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Table of Contents 3............................................................................... ACADEMIC TIMELINES 4............................................................. TUITION/ROOM AND BOARD FEES 5........................................................................OFFICE OF THE REGISTRAR 6....................................................................INSTITUTIONAL TECHNOLOGY 7..............................ACADEMIC ACHIEVEMENT CENTER FOR EXCELLENCE 8................................................................WRITING CENTER AND LIBRARY 9......................................................................................... RESIDENCE LIFE 10.......................................................................................CAMPUS DINING 11............................................................................... STUDENT ACTIVITIES 12....................................................................YMCA AND CAREER CENTER 13................................................................... CO-CURRICULAR ACTIVITIES 14....................................................................STUDENT HEALTH SERVICES 15...................................... STUDENT MEDICAL INSURANCE INFORMATION 16....................................................................................CAMPUS PARKING 17.............................. CAMPUS SECURITY, SAFETY, AND PHONE NUMBERS 18....................................................... BOOKSTORE AND TRANSPORTATION 19.................... FIRST-YEAR EXPERIENCE PROGRAM AND THEME FLOORS BACK COVER..........................................................................CAMPUS MAP

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Academic Timelines for Fall 2013 LAST DAY TO...


Add a class: September 6 Drop a class with no effect on your transcripts: September 6 Withdraw from a class with a “W” recorded on transcripts: October 29

Paychecks are issued in the Business Office the 10th of each month. Employment paperwork (W-4’s and I-9’s) must be completed in the Financial Aid Office prior to starting a job each year. Workstudy earnings may be applied to tuition accounts to pay tuition if the student chooses to do so. Arrangements may be made in the Business Office.

WITHDRAWAL Before adding/dropping or withdrawing from any class, a student must determine how the change will affect his/her tuition charges and/or financial aid awards. After the add/drop period for each session, there will be no reversal of tuition for partial withdrawal. The catalog has further details and is available on the Waldorf web site.

TUITION CHARGES Tuition charges are posted to your account at the time of registration. Unpaid account balances will prevent registration for future terms, will block the release of transcripts, and will be charged the equivalent of 12 percent interest (1 percent per month).

STATEMENTS A statement is typically mailed by the 15th of each month to the address indicated by the student as his/her primary address. In compliance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), we are able to discuss a student’s account ONLY with the student unless the student has signed a waiver in the Business Office to enable release of financial and/or academic information.

PARKING TICKETS Parking tickets are charged to student accounts and unpaid fines will result in transcript and/or registration holds. For further information, refer to the Student Handbook located at: student-handbook

PAYMENT OPTIONS Check, cash, or debit/credit card (Mastercard®, Visa®, and Discover®)

Critical Info REGISTRAR’S OFFICE: 641.585.8139

Third-party payment (employer reimbursement, vocational rehabilitation, etc.): We must have official documentation of eligibility from the third-party payment source each semester in order to defer account payment.



CAMPUS INFORMATION CENTER: 641.585.8160 Open until 10 p.m. during the regular academic year.

Further registration will not be allowed and transcripts will be withheld until balance is paid in full. We encourage you to call any of these offices or come in if you have any questions!


BUSINESS OFFICE: 641.585.8135

WALDORF SECURITY: 641.585.8500

2013-2014 Semester Tuition, Room/Board and Fees TUITION PER SEMESTER


Full-Time: $9,633

Traditional Halls Room & 19-Meal Plan Double Room $3,428 Single Room $4,015

FEES PER SEMESTER Comprehensive Fees: $525

BILLING AND PAYMENT INFORMATION The net amount you owe Waldorf College must be paid in full (by cash, check, VISA®, MasterCard® American Express® or Discover®) by August 10, 2013. Payment plans are available. Please contact the Business Office at 641-585-8135 for more information.

FINANCIAL AID Students who are interested in financial aid should contact the Financial Aid Office at 641-585-8120. Students applying for financial aid for the 2013-2014 academic year must be admitted to a degree program at Waldorf, have filed the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) or renewal FAFSA, and be enrolled at least half-time during the semester (Federal Pell Grants may be available for some students enrolling less than half-time). Audited classes are not eligible for financial aid.

TUITION REFUNDS Dropping Classes The Business Office and Financial Aid Office will establish a student’s tuition charges and financial aid based on the student’s enrollment after the add/drop period. After the add/drop period has expired, there will be no adjustment in tuition charges and no adjustment in financial aid for dropping classes unless the student completely withdraws (drops all classes) from the college.

PARKING FEE REFUNDS Parking fees are non-refundable after the first day of classes.


Office of the Registrar Office of the Registrar Salveson, 1st Level 641.585.8139

SERVICES • • • •

Monday – Friday 8 a.m. – 12 p.m. 1 p.m. – 5 p.m.

• • • • • • • • •

Darrell Barbour Registrar

Class Registration Schedule Changes Transcript Requests Grade Reporting/Mid-Semester Grades “Good Student Verification” for insurance (student must complete one semester) Full-time Enrollment Verification Letters Transfer Credit Evaluations Graduation Petitions Loan Deferments (mostly transfer students) Change of address, name, academic advisor, or major/minor Veterans Affairs Benefits Athletic Eligibility Drop/Add Process

FAMILY EDUCATION RIGHTS AND PRIVACY ACT NOTIFICATION The Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) affords students certain rights with respect to their education records. They are:

• The right to inspect and review the

CATALOG Students can view the Waldorf College catalog online at The catalog details various information about Waldorf College including a brief history, graduation requirements, and courses offered. We encourage students to read through the catalog to better understand course descriptions, majors offered, and general academic information.

