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Cover by Antonio Capaccio. Edith Schloss has described Capaccio – the second artist she has invited to submit a cover for Wanted in Rome – as belonging to a group “dubbed Astrazione Povera or Plain Abstraction, mostly doing without colour but sharply engaging”. He has had exhibitions in many public and private spaces throughout Italy and abroad, has been an advisor for the Venice Biennale and holds a workshop for prisoners at Rebibbia prison and at the Tasso secondary school in Rome.

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Italy’s prison crisis


Edward Hopper Seven A.M.


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28 April 2010

15 What’s on and where to go in Italy

Linda Bordoni

Wanted in Rome



Italy’s prison crisis Laura Clarke


n 10 March 31-year-old Angelo Russo hung himself in his cell at Poggioreale prison in Naples. A schizophrenic, he had been arrested just two weeks previously on suspicion of raping a 19-year-old girl at a psychiatric hospital in Pozzuoli. His death took to 14 the number of suicides in Italy’s jails since the start of 2010 according to the Osservatorio Permanente sulle Morti in Carcere. By 15 April this figure had risen to 18, while the number of deaths from illness or unknown circumstances stood at 40. Around the same time prison guards in Lazio and Piemonte took the unusual step of going on hunger strike in protest over the situation. Suicides in Italian prisons are nothing new (see box). However in recent years there has been a significant increase in the number of detainees who have taken their own life, from 45 in 2007 to a record 72 in 2009. This translates into a suicide rate among prisoners that is around 20 times higher than that for the general population. Further, these figures represent only the tip of the iceberg as they do not include attempted suicides (860 in 2009 according to the Osservatorio sulle Morti in Carcere) or incidents of self-harm (4,928 in 2008).

The problem is compounded by an insufficient number of prison wardens (with around 40,000 in active service Italy actually has one of the largest prison police corps in Europe, but many officers are engaged in administrative or teaching duties), educators and social workers, poor health care and inadequate support for vulnerable detainees such as the mentally ill and drug addicts, who represent respectively around ten per cent and 30 per cent of the total prison population according to a recent study carried out by the Società Italiana di Medicina e Sanità Penitenziaria (SIMSPE). The increase in the number of detainees can be attributed to several factors including a recent change in the cultural and political climate in Italy, with greater emphasis placed on law enforcement and public safety. This has led to more arrests and an increase in the number of people held in custody as well as to a reduction in the application of penalties such as house arrest or community service as an alternative to prison for convicted criminals. However contrary to public perception, the number of reported crimes actually dropped by just over eight per cent between 2007 and 2008, from three million to 2.7 million according to ministry of the interior figures.

Penal institutions in Italy are overflowing and prisoners’ rights groups say government reform plans do not go far enough

Prisoners’ rights groups point the finger at deteriorating conditions of detention due to overcrowding. On 31 March 2010 Italy’s prison population stood at 67,206 according to the justice ministry’s department of penitentiary administration (DAP) – a rise of over 72 per cent since 1 January 2007 when, after the collective pardon, or indulto, approved by parliament in 2006, there were 39,005 inmates in the country’s jails. The number is well in excess of the regulatory capacity of 44,236, and even of the so-called “tolerated” capacity of 66,979. The result is that in some penal institutions detainees spend up to 22 hours a day in crowded cells, often far from their place of origin and therefore from the possibility of receiving regular visits from family and friends and with few opportunities for recreational or rehabilitative activities, in violation of article three of the European Convention on Human Rights that “no one shall be subjected to torture or to inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment”. 2

Wanted in Rome

According to the DAP, on 31 March this year 29,857 detainees, or over 44 per cent of the total, were awaiting trial. Statistics suggest that of these, around 40 per cent will subsequently be found innocent. The use of pre-trial detentions is particularly common when the presumed offender is nonItalian or suspected of a drug-related crime because these categories are seen as being less integrated into society and so are more difficult to monitor. DAP figures show that on 5 April 2010 there were 24,910 foreigners in Italian jails – or just over 37 per cent of the total – of whom 52 per cent were awaiting trial. This compares with 40 per cent for Italian detainees. On 31 December 2008 – the most recent date for which figures are available – the majority of foreign detainees came from Morocco, followed by Romania, Albania, Tunisia, Algeria and Nigeria. Now that entering or staying in Italy without a permit of stay has become a criminal rather than an administrative offence under anti-immigration legislation introduced in 2009, the number of foreigners in the country’s jails is only set to rise. 28 April 2010

In January the government declared a state of emergency in the country’s penal institutions and presented plans to address the situation. These include creating 21,000 new places for detainees by the end of 2012 by building new prisons and expanding existing ones; employing 2,000 additional prison guards; introducing the possibility for certain categories of offenders with only a year still to serve to complete their sentence under house arrest; and introducing probation for detainees charged with crimes carrying a sentence of up to three years, during which time they would carry out socially useful work in exchange for the suspension of their trial. The last two provisions are contained in a bill that is currently before parliament. Meanwhile in mid-March the prime minister’s office issued an ordinance giving special powers to the head of the DAP, Franco Ionta – known as “the Bertolaso of prisons” after the powerful head of the civil protection department, Guido Bertolaso – to manage the prison construction and expansion scheme, details of which are to be presented by the end of April. The provisions have been met with enthusiasm by magistrates and labour unions representing prison wardens but they have been criticised by prisoners’ rights groups and some parts of the opposition, who warn that the declaration of a state of emergency could lead to an abuse of power by the government without due public and legislative control. Ornella Favero, director of Ristretti Orizzonti, an on-line magazine and documentation centre based at the prison in Padua, told La Repubblica newspaper in January that, rather than building new prisons, the government should concentrate on restructuring old ones. Eighty per cent of the 206 prison buildings in use in Italy are over 100 years old; Rome’s Regina Coeli in Trastevere, for example, dates to the mid-17th century and originally served as a convent before being converted into a prison in 1881. Other prisons, such as Arghillà in Reggio Calabria, are finished but stand empty, in this particular case due to problems with building an access road. In January opposition parties presented their own proposals in the form of a series of parliamentary motions calling on the government to tackle the problem of overcrowding by reducing pre-trial detentions and increasing the use of alternative measures of punishment among other things. However in its 2009 report on the situation in Italian prisons the prisoners’ rights association Antigone identifies a handful of penal institutions that buck the trend: Bollate in Milan, Padua, Lorusso and Cotugno in Turin, the new Rebibbia prison in Rome and the Giudecca women’s prison in Venice. These so-called “liveable” prisons offer a series of opportunities and activities aimed at rehabilitating prisoners, including special work programmes, formal education, professional training, creative workshops, more recreation time and innovative treatment for sex offenders and detainees with psychological problems. In such structures the re-offending rate for prisoners within five years of being released is around 30 per cent compared with 60 to 70 per cent at prisons not offering such opportunities, while the suicide rate among detainees is three times lower.

Prison suicide statistics In the period 1960-1969 Italy had an average prison population of 32,754 and a suicide rate of 3.01 per 10,000 detainees and an attempted suicide rate of 9.24 per 10,000 detainees, according to the Osservatorio Permanente sulle Morti in Carcere. In the period 2000-2009 the average prison population had risen to 53,988 and the rate of suicide and attempted suicide to 10.32 and 142.94 per 10,000 detainees respectively. According to the annual penal statistics of the Council of Europe, in 2007 – the most recent year for which comparative figures are available – Italy had a prison suicide rate of 9.9 per 10,000 detainees. This compared favourably with Iceland, which topped the list with 87 suicides per 10,000 detainees, Luxembourg (26.9 suicides per 10,000 detainees), Slovenia (22.5 suicides per 10,000 detainees), Denmark (22.1 suicides per 10,000 detainees) and even France (14.6 suicides per 10,000 detainees) and the United Kingdom (12.9 suicides per 10,000 detainees). However Italy lagged well behind several countries including Poland (4.5 suicides per 10,000 detainees) and Romania (3.8 suicides per 10,000 detainees). For more information see

28 April 2010

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28 April 2010


Edward Hopper Seven A.M. Edith Schloss


ust out of art school, growing up in the New York art world in the late 1940s, you took the Hopper paintings down at the Whitney Museum on 8th Street with a grain of salt. Their white New England spareness, their stony wastes of city houses, their girdered grey bridges, the inhibited people sitting on beds in lonely rooms or leaning in dark brown interiors, the no-nonsense contrasts between harsh eastern seaboard light and thick indoor shade, were plainspoken, bold but conventional Americana. Yet sometimes you were arrested by an odd undertow which made you retrace your steps to take a second look and wonder. But Hopper and his pals were passé after all. We took them for granted, we were too busy with something quite different and rich – a bright new adventure, the search for abstraction. Edward Hopper (1882–1967) was born in Nyack, up the Hudson opposite Ossining, where Peter Falk came from, in Edward Hopper’s Seven A.M. (1948) is a romantic understatement of quietness. a small New Jersey workers’ town, an ordinary ride away from New York City. He studied at the New York ery, steel bridges spanning arid rivers stretch under relentless light. Not school of art, with some of the most eminent artists of the time, to saints, but daily ordinary working-class people stand or sit still by become an easel painter. But like most artists at the time, at first he themselves in protestant sobriety, holding in their secrets. They endure. could make a living only as an illustrator, cartoonist or print maker. Uneasy loaded spaces are lurking. It is a near-surrealism, a super-stark How his work became an emblem, the very expression of a period in soberness, not quite sad, but enigmatically hovering. It is a style close America, when a raw rural pioneer society had been propelled into a to artists just developing in other countries, De Chirico and Sironi in slick industrial age and was beginning to get blighted by it, how he had Italy, the Neue Sachlichkeit (the new thingyness) in Germany: willed slowly turned into one of the most quintessential exponents of an era, plainness, spare of explicit meaning. needs no explanations to Americans who grew up with it. In Morning Sun an unlovely sinewy Danaë, a working girl, sits on The show starts with dark academic exercises and painstakingly honher bed at dawn. No lover enters. She stoically faces a view through the est self-portraits. There are groups of etchings, of people, machinery and window, a long row of downtown brown stone houses lit by the pink buildings, set at odd sweeping angles and lighting, solving self-imposed light of an unforgiving sun. problems of perspective and speed. A man on A tidy Cape Cod clapboard house stands a park bench, engrossed in reading a newspachalkwhite on sand near bittergreen underThe Fondazione Roma Museo brush in the peculiar afterglow of a New per, sitting under a lamp in a tamed wilderness, is singularly and humbly evocative. England sunset. presents the artist who The pages of many little ledgers here, In Pennsylvania Coal Town a bald man in is a perpetual which, like Albrecht Duerer and Paul Klee shirtsleeves unheroically rakes grass in front before him, Hopper kept through his workof his shadowy parlour. symbol of America ing life, are revealing: the crafty operator There isn’t a soul in the great Seven here painstakingly and accurately keeps A.M., probably the most stirring painting book of the working dates and the materials used for each work, the Hopper ever made. It describes a peculiarly loaded morning hush, date of each sale and the name of the buyer. Comments here and there showing a shop inhabited only by a cash register, a clock, some bottles, – for instance that a painting was sold to the producer of the play The a calendar. Is it a barber shop or a luncheonette? Inside is a dark gapDiary of Anne Frank – fix the period. Rooms of oils painted in various ing loneliness, the ghost of former or coming activity. It must be at the stays when he educated himself in Paris in the shadows of Manet and edge of town because a tightly wadded mass of bottlegreen, indicating Degas are the greatest surprise of all. Here already his interest in masthe anonymous wildness of unkempt woods, is encroaching on it, the tering masses of buildings, rows and rows of architecture, speechless last forlorn shop in town. Hopper ever spurns the picturesque. But in urban houses by the mild flow of the Seine, though washed in pearlgrey this image not quite bleak or ominous or shattering there is something European light, presage the harsher America later. Nor is there a human yearning that moves you, a romantic understatement of quietness. being in sight, except in some gaudy nightclub scenes already featuring The city views are the most pungent – stone against flesh. In the expressionless pale-faced people. New England dune and harbour views, with lighthouses, barns and Back in New York City and New England, it is from the 1930s on coastguard stations, all neat against wind-blown or smouldering skies, that Hopper develops his own indelible mark. Until now he has been Hopper’s taut pull and peculiar tension flag. He is more than about a the skilful and workmanlike realist with a certain period flavour, but period of history between wars, when longing and mystery were to be now his signature style has come to the fore. It has a peculiar charge kept still and tamed under the surface, yet came through. Cont. on page 13. and tautness. Warrens of buildings with unblinking windows, machin28 April 2010

Wanted in Rome


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28 April 2010

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28 April 2010

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EUR - VILLA. 350 sqm, spacious villa, 5 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, living room, dining room, terrace, large private garden, parking. Ref 395. Tel. 063212341. EUR NEAR METRO. Beautiful mansard, semi-furnished, suitable for single or couple, 3 rooms, kitchen, bathroom, fitted closets, A/C, perfect condition. €1.400. Tel. 065037468, 339 / 3421012. EUR NEAR METRO. Comfortable apartment, 4 bedrooms, living room, 3 bathrooms, perfect condition, private garden, storage room, garage. €2.500. Tel. 065037468, 339 / 3421012. EUR. Mostacciano, Torrino, Laurentina, elegant apartments, furnished or unfurnished, nice complexes. Tel. 0652205391, EUR. 120 sqm, living room, study, 2 bedrooms, large terrace, views, A/C, parking, doorman, tree-lined street. Ref 168. Tel. 063212341. EUR. Nice view, semi-furnished apartment between metro Magliana and Palasport, top floor, 150 sqm, sitting room, 3 bedrooms, kitchen, 2 bathrooms, terrace, parking, €2.300. Ref. 23. Tel. 0654211074, EUR. Prestigious semi-furnished villa, 400 sqm on 3 levels, sitting room with fireplace, 4 bedrooms, walk-in cabinet, kitchen, 4 bathrooms, patio, 1.000 sqmgarden. Ref 57. Tel. 0654211074, FIUMICINO - PARCO LEONARDO. Furnished apartment, 4th floor, 65 sqm, living room, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, storage, 40 sqm-terrace, garage. Ref 2. Tel. 0654211074, FLAMINIO. Spacious, 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, large living / dining room, balcony, study, elevator. Ref 1098. Tel. 063212341. FORUM. Newly restored, 2 bedrooms, bathroom, living room, fireplace, beautiful doorman building, common garden, safe, silent, near metro. Ref 1123. Tel. 063212341. GARBATELLA. 110 sqm, 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, living room, separate dining room, parking, parquet, bright. Ref 549. Tel. 063212341. GHETTO - ATTIC. 120 sqm, 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, double living room, fireplace, equipped kitchen, panoramic terrace. Refs 787, 1016. Tel. 063212341. GROTTA PERFETTA - 8 MINUTES DRIVE TO EUR. Lovely 135 sqm apartment on 2 levels, 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, living / dining room, 35 sqm terrace, furnished kitchen, garage, storage space, €2.200 monthly. Tel. Edwards 068610871, HISTORIC CENTRE - CAMPO DE’ FIORI. Elegantly furnished apartment, 80 sqm, 1 double bedroom, 1 single bedroom, 2 bathrooms, living / dining room. €1.700 monthly. Tel. Edwards 068610871,

LOOKING FOR A GOOD INVESTMENT? Well established private language institute in Rome wishing to expand its activity, seeks partners. Tel. 0686801506, email HISTORIC CENTRE - COLOSSEUM SERPENTI. Elegant condominium, 130 sqm, restructured, sitting room, live-in kitchen, 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, €3.600. Tel. 065919125, HISTORIC CENTRE - NAVONA. In historic building, unfurnished, elegant, 3rd floor, renovated, bright, approx 160 sqm, large reception room, 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, lift, doorman. Other smaller near Navona. Tel. 065882886, HISTORIC CENTRE - PENTHOUSE. On 2 levels with terrace, 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, living room, kitchen, laundry room, furnished, A/C, €3.500, condo fees included, for photos,, tel. 068419827. HISTORIC CENTRE - PIAZZA ALESSANDRIA. Lovely high floor, living / sitting room, equipped kitchen, 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, €1.900. Tel. 0669941681, HISTORIC CENTRE. Beautiful view, semi-furnished apartment, 85 sqm, 3rd floor, living room, 1 bedroom, kitchen, bathroom. Ref 15. Tel. 0654211074, HISTORIC CENTRE. Prestigious top floor, lift, unfurnished, 170 sqm, panoramic view, triple reception room, 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, doorman, €4.000. Tel. 335 / 329308. HISTORIC CENTRE. 2 apartments, entrance, living / dining room, equipped kitchen, 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, laundry room, €1.900. Tel. 0669941681, HISTORIC CENTRE. Lovely penthouse, living room, equipped kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, terraces, €2.500. Tel. 0669941681, HISTORIC CENTRE. Fully restructured apartment, entrance, double living room, dining room, equipped kitchen, laundry room, 4 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, A/C, €7.500. Tel. 0669941681,

We select furnished and unfurnished apartments and villas for rent and sale.

