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FASHION AWARDS The Men and Women Who Bring that Je Ne Sais Quoi To the Boardrooms and Ballrooms of Washington!

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contents MARCH 2010



OUR, GRACE AM Gl E, styl E AC GR R, OU AM Gl stylE,

10 201020d s R A w A N IO H s s d A R F A w A AsHION TON LIFE’S G’S IN H AS W FE LI N TO G IN H WAS

sais quoi and women who bring that je ne We salute 35 men quoiooms of Washington sais ballr je nes and that bring who en wom and droom men boar 35 the e to salut We of Washington to the boardrooms and ballrooms

IN the LIMeL IGht The svelte ChiDesirée rogerssocial secretary, but cagoan resigned as White House edge style. not before making a mark with cutting

hIGh styL e

By K a r i n Ta n a B e

l Hill; and more Logan Circle than Capito be fair, the dare to wear, and wear well. To flashing those the l Hill; and of course, Michelle Obama Capitohelped “Welc ome to Washin gton, than le Fenty, Circle Michel Logan lady, more ’s first the District fair, be s To well. resident wear Local ” and wear, tofor ugly people! dare flashing ood d wasthose bare arms. the Hollyw le Obama her husban Michel when style bar York thecourse, raise of “Welc ome to Washin gton, r, Fenty, helped le monike lady, Michel worthy firstcringeWill the style makers in New District that’s this residents all know 2006. Young, moder n, and at bareinarms. Hollywood for ugly people!” Local n to us after the husban reallyd was elected never when has her bar rs, thetostyle outside New be,York continue to pay attentio in funny wardro makers moniker, whileraise her style with worthy the daring Will cringely this hard decided that at It’s times and all know no longer? moder ants.n,But Young, inhabit 2006. capital’s elected us after e the Obama administration is to ourinfair a bandag attentio never really applied Fenty ninto e to pay to see more likely wardrobe, you’recontinu while funny to outsiders, has herJimmy it’s a chance to herald yellow, ly daring Bird with era of Lady times the decided is no longer? It’s hard to say. But for now, ants. But during tration inhabit suit. adminis capital’s Talbots Obama a fair and our than t e to dress pantsui bandag applied in ands, headba to see Fenty likely Clinton more herald those who stepped out of the Hillary tole. you’re casual, a chance Michel Jimmy Carter other for now, theit’s But came to say.then And during the era of Lady Bird yellow, gton fashion and suit. and cowboy Bush suits thanW.a Talbots pantsui flatt and black dress haze of Washin the her George of out about headbands, and dress say stepped to lot Clinton who a had those Hillary ans capital le. casual, Americ the g Michel Carter bringin true. Now bit other thenes came rang athe sometim gton fashion those and into something that’s cowboy boots, it And of Washin d skirts, hazeinspire 1950’sblack herdress edge. Are and George W. Bush suits and le flat shoes, say about Michelher firsttolady, had a lot capital closer and closer to the cutting g the outfit we haveansa stylish bringin Every that’s true. Now that Americ pearls. ing um someth bubbleg into s and style, or boots, it sometimes rang a bit longerthose twinset s are dno skirts, 1950’s-inspire her gtonian Are we going to see punk chic, street edge. shoes, s Washin , cutting le inspire Obama the and to Michel blogs lady, closer makes the closer and anytime outfit she wears Hill l that we have a stylish first Every “take Capito pearls. the on um s of out iniskirt bubbleg and or s dressing mini-m style, street Yes, accused of chic,royalty. punk no longer beingtwinset see fashion to York going New we from s not the hurrahs just inspire Obama, Washingtonians are and its the blogs has turned makesworld wearsfashion anytime soon? Probably not. But that’s l Hill bin. The the rest Capito well, the “take me” she s on dress iniskirt the helm those at being accused of dressing out of labels Yes, whenmini-m nature of our city. In love of royalty. York herfashion S and from New hurrahs n to FLOTU turned its attentio ly not. But that’s just not the Probab soon? still we rest the ways me” bin. The fashion world has well, many at the helm dress those ne Alaïa, Azzedi nature of our city. In of labels fromwhen attention to FLOTUS and her love adhere to the dignified to Isaac Mizrahi, and many ways we still set once ds from Azzedine Alaïa, standar even shoppi ng mall adhere to the dignified ’t so badly to Isaac Mizrahi, and that we weren by Deeda Blair and years know staple J. Crew. standards once set have lived in the city for and , Mellon even shoppi ng mall Bunny town.” toand so badly came us who Blair weren wened-u Deeda Those by as e the Obam p ’tbefor years know that cityof for butto the staple J. Crew. the late great grandes have lived inhave lived here forever Bunny Mellon, and Those of us who e the Obamas came to town.” dames Evang eline p befor ned-u butto grandes we weren’t great that late know the have lived here forever Luce, and Jacqueline Booth Clare d-up eline Bruce, buttone Evang so badly dames to follow. inclined are us of of more recent know that we weren’t After town. Jacquel to ine Kennedy. Add a new crop andtend Luce,we before the Obamas came to of course, Clare gton,Booth Washin InBruce, so badly buttoned-up proved well up to the quietly follow. have been to who have s es inclined are gtonian socialit recent us of r more Washin of cropst Heathe a new town. After all, some Lobbyi y. Add trails. own Kenned our to blaze tend out of fashion before the Obamas came to we gton that s course, gton, soffor decade Washin splashe to the task of keeping Washin up to fashion tights proved quietly making In blue well wear who have socialit willes happily r Podesta a long way, all, some Washingtonians have been st Heathe the Even so, trails.. Lobbyi ownunsung fashion Siberia, and the city’s come out of an simplyourgone gton s that have blaze t batting withou functionWashin task of ie keeping to black-t a er fashion tights making fashion splashes for decade first-ev blue the our wear to below happilymuch willdrifted Podesta a long t hadn’t were way, baby. So, here’s come rules so, the spotligh Fashion and the not?city’s Siberia . And, why have simply gone unsung. Even t batting was an eyelash upon 35 individuals we withou Reagan n ed bestow Nancy functio ie since awards, line fashion black-t a er Dixon well first-ev ourare broken below the Masonhere’s – iftothey So, broken baby. be to pinstripes were made blue spotlight hadn’t drifted much rules navy is. Fashion the that not? why Until now, uals we salute for keeping House. White. And 35 individ Rogers Reagan was in theeyelash ed upon of Desirée Just think awards, better.bestow Mason-Dixon line since Nancy a little more flair are broken 2009, well all the – if they day ration be broken made toinaugu now es away and daring to bring Come the pinstrip the navy s toblue that is. for keeping es des Garçon salute Comm lot more wearing a Rogers got in the White House. Until now, just Desirée Vanity of closets Vogue, think pages of the better. hit theJust more all gton to flair to a city whose a little ely led 2009, Washin ultimat thatbring and daring dinner to away us state Come inaugu ration day to the, now infamo Garçon for spolitics es des, not & Country a lot more interesting. and TownComm just got n looking Vanity Fair, wearing closets Harma whose Rep. Jane ion; to a city resignat to her led ely Washington hit the pages of Vogue, we ultimat that things the states,dinner but for scandal infamo l us for politics, or politica interesting. n looking Fair, and Town & Country, not her resignation; Rep. Jane Harma things we or political scandals, but for the By K a r i n Ta n a B e


The chairwoman beth Dozoretz dazzled in gold Reem

fash IoN’s fIrst Lady

of last year’s Meridian Ball Acra and always turns heads.

Jackie O,” the first lady has

as the “new ensembles. michelle obama Heralded with chic, mostly American-designed wowed critics – as well as the masses

PoLIs hed PoLIt Ico

the treN dset ter

jean-marie FernanDez she dresses A regular on the philanthropy circuit, modern. with a flair for whatever is fun and

A high-powered job nancY pelosi dress to impress in compels Madame Speaker to Armani pantsuits and power pearls.

fIrst -cLas s fash IoN fash IoN haLL of faMe Count on Andy Warina ginsburg haute couture one night hol’s old pal to wear vintage the next. and something quite daringly “arty”

Yoriko Fujisaki to her

GLobaL Grac e wows on the luciana peDraza ensembles. red carpet with subtle yet striking

Always chic while staying true Japan’s fashion roots, she pays homage to rich style history.

eLeGaNt host ess

rima al-sabah A

top diplomatic hostess who graces the pages of Vogue and W, the glamorous sheika sets a city-wide standard for style.

49 49


THE SPRING FASHION ISSUE WL Fashion SPOTLIGHT Our editors choose Washington's most style-conscious women and men. Whoever disses the capital city's fashion sense hasn't seen this stylish group.

TREND REPORTS From luxurious beauty products and sparkling jewels to the latest spring fashions, you'll see them all here.

Social Graces Avoid these fashion faux pas




Chuck Conconi profiles Alec Ross, the State Department's "Internet Diplomat."


Inside homes

Architect Ernesto Santalla captures the beauty of local photographer Rhoda Baer's unique Glen Echo residence.






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April 3, 2010 July 4, 2010

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( 7 0 3 ) 5| 4-7172



(888) 664-7284

i n fo @ go z e ro g . c o m




eDITOR’S LETTER. .................................................. XX


Washington social diary

Contributors..................................................... XX


Around TOwn Palm Beach in high season............... XX


St. Jude Gourmet Gala: Mardi Gras for the Kids!..................XX

The International Red Cross Ball.........................................XX

Insider's Guide Cherry blossom festivities.................. XX

The Capital City Ball.........................................................XX

The Tuxedo Ball..................................................................XX

social calendar Spring's gala season.................. XX

Eurasia Foundation Dinner..................................................XX Launch Party............................................XX

My Washington Christopher Hitchen's local picks.....XX

Mona Taner "Have a Heart. Save a Heart" Event..................XX

Over the moon So long' to The Coach Stop ......... XX


Children's National Medical Center's Dancing After Dark......XX

PARTIES, PARTIES, PARTIES...................................XX

HOLLYWOOD ON THE POTOMAC Mark Russell's return, Betsy Fischer's 40th, and Olympic mania......................XX DIPLOMATIC DANCE Earthquake Diplomacy.............XX 'Journey to Mecca' Screening ................................................XX Rima Al-Sabah's Luncheon for Capricia Marshall .................XX

CHARITY SPOTLIGHT Diane Von Furstenberg finds

Capitol Movement Project's Winter Fundraiser.......................XX Woodley House Benefit & Movie Screening...........................XX

WL exclusive Events

wl fashion Drama and enchantment at the Corcoran Gallery of Art .......................................................................... XX

Arts and Humanities Dinner......................................... XX

THE FASHION AWARDS Washington's most stylish

The National Gallery's Chester Dale Exhibit Opens.............XX

inspiration with Vital Voices..................................................XX

Alvin Ailey Gala................................................................XX

Obamaland Chuck Conconi interviews Alec J. Ross,

Woodley House Benefit .....................................................XX

senior advisor to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton ................XX

Pollywood Feature Locals dish on the Sundance


residents.......................................................................... XX

Trend REport Spring Jewels and Heavy Metal.......... XX Fashion Event Christian Siriano at Saks Jandel ......XX Mona Taner's spring bling.....................................................XX

Social Graces Avoid these fashion faux pas............ XX

Film Festival .....................................................................XX

HOME Life inside homes Ernesto Santalla focuses on photographer

Rhoda Baer's studio-cum-home.............................................72

Open house Springtime best sellers............................. 76 RE NEWS .....................................................................78 From top left: A Rhoda Baer's photograph taken in her home studio and displayed in her living space. (Photo by Adam Auel) /Illustration by J.C. Suares/ (On Jovite) Zenga dark gray suit (pants not pictured) ($1,095), Neil Barrett cropped black trousers ($475), Bailey Lanolux black hat ($88), and The Men’s Store Bloomingdale’s yellow tie ($50); Bloomingdale’s, 5300 Western Ave., Chevy Chase, Md., 240744-3700, Shoes, model’s own. (On Andrea) Chanel white sheer blouse with black satin necktie accessory ($1,920), black satin skirt ($1,920), and black pumps with pearl detail on heel ($895); Neiman Marcus, 5300 Wisconsin Ave. NW, 202-966-9700, South Moon Under assorted strand charm necklace ($98) and gray beaded cuff ($72.50); South Moon Under, 2700 Clarendon Blvd., Arlington, Va., 703-807-4083, JJ Singh clear crystal dangle earrings ($248); Shah & Shah, 1001 Connecticut Ave. NW, Suite 607, 202-236-6001, www.jjsinghjewelry. com. (Photo by Tim Coburn)









Grand Opening! Now Open!

t h e i n s i d e r’s g u i d e to p ow e r , p h i l a n t h r o py, a n d so c i e t y s i n c e 1 9 9 1

Editor in Chief

Nancy Reynolds Bagley Executive Editor

Michael M. Clements managing EDITOR

Karin Tanabe

senior EDITOR

associate Editor

Kevin Chaffee

Kelly Fisher columnists

Janet Donovan, Donna Evers, Stacey Grazier Pfarr, Gail Scott, and Donna Shor

Experience Foxhall Builders’ Brand New Model at 1801 Foxhall. Our new model has already been selected as the venue for several of the area’s most sophisticated cultural and civic events. Discover its unlimited potential for fine living and entertaining for yourself in Northwest Washington, D.C.’s most gracious new neighborhood. Then select your new residence from just 27 premium homesites overlooking lavish landscaping, mature trees and unspoiled parkland. 1801 Foxhall is bordered by Foxhall Road, Hoban Road, Glover-Archbold and Whitehaven Parks, just north of Reservoir Road. To visit from Georgetown: North on Foxhall Road to right onto Hoban Road. Model will be on the left. To visit from Nebraska Avenue: South on Foxhall Road to left on Hoban Road. Model will be on the left. Phone Chris Kopsidas 202-270-1488 or e-mail

Open 12 - 6 Fri.-Mon. or By Appointment.

Contributing Writers

Chuck Conconi, Patricia Finneran, Ann Geracimos, Christopher Hitchens, Ernesto Santalla, Sky Sitney, Pamela Sorensen, Mona Taner, and Diane von Furstenberg creative Director

J.C. Suarès


Erika Bernetich, Bridget Manifold, and Amie Steele Contributing Photographers

Joseph Allen,Tim Coburn, John Cole, Jodi King,Tony Powell, Kyle Samperton, Samantha Strauss, and Anchyi Wei Contributing stylists

Shani Buckner, James Cornwell, Meghan Dorsey, Courtney Graham, Will Lawry, Carl Ray, Kelsey Wagner, and Orlando Walker Advertising Director

Kelly Ginter

Senior account Executive

Alexandra Thomas account Executives

Daniel Monson and Maci Peterson Bookkeepers

Trina Hodges and Kevin Smoot web technologies development

iStrategyLabs legal

Ackerman Legal PLLC interns

Caroline Bal, Ansley Brown, Dina Duella, Laura Hemeon, Sara Khan, Carley McClintock, Alison McLaughlin, Cyrus Roepers, Jasmine Rose, and Monifa Smith Founder

Vicki Bagley Chairman, Executive Board

Gerry Byrne

associate publisher

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Soroush Richard Shehabi

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editor’s letter

Fashion Forward The latest trends for Spring and a few faux pas


hree cheers for surviving the biggest winter storm in Washington’s history! Now that it’s over, we can all chuckle a bit at the clever “Snowmageddon” moniker by which it is likely to be remembered. Let’s just hope the recordbreaking statistics won’t be broken for another century! Preoccupied as we all were with boots, overcoats, mufflers, and fur-lined gloves, there was little opportunity to think about fashion – and few opportunities to shop even if we did. The best thing you could have done was curl up in front of the fire with WL’s back fashion issues! Now that spring is on the way, we have a brand new number that we’re sure you’ll want to read for information on everything from timeless classics to the latest trends. March is our big fashion month, and this time we feature a photo shoot at the monumental Corcoran Gallery of Art with models wearing the latest styles for spring. Our trend report keeps an eye on warmer weather headed our way, with statement jewelry pieces as well as a spring-themed shoot of the best new beauty products. We also debut our Style Awards, paying homage to local residents breaking new ground on the fashion frontier, as well as those who dress to impress with classic elegance. Coverage of top fashion events includes Christian Siriano’s trunk show at Saks Jandel and the “Have a Heart. Save a Heart” Valentine’s Day event at Mona Taner Boutique. And we’re sure you’ll be amused – rather than embarrassed – when you see the clever fashion faux-pas feature in our Social Graces report. This month’s Pollywood takes us to the Sundance Film Festival where our special correspondents report on the newest, hottest productions by independent filmmakers (some from the Washington area) as well as the thriving social scene. Closer to home, Chuck Conconi interviews another in his series of Obama Administration honchos-of-note: Alec J. Ross, who is helping Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton maximize the potential of technology in achieving America’s diplomatic and development goals. On a purely stylish note, Diane von Furstenburg writes about her thoughts on fashion and her work with Vital Voices. (She’s using pieces from Africa in her latest jewelry collection.) Our signature social coverage includes a trek to the International


Red Cross Ball in Palm Beach. Looking at the photos taken this year reveals just how much this ultra-glamorous gathering has been shaped by Washingtonians who now not only help organize the ball but attend in larger numbers than ever before. This month’s “exclusives” also include Rima Al-Sabah’s private luncheon honoring newly confirmed Chief of Protocol Capricia Marshall attended by many of Washington’s most prominent women, the lively launch of the Urban Daddy website, benefits for Woodley House and Children’s National Medical Center, and the Capitol Movement Project. Home Life includes interior designer Ernesto Santalla’s visit to Quarry House, the thoroughly modern residence of Rhoda Bear, one of Washington’s top commercial photographers. It was designed by Cunningham Quill with interiors by Thomas Pheasant. We end on a somber note by remembering with great fondness the wonderful Mary Mewborn, who penned Real Estate News for Washington Life for as long as anyone here can remember. Mary had consummate news sense and was a highly professional and excellent reporter. As she battled her fatal illness over the past year, she demonstrated the same sweetness, spirit, grace and determination we had come to know and appreciate during her many years with us. We shall miss her greatly.

Nancy R. Bagley Editor in Chief

Readers wishing to contact Nancy can email


Pamela Hughes Specializing in luxury residential interiors

HUGHES DESIGN ASSOCIATES Washington 703 442 3200 Sarasota 941 922 4767

Pamela visiting the Janus et Cie showroom, Georgetown.





Photography by Giovanni Lunardi 11



TIM COBURN is an award-winning

photographer with a concentration in commercial work. He has been working as a professional photographer since 1996. Coburn and his crew took over the Corcoran Gallery of Art for this issue’s stunning fashion shoot. 1





JOHN COLE produces high quality

commercial photography of architecture and interiors for a range of clients in the Washington area and beyond. With degrees in design and photography, he brings an eye for composition and a strong graphic quality to his work. He contributes to our “Inside Homes.” Veteran Washington journalist Chuck Conconi, who wrote the Personalities Column in the Washington Post Style Section and was editor at large at the Washingtonian magazine, is vice chairman of Qorvis Communications. He is profiling Obama Administration power player you need to know for Washington Life.







hairstylist and makeup artist for PR at Partners Salon and Tim Coburn Photography. Cornwell styles our dramatic fashion shoot at the Corcoran for this issue.


Patricia Finneran

serves as managing producer of special projects for the Sundance Institute Documentary Film Program based in New York. From 20032008, Finneran was director of SILVERDOCS Festival and Conference. She contributes to our Sundance Film Festival coverage.



James Cornwell is a resident


Ann Geracimos is a longtime feature

writer who keeps a close watch on the cultural Washington scene. She reveals fashion faux pas for women in “Social Graces.” 11






Christopher Hitchens


Jodi King is a Washington-based fashion

is a columnist for Vanity Fair. His memoir, “Hitch-22,” is to be published in June by Twelve/Hachette. He reveals his favorite local haunts in this month’s “My Washington.”

and portrait photographer. A gradauate of the Fashion Institute of Technology in

New York, she brings her talents to various U.S. publications and has shown her work at Washington galleries. She photographed this issue’s colorful beauty feature.

9 Carl Ray has been the resident makeup Artist for George Salon at the Four Seasons Hotel for 13 years. His clients include celebrities, actors, musicians, models, politicians, and dignitaries. He contributes his talents to this month’s fashion shoot. 10

Ernesto SantallA is a Cuban-born


Sky Sitney is the artistic director for


Pamela Sorensen is the founder of

architect based in Washington. He has worked on several projects in the U.S., Puerto Rico, and Europe, and his work has received numerous awards. He lends his eye for design to this month’s “Inside Homes” feature.

the SILVERDOCS film festival, based at the AFI Silver Theatre and Cultural Center in Silver Spring, Md. She is recognized for helping SILVERDOCS become one of the leading festivals of its kind. She contributes to our Sundance coverage.

Pamela’s Punch, a website inspired by her involvement with many civic, business, and community events and organizations. She also does freelance media, speaking, and events. She contributes to our Sundance coverage. York-based designer Mona Taner 13 New brings a fresh perspective to the creation of jewelry. After graduating from Syracuse University, she was a producer for CNBC and HBO. But her success could not extinguish her longtime passion for jewelry. She designed four rings, and Mona Taner Distinct Jewels was born in 1999. Today, she continues to create stylish jewelry of timeless beauty. Famed fashion designer Diane Von Furstenberg, whose collections are sold in 56 countries and in 22 namesake retail boutiques worldwide, is an active supporter of Vital Voices, an organization that empowers women throughout the world. She writes this month on the importance of women’s artisan craftwork.


2010/11 SeaSon SubScriptionS – now on Sale!

