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Senior Producer, “Meet the Press,� NBC

Co-author, Politico Playbook

Political Reporter, RealClearPolitics

Correspondent, NBC News

Something about yourself people would be surprised to hear. I attended the High School for the Performing and Visual Arts in Houston, which was also attended by — wait for it — BeyoncÊ. We were the same year. We were not friends. I will never, ever be the most famous person to attend that school. Most rewarding part of the job: When Chuck Todd asks politicians a question that makes them stop and think... and not give canned answers.

What are some professional highights fom this past year? I covered every twist and turn of the presidential primaries in Playbook, helped launch state Playbook newsletters in five states and wrote feature stories on how drones are now being used to film political ads. Most challenging part of the job: Keeping on top of the daily deluge of emails from people with tips for Playbook.

What do you consider to be your greatest professional accomplishment? Being tapped by RealClearPolitics to cover the 2016 presidential race. The arc of this election is not what any of us expected, and it has been a privilege to write about this moment in history as it unfolds. Free time activity: Running on the Capital Crescent Trail and eating out around town.

Whom do you admire professionally and why? Aside from my mother, Vanity Fair writer Maureen Orth: Pete Williams, NBC News’ justice correspondent. He is a “just the facts� reporter who in times of intense turmoil — mass shootings, terrorist attacks, Supreme Court cases, etc. — is a rock of stability that brings comfort through his reporting. Advice to budding journalists: Don’t be defined only by social media.


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=392+ +9)780-78 R I S I N G  S T A R S     &  U N D E R

P O R T R A I T S B Y T O N Y P O W E L L | P H O T O A S S I S TA N T: S T E P H E N K E N M A K E U P : VA L E N T I N A G R E T S OVA , W W W.VA L E N T I N AG R E T S OVA .C O M A N D E L I N A S H E L E S T S P E C I A L  T H A N K S  T O  T H E  C A R LY L E  H OT E L   T H E  R I G G S BY  A N D  I ST R AT E GY L A B S


rom members of Congress and White House staffers to athletes, reporters, doctors, lawyers, entrepreneurs and public relations powerhouses, it’s never hard to find people to add to our yearly compilation of the region’s movers and shakers age 40 and under. That’s due to the simple fact that there are so many younger people doing great things here. We photographed close to 50 individuals for our 11th annual Young & the Guest List, which highlights more than 300 stars in their fields. This is an election year, so many are involved in the political world. You’ll find portraits of and interviews with journalists who cover Capitol Hill and the White House, as well as political players on both sides of the aisle. Democratic Reps. Eric Swalwell and Ruben Gallego posed for us, as did their Republican colleagues, Reps.


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Will Hurd and Carlos Curbelo. New House Speaker Paul Ryan’s press secretary,AshLee Strong, also joined the throng along with the Republican National Committee’s Chief of Staff Katie Walsh and several officials now serving in the final year of the Obama administration. Our list also proves that politics isn’t the only game in town. We’ve included chefs and restaurateurs — two of whom appeared on the latest season of Bravo’s “Top Chef.� We showcase artists and photographers, doctors and philanthropists (like Bobby Gill, founder of Cupid’s Undie Run and recent Runner’s World cover star) and top athletes from the Washington Capitals, D.C. United and Washington Mystics. It’s a well-rounded, accomplished, inspiring and, dare we say, FUN group that defines youth, power and success in our great city. 




(D) Calif.; Ranking Member, Subcommittee on the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) on the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence What do you consider to be your greatest professional accomplishment? Returning over half a million dollars each year to constituents who are owed money by federal agencies like the Department of Veterans Affairs or Social Security. What is the most challenging part of your job? Having the patience for an institution that doesn’t move as fast as I’d like or work together in a bipartisan way as often as I’d like. Do you have a mentor in Washington? Who is it and how has he or she helped you? Sen. Dianne Feinstein (DCalif.). When I was elected, she told me that there is no issue more important than the safety and security of the American people and she inspired me to join the Intelligence Committee. What is your advice to people aspiring to succeed in your profession? If you want to do public service, don’t set your sights on a seat, set your sights on a cause and you will find the right place to serve.

REPRUBENGALLEGO (D) Ariz.; Former Marine and Iraq War Veteran; Senior Whip for the Democratic Caucus,Whip of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus,Vice Chair of the Congressional Progressive Caucus and Vice-Chair of the Equality Caucus What do you consider to be your greatest professional accomplishment? Graduating from Marine Corps boot camp and being an infantry Marine. What is your advice to people aspiring to succeed in your profession? Do not start out your life aiming to be a member of Congress. Aim to be helpful to your community. If being an elected official is the best way to channel that, so be it. Second, remember that while being a member of Congress is something special, you as an individual are not. Whom do you admire professionally and why? Former Congressman Harry Mitchell. He inspired me to get back into politics and to be an advocate for veterans. He took tough votes in his district, knowing it would cost him politically. Tell us something people don’t know about you and would be surprised to hear. I love Zombie movies and “Pitch Perfect” one and two. I don’t know how to reconcile these two things.



| M A R C H      |

REPCARLOSCURBELO  R-Fla; Chairman, Agriculture, Energy and Trade Subscommittee of the House Small Business Committee Whom do you most admire professionally and why? Pope Francis is one of my heroes. He has demonstrated to the world that humility is a requirement for effective leadership. Here in the House, three great leaders took selfless actions to benefit the institution at a very turbulent time for House Republicans last year. John Boehner, Kevin McCarthy and Paul Ryan either stepped up or stepped down to put the interests of the American people before their own. What is the most challenging part of your job? Knowing that I am representing hundreds of thousands of people back home who are counting on me to fight for our community and strengthen our country, The opportunity to weigh in on issues that are fundamental to our present and our future and to make my contribution to the country that afforded me and my family freedom and a path to success are what keep me going when times get tough on the Hill. Also, knowing that I am part of the most important legislative body in the world. I take this role very seriously and I am honored to serve in this capacity. Free time activity: Being at the beach with my family — especially waiting in the ocean for the sun to set.

