy LeBihan Adam & Diana Lee Jocelyn Lee & Brian Urquhart

Annual Giving by Constituency

W. Christopher Lee & Sophia Mendoza Page & Laura Lennig Dale & Rich Lewis Edward Li & Kin Ly Cameron Linen Wade Lippert & Heather McKenny Lippert ’92 Gregg Lipton & Sara Crisp Brian & Sandra Livingston Martin Lodish & Kristin Schardt Ted & Abigail Lord Keith Lourdeau & Alison Vanderhoof David Low & Elizabeth Linen Low John & Katharine Lualdi Christopher & Elizabeth Lynch Christopher & Katharine MacLean Andrew & Katie Magoun Edward & Suzanne Mahar Stephen Majercik & Faith Barnes Marcella Makinen David Mallon & Rachelle Parise Matthew Marston ’97 & Rosie Williams Erin Martin Sam & Alexandra May Mark & Kimberly Mayone Guy & Tatiana McChesney Daniel & Alison McCormack Brian McNiff & Heather McCargo Charles & Michelle McNutt Patsy McSweeney Pierre & Liz Meahl Steve Melchiskey & Nanci Kahn Spencer ’90 & Shea Melnick Andrew Michaelson & Kathleen Sullivan David & Libby Millar Dora Anne Mills Nathan & Jennifer Mills Gordon Millspaugh & Laura Lewis Ben Mini & Braden Buehler Shingayi Molai

Kenneth Moller & Tracey Burton Jean Moon & Vicki Black Bob & Libby Moore Warren Moorhead & Mara Robinov-Moorhead Adrian & Sarah Moran Betsy Morrell Sally Morris Joshua & Marci Murphy Sean & Elizabeth Murphy Paul Musgrove & Mercedes Davila-Musgrove David Nelligan Daniel Nere & Hana Alem Carolyn Noyes Andrew O’Brien & Jessica Buckley Jim Ohannes & Elizabeth McGrady Barak & Mimi Olins Bob Olney & atherine Richards Neil Orenstein & Gretchen Knowlton David & Debra Osswald Michael & Julie Ouellette Aaron Park & Juliet Connelly Christian Penney & Renee Lewis Edie Perkins Paul & Lauren Perreault David & Margaret Pinchbeck Allen & Kathy Pipkin Joseph & Tania Powers Aaron Price Jane & Jim Puiia Leah Rachin Damion Rallis & Courtney Cook Matt & Kay Ralston David Ray & Margaret Carver Pam Remy & Karen Weiss Thomas Rhoads & Rosa Scarcelli ’88 Janice Ribeiro Jona & Jamie Rice Neil Rice & Andrea Truncali Dana & Youn Rivers Hilary Robbins Will Robinson & Lynn Reed

Daniel & Crystal Rollins Adam Rosenbaum & Rose Greely Steven Rosenblatt Paul & Cameron Rosenblum Ian ’91 & Stacey Ross Edward Rowe & Catherine Bickford André Saadé & Sarah Lockridge William Sandberg ’87 Andy & Catriona Sangster Gillian Schair ’90 & Seth Rigoletti Erica Schair-Cardona ’94 & Ivan Cardona Jason Schoch & Elisa Tarlow Tony & Leigh Schwieterman Benjamin Scoll & Emily Renschler David & Nisu Seder William Seeley & Christine Donis-Keller Beth Sellers & Marc Keffer Michael & Suellen Shaw David Sherman & Martha Burchenal Yu Shi Glen Shivel & Julie Allen David Silk & Lynne Crandall Mark Simmons & Kristin Fuhrmann-Simmons Matthew Slocomb & Michelle McFarlin Austin Smith & Amy Cohan Christopher & Anne Smith Elizabeth Smith & Jennifer Hoopes Ian Smith & Carol Wilson-Smith Timothy Smith & Sandra Banks Tim Soley & Maria Gallace John Southall & Krista Nordgren Southall Sandy & Jill Spaulding Beth Sperry & Thad Shattuck Lucas & Yemaya St. Clair Jordi & Katrina St. John Marjorie Stockford Ellen Fisher Stockmayer The Stone Family

Mark & Deborah Stone Sunny & Tracy Stutzman Michael & Christine Sullivan Michael Sylvester John & Nancy Tabb Neil & Vickie Taliento William Talpey & Carla Burkley Christian & Elizabeth Thomas Nathaniel Thompson Michael & Susan Thompson-Brown Dan Thomsen & Sara Gimeno Ben & Rachael Thrash Edward Tittmann & Amy Ferrer Rogers Christian & Kathryn Townsend Jeff Troiano & Abby Dubay-Troiano Aklilu Tsaedu & Rahel Hagos Samuel & Lindsey Tucker Benjamin & Christine Twining David & Karen Van Dyke Lance & Gina Vardis Vincent & Nancy Veroneau David Vickery & Tasha Worster-Vickery Geoff & Alice Wagg Michael & Marina Waisman Hans & Lee Warner James & Patricia Wasserman Dave Weinberg Caitlin Gutheil & Douglas Welch The Werner Family Peter Wildes & Stephanie Pandora Cheri & Steve Wiley Kim Wilson & Christopher Dow Michael Wilson & Carolyn Graney Stephen & Mary Woods Semere Yehdego & Asmeret Teklu Andrea Zimble



The Class of 2016 Senior Gift The Senior Gift is an opportunity for families of Waynflete seniors to honor their children and grandchildren while also showing gratitude for the many exceptional aspects that define a Waynflete education. The goal of the Senior Gift is to encourage broad and increased support of the school through gifts to the Annual Fund. This past year, an unparalleled number of families participated in this tradition of giving in honor of the graduating class. Many thanks to the inclusive and enthusiastic leadership of Dale and Rich Lewis, to their dedicated team of parent volunteers, and to every family member listed below. With warm wishes to the class of 2016! CLASS OF 2016 SENIOR GIFT TEAM Dale & Rich Lewis Co-Chairs Tessa Bollinger Nicki Bongiorno Michael & Emily Bukowski-Thall Samrith Chap & Nora Holloway Eric & Jennifer Giguere Varney Hintlian & Molly MacAuslan Peggy Keyser Adam and Diana Lee Steve Majercik & Faith Barnes Andrew Michaelson & Kate Sullivan Denney Morton Dave Nelligan Jane Nichols-Ecker Jeff Troiano & Abby Dubay-Troiano Vin & Nancy Veroneau

