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september 2010 | issue 29 Windsor Arts & Music Monthly (WAMM) is a free independent publication designed to keep you abreast of arts and culture in the Windsor area. Featuring music, visual arts, film, theatre, literature and beyond, WAMM is your guide for entertainment in Windsor. WAMM will grow & evolve with every issue and continue to answer the question; “What do you want to do tonight?” editor: stephen hargreaves copy editor: kate hargreaves contributors: murad erzinclioglu, paul hoffman & stephen hargreaves visit us @ also find us on, at &

please recycle & ban wheely bins printed in canada ISSN 1916-5900 advertising, comments, suggestions, questions, press-releases, &c? email: © Windsor Arts & Music Monthly (WAMM) 2008-2010 all rights reserved. No part of this magazine may be reproduced without the written permission of the editor.


n your hands, or on your computer monitor – depending on how your consume this magazine, you hold the last issue of Windsor Arts and Music Monthly. After 29 issues and almost 3 years the free black and white monthly tabloid source for Windsor arts and music information, Windsor Arts and Music Monthly is no more. But don’t wrap your mouth around the exhaust bezel of the nearest running car just yet. While Windsor Arts and Music Monthly is dead, WAMM is not. Due to reasons both within and beyond our control, we have decided to change the nature of “the most read monthly in Windsor/Essex.” After deciding that the idea of issuing a publication based on the Gregorian calendar is passé, WAMM is evolving in to Windsor Arts & Music Magazine. While not entirely different form the present WAMM, the new WAMM while less frequent will be able to cover more news and events in the Windsor arts scene and in greater detail. WAMM 2.0 will be able to change mediums and formats to suit the thematic angle of each issue, for example; a fashion issue in full colour glossy magazine

format rather than a black and white newsprint tabloid. Most importantly WAMM will stay local, independent and free. We agree, change is scary, so to further frighten you the reader, we plan on actually making good use of our website/blog (wamm.wordpress. com) to keep you abreast of the live music, arts and theatre listings you’ve become addicted to in the back of this perishing periodical. Additionally we will be posting and linking to stories we think you may care about in-between our physical issues, which are still available in full at the aforementioned URL. Incidentally, if you have the opportunity, view our online editions on an iPad, they look amazing. We believe in this city and the creative people who call it home. We thank you for the constant flow of kind email and other messages of support. It’s often too easy to forget amongst the bickering and whining of the bitter and misinformed, but Windsor has a vibrant arts city with some of the most fascinating people you could ever hope to call neighbours. Remember that when you vote.

glu rzinclio E d a r u with M The Big Visit(s)


f you’re one of the people who immediately skip to this article (thanks!), you probably missed the part where we announced that we will be becoming a quarterly magazine as of our next issue. But, don’t fret Windsor music fans. Don’t worry your pretty little heads. Don’t worry at all. The Windsor Scene will continue to exist in one incarnation or another, as it always has. You can still catch the Windsor Scene ever Wednesday evening in radio form on CJAM 99.1FM ( at 5:00pm and you can also join the NEW Windsor Scene Facebook page where I’ll begin to post show listings on a regular basis as of October 15th (due to FAM Fest, more on that later). On top of that, the Windsor Scene will continue to exist within the pages of Windsor Arts and Music Magazine highlighting the the big news of past and coming months. We’ve got a great September for the Windsor independent music fan, so let’s get into it already!

performer at the inaugural festival, which will also feature nine local acts including One Man’s Opinion, Inoke Errati, Sixty First Second, Stereo Goes Stellar, Planet World, Motor City Headrush, Intra Meridian, The Dance Floor, Sledgehammer, David Russell and Alec Lauziere. The event kicks off at 3pm and runs through the night. In the evening you can catch a visit from the hardcore giants Hatebreed as they perform in Windsor for the first time at The Blind Dog. With opening performances from the likes of Emmure, who have also been making quite a name for themselves, Dead And Divine, who always delight the Windsor crowds, as well as well as Baptized In Blood and Straightline Stitch, two bands working their way through the ranks, this show is a sure fire winner for fans of all things

September in the Windsor music scene traditionally acts as a pre-cursor to ‘Rocktober’ which always boasts some of the best touring talent and local shows of the year. This year, September gives October a run for its money with a slew of visits from bigger name acts in the opening week of the month. Labour Day (Monday, September 6th), sees not just one, but two big visits. E3 Music Festival is meant to endorse Entertainment, Energy, and Excitement on the University of Windsor campus while promoting the What Seas, What Shores music of local bands in the process. Alexisonfire will be the special guest

heavy. On Thursday, October 9th two of Canada’s biggest musical outputs play the area again at two separate shows. Canadian pop rock stars, The Barenaked Ladies, arrive in Windsor from their tour of the UK for a show at the St. Clair College. Despite falling from grace in the eyes of many former fans, the act continues to play sold-out shows on an international level. The Windsor area sees its biggest visit with an appearance from the legendary Halifax indie rock quartet, Sloan, at the Shores Of Erie Wine Festival in Amherstburg with former Barenaked Lady Steven Page and Pat Robitaille. Not to forget Canadian punk pioneers DOA, who take the stage of the Loop on October 4th!

Double WammY

Some people complain about a bunch of great shows happening on in the same night. Personally, I think it really shows the depth of talent our city truly has. Friday, September 17th is one such date and sees some the best touring and area talents playing all month long. At the Loop building, you can catch an epic double show featuring local heavyweights Orphan Choir and What Seas What Shores, who share one of the city’s finest guitarists, Kyle Marchand. At the FM Lounge, see What Seas play alongside the incredible Vancouver experimental jazz septet Fond Of Tigers. Touring in support of their latest offering Continent & Western, Fond Of Tigers is an act that will leave even the most seasoned show goer reeling from shear sonic joy. This is definitely a band to see. Also on the bill is Newmarket’s indie folk four piece Cavaliers! who have played successful shows in the city with Ron Leary as well as the big Chuck Ragan/Tim Barry show back in January. Downstairs at the Coach, sees Orphan Choir return home after a week long tour throughout Ontario and into Quebec. The band also successfully toured the east coast in the late summer spreading the gospel to every punk fan along the way. The act’s hard work and dedication has really begun to pay off: case and point — the following day see the band play the Koi Music Festival in Kitchener with genre mainstays Anti-Flag. Opening up the show are tour-mates Blacklist Royals who come up north from Nashville, Tennessee, as well as Ann Arbor’s Night Bringer who round out a bill that could make the most straightlaced conservative raise their fist in the air. Music fans looking to take in both shows can pay eight dollars

as opposed to five for the ability to meander between both venues.


