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January 2016

Volume 6, Issue 2

THE WALL ST. ALPHA REPORT The official Wall Street Alpha Newsletter Newsletter,, Kappa Xi Lambda Chapter, NYC

New Year, Same Swagger

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Founders Day




Zeta Eta




Million Man March




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community involvement from the final quarter of 2015. We As we begin 2016, it is worth welcomed in our 109th year, taking a few moments to reflect as a fraternity as well as, one and appreciate all the efforts new brother into our college each of us has given in the chapter, Zeta Eta. Although name of Alpha. Our reach another year has passed, our within our communities contin- brand as the Wall Street Alues to grow and we must conphas continues to flourish. It tinue to keep this momentum is a great privilege to serve strong. This issue highlights this chapter developing our chapter programming and Brothers,


newsletters, and I want you all to feel invested in this publication. All content ideas are welcomed as well as any feedback. May this year bring us even deeper fraternal bonds. ‘06 Bro. David Williams Jr.

PRESIDENT’S MESSAGE Dear Good Brother in the Bond, A MIGHTY HAPPY 109 YEARS OF MANLY DEEDS, SCHOLARSHIP, AND LOVE FOR ALL MANKIND! Kappa Xi Lambda is in the midst of exciting growth and transition. As we strive to assume our role as one of the national leading chapters among Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Incorporated, there is much to consider and do. While we continue to improve brotherhood bonds and service in our area, it is important to take innovative and creative approaches to meet the changing needs of the chapter, community, and the national organization. Since the fraternal year has commenced, the Executive Board and I have been actively reviewing the chapter’s objectives with an eye towards implementing tangible and quantifiable improvements. We all agree that providing high-quality and efficient service to New York City requires reimagining the way in which we do business. This includes designing better systems for collaboration, communication, and structure than currently exist. Towards that end, Kappa Xi Lambda will work in partnership with other National Historically Greek-lettered Organizations and community organizations, strengthen the chapter’s website and marketing efforts, as well as undertake plans for expansion. The brothers have labored relentlessly during the first half of the fraternal year in preparation for advancements in 2016! These changes and others that will come in the future are incumbent on YOUR efforts and commitments. Without mention, your financial as well as physical efforts are required for a single unified chapter with less siloes and disjointed efforts. I want to thank you all in advance for your dedication, hard work, and patience. We could not be successful without the contributions of each and every brother affiliated with this chapter. Change is always challenging, but improvement makes it worthwhile. Fraternally submitted, Brother Ted N. Ingram, Ph.D. President


REFLECTIONS FROM THE NYACOA CONFERENCE BRO. LINO SOLIS The 25th NYACOA (New York Association of Chapters of Alpha Phi Alpha) conference was held November 6-8 at Hofstra University.

Overall Delegate Experience The overall experience was positive and energetic. There was great enthusiasm for the future of Alpha, the region and NYACOA generally. The shared information gave Brothers some insight on how to run the business of Alpha, while shrouded within the spirit of Brotherhood. Comparison to Previously Attended Conventions We had Brothers from various regions participate, although I think I could have been better attended. Part of the solution for raising attendance could be taking a poll from brothers to see what we can do to increase awareness and attendance. There is a reason brothers are not supporting at 100% … Or something close to that… Long Island during the weekday maybe an issue for some…We should consider central NYC locations next time for mass transit purposes. Personal Takeaways I left NYACOA with a further commitment to doing the work of Alpha in this region, across the country and globally with like minded men bonded through this Brotherhood. That is personal to me because I saw men giving up themselves and sharing Time, Talent and Treasury in furthering the mission of the fraternity. With respect to the Chapter, I saw opportunities to create further bonds and alliances with the Brothers in our Area. The combination of resources was a common theme, and I hope to bring that back so we can execute, particularly with our GENTS program. Takeaways for the Chapter We should sponsor fellowship events during these events including regionals so that we can encourage brothers to participate (road trips, cocktail hour, and other such fellowship type events around these programs). I think that it will give brothers an opportunity to participate, but it may also allow us a window to reclaim and further our bonds as Brothers of Alpha. Also, increase lead time notice for the event. 3