REPWILLHURD  R-Texas; former CIA Officer; Chairman, Information Technology Subcommittee of the House Commitee on Oversight and Government Reform What do you consider to be your greatest professional accomplishment? It happened when I was an undercover officer serving overseas. I wish I could talk about it, but it’s classified. What is the most rewarding part of your job? I pursued this career to fix real problems for real people and when you can accomplish that, it’s awesome. I also enjoy speaking to students about being a person of character. Whom do you admire professionally and why? James Baker. When he was in government, he knew how to get things done and he was a statesman. Now, he is taking everything he learned and giving back to students in Texas. What is your advice to people aspiring to succeed in your profession? Have a career before you enter politics. You can fix real problems if you have a background in something of substance. Free time activity: I try to play basketball with my buddies. I’ve been playing with since I was 13. I’m a little rusty though. My baby hook is not what it used to be.


| M A R C H      |



KATIEWALSH  Chief of Staff, Republican National Committee What is the most challenging part of your job? Running the party at a time where we’ve been out of the White House for eight years. There are lots of voices in the party and they want things done well and have high expectations. It’s a great opportunity but also a huge challenge. Everyone has an opinion. There is a huge scope of what the RNC could do and we need to stay focused on core competencies that are vital to being ready for our nominee. Do you have a mentor in Washington? Who is it and how has he or she helped you? Yes, Dorinda Moss, my very first boss in Washington. She hired me as her assistant in 2007 and then as her deputy in 2009 at the National Republican Senatorial Committee. There are people who come into your life that forever change the trajectory of your career. Dorinda taught me to keep my head down and work hard. Most importantly, she taught me that everything we do is bigger than just one person. It’s a big lesson to learn that it’s not just about you — it’s about a better vision for the country. What do you like to do in your free time? Free time? What is that?! During baseball season you can normally find me watching a Cardinals game. Otherwise I like to spend time with my friends and my boyfriend. When I can find time to work out, I’m a big fan of SoulCycle.

ASHLEESTRONG  Press Secretary, Office of Speaker of the House Paul Ryan. What is the most rewarding part of your job? There’s nothing more rewarding and humbling than walking into my office in the Capitol every day. Whom do you admire professionally and why? I’ve admired Peggy Noonan since I was an intern in the Senate after reading her book “What I Saw at the Revolution.� The day she quoted me in one of her Wall Street Journal columns years later was a big one. What is your advice to people aspiring to succeed in your profession? Truly understand the subject matter you’re communicating. As Dana Perino says, always strive to be more prepared on policy than the reporter. Tell us something people don’t know about you and would be surprised to hear. I’m an avid backpacker and hike in Montana’s Beartooth Mountains each August. I’ve bagged some of the state’s highest peaks and am looking to reach the tallest, Granite Peak, as soon as possible. Favorite place to spend a Friday night: Quiet dinner with family and friends.



| M A R C H      |



White House Director of Broadcast Media

White House Deputy Commuications Director

Whom do you most admire professionally? People in public service who recognize the work they do is important, but don’t act important. Free time activity: I enjoy a yoga, playing soccer, visiting art galleries and, of course, I look forward to not checking my Blackberry.

What is the most rewarding part of your job? Reading the letters and emails people write to the President. It’s a privilege to read their stories, many of which move us to tears or laughter, about how their daily lives have been impacted by things we’ve worked on. Free time activity: I like to cook! Going home and making a good meal is a great change of pace from a computer screen.

KORISCHULMAN  White House Deputy Director of Digital Strategy What is the most rewarding part of your job? Utilizing technology and social media to connect Americans directly to the president and his administration. Something people would be surprised to hear about you: I contemplated pursuing a career in comedy before joining the Obama campaign in 2008.


| M A R C H      |

Director for Strategic Communications, National Security Council What is the most challenging part of your job? The pace. The scope and breadth of the issues the National Security Council handles are immense, so there’s truly never a quiet day. And every time I’ve thought a day would be light, relatively speaking, at least — world events have dictated otherwise.



Director of Communications, Office of the First Lady

Director of Communications, Office of the Vice President

What is your advice to people aspiring to succeed in your profession? Do not be above the grunt work. I moved to D.C. to be a press assistant for the Hillary Clinton campaign in 2007. I still prioritize the basics that I learned in the most junior job of a campaign press operation: keeping a messaging calendar; ensuring transcripts, schedules and press releases go out quickly; tracking clips; and being responsive to reporters.

What is the most rewarding part of your job? Hearing from friends or family members outside of Washington and having them mention that they are really connected with something they saw, read or heard the Vice President do somewhere. Women you admire: Jen Psaki, Adrienne Elrod, Laura Nichols, Stephanie Cutter, Maura Keefe and Anita Dunn.