Arena Stage at the Mead Center for American Theater inauGural SeaSon

“The largest performing arts complex to open since the Kennedy Center” – The Washington Post giant American musical


music by richard rodgers book and lyrics by oscar Hammerstein ii directed by Molly Smith october 23 – December 26, 2010

Set to the unforgettable music of rodgers and Hammerstein, this masterpiece will sing and dance its way into your heart with a rip-roaring, barn-shaking, boot-stomping production. electrifying world premiere

EVERY TONGUE CONFESS by Marcus Gardley november 9, 2010 – January 2, 2011 in the Kogod cradle

with vital lessons from the ghosts of history, Every Tongue Confess blends gospel music, ancient myth, magical realism and the local tV news to create an unforgettable, passionate play. mesmerizing theatricality


written and directed by Mary Zimmerman adapted from The Book of the Thousand Nights and One Night in association with berkeley repertory theatre, Kansas city repertory theatre and lookingglass theatre company January 14 – February 20, 2011 in the Fichandler

tony award-winning director Mary Zimmerman (Metamorphoses) celebrates the wonder of storytelling and the redemptive power of love in this “exhilarating, imaginative theatrical escape” (Variety).

fiercely American drama

Edward Albee’s

WHO’S AFRAID OF VIRGINIA WOOLF? directed by pam MacKinnon February 25 – april 10, 2011 in the Kreeger

as wickedly hilarious today as when it first shocked audiences, albee’s tony award-winning, scathing portrait of a marriage gone wrong is “a brilliantly original work of art” (Newsweek) that packs a helluva dramatic wallop. recently expanded masterpiece

Edward Albee’s

AT HOME AT THE ZOO February 25 – april 24, 2011 in the Kogod cradle

a meticulous and nuanced look at the lives of three new Yorkers, this “daring mix of theatricalism and biting dialogue” (Los Angeles Times) remains at once contemporary and timeless. award-winning drama


by lynn nottage directed by charles randolph-wright april 22 – June 5, 2011 in the Fichandler winner of the 2009 pulitzer prize for Drama, Drama Desk award, outer critics circle award, lucille lortel award and obie award

SHOW #7 – to be announceD arena Stage is in the final stages of securing an exciting production to reopen the Kreeger theater. Full-season subscribers get seven shows for the price of six, so it’s like getting this show for Free! and trust us, you won’t want to miss this one.

TWO ADDITIONAL FESTIVALS NEA New Play Development Project Festival January 17 – 30, 2011 in the Kogod cradle

the american Voices new play institute at arena Stage will feature full-length presentations and readings from the seven inaugural selections of the national endowment for the arts new play Development program.

The Edward Albee Festival

March 21 – april 3, 2011 in various locations throughout the Mead center

in addition to Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? and At Home at the Zoo, albee enthusiasts can experience a never-before-attempted feat — a festival featuring readings of all 30 works by the master playwright.

the most honored play of 2009, this “remarkable theatrical accomplishment” (Chicago Tribune) tells an uncommonly human story with humor and song, exploring the immeasurable loss of war and the life-affirming power of hope.


Call 202-488-3300 or visit us online at


The Insider’s Guide to Washington | National Cherry Blossom Festivities, Spring Workout Tips, and Farmer’s Market Finds

Think Pink Spruce up your wardrobe with cherry blossominspired products, all available at Mazza Gallerie, 5300 Wisconsin Ave., Washington, D.C., www.

Iradj Moini carnelian, amethyst, and rose quartz necklace ($3,290); Tabandeh, Michael Beaudry 3ct. cushion diamond surrounded by pink diamonds with two trapezoid-cut diamonds set in platinum (price upon request); Exclusively at Chas. Schwartz & Sons Jewelers, www.

DC-Ology In Full Bloom Think Pink: Kick off the Season of The Blossoms in style at the Pink Tie Party in your best pink attire, and enjoy an evening sampling “Cherry Picks” dishes and cocktails from Washington’s top chefs and mixologists, including celebrity chef Charlie Palmer, and a fantastic silent auction. Proceeds benefit the National Cherry Blossom Festival, supporting its two weeks of cultural and community programming that is largely free and open to the public. W Washington, D.C.; 6:30 p.m.; $150; “Pink Tie” cocktail attire; contact Kristen Poole, 202-661-7567, Mark Your Calendar: Besides viewing the blossoming trees, you can enjoy other events during the National Cherry Blossom Festival from March 27 to April 11. From the Opening Ceremony (March 27), multimedia arts party Cherry Blast (April 3), and Fireworks Show with musical prelude (April 3), to a gala dinner cruise aboard the Odyssey (April 8), and the highly anticipated parade (April 10), there’s something for everyone during the historic springtime celebration. For more information, go to


Corby Collection “Pretty Pink” party coat, belted with shirred sleeves and ruffle trim ($148); Corby Collection, www.corbycollection. com.

By the Numbers National Cherry Blossom Festival

98 Years since the trees were given to the U.S. by Japan as a gift of goodwill.

3,750 Approximate number of trees currently growing at the Tidal Basin.

16 Different varieties of cherry blossom trees on National Park Service land.

FYIDC | THE Insider’s Guide

Foodies Only A Taste of Italy The next time you’re planning a big date night, stop by il Canale, Georgetown’s newest eatery. Located near the C&O Canal (hence the name), Giuseppe “Joe” Farruggio’s authentic Italian restaurant offers thin-crust pizzas, pastas, bufala mozzarella platters, and fish and meat entrées. The chic interior, featuring stylish museum-worthy photographs, adds to a most enjoyable dining experience. 1063 31st St. NW, 202-337-4444, Pizza maestro Enrico Sautto prepares a pie at Il Canale in Georgetown. (Photo by Tony Powell) Margaret Anne Florence as Clara and Nicholas Rodriguez as Fabrizio in “The Light in the Piazza” at Arena Stage in Crystal City March 5 - April 11, 2010.

Book Worm

New in Town Lighting up the Stage Looking for some post-Valentine’s Day romance? Arena Stage’s Molly Smith takes the director’s chair for the company’s production of The Light in the Piazza this month, bringing the tender, award-winning musical to Arena’s Crystal City stage. Go back to the 1950’s as Margaret Johnson and her daughter Clara tour Italy, where Clara falls for the handsome Fabrizio…and romance and drama ensue, of course. The Light in the Piazza runs March 5 to April 11, Arena Stage, Crystal City, Va. For more information, go to



Snow fatigue

Holiday fatigue


Snow boots

Gearing up for baseball season (Go Nats!)

The Olympics

Twitter wars

Tabloid wars TM

W 15A S H I N G T O N L I F E

| March



New & Improved Shape Up this spring With warm weather just a few short months away, it’s time to get in shape to show off that new bathing suit. Washington-area Fitness Together owner Matt McKinnis has a few tips for getting in shape for summer.

Farm Fresh Winter’s doom and gloom are finally behind us, and it’s time to start planning some fresh spring and summer meals. Pick up a copy of Farmer’s Market Cookbook (Oxmoor House, $29.95) for over 200 recipes, including seasonal dishes, plus the low-down on local favorites such as Eastern Market, Dupont Circle FreshFarm Market, and Penn Quarter FreshFarm Market. Available where books are sold.

Eat Right:

• Stay away from the white poison (i.e., sugar) • Only eat healthy fats, such as olive oil, walnuts, and ground flax seed, to name a few. • Stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water. Train Right:

• After completing squats and lunges … do more squats and lunges. • Try some bench dips to tighten and tone. • Squeeze in extra cardio workouts. For those looking for the most effective way to get in shape, personal trainers available at Fitness Together can focus on target zones and help build personalized routines. Fitness Together, locations at 16th & M streets NW, Georgetown, and Alexandria, Va., www.

Culture Connection Bienvenue Francophonie 2010! Celebrate French culture in Washington at the Francophone 2010 Cultural Festival. Through April 11, you can attend French-themed seminars, concerts, and film screenings, starting with the Grand Fête de la Francophonie (March 5). Looking for some Parisian nightlife? Don’t miss the Discothèque when the Smithsonian’s Postal Museum gets turned into an international nightclub, featuring the DJ duo Make the Girl Dance (March 19). For more information and a complete calendar of events, go to wwww.francophoniedc. org.


FYIDC | social calendar

Visit to check our online social calendar for details on local events, post your event and have it considered for publication both online and in print, or embed our social calendar widget on your homepage.

MARCH Alliance FrançaisE Dinner


Brush up on your French before joining Ambassador Pierre Vimont and local francophiles at an elegant dinner supporting the Educational Initiative of Alliance Française de Washington. French Ambassador’s Residence; 7:30 p.m.; $400; black-tie; contact 202-2347911, ext. 33 or

Candice Bergen, Sally Field and Diane von Furstenberg at the 2009 Vital Voices Leadership Awards. (Photo by Kyle Samperton)

States; 6 p.m.; $125 to $500; cocktail attire; contact Maria Fernanda Borja, 202-244-3438 or

Latino Student Fund Gala


You’ll feel like you’ve gone south of the border at this Latin-themed evening of music, cocktails, and hors d’oeuvres. Even better: corporate, political, diplomatic, and local community leaders are sure to be part of the scene, especially at the high-level Ambassadorial Dinner. Organization of American

DINNER WITH Larry King and HIS Friends


Help raise funds for uninsured cardiac patients at the Larry King Foundation’s annual gala, where the auctions, awards, and live entertainment throughout the night are hosted by Mr. King himself.

Kara Kennedy, Michael and Mariella Trager, and Linda Donovan at the 2009 Pink Tie Party. (Photo by Kyle Samperton)

Donald Graham, Michael Heisley, and Dr. Elizabeth Nabel will be honored at this dinner where the iconic Aretha Franklin is set to perform. The Ritz-Carlton, Washington, D.C.; 6:30 p.m.; $1,500; black-tie attire; contact Linda Roth, 703-417-2700 or Alzheimer’s Association Gala


Over 800 philanthropic, corporate, social, and political leaders attend this moving event aimed at building awareness of Alzheimer’s as a national medical priority. Proceeds directly benefit the care, research, and advocacy efforts of the Alzheimer’s Association. National Building Museum; 6:30 p.m.; $500; black-tie attire; contact Jennifer Christiano, 877885-5776 or Vital Voices Global Partnership 2010 Global Leadership Awards


Each year Vital Voices Global Partnership hosts an awards celebration honoring remarkable women leaders from around the sponsored world. The honorees are joined by celebrities, elected officials, and other guests for an evening focusing on the encouragement of women to unleash their potential to accelerate peace and prosperity in their communities. Kennedy Center Eisenhower Theater; 6:15 p.m.; $300; business attire; contact Annie Lieberman, 202-380-9487,


See Forever BENEFIT


Join See Forever Foundation patrons at their 13th annual fundraiser featuring famed poet Mara Angelou. Grammy Awardwinning vocalist Patti Austin and Emmy Award-winning journalist Renée Poussaint host the moving main stage program and reception. Lincoln Theatre; 5 p.m.; starting at $100; business attire; Ingrid Padgett, 202-797-8250 or ipadgett@

Captiol Movement Project’s co-founder Stephanie Jojokian and JT Taylor at the organizations 2009 event. (Photo by Tony Powell)

Radio and Television Correspondents Dinner


Bigwigs from the radio and television biz will gather at their association’s 66th annual dinner to honor the work of journalists throughout the nation. Walter E. Washington Convention Center; 6:45 p.m.; by invitation only; black-tie; contact Weesie Vieira, weesie.vieira@

area. Guests enjoy tasty treats from dozens of area restaurants, plus live entertainment and an outstanding silent auction. Marriott Wardman Park Hotel; 6 p.m.; $150; Denim chic; contact 202-526-5344.

APRIL The Helen Hayes Awards

Capitol Movement Project BENEFIT


Get ready to be “wowed” at this year’s main fundraising event for the Capitol Movement Project featuring outstanding hip hop, modern, and sponsored classical dance performances from leading dance companies. Lincoln Theatre; 8 p.m.; $50;


Leukemia Ball


Traditionally one of the capital’s most lavish events, this years’s Leukemia Ball features a cocktail reception, silent auction, dinner, and live performance by Jackson Browne and comedian John Pinette. Don’t miss the Mercedes-Benz raffle if you’re in the market for a new set of wheels! Walter E. Washington Convention Center; 6:30 p.m.; $1,000; black-tie; contact Kelly Kent, 703-399-2900, kelly.kent@ Artini


The month-long event sponsored by the Corcoran Gallery of Art’s 1869 Society benefits the scholarship fund of the Corcoran College of Art + Design and culminates in a lively party attended by a glitzy – for Washington – crowd where local restaurants compete for their creation of the “artiest” martini. Corcoran Gallery of Art; 8 p.m.; Creative cocktail attire; contact Diana Kaw, 202-639-1749, dkaw@ The Blue Jeans Ball

28 WL sponsored

The Capital Area Food Bank celebrates 30 years of service to the community at its seventh annual Blue Jean Ball – known as one of the more “comfortable” galas in the


Forget the Tonys – Washington has its own unique theater awards, which always ensure a packed house and numberous outrageous sponsored moments. Over 2,000 of the city’s top actors, directors, producers, and performers come together under one roof to support local theater productions. Performance, Warner Theatre; reception, J.W. Marriott; 8 p.m.; $250; black-tie; contact Allison Dreskin, 202-337-4572,


save the date For These Upcoming WL Sponsored Events:

APRIL 10: After Dark at THEARC APRIL 14: March of Dimes Gourmet Ga la APRIL 16: The Corcoran Ball APRIL 17: Bachelors and Spinsters Ball APRIL 28: Dare to Dream Gala APRIL 30: Washington Ballet Spring Gala

©© 2009 2009 Fitness Fitness together together © 2009 Fitness together

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life OF THE party WL-sponsored, Hosted, and Exclusive Events | St. Jude Gourmet Gala, Capital City Ball, and Alvin Ailey Gala

Ellen Chube and David Washington attend the Alvin Ailey Gala at the Kennedy Center. (Photo by Tony Powell)

Sandra Gagna and Jean Paul George

John Bozzella, Patricia Hardy, and Chris Jackson

Mae Haney Grennan and Michelle Maddux Morgan and Preston Miller

St. Jude Gourmet Gala: Mardi Gras for the Kids!

Carrie Marriott and Gretchen King

National Building Museum Photos by Kyle Samperton

FOR THE KIDS: Emotions ran high at this important – and tasty – event benefiting St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. Over 700 guests filled the historic space to raise funds for children in need and to sample bites from over 40 of Washington’s top restaurants, including Adour, J&G Steakhouse, Brasserie Beck, The Source, and crowd favorite Georgetown Cupcake. Cochairman Allan McArtor spoke of his daughter’s experience at the renowned Memphis hospital before ALSAC/St. Jude CEO Richard Shadyac Jr. took the podium to express his gratitude to the crowd for their generous support. THE GUESTS: The Emcee Norah O’Donnell with husband and chef Geoff Tracy, co-chairmen Tom Liljenquist and Judy Heisley Bishop, Fariba and Reza Jahanbani, Claudia Callaway, Alison Shaw, Kerry Stroup, Noe Landini, Franco Landini, Todd Gray, and Terri Carr. View all the photos at!

David Marriott and Caleb King

Alan and Diane Chase

Richard Shadyac Jr.

Trina Sams Manning and Chris Manning Allan McArtor and H.P. Goldfield John Morris and Marilena Greg Adam Kobus and Emery Rogers

Michael Fanone and Hsin-Yi Wang

Paula and Bob Hisaoka

Harness Harnessthe the Power Power Make MakeaaDifference Difference DC DCAIR AIRSociety’s Society’s

Derby Day An Anevent eventbenefiting benefiting

The Countdown Has Begun… The Countdown Has Begun… Spread the news, bring a friend! Spread the news, bring a friend!

Saturday, May 15, 2010 • 5 - 9pm Saturday, May 15, 2010 • 5 - 9pm

Woodrow Wilson House, Woodrow Wilson Washington, DC House, Washington, DC Q For additional information, please additional information, please contactFor Shiree Skinner at 703.519.5760 contact Shiree Skinner at 703.519.5760 or or Join our group on Facebook: Join our group DC on AIRFacebook: Society DC AIR Society The DC AIR Society The DC Society 210 AIR N. Lee Street 202 210 N.Suite Lee Street Alexandria, VASuite 22314 202 Alexandria, VA 22314

Media Sponsor Media Sponsor

Croquet and Bocci Ball Croquet and Bocci Ball Q Contests and Prizes! Q Contests and Prizes! Best Hat for Ladies, Best Tie for Guys Best Hat for Ladies, Best Tie for Guys Q Silent Auction Q Silent Auction Q

A Leader in the Treatment of Respiratory, Immunologic and Related Diseases A Leader in the Treatment of Respiratory, Immunologic and Related Diseases National Jewish Health® is the #1 hospital for respiratory care in the country as ranked by

National Health® is the hospital for all respiratory in the countryofasage, ranked U.S. News & Jewish World Report. They treat#1patients from over the care country, regardless race,by U.S. News & World Report. They treat patients from all over the country, regardless of age, race, religion or ability to pay. They conduct groundbreaking research to improve health worldwide, religion or ability to pay. They conduct groundbreaking research to improve health worldwide, and educate young physicians and scientists. There are currently 19 physician alumni serving in and educate young physicians and scientists. There are currently 19 physician alumni serving in the Washington, DC area. the Washington, DC area. The AIR Society was founded in NY in 1991 when a group of young professionals came The AIRbecause Society they was founded in NY in 1991 when grouptreated of young came together or their family members had abeen for professionals asthma, allergies they or their family Jewish members had This beencommon treated for asthma, allergies ortogether immune because system disorders at National Health. tie gave them the or immune systemNational disorders at National Health. tie gave from themNY the inspiration to assist Jewish Health inJewish its efforts. TheThis AIR common Society expanded to assist Nationalin Jewish Health its efforts. AIR Society expandedDC. from toinspiration include a group in Denver 2001, and nowinboasts a newThe chapter in Washington, TheNY toSociety includeisa composed group in Denver in 2001, andof now boasts new chapter inprofessionals Washington, from DC. The AIR of a diverse group young andayoung-at-heart a AIR Society is composed ofinception a diverse more groupthan of young and young-at-heart professionals from a variety of industries. Since its $2.5 million has been raised. variety of industries. Since its inception more than $2.5 million has been raised.

Brian Addison, Benita Jenkins, Ashton Kunkle, and Zmarak Khan

Emily Anderson and Michel de Coninck

wl sponsored

Alicia O’Brien and Ivan Eland

Christie Nightingale and Tracey Laslo

Capital City Ball The Washington Club Photos by Samantha Strauss

A CAPITAL IDEA: A group of generous donors attended this elegant formal affair, where proceeds benefited anti-human trafficking organizations Innocents at Risk, Polaris Project, and The Emancipation Network. Guests enjoyed dinner and a silent auction that featured original artwork, restaurant meals, and tickets to sporting events before moving to the dance floor to enjoy the sounds of the nine-piece dance and show band Bittersweet. SUPPORTERS: Miss DC Jen Corey, Erika Gutierrez, Jeff Roberts, Ken Christensen, Chad Sisneros, Tayler Wilhelm and Quin Woodward Pu. View all the photos at!

Paula Dobriansky and Bruce Friedman Pamela Brehm, Bruce Fries, John Dunford, and Tanya Sabel

Marcia Dyson and Marilyn Charity Liz Sara and Michelle Lebar Miguel Toullier and Jessica Clark

Cherie Short and Jeff Limey Ann Karl and Deborah Sigmund

Rich Jacobs and Veronica Yackuboskey









wl sponsored

Eurasia Foundation Dinner Mayflower Hotel Photos bY Tony Powell

THE START OF SOMETHING GOOD: There was certainly cause to celebrate Gen. Brent Scowcroft with Bill and Ruthie Frenzel

at the Eurasia Foundation’s first annual dinner, where prominent politicians and diplomats commemorated the organization’s 18 years of promoting stability in countries formed after the breakup of the Soviet Union. Gen. Brent Scowcroft spoke of the significant role the foundation has played in shaping policy in the new nations, while Eurasia Foundation President Horton Beebe-Center expressed hope that the dinner would be an annual summit bringing together advocates of the region. CELEBRATING SUCCESS: Russian Amb. Sergey Kislyak, Roy and Anne Phillips, Salo and Randi Levinas, Ann and Peter Connell, Nir Buras, Richard Dean, and Leksey Shoshayev.

Lucy and Matt Rojansky

View all the photos at!

Kazakhstan Amb. Erlan Idrissov and Margery Kraus Finnish Amb. Pekka Lintu and Swedish Amb. Jonas Hafström

Susan Eisenhower and JonChristopher Bua

Leslie Cockburn, Laurel Colless, Stephanie Slewka, and Ann Crittenden

Kyrgyz Amb. Zamira Sydykova and Horton Beebe-Center


COLLECTORS’ CHOICE: Iconic works by Picasso,

Hannah Higgins and Joe Reinstein John and Jeanne Warner

Monet, Renoir, and other masters were shown together for the first time in decades in homage to Chester Dale, whose collection forms the nucleus of the gallery’s modern French painting collection. EYE FOR ART: Art dealer Elaine Rosenberg (who now owns Dale’s Manhattan mansion) remembered the acquisitor as “very James Cagney,” while NGA director Rusty Powell paid credit to Mrs. Dale. “Maud had the eye,” he told VIP guests, “Chester had the checkbook.” View all the photos at!

Ruth Leffall

Ivan Fischer and Roger Sant

Mitch Rales and Sharon Percy Rockefeller Elisabeth Clark and Elaine Rosenberg

Justice Sandra Day O’Connor and Adrienne Arsht

Judith and Alexander Laughlin with Diana Walker

Mariella Trager and Sissy Yates

Debra Lee and Judith Jamison

Buffy Cafritz

Mayor Adrian Fenty and Michelle Fenty

Peggy Cooper Cafritz and Jaben Early Reem Sadik

Rep. Kendrick Meek and Leslie Meek

Ailey dancers Briana Reed, Renee Robinson, Linda-Denise Fisher-Harrell, and Khilea Douglass

ALVIN AILEY GALA The Kennedy Center Photos bY Kyle Samperton

LOVE FEAST: Judith Jamison, retiring artistic director of John Thompson III and Monica Thompson

the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater, was hailed when she came on stage to herald the dancers’ recent appearance at the Kennedy Center. Noting that the company “gave excellent outreach before it was called outreach,” she offered “thoughts and prayers” for the people of Haiti before the curtain went up on a fast-paced production (including “Revelations” of course). FULL HOUSE: It was all part of the 11th annual Washington gala supported by a record 700 benefactors gathered by co-chairwomen Gina Adams, Carolyn Brody, and Debra Lee with President and Mrs. Obama and Mayor Adrian M. Fenty and his wife Michelle serving as honorary co-chairmen.

Carolyn Brody, Carol Ludwig, and Christie Weiner

View all the photos at!