Leslie Grothe Assistant Registrar


student’s education records within 45 days of the day Waldorf receives a request for access. The right to request the amendment of the student’s education records that the student believes are inaccurate or misleading. The right to consent to disclosure of personally identifiable information contained in the student’s education records, except to the extent that FERPA authorizes disclosure without consent. The right to file a complaint with the U.S. Department of Education concerning alleged failures by Waldorf College to comply with the requirements of FERPA.

The name and address of the office that administers FERPA is: Family Policy Compliance Office U.S. Department of Education 600 Independence Avenue SW Washington, DC 20202-4506

Institutional Technology Waldorf College is a leader in academic technology. We use laptops, I-clickers, iPods and other new technologies to enhance our students’ experience in the classroom. Professors at Waldorf understand that using technology can improve the ways in which students learn. The technology used increases engagement in class and makes students active participants in their learning. BLACKBOARD Blackboard is an online resource for some of your classes. You will be told by your professor/instructor whether or not you will use this resource. The website is

FREE ANTI-VIRUS SOFTWARE We provide Norton Anti-Virus software to students who use Waldorf computers.

WIRELESS NETWORK ACCESS All academic buildings are equipped with wireless access.



It is very important that you check your Waldorf e-mail account often, as e-mail is the most commonly used source of communication within the campus community. You may access your e-mail by using MS Outlook when logged onto the Waldorf computer network. If you are not on the Waldorf network, you can access your e-mail by clicking the Email icon found at the bottom of every page of the Waldorf website or by visiting

Laser printers are available for student use in the Library, Campus Center and the Academic Achievement Center (AACE). Printing procedures are posted at each printer. It is recommended, but not required, that you bring your own printer.

Your e-mail address is your:

VIEWING YOUR SCHEDULE AND GRADES CampusWeb will provide you with access to your class schedule, grades and unofficial transcripts. Contact the I.T. Department to receive information on how to access the website, your username, and PIN.

Example - Robert Johnson =

Institutional Technology Salveson, 3rd Level Help Desk 641.585.8150


Waldorf will lend you a laptop for your use while you are a full-time registered student. You may also choose to bring a personal computer.

COMMUNICATION MAJORS If you have declared your major to be communications, there is an all-Mac computer lab open 24/7. For more specific information on services provided by the I.T. Department, please visit us online at Waldorf College reserves the right to change any of these items without notice.

AACE The Academic Achievement Center for Excellence (AACE) provides academic services to all Waldorf College Students. These services include tutorial services, educational training and seminars, learning style assessments, academic advising, study rooms, computer network access, printer access and a helpful, responsive staff. • Students wishing to set up academic accommodations will need to notify and meet with the learning disabilities specialist in this office. • The AACE also houses the Academic Support Program (ASP) and Learning Disabilities Program (LDP).



The Learning Disabilities Program is based out of the Academic Achievement Center (AACE). The LDP provides services above and beyond that of just ensuring appropriate accommodations for students with a disability. Students who wish to participate in the LDP must have appropriate documentation of their disability and a desire to complete their college education. There is a fee for participation in this program.

The ASP is available to and recommended for any student who experienced academic difficulties in high school, who did not take a full schedule of college preparatory classes, or anyone who needs to develop better college study skills. There is an additional fee for each semester the student participates in the ASP. In some cases, this may be a requirement based on conditional acceptance to the college.



• Specialized academic advising with

• Strategies of Success course (skills

• • • • • • • • • • •

the LD specialist Professor notification of accommodations required by the student One-on-one tutoring services from former professors/teachers Individualized instructional strategies from the Learning Disabilities Specialist Orientation for new LDP students at the beginning of the academic year Monitored study time Assistive technology and other required specialized academic materials Priority registration for developmental and study skill classes Learning style assessment and academic testing Counseling services available upon referral or request Academic progress monitoring which will be shared with the student (and parents if permission is given) Appropriate accommodations related to the individual student needs

• • • • • • •

are taught to increase academic preparedness for college) Learning style evaluation Priority registration in developmental courses Tutoring services Monitored study time Academic progress monitoring (student and parents with permission) Counseling service and referrals Post-program academic progress monitoring (student and parents with permission)




Atrium, 2nd Level 641.585.8209 Monday – Thursday 7:30 a.m. – *10 p.m. Friday 7:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. *Staff available until 5 p.m.

Kristin Wempen Director of the AACE Learning Disabilities Specialist 641.585.8211

Sabrina Parcher Assistant Director of Academic Support Programs/Learning Disabilities Specialist 641.585.8224

Amanda Geelan AACE Coordinator 641.585.8209



Writing Center WRITING CENTER Waldorf Writing Center tutors are trained to help you develop your skills at any stage of the writing process: overcoming writer’s block, brainstorming, outlining, drafting, revising, polishing a final draft– skills you can apply in a current paper, as well use with future assignments.


