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26 October 2011

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Poste Italiane Spa. Sped. in abb. post. DL 353/2003 (Conv. in L 27/02/2004 N.46) Art. 1 comma 1 DCB - 26 ottobre 2011, Anno 3, Numero 19.

no. 19 / wednesday / 26 October 2011

FRANCESCO AMOROSINO Auditorium, 2011 Francesco Amorosino won third prize at the Toscana Foto Festival in 2009 and for the last three years has organised FOTOX1000 at the FotoGrafia festival in Rome.














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Wanted in Rome 26 October 2011



26 October 2011 Wanted in Rome

Celebrity floral artist Symon J. Lycett designed the Punks and Patriots red carpet.

his year’s edition of the International Rome Film Festival, from 27 October - 4 November, is dedicated to the diversity of the United Kingdom’s contribution to cinema. Organised in tandem with the 55th BFI London Film Festival, Rome showcases seven newrelease British productions and screens 12 films chosen by leading figures from British cinema. The theme of Punks and Patriots has been chosen by the Fondazione Cinema per Roma Focus curator Gaia Morrione. Prior to her current role, Morrione was special events manager at the Fondazione Musica per Roma, and before this she was a long-term resident of London where she worked with various record labels and produced documentaries for independent television companies for the BBC and Channel 4. Morrione answers questions in a written interview on the occasion of the sixth edition of the festival.


1. Following previous editions dedicated to India, Brazil, the environment and Japan, why did you choose to put the United Kingdom in the spotlight this year? For years I have wanted to curate a Focus UK. I feel at home in Britain and lived in London for 15 years. And then recent events like the wedding of William and Kate, the 60th anniversary of the reign of Queen Elizabeth II, the urban riots on the streets of London, the Olympics: all of that helped me decide on a very topical choice. 2. What were the principal reasons behind the Punks & Patriots initiative and how did you come up with the original concept? The idea came to me at Soho House in London while I was meeting producers from the UK Film Council, which would soon be closed down forever. The King’s Speech had just brought in a fortune at the box office but the government still took the decision to disband the UK Film Council, a decision which, in the context of the film industry, was unpopular and seemed like a throwback to the Thatcher era… because of all of this I thought that Punks and Patriots provided the perfect common thread to reflect the contemporary cinematic situation, and not just in the United Kingdom. 3. Many of the films come directly from the London Festival, which is enjoying record attendance. After such close collaboration this year do you believe that any perceived rivalry between the two festivals is a thing of the past? The overlapping of dates created some difficulty in the past, but I wouldn’t call it “rivalry” – I don’t think there ever was any. For this edition we worked well together and hopefully will continue to do so in the future. 4. The London festival closes with Terence Davies’ movie The Deep Blue Sea the day that the Rome festival starts. Given that in the past the two events often overlapped, was there a coordinated approach this year to the timing of both festivals? No, we didn’t coordinate the dates of the two festivals, that was already decided a long time ago but it was a good thing that they didn’t clash as in previous years. We felt that passing the baton of The Deep Blue Sea, closWanted in Rome 26 October 2011


ing the London festival and opening the Rome festival was a great way to consolidate a partnership. 5. Sandra Hebron is leaving her post after nine successful years as artistic director of the London Festival. What was your working relationship like with Hebron? It has been a real pleasure to work with Sandra Hebron – she is an enlightened, sensitive, intelligent professional. 6. In your opinion, what are the highlights of the British films coming to Rome this year? Three giants of British cinema: Terence Davies, David Hare and Michael Winterbottom are flanked by four emerging filmmakers with truly remarkable work. A world-renowned video artist in the form of Douglas Gordon will curate the exhibition while Simon J. Lycett, whose work is commissioned by Britain’s royal family, will create a red carpet installation based on the Union Jack but adapted with a Punks and Patriots theme. 7. Recent blockbusters such as The King’s Speech grossed nearly €10 million in the Italian box office. Do you believe that there is a growing appreciation of British cinema in Italy, and how important a role do you think Focus UK will play in this phenomenon? Films such as The King’s Speech or Slumdog Millionaire have certainly helped to make British cinema even more popular with an Italian audience. The role of the Focus should be to promote smaller, independent films, too, or films unlikely to be distributed in Italian cinemas. The selection of the seven films in the showcase should help a wide audience to appreciate more British films and get to know talented upcoming directors such as Andrew Haigh (Weekend), Dexter Fletcher (Wild Bill), Paddy Considine (Tyrannosaur) and Jes Benstock (The British Guide To Showing Off). 8. Can you tell me about the Focus UK events in which the public is directly involved? In the Focus section there are two meetings with the public: the first with the writer Hanif Kureishi together with director David Hare, and the second with the composer Michael Nyman and director Terence Davies, all of whom speak about the Focus UK retrospective. 9. What role do you think the International Rome Film Festival plays in boosting Rome’s image in the world of international cinema, and what are your personal aspirations for the festival in the future? Thanks to its great success with the public, with more than 600,000 visitors, the festival also has important repercussions for the economy of the city and its promotion abroad. The festival offers a great mix of innovation, tourism and culture. And thanks also to the international market at the festival (The Business Street), the only film industry market in Italy, the image of Rome, already known for its historic cinematic tradition, has even more chance of being promoted abroad. I hope that everyone is convinced that given the number of visitors, the wide variety and the undisputed success of the festival, this will allow us to continue in our quest to improve constantly what we offer. Andy Devane For further information see



26 October 2011 Wanted in Rome

ROMAN CEILINGS: A TOP FIVE Aside from the Sistine Chapel, Rome can still boast another five spectacular ceilings ith the Baroque’s new inventory of mannerist special effects as launch pad, first on the list of ceilings is Palazzo Barberini’s Salone Grande. Here above twin staircases – one by Bernini, one by Borromini – Pietro da Cortona, third triumvir of the Roman Baroque, transforms 400 sqm of ceiling into a heaven bombinating with what must be the world’s mightiest bees, the emblems of his patron, the Barberini family. To seal the family’s claim to the papacy, cloud-topping virtues and graces abound, while Faith, Hope and Charity crown the bees with laurel, symbol of longevity. As back-up, Immortality raises a diadem of stars at the bidding of divine Providence and, lest this is not enough, Glory air-freights in St Peter’s keys. Sprawled among lush greenery to one side, that glorious slob Silenus almost steals the show. Satyr as satirist, who knows if it wasn’t Pietro’s way of cocking a snook at his patrons, counter-balancing celestial glory with a measure of unredeemed earthly delight? “Justice, Power, Piety, Modesty – you can take the lot,” the fat old rascal seems to say; “just pour me another drink.” More probably Pietro was paying tribute to another ceiling The Triumph of Bacchus and Ariadne from the Galleria Carracci at Palazzo Farnese. – Palazzo Farnese’s Galleria Carracci, which was completed peers into the putti-fringed heaven dazzling with the sign IHS (Iesus Hominum four decades before and where Silenus is the unregenerate co-star of the Salvator) and the church militant’s new motto as it illuminates the three Magi main painting, the Triumph of Bacchus and Ariadne. As lauded elsewhere and the Farnese family gathered beneath. In the shadows, a vortex of bodies in the palace, the Farnese dynasty reached the top through prowess in war. is consigned hell-wards, as an angel smirks from his upwardly-mobile cloud. The family’s power secured, Cardinal Oduardo Farnese in 1595 invited Prominent among the tangled vices are Vanity, flanked by a massive peaAnnibale Carracci to celebrate the pleasures of peace and his brother’s cock, then serpent-headed Heresy stripped naked and clutching a book. prospective marriage to Margherita Aldobrandini. Crane your neck and For a sumptuously-visual history lesson little can beat Galleria Colonna. marvel at love in nearly all its forms, the Christian agape being the one most The climax is the gold-framed scene of the Battle of Lepanto. The ceiling’s obviously missing: uxorious love in the picture of Jove eyeing Hera, desfar end depicts the Venetian doge meeting the Holy Alliance, the Ottomans perate in Leander drowning for Hero, cross-species in Pan and Diana, at having recently seized Cyprus and threatened the heart of Europe. The delonce moony and tantrumesque in Polyphemus first falling for Galatea, then egates sit as the pomp is offset by a domestic dog and dwarf playing in the picking a stone to hurl at his rival when she jilts him. In the centre-piece foreground. History moves on with a scene of Marcantonio Colonna’s Bacchus and his consort Ariadne ride gold and silver chariots, leopards appointment as admiral of the papal fleet. In G. K. Chesterton’s version of dear to the god replacing horses. Beaming bacchantes and centaurs blow the battle the hero is Don John of Austria; here he is reduced to a backtrumpets you can almost hear and Silenus, after a few flagons too many, ground flag. On the prow of the leading ship stands Colonna beneath the just avoids falling off his donkey. Where paintings and their painted frames papal ensign. One putto prepares to deliver the laurel crown, another hovfinish, giant ignudi, as if on transfer from Michelangelo, take over, along with ers with a palm, an angel and then the Virgin Mary just visible on a cloud medallions, stucco and statues – also painted – authentic-looking cracks behind. Ali Pasha on the boat alongside does not stand a chance, his men included. Small wonder Carracci died of exhaustion, this exacerbated by bobbing their last in the billows between. The next scene shifts to dry land, worries about delayed payment from his Farnese patrons. Or so goes one namely Porta S. Sebastiano, where Colonna is received like a triumphant story. Or maybe immortal forms above were just too perfect for the mere Roman emperor. He rides a horse provided by the pope, a host of Ottoman mortals below. But upon the cardinal’s death, the Farnese family rented out captives (history records 170) in tow. the building lock, stock and vault to the kingdom of France. The rooms, The fifth ceiling is no ceiling at all. Arguably, though, it is visually the most which had driven the Farnese family away, now canopied state receptions. perfect, no intonaco or fresco needed. Come spring or autumn it is whirlingIn the Jesuit church of Gesù, and more in tune with the spirit of the Counterly ornithological: migrating flocks of starlings – 400,000 by one count – cut Reformation, is the Triumph of the Sacred Name of Jesus. To paint it, the patterns across the sky, flexing their claim as the ultimate kinetic artists – Jesuit fathers summoned Baciccia, a.k.a. Giovanni Battista Gaulli. Bernini split-second Calder or Kandinsky, sky-scapering Jackson Pollock. Top sites might have had the world at his feet, but Baciccia had to fork out for his own are EUR Palasport, Ottaviano or Piazza dei Cinquecento. Performances paints and then accept that his contract would be torn up should the work not begin 30 minutes after sunrise and resume 30 minutes before sunset. As be completed on time. Not for nothing had Baciccia studied under Correggio you watch, best carry an umbrella to protect against a less aesthetic pleasin Parma. Three years’ work (1676-79), and Baciccia had orchestrated a ing side-effect – bird droppings. For the backdrop there is the same Roman mass of flying musculature unrivalled until the arrival of Superman. Best diaphanous azure which Michelangelo in his Creation scenes tried to emuviewed inside the nave’s diagonally-tilted mirror, again the theme, albeit on a late using special mixes of lapis lazuli. much grander scale, is good versus evil, here mostly meaning the forces of “heresy” awakened by the Reformation up north. So a spiralling St Ignatius Martin Bennett


Wanted in Rome 26 October 2011









Via Pomponio Leto 1 tel. 06687451358

A meeting place just off Borgo S. Angelo on the edges of Prati where you can stop to relax in a simple and welcoming environment. It’s open for lunch, dinner and after dinner. This is a place where you can listen to good music and even discover new young artists. Passaguai has a few outdoor tables and a good wine list along with a range of homemade beers. WiFi connections are available.

SALOTTO 42 Piazza di Pietra 42 tel. 066785804

Ranked one of the best 50 bars worldwide by “Drinks International”, Salotto is an elegant bar furnished in vintage style. It’s in a trendy location facing the ancient Roman ruins in Piazza di Pietra, a short walk from Fontane di Trevi, the Pantheon and Piazza Venezia. At weekends there is also brunch and a buffet. At night it becomes a cocktail bar with a diverse range of music and a good selection of drinks. Add the living room feeling provided by a vast and cosmopolitan selection of books on fashion, art and design, mix it all together and you get the “Salotto 42 feeling”.

ANTICO CAFFÈ DELLA PACE Via della Pace 3/7, tel. 066861216,

Antico Caffè della was once the favourite meeting place for artists, writers and politicians. It is still the local bar for some residents in the Piazza Navona area but very popular with visitors to Rome who want to get a glimpse of what life used to be like in one of the oldest parts of the city. It’s also a good stopping place for anyone going to one of the many exhibitions in the magnificent Bramante cloisters in the nearby church of S. Maria della Pace. Drinks are expensive, but you can sit for as long as you like and take in the beautiful surroundings.



Piazza Augusto Imperatore 28, tel. 0668134221

Tati’ al 28 is a trendsetting location and is home to contemporary design mobilia. On the ground floor there are no real tables, but a large living room with Chester traditional sofas and stainless steel chairs. During the aperitivo, you can get a combo buffet for €10, generally pasta and small cold dishes. The wine list and cocktail menu are extensive.

FRENI E FRIZIONI Via del Politeama 4 tel. 0658334210

Freni e Frizioni is just off Piazza Trilussa in Trastevere. Once a garage (its name means brakes and clutches) it is a now a popular place to be seen, especially in the summer when crowds overflow into the square in front. Inside you will find a young and casual crowd among the mix of vintage furniture and contemporary prints. From 19.00 to 22.00, you’ll be served an extensive buffet with seasonal dishes, salads, pastas, pizzas, and much more.

GIULIO PASSAMI L’OLIO Via di Monte Giordano 28 tel. 0668803288

If you happen to be walking in the historic centre near Piazza Navona, around 19.00, and feel like a drink and are overwhelmed by the hundreds of restaurants and cafes around you, Giulio Passami l’Olio is a safe choice. It’s a nice informal place just across the river from Castel S. Angelo where you can sit inside or out and choose a good glass of wine from a large selection. It’s also a popular meeting place for a number of foreign communities. 26 October 2011 Wanted in Rome

SAVING THE DOMUS AUREA Politicians are at odds over how to preserve Rome’s archaeological jewellery box on the Oppian hill Sala Ottagonale. Archivio fotografico SSBAL.

new phase of restoration work is now scheduled on the Domus Aurea, the fragile archaeological site on the Oppian hill, once home to the infamous emperor Nero. However the project, which is scheduled to start in October (no precise date was available when Wanted in Rome went to press) has been surrounded by confusion and criticism over costs and correct techniques. A vociferous critic of the project has been the senator Andrea Marcucci, who previously served as deputy minister for cultural heritage and is now a senator for the Partito Democratico (PD). The debate flared after the excavation and restoration project for the Domus Aurea was approved on 15 July. Marcucci called on the current deputy minister for cultural heritage, Francesco Giro, to halt the project so that further consultation could be carried out with Rome’s archaeological authority. “The priority, as the [archaeological] superintendency has rightly underlined, is the site’s conservation and the waterproofing of the rooms, while here we are talking instead about a very expensive project that is just cosmetic, which will raise many questions about the maintenance of the Domus Aurea,” Marcucci told Corriere della Sera on 18 July. Giro, a member of Berlusconi’s Popolo della Libertà (PdL) party, wasn’t available for comment as this article was written. “The logic behind this project is very simple,” he had stated earlier in a press release. “We want to save the Domus Aurea from the top down, freeing it from the enormous bank of earth that is pressing down on it.” At the moment there is about 3m of earth on top of the Domus Aurea – 5m in some places, weighing up to seven tons. Work has been ongoing since late 2010 to strengthen the site’s structure and the latest phase involves lightweight mechanical diggers to remove the bank of earth. The most delicate part will be done by hand. The estimated cost of the project is €50 million, much of which will come from box-office takings across the road at the Colosseum. Marcucci also raised concerns over this, saying “Even the financial viability of the project is very odd. At a time of cuts, the minister for cultural heritage thinks he can find infinite resources, taking them away from a site like the Colosseum. This type of project will inevitably run over the projected €50 million budget.” The Domus Aurea, one of the most valuable and extraordinary remnants of ancient Rome, has been dogged by conservation problems ever since it was opened to the public in 1999. In 2005 it was announced that rainwater from the Oppian hill was damaging the site and it would have to be closed temporarily. A commission was set up in 2006, headed by Luciano Marchetti, commissioner for the safety and security of the Domus Aurea, but the site remained closed. On 30 March 2010 disaster struck when, after days of heavy rain, part of the extended site that contains the Domus Aurea and Trajan’s Baths collapsed. In November 2010, rain again put the site at further risk and it was decided that action was needed quickly to save the remaining structures – and the valuable Roman frescoes – from further damage. Because of the