INFERNETTO - AXA - CASAL PALOCCO. Various villas, furnished or unfurnished, garden, swimming pool. Tel. 0652205391, INFERNETTO - COLOMBO PARKS. 4 family complex, living room, 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, kitchen, hobby room, fireplace, garden, patio, parking, unfurnished, €2.000. Tel. 065919125, INFERNETTO. New semi-furnished villa, 160 sqm on 2 levels, sitting room with fireplace, 2 bedrooms, study, kitchen, 2 bathrooms, patio, garden, parking, A/C. €1.500. Ref 20. Other different sizes. Tel. 0654211074, INTERNATIONAL POINT. In Rome we offer you many different size apartments and villas, furnished and unfurnished, short and long rental period, our assistance and our professional service for all duration of your contract. Tel. 0654211074, 0659299101, MLD GARBATELLA. Piazza S. Eurosia, finely restructured, sunny, living room, 2 bedrooms, bathroom, kitchen, furnished, €1.300. Tel. 065916760, MLD NUOVO SALARIO. Elegant complex, prestigious condominium, swimming pool, nicely restored, large living room, 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, equipped kitchen, balconies, unfurnished, parking box, €1.900. Other, living room, 3 bedrooms, balconies, unfurnished, €1.300. Tel. 065916760, MLD SERAFICO. Via Baldovinetti, in elegant condominium complex with doorman, finished to very high standards, large entrance hall, large living room, 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, live-in kitchen, terraces, garage, storage room, €2.300. Tel. 065916760, MLD APPIA NUOVA - PONTE LUNGO. Near metro, top floor, living room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, balcony, completely unfurnished. €950. Tel. 065916760,

MLD CASSIA. Overseas school, elegant complex, condominium, 24 hour guard, immersed in greenery, completely restored, large entrance, double living room, 3 bedrooms, small bedroom, 3 bathrooms, live-in kitchen, large terraces, parking box, semi-furnished. €2.300. Tel. 065916760, MLD CORTINA D’AMPEZZO. Very prestigious apartment, triple living room, dining room, 4 bedrooms, study, 4 bathrooms, kitchen, equipped terraces, 2 annexed studio apartments, double garage, semifurnished. €3.500. Tel. 065916760, MLD HISTORIC CENTRE - MONTI. Very nicely restored, large living room with exposed beamed ceilings, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, finely and elegantly furnished, autonomous heating, A/C, €1.600. Tel. 065916760, MLD TORRINO - PIAZZALE CINA. Living room, 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, kitchen, large terrace, garage, furnished, €1.500. Sabatini, restructured, living room, 2 bedrooms, A/C, burglar alarm, semi-furnished, €1.200. Other, living room, bedroom, €900. Tel. 065916760, MONTEVERDE - CLOSE TO VILLA PAMPHILI. Restored, finely furnished apartment, 40 sqm, good public transport links, long-term preferred, €900. Tel. 347 / 0124005, MONTEVERDE VECCHIO. 210 sqm apartment, 1st floor, garden, semi-furnished, living room, 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, equipped eat-in kitchen, balconies. Property International 0657284503,, MONTEVERDE VECCHIO - POERIO. Lovely penthouse, large terrace, marvellous view over Rome, unfurnished, living room, 2 bedrooms, fireplace, A/C, €2.200. Tel. 065813452, MONTEVERDE VECCHIO / SCIARRA PARK. Newly restored garden apartment, well furnished, living room, 1 bedroom, shower, bathroom, terrace, small garden, €950. Also Monteverde, spacious, restored, living room, 2 bedrooms, balcony, furnished, €1.600. Tel. 065813452, MONTEVERDE VECCHIO. Quiet and furnished flat. Entrance, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom. Tel. 065898677. Please leave telephone number. MONTEVERDE VECCHIO. Exquisitely furnished studio apartment with live-in kitchen, bathroom, terrace, €1.000. Tel. Fidia Immobiliare 0639736426. MONTEVERDE. Bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, €550 monthly including utilities. No agencies, only Italian spoken. For information tel. 340 / 7022582.

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Wanted in Rome

28 April 2010

MONTEVERDE. In a quiet and very nice location, semi-furnished penthouse, 85 sqm, large sitting room with fireplace, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, 35 sqm-terrace, good condition. Ref 6. Tel. 0654211074, MONTI - NEAR VIA NAZIONALE. Modern apartment, 2 double bedrooms, dining room, living room, comfortable bathroom with shower, equipped kitchen, A/C, dishwasher and washing machine. Max 5 people. Tel. 339 / 5381750, MONTI - NEAR VIA NAZIONALE. Historic centre, 1 bedroom, king-size bed, sitting room, large kitchen, bathroom, shower, A/C, washing machine. Tel. 339 / 5381750, MONTI. Via del Boschetto, fully furnished, elegant, 65 sqm, 3rd floor, lift, sunny, quiet, balcony, A/C, fireplace. Also short let. Tel. 064746127, 328 / 9481174, MONTI. Furnished 1 bedroom, bathroom, sunny living room, new kitchen, parquet, close to Metro. Refs 803, 1085, 1147. Tel. 063212341. NAVONA. 85 sqm, entrance, living room, dining room, bedroom, kitchen, sunny, doorman. Ref 1137. Tel. 063212341. NAVONA. Charming split-level, 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, living room, kitchen, parquet, sunny, silent. Ref 198. Tel. 063212341. NEAR VATICAN - GREGORIO VII. Prestigious, spacious, 170 sqm, bright upper floor, well furnished apartment, 2 entrances, large hall, double living / dining room, 2 double bedrooms, 1 single, 2 brand new bathrooms, 1 hydromassage, live in kitchen, liveable surrounding balconies, porter, lift, telephone, TV, central heating, Air Conditioning, all amenities. Only referenced parties. €2.300 monthly. Please phone owner 0639377067, 335 / 5384976. NEMORENSE. 150 sqm, 3 bedrooms, large living room, 2 bathrooms, kitchen, small balcony, equipped kitchen. Ref. 685. Tel. 063212341. NICE LOFT WITH GARDEN AT PIGNETO. Beautiful loft-apartment with garden, washing machines (clothes and dishes), heating on site, internet. Minimum 3 nights. for more info. 2 people €65 4 people €85 including taxes and cleaning. TV and PC rent available. NOMENTANA - ATTIC. 280 sqm, 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, new kitchen, 2 panoramic terraces, garage, doorman. Refs 1127, 420. Tel. 063212341. NOMENTANA - TORLONIA. Prestigious, unfurnished, living room, 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, small bedroom with bathroom, €2.600. Tel. Fidia immobiliare 0639736426, OLGIATA. Semi-detached villa, 500 sqm, 5 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, vast living / dining room, fireplace, furnished kitchen, den, vast hobby room, 1.200 sqm park, double garage. Tel. Edwards 068610871, OSTIENSE. Restored and semi-furnished apartment, 85 sqm, 5th floor, living room, 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, kitchen. Ref 49. Tel. 0654211074, PANTHEON - ENGEL & VOELKERS. Very close to the Pantheon, this apartment of 120 sqm on the 2nd floor, with 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and with XVIII Century ceilings, boasts an excellent location, €3.300. Tel. 066798810. PANTHEON. Furnished studio in historic building, living room, kitchenette, bathroom. Refs 189, 199, 414. Tel. 063212341. PANTHEON. 120 sqm penthouse, 1 or 2 bedrooms, bathroom, spacious living room, separate kitchen, beautiful views, €3.000 monthly. Tel. At Home 0632120102 - 328 / 6942691 Katia Bosco, 349 / 5907149 Sabrina Cosi, PARIOLI - MONTI PARIOLI. Elegant condominium, 80 sqm, living room, kitchen, bedroom, 2 bathrooms, furnished, 2 balconies, parking space, A/C, €2.000. Tel. 065919125, PARIOLI - MUSE. Lovely duplex penthouse, 170 sqm, 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, living room, dining room, study, 50 sqm terrace, furnished kitchen, car-port. Tel. Edwards 068610871,

28 April 2010

PARIOLI. Via G. Antonelli, 49. 130 sqm, 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, double living room, 3 balconies, semi-furnished, 2nd floor, €2.000. Tel. 340 / 8309097. PARIOLI. 220 sqm, spacious, 4 bedrooms, living room, dining room, study, maid’s room, parquet floors, doorman, garage. Ref 1073, 1125, 1146. Tel. 063212341. PARIOLI. Spacious, 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, living room, study / dining room, new kitchen, doorman, A/C, parking. Refs 1135, 664, 1145, 1149. Tel. 063212341. PARIOLI. Beautiful, elegant, 160 sqm apartment, 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, living / dining room, terrace, maid’s quarters, furnished kitchen, car-port. Tel. Edwards 068610871, PIAZZA BOLOGNA AREA. Penthouse, 65 sqm, living room, equipped kitchen, balcony, bedroom, bathroom, €1.400. Tel. 0669941681, PIAZZA CAPRANICA - ENGEL & VOELKERS. Located close to Palazzo Montecitorio, this representative office of 230 sqm is completely refreshed and equipped with protected cables. With 9 rooms and 2 bathrooms, the property can be divided thanks to double independent entrances. Tel. 066798810. PIAZZA VENEZIA - ATTIC. Large open space living room, 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, study, 3 panoramic terraces. Ref 974. Tel. 063212341. POPOLO. 1 bedroom, bathroom, living room, kitchen, private terrace. Refs 1110, 861. Tel. 063212341. PORTUENSE. Luxury, furnished apartment, 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, living room, kitchen, autonomous heating, parquet flooring, €1.200. Tel. 328 / 1807097. PRATI - CAVOUR BRIDGE. Beautifully furnished 1 bedroom apartment, 45 sqm, €1.100. Tel. 065813452, PRATI - CLOSE TO OTTAVIANO. Unfurnished, very nice attic, restored, living room, 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, terrace, €2.300. Tel. Fidia Immobiliare 0639736426, PRATI - CLOSE TO OTTAVIANO. Very quiet, unfurnished studio apartment, kitchen, bathroom, €950. Tel. Fidia Immobiliare 0639736426, PRATI - CLOSE TO OTTAVIANO. Unfurnished, entrance, living room, 3 bedrooms, bathroom, equipped kitchen, €1.600. Tel. Fidia Immobiliare 0639736426, PRATI - EROI. Unfurnished, living room, 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, equipped kitchen, balconies, garage, €2.200. Available from 15 July. Tel. Fidia Immobiliare 0639736426, PRATI - PENTHOUSE. Furnished studio with beautiful terrace on Rome, €1,200 monthly, all expenses included: cooking gas, lighting, heating, A/C and condo fee., tel. 349 / 1447971. PRATI - PIAZZA MAZZINI. Well restored apartment, 100 sqm, living room, 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, kitchen, €1.800. Tel. 0668135740, PRATI. 120 sqm, furnished, 2 bedrooms, living room, kitchen, bathroom. High, sunny floor with elevator. Ref 212. Tel. 063212341. ROME CENTRE. Monteverde, Trastevere, Parioli, Aventino, various apartments, furnished or unfurnished. Tel. 0652205391,

Estate Agent, Selling and Renting Assistance with House Documents English, Spanish, French spoken Tel. 066871301 - 335 / 7106545

ROME SWEET HOME - HISTORIC CENTRE. Lets to companies and private individuals. Exclusive locations. Apartments, 1 - 2 - 3 bedrooms, completely furnished, maid service, utilities included, special rates for monthly lets., Tel. 066990667 - 335 / 7713580. S. GIOVANNI. Renovated, furnished, 2 bedrooms, living room, bathroom, spacious kitchen, sunny, near metro, FAO. Ref 912. Tel. 063212341.