• • • • •

Luise V. Hanson Library 2nd Level

a. Open email through the college website, Click on the “Public Folders” tab on the left, and select “Writing Center”

• Writers of all ability levels are

welcome to come for tutoring. Tutoring is free and open to all students. Appointments are 30 minutes or longer, depending on your writing needs. Appointments are made online. You can come to see us with writing assignments in any field. You can also bring in work from outside of class including: your resume, scholarship essays, creative writing and other texts. We can work on specific grammatical needs, such as eliminating sentence fragments and dividing run-on sentences; however, we are not a proofreading service. We can also help you with reading comprehension, and we offer the chance to practice English conversation and grammar skills. Appointments are recommended, but not required.

Writing Center

b. Open email using Outlook. Click on the “folder list” icon (looks like a little folder) at the far lower left corner. Click on “Public Folders,” then “Writing Center.” 2. Find a time when a tutor is working (Lisa is working, Sarah is working, etc.) 3. Make a NEW appointment with your name as the subject line. 4. Check date, start time and end time. Save and quit.

Dr. LeAnn Nash Writing Center Director

You may also make an appointment by contacting Dr. Nash directly.

Luise V. Hanson Library The mission of the Luise V. Hanson Library is to meet the academic needs of the Waldorf College community and to encourage lifelong learning. The library provides academic support through: • • • • •

Access to resources (books, journals, databases) supporting academic programs; Computer workstations to access electronic resources; Information literacy instruction, in the classroom and one-on-one; Space for intellectual development; Programming to promote learning, such as book discussions, lectures, and study events.

Our reference desk offers research assistance on a walk-in basis, and individual consultations may be scheduled with librarians upon request. Our librarians are dedicated to teaching you to locate, access, and evaluate information. No research skills? No problem! Make the Luise V. Hanson Library your first stop when beginning your research.


REGULAR SEMESTER HOURS: Monday-Thursday: 8 a.m. – 11 p.m. Friday: 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. Saturday: Closed Sunday: 2 – 11 p.m.

Luise V. Hanson Library 641.585.8110

Residence Life First-year students will be living in Johnson & London Halls (J&L), which will be the base of your First-Year Experience Program. The building is not air conditioned, so we encourage all new students to bring fans to help with ventilation and temperature control in their rooms. The Timberland Apartments are a wonderful modern housing opportunity we provide for our upperclass students. We have a waiting list for these apartments, so if you are an interested transfer student, please contact us so we can consider you for that option if a space becomes available. We also have one suite-style living hall, three traditional double room halls, and five theme houses on campus. Single rooms are available for an additional charge. Stop by Residence Life to learn more about housing options and participation. Our terrific staff includes three professional live-in Area Coordinators and 17 student staff (RAs) dedicated to the residence life experience. All areas include laundry, cable TV, internet, trash disposal, vending, and common area lounges and lobbies. Johnson and London Hall and Breen Hall have a movie lounge and a pool or ping pong area.

Katie Mullaly Area Coordinator First Year Experience Program 641.585.8727

All rooms are furnished except for theme houses, which are partially furnished, and Timberland, which is not furnished except for appliances. Security and parking is provided for each living area. If you have any special housing needs or questions about our three year residency requirement, please contact and inform us of your need at


Breen (suite style) Johnson & London (First-Year Students) Ormseth (single rooms for sophomores-seniors) Timberland Apartments (for upperclass students, apartments with full amenities)

THEME HOUSES (4-7 RESIDENTS) Immanuel House Warrior House Columbia House Veritas House Olson House Lux House

Anne Marie Werthmann Area Coordinator 641.585.8728 annemarie.werthmann@

Brett Geelan Area Coordinator Intramural and Recreation Coordinator 641.585.8490


Campus Dining Waldorf College Campus Dining has streamlined the meal plan options into two choices that offer flexibility and a great value for your dining dollar. Declining balance dollars, along with flexibility in the meal exchange policies, give students convenient options on the when, where and what to eat that fit best into your schedule. MEAL PLANS Meal plans are available during most dates when classes are in session. Please review the academic calendar for times when meal service will be limited or unavailable due to breaks. 19 Meals/week with $125 Declining Balance This plan offers the best value for your dining dollars. Every Wednesday morning, you start with 19 new meals to use for the week. Use meals wherever you’d like in the Campus Dining Room, Warrior Crossing, Gatsby’s Grill, or Concessions under the guideline listed in the exchange policy below. Also included is the $125 in Declining Balance for you to use whenever and however you like. Please review the Meal Exchange Policy for information about how and when meals are used. All first-year students are placed on this plan for their initial semester. 12 Meals/week with $225 Declining Balance This plan offers an alternate blend of meals per week and declining balance for those who prefer even more flexibility to eat away from the dining room. This plan starts each Wednesday with 12 new meals and $225 declining dollars to use over the semester. As above, please review the Meal Exchange Policy for information about how and when meals are used. Warrior Bucks Warrior Bucks work like declining balance on your card. They may be added any time throughout the year and do not expire. Warrior Bucks can be added by visiting the Business Office located on the second floor of Salveson Hall or parents may call 641-585-8135. Adding Warrior Bucks is a good way to extend your meals without having to carry cash. As an added bonus, you receive ten percent extra for every dollar you put on your card.



