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The names may change, but the tradition stays strong for Kings Mountain’s football program throughout a 90-year history


Kings Mountain Herald

2012 - 90 Years of KMHS Football

1922 KMHS first football team

FIRST FOOTBALL TEAM - Front row, left to right, Joe Lee Woodward, Herman Hayes, Hoyt Matthews, Tom Fulton and Jake Hord. Second row, Forrest Houser (standing), Howard Pursley, Lloyd Ormand, Tom Saunders, Hoyle McDaniel, Charlie Saunders (standing). Back row, Clemonsee Boone, J.M. McGinnis, Plato Goforth, Odell McGinnis, Fred Plonk, Boyce Green and Lawrence Lovell. The man standing in back is Supt. J.Y. Irvin.

1922 ~ 2012

2012 Varsity Mountaineers: The 2012 Kings Mountain Mountaineers are, front row, left to right, Jonathan Clark, Tico Crocker, Michael Douglas, Taylor Smith, Dashon Guest, Keenan Dimetros, Trevis Torres, Markel Hemphill, Ernest Kokufu, Xavier Johnson and assistant coach Kenny Bridges. Second row, assistant coach Steven Blanton, Travis Oates, Elijah Whitaker, Collen Queen, Jamie McGinnis, Mason Fleisher, Corey Hester, Kaleb Brown, Justin Jefferies, Joshon Moore, Nick Postell, Dillon White, Tevin Friday and assistant coach Jon Fleisher. Third row, assistant coach Lenny Wright, head coach Greg Lloyd, assistant coach Matt Bridges, assistant coach Mark Latham, assistant coach Craig Short, assistant coach Dustin Morehead, DJ Moody, Phillip Quinn, Kalael Hopper, CJ Reid, Cody Griffin, Douglas Edgerton, Wilson Rikard, Jacob Miler, Bill Hay, Tyler Herndon, equipment manager Donnie Mace, and assistant coaches Kevin Cruise, Michael Roberts, Tyrese Brooks, and Jeff Putnam. Back row, Jose Sappia, Noah Allen, Jeremiah Early, Paul Pillado, Curtis McNamara, Chaz Gamble, Jordan Elliott, Graham Keeter, Landon Keeter, Julian Coulter, Zach Hayes, Dion Murray, Alex Reynolds, Riley Brock, Steven Moore and Donterius Simmons.Not pictured assistant coach Brent Bagwell.

2012 - 90 Years of KMHS Football

Kings Mountain Herald




Kings Mountain Herald

All-time KMHS football rosters 1922 - Record: 6-3-1. Head coach - Fred Ormand. Players - Joe Lee Woodward, Herman Hayes, Hoyt Matthews, Tom Fulton, Jake Hord, Forrest Houser, Howard Pursley, Lloyd Ormand, Tom Saunders, Hoyle McDaniel, Charlie Saunders, Clemonsee Boone, J.M. McGinnis, Plato Goforth, Odell McGinnis, Fred Plonk, Royce Green, Lawrence Lovel. 1923 - Record: 1-1-1. Head coach - John Floyd. Players - No complete roster available. Some of the players were Joe Lee Woodward, Wright, Morris and Jake Hord. 1924 - Record: 4-3-1. (No head coach) Players - Complete roster not available. Some of the key players were Lloyd Patterson, Zeb Plonk, Logan “Skimp” Stowe Slim Morris, Rob McDaniel, Timmons Goforth, Jake Hord, Herman Hayes, Ab White, Bill Mason, Arthur Hord, Lamar Rhyne, Royce Green, Plato Goforth. 1925 - Record: 4-4. Head coach - Monk Banks. Players - Complete roster not available. Some of the players were Lloyd Patterson, Zeb Plonk, Clyde Skates, Skimp Stowe. 1926 - Record: 6-0-4. Head coach - E.S. Christenbury Players - Skimp Stowe, Plato Goforth, Bill Mason, Arthur Hord, Skeeter Skates, Hubert McGinnis, Skinny Jenkins, Sam McDaniel, Lawrence Logan, Bub Barrett, Elmer Logan, George Moss, Wilbur Wright, Peachy Smith, Marvin Cranford, Lem Ware, Rob McDaniel, Ab White, Howard Gamble. 1927 - Record: 2-5. Head coach - E.S. Christenbury Players - Complete roster not available. Some of key players were Coman Falls, Hubert McGinnis, Hal Plonk, Hillard Black, Charlie Frank Stowe, Bus Oates. 1928 - Record: 2-3-2. Head coach - Unknown. Roster not available. 1929 - Record: 2-4. Head Coach - Unknown. Players - Rosters not available. Some of the players were Wristin Carpenter, Kaiser Hord, George Moss, Sam McDaniel, Floyd Houser, Bus Oates, Myrton Rhyne, Coman Falls, Wilbur Wright, Peach Smith, Hal Plonk, Joe Mauney, Charlie Frank Stowe, James Houser, Hilliard Black, Jacob Mauney, Jimmie Hord, Carl Falls. 1930-33 - 1930 Record: 3-6-1. Head coach - Unknown; 1931 Record: 1-6-1. Head coach - Unknown; 1932 Record: 0-4. Head coach - Unknown; 1933 Record: 0-4. Head coach - Unknown; Players- Compete rosters for 1930 through 1933 not available. Some of the players were H.O. “Toby” Williams, Hilliard Black, James Houser, Jimmy Hord, Bruce Rosters continued on next page

The Beginning (1922-1949) Gary Stewart Sports Editor They didn’t have a coach. Their uniforms were hand-me-downs from Trinity College, and their shoes were Boy Scout shoes which a local cobbler attached rubber cleats to for 50 cents a pair. The year was 1922, and Kings Mountain High School was playing football for the first time. All of the original Mountaineers are deceased now, but in previous stories in the Kings Mountain Herald many of them recalled how the sport began. Kings Mountain was already playing baseball (which is believed to have begun in the teens) and basketball, which began a year earlier than football, but not too many folks in Kings Mountain considered fielding a football team until two students from Davidson College came to the Central School auditorium one day to talk to the high school boys about organizing a team. They didn’t have a coach, but 18 youngsters decided they wanted to try the sport. They included Joe Lee Woodward, Herman Hayes, Hoyt Matthews, Tom Fulton, Jake Hord, Forrest Houser, Howard Pursley, Lloyd Ormand, Tom Saunders, Hoyle McDaniel, Charlie Saunders, Clemonsee

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2012 - 90 Years of KMHS Football

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Boone, J.M. McGinnis, Plato Goforth, Odell McGinnis, Fred Plonk, Royce Green and Lawrence Lovell. A Dr. Hood and Dr. Norman worked with the team, but they officially did not have a coach until later in the season when Fred Ormand took charge. The won-lost record arrived at during interviews with the original Mountaineers over the years may not be exact, but it was at least 3-2-1. Unfortunately, during the early years of KMHS football most games were not actually “covered” by newspapers except when reported by coaches or individuals. Often, a newspaper would include a small headline that said “the Kings Mountain boys played football Friday.” In a 1974 interview in the Kings Mountain Mirror-Herald, Joe Lee Woodward, who also played on Kings Mountain’s first basketball team a year earlier, recalled that the Mountaineers’ offense was a “box formation.” Similar to a single wing that was popular in the thirties, forties and fifties, the center simply hiked the ball to the back that was going to run with it. Passing was almost non-existent in the twenties, because footballs were almost round. It was hard to get a passing grip on it. Uniforms weren’t much either, but KMHS was luckier than most of its opponents because Hugh “Red” Ormand, a former Mountaineer baseball great, was playing baseball at Trinity College (now Duke University) and was able to get some of Trinity’s old uniforms and helmets for KMHS. Games were played at the old baseball field located where Bridges’ NAPA Auto Parts is today. City Stadium was occupied in the early forties and the Mountaineers moved into John Gamble Stadium in 1967. Kings Mountain did not produce a championship team until 1955, but the Mountaineers were competitive most of the time. Kings Mountain’s best team of the 1920s

was in 1926, when the Mountaineers went undefeated with six wins and four ties. They played in a state tournament and came within one game of advancing to the championship game. Plato Goforth, in a 1988 story in the Herald, recalled that the Mountaineers tied Shelby 0-0 in the first playoff game. Both teams’ names were put into an envelope and KM’s name was drawn to advance. The next week the Mountaineers tied Asheville 0-0 and Asheville won the draw and went on to defeat Charlotte for the state championship. Kings Mountain’s best team of the 1930s was in 1938 when the Mountaineers compiled a 6-3 record. Crowell Little, an AllSouthern quarterback at the University of North Carolina, came to town to coach the Mountaineers but left after that school year to coach at Davidson College. Red Smart, an All-Conference basketball star at Appalachian, and J. Polk Moffatt, a graduate of Davidson, also joined the Mountaineer coaching staff. Smart would later coach the 1941 Mountaineer baseball team to the Western Conference championship. Running back Paul Neisler and end Tommy Harper were named to the All-Conference team. During that time, only 11 players were selected to the All-Conference team. Although won-lost records weren’t great during the 1930s, the Mountaineers produced several great athletes, most of whom played all three sports (baseball, basketball and football). Jake Early, quarterback of the 1934 and 1935 football teams, went on to a 10-year major league baseball career with the Washington Senators and caught the entire major league all-star game in 1943. Kings Mountain turned out numerous college football players in the 1940s, including “Touchdown Twins” Jim Gibson and George Allen, both of whom went on to See THE BEGINNING, 5

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2012 - 90 Years of KMHS Football

Kings Mountain Herald


Gary’s All-Century (1922-99) football team

The Beginning: 1922-1949 FROM Page 4 play at NC State, and lineman Jim Dickey, who played at Catawba College and was drafted by the NFL New York Yankees, in 1940. Kings Mountain’s best team of the forties came in 1946, when they finished 7-3 under new coach Clyde Canipe. Bill Cashion, who passed away earlier this year, was a bruising fullback and linebacker. He went on to play at GardnerWebb and Newberry colleges. He was All-State along with tackle Robert Neill and end Bill Dettmar. Neill, Bud Medlin, Bill Harmon, Jim Hullender, Bob Hullender, Bob Patterson and Dwight Ware also went on to play college football. One thing that is always needed to build a strong football program is coaching stability, and Kings Mountain did not have that in its first three decades of football. From 1922 until 1947, the Mountaineers had at least ten coaches, and in several of those seasons a coach was not listed on the teams’ rosters. At least six times, the coach stayed only one season. That changed though, in 1948 when a young coach fresh out of Lenoir-Rhyne College named Everette L. “Shu” Carlton took charge of the program. A former football player at Duke and LR, and a World War II Marine veteran, Carlton not only brought stability to the program but introduced the Mountaineers to the school of hard knocks and KMHS would soon become one of the best football programs in the state.

Gary Stewart Sports Editor (These players were chosen from statistics from newspapers, what I have been told from fans over the years, and from the 1960s on, my own observation of the great players in KMHS football history).

E/R Jimmy Cloninger 1964 E/R Keith Layton 1957 L Kareem Marshall 1998 L Rico Feemster 1998 L Guy Fisher 1951 L Rusty Bumgardner 1986 L Robert Neill 1946 THIRD TEAM Pos. Player Sr. Year QB Lance McClain 1996 FB Shane Logan 1995 HB Don Gladden 1958 HB Curtis Pressley 1983 E/R Tom Harper 1938 E/R Ray Barber 1935 L Frank Hopper 1998 L Fred Dixon 1963 L Jim Dickey 1940 L Johnny Surratt 1995 L Jerry Adams 1960

FIRST TEAM Pos. Player Sr. Year QB Pat Murphy 1964 FB Anthony Hillman 1999 HB Kevin Mack 1979 HB Ken Baity 1957 E/R Kendrick Bell 1998 E/R Edwin Sherer 1985 L Calvin Stephens 1985 L Chuck Gordon 1978 L Aubrey Hollifield 1986 L Julius Curry 1998 L Hubert McGinnis 1964

Gary’s All-Decade football teams:

SECOND TEAM Pos. Player Sr. Year QB George Harris 1955 FB Bill Cashion 1946 HB Tracy Johnson 1983 HB Joseph Bell 1997

OF THE 1920s Pos. Player Year QB Skimp Stowe 1926 RB Zeb Plonk 1925 RB Coman Falls 1927 RB Clyde Scates 1926

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E Rob McDaniel 1926 L Bill Mason 1925 L Jake Hord 1925 L Joe Lee Woodward 1922 L Tom Fulton 1922 L Fred Plonk 1922 Player of the Decade: Coman Falls OF THE 1930s Pos. Player Year QB Jake Early 1935 RB Paul Neisler 1938 RB Hilliard Black 1930 RB Bill Kezziah 1938 E Red Layton 1933 E Ray Barber 1935 E Tom Harper 1938 L Carodine Moss 1934 L Jack Fortune 1935 L Mickey Mode 1935 L Pride Ratterree 1938 Player of the Decade: Jake Early OF THE 1940s Pos. Player Sr. Year QB Jack Ruth 1947 RB Jim Gibson 1940 RB Bill Cashion 1946 See ALL-CENTURY, 6

All Time Rosters Cont. McDaniel, Wilson Crawford, Winfred Barber, Charlie Frank Stowe, Red Layton, Baker, Moss, Anthony, Hayes, Rhinehardt, Hardin, Collins, Jim White, Hank Wilson, Jake Early, Carodine Moss, Theodore Thornburg, Mickey Mode. 1934-35 - 1934 Record: 3-4-1. Head coach - W.J. Fulkerson; 1935 Record: 4-4. Head coach - Pete Moss. Players - Complete rosters for 1934 and ‘35 not available. Some of the key players were Jake Early, Tommy Reynolds, Ray Barber, Mickey Moss, Johnny Elam, Boone McDaniel, Luther Morrison, Chubby Leonard, Jack Fortune, George Plonk, Paul Neisler, Pete Hullender. 1936-37 - 1936 Record: 0-8. Head coach - Pete Moss; 1937 Record: 0-8. Head coach - Pete Moss; Players - Complete rosters not available. Key players included Eugene Goforth, Hank Plonk, Bob Suber, Burton Bennett, Clyde Whetstine, Jimmy Dickey, Paul Neisler, Andy Huffstetler, J.D. Jones, Dan Finger, Tommy Reynolds, Luther Morrison, Carl Finger, Robert Weight, Lawrence Patrick, Fred Wright, Tommy Harper, Fuzz Hayes, Charles Carpenter, Charles Ramsey, Buck Hullender, Fletcher Wright, Curt Gaffney, Roy Lynn, Jack Lynn, James Goins, Billy Gantt, Billy Ruddick, James Davis, Brooks McAbee, Excell Welch, Roy Reynolds, Herbert Pumphrey. 1938 - Record: 6-3. Head coach - Crowell Little. Players - Norman Roper, Bobby Suber, Jimmy Dickey, Dan Finger, Paul Neisler Jr., Lawrence Patrick, A.B. Falls, John Kezziah, Billy Ruddock, Pride Ratterree, George Womack, Herbert Pumphrey, Cecil Crook, Fred Wright, E.W. Neal, Billy Gantt, Charles Moss Jr., George Allen, Donald McGinnis, W.F. Ormand, Charles Ramsey, James Gibson, Luther Morrison, Tommy Harper, William Brown, Clemonsee “Boone” McDaniel. 1939 - Record: 2-5-1. Head coach - Cline Farthing. Players - Luther Morrison, Norman Roper, James Gibson, George Allen, George Womack, William Ruddock, Charles Moss Jr., Clarence Plonk Jr., Herbert Mitcham, Arthur Gantt, Burton Bennett, James Willis, James Dickey, Donald McGinnis, Jackson Lynn, Floyd Smith. 1940 - Record: 4-5. Head coach - Cline Farthing. Players - James Gibson, George Allen, Jim Dickey, Floyd Smith, John Howell, George Womack, Norman Roper, Paul Ham, Louis Falls, Buddy Walker, William Brown, Max Biddix, Buck Early, Leonard Abernathy, Huller Miller, Gene McGinnis, Jimmie Willis, Doris Bennett, Kenneth George, R.G. Plonk, Charles Moss, Pink Ware, Homer Perkins, Calvin Payne. 1941 - Record: 2-7. Head coach - Cline Farthing. Players - Pink Ware, James Black, Arthur Lee Jackson, Charles Moss Jr., Stacey Leroy Walker, Rufus Grier Plonk Jr., Harold Adams, Doris Bennett, Rosters continue on next page