Wanted in Rome 26 October 2011

value and beauty of the Roman paintings – including the frescoes that inspired the painter Raphael – the Domus Aurea is often referred to as a “jewellery box”. Work to strengthen the walls, roofs and structure of the site began in late 2010. The restoration work will also have to address the temperature and humidity levels. At the moment the humidity is helping to conserve the frescoes, so restorers will have to reduce humidity in a controlled way by using waterproof materials such as bentonite to seal off various sections and rooms of the archaeological complex. The favoured project, proposed by Marchetti, involves work on a cavity ceiling between the Domus Aurea and the layer of earth above. Once the cavity is secured and waterproofed a thin layer of earth will be replaced, about 50cm deep, so that the gardens of the Colle Oppio can be replanted. However local residents are unhappy that trees will be lost. Nero’s Golden House was built after the Great Fire of Rome in 64 AD. Nero then introduced building regulations that improved safety in the ancient city, but he also poured resources and money into the extravagant and enormous imperial palace covering between 100 and 300 acres. The walls were clad with precious marble, and the vaulted ceilings decorated with gold and gems. It was designed and built by the architects Severo and Celere, while the artist Fabullo is known to have created some of the interior designs. On his death in 68 AD, Nero was so hated by the Romans that they tried to obliterate the Domus Aurea as part of their attempt to erase the emperor from history. It was stripped of its luxurious interiors, the rooms were filled with earth and the building was buried and eventually forgotten. The Colosseum was built between 70-80 AD in the valley just below the site, while the emperors Titus (79-81 AD) and Trajan (98-117 AD) built their baths directly on top of the buried palace. In the early 16th century, the Domus Aurea re-entered the history books when a group of High Renaissance painters, including Raphael and Ghirlandaio, explored what they believed to be caves on the Oppian hill. The story goes that the artists lowered themselves into the buried palace through a hole in the roof and were amazed by the frescoes, which included painted faces with vivid caricatures. The artists incorporated this style into their work and it became known as grotesque (from the Italian word grotta, for cave). Raphael used the same style to decorate the Loggia at the Vatican. At the moment it is unclear how the current restoration work will proceed. There are questions over whether it will be effective in preserving what is, after all, a very fragile structure of enormous cultural and historical value. Giro’s office could not provide details of a definite time-frame for the completion of the project, nor for concrete plans on how the site will be accessible to the public in future – although it is likely that when the site reopens, visits will be restricted to small groups so that the internal temperature and humidity can be controlled. Bija Knowles 7

For more details see and Below is a LIST OF THE MAJOR MUSEUMS AND ARCHAEOLOGICAL SITES IN ROME; in general, ticket offices shut approximately one hour before final closing time. In most cases admission is free for EU citizens under 18 and over 65 and reduced for those aged 18-25. Book tickets for many Rome museums and archaeological sites on tel. 060608 or online at Book tickets for the Borghese Museum, Etruscan Museum at Villa Giulia, Palazzo Barberini and Palazzo Corsini online at

VATICAN MUSEUMS Viale del Vaticano, tel. 0669883860. Not only the Sistine Chapel but also the Egyptian and Etruscan collections and the Pinacoteca. Mon-Sat 09.00-18.00.

Sun (and bank holidays) closed except last Sun of month (free entry, 08.30-12.30). All times refer to last entry. For group tours of the museums and Vatican

gardens tel. 0669884667. For private tours (museum only) tel. 0669884947. Closed 26 December and 6 January, Easter Sunday and Monday.

Galleria Nazionale d’Arte Moderna Viale delle Belle Arti 131, tel. 06322981. National collection of modern art. 08.30-19.30. Mon closed. Guided tours in English (on prior booking) and Italian.



Baths of Diocletian Viale Enrico de Nicola 78, tel. 0639967700. Part of the protohistorical section of the Museo Nazionale Romano in the Baths of Diocletian plus the restored cloister by Michelangelo. 09.00-19.45. Mon closed.


Borghese Museum Piazzale Scipione Borghese (Villa Borghese), tel. 06328101. Sculptures by Bernini and Canova, paintings by Titian, Caravaggio, Raphael, Correggio. 09.0019.30. Mon closed. Entry times at 09.00, 11.00, 13.00 15.00, 17.00. Guided tours in English and Italian.



Castel S. Angelo Museum Lungotevere Castello 50, tel. 066819111. Emperor Hadrian’s mausoleum used by the popes as a fortress, prison and palace. 09.00-19.00. Mon closed.


Colosseum, Palatine and Roman Forum Colosseum: Piazza del Colosseo. Palatine: entrances at Piazza di S. Maria Nova 53 and Via di S. Gregorio 30. Roman Forum: entrances at Largo Romolo e Remo 5-6 and Piazza di S. Maria Nova 53, tel. 0639967700. 08.3019.15. Single ticket gives entry to the Colosseum and the Palatine (including the Museo Palatino; last entry one hour before closing). Guided tours in English and Italian. l

Crypta Balbi Via delle Botteghe Oscure 31, tel. 0639967700. Museum dedicated to the Middle Ages on the site of the ancient ruins of the Roman Theatre of Balbus. 09.00-19.00. Mon closed. Guided tours in Italian.


MAXXI Via Guido Reni 6, tel. 063210181. National Museum of 21st-century art, designed by Zaha Hadid. Tues-Sun 11.00-19.00, Thurs and Sat 11.00-22.00. Mon closed.

Museo dei Fori Imperiali and Trajan’s Markets Via IV Novembre 94, tel. 060608. Museum dedicated to the forums of Caesar, Augustus, Nerva and Trajan and the Temple of Peace. 09.00-19.00. Mon closed.


Museo delle Arti e Tradizioni Popolari Piazza G. Marconi 10, EUR, tel. 060608. Traditional Italian tools, crafts, clothing, furniture, musical instruments, jewellery. Tues-Fri 09.00-18.00, Sat-Sun 09.0020.00. Mon closed. Guided tours in Italian on prior booking. l

l Museo Nazionale d’Arte Orientale Via Merulana 248, tel. 0646974832. Interesting national collection of oriental art with some special exhibitions from its own collection and special loans. Tues, Wed, and Fri. 09.00-14.00. Thurs, Sat, Sun. 09.00-19.30. Mon closed. Guided tours in Italian on Sun (11.00 and 17.00).

Museo Nazionale del Palazzo Venezia Via del Plebiscito 118, tel. 0669994285. Residence of Pope Paul II in the 15th century, it was the embassy of the Republic of Venice and then of the Austrian Empire. Paintings, sculpture, bronzes by Pisanello and Bernini. 08.30-19.30, Mon closed. l Museo Preistorico ed Etnografico L. Pigorini Piazza G. Marconi 14, EUR, tel. 06549521. Prehistoric Italian artefacts and ethnological material from various cultures. 10.00-18.00. l Palazzo Altemps Piazza S. Apollinare 46, tel. 0639967700. Ancient sculpture from the Museo Nazionale Romano, including the Ludovisi collection. 09.00-19.45. Mon closed. l Palazzo Barberini Via delle Quattro Fontane 13, tel. 064824184. National collection of 13th- to 16th-century paintings. 08.3019.30. Mon closed. l Palazzo Massimo alle Terme Largo di Villa Peretti 1, tel. 0639967700. Important Roman paintings, mosaics, sculpture, coins and antiquities from the Museo Nazionale Romano, including the Kircherian collection. 09.00-19.45. Mon closed.

Vittoriano Piazza Aracoeli, tel. 066991718. Monument to Vittorio Emanuele II and Italian unity. Also Museo Centrale del Risorgimento. 10.00-16.00. Mon closed. Entry free.


CITY MUSEUMS ACEA (Montemartini) Art Centre Via Ostiense 106, tel. 060608. Over 400 pieces of ancient sculpture from the Capitoline Museums are on show in a former power plant. 09.00-19.00. Mon closed. Guided tours in English for groups if reserved in advance.


Capitoline Museums Piazza del Campidoglio, tel. 060608. The city’s collection of ancient sculpture in Palazzo Nuovo and Palazzo dei Conservatori, plus the Tabularium and the Pinacoteca. 09.00-20.00. Mon closed. Guided tours for groups in English and Italian on Sat and Sun.


MACRO Via Reggio Emilia 54, tel. 060608. The city’s collec-


tion of contemporary art, plus temporary exhibition space. Via Reggio Emilia 09.00-19.00. Mon closed. Also MACRO Future, Piazza Orazio Giustiniani 4, tel. 060608. Open for temporary exhibitions only 16.0024.00. Mon closed.


Museo Barracco Corso Vittorio Emanuele II 166, tel. 0668806848. A collection of mainly pre-Roman sculpture. Tues-Sun 09.00-19.00. Mon closed.



Museo dell’Ara Pacis Lungotevere in Augusta, tel. 060608. Home of the Roman altar to peace commissioned by Emperor Caesar Augustus in the 1st century AD. The museum was designed by American architect Richard Meier. 09.00-19.00. Mon closed.


Museo Napoleonico Piazza di Ponte Umberto 1, tel. 060608. Paintings, sculptures and jewellery related to Napoleon and the Bonaparte family. 09.00-19.00. Mon closed. Guided tours in Italian and English.

Museo di Roma – Palazzo Braschi Via S. Pantaleo 10, tel. 060608. The city’s collection of paintings, etchings, photographs, furniture and clothes from the Middle Ages to the 20th century. 09.00-19.00. Mon closed. Guided tours in English and Italian on prior booking tel. 0682059127. Palazzo delle Esposizioni Via Nazionale 194, tel. 0639967500. Large space which hosts several travelling exhibitions each year. Tues, Wed, Thurs 10.00-20.00. Fri and Sat 10.00-22.30. Sun 10.00-20.00. Mon closed.


PRIVATE MUSEUMS Doria Pamphilj Gallery Palazzo Doria Pamphilj, Via del Corso 305, tel. 066797323. Residence of the Doria Pamphilj family, it contains the family’s private art collection, which includes a portrait by Velasquez, a sculpture by Bernini, plus works by Raphael, Titian, Tintoretto and Caravaggio. 10.00-17.00.


Galleria Colonna Palazzo Colonna, Via della Pilotta 17, tel. 066784350. Private collection of works by



Veronese, Guido Reni, Pietro di Cortona and Annibale Caracci. Open Sat 09.00-13.00 only. Private group tours of the collection are available seven days a week on request. For visitors with special needs such as wheelchair access contact the gallery to arrange alternative entrance. Keats-Shelley Memorial House Piazza di Spagna 26, tel. 066784235. Museum dedicated to the lives of three English Romantic poets – John Keats, Percy Bysshe Shelley and Lord Byron.


Mon-Fri 10.00-13.00, 14.00-18.00; Sat 11.00-14.00, 15.00-18.00. Guided tours on prior booking. Museo Canonica Viale P. Canonica 2 (Villa Borghese), tel. 060608. The collection, private apartment and studio of the sculptor and musician Pietro Canonica who died in 1959. 09.00-19.00. Mon closed. Guided tours in Italian and English (book ten days in advance).


26 October 2011 Wanted in Rome


THURSDAY 27 OCTOBER Teatro Studio – h. 21 A Matter of Life and Death Michael Power and Emeric Pressburger, 1946, 104’ selected by Michael Nyman

Teatro Sinopoli - h. 16.30 Tyrannosaur Paddy Considine, Uk, 2011, 91’ (35mm) Studio Tre - h 21 A Canterbury Tale Michael Powell, Emeric Pressburger, 1944, 124’ selected by Tilda Swinton

FRIDAY 28 OCTOBER Teatro Sinopoli - h. 16.30 The Deep Blue Sea Terence Davies, Uk, 2011, 98’ (35 mm) Studio Tre - h 21 The Pumpkin Eater Jack Clayton, 1964, 110’ selected by Terence Davies

SATURDAY 29 OCTOBER Teatro Sinopoli - h. 16.00 Meeting Terence Davies + Michael Nyman To follow The Ladykillers – Alexander Mackendrick, 1955, 88’ selected by Terence Davies

MONDAY 31 OCTOBER Teatro Sinopoli - h. 16.30 Weekend Andrew Haigh, Uk, 2011, 96’ Studio Tre - h 21 A Hard Day’s Night Richard Lester, 1964, 87’ selected by Hanif Kureishi Sala Petrassi – 23.00 The British Guide to Showing Off Jes Benstock, Uk, 2011, 98’


Studio Tre - h 21 My Son the Fanatic Udayan Prasad, 1997, 95’ selected by David Hare

WEDNESDAY 2 NOVEMBER Teatro Sinopoli - h. 16.00 Trishna Michael Winterbottom, Uk, 2011, 117’ (DCP) Sala Petrassi – h. 18 Meeting David Hare + Hanif Kureishi Studio Tre - h 21 The Fallen Idol Carol Reed, 1948, 95’ selected by David Hare

THURSDAY 3 NOVEMBER Studio Tre - h 15 Sunday, Bloody Sunday John Schlesinger, 1971, 110’ selected by Joanna Hogg

Studio Tre - h 21 Hue and Cry Charles Crichton, Uk, 1947, 82’ selected by Michael Nyman

Studio Tre - h 15 My Beautiful Laundrette Stephen Frears, 1985, 97’ selected by Hanif Kureishi


Teatro Sinopoli - h. 16.30 Page Eight David Hare, Uk, 2011, 99’ (Hdcam)

Studio Tre - h 15 The Last of England Derek Jarman, 1987, 87’ selected by Tilda Swinton

For complete Cinema film Festival programme

Wanted in Rome 26 October 2011

Teatro Sinopoli - h. 16.30 Wild Bill Dexter Fletcher, Uk, 2011, 98’ (2k) Studio Tre - h 21 Persuasion Roger Mitchell, 1995, 102’ selected by Joanna Hogg


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by Linda Bordoni

EXHIBITIONS SOCIALIST REALISM Soviet painting 1920-1970 11 Oct-8 Jan

AUDREY A ROMA Esterno giorno 26 Oct-4 Dec Organised to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the film Breakfast at Tiffany’s and in conjunction with the International Rome Film Festival, this exhibition is a tribute to Audrey Hepburn. Proceeds of the show will go towards a project against child malnutrition, a mission Hepburn took upon herself during her many years as a goodwill ambassador for Unicef. The event features photographs, videos, costumes, designer clothes and personal objects, and a documentary reveals private moments of her life away from the cameras. Museo dell’Ara Pacis, Lungotevere in Augusta. For information tel. 060608. 09.00-19.00. Mon closed. NEW COLLETTIVA A GARAGEZERO 27 Oct-15 Nov A collective exhibition by contemporary Italian artists celebrates the restoration and re-birth of the underground garages in Rome’s Quadraro area, between Via Tuscolana and Via Appia Nuova, designed by the respected architect Mario De Renzi in the 20th century. The venue was in a state of utter abandon, having been used as a hiding place for petty criminals before a devastating fire. Today it is a new space for contemporary art in Rome. The artists featured in this first exhibition include Ubaldo Bartolini, Luana Perilli, Beatrice Scaccia, Piero Mascetti. Garage Zero, Via Treviri. Info NEW

Dmitry Zhilinsky’s USSR Gymnasts is included in a major exhibition dedicated to soviet Socialist Realism art.

