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Alpine Good Times Ahead Big Bear Mountain Resort is Southern California’s home for year-round outdoor fun. Located in the heart of the San Bernardino Mountains, Big Bear Mountain Resort is where Southern California comes to experience world-class skiing and snowboarding in the winter as well as the region’s best mountain biking and hiking, an idyllic nine-hole golf course, and a full slate of family-friendly activities in the summer. Come see what Big Bear Mountain Resort has to offer. 844.462.2327 | bigbearmountainresort.com Gbigbearmountainresort | ebear_mountain | esnow_summit | Öbigbearmtresort

SOCAL’S SNOW CAPITAL Experience Southern California’s best snow conditions and most rideable terrain with two mountains – Bear Mountain and Snow Summit – offering awardwinning terrain parks, panoramic lake views, and can’t-miss après ski fun. Both mountains offer rentals, lessons, and in-resort retail and repair shops to make getting on the slopes even easier.

Bear Mountain

Snow Summit

Scenic Sky Chair

Grizzly Ridge Tube Park

YOUR TRAIL STARTS HERE Summit Bike Park is a paradise for bike enthusiasts, featuring SoCal’s premier lift-served downhill park and access to more than 60 miles of cross-country trails. Prefer hiking to biking? Enjoy the scenic vistas of the Bobsled Trail (2 miles) or take a selfguided tour on the Mountain Top Loop (1 mile).

ADVENTURE AWAITS There’s something for everyone at Big Bear Mountain Resort. Beat the heat and enjoy familyfriendly activities like the Scenic Sky Chair, climbing wall, zipline, summer tubing, and Summit Mining Co., or book a tee time at Bear Mountain Golf Course and experience the benefits of playing at 7,000 feet.

Summit Bike Park



There’s no better time than sunset to appreciate the beauty of Big Bear Lake.

40824 Big Bear Blvd. Big Bear Lake, CA 92315 800.424.4232 bigbear.com




PUBLISHERS Nicole Bordges & Martha-Page Althaus

Discover Big Bear Lake, beautiful by nature

It’s hard to describe the feeling you get when you arrive in Big Bear. Whether it’s your first visit or your 15th, there’s just something about that first glimpse of the shimmering lake. You can sense it in the soft rustle of evergreen trees, in the clear blue sky, and definitely in the fresh mountain air. It’s a feeling that has captivated visitors for generations, and today, Big Bear’s natural beauty continues to inspire admirers from around the country — and the world. Set high in the San Bernardino Mountains, two hours northeast of Los Angeles, Big Bear feels a world away from the city, beckoning with endless ways to explore the outdoors all year long. Enjoy a peaceful paddle along 22 miles of lake shoreline. Marvel at the old-growth canopies of the San Bernardino National Forest. Soak up epic views while hiking, or experience heart-pumping thrills as you ski the slopes at the award-winning resorts. Throughout this magazine, you’ll find easy tips on ways to #CareForBigBear and to be a respectful visitor. We invite you to join us in preserving and protecting this land that’s captured the hearts of so many. Because when we all do our part, we’re promising future generations that they’ll have plenty to love about Big Bear, too. We look forward to seeing you soon! The Visit Big Bear team



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Big Bear Mountain Resort beckons skiers and boarders from o N vember through April.

On the cover Winter and Summer covers were illustrated by Robert Filip. emr.fro_man ÖFilipRobert19



14 Features


48 Big Bear Pups A dog’s guide

14 Get Out and Play There’s always something to do in SoCal’s outdoor playground. Our top spots to ski, bike, hike, and boat.

4 Care for Big Bear We’ve united to care for the Valley

50 Sleep Here Now Where to stay

34 50 Reasons We Love Big Bear Spas, shopping, skiing. How do we love Big Bear? Let us count the ways.

8 Looking Back Big Bear’s storied past

42 Local Eats Best bets for bites

58 Big Bear Map

11 The Village Top shopping spots

43 A Toast! Where to raise your glass

60 Member Listings + Calendar

55 Love Rediscover romance in Big Bear

6 Education Discover Big Bear’s natural resources

56 Travel Hero How to get here safely




The view of Big Bear Lake from Castle Rock

Care for Big Bear

Care for our community, appreciate our natural environment, respect our neighbors, and enjoy our valley together. By Martha-Page Althaus


aunched in 2020, the program unites people around the goal of keeping the Valley beautiful by hosting clean-up days, funding the placement of additional dumpsters, and educating guests on how to travel responsibly here. The result? Cleaner trails and shores, more waste management options, and visitors and locals who are eager to be good stewards of the Valley. 4 / BIGBEAR.COM

Whether we’re hitting the water, the trail, or the ski slopes, we can all do our part to preserve this natural playground. Follow @CareForBigBear for tips and info on upcoming events. Show how you’re doing your part by tagging #CareForBigBear during your next outdoor adventure in our backyard. Together, we can help Big Bear to be sustainable and forever beautiful.

JOIN US What if every hiker picked up one piece of trash they found on the trail? You, too, can help keep our Valley clean, by looking for the Care for Big Bear logo on receptacles around town, and tossing in your litter. And if the trash bins are full when you check out of your rental, take your trash to a public dumpster or to a Clean Bear site.


Centered around a seven-mile-long lake and ringed by the San Bernardino National Forest, Big Bear is a natural treasure. To preserve and protect this landscape for future generations, locals and visitors are coming together to Care for Big Bear.


Shop Smart

Stop by the Big Bear Visitor Center to purchase a C.A.R.E. kit (plus other fun #CareForBigBear merch). All proceeds from the sale of these goods fund community-wide clean-up initiatives!

CLEAN BEAR SITES (open daily) 41790 Garstin Dr. 39690 Big Bear Blvd.

DUMPSTER LOCATIONS • Juniper Point Picnic Area • Aspen Glen Picnic Area • Woodland Trailhead • Cougar Crest Trailhead • East Public Boat Launch Ramp • Stanfield Cutoff

STUDY UP The first step to protecting and preserving Big Bear? It all starts with awareness. Turn to p. 6 to learn more about Big Bear’s natural resources.


#BEARS EVERYWHERE We love our bears! Keep an eye out during your trip, and you’ll see Ursidae everywhere. We’ve highlighted some of our favorites; we invite you to share the bears you find using the hashtag #bearseverywhere.

Ask a Local

Daniel Morello, Big Bear Business Owner

BY THE NUMBERS 3,000 lbs.

Solving problems takes a village. Luckily, Big Bear is a village of like-minded outdoor enthusiasts who take action to solve problems, and invite visitors to join them. Daniel Morello explains how he and his neighbors are caring for Big Bear. Q: Why did Big Bear need an initiative like Care for Big Bear? A: I’ve lived here for over 20 years. A few years ago, we started seeing more disrespect to the area. When I saw that trash was becoming an issue, I wanted to correct it. It was impossible to overlook. Some people saw Big Bear like a city park; they expected someone to clean up after them. But that’s not how it works here. Q: What kind of impact has Care for Big Bear made on the Valley? A: This program encourages everyone to be more respectful and responsible. This is a finite area with finite resources. Now, we’re all able to look down the line and make sure we’re preserving this land. Many people have come out of the woodwork to help. And the great thing is, helping out is as simple as bringing a bag and picking up trash on your next hike. The whole thing is catching on. Q: Why are you so passionate about the project? A: I deeply appreciate Big Bear. I paddleboard; I dirt bike; I hike all over Big Bear. When you see things mismanaged and disrespected, you can’t help but think, “This isn’t right.” So, you jump into action. Last year after the snow melted, we spent four hours each day for a week just cleaning up. We found 60-pound pieces of dock, broken paddleboards, and old sleds. We owe it to Big Bear to take care of it. I want to share this place and make sure that the land is respected.

That’s the average amount of trash picked up in Big Bear every December and January. Do your part to keep Big Bear clean by properly disposing of your plastic sleds and other snow play items at a Clean Bear site.

500 lbs. That’s the average amount of trash that’s picked up each month during the summer.

CLEAN UP Clean-ups are planned for National Trails Day and National Public Lands Day. Follow @CareForBigBear for more information.




Here in Big Bear, high altitude plus top-notch air quality equal unparalleled sky-watching opportunities — both during the day and at night. The Big Bear Solar Observatory, overlooking the north end of the lake, has several solar telescopes made especially for viewing the sun. The observatory offers virtual tours online; check bbso.njit.edu for details. Come nightfall, the skies are remarkably dark (particularly given Big Bear’s proximity to the LA basin). Want to spend some time sitting and wondering at the stars? Here’s how. TIPS FOR STARGAZING IN BIG BEAR: • Find a location away from nighttime lights and with a wide view of the sky. An elevated spot, like a hilltop, can work well. • Your eyes might take 15-20 minutes to adjust to the darkness. • When you reach the location where you’ll be stargazing, use a red flashlight to help your eyes stay adapted to the dark. (Most outdoor equipment stores sell headlamps with red LEDs, for this purpose.) • New to stargazing? Try using a pair of binoculars. Many celestial objects, such as planets, will be visible through them.

THE PERSEID METEOR SHOWER, one of the year’s brightest celestial events, will occur July 14 - August 24, 2022. August 11 and 12 are predicted to be the peak viewing days, when, if conditions are right, you might be able to see up to 100 meteors per hour, according to NASA.

Moonrise Kingdom: night falls on Big Bear Lake.



• Visit bearvalleyastronomers.org for star maps and more.


Know and Love Your Big Bear

Big Bear Lake is home to an incredible array of natural wonders and wildlife. The best part? There are plenty of ways to explore – and learn something new! By Martha-Page Althaus

Find gray wolves at the Big Bear Alpine o Z o.

One of your first stops in the Valley should be the Big Bear Discovery Center, which mounts exhibits centered on the San Bernardino National Forest. (Tip: Younger kids will love the outdoor Nature Discovery Zone.) Meanwhile, the Big Bear History Museum features displays on the local Indigenous people and Big Bear’s gold rush. (For more on Big Bear’s history, turn to p. 8.)



The Valley draws some 250 bird species, such as bald eagles, red-tailed hawks, and white-headed woodpeckers. Visit Chirp Nature Center for insight, inspiration, and nature guides. The store hosts family-friendly bird walks and other nature programs.

TOP FIVE BIRD-WATCHING SPOTS • Bluff Lake • Sandalwood Marsh • Happy Hills Trail and Metcalf Creek • Meadows Edge • Knickerbocker Canyon “Birds are attracted to bugs, and bugs are attracted to water. Always be near a water source.” — Toni Waner, Chirp Nature Center


Wondrous Wildlife L

earn how human behavior has impacted indigenous wildlife at the Big Bear Alpine Zoo, a rehabilitation center that’s home to dozens of animals. While many of the animals brought here are able to be treated, healed, and returned to their native environments, those who cannot safely return to the wild stay and live at the zoo permanently. On a visit, you’ll not only see these captivating creatures up close, you’ll also learn how we can work together to protect other members of their species in the wild. Dozens of animals call the zoo home, including an arctic fox, snow leopards, mountain lions, and black bears, such as the aptly-named Pooh, who was sent to the zoo after breaking into a honey farm. Grateful Heart Animal Sanctuary’s volunteer staffers lead visitors on a 1.5hour guided tour to see horses, chickens, goats, pigs, and other farm animals in their forever home, while sharing stories about the facility’s animal rescues.

#CFBB TIP: When you’re hiking and come across a wild animal, give it plenty of distance. You’re in its home. It doesn’t need your food, and it definitely doesn’t want to be in your selfies.



Through the Years

Over the centuries, Big Bear has seen its share of adventures — from the Gold Rush to the opening of the ski resorts.

—Rick Keppler, Local Historian

What’s in a Name? Back in 1845, Benjamin Wilson led a posse into the San Bernadinos in pursuit of ranch-raiding outlaws. Once they reached the mountains’ apex, Wilson and his team found a valley swarming with grizzlies— inspiring the moniker “Big Bear.”


1855–1879: THE GOLD RUSH Early settlers discover gold in the Valley in 1855, the first mining operation begins a few years later, and in 1860, a bear hunter tracks a trail to a creek filled with flakes of gold. Suddenly, Southern California’s largest gold rush is on.

1883: BIG BEAR LAKE IS BORN Work begins on a dam across the Valley, creating the reservoir that will become Big Bear Lake.



1888–1911: The Beginning of a Resort Town

The Valley’s first resort, the Bear Valley Hotel, opens its doors. New roads increase access to the Valley; in 1908, the first round-trip drive through the mountains is completed in 13 hours and 17 minutes.

With its majestic scenery, the Valley becomes an attractive backlot for the burgeoning film industry in nearby LA. Big Bear will go on to cameo in Heidi, Grey’s Anatomy, and other films and shows.