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Kings Mountain Herald

All-time rosters cont. Lloyd Early, Hughlen Miller, John B. Rowland Jr., Garrison Goforth, John Howell, Grady Queen, William Brown, Coyt Payseur, Samuel Cloninger, Louis Falls, William Fisher, Paul Ham, Darwin Keller, Calvin Payne, Jack Reynolds, Roy Reynolds, Norman Roper, Floyd Smith. 1942 - Record: 0-8. Head coach -Pepper Martin. Players - Paul Ham, Coyt Paysour, Floyd Smith, Sam Cloninger, Henry Neisler, Jack Ramsey, Darwin Keller, Doris Bennett, Jimmy Burns, Grady Queen, Robert Neill, John Rowland, Bud Warlick, Robert Goforth, Jim Black, Jim Spivey, Arthur Jackson. 1943 - (Season cancelled because of World War II). 1944 - Record: 5-3. Head coach - Don Parker. Players - Houston Black, Jim Black, Everette Bridges, Jay Bridges, Terry Barnes, Bill Cashion, Sam Cloninger, Bill Dettmar, Dickie Foster, Bobbie Groves, Jack Gunnels, Jim Hullender, Joe Hord, Bob Huffstetler, Bob Ledbetter, Bill Moss, Gene Mitchem, Dickie McGinnis, Fred McDaniel, Robert Neill, John Plonk, Jack Ruth, Jimmy Spivey, Ralph Smith, Gene Timms, B.T. Wright Jr., Dwight Ware. 1945 - Record: 2-7. Head coach - Don Parker. Players - Bill Cashion, L.P. Stowe, Robert Neill, Everette Bridges, Milton McKelvie, Sonny Moss, Oliver Tate, Bobby Herndon, Bobby Huffstetler, Boyce Huffstetler, Fred McDaniel, Ralph Smith, Roy Boheler, Dickie Foster, William Harmon, William Herndon, Bill Dettmar, Jimmie Hudgins, Bobby Ledbetter, Jack Prince, F.C. Humphries, Buddy Medlin. 1946 - Record: 7-3. Head coach - Clyde Canipe. Roster - Herman Mauney, Bob Ledbetter, Bob Early, Ernest Jenkins, Bill Dettmar, Jim Black, Bill Cashion, Bill Gault, Jackie Wright, John Plonk, Don Crawford, Herman Jackson, Bill Harmon, Bud Medlin, Roy Boheler, Bob Neill, Jack Matthews, Jack Ledford, Jack Ruth, Bob Patterson, Dwight Ware, Jake Harry, Bob Huffstetler, Ken George, Ralph Hullender, Jackie Barrett, James Moss, Jim Cobb, Joe Costner, Horace Kiser, Jack Styers, Bryan Ware, F.C. Humphries, Gillie Falls, Bill Caldwell, Roger McDaniel, Bill Cloninger, Bobby Jackson, Richard White, Gene Camp, Jimmy Downey, Goldman Smith, Don Martin, Grady Tate, Raymond Fite, Jerry Cloninger, Ray Cline. 1947 - Record: 1-7. Head coach - Jack Rudisill. Players - Jimmy Hudgins, Ronald La Belle, Billy Caldwell, Jack Camp, Donald Ellison, David Fisher, Ralph Hullender, F.C. Humphries, Herman Jackson, Ernest Jenkins, Horace Kiser, Jack Ledford, Johnny Kiser, Major Loftin, Jack Matthews, Charles Mauney, Herman Mauney, Buddy Medlin, Sonny Moss, Bob Patterson, Jack Ruth, Garland Still, Jack Styers, Richard White, Jackie Wright. 1948 - Record: 1-5-3. Head coach - Shu Carlton. Players - Bill Amos,

2012 - 90 Years of KMHS Football

All Century: All Decade - Gary’s team FROM Page 5 RB George Allen 1940 E Bill Dettmar 1946 E Bob Jackson 1949 L Floyd Smith 1942 L Bob Neill 1946 L Bud Medlin 1946 L William Harmon 1946 L Jim Dickey 1940 Player of the Decade: Bill Cashion OF THE 1950s Pos. Player Sr. Year QB George Harris 1955 QB Don Fisher 1959 RB Ken Baity 1957 RB John McGinnis 1956 RB Don Gladden 1958 E Ron Layton 1953 E Keith Layton 1957 L Joe Ormand 1955 L Guy Fisher 1951 L Ken Cloninger 1954 L David Marlowe 1956 L Mike Ware 1959 ATH. Jim Kimmell 1952 Player of the Decade: George Harris OF THE 1960S Pos. Player Sr. Year QB Pat Murphy 1964 RB Punch Parker 1960 RB Mike Huffstickler 1963 RB Steve Baker 1964


E Richard Gold 1964 E Jim Cloninger 1964 L Dale Hollifield 1960 L Jerry Adams 1960 L Hubert McGinnis 1964 L Fred Dixon 1963 L Bert Smith 1967 Player of the Decade - Pat Murphy OF THE 1970s Pos. Player Sr. Year QB Mike Bumgarner 1977 RB Kenny Bell 1977 RB Kevin Mack 1979 RB Avery Smith 1979 E Tim Leach 1979 E Chris Johnson 1975 L Mark George 1972 L Kelly Land 1978 L Chuck Gordon 1978 L Bruce Valentine 1978 L Daryl Strong 1979 Player of the Decade - Kevin Mack OF THE 1980S Pos. Player Sr. Year QB Ryan Hollifield 1989 RB Jerry Jordan 1985 RB Tracy Johnson 1983 RB Curtis Pressley 1983 E Edwin Sherer 1985 E Otis Brooks 1985 L Shawn Rainey 1983 L Calvin Stephens 1985 L Aubrey Hollifield 1986 L Rusty Bumgardner 1986 L Brent Bagwell 1987 ATH. Daniel Honeycutt 1989 Player of the Decade - Calvin Stephens

OF THE 1990s Pos. Player Sr. Year QB Lance McClain 1996 QB Anthony Ash 1998 RB Anthony Hillman 1999 RB Shane Logan 1995 RB Joseph Bell 1997 RB Diron Bell 1991 RB Corey Jones 1996 R Marcus Smith 1996 R Kendrick Bell 1998 L Kareem Marshall 1998 L Julius Curry 1998 L Frank Hopper 1998 L Rico Feemster 1998 L Johnny Surratt 1995 L Joey Patrick 1995 L KeLee Thompson 1998 L Shon Byers 1994 Player of the Decade - Anthony Hillman PLAYER OF THE CENTURY Kevin Mack 1979 ALL-DECADE 2000-2011 Pos. Player Sr. Year QB Michael Roberts 2008 RB John Robbs 2011 RB Joe Chambers 2008 RB Sidney Goode 2005 RB Aquinno Simmons 2001 R Tim Hines 2010 R Terrance Young 2009 L Thomas James 2008 L Logan Hardin 2006 L Josh Yon 2006 L Ed Hopper 2011 L Jarvis Williams 2008 K Edward Blackburn 2011 ATH. Cedric Thompson 2010 Player of the Decade - Michael Roberts

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Butler’s Auto Repair A/C • Check Engine Light Oil Change • Tune Up • Brakes Cell Shop 704-473-1809 704-750-4645 North Carolina Inspection Three of Kings Mountain’s all-time great football players are pictured at the recent Kings Mountain Sports Hall of Fame ceremony. Left to right, running back Ken Baity (1955-57) and quarterbacks George Harris (1953-55) and Pat Murphy (1962-64).

2012 - 90 Years of KMHS Football

Kings Mountain Herald


All-time rosters cont.

RUSHING 1956 - Ken Baity, 1051 1957 - Ken Baity - 1,289. 1958 - Don Gladden - 1,051. 1963 - Mike Huffstickler - 1,035. 1977 - Kenny Bell - 1,042. 1979 - Kevin Mack - 1,585. 1983 - Curt Pressley - 1,185 1983 - Tracy Johnson - 1,142. 1995 - Shane Logan - 1,311. 1996 - Corey Jones - 1,126. 1996 - Marcus Smith - 1,001. 1997 - Joseph Bell - 1,573. 1997 - Anthony Hillman - 1,387. 1998 - Anthony Hillman - 2,510. 1999 - Anthony Hillman - 1,721. 2001 - Aquino Simmons - 1,345. 2005 - Sidney Goode - 1,373. 2006 - Antwain Ross - 1,050. 2008 - Michael Roberts - 1,533. 2008 - Joe Chambers - 1,330. 2011 - John Robbs - 1,428 PASSING 1996 - Lance McClain - 1,038. 1997 - Anthony Ash - 1,006. 1998 - Anthony Ash - 1,274. 2002 - Chris Jolly - 1,177. 2005 - Brandon McClain - 1,289. 2006 - Michael Roberts - 1,193. 2007 - Michael Roberts - 1,086. 2008 - Michael Roberts - 1,635. 2009 - Cameron Harris - 1,354 2010 - Cameron Harris - 2,495 2011 - Jonathan Clark - 1,936 RECEIVING 2010 - Tim Hines - 1,110

Bob Jackson, Jack Camp, Herman Mauney, Garland Still, Jack Ledford, Herman Jackson, Boyce Huffstetler, Jack Matthews, Richard White, Jack Ruth, Jimmy Cobb, Bob Crawford, Don Ellison, Douglas Falls, Richard Goins, Ralph Hullender, Delvin Huffstetler, Johnny Kiser, Major Loftin, Roger McDaniel, Paul McGinnis, Charles Mauney, Jack Matthews, Jack Rhea, J.B. Weaver, Curtis Wright.


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1949 - Record: 6-4. Head coach - Shu Carlton. Players - Donald Cashion, Jimmy Cobb, Jack Crouch, Don Flowers, Delvin Huffstetler, Bob Jackson, Roger McDaniel, Charles Mauney, Bryan Ware, Richard White, Curtis Wright, Donald Bumgardner, Bobby Crawford, Robert Davis, Clyde Falls, Guy Fisher, Raymond Goforth, Bobby Hullender, Johnny Kiser, Paul McGinnis, Dicky McMackin, Jack Moss, Jack Rhea, Billy Shytle, Fred Tate, Gerald Valentine, Dicky Webb, Gene Welch. 1950 - Record: 3-3-2. Head coach - Shu Carlton. Players - Complete roster not available. The starting lineup included ends Don Flowers and Fred Tate, tackles Charles Mauney and Gerald Valentine, guards Paul McGinnis and Dougle Davis, center Bob Hullender, quarterback Jimmy Cobb, wingback Billy Shytle, tailback Jimmy Kimmell and fullback Don Bumgardner. 1951 - Record: 4-4-1. Head coach - Art Weiner. Players - Jimmy Kimmell, Don Bumgardner, Don McCarter, Paul McGinnis, Bill Ruth, Donald Flowers, Johnny Kiser, Guy Fisher, Charles Mauney, Gene Welch, Bob Hullender, Dicky McMackin, Ollie Harris Jr., James Abernathy, Rannie Arnette, Jimmy Caveny, Lewis Cole, Kenneth Davis, Douglas Falls, Richard George, Bob Goforth, Eddie Goforth, Ben Hudson, Ronnie Layton, Earl Marlowe, Buddy Mayes, Sammy McCarter, Gene Patterson, Franklin Plott, Earl Stroupe, Jim Weaver, Dicky Webb, Charles Yelton, Charley Guyton, Jerry Queen. 1952 - Record: 1-8. Head coach - Shu Carlton. Players - Bill Ruth, Ben Hudson, Bob Hullender, Kenneth Davis, Jimmy Kimmell, Robert Davis, David Kincaid, Jimmy Caveny, Ollie Harris Jr., Charles Yelton, Rannie Arnette, Eddie Goforth, Franklin Plott, Ronnie Layton, Richard George, James Abernathy, Mearl Valentine, Dewitt Blanton, Donald Hord, Sammy McCarter, Palmer Huffstetler, George Harris, Don McCarter, Gene Patterson, Joe Meek Ormand, Michael Houser, Bob Carrigan, Ken Cloninger, Clyde Hinson, Gerry Logan, Bud Rhea, Charles Cashion, Earl Marlowe, Milton Hope Jr., Jimmy Robbs, Clyde Cobb, Lewis Cole. 1953 - Record: 5-3. Head coach - Shu Carlton. Players - Tommy Gilbert, Jerry McCarter, Don McCarter, Charles Smith, Mike Houser, George Harris, Gene Patterson, Charles Yelton, Bobby Wilson, Don Falls, Don Wright, Joe Meek Ormand, Franklin Falls, Palmer Huffstetler, Jimmy Caveny, James Abernathy, Richard George, Ken Cloninger, J.L. Stewart, Earl Marlowe, Lewis Cole, Harold Jackson, Ken Burns, Ken Cook, Buddy Mayes, Rosters continue on next page

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Kings Mountain Herald

All-time rosters cont. Dewitt Blanton, Ronnie Layton, Eddie Goforth, Ollie Harris Jr., Franklin Plott, Don Payne, Charles Bridges, Rannie Arnette, Milton Hope, Robert Schronce. 1954 - Record: 8-1-1. Head coach - Shu Carlton. Players - Earl Marlowe, George Harris, Eddie Goforth, Buddy Mayes, Ken Cook, Mearl Valentine, Frank Hinson, J.L. Stewart, Tommy Gilbert, Bob Houser, Bob Hopper, Joe Meek Ormand, Palmer Huffstetler, Charles Yelton, Mike Houser, Curtis George, David Falls, Johnny McGinnis, David Marlowe, Buddy Smith, Charles Bridges, Steve Wells, Jerry McCarter, Charles Smith, Dewitt Blanton, Billy Gene Spearman, Ken Cloninger, Leonard Wright, Charles Cleary, Harold Jackson. 1955 - Record: 10-1-1. Head coach - Shu Carlton. Players - Steve Wells, Tom Gilbert, Joe Ormand, George Harris, Harold Jackson, Tony Goins, Charles Bridges, Mearl Valentine, Bill Davis, Hoyle Burton, Ken Bolin, Mike Houser, Bob Houser, Bud Smith, Darvin Chastain, John McGinnis, Curt George, Ken Baity, Keith Layton, David Marlowe, William Ivey, J.L. Stewart, Leonard Wright, Darriel Spurling, Frank Hinson, Jerry McCarter, Gerald Thomasson, Ken Bolin, Jerry Wilson, Gene Bowers, Charles Clary, Ervin Houser. 1956 - Record: 10-0-1. Head coach - Shu Carlton. Players - Billy Ware, Barry Smith, Doug Rathbone, Steve Wells, Keith Layton, Ken Baity, Gary Blanton, Charles Bridges, John McGinnis, Curt George, Hoyle Burton, David Marlowe, Bill Herndon, John Rudisill, Randell Elgin, J.L. Stewart, Tony Goins, Robert Rudisill, Wray Plonk, Gene Bowers, Jimmy Bennett, Tom Gilbert, Larry Miller, Jerry Phillips, Jerry Wilson, Max Lee, Don Parker, Don Fisher, David Plonk, Roy Hammett, Jimmy Blanton, Frank Hinson, Don Gladden, Don McKinney. 1957 - Record: 7-3. Head coach - John Gamble. Players - Paul Hendricks, Garry Blanton, Jimmy Blanton, Don Fisher, Ernest Howell, Keith Layton, Jerry Phillips, Clifford Kircus, Tony Goins, Fred Hambright, William Wells, Jimmy Littlejohn, Don Parker, Billy Ware, Phil Mauney, Don McKinney, Karl Moss, Gene Bowers, Don Gladden, Jim Bennett, David Plonk, Bill Herndon, Roy Hammett, Ken Baity, Wray Plonk, Mike Ware, Jerry Wilson, Gilbert Brazzell, Chip Thorburn, Steve Wells, Charles Herndon, David Marlowe, Max Lee, Ronnie Tignor, Reecie Cloninger, Steve Henderson, Jimmy Rikard, Bobby Baity, Jackie Thomasson, Edwin Hinson, Jerry Laughter, Jerry Adams, Dale Hollifield, Jimmy White. 1958 - Record: 6-2-2. Head coach - John Gamble. Players - Jerry Adams, Arthur Allen, Tommy Armstrong, Danny Bagwell, Gary Blanton, Jimmy Blanton, Barry Bridges, Steve Brown, Don Champion, Perry Champion, Chester Clontz, Harold Crawford, Franklin Dean, Mike Dixon, Don Fisher, Curtis Floyd, Steve Harmon, Wally Harris, Ray Hastings, Steve Rosters continue on next page

2012 - 90 Years of KMHS Football

The Best of the Best Kings Mountain High School football records: PASSING –Best pct. Season - Pat Murphy 63.3 (76 of 120 for 962 yards), 1964. –Best pct. Career - Pat Murphy, 59.1 (152 of 257 for 1,848 yards), 1962-64. *Most TD passes, season - Cameron Harris, 24, *2010. *Most TD passes career, Cameron Harris, 38, 2008-10. *Most TD passes single game - 5, Cameron Harris vs. Asheville Erwin, 2010. *Most yards passing, season - 2,495, Cameron Harris, 2010 *Most yards passing, career - 3,921, Michael Roberts, 2006-08. *Most yards passing, single game - 344, Cameron Harris vs. Erwin, 2010. –Fewest interceptions, season - 2, Ollie Harris 1953, George Harris 1955, Pat Murphy 1964. RECEIVING *Most yards receiving game - 205 on 8 catches, Tyrece Crawford vs. Crest, 2011. *Most yards receiving, season - 1,110 on 48 receptions, Tim Hines, 2010. *Most yards receiving, career - 1,558 on 78 receptions, Terrance Young, 2007-09.


