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26 May 2010

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Poste Italiane Spa. Sped. in abb. post. DL 353/2003 (Conv. in L 27/02/2004 N.46) Art. 1 comma 1 DCB - Roma - 26 maggio 2010, Anno 2, Numero 10.

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no. 10 wednesday 26 May 2010


Cover by Georgina Spengler. Edith Schloss describes Georgina Spengler, the fourth of her invited cover artists, as “a wizard with technique” and “head over heels in love with all the possibilities of paint itself”. Spengler has studied at Boston University School of Fine Arts and at the Corcoran Gallery and School of Art in Washington, D.C. Her most recent show in Rome was at the Temple University Gallery in September 2009 and she is currently showing in Naples at Napolinobilissima. She lives in Rome with her family and dog.

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Hunting for Captain Hardcastle


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26 May 2010



15 What’s on and where to go in Italy

Linda Bordoni

Wanted in Rome


21 June 9 July 2010 

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Wanted in Rome

26 May 2010

politics Conflict on the centre-right James Walston

Umberto Bossi (left), Gianfranco Fini (centre) and Claudio Scajola (below) have all been creating problems for Silvio Berlusconi in recent weeks.

Scandal and in-fighting in the government coalition are undermining its recent victory in regional elections 26 May 2010


t the end of March, Silvio Berlusconi’s centre-right Popolo della Libertà (PdL) and its allies the Lega Nord (LN) won a significant victory in elections in 13 out of the country’s 20 regions. They took four regions from the centre-left, two against all expectations. Not for the first time the prime minister pulled the winning rabbit out of the hat after a month of concentrated campaigning. The result looked like a ringing endorsement of the PdL/LN government coalition and Berlusconi promised that with three years of calm until the next parliamentary elections it would pass a raft of major constitutional reforms, as well as dealing with the everyday business of economic recovery and fighting organised crime. The reforms have been on the table for more than a decade now. The most important for the LN is what it calls “federalism”: fiscal in the first place, and then the devolution of a number of other powers from Rome to the regions. There are no details of what federalism might mean in practice, but the party leader, Umberto Bossi, is very clear that the LN’s support for the government is conditional upon the reforms being passed. Linked to the introduction of federalism is a proposed revision of the powers of the two chambers of parliament to reduce the number of members and make the senate, or upper house, into a “Chamber of the Regions” with different responsibilities. Berlusconi himself wants to see a reform of the executive, making Italy into a presidential republic (like the United States) or introducing a semi-presidential system (like France), or at least increasing the prime minister’s powers. He also wants to reform the judiciary and reduce its powers over the executive and parliament. In theory, he has the majority and the time to do it. But as so often happens in politics, these plans have gone rapidly awry. The grumbling row between Berlusconi and the PdL’s co-founder, Gianfranco Fini, came to a spectacular head when the two men had a stand-up row in front of the television cameras at the party’s national executive in April. Then one of Berlusconi’s closest allies and most competent organisers, economic development minister Claudio Scajola, was forced to resign after it emerged that a friendly businessman had contributed €900,000 to the purchase of a flat in Rome. Finally, as official commemorations for next year’s 150th anniversary of Italian unification got underway at the beginning of May, the LN said it was not going to celebrate anything. The Scajola scandal should have been a brief glitch in a comic setting. Magistrates investigating alleged corruption involving the civil protection department discovered that one of the businessmen involved gave Scajola cheques for 60 per cent of the cost of his 180 sqm flat near the Colosseum. Resigning, Scajola declared: “Should I ascertain that my house had been partially paid for by others for reasons or interests unknown to myself I would ask my lawyers to annul the contract.” American politicians used to say that unexplained money came from a “tin box” left by their grandmother; this is the first time that a politician claims someone else paid for his house unbeknown to him. But Scajola’s resignation is not the end of the story; the civil protection scandal involves others in the government and there is talk that other ministers are at risk. Once again, there is more than a whiff of corruption and it will not go away easily. The row between Berlusconi and Fini is potentially even more damaging. It has never been a secret that the two men have a strong personal antipathy towards each other and over the last couple of years the contrast has become political as well. It was Fini’s thinktank FareFuturo that blew the whistle last year over the bimbo candidates for the European elections; Fini himself has spoken up in favour of integrating immigrants more fully and more effectively and there is a bipartisan bill put forward by a Fini lieutenant, Fabio Granata, which would make it much easier for children of immigrants to take Italian citizenship (at the moment they have to wait until they are 18). Above all, Fini cannot accept Berlusconi’s dominance of policy and the party’s agenda. Cont. on page 13.

Wanted in Rome


IRISH PUB Irish owned

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Wanted in Rome

26 May 2010


Hunting for Captain Hardcastle Alexandra Richardson


n January 1921 when Alexander Hardcastle first set foot in Italy, no “unhappiness”, “changes” were the terse words most often used. one – least of all he himself – quite knew what was in store. The Beyond that, they simply drew the curtain. And then, at last, came the age of the Grand Tour by then was over. And he was nearing midlife-changing move to Italy. dle age. Yet the work that he was about to embark upon at Agrigento’s As he settled into his new surroundings, Hardcastle, aged 49, was Valley of the Temples would be ambitious, inspiring and very much in not only blessed with a blinding passion for this prime Greek settlethe mould of the English gentlemen-traveller of yesteryear. At the site ment in the western Mediterranean. He was also graced with excepof this ancient Greek settlement by the shores of southern Sicily, tionally deep pockets thanks to a generous settlement from his father. Hardcastle swiftly began a bold and sustained excavation and restoraHe would remain a very guarded and private sort of man, but he did tion campaign such as it had never seen. The sad piles of rocks that start writing letters and most of them still survive in the dusty archives once formed part of the Temples of Herakles rose again in a handsome of the Sovrintendenze of Agrigento, Palermo, Rome and Florence. He line of eight columns. Digging and clearing would reveal the full wrote profusely to the great archaeologists of the day including Pirro perimeter walls of that settlement and help determine the true scale of Marconi, Paolo Orsi, Roberto Paribeni and others. And in this wealth the place. Roadways linking one area to another were discovered. of correspondence, it is not only the details of his projects and dreams Repairs would bring a halt to further derelic– resurrecting all eight of those columns of the tion of the relics and remains. Further treasures Temples of Herakles, finding and restoring the from the earth were to be uncovered and propperimeter walls of the Greek settlement, erly displayed. Good deeds on behalf of uncovering ancient roads, seeking the elusive Agrigento’s direly poor community would theatre, shoring up the decrepit city museum – diminish its misery. that come to life, but also his character. He At the very beginning, though, Hardcastle’s thunders at the autorità when he is angry or personal compass arrow pointed neither to Italy frustrated, is meek and apologetic to the Valley nor to archaeology. If anything, it tilted rather custodians for not curbing his temptation to generically, there in the gracious precincts of dig, is compassionate when a workman is sick. London’s Belgravia where he was born, in the Then, there are the ecstatic letters from Viterbo direction of prosperity and comfort and possibly where he went every summer to escape the heat nothing more. In his youth, he wafted through of Sicily and where he engaged in further the many grand country mansions of his prolific archaeological projects such as restoring the family, easing into a gilded education just outTheatre of Ferento. side London and on into countless military staAs Hardcastle neared his 60th birthday tionings both in England and abroad. with so many triumphs under his belt and the Such were the bare-boned facts to hand honour of being made a Commendatore to about Hardcastle’s life. To embark on a fullprove it, life fast took a tragic turn. The 1929 scale biography of the man would require more Wall Street crash had taken place and, like the information. Far more. On the surface, one finances of so many, his, too, teetered. The would think that there was plenty of material final blow for him occurred between late 1932 available. Yet that was not the case for the eluand early 1933: from one day to the next, his sive Captain Hardcastle. bank in London failed and closed down comFront cover of Alexandra Richardson’s book In the first two-thirds of his life, he left no pletely. From patrician, over night Hardcastle which she is presenting in Rome on 26 June. convenient breadcrumb trail, Hansel and Gretelwas now a pauper, no longer able to finance style, to point the way; no cache of frayed and yellowed letters home to further archaeological work. At Kew where the magnificent old redhis siblings on which to draw. And he never married either, so there were leather registry books of the British consulate at Palermo are kept, the no direct descendants with quarries of handed-down lore to trawl. hunt for Captain Hardcastle comes to a close. It is there, amongst those Yet the remarkable Hardcastle did leave behind a vast and indelible awesome volumes, that one turns to the pages of the recorded incomimprint in the latter part of his life, in both southern Sicily and Viterbo, ing Christmas-period correspondence of 1932-1933. One by one, the right up until 1933, the year of his death. And it would provide part of frantic notes from his brother, the Reverend Henry Robert Hardcastle, the story of what drew this well-born Londoner south to Italy at the dire who was living with him in Italy, were all duly noted in the registry end of the Great War, to the poorest province of the entire country, pages, charting Alexander’s downward spiral into madness. Then the Agrigento, beset by dramatic problems of its own. Still, it was only a consular entries go blank. part of the story. Hardcastle died scarcely weeks later after his admission into the From Harrow School Hardcastle went straight into a military career. local insane asylum and was buried in the far corner of Agrigento’s He served in the Royal Engineers in Singapore and in South Africa durBonamorone cemetery, with a little oval window at the head of his ing the Boer War, making his way up the ladder to the rank of captain. tomb. The window looks out onto his beloved Valley of the Temples All these details were to be found in the meticulous records held at and its magnificent Greek remains. Chatham and at the National Archives at Kew. On any given day of his The writer is the author of a recently published biography, Passionate career, one knew from the painstaking notations exactly where he was Patron: The Life of Alexander Hardcastle and the Greek Temples of stationed, what his pay was, when he was on leave. But nothing, of Agrigento, Archaeopress, Oxford, November 2009. She will be lecturing on course, about what he was thinking or feeling. Hardcastle on 26 June at 16.00 at All Saints’ Anglican Church, Via del Those personal details were charted more sparingly by his family, Babuino 153/b; tel. 0636001881 for details. She can be contacted at writing letters to one another, along with albums, which survive and are for details about further Rome lecture venues held by a family descendant in Ireland. Most sparing of all were the in October. The book will also be available from The Almost Corner Book particulars that Hardcastle’s family shared concerning his devastating Store, Via del Moro 45, tel. 065836942. mental breakdown in the early months of the Boer War. “Difficulties”, 26 May 2010

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Wanted in Rome

26 May 2010

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26 May 2010

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MANZONI AREA. Small, furnished studio flat, €550 monthly for at least 6 months. Email: MLD CASSIA. Overseas school, elegant complex, condominium, 24 hour guard, immersed in greenery, completely restored, large entrance, double living room, 3 bedrooms, small bedroom, 3 bathrooms, live-in kitchen, large terraces, parking box. €2.300. Tel. 065916760, MLD CORTINA D’AMPEZZO. Very prestigious apartment, double entrance, triple living room, dining room, 4 bedrooms, study, 4 bathrooms, kitchen, equipped terraces, 2 annexed studio apartments, double garage, semi-furnished. €3.500. Tel. 065916760, MLD GARBATELLA. Piazza S. Eurosia, finely restructured, sunny, living room, 2 bedrooms, bathroom, kitchen, furnished, €1.300. Tel. 065916760, MLD HISTORIC CENTRE - MONTI. Very prestigious, nicely restored, large living room with exposed beamed ceilings, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, finely and elegantly furnished, autonomous heating, A/C, €1.600. Tel. 065916760, MLD NUOVO SALARIO. Elegant complex, prestigious condominium, swimming pool, nicely restored, large living room, 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, equipped kitchen, balconies, unfurnished, parking box, €1.800. Other, living room, 3 bedrooms, balconies, unfurnished, €1.200. Tel. 065916760, MLD SERAFICO. Via Baldovinetti, in elegant condominium complex with doorman, finished to very high standards, large entrance hall, double living room, 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, live-in kitchen, terraces, garage, cellar. €2.300. Tel. 065916760, MLD SERAFICO. Via Luigi Lilio, in elegant condominium complex, finished to high standards, living room, 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, kitchen, large terrace. €1.700. Other, living room, 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, €1.500. Tel. 065916760, MLD TORRINO - PIAZZALE CINA. Living room, 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, kitchen, large terrace, garage, furnished, €1.500. Other, large living room, 3 bedrooms. €2.500. Tel. 065916760, MONTEVERDE VECCHIO - POERIO. Lovely penthouse, large terrace, exceptional view over Rome, unfurnished, living room, 2 bedrooms, fireplace, A/C, €2.200. Same street, 3 bedrooms, large balcony, view, €1.700. Tel. 065813452, MONTEVERDE. In a quiet and very nice location, semi-furnished penthouse, 85 sqm, large sitting room with fireplace, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, 35 sqm-terrace, good condition. Ref 6. Other: 100 sqm. Tel. 0654211074, MONTEVERDE. 90 sqm, 2nd floor with terrace, newly restored, furnished, living room with fireplace, 2 bedrooms, bathroom, kitchen. Property International 0657284503,, MONTI - NEAR VIA NAZIONALE. Historic centre, 1 bedroom, king-size bed, sitting room, large kitchen, bathroom, shower, A/C, washing machine. Tel. 339 / 5381750, MONTI PARIOLI. 230 sqm apartment, 4th floor, lift, doorman, large balcony, triple reception room, 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, bedroom with bathroom, kitchen, garage, storage space, A/C, €5.000 + condominium. Tel. 0668806057. MONTI. Furnished 1 bedroom, bathroom, sunny living room, new kitchen, parquet, close to Metro. Refs 803/1085/1158/888. Tel. 063212341. NAVONA. 85 sqm, entrance, living room, dining room, bedroom, kitchen, sunny, doorman. Ref 1137. Tel. 063212341. NAVONA. Charming split-level, 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, living room, kitchen, parquet, sunny, silent. Ref 198. Tel. 063212341.

