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I april 2010 | issue 24 Windsor Arts & Music Monthly (WAMM) is a free independent publication designed to keep you abreast of arts and culture in the Windsor area. Featuring music, visual arts, film, theatre, literature and beyond, WAMM is your guide for entertainment in Windsor. WAMM will grow & evolve with every issue and continue to answer the question; “What do you want to do tonight?” editor: stephen hargreaves copy editor: kate hargreaves contributors: murad erzinclioglu, tom lucier, leonard thomas, david konstantino & stephen hargreaves design: stephen hargreaves visit us @ also find us on, at &

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mage is everything” a quote, so good that it has entered the realm of cliché, yet so inaccurate that, despite my best ‘Googling’ and attempts at the Oxford Dictionary of Quotations, none lays claim to the phrases ownership. For today’s lesson let us error on the side of fashion.

The “look” of a band, group or soloist in the post grunge days is a tender subject. If one puts in an effort, they are judged, unheard, to be like a ’94 Chevrolet Cavalier with flames and an large aluminium spoiler, “all show and no go.” While the shoe-gazing look of many indie-bands may be easy, it can look a bit lazy and a touch passé. I will hold my self from letting this issue evolve into a repeat of fashion issue of February 2010 and resist making fashion tips to bands, but most every promoter, booking agent, club owner or possessor of a similar job title will look then listen. Judge not lest ye be judged, unless you are trying to book a gig. No one uses as a social networking hub anymore, but MySpace is still a vital promotional tool for the web-savvy musician, and in 2010 you must at the very least be on MySpace. Most promoters who book at clubs and venues across the country know MySpace and use it, usually just to listen to the first 30 seconds of two or three of your songs before they decide if you’ll take 40 minutes on their stage. Additionally, as these gatekeepers on the road to your otherwise direct route to stardom will not bother checking out your website, make sure your page on MySpace looks tidy, personalized, contains concise, relevant information and decent photos.


Photos are almost as important as your music when booking gigs, applying to labels, and (I can’t state this enough) submitting to press. There are SO many horrible photos of bands which I receive as part of press releases everyday. Bad promo photos hurt your chances at everything, if your presentation looks unprofessional why would I waste the wear on my index finger to click play on your new song? There is no excuse, do not have your girl and/or boyfriend who “has his/her own Flickr account” shoot your images

with their $50 HandySnap, after you’ve spent thousands recording your record. Find a photographer, not in the yellow pages but at an art school or bar frequented by pretentious hipsters, they will likely love the idea and will usually accept payment in the form of the booze. When you head out with your very own Annie Leibovitz, there are still more rules that should, nay must me followed. Stay away from clichés. Additionally stay away from railroad tracks and brick walls at all costs. Do not cross you arms and scowl, even if you are quite angry and wearing plastic pants. Do not wear plastic pants. Remember what your band sounds like, if you can embody an idea of your sound in image you will more than not lead your recipients mouse to your play button.


Up until about five years ago when any band promoted any performance they would produce a poster with the whos, whens and wheres featured with some sort of stylistic graphics and images. The idea being when someone sees this posted information they would make plans to attend the show. Over the last five years the poster has all but vanished, in favour of the Facebook ‘event’ page. This seems fine, you can at no cost tell hundreds of you closest fans of your big show with out putting pants of, let alone postering the city. So easy in fact is the Facebook ‘event’ invitation that everyone makes one. When you digitally post your concert you are competing against the other 27 invites landing in one’s inbox, and despite the fact that your band rehearses nightly and puts their heart and soul into what you will present at your ‘event’ your competing with requests for ‘Jeff’s 25th Birthday,’ ‘I bet this mango can get more fans than Charlotte Bronte’ and the like. Continue to post your shows on Facebook, MySpace and the like, but take the extra step and run off 30 or so flyers at the copy center, if they are good enough you’ll find you fans begin to collect them. Talk to a bar owner and the will tell you that the shows advertised with a physical poster or flyer will have a grater attendance than one promoted exclusively on-line.

glu clio rzin E d a out the folk Mur with stylings of Edmonton’s Wheat Pool with special guest Tom Curry at The Phog Lounge. Something for everyone. piring has sprung and with the cold weather behind us there is much to look forward in the Windsor music comMake sure you’re tuned into CBC munity now that warmer weather has for Hockey Night In Canada at arrived. From album releases to tours 7pm sharp on Saturday, April 3rd. to festivals, the coming months hold Windsor’s own Kelly Hoppe will much excitement for the independent be performing the national anthem music lover. alongside former Big Sugar bandmate Gordie Johnson as the Boston Ladies & Gentlemen, Bruins visit Toronto. After the game Start Your Engines you can catch one of four great Much like March, April kicks off shows. The Chubby Pickle kicks off with a great weekend of music in its biggest battle of the bands compethe city. Thursday, April 1st sees the tition ever spanning the course of an Israeli pop-punk outfit Useless ID at entire year. The Coach & Horses sees Phog Lounge with opening support a metal blowout of epic proportions from Old School Politics and Windwith Odium, Hammerdown, Missor’s Shared Arms, a new project guided Aggression, Battlesoul and featuring former members of the Deathpoint; the celebration kicks off much loved Blurt. Friday, April 2nd at 9pm with no cover charge. Friend you can catch some rock n’ roll with and fan to the local scene, Ron The Stig, Curbside Sofa and High Marston, has become known for his Mother at the FM Lounge, dance the constant documentation of music in night away in support of Haiti with the city through the eye of the lens; DJ Pat Petro (Citywide Vacuum) no one in Windsor takes as many at The Gourmet Emporium or check shots of live performances than Ron