The Palazzo delle Esposizioni presents the most comprehensive exhibition of Socialist Realism ever held outside Russia. The movement, which extolled socialism through realistic visual art, began in the Soviet Union and became a dominant style in other communist countries. The state-backed movement encouraged traditional artistic methods, and although it drew some inspiration from both classical and contemporary aspects of European art, it swam against the global tide of 20th-century modernism. The exhibition follows its development from the end of the civil war through to the Brezhnev era, ending at the beginning of the 1970s when the movement slowly began to lose steam. Palazzo delle Esposizioni, Via Nazionale 194, tel. 0639967500. 10.0020.00, Fri-Sat 10.00-23.00. Mon closed. NEW ALEKSANDR RODČENKO 11 Oct-8 Jan The work of Russian avant-garde artist Aleksandr Rodčenko (1891-1956) comes to Rome on loan from the House of Photography in Moscow, whose director Olga Sviblova curates this exhibition. Although primarily known as a photographer, Rodčenko was adept at painting, design, theatre, cinema and graphic art, and was a leading light in the intellectual and artistic circles of Russia’s 20thcentury avant-garde movement. Rodčenko revolutionised the medium of photography, trading its documentary role for a means of expressing intellectual theories and constructivist ideology. His work was not appreciated by the Soviet regime however and by the end of the 1930s he toned it down to suit the aesthetic principles of Socialist Realism. 300 of his works are on show at the Palazzo delle Esposizioni, Via Nazionale 194, tel. 0639967500. 10.00-20.00, Fri-Sat 10.00-23.00. Mon closed. NEW


GIO PONTI Il fascino della ceramica 22 Oct-8 Jan Gio Ponti was one of the most important Italian architects, industrial designers, furniture designers, artists and publishers of the 20th century. Born in Milan in 1891, Ponti initially studied architecture but was forced to interrupt his course to serve in the Italian army during world war one, completing it on his return. Then, rather than practising as an architect, he became art director of a ceramics manufacturer, Richard-Ginori of Milan. It was under his artistic direction that the link between art and industry began, which still characterises the work of the factory today. During his time at RichardGinori, from 1923 to 1930, Ponti turned the company into a role model of industrial design. He decorated simple, traditional ceramic forms, which showed off elegant neo-classical motifs, and was the foremost practitioner of the Novecento Italiano style. Musei di Villa Torlonia, Casino dei Principi, Via Nomentana 70. For information tel. 060608. 09.00-19.00. Mon closed. NEW GLI ORIENTALISTI Incanti e scoperte nella pittura dell’ottocento italiano 20 Oct-22 Jan A selection of some 80 works illustrates the influence and the importance of eastern culture in 19th-century Italian painting. There are works by Francesco Hayez, Ippolito Caffi, Domenico Morelli, Stefano Ussi, Albero Pasini, Francesco Netti and Roberto Guastalla. Chiostro del Bramante, Arco della Pace 5, tel. 0668809036. 10.00-20.00. NEW IL FASCINO DI BEIJING: IMMAGINI TRA PASSATO E FUTURO 22 Oct-28 Oct Large photographs by well-known Chinese photographers illustrate the beauty, contradictions and attractions of what has become one of the most important cities in the world: Beijing. This

exhibition is part of the festival Vie della seta. Museo di Roma in Trastevere, Piazza S. Egidio 1/b. For information tel. 060608. 10.00-20.00. Mon closed. NEW KIT CRAIG Nine Men’s Morris 27 Oct-10 Dec First solo exhibition in Rome by English artist Kit Craig with the patronage of the British Council. New work on the visual and physical materialisation of language. Craig’s work decomposes primary shapes to explore definintions of agreed meanings of language. Galleria Maria Grazia Del Prete, Via Monserrato 21, tel. 068892480. LE NOVE PORTE Sciamanesimo e arte contemporanea 4 Nov-1 Dec A selection of objects used for making magic, cosmological drawings, ritual music, videos and photographs that describe the world of Himalayan and Siberian witch-doctors are placed next to multi-media installations created by contemporary artists. Curated by Bruno Corà, this show establishes an aesthetical dialogue between the two worlds. Sala S. Rita, Via Montanara. For information tel. 0667105568. 10.00-18.00. Sat and Sun closed. NEW LUCI CINESI 1981/2011 Reportage di Enrico Rondoni 28 Oct-26 Feb Over 100 photographs illustrate the incredible economic, political, social and cultural changes undergone by the People’s Republic of China in the past 30 years. Photo-reporter Enrico Rondoni has been documenting Chinese evolution since his first journey to Tibet in 1981. This exhibition is part of the festival Vie della seta. Chiostro del Museo Nazionale Romano delle Terme di Diocleziano, Piazza della Repubblica. For information tel. 060608. 09.00-19.45. Mon closed. NEW NAPOLEONE ENTRA A NEW YORK Chaim Koppelman e l’imperatore Opere 1957-2007 14 Oct-8 Jan This exhibition shows prints, pastels, paintings and drawings of Napoleon by Chaim Koppelman created over a period of 60 years. The show illustrates the significance of Napoleon for Koppelman, painter, sculptor, print-maker and one of the earliest students of Aesthetic Realism. Koppelman (1920-2009) painted Napoleon into the 20th century, entering New York, and enjoying the beach at Coney Island, showing his human fragility. His work presented Napoleon in an entirely new way, and in entirely new circumstances: a man with an ego, wearing his familiar hat, but also a man of the people. Museo Napoleonico, Piazza di Ponte Umberto I. Information tel. 060608. 09.0019.00. Mon closed. NEW IL RINASCIMENTO A ROMA Nel segno di Michelangelo e Raffaello 25 Oct-12 Feb The exhibition investigates for the first time the aspects of artistic, architectural and urban planning in 16th-century Rome. It is divided into seven sections which document the transition from the High Renaissance, still imbued with classical culture, to an art strongly influenced by a new religious spirituality. The exhibition features masterpieces such as the Portrait of Fedra Inghirami and Raphael’s self-portrait, both of which are on loan from the Uffizi Gallery of Florence; Michelangelo’s David-Apollo from the

26 October 2011 Wanted in Rome

by Linda Bordoni

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Bargello National Museum; Francesco del Piombo’s Portrait of a Lady. There is also a three dimensional reconstruction of the Sistine Chapel and Raphael’s Loggia di Psyche. Fondazione Roma Museo, Palazzo Sciarra, Via Marco Minghetti 22. For booking and information tel. 0639967888. 10.00-20.00. Mon closed. MONDRIAN L’armonia perfetta 7 Oct-29 Jan A major exhibition subtitled “The perfect harmony”; dedicated to the work of one of the founding fathers of Abstraction at the beginning of the 20th century. The exhibition spans over 30 years with 70 oils and designs. They are displayed with around 40 works by other artists who inspired and influenced Mondrian. The works have been gathered from many sources, including international galleries such as the Philadelphia Art Museum and the National Gallery of Canada in Ottawa. Complesso del Vittoriano, Via di S. Pietro in Carcere. For information tel. 060608. 09.30-19.30. Fri and Sat 09.30-23.30. Sun 09.30-20.30. FILIPPINO LIPPI E SANDRO BOTTICELLI NELLA FIRENZE DEL ‘400 5 Oct-15 Jan This exhibition covers some 34 years of Filippino Lippi’s career. The works on show have been loaned by leading international museums and private collections and include panels, frescoes, drawings and paintings. Curators have also chosen to show a number of works by Botticelli, providing visitors the opportunity for comparison with his master, his friend, his rival. Scuderie del Quirinale, Via XXIV Maggio, tel. 0639967500.

TRIBUTE TO ARTE POVERA 6 Oct-8 Jan Within a nationwide project celebrating “Arte Povera”, a series of events curated by Germano Celant on the occasion of the 150th anniversary of the unification of Italy. MAXXI presents two major installations by Jannis Kounellis and Gilberto Zorio that dialogue with the Lymph sculptures by Giuseppe Penone, a permanent feature of the museum. MAXXI, Museo Nazionale delle Arti del XXI Secolo, Via Guido Reni 4A, tel. 0639967350. 11.00-19.00. Thurs and Sat 11.00-22.00. Mon closed. ERIC POITEVIN 23 Sept-15 Jan Photographs by Eric Poitevin, which are part of the FotoGrafia Festival, start with black and white portraits of the Religieuses (Nuns) series, created in Rome at the beginning of the 1990s when Poitevin was a scholar at the Villa Medici. It goes on to offer a comprehensive view of his art including his recent large works representing landscapes, human bodies and animals highlighted by monochromatic backgrounds. Villa Medici, Viale Trinità dei Monti 1/a, tel. 0667611. 10.45-13.00, 14.0019.00. Thursday until 21.00. Mon closed. INDIAN HIGHWAY 22 Sept-29 Jan This itinerant collective offers a panorama of the contemporary Indian artistic scene. 60 works by 30 different artists, including four site-specific installations and a number of works are exhibited here for the first time. The selection reflects the nation’s economic, social and cultural developments of the past 20 years and highlights the role of technological development, the economic boom and the growing global centrality of this subcontinent in the arts since the 1990s. MAXXI,

Museo Nazionale delle Arti del XXI Secolo, Via Guido Reni 4A, tel. 0639967350. 11.00-19.00. Thurs and Sat 11.00-22.00. Mon closed. MILTON GENDEL The first complete retrospective dedicated to the career of American photographer and art critic Milton Gendel takes place in two exhibitions: Milton Gendel: a Surreal Life at the Museo Carlo Bilotti (5 Oct-8 Jan), and Milton Gendel: Portraits at the American Academy in Rome (19 Oct-30 Nov). The retrospective traces Gendel’s work from his affiliation with the Surrealist exiles in New York in the 1940s through his long-time connection to Italy, where he has lived and worked for over 60 years. Museo Carlo Bilotti Aranciera di Villa Borghese, Viale Fiorello La Guardia. For information tel. 060608. 09.00-19.00. Mon closed. American Academy in Rome, Via Angelo Masina 5, tel. 065810788. Open Fri, Sat and Sun 17.00-20.00.

FLORENCE LA BELLA ITALIA ARTE ED IDENTITÀ DELLE CITTÀ CAPITALI 11 Oct-12 Feb This major exhibition explores the unique cultural and artistic identities and histories of the various capitals of pre-unification Italy: Turin, Florence, Milan, Venice, Genoa, Bologna, Naples and Palermo. Over 300 masterpieces bear witness to the progress of art from ancient times up to 1861. It features works by Giotto, Beato Angelico, Donatello, Botticelli, Leonardo, Raphael, Michelangelo, Correggio, Bronzino, Titian, Veronese, Caravaggio, Rubens, Tiepolo, Canova, Hayez and many more. Palazzo Pitti, NEW For a more complete list of exhibitions in Rome see

MUSIC ACCADEMIA FILARMONICA ROMANA 3 Nov. Don Quixote: musician and viol virtuoso Jordi Savall presents the airs, songs and ballads written or quoted by Cervantes, as well as those to which the author alludes throughout the novel. Savall is accompanied by actor Elio Pandolfi reading some of the finest passages from the book (21.00). 10 Nov. Piano recital by Boris Petrushansky. Music by Schubert and Shostakovich (21.00). This event takes place at Teatro Argentina, Largo di Torre Argentina. Teatro Olimpico, Piazza G. da Fabriano, tel. 063265991. For information Accademia Filarmonica Romana, Via Flaminia 118, tel. 063201752, ACCADEMIA NAZIONALE S. CECILIA 4 Nov. Piano recital by Ivo Pogorelich. Music by Chopin (20.30). 5 Nov. In collaboration with Romaeuropa Festival, concert conducted by Antonio Pappano, with Gregory Kunde tenor. Music by D’Amico and Liszt (18.00). Repeated 6 Nov (21.00), 8 Nov (19.30). 6 Nov. Tribute to Nino Rota by Richard Galliano, accordion and La Strada Quintet. Music by Rota (21.00). 9 Nov. Concert by the Orchestra of the Mariinksy Theatre and by the Choir of the Accademia Nazionale di S. Cecilia, conducted by Valery Gergiev. Tchaikovsky’s Eugene Onegin (20.30).

Wanted in Rome 26 October 2011

10 Nov. Concert by the Orchestra of the Mariinsky Theatre and by the Choir of the Accademia Nazionale di S. Cecilia, conducted by Valery Gergiev. Mahler’s Symphony n. 3 (21.00). Repeated 11 Nov (19.30). Auditorium Parco della Musica, Viale P. de Coubertin, tel. 0680242501, ASSOCIAZIONE INTERNAZIONALE AMICI DELLA MUSICA SACRA The association celebrates sacred music and art with an annual festival now in its tenth edition. All the concerts are free of charge but should be booked beforehand and take place in various basilicas around the city. 28 Oct. Concert by the Orchestre Philharmonique de Monte-Carlo conducted by Juanjo Mena, with Julia Fischer violin. Music by Bach, Mozart,

Dvorak (21.00). S. Maria Maggiore. 29 Oct. Concert by the Orchestra del Festival di Musica e Arte Sacra and by the Oratorio Society of New York, with Kent Tritle conductor and organ, and by Ildebrando Mura conductor. Music by Boccherini and Saint Saens (21.00). S. Giovanni in Laterano. 30 Oct. Concert by the Orchestra del Festival di Musica e Arte Sacra and by the Chorveriningung St Augustin of Vienna, conducted by Ildebrando Mura and Andreas Pixner. Music by Pergolesi and Mozart (12.00). S. Ignazio di Loyola. 5 Nov. The Tölzer Knabenchor conducted by Gerhard Schmidt-Gaden sing for the Mass that celebrates the closing of the festival. Music by Orazio Benevoli and Giuseppe Ottavio Pitoni (17.00). St Peter’s.

The famous German boys’ choir Tölzer Knabenchor sings in the annual festival of sacred music.

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5 Nov. Concert by the Orchestra and Choir of the Teatro dell’Opera di Roma conducted by Jaap van Zweden. Music by Mozart (21.00). S. Ignazio di Loyola. 6 Nov. Concert by the Tölzer Knabenchor conducted by Gerhard Schmidt-Gaden. Music by Bach (21.00). S. Ignazio di Loyola. For booking and information tel. 0668805816, ISTITUZIONE UNIVERSITARIA DEI CONCERTI 5 Nov. Chamber music concert by the Concerto Italiano ensemble conducted by Rinaldo Alessandrini. Music by Bach and Vivaldi (17.30). 7 Nov. For the cycle of lecture/concerts entitled Musica Pourparler, an event featuring music and painting, United Colors of Music, with Gilda Buttà piano, and Rosella Gallo art historian. Music by Chopin, Debussy, Gershwin (11.00). Aula Magna, Università la Sapienza, Piazzale Aldo Moro 5. For booking and information tel. 063610051,

ORCHESTRA SINFONICA DI ROMA 6 Nov. Symphonic concert, with Francesca Vicari violin. Music by Mozart, Tchaikovsky, Dvorak. (17.30). Repeated 7 Nov (20.30). 13 Nov. Concert conducted by Osvaldo Ferreira. Music by Haydn, Mozart, Prokofiev (17.30). Repeated 14 Nov (20.30). Auditorium Conciliazione, Via della Conciliazione 4. Information tel. 800904560, ROMAEUROPA FESTIVAL 6 Nov. The Brodsky Concerts: music/piano by Kris Defoort, concept text/video/acting by Dirk Roofthooft, text by Joseph Brodsky. According to the Russian Nobel Prize winner Joseph Brodsky, a poem is a conversation between the writer and the reader, who share two solitudes with one another. In The Brodsky Concerts, actor Dirk Roofthooft communicates the essence of Brodsky’s poetry to the audience, while Kris Defoort’s music reveals that which is impossible

by Linda Bordoni

to say with words. Together they pay homage to Brodsky’s poetry (21.00). At Opificio Telecom Italia, Via dei Magazzini Generali 20/a. 15 Nov. Nasdaq Match 0.2: Star pianist and composer Uri Caine teams up with electronic music composer Fabio Cifariello and with Nasdaq to create a technological music event in which the two musicians “duet” with the data flowing from the stock market (20.30). Teatro Palladium, Largo B. Romano 8. For information and booking tel. 0645553050, S. AGNESE IN AGONE Concerti nella Sagrestia del Borromini 4 Nov. Piano recital by the winner of the International Piano Competition “G. Viotti” of Vercelli. Music by Liszt (19.00). 18 Nov. Piano and violin recital by Flavio Brunetto and Silvano Minella. Music by Liszt, Schubert, Bach, Schumann, Mendelssohn (19.00). Piazza Navona. For booking and information tel. 3348186605,

FESTIVALS BOLOGNA GENDER BENDER FESTIVAL 29 Oct-5 Nov At its ninth edition, the Bologna Gender Bender Festival offers the public a panorama of the contemporary and international imagery related to gender identities, sexual orientations and body representation. Organised and produced by the “Il Cassero” Gay Lesbian Centre in Bologna, the programme consists of a series of events from performing arts to film screenings, live concerts, visual arts exhibitions, lectures and parties. In recent years the festival has invited, produced and presented the works of many big names like Matthew Barney, Marina Abramovic, Robert Mapplethorpe, Louise Bourgeois, Ascanio Celestini, Sylvano Bussotti and many others. For further information and the full programme

ROME FRANCOJAZZ 7-18 Nov Organised by the Centre Saint-Louis French cultural institute, this is the first edition of an initiative entirely dedicated to French jazz. All in all, four evenings of concerts featuring Bojan Z – piano; Julien Lourau and Laurent Coq – sax and piano; the Erik Truffaz 4tet; Magik Malik and Gilbert Nouno – flute and keyboards. Institut Français Centre SaintLouis, Largo Toniolo 20/22, tel. 066802606, FESTIVAL TEMPORANEO 13-28 Nov Organised in conjunction with the Austrian Cultural Institute this art event asks the questions “How can the evolution of a city be told? How do you make room for modernity in a historically connoted urban texture?” Four works by young Italian artists exhibited in public spaces temporarily modify the urban landscape, breaking the usual relationship with public space and those who use it. Temporaneo is an opportunity to rethink the concept of monument in order to remodel the places we live in. South Korean jazz vocalist Youn Sun Nah performs in the Roma Jazz Festival.


