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august 2010 | issue 28 Windsor Arts & Music Monthly (WAMM) is a free independent publication designed to keep you abreast of arts and culture in the Windsor area. Featuring music, visual arts, film, theatre, literature and beyond, WAMM is your guide for entertainment in Windsor. WAMM will grow & evolve with every issue and continue to answer the question; “What do you want to do tonight?” editor: stephen hargreaves copy editor: kate hargreaves contributors: murad erzinclioglu, kate hargreaves & stephen hargreaves visit us @ also find us on, at &

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Mirrors. The event is 19+, only ten bucks, kicks off at noon and features a little bit for everyone with a blend of folk, punk and rock with some hip hop for good measure.

glu rzinclio E d a r u Saturday, with M August 14th sees the two biggest


ometimes when I sit down to write the Windsor Scene I worry that I may not have enough news to tell you about. When I actually go through all of the event listings and album releases for the upcoming month, I laugh at myself for ever thinking such a thing. Windsor, Ontario is a Canadian independent music hub. Our city puts forth a tremendous amount of locally produced music and sees the best in touring independent acts from coast to coast. In this month’s column you’ll read about festivals, album releases, great local shows, visiting touring talent and that’s all just the tip of the iceberg.

Megadaze It’s not surprising to see multiple music events happening on the same day in the city. On any given Friday or Saturday night there are musicians in a variety of genres sharing their talents with audiences at venues throughout town. But every once in a while there’s a day that plays host to more than just one major event. There are two such occurrences this August.

one-day independent music festivals in the city all year... on the same day! We start with the 2nd annual Phog Phest. Just year ago Windsor’s music community collectively jumped for joy as the little venue that could was named ‘Canada’s Best Live Music Venue’ by CBC Radio 3. The celebration that followed shut down University Avenue and saw over fifteen local acts playing across two stages along with CBC imports Holy Fuck, The Arkells, and The Pack AD for a non-stop fourteen hour party. This year, the festival moves to the parking lot adjacent to Phog and sees one main stage, less bands and longer sets. But just because CBC isn’t footing the bill, don’t expect the touring talent not to be in the same caliber as last year’s heavyweights. Tom and Frank (Phog’s owners) have hand selected some of their favourite nationally touring talent from around the province to visit the Phest. Toronto’s The Mark Inside, Grand Analog and Lindy, Hamilton’s Young Rival, and London’s Raised By Swans play throughout the eleven hour event with local support from The Bulletproof Tiger, The Locusts Have No King, James O-L & The Villains and The Magic Hall of

More akin to last year’s Phog Phest, this summer’s Doomsday Festival happening from noon to midnight at The Blind Dog features a virtual cavalcade of heaviness, seeing forty (yes, forty) acts across three stages... This is the day of days for fans of hard rock. Thirty local acts will play the event with a great mix of scene veterans and emerging talents, notably the theatrical Vaudevillianaires, the technical Assassinate The Following as well as Hellraiser, a new hardcore act that’s been getting a very positive response as of late. The day also features the debut of four new local acts and a farewell performance from Desertion. On top of all that, Doomsday sees ten touring acts from the likes of the respected Shortline Hero and Odium as well as upstarts from the Niagara Region Modern Miniatures among others. This really is one of the biggest genre focused music events the city has seen in years and likely won’t be topped. Doomsday is an allages event with tickets going for $10 in advance and $15 at the door. Not as intense as the 14th, Saturday, August 21st also sees a bunch of great action on the same day. Psychedelic indie rockers Square Root Of Margaret release their latest offering What You See Is What You Get at the Phog Lounge with an opening performance from The Eric

Welton Band. Just down the alley, The Coach and Horses plays host to an album release on the heavier side of things. Local metal practitioners Final Stage unveil their new album, a collection of live recordings of the band from a performance at the Coach in late July. This will be Final

Stage’s third release since the band’s inception just five years ago. The third big show of the evening is happening at the Chubby Pickle when Montreal mathcore giants Ion Dissonance return to town. The last time Ion Dissonance played Windsor, fans were left reeling after a sold out show-stopping performance just a few months ago at the Blind Dog. The band returns finishing up the last leg of their current Canadian tour pushing a new album before they head to Europe for dates throughout September. Also on the bill you’ll hear music from The Last Felony, Starring Janet Leigh and the locally-based and always ear pleasing Sledgehammer, who have been spreading their wings with tour dates across the province in recent months. The Traveling Trombonist

Odario G. Williams of Grand Analog

Just two years ago Windsor’s most eclectic brass player, Steve Ward set his sights on further musical education and a career in Toronto. Since then, Ward has become a key cog in the gears of of Toronto’s independent jazz and experimental music scene, taking up residencies, booking talent for venues and forming new collaborations all while constantly

composing and improvising new music. This summer has seen Ward play the Toronto and Guelph Jazz Festivals respectively, as well as the renowned Hillside Festival. Ward has also left his mark all over Caribou’s Polaris Prize nominated album Swim and joins the band for a string of tour dates in the fall. If that doesn’t seem like enough, he’s been turning heads as a member of the new experimental avant-garde quartet Free Boat Rentals, whose debut album garnered the ‘Critics Pick’ at Toronto’s Now Magazine and was called “utterly hypnotic” by Exclaim. Catch Ward at Phog Lounge on Tuesday, August 17th as he makes a rare visit to Windsor with Free Boat Rentals and see what all the fuss is about.