(Cristina Naccarato may be a close second). The night sees the opening of his art show ‘Windsor’s Music Scene In Print’ at The Phog Lounge with special musical performances from his favourite subjects The Peace Leeches and Details (on tour from Winnipeg). The FM Lounge sees the reunion of the Lost Patrol, one of Windsor’s most beloved punk acts of years gone by. The act, who made a considerable splash both in and out of Windsor in the `80s saw their album LP make the Top 10 list of Windsor released albums of all time in this very magazine just over a year ago. For more of The Lost Patrol see page 9. The weekend ends with two great shows on Sunday, April 4th. The first of which holds the foot-stomping rhythms of Regina’s Northcote, a new solo project from Means and Emerson Letters frontman Matt Goud, who is touring is support of his latest release. Goud is joined on the bill by Dave Hause of The Loved Ones and Paint It Black, who is also taking a stab at the solo acoustic sound so many past punk band members seem to be moving towards these days, as well as Windsor’s Efan! whose stylings on the ukelele have won him the support of music fans all over town. The second show brings us to our next segment... northcotemusic


There are some major acts of interest coming through Windsor over the coming weeks. Sunday, April 4th sees ‘IT’ band Metric at the WFCU Centre. Metric has become known around the globe over the past few years with their dancey indie pop punk fusion, and live up to expectation live. Emily Haines, keyboardist and vocalist of the band has become a legitimate pop icon through her solo efforts and work with Canada’s unstoppable indie troupe Broken Social Scene. Opening the night are Arkells who came into prominence in Windsor with their incredible performance at last year’s Phog Phest. On Saturday, April 10th the dirty dozen, D12, come to the Blind Dog. One of the most popular rap groups to ever come out of Detroit, D12’s members and production team have worked worked with countless players in the game, finding suc-

cess individually and as a team with chart topping singles. This show is particularly exciting because it actually features Windsor based talent; Rose City Rags, F15TH 1 NI9A and Academy open up the evening of beats and rhymes. Finally, the mega amalgamation of rock that is, Them Crooked Vultures, comes to Colosseum at Caesars on May 16th. The el fabo collabo between The Foo Fighters’ Dave Grohl, Josh Homme of Queens Of The Stone Age and Led Zepplin’s John Paul Jones was an instant hit and has been selling out shows since their inception... If only we could get Windsor’s own supergroup on the bill...

D12 (well half of them)

April 17th: A Night Of Rock

Saturday, April 17th sees a slew of rocks shows all over downtown. The Sean Connery Supergroup continues their journey into the depths of rock absurdity, this time at Phog Lounge. SCS’s hilarious marketing campaigns, hypnotizing gang vocals and catchy instrumentation make them one of the funnest local acts in town. Over at the Coach and Horses catch more hard rock sounds from The Birthday Brothers. Further down from the river at The Blind Dog you can catch an onslaught of deathcore acts from the mid-western United States at the Road To Metal Fest Tour’s Windsor stop. Headlined by Through The Eyes Of The Dead and Impending Doom with a slew of support from likes of The Tony Danza Tap Dance Extravanganza, Arsonists Get All The Girls, Chelsea Grin with Windsor’s own Assassinate The Following and The Juggarnaut this is a night that won’t disappoint, and at $13 in advance, you get a bang for your buck. Pick up your tickets at Hometown Skate Deli, Dr.Disc or The Blind Dog.

Cross Border Collaborations

Windsor and Detroit are forging a beautiful relationship through independent music. CJAM’s recent event at the Majestic in Detroit featured a wealth of talent from both side of the both sides of the border including Windsor’s James OL & The Villains, Yellow Wood and scene adoptees The Peace Leeches would seem to be the first of many projects bring our to cities together musical-

ly. You can catch The Eric Welton Band at Paychecks in Detroit as part of The International Pop Overthrow on Thursday, April 15th. For those of you without your passport you can check Welton a week earlier at Phog Lounge opening for Bend Sinister on Thursday, April 8th. Perilelle performs on the Detroit leg of The Vantastic Teleportour with some great hip hop and electronic talent along with visuals from Windsor-Detroit staple Kero at Division Street Gallery on Wednesday, April 28th. There’s even a new online magazine covering both the Windsor-Detroit music scenes coming to a computer near you. Spearheaded by former Windsor Scene writer Jamie Greer, Motoro [MOTO (Motor City) + RO (Rose City)] will “feature live show reviews, interviews, show previews, CD reviews, “From The Vaults,” venue reviews, downloadable mp3 previews, video and much more, Motoro’s mission is to expose both sides of the border to each other’s vibrant music scenes. With a mandate to focus on the local talent on both sides of the Detroit River, Motoro will also shine spotlights on national and international acts hitting both the Canadian and American side.” Exciting news indeed.

In A Phog

I’m really trying not to constantly mention Phog Lounge throughout this article, but shows on 22 of the 30 nights in April make the task a bit difficult. On top of all the shows we’ve already mentioned, there are even more to take note of. Instrumental-tech-tap wizards Bulletproof Tiger kick off a tour there with Life

In Vacuum on Friday, April 9th. Stephen Surlin (DJ Furs) continues a series of music and arts events at the venue on Wednesday, April 14th with Digital Playthings, a evening of experimental music and interactive art. Amherstburg’s synth punk quartet Muzzin brings energy to match Hamilton’s Young Rival on Saturday, April 24th. So many great shows, so often it makes you wonder what plans Tom and Frank (Phog co-owners) have to match last year`s fun filled Phog Phest.

