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Wednesday 30 June 2010


Countdown looking for site in Richmond

Shame on red light runners It seems the “take another look at intersections� campaign has been ignored by Tasman motorists. A local survey warns our intersections are indiscriminate firing ranges where we are all at risk of getting hit in the crossfire. Marg Parfitt, project manager for Road Safe's intersection observation programme which concluded in Nelson and Tasman districts on Friday, says, "At worst, our spotters noticed up to 60 drivers an hour going through red lights and orange lights when they had time to stop." She said the intersection of Gladstone Road and Queen Street in Richmond is a particularly bad scene where many drivers would rather take their, and other driv-

ers', chances than wait for the next green light. "I'm staggered by the number of reminder letters we've had to send out to motorists. These haven't all been processed yet but as an example 33 reminders were generated within one hour at the corner of Cambridge and Oxford streets. That's a compulsory stop; there is a playground and schools in that area and motorists aren't coming to a complete halt before proceeding," says Marg. The two staff recruited to observe and document irresponsible driving habits focused on intersections with known road crash histories. "These people weren't pedantic but were instructed to document obvious offences - so the numbers of letters could have been that much

higher," says Marg. "This programme wasn't about issuing notices but was all about reminding motorists of their responsibilities with regard to intersections, which are a major problem. As can be seen from the number of offences, so many of our drivers have still got a lot to learn." The campaign was an initiative among several groups, including Road Safe Nelson Bays, Police, ACC, Automobile Association, NZ Transport Authority and cycling and walking advocates. Marg says ratepayers need not worry about the campaign costs which were met by funds from NZ Transport Agency paid to local councils. Pictured - an observer at corner of Cambridge & Oxford streets

campaign which has been extremely popular and beneficial Progressive Enterprises' conclu- to local producers and consion that Richmond still has room sumers." Gary says Progresfor another major supermarket sive has not discussed its intenhas perplexed Richmond tions for Richmond with him. freshchoice owner Gary Progressive has had its Countdown feelers in Richmond for Watson. "While you would naturally ex- about five years and among the pect me to say we don't need possible sites are a vacant secanother supermarket in town, tion adjacent to Richmond Mall that really is my main carpark and the honest opinion. I Richmond West develbelieve the Richopment area in lower mond-Waimea Queen Street. Scott Gibdistrict is well bons of Gibbons Holdserved by the two ings confirmed Promajor supermargressive has shown inkets (freshchoice terest in his company's and Pak'n Save, block, between Talbot both within Rich- freshchoice and Queen streets, but mond Mall) and Richmond owner says he has not had any are more than ca- Gary Watson further advanced dispable of easily believes a third cussions with Progrescoping with any major supermarket sive in recent times. increase in con- in town would be It is understood issues overkill sumer demand in the foresee- with regard to council zoning able future," says Gary. and likely commercial and resiAustralian-based Progressive dential land use of Richmond Enterprises has intensified its West development is stalling search in Richmond for a suit- interest in that periphery locaable site for the next link in the tion. Countdown store chain, of Progressive media relations which it is owner. manager Penny Newbigin While freshchoice also comes told Waimea Weekly, "Our under the Progressive umbrella, feasibility study said yes, Gary says, "freshchoice Rich- there is a place for us in the mond is locally owned and op- Richmond market and we are erated and we run a completely actively looking for a suitseparate marketing programme, able site." which includes our Go Local


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WEDNESDAY 30 June 2010

“No I’m not part of a group but if I was approached to be in a group in our street I’d definitely be interested.”

Judy Brown

“I think it’s more important that we have a full-time police presence in Richmond, both in the station and on the beat.”

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“I’m already part of an informal Neighbourhood Support group. I think the idea of a co-ordinator extending the network has to be a great thing.”

Marion Cross

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Rick Carter

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Richmond Police are keen to see a dedicated committee established with a paid co-ordinator appointed to help establish more Neighbourhood Support groups (see page 4). Are you part of an existing group, and if not are you open to the idea of becoming part of a new group?

Sole Ighani

“I’m not part of a group at present and before I joined a new group I would want to know the details of the plan.”

Bring along your model planes Meeting re Maitai hall Tasman District Council is hosting a public meeting on July 8 regarding the events that sparked great media interest on Hope Reserve. The meeting, which starts at 6.30pm in the Hope Hall, will provide an opportunity for people to hear about, and discuss, the shift of the Council-owned heritage building, Maitai Lodge, now tenanted by local Druids. It is hoped that the meeting, hosted by the Mayor, will provide further

insight into the reasons why the building was shifted and the considerations taken by the Council when making the decisions it did. It will also give an opportunity to iron out any issues with regard to any misconceptions and confusion about Council's planning processes and decision-making, as well as discussing how the events have further shaped the way the Council interacts with communities.

As part of its scholarships awareness campaign, Nelson Aero Club will be bringing an operational aeroplane into the Richmond Mall. David Hill, Richmond Mall manager, says, "A plane, perhaps a Cessna or similar size, will be brought inside the mall after the school holidays, from July 18 to 23 and a member of the aero club will be there to answer questions about his club, aviation in general and explain the s c h o l a rs h i p s which are available for people to apply for." To add to the Mall manager David Hill with aero club dis- a kitset plane to puzzle on

play stand, David invites anyone and everyone to bring along a model plane they have made, either for this purpose or perhaps even a relic from when they were a kid 50 years ago. Models should be handed in to the customer service office at the mall. David says the model judged best during the display will earn its owner $100 cash and $100 worth of mall vouchers.

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Contractors dodge rain & rocks Richmond-based contractors H&H Concrete were pleased for a break in the dreadful run of unsettled weather the Tasman region has experienced lately. As sub-contractors to Emerson Mytton Builders, who are constructing a new pre-school facility on the corner of Williams and Edward streets in Richmond, H&H made hay while the sun shone - or rather poured concrete while the moon shone - early last week. One presumed neighbouring resident who couldn't sleep through the loud noise of concrete pouring and spreading machinery, or the bright glow of lights set up to perform the work, took the law into their own hands and hurled rocks at the workers. Steve Holmes of H&H said, "Someone was throwing rocks at our men, some as big as your fist, from the boundary which is criminal activity - much worse than a one-off concrete pour at night which was made necessary by the bad weather we're having." Next door neighbours to the construction site, John and Lorraine Masters, told Waimea Weekly they could understand under the circumstances a company having to work at night as a one-off exception to normal working hours but said it would have been nice to know about it in advance. Lorraine said, "I go to work at 6am and had I known I'd be kept awake half the night I could have made some arrangements such as going to bed earlier or using earplugs and blinds. We're right next door and our house was lit up like a Christmas tree and we could feel the ground shaking." Another neighbour said she was awake from 1am until she had to go to work bleary-eyed at 8am. The Masters conceded a site worker visited them and other neighbours during the day after the disturbance to apologise for the inconvenience and to advise another late night was required to complete the foundation. Principal contractor Emerson Mytton said,

John & Lorraine Masters couldn’t sleep through the noise, bright lights and shaking ground

"We initially expected to be able to do this work on Friday but the weather set in and we had to take this opportunity when it arose. We did let the council know this might happen, which is a provision of our resource consent, so they could inform noise control staff who might get complaints." Mr Masters says he wasn't impressed with the way he was fobbed off by council staff and told that he should have done this and that at the time. "I don't like to be told what I should have done when I had no idea this was going to happen," he said. Mr Mytton said, "As responsible contractors we do what we can to keep residents informed and work within reasonable time frames but sometimes circumstances change at the last minute and residents have to be a bit tolerant in such cases. I think by getting it done quickly during the early hours of one morning and late the next night our subcontractors actually minimized the disturbance. They could have been working all weekend and that might have been worse for these neighbours."

WEDNESDAY 30 June 2010



WEDNESDAY 30 June 2010

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Neighbourhood Support network to spread view to forming a Richmond NS committee. Glenn will be accompanied by Kim Macdonald, who is the Nelson NS co-ordinator, and Nelson Community Sergeant Mal Drummond. Together with Police, the new committee would then go about writing a job description and inviting applications for the vital role of Richmond NS co-

Committee to form, fulltime paid co-ordinator to be appointed There are already 80 Neighbourhood Support (NS) groups dotted around Richmond, working effectively to monitor suspicious behaviour and discourage and report anti-social activities. But Richmond Community Constable Glenn LloydJones would like to see all the holes plugged so the whole town is covered by law-abiding residents watching out for each other and their property, while getting mutual protection. "We want to follow Nelson city's lead where they now have a

fulltime paid NS co-ordinator who helps new groups become established. They've got 350 groups involving 3500 households and this is increasing rapidly as they spread into Atawhai," says Glenn. "We know from experience how effective NS is in deterring criminal activity and it will be all the more effective as the network increases in Richmond. Not only do these groups have a surveillance system in their streets but when a spate of crime occurs they report

ordinator. Glenn says the appointee's salary is expected to be paid from funds obtained through council and grants from various trusts. "Having someone committed full-time co-ordinating the NS programme is working very well in Nelson and this is just what we need in Richmond to help prevent crime in our community," says Glenn.