1988–1997: X-TREME SPORTS In the late 1980s, Big Bear’s resorts become early adopters of the newest craze in snowsports: snowboarding. Snow Summit and Bear Mountain later serve as training grounds for some of snowboarding’s biggest stars, including Olympic gold medalist Shaun White. In 1997, Big Bear hosts the first ever Winter X Games, a popular extreme sports competition that continues to this day.

THE (WINTER) FUN BEGINS In 1928, the first winter facilities are built in Big Bear Valley for a ski jump competition. A toboggan run and sling lift follow in 1938, and in 1949, the Valley’s first ski resort opens on Lynn Hill.


“I like the west end of the lake, where the dam is. If the water level is low enough, you can see the original 1884 rock dam. Without these two dams, Big Bear history as we know it wouldn’t exist. It’s also a pretty spot, where I like to hike and shoot photos.”



Snow Summit acquires Bear Mountain, and together they become Big Bear Mountain Resorts, vastly increasing the amount of terrain available to skiers and snowboarders.

The Six Seasons of Yuhaaviat

Big Bear’s original residents, the San Manuel Band of Mission Indians, share knowledge about their ancestral home.


he Indigenous people of Yuhaaviat, a forested area near present-day Big Bear Lake, were known as the Yuhaaviatam, or People of the Pines, and they were a clan of Maara’yam people (a group later called the Serrano, or “highlanders,” by Spanish explorers). Today, the Tribe is known as the San Manuel Band of Mission Indians. The name references their revered late 19thand early 20th-century leader, Santos Manuel, for whom the Tribe’s Reservation, in Highland, California, is also named. The Tribe has long distinguished six seasons in Big Bear Valley: • spring (spring season) • late spring (blossom season) • summer (poor season) • fall (freeze season) • early winter (descending season) • the year end (exhausted season)


Traditionally, the Tribe followed the plant life seasonally, which drew them upward in elevation to the mountaintops when food was scarce in the valley below. Various native plants have helped sustain the Tribe, which to this day preserves native flora on its Reservation by managing non-native species and replanting from a native seed bank whenever possible. The Tribe particularly reveres five native plants.



Care For Big Bear is born out of a love for the area’s natural beauty and a desire to preserve this natural playground for future generations.

ACORN: A longtime staple of the Serrano diet, black oak acorns were especially prized for their sweet taste. Acorns were ground into flour, then soaked in water to leach out tannic acid and remove bitterness. The flour was then used to make a porridge. CHIA: Found along dry areas of the valley floor and in the hot, dry chaparral zone, chia was harvested June through August. High in protein, chia seed was chewed continuously during long journeys in order to provide stamina. PINE NUTS: The Serrano harvested these small nuts in late summer from the pinyon pines in the upper elevations of the San Bernardino Mountains. The trees’ cones take two years to mature, so Tribe members

need to monitor the pinyons to determine whether there will be a crop in any given year. YERBA SANTA: Thick, leafy yerba santa is found on slopes, in fields, and in leafy chaparral zones of southwestern California. Yerba santa can be used to bandage cuts, as well as to treat asthma, bronchitis, chest colds, and hay fever. YUCCA: This hearty desert plant can be used as a food source, and it can provide the raw materials necessary to make an arrow quiver, cordage, sandals, and baskets. Source: The San Manuel Band of Mission Indians (sanmanuel-nsn.gov)


Family Fun Year Round

Alpine Slide at Magic Mountain is your Big Bear playground and home to SoCal’s most authentic bobsled ride, the Alpine Slide. Take a scenic chairlift to the top, then zip down a quarter-mile long track — you control the speed the whole time. Take flight on the Soaring Eagle and catch thrills on California’s first and only mountain coaster, the Mineshaft Coaster. Cool off on the double water slide in the summer, and enjoy plenty of Snow Play fun in the winter. 909.866.4626 alpineslidebigbear.com G e @alpineslidebigbear



You can catch up over coffee at Bear Cupboards Market.

COME SEE US! Four reasons why our lakefront Visitor Center (40824 Big Bear Blvd.) should be your first stop in town.


Chat with friendly locals about dining, recreation, and events.


Plan your activities easily with our interactive table map and kiosks.


Shop Care For Big Bear merch, such as hoodies and shirts.


Get your Adventure Pass (which you’ll need to park in designated trailhead parking lots!).

STAY AWHILE Grab a seat by one of the outdoor firepits. Kick back, set down your shopping bags, and people watch.

Heart of Town Shop, eat, and explore at The Village at Big Bear.


J EAT OUTDOORS Enjoy fresh food and fresh air with outdoor seating at many of The Village’s eateries. See p. 42 for our favorite spots offering alfresco options.

ust steps away from the lake, The Village is a walkable district with shops, restaurants, and bars. Spend some time strolling its picturesque streets, where you’ll discover plenty of delightful finds to bring home. KIDS OF ALL AGES No matter where you look, there’s lots of fun to be found for kids, as well as for the young at heart. Get the party rolling at The Bowling Barn, a 16-lane bowling alley located at the edge

of The Village. After a round of bowling, you’ve got options. If you and the crew are feeling festive, you might stroll over to Santa Land, an interactive destination featuring a dozen rooms themed around St. Nick (complete, of course, with Santa’s workshop). If you’d prefer to tackle a challenge, search for clues and learn fascinating facts about Big Bear with Riddle Routes, a smartphone– guided tour. Or, put your wits to the test as you and your family solve challenging puzzles and riddles at Mountain Room Escapes. BIGBEAR.COM / 11


“Hands-down, Barrel 33! You can sip a glass of wine or you can do a full-on tasting paired with food and live music. People-watch on the front patio, or wind down on the heated back deck for High Altitude club members.”

Barrel 33 boasts an impressive selection of California wines.

—Bynette Mote, Mayor Pro-Tem, City of Big Bear Lake

CARE FOR BIG BEAR In Big Bear, we strive to “share the wealth” of the outdoors by keeping our area free of litter. Join us in protecting our wildlife by bringing reusable bags, or visit the Big Bear Visitor Center to buy a Big Bear tote bag or hat.


Gifts abound at Brown Bear, a Village staple since 1924.

VILLAGE FEAST Stella Luna, one of the newest restaurants in The Village, serves fresh, organic cuisine in a chic and airy space. Everything on the menu is made from scratch; start your morning right with the blue crab eggs benedict with housecured bacon. If it’s chilly outside, you can warm up with a curry at Himalayan Restaurant. The eatery serves an aromatic mix of Indian and Nepalese dishes such as chicken masala, paneer tikka masala, and vegetable thali. For more Asian fare, visit Royal Thai Bistro for fragrant bites of stir fry, noodles, and curries. Can’t decide what to eat? Santana & Mavericks

makes it easy to order exactly what you want with a menu that features American, Asian, French, Italian, and Mexican fare. You can toast your Big Bear day with brews (and barbecue!) at The Bone Yard Bar & Grill, which has more than 40 beers on tap. Need to stock your rental kitchen? Head to Bear Cupboards Market for provisions like gourmet snacks, local produce, and grab-and-go items. TAKE IT HOME Find a piece of Big Bear to bring home at one of the gift shops in The Village. Bear Essentials, Big Bear Discount Gifts and Souvenirs, Brown Bear Gift Shop, and Shirt Shanty offer a wide variety of souvenirs, such as wood carvings, toys, postcards, books, clothes, and other keepsakes. Preserve your favorite memories with snaps from Bending Energy Photography, or pay a visit to the friendly folks at the Big Bear Visitor Center for everything you need to make your trip amazing — including delightful mementos from the center’s gift shop, like #CareForBigBear hoodies, hats, and more.



Open a business in Big Bear Lake

The Chamber and the City have resources and personalized service to save you time and money and successfully open your business.

Chirp Nature Center

Connecting people to nature — Chirp Nature Center provides carefully curated wild bird supplies, guides, gifts, and much more for forest adventures. Conveniently located in The Village. 888.412.4477 | chirpforbirds.com G e Ö @chirpforbirds

Big Bear Chamber of Commerce 909.866.4607 bigbearchamber.com City of Big Bear Lake 909.866.5831 citybigbearlake.com

Bear Cupboards Market

The little market where good taste meets necessity. Whether you’re stocking your pantry or grabbing items to take on the lake or to the slopes, Bear Cupboards Market has what you need. Located between Pine Knot and Knickerbocker at the edge of The Village.

909.415.1033 bearcupboardsmarket.com e @bearcupboardsmarket BIGBEAR.COM / 13



Big Bear’s sunny days and der wpoflufy makeorf perfect skiing and snowboarding conditions.


Get Outside and Play


In Southern California’s top four-season mountain town, you can enjoy well-groomed ski runs, rugged hiking and biking trails with beautiful views, and warm sunny days paddling on the lake. This jewel of the San Bernardino Mountains beguiles visitors with a wide variety of experiences all year round. All you have to do is choose your own open-air adventure.



Let It Snow

Come December, Big Bear transforms into a snowy playground. With its frosty lake, snow-dusted forests, stand-out ski resorts, and clear blue skies, Big Bear is the ultimate spot for a glorious winter getaway. GET THE GEAR Find the perfect fit. Big Bear Mountain Resort offers a variety of gear rentals. Packages include skis, boots, and poles for skiing, and boots, bindings, and boards for snowboarding; add on helmets and snow pants à la carte. The resort also has a concierge service that will fit you at your cabin or hotel. Stock up at Goldsmith’s Sports, which provides packages for different skill levels. You can also get fitted for gear at the Big Bear Mountain Resort Station. —Lauren Bonney

Kids (and kids at heart) filb jmrq rm qkgjc YZmsr ml msp qjcbbgle fgjjq.

More Snow, More Fun CARE FOR BIG BEAR Our spaces are a joy to explore, and we work hard to ensure everyone has a great visit. Do your part to leave no trace: Turn to p. 5 to find places to properly dispose of plastic sleds and other snow play toys.


SNOWSHOE Whether you’re an intrepid explorer or hesitant newcomer, snowshoeing is a great way to explore. Slowly work your way through the backwoods, or get your heart pumping with a brisk romp through serious powder. Learn more about the area with a guided tour from Big Bear Discovery Center or Action Zipline, Segway & More. Or go your own way with rentals from Goldsmith’s Sports. BIKE Who says you can’t bike in the snow? For a cruise around town or a spin down snow-covered

backroads, rent a fat-tire bike from Bear Valley Bikes. Also known as fat bikes, these two-wheelers are fitted with oversized tires designed to glide across soft, unstable terrain. TUBE Truly, is there anything more fun than tubing? Ride the magic carpet up the hill, then race down on colorful inner tubes. Big Bear has three tubing areas: Alpine Slide at Magic Mountain, Big Bear Snow Play, and Grizzly Ridge Tube Park. Periodically, Alpine Slide and Big Bear Snow Play offer glow tubing for some nighttime sliding. —Lauren Bonney



“You cannot find this unique sun-and-snow combination anywhere else. The winters are cool and calm, and the crisp air is filled with the scent of pine trees. The winter brings out the child in everyone.”

BY THE NUMBERS SNOW SUMMIT AND BEAR MOUNTAIN ARE MADE FOR SKIING AND SNOWBOARDING FUN. SEE HOW THE PEAKS COMPARE. SNOW SUMMIT Founded: 1952 Skiable Terrain: 240 acres Number of Runs and Trails: 30 Vertical Drop: 1,200 feet Lifts: 10 Peak Elevation: 8,200 feet Longest Run: 1.25 miles (Westridge) Terrain Parks: 16 (+3 pipes)

Big Bear Mountain Resort

BEAR MOUNTAIN Founded: 1943 Skiable Terrain: 198 acres Number of Runs and Trails: 27 Vertical Drop: 1,665 feet Lifts: 8 Peak Elevation: 8,805 feet Longest Run: 1.5 miles (Geronimo) Terrain Parks: 6

BEARS EVERYWHERE When you’re on the slopes at Snow Summit or Bear Mountain, keep an eye out for the resort’s fun-loving mascot, Biggie. He loves to snowboard!

— Meg Kee, founder of Mountain Girls Collective



STAY OFF THE LAKE The ice is thin, and not suitable for walking or skating.


CARRY CHAINS in your car from November to April.


BRING KITTY LITTER and a shovel to gain traction on icy roads.


DRINK WATER You get dehydrated easily in high altitudes.


SLED ON TUBING HILLS ONLY Avoid streets and private property.