Installations at Parco della Musica, Roma Tre University, Casa del Jazz and the Laghetto in EUR. For information INTERNATIONAL ROME FILM FESTIVAL 27 Oct-4 Nov The sixth edition of the International Rome Film Festival is dedicated to the diversity of the United Kingdom’s contribution to cinema. Seven newrelease British productions are being screened and include The Deep Blue Sea by Terence Davies, Page Eight by David Hare, Tyrannosaur by Paddy Considine, Wild Bill by Dexter Fletcher and Trishna by Michael Winterbottom. A selection of films has also been specially chosen by filmmakers Joanna Hogg, Terence Davies and David Hare, actress Tilda Swinton, writer Hanif Kureisher and composer Michael Nyman, who won multiple awards for his soundtrack to The Piano. Five theatres – S. Cecilia, Sinopoli, Petrassi, Teatro Studio, and Studio 3 – will be reserved for screenings and encounters with the celebrity guests, while the Foyer, Auditorium Arte, Spazio Risonanze and Museo Archeologico will host an array of other events. Auditorium Parco della Musica, Viale P. de Coubertin. Booking tel. 892982. Information

ROMAEUROPA FESTIVAL 7 Oct-30 Nov The title and theme for this annual arts bonanza is always catchy and full of promise. With the theme “Try the impossible” this year’s edition highlights the festival’s experimental and cutting edge. The 39 events that make up the programme range from dance, to theatre, to (mostly digital) music and visual arts in what has become Rome’s most prestigious and fashionable cultural event. The programme has been divided into five different sections: “Scene” dedicated to dance and theatre; “DNA” that stands for Danza Nazionale Autoriale and is a launch-pad for young Italian choreographers with a “different” take; “Corpi Resistenti” dedicated to the dance scene in the Middle East and in northern Africa and with a focus on the “Arab Spring”; “Suoni” in which contemporary music merges with experimental rock, classical music and hybrids of music and poetry; and “Digitalife” totally projected towards technology of the future. The calendar is studded with big international names like Saburo Teshigawara, Peter Brook, Trisha Brown, Lloyd Newson and his DV8 Physical Theatre, Hofesh Shechter, Jan Fabre and Marina Abramovich. Events take place in different venues including some recently-renovated former industrial spaces like the Carrozzeria Maercar, the Opificio and even a city swimming pool. If you intend buying tickets for a number of events, Romaeuropa offers a series of fidelity discounts. For further information and booking, ROMA JAZZ FESTIVAL 8 Nov-30 Nov The Auditorium’s annual November rendezvous with jazz is back with an impressive line-up of big names. This is its 35th anniversary and the theme this year is ”Jazz Appeal”. The calendar line-up includes Dave Holland and Pepe Habichuela (8 Nov), the Mike Stern Band featuring Dave Weckl and Chris Minh Doky (10 Nov), the Pat Metheny Trio (13 Nov), vocalist Youn Sun Nah (14 Nov), Danilo Rea and Flavio Boltro (15 Nov), Dee Dee Bridgewater (17 Nov), Ibrahim Maalouf (19 Nov), Stefano Bollani & Hamilton De Hollanda (21 Nov), Enrico Rava & the Parco della Musica Jazz Lab (30 Nov). Auditorium Parco della Musica, Viale P. de Coubertin, tel. 892982,

26 October 2011 Wanted in Rome

by Linda Bordoni

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THE SILK ROADS, HIGHWAYS OF ART 1 Oct-29 Feb This festival begins with an initiative called The Silk Roads, dedicated to the overlapping cultures and religions of countries in the Middle and Far East located along the ancient caravan roads. Featuring history, art and archaeology exhibitions and conferences, among the highlights is the world premiere of the exhibition The Roads of the Gods inspired by a 30m long, early 16th-century Chinese map found recently in Japan. Other events feature ancient treasures from Georgia, photographs taken by the Turkish reporter Arif Asci on a journey from Xi’an to Istanbul, archaeological finds from Armenia, and 100 giant photographs by famous photographers depicting the wonders of Beijing. There is also a focus on contemporary art. Events are held in different venues in Rome: Museo dei Fori Imperiali at Trajan’s Market, Museo di Roma Palazzo Braschi, Museo di Roma in Trastevere, Macro Future Museum, and the Baths of Diocletian, where two pavilions re-open to the public especially for this occasion. For information

political resistance. His work has a primal directness without being literal, a powerful combination that tends to stun the audience. The music, Shechter’s own, includes rock, pop, Baroque and the strains of micro-tonal Middle Eastern music. For Romaeuropa Festival at Auditorium Conciliazione, Via della Conciliazione 4. For information and booking tel. 0645553050, TROUBLEYN/JAN FABRE 5-6 Nov

DANCE MILAN BALLETTO DEL TEATRO ALLA SCALA 11 Oct-4 Nov In Raymonda, choreography by Petipa. Rudolf Nureyev loved Raymonda from his early days with the Kirov because of the pretext it provided for glorious dancing – classical, character, demicaractere – with great roles for men as well as for women. The Imperial Ballet was in its prime in the 1890s and Petipa could draw on all the emerging talents of the time as well as the virtuoso stamina of Pierina Legnani, capable of executing the most taxing role Petipa had ever created for a ballerina. Raymonda is a full-company showcase and really worth the show if the company is up to it, which in this case, it most probably will be. With guest artists Olesia Novikova and Friedemann Vogel. Teatro alla Scala, tel. 0272003744, BOB WILSON & MARTHA GRAHAM DANCE COMPANY 9-13 Nov In Snow on the Mesa. This work is Robert Wilson’s personal portrait of Martha Graham. In his own words “it reflects the many aspects of her persona, her interest in early America and the Shakers, her love for nature and the Midwest, her interest in Colin McFee and Balinese dance, her interest in western myths and Asian culture. She was a pioneer and visionary.” Originally subtitled Portrait of Martha, Wilson’s tribute to the mother of modern dance premiered just four years after Graham’s death. The piece was the second commission by a guest artist for the company (Twyla Tharp was commissioned in 1993), as well as the only work ever created by Wilson for a dance company. Teatro Smeraldo, tel. 0236639300,

ROME HOFESH SHECHTER 27 Oct In Political Mother, choreography by Hofesh Shechter. The Israeli-born, British-based Shechter is a composer and choreographer. His focus is the uneasy subjects of war and terrorism and

Wanted in Rome 26 October 2011

Provocative Belgian choreographer Jan Fabre and his company Troubleyn perform Promtheus - Landscape II for Romaeuropa.

In Prometheus - Landscape II, conceived, directed and choreographed by Jan Fabre. Provocative and cutting-edge Belgian artist and choreographer Jan Fabre and his dance/theatre company Troubleyn are based in Antwerp. His recent 90minute work of theatrical fantasy and frenzy, Prometheus - Landscape II, is based loosely on the Aeschylus play Prometheus Bound. Critics have remarked upon the visual spectacle it offers, (a trait for which Fabre is known), with Prometheus (the muscular, nearly naked Kurt Vandendriessche) strung high above the stage, staring impassively forward as an enormous fiery globe alternately swells and subsides on a screen behind him. One by one, various characters confront Prometheus, until he too eventually speaks, bitterly defiant of the gods who have inflicted punishment upon him for his theft of fire. Around the actors, the ensemble (ten performers in all) engage in repetitive behaviour; occasionally sing and generally perform – sometimes to shock. For Romaeuropa Festival at Teatro Olimpico, Piazza G. da Fabriano 17. For information and booking tel. 0645553050, DNA – DANZA NAZIONALE AUTORIALE 28-30 Oct This Romaeuropa Festival project provides a showcase and a launch pad for new Italian dancers, performers and choreographers. Events take place in different venues, and each evening features three or more separate performances by individuals or collectives who have

been chosen to represent Italian choreographic creativity by the Fondazione Romaeuropa and by dance critic and professor, Stefano Tomassini. For information and booking tel. 0645553050, NACERA BELAZA 11 Nov In Les Sentinelles and Les temps scelle, choreography by Nacera Belaza. French-based Algerian choreographer Belaza is fast becoming one of the names to look out for in a blossoming scene dominated by choreographers from the Francophone Arab world – Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia – and their Mediterranean near-neighbours, Israel and Turkey. Belaza, who was awarded the “Choreographic revelation of the year 2008” prize by the French union of theatre, dance and dance critics, came to performance after studying literature and film, both of which infuse her work. Performing with her sister Dalila Belaza, she explores spirituality and womanhood through minimal movement juxtaposed against a range of music. Teatro Palladium, Piazza B. Romano 8. For information and booking tel. 0645553050, ZIMMERMANN & DE PERROT AND THE GROUPE ACROBATIQUE DE TANGER 23-27 Nov In Chouf Ouchouf, created and staged by Zimmerman & De Perrot. Chouf Ouchouf, which means, “look, but take a really good look,” is an hour of offbeat dance, comedy, singing, soundscapes, beauty and thrilling physical theatre performed by the ten men and two women of the Groupe Acrobatique de Tanger. A simple but flexible set built of moveable chipboard towers is expertly manipulated to lend atmosphere, and a clever use of props helps create a wordless story of a day in the medina of Tanger. The show is billed as “a witty and highly skilled show for adults and children over seven.” Acrobatics is a family tradition in Morocco, like circus in Europe, and troupe leader, Younes Hammich has revealed that his brother is also in the troupe, and the two women are his wife and his sister. As press releases reveal “these family ties are enough to allow the women to perform without censure, but importantly the show comments eloquently and touchingly on the position of North African women, still expected to be silent, modest and dutiful, regardless of their abilities”. Teatro Eliseo, Via Nazionale 183. For information and booking tel. 0645553050,

TURIN MARIINSKY BALLET 28 Oct-6 Nov In Swan Lake, choreography by Petipa/Ivanov. Teatro Regio, tel. 01188151, ROSAS/A.T. DE KEERSMAEKER 16-18-19 Nov In Bartok, Mikrokosmos, Cesena, choreography by Anne Teresa de Keersmaeker. In 1983 contemporary dance pioneer De Keersmaeker set up her Rosas company at the same time as creating the milestone work Rosas danst Rosas. The 1997 Mikorkosmos is considered amongst her major works, while Cesena is a new work she created with Bjorn Schmelzer. De Keersmaeker is the recipient of numerous awards, including this year’s Lifetime Achievement Award from the American Dance Festival. For Torinodanza at Fonderie Limone di Moncalieri. For information tel. 0115176246,


by Linda Bordoni

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OPERA OPERA NOTES The 2010-2011 opera season at La Scala in Milan closes with La donna del lago, one of the most romantic operas written by Rossini in Italy. The production has a star cast conducted by Roberto Abbado after his success with Mosè in Egitto at the Rossini Opera Festival in Pesaro. At S. Cecilia in Rome Tchaikovsky’s Eugene Onegin will be performed in concert form on 9 Nov in a one-night special performance conducted by Valery Gergiev. Si chiude la stagione 2010-11 del Teatro alla Scala di Milano con La donna del lago di Gioachino Rossini (26 ottobre – 18 novembre), che propone il meglio degli interpreti rossiniani di oggi: il soprano Joyce DiDonato, il contralto Daniela Barcellona e i tenori Juan Diego Flórez e John Osborn, tutti chiamati a cantare l’amore che trionfa dopo tante peripezie, sofferenze, gelosie e tradimenti. Direttore d’orchestra sarà Roberto Abbado, reduce dal successo di Mosè in Egitto all’ultimo ROF di Pesaro, e il regista catalano Lluìs Pasqual, cresciuto alla scuola di Giorgio Strehler. La donna del lago è tratta dal poemetto The Lady of the Lake di Walter Scott, ed è considerata la più romantica fra le opere che Rossini scrisse in Italia. Giacomo Leopardi (il poeta emblema del romanticismo italiano) dopo averla ascoltata disse: «eseguita da voci sorprendenti, è cosa stupenda, e potrei piangere ancor io, se il dono delle lagrime non mi fosse stato sospeso, giacché m’avvedo pure di non averlo perduto affatto». Tra le pagine più note c’è lo scoppiettante finale Tanti affetti cantato dalla protagonista, che il compositore riutilizzò più volte: in Bianca e Falliero e nella versione veneziana di Maometto II.

Valery Gergiev conducts a one-night special performance of Tchaikovsky’s Eugene Onegin at S. Cecilia.

Per la Stagione Sinfonia dell’Accademia Nazionale di S. Cecilia, al Parco della Musica di Roma, per una sola sera (9 novembre) sarà eseguita in forma di concerto l’opera Eugene Onegin di Tchaikovsky, in un’esecuzione di lusso diretta da Valery Gergiev alla guida dei solisti e dell’orchestra del Teatro Mariinsky di S. Pietroburgo. In Eugene Onegin Tchaikovsky indaga con sensibilità psicologica e musicale l’amore impossibile tra una donna candida, appassionata e onesta, e un uomo ombroso, annoiato e immaturo. Tra le pagine più belle: la lunga scena del soprano che scrive una lettera d’amore, l’aria che il tenore intona prima di morire e quella in cui il basso loda le gioie della vita coniugale. Valery Gergiev, sempre con l’orchestra del Mariinsky, eseguirà di Gustav Mahler anche la Sinfonie n° 3 (10 novembre) e la Sinfonia n° 4 (11 novembre), ognuna dotata di un lied: il primo affidato al contralto (una metafisica riflessione sul dolore) il secondo al soprano (un inno alle gioie del paradiso). Paolo Di Nicola



DIE ZAUBERFLOTE by Mozart 20 Oct-17 Nov Conducted by Johannes Wildner, set designs by Emanuele Luzzati. New production by Teatro Carlo Felice, tel. 0105381226,

A MAGIC FLUTE by Mozart 17-27 Nov Brook has always displayed an interest for Mozart and this production of A Magic Flute is his third re-elaboration on Mozart’s work after his The Marriage of Figaro and Don Giovanni. Here Brook revisits Mozart’s score with the collaboration of the composer and pianist Franck Krawczyk and the text with playwright MarieHélène Estienne. Brook’s approach stems from his long-standing relationship with the Royal Shakespeare Company and like its predecessors, A Magic Flute drastically strips down the original: the whole work, played without a break, lasts just 90 minutes, the youthful cast is reduced to seven singers and two actors, and the orchestra replaced by a piano part arranged and played by Krawczyk. The set is a collection

FLORENCE L’AFFARE MAKROPULOS by Janacek 25 Oct-2 Nov Conducted by Zubin Mehta, directed by William Freidkin, with Angela Denoke, Miro Dvorsky, Karl Michael Ebner, Rolf Haustein, Andrzej Dobber, Mirko Guadagnini, Roberto Abbondanza. Teatro Comunale, tel. 055213535,

of vertical canes, constantly moved into new configurations, there are few props, and the costumes are a mix of western and vaguely oriental. The aim, Brook says in the programme, is to produce a “light effervescent Flute, where an intimacy with the performers will allow the tenderness and the depth of the score to appear”. For Romaeuropa Festival at Teatro Argentina, Largo di Torre Argentina, tel. 066840001 for booking and information.

VENICE IL TROVATORE by Verdi 2-11 Dec Conducted by Riccardo Frizza, directed by Lorenzo Mariani, with Claudio Sgura, Kristin Lewis, Veronica Simeoni, Stuart Nelli, Ugo Guagliardo. Teatro la Fenice, tel. 041786511,

MILAN LA DONNA DEL LAGO by Rossini 26 Oct-18 Nov Conducted by Roberto Abbado, directed by Lluis Pasqual, with Juan Diego Florez, Simon Orfila, John Osborn, Joyce Di Donato, Daniela Barcellona. Teatro alla Scala, tel. 0272003744, See Opera Notes.