Lots of great shows will be going on throughout the month of September! I’m going to attempt to use my words wisely here and get in everything I can. On Saturday, September 4th, catch Chatham based psychedelic rock quintet Square Root Of Margaret when they play Phog Lounge with Toronto’s high energy rocker Cut Throat Britva. The date marks Square Root’s first visit to the city in quite some time and acts as an opportunity to preview songs from their upcoming album What You See Is What You Get, that follows up and looks to out-do their highly successful release Telegram Photeur. The album sees its official release on October 15th, once again hosted by Phog Lounge. I had the pleasure of seeing Kayyce Closed perform at last month’s ‘Bring Da Ruckus’ hip hop night at Phog and he really blew me away with his stage presence and freestyle abilities. When you watch an artist perform over a number of years you hope to see a development in style. Kayyce has definitely been able to achieve this goal. You can catch Kayyce Closed at the Chubby Pickle for the official release of his debut album This Is What I Do with an opening performance from local up and coming MC Stack Serious and J Reno, who also recently dropped a new full-length. Fans that were delighted at the return of Fiftywatthead back in July when they rocked the Coach should have a lot to smile about. The band is booking a handful of dates at venues through the fall, leading up to their new release, which is currently being mastered for press. The ten year veterans of the scene are by far the loudest and arguably the best act in the city. Continuing their relation-

ship with Signed By Force Records, expect the upcoming release to do some damage on the national level. On the topic of doing damage, the unrelenting synthed-out hard rock six piece that is Surdaster, who quickly became one of the best draws in town over this past year, open for Fiftywatt at The Coach and Horses on Saturday, September 11th. In last month’s issue we featured an article on work of irreplaceable triphop songstress Perilelle (Stephanie Copeland) who recently spread her wings and left for Toronto in pursuit of her musical career. You can catch her back in the city on Friday, September 17th at Phog Lounge for the release of her longawaited The Pack AD album Fog Like This. The show starts early, so make sure you’re there to get

your hands on the first copies of this highly anticipated release. Stephanie’s not the only Copeland making waves in the local electronic scene. Younger sister Emily Copeland has been concocting a massive event just across the river. Best known for her late night radio show Minced Meat that features the best in locally produced hip hop and electronic music in both Windsor and Detroit, and her efforts to bring touring hip hop talent into the downtown core of the city, Emily has been bridging the

gap between cultural communities in our two cities. It all culminates in the We Like Music Festival, an all-day event featuring internationally respected live electronic talent like Jimmy Edgar, Kraddy and Eliot Lipp as well as a melange of live video artists including Kero and Broken City Lab among others. Detroit’s Old Miami and The Magic Stick play host to the inaugural event. For fans of the loud, there are three more shows we’ll make quick mention of. On Tuesday, September 14th, catch a tonne of hardcore touring talent when The Back To Posi School Tour makes its stop at The Chubby Pickle. Portland’s It Prevails headlines with support form Hamilton’s Counterparts and Halifax’s A Sight For Sewn Eyes with an opening performance from the locally based Hellraiser, who have been garnering a lot of praise from music fans around town. On Thursday, September 23rd, catch one of two awesome rock shows (or both)! At Chanoso’s restaurant, help the Vaudevillianaires kick off their Horror On The Road mini-tour that brings the band throughout Ontario as a pre-emptive strike for their upcoming full-length to be released in the fall. Sledgehammer joins in on the fun for an intimate show with two of the

loudest acts in town. Over at Phog Lounge, you can see Young Rival (if you missed them at Phog Phest, phor shame) rip their unique blend of rock n’ roll along with blues rock powerhouses The Pack AD, a band that always blows away their crowds with each visit to the venue.

FAM Fest 5

I may have mentioned in a prior column that as an active musician in the Windsor music scene and as a booker, promoter and festival organizer, I try my damnedest not to use this article as a tool for self-promotion. However, at the request of our editor here it is: Harvesting The FAM is Windsor, Ontario’s largest independent inter-arts festival designed for the promotion and development of film, artistic and musical talent (FAM), in any medium or genre. This year’s festival will take place October 1st through the 9th, 2010 at a variety of venues and spaces, transforming the downtown core of Windsor into a cultural mecca for the masses. The festival will act as a collective call to inform the people of Windsor, as well as communities throughout Canada, that creativity lives here. This, the 5th FAM Festival, will once again play home to over a hundred filmmakers, artists and musicians of all disciplines. The final lineup and schedule of the festival will be announced September 10th, 2010 via The line-up looks to feature a great array of talent from Windsor, Detroit and Southwestern Ontario, ranging from industry professionals to emerging creative talents. With FREE entrance fees for fans and creative talents alike, the festival creates a positive, open-minded space for a diverse array of artists to exhibit, promote, perform and sell their works. That about does it! Remember to join the new Windsor Scene Facebook page to receive updates about shows, releases and other special events!