Scene & Heard

All sorts of efforts going on around town to document, preserve, archive and share locally produced music. The Windsor Public Library is looking to add local music to their audio library; artists are encouraged to donate their albums to the main branch on Ouellette Avenue. A new blog, The Windsor DIY Archive, has sprung up on the web recently, being described as “a growing document of underground music from Windsor, Ontario. Many of the recordings were self released by the bands (limited run cassettes, CDrs, vinyl) and will be available digitally for the first time. Most are rare, a few are embarrassing, but some were just too great to be left in a shoe box under the bed.” The blog is updated weekly and features free downloads. For anyone looking to buy or sell local music locally, Made In Windsor has a growing Windsor music section and you can always count on Dr.Disc for the largest selection of all; be sure to see them at their new

location (471 Ouellette Ave.) on Saturday, April 24th. On a side note, music lessons will be available in the new building. www. windsorpubliclibrary. com www. windsordiy. blogspot. com

An Explosion Of Releases

The year so far has already seen some great releases by the the likes of Poughboy, Micheal Hargreaves, Blood Shot Eye, Jackie Robitaille, Kero, Chris Chase, The Locusts Have No King, Travis Reitsma, Johnny West, Michou and Sledgehammer. The coming months will see even more releases from Windsor based talent. James OL & The Villains have a live disc on the way, a vinyl release of Orphan Choir’s LP will soon be available at shows. The Vaudevillianaires are currently recording their rock opera The Magic Hall Of Mirrors, putting the finishing touches on their debut full-length aiming for a June release. Fiftywatthead are hard at work with a follow up to their nationally rec-

magic hall of m


ognized work on Fogcutter. Expect the long awaited From The Tank compilation in May featuring new music from ASK, Citywide Vacuum, Four Letter Word, The Golden Eagles, the first new song from Luxury Christ in a decade and the debut of Natural Sympathy Orchestra among others. That’s just the tip of the iceberg; it would seem that the coming months will hold many nights of celebration. I’ll leave you with two more. Windsor`s ska punk sextet Brass Knuckles release their debut EP at Phog Lounge on April 28th and we finish off the month on Friday, April 30th at The FM Lounge where Explode When They Bloom release their sophomore effort The Ugly (Read an article all about it on page 6) Until next month...

murad erzinclioglu


he medium is the message’ is a phrase coined by Marshall McLuhan, meaning that the form of a medium embeds itself in the message, creating a symbiotic relationship by which the medium influences how the message is perceived. McLuhan proposes that media itself, not the content it carries, should be the focus of study. He says that a medium affects the society in which it plays a role not only by the content delivered over the medium, but also by the characteristics of the medium itself. What does this have to do with Explode When They Bloom and the release of their second album The Ugly? We’ll get to that... Hailing from Kingsville, Explode When They Bloom (EWTB) broke onto the scene in the summer of 2006, then a three piece comprised of Jay Ouellette (vocals & guitar), David Allen (drums) and John Hopper (bass), later joined by Aaron Lynn who took on bass duties having Hopper hop onto second guitar. EWTB quickly became recognized as one of Windsor’s loudest and most energetic rock bands. Part alternative, part punk, part rock EWTB were creating a distinct sound for themselves, while still drawing comparisons to greats of days gone by. Playing countless local shows, battles of the bands and festivals, they earned their place at the top tier of Windsor’s independent music community. All this hard work and dedication paid off in the legendary release of their debut full-length album As The Animals Make Their Way Through The Crowd in June 2008 at Phog Lounge. The album had one of the best initial releases the city had ever seen, selling hundreds of copies, garnering positive reviews on both sides of the border and recognition from veterans like Luxury Christ’s Peter Burton who called them “the best up and coming punk band in the city.” The production value was through the roof (courtesy of The Sound Foundry’s Brett Humber), the song-writing was catchy as hell, chock full of shout-

along verses with songs like Got Em’ In Spades and We Will Be Sleeping and there was a real sense passion in the music. Furthermore, the album was voted 32nd in our search for the top 100 Windsor albums of all time, a stunning accomplishment considering how new it was. The band had set it sights high and and wasn’t looking back, and after a short tour in January 2009, Explode went back into the studio with a plan to have their sophomore release finished and available by the spring of that year. But something changed for everyone in the band when Allen’s father passed on. He was easily the band’s biggest fan and supporter, providing

days off the floor so writing EWTB songs became frustrating because a lot of my drum parts had already been recorded and I had to wait for the rest of the music to get done” said Allen. On the verge of completely disbanding (Allen & Ouellette hadn’t spoken for weeks at one point), you start to see where the title for the release came from. The group came together to make some serious decisions about the future of the band. Through the discussion, the band renewed their working relationship and set out to finish the album they started many months before. Admittedly tired of brooding, the band

the time, everybody on the same notes. I think I was more influenced by playing with Poughboy, because those guys were like, ‘no notes, all groove,’ they didn’t want fills, they didn’t want any of that stuff, they just wanted me to sit on the groove forever and I think that really influenced my playing on this album. It really gave these guys the floor to shred all over the place, while I just drive it all forward,” said Allen. “I think we really relied on Dave a lot on the last album because he was, by far, the best musician. If there was ever a time where we were like this part kind of sucked, we’d say, ‘Dave! Do a fill’ and it would be sweet and we’d be like ‘Alright!