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Wanted in Rome


Your Real Estate Service in Rome Assistance in English and German Tel. 068419827 S. SABA - 100 METRES FROM CIRCO MASSIMO. Within walking distance from FAO, totally renovated, elegantly furnished, 3rd floor, quiet, sunny, 1 bedroom, walk-in closets, large living room, dining area, kitchen, bathroom, WiFi, satellite, A/C, €1.850 monthly. Min 3 months. No agencies. Tel. 347 / 1782187, SPAGNA - MARGUTTA. 160 sqm, entrance, living room, dining room, large kitchen, 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, parquet floors. Ref 154, 1074. Tel. 063212341. SPAGNA. Spacious, 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, high ceilings, small terrace, bright, A/C. Ref 1116. Tel. 063212341. TESTACCIO. 75 sqm, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, living room, beautifully restored, internet, A/C. Ref 259. Tel. 063212341. TORLONIA. 250 sqm, living room, dining area, patio, 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, kitchen, garden and terrace, €5.000 monthly. Tel. At Home 0632120102, 328 / 6942691 Katia Bosco, 349 / 5907149 Sabrina Cosi, TRASTEVERE - ATTIC. 140 sqm, 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, living room, dining room, kitchen, large private terrace. Refs 320, 1120. Tel. 063212341. TRASTEVERE - NEAR GARIBALDI. Characteristic small furnished apartment, 1 bedroom, living room, small terrace, services. Other larger near S. Maria, 3 bedrooms, living room, services. Tel. 065881548, TRASTEVERE - S. COSIMATO. 80 sqm, elegant apartment, fully furnished, 5th (top) floor, lift, 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, large living room with high ceilings, well equipped open kitchen. €2.000 monthly. 1 year renewable contract. No agencies. Tel. 0650913886 - 340 / 4021870. TRASTEVERE. Near S. Maria in elegant building, unfurnished, panoramic attic, 2 levels, 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, terrace, lift. Other smaller at Piscinula, equipped kitchen, balcony, terrace, lift, possibility for garage. Tel. 065882886, TRASTEVERE. 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, large living room, dining room, kitchen, high ceilings, sunny. Refs 1106, 883, 802. Tel. 063212341. TRASTEVERE. Living room, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, terrace, doorman. Refs 1058, 476, 1148. Tel. 063212341. TRASTEVERE. Very special townhouse on 2 levels, 2 bedrooms, fireplace, A/C, private garden, country atmosphere, quiet, €2.200. Also, townhouse on 3 levels, small terrace, 2 bedrooms, €1.800. Trastevere / Trilussa, just restored, living room, 1 bedroom, patio and terrace, old Rome charm, €1.400. Tel. 065813452, TRIESTE - ATTIC. Spacious, 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, living room, kitchen, balconies, bright, quiet. Ref 1082. Tel. 063212341. TRIESTE - VIA RENO. Very special, unfurnished, living room, 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, €1.800. Tel. Fidia Immobiliare 0639736426, TRIESTE. 300 sqm, 3rd floor, 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 2 maid’s rooms with bathroom, balconies, parking space, restored, for photos,, tel. 068419827. VATICAN. Furnished, 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, living room, spacious kitchen, balconies, A/C, parking. Ref 600. Tel. 063212341. VIA APPIA. Small house in a villa. Large garden, 1 double bedroom, 1 bathroom, small kitchen, furnished, €1.100. Tel. 0668135740,


Wanted in Rome

VIGNA CLARA. 250 sqm, bright, 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, spacious living room, dining room, terrace, quiet, swimming pool. Ref 653. Tel. 063212341. VIGNA CLARA. Near Marymount School, bright 120 sqm apartment, partial A/C, living / dining room, large balcony, 2 bedrooms, main bathroom, maid’s quarters, furnished kitchen, car-port. Tel. Edwards 068610871, VIGNA CLARA. Charmingly furnished 100 sqm apartment, 2 bedrooms, main bathroom, living / dining room, terrace, maid’s quarters, garage. Tel. Edwards 068610871, VILLA BORGHESE - PAISIELLO. Elegant, semi-furnished apartment, 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, living / dining room, maid’s room. €1.800 monthly. Tel. Edwards 068610871, VILLA PAMPHILI. Beautiful 200 sqm apartment, completely renovated, 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, living / dining room, lovely 50 sqm terrace, maid’s quarters, double car-port. Tel. Edwards 068610871,

Accommodation Vacant out of Town BADOLATO S. (CZ) Ionian sea, traditional 2-level house in old village, 4 / 6 beds, 15 days rent available. Tel. 339 / 6149317, CAVE TOWN - 35KM FROM ROME. On bus route, sunny, independent characteristic apartment, 110 sqm, historic centre, living room, 3 bedrooms, kitchen, bathroom, ideal for studio and home, to rent long or short-term, €550 monthly. Email: CORTONA - TUSCANY. Apartment in period building, historic centre, 3rd floor, panoramic views, entrance hall, 3 bedrooms, bathrooms, autonomous heating. Cell 347 / 6405233. MENTANA. Detached villa on 3 floors, surrounded by greenery, panoramic position, 450 sqm, completely restructured, 1.500 sqm-garden with walnut and other large trees. Tel. 392 / 4391795 (Italian), 069656615 (English). TIVOLI - MANDELA. 50 km from Rome, apartment in old Castle, bedroom, living room, unfurnished. €250 + €40 condominium. Tel. 066786400.

Bed & Breakfast NAVONA. Antique art gallery, now charming flats. Superb location, quiet, cosy, sleeps 8 people. Tel. 347 / 3884032,,

Holiday Accommodation NEAR TIBURTINA STATION. Two nice flats (1 with garden) close to each other, €30 nightly per person. Tel. 335 / 263070,, SABAUDIA PARK. August, elegant location, furnished villa near sea / lake, ideal for 1-2 families. 2.000-sqm garden. €5.500. Tel. or leave message 065115158 - 328 / 5766170. SUTRI - RENOVATED MEDIAEVAL TOWER. Spacious, elegant, three-story town house sleeps 6, 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, large kitchen, dishwasher, terrace, TV. €1,050 weekly. Tel. +39 0699919929.

Property for Sale out of Town LAGO DI BOLSENA - MONTEFIASCONE. Apartment with beautiful view of the lake, 200 sqm on 2 levels, sitting room with fireplace, 3 bedrooms, study, large kitchen, 3 bathrooms, garage, garden. Ref 22. Tel. 0654649582,

Rooms and Flat Shares CENTRAL PIAZZA BOLOGNA. Metro B, single room, well furnished, kitchen and bathroom. €500 all inclusive, TV, Wi-Fi, laundry. Tel. 333 / 3848224, CLOSE TO VILLA BORGHESE. Available from 1 June, very sunny room in charming attic, bathroom, kitchen, €450 including bills. Tel. 338 / 5436401, COMFORTABLE ROOM with own bathroom and use of kitchen to rent in large apartment near Viale Trastevere. Tel. 338 / 6314646, COSY ROOM. A cosy room with double bed, bookcase, desk, wardrobe with a small balcony is available for rent. Located in Testaccio, you can get easily to any central place. The flat consists of 2 bedrooms, a kitchen and bathroom, is very quiet and bright, I am an easygoing girl looking for someone similar. €550 + expenses. MONTEVERDE - BRIGHT LARGE ROOM. Room for rent in comfortable apartment, Via del Casaletto. Internet connection available. Walking distance to tram 8 end of the line and to Villa Doria Pamphili. €530 per month, bills included. Available from 20 May. Tel. Pamela 320 / 4375681. ROOM IN EUR NEAR METRO B. One room, bath and shared kitchen, in quiet and green area near the Metro EUR Palasport. FAO and ROMA 3 University are not far. The flat is in Viale dell’Umanesimo 307. One person and little dog are living in, TESTACCIO. Piazza S. Maria Liberatrice 45. Large room in 60 sqm apartment, €550, minimum stay 1 month - maximum stay 6 months. Tel. 347 / 1102198. TESTACCIO. Large, bright flat, share bathroom and kitchen with one other, WiFi, weekly cleaner, €700 monthly. Tel. 347 / 3584974.

Short Lets APARTMENTS, HOUSES. Linen service, minimum deposit. Tel. 0648930557, tel. / fax 0648976525 office hours,,

CAMPO DE’ FIORI - SPAGNA - NAVONA. Pantheon, Trastevere, Prati. Fully-furnished apartments, 1 week minimum. Many other possiblities. Tel. / fax 0648905897,, CENTRE - FORO TRAIANO. Small, pleasant 35 sqm apartment, living room with kitchen, 1 double bedroom, furnished, €1.100. Tel. +39 0668135740, NAVONA. Antique art gallery, now charming flats. Superb location, quiet, cosy, sleeps 8 people, A/C, wireless internet. Tel. 347 / 3884032,, PANTHEON - PONTE MILVIO. Nice studios, period building, new and well decorated, fully equipped, kitchen corner, double bedroom, bathroom, air conditioning or fan, internet, TV. Long term too. Tel. 348 / 9792106, PIAZZA BOLOGNA - METRO B. Delightful, 80 sqm, renovated apartment, furnished, 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, equipped kitchen, living / dining area, terrace, A/C, WiFi. Available May - Sept. Also available as 60 sqm, 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom. Tel. +39 339 / 1893445, PIAZZA FARNESE. Elegant and sophisticated apartment, offering hotellevel comfort, privacy, cosy atmosphere. Info:, Tel. 340 / 0630194, 334 / 3494701. ROME SWEET HOME - HISTORIC CENTRE. Short lets to companies and private individuals. Exclusive locations. Apartments, 1 - 2 - 3 bedrooms, completely furnished, maid service, utilities included, special rates for monthly lets., Tel. 066990667 - 335 / 7713580. VERY NICE STUDIO APARTMENT. Available from 26 April until 26 May. Information & pictures at:, tel. Bruno +39 340 / 6423877, VIALE TRASTEVERE. Charming and peaceful 68 sqm apartment, newly furnished, fully equipped, available to accommodate up to 5 people, rates from €490 per week, reductions for stays over 10 days, photos available by email, tel. +39 335 / 8415887.

Jobs Vacant BABY’S PLANET SRL DAYCARE is looking for mother-tongue English teachers to work with children aged 2 - 3 for the current school year. Prerequisites: diploma or degree, residence in north Rome. Based in Talenti, Nomentana, Montesacro. Send photo and detailed resume to fax 0687236497 -

Property for Sale in Town COLLI PORTUENSI AREA. Located near Colli Portuensi in a residential area, 140 sqm, double entrance door, big living room, 3 bedrooms, dressing room, 2 bathrooms, large kitchen, garage, large cellar. No Agency, PORTA DI ROMA. 4 large bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, kitchen, 3 balconies, sea view, furnishings included, interesting price. Tel. 349 / 8514436, 0656030047. ` - ENGEL & VOELKERS. In VIA DEL GESU the heart of Rione Pigna, on the 2nd floor in historic building, this apartment of 35 sqm is an ideal pied à terre for artists, businessmen or investment, €500.000. Tel. 066798810.

28 April 2010

BUSINESS ASSISTANCE NEEDED. I need a business partner urgently. You will make very good money weekly. Please email me at DRIVER/MESSENGER WANTED. INTERNATIONAL DEVELOPMENT LAW ORGANISATION seeks a Driver/Messenger. A valid driving license and experience as a driver/messenger. A safe driving record and strong knowledge of driving rules and regulations in Italy is required as well as a working knowledge of English or French and Italian. For further information, please consult IDLO’s website at ENGLISH / FRENCH SPEAKER WANTED. Global leader in shareholder communications seeks bi-lingual people English/French with good/basic knowledge of Italian for temporary fulltime collaboration for 1/2 months in Rome. The ideal candidate should have excellent organizational skills, strong sense of responsibility, a good ability to communicate and have a good knowledge of Microsoft Office. Banking background and understanding of the Financial Markets would be a preferable but are not essential. To apply please send CV to or contact tel. 0642171405. ENGLISH / GERMAN SPEAKER WANTED. Global leader in shareholder communications seeks bi-lingual people English/German with good/basic knowledge of Italian for temporary fulltime collaboration for 1/2 months in Rome. The ideal candidate should have excellent organizational skills, strong sense of responsibility, a good ability to communicate and have a good knowledge of Microsoft Office. Banking background and understanding of the Financial Markets would be a preferable but are not essential. To apply please send CV to or contact tel. 0642171405. ESTABLISHED LANGUAGE SCHOOL in Rome seeks mother tongue, certified EFL instructors for part-time / full-time positions teaching English to adults and children. Send CV to FREELANCE ENGLISH LANGUAGE TEACHERS required, general English, business English and legal English courses, applicants must have working papers, relevant qualifications and experience. Send CV to Tel. 0669792112, 348 / 8876577. LARGE MULTINATIONAL AGENCY offering part-time or full-time work to Italian or foreigner, also Russian mothertongue. Tel. 338 / 7193035. MOTHER TONGUE ENGLISH TEACHERS required to work as Head Teachers at our UK Study International Summer Camps in the UK. Candidates should be Mother Tongue English speakers holding a recognised teaching qualification with previous experience in Summer Camps. Knowledge of the Trinity Exam preparation is desirable but not essential. To apply please send C.V to or call Sarah on 064881800. OFFICIAL GUIDES WANTED. Official guides wanted, with degree in Art History or Archeology and excellent English skills, to collaborate with a cultural association which organizes high-quality cultural guided tours ( Mentioned in prestigious guidebooks. Please send your resume to Do you want to advertise your apartment in Paris, Berlin, London or Madrid? Do you have a job to offer in Dublin, Bracelona, Brussels or Amsterdam? Then go to and place your ad directly online. Or come to our office at Via dei Falegnami 79 and we can place it for you. Tel. 06.6867967 or email us at RELIEF RECEPTIONIST/LIAISON OFFICER. NEW ZEALAND EMBASSY ROME. The New Zealand Embassy in Rome requires a relief Receptionist/Liaison Officer for the period Monday 28 June to Friday 17 September 2010. Applicants must be able to demonstrate written and oral excellence in English and Italian and be comfortable working at a formal level in both. Letters of application including CV should be sent to Priscilla Clark, First Secretary (Administration) and Consul, New Zealand Embassy, Via Clitunno 44, 00198, Rome, Italy or email Short listed applicants will be contacted after Wednesday 19 May. No other correspondence will be entered into. Applications close on Friday 14 May 2010. RELO & IMMIGRATION ASSOCIATE Principal Relocation Company, Italy’s premier relocation company, seeks a motivated, focused and goal/detail oriented individual to work as a Relocation & Immigration Associate. Experience in the field of relocation, immigration and/or real estate is an advantage. Fluent Italian and English are essential. Please send your CV and photo to with reference RIA-RM as the subject. Place of work: Mentana. Only applicants already resident in Rome will be considered. STUDY ABROAD ADVISOR. American University program in Rome seeks Program Advisor. Interested applicants are invited to send cover letter and resume to WANTED ENGLISH SPEAKING with knowledge of computer for a part-time job (afternoon) in the tourist business. Call after 5pm. Tel. 335 / 8193359, 066631068.

FREE ADS ADS IN THE FOLLOWING CATEGORIES ARE FREE. 20 words maximum. Free ads must be submitted through our website at Jobs Wanted ads may no longer be submitted through our offices. Space permitting free classified advertisements placed on our website will be downloaded and published in the magazine, but only if they include contact details. Gli annunci nelle seguenti rubriche sono gratuiti. Non devono superare le 20 parole. Gli annunci gratuiti dovranno essere trasmessi esclusivamente tramite il sito Non si accettano più quelli della categoria Jobs Wanted nei nostri uffici. Gli annunci gratuiti verranno pubblicati nella rivista solo se completi di contatti e secondo lo spazio disponibile.

