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Wednesday 18 December 2013

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Jingle Bell Jog

Students Adele Walker, left, and Sonja Walsh with some boysenberries they picked working at Berrylands on the Appleby Highway last week. Photo: Simon Bloomberg.

A berry good start A mild winter, warm sunny spring and early summer have given berry growers around the Tasman district a perfect start to the season. “We are just starting but it’s looking really good,” Wai-West Horticulture operations general manger Alan Dobbie said last week. “The fruit is big and the brix (sugar levels) are high.” Wai-West grows 40 hectares of boysenberries on the Waimea Plains and Alan says they expect to be harvesting through until January 15. SEE PAGE 2

Farm trespassers a ‘big worry’ Fear of retribution, shot stock and damaged property is an issue for rural landowners, who are being troubled by poachers and trespassers. While the message from police this summer is to report it, one local man feels there is nothing he can do to stop it. The Dovedale man, who did not want to be named, says that all of his neighbours wheelchairs mobility scooters walkers/canes electric bed/hoists lift assist chairs bathroom solutions incontinence products daily living aids/products

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are aware of one particular man, who frequently trespasses on forestry land and crosses the boundary onto private property while pig hunting. He says while he hasn’t damaged anything yet, security was a “big worry” and the fact of the matter is he shouldn’t be hunting there in the first place. “There is forestry all around the boundary

Reporter to my property. Occasionally pig hunters and their dogs will end up on my property and they are usually all right. But this one particular guy, all the neighbours are

moaning about him. He comes at all hours of the day and we see him at least a few times a week. I’ve confronted him about it but he just says he can do what he likes.” Unfortunately, this is a problem that is getting worse every year says rural sergeant Rob Crawford.

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Farm trespassers a ‘big worry’ A berry good start FROM PAGE 1 “It is very common, the rural sector is complaining about it all the time. Particularly at this time of year when there are a lot of hunters around.” He says while police are prosecuting at least a dozen people for unlawful hunting and trespass type offences annually, he’s amazed at just how often it is happening and going unreported. “People are seeing them, catching them on their property and we are not being told. We need people to stand up and say I’ve had enough of this and follow through. “It’s not just poaching either. These poachers cross people’s property, there is a lot of theft, gates are damaged, locks are cut. Forestry

owners and security also have issues.” Gavin O’Donnell, Federated Farmers provincial president says the fear of retribution is what’s keeping locals from coming forward and he thinks it’s brilliant that police are so approachable on the matter. “People feel exposed in a rural area, there is a natural reluctance to put their hand up and come forward. Farms aren’t easy things to lock up like a building and there is that fear there. But people should report it because they might not realise how important it is in the bigger picture.” Rory Cobb, technical manager for Action Forests Management says poaching and trespassing is “a pain in the backside for forest owners and for those who earn

their living in the forest, as they are for all those who make their living from the land. Access is frequently attempted by those wishing to hunt illegally or grow cannabis and poaching is particularly frustrating.” With poachers determined to go wherever they please, Rob says landowners are turning to security cameras to deter people from crossing the boundary. “Up Baton Valley near Motueka, locals got together and organised a security camera. That apprehended one person and word has got round. Since then there have been no issues.” Rob says local hunters who are poaching on private property will have their firearms licence revoked, as well as being charged.

FROM PAGE 1 Berrylands’ Peter and Steph Kristofski are also enjoying a flying start to the season which Peter says started about ten days earlier than usual. “We had a mild winter and spring temperatures were up so we kicked off really early,” Peter says. “We have had a bit of rain but it hasn’t been torrential so it hasn’t been a problem - it’s actually helped size the fruit nicely.” The good start to the season has also been good news for students around the district with Berrylands employing 30 to 50 casual staff to pick and pack the berries. “We always like to support and

look after the local students and give them jobs,” Steph says. Berrylands grows two hectares of boysenberries, one hectare of raspberries and 0.5 hectares of strawberries. “We export about half and sell the other half here at the shop,” Peter says. “It’s been really busy, as long as there’s sunshine people come in pick berries and buy icecreams.” However, both Alan and Peter say there is a long way to go before the season ends and they are hoping the sun keeps shining. “You can’t count your berries until they are in the box,” Alan says.

