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Wednesday 21 November 2012

Book on Murchison ‘king’

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Missing money still not found

Santa drops in on Richmond Santa Claus stayed around and spoke to children after the Pak’n’Save Santa Parade, receiving an onslaught of requests for ponies and dolls houses. His appearance was the highlight for all of the children that attended Sunday’s parade. wheelchairs mobility scooters walkers/canes electric bed/hoists lift assist chairs bathroom solutions incontinence products daily living aids/products

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Organiser Kim Quint, from Richmond Unlimited, says this year’s parade showcased what Richmond was all about. More community groups and truly local businesses were involved this year, which she says was the event’s highlight. “We were so blessed with having such a fine day especially

with rain before and after,” she says. “The quality of the floats has definitely improved. People have put a lot of time and effort into what they presented. It was just such a fun, family atmosphere.” The Grace Church won the best float award, taking home an $800 Pak’n’Save voucher.

Around $100,000 in levy payments are unaccounted for say residents of Waimea Village and they’re preparing for a court battle with the owners of the village, Michael and Carolyn Wright, to find out where it is. Residents committee chair Jerry Rowland says a 2011 decision by an anonymous arbitrator required a percentage of the lease to go to a repair and maintenance fund, which should by now have around $100,000 in it. As of June this year the committee say they were told the money is not there and Michael Wright refuses to tell them where it is. TDC councillor Kit Maling was at the meeting and was firmly on the side of the residents. He told the Waimea Weekly that the residents have valid concerns, chief among them is the missing money in the repair and replacement fund. “They’ve paid approximately $100,000 into it and they don’t know where that is. That’s the biggest concern. We can’t say he’s stolen it, but there are certainly some questions to be answered.”

Waimea Weekly asked Michael if the money was in the repair and maintenance fund as required by the arbitrator. He declined to comment. Residents of Waimea Village have decided to prepare a war chest for their “certain” legal battle with the owners of the village as disputes over lease payments get set to stretch into a third year. Last week a new arbitrator released his decision on the levy increase for 2012, raising the monthly fees from $125 to $182.75. Michael and Carolyn had wanted $284. It is the second year in a row an arbitrator has stepped into the dispute, with the fees rising from $80 to $125 last year. Michael has said previously that he would continue to take residents to arbitration every year until he got the amount he wanted. But on Monday he told Waimea Weekly that the levy fees for 2013 would be unlikely to rise but “there are other mechanisms

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School galas are raising more money than ever before. Have you attended one this season and do you think it’s a good thing that they are raising up to $41,000.

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“I personally don’t attend the galas. But I think it’s great that they get the support that they do.”

“I haven’t been to one this year but it can only be a good thing to see school’s raising that sort of money themselves.”

“I’ve only been to the Enner Glynn School gala. I volunteered there.”

Missing money still not found, say residents news in FROM PAGE 1

in place in the lease for the recovery of excess costs”. He would not elaborate. But the residents are refusing to pay more than the $125 per month they do currently, citing the missing money and a belief that the Wrights are lying to them about the figure needed to run the village. At the meeting at the village hall on Sunday afternoon an over capacity crowd from the 172 properties, many having to stand outside, told the village’s residents committee they would pay no more. It was later found out that the Wrights had a recording of the meeting. Instead, the decision to raise money – from supporters outside the village – and fight the Wrights in court was met with cheers and clapping. Residents pay the levy on top of owning their own home and paying normal council rates. The arbitrator’s decision dates back to January 1 this year, meaning every resident is required to pay the Wrights $635, due ten days before Christmas and then up their levy payments from December 1. But the residents committee lawyer Warwick Heal has

advised the residents not to pay it to the Wrights, according to Jerry. “Warwick’s deepest concern is with the repairs and replacement fund. Right now there should be about $100,000 in that account,” he told the residents. “We can’t prove where [the money] is, we don’t know where it is. It’s gone into Michael and Carolyn’s bank account, there’s nothing to stop them for using it for other purposes. Our lawyer has made it clear to us that he’s recommending that we establish a separate bank account and the difference between the $125 you’re now paying and the $182.75 they want, take the difference and put it in this separate account for just repairs and maintenance.” But other residents disagreed and said they shouldn’t pay any more than they do now. Nelson Weekly understands it is quite common practice in this situation for the repair and maintenance fund to belong to the venue as opposed to the landlord and the funds stay with the venue if sold. That is not the case with Waimea Village. Jerry said the residents were up for the fight. “It might be their business, but damn it, it’s our home.”


COUNCIL FIX CREEK BANKS: The Tasman District Council has completed urgent work to the Reservoir Creek in Richmond. The banks had eroded badly as a result of the increased water flows from last December’s flooding.

VILLAGE GARAGE SALE: Waimea Village Garage Sale, at the Waimea Village Hall, this Saturday, November 24. Doors open at 8.30am. Something for everyone, come and support the villagers. A&P SHOW: The Golden Edge Nelson A&P Show is on this weekend in Richmond. The annual show will be held on Saturday and Sunday with a range of events including live entertainment.

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Bikes boost Brightwater Phillip Rollo

at the amount of cyclists that have actually used it, despite only having small segments of the trail completed. When the full loop is finished, Kevin believes there will be more cyclists from out-of-town coming through Brightwater. He would be “amazed” if other townships such as Mapua and Wakefield did not benefit once the trail was completed and believed it was a good time for businesses to embrace it. “Businesses should think about how they can meet the requirements on the trail,” he says. Ross Hurley of the Brightwater Motor Inn says his business was hoping to benefit when the loop was completed because it offered accommodation. However, that would be further down the line as it is used predominately by locals at the moment.

Brightwater retailers are praising the Great Taste Cycle Trail, saying it has boosted business in the region, despite being only partially completed. Sprig & Fern Brightwater co-owner Kevin Gear says his business has had to “beef up” their staff and has altered trading hours to cope with the new demand from cyclists on the weekend. He says staff were actively handing out flyers to people on weekends, hoping to make the most of the town’s new visitors. “On Saturdays and Sundays there are definitely a large number of people in the Brightwater area just because they’ve been on the cycle trail,” says Kevin. “We already had bike stands but we probably need more.” Rose Timpson, who is the manager of Brightwater’s HQ cafe and bar, says turnover has increased directly because of the cycle trail. She says a lot of customers use it as a “destination” and cycle all of the way from Nelson for a coffee and a bite to eat. “It is very much weather dependent but going on coffees we could probably do 250 to 300 in one weekend,” she says. Initially, the owners of HQ had not taken the cycle trail’s potential into consideration when opening on the site last year. Kevin expected his business to HQ manager Rose Timpson with chef Lisa Johnston and asbenefit but says he is surprised sistant manager Holly Ewers. Photo: Phillip Rollo.

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don’t do any other fundraising through the year, we put all of our focus on that and make sure it School fairs across the Tasman District are rais- works,” says Dave. “The money pays for teacher ing more money than ever before, enabling aides’ wages and the general expenses bucket, them to spend it on “extras” that are not funded which isn’t a good place for fundraised money to go but that’s just a fact of life. If you want to by the Ministry of Education. Officially, Appleby School has raised more mon- run a school the way we want to run a school it ey than any school in the Tasman District from comes at a cost.” this year’s gala, making a record $41,000 from Wakefield School and Upper Moutere School its four hour long annual country fair. Princi- both raised more than $25,000. Wakefield pal Graham Avery is unsure what the secret is School principal Peter Ross says it was the most to its success but says this year’s takings were up the school had ever raised for its annual twilight $10,000 compared to 2010. “I think maybe it’s gala, but went on to mention that other fundbecause it’s quite a reasonable day out. They can raisers in the school would bring the overall bring the family along and the kids can have a tally closer to $40,000 a year. “It [the fundraising] is incredible and it couple of hours of enterprobably needs to be in tainment for under ten this day and age,” he says. bucks,” says Graham. Wakefield’s fundraising He says spring fairs tend focus changes year to year to be more popular, but this time round it was which is probably why going to spend the money the Appleby School fair on new ICT equipment. is always held on the first Principal’s Association weekend of that season. Nelson chairman Don “It’s hard to say what it McLean says it is fantastic is, whether people want that schools can fundraise to have a good day out in themselves, with comthe country, but they cermunity support, enough tainly seem to be getting more popular.” Ollie Riley stretches out on the horizon- money to pay for new Appleby School uses tal bungy at Appleby School’s annual ICT equipment, upgrades to infrastructure and in some of its funds to par- country fair. one case, partially pay a tially pay a teacher’s salary. The rest goes on special education and re- teacher’s salary. “I know a lot of the galas are ducing the fees of out of class activities for all making their money from the silent auctions. I know Appleby and Upper Moutere had a lot students. The second highest earning school fair was of money behind the silent auction with a lot of held by Hope School, raising $33,000. Principal items and they bring in some big dollars,” says Dave Pritchard says it raised $5000 more than Don, who is also the principal of Hampden St last year and the funds went towards “keeping School in Nelson. “We’re pretty lucky in Nelson the school alive” and updating its internet and because they’re well supported by their commucommunications technology programme. “We nities.”

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WEDNESDAY 21 November 2012


Public meeting to clear the air Phillip Rollo

Despite knocking on the doors of the worst air polluters earlier this year, council may take a “tougher stance” to stop noncompliant wood burners being used in Richmond. Tasman District Council has invited all Richmond users of non-compliant wood burners to attend a public meeting at Club Waimea on Tuesday November 27. The meeting will begin at 7:30pm and will remind the residents of the consequences of continuing poor air quality – both in terms

of people’s health and amenity in relation to national regulations. The council will also explain the measures they will take if the current trend continues. The smoke problem arises from two main things – use of old non compliant wood burners and poor operation of wood burners. The council adopted an air quality strategy when monitoring in the early 2000s showed “very high levels” of wintertime pollution, says TDC communications manager Christ Choat. “The implications relate not just to council having to comply

with the national regulations for air quality, but also because poor air quality has adverse effects on people’s health, as well as causing nuisance for people having to cope with smoky air.” In 2007, the council introduced new wood burner rules to meet national regulations. The national regulations require no more than three exceedances by 2016 and states that the average 24 hour air quality for PM10 does not exceed 50ug/m3 – anything more than this is an “exceedance”. PM10 is a measure of small air particles less than 10microns in size. It is this size

particle which gets into people’s lungs and contributes to a range of adverse health impacts. While the number of exeedances recorded from the monitoring site in Oxford St has declined since tests began in 2000, the figures have begun to rise in recent years. The number of exceedances has gone from seven in 2010 to 16 in 2012. This has sparked council to meet with the residents involved “Most importantly there needs to be an understanding that while wood burners are the problem, wood burner owners are the solution.”

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Incoming neighbourhood patrol community co-ordinator Marty Price is welcomed into the job by constable Glen Lloyd-Jones last week. Marty has accepted the new role having been part of the Richmond Community Patrol for the past four years. The new position has been created to increase communication between neighbourhood support groups in the Richmond area and for relaying key information back to police. Photo: Phillip Rollo.


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WEDNESDAY 21 November 2012

Night market set to WOW

St Paul’s Catholic School’s night market organisers Jodie Keenan and Heather Lackner set up for Thursday’s event. Photo: Phillip Rollo.


A unique night market held at the World of Wearable Arts Museum will be held for the second year in a row this Thursday night. Tickets cost $10 and include entry through the World of Wearable Art and Classic Cars exhibits. There will be more than 30 stalls selling various items to purchase for Christmas presents plus live music from local band the Collectors. Organiser Heather Lackner says the idea came about because fundraising was becoming increasingly difficult and St Paul’s Catholic School wanted to offer a point of difference. “As mothers we always found it difficult getting to markets with children and we thought it would be great to have a night

market indoors where you can come and relax, have a glass of wine and wander around,” she says. Because of its timing, the market is also a good opportunity to do some Christmas shopping, says Heather. All of the money raised will go towards building a new multi-purpose centre at St Paul’s Catholic School. Last year’s market raised around $4500. However, the school’s principal John Dorman was hoping that in a few years’ time it could reach the same potential as other school fairs and raise around $20,000. The Night Market at WOW begins at 6:30pm and will run until around 9:30pm.



this Thursday 5 - 8pm

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Steve Holmes and his partner Dreana leave Appleby during the annual Route 6 poker run on Saturday morning. Forty-two riders rode through inclement weather for 162km, making their way through Motueka, the Moutere and Kohatu, stopping off at various locations on the way, including

345 LOWER QUEEN ST, RICHMOND P: 543 9179 Members, their guests and affiliated members all welcome

the Kohatu Hotel. Organisers say the ride was enjoyable, despite the conditions, and highlighted some of the awesome prizes on offer for those that did take part. Proceeds from the ride will go towards the Nelson Marlborough Rescue Helicopter Trust. Photo: Phillip Rollo.


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WEDNESDAY 21 November 2012

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WEDNESDAY 21 November 2012

Bridget Budget answers your questions

Q: My children demand certain

prepackaged foods for their school lunches, because apparently “everyone has them”. Their school lunches are costing me over $30 week. How can I convince them to eat sandwiches? A: As in any social situation, children and adults can get caught up with doing what everyone else does. In this case this choice may be expensive and unhealthy. You are the adult; therefore you are in control of what food you provide for your children. Here are some tips for healthy inexpensive lunches:  Regularly buy ingredients for healthy lunches so there is always food available to prepare.  Help each child write lists of their favourite healthy food  Encourage your children to help you prepare their lunches  Teach your children to bake.  If they are tired of sandwiches, try: - Small wraps filled with meat, or cheese and salad. - Baked potatoes stuffed or plain - Boiled eggs - Chopped up veges and a pottle of savoury dip - Cheese on toast or slice of pizza - Corn on the cob - Home-made pop-corn - Dried fruit, seeds and nuts - Home baking Your children’s friends will soon be asking to have some their lunches!

