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Jean McEwen

March 18 - April 12, 2023

Jean McEwen, 1998. photo: Marc-Andre Grenier

18 March - 12 April, 2023




SATURDAY, 18 March, 2023 from 2-5 PM

preview: Thursday, 16 March, 2023

a little about Jean McEwen

Jean McEwen wanted his abstract paintings to be an experience for the viewer. They are layered with translucent and opaque colour, and he is particularly known for his experiments in pouring and layering paint.

McEwen studied pharmacy at the University of Montreal, while maintaining an interest in poetry and painting. In 1951, less than a year after his graduation, he decided to pursue a career as an artist and soon found his interest was in non-representational expression and experiments. He was inspired by Montreal Automatiste members Jean Paul Riopelle and Paul-émile Borduas, who believed in spontaneous creativity based on tapping into the unconscious. Borduas encouraged McEwen to visit Riopelle, who was living in Paris.

McEwen moved to Paris in 1951 where he was influenced by the work of Riopelle, Jackson Pollock and Sam Francis. By 1952 he was painting in a style similar to Riopelle’s, using a palette knife to create all-over surface effects, a method he later left behind when he began working with his hands.

Beginning in 1957, McEwen worked on a succession of experimental


series that focused on creating flat, dynamic space through exploring the different qualities of colour. These pieces do not make any reference to nature but consider the relationship of the painting’s structure to its colour. They are made by means of a layered process with opaque and transparent pigment.

His later paintings were centred on a strong vertical plane that integrated the different sections of the image into a whole. McEwen understood this division to be about trapping light in the two sections by varying the opacities of paint. Although the artist’s primary medium was painting, he also created a series of artist books and a group of stained glass windows at Concordia University in Montreal. He exhibited widely until his death in 1999.


Untitled 1/6, (#563), 1963, 19” x 12”, oil & varnish on paper


In the autumn 1963, during a visit to Crete and the island of Rhodes, McEwen became inspired by Greek icons. He returned to Montreal where, by year’s end, he painted the small-scale canvas works that comprise his “Icône” series. Untitled 1/6 and Untitled 4/6 share a formal affinity to the series. A supposition is that the paper-works owe in inspiration to icons seen on the trip, and that the paper works were painted either during it or in the forthcoming balance of the year.

Both series deploy horizontal tripartite structure, strong colour and varnish - three aspects which evoke icons. The paper works, though, add several other tell-tale characteristics, one of them vertical tripartite structure, the other calligraphy. These may be seen in the icono-stasis, the screen in front of the alter in Orthodox churches. Such icons are typically arranged both horizontally and vertically, in the latter instance the tier often three-part. The calligraphy, presumably totally abstract, recalls many icons’ strong graphic quality.*

Untitled 4/6, (#564), 1963, 20” x 12”, oil & varnish on paper

“There are two ways to judge a painting
The second is based on the sensations we get
One is based on criteria and theories of art. get before a picture. I paint the second way.”
Jean McEwen, 1956

This piece and the following one hail from a paperwork series chronologically following the 1964 oil painting series “Les Drapeaux Inconnus” (“The Unknown Flags”). This series of works was quite sought-after in its time. With the may rich layers of colour and saturated paint, the works were undeniably unique. This piece echos that vivid colour with the layers of blue and the deep gold leaf of this special work on paper.*

Sans Titre, Drapeau Inconnu (Untitled, Unknown Flag), (#512), 1964, 24” x 18”, Watercolour + goldleaf on paper

Sans Titre, Drapeau Inconnu (Untitled, Unknown Flag), (#511), 1964, 24” x 18”, Watercolour + goldleaf on paper


Sans Titre (Untitled), #487, 1964, 24” x 18”, Watercolour


Sans Titre (Untitled), #447, 1970, 12” x 16”, Watercolour


“McEwen had met both Riopelle and Francis (in 1951) when they were rediscovering the late works of Monet, especially his Water Lily paintings. Did Monet influence McEwen in a comparable way? Fernande Saint-Martin, and Evan Turner confirmed as much, both writers basing their accounts on conversations with the artist. There is much to be said for interpreting McEwen’s paint-thick surfaces as if infused with recollections of Monet’s mottled chromatic textures, with his painterly densities that stand in for leaves and tangled branches, and with is structurelessness across broad surfaces. Monet seems very readily at hand.”

“McEwen, according to Saint-Martin, said that he worked out how to express the vibration of colour from looking at “the lattice of light and shadows formed by the crossing of light through branches and leaves.”

If like Francis, McEwen learned from Monet, he also made him more “pure.” If somewhere, as McEwen implied to Saint-Martin, his voice had roots in natural observation, he expunged the representational in both space and colour, visual experience evoked alone by think and luminescent colour matter.”1

1Abstract Painting in Canada, by Roald Nasgaard. 2007. Douglas & McIntyre ltd, pg. 178 PEI, #393, 1970, 14.75” x 19.75”, Watercolour

Sans Titre (Untitled), #625, 1973, 24” x 19”, Watercolour


Sans Titre (Untitled), #720, 1980, 16” x 12”, Watercolour


Sans Titre (Untitled), #171, 1981, 23.5” x 18.5”, Watercolour


Sans Titre (Untited), #500, 1989-90, 23.5” x 17.5”, Watercolour, ink and oil on paper


Sans Titre (Untitled), #514, 1993, 28.75” x 22.25”, Watercolour


Sans Titre (Untitled), #761, 1996, 26.75” x 18.75”, Watercolour


Cantate Des Colonnes 2 (Cantata of Columns), #231, 1996, 40” x 40”, oil on canvas

Chute Dans Le Blanc (Fall in White), #179, 1997, 60”x 40”, oil on canvas
Untitled, #329, 1997, 12” x 10”, Oil on canvas

Curriculum Vitae


2023 Jean McEwen, Wallace Galleries, Calgary

2020 Jean McEwen, Mira Godard Gallery, Toronto

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Norcen Energy Resources


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