NEAR VATICAN - GREGORIO VII. Prestigious, spacious, 170 sqm, bright upper floor, well furnished apartment, 2 entrances, large hall, double living / dining room, 2 double bedrooms, 1 single, 2 brand new bathrooms, 1 hydromassage, live-in kitchen, liveable surrounding balconies, porter, lift, telephone, TV, central heating, Air Conditioning, all amenities. Only referenced parties. €2.300 monthly. Please phone owner 0639377067, 335 / 5384976, for photos: NEMORENSE. 150 sqm, 3 bedrooms, large living room, 2 bathrooms, kitchen, small balcony, equipped kitchen. Ref. 685. Tel. 063212341. NOMENTANA - ATTIC. 280 sqm, 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, new kitchen, 2 panoramic terraces, garage, doorman. Refs 1127/420. Tel. 063212341. OLGIATA. Semi-detached villa, 500 sqm, 5 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, vast living / dining room, fireplace, furnished kitchen, den, vast hobby room, 1.200 sqm park, double garage. Tel. Edwards 068610871, OSTIENSE - CLOSE TO METRO. Restored and semi-furnished apartment, 85 sqm, 5th floor, living room, 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, kitchen. Ref 49. Tel. 0654211074, OSTIENSE - PIRAMIDE - GARBATELLA. Ostiense, next to Garbatella underground station, 50 sqm, newly restored, Bright, overlooking Centrale Montemartini and Gazometro, silent, finely furnished and fully equipped for 2 + couch-bed, bathroom, living room with kitchenette, closet, balcony, TV, washing machine, independent heating. €1.000 Monthly. €2.000 Deposit. +39.3486441041, More details can be found on: PANTHEON. Furnished studio in historic building, living room, kitchenette, bathroom. Refs 189/414. Tel. 063212341. PARIOLI - MONTI PARIOLI. Elegant condominium, 80 sqm on 2 levels, living room, kitchen, bedroom, 2 bathrooms, furnished, 2 balconies, parking space, A/C, €2.000. Tel. 065919125, PARIOLI - MUSE. Lovely duplex penthouse, 170 sqm, 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, living / dining room, study, 50 sqm terrace, furnished kitchen, car-port. Tel. Edwards 068610871, PARIOLI - MUSE. Elegant 140 sqm apartment, 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, living / dining room, ample balcony, large furnished kitchen, garage. Tel. Edwards 068610871, PARIOLI. Beautiful, elegant, 160 sqm apartment, 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, living / dining room, terrace, maid’s quarters, furnished kitchen, car-port. Tel. Edwards 068610871, PARIOLI. 220 sqm, spacious, 4 bedrooms, living room, dining room, study, maid’s room, parquet floors, doorman, garage. Ref 1073/1125/1146. Tel. 063212341. PARIOLI. Spacious, 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, living room, study / dining room, new kitchen, doorman, A/C, parking. Refs 1135/664/1145. Tel. 063212341. PIAZZA DEL POPOLO. Beautiful, unfurnished, living room, study, 2 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, equipped kitchen, terraces, €3.700 including condominium for August. Tel. Fidia Immobiliare 0639736426.

26 May 2010

PIAZZA NAVONA. 2nd and top floor, steplift, living room, 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, kitchen, balconies, Individual gas heating. Tel. 335 / 299705, PIAZZA S. GIOVANNI, VIA TASSO. 1 bedroom, 50 sqm modern renovation, auto heat and AC, wireless, patio, fully furnished. Available mid June. €1.100 month. PIAZZA VENEZIA. Large open space living room, 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, study, 3 panoramic terraces. Ref 974. Tel. 063212341. POPOLO. Elegant, 2 bedrooms, double living room, high ceilings, fireplace, 2 bathrooms, kitchen, parquet. Ref 1014. Tel. 063212341. POPOLO. 1 bedroom, bathroom, living room, kitchen, private terrace. Refs 1110/861. Tel. 063212341. PORTA METRONIA. Furnished apartment overlooking quiet archaeological park, living room, 2 bedrooms, live-in kitchen, bathroom, 2 balconies, 80 sqm. Tel. 333 / 2210781. PRATI - VATICANO. Unfurnished, restructured attic, living room, 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, terraces, €2.300. Tel. Fidia Immobiliare 0639736426. PRATI. Walk to Spanish steps, beautifully furnished 1 bedroom apartment, 45 sqm. €1.100. Tel. 065813452, PRATI. 120 sqm, furnished, 2 bedrooms, living room, kitchen, bathroom. High, sunny floor with elevator. Ref 212. Tel. 063212341. ROME CENTRE. Monteverde, Trastevere, Parioli, Aventino, various apartments, furnished or unfurnished. Tel. 0652205391, ROME SWEET HOME - HISTORIC CENTRE. Lets to companies and private individuals. Exclusive locations. Apartments, 1 - 2 - 3 bedrooms, completely furnished, maid service, utilities included, special rates for monthly lets., Tel. 066990667 - 335 / 7713580. S. GIOVANNI. Renovated, furnished, 2 bedrooms, living room, bathroom, spacious kitchen, sunny, near metro, FAO. Ref 912. Tel. 063212341. SPAGNA - MARGUTTA. 160 sqm, entrance, living room, dining room, large kitchen, 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, parquet floors. Ref 154/1074. Tel. 063212341. SPAGNA. Spacious, 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, high ceilings, small terrace, bright, A/C. Ref 1116. Tel. 063212341. ST. PETER’S. Restored 2 bedrooms, living room, bathroom, kitchen, balcony, parquet floors. Ref 578. Tel. 063212341.

TESTACCIO. 65 sqm, 1 bedroom, living room, large equipped kitchen, storage room, balcony, parquet, furnished, satellite TV, DVD, washing-machine, dishwasher, armoured door, very nice, quiet, bright, 3rd floor, no lift, €1.200 per month all inclusive. 1 year renewable. Available mid-June. Tel. 0657055464 (office hours), 340 / 3933410. TESTACCIO. 75 sqm, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, living room, beautifully restored, internet, A/C. Ref 259. Tel. 063212341. TRASTEVERE - ATTIC. 140 sqm, 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, living room, dining room, kitchen, large private terrace. Refs 320/1120. Tel. 063212341. TRASTEVERE - NEAR S. MARIA. Restructured, characteristic, bright, quiet, furnished, 1 or 2 rooms. Tel. 065881548, TRASTEVERE - NEAR S. MARIA. Two apartments on 2nd and 3rd floor, unfurnished, restructured, panoramic, approximately 80 sqm, 1 or 2 bedrooms, bathroom, kitchen, large reception room, no lift. Tel. 065882886, TRASTEVERE - S. MARIA. Delicious studio apartment, nice furniture, full equipment, internet, WiFi, washing machine, bright, view of Gianicolo, high floor, lift, large living / bedroom, eat-in kitchen, bathroom, accommodates 2. €1.100 monthly all inclusive. Tel. 348 / 5548069, TRASTEVERE. Small, quiet, very nice studio apartment, fully furnished, available 7 - 27 May, private. Pictures and information on: €400. TRASTEVERE. Near S. Maria. Characteristic, luminous, quiet, 2-split-level apartments, furnished and fully equipped, 1st floor, kitchen, stairs to dining room, sitting room and bathroom area. Other stairs to bedroom under a wooden beamed ceiling, €1.400 + expenses. Photos available. Tel. 338 / 3307949, TRASTEVERE. Nice, bright, furnished apartment, 130 sqm, 4th floor, sitting room, 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, kitchen, storage, walk-in cabinet, A/C. Tel. 0654211074, 0654649582, Ref 34. TRASTEVERE. 150 sqm, characteristic, fully furnished, on 2 levels with terrace, living room, 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, eat-in kitchen. Tel. Property International 0657284503,, TRASTEVERE. Very special townhouse in quiet area, small terrace, living room, fireplace, 2 bedrooms. €1.800. Also lovely garden apartment on 2 levels, living room, fireplace, 2 bedrooms, A/C, country atmosphere, quiet. €2.200. Tel. 065813452,

TRASTEVERE. Studio apartment, €600. Also Monteverde Vecchio / Park Sciarra, newly restored, garden and terrace, well furnished, living room, 1 bedroom. €950. Tel. 065813452, TRASTEVERE. 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, large living room, dining room, kitchen, high ceilings, sunny. Refs 1106/883/802. Tel. 063212341. TRASTEVERE. Living room, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, terrace, doorman. Refs 1058/1060. Tel. 063212341. TRIESTE - ATTIC. Spacious, 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, living room, kitchen, balconies, bright, quiet. Ref 1082. Tel. 063212341. VATICAN. Furnished, 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, living room, spacious kitchen, balconies, A/C, parking. Ref 600. Tel. 063212341. VIA MERULANA. Restored, furnished apartment, 60 sqm, 5th floor, lift, available from June, negotiable short term contract. €1.300. Tel. 333 / 3802250, VIGNA CLARA - PONTE MILVIO. Charming completely furnished, 30 sqm, studio apartment, 1 bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, €600 monthly all included. Tel. 063293232, 339 / 8466643. VIGNA CLARA. Near Marymount School. Bright 120 sqm apartment, 2 bedrooms, main bathroom, vast living / dining room, large balcony, maid’s quarters, furnished kitchen, garage, partial A/C. Tel. Edwards 068610871, VIGNA CLARA. 250 sqm, bright, 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, spacious living room, dining room, terrace, quiet, swimming pool. Ref 653. Tel. 063212341. VILLA BORGHESE. Loft, 2 bedrooms, terrace, private parking, located in spectacular private villa. Ref 1154. Tel. 063212341. VILLA PAMPHILI. Beautiful 200-sqm apartment, completely renovated, 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, living / dining room, lovely 50 sqm terrace, maid’s quarters, double car-port. Tel. Edwards 068610871,

Accommodation Vacant out of Town AMELIA - 90 KM FROM ROME. In historical centre, two independent completely furnished houses, amazing view, on main square and countryside. The first is 140 sqm, sleeps 4 + 2. €500. The other is 70 sqm, sleeps 4. €365. Tel. 068415411, 349 / 8104148, APPIA ANTICA. Archaeological area Capo di Bove, farmhouse, 1st floor, 80 sqm, quiet, fully equipped, bedroom, bathroom with shower, A/C, live-in kitchen, living room, autonomous heating, parking space, 15 minutes walk to bus 660, well connected with Metro A. Please call 349 / 3673735.

LAGO DEL SALTO (RIETI). 100 km from Rome, furnished, 2-storey villa, 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, kitchen, living room with fireplace, 2 terraces and garden with lake view, sleeps 10. Yearly rental €6.000, also monthly rentals. Tel. 065836963 - 349 / 5204272. MONTE PORZIO CATONE. Attic in villa on Tuscolo hill 3 km from highway with striking panorama on Rome, living room, 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 5 balconies, storage. Cell. 334 / 6315203, €1.000/month. TIVOLI - MANDELA. 50 km from Rome, apartment in old castle, living room, bedroom, unfurnished, €240 + €40 condominium. Tel. 066786400. ZAGAROLO. 20 miles centre Rome, attractive country house, 2 floors, 4 bedrooms with private bathroom, large kitchen, sitting room, dining room, garden, fine views, 1/2 mile from local town, 1 mile local station, 30 minutes train ride Rome main station, €1.100. Tel. 347 / 7037894.

Bed & Breakfast NAVONA. Antique art gallery, now charming flats. Superb location, quiet, cosy, sleeps 8 people. Tel. 347 / 3884032,,

Holiday Accommodation CORFU GREECE. Country house near beach in olive grove sleeps up to 6 please email or call evenings 0039065133950. NEAR TIBURTINA STATION. Two nice flats (1 with garden) close to each other, €30 nightly per person. Tel. 335 / 263070,,

Property for Sale in Town AURELIA ANTICA - PLEASANT COMPLEX. Aurelia Antica/Pisana, 135 sqm, bright and quiet, completely refurbished, in pleasant complex with gardens and trees. Double living room, 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, autonomous heating, terrace, basement, garage. Convenient for St Peter’s and Fiumicino Airport. Pics available. €710.000 - AURELIA ANTICA - PLEASANT COMPLEX. Via della Pisana, 140 sqm., bright and quiet, completely refurbished, in pleasant complex with gardens and trees. Double living room, 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, autonomous heating, terrace, basement, garage. Convenient for St Peter’s and Fiumicino Airport. Pics available. €710.000 -

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Estate Agent, Selling and Renting Assistance with House Documents English, Spanish, French spoken Tel. 066871301 - 335 / 7106545

26 May 2010

Wanted in Rome


Specialty Relocation and Real Estate Services

Via Margutta 13 (Piazza di Spagna) tel. Sabrina 349.590.7149 Katia 328.69.42.691

BALDUINA - NEAR PIAZZALE DELLE MEDAGLIE D’ORO. Attic, 200 sqm, to restructure, entrance hall and corridor, large living room, 4 bedrooms, kitchen, 2 bathrooms, balconies and 90-sqm terrace, €1.350.000. Tel. 349 / 3251361, BALDUINA. Via Pereira, fully furnished apartment, 48 sqm, ground floor, bright, living room, bedroom, kitchenette, bathroom, €1.000. Tel. 349 / 3251361, PORTO DI ROMA. 4 large bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, kitchen, 3 balconies, sea view, furnishings included, interesting price. Tel. 349 / 8514436, 0656030047. TRASTEVERE - NEAR S. MARIA. Characteristic apartment, 120 sqm on 2 levels, living room with fireplace, dining room, 2 bedrooms, kitchen, 2 bathrooms, balcony, finished to luxury standards, €1.300.000. Tel. 349 / 3251361, VIA PIAVE - ROME. 120 sqm apartment, 4 rooms, 1 bathroom, large kitchen, lift. No agencies. Tel. 380 / 5894987.