PALERMO CARMEN by Bizet 18-25 Nov Conducted by Karel Mark Chichon, directed by Calixto Bieito, with Elena Maximova, Alexia Voulgaridou, Marcello Giordani, Dario Solari. Teatro Massimo, tel. 0916053111,


GERMAN LANGUAGE COURSES AT THE ÖSTERREICH INSTITUT ROMA Atac, the Roman agency for mobility, offers special discounts for German language courses held by the Österreich Institut Roma. The institute has opened its winter season with a series of German language courses for adults, adults and children. The Österreich Institut offers monthly and yearly subscribers of Metrebus cards a ten per cent discount on group courses and 15 per cent discount on the so-called sprint courses, which shorten the initial phase of study of the German language. These German classes guarantee a first level preparation within three weeks (or 30 lessons) and the second level within six weeks (60 lessons). Österreich Institut Roma. Viale Giulio Cesare 47, tel. 063213483. Gabrielle Bolzoni

26 October 2011 Wanted in Rome

by Linda Bordoni

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THEATRE ARTURO BRACHETTI 28 Oct-12 Nov In Ciak si gira! Internationally acclaimed as the world’s greatest quick-change artist, Arturo Brachetti presents his latest show that has proved a huge success at the Folies Bergère in Paris where it attracted over 120,000 spectators. In an amazing display of virtuosic skill, Brachetti brings more than 80 characters to the stage in a unique one-man show. From Charlie Chaplin to Harry Potter, via Mary Poppins and Snow White, he transforms between characters in the blink of an eye in an astonishing display of the art of quick change. Auditorium Conciliazione, Via della Conciliazione 4. For booking and info THE ROME SAVOYARDS 2-6 Nov In Rumors by Neil Simon, directed by Sandra Provost. At a large tasteful townhouse, the deputy mayor of New York has just shot himself. Though only a flesh wound, four couples are about to experience the most farcical evening of their lives. Gathering for their tenth wedding anniversary, the host lies bleeding in the other room and his wife is nowhere in

sight. His lawyer, Ken and wife Chris must get “the story” straight before the other guests arrive. As the confusion and miscommunication mount, the evening spins into classic farcical hilarity. Yet again the excellent amateur drama company brings Neil Simon’s much-loved classic back to the Roman stage. In English. Teatro S. Genesio, Via Podgora 1. For booking and information tel. 3478248661, NICOLE & MARTIN BUBLER-SCHRANZ 10-13 Nov In The Musicians of Bremen and Hansel and Gretel. Having worked together for nearly 20 years, Swiss clowning couple Nicole and Martin Gubler Schranz use words, music, song, dance, puppetry and acrobatics as if they were second nature. Teatro India, Lungotevere Vittorio Gassman, tel. 06684000314. ROMEO CASTELLUCCI/ SOCIETAS RAFFAELLO SANZIO 10-13 Nov Romeo Castellucci returns to the Romaeuropa Festival with a haunting new creation. As an uncompromising theatre maker, he creates work that is beautiful, powerful and at times unsettling to watch. The work is freely inspired by the story

by Nathaniel Hawthorne, with direction, set design, lighting and costumes by Romeo Castellucci, and original music by Scott Gibbons. In Castellucci own words: “Hawthorne's tale pushes right to the edge of the abyss – of the visual, of language – beyond which there is nothing more to say: only a never-ending blackness.” For Romaeuropa Festival at Teatro Vascello, Via Carini 78. For booking and information tel. 0645553050, ENGLISH THEATRE OF ROME 29 Oct-15 Nov On the surface The Heart is a Lonely Hunter by Carson McCullers is a story about lost opportunities of a small town and its people during the Great Depression. But when you look a bit closer, this southern gothic tale touches on such themes as the unmistakable desire for companionship and communication coupled with the paradoxical need to connect to others, yet inability to do so. Directed by Louise Vinciguerra, with Bridget Borgobello, Händel Durham, Bill Guion, Dario Latini, Kerri McDowel, Jim McManus and Anna Madden. John Cabot University, Via della Lungara 233. For booking,

ACADEMIES AMERICAN ACADEMY IN ROME 4-5 Nov. Conference on Cultural Heritage Preservation in Crisis Areas. Internationallyrenowned leaders in the fields of cultural heritage and cultural property explore the preservation of cultural heritage in crisis areas. Beginning with strategic response models such as those used by the Carabinieri, the conference will thematically investigate the protection of archaeological sites and museums in the absence of the rule of law, and international responsibility for cultural heritage protection and documentation following natural disasters and armed conflicts. (10.00-18.00). 17 Nov. Film Screening and discussion on the film by Ellen Weissbrod entitled A Woman Like That: Artemisia Gentileschi (17.30-21.00). 20 Nov. Concert by the new music ensemble Nuova Consonanza that returns to the American Academy in Rome for its 48th season, presenting Festa d’Autunno 2011 in an all-day marathon staged throughout the Villa Aurelia, featuring installations, displays and performances of music by composers including Samuel Barber and others (09.00-23.00). This event takes place at Villa Aurelia, Largo di S. Pancrazio 1. Via Angelo Masina 5, tel. 065852151, FORUM AUSTRIACO DI CULTURA ROMA 10 Nov. Chamber music recital by the Trio Eggner. (20.00). 21 Nov. Vladimir Vertlib reads from his book Zwischenstationen (20.00). Forum Austriaco di Cultura, Viale Bruno Buozzi 113, tel. 063608371, BRITISH SCHOOL AT ROME 3 Nov. Architectural history lecture by Mark Wilson Jones on Beauty, Contagion, Devotion: interaction between architecture, art and craft in ancient Greece (18.00). 4 Nov. Fine arts event in conjunction with the International Rome Film Festival: Responding to Rome. Jordan Baseman, Louise Camrass,

Wanted in Rome 26 October 2011

Universitá degli studi Roma 3 hosts an exhibition that concludes the British School at Rome's series Three Cities in Flux.

Marion Coutts, Dunhill & O’Brien, Mike Marshall, Pat Naldi, Smith/Stewart, Aaron Williamson: A programme of video and film works by significant British artists who contributed to the 2006 exhibition Responding to Rome. British Artists in Rome 19952005, curated by Jacopo Benci at the Estorick Collection in London. It has never been shown in Italy. The works were filmed in Rome during the artists’ residencies at the BSR and document how British creativity interacted with different aspects of Rome. Two screenings (17.30 and 18.40). 9 Nov. Archaeology lecture in Italian by Catherine Virlouvet entitled Il posizionamento dello stoccaggio nel sistema commerciale romano (18.00). 11 Nov. Architecture lecture and exhibition entitled Return to the Archaeological Site: Rome reexamined and re-defined. These events conclude the cycle Three Cities in Flux. The lecture is by Francesco Cellini and Paolo Desideri and takes place at the British School at 18.00. The exhibition is held at the Faculty of Architecture, Università degli Studi Roma3 until 1 Dec. 17.0019.30. Sun and Mon closed. 16 Nov. Simon Martin presents his book Sport Italia. The Italian Love Affair with Sport (18.00). FRENCH ACADEMY The French Academy in Rome presents a cycle of literary and philosophical conferences under the

title Letteratura, oggi. The project organised by the author Philippe Artières includes meetings with Italian and French authors focusing on a key literary element of “the character” in the works of Rabelais, Foucault and Derrida. 15 Nov. L’anonimo come personaggio with Hugues Jallon and Vincenzo Latronico (19.30). Villa Medici, Viale Trinità dei Monti 1/a, tel. 066761,

CHILDREN HALLOWE’EN FOR CHILDREN 29-31 Oct Italy’s traditional feast of Tutti i Morti (All Souls) has now morphed into the American Hallowe’en and this year there are scary events all over the city for the young. Museo Civico di Zoologia has Brividi al Museo for the 5-8 year olds and Museo di Paura for 9-12 year olds from 29-31 Oct. Explora offers 500,000 Halloween fa exploring prehistoric monsters and plants on 31 Oct. And if want to join the spirits in the Caffarella park then make for Largo Pietro Tacchi Venturi on 31 Oct., www. Gabrielle Bolzoni






IL BACARO Via degli Spagnoli 27 / tel. 066872554 /


A quiet and secluded setting. Recommended in summer, when it’s possible to dine under the pergola. If it’s winter and you want to eat inside don’t forget to book in advance, as the premises are quite small. The cuisine is surprisingly adventurous. Perfect for romantic dinners. The restaurant’s specialty is that, along with the dish you have ordered, you will be served a small portion of the plate your partner has chosen, giving you the chance to taste your friend’s choice.

DARUMA SUSHI PIAZZA BOLOGNA Piazza Bologna 8 / tel. 064404962 / €€

A LA MAISON - organic restaurant-boutique Via del Collegio Nazareno 14, Albano Laziale / tel. 069322251

Daruma Sushi has always been ahead of the times, and has become the number one point of reference for fans of this Japanese culinary tradition. It now has six take-aways and two restaurants, the latest of which was opened last year in Piazza Bologna, the heart of one of Rome’s university areas. You pick your dishes from the Kayten conveyor, a rotating belt that winds through the restaurant, passing every table and counter seat.


In the heart of Albano-Laziale, in the Castelli Romani area, this small bistrot offers you genuine and organic Italian dishes, with fresh pasta, local meat and homemade dessert, in a family atmosphere! Not only a restaurant, you can find in the wine shop a large range of wines and products from Italy and France (like Champagne). A little corner is dedicated to your children, with books, dvd, and toys so that you can enjoy your meal. A very unique place, for a very unique moment… The Wine shop is open from 10.00 to 19.00 whilst the restaurant is open from 12.00 to 15.00 and from 19.30 to 23.00. Closed Sunday evening and Tuesday.

GUSTO RISTORANTE AND PIZZERIA Piazza Augusto Imperatore 9 / tel. 063226273 /


The restaurant is on the first floor, but you can also dine outside under the portico designed by the famous architect of the fascist period Pio Piacentini (of Via della Conciliazione fame) and look across at the contemporary Museum of the Ara Pacis by American architect, Richard Meier. The architecture of the restaurant is very simple and cosy. The menu is creative and focuses on the quality of its Mediterranean products. There is also a pizzeria on the ground floor.

INDIAN RESTAURANT HIMALAYA PALACE Circonvallazione Gianicolense 277-279 tel. 065826001 / €€

IL TIEPOLO Via Giovanni Battista Tiepolo 3 / tel. 063227449

Established in 1993, Himalaya Palace is an authentic Indian restaurant nestled in Monteverde Nuovo close to Villa Pamphilj, Rome’s largest park. To the background of Indian music you can choose from a variety of genuine dishes, (Tandori and Tikka Masala chicken and lamb Korma) which include homemade Indian yoghurt and cheese. This is a special and affordable experience.

€€€ 16

– starting from €30 per person


Tiepolo is a busy restaurant on a small street close to the Stadio Flaminio sports stadium and the Auditorium Parco della Musica. The atmosphere is perfect for an evening out with friends. The healthy menu is based on plenty of vegetables and no fries, with a touch of Swedish influence. The baked potatoes are among the specialties.


– starting from €20 per person

– starting from €15 per person

26 October 2011 Wanted in Rome

Look for more classified ads on FREE CLASSIFIED ADVERTISEMENTS All classified advertisements in the free categories (see page 23) must be submitted via our website at Space permitting free classified advertisements placed on our website will be downloaded and published in the magazine, but only if they include contact details. Jobs Wanted ads may no longer be submitted through our offices in Via dei Falegnami 79.

accommodation vacant in town APPIA ANTICA AND ARDEATINA. Several quality country houses with 2/3/4 bedrooms, private gardens. Tuscan views, 20 minutes ride to FAO and WFP. €1.500 to €2.200. Tel. 065813452, APT FOR RENT IN PONTE MILVIO. Charming 50-sqm fully-furnished apartment, bedroom (with queen size bed), bathroom, walk-in closet, living/dining room, kitchen and balcony, air conditioning and concierge. Located in quiet area, 5 minutes walking distance from Ponte Milvio, 15 minutes from Piazza Mancini Bus Terminal, 20 minutes from the City Center. Available for short/mid term rental (max. 1 year), no pets. Price per month €1.100 + expenses. Annalisa email:, mobile: +39 338 / 1177230. ASSISTANCE TO FOREIGNERS PENTHOUSE IMMOBILIARE. We offer full service for long & short term rentals. Special assistance for FAO, IFAD, WFP, Embassies and Multinational Companies. Mothertongue English staff. Tel. 065919125, AURELIA - GREGORIO VII. Delightful, unfurnished penthouse, living room, 2 bedrooms, bathroom, lovely kitchen/ veranda, equipped terrace, €1.500. Fidia Immobiliare Tel. 0639736426. AURELIA - VICINITY AURELIA ANTICA. In elegant compound, semi-detached, 400-sqm villa, 1 bedroom with private bathroom, other 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, vast living / dining room, equipped kitchen, hobby room with bedroom, bathroom, living room, laundry

room, garage, 1.200-sqm private garden. Photos available. EDWARDS Tel. 068610871, AVENTINO. Charming 120-sqm apartment, 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, living / dining room, balconies, carport, small storage room, €2.900 monthly. Photos available. EDWARDS Tel. 068610871, BARBERINI - PENTHOUSE. Spacious, 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, living room with fireplace, panoramic terrace. Ref 795. Tel. 063212341. BEAUTIFUL ROOM - LUNGARA. Beautiful bedroom, spacious, silent, wooden high ceilings, air-conditioning, wireless. Use of the kitchen. Only nonsmoking female foreigner. Professionals or disciplined students. €800 per month + utilities (electricity and maid). CAMPO DE’ FIORI. 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, bright, silent, living room, balcony, silent, new kitchen. Ref 1095. Tel. 063212341. CASSIA - GIUSTINIANA. In compound, elegant 220-sqm apartment, 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, living/ dining room with fireplace, terrace, equipped kitchen, maid’s quarters, swimming pool, tennis courts. EDWARDS Tel. 068610871, CASSIA - S. GODENZO. Charming, 150-sqm unfurnished apartment, 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, living / dining room, lovely terrace, furnished kitchen, car-port. Photos available. €2.600 monthly. EDWARDS Tel. 068610871, CASSIA - VIA QUADRONI. Lovely, unfurnished, in compound with park and swimming pool, lounge with fireplace, study, 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, smaller room, eat-in kitchen, terrace, garage, cellar, €2.850 including condominium and heating. Fidia Immobiliare. Tel. 0639736426. CASSIA - VICINITY OVERSEAS SCHOOL. In compound with private park, tennis court, beautiful 250-sqm apartment, 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, living / dining room, lovely panoramic terrace, equipped kitchen, maid’s quarters, garage-box. Photos available. €2.900 monthly. EDWARDS Tel. 068610871, CASSIA OLGIATA - VILLA 350 SQM. Cassia Olgiata Villa, 350 sqm on 3 levels with dual access, triple living room with fireplace, 5 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, fully equipped kitchen. In the basement: large hobby room, 2 rooms, bathroom and kitchen. Around the house there is: 900

sqm garden with stone barbecue. Photos can be viewed on you tube by typing: carboneimmobiliare, €3.300. Tel. 328 / 8299900. CENTRE - PENTHOUSE - TRIESTE/ SALARIO. Bright, living room, dining room, eat-in equipped kitchen, 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, laundry, storage, A/C, balconies, €3.600. Aventino, bright, double living room, eat-in new kitchen, study, 2 large bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, maid’s room, balcony, garage, cellar, €3.000. Tel. 065919125, COLOSSEUM. Bright, 90 sqm, 3rd floor, no lift, renovated, living room, dining area, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom and tiny balcony. Property International 0657284503,, COLOSSEUM. 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, living room, dining room, A/C. Near Metro. Ref 150. €1.700. Tel. 063212341. EUR. Outstanding, luxuriously furnished apartment, suitable top-ranking personal-

ity, large sitting room, 4 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, all comforts, terraces, double garage, €3.000. Tel. 339 / 3421012, 065037468. EUR - CESARE PAVESE Well-furnished, perfect condition, 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, living room, dining room, breakfast room, all comforts, terrace, garage, €1.700. Tel. 339/ 3421012, 065037468. EUR - PENTHOUSE - VIALE TUPINI. Furnished, bright, living room, eat-in kitchen, 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, laundry, balcony, parking, €2.100. Giordano, elegantly furnished, double living room, eat-in kitchen, breakfast room, 2 bedrooms, walk-in closet, 2 bathrooms, terrace, parking, €3.200. Other, remodeled, prestigious, bright, elegantly furnished, triple living room, eat-in kitchen, 2 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, private garden, parking, A/C, €2.300. Primati Sportivi, remodeled, bright, living room, dining room, new kitchen, 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, terraces, parking, €2.500. Umanesimo, modernly furnished, living room, kitchen, 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, balcony, €1.800. Musica, very bright,


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Wanted in Rome 26 October 2011


remodeled penthouse, living room, kitchen, 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, large terrace, €2.500. Montagane Rocciose, large living room, furnished eat-in kitchen, 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, balcony, garage, €2.300. Laurentina S. Paolo, remodeled, elegantly furnished penthouse, huge terrace, double living room, eat-in kitchen, breakfast room, 2 bedrooms (possible 3rd), 2 bathrooms, A/C, garage, €2.500. Torrino Mezzocammino, brand new, bright, triple living room, eat-in kitchen, 3 large bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, storage, terrace, garage, cellar, €2.200. Other same size €1.800. Mostacciano, double living room w/fireplace, eat-in furnished kitchen, 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, balcony, garage, €1.600. Tintoretto, bright, double living room, furnished kitchen, 3 large bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, terrace, garage €1.500. Tel. 065919125, EUR VIGNA MURATA. Fonte Meravigliosa. Very nice apartment, large living room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, private garden, cellar and garage. Fully furnished. Non-residents and no agencies. Tel. 065414440 (Italian speakers). GIUSTINIANA - OPPOSITE TRAIN STATION. Semi-furnished 70-sqm apartment, fully equipped kitchen, living room, double bedroom, single bedroom, bathroom, terrace and balcony. €750/monthly. Tel. Mr. Petrucci 0630365873.