Even More News! Windsor’s most prolific musician, Johnny West, is set to release a new two CD album entitled My Hellhound Crooked Heart which runs over two hours in length in his usual free physical format. West told us, “I was working on a different album entirely (an ambitious, years-in-themaking project I’ll hopefully still get around to finishing sometime this year), when suddenly I found myself writing some songs that were unusually catchy by my standards. I also found myself recording some things that went in the opposite direction, and were stranger and more experimental than anything I’d done in a while. I thought I would split the material into two separate albums, but quickly decided that would be a little too neat and tidy. So I thought I would just let

all the songs share the same bed, figuratively speaking.” West has also embarked on a new project that dwarves the work of this latest album, gathering together and creating artwork for over thirty past albums that Johnny feels did not see a “proper release”. The sheer quantity and quality of the work West puts out is nothing short of astounding. Not even thirty years old, West is now pushing towards almost 100 albums and with no sign of stopping or slowing down, this is the stuff of legend. www.johnnywestmusic.wordpress. com August sees even more new releases from local talent. Windsor’s one and only trip-hop songstress Perilelle bids a fond farewell to Windsor as she makes the move to Toronto, but soon returns with the release of her latest effort out on Detroit’s Exchange Bureau imprint (read more about Perilelle in this month’s feature article). David Russell, also known as Dee Russ is set for the release of a solo-singer songwriter EP available August 22nd. Russell, who was recently nominated for a Toronto Independent Music Award for his work with The Tree Streets, hits the road this month alongside Jamie Reaume (The Golden Eagles, Foreign Film Star) for a string of dates throughout Ontario and Quebec. Years of hard work and a dedication to live performance give these two musicians the ability to find continual success. Daniel Victor, mastermind behind the Juno-nominated Neverending White Lights, won’t see the release of his project’s third and final album for a few months yet, but the musician has taken this time in the calm before the storm to form a new collaboration completely outside his usual creative realm. Victor teams

with rapper J Diggz for a track called This Time on the MC’s latest effort. Victor said in his blog, “I performed all the music on it myself and sang on the choruses. It’s new territory for me as I’ve not worked in the hip-hop genre yet, but I think it’s a strong piece and I wanted to share it with you.” Stay tuned for for more news on NWL in coming month but check out the new track until then.

later the band released a DVD of their performance at the epic Luxury Christ reunion in December 2008. This time around the band has enlisted the help of Adam Michalchuk (Sturgeon Studio) and Mark Planke (Shartank Productions) to take on production duties to allow the band to focus on song writing as

We finish up this month’s Windsor Scene with an opportunity for you, the

fans, to be a part of a big DVD shoot happening on Friday, August 13th at The Loop. Just two short years ago local indie art rock band ASK (formerly known as Another Saturday Knight) made a splash in the Windsor music scene with the release of their self-produced, self-titled album. Month’s

they actively redefine themselves for their sophomore album, Future Communication. Unlike the last DVD, this one will accompany the album at

its release this fall, which means it needs to be shot this summer. Be at The Loop at 10pm sharp to catch a sneak peek live performance of the new effort in its entirety. Years Of Earnest, a great new folk rock act, also plays, giving the members of ASK a break before they play a second set composed of songs from the first release as well as covers of some of the band’s favourite tunes. Be a part of the cheering crowd and you might just see yourself in the video. www.myspace. com/askwindsor

genre spanning collaborations? There’s an app’ for that: J Diggz & Daniel Victor

girls on wheels -roller derby hits windsor


attooed girls in fishnets on roller skates beating the crap out of each other: mention roller derby to many people, and this is the image that comes to mind. Perhaps, if they are on the more mature side of 50, they might remember watching a different kind of derby on TV in the 1960s and ‘70s. However, both these impressions do a great contemporary roller derby This is not your grandma’s derby, nor is it just an excuse to watch hot girls have a catfight on wheels. Roller derby is a sport, and a legitimate one at that. The women who skate in its leagues are powerful athletes, and while derby definitely has a great sense of humour, it is balanced with the fact that bouts can be just as tense, heart-pounding, and dangerous as any rugby or football match. Contemporary derby combines campy costumes, punny alter-ego skater names (Killvia Plath, Alison Chains, Penelope Bruz, you get the idea) and a DIY grassroots spirit with a definite athleticism. The roller revival, which took place about a decade ago starting in the Southern United States, has spread across North America, and Europe, where hundreds of leagues like the London Rockin Rollers or the L.A. Derby Dolls have exploded in popularity. For those who aren’t familiar with the sport, here’s a very quick rundown of how it works: most leagues are run by the skaters for the skaters, in a DIY kind of way. A league usually has several teams, generally but not always all female, that participate in “bouts” or matches against one another and sometimes a travel team that hits (literally) other cities. The basic premise is that five players from each team take to a circular track, and try to score points. There’s no ball involved, no baskets, and no sticks, just women on skates ready to throw or take a hit for their team. Each team’s “jammer,” the one who scores the points, has to lap as many opposing team members as she can within a set time, while the other players on each team try their best to literally get in the way of that happening. It does get a bit more complicated, but that should make it clear that derby is a fast-paced, hard-hitting full-contact sport that is a blast to watch and, depending on your tolerance for bruises, even more fun to play. With the extremely successful Detroit Derby Girls league across the river, and popular leagues in Toronto, Hamilton, and even London, Ontario, it is surprising that an industrial city like Windsor, with a bit of a tough reputation, hasn’t become a major stop on the derby circuit. With the emergence of Border City Brawlers, Windsor’s very own roller derby league, this is set to change very soon. Windsorite Holly Brush recalls chatting with friend and former Unique Rabbit proprietor Brandi Myles about starting a derby league months ago. “We kept in touch about it, and had planned to start