Wintertime Hiking Want to walk through the winter wonderland without donning snowshoes? Stroll Alpine Pedal Path, a local favorite that hugs the lakeshore for about three paved miles. The views are spectacular, and you might even see Big Bear’s wintering bald eagles. And that unusual whitedomed building at the trail’s western end? That’s the Big Bear Solar Observatory, home to one of the world’s highest resolution solar telescopes. —Matt Jaffe BIGBEAR.COM / 17


Bike With Us

The Valley is known for its mountain biking trails, ranging from beginner to expert-level, as well as for its scenic road cycling. Ride up Summit Bike Park’s chairlift with your bike to access trails on and off property, or take off on any trail or road designated for cycling. MOUNTAIN BIKING (At Summit Bike Park) Trail: Going Green Level: Beginner Distance: 4 miles Features: Gentle berms, minimal pedaling and braking, and picturesque lake views.

GOLDSMITH’S SPORTS 42071 Big Bear Blvd. goldsmithssports.com 909.866.2728 PADDLES AND PEDALS 40545 North Shore Ln. paddlesandpedals.com 909.936.2907 SUMMIT BIKE PARK 880 Summit Blvd. bigbearmountain resort.com 909.866.5841

DID YOU KNOW? Pro athletes flock to Big Bear to train at altitude, and the Valley has hosted some major cycling events,


Trail: Cabin 89 Trail Level: Intermediate Distance: 1.7 miles Features: Starting from the Aspen Glen Picnic Area, a short but thrilling ride featuring steep climbs and sharp corners. Trail: 10-Ply Level: Advanced Distance: 1 mile Features: Mix of technical single-track terrain and natural features, including drops and rock gardens. ROAD CYCLING (Lake Loop and Onyx Summit are highway routes) Trail: Alpine Pedal Path Level: Beginner Distance: 3.2 miles Features: Car-free, relaxing lakeside cruise, perfect for family rides. Trail: Lake Loop Level: Intermediate Distance: 17 miles Features: Hour-long pedal at a casual pace around the lake. Trail: Onyx Summit Level: Advanced Distance: 9 miles Features: Ascend the highest altitude roadway in SoCal, which tops out at 8,443 feet.


GEAR UP THESE SPOTS WILL GET YOU OUTFITTED. BEAR VALLEY BIKES 40298 Big Bear Blvd. bvbikes.com 909.866.8000

Mark Your Calendars

THESE HIGH ENERGY EVENTS ARE BACK FOR 2022 Tour de Big Bear August 6 Kodiak 100 Big Bear August 19 – 20 Grizzly 100 and Big Bear MTB Gran Fondo October 8 Big Bear Turkey Trot November 24

Cyclists of all ages delight in biking Big Bear’s shady trails and drinking in the stunning lake views.

CARE FOR BIG BEAR Weekends can get busy in Big Bear, but don’t worry — we have plenty of space to ride. If you see full parking lot at a trailhead, head to the next trail. And for traffic-free joyrides, consider making a trip during the week to enjoy our biking routes at their most pristine.



Tour de Big Bear

Gear up for Tour de Big Bear, presented by Big Bear Cycling Association. Cyclists are treated to legendary aid stations, ideal August temps, and mountain scenery. Featuring a family fun ride, 25-, 50-, 70-, and 100-mile courses, 25- and 50-mile Dirty Cub and Dirty Bear gravel rides, and cycling events and entertainment all weekend long! #ridewithus bigbearcycling.com | G @bigbearcycling | e @bigbearcyclingassoc

Highlander Big Bear Lake

It’s the Adventure of a Lifetime. HIGHLANDER, the global long-distance hiking event series, is bringing the experience to Big Bear in fall 2022. HIGHLANDER promotes a healthy lifestyle and a digital detox while connecting with nature. HIGHLANDER Big Bear Lake is an unforgettable hiking journey that offers participants challenges and serenity while immersed in the singular setting of the San Bernardino National Forest. Take part in a 15-, 30-, or 60-mile journey; the events are open to everyone. highlanderadventure.com G @highlanderadventure e @highlander.adventure 20 / BIGBEAR.COM

Hiking & Biking Map

LEGEND State Highway Paved Road Dirt Fire Road Designated Fire Road 1 ALPINE PEDAL PATH A paved path along the lakeshore, it's accessible to hikers, bikers, skaters, joggers, strollers, and wheelchairs. 3.2 miles, easy

8 HAPPY HILLS TRAIL This ADA-compliant route gives hikers a view of wildlife and historical buildings. Parking available at City Hall. 0.5 mile, easy

2 WOODLAND TRAIL Take the self-guided tour to learn about the Valley’s flora, fauna, and geology. 1.5 mile, 300 feet elevation gain, easy

9 CASTLE ROCK TRAIL One of Big Bear’s most popular trails, it begins one mile east of Big Bear Dam on Hwy. 18. (Note: Parking is limited.) 2.4 miles, 700 feet elevation gain, moderate to difficult

3 RATHBUN CREEK TRAIL Adjacent to Moonridge Road, this path provides a unique way to explore the city. 0.5 mile, easy


4 SNOW SUMMIT/GRAND VIEW LOOP BIKE TRAIL This out-and-back trail starts with a ride on the Scenic Sky Chair to Grandview Point Junction. 9 miles, intermediate

10 CHAMPION LODGEPOLE PINE TRAIL Located on the south side of the lake, this gentle walk follows a stream down to the Champion Lodgepole Pine, one of the largest known lodgepoles in the world. 0.6 mile, 100 feet elevation gain, easy

5 THE SKYLINE TRAIL Access this multiuse single-track from the east on Club View Drive, or from the west at the junction of 2N10 and 2N17. 30 miles, 160 feet elevation gain, intermediate

11 GRAY’S PEAK TRAIL This hike offers scenic panoramas of Big Bear Lake below. The trail is closed from winter to spring for bald eagle nesting. 7 miles, 1,000 feet elevation gain, moderate to difficult

6 TOWNE TRAIL Enjoy a pleasant woodland hike that’s easily accessed from The Village. 3 miles, 100 feet elevation gain, easy

12 GROUT BAY BIKE TRAIL This trail begins with a short climb from the Fawnskin Fire Station up to Hanna Flat Campground. 13 miles, intermediate

7 PINE KNOT TRAIL Mountain bikers can take the Scenic Sky Chair to 2N10 and follow the Pine Knot Trail west or take off from the Aspen Glen Picnic Area. 6 miles, 900 feet elevation gain, moderate

13 COUGAR CREST TRAIL This trail ends at the junction of the 2,600-mile-long Pacific Crest Trail. 4–7 miles, 750–1,360 feet elevation gain, moderate/difficult

Bike Trail Multi-Use Path or Trail Hiking Trail Pacific Crest National Scenic Trail Interpretive Trailhead Watchable Wildlife Ranger Station Fire Station Picnic Area Adventure Pass Required PCT Access Campground Group Campground Ecological Reserve Fire Lookout Tower Visitor Center



Our trails lead to unbeatable views.

Hit the Trail PEAK EXPERIENCE On the way to the top of 8,201-foot Bertha Peak, the Cougar Crest Trail climbs through a cedar-and-pine forest to a junction with the Pacific Crest Trail. The 2,650-mile route travels between Mexico and Canada and, by taking this trail, you’ll have the chance to say, “I hiked the PCT!” (You’re really only on PCT for a few hundred yards before following the fire road that ascends to Bertha Peak, but don’t worry — we won’t tell!) This hike isn’t for the faint of heart — it’s about eight miles 22 / BIGBEAR.COM

with a 1,300-foot elevation gain — but it delivers a big payoff: an epic view of Big Bear Lake and all the way to Mount Baldy. LUNCH WITH A VIEW One of the Valley’s newest hiking spots, Snow Summit’s Bobsled Trail winds past a creek and traverses meadows brightened with lupine. While much of the mountain is busy with bikers, the Bobsled Trail is open only to hikers, so you might have it to yourself as you trek two miles through

forests of ponderosa pine and white fir. (No trees were removed when the trail was built.) The path, open June through October, climbs 1,200 feet to Snow Summit’s, er, summit, where you can extend your hike by tacking on the one-mile Mountain Top Loop. Or grab a picnic table outside the resort’s Skyline Taphouse, and nosh on juicy bratwursts and pulled pork sandwiches as you savor the top-of-theworld panorama of Big Bear Lake and the surrounding San Bernardino Mountains.


Whether you fancy a casual stroll or you crave the adrenaline-pumping experience of summiting a peak, Big Bear has the perfect trail for you. By Matt Jaffe

A CLOSE-TO-TOWN ESCAPE Set on recently donated private land, the paths in the Maple Hill Trail System combine high desert and high country scenery. The classic hike is 3.2-mile School Loop, which winds through pines and manzanita. With about 300 feet of elevation gain, the climbing is modest, but still challenging enough to draw mountain bikers for training. A WALK IN THE WOODS Introduce your kids to the wonders of the mountains on 1.5-mile Woodland Trail, a gentle loop that includes 16 signed stops. The path passes a giant, gnarled western juniper estimated to be 1,500 years old. Look, too, for a Jeffrey pine pockmarked with hundreds of holes drilled by woodpeckers to stash acorns, and catch glimpses of the summit of 11,499-foot Mount San Gorgonio, SoCal’s highest peak.

LEAVE NO TRACE: HIKING TIPS FOR VISITORS PLAN AHEAD AND PREPARE Check the weather and bring lots of water. USE CAMPFIRES RESPONSIBLY Get your campfire permit at permit.preventwildfiresca.org.


LEAVE WHAT YOU FIND Do not take any natural items you find. Leave these treasures in the wilderness where you found them. RESPECT WILDLIFE Give animals their distance. You’re in their home. DISPOSE OF WASTE PROPERLY Pack it in, pack it out. Bring a bag to carry your trash.


Alpine Pedal Path Slung along the north shore of Big Bear Lake, this paved path welcomes cyclists, hikers, and leashed pets. GET THE SHOT: Follow an access trail to one of the tranquil beaches just off the path for family sunset selfies. Boulder Bay Park Make a stop on your way into Big Bear at this pocket park, which delivers stunning lake and mountain views. GET THE SHOT: Walk out on the long, picturesque dock to take photos on the water. Or, come winter, snap shots of Boulder Bay’s snow-covered pines. Woodland Trail This easy hike pairs glorious mountain views with a self-guided tour of flora and fauna, so you’ll know just what you’re oohing and aahing over — and snapping pics of! GET THE SHOT: Hike the trail in the fall to capture the leaves of the oaks in their fiery scarlet, orange, and golden glory.

QUICK TIPS FOR STELLAR SNAPS YOU DON’T NEED PRO EQUIPMENT TO CAPTURE BIG BEAR’S LANDSCAPES. A SMARTPHONE CAMERA WILL DO! Clean Your Lens Use a microfiber cloth to gently wipe the camera lens to get crisper pictures.

Use Grid Lines Turn on the grid in your phone’s settings. This will help ensure the composition is straight to get a proper shot.

Be Respectful Stay safe. Never approach wild animals or hike off of the trail in order to get a better picture.

“I prefer to shoot around sunrise or sunset, when the lighting is much softer. Juniper Point on the Woodland Trail is beautiful, as is the corner of the lake near the dam! But try to think outside the box. I think landscape photography is about having fun and being creative. Explore and find unique viewpoints to make your photos stand out.” —Brady Enger, Bending Energy Photography



On the Water

“Playing on the lake is everything to me. After all, our town was named after the gorgeous lake. Floating at Bear Valley Dam, tucking in a cove, or skimming across the water is so relaxing — especially since we enjoy so much sunshine in this above-theclouds valley.” — Syd Blue, author and pilot


Play on the Water


KAYAK AND CANOE Venture into parts of the shoreline and small inlets inaccessible to motorized vessels. BOAT Charter a pontoon boat and explore the lake at your own pace, or simply relax far from the shore. STAND-UP PADDLEBOARD Test your balance on a paddleboard as you glide through the water.

WAKEBOARD AND WATER SKI Skiing isn’t just for the snow! If you’d like to hit the wake on a wakeboard or water skis, sign up for a lesson with a licensed instructor. TUBE Rent a tube and book a licensed driver for a wild ride across the water. JET SKI Hop on a Jet Ski and let ’er rip. Snag your ride from any of the marinas. —Lauren Bonney


CARE TIP: No matter what you’re angling for, keep Big Bear’s water clean and wildlife safe by packing out discarded fishing line—or any other litter—you find. See p. 5 for a list of trash sites around the Valley.

At the heart of Big Bear is its lake, and with 22 miles of shoreline, there’s plenty of room for everyone. From kayaking to fishing to catching some rays, Big Bear Lake draws water enthusiasts of all kinds to its alpine shores. So, put on some sunscreen, grab your shades, and hit the water.