...WE’RE JUST HAPPY TO COME OUT OF THIS THING AT THE OTHER END STILL INTACT -DAVID ALLEN a jam space and making appearances at many performances. “When Dave’s dad passed away, he didn’t just lose his father, we all lost someone who was really important to us and what we do,” said Jay Ouellette. Back in the studio things were grinding to a halt; the enthusiasm and ease that had come with the band’s song-writing in the past was all but gone and motivation became increasingly difficult to find. The band slowly started to drift apart with members in school and Allen focusing on drumming duties with Poughboy and Which Witch. “Working with Poughboy and The Witch made things even harder with the band. With those bands we’d sit down and record an album in two

became more interested in writing songs that energize fans, songs with lasting playability and top level instrumentation. But it wouldn’t be easy, after hearing a guest guitar solo from Vincent Manzerolle (Measured In Angles, Poughboy) for their song ‘Electric Love,’ Ouellette knew it was a long road ahead. “It whooped my ass so hard, and I felt like ‘how can we put this out on the record and everything else is sub par,’ so I really went back to basics, playing the guitar like I had never played it before. Just working on scales and licks, I pulled up my bootstraps up quite a bit,” said Ouellette “I think its more of a guitar album than the last. The last was all about playing as frantic as possible, all

Sounds good!’ We would use him to sweeten up parts, but this time I just think the general writing is better. Now when Dave does have a part, it speaks more clearly. He can wait for the the moment to speak through his instrument and when he does it’s way more powerful. We’re definitely not hanging on for dear life with Dave anymore,” explained Ouellette. “Toward the end of the last album we felt like we had to cut the fat. I think this time we let ourselves open up a bit, still try and write a great song, just let it breathe a little more, let it develop and not be so strict on arrangements...We’re just happy to come out of this thing at the other end still intact because we had conversations about seriously breaking the band up, it was bad, really bad, so the fact that we’re coming out

of it something to be really happy about. We’re just excited to start playing these songs live,” added Allen. With nine solid tracks, The Ugly is a bluesy, rootsy rock album with obvious classic rock and metal influences. Led Zepplin was cited as an inspiration for the opening song ‘Living On The Black Ivory’ and Dave explained that AC/DC was another big influence because, “it’s just all about rocking out, having a good time and putting on a good show for people. Just going nuts.” .And this brings us back to our initial thought in ‘the medium is the message.’ Lyrically, the songs tell the story of the band’s craft. Music: how it can make you feel and what it takes to create it. The song ‘Dead Beat’ talks of the struggles of making music against the odd of financial success with the resounding chorus ‘I ain’t no dead beat baby, I’m just where I wanna be,’ one gets the feeling of a no bones about it, straight forward rock band that is creating for themselves. “People can see through you when just trying to do something to do it, like ‘we need a deep song, we need people to think of us in this way.’ People who know us or know what we’re trying to do aren’t going to buy that. We are doing exactly what we want to and it sounds like the four of us,” explained Aaron Lynn. Almost ironic that the album is called “The Ugly” when many songs seem to be a celebration of sound more than something you’d turn away from, but as you’ve read, this celebration was hard fought and not won easily. In spite of the hardships the act has faced over the past year and a half, Explode When They Bloom seem to be better for it. You can catch Explode When They Bloom on Friday, April 30th @ The FM Lounge for the release of The Ugly with an opening performance from James-OL & The Villains. More info @




1701 WYANDOTTE EAST, WINDSOR, ON P: 519 255 9009


Buy handmade and local for Mother’s Day! Better yet, bring her in for a look around or take a craft workshop together. Give us a call or email for more info.


e are proud to announce the return of the Windsor Music Video Contest, and the extention of the submission deadline! Presented in association with the Windsor International Film Festival’s 48 Hour Flick Fest, this year’s contest is bigger and better than ever, featuring prizes for the directors and musicians as well as exciting avenues toward greater exposure for parties either side of the camera. The Windsor Music Video Contest is open to anyone (professionals with fancy gear and amateurs filming with cellphones alike) in the Windsor area (including Detroit) with the means and creativity to create a short film for a piece of local music. A panel of industry professionals, including VJs and professional directors from Windsor, Detroit and Toronto will judge all entries received by the deadline, now extended to April 30th 2010, and the winning entries will receive prizes valued over $1000.

the rules

All entries must… • be received by April 30, 2010. • feature a band or solo artist from the Windsor/Detroit area. • be filmed and directed by a Windsor/Detroit area based individual or crew. • feature a copy of this or last month`s (March or April 2010) issue of WAMM for at least two (2) seconds, not necessarily in succession (just to prove you have made a video for this contest and haven’t just used a pre-made film).

Other than these rules, the sky’s the limit; the band can star in the video or not appear at all (as long as their music does). It can be an epic homage to Thriller or as simple as Nothing Compares 2 U, colour or black and white, digital or film or edited video from your cell phone, animation or programming, heavy metal, folk, hip-hop or country, it’s all up to you! Have fun and don’t take out a massive loan, just get creative and see what you can come up with! • • • •

Register with the names of the people involved and the band (+ song) you’ll be making the video for @ Then get to work! Be creative and have some fun with the idea; you might even win something! When you’ve finished your music video, prepare a DVD-R of your film and submit it to WAMM c/o Chanoso’s 255 Ouellette Avenue, downtown Windsor. Do not leak your video! We’d like to debut all of the videos with a screening event and gala awards party at The Room (255 Ouellette Avenue) on the 14th of May 2010 at which point we will announce the winners and award prizes!