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SCORING –Most points, season - 162, Anthony Hillman, 1999. –Most points, career - 396, Anthony Hillman, 1997-99. –Most touchdowns, game - 5, Kenny Bell vs. Burns, 1977; Anthony Hillman, 5, against 3 teams, 1998. –Most points kicking, season - 59, Collin Goforth, 1997. –Most field goals, season - 7 (7-for-9), Alex Randall, 2007. –Most points kicking, career - Edward Blackburn 158 (2008-11). RUSHING –Most yards rushing, season - 2,510, Anthony Hillman, 1998. –Most yards rushing, career - 5,618, Anthony Hillman, 1997-99. –Most yards rushing, game - 298, Anthony Hillman vs. Kannapolis, 1998. –Most carries, game - 44, John Robbs vs. Hunter Huss, 2011. OTHER INDIVIDUAL RECORDS –Total offense, season - 3,168, Michael Roberts (1,533 rushing and 1,635 passing), 2008. –Total offense, career - 6,701, Michael Roberts (2,780 rushing and 3,921 passing), 2006-08. –Longest rushing TD - 99 yards, Kevin Mack vs. R-S Central, 1979. –Longest kickoff return for TD - 100 yards, D.J. Williams vs. South Point, 1989. –Longest TD pass - 99 yards, Timmy McClain to Petie McNeil vs. South Point, 1989. –Most punt returns for TD in single game 2, Jason Wade vs. South Point, 1989. –Most pass interception returns for TD in single game - 2, Darius “Nu Nu” Ross vs. East Lincoln, 1989. –Most pass interceptions, game - 3 - Chris Johnson vs. North Gaston 1975; Tyrece

Crawford vs. Burns 2011. –Most pass interceptions, season - 11, Timmy McClain, 1989. –Longest punt - 70 yards, Chris Jolly vs. Forestview 2001, and vs. St. Stephens, 2001. –Most tackles, season - 189, KeLee Thompson, 1998. TEAM RECORDS –Most points scored - 448, 1998. Fewest points allowed - 40, 1963. –Most yards rushing - 3,920 - 1998. Fewest rushing yards allowed, game minus 25 vs. Hunter Huss, 2011. *Most yards passing - 2,726 - 2010 (Cameron Harris, Cedric Thompson, Jonathan Clark) –Most total offense - 5,245 (1,325 passing and 3,920 rushing), 1998. –Most wins - 14, 1998. KMHS LEGENDS KMHS All-American: 1955 - George Harris, QB. KMHS All-State 1940 - Jim Gibson, RB. 1946 - Bill Cashion, FB. 1946 - Robert Neill, T. 1946 - Bill Detmar, E. 1955 - George Harris, QB. 1957 - Ken Baity, RB. 1957 - Keith Layton, E. 1957 - David Marlowe, T. 1959 - Jerry Adams, E. 1960 - Punch Parker, RB. 1964 - Richard Gold, B. 1964 - Hubert McGinnis, C. 1964 - Jimmy Cloninger, E. 1964 - Pat Murphy, QB. 1964 - Lyn Cheshire, T. 1967 - Bert Smith, LB. 1979 - Kevin Mack, RB. 1985 - Calvin Stephens, T. 1986 - Aubrey Hollifield, LB. 1998 - Anthony Hillman, RB.

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2012 - 90 Years of KMHS Football

Kings Mountain Herald


The Golden Age (1950-79)

All-time rosters cont.

Gary Stewart Sports Editor

1959 - Record: 6-2-2. Head coach - John Gamble. Players - Chip Thorburn, Gary Blanton, Michael McSwain, Barry Bridges, Bill Ramseur, Robert Whisnant, Harold Crawford, Mike Ware, Jerry Rikard, Dale Hollifield, Eddie Ross, Don Champion, Chalmers Johnson, Steve Henderson, Danny Bagwell, Steve Harmon, Curtis Floyd, Steve Brown, Tommy Armstrong, Charles Burns, Jerry Adams, Mike Dixon, Sammy Houston, Don Fisher, James Robbs, Wally Harris, Paul Hendricks, Phil Mauney, Punch Parker, Perry Champion, Chester Clontz, Tommy Houser, Henry Raines, Franklin Dean, Jimmy White, Ray Hastings, Dennis McAbee, Jimmy Blanton, Arthur Allen, Alton Stewart.

The first three decades of Kings Mountain High School football weren’t successful in terms of wins and losses. Only nine teams over the first 29 years (1922-49) managed .500 or better seasons. Seven wins in 1946 were the most ever at KMHS, and only three other teams (1926, 1938 and 1949) managed six wins. But that would change in the 1950s. Head coach Shu Carlton began a total building program when he took charge of the Mountaineer program in 1948. When he walked into the equipment room at Central School on his first day on the job, he found outdated equipment; and on his first day of practice he found players who had not had proper training and weren’t all that interested in football. With the help of a small group of fans, Carlton organized the Mountaineer Club, the school’s first booster club, purchased new equipment and added grammar school football and a JV program. And, most importantly, the players learned very quickly that if they weren’t willing to practice hard and play hard they weren’t welcome on the team. In just his second year Carlton had the

Henderson, Paul Hendricks, Dale Hollifield, Tommy Houser, Sammy Houston, Phil Mauney, Don McAbee, Michael McSwain, Punch Parker, Henry Raines, Bill Ramseur, Jerry Rikard, James Robbs, Eddie Ross, Alton Stewart, Chip Thorburn, Mike Ware, Jimmy White, Robert Whisnant.

1960 - Record: 9-1. Head coach - John Gamble. Players - Jerry Adams, Chester Clontz, Bill Ramseur, Charles Goodson, Jimmy White, Reggie White, Robert Whisnant, Dale Hollifield, Don Champion, Eddie Ross, Jerry Rikard, Wayne Goforth, James Hope, Charles Burns, Curtis Floyd, Tommy Armstrong, Steve Carpenter, Steve Brown, Mike Dixon, Sammy Houston, Brent McDaniel, Punch Parker, Perry Champion, Alton Stewart, Henry Raines, Barry Gibson, Tommy Hope, Wally Harris, Arthur Allen, Tim Heavner, James Robbs.

KM football coach John Gamble talks to some of his 1957 team. L-R; Gamble, Don Gladden, Don Fisher (standing), Jimmy Blanton, and Ken Baity. Mountaineers winning with a 6-4 record. He was called back into the Marines during the Korean War after the 1950 season, and when he returned in 1952 found that a lot of the things he had begun, like JV football, had been dumped. He basically started from scratch again. Single-wing football was the norm in those days, but Carlton knew it would soon become a thing of the past and in 1953 put

in a T-formation offense. The Mountaineers were the only team in this part of the state running it. Carlton had an excellent T quarterback in Ollie Harris Jr. and the Mountaineers produced a 5-3 record. In 1954 they became the first team in school history to win eight games (8-1-1). Things would get even better. See GOLDEN AGE, 10

1961 - Record: 3-6-1. Head coach - John Gamble. Players - Jim Owens, Tim Heavner, Lyn Cheshire, Brent McDaniel, Ed Spencer, Bill Jenkins, Mike Huffstickler, Pat Murphy, Jacky Rhea, Johnny Bennett, Bill Ramseur, Hubert McGinnis, Lewis Cook, Tommy Armstrong, Henry Raines, Lawrence Bolin, Eddie Huffstetler, Warren Goforth, Butch Harry, Dennis Floyd, Douglas Cobb, Curtis Floyd, Jim Medlin, David Adams, Steve Vickers, Gary Collins, Jerry Rikard, Wally Harris, Sammy Houston, Sammy Mauney, Alton Stewart, Eddie Ross, Reggie White, Mike Dixon, James Hope, Charles Goodson, Steve Marlowe, Fred Dixon, Steve Brown, Tommy Hope, Robin Whisnant. 1962 - Record: 4-5-1. Head coach - Bill Bates. Players - Ronnie Rhea, Mike Butler, Mickey Bell, Tommy Black, Tonnie Ware, Mike Tignor, Dennis Floyd, Ronnie Dover, Charles Ruff, L.V. Brooks, Pete Putnam, Eddie Leftwich, Tim Heavner, Terry Leonard, Jacky Rhea, Lyn Cheshire, George Plonk, Pat Hord, Steve Baker, Steve Grigg, Bo Goforth, Butch Blackburn, Jimmy Wright, Jimmy Cloninger, David Adams, Fred Dixon, Tommy Hope, Charles Goodson, Jim Medlin, James Hope, John Caveny, Ronald Dotson, Jim Wells, Wally Harris, Brent McDaniel, Richard Little, Eddie Huffstetler, Ronnie Gillespie, Gene Allen, Charles Benton, Hubert McGinnis, Richard Gold, Eddie Spencer, Von Holcomb, Richard White, Butch Riley, Steve Carpenter, Dale Putnam, Jimmy Owens, Tommy Plonk, Pat Murphy, Mike Huffstickler. Rosters continue on next page

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Kings Mountain Herald

All-time rosters cont. 1963 - Record: 9-0-1. Head coach - Bill Bates. Players - Danny Finger, Steve Bumgardner, Jacky Rhea, Tommy Black, Gene Allen, Louis Stewart, Ben Grimes, Tonnie Ware, Danny Kiser, Pete Putnam, Mike Huffstickler, Ronnie Dover, Terry Leonard, Bo Goforth, Ronnie Gillespie, Bill Mullinax, Steve Baker, Pat Murphy, Calvin Lockridge, Steve Goforth, Eddie Leftwich, Mike Tignor, Glenn Lovelace, Dennis Patterson, Dennis Floyd, Paul Reynolds, Richard Gold, Charles Putnam, Pressley Anderson, Steve Marlowe, Jimmy Medlin, Chip Bridges, Jim Cloninger, Sid Carpenter, Fred Dixon, Rodney Smith, Louis Cook, Gerald Carrigan, Steve Grigg, Jay Powell, Charles Ramsey, Pat Hord, Hubert McGinnis, Richard White, Robby Suber, Glen Bolin, Lyn Cheshire, Fred Wright, Dale Putnam, George Plonk, Jimmy Owens. 1964 - Record: 10-1. Head coach - Bill Bates. Players - Lyn Cheshire, Tommy Black, Dennis Patterson, Tonie Ware, Roger Ross, Phillip Bunch, Ronnie Dover, Steve Goforth, Danny Kiser, Gene Allen, Jerry Ledford, Steve Baker, Pat Murphy, Pete Putnam, Scott Cloninger, John Van Dyke, Steve Grigg, Eddie Leftwich, Roy Medlin, Mike Goforth, Charles Ramsey, Robbie Suber, Bill Mullinax, Richard White, Ben Grimes, Glenn Bolin, Von Holcomb, Dale Putnam, Jay Powell, Bobby Bolin, Richard Gold, Jimmy Wright, Pat Hord, Ronnie Rhea, George Plonk, Hubert McGinnis, Rodney Smith, Tommy Dover, Jimmy Cloninger, Chip Bridges, Carl Weisener, Eddie Bridges, Phillip Putnam, Fred Wright, Gary Devenney, Phil Russ, Kenny Plonk, Larry Patrick, Chucky Gladden, Tommy Burns, Tommy Goforth, Sandy Mauney, Tommy Finger, Rick Moore, Johnny Parker, Phillip Wright, Paul Gaffney, Ronnie Anderson. 1965 - Record: 3-7. Head coach - Bill Bates. Players - Charles Carroll, Robert Phifer, Tommy Dover, Scott Cloninger, Richard Shank, Stan Laughter, Bobby Bolin, Charles Bess, Larry Adams, Philip Putnam, Fred Wright, Pat Cheshire, Mike Sanders, Carl Weisener, Ronnie Burton, Roy Medlin, Kenny Plonk, Eddie Bridges, Charles Ramsey, Charles Green, Chip Bridges, Bob Moss, John Moore, Chris Roseboro, Paul Gaffney, Larry Patrick, Gary Deveney, Danny Finger, Chucky Gladden, Bill Herndon, Sandy Mauney, J.C. Wright, David Leftwich, Clark Mauney, Bobby Peterson, Tommy Goforth, Doug Mercier, Tommy Finger, Jerry Ledford, Ray Henderson, Wayne Wright, Dennis Smith, Mike Goforth, William Manning, Philip Wright, Richard Clinton, Dennis Goforth, Steve Goforth, Ricky Grahl, Henry Manning, Jerry Mitchem, William McSwain, Philip Bunch, Jay Powell, Mike Hoyle, Danny Kiser, Chip Crisp. 1966 - Record: 5-5. Head coach - Bill Bates. Players - Sandy Mauney, Eddie Bridges, Tommy Burns, Tommy Dover, Tommy Finger, Tommy Goforth, Chucky Gladden, Tony Leigh, Roy Medlin, Jerry Mitchem, Larry Patrick, Kenny Plonk, Philip Putnam, Richard Shank, Carl Wiesener, Phillip Wright, Paul Gaffney, Rocky Brown, Chip Crisp, Charles Greene, David Leftwich, Dennis Smith, Ross Springer, Wayne Mullinax, Clarence Ash,

The Golden Age: 1950-1979 FROM Page 9 In 1955, after 32 years of playing football, the Mountaineers posted their first 10win season and won their first conference championship. They also produced their first High School All-American, quarterback George Harris, who went on to play quarterback, defense and kick for the Duke Blue Devils. The Mountaineers repeated as Southwest Conference champions in 1956, posting a 10-0-1 overall record and becoming the first team since 1926 (6-0-4) to finish the season undefeated. Doug Rathbone’s touchdown and J.L. “Spook” Stewart’s extra point gave the Mountaineers a 7-6 win over Lenoir for the WNCHSA bi-conference championship. Carlton resigned as the Mountaineers’ head coach after the 1956 season to take the head coaching job at Gastonia Ashley (now Ashbrook). But he had turned the Mountaineers into a powerful football “program,” not just a team that had to start from scratch every pre-season. One of the best things Carlton did during his time in Kings Mountain was to bring stability to the coaching staff. Prior to his arrival in 1948 the Mountaineers had three different head coaches in three years. Dur-

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2012 - 90 Years of KMHS Football

ing the early fifties KMHS brought in coaches like Jack Sink, who later became an outstanding baseball coach at Myers Park; John Charles, who later became a head high school football coach; Fred Withers, who assisted Carlton with the football program and took reigns of a losing baseball program and turned it into a winner; and John Gamble, an outstanding line coach who was named head football coach upon Carlton’s departure. Gamble’s Mountaineers continued the tradition, finishing a close second to Shelby for the conference championship in 1957 and 1958, and sharing the title with Shelby and R-S Central in 1959. During the decade of the 1950s, the Mountaineers had only one losing season. During 1954, ‘55 and ‘56 Carlton’s teams had a combined record of 28-2-3. During the last three years of the 1950s Gamble’s teams went 19-7-4. The “golden decade” of the fifties produced numerous players that went on to play college ball. Harris was the school’s first Shrine Bowl player in 1955. Running back Ken Baity was the school’s first 1,000yard rusher in 1956 and 1957, when he played in the Shrine Bowl. KM had a thousand yard rusher for three years in a row as Don Gladden followed Baity as the #1 back in 1958. Although there were a few losing seasons sprinkled in, the Mountaineer tradition continued to grow in the 1960s as the team produced two more championship teams and another that missed winning the conference on several controversial calls. John Gamble’s 1960 team, to that point at least, was the best Kings Mountain team to not win a conference championship. The Mountaineers finished 9-1 and lost the SWC title in a very controversial 7-0 loss to Lincolnton. With the Wolves up 7-0 in the fourth period, the Mountaineers drove to the two yard line for a first and goal. On third down, Wally Harris claims he scored - and films later showed that he did - but the officials placed the ball short of the goal line. On

fourth down Punch Parker crossed the goal line again and, again, the officials placed it shy of the line and gave the ball to the Lincolnton offense. “I was in the end zone with the ball,” insisted Parker in the Herald the next week. “When the officials unpiled everybody that last time, the top half of my body with the ball in my arms was in the end zone and my waist was astride the goal line.” If that wasn’t enough, late in the game Parker took a pass in the flat from quarterback James Robbs, spun and went 96 yards for an apparent TD. But the official said his forward progress was stopped when he caught the pass. Gamble’s last season, 1961, resulted in his only losing record and brought a lot of sadness to the community as he had learned that he had Lou Gehrig Disease. He turned the football program over to his capable assistant, Bill Bates. Coach Gamble passed away in 1965. The Mountaineers recovered from backto-back losing seasons in ‘61 and ‘62 to win back-to-back SWC titles in 1963 and 1964. In ‘63, they posted a 9-0-1 record, tying Shelby in the conference championship game. Shelby won the first-ever North Carolina 10-yard sudden death playoff 6-3, and represented the SWC in the WNCHSAA playoffs. With 26 seniors returning in 1964, the Mountaineers ran roughshod over most of their regular season opponents and finished 10-0. They spent most of the season alternating with Thomasville as the #1 ranked team in the state. Everyone was looking forward to a match-up between the two schools for the WNCHSAA championship, but the Mountaineers were stunned by Hickory 6-0 in the bi-conference playoff and finished 10-1 overall. The ‘63 and ‘64 teams produced some of the school’s best athletes. Quarterback Pat Murphy broke the school passing records and is still the most accurate passer in KMHS history, hitting 59 percent of his passes over a three-year period and 63.3 See GOLDEN AGE, 11