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Students get taste of the real world Sinead Ogilvie

More than 180 Year 10 students from Waimea College will have spent the day in real life workplaces after today. From cafes, to electricians, cycle shops to builders, local businesses have opened the doors to students in a bid to show them what being on the job is all about. The Work Watch programme run by Waimea College sees Year 10 students undertake work placement for a day in a business of their choice, an opportunity which careers advisor Lyn Guilliard says is a chance to open the eyes and minds of students to what the workforce entails. While some students have an idea of their dream job, and others will have no clue what they would like to do as a career, Lyn says having open discussions at home to discover their interests is part of the idea, so that students who don’t have any career or study plans will begin to have those conversations with their families. Students are left to their own devices to come up with a career they are interested in, and work with

Richmond Vet Centre Veterinary Nurse Jenni Chaddock and Waimea College Student Meghan Jamieson, 14, examine Penny, a post-op orthapaedic patient. their parents to find a company that will take them on for the day. For student Meghan Jamieson, 14, her placement with the Vet Centre Richmond cemented her dream to become a vet. “I really want to be a vet, and I really en-

joyed it the placement. I love animals so it was a really exciting experience.” She says she learnt about the different equipment used for operating on animals, and was also informed of the different study options.

Nelson Budget Service PhSponsored 5469021 by New Zealand Lotteries

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Everyone likes to call themselves an expert but various products do and which can best suit their few can back it up like Ricky at Living Sound can. needs. “We want people to take their time, feel Ricky has been around the hi fi retail industry comfortable and ask a lot of questions so they feel since 1988 and became a co owner of Living empowered to make the right choices.” Living Sound has a dedicated listening Sound in 2003. He believes Living Sound sells the best room where customers can hi fi brands available. Some spend time auditioning of those brands have been equipment with their own associated with Living Sound music. This is an important part for over 20 years. “Buying of the process when choosing hi fi should be fun, exciting a home stereo system. “The and done with consideration. line between buying a new hi One of the reasons we fi system and other household call ourselves specialists is Ricky from Living Sound not appliances has become blurred, because we only sell audio only sells the best. He listens to devaluing people’s experience of systems and have been doing the best. Pictured here with his listening to music. The reason so for 21 years. We don’t sell Naim system in his dedicated our store exists is because we white ware, computers or acoustically treated listening believe good quality sound still lounge. lounge suites.” Ricky says matters,” says Ricky. In fact, music is soul food and the job of a stereo system is he not only preaches great sound but lives it too. to delve deep into the artist’s emotional intent. “A His current stereo is a high-end Naim system in great stereo system will enrich your life and have a dedicated acoustically treated listening lounge. you exploring many different types of music.” This system delivers music in an exciting, realistic Having a chat with Ricky is an important part of way that portrays the scale, dynamics and emotion the process so he can make sure you’re getting we normally only associate with live music. So exactly what you want. He says choosing from the pop in and see Ricky at Living Sound on Hardy new technologies can be a bit intimidating, but at St and have a conversation about getting the best Living Sound they like to keep things simple and sound in your house. make sure their customers understand what the Business Update. Adv.

This Week

WEDNESDAY 21 November 2012


Community benefit from teeth care The bite of $6000 orthodontic work could be decreased to just three figures in exchange for volunteer work for local families unable to directly afford the treament. The New Zealand Association of Orthodontists last week announced that the Wish for a Smile Trust will take applications from children aged between 11 and 18 years old, helping ease the financial burden of those in need of urgent orthodontic work.

Sonia Malpas of Nelson Orthodontics, the only clinic in the Top of the South participating in the initiative, says this will be hugely beneficial for children that might be teased at school. “The ones whose life might be really affected and could lead to other problems, the real serious cases, they’re the ones that will benefit,” she says. “ Sonia says orthodontic treatment has become significantly more popular in recent years because dentists in this era

do “everything they can” to save a tooth. In previous generations, teeth were taken out and replaced with false teeth. Dr Andrew Lush says it is likely to cost families just $800 on top of the 20 hours volunteer work with a community organisation. That money would be paid over 40 weeks and would cover just “ a fraction of the overhead” costs, making the scheme very worthwhile. To apply, visit http://www.orthodontists.

Stores get behind Shop ‘n’ Win

Bluebell Florist’s Kate Bradley accepts an entry into Shop ‘n’ Win.

The race to win $5000 cash for Christmas has begun with more than 100 businesses getting behind Shop ‘n’ Win. Shop ‘n’ Win gives one lucky Richmond shopper the chance to win $5000 for Christmas and all they have to do is buy something from one of the participating stores. Bluebell Florist on Queen St has participated in the competition before and is already benefiting from being a part of the 2012 edition. Florist Amy Bryson says customers have been quick to fill out the forms, which will also increase her store’s chances of winning the $2000 for the business that the winning customer visited. “We’re trying to get everyone that buys something to enter it. I do think because we have the poster on our sign that people are shopping with us purely because of the competition.” Shop ‘n’ Win is run by the Waimea Weekly and all of the participating businesses. This is the sixth year that the competition has run.

Dr Andrew Lush examines an x-ray at Nelson Orthodontics.

Salisbury Extraordinary Education

Support Needed. Salisbury School

Fundraising Fair Sunday 2nd December, 3pm-6pm To fundraise to offset the legal costs needed to fight our closure, we are holding a Fair on Sunday 2nd December. To make this the best fair ever, we need volunteers, stall holders, entertainers and donations of: Sweets, cakes, biscuits, meat, plants, craft, books and magazines, pre-loved clothes and baby gear, trash & treasure, raffle items, gift vouchers, anything else that will sell.

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10 WEDNESDAY 21 November 2012

Out&About • A L L T H E F U N • A L L T H E PA R T I E S • A L L T H E G O O D T I M E S

Having a par ty/event/func tion? Call our photographer 544 9037 or 027 532 6461 Vivienne Parkes, Kylie Mead and Jo Hutson-Nelson at the St John Volunteer party on Sunday night.

Hazel Baker and Kelly Baker at Beacon Hill Country Estate.

Genevieve Flynn and Rebekah Bay at Beacon hill country store.

Kate Biggs and Dianne Wells at Christmas in the barn at Beacon Hill Country Estate. Katrina Madill and Sarah Turner at Christmas in the barn at theBeacon Hill Country Estate.

Suzanne Max, Di Martin and Pam Shone on Wednesday night. Jon Leach and Gary Tobin at the St John Volunteer party.

Neill McFarlane, Chris Reidie, Tania Vincent and Gary Rooney at the St John Volunteer party.

The summer party season is well and truly upon us with the Out & About camera making its way right across the region this week. We visited the Christmas in the Barn at Beacon Hill Country Estate on Wednesday and the St John Ambulance volunteer party on Sunday. Do you have a party or an event coming up? Give us a call on 544 9037 or email us at editorial@waimea to arrange a photographer.

Catch up with us on

Helen Kircher and Maree Peter at Christmas in the barn at the Beacon Hill Country Estate.

Belle Mintron, Tarmra Heal and Francine Currie at the St John VolunDoreen Helms and Val Kennedy at Beacon Hill Country Estate last week. teer party.

An evening with

LIVING LIGHT CANDLES Experience the beauty and fragrance of these world class candles. Wednesday 28 November 6.30pm FREE Gifts for everyone. Discounts & Gift Wrapping. Bookings essential.


2.95 %

+ $500 + GsT

on the first $400,000 & there after by negotiation.

Phone Now for a Free Market Appraisal marketing Consultant & Licensed Real Estate Agent (REAA 2008)


Queen St Pharmacy 215 Queen St, Richmond Ph: 543 9034

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0274 328 532 03 544 5488

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Study grant available for local women Women over the age of 20 wanting to study may have just received another incentive. Soroptimist International of Waimea has opened applications for its Education Grant aimed at assisting women living in Nelson and Tasman to study towards a tertiary qualification. The grant, set for 2013 at $2000, is specifically targeted at women over the age of 20. The club has a proud record of assisting causes which enhance the welfare and status of women and foster educational endeavour, it says. Annual donations to Waimea College senior students and to the science fair are just two of the notable contributions made by the club.

Waimea Soroptimist president Lynne Ehau, says she’s delighted to announce the most recent addition to the club’s annual projects. Funds raised at the Soroptimists’ October Fashion Parade were dedicated to it and the club says it is committed to ongoing development of its assistance programme. Details on how to apply for the grant are advertised in this publication, and posters are displayed in public libraries and at NMIT. Further information is available by emailing the secretary of Soroptimist International of Waimea at Applications for the Soroptimist International of Waimea study grant close on January 31 2013.



Soroptimist International is an organisation which works towards advancing the welfare and status of women. In 2013 Soroptimist International of Waimea is making available: EDUCATIONAL GRANT OF $2000 to a selected female applicant over 20 years of age, residing in the Nelson/Tasman area in the 2013 academic year and undertaking tertiary study. TO APPLY: Application forms and further information available from: The Secretary, Soroptimist International of Waimea: • email: • post: 52 Marlborough Cres, Richmond 7020.

Soroptimist International of Waimea members Lynne Ehau, left, and Helen Bywater. The group is looking for applicants for its new education grant. Photo: Andrew Board.

Just a thought...

Closing date for applications: 31 January 2013

From My Desk

One news item today sadly tells us a boy only 13 years old tended to any of them) ... Jesus didn't hit anybody. He didn't may be NZ's youngest murderer. Could it be that our ac- hate anybody. He practiced as he preached: Reconciliation, ceptance of violence has increased and its time we pushed not retaliation. Kindness, not cruelty. A willingness to be vioback hard against accepting violence as a necessary evil? In lated, not violation. Creative conflict transformation through Richmond a high percentage of youth report involvement in love, not decisive conflict termination through superior peer related violence, saying it’s normal, natural and a mor- weapons. Courageous and compassionate resistance, not violence. Outstretched arms on a cross, not stockpiles ally acceptable part of their world including its use in of arms, nuclear or otherwise...” defence. Violence seen as a necessary evil. God is not violent and Jesus’ response to violence So what is God’s view on violence? A scary question when he died on the cross is an example of this. for Christianity because looking at Church history Think to the crucifixion of Christ. A violent action there have been times when political power plays became more important than following Christ, reyes, but it was God who was being crucified – not doing the crucifying. God the Son, the all-powerful sulting in terrible violence committed in the name one, God who could call down legions of angels did of God (even though the violence was really in the not fight back, did not resort to violence, showed name of power plays). no aggressive self-defence. When Jesus was bullied, So what is God’s view on violence? Read the Bible Jon Parkes, and notice that God is not violent. King David was he didn’t bully back. Jesus’ message is that to win is St. David’s to lose and to lose is to win. It is to hand over the not permitted to build the new temple – his life had been too violent – his son Solomon built it. The Bible Presbyterian shirt as well as the jacket. It is to not retaliate. It is Church. makes it clear that Jesus Christ is God become huto hunger for and purse ways of peace. It is to teach man. His life showed us what God is like. Was Jesus violent? our children creative, non violent ways of self defence. It is to No. Author Brian McLaren reminds us that “Jesus Christ teach self control of anger and the ability to walk way. Jesus’ didn’t kill anybody - something that can't be said about Abra- message is there are creative alternatives to violence, and that ham, Moses, David, Paul, or Mohammed (no disrespect in- violence is evil and repulsive to God.

The smell of freshly baked lemon slice from Morrison Street Café pleasantly captures you when walking into the entrance of Fashion Island. Add a delicious flat white, and it’s a winning combination. As is this café. Morrison Street Café has received the ‘best café’ award for a third year running. Our iconic café celebrated 15 years of serving customers, and was awarded with the 10th Michael Guy Café magazine award for best café in the Nelson region. The award is judged on consistent high quality coffee, food and ambience. To celebrate Morrison Street Café will be producing a cook book, so next time you are ordering your coffee, don’t forget your cookbook. You will see there is much across all our stores, so do plan your next visit and we can share all we have with you. Enjoy your week, and I look forward to seeing you at our Fashion Island.