Check out the amazing entries from last year on and, including last year’s winning entry, Sean McLeod’s video for Perilelle’s single Damages. Further details and contest regulations at

tom lucier

‘car’nivores’ paradise @motorburger.

“If you grill them, they will come.” T his had to be what went through the heads of Jay and Gino.

A leap of faith had to enter into it somewhere. How else could they have married cows and cars? They used to own a posh Italian eatery on Erie Street. Now, within the same walls, they own a trendy and cozy burger Mecca. Eight years ago, Noi was a huge success in its own right prior to the financial woes of Windsor/Detroit. Transformed into Motor Burger in November of 2009, the feel, food, and future of 888 Erie Street East has been irrevocably changed. Thinking about it in hindsight, I don’t know how they had the gumption or belief in their abilities to go from a stereotyped Italian restaurant on Erie Street to an affordable, automobilethemed, burger-based leap-of-faith. I’m genuinely amazed. And I’m not the only one. The National Film Board of Canada recently produced an online series called GDP. It looked at the financial woes being weathered by all kinds of folks around Canada. Gino Gesuale and Jay Souilliere’s story became a serial feature on the site as an example of a business forced to think way out of the box to be sustainable in their community. The pair did a refurbishing of the space to accommodate for some flat screen TVs and

cut-outs of cows and cars. Chalk drawings of old vehicles adorn the west wall, and beautiful burgers made of beef, pork, shrimp, lamb, turkey, and tuna decorate tabletops. A veggie burger makes the list to round out the category. Keeping with the theme, their drinks are called lubricants, which include massively decadent milkshakes that come in the tall metal malt-shop cup. Personally, I “supercharge” the nachos every time I visit, which doubles the portion, and I regularly ask for a spoon to finish the sauces that pool at the bottom of the bowl. One of the stand-out features, aside from the multitude of burger options, is the camaraderie. Every single time I’ve gone to Motor Burger it’s a who’s-who of local musicians, artists, writers, filmmakers, entrepreneurs, and local business supporters. I have yet to go in without recognizing 20% of the clientele. This kind of customer-base early on in their new incarnation spoke volumes about the hunger for something new in Windsor. The taste for “extraordinary” has accelerated. Opening a automotive-themed burger joint on a street praised for Italian fine dining, with economic-recession-friendly prices, deserves the attention and full support from a city that prides itself as the Motor City of Canada. With a green option for the vegetarians, every stomach in the city should pull over at Motor Burger and fill their tank on burgers, salads, milkshakes, and entrepreneurial drive. They built it. It’s time for us to dine. See and read more of Tom Lucier at

get an earful from the WPL free audio books from the Windsor Public Library


indsor Public Library has expanded its services with audiobooks, eBooks and music, available to download from the library’s website. Library card holders can check out and download digital media anytime, by visiting An official launch of this service is planned for March 26, 2010 at 10:30 a.m. at Central Library (850 Ouellette Avenue). Users may browse the library’s website, check out with a valid library card, and download to PC, Mac®, and many mobile devices. Users will need to install free software. For audiobooks, music, and video: OverDrive® Media Console™. To read eBooks, users will need Adobe® Digital Editions. Titles can be enjoyed immediately or transferred to a variety of devices, including iPod®, Sony® Reader™, and many others. Some audio titles can also be burned to CD to listen on-the-go. Titles will automatically expire at the end of the lending period. There are no late fees! “Constantly evolving technological developments, such as those developed by Overdrive, offer libraries an unprecedented opportunity to assume a leading role in providing electronic access to popular bestsellers and music. Our customers have been asking for the ability to

download and listen to audiobooks and view eBooks - and we are finally able to provide what they have been asking for”, says WPL Acting CEO Jean Foster. OverDrive is a leading full-service digital distributor of eBooks, audiobooks, music, and video. It delivers secure management, DRM protection, and download fulfillment services for hundreds of publishers and thousands of libraries, schools, and retailers serving millions of end users. OverDrive has been named to the EContent 100 as a company that matters most in the digital content industry. Founded in 1986, OverDrive is based in Cleveland, Ohio. See & hear more @

lost and found the return of Lost Patrol


ost Patrol emerged in 1986 from the ashes of a local punk act Fireball XL5. Assembled by Fireball’s bassist Paul Langan, with the notorious Dave Whitehead on guitar, U of W art student Rob Mitchie on drums and siren Karen Marrero behind the mic, Lost Patrol were not the typical Windsor “punk” act. They played the same bars, with the same acts, often taking to the stage following hardcore bands, but Lost Patrol didn’t thrash or scream and would toss in covers like Lesley Gore’s You Don’t Own Me or Bobby Fuller’s A New Shade of Blue, not very “punk”, but that had the same spirit as the hardcore acts did somehow. The minor-key vocal harmonies of Marrero and Langan in tracks like Second Time Around and That’s Your Style were akin to those of John Doe and Exene of L.A. legends X. X too were a core part of a punk scene without being a hardcore part, similar again to Lost Patrol; a touch of western twang gave their sound an angle that set them apart from the masses of bands that were kicking around. Marrero, now a PhD history student at Yale in Illinois researching 18th century Windsor and Detroit, remembers the scene as “super smart and creative” and felt at the time “so important to be there, with all of those great people at everyone’s shows.” Lost Patrol were a touring band as well playing such venues as the famous Les Foufounes Electrique in Montreal and at Toronto’s Rivoli where they caught the attention of Bob Wiseman, then of the noted band Blue Rodeo, who later lent his signature organ sound to some of their tracks. Marrero remembers Wiseman urging the band to move to the big city, saying,“‘you could