YGL JAMALABDI Policy Director, National Iranian American Council CAROLINEADLER Director of Communications, Office of First Lady Michelle Obama LIZALLEN Deputy Director of Communications, The White House JUSTINAMASH U.S. Congressman (R-Mich.) HELENAANDREWS “Reliable Source” Columnist, The Washington Post CRISTINAANTELO Interim President and CEO, Congressional Hispanic Caucus Insitute RONITAVNI Founder, LocalizED CARLABABB Pentagon Correspondent, Voice of America

CARMENBERKLEY Director of Civil, Human and Women’s Rights, AFL-CIO Rebecca berg Reporter, RealClearPolitics KIRSTENBERSET Sports Anchor and Reporter, WUSA 9 News BRADLEYBEYCHOK President, Media Matters for America DANNYBOICE Founder and CEO, Trustify SAGEBOLTEPHD Director, Life with Cancer, Inova Health System TIMOTHYBOULEYMD Global Health and Environment Specialist, The World Bank CHRISTOPHERBOUTLIER Interior Designer PARIBRADLEE Fitness and Yoga Instructor

MOIRABAGLEYSMITH Communications Director, U.S. Justice Action Network


LUCASBAIANO Political filmmaker

LEEBRENNER Business Development Lead, Microsoft

MEREDITHBALENSKE Vice President of Communications, Revolution LLC

ARTUROBRILLEMBOURG Founder and Managing Partner, AEB Capital

DESIREEBARNES Press Wrangler and Press Assitant , The White House


VINODABASNAYAKE Chairman, D.C. Government Relations Practice, Nelson Mullins

BROOKEBROGAN Senior Public Relations Manager, BrandLinkDC

BRADLEYBEAL Shooting Guard, Washington Wizards SARABECKSTEAD Assistant Marketing Director, Liljenquist & Beckstead Jewelers Carl bedell Attorney and President and CEO, ILION Management Strategies KATEBEDINGFIELD Communications Director, Office of Vice President Joe Biden KATIEBEIRNEFALLON Director of Legislative Affairs, The White House


FRITZBROGAN Co-owner, Mission, Mason Inn and George MATTHEWBRONCZEK Managing Partner, Federal Home Company ASHLEYTAYLOR BRONCZEK Founder and CEO, The W.E.A.R. Project PAMELABROWN Correspondent, CNN EVANBURFIELD Co-Founder, 1776 KIKIBURGER Director of Marketing and Partnerships, Rock the Vote

LARHONDABURLEY Senior Director, Partnership Marketing, The Washington Redskins ZACHCARTER Senior Political Economy Reporter, The Huffington Post GREGORYCENDANA Executive Director, Asian Pacific American Labor Alliance, AFL-CIO FRANCESCACHAMBERS White House Correspondent, Daily Mail KEOCHEA Deputy Assistant Director of Community Affairs, Consumer Financial Protection Bureau AGGIECHIN Executive Pastry Chef, Capella Hotel

Georgetown Business Improvement District

WALTERLCRONKITEIV Capitol Hill Associate Producer, CBS News LAURENCULBERTSON Founder, Millenial Bridge Consulting PATRICKCUNNANE Senior Writer, The White House CARLOSCURBELO U.S. Congressman, (R-Fla.) JAKECUSACK Managing Partner, CrossBoundary BROOKEDALEY Associate, Orrick, Herrington & Sutcliffe LLP KATEDAMON Owner, Kaze Design

GEORGECHOPIVSKYIII Managing Principal, The Fortis Companies

HEATHERDARAZS Creative Services Manager, CBS Radio


MICHAELDARNER Executive Director, Congressional Progressive Caucus

RACHNACHOUDHRY Co-Founder, POPVOX KARIMCHROBOG President and Executive Producer, 18th Street Films PHAEDRACHROUSOS Associate Administrator, General Services Administration BRIANCOESTER CEO, Coester Valuation Management Service ELBRIDGECOLBY Senior Fellow, Center for New American Security MARYBETHCOLEMAN Associate Director, JLL MATTCOMPTON Digital Director, Democratic National Committee ADAMCONNER Account Manager, Slack PETERCORBETT Founder and CEO, iStrategyLabs DANIELCOSTA Director of Immigration Law and Policy Research, EPI RACHELCOTHRAN Communications Director,

PATRICKDOWD CEO, Millennial Trains Project DEVINDWYER Contributing Correspondent and Coordinating Producer, ABC News JULIAEISMAN Global Marketing Solutions Client Partner, Facebook DOUGELDRIGE Managing Partner, DLE Agency GREGENGERT Beer Director, Neighborhood Restaurant Group JAMESFAEH Office of the United States Trade Representative, Executive Office of the President of the United States LACEYFAEH Owner and Editor, A Lacey Perspective LLC BRIANFALLON Press Secretary, Hillary Clinton Campaign

BRADDAYSPRING Vice President of Communications, Politico

MEREDITHFINEMAN CEO, FinePoint JONFINER Chief of Staff, U.S. Department of State

LAURENPRATAPAS DAYSPRING Director of Communications, CNN

ANNAFINK Women’s Equality Program, The Wyss Foundation

JENNIFER DESIMONEMD Dermatologist, Inova Medical Group

ASHLEYFORRESTER Corporate Director

ANAÏSDEVIELCASTEL Co-Founder, Petite Lucette RENAUDDEVIELCASTEL Director, Strategic Sourcing Network, Rubicon Global ANASTASIADELLACCIO Director of Marketing and Communications, Sister Cities International LAURENDESANTIS Capital Cooking Show

Marketing, EventsDC

PAUL-MARTINFOSS President and Executive Director, Carl Menger Center for the Study of Money and Banking BRIANFRIEDMAN Founder, Friedman Capital TULSIGABBARD U.S. Congresswoman (D-Hawaii) ALLENGANNETT Founder and CEO,TrackMaven

TARADIJULIO Commuications Director, Sen. Bob Corker MONIQUEDORSAINVIL Deputy Chief of Staff, Office of Public Engagement, The White House


MICHAELDOVE Co-Founder and Artistic Director, Forum Theatre

TYRONEGAYLE Western Regional Press Secretary, Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee

| M A R C H      |


elahe izadi, 31

sam stein, 33

amanda terkel, 33 Senior Political Reporter and Politics Managing Editor,The Huffington Post

General Assignment Reporter, The Washington Post and standup comedian

Contributing Correspondent and Coordinating Producer, ABC News

What do you consider to be your greatest professional accomplishment? Well. I got hired at HuffPost. And everything that’s happened has stemmed from that point. So, getting hired, I guess. What is your advice to people aspiring to succeed in your profession? Don’t worry about offending people, whether it’s bugging them for a job interview or a quote, or where the story leads you.