OPEN HOURS • Monday - Friday: 9am-5.30pm • Saturday: 9am-5pm • Sunday: 10am-4pm

Satisfy your tastebuds by trying some now and put an order in for Christmas. OPEN HOURS: Mon - Fri 5.00am – 5.00pm

244 Hardy St, Nelson

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Sat 5.00am – 1.30pm


Phone us 544 9037

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Green Door Nelson - 546 9332 Green9332 -Door 544 9885 Green Door -Nelson 546 Green Richmond - 544 9885 Green Door Nelson -Nelson 546 9332 Green Door Richmond - Richmond 9885 Green Door -Door 546Richmond 9332 Green Door - 544 9885 Gary Le Petit Good Deal Real Estate Ltd (Licensed REAA) A Member of Green Door Real Estate Green Nelson -Deal 546 9332 Richmond - 544 9885 Good Real Estate Ltd (Licensed REAA) - ADoor Member of Green Real Estate CEO Deal Door Good Deal Estate Ltd (Licensed REAA) A Member ofReal Green Door RealDoor Estate Good Real Estate LtdReal (Licensed REAA) - A Member of-Green Green Door Estate

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12 WEDNESDAY 21 November 2012

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Silent Auction at A&P Show on 20 November Richmond Community Patrol volunteers George Stone, Pete Blackmore, Marty Price, Neville Whitaker, Mike Gill and Jan Blackmore.

safe, knowing that there are people looking out for them and having a visual presence around the town on weekends makes them feel more comfortable and more at home in Richmond.” The Richmond Community Patrol has become a welcomed part of the town. With successes under their watch including finding windows open and doors unlocked at schools, locating stolen property, assisting on cordons and reporting general disorder around the town. Mike says just having a

Queen St Pharmacy 215 Queen Street, Richmond Ph: 543 9034

10 Poutama St (off Gladstone Rd) Richmond

0800 44 83 88 or 544 8388

PYO or ready picked berries,cherries and fresh vegetables

recognisable group alongside the police in the community has deterred unwanted occurrences in the area. Sergeant Mal Drummond, officer in charge of community policing for Nelson Bays says the patrol are an important part of Richmond’s community reassurance that their town is safe and well looked after. “They really are an extra pair of eyes and ears at high risk times, and they certainly assist us by passing on information. Their presence provides a preventative element and acts as a

108 Appleby Highway

Enjoy a real fruit ice cream

Quality hairdressing services 216 Queen St, Richmond

Ph 544 8011

deterrent to unwanted activities.” The group of volunteers will hold a stall and silent auction at the A&P Show this weekend. With great items generously donated by the community such as Pure Essentials Hot Stone Massage, Rob Roys vouchers, a pallet of pavers from Firths, wheel alignments and many more items up for grabs. The team are easily recognised in their hi-vis jackets, and information and forms will be available for those who would like to join the volunteer patrol.


A group of keen volunteers are the extra eyes and ears of the Richmond Police, keeping our community safe from harm, and their presence on our streets has made all the difference. Taking ownership of our region are a group of 30 volunteers who spend their Friday and Saturday nights out on patrol, sharing a close relationship with our police, council and community to keep the streets clear of unwanted crime. Coordinator Mike Gill says over the last five years the community has seen a definite drop in the levels of crime occurring in the wee hours of the weekend. He says while some of this reduction can be credited to the community patrol, it’s also showing the great support that Richmond shows each other in deterring night life crime in the area. Mike says the group decided to form back in 2008 as a way of giving back to the community, after local people voiced their frustrations at weekend vandalism, graffiti and general nuisance activities that were occurring. They work with the NZ Police, schools, families and local businesses to patrol known trouble spots. “We want the people of our town to feel

accessman nelson ltd 21 Elms Street, Wakatu Industrial Estate, Stoke

Ph 544 3985


7 Gladstone Road, Richmond Ph 544 2266

MAF Approved

We’ll get u going & keep u going

64 Beach Rd, Richmond

Ph 544 6782

101 Beach Road, Richmond Ph 544 1993 or 021 545 575

For All Your Aggregate Needs, Digger, Truck and Plant Hire and General Contracting Requirements:

All car, van, caravan & boat paint jobs

Ph 544 8128 17 McGlashen Ave, Richmond

r the Look fo building orange

Higgins Contractors Nelson

Phone (03) 544 6111

‘Proudly Supporting Our Local Community Patrol’

This Week

Book tells life of Murchison ‘king’ Phillip Rollo

song that told his life in song.” But the song wasn’t just enough for Arch, who spent many years working as a broadcaster and reporter before retiring. He went about obtaining more information on the life of George Moon-

light, which is now published in the Moonlight Legacy. A lot of the material was produced by Arch Barclay’s life consists of many enthe Murchison Museum, including his tertaining stories, but rather than writbankruptcy and court hearings. “Grading about his own, he has gone about ually I came across enough information penning the life of a famous Murchison to compile a book out of. I always gold prospector. had the opportunity to correct a The Best Island resident spent few errors that have been conmany years gathering informastantly repeated along the way.” tion on George Fairweather Arch says George was “highly Moonlight, for the biography regarded” as the mediator of entitled ‘the Moonlight Legacy.’ Murchison. Besides his prospecting skills, “Any disputes in the territory, George Moonlight became the they went to Moonlight. It was uncrowned “king” of Murchison quite remarkable for a man that (Hampden) in the 1870s, as hocan hardly read or write. He had telier, storekeeper, postmaster, a very short life but made a very gold banker and unofficial mehuge impact particularly on the diator, says Arch, who has never Murchison community.” published a book of this size beThis is the largest book Arch fore. had ever published and will be It was 1976 when Arch was first officially launched at the Richinterested in George Moonmond Library on Thursday at light’s life. Arch was working as 6pm. a newspaper reporter at the time George Moonlight’s greatand had to conduct a series of grandson Ian Moonlight and interviews for the Murchison his wife Andrea are expected to centenary. Having been involved be present, having attended the in theatre for most of his life, first book launch at the MurArch, along with six or eight chison Museum last week. other Nelson residents, decided The pair brought a photo disto take part in a show for the ocplay of George Moonlight for casion. the event. “In the process I heard about Moonlight and I wrote a song Arch Barclay has published a biography on Mur- Copies of the Moonlight Legacy about him, which I sang in the chison man George Fairweather Moonlight. Photo: can be bought by emailing Arch at review,” says Arch. “It was a folk Phillip Rollo.

WEDNESDAY 21 November 2012


The Moonlight Legacy Biography of notable Murchison gold prospector

George Fairweather Moonlight Available from Author, Arch Barclay 544-8789 or Copy Press, Stoke, or Local Bookshops Book launch, Richmond Library, Thursday November 22, 6pm

ON SALE NOW Booking and credit card fees will apply

babymove on the

specialists in the rental and sales of baby products


Wed 21st & Thurs 22nd November ONLY

Big savings on quality buggies FREE accessories with purchase

03 547 2555 or 0800 222 966 | 4 Akersten Street, Port Nelson Opening hours: Mon - Fri: 9.30am to 4.30pm (6.00pm on Thurs) - Sat: 10am to 2pm - And any other time by appointment. |

14 WEDNESDAY 21 November 2012


Focus on MURCHISON Murchison is a well known hotspot during the summer months. Friendly local faces fill the town and it is abuzz with people, many holiday makers choosing it as a must experience destination. Murchison has become not only the place to stretch your legs but a beautiful and convenient holiday spot just a stone’s throw away from Nelson. From the famous swing bridge to the world renowned white water rafting, bike rides, kayaking and golf on offer Murchison is a central area for outdoor activities. The town boasts cafes, restaurants and a range of affordable accommodation nearby. With plenty to see and do to relax and fun adventures to enjoy, Murchison has something for the thrill seeker or those looking for calm, with natures best river swims and bush walks on tap. Check out the new creative space on the main street, a spot to watch local artists at work, or visit the farmers market, a chance to grab local produce, chutney, plants and bric a brac. Among the stunning scenic routes available is a new bush walk along the Buller River and Matakitaki popular with locals and tourists. Murchison is the perfect spot for Nelson locals looking to get away from it all this summer. Check out the latest attraction The Natural Flames Experience. In the 1920’s oil prospectors smelt natural gas seeping out of the ground and put a match to it, the subsequent flames have been burning in the bush ever since. Join one of the the small guided tours to explore this mysterious hot spot! Drive up a beautiful valley, discover the history of the area as you walk through rich, pristine beech bush full of mosses and ferns and drink ‘billy tea,’ eat pancakes cooked over these ex-

All projects start with your vision... • Quality workmanship • From farm buildings & renovations

• New homes • Honest, friendly advise Phone: 03 523 9907

Mobile: 021 301 154

A: 3266 State Highway 6, RD3, Longford, Murchison

BROOKS SPREADING LTD. Lime and Fertiliser

4x4 floatation spreaders with GPS guidance For all your fertiliser requirements Dean 027 4314090 4090 Dean 027 431 0800 383383 0800542 542 Gaffa 021 523 947 Gaffa 021 523 947

Fully qualified electrician for all domestic, commercial and industrial jobs. Murchison, Richmond, Stoke and Nelson

027 286 1471

Ph 545 8319 Locally owned & operated

New Zealand’s longest swingbridge over the fabulous Buller River is just a short drive from Murchison township.

traordinary flames with local honey. The bush walk takes an hour each way. Bring a sense of adventure - the track is rough and unformed! They are offering discounted prices before Xmas and check out their website on Four Square Murchison is where you’ll find all of your kiwi essentials in a local, full service grocery store. Whether you’re on holiday or keeping it local, you’re always welcome to call into the Murchison Four Square and explore the variety of groceries on offer. From fresh produce, meat, chilled beer and wine for the weekly shop or personal care items and tasty treats for the car ride. Find Marc and the team at 41 Fairfax Street. The Murchison Tearooms provide the perfect opportunity to stop for a quick stretch or a long relaxing lunch, with plenty of hot food and cold drink for you to enjoy and a chance to recharge your batteries while travelling. Catering to the local community and visitors passing through, their hot coffee and homemade baking is the perfect excuse for a travel break or lunch stop, and with plenty of indoor and outdoor seating, you’ll want to stop and sit in the sun.


WEDNESDAY 21 November 2012


Focus on MURCHISON himself on providing solid, quality workmanship that doesn’t cost the earth and personally guarantees all work. Brooks Spreading are proud to support the Murchison Community and their local lads Gaffa and Warich can take care of all local fertiliser and lime requirements. Brooks Spreading have been looking after the fertilizer requirements for local farmers, horticulturists and market gardeners in the region for ten years. Because they are always prepared to go the extra mile, their customer base continues to expand and they are perfectly situated to look after properties from Springs Junction through to Blenheim. Brooks Spreading’s team of trained operators use 4x4 flotation spreaders with GPS guidance to ensure even and complete coverage, making sure fertiliser is spread exactly where it is needed. Murchison Transport is a family owned business that prides itself on having supported the Murchison community over

Stop in at the Murchison Tearooms for a bite to eat and discover the hub of the community. R&N Cooper and Sons Contracting has a local history in baleage supply and services. Owner Richard has 20 years experience in the industry and was the second person in the South Island to introduce the Mchale fusion combination baler/wrapper to the baling of balage and hay. His services stretch from small square hay baling for people with small holdings, such as a few horses on a lifestyle block, to full scale bulk round baling for farms. Richard is loyal and passionate to the Murchison area, and thanks the community for their ongoing support to his young family and growing business. P&S Shuttleworth Painters and Decorators is a family owned and operated company that provide high quality professional painting and decorative finishes to Nelson and its surrounding areas. From painting, decorating and water blasting through to interior design for both commercial and residential premises, a hot summer is the perfect time to see your painting projects completed. The Shuttleworth team will be in Murchison during the summer months. Ground Power services all domestic, commercial and industrial electrical needs in the Nelson, Murchison and Tasman areas. Sean Thurlow is a fully qualified and experienced electrician who is backed up by his well known reputation for professional services. He prides

the past 18 years. Providing general cartage for local farms, the Murchison Lime Works and other South Island businesses, the company is a reputable and trusted name in the transportation of livestock and freight haulage throughout New Zealand. Owners Lon and Tracey Bradley send a huge thank you to the local Murchison community and it’s continued support of his company, and hopes to build on the great relationship he’s formed with people and businesses in the region.


Your one-stop for groceries, lotto tickets and alcohol


Open 8am - 8pm weekdays 9am - 8pm weekends 41 Fairfax St , Murchison Ph 03 523 9007

NZ’s Longest Swingbridge ‘Fan-bloomin-tastic & I don’t like heights. Wicked!’ Julie Ryan, England


‘Loved the flying fox! What a rush!’ Joanne Byrne, Ireland

murchison tearooms - Great coffee - Delicious food - snacks, icecream and cold drinks - dine in or takeaway Now with covered court yard

Ph: 523 9068 48 Waller St, Murchison (opposite the Visitors centre)

Aniseed Valley Rd, RD1, Richmond

(03) 544 8442

Woody - 027 485 9757 Brendan Higgins - 027 457 6753 Fax (03) 544 4364

Visit New Zealand’s extraordinary Burning in Murchison since 1922!

HOT spot!

In the 1920’s, oil prospectors smelt natural gas seeping out of the ground in the bush and put a match to it; the subsequent flames have been burning ever since. • Enthusiastic, professional guides with local knowledge • Rarely visited beautiful, remote valleys • Stories and sights of Murchison’s oil prospecting days • Enjoy ‘billy tea’ and hotcakes cooked over the flames • See ancient mosses and native birds • Discounted rates before Xmas

Book now for your adventure in Murchison 0800 687244

MURCHISON TRANSPORT LTD General Cartage Deer Cartage Livestock Cartage Interisland Livestock Cartage Fertiliser Cartage Hay Cartage

03 523 9246 027 434 4890

P O Box 72 Murchison


This Week

16 WEDNESDAY 21 November 2012


Ph: 543 8203

Outdoor Bowling Julie Gullery presenting Shirley McEwan with her $900 cheque after winning the 8 November Members Draw.

Members Draw On 18 October 2012 Member No 249 was not present and missed out on the $600.00 prize draw. On 25 October 2012 Member No 1307 was not present and missed out on the $700.00 prize. On 1 November 2012 Member no 121 was not present and missed out on the $800.00 prize draw. On 8 November 2012 Member Shirley McEwan was here with her membership card and won the $900.00 prize draw, and on 15 November 2012 Member No 454 was

not present and missed out on the $500.00 prize draw.