Richmond Community Constable Glenn Lloyd-Jones wants to see all neighbours looking our for each other

incidents so other groups can be warned to prepare against, and watch out for, similar activities." Glenn is keen to form a NS committee in Richmond headed by a fulltime paid co-ordinator whose job would include giving assistance to existing groups as well as helping set up new groups. There will be a meeting on Thursday July 8 from 7pm at Richmond Town Hall for all concerned members of the general public, with a

Some of the men of the Templemore Drive Neighbourhood Support Group in Richmond. Not only do they watch out for each other’s property and keep an eye on suspicious behaviour in their neck of the woods, but they have formed closer friendships which have led to social get-togethers and sharing of knowledge, information and resources as required. From left (standing) are George, Kevin, John, Kevin, Rex, John, Bill and David, with Rod and Nigel in front

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WEDNESDAY 30 June 2010


Lochy's virtual walk through South Africa Following the progress of a major sports tour or tournament has for several decades been a popular and fun way that schools can teach and encourage their students to find out about features and peculiarities of the hosting and participating countries, while following the action on the field. Often classes split into groups and each focus on one particular team or player and research the country of origin's whereabouts on the global map, its industries, language and customs. Maths, social studies, geography, languages and other subjects are incorporated in this practical study. McDonald's has taken the FIFA World Cup opportunity a step further through its My Greatest Feat challenge by encouraging health awareness and activity ‌

and Richmond School six-yearold pupil Lochy Mirfin is loving it. Lochy's mum, Kirsty, bought six pedometers from the family restaurant in Richmond and encouraged other members of the family, including uncles, aunts, cousins and grandparents (18 people in total) to wear pedometers in their everyday routine. Kirsty says, "The idea is to make us aware of how far we walk everyday, the importance of walking and encourage more of it through public interest in the All Whites' involvement in the Football World Cup." My Greatest Feat website,

Pictured: Lochy is set to enter the kms walked on a pedometer into the My Greatest Feat FIFA World Cup website

which tells us that girls need to walk 12,000 steps and boys 15,000 to stay in the healthy body mass index, took participating individuals and teams on a simulated journey to the FIFA World Cup in South Africa. Lochy, as captain of Locky's Team, rang family members each day and entered details of their pedometer readings. His grandad boosted the tallies with his occasional rounds of golf. As they progressed around the tournament venues he earned the right to unlock interesting

facts about wild animals, plants, landmarks and other features specific to local areas reached. "Locky says, "I find out about the wild animals we don't get around here." Team Locky clocked up 2,362,147 steps (1748kms) prior to the opening ceremony, more than enough to complete the entire circuit of World Cup stadia. Kirsty says, "It was exciting getting a message on the website from All Whites captain Ryan Nelson congratulating Team

Locky on contributing towards the 10 billion steps collectively walked by All Whites fans. Locky says, "My favourite player is Jeremy Brockie and he used to play for Richmond. I know that because my coaches in the Richmond midgets (Marion and Alan Matthews) tell us about him all the time. Incidentally Jeremy finally made his World Cup appearance when he came on in the second half of the drawn match against Paraguay, an inspiration to all young Richmond football players.


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WEDNESDAY 30 June 2010

with Craig Goodman

Making up team Fork ‘n’ Clueless at the Appleby School quiz night were Gary, Lisa, Maria, Simon, Keith & Carole

Making a spectacle of themselves at Appleby School were Richard Lamb, Cheryl & John Newth, Jacqui & Steve Pestell & Lisa Lamb

Dion Simpson, Darren Hall and Wayne Russ, members of Brightwater Fathers’ Group, looked after the pig on a spit Gary & Lisa Reilly, Marie & Simon Alexander, & Carol & Keith Cooper combined brain power at Apple School

Appleby School held a quiz night fundraiser with several of the teams adding to the occasion by dressing to a common theme - crazy glasses and hats etc. Waimea Estates held its annual Midwinter Christmas Party with a jazz band, local art on display, mulled wine and a pig on a spit. Manufactured snow was even brought in and spread on the yard outside to create a white Christmas scene, but the natural fall was only a couple of degrees away on this chilly night. If you’re having a party to mark a special occasion or just getting together for the sake of it, phone me on 0275 326461 and I’ll be there with a flash. You may wish to email your party pics to

Nettie, Josh, Marg, Craig & Sue were among the team representing the National Bank, which proudly supports school partnerships Staff at Waimea Estates Mid-winter Christmas party were Esme Holdsworth, Rene Stumpp, Wendy Marr, Katja Schumberg and James Santa Watson

Trevor & Jude Oliver, Pamela Banks, Chrystal Pitcher & Robyn Roger kept warm by the fire at Waimea Estates. Pamela & Robyn contributed pieces to the art display

Gawen & Joanna Howard were at the Waimea Estates Mid-winter Christmas party

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Motion simulator coming to mall Within seconds of stepping inside this futuristic capsule (shown right) and buckling yourself in you’ll be part of a fantasy whose realism is unrivalled with state of the art technology. There’s no need to visit Rainbow’s End, Disneyland or the Gold Coast theme parks these holidays. Richmond Mall manager David Hill says, "We are thrilled to have the Southern Hemisphere’s only motion simulator at Richmond Mall for two weeks. "Fresh from a hugely successful visit to Christchurch, we have been able to secure the Thunder Motion Simulator exclusively for Richmond Mall these school holidays. "We have scores of free rides available - watch pages of Waimea Weekly for opportunities to win," says David.

Building awards Though not among the supreme award winners on this occasion, Richmond-Waimea based building companies featured among the high achievers at the Nelson Registered Master Builders house of the year awards, held at Hope Community Church. In the Department of Building and Housing New Homes (under $250,000) category Endeavour Homes won a silver award, as did Peter Ray Homes which was also a category winner. Endeavour Homes was bronze award and category winner in the New Homes ($350,000 to $450,000) category and gained a bronze award for its showhome, in which Jennian Homes was gold and category award winner. Jennian won bronze in the New Homes ($800,000 to $1m) for a residence in Hope, and also the Outdoor Living Award.

Community patrol The Richmond District Community Patrol (RDCP) is seeking new members. If you might be interested in joining, please phone Mike at 544-5105 or contact Community Constable Glenn Lloyd-Jones at the Richmond Police Station. New members will be given an induction and training with rostered duty approximately every six to eight weeks. RDCP is a voluntary organisation which has been operating very effectively for the last three years, assisting the Police in keeping the town a safer place in which to live. Patrols are operated on Friday and Saturday nights and also monitor cameras at the Police Station. The patrol's primary focus is to be the ears and eyes for the Police.

WEDNESDAY 30 June 2010



WEDNESDAY 30 June 2010

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Garin band wins Rockquest battle Four cousins and a friend are now in with a crack at Kiwi music stardom after winning this year's Nelson regional Smokefree Rockquest title. Five-piece band, Peasants of Eden from Garin College, comprises siblings Caleb (guitarist) and Georgia Nott (vocalist) and their cousins, brother and sister Chris (drummer) and Abbey Phillips (vocalist). Bass player Jo Corban-Banks is not related but felt very much part of the happy family after Saturday night's stunning success. Caleb says while the cousins play in a local church band, Peasants of Eden was formed for the purpose of Smokefree Rockquest. Their name came from a brainstorming session while driving back from Blenheim one day. He says he thought their originality and stage presence made them stand out. "We had great support from the crowd, and our Aunty Therese made our out-

Winning band Peasants of Eden - from left (back) Chris Phillips, Caleb Nott and Jo Corban-Banks, with Georgia Nott and Abbey Phillips

fits - she's a legend." Peasants of Eden also won the Lowdown Best song award and now go on to compete for one of eight finalist spots in Smokefree

Rockquest. They're joined by Misguided Monster from Waimea College, who won the Smokefree People's Choice, selected by text vote at the event.

Pressures tested ‘generally high’ St John, an organization which relies heavily on its volunteer force, held its annual fundraiser, Flash a Light Appeal, on Thursday. Volunteers from St John Events Team were stationed in Richmond Mall and offered health checks to shoppers and mall staff in exchange for a gold coin donation. Checks included measuring blood glucose levels and blood pressure. Jo Hutson, Events Team Leader, said, "Quite a few people stopped to get their blood pressures read - not so much the glucose test - but many others who were rushing past said they couldn't stop for a test because they were on a mission. The readings we took were generally high because people who are concerned about their readings are often concerned because they know their level is high." From left, Diane Whittle of ASB Richmond, sponsors of St John, gets her blood pressure checked by Jo Hutson (St John events team leader) and Tania Vincent (St John volunteer)


WEDNESDAY 30 June 2010



WEDNESDAY 30 June 2010

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Brightwater ‘clearly ahead’ of other fire forces Each year the Fire and Rescue Service Industry Training Organisation (FRSITO) identifies and awards one outstanding and superior fire force from each of New Zealand's rural and urban sectors, providing they meet the stiff criteria which place strong emphasis on attention to industry-related training programmes. On Friday night at Seifried Function Centre, Brightwater Rural Fire Force received the national award for excellence in 2009, well ahead of all other rural fire forces in New Zealand. During the presentation ceremony FRSITO CEO Bill Robertson said, "Brightwater was clearly ahead of all other rural fire forces with a staggering 227 credits gained by its members and seven national certificates. It stands out as a shining example to all others. We insist each member of a force gets at least one credit in a year just to prove they're actually alive," joked Bill. He said no urban forces were recognised for outstanding performance during this period, an indication that these awards are hard earned rather than given as a matter of course. Brightwater's excellence award reflects highly on Tasman district-based firefighting organizations because two years ago Appleby Rural Fire Force received this prestigious honour. Deputy Principal Rural Fire Officer of Rural Fire Network, Doug Ashford, told the gathering, Brightwater are a go-getting team that