CLASS OF 2016 SENIOR GIFT DONORS Anonymous (3) Timothy Aho & Susannah Corwin David & Isobel Anable Betsy Anderson Gladys Andonian Jeanette Andonian & Bryan Woods Violeta Anghel Sandra Avery Karen Belleau & Dean Ridlon Michael Belleau & Molly Sneden Miriam Beman Jeff Benson & Michele Polacsek Marilyn Bickford Brett Bigbee & Ann Binder James Bollinger Tessa Bollinger Nicki Bongiorno Tod & Val Bramble Julia Brock & Emmanuel Soultanakis Theodore & Sheila Bukowski Michael & Emily Bukowski-Thall Ross & Elizabeth Burdick Albert & Irma Cameron R. Stuart & Abigail Carter Robert & Carole Carter Brian & Liz Chamberlain Samrith Chap & Nora Holloway Mr. & Mrs. John Connolly

Jefferson Cotton & Kamala Grohman Eleanor Davenport Scott & Lynn-Eve Davis Jamie Ecker & Jane Nichols-Ecker Tracy Floyd & Bryson Hopkins Mamo & Kedija Fulli Eric & Jennifer Giguere Jane Gilbert William & Hilda Grady Mrs. Cynthia Greene Alex & Meredy Hamilton David & Kelley Heath Varney Hintlian & Molly MacAuslan Mr. & Mrs. John P. Holloway Robert & Elizabeth Hopkins Hugh & Elizabeth Humphreys Mr. & Mrs. Alan Hyde Kevin Johannen & Megan Connolly David Johnson & Charrisse Kaplan Joanne Katz Peggy Keyser Adam & Diana Lee Dale & Rich Lewis Cate Lund Stephen Majercik & Faith Barnes David Mallon & Rachelle Parise Mr. & Mrs. Robert Mallon Erin Martin Molly Martin Sam & Alexandra May Brian McNiff & Heather McCargo

Sovann Meas Andrew Michaelson & Kathleen Sullivan Susan Michaelson Bob & Libby Moore Walden S. & David N. Morton David Nelligan Ingeborg Polacsek Frederick & Barbara Robinson Edward Rowe & Catherine Bickford Robert Rowse & Colette Twigg-Rowse Glen Shivel & Julie Allen David Silk & Lynne Crandall Mrs. Jane Silk Charles & Mary Anne Smith Ian Smith & Carol Wilson-Smith Allegra Snyder Janet Stinson Ellen Fisher Stockmayer Michael Sylvester Neil & Vickie Taliento Robert & Mary Lou Thall Christian & Elizabeth Thomas Nathaniel Thompson Peter & Roberta Tomback Jeff Troiano & Abby Dubay-Troiano Edie Van Syckle Vincent & Nancy Veroneau Dave Weinberg Kenneth & Vivian Weston Dave & Felicia Wiggins Cheri & Steve Wiley

Annual Giving by Constituency CURRENT GRANDPARENTS Anonymous (8) Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Abbott Mr. & Mrs. Gregory Adey Linda Albert & Rocco LaPenta David & Isobel Anable Betsy Anderson Paul & Mary Anderson Gladys Andonian Karen Belleau & Dean Ridlon Miriam Beman Hope Benton Marilyn Bickford Mr. & Mrs. Arnold Bishop Mr. Ed Blanchard Ms. Susan Blanchard Mrs. Eleanor Brown Wendel Bruss Theodore & Sheila Bukowski Dona Burke Albert & Irma Cameron Robert & Carole Carter Brian & Liz Chamberlain Mrs. Joanne Chapman George & Sally Chase Glen & Elizabeth Chidsey Anita Choate Ms. Jane Christie Thomas & Katherine Clements Mr. & Mrs. John Cochrane Mr. & Mrs. John Connolly Eleanor Davenport Mr. & Mrs. Robert Delaney Judge & Mrs. Bernard Devine Barbey & Ned Dougherty Susan Doyle Mr. Samuel Elliot Ms. Sara Jane Elliot & Ms. Rita Clifford Anthony & Elizabeth Enders Barry & Jane Fanburg Mr. & Ms. Julian Fischer Jonathan & Dorothy Fox Roger & Charlotte Frerichs Lawrence N. Friedland & Alice Linker Friedland Mr. & Mrs. Russell Fry

Mr. & Mrs. David Giampetruzzi Jane Gilbert Barbara Goodrich & Pat Brainard William & Hilda Grady David & Bean Granger Mrs. Cynthia Greene Mr. & Mrs. Patrick Gribbon Hugh & Poppy Hawkins Mr. & Mrs. Thomas P. Healy Buell & Anne Heminway Mr. & Mrs. George Hissong, Jr. David & Sara Holdridge Mr. & Mrs. John P. Holloway Robert & Elizabeth Hopkins Mr. & Mrs. William D. Howells Mr. & Mrs. Royal Hoyt Sherry Huber Hugh & Elizabeth Humphreys Mr. & Mrs. Alan Hyde Mr. & Mrs. Solomon Israel Anne & Dick Jackson Steve & Cinda Joyce Ms. Blanche Katz Joanne Katz Dianne & Ed Keenan Keith & Elaine Knowlton Mr. Charles Kozlosky & Mrs. Marta Finch-Kozlosky Mr. & Mrs. William Lane, Sr. Mr. & Mrs. William Lee Frederick & Carol Lennig Ms. Kathie Levison Michael & Camilla Li Jonathan & Leila Linen Ms. Rebecca Lockridge Mrs. Theda Logan Mr. & Mrs. David Low, Sr. Cate Lund Ms. Margarethe Lutz Mr. Mark Lutz & Ms. Carol Arone Jim & Liz Maier Mr. & Mrs. Robert Mallon Carla Marcus & Lawrence Mohr Molly Martin Mr. & Mrs. Edward Massey Suzanne McAllister