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WEDNESDAY 18 December 2013

Trafalgar Centre closes, now what? A damning engineering report could spell the end for Nelson’s only major indoor events centre, but the city’s mayor is adamant if it does go it will be replaced. Nelson City Council announced on Friday that the Trafalgar Centre would close immediately after a report it commissioned stated the loss of life in the centre would be “high” if there was a moderate earthquake. Nelson mayor Rachel Reese says that left the council with little option but to close the centre. “The risk of loss of life is high. The only appropriate response to managing this risk is to close the centre to public use immediately.” Now the immediate focus for the community is: where to from here? A decision on the future of the centre, which was built in the early 1970s, and received a $7 million upgrade in 2009, will be made early next year with the council to discuss it as early as this Thursday at an urgent meeting. The options are to strengthen the centre at varying costs depending on the strength, or pulling it down and rebuilding a new centre at a new location. Rachel confirmed it would be

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Nelson’s Trafalgar Centre is now closed due to a risk to human life in an earthquake. highly unlikely for a new centre to be built on the existing land if they made the call for the Trafalgar Centre to come down. That is because if it did come down part of the reason would be due to the land being more prone to liquefaction in the event of an earthquake. But she said there is still a long way to go before any decisions about the centre’s future will be made. “There’s been a significant investment in the building over the past ten years so to walk away from that would be a pretty hard call. We’d have to have some sound engineering reasons to do that and another location [to build on] because we have to have an events centre in central Nelson in my

view, it’s essential.” The cost to strengthen the Trafalgar Centre could range from $2 million to $30 million. The centre over the past year has hosted music concerts, basketball, netball and volleyball games, expos, dinners, trade shows and conferences. It is the only venue in Nelson able to accommodate many of those activities. Rachel says the decision means event organisers have some certainty and the council will work with groups who have booked the centre to help them find another venue. The Nelson Giants say they will relocate to Saxton Stadium for the 2014 season, which will need to set up some temporary seating.

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4 WEDNESDAY 18 December 2013

Snooper McLaren’s Austin back to life confronted by elderly woman Police are investigating after a Waimea Village resident caught a man trying to break into her home late Saturday evening. The elderly woman was up at around midnight when a man with a hoodie over his head walked around her house looking through the windows with a torch. The lady, who didn’t want to be named, says she was frightened and yelled to him, asking what he was doing there. The man quickly ran back to his small red hatch/station wagon car and drove away. The lady says she only caught a glimse of his number plate which started with “GAR”. Waimea Village manager Kit Maling says the village has security cameras in place and he was looking through the footage when the Weekly called. “This would have to be one of the safest places in Richmond, with all the people here and the security cameras. I’d say it was just an opportunist,” he says. Sergeant Nick Kempthorne says police have dusted for finger prints but it’s too early to say if there is a positive match. Anyone with any information on the car or the man can contact police.

A “little piece of New Zealand’s history” is currently being restored in a Richmond garage. The 1929 Austin 7 motorsport icon Bruce McLaren is believed to have learnt to drive in has been at Richard Anderson’s place since July 2011, where it is being transformed from a rust bucket back to mint condition. A member of the local Austin 7 group, Richard took on the job no one else seemed to want after the Bruce McLaren Trust sought Nelson engineers to get it going again in the hope it could go on display in a museum. “They sent the car here to Nelson because we are like the mecca for Austin 7s but it was mostly rejected because it was in a terrible, terrible state. It had been left on the beach and had rotted out,” says Richard. “It was put out to various commercial guys but it was excessive, like $30,000 to $100,000 to do it. I said ‘come on guys lets get it going’ and the car ended up here.” Bruce McLaren, who died in 1970, is one of New Zealand motorsport’s most famous sons, having won four Formula 1 races. His legacy lives on with the current Vodafone McLaren Mercedes Formula 1 team – one of the most successful in the championship’s history. Richard had only agreed to do the chassis, front end, back end, the diff and the wheels initially. But no one else “came to the party” to help with the body – mainly because it was an unpaid project – so he ended up with the rest of the work