Property for Sale out of Town TOSCANA - LUCCA CAMAIORE. 10 km from the sea, surrounded by 6 hectares of greenery, nice cottage, 2 floors, 120 sqm, completely restored, living room with fireplace, large kitchen, 3 bedrooms, bathrooms, €550.000. Tel. 335 / 7106545, TOSCANA - LUCCA COUNTRYSIDE. Old farmhouse, completely restored, 3 floors, 450 sqm, already divided into 2 apartments. 3.000 sqm farmland with swimming pool, joining separate house 2 floors, 150 sqm, restored, large living room, 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, suitable for Bed & Breakfast. Tel. 335 / 7106545,

Rooms and Flat Shares BALDUINA. 4 large single rooms in prestigious apartment with park views, furnished, use of kitchen, well connected. Tel. 347 / 4429108. DAILY OFFICE RENTAL. Elegant meeting room for daily rental located in Via Montello near RAI offices. Free wireless internet connection, private bathroom, secretarial assistance. Euro 150 + 20% Telephone: Tel: +39 06 45547969 Cell: + 39 346 8706338. METRO S. GIOVANNI. Panoramic, top floor, view of S. Giovanni statues, bright, comfortable, restored room, €600 monthly including bills, linen, maid service. Free wireless adsl connection and local calls. Shared kitchen and bathroom. 25 sqm-terrace. Pictures on request. Tel. 333 / 7490206, PARIOLI. From 1 June, single room in apartment, with lovely garden, Via B. Oriani, shared bathroom, kitchen, wireless. €650, all included. Tel. 339 / 1419145, ROOM IN EUR NEAR METRO B. One room, bath and shared kitchen, in quiet and green area near the Metro EUR Palasport. FAO and ROMA 3 University are not far. The flat is in Viale dell’Umanesimo 307. One person and little dog are living in, Free from June 1st.


Wanted in Rome

TRASTEVERE. Near Isola Tiberina, single room in apartment, quiet, bright, shared kitchen, splendid terrace. I am at home only 2/3 days a week. Available from August. €850 per month. Tel. 338 / 4052106, email: VIALE TRASTEVERE. Comfortable room with own bathroom and use of kitchen in large apartment by Viale Trastevere. Tel. 338 / 6314646,

Berlitz Language Centers in Rome and Milan are currently seeking Adults’ and Summer Camp teachers.

Short Lets ACCOMMODATION NEAR VATICAN. Comfortable 45 sqm apartment. Living room, bedroom, kitchen with balcony, bathroom. Air conditioned, internet, lift. Even monthly, 20 min by train to WFP. APARTMENTS, HOUSES. Linen service, minimum deposit. Tel. 0648930557, tel. / fax 0648976525 office hours, i n f o @ f l a t i n r o m e . c o m , CAMPO DE’ FIORI - SPAGNA NAVONA. Pantheon, Trastevere, Prati. Fully-furnished apartments, 1 week minimum. Many other possiblities. Tel. / fax 0648905897,, NAVONA. Antique art gallery, now charming flats. Superb location, quiet, cosy, sleeps 8 people, A/C, wireless internet. Tel. 347 / 3884032,, NAVONA. Nice apartment, 1 large bedroom, double bed, small living room, beautiful terrace, A/C, TV, internet, Summer low price. Tel. 339 / 3998083. PANTHEON - PONTE MILVIO. Nice studios, period building, new and well decorated, fully equipped, kitchen corner, double bedroom, bathroom, air conditioning or fan, internet, TV. Long term too. Tel. 348 / 9792106, PIAZZA BOLOGNA - METRO B. Delightful, 80 sqm, renovated apartment, furnished, 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, equipped kitchen, living / dining area, terrace, A/C, WiFi. Available May - Sept. Also available as 60 sqm, 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom. Tel. +39 339 / 1893445, ROME SWEET HOME - HISTORIC CENTRE. Short lets to companies and private individuals. Exclusive locations. Apartments, 1 - 2 - 3 bedrooms, completely furnished, maid service, utilities included, special rates for monthly lets., Tel. 066990667 - 335 / 7713580. ST PETER’S. Studio apartment, furnished, A/C, WiFi, short or long periods. €40 single, €70 couple. €800 - €1.000 per month. Tel. 347 / 3101278 (Ital), 329 / 8041115 (Eng), TRASTEVERE VIALE GLORIOSO. Quiet, comfortable, 70 sqm, 2 bedrooms, living room, kitchen, bathroom, furnished, linen, washing machine, dishwasher, wifi internet access, all comforts, suitable for 2 to 6 people. Minimum 3 nights, discounts for monthly rentals. Tel. 00393494962562,

• Outgoing, enthusiastic, reliable people required to join our ever-growing team of teachers. Fancy a change, come and join the fun at Berlitz Summer Camps! June-July in Tuscany (2 weeks minimum) Fixed pay includes accommodation and food. Please contact: Louise Thorne at - -

TRASTEVERE. Small, quiet, very nice studio apartment, fully furnished, available 7 - 27 May, private. Pictures and information on: €400. TRASTEVERE. Sunny, silent, well equipped apartment, living room with kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, for max 2 persons. Tel. 346 / 2289145, TRASTEVERE. Charmingly furnished 1.600 sq/ft apartment, 1 bedroom, 2 studies, 1 1/2 bathrooms, available June 10, 2010 - Feb 10, 2011. $2.500 per month. Min 2 months - max 6 months. Non-smokers, no students. Refs. Tel. 0658303152,

Jobs Vacant ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT. An international travel company is looking for seasonal (February-November) part-time administrative help in its Rome office. See more information at ENGLISH/GERMAN SPEAKER WANTED - URGENT. Global leader in shareholder communications seeks bilingual people English / German resident in Rome with good / basic knowledge of Italian for temporary (one month) parttime collaboration. The candidate should have excellent organizational skills, strong sense of responsibility, a good ability to communicate and have a good knowledge of Microsoft Office. Banking background and understanding of the Financial Markets would be preferable but not essential. It is preferable that the candidate already lives in Rome. To apply please send CV to or contact tel. 0642171405. ESTABLISHED LANGUAGE SCHOOL. in Rome seeks mother tongue, certified EFL instructors for part-time / full-time positions teaching English to adults and children. Send CV to

IRISH PUB IN THE CENTRE OF ROME is looking for an experienced person, preferably English mother tongue. JCU ADMISSIONS COUNSELOR. John Cabot University, a regionally accredited American university in Rome, is looking for a candidate to fill the position of Admissions Counselor. The position entails responding daily to admissions email inboxes, forwarding appropriate communications/applications to respective counselors, providing front line services for walk in prospects as well as phone calls, offering scheduled tours of the campus and to walk in visitors, and maintaining and up-keeping a large database of current and potential students. The ideal candidate will have some experience with clerical work, have excellent English written and oral communication skills, must demonstrate great interpersonal skills and the ability to work efficiently and effectively as part of a team, must be extremely precise with excellent attention to detail and must be able to multi-task. All applicants must be native English speakers and possess valid EU working documents in Italy. Please send your (English only) CV and cover letter to with subject line “Admissions Counselor”. Only short-listed applicants will be contacted. LADYBIRD’S PLAYGROUP. Looking for energetic, enthusiastic, immaginative mothertongue English speaker to facilitate toddlers group, 12 hrs per week, Mon pm, Wed & Fri am, email:, MOTHER-TONGUE ENGLISH. Only for part time assistant manager with excellent organizational skills, strong sense of responsibility, qualified, experience and good writing is required for a part-time position in a well established company. Please email: PART TIME JOB WITH CHILDREN. Cultural Association seeks young people English mother tongue. Good knowledge of Italian is required. Send your c.v. SCUOLA MATERNA - ROMA. Scuola materna cerca insegnante di lingua inglese con esperienza bimbi 3-5 anni. Inviare CV e recapiti a: TOUR COORDINATOR. Tour operator in Rome seeks tour coordinator for immediate start. Must be punctual and reliable with flexible schedule. Personal transportation a plus, English and Italian language skills a must, Spanish a plus. PART TIME. Please send your CV with a photo to

26 May 2010

FREE ADS ADS IN THE FOLLOWING CATEGORIES ARE FREE. 20 words maximum. Free ads must be submitted through our website at Jobs Wanted ads may no longer be submitted through our offices. Space permitting free classified advertisements placed on our website will be downloaded and published in the magazine, but only if they include contact details. Gli annunci nelle seguenti rubriche sono gratuiti. Non devono superare le 20 parole. Gli annunci gratuiti dovranno essere trasmessi esclusivamente tramite il sito Non si accettano più quelli della categoria Jobs Wanted nei nostri uffici. Gli annunci gratuiti verranno pubblicati nella rivista solo se completi di contatti e secondo lo spazio disponibile.

Accommodation Wanted APARTMENT IN ROME. Searching for fully furnished apartment, 70-100 sqm, terrace, close metro B, available from September / October, long-term rental, contact:

Animals PET SITTING. Pet sitting. Tel. 347 / 9511470. YORKSHIRE TOY 2,7 KG. Yorkshire Toy adults 2.7 kg - rate 550 euro. Tel. 333 / 1953311.

Events 10 DAYS X 10 EUROS BIKRAM YOGA. Sweat, laugh and do more for your health and body than you ever imagined possible! English classes available. RECYCLING / GARAGE SALE! Come and Sell... Come and Buy! Polisportivo, Via de Casal Palocco. May 29th. 9 - 18 hrs. Call Sara for table 333 / 8466820. THE CONCERT. Whistle Fabrizio De André and enjoy the soirée. Truly Marco.

Exchanges ANY JOB. Free conversation on yoga and its aspects in exchange for coffee. No hanky panky. Please call 389 / 9818703 or ENGLISH-ITALIAN / SPANISH EXCHANGE. Hi! I’m a writer / curator / teacher living in Rome, hoping to improve my Italian / Spanish; more info :). FREE CONVERSATION EXCHANGE. Hello, I’m a teacher and I’d like to have free English / Italian conversation exchange. Tel. 334 / 3583595. Corrado. I CAN HELP WITH ITALIAN. Let me help you improve your Italian. In exchange you can help me practise English. Francesco

26 May 2010

LOOKING 4 MOTHERTONGUE ENGLISH. I’m Italian, looking for someone to have high level conversation in English and Italian. Tel. 333 / 7334549, MY SPANISH 4 UR ITALIAN. My Spanish or my English 4 ur Italian. Spanish is my mother tongue.

Health / Fitness 10 DAYS X 10 EUROS BIKRAM YOGA. Sweat, laugh and do more for your health and body than you ever imagined possible! English classes available. ADS AMERICAN DENTAL STUDIOS. Open in August. Team of 3 dentists, hygienist & assistant. Via delle Terme di Tito 92 (80 m metro Colosseo) or our Infernetto studio, American dentist is available for emergencies every day. We provide complete dental care with the latest dental technology and our new colleague offers free cosmetic surgery consultation, including laser, botox, fillers, peeling etc. Appointment only. Tel. 333 / 9061799,, AMERICAN PSYCHOLOGIST. Individual psychotherapy. All mental health issues. 20 years’ clinical practice. Metro Cipro and Metro Manzoni. Rose Kazma 0639742957, 333 / 5822808. AYURVEDIC OIL MASSAGE. Masseuse good experience my studio / your hotel. Sundays avail. Tel. 340 / 9698914. BIG SAVINGS ON ACAI LIQUID. Acai Liquid is most beneficial, compare and buy products at discounted price at CHEAP BEAUTY SERVICES. Finnish hairdresser, make-up artist and nail technician. Contact me by phone: 345 / 6949844 or by e-mail: Services only for women! Janita. CORE-BASED PERSONAL TRAINING. Improve strength, posture, flexibility, coordination, breathing. Dance degree, massage license & 10 years gym teaching experience., tel. 339 / 5399550. LEARN THAI FOOT MASSAGE. 2-day course: Sat / Sun 12-13 June. Tel. 339 / 1237179; LEARN THAI YOGA MASSAGE. 4-day course: 19-20 June. Tel. 339 / 1237179; MAKEUP ARTIST. Makeup artist available for weddings, day / evening / special occasions / if you want to look great call me at 328 / 8148949. MAMA AND BABY YOGA. Exercise, stretch, relax and rejoice together! info: MANICURE PEDICURE. Manicure. Pedicure. Tel. 347 / 9511470. MASSAGE AT YOUR HOME HOTEL. Oriental masseur 7/24 Expert Cellulitis Total Relax, women 30/H. men: 60/H. Tel. 347 / 7244003. MASSAGES ALSO SUNDAYS. Massages for sport people, beauty, little pains, relax, studio close to Vatican museums, ayurvedic, californian, lomi lomi nui, thay. Tel. 340 / 9340064.