getting out there to skate,” says Brush, who became interested in roller derby after watching bouts on the internet. However, nothing got Windsor rolling until derby girl Hooligal arrived in town. “[Hooligal] has been skating for many years in roller derby teams in Hamilton and London (U.K.), and now that she has relocated, she has joined the Detroit team,” explains Brush. “Thanks to her and the experience and knowledge she possesses, she made arrangements to help us get one started here in Windsor.” Hooligal got started in derby after watching A&E’s Rollergirls series, which follows all the action in Texas roller derby. “I’ve always roller skated, and the sport really appealed to me,” she says, “so I joined Hammercity [Hamilton’s derby league] in May 2006 and never looked back.” This appeal, for Hooligal, came not just from the athletic aspects of the sport, but from the community that comes with it. “Besides being involved in a really aggressive challenging sport,” she explains, noting that hitting people is always fun, “having this network of amazing and outspoken women from all over the globe has been my favourite. If you’re a rollergirl, you have a friend in any city that has a league. The community is really quite something!” Ash Hol, who met Hooligal through a mutual friend, is another Border City Brawler helping to push the league through its start-up stages. Hol found out about derby when she watched Whip It, Drew Barrymore’s recent roller derby film. The major motion picture was not only written and directed by women, but starred an almost all-female cast including Ellen Page, Juliette Lewis, and even some Detroit Derby girls, who make up a lot of the skating presence in the on-track action scenes. “After that…my mind was set,” says Hol. Hol laced up and headed over to Detroit for Derby U training, only to find the time and money involved in crossing the border to practice too demanding. “I knew I wanted to join derby and attending Derby U only made me more interested,”she says. When Hol met Hooligal, who started up the Border City Brawlers Facebook group and arranged the first meeting, things truly started rolling. “At our first meeting, the shared excitement was contagious,” says Hol. “Anyone walking into the room would have been interested in what was going on.” With BCB only three meetings into planning the league, Windsorites who want to get in on the excitement should do so, even if they’re feeling a little wobbly. “Many of us haven’t been on skates in years, if at all,” Brush reassures. “Practicing staying up and balance is where we are at at this point.” Hooligal adds that “right now the league is young,” but that just means there is lots of time for practice! “We’re getting a lot of girls up on skates,” she explains. “We will train them to skate, fall safely, and learn the rules of the game. I expect hard training during the winter will create well-rounded skilled teams for a debut season spring 2011.”

Being a Border City Brawler means embracing our proximity to an amazing derby league across the border. “Being so close to Detroit is a bonus as we can have girls and coaches come over and whip us into shape,” says Brush. That means that all interested should lace up regardless of skill level. “We are currently recruiting women who are interested in skating,” says Brush. While men won’t be allowed to skate for a team in the league, they are certainly welcome in other capacities. BCB needs “score keepers, refs, photographers, graphic designers, to only name a few.” There is also a junior league for girls 13-18, the Betty Rebels, trying to start up as well, and they will be combining efforts with the Brawlers to get derby rolling in Windsor. “Windsor is ready for roller derby, and roller derby is ready for Windsor,” says Hol, “in the sense that Windsor is in dire need of something new that could bring excitement and entertainment to Windsorites.” Brush agrees, adding, “I think being a border city and a distance from Toronto and Hamilton and such makes us a prime candidate for the need to get one up and running here. I think it would benefit the city as well as having lots of women out there who want to get active, meet new people, and participate in a fun sport.” “Everywhere should have a roller derby team if there are people interested in joining it,” says Hooligal. “Windsor can also always use cheap entertainment outside of hockey season as well. Roller derby caters to all kinds of people and has a very wide and diverse fanbase.” Before Windsor can get the benefits of its very own roller derby league, BCB needs a little help getting to its feet. The league currently has no practice space for the winter (when arenas ice over their surfaces), and is asking anyone who knows a good place to skate like a gym or a hall (30 metres by 15 metres minimum) to contact them. “Our future holds many fundraisers and special events in order to raise money to get a practice space and other necessities for the league,” explains Hol. “Getting sponsors is also very important to the league.” BCB is also looking for a logo. Any artists who would love to see their design on BCB merch should check out the Brawlers’ Facebook page for details. “I think it’s also a plus for all the different businesses downtown and around Windsor/Essex County to get involved with the derby,” says Brush. “We need places to skate, places to hold meetings, fundraisers and such. It can only be a win win for everyone!” For now, if you are interested in becoming a Border City Brawler derby girl, or volunteer (18+ to skate or volunteer please!), or supporting and being a fan, check out or join for all the updates on practices, meetings, and special events. Fishnets optional.


ith Windsor establishments garnering once again national attention accolades bringing attention to our little border city, WAMM is once again giving you the reader the chance to recognise your favourite spots the city has to offer. Give props to your amazing hairdresser, and shout out to the curry that makes your eyes water. Tell us where you buy your bread and where you spend it. Give kudos to comic shops, and big ups to blogs. In short, share your picks for the best of everything in Windsor with WAMM in our second annual reader’s survey. Vote on-line from the ninth through the twenty-seventh on our blog at to make sure your favourites take home the titles of the best in Windsor.