Campus Dining Room (Campus Center, second level)

As an added feature you may exchange meals in the Warrior Crossing, Gatsby’s, or Concessions under the following restrictions.

Breakfast: Monday-Friday 7 to 8:30 a.m. Lunch: Monday-Friday 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. Dinner: Monday-Friday 5 to 6:30 p.m. Saturday & Sunday Brunch 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. Saturday & Sunday Dinner 5 p.m. to 6 p.m. Waldorf Campus Dining Room offers a full line of all your favorites! Warrior Crossing Café (Atrium) Monday – Friday 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. Warrior Crossing provides great convenience between classes! Gatsby’s Grill (Campus Center, lower level) Sunday – Friday 7 p.m. to 10 p.m. Gatsby’s Grill is perfect for a late night meal with your friends!

FOOD SERVICE MEAL POLICY The meal plan week begins on Wednesday with breakfast as the first meal available for the week. Meals not used by the following Tuesday will be lost and are non-refundable. Each time your card is scanned, a meal will be deducted from the balance available. If you have no balance of meals left for the week, the card system automatically deducts from your declining balance account.


1. One meal per meal period may be used during any given meal period with the 19 Meals and 12 Meals plans.

2. Meal Periods are defined as follows: Breakfast: 7 a.m. to 10 a.m. Lunch: 10:01 a.m. to 3 p.m. Dinner: 3:01 p.m. to 10 p.m.

3. When you use meals for a meal

period, it’s used for all locations on campus. You can only use one meal per period. For example, if you eat breakfast at 8 a.m. in the dining room, or use a meal at Warrior Crossing at 9 a.m., your next meal exchange is not available at any location until 10:01 a.m. You can use declining balance when meals are not available.


Brian Keely, Director for Campus Dining 641-585-8168 LeeAnn Smith, Assistant Food Service Director 641-585-8170

Student Activities SWAT Campus Center 641.585.8726

LIFE AS A WARRIOR IS ALWAYS FUN AND EXCITING! We pride ourselves on being a small campus with big social opportunities! Almost all student activity events are free to Waldorf College students. Exceptions include long distance excursions.

S.W.A.T. The Social Warrior Activities Team plans and implements most of the social events on campus. This fun and creative student team also screens and chooses the awesome entertainment including:

• Nationally touring comedians, • • • • • • • • • •

coffee house musicians, hypnotists, magicians and bands Trips to Minneapolis or other regional events Homecoming events Talent Show/Awards Night Halloween party De-Stress Week during finals Dances Comedy Week Life-Size Game Night Forest City Movie Night Cosmic Bingo/Bowling

Let us know if you are interested in joining S.W.A.T. We always love to have new members. It’s open to anyone on campus and it’s a way to get involved with as much or as little time as you have to give. Email for more information.

STUDENT ORGANIZATIONS Get involved – Join an organization or create one! No membership fees. Alpha Chi · Active Catholics to Serve (ACTS) · Amnesty International · Biology Club · The Bridge Ministries · Business Club · Campus Democrats · Campus Republicans · Chess Club · Education Club · Gay/Straight Alliance · History Club · KZOW Radio · The Lobbyist Newspaper · Mostly Alive Poet Society · Mu Phi Epsilon · Psychology Club · Student Senate · SWAT · The Torch Magazine · Track Club · WAL-TV · Wellness Club

INTRAMURALS Most events are at the Forest City YMCA or Pammel Park. Sports Offered: Basketball Bowling Broomball Disc Golf Dodgeball Flag Football Indoor Soccer Ping Pong Pool Racquetball Softball Tennis Ultimate Frisbee Volleyball

Anjaih Clemons Director of Student Activities & Orientation

RECREATION Recreation Trips: Canoeing/Kayaking Harlem Globetrotters Lynx Basketball Minnesota Swarm (Lacrosse) NCAA Tournament Games River City Dames of Anarchy (Roller Derby) Snow Tubing Timberwolves Basketball Twins Baseball Vikings Football Wild Hockey

Find us on Facebook at


Waldorf Student YMCA Membership

Career Center

Waldorf College provides free Forest City YMCA membership to all students (September-May). The Y is connected to the John K. and Luise V. Hanson Fieldhouse, providing excellent access to several fitness opportunities. Your YMCA membership privileges become effective after you complete a brief membership application/ information form, return it to the Y and show proof of identity.

The Career Center at Waldorf College is available to you from your first day on campus. We are here to help you prepare for life after graduation.



Resources available to you through the Career Center include:

The Y is a charitable, community-service organization that promotes positive values through programs that build healthy spirit, mind, and body for all. When you’re a member of the Y, you are part of a nonprofit organization with three areas of focus:

Forest City is proud to be one of the smallest communities in the United States to offer a full service YMCA facility. The Y offers family-oriented fun, Christian values and a state-of-the-art facility that includes a cardio room, racquetball courts, large gymnasium, pool, spa and track. The Forest City Y serves people and families of all ages, income levels, and physical condition; with emphasis on responsibility and self-improvement.

• • • • • • •

• Youth Development, because young

people need caring adults to provide support, guidance and encouragement as they grow.

• Healthy Living, because wellness

in spirit, mind and body strengthens our very being and enhances our interactions with others.

• Social Responsibility, because we

truly are in this together and together we can harness our individual strengths and bring about positive change around us.