Fish Friendly in Big Bear Lake


RENT IT HERE GRAB THE GEAR FOR YOUR LAKE TRIP. FISHING Head to Big Bear Sporting Goods to stock up on everything you need to fish before hopping aboard with the expert anglers at Big Bear Charter Fishing, Cantrell Guide Service, or Fish Big Bear Charter Services. PADDLES Rent a kayak, canoe, or paddleboard from Paddles and Pedals. WATERSPORTS Check out Big Bear Watersports School or Designated Wakesports for tubing, waterskiing, wakeboarding, and Jet Ski lessons and rentals.


NOTE: All private watercraft, including non-motorized vessels, must display a permit, which can be bought at any marina. See p. 26 for more info.

COME PREPARED: A fishing license is required, and can be purchased at most marinas.

A smorgasbord of fishes swim in Big Bear Lake, from rainbow trout to bullhead catfish to the lake’s most numerous species, the common carp. You can help the underwater ecosystem flourish by following these guidelines: Big Bear’s rainbow trout can reach weights of up to 18 pounds, but these hatchery-raised fish can’t reproduce and are destined for the dinner table. Keep up to five per day, any size. Catch-and-release is the best technique for bass. Lake rules say you may keep five bass that are larger than 12 inches, but it’s best to give the smaller bass a chance to grow and reproduce. You can help ensure

their survival by using barbless hooks, handling smaller bass as little as possible, and getting the fish back into the lake quickly. Never toss back a common carp. This invasive fish destroys algae and other aquatic vegetation that other fish depend on to survive. If you don’t eat carp, take your catch to Big Bear Municipal Water District’s disposal site (40524 Lakeview Drive). Catch and keep all you want of bullhead catfish, but the channel catfish limit is 10. (The difference is in the tail: the channel catfish has a forked tail; the bullhead’s is rounded.) If crappie or sunfish take your hook, keep up to 25 per day.


POST UP ONSHORE, OR VENTURE OUT BY BOAT, AND YOU’LL BE REWARDED WITH TOP-NOTCH FISHING . TOP SPOTS: Spring and fall are the perfect seasons for anglers of all ages. The west end of the lake tends to see a majority of the action for trout, while hot spots for bass fishing are Eagle Point and Boulder Bay. Catfish are primarily found on the east end of the lake near Stanfield Cutoff and the East Boat Public Launch Ramp, while panfish typically hang out around the South Shore near the marina docks.

LAUNCH SITES: Public launch ramps are open for all vessels, motorized and non-motorized. Both ramps are located on the North Shore. Launching your vessel is free, but you’ll need to pass an inspection to fish for the Quagga mussel, and you will also

need to purchase a Lake Use Permit. Seasonal and day permits are available for purchase at all of Big Bear’s public and private marinas.

CARE FOR BIG BEAR Fishing in Big Bear Lake has brought together friends and families to enjoy the beauty of our outdoors for generations. Do your part to keep this tradition going strong by adhering to our fishing limits for bass (minimum size of 12” and daily bag limit of five), channel catfish (bag limit of 10), panfish (bag limit of 25), and trout (possession limit of five).



Big Bear Lake Marinas BIG BEAR MARINA

Big Bear Boating Life

All marinas offer the following items and services: kayak, SUP, pontoon boat, fishing boat, and personal watercraft rentals; boat charters for water skiing, wakeboarding, and tubing.

500 Paine Ct. | 909.866.3218 bigbearmarina.com Services Offered: Fishing Charter Lake Tours • Fishing License • Pro Shop Snack Shop • Quagga Inspections Launch Ramp • Lake Use Permits Gas Dock • Boat Storage Boat Maintenance


398 Edgemoor Rd. | 909.866.5706 bigbearhollowaysmarina.com Services Offered: Fishing Charter Lake Tours • Fishing License • Pro Shop Snack Shop • Quagga Inspections • Launch Ramp • Lake Use Permits • Gas Dock • Boat Storage • Boat Maintenance


East Boat Ramp 41911 North Shore Dr., Big Bear Lake, 909.866.5200

West Boat Ramp 38925 North Shore Dr., Big Bear Lake, 909.866.2917

Top Boat Fishing Spots

Top Shore Fishing Spots

SPRING TO EARLY SUMMER (APRIL, MAY, JUNE) From Pine Knot Landing to Observatory and Gilner Point

EARLY SUMMER (APRIL, MAY) Stanfield Cutoff and Juniper Point

LATE SUMMER TO FALL (SEPTEMBER, OCTOBER) East of Windy Point towards Observatory

LATE SUMMER TO FALL (SEPTEMBER, OCTOBER) Between North Shore Landing and Observatory

Camp by the Lake The U.S. Forest Service offers tent camping in its National Forest campgrounds. RV camping is also available in the valley. Call 800.424.4232 for more information on RV parks.



439 Pine Knot Ave. | 909.633.7511 pineknotmarina.com Services Offered: Fishing Charter Lake Tours • Fishing License • Pro Shop Snack Shop • Slip Sales/Membership Quagga Inspections • Launch Ramp Lake Use Permits • Gas Dock Decontamination Facility • Boat Storage Boat Maintenance


603 Landlock Landing Rd. 909.866.2455 pleasurepointmarina.net Services Offered: Fishing Charter Fishing License • Pro Shop • Snack Shop Slip Sales/Membership Quagga Inspections • Launch Ramp Lake Use Permits • Gas Dock Boat Storage • Boat Maintenance


Public Boat Launch Ramps

For more info, call the Municipal Water District at 909.866.5796.

38573 North Shore Dr. | 909.866.4386 bigbearboating.com Services Offered: Pro Shop • Slip Sales/ Membership • Boat Storage

Pine Knot Marina


Every day is a good day on the water at Pine Knot Marina in The Village. Find your favorite way to play, with options galore for boating, fishing, cruising, and watersports. See the lake in comfort and style on a cruise aboard Miss Liberty. During the 90-minute narrated tour, you’ll hear fun facts and see amazing scenery while relaxing aboard a fully refurbished Skipperliner. Rent a fishing boat and venture into the coves, or take a pontoon for a group outing. An onsite bait and tackle shop is stocked with all you need for fishing and fun. Pine Knot Marina also offers kayaks, paddleboards, and Jet Skis, and hosts Big Bear Watersports School, offering expert instruction in wake sports. Boat & Jet Ski rentals: 909.633.7511 pineknotmarina.com G @pineknotmarina

Miss Liberty Boat Tour: 909.866.8129 pineknotmarina.com



Waterfront Activities Map

LEGEND Boat Launch Discovery Center Fishing Floating Restrooms Marina No Boating Allowed No Swimming Allowed

Ranger Station RV Resort Visitor Center



Picnic Area

A C T I V I T I E S /A T T R A C T I O N S

Big Bear Pirate Ship Big Bear Marina

This majestic alpine lake nestled among tall pines with incredible fishing is a water-lover’s paradise. Enjoy the scenery of Big Bear Lake by paddleboard or kayak, take a tour on the Big Bear Cruiser, or rent a pontoon or fishing boat. Walking distance to The Village. 909.866.3218 | bigbearmarina.com G @marinabigbearlakeca | e Ö @bigbearmarina

Avast, ye! Set sail on the Time Bandit from Holloway’s Marina for a uniquely entertaining lake cruise. Big Bear Lake’s only pirate ship promises a family-friendly good time. Daily tours April–October. 909.866.5706 hollowaysmarina.com

Pleasure Point Marina

This hidden gem located in Metcalf Bay is the perfect way to enjoy the beauty of Big Bear Lake. Pleasure Point Marina has a wide variety of rentals, including pontoon boats, fishing boats, paddleboards, kayaks, and pedal boats. Online booking available. 909.866.2455 pleasurepointmarina.net G @ppmbigbear e @pleasurepointmarina


A C T I V I T I E S /A T T R A C T I O N S

The Bowling Barn

Recently voted Big Bear Lake’s “Best Recreation Venue,” the Bowling Barn is a must-see on every trip to Big Bear. Bring the whole family for a day of bowling (check out the blacklight glow bowl!), have a meal at the Grill, enjoy the video arcade and billiards, and watch your favorite team play at Alley Oops Sports Bar. There’s always a party! 909.878.2695 bowlingbarn.com G @bowlingbarn

Big Bear Alpine Zoo

Founded in 1959, Big Bear Alpine Zoo is the only facility of its kind in the U.S. Situated at nearly 7,000 feet above sea level, the zoo serves as a rehabilitation facility for mountain and nearby communities. The dedicated zoo staff nurses sick or injured animals to health before releasing them back to the wild. Animals that are too injured or have lost their fear of humans have a permanent home here. 909.584.1299 bigbearzoo.org G @bigbearalpinezoo 30 / BIGBEAR.COM

Helicopter Big Bear

Soar above Big Bear Valley and the San Bernardino Mountains while taking in the stunning beauty on a scenic flight with Helicopter Big Bear. An activity like no other, your journey is sure to make memories that last a lifetime. 909.585.1200 helicopterbigbear.com G @helicopterbigbear e @helicopterbigbear california Ö @heli_big_bear california

Riddle Routes

Find clues, solve riddles, answer trivia, and discover points of interest to learn more about the history and culture of Big Bear. Riddle Routes is phone-guided fun, outdoors and ready to play at your convenience. Just download and go! riddleroute.com G e @riddleroutes

Goldsmith’s Sports

This family-owned and operated outfitter was the first snowboard shop in Big Bear. Rent or buy gear for your skiing, snowboarding, hiking, or biking adventure, and find clothing and gifts for everyone from beginners to outdoor enthusiasts. 909.866.2728 goldsmithssports.com G @goldsmith.boardhouse


A C T I V I T I E S /A T T R A C T I O N S

Maximum Fun

Snow tubing is even better at Big Bear Snow Play, featuring SoCal’s largest tubing hill. Save your energy for downhill runs on the Magic Carpet lifts — no walking! Glow tubing on Fridays, Saturdays, and holiday nights puts a fun twist on tubing. The Ropes Course offers aerial adventure year-round, with more than 30 obstacles spread over 6,400 square feet on two levels, all from the safety of a climbing harness. The Speedway delivers a real racing experience with SODI RT8 single or double Karts. Race up to 30 mph on more than 2 miles on the open-air race track for a fun-fueled ride. Snow tubing open during the winter season; speedway open April-October. 909.585.0075 | bigbearsnowplay.com G @bigbearsnowplay


Action Zipline, Segway & More

Year-round adventure awaits at Action Zipline, Segway & More! Clip-in and zipline through the towering pine tree forest, glide your way by Segway, or take in the incredible views and fresh mountain air by snowshoe or on a guided hike. Fun for ages eight and older. 909.866.0390 | actiontourscalifornia.com | G @actiontourscalifornia | e @actionziplinetours

Open Air Big Bear

Open Air Big Bear is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to advance people-powered events and activities in the Big Bear Valley. Whether it’s a challenging competition you’re looking for or a fun day for the whole family, you’ll find it at one of their cycling, mountain biking, and running events. openairbigbear.com Ge @openairbigbear BIGBEAR.COM / 33






WHY WE LOVE BIG BEAR With towering peaks, blue skies, and glass-smooth waters, Big Bear charms with its scenery. But nature isn’t the only draw here. Local finds, adrenaline-fueled adventures, and family fun round out the appeal of this outdoor paradise. How do we love thee, Big Bear? Let us count the ways.





Outdoor Wonders


The scent of pines fills the air, stars glint in the night sky, and clear water laps the shores of Big Bear Lake.


Hiking Is Always in Season The hills and meadows around Big Bear Lake are peppered with paths, from short strolls — like the ADA-friendly Happy Hills Trail and birder favorite Stanfield Marsh Boardwalk — to epic treks, like the 19.6-mile section of the Pacific Crest Trail stretching from Cushenberry to Holcomb Creek. Thanks to our yearround sunny days, many of these paths dry out as early as March. For a challenge, climb the Cougar Crest Trail to the PCT, then summit Bertha Peak and savor sweeping views of the Mojave Desert below. Or, dodge midsummer heat beneath a forest canopy on the 18.2-mile Siberia Creek Trail. In winter, opt for the 6.9-mile Pine Knot Trail, where the snow is often hard-packed enough to make snowshoes feel unnecessary. In Big Bear, hikers’ boots never need to hibernate. mountainsfoundation.org 2 You Can Chart Your Own Course Here Once you spot the shimmering lake, you'll feel its irresistible pull. Rent a kayak from Pleasure Point Marina or a paddleboard from North Shore Landing, then chart your own course into the blue. We suggest an earlymorning joyride, when the water is glass-smooth. pleasurepointmarina. net; bigbearboating.com


Maritime Adventures Await Here in Big Bear, the tour vessels are...transporting. The Miss Liberty Paddlewheel Tour Boat and Big Bear Queen look as if they steamed in straight off the mighty Mississippi, while the Big Bear Pirate Ship appeals to every pirate-at-heart. pineknotmarina. com; bigbearqueen.com; bigbear hollowaysmarina.com/thepirateship



6 EAGLES ARE OUR NEIGHBORS Deer and foxes often come out in the evenings. As the weather cools, Big Bear’s most majestic residents arrive: wintering bald eagles.