Accommodation Wanted NEED A ROOM JULY 7-SEPT 9. American female seeks a single room in an apartment, Rome historic center. Please email me WANTED STUDIO/1B NEAR TRASTEVERE. Young professional seeks studio/1bd/shared apt near Trastevere. June+July rental. Willing to negotiate longer., 1-314914-6093, skype @ duncan.wolfe.

Animals DOG CAGE. We are looking for an air travel DOG CAGE for a medium size dog. Stephanie or Daniele tel. 0575630485. PET SITTING. Pet sitting available. Tel. 347 / 9511470.

Events ABOUT NEXT EVENT at Scuderie del Quirinale. It will be a shortcoming miss Caravaggio’s painting. Truly, Marco. ITALIANO, ENGLISH, ESPANOL, FRANCAIS. Held every Tuesday ChitChat will be a chance to perfect your language skills in a friendly conversation group - LIFE COACH & HOLISTIC THERAPIST. Professional, Personal Development, Wellness & Stress Management. 25 years exp. Private sessions, classes & workshops. Tel. 331 / 1015244, Rome SKILLS FOR WORK & LIFE. Coaching Skills & Positive Psychology. Rome Centre, 16th, 23rd & 30th April. €100 + IVA., tel. 340 / 7760020. TABLE-TOP / CAR BOOT SALE. Casal Palocco. Saturday, May 8th. €25 a table. Interesting buying and selling! Refreshments. Tel. Sara 333 / 8466820,

Exchanges BABY SITTING FOR THE ENGLISH. Italian journalist offers her time as baby sitter for English children in exchange for speaking English. Pamela Tel. 320 / 4375681. FREE GUITAR LESSONS. Professional Guitarist is looking for a cultural exchange: acoustic, electric and classical guitar lessons in exchange for English conversation. IMPROVE YOUR ITALIAN. Italian journalist offers Italian language practice in exchange for English conversation. Email Francesco ITALIAN MOTHERTONGUE. I’m looking for a cultural exchange. Italian conversation for English conversation.

Health / Fitness ADS AMERICAN DENTAL STUDIOS. Open in August. Team of 3 dentists, hygienist & assistant. Via delle Terme di Tito 92 (80 m metro Colosseo) or our Infernetto studio, American dentist is available for emergencies every day. We provide complete dental care with the latest dental technology and our new colleague offers free cosmetic surgery consultation, including laser, botox, fillers, peeling etc. Appointment only. Tel. 333 / 9061799, info@amer,

28 April 2010

AMERICAN PSYCHOLOGIST provides individual psychotherapy. Twenty-years experience. Locations: Metro Cipro and Metro Manzoni. Rose Kazma 06/39742957 or 333 / 5822808. BIG SAVINGS ON ACAI LIQUID. Acai Liquid is most beneficial, compare and buy products at discounted price at CORE-BASED PERSONAL TRAINING. Improve strength, posture, flexibility, coordination, breathing. Dance degree, massage license & years teaching experience., 339 / 5399550. LIFE COACH & HOLISTIC THERAPIST. Professional, Personal Development, Wellness & Stress Management. 25 years exp. Private sessions, classes & workshops. Tel. 331 / 1015244, Rome MANICURE - PEDICURE. I can come to the convenience of your home. Tel. 347 / 9511470. NY-LICENSED MASSAGE THERAPIST. Professional Deep Tissue/Swedish Massage. Reduce pain/tension. Improve posture/flexibility., 339 / 5399550. POWER LIVES COACHING. Create a life plan and achieve your goals with a renowned life-coach. Tel. 339 / 3332547, for information.

Household Sales ART BOOKS AND OLDSMOBILE91. Excellent selection Art & Literature books must leave. Can e-mail list. Best offer. Also Oldsmobile91 US plates fifteen hundred euros. Tel. 338 / 4474955. BOOKS ON BUDDHISM FREE OF CHARGE. Books on Tibetan Buddhism and meditation English and Italian various titles free of charge. For info GARAGE SALE IN TRASTEVERE. Leaving Rome after 30 years - everything must go. GREAT BARGAINS and giveaways. Tel. 065881066 or 339 / 7459114. TABLE-TOP / CAR BOOT SALE. Casal Palocco. Saturday, May 8th. €25 a table. Interesting buying and selling! Refreshments. Tel. Sara 333 / 8466820, WARDROBE. English oak wardrobe, 2 doors with double drawers underneath. Italian made, Excellent condition Tel. 347 / 7001344. Price Euro 150. YARD SALE. Bikes, Jackets, beds, Desktops etc. Excellent condition. Tel. 348 / 4875384.

IT and Computers APPLE IPHONE3G 32GB @CHEAP PRICE. Brand New Factory Unlocked 3GS 32gb Apple Iphone For Inquiry: +44 7024063011 APPLE LAPTOP WANTED. Seeking second-hand Apple laptop urgently (from ibook 5) not more than €300. Tel. Flaminia 338 / 4803181. COMPUTER ASSISTANCE/LESSONS. Native English, fluent Italian. Expert care in your home/office. Whatever your PC problems / requirements. Thomas 347 / 7215686. LOOKING FOR EMPLOYMENT. Gibbs College Graduate. Currently looking for any computer repair jobs. Newark, Jersey City, and Manhattan. Contact tel. 551 998 7007. PHOTOSHOP + ENGLISH LESSONS. Simpatica Disegnatrice Inglese madrelingua (mezza Italiana). Laureata Inghilterra. €12 per hour. Contact Emma 320 / 6861974.

Jobs Wanted ACTOR. Italian 1.81 cm. smart expressive dynamic humour classical pianist average English available for films & commercials. Tel. 334 / 3147028. BABY SITTER AVAILABLE. Italian graduate fluent in English available as baby sitter in central areas (Gregorio VII, S. Pietro, centro storico). Tel. 333 / 4253702.

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Wanted in Rome


BABYSITTER OR LOOKING AFTER ELDERLY. A Ghanaian lady is looking for a job as babysitter or looking after the old, speaks English and Italian. Tel. 320 / 7483224. BABYSITTER, DOMESTIC HELP. Looking for babysitter, domestic help. Spanish, Italian and English. Own a car. Patente italiana. Available immediately, Roma. Please tel. 333 / 9245430. BABYSITTER/HOUSE HELP/CLEANER. A Ghanaian lady looking for job as a babysitter, cleaner or as a house-help. Full time or part time. Tel. 328 / 7385282, 329 / 1671985. BILINGUAL ITALIAN/ENGLISH with work experience in both Uk and Italy in Communication, Marketing, Sales, Teaching and Interpreting, seeks job. Tel. 347 / 8403801. BRITISH STUDENT - ENGLISH TUTOR. Seeking students for private tutoring of the English language. Experienced, reliable and friendly. 15-30 euro, negotiable. Contact Mark: CANADIAN ENGLISH MOTHER TONGUE. Young Canadian lady available for English lessons during mornings 15/hr-singles, 10/hr-groups. Experienced & professional, contact CELTA TEACHER. Young teacher from London seeks teaching position for June and July. Tel. 339 / 8168618. CERTIFIED TEFL TEACHER. Certified TEFL teacher seeks full time employment as of July 2010. English mother tongue from London. EMAIL: CLEANER OR CAREGIVER. A young boy looking for job in Rome as a cleaner or looking after old man. Tel. 329 / 1671985. CLEANER OR JOB ASSISTANCE. A young man with references, looking for job as a cleaner or any job assistance. Tel. 327 / 1785054. COUNSELOR. English speaking counselor with 10 years of therapeutic experience with children & adults seeks employment. Pls. email: DOMESTIC/ENG.TEACH/GARDENER. Highly educated 30y/o Belgian guy seeks job in July, August, September (or longer). Parlo Italiano.

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Wanted in Rome

DRIVER / DOMESTIC WORK. Well experienced with driving license, cleaning, care of kids etc. Honest, hard working person looking for job with reference. Tel. 328 / 7870716. ENGLISH TEACHER/DOMESTIC HELP. Highly educated, 30y/o Belgian guy is looking for a job during July, August, September (or longer). Parlo un ottimo italiano. ENGLISH TEACHING CONSULTANT. Native English consultant available for incompany courses in and around Rome. General/Business/Legal. Tel. 348 / 4875384. ENGLISH TUTOR AVAILABLE. Individual, group and in-company classes. TEFL qualified, experienced in teaching children, adults and businesses. Call 320 / 3384265 or email ENGLISH WOMAN SEEKS BABYSITTING. English woman seeks full time job babysitting. Tel. 347 / 8164132. ENGLISH WOMAN SEEKS WORK. English woman, 22, university graduate seeks full time work in Rome. Fluent Italian. Tel. 347 / 8164132. HUMAN RESOURCE JOB. English mother tongue with knowledge of Italian seeks HR / Admin job. Resident in Rome with valid work papers. Email IF YOU WANT BABY SITTER, CONTACT. Hello! If you want baby sitter, please, contact me on e-mail: Sincerely Maia. INDIAN CITIZEN. Seeking a job like portiere (di notte) in small hotels and bed and breakfast. Cell: 329 / 5612872, e-mail: ITALIAN. Seeks a part-time job as babysitter, cleaner, etc. Speaks English and French. Tel. 347 / 1215764. No e-mail. KENYAN MAN. Hello, I am desperately looking for a job, as a gardener, house keeper e.t.c please someone help me. Tel. 328 / 3337382. LANGUAGE TRAINING. Native English teaching consultant available for in-company courses. Call 348 / 4875384. LOOKING FOR ANY KIND OF JOB. I’m looking for any kind of part time or full time job: Tel. 327 / 4953394. LOOKING FOR WORK. Guy 35 educated looking for a suitable job. Speaks English and Italian. Please call 389 / 9818703 or MOTHER-TOUNGE ENGLISH TEACHER. English speaker / teacher seeking students for private tutoring. Can travel to you if necessary. 25 euro (is negotiable). Anushka tel. 320 / 5624304. OFFICE BOY. Indian person, can speak English and Italian seeking a Job like OFFICE BOY. E-mail:, cell 329 / 5612872. OFFERING MY SKILLS GRAPHIC DESIGN. I’m offering my skills as graphic designer/web site builder. I’m a freelancer, so always available. Tel. 339 / 6021366. PART-TIME BABYSITTER / CLEANER. 26 yr old female looking for a part-time job. Call me 320 / 7724568. PART-TIME JOB. Exp. in clerical, Eng. tutorial, hotel, housekeeping and babysitting, has legal document, fluent in English, basic Italian spoken and comprehension. Email: SIMPATICA INGLESE MADRELINGUA. Simpatica Inglese madrelingua (mezza Italiana). Laureata Inghilterra. Tutti i livelli. €12 per hour. Contact Emma Tel. 320 / 6861974. TEACHER FOR DISABLED AND GYM. Qualified teacher in physical education, with degree, abilitation also for disables, is looking for serious job in school. Tel. 347 / 8873752. TEFL TEACHER. English woman with TEFL certificate looking for full / part-time work in Rome at language school / private lessons. Tel. 347 / 8164132. TEFL TUTOR. Qualified TEFL tutor available for English lessons at your home. NW-Rome. Tel. 340 / 0734911.

Lessons BABY MOVES. ON NATURAL MOVEMENT DEVELOPMENT. Informative and inspiring! How to help babies’ digestion and sleep, crawling, walking, communication. Angelica: 380 / 7911803 Psychologist/Movement Educator. BILINGUAL ITALIAN/ENGLISH. Experienced teacher gives private lessons to adults and children at their home. Also available for schools. Tel. 347 / 8403801. BILINGUAL TRANSLATOR gives lessons in Italian/English: grammar/conversation. At your office or at a cafè. Also on weekends. Translations. Tel. 0639730649. BUSINESS ENGLISH TEACHER. Professional & experienced mothertongue teacher. TEFL-certified. Travel to your home or office. Presentations, test preparation. Tel. 340 / 0774397. CHEAP ITALIAN LESSONS. Italian mothertongue with teaching experience, offers cheap (12 euros) private lessons all stages and ages. Tel. 347 / 6404059. COOKING WITH KIDS IN THE COUNTRY. Enjoy with your kids a handson lesson in the country. Fontana del Papa Tel. 076693455, Mobile 392 / 5178425. ENGLISH CONVERSATION TEACHER. Successful Trinity system teacher. Conversation for serious students in Roma centro only. Reasonable rates. Darteo. 339 / 3463433. ENGLISH LESSONS. CELTA-certified, experienced English teacher available. Individual lessons or small groups. Central Rome, Villa Ada area. Tel. 331 / 5291817, Email: ENGLISH LESSONS. UK qualified English teacher. Teaches English, hourly rate euro 25 center Rome Villa Ada Trieste. Tel. 339 / 6675270. ENGLISH LESSONS. Experienced, mothertongue English language teacher offers lessons for 20 euros an hour. Centro Storico. Call 349 / 8193265 or email ENGLISH LESSONS. CELTA-certified and experienced English teacher available. Individual lessons or small groups. Central Rome, Villa Ada area. Tel. 331 / 5291817, Email: ENGLISH LESSONS. Mothertongue teacher for grammar, conversation, preparation. Cambridge exams. 20 Euros/hour, ENGLISH LESSONS. Mother tongue American New York, degree, 18 years’ experience, specialized business, marketing, economics, medical, law, acting. Cell 345 / 4511565. ENGLISH LESSONS. English conversation lessons in exchange for Italian lessons. Elina: ENGLISH MADRELINGUA LESSONS. Mothertongue TEFL-certified English teacher. Any age group, any level, €15/hour, anywhere in Rome. Call 345 / 9143113, or email ENGLISH MOTHER TONGUE. We are used to teaching children in particular, Sean 340 / 8589249, Serena 338 / 1506620 thank you. ENGLISH MOTHER-TONGUE AMERICAN. Lady available to help children with English homework. English conversations. Roma Nord area. Tel. 328 / 8827033. ENGLISH TEACHER FROM U.S. Experienced, CELTA-certified, mother-tongue English teacher. Adults, teenagers, exam-preparation, business, legal. Individual and group lessons throughout Rome. Tel. 348 / 9966075; ENGLISH TEACHING CONSULTANT. Native English consultant available for incompany courses in and around Rome. General/Business/Legal. Tel. 348 / 4875384. ENGLISH TUTOR AVAILABLE. Individual, group and in-company classes. TEFL qualified, experienced in teaching children, adults and businesses. Call 320 / 3384265 or email

SPEAK ITALIAN! Teaching Excellence Tailor-Made Services Attractive Fees Try a Free Lesson!