Wendell and Marie Johns

Ailey dancers Khilea Douglass and Samuel Roberts

Kim Keenan, Rep. John Lewis, and Montina Anderson Henry McGee and Ann Jordan


The Nexus of Politics, Hollywood, Media, and Diplomacy | Hollywood on the Potomac, Diplomatic Dance, and “Journey to Mecca” Screening

United Arab Emirates Ambasador Yousef Al-Otaiba and Dounia Sadqui at the “Journey to Mecca” screening at the Museum of Natural History. (Photo by Tony Powell)


| March


| washingtonlife.coms


pollywood | hollywood on the potomac

The Gang’s All Here Mark Russell basks in the limelight; Betsy Fischer’s fun, forty, and fabulous birthday bash; and the Canadians celebrate the Olympics. B y J a n e t D o n o va n

ONE OF A KIND Political satirist Mark Russell was billed by Ford’s Theatre as “One Man. One Piano. One Nation. Indivisible.” for his four-day February gig. No politicians get left behind when Russell takes the stage: “What did one inmate say to another? We had better food when you were governor.” Secretary of Transportation Ray LaHood was in the audience yukking it up with good humor along with dozens of Russell loyalists, 16 of whom joined the comedian/pianist for a post-show dinner party across the street at Bistro d’Oc. Conversation took a funny twist when guests were asked how they had met Mark. Thereafter, the theme of the evening turned to the Carroll-Arms Hotel, part of a little nugget of Washington history that brings back lots of memories: “I was young and came in from Detroit for a job and asked where a nearby hotel was and ended up there,” journalist Myra MacPherson said. “I was alone and pretty much in tears by then until I heard someone at the piano. It was Mark Russell and we have been friends ever since.” Russell remembered the Carroll-Arms as a “flop house,” given the private Quorum Club established there by the notorious lobbyist Bobby Baker, an aide to Lyndon B. Johnson. As Baker pointed out in his memoir, Wheeling and Dealing, “membership was comprised of senators, congressmen, lobbyists, Capitol Hill staffers, and other well-connecteds who wanted to enjoy their drinks, meals, poker games, and shared secrets in private accommodations.” Enjoying the camaraderie: Irish Ambassador of Michael Collins, Barbara and John


“Snowmageddon” meant moving the event to the Quinn’s house instead of Hilary Rosen’s. The party was co-hosted by David Gregory and Beth Wilkinson, Jon Meacham, Greta Van Susteren and John Coale, Nicole and David Nason, Hilary Rosen, Mike Feldman, Carrie Stevenson, Tammy Haddad, and Ted Greenberg. Fischer is, of course, executive producer of “Meet the Press with David Gregory.” Bet you didn’t know that they both are American University grads.

Left: Tricia Messerschmidt and Chris Plante at the Canadian Embassy Winter Olympics party. Above: Irish Ambassador Michael Collins with Allison Russell celebrate after Mark Russell’s opening at Ford’s Theatre.

Cochran, The New York Times’ Marian Burros, and authors Molly and Jim Dickenson.

All wondered the same thing: How do you remember 90 minutes of non-stop commentary? “I don’t recall,” quipped Mark.

INTELLECTUALS ON STEROIDS Top administration staffers sure know how to stack up brownie points with the media; all they had to do was to show up for the “Betsy Fischer is Finally Forty!” party at the home of Susanna and Jack Quinn. Seen mingling with Brett Baier, Wolf Blitzer, Andrea Mitchell, Ron Brownstein, Savanna Guthrie, Michael Isikoff, Mike Allen, and Evan Thomas were White House Advisor David Axelrod, communications director Dan Pfeiffer, deputy chief of staff to Rahm Emanuel Sarah Feinberg, and the First Lady’s chief of staff, Susan Sher.

Before the disco dancing and amid the schmoozing, Fischer was roasted and toasted by colleagues via video while billed as “Amy Fisher, the Long Island Lolita.” (As you can tell by the spelling of their surnames, there is no correlation between the gun-wielding Amy Fisher and Betsy Fischer.) Hampered by the District’s crippling

GREAT CARBS We’re not sure how you say “having a jolly good time” in Canadian, but Realtor Tricia Messerschmidt and radio talk show host Chris Plante were certainly having one at the party marking the opening of the Winter Olympics hosted by Canadian Ambassador Gary Doer. You didn’t have to speak French or know much about curling to party with the best of them. Enthusiasm waned for the trampoline snowboard contest when guests noticed the over-the-top buffet with French fries smothered in cheese curd and brown gravy – Canadians call it poutine, we called it great carbs; multiple variations of pasta (some drenched in lobster); and barrels of Molson Coors beer. Guests were treated to complimentary woolen mittens that were on sale at the Olympics for ten bucks a pair.The party crowd had to be over a thousand, so you do the math. Guests played the Wii Challenge, posed for photos and had to text each other to connect. Best take-home gift: the pedometers that Steve Clemons and Mike Mosettig used to log in the distance from the embassy to our cars. Every little bit helps.


| m A R CH



Rachel Goslins, Ed Norton, Shauna Robertson, Julius Genachowski, and Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi

NEA Chairman Rocco Landesman

Gillian and Ted Sorensen

Jesse Norman

Dancer Damian Woetzel and Justice Stephen Breyer

Sarah Jessica Parker, Peter Martins, and ballerina Darci Kistler Mary Schmidt Campbell and Alfre Woodard

Michael Tilson Thomas, Rita Moreno, and John Williams

Chuck Close


Presidential Committee for the arts awards

Jeremy Bernard and Ovation TV Chairman Ken Solomon

National Museum Of American History Photos by TONY POWELL

EVE OF GLORY: The night before they were honored by President Barack Obama at the White House, recipients of the National Medal of the Arts and the National Humanities Medal were feted at a gala dinner attended by top Administration officials and non-political VIPs of every stripe. HONOR ROLE: Arts recipients included artist Frank Stella, singer Bob Dylan, actor Clint Eastwood, architect Maya Lin, and opera diva Jesse Norman. Among the humanities crowd: historian Robert Caro, writer/lawyer Ted Sorensen, museum director Philippe de Montebello, Washington philanthropist Albert Small, and author Elie Wiesel. View all the photos at!

Rep. Patrick Murphy and Margo Lion Rep. Norm Dicks and Suzie Dicks

Anne and G. Wayne Clough

Elie and Marion Wiesel


Earthquake Diplomacy Chilean and Haitian ambassadors scramble in the wake of tragedy at home; a new Chinese envoy arrives; and a capital cycling event By GAIL SCOTT

DRAMATIC RETURN TO CHILE Chile’s 8.8-magnitude earthquake struck on Feb. 27, just 15 days before Chilean Ambassador José Goñi and his vivacious wife, Loreto Leyton Goñi, were planning to leave after spending less than one year here as newly-weds. A political appointee of center-left President Michelle Bachelet, José Goñi, a former Chilean minister of defense, was headed home to head the Santiago branch of the University of Concepción, while his spouse, a career diplomat, was set to return to a post in the foreign ministry. Speaking only hours after the quake hit, Loreto Goñi calmly praised her country’s disaster plans. “Chile is well prepared for this kind of catastrophe; we are very organized and should be able to return services to the community rather soon. Our main highway to the south will take time, but as President Bachelet has declared a ‘state of catastrophe,’ all the armed forces will come together in a huge effort.” She pointed out that the March 11 change in government should pose no major problem since the new ministers appointed by President Sebastian Pinera, a billionaire Conservative, “are already working with our current ministers to help our country in this emergency.” Pinera’s election in January ends two decades of center-left rule since democracy was reinstated in Chile. HAITIAN DREAM While Haitian Ambassador Raymond Joseph has been consumed 24/7 with helping hundreds of thousands of Haitians recover from the devastating Jan. 12 earthquake, his wife Lola focused on PetitGoâve, an historic community 42 miles southwest of Port-au-Prince and the site of 30

NEW CHINESE ENVOY For the first time and amid increasing tensions between the two countries, China has chosen a non-U.S. specialist to be its ambassador in Washington. Zhang Yesui, currently China’s U.N. representative, is expected to take over the reins here midMarch from departing Ambassador Zhu Wenzhong.

Loreto Leyton Goñi and Chilean Ambassador José Goñi

the epicenter. Before the temblor hit, Lola Joseph was already helping Petit-Goâve rebuild after four separate hurricanes ripped through the community two years ago. Now she has bigger plans. “I want P-G to be a model city for Haiti. I envision a kibbutz-type village for women and children to grow with dignity and become self-sufficient with all needs met – jobs, schools, recreation centers, good governance – and for people to live as decent human beings.” Madame Joseph and her Children & Families Global Development Fund are holding a “Tribute to the Resilience of Haitian Women” to help mark Inter national Women’s Day on March 11 with Archbishop Barney Auza, the papal nuncio to Haiti. Supporters include Deborah Sigmund ’s Innocents at Risk Foundation, which has expressed concern about Haiti’s poor displaced women and children becoming unsuspecting prey.

Zhang, an experienced internationalist, previously served as a diplomat in Great Britain where he studied at the London School of Economics. Another first: his wife also comes with the title of ambassador. Chen Naiqing was China’s ambassador to Norway and has also been an envoy on Korean affairs.

BIGWIGS ON BIG WHEELS A small but influential group of local cyclists led by Washington attorney Mark Sommers and including Mayor Adrian M. Fenty, Washington Convention and Sports Authority officials, and Italian Ambassador Giulio Terzi di Sant’Agata, are vying to host the first “stages” of the century-old Giro d’Italia (Tour of Italy) in 2012. This would be the first time any noted cycling tour started outside of Europe. Second only to the older Tour de France, which is held in July, the professional cyclists’ race would wind around many Washington landmarks, especially those donated by Italy or made by Italian Americans: Luigi Moretti’s Watergate complex, the U.S. Capitol (with Constantino Brumidi’s frescos), the Lincoln Memorial (carved by members of the Piccirilli family), “Valor” and “Sacrifice” bronzes at Memorial Bridge, and the Italian Embassy itself. Relax, commuters. They’re definitely planning a weekend race.


| M a r ch



wl exclusive


ONE OF THEIR OWN: Ladies who rarely attend long lunches flocked to fĂŞte Capricia Marshall, the new chief of protocol of the United States. LANDMARK APPOINTMENT: Marshall, who has the title of ambassador, is not only “extraordinarily young, she is extremely well qualified,â€? hostess Rima Al-Sabah noted of the guest of honor, who has the distinction of being the first person in history to serve as protocol chief as well as White House social secretary (in the Clinton Administration). SEEN: Amy Rule (Rahm Emanuel’s wife), Cathy Russell (Jill Biden’s chief of staff), Mona Locke (wife of Commerce Secretary Gary F. Locke), Teresa DeGioia, Donna McLarty, and Elsa Walsh. View all the photos at!

Nicole Elkon, Ann Stock, and Mona Locke

Tammy Haddad and Jackie Duberstein

Adrienne Arsht and Buffy Cafritz

Cathy Russell

Ann Nitze and Dr. Sharon Malone

Lynn Blitzer, Claire Shipman, and Amy Rule

Michelle Fenty, Capricia Marshall, and Rima Al-Sabah

Stylish Condominium Living Just two blocks from the King Steet Metro 1 Bedrooms from $329,900 • 2 Bedrooms from $499,900 • 3 Bedrooms from $749,900




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10-AT-271_washington life_3.1.indd 1

2/25/10 9:54 AM

Rebecca Lolosoli and Diane von Furstenberg

Fashion’s Vital Voice Designer Diane von Furstenberg on her passionate work for women and her partnership with artisan and activist Rebecca Lolosoli


believe there is an inherent strength in every woman. I have seen this strength sustain and invigorate women and inspire those around them. I was raised by a woman with an invulnerable will, a Holocaust survivor who taught me that “fear is not an option.” But despite my mother’s history, she was always adamant that she was not a victim – above all other things, she was, as every woman at one time or another discovers she is, a survivor. I often say that I have never met a woman who is not strong, but sometimes that strength is hiding. I have always felt it is my duty and privilege to support another woman as she

becomes the greatest version of herself. No woman should be denied this vital opportunity to realize who she can be and what she can do to contribute to this world. In commemoration of International Women’s Day on March 8th, I will join a community of advocates and leaders at various events throughout the month to honor and celebrate women who are transforming our world with their compassion and talent. Since becoming a Board Member of Vital Voices Global Partnership, a non-governmental organization that invests in and enhances women’s leadership potential, I have been able to help support their work to empower

women around the world through their growing network.VitalVoices is an organization with a unique and powerful message – invest in women, improve the world – and that is what we have done! We worked with Rebecca Lolosoli, an artisan and activist from Kenya whose necklaces I feature in my 2010 Spring Collection. Rebecca is a survivor of domestic violence who has had the courage to stand for women’s rights, and on March 10th, it will be my pleasure to present her with an award at the Vital Voices Global Leadership Awards. At the United Nations headquarters in New York, later that week, I will host the inaugural DVF Awards to honor four


exceptional women who are giving back to their communities. Among the honorees are VitalVoices Network members Danielle SaintLot of Haiti and Sadiqa Basiri of Afghanistan, incredible women who have defied the limitations of poverty, war, and prejudice and empowered their communities. Throughout March, we will be celebrating women with a variety of other activities and campaigns. Incredible artists like Christina Aguilera and Mary J. Blige have come together in the spirit of collaboration and contributed songs to the Proud to be Woman CD, a compilation that will benefitVitalVoices. In addition to the CD, a portion of all sales in DVF stores and on will go to benefit Vital Voices. We will also launch an exciting advocacy campaign – Women Can and Do – which will profile women activists, capturing their passion and communicating their strength.Women can change our world, they already do. I am thrilled to be a part of these events, and contribute to a larger movement for women’s empowerment globally. Our strength as women not only binds us, it motivates us to support one another across nations and generations. When I see a woman who is confident, fulfilled, and exhilarated as she contributes to those around her – I see her spirit, I see the light in her. It is time every woman had the opportunity to shine as she was intended.


Left: Christina Aguilera, Mary J. Blige, and others come together on the Proud to be Woman CD, a compilation that will benefit Vital Voices. Above: Rebecca Lolosoli’s necklaces featured as part of Diane Von Furstenberg’s 2010 Spring Collection


Alec Ross poses with displaced children at the refugee camp in Mugunga, Democratic Republic of the Congo. (Photo courtesy of Alec Ross)

Internet Diplomat When Alec Ross talks about using new technology to deal with complex international problems, Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton listens.


or Alec J. Ross, a 12-year-old growing up in Charleston, W.Va., life changed the year he spent in Rome with his grandfather, Ray DePaulo, a professional Democratic Party operative who was the commercial counselor at the U.S. Embassy. Now senior advisor for innovation to Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton, he says the experience changed him from “a baseball kid to a kid with a global sensitivity.” Ross, 38, is not a geek, one of those people enamored of and buried in mind-numbing complexities of the computer world. He sees the practical potential of technology and has


become one of the State Department’s first Internet Age diplomats in a position created by Clinton. He is showing that even the ubiquitous cell phone can be a vital tool in combating crime, climate change, medical care, human trafficking, and a vast number of other things, including many in the most remote and impoverished regions of the world. He points out, for example, that 75 percent of cell phone growth is in developing nations. Much of the world found out about the Iranian election protests through Twitter, and millions of dollars were raised for the Haitian earthquake disaster by texting on mobile devices. On a recent trip to the Congo, one of

the poorest places on Earth, Ross says his Blackberry began chirping with three different available networks as soon as he disembarked from his plane. There are political ramifications as well. Ross explains that in Iran and more than 20 other nations that censor the Internet, the State Department is helping develop policies whereby citizens can have Internet access even when their governments are trying to deny it. “This is what freedom of expression is about in the 21st century,” he says. In a boardroom off the State Department library, Ross speaks about a recent trip to Mexico to help people report crimes anonymously and without retaliation by


means of a specially designed text messaging system. Their reports were relayed to a web site where the officials who responded were required to answer back. He emphasizes this system establishes three things: anonymity, transparency, and accountability. “It is thinking creatively of technology,” he says. Another smart use of the cell phone is mobile banking. People in many African nations do not have the same easy access to banks that is common in more developed nations. They are dependent on a cash economy. The idea, Ross explains, is to use the cell phone as a portable ATM. Kenya, he says, “has 38 million people, and seven million now use mobile banking.” With that change, “there has been a measurable decrease in corruption and crime because cash breeds crime and corruption.” Before joining the administration, Ross built his reputation on co-founding and helping run One Economy Corporation, which became the world’s largest digital divide organization with help from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Cisco, the Ford Foundation, Google, and AT&T. His persistence in cold calling them until he got a response helped get the nonprofit group started in 2000. During his eight years there, One Economy developed programs on four continents to help more than 20 million low income people get broadband Internet access, create localized websites, and get technical training. Ross enjoys talking about growing up in Charleston, where his father is a lawyer and his mother a paralegal. He points out that there were three kinds of youngsters in his high school: “creekers,” (children from poor families who lived in the rural hollows), the better-off kids, and band geeks. “My high school was like a stage set of a John Hughes movie,” he says. “I was an academic and into sports and wasn’t mean to the ‘creekers,’ and as a result was always elected class president. I could move easily between the different school communities.” He is embarrassed to be reminded that his mother once told a West Virginia newspaper that he had told his classmates that he wanted to be president someday, and was annoyed

when he was asked in return, “President of what?” He quickly adds that he has no “short term” political ambitions, and doesn’t elaborate on what that might mean in the long term. The Obama presidential campaign was his first involvement in politics and where he helped develop the administration’s technology policy. A 1994 graduate of Northwestern University majoring in Medieval History, Ross spent his junior year studying in Italy and is fluent in Italian. He moved to Baltimore after graduation to join Teach for America and was assigned to the inner city Booker T. Washington Middle School, where he taught a class of the toughest kids. He was 22 and a slight five-foot-seven, but says he didn’t have any problems. He has lived in Baltimore ever since. There is a dramatic difference between Northwestern’s campus on Chicago’s wealthy Gold Coast and blue-collar Baltimore. “I loved Northwestern, but don’t identify with the North Shore wealthy,” he says. “I identify with the working class and middle class and I wanted real work.” Such an answer sounds like the right thing to say, but coming from Ross it is believable. The Baltimore inner city school had another attraction. It’s where he met his wife Felicity, who was from Ann Arbor, Mich., teaching math under the same program across the hall from his classroom. “I wooed her by bringing her a bagel every day,” the boyishly handsome Ross jokes during the interview, his hair longish and curling at the edges. “That’s how I got my foot in the door.” He has not moved his family, and commutes to Washington by train each day. This tends to keep his social obligations to a minimum. “With three kids, you make your social choices carefully,” he says. “I don’t do things because they are fun. If I want to do fun things, it is with my wife and kids.” He understands, however, that his job requires travel and was in the Persian Gulf last month with Clinton. “I only travel on things that are the priority of the secretary and if they move the secretary’s agenda,” Ross says. “My wife is supportive. She knows this is a special time. For example, I was in Qatar and missed Valentine’s Day.”

Alec Ross discusses Internet diplomacy at the U.S. Department of State. (Photo by Joseph Allen)

There are times he has to stay late, for example when Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey was in town. Ross organized a dinner for him in a private room at the Bombay Club with a small group. He also scheduled an elegant dinner in the State Department’s historic Benjamin Franklin State Dining Room for Clinton and top technology moguls, including Dorsey, Google CEO Eric Schmidt, and Microsoft’s chief research and strategy officer Craig Mundie. Ross brings the conversation back to his children: Colton DiPaolo, 7 (a play on “coal town” and the original spelling of his mother’s family name); Tehle, 5 (named for Felicity’s grandmother); and Sawyer Diego, 3 (he says that name is “21st century American”). Ross often takes the children to the Baltimore museums and the Smithsonian in Washington. When the family comes to the capital, the first thing they want to do, he says, is eat dim sum in Chinatown, and before going home, have Ethiopian food in Adams Morgan. “Where I grew up,” he adds with a laugh, “Asian food was soy sauce.”


From left: Refugees International’s next president, Dan Glickman, with Climate Refugees producer and director Michael Nash at the film’s world premiere; Philip Seymour Hoffman before his directorial debut with Jack Goes Boating at the St. Regis; filmgoers before another premiere; David Vennett and EarthEcho International’s Philippe Cousteau at J & G in the St. Regis.

SUNDANCETWENTYTEN A Renewed Rebel with a Cause ... By Pamela Lynne Sorensen


he kinship between the nation’s capital and its West Coast friends was apparent at this year’s Sundance Film Festival, aka: SUNDANCETWENTYTEN. I’d heard this was to be a “new kind of Sundance” and that founder Robert Redford wanted to get the festival back on track with a theme fueled by rebelling, recharging, and renewing (the antiHollywood). It worked. These pros took their purpose, craft, and intent and delivered excellent films. And oh, there were parties, too. My Washington group consisted of David Vennett, Philippe Cousteau, Andy Baldwin, Susan Roberts, and Nicole Boxer. The contingency grew when we spotted MC Dean’s Bill Dean and Apex System’s Win Sheridan, who had invested in Sympathy for Delicious (starring Christopher Thornton, Mark Ruffalo, Juliette Lewis, Orlando Bloom and Laura Linney) and Hesher (starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt , Natalie Portman and Rainn Wilson). Thursday night had the heaviest snow Park City had seen in months but that didn’t effect the Absolut Party at Easy Street on Main Street – which is party ground zero. It’s packed with every bar, restaurant, and shop an otherwise sleepy ski town would need.


We entered and walked right by Bill Murray, star of Robert Duvall’s Get Low. The air and energy were electric. While the attire was more casual than in Washington, it was nice to be in a laid back environment. Spotted: Morgan Spurlock director of Super Size Me. The party was in full swing when Climate Refugees producer and director Michael Nash entered. I had met him through Kimball Stroud and David Vennett during the IMPACT Film Festival 2009. His documentary was about to make a huge splash here. “We’re the American Express and Bing showcase film!” he exclaimed. “I get to hang out at Sundance Resort on Sunday with Robert Redford.” (He got to hang with Bill Gates, too.) On Saturday we screened Get Low, directed by Aaron Schneider and starring Duvall, Bill Murray, Sissy Spacek and Lucas Black, and Climate Refugees. During the Climate Refugees reception, we mingled with Nash, Justin Hogan, and Keith Kohn Clockwise from top: Andy (score producer) and Michael Mollura Baldwin and Nicole Boxer, (composer). The film was well-received producer of Climate Refugees, at the film’s VIP and stirred the crowd to a lively Q&A pre-screening party; a session. Even Sen. Barbara Boxer, who screenshot from the film Climate Refugees; Pamela had introduced it at the IMPACT Film Sorensen takes a spin in the Festival in Washington, took the mic. music taxi.





pollywood | SUNDANCE

The house was rockin’ and the vodka was flowing at the after-party.While we were dressed in cold weather attire, other guests looked as if they walked off the set of Gossip Girl: Miami. The swinging soiree included photo sessions, a DJ, dance floor, and a tiny Alice in Wonderlandlike door, which I heard led to a world of misbehavior. Before exiting, we caught glimpses of reality show stars through the paparazzi pile and a “rap star” with the requisite entourage. On Sunday we visited Stein Eriksen Lodge for brunch. The winding drive there offers stunning views. Try the five-star Champagne brunch. Normally one can spot dark-spectacled celebs, but that day it was packed with hungry skiers and NFL playoff viewers. That night we headed out in the hottest mode of transportation ever created: the Music Taxi. Only cool cats book this karaoke van complete with a working mic and speakers, glow-in-thedark sunglasses and songs that take you back.After singing our way up the winding roads, we made it to the stunning St. Regis Deer Crest Resort in Deer Valley for dinner at J&G Grill.To get there, take the funicular at the mountain base, which whisks you 500 vertical feet to the main building in 90 seconds. There, we caught the shadow of Paris Hilton wearing sunglasses at night as she glided out of a chauffeured black SUV and slipped past the step-and-repeat where Philip Seymour Hoffman and Josh Radnor chatted with reporters. Upstairs in the airy, casually luxe, and contemporary J&G Grill, we took in the exhibition seating, where guests have a great view of the open kitchen. Chef Shane and sous chef Justin told us that they look to keep the menu concept straightforward and “farm to table.”The highlight was the black truffle pizza, which my dinner mates kept stealing. Our last soirée, “The Dry Land Party,” was held at The Yard, or, to the untrained eye, a warehouse. Sponsored by Bing, the Creative Coalition and Red Bull and hosted by the film’s star, America Ferrera, and director/screenwriter Ryan Pierce Williams, the standing-roomonly was pure energy. I chalked it up to the overflowing Red Bull. Our entertainment was Lyle Lovett, who sounded great, but his somber genre of music didn’t five with a crrowd itching to gyrate. After one set, the DJ appeared and the crowd got its wish.