5 Our Pontoons Promise Peak R&R With their stable architecture, pontoon boats were made for relaxation. Rent one, kick back, and bask in Big Bear’s glory. Or, book a seat on the Big Bear Cruzer, a shaded cruiser where passengers are treated to a 90-minute tour laden with fun facts, like the story of how Garstin Island, on the lake’s west end, got its nickname, China Island. bigbearmarina.com

7 WE’VE GOT FLOWER POWER Book a guided hike at Pebble Plain Ecological Reserve to see dazzling, hypnotic carpets of yellow, purple, and red flowers.

8 THE BEARS ARE EVERYWHERE— SORT OF! You can see Big Bear’s eponymous ursine in the local statuary, on signs, and even snowboarding on Bear Mountain.


TRAIL RIDES BECKON Think the best soundtrack for our scenery is the sound of horse hooves pounding dirt? Test that theory at Baldwin Lake Stables, where guides lead rides into the mountains and on the PCT. baldwin lakestables.com

Destination Relaxation Whether your definition of “self-care” includes a day on the golf course, a spa treatment, or an afternoon of shopping, Big Bear has you covered, with plenty of ways to unwind.


Find Your Flow in a Meadow Want to strike a pose outside? Mountain Yoga Center offers al fresco classes. mountainyogacenter.com 10 Two Words: Deep-Tissue Massage Altitudes Massage & Spa pairs an impressive menu of approaches (including deep-tissue barefoot Ashiatsu massage and Lomilomi, an ancient Hawaiian healing art) with cozy treatment rooms warmed by fireplaces. altitudesmassage.com


11 Our Masseuses Will Travel! The experts from Mountain Mobile Massage & Spa sooth weary muscles at their studio, but they’re also willing to travel. A massage at your own place? That’s truly fuss-free pampering. bigbearmassage.com 12 Diamonds Are Your Face’s Best Friend Elevations Day Spa offers body wraps, waxing, and facials (like the Diamond Peel that uses crystals for exfoliation). elevationsdayspa.com 13 You’ll Feel Like a Million Bucks Hideaway Spa & Salon pampers clients from head to toe, with massage, mani/pedis, hair design, and body treatments. hideawayspasalon.com

14 Hiking Isn’t the Only Way to Get a Peak Experience Board the Snow Summit Scenic Sky Chair, and enjoy a ride up to 8,200 feet. At the top, you’ll be treated to an unbeatable panorama of the lake — which appears turquoise when viewed from above — ringed by vast, verdant mountaintops. Grab a PBR and some barbecue at Skyline Taphouse, then settle in on the outdoor deck. bigbearmountainresort.com

18 Our Pilates Classes Are Top-Notch The nation’s biggest cities have no monopoly on body experts. Patty Hafen, owner of Big Bear Pilates, has spent the past 20 years immersing herself in the teachings of Joseph Pilates (including studying with the same master teacher who mentored Madonna and Sting). Want to absorb some of that magic? Sign up for one of the studio’s reformer classes. bigbearpilates.com

15 It’s a Shopper’s Paradise If you’re looking for a classic memento, Brown Bear Gift Shop, Shirt Shanty, Big Bear Discount, and Bear Essentials have you covered. Want something completely different? Try Yarn Designer's Boutique, or O KOO RAN, a thoughtfully-curated boutique where you’ll find cozy blankets, intriguing books, beautiful ceramic mugs, and that most coveted lakeside item: the perfect sun hat.

19 You Can Golf at 7,000 Feet! Tucked in the San Bernardinos, Bear Mountain Golf Course has an unbeatable setting. Add to that the altitude (where shots will fly about a club’s length farther than at sea level!), and you’ll see why golfers rarely settle for just one round here. bigbearmountainresort.com

16 You Can Get an Epic Workout The Fitness Source was founded as a personal training studio, and the equipment and instructors are aptly top-notch. thefitness sourcebigbear.com


You Can Toast Your Day in the Mountains

Buttery leather sofas invite you to stop and sip awhile at Barrel 33, a wine bar in The Village that’s a favorite for locals and visitors alike. Its vast (100-plus) menu of by-the-glass wines showcase California’s most creative vintners, and a lengthy list of non-alcoholic options appeals to all. Craft beers, cider, and hard seltzer round out the vast drink menu. Want to take the party outside? There’s a sunny outdoor patio. Hungry? Snack on charcuterie, soft pretzels, baked Brie, and other classic drink sidekicks. And if you want to replicate Barrel 33’s convivial vibe at home, shop from a selection of imaginative wine-barrel furniture: Cabinets, garden sculptures, and even dog beds are among the creations built with discarded kegs. barrel33bigbear.com


21 NIGHT SKIING IS A THING HERE If you’ve always wanted to ski under the stars, Snow Summit will make it happen: On busy weekends, its night sessions illuminate Miracle Mile (the major intermediate boulevard), Summit Run (the meandering beginner thoroughfare), and the crowd-pleasing Westridge Park (which gets freshly groomed before each evening session). bigbear mountainresort.com

22 TAKE A HELICOPTER TOUR The world looks amazing from the sky, and Helicopter Big Bear lets you experience it firsthand. Embark on a seven-minute fling above the ski mountain, or a 40-minute tour spanning the wildest corners of the San Bernardinos. helicopterbigbear.com


Adrenaline Hits

Big Bear’s skiing and snowboarding are incredible; they’re also just two of the many activities available in Big Bear. Here, adventurous pursuits extend well beyond schussing down the slopes. Get a new perspective on Big Bear’s wonders from behind the wheel of a Jeep.


It’s a Wheel-y Fun Place to Explore Big Bear Off-Road Experience lets you roll through sun-dappled forests and crawl over boulder-strewn mountainsides — all without punishing your knees. Meanwhile, Betty's Buggies provide a whole new way to see the sights. bigbearoffroadexperience. com; bettysbuggies.com 24 Biking Abounds Year-Round Mountain biking is huge here, thanks to cross-country routes that traverse summits and meadows around the lake, and lifts at Snow Summit that grant cyclists access to 1,200 feet of vertical at Summit Bike Park — a suite of trails designed by the minds behind Whistler Blackcomb’s famous runs. When the snow falls, you

can rent a fat-tire bike from Bear Valley Bikes to pedal around town and along routes like the gorgeous, novice-friendly Alpine Pedal Path. For more on biking Big Bear, turn to p. 18. bigbearmountainresort.com; bvbikes.com 25 Greens, Blacks, and Blues — You Don’t Have to Choose Big Bear Mountain Resort comprises two ski areas for the price of a oneday ticket — Snow Summit and Bear Mountain — so shredders can choose their flavor. Terrain park fans love Bear Mountain for its perfectly sculpted features and challenging steeps. Families gravitate toward Snow Summit's traditional ski runs. Our advice? Toggle between the two resorts for the widest possible menu of terrain. bigbearmountainresort.com


20 YOU CAN SOAR THROUGH THE AIR Want to fly? The good people of Action Tours stand ready to clip you into a zipline and send you though the forest at speeds approaching 35 mph. action tourscalifornia.com

32 SANTA’S BIG HERE You and the crew can explore themed rooms and snap selfies at Santa Land Big Bear, a destination dedicated to the Big Man in red. santalandbigbear.com


WE HAVE THE BEST RIDE A family bike ride on the Alpine Pedal Path is a peaceful way to spend an afternoon. Cycle the paved out-and-back trail along the lake’s north shore and stop for pretty #nofilterneeded shots (and perhaps a little wading at the beach). Didn’t BYO bike? Rent one from Goldsmiths Sports. goldsmiths boardandski.com

The fun never ends at Alpine lS ide at Magic Mountain.

Family Fun Come year-round! There’s never a bad time to bring the family to Big Bear!



Thrills Await Alpine Slide at Magic Mountain and Big Bear Speedway and Ropes Course offer nonstop fun. You can race your kids in an authentic bobsled, ride the Mineshaft Coaster, or zoom around in mini-race cars. alpineslidebig bear.com; bigbearsnowplay.com 27 The Tubing Is Epic Frolic in the soft stuff at one of three snow tubing spots: Grizzly Ridge Tube Park, Alpine Slide at Magic Mountain, or Big Bear Snow Play. The kiddos will love the “magic carpet”–style lifts and the weekend glow tubing. bigbearmoun tainresort.com; alpineslidebigbear. com; bigbearsnowplay.com

28 Pros Will Teach Your Kids To Ski If your kids are new to skiing or riding, get them the help they need at Adventure Academy. (There’s one at the each resort’s base.) Ready to hit the slopes together? Bear Mountain and Snow Summit have more than 50 ski runs, with something for everyone, from total beginner to serious shredder. bigbearmountainresort.com 29 Summer Is Extra Fun When the snow melts, the ski runs at Snow Summit turn into another adventure playground: There’s the Scenic Sky Chair, plus rock climbing walls, hiking trails, a zipline, and a mountain bike park. bigbearmountainresort.com 30 You Can Make a Splash Here On summer days, the lake beckons. Go ahead, hit the water! Rent a pontoon boat from Big Bear Marina or Pine Knot Marina for a day of floating, swimming, and splashing. bigbear marina.com; pineknotmarina.com


Treasures Beckon Rock hounds and history buffs can channel prospectors of yore at Gold Rush Mining Adventures, where glittering gems await. goldrushminingadventures.com

34 YOU CAN PLAY DETECTIVE Want to put your wits to the test on your vacation? At Mountain Room Escapes, you and the fam can solve a mystery, while Urban Adventure Quest’s scavenger hunt will take you all over town. mountain roomescapes.com; urbanadventures.com

35 We’ve got an unusual amenity The Big Bear Solar Observatory houses a massive solar telescope. bbso. njit.edu 36 It’s an Animal Lover’s Paradise The Big Bear Alpine Zoo is home to bobcats, foxes, and raccoons. For more info, see p. 7. 37 There’s So Much To Discover Wonders abound at the kid-friendly Big Bear Discovery Center. For more info, see p. 7. 38 You Can Keep Rolling The competitive-minded flock to Bowling Barn to strive for strikes and spares. bowlingbarn.com




BURGER STOPS 41 NO CARNVIORE’S DILEMMA HERE! Forget Arby’s. The Boneyard Bar & Grill has the meats. Their burger comes topped with pulled pork and bacon, the whole thing smothered in BBQ sauce. theboneyardbarandgrill.com 42 QUARTER POUNDER? TRY HALF-POUNDER! Oakside Restaurant & Bar’s burger marries a half-pound Angus patty with tempura-battered onions, lettuce, and a tomato. Pair that with one of the 17 beers on tap, or with a bourbon from their milelong spirits list. oaksiderestaurant.com

Wyatt’s Grill & Saloon

43 YOU CAN HAVE A BURGER FOR BREAKFAST Topped by a fried egg and bacon, slathered with Sriracha aioli, Big Bear Lake Brewing Company’s Widowmaker is a new take on the breakfast burger. bblbc.com

You Can Eat Your Way Around the World ... Here in Town! Savor the flavors of international dishes — right here in town. 39 Curry Is the Perfect Apres Dish Royal Thai Bistro uses fresh ingredients‚ many from SoCal farms, to craft Thai favorites (pad Thai, chicken satay, panang curry). Don’t miss the tom kha, nor the yellow curry. royalthaicafebigbear.com

40 The Duck Is Superb Specializing in Szechuan cuisine, Dynasty has an encyclopedic menu, with family-style meals and a robust selection of vegetarian dishes. You can’t miss with a pick from the Chef’s Choice menu, such as the Peking Duck.