15% F OF

Via Genova 30 00184 Roma Repubblica Tel: 064747955 EXPERIENCED PAINTING TEACHER. Lessons in English for adults. Minimum 2 hour sessions. Serious students please. Darteo MFA. 339 / 3463433. FORMER TEACHER. UC Berkeley graduate offers expert tutoring in mathematics and English conversation, €20 /hour. Tel. 067803157, cell 333 / 3725713. FREE GUITAR LESSONS. Professional Guitarist is looking for a cultural exchange: acustic, electric and classic guitar lessons in exchange for english conversation. FRESCO PAINTING LESSONS. Learn to paint fresco like Michelangelo. Contact INGLESE E CULTURA. Istruttrice madrelingua Inglese impartisce lezioni VISITANDO musei e mostre conversando in Inglese. Tu paghi la lezione/io offro la mostra. Tel. 340 / 4139184. ITALIAN FOR FOREIGNERS. Intensive and extensive, morning and afternoon classes, discounts for Wanted in Rome readers CIAO ITALIA. Tel. 064814084 ITALIAN LESSONS (ROME CENTER). Native-language Teacher offers cheap and customized Italian courses for beginners and advanced. Pronunciation, grammar, listening, writing tests. Call 0636003421. ITALIAN LESSONS BY TUTOR. Italian Mothertongue Tutor with teaching experience abroad, available for cheap Private Lessons (grammar/conversation/speaking/writing/r eading/listening). Call 328 / 3756855. ITALIAN LESSONS. Qualified, experienced (Italian / American Universities) mothertongue teacher gives Italian lessons: Conversation/Grammar/Exams. Tel. 334 / 8630795, 0658209264. ITALIAN LESSONS. Mother tongue experienced certified teacher offers all levels individual and group lessons €20 per hour Monteverde Area. Cell. 328 / 3588614, LEARNING SPECIALIST. UC Berkeley graduate helps with SAT,GMAT, GRE, IELTS, FCE, GCSE, IB, TOEFL exams, €20 /hour. Tel. 067803157, cell 333 / 3725713. LESSONS IN ROME CENTER. Italian lessons in change for English lessons. Tel. Andrea 338 / 1181756. LEZIONI D’INGLESE MADRELINGUA. Madrelingua Inglese impartisce lezioni privati individuali/gruppo bambini, studenti ed adulti... conversation, dizione, aiuto grammatica..a domicilio casa/ufficio. Tel. 340 / 4139184. LEZIONI. Lezioni d’ Inglese e Tedesco, oppure scambio, con l’Arabo, chiamatemi per favore, al tel. 339 / 3892478. LIFE COACH & HOLISTIC THERAPIST. Professional, Personal Development, Wellness & Stress Management. 25 years exp. Private sessions, classes & workshops. Tel. 331 / 1015244. Rome LIVELY DYNAMIC ITALIAN LESSONS by a teacher with a music, drama degree, all ages. Experienced, patient, reasonable rates, PERFORMANCE COURSE. w Terianne Falcone, Tuesdays ending June w show at Teatro Arciliuto. Tel. 333 / 1393626. Starts April 20th. Call details. PHOTOSHOP + VECTORWORKS LESSONS. Simpatica Disegnatrice Inglese madrelingua (mezza Italiana). Laureata Inghilterra. €12 per hour. Contact Emma 320 / 6861974.

28 April 2010

PIANO, MUSIC THEORY LESSONS. Highly experienced British teacher ARCM available - beginners to diploma ABRSM. Cassia area but will travel. Tel. 347 / 8289153. PIANO. Lessons your home Italian pianist graduated at S. Cecilia Conservatoire, €25 per hour. Auditions €100. Tel. 334 / 3147028. PROFESSIONAL ENGLISH TEACHER. Mother tongue American-New York, 18 years’ experience Rome. Specialized business, marketing, economics, medical, law, acting. All levels. Cell 348 / 4511565. QUALIFIED ITALIAN TEACHER. Mothertongue, qualified, experienced Italian teacher. Individual lessons all stages and ages. Cheap price (€12/hr). Tel. 338 / 4221626. SIMPATICA INGLESE MADRELINGUA. Simpatica Inglese madrelingua (mezza Italiana). Laureata Inghilterra. Tutti i livelli. Contact Emma Tel. 320 / 6861974. SKILLS FOR WORK & LIFE. Coaching Skills & Positive Psychology. Rome Centre, 16th, 23rd & 30th April. €100 + IVA. SMALL GROUP. Join a small group for Italian conversation 1 night a week center or north rome. Tel. 339 / 6675270. STUFO DELLA SOLITA GRAMMATICA? Inglese parlato con conversazioni in differenti contesti del tipo in giro per shopping etc. / sms 339 / 2821331. 12euro/ora. TEFL-CERTIFIED PRIVATE TUTOR. From California, graduate of Stanford University, offers math tutoring and English lessons. TEFL-certified, 3 years experience. Contact Vlad 392 / 9262715, VOICE COACH. Highly experienced repetiteur available - Italian, British and contemporary repertory. Cassia area but will travel. Tel. 347 / 8289153. YOU ARE WELCOME IN ROME! Italian teacher offers courses of Italian (20 euro) and guided excursions in Rome and in Lazio. Tel. 340 / 2346832.

Personal 33FT SAILING BOAT + MOORING, ELBA. Colvic Countess in need of some tender loving care, but in good condition. Offers over €10.000 considered. CANADIAN/AMERICAN EXPATS. Canadian (EU ppt) possible move to Rome in Sep..any Canadian / American expats out there?

GOT A GOOD DIGITAL CAMERA? I need some updated headshots. If you have a good digital camera I can pay you for your time. Tel. 392 / 9262715. ITALIAN LANGUAGE EXCHANGE. Italian employed in Italian TV, seeks English/Italian conversation exchange. Andrea LIFE COACH & HOLISTIC THERAPIST. Professional, personal development, wellness & stress management. 25 years exp. Private sessions, classes & workshops. Tel. 331 / 1015244, Rome OCCASION ENGLISH NOVELS. Like brand new by Danielle Steel to sell at convenient prices. Please call tel. 338 / 8354932. PERSONALE. Californiana cerca amicizie, tra quaranta e sessanta ‘d’eta’. Interessi: natura, cucina, musica. A presto. Tel. 339 / 389 2478. SCOOTER LESSONS. I will pay someone to teach me how to ride a small scooter or motorino. Tel. 339 / 6675270.

Schools and Colleges ENGLISH LANGUAGE COURSES IN UK. Courses for all ages. Recognised schools. Residential or family accommodation. Book now for summer courses. Tel. 0655285664, 339 / 3202916. ENGLISH LANGUAGE COURSES IN UK. Summer courses for adults and teenagers in GB and Ireland. Family and residential accommodation. For info. tel. 0655285664 or

Services EXPERIENCED WITH DOGS AND CATS. Experienced house and pet sitter, dog walker, available, your home, for Rome Center. Darteo 339 / 3463433. HOUSE SITTER/CARETAKER FOR PAY. Nine year resident, good with animals and plants. Close to center only. Short / long periods. Darteo 339 / 3463433. LIFE COACH & HOLISTIC THERAPIST. Professional, Personal Development, Wellness & Stress Management. 25 years exp. Private sessions, classes & workshops. Tel. 331 / 1015244, Rome NEW INCOME STREAM. Looking for a new income stream? Work from home, anywhere in the world. Send email or call 3484875384 for information. PIANO TUNING and other instruments, tuning and restoration by expert exHarrods. Tel. 320 / 7488811, 0670451050,

2010 Summer Programs ST. STEPHEN’S SCHOOL Rome July 4 - July 17 Arts & Humanities Program July 18 - Aug. 7 Brown University & St. Stephen’s School – Pre-College Summer Program in Rome Day students welcome, with lowered program fees. Please contact the director for more information at Via Aventina 3, 00153 Rome, Italy Tel. 065750605 - Fax 065741941 E-mail:

28 April 2010

Edward Hopper Seven A.M. Cont. from page 5.

Visitors who love and hate America, but who can never fathom it, see him as a perpetual American symbol. But beyond his blunt self-willed academicism his eery quietness speaks to us all. It haunts and taunts and beguiles us and will not let us go. The vast, ambitious and quite instructive exhibition, coming from Milan and Lugano, is a package show. Though very articulated – for instance there is a section on Hopper’s Erotic Art, which is a bit off, because eroticism is not his province – it is an interior designer’s conceit. It does little to honour the painter’s purpose by regimenting viewers into a strict itinerary; you cannot walk freely and retrace your steps to study an interesting painting once more. It also offers a huge set-up in the round of one of his oils, Nighthawks, complete with counters and papier maché dummies that may entertain some but are silly. As silly as the posters of this diner picture, with the faces of the mannikins printed with the likeness of Jimmy Dean and Marilyn Monroe, already a cliché in the United States. Thanks a lot, Hopper’s enhancing work can speak for itself. Edward Hopper e il suo tempo. Fondazione Roma Museo, Via del Corso 320, tel. 066786209. Until 13 June. PRIVATE PARTIES/STEWARDS. Stewards available for private parties/special functions in your home or office. Mail:, 338 / 2741335. RELOCATING TO ROME? Let the experts at Principal Relocation Company take care of your relocation and immigration needs. Call +39 069094776 or visit SEND GIFTS TO INDIA. Send Gifts to India. visit: TOTAL EXPAT COACHING. The ultimate coaching program for living and working lucratively and effectively in Italy. or tel. 339 / 3332547 for info. TRADUTTRICE/INTERPRETER INGLESE. ENG/ITA disponibile come traduttrice / interpreter per fiere, congressi, meeting, documenti e libri..disp per viaggiare e last minute assistance. Tel. 340 / 4139184. VISA PROCUREMENT ASSISTANCE. Frequent traveler to India, China, etc. Principal Relocation Company can process all your Visa needs. Call +39.06.9094776 or visit WWW.CHEAPGIFTSCHENNAI.COM. Gifts delivery to Chennai and all over Tamil Nadu through

WWW.EXPRESSFLOWERSMUMBAI.CO M. Send gifts all over Mumbai. WWW.FLOWERSGIFTSGERMANY.COM . Send Flowers and Gifts to Germany. WWW.GIFTBASKETSITALY.IT. We deliver flowers, fruits, chocolates, wines, gift hampers and more gifts on same day all over Italy. Please visit:

Transport 33FT SAILING BOAT + MOORING, ELBA. Colvic Countess in need of some tender loving care, but in good condition, offers over €10.000 considered. MERCEDES S280/97. Mercedes S280 1997 Km.228000, regularly serviced, excellent motor, minor scratches, €2.200, Tel. 333 / 9733468. NEW ZEALAND EMBASSY VEHICLES AUCTION. Vehicle details: 1.LANCIA LYBRA LS Fuel: Petrol; Manual transmission; Colour: Metallic Grey; Registration date 26/10/2000; Electric windows; Air-conditioning; Radio; Alloy wheels; km 57.000; 2.AUDI A6 3.2 4F Berlina FSI Fuel: Petrol; Automatic transmission; Colour: Metallic Grey; Registration date 14/10/2004 Electric windows; Air-conditioning; Radio; Alloy wheels; km 66.000. Bids to be submitted in closed envelope reading BIDS FOR SALE and addressed to the attention of Priscilla Clark New Zealand Embassy via Clitunno 44, 00198 Rome by 14 May 2010. Vehicles are sold as they are. The purchaser must commit to cover all costs associated with the transfer of ownership and vehicle registration. If sold to diplomatic community these costs do not apply. PIAGGIO LIBERTY 50CC SCOOTER. 2006 Liberty 50cc 15.500 km. Excellent condition Euro2 certified. Windshield&Box Licensed to carry passengers. 850 euro negotiable. Tel. 334 / 3727735, TRANSPORT SERVICE / GOODS. For reasonable price we will provide transport service with porter, any kind of goods. Tel. 338 / 2741335. VOLKSWAGEN POLO. 5 door, very reliable, has new tyres and battery, snowchains, A/C, stereo, circulation tax, price €1.800 negotiable. Tel. 338 / 4676961.

Travel DOG CAGE. We are looking for an air travel DOG CAGE for a medium size dog. Stephanie or Daniele tel. 0575630485. VISIT ROME WITH ART HISTORIAN. You need a private tourguide for Rome? See Rome in a special way! 60 Euro/hour. Tel. Pia 348 / 3432272 or

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28 April 2010

What’s on and... ...where to go  by Linda Bordoni






f e s t i va l s


e x h i b i t i o n s Rome Si Canta Maggio. 1 May. After last year’s successful event, the Auditorium Parco della Musica once again welcomes about 100 artists from all regions of Italy to celebrate International Labour Day. Spaces inside and outside the Auditorium are open to the public from morning to night with a myriad of concerts and initiatives that pay tribute to labour songs, songs of dissent, songs of struggle, protest songs, liberation songs, workers’ songs, industrial folk songs, environmental songs, songs of equality and peace songs. The first part of the day takes place in the gardens and in the open-air cavea, which hosts stands and stalls selling goods and crafts, as well as performances of traditional folk dances and songs. The second part – from 18.00 – features the Orchestra Popolare Italiana dell’Auditorium Parco della Musica conducted by Ambrogio Sparagna with various guest artists. Auditorium Parco della Musica, Viale P. de Coubertin, tel. 0680241281,

The Orchestra Popolare Italiana performs at this year’s Si Canta Maggio festival. Photo by Mussacchio & Ianniello.


mu s i c

Il sogno di Innocenzo III by Giotto. Photo courtesy of

Assisi I colori di Giotto. 11 April-5 Sept. The city of Assisi and the Franciscan Community are promoting a special exhibition dedicated to Giotto’s frescoes in the basilica of St Francis to celebrate 800 years from the foundation of the Franciscan order. Some frescoes, especially those in the vault of the basilica, were damaged almost beyond repair by the 1997 earthquake but others have been beautifully restored thanks to painstaking work by dedicated teams of Italian experts. It is possible to follow the restoration work and also to see little-known aspects of Giotto’s art, as well as the frescoes as they originally appeared. Various locations throughout Assisi. For information

dance Florence

Rising new talent, Italian conductor Michele Mariotti. The Concerto de’Cavalieri performs in a tribute to Scarlatti.

Rome La Stravaganza. 15 May. Tribute to Alessandro Scarlatti on the 350th anniversary of his birth by the Concerto de’Cavalieri, with Marcello Di Lisa conductor and harpsichord, Biljana Kovac contralto and Francesco Vicari first violin. Music by Scarlatti (18.00). Palazzo Doria Pamphilj, Via del Corso 305. For booking and information tel. 0677072842,

28 April 2010

Alarmél Valli. 6, 7 May. In The Forgotten Seed, for the Festival del Maggio Musicale Fiorentino. In line with this year’s “oriental” theme, the Florentine festival’s dance section is inaugurated by the internationally acclaimed Bharatanatyam dancer and choreographer Alarmél Valli. Bharatanatyam is a classical dance form originating in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. It is usually accompanied by classical Tamil music and is inspired by the sculptures of the ancient temple of Chidambaram. The name is a combination of BHA- Bhava (Expression), RA- Raga (Music) and TA- Tala (Rhythm). The programme describes The Forgotten Seed as an attempt to recall a dismembered harmony, a fractured unity, between the sensual and the sacred, the natural and the divine, the prosaic and the poetic. Teatro Goldoni, tel. 0552779350, See Festivals.