The outdoor bowling green as it is being recovered The outdoor bowling facility is almost ready to be used. With club members eagerly awaiting the finish of their great new bowling lawns, the green top

has been laid down. The anticipation for the unveiling of the fnished product has created quite a buzz around the club, and members can look forward to it’s official opening on the 30 November 2012.

Could this be you? Enjoy an evening with your friends at the Barnicoat Restaurant and Bistro or a refreshing drink from the bar on 22 November, and you will be in to win the $600 members draw. All that is required is that you are a financial member, and are present in the club at the time of the draw.

Function Rooms Available Club Waimea has several private function rooms available for hire to suit any occasion. If you have a wedding or birthday celebration, work conference or training day coming up, Club Waimea is the perfect venue. Call 543 9179 for more information or to book, or visit the website at and click the Functions link.

David and Karen Jordan, Jan and John Phipps after Karen won the prize for ‘best hat’ and Jan won the prize for ‘best dressed.’ Members dressed in their finest and had a great time at the Melbourne Cup day celebrations on Tuesday 6 November. The fun and excitement was attended by a lot of new comers with the turnout up on last year, and there were prizes for dressing up in the following

Proud to support our clients in all aspects of their business.

categories: ‘best dressed’ man and women, ‘best hat’ for men and women, and ‘most colourful’ group. The usual sweeps and competitions were run and Jan Phipps won the prize for ‘best dressed’, and Karen Jordon won the prize for ‘best hat’.


This Saturday Night

AVAGO Karaoke at Club Waimea

Come in and check out our specials 270a Queen Street, Richmond Ph: 544 6179 Fax: 544 5979

41 McGlashen Avenue, Richmond PHONE 544 6137

OPEN 8am-5pm Monday-Friday, 8.30am-3.00pm Saturday, Open late Thursday night until 6.30pm

This Week

WEDNESDAY 21 November 2012



Ph: 543 8203

Upcoming Entertainment November 17 - Gravy Train November 24 - Avago December 1 - Avago

Close competition for Waimea It was all systems go last weekend when the Snooker section members hosted the biannual visit from their counterparts from Wellington, the Upper Hutt Cossie Club. This arrangement has become a major social event on the Snooker section calendar and a

full day of competition on Saturday saw a serious competing side added to the occasion. The Waimea team had a narrow 7 – 5 lead at the lunch break and the locals really got their act together in the afternoon when they won fifteen of the eighteen games to give an overall result of

Waimea 22, Upper Hutt 8. This was the most comprehensive victory by either side in the five years of rivalry and it is a certainty that the Waimea side will be in for a tough time when they travel to Upper Hutt for the tournament in October next year.

Table Tennis For anyone interested in playing social Table Tennis, the club is looking forward to a social night to be held on Wednesday 28 November, from 7.30pm onwards. If there is enough interest there is the opportunity to form a section

in February 2013 on a Wednesday or Friday night. If you are interested or know any one that is, get in touch with John Jary on 03 544 7695 or if you would like to help organise this call the club office on 03 543 9179.

Clubs and activities to join at Club Waimea Pool

Rob Barnett

021 076 8726


Anne Ryder

544 7267


Doug George

021 0272 0641 Rugby Supporters Ken Smith


Glenis Viersma

544 1355


Colin Bowden


Wayne Bowen

544 9766


Brendon Whitley 544 1091

Indoor Bowls

Athol Curtis

544 8046

Texas Hold`em Poker

Bill Mckenna

Outdoor Bowls Watch this space

544 7516 544 7819 544 6166

December 8 - Philip Steans December 15 - The Uklectrics These wonderful entertainers will set the evening off to a great start with their wonderful music from 5.00 – 8.00pm Waimea Music Club and Christmas Carols by torchlight This will be a chance to hear excellent entertainers helping you to enjoy a choice selection of Christmas Carols in the Club Hall. Come along and enjoy from 8.00 - 10.30pm, and entry is a gold coin donation. December 22 - Nelson Country Music Club December the 29 - Barry Korckski New Years Eve - Jimbo`s Karaoke will get the party started and bring the new year in with a bang.

Club Waimea Christmas Party Our fun filled christmas party will be held for Club members children and grandkids, naughty or nice, in the lead up to the festive season. So make sure you get in quick to enjoy the excitement. The party will be held for children aged 12 years and under, at a cost of $7.50 per child and will feature plenty of fun and games.

The party will be held on the 9 December from 2pm onwards, so register your child or grandchild at the bar or office at Club Waimea.

Richmond Panel Beating & Chassis Straightening Specialist

For the largest range of paint colours in Richmond and the biggest range of testpots in New Zealand see us today

315 Queen Street, Richmond Ph (03) 544 9189 Opening Hours Mon - Fri 8.00 - 5.30 Sat 9.00 - 1.00

Tunes, services and WOF all makes and models Petrol and diesel

7 Gladstone Road,Richmond, Nelson

Ph: 544 2266

36 McGlashen Ave, Richmond Bill & Bevan Ph/ Fax 03 544 8978

Nelson Weekly

Feature Feature

21 November 18 TUESDAY 20 November 2012 2012 16 WEDNESDAY

Your Community Newspaper

Your Convenient Family Owned Liquor Store 3 SaliSbury rd richmond - Ph 544 6183 | 2 muriTai ST, Tahunanui - Ph 548-6623 | 238 high ST moTueka - Ph 2528 1113 Tis almost the season to be jolly, so head down to your local Super Liquor and get a bit of a glow on because the teams certainly have, and they are excited to let you know that Tahunanui Super Liquor is now under the same ownership as the Richmond store, and both teams are thrilled to be on board for a long hot summer. When the weather heats up and the longer nights invite you out onto the deck, there’s no better place to stock up on your summer

drinks than Super Liquor and there’s always an excuse to celebrate with their range of beer wine and spirits. With 148 stores nationwide, your local Super Liquor store is backed up by a well known and reputable company with the resources to offer you the best price and the best product. With a variety of drinks to cater for a party, a conference or a casual night in there is always something for

everybody’s taste, to quench anybody’s thirst, and the team at Tahunanui Super Liquor can help you cater to any function. Trevor Pugh is heading up the team Manager of Super Liquor at the beachside Richmond Maree Pascoe store, and is looking forward to seeing eal d c i his regular n erso ! c ustomers sup ! y l reap the Pete Walbran of Super Liquor on benefits of Richmond the locally owned approach to the store and says customers absolut flavours will start to notice a difference in the specials 700ml * and deals they see when they come through the doors. each “You might get a pleasant surprise when you walk in, our already low prices will reflect the buying *OFFER VALID THURSDAY 22ND NOVEMBER TO SATURDAY 24TH NOVEMBER 2012 ONLY. power we now have being under the same local LIMITS MAY APPLY. WHILE STOCKS LAST. ownership as the Richmond and Motueka store, and we can’t wait to pass on even more savings to our locals.” While the ownership has changed, your favourite team hasn’t so expect the same expertise from the same friendly faces when you visit the store. Assistant manager Kim Hall is a bit of a wine connoisseur so don’t waste time worrying about CORUBA what will complement your dish, she has a 10 X 330ML BOTTLES wide ranging knowledge of the best drop to go WOODSTOCK CODY’S VODKA CRUISER 5% ALC/VOL 12 X 330ML BOTTLES 12 X 250ML CANS 12 X 330ML BOTTLES SMIRNOFF ICE with your meal. From a fresh palate cleansing 5% ALC/VOL 8% ALC/VOL 5% ALC/VOL DOUBLE BLACK 99 sauvignon or a deep red for a rich pasta, Kim $ each 10 X 300ML BOTTLES $ each 7% ALC/VOL knows the best local wines to set you up for the perfect night of entertainment. One thing you’ll notice when you walk into a BUY THIS AND GET Super Liquor store, is the fast, friendly one on one A FREE SCHWEPPES customer service, and Maree Pascoe manager of GORDON’S DRY 1.5 LITRE the Richmond store says the key to the success of GIN/ WHILE STOCKS LAST. CHATELLE her store is every one of her team members love BRANDY 1 LITRE their jobs, and will always have a smile ready for their customers. $ 99 1 each Maree says going the extra mile is par for the













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Super Liquor Richmond 3 Salisbury Road Richmond p. 03 544 6183

Nelson Weekly

Feature Feature

Your Community Newspaper

TUESDAY November2012 2012 WEDNESDAY 21 20 November

17 19

Your Convenient Family Owned Liquor Store 3 SaliSbury rd richmond - Ph 544 6183 | 2 muriTai ST, Tahunanui - Ph 548-6623 | 238 high ST moTueka - Ph 2528 1113 course, and there’s nothing too hard for the team to and will also lend you a bar to set up at no cost, and it’s organise so with work functions coming up, start thinking these extra services that Maree says makes Super Liquor a trusted community name. of Super Liquor “We are happy to help out with for your catering those extra things, there are no needs. costs involved, it’s just an extra After years of supplying the helping hand.” Super Liquor are no strangers right drink for every occasion, to doing the right thing by the community, and the Richmond Maree and Trevor can call upon that store has a strong local experience to help p r e s e n c e you get it right, and even offer to buy sponsoring a back any alcohol range of sports teams all over that isn’t used at the region with your celebration so Manager of the Super Liquor Tahunanui Trevor you have peace of the Richmond mind that you won’t ever over cater. Bowling Club, the Speedway, the Along with ice, the team has a supply of glassware that Rabbits League team the Wanderers For is free of charge when purchasing alcohol for a function Rugby club and the Waimea Old Boys

rugby club all receiving the wholehearted support of Super Liquor. Christmas deliveries are arriving in store daily so treat yourself or someone you love with their favourite tipple in a gift box set. With Jägermeister, Leffe, and Jack Daniels sets all in store now these popular gift packs are the perfect gift to make somebody smile. No matter what you’re doing this summer you now have a convenient local and friendly Super Liquor with consistent service and great product.

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Congratulations Superliquor

Nelson Weekly

Feature Feature

21 November 20 WEDNESDAY 18 TUESDAY 20 November 2012 2012

Your Community Newspaper

Your Convenient Family Owned Liquor Store 3 SaliSbury rd richmond - Ph 544 6183 | 2 muriTai ST, Tahunanui - Ph 548-6623 | 238 high ST moTueka - Ph 2528 1113

Kath Kaveney of Super Liquor Richmond with the wide selection of wines instore

Visit the team at your local Super Liquor store, open seven days a week. You can find the Tahunanui store at 2 Muritai St or give them a call on 03 548 6623. See the Richmond crew at 3 Salisbury Rd, on 03 544 6183. Staff picks for summer. Pete Walbran – Super Liquor Richmond “You can’t go past a vodka lime and soda on the deck in the sun. Slap it together with heaps of ice, a double nip of vodka in a tall glass, and you’re sorted.”


Kath Kaveny – Super Liquor Richmond “Laying in the grass with a brandy and dry on a summers day is perfection. Take crushed ice, brandy, pour dry on top in a tall glass.” Kim Hall – Super Liquor Tahunanui “In summer I like to enjoy ‘margarita Sunday’. Tequila, plenty of ice, and fresh lime well blended. Best served in a jug!” Kim Hall of Super Liquor Tahunanui recommends a bottle of Baileys as the fail safe Christmas gift.

Proud to support Super Liquor Tahunanui Super Liquor Richmond Super Liquor Motueka Please drink responsibly

Estate Estate

Proud to be supplying Super Liquor with award winning boutique wines, including our 2010 Gold medal 5 star Pinot Noir

It’s a Hat Trick!!

Richmond & Motueka SuperLiquor are proud to welcome the Tahunanui SuperLiquor store into their family. erated! p o d n a d e n w Still locally o


WEDNESDAY 21 November 2012


Gr wing Things

With Robyn Hollis

Wow, what a busy time of the year it is for us gardeners. I only just managed to get some time to head away to Garden Marlborough last weekend. I do hope some of you got to see this also. John and I loaded the two Mums into the truck and off we went. Due to a hiccup with my health I did not get to any workshops this year but the lovely day we all had on Sunday more than made up for it. The photo says it all really – lots of colour, people, food, music and of course all things garden, from clothes, to frames, to gloves and tools, plants and more plants, furniture and a huge array of yummy honey products and soaps galore. I also found a new vanilla product and couldn’t resist the beautiful vanilla extract and also a very fragrant vanilla paste. This is made from the pods of the vanilla bean, finely crushed and mixed with oil it is a real flavour burst when using vanilla in cooking. I don’t know about you but the first stop for me is always food. Chris Fortune was making delicious omelettes just inside the gate, so that was the start, followed by some exquisite “pain de chocolat”. This is a light as air croissant type roll with two (or more) sticks of dark sweet chocolate in the centre – just to die for, and this set us up for a most enjoyable 3 hours or so. I had the strength to buy several plants, some lovely cottage perennials, vege plants and the most delightful hybrid clematis called Gypsy Queen. A gorgeous deep purple lady, she will look great climbing

up my wisteria by the deck. Back in the vege garden all is looking fine. The tomatoes are in as are the zucchini, broccoli is nearly harvested and a second lot is underway, beans are up and the lettuces are being cut and given away as I have a few too many. The coriander is bolting so I have cut it back and turned this first pick into coriander pesto. This is very easy to do and is made with oil, pinenuts, parmesan cheese and garlic just as you make the basil pesto. Not one to measure, I simply fill the food processor bowl with packed coriander leaves and stems. Add approx 1 cup of pinenuts, 3-4 cloves of garlic, 1 cup of good grated parmesan cheese and then blitz. Slowly add a good quality olive oil and blend until it is the desired thickness. Add a pinch of Maldon sea salt and a grind of black pepper and you’re done. This keeps in the fridge for several weeks or you can freeze it in containers for later use. Great in spaghetti sauces, in dressings, on bruschetta, in Asian recipes etc. If you plan to put in a second crop of coriander it is a good idea to put it in a shady spot or perhaps grow it in a pot so you can move it under shade as from now on some of the soft herbs will “bolt” (go to seed) as the temperatures start to warm up. Rocket and some of the mesclun salad greens can also succumb to high temperatures, making them bitter and a little tough. They are really best grown in the spring and autumn.