stephen hargreaves | dave konstantino do something big in Toronto.’ But Lost Patrol’s sound, videos and I wanted to stay in Windsor.” find more information at myspace. com/lostpatroldetroit, lostpatrolStaying in Windsor, the group and search ‘Lost were quite well known – selling Patrol reunion’ on 3,500 records in Europe without the aid of a tour. They made a number of videos, including the Dave Konstantino in Chris McNamara directed I’m Not conversation with Lost the One, which saw it’s fair share Patrol’s Paul Langan of screen time on Much Music. Much Music ventured down the Prior to this reunion when was the 401 to tape an interview and live last time that Lost Patrol played performance at the University of together as a band? Windsor. About 15 years ago There has been a call from Lost Patrol fans for a reunion of some What were the series of events degree, one that Marrero said in that led up to this reunion on April an October 2008 interview with 3rd? WAMM was “very unlikely, as we all are so far apart.” With herself Our singer Karen Marrero’s in Illinois, Langan in Cambridge mother Dianne died and we are publishing books on a variety of were all at the funeral. Dianne was subjects ranging from trains to a big supporter of the band. We orphanages and Rob Mitchie at were all still friends and everyone the time nowhere to be found, it was in good health so we emailed seemed Whitehead was the only back and forth and eventually one still in Windsor. picked a date for the show. We are dedicating the show in memory of However, the unlikely has hapKaren’s mother. pened. This Easter weekend, like Jesus before them, Lost Patrol What have you and other members has risen from the dead and with of the band been up to since Lost similar revelry. Like a child strung Patrol? out on too many Cadbury’s Cream Eggs, the resurrection of the band, Karen Marrero is finishing her whom Ed McMahon called “cool PhD in Chicago at the Univermusicians,” has the city abuzz sity of Illiniois. Dave lives and with what is surely to be the most works in Windsor. Rob lives and exciting reunion since Luxury works in Windsor with his family. Christ was reborn at Christmas I live in Hespeler, Ontario and 2008. am the founder of High Speed Rail Canada (, a Join Lost Patrol for their first national citizens group dedicated performance in 15 years, Saturday to the educating Canadians on the 3rd of April at FM Lounge the benefits of high speed rail in (156 Chatham St. W.). Doors open Canada. at 9:30pm and the full original line-up will visit their extensive What were some of your influences back catalogue live. Proceeds musically and was there any band from the evening support Windsor in particular that inspired you to Arts & Music Monthly. Check out form a group of your own?

a partial discog

raphy from a G

After the punk scene there was a great excitement in doing your own music but basically it was anyone that was doing original songs. I loved the Byrds and other ‘60s era garage bands. I saw bands like The Romantics play Bookies on New Years Eve in Detroit, The New York Dolls play the Michigan Palace and of course The Ramones and I felt “ hey if they do whatever they want so could I.” Can you describe the recording of the full-length album and some memorable moments in the bands recording history? Well, we were pretty much newbies on the recording side of things. We actually recorded our first EP and a couple more sessions at Lenny’s Garageland Studios outside of Detroit. One of those songs also appeared on a compilation of his label ‘Wanghead’ with Lips Records. I remember at one of those sessions Karen’s powerful voice blew out the channel in the mixing board. Good fun for sure. Next, we went to Dave Hanna’s basement studio in Windsor for our LP sessions. It was a blast and lost of songs were cut but in hindsight, we really had no idea about recording. Here is an example: I sent the masters to our Stop It Baby record label in France and they wrote back saying thanks and wondering why the album was recorded

erman magazin

e [1992]

in mono! Well we all thought, including the engineer, that the album was mixed in stereo. Pretty funny How did the band make a connection with Stop It Baby Records? I can’t remember exactly. Back around the mid 1980s there were many people in Europe and North America putting out these small fanzines that included a free 4- 7” EP record or cassette tape of a compilation of bands. We started getting put on them and somehow they heard of us through one of the zines. There was a great zine out of London, Ontario at that time called WhatWave. They had a band compilation cassette with each issue. Are there any plans to put together some kind of CD release featuring material by the band? I did put the final Dave Hanna sessions on to one CD. If I get time I will make copies for the show. I am in the process of making all our analog stuff into ‘wav’ and ‘mp3’ files. Is there anything else you would like to add? Come out to the show at the FM Lounge on April 3rd; it’s probably the only time you can see the original Lost Patrol.








Sydney Blu Boom Boom Room


Open Mic w/ Tara Watts Phog Lounge Open Mic w/ Clinton Hammond The Manchester Open Mic The Whiskey


NMW Xray Yankee Zulu Studio A Lambton Tower (U of W) FRIDAY 2


The Stig w/ Curbside Sofa & High Mother FM Lounge

Open Mic w/ Andrew MacLeod The Dominion House

The Wheat Pool w/ Tom Curry Phog Lounge

The Last Trio (7-9) Mr.Chill & Greg Cox (9-12) FM Lounge

DJ Pat Petro of Citywide Vacuum The Gourmet Emporium

Open Mic w/ Stephanie Sarafianos The Mill Open Mic w/ Jamie Reaume Twig & Berries Open Mic The Basement (U of W) WEDNESDAYS Kenneth MacLeod & Associates The Dominion House L&M Jam Night FM Lounge THURSDAYS Huladog FM Lounge Open Mic w/ Mike Hargreaves Milk Toast & Jam The Whiskey Lonesome Lefty Mick’s Irish Pub SATURDAYS Splatterday w/ Chad & Joey FM Lounge SUNDAYS Open Mic FM Lounge

