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HANDPICKED ACCESSORIES Accessories that radiate personality, authenticity and warmth, while at the same time beautifying your home with loving craftsmanship, sculptured forms and gorgeous structure. Go exploring through our trove of designer objects; you’re certain to find a little something that’ll brighten up your everyday life, be it a new throw pillow for the sofa, an eye-catching wall mirror or a unique wooden bird sculpture. Warm Nordic’s accessories celebrate a Scandinavian design spirit that stretches across generations and decades. All our accessories are the creations of a wonderful assortment of new and more established modern designers as well as prominent architects, artists and designers from the 50s and 60s, the era where Scandinavian design first took the world by storm. We have embarked on a journey of discovery through our Scandinavian design heritage, falling in love with some of the most beautiful objects we came across and put them back into production, including designs from the lighting master Svend Aage Holm-Sørensen, furniture architect Jacob Hermann from Denmark and the Swedish glass craftsman Gunnar Cyrén. A love for unparalleled craftsmanship and close attention to detail pervades our entire collection of timeless accessories. Each and every item has been crafted from exceptionally high-quality materials, ranging from exclusive textiles from Kvadrat to coloured marble and beautiful varieties of dark wood, which in their own subtle way add a comforting warmth to any interior.


Designed by Studio Føy Elegant tea lights and vases in beautifully coloured mouth-blown glass with an organic, playful look. Stack comprises an elegant vase and tealights in two sizes, which can be stacked on top of each other according to your mood and the occasion. That means that Stack contains an abundance of beautiful stories, which take shape as you stack and arrange the parts in a sensuous still life, using candles and flowers and delicate branches from the garden.

Stack Tealight Small Clear, Ø7 x H4,5 cm

Stack Tealight Small Petrol, Ø7 x H4,5 cm

Stack Tealight Small Amber, Ø7 x H4,5 cm

Stack Tealight Small Classic brown, Ø7 x H4,5 cm

Stack Tealight Large Clear, Ø7 x H6,5 cm

Stack Tealight Large Petrol, Ø7 x H6,5 cm

Stack Tealight Large Amber, Ø7 x H6,5 cm

Stack Tealight Large Classic brown, Ø7 x H6,5 cm

Stack Vase Clear, Ø7 x H10 cm

Stack Vase Petrol, Ø7 x H10 cm

Stack Vase Amber, Ø7 x H10 cm

Stack Vase Classic brown, Ø7 x H10 cm

Stack, Set of 3 Amber, Petrol, Classic brown


Designed by Gunnar CyrĂŠn, 1972 Arctic is a beautiful oval vase in mouth-blown glass. The Arctic Vase was originally designed in the 1960s by the acclaimed Swedish glass artist and silversmith, Gunnar CyrĂŠn and is now being manufactured for the first time by Warm Nordic. The Arctic vase is made in clear mouth-blown glass with fine grooves on the side, which lend a touch of exclusiveness and extra weight to the vase. Its high quality and timeless elegance make the Arctic vase a stylish companion for classic bouquets, beautiful together with wild field flowers and sophisticated with individual twigs.

Arctic Glass Vase Small Mouth blown glass L12 x W7 x H17 cm

Arctic Glass Vase Large Mouth blown glass L13,5 x W7,5 x H23 cm

Arctic Opal Vase Large Mouth blown glass L13,5 x W7,5 x H23 cm


Designed by Svend Aage Holm-Sørensen, 1954 Beak Birds is a family of four charming teak birds, each with its uniquely engaging personality. Manufactured in Denmark and designed by the internationally renowned designer, Svend Aage Holm-Sørensen. Each bird is unique and finds its ultimate expression in the individual piece of top quality teak wood. But for all their differences the birds are beautiful either together or alone.

Beak Bird Awake snipe Oiled solid teak L18,5 x W5,5 x H13 cm

Beak Bird Lazy snipe Oiled solid teak L14 x W7,5 x H15,5 cm

Beak Bird Low Heron Oiled solid teak L20,5 x W5 x H19 cm

Beak Bird Tall Heron Oiled solid teak L19 x W5,5 x H36 cm


Designed by Jacob Hermann, 1958 Twirling Birds is a family of four unique wooden birds. Each of the birds has its own character, determined by the grain and colour of the wood. As an elegant detail, the actual eye on some of the hand-polished Twirling Birds are also made from a little piece of wood. Twirling Birds are ideal as a personal gift that will delight recipients of all ages. Use it for decoration or spin round a Twirling Bird as an elegant version of the game ‘Spin the Bottle’.