Brightwater Rural Fire Force Controller Mark Donaldson accepts the excellence award from FRSITO South Island Regional Training Co-ordinator Janet Derham

have been around since 1966. They should have been called the Weka Brigade because they've collected so much gear over the years they now have it stored in various sheds around the district. They also collect certificates for excellence and achievement." Brightwater rural firefighter Steve Foote says, "This is

well deserved for our force as we have kept up a strong record of performance, training and recruitment and we were just pipped at the post by Appleby two years ago." Brightwater Rural Fire Force has a cadet scheme, presently involving about 11 or 12 locals aged 14 to 17 years. "They come to our base once a fortnight to do a more basic level of training than we do and when they turn 18 they can join the force. Already we've had two of them become members," says Steve. Rural fire forces were originally set up to attend to vegetation fires in specific rural zones but Steve says they've evolved to become a much more versatile community-based emergency service which is called on to perform all sorts of rescue services. "We attend heaps of vehicle crashes, give ambulance assistance as required, and have been involved in flood relief. Once we had to cut a section of shower pan out to help a kid free his finger from a plug hole." FRSITO is an industry training organization, part of the Tertiary Education Commission strategy which aims to improve the quality and quantity of skills training through competency-based training and assessment in the workplace. This organisation is responsible for setting national standards and facilitating training and assessment for the industry, as well as moderating internal and external training provisions.

Members of the Brightwater Rural Fire Force, from left: (standing) Bruce Waddell, Mark Donaldson, Robert Cole, Nick Watson, Ryan Cole, Lee Beloe, Nick Lambie, Harry Faber, Nathan Palmer, John Harrison & Jayme Heath. In front are Dick Hart, Martin Harrison, Kelly Dean, Ngaire Peters, Paul Marsden, Stuart Heath, Janti Makan, Stev Foote & Andy Allen. Mark Tohill, Ross Stratford & Scott Madden were absent from the ceremony

YEs. Our photos are for sale.

$10 each Call our office for details!

544 9037

3 Salisbury Rd, Richmond

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Richmond has strong hand in Scottish music and dance festival The City of Nelson Highland Pipe Band is hosting a traditional ceilidh dance to celebrate Tartan week with all things Scottish. The event will raise funds for their next national competition and celebrate a special part of Kiwi heritage. Co-organiser Robbie Duncan said a large section of the band are from Richmond, including the pipe major James Tomkinson. The Marshall Dance School from Richmond will also be performing a variety of Scottish dances. Robbie said there will be a range of talented local Pictured musicians performing, as well as a national top are Nicola level solo piper, Murray Mansfield and Nelson Marshall & celtic musician Bob Bickerton. James Two youth members of the pipe band from Rich- Tomkinson mond and Motueka, Matt Duncan and Jeremy Katterns, have been practising for months and will perform an original contemporary arrangement that will send chills down your spine. The duo have both been learning the pipes for about six years and compete at a national level in the top grades. The City of Nelson band currently has about 20 playing members and welcomes new members for their learner group that offers full tuition for both pipes and drums. Mr Duncan said the band is hosting the ceilidh as a fundraiser to assist members to attend the 2011 national competition in Timaru. The Nicola Marshall School of Dance from Richmond will be performing a variety of Scottish dances and there will be a chance for spectators to join in with some dancing which will be directed by the local Scottish Country Dancing group. There will also be a haggis ceremony, complete with a fine scotch whiskey. The evening of Scottish music and dance will be held at the Granary at Founder's Park on Saturday July 3, at 7.30pm. Tickets for the ceildih are $20 and are available at The Richmond Mall. Mr Duncan said it will be a fun night for young and old to enjoy some good quality entertainment, and he encouraged people to get their tickets before they sold out.

WEDNESDAY 30 June 2010

Livestock report The Brightwater sale saw a drop in the price of store lambs last Wednesday. It was a cold and wet day and many potential buyers stayed away. Fat lambs held their own again with heavies fetching up to $110. Heavy prime ewes are in huge demand again, selling up to $90. The best prime steers had a buoyant sale up to $1100. The grass has nearly stopped growing so any unwanted stock should be in the sale or into the works. Sales are now fortnightly so check with agents before sending in stock.

Richard Eddington Stock Agent, PGG Wrightson - Ph. 027 4322566 or a/h 03 5440777



WEDNESDAY 30 June 2010

Our favourite snow sports destination, Rainbow Ski Area, is due to open this Saturday, July 3, and the club are excited at the prospect of another glorious season. "Rainbow is a winter playground for EVERYONE, not just skiers and snowboarders" says Rainbow committee member Hamish Neill. "It offers not only one of New Zealand's most beautiful and versatile ski fields, but also one of the best value for beginners, families, experienced boarders and skiers and visiting groups." Rainbow boasts fantastic facilities boosted by regular upgrades and additions to the field and equipment. Providing a relaxed fun day out is part of their policy and the non-commercial feel of the field helps with that, while making absolutely no


compromise on the quality and safety of it's courses and infrastructure. Big changes have been made on the ski field in anticipation of the coming season. New staff quarters have been provided that allow eight staff to live comfortably on the mountain for the season. The Tbar has been electrified which means a quieter and more reliable drive for skiers. The big purchase for the year has been a new bigger and more powerful snow groomer - this will allow the field management to farm and manage snow to ensure trails are well covered and groomed. The quality of grooming will improve and the huge amounts of snow that can be moved on to main trails are the big benefits available through this purchase. These upgrades have taken over 450 days of work on the mountain and Rainbow would like to sincerely thank volunteers and sponsoring businesses for their generosity in effort, time and materials that have made it all possible. These include: Land Mark Lile Ltd, Simon Hall & Nic Sewell, WR Andrew Ltd, Marlborough District Council, Hay & Associates, Nelson College Trade Building, Simon Croft, Graeme Troman, Colin Kennedy, Sam, Mitre 10 Mega, Taylor Timbers, Contour Roofing, PBS, John Oldridge Electrical, Franklins & Andy Rae Plumbing, Irvines International & John Bradley Floor Laying, Johns Carpets, Russells Curtains, Transport and Marine Covers, Barry Rance, Callaghan & Martella, Carl Monopoli, Wormalds, David Coleman, Smiths Painting, Bays

A skier making the most of winter powder at Rainbow Ski Field

Joinery, Lift-n-Shift, Nelson Beds, Power Signs, More FM, The Car Company, Pakworld, Martella Refrigeration, NetMaestro, Mike Edridge Contracting, Cheapskates, Nelson Contracting and all of the Rainbow Sports Club membership volunteers.


WEDNESDAY 30 June 2010


Just a thought - dealing with habits, hurts and hang-ups Catering for all levels of experience, Rainbow's very experienced international and local instructors can teach beginners through to advanced skiers and snowboarders. Beginners can improve their skills and confidence on slopes situated close to the cafĂŠ and hire shop, while the main Tbar offers terrain to challenge advanced skiers as well as long, slower routes for those who are stepping up from intermediate level or experienced skiers looking for a leisurely course. The Cheapskates Terrain Park provides plenty of kicks for daring boarders and skiers. If you are a spectator, you won't get a better view than that offered from the cafĂŠ deck. Whether you are a skier, boarder, or just want to play in the snow, Rainbow guarantees an unforgettable day out. To ensure that the Rainbow experience is affordable, many money saving options are available. These July school holidays, Rainbow are offering a 5 day package including gear, lift passes and afternoon lessons for very attractive prices.The School Holiday 5 pack is available for all school age students of any ability. Details of this and other awesome value for money deals including season passes, accommodation and ski packages, the massive half price Monday savings rates, transportation options and full snow reports are on their website With weather always a variable, daily snow reports are posted on More FM, Classic Hits and The Edge or you can call the 24 hour snowphone on 0832 22605.