drinking wine in the

park with

canada’s indie godfathers years ago in Halifax, before the real Halifax pop explosion, including Thrush Hermit and The Super Friendz, Nova Scotia College of Art and Design students Chris Murphy and Andrew Scott joined forces with Patrick Pentland and Jay Ferguson to form what was to become Canada’s most revered power pop quartet. Within months Sloan were the hottest thing in Halifax and had an EP to prove it. The Peppermint EP was released on their own imprint, Murderecords, in 1992, and was to act as the bands Genesis. Mixing equal parts Sonic Youth and The Beatles, the EP was the right sound at the right time to launch the quartet to international stardom. Notably, it featured the right song to power that rocket. “Underwhelmed” was the perfect droney pop single for 1992, in the same way the Beck`s “Loser” was in `93, and the man who owned grunge, David Geffen, heard that. Geffen, who had just signed Sonic Youth, Nirvana, and was about to do the same with Beck, released Sloan`s debut LP, Smeared in October 1992, featuring a rerecorded version of “Underwhelmed.” The Chris Murphypenned track was released as the group’s first single, peaking at #25 on Billboard`s Modern Rock chart and voted the second greatest Canadian song of all time by a Chat Magazine readers poll. All in all, the debut single was the a massive international success, a success


never to be matched again in the following 18 years. Still riding high on the success of Smeared, Sloan released their sophomore LP with Geffen in the summer of `94. The decidedly less grungey Twice Removed seemed like the perfect recipe to fill the gaping hole left by label mate Kurt Cobain`s shotgun. The lead-off single “Coax Me`s” jangling minor chords exposed a more mature Sloan, prompting the readers of Chart to elect the album the Best Canadian Album of All Time in both 1996 and 2005, and Spin Magazine to name it one of the “Best Albums You Didn’t Hear” of 1994. Sadly, not only Spin readers, but most anyone outside of Canada, didn’t hear the LP following a dispute with Geffen. Geffen tried to force the band back into the studio to create something more in tune with their marketing plan. When the band stuck to their artistic guns, Geffen pulled their promotional support and Sloan were left to flounder. The band tried to win back the label’s favour by touring the hell out of Twice Removed, but months later they were dropped from Geffen and ready to break up. “I find when I talk to people they have an impression about how that record was made and the conditions under which we were existing at the time and it almost becomes a bit of a myth,” Patrick Pentland says. “It’s not necessarily the way that it was. Maybe people look

at it like us giving the finger to the major label world or what label people were expecting us to do. We weren’t consciously doing that really, but we were making a record that was different enough from our first record so that we could continue to make more diverse records.” Still, despite the stresses that the album brought, Jay Ferguson says that he’s still happy with the final product. “I did listen to it recently and there are little bits where you always wish you’d sang something better, but in general, I think it’s fine,” Ferguson says. “And I’m glad about that. I’d hate to look back at our career, which is in the public spotlight in a way, and not like it. I’m really

influenced by ‘60s Brit-pop, One Chord to Another was to be Sloan`s magnum-opus. Certified Gold in Canada, the independently-released record that introduced trumpets, pianos and a collection of new instruments to the Sloan repertoire earned the band the Juno for Best Alternative Album in 1997. Over the next few years Sloan continued to produce quality albums to great Canadian reception, but like someone with a 25 year-old narcotics possession charge, they just couldn’t cross the border into the U.S. Their songs have become a part of the sonic landscape of Canada, with

2006 single “Who Taught You to Live Like That?” became the theme of the CBC series about the WAGS of Hockey, MVP. 2010 finds Sloan as busy as ever, playing a free NXNE show in Toronto, a surprise set at Sappyfest in Sackville, New Brunswick in August, and the equally surprising announcement that they are confident enough to perform their entire second LP Twice Removed, top to bottom, at this year’s Halifax Pop Explosion. You may want to expect your favourite mid-nineties Sloan numbers to feature prominently at this year’s Shores of Erie Wine Festival performance.


happy about the records that we’ve made, especially Twice Removed. It’s 16 years on and there’s nothing I’d change about it.” Sloan didn’t split, and instead locked themselves away writing and recording extensively. Building the band’s first indie-release since `92, basses, guitars and drums were being swapped like POG (forgive the dated reference. They were popular at the time.) Heavily

- jay ferguson “The Good in Everyone” acting as the theme of CBC`s The Hour, the `98 single “Money City Maniacs” scoring a series of Labatt’s television commercials, while a `sound-a-like` version of the song’s main riff is used in many adverts for Future Shop. The 2001 single “If It Feels Good Do It,” found its way onto the soundtracks of the 2004 film The Girl Next Door and the EA Sports video game Triple Play 2002, and the

Coax yourself down to Amherstburg on Thursday, September 9th when Sloan will headline the outdoor stage of the Shores of Erie Wine Festival at Fort Malden Park with former Barenaked Lady Steven Page and local sensation Pat Robitaille. Gates open at 5pm, tickets ate $30 and are available at


ith Windsor establishments once again garnering national attention and accolades that bring attention to our little border city, WAMM is once again gave you the reader the chance to recognise your favourite spots the city has to offer. In a test run of your voting skills, leading up to this fall’s elections, WAMM readers your attendance at our online polling station should give the candidates faith in voter turnout as over 1,000 of you plugged in your answers on our website. Giving props to your amazing hairdresser, and shouting out the curry that makes your eyes water. You Told us where you buy your bread and where you spend it. You gave kudos to comic shops, and big ups to blogs. We have arduously tabulated the results and present your picks in the second annual Best of Windsor!



SHAWARMA PALACE Despite the popularity of Shawarma in Ottawa, Vancouver and Toronto, Windsor is the undisputed Shawarma capitol of Canada. Despite, the recent diversification in downtown fast food eateries including the addition of a poutine place, a Coney Dog distributor and a burrito boutique, shawarma is still king, with seven independent sellers within a döners throw of downtown, there is fierce competition. However, with nearly 80% of you swarming to Shawarma Palace it is clear the restaurant at 276 Ouellette Avenue has a good rap, and a great wrap.

BEST PIZZA: TERRA COTTA Windsor Pizza is famous, and a havily contested title. This survey was no different with props for pizza from more places than we knew existed. At the end of the day, the biggest slice of your votes was delivered for the second year straight to Pelissier Street’s Terra Cotta Pizza.