Thisks wee

• Strawberries should be starting to ripen now so protect them with bird netting. Check for any grey mould forming on the fruit (botrytis) and remove this to the rubbish. The spores can infect good fruit if left lying around. Try to keep the fruit and foliage as dry as possible by lifting it onto pea straw and only watering in the morning. • Polyanthus that have finished flowering should be lifted, divided if necessary and replanted in a shady spot for the summer. • Lift tulips when the leaves have yellowed off. Clean off the soil, leaves and roots and store in a netting bag in a cool dry place. A dusting with flowers of sulphur is good. • Roses are now in full swing – they need a feed in November with a good rose fertiliser, also keep deadheading to encourage new blooms and collect any leaves that may have fallen due to black-spot to stop this infection spreading to other plants. See you next time and happy gardening….



Forest Floor®

Chocolate Chip

Designing and constructing quality homes and gardens since 1984.

Sleepers - Compost - Bark - Topsoil Crushed Shell - Landscape Rocks - Sand Fertiliser - Paving & much, much more!

For a free site visit and discussion phone Jason Preller

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59 Saxton Road, Stoke


Warm in Winter... Cool in Summer

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Up t o Up t o


This Week

22 WEDNESDAY 21 November 2012

New Show Home at 5 Fairose On the Brightside

Brightwater Community Newsletter

gald came to bring us up to date on the cycle trail. At present they are constructing the Brightwater to Wakefield leg of the trail, which will be opened officially early next year. We hope you have all noticed that the hanging baskets are in place again down at the shops. Thanks again to Sally for planting these up and looking after them. The latest version of the Brightwater Heritage Leaflet has been printed and will soon be in some of the local businesses and will be available for a gold coin donation. Brightwater was one of the earliest European settlements on the Waimea Plains. This leaflet has a map and shows where you can find some of the historic buildings in the area. Our next meeting will be held in the Brightwater School Staffroom on 4 December at 7.30pm. Everyone is welcome and we look forward to seeing you there. In the meantime enjoy the warm weathWORK er. Your Community Association

Welcome to our November Newsletter, Here it is November already – we have all survived another Guy Fawkes celebration and have heard the fireworks going off around the neighbourhood in the last week or so. News hot off the press – our Association received a letter today informing us that the Tasman District Council have completed the settlement of obtaining the land at 62 Ellis Street, which has become the Brightwater Village Green. We look forward to beginning to plan to make the Village Green a special place for our community. At our meeting this month Rose Biss and Dougald Ley from TDC visited us. Rose came to talk about the Strategic Review of our Community which is under way, and early next year we hope to be able to talk to the wider community about future plans for Brightwater and its community. Dou-



PLUMBER Registered Drainlayer

83 Ellis Street, Brightwater Phone/Fax 03 542 4247

After hours emergencies:

Phone: 027 644 9941

36 years experience Bathroom Kitchen Toilet New alterations Locally owned and operated!

Brightwater Scout Group It comes as a shock when you are asked ‘What was it like in the old days’ and you realise your age is beginning to creep up. Many people have had positive input through being involved with the Brightwater Scout group over the years either as a Cub, Scout, Venturer or as a Leader. Some might be tempted to think Scouting has not changed much over the years but if you look at the last month’s Scout meetings, you’d be surprised to see what they have been up to. A radio buildathon held in conjunction with the Nelson Radio Club, saw the Scouts soldering up their own radio complete with an amplifier. There were many smiles as each managed to produce a working radio. Thanks to the NZART Radio Science Education Trust for their sponsorship support for this activity. Then we spent time at the New Gate Company workshop learning engineering skills, including Tig Welding, to produce a four-stand candleholder. Brightwater Scout Group continues to look for ways to encourage and be relevant to the current 7 – 15 year old youth of today. If you would like to know more about Cubs and Scout in Brightwater ring Martin 542 3694.

Brightwater Playcentre The children have been busy this term and making the most of the sunny weather. The plants in our vegetable garden and mini orchard are looking very healthy, and we are looking forward to harvest time. This week we have been making scones with process baking, teaching the children to measure ingredients, listen to instructions, and of course eating the scones afterwards. YUM! Upcoming trips include Natureland, Rabbit Island and the Associations Annual Picnic, which is being held at Victory Playcentre. Our Playcentre sessions run from Monday to Friday, 9.30am to 12noon. We are situated at 244 Lord Rutherford Road South, Brightwater, (next to the Spring Grove Drill Hall). We have spaces available on each day, catering from birth to 6 years, and your first three visits are free. Our contact phone number is 542-3270. Come and visit our wonderful centre and meet our friendly team at Brightwater Playcentre. Brightwater School Reunion There are 124 days until the Brightwater School Reunion. A link has been put on the Brightwater School website with all the information regarding this event. If you are a past pupil/teacher/committee member then you can register online via the links. Could you please notify your friends and family who attended Brightwater School that the reunion information in on the school website.

bs jo ll a m s in g in s li Specia 4 Coach Place Brightwater Ph 027 5423 343 or A/H 542 3343

High demand for homes in

BrigHtWater! Please call to find out how I can help you with our

great Commission rates.


104 Ellis Street



DRYWALL SOLUTIONS Interior Plastering


Renovations and New Projects

Proud to support the Brightwater Community

Bruce Irvine Ph 0274 444 546 A/H 542 3477

Brightwater Over 50’s Flexicise Classes Providing FUNctional exercises to improve balance and co-ordination with small groups to ensure individual attention. Held on Wednesdays from 9:30am at 47 Ellis St and includes a cuppa. Cost $7. Call Sue 539 4888, txt 029 2813 735 or email Carols By Glo-lite Saturday 8 December from 5.30pm Snowdens Bush Come along with your picnic or buy or tea from the food stalls, buy glo-lites, take a raffle ticket and join the Brightwater Community for their annual Carols by Glo-lite. Santa will be in attendance

Prompt Response is our Priority



Wendy Pearson Ph 021 567 722 03 544 5488 (24 hrs)


Peter Tilley CRAFTSMAN PLUMBER Licensed Real Estate Salesperson (REAA 2008)

Teapot Valley Rd, Brightwater

p. 03 542 3888 m. 0274 434 562 e.

Registered Electrician • New Homes • Commercial • Rural & Retail • Alterations • Detailed Quotes • 24hr Emergency Service

“We Guarantee Honesty, Reliability and Quality”

NEW Ph 544 9844 or 027 542 4473 Email:

This Week

On the Brightside

WEDNESDAY 21 November 2012



Brightwater School Middle Syndicate students had a fabulous cultural experience visiting Te Awhina Marae. It was a great opportunity for the children and parents to experience the Tikanga (protocols) and Kawa (rules) of the Marae. A huge thank you to Sue Pryde for making this a fun learning experience. Students also enjoyed dressing up in period costume and visiting Bishop School as a part of their school inquiry unit on early Nelson.




Spot Prizes Best Dressed Male/Female & Team Ham & Wine Raffles Festive Fun

54 Ellis St, Brightwater (Next to the 4 Square Supermarket)


Christmas Boxed Up With Christmas just around the corner advertisers are reminding us to buy presents. Living in a culture which has so much stuff this can be a hard task – what to buy someone who has lots? In 1993 a lady in Wales heard about the Romanian orphanages and the terrible conditions the orphans lived in. Wanting to do something for them she filled shoeboxes with toiletries, school supplies, toys, - within 3 years it grew so big Samaritan’s Purse took it over. Since 1993, they have distributed over 90 million shoeboxes to hurting children around the world. A member of the church asked could we possibly fill maybe 10 boxes. People had great fun planning the contents and decorating the boxes. Knowing every item would be treasured. It was a real thrill on the collection day to see 34 shoe boxes which had been prepared with love. As some could not physically participate they gave money to cover cartage. Should we have been surprised that all the costs were met?

From one ladies idea in Wales to another lady in the Brightwater Church many children have been blessed. As they receive a lovingly packed shoe box of gifts, they receive a simple powerful demonstration of God’s unconditional love. Nelson Christian Home Educators Nelson Christian Home Educators Group held a Pet and Hobby Day on Saturday 10 November. A couple of the children who attended the fun filled day have shared their experiences: “On Saturday the tenth of November, our home schooling group had pet and hobby day at Brightwater. We got to make lots of interesting things like miniature scenes, vegetable creations and sand saucers. I got to make an apron for the sewing section and I had to think of something unusual to put a flower arrangement in. I chose a knife block. The things that people had made were really clever and the animals were cool, too. My friend Samara took her pet rats, they are so cute. I had so much fun playing

games there with my friends. I can’t wait for next year.” Abbey Bryan-Gregory 9 years old. “Filled with creative ideas – a handmade boat, a goat-skull with flowers neatly arranged and a trio of sleeping babies iced onto a cupcake – the Brightwater Hall was the perfect venue to host the annual Nelson Christian Home Educators’ Pet & Hobby day. This much-looked forward to event was begun 17 years ago by Alison White in Pigeon Valley, and has been held every year since in various venues ranging from farms, large lawns and church halls. Over 40 children entered exhibits this year in the floral, baking, pets and hobbies sections. Mrs Kim Perks ran the event, enlisting the help of local judges to determine the winners. Certificates and rosettes were awarded to those winning the envied position of 1st, 2nd and 3rd places. As children departed for home, ideas for next year’s creations were being discussed, - a fitting epithet to a successful day.” Jack Blakemore – 13 years old

SCISSOR ART • Hair • Beauty • Massage

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541 9168

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E Ve

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Restaurant, Bar & Cafe at Brightwater Motor Inn

Relax & unwind in our newly renovated restaurant Express Lunches from $11.50 from 11.30am - 2.00pm Evening Dining from 5.30pm

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24 WEDNESDAY 21 November 2012

Kids train with Black Sox

The Black Sox won two exhibition matches and took training sessions for local players during a two-day stopover in Nelson last week. The Nelson Softball Association was the only one in the South Island to host a group of national team players as the Black Sox build up to the ISF Men’s World Softball Championship in Auckland early next year.

Nelson Softball CEO Derryn French says the proactive association was quick to snap up the opportunity to bring the Black Sox down to Nelson as it raises the exposure of the sport to a new audience. The Black Sox came up against an Upper South Island invitational side in two matches, winning the first 4-1 in seven innings and the second match

8-0 in just six innings. The Black Sox also visited a number of schools across the district including Waimea College. Due to its success, Derryn was hoping that the Nelson Softball Association could lure the Black Sox back in the future and he was also hope to the idea of hosting an international fixture at the Saxton Ballpark.

Proud to be

locally owned and operated

Ph 546 5012 - 59 Parkers Rd, Tahunanui

Charlie Perkins, 10, from Appleby School, enjoys a moment with Black Sox player Ben Enoka during a training session at Saxton Ballpark. Photo: Phillip Rollo.