We are already halfway through the year, so it's probably a good time to look back and assess how successful we have been in sticking to our New Year resolutions. How have you done? Have you stopped drinking or smoking? Are you still over-eating? Is your anger causing problems? Are you maxed up with your credit? Are you living within your means? Are you still chemically dependent? Do you feel compelled to watch pornography? Are you doing things you have told yourself you don't want to do, or are you trying desperately to fix a friend or relative or loved one with any of these problems? Well you are not alone. We at 'Celebrate Recovery' (CR) can relate to these problems, habits, hurts and hang-ups, along with the feelings of powerlessness and frustration as our lives became unmanageable. CR is a programme and group that helps us find the strength to face up to these issues and begin the journey of change. It offers the opportunity of a fresh start, new hope and ongoing support and encouragement to men and women who have struggles with habits, hurts and hang-ups. This is a programme for anyone in our commu-

Pastor Ross Ferguson Richmond Community Church

nity so we invite you to join us, or if you know of someone who needs help and support please let them know that they are welcome to join us on Wednesday evenings at 6.30 at 'The Centre', 23A Salisbury Rd. A word from one of our members: "I have been an alcoholic for many years, and I believe I always will be an alcoholic, although at present I am many years into recovery. In the early stages I found tremendous help and support from AA groups, they do invaluable work in our communities although in my personal jour-

ney, whilst not drinking, I did not want to accept that I could never drink again and still had the desire to "drink like a gentleman." It wasn't until I became a Christian and handed my life and my addiction over to God that the desire to drink was completely removed. A personality change sufficient to bring about recovery from hurts, habits and hangups can often arise from a "spiritual experience". In my case this experience was sudden, but usually recovery develops over a period of time. It is my belief that what can take place in a matter of months on this programme could seldom have been accomplished in years of self discipline. The journey that each of us is on was never meant to be taken alone. If you have a hurt, habit or hang-up I encourage you to join us at 'Celebrate Recovery', and we will join you on your journey of recovery. For more information phone 544 6321 or 538 0282 or 021 1822089 or email:


WEDNESDAY 30 June 2010


CRT FARMCENTRE RICHMOND One month in and CRT FarmCentre Richmond customers are still singing the praises of the new development. The grand opening party for the public on May 22 was a huge success, with hundreds of customers calling to celebrate the opening of the new premises. FarmCentre manager Megan Hardy is delighted with the new store and is looking forward to being able to welcome customers into the new environment. "We can now provide CRT customers with a much better all round shopping experi-

ence - starting with the extensive range of feeds in the drive-through area and flowing through doors into the shop itself." The new showroom is expansive, allowing CRT to display even more of its cost-effective products. A wide selection of goods are available, including clothing, footwear, household supplies, some grocery lines, garden supplies, hand tools, safety equipment, animal health, horse care, and stock feed for just about every animal - on two or four legs. And CRT takes great pride in selling brands

CRT FarmCentre Richmond staff at the grand opening on May 22 like Gallagher and Reliance - brands well-known for to 5.30pm Monday to Friday, plus 8.30am to 4pm on Saturdays. So come and visit CRT FarmCentre their reliability and great performance. Along with the new building, CRT FarmCentre Richmond, 32 Main Road, Hope, and see why it Richmond has extended its opening hours 7.30am really is a great place to shop.



The new CRT drive-through Feed Barn

CRT FarmCentre Richmond customers are finding the new Feed Barn a convenient and easy way to buy their feed stocks. All stock feed is laid out in the covered drive-through so customers can park next to the product they are after, find what they are looking for and compare products. CRT staff can load the product directly into the vehicle out of the weather. The whole process is quick, easy..... and dry.

The benefit of buying feed from CRT is that the FarmCentre staff can provide you with information about the products. CRT FarmCentre manager Megan Hardy says all staff are fully trained in the CRT Feed range. "We want to ensure that people get the best value for their money. By making sure our staff have a full product knowledge, means customers can walk away knowing they have spent their money wisely."

CRT Feed continues to develop products specific to the needs of its customers. Through research, testing and working with industry experts, CRT Feed has created a wide range of feed and feed supplements which can cater to every aspect of farming. Whether it be sheep and beef, dairy, deer horses or even fish farming, CRT has every avenue covered. Call in and see the wide range of CRT Feed at the CRT FarmCentre Richmond.

WEDNESDAY 30 June 2010



WEDNESDAY 30 June 2010


EVERYONE IS WELCOME AT CRT You don't need a CRT Card to shop at a CRT FarmCentre. Anyone can come in and share the great deals at their local FarmCentre - and what a place to shop. The CRT FarmCentre Richmond has been purpose-built, which provides customers with a very pleasurable shopping experience. CRT Tasman regional manager John Lennon invites everyone to come in and have a look. "Anybody can shop at the FarmCentre and receive great deals. You don't need a CRT Card to buy at the FarmCentre and there are lots of great deals from household goods, an ex-

tensive clothing range, to pet food, to stock feed and more. A comment we get a lot is that people just don't know they can shop with us, they think it's a closed shop. The truth is that it's anything but that." Every month CRT brings out the Lifestyler Express - full of specials for those experiencing the good life on their lifestyle block. This month's includes exclusive deals for Reliance Whey Calf Powder and the Smartfence Portable fence system. So keep an eye out for the July Lifestyler Express in your mailbox soon.

Many came to see the new premises at the grand opening

People wanting to buy goods from CRT can also go online and place an order. There are certainly good reasons for people to become shareholders however. By using their CRT card to purchase, shareholders benefit from exclusive prices, and there are good savings to be made on a range of subscription services like

mobile and landline telephone, broadband, farm insurance, and power. There are also rebates from card suppliers, and Choices Points which can be accumulated to buy from a huge selection of gifts in CRT's Choices Rewards loyalty programme. An application pack can be requested by ringing 0800 278 583.


CRT's new 180 page supplier directory is a quick and easy reference guide to CRT's 2300 suppliers nationwide at more than 5000 places. This quick-flick directory allows you to find where you can get great rebates and it's been divided into regions and helpful categories so you can quickly find what you need. The directory includes supplier names and phone numbers so you can easily contact the business of your choice.

Everything from accommodation, business services, health and beauty to travel and tourism is included so you can easily make the most of your CRT Card. Great suppliers from the Richmond area include House of Travel, Resene Colorshop, Humes Industries, MasterTrade, Firestone, Richmond Office Products Depot, The Vet Centre, Hynds, Super Liquor, Richmond Glass, Edward Gibbon Plumbing Plus, Cuts@Once Product Shop, Raeward Fresh, Mackle Motors, Trinder Engineers, Fair Cart

Feed Supplies, Paul Breading Agricultural Spraying Contractors and the Arthur Wakefield Motor Inn. It is so handy, and because we've included all our suppliers from around the country, you can take it while on the road - ensuring you can still find those exclusive deals from all of CRT's suppliers. Don't forget CRT shareholders who use their CRT Card not only get rebates at suppliers, they also get their own loyalty programme - CRT Choices Rewards. Choices Points are earned on some CRT Card purchases and these can be redeemed from CRT's great range of products or vouchers. CRT shareholders get to see all purchases made with the CRT Card on a single statement - making the whole CRT Card convenient and easy from start to finish.

WEDNESDAY 30 June 2010



WEDNESDAY 30 June 2010


CRT Horticulture "we'll grow better together"

CRT FarmCentre Richmond can provide support to growers through its specialist horticulture staff. The FarmCentre also stocks all forms of inputs specific to grower needs, from local and multi-national suppliers. CRT Horticulture's key specialty areas are pipfruit, berryfruit, grapes and process crops such as carrots, onions, potatoes, green vegetables, protected crops, tomatoes, cucumbers, capsicums and chillies. In recent years our team has also become involved with cut flowers and vegetable seeds. We stock products including fungicides, insecticides, miticides, herbicides, adjuvants, macro micro nutrients and bio organic materials for the organic growers. CRT can also supply refractometers, harvest snips, electronic and manual pruning gear, safety clothing, vine stakes,

clips, ties and guards, planter bags, growing medium, string, hooks, posts, wire, safety signs and clothing. CRT Horticulture is the Australasian agent for SFM technology, which specialise in fruit handling and harvesting equipment. CRT also exclusively sells the wonderful CropBase速 software - the easiest way to track and trace crops. We have a team of sales agronomists located in key areas who visit shareholder grower properties, monitor their crops, and recommend inputs that will be required over that particular part of the growing season. Our sales agronomists can either deliver products at the time they visit or arrange for the products required to be available at a FarmCentre for the grower to collect. We also have irrigation specialists who are able to design and supply growers' irrigation needs.


Matt’s letter from South Africa From Matt Watson, our roving World Cup reporter in Soweto Since my last update it’s been pretty hectic taking in three games in three days. First was Spain v Honduras in front of 60,000 fans. Spain played Honduras off the park but could only find the net twice. It was brilliant to see Spain play with all their stars. I can’t image many other teams at the World Cup would have Cesc Fabregas on the bench. This was a night game starting at 8.30pm which makes it interesting trying to find the bus around 11pm. Next game was Germany v Ghana at Soccer City, also in Johannesburg. This stadium is incredible, built for the World Cup and will host the final. There were 83,000 at the game with all the South Africans supporting Ghana as the last hope for an African team making it through to the last 16. It was another 8.30pm start so it was going to be another fun exercise trying to find our bus somewhere in Soweto. The game itself was nothing spectacular and the Germans won quite comfortably. At the final whistle the crowd were pretty quiet until on the big screen they showed the group’s standings with the Australia v Serbia game going Ghana’s way, meaning they went through as the runner-up. The crowd went mad. There must have been 40,000 vuvuzelas going at once which is bloody noisy. I had plenty of people from all over the world wishing me well with the All Whites’ next game, and congratulating us on our result with Italy. The next game and possibly my last is the All Whites v Paraguay. If we win or get a high scoring draw and the Italians have a draw we will go through to the last 16. An unimaginable thing to think about before I left home. I have had a call from my wife Rachael and she said if NZ go through I am to stay and support my country. What a wife! The game is played in Polokwane which is five hours away and kick off is 4pm. We get on the road at 9am and spend the five hours discussing the game and what may or may not happen. We have the Ipod on the bus again and start up the Kiwi classics lead by Dave Dobbyn’s Slice of Heaven. We all manage to have a couple of beers on the way up and everyone is in a jovial mood. We arrive at Polokwane Stadium at 2pm, giving us plenty of time to soak up the atmosphere. We get to mingle with other supporters and get photos with some of the locals who have adopted the All Whites as their team. There are hundreds