NY-LICENSED MASSAGE THERAPIST. Deep Tissue / Swedish Massage 7 days/wk. Tel. 339 / 5399550. PAIN RELIEF. UK Bowen Therapist, for injuries, back pain, headaches, joint pain, IBS, asthma etc. Call 339 / 1237179 FB: BowenRoma. PERSONAL TRAINER IN ROME. Personal trainer a domicilio. Allenamento su misura, alimentazione personalizzata, attrezzatura body fitness direttamente a casa vostra., tel. 349 / 8140663. PHYSICAL EDUCATION TEACHER. Physical education teacher with degree and qualification to teach disabled looking for job in a school. Also teaches judo. Tel. 337 / 921553. PILATESPACE. Pilates instruction on machines. Guaranteed results. NYC studio owner / certified. Tel. 334 / 6157494, PSYCHOLOGICAL THERAPY. UK trained Clinical Psychologist offers individual therapy sessions. Tel. 338 / 7164478, PSYCHOTHERAPIST / HYPNOTHERAPIST. NYC trained and licensed. Individuals, couples. Trastevere. Detailed info, tel. 334 / 6157494. RELAX MASSAGES - MALE MASSEUR. Relax massage outcall or my location, I use Californian or Ayurveda full massages, deep tissue. Tel. 388 / 6520857. THAI MASSAGE. Traditional or relaxing ayurvedic with oil by man with certificate. At your home. Cell. 338 / 7967377. ZEN MASSEUR €30. Black man, zen guru, massage therapist, oriental oil massage. MEN €60/h WOMEN €30/h. Tel. 327 / 0610447.

BEDROOM FURNITURE. IKEA double bed “MALM” with poliuretan mattress Euro 100, IKEA desk VIKA Fagerlid Euro 90 (free chair and lamp). Tel. 338 / 9746453. ELEC CLOTHES DRYER-€100 WRKS GR8. 24” Free Stand Compact 5 Kg 7 Cycles Dual Motor 54x84x59cm Ignis AWL 210. Not new little use. U-haul. EVERYTHING MUST GO!!!! Sheepskin Seat for pushchair €30,Booster Seat €35. StairGate €10, CotMobile €10, Duvet&Pillow €18. Tel. 331 / 2964230. FOR SALE MAKE AN OFFER! Buggy €120, CarryCot €60, Rocker €25, TravelCot €20, Activity Arch €15, BuggyBoard €25. Tel. 331 / 2964230. FURNITURE. 3 portable air-conditioners, leather sofas (2.000 E for two), wood-cased speakers,and other treasures. C. Colombo near Habitat store. Tel. 065110052. FURNITURE. IKEA wardrobe pax Euro 250, bookshelf knoll Euro 300, table with glass top and 4 chairs Euro 400. Tel. 338 / 9746453. HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE FOR SALE. Bookshelf (240x230cm) 200E; single bed unit with drawer bed 400E. 1yr old. Sale for house move. Photos. Email: JACKSON 5 2LP COLLECTION. Bought in Canada in the late 70s, Pickwick edition. This edition is very hard 2 find. 10.000 euro negotiable. Tel. 392 / 7388608. LEATHER SOFAS PERFECT CONDITION. 3 leather sectional sofas 1.000E for the entire set. Half price 2 1/2 years old. Moving sale. Tel. 0668135356. RECYCLING / GARAGE SALE! Come and Sell... Come and Buy! Polisportivo, Via de Casal Palocco. May 29th. 9 - 18 hrs. Call Sara for table 333 / 8466820.

Household Sales

APPLE IPHONE3G 32GB @CHEAP PRICE. Brand New Factory Unlocked 3GS 32gb Apple Iphone For Inquiry: +447024063011 DEAR SIR / MADAM I NEED A JOB. Via G.Garibaldi, 23 00067 Morlupo, Italy. Tel. 069071566, cell 380 / 3820787, email:

ALCANTARA SOFA. Available immediately. Beautiful, new blue angular alcantara sofa for 4 people, 500 euro. Tel. 348 / 1390384. APPLIANCES. Food mixer Philips + Braun minipimer + Ariete Parmesan gratì + Moulinex bread machine All for Euro 100. Tel. 338 / 9746453.

IT and Computers

cont. page 12

Wanted in Rome


Jobs Wanted ACTOR. Italian 1.81 cm. smart expressive dynamic humour classical pianist average English available for films & commercials. Tel. 334 / 3147028. ANY JOB. I’m 35 educated, looking for any suitable job. Speak English and Italian. Please call 389 / 9818703 or AU PAIR SUMMER. I am a 23 year old Engliish woman available for full-time work babysitting / English teaching. I have accommodation. Tel. 347 / 8164132. BABY SITTER - PARIOLI AREA. I am looking for job as babysitter in Parioli (centre, Prati). I’m Moroccan and married to an Italian. I speak Italian. Tel. 333 / 7921553. BABY SITTER X BAMBINI. Con specializzazione educazione e preparazione scolastica e basi di insegnamento di lingua inglese e francese. Tel. 392 / 9307500. BABYSITTER AVAILABLE. Mature reliable responsible, honest, American / Italian, available to care for your children. Light housekeeping okay. Afternoons only. Tel. 327 / 6286023. BABYSITTER AVAILABLE. Babysitter available fluent English Italian good French, Spanish, mature, reliable and honest, Roma nord area or centre, available afternoons. Tel. 327 / 6286023. BABYSITTER IN CITY CENTER. English speaking, American seeks babysitting job in / near the city center. Please contact BABYSITTER / CLEANER. A Ghanaian lady is looking for job as a babysitter, cleaner and helping children with the English Language. Tel. 328 / 7385282, 329 / 1671985. BUSINESS ENGLISH TEACHER. Professional freelance Business English Teacher for direct contracts with companies (no agencies please!). Full immersion possible from September. Call 333 / 5743960. CAMERIERA AI PIANI. Signora volenterosa offresi come cameriera ai piani, donna delle pulizie, domestica, babysitter, assistenza anziani, in zona Roma. Solange 348 / 8912518, CELTA TEACHER. Female teacher from London looking for work for the month of July. Tel. 339 / 8168618. CLEANING OR BABYSITTING JOB. Romanian woman living in Monteverde is looking for a job. Babysitting, cleaning, speaks only italian. References available. Tel. 328 / 0227381. CLEANING / TABLE SERVICE. Experienced Asian man looking for evening part time, table service, cleaning, with reference, near Olgiata Cassia. Tel. 328 / 7870716.

DOMESTIC HELPER - GARDENER DRIVER. Mature, experienced man available immediately, with working permit, drivers license and character reference. E-mail: Tel. 333 / 2416031. No agency please. DRIVER. Available for trips inside or outside Rome. Please e.mail me at 1 day in advance. Pierluigi. ENGLISH BABYSITTER AVAILABLE. Mothertongue American available to babysit in the afternoons in Roma Nord, Prati, Boccea, central areas. Light housekeeping okay. Tel. 327 / 6286023. ENGLISH MAN SEEKING WORK IN ROMA. English speaking, little Italian. Seeking work around Roma. Will consider most work. ENGLISH MOTHERTONGUE. Domestic, Babysit, Dogwatch, Type... basically any decent job. Available from now. Tel. 327 / 8310993. EXPERIENCED BAR MAN. 23 year old Irish guy 5 years bar experience can work from June. EXPERIENCED GARDENERS. We create and maintain terraces and small gardens. We look after planting, irrigation, furnish and fix pergolas. Tel. 329 / 4244224. EXPERIENCED & QUALIFIED ENGLISH. Teacher (all levels) offers private lessons €15/hr, within Rome center & vicinity. Also translations fr. engl-ital. Vice versa. Tel. 329 / 3136299. GARDNER, CLEANER. Young man, English mother tongue, looking for a job in Rome as cleaner, services, gardner. Tel. 327 / 1785054. GERMAN LESSONS & TRANSLATIONS. Mothertongue speaker & language specialist offers lessons in German plus translations from Italian & English into German. Tel. 320 / 3384265. HOUSE KEEPER / OLD AGE CARE. Worker available immediately for any job with room and board anywhere in Italy and / or abroad. Tel. 339 / 7762166. HUMAN RESOURCES. English-speaking lady with knowledge of Italian seeks Human Resource / Admin job. Has valid work papers. Email ITALIAN TEACHER FOR FOREIGNERS. I am an Italian qualified Teacher for foreigners. I am available also to work during the summer: LOOKING FOR DATA ENTRY JOB. Bangladeshi 40 y/old long experience of data entry looking in Rome with full time or part time tel. 328 / 7403481. MOTHER TONGUE ENGLISH TEACHER. Experienced, CELTA qualified Irish woman is available for private English lessons (individual or group) with adults or children. Contact

MOTHER TOUNGE ENGLISH WOMAN. Looking for job in Rome this summer, babysitting, tourism etc. Full time work. Available for immediate start. Tel. 347 / 8164132. MULTI-LINGUAL DRIVER. Hard-working, serious driver, speaks English, French, Arabic, Italian, seeks jobs with Embassies, schools, companies, families etc. Please call 338 / 1276448. Thanks. NATIVE ENGLISH TOUR GUIDE. Native English-speaking tour guide seeking work. 3 years’ experience conducting tours within Rome, major and minor sites. Tel. 347 / 8388933. PHYSICAL EDUCATION TEACHER. Physical education teacher, with degree, judo instruction, qualification to teach also disabled, looks for job in school. Tel. 333 / 7921553. PRIVATE ENGLISH LESSONS. Student Mother Tongue English broad knowledge of Italian and French offering private English lessons from €10 an hour. e.mail: QUALIFIED ENGLISH TEACHER. TEFL-qualified, native English-speaking graduate seeks full-time TEFL work starting after July. Contact Laura on QUALIFIED TEACHER. Anglo-Italian 23 year old graduated teacher for Infant school. Female. Living in Rome. Available August 2010. Please call 0039 347 / 0603556. RECEPTIONIST, SECRETARIAL. Bilingual Italian English, French, computer skills, previous experience in NGOs, seeks part time job in the afternoons. Tel. 327 / 6286023. RECEPTIONIST, WAITER AND ATTEND. Kassius, Brasilian, 30. Single. Available to work. English, Portuguese and Italian spoken. Exprcd in US as waiter. Tel. 345 / 1422230. RUSSIAN TRANSLATOR. Seeking translator / interpreter job. English-Russian, Russian-English. Good knowledge of Italian. Will consider jobs other than translation. SCHOOLS OUT SOON. Mother tongue English woman available for English lessons / babysitting. Piramide, Trastevere, Garbatella and Ostiense areas. Adults and children. Email: SEEKING ANY KIND OF JOB SOON. Good Englisn & Italian, varied experience in tourism, media sector, house work, many more etc... Tel. 328 / 6322935 David. Thx. TEFL CERTIFIED TEACHER. Looking for work in Rome / EUR / Ostia full time, can start immediately. Tel. 347 / 8164132. TEFL TUTOR. Qualified TEFL tutor available for English lessons at your home. NW-Rome. Tel. 340 / 0734911.

TRANSLATOR. Translations from Italian into English. Mother tongue translator with 30 years experience. Phone 0644243464. WAITRESS, CLEANING LADY ETC. Camila, 22, Brasilian. I’m talkative, responsible and organized. I speak English and Portuguese very well, a little Spanish and Italian. Tel. 340 / 7333504. WEB DESIGNER + PC ASSISTANCE. Build Your WebSite, euro 20/page, other service: do your PC home assistance. Tel. 327 / 0610447. WRITER ARCHITECT LANG TEACHER. Male 45. English, Spanish, Italian. Designer Social Cultural Activist Nutritionist seeks employment Non profit. resume: DF5FgsJX7ZGhoOTJ4MzdfM3B6azhjbW Rt&hl=en.

Lessons ACCURATE LEGAL TRANSLATIONS. Translator with degree and pluriannual expertise in international law offices executes translations English, Italian, French. Eur 22/25. Tel. 333 / 2730981. AMERICAN ENGLISH TEACHER. I have a clear accent. Lessons are 20 euro/hour. Tel. 327 / 9019943, I don’t speak any Italian. BALLROOM TEACHER FROM CALIFORNIA. I am a professional Dance teacher, Caterina, Ballroom, Swing, Salsa, Country. Io cerco lavoro in Italiaresorts, hotels, dance studios, BILINGUAL TRANSLATOR available for lessons Italian/English: grammar / conversation. At your office or at a cafè, also on weekends. Translations. Tel. 0639730649. BILINGUE ITALIANO / INGLESE. Laureata bilingue italiano / inglese dà ripetizioni di inglese: tutti livelli ed età. Portuense. Tel. 347 / 1521089. Sconti dopo 2 lezioni. COOKING LESSONS & MARKET VISITS. For adults and youngsters, learn to have fun making handmade pasta in a Roman home. ENGLISH AND ITALIAN LESSONS. Italian Mothertongue - Italian lessons for all levels - English Lessons for primary and secondary school - Monteverde Rome mobile 339 / 7646293. ENGLISH LADY, OXFORD GRADUATE. English lady, Oxford University graduate, long experience, offers English lessons / conversation (adults only) and translations. Tel. 068105213, 340 / 5161007.

Looking for accommodation in Rome?