Best Shawarma: _________________

Best Place to Buy Produce: ________

Best Patio: _____________________


Best Pizza: _____________________

Best Men’s Clothier: ______________

Best Public Art Gallery: ____________

Best Vegetarian: _________________

Best Woman’s Clothier: ___________

Best Commercial Art Gallery: _______

Best Café: _____________________

Best Hair Salon: _________________


Best Curry:_____________________

Best Cosmetic Counter: ___________

Best Local Author: _______________

Best Burger:____________________

Best Spa: ______________________

Best Sandwiches: ________________

Best Vintage Clothing Store: _______

Best Radio Station: _______________

Best Breakfast: __________________


Best Local Blog: _________________

Best Place for a Cheap Date: _______

Best Antique Shop: _______________

Best Locally Made Booze: _________

2009): _________________________

Best Band: _____________________

Best Local Winery: _______________

The results will appear in our September issue!

Best Food at 3am: _______________

Best Songwriter: _________________

Best Locally Made Product: ________

Best Bakery: ____________________

Best Place to Dance: _____________


Best Live Music Venue: ___________

Best Neighbourhood to Live: _______

Best Book Shop: ________________

Best Club DJ: ___________________


Best Comic Shop: _______________

Best Open Mic: __________________

Best Yoga Studio: ________________

Best Music Shop (CDs, LPs, etc.):

Best Bartender: _________________

Best Place for a Walk: ____________


Best Pick-Up Bar: ________________


Best Music Shop (Instruments):

Best Dive Bar: __________________

Best escape without leaving town:


Best Beer Selection: ______________



Best New Restaurant (since August


magine if Windsor were to host a family-friendly festival boasting two multi-platinum, Grammynominated recording artists, three of the country’s top comedians, world-renowned DJs, acclaimed touring bands, live theatre, a wine tour, a parade and a string of associated events including bowling and barbeques, all wrapped up in one week. Surely, the entire city would be there at a festival diverse enough to cater to virtually every taste and any age. Dearest Windsor, you are in luck. Such a festival is not just a dream. In fact, it’s happening right now. Unfortunately, many Windsorites don’t plan on attending. When WAMM hit the streets to ask the people of Windsor if they would attend a festival featuring the massive list of events listed above, every last one said they would. That is, until we told them that the event was the 2010 Windsor Pride Festival. We asked the same people on the street if they still would attend, knowing that the festival in question is Windsor Pride, at which point our 100% attendance dropped a staggering 80% leaving just two in ten keen on admittance. Yet, when we asked why, not one person of the 16 who changed their minds upon learning the festival’s ID said, “Oh, I’m just a massive homophobic bigot,

Best Wine List: __________________

• •

advancement of social justice education freedom from prejudice, discrimination, hatred and harm

stephen hargreaves

irrationally harbouring intolerance and animosity toward those who may be different than me.” Strange. Perhaps the problem is, as it is so often, lack of education, and with acronyms like “LGBTTIQQ2SA” it is understandable that Pride, at first, can be…well, un-understandable. First thing’s first, what does LGBTTIQQ2SA stand for? The world’s fastest growing acronym grew from LGBT to the ten letter, one number, encompassing

initialism used today, stands for: Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transsexual, Transgender, Intersex, Queer, Questioning, 2 Spirit and Ally, and while it takes up prime real-estate on Twitter, it offers anyone with an open mind one of 11 characters to call their own. Despite what some may think when conjuring up the idea of a ‘gay festival,’ Pride is a family-friendly event, which slides education in amongst the festivities. What parent wouldn’t

want the values of the Pride committee stitched into the moral fabric of their children? •

• • • •

every human being respected equally, regardless of social status mutual respect and mutual support human diversity and the free expression of individuality open minds and open hearts social change for the

Perhaps it is the irrational fear that strikes many straight men when confronted by homosexuality that prevents them from enjoying a day of good food and music on a beautiful day at the river. Don’t fear. As a straight man who has attended Pride for years, I can assure you, you won’t catch ‘gay,’ nor will you be likely to develop an insatiable desire to sing the hits of the Scissor Sisters at karaoke nights. The reality is, as in heterosexuals, the vast majority of homosexuals, while proud; do not define themselves by their sexual orientation, and outside of Pride would not cast a blip on your ‘gaydar.’ Though for one week, lesbians, gays and the rest of the aforementioned acronym wave a flag and have a party, so that amongst the dancing, drinking and festivities you may see your mechanic, doctor, teacher, shop keeper or chef sporting a rainbow and having a big day out. I implore you to join in, because despite the fact that gay rights have come a long way, there is still a long road ahead and I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised who you will meet along the way. Hop on the bus, there is room, you can be straight, just not narrow.

words: kate hargreaves | photo: cristina naccarato


n March 2009, WAMM leaked news of the upcoming release of Perilelle aka Stephanie Copeland’s fulllength album A Fog Like This. The record, which was set to boast guest appearances from the likes of Kero and FURS, was slated for release that spring. Sean McLeod’s video for “Damages,” the album’s lead-off single, won the WAMM 2009 Windsor music video contest. The text at the end of the video also told audiences to expect the album release in the spring. Later that year, in October, Jamie Greer reported in WAMM’s Windsor Scene that A Fog Like This would be ready before Christmas. Readers with electronic music fans on their holiday shopping lists breathed a collective sigh of relief. In November, Greer reassured readers that A Fog Like This would be available sometime during December 2009. December came and went, and on several more occasions over the course of the following year, WAMM continued to confirm and retract reports that A Fog Like This was indeed being released...soon. After teasing Windsor’s music faithful for a year and half, WAMM is now very pleased to report that A Fog Like This will finally be available for your listening pleasure this month. All the delays have only served to build up anticipation further for this album from one of Windsor’s most innovative and talented musical acts. Perilelle’s dark electronic beats, overlaid with Copeland’s almost ethereal vocals transcend the live setting where most Windsor music goers are used to hearing her. For those wondering what took so long, give the album a listen. Copeland is a clear perfectionist,