People love to rip on vegetarian food. Apparently, it either has to taste like cardboard, or poorly imitate the texture and flavour of an unknown meat substance. Marathon destroys all these expectations by offering a vegetarian menu that is diverse in flavour and texture. Even carnivores can leave after polishing off a vegetarian platter, complete with spinach, spicy red lentils and many more varied tastes and aromas, without feeling like they have missed out on

the main course of their meal. Grab some injera (that’s bread, for those not in the know), and dig in to some of the most flavourful, nutritious, and delicious food you will eat in Windsor.

had the idea all along, Thursday is pretty Sweet.


Acapulco Delight is the strangest place to be at 3AM, or honestly any other time. Mexican food by the light of fish tanks housing weird fish, karaoke, a menu with thousands of options all of which look and taste exactly the same… it’s perfect.

Curry, England’s national dish (and apparently popular in India and the far east) is one of the fastest growing food trends in Canada, inspiring a rash of curry houses to open and close in Windsor. One which has, despite having the décor of a 1980s coffee shop, developed a strong following is India Palace, at 1167 Ottawa Street. It walks the fine line of serving stellar authentic Indian cuisine while still creating dishes suitable to woo the uninitiated into curry-hood. Honnerable mention should be made of Oullette Avenue’s Basil Court, who almost held India Palice to a Thai.

BEST ROMANTIC RESTAURANT: THE COOK SHOP A romantic candle-lit atmosphere, reasonable prices and impressive menu made The Cook Shop a resounding winner for the second year counting in our quest for Windsor’s most romantic dining experience. With candles softly lighting the face of your favourite person, a bottle of wine and good conversation, you are just as likely to melt your partners heart as The Cook Shop’s wonderful Italian cuisine is to melt in your mouth.

BEST PLACE FOR A CHEAP DATE: THURSDAYֹ Strangely, the answer is Thursday. The only definable answer linked the deals on food at Oishi, combined with the deals on booze at Phog and Vermonth that occur on Thursdays evenings. Perhaps John Steinbeck



BEST BAKERY: ITALIA BAKERY Open since the early 60s, Italia Bakery, at 571 Erie Street is as much an Erie Street institution as its restaurants. Largely known for their famous breads, that are to storebought breads what a fine Cheshire cheese is to Velveeta or a real coffee is to the swill Tim Horton’s sells, there is no comparison.

BEST BURGER: MOTORBURGER Rebranded, remodelled, repurposed and documented for no less than the National Film Board of Canada, the former upscale NOI has become the hottest hamburger spot in town. Easily overthrowing the closest competitors, MotorBurger has the relaxed modern feel of a Swiss airport departures lounge and a brilliant take on North America’s most over played sandwich. The quality of the burgers are so far beyond the fast food variety it’s impossible to compare the two. MotorBorgers drive on Michelin Stars.

BEST SANDWICHES: TALOOLA CAFE Despite over thirty votes for the long defunct Black Kettle Bistro, Walkerville’s Taloola Café wrapped and garnished the competition with organic free-range style. Taloola Café’s sandwiches and warps achieve the rare balance of healthy, environmentally and globally friendly and most importantly tasty.

BEST PATIO: VERMOUTH Vermouth’s patio exists on two levels. During afternoons and weeknights, patrons enjoy conversation over wine, mixes and beer at teak tables as the breeze cuts down Ouellette Avenue. When night falls on the weekend, a seat on Vermouth’s patio becomes a front row seat to a live

documentary on the effects of large volumes of alcohol on young Americans, a fashion show, and the ideal vantage point to study the mating habits of woman who can no longer walk in their heels, and the Hollister-clad men destined to fail in their pursuit of them. Honourable mention should be made of the Dominion House’s patio, which came a close second.


has managed to keep the volume at 11 and at a frequency that repels the trendy middle classes before they make it half way down the stairs.

BEST LIVE MUSIC VENUE: PHOG LOUNGE It may come as no surprise that you have picked Phog Lounge as the best live venue, especially on the back of CBC Radio 3 naming the little bar that could as Canada’s best live music club. The venue that has presented Holy Fuck, Final Fantasy, Patrick Watson, Tokyo Police Club, and thousands of others takes home the best venue prize for the second year straight to sit next to their multiple Jammy awards and their obscenely large CBC3 trophy.

BEST PLACE TO DANCE: THE LOOP BEST CLUB DJ: British conductor and impresario Sir Thomas Beecham once said, “Try everything once except incest and folk dancing.” That being said, a fair majority of Windsor’s young folk enjoy dancing and when they do they need look no further than within the faithful four walls of The Loop. As accepting as pretentious, The Loop manages to provide a danceable beat capable of uniting an array of tastes on one dance floor; they may have even stopped playing “Bad Romance”. If not, still ironically fitting for having also championed the ‘Best Pick-up Bar’ category. Hot.

BEST PICK-UP BAR: THE LOOP No matter your sex, sexual orientation, age, socioeconomic standing, race or creed if there is someone for you in this city you’ll likely find them awkwardly dancing at The Loop. Like speed-dating without the speed, The Loop is a haven for those looking for love, like many downtown clubs, but with the lowest percentage of douchebaggery in the downtown core.

BEST DIVE BAR: COACH & HORSES The growing trendiness of the dive bar among the middle-classes, has given rise to websites offering tips on ‘dive bar etiquette,’ if there is such a thing. Luckily the Coach in its sophomore win as best dive bar

STEPHEN HARGREAVES Despite only returning to DJing at a club two months ago, you have further inflated the ego the pretentious publisher Stephen Hargreaves in naming him the best club DJ. The subject of a recent anathema anthem from a bitter bearded balladeer, Har-

greaves launched the successful Indie Dance Fridays at The Loop this July. Playing the latest in hipster hits stolen from the dance floors of New York and London the 67 year-old’s fleeting cling to youth culture is enough to make Dorian Grey blush.

BEST BARTENDER: JOE O’BRIAN Other than a short break while bartending in British Columbia Joe O’Brian has been serving thirsty Windsorites for longer than most have you have been of age. Whether pouring pints for people at Pogo’s, ably according alcohol to adults at The Avalon or filling flagons for folks at Phog, O’Brian is the perfect barman. Talking sports, music and life, with an excellent sense of humour, while still aware of the state of your glass, O’Brian also has the exceptional ability to change from the friendliest bartender to the most intimidating bouncer in seconds.