Rivoli Real Estate Specialised in Renting / Selling Furinished / Unfurnished Apartments - Villas - Office to suit your budget and convenience Via Emilia 64 - 00187 Roma - Tel 06483456 - Tel / Fax 064882386 - Find us on Ebay


Wanted in Rome

26 May 2010 Do you want to advertise your apartment in Paris, Berlin, London or Madrid? Do you have a job to offer in Dublin, Bracelona, Brussels or Amsterdam? Then go to and place your ad directly online. Or come to our office at Via dei Falegnami 79 and we can place it for you. Tel. 06.6867967 or email us at ENGLISH LESSONS (CENTRAL ROME). British University student offering lessons to all ages and abilities for conversation, pronunciation and grammar. 15 euros/hour. Tel. 320 / 7724640. ENGLISH LESSONS NOW!!! Mothertongue Italian girl offers lessons. Interview preparation, exam revision, conversation. Call 320 / 6861974. ENGLISH LESSONS. Experienced, mothertongue English language teacher offers lessons at 20 euros an hour. Centro Storico. Call 347 / 3633431 or email ENGLISH LESSONS. UK qualified teacher teaches individuals and adults English hourly euro 25. Zones center, Villa Ada, Trieste. Tel. 339 / 6675270. ENGLISH LESSONS. Mothertongue American offers English lessons to adults and children of all ages. Roma nord and central areas. Tel. 327 / 6286023. ENGLISH LESSONS. American mothertongue New York, degree, 21 years experience, specializing business, marketing, economics, medical, law and acting. Cell 348 / 4511565. ENGLISH LESSONS. Madrelingua americano new york, laureato, 21 anni di esperienza, specializzazione business, marketing, economics, medical, law, acting. Cell 348 / 4511565. ENGLISH LESSONS. British English teacher for conversation, grammar, Cambridge exam preparation. 20 Euro an hour. North Rome. ENGLISH MOTHERTONGUE TEACHER. With teaching experience in Italy available for private Lessons. Grammar / conversation / speaking / writing / reading / listening. Tel. 320 / 6861974. ENGLISH TEACHER!! Very experienced with Italian speakers. Available for Private Lessons. Travel to your home or office. Tel. 320 / 6861974. GERMAN LESSONS & TRANSLATIONS. Mothertongue speaker & language specialist offers lessons in German plus translations from Italian & English into German. Tel. 320 / 3384265.

26 May 2010

GUITAR LESSONS. For adults and youngsters professional blues guitarist. Call Luca 349 / 3152290. IMPROVE YOUR ITALIAN EUR / S. PAOLO. Mothertongue teacher who also speaks advanced English. Italian private lessons. Eur / S. Paolo area €15/hr. Tel. 347 / 4900597, ITALIAN LESSONS (ROME CENTER). Native-language Teacher offers cheap and customized Italian courses for beginner and advanced. Pronunciation, grammar, listening, writing tests. Call 328 / 3756855. ITALIAN LESSONS (ROME CENTER). Italian Mothertongue Tutor with teaching experience abroad, available for cheap Private Lessons (grammar / conversation / speaking / writing / reading / listening). Call 0636003421. ITALIAN LESSONS. Mother tongue experienced certified teacher offers all levels individual and group lessons €20 per hour Monteverde Area. Tel. 328 / 3588614, LANGUAGE SPECIALIST - MOTHERTONGUE ENGLISH. Experienced, private, group, corporate, translations and immersion courses. Tel. 334 / 6157494. LEARNING SPECIALIST. Berkeley graduate helps with SAT, GRE, GCSE, TOEFL, FCE, GMAT, IB Mathematics, Proficiency 20 euros/hour. Tel. 067803157 cell 333 / 3725713, LEZIONI DI ITALIANO E DI INGLESE. Ragazzo qualificato offre ripetizioni di italiano e di inglese per persone di tutti i livelli ed età. Tel. 347 / 6404059 Marco. LIVELY DYNAMIC ITALIAN LESSONS by a teacher with a music, drama degree, all ages. Experienced, patient, reasonable rates, MADRELINGUA CELTA TEACHER (ROME). Madrelingua inglese, CELTA: lezione di conversazione per adulti (intermedio, €22 per ora) e fa correzione di bozze. Tel. +447921252966. MADRELINGUA. Professoressa americana offre lezione d’inglese anche spagnolo. Certificato toefl experienza con tutti livelli e preparazione per esami. Tel. 327 / 6151360. MODERN GUITAR LESSONS ROME. Canadian Professional Musician and songwriter offers lessons in the comfort of your own home. Tel. 392 / 7388608 or 333 / 3593523. MOTHER TONGUE ENGLISH LESSONS. I’m an American who gives lessons from age 3 / 16 years old. Tel. 340 / 346779. MOTHER TONGUE ENGLISH TEACHER. Available for private lessons and translation work. Exam preparation, interview preparation, business presentations. Tel. 340 / 0774397. MUSIC LESSONS IN ENGLISH. Music Education Degree, 4 years’ experience. Clarinet, Flute, Oboe, and Saxophone. All levels. At your home. 20 euro /hour. Sara 340 / 2425029. PIANO. Lessons your home Italian pianist graduated at S. Cecilia Conservatoire, €25 per hour. Auditions €100. Tel. 334 / 3147028. PRIVATE ITALIAN LESSONS. 25 year old Italian girl offers Italian private lessons. 10 euros per hour. Tel. 345 / 7119481.

Conflict on the centre-right Cont. from page 3.

In April Berlusconi criticised Fini’s appeal for an internal debate in the party and accused him of having a conflict of interest between his position as speaker of the chamber of deputies and as an active politician. Fini’s response summed up the main reason for the contrast: “What’ll you do? Will you throw me out?” This was a challenge to Berlusconi to claim the speakership as his prerogative along with everything else. Since then Fini has launched a local network across Italy called Generazione Italia. Its aims are an implicit indictment of Berlusconi and the rest of the PdL; it would like to see “merit as the only value by which to judge young people” and to “reinforce the concept of legality so that whoever makes mistakes pays for them.” The gauntlet is firmly in the ring for Berlusconi’s succession and there will be increasing skirmishing over the next year or so. Finally, the snubbing by the LN of the unification ceremonies looks like pique but it too is a challenge to Berlusconi, a warning that the party wants its reforms and quickly. If not, it just might bring the government down. Berlusconi beat the centre-left opposition fairly easily in March. Today he is having much more difficulty governing his own coalition. That rosy glow of victory has worn off very fast. James Walston PROFESSIONAL ENGLISH TEACHER. Mother-tongue, TEFL-certified. Very experienced. Travel to your home or office. Test Preparation, business presentations. Aurelio, Vatican, Monte Verde. Tel. 340 / 0774397. SCHOOLS OUT SOON. Mother tongue English woman available for English lessons / babysitting. Piramide, Trastevere, Garbatella and Ostiense areas. Adults and children. Email: SPANISH LESSONS $8 EUROS P/HR. Spanish lessons $8p/hr any level. I’m Mexican Spanish mother tongue. Tel. 327 / 1460480 also English lessons $8p/hr. SPANISH LESSONS. Trained mothertongue teacher gives Spanish private lessons. All levels. Grammar and Conversation. Speaks also English. Tel. 340 / 0958259. Veronica. STAINED GLASS COURSE. Stained glass in a proper studio in east Rome, all techniques including glass painting 150€, 12 hours per month. Tel. 348 / 0863122. SUMMER CAMP FOR KIDS PONY CLUB I. Certified instruction, fun activities, beach, meals, beginners welcome! Ippocamping tents or bunk. La Ginestra Centro Ippico (+39) 377 / 1971801,

Personal BRITISH LADY SEEKS ITALIAN MAN. Attractive British lady seeks attractive Italian man 40 to 55 years old for relationship. Tel. 345 / 0893377. CANADIAN MUSICIAN SEEKS. Canadian Singer, Guitarist songwriter seeks English mother tongue musicians in Rome. Tel 392 / 7388608. FILMMAKERS NETWORK. International Filmmakers Network is looking for filmmakers and film industry professionals. Email: Tel. 345 / 7877722. FILMMAKERS SOCIAL NETWORK. Filmmakers social network looking for filmmakers for networking and social events. Email: Tel. 345 / 7877722. ITALIAN LANGUAGE EXCHANGE. Italian employed in Italian tv, seeks English / Italian conversation exchange. Andrea MUSIC INVESTMENT PARTNER WANTED. Music Production seeks investment partner please view and call tel. 389 / 1886618.

PHOTOGRAPHER. Your private or Commercial Photos. at YOUR Home Office Company. Tel. 333 / 1953311. ROME EXPERT BLACK MASSEUR. Black man, Oriental Oil Massage, at Your Hotel Home MEN €60 /H WOMEN €30 /H. Tel. 327 / 0610447. SEWING. I will shorten your skirts and trousers for euro 4 an item. Tel. 339 / 6675270. TWO KITTENS... Lovely home needed for two adorable, healthy little kittens (5 weeks old) found abandoned in Anguillara. Tel. 345 / 9235341. VIVACIOUS ENGLISH FEMALE. Young 68, wltm non-smoking male to share varied interests, including exploring Rome, concerts, museums, cultural events. Tel. 338 / 3501571.

Services PIANO TUNING and other instruments, tuning and restoration by expert exHarrods. Tel. 320 / 7488811, 0670451050, RELOCATING TO ROME? Let the experts at Principal Relocation Company take care of your relocation and immigration needs. Call +39.06.9094776 or visit WEBSITE BUILDING €20 A PAGE. Web designers build website only €20 per page, Tel. 333 / 1953311. WWW.CHEAPGIFTSCHENNAI.COM. Send your good taste to celebration by delivering our mouthwatering cakes to Chennai. WWW.EXPRESSGIFTSDELHI.COM. Send Gifts and Flowers To Delhi. For details, visit WWW.FLOWERSCHENNAITODAY.COM. Flowers to Chennai. WWW.GIFTBASKETSITALY.IT. We deliver flowers, fruits, chocolates, wines, gift hampers and more gifts on same day all over Italy. Please visit: WWW.THEJAPANFLORIST.COM. Send Flowers and Gifts To Japan.

Transport MERCEDES A190 ELEGANCE, 2000. 85.000km regularly serviced by Mercedes. Included ski / luggage rack, quality radio / CD, snow chains. Metallic silver. 4900E. Tel. 348 / 3807342.

Wanted in Rome


classified advertising - annunci economici For further information tel. 066867967, fax 066872996, e-mail:, Via dei Falegnami 79 (opposite the Turtle Fountain in Piazza Mattei)

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Wanted in Rome on-line - Place classified ads directly on our website yourself. - Submit forthcoming events for the on-line What’s on section. - Submit information for our on-line Directory. - Use the advanced search facilities to find information in all these sections, plus news and articles. Società della Rotonda srl reserves the right to refuse or withdraw advertisements at its absolute discretion and without explanation and does not accept responsibility for the content of the advertisements it publishes. Detailed conditions for advertising are available at our office. Wanted in Rome does not accept advertisements for job vacancies that discriminate on the basis of age, race, nationality, gender or religion.


Wanted in Rome

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26 May 2010


what’s On where to g in Rome by Linda Bordoni

pick of the next two weeks

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Tagli d’artis una storia luta: nga un

secolo 15 May-7 Ja n Lucio Fontan 2011 a's 1960 Am ziale con ta biente spagli is one of the best exam ples of his concept of Spatialism, sisting of conslas paintings an hes into monochrom e d work by artis surfaces. There is al so ts and by thos who influenced Fontan e he influen a, ced.  Galleria Naz Contempora ionale d’Arte Moderna e nea, Viale delle Belle 131, tel. 06 Ar 32298221. 08.30-19.30. ti Mon closed .



stia del ella Sagre Concerti n i Borromin June agniMay-11 une the m

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26 May 2010

28 -J ese in from March Each year e church of S. Agn ses ni qu ga ro or ba t a en fic avon Piazza N y Fri at Agone in sacred music ever e are er of concerts details). Th Music for ch with 18.30 (see visits of the chur es at Tu ed also guid ly every m April-Ju music fro .30. Via di S. 20 19.10 and S. Agnese in Agone, 4, 14 of 04 h rc 81 1/ hu C 33  l.  te nima 30/a, Maria dell’A gn www.santa


Centenary of the German Academy in Rome

3 June Festa dell'Estate. In 1910 Eduard Arnho ld, a Prussian businessman, bought the land for the academy, completed the const ruction three years later and eventually donated the complex to the Prussian state. Ten architecture, music, literature and figura tive arts fellows now attend the academy each year and in June they open their studio s to the public (from 19.30).  German Academy, Villa Mass imo, Largo di Villa Massimo 1-2 tel. 0644259340, www.villamassim

22-30 Ma Libra y This boo k journalis fair for publishe ts rs, autho rs, beginnin and celebrities g of th m e Estate arks the Rome's cultural R o m a na, summer There w pro ill display o also be a con gramme. cert and f floodlig hting and balloons a four hot air Galoppa will take off toio in Vill fr o m the a Borghe   Casa se. d For inform el Cinema, Villa Borghese ation tel. www.rom 0 . 6549121 .