Freshly cooked noodles before your eyes


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Opening Hours: Sunday - Thursday 11am - 9.30pm Friday - Saturday 11am - 10pm

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The team of experts that bring you atofresh and BBQ honeyspare kingribs, prawns and other smallking items to set Noodle Canteen Richmond is home a team dumplings, honey prawns tasty lunch or dinner option from Noodle Canyour appetite alight. of experts that bring you a fresh and tasty lunch and other small items to set your appetite alight. teen Richmond provide youatwith the Centrally Centrally located located and and convenient, convenient,Noodle NoodleCanCanor dinner option will fromnow a quality menu a great same quality menu in the Nelson store. teen Nelson are perfect to swing by and grab price. teen Richmond is the perfect place to swing bya Local Richmond chef Boqin Zhong is making bite for lunch or call on your Local chefs provide a healthy, andingrab a biteway for home lunch and or the move into meal the popular city feed in the on family, full of flavor from their call yourwith wayplenty homeof business, friendly and smilea shopfeed front busy mainwhere road alocation and theparking family, and and parkwith and the delicious aroma of ing available behind the shop friendly smile along with the plenty of shop front parking, delicate spices will always greet in Wakatu Square, any time delicious aroma of delicate spicany time is a good time tois you. a good headfavourite into get es which will greet you. head in time to gettoyour You can pick and choose from a your favourite meal. You can pick and choose from a meal. wide range range of of fresh Noodle Canteen Canteen Nelson are wide fresh ingredients ingredients Noodle Richmond to create create your your own own noodle proud to tooffer consistent to noodle box, box, are proud offer aa consistent and watch watch as as the quality menu, menu, with with food foodthat that and the professional professional quality team of chefs prepare your meal is healthy, fresh and bursting team of chefs prepare your meal is healthy, fresh and burstbefore your your eyes. eyes. withwith flavor, so head into in Noobefore ing flavor, so head to Only the freshest ingredients dle Canteen Nelson and meet Only the freshest ingredients Noodle Canteen Richmond, go into into their their noodle noodle bowls the new see what all go bowls and and and see chef, what and all the fuss is boxes, and and with with produce the fuss is about. boxes, produce comcomabout. ing from from local local suppliers, Don’t forget forget to to stop stop by by for for aa ing suppliers, and and Boqin Zhong, James Truong, Don’t Ivan Chan, Rachel Liao and meat sourced from the region coffee on your way to work meat sourced from the region coffee on your way to work too, you you can can expect expect all and keep keep an an eye eye out out for fortheir their too, all natural natural Fuxian Cao from the Noodle and Canteen, Richmond ingredients and no added MSG upcoming dessert menu and ingredients and no added MSG upcoming dessert menu and when you visit Noodle Canteen Nelson. their range of Streets ice cream heading into when you visit Noodle Canteen their range of Streets ice With an assortment of wonderful flavours, cream summer. Richmond. heading into summer. mouthan watering noodles, uniquelyflavours, textured Open Open seven seven days days aa week, week,and andnow nowoffering offeringstustuWith assortment of and wonderful vegetables Noodle Canteen a healthy and dent dentdiscount discountduring during school mouth watering noodles, andoffer uniquely textured school hours,hours, NoodleNoodle CanindividuallyNoodle made mix and match Canteen Nelsonisisopen openfrom fromSunday SundaytotoThursThursvegetables Canteen offer a menu, healthywhere and teen Richmond your taste buds call the shots. day 11am 9.30pm and Friday Saturday 11am individually made mix and match menu, where day 11am - 9.30pm and Friday - Saturday 11am Gluten free options are available, and the Nelson 10pm, call in to 93 Hardy Street, Nelson, your taste buds call the shots. - 10pm, so call in to 321 Queens St, Richmond.or team have just designed a gorgeous menu of apGluten free options are available, and the team phone 539 0676 to order. petizers featuringmenu BBQ of spare ribs, dumplings, Business Update. Adv. have a gorgeous appetizers featuring


WEDNESDAY 21 November 2012


Futsal league ready for kickoff

The Silly Billies of Waimea Intermediate School took out the junior BMG Top Team final. They are from left; Ella McDonald, Laura Berthelsen, Demi Woolley, Esme Justo, Montana Heslop, Brooke Matheson and Gemma Thompson. Photo: Phillip Rollo.

Top Teams go to battle It was three from three for The Lakers at the Bowater Motor Group Top Team finals with the St Arnaud eight adding to their previous two titles. The Lakers, who finished with 890 points, more than 120 higher than runners-up, The Sharks, also claimed maximum points in five of the 12 games. Organiser Katrina McLean, of the Moutere Hills Community Centre, says The Lakers “cleaned up” having won by just the sole point last year.

“They’ve got great team work and individually they’re all fantastic performers.” The Silly Billies of Waimea Intermediate School took out the junior section with 638 points, with The Supa Doolies coming second with 526 points. Katrina says the experienced teams added more competition to the event and was hoping they would all return next year. Twelve teams qualified for this year’s final.

If the Fulton Hogan Basketball League is for the winter months, then the FAV Mobile Solutions Futsal League is for summer. A new futsal league kicked on Sunday at Saxton Stadium and those involved are confident it will be as successful as the very popular and almost iconic Fulton Hogan basketball league. The Inclusive Sports Trust has partnered up with Nelson Bays Futsal and thanks to funding from the Kiwisport Fund and the Lion Foundation along with generous sponsorship from FAV Mobile Solutions, is able to provide this opportunity for people with supported learning needs to participate in this relatively new sport to Nelson. The Inclusive Sport Trust is a recently formed entity established to promote ability and opportunity through sport. Primarily all members will have the opportunity to participate alongside their peers; to enjoy playing sport at their ability level; to be welcome and to belong as rightful members of the community.

Don Martin and Heather Walker from The Inclusive Sport Trust have every confidence that the new league will be a hit as they know firsthand the value of what is on offer. Having seen the growth of the Fulton Hogan Basketball League from small beginnings to where it is today, 16 teams, 2 grades and involving 120 participants. This is the recipe for success that is being rolled out with the futsal league. The plan is to begin the futsal league with intensive coaching provided by Nelson Bays Futsal. Initially games will be played to enhance skill development. Already there is significant interest but there is always room for anyone to come along and have a go. The FAV Mobile Solutions League is played on a Sunday afternoon. There is a junior programme called ‘Junior Kickers’ which runs on Tuesday afternoons and is all about coaching through fun games and skills and drills to build confidence and ability. This is a similar programme one that was delivered throughout the basketball season.


a ew Man

Under N

Saturday 24 November

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Gates Open 6.00pm – Racing Starts 7.00pm Adults $15 - Children $7 - Under 5 Free - Family $30 - Pensioners $10

Tahuna Beach Holiday Park


Full range of Makita Outdoor Power Equipment on display We service and repair ALL makes and ALL models Richard Ransfield 2 Gladstone Rd, Richmond Ph 541 0249

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• Excellent • Accessible • Caring Services Include: •

Vaccinations and Immunisations

Audiologist Available

Routine Healthcare

Midwife Available

Minor Surgery

Immigration Medicals

Cervical Smears

Cardiovascular Risk Assessments

Cornerstone Accredited Hours: Mon - Fri 8.30am - 5.00pm Part of Nelson After Hours Service


12 Oxford St, Richmond (opposite Washbourn Gardens)

Ph 544 8847


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Win $1000 CASH for Christmas with Tasman Auto Electrics

To enter just fill in your details and bring in to Tasman Auto Electrics (in Poutama St, off Gladstone Rd, Richmond) along with a nEw Toy oR non PERiShAblE food iTEm and leave under the Christmas Cracker Tree. All gifts will be distributed by the Salvation Army to families in time for Christmas. 5 weekly draws of $100 dining vouchers. $1000 CASh PRiZE to be dRAwn 17 december 2012 name: Address: Ph:

Washbourn Medical Centre

Community Notices

26 WEDNESDAY 21 November 2012 BiRTHS


ROBINSON Mark & Katie are happy to announce the arrival of William Lucas born on the 30th October 2012 at 4:30pm. Weighing 7lb 3oz. A baby brother for Brooke & Lucy.

McNeill Fiona & Brad are proud to announce the arrival of their wee girl Charlie Belle on 24 October. Big brother Archie adores you. Thank you to our midwife Kathy & the wonderful staff at nelson hospital

Happy 5th Birthday Beautiful girl Have a fun Birthday Ania, and enjoy School We Love you. Sarah, Dan, Frankie & Ruby

Happy 60th Birthday BILL KNOWLES



PURDA Maria - unexpectedly in Wellington Hospital on 7 November 2012. Aged 74 years. Much loved wife of the late Paul. Beloved mother and mother-in-law of Heidi and Murray, Lulu and Kate, and Paul and Lisa, and best ever ‘Nagymama’ of Jamie. Messages to Purda Family, 40 Aranui Road, Mapua, Nelson 7005. A service for Maria has been held. SHONE & SHIRLEY Funeral Directors F.D.A.N.Z.

DAY, Anne Susannah Mary peacefully in her sleep at home, on November 13, aged 77 years. Much loved wife of David, mother and mother-inlaw of the late Wayland, Delyn, Sarah and Bruno, Stephanie and Adrian. Loved Granny of Alan and Cameron; Jeremy, Clara, Raphael, Lucas, Emile, and Anna; Seven, River and Winter. Loved sister to Gillian, Jen and Michael. WAIMEA RICHMOND FUNERAL DIRECTORS NZIFH

O’CONNOR Patrick John (Jacko), died suddenly on Happy Birthday Dad November 10, 2012 at Kafor the 22nd. Thanks for all your love, tikati Naturist Park. Aged 72 years. Loved father support & advice over the and mate of Craig and Royears, & being the best byn, Niki and Ronnette. Grandad to our children. Loved Poppa of Alana, We have so many Shea, Jack and Finnly. wonderful memories Loved brother of the late that will stay with us for Mike, Chris, Timothy a lifetime. and Angela and brotherLoads of love, your three in-law of Ange, Rose, daughters. XXX Donna, George. Loved uncle to all his nieces and nephews. A special father-in-law to Wendy on the move and Steve, and a great and humorous mate to many. Specialists in the rental Message to 6A Bolt Road, and sales of baby products Tahunanui, Nelson. A celebration of Jacko’s life was held in the Chapel Shone & Shirley, 164 to all our new parents of Tahunanui Drive, Nelson Hire or Buy New... on THURSDAY November 15, 2012. Shone & 4 Akersten St, Port Nelson Shirley Funeral Directors, 0800 222 966 F.D.A.N.Z.



Harris Craig Harris, Angela Pidgeon and big sister Llewellyn are proud to announce the arrival of Eden Anne. Born 27 Oct at 8.45pm at Nelson Hospital, weighing 7.2. Special thanks to grandma for being there for us.

Tyler Karen McNicoll & Tim Tyler announce the arrival of Sophie Isla Tyler at 8.31pm on Friday 9 November, weighing 2.98kg. Marion and Dave McNicoll are delighted to have the new family staying with them.

GERARD Wilfred Percy (Gerry, Feliti, Fleck) Reg. No 32981 WO2 RNZIF, on Friday 9 November peacefully at Ernest Rutherford Retirement Village surrounded by his family.Dearly loved Husband of the late Lillian & Joy. Loved Father & Father-in-law of Bruce & June, Yvonne & Sheldon Douglas, the late David & John. Much loved Grandad, Great-Grandad and Great-Great-Grandad to all his grandchildren and much loved Uncle to all his nieces and nephews. At Gerry’s request a private cremation has taken place.

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LOST 2 SCOOTERS Wed 14 Nov at Henley School. Silver RAZOR with blue handles and wave rave sticker. Orange MADD with green wheels & black handles. 2 very sad boys!! Ph: 03 541 0878

FLATMATES Richmond. Cosy sleep out. Mature working household. Spacious living. Great sunny location. Make your home close to all amenities. $125-00 Tel 021 5777 46.

GULLERY, Nada Kathleen (nee Lawson), of Pigeon Valley, Wakefield, died unexpectedly at Nelson Public Hospital on November 9, 2012. Much loved wife of the late Peter, beloved mother and mother-in-law of Kaye and Steve Bollam, Denise and Tony Ralfe, and Grant and Vanessa Gullery. Loved Granna of Bonita, and Clive, Katyana, Rhylee and Joaquin. Loved sister-in-law of Martha Manson and loved Aunt, great-Aunt to all her nieces and nephews. Gone too soon. A funeral service for Nada was held at St. John’s On The Hill Church, Edward Street, Wakefield on Wednesday 14 November 2012. SHONE & SHIRLEY FUNERAL DIRECTORS F.D.A.N.Z. HUMPHREYS Jane Iola (nee Hemi), on November 16, 2012 peacefully at Nelson. Dearly loved wife of the late Trevor (T.J.). Loved mother of Walter, Keith, Kerry, Roger, Marlene, and Vivieen. Loved Nana to all her grandchildren and greatgrandchildren. Aged 82 years. Messages to 9 Homer Street, Stoke, Nelson 7011. MARSDEN HOUSE FUNERAL SERVICES FDNZ GORDON Louis John - MM 409783 WWII 207853 Korea – peacefully on 5 November 2012. A funeral service for Louis was held on Monday 12 November in the chapel of Shone & Shirley.