HISTORIC CENTRE. Beautiful bright top-floor apartment, living/dining room, bedroom, two bathrooms, all comforts, terrace with panoramic view, €2.500. Tel. 339 / 3421012 - 065037468. HISTORIC CENTRE. Furnished flat for girl in big apartment: bedroom, bathroom, use of dining room, kitchen, internet and utilities, €600 monthly all included. Email: or tel. +33148054283. LAURENTINA. In compound (swimming pool, tennis court) elegant 220sqm apartment on 2 levels, 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, living / dining room, fireplace, terrace, guest toilet, small study, furnished kitchen, breakfast-room, 120-sqm garden, autonomous heating, garage. EDWARDS Tel. 068610871, MLD - APPIA NUOVA. Near metro Colli Albani, completely refurbished, well furished, lounge, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, small balcony, €950. Tel. 065916760. MLD - CASSIA. Elegant condominium complex, 24hr security guard, high panoramic floor with splendid view, large lounge + dining zone, 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, 150 sqm perimeter terraces, garage, semi furnished, €2.800. Tel. 065916760.

MLD - CASTEL DI LEVA immersed in greenery in a complex of country houses, finely refurbished and finished to high standards, various sizes from €1.800. Tel. 065916760, email: MLD - EUR ARDIGO’. Finished to very high standards, well furnished, large lounge, 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, terrace, parking space, six-month transitory contracts, €1.800. Tel. 065916760. MLD - EUR PAPILLO. Via Grillandi, new build, finished to high standards, ground floor, living room, 3 bedrooms, garden, garage, loft space, semi furnished, €1.400. Cesare Pavese, finished to high standards, lounge 3 bedrooms, kitchen with dining area, 2 bathrooms, terrace, garage, €1.900. Torrino, lounge, 3 bedrooms, well furnished, €1.900. Ardeatina Largo Bompiani, elegant, refurbished, loubge, 3 bedrooms, €2.000. Tel. 065916760, email: MLD - GARBATELLA. New build, never lived in, high floor, sunny, lounge, openplan kitchen, 2 bedrooms, bathroom, terrace, garage, semi furnished, €1.400. Tel. 065916760. MLD - HISTORIC CENTRE TRASTEVERE. Via della Scala, characteristic penthouse, living room with fireplace, bedroom, study, bathroom, kitchenette, €1.500. Trastevere, Via Rosazza, high floor, sunny, spacious entrance, sitting room, 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, kitchen, 2 balconies, semi furnished, €1.600. Tel. 065916760, email: MLD - MONTEVERDE. Elegant, top floor, condominium, finished to good standard, spacious entrance, lounge + dining area, 2 bedrooms, smaller room, 2 bathrooms, live-in kitchen, balconies, semi furnished, €1.800. Tel. 065916760, email: MLD - PRATI. Overlooking St Peter’s, elegant period building, high floor, spacious entrance, sitting room, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, €1.600. Other, top floor apartment, living room, bedroom, kitchen, balcony, €1.200. Tel. 065916760, email: MLD - S. LORENZO - PORTA MAGGIORE. Characteristic, top floor apartment, living room, open-plan kitchen, bedroom, terrace, €850. Tel. 065916760, email: MONTEVERDE VECCHIO. Furnished apartment, top floor, double room, fully equipped kitchen, bathroom, terrace and balcony with beautiful view, €1.400 monthly. Tel. 335 / 6907446, email: MONTI PARIOLI. Beautiful, elegant 200sqm apartment, refurbished, 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, vast living / dining room, balcony, guest toilet, furnished kitchen, car-port. Photos available. €3.300 monthly. EDWARDS Tel. 068610871, NAVONA - RESTORED LOFT. Kitchen, living room, bedroom, loft study, 2 bathrooms, parquet floor. Ref 200. Tel. 063212341. OLGIATA. Exclusive compound, golf course, beautifully restored villa, swimming pool, 5 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, lounge, dining room, modernly furnished, kitchen. GENESI tel. 0637517066. OLGIATA. Semi-detached villa, 300 sqm, 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, vast living / dining room, furnished kitchen, large hobby-room, maid’s quarters, 600-sqm garden, garage. Photos available. €3.300 monthly. EDWARDS Tel. 068610871, OSTIA. Liberty building w/sea view, very bright, elegantly furnished, 2 bedrooms, eat-in kitchen, 2 bathrooms, parking, €1.300. Tel. 065919125, PANORAMIC TERRACE BRIGHT MONTI. Colosseum/Monti. Panoramic terrace, elegantly fully-furnished, dining room, living room, 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms (Jacuzzi), kitchen, A/C, 4th floor, no elevator, €2.500. Available from November +39 335 / 6326980, PANTHEON. Beautifully renovated, 1 bedroom, bathroom, living room w/fireplace, kitchen, terrace. Refs 224/438/821. Tel. 063212341.

PARIOLI. Luxurious building, 3 large bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, large lounge, dining room, kitchen, maid’s room with bathroom, terrace, garage. GENESI tel. 0637517066. PARIOLI. Luxurious 250-sqm penthouse, 200-sqm terrace with stunning views, semi furnished, large living room with fireplace, dining room, kitchen, 3 bedrooms, study, 3 bathrooms, parking. Property International 0657284503,, PENTHOUSE - CASSIA/TOMBA DI NERONE. Unique country villa nestled in park, living room, open-plan kitchen, 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, parking, condominium pool, referenced clients, €1.800. Tel. 065919125, PIAZZA DI SPAGNA. Lovely studio apartment, furnished, €900. Tel. 065813452, PIAZZA MERCANTI. Charming flat on Piazza Mercanti, 80 sqm, luxuriously furnished, double bedroom, 2 bathrooms, fully equipped dinette kitchen, dining room, living room with sofa-bed and fireplace, autonomous heating, WiFi, terracotta floor, coffered ceiling, €1.700. Tel. 339 7369633, PIAZZA NAVONA AREA. Unique town house, well furnished, living room, 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms. €2.200. Tel. 065813452, PIAZZA NAVONA STUDIO. Furnished very bright and quiet studio apartment on the 4th floor. SKY TV, WiFi and elevator, next to Piazza Navona. Short and long term rentals. Alex 339 / 3396259, POPOLO. Modernly furnished, 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, living room, A/C, bright, silent. Ref 546. Tel. 063212341. POPOLO. 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, kitchen, living room, balcony, near park, metro. Ref 700. Tel. 063212341. PRATI - PENTHOUSE. Sunny, 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, kitchen, living room, terrace, elevator. Ref 363. Tel. 063212341. PRATI - SCIPIONI. Lovely, refurbished, unfurnished, living room, dining room, 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, equipped kitchen, smaller room, €2.200. Fidia Immobiliare Tel. 0639736426. PRATI. Furnished apartment, small bedroom, living room, kitchen, bathroom, to share 2 months of the year (non-consecutive) with person who works overseas (private room). €850 including 1/3 of expenses. Tel. 366 / 4051514, REPUBBLICA - PENTHOUSE. Duplex Penthouse. 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, panoramic terrace, doorman. Ref 758. Tel. 063212341. ROME SWEET HOME HISTORIC CENTRE. Lets to companies and private individuals. Exclusive locations. Apartments, 1 - 2 - 3 bedrooms, completely furnished, maid service, utilities included, special rates for monthly lets., Tel. 0669924091 - 335 / 7713580. S. MARIA IN TRASTEVERE. Bright studio apartment 3rd floor, elevator, queen bed, kitchenette, bathroom, washing machine, TV, A/C, heating, Wi-Fi. Available from January, €1.000-1.200/ monthly, all expenses plus weekly cleaning included. Email:

26 October 2011 Wanted in Rome

DO YOU WANT TO ADVERTISE YOUR APARTMENTS IN PARIS, BERLIN, LONDON OR MADRID? DO YOU HAVE A JOB TO OFFER IN DUBLIN, BARCELONA, BRUSSELS OR AMSTERDAM? Then go to and place your ad directly online. Or come to our office at Via dei Falegnami 79 and we can place it for you. Tel. 06 6867967 or e-mail us at for photos, inquiries, viewing. TRASTEVERE - TESTACCIO. Pamphili Park, S. Giovanni, Prati, several quality 1 and 2 bedroom terrace apartments. €1.200 to €1.850. Tel. 065813452, TRASTEVERE - VIA DELLA SCALA. Delightful and characteristic, furnished, living room, 1 bedroom, live-in kitchen, bathroom, €1.400. Fidia Immobiliare Tel. 0639736426. TRASTEVERE. Close to station, bright nicely renovated 80-sqm apartment, 7th floor, partially furnished, living room, large kitchen, 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and 2 small balconies. Property International 0657284503,, TRASTEVERE. Spacious, living room, bedroom, well furnished, €1.700. Also Piazza S. Maria, top floor, living room, bedroom, balcony with view, just redone, €1.300. Also cottage-like, charming on 2 levels, 1 bedroom, veranda, €1.250. Tel. 065813452, TRASTEVERE. 2 bedrooms, bathrooms, living room, kitchen, balcony. Refs 1104/1090. Tel. 063212341. TRIESTE. Penthouse apartment with terrace, living room, 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, kitchen, cellar and garage parking space, €2.900. For photos,, Join us on Facebook, 068419827. VIA DELLA BALDUINA - MADONNA DEL CENACOLO. In a residential condominium, with day guard, swimming pool and garden, very nicely furnished apartment: 140 sqm, 3 bedrooms, large living/dining room, office, fully equipped spacious eat-in kitchen, maid room, 3 bathrooms, A/C, wide balconies, private parking space. Non residents. No Agencies. Tel. 335 / 8381343, 335 / 7079682. VIGNA CLARA - VICINITY MARYMOUNT SCHOOL. In compound (swimming pool, tennis), elegant 220sqm apartment, 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, living / dining room, ample terrace, equipped kitchen, den, maid’s quarters, large car-port, €2.800 monthly. EDWARDS Tel. 068610871, VIGNA CLARA. In compound with swimming pool, tennis courts, prestigious 250-sqm apartment, 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, ample living / dining room, lovely terrace, equipped kitchen, maid’s quarters, several built-in-closets, garagebox. EDWARDS Tel. 068610871,

accommodation vacant out of town FRASCATI - NICE CENTRAL APARTMENT 110 SQM. Newly furnished apartment, central building, autonomous heating, 2 bedrooms, sitting room, dining room, equipped kitchen, large entrance, large bathroom, small balcony, sunny. All terms, Average cost: €1.150 monthly (lower for over 6 months). Tel. 339 / 7979712. S. MARINELLA 50KM FROM ROME 45 MINS. Apartment for rent in Santa Marinella, in a 6-apt. building composed of: living room, 1 master bedroom, 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom, balcony with the view on S. Severa’s Castle, private parking lot, 5 min walk to the train station, centre and to the beach. Completely furnished, laundry machine, dishes, independent heating, elevator. Short-MediumLong term lease, €600, condominium fee included + utilities. Photos are available upon request. PAOLO Tel. 388 / 8272264, Email:

Wanted in Rome 26 October 2011

TIVOLI MANDELA 50 km from Rome, completely restored apartment in old castle, 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, kitchen, dining room, unfurnished €400 + €40 condominium. Tel: 06/6786400. TIVOLI MANDELA 50 km from Rome, in 19th century tower, completely restored 90 sqm furnished apartment with entrance, 2 bedrooms, living room, bathroom, kitchen, €500 + €40 condominium. Tel. 06/6786400.

jobs vacant UK STUDY INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL OF ENGLISH Via Leonida Bissolati 20 Rome 00187, is currently seeking for its school in Rome, mother-tongue CELTA qualified teachers with experience in the

following areas: Students 7-19 years and undergraduates (YEL/KET/PET/FCE/ IELTS), Professionals (BEC), School Teachers (PET/TKT: Young learners), TKT: Content and Language Integrated Learning. UK Study comes from a background of 30 years experience in running English Language courses. Applicants will be required to work at our school, state schools and company business premises. Excellent opportunities for career development and a competitive salary. A friendly and enthusiastic approach is essential. Please send your CV and a covering letter to: Robin Snape at: CELTA QUALIFIED ENGLISH TEACHERS required to teach teens at an Italian high school. Experience with FCE and CAE exams preferred. Send CV to:

ENGLISH LANGUAGE TEACHERS REQUIRED. Serious, mother-tongue, Celta qualified, experienced, Aurelia/ Boccea, afternoon/evenings. Also FRENCH and SPANISH teachers. Call: 333 / 7813026. CVs to: ENGLISH MOTHER-TONGUE TRANSLATOR. Rome office of international consulting firm offers full-time post to English mother-tongue translator/proofreaders of Italian-English academic texts. Send resume to: ENGLISH TEACHERS NEEDED. Established English School currently seeking full/part-time English mothertongue teachers for adult and children courses. Full training provided. Contact us on 0647823253 or send your CV to ESTABLISHED LANGUAGE SCHOOL. In central Rome needs native speaker qualified teachers. Min 3 years’ exp. Send CV to ESTABLISHED PRESTIGIOUS LANGUAGE school Rome seeks mothertongue English teachers. Offering good weekly wage, professional environment, immediate start. Tel. 063611508, INCOMING TOUR OPERATOR based in Rome is looking for full-time English, French and German speaking operations executive. Please send CV and picture to: INTERNATIONAL STUDIO. International studio of architects seeks a full-time secretary. English and Italian fluently. Candidates must have good skills in archiving photos and cataloguing press kits. Microsoft Office knowledge is required and ideally Acrobat. Please send an updated CV and cover letter to: The most interesting ones will be contacted directly by phone. OFFICE MANAGER TBS-Europe are offering a challenging office-based position to spearhead their new Italian representative office at some exciting and demanding targets. Est.1975, a family business with two UK locations and now a permanent Italian office require a firm leader, driven by growth, to oversee a sales team of 4 and help create a dynamic office environment. Roles to include running our sales/marketing program, web site maintenance, enthusing of our sales team in the reaching of their KPI’s and an element of PA work to the director. Fluent English and Italian are paramount with hours negotiable to suit the ideal candidate (min 35 hours/week). Gross salary circa €40,000 plus incentives. OFFICE MANAGER - LOCALLY ENGAGED STAFF VACANCY. The Australian Embassy to the Holy See will have a vacancy for a full-time Office Manager. The position requires administrative, organisational, numeracy and IT skills of a high level as well as excellent interpersonal and Italian/English language skills. Due to security requirements/restrictions Australian citizenship is preferred but suitably qualified New Zealand, UK, US or Canadian citizens can apply. An application package including a job description and instructions on how to apply can be downloaded from the Job Vacancies page on Closing date for applications is 10 November, 2011, at 17.00. OFFICIAL GUIDES WANTED. Official guides wanted, with degree in Art History or Archaeology and excellent English skills, to collaborate with a cultural association which organises high-quality cultural guided tours ( Mentioned in prestigious guidebooks. Please send your resume to