Bologna Carmen by Bizet. 11-20 May. Conducted by Michele Mariotti, directed by Andreys Îagars, with Andrew Richards, Deyan Vatchkov, Sabrina Modena, Giuseppina Bridelli. This much-loved favourite is conducted by the up-and-coming Italian, Michele Mariotti, who is now having considerable success both at home and abroad. The director is Andreys Îagars from Latvia’s state opera theatre, who is making his Italian debut. Teatro Comunale, tel. 199107070, See Opera Notes.

Bharatanatyam dancer and choreographer Alarmél Valli.

Wanted in Rome


What’s on & where to go by Linda Bordoni

For up-to-date what’s on listings see

known period of the 1930s, 1940s and 1950s, closing with scapes to nature, from the Greek Roman world to architecthe large images of his later years. Most of the works ture, with a special predilection for the south of Italy. Since belong to the Whitney Museum but also to other important the late 1970s his pictures have contained strong messages See details of opening times on our website American museums. Museo Fondazione Roma, Via del of silence, human absence and distance caused by his under Events. Corso 320, tel. 066786209, 10.00ical disappointment. Lately he has focused on desert spaces 20.00. Mon closed. See Edith Schloss article page 5. and on the Mediterranean Sea and islands, which testify to the deep detachment and interior isolation of the 80-year-old Fabrizio De André. 23 Feb-30 May. A tribute to the musician artist. Jodice’s art conveys emotion and stimulates a deep and songwriter from Genoa by Studio Azzurro, one of the inner reflection with a few, essential signs. For over 25 years most important international groups of video art. The exhibiJodice has taught at Naples’ Fine Arts Academy and is conRome tion, which is divided into different sections, invites the visisidered one of Italy’s best living photographers. Palazzo tor to listen to De André’s songs, read his texts and watch NEW. Pio Pullini e Roma. 22 April-5 Sept. The exhibition delle Esposizioni, Via Nazionale 194, tel. 0639967500, videos on and about him. Museo dell’Ara Pacis, Lungotevere focuses on the relationship between Pullini and the city of 10.00-20.00. Fri and Sat 10.00in Augusta, tel. 0682059127. 09.00-19.00. Mon closed. Rome. Illustrator, cartoonist and fresco painter, Pullini 22.30. Mon closed. Gabrielle Bolzoni. (1887-1955) worked mainly in Rome in the first half of the Fausto Pirandello alle Quadriennali del 1935 e del 1939. Non Angli sed Angeli: a Pilgrimage, a Mission. 21 Oct20th century. He painted frescoes in several of the new 18 March-2 May. This exhibition, organised in conjunction with 31 July. The Venerable English College opens its subterministries and schools in the capital, illlustrated text books, the Rome Quadriennale, celebrates one of the most signifiranean spaces to the public for the first time for an exhibiand was also a portrait painter. His work is a record of the cant Italian painters of the 20th century. Galleria Nazionale tion on England’s religious relationship with Rome. city, from the great building boom at the beginning of the d’Arte Moderna, Viale delle Belle Arti 131, tel. 0632298221, Venerable English College, Via di Monserrato 43. Tues20th century, through world war one, right up until the end 08.30-19.30. Mon closed. Thurs 10.00-18.00, Sat 10.00-14.00. of the Fascist period. Museo di Roma Palazzo Braschi, Via Gladiatores. 26 March-3 Oct. A vast exhibition of di S. Pantaleo 10, tel. 060608. 09.00-19.00. Mon closed. Percorsi del Novecento Romano. 31 March-4 July. Some epigraphs, frescoes, mosaics, statues and other historical 70 paintings and sculptures from the collection of the NEW. Shift. 14 April-15 May. This is the first solo show in documents narrate the history of Roman gladiators, focusGalleria Comunale d’Arte Moderna in Via Francesco Crispi, Italy by the English artist Oliver Clegg. The four works on ing on their art of fighting, their psychology and their social which has been closed for restoration for many years. Works show are conceived as an installation, both from a concepstatus. Colosseum. For booking and information tel. by Balla, De Chirico, Mafai, Prampolini, Pirandello and othtual and from a formal point of view. Tactile Gaze. 14 April0639967700. 08.30-19.15. ers. Villa Torlonia, Casino dei Principi, Via Nomentana 70, 15 May. Works by Talia Chetrit, Magali Reus and Dan L’Età della Conquista. Il fascino dell’arte greca a Roma. 5 tel. 060608. Tues-Sun 09.00-19.00. Mon closed. Shaw-Town, whose common trait is a minimalist attitude, a March-5 Sept. The works on show have been selected to repwork of reduction both in form and colour. Galleria 1/9 unoStorie d’Arte e di Misfatti. Sei indagini sull’archeomafia resent one of the most significant eras for the development of sunove arte contemporanea, Palazzo Santacroce, Via raccontate a fumetti. 21 April-16 May. Six comic strips all western art: the period following the Greek campaigns at degli Specchi 20, tel. 0697613696. 11.00-19.00. Sat 15.00created by six Italian artists narrate the true stories of six the end of the third century BC until the first half of the first 19.00. Sun and Mon closed. precious works of art that have been recovered from the century AD. The exhibition features imposing marble, bronze criminal underworld thanks to investigations by the and terracotta statues including Commando Carabinieri Tutela Patrimonio Culturale. Istituto cycles and friezes as well as Nazionale per la Grafica, Calcografia, Palazzo Poli, Via domestic decorative elements. della Stamperia 6, tel. 0669980238, www.grafica.arti.beniCapitoline Museums, Piazza 10.00-13.00. Mon closed. del Campidoglio, tel. 060608. Venezia e il secolo della Biennale. Dipinti, vetri e 09.00-20.00. fotografie dalla Collezione della Fondazione di La memoria e la speranza. Venezia. 10 March-9 May. The exhibition shows part of a Arredi liturgici da salvare major collection belonging to the Fondazione di Venezia nell’Abruzzo del terremoto. with paintings, glass works and photographs illustrating the 30 March-31 May. A year on relationship between Venice and the Biennale since its from the earthquake that ravbeginnings. Museo Carlo Bilotti, Aranciera di Villa aged parts of the Abruzzo Borghese, Viale Fiorello La Guardia, tel. 060608. 9.00region, the archdiocese of 19.00. Mon closed. L’Aquila, in conjunction with the William Klein. Fotografie 1956-1960. 14 April-25 July. In Vatican Museums, shows litur1956 28-year-old William Klein arrived in Rome to assist gical furnishings that have Federico Fellini with his film Nights of Cabiria. Filming was been salvaged from the ruins delayed, so Klein instead strolled about the city with of damaged churches. The aim Fellini, Pier Paolo Pasolini, Alberto Moravia and other A group of “balilla”, members of the Fascist youth movement, by Pio Pullini of the exhibition is to raise Italian avant-garde writers and artists who served as his funds for the restoration and (1938), part of an exhibition focusing on the artist’s relationship with Rome. guides. It was on these walks that Rome, a pioneering and conservation of a vast patrimobrilliant visual diary of the city, was born. The exhibition ny of religious and artistic objects that risk being lost. Vatican NEW. Suffer. 15 April-25 May. Suffer is the title of the work celebrates the 50th anniversary of the volume’s publicaMuseums, Viale Vaticano. For information tel. 0669884676, by Maurizio Savini chosen to inaugurate a cycle of four tion. Mercati di Traiano, Museo dei Fori Imperiali, Via IV 0669883145. 09.00-18.00. installations by different artists that can be seen between Novembre 94, tel. 060608, 09.00La natura secondo De Chirico. 30 March-11 July. A tribute April and October. Palazzo Valentini, Via IV Novembre 119. 21.00. Mon closed. to the Italian master and founder of the Metaphysical Art 10.00-19.00. Sat 10.00-13.30. Sun closed. movement that celebrates its 100th anniversary in 2010. The NEW. Videozoom Bangladesh. 8-16 May. An exhibition of For a more comprehensive list of exhibitions in Rome curator of the exhibition is the well known art critic Achille videoart from Bangladesh organised by the Britto and in other Italian cities see the What’s on section on Bonito Oliva, who has selected 120 paintings on loan from Foundation in Dhaka in conjunction with the embassy of our website important public and private collections. The show is divided Bangladesh to Italy. Sala 1 Centro Internazionale Arte into seven themed sections and Contemporanea, Piazza di Porta S. Giovanni 10, tel. presents works from the entire 067008691. 16.30-19.30. Sun and Mon closed. range of the artist’s production, Caravaggio. 20 Feb-13 June. This project marks the 400th from his symbolist debut to the anniversary of Caravaggio’s death. Curators have focused development of neo metaonly on paintings known to be by Caravaggio and the end physics in his later years. The result is a consistent and stringent exhibition that sheds focus of the exhibition is De new light on the various stages in the artist’s tortured artisChirico’s concept of nature, a tic career. Scuderie del Quirinale, Via XXIV Maggio 16, tel. constant focal point in his work. 0639967500, 10.00-20.00. Fri Palazzo delle Esposizioni, Via and Sat 10.00-22.30. Mon closed. Nazionale 194, tel. 0639967500, Da Corot a Monet. La sinfonia della natura. 6 March-29 June. Some 150 works by French Impressionists on the theme 10.00-20.00. Fri and Sat 10.00of nature. Complesso del Vittoriano, Via di S. Pietro in Carcere, 22.30. Mon closed. tel. 066780664, 060608. 09.30-18.30. Fri-Sun 09.30-19.30. Mimmo Jodice. 9 April-11 July. Donna: Avanguardia Femminista negli annni ’70 dalla This comprehensive retrospecSammlung Verbund di Vienna. 19 Feb-16 May. Over 200 tive pays homage to the works by 17 artists who were considered feminist pioneers Neapolitan photographer during the 1970s. The exhibition focuses mainly on different Mimmo Jodice, who celebrates facets of female identity, but it also highlights the important his 50-year career. On display role played by women in art and the socio-political field durare 180 black and white images ing that period. Galleria Nazionale d’Arte Moderna, Viale taken between 1964 and 2009 delle Belle Arti 131, tel. 0632298221, www.gnam.beniculturand hand printed by the artist. 08.30-19.30. Mon closed. Throughout his career Jodice Edward Hopper. 16 Feb-13 June. More than 160 works has experimented with different covering Hopper’s entire oeuvre, from his education to his genres ranging from portraits to Rome, Cinecittà, 1956. © William Klein. years as a student in Paris, up to his “classic” and bestsocial survey, from urban land-




Wanted in Rome

28 April 2010

What’s on & where to go by Linda Bordoni

For up-to-date what’s on listings see



Accademia Filarmonica Romana Concerts at Teatro Olimpico, Piazza Gentile da Fabriano 17, tel. 063265991. For information tel. 063201752, 29 April. Violin and piano recital by Domenico Nordio and Mikhail Lidsky. Music by Tartini, Kreisler, Szymanowsky, Dallapiccola, Paganini, Vivaldi/Respighi (21.00). 6 May. Chamber music concert by Al Ayre Espanol, with Eduardo Lopez Banzo conductor and harpsichord. Programme of Spanish baroque music, in particular music composed for the Royal Chapel of the Court of King Philip V of Spain (21.00). Accademia Nazionale di S. Cecilia Concerts at Auditorium Parco della Musica, Viale P. de Coubertin 30, tel. 068082058, 2 May. Concert conducted by Tugan Sokhiev, with Fazil Say piano. Music by Tchaikovsky and Shostakovich (18.00). Repeated 3 May (21.00), 4 May (19.30). 7 May. Recital by Ian Bostridge tenor and Antonio Pappano piano. Music by Mahler, Britten, Weill (20.30). 8 May. Concert conducted by Antonio Pappano, with Nicole Cabell soprano and Maria Radner contralto. Music by Mahler (18.00). Repeated 10 May (21.00), 11 May (19.30).

fronted oriental culture. The programme also highlights the relationship between art and science. More and more artists (choreographers, theatre directors, musicians, visual artists) and scientists are contributing to a new interdisciplinary approach to the contemporary performing arts. Fabbrica Europa provides them with the space for experimentation.The programme of dance, theatre and music, installations, workshops and meetings traces an itinerary between the west and the east. Stazione Leopolda and other spaces. For booking and information

Rome Montemartini Blue Note. 9 April-5 June. The extraordinary industrial-archaeological spaces that make up the former Montemartini thermoelectric power station – today a modern museum that hosts precious archaeological remains side-byside with original electricity-producing machinery – set the stage for a brand new jazz festival in Rome. A recently restored engine room with spruced-up old machines provides the backdrop to a rich programme of jazz concerts directed by Federica Gentile. Every Friday and Saturday evening two concerts, the first starting at 20.00 and the second at 22.00, feature many big names of the Italian jazz panorama, with wine-tasting to follow. Some names to look out for in the near future include Gabriele Mirabassi, Enrico Pieranunzi, Maurizio Giammarco, Danilo Rea and Roberto Gatto. ACEA Montemartini Art Centre, Via Ostiense 106, tel. 065748042, Fluxus Biennale. 2010-2011. This two-year project put together by Achille Bonito Oliva is dedicated to Fluxus, the international collective of artists that formed in the 1960s and blended different artistic disciplines and media. The project is presented by Fondazione Musica per Roma and events take place at Auditorium Parco della Musica, Viale P. de Coubertin 30, tel. 0680241281,

dance Danilo Rea performs at the Montemartini Blue Note jazz festival in Rome on 28 and 29 May.

Associazione Internazionale Amici della Musica Sacra Concerts in the basilica of S. Ignazio, Piazza S. Ignazio. For booking and information tel. 0668805816, 30 April. Concert by the Fermaatti Choir from Finland. Sacred music programme (21.00). Concerti della Sagrestia del Borromini Concerts in the church of S. Agnese in Agone, Via S. Maria dell’Anima 30/a, tel. 331/8104144, 30 April. Piano recital by Gianluca Di Donato. Music by Schumann, Chopin, Brahms, Wagner/Liszt (18.30). 7 May. Recital by Sigridur O. Kristjansdottir mezzosoprano, and Michelangelo Carbonara piano. Music by Grieg, Sibelius, Sjoberg, Ravel, De Falla (18.30). I Musici Veneziani Concerts in the church of St Paul’s Within-the-Walls, Via Nazionale 16a, tel. 064883339, 30 April. Lyrical concert. Excerpts and arias from well known operas (20.30). Repeated 1, 4, 7, 8, 11 May (20.30). Musica Per Roma Auditorium Parco della Musica, Viale P. de Coubertin 30, tel. 0680241281, 8 May. Le Testament: for the cycle of events entitled Contemporanea, an event dedicated to Ezra Pound conducted by Tonino Battista (21.00). Oratorio del Gonfalone Via del Gonfalone 32, tel. 066875952. 6 May. End-of-season concert by the Orchestra Tartini, with Luis Bacalov conductor and piano. Music by Bacalov, Gardel, Morricone, Viloldo, Piazzolla (21.00). Orchestra Sinfonica di Roma Concerts at Auditorium Conciliazione, Via della Conciliazione 4. Information tel. 800904560, 30 April. Concert with Marco Braito trumpet. Music by Mascagni, Arutunian, Schubert (17.30). Repeated 2 May (20.30). 9 May. Concert conducted by Francesco La Vecchia, with Xu Zhong piano. Music by Beethoven (17.30). Repeated 10 May (20.30).