Members of the Nelson Austin 7 club Des Plummer, Allan Braid, Richard Anderson with the car Bruce McLaren learnt to drive in. Photo: Phillip Rollo. to do himself, and on the odd-occasion with help from friends who had also sought parts. Richard says the fact the car belonged to the McLaren family had no significance to him, it was just a way to “give back” in his retirement as it’s likely to be used at displays for crippled children – Bruce McLaren was diagnosed with a degenerative disease of the hip joint when he was 10 years old. “I’m no good at singing carols, so I decided this was something I could do to give back to the community.” There are no photos of Bruce driving the Austin 7, which was described as a

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“workshop hack”, but his sister Jan had told Richard it was owned by their father Les and that Bruce definitely learnt to drive in it, which is why they had hoped to get it running again and be part of the family collection. The final stage of the restoration project will be putting the motor back in and Richard believes it should only take a month to do so. Once completed, he will drive it around before a trader comes to take it back to the family trust in Auckland where it will sit alongside some of his former racecars.


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WEDNESDAY 18 December 2013


Drunk driver had baby on board Fifteen people were caught driving above the legal breath alcohol limit on the weekend, but police are concerned that a “large number” more were above the reduced limit to be implemented next year. Police across the region, and Marlborough, West Coast, breath tested close to 7000 drivers on Friday and Saturday nights. One of the 15 drivers that were above the legal breath alcohol level was driving a 15 month old baby, while another was double the legal limit and had driven from Christchurch to Kaikoura. Operation commander inspector Jenni

Richardson says it is concerning to note that a large number of people were detected driving in excess of 250 mcg, which is the new breath alcohol level proposed to be introduced next year. Those drivers were all warned of the consequences when the law change comes into effect. The Australasian Operation Unite was combined in Tasman with another road policing operation focussed on country roads. Operation Unite targeted all alcohol-related offending and police paid particular attention to licensed premises. Across the

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In total about 140 police were out on the streets and roads over the two nights. Jenni says the focus for police over the coming weeks would remain on road policing and alcohol related issues. Nelson Bays area commander Inspector Steve Greally says close to 20 people were arrested for disorder, fighting or low level assaults. He said early intervention in Nelson also prevented things escalating further. Police are investigating one assault at Malbas bar. He says breaches of the liquor ban were now well down on where they were two years ago.

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district 91 compliance checks were made on bars and off licences, along with a further 65 controlled purchase operations to check whether licensees would sell alcohol to a minor. Four on licences failed the controlled purchase operation. Seven people were arrested for breaching liquor bans and a further 27 received warnings. A further 22 people were arrested for violence and public order offences. Jenni says it was disappointing so many people were still getting intoxicated and ending up either offending or becoming victims.

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WEDNESDAY 18 December 2013

Three generations of freezing workers Simon Bloomberg

Senior reporter Reporter The Nelson freezing works has had a long tradition of families working at the plant with the Hart family, John, Allan, Wally, Ian and Murray, leading the way accumulating 125 years of service. William Scowen and his sons Doug, Warwick and Graham and daughter Lorraine were another prominent freezing works family while Phil Lusty, one of the carpenters who helped build the original works in 1908, was followed by his son Phil in 1941 and grandson, Tony Dyer, who still works at the plant today. But when Richmond's Sean Gill joined his father Shane and grandfather Norm at the Alliance Group's Nelson freezing works last month it created history with the Gills being the first family to have three generations working at the plant at the same time. "I've been here 42 years and I can't remember any families having three generations at the same time," Norm says. "There's been a lot of families with fathers, grandfathers, sons and uncles all working here but I think our situation is unique." Norm, who started as a labourer in the old plant before moving to the beef house and then into the cutting room where he is a leading hand and trainer today, says he's stayed there all these years because it's been "a steady job that pays well". He has also enjoyed the challenges of

