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MPD Glass - the latest showroom reveal! An all-star cast of creative glass solutions by MARGARET ANNE FEHR / photography by DUALITY PHOTOGRAPHIC

Think glass thermoformed


he versatility and expressive potential of textured cast glass takes centre stage in the large MPD Glass showroom at 853 Marion Street. Chris Kaleta, MPD co-owner and artist, is excited about this latest display since it provides an array of over 50 samples, some full-size sheets, that can best convey to customers how their finished glass product will look once installed in their homes. Textured glass is used in cabinet doors and kitchen glass doors to great effect but that’s only the beginning. The design industry has discovered the decorative potential of glass over the years and how the product satisfies the ‘form versus function’ mantra that’s so vital to creative solutions. Chris sees textured glass as a home decor chameleon in many ways. “It can provide a neutral element allowing for natural light to flow into a space; it can function as a focal point in a room divider or it can take centre stage as an accent in a backsplash or countertop.”


Another component of the showroom display features thermoformed glass creations, especially popular for kitchen counters and bar tops as well as signature pieces in their own right. With a company history spanning 25 years, MPD Glass is one of the largest suppliers of textured glass and provides products to many prominent cabinetmakers, manufacturers and big box retail stores in Winnipeg. “We’re a company that leads on decorative glass techniques. Other companies may advertise glass showers and railings, but we’re doing what other companies aren’t doing, by taking glass to the next level.”

Manitoba Home Decor & Renovations - APR/MAY 2015  

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