and with A Fog Like This, she has somehow managed to distill the atmospheric air of her live shows into a set of tracks that are both tightly performed and produced, without ever falling flat. “The cause of the delay was numerous,” she explains, “a general lack of interest about a year in. I hit a bit of a wall and shoved it aside. A hard drive crash, a heavy party lifestyle, a break up, things you would think would help me in the writing process. I thought at one point I would never finish this. It wasn’t until I cut out a few things that I finally listened to the work again and had to.” These ups and downs of life did

Copeland started making music as a child when she received a keyboard from her father that was a bit more primitive than the gear she is working with now. “My first memory of making my own music was when my dad bought us a a Casiotone keyboard with all the beat banks and tone banks,” she remembers. “My sisters and I would hammer on that all day long then show our parents what we made. We would also record them onto [my older sister] Liz’s three-cassette recorder. Later my mom put me in singing lessons, and then eventually I wanted my own guitar. The collection of musical instruments and gear began to build from there.”

All this was made even better by a little help from her friends. A Fog Like This is a veritable who’s who of Windsor’s electronic music community. “Kero was an intricate part in developing a glitchier sound when he would bring over his obscure machines,” says Copeland, adding, “I still don’t know what they were.” Kero also contributed beats to tracks “Who Am I To Complain?” and “Count Down from 7.” Copelamd also enlisted Stephen Surlin aka FURS to help mix up the sound. “There are two songs on the album that FURS tore to shreds in the best possible way,” says Copeland. “They are punchy and thick and I

I wasn’t necessarily drawing inspiration from the music I was listening to while creating the album, more from life struggles and my relationships.” - steph copeland

give Copeland inspiration for some tracks on A Fog Like This. “I wasn’t necessarily drawing inspiration from the music I was listening to while creating the album, more from life struggles and my relationships,” she explains, including “the difficulty of dealing with addictions. I touched on all of those in the album.” While you might not hear her musical influences on A Fog Like This, Copeland says she was listening to Portishead, the Knife, Hot Chip, TV on the Radio, Justice, and Michael Jackson during the time she was recording the album.

Windsor music fans likely remember Copeland from her previous project Portia, a three piece with Eric Arner and Shane Miersch. “Perilelle began when I was living in LA after touring with 6:Dirty (Detroit) in 2002. [My previous releases] Debut (2003) and Part Time (2005) are under the name,” says Copeland. “I began working on A Fog Like This in the end of 2007. It began as a mish mash of experiments with new gear and styles that began to bloom and by the end of 2008 I knew that I was going for a beefier album, content and production-wise.”

am floored by what he did.” Her former Portia bandmate Eric Arner wrote some of the melodies on “Old Notes,” and Copeland picked up beats from Seth Weiner, who also mixed one of the tracks based on a vocal Copeland came up with. Detroit’s DJ Sinnistarr and John Krdu also appear on the album, and finally, Espleece collaborated with Copeland on “We Can’t See.” “[It is] just about my favourite track on the album,” she says. “He gave me the beat and I added the synths and vox.” Copeland’s collaborations draw from the best of what Windsor and

Detroit has to offer in electronic music. “I think the Windsor music scene is phenomenal. Thanks to venues like Phog, FM lounge, and Milk, people have a place to see amazing bands and talent,” she says. “It’s hard to believe that in a city of 200,000 plus, there can be so much raw talent.” Perilelle has been known to collaborate in the arts scene outside of music in Windsor. Her music video collaboration with Sean McLeod was followed up by a second success this year with Jerrod Ferris, whose video came in the top three in the 2010 Windsor Music Video contest. Keep a lookout for two more videos off A Fog Like This to appear in the coming months. From Portia to Perilelle, and now to something new, Steph Copeland always seems to be driving toward the next project. Copeland, who has recently moved from Windsor to Toronto, is already looking at pushing her music in a different direction. “I am starting a small project that is a bit more instrument driven this time around,” she says. “A little pop mixed with ‘40s-style love songs…or hate songs. It’s on the dark side but you have to discover it. It’s going to be very different from what you are used to. There will be some electronic elements but you won’t know it at first.” __________ For now, you can still catch Perilelle at the album release for A Fog Like This. Always keeping us on our toes, and true to form, moments before this issue of WAMM went to print, Copeland informed us that her album release party, originally scheduled for late August, will now take place September 17th at Phog Lounge. Regardless, A Fog Like This will be available in stores and on iTunes on the 15th of August...she promises.

oglu ncli Erzi d a r é Mu

Rose City Sessions

Vol.3 - Kero &

Derek Cerovski


ose City Sessions is a multimedia endeavour that aims to create live documentations of Windsor’s finest musicians and artists. The idea was originally conceived by James O-L, a graduate of visual arts at the University Of Windsor and well-known in the local scene for his musical stylings along with his bandmates as the leader of James O-L & The Villains. O-L was looking to continue recording live acts after working with Death or Comber to record their one and only full length album and recording his own latest album as well as teaming up with What Seas What Shores for their upcoming 7-inch.