Matt (2nd from right) and friends before Paraguay match

of schoolkids at the game who all want their photos taken and give you high fives. This game has more of a carnival atmosphere than the others. We get to our seat with the White Noise and start the chants and the dancing. No one is sitting down in this section of Kiwi supporters. The game is pretty uneventful on the park but we don’t care,

after the game. We didn’t go through to the last 16 but we carried on the party until the riot police persuaded us to go home. The bus trip home was just as much fun as the trip up. I had a few more beers and then a few more after them. By the end of the night I was telling all the boys from Wellington that I was Jeremy’s captain when he started playing for our 1st division team

Richmond old boy Jeremy Brockie warms up for Paraguay

we enjoy every moment. In front of us the NZ subs were warming up. Jeremy ran past and looked up, giving a wave to his dad. Then Brian Turner, the All Whites assistant coach, came across and grabbed Jeremy giving him some instructions. I was standing beside Paul and said to him, “He’s ****ing going to be going on.” Paul said nothing - just smiled. then the moment came. Jeremy came on to play in the World Cup! Paul was jumping up and down and everyone rushed over for hugs and high fives with him. It was a special moment and I am rapt that I was there to be part of that. TV1 were all over Paul

at Richmond. We all claimed a bit of what Jeremy had achieved. Jeremy’s success is a fantastic achievement and I am so pleased for him. He is a really great kid and has worked hard to get where he is. The next day Paul has lost his voice and has a permanent smile. And rightly so! Well, it has been an amazing experience. South Africa and its people are fantastic. There has been no hint of trouble and wherever you go all the locals want to know what you think of their country and if you are enjoying yourself. I would love to come back here with my family and have a decent look around.

WEDNESDAY 30 June 2010


Business update NZ-MADE QUALITY FOOTWEAR Last Footwear shop in the Richmond Mall is renowned for supplying its own brand of quality NZ-made footwear and leather bags. It is now pleased to announce that it has forged an alliance with Mainland Footwear, makers of a high quality range of industrial, farm and motorcycle footwear. Every boot produced has genuine leather uppers, leather insoles, leather mid-sole or runners and either leather or genuine rubber soles. This makes for long lasting and strong boots. Mainland produce only 20 pairs per day, which means each boot gives special attention to the customer's needs. The Mainland footwear is ideal for loggers, farmers, yard workers, trampers, motorcycle lovers and any person who enjoys quality NZ-made products. At Last Footwear in the Richmond Mall we can size you correctly and if we do not have the boot in stock arrange for it to be made. With most styles there are several colours available. When fitting you for motorcycle boots we take your calf measurement as well, ensuring the perfect fit for your individual needs. We are proud to be working with Mainland - a small manufacturer, who from the origins of John Frame Footwear, have been supplying footwear in NZ since 1890. When you visit Last Footwear Shop, opposite Fresh Choice in the Mall, you will encounter the wonderful leather smell originating from Last’s own footwear and bag range. If you ever thought of having a leather bag made to your requirements, then come and see us. We have our own pattern cutter and experienced bag makers in Christchurch and can make one-off leather bags. Above all, Last Footwear has an extensive range of quality footwear manufactured in Dunedin. We have been supplying our customers for over 30 years and are now also working with export clients who admire the quality we adhere to when producing our unique footwear. So if you are in the market for NZ-made, long lasting, quality footwear come in and see us at our Richmond Mall shop or visit our website


WEDNESDAY 30 June 2010

News & Sport

Lions in good heart but looking to boost ranks Publicity officer Bob Reynolds says even though they could do with a few more members Richmond Lions are in good heart and still making a very worthwhile contribution in the local community. "We were delighted to welcome Alison Batty among our new recruits at our change of officers meeting and it is historymaking that Lions now encourages ladies among its membership." Peter Creeke was also welcomed as a new member and appointed projects convenor. Club president John Baty told the gathering at Richmond Senior Citizens Hall, "We have completed a very good year with new growth and a significant increase in our projects revenue compared to last year. It is pleasing that we have been able to double the grants to community requests and presupported Lions zone projects." John said involvement with school projects was also being maintained, and a relationship well worth encouraging. John said he regretted having to report that after five years strong commitment by its members, Wakefield Lions are ceasing operations from end of June as a membership drive, despite being well organized and energetic,

Richmond Lions Club members, from left: (standing) Dave Nichol, Keith Chaplin, Peter Creeke, John Rodger, John Baty, Alison Batty, Harold Thatcher, Rex Plum, Don McKenzie and Earl Troughton. In front are Bob Reynolds, Goeff Trow, Doug Simpson, Sue and Ivan Burrowes, and Norm Hart

was unsuccessful. "We are however pleased to have Ivan and Sue Burrowes continue their Lions membership through our

club and we will endeavour to maintain contact with the Wakefield area." John thanked Richmond mem-

bers John Harwood and Keith Chaplin for their guidance in Wakefield. Anyone interested in joining

Richmond Lions Club or with clubrelated enquiries should phone Bob Reynolds on 544 0441 or Alison Batty on 544 2505.

Things a special teacher, principal brings to Tapawera Area School Kelvin Woodley, Tapawera Area School's new principal, was welcomed by 230 students, staff and the general community during a powerful powhiri. As a touching tribute and indication of the high regard in which he is held, Kelvin was accompanied by the 105 students from his former Brooklyn School, its staff and parent community, together with his wife Julie and three children. Students representing Brooklyn told the gathering of Mr Woodley's time with them. "He taught us a lot, he made us laugh a lot, he made us grumpy occasionally but was always there when we needed him." Tapawera Area School was encouraged to learn it can look forward to more of the same. Just as a rugby team on a bus tour needs a guitar and someone on board who can strum a few chords and sing a few songs to break the monotony at times, so is a school better off with such a string in its bow. Kelvin is an accomplished musician who appreciates the many benefits of music; academic, social and therapeutic. It takes little persuasion to hear proof of this. Brooklyn students said they were thankful they were allowed to

play proper tackle rugby because they had been taught how to look after each other. "He taught us that as well as how to sail, we've been on cool camps, we have learned how to unicycle and done all sorts of other interesting things. We have had so many opportunities," his former students told Tapawera pupils who will now enjoy similar opportunities. They did qualify their praise however with some warnings; one in reference to swimming. "If you invite him to swim, make sure you provide togs so he doesn't wear his Speedos," said one student. Kelvin acknowledged the kind, caring and supportive community at Brooklyn, saying "They were unpretentious, uninterested in fancy titles or labels and deeply committed to caring for each other. Now I am filled with the anticipation of what lies ahead at Tapawera." He promised, "I will work hard for Tapawera; one team, one school and my door is always open." Kelvin's family will remain residents of Brightwater. A few minutes carved off that long motorbike ride to and from Brooklyn

each day gives the opportunity for some extra jogging before and after work. He may yet achieve that elusive sub 1 hour 30 minute half marathon. Pictured at right are new principal Kelvin Woodley’s family. From left are daughters Tiffany, Sian and Tia, while his wife Julie is on the right

Greenacres women retain trophy

Greenacres 9 hole women’s golf team retained the Challenge Match Play trophy by beating Tasman 120. The match took place at Greenacres Golf Club on Friday 25 June. Pictured are Jean McConachie, Judy Waugh, Kathy Simpson, Grace Clark, Sue Lambert and Jenny Bates


WEDNESDAY 30 June 2010


Ready to rumble Steve Mitchell expects his three fighters who will compete at NZ Golden Gloves to be strong winning chances. "They're well prepared, have put in plenty of hard work for this big challenge and are determined to get some national recognition from the event," says Steve. Jordan Bowen (middleweight, under 75 kgs) and Gage Brown light welterweight, under 57 kgs) have had nine competition fights between them without defeat since they first joined Steve's Whakatu Estate-based Fighting Fit gym as beginners three years ago. They say they know Golden Gloves will be a step up from their previous competition but relish this chance to fight well as the tournament, which has been

the launching pad for so many of NZ's nationally an internationally acclaimed fighters for many years. Fighting Fit's other Golden Gloves representative, Dan Parkin, will compete in the welterweight (under-69 kgs) senior open class. He is currently based in Invercargill to get better sparring training opportunities. Golden Gloves will be held at Saxton Stadium on Saturday evening, July 10, and Steve promises "there will be some fantastic fights right through the card. This is an evening local sports fans shouldn't miss and our boys would appreciate the home town support." Gage Brown (left) and Jordan Bowen are fighting fit

Waimea College wins respect in Press Cup local derby Waimea College didn’t win its Press Cup match at home on club day. But it did show tons of spirit to restrict the high performing Nelson College team, which has run up some big scores against Canterbury opponents, to three converted tries. Replacement winger Fletcher Matthews, who could be playing for his school’s under-15 team, scored the final try to prove Waimea fought tenaciously to the final whistle. The outstanding players among Waimea’s rugged pack of forwards were prop Cailan Gibson, hooker Zeke Dyson and No 8 Steve Soper. Nelson won 21-5.