What is the most challenging part of your job? The Internet is more crowded than ever, and it’s tougher and tougher to produce stories that break through the noise. We work hard every day to figure out what stories matter, what people are interested in reading and how we can get those pieces in front of them. Something people would be surprised to hear about you: I was a cheerleader all through high school and for a year in college.

What is the most rewarding part of your job? So many! Having the freedom to report and write about the silly and the serious, the funny and the important. Collaborating with some of the best journalists in the business. And in comedy: the feeling you get when you make a room full of people laugh by telling one of your favorite jokes. There is nothing like it. Advice to aspiring journalists and comdians: Work hard, be reliable, be kind.

Whom do you admire professionally and why? I admire Jake Tapper’s fierce pursuit of accountability and fairness in his reporting; Jonathan Karl’s fearless questions to power, incredible drive and curiosity and compelling storytelling; and Rick Klein’s incisive ability to distill the most complicated political issues and narratives of our day into cogent analysis. Free time activity: Travel and explore new places with my partner and my family.

Senior Politics Editor and Senior White House Correspondent,The Huffington Post


| march



devin dwyer, 33


YGL RUBENGALLEGO U.S. Congressman (D-Ariz.) JENNIFERPAQUETTE GALLOWAY President, Wolcott Hill Group LLC PIERREGARÇON Wide Receiver, Washington Redskins MATTHEWGARDINER Associate Artistic Director, Signature Theatre PATRICKGAVIN Journalist and Filmmaker RACHELCOHEN GERROL Co-Founder, Nexus Global Youth Summit

MICHAELHAFT Co-Founder, Compass Coffee DANNIAHAKKI Co-founder and Principal, MoKi Media

SEANGLASS Chairman and CEO, Advantia Health

MAHAHAKKI Partner, MoKi Media

SHANAGLENZER Chief Marketing Officer, MakeOffices

DAWNHALFAKER Owner and CEO, Halfaker and Associates

ANGIEGOFF Anchor/Reporter, NBC4 Washington

BLAKEHALL Founder and CEO,

HANNAHGOLDSTEIN Assistant Rabbi, Temple Sinai


What do you consider to be your greatest professional accomplishment: Having several billboards with my images a block from Times Square was pretty surreal, especially since they cast my best friend in the ad campaign and his beard was the size of a car. Whom do you admire professionally and why? I admire women who are able to balance work, community, family and rich personal lives. From Lena Dunham to Lynsey Addario, there’s been a rise in females supporting each other publicly and I think that’s incredibly important.

What is the most challenging part of your job? Maintaining focus and direction. Art imitates life and people are always telling you what to do. It is up to you to stay true to yourself and find your own path. What is the most rewarding part of your job? Finding people who truly connect with my work. There is no better feeling than bringing joy to another person. Greatest professional accomplishment: To be able to make art for a living!

GIOGONZALEZ Pitcher, Washington Nationals

DREWHAMMILL Deputy Chief of Staff, House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi KATIEHARBATH Global Politics and Government Outreach Director, Facebook

ZACHGOODWIN Creative Director and Partner, iStrategyLabs MARCINGORTAT Center, Washington Wizards NEILGRACE Senior Communications Advisor, Federal Communications Commission


BIANCAGRIMALDI Founder and President, Washington Writing Group

INDIVARDUTTA-GUPTA Director, Project on Deep Poverty and Senior Fellow at the Center on Poverty and Inequality, Georgetown University

MARKGILLESPIE General Manager and Creative Director, Youth Orchestra of the Americas


RYANGRIM Washington Bureau Chief, The Huffington Post

ERIKAGUTIERREZ Founder and President, epgPR

LINDSAYGILL Executive Director of Business Development, Luke’s Wings


MORGANGREENHOUSE Founder and Managing Partner, verdeHOUSE


BOBBYGILL Co-founder and COO, Cupid’s Undie Run


SCOTTGREENBERG Marketing Director, Nonprofit and Arts & Entertainment, Sage Communications

JESSICAGROUNDS Founder and Principal Strategist, Solid Grounds Strategy

LISAGILBERT Director of Congress Watch, Public Citizen


RICHARDGRAVES Co-Founder and Vice President, Ethical Electric

BRYCEHARPER Outfielder,Washington Nationals SSHARHASHEMIMD Founder, Nerve, Bone & Joint Institute EMILYHEIL “Reliable Source” Columnist, The Washington Post

| M A R C H      |

ALEXMCCOY Chef and Owner, Alfie’s pop-up restaurant Chef and Partner, Crisp Kitchen and Bar What do you consider to be your greatest professional accomplishment? I made a promise to myself many years ago that I was going to open my first restaurant before I was 30. I spent years grinding behind the line, saving up, working my ass off and finally signed a lease to my first place, Duke’s Grocery, just a few days before my 30th birthday. What is the most rewarding part of your job? Being able to see the look on a person’s face when they take that first bite of a dish you have spent hours working on and weeks perfecting. It’s the best feeling in the world. Advice to aspiring chefs: Never promise more then you can deliver, always deliver more than you promise and dont ever compromise your values or your sense of quality.

MARJORIEMEEK-BRADLEY  Executive Chef, Ripple and Roofers Union; contestant, “Top Chef� Season 13 What do you consider to be your greatest professional accomplishment? Being nominated for the prestigious James Beard Foundation Rising Star award two years in a row (2014 and 2015). What is the most challenging part of your job? Trying to stay current without losing yourself to trends. Do you have a mentor in Washington? Mike Isabella has played a huge role in my D.C. career and I still go to him for advice. Advice to aspiring chefs: Keep your head down and work hard. Free time activity: Free time? That would be nice.


| M A R C H      |


Chef and Owner,The Shaw Bijou; contestant, “Top Chef� Season 13 What is the most challenging part of your job? People management. Being the person in charge has its perks, but it also comes with dealing with people who have different emotions and ways they respond and react to things. Something people would be surprised to hear about you? My first job was at McDonald’s and I loved it!