The monumentally under funded Art Gallery of Windsor has created, collected, presented, and conserved one of Ontario’s most significant collections of Canadian art, including a permanent collection made up of over 3000 pieces

covering the period from about 1750 through to the present day. Additionally the AGW presents impressive collections from around the world, featuring artist work usually reserved for galleries with 10-50 times their budget.

BEST COMMERCIAL ART GALLERY: NANCY JOHNS GALLERY Inspiring a quartet of similar galleries in the area to open, and then close. Nancy Johns’ manages to keep the doors open and has amassed the support of a who’s who of Windsor visual artists by the way of a series of group and solo shows. In it’s existence the gallery, at 4755 Wyandotte Street East, has become a respected and accepted part of the often fickle

local arts community, a feat accomplished by few commercial galleries in Windsor.


DANIEL BOMBARDIER Daniel Bombardier a.k.a. Denial, a.k.a. D3N!@L, has evolved from a snotty kid high on anarchism charged with the task of branding every flat surface with his now ubiquitous tag by way of die cut vinyl stickers into one of the most original and productive artists this city has ever seen. His work is instantly recognisable, combining cut vinyl, spray-paint, stencilling, freehand painting, in a style similar to manipulated samples in the audio world, he is a true innovator, working with what he can get and taking influence from residing in Windsor rather than other artists. Bombardier has become one of the nation’s fastest

growing artists selling out entire galleries of work in Toronto and Montreal, but always returning to Windsor.


ROBERT EARL STEWART Bob Earl Stewart is a poet about town. Whether he is reading at BookFest Windsor, checking out Juice Open Mic Poetry, or sharing his work at other venues around the city, he can always be expected to draw a crowd, and keep their attention. His poetry is clever, funny, and holds strong ties to the city of Windsor. Stewart’s first book, “Something Burned Along the Southern Border,” released this year by Mansfield Press, won him a nomination for the

prestigious Gerald Lampert award for best first book of poetry by a Canadian. While James Langer may have edged him out in the end, Stewart’s nomination is still a major accomplishment, and he can take pleasure in knowing that WAMM readers have voted him Windsor’s best writer. Sorry Bob, no $1,000 prize with this one.

BEST BAND: MAGIC HALL OF MIRRORS Windsor loves rock and roll, not to say that we don’t like to push artistic boundaries and dabble in experimentalism, but rock and roll is in our blood. Magic Hall of Mirrors is pure, unbridled Windsor rock and roll perfection, errr… well… was. The day the Best of Windsor voting closed, the band that you picked as your favourite broke up. We have asked the members of the band if there is any chance that they will reunite and we were assured that the magic is over. Though Sean Barry and Daren Dobsky continue on as Mourningstar (formerly Black Unicorn), Jamie Greer is still at the helm of Vaudevillianaires, George Manury is syill playing solo and behind the kit forTwo For The Cascade and Eric Arner will surely be in a new band in no time.

SHOPS BEST BOOKSHOP: JUNIPER Books existed before Oprah’s Book Club, Harry Potter and Danielle Steele, and

a single volume in my life, but when I visit Rogues Gallery Comics I wish I was part of the graphic novel scene. Rogues, to me, feels like the best boutique style indie record shop, with people scouring the shelves for “deleted Smith singles and original, not re-released Frank Zappa albums” to quote High Fidelity, but rather than music it’s the incredibly coveted world of the comic book. As far as my untrained eyes can tell Rogues Gallery Comics is like the little record shop is for me, a place in which all is well in the world for a hundred square feet or so.

BEST CD/RECORD SHOP: DR. DISC In this digital world where iTunes is king, SAM’S Music has folded and HMV has resorted to selling video games, movies and even, strangely, iTunes cards and iPod accessories, the indie music shop seems doomed. But with a 174% increase in new vinyl record sales over the past two years, combined with a return to a boutique driven music buying public, a staggering 99% of you have chosen Dr. Disc (659 Ouellette) as your favourite place to refresh your ears.

BEST HAIR SALON: KATNANDU Katnandu, located at 1666 Wyandotte Street, easily brought home the title of best salon. Catering to the styles of virtually anyone with hair, though known for their skills in the modern and trendsetting, Katnandu offers the quality and service of a major metro salon at a fraction of the prices, all set in a casual envi-

ronment that makes you feel as good as your hair looks. back then we bought books from bookshops, not acreages of the latest Twilight novel and drivel like The Da Vinci Code. Luckily, the vast majority of WAMM readers are drawn to the wonderful smell of bookshops, and while the names of chain megastores did arrive on our survey, they were out-numbered by real bookshops, mostly Juniper Books (1990 Ottawa Street). A veritable Narnia of novels, the surprisingly vast Juniper Books sprawls for storeys of stories in volumes of volumes.



Started in Toronto in 1985, the cosmetic line endorsed by Madonna, Linda Evangelista, Hello Kitty and others, M.A.C. was named by onhje of you, “the only reason to go to the mall” and despite being more expensive than drug store brands, is in a league with professional cosmetics costing four times as much.



I know virtually nothing about comic books. I have never read or owned

The nominations for the best product we produce included nude dancers, salt, peaches and cream corn, wheat,


unemployment, Ford F-150 Engines, clothing produced by Dilly Daisy, Petey the Troll and the Cardigan Kid and multiple votes for the contents of the recently closed Made in Windsor shop. Though upon final calculations the product the majority of you are proud of is the Chrysler mini-van and its variants.


LONG & MCQUADE In this year’s Best of Windsor survey almost categories won last year by large chains were knocked off of their podium by locally owned shops. In a surprising turn the largest chain of musical instrument retailers in Canada, Long and McQuade, riffed past the independents and came out on top.