Waimea College prop Cailan Gibson proved a handful for the Nelson College defence in their Press Cup match Waimea College under15 1st 5/8ths Levi McPherson celebrated his birthday on club day by shrugging off several tackles to score in his team’s big win over Nelson College


WEDNESDAY 30 June 2010


Waimea Women champs again With a scoreline resembling a Football World Cup result, the McFadden McMeekan Phillips Trophy final for women’s rugby supremacy went right to the wire on Saturday. Waimea’s alarm bells were ringing when in a last ditch effort to overturn a 0-3 deficit saw Stoke flung the ball along the chain to have a player charging for the corner. Waimea fullback Aleisha Hart knew the season hinged on her actions and accordingly she drove the Stoke player across the touch line to the sound of the final whistle. During the first half a penalty goal kicked by Waimea 2nd 5/8ths Penny Stickney gave the home side a narrow lead that it never relinquished. Tash Kara, playing 1st 5/8ths before swapping positions with Penny, made several strong runs close to the ruck and with Waimea’s loosies often first to the

Amanda Sim unloads a pass to Carriane Boyd with Alexis Volen outside her in Saturday’s championship win against Stoke

tackle situation the team was able to keep momentum going. Among th forwards front rowers Nikita Lujnevich and Stacey Pyers were hard to pull down during their rumbling charges. Stoke flanker Holly Fry had a great game in defence but the relentless

surges by Waimea forwards meant even she was dropping off the odd tackle late in the game. Waimea retain the trophy they won last year and finish the season with two wins in succession against Stoke, who won the first two encounters in 2010.

Aggressive forward play not enough to make final Stables Waimea Old Boys will not be playing in the final of Nelson Bays Division One championship this season. On Saturday the team was defeated 17-8, three tries to one, by Nelson at Neale Park. With Waimea within striking distance until the last moments, there was always hope of a late victory but to be fair Waimea’s advances throughout the match Waimea 1st 5/8ths Jesse Pitman throws a were based on gradual, dummy pass against Nelson grinding multi-phases rather than match was just before halftime when backline flair. five minutes of relentless pressure Waimea’s forwards were as on Nelson’s line was spoiled by a aggressive as ever but a resolute turnover and clearance. Nelson pack was able to absorb Waimea’s try was scored by livewire long periods of pressure. flanker Brad Parkes, while Kaide Perhaps the critical point in the Whiting kicked a penalty goal.

‘Mot’a turn around By Brent Stewart The Waimea senior 3rd team turned around the woeful results of the previous two weekends on Saturday when they fronted up against the same Motueka United team that beat them 48-10 in mid June. It was a smorgasbord of rugby with first blood going to Motueka after five minutes, scoring a running try through smart hands in the backline. There was a worrying feeling in the pit of this manager’s stomach that this could be a repeat performance. But to Waimea's credit they stood united and true to the game plan - "keep tight and play it up front" then the gaps and opportunities will come. Soon was the case and Waimea were able to pile on 25 unanswered points - all coming from the backline members after some hard graft up front

from the big boys. Just before the break Motueka got some space which allowed their game-breaking backs to dot down again. Last play of the half was Waimea 1st 5/8ths Josh Rutledge making a solo effort, nudging through a clever kick and chase to score and convert his own try for a 32-12 halftime lead. For Waimea the halftime message was clear - play for a home final advantage, this was all the motivation the team needed. The week’s build-up had been awesome; the first half well executed; now all that was required was 'bring it on home boys'. The feast of points was to continue in the second half, Waimea hitting Motueka where it hurt just two minutes in with an Waimea 1st 5/8ths Josh Rutledge scored this brilliant solo try impressive try to Dylan Fletcher in

the corner. A high standard of refereeing coupled with a professional touch judge on the sideline leant itself to an impressive display of rugby on the paddock; all contributed to a great game of entertaining rugby for the crowd to watch. Waimea's points came from tries to: Josh Rutledge (2), Jeremy Ricketts, Mike Bates, Mitchell Bateman and Dylan Fletcher (2). Josh Rutledge also had a sound day with the boot, slotting five conversions and three penalty goals. Waimea senior 3rds now look to cement a three year plan when in two weeks time they will meet the winner of the next semi-final between Motueka United and Wanderers. The game will be an all-important home final at Jubilee Park on July 10 and the team urge all friends, family, club members and supporters to come down and cheer them on.


Richmond slip two goals past Nelson United, retain lead By Stu Reid Congratulations to the All Whites. What a World Cup campaign and what a way to give football the boost it deserves here in New Zealand. I believe the entire country is proud of their achievements and everyone involved in the game will now be extremely excited about the future of the sport. The Tasman region should also be proud of our very own Jeremy Brockie who got a run during the All Whites last game against Paraguay, something not many people will ever have the privilege of being able to boast about. Great stuff. And while the World Cup knockout stages are now underway and the level of intensity increases, we return our attention to the weekend games a little closer to home. All four

Richmond men's senior teams had convincing wins on Saturday with the Queen Street Pharmacy 1st division keeping their top spot by beating Nelson United 2-0 at Jubilee Park. Once again Wesley O'lea, feeding off a hard working midfield, showed his form this year by scoring both goals. Although at times not that pretty, Richmond did well to control the game and never allowed United to threaten their goal. Another man of the match display by Callum Rollo shows he has securely cemented his starting spot in the team and continues to grow in strength each week. Meanwhile Richmond 2nds beat Nelson United 5-0, and the two third division sides, Thistle and Stags, had 3-1 and 4-2 wins over Golden Bay and Nelson Untied respectively.

Richmond 1sts player Jordan Yong rounds a Nelson United opponent in his side’s 2-0 win at Jubilee Park

Football holiday camp in Richmond Richmond AFC has organized a July school holidays professional football camp for two age groups of boys and girls; aged 7 to 10 and 11 to 17. This will be under the direction of former Iranian international player Firooz Zadeh. Training will be done by qualified coaches ranging from former UK professionals Joe Green and Jordan Yong, who play for Richmond division one team at present, and former coaches of Richmond Mainland League teams, Peter Simonsen and Lindsay Scott. Peter played for the All Whites in his heyday. The camp consists of two hour sessions between July 13 and July 15, and registrations are accepted on the basis of availability as these camps are very popular. For registration enquiries and details of costs etc phone Firooz at home 544 3950 or email

WEDNESDAY 30 June 2010



WEDNESDAY 30 June 2010


SPORTS DRAWS Netball Premier 1 - Ct S1 9:00am., Jacks OPD Richmond v Waimea College A;Ct S1 10:30am., Richmond Custom House v Prices Pharmacy A;Ct S1 12:00pm., SMOG SS v Stoke NBS; Senior 2 in - Ct S2 12:00pm., Stoke B Richards Woodhouse v Waimea College B; Senior 3 in - Ct S3 10:00am., Waimea College 10A v Prices Pharmacy Black;Ct S3 11:00am., Wanderers Phoenix v Wanderers B Ray White Stoke;Ct S4 11:00am., Murchison Senior A v Tapawera Blue Wadsworth Motors; Senior 3 out - Ct 1 10:00am., Nayland College B v Richmond Classics;Ct 1 11:00am., Richmond Sleepers v Wakatu Colada;Ct 3 12:00pm., Nayland College 10A v Richmond Classics; Ct 2 1:00pm., Nayland College B v Richmond Sleepers; Senior 4 in - Ct S4 9:00am., Club Garin Senior A v Nelson Girls 10A;Ct S4 12:00pm., Stoke C Super Liquor Richmond v Jacks Pro Netball; Senior 5 in - Ct S5 12:00pm., Jacks Silver v Waimea College Cats;Ct S3 1:00pm., Prices Pharmacy C v Waimea College 9A; Senior 5 out - Ct 3 11:00am., Nelson Girls Uggs v Richmond Rebels; Senior 6 in - Ct S5 11:00am., Suburban Blue v Wanderers Titans;Ct S3 12:00pm., Waimea College 10B v Club Garin Senior B; Senior 7 in - Ct S5 9:00am., Stoke D Power Signs v Waimea College C;Ct S5 10:00am., Waimea College Social 1 v Tapawera Red;Ct S4 1:00pm., Jacks Emerald v Waimea College Senior D; Senior 8 out - Ct 5 11:00am., Waimea College Social 5 v Nayland College Ten;Ct 10 2:00pm., Nelson Girls Intencifiers v Wanderers Westpac Richmond; Senior 9 out - Ct 5 10:00am., Club Garin Senior C v Nelson Girls Senior 2;Ct 6 11:00am., Waimea College Social 2 v Nayland College Bam Bam;Ct 5 2:00pm., Nayland College D v Waimea College Social 6; Senior 10 out - Ct 6 12:00pm., Club Garin MT Nuns v Waimea College Social 3;Ct 13 1:00pm., Nelson Girls Winners v Waimea College Social 4; Collegiate 1 - Ct 1 12:00pm., Waimea College 9B v Murchison Shakers; Ct 3 2:00pm., Club Garin Junior A v Nelson Girls 10B; Collegiate 2 - Ct 9 1:00pm., Nayland College 10B v Waimea College 9C;Ct 12 1:00pm., Nelson Girls 10C v Waimea College 10C; Collegiate 3 Ct 8 11:00am., Nelson Girls 10 Swifts v Tapawera 4 Square;Ct 12 11:00am., Waimea College 10 Social 2 v Nayland College 9B;Ct 8 12:00pm., Waimea College 10 Social 1 v Club Garin Junior Black; Collegiate 4 - Ct 9 10:00am., Waimea College 9 Yellow v Nelson Girls 9 Pulse;Ct 8 2:00pm., Club Garin Junior Gold v Nayland College 9C; Collegiate 5 - Ct 9 2:00pm., Nelson Girls 9 Mystics v Waimea College 9 Green; Junior 1 - Ct 4 10:00am., Nelson Prep Gold v Waimea Int 8A;Ct 4 1:00pm., Nelson Int 8A v Waimea Int 8C;Ct 4 2:00pm., Broadgreen Int Oaks v Waimea Int 8B; Junior 2 - Ct 4 12:00pm., Nelson Prep Flames v Waimea Int 8 Red;Ct 7 1:00pm., Broadgreen Int Pines v Waimea Int 7A; Junior 3 - Ct 7 10:00am., Waimea Int 8 Stars v Waimea Int 7B;Ct 7 11:00am., Nelson Prep Stars v Waimea Int 8 Flames; Junior 4 - Ct 12 12:00pm., Waimea Int 8 Magic v Tapawera B;Ct 10 1:00pm., Nelson Int 7A v Waimea Int 8 Black;Ct 7 2:00pm., Nelson Prep Magic v St Paul's Dominators; Junior 5 - Ct 13 10:00am., Waimea Int 7C v Broadgreen Int Willows;Ct 13 11:00am., Waimea Int 7D v Broadgreen Int Eagles; Junior 6 - Ct 10 12:00pm., Waimea Int 7 Attackers v Waimea Int 7 Defenders; Junior 7 Murchison Rapids v Nelson Int 7C;Ct 11 11:00am., Nelson Int 7B v Waimea Int 7 Shooters;Ct 11 12:00pm., Broadgreen Int Rimu v Waimea Int 8 Diamonds;