Three generations of the Gill family, from left, Sean, Norm and Shane, who are all working at the Alliance Group’s Nelson plant. Photo: Simon Bloomberg. adapting to changes in the industry including learning how to run the computercontrolled weighing and labelling technology. "When I started we all worked in black woollen singlets and processed whole sheep carcasses. Now we're all wearing white gear and hairnets and we're processing all the sheep into cuts. "So much has changed since I started. If someone had told me I would have to

wear a hairnet 40 years ago I would have laughed at them." Although Norm has been one of the plant's longest serving workers, he says he didn't plan on becoming a freezing worker when he left school. "I'd got a new job doing shift work at the chip mill so I had to tell my rugby coach Lin Beloe I couldn't play anymore because of my hours. But that Friday night I got a phone call from Lin saying I had a new job

starting at the freezing works on Monday he jacked it all up so I could keep playing rugby." Shane, who has been at the plant for 27 years, also received a little inside help getting his first job after leaving school at 15. Norm already had a family foot in the door at the freezing works while Norm's brother-in-law Ian Savage just happened to be the plant's employment officer. A leading hand on the slaughterboard, Shane says he has stayed at the freezing works because it's been a good steady job during times when work has not always been easy to find. The pay is also an attraction although he says "it's not as good as it was when he started". "It's still good money but you have to work harder for it these days. I suppose that's the same in most jobs though - it's a sign of the times." Although Sean, 16, is only be a student working there during his school holidays he's likely to become a more permanent fixture once he leaves Waimea College. "I'll be going back to school next year but I'll probably come and work here full-time when I leave," Sean says. "It's hard work but I'm enjoying it." And that's made Norm very proud because not everyone can handle the long hours and physically demanding work. "We get a lot of young guys through here and they don't stay on. Sean's working six days a week in the freezer so he's doing very well to stick it out - it's hard work in there."


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Police report with Area Commander

Steve Greally

With Christmas almost upon us I’d like to take this opportunity to thank the people of Nelson Bays for the support they have shown their local police over the last year. I always say that police cannot do an effective job without your support - after all we simply can’t be everywhere all of the time and we rely on responsible members of the community let us know when things are going on. Our operating model over the past year and a half has been focussed on prevention - preventing crimes, crashes and most of all victimisation. If we can stop crime before it happens and we can teach people some simple ways to help keep themselves and their property safe then we will reduce the number of people who become victims. At this time of year a lot of people are out socialising and I can’t stress enough the need to take care of yourself and your mates. People who are intoxicated become easy targets for the criminally minded. It always pays to make a plan before you got out partying and that plan should be all about having fun and living to tell a good story the next day. If you decide in advance how much you are going to drink and how you are going to get home you’re much more likely to have a safe outcome than if you leave those important decisions to chance. While you’re all relaxing and enjoying the summer break remember that my staff will still be working 24 hours a day, seven days a week. From all of the Nelson Bays Police I’d like to wish you a very happy Christmas and a safe new year.

Running in the Jingle Bell Jog on Sunday are from left; Archie Barnett, Danielle Hampson, Katie Barnett, Jamie Hampson and Steve Hampson. Photo: Marc Palmano/ Shuttersport.


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Nicola Greig, Aimee Berkett and Riley Greig of Brightwater at the Carols by Glo-lite on Saturday night. Photo: Phillip Rollo.

Community gathers for Carols by Glo-lite The wider Brightwater and Wakefield community spent Saturday night singing carols and enjoying each other’s company at the popular Carols by Glo-lite event. Held annually at Snowden’s Bush Reserve, the event

is put on by Brightwater School, volunteer fire service and the Brightwater Community Anglican Church. While the weather was perfect and “everyone enjoyed it,” spokesperson Karen Hoddy says numbers were slightly

down on previous years. “It is a local Brighwater community thing and apart from what happens at the school there’s nothing like this. It’s really good that the community can come together right before Christmas time.”





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Marie Williams, Sue Baskett at a special event at Queen St Pharmacy on Wednesday evening.

Fliss Hay and Chrissy Downing at a special event at Queen St Pharmacy on Wednesday.

Malcolm Melvin, Kath Palmer and David Lees.