PART-TIME HOUSING COORDINATOR. The Pantheon Institute seeks a part-time Housing Coordinator, preferably English mother-tongue, to work with multiple American universities for study abroad programs in Rome. Responsibilities include: being first contact with US study abroad programs, working with students and faculty upon arrival, throughout program and departure. Previous experience in the study abroad industry is a plus. The candidate must have ability to work effectively independently and in a group. Ability to think quickly, improvise, and attention to detail are a must. Good knowledge of Rome is required. Please send resume to Maria Patti: RELOCATION ASSOCIATE. Principal Relocation Company seeks motivated, focused and goal-oriented individual (EU citizens or valid WP) to work as a Relocation Associate. Fluency in English and Italian is essential. Please send your CV and photo to with reference RIA-RM as the subject. Place of work Corso Trieste. Only residents of Rome please. THE AMERICAN UNIVERSITY OF ROME. Department of Business Studies seeks a part-time instructor to create and teach Writing for Business, to be offered in Spring semester 2012 on Mon/Wed 5:15 to 6:40 pm. Qualifications: the ideal

candidate will have a minimum of a Master’s degree in business communications or professional writing, or a closely related field plus evidence of successful college teaching experience, or equivalent combination of education and experience in business-related publishing (e.g. investment analysis, business journalism, industry reporting, annual reports). Excellent communication and writing critique skills and a strong commitment to excellence in teaching. Teaching responsibilities include: time spent in the classroom (41 hours) and in preparation for courses; preparing teaching materials and syllabi; reviewing, grading and providing timely feedback to students on coursework, submitting final grades, and conferring with students on course materials and attendance at two faculty meetings. Hold Italian working papers. Availability from January 30, 2012 to May 15, 2012 required. This is a one-semester appointment and carries no obligation of renewal. Candidates should send CVs to NOTE: In the subject field of your email please type the reference BUS adjunct followed by your family name. Only short-listed candidates will be contacted. Review of candidates begins immediately and continues until the position is filled. The American University of Rome is an equal opportunity employer.

lessons BUSINESS ITALIAN LESSONS. Learn Business Italian through personalized lessons! For your career or to find a Job. Alessandro: 347 / 8008823. ENGLISH LADY, OXFORD GRADUATE. English lady, Oxford University graduate, long experience, offers English lessons/conversation (adults only). Tel. 068105213, 340 / 5161007. ITALIAN LANGUAGE PRIVATE LESSONS. Italian mother-tongue University lecturer gives Italian language private lessons at your home or office. 1h Grammar, Vocabulary , Conversation: €20. 1h only Conversation: €15. For further details please contact Claudia at: KAPPA ITALIAN SCHOOL. Mon-Thu, 13:30-21:00 (4 lessons a week). €100/month (6 hours a week), €200/month (12 hours). Via Montebello 17 (Termini). Tel. 0683398588, 333 / 8561944, PROFESSIONAL ENGLISH TEACHER. Private instruction in Business & General English. Test preparation: KET, PET, FCE, CAE, TOEFL. Aurelia, Vatican, Centre. Tel. 340 / 0774397. VOICE LESSONS IN CENTRAL ROME. Soprano with excellent English teaches voice and music in central Rome (Cavour). For information tel. 064872954 or 328 / 6545070 or

property for sale in town EUR COLOMBO. Close to FAO and IFAD bright furnished 100 sqm apartment available immediately. €480 negotiable. No Agencies. Email: MARCIGLIANA. Panoramic 400-sqm villa on 3 levels, in park, independent, terraces, 2.500-sqm garden, double living room, dining room, 5 bedrooms, 2 kitchens, 3 fireplaces, 4 bathrooms, garage, €1.190.000. Photos. Tel. 349 8600803,

property for sale out of town SOUTH OF FRANCE Auch Gascony, far from high prices fever, in a beautiful environment, 250 sqm typical stone and brick house, 13.000 sqm land, well kept, barn with 2 horse boxes. €350.000. Tel. +33-145305964, mobile: +33-6-21980190.

rooms and flats shares ESQUILINO. 1 bedroom, quiet, well connected, close to major sites, 24hr-ADSL, new bathroom, €200 weekly, €550 monthly. Tel. 393 / 1619956, email:


LOVELY ROOM + PRIVATE BATHROOM. I’m a single woman and a filmmaker. In a residential district, 20 minutes from the historical centre, I rent a large comfortable room with private bathroom. €700 all inclusive: kitchen, bills, WiFiadsl, linen, cleaning. Excellent connection. Photos., 348 / 2435329. S. M. MAGGIORE. Single room to rent, quiet ambiance, near S. M. Maggiore/ Metro A/B, shared bathroom, kitchen, washing machine. Tel. 338 / 7911289. TWO ROOMS. Two rooms for rent, bathroom, live-in kitchen, small garden, close to the Borghese Museum. Tel. 338 / 6337266, email: VENETO - HISTORIC CENTRE. Nice, furnished room, near bus/metro, use of kitchen, shared bathroom, working women, €475 all inclusive. Tel. 0642743129.

short lets APARTMENTS - HOUSES. Linen service, minimum deposit. Tel. 0648930557, tel. / fax 0648976525 office hours,, CAMPO DE’ FIORI SPAGNA - NAVONA. Pantheon, Trastevere, Prati. Fully-furnished apartments, 1 week minimum. Many other possibilities. Tel. / fax 0648905897,, HISTORIC CENTRE - TORRE ARGENTINA. Mini-studio apartment with kitchenette, bathroom, terrace, 100 sqm, breathtaking view of historic Rome, weekly rent €500. TRASTEVERE Gensola, characteristic apartment, wooden-beamed ceiling, living room, kitchen, loft-bedroom, 2 bathrooms, balcony, €1.500 monthly, shorter periods upon request. Tel. 065919125, NAVONA. Delightful furnished penthouse, large bedroom double bed, little living room, beautiful terrace. Fully equipped, internet, heating, TV. Tel. 339 / 3998083. PANTHEON AND PONTE MILVIO. Nice studios, period building, new and well decorated, fully equipped kitchen corner, double/triple bedroom, bathroom, A/C or fan, internet, TV. Long-term too. Tel. 348 / 9792106, ROME SWEET HOME HISTORIC CENTRE. Lets to companies and private individuals. Exclusive locations. Apartments, 1 - 2 - 3 bedrooms, completely furnished, maid service, utilities included, special rates for monthly lets., Tel. 0669924091 - 335 / 7713580.

26 October 2011 Wanted in Rome


ADS IN THE FOLLOWING CATEGORIES ARE FREE. 20 words maximum. Free ads must be submitted through our website at www.wantedinrome. com. We no longer accept Jobs Wanted ads in our office. Space permitting free classified advertisements placed on our website will be downloaded and published in the magazine, but only if they include contact details. Gli annunci nelle seguenti rubriche sono gratuiti. Non devono superare le 20 parole. Gli annunci gratuiti dovranno essere trasmessi esclusivamente tramite il sito Non si accettano più quelli della categoria Jobs Wanted nei nostri uffici. Gli annunci gratuiti verranno pubblicati nella rivista solo se completi di contatti e secondo lo spazio disponibile.

accommodation wanted URGENTE - STANZA SINGLE. Insegnante madrelingua inglese, molto serio, pulito, cerco stanza single: zona: P. Bologna/Termini/Aurelia/ Prati. Mass. €450 (tutti spese comprese). Tel. 345 / 2830186, email: NEEDS ROOM ASAP. Australian 22 seeks room €300-€450 with easy access to city centre. Clean, tidy, friendly, easy going. Prefer Italians. Email:, 0037257969892. STUDIO APARTMENT WANTED. 27 years old serious girl looking for studio apartment (monolocale) near Garbatella, Monti, Colosseo area for at least 1 year, STUDIO OR 1 BEDROOM APT WANTED. Professional Male look for short-term monthly rental in Monti/Colosseo/Via Merulana Area. €1.100 monthly max. Contact 346 / 1311643,

animals KITTENS. 3 kitties to give away to good homes, born on August 8th, litterbox trained. Please tel. 334 / 7322935, PEDIGREE LABRADOR. Reputable breeder in Rome. Fully vaccinated and micro-chipped. Puppy available in November for 50 per cent of original price. Tel. 333 / 2507303 after 5pm.

events ANTIQUES SALE EVERYTHING MUST GO. Clearance sale of antique furniture, 50 per cent off. 29 & 30 October. Please visit or contact, tel. 333 / 6420473. DANCING CLUBS IN ROME. Discounted entry for clubs. House, commercial, salsa, music. €10! For info, book your table, tel. 328 / 9634059. Claudia. ENGLISH BOOKS ON SALE and other stuff - Mercatino Flaminio, Piazza della Marina 32, Rome. 23 October 8:00 a.m. to sunset. HENNA ARTIST. Oriental decorative art, elegant and beautiful tattoos for your events. Tel. 328 / 8967921, INTERNATIONAL GROUP. If you are new in town and you are looking for new friends and social club email me: OPERA SINGER NEEDS PIANIST. Ho bisogno di trovare un pianista e uno studio di registrazione. Contatto: Grazie. SANTA SUSANNA LIBRARY OPEN DAY. Via XX Settembre 15, Saturday 23, 10.20-6pm; Sunday 24 Oct, 1012.30pm. Discount for new members joining on those dates

exchanges FREE LANGUAGE EXCHANGE. I am an Italian girl, looking for an English mother-tongue for Italian/English conversations. Please contact me at: ITALIENISCH DEUTSCH TANDEM. Bist du aus Deutschland/Osterreich? Gesellig und herzlich? Interessiert fur ein Italienisch-Deutsch Tandem? So schreib mir:

Wanted in Rome 26 October 2011

health & fitness ADS AMERICAN DENTAL STUDIOS. ADS AMERICANO STUDIO DENTISTICO. OPEN DURING HOLIDAYS. English Spoken. Si Parla Inglese. (American Dentist) Dentista Americano Laureato in USA. Disponibile tutti giorni anche Festivi. Abbiamo Canadese Endodonzia specialista (Root Canal Specialist) devitalizzazione “finished” in una seduta con tecnologie informatiche - uno in ortodonzia (Orthodontist) & uno in implantologia specialista (Implantologist); cure odontoiatriche con le pi√π recenti tecnologie. Viale Europa 331, 100 Metri EUR FERMI, & Infernetto: Viale Castel Porziano 434/F. Solo su appuntamento. Tel. 333/ 9061799,, AMERICAN PSYCHOLOGIST. Individual psychotherapy for all mental health issues. Experienced and licensed practitioner. Metro Cipro. Rose Kazma 0639742957 or 333 / 5822808. BLACK MASSEUR €30 PER HOUR. Black man Oriental Oil Massage ZENmasseur Overweight Cellulitis, relax, MEN €60/h WOMEN €30/hour. Tel. 347 / 7244003. FREE SELF-DEVELOPMENT NEWSLETTER. Articles, inspiring stories, tips, life-enhancing strategies and much more. Sign Up Today! or 339 / 3332547. INDIVIDUAL AND COUPLE COUNSELLOR. UKCP Psychotherapist. 18 years in private practice. San Saba, Aventino (2 mins from FAO) 346 / 1284838. Luca Pinto. LATEX EXAMINATION GLOVES. We sell Latex Examinations gloves and surgical Gloves also Latex sex Condoms so if you are interested please contact us: MAMA AND BABY YOGA. Exercise, stretch, relax and rejoice together! NY-LICENSED MASSAGE THERAPIST. Professional Deep Tissue / Swedish Massage 7 days/wk. NY License #015833. Tel. 339 / 5399550, POWER LIVES COACHING. Create a life plan and achieve your goals with a renowned life-coach. Tel. 339 / 3332547, for information. YOGA MADE TO MEASURE. Have your yoga tailor made to suit you. Yoga is for everyone, just practice, and change will happen. Tel. Nemir 339 / 1237179. RELAXING MASSAGE. Relaxing Californian massage, €60/hour at your place. Email: or on 3398780552. Carlo. ZEN MEDITATION IN ROME. Do you want to change your life and live happy? With the Meditation is possible. Via Ferento 5. tel. 389 / 1848431.

household sales 2 GIRL’S COWBOY BOOTS, LEATHER. Real leather, brown, excel, western U.S. American sizes 8 and 5 1/2. €15 each. U pick up. Tel. 0670495924. ARMCHAIRS. 2 in perfect condition. Artisan upholstery, greeny-grey tapestry, €30 each. Free parking under house, easy access, lift. Tel. 333 / 7490606. BEDHEAD. Wrought iron hand-made ‘5o’s. Fits to wall. Valued €700, selling €100. Private parking, easy access, lift. Tel. 333 / 7490606.

DVDS FOR SALE. The Barchester Chronicles, a classic BBC adaptation of two novels by Anthony Trollope. €10. Contact: FISH TANK/AQUARIUM. Large aquarium, 40 gallon? w/gravel, pump and other equip. Might work, €15, you pick up. Tel. 0670495924. FRENCH CHANDELIER. Elegant brass and crystal 5-branch chandelier circa 1900. 47cm wide x 44cm high. photo. €300. Tel. 066832827. FURNITURE SALE. I’m leaving Rome and have some old and used furniture e-mail: to see the furniture KING-SIZE BED. Handmade cream wood with storage space in bedhead + Symmonds mattress, sheets and chenille cover, pillows. Free parking, easy access, lift. Offers. Tel. 333 / 7490606. KITCHEN CUPBOARD. Cupboard +5 drawers. White Perugini make 60x90x90 tall, €80. Electric radiator 12 elements, €8. Kingsize bed, Simmond mattress. Offers. Tel. 333 / 7490606. MAXTONE GUITAR, FOR BEGINNER. Good condition, for a beginner, €15. U pick up. Tel. 0670495924. NINTENDO WII. Nintendo Wii (modified if wanted), Guitar hero (guitar pack), many games, 2nd remote, HD cable €220. Tel. 334 / 2133214. POWER JUICER. “Jack La Lamme” model, used a few times and well kept. Has an extra large feeder, €50, 334 / 7322935, SANTA SUSANNA LIBRARY OPEN DAY. Via XX Settembre, 15. Saturday 23, 10.20-6pm; Sunday 24 Oct 1012.30pm. Discount for new members joining on those dates SOFABED. Custom-made sofabed with side tables dark turquoise single regular mattress white cushions €150. Tel. 338 / 4927144. SNOWBOARD FOR SALE. New K2 Snowboard for sale, includes boots (size 7.5) and bindings. Used only once! €300 all included! Contact 338 / 7467698.