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2012 - 90 Years of KMHS Football

Kings Mountain Herald

The Golden Age: 1950-1979 FROM Page 10 percent his senior year. He went on to become an All-American quarterback at Appalachian State, where he broke all of that school’s passing records as well. Mike Huffstickler of the ‘63 team was a 1,000-yard rusher and running star Steve Baker missed it by just eight yards in 1964, but was well over 1,000 yards in total offense. His 87-yard touchdown return right up the middle of the field in the 7-7 tie with Shelby in ‘63 is still one of the most remembered runs in school history. After going 19-1-1 during those two seasons, the Mountaineers slacked off and went 21-27-2 over the final five years of the 1960s. Although it was a losing year (3-6-1) 1967 saw the opening of John Gamble Stadium. The Mountaineers tied East Rutherford 6-6 in the first game played on the new field. The decade of the 1970s didn’t produce a championship team, but the Mountaineers compiled a 59-35-1 overall record under three head coaches and provided their fans some very exciting moments. Bill Bates ended his nine-year tenure as head coach with a 7-3 record in 1970. Bob Jones, who turned out some championship

Quarterback George Harris made the High School All-American football team after leading the 1955 Kings Mountain Mountaineers to their first-ever conference championship. teams at Lowell Holbrook before going to Ashbrook as Shu Carlton’s assistant when Lowell and Ashley consolidated to form Ashbrook, took the reigns of the KM program in 1971. Jones’ first team went 4-4-2 but tied Jones’ alma mater Shelby 8-8 in a game at


Gamble Stadium that began on Friday night and ended on Monday night because of a hard thunderstorm which knocked the lights out at Gamble Stadium. Jones’ teams had only one losing season during his seven-year term as head coach. His 1974 team went 7-2-1 and missed going to the state playoffs after being upset by Burns in the last regular season game. Jones’ 1976 team went 8-2 and was highly ranked until the seventh and eighth weeks of the season when they dropped back-to-back games to Shelby and South Point. With a host of juniors returning, the Mountaineers were picked to win the SWC in 1977 but injuries to key personnel took their toll and the Mountaineers finished 55. The ‘76 and ‘77 teams produced some of the school’s top athletes of the decade who went on to play college sports. Kenny Bell was the school’s first 1,000 yard rusher since 1963 and scored a school record five touchdowns in a win over Burns. Dan Brooks took over as head coach in 1978 and in 1979 turned out one of the best teams in schools history. The Mountaineers didn’t win the conference championship, but were probably the second best team in North Carolina. Featuring running back Kevin Mack, who went on to become a member of Clemson’s 1981 national championship team and See GOLDEN AGE, 12

All-time rosters cont. Stanley Brown, Joe Cornwell, Wendell Bunch, Ronnie Burton, Pat Cheshire, Mike Hoyle, Bruce Jones, Stan Laughter, William Manning, Clark Mauney, Bert Smith, Steve Spencer, J.C. Wright. 1967 - Record: 3-6-1. Head coach - Bill Bates. Players - Clarence Ash, Wayne Mullinax, Clark Mauney, Steve Spencer, Jack Bell, Jewell Watson, Wendell Bunch, Roy Kale, Kenny Bridges, Butch Kerns, Joe Cornwell, Charles Barnes, Jerry Blanton, Stan Brown, Geeper Howard, Chuck Easley, Eddie Black, Bert Smith, Joe Champion, Charles Greene, Rick Finger, Ross Springer, Gerald Putnam, Stan Laughter, Scott Patterson, Bill Short, Paul Gaffney, J.C. Wright, Gerald Herndon, Vardreen Bell, Frankie Manning, Philbert Smith, Mike Brown, David Leftwich, Joe Dover, Larry Rayfield, Gary Henderson, Mike Blanton, Jerry Lovelace, Dennis Smith. 1968 - Record: 5-5. Head coach - Bill Bates. Players - Charles Barnes, Chuck Easley, Ricky Falls, Geeper Howard, David Bolin, Joe Cornwell, Butch Kerns, Ronnie Miller, Larry Putnam, Wayne Mullinax, Chuck Carpenter, Dale Russell, Marshall Logan, Frank Bell, Chuck Hoyle, Mike Blanton, Danny Oliver, Philbert Smith, Chris Blanton, Ken Reynolds, Ross Springer, Ray Hughes, Johnny Hogue, Mike Kiser, Jimmy Ware, Terry Putnam, Steve Plonk, Clarence Ash, Gerald Putnam, Joe Dover, Laurin Whisnant, Kenny Bridges, James Crawford, Rocky Ford, Mike Brown, Roy Kale, Reece Black, David Putnam, Eugene Williams, Arthur Carroll, Gerald Herndon, Gene Harris, Gary Henderson, Keith Roper, John Grier, Randolph Ross, Steve Ingle, Marty Burton, Stanley Brown, Eddie Black, Jimmy Sotelo, Wilson Ledford, Jerry Lovelace, Larry Rayfield. 1969 - Record: 5-4-1. Head coach - Bill Bates. Players - Ricky Falls, Chuck Easley, Geeper Howard, Philbert Smith, Chuck Hoyle, Chuck Carpenter, Marshall Logan, Butch Kerns, Charles Barnes, David Bolin, Frankie Bell, Randy Henderson, Chris Blanton, Bobby Ethridge, Terry Putnam, Gerald Owensby, John Hogue, Mike Kiser, Jewel Watson, Ray Hughes, Steve Plonk, Gerald Putnam, Laurin Whisnant, Kenny Bridges, Danny Oliver, Rocky Ford, Randolph Ross, Nelson Jackson, Mike Swofford, David Putnam, Mike Moss, Arthur Carroll, Dale Russell, Gene Harris, John Grier, Wilson Ledford, Gerald Herndon, Steve Ingle, Gary Henderson, Larry Rayfield, Luther Hicks, Jacob Bridges, Jerry Lovelace. 1970 - Record: 7-3. Head coach - Bill Bates. Players - Rick Falls, Bill Loftin, Kim Bumgardner, Geeper Howard, Chris Johnson, Frankie Stokes, Chuck Carpenter, Marshall Logan, Mike Swofford, Carl Fulton, Marcus Floyd, Chris Blanton, Danny Rhodes, David Bolin, Gus Hayes, Javon Smith, Terry Hughes, Mark George, Mike Moss, Steve Plonk, Buck Wheeler, John Grier, Calvin Gill, Mike Wright, Alfred Ash, Arthur Carroll, Dale Russell, Randy Harrelson, Steve Ingle, John Bridges, Joe Bell, Jack King, Jacob Bridges, Freddie Williams, Terry Putnam, Gerald Owensby, Rosters continue on next page

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Kings Mountain Herald

All-time rosters cont. Johnny Hogue, Bobby Johnson, Ray Hughes, Harlee Davis. 1971 - Record: 4-4-2. Head coach - Bob Jones. Players - Jacob Bridges, Tommy Shirley, John Bridges, Mike Shipp, Barry Jackson, Joe Bell, Mark George, Steve Plonk, Bucky Wheeler, Dale Russell, Jimmy Amos, Frank Humphreys, Randy Harrelson, Alfred Ash, Steve Ingle, Jerry Valentine, Bobby Johnson, Gerald Owensby, Marcus Floyd, Freddie Williams, Wendell Dawkins, David Bolin, Chris Johnson, Ronnie Tesseneer, Rick Falls, Chris Blanton, Myron George, Frankie Stokes, Javon Smith, Marshall Logan, Fraver White, Danny Rhodes, John Grier, Clyde Bess Jr. 1972 - Record: 6-4. Head coach - Bob Jones. Players - Jerry Valentine, Lyn Valentine, Roy Putnam, Kevin Queen, Larry Hamrick, Monty Wilson, Dale Hartsoe, Randy Wingo, Chris Laughter, Tommy Shirley, John Bridges, Jake Bridges, Larry Biddix, Reggie Whitmire, Lanny Thornburg, Dennis Hogue, Glenn Moss, John Pressley, Ray Putnam, Alfred Ash, Mark George, John Morrison, Wayne Dixon, Chris Johnson, Tony Falls, Darrell Van Dyke, Chuck Austin, Javon Smith, Myron George, Johnny Byers, Edward Goode, Walter Snead, Mike Whitaker, Harlee Davis, Dennis Trout, Marcus Floyd. 1973 - Record: 5-5. Head coach - Bob Jones. Players - Chris Laughter, Roy Putnam, Kevin Queen, Dale Hartsoe, Chris Johnson, William Thompson, Monte Falls, Ronnie Morrison, Carl Roseboro, Larry Hamrick, Mike Smith, Reggie Whitmire, Larry Biddix, Joey Allen, Wendell Jackson, John Yarbro, Dennis Hogue, David Bell, John Morrison, Wayne Dixon, Jeff Carroll, Darrell Van Dyke, Walter Snead, Jim Thompson, Johnny Byers, John Plonk, Mike Williams, Greg Burris, Tony Falls, Chuck Austin, Steve Southwell, Robbie Eng, Donnie McDevitt. 1974 - Record: 7-2-1. Head coach - Bob Jones. Players - Chris Laughter, Chris Johnson, Monte Falls, Ronnie Morrison, Lyn Valentine, Rick Henderson, Steve Anderson, Kenny Self, David Lancaster, Carl Roseboro, Reggie Whitmire, Larry Biddix, Paul Bowen, Joey Allen, Bo Maner, Nathaniel Smith, Mark Moore, John Yarbro, John Morrison, Dale Hartsoe, Steve Southwell, Johnny Byers, Mike Williams, Chuck Austin, Mike Bumgarner, Tony Falls, Jim Thompson, David Bell, Wendell Jackson, Kenny Falls, Scott Ledford, Alvin Rhodes. 1975 - Record: 4-5-1. Head coach - Bob Jones. Players - Chris Johnson, Tommy Manning, William Thompson, Jim Baity, Randy Putnam, Lee Steinest, Dennis Putnam, Kenny Baliles, Jackie Wray, Larry Smith, Mike Byers, Simon McClain, Joey Allen, John Yarbro, Bo Maner, Chuck Gordon, Tim Spicer, Nathaniel Smith, Kelly Land, Mark Moore, Richard Van Dyke, Bruce Valentine, Peter Brown, Mike Williams, Jim Thompson, Mike Bumgarner, Scott Ledford, Wendell Jackson, Steve Southwell, Kenny Bell, Harold Glass, Kenny Bumgardner, Richard Ross, Mike Murphy. Rosters continue on next page

2012 - 90 Years of KMHS Football

The Golden Age: 1950-1979 FROM Page 11 a two-time All-Pro with the Cleveland Browns, the Mountaineers brought their fans many memorable moments. The Mountaineers were upset by Burns in their season opener but battled back to play South Point for the conference championship in a game that packed Gamble Stadium. South Point won 15-12 and went on to win the state title, but take away two plays and the Mountaineers could have done the same. With Mack and fullback Avery Smith running wild, the Mountaineers won everything except the final score. Together, the KM running duo out-gained the Big Red Machine 295 yards to 143. The Mountaineers led 12-8 late in the game when South Point quarterback Jeff Williams threw a 51-yard alley-oop pass to Boone Davis that went to the three yard line. Perry Fewell, now the defensive coordinator for the Super Bowl champion New York Giants, scored what turned out to be the winning TD. Kings Mountain came right back down field and marched from their own 30 to the South Point 10 with a first and goal. After a 5-yard penalty, South Point’s Todd Armstrong intercepted a pass in the end

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Coach Shu Carlton, right, talks to Ken Cloninger, left, and Charlie Smith during 1954 KMHS football season. zone to clinch the victory. After winning the state championship, South Point head coach Jim Biggerstaff noted that “Kings Mountain” was the best team the Raiders played that year. Mack’s 1,585 yard rushing in ten games stood as the school’s all-time single season record until Anthony Hillman

came along in the late 1990s. Mack went on to make the All-State team and play in the East-West game and set a school record for the most yards rushing by a fullback his senior year at Clemson. He was NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year with the Browns in 1984 when he broke Jim Brown’s rookie rushing records.

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2012 - 90 Years of KMHS Football

Kings Mountain Heraldl


All-time rosters cont. 1976 - Record: 8-2. Head coach - Bob Jones. Players - Jim Hall, Mike Bumgarner, William Thompson, Charles Jenkins, Mike Adams, Tony Smith, Al Eddins, Richard Ross, Kenny Bell, Dennis Owens, David Ray Robinson, John Wofford, David Kime, Peter Brown, Jeff Prescott, Tim Greene, Dewayne Clark, Terry McClain, Dennis Putnam, Scott Ellis, Steve Laughter, Danny Bolin, Stan Scruggs, Bruce Valentine, Richard Van Dyke, Bryan White, Walter Floyd, Norman Phillips, Larry Smith, Tim Whitaker, Scott Wells, Kelly Land, Kenneth McGinnis, Chris Bumgardner, David Seay, Mark Moore, Chuck Gordon. 1977 - Record: 5-5. Head coach - Bob Jones. Players - Steve Boggan, Jimmy Hall, Joel Wright, Andy Loftin, Jody Deaton, Kenny Bell, Monte Rhea, Mike Adams, Charlie Jenkins, Bryan White, Dennis Owens, David Ray Robinson, Bruce Valentine, Tracy Cook, Kale Goins, Alan Putnam, Walter Floyd, Norman Phillips, Richard Van Dyke, Kelly Land, Chris Bumgardner, David Seay, Scott Thornburg, Chuck Gordon, Ronnie Wilson, David Bolton, Jeff Prescott, Dwayne Clark, Terry McClain, Dennis Putnam, Scott Ellis, Steve Laughter, Danny Bolin, Stan Scruggs.




1978 - Record: 5-5. Head coach - Dan Brooks. Players - Steve Boggan, Buck Burton, Johnny Ross, Jeff Cloninger, Mirion White, Wade Harrington, Kevin Mack, Charlie Jenkins, Bryan White, Dennis Owens, Larry Tumbleson, Glenn Ellis, Jody Deaton, Maurice Jamerson, Danny Williams, Stan Scruggs, Kale Goins, Dick Styers, Allen Putnam, Tony Putnam, Glenn Carroll, David Alexander, Tim Whitaker, Mark Howell, Mike Chambers, Keith Blanton, Jimmy Chapman, Chris Bumgardner, John Estes, Lynn Thompson, Scott Thornburg, Chris Keeter, Daryl Brown, Mark Schuman, David Bolton, Ricky Chapman, Robert Bradley, Dewayne Clark, Terry McClain, Tim Leach, Barry Ledford, Danny Bolin. 1979 - Record: 8-2. Head coach - Dan Brooks. Players - Mike Woodberry, Jeff Lineberger, Vincent Johnson, Jeff Cloninger, Carl Burton, Alan Van Dyke, Kevin Mack, Terry Chapman, Maurice Jamerson, Chris Wright, Calvin Hood, Boo Robinson, Mirion White, Avery Smith, Danny Williams, Mark Scruggs, Trent Thomasson, Dick Styers, Mark E. Smith, Keith Pressley, Glen Carroll, Tony Putnam, Mark Russell, Mark Howell, Mike Chambers, Keith Blanton, Daryl Strong, Shawn Bumgardner, John Estes, Lynn Thompson, Henry Hager, Scott Crawford, Mark Schuman, Tony Boyce, Ricky Chapman, Mark F. Smith, Terry McClain, Tony Rainey, Robert Bradley, Tim Leach, Wally Davis, Jimmy West, Markus Hager.

The field house at John Gamble Stadium was dedicated in honor of former head football coach Bill Bates in 2005.

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1980 - Record: 3-7. Head coach - Dan Brooks. Players - Mike Woodberry, Jeff Lineberger, Trent Hullender, Eric Spicer, Doug Wright, Tony Boyce, Johnny Bolton, Larry Wilson, Terry Chapman, Tony Rainey, Chris Wright, Calvin Hood, Boo Robinson, Todd Bell, Max Brooks, David Turner, Mark Scruggs, Trent Thomasson, Mike Donald, Mark E. Smith, Keith Pressley, Dana Camp, James Rikard, Mark Russell, Tommy Eubanks, Cam Rosters continue on next page

Kings Mountain High School Football...