Executive Pastry Chef, Capella Hotel; RAMW Pastry Chef of the Year

Managing Partner, Duke’s Grocery

What is the most rewarding part of your job? Being able to make people smile with the menus and dishes. In the grand scheme of things, my job is fairly frivolous, but it allows people to take a break from their hectic lives and for the two hours or so they are dining, they can slow down and enjoy the company of friends and loved ones, relishing the ability to treat themselves and each other. Favorite place to spend a Friday night: Work.

What do you consider to be your greatest professional accomplishment? The biggest thrill was the first rush of customers on the day we opened Duke’s Grocery. I get a version of that same feeling when the first guests of the day come in. Free time activity: I have a plot in a community garden and I’ll take any chance I can to get my hands in the dirt. I’ve had the most luck with heirloom tomatoes and numerous kinds of basil, some of which make their way onto our menu.


YGL Elizabeth Heng Chief of Protocol and Member Outreach, House Foreign Affairs Committee James Henry Founder, Teavine Justin Herman Federal Social Media Lead, General Services Administration Jaime Herrera Beutler U.S. Congresswoman (R-Wash.) nate hodson Communications Director, House Republican Conference Rachel Holt Regional General Manager for the East Coast, Uber Inc. Braden Holtby Goalie, Washington Capitals Frances Holuba Director of Social Enterprise, Politco Roger Horowitz Co-Founder, Pleasant Pops scott horvath Bureau Social Media Lead, USGS Heather Hughes Vice President, AIG SunAmerica Funds Nicholas Hunter Vice President, Business Development, POUNDS Mary Anne Huntsman Concert Pianist elahe izadi Reporter, The Washington Post Will hurd U.S. Representative, (R-Texas)

bobby gill, 32

Co-founder and COO, Cupid’s Undie Run What do you consider to be your greatest professional accomplishment?Creating a fundraiser and growing it so that is now bringing in $5 million for neurofibromatosis research every year. What is the most rewarding part of your job? Standing in front of thousands of people at the start line on race day, in my underwear, freezing my butt off, and being able to tell the crowd how much money they collectively fundraised that year ... It’s such an amazing feeling.


timothy bouley, m.d. 34

sekwon jang, m.d. Hematologist and Oncologist, Inova Medical Group

s. shar hashemi, m.d. 40

Global Health and Environment Specialist, The World Bank

President and Founder, Nerve, Bone and Joint Insitute (NBJI); surgeon

What is your advice to people aspiring to succeed in your profession? Hard work is not enough, you have to also be creative, considerate and constantly evaluating success and failure. To have real impact, you need to be a good communicator and willing to help others be their best, too. Free time activities: Rock climbing and rummaging around Community Forklift.

What do you consider to be your greatest professional accomplishment? Creating the first multidisplinary institute in Washington, D.C. specializing in the care of complex neuromusculoskeletal conditions. What is the most rewarding part of your job? Seeing a patient who lacks function, intervening and seeing a restoration of function.


Adora Andy Jenkins Senior Vice President of External Affairs, Information Technology Industry Council Brad Jenkins Managing Director and Executive Producer, Funny or Die Nate Jenkins Senior Advisor to the Director and Acting Chief of Staff, White House Office of Management and Budget

| march





Partner and Creative Director, iStrategyLabs

CEO, iStrategyLabs

What do you consider to be your greatest professional accomplishment? This past year was full of such incredible, career-best projects for me and the creative team at iStrategyLabs (ISL). We had a chance to pitch and win work that I’ve been passionate about for almost a decade. We created an unusual, inventive campaign for the award-winning USA Network show “Mr. Robot.” I had a chance to write and direct commercials for Dramamine and Beano. We won the chance to be Volkswagen’s social agency of record. It was the result of the work of so many great and gifted people at ISL. What is your advice to people aspiring to succeed in your profession? Do as much work as humanly possible. Don’t wait until you have some credentials or say-so from someone else to do what you’re passionate about. Don’t assume that anyone really knows how to do it — we’re all just figuring it out. Be self-critical and ruthless about what you’re good at and not.

What do you consider to be your greatest professional accomplishment? Growing iStrategyLabs into a globally recognized digital agency. I started it in my apartment in Logan Circle eight years ago and grew it to 80-plus employees without outside investors. What is the most challenging part of your job? Not being able to capture all the opportunities that come our way. To do that I would need to be in D.C., New York, Los Angeles and the EU simultaneously all the time! What is the most rewarding part of your job? I love seeing millions of people engage with the campaigns, technology and products we develop. Free time activity: Reading! I’m a voracious reader of foreign affairs and macroeconomics.