On Monday we left exhilarated, inspired, somewhat exhausted and ready to return to real life back in the “Polly” of “Pollywood.” How fortunate we are to have Redford and the Sundance leadership in our “Pollywood” world. Sundance is an open invitation for those who appreciate coloring outside the lines, rebelling

against the mainstream, making a statement, provoking insight, shocking viewers with brave words and performances, and celebrating divergent thought turned into action. And the parties aren’t too bad either. You can read more about Pamela’s Sundance adventures at

My Picks

For a documentary festival organizer such as myself, Sundance is the Holy Grail. And the twentyten edition of the Festival did not disappoint. Here are a few standouts. By Sky Sitney, Artistic Director for SILVERDOCS

12th and DELAWARE Filmmaking dynamic duo Rachel Grady and Heidi Ewing (Jesus Camp) elegantly encapsulate the complex and controversial abortion debate by focusing their camera on one corner in Fort Pierce, Fla., where an abortion clinic sits on one side of the street, and a pro-life outfit – often mistaken for the clinic it seeks to shut down – sits on the other.

JOAN RIVERS: A PIECE OF WORK Ricki Stern and Annie Sundburg offer an entertaining and moving work of revisionist history, examining the caricature of Joan Rivers based on her excessive plastic surgery and red carpet shenanigans.They detail not only her groundbreaking role and meteoric rise in a male-dominated comedy world (thus paving the way for many future female comics), but her humility and humanity as well. Can we tawk?

THE OATH The second installment of Laura Poitras’ post-9/11 trilogy (beginning with Academy nominated My Country, My Country) offers a compelling portrait of two brothers-in-law, Abu Jandal and Salim Hamdam, whose associations with al-Qaeda, and Osama bin Laden in particular (one served as his bodyguard, the other as his driver), propell them on divergent courses.

WAITING FOR SUPERMAN Washington, D.C. native son Davis Guggenheim returns to the advocacy role that won him an Academy Award in 2006 for An Inconvenient Truth. This time turns his lens on the state of public education in the U.S. Following a number of promising students through the system, he reveals the complexities and failures of public education, and offers a much needed battle cry for change.


Want to see great documentary film in the Washington D.C. Metro area? Come to AFI Discovery Channel SILVERDOCS Documentary Film Festival from June 22 to 27, 2010! Tickets are on sale now:



Change-Makers As


Nobel Peace prize winner Dr. Muhammad Yunus came to Park City for the premiere of To Catch A Dollar: Muhammad Yunus Banks On America.

Last year, Sundance Film Festival heavy-hitters scheduled around the inauguration, this time they stayed on to become the festival’s real A-list. By Patricia Finneran


he 2010 Sundance experience was all about interesting juxtapositions of art and ideas, storytellers and change-makers. Jeff Skoll, who made his fortune with E-Bay, came with no less than four Participant films. Two won documentary audience-awards. One of them, Waiting for Superman, was from D.C. native Davis Guggenheim (whose last Participant partnership was An Inconvenient Truth). Guggenheim joked that when he discussed the idea of a film about public education in America with a friend in L.A., it sounded like career suicide. But it turns out the film’s primary subject, Geoffrey Canada, of Harlem Children’s Zone, is a superstar. His in-your-face belief in human potential at critical junctures has saved hundreds of lives. His vision for public education goes against conventional wisdom and teachers unions. As if four weren’t enough, a fifth Skollsupported film launched out of his Foundation’s “Stories of Change” partnership with Sundance Institute’s Documentary Film Program. Begun three years ago by the Institute’s Doc Program Director Cara Mertes and the Skoll Foundation,“Stories of Change” creates alliances between documentary filmmakers and social entrepreneurs, and provided co-production funding for ten feature-length documentaries. The project integrates the Foundation’s support of social change agents with the Doc Program’s belief that supporting independent storytellers can lead to change. Nobel Peace prize winner Muhammad Yunus came to Park City for the premiere of that film, titled To Catch A Dollar: Muhammad Yunus Banks On America, from director Gayle Ferraro. The film interweaves Yunus’ story as founder of the Grameen bank and micro-credit movement in Bangladesh 30 years ago, with the launch of Grameen America (which will soon open a Washington branch.) Just as Wall Street


was crashing, he was quietly shaking up notions about banking in the U.S., starting with a branch serving immigrant women in Queens, New York. It is a character-driven exploration of the current state of American financial system, where the working poor lack access to banks and recent college graduates struggle to escape the lure of easy credit cards and galloping interest rates. The cluster of compelling issue-based films was reflected in a number of the most popular panels. Yunus, banker to the poor, appeared in one called “Can’t Be Done,” with Geoffrey Canada and Lester Brown, whom the Washington Post dubbed “one of the world’s most influential thinkers.” Brown advocates for radically simple solutions to climate change and has appeared in Michael Nash’s documentary Climate Refugees and his new book, “Plan B 4.0: Mobilizing to Save Civilization.” Moderator Sally Osberg, president of the Skoll Foundation, led a farranging discussion of solutions from these world leaders, that ended with a standing ovation from an audience hungry for change. Later that week, along with journalist Amy Goodman and Academy Award nominee Laura Poitras, the “Saving Democracy” panel featured veteran filmmaker Alex Gibney, whose mix of money and politics in Casino Jack: The United States of Money is a stunning expose of the exking of K Street. If you thought you knew the story … This expertly researched film lays out the scandalous details with stunning clarity, forming a grim reminder that without campaign finance reform, democracy remains for sale. Also for sale, according to Lucy Walker’s documentary Countdown to Zero, (one of the four Participant films) are a wide variety of nuclear weapons and materials in a ticking timebomb of a global marketplace. CTZ features a who’s who of international security (Gorbachev, Brzezinski, Musharraf, etc.), including former

Washingtonian Valerie Plame Wilson, a leading nuclear proliferation expert and so-called “reluctant celebrity” who nonetheless attended the film’s premiere. If it all sounds like doom and gloom, it isn’t. When teachers and authors are feted like stars, and when Hollywood actors pose with Nobel Prize winners, there’s reason to celebrate. As Sundance Institute Founder Robert Redford has said, “Storytelling itself is an act of hope.” Each and every film featured at the 2010 festival stayed true to that vision by representing a filmmaker’s hope: realizing a vision, altering a perception, bringing clarity to complexity, or, just telling a singular story of change.

Space Tourists wins World Cinema Directing Award


n his most recent work, Christian Frei turns to an age-old dream of man: to leave our planet as a “normal person” and travel to outer space. For $20 million, American Anousheh Ansari was able to fulfil this childhood dream. The film follows her journey and shows everyday life as it is on the International Space Station. But you don’t have to travel to Russia to go into space: ZERO G has upcoming Washington flights scheduled on April 3 and July 4, 2010. Go to and enter code “PROMO1002” for a special offer!





Taran Davies, Jake Eberts, and “Journey to Mecca” co-producer Dounia Benjelloun

Kuwait Amb. Salem Al-Sabah, Rima AlSabah, and Prince Turki al-Faisal

“Journey to Mecca” co-star Hassam Ghancy and director Bruce Neibaur Heather and Tony Podesta

Journey to Mecca Screening Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History Photos by Tony Powell

IMAX MECCA: Unfortunately, much of the news we receive

Nora Maccoby and Mariella Trager Libyan Amb. Ali Aujali and Qatar Amb. Ali Al-Hajri

about the Middle East these days is short on positive imagery – which is why it was so refreshing to be at a preview screening of the Cosmic Picture and SK Films IMAX feature “Journey to Mecca,” which enjoyably recreates the footsteps of 14th-century Moroccan intrepid explorer Ibn Battuta’s journey from Tangiers to Mecca for the Hajj. EMBASSY FRONT ROW: Guests included ambassadors from Djibouti, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates, Yemen, Kuwait, Libya, Lebanon, Mali, Brunei, Pakistan, the Arab League, Tunisia, Morocco, Bahrain, Bangladesh, Syria, and Malaysia. Prince Turki Al-Faisal, former Saudi Arabian ambassador to the U.S., was among the out-of-town VIPs in attendance. View all the photos at!

Michael and Meryl Chertoff with Alma and Colin Powell

Michael Trager, Kay Kendall, and Jack Davies

Syrian Amb. Imad Moustapha and Rafif Moustapha Esther Coopersmith and Bahrain Amb. Houda Nonoo

March 26, 2010

Rebecca Taylor Trunk Show


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lifeStyles Fashion, Art, Dining, and Travel | The Season’s Style, Fashion Awards, and Spring Bling

a night at the museum


| TSYNDYMA blue light silk chiffon dress with draped| corset top ($3,100); TSYNDYMA Showroom, KATE SPADE snakeskin heels ($325); Bloomingdale’s, South Moon Under black and silver chain necklace with brooch accent ($98), black pearl necklace worn as a bracelet ($38), and gold dangle earrings ($24); and Funky Junque blue quilted purse with chain ($54); South Moon Under, WA S H I N G T O N L I F E

MONTH 2009


Armani Collezioni raw silk brown blazer ($785), Canali cream scarf with paisley detail ($65), and Ralph Lauren white pants ($98); Bloomingdale’s, Hugo Boss light green button down shirt ($95), Nixon 51-30 Chrono stainless steel watch ($395), Peter Grimm gray checkered hat ($30), and Kenneth Cole Reaction black belt ($40); South Moon Under, Gucci GG cotton washed “New Praga” shoes ($425); Neiman Marcus,






On Andrea: GUESS “Tailgate” high heeled strappy sandals ($90); Bloomingdale’s, www. JC silver fringe purse worn as a necklace ($66), and Yochi Art Deco “Starburst” ring ($48); South Moon Under, www. TSYNDYMA black jacket made from silk heavy crepe with organza collar ($1,200) and black thick netted organza skirt ($1,400); TSYNDYMA, On Brian: DSquared2 blue button-down shirt with white pinstripe detail ($395), Z Zenga dark gray suit (jacket not pictured) ($1,095), and Polo by Ralph Lauren orange floral tie ($115); Bloomingdale’s, www.bloomingdales. com. South Moon Under black belt ($40); South Moon Under, www. On Jovite: Tailorbyrd pink, blue, and brown striped button-down shirt ($95) and Howe gray trousers ($98); South Moon Under, www.southmoonunder. com. Elie Tahari dark orange sweater with gray accents ($198) and Amicale gray newsboy cap ($50); Bloomingdale’s, Prada black sneakers with white toe ($295); Neiman Marcus, www.






On Jovite: Theory light gray trousers ($195) and light gray blazer ($495), Elie Tahari blue pattern button down shirt ($178), Jump Sneaker Deluxe shoes ($180), and Joseph & Lyman yellow pattern scarf ($28); Bloomingdale’s, www. South Moon Under black belt ($40); South Moon Under, On Brian: Neil Barrett cropped black trousers ($475), Burberry white button-down shirt with light gray and white stripes ($395), DSquared 2 gray vest ($645), and The Men’s Store Bloomingdale’s red silk suspenders ($85); B l o o m i n g d a l e’s , w w w.






TSYNDYMA white silk satin-chiffon dress with watercolor floral pattern ($2,800); TSYNDYMA, www.tsyndymaonline. com. Manolo Blahnik copper strappy sandals ($815); Neiman Marcus, Kylie quartz ring with cut-out stone ($80) and Tudor small silver roundel earrings ($24); South Moon Under, www.






TSYNDYMA black and white jacket in Swiss cotton pike ($1,600) and black pencil skirt in heavy silk crepe ($1,100); TSYNDYMA www. GUESS “Tailgate” high heeled strappy sandals ($90); Bloomingdale’s, Funky Junque red quilted bag with chain ($54) and South Moon Under flower crystal brooch with rope accent ($34); South Moon Under, www.southmoonunder. com. Red scarf, not for sale.






TSYNDYMA light blue silk crepe and mesh organza gown with rosette detail ($3,500); TSYNDYMA, www. JJ Singh gold chain earrings ($120); Shah & Shah,


| M arch




lifestyles | TREND REPORT


he sun isn’t the only thing shining this spring. Designers like Michael Kors and Jason Wu tapped into their inner rock stars and added a bit of metallic glam to this season’s look.

Karen Millen metallic cage sandals ($250); Available Karen Millen,


CHRISTIAN DIOR Liquid Metal center diamond bracelet ($110); Available at South Moon Under,











FASHION awards We salute 35 men and women who bring that je ne sais quoi to the boardrooms and ballrooms of Washington By K a r i n Ta n a b e

“Welcome to Washington, the dare to wear, and wear well. To be fair, the more Logan Circle than Capitol Hill; and Hollywood for ugly people!” Local residents District’s first lady, Michelle Fenty, helped of course, Michelle Obama flashing those all know that this cringe-worthy moniker, raise the style bar when her husband was bare arms. while funny to outsiders, has never really elected in 2006. Young, modern, and at Will the style makers in New York applied to our fair capital’s inhabitants. But times decidedly daring with her wardrobe, continue to pay attention to us after the during the era of Lady Bird yellow, Jimmy you’re more likely to see Fenty in a bandage Obama administration is no longer? It’s hard Carter casual, Hillary Clinton headbands, dress than a Talbots suit. to say. But for now, it’s a chance to herald and George W. Bush suits and cowboy And then came the other Michelle. those who stepped out of the pantsuit and boots, it sometimes rang a bit true. Now Americans had a lot to say about her flat black dress haze of Washington fashion and that we have a stylish first lady, Michelle shoes, her 1950’s-inspired skirts, those into something that’s bringing the capital Obama, Washingtonians are no longer twinsets and bubblegum pearls. Every outfit closer and closer to the cutting edge. Are being accused of dressing out of the “take she wears makes the blogs and inspires we going to see punk chic, street style, or me” bin. The fashion world has turned its hurrahs from New York fashion royalty.Yes, mini-miniskirts on Capitol Hill anytime attention to FLOTUS and her love of labels when those at the helm dress well, the rest soon? Probably not. But that’s just not the from Azzedine Alaïa, nature of our city. In to Isaac Mizrahi, and many ways we still even shopping mall adhere to the dignified staple J. Crew. once set have lived in the city for years know that we weren’t so badly standards Those of us who by Deeda Blair and buttoned-up before the Obamas came to town.” have lived here forever Bunny Mellon, and know that we weren’t the late great grandes so badly buttoned-up dames Evangeline before the Obamas came to town. After of us are inclined to follow. Bruce, Clare Booth Luce, and Jacqueline all, some Washingtonians have been quietly In Washington, of course, we tend to Kennedy. Add a new crop of more recent making fashion splashes for decades that blaze our own trails. Lobbyist Heather socialites who have proved well up to the have simply gone unsung. Even so, the Podesta will happily wear blue tights to task of keeping Washington out of fashion spotlight hadn’t drifted much below the a black-tie function without batting an Siberia, and the city’s come a long way, Mason-Dixon line since Nancy Reagan was eyelash. And why not? Fashion rules were baby. So, here’s to our first-ever fashion in the White House. Until now, that is. made to be broken – if they are broken well awards, bestowed upon 35 individuals we Come inauguration day 2009, all the better. Just think of Desirée Rogers salute for keeping the navy blue pinstripes Washington hit the pages of Vogue, Vanity wearing Commes des Garçons to the now away and daring to bring a little more flair Fair, and Town & Country, not for politics, infamous state dinner that ultimately led to to a city whose closets just got a lot more or political scandals, but for the things we her resignation; Rep. Jane Harman looking interesting.


always elegant

beth dozoretz The chairwoman of last year’s Meridian Ball dazzled in gold Reem Acra and always turns heads.

out in style

Desirée Rogers The svelte Chicagoan resigned as White House social secretary, but not before making a mark with cutting edge style.

Jean-Marie Fernandez

A regular on the philanthropy circuit, she dresses with a flair for whatever is fun and modern.

first lady of fashion

michelle obama Heralded as the “new Jackie O,” the first lady has

wowed critics – as well as the masses – with chic, mostly American-designed ensembles.

Polished Politico

Nancy pelosi A high-powered

job compels Madame Speaker to dress to impress in Armani pantsuits and power pearls.

Trendsetter Fashion HALL OF FAME

Ina Ginsburg

Count on Andy Warhol’s old pal to wear vintage haute couture one night and something quite daringly “arty” the next.

grace and charm Global Grace

Luciana Pedraza wows on the red carpet with subtle yet striking ensembles.

Yoriko Fujisaki

Always chic while staying true to her fashion roots, she pays homage to Japan’s rich style history.

Elegant Power

rima al-sabah A

top diplomatic hostess who graces the pages of Vogue and W, the glamorous sheika sets a city-wide standard for style.

Modern Romantic

Eden Rafshoon

Careful attention to detail pays off handsomely for this Georgetown style icon.

Southern BELLE

Bonnie McElveenHunter Long live glamorous

Silver Screen Style

gowns! The American Red Cross chairman brings old Hollywood pizzazz to the city’s black-tie soirées.

Susan Pillsbury This former dancer and social butterfly wears bold, brightly-colored gowns that set her apart from the usual sea of black dresses.

Gala Glamour

Antonia Gore Feathers,

floor-length gowns, and flourishes to match define black-tie style in the capital.

Fashion Ingénue

Ashley Taylor With youthful effervescence, this gemologist seamlessly combines a preppy penchant with whatever is truly hip.

The Rebel

Heather Podesta

Podesta never lets tradition smother her astonishing sense of style, wearing creations that are a top-to-toe ode to individuality.

Creative cocktail

Nini Ferguson Never fearful of color or patterns, her flair for fashion perks up any special event.

Regal Style

designer darling

Infanta Cristina Just

Sedi FlĂźgelman Her

emereging onto the social scene after her recent move, the friendly Spanish princess favors perfectly-tailored neutrals.

international roots are highlighted by gorgeous gowns from top designers.

Girl About Town

Gwen Holliday Sophisticated yet casual, Holliday’s style seems effortless morning, noon, and night.

Polished PrepPY

Mary Haft A stand-out in

formal attire, the summertime Nantucket resident also favors a preppy look.

Perfect Poise

Katherine Bradley A taste for classic gowns, shift dresses, and cardigans makes Bradley an exemplar of upscale Washington elegance.

Design Star International Elegance

Aniko Gaal Schott Flawless combinations of couture, big jewelry, and statement pieces.

Michelle Fenty The

first lady of Washington, lawyer, and mother of three raised the fashion bar in Washington before the other Michelle arrived.

Dashing Diplomat

Carolina Barco

Power suits and bold colors add a bit of South American flavor to Embassy Row.

Style in Session

Jane Harman A touch of California flare makes for an effortless East-meets-West Coast style.

EUROPEAN IMport The Modern Dandy

Renaud de Viel Castel Parisian polish makes the aristoctratic de Viel Castel a shining style star on the young social firmament.

Riley Temple Bowties,

pinstripes, signature glasses, and elegant extras define this arts activist attorney.

International Polish

Richard Burt The dapper former ambassador to Germany’s style is classic bespoke, usually with a twist. Elegant Activist

Tailored Traditionalist

Joe Solmonese The

president of the Human Rights Campaign favors designers Ann Demeulemeester, Billy Reid, and Dolce and Gabbana.

barack obama The top style Chef

best-dressed president since Reagan is tailored to perfection in Hartmarx suits.

Sam Kass Kass brought the “it” factor to the chef’s jacket and is one of the White House’s most eligible bachelors.

Bohemian Royal

Zeid Ra’ad Zeid Al-Hussein The discreet Prince spruces up suits with elegant extras.

High Note on the Hill

David Dreier Continuously voted one of the best-dressed congressmen, Dreier epitomizes California cool on Capitol Hill.

Dashing Design

James Woodyard

Woodyard wears a blazer and jeans as well as any Hollywood heartthrob.

Classic Charm

Jim Kimsey With a wardrobe

of impeccably tailored suits, Kimsey sports dark classic colors to fundraisers and fêtes.

lifestyles | JEWELRY

Brighten Up Adorn yourself with something sparkly for spring

Mona Taner 18kt. gold “Soho”

band with 1.15ct. diamonds ($5,280) flanked by a pair of “Bubbles” guards with 0.60ct. diamonds total (pair, $4,290; individually, $2,145); Mona Taner Boutique,

Cushion on Point Collection by David Yurman sterling silver

necklace with colored gemstones and pavé diamonds on a 17-inch chain (with blue topaz and amethyst, $1,850; with Prasiolite, $1,450); Fink’s Jewelers, www.

BVLGARI High Jewelry

necklace, featuring 18kt. yellow gold with fancy sapphires (60.70 carats), double rose cut moonstones (8.32 cts), round brilliant cut diamonds (12.59 carats), and pavé diamonds (4.28 carats) (price upon request); BVLGARI,


Jorge Adeler 14kt. yellow gold

and green Peridot earrings featuring a hand applied hammer finish. Available with additional gemstones. ($2,598); Adeler Jewelers, www.





Terry Quinn custom-designed “Key to

Her Heart” bracelet, available in 14kt. yellow gold or sterling silver with diamonds (price upon request); Quinn’s Goldsmith, www.