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Kings Mountain Herald

All-time rosters cont. Stewart, Daryl Strong, Jim Bumgardner, Rupert Stephens, Carlos Owens, Gary Allen, Tony Gordon, Richard Ellison, Dexter Tate, Terry Feaster, David Bolin, Mark F. Smith, Tony Brown, John Barnette, Travis Bell, Dennis Jones, Wally Davis, Barry Lowrance, Markus Hager. 1981 - Record: 3-7. Head coach - Dan Brooks. Players - Lindsay Davis, Jeff McHone, Trent Hullender, Eric Spicer, Curt Pressley, Chris Champion, Casey Durham, Larry Wilson, Rodney Turner, Carlos Owens, Eric Borchert, David Turner, Phillip Scism, Tom Potter, Alan Chapman, Dana Camp, James Rikard, Tommy Eubanks, Cam Stewart, Jim Barringer, Clinton Graham, Rupert Stephens, Vernon Stowe, Gary Allen, David Putnam, Richard Ellison, Terry Feaster, David Hager, Mark Byers, Jay Schronce, Bert Long, John Barnette, Travis Bell, Rodney Sellers, Mike Dixon.

2012 - 90 Years of KMHS Football

There’s no stopping them! Mountaineers in the NFL

1982 - Record: 6-4. Head coach - Dan Brooks. Players - Zack Roseboro, Todd Cloninger, Trent Hullender, Guy Sipes, Brad Reynolds, Curt Pressley, Chris Champion, Gerald Gladden, Calvin Goode, Roy Mathis, David Parker, Eric Odems, Tracy Johnson, Thomas Putnam, William Short, Tommy Welch, Jeff Stokes, Phillip Scism, Tom Potter, Alan Chapman, Quinton Rikard, Shawn Rainey, Jeff Hale, Clinton Graham, Ricky White, Vernon Stowe, Shane Burton, David Putnam, Dale Moore, Jay Schronce, Randy Whitaker, Todd Weaver, James Ellison, Mike Dixon, Tracy Johnson. 1983 - Record: 6-4. Head coach - Denny Hicks. Players - Todd Cloninger, Brad Reynolds, Roderick Boyce, Curt Pressley, Tracy Johnson, Eric Odum, David Parker, Rocky Lutz, Danny Moore, Zack Roseboro, Thomas Putnam, Doug Ramsey, Jeff Stokes, Brad Jones, Jarvis Young, Shane Crawford, Quinton Rikard, Shawn Rainey, John Grant, Jody Sellers, Neil Morris, Dale Moore, Therndon Brown, Steve Falls, Shane Burton, James Ellison, Kale Bagwell, Gerald Gladden, Robert Appling, Keith Pettus. 1984 - Record: 1-9. Head coach - Denny Hicks. Players - Vince Sullens, Sidney Brown, Sam Smith, Otis Brooks, Timmy Elder, Farris Turner, Rocky Lutz, Bard Jones, Dan Quanoudone, Mike Brown, Chip Caldwell, Donald Mauney, Kevin Sabucco, Shane Crawford, Kale Bagwell, Neil Morris, Keefer Ballew, Calvin Stephens, Edwin Sherer, Wes Burns, Dante Gibby, Kenneth Ross, Danny Moore, Eric Odems, Doug Ramsey, John Grant, Robert Appling, Steve Falls, Darius Watkins, Gary Feaster, Roderick Boyce, Ronnie Frazier, William Lockhart, Leonard Byers, Ben Lockhart, Mike Grier, Keith Pettus, Jaris Young, Therndon Brown. 1985 - Record: 11-2. Head coach - Denny Hicks. Players -Roderick Boyce, Jerry Jordan, Mike Brown, Otis Brooks, Vince Sullens, Aubrey Hollifield, Sam Smith, Sam Wilson, Monyel McCullough, Shane Cole, Rusty Bumgardner, Daron Hillman, Edwin Sherer, Raynard Roberts, Gus

Tracy Johnson Atlanta Falcons

Kevin Mack Cleveland Browns

Norris McCleary Kansas City Chiefs

Bottom left: Calvin Stephens New England Patriots Bottom right: Pride Ratterree Chicago Bears

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2012 - 90 Years of KMHS Football

Kings Mountain Herald


Saluting the KMHS 1998 Championship Mountaineers

All-time rosters cont.

At right: Anthony Hillman, 45, scores winning touchdown at Kannapolis in 1998 Western NC Championship game. The win propelled the Mountaineers into the State 3A Championship game the following week at UNC’s Kenan Stadium. Below: KMHS 1998 Western Championship team, the only team in Mountaineer history to play for the NCHSAA State Championship.

1986 - Record: 9-3. Head coach - Denny Hicks. Players - Greg Anthony, Paul Heffner, Shawn Smith, Daron Hillman, Mark Wyte, Daniel Long, Dallas Stacey, Monty Deaton, Phillip Greene, Anthony Hillman, Mark Crawford, Jerry Jordan, Jody Champion, Sam Wilson, Gus Degree, Mike Clary, Shane Cole, David Ledbetter, Kevin Bush, Todd Maples, Wayne Brazzell, Danny Hamrick, Aubrey Hollifield, Rusty Bumgardner, Kevin Champion, Allen Chisholm, Stuart Spires, Brent Bagwell.

Degree, Mark Wyte, Paul Heffner, Greg Anthony, Darrell Roseboro, John Pettis, Calvin Stephens, Wes Burns, William Lockhart, Tracy Williams, Wayne Brazzell, Danny Hamrick, Donald Mauney, Todd Maples, Phillip Greene, J.R. McGinnis, Mark Crawford, Jody Champion, Kevin Champion, Kevin Sabucco.

1987 - Record: 4-6. Head coach - Denny Hicks. Players - Ryan Hollifield, Brian Ramsey, Monty Deaton, Anthony Hillman, David Ledbetter, Tracy Wright, Tim Tyndle, Brian Dellinger, Jeff Lockhart, Quan Smith, Darius Ross, Clay Warren, Andre Bess, Brian Byers, Chad Carpenter, Jeff Guy, Todd Hullender, Daniel Long, Joe McClain, Kevin Smith, James Roberts, Wayne Brazzell, Chris Brown, Fred Byrd, Allen Chisholm, Kevin Bush, Jody Champion, Mark Crawford, lee Guinn, Todd Jaycox, Todd McDaniel, Chris Morris, Greg Newsome, Joe Reynolds, Shawn Smith, Brent Bagwell, John Hill, Roderick Alston. 1988 - Record: 5-5. Head coach - Denny Hicks. Players - Timmy McClain, Darius Ross, Jeff Lockhart, Tracy Wright, Petie McNeal, Ryan Hollifield, Todd McDaniel, Daryl Gash, Kevin Smith, Marcus Brooks, John Hill, Daniel Honeycutt, Reggie Gamble, Victor Bell, Keith Brown, Roderick Alston, Steve Robbins, Chris Putnam, Chris Morrison, Paul Brannon, Chris Brown, Lee McDaniel, Quan Smith, Joe Reynolds, Greg Beckwith, Reggie Moss, Todd Jaycox, Allen Chisholm, Casey Shipman, James Roberts, James Powell, Todd Hullender, Larry Stone, Toby Deaton, Brian Ramsey, Jon Reid, Brent Bagwell. 1989 - Record: 8-5. Head coach - Denny Hicks. Players - D.J. Williams, Jeff Lockhart, Allen Moore, Rodney Houser, Timmy McClain, Troy Watson, Mike Byers, Victor Bell, Daniel Honeycutt, Scottie Hopper, Andy Hollifield, Dale McClain, Jeff Rogers, Stacy White, James Howard, Lee McDaniel, Petie McNeal, Keith Brown, Matt Shirah, Chris Moore, Kevin Moss, Chris Putnam, Brandon White, Reggie Moss, Greg Beckwith, Brent Wilson, Marcus Brooks, Ryan Hollifield, Steve Robbins, Quan Smith, Jon Reid, Jonathon Hicks, Chuck Bridges, Daryl Gash. 1990 - Record: 6-4. Head coach - Denny Hicks. Players - Demond Glenn, Darius Ross, Mike Byers, Victor Bell, Jeff Lockhart, Timmy McClain, D.J. Williams, Rodney Houser, John Watts, Troy Watson, Tony Young, Diron Bell, Brenton Wilson, Jamie Goforth, Chris Davison, James Howard, Kevin Strudwick, Tim Roseboro, Tyrone Mack, Max Washington, Eugene Rosters continue on next page

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Kings Mountain Herald

All-time rosters cont. Morgan, Jonathan Hicks, Chuck Bridges Shawn Pressley, Brandon White, Matt Rikard, Jeff Rogers, Jermaine Grier, Andy Hollifield, Scott Pearson, Kevin Moss. 1991 - Record: 4-6. Head coach - Denny Hicks. Players - Tony Young, Jerry Black, Demond Glenn, Kevin Blalock, Sirimaha Rithiphong, Sheldon Thompson, Chris Rider, Michael Davis, Eugene Morgan, Antwaine Brown, Pat Ross, Jermaine Grier, Dremiel Byers, Robbie Ruff, Travis Smith, Craig Hammett, Jamie Goforth Garrett Blanton, Cedric Moore, Kelly Ware, John Watts, Phillip Caldwell, Shawn Grier, Tyrone Mack, Kyle Sellers, Keith Rhodes, Max Washington, Kevin Brown, Bo Phongsa. 1992 - Record: 6-4. Head Coach - Denny Hicks. Players - Jerry Black, Robbie Ruff, Sherman Witcher, Marcus Bell, Michael Bridges, Sirimaha Rithiphong, Kevin Melton, Hart Wells, Derrick Houser, Rick Marr, Kasey Holland, Pat Ross, Calvin Logan, Travis Smith, David Merck, Chris Carrigan, Chip Davis, Bron Smart, Jody Putnam, Antwain Brown, Bo Phongsa, Kelly Ware, Scott Roper, Norris McCleary, Phillip Caldwell, Chris Shirah, Dremiel Byers, Michael Davis, Calvin Mathis, Kevin Brown, Cedrick Moore. 1993 - Record: 4-6. Head Coach - Denny Hicks. Players - Rodney Brown, Josh Newton, Jeremy Martin, Kevin Melton, Kasey Holland, Travis J. Smith, Mike Hill, Jonathon Shipp, Kenny Bridges, Robert Thompson, Lamont Littlejohn, Eugene Stevenson, Tony Bryant, Chris Carrigan, Brent Herndon, Hart Wells, Chip Davis, David Merck, Mike Cobb, CC Smith, Jeff Harbin, Bron Smart, David Owenby, Jonathon Lovelace, Michael Wray, Jody Putnam, Sheldon Smith, Brad Jones, James Greene, Justin Bolin, Norris McCleary, Marcus Bell, Travis O. Smith. 1994 - Record: 3-6-1. Head Coach - Denny Hicks. Players - Lamont Littlejohn, Marcus Smith, Cedric Smith, Eric Tate, Brian Lefevers, Kevin Melton, Corey Jones, Jarvis Bell, Jonathon Jackson, J.W. Garner, Lloyd Goodson, Shane Logan, C.T. Williams, Weldon Hunter, Chris Carrigan, Kenny Bridges, Cathen Randle, Jason Murphy, Tony Bryant, David Merck, Josh Bolin, Deon Jeffries, Justin Champion, Randy Conner, Derick Goode, Mike Cobb, Tommy Morrow, Hart Wells, Jahi Smith, Cameron Falls, Jon Lovelace, David McDaniel, Chris Henderson. 1995 - Record: 8-3. Head Coach - Ron Massey. Players - Mario Robbs, Marcus Smith, Cedric Smith, Eric Tate, Lance McClain, Ernest Wilson, Jason Wade, Corey Jones, Chad Reid, Daniel Garner, J.W. Garner, Thomas McClain, Desmond Holland, Shane Logan, Jeremy Regan, Johnny Marshall, Emory Brown, Cathen Randle, Boyd Mason, Bo Walker, Brett Wells, Jason Murphy, Chris Burns, Julius Curry, Josh Bolin, Mark Johnson, Justin Champion, Joey Patrick, Randy Conner, Derek Goode, Johnny Surratt, Tommy Morrow, Corey McCrary, Jahi Smart, RJ Barnes, David McDaniel, Chris Wallace, Chris Henderson, Landon Benton.

2012 - 90 Years of KMHS Football

‘All-Star’ Mountaineers Kings Mountain High School football players selected to play in post-season AllStar games. Shrine Bowl 1955 - George Harris, QB; 1957 - Ken Baity, RB; 1985 - Calvin Stephens, OL; 1986 - Aubrey Hollifield, LB; 1998 Mariko Feemster, OL. East-West Game 1956 - George Harris, QB; 1957 - John McGinnis, QB, Shu Carlton head coach; 1964 - Fred Dixon, OL; 1965 - Hubert McGinnis, C; 1973 - Mark George, C; 1980 - Kevin Mack, RB; 1986 - Edwin Sherer, E; 1988 - Brent Bagwell, OL; 1999- Julius Curry, OL; Frank Hopper, DL; 2011 Cedric Thompson, RB.

Boys Home Bowl Game 1965 - Jimmy Cloninger, E, P; 1979 Chuck Gordon, OL. Lions Bowl Game* 1958 - Don Gladden, Max Lee, David Plonk, Karl Moss, Gene Bowers, Wray Plonk, head coach John Gamble. 1960 - Punch Parker, James Robbs, Jerry Adams, Dale Hollifield, Charles Burns. 1961 - Alton Stewart, Curtis Floyd, Eddie Ross. 1962 - Wally Harris, James Hope, Brent McDaniel. 1963 - Jim Medlin, Jim Owens, Fred Dixon, Bo Goforth, Mike Huffstickler. 1965- Danny Kiser, Chip Bridges, head

coach Bill Bates. 1966 - Kenny Plonk, Sandy Mauney, Chuck Gladden. *The Lions Bowl was a game played in Forest City pitting the top seniors from the Southwestern Conference against the top seniors from the Northwestern Conference. Players on teams that won their conference championship were not eligible because they were involved in the WNCHSAA playoffs. The game was discontinued after the 1966 season. High School All-American Bowl: 2011 - Cameron Harris, QB; Shelton Watson, DB; Tim Hines, WR; Jeff Douglas, OL.

All-Time KMHS Football Scores 1922 3-2-1* Fred Ormand KM OPP 0 Lincolnton 12 0 Gastonia 0 1 Cowpens 0** 19 Mt. Holly 0 0 Charlotte, US 25 35 KM All-Stars 0 *Record may be incomplete **Forfeit

1923 No scores available 1924 3-2-1 No coach (Lost to Clover) KM OPP 7 Piedmont 0 (Defeated Gastonia) 0 Mt. Holly 1* 35 Blacksburg 0 * Forfeit

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1925 4-4 Monk Banks KM OPP 7 Boiling Springs 0 0 Boiling Springs 12 (Defeated Lincolnton) (Lost to Forest City) 7 Chester 0 0 Lincolnton 1* 10 Gaffney 12 (Defeated Clover 3-0 or 7-6) *Forfeit 1926 6-0-4 E.S. Christenbury KM OPP. 6 Boiling Springs 6 17 Concord 0 1 Fallston 0* 58 Blacksburg 0 20 Mt. Holly 6 47 Dallas 0 0 Shelby 0 19 Lincolnton 6 0 Asheville 0 7 Shelby 7 *Forfeit 1927-34 Scores Not Available 1935 4-4 Pete Moss 13 Shelby 6 19 Cliffside 0 18 Bessemer City 0

19 Forest City 6 0 Newton 39 12 Cherryville 13 0 Morganton 14 0 Gastonia 14 1936 0-8 Pete Moss (Scores not available) 1937 0-8 Pete Moss (Scores not available) 1938 6-3 Crowell Little KM OPP. 14 Bessemer City 0 0 Newton 20 22 Cliffside 0 13 Shelby 7 13 Harding 0 0 Cherryville 26 14 Harding 2 6 Forest City 18 13 Blacksburg 6 1939 2-5-1 Cline Farthing KM OPP 0 Gastonia 7 0 Marion 19 41 NCSD 0 (Lost to Harding) 0 Cherryville 7 0 Shelby 13 7 Forest City 7 20 Bessemer City 7 (Lost to Lincolnton) 1940 4-5 Cline Farthing KM OPP 12 Gastonia 6 12 Marion 6 19 Bessemer City 0 6 Cherryville 14 25 NCSD 6 0 Forest City 7 12 Shelby 18 13 Newton 14 0 Lincolnton 25

1941 2-7 Cline Farthing KM OPP 0 Gastonia 32 0 Bessemer City 2 0 Charlotte Tech 14 13 Newton 0 (Other scores not available) 1942 0-8 Pepper Martin KM OPP 0 Hickory 40 6 Bessemer City 19 (Other scores not available) 1943 (Season cancelled World War II) 1944 5-3 Don Parker KM OPP 25 Bessemer City 6 9 Lenoir 17 7 Forest City 6 20 Bessemer City 0 13 Mt. Holly 6 6 Cherryville 7 0 Shelby 26 7 Hickory 6 1945 27 Don Parker KM OPP 0 Belmont Abbey 12 0 Forest City 39 6 Belmont 0 0 Newton 19 6 Cherryville 19 0 Lenoir 46 6 Bessemer City 0 0 Shelby 25 0 Hickory 12 1946 7-3 Clyde Canipe KM OPP 7 Lincolnton 13 6 Hickory 13 13 Bessemer City 7