But why just stop at audio recordings? The idea was proposed to pair each featured musician with an equally talented visual artist and to film the process as well. The idea was developing and when Eric Boucher, another graduate at the University of Windsor but in communications, was brought on board, the core crew was complete. Along with Murad Erzinclioglu (acting in a producer/writer role) the team set out to release free monthly content via the internet and shine a light on the acts and artists they mutually feel make our cultural community the vibrant one it is. Rose City Sessions has an extensive revolving door crew which includes talented local creators Shounak Ganguly, Bohdan Pidskalny, Cristina Naccarato, Mathew Morand and Christina Ienna among others who help to make this zero budget ambition a reality. The project’s 3rd session was recorded at Kero’s studio on Riverside Avenue with the artwork of Derek Cerovski (DC) setting the backdrop. It will be a true juxtaposition of art and music, with Kero exclusively working in the digital realm and DC staunchly analog in his process. To this day the two talents have never met, yet Kero had an older piece of DC’s hanging on his wall (a gift from a friend), a coincidence to say the least. Or maybe its not coincidence; both artists have been working within the local scene for almost fifteen years and are respected amongst their peers as some of the city’s great creative minds. DC delved into art as a senior in high school; from there he went on to the University of Windsor where he studied a wide array of visual arts including photography and painting as well as a focus on lithography, which gave him the knowledge of the use of negative and positive space that make his works so recognizable. After graduating, DC began putting forth a great amount of work

at seasonal shows seeing him display his works with fellow Windsor artists George Rizok and the Stephen ‘Earl’ Nilsson. Over five years the three became a triumvirate of the downtown independent art scene seeing a great amount of success. Since 2005, DC has been pacing his work out, putting on one solo show a year. DC would admittedly like to have more exhibitions but often sells his works too quickly to make that possible. Most recently DC has been creating paintings in a layered process. Appropriating iconic images from postcards, newsprint and magazines as well as his personal archive of 35mm black and white photography, he uses them to make hand-made stencils and uses those stencils as a framework for his talents with a brush. DC is an offline analog artist who creates pieces in a variety of mediums and styles. You won’t find a website or blog, no facebook or flickr account, no twitter, no, not with DC; if you want to experience his work you have to do it in the real world. Sohail Azad (Kero) got his start in music around the mid-nineties DJing at parties throughout Detroit. After high school he went on to study 3-d animation at the Internationally respected College for Creative Studies. In 1999, Kero saw the release of his debut album but it wasn’t until 2001 when the taste-making label Shitkatapult brought Kero on board as a key player in their German network of underground electronic musicians. In Germany, Kero worked to create a myriad of music and made good use of his studies at CCS setting up video art installations across the country. When Kero returned home in 2003 he started his own label, Detroit Underground (Detund), that took advantage of the connections he made in Germany. The label’s first release included tracks from acclaimed electronic artists Modeselektor and Richard Devine as well as Kero himself. Now seven years old, Detund looks towards its fourteenth release this September. But that’s not all Kero has been doing over the past few years: check out his profile on He’s seen over forty releases on various international record labels. On top of that, Kero continues to push the borders of electronic music with his IDM style created on extremely limited boutique music technologies. Kero is ahead of the curve in almost every way, from his multi-faceted web integration, his design of music software interfacing and his research and development with various music technology companies, Kero has an understanding of music that few share. Connect to more media about Kero & Derek Cerovski at: [CORRECTION: Last Month’s Photo was not credited to Cristina Naccarato. Sincerest apologies.]

listings Burn the Path w/ From A Tyrant, Cyreene & Devils by Definition Coach & Horses

Open Mic w/ Mike Hargreaves Milk


Divas Las Vegas starring Frank Marin Caesars Windsor

Toast & Jam The Whiskey

Mychildren Mybride w/ Immanuel, Burn The Path & Amass These Souls Blind Dog

Lonesome Lefty FM Lounge




LIVE MUSIC _________________________

LIVE MUSIC ________________________ MONDAYS



Matt & Charlie from Sauce Funky The Manchester

Open Mic The Whiskey



Open Mic w/ Andrew MacLeod The Dominion House

Open Mic w/ Andrew MacLeod The Dominion House

The Last Trio (7-9) Mr.Chill & Greg Cox (9-12) FM Lounge

The Last Trio (7-9) Mr.Chill & Greg Cox (9-12) FM Lounge

Magic Hall of Mirrors w/ James O-L & the Villains, Mourning Star (Formerly Black Unicorn), The Hung Jury & George Manury The Manchester

Matt & Charlie from Sauce Funky The Manchester

Matt & Charlie from Sauce Funky The Manchester

Tony Bennett Caesars Windsor

Open Mic w/ Stephanie Sarafianos The Mill

Open Mic w/ Stephanie Sarafianos The Mill

Open Mic w/ Jamie Reaume Twig & Berries

Open Mic w/ Jamie Reaume Twig & Berries

L&M Jam Night FM Lounge THURSDAYS Huladog FM Lounge Jackie Robitaille & Sara Fontaine The Gourmet Emporium Daren Dobsky The Manchester Open Mic w/ Mike Hargreaves Milk Toast & Jam The Whiskey Lonesome Lefty Mick’s Irish Pub SATURDAYS Jamie Reaume The Manchester Lonesome Lefty FM Lounge SUNDAYS Open Mic FM Lounge