46 THERE’S HELLA LOCAL BEER Big Bear Lake Brewing Company’s suds range from the easygoing American Apricot to the spicy Hazy Pumpkin Nights. bblbc.com

44 Pasta Just Like Nonna Makes It Taste the dolce vita at Sweet Basil Bistro, a cozy Italian joint near the lake. Indulge in their classic lasagna Bolognese, or try something new, such as the Italian shrimp & grits. Save room for the house-made donuts. sweetbasilbistro.net 45 You Can Enjoy Himalayan Classics in the San Bernardinos In the heart of The Village, Himalayan Restaurant serves dishes from Nepal, Tibet, and India. Find the classics — lamb curry, chicken tikka masala — plus some surprises, like Mo-Mo, steamed dumplings stuffed with chicken or vegetables. himalayanbigbear.com

47 BEER IS EVERYWHERE HERE Barrel 33’s calling card is wine, but they’ve got beer, too. Grab a flight, and weigh the mango versus the hazy. barrel33bigbear.com

48 YOU’LL BE SURPRISED The taps are always changing at Wyatt’s Grill & Saloon. In fall, you might see the Benediktiner Festbier. bigbearevents. com/wyatts-5


Himalayan Restaurant

49 BIG BEAR HAS ITS OWN (WINGED) CELEBRITIES This spring, when Jackie and Shadow’s young pip hatched, fans across SoCal celebrated. The bald eagles have become local celebrities thanks to the Eagle Cam, a solar-powered livestream that gives viewers 24/7 access to the undisturbed pair, who nest high in a Jeffrey pine tree in the San Bernardino Forest. Tune in to watch the duo protect their eggs, bring each other whole fish, and play in their nest. Since 2013, the Eagle Cam has allowed viewers to appreciate this incredible species from a distance, letting them live in their irreplaceable habitat in peace. friendsofbig bearvalley.org/eagles




You can keep your car parked and still explore all the wonders of the Valley with the free Big Bear Trolley service? Instead of dealing with traffic, relax en route to The Village, the ski resorts, or Boulder Bay Park. You can bring your bike and ski equipment on board, and hop on and off the cherry-red trolley at your leisure. Have a busy schedule planned? Download the free Big Bear Trolley app to book a ride in advance. mountaintransit.org/ free-big-bear-trolley



THE BONE YARD BAR & GRILL 560 Pine Knot Ave., 909.878.0401, theboneyardbarandgrill.com Lunch, Dinner

Stella Luna delivers fresh, farm-to-table fare.

CAPTAIN’S ANCHORAGE 42148 Moonridge Way, 909.866.3997, captainsanchorage.com Dinner COUNTRY KITCHEN 39904 Big Bear Blvd., 909.878.0364, countrykitchenrestaurants.com Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner DYNASTY 40989 Big Bear Blvd., 909.866.7887, Lunch, Dinner HACIENDA GRILL 41787 Big Bear Blvd., 909.866.8667, haciendagrill.net Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Eat Your Way Around Town

HIMALAYAN RESTAURANT 672 Pine Knot Ave., 909.878.3068, himalayanbigbear.com Lunch, Dinner

Pet Friendly |

Outdoor Seating |

Live Music |

Full Bar |


Breakfast at Amangela’s Sandwich and Bagel House

AMANGELA’S SANDWICH AND BAGEL HOUSE 40729 Village Dr., Unit 1, 909.878.0015, amangelas.com Breakfast, Lunch

BIG BEAR BAR & GRILL 42164 Moonridge Rd., 909.878.0802, bigbearbarandgrill.com Lunch, Dinner

OLD COUNTRY INN 41126 Big Bear Blvd., 909.866.5600, oldcountryinnrestaurant.com Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

BEAR CUPBOARDS MARKET 40850 Village Dr. 909.415.1033 bearcupboardsmarket.com

BIG BEAR LAKE BREWING COMPANY 40827 Stone Rd., 909.878.0283, bblbc.com Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

THE PINES LAKEFRONT 350 Alden Rd., 909.866.5400, thepineslakefront.com Lunch, Dinner



Fuel up with delicious eats at Big Bear’s restaurants.

w S eet treats delight at iS ster My iS ster.

A Toast!

Celebrate your Big Bear day at one of these breweries, bars, or tasting rooms. By Alejandra Saragoza

THE PINES TAVERN ON THE LAKE 350 Alden Rd., 909.878.0506, thepinestavernbigbear.com Lunch, Dinner ROYAL THAI BISTRO 40766 Village Dr., 909.866.2808, royalthaicafebigbear.com Lunch, Dinner SANTANA & MAVERICKS 40771 Big Bear Blvd., 909.878.0047, santanamavericksbarandgrill.com Lunch, Dinner SISTER MY SISTER BAKE SHOP 40191 Big Bear Blvd., 909.878.0878, sistermysisterbakeshop.com Breakfast, Lunch


STELLA LUNA 40696 Village Dr., 909.366.0261, stellalunarestaurant.com Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

After skiing down powdery slopes, kayaking on shimmering waters, or traversing gorgeous hiking trails, you’ll be ready to unwind with a drink. Here are the best spots in the Valley to quench your thirst. BARREL 33 Choose from more than 100 California wines, including small-batch boutique blends from the Central Coast and distinct vintages from the highest-altitude commercial vineyard and winery in the Northern Hemisphere. BIG BEAR BAR & GRILL Here, the drinks are just the start of your experience. Pair your brewski with live music, karaoke, and a rousing game of horseshoes. BIG BEAR LAKE BREWING COMPANY This spacious spot has an extensive menu, spanning everything from

full-bodied stouts and malty porters to vibrant pilsners and hoppy IPAs — all brewed onsite. CAPTAIN’S ANCHORAGE Opened 75 years ago by actor Andy Devine, this rustic restaurant and watering hole serves libations — plus a ghost story or two. (Ask your bartender about a mischievous ghost named George!) OLD COUNTRY INN The Old West meets boozy excellence at this down-home joint. We suggest the mimosa flight, featuring mimosas of the orange, cranberry, guava, and pomegranate persuasions, plus one of the best Bloody Marys you’ll ever try. THE PINES TAVERN ON THE LAKE It doesn’t get much better than sipping a dirty martini or a sparkling flute of champagne while overlooking the mountain-ringed lake.

STILLWELLS RESTAURANT 40650 Village Dr., 909.866.3121, stillwellsrestaurant.com Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner SWEET BASIL BISTRO 40629 Big Bear Blvd., 909.866.9212, sweetbasilbistro.net Lunch, Dinner WYATT’S GRILL & SALOON 42900 Big Bear Blvd., 909.585.3000, bigbearevents.com/wyatts Lunch, Dinner Call the Big Bear Visitor Center 909.866.7000

Sample local beers at Big Bear Lake Brewing Company.

for vegetarian options and more.



Captains Anchorage

Built in 1947, and originally named the Sportsman’s Tavern, this history-clad bar and restaurant is a true Old West experience, serving up an exceptional steakhouse and seafood menu. Opened by Hollywood character actor Andy Devine, this landmark quickly became a gathering place for celebrities, locals, and visitors alike. To this day you’ll find the warm welcome remains, and don’t be surprised if the bartender remembers your favorite drink after one visit. There’s even a friendly ghost named George, who worked as the tavern’s accountant during the backroom gambling days. If you’re lucky, you might just run into him. Private event space available. 909.866.3997 | captainsanchorage.com G e @captainsanchorage


Stillwells Restaurant Sweet Basil Bistro

Delicious Italian food just steps from The Village. Everything here is fresh and flavorful, from pasta with house-made sauces to Italian shrimp and grits and homemade mini donuts. Vegan and gluten-free options available. Serving lunch and dinner, reservations recommended. 909.866.9212 | sweetbasilbistro.net G e @sweetbasilbistro

Serving elegant cuisine, cocktails, plus live music Friday and Saturday 6–9 p.m. Located at The Lodge at Big Bear Lake. 909.866.3121 stillwellsrestaurant.com G @stillwells e @stillwellsbigbear

The Pines Lakefront

The Pines Lakefront evokes the “good old days.” The menu includes wild game, fresh seafood, artisan breads, and other specialities, along with fine wine from the on-site cellar. And at The Pines Tavern, live music pairs perfectly with lake views, cocktails, Santa Maria barbeque, and other dishes. 909.866.5400 thepineslakefront.com



Santana & Mavericks

Mexican, American, and Italian specialties plus vegan options for delicious variety. Enjoy gorgeous views with outdoor seating. 909.878.0047 santanamavericksbarandgrill.com G @santana-mavericks e @santanamavericks

Wyatt’s Grill & Saloon

Bring the whole bunch! Wyatt’s offers live entertainment, dancing, and ample seating for large parties. Enjoy great American food and good company! 909.585.3000 bigbearevents.com/wyatts-5 G @bigbearoktoberfest

Barrel 33

Royal Thai Bistro

A taste of Thailand located in the heart of The Village. Enjoy regional Thai dishes and specialties made with fresh, locally grown or sourced ingredients. 909.866.2808 royalthaicafebigbear.com G @royal-thai-cafe

Enjoy a glass of wine in a cozy setting in The Village. Barrel 33 offers a variety of red, white, and sparkling wines from California vineyards by the glass or bottle, along with local craft beers and light bites for a relaxing time. 909.878.0838 barrel33bigbear.com | G e @barrel33bigbear 46 / BIGBEAR.COM

Stella Luna

The newest entry on Big Bear Village’s dining scene, Stella Luna serves a farmto-table menu in a bright, casual setting. Serving elevated classics and plenty of gluten-free, vegetarian, and vegan options. Don’t miss their patio dining and live entertainment during the warmer months! 909.366.0261 | stellalunarestaurant.com e @stellalunarestaurant

Himalayan Restaurant

Sample the flavors of Nepal, Tibet, and northern India in Big Bear Lake. Curries, clay-oven-roasted tandoori entrées, Mo-Mo, and other delights are served at this healthy and delicious spot in The Village. 909.878.3068 himalayanbigbear.com G @himalayanrestaurant BIGBEAR.COM / 47


Four Paws Up for Big Bear Waggin’ ways to plan the best dog days. By Lauren Eberle

LUNA AGE: 14 months HOMETOWN: Big Bear Lake, CA

“Hiking is my favorite! You can find me sniffing up and down Rathbun Creek Trail, Cougar Crest Trail, and the Discovery Center Nature Trail. My mom tells me that hiking in fall-time is the best. If only I could see more of the pretty colors!”

CHARLIE & WALLY AGES: 4 | BREED: Mixed Terriers HOMETOWN: Los Angeles, CA e @itscharlieandwally

Dogs love Big Bear!


“Hiking is a must whenever we visit! We’re small, so we love trails where we can climb rocks with our hoomans to get a better view! Woodland Trail is so paw-some — it’s very terrier-friendly, with lots of spots to rest and look at squirrels (and yes, OK, the towering pines, too). If you go, don’t forget to bring munchies for everyone!”



o bones about it: Big Bear Lake is one of the pet-friendliest destinations in all of Southern California. From the trails and the lake to the shops and resorts, dogs are not only welcome, they’re wooed! But don’t just take our word for it. We caught up with five creatures great and small, who shared their secret Big Bear spots with us.

THROW YA A BONE TREAT-WORTHY TIPS Keep your hoomans leashed while you’re hiking, just in case walkies turn into zoomies. Don’t ruff it — many hotels, resorts, and rentals here welcome good boys and girls. Bonus points for fenced-in yards and doggie accessories. See and be seen at the Bark Park at Meadow Park, on the south shore of the lake.

BODIE AGE: 4 | BREED: Husky | HOMETOWN: Rancho Cucamonga, CA | e @bodie_husky

“My family loves to visit Big Bear in all seasons. We hike the trails, walk (ahem, race) by the lake, and explore The Village at Big Bear. (Whenever I’m there, I keep my sniffer ready — some shops stock snackies!) I love it when we rent out a cozy cabin with a bunch of other floofs. Slumber party, slobber party! The more, the merrier!”



AGE: 3 | BREED: English Springer Spaniel HOMETOWN: Pasadena, CA e @travelpockets

“Watching my paw-rents sled at Cougar Crest Trail is a blast! I always give my mommy a million kisses when she gets to the bottom of the hill. And we love the beach off the Alpine Pedal Path; I’ll watch the ducks and take a dip in the lake. The best part is running up and down the beach and feeling the sand between my toes. Puttin’ my paws in both sand and snow on the same day? I call that ‘Bearadise!’”

Wanna go for a ride…and a dive? You’re welcome on the water, if your hoomans rent a pontoon or fishing boat. Rather climb on a kayak? Getboards can rent your pawrents a kayak for two. Just don’t forget your life jacket! Oliver’s Emporium is a store just for us! They’ve got a big case of dog-friendly cookies and donuts, plus pet accessories, dog boots, life jackets, sweaters, and even pajamas! Keep an eye on your hoomans at mealtime on the patio of one of Big Bear’s pet-friendly restaurant, such as BLT’s Sandwich Bar & Grill, Tropicali, Big Bear Lake Brewing Company, and Nottinghams Restaurant. That’s what we call four paws up!

CARE FOR BIG BEAR Dogs love Big Bear for many of the same reasons that we humans do: for the fresh air; the pristine trails, parks, and beaches; and the abundant wildlife. Help keep Big Bear clean and wild by picking up after your dog and disposing of waste properly, and by keeping Fido on a leash — and a safe distance away from local wildlife.