Kate Kempthorne, Kelsey Biggs and Alannah Mear at Carols by Glo-lite in Brightwater.

Catch up with us on

Margaret Young and Joyce Wylie at a special event at Queen St Pharmacy on Wednesday evening.

The Johnston family; Hazel, Joanna, Leah and Colin, at Carols by Glo-lite on Saturday night.

Yvonne Cooke with Mary and Phil Rickard at the PowerTalk Waimea Christmas party.

Jan McComb, Barbara Leary and John Bergman on Sunday evening.

Maureen and Graeme Matthews at the PowerTalk Waimea Christmas party.

Jacqui Ward and Alison Stewart at Carols by Glo-lite on Saturday night.

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WEDNESDAY 18 December 2013

Midwife retires after 47 years Most midwives have seen it all before, but after 47 years on the job, Norma Affleck has seen it all and then some. Her baby catching days have seen her work in Papua New Guinea, Saudi Arabia and spend thirty years at Nelson Hospital. She’s delivered thousands of babies but despite her longevity in the field she says she gets just as excited about a birth today as she did when she first started. “What can I say, every baby is different and time goes fast when you’re having fun. I come from a family of ten, so maternal and child health, going on my mother’s example, was always going to be what I would enjoy doing.“ Norma graduated from midwifery in 1966 in Christchurch and in her time in the profession has seen a bit of a contrast in the way things are done. “The most dramatic change I’ve seen was in the first twenty years, husbands weren’t allowed anywhere near during delivery. Now of course we want to know why they aren’t there if not. It’s a complete turnaround.” She says while “babies still come in exactly the same way”, the change she has seen in mothers has been significant. “They

Norma Affleck, a midwife with ten day old Isla Kay and proud new parents Fleur and Brandon Kay. Photo: Sinead Ogilvie. are more overweight and less active. They don’t walk, they drive to the supermarket, buy readymade food and are eating and drinking the wrong foods. “Today a lot of the solo parents see it as a career and see having another child as a rise in pay. There have been plenty of occasions where I have feared for the child because of the lack of maternal care and maturity I’ve seen. And that doesn’t mean because the mother is young I’ve seen wonderful 14, 15 and

16 year olds mothers who are prepared to put their children first. And so many adults who don’t.” Norma says she’s never taken for granted the privilege of attending a birth and says she will miss it dearly. “I will miss it but with friends and colleagues I plan to wean myself off it.” As for her retirement, after years of shift work Norma plans to take some time out and get her body clock back to normal.


Waimea Intermediate School student Jessica Lane walks her dog through the slalom obstacle on Friday. The school held its annual pet day, which saw children bring their animals to school for the afternoon. Dog owners participated in an agility obstacle course on the front field in the afternoon where their pet ran through hoops, under tables and over benches. Photo: Phillip Rollo.


Fossil Ridge Boutique Wines

showers direct to you! • Complete Shower Units • • Shower Door Systems • • Replacement Shower Doors • • Sliding Wardrobe Doors • • Replacement Wardrobe Doors •


The Shower Door Specialists 11a Hunt St, Richmond Ph 544-8700 • Fax 544-8706

Wine Tasting in attractive surroundings. Café Lunches in Summer, bookings welcome. 72 Hart Rd, Richmond Phone 03 544 9463 11am – 4.30pm Wed – Sun Closed Monday, Tuesday and Public Holidays

Y ou r f re s h food pe op le. FRESH NZ



. 99 10

. 99 11


. 99 10 KG





99 1 4.99 EACH

2.5 KG BAG


SAT, 8AM – 6PM

sun, 9AM –6PM







.99 9 EACH



.49 EACH



This Week

12 WEDNESDAY 18 December 2013


New Beginnings Advertorial

We are very proud to be the only care facility in the whole of Nelson to have attained a 4 year certification in the Ministry of Health Certification Audit.