See SCORES, 17

2012 - 90 Years of KMHS Football

All-Time Scores

0 Marion 7 20 Lincolnton 25 6 Newton 19 7 Shelby 36

FROM Page 16 13 Belmont 0 34 Rutherfordton 7 0 Cherryville 6 32 Mt. Holly 7 12 Lenoir 7 6 Shelby 0 26 Hendersonville 0 1947 1-7 Jack Rudisill KM OPP 0 Mt. Holly 27 13 Hendersonville 6 0 Bessemer City 6 0 Marion 40 0 Charlotte Tech 32 0 Lenoir 7 0 Shelby 40 0 Lincolnton 19 1948 1-5-3 Shu Carlton KM OPP 0 Bessemer City 13 12 NCSD 6 6 Morganton 7 0 R-S Central 0 0 Cherryville 14 0 Mt. Holly 0 0 Charlotte Tech 7 0 Shelby 27 6 Lincolnton 6 1949 6-4 Shu Carlton KM OPP 18 Dallas 6 16 Hendersonville 0 0 Cherryville 28 13 Forest City 0 6 R-S Central 20 13 Newton 0 6 Mt. Holly 0 0 Charlotte Tech 7 0 Shelby 7 12 Lincolnton 6 1950 3-3-2 Shu Carlton KM OPP 39 Dallas 6 0 Charlotte Tech 14 7 Stanley 0 0 Cherryville 0 7 Forest City 2 13 R-S Central 13 0 Newton 27 6 Mt. Holly 13

1953 5-3 Shu Carlton KM OPP 27 Bessemer City 6 26 Mt. Holly 6 13 Cherryville 14 14 Forest City 12 13 R-S Central 12 6 Marion 12 14 Lincolnton 0 6 Shelby 14 1954 7-2-1 Shu Carlton KM OPP 42 Bessemer City 0 54 Mt. Holly 18 20 Cherryville 6 6 Forest City 21 26 East Meck 13 7 R-S Central 0 24 Lincolnton 13 38 Dallas 0 14 Shelby 20 7 Belmont 7 1955 10-1-1 Shu Carlton KM OPP 59 Bessemer City 0 7 West Meck 0 28 Cherryville 0 7 Forest City 7 32 East Meck 7 26 R-S Central 0 27 Lincolnton 7 27 Dallas 0 26 Shelby 0 20 Belmont 6 (Playoffs) 19 Forest City 13 6 Valdese 14 1956 10-0-1 Shu Carlton KM OPP 6 Bessemer City 0 20 West Meck 13 21 Cherryville 6 12 Forest City 7 7 East Meck 0 26 R-S Central 0 39 Lincolnton 14 33 Dallas 0 6 Shelby 6 18 Belmont 12 (Playoffs) 7 Lenoir 6

1951 4-4-1 Art Weiner KM OPP 7 Bessemer City 6 19 Mt. Holly 0 13 Cherryville 7 6 Forest City 7 25 R-S Central 21 0 Marion 7 0 Lincolnton 0 7 Newton 12 0 Shelby 12

1957 7-3 John Gamble KM OPP 13 Bessemer City 0 6 West Meck 12 7 Cherryville 0 21 Forest City 6 13 East Meck 6 0 R-S Central 6 27 Lincolnton 12 33 Mt. Holly 13 13 Shelby 14 27 Belmont 7

1952 1-8 Shu Carlton KM OPP 12 Bessemer City 14 20 Mt. Holly 7 6 Cherryville 14 0 Forest City 12 7 R-S Central 12

1958 6-2-2 John Gamble KM OPP 19 Bessemer City 0 39 Granite Falls 6 0 Cherryville 0 38 Forest City 6

Kings Mountain Herald 6 West Meck 0 13 R-S Central 7 7 Lincolnton 7 7 Mt. Holly 12 0 Shelby 3 26 Belmont 14 1959 6-2-2 John Gamble KM OPP 39 Bessemer City 6 31 Forest City 6 44 Chase 7 7 Shelby 7 7 West Meck 0 14 Cherryville 0 0 Lincolnton 6 6 R-S Central 6 13 Belmont 0 (Playoffs) 0 R-S Central 26 1960 9-1 John Gamble KM OPP 38 Forest City 0 39 Bessemer City 7 41 Chase 0 12 Shelby 7 12 West Meck 6 20 Clover 7 0 Lincolnton 7 14 R-S Central 6 32 Belmont 7 40 Cherryville 0

21 East Rutherford 0 26 Bessemer City 6 12 Mooresville 7 19 Shelby 7 21 R-S Central 20 35 Belmont 14 24 Lincolnton 6 (Playoffs) 0 Hickory 6 1965 3-7 Bill Bates KM OPP 19 Salem 0 13 Cherryville 6 12 Chase 38 0 East Rutherford 20 0 Bessemer City 7 0 Mooresville 32 0 Shelby 19 6 R-S Central 27 14 Belmont 0 7 Lincolnton 20 1966 5-5 Bill Bates KM OPP 7 Thomasville 27 36 Cherryville 0 7 Chase 12 14 East Rutherford 26 13 Bessemer City 6 9 Concord 7 0 Shelby 19 3 R-S Central 14 13 Belmont 7 15 Lincolnton 14

1961 3-6-1 John Gamble KM OPP 14 Forest City 0 9 York 26 27 Chase` 6 7 Shelby 20 13 Bessemer City 14 13 Clover 26 7 Lincolnton 26 8 R-S Central 14 13 Belmont 0 0 Cherryville 0

1967 3-6-1 Bill Bates KM OPP 0 Thomasville 7 13 Cherryville 0 0 Chase 14 6 East Rutherford 6 31 Bessemer City 0 0 Concord 13 19 Shelby 7 6 R-S Central 13 7 Belmont 13 6 Lincolnton 14

1962 4-5-1 Bill Bates KM OPP 0 East Rutherford 0 6 York 20 18 Chase 0 6 Shelby 7 13 Bessemer City 7 13 Mooresville 20 13 Lincolnton 19 7 R-S Central 0 13 Belmont 0 0 Cherryville 6

1968 5-5 Bill Bates KM OPP 32 Bessemer City 0 6 Chase 14 14 East Rutherford 7 20 Belmont 14 13 Cherryville 19 7 R-S Central 10 0 Shelby 32 14 Crest 0 33 Burns 0 7 Lincolnton 33

1963 9-0-1 Bill Bates KM OPP 18 Cherryville 0 28 Stanley 6 34 Chase 6 28 East Rutherford 7 45 Bessemer City 7 14 Mooresville 0 7 Shelby 7 6 R-S Central 0 20 Belmont 0 14 Lincolnton 7

1969 5-4-1 Bill Bates KM OPP 24 Bessemer City 0 6 Chase 35 6 East Rutherford 7 20 South Point 13 7 Cherryville 0 14 R-S Central 18 13 Shelby 48 15 Crest 0 33 Burns 14 0 Lincolnton 0

1964 10-1 Bill Bates KM OPP 38 Stanley 6 33 Cherryville 6 32 Chase 12

1970 7-3 Bill Bates KM OPP 13 Bessemer City 6 26 Chase 0 9 East Rutherford 12

17 7 South Point 24 41 Cherryville 0 20 R-S Central 7 14 Shelby 41 41 Crest 19 13 Burns 0 27 Lincolnton 18 1971 4-4-2 Bob Jones KM OPP 24 Bessemer City 6 13 Chase 16 14 East Rutherford 6 0 South Point 20 13 Cherryville 15 26 R-S Central 6 8 Shelby 8 0 Crest 0 27 Burns 0 18 Lincolnton 43 1972 6-4 Bob Jones KM OPP 36 Bessemer City 12 31 Chase 0 14 East Rutherford 7 19 South Point 28 33 Cherryville 14 7 R-S Central 12 12 Shelby 32 14 Crest 22 21 Burns 14 24 Lincolnton 13 1973 5-5 Bob Jones KM OPP 0 Bessemer City 2 13 North Gaston 0 7 Lincolnton 0 37 Burns 6 12 East Rutherford 27 27 East Gaston 7 12 Chase 14 0 South Point 27 14 Cherryville 6 6 Shelby 26 1974 7-2-1 Bob Jones KM OPP 7 North Gaston 7 28 Chase 8 27 Hudson 19 34 Bessemer City 0 9 East Rutherford 6 29 East Gaston 0 14 Shelby 7 6 South Point 35 30 Cherryville 0 7 Burns 28 1975 4-5-1 Bob Jones KM OPP 20 North Gaston 20 0 Chase 34 21 Hudson 13 48 Bessemer City 7 6 East Rutherford 27 18 East Gaston 14 7 Shelby 42 30 South Point 27 0 Cherryville 19 7 Burns 13 1976 8-2 Bob Jones KM OPP 20 Crest 0 8 Chase 7 28 North Gaston 0 50 Bessemer City 0

See SCORES, 18

All-time rosters cont. 1996 - Record: 9-1-1. Head Coach - Ron Massey. Players - Mark Roper, Marcus Smith, David Turner, Joseph Bell, Lance McClain, Kendrick Bell, Anthony Ash, Corey Jones, Chad Reid, Landon Benton, Daniel Gardner, JW Garner, Thomas McClain, Toby Sims, TJ McClain, Jeremy Regan, Jonathon Parnell, Shamar Byers, Emory Brown, Derick Bumgardner, Boyd Mason, Bo Walker, Doug Cooper, Caleb George, Julius Curry, Mariko Feemster, Mark Johnson, John Bennett, Shawn Logan, Weldon Hunter, Joey Patrick, Kareem Marshall, Derek Goode, Frank Hopper, Johnny Surratt, RJ Barnes, Corey McCrary, John McDaniel, Rusty Putnam, Andy Leigh. 1997 - Record: 10-5. Head Coach - Ron Massey. Players - Jon Anders, Jamar Moore, Mark Roper, Kenny Moore, David Turner, Torrey Cureton, Joseph Bell, Danny Wright, Kendrick Bell, Anthony Ash, John McDaniel, Chad Jones, Landon Benton, Lamar Adams, Kevin Young, Keyotta Huskey, Toby Sims, TJ McClain, Carl Roberts, Joe Williamson, Anthony Hillman, Freddie Gladden, Rocky Ingram, Boyd Mason, Julius Curry, Richie Wells, Gerald Smith, Caleb George, Bucky Haskins, Mariko Feemster, Andy Leigh, Brad Carpenter, Robbie Walker, Linder Zanders, Collin Goforth, KeLee Thompson. 1998 - Record: 14-2. Head Coach - Ron Massey. Players - Jamar Moore, Stanley Whitesides, Kelly Littlejohn, Rocky Ingram, Torrey Cureton, Landon Benton, Danny Wright, Kendrick Bell, Anthony Ash, Bill Welsh, Chad Jones, Antonio McClain, Dwayne Littlejohn, Kevin Young, Antonio Goodlett, Lee Rhodes, Ryan Sadler, Joe Williamson, Anthony Hillman, Freddie Gladden, Geoff Turner, Brad Bridges, Jason Feemster, Julius Curry, Richie Wells, Mariko Feemster, Andy Leigh, Brad Carpenter, Robbie Spikes, Karl Burch, Michael Thompson, Laymond Caldwell, Josh Camp, Ricky McDonald, Jamal Byers, Torez Leach, Jeremy Harris, Ben Howell, Robbie Walker, Steve Ray, Bryan Thornburg, KeLee Thompson. 1999 - Record: 6-4-1. Head Coach - Ron Massey. Players - Jamar Moore, Stanley Whitesides, Kelly Littjeohn, Kenny Moore, Matt Ash, Torrey Cureton, Camal Roberts, Danny Wright, Torez Leach, Antwain Adams, Bill Welsh, Chad Anderson, Antonio McClain, Dwayne Littlejohn, Charles Perry, Lee Rhodes, Joe Williamson, Anthony Hillman, Shane Short, Jeoff Turner, Josh Camp, Jeremy Harris, Jason Feemster, Gerald Smith, Blake Bolin, Jason Jarvis, Adrian Blanton, Daniel Hardin, Kenny Moore, Chip Martin, Robbie Spikes, Karl Burch, Chris Hogue, Laymond Caldwell, Brock McDonald, Tito Littlejohn, Javarous Wilson, Qwenshon Goode, Joe Leach, Jarvin Ross, Evan Osteen, Steven Ray, Bryan Thornburg. 2000 - Record:4-7. Head Coach - Dave Farquharson. Players - Antonio McClain, Chad Anderson, Antwan Adams, Adrian Parker, Tyler McDaniel, Steven Blanton, Ronald Goode, Dejuan Jones, Tyler Adams, Matt Bridges, Shane Short, Steve Withlow, Tanner Putnam, Michael Adams, Matt Wilson, Joe Leach, David Creighton, Joe Bennett, Adam Blanton, Jacobi Oates, Renaldo Tate, Jarvin Ross, LaDricus Gingles, Justin Early, Pablo Peralta, Michael Marr, Matt Williams, Matt Ash, Michael Mackins, Brandon Roberts, Tyler Falls, Cortney Smith, Tito Littlejohn, David Hardin, Brandon Pressley, Kenny Moore, Jonathan Dixon, Jamal Byers, Jason Jarvis, Brock McDonald, Qwenshon Goode, Daniel Mason, Matt Varner, Kesanio Adams, Jarvarous Wilson, Harry Martin, Brandon Houze. 2001 - Record: 6-4. Head Coach - Dave Farquharson. Players Michael Adams, Brandon Roberts, Ron Goode, Adrian Parker, Cedric Hunter, Tyler Adams, Montrell Banks, Renaldo Tate, LaDricus Gingles, Chris Jolly, Brandon Houze, Jamie Camp, Jamarl Barrino, Travis Clark, Josh Gash, Antonio Crocker, Cortney Smith, Tanner Putnam, DeJuan Jones, Aquino Simmons, Adonis Matthews, Daniel Hardin, Nicholas Curry, Mason Dixon, Orlando Curry, Justin Early, Daniel Mason, Jonathon Dixon, Pablo Peralta, Steven Blanton, Matt Wilson, Jacobi Oates, Tyler McDaniel, Thomas Martin, Brandon Pressley, Matt Varner, Damon Armstrong, Casey Hord, Donta Adams, Johnny Gillard, Chris Yon, Justin Branham, Matt Williams, Mike Mackins, Chris Williamson. 2002 - Record: 4-8. Head Coach - Dave Farquharson. Players - Casey Thacker, Jamarl Borrino, Cedric Hunter, Adrian Parker, Derek Smith, Grayling Elliott, Montrell Banks, Justin Branham, Jamie Camp, Chris Jolly, Brandon Houze, Asa Harris, Aaron Bolton, Deon Holland, Courtney Petty, Jeremiah Adams, Orlando Curry, Aquino Simmons, Randy Galarza, Josh Etters, Casey Hoard, Mason Dixon, DJ Perry, Derek Hilley, Wilder Clark, Pablo Peralta, Derek Carroll, Julio Molina, Buddy Davis, Lee Smith, Sam McGinnis, Johnny Gillard, Donta Adams, Chris Yon, Cedric Young, Steve Grant. 2003 - Record: 2-8. Head Coach - Dave Farquharson. Players - Dennis Moore, Martrice Love, Brad Moffitt, Jeremiah Adams, Josh Gilbert, Grayling Elliott, Montrell Banks, TJ Summitt, Juan Samuel, Kelsey Adams, Pierre Goode, Tyson Byers, Aaron Bolton, John Gwinn, Chris Patrick, Orlando Curry, Jermanuel McClain, Josh Etters, DJ Perry, Marquiz Norris, Wesley Dixon, Shane Pearson, Stephen Bolt, Drew Gibson, Buddy Davis, Lee Smith, Sam McGinnis, Dustin Hudson, Francois Byrd, AJ Camp, Josh Yon, Louis Young, Wilder Clark, Derek Hilley, Allan Springs, Marcus Jimson, Scott Gibson, Steven Grant. 2004 - Record: 4-8. Head Coach - Dave Farquharson. Players - Javon Rosters continue on next page


Kings Mountain Herald

All-time rosters cont. Potts, Martrice Love, Johnny Phillips, Brad Moffitt, Josh Gilbert, Kelsey Adams, Antwan Ross, TJ Summitt, Dustin Nichols, Darik Gary, Antonio Feaster, Tyson Byers, Marcus Jimson, John Gwinn, Sidney Goode, Josh Gibson, Corry Branham, Chris Patrick, Isaac Proctor, Brandon McClain, Marquiz Norris, Kennon Grigg, Kenny Cooper, Ryan Skibo, Demarius Grier, CJ Cooke, Wesley Dixon, Andrew Childers, Chase Gibson, Larry Benton, Logan Hardin, Dustin Hudson, Francois Byrd, Casey Cogdell, Josh Yon, Lewis Young, Craig Huffstetler, Blake Hewitt, Will Franks, Nate Marable, Stephen Bolt, Scott Gibson, Allan Springs.