ALEXAJOHNSON Co-owner, Ella-Rue ANNEJOHNSON Executive Director, Generation Progress AYANAELIZABETH JOHNSON Executive Director, Waitt Institute BRIANJOHNSON Director of Federal Relations, API


KRISTAJOHNSON Co-owner, Ella-Rue JONATHANJORDAN Featured Dancer, The Washington Ballet PÉTERKALOTAI Deputy Chief of Mission, Embassy of Hungary GOLDYKAMALI Founder and CEO, Scoop News Group OLIVIERKAMANDA CEO, Ideal Impact

| M A R C H      |

CASSIDYKARAKORN Deputy Director for Consumer Marketing, Human Rights Campaign NICHOLASKARNAZE Founder, stubble & ‘stache CODYKEENAN Director of Speechwriting for President Barack Obama, The White House CHRYSKEFALAS Vice President of Executive Communications, National Association of Manufacturers;

U.S. Senate Candidate

BRIANNAKEILAR Senior Political Correspondent, CNN JOSEPHPKENNEDYIII U.S. Congressman (D-Mass.) RYANKERRIGAN Linebacker, Washington Redskins SIMKHAN Attorney and Founder, Brimble & Clark Custom Clothiers

SUZANNEKIANPOUR Capitol Hill Producer, BBC News CAROLYN AMIRPASHAIEKING Director of Operations, Rep. Randy Forbes (R-Va.) ALBERTKLEINE Economist, Bureau of Labor Statistics KENDRAKOJCSICH Vice President, Global Health and Social Input, Porter Novelli


YGL KENDRA Kojcsich Vice President, Global Health and Social Input, Porter Novelli Julie Kohler Managing Director, The Democracy Alliance AJay KORI Co-Founder, UrbanStems daniel kramer Managing Partner, Duke’s Grocery

Feinstein (D-Calif.)

Media, The White House

Washington Ballet

daniel lippman Reporter and Co-Author of Politico Playbook, Politico

Tommy McFly Morning Show Host, 94.7 Fresh FM, CBS Radio

Stephanie Nguyen Co-Founder and Lead Product Designer, Landmark

Kirsten Lodal Co-Founder and CEO, LIFT

Marjorie meek-bradley Executive Chef, Ripple and Roofer’s Union

Derek Luyten Region Director of the Asia Division, International Republican Institute

Jennifer mellon Vice President, Trustify

Paul Nitze Special Assistant to U.S. Attorney, Eastern District of Virginiat

Carine Krawiec Owner, Carine’s Bridal Atelier

Chase Maggiano Executive Director, Gay Men’s Chorus of Washington

Jackie Kucinich Senior Politics Editor The Daily Beast

Kadrieka Maiden Owner, Style and Image Network

Anna Lefer Kuhn Executive Director, The Arca Foundation

Max Major Magician and Corporate Entertainer

Judy Kurtz “In the Know” Columnist, The Hill

Sarah Margon Washington Director, Human Rights Watch

Jessica Moore Director of Government Relations, Walt Disney Company

Rebecca Mark Senior Adviser to House Republican Conference Chairwoman Cathy McMorris Rodgers (R-Wash.)

seth moulton U.S. Congressman (D-Mass.) brad lackey Vice President, The Presidio Group Giuseppe Lanzone Co-Owner, Peruvian Brothers and Varsity Lightweight Rowing Coach, Georgetown University mario Lanzone Co-Owner, Peruvian Brothers michael lastoria Founder, &pizza Becky Lee Executive Director, Becky’s Fund Jesse Lee Director of Progressive Media and Online Response, The White House Svetlana Legetic Co-Founder, Brightest Young Things Zach Leonsis Vice President and General Manager, Monumental Network, Monumental Sports and Entertainment dean lieberman Press Secretary, Sen. Dianne


Anne Mahlum Founder and CEO, solidcore Violetta Markelou Photographer and Makeup Artist Jaclyn Mason Owner, Charm Georgetown Oriana Skylar Mastro Assistant Professor, Georgetown University JOHN McCarthy Director, Social Innovation Programming, Mission Hub LLC Kevin McCarthy Entertainment Reporter, FOX 5 alex mccoy Chef and Partner, Crisp Kitchen and Bar; Chef and Owner, Alfie’s Amber McDonald Senior Counsel, Baker & Miller and Founder, The Kindness Collective rob mcdonell Director of Broadcast

Spike Mendelsohn Chef and Restaurateur - Good Stuff Eatery and We the Pizza flavius mihaies Journalist and Consultant, The World Bank Alex Mills Actor, SyneticTheater Jennifer Mishory Executive Director, Young Invincibles sujata mitra Senior Director of Commuications, News and Politics, The Huffington Post Navroop Mitter CEO, ArmorText Danielle MoodieMills Adviser on LGBT Policy and Racial Justice, Center for American Progress evan morgan Partner, Revolution Growth michael moroney Director of Public Affairs, Story Partners alfred morris Running Back, Washington Redskins cori sue morris Blogger, Bitches Who Brunch; Digital Strategist Maryam Mujica Public Policy Manager, Twitter Patrick Murphy U.S. Congressman (D-Florida) Rafael NÁvar National Political Director, Communications Workers of America Deejay Neekola DJ and Producer, Neekola Entertainmentt Heidi Nel Principal, Picture Motion Jared Nelson Featured Dancer, The

Co-owner, Café Bonaparte, Malmaison and Napoleon

Michael Pope Virginia Reporter,WAMU 88.5 Drew Porterfield Director and Curator, Long View Gallery

Elizabeth North President, Curiosity Stream Jummy Olabanji Anchor and Reporter, ABC7 News Steven Olikara Co-Founder and President, Millennial Action Project sondra ortagus Head Booker, THE Artist Agency Laura O’Shaughnessy CEO, SocialCode Alex Ovechkin Left Wing and Captain, The Washington Capitals and Founder, Crazy Eights Ali pardo Deputy Press Secretary, Republican National Committee

ned price Director, Strategic Communications, National Security Council La Celia Prince Ambassador of St.Vincent and the Grenadines Jen Psaki Director of Communications, The White House Andrew Rafferty Political Reporter, NBC News Manu Raju Senior Political Reporter, CNN Ryan Reilly Justice Reporter, The Huffington Post anthony rendon Infielder, Washington Nationals Steve Ressler President and Founder, GovLoop

matt pauls Managing Member, Champouse Group, LLC Allison kaminsky Putala Principal, Kaminsky Putala

Ben Rhodes Deputy National Security Advisor, Strategic Communications and Speechwriting, The White House