Tom & Holly McKenny Nancy McKusick Mr. & Mrs. Roger McLean Sovann Meas Joseph & Gloria Melnick Peter & Ellie Mercer Susan Michaelson Fred & Avis Miller Betsy & Clifford Mohr Mr. & Mrs. Richard Morrell John & Roberta Morris Walden S. & David N. Morton Dr. & Mrs. Richard Nordgren John Palmer ‘54 Mr. & Mrs. J. Samuel Parkhill Ms. Ann Pipkin Ingeborg Polacsek Tim & Joan Porta Mr. & Mrs. H. Douglas Pride Naomi Rauff Robert & Virginia Reed Mr. & Mrs. Daryl Renschler Mr. & Mrs. Joaquim Ribeiro Judith Ribeiro Ms. Sally Richardson Mrs. Sidney Richardson Rodney & Diane Robertson Mrs. Jacqueline Robinov Frederick & Barbara Robinson James G. Rogers III & Jayne Geiger Mrs. Mary Runser Art & Mim Saunders John & Kirsten Scarcelli Ms. Margaret Schuler Mr. & Mrs. Scott Searway Mr. & Mrs. W. Parker Seeley, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Peter Shames Mr. & Mrs. John Shannon David & Beverly Sherman Mrs. Jane Silk Mr. & Mrs. Jack Simmons Dr. & Mrs. Barry Smith Charles & Mary Anne Smith Allegra Snyder Dr. Anthony C. Southall Mr. & Mrs. Otto Spaeth, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Richard Sperry

Mrs. Dagny St. John Charles & Eleanor Stetson Mr. Campbell Steward Mark & Alice Steward Janet Stinson Mr. & Mrs. Howard Summerville Ms. Tamara Terenzi Robert & Mary Lou Thall Mr. & Mrs. Leonard Thomsen Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Tillman Joan Tilney Ms. Jessie Timberlake Peter & Roberta Tomback Mr. & Mrs. Chanh Tran Mrs. Janet Tucker Edie Van Syckle Suzanne VanPoortvliet Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Vardis Richard & Dolores Vayo Ms. June Viviano Mr. & Mrs. Timothy Wagg Bob & Phyllis Waisman Mr. & Mrs. Michael Wall Mr. & Mrs. Milton Walters John & Lucy Werner Kenneth & Vivian Weston Noel White Dave & Felicia Wiggins Ms. Barbara Wildes Mrs. Helene Wilson Ms. Phyllis Winfield Mr. & Mrs. Wayne Wisbaum Mrs. Anita Wolin Mr. Victor Ziminsky, Jr.



Annual Giving by Constituency

CURRENT & FORMER FACULTY & STAFF Anonymous (3) Jennifer Hall Alfrey ’91 Louisa Anderson Rand Ardell Margaret Austin Pauline Barry Christopher Beaven Jane Begert Blanche Belliveau ’87 Joan Bennert Mark Bennett Kai Bicknell Gloria Bonnin Reginald Bonnin Lynne Breen Pamela Brittingham Martha Burchenal Elizabeth Burdick Ross Burdick Christopher Burke ’12 Thomas Campbell Jennifer Clarke Lindsay Clarke Robert Cleaves Margery Arzonico Clement ’47 Mary Murray Coleman Yaeko Collier Joan Connick Cathie Connors Joseph Connors ’15 Amanda Cote Heather Courtice Hart ’88 Judy Cox Laurie Cox William Cox Sara Crisp Patricia Critchfield Deborah Curtis Wendy Curtis Peter Cutrone

Laurel Daly Sarah DeBenedictis Hannah DeBlois Josephine Hildreth Detmer ‘47 Stephanie Dolan Cathy Douglas Traci Dowd Drew Dubuque Amy Fawcett Christopher Fitze Brenden Fogg Tarah Frederick Lisa French Tiki Fuhro Sarah Fuller-Matsubara Rikki Gallagher Michael Gelsanliter Linda Gilman Diane Godsoe Alyssa Goodrich Emily Graham Mary Gray Hyman Gulak Anne Hagstrom Ronald Hall Peter Hamblin Tim Hebda Merritt Heminway ’90 Bo Hewey Shelley Hodges ’00 John Hoy Heather Robertson Isherwood ’89 Cinda Joyce Stephen Kautz Irvil Kear Dianne Keenan Jessica Keenan Joan Kenyon Blake Keogh Hal Kingsbury Ed Knoll Susan Koch

Erik Kramer Lisa Kramer Norman Lalumandier Kol Lam Ven Lam Betsy Langer Laura Lennig Page Lennig Michele Lettiere Lisa Libby Lowell Libby Martin Lodish Sarah Macdonald Erin Macey Ann Machado Jeffrey Madore Rick Magnuson Liz Maier Lydia Maier ’90 Jill Marsanskis Judith McManamy ’58 Ellie Hallet Mendoza ’09 James Millard Kristine Millard Jennifer Mills Robert Mills Ben Mini Courtney Mongell Raymond Morrow Walden S. Morton Divya Muralidhara David Neilan Susan Nelson Juanita Nichols Elicia Niemiec Judith Novey Mimi Olins Bob Olney Sarah Plimpton Mary Rehak Sharon Renault Parker Repko Janice Ribeiro Jona Rice

Neil Rice Seth Rigoletti Genevieve Dubuque Rizzo ’03 Kelsey Robinov Jonah Rosenfield Deborah Rowe Julie Ryder Brandon Salway Cindy Sanborn Gillian Schair ’90 Mark Segar Stacey Sevelowitz Reed Silvers Elizabeth Smith The Estate of Margaret W. Soule ’59* Katrina St. John Susan Stein Lorry Stillman C.C. Stockly Nancy Tabb Nancy Tarpinian Nancy Tetrault Jeri Theriault Stacie Thomas Dan Thomsen Ben Thrash Rachael Thrash John Thurston Carol Titterton Deborah Twomey Suzi Van Wye Alice Wagg Geoff Wagg Ann Staples Waldron Margo Walsh ’82 Lee Warner Breda White David White Gladstone Wilson Steven Withers Kathryn Ziminsky