An old face but new beginnings in local care home. Flaxmore Care Home, formally known as Naomi Courts Rest Home, has been caring for the Nelson community since 1992. Historically rest home level care, the home is now a specialist dementia care service. To celebrate our wonderful achievement of being the only home in Nelson to achieve a four year ministry of health certification audit, the home invited residents, relatives and the staff team to put forward their ideas for a new name that better represented the area and the home. The name Flaxmore got the community vote! “Our home is an integral part of the Nelson community so we believed it was important to have them decide on the name”, says Jackie MackenzieHowe, Care Home Manager. “Attaining our four year certification present-

Flaxmore Care Home (formerly known as Naomi Courts) nestles in the quiet, leafy suburb of Bishopdale. Our person centred, specialised dementia care service focuses on each person and their interests, preferences and individual needs. Our experienced, kind staff bring expertise and warmth to their care, and look forward to welcoming you. Give Jackie Mackenzie-Howe, our Care Home Manager a call on (03) 546 9324. Flaxmore Care Home - 8 Clifford Ave, Bishopdale

The team at Heyward Realty wishes you all a very happy and safe holiday. WANTED

Home and approx 2 acres. Rural outskirts of Richmond. RDV up to $800,000

Phone Lydia 0274 328 532


In the New Year. Low maintenance 2-3 bedroom home. Open aspect. Richmond to Wakefield. $420,000

Phone Debbie 021 462 629

WANTED 4 bedroom, 2 bathroom to $390,000 in Wakefield or Brightwater.

ed exciting opportunities for a new name”. We are proud to have been awarded a four year certification and are pleased that there is this recognised standard”, says Jackie. “It has been a team effort and I thank the wonderful team of staff at Flaxmore for their on-going expert and kind care that they provide to our residents. Our experienced team look forward to welcoming residents, their family and friends. Flaxmore nestles in the quiet, leafy suburb of Bishopdale. It features creatively landscaped gardens providing a safe, stimulating and easily accessible outdoors. It is a small 50 bed home split into three individual areas each with its own lounge and dining room. The internal layout is designed to allow freedom of movement whilst ensuring a safe environment.

Property insights Do buyers view property over the holiday period? If your home is for sale then you should be prepared to have buyers viewing your home over the holiday period, but past sales records indicate that the volume of sales over this time is very low. Real Estate agent offices and solicitors practices are usually closed for two or three weeks, making buying a little more complicated.

Phone Wendy 021 567 722


Richmond Foothills. 4 bedroom modern home. Low maintenance section. Up to $750,000

Phone Claire 027 348 3699

PH 544 5488 24 hours

Agents will only work with genuine and serious buyers and they know how to qualify buyers, so if you receive a call from your agent asking for permission to show a buyer over the holiday period then you should take it seriously. Buyers do understand that there are always extra things happening in households over the holiday period and they know that you may ask for some prior notice of a visit.

Lydia Heyward Licensed Real Estate Agent (REAA 2008)

If you are away or if you have someone staying in your home while you are away then be sure to tell your agent. They will ask for your holiday contact details just in case the perfect buyer comes along. Our office will close on Friday 20 December 2013 and reopen on Monday 6 January 2014, however all of our sales team will be available to talk with you over that period.


WEDNESDAY 18 December 2013

your local weekly

Fresh NZ Quality Mark Lamb Leg Roast

Coca-Cola, Sprite, Fanta, L&P or Lift 2.25 Litre



Tegel Frozen Chicken Size 18

$1299 kg

$1099 ea


Mars, Snickers, Bounty, M&Ms, Milky Way, Twix or Maltesers 35-55g

Pams Baby Peas 750g



Strawberries 250g Punnet Product of New Zealand

C db Cadbury Roses R Chocolates 225g

Pedigree 10 100% Nutrition 8kg

$26 69 ea

$699 ea

Gift cards are quick and easy gifts, and perfect when you’re not sure what to buy! We have a selection to suit everyone at your local Four Square.


EExport Gold or Tui 15 Pack 330ml Bottles 1


$2099 pk


Selaks Premium Selection 750ml

$99 99 9 ea

Ch i t Christmas Mixed Mi d Floral Wrap


Specials available South Island only from Monday 16th December until Sunday 22nd December 2013 or while stocks last. Wine and beer available at stores with an off licence. Wine and beer purchases restricted to persons aged 18 years old and over.