Trita Parsi President, National Iranian American Council

Joseph E. Robert III Board of Directors, Fight for Children

Raymon Pal Territory Manager, Western Union Business Solutions

Josh rogin Columnist, Bloomberg View

Dan Pfeiffer Vice President of Communications and Policy, GoFundMe Hilary Phelps Founder and Creative Director, GJ Media Group LLC Macon Phillips Coordinator, U.S. Department of State Amanda Polk Philanthropic fundraiser Ada Polla President and CEO, Alchimie Forever Omar Popal


morgann rose Principal Dancer, Washington Ballet Joanna Rosholm Press Secretary, Office of the First Lady, The White House Ximena Gonzalez Rojas Deputy Chief of Staff, Presidential Personnel, The White House Kim Rosenberg Founder and President, Mixology-Matchmaking with a Twist Luke Russert Congressional Correspondent, NBC News

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dannia hakki, 31

Co-Founder and Principal, MoKi Media What is the most challenging part of your job? Running a full-service, boutique PR agency consumes my life, especially given our high-profile roster, which includes names like Shinola, Moët Hennessy, Union Market and Ann Taylor. We represent lifestyle brands, so ultimately, the brands are my lifestyle. In this industry, it’s hard to separate personal life from work life. Admires:. Arianna Huffington. Mentor: White House Correspondent Kate Bennett.


| march


scott greenberg, 32

Marketing Director, Nonprofit and Arts Entertainment, Sage Communications What is the most rewarding part of your job? When clients like S&R Foundation, D.C. Jazz Festival or National Cherry Blossom Festival trust me and know that my team is going to create truly special, strategic product for them. I have a great team I can count on and clients who are willing to try things that are new and different. Mentor: The Washington Ballet’s Septime Webre.


maha hakki, 26

erika gutierrez, 32

What is your advice to people aspiring to succeed in your profession? Some people, my friends included, think of PR as a profession dedicated solely to event planning when, in fact, events are a small part of the job. So, while people may think I hop from party to party with a glass of Moët in hand, the reality is that I spend nine hours a day behind my Mac writing press releases and pitching ideas and proposals. Favorite place to spend a Friday night: Dancing the night away at Soundcheck.

Whom do you admire professionally and why? My father (Carlos Gutierrez). He has worked so hard his entire life and continues to accomplish the goals he sets for himself, never slowing down. As an immigrant from Cuba who went on to become the CEO of Kellogg’s and secretary of commerce of the United States, he has taught me that with hard work and perseverance, the sky is the limit! Advice to newcomers in PR: Be aggressive and confident ... but always remember to stay humble.

Partner, MoKi Media

Founder and President, epgPR


YGL Jayne Sandman Principal, BrandLinkDC Michael Sapienza CEO, Chris4Life Colon Cancer Foundation Ed Scarpone Executive Chef, DBGB Kitchen and Bar

Sam Stein Senior Politics Editor, and Senior White House Correspondent, The Huffington Post

kori schulman Deputy Director of Digital Strategy, The White House

ashlee strong Press Secretary, House Speaker Paul Ryan

Nikki Schwab U.S. Political Reporter, The Daily Mail online

Harrison Suarez Co-Founder, Compass Coffee

Ryan Seelbach CEO, Seelbach Entertainment Group

Jesse Suskin Manager, Government Relations and Public Policy, Google

sultan shakir Executive Director, SMYAL

eric swalwell U.S. Representative (D-Calif.)

Ilya Shapiro Senior Fellow in Constitutional Studies, CATO Institute

martin swift Artist

jeff sheely Co-Founder, UrbanStems Jed Shein Digital Director, Embassy of Israel

Muna Shikaki Correspondent, Al-Arabiya

What do you consider to be your greatest professional accomplishment? Opening a store after the recession. Whom do you admire professionally? [Spanx founder] Sarah Blakely. She was told no so many times and figured out a way to build a billion-dollar empire.Tell us something people don’t know about you and would be surprised to hear? I am a fine oil painter.


alexa johnson, 31

What is the most challenging part of your job? Staying three and four steps ahead of what our customers preferences are going to be. It’s the delicate balance of what’s happening day-to-day in the store and what we forecast they will gravitate towards next season or even the season thereafter. I’m procuring merchandise six to nine months before it hits the floor based off the pulse we’re getting from our clientele today. Free time activity: Going to Middleburg where I grew up.

stuart siciliano Partner, Hamilton Place Strategies Aaron Silverman Chef and Owner, Rose’s Luxury Kyrsten Sinema U.S. Congresswoman (D-Ariz.) Alex skatell Founder and CEO, IJ Review Amos Snead Founder and Partner,


Karin Tanabe Novelist and writer Stephanie Taylor Co-Founder, Progressive Change Campaign Committee Steve Taylor Principal Software Engineer, Invincia Inc. amanda terkel Senior Political Repoter and Politics Managing Editor, The Huffington Post

Hallie Sherard Director of Business Development, KGD Architecture

Co-founder, Ella Rue boutique consignment shop

ASHLEY Spillane President, Rock the Vote

Leo Schmid Senior Marketing and PR Manager, Richard Sandoval Restaurants

adam sharp Head of News, Government and Elections, Twitter

krista johnson, 33

Jason Spear Legislative Associate and Deputy Communications Director, Delegate Eleanor Holmes Norton (D-D.C.) Paige Speyer Owner, Wink DC