IT & computers COMPUTER ASSISTANCE SERVICE. Professional on-site computer assistance for your home/office. Notebook and desktop repair. Internet setup. Data recovery. Via Ridolfino Venuti, 32 Rome. Tel. 0686399871, IT TECHNICIAN. 32 years old, MS certified, experience in PC hardware, LAN cabling, configuring, video surveillance (IP/CCDV). Tel. 327 / 8217714, WEB DEVELOPMENT PROGRAMMING. Stanford computer science graduate offers web development services: websites, server programming, site/database setup/administration. Contact Vlad, 392 / 9262715. YOUR WEB DESIGN. €20 /PAGE. Build Your website,, €20 /page Tel. 0643405820.

jobs wanted (URGENTE) TEFL QUALIFIED. TEFL qualified teacher seeks employment in privte school (only full-time) in centre of Rome. Tel. 345 / 2830186,

AMERICAN (MALE) AU PAIR. Trustworthy American male (24) seeking employment as au pair. Willing to do housework, available all times. Paul: ANY TYPE JOB - PARTTIME. Looking job as part time for morning, tel. 320 / 6449036. ASIAN GRADUATE LADY. Experienced as a housekeeper, babysitter, looking a full o part-time live out job, good references, tel. 333 / 7897981. ASIAN GUY LOOKING FOR A JOB. Looking for a suitable job in any type of work, fluent in english. Tel. Andrew 389 / 9816489. BABY-SITTING. 5 yrs experienced english speaking babysitter also for part-time/weekends or occasional baby-sitting in the morning until 14pm, BABYSITTER. Signora finlandese, parla inglese, italiano cerca lavoro parttime babysitter/compagnia anziani, Roma centro. BABYSITTER, BADANTE, DOMESTIC. Lady 33 looking for baby sitter job, badante/ domestic work, afternoon from 14.30. Speak english and italian, 334 / 5845227. BABYSITTER/HOUSE KEEPER. Australian 22 to start immediately afternoon/evenings only EU passport intermediate Italian friendly, experienced, social, live in/out,, 0037257969892. BABYSITTING CASSIA/L’OLGIATA. Gymnasium graduated girl from the Netherlands, also english speaking, is available to babysit. Tel. 328 / 8967921, CARPENTIERE. 33anni, cerco lavoro come un carpentiere, a cantiere o qualche lavoretto a cassa, rinnovazione etc. Tel. 380 / 1870079, CHAUFFEUR/HOUSEKEEPER. 62 year old. Available for “lungo orario” or part-time. Extensive experience in housekeeping. CLEANING, COOKING, CHILD MINDING. Lady, 20 years experience working in prestigious Rome areas. Cleaning, cooking, childminding. Driver’s Licence. Email: CV available. DOMESTIC PART TIME NEEDED. Male, highly recommended by H.R, U.S Embassy rome seeking part time work. Contact:, 327 / 4020916. ENGLISH BABYSITTER. 25 years old male student, living and studying in rome, english mother-tongue. ENGLISH ITALIAN MOTHER TONGUE. English and Italian mother tongue good knowlegde in statistics, IT, translation seeks serious job in Rome. Please no selling. Tel. 333 / 2943437. ENGLISH MOTHER TONGUE offers in house help with English, good references, only works with children. Email: ENGLISH MOTHER TONGUE babysitter, 8 years experience. Email: ENGLISH TEACHER AVAILABLE. Looking for teaching work in central area part-time with a school. Call 347 / 4536421. EXPERIENCED ASIAN LADY. Looking a part or full-time job, worked as a house keeper in Italia, good references. Tel. 333 / 7897981. FILIPINA BABYSITTER / HOUSEKEEPER. 33y/o, university graduate,


WANTED. 30 yrs experienced Chauffeur, English and Italian spoken offers the services to accompany elders or children, resident in Olgiata. Tel. 327 / 5304466.

personal DATING. Blonde Latvian woman seeking for nice man, ENGLISH CONVERSATION in exchange for French. I am a 33 y.o girl from England. Email: FRIENDSHIP OR RELATIONSHIP. 45 year old optimist, nice, loves art, nature, psychology, seeks girl for friendship or relationship. Tel. 333 / 3707044, 0641229062. Aldo. PERSONAL PHOTOGRAPHER. Your private or commercial photo low-cost, at your home, office, company. Tel. 333 / 1953311. THAI MASSAGE. Traditional or relaxing aroma by qualified masseur. At your home till late evening. Cell. 327 / 0151643.

schools and colleges fluent in english/italian, 7yrs baby-sitting/tutoring experience with 3 american kids, available in the morning., 392 / 8176761. FOOD PREPARATION SPECIALIST. 32 year old with over 7 years of experience in a prestigious bakery. Catering too. CV on request. HOUSE KEEPER - OLD AGE CARE. Young Female available immediately for job with room and board, anywhere in Italy and/or abroad. Tel. 339 / 7762166. MALE HOUSEKEEPER. Energetic 60 year old. Experience in housekeeping (homes and hotels). Live-in preferred. Email: MARKETING SPECIALIST & LECTURER. English mother tongue, fluent in Italian, German, Polish. International work experience. Seeks work in consulting / teaching. Email NANNY - BABYSITTING - CLEANING. Looking for live-in/out job, 10 years experience, United States. Learning Italian language and cooking. Tel. Tamara (Ukraine) 327 / 3037146, 331 / 7741588, email:

OPS & DOCS - SHIPPING. 10 yrs experience in shipping industry. looking for a job. fluent in english. Tel. Andrew 389 / 9816489. PART-TIME BABY SITTER. Mornings only, until 3pm, homework, house keeping, driving license. English, French and Spanish speaking. AppioLatino area. Tel. 338 / 3371629, RECEPTIONIST D’HOTEL cerco lavoro parla bene inglese e italiano con experienza in 4 stelle albergo, buona conoscenza di gestione nuconga. Tel. 329 / 5635506. SEEKING ENGLISH TEACHER POSITION. Certified teacher in the States, also TEFL certified. Looking for work. Email: SRILANKAN MALE. Speaks english/italian, italian driving license, experienced, looking for employment afternoons/evenings only. Tel. 393 /509546, or TEFL QUALIFIED TEACHER. QUALIFIED English mother tongue, fluent in Italian, seeks work teaching in private schools in centre of Rome. Tel. 345 / 2830186,

Aeroporto Ciampino Aeroporto di Fiumicino Arrivi Airterminal Fiumicino Anglo American Book Shop Italia, 34 Corso Francia, 228 Corso Trieste, 90 Feltrinelli International L.go Argentina L.go Chigi L.go del Colonnato Largo Arenula, 12/B Largo Argentina, 14 P.le Albania P.le Cola Di Rienzo P.le Flaminio P.le Ponte Milvio P.zza Barberini P.zza Campo De’ Fiori P.zza Cola Di Rienzo P.zza Colonna P.zza del Parlamento P.zza della Balduina P.zza della Minerva

AEGEA MOSAICI MOSAIC COURSES. We organize courses for beginners, intermediate, advanced and for people with disabilities. Via Corsini 8 - Rome 00165. Tel. 066872610,, KAPPA ITALIAN SCHOOL. Italian courses. Mon-Thu (4 lessons a week), 13:30-21:00. €100/month (6 hours a week), €200/month (12 hours). Tel. 0683398588, 333 / 8561944,

services AERIAL PHOTOGRAPHY AND VIDEO. Professionals offering unique high quality aerial pictures and videos for events, real-estate and more. call 328 / 2786644, email: CAR IMPORTATION. Let the experts at Principal Relocation Company take care of importing your vehicles/motorbikes. Call +39 069094776 or visit NO HASSLE APT RENTAL IN ROME. Roma Rentals makes your search for an apartment in Rome easy. Student, short & long term rentals. Contact

P.zza di Porta Pia P.zza di Spagna, 57 P.zza Euclide, 31 P.zza Farnese, 105 P.zza Giochi Delfici P.zza Mastai P.zza Pitagora, 6 P.zza Regina Margherita P.zza Repubblica, 6 P.zza Risorgimento P.zza S. Jacini P.zza S. Silvestro P.zza S.M. Trastevere P.zza Testaccio P.zza Trilussa P.zza Vescovio P.zza Vittorio P.zza Zanardelli, 16 P.zza in Lucina, 31 Salita De Crescenzi (Pantheon) Stazione Termini V.le Beethoven, 90/9 V.le G. Cesare Civ.17 V.le Parioli, 2

PHOTOGRAPHER. Experienced photographer, specialized in commercial, portraits, editorial, weddings. Video and editing in full HD with professional cameras., 0664400210, 348 / 6040953. RELOCATING TO ROME? Let the experts at Principal Relocation Company take care of your relocation and immigration needs. Call +39.06.9094776 or visit SANTA SUSANNA LIBRARY OPEN DAY. Via XX Settembre 15, Saturday 23, 10.20-6pm; Sunday 24 Oct 1012.30pm. Discount for new members joining on those dates THE SECRETS OF ITALIAN CUISINE. I cook and organise meals at your place. Tel. 333 / 2730981 (from €25). TRANSLATION FROM/TO ENGLISH. Need to translate anything? Italian living in London will do it for you! Very affordable rates. Concetta +44 (0)7983933199. TRANSLATION ITALIAN INTO ENGLISH. Mother-tongue translator with 30 years experience. Tel. 0644243464, cell 328 / 9589569, TRANSLATIONS. Ph. D. offers translations from English into Italian. VISA PROCUREMENT ASSISTANCE. Frequent traveler to India, China, etc. Principal Relocation Company can process all your Visa needs. Call +39 069094776 or visit WEB SITE ONLY €20 A PAGE. Web designers build Your website only €20 each page. Tel. 333 / 1953311. WWW.EASYDIPLOMACY.COM. Lavori nel mondo diplomatico? Visita:, contenuti mirati e servizi esclusivi solo per te! L’iscrizione gratuita!

transport BUELL XB9R ‘03 MOTORCYCLE. Excellent condition, 5381km, color white, all original, great deal, €6.000, for more info 332 / 2133214.

travel Gourmet long weekend in Puglia. Oct 28th 2-4 nights. Fabulous meals, cooking lesson, wine and oil tasting, beautiful accommodation. From €332 inc., +39 333 / 7911030.

V.le Parioli, 54 V.le Trastevere Via Cassia 1839 Km.1 Via Cassia 993/995 Via Cassia Km 19.400 Via Cassia, 623 Via Cassia, 698 Via Cassia, 876 Via Cavour, 257 Via Celimontana, 5 Via Del Babuino, 150 Via della Magliana Via della Pace Via Flaminia 229 Via Gramsci, 1/B Via Gregorio VII, 55 Via Isola, 53 C. Palocco Via Marmorata Via Nazionale 7 Via Nomentana Via Orti Farnesina Via Valadier Via Veneto Viale Aventino/Fao

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26 October 2011 Wanted in Rome

For further information tel./fax 066867967, e-mail:, Via dei Falegnami 79 (opposite the Turtle Fountain in Piazza Mattei)

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Wanted in Rome 26 October 2011


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American International Club of Rome

The following cinemas show films in English or original language when available – see daily press for programme details.

tel. 0645447625 –

American Women’s Association of Rome tel. 064825268 – Association of British Expats in Italy

Association of Malaysians in Italy

tel. 389 / 1162161 –

Caledonian Society

Canadian Club of Rome

St Andrew’s Presbyterian Church

Fiamma Multisala

St Patrick’s Church (Roman Catholic)

Via Urbana 47/a, tel. 0645490845 Via Bissolati 47, tel. 06485526



Gay and lesbian international contact group tel. 065413985 – fax 065413971

Via G. Bordoni 59, tel. 065745825

Commonwealth Club of Rome

Via in Lucina 16/g, tel. 066861068

Luncheon Club of Rome tel. 0636307249

Professional Women’s Association

United Nations Women’s Guild tel. 0657053628 –

Welcome Neighbor

tel. 347 / 9313040 –

Nuovo Sacher

Largo Ascianghi 1, tel. 065818116 in original language on Mon when available

The following bookshops and libraries have books in English and other languages as specified.

Bibliothèque Centre Culturel Saint-Louis de France (French) Largo Toniolo 20-22, tel. 066802637

Herder International Book Center (German) Piazza di Montecitorio 117-120, tel. 066794628 –

La Librairie Française de Rome La Procure (French) Piazza S. Luigi dei Francesi 23, tel. 0668307598

Libreria Feltrinelli International

EMERGENCY NUMBERS • Ambulance tel. 118 • Carabinieri tel. 112 • Electricity and water faults (Acea) tel. 800130336 • Fire brigade tel. 115 • Forestry corps (forest fires) tel. 1515 • Gas leaks (Italgas-Eni) tel. 800900999 • Police tel. 113 • Rubbish (Ama) tel. 8008670355

All Saints’ Anglican Church

Via del Babuino 153/b, tel. 0636001881 Sunday service 08.30 and 10.30 Kids Rock children’s service every 2nd and 4th Sunday of the month at midday.

Via XX Settembre 15, tel. 064827510 Opening times: Sat & Sun 10.00-12.30 Tues 10.00-13.00, Wed 15.00-18.00, Fri 13.00-16.00

The Almost Corner Bookshop Via del Moro 45, tel. 065836942

The Anglo American Bookshop Via della Vite 102, tel. 066795222

The Lion Bookshop & Café Via dei Greci 33-36, tel. 0632654007

The Open Door Bookshop (second hand books – English, French, German, Italian) Via della Lungaretta 23, tel. 065896478

CHIAMAROMA 24-hour, multilingual information line for services in Rome, run by the city council.Tel. 060606.


SUPPORT GROUPS Alcoholics Anonymous Archè (HIV+ children and their families) tel. 0677250350 –

Associazione Centro Astalli (Jesuit refugee centre) Via degli Astalli 14/a tel. 0669700306

Associazione Ryder Italia (Support for cancer patients and their families) tel. 065349622/0658204580

Astra (Anti-stalking risk assessment) Caritas soup kitchen (Mensa Giovanni Paolo II) Via delle Sette Sale 30 tel. 0647821098. 11.00-13.30 daily

Caritas foreigners’ support centre Via Zoccolette 19, tel. 066875228 – 066861554

Caritas hostel Via Marsala 109, tel. 064457235

Caritas legal assistance Piazza S. Giovanni in Laterano 6/a, tel. 0669886369

Church of All Nations

Celebrate Recovery Christian group

Lungotevere Michelangelo 7, tel. 069870464

tel. 338 / 1675680

Church of Sweden

Comunità di S. Egidio

Via A. Beroloni 1/e, tel. 068080474 Sunday service 11.15 (Swedish)

Piazza di S. Egidio 3/a, tel. 068992234

Footsteps Inter-Denominational Christian

Via Dandolo 10, tel 065894327 17.00-19.30 Wed, Fri, Sat

South Rome, tel. 0650917621 – 333 / 2284093 North Rome, tel. 0630894371,

Libreria Quattro Fontane (international)

S. Susanna Lending Library

Via Nazionale, corner Via Napoli, tel. 064883339 Sunday service 08.30,10.30 (English), 13.00 (Spanish)

Via Stresa 41, tel. 063014425

International Christian Fellowship

Piazza Navona 90, tel. 0668806950

St Paul’s within-the-Walls (Anglican Episcopal)

Christian Science Services

International Central Gospel Church

Libreria Spagnola Sorgente (Spanish)

Via Boncompagni 31, tel. 064203121 Sunday service 10.00

tel. 066535499 –

Via V. E. Orlando 84, tel. 064827878, Via delle Quattro Fontane 20/a, tel. 064814484

Via XX Settembre 7, tel. 064827627 Sunday service 11.00

tel. 064742913 –


Via XX Settembre 15, tel. 0642014554, Saturday service 18.00. Sunday service 09.00 and 10.30

Nuovo Olimpia

Irish Club of Rome –

Piazza S. Silvestro 1, tel. 066977121 Sunday service 10.00 and 17.30

Cineclub Detour

Circolo di Cultura Mario Mieli

tel. 0633267490 –

S. Silvestro Church (Roman Catholic) S. Susanna Church (Roman Catholic)

Via Merry del Val 14, tel. 065880099 in original language on Mon

International Women’s Club of Rome

Via del Caravita 7 –


Via degli Orti d’Alibert 1/c, tel. 0668192987

St Francis Xavier del Caravita (Roman Catholic)

Via XX Settembre 88, tel. 0655282695

Via Guido Castelnuovo 28, tel. 065594266 Sunday service 11.00

Jesus Cares Ministries

Jewish Community

Tempio Maggiore, Lungotevere Cenci, tel. 066840061

Jewish Reform Group in Rome

Comunità di S. Egidio soup kitchen Information line for the disabled tel. 800271027

Joel Nafuma Refugee Centre St Paul’s within-the-Walls Via Nazionale, corner Via Napoli, tel. 064883339

Mason Perkins Deafness Fund (Support for deaf and deaf-blind children) tel. 0644234511 –

Overeaters Anonymous tel. 064743772

Congregation Lev Chadash, Piazza della Libertà 10 tel. 339 / 3824815, Shabbat services at 10.00, Friday night service once a month

Salvation Army (Esercito della Salvezza)

Lay Centre at Foyer Unitas

Support for elderly victims of crime

Largo della Sanità Militare 60, tel. 067726761

(Italian only) Largo E. Fioritto 2, tel. 0657305104

Lutheran Church

The Samaritans Onlus

Via Toscana 7, corner Via Sicilia 70 tel. 064817519, Sunday service 10.00 (German)

Centro Sociale di Roma “Virgilio Paglieri” Via degli Apuli 41, tel. 064451351

(Confidential telephone helpline for the distressed) tel. 800860022

Ponte S. Angelo Methodist Church Piazza Ponte S. Angelo, tel. 066868314 Sunday service 10.30

Pontifical Irish College

(Roman Catholic) Via dei Santi Quattro 1, tel. 06772631. Sunday service 10.00

Rome Baptist Church

Piazza S. Lorenzo in Lucina 35, tel. 066876652 – 066876211, Sunday service 10.30, 13.00 (Filipino), 16.00 (Chinese)

Rome Buddhist Centre Vihara Via Mandas 2, tel. 0622460091

Rome Mosque (Centro Islamico)

Via della Moschea, tel. 068082167 – 068082258

TRANSPORT • Atac (Rome bus, metro and tram) tel. 800431784, • Ciampino airport tel. 06794941, • Fiumicino airport tel. 0665951, • Taxi tel. 060609 – 065551 – 063570 – 068822 064157 – 066645 – 064994 • Traffic info tel. 1518 • Trenitalia (national railways) tel. 892021

26 October 2011 Wanted in Rome

Wanted in Rome 2011-10-26  
Wanted in Rome 2011-10-26  

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