28 April 2010

Cremona Festival di Cremona Claudio Monteverdi. 7-26 May. Lovers of baroque music and above all fans of the 17thcentury composer Claudio Monteverdi flock to his birthplace every year for this festival’s promising programme of new versions of his work and illustrious ensembles and musicians. This year the programme celebrates the fifth centenary of the publication of Monteverdi’s masterpiece, the

Vespers of 1610, the main theme of the programme. Another focus this year is the third centenary of the birth of Giovanni Battista Pergolesi, as well as a tribute to Alessandro Scarlatti 350 years after his birth. Big names include Alan Curtis, Ton Koopman, Antonio Florio, Rinaldo Alessandrini, Helmuth Rilling, the Tallis Scholars and The Hilliard Ensemble. The successful initiative entitled Contemporanea provides the link between ancient and contemporary music, featuring three world premieres by Giorgio Battistelli, Ivan Fedele and Luca Francesconi. For information contact Teatro Ponchielli, tel. 0372022001,

Florence Festival del Maggio Musicale Fiorentino. 29 April-2 July. Richard Strauss’s Die Frau Ohne Schatten inaugurates the 73rd edition of the festival. This year’s theme is “Towards the East”, with a multiethnic programme that touches on Mozart and runs through to contemporary productions and concerts. In fact, Strauss’s Woman without a shadow, on a libretto by Hoffmansthal, is based on Indian, Arab and Chinese legends, just as Mozart’s Die Entführung aus dem Serail concerns the attempt of the hero Belmonte, assisted by his servant Pedrillo, to rescue his beloved Konstanze from the harem of the Turkish Pasha Selim. The other opera to look out for is the contemporary Natura Viva by Marco Betta. Zubin Mehta this year celebrates 25 years as the Maggio Musicale’s principal conductor and director, and features in many of the productions and concerts. Big names to book for in advance include those of pianist Rudolf Buchbinder, musician and conductor Daniel Barenboim, young Palestinian pianist Saleem Abboud-Ashkar, Chinese conductor Long Yu, violinist Sergey Khachatryan, conductor Christopher Hogwood and Gidon Kremer at the head of his Kremerata Baltica. Dance features with a performance by the Ballet National de Marseille in Frédéric Flamand’s new creation, La vérité 25x par seconde, with sets and costumes designed by Chinese artist and designer Ai Weiwei, The Forgotten Seed by and with Indian Bharatanatyam dancer Alarmél Valli, and of course the traditional end-of-festival ballet gala by the resident Compagnia MaggioDanza. Teatro Comunale, tel. 05527791, Fabbrica Europa 2010. 6-25 May. With this 2010 edition of the well-established contemporary dance festival, Fabbrica Europa completes a three-year cycle dedicated to artistic and cultural relations between Europe and the other continents. The theme Europe, the Mediterranean and the East demonstrates how western culture has always encountered and con-

The seven Vivancos brothers mix dance virtuosity and acrobatic prowess. In Milan.

Florence Shen Wei Dance Arts Education Project. 6 May. Mycelial Sketches, choreography by Kate Jewett, for the Fabbrica Europa Festival. This performance, under the supervision of Chinese choreographer Shen Wei, is the result of a seven-week dance project in Italy that explored Shen Wei Dance Arts movement concepts and qualities. Mycelial Sketches visits the underground world of the earth’s mushroom networks, celebrating the beauty of decomposition and paying homage to their life-sustaining work. Stazione Leopolda, for booking and information Also in Milan from 17 to 19 May at the Teatro della Scuola d’Arte Drammatica Paolo Grassi. See Festivals.

Genoa Eifman Ballet of St Petersburg. 12-16 May. In Anna Karenina, choreography by Boris Eifman. Eifman translates emotion into motion, moving his dancers boldly and, like Martha Graham, has the theatrical instinct to know when the soul-searching duets and trios need a change of pace. Scenes of Anna, her husband Karenin and her lover Vronsky, who wrestle their emotions and each other, alternate with elegant, rowdy or gaudy ensemble sections, like the opening party where Anna meets Vronsky amidst a swirling sea of waltzing couples. Teatro Carlo Felice tel. 010589329, 010591697,

Wanted in Rome


What’s on & where to go by Linda Bordoni

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International Dance Day. 29 April. Pupils of the ballet school of the Teatro alla Scala and of the Paolo Grassi School of Dramatic Arts celebrate this yearly commemoration that goes back to 1982. 29 April was chosen because it is the anniversary of the birthday of Jean-Georges Noverre (1727-1810), an innovative choreographer who is widely considered the creator of modern ballet. Teatro Arcimboldi, tel. 02641142212-214, Los Vivancos. 20 April-2 May. In 7 Hermanos. Especially for those who enjoy the “Tap Dogs” genre, this promises to be an energetic evening with the seven Vivancos brothers who combine flamenco with classical ballet and a dose of exuberant street-dance. The brothers merge dance virtuosity with acrobatic prowess and an extraordinary sense of rhythm, while also revealing a more playful, humorous side. The performance is produced, directed and choreographed by all seven brothers with an original score. Teatro Smeraldo, tel. 0236639300,

Rome Balletto del Teatro dell’Opera. 26 April-5 May. In Don Quixotte, choreography by Timur Fayziev, with guest artists Eleonora Abbagnato/Ekaterina Borchenko, Irma Nioradze, Tamas Nagy, Anton Korsakov. Teatro dell’Opera, Piazza B. Gigli, tel. 0648160255, 064817003, Gruppo Flamenco El Duende. 30 April. In Opera y Flamenco, with the ensemble of the Orchestra d’Opera of Barcelona. The plot centres on the usual stormy story of love, loss and passion between two flamenco dancers and is narrated by their souls – a soprano and a tenor – on stage. The flamenco choreographies are set to folk music as well as music by De Falla, Bizet and Verdi. Auditorium Parco della Musica, Viale P. de Coubertin, tel. 0680241281,

opera Florence Die Frau ohne Schatten by R. Strauss. 29 April-5 May. For the Festival del Maggio Musicale Fiorentino, conducted by Zubin Mehta, directed by Yannis Kokkos, with Torsten Kerl, Adrianne Pieczonka, Jeanne-Michele Charbonnet. Teatro Comunale, tel. 05527791, See Festivals and Opera Notes.

Milan Lulu by Alban Berg. 6-30 April. Conducted by Daniele Gatti, directed by Peter Stein, with Laura Aikin, Natascha Petrinsky, Magadalena Anna Hoffmann, Roman Sadnik. Teatro alla Scala, tel. 027203744, Simon Boccanegra by Verdi. 16 April-7 May. Conducted by Daniel Barenboim, directed by Federico Tiezzi, with Placido Domingo, Ferruccio Furlanetto, Massimo Cavalletti, Ernesto Panariello. Teatro alla Scala, tel. 027203744, Das Rheingold by Wagner. 13-29 May. Conducted by Daniel Barenboim, directed by Guy Cassiers, with René Pape, Jan Buchwald, Marco Jentzsch, Stephan Rugamer, Katharina Kammerloher. Teatro alla Scala, tel. 027203744,

Naples The Merry Widow by Lehar. 12-19 May. Conducted by Christopher Franklin, directed by Federico Tizzi, with Bruno Praticò, Cinzia Forte, Ricardo Bernal, Eva Mei, Paolo Fanale, Stefano Consolini, Saverio Bambi, Roberto Abbondanza, Giulia Lee. Teatro S. Carlo, tel. 0817972301,

Rome Madama Butterfly by Puccini. 18-28 May. Conducted by Daniel Oren, directed by Stefano Vizioli, with Xiu Wei Sun, Raffaella Angelletti, Marco Berti, Gabriele Viviani, Pier Luigi Dilengite, Mario Bolognesi. Teatro Costanzi, Piazza B. Gigli, tel. 0648160255, 064817003,

academies American Academy in Rome. 4 May-6 May: three concerts performed by the Scharoun Ensemble of the Berlin Philharmonic, featuring music by the fellows of the American Academy in Rome and the American Academy in Berlin. The concerts include compositions by George


Wanted in Rome

Opera Notes Die Frau ohne Schatten opens this year’s Maggio Musicale festival in Florence. It is a difficult work, which Zubin Metha will be conducting for the first time. The Bologna opera theatre on the other hand presents Carmen by Bizet, directed here by Andreys Îagars from the Riga Opera Theatre in his Italian debut. Al Teatro Comunale di Firenze prende il via il 73° Maggio Musicale con Die Frau ohne Schatten di Richard Strauss (29 aprile-8 maggio); sarà diretta da Zubin Mehta, che l’affronta per la prima volta nella sua lunga carriera, e sarà messa in scena da Yannis Kokkos, che è alla sua prima regia per il Festival Fiorentino e curerà anche le scene e i costumi. Gli interpreti principali saranno i soprano Adrianne Pieczonka e Elena Pankratova, il mezzosoprano Lioba Braun, il tenore Torsten Kerl e il baritono Albert Dohmen. Die frau ohne schatten è un’opera di difficile esecuzione scenica e musicale e di complessa e simbolica interpretazione, perché è composta di tanti tasselli da leggersi tutti insieme come un unico percorso iniziatico che porta alla redenzione attraverso il duro e faticoso vivere umano. È il lavoro più ambizioso di Strauss ma anche il più riuscito e fa affidamento su un libretto di Hugo von Hofmannsthal che s’ispira a leggende indiane, arabe e cinesi. Tra le opere è senza dubbio la più appropriata per inaugurare questa edizione del Maggio Musicale, che è intitolata “Verso Oriente” ed è dedicata all’esotico in musica, che prevede come titoli successivi a quello di Strauss anche la celebre e classica “opera turca” Die entführung aus dem Serail di Mozart (14-21 maggio) e Natura Viva, la nuova composizione di Marco Betta (15 e 17 giugno), commissionata apposta dal festival e che parla in chiave simbolica e astratta dell’incontro tra Oriente e Occidente. Crumb, Erwin Schulhoff, Guillaume Dufay, Sofia Gubaidulina, Lisa Bielawa, Don Byron, Andrew Norman and chamber works by Brahms, Schubert and Mozart (21.00). Villa Aurelia, Largo di Porta S. Pancrazio 1. Via Angelo Masina 5, tel. 0658461, British School at Rome. 28 April: Eric Varnery lectures on Grotesque aesthetics: transgression and transcendence in Neronian Rome (18.00). 5 May: Lisa Fentress lectures on Treading the grapes at Villa Magna. An Imperial villa between sacred and profane (18.00). 12 May: Filippo Coarelli gives a lecture entitled “Fagutal” (18.00). These lectures are all part of the City of Rome lecture series. Via A. Gramsci 61, tel. 063264939, Centre Culturel Saint-Louis de France. 18 Feb-20 May: lectures featuring and dedicated to 20th-century French theologians. Every Thursday at 17.00. These lectures take place at the Pontifical Gregorian University. Largo Toniolo 20/22, tel. 066802626, French Academy. I Mutanti. 30 March-6 June. This exhibition brings together five monographic shows curated by the director of the French Academy at Villa Medici, Eric de Chassey. The five artists are the “mutants” of the title as they illustrate a world that we still do not know much about, except that identity is perhaps not definitive. They are Adel Abdessemed, Stephen Dean, Ellen Gallagher, Adrian Paci and Djamel Tatah, all of whom explore contemporary plurality, not only from a sociological point of view but also in their use of hybrid techniques. Villa Medici, Viale Trinità dei Monti 1/a, tel. 0667611. 11.00-19.00. Mon closed. Istituto Giapponese di Cultura. 13 April-11 May: New Cinema from Japan – film projections every Tuesday at 19.00. In Japanese with Italian subtitles. Via Antonio Gramsci 74, tel. 063224794,

theatre Alzheimer’s Cha Cha Cha. 12, 13, 19, 20 May. By and with Lynn Ruth Miller presented by The English Theatre of Rome. An evening of comedy by Brighton’s golden aged stripper, now 76 years old. Not suitable for children. On Wednesdays at 19.00, on Thursdays at 20.00. Teatro l’Arciliuto, Piazza Montevecchio 5, tel. 066879419. Information tel. 3489355626, Chinese Coffee. 11-16 May. By Ira Lewis, directed by Pierpaolo Sepe, with Max Malatesta, Paolo Sassanelli. The play explores the demands and limits of friendship, the double face of success and failure, the occasional tyranny of the weak and the unavoidable passage of time. It’s about a struggling novelist, Harry, and his best friend, a photographer called Jake, who have a host of

Al Teatro Comunale di Bologna invece si va molto sul sicuro, proponendo uno dei titoli più belli e più amati del repertorio operistico: Carmen di Georges Bizet (11-20 maggio). Si punta su Michele Mariotti, un direttore che sta riscuotendo grandi consensi di pubblico e di critica, su Nino Surguladze (Carmen) che ha avuto tanto successo al Regio di Parma nelle ultime stagioni e su Andrew Richards (Don José) che la scorsa estate s’è fatto apprezzare a Verona in questo stesso ruolo per acuti squillanti e affascinanti smorzature. Nelle importanti parti di fianco ci saranno Alessandra Marianelli (Micaela) e Deyan Vatchkov (Escamillo); la regia sarà di Andreys Îagars, il direttore del Teatro dell’Opera di Riga, capitale della Lettonia, ora al suo debutto italiano. Paolo Di Nicola