Personal Takeaways This founders day program was my first one as a brother of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Incorporated so it was understandably a very special program for me. I also had the opportunity to serve on the planning committee for this years’ program alongside a number of other brothers from different chapters. From starting at the planning phase for the program to watching everything come into fruition, I was extremely pleased with the way in which the program was conducted. On a more personal level, I was reminded of the great work this fraternity has done over the past 109 years. Brother Darrius Gourdine was such a dynamic speaker and eloquently delivered a strong message to all the guests in attendance. I get the feeling that this program re-invigorated the brotherhood and called us to question ourselves and evaluate the work we are doing within this fraternity. The program was capped off with a time for fellowship amongst the brothers that I think served as a great opportunity to strengthen fraternal bonds as well as create new ones. The Jewel Scale The over-arching theme of Bro. Gourdines’ speech was “Which Jewel are you?” After offering detailed descriptions of each Jewels’ character, we were asked “Which Jewel are you?” After hearing all the descriptions, I would have to say I’m more of a Vertner Woodson Tandy. Given an opportunity to have a conversation with all of the Jewels, I would ask them if they ever anticipated Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Incorporated becoming as large of a fraternity as it is today. I would surely ask them if they are pleased with the current state of the fraternity and if there any things they would like to see us do differently. Given the state of current race relations in America, I would love to hear their perspective on some measures this fraternity should take to bring about change.



ALPHA GENTS BRO. BRANDON RICHARDSON Health and Wellness - NYSC Our second program focused on the pillar of Mental/Physical Health. With the help of New York Sports Club's Site Manager, Michael Bloomfield, we were able to provide an interactive and educational program. Michael opened the program by gaining an understanding of what our GENTS wanted to accomplish and explained how they can reach those goals with proper eating habits and exercise. He ended the program with the GENTS and brothers participating in multiple rounds of circuit training and group exercises.

The Art of Debate - John Jay College Our third program focused on the pillar of Communication. To further engage our GENTS, we facilitated a debate competition on current events and topics. Our topics ranged from "The Black Lives Matter Movement" to "Drake Vs. Meek Mill." Each team had NYU undergraduate representatives and high school GENTS. With the help of New York University undergraduates, we were able to have thoughtful and meaningful discussion during and after each debate round. Our GENTS learned that learning to extemporaneously think and speak is an important skill to have and build, and also that great communication skills are necessary in every environment.


ALPHA GENTS BRO. BRANDON RICHARDSON The Gift of Giving - Bowery Mission

For our December program, we highlighted our pillar of Social Responsibility by assisting The Bowery Mission with their soup kitchen. Especially during the holiday season, we like to remind our GENTS that it is important to give back. Joined by our Alumni GENTS, Victor Munoz, Andy Munoz, and Daniel Marte, we helped serve the community, organize the food pantry, and assist with any task to aid the Bowery Mission staff. After this experience, our GENTS now understand an important part of our motto, "Servants of All."

2016 Schedule Date



STEM Workshop (NSBE)


Careers in Philanthropy


Green Careers, Career Fair (External Networks)


Project Alpha - Domestic Violence, Adolescent Male Clinic


Brooklyn Golf Outing


Battalion Brunch - Closing Ceremony


ALPHA ESQUIRES & ALPHA FELLOWS BRO. MUSA ABDULLAH In an effort to fulfill the mission of "The Betterment of Men", the Kappa Xi Lambda Chapter will be reaching back to our youth and mentoring them in the ways of positive Black Male representation. Alpha Esquires ages 8-10 and Alpha Fellows ages 11-13 will focus on: Confidence Leadership Respect for Womanhood Economic Independence Cultural Awareness Self-Love Health & Hygiene Cultural Safety Resilience Academic Excellence Please join us in our crusade to save our young African Boys. “It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men.” ― Frederick Douglass



Neophyte Background I was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. I am currently a junior at Baruch College majoring in Accounting. Growing up in a one parent home, my mother always made sure that she would do everything in her power to give me all that I needed. I was still depressed on not having my father as an active male figure in my life, however, the church served as “void filler” because I was surrounded by men that were very spiritual and influential. As a member of the Seventh-day Adventist church, I was always viewed as a person that was bounded by rules. I would explain to people that I am a Christian but they would always look at the things I did instead of the things I said. That’s when I learned actions speak louder than words. My whole family is from St. Lucia and Seventh-day Adventists. My grandparents on my father side had 15 kids and my grandparents on my mother said had 8, so I have a huge family. They are all disbursed around the world and I like to go visit them, which is why one of my hobbies is traveling. Transition into Fraternity My transition has been very beneficial. The surreal feeling has kind of gone away at this point. I used the words “kind of” because when random people whether they are Alphas that I have never met or just people that know about Alpha stop me in the middle of the street, it makes me feel famous. I reaped the benefits of Alpha already to make the transitions even smoother. I have gotten free tickets to go to games, invited to functions, and made great contacts. Key Takeaways I have many takeaways from my journey but one my favorite lessons that I learned as a solo is to not depend on anybody but do not deny help. In life, in order to be successful you are going to need help. The difference between the dependents and the independents are the dependents get help and continuously need it while the independents get help to learn and become self-sufficient. My plans for Zeta Eta right now are to make the chapter one of the prominent black Orgs on all the campuses that Zeta Eta covers. In order to do that I need the type of access that students have. In order for me to get that type of access I need to promote Alpha at those schools. Also a chapter is not a chapter if only one person is in it. So I intend to increase membership. My personal goal is to have at least one member from each collegiate institution that the chapter covers a part of Zeta Eta. 9