BEST MEN’S CLOTHIER: BEST WOMEN’S CLOTHIER: ENVY BOUTIQUE Taking home the top spot for both men and women, Walkerville’s Envy Boutique has left their competitors green. Offering a collection including world-renounced brands mixed with Canadian up and coming designers for both men and women, Envy has established the customer loyalty and reputation to offer any clothier a run for their money. Honerable mentions go out to runners up Jones & Co and local designer Dee-Dee Shkreli and her Dilly Daisy line.

BEST VINTAGE CLOTHING STORE: JONES & CO. Easily one of spots Windsor is most proud of is Walkerville’s Jones & Co. Jones not only succeeds as an amazing source for your vintage wear, featuring, Louise Jones, possibly the best fashion facilitators in the world, but the shop is a cultural hub like no other in town. Perhaps it’s Louise’s community involvement or the atmosphere of her boutique, but Jones & Co is a hub for Windsor’s creative.

BEST ANTIQUE SHOP: HOLLAND CONSIGNMENT Tucked under the corner of Ottawa and Moy, under the vaults of the TD Canada Trust lies Holland Consignment Shoppe & Auction House. Not the usual stuffy antique atmosphere or much of the usual “antiques” Holland Consignment offers a massive basement of strange finds. Do yourself a favour and set aside an hour or two of a rainy afternoon and dig through their curiosities .

________________ For the full list of results send a stamped, self addressed envelope to yourself or e-mail

oglu ncli Erzi d a r é Mu

Rose City Sessions

place: a humble and generous member of the Windsor cultural community to say the very least.


ASK, formerly A.S.K. — Another Saturday Knight, formed in Toronto in 2006 as an art project by Windsor native Chad Howson. “I had a plan to create music, paintings and lyrics that ask questions and simultaneously showcase them to the public,” he says. A.S.K.’s first show was at Taloola Café in late December 2006, featuring Shawn Ladd and Chad Howson as a duo with Alex MacArthur soon joining the band as bass player. In March of 2007, the band acted as opening support for their comrades The Locusts Have No King. Chad Howson moved back to Windsor in August 2007 and worked to solidify the line-up in preparation for the first record (A.S.K. – Another Saturday Knight). From 2007 through 2009, A.S.K. performed over 50 shows between Windsor and Toronto, self-produced and released their debut album, hosted a half dozen art shows of ASK/mixed media paintings/drawings from Chad Howson and released a DVD (the Big Visit) featuring three music videos and a live performance of their debut album. The name change came in late summer of 2009 after the band line-up was solidified and a new sound and vision was formed. “We vacillated over names, but ultimately felt that the name and concept is what we are.” ASK has had many styles in their time, traveling from outlaw/indie/folk-rock to the sharp indie/alt-rock of their first record. The upcoming release Future Communication (coming this fall) boasts an ultra-modern musical projection of what has been described as post-grunge/art-rock. Future Communication’s production team was composed of a veritable who’s who of the Windsor scene including the aforementioned Adam Michalczuk, Mark Plancke of Shark Tank Pro as well as Chad Howson himself with mastering from Toronto’s Phil Demetro at Lacquer Channel.

Vol.3 - ask ose City Sessions is a collaborative project that brings together Windsor, Ontario based filmmakers, visual artists, musicians, writers, photographers, and recording engineers to shine a light on our community’s burgeoning artistic and musical talents. Rose City Sessions is operated and produced in Windsor, by Windsorites, for Windsorites. The mission is simple: to create live audio/visual representations of Windsor-Essex County talent in the highest quality possible. Each month, more free online materials and downloads will become available. Each live session pairs a Windsor-Essex County based visual artist with a musician or act. Over the past four months the project has recorded musicians such as The Bulletproof Tiger, Orphan Choir, Kero, The Locusts Have No King, Tara Watts, Fiftywatthead and Johnny West alongside the work of visual artists like Dave Kant, Dianne Clinton, Derek Cerovski, Jason Deary and D3N!@L. Rose City Sessions has featured a virtual crème de la crème of the Windsor cultural scene, and we still have a long way to go with many more sessions mapped out through to the new year. In the case of our fourth installment, our musician and artist are one in the same, as we teamed with local art-rock band ASK. Filmed in Sturgeon Studios as the act neared the completion of recording their sophomore fulllength effort, the project’s founder and audio engineer James O-L could not have hoped for a more ideal recording environment. It’s a true tribute to the hard work and dedication of Sturgeon Studios owner Adam Michalczuk who has spent years refining his craft and space into a top-level recording studio. On top of that, he allowed an outside crew come into his life’s work and have their run of the

One thing Chad Howson knows how to do is work with the area’s finest talent. Over the years, musicians who have performed live and/or recorded with ASK include: Luke Pelotte, Adam Michalczuk, Stefan Cvetkovic, Liam O’Donnell, Pietro Caira, John Oleynik, Joey DesRoaches, Trevor Malcolm, Shawn Ladd, Max Marshall, Gary Clarke, Nancy Drew, and Alex MacArthur. Chad Howson’s spirit for collaboration and co-operation transcends music, and moves into visual art with his frequent work with FUZE, an improvisational live painting project that operates publicly at area festivals and events. These experiences have allowed Howson to further explore painting with more confidence as he has worked as an illustrator for the majority of his artistic career. Connect to more media about ASK at:

listings ________________________







LIVE MUSIC _________________________

Michou w/ Kimmie Horne, Pavlo, Rik Emmett, Oscar Lopez, Ron Leary & Jackie Robitaille Shores of Erie Wine Festival Fort Malden (Amherstburg)

Gobble Gobble Phog Lounge Justin Lo vs. Gary Chaw Caesars Windsor

A Bad Year for Tomatoes Theatre Windsor

Guilty Mind (closing reception | 8pm) Artspeak Gallery

LIVE MUSIC ________________________


FRIDAY 24 Destroyer (Kiss tribute) Chrysler Theatre Hedley WFCU Center

Ken Mode w/ Poughboy & Shinje The Coach and Horses

Bloated Pig w/ Necrobiosis & Dead Jesus Coach & Horses


Tuesday 14

Lisa Lampanelli Caesars Windsor

Shortcut to Last w/ EVL, David John Zelko, & Don’t Expect Much Milk

Scatterheart Phog Lounge

Monday 27



Bad Assets w/ Lager Lads, Atm & 100 Proof Coach & Horses

Open Mic w/ Andrew MacLeod The Dominion House

Bend Sinister w/ Will Currie and The Country French Phog Lounge

World Rock Symphony Orchestra: Britain Rocks WFCU Center

Alec Lauziere Phog Lounge


Paco Osuna Boom Boom Room

Jackyl The Blind Dog


Perilelle “Fog Like This” (CD release) Phog Lounge

Open Mic w/ Tara Watts Phog Lounge Open Mic w/ Clinton Hammond The Manchester Open Mic The Whiskey

