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&)21-00)6 @Fundrise THE DOWNLOAD: Lucrative real estate investing need no longer be just for institutions and investment partners. Miller’s Fundrise gives “everyone the opportunity to invest directly in high quality real estate, without the middlemen.” Miller’s team worked with the Securities and Exchange Commission for a year to clear their plan before launching in 2012 and today more than 80,000 members of Fundrise have invested in nearly $3 billion worth of real estate. The minimum investment is $1,000.

&)2092(-2 @pacifyapp THE DOWNLOAD: New parents invariably have many questions for medical professionals and Lundin’s subscription-based Pacify app helps them get answers–fast. The on-demand platform connects parents nationwide, including in rural areas where medical professionals may not be close by, to a network of pediatric nurses, lactation consultants and dieticians 24/7. The goal? “To bring peace of mind to parents when they need it most.”

83((1336) @toddmoore SCREENSHOT: Created the widely popular White Noise app that has been downloaded millions of times since its 2008 launch. Moore released a seventh version of the sleep-inducing app this year, which allows users to upload their own soothing sounds. He’s also the author of “Tap, Move and Shake,” a DIY guide for turning your game ideas into iPhone apps. In October, Moore launched a new app-based game called “Slot Champions.’’


78):)7)2/97 +%66)883¸7,)% @pockitship THE BASICS: Ever bought a couch on Craigslist but had no idea how to get it home? Enter PockitShip, an on-demand pick-up-and-delivery service for heavy items, large household goods and apartment moves. The business was founded in 2014 by CEO Senkus, a 20-year veteran of the transportation and logistics industry previously with NonstopDelivery, a nationwide last-mile home delivery company. Senkus saw a void in the market when it came to transferring heavy goods purchased via online listings, local retailers and estate sales. O’Shea, a former executive vice president and partner at RedPeg Marketing, is PockitShip’s president. He says he made the transition to “stretch [his] entrepreneurial spirit and build a brand from the ground up.” THE BUZZ: In October, the Falls Churchbased startup launched a new Uber-like app that allows customers to arrange for local pickups and deliveries with just a few clicks on their mobile device. “All you have to do is take your phone out of your pocket, enter the item description, when and where you want it delivered and our driving professionals take care of the rest,” Senkus says. The company plans to expand its services to Baltimore in the next few months and eventually to other cities. PockitShip has raised more than $1.7 million in funding, including investments from the Center for Innovative Technology (CIT) and Edgewater Equity.

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Washington Life Magazine - November 2016  
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