MAKING STRIDES AGAINST BREAST CANCER WALK BRO. DERRICK VIDRINE On October 18, 2015, brothers from Kappa Xi Lambda, participated in the American Cancer Society Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Walk in Central Park. The American Cancer Society is the leader in helping to finish the fight against breast cancer. The Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Walk is a powerful event to raise awareness and funds to end breast cancer and is the largest network of breast cancer events in the nation. The noncompetitive three-to-five mile walks unite nearly 300 communities across the nation with a shared determination to finish the fight against breast cancer. The walk participants raise critical funds to enable the American Cancer Society to fund groundbreaking breast cancer research; provide free comprehensive information and support to those touched by breast cancer; and help people take steps to reduce their breast cancer risk or find it early when it is most treatable. The Central Park Walk had approximately 2,200 teams with 17,800 participants and raised nearly $2,193,600. Brothers served as Route Marshalls during the Walk and helped guide the Breast Cancer participants (walkers, survivors, etc.) in the correct direction, assisted with keeping non-participants outside of the walk areas, handed water bottles out to participants, and cheered the participants as they walked.





Overall Experience It was an amazing opportunity to attend the historical event. For me, the Million Man March allowed me to witness the power of our people. I believe this event was embraced and celebrated by many people of various cultures throughout the United States and abroad. It provided a sense of understanding on the importance of unity and hope within the African American community. In addition to the speakers, I left with a stronger sense of pride, but know that the work is not done and we as a people will preserve regardless of the problems we face. What you would like to see happen between now and the next major anniversary? A plan that is non-bias and explains how to increase wealth and knowledge within our community. My thoughts are that the Million Man March lacked focal points on increasing the above. There was a sense of bashing, but no true ideal or plan that describes how African Americans can become better in there households to prevent such occurrences that took place this year. Also, I want it to highlight the success/progress but also continue to stress the importance of education, health, and responsibility.



The Wall Street Alphas did it again. We provided the Ultimate Social Experience during the Halloween season with the Phantom After Phive after work social. Food, drinks and good people always make for an awesome event. We were also able to raise some funds for our signature Alpha GENTS program. The mask were an awesome addition and a hit with the ladies too! Be sure to RSVP for the next event if you missed this one. Don't be left out in the COLD!!!



On a cold and windy night in November, some of the Wall Street Alphas, along with a few guests, attended a "Night on the Gridiron" at MetLife Stadium as the New York Jets took on the Buffalo Bills. We started with an awesome pre-game tailgate then we were granted on the field access during halftime while finishing up by watching a nail bitter of a game. We even had the opportunity to meet James (JB) Brown - NFL Network commentator. This was a night to remember, but that's what you get when Wall Street Alphas host an event.


STOCK-ING EXCHANGE BRO. BRANDON RAY The 7th Annual STOCK-ing Exchange was truly a success. The Wall Street Alphas and their patrons donated over 100 plus toys to the organization "I'm A Kid That Gives" who has distributed toys to underprivileged children in Long Island and New York City. The event took place at Suite 36 on Tuesday, December 31st. We would like to thank WBLS DJ Jon Quick, Shari James from “I'm A Kid That Gives”, and to the different Greek organizations that came out especially from the Eta Theta Lambda Chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Incorporated, Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated and Queens Alumni Chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Incorporated. We appreciate everyone's support for such a great cause. Sincerely, The STOCK-ing Exchange Host Committee Bro. Brandon V. Ray Bro. Jesse E. Owens II Bro. Imonitie Okhiria Bro. Chadwick Roberson




2015-2016 CHAPTER MEETING SCHEDULE General Meetings Location: 120 Wall Street Time: 6:30 PM Dates September 8, 2015 October 13, 2015 November 10, 2015 December 8, 2015 January 12, 2016 February 9, 2016 March 8, 2016 April 12, 2016 (Executive board nominations) May 10, 2016 (Executive board elections) June 14, 2016 —————————————————————————————————————————————————————————-Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. Kappa Xi Lambda Chapter P.O. Box 5382 New York, NY 10185-5382 Website: Email: Facebook: @WallStreetAlphas Twitter: @WallStAlphas Instagram: @WallStAlphas


The wall street alpha report, winter 2016, vol 6 no 2  
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