Bubbles Collection by Mark Patterson 18kt.

white gold earrings with pear-shaped aquamarines 6.61 carats and diamonds 1.74 carats ($11,380); Tiny Jewel Box, www.tinyjewelbox. com. Cartier Panthère de Cartier necklace,

featuring platinum, brilliant-cut diamonds, eight cabochon sapphires totaling 79.27 carats, six briolette-cut diamonds, sapphire spots, onyx nose, and emerald eyes (price upon request); Cartier,

Tiffany & Co. Paloma

Picasso Sugar Stack rings in 18kt. gold with rubillite, chalcedony, aquamarine, and amethyst (from top: $1,700, $1,100, $1,300, and $1,700); Tiffany & Co.,

Jessica Fields assorted 18kt. yellow gold and diamond bubble, clover, jump, and teardrop rings (prices range from $1,950 to $4,000); Mia Gemma, www.






Spring’s Sparkle Jewelry designer Mona Taner hopes to add some ice to this season’s fashions


pring fashion is packing a punch this season and not a moment too soon. Designers pulled out all the stops with extravagant collections featuring fused art, color, jewels, and shine, ensuring spectacular results. Push the Limit Embrace spring’s overthe-top collections with feathers, sequins, ruffles, and tons of shimmer. Pair these looks with dangling diamond earrings for ultimate chic. If you want “wardrobe envy” every time, add a double-strand of multicolored Baroque pearls with diamond embellishments.You’ll be the belle of the ball! bedazzle that bouquet This season’s floral designs poke fun at the average

bouquet. Bright colors and graphic prints give blooms an enormous “wow” factor, but don’t forget to add the jewels. Rock an oversized diamond pendant on a skinny chain to add sparkle to any outfit. think pink Spring’s pretty pastels should be on everyone’s must-have list. Flirty, feminine frocks with elegant soft-draped appeal call for delicate jewels. Sprinkle some thin diamond stackable bands on your finger, coupled with an inspiring lariat to complete the look. into the wild Safari luxe was big on the runways this season showcasing real-life wearability and exceptional glamour. Enhance these sumptuous leathers and body-conscious khakis with an armful of stackable diamond

18kt. white gold assorted bangles (prices upon request); Mona Taner Boutique, inside Mervis Diamond Importers, 5480 Wisconsin Ave., Chevy Chase, Md., 301-215-9500,

bangles to achieve jaw-dropping style. This season is a mixed bag of eclectic choices in fashion and it’s exciting to see designers’ visionary collections translate into everyday life. Just remember to save room in the fashionable spotlight for your jewels.

wl sponsored

“Have a Heart. Save a Heart.” Valentine’s Day Event Mona Taner Boutique, Chevy Chase, Md. Photos bY Kyle Samperton

DIAMONDS FOR A CAUSE: Guests filled Mona Taner’s

Mona Taner and Ronnie Mervis Debbie and Rich Sockol

boutique on Valentine’s Eve to pick up last-minute sparklers for their sweethearts, and to support the jeweler’s partnership with the heart health program ReStart DC. Shoppers indulged in chocolates and treats provided by Art by Chocolate and Georgetown Cupcake during shopping sprees where 10 percent of the proceeds benefited the cause. IN THE CROWD: Tim and Eva McCaffrey, Victoria Galeano, Joe Caracuel, Jill Alexander, Lee Ann McCall, and David and Julie Silver. View all the photos at!

Jennifer Crovato and Lana Orloff

Jim Sanveren and Zed Mervis

Jennifer Hayman and Jared Okun Joan Hayman, Alan Hayman, and Marcia Pelton

Morgan Ortagus and Carolina Furukrona

Christian Siriano at Saks Jandel Managing Editor Karin Tanabe talks to the designer about local style and White House duds What inspired you to do a runway show in Washington? This season’s floral designs poke fun at the average bouquet. Bright colors and graphic prints give these blooms an enormous “wow” factor, but don’t forget to add the jewels. Rock an oversized diamond pendant on a skinny chain to add some sparkle to any outfit. What kind of woman did you design your collection for? While the collection may not be for everyone, I think that most women will find pieces they love. The new and elegant print is a great part of the collection and fits perfectly with black and classic pieces. There are also lots of dresses that are great for layering under blazers. But it’s not work attire – it can be best described as

wearable clothing for day to evening, events, and out to dinner. What do you think about Michelle Obama’s style since she becAme first lady? Michelle Obama makes great style choices, especially when it comes to colors. She is not afraid of wearing color, and blush tones look amazing on her. She has also worn some really great couture dresses. I would love to see her in a motorcross jacket, which is a great piece to have for spring.

always have things to do – and get dressed for. And lastly, what do you do when you’re in our fair city? I went to The Source last night. I often do events here and in Baltimore, most recently I emceed the Larry and Lori Lickstein Foundation show. I certainly hope to continue to do these types of events here in the future.

Christian Siriano’s book, “Fierce Style”

Has Washington’s style changed since you were growing up nearby IN Annapolis? Yes and no – fashion is evolving. The Obamas have great style, and Michelle wears a lot of interesting pieces that undoubtedly influence Washington style. There are always great events in the District; from ballets to galas, people

Liz Underhill and Toni Marx

Tracy Berstein, Christian Siriano, and Shelly Galli

Toni and Jackie Bush with Ann Jordan Nancy and Rebecca Grunfeld

Christian Siriano Trunk Show Saks Jandel Photos bY Kyle Samperton View all the photos at!

lifestyles | SOCIAL GRACES


WOMEN By Ann Geracimos

Beware clunky athletic shoes with sleekly professional office attire. Smart flat boots or sandals – anything but flip flops – do the job just as well. Carry those fetching Guccis in a smart shoulder bag until you arrive.

Flash Isn’t Dash Keep hemlines and accessories modest by day. Save the Lady Gaga look for late-night romping. Advertising one’s jewel collection – or shapely gams – is risky in the marketplace. Glitter does not always glamour make.

Color Code Don’t stay wed to that old dictum mandating monochrome wardrobes (blue shoes with blue suits, blue bags, etc.) The new rules are challenging but lots more fun: mix elements, patterns even, and do it with enough panache to make an individual statement. Tweeds go with floral prints when done with discretion.

Formal Isn’t Always Fancy Beware the “black-tie” code. It doesn’t always signal the need for a long evening gown with a low neckline; a simple cocktail dress will usually do nicely. If you see “gala” or “ball,” haul out the finery and up the ante.

ID Etiquette Don’t parade those impressive White House credentials outside the


office.You won’t win friends or influence people unless they are of the sort who would never rate access in the first place.

Underwear Follies Anyone who thinks a bra should be visible probably never wore one in the first place. Straps are messy and distracting. And fulsome as your bosom may be, keep the cleavage covered during the day. It’s totally inappropriate in the workplace – even though our Secretary of State slipped up a bit recently. An accident, surely!

Too Tight Or Too Loose Check those rump lines before going out the door. All bottoms are not equal! A tight skirt limits motion but also can reveal unsightly panty lines and invite a stomach pouch above the waist. There is a fine line between casual and careless. Save hunting jackets for the field.

Watch Out Below It’s great that women are liberated enough to wear trousers and pants suits. Those foregoing pantyhose, however, should put on extra-long socks so as not to expose unsightly flesh below the hemline.

Shoes Too High/Hems Too Short There is nothing wrong with high heels and trousers, but the trouser hem should hit the top of the heel and not lower. Otherwise you risk tripping over yourself and others.






Shoe Smarts


MEN By Kevin Chaffee

Sports Watch with French Cuffs

Improper Sleeve Length

You’re dying to show off that snazzy Rolex Chronometer you just paid ten grand for, but it’s going to clash big time with the Cartier cufflinks.Try concealing an elegantly slim Patek-Philippe underneath your shirtsleeve if you simply must know the time.

One half to one inch of cuff should extend below the coat sleeves. Remember to order shirts with the sleeve length at least one half inch too long to account for inevitable shrinkage.

Black-tie and Heavy Medals

Cuffed trousers should touch the top of the heel but no lower. Socks must be high enough to cover unsightly leg flesh when seated.

Only the most gauche arriviste adorns his dinner jacket with diplomatic orders. On rare occasions where a black-tie invitation specifically calls for decorations, they should be limited to a simple star on the left breast of the jacket, small rosettes worn on a metal bar on the left lapel, or one badge on a miniature ribbon below the bow tie. Save the Lord Mountbatten look – sash, collier, medals, stars – for strictly white-tie affairs.

Improperly-Tied Neckwear Ties need to reach the belt buckle and should display a dimple in the center of the knot.

Trousers Too Long or Short

Too-Tight Clothing Save the muscle shirts and crotch-huggers for the gym and nightclub – if you’ve got the bod to carry it off, that is. And remember, nothing is worse than the apple-on-a-stick effect: a big belly atop severely tapered pants.

White Dinner Jackets


Buttoned-down Shirts with a Suit

You’ll stand out like a sore thumb unless you’re making the scene at the Washington National Opera Ball on a 95-degree night or a summer dinner dance at the Chevy Chase Club.

Save the Brooks Brothers buttoned-down look for informal wear, i.e., a sports jacket.

Unibrows and Ear HaIR

Slip-ons with a Suit Lace-ups look better with all but the trendiest suits; loafers with a double-breasted suit are a major mistake.





Cut through the brush at least once a week to avoid unsightly facial attributes. A few laser sessions will solve these problems for good.


Bringing together the exquisite culinary skills of Chef Levi Mezick and masterful service delivery of noted Restaurant Manager William Washington, The Jockey Club and Lounge is a unique dining destination


that features new French

cuisine with classical roots,

A legendary restaurant in the

in a warm and enriched

nation’s capital, The Jockey

setting that stirs all of

Club maintains standards

the senses.

of elegance and charm that

1=@>=@/B3<=<>@=47BA=17/: E3227<5A1=;;7B;3<B13@3;=<73A>C0:71@3:/B7=<A

defined it for forty years. A restaurant as famous for its


people watching as its

]TÂżQSÂ&#x2019;  !'$## TOfÂ&#x2019;  !'$!! W\T].0]\Sg3dS\baQ][

excellent cuisine, The Jockey Club has hosted eight Presidents and their First Ladies, Hollywood royalty, generations of Washington insiders, and dignitaries and diplomats from the far reaches of the globe.

?SP 1LT]QLc L_ 0XML^^d =Zb , 7`c`]d .ZWWPN_TZY 3Z_PW 2100 Massachusetts Avenue, NW Washington, DC 20008 202.293.2100

Pure bliss baked daily. 3301 m st nw washington dc 202.333.8448

GTC_WashLife_Ad_R1.indd 1

4834 bethesda ave bethesda md 301.907.8900

3/2/10 12:02:11 PM

Washington s o c i a l d i a r y Around Town, Red Cross Ball, CNMCâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Dancing After Dark, and Exclusive Parties, Parties, Parties!

Emerald Stewart and Adriana Alfaro at the Capitol Movement Projectâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Winter Fundraiser. (Photo by Tony Powell)

around town

Glamour Galore Diplomats trek to Palm Beach for the Red Cross Ball; Women’s Museum patrons cruise the Mediterranean By DONNA SHOR

DIPLOMATS DANCE Palm Beach’s 53rd International Red Cross Ball proved it’s still the “Big One” of the town’s brief social season, with Mar-a-Lago’s sumptuous setting, a dozen ambassadors to be met in the receiving line and chatted up later, and an excellent dinner accompanied by a hot dance band. The reason for it all, we were reminded by American National Red Cross chairwoman Bonnie McElveen-Hunter, is to aid disaster victims with the ball’s $1 million proceeds. Compassionate Bonnie makes her concerns count; the entrepreneurial former ambassador to Finland is a wildly successful businesswoman. You can’t miss one of her company’s in-flight magazines when you board a plane. The ball chairwomen were education and health crusader Susan Keenan; Michele Kessler, who funds cancer research and the killer measles scourge; and Mary Mochary, the quietly generous philanthropist and lawyer who has served as mayor of Montclair, N.J., run for Congress, collected major art, and advised the State Department on legal and foreign policy matters. As at any large Palm Beach gala, there is always a Major Rumor: “Trouble in Trump’s marital paradise” went the buzz, fueled by Melania Trump’s long absence in New York with their son Barron. “Nothing to it,” said The Donald. The chic Washington-related contingent refuted the “dowdy D.C.” myth. Bonnie’s sister Tweed Bogache, and their mother, Madeline McElveen, were elegant in pastels aside Bonnie in exquisite black lace. Who was she wearing? “Why, I just put two things together,” said Bonnie. “It’s the top of one dress and skirt of another.”


heiress Evalyn Walsh McLean. (The McLean family once owned The Washington Post and developed McLean, Va.) Last year Brownie, who has filled tables at the Red Cross Ball for more than 40 years, was honored at the charity’s spring Polo Luncheon for her lifetime commitment to the cause.

Climis and Carol Lascaris on vacation at the “Venus Rock” in Crete. (Photo by Mary Mochary)

Kareen Kakouris, wife of the Ambassador of Cyprus, cleverly did the same, starting with an Armani top. Mexico’s petite Veronica Sarukhan stopped traffic in figure-molding white satin, and Afghanistan’s Shamim Jawad sported a great new hairdo with her distinctively cut gown. Mochary supported the Palm Beach fashion zone, with a romantic burgundy chiffon from Worth Avenue’s John de Medeiros. Striking, as always, were Denise Alexander and Mary Ourisman. Julie Connors was terrific in a severe red column by Oscar de la Renta. “He’s always the perfect designer for me,” she said. Washingtonians who winter in Palm Beach included Bill and Norma Tiefel, Mandy and Mary Ourisman, Marion “Joe” Smoak, and Wilma and Stuart Bernstein. Another with Washington roots was the ever-vivacious Mildred “Brownie” McLean, the widow of Jock McLean, whose legendary mother was famed Hope diamond owner and gold mine

SEAFARING SUPPORT Many who attended the Red Cross Ball also joined me on travels to Greece, Cyprus, and Turkey on an Endowment Cruise organized by the National Museum of Women in the Arts. Crossover contributors included Carol and Climis Lascaris, who organized the incredibly detailed trip; Judy and Dr. Ahmed Esfandiary; Dr. Milton and Gilan Tocco Corn; Mary Mochary and Dr. Phil Wine; Suzie Broyhill; and Mike Julie Connors. Also aboard were the museum’s founder, Wilhelmina Holladay and her husband Wallace; PR whiz Gloria Dittus; Steve and Julia Hopping; Ashok and Tuti Kaveeshwar, who with Sharad and Mahinder Tak hosted an Indian dinner for 24 guests; Frances Luessenhop; Toni and John Gore; Audrey Thacker; Shirley Pearson; and Dancing Queens Myrna ColleyLee and Marcia Carlucci. Before boarding the Seabourn Pride, the Lascarises welcomed us to their stunning Athens apartment overlooking the Acropolis. The next night, jeweler Dino Anagnostopoulos displayed dazzling gems at a reception in his showroom. Highlights of the trip from Piraeus to Alexandria, Egypt: strolling through flame-lit Ephesus for chamber music under the stars at the magnificent ruins of the Library of Celsus; the winding streets on the volcanic isle of Santorini; the Minoan villages of Crete; and the medieval architecture of Byzantine Rhodes, built partly within a Venetian castle – all underscored by on-board concerts performed by


| March



Hungarian Amb. Bela Kim and Jovana Kim

Donald Trump, Shamim Jawad, and Afghan Amb. Said Jawad

Swedish Amb. Jonas Hafstrom and Eva Hafstrom

The Diplomatic Receiving Line



View all the photos at!

Michael and Julia Connor Denise and Brad Alexander

Tweed McElveen-Bogache and Madeleine McElveen

Stuart Bernstein and Joe Smoak Lois Pope, Alex Mercentes, and Herme de Wyman Miro

Susan Keenan, Mary Mochary, Michele Kelssler and Bonnie McElveen-Hunter Amb. Of Monaco Gilles Noghes, Ellen Noghes, Christine Narmino, and Philippe Narmino, Norma and Bill Tiefel

Cynthia Boardman, John Mashek, and Nancy Brinker

Michele and Howard Kessler

wl sponsored

Children’s National Medical Center’s Dancing After Dark Sequoia Photos bY Kyle Samperton

Alison McLaughlin and Garrett Olsen

REPORT TO THE DANCE FLOOR: With live music, whimsical décor, and decadent desserts, the Dancing After Dark party beckoned Washington’s younger set to gather for a night of hardcharging moves to hits both old and new. Held at Sequoia, best known for its waterfront views and illuminated trees, the event raised funds for Children’s National Medical Center. DANCING QUEENS (AND KINGS): Taryn Fielder, Krystina Afable, Erin Kelly, Alex Chavez, Maria Navarro, Vincent Williams, Jim Rayburn, and Becca Easterly.

Dancing the night away Kate Manders and Nora Shuler

Thalia Attinger and Bobby Blair

View all the photos at!

Brady Nolan and Sara Carver

Erin Barnes, Randy Brater, Corrie Gilchrist, and Zach Mannis

Grace Easby-Smith and Tommy Cleaver

wl sponsored

Capitol Movement Project Winter Fundrasier

Kristin Edick and Ashley White

The Reserve on L Photos bY Tony Powell

EN POINTE: One of the metro area’s most dynamic dance troupes held its annual Jay Sanford and Rich Berman Jimmy Lynn and Toccara Hilliard

winter mixer to raise funds to subsidize enrollment for at-risk teens at their summer dance camps and after school programs. Their annual show-stopping performance is on March 20 at the Lincoln Theatre. Get your tickets now! THREE CHEERS: CMP co-founders Stephanie Jojokian and Amber Yancey invited the Washington Redskins Cheerleaders to join supporters, board members, and dance lovers to new hot spot The Reserve on L to energize the event and ensure a beautiful evening. View all the photos at!

Amanda Mitchell and Katie Radziszewski

Natalie Voight and Jessica Smart

Tracey Pisciotta and Kevin Aguilar

CMP co-founders Stephanie Jojokian and Amber Yancey

Ryan Forsythe and Jason Van Buren

wl sponsored

Woodley House Movie Benefit Uptown Theatre Photos bY Kyle Samperton

Ludmila and Conrad Cafritz

Adreinne Barnett, Barbara Bazaron, and Ed Barnett Marquis of Uptown Theatre

Former Sen. Chuck Robb, Lynda Robb, and Lloyd Hand

Mary Margaret Valenti and Naomi Rosenblatt


WeddingsB’NaiMitzvahFundraisersPrivateParties MarylandVirginiaWashington,DC


3,2,1 ACTION!: With the support of Mary Margaret Valenti, Woodley House has always had a strong Hollywood connection; its annual movie night benefit is a consistently uplifting night of philanthropy and film. The organization provides safe, community-based housing and clinical services for the mentally ill. Patrons who came to show support and watch Did You Hear About the Morgans? starring Sarah Jessica Parker and Hugh Grant included Grace Guggenheim, Sarah Howard, Jerry and Isabel Jasinowski, and Carla and Rod Hills.

Judy Kovler and Ann Pincus

Gary Frye, Megan Frye, and Liza Frye

Urban Daddy Launch Party W Washington D.C. Photos bY Tony Powell

THE TOWN: It was a sight to see: models covered in body paint, each representing a different facet of the Washington edition of, the new daily email covering nightlife, style, food, gear, and leisure. CEO Lance Broumand and Washington editor Jeff Dufour took to the rooftop stage to introduce The James Gang and DJ Mia Moretti, who brought her famed violinist from New York down to play for the night. IN THE CROWD: Jon Favreau, Amy Argetsinger, Juleanna Glover, Marc Adelman, and Matt Dornic.

Kaitlyn Ferrara, Jon Favreau, and Barbara Martin

The James Gang

Andrew Noyes and Amy Argetsinger

Christopher Reiter, Juleanna Glover, Christina Sevilla, and Amy Holmes

Carlos Guiterrez and Erika Guiterrez

View all the photos at!

Ben Clark, Omar Popal, Ashley Taylor, and Jeff Dufour

Curtis Lewis II and Curtis Lewis

Giselle Childs, Maci Peterson, and Stephanie Durden

Jamie Harris, Jordan Webber, Noelle Lindsay, Amanda Jeffries, and Erica Washington

Tony Ducret and Alexandra Kennedy

William Psillas, Laura Murphy, Chip Ellis, and Carlotta and Tony Miles

the tuxedo ball Omni Shoreham Hotel Photos bY Tony Powell

SUIT UP: Colorful gowns, black tuxedos, green sashes, and white corsages were all part of the scene at one of African-American society’s most established balls. The event has united families from across the nation for the last 24 years and was recently featured in the CNN special “Black in America 2.” Founder Dr. Carlotta “Buffy” Miles and members of the ball’s Washington committee welcomed guests, while Roy “Chip” Ellis, president and CEO of the Ellis Development Group, was honored with the 2009 Tuxedo Ball Award for Excellence for his professional achievement and community involvement. GET DOWN: Guests dancing in the legendary Blue Room to the music of Jump Street included Jasmine Ford, Brittany Greene, Jason Lee, Blair Ecton, and Mary and Lawrence Cannaday. View all the photos at!

Megan Abell, Clayton Childs, and Deborah Abell Clara Robinson and Jonathan Johnson

Caryn Cabaniss and Richard Mudd Jackson and Simone Sarter


Let the Good Times Roll Snowballs, hunt balls, and the passing of The Coach Stop BY Vicky Moon

VALENTINES & FOUR-WHEEL DRIVES: By day ladies don wool socks and Wellies, turtlenecks, moth-eaten sweaters, fleece vests, and Barbour jackets. The men pull on old jeans, work boots, a favorite flannel shirt, sweatshirt, and whatever cap is handy. As they head through the deep snow to the barn, several dogs usually tag along – a Jack Russell here, a Labrador there. The horses romp and play in snowdrifts as their owners muck out stalls, place new hay in a corner, and fill buckets with fresh water. Some might cave in after a day of hard labor, but not these folks – who never let a bit of snow get in the way of a good time at the annual Middleburg Hunt Ball. That was the case on Valentine’s Day weekend as 140 hearty souls shed their barn clothes for formal attire and gathered at The Briar Patch to let the good times roll. “It was fun to watch the ladies in long gowns pull up and get out of a four-wheel drive truck which was the only vehicle fit for the roads,” reported Tracey Cover, a hunt governor who attended with her husband, Alan Speir. Rose Marie Bogley made it out of her driveway in Upperville as Joint-Masters Jeff Blue and Penny Denegre greeted guests. Penny’s husband, John Denegre, and her mother, Pat Rogers (a longtime fox hunting enthusiast and supporter), were also on hand. Susan and Cab Grayson, Linda and Don Taylor, John Milligan and his wife Patty Milligan, who was responsible for the beautiful tall silver table decorations dripping with flowers, Nancy and John West, as well as ball chairman and president of the Middleburg Hunt Brenda O’Donnell and husband Paul O’Donnell were among the guests. Barbara and Jim Wilson ventured over from their Dresden Farm and were among those swirling on the dance floor, which stayed full all night. The Main Event band (engaged WA S H I N G T O N L I F E

| M ar c h


by Vicki Van Mater) was responsible for great toe-tapping tunes well into the wee hours. “There were some people who hadn’t been out since the first storm,” Master Blue reported. “We figured everybody would be stir-crazy and it was a hell of a good party.” Sam Huff was among the guests sipping an endless flow of Champagne along with a salmon or filet mignon dinner prepared by the ever popular Tutti Perricone of the Back Street Café.