Annual Giving by Constituency

FORMER PARENTS & GRANDPARENTS Anonymous (10) Patricia Piper Perry Adams ’50 & Josiah Adams Alexander Agnew & Lisa Markushewski Charlton & Eleanor Ames Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Amory Cindy Holmes Andrews ’70 C.D. ’73 & Betts Armstrong Thomas ’76 & Liz Armstrong Roxanne Baker Cornelia Greaves Bates Christopher & Elizabeth Beaven Nancy Montgomery Beebe ’63 & Michael Beebe Elizabeth Woodman Begin ’70 David & Christine Beneman Roger Berle Thomas Bethea Bill ’75 & Lucinda Bliss Reginald & Gloria Bonnin Joseph & Deborah Bornstein Gregory W. Boulos Desiree Bousquet ’84 Nancy Brain & John Watson Betsy Brayley Mr. & Mrs. James Broder Polly Blake Burke ’62 Patrick & Patricia Butler Edward & Phyllis Campbell Thomas & Lori Campbell Robert & Barbara Cariddi Robert & Elizabeth Carroll Katie Clark & Rob Wiener Robert Cleaves & Jane Batzell Timothy Cole & Deborah Rowe Julia Colvin Joan & George Connick Thomas & Elizabeth Crane David & Patricia Critchfield Deborah Curtis D. Joshua & Elizabeth Cutler Laurel & Brian Daly Peter ‘61 & Ronni Davidson Geraldine Davis Conan Deady & Cynthia Berliner Patrick & Sarah

DeBenedictis Josephine Hildreth Detmer ’47 Charles & Marylee Dodge Jane Doherty ’58 Peter Donnelly David ’65 & Kathleen Drake Drew & Susan Dubuque Donald Endrizzi & Marguerite Pennoyer Jay & Lynne Espy David Finkelhor & Christine Linnehan Margaret Forsley Michael Fralich & Julie Thompson Fralich ’70 James & Mary Freilinger Lisa French & Charles Hall James Garland & Carol Andreae Elizabeth Gates Frank & Susan Gentile David & Maria Glaser Peter & Diane Godsoe Mary Gray & Karen Bauer Hyman Gulak Ronald & Susan Hall Peter Hamblin & Carol Titterton Morris Hancock & Linda Peyton Hancock William & Lindsay Hancock William Harwood & Ellen Alderman Corrilla Decker Hastings ’53 Holly Haywood Tim Hebda & Sarah Morrisseau Buell & Anne Heminway Bo & Kristina Hewey Mr. & Mrs. George Hissong Jr. Ken & Hilary Holm ’82 Scott Horton & Leslie Richfield Harriet Hubbard Sherry Huber Mark Ireland & Lisa Tessler Mark Isaacson & Karen Herold Ramanath & Mary Iyer Laura Jackson Kate & Marc Jeton Audrey Johnson Valerie Jorgensen

Patrick & Janet Joyce Steve & Cinda Joyce Richard King Hal & Brigitte Kingsbury Susan Koch Lewis & Margaret Krainin Anthony & Cynthia Lamport Jim Langford & Molly Aldrich Wendell & Soozie Large Henry & Sarah Laurence Lowell & Melissa Libby Jeffrey & Beth Longcope Diane Lukac & Steve Silin David Lyall & Blanche Belliveau ’87 Ann Machado Cathel & Jan Macleod Rick Magnuson & Martha MacDougal Magnuson ’91 Jim & Liz Maier Carter Manny & Elizabeth Chapman David & Ellen Manson Carla Marcus & Lawrence Mohr Charles & Margaret* Marston Paul & Theresa Mattor Tom & Holly McKenny Nancy McKusick Suzanne McMullan Peter & Eve McPheeters Joseph & Gloria Melnick John Milburn & Laurie Fisher James & Kristine Millard Fred & Avis Miller Roger & Margot Milliken Robert & Christine Mills Peter Miner & Joan Kenyon Chris & Steve Mitchell Kent & Ann Mohnkern Frances Kendall Moon ’40 Walden S. & David N. Morton Moser & Morgenstern Families William & Pia Neilson Barry & Susan Nelson Arthur & Juanita Nichols Benjamin & Anne Niles Kyle & Diane Noble Judith Novey Raymond & Ruth Nowak Destry Oldham-Sibley

John & Cynthia Orcutt Darrell Pardy & Carolyn Hughes Anne Chadwick Parker ’61 Judith Dana Parker ’59 Lincoln Peirce & Jessica Gandolf Jeffrey Pierce ’88 & Elizabeth Cimino Pierce ’88 John & Katherine Hildreth Pierce ’53 Victoria Simes Poole ’45 Katherine Pope Tim & Joan Porta Elizabeth Decker Porteous ’48 Robert Porteous ’69 & Phoebe Moore Porteous ’69 Glenn & Marguerite Prentice Christopher Price & Wendy Poole Debbie Reed Edward Reiner & Susan Lakari Sharon Renault Wendy Richards James & Cynthia Richardson Jonathan Riggleman & Robin Brooks John & Sonia Robertson Rodney & Diane Robertson Kelsey Robinov Peter & Maura Rodway Howard & Mary Jane Rosenfield Jonah & Kristen Rosenfield Julie Russem James & Cindy Sanborn Ralita Sarapak John & Susan Saunders John & Kirsten Scarcelli Arthur Schnell & Michele Bednarz Mark Segar & Susan Metters Joe & Elonide Semmes David Sewall Deborah Sampson Shinn Mohammed Shir ’90 Reed Silvers & Pauline Barry Joan Brown Smith ’39 Lendall Smith & Nancy Herter H. William Sowles ’70 Joe & Susan Spagnola Dick & Alice Spencer



Annual Giving by Constituency

Mary Louise Thomas Sprague ’46 & Phineas Sprague Seth & Laura Sprague Robert Spivey & Marian Dalton Rebecca Stanley Susan Stein Dorothy Stevens Lorry & Neal Stillman Ayres ’82 & C.C. Stockly Holmes & Didi Stockly Karen Stray-Gundersen & Jane Begert Ann Lib Robinson Strout ’41* Bob & Kari Suva Jeffrey Thaler & Karen Massey John ’85 & Stacie Thomas Bruce Tindal & Nancy Drummond Tindal ’71 William A. Torrey & Pamela Phillips Torrey Louise Gulick Van Winkle ’60 Suzi Van Wye Paula Volent Ann Staples Waldron Margo Walsh ’82 Chris & Pat Watson George Weaver & Vicky Smith Barbara White David & Breda White Joe & Carol Wishcamper Kingson Woo & Domenica Vacca Roger Woodman ’72 & Carol DeTine Richard Wortley Robert Yamartino & Maxine Sclar

* deceased

Annual Giving by Constituency

FOUNDATIONS, CORPORATIONS AND BUSINESSES Anonymous (6) Acworth Foundation Allagash Brewing Company The Anderson Family Foundation Aribel Fund Associated Jewish Charities of Baltimore The Bailey Foundation Baltimore Community Foundation Bangor Savings Bank Bank of America Charitable Gift Fund Bank of America Matching Gifts Basics Fitness Center Basix on Dearborn A Beautiful World Foundation Law Offices of Joe Bornstein Frances Hollis Brain Foundation Brooks Family Foundation J.B. Brown & Sons Robert Cariddi Fine Woodworking The Jane H. Christie Revocable Trust of 2003 Clements Family Charitable Trust Coastal Studies for Girls The Columbus Foundation East Brown Cow Management, Inc.