Battle of The Bands Chubby Pickle SATURDAY 3 Lost Patrol FM Lounge Blake Jarrell presents Contact Boom Boom Room Aquila Coach & Horses The Peace Leeches w/ The Details & WHYME Phog Lounge Big Wiggle Gourmet Empourium SUNDAY 4 Metric w/ Arkells WFCU Center MONDAY 5 Todd Holland (trumpet | 7:30pm) Assumption University Chapel WEDNESDAY 7 Blue Rodeo w/ Cuff The Duke WFCU Center Windsor Community Orchestra (7pm) Assumption University Chapel THURSDAY 8 The Spades Coach & Horses


Huron w/ Bend Sinister and The Eric Welton Band Phog Lounge

Mozart, Star Trek and Star Wars) Chrysler Theatre

The Sounds of Motown Colosseum at Caesars Windsor

Devin Sproule w/ Mantler Phog Lounge

We Came As Romans w/ Four Letter Lie, Yours to Call, My Last Summer Sky & Immanuel The Blind Dog


Alexander Zonjic w/ The University Jazz Ensemble & Bomb Squad Windsor Expo Centre Music Therapy Spring Song Recital Hall Room 139 School of Music (U of W) FRIDAY 9

WAMM 2nd Anniversary Party featuring What Seas, What Shores & guests FM Lounge The Polymorphines (Ottawa) w/ Krupke, The Bulletproof Tiger & Life in a Vacuum Phog Lounge Windsor Folk Society Coffee House & Acoustic Stage (8pm) Mackenzie Hall SATURDAY 10 Graham Playford Trio w/ Shane Murphy Band Phog Lounge

Leif Vollebekk w/ Giant Hand & David Dubois Phog Lounge WEDNESDAY 14 Electronic/Interactive Show w/ FURS, Kero & WHYME Phog Lounge THURSDAY 15 Amos The Transparent w/ The Bad Ideas & The Magic Hall of Mirrors Phog Lounge

SATURDAY 24 Young Rival w/ Muzzin Phog Lounge John Mann in Concert Presented by Windsor Folk Society (8pm) Mackenzie Hall



Ian Smith Trio Gourmet Empourium

The Birthday Boys Coach & Horses


Windsor Community Choir Spring Concert Assumption University Chapel

WSO: Symphony In Space (2:30pm) (projected NASA images with music from Holst,

The Voice Parkwood Gospel Temple

Raised By Swans w/ ASK Phog Lounge

WSO: Symphony In Space (8pm) (projected NASA images with music from Holst, Mozart, Star Trek and Star Wars) Chrysler Theatre


Gipsy Kings Colosseum at Caesars Windsor

Fado Ardente w/ Tony Gouveia Windsor Club

Nykle (CD release) w/ The Single & Trynyty, DJ Sonnic, ICEg, Academy, T’ Ridas, SoLow & Jay Braaks Players Club


David JohnZelko, Eric Bezaire, John Dobmeier & Jarrett Sorko Phog Lounge TUESDAY 20 Laura Peek and The Winning Hearts w/ Pat LePoidevin Phog Lounge THURSDAY 22 PurpleOrange w/ Anonymous Bosch & Stop The Dream Chubby Pickle

SATURDAY 3 Finding Finnigan Adventure Thriller MacKenzie Hall 519-255-7600

Charlie Daniels Band Colosseum at Caesars Windsor

Sean Connery Supergroup Phog Lounge

The Voice Parkwood Gospel Temple

The Micronite Filters w/ Sandman Viper Command (Burlington) and The Archives Phog Lounge

Joan Charette Gourmet Empourium

Trish Wales Gourmet Empourium

Trading Places Gourmet Empourium

2010 CJAM 99.1fm Jammy Awards featuring Orphan Choir FM Lounge


Joanna Shultz (piano| 7:30pm) School of Music Recital Hall (U of W)

D12 w/ Rose City Rags, FI5TH 1 NI9A & Academy The Blind Dog


Chris Chase (CD release) w/ Fi5th 1 Ni9a, Jay Braaks, Ritt Theme & Academy The Hangover THURSDAY 29 English Words Phog Lounge FRIDAY 30 Explode When They Bloom (CD release) w/ James-OL & The Villains FM Lounge Allison Brown (CD release) w/ Lonesome Lefty and The Cryin’ Shames Phog Lounge


THEATRE _________________________

FRIDAY 2 Tony n’ Tina’s Wedding Augustus Ballroom at Caesars Windsor

SUNDAY 4 The Voice Parkwood Gospel Temple WEDNESDAY 7 LYSISTRATA Essex Hall Theatre (UofW) THURSDAY 8 LYSISTRATA Essex Hall Theatre (UofW) FRIDAY 9 The Tempest Capitol Theatre 519 252 3244 LYSISTRATA Essex Hall Theatre (UofW) The Doctor in Spite of Himself and The Imaginary Cuckold (8pm) Kordazone Theatre SATURDAY 10 The Tempest Capitol Theatre 519 252 3244 LYSISTRATA Essex Hall Theatre (UofW) Don Rickles Colosseum at Caesars Windsor The Doctor in Spite of Himself and The Imaginary Cuckold (8pm) Kordazone Theatre Finding Finnigan Adventure Thriller Mackenzie Hall 519-255-7600

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The Tempest Capitol Theatre 519 252 3244