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Wanted in Rome



what’s On where to g

by Linda Bordoni

for up-to-date what’s on listings see V


Rome 2V page 15 Nedko Solakov. 20 May-3 Oct. This exhibition

is part of a project, Committenze Contemporanee, launched by the Galleria Borghese, the Fondazione MAXXI and UniCredit Group. Committenze Contemporanee is an invitation to reflect on and experiment with the artistic patrimony of the Borghese gallery’s collection. The Bulgarian artist Nedko Solakov is the fourth artist chosen to be part of the project. Galleria Borghese, Piazzale Scipione Borghese, tel. 068417645, 068413979, 09.00-19.00. Mon closed. NEW

Giulio Paolini and Candida Höfer. 12 May-2 July. The works on show make up the 13th edition of the exhibition cycle Soltanto un quadro al Massimo curated by Ludovico Pratesi and Joachim Blüher. The project presents two works, one by an Italian artist and the other by a German artist, highlighting similarities and differences in style and in content. Here Candida Höfer, the outstanding photographer of the world’s most exclusive libraries, shows a large photographic work and Giulio Paolini shows a photographic collage on paper. German Academy, Villa Massimo, Largo di Villa Massimo 1-2. 09.00-13.00, 14.00-17.00. Fri 09.00-13.00. Sat and Sun closed. NEW

3V page 15 Shahzia Sikander. 6 May-Sept. Since the early 1990s, Shahzia Sikander has been instrumental in the rediscovery, re-infusion and re-contextualisation of IndoPersian miniature painting. Trained as a miniaturist at the National College of Arts in Lahore, Sikander has pioneered an experimental approach to the genre which encompasses painting, drawing, animation, installation, video and film. Her multi-dimensional creative process radically rearticulates the miniaturist tradition by inserting new dialogue that is often subversive and polemical in nature. Valentina Bonomo, Via del Portico d’Ottavia 13, 11.00-13.00, 15.00-19.00. Sun and Mon closed. NEW

Edward Hopper. 16 Feb-13 June. More than 160 works covering Hopper’s entire oeuvre, from his education to his years as a student in Paris, up to his “classic” and bestknown period of the 1930s, 1940s and 1950s, closing with the large images of his later years. Most of the works belong to the Whitney Museum but also to other important American museums. Museo Fondazione Roma, Via del Corso 320, tel. 066786209, 10.0020.00. Mon closed. Gladiatores. 26 March-3 Oct. A vast exhibition of epigraphs, frescoes, mosaics, statues and other historical documents narrate the history of Roman gladiators, focusing on their art of fighting, their psychology and their social status. Colosseum. For booking and information tel. 0639967700. 08.30-19.15. L’Età della Conquista. Il fascino dell’arte greca a Roma. 5 March-5 Sept. The works on show have been selected to represent one of the most significant eras for the development of all western art: the period following the Greek campaigns at the end of the third century BC until the first half of the first century AD. The exhibition features imposing marble, bronze and terracotta statues including cycles and friezes as well as domestic decorative elements. Capitoline Museums, Piazza del Campidoglio, tel. 060608. 09.00-20.00.

5V page 15 World Press Photo. 14 May-6 June. This

Alessandro Scarabello. Nous voulons. 3 May-3 July. Alessandro Scarabello’s latest project consists of nine large canvases portraying nine people, all friends of his father who witnessed the period of armed protest in Italy known as gli anni di piombo, or the years of terrorism in the 1970s. He asked each subject to reflect on today’s world and their relationship with it. There is also a small collection of texts, images, photographs and audio-video clips accompanying the exhibit. The Gallery Apart, Via di Monserrato 40, tel. 0668809863. 16.00-20.00. Sun closed. NEW Chiara Dynys. Più Luce Su Tutto. 4 May-end July. In collaboration with the Archivio Centrale dello Stato, the MarieLaure Fleisch Gallery presents two separate projects by Chiara Dynys in different venues. The first, at the Archivio Centrale dello Stato, is a labyrinthine itinerary amongst site-specific installations, video projections, interactive works and works on paper that explore the thin line that exists between memory and oblivion. The second, at the Galleria Marie-Laure Fleisch, is an experimental work made of light and paper that is a metaphor for the concept of “page”. Archivio Centrale dello Stato, Piazzale degli Archivi, EUR. Galleria Marie-Laure Fleisch, Vicolo Sforza Cesarini 2a. For information tel. 0668891936. NEW Filippo La Vaccara. “Picnic in Heaven”. 13-May-26 June. Watercolours, acrylics and wooden sculptures give life to La Vaccara’s fairytale-like universe. Galleria Traghetto Roma, Via Reggio Emilia 25, tel. 0644291074. 14.30-19.30. Sun and Mon closed. NEW Giacomo Costa. Postnatural. 6 May-3 July. Costa is a protagonist of Italian web art. The show consists of a series of works especially created for the occasion as well as a selection of other work that illustrates his artistic evolution. Emmeotto, Via Margutta 8, tel. 063216540. 11.00-14.00, 15.00-20.00. Sun, Mon and holidays closed. NEW


Wanted in Rome

Caravaggio. 20 Feb-13 June. This project marks the 400th anniversary of Caravaggio’s death. Curators have focused only on paintings known to be by Caravaggio and the end result is a consistent and stringent exhibition that sheds new light on the various stages in the artist’s tortured artistic career. Scuderie del Quirinale, Via XXIV Maggio 16, tel. 0639967500, 10.00-20.00. Fri and Sat 10.00-22.30. Mon closed. Da Corot a Monet. La sinfonia della natura. 6 March-29 June. Some 150 works by French Impressionists on the theme of nature. Complesso del Vittoriano, Via di S. Pietro in Carcere, tel. 066780664, 060608. 09.30-18.30. Fri-Sun 09.30-19.30.

4V page 15 The Road to Contemporary Art. 26-30 May. In its third edition, this initiative opens the city’s spring season dedicated to contemporary art. It comes to life in 67 different galleries throughout Rome. Particularly interesting is the new venue at MACRO Futura which hosts the so-called Fair, installed in the two established pavilions and in the recently restored Padiglione della Pelanda with its large basins and boilers. The highlight of the event is the official inauguration of Anglo-Iraqi architect Zaha Hadid’s National Museum of XXI Century Arts, the famous MAXXI, on 30 May. Among the protagonists of The Road to Contemporary Art are the many foreign institutes in the city with open studios, special showings and extra opening hours. For information NEW

annual exhibition presents the winning images of the 2010 World Press Photo contest. It is a showcase for creativity in photojournalism and a platform for developments in the profession, to encourage and stimulate the work of press photographers around the world. It is also a record of world events from the previous year. Museo di Roma in Trastevere, Piazza S. Egidio 1/b, tel. 060608.10.00-20.00. Mon closed. NEW

I colori del buio. I Caravaggeschi nel patrimonio del Fondo Edifici di Culto o. 15 April-18 July. Organised as part of the many events marking the fourth centenary of the death of Caravaggio, this exhibition shows 39 canvases by painters chosen to represent the large circle of the artist’s followers. Fondazione Memmo, Palazzo Ruspoli, Via del Corso, Booking is a must, tel. 0646527715, 0646425207. 10.00-19.00. Fri, Sat and Sun 10.00-22.00. Mon closed.

The library of the archigymnasium in Bologna. © 2006 by Candida Höfer, Koln / VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn. Photo courtesy of the artist and Galleria Marabini, Bologna/Milan. On show at the German Academy in Rome.

Mike Pratt. Cumberland Sausage. 20 May-16 July. Mike Pratt’s work, presented in his first solo show in Italy, reflects abstract expressionism, pop art and the paintings of Richard Prince and Christopher Wool while maintaining its own immediate and sophisticated language. In Pratt’s own words he has “no problem recycling the ideas of others; I see this as my viewpoint to select and covet from the existing to make the new. I see everything as a physical structure; this in itself demands reasoning, a competence to relate not only to its environment but to itself…” Extraspazio, Via di S. Francesco di Sales 16/a, tel. 0668210655. 15.30-19.30. Sat and Sun closed. NEW Philip Guston, Roma. 26 May-5 Sept. Over 40 works from the series Roma, painted by Philip Guston between 1970 and 1971, are shown together for the first time. Organised in conjunction with the American Academy in Rome and curated by Peter Benson Miller, the works are on loan from international museums and private art collections. The focus of the exhibition is on Guston’s life-long interest in Italian art and culture and his late return to figurative painting. Museo Carlo Bilotti, Aranciera di Villa Borghese, Viale Fiorello La Guardia, tel. 060608, 09.00-21.00. La forma del Rinascimento. Donatello, Andrea Bregno, Michelangelo e la scultura a Roma nel quattrocento. 21 May-5 Sept. This exhibition focuses on the work of the three great 15th century sculptors during the period of stylistic renovation in the Rome of the so-called humanist popes, from Pius II to Leo X. It includes a precious high relief by Michelangelo that has never been shown in public before. Museo Nazionale di Palazzo Venezia, Via del Plebiscito 118, tel 060608. 10.00-19.00. Mon closed.

La natura secondo De Chirico. 30 March-11 July. A tribute to the Italian master and founder of the Metaphysical Art movement that celebrates its 100th anniversary in 2010. The show is divided into seven themed sections and presents works from the entire range of the artist’s production, from his symbolist debut to the development of neo metaphysics in his later years. The focus is De Chirico’s concept of nature, a constant in his work. Palazzo delle Esposizioni, Via Nazionale 194, tel. 0639967500, 10.00-20.00. Fri and Sat 10.00-22.30. Mon closed. Mimmo Jodice. 9 April-11 July. This comprehensive retrospective pays homage to the Neapolitan photographer Mimmo Jodice with 180 black and white images taken between 1964 and 2009 and hand printed by the artist himself. Jodice has taught at Naples’ Fine Arts Academy for over 25 years and is considered one of Italy’s top living photographers. Palazzo delle Esposizioni, Via Nazionale 194, tel. 0639967500, 10.0020.00. Fri and Sat 10.00-22.30. Mon closed. Non Angli sed Angeli: a Pilgrimage, a Mission. 21 Oct-31 July. The Venerable English College opens its subterranean spaces to the public for the first time for an exhibition on England’s religious relationship with Rome. Venerable English College, Via di Monserrato 43. Tues-Thurs 10.0018.00, Sat 10.00-14.00. Percorsi del Novecento Romano. 31 March-4 July. Some 70 paintings and sculptures from the collection of the Galleria Comunale d’Arte Moderna in Via Francesco Crispi, which has been closed for restoration for many years. Works by Balla, De Chirico, Mafai, Prampolini, Pirandello and others. Villa Torlonia, Casino dei Principi, Via Nomentana 70, tel. 060608. Tues-Sun 09.00-19.00. Mon closed. For a more comprehensive list of exhibitions in Rome and in other Italian cities as well as museums’ details see the What’s on section on our website

26 May 2010


what’s On where to g

by Linda Bordoni

for up-to-date what’s on listings see O music Accademia Nazionale di S. Cecilia. Concerts at Auditorium Parco della Musica, Viale P. de Coubertin 30, tel. 068082058, 28 May. Danzare col Ragno: an evening of literature and music by the Ensemble Terra D’Otranto, with Brizio Montanaro actor. The programme presents music and texts from the Italian folk tradition known as “tarantism” (20.30). 29 May. Concert conducted by Georges Pretre. Music by Brahms (18.00). Repeated 31 May (21.00), 1 June (19.30). 31 May. Family Concert conducted by Georges Pretre. Music by Brahms (12.00). 1 June. Mozart’s opera Così fan Tutte by and with the Artists of Opera Studio, the Orchestra Nazionale dei Conservatori di Musica and the Cantoria dell’Accademia Nazionale di S. Cecilia (20.30). Repeated 3 June (20.30). 5 June. Concert by the Orchestra, Choir and Boys’ Choir of the Accademia Nazionale di S. Cecilia directed by Mikko Franck, and with Sara Mingardo contralto. Music by Mahler (18.00). Repeated 7 June (21.00), 8 June (19.30).

Festival “Cinque Perle del Barocco”. 1-12 June. This music festival dedicated to baroque chamber music celebrates both the beauty of the genre and some of the wonderful French architectural patrimony in Rome. It is organised by the French cultural centre in conjunction with the French embassy to the Holy See, and all the concerts, except the first, take place in beautiful French-owned baroque churches, some of which are rarely open to the public. All events are free of charge and begin at 21.00. For further information tel. 066802629, 1 June. Piano and flute recital by Alessandro Stella and Mauro Conti. Music by Bach and Calligaris. At the Pontifical Institute of Sacred Music. 4 June. Concert by the Maitrise du Centre de Musique baroque de Versailles conducted by Olivier Schneebeli. Music by Bencini. At the church of S. Luigi dei Francesi.

Balletto del Teatro alla Scala. 27 May-12 June. With Zvetlana Zacharova and Massimo Murru. Trittico Novecento pays tribute to three Russian composers: Tchaikovsky, Prokofiev and Shostakovich. It is made up of two one-act ballets choreographed by George Balanchine - Ballet Imperial and The prodigal son - and Francesco Ventriglia’s most recent creation, Inmemoria. Teatro alla Scala, tel. 027203744, Choirboys sing at the Cinque Perle del Barocco concert on 4 June at S. Luigi dei Francesi.


Bergamo and Brescia

work translated into Italian. The novelty this year is that seven philosophers and an economist have been invited to participate and will interact with the authors on stage. Live music and a DJ set provide the backdrop to the readings. Some big names include Tahmina Anam, Joyce Carol Oates, Herta Muller, Sapphire, Kathy Reichs and Elizabeth Strout. Entry is free, but tickets must be picked up at least two hours before the event from a specially constructed box office in Via dei Fori Imperiali. For information tel. 060608,

Florence Festival del Maggio Musicale Fiorentino. 29 April-2 July. The theme of this year’s festival is Towards the East, with a multiethnic programme that touches on Mozart and runs through to contemporary productions and concerts. This year Zubin Mehta celebrates 25 years as the Maggio Musicale’s principal conductor and director and features in many of the productions and concerts. Other big names to book for include young Palestinian pianist Saleem Abboud-Ashkar (29 May), Chinese conductor Long Yu (29 May), Gidon Kremer at the head of his Kremerata Baltica (9 June), conductor Christopher Hogwood (11 June) violinist Sergey Khachatryan (16 June). The opera programme includes the contemporary work Natura Viva by Marco Betta (15 June, 17 June) and of course there is the traditional end-of-festival ballet gala by the resident Compagnia MaggioDanza (21 June). Teatro Comunale, tel. 05527791, See Opera.