A MAJOR LOSS: Huff, Middleburg’s own Football Hall of Famer, was also one of many locals mourning the recent closure of one of Middleburg’s favorite dining spots, The Coach Stop. He sometimes ate as many as three meals a day there. Since 1958, the simple café-restaurant right in the middle of the village, was “where you always meet someone you know.” During the

Redskins’ heyday, team owner Jack Kent Cooke might be spotted with any combination of wives, girlfriends, or local pals. Liz Taylor was a patron while married to Sen. John Warner. Actor Tab Hunter, the late Defense Secretary Robert S. McNamara, and Clintonites Web and Susan Hubbell would visit as well. There is a big gap in the completion of the community right now as eager patrons await a possible new tenant. Who knows what the future will hold? In the meantime, never mind the snow. Spring steeplechase season is just around the corner, so toss those muddy boots in the corner, and start looking for just the right fancy frock.

Below: Joan Strahler, Laurie Feikert, Barry Magner, Tracey Cover, and Jeff Blue at the Middleburg Hunt Ball. (Photo by Bob Masik) Right: A horse frolics in the snow at Brook Hill Farm. (Photo by Kim Ginn)



around town

Parties, Parties, Parties Celebrating Best Buddies, Music and Dance, The Embassy Series, and The L’Enfant Society T O v i e w c o m p l e t e g a l l e r i e s f r o m t h e s e e v e n t s , v i s i t o u r w e b s i t e w w w.wa s h i n g to n l i f e .c o m

wl sponsored

EMBASSY SERIES IAN PORTNOY with Amb. ZHOU WENZHONG at the new I.M. Pei designed Embassy of The People’s Republic of China. / Embassy Series founder and “Musical Ambassador of Washington” Jerome Barry. (Photos by Kyle Samperton)



MOKI MEDIA LAUNCH New boutique PR agency MoKi Media founders

SHERRY MOELLER and DANNIA HAKKI./ R&B artist GINUWINE and ANDREA ROANE/ Vice President of the World Bank, Marwan Muasher, Luxxery Medical Boutique’s Hiba Hakki and Jim Rill of Rill Architects. (Photos by Gene Young)

CLOUD GATE DANCE THEATER First Lady of China (Taiwan) CHOW MEI-CHING (center) with the Cloud Gate Dance Theatre dance troope after their performance at the Kennedy Center. (Photo by Chien-kuo Tan)

MONTE CARLO NIGHt ROBERT A. STEWART and Dr. KURT NEWMAN flank one of the Champagne Showgirls in support of the Children’s National Medical Center.\ DEREK HENDON, KARYN DOLAN, and MARC WITOWSKI. (Photos by Jim Oesch)


| M a r ch




WAsHingTon Life pHoTos AVAiLAbLe for purcHAse!

Visit and click on “photos” to download your favorite picture ... or buy a print, T-shirt, canvas painting, and more! Hundreds of photos from events are available online. Washington Life’s website is the only place you can purchase professionally shot photos from the city’s exclusive A-List events.


768 Madison Avenue (between 65th & 66th) 2nd Floor New York, NY 10065 212.517.5133

Georgetown Court 3251 Prospect Street, NW Washington, DC 202.333.5133

Penn Quarter 801 Pennsylvania Ave, NW Washington, DC 202.628.5133

home life Real Estate News and Open House | RE News, Open House, and My Washington


PERFECT Architect Ernesto M. Santalla visits the residence of photographer Rhoda Baer, a modern masterpiece in Glen Echo Photography by John Cole

Perched atop a massive rock, the glass-enclosed living room juts into a wooded yard.

home life | INSIDE HOMES

Above: The back entrance to the modern Glen Echo home. Right: Rhoda Baer in her studio (Photo by Adam Auel Photography) Opposite page: The bathroom with its oval sinks and ceiling windows reflect the unabashedly modern interiors of the home.

he’s shot them all: cops, cobras, superstars, and death row inmates. To capture them, she’s climbed mountains, hung out of airplanes, and spent the night in an inner city emergency room. Finding the right moment requires infinite patience; often waiting for hours and then in a sixtieth of a second it’s done. Rhoda Baer is a photographer. Baer loves the visual world: a street scene, the sensuality of a flower, a child swinging a hula-hoop, or the architecture of a perfectly proportioned building. Beginning her career teaching photography at Glen Echo Park and shooting for People, Smithsonian, Fortune, and National Geographic, Baer’s editorial, commercial, and advertising assignments have taken her all over the world and won many awards. But Washington has always served as a base for her home and studio. After years of working in a cramped low-ceilinged basement and around the time constraints of rented studios, she decided it was time to build her own house. After an extensive search to find a lot and an equally exhaustive selection process, Baer hired Washington architect Ralph Cunningham of Cunningham-Quill Architects, who helped realize her dreams in the charming wooded area of Glen Echo. Known as the Quarry House, because of its location on a rock outcropping, the unabashedly contemporary, unconventional house is her home and studio, which the architect designed as separate, yet intricately related units, much in the way that art imitates life. Located atop a steep, wooded site just outside of Washington, the entrance driveway


home life | INSIDE HOMES

rises through the center and underneath the house to the rear of the lot, where the main entrance is located off an open parking court. From here, a bridge connects living areas to the office and studio. As seen from the street, the main living space, open and transparent, is visually and structurally anchored to the concrete block studio. Hovering above the ground like a beacon, the structure is nestled among the treetops. The front entrance to the studio, located directly off the driveway, allows easy access for clients while creating a separation between work and living quarters.The two-story space of white walls and concrete floors provides a neutral backdrop for photography sessions. Like her photography, no detail is overlooked. The rooms are scaled to Baer’s size and needs, there is no excess (or baseboards), light switches are lower than standard height and bookcases are reserved only for volumes

she uses. Far from having a too-staged look, the house is fluid and organic. The path of the sun changes how each room looks and feels according to the time of day. Art and accessories are displayed at one time, stored away, or moved to a new location. Furniture is arranged and rearranged. In 2005, Baer started working with glass. Like photography, the art form is dependent on light and technically demanding. Organic forms inspire the glasswork in cell-like compositions as seen under a powerful microscope. Microcosms of bold color and graphic images, her work – be it photography or glass – is at the intersection of art and technique. Her house is at the intersection of art and living well.

Right: One of Rhoda Baer’s new works in glass. (Photo by Rhoda Baer) Below: Clean modern lines and everything in it’s place define the interiors of the home.

Kalorama, Kalorama, DC DC Meticulously renovated home on a prime lot in the

Mass Mass Avenue Avenue Heights, Heights, DC DC This elegant French-inspired residence was entirely

Michelle Michelle Galler Galler || 703.217.9405 703.217.9405 Michael Rankin Michael Rankin || 202.271.3344 202.271.3344

Hugh Hugh Oates Oates || 202.257.5640 202.257.5640 Judy Lewis Judy Lewis || 202.256.0522 202.256.0522 Jonathan Jonathan Taylor Taylor || 202.276.3344 202.276.3344

Meticulously renovated home on a prime lot in the heart heart of of Kalorama, Kalorama, optimizes optimizes modern modern convenience, convenience, while while celebrating celebrating its its grand, grand, period period architectural architectural character featuring refined, elegant finishes, character featuring refined, elegant finishes, exquisite exquisite molding molding and and woodwork. woodwork. A A rare rare find, find, the the home home blends blends the the warm warm intimacy intimacy of of aa family family home home with with the the stately stately elegance elegance of of an an ambassadorial ambassadorial residence. residence. $6,500,000. $6,500,000.

Georgetown, Georgetown, DC DC Incredible 4BR, 4.5 bath unit at the Ritz-Georgetown.

Incredible 4BR, 4.5 bath unit at the Ritz-Georgetown. Approx. Approx. 4,000 4,000 sq sq ft, ft, spectacular spectacular contemporary contemporary open open living living space, space, state-of-the-art state-of-the-art kitchen, kitchen, wine wine cellar, cellar, great great river views and tons of sunlight from floor-to-ceiling river views and tons of sunlight from floor-to-ceiling windows. windows. 2-car 2-car parking parking included. included. $2,995,000. $2,995,000.

Jonathan Jonathan Taylor Taylor || 202.276.3344 202.276.3344

This elegant French-inspired residence was entirely reconstructed reconstructed and and expanded. expanded. Gorgeous Gorgeous architecture, architecture, custom custom millwork, millwork, and and plaster plaster crown crown molding molding blend blend wonderfully with extensive modern amenities. wonderfully with extensive modern amenities. 6BR, 6BR, 5.5 5.5 baths, baths, library, library, two two family family rooms, rooms, home home gym, gym, statestateof-the-art of-the-art wiring, wiring, enormous enormous MBR MBR w/vaulted w/vaulted ceiling. ceiling. 2-car 2-car garage, garage, ample ample off-street off-street parking. parking. $5,995,000. $5,995,000.

Georgetown, Georgetown, DC DC Rare circa 1816 detached residence has undergone a

Rare circa 1816 detached residence has undergone a meticulous meticulous historic historic restoration. restoration. It It features features original original architectural architectural details details while while seamlessly seamlessly incorporating incorporating modern amenities and systems. Light-filled modern amenities and systems. Light-filled double double parlors parlors with with fireplaces fireplaces and and 8’ 8’ windows windows overlook overlook the the long long front front garden. garden. Elegant Elegant dining dining room room with with fireplace, fireplace, table table space space kitchen, kitchen, marvelous marvelous master master suite suite plus plus three three additional additional bedrooms. bedrooms. Professionally Professionally designed designed gardens gardens and terrace. 2-car parking. $3,650,000. and terrace. 2-car parking. $3,650,000.

McLean, McLean, VA VA Stunning custom colonial on manicured lot in one of

Stunning custom colonial on manicured lot in one of McLean’s McLean’s most most exclusive exclusive neighborhoods neighborhoods evokes evokes elegance elegance & & comfort comfort featuring featuring aa grand grand foyer foyer with with marble floors and chandelier, oak hardwood marble floors and chandelier, oak hardwood floors floors throughout, throughout, and and aa banquet banquet sized sized dining dining room. room. $2,995,000. $2,995,000.

Penny Penny Yerks Yerks || 703.760.0744 703.760.0744

Michael Michael Rankin Rankin || 202.271.3344 202.271.3344

McLean, McLean, VA VA Located in McLean’ s most sought after & exclusive

Located in McLean’ s most sought after & exclusive neighborhood, neighborhood, Langley Langley Farms. Farms. This This stately stately brick brick colonial colonial offers offers custom custom detail detail that that give give timeless timeless appeal appeal to this classic home. Gorgeous setting, professionally to this classic home. Gorgeous setting, professionally landscaped landscaped and and excellent excellent floorplan floorplan for for entertaining entertaining or or day day to to day day living. living. $2,665,000. $2,665,000.

Penny Penny Yerks Yerks || 703.760.0744 703.760.0744

Penn Penn Quarter, Quarter, DC DC This masterfully designed condominium combines

This masterfully designed condominium combines glass glass and and steel steel elements elements with with aa diverse diverse but but consistent consistent palette palette of of materials, materials, resulting resulting in in aa modern modern spatial spatial quality within a traditional town house typology. quality within a traditional town house typology. Approximately Approximately 3,400 3,400 interior interior sq sq ft, ft, 33 levels, levels, 33 bedrooms, bedrooms, 2.5 2.5 bathrooms, bathrooms, and and front front and and back back roof roof terraces. terraces. $2,495,000. $2,495,000.

Jonathan Jonathan Taylor Taylor || 202-276-3344 202-276-3344

Potomac, Potomac, MD MD Set on a private 2.07 acre wooded lot, this striking

Set on a private 2.07 acre wooded lot, this striking contemporary contemporary is is highlighted highlighted by by soaring soaring ceilings ceilings and and light light filled filled spaces spaces all all within within aa modern modern open open floor floor plan. plan. The principal rooms on the main level can easily The principal rooms on the main level can easily accommodate accommodate formal formal and and intimate intimate affairs. affairs. 66 bedrooms, bedrooms, 55 full full & & 22 half half baths baths total. total. Outstanding Outstanding features features include include two two temperature temperature controlled controlled wine wine cellars, gym, pool, and four car garage parking. cellars, gym, pool, and four car garage parking. $2,475,000. $2,475,000.

Michael Michael Rankin Rankin || 202.271.3344 202.271.3344

Georgetown, Georgetown, DC DC Elegant E. Village home with great entertaining flow

Elegant E. Village home with great entertaining flow features features beautiful beautiful parlor parlor w/built-ins, w/built-ins, wood wood burning burning fireplace fireplace and and French French doors doors overlooking overlooking aa very very private private landscaped garden. Separate DR seats 14+. landscaped garden. Separate DR seats 14+. Garden Garden facing master suite w/2 walk-in closets. Two extra facing master suite w/2 walk-in closets. Two extra bedrooms bedrooms and and hall hall bath. bath. Lower Lower level level library/den/ library/den/ media media room room w/ w/ sound sound system. system. Staff Staff quarters. quarters. Attached Attached garage. garage. $2,285,000. $2,285,000.

Julia Julia Diaz-Asper Diaz-Asper || 202.256.1887 202.256.1887

Crestwood, Crestwood, DC DC Stately center hall colonial sited on a large lot on

Stately center hall colonial sited on a large lot on picturesque picturesque Randolph Randolph Street, Street, one one of of the the most most coveted coveted streets streets in in Crestwood. Crestwood. Thoughtfully Thoughtfully renovated renovated by by its its current owners, the home features large, welcoming current owners, the home features large, welcoming rooms with great flow for entertaining. Four finished rooms with great flow for entertaining. Four finished levels levels offer offer 66 BR, BR, 4.5 4.5 baths, baths, aa renovated renovated table table space space kitchen kitchen with with mud mud room, room, separate, separate, beautifully beautifully renovated renovated 11 BR BR in-law in-law suite suite & & 22 car car garage. garage. $1,495,000. $1,495,000.

Carrie Carrie Carter Carter || 202.421.3938 202.421.3938

Cleveland Cleveland Park, Park, DC DC Classic 1921 porch front residence. Features include

Dupont Dupont Circle, Circle, DC DC Dramatic Duplex Penthouse! Spectacular 3 BR, 2.5

Michael Michael Rankin Rankin || 202.271.3344 202.271.3344

Paul Paul Pike Pike || 202.550.8871 202.550.8871 Alex Alex Venditti Venditti || 202.550.8872 202.550.8872 Shawn Shawn Breck Breck || 202.641.1200 202.641.1200 Yale Yale Scott Scott || 202.412.2221 202.412.2221

Classic 1921 porch front residence. Features include entry entry hall, hall, formal formal LR LR w/ w/ fplc fplc and and large large formal formal DR, DR, all all with with original original wood wood floors. floors. Large Large family family room room addition addition and updated kitchen. Huge master BR w/ sitting area and updated kitchen. Huge master BR w/ sitting area and and private private bath. bath. 33 BR BR & & 22 baths baths additional additional on on 2nd 2nd & & 3rd 3rd levels. levels. Fully Fully finished finished lower lower level level w/ w/ wine wine room room & & bath. bath. Sparkling Sparkling pool pool & & professional professional landscaped landscaped grounds. grounds. $1,399,000. $1,399,000.

Georgetown, Georgetown, Washington, Washington, D.C. D.C. 202.333.1212 202.333.1212

Dramatic Duplex Penthouse! Spectacular 3 BR, 2.5 bath bath “true-loft” “true-loft” with with 2-story 2-story open open living living area area & & wall wall of of south south facing facing windows. windows. Professional Professional grade grade chef’s chef’s kitchen, Waterworks spa baths, private elevator, kitchen, Waterworks spa baths, private elevator, 22 outdoor outdoor terraces terraces & & gated gated parking. parking. $1,149,000. $1,149,000.

McLean, McLean, VA VA 703.319.3344 703.319.3344

Chevy Chevy Chase, Chase, MD MD 301.967.3344 301.967.3344

© © MMIX MMIX Sotheby’s Sotheby’s International International Realty Realty Affiliates Affiliates LLC. LLC. All All Rights Rights Reserved. Reserved. Les Les Bords Bords de de l’Epte l’Epte aa Giverny, Giverny, used used with with permission. permission. Sotheby’s Sotheby’s International International Realty® Realty® is is aa registered registered trademark trademark licensed licensed to to Sotheby’s Sotheby’s International International Realty Realty Affiliates Affiliates LLC. LLC. An An Equal Equal Opportunity Opportunity Company. Company. Equal Equal Housing Housing Opportunity Opportunity .. Each Each Office Office is is Independently Independently Owned Owned and and Operated. Operated.

home life | open house

Springtime Sellers Impressive abodes on the local market Eaglecrest

1015 Basil Road, McLean, VA 22101

Asking Price:


Listing Agents:

William F. X. Moody & Robert Hryniewicki 202-243-1620 Washington Fine Properties, LLC

Eaglecrest is graciously situated on approximately 2.4 professionally landscaped and completely gated acres, located only moments from the Chain Bridge. The main house features 14,000 square feet of sun-filled principal rooms including a dramatic two-story entry with sweeping staircase, banquet sized dining room, formal living room, music room and library. The upper level is made up of a master suite, three large guest suites, office, and sitting room, while the lower level exhibits a customized home theater, guest suite, and gym. The property includes an indoor recreation pavilion with a regulation sized tennis court and family room viewing area. This space can also be turned into a venue for dinner parties for up to 250 guests. A three bedroom guesthouse is also found on the property with kitchen, family room and two baths. Outside, the extensive landscaping includes expansive lawns and plants, hardscaped terraces off the main and lower levels, and a large swimming pool.

Spring Valley Colonial

4840 Glenbrook Road NW, Washington, DC 20016

This light-filled Colonial in the heart of Spring Valley has six bedrooms, four full baths, and one half bath. The well-proportioned living room is ideal for entertaining and has a wood burning fireplace and balcony. The ebony-floored dining room seats 12 persons comfortably. A conservatory with cathedral ceilings features windows on three sides, and the sleek, modern, and spacious kitchen has a large center island.The master bedroom has numerous windows and a wood burning fireplace, while the master bathroom is luxurious with a large customized walk-in closet. A separate “in-law” suite with separate entrance includes its own kitchen and bathroom. The lower level also includes a large, bright recreation room, while outside there is an attached garage and large deck which leads to a garden screened in by bamboo.

Asking Price:


Listing Agent:

Sarah Howard 202-339-9227 Long and Foster/Christie’s Great Estate

Kalorama Elegance

2411 California Street nw, Washington, DC 20008

Asking Price:


Listing Agent:

Michelle Galler 703-217-9405 TTR Sotheby’s International Realty


This renovated home located on a prime lot in the heart of Kalorama provides modern convenience within period architecture. It features refined and elegant finishes including plaster molding and woodwork. This rare property blends the charming and warm intimacy of a family home with the stately elegance of an ambassadorial residence. Attention to comfort and luxury abound throughout large, light-filled, and well-proportioned rooms featuring five fireplaces, numerous windows, heated floors, state-of-the-art heating and AC systems, plus a state-of-the-art kitchen with high-end appliances. There are several wet bars, a media room, nanny’s quarters, second catering kitchen, walk-in closets, and plenty of storage throughout. Outside, a spacious limestone patio and heated pool with a fountain provide space for relaxation, while a two-car garage with two driveways can fit up to 10 cars. WA S H I N G T O N L I F E

| MarcH



CAPITAL APPRECIATION CAPITAL APPRECIATION CAPITAL APPRECIATION CAPITAL APPRECIATION AAWASHINGTON, D.C. WASHINGTON, D.C.BEAUX BEAUXARTS ARTSMASTERPIECE MASTERPIECE AAWASHINGTON, WASHINGTON,D.C. D.C.BEAUX BEAUXARTS ARTSMASTERPIECE MASTERPIECE šCWiiWY^ki[jji7l[dk[>[_]^ji šCWiiWY^ki[jji7l[dk[>[_]^ji šCWiiWY^ki[jji7l[dk[>[_]^ji šCWiiWY^ki[jji7l[dk[>[_]^ji šC_dkj[i\hecM^_j[>eki[" šC_dkj[i\hecM^_j[>eki[" šC_dkj[i\hecM^_j[>eki[" šC_dkj[i\hecM^_j[>eki[" 9ed]h[iiWdZA[dd[Zo9[dj[h 9ed]h[iiWdZA[dd[Zo9[dj[h 9ed]h[iiWdZA[dd[Zo9[dj[h 9ed]h[iiWdZA[dd[Zo9[dj[h š(*Ê9[_b_d]i š(*Ê9[_b_d]i š(*Ê9[_b_d]i š(*Ê9[_b_d]i š=Wj[Z"Ed[7Yh[I[jj_d] š=Wj[Z"Ed[7Yh[I[jj_d] š=Wj[Z"Ed[7Yh[I[jj_d] š=Wj[Z"Ed[7Yh[I[jj_d] š-X[Zheeci".XWj^i š-X[Zheeci".XWj^i š-X[Zheeci".XWj^i š-X[Zheeci".XWj^i š=hWdZ;dj[hjW_d_d]IfWY[i š=hWdZ;dj[hjW_d_d]IfWY[i š=hWdZ;dj[hjW_d_d]IfWY[i š=hWdZ;dj[hjW_d_d]IfWY[i š8[Wkj_\kbboBWdZiYWf[Z š8[Wkj_\kbboBWdZiYWf[Z š8[Wkj_\kbboBWdZiYWf[Z š8[Wkj_\kbboBWdZiYWf[Z =hekdZiWdZ=WhZ[di =hekdZiWdZ=WhZ[di =hekdZiWdZ=WhZ[di =hekdZiWdZ=WhZ[di šIm_cc_d]Feeb šIm_cc_d]Feeb šIm_cc_d]Feeb šIm_cc_d]Feeb šEkjijWdZ_d]LWbk[ šEkjijWdZ_d]LWbk[ šEkjijWdZ_d]LWbk[ šEkjijWdZ_d]LWbk[

Celebrating Celebrating2525Years Yearsininsales sales&&propertY propertYmanagement management Celebrating 25 25 Years in sales & propertY management Celebrating Years in sales & propertY management





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home life | real estate news

D.C. Prospects Bud McFarlane leaves Georgetown for a Watergate condo; Karl Rove’s personal attorney, Robert Luskin, sells across the street By Stac e y G r a z i e r P fa r r

THE DISTRICT Robert C. “Bud” McFarlane and his wife, Jonda, sold 3414 prospect Street NW in Georgetown for $1,650,000 to Mitra Farahbaksh and Arne Peterson. Mr.