The Evergreen Foundation Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund The Lawrence N. & Alice L. Friedland Foundation Goldman Sachs Matching Gift Program Goldman Sachs Philanthropy Fund The William J. J. Gordon Family Foundation Graffam Insurance Group, LLC The Greater Cincinnati Foundation Green Family Trust John Hancock Matching Gifts Program The Haynes Family Foundation Hillman Charitable Foundation J.M. Huber Corporation The Hudson Foundation HVAC Products, Inc. Jebediah Foundation John and Patricia Klingenstein Fund The Lamport Foundation, Inc. John & Gayle Lee Family Foundation LMNOP Parliament Fund The Loring Wolcott & Coolidge Charitable Trust-I Maine Beer Company Maine Community Foundation Maine Island Trail Association Peter Marc & Ronni Ellen Davidson Trust

Moser Family Foundation, Inc. Stewart R. Mott Foundation The New York Community Trust Parkrow Charitable Trust Psychiatric Associates, LLC Renaissance Charitable Foundation Inc. Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors Schwab Charitable Fund W. Parker Seeley Jr. & Associates PC Robert & Joan Shepherd Revocable Trust Scott Simons Architects P.W. Sprague Memorial Foundation State of Maine Stutzman’s Farm Stand & Bakery Target Corporation– Thanks A Billion Joseph H. Thompson Fund Tradeweb Unum Matching Gifts Program VAR Capital Advisors, Inc. The Walters Charitable Trust Wellington Management Company, LLP Wells Fargo Bank, N.A. Wells Fargo Matching Gifts Program Kenneth G. Weston Surveying Services Inc.

GIFTS-IN-KIND Allagash Brewing Company Lynn & Richard Anderson Edmund Armstrong The Barn on Walnut Hill Joe and Abby Bliss Peter & Joy Cutrone Patrick Dunton & Pamela Stutch Dunton Maine Beer Company Migis Lodge James & Cynthia Richardson Right Hat/Elonide Semmes John & Sonia Robertson Jeff Troiano & Abby Dubay-Troiano David Vaughan & Heather Dunbar



Annual Gifts in Honor

IN HONOR OF Julian Abbott ‘18 Mr. & Mrs. Otto Spaeth Jr. Sarah ’20 & Mary Acheson-Field ’17 John Field & Julianna Acheson Jennifer Hall Alfrey ’91 Thomas ’78 & Patricia Cronin Louisa Anderson Betsy Critchfield ’06 John Southall & Krista Nordgren Southall

Tom Campbell (T.C.) Edward & Phyllis Campbell Laura Jackson Matthew Page ’97 Amanda Struzziero ’91 James Carlisle James & Patricia Wasserman Greta Cobb ’22 Eleanor Brown Joseph ’15 & Jessica Connors ’22 Dianne & Ed Keenan

Miles ’19, Owen ’21, & Liam Anderson ’23 Roger & Charlotte Frerichs

Cathie Connors Anonymous Keith & Maria Canning Betsy Critchfield ’06 Linden Ellis ’05

Ingrid ’19 & Joey Ansel-Mullen ’21 Anonymous

Josie Cotton ’16 Jefferson Cotton & Kamala Grohman

Margaret Austin Courtney Mongell

Debba Curtis Anonymous Zoe Dexter ’92 Kiffer Fitzgerald ’91 Peter Miner & Joan Kenyon John & Cynthia Orcutt

Harry ’15 & Josiah Baker-Connick ’10 Roxanne Baker Pauline Barry Michael & Emily Bukowski-Thall Nick ’09 & Emily Bessette ’11 Geraldine Davis

Franny Curtis, Honorary Faculty Deborah Curtis Ned Donovan Will Donovan John & Cynthia Orcutt

Isabel Floyd ’16 Tracy Floyd & Bryson Hopkins Angel Fournier Michael & Emily Bukowski-Thall Kelley Frumer ’17 Louis Frumer ’14 Rikki Gallagher Michael & Emily Bukowski-Thall Brian Gillespie Julia Colvin Linda Gilman Betsy Critchfield ’06 Michaela Goldfine ’90 John Southall & Krista Nordgren Southall Talia Greene ’16 Cynthia Greene Peter & Roberta Tomback Margery Gustafson David & Nisu Seder Anne Hagstrom Courtney Mongell Henry Hallagan ’29 June Viviano

Blake Charles Bondellio ’19 Charles Kozlosky & Marta Finch-Kozlosky

Haley Jo ’15 & Tyler Cutrone ’17 Anonymous Peter & Joy Cutrone

Max ’16 & Zac Bongiorno ’16 Nicki Bongiorno Joanne Katz

Mike Dank Michael & Emily Bukowski-Thall

Peter Hamblin (Doc) Harry & Joan Bennert Alethea Cariddi ’91 Betsy Critchfield ’06 Suzanne Joyal ’84 Courtney Mongell Annalise Marcus Nazlica ’97 Amanda Struzziero ’91 Chris & Pat Watson Julia Harrington ’17 Kevin & Susan Harrington

Isabella Davis ’16 Scott & Lynn-Eve Davis

Sarah H. Heath ’16 Janet Stinson

Mari-Elena ’99 & Ana Davis ’03 Holly Haywood

Karen Hesse Tim Fahey & Eileen Gillespie Fahey

My mother Josephine H. Detmer (Dodie) & in thanks to Mrs. Kit Liller, Miss Ruth Pillsbury, Mrs. Priscilla Quirk, Larry Glatz, Irvil Pease, & Mr. Talbot Zareen Taj Mirza ’75