Twirling Bird Small Oiled solid teak L8,5 x W2,5 x H3,6 cm

Twirling Bird Medium Oiled solid walnut L9 x W4,5 x H4 cm

Twirling Bird Large Oiled solid smoaked oak L15 x W3,7 x H4,3 cm

Twirling Bird XLarge Oiled solid oak L16,3 x W6,5 x H7,5 cm

CARVED WOOD TRAY Designed by Welling/Ludvik

Carved Wood is a series of exquisite wooden trays with an organic design and understated elegance. The Carved Wood trays are made of solid wood, exuding an exclusivity that makes them a beautiful bed for fruit, vegetables and nuts or an elegant design element in a still life with jewels, vases and bits and bobs. Carved Wood is available as a classic round tray and in a rectangular version with elegant rounded corners.

Carved Wood Tray Round Oiled solid oak. Ă˜30 x H3 cm

Carved Wood Tray Oval Oiled solid walnut L40 x W20 x H3 cm


GOURMET WOOD TRIVET Designed by Gunnar Cyrén, 1972

Gourmet Wood Trivet is a series of beautiful walnut and oak trivets with delicate carvings. The carvings lend the trivets a touch of character and have a life of their own in the form of swaying trees, sprouting hearts and abstract animals. The trivets also look attractive on the kitchen worktop, if you can’t bring yourself to conceal them in a drawer, or on a window ledge as a decorative element with a single candlestick, a plant pot or some of your favourite jewellery.

Gourmet Wood Trivet Round Oiled solid oak Ø17,8 x H1 cm

Gourmet Wood Trivet Round Oiled solid walnut Ø17,8 x H1 cm

Gourmet Wood Trivet Square Oiled solid oak L15,5 x W15,5 x H1 cm

Gourmet Wood Trivet Square Oiled solid walnut L15,5 x W17,8 x H1 cm

Gourmet Wood Trivet Hexagon Oiled solid oak L15,5 x W17,8 x H1 cm

Gourmet Wood Trivet Hexagon Oiled solid walnut L15,5 x W17,8 x H1 cm


Designed by Welling/Ludvik Flexible shelf unit that can be mounted on the wall and offers endless possibilities for simple and elegant storage no matter the size. Repeat comes as a right and left unit, both having two staggered shelves. Welling/Ludvik is behind Repeat and has reduced the design idea to a very simple module that can be shifted and connected in endless combinations.

Warm white

Rusty red

Green olive

Black noir

Repeat Shelf

Right. Powder coated alu. B70 x D22 x H29 cm.

Warm white

Rusty red

Green olive

Black noir

Repeat Shelf

Left. Powder coated alu. B70 x D22 x H29 cm.


Designed by Sabine Stougaard



Designed by Sabine Stougaard Daisy is a fashionable stool with several features. The velour cushion has a leather strap, so the cushion is easy to take off and even carry round in tour home. Without the cushion the stool’s light, powder-coated metal frame makes a perfect side table for a little tea party à deux or wine and snacks.

Rusty rose

Forrest green



Powder coated steel, L100 x D30 x H104


Designed by Morten & Jonas Parade is perfect for putting your belongings on display with the shelving unit serving as a beautiful frame. It comes either as a complete shelving unit with one or three shelves or as seperate units for extension. Inspired by 1960s-style wooden shelves or luggage racks on trains, with the same lightweight idiom and functionality. This means that Parade can be used in an infinite number of ways: from the stylish storage of teapot, cups and plates in the kitchen to the display of books, pretty vases and green plants in the living room, or as an elegantly lightweight hat rack in the hallway.

Warm white

Oxid red

Green olive

Parade 1 shelf

Warm white

Oxid red

Green olive

Parade 1 shelf

Warm white

Oxid red


Powder coated steel, L100 x D30

Green olive


Designed by Sebastian Alberdi Masquerade is a range of sophisticated mirrors engraved on one half which gives the mirror its distinctive character. On one side, Masquerade is a traditional mirror that reflects the world, while the geometrical patterns on the other side of the mirror transform it into an elegant decoration referencing the world of masks. The mirrors create a wonderful sparkle in the room and are as functional as they are decorative alluring elements in your hallway, living room and bedroom.

Masquerade Round L53 x W55x H0,8 cm

Masquerade Oval L105,5 x W39,4 x H0,8 cm

Masquerade Feather L145 x W37 x H0,8 cm


Designed by Warm Nordic Warm Nordic has designed a line of products as a part of the Warm Nordic Collection. Designs which stem from a love of supreme craftsmanship and is a natural complement to the rest of the range. Our collection of cushion is a tribute to the Nordic aesthetic and features timeless objects and limited editions in curated colours and qualities all made of exclusive Kvadrat textiles. Everything is carefully selected for its ability to set a mood a create a sense of cosiness.



Blue green / Rose


Kvadrat textile, feathers W45 x H45 cm.




Kvadrat textile, feathers W45 x H45 cm.







Kvadrat textile, feathers W45 x H45 cm or W60 x H40 cm

Blue green / Rose


Kvadrat textile, feathers W60 x H60 cm

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