Rome 2 Q page 15 Letterature 2010. Festival Internazionale di

Roma. 20 May-22 June. The festival, which celebrates international writers and the written word, returns to the magnificent stage in the Basilica di Massenzio. The theme chosen this year is La Vita Dolce. Il ritmo del pensiero, a clear reference to the 1960s of Federico Fellini. In keeping with tradition, the programme presents ten evening events, each one focusing on a particular sub-theme. In all 16 authors have been asked to write a text inspired by the theme, as well as selecting an excerpt from a published

26 May 2010

2 O page 15 Orchestra Sinfonica di Roma. Concert at the Auditorium Conciliazione, Via della Conciliazione 4. For information tel. 800904560, 30 May. End-of-season concert conducted by Francesco La Vecchia and with the Nuovo Coro Lirico Sinfonico Romano directed by Stefano Cucci. Carl Orff’s Carmina Burana (17.30). Repeated 31 May (20.30).


1 O page 15 Concerti nella Sagrestia del Borromini. Concerts in the church of S. Agnese in Agone, Via di S. Maria dell’Anima 30/a, 28 May. Flute and piano recital by Mario Carbotta and Carlo Balzaretti. Music by Viotti, Donizetti, Briccialdi, Rota, Borne (18.30). 4 June. Piano recital by Paolo Vairo. Music by Schumann (18.30). 11 June. Recital by the Duo Darclée made up of Antonia Emanuela Maria Pallazzo soprano and Paolo Schibilia piano. Music by Puccini, Catalani, Verdi, Puccini, Cilea, Giordano (18.30).

Festival Pianistico Internazionale Arturo Benedetti Michelangeli. 9 April-12 June. Established in 1964, this is one of the most important piano festivals in Europe and is dedicated to the great Brescian pianist after which it is named. The theme of this 47th edition is Water Music. The sounds of nature. Some famous pianists to look out for include Yuja Wang (26, 27 May), Giuseppe Albanese (1 June), Roberto Cominati (3, 4 June), Alexander Lonquich (8, 9 June), Arcadi Volodos (11, 12 June). For booking and information tel. 030293022 in Brescia and tel. 035240140 in Bergamo,

I Musici Veneziani. Concerts in the church of St Paul’s within-the-Walls, Via Nazionale 16a, tel. 064883339, 28 May. Lyrical concert. Excerpts and arias from well known operas (20.30). Repeated 29, 1, 4,15, 8 June (20.30).

Z dance

AGIMUS Roma. Concert at the Romanian Academy, Piazza José de S. Martin 1. For information tel. 065021208. 28 May. Recital by the duo comprising Giovanni Sorana piano and Elettra Scalpelli soprano. Music by Debussy, Strauss, Mahler, Petrassi, Casella, Pizzetti, Pradella (19.00).


5 June. Concert by the Concerto Soave conducted by Jean-Marc Aymes, with Monique Zanetti soprano and Christine Plubeau viol. Music by Mazzochi, de Montigny and others. At the church of S. Nicola dei Lorenesi.

Naples Balletto del Teatro S. Carlo. 9-11 June. In Giselle, choreography by Mats Ek, with Roberto Bolle. Swedish choreographer Ek made dance history in 1982 with his highly successful, essentially non-romantic re-interpretation of Giselle performed by the Ballet Cullberg. While many choreographers had revisited ballet classics, no one had yet dared to stage such a radically different interpretation, particularly of Giselle, the most famous of all Romantic ballets. The setting has been up-dated to a claustrophobic rural community on some distant island, and Giselle is a solitary young girl who longs for true love and children of her own. Extremely vulnerable, she breaks down when the man of her dreams betrays her. Teatro S. Carlo, tel. 0817972331/412,

Ravenna Bill T. Jones Arnie Zane Company. 15 June. In Serenade/ The Proposition, conceived by Bill T. Jones. Presented by Ravenna Festival 2010. This is the first of a suite of works created by Bill T. Jones to celebrate last year’s bicentennial of Abraham Lincoln’s birth. The 60-minute work is brought to life by the remarkably diverse and talented company. The choreography has been devised by Jones, Janet Wong and the dancers, while the work, conceived and directed by Jones, is an amalgam of distinct bits of dance movement, original music, familiar strains from The Battle Hymn of the Republic and Dixie, video projections of devastated cities, photos of Civil War soldiers, and text from memoirs and Lincoln’s speeches plus some original writing by Jones. Palazzo Mauro De André. For booking and information tel. 0544249244, Serenade/Proposition by Bill T. Jones at the Ravenna festival 2010.

2009 Nobel prizewinner Herta Müller from Romania is at Letterature 2010 in Rome on 16 June.

Ravenna Ravenna Festival 2010. 9 June-13 July. The festival celebrates its 21st anniversary with the theme Ex tenebris ad lucem, a theme that centres on the concept of “night and darkness” with all of its metaphorical, philosophical, spiritual, religious and artistic meanings. For booking and information Teatro Alighieri tel. 0544249244, Programme details in next edition of Wanted in Rome.

Wanted in Rome



what’s On where to g

by Linda Bordoni

for up-to-date what’s on listings see P



Opera Notes This year is the 300th anniversary of the birth of Pergolesi and Jesi, the city of his birth in the Marche region, is dedicating a festival to the event with three of his works. Quest’anno ricorrono i 300 anni della nascita di Giovanni Battista Pergolesi e la Fondazione a lui dedicata organizzerà a Jesi, città natale del compositore, Il Pergolesi Festival di Primavera (4-13 giugno). Si comincerà con Il Flaminio (4 e 6 giugno) al Teatro Moriconi, per la direzione di Ottavio Dantone e la regia di Michal Znaniecki; sarà suonata dall’Accademia Bizantina e sarà cantata da Juan Francisco Gatell, Laura Polverelli, Marina De Liso e Vito Priante. Il Flaminio è un’opera che si presenta come una fusione, di perfetto equilibrio, di musica popolare e musica colta: da una parte ci sono momenti in cui si ascoltano esplicite melodie di derivazione folcloristica partenopea, fresche, dinamiche, vivaci e per lo più cantate in dialetto (Il Flaminio fu dato al Teatro Nuovo di Napoli nel 1735), e dall’altra invece appaiono personaggi appartenenti ai ceti sociali più elevati, che si esprimono secondo le regole e le convenzioni dell’opera seria, cantando i loro nobili e rilevanti sentimenti in arie tripartite con “da capo”. Secondo titolo in programma sarà Adriano in Siria (10 e 12 giugno) al Teatro Pergolesi. Avrà la regia di Ignacio Garcia e sarà diretto e concertato ancora da Ottavio Dantone a capo dell’Accademia Bizantina; tra i cantanti figureranno: Marina Comparato, Anna Maria Dell’Oste, Lucia Cirillo, Nicole Heaston e Stefano Ferrari. Per interrompere l’atmosfera drammatica dell’opera, secondo l’abituale prassi esecutiva dell’epoca, sarà proposto l’intermezzo Livietta e Tracollo sempre di Pergolesi, con Monica Bacelli e Carlo Lepore. Adriano in Siria fu rappresentata a Napoli nel 1734 in occasione del compleanno della regina Elisabetta Farnese, ma ottenne scarso successo. Eppure Pergolesi vi mise molta cura nel comporla, soprattutto nello scrivere la parte di Farnaspe, pensata per le eccezionali doti virtuosistiche ed espressive del castrato Caffarelli, che ebbe modo così di farsi apprezzare in arie che prevedevano lunghe colorature, improvvisi salti di registro e difficili passaggi intessuti con alcuni strumenti dell’orchestra in qualità di solisti. Il Pergolesi Festival si chiuderà con l’oratorio La Fenice sul rogo (13 giugno) al Teatro Moriconi e affidato a specialisti della musica sei-settecentesca: i cantanti Roberta Invernizzi e Sonia Prina, il direttore Fabio Biondi e il suo Pergolesi's Il Flaminio ensemble Europa Galante. is on the programme in Jesi. Photo by Stefano Binci (Festival Pergolesi Spontini 2004).

Paolo Di Nicola For information Fondazione Pergolesi Spontini, tel. 0731202944.


2 \ \ page 15 American Academy in Rome 27 May: fellows’ annual Open Studios offering a first-hand look at the Academy’s laboratory environment and the work of the 2009-2010 Rome Prize Fellows in the fields of architecture, design, historic preservation and conservation, landscape architecture and visual arts (18.00-21.00). 28 May: reading by Peter Campion and Eliza Griswold, current literature fellows, who read from their work (18.00). 29 May: concert of works by the 2009-2010 fellows in musical composition, Lisa Bielawa and Don Byron (21.00). 3 June: lecture by George Lewis and Arnold Davidson entitled Improvisation as a Way of Life: Time, Form, Technology, Ethics (18.00). At Via Angelo Masina 5 and Villa Aurelia, Largo di Porta S. Pancrazio 1. For information tel. 0658461,

British School at Rome. 3 June: art history lecture by Tom True on Sixtus V: Making his Marché (18.00). 4 June: contemporary gardening lecture by Dan Pearson entitled Spirit: Garden Inspiration (18.00). 9 June: history lecture by Richard Pollard entitled I am the very model of a Papal “consiliarius”. Boniface and church administration in seventh-century Rome (18.00). 11 June: exhibition by fine arts scholars Joanna Bryniarska, William Gharraie, Lothar Götz, Celia Hempton, Darren Murray, Helen Sturgess, Victoria Watson. Mon-Sat 16.30-19.00. Until 19 June. Via A. Gramsci 61, tel. 063264939, Forum Austriaco di Cultura. 12 May-28 Sept: exhibition of sculpture by Sabine Pleyel entitled Umano e Divino (Mon- Fri 09.00-18.00). 28 May: violin, cello and piano recital. Music by Mozart, Bach, Gordon and others (20.00). Viale Bruno Buozzi 113, starting at 09.15. For information tel. 063608371, 3 \ \ page 15 Polish Institute of Rome. “Corso Polonia

Florence Natura Viva by Marco Betta. 15-17 June. For the Festival del Maggio Musicale Fiorentino, conducted by Aldo Sisillo, directed by Ruggero Cappuccio, with Chiara Muti, Rachele Stanisci, Erika Pagan, Nausicaa Pollicicchio. Teatro Comunale, tel. 05527791, See Festivals.

Milan Das Rheingold by Wagner. 13-29 May. Conducted by Daniel Barenboim, directed by Guy Cassiers, with René Pape, Jan Buchwald, Marco Jentzsch, Stephan Rugamer, Katharina Kammerloher. Teatro alla Scala, tel. 027203744, Faust by Gounod. 18 June-5 July. Conducted by Stéphane Denève, directed by Eimuntas Nekrosius, with Marcello Giordani, Roberto Scandiuzzi, Dalibor Jenis, Irina Lungu. Teatro alla Scala, tel. 027203744,

Rome 1 P page 15 Madama Butterfly by Puccini. 18-28 May.


2 X page 15 The History of Rome - Part I. 18 June-6 Aug. By and with The Miracle Players. For the past 12 years, the Miracle Players have been making the historical hysterical with theatre performances at the Roman Forum. This year’s show, The History of Rome - Part I, is a collection of highlights from previous performances collated into an original comedy, using Roman history as the narrative thread. The play uses the words of ancient Roman writers to set the play in a historically accurate context. In English. Every Fri at 19.30. In front of the Mamertine prison at the Roman Forum. For further information tel. 0670393427,

The Miracle Players make the historical hysterical in the Roman Forum.