All-Time Scores FROM Page 17

14 East Rutherford 7 31 Burns 0 0 Shelby 20 13 South Point 21 21 Cherryville 20 2005 - Record: 4-7. Head Coach - Dave Farquharson. Players - Javon 21 East Gaston 14

Potts, Martrice Love, Johnny Phillips, Tyvegas Goode, Andy Allen, Antwan Ross, Brandon McClain, Will Franks, Blake Hewitt, Terray Whitehurst, Jontay Shoemaker, Casey Melton, John Gwinn, Sidney Goode, George Mayes, Corry Branham, Chris Green, Demarius Grier, Isaac Proctor, Kendricus Hart, Curtis Milam, Austun Miller, Lamar Womick, Ryan Skibo, CJ Cooke, David Clark, Scooter Rhodes, Andrew Childers, Chase Gibson, Larry Benton, Logan Hardin, Ray Baxter, Melvin Davis, Casey Cogdill, Tim Queen, Craig Huffstetler, Luke Proctor, Roger McClain, Nate Marable, Michael Stiles.

2006 - Record: 3-8. Head Coach - Dave Farquharson. Players - Alex Randall, Kenyon Surratt, Brian Kies, Brian Byrd, Andy Allen, CJ Belcher, Antwain Ross, Derrick Marble, Neil Scott, Sharif Burris, Michael Heston, Michael Roberts, Brent Reid, Casey Melton, Roger McClain, Chris Green, George Mayes, Cory Branham, Joe Chambers, Thomas Casey, Tevoris Crosby, Jonathan Brice, Kendricus Hart, Leon Staton, Bryant Petty, Taylor Putnam, Lamar Womick, Austun Miller, Brandon Davis, David Clark, Thomas James, Scooter Rhodes, Sage Luley, Fletcher Webster, Steven Montgomery, Larry Benton, Logan Hardin, Allen Scoggins, Jordan Guyton, Luke Proctor, Andrew Quinn, Ray Baxter, Desman Thompson, Michael Ross, Joel Guyton, Ricky Green, Marlon Whitesides, Michael Stiles, Charles Winters, Tony Barnett. 2007 - Record: 6-6. Head Coach - Greg Lloyd. Players - Alex Randall, John Young, Jacoby Giles, Sharif Burris, Leon Staton, Alec Jenkins, Devon Thompson, Tony Barnett, Neil Scott, Michael Heston, Michael Roberts, Jerry Lowery, Joe Chambers, Marlon Whitesides, Tyrese Addison, Anthony Dalton, Lance Surratt, Daren Zuniga, Ricky Johnston, Torrie Belcher, Trevarris Crosby, Tyler West, Bobby St. Martin, CJ Belcher, Bryant Petty, Jeff Basil, JT Putnam, Lamar Womic, Chris Irvin, Austin Miller, Brandon Davis, Jiris Toney, Joseph Haskett, Thomas James, Scooter Rhodes, Sage Luley, Josh Young, Torryce Houze, Steven Montgomery, Allen Scoggins, Josh Hamm, Kelly McCreary, Luke Proctor, Keenan Walker, Ray Baxter, Desmond Thompson, Charlie Christenberry, Ricky Greene, Fletcher Webster, Chaz King, Andrew Quinn, Antonio Sloan, Jake Allen, Aaron Jefferies.

t o G ds? Ki

1977 5-5 Bob Jones KM OPP 36 R-S Central 0 7 Ashbrook 21 13 Chase 12 12 East Rutherford 14 22 Crest 6 14 Shelby 20 34 North Gaston 6 14 South Point 27 14 East Gaston 38 41 Burns 7 1978 5-5 Dan Brooks KM OPP 13 R-S Central 0 7 Ashbrook 27 0 Chase 20 14 East Rutherford 0 8 Crest 6 0 Shelby 20 6 North Gaston 0 3 South Point 28 0 East Gaston 19 32 Burns 0 1979 8-2 Dan Brooks KM OPP

6 Burns 16 23 Ashbrook 0 7 East Gaston 0 13 East Rutherford 0 23 Crest 13 34 North Gaston 0 12 South Point 15 23 Chase 12 23 R-S Central 6 27 Shelby 0 1980 3-7 Dan Brooks KM OPP 8 Burns 27 19 Ashbrook 0 0 East Gaston 24 12 East Rutherford 0 0 Crest 25 7 North Gaston 6 6 South Point 36 0 Chase 26 0 R-S Central 28 0 Shelby 28 1981 3-7 Dan Brooks KM OPP 0 Burns 6 14 Ashbrook 21 0 East Gaston 6 0 East Rutherford 14 6 Crest 24 2 North Gaston 7 6 South Point 0 29 Chase 0 17 R-S Central 0 7 Shelby 13 1982 6-4 Dan Brooks KM OPP 18 Burns 25 8 Ashbrook 28 21 East Gaston 14 6 East Rutherford 7

d e e N ? s r o Flo

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2 Crest 9 20 North Gaston 14 14 South Point 6 9 Chase 6 28 R-S Central 8 8 Shelby 0 (ot) 1983 6-4 Denny Hicks KM OPP 29 Burns 6 13 Ashbrook 21 20 East Gaston 8 32 East Rutherford 12 0 Crest 21 27 North Gaston 0 14 South Point 8 20 Chase 0 0 R-S Central 7 0 Shelby 26 1984 1-9 Denny Hicks KM OPP 2 Burns 23 0 Ashbrook 14 14 East Gaston 33 21 East Rutherford 0 0 Crest 14 7 North Gaston 14 26 South Point 34 8 Chase 19 15 R-S Central 21 6 Shelby 34 1985 11-2 Denny Hicks KM OPP 40 Bessemer City 26 20 East Lincoln 14 (ot) 13 Hunter Huss 9 0 Shelby 10 59 Chase 0 20 Burns 0 30 R-S Central 14 1 South Point 0* 29 East Rutherford 20 45 North Gaston 9 (Playoffs) 14 Canton Pisgah 13 7 Shelby 0 0 Brevard 3 *Forfeit. South Point won on the field 21-19. Later forfeited for using ineligible player). 1986 10-2 Denny Hicks KM OPP 17 Bessemer City 7 42 East Lincoln 0 6 Hunter Huss 34 14 Shelby 7 27 Chase 0 28 Burns 0 35 R-S Central 14 41 South Point 7 0 East Rutherford 6 (ot) 35 North Gaston 0 (Playoffs) 17 Brevard 14 0 Owen 12 1987 4-6 Denny Hicks KM OPP 18 Bessemer City 4 7 Hunter Huss 9 35 South Caldwell 20 5 Burns 17 0 Shelby 28 17 Chase 0 7 R-S Central 21 9 South Point 17

2012 - 90 Years of KMHS Football 13 East Rutherford 32 31 North Gaston 14 1988 5-5 Denny Hicks KM OPP 25 Bessemer City 0 7 Hunter Huss 27 14 South Caldwell 0 0 Burns 18 13 Shelby 25 48 Chase 0 19 R-S Central 12 7 South Point 21 7 East Rutherford 20 40 North Gaston 0 1989 8-5 Denny Hicks KM OPP 7 Canton Pisgah 35 33 Bessemer City 0 30 East Lincoln 6 12 Crest 25 11 R-S Central 6 42 South Point 0 20 Burns 6 6 Shelby 14 27 North Gaston 0 14 East Rutherford 49 (Playoffs) 37 Smoky Mountain 36 (5 ot) 13 Burns 0 14 Shelby 20 1990 6-4 Denny Hicks KM OPP 8 Pisgah 13 6 Bessemer City 0 21 East Lincoln 0 25 Crest 21 0 R-S Central 27 26 South Point 13 13 Burns 16 17 Shelby 7 33 North Gaston 0 15 East Rutherford 31 1991 4-6 Denny Hicks KM OPP 13 North Meck 18 15 East Lincoln 13 20 Crest 26 0 Lincolnton 27 34 R-S Central 0 12 South Point 14 7 Burns 9 14 Shelby 19 49 North Gaston 0 35 East Rutherford 24 1992 6-4 Denny Hicks KM OPP 6 North Meck 34 23 East Lincoln 2 16 Crest 6 27 Lincolnton 14 14 R-S Central 7 29 South Point 18 8 Burns 14 0 Shelby 7 28 North Gaston 7 12 East Rutherford 16 1993 4-6 Denny Hicks KM OPP 59 East Gaston 0 7 Crest 20 21 Bessemer City 14 7 Mooresville 17 17 R-S Central 14

0 South Point 34 16 Burns 27 21 Shelby 48 18 North Gaston 20 33 East Rutherford 25 1994 3-6-1 Denny Hicks KM OPP 28 East Gaston 7 0 Crest 28 13 Bessemer City 13 8 Mooresville 23 31 R-S Central 10 14 South Point 17 13 Burns 19 6 Shelby 35 34 North Gaston 14 22 East Rutherford 35 1995 8-3 Ron Massey KM OPP 34 East Gaston 14 0 Crest 28 35 Bessemer City 7 20 Mooresville 13 21 R-S Central 7 18 South Point 13 13 Burns 12 0 Shelby 19 35 North Gaston 8 24 East Rutherford 15 (Playoffs) 14 Enka 17 1996 9-1-1 Ron Massey KM OPP 46 East Gaston 8 28 Crest 28 58 Bessemer City 11 19 Mooresville 13 30 R-S Central 18 41 South Point 16 34 Burns 13 42 Shelby 0 45 North Gaston 21 42 East Rutherford 0 (Playoffs) 21 Canton Pisgah 35 1997 10-5 Ron Massey KM OPP 23 East Gaston 19 26 Bessemer City 7 55 Butler 17 18 Shelby 20 7 Crest 28 21 Freedom 26 28 Burns 0 42 RS Central 0 13 East Rutherford 20 51 South Point 16 36 North Gaston 12 (Playoffs) 30 HP Andrews 20 23 East Rowan 13 28 Ragsdale 21 27 AL Brown 40 1998 14-2 Ron Massey KM OPP. 33 East Gaston 6 44 Bessemer City 0 21 Butler 3 7 Shelby 6 30 Crest 21 14 Freedom 16 31 Burns 6 38 RS Central 7

See SCORES, 19

2012 - 90 Years of KMHS Football

All-Time Scores

14 East Rutherford 27 29 South Point 59 14 North Gaston 13

FROM Page 18

2001- 6-4 Dave Farquharson KM OPP 17 East Gaston 0 21 South Point 17 24 Forestview 21 10 Shelby 19 35 Fred T Foard 0 49 Burns 21 0 Crest 17 62 RS Central 0 13 St. Stephens 20 7 Hickory 9

14 East Rutherford 7 30 South Point 14 41 North Gaston 0 (Playoffs) 50 Wilkes Central 7 21 Asheville 13 26 AL Brown 21 (Western NC Championship) 20 Concord 7 (State 3A Championship) 28 W-S Carver 33

Kings Mountain Herald 19 St. Stephens 23 14 Hickory 38

1999 6-4-1 Ron Massey KM OPP 34 East Gaston 14 7 Gaffney 50 68 Bessemer City 0 21 Shelby 21 14 Crest 21 15 Forestview 20 63 Burns 7 49 RS Central 6 54 East Rutherford 20 52 South Point 56 46 North Gaston 33

2002 4-8 Dave Farquharson KM OPP 20 East Gaston 30 28 South Point 53 14 Forestview 21 34 Shelby 35 (ot) 48 Fred T Foard 12 14 Burns 42 0 Crest 21 24 RS Central 7 42 St. Stephens 7 13 Hickory 20 28 North Gaston 16 (Playoffs) 28 Glenn 40

2000 4-7 Dave Farquharson KM OPP. 54 East Gaston 14 0 Gaffney 42 49 Bessemer City 6 13 Shelby 43 7 Crest 54 28 Forestview 27 (ot) 7 Burns 24 7 RS Central 21

2003 2-8 Dave Farquharson KM OPP 6 East Gaston 28 0 South Point 49 12 Forestview 17 24 Shelby 38 44 Fred T Foard 12 14 Burns 23 0 Crest 20 27 RS Central 21 (2 ot)

2004 4-8 Dave Farquharson KM OPP 48 East Gaston 34 21 South Point 44 42 Forestview 34 20 Shelby 52 56 Fred T Foard 22 0 Burns 45 0 Crest 54 27 RS Central 28 63 St. Stephens 42 14 Hickory 17 7 Maiden 36 (Playoffs) 21 TC Roberson 77 2005 4-7 Dave Farquharson KM OPP 23 Hunter Huss 21 14 South Point 41 44 Forestview 37 14 Crest 43 0 Central Cabarrus 28 26 East Gaston 24 21 Chase 0 35 Shelby 55 6 East Rutherford 33 21 RS Central 35 21 Burns 42 2006 3-8 Dave Farquharson KM OPP 14 Hunter Huss 50 16 South Point 31 21 Forestview 48 13 Crest 44 7 Central Cabarrus 3 7 East Gaston 41 21 Chase 34 14 Shelby 49

40 East Rutherford 28 35 RS Central 21 19 Burns 52 2007 6-6 Greg Lloyd KM OPP 42 Hunter Huss 25 3 South Point 52 15 Forestview 30 18 Crest 45 21 Victory Christian 0 38 East Gaston 20 41 Chase 0 14 Shelby 41 35 East Rutherford 10 17 RS Central 16 31 Burns 37 (Playoffs) 20 South Point 55 2008 11-4Greg Lloyd KM OPP 32 Hunter Huss 18 14 South Point 21 20 Forestview 21 2 Crest 7 16 Monroe Parkwood 0 42 East Gaston 14 49 Chase 14 21 Shelby 0 27 East Rutherford 12 28 RS Central 21 40 Burns 28 (Playoffs) 24 Hickory 7 41 Mooresville 34 (3 ot) 56 Anson County 55 14 A.L. Brown 30 2009 4-7 Greg Lloyd KM OPP 50 Kennedy Charter 12 21 Burns 14

19 14 Hickory 20 (ot) 28 A.L. Brown 56 6 South Point 21 10 Shelby 17 17 Hunter Huss 20 (ot) 27 Ashbrook 7 26 North Gaston 0 0 Crest 17 17 Forestview 24 2010 7-5 Greg Lloyd KM OPP. 40 Q Foundation 8 13 Burns 41 39 Hickory 38 (2 ot) 32 A.L. Brown 35 21 South Point 24 (ot) 20 Shelby 17 16 Hunter Huss 13 41 Ashbrook 34 48 North Gaston 0 14 Crest 38 50 Forestview 28 (Playoffs) 40 Asheville Erwin 61 2011 6-7 Greg Lloyd KM OPP 17 East Rutherford 14 0 Burns 28 14 Weddington 25 23 Alexander Cent. 22 9 South Point 45 21 Shelby 24 31 Hunter Huss 3 17 Ashbrook 3 53 North Gaston 28 29 Crest 37 12 Forestview 21 (Playoffs) 43 Forestview 13 7 Crest 42

All-time rosters cont. 2008 - Record: 11-4. Head Coach - Greg Lloyd. Players - Jacoby Giles, Tyrell Parker, Cameron Roseboro, Xavier Jeffries, Scottie Griffin, Devon Thompson, Ryan Webster, Josh Haraszkiewicz, Deshaen Chambers, Jamal Rahman, Jake Allen, Michael Roberts, Terrance Young, AJ Johnson, Joe Chambers, Anthony Dalton, Shelton Watson, Carlos Bell, Houston Lattimore, Tori Belcher, Dwayne Smith, Tyler West, Trey Funderburke, Clay Mitchell, Zack Hopper, JT Putnam, Robert Locke, Kelly McCrary, Greg Setzer, Jiris Toney, Joseph Haskett, Thomas James, Brooks McGinnis, Sage Luley, Josh Young, Zach McCaskill, Jack Luangsay, Jaris Williams, Matt Sepaugh, Daniel Hatley, Daniel Wooten, Walt Crocker, Dustin Morris, Deandre Degree, Lucas Spurling, John Gamble, Trey Edgerton, Lavon Robertson, William Blackburn, Trey Merrill, Alex Howell, Arron Jeffries. 2009 - Record: 4-7. Head Coach - Greg Lloyd. Players - Cedric Thompson, Lamont Jeffries, Cameron Roseboro, Xavier Jeffries, Zack Hopper, Edward Hopper, Ryan Webster, Josh Haraskiewicz, Matt Young, Trey Edgerton, Cameron Harris, Timmy Hines, Terrance Young, Brian Johnson, Schiron Burris, Chris Dye, John Robbs, Craig Watson, Carlos Bell, Steven Byrd, Torrey Belcher, Dustin Stone, Trey Funderburke, Clay Mitchell, Alex Howell, Robert Locke, Josh Luangsay, Matt Turner, Austin Black, Ricky Radford, Brian McGinnis, Matt Pruitt, Justin Fite, Jeremy Bradshaw, Zack McKaskill, Marquise Nance, Jaris Williams, Matt Sepaugh, David Bradshaw, Jeff Douglas, Tanner Ross, Anthony Sonvichit, Houston Phillips, Edward Blackburn, Jonathon Black, John Gamble, Austin Bridges, Davey Scism, William Blackburn, Kelsey Brown, Tony Chanthapaeng, Dylan Painter. 2010 - Record: 7-5. Head Coach - Greg Lloyd. Players - Cedric Thompson, Lamont Jeffries, Kelsey Brown, Jordan Smith, Zack Hopper, Edward Hopper, Randall Taylor, Tyrece Crawford, Matt Young, Trey Edgerton, Cameron Harris, Jonathan Clark, Alex Castellano, Brian Johnson, Schiron Burris, DaShon Guest, John Robbs, Dontaris Simmons, Shelton Watson, Lorenzo Knox, Steven Byrd, David Bradshaw, Dustin Stone, Collins Pressley, Trey Funderburke, James Story, Edward Blackburn, Tylon Early, Matt Pruitt, Jack Luangsay, Matt Turner, Austin Black, Ricky Radford, Tyler Bess, Deon Murray, Justin Fite, Austin Davis, Shelton Price, Jeremiah Gamble, Cody Griffith, Derek McDaniel, Jeff Douglas, Anthony Sonvichit, Tanner Ross, Larry Smith, Phillip Quinn, Jacob Lineberger, Kaven Swann, Davey Scism, Tyler Ward, Alex Toms, Nick Byers, Dylan Painter. 2011 - Record: 6-7. Head Coach - Greg Lloyd. Players - Trevin Torres, Jacob Lineberger, Jose Sappia, Alex Reynolds, Jonathan Clark, Tyrece Crawford, Markel Hemphill, Jordan Elliott, Phillip Quinn, Xavier Johnson, Noah Allen, Michael Douglas, Dashon Guest, Dontaris Simmons, John Robbs, Alex Toms, Curtis McNamara, Tico Crocker, Jacob Miller, Collins Pressley, Taylor Cash, Kaven Swann, Edward Blackburn, Cody Griffith, Deon Murray, Wilson Rikard, Matt Turner, Marty Lockridge, Paul Pillado, DJ Moody, Zach Hayes, Shelton Price, Jeremiah Gamble, Nick Postell, Derek McDaniel, Nigel Moore, Tyler Martin, Edward Hopper, Justin Jefferies, Jamie McGinnis, Landon Keeter, Henry Curry, Tevin Friday.