BUILDING HOURS Building hours during the school year are 5:30 a.m.-9 p.m. Monday-Thursday. The Y is open on Friday from 5:30 a.m.-8 p.m. Saturday hours are 7 a.m.-5 p.m. and Sunday hours are 1-5 p.m. Visit for more information about the Forest City Y!

Career exploration Resume and cover letter writing Planning for internships Job search assistance Interview preparation Area part-time jobs Graduate school information

The Career Center is open Monday through Friday for appointments or walk-ins. The staff hosts several workshops, events and day trips each year. We look forward to helping you reach your career goals!

Career Center Salveson, Lower Level Monday – Friday 8 a.m. – 12 p.m. 1 p.m. – 5 p.m.

Mary Reisetter Director of Career Planning

Roberta Kraft Abrahamson Administrative Assistant

Mary 12


Co-Curricular Activities Interested in participating in performing arts or a varsity sport? Even if you were not recruited to be a part of theatre or the football team, there may be a home for you in our co-curricular programs. Please feel free to contact the following offices to set up an appointment to talk to someone about your interests: ATHLETICS


Baseball Basketball, Men’s & Women’s Bowling, Men’s & Women’s Cheerleading (Women’s) Cross Country, Men’s & Women’s Football Golf, Men’s & Women’s Ice Hockey (Men’s) Soccer, Men’s & Women’s Softball Volleyball (Women’s) Wrestling, Men’s & Women’s

Waldorf Choir Schola Cantorum Mannskor/Sangkor (Community Choir) Wind Symphony Waldorf Jazz Band Pep Band (Football and Basketball) Drumline Theatre (Plays and Musicals) Lobbyist (Student Newspaper) The Torch (Student Magazine) KZOW (Radio) WAL-TV (TV Station) The Crusader (Creative Writing Journal)


Student Health Services Student Health Services are available to registered students of Waldorf College. The office is staffed by a registered nurse and is located in the Campus Center on the first floor. Medical conditions that go beyond the scope of services provided by our office are referred to off-campus providers.

Student Health Services Campus Center 641.585.8157

We require first-year students to complete a health history, show proof of immunizations and insurance, and have a physical examination done by a physician to ensure your health and the health of those around you at Waldorf. You will receive these medical forms in the mail, but they can also be downloaded from the Waldorf website at The forms must be completed and returned to the Student Health Services Office prior to the start of classes. The forms may be returned by mail (Waldorf College, Student Health Services, 106 South 6th Street, Forest City, Iowa, 50436), faxed to 641-585-8208 or dropped off at the Student Health Services Office. Please Note: Athletes must have their forms turned in prior to practice. If an athlete does not have his/her forms and proof of insurance on file, he/she will not be allowed to practice until these forms are complete.

Mary Mathiasen, RN Director of Student Health Services

REQUIRED IMMUNIZATIONS FOR ALL STUDENTS ARE: • Polio series with 1 booster • Tetanus-diphtheria booster (within past 10 years) • Proof of 2 MMR (measles, mumps, & rubella) vaccinations • Varicella (chicken pox) vaccination or had the disease • Tuberculosis screening RECOMMENDED IMMUNIZATIONS FOR ALL STUDENTS ARE: • Hepatitis B series • HPV (Human Papillomavirus Vaccine) • Influenza vaccination • Meningitis vaccination

Counseling Services Campus Center, Office 104 641.585.8160

Counseling Services Counseling Services offers the following to Waldorf students at no cost: • Individual counseling • Group counseling • Substance abuse/chemical dependency counseling • Educational programs • Self-help strategies • Crisis intervention • Consultation to campus organizations, faculty, staff, and students (related to student issues) • Off-campus referral for long-term mental health counseling


Jim Amelsberg, MS, LMHC, LMSW Director of Counseling Services

Student Medical Insurance Information Waldorf College is vitally interested in making your academic and personal experience meaningful and successful. Your health and wellness are key components of that experience. PRIMARY INSURANCE Waldorf College requires all full-time, residential students (12 or more credit hours) to carry adequate health insurance that is accepted by providers in the Forest City, Iowa area (i.e. Mercy or Mayo systems). This requirement can be met either through a family employee health plan, private insurer, or the plan offered by the College through Bollinger Insurance. As a residential, full-time student, you have been enrolled in the Bollinger Plan and the premium charge has been posted to your student account. It is payable with your tuition bill unless you waive coverage with adequate and comparable primary insurance before the September 9, 2013 deadline with Bev Retland. Students with appropriate coverage may waive off the plan by sending a copy of both sides of their insurance card to Bev Retland (contact information on the right), who will verify that it is adequate and complete to waive. SENDING COPIES OF THE INSURANCE CARD TO ANYONE ELSE ON CAMPUS WILL NOT WAIVE YOU OFF THE BOLLINGER PLAN. The deadline to waive coverage is September 9, 2013. A copy of the Bollinger brochure is located at www. for your review.