Football Mens Division 1 AMI Nelson Suburbs lst XI v Queen Street Pharmacy Richmond 1st XI 3:00 p.m. Saxton Fields 1, Mens Division 2 Richmond 2nd XI v AMI Suburbs 2nd XI 1:15 p.m. Jubilee Park F1, Wakefield v Motueka 2nd XI 1:15 p.m. Wakefield Domain, Division 3 Playoffs 1 - 4 Queen Street Pharmacy Richmond Thistle v Suburbs 3rd XI 1:15 p.m. Jubilee Park F2, Division 3 Playoffs 5 - 8 Wakefield 2nd XI v Tahuna 1:15 p.m. Lord Rutherford Park S1, Division 3 Playoffs 9 12 Richmond Stags v Mapua 1:15 p.m. Jubilee Park F3, Tout & Gould Trophy Richmond 2nd XI v AMI Suburbs 2nd XI 1:15 p.m. Jubilee Park F1, NBF U19 Youth League Richmond Claymores v Richmond Fusion 9:00 a.m Jubilee Park F3, NBF U17 Red Division Waimea Rockers v Richmond Milan 9:00 a.m Wakefield Domain, City Raiders v Richmond Vikings 9:00 a.m Neale Park F3, Garin Junior Boys v Golden Bay Legends 10:45 a.m Garin College NBF 14th Grade Suburbs Phoenix v Richmond Strikers 10:45 a.m Saxton Fields 3, Richmond Hammers v Waimea Bombers 10:45 a.m Avery F3 NBF 13th Grade Blue Division Suburbs Stingrays v Richmond Trojans 10:45 a.m Saxton Fields 2, NBF 13th Grade Red Division Waimea Thunder v Metro Emeralds 10:45 a.m Wakefield Domain, Richmond Fiesty Flames v Suburbs Blue Ferns 10:45 a.m Avery F2 NBF 12th Grade Blue Division Tahuna Spies v Richmond Ajax 9:15 a.m Tahunanui I4, Richmond Unos v Metro Stormers 9:15 a.m Ben Cooper Park I5 NBF 12th Grade Red Division Richmond Raiders v City Knights 9:15 a.m Ben Cooper Park I4 NBF 12th Grade Yellow Division Suburbs Warriors v Richmond Bluetacs 9:15 a.m Saxton Fields 9, NBF 11th Grade Blue Division Richmond Vipers v Richmond Slayers 10:30 a.m Ben Cooper Park I5, NBF 11th Grade Red Division United Titans v Richmond Spurs 10:30 a.m Neale Park I4, Waimea Volcanoes v Suburbs Vikings 10:30 a.m Appleby Domain, City Sharks v Richmond Phoenix 10:30 a.m Neale Park I5 NBF 11th Grade Yellow Division Waimea Warriors v United Cougars 11:30 a.m Appleby Domain NBF 10th Grade Blue Division City Blades v Richmond Speedies 11:15 a.m Neale Park J7, Metro Hurricanes v Richmond Lasers 11:15 a.m Pioneer Park NBF 10th Grade Red Division Suburbs Superstars v Richmond Cobras 11:15 a.m Saxton Fields 7, NBF 10th Grade Yellow Division Waimea Blasters v Richmond Rebels 11:15 a.m Lord Rutherford Park J1, NBF Junior Girls League Richmond Magpies v City Jewels 11:15 a.m Ben Cooper Park J3, Waimea Dolphins v Waimea Angels 11:15 a.m Spring Grove J1, NBF 9th Grade Blue Division Suburbs Lions v Richmond Conquerors 10:15 a.m Saxton Fields 5, Waimea Warlocks v Richmond Barbarians 10:15 a.m Spring Grove J1 NBF 9th Grade Red Division Waimea Bullets v Waimea Arrows 10:15 a.m Lord Rutherford Park J1, NBF 9th Grade Yellow Division Richmond Gladiators v Motueka Wekas 10:15 a.m Ben Cooper Park J3 NBF 8th Grade Red Division City Panthers v Waimea Wetas 9:15 a.m Neale Park J7, Richmond Shooters v City Piranhas 9:15 a.m Ben Cooper Park J1 NBF 8th Grade Yellow Division Tahuna Stingers v Suburbs Henley Rockets 9:15 a.m Tahunanui J2, United Tigers v Waimea Pirates 9:15 a.m Neale Park J8, NBF 7th Grade Neale Park Suburbs Henley Wizards v Tahuna Rangers 10:15 a.m Saxton Fields 11, City Keas v Suburbs Henley Tigers 10:15 a.m Neale Park M16, NBF 7th Grade Appleby Richmond Gunners v Waimea Flames 10:15 a.m Appleby Domain M3, Waimea Rockets v Richmond Terminators 10:15 a.m Appleby Domain M5, Waimea Pukekos v Rangers Rainbows 10:15 a.m Appleby Domain M1 Sunday 4th July 2010 NBF Women's Division 1 Nelson United v Garin College 10:00 a.m Guppy Park S1, Waimea College lst XI v Richmond 10:00 a.m Waimea College F1 NBF Women's Division 2 Motueka v Waimea College 2nd XI 10:00 a.m Memorial Park F1, Rep Trials 15th Grade Boys 2:00 p.m. Avery Reserve 16th Grade Boys 2:00 p.m. Avery Reserve

Rugby Car Company Division 2 13:30 Taylors Wanderers Div 2 vs SuperLiquor Waimea Div 2 Brightwater Domain 1 13:15 Murchison Senior Div 2 vs Accessman Stoke Sen Div 2 Murch 1 Car Company Division 3 Semi-Final 13:15 Mot United Div 3 vs Taylors Wanderers Sportspark Motueka 1 2010 Press Cup 12:00 Waimea College 1st XV vs Roncalli College ChristChurch 2010 Under 18 12:00 Nelson College 2nd XV vs Waimea College U18 Tahuna 1 Garin College U18 vs BYE 2010 Under 16 12:15 Takaka U-16 vs Taylors Wanderers U16