Dana Hirschhorn ’18 Mark Hirschhorn

Cathy Douglas Graham Ratner ’15 Michael & Suellen Shaw

Julian Ireland ’15 Mark Ireland & Lisa Tessler

Drew Dubuque Linden Ellis ’05 Wyatt Winson ’20

Cole ’23 & Duncan Isherwood ’25 Rodney & Diane Robertson

James Bigbee ’16 Jane Gilbert

Alex Bonnin ’07 Reginald & Gloria Bonnin Ben Bornstein ’07 John & Cynthia Orcutt Grace Bramley-Simmons ’17 Craig Bramley & Kimberly Simmons Brock, Alice Betsy Critchfield ’06 John & Sonia Robertson Elizabeth Burdick Marcella Makinen Yasmeen Calder ’25 Susan Doyle

Wendy Curtis Mariam Qazi ’09

Taffy Field Betsy Critchfield ’06 Molly Field James ’98

Abby ’21 & Amelia Howells ’23 Mr. & Mrs. William D. Howells

Gail Johnson ‘16 Dave & Felicia Wiggins Charlotte Joseph ‘19 Teresa Joseph Cinda Joyce Betsy Critchfield ’06 Hailey Joyce ’28 Mr. & Mrs. Patrick Gribbon Jomkit ’15 & Jearrana Jujaroen ‘07 Ralita Sarapak Steve Kautz Graham Chance ’14 Adrian & Sarah Moran Max Winson ’18 Gretchen Koch ’06 Anonymous Lily Hoffman ’06 Maximiliano Monks ’06 Caroline Kyros ’16 Anonymous Betsy Langer Michael & Emily Bukowski-Thall Margo Walsh ’82 Heidi L’Heureux Michael & Emily Bukowski-Thall Lowell Libby Anonymous Keith & Maria Canning Julia Colvin Joseph Connors ’15 Betsy Critchfield ’06 Linden Ellis ’05 Ronald & Susan Hall Annalise Marcus Nazlica ’97 Thomas Ryan ’11 Joe & Elonide Semmes Spencer Libby ‘06 Margaret DeFanti ’06 Lydia Maier ’90 Keith & Maria Canning James & Patricia Wasserman Tafari Makinen-Hall ’20 Sidney Richardson Benjamin Mallon ’16 Mr. & Mrs. Robert Mallon Whitney ’01, Drew ’03, Reid ’05 & Barrett McMullan ’08 Suzanne McMullan Jack ’17 & Sumner ’19 Meahl Noel White Rahwa Michael ’17 John & Sonia Robertson Michael Michaelson ’16 Susan Michaelson

Annual Gifts in Honor

Jim Millard Graham Ratner ’15

Annie ’05 & Lily Reiner ’15 Edward Reiner & Susan Lakari

Ellie ’21 & Ava Simmons ’24 Mark Simmons & Kristin Fuhrmann-Simmons

Kathy Remmel Betsy Critchfield ’06

Ben Sosnaud ’04 Anonymous

Sam Ribeiro ’24 Judith Ribeiro

Dylan Souter ’13 Betsy Brayley

Jona Rice Sally Richardson

Soren Southall ’26 Dr. & Mrs. Richard Nordgren

Shyla Murray Betsy Critchfield ’06

Ben Riggleman ’15 Jonathan Riggleman & Robin Brooks

Mary Louise Sprague ’46 Seth & Laura Sprague

Judy Novey Graham Ratner ’15 Miranda Shinn ’13

Kelsey Robinov Courtney Mongell

Paisley Blake Mills ’30 Mr. & Mrs. Arnold Bishop Nina Moore ’16 Mr. & Mrs. Alan Hyde Bob & Libby Moore Divya Muralidhara Michael & Emily Bukowski-Thall

Mimi Olins Allen & Kathy Pipkin Robert Olney Bob & Phyllis Waisman Lilly Ouellette ’30 Michael & Julie Ouellette Anne Chadwick Parker ’61 Shirley Cole Quinn ’42 Julia Pope ’10 Pope Hamill Fund of the Maine Community Foundation Julian Ray ’21 David & Bean Granger

Debbie Rowe Anonymous John Southall & Krista Nordgren Southall Harper Rowse-Garsoe ’27 & his teachers Peter Garsoe Cindy Sanborn Betsy Critchfield ’06 Sophie Sangster ’19 Mrs. Theda Logan

Aislyn St. John ’30 Ed Blanchard Dagny St. John Katrina St. John Susan Blanchard Anne St. Pierre Anonymous Sue Stein Thomas Newton ’07 Lorry Stillman Graham Ratner ’15 Amanda Struzziero ’91 Nancy Tetrault (Mrs. T) Betsy Critchfield ’06

Sebastian ’19, Griffin ’21, & Isabella Shames ’23 Mr. & Mrs. Peter Shames

Katharina Thomas ‘16 Hugh & Elizabeth Humphreys

Patrick Shaw ’21 Mr. & Mrs. H. Douglas Pride

Stacie Thomas Ben Mini & Braden Buehler

Dan Thomsen & Ana Thomsen ’30 Mr. & Mrs. Leonard Thomsen Carol Titterton Betsy Critchfield ’06 Phuc Tran Betsy Critchfield ’06 Marcella Makinen John Van Dyke ‘17 Mr. & Mrs. Wayne Wisbaum David Vaughan Betsy Critchfield ’06 Bob & Phyllis Waisman Michael & Marina Waisman Acadia Weinberg ’16 Dave Weinberg Breda White Katie Clark & Rob Wiener Laura Jackson Eleanor Semmes ’12 Timothy Whittemore ’00 Karen Whitney Zoe Dexter ’92 Laura Siegle ’02 Tim ‘00 & Sam Whittemore ’04 Laura Jackson Max ’18 & Wyatt Winson ’20 Anonymous




All the amazing teachers at Waynflete! Alec & Andrea DiNapoli

Everyone! Jonah & Kristen Rosenfield

All of the life-changing teachers Jessica Wolinsky ’02

The beautifully nurtured love of learning that takes place at Waynflete Mr. & Mrs. Russell Fry

The amazing faculty Katherine Campbell Levasseur ’07

Sarah’s advisors through the years Sandra Avery

Waynflete & its wonderful community! Amelia Stein ’08

All the hardworking teachers & staff Anonymous

The Class of 1955 Martha Holbrook Douglas Pigeon ’55

All of my wonderful teachers & coaches Annalise Marcus Nazlica ’97

The Class of 1956 Deborah Dodge Wood ’56

All of you with thanks Ellen Fisher Stockmayer All teachers Anonymous

The Class of 1991 Sarah Freilinger ’91 The Class 1996 20th Reunion & the Lydia Maier Endowment for Emotional & Social Wellness Vanessa Gates-Elston ’96