Sleep Here Now DOG’S DAY OUT Your pooch deserves a vacation, too! Big Bear Lake has many pet-friendly lodging options, so you and your fourlegged friend can enjoy the great outdoors together. Visit bigbear.com and search “pet friendly” to find out more. For more tips on pet-friendly spots around the Valley, see P. 48.

Big Bear Lake has a variety of lodging options, from cozy cabins to unique small inns to full-service hotels. For more details, visit bigbear.com/places-to-stay. Find a cozy hideway in Big Bear Lake.




Park your car on the driveway or in the garage, not on the street or on unpaved surfaces. Adhere to your rental’s posted maximum occupancy — by day and by night.


Does your rental come with a Jacuzzi? Keep an eye on the clock — outdoor spas and Jacuzzis are not to be used 10 p.m.–7 a.m.


Watch the volume after 10 p.m. Play music at an appropriate volume to preserve the peace and quiet of the mountains for everyone to enjoy.


Respect our Big Bear neighbors by picking up after yourself and observing property lines.


BED AND BREAKFAST Savor breakfast every morning at one of our bed and breakfasts, where amenities include spa tubs and in-room massages. CONDOMINIUMS AND TOWNHOMES From lakeside lodging to resort housing, many of Big Bear’s condos and townhouses offer full kitchens and separate living and sleeping areas, making them ideal for extended stays. GROUP LODGING Planning a wedding, family reunion, or business retreat? Take the hassle out of planning accommodations by setting your entire party up with a variety of lodging options at hotels, lodges, and resort cabins.

HOSTELS Stay on a budget at European-style lodging. Hostels feature communal settings and provide great opportunities to meet like-minded adventurers. HOTELS, MOTELS, AND LODGES Check local hotels, motels, and lodges to find just what you’re looking for, no matter your budget or style. You might end up with a kitchen, free Wi-Fi, or a game room. RESORT CABINS Enjoy a storybook setting at a rustic resort cabin, perfect for a secluded time away. VACATION HOMES Choose from varied private homes and cabins to plan your perfect getaway.



Savvy Bears

The mountains are calling! Experience the Big Bear vibe in one of Savvy Bears’ beautiful cabins and chalets. Find yourself surrounded by chic decor, modern amenities, and gorgeous natural scenery. 760.490.1762 | savvybears.com e @savvy_bears

Sky High Cabins

Sky High Cabins offers premium cabins in and around Big Bear Lake. Founder, owner, and host Leanne Flashberg is an Airbnb superhost and ambassador and VRBO premier host who provides her guests with top-notch customer service and hospitality along with stylish premium retreats. View rentals at skyhighcabins.com. 909.366.0706 | skyhighcabins.com

Big Bear Frontier Resort Town Rentals

This boutique, family-owned company offers cabins, condominiums, and vacation homes with lovely views and welcome amenities, plus top-notch service to match.

Cozy lakefront cabins and lodge rooms, nestled in the pines, are just a short walk to dining and shopping in The Village. Pets are welcome! 909.866.5888 big-bear-cabins.com G e Ö @bigbearfrontier

909.878.0119 resorttownrentals.com BIGBEAR.COM / 51


Lagonita Lodge

Set on Big Bear Lake’s south shore, Lagonita Lodge offers spacious condominium-style lodging and access to year-round recreation. Amenities such as a heated indoor pool and a variety of activities ensure that everyone has a great time. 866.866.6531 lagonitalodge.com G @lagonita.bigbear

Robinhood Resort

Located in the heart of Big Bear Village, this familyowned and operated resort offers 60 rooms, all with microwaves and refrigerators, and many with fireplaces and spas. Dine at the onsite restaurant, and walk to other shops, restaurants, and entertainment. 909.866.4643 800.990.9956 robinhoodresorts.com G e @robinhoodresort


Vintage Lakeside Inn Lake views, rusticchic lodgings, and an unbeatable location just a few blocks from The Village and famed ski resorts nearby make Vintage Lakeside Inn an idyllic place to stay and play year-round. . 909.866.4978 vintagelakesideinn.com G @vintagelakesideinn

Black Forest Lodge and Spa Cabins

Located between The Village and Snow Summit, Black Forest Lodge has been a Bavarian treasure in Big Bear for more than 40 years. Enjoy the year-round outdoor spa and seasonal pool as well as rooms with private spas and chalets for families. 909.866.2166 | blackforestlodge.com BIGBEAR.COM / 53


The Lodge at Big Bear Lake

The perfect jumping-off point for your Big Bear getaway. Boasting an outdoor pool and spa, Stillwells Restaurant and Lounge, and Big Bear Conference Center. 909.866.3121 | thelodgeatbigbearlake.com G @thelodgeatbigbearlake | e @thelodgebigbearlake



retreat with reservations somewhere sweet: perhaps the Apples Bed & Breakfast Inn? This two-story Victorian charms guests with cozy suites and a lush garden. Before you say goodnight, step outside. Big Bear’s high, remote location makes for amazing stargazing.

Big Bear is an undeniably romantic place to tie the knot.

SAY “I DO” TO BIG BEAR The Valley is home to many picturesque outdoor venues; you can celebrate on the slopes at Big Bear Mountain Resort, on the water aboard the Miss Liberty, or among the pines at Into the Woods. Or, perhaps, you’d rather exchange vows at the Best Western Big Bear Chateau, The Lodge at Big Bear Lake, or at a boutique property like Bear Creek Resort, Castlewood Cottages, or Grey Squirrel Resort. Check out Grey Squirrel’s Edgewood Mansion and Vacation in the Village for a luxe option.

Love Is in the (Mountain) Air Big Bear’s picture-perfect scenery makes it the ultimate destination to share with your sweetheart. By Olivia Olsen



pend quality time together beneath sunny skies with a hike, bike ride, or day on the slopes. Share lunch amidst the pines at Aspen Glen Picnic Area, then hit Pine Knot Trail, savoring the panoramas as you ascend. Or swoosh through the powder at Snow Summit or Bear Mountain. Looking for something more chill? Climb aboard Miss Liberty for a leisurely lake tour and marvel at the breathtaking surrounds. Ready for a break? Stop by Barrel 33, a bar specializing in California wines. Make a dinner reservation at

The Pines Lakefront, a white-tablecloth spot with leather booths, lake views, and a menu of old-school classics, such as bacon-wrapped scallops and prime rib. Then share sweets from Sister My Sister Bakeshop. You’re on vacation — treat yourself to something special! Catch a ride with Helicopter Big Bear, and cuddle close as you admire aerial Valley views. Or, for the ultimate treat, hire A Gourmet Personal Chef to cook dinner for you in your vacation rental. They handle all the details, from meal prep to clean-up. Complete your

The Pines Lakefront

Celebrate your special occasion or big event lakeside surrounded by stunning mountain views. Over at The Pines Tavern, sip a cocktail while listening to live music and taking in lovely views of the lake. 909.866.5400 thepineslakefront.com BIGBEAR.COM / 55


ig Bear The free B s all over op st s a h y in Trolle it mounta town! Vis for more rg o transit. on. informati

Be a Travel Hero KEEP AN EMERGENCY CAR KIT STOCKED WITH THESE WINTERDRIVING NECESSITIES: • Blankets • Nonperishable food and bottled water • Hand warmers • Waterproof gloves • Kitty litter (to provide traction on slick roads, in case you — or someone else — gets stuck) • Battery-powered cell phone charger • Flashlight • Extra batteries • First-aid kit • Ice scraper

Avoid wintertime driving mishaps by following these tips to ensure a safe and uneventful trip to Big Bear Lake. Get here safely, and be the hero of your group. SAFETY FIRST


When visiting in the winter, remember to: • Take it slow. Allow ample time to get to Big Bear and, as you’re driving here, leave plenty of distance between your car and the car ahead of you. • Keep your windows and windshield clear. When you notice ice buildup, stop at a safe turnout to use a brush or scraper to remove it to clear the view. • Keep your gas tank full in the unlikely event of a road closure or detour due to snow. • Ensure your cell phone is fully charged before you hit the road. • Before leaving home, print out a map of the area in case your cell service drops along the way. Find maps and alternate routes to Big Bear at bigbear.com/travel-tools/maps

When traveling to the California mountains, you must carry tire chains in your vehicle from November 1 to April 30.

STAY UP-TO-DATE ON ROAD CONDITIONS Follow @visitbigbear, visit quickmap.dot.ca.gov for the latest info.

• Buy chains before heading to Big Bear. While chains are sold at most auto supply shops, hardware stores, and convenience stores, they often sell out quickly when conditions are snowy. • To buy the right set of chains, you need to know whether your car is front- or rear-wheel drive. • Check your owner’s manual for helpful specs, like tire size. • Keep gloves in the car to wear while chaining your tires. • Go slow in the snow. Drive 20 30 mph when chains are on. • For tips on installing chains, visit dot.ca.gov/travel/ winter-driving-tips/




How to Get Here



Via Hwy. 330 or Hwy. 38 from San Diego County Take I-15 North to I-215 North. Stay on I-215 North at the 60 West/215 North merger, then merge onto I-10 East. Follow previous directions for either Hwy. 330 or Hwy. 38.

Alternative route from I-10 to Hwy. 38 Head east on I-10 to Orange St. exit in Redlands. Continue straight for one block to the second stoplight at Orange St. and turn left. Turn right onto Hwy. 38/Lugonia Ave. Follow Hwy. 38 to the mountains.

From the High Desert to Hwy. 18 Take I-15 to Victorville. Exit at Bear Valley Rd. East to Lucerne Valley and keep right on Hwy. 18 to head south towards Big Bear Lake.

Alternative route from I-210 to Hwy. 18 Take I-210 East to Waterman Ave. North exit in San Bernardino. Turn left at Waterman Ave. North/Hwy. 18. Take Hwy. 18 to Big Bear Lake.

From Las Vegas to Hwy. 18 Take I-15 South to Hwy. 247 South (through Barstow). Take Hwy. 247 to Lucerne Valley. After two stop signs, turn left onto Hwy. 18 toward Big Bear Lake.


Help everyone arrive safely and on time by using turnouts to keep traffic flowing smoothly. During peak travel times, Hwy. 38 through Redlands is the fastest route to and from Big Bear.

Via Hwy. 330/Hwy. 18 From Los Angeles and Orange Counties From I-10 East, merge onto I-210 West at Redlands, then exit on Hwy. 330 in Highland. Merge onto Hwy. 18 in Running Springs and follow to Big Bear Lake.




Big Bear Lake


LEGEND State Highways


Dirt Fire Road

Ranger Station

Bike Routes

Discovery Center

Bike Lanes


Multi-Use Path or Trail

RV park

Hiking Trail


Pacific Crest National Scenic Trail

Boat Launch


Airport Parking Trash Sites

Picnic Area Scenic Drive Campground Visitor Center


Fuel up, grab a map, and plot your Big Bear adventures!