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Community Events Keeping you in touch

Garage Sale, Waimea Village Hall Gladstone Rd, Richmond Saturday 24 Nov. Doors open 8.30am. Something for everyone. Come & support the Villagers Waimea Tramping Club Sun 25 Nov, Booths Cottage, Howard Valley, easy/ moderate, Christine 548 8308 or Ian 544 9154. Sun 2 Dec, Asbestos Cottage, moderate, Katie 547 7850 or Pat 548 6888. Info at Life Balancing in Preparation for 2013-Life coaching can facilitate an exciting process of re-balancing your life. Determine your goals, values and life direction. Special offer Nov/Dec of $45/hour. Contact Alan 0404233881 or 5448705. Fundraiser for Great Taste Trail. Film about worlds toughest mountainbike race - Continental Divide Canada to Mexico. Suter Dec 1 at 6pm & 8pm. $19 Tickets from or Village Cycles or at the door. Stoke Seniors-Thurs 22: Joy Adams - recording artist & country performer in concert $4 admission. Thurs 29: St. Andrew’s Day Celebration. Lunch @ 12pm. Cost: $10. Scottish entertainment by Ken McHolmes & friends @1.30pm Wear your tartan . Garage Sale, Waimea Village Hall Sat 24 Nov. Doors open at 8.30am. Something for everyone. Come and support the Villagers Vincent de Paul, Saturday Opening- Shop att 11a McGlashen Ave Richmond will now be open Saturdays 10am -1 pm Richmond. Surplus Clothing Sale, Sat 24 Nov 10.00am -1.00pm. Sun City Rock ‘n’ Roll Christmas Dance in the Sports Bar of the Suburban Club. Sat 1 Dec at 7.30PM. Come along for a fun night and rock ‘n’ roll to your favourite music. All welcome. Julia 021 659149 Top Of The South Morris Minor Car Club run to Lake Rotoiti Sun 25 Nov for BYO lunch & fellowship. Wet or fine. All welcome. Interested? Julie 035473316. Movie Night Fundraiser: Nelson Sth Kindergarten invites you to “Robot & Frank” Fri 30 Nov 7.30pm. Suter Theatre Tickets $20 incl glass of wine & nibbles. Call Ruth 5488764 0211714725 Nelson Women & Children’s Refuge require assistance with out of hrs Crisisline.Police check required / driver’s licence useful. You must be 2 yrs violence free. Full training/continuous

support provided. Contact 03 548 3353 / 0272 512338 email Badminton Coaching Saxton Stadium Weds afternoons. Juniors 4pm to 5pm $4 per session. Adults 5pm to 6pm - $ 6 per session. Enquiries call 5380072 Nayland College invites families & friends to attend on Fri 7 Dec. to the Junior Prizegiving 9.30 am. Cathedral Fair on Church Hill, Friday 23 Nov, 5pm till 7pm. Christmas gifts & cards, cakes, produce & plants, books, bric-a-brac, sausage sizzle, fun & stuff for kids, plus much more. Nelson Cathedral Christmas tree festival-Tues 4 Dec – 20th Dec 9am – 5pm. Opening service 4th Dec 7pm. Midday Music at Nelson Cathedral - Sat 24th Nov 12 noon. Vocal Recital. Joanna Wells. Sat 1 Dec 7pm. Violin & Viola Duo. Alexandra Lomeiko & Valerie Albrecht. Sat Dec 8 12 noon. Piano Recital. Mary Ayre $2 Quality Book Sale, Sun 25 Nov from 8am. Monty’s Sunday market, Montgomery Sq. Fundraising for Adult Learning Support - providers of literacy & numeracy tuition for adults. Cancelled if wet. Judy 5441747. REGULAR EVENTS Presbyterian Support, we are looking for warm caring people for volunteer social work with elderly people. Several positions ar available incl van assistant, kitchen helper & programme assistant. Ph Sasha 547 9350.’ Learn to spin, weave or make felt. Come & join us at Richmond Spinning & Weaving Grp, we meet at Birch Hall Richmond Showgrounds 9-30 am 2nd & 4th Thursday, the weavers the 3rd Thursday of the month. Contact Mary, 547 2611 LEARN to Speak with Confidence. Let us motivate & encourage you to step outside your comfort zone & gain new skills. Join Powertalk International. Ph Peggy 539 0477, or Linda 544 7823. Website: http:// www.powertalknelson1. Celebrate Recovery A support group for those people with Hurts, Hang-ups & Habits (addictions) meet at The Centre, 23A Salisbury Rd on Wed 7pm for 7-30pm. Ph Bob & Jacquie 538 0282 Choose To Lose Trying to lose weight, join us for support, weigh-in, coffee, & chat. Gold coin donation. 11am. Thurs at The Centre, 23A Salisbury Rd, Rmd. Contact De O’Neil 547 4717 SPACE welcomes first time

parents and their babies aged 0 – 3mnoths - weekly sessions. Meet other parents, discuss child development & parenting, music & activities. Marie 03 545 2017or Toastmasters Develop your personal confidence through public speaking in safety & with the support of the High Noon, Nelson, or Madhatters Toastmasters. ph: 0800-736-753). Koru Christian singles group Meet monthly for friendship & fellowship ages 25 & events email or Dawn 03 538 0471. Koru Plus a Christian group meets 6 weekly for friendship & fellowship ages 55 70, Details & events contact or Hazel 546 7311. Music and Motion-every Thurs at Methodist Church crn Edward & Arrow Sts. 10-10.30am during school terms. After, kids play & the adults chat over a cup of tea. Cost $2. 1 child, $3 for 2 or more. Ph: Paul 544 8394 or Lesley 541 8324 Richmond: Social cards (500) Scrabble & Rummicu at Senior Citizens Rooms Tuesdays & Thursdays 1.304pm Warm welcome, warm surroundings & a cuppa for $1. Ph Kath 544 5563. Social Squash Club Waimea Squash, Lower Queen St, on Weds –8.30pm. New players welcome. Costs $5.00 per week for non members. Rackets provided. Bring a friend. Ph Susan 5441492. 2017, Attention Hunters – want to tune your scope in or just practice shooting? Our range at Jubilee Park is available to Rim Fire and Air Rifles only. Details ring Warwick 547 9414. Brightwater community playgroup Meet every Wed 9.30 - 11.30. $2 Per family. Morning tea & fun provided. Come along to Ellis St, next to Snowden bush Reserve). Call Aliya 5423852 or 021 220 1505. Singers Wanted! Nelson Bays Harmony has vacancies for women who can sing the low or high part in 4-part a cappella music, along with 40 other voices. Rehearsals Thursdays 7pm Club Waimea. Ph: Jenny 547 4354 or visit Combined Probus Club of Waimea – for active retirees. Meeti Thurs 18 Oct 10 am at Hope Community Church Ranzau Rd Hope. New members welcome. Level entry, ample parking. Ph: Joe 5447177.

Coming soon notices are free to community groups, schools, churches, gold coin donation events and fundraising. Notices for businesses and organisations who charge for courses or events cost $10+gst



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WEDNESDAY 21 November 2012


Last minute heart break for footballers The QSP Tasman Thistle masters football team were just four minutes away from glory on the Gold Coast. The team featuring players from Richmond Athletic and FC Nelson were up 1-0 against the Beenleigh Lions in the final of the Gold Coast Pan Pacific Games 35 years and over division. Player-coach Andy Morris says the side were looking good until the Beenleigh Lions scored an equaliser in the 86th minute. “It was the last thing we wanted after playing six games straight in the Gold Coast heat,” he says. But Beenleigh weren’t done yet and managed to score the winner in extra time, handing the silver medal to

the Tasman Thistle side. “Naturally we are disappointed not to win the gold. It was a hard fought battle as all of the games were played at a very high level. The team performed very well, drawing the first game then winning the next four to be the top qualifier from our pool.” Tasman Thistle were struck down with two key injuries during the tournament with goal keeper Lutz Gerwin breaking his arm and Gary Calderbank picking up a foot injury. The team were happy that they gelled so quickly, having played just one game before hand. “We were also very thankful to the supporters who made the trip and to the many sponsors that also played a key part.”

The Tasman Thistle team prior to their first match of the Gold Coast Pan Pacific Games.

we reckon we’re

richmond’s No.1 liquor store

Sam Trice of Upper Moutere. Photo: Phillip Rollo.

Tennis winners go unbeaten The region’s top tennis juniors under the age of nine were invited to participate at Friday’s Grasshoppers 8under Invitational Tournament. This event, which was hosted by the Tasman Tennis Centre, is held twice a year and helps identify the top tennis juniors across the district. The boys draw saw top seed Kvido Tayerle of the Nelson Lawns Tennis Club in a league of his own, dominating each opponent he

33 seagers gin $ .99 31 1ltr $21.99 SMIRNOFF $ .99 BLACK 7% 24 CANADIAN CLUB $20.99 & DRY $

John Barr Whisky 1ltr

faced with ease. Kvido went the entire tournament without dropping more than two points in each match. Second place went to Sam Trice of Upper Moutere. Despite a 16-0 loss to Kvido in one of the earlier matches, Sam went the rest of the tournament unbeaten. In the girls draw, Claudia Miccio of the Stoke Tennis Club won all her matches and showed great control and strength during the tournament. Runner-up was Hannah Young, also of Stoke.


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Richmond Liquor Centre 181 Queen Street


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PH: 544 7575 RICHMOND


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MON - WED 9am to 9pm THURS - SAT 9am to 10pm SUN 10am to 8pm

Valid until 27/11/2012

locally owned and operated


28 WEDNESDAY 21 November 2012


Ph 544 9037 Weekly Puzzles Classifieds Classified deadline 5pm Monday




Across 1 Surrounding (7) 5 Give up hope (7) 9 Seriousness (7) 10 Eternal (7) 11 Force of explosion (5) 12 Fanatic (9) 13 Listening carefully (9) 15 Easily angered (5) 16 Elegance of movement (5) 18 Bestowed inadvisedly (9) 21 Incautious (9) 24 Become suddenly alert (3,2) 25 Amount outstanding (7) 26 Ignorant (7) 27 Rumour (7) 28 Support for climbing plant (7)

During Term times Monday to Friday 2.00pm – 3.00pm plus one extra hour any school day. During the school holidays, flexible morning hours for spring cleaning.

Down contd. 6 Edge along (5) 7 Stupid (7) 8 With good reason (7) 14 Shamelessness (9) 15 All out (4-5) 16 A Hungarian stew (7) 17 North African country (7) 19 Derisive whistle (7) 20 Make gloomy (7) 22 Accumulate (5) 23 Dishearten (5)

Down 1 Branch of mathematics (7) 2 Glaringly obvious (7) 3 Life (9) 4 A culinary herb (5) 5 Unquestionably (9)

Puzzle 1722 1


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Apply stating experience and supply two referees by Friday 7 December 2012 Start date 14 January 2012 Richmond Montessori Preschool 67 Oxford Street Richmond




Whiteheart variety - New season (2012) crop

We require experienced Health Care Assistants and Registered Nurses to join our friendly and supportive team. Weekly pay and competitive rates.

Phone & Door Sales at Hazelbrook 126 Main Rd South, Wakefield


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12 & 26 October 16 & 30 November 7, 14 & 21 December

Doug’s Waterblasting Services. House exterior cleaning, sheds, paths, fences. Mates rates. Big or small, I’ll do it all. Ph 022 191 8824


Enquiries contact joan 544 6701 Certified Mac Technician Ph: 0275481618


Waimea Methodist Parish






Meeting Sunday 10.30am


Ellis St, Brightwater

(Plunket Rooms, next to Petrol Station)

Contact Dean 544 5784 16




We’d love to see you there


Richmond 9.30am 4 Wensley Rd (opp TDC) Cup of tea to follow Wakefield 11am Service 1st & 3rd Sundays

Cnr Edward/Arrow Sts Sunday School age children catered for at both services Enquiries ph 544-8394

Our Lady of Perpetual Help Catholic Parish, Richmond

Weekend Mass Times 21






Saturday Vigil 6.30pm Richmond Church 35 William Street

Holy Trinity Anglican Church


27 Dorset St, Richmond Phone 544-8844


Sunday Service

Answers next week

Puzzle 1721 M P E O N U T R Y T C R O H G E S R I O A N


5.00pm Last Sunday of every month St’s Peter & Paul Moutere Highway

Sunday 10:30 am & 5 pm (03)547-3255

All Welcome! Ph 544 8987

Sudoku 174 R O L N D S O C H I O O A L L T L E D A E R E P G O E N T

Biblical Christ-Centred Worship Services:

Wednesday 10.00am Holy Communion

Last week’s solutions


9.00am Traditional 10.30am Contemporary Theme: Praying in Christ

Sunday 8.00am St Joseph’s Pitfire Road, Wakefield 9.30am Richmond Church






11 Florence Street, Richmond

Worship Services This Sunday: 9.30am Classic Church Phone 544 8387

Wednesday 19 September 10am Sunday Faithful Hymns 10.00am Starting with morning tea Also Warm building JAM Children’s Cnr Croucher & Darcy Streets Programme 6 - 12 yrs

Ablaze - 7pm Thursday Cnr Croucher & Darcy St’s Notice to all Advertisers

10.00am Worship Celebration Warring Carpark (Behind No.1 Shoes) 243 Queen St

By placing your advertisement to be run you agree with the terms and conditions of the Waimea Weekly. Namely, payment by the 20th of the following month, or in the event of non payment, the recovery of any debt and its costs will be on charged to the customer. This includes all costs and commissions paid to a debt recovery service. Should you require any further information please phone the newspaper on 544 9037.


WEDNESDAY 21 November 2012

21 NOVEMBER 2012

Newslineupdate K e e p i n g yo u i n fo r m e d a b o u t n e ws a n d e ve nt s i n Ta s m a n D i s t r i c t

Community Notices

Public Notices

Public Meeting – Earthquake Strengthening

National Policy Statement for Freshwater Management 2011

22 November 2012, 5.30 pm – 7.30 pm, Nelson Baptist Church, 193 Bridge Street, Nelson.

Staged Implementation Programme

The New Zealand Historic Places Trust is hosting a public meeting on earthquake strengthening for owners of heritage listed properties in the Tasman District and Nelson City areas and other interested parties.

On 1 November 2012, Tasman District Council has adopted a programme of staged implementation of the National Policy Statement for Freshwater Management, in compliance with Policy E1 of the National Policy Statement.

Key speaker will be Win Clark, a leading structural engineer and Executive Officer for the NZ Society for Earthquake Engineering.

The programme, together with the background report, is available on Council’s website

Also a speaker from the insurance industry will be present. Win Clark presented to the Royal Commission into the Canterbury Earthquakes and has spoken around New Zealand on how earthquake prone buildings can be strengthened. All welcome, no booking necessary.