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Kings Mountain Herald

2012 - 90 Years of KMHS Football

The Final 30 (1980-2011) Gary Stewart Sports Editor The last 30 years of Kings Mountain High football have brought some of the school’s most exciting moments. The Mountaineers won five of their 10 conference championships during that stretch and produced the only team (1998) in the school’s history to play for the state championship. The period began rather uneventful as far as wins were concerned, with the 1980-82 teams having a combined record of 12-18. After the 1982 season Coach Dan Brooks went into college coaching and in 1983 Denny Hicks took over as head coach. Hicks had come to Kings Mountain in 1982 to serve as defensive coordinator under Brooks after a great stint as head coach at Owen High in Black Mountain Hicks’ first team produced a 6-4 overall record and turned out the first-ever 1,000-yard duo of running backs - Curtis Pressley and Tracy Johnson. Pressley gained 1,185 yards and Johnson, who later played at Clemson and in the NFL, added 1,142 before transferring to Kannapolis for his senior year in 1984. The Mountaineers were 6-2 and in position to make the state playoffs as the SWC’s #2 team before dropping the final two games. Johnson’s departure, just days before the start of pre-season practice, had a lot to do with the Mountaineers falling to 1-9 in ‘84. Hicks had built his offense around the star running back but then had to rebuild at a moment’s notice. The rebuilding program paid off, though, because in 1985 and ‘86 Hicks fielded two of the best teams in school history. His 1985 team finished with 11 wins - the most of any team in school history at the time and he became the only coach in school history to be named North Carolina Coach of the Year. The Mountaineers made the state playoffs for the first time in 21 years after finishing second to Shelby during the regular season. It took a stroke of luck, though, as a 21-19 loss to South Point on a Friday night at Gamble Stadium turned into a forfeit victory when South Point turned itself in to the NCHSAA for using an ineligible player. Kings Mountain was leading 19-7 at halftime before South Point put quarterback Sylvester Lindsay into the game. He rallied the Raiders to victory, but it was later learned that he lived sixtenths of a mile outside the South Point attendance zone. The Mountaineers went into the state playoffs and defeated Canton Pisgah and Shelby before losing in the rain to Brevard 3-0 in KM’s first-ever playoff game at Gamble Stadium. In ‘86 the Mountaineers shared their first SWC title since 1964 when the league race

ended in a three-way tie between KM, East Rutherford and Shelby. The Mountaineers defeated Shelby during the regular season, giving Coach Hicks the distinction of being the only coach in school history to beat the Lions two years in a row, and had first place all to themselves before falling to East Rutherford 6-0 in overtime in the rain. They went two rounds in the playoffs, being eliminated by Hicks’ former team, Owen, and its star quarterback Brad Johnson who later played at Florida State and in the NFL. In the first round they traveled to Brevard and this time trimmed the Blue Devils 17-14, rallying from a 14-3 halftime deficit. The 1985 and ‘86 teams produced numerous athletes that went on to play Division 1 football. Calvin Stephens, the star lineman on the ‘85 team, went on to become an All-American at the University of South Carolina and played for the New England Patriots. He was just the third player in KMHS history to play in the Shrine Bowl. Leading receiver Edwin Sherer played in the East-West game. Aubrey Hollifield and Rusty Bumgardner, who were seniors on the ‘86 team, both started four years at Wake Forest University. Hollifield was KM’s fourth Shrine Bowl participant. Kings Mountain’s 1989 team went into the state playoffs with a 6-4 record but probably had the best playoff run of any of Hicks’ teams. Their first round game was at Smoky Mountain, the #4-ranked 3A team in the state. The Mountaineers were heavy underdogs to the Smoky Mountain team coached by North Carolina legend Babe Howell. But after a 14-14 tie in regulation, the Mountaineers finally prevailed as the winner of a 3736, five overtime game which at that time was the longest football game ever played in North Carolina. Smoky Mountain took a 36-30 lead in the final OT, but missed its extra point. KM got the ball and threw three incomplete passes. Facing elimination, quarterback Ryan Hollifield found Darius “Nu Nu” Ross in the end zone to tie the score, and Daniel Honeycutt’s extra point gave the Mountaineers the victory. Kings Mountain returned home the next week to defeat Burns and lost to Shelby 20-14 in the third round, with the Lions scoring the winning touchdown late in the fourth quarter at Shelby. That would be KM’s final trip to the playoffs until 1995, when Ron Massey came from Fayetteville 71st to take over as head coach and led the Mountaineers to four playoffs in five years and an overall record of 47-15-4, the best winning percentage of any coach in the school’s history.

Kings Mountain went from a 3-6-1 record in 1994 to an 8-3 mark in ‘95, finishing second in the conference before losing to Enka in the first round of the playoffs. Kings Mountain had its only three-year championship run from 1996-98, winning the SWC outright in ‘96 and ‘98 and sharing it with Burns and East Rutherford in ‘97. Coaches from KM, East and Burns met in the Burns field house after Burns knocked off East Rutherford to draw to see which two teams went to the playoffs. Burns drew first place, KM second and East Rutherford, with a 9-1 record, drew third place and had to pack up their gear as the other teams advanced. In ‘96 the Mountaineers went 9-0-1 during the regular season. They tied Crest 2828 at Gamble Stadium when the Chargers had to come from behind in the fourth

quar’ter and get a touchdown and two-point conversion to tie. That was the only blemish on the Chargers’ record as they went on to win the state 4A championship. In 3A, the Mountaineers and Hickory were the powers of Western North Carolina and all were looking forward to a KMHickory match-up in the second round, fully expecting the winner to go on to claim the state championship. But Kings Mountain suffered a 35-21 first round loss to Canton Pisgah and Hickory went on to win the state championship. Perhaps the most important win that year for KM fans was a 42-0 drubbing of Shelby in the match-up for the regular season championship. Shelby’s star player, quarterback Norris Hopper, was dismissed from the team earlier in the week and the Lions See FINAL 30, 21

Kings Mountain’s all time leading rusher Anthony Hillman is pictured with head coach Ron Massey during his senior season of 1999.

2012 - 90 Years of KMHS Football

Kings Mountain Herald


The Final 30: 1980-2011 FROM Page 20 were no match for the Mountaineers. Corey Jones and Marcus Smith, KM’s second pair of 1,000-yard rushers in the same season, demolished the Shelby defense and Kings Mountain’s defense, led by linebacker Boyd Mason, held the Lions to just 74 yards total offense. Mason keyed on Shelby’s #1 runner, Marcus Tate, and limited him to 24 yards on 10 carries while Smith and Jones combined for 257 for the KM offense. The Mountaineers went 7-4 during the regular season of ’97 but still had the conference in hand before being upset by East Rutherford in Forest City in the eighth game of the year. That threw the race into a two-way tie but Burns made it a threeway tie by upsetting the Cavaliers on the final playing night. But the Mountaineers caught fire in the playoffs, winning over perennial state powers High Point Andrews, East Rowan and Ragsdale before falling in the Western Regional championship game to A.L. Brown. The Mountaineers had the Wonders on the ropes until late in the game when Brown’s all-star running back Nick Maddox broke two long touchdowns around end. The 1997 season marked the first time in school history that the Mountaineers went to the playoffs for three straight seasons, and the first time that they went four rounds in the playoffs. In 1998, the KM football program reached the pinnacle of its success. In its 76th season of football, the Mountaineers played for the state championship. They took a 14-1 overall record to Kenan Stadium in Chapel Hill to face Eastern Champion Winston-Salem Carver, and appeared to have the game in hand until the final minutes when Carver threw a long touchdown pass to win 33-28. The road to Chapel Hill was great, though. The Mountaineers went 10-1 during the regular season, with the only blemish on their record being a non-conference loss at Morganton Freedom. Some of their most impressive regular season wins came over Shelby 7-6, a 3021 win over 4A power Crest, a 14-7 win over East Rutherford which gave the Mountaineers the conference championship, and a 30-14 win over South Point. The Mountaineers opened the state playoffs at home, grounding the Wilkes Central Eagles 50-7, but things got much tougher after that. They had to come from behind in the second half to beat a powerful Asheville team 21-13 at Gamble Stadium.

That set up a battle with Kannapolis in the third round on the Wonders’ home turf where they had beaten Kings Mountain in the Western finals the year before and went on to win the state championship. The Wonders led 21-20 late in the game but the Mountaineers marched 80 yards to win 26-20 on a 20-yard touchdown run by Anthony Hillman with 35 seconds remaining. The run capped off a brilliant performance by the junior fullback, who ran the ball 37 times for a school record 298 yards rushing. He topped 2,000 yards for the season, a feat never before achieved in the history of KMHS football. The Mountaineers returned home the following week to face Concord for the Western championship. The Spiders grabbed an early 7-0 lead but KM came back to win 20-7. Again, Hillman was the go-to back, carrying on 31 of KM’s 38 running plays for 210 yards and two touchdowns. Kings Mountain was favored to win the state championship the next week at Chapel Hill but Carver launched a gamewinning 91-yard touchdown drive in the fourth quarter to complete an unbeaten 160 season. The Mountaineers got the ball back with 3:20 remaining and moved consistently down the field until Anthony Ash’s pass to Kendrick Bell at the Carver 29 was knocked loose by a bone-crushing hit by Carver defensive back Allen Pinkney. Ironically, the next year Pinkney backed up Bell at defensive back at North Carolina A&T. Despite the loss, the Mountaineers set a host of school records with Hillman leading the way with 2,510 yards rushing, still a single season record. Linebacker KeLee Thompson’s single season mark of 189 tackles also still stands. The Mountaineers finished 6-4-1 in Massey’s final year of 1999 and Hillman completed his three-year varsity career with career records for yards rushing (5,618) and points (396). Massey left at the end of the 2000 school year to become head coach at Kannapolis, the site of his greatest KM victory. He would average 11 wins a year over an 11-year period with the Wonders before retiring after the 2010 season. After sitting out of coaching for a year, he recently became head coach at Piedmont High School in Monroe. Massey’s five-year reign produced numerous players that went on to play college ball. Offensive lineman Mariko Feemster, who played in the Shrine Bowl, got a full ride to the University of North See FINAL 30, 22



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Kings Mountain Herald

2012 - 90 Years of KMHS Football

Large crowd follows Mountaineers to Chapel Hill for 1998 State Championship game.

The Final 30: 1980-2011 FROM Page 21 Carolina. Kareem Marshall, who probably made the biggest collegiate impact, was a two-time All-American in junior college and started on the offensive line for two years at the University of Georgia. He helped the Bulldogs win their first Southeastern Conference title under Coach Mark Richt. Several other players from Massey’s

teams played at smaller colleges, including Tony Leigh, Frank Hopper, Julius Curry, Anthony Hillman, Bryan Thornburg and Joe Williamson. In the decades of the 2000s, the Mountaineers have had only two seasons when they won over six ball games. But one was a season to remember. In 2008, Greg Lloyd’s second team at Kings Mountain won the SWC with a perfect record and went on to finish 11-4 over-

all after losing to Kannapolis in the Western championship game at Gamble Stadium. That season produced the most exciting quarterback in school history, Michael Roberts, who is volunteering his time with this year’s team to work with quarterbacks and receivers. Roberts often took plays that appeared to be stopped and turned them into big gains and touchdowns. He started all four years on varsity - as a safety his freshman year and quarterback his final three seasons. He became the school’s all-time leader

in yards passing (3,921) and total offense (6,701). Kings Mountain’s playoff run was one for the ages. Every week’s opponent was tough - and every game could have gone either way - but the Mountaineers made them go their way in the first three. The Mountaineers faced a very tough Hickory team in the opening round. The game was scoreless until late in the third quarter before the KM offense exploded for a 24-7 win. Hickory’s defense did a great job on KM’s 1,000-yard running back, Joe See FINAL 30, 23

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2012 - 90 Years of KMHS Football

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The Final 30: 1980-2011 FROM Page 22 Chambers, but couldn’t pin up Roberts who rushed for 135 yards. Freshman kicker Ed Blackburn broke the scoreless tie with a 29-yard field goal with three minutes left in the third period. The next two playoff games - against Mooresville and Anson County - were two of the best games ever played at John Gamble Stadium. The Mooresville game went triple overtime, with the Mountaineers winning 41-34. The game was decided when defensive tackle Jiris Toney jarred the ball loose from Mooresville’s star running back Jshaun Pinkston on a first and goal from the seven yard line. The ball popped right into the hands of KM safety Josh Haraskiewicz to end the game. The Mountaineers had to score 10 points in the fourth period to force the overtime. Roberts brought them to within 2421 with one yard run on the first play of the fourth quarter, and Blackburn sent it into overtime with a 25 yard field goal with 1:58 remaining. Both teams scored touchdowns in the first overtime, and kicked field goals in the second to send it into a third OT with the score knotted at 34-all. Joe Chambers’ one-yard run in the third OT gave the Mountaineers the win, but not before the big defensive play by Toney and Haraskiewicz at the end. No one who saw it will ever forget the Sectional championship game when the Mountaineers edged a powerful Anson County team 56-55. It was a game where one team would score, and then the other. When the dust settled the two teams had a combined total of over 1,100 yards of offense. The game wasn’t decided until the final 22 seconds. After Anson scored on a long run to come within 56-55, the Bearcats went for a two-point conversion and KM sophomore defensive back Matt Young cut the legs out from under Anson halfback Patrick Polk at the one-foot line. The Bearcats then kicked on onside kick and J.T. Putnam pounced on it to insure the Mountaineer victory. It was the tenth straight win for the Mountaineers, whose only regular season defeats were to South Point 21-14, Forestview 21-20 and Crest 7-2. Roberts probably had his best game ever, accumulating a school record 295 yards passing and 152 yards rushing. He was responsible for six of KM’s eight touchdowns (running for two and passing for four). Many of KM’s plays were the result of Roberts scrambling to make something out of nothing, including touchdown passes of 50 and 37 yards to Jacoby Giles. Giles’ second touchdown catch, with 37 seconds left, turned out to be the winning touchdown. The bad part of the exciting victory was that both Roberts and Joe Chambers were injured and that cost the Mountaineers in their season-ending loss to Kannapolis in the Western Championship. Chambers played but eventually had to go to the sidelines for the night, and Roberts, who had his ankle rolled when he scored against Anson the week before, operated at about 50 percent. Kannapolis took advantage of the situation by keying their linebackers on Roberts. The last five seasons under Coach Lloyd have seen the Mountaineers go to the playoffs four times, including the second round last year before falling to eventual state 3A finalist Crest. With 24 lettermen returning from that team, the 2012 Mountaineers expect to contend for the Big South championship and go much deeper in the playoffs.

Quarterback Timmy McClain scores in a 420 victory at South Point on Saturday, October 7, 1989. The game was moved from Friday night until Saturday afernoon because Hurricane Hugo knocked out the Lineberger Stadium lights.

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2012 - 90 Years of KMHS Football


Mountaineers on your 90th Anniversary!

We’re proud of your accomplishments and the memories you have created.

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90 Years of KM Football  
90 Years of KM Football  

2012 Football Preview