3 X page 15 Black Comedy. 15-20 June. By Peter Shaffer, presented by The Rome Savoyards directed by Sandra Provost. In English. Teatro S. Gensio, Via Podgora 1, tel. 063223432. For information and booking tel. 347/8248661, 320/3099873,



Conducted by Daniel Oren, directed by Stefano Vizioli, with Xiu Wei Sun, Raffaella Angelletti, Marco Berti, Gabriele Viviani, Pier Luigi Dilengite, Mario Bolognesi. Teatro Costanzi, Piazza B. Gigli, tel. 0648160255, 064817003,

Wild Zones. 29 May. Workshop for children aged 5 to 12. Creation of sculptures with branches, leaves and other natural materials (10.30-13.30). Explora - The Children’s Museum of Rome, Via Flaminia 82, tel. 063613776,

Manon by Massenet. 17-24 June. Conducted by Alain Guingal, directed by Jean-Louis Grinda, with Annick Massis, Sylvia Krzysiek, Massimo Giordano, Jean-Francois Borras, Domenico Balzani. Teatro Costanzi, Piazza B. Gigli, tel. 0648160255, 064817003,

Stelle per giocare. 29 May. Vita da stella. Children discover the wonderful life of the stars (17.30). 30 May. In volo fra i pianeti. An exciting space exploration, flying over all the planets of the solar system. (12.30). Planetario e museo astronomico, Piazza Agnelli 10, tel. 060608,

Venice Don Giovanni by Mozart. 18-30 May. Conducted by Antonello Manacorda, directed by Damiano Michieletto, with Markus Werba, Aleksandra Kurzak, Elena Monti, Marlin Miller, Carmela Remigio. Teatro La Fenice, tel. 041786511,


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Scienza divertente. 30 May. Excursion in Villa Ada. Adults and children can explore and enjoy this park in contact with nature (10.30). For further information: Myosotis Ambiente, tel. 0632609200, 0697840700, 320/2476948. Museo Civico di Zoologia, Via Ulisse Aldrovandi 18, tel. 0667109270,

2010”. 14 May-9 June. This annual arts festival organised by the Polish Institute of Rome has a wide-ranging programme of events and performances from theatre to jazz, from dance to cinema, from lectures and readings to classical music. Events take place in different venues, including the headquarters of the institute itself, Palazzo Blumenstihl, which has recently undergone extensive and splendid restoration, and hosts for the occasion a selection of works from the Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw. For further information and programme details Istituto Polacco di Roma, Via Vittoria Colonna 1, tel. 0636000723, Spazi Aperti. 10-24 June. Tourists and Vagabonds. Each year the Romanian Academy invites fellows from the foreign cultural academies in Rome to show their work on its premises. The unifying theme this year is how the identities of tourists and vagabonds are formed by the society around them. What is it that determines how a particular culture identifies who are tourists and who are vagabonds, and who has the power to decide how each group is treated? About 50 fellows are participating this year and on the opening and closing evenings there will also be music and dance performances. On the opening night each visitor will be given a visa as either a tourist or a vagabond and will be treated accordingly. The Romanian Academy, Piazza José de S. Martino 1, www., More events at the foreign cultural academies are listed on our website

26 May 2010


A trip to the zoo Margaret Stenhouse

Rome’s Biopark is a leading scientific institution for the preservation of endangered species

Sandro, Luca and Nino have a pool, cliffs and caves at their disposal. Photo by Massimiliano Di Giovanni – Archivio Bioparco.


n 1998 Rome’s zoological garden – one of the oldest public zoos in the world – underwent a radical transformation. It was converted into the present Biopark, based on the principles of the American Gilman Foundation, co-founded in 1982 by philanthropist Howard Gilman and conservation biologist John Lukas to conserve and sustain rare and threatened species. The Biopark, in fact, is presently involved in 20 programmes for the reproduction in captivity of animals at risk of extinction. These include the mandrill baboon, the chimpanzee, the Iranian leopard, the Siberian tiger, the pygmy hippopotamus and the European bison. This year in particular, the Rome Biopark is involved in the campaign launched by the European Association of Zoos and Aquaria (EAZA) to save the major European carnivores: the bear, the lynx and the wolf. Whether or not you have children, the Biopark is a relaxing place to spend a day. Its 18 hectares of landscaped park, laid out at the beginning of last century in a corner of the Villa Borghese estate, are full of shady walkways lined with exotic shrubs and plants, where geese waddle freely across the paths. There is a lake swarming with acquatic birds, picnic tables, snack bars and children’s play areas. The cages and bars of the traditional one-time zoo are largely gone. Most of the animals are kept in spacious, open enclosures that strive to imitate the natural habitat and also allow them some degree of privacy. The Biopark is proud of its new bear compound where the three resident bears, Sandro, Luca and Nino, are housed in a 3,500 sqm area with a pool, cliffs and caves at their disposal. The bears have so many hiding places that we thought the den was empty till a keeper pointed out a shaggy heap of brown fur lying fast asleep among the bushes. Future plans include new accommodation for the lemurs and orangutans, planned for autumn 2010. The Biopark is home to over 1,000 animals belonging to 200 species, none of them born in the wild. A few, such as the elephants Nelly and Sofia, are long-time residents, belonging to the former zoological garden. Others are part of zoo exchange schemes and many are “rescue” animals, confiscated from smugglers, private collectors or travelling circuses. Any zoo, however, mainly attracts children. On the day we went, there were parties of primary school children everywhere, notebooks at the ready, trotting along with their teachers. The Biopark has made major efforts to render the place child-friendly. There are explanations geared especially to young visitors and many enclosures have viewing windows at child level. We were also pleased to find explanations in flawless English, which can be quite a rarity as many foreign visitors to Rome’s sites 26 May 2010

know only too well. In addition, blind visitors have been catered for, with panels in Braille set up along special itineraries. The Biopark star of the moment is the baby giraffe, Macchia, which was born on 28 September 2009. The giraffe family lives in a compound with an Indian-style pavilion that is one of the historic buildings of the original zoo. The modern touch is the glass viewing window in the high fence surrounding the enclosure and an upper terrace where visitors can watch the animals without disturbing them. While in the grounds of the Biopark, don’t miss the chance to pay a visit to the Museo Civico di Zoologia, which stands at the top of a flight of steps above the lake area. This is a scientific institute, with its own programme of lectures on conservation and protection of endangered species, but it is also geared to visiting children and school groups. Here you can wander through halls displaying the skeletons of all kinds of animals and birds and admire the bronze reproduction of the massive and scary head of “Stan”, the Tyrannosaurus Rex found in South Dakota in 1987. There are rows of display cases with insects, stuffed birds and animals and a series of rooms dedicated to courtship rituals and animal world sex life. If stuffed animals are not your thing, hasten on to the section on world environments, ranging from the Sahara desert to the frozen Poles, to learn some fascinating facts about life and survival. The newest exhibit in the museum is an example of the dreaded Curculionide beetle, which destroys fig trees and has now spread from Asia to Europe. This one was found in the Villa Borghese gardens and identified by museum staff on 1 April 2010. They ironically labelled it “Our April Fool”. Biopark, Piazzale del Giardino Zoologico 1, tel. 063608211. Daily 09.3019.00 in summer (until 17.00 in winter). Last entrance an hour before closing. Tickets: €12.50, €8.50 children. Special programmes: 30 May, 11.00 and 17.00: Carnivore for a Day, focusing on the brown bear, the lynx and the wolf, all of which live in the wild in Italian mountains. Participants can also sign a petition against the practice – still legal in some European countries – of leaving out poisoned meat to kill these animals. For other initiatives, including those geared to children, consult Museo Civico di Zoologia, Via Ulisse Aldrovandi 18, tel. 0667109270. TuesSat 09.00-19.00. Last entrance 18.00. Tickets: €6, reduced €3.50, free for EU senior citizens and researchers. Special programmes: Happy Hour on 3 June at 18.00. Lecture on bats with aperitif. Free but prior booking essential. For information:,

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USEFUL NUMBERS associations American International Club of Rome tel. 0645447625 -

American Women’s Association of Rome

cinemas The following cinemas show films in English or original language when available – see daily press for programme details.

tel. 064825268 -


Association of Malaysians in Italy

Via Merry del Val 14, tel. 065880099. In original language on Mon

tel. 389/1162161

Caledonian Society

Canadian Women’s Association

Circolo di Cultura Mario Mieli Gay and lesbian international contact group, tel. 065413985 - fax 065413971

Daughters of the American Revolution

Cineclub Detour Via Urbana 47/a, tel. 0645490845

Filmstudio Via degli Orti d’Alibert 1/c, tel. 0668192987

Metropolitan Via del Corso 7, tel. 0632600500

Nuovo Olimpia Via in Lucina 16/g, tel. 066861068

Nuovo Sacher

International Women’s Club of Rome

Largo Ascianghi 1, tel. 065818116. In original language on Mon when available

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Warner Village Moderno

Irish Club of Rome

Piazza della Repubblica 44, tel. 0647779111

tel. 0636307249

Professional Women’s Association

United Nations Women’s Guild tel. 0657053628,

Welcome Neighbor tel. 3479313040

books The following bookshops and libraries have books in English and other languages as specified.

Via Mandas 2, tel. 0622460091

Rome Mosque (Centro Islamico) Via della Moschea, tel. 068082167 - 068082258

St Francis Xavier del Caravita (Roman Catholic) Via del Caravita 7 -

S. Silvestro Church (Roman Catholic) Piazza S. Silvestro 1, tel. 066977121, Sunday Service 10.00 and 17.30

S. Susanna Church (Roman Catholic) Via XX Settembre 15, tel. 0642014554, Saturday service 18.00. Sunday service 09.00 and 10.30

St Andrew’s Presbyterian Church Via XX Settembre 7, tel. 064827627, Sunday service 11.00

St Patrick’s Church (Roman Catholic) Via Boncompagni 31, tel. 064203121, Sunday service 10.00

St Paul’s within-the-Walls (Anglican Episcopal) Via Nazionale, corner Via Napoli, tel. 064883339, Sunday service 08.30,10.30 (English), 13.00 (Spanish)

support groups Alcoholics Anonymous -

Luncheon Club of Rome

Rome Buddhist Centre Vihara

emergency numbers • Ambulance tel. 118 • Carabinieri tel. 112 • Electricity and water faults (Acea) tel. 800130336 • Fire brigade tel. 115 • Forestry corps (forest fires) tel. 1515 • Gas leaks (Italgas-Eni) tel. 800900999 • Police tel. 113 • Rubbish (Ama) tel. 8008670355

religious All Saints’ Anglican Church

tel. 064742913 - www.aarome.imfo

Archè HIV+ children and their families. tel. 0677250350

Associazione Centro Astalli (Jesuit refugee centre) Via degli Astalli 14/a tel. 0669700306

Associazione Ryder Italia Support for cancer patients and their families, tel. 065349622/0658204580

Astra (Anti-stalking risk assessment) tel. 066535499 -

Caritas soup kitchen (Mensa Giovanni Paolo II) Via delle Sette Sale 30, tel. 0647821098. 11.00-13.30 daily

Via del Babuino 153/b, tel. 0636001881, Sunday service 08.30 and 10.30 nd th Kids Rock children’s service every 2 and 4 Sunday of the month at midday.

Caritas foreigners’ support centre

Bible Baptist Church

Caritas legal assistance

Herder International Book Center (German)

Via Castel di Leva 305, tel. 0659602991 - 334 / 29334593

Piazza S. Giovanni in Laterano 6/a, tel. 0669886369

Piazza di Montecitorio 117-120, tel. 066794628 -

Christian Science Services

Celebrate Recovery Christian group

Via Stresa 41, tel. 063014425

tel. 338 / 1675680

La Librairie Française de Rome La Procure (French)

Church of All Nations

Comunità di S. Egidio

Lungotevere Michelangelo 7, tel. 069870464

Piazza di S. Egidio 3/a, tel. 068992234

Church of Sweden

Comunità di S. Egidio soup kitchen

Via A. Beroloni 1/e, tel. 068080474, Sunday service 11.15 (Swedish)

Via Dandolo 10, tel 065894327 17.00-19.30 Wed, Fri, Sat

Footsteps Inter-Denominational Christian

Disabled information line

South Rome, tel. 0650917621 - 333 / 2284093 North Rome, tel. 0630894371

tel. 800271027

Bibliothèque Centre Culturel Saint-Louis de France (French) Largo Toniolo 20/22, tel. 066802637

Piazza S. Luigi dei Francesi 23, tel. 0668307598 -

Libreria Feltrinelli International Via V. E. Orlando 84, tel. 064827878

Libreria Quattro Fontane (international) Via delle Quattro Fontane 20/a, tel. 064814484

Libreria Spagnola Sorgente (Spanish) Piazza Navona 90, tel. 0668806950

S. Susanna Lending Library Via XX Settembre 15, tel. 064827510 Opening times: Sat & Sun 10.00-12.30 Tues 10.00-13.00, Wed 15.00-18.00, Fri 13.00-16.00

The Almost Corner Bookshop Via del Moro 45, tel. 065836942

The Anglo American Bookshop Via della Vite 102, tel. 066795222

The Lion Bookshop & Café

Mason Perkins Deafness Fund

International Christian Fellowship

Support for deaf and deaf-blind children, tel. 0644234511,

Via Guido Castelnuovo 28, tel. 065594266, Sunday service 11.00

Jesus Cares Ministries

Jewish Community, Tempio Maggiore, Lungotevere Cenci, tel. 066840061

Jewish Reform Group in Rome Congregation Lev Chadash, Piazza della Libertà 10, tel. 339 / 3824815, Shabbat services at 10.00, Friday night service once a month

Lutheran Church


Wanted in Rome

Joel Nafuma Refugee Centre

Via XX Settembre 88, tel. 0655282695

The Open Door Bookshop (second hand books) (English, French, German, Italian)

24-hour, multilingual information line for services in Rome, run by the city council. Tel. 060606

Via Marsala 109, tel. 064457235

St Paul’s within-the-Walls, Via Nazionale, corner Via Napoli, tel. 064883339

Lay Centre at Foyer Unitas


Caritas hostel

International Central Gospel Church

Via dei Greci 33/36, tel. 0632654007

Via della Lungaretta 23, tel. 065896478

Via Zoccolette 19, tel. 066875228 - 066861554

Largo della Sanità Militare 60, tel. 067726761 Via Toscana 7, corner Via Sicilia 70, tel. 064817519, Sunday service 10.00 (German)

Ponte S. Angelo Methodist Church Piazza Ponte S. Angelo, tel. 066868314, Sunday service 10.30

Rome Baptist Church Piazza S. Lorenzo in Lucina 35, tel. 066876652 - 066876211, Sunday service 10.30, 13.00 (Filipino), 16.00 (Chinese)

Overeaters Anonymous tel. 064743772

Salvation Army (Esercito della Salvezza) Centro Sociale di Roma “Virgilio Paglieri”, Via degli Apuli 41, tel. 064451351

Support for elderly victims of crime (Italian only) Largo E. Fioritto 2, tel. 0657305104

The Samaritans Onlus Confidential telephone helpline for the distressed, tel. 800860022

transport • Atac (Rome bus, metro and tram) tel. 800431784, • Ciampino airport tel. 06794941, • Fiumicino airport tel. 0665951, • Taxi tel. 060609 - 065551 - 063570 - 068822 064157 - 066645 - 064994 • Traffic info tel. 1518 • Trenitalia (national railways) tel. 892021,

26 May 2010

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