SABIN w/ Hunter Valentine & Shawnee Riverfront Festival Plaza Open Mic FM Lounge

Daren Dobsky The Manchester Open Mic w/ Mike Hargreaves Milk Toast & Jam The Whiskey FRIDAY 6 Fozzy w/ The Vaudevillianaires Blind Dog Deko-Ze Rulz The Decks with Aboudi Issa Boom Boom Room T.H.S.M.M. w/ Pitch Union, Pigeon Park & The Set Coach & Horses Kenneth MacLeod and the Windsor Salt Band Phog Lounge

Summer “Sizzle” Dance Party Sofonda Cox W/ DJ Jamal, DJ Lynda Carter, DJ Kevin Bailey, DJ & Robin Yap Young Riverfront Festival Plaza

Open Mic w/ Stephanie Sarafianos The Mill Open Mic w/ Jamie Reaume Twig & Berries

MONDAY 23 Open Mic w/ Tara Watts Phog Lounge Open Mic w/ Clinton Hammond The Manchester Open Mic The Whiskey


Windsor Reggae Festival: Cobra w/ Spice, King Fabuloso Black Latino, Auresia, Jah Mikes, Jules, Visionary, Mr.Cooper, AM Band & Jimmy Reid Riverfront Festival Plaza

Open Mic w/ Mike Hargreaves Milk Toast & Jam The Whiskey

The Ginn Sisters Phog Lounge

The Last Trio (7-9) Mr.Chill & Greg Cox (9-12) FM Lounge

Hammerdown w/Gypsy Chief Goalith & Reasons Lost Coach & Horses



Matt & Charlie from Sauce Funky The Manchester

Big Sugar, Thornley & more Tecumseh Park

Monique Belanger Moisenko Coach & Horses

Drinkin’ Singin’ Swingin’ Tribute to the Rat Pack Caesars Windsor

MONDAY 9 Open Mic w/ Tara Watts Phog Lounge Open Mic w/ Clinton Hammond The Manchester Open Mic The Whiskey TUESDAY 10 This City Defects Phog Lounge Open Mic w/ Andrew MacLeod The Dominion House

Open Mic w/ Stephanie Sarafianos The Mill

Sydney Blu with Abdul Boom Boom Room Lonesome Lefty FM Lounge

Mesrine Coach & Horses Beware! The Leopard Phog Lounge THURSDAY 19 She Roars! Phog Lounge Huladog FM Lounge Jackie Robitaille & Sara Fontaine The Gourmet Emporium Daren Dobsky The Manchester

Art of Eating Festival: Gem w/ The Junction & Big Wiggle Tecumseh Riverfront Park Keek w/ Frontiers Saturday Phog Lounge

Open Mic w/ Jamie Reaume Twig & Berries

Jamie Reaume The Manchester



Mountains and the Trees w/ The Wilderness of Manitoba Saturday Phog Lounge

Windsor Reggae Festival: Mello Man w/ Pricess Anla, Kwesise Lassie, Friendlyness and the Human Rights Band, Frankie Paul & House Band Riverfront Festival Plaza

Art of Eating Festival: The Alan Penner Quartet w/ Trish Wales, Huladog, Kenneth MacLeod & The Windsor Salt Band, Six Degrees, Black Orchid & Wilson Acevedo & Cache Tecumseh Riverfront Park

Open Mic FM Lounge

Lonesome Lefty FM Lounge


Final Stage (CD release) Coach & Horses

Mares of Thrace Coach & Horses

SATURDAY 7 George Manury (9am, yes that’s ‘am’) Downtown Market

Phog Phest 2: The Bulletproof Tiger w/ Grand Analog, James O-L and The Villains, Lindy, The Locusts Have No King, The Magic Hall of Mirrors, The Mark Inside, Raised By Swans & Young Rival Phog Lounge

Open Mic FM Lounge

Doomsday Festival: The Vaudevillianaires w/ Edge of Existence,The King & Queens, Hammerdown, Enemy Of Silence, Gypsy Chief Goliath, Immanuel, Yours To Call, Anu Beginning, Gunsmith, The Big Dirty, Pomegranite Tiger, Whats Left, Desertion, After Ashes, Weapon Of Choice, Mistrial, Burn The Path, Reasons Lost, Hellraiser, Cyreene, Assassinate The Following, As Night Falls Silent, Perpetuate, Found Unconcious, Lifeboat, Trajectory, Today I Caught The Plague, Centuries Apart, Call The Calvary, Juggernaut, Shortline Hero, Odium & more Blind Dog


Jackie Robitaille & Sara Fontaine The Gourmet Emporium

Art of Eating Festival: Pabalate Jazz Trio w/ Silent Auction Winners, Dixon Violin, Tara Watts & Locusts Have No King Tecumseh Riverfront Park

Jamie Reaume The Manchester

Open Mic The Whiskey

Huladog FM Lounge

Free Boat Rentals Phog Lounge

The Last Trio (7-9) Mr.Chill & Greg Cox (9-12) FM Lounge

Open Mic w/ Clinton Hammond The Manchester

Kenneth MacLeod & Associates The Dominion House


ASK (DVD shoot) w/ Two fro the Cascade & dj Stephen Hargreaves The Loop

Open Mic w/ Clinton Hammond The Manchester



FRIDAY 13 Pigeon Park Phog Lounge

Open Mic w/ Tara Watts Phog Lounge

Clay Aiken and Ruben Studdard Caesars Windsor

Jamie Reaume The Manchester

Open Mic w/ Andrew MacLeod The Dominion House

Open Mic w/ Tara Watts Phog Lounge

Open Mic The Basement (U of W)

omega crom Coach & Horses

Open Mic The Whiskey

THURSDAY 12 Huladog FM Lounge Jackie Robitaille & Sara Fontaine The Gourmet Emporium Daren Dobsky The Manchester