The Last Trio (7-9) Mr.Chill & Greg Cox (9-12) FM Lounge Matt & Charlie from Sauce Funky The Manchester

Assassinate The Following Coach & Horses

What Seas, What Shores w/ Fond of Tigers FM Lounge

Open Mic w/ Stephanie Sarafianos The Mill

Joel McHale Caesars Windsor

Open Mic w/ Jamie Reaume Twig & Berries

Hatebreed w/ Emmure, Dead & Divine, Baptized In Blood & Sls Blind Dog

Swing Notre-Dame Street (Belle Riviere)



Sloan w/ Steven Page & Pat Robitaille Shores of Erie Wine Festival Fort Malden (Amherstburg)

Ten Indians Phog Lounge

Open Mic The Basement (U of W) WEDNESDAYS Kenneth MacLeod & Associates The Dominion House L&M Jam Night FM Lounge THURSDAYS Huladog FM Lounge Jackie Robitaille & Sara Fontaine The Gourmet Emporium Daren Dobsky The Manchester Open Mic w/ Mike Hargreaves Milk Toast & Jam The Whiskey Lonesome Lefty Mick’s Irish Pub


Billy Idol w/ Slash Caesars Windsor FRIDAY 10 Thornetta Davis w/ Robert Penn Blues Band & South Shore Drive Shores of Erie Wine Festival Fort Malden (Amherstburg) Mike Hargreaves and Crissi Cochrane (5pm) Phog Lounge Paint w/ Red Rows and The Tyres (10pm) Phog Lounge Kayyce Closed & J Reno (CD release party) Chubby Pickle SATURDAY 11

SATURDAYS Jamie Reaume The Manchester Lonesome Lefty FM Lounge SUNDAYS Open Mic FM Lounge

Blood Sweat & Brass w/ Macana, StereoGoesStellar, Nemesis, HBM, Philip Whitfield Band featuring Kimberly Fairchild & Six Degrees Shores of Erie Wine Festival Fort Malden (Amherstburg)

Blacklist Royals w/ Orphan Choir & Nightbringer Coach & Horses

Mint Condition w/ Alexander O’Neal Caesars Windsor Aquila Coach & Horses WE LIKE MUSIC FESTIVAL featuring: Eliot Lipp, Kraddy, Jimmy Edgar, James T. Cotton, John Arnold, Mux Mool, DJ Dez, Kevin Reynolds, Kyle Hall, nospectacle, Green Meadows, Lord Scrummage, Madis One, AM Architect, Aether, Leo123, Perilelle, Mobil, Intricate Dialect & Kadence, Slufter & Deadlines. + visuals by: Broken City Lab, VJ Kero, Nivek Monet, Lindsey Jewel, John Leonard & Detronik The Magic Stick & The Old Miami (Detroit) TUESDAY 21 Magic Hall of Mirrors Phog Lounge THURSDAY 23 Vaudevillianaires Chanoso’s Young Rival w/ The Pack A.D. Phog Lounge FRIDAY 24

Spirits of Amherstburg Ghost tour (8:30) Beginning at the fountain in Town Square (Amherstburg)

SUNDAY 26 SATURDAY 25 Spirits of Amherstburg Ghost tour (8:30) Beginning at the fountain in Town Square (Amherstburg)

WEDNESDAY 29 Allison Brown w/ Scott Cook Phog Lounge THURSDAY 30 Motown in Yo’Town FREE Dance Party Phog Lounge




ARTS _________________________ THURSDAY 2 Border City Brawlers Present: a movie night featuring ‘Blood on the Flat Track’ Phog Lounge


SATURDAY 4 FRIDAY 3 RENT (8pm) Capitol Theatre SATURDAY 4 RENT (8pm) Capitol Theatre THURSDAY 9 A Bad Year for Tomatoes Theatre Windsor FRIDAY 10 RENT (8pm) Capitol Theatre A Bad Year for Tomatoes Theatre Windsor SATURDAY 11 RENT (8pm) Capitol Theatre A Bad Year for Tomatoes Theatre Windsor Sunday 12 A Bad Year for Tomatoes Theatre Windsor THURSDAY 16 A Bad Year for Tomatoes Theatre Windsor FRIDAY 17 A Bad Year for Tomatoes Theatre Windsor

The DoneFors w/ The Rheostats Phog Lounge

Birthday Boys Coach & Horses


Surdaster Coach & Horses

Bobby Vinton Caesars Windsor

A Bad Year for Tomatoes Theatre Windsor

University of Windsor School of Visual Arts Reunion (6pm) LeBel backyard (SW corner of Huron Church and College) TUESDAY 7 Collagraph for Beginners or Experienced Printmakers Windsor Printmaker’s Forum WEDNESDAY 8 JUICE Open Mic Poetry returns! Phog Lounge Friday 10 Ultimates Fashion 2010 (6:30pm) Caboto Club

FRIDAY 17 “STAGING THE GAP” by Robert Hengeveld (Toronto ON) & “KILLING HORNETS” by Scott Rogers (Calgary AB) (opening reception) Artcite Inc. SUNDAY 19 Sundays in the Studio: Mini Paintings AGW TUESDAY 21 Collagraph for Beginners or Experienced Printmakers Windsor Printmaker’s Forum WEDNESDAY 22 Art History Film Screening: Eugene Delacroix: The Restless Eye AGW THURSDAY 23 Soundtrack for a Revolution (7pm) Sounds Like a Revolution (9pm) Capitol Theatre SUNDAY 26 Sundays in the Studio: Metal and Wire Sculptures AGW TUESDAY 28 Collagraph for Beginners or Experienced Printmakers Windsor Printmaker’s Forum WEDNESDAY 29