The Class of 2012 Thomas & Elizabeth Crane

One Day volunteers! Steve & Cinda Joyce

The Class of 2016 Tessa Bollinger Peggy Keyser

The parents of graduates from 2002 & 2007 Chris & Pat Watson

The Waynflete community Nathan & Jennifer Mills Neil Rice & Andrea Truncali

Teachers of the class of 2016 Glen Shivel & Julie Allen

The entire faculty & staff Katherine Torrey ’13

The Waynflete teachers Tyler Clements & Lily King

Waynflete faculty, staff & volunteers Joe & Abby Bliss

My Thomas House ladies! Benjamin Bornstein ’07

Waynflete faculty & administration James & Patricia Wasserman All the faculty & staff Arthur Schnell & Michele Bednarz The many great people of Waynflete! Thomas & Lori Campbell

The Upper School History Department Lucy Weaver ’15

Annual Gifts in Memory

IN MEMORY OF Lee F. Adams ’76 Capt. Ellis C. Adams ’77 Zareen Taj Mirza ’75 Marya Janoff Baron ’91 Amanda Struzziero ’91 Ralph Blood Zareen Taj Mirza ’75 Heather Brown ’83 Brenda Russell Prusak ’59 Florence Skillings Clough ’34 and Dana Clough Judith Robbins ’95 Nancy Cray Rick Magnuson & Martha MacDougal Magnuson ’91 Sloan Critchfield ’03 Anonymous David & Patricia Critchfield

Elizabeth Oakley Jones ’41 Ann Lib Robinson Strout ’41* Len Keilson Ana Keilson ’01 Billy Kilmartin ’75 Zareen Taj Mirza ’75 Zo King Michele Lettiere

Susan Reynolds Shelley Hodges ’00 Genevieve Dubuque Rizzo ’03 Hannah Richardson ’74 Zareen Taj Mirza ’75 Dr. & Mrs. Daniel Richfield Scott Horton & Leslie Richfield

Donald Lawrence, husband of Ellen Libby Lawrence ’35 Deborah Weare Slavin ’62

Bernard “Buck” L. Runser Christopher & Elizabeth Lynch Mrs. Mary Runser

Kit Liller Zareen Taj Mirza ’75 Margo Walsh ’82

Noni Clark Sandberg ’47 Zareen Taj Mirza ’75

Michael Macklin Anonymous Ana Keilson ’01 Elizabeth Lewis ’11

Dan Sawasdichan ’01 Ryan Doil ’01 Scott Schuster ’74 Zareen Taj Mirza ‘75

Kevin Mahoney ’76 Zareen Taj Mirza ’75

Thomas Shaw Michael and Suellen Shaw

Sam Maier ’93 Jeremy Duda & Brooke Miller ’96 Phoebe Hazard-Backler ’93 Deborah Weare Slavin ’62

Elizabeth Sheppard Katherine Whitaker ’12

Ann Hewes Foden ’53 Caroline Clifford Bond ’53

Patricia McMichael Howard & Mary Jane Rosenfield

Tom Frederick Sam Frederick ’15 Audrey Johnson

Margot B. McWilliams Kirsten McWilliams ’91

Margaret Dodge Smith ’55 Madeleine Gatchell Corson ’55 Caroline Campbell Knott ’55 Lee Tyler Robbins ’55 Jan Meyer Roberson ’55

Dr. Omar “Chip” Crothers Marjorie Stockford Brian Delaney Mr. & Mrs. Royal Hoyt Susan Donovan Jessica Lang Nowinski ’88

Persis Furbish Mrs. Eleanor Brown

Jane Smith Moody ’45 Nancy Jordan Deery ’45 Katharine Moody ’76

Martha Holt Giles ’47 Zareen Taj Mirza ’75

Jay Moody ’74 Zareen Taj Mirza ’75

David R. Ginder, M.D. Anonymous

Philip Noyes Carolyn Noyes

Grampy Dick Judith Ribeiro

Elizabeth Paine Osgood ’33 Betsy Morrell

Commander William C. Green, U.S. Navy Ann Green June Grey Scott and Lynn-Eve Davis Luther O. Harley II Anonymous Julia Harrison ’91 Anonymous Carol Congdon Haynes ’47 G. Arnold Haynes Gary Hertz Zoe Dexter ’92 Mrs. Hyde Zareen Taj Mirza ‘75

Pam Paul Zoe Dexter ’92 Clayton Rockefeller ’97 Joseph T. Paulini Michael & Maria Kennedy Alice Mary Pierce ’42 Shirley Cole Quinn ’42 Miss Ruth Pillsbury Zareen Taj Mirza ’75 Sam Poole ’76 Zareen Taj Mirza ’75 Ethan Remmel ’87 Lynne Manson Gawtry ’87 Kathy & Chuck Remmel

Lucia Pierce Smith ’47 Zareen Taj Mirza ’75

Sandra Stroud Snow ’55 Anonymous Madeleine Gatchell Corson ’55 Mary Senter Hart ’55 Caroline Campbell Knott ’55 Florence Walker Morrison ’55 Lee Tyler Robbins ’55 Jan Meyer Roberson ’55 Margaret Sowles ’42 Zareen Taj Mirza ‘75 Weezie Stoddard Margo Walsh ’82 Ann Lib Robinson Strout ’41 Madeleine Gatchell Corson ’55 Ms. Alice Dillon Mr. Laurence Manchester Zareen Taj Mirza ’75 Judith Jones Orlandi ’64 Patricia Benoit Quinlan ’42 Shirley Cole Quinn ’42 Hugh Riddleberger & Louise McIlhenny Barbara Boyd Soule ’49 Mary Louise Thomas Sprague ’46 & Phineas Sprague Ms. Jessie Timberlake