Conductor Zubin Mehta opens this year’s Maggio Musicale Fiorentino with Die Frau ohne Schatten by Richard Strauss. Photo by Marco Brescia. issues to thrash out before Harry finally finds the courage to continue living and affirms his right to succeed. Teatro India, Lungotevere Papareschi, tel. 06684000311,

kids NEW. Workshops at Palazzo delle Esposizioni. 9 April-11 July. La natura silenziosa degli oggetti. Children aged 7 to 11 discover and experience the silent and metaphysical nature of Giorgio De Chirico’s works. Sun 11.00-13.00, 16.0018.00. Giochiamo con… gli oggetti dalla A alla Z. Children aged 3 to 6 and their parents build an unusual spelling-book (abecedario). Sat 16.00-18.00, Sun 11.00-13.00. Palazzo delle Esposizioni, Via Nazionale 194, tel. 0639967500, NEW. Con gli stivali, un gatto. 30 April-7 May. A reinterpretation of the fairytale Puss in Boots. Show full of characters and music, where every child can participate. Teatro Verde, Circonvallazione Gianicolense 10, tel. 065882034, NEW. La domenica dei piccoli. 1 May. Activities, workshops and traditional May Day picnic for children and their families in the park of Villa Gregoriana. Opportunity to purchase on-site picnic baskets. 11.00-17.30. Parco Villa Gregoriana (Tivoli), tel. 0639967701, Edward Hopper. Until 13 June. The exhibition at the Museo Fondazione Roma includes a play trail for children aged 5 to 14, allowing them to discover the stages of Hopper’s creative process. Museo Fondazione Roma, Via del Corso 320, tel. 066786209, See Exhibitions. Materiali. Until 30 May. Children aged 6 to 12 discover different materials and their physicochemical properties.10.00, 12.00, 15.00, 17.00. Mon closed. Explora – The Children’s Museum of Rome, Via Flaminia 82, tel. 063613776, Tea with Mozart. Until 30 June. A gradual approach to music for children aged 5 to 9 with fairytales, games and Mozart’s music in an environment where they can express themselves freely. At the end of each meeting, parents and children have a cup of tea, which is different every time. 16.30-18.00. Caffè Freud, Via Angelo Poliziano 78/A, tel. 0648930113, Lights on show. 20 Feb-13 June. Art workshop for children aged 7 to 11 focusing on the atmosphere created by Caravaggio in his paintings. Sat-Sun 16.00-18.00. Scuderie del Quirinale, Via XXIV Maggio 16, tel. 0639967500, See Exhibitions. Camilla Van Staaden

28 April 2010

On the agenda British passport regulations The British consulate in Paris now handles all the passport renewal and application requests from British nationals in Italy. In this email correspondence the British ambassador to the Quirinale, Edward Chaplin, describes how the system works and how long it takes to process a passport and suggests that it is best to apply at off-peak periods. Wanted in Rome: How did the passport system work before, and how has it changed? The British ambassador: In June 2009 the passport service for British nationals in Italy moved from the British embassy in Rome to the Western European Passport Service, based at the British consulate in Paris. We managed the merger very carefully to ensure that service levels remained high, and were reassured by the results of a questionnaire distributed to our customers throughout Italy, which recorded a satisfaction level of 80 per cent. Following the change, we no longer accept applications for full passports in Rome. Applications should be made directly to Paris, following the guidance on the British embassy in Italy website: under the “Help for British Nationals/Passports” pages. Applicants can still call into the Rome embassy or one of our consulates in Italy (Naples, Florence, Milan and Venice) to pick up an application pack for a passport. The Rome embassy and our consulates in Italy will continue to provide consular assistance and the full range of other services to British nationals, including the issue of emergency travel documents.

Race for the Cure Over 40,000 people are expected to participate in this year’s Komen Italia Race for the Cure on 16 May in Rome to raise funds and awareness for breast cancer. If you’d like to take part you can register online at The five-kilometre race is a family event and everyone is encouraged to take part regardless of how fast they can run – or walk! The foundation is also looking for volunteers, so if anyone has any free time to spare they should email The course for the race starts at the Terme di Caracalla and passes through Piazza Venezia and past the Colosseum before ending at the start point. For more information tel. 063540551. Entry is ?10, which can be paid online or at the race village at Stadio delle Terme di Caracalla on the 14 and 15 May, between 10.00 and 18.00 or on 16 May before 09.00.

Wanted in Rome: What is the difference between issuing or renewing a passport? The British ambassador: The main difference is that if you are applying for a new passport you should simply send the form, full supporting documents and the fee in euro by post or courier to the British Consulate General, 16 rue d’Anjou, 75008 Paris, France. If you are renewing a passport, you should also enclose your current British passport with the application.

team has a high reputation for delivering passports on time, with 96 per cent of the passports issued within this time-frame in 2009.

ing place in La Storta on 14-16 May and will bring together sellers and experts from all over the country. You’ll be able to buy plants, rare flowers and fruits, as well as outdoor furniture. The show is open from 10.00 until sunset and admission is €8 per person. For more information tel. 345/9356761. Floracult, I Casali del Pino, Via Andreassi 30, La Storta, Roma.

rather than the usual €15. Moreover, this charge rises to €40 per bag during July and August if you book checked-in baggage at the airport rather than online. A second bag, usually costing €35, will cost €40 or €80 if booked at the airport. Ryanair insists that the charges will return to normal from 1 September. The airline has also announced that it is to go ahead with plans to charge passengers €1 to use the toilet and that it will reduce the number of toilets on planes to make way for more seats. For information see

Wanted in Rome: How are enquiries managed? The British ambassador: Telephone enquiries are dealt with by our call-handling providers, Careline, who can advise on the status of applications and can also be contacted if personal circumstances have changed and if, Wanted in Rome: for example, passports are When would be the ideal needed more urgently than time for applying for a passwithin ten working days. port? Calls are handled by the The British ambasCareline pay-for service sador: The Paris Consular (calls are charged at GBP Operation issued 38,000 0.69 + VAT per minute, tel. passports in 2009 alone and it +44 208 0824733, Monday is now issuing passports for to Friday 09.00-18.00), so France and also Italy, that Paris consular staff can The British ambassador to Benelux, Switzerland and dedicate their resources 100 Malta, with more countries the Quirinale, Edward Chaplin. per cent to the core task of Photo © Thomas Toti. coming on stream in 2010. So issuing passports. Also, the the best time would be off-peak time, ie: if pos- dedicated pages on the UKinFrance website sible not in the run-up to Christmas, Easter or in are reasonably July and August. However, people can obvious- easy to navigate, and most customers are able ly apply at any time. to submit their applications without needing to speak to anyone. Wanted in Rome: How long does it take LOCATE. The British embassy strongly recomto process a passport? mends that British citizens, resident in Italy or visitThe British ambassador: The current proing this country, register on the new website cessing time is ten working days from receipt LOCATE -, which will help it of a complete application for customers wishto assist them in case of an emergency. ing to renew their British passports. The Paris

Simon Mawer at the BSR The British School at Rome is to host an interview with novelist Simon Mawer, who was shortlisted for the 2009 Man Booker Prize for his novel The Glass Room. Mawer, who also teaches biology at St George’s British International School, will take part in the International Writer’s Stage interview with Silvana Colella of the Università di Macerata on 20 May at 18.00. For more information go to, or tel. 063264939.

Floracult Now that summer is on the way, thoughts are on pepping up and beautifying our outside spaces – whether that’s a garden, a terrace or a few window boxes. If you need inspiration, advice or simply wish to snap up some new plants, the Floracult horticultural show is tak28 April 2010

by Linda Hampshire

Ah, Ryanair… Ryanair has increased its charges for checkedin baggage for travel during the peak summer months of July and August. The first checked in bag, with a maximum weight allowance of 15 kg, will cost €20 during these months

May fairs 8 May. American Overseas School of Rome, Via Cassia 811. 11.00-16.00. For more information tel. 06334381, 15 May. St George’s British International School, Via Cassia km 16, La Storta. From midday. For more information tel. 063086001, 22 May. Ambrit, Via F. Tajani 50. 11.00-15.00. For more information tel. 065595305, The New School, Via della Cammilluccia 669, 11.00–14.00. For more information tel. 063294269, Wanted in Rome


USEFUL NUMBERS associations American International Club of Rome


St Francis Xavier del Caravita (Roman Catholic) Via del Caravita 7 -

S. Silvestro Church (Roman Catholic) Piazza S. Silvestro 1, tel. 066977121, Sunday Service 10.00 and 17.30

S. Susanna Church (Roman Catholic)

The following cinemas show films in English or original language when available – see daily press for programme details.

Via XX Settembre 15, tel. 0642014554, Saturday service 18.00. Sunday service 09.00 and 10.30

tel. 064825268 -


Association of Malaysians in Italy

Via Merry del Val 14, tel. 065880099. In original language on Mon

Via XX Settembre 7, tel. 064827627, Sunday service 11.00

tel. 0645447625 -

American Women’s Association of Rome tel. 389/1162161

Caledonian Society

Canadian Women’s Association

Circolo di Cultura Mario Mieli Gay and lesbian international contact group, tel. 065413985 - fax 065413971

Daughters of the American Revolution

Cineclub Detour Via Urbana 47/a, tel. 0645490845

Filmstudio Via degli Orti d’Alibert 1/c, tel. 0668192987

Metropolitan Via del Corso 7, tel. 0632600500

Nuovo Olimpia

tel. 0633267490 -

Warner Village Moderno

Irish Club of Rome

Piazza della Repubblica 44, tel. 0647779111 -

Professional Women’s Association

United Nations Women’s Guild tel. 0657053628,

Welcome Neighbor tel. 3479313040

books The following bookshops and libraries have books in English and other languages as specified.

Bibliothèque Centre Culturel Saint-Louis de France (French) Largo Toniolo 20/22, tel. 066802637

emergency numbers • Ambulance tel. 118 • Carabinieri tel. 112 • Electricity and water faults (Acea) tel. 800130336 • Fire brigade tel. 115 • Forestry corps (forest fires) tel. 1515 • Gas leaks (Italgas-Eni) tel. 800900999 • Police tel. 113 • Rubbish (Ama) tel. 8008670355


Libreria Quattro Fontane (international) Via delle Quattro Fontane 20/a, tel. 064814484

Libreria Spagnola Sorgente (Spanish) Piazza Navona 90, tel. 0668806950

S. Susanna Lending Library Via XX Settembre 15, tel. 064827510 Opening times: Sat & Sun 10.00-12.30 Tues 10.00-13.00, Wed 15.00-18.00, Fri 13.00-16.00

The Almost Corner Bookshop Via del Moro 45, tel. 065836942

The Anglo American Bookshop Via della Vite 102, tel. 066795222

The Lion Bookshop & Café Via dei Greci 33/36, tel. 0632654007

The Open Door Bookshop (second hand books) (English, French, German, Italian) Via della Lungaretta 23, tel. 065896478

chiamaroma 24-hour, multilingual information line for services in Rome, run by the city council. Tel. 060606


Wanted in Rome

Alcoholics Anonymous tel. 064742913 - www.aarome.imfo

Archè HIV+ children and their families. tel. 0677250350

Associazione Centro Astalli (Jesuit refugee centre) Via degli Astalli 14/a tel. 0669700306

Associazione Ryder Italia Support for cancer patients and their families, tel. 065349622/0658204580

Astra (Anti-stalking risk assessment) tel. 066535499 -

Caritas soup kitchen (Mensa Giovanni Paolo II) Via delle Sette Sale 30, tel. 0647821098 11.00-13.30 daily Via Zoccolette 19, tel. 066875228 - 066861554

Bible Baptist Church

Piazza S. Giovanni in Laterano 6/a, tel. 0669886369

Via Stresa 41, tel. 063014425

Via V. E. Orlando 84, tel. 064827878

support groups

Caritas foreigners’ support centre

Piazza di Montecitorio 117-120, tel. 066794628 -

Libreria Feltrinelli International

Via Nazionale, corner Via Napoli, tel. 064883339, Sunday service 08.30,10.30 (English), 13.00 (Spanish)

Via del Babuino 153/b, tel. 0636001881, Sunday service 08.30 and 10.30 nd th Kids Rock children’s service every 2 and 4 Sunday of the month at midday. Via Castel di Leva 305, tel. 0659602991 - 334 / 29334593

Piazza S. Luigi dei Francesi 23, tel. 0668307598 -

St Paul’s within-the-Walls (Anglican Episcopal)

All Saints’ Anglican Church

Herder International Book Center (German) La Librairie Française de Rome La Procure (French)

Via Boncompagni 31, tel. 064203121, Sunday service 10.00

Nuovo Sacher Largo Ascianghi 1, tel. 065818116. In original language on Mon when available

tel. 0636307249

St Patrick’s Church (Roman Catholic)

Via in Lucina 16/g, tel. 066861068

International Women’s Club of Rome

Luncheon Club of Rome

St Andrew’s Presbyterian Church

Christian Science Services Church of All Nations Lungotevere Michelangelo 7, tel. 069870464

Church of Sweden Via A. Beroloni 1/e, tel. 068080474, Sunday service 11.15 (Swedish)

Footsteps Inter-Denominational Christian South Rome, tel. 0650917621 - 333 / 2284093 North Rome, tel. 0630894371

International Central Gospel Church Via XX Settembre 88, tel. 0655282695

International Christian Fellowship Via Guido Castelnuovo 28, tel. 065594266, Sunday service 11.00

Caritas hostel Via Marsala 109, tel. 064457235

Caritas legal assistance Celebrate Recovery Christian group tel. 338 / 1675680

Comunità di S. Egidio Piazza di S. Egidio 3/a, tel. 068992234

Comunità di S. Egidio soup kitchen Via Dandolo 10, tel 065894327 17.00-19.30 Wed, Fri, Sat

Disabled information line tel. 800271027

Joel Nafuma Refugee Centre St Paul’s within-the-Walls, Via Nazionale, corner Via Napoli, tel. 064883339

Mason Perkins Deafness Fund Support for deaf and deaf-blind children, tel. 0644234511,

Overeaters Anonymous

Jesus Cares Ministries

tel. 064743772

Salvation Army (Esercito della Salvezza)

Jewish Community,

Centro Sociale di Roma “Virgilio Paglieri”, Via degli Apuli 41, tel. 064451351

Tempio Maggiore, Lungotevere Cenci, tel. 066840061

Support for elderly victims of crime

Lay Centre at Foyer Unitas

(Italian only) Largo E. Fioritto 2, tel. 0657305104

Largo della Sanità Militare 60, tel. 067726761

The Samaritans Onlus

Lutheran Church

Confidential telephone helpline for the distressed, tel. 800860022

Via Toscana 7, corner Via Sicilia 70, tel. 064817519, Sunday service 10.00 (German)

Ponte S. Angelo Methodist Church Piazza Ponte S. Angelo, tel. 066868314, Sunday service 10.30

Rome Baptist Church Piazza S. Lorenzo in Lucina 35, tel. 066876652 - 066876211, Sunday service 10.30, 13.00 (Filipino), 16.00 (Chinese)

Rome Buddhist Centre Vihara Via Mandas 2, tel. 0622460091

Rome Mosque (Centro Islamico) Via della Moschea, tel. 068082167 - 068082258

transport • Atac (Rome bus, metro and tram) tel. 800431784, • Ciampino airport tel. 06794941, • Fiumicino airport tel. 0665951, • Taxi tel. 060609 - 065551 - 063570 - 068822 064157 - 066645 - 064994 • Traffic info tel. 1518 • Trenitalia (national railways) tel. 892021,

28 April 2010

Wanted in Rome  
Wanted in Rome  

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