Open Mic w/ Tara Watts Phog Lounge Open Mic w/ Clinton Hammond The Manchester


Pistol George Warren Phog Lounge Randy Travis Caesars Windsor

TUESDAY 24 Open Mic w/ Andrew MacLeod The Dominion House The Last Trio (7-9) Mr.Chill & Greg Cox (9-12) FM Lounge Matt & Charlie from Sauce Funky The Manchester Open Mic w/ Stephanie Sarafianos The Mill Open Mic w/ Jamie Reaume Twig & Berries WEDNESDAY 25

Huladog FM Lounge Jackie Robitaille & Sara Fontaine The Gourmet Emporium Daren Dobsky The Manchester Open Mic w/ Mike Hargreaves Milk Toast & Jam The Whiskey FRIDAY 27 Darren Eedens Coach & Horses Indie Dance Fridays (dj Stephen Hargreaves) The Loop SATURDAY 28 Big Wheel and the Spokes Phog Lounge

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Punkapalooza Blind Dog Legends in Concert Caesars Windsor Jamie Reaume The Manchester Lonesome Lefty FM Lounge

SATURDAY 14 The Taming of the Shrew Theatre Windsor SUNDAY 15 The Taming of the Shrew Theatre Windsor

Historic Site (Amherstburg) SUNDAY 29 Coloured Pencil Landscapes Art Gallery of Windsor

SUNDAY 30 Open Mic FM Lounge MONDAY 30 Open Mic w/ Tara Watts Phog Lounge Open Mic w/ Clinton Hammond The Manchester Open Mic The Whiskey


ARTS _________________________

Open Mic w/ Andrew MacLeod The Dominion House


The Princess Bride (screening) Pelissier & Chatham St. downtown Windsor

Open Mic w/ Jamie Reaume Twig & Berries

Sundays in the Studio: Windchimes Art Gallery of Windsor



TUESDAY 3 Closet Mackenzie Hall

Sundays in the Studio: Self Portraits Art Gallery of Windsor WEDNESDAY 18


Japanese Stab Binding Art Gallery of Windsor

Closet Mackenzie Hall


FRIDAY 6 Closet Mackenzie Hall Windsor Pride Festival 2010: Comedy Night Out w/ Richard Ryder and guests Riverfront Festival Plaza

Masterworks Southwest (reception) Art Gallery of Windsor SUNDAY 22 Sundays in the Studio: Printmaking and Stab Binding Art Gallery of Windsor



Closet Mackenzie Hall

Plexiglas still life painting Art Gallery of Windsor



The Taming of the Shrew Theatre Windsor

The Pink Ribbon Fashion Show Serbian Center

FRIDAY 13 The Taming of the Shrew Theatre Windsor

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Artist Trading Cards Art Gallery of Windsor

Open Mic w/ Stephanie Sarafianos The Mill



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Dave Kant is a Fucking Sellout Art Show (begins) Phog Lounge


Matt & Charlie from Sauce Funky The Manchester



BobArt (begins) Milk

The Last Trio (7-9) Mr.Chill & Greg Cox (9-12) FM Lounge

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SATURDAY 28 Art by the River Fort Malden National


Ron Leary / Dependent Arising / Bootbrush 1 y

2. Daniel Romano / Workin’ For The Music Man / You’ve Changed 1 3. Foals / Total Life Forever / Sub Pop 4. Stars / The Five Ghosts / Soft Revolution 1 5. Fortunately Everything Dies / Horror / self-released 1 y 6. Konono No.1 / Assume Crash Position / Crammed Discs 7. Wolf Parade / Expo 86 / Sub Pop 1 8. Tame Impala / Innerspeaker / Modular 9. R.E.M. / Fables Of The Reconstruction (re-issue) / Warner 10. Tokyo Police Club / Champ / Dine Alone 1 11. Fol Chen / Part II: The New December / Asthmatic Kitty 12. Various / From The Tank / Shark Tank Productions 1 y 13. Thomas / Self Help / self-released 1 14. Jake And The Leprechauns / At Midnight, The Birdsong / Landlocked 1 15. Forest City Lovers / Carriage / Out Of This Spark 1 16. Bishop Morocco / Bishop Morocco / Hand Drawn Dracula 1 17. Brian Dunn / Examining The Fallout / Cosmic Dave’s Record Factory 1 18. The Birthday Cakes / Expansion Pack / Ladyboy 1 19. Philippe Petit and Friends / A Scent Of Garambrosia / Aagoo 20. Casiokids / Topp Stemning Pa Lokal Bar / Polyvinyl 21. Kathryn Calder / Are You My Mother? / File Under: Music 1 22. D-Sisive / Vaudeville / Urbnet 1 23. Sarah Harmer / Oh Little Fire / Universal 1 24. The Gaslight Anthem / American Slang / Side OneDummy 25. Play Guitar / Shields and Don’t Worry About Death / Noyes 1 26. Lee Ritenour / 6 String Theory / Concord 27. Five Alarm Funk / Anything Is Possible / self-released 1 28. Mid Pines / Unmeasure / self-released 1 29. Frazey Ford / Obadiah / Nettwerk 1 30. Calibro 35 / Ritornano Quelli Di... Calibro 35 / Nublu compiled by

Chris White

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the August 2010 issoe of Windsor Arts and Music Monthly


the August 2010 issoe of Windsor Arts and Music Monthly