McFarlane was President Ronald Reagan’s national security advisor from 1983-1985 and was a major figure in the Iran-Contra Affair. The listing agent was Nancy Taylor Bubes of Washington Fine Properties and the buyer’s agent was Kenneth Johnson of The McFarlanes’ new digs are at Watergate West, where they bought 2 70 0 V ir g inia Avenue NW Apt. #901 from Peter and Mary McCarthy for $1,450,000. Mr. McCarthy is a former assistant secretar y of the treasury for management. The three-bedroom, fourbathroom unit has a wrap-around balcony with unobstructed panoramic views of the Potomac. Listing agents for the Watergate apartment were Washington Fine Garrity-Kerman House 3415 Properties’ William FX Prospect Street NW recently Moody and Robert sold for #1,338,000. Hr yniewicki. The buyers agent was WFP’s Nancy Taylor Bubes. Robert Luskin sold 3415 Prospect Street NW in Georgetown for $1,338,000 to Thomas and Gertraud Hechl. Luskin is the personal attorney for former White House senior advisor and chief political strategist Karl


Rove, and also a partner at the Patton Boggs Law Firm. Mr. Hechl is a partner at the DLA Piper law firm. The 2,568square-foot Federal style frame row home, built in 1900, is known as the Garrity-Kerman House. The three-bedroom property includes a third floor rooftop room, wine cellar, and garden with pond. Washington Fine Properties’ Mary White and Carrol Thornton-Chapin were listing agents while William FX Moody and Robert Hryniewicki were buyers’ agents. Kevin J. Martin bought 3020 Cambridge Place NW for $1.5 million from Jonathan Blake and Elizabeth Shriver. Mr. Martin was chairman of the Federal Communications Commission during the George W. Bush administration and he also served as counsel to Vice President Dick Cheney. He is currently a senior fellow at the Aspen Institute in Washington. The fivebedroom, three-bath Georgetown townhouse was built in 1900. 3314 O Street NW, one of Georgetown’s most sought after addresses, has sold for $4,950,000. The six-bedroom house was built in 1870 and is on the same block of the historic cobblestone street as the residence of Sen. John Kerry and Theresa Heinz.The property, sold by Mr. and Mrs. James Shinn, created major buzz when it was placed on the market due in part to its extensive private garden and large formal rooms. Mr. Shinn is former assistant secretary of defense for Asian and Pacific security affairs. The couple has since moved to New York. The listing agent for the property was TTR Sotheby’s International Realty’s Theresa Burt.

An expansive garden and large rooms for entertaining made 3314 O Street NW one of the hottest properties on the Georgetown market. The six-bedroom residence sold for just under $5 million.

Blink and you’d miss the sale of 2431 Kalorama Road NW. After being on the market for seven days, the property sold for $3,325,000.The seven-bedroom estate had been the family home of Alan and Beatrice Naftalin for almost 40 years. Mr. Naftalin, a former partner at the Holland & Knight law firm, died in August 2009. The 1928 Colonial is almost 9,000-square-feet and one of the largest houses in Kalorama. The listing agent was Jim Bell of Washington Fine Properties and the buyers’ agents were William FX Moody and Robert Hryniewicki. David and Jillinda Kidwell sold 2129 Bancroft Place NW to Adam Reinhart for $2,830,000. Mr. Kidwell is the author of multiple finance books and former professor of Finance and dean emeritus at the Curtis L. Carlson School of Management at the University of Minnesota. The 4,696-squarefoot Georgian row-house was built in 1908 and completely renovated in 2003. The fivebedroom, six-bath Kalorama house boasts four


| March



fireplaces and a spectacular rooftop deck and garden with panoramic views of downtown Washington. Listing agents for the property were TTR Sotheby’s International Realty’s Jonathan Taylor and Maxwell Rabin who declined comment on the sale. Ryan Angier and Kirsten Lindquist sold 6229 29th Street NW in Chevy Chase to Stephen Weissman and Sarah Bauers for $1,460,000. Mr. Angier is a sales manager at Wells Fargo Home Mortgage while Mr. Weissman is a partner at the Howrey law firm’s antitrust practice. The 2,994-squarefoot five-bedroom Colonial was built in 1937. The listing agent for the property was McEnearney Associates’ Andy Hill.

MARYLAND Stan and Hayley Fulton sold 9034 Congressional Parkway in Bradley Farms, one of Potomac’s most exclusive neighborhoods, for $2,350,000. Mr. Fulton is a real estate developer and avid sports car collector. The 1979 custombuilt six-bedroom Colonial includes a 12car garage, which Mr. Fulton used to store his extensive collection. (He owns one of Madonna’s previous automobiles.) Two gourmet kitchens, an in-ground pool, and a wine cellar with tasting room are among a few of the high-end amenities of the 3.5acre property. The buyer is a Geneva-based business entrepreneur. Long & Foster’s Krystyna Litwin was the listing agent. VIRGINIA Robert and Patricia Long sold 7608 Southdown Road in Alexandr ia

with the help of Coldwell Banker’s Marie Louise Meyer. Mr. Long is a partner at the Covington & Burling law firm and is former assistant to the solicitor general of the United States. The French-style villa overlooking the Potomac River was built in 1995 and features water views from almost every room, terraced gardens, and a custombuilt library.

PROPERTY LINES G O O D BY E , G EO R G E : G e o r g e Stephanopoulos has a new gig as anchor on ABC’s “Good Morning America” in New York and he and his wife, Alexandra Wentworth are rumored to have sold 1315 31st Street NW for about $1 million less than the $6,350,000 asking price. Stephanopoulos is also ABC’s chief political correspondent and was a former advisor to Bill Clinton. Wentworth is an actress and comedian who has the lead in the Starz TV network comedy “Head Case.” The five-bedroom 1907 Georgian classic boasts a grand entry hall with 11foot ceilings, chef’s kitchen, and flagstone patio. AOL EXEC’S EX UNLOADS: Just a few houses down from JFK and Jackie’s former residence, Lynne Williams is selling 3301 N Street NW in Georgetown for $8 million. Ms. Williams is the ex-wife of Jack Davies, AOL International’s founder and president. The seven-bedroom brick Georgian manse was built in 1900 and has over 8,000 square feet of living space on four levels,

a gourmet kitchen, banquet sized dining room, and walled garden.

39 horse stalls, a farm office, and heated equine swimming facility. The sprawling, 121-acre property, where several Civil War battles were fought, is currently owned by Alphabet Soup LLC. Investors Jack Andrews and David Talton sold development rights with easements to ensure the property’s absolute protection and preservation. The listing agent is Weichert Realtors’ Ray Cheronis.

P I N CU S SELLS IN KALORAMA: Bob Pincus and his wife Roxanne Little put 2411 California Street NW on the market for $6.5 million. Mr. Pincus, is vice-chairman of EagleBank and chairman of Blackstreet Capital Management and Milestone Merchant Partners LLC. The 9,000-square-foot 1916 Georgian house features embassy-size rooms, heated floors, and parking for 10 cars. The residence is the former home of William and Norma “Cappy” Leonard. Mr. Leonard was the CBS News executive credited with selecting Dan Rather and creating “60 Minutes.” Mrs. Leonard is the mother of Fox News host Chris Wallace.

MAGIC MAESTRO TO MOVE: The former music director of the Washington Chamber Symphony (known as the “Magic Maestro” for his insightful explanations of the music), Stephen Simon, and his wife Bonnie, are set to sell 2340 Kalorama Road NW for an asking price of $8,975,000. The completely restored 1920s English manor is set on one third of an acre and includes a hidden pool and waterfall koi pond.

HORSE COUNTRY HALL: 35487 Snake Hill Road in Middleburg is for sale for $4.9 million. The historic property, known as the “Mortgage Hall,” was built in 1850 and former owners include Richmond’s Mills family (who ironically made their money in the World War II uniform milling business). The Georgian estate features three barns,

G’TOWN MODERN: Chris Cahill, owner of the highend landscape design firm Botanical Decorators, is selling 3609 R Street NW for $2,495,000. The threebedroom, four-bath townhouse is one of the best examples of modernist architecture in Georgetown and was built in 2006 by Washington developer Fred Bahrami.

The Watergate West apartment bought by Robert C. “Bud”McFarlane boassts expansive Potomac views.



MM cLcean , V, irginia Lean Virginia

INTERNATIONAL OFFERING One-of-a-kind estate, One-of-a-kind estate,just justover overChain ChainBridge, Bridge,including including 14,000 square foot manor home of ofluxurious amenities, 14,000 square foot manor home luxurious amenities, M cLean , V irginia guesthouse and recreation/tennis pavilion. $10,995,000 guesthouse and recreation/tennis pavilion. $10,995,000 One-of-a-kind estate, just over Chain Bridge, including

William F. F. X.foot Moody William X. Moody 14,000 square manor home of luxurious amenities, Robert Hryniewicki Robert Hryniewicki 202-243-1620 guesthouse and recreation/tennis pavilion.202-243-1620 $10,995,000 William F. X. Moody Robert Hryniewicki 202-243-1620



MM cLcean , V, irginia Lean Virginia

georgetown ,w ashington , Dc georgetown ,w ashington , Dc

Mark McFadden Mark McFadden acres. Features include

Mark McFadden 703-216-1333 Mark McFadden 703-216-1333 outdoor spaces. Elevator, tall ceilings & finished lower level

INTERNATIONAL OFFERING One of of the most spectacular offerings to to come available One the most spectacular offerings come available on Potomac River! Magnificent property features 10+ on the Potomac River! Magnificent property features 10+ M cthe L ean , V irginia acres. Features include complete privacy and light filled acres. Features include complete privacy and light filled One of the most spectacular offerings to come available public surrounding a beautiful atrium. $8,995,000 rooms surrounding a beautiful atrium. $8,995,000 onpublic the rooms Potomac River! Magnificent property features 10+

703-216-1333 complete privacy 703-216-1333 and light filled public rooms surrounding a beautiful atrium. $8,995,000 Mark McFadden


INTERNATIONAL OFFERING Brick boasts entertaining BrickGeorgian Georgian boastsimpeccable impeccable entertainingspaces. spaces. Over 8,000 square feet of of living space onon 4 levels. Extensive Over 8,000 square feet living space 4 levels. Extensive g eorgetown , w ashington , Dc outdoor spaces. Elevator, talltall ceilings &entertaining finished lower level outdoor spaces. Elevator, ceilings & finished lower level Brick Georgian boasts impeccable spaces. with 2-car garage. $8,000,000 with 2-car garage. $8,000,000 Over 8,000 square feet of living space on 4 levels. Extensive with 2-car garage. $8,000,000

Mark McFadden




georgetown ,w ashington , Dc georgetown ,w ashington , Dc

ww esLey hh eights ,w ashington , Dc esLey eights ,w ashington , Dc

georgetown ,w ashington , Dc georgetown ,w ashington , Dc

Mark McFadden Mark McFadden 703-216-1333 plan & entertaining spaces. 2 garage spaces,703-216-1333 upper level den

William X.X. Moody William F. Moody & lives like F. a house in the sky. 9,450 SF. Multi-level terraces Robert Hryniewicki Robert Hryniewicki 202-243-1620 through both levels with spectacular vistas.202-243-1620 $4,300,000

William X.X. Moody William F. Moody after urbanF. location. Gracious principal rooms, 5BR, 3.5BA. Robert Hryniewicki 202-243-1620 Robert Hryniewicki 202-243-1620 Private .25 +/acre lot with pool. $3,199,000

INTERNATIONAL OFFERING Water St St penthouse boasts dramatic views of of thethe Potomac Water penthouse boasts dramatic views Potomac River, ultimate modern kitchen & baths. Spectacular floor River, ultimate modern kitchen baths. Spectacular floor g eorgetown, washington& , Dc plan &St entertaining spaces. 2dramatic garage spaces, upper level den plan & penthouse entertaining spaces. 2 garage spaces, upper level den Water boasts views of the Potomac & roof deck. $6,000,000 & roof deck. $6,000,000 River, ultimate modern kitchen & baths. Spectacular floor & roof deck. $6,000,000

Mark McFadden



INTERNATIONAL Like nono other luxury penthouse. 2OFFERING levels with 3 exposures Like other luxury penthouse. 2 levels with 3 exposures & lives like a house in the sky. 9,450 SF.SF. Multi-level terraces & lives like a house in the sky. 9,450 Multi-level terraces w esLey heights, washington , Dc through both levels with spectacular vistas. $4,300,000 through both levels with spectacular vistas. $4,300,000 Like no other luxury penthouse. 2 levels with 3 exposures

William F. X. Moody Robert Hryniewicki


INTERNATIONAL OFFERING New England Colonial with suburban floor plan in in sought New England Colonial with suburban floor plan sought after urban location. Gracious principal rooms, 5BR, 3.5BA. after urban location. Gracious principal rooms, 5BR, 3.5BA. g eorgetown, washington, Dc Private .25.25 +/-+/acre lotlot with pool. $3,199,000 Private acre with pool. $3,199,000 New England Colonial with suburban floor plan in sought

William F. X. Moody Robert Hryniewicki




georgetown ,w ashington , Dc georgetown ,w ashington , Dc

ww est enD , r, itz est enD ritzresiDences resiDences

PhiLLiPs ,w ashington , Dc PhiLLiPsPark Park ,w ashington , Dc

Ellen Morrell 202-728-9500 Ellen Morrell on waterfront! 1-4 bedroom 202-728-9500 Luxury penthouses floorplans Matthew B.B. McCormick 202-728-9500 Matthew McCormick 202-728-9500 with terraces, garage parking & 1,800 - 4,100 SF. Nancy Taylor Bubes 202-256-2164 Nancy Taylor Bubes 202-256-2164 Ellen Morrell 202-728-9500 Matthew B. McCormick 202-728-9500 Nancy Taylor Bubes 202-256-2164

Ellen Morrell Ellen Morrell plans available with 1,000 - 3,400 square feet of living space Matthew B.B. McCormick 202-728-9500 Matthew McCormick 202-728-9500 all perfect for downtown living and entertaining! Ellen Morrell Matthew B. McCormick 202-728-9500

Kim Gibson Kim Gibson moments from Georgetown & surrounded by 200 acres of Susie Maguire 202-333-4760 Susie Maguire 202-333-4760 parkland. Homes from $3,000,000. Lots from $1,200,000. Kim Gibson Susie Maguire 202-333-4760

INTERNATIONAL OFFERING Luxury penthouses onon waterfront! 1-41-4 bedroom floorplans Luxury penthouses waterfront! bedroom floorplans with terraces, garage parking & 1,800 4,100 SF. with terraces, garage parking & 1,800 4,100 SF. georgetown, washington, Dc

riVer , P, otoMac ,M aryLanD riVerFaLLs FaLLs PotoMac ,M aryLanD

Rarely available stone front Colonial with a cul-de-sac setRarely available stone front Colonial with a cul-de-sac setting, backing to,to acres of of gorgeous parkland. Fabulous floor ting, backing acres gorgeous parkland. Fabulous floor r iVer F aLLs P otoMac , M aryLanD plan with 9’ 9’ ceilings main level, first floor study, and plan with ceilings on main level, first floor study, and Rarely available stone on front Colonial with a cul-de-sac setdaylight walkout lower level. Whitman. $1,625,000 daylight walkout lower level. Whitman. $1,625,000 ting, backing to acres of gorgeous parkland. Fabulous floor

INTERNATIONAL OFFERING Luxurious living at at thethe Ritz Residences! 1 -13-bedroom floor Luxurious living Ritz Residences! 3 bedroom floor plans available with 1,000 3,400 square feet of living space plans available with 1,000 3,400 square feet of living space w est enD, r itz r esiDences all perfect for downtown living and entertaining! all perfect for downtown living and entertaining! Luxurious living at the Ritz Residences! 1 - 3 bedroom floor

georgetown ,w ashington , Dc georgetown ,w ashington , Dc

Large light-filled spaces behind charming Federal façade. Large light-filled spaces behind charming Federal façade. Dramatic living room with doors to to English garden; spacious Dramatic living room with doors English garden; spacious g eorgetown , w ashington , Dc dining room; cozy family room, 2BR, 2.5BA. $1,595,000 dining room; cozy family room, 2BR, 2.5BA. $1,595,000 Large light-filled spaces behind charming Federal façade.

INTERNATIONAL OFFERING Washington’s finest home Washington’s finestnew newcustom custom homeneighborhood, neighborhood, moments from Georgetown & surrounded by 200200 acres of of moments from Georgetown & surrounded by acres P hiLLiPs Park, washington, Dc parkland. Homes from $3,000,000. Lots from $1,200,000. parkland. Homes from $3,000,000. Lots from $1,200,000. Washington’s finest new custom home neighborhood,

roseMont , a, LexanDria , V, irginia roseMont aLexanDria Virginia

NEW LISTING! Charming 1917 cedar shingle bungalow NEW LISTING! Charming 1917 cedar shingle bungalow with large 2-story addition, 4-54-5 bedrooms, 4 baths, fabulous with large 2-story addition, bedrooms, 4 baths, fabulous r oseMont , a LexanDria , V irginia family room open to to kitchen and garden, library, recreation family room open kitchen and garden, library, recreation NEW LISTING! Charming 1917 cedar shingle bungalow room. $1,485,000 room. $1,485,000 with large 2-story addition, 4-5 bedrooms, 4 baths, fabulous

Tammy Gale Tammy Gale 202-243-1649 Dramatic living room with doors to English202-243-1649 garden; spacious Chuck Holzwarth 202-285-2616 Chuck Holzwarth 202-285-2616 Heidi Hatfield 202-243-1634 Heidi Hatfield 202-243-1634 dining room; cozy family room, 2BR, 2.5BA. $1,595,000 family room open to kitchen and garden, library, recreation daylight walkout lower level. Whitman. $1,625,000 room. $1,485,000 Tammy Gale 202-243-1649 Anne Killeen 301-706-0067INTERNATIONAL Chuck Holzwarth 202-285-2616 Heidi Hatfield NETWORKS 202-243-1634 INTERNATIONAL NETWORKS• •LOCAL LOCALAFFILIATE AFFILIATE Anne Killeen Anne Killeen 301-706-0067 plan with 9’ ceilings on main level, first301-706-0067 floor study, and



| F E B R U AR Y






GeorGetown GeorGetown ,w ,w ashinGton ashinGton , DC , DC

K alorama K alorama ,w ,w ashinGton ashinGton , DC , DC

Jim Jim Bell Bell

Jim Jim Bell Bell

Stunning Stunningrenovation renovationunites uniteshistoric historicarchitecture architectureand and impeccable impeccableinterior interiordesign designin inthis thisVictorian Victorianmansion. mansion. Soaring Soaringentertaining entertainingspaces, spaces,gourmet gourmetkitchen kitchen& &grand grand master master suite. suite. AuAu pair pair suite, suite, 3-car 3-car parking. parking. $6,500,000 $6,500,000

202-607-4000 202-607-4000

Magnificent Magnificent Federal Federal with with beautiful beautiful detailing, detailing, wainscotting, wainscotting, crown crown moldings, moldings, coiffered coiffered ceilings, ceilings, kitchen kitchen with with attached attached family familyroom, room,media mediaroom, room,exquisite exquisitemaster masterbath, bath,wrap wrap around around patio patio and and 2 car 2 car garage garage + driveway. + driveway. $3,895,000 $3,895,000

202-607-4000 202-607-4000

202.944.5000 202.944.5000 202.333.3320 202.333.3320 301.222.0050 301.222.0050 301.983.6400 301.983.6400 703.317.7000 703.317.7000


K alorama K alorama ,w ,w ashinGton ashinGton , DC , DC

Spectacular Spectacular2007 2007light-filled light-filled2 2level levelpenthouse penthousefeatures features 10’+ 10’+ ceiling, ceiling, 3BR, 3BR, 2.5BA, 2.5BA, gourmet gourmet kitchen, kitchen, exquisite exquisite baths, baths, elevator, elevator, 3 parking 3 parking spaces, spaces, balconies, balconies, landscaped landscaped rooftop rooftop terrace terrace with with wetwet bar. bar. 2,400 2,400 +/-+/SF.SF. $2,795,000 $2,795,000

Jim Jim Bell Bell

202-607-4000 202-607-4000




Chevy ChevyChase ChasevillaGe villaGe ,m ,m arylanD arylanD

Georgian-style Georgian-style with with gracious gracious rooms. rooms. 3 fireplaces, 3 fireplaces, elevator, elevator, walls walls of of windows windows with with spectacular spectacular views views of of pool, pool, gardens gardens and and golf golf course. course. 6 BR, 6 BR, 6 full 6 full && 2 half 2 half BA. BA. $3,999,000 $3,999,000

Elizabeth Elizabeth Kramer Kramer Elizabeth Elizabeth Luttrell Luttrell


Chevy ChevyChase Chase ,m ,m arylanD arylanD

Exquisitely Exquisitely renovated, renovated, this this elegant elegant Colonial Colonial offers offers gorgeous gorgeous entertaining entertaining size size formal formal rooms, rooms, cook’s cook’s kitchen, kitchen, family family room room with with vaulted vaulted ceiling, ceiling,6+6+ BR, BR, finished finished lower lower level, level, flagstone flagstone terrace terrace and and pool, pool, backing backing to to parkland. parkland. $3,900,000 $3,900,000


301-910-8554 301-910-8554 301-641-1835 301-641-1835

Joanne Joanne Pinover Pinover

301-404-7011 301-404-7011



703-216-1333 703-216-1333

Kent Kent ,w ,w ashinGton ashinGton , DC , DC

ww esley esley hh eiGhts eiGhts ,w ,w ashinGton ashinGton , DC , DC

Stately Stately brick brick home home onon quiet quiet Glenbrook Glenbrook Terrace Terrace cul-de-sac. cul-de-sac. Grand Grand entertaining entertaining spaces, spaces, custom custom millwork millwork && mouldings, mouldings, 2 family 2 family rooms, rooms, library, library, 6BR, 6BR, 5.5BA, 5.5BA, garage. garage. $2,295,000 $2,295,000