Explore The Town

From dining to shopping to things to do, here’s your guide to our businesses. Visitor Center

ALPINE SLIDE AT MAGIC MOUNTAIN Year-round family fun! Alpine Slide is Southern California’s only authentic bobsled experience. In winter, go tubing down slopes; in summer, cool off on the double waterslide. Plus: mini golf, go-karts, and an arcade. alpineslidebigbear.com


BIG BEAR DISCOUNT No shopping spree is complete without a stop at Big Bear Discount. Peruse unique souvenirs and keepsakes, including stained glass, custom apparel, key chains, and more. bigbeardiscount.com BIG BEAR OFF-ROAD EXPERIENCE Take a ride you’ll never forget through Big Bear’s beautiful backcountry. Big Bear Jeep Experience puts you behind the wheel of a Jeep 4X4. Follow the guide vehicle that will help you navigate thrilling trails and terrain on some of Southern California’s top-rated off-roading routes. bigbearoffroadexperience.com

BIG BEAR PIRATE SHIP Set sail aboard ye olde Pirate Ship and plunder the seven miles of Big Bear Lake! Big Bear Pirate Ship is a 1/3 scale replica of a 16th century Spanish galleon. First seen in the 1981 film Time Bandits, the ship now serves as a lake touring attraction. bigbearhollowaysmarina.com BIG BEAR SNOW PLAY & ROPES COURSE Experience the thrill of snow tubing down Southern California’s longest tubing hill, plus glow tubing on Friday, Saturday, and holiday nights! Don’t miss the Big Bear Ropes Course, which offers 37 obstacles on a towering two-level course. bigbearsnowplay.com BIG BEAR SPEEDWAY & ROPES COURSE Reach speeds up to 30 mph in a SODI-RT8 Kart on a Grand Prix–style racetrack featuring hairpin turns and s-curves, or go on an aerial adventure on our challenging Ropes Course. bigbearsnowplay.com BIG BEAR VISITOR CENTER The Big Bear Visitor Center is your one-stop shop for information on recreation, dining, events, and more. Come on in, our friendly staff is ready to help you make the most of your stay. bigbear.com/travel-tools/ visitor-center/ EASTERBY AND ASSOCIATES KELLER WILLIAMS The local choice for all of your Big Bear real estate needs. From family retreats to investment properties, Easterby and Associates provides more than 34 years of combined

experience with a lifelong knowledge of mountain living. easterbyand associates.com HOLLOWAY’S MARINA & RV PARK Holloway’s Marina & RV Park features pontoon boat rentals, fishing boats, kayaks, paddleboards, and Jet Skis. Wakeboard and water ski driver and equipment are available for hire. bigbearhollowaysmarina.com MINESHAFT | ALPINE SLIDE BIG BEAR The Mineshaft Coaster is a thrilling ride that’s fun for the entire family! You’ll enjoy mountain scenery on the way up, then control your speed down a mile-long track featuring dips, twists, hairpin turns, tunnels, and 360-degree corkscrews. The Mineshaft Coaster is the first and only mountain coaster in California. alpineslidebigbear.com/mineshaft PLEASURE POINT MARINA Make your summer day on the lake one to remember. Choose from a variety of rentals to accommodate your fishing trip, kayak excursion, paddleboard session, pontoon party, or pedal boat outing. Repair services are also available for personal watercraft. pleasurepointmarina.net WYATT’S GRILL & SALOON Bring the whole family to Wyatt’s. Find ample seating that’s ideal for large groups, delicious food, a full bar, cornhole, and a huge dance floor. Enjoy country dancing on Wednesdays and live music every Friday and Saturday night. bigbearevents.com/ wyatts


Amangela’s Sandwich & Bagel House 909.878.0015, amangelas.com

The Pines Lakefront 909.866.5400 thepineslakefront.com

Big Bear Bar and Grill 909.878.0802 bigbearbarandgrill.com

Wyatt’s Grill and Saloon 909.585.3000 bigbearevents.com/wyatts-5

Big Bear Lake Brewing Company 909.878.0283, bblbc.com

Things to Do

Captain’s Anchorage 909.866.3997 captainsanchorage.com Country Kitchen 909.878.0364 countrykitchenrestaurants.com Dynasty 909.866.7887 Hacienda Bar and Grill 909.866.8667, haciendagrill.net Himalayan Restaurant 909.878.3068 himalayanbigbear.com Old Country Inn 909.866.5600 oldcountryinnrestaurant.com Royal Thai Bistro 909.866.2808 royalthaicafebigbear.com Santana & Mavericks Bar and Grill 909.878.0047 santanamavericksbarandgrill.com Sister My Sister Bake Shop 909.878.0878 sistermysisterbakeshop.com Stella Luna 909.366.0261 stellalunarestaurant.com Stillwells Restaurant 909.866.3121, stillwellsrestaurant.com Sweet Basil Bistro 909.866.9212, sweetbasilbistro.net The Boneyard Bar & Grill 909.878.0401 theboneyardbarandgrill.com The Pines Tavern on the Lake 909.878.0506 thepinestavernbigbear.com 62 / BIGBEAR.COM

Big Bear Pilates 909.227.4386, bigbearpilates.com Big Bear Pirate Ship 909.866.5706, bigbearhollowaysmarina.com/thepirateship Big Bear Queen Lake Tours 909.744.4948, bigbearqueen.com

Action Zipline & Segway Tours 909.866.0390 actiontourscalifornia.com

Big Bear Snow Play & Ropes Course 909.585.0075 bigbearsnowplay.com

Alpine Slide at Magic Mountain 909.866.4626 alpineslidebigbear.com

Big Bear Speedway & Ropes Course 909.585.0075 bigbearsnowplay.com

Baldwin Lake Stables & Petting Zoo 909.585.6482 baldwinlakestables.com

Big Bear Watersports School 909.229.0035 bigbearwatersports.com

Barrel 33 909.878.0838 barrel33bigbear.com

Big Bear Visitor Center 800.424.4232, bigbear.com

Bear Mountain Golf Course 909.585.8002 bigbearmountainresort.com/golf Bear Mountain Ski Resort 844.462.2327 bigbearmountainresort.com Bear Valley Bikes 909.866.8000, bvbikes.com

Cantrell Guide Service 909.744.0935, bigbearfishing.net Designated Wakesports 909.556.3345 designatedwakesports.com Gold Rush Mining Co. 909.866.5678 goldrushminingadventures.com

Betty’s Buggies 424.877.1187, bettysbuggies.com

Goldsmith’s Sports 909.866.2728 goldsmithssports.com

Big Bear Airport 909.585.3219 bigbearcityairport.com

Grateful Heart Animal Sanctuary 909.979.9333 gratefulheartanimalsanctuary.org

Big Bear Alpine Zoo 909.584.1299 bigbearzoo.org

Helicopter Big Bear 909.585.1200 helicopterbigbear.com

Big Bear Discovery Center 909.382.2790 mountainsfoundation.org/programs/discovery-center

Holloway’s Marina & RV Park 909.866.5706 bigbearhollowaysmarina.com

Big Bear Lake Quilters’ Guild 909.567.8766 bigbearlakequiltersguild.com

Mineshaft Coaster 909.866.4626 alpineslidebigbear.com/mineshaft

Big Bear Marina 909.866.3218, bigbearmarina.com

Miss Liberty Paddlewheel Tour Boat 909.866.8129, pineknotmarina.com

Big Bear Off Road Experience, INC. 909.420.5828 bigbearoffroadexperience.com

Mountain Room Escapes 877.584.6427 mountainroomescapes.com



North Shore Landing 909.866.4386, bigbearboating.com Open Air Big Bear openairbigbear.com Paddles and Pedals 909.936.2907 paddlesandpedals.com Pine Knot Landing 909.633.7511, pineknotmarina.com Pine Knot Marina-Boat Rentals/ Jet Skis 909.633.7511, pineknotmarina.com Pleasure Point Marina, LLC 909.866.2455 pleasurepointmarina.net Riddle Routes 541.801.3388, riddleroute.com/ shop-1/ols/products/huntn-bigbear Santa Land Big Bear 909.878.0312 santalandbigbear.com Snow Summit Ski Resort 844.462.2327 bigbearmountainresort.com The Bowling Barn 909.878.2695, bowlingbarn.com The Fitness Source Big Bear 909.866.5300 thefitnesssourcebigbear.com Urban Adventure Quest 805.603.5620 urbanadventurequest.com


Bear Essentials 909.866.3957 facebook.com/bigbearsouvenirs Bear Cupboards Market 909.415.1033 bearcupboardsmarket.com


Big Bear Discount Gifts & Souvenirs 909.584.8768 bigbeardiscount.com Big Bear Sporting Goods 909.866.3222 bigbearlakesportinggoods.com

Brown Bear Gift Shop 909.866.4345 facebook.com/brownbeargiftshop Chirp Nature Centers 888.412.4477, chirpforbirds.com Shirt Shanty 909.866.7928 facebook.com/shirtshanty Yarn Designers Boutique 909.584.9715 yarndesignersboutique.com

The Dock Club at Pine Knot Landing 909.866.6463, thedockclub.com

Real Estate

BigBearRealEstate.com RE/MAX Big Bear 909.547.7550 bigbearrealestate.com Easterby and Associates Keller Williams Big Bear 909.375.0081 bigbearrealtors.com

A Gourmet Personal Chef 909.827.4558, chefallan.net

Jane Brayton Mountain Lake Properties 909.915.4980 bigbearpropertylist.com

Bending Energy Photography bendingenergy@gmail.com bendingenergy.com

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Big Bear Guide 951.283.9442, bigbearguide.com

Rahill Real Estate Group, Keller Williams 909.547.4402 searchbigbearrealestate.com

Local Services

Big Bear Lake Convention Center 909.585.3000, bigbearevents.com Big Bear Now 909.866.3456, bigbearnow.net Big Bear Today Magazine 909.585.5533 bigbeartodaymag.com Free Big Bear Trolley 909.878.5200 mountaintransit.org/free-big-beartrolley Graphics Designed Ink Signs & Printing 909.878.0899 graphicsdesignedink.com

RE/MAX Big Bear 909.866.6161, remaxbigbear.com The Mike Sannes Real Estate Team RE/MAX Big Bear 909.435.5155 realestate-bigbear.com Tyler Wood Group 909.866.3481, tylerwoodgroup.com Vacasa Real Estate 909.752.6161, bigbearteam.com Vacasa Real Estate Annette Karnes 909.800.4365, annettekarnes.com

Into the Woods LLC 760.845.2573 Jamie Wolcott Peters, Edward Jones Investments 909.866.8422 edwardjones.com/us-en/financial-advisor/jamie-wolcottpeters Mountain Transit 909.878.5200, mountaintransit.org Pine Knot Marine Center 909.633.7511, pineknotmarina.com



CONQUER THE WALL August 13 bigbearmountainresort.com

Grill & Chill

KODIAK 100 BIG BEAR August 19 – 20 kodiak100.com BIG BEAR TRIATHLON August 28 bigbear.californiatriathlon.org LABOR DAY FIREWORKS September 5 bigbear.com

Want to enjoy Big Bear’s wide-open spaces with a side of music, beer, cycling, or pyrotechnics? Come join us for one of these fairs, festivals, celebrations, or competitions. Visit bigbear.com for more info. BIG BEAR GRILL & CHILL May 28 – 29 bigbear.com/events/annual/grill-chill

BIG BEAR FILM SUMMIT June 24 – 26 bigbearfilmsummit.com

MAIFEST May 28 – 29 bigbearevents.com/maifest

4TH OF JULY FIREWORKS July 4 bigbear.com/events/ annual/4th-of-july

MEMORIAL WEEKEND FIREWORKS May 29 bigbear.com SUMMIT BIKE PARK OPENING June 10 bigbearmountainresort.com FISHIN’ FOR $50K June 11 – 12 bigbear.com/events/annual/fishing-50k MWD CARP ROUND-UP June 18 – 19 bigbear.com/events/annual/carpround-up 64 / BIGBEAR.COM

ABOVE THE BOOM July 4 bigbearmountainresort.com MUSIC IN THE MOUNTAINS July 9, July 23, August 6, August 20, September 3 mountainsfoundation.org TOUR DE BIG BEAR August 6 bigbearcycling.com/tour-de-bigbear

HIGHLANDER ADVENTURE September 27 – October 2 highlanderadventure.com/big-bearlake/en-us WESTERN OUTDOOR NEWS TROUT FEST October 1 – 2 wonews.com GRIZZLY 100 October 8 bbvrace.com BIG BEAR LAKE QUILTERS GUILD QUILT SHOW October 14 – 15 bigbearlakequiltersguild.com ADVENTURE VAN EXPO October 15 – 16 adventurevanexpo.com BIG BEAR LAKE OKTOBERFEST (weekends only) September 10 – November 5 bigbearevents.com/Oktoberfest BIG BEAR VISITORS BUREAU

Save the Date

GOLDMINE MUSIC FESTIVAL September 17 – 18 goldminefestival.com

More Than a Drive

Big Bear Off-Road Experience puts you in the driver’s seat! Whether you decide to drive one of their fully equipped jeeps or get behind the wheel of a highperformance Can-Am UTV, you’re guaranteed to have the experience of a lifetime. 909.420.5828 bigbearoffroadexperience.com G @bigbearoffroadexperience e @big_bear_off_road_ experience

From Mild to Wild

Designated Wakesports’ charters provide everything you need to have an unforgettable day on Big Bear Lake. From wakeboats to Sea-Doos, they do it all. Located at Pleasure Point Marina. 909.556.3345 designatedwakesports.com G e @designatedwakesports


Holloway’s Marina and RV Park

Celebrating more than 100 years of service in Big Bear, Holloway’s Marina has everything you need to make the most of your Big Bear Lake adventure, from boat rentals and fishing to lake cruises and an RV park. Take out a fishing boat or pontoon for a great day of fishing. The lake’s calm environment also makes it ideal for kayaking or SUP rentals. Looking for more thrills? Holloway’s Marina also rents WaveRunners or Jet Skis. Next to the marina, Holloway’s RV Park has more than 100 sites, many with hook-ups, plus all the desired amenities and a beautiful lakeside setting. Be sure to book a cruise on the Big Bear Pirate Ship for a memorable time. 909.866.5706 bigbearhollowaysmarina.com