Nicole Schade Lifestyle Account Manager, TAA Public Relations

Co-founder, Ella Rue boutique consignment shop

Bryant Row LLC

Shaunna Thomas Co-Founder, Shawna thomas Senior Producer, NBC Meet the Press lindley thornburg RICHARDSON Public Relations Consultant, Heather Freeman Media & Public Relations Emily Tisch Sussman Director of Campaigns, Center for American Progress Elliot Totah President, Oxbridge Development

| march




jessica moore, 36

Government Relations Director,Walt Disney Company What do you consider to be your greatest professional accomplishment? One of the favorite days of my career was working with Blue Star Families to bring some Disney magic to military families stationed in Vicenza, Italy. Together we brought over 3,000 books for the children, Mickey came all the way to Italy to greet the families and first lady Michelle Obama was our very special guest reader. It was such a fun day showing support for our United States military families overseas who sacrifice being near their loved ones in order to support our country. Whom do you admire professionally and why? First lady Michelle Obama has spent her time in the White House reminding families how important it is for children to be physically active, encouraging Americans to support military families and highlighting the importance of continuing education. In between sack races and push up contests, she’s had a lot fun doing it. Most importantly, she always makes being a mom her first priority. I love that my daughter — and children everywhere — have such a positive role model. What is your advice to people aspiring to succeed in your profession? Be kind. No matter how busy you are, there is always time to be nice to other people. Even when no one else is looking.

carl bedell

President and CEO, Ilion Management Strategies; former Army captain What is the most challenging part of your job? Time management. Running a solo law practice and a consulting firm while balancing commitments to the non-profits I work with requires constant scheduling and often sacrifice of personal time. Fortunately, my closest friends are involved in most of the same philanthropic activities, so social time often coincides with the philanthropic work. What is the most rewarding part of your job? When I get to contact a veteran client who has been fighting for disability benefits for years and inform them that the Department of Veterans Affairs has awarded retroactive benefits. Often times, those benefits are life changing.Whom do you admire professionally and why? My mother, Col. Mary Beth Bedell. She spent her career overcoming roadblocks to lead an incredibly successful military career. The personal sacrifices she made for her family and country instilled in me my desire to serve. She taught me to set goals and to follow dreams. She continues to be a source of inspiration for me. Free time activities: Working with artists or non-profits. Between ACCADEMIA DC, the D.C. Society of the Sons of the American Revolution (and the Sweethearts & Patriots Gala), and Crusade for Art, my free time is consumed pretty quickly.


| march




YGL Chris Vieson Partner, Public Strategies Washington, Inc. John Wall Point Guard, Washington Wizards katie walsh Chief of Staff, Republican National Committee Jake Ward President and CEO, Application Developers Alliance kate warren Photographer Becca Glover Watkins Communications Director, Senate Intelligence Committee Chairman Richard Burr Pepper Watkins Manager, Accenture ali weinberg Digital Journalist, ABC News Kristen Welker White House Correspondent, NBC News paul wharton Owner, Paul Wharton Model/Management; Lifestyle and Fashion Expert and TV Personality Christina Wilkie National Reporter, The Huffington Post antonio Williams Senior Director of Government and External Affairs, Comcast Erica Williams simon Social Impact Strategist and CEO, EWS Strategies Raffi Williams Deputy Press Secretary, Republican National Committee Tom Wilson Right Wing, Washington Capitals

kim kingsley, 36

Brian Friedman, 37

Jayne Sandman, 36

What do you consider to be your greatest professional accomplishment? Playing such a central role in the creation, development and evolution of POLITICO. I was one of POLITICO’s very first employees, helping it grow from a garage band startup to a global media company with 450 employees. I’m proud of what we’ve accomplished, and I’m honored to be an important part of POLITICO’s origin story.

What is your advice to people aspiring to succeed in your profession? Work very hard. Everyone says, ‘Follow your dreams,’ but to succeed you have to do more than follow them. You have to pursue and realize them and never accept anything but what you want. You’re going to hit a wall, many walls, so optimism, vision and a willingness to find a way over the wall are important.

What do you consider to be your greatest professional accomplishment? 2015 was an amazing year for BrandLinkDC, but hosting a luncheon for Michelle Obama was my favorite moment. Do you have a mentor in Washington? Mark Ein. He’s able to distill seemingly complex issues into very concise action items that have helped us build our company smartly.

Chief Operating Officer, Politico


Real Estate Developer and Investor; Founder, Freidman Capital

Principal, BrandLinkDC


Rashad Young City Administrator, Washington, D.C.. Stephanie Young Director, African American Outreach, The White House

| march








Guard,Washington Mystics

Defenseman,Washington Capitals

Left Wing,Washington Capitals

Midfielder, D.C. United

What do you consider to be your greatest professional accomplishment? Being considered a professional athlete. From the time I was little I dreamed of playing in the WNBA with all the best athletes in the game, and now I’m here! I’m truly humbled and blessed by this entire experience. Advice to aspiring athletes: Be true to who you are. Do not let anyone tell you you’re not good enough, fast enough, smart enough, or strong enough.

Do you have a mentor in Washington? How has he or she helped you? My teammate Brooks Orpik. He’s a guy who defines what it is to be a player, from how he treats people to how he acts at the rink. I hope to have the same traits as I mature. He is a very good person. People would be surprised to hear: My family has a cabin in Minnesota and my mom only lets me cook when I’m there. I’m the cook at home. I’m quite the chef.

What is the most challenging part of your job? Every game is a big challenge. You play with and against great players. I’m young but I want to be the best, so I am constantly trying to improve on the ice. Each day, I give every ounce of effort possible to achieve my ultimate goals in the NHL. If I fail in this regard, then I let myself down, and more importantly, I let my teammates down. Admires: Former NHL player and fellow Swede Peter Forsberg..

What do you consider to be your greatest professional accomplishment? Winning the Lamar Hunt Open Cup with D.C. United in 2013. The feeling of winning this cup cannot be put into words. The joy on everyone’s face was priceless, and having my mother at the game was just an added bonus Hobby: Building model cars. It’s a fun process and to see the final product always feels good. They’re cool decor as well! Admires: Bob Marley and Evander Holyfield.


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