Chuck Chuck Holzwarth Holzwarth Kerry Kerry Byers Byers

Charming Charming 1935 1935 Tudor Tudor onon prestigious prestigious street, street, 12,360 12,360 SFSF lot,lot, huge hugerenovated renovatedkitchen kitchenwith withbreakfast breakfastroom roomadjoining adjoining family family room, room, 5BR, 5BR, 4.5BA, 4.5BA, garden, garden, patio, patio, garage. garage. $1,949,500 $1,949,500

202-285-2616 202-285-2616 202-210-2604 202-210-2604

PalisaDes PalisaDes ,w ,w ashinGton ashinGton , DC , DC

Contemporary Contemporaryhome homewith withmodern moderninspiration inspirationminutes minutes to to everywhere! everywhere! Seasonal Seasonal views views of of Potomac Potomac River River && Gorge. Gorge. Gracious Gracious floor floor plan plan flooded flooded with with light. light. $1,525,000 $1,525,000

William William F. F. X.X. Moody Moody Robert Robert Hryniewicki Hryniewicki

202-243-1620 202-243-1620

Chuck Chuck Holzwarth Holzwarth Kerry Kerry Byers Byers

202-285-2616 202-285-2616 202-210-2604 202-210-2604

GeorGetown GeorGetown ,w ,w ashinGton ashinGton , DC , DC

GeorGetown GeorGetown ,w ,w ashinGton ashinGton , DC , DC

Nancy Nancy Taylor Taylor Bubes Bubes

Mark Mark McFadden McFadden

This This three-bedroom, three-bedroom, two two and and one-half one-half bath bath Federal Federal enjoys enjoys three threefinished finishedlevels levelsof ofliving. living.Features Featurestwo twofireplaces, fireplaces,a a renovated renovated kitchen, kitchen, and and anan open open family/dining family/dining room room leading leading to to anan expansive expansive patio patio with with lovely lovely gardens. gardens. $1,395,000 $1,395,000

202-256-2164 202-256-2164

Fantastic Fantastic value value at at Washington Washington Harbour Harbour with with nearly nearly 2,400 2,400 square squarefeet feetof ofluxurious luxuriousspace. space. Remodeled Remodeledkitchen kitchenwith with table table space space and and formal formal dining dining room room perfect perfect forfor entertaining. entertaining. 1-car 1-car garage. garage. $795,000 $795,000

703-216-1333 703-216-1333


| F E B R U AR Y




My Washington Christopher Hitchens, journalist and author

1. The Folger Shakespeare Library A treasure house of Bardolatry that has an almost unrivalled collection of First Folios as well as a little gem of a theater where I’ve given readings from W.H. Auden and done an on-stage interview with Martin Amis. 2. The Jefferson Room at the Library of Congress is the near-perfect atmosphere in which to begin research for a book (and the wonderful assistants will sometimes provide you with a reserved desk). Its original catalogue was designed by our third, possibly greatest, and certainly most literate president. 3. EASTERN MARKET I took it personally when Eastern Market burned down a few years ago and am so happy now that I can go back and buy meat and fish (shad roe when in season) from its old-style stalls. Wonderful on a sunny Saturday. 4. Lincoln Park A splendid place to take small children, centered on a fine statue of “Honest Abe” issuing the Emancipation Proclamation.The liberated slave is not a generic figure, but was modeled on Archer Alexander, who had been assisted in winning his freedom by T.S. Eliot’s ancestors in Missouri. 5. the national gallery of art I never miss the Auguste Saint-Gaudens relief of the 54th Massachusetts Regiment, a replica of the one that stands on Boston Common. When I take visitors there, I bring along Robert Lowell’s poem “For the Union Dead,” and read the words that evoke the original memorial’s dedication. 6. national airport On an ever-attractive crescent, the old terminal at National Airport is still used for some flights. It reminds me of flying days in the 1930s. I refuse to say “Reagan Airport” by the way: when I first moved here it was “Washington National Airport” which meant that, thanks very much, it already was named for a perfectly good president. 7. British ambassador’s residence Built by Sir Edwin Lutyens (the architect of New Delhi), it’s the nicest private house in the city and the place where I’ve had the most consistently enjoyable political dinners. Its grace and its garden make up for the hideousness of the adjoining embassy, which looks like a biscuit factory in Slough and which the British should

apologize for and then tear down. 8. The Willard Hotel After the magnificent solidity and grandeur of the Lobby, it’s good to have a stiff drink in the Round Robin Bar of the hotel where Julia Ward Howe finally found some printable words for the tune of “John Brown’s Body.” 9. The Jefferson Memorial There’s been some careful editing of the incised inscriptions on this F.D.R.-era masterpiece, but its rotunda is a tremendous place for reflection. I have the same birthday as T.J. and managed to have my American citizenship ceremony held here, so I feel committed to the place and concerned about its current subsiding state.


10. Rock Creek Cemetery Another place for reflection (Gore Vidal has already put his own gravestone there, next to that of his longtime companion Howard Auster) and another chance to see the work of Saint-Gaudens in the haunting memorial to Clover Adams, quite possibly poisoned by her husband Henry. 11. Favorite Restaurant: Café Milano One is always supposed to pick something ethnic and funky, which is why I choose Café Milano in Georgetown. After all, it is ethnic and somewhere you could take a real Milanese without embarrassment. I once accidentally sat down in the lap of the Archbishop of Canterbury during a Sunday brunch there, which I hope you will agree is funky enough for anybody.

6 10


10281-MKTG Washington Life March-10.indd 1

2/23/2010 10:05:30 AM

® ® ®


Available in select areas Available in select areas Available Available in select in select areas areas

Bethesda, Maryland $2,245,000 Bethesda, Maryland $2,149,000 Oakton, Virginia $1,399,000 Great Falls, Virginia $1,899,000 This Maryland elegant classic home is beautifully sited on tree- Oakton, Circa-1920, this Edgemoor classic colonial-style Bethesda, $2,245,000 Maryland $2,149,000 Sited on a .83-acre private landscaped Sited on River Bend golf course on a cul-de-sac, this Bethesda, Virginia $1,399,000lot with Great Falls, Virginia $1,899,000 lined classic Dellwood Place, within blocks downtown Sited on home this features fine architectural detail over 4 levels. for a pool, home offerslotanwith open floor Sited onhome isBend appointed with over in This elegant home is beautifully sited onto treeCirca-1920, Edgemoor classic colonial-style a .83-acre privatethislandscaped RiverVirginia golf course on a $1,000,000 cul-de-sac, thishigh-end Bethesda, Bethesda, Bethesda, Maryland Maryland $2,245,000 $2,245,000 Bethesda, Maryland Maryland $2,149,000 $2,149,000 Oakton,potential Oakton, Virginia Virginia $1,399,000 $1,399,000 Great Falls, Great Falls, Virginia $1,899,000 $1,899,000 Bethesda.Place, Builder Kevin Doyleto has crafted this potentialplan The residence is sited ondetail a large lot, ideal for today’s of living. to Vienna The 2-acre estate boasts a stone veranda, home features lined Dellwood within blocks downtown fine architectural overlevel 4 levels. for for a pool, thisstyle home offers Close an open floor Metro, home isrenovations. appointed with over $1,000,000 in high-end This elegant This elegant classic home classic ishome beautifully is beautifully sited onsited tree-porch, on tree-a residence green features, screened Bethesda. Builderwith Kevin Doyle has acrafted this lined Dellwood lined Dellwood Place, within Place, within blocks blocks to downtown to an downtown private ce and mudroom entrance, and residence with offi green features, a screened porch, aelevator Bethesda. Bethesda. Builder Builder Kevin Kevin has Doylecrafted has crafted this this option. Greta NicolettiDoyle 301.229.1009/ (O). private offi ce and mudroom entrance, and an240.497.1700 elevator residence residence with green with features, green features, a screened a screened porch, aporch, a option. Greta Nicoletti 301.229.1009/ 240.497.1700 (O). private offi private ce and offimudroom ce and mudroom entrance, entrance, and an elevator and an elevator option. Greta option.Nicoletti Greta Nicoletti 301.229.1009/ 301.229.1009/ 240.497.1700 240.497.1700 (O). (O).

Washington, D.C. $1,995,000 DesignedD.C. for entertaining, this classic home with 4 Washington, $1,995,000 finished levels exudes comfort, Designed for entertaining, classicand home with 4and has Washington, Washington, D.C. D.C.this charm $1,995,000 $1,995,000 a great floor plan. Sited in Observatory Circle, the

finished levels exudes charm and comfort, and has Designed Designed for entertaining, for entertaining, this classic classic home with home4 with 4 hasSited a sunroom, athis grand main-level a greatresidence floor plan. in Observatory Circle, the family finishedfiroom, nished levels exudes levels charm and charm and comfort, and has and and has pair exudes suite/offi ce, acomfort, private sunken patio, residence hasana au sunroom, a grand main-level family a greataa flgarden great oor plan. flwith oorSited inSited Observatory in Observatory Circle, the Circle, the aplan. pond. Offi ce 202.363.9700. room, an au pair suite/offi ce, aChevy privateChase sunken patio, and residence residence has a sunroom, has a sunroom, a granda main-level grand main-level family family a garden with a pond. Chevy Chase Office 202.363.9700. room, anroom, au pair ansuite/offi au pair suite/offi ce, a private ce, asunken private patio, sunkenand patio, and a gardena with garden a pond. with Chevy a pond.Chase ChevyOffi Chase ce 202.363.9700. Office 202.363.9700.

Sited on Sited astylish .83-acre on aresidence .83-acre private private landscaped landscaped lot with lot room, with features game plan forthe today’s style of living. Close toa library, Vienna aMetro, potentialpotential forana exercise pool, for athis pool, home this offers home an offers openanfloor open floor and room. the stylish residence features aSharon library,Hayman a game 703.402.2955/ room, plan forplan today’s for today’s style (O). of style living. ofClose living.toClose Vienna to Metro, Vienna Metro, and an 703.790.1990 exercise room. Sharon Hayman 703.402.2955/ the stylish the residence stylish residence featuresfeatures a library,a alibrary, game aroom, game room, 703.790.1990 (O). and an and exercise an exercise room. Sharon room. Sharon HaymanHayman 703.402.2955/ 703.402.2955/ 703.790.1990 703.790.1990 (O). (O).

Sited onSited RiveronBend River Bend course golf art on course agallery, cul-de-sac, on a cul-de-sac, fountains, an golf upper-level anthis open flthis oor renovations. The 2-acre estate boasts a stoneand veranda, home ishome appointed is appointed with over with $1,000,000 over $1,000,000 in 703.790.1990 high-end in high-end plan. Hayman 703.402.2955/ (O). fountains, an Sharon upper-level art gallery, and an open floor renovations. renovations. The 2-acre Theestate 2-acreboasts estateaboasts stone averanda, stone veranda, plan. Sharon Hayman 703.402.2955/ 703.790.1990 (O). fountains, fountains, an upper-level an upper-level art gallery, art gallery, and an open and an floor open floor plan. Sharon plan. Sharon HaymanHayman 703.402.2955/ 703.402.2955/ 703.790.1990 703.790.1990 (O). (O).

We invite you We invite you to tour WeWe invite invite youyou to tour our to all tour tooftour all of our luxury all of allour oflistings our luxury listings luxury luxury listings atlistings at at at

Circa-1920, Circa-1920, this orEdgemoor this Edgemoor classic classic colonial-style colonial-style renovating building, and islevel just 2lot, blocks The residence is sited on a large idealfrom for Metro. home features home features fine architectural fine architectural detail over detail 4 levels. over 4 levels. renovating or building, and is just 2 blocks from Metro. The residence The residence is All sited isonsited a large on301.229.4000. alevel largelot,level ideallot,forideal for Bethesda Points Offi ce renovating renovating or building, or building, and is just and2isblocks just 2from blocks Metro. from Metro. Bethesda All Points Office 301.229.4000. Bethesda Bethesda All Points AllOffi Points ce 301.229.4000. Office 301.229.4000.

Great Falls, Virginia $3,800,000 This graceful boasts the Great Falls, Virginiacustom-built contemporary $3,800,000 perfectcustom-built setting. Featured in Architectural Digest, the This graceful contemporary boasts$3,800,000 the Great Falls, Great Virginia Falls, Virginia $3,800,000 residence features aesthetically beautiful modern

perfect setting. Featured in Architectural Digest, the This graceful This graceful custom-built custom-built contemporary contemporary boasts boasts the the design and craftsmanship. residence features aesthetically Fabulous beautifulamenities modern include perfect perfect setting. Featured Featured incourt. Architectural in Architectural Digest, the the asetting. pool and a tennis Photos atDigest, design and craftsmanship. Fabulous amenities include residence residence features features aesthetically aesthetically beautifulbeautiful modern modern Foxhall Office 202.363.1800. a pool and a tennis court. Photos at design and design craftsmanship. and craftsmanship. FabulousFabulous amenities amenities include include Foxhall Office 202.363.1800. a pool and a pool a tennis and acourt. tennisPhotos court. at Photos at Foxhall Foxhall Office 202.363.1800. Office 202.363.1800.

Potomac, Maryland $2,125,000 Washington, D.C. $2,500,000 Washington, D.C. $ 1,495,000 Washington, D.C. $2,995,000 ThisMaryland magnificent custom-built home is situated on 2 $2,125,000 Located D.C. on Observatory’s prettiest$2,500,000 block, this elegant Washington, This custom-built, all-brick contemporary LocatedD.C. in sought-after Foxhall,$2,995,000 this stunning new Potomac, Washington, D.C. $ 1,495,000 boasts Washington, glorious acres. No detail has beenon overlooked, center-hall residence boasts a light-filled Locatedcolonial-style impeccable landscaping with slate terraces. The home Located5-bedroom home features elevator, new city views, This magnifi centwooded custom-built home is situated 2 on Observatory’s block,$2,500,000 this elegant This custom-built, all-brick contemporary boasts in sought-after Foxhall, thisanstunning Potomac, Potomac, Maryland Maryland $2,125,000 $2,125,000 Washington, Washington, D.C. D.C.prettiest $2,500,000 Washington, Washington, D.C. D.C. $The 1,495,000 $ 1,495,000 Washington, Washington, D.C. D.C. $2,995,000 $2,995,000 anNoexceptional property. The residence addition. Appointments entertaining includes a library with and 2slate fireplaces. living room has a 5-bedroom and over 6,500 finished square feet. Four finished gloriousmaking woodedthis acres. detail has been overlooked, center-hall residence ideal boastsfora light-fi lled and colonial-style impeccable landscaping terraces. The home home features an elevator, city views, This cent magnifi custom-built cent custom-built home ishome situated is asituated on 2 cellar, on 2 on Observatory’s on Observatory’s prettiest prettiest block,a this block, elegant thisceelegant This custom-built, This custom-built, all-brick contemporary contemporary boasts boasts in sought-after in sought-after Foxhall,Foxhall, this stunning this stunning newexquisite new This magnifi is appointed with an in-ground pool, wine everyday living. Features include home offi with a LocatedLocated cathedral ceiling and aall-brick wall of windows overlooking the LocatedLocated levels showcase abundant green features and making this an exceptional property. The residence includes a library and 2 fireplaces. The living room has a impeccable impeccable landscaping landscaping with slate with terraces. slate terraces. The home The home magnifi and cabana. cathedral ceilingcent andpool a wall of windows overlooking the includesincludes a librarySipcic aand library 2 fireplaces. and 2 fireplaces. The202.364.1300 living The room living has room a has a Branka (O). magnificent pool and 202.236.0678/ cabana. cathedral cathedral ceiling and ceiling a wall andofawindows wall of windows overlooking overlooking the the Branka Sipcic 202.236.0678/ 202.364.1300 (O). magnificent magnifi pool cent andpool cabana. and cabana. Washington, Branka Sipcic Branka202.236.0678/ Sipcic 202.236.0678/ 202.364.1300 202.364.1300 (O). (O). D.C.

$1,099,000 Washington, D.C. Sited just blocksD.C. $1,099,000 Washington, Washington, D.C. from the vibrant Sited just blocks $1,099,000 $1,099,000 U Street corridor,

from the vibrant Sited just Sited blocks just blocks Circa-1893 U Streetthis corridor, from thefrom vibrant the vibrant rowhouse has this Circa-1893 U StreetUbeen corridor, Street corridor, rowhouse hasthoughtfully this Circa-1893 this Circa-1893 and historically been thoughtfully rowhouse rowhouse has has renovated with and historically been thoughtfully been thoughtfully endless renovated with upgrades, and historically and historically yet retains endless upgrades, the charm renovated renovated with andwith warmth yet retains the charmof endless endless upgrades, upgrades, yesteryear. The home and warmth of yet retains yet the retains charm theoor charm offers top-fl yesteryear. Thea home and warmth and warmth aofoor rooftopofdeck, offers a loft, top-fl yesteryear. yesteryear. The home The home an in-law suite, and loft, a rooftop deck, offers a offers top-floor a top-floor 2-car parking. an in-law suite, and loft, a rooftop loft, a rooftop deck, deck, Woodley Park Office 202.483.6300. 2-car parking. an in-law ansuite, in-lawand suite, and Woodley Park Office 202.483.6300. 2-car parking. 2-car parking. WoodleyWoodley Park OffiPark ce 202.483.6300. Office 202.483.6300.

addition. Appointments ideal for entertaining and 5-bedroom 5-bedroom center-hall center-hall residence residence boastsa fiaboasts light-fialower lled light-filled a 3rd-fl oor studio, nished everydayfireplace, living. Features include a and home offi ce with a level. addition.addition. Appointments Appointments for idealentertaining for entertaining and and Chevy Chase Southideal Offi fireplace, a 3rd-fl oor studio, andcea202.966.0400. finished lower level. everydayeveryday living. Features living. Features include include a home aoffi home ce with office a with a Chevy Chase South Office 202.966.0400. fireplace, fireplace, a 3rd-floor a 3rd-fl studio, oorand studio, a finished and a filower nishedlevel. lower level. Chevy Chase ChevySouth ChaseOffi South ce 202.966.0400. Office 202.966.0400.

and over 6,500 finished square feet. Four finished colonial-style colonial-style features home features an elevator, an elevator, city 301.365.9090/ views, city views, details home throughout. Wendy Banner levels showcase abundant green features and exquisite and over and6,500 over fi6,500 nished square square feet. Four feet.finished Four finished details 301.907.7600 throughout. (O). Wendy Banner 301.365.9090/ levels showcase levels showcase abundant abundant green features green features and exquisite and exquisite 301.907.7600 (O). details details throughout. throughout. Wendy Wendy Banner Banner 301.365.9090/ 301.365.9090/ 301.907.7600 301.907.7600 (O). (O).

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Potomac, Maryland $1,195,000 Bethesda, Maryland $1,450,000 Arlington, Virginia $1,150,000 SitedMaryland on a cul-de-sac, this luxurious 5-bedroom, 4.5- Bethesda, This Maryland elegant English-style townhome is located in Arlington, SitedVirginia in a popular neighborhood,$1,150,000 this charming home Potomac, $1,195,000 $1,450,000 colonial-style is perfect for entertaining the heart of Bethesda, offeringisa located city lifestyle only 5 minutes The residence Sited onbath a cul-de-sac, thishome luxurious 5-bedroom, 4.5- and Bethesda, This elegant English-style townhome in and Arlington, Sited inis a popular neighborhood, this charming home Potomac, Potomac, Maryland Maryland $1,195,000 $1,195,000 Bethesda, Maryland Maryland $1,450,000 $1,450,000 Arlington, Virginia Virginiafrom Georgetown. $1,150,000 $1,150,000 offers designer upgrades, a gourmet kitchen, and an unsurpassed convenience. The beautifully decorated includes hardwood floors, fireplaces, crown moldings, bath colonial-style home is perfect for entertaining and Sited onSited a cul-de-sac, on a cul-de-sac, this The luxurious this luxurious 5-bedroom, 5-bedroom, 4.5- 4.5open family room. beautifully renovated offers designer upgrades, a gourmet kitchen, and anowner’s bath colonial-style bath home iswith home perfect is for perfect entertaining for entertaining and and suite colonial-style is appointed a spa bath. open family room. The beautifully renovated owner’s offers designer offersGerger designer upgrades, upgrades, a gourmet a gourmet kitchen,kitchen, and an and an 301.652.2777/ suite is Ricki appointed with a spa bath. 202.364.5200 (O). open family open room. familyThe room. beautifully The beautifully renovated renovated owner’sowner’s Ricki Gerger 301.652.2777/ 202.364.5200 (O). suite is suite appointed is appointed with a spa withbath. a spa bath. Ricki Gerger Ricki301.652.2777/ Gerger 301.652.2777/ 202.364.5200 202.364.5200 (O). (O).

the heart of Bethesda, offering a city lifestyle and This elegant This elegant English-style English-style townhome townhome is located is located in a new in interior features a The newbeautifully gourmet kitchen, unsurpassed convenience. decorated the heart theofheart Bethesda, of Bethesda, offeringand offering a cityelevator lifestyle a citywith lifestyle and accessand to interior luxurious features owner’s a newsuite, gourmet ankitchen, a new unsurpassed unsurpassed convenience. The Offi beautifully The beautifully decorated decorated allowner’s 4 flconvenience. oors.suite, Spring Valley ce 202.362.1300. luxurious and an elevator with access to interior interior featuresfeatures a new agourmet new gourmet kitchen,kitchen, a new a new all 4 floors. Spring Valley Office 202.362.1300. luxurious luxurious owner’sowner’s suite, and suite, an elevator and an elevator with access with to access to all 4 floors. all 4Spring floors.Valley SpringOffi Valley ce 202.362.1300. Office 202.362.1300.

All Properties Offered Internationally All Properties Offered Internationally All All Properties Properties Offered Offered Internationally Internationally

is only 5 minutes from Georgetown. The residence Sited inSited ascreen popular in aporches, popular neighborhood, neighborhood, this charming thisficharming home garage, and xedhome stairs to the includes2 hardwood floors,afi2-car replaces, crown moldings, is only is 5 only minutes 5 minutes from Georgetown. Georgetown. The residence The residence Arlington Offigarage, cefrom 703.522.0500. 2 screenattic. porches, a 2-car and fixed stairs to the includesincludes hardwood hardwood floors, fiflreplaces, oors, fireplaces, crown moldings, crown moldings, attic. Arlington Office 703.522.0500. 2 screen2porches, screen porches, a 2-car garage, a 2-car garage, and fixed and stairs fixedtostairs the to the attic. Arlington attic. Arlington Office 703.522.0500. Office 703.522.0500.

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