03/07/10 Takaka 2 2010 Under 15 11:30 Murchison U-15 vs Motueka H.S U15 Murch 1 11:00 Garin College U15 vs Waimea College U15 Garin College 1 2010 Under 14 12:00 Takaka U-14 vs Waimea College U14 Takaka 1 11:00 Nelson Coll U14 MV vs Taylors Wanderers U14 Broads 1 2010 Intermediate 1 12:00 Wanderers Inter 1 vs Stoke Inter 1 Lord Rutherford 1 11:30 Nelson Inter 1 vsWaimea OB Inter 1 Neale Park 1 2010 Intermediate 2 12:15 Wanderers Inter 2 vs Stoke Red Inter 2 Brightwater 1 12:00 Waimea OB White Inter 2 vs Waimea OB Red Inter 2 Jubilee Park 3 2010 Under 11 11:00 Wanderers Gold U-11 vs Stoke White U-11 Wakefield 11:00Wanderers Blue U-11 vs Marist U11 Brightwater Domain 1 10:15 Nelson Blue U-11 vsWaimea OB U-11 Neale Park Nelson 1 2010 Under 10 11:15 Mot United Black U-10 vs Waimea OB White U-10 Sportspark Motueka 2 11:15 Nelson White U-10 vs Murchison U10 Neale Park 2 11:00 Waimea OB Red U-10 vs Tapawera U-10 Jubilee Park 3a 11:00 Wanderers U-10 vs Riwaka U-10 Lord Rutherford 2010 Under 9 11:00 Wanderers Gold U-9 vs Waimea Old Boys U-9 Lord Rutherford Wanderers Blue U-9 vs BYE 2010 Under 8 11:00 Tapawera U-8 vs Waimea OB Red U-8 Tapa 1 11:00 Waimea OB Blue U-8 vs Murchison U-8 Jubilee Park 3b 10:15 Wanderers Gold U-8 vs Wanderers Blue U-8 Wakefield Waimea OB White U8 vs BYE 2010 Under 7 12:00 Wanderers Blue U-7 vs M u r c h i s o n U-7 Brightwater Domain 2 11:15 Mot United U-7 vs Waimea OB White U-7 Sports Park Motueka 2 11:00 Wanderers White U-7 vs Rangers U-7 Brightwater Domain 2 10:15 Wanderers Stripe U-7 vs Riwaka Blue U-7 Lord Rutherford 1 10:15 Wanderers Gold U-7 vs Huia U-7 Lord Rutherford 1 10:15 Waimea OB Red U-7 vs Waimea OB Blue U-7 Jubilee Park 3a 2010 Under 6 11:15 Nelson Blue U-6 vs Murchison U-6 Neale Park Nelson 2 11:00 Tapawera U-6 vs Mot United Black U-6 Tapa110:15 Wanderers Gold U-6 vs Riwaka Blue U-6 Wakefield 10:15 Waimea OB White U-6 vs Mot United Red U-6 Jubilee Park 3b 10:15 Rangers U-6 vs Waimea OB Red U-6 Rangers 1 Wanderers Blue U-6 vs BYE

Richmond Evening Badminton Badminton on Mon evenings at Badminton Hall, Gladstone Rd (next to Waimea Rugby Club). Term 3, starts 19 July, Primary (new session) 4:30 - 5:30pm; Intermediate 5:30 - 6:30pm; College students:6:30 7:30pm; Seniors from 7:30. New players welcome. Racquets are available. Give it a go - bring indoor court shoes, racquet & a friend. Contact Joe Hall 546 4446 day or 027 78 34 720 Swing o’ the Kilt, City of Nelson Pipe Band Ceilidh fundraiser Sat July 3rd at 7-30pm at The Granary, Founders Park, Nelson. Tickets available at the Richmond Mall Office and Music Planet $20 each. For info ph Glenis 0273740919 Pilates (Modified) Courses Now booking Beginners/ Intermediate Matwork/ Intermediate Small Equipment Classes for term 3. Daytime and Evening courses held at the Town Hall in Richmond. Certified Modified Pilates Teacher (Australian Physiotherapy and Pilates Institute), BSc (Hons) Physiotherapy. For details/ bookings. Sarah Venables 544 5060. Richmond Dance Social & Sequence Sat 3 July 2010 at 7.30pm St Davids Church Hall, Florence St. Live music & prizes. Ph 544 4120 Duck Soup SINGLE? Lost friends in your separation? Come & make some new ones at Duck Soup this Sun 4 July. All dinner & network details on or call Adrienne 544-2088 Breast Cancer Network Support Group Recommences 1pm Tues 10 August 2010, Nick Smiths Rms, cnr Quarantine/ Waimea Rds. Welcome to women who have been affected with breast cancer one way or another. More info ph: Valda 5474 905 or email Forest and Bird invite all to see a TVNZ documentary "Prospects: The story of the first campaign that saved the Coromandel from mining" . with commentary by Debs Martin. Venue Tahunanui School Hall, Muritai Str Nelson7:30pm - 14 July Hope /Ranzau Women’s Institute Next meeting - Weds. 7 July, 1.30pm at Holy Trinity Church Hall, Dorset Street, Richmond. Speakers D & C.McAlister "Teaching in China". Interested ? You're welcome. Contact Brenda 5445872 Music on Friday Date: 2 July Time: 10am Venue: St David's Presbyterian Church Florence Street.Twin Spirits.Robert & Clara Schumann.

Nelson Bonsai Club Monthly meeting Monday July 5th, from 7.30pm, all wellcome. At Stoke Memorial Hall meeting room 2. Info Nigel on 0211784241/ 5464933 Holiday Movies for Pre-schoolers Bring your tots to Richmond Holy Trinity Church ,Dorset Sts, Tues 6 July 10am. Movie: Tough Truck Adventure. Gold Coin donation. Presbyterian Support Courses - Falls Prevention Have you had a fall recently? Do you have a fear of falling? Are you over 65? Free, 6-week Falls Prevention courses being held in your area. Enrolments essential. - TaiChi 16 week Introductory courses starting soon in Stoke and Richmond. For more information on both courses contact Cherie Thomas at PresbyterianSupport 5479350 or email Seventies Disco Sat 3 July at Holy Trinity Church Hall, Richmond. Supper provided. BYO and glasses. Over 16s only. Come in fancy dress or as your favourite 70's pop star. Tickets $15. Phone 544 8844 for details. USA Independence Day Roast turkey dinner with pumpkin pie dessert on Sunday July 4 for American families living here. More info about Nelson,USA Club or Adrienne 544-2088. Sing with Nelson Bays Harmony Chorus. If you can sing and are ready for a new challenge try singing 4-part women's barbershop harmony! We have several vacancies at the moment so come along to a Thursday evening rehearsal and check us out. Contact Jenny or 0275 444 121. MOPS St David's Welcomes all Mothers of Preschoolers to join them for friendship and time out while their little ones are cared for. Meet fortnightly at St David's, Florence St, Richmond, Wed 7 July Contact Bethany 5445130orVivienne 5446507. Faithful Hymn Sing-along 10am Wed 7 July (every 3rd Wednesday). Come along and sing some good old faithful hymns. Starts with morning tea, warm heated building, no charge, every one welcome. Richmond Church of Christ cnr Croucher & Darcy Sts. Mainly Music at the Richmond Mall. For mums and their preschoolers, every Tues 10.00am-10.45am, not over school hols. Next to McDonald's in the Mall. For more info phone Wendy 544 7596.


WEDNESDAY 30 June 2010



WEDNESDAY 30 June 2010




WEDNESDAY 30 June 2010

Church Notices

Garage Sale 17th July 10 a.m. till 2.30pm 205 Lord Rutherford Road South ( Turn ops Lord Rutherford Memorial - 1 k on right). Garrett 03 542 3382


Wanted to Rent 3 Bedroom house for long term. 2 children 11 and 9 years, 2 spade cats. Clean and tidy tenants. Ph: 027 545 8600.

Engraving Engraving & Trophy Centre Laser & Rotary Engraving, Rubber Stamps. Call Bill Ph 544 8001. 5 McGlashen Ave, Richmond


Home Improvement

Mobile Shearing for lifestyle/ small flocks. Phone Pete Lyall 5224475

Situations Vacant Ranzau School Board of Trustees Casual Vacancy. A casual vacancy has occurred on the Board of Trustees for an elected parent representative. The Board has resoled under Section 105 of the Education Act 1989 to fill the vacancy by appointment. If ten percent or more of the eligible voters on the school roll ask the Board, within 28 days of this notice being published, to hold a by-election to fill the vacancy, the a by-election will be held. Any eligible voter who wishes to hold a by-election should write to: The Chairperson Ranzau School, 111 Ranzau Road, Hope 7020 by 28 July 2010.


Gardening Work Gardening work wanted. Rose pruning, winter clean up, hedge trimmimg, planting, weeding, etc.Keen, reliable, well experienced team. Phone Janet or Murray on 541 0019

Nordic Walking

Wanted to Rent Working female with two dogs looking for Semi-Rural house to rent. Must be within 30 min from Nelson Airport. PH Melissa 0212347937


To Let Richmond. Sleepout. Close to City centre and all amenities. Mature working household. Plenty of sun and OSP. $105-00 Tel: 544 9591 or 021 5777 46.

Tree Care

Notice to all advertisers

Antiques Coins wanted. Pennys, threepences, sixpences and bank notes. Any considered. Ph Ben 0800 55 99 22 Cameras wanted. Film type. Any considered. Ph 0800 55 99 22 Watches wanted. Pockets and wrist style, going or not. Ph 0800 55 99 22 Military Items wanted. Buttons, badges, uniform and photos. Freephone Ben 0800 55 99 22




Club Waimea Motorbike Training

By placing your advertisement to be run you agree with the terms and conditions of the Waimea Weekly. Namely, payment by the 20th of the following month, or in the event of non payment, the recovery of any debt and its costs will be on charged to the customer. This includes all costs and commissions paid to a debt recovery service. Should you require any further information please phone the newspaper on 544 9037.




WEDNESDAY 30 June 2010


30 June 2010  

Newspaper issue 30 June 2010

30 June 2010  

Newspaper issue 30 June 2010