Coverage 8-1-13 to 8-1-14 Annual cost: 25 years old and younger: $1,713 26 years old and older: $2,378 $500,000 aggregate maximum $250 deductible (if referred by Waldorf College Student Health Services, deductible can be waived) 70% In Network Network includes Mayo and Mercy Preventative/wellness services 100% paid In Network (including annual physicals and CDC recommended immunizations) Prescription Drugs: $15 Generic, $35

Business Office Salveson, 2nd Level, 204

Brand, $50 Specialty (no deductible) Coverage includes inpatient and outpatient care, anesthetist, clinic, physical therapy, chiropractor, ER, urgent care, x-ray, lab, and ambulance Routine vision and dental coverage for ages 19 or younger

Before waiving Waldorf’s excellent coverage, please consider: •

We feel the coverage offered in this new plan is outstanding. It is possible that this plan may be both better and less expensive than your current coverage. We encourage you to compare or shop for adequate coverage. HMO or PPO networks may not provide adequate coverage for providers in the Forest City area. Most HMOs, IOWA CARE, and Medicaid, other than Iowa Medicaid, are not adequate coverage to waive. It is 40 minutes to the nearest Emergency Room and Urgent Care facilities, while the Mercy Clinic is just across town. Not all accidents and illnesses require an Emergency Room visit or Urgent Care, which sometimes is the only coverage a student has with out-of-network insurance. Primary insurance that only covers Emergency Room visits and/ or Urgent Care visits is not adequate coverage to waive.

Athletes will not be able to participate in practices, conditioning, nor games until proof of adequate and comparable primary insurance is presented or with Bollinger’s insurance plan.

Bev Retland Federal Perkins Loan Officer and Student Insurance Coordinator 641.585.8144

To waive coverage, copies of your insurance card can be sent to Waldorf College, Attn: Bev Retland: Mail: 106 South 6th Street, Forest City, IA 50436 Fax: 641.585.8194 Email:

Underwritten By: Monumental Life Insurance Company Cedar Rapids, Iowa Preferred Provider Network

SECONDARY ACCIDENT INSURANCE Waldorf College carries secondary, excess, accident insurance on all fulltime, residential students at no additional cost. This insurance will piggy-back on to the students’ primary health insurance and pays deductibles, co-insurances, and co-payments. More information may be found at or by contacting Bev Retland.



Campus Parking Waldorf College permits the use of vehicles by students. All residential students who bring vehicles to campus are required to purchase a parking permit to park in any Waldorf College student parking lot. Students must purchase a new parking permit every year. Parking fees are non-refundable after the first day of classes. Parking permit fees are $50 for the entire academic year, or $25 for one semester.



• Vehicles must be registered with the

• Parking fines are $10 if paid within 10

• • •

• •

Office of Student Life within 24 hours of bringing the vehicle to campus. Registration forms are available online or in Student Life. Vehicles must be parked overnight in the assigned lot based on permit color. If more than one vehicle is used during the school year, an additional parking permit must be purchased for each vehicle for $5. Students who bring a temporary vehicle to campus must purchase a temporary parking permit for $3. Parking permits must be properly displayed on the driver side of the rear window.

STUDENT PARKING IS PROHIBITED IN THE FOLLOWING AREAS AT ANY TIME: • Admissions/Visitor parking lot • • • • • • • • • •

located off of South 6th Street Lot near Rasmusson Employee/Visitor parking lot located south of Campus Center/Dining Hall Winnebago County Courthouse parking lot located off of South 6th Street Senior Citizen Center parking lot on the corner of North 7th & West J Streets Immanuel Lutheran Church & Hanson Family Life Center located off of South 6th Street RA, Maintenance, Facilities, & Handicapped spaces (unless vehicle has proper permit) Alley marked “No Parking” zone located off of North 7th Street across for the Senior Citizen Center College Nurse/Food Service parking spaces located west of Campus Center Any “No Parking” zone on campus Any grassy areas on campus Hardee’s restaurant (unless student is dining in restaurant)

• •

days. Unpaid tickets increase to $15 and will be applied to the student’s account in the Business Office. Ticket appeals must be submitted to Student Life within 10 days of issuance for review by the Campus Hearing Board. Ticket appeal forms may be found online or in Student Life. Parking tickets may be issued by either Waldorf Security or the Office of Student Life. Tickets may be paid in the Office of Student Life. Tickets may also be applied to the student’s account. Please pay tickets to Anna Moklestad in Student Life. Any student vehicle issued four or more violations in one semester will be immobilized with a wheel boot for 24 hours. A $40 boot fine will be charged to the student.

Forest City does not permit faculty/staff/ student parking on city streets during the day or at night. Students with parking permits are expected to park in their assigned lots. Vehicles parked on city streets adjacent to campus are subject to city regulation and ticketing. City tickets cost $100. Students are reminded they must abide by city snow removal and other regulations.