Nelson A&P Show 2012 24 –25 November 2012, 9.00 am – 5.00 pm daily, Richmond Park Showgrounds, Lower Queen Street, Richmond. A Kiwi tradition, our A&P Show has something for everyone including: live entertainment, livestock competitions, shearing, wood-chopping, agricultural demonstrations and displays, carnival rides, side shows and a fantastic range of trade exhibitors, both local, national and international. Exhibits and competition events are available for Handcraft, Horticulture, Cookery & Sugar Art, Wine & Beer, Farm Animals, and Photography sections. Info: Ph. 03 544 7181 or email

Notice of Meeting – Nelson Mountainbike Club AGM Wednesday 28 November 2012, Nelson Mountain Bike Club AGM. 6.30pm, Sport Tasman Boardroom, Saxton Road, Stoke. Club Champions presentations and AGM.

Community Notices 2012/2013

t c i r t s i D Tasman ide

u G r e m m Su

OUT NOW with more events and more listings than ever before!

Notice of Meeting – Rotoiti District Community Council Inc. AGM Annual general meeting – 4.00 pm, Saturday 1 December 2012, Rotoiti Community Hall, Main Road St Arnaud. All welcome.

Tiny Tots, Toys & Teddies Party Sunday 9 December 2012, 2.00 – 4.00 pm, Washbourn Gardens, Oxford Street, Richmond. The magical and mystical Washbourn Gardens are about to become alive with the joyful sounds of tiny tots playing with their toys and teddies. The Tiny Tots, Teddies and Toys Party features a solid lineup of entertainers, performers and activities to amuse young and old. So come along, bring your teddy, and join in the celebration. Info: Ph. 03 543 8525 or email

Carols by Candlelight

Life isn’t always a bed of roses - but it shouldn’t stink! Got a bad smell in your street or a broken sewer pipe? Give Customer Services a call on Ph. 03 543 8400 24hrs a day, seven days a week and we’ll arrange to get it fixed.

Connect with Customer Services

Sunday 23 December 2012, 7.30 pm, Washbourn Gardens, Oxford Street, Richmond. The festive Christmas spirit will be alive and buzzing again at this year’s Carols by Candlelight in the serene setting of Washbourn Gardens. The concert will include live performances from the Richmond Orchestra and the Take a Chance Singers, along with a host of special guests and surprises for the whole family to enjoy. Free entry. Info: Ph. 03 543 8525 or email

Friday 28 December 2012, 9.00 am – 3.00 pm, Queen Street & Sundial Square, Richmond. The annual Richmond Market Day will again deliver a great day out for all ages. A wide variety of stalls will line the main street of Richmond for a fantastic day of shopping and entertainment. Get yourself along and sample the delights from throughout our region and beyond. Info: Ph. 03 544 4898 or email

Joint Shareholders Committee Meeting Room, Nelson City Council, Halifax Street, Nelson, Friday 23 November 2012, 1.30 pm. No public forum Tasman Creative Communities Subcommittee Motueka Office, 7 Hickmott Place, Motueka, Wednesday 28 November 2012, 10.00 am. No public forum Tasman District Council Tasman Council Chambers, 189 Queen Street, Richmond, Thursday 29 November 2012, 10.15 am. Public forum

24 Hour Assistance 03 543 8400 03 523 1013 03 528 2022 03 525 0020

Agendas and Minutes for Council Meetings can be viewed on Council’s website at Engineering Services Committee Tasman Council Chambers, 189 Queen Street, Richmond, Thursday 22 November 2012, 9.30 am. Public forum

Richmond Market Day

Richmond Murchison Motueka Takaka

Council Meetings

Environment and Planning Subcommittee (Vodafone NZ Ltd) Fire Station, Motupipi Street, Takaka, Wednesday 5 December 2012, 10.30 am. No public forum

join our community: Twitter • Facebook • Website

Tasman Regional Transport Committee Tasman Council Chambers, 189 Queen Street, Richmond, Friday 7 December 2012, 10.00 am. No public forum


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30 WEDNESDAY 21 November 2012

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• Your choice of Coatings

Kerry & Sharlene Friend 7 Gladstone Road Richmond (behind Mobil) Phone 03. 544 2266

With over 25 years experience in the building industry, Pat provides an honest opinion of the current condition of a house.

Fully Trained, Security Screened

• Residential & Commercial • Prestige Timber Floor Laying or visit

environmentally friendly carpet & upholstery cleaning

Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning

Quick Drying All Year Round All General Cleaning Professional Service

• 99% Dust Free • All Wooden Flooring

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Member NZ National Flooring Assn.

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A written report on completion of inspection.


Joy Drummond

76 Oxford St, Richmond email:

An affordable independent visual inspection for pre-sale or pre-purchase of a house.

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We’ve been providing flexible financial solutions for over 20 years

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Personal Loans Vehicle Finance Debt Consolidation Home Improvement Loans

Talk to us for all your electrical requirements for your new or existing home

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15 +gst per week

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Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning

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Stephen Oliver

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A Automotive

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All mechanical repairs No job too big or small.


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Hassle free motoring

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Too much paperwork?

• Landlords • Self Employed • Small Business • GST & Tax Returns

accessman nelson ltd

21 Elms Street, Wakatu Estate, Stoke


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We can support you with;

All Terrain Scissor Lift 12m Platform Height


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Window Cleaner Phone

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Professional Window Cleaning


brake a maintenance landscaping lawnmowing home and car home and car maintenance ices plumbers electricians ing serv mow cial lawn finan ns nts ricia e unta ng hom ers acco plumbers elect lawnmo electricians e and clutch specialists build untants financial services financial services plumbers tenance landscaping brak h specialists builders acco lectricians ialists builders accountants mowing home and car main cial services plumbers landscaping brake and clutc spec lawn h finan nce ns clutc nts tena ricia and unta e main elect acco car brak bers and ers e ing build landscap icesuntants financial services plum serv lawnmowing hom untants financ brake and clutch specialists acco home and car maintenance ices plumbers electricians h specialists builders acco maintenance landscaping electricians lawnmowing s specialists builders accountants financial serv landscaping brake and clutc lawnmowing home and car ialists build financial services plumbers nce spec ns h nts tena ricia clutc unta main elect and acco car e bers and brak ers e plum build hom ing scap ing services h specialists e and car maintenance land bers electricians lawnmow ers accountants financial scaping hom land plum build landscaping brake and clutc ing ts ices nce ialis mow serv tena spec cial lawn h main finan ns clutc car ricia nts e and elect unta scaping brake and d car ricians lawnmowing hom home h specialists builders acco financial services plumbers elect ing clutc nts and bers mow unta and car maintenance land e lawn acco plum brak ns ices ers ing ricia serv build scap cial bers elect specialists nts finan ans lawnmowing home and car maintenance land electr nts financial services plum scaping brake and clutch ialists builders accounta unta land bers spec h acco plum nce clutc ers ices tena and e build serv main brak ts cial car finan specialis scaping icesbers electricians lawnmowing home and l serv ts builders accountants scaping brake and clutch ialis land e and car maintenance land finan spec hom h nts nce clutc ing unta tena plum and acco mow e main car lawn brak ers and ns home scaping ialists build ac- untants financial services plumbers electricia ers acco electricians lawnmowing e and car maintenance land ing brake and clutch spec ricians lawnmowing hom e and clutch specialists bui car maintenance landscap financial services plumbers and brak elect nts e unta ing hom bers acco scap ing plum land ers mow ices h build serv lawn nce ts clutce and clutch specialis tena andbrak ricians untants financial mowing home and car main cial services plumbers elect tenance landscaping bra specialists builders acco plumbers electricians lawn builders accountants finan mowing home and car main ce maintenance landscaping brake and clutch accountants financial services brake and clutch specialists plumbers electricians lawn ers ing ing home and car mainten ices build scap mow serv ts land cial lawn ialis finan ns nce spec h nts ricia tena clutc main accounta e and bers elect lawnmowing home and car clutch specialists builders tenance landscaping brak nts financial services plum and unta e main car acco brak and e ers ing hom scap build ts land ing mow h specialis tenance plumbers electricians lawn landscaping brake and clutc mowing home and car main home and car maintenance plumbers electricians lawn electricians lawnmowing countants financial services bers plum ices serv cial untants finan FULL MECHANICAL specialists builders acco


Trades & Services BARKBLOWER


24HR Call Out

• 60m plus of flexible hose, so spreading bark mulch, sawdust, compost, soil anywhere is not a problem • Quick, efficient, cost effective


Parts and Service for ALL makes and ALL models



• Spreads very evenly so uses 20-40% less material than conventional methods

Call for a free quote

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A/H: 027 285 7421


021 132 3223

David Gerrard


544 0444

or 541 0496



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Maintenance and Repairs Registered Electrician

Ph: 021 482 088 or 542 2328

Email: 4 Coach Pl, Brightwater







Heatpump Servicing

Regas or New Struts

0800 427 782 or 03 544 1212

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Doors - Screens - Windows Rotted Timber - Plaster Cladding - Fences - Gates Painting - Gutters - Rubbish Garden - Landscaping Renovations - Alterations Kitchens - Bathrooms Decks - Patios - Railings Pressure Cleaning

EE QUOTE FR 021 PETE 3 0290 722

(off Beach Road)


85 Improve the performance from


and the life of your heatpump Phone

0800 448 446 Steve Fletcher


Tasman Bay Plumbing Services

For all maintenance including blocked drains and all new homes & industrial properties

No job too big or small Servicing sewage treatment systems Plumber, Drainlayer & Gasfitter

Spiders, Ants, Flies, Fleas, Rodents etc

Locally Owned & Operated

• Holiday Homes • Bush Cabins • Renovation

027 542 4473

021 255 6163

027 293 5280

Ph: 544 4872

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Richmond Brake & Clutch 13 McGlashen Ave, Richmond

542 4473

Landscaping Lawn Care & Mowing Chipping of Greenwaste Stump Grinding Pre-Sale Garden Tidy-up Gardening Hedge Trimming Section Clearing Greenwaste Removal

Ph: Kevin Wells

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24hr Service

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Prompt response is our priority

Garden & Property Maintenance

Lawn Mowing & Edges All trimming Full garden tidy-ups Experienced, honest & reliable



New Homes l Commercial Rural l Retail l Alterations


Beautiful Gardens


Domestic and Commercial Wiring

Phone 543 8243 GARDENING




• Registered Drainlayers (residential & commercial) • Sewage Treatment (design,supply, install & service) • Blocked Drains • Video Camera & Drain Inspection • Waterblasting • Excavator & Truck Hire to suit job

03 538 0314 0800 752 422



Drainage & Construction Tasman LTD

Has ACC denied your surgery or entitlements?


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Your Solar Hot Water Specialists

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Honest Reliable Master Master Honest Reliable Plumbers and Gasfitters Plumbers and Gasfitters Since 1915 Since 1915


Small Small • Leaking taps & pipes Brown Shaver Pullets Jobs Heritage Breed Poultry • KitchensJobs & Fertile Hatching Eggs Welcome bathrooms Welcome Premium Poultry Feed • Solar Poultry Supplies & Wood Shavings Quality Coops & Hen Houses • Drainage Kevin Harris Kevin Harris

Ph: 543 8090 Ph: 543 809003 542 3224

Septic Tank Cleaning Liquid Waste Removal Comercial / Domestic

CCTV Camera Inspection Drain Cleaning & Unblocking Simon 027 212 8688 John 0212 450 550 Email

42 Factory Rd Brightwater

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locally owned and operated


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HARMAN KARDON HOME THEATRE RECEIVER If you’re looking for an AVR packed with next-generation technology, look no further than the AVR 265. The AVR 265 has an impressive list of features that take your home entertainment experience to the next level. 7 x 95 Watts RMS, 7.1 Channel A/V Receiver with Zone 2 audio output 5 x HMDI inputs, 35 Amps current, Ethernet Connection for streaming media files from your home network & Internet Radio.





Purchase a Harman Kardon 265 Home Theatre Receiver with Cambridge Minx 315 speakers and receive a FREE pair of Paradigm Stylus 270 Outdoor speakers for your second zone.



Purchase a Harman Kardon 265 Home Theatre Receiver with Cambridge Minx 325 Speakers and receive a FREE pair of Paradigm Stylus Stylus 370 Outdoor Speakers for your second zone





Stylus 270

Stylus 370


RRP $895

RRP 595





Panasonic Wireless Stereo Speaker The smallest of the new Micro System products, the SC-MC07 Compact Wireless Stereo Speaker combines the best sound quality with a small, compact size. (AVAILABLE IN BLACK ONLY)

WAS $99




QED Live UPlay Bluetooth Receiver The easiest way to play music from your iPhone or

Bluetooth device through an existing stereo! If you own an iPod, iPhone, or other Bluetooth enabled device such as a phone, PDA, computer or iPad, then uPlay is for you.




Paradigm Shift Stereo Ear Buds Audio should sound as good as it looks!


PANASONIC XMAS STOCK CLEARANCE Limited supply of new models of Panasonic TVs must be gone by Christmas - prices wont be beaten!

“I still can't believe that all that sound comes out of such a small box! What a gloriously rich, full and well balanced sound. A true masterpiece of design, beautifully retro yet so utterly modern in sound and features…” The range includes : - R1 Deluxe Table Top Radio - R2i Table Top Stereo - R4i Integrated Music System


14 Elms Street, Wakatu Industrial Estate, Nelson. Ph 03 544 0473 • Mob 0274 784 257 • Email Showroom open Monday to Friday 8.30am to 5pm Saturday 10am to 2pm - after hours by appointment EFTPOS AND CREDIT CARD ACCEPTED




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