SATURDAY 11 You Can Write a Book (1pm) Spirit of Excellence Creativity Training Centre

Art History Film Screening: Turner at the Tate AGW


Fall into Fashion Show Fogolar Furlan Club (6pm)

Writers Festival (12-6pm) Reaume Park

Thursday 30

Sundays in the Studio: Rock Stars AGW

Stitch & Bitch + Artist Trading Cards check for location(s)

TUESDAY 14 Collagraph for Beginners or Experienced Printmakers Windsor Printmaker’s Forum

see updated listings @ Now optimized for use on smartphones, pods, pads & various berries.

independent album charts

How to Folk with Canadians

The DoneFors return to Windsor


Johnny West / My Hell Hound Crooked Heart / Self-Released 1 y

Ron Leary / Dependent Arising / Bootbrush 1 y Abby Bohna / Fortune Teller / Self-Released 1 Arcade Fire / The Suburbs / Merge 1 Hilario Duran Trio / Motion / Alma 1 Minotaurs / The Thing / Static Clang 1 Various Artists / From The Tank / SelfReleased 1 8. Winter Gloves / All Red / Paper Bag* 9. Tyler Hornby / A Road To Remember / Chronograph 1 10. Saturday Saints / Hand Me Downs / Self Released 1 11. Rae Spoon / Love Is A Hunter / Saved By Radio 1 12. Butterflies & Zebras / Butterflies & Zebras / Self-Released 1 13. EL-P / Weareallgoingtoburninhellmeagmixxx3 / !K7 14. Kathryn Calder / Are You My Mother / Fille Under: Music 1 15. Eli ‘Paperboy’ Reed / Come And Get It / Capitol 16. The Franco Proietti Morph-Tet / Live! / Bongo Beat 1 17. Buck 65 / 20 Odd Years Vol.2 / Warner* 18. Land Of Talk / Cloak & Cipher / Saddle Creek 1 19. Budos Band / III / Daptone 20. Whiteboy Slim / I’m Still Here / Self-Released* 21. SSRIs / Effeminate Godzilla-Sized Windchimes / Self-Released* 22. Luke Doucet And The White Falcon / Steel City Trawler / Six Shooter 1 23. Siskiyou / Siskiyou / Constellation 1 24. The Gertrudes / Dawn Time Riot / Apple Crisp 1 25. Tears Run Rings / Distance / Clairecords 26. Eamon Mcgrath / Peace Maker / White Whale 1 27. Christina Martin / I Can Too / Come Undone* 28. Coil Sea / Coil Sea / Self-Released 29. Eric Cheneux / Warm Weather With Ryan Driver / Constellation 1 30. The Orpheans / Ellison’s Tomb Single / Neptoon 1 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.

Paul Hoffman


n the wee hours one morning in Toronto in 2006, four very talented Canadian musicians joined forces to form what many folks describe as their “new favorite band.” The DoneFors are a unique combination that has been described as roots-infused, exotic and dreamlike, and yet remain grounded in their folksy spirit. Fast-forward four years later, and you will be able to experience the DoneFors unique live performance skills on full display at Phog Lounge on Saturday, September 11. Their sound consists of bold lyrics, unpredictable arrangements, experiments in style combined with their extremely engaging live shows. This mixture of contemporary pop and their progressive folk sound results in the creation of what they like to refer to as “Canadian Vanguard — a musical expression that spans genres, stretches boundaries, and stays rooted in an instrument’s organic sound, all while offering up delicious ambiguity.”

The DoneFors consist of singersongwriter Janine Stoll (whose recent gorgeous solo release Melancholia received much critical acclaim), guitarist/songrwriter Paul MacDougall, bassist/songwriter Liam Smith (both of Juno-nominated Mr. Something-Something), and drummer/producer/engineer extraordinaire Brian Lahaie (Angie Nussey, SuperStack). The DoneFors’ first full-length album How to Have Sex with Canadians was released in early 2009 to great critical and fan reaction and proved to be a fantastic listen. It belongs in a special place amongst any indie rockers’ collection. Their past summer has been a whirlwind of activity, as they recount in their own words: “it’s been a feisty one. We’ve been resting up and working up readying ourselves for a fall full of studio time, video shoots, European and Canadian tour planning…the list goes on and on. Exciting things to come, and we can’t wait for you all to hear the new music that we’re making.” Janine Stoll recently toured with much-loved singer-

songwriter Karyn Ellis, and also got to share a microphone with famed Canadian songstress Sarah McLachlan when she sang backup on the song “Passenger 24” for Melissa McClelland at Toronto’s Lilith Fair. Liam Smith recently got to perform the song “Mr. Wendal” with Arrested Development at The Regina Folk Festival as well. These DoneFors look like they’re intending to be sticking around for a good, long time indeed. Currently, they are embarking on a tour while gearing up to record their follow-up release to be produced by João Carvalho and mixed by Michael Phillip Wojewoda. The album will be released in 2011, so stay tuned and be sure to check out this exceptionally talented, one-of-a-kind quartet live and in person, and join in on the joyfully unique experience that is the Canadian Vanguard.

compiled by

The DoneFors play Phog Lounge, Saturday, September 11th. Come early to catch openers, London, Ontario’s The Rheostats.

Murad Erzinclioglu

TUNE IN TO CJAM’S TOP 12 COUNTDOWN TUESDAY AT 7PM! album charts are arranged according to number of plays on CJAM 99.1FM in Windsor over a four (4) week period prior to the publishing of this issue. (1) denotes canadian artist,(y)denotes local artist.

WAMM issue 29 | september 2010  

The 29th issue of Windsor Arts and Music Monthly

WAMM issue 29 | september 2010  

The 29th issue of Windsor Arts and Music Monthly