Campus Center Main Floor 641.585.8160

Anna Moklestad Administrative Coordinator

STUDENT PARKING AREAS Fieldhouse Gravel Lot – Green Permit Johnson/London Residents Ormseth Parking Lot – Red & Blue Permits Ormseth, Rasmusson, Theme House, Timberland Residents, Commuter Students Water Tower Parking Lot – Purple Permit Breen Residents Timberland Parking Lot – Blue Permit Timberland Residents

Campus Security and Safety At Waldorf College, the safety, health, and well being of our students, employees and visitors is always a priority for our community. However, a safe campus can only be maintained through the cooperation of all members of the community. Each year, an e-mail notification is made to all enrolled students and employees that provides the website link access to our annual security report. Reference our website for more information at security-report. This report highlights campus safety, sexual assault/harassment and substance abuse related information which is a part of our effort to ensure our community is informed. You are welcome to read our security report carefully and use the information to help foster a safe campus. The administrative area responsible for security on the Waldorf campus is the Office of Student Life located on the main floor of the Campus Center. This office

works closely with Facility Services, Residence Life, and the Forest City Police Department. Our Waldorf Security number is 641-585-8500. Know that the college is committed to campus security program that prevents or at least reduces crime. Close attention is paid to campus lighting and building security. Waldorf Security provides regular campus surveillance every night and weekends. The security team checks for unlocked or propped open doors, monitors parking lots, escorts students between buildings, locks up buildings and responds to calls. All of our residence halls have a 24-hour door card access system. Only students who reside in a particular facility can enter the building. The level of safety

and security that students experience on our campus continues to be a strength of the college. Recent additions of security cameras have led to a reduction of campus thefts. Based on the exit interviews with departing students, Waldorf scored a 4.6 on a 5 point scale when students were asked about their feeling of safety and security on campus. Security and safety on campus continue to be reasons students come and stay at Waldorf and Forest City, Iowa. The college encourages victims or concerned students to report serious crimes or suspicious behavior to both the local police and campus officials.

Waldorf Security 641.585.8500

Important Phone Numbers ON CAMPUS


College Main Number 641.585.2450

Emergency 911

Student Life/Campus Information Center 641.585.8160

Counseling, Crisis Intervention Health and Human Services 641.585.1050

Counseling Services 641.585.8160

Forest City Crisis Intervention Services 641.585.1050

Dean of Students 641.585.8160 Residence Life Area Coordinators 641.585.8727, 641.585.8728 641.585.8490 Area Coordinators On-Call (Evenings and Weekends) 641.590.4318

Forest City Police (non emergency) 641.585.2113 Forest City Fire Department (non emergency) 641.585.4121 24 Hour Crisis Intervention Services 641.424.9133

Health Services 641.585.8157

Mercy Family Clinic – Forest City 641.585.2904

Waldorf Security 641.585.8500

Mercy Family Clinic – Lake Mills 641.592.3900


Hancock County Memorial Hospital (Britt-Hancock) 641.843.5000 Mercy Medical Center – North Iowa (Mason City) 800.433.3883 Albert Lea Medical Center (MN) Mayo Health System 888.999.2386 Lake Mills Clinic (IA) Mayo Health System 641.592.2361 Winnebago County Health Department 641.585.4763 Winnebago County Sheriff 641.585.2828 National Domestic Violence Hotline 800.799.7233 National Substance Abuse Hotline 800.662.4357

Waldorf Bookstore Voss Hall Monday – Friday 9 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. Open Saturdays and Sundays during special event weekends: Homecoming, Family Weekend, Welcome Weekend, etc.




Karla Schaefer


Bookstore Director

Terri Van Hove The Waldorf College Bookstore is located south of the Atrium in Voss Hall. We proudly supply the Waldorf community with a wide variety of apparel, gifts, software and snacks, as well as all the textbooks and school supplies you will need for a successful semester. We also offer helpful services such as book buy-back events, gift wrapping and special orders. Merchandise changes frequently, so stop by often to browse our wide selection.

• • • • • • • • • • • • •

New and used textbooks Reference and study aids Art and music supplies School and dorm supplies Educationally priced software Waldorf clothing and gifts Greeting cards and balloons Gifts Snacks Postage stamps Gift certificates Graduation announcements Special orders

Bookstore Assistant Textbook Coordinator

Sara Corey Bookstore Assistant Textbook Coordinator

Transportation Students that need transportation to the Mason City Municipal Airport or the Minneapolis/St. Paul International Airport or area clinics during the academic year may use the Waldorf College Student Transportation Services. Learn more about our transportation program online at or by calling 641.585.8728.

FALL 2013 TRANSPORTATION DATES Fall Camps Mon, Aug. 5th – First-year students in cross country, football, soccer, and volleyball. Pick up from Minneapolis at 2 p.m. and midnight. Wed, Aug. 7th – Returning students in cross country, football, soccer, and volleyball. Pick up from Minneapolis at 2 p.m. and midnight. Thurs, Aug. 15th – Cheerleading, theatre, and select communication students. Pick up at 9 p.m. from Minneapolis.

Sun, Aug. 18th – Music students. Pick up at 9 p.m. from Minneapolis. Thurs, Aug. 22nd – Remaining first-year students. Pick up at 2 p.m. and midnight from Minneapolis. Sat, Aug. 24th – Remaining returning students. Pick up at 2 p.m. and midnight from Minneapolis. Mid-Term Break Leaving from campus to airport: Fri, Oct. 11th at 4 p.m. Return to campus from airport: Tue, Oct. 15th at 9 p.m.


Thanksgiving Break Leave from campus to airport: Tues, Nov. 26th at 4 p.m. Wed, Nov. 27th at 7 a.m. Return to campus from airport: Sun, Dec. 1st at 9 p.m. Winter Break Leave from campus to airport: Wed, Dec. 11th at 6 p.m. (only for students without Thursday finals) Thurs, Dec. 12th at 6 p.m. (only for students without Friday finals) Fri, Dec. 13th at 7 a.m. Additional dates and more information can be found online.