Love Bombing After The Earthquake The Furniture Factory (Detroit)

Love Bombing After The Earthquake The Furniture Factory (Detroit)



The Doctor in Spite of Himself and The Imaginary Cuckold (2pm) Kordazone Theatre

Love Bombing After The Earthquake The Furniture Factory (Detroit)

Get Smart Theatre Windsor



The Doctor in Spite of Himself and The Imaginary Cuckold (8pm) Kordazone Theatre

Love Bombing After The Earthquake The Furniture Factory (Detroit)

EnviroExpo Featuring Bill Clinton Colosseum at Caesars Windsor


LYSISTRATA Essex Hall Theatre (UofW)

FRIDAY 16 Love Bombing After The Earthquake The Furniture Factory (Detroit) The Tempest Capitol Theatre 519 252 3244 To Kill A Mockingbird Migration Hall (Kingsville) actorstheatreofwindsor. com The Doctor in Spite of Himself and The Imaginary Cuckold (8pm) Kordazone Theatre SATURDAY 17 The Tempest Capitol Theatre 519 252 3244 To Kill A Mockingbird Migration Hall (Kingsville) actorstheatreofwindsor. com The Doctor in Spite of Himself and The Imaginary Cuckold (8pm) Kordazone Theatre Finding Finnigan Adventure Thriller Mackenzie Hall 519-255-7600 Love Bombing After The Earthquake The Furniture Factory (Detroit)

Love Bombing After The Earthquake The Furniture Factory (Detroit) THURSDAY 22 Love Bombing After The Earthquake The Furniture Factory (Detroit) FRIDAY 23 Love Bombing After The Earthquake The Furniture Factory (Detroit) SATURDAY 24 Love Bombing After The Earthquake The Furniture Factory (Detroit) SUNDAY 25 Love Bombing After The Earthquake The Furniture Factory (Detroit) MONDAY 26 Love Bombing After The Earthquake The Furniture Factory (Detroit) TUESDAY 27 Love Bombing After The Earthquake The Furniture Factory (Detroit)

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Love Bombing After The Earthquake The Furniture Factory (Detroit) breathearttheatre. com

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Get Smart Theatre Windsor theatrewindsor. com Love Bombing After The Earthquake The Furniture Factory (Detroit) _________________________



Open Studio (6:30pm) Windsor Printmakers Forum

ARTS THURSDAY 1 Open Studio (6:30pm) Windsor Printmakers Forum SATURDAY 3 Ron Marston; Windsor’s Music Scene in Print (opening reception) Phog Lounge WEDNESDAY 7 Juice Open Mic Poetry Phog Lounge THURSDAY 8 U of W Visual Arts BFA Graduating Exhibition (closing reception party) Hangover Bar Open Studio (6:30pm) Windsor Printmakers Forum SATURDAY 10 Fetish for Fashion Show Paula’s Gallery


Brasstronaut / Mount Chimaera / Unfamiliar E

Windsor Club Spring Fashion Show The Windsor Club FRIDAY 23 “Thirty x Thirty” (opening reception | 7pm) Nancy Johns Gallery AGW-PA Days How to Paint Abstract AGW SUNDAY 25 Windsor Printmaker’s Forum Annual General Meeting Windsor Printmaker’s Forum Jackson’s 2nd Birthday Party - Humane Society fundraiser Nancy Johns Gallery THURSDAY 29 Stitch n’Bitch & Artist Trading Cards Windsor Workers’ Action Centre

Johnny West / Love Songs For Nihilists / indEy Zeus / Say Us / Arts & Crafts E Ghostkeeper / Ghostkeeper / Flemish EyeE Field Music / Measure / Memphis Industries Andrew Watt and the Glory Glory / First Day of Summer Life / ind E 7. Jason Collett / Rat A Tat Tat / Arts & CraftsE 8. Various / The Minimal Wave Tapes Volume One / Stones Throw 9. Adam Palmer & The Specialist / Lights / indE 10. Deadbeat / Vampire EP / Echochord E 11. Ben Sollee & Daniel Martin Moore / Dear Companion / Sub Pop 12. Yeasayer / Odd Blood / Secretly Canadian 13. Phantogram / Eyelid Movies / Barsuk 14. Yukon Blonde / Yukon Blonde / BumsteadE 15. Various / Black Man’s Cry: The Inspiration of Fela Kuti / Now-Again 16. Various / Shatter The Hotel: Dub Tribute To Joe Strummer / ind 17. The Whitefield Brothers / Earthology / NowAgain 18. Malachai / Ugly Side Of Love / Domino 19. Editors / In The Light And On This Evening / Fader 20. Petroleum By-Product / Superficial Artificial / ind E 21. Quasi / American Gong / Kill Rock Stars 22. The Pinecones / Sage / Just Friends E 23. Sandro Dominelli / The Alvo Sessions / ind E 24. High Places / High Places Vs. Mankind / Thrill Jockey 25. The Besnard Lakes / Are The Roaring Night / Outside E 26. jj / jj nº 3 / Secretly Canadian 27. Mumford And Sons / Sigh No More / ind 28. High On Fire / Snakes For the Divine / E1 29. Nocando / Jimmy The Lock / Alpha Pup 30. Gonjasufi / A Sufi and A Killer / Warp 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

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Chris White


album charts are arranged according to number of plays on CJAM 99.1FM in Windsor over a four (4) week period prior to the publishing of this issue. (E) denotes canadian,(y)denotes local artist.

issue 24 | april 2010  
issue 24 | april 2010  

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