Payton Sullivan Anonymous (2) B.J. & April Cloutier Charles & Michelle McNutt Nathan & Jennifer Mills Sofia Ordonez-Gamble ’07 Suzanne VanPoortvliet Mark & Deborah Stone Steven & Lauren Withers Wilfred F. Taylor Joanne Taylor DeKay ’86 Charlsie Thomas ’77 Zareen Taj Mirza ’75 Jackie Turner David & Patricia Critchfield Torie Reed ’92 Beata Vest Isabel Agnew ’13 B.J. & April Cloutier David Lyall & Blanche Belliveau ‘87 Charles & Michelle McNutt Sofia Ordonez-Gamble ’07 Suzanne VanPoortvliet Steven & Lauren Withers Mrs. Walker Zareen Taj Mirza ‘75 Members of the Waynflete Class of 1945 Sally Baker McAllaster ’45 Marjorie DeMotte Welch ’59 Deborah Weare Slavin ’62 Emily Frances Whitney Mr. Samuel Elliot



As of June 30, 2016, Waynflete’s endowment totaled $22,364,772. Over the past several years, Waynflete’s endowment has grown significantly and remains a cornerstone of the school’s financial wellbeing. Annual distributions from the Waynflete endowment supplement tuition revenue and annual giving and contribute significantly to operational expenses including financial aid, faculty support, and other key programs. Waynflete’s endowment consists of contributions from many generous donors and we remain grateful to those who have recognized the importance of a robust endowment in strengthening our future. GENERAL ENDOWMENTS General Operations Endowment for Financial Aid Endowment for Teaching

NAMED ENDOWMENTS Established 2016

Established 2010

Established 1999

Cinda Bailey Joyce Endowment: A Financial Aid Fund to Enhance Lower School Diversity

Endowment for Academic Support

Established 2009

Established 1998

Class of 2009 Graduation Gift Endowment for Professional Development

The Torrey Fund

Margaret W. Soule, Class of 1959 Endowment for the Archives

Established 2015

Established 2006

The Josephine H. Detmer ’47 Endowment Fund for History

Class of 2006 Graduation Gift Endowment for Financial Aid

The Patricia Davis Klingenstein ’47 Fund for Financial Aid

Established 2005

Established 2013

Class of 2005 Endowment for NonTuition Related Student Services

The Mark W. Segar Endowment for Financial Aid

Established 2004

The Lydia Maier Endowment for Social and Emotional Wellness Established 2012 Class of 2012 Endowment in Support of Upper School Activities The Waynflete Faculty and Staff Endowment Established 2011 The Malone Family Foundation Endowment

The Patricia Davis Klingenstein Class of 1947 Endowment for the Waynflete Library Established 2003 Pam Paul Endowment for Professional Development Established 2002 Class of 2002 Endowment for Health Services The Karen Whitney Fund for Modern U.S. History, Government and Current Affairs

Student Foreign Travel Endowment Endowment for the Arts Endowment for Minority Students and Faculty Exemplary Teaching Award Endowed Fund Financial Aid Challenge Endowment Established 1996 Ruth Bailey Blinn Davis Endowed Fund Zo King Endowed Scholarship Fund for the Arts Established 1993 E.E. Ford Foundation Challenge for Faculty Development Established 1989 Fund for Global Understanding Established 1988 Louise Dodge Stoddard Fund for the Study of Foreign Languages and Culture Payson Trust Endowment Award for Faculty


Over the years, Waynflete has received a number of planned gifts from alumni, friends, and other members of the community. In 1986, Ruth Cook Hyde ’10 made one of the first bequests to Waynflete when she left her home to the school. Today, Cook Hyde House serves as one of three buildings accommodating Waynflete’s Middle School. To honor Ruth’s generosity and lasting gift to Waynflete, the Ruth Cook Hyde 1910 Circle was formed in 2003 to recognize others who make provisions for Waynflete in their own estate plans.

Anonymous (2) Ellen Alderman & William Harwood Maureen Anthoine-Orlandini Betts Armstrong & C.D. Armstrong ’73 Jane Batzell & Robert Cleaves Nancy Montgomery Beebe ’63 John & Anne Belden Christian Berle ’99 Roger K. Berle Harriet Langmaid Bradford ’54 Deborah Lombard Brett ’42* & George Brett* Alice Brock & Patricia Peard Margaret Burnham ’21* Michael Cohen & Terry Cohen Annie V. Crader * Deborah Curtis Laurie Marshall Cushman ’59 Barbara Davis ’36* Nancy (Ping) Drake* David Elliott & Elaine Elliott Helen Emerson ’26* Joan Sayward Franklin ’46*

James E. Freilinger & Katie Freilinger John Frumer & Elizabeth Barrett Lynne Manson Gawtry ’87 David S. Glaser and Maria Glaser Joseph Gray, Jr. & Marie Gray Nancy Keith Holland ’38* Ruth Cook Hyde 1910* Anne and Dick Jackson Anne Davis Johnson ’32* Ellen Libby Lawrence ’35 Diane Lukac and Steven Silin Ellen Maltby-Askari ’60 * Robert A.G. Monks & Millicent Monks Robert C. Monks & Bonnie Porta Destry Oldham-Sibley John & Cynthia Orcutt Anne Chadwick Parker ’61 Alice Mary Pierce ’42* Shirley Cole Quinn ’42 Deborah Reed Helen-Mae Reisner ’69 Richard Rockefeller * Erica Schair-Cardona ’94 & Ivan Cardona

Ineke Schair Deborah Weare Slavin ’62 Margaret Soule ’59* Kenneth Spirer & Dr. Joan Leitzer Mary Ann Strahan ’44 Karen Stray-Gundersen & Jane Begert Jeffrey Thaler & Karen Massey Widgery Thomas, Jr. William Torrey & Pamela Phillips Torrey Patricia Hale Tyson ’43* Eleanor Van Aken Wolcott ’57 Mary Van Etten ’30* Clint & Jennifer Willis

* deceased



Budgeted Revenue 2015–2016


Endowment Board Transfers


Auxiliary Programs


Annual Fund


Other Income




Expenses 2015–2016

Budgeted Expenses 2015–2016



Financial Aid


Auxiliary Programs




Debt Service


Instruction Administration





Professional Development $40,000 Other TOTAL

$30,750 $17,966,468



Giving 2015–2016 GIVING LEVEL















$10,000–$24,999 14









The Waynflete Fund Our alumni, parents and friends provide the backbone of support for the people who make a difference at Waynflete. Your donation to the Waynflete Fund directly benefits our faculty, staff and students.

By giving to the Waynflete Fund, you are honoring the people who made an impact on your life or the life of your student. Give today at

2015-2016 Report on Giving  
2015-2016 Report on Giving