First-Year Experience Theme Floor Communities Themed communities offer unique living and learning environments for our first year students. Participate in our First-Year Experience residence hall theme floor community and you’ll discover an avenue for connecting with peers, mentors and campus resources. Make the transition from high school to college life smoothly with the help of an upperclassman Resident Assistant (RA). The theme floor communities in J&L allow you to explore and experience Waldorf with other students who share your interests. The students, along with a Resident Assistant (RA) and faculty/staff members, develop and participate in community events and experiences consistent with your floor theme. Themed Communities receive special funding through Residence Life to accomplish their goals and endeavors. Give back to the local community through service projects or participate in unique programming selected for each theme. Interact and network with professionals from around the community and Waldorf faculty members. Research shows that students who take part in theme floor communities have higher GPAs and were active members of the campus community!

GET WIRED FLOOR (SOCIAL/ ELECTRONIC MEDIA TECHNOLOGY) Love technology? Can’t live without your smart phone? Like feeling connected through Twitter and Facebook? On Get Wired, we are a community of students excited about exploring new and innovative technologies. Technology is integrated into every aspect of our daily lives and shapes world in which we live. You don’t have to be an expert, just share our interest.

GET IT ALL FLOOR (TRADITIONAL) We are a small campus and students in co-curriculars spend lots of time with their teams, clubs and fine arts group. However, the mission of the Traditional Floor is to foster a welcoming community for all new college students with no particular interest group. The goal is to provide a support system and great living experience for a mix of residents from all over the US that will integrate into a diverse floor of students and help them continue throughout their four years here at Waldorf.

GET FIT (HEALTHY LIVING/EXERCISE) This floor consists of students interested in creating a healthy, balanced lifestyle. Education and activities in getting healthy are conducted through a variety of programs, speakers, and bulletin boards. Students who live in this community agree not to have or use alcohol, tobacco or other controlled substances, and do not want alcohol or other drugs in their living environment and agree not to allow any mood-altering substance, or anyone under the influence of a substance, onto

the floor. Students that live on these floors have made a lifestyle choice and wish to live with others who have made a similar choice. This housing option promotes a sense of school pride along with healthy living and actively promoting the school’s athletic teams.

GET SMART FLOOR (STUDY/ACADEMIC) Prefer peace and tranquility? Needing a bit more of a focused environment to maintain your academics? This is the floor for you! Students living on this specific floor will engage in unique opportunities that weave fun and friendship with learning, academics, and tight-knit community groups. Students on this floor agree to maintain an academically-lead environment. The academic study theme floor participants will create an environment that supports and creates academic success while maintaining a quieter environment in which to study.

GET ROCKIN’ COMMUNITY (MUSIC/ITUNES) Music will be the language of this floor. Pop, punk, rap, R&B, Indie, country, rock, pop-rock, blues, jazz, big band, gospel, et cetera! Get Rockin’ is a community living environment based solely on the rhythms that move us. Break the social barriers and let the music do the talking! The world’s #1 music opportunity is now more social right here at WC in our halls. Bring your passion for music and iTunes and follow your favorite artists. Find out what your friends are listening to and watching in this community of music.


First-Year Experience Program The First-Year Experience Program’s primary objective is to mentor new students and partner them with their Campus Connection Specialist (Waldorf employee). The concept is part of our First-Year Experience Program which is designed to build a relationship and connection between the first-year student and another person on campus who has their best interests in mind. The program forms a mentor relationship where the employee can listen, help, refer or just be a friend to the new student. The role does not replace the Academic Advisor but rather supplements the Advisor role for the new student at Waldorf. We know that the first year and first semester at college is oftentimes the most difficult time for a new student. We also know at Waldorf, students who are “connected” to our campus network of people stay, enjoy their time here and graduate at a high rate. All new students will be assigned an employee mentor and be contacted before their arrival to campus.


1. Salveson Hall -Ballroom -Business Office -Career Services -I.T. -President’s Office -Registrar’s Office 2. Thorson Hall -Digital Arts Lab -Radio Station -Television Station 3. Atrium -AACE -Warrior Crossing 4. Nilssen-Boe Hall 5. Voss Hall -Admissions -Bookstore -Financial Aid -Smith Theatre 6. Luise V. Hanson Library -Writing Center 7. Odvin Hagen Music Center -Recital Hall 8. Campus Center -Art Gallery -CIC Desk/Game Lounge -Dining Hall -Gatsby’s -Student Mailboxes 9. Hanson Fieldhouse -YMCA 10. Denny Jerome Athletic Center 11. A. David Bolstorff Field 12. Baseball Field 13. Practice Areas 14. Outdoor Recreation -Basketball -Skate Park -Tennis

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Parking Admissions/Visitor Student Employee/Visitor

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Housing A. London Residence Hall B. Johnson Residence Hall C. Breen Residence Hall D. Tanner Residence Hall E. Ormseth Residence Hall F. Rasmusson Residence Hall G. Timberland Apartments H. Theme Houses H1. Columbia House H2. Immanuel House H3. Lux House H4. Olson House H5. Veritas House H6. Warrior House



Orientation Booklet Fall 2013  

Waldorf College's orientation booklet for first-year students beginning in the fall of 2013.