14 WEDNESDAY 18 December 2013

• Over 40 years experience

This Week

Merry Christmas WE’RE LEAVING: The year six students at Wakefield School are enjoying their last week at primary school before heading off to intermediate. They have loved their time at Wakefield School and want to thank all of their teachers for a great six years. They are hanging up their reporters hats too, but are handing over their notepads and cameras to the next eyes and ears of Wakefield School. Congratulations to the Wakefield School graduates, good luck for next year.

• Alterations • Bathroom • Kitchen • Toilet • Locally owned & operated

Prompt Response is our Priority

Registered Electrician

Chris & Steve Burton • New Homes • Commercial • Rural & Retail • Alterations • Detailed Quotes • 24hr Emergency Service

“We Guarantee Honesty, Reliability and Quality”

Thank you for your loyal support. We are on call for all requirements over the holiday season.

Ph 542 2120 or 027 542 4473

Summer in Wakefield Before you head out on holiday this summer, make sure you take the time to explore what is on offer right on your back doorstep. The village of Wakefield is full of things to see and do, from shopping destinations, recreation opportunities, sightseeing, dining out and more. Just a few minutes drive from Richmond and the perfect stepping stone on your way further south, Wakefield is one pit stop you should take before venturing further afield. With gift shops, a Four Square supermarket, tea-

rooms, a restaurant, hair salons and a local bar, you’ll find everything you need to either enjoy a holiday or get ready for one. River swimming holes are just around the corner and recreational reserve Faulkner’s Bush is the perfect place to relax.With the last service stations for 122km and a 24 hour fuel pump, you won’t be caught short either. Take a drive out to Wakefield, or stop by for a visit before heading down south. You’ll be plesantly suprised.

Merry Christmas - See you here!


l e t o H d l e fi e k a W Accoustic Rock Band Sam Wilson - Sat 28 Dec from 8pm Restaurant and Takeaways open 7 days Happy Hour 5 – 6 every day

Merry Christmas! Thank you for all your support.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year




8 Mccrae Street, wakefield

$459,000+ would you like this view from your lounge? This 180m2 brick home with a Gerard textured tile roof is being built on a 704m2 section in the lovely Pitfure subdivision, surrounded by quality homes and with a long, rural outlook to Ben Nevis and surrounding foothills. • 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms • doors open from two living areas out to the decks. • the kitchen will feature an engineered stone bench top and an induction hob • your choice of heatpump or logburner


View from the property

Sue Ketel

Phone: 03 541 8417 or 021 545 799

www. nelsontravelbroker

Ph 541 8006

Edward St, Wakefield

Please call me for more information.

Wendy Pearson 03 544 5488 24hrs Licensed Real Estate Salesperson (REAA 2008)

This Week

WEDNESDAY 18 December 2013


and a Happy New Year from Wakefield Craft market It’s back and is going to be better than ever. The annual Wakefield Craft Fair is returning for it’s 36th year. The fun event will be held on the Village Green and in the Village Hall in Wakefield 8.30am to 3.30pm on 2nd January. It will feature over

On holiday? Spend your days in the village of Wakefield and call in to one of the local businesses who are open for business. Wakefield Villa Tearooms & Giftshop are just one of the many specialty destinations you’ll find. Photo: Sinead Ogilvie.

Wakefield Auto Services Ltd 67 Whitby Road, Wakefield

Be prepared for your holiday travel Christmas travel

50 stalls that include paintings, jewellery, plants, pottery, olive oil, bulbs, woodcraft, greenstone, knitting, sewing, cothing, food products, homemade goodies all from local craftspeople. Food and other refreshments will be available.



Spring Grove 24/7 Fuel

Have your vehicle checked by our friendly technicians

Right through the Christmas Holidays

BOOK NOW PH: 03 541 8121 Steve, Wendy and the team would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas For ALL your fuel and motoring needs

Open: Mon - Thurs 7.00-6.30 Fri - 7.00-7.00 Sat - Sun 8.00-6.30 Open every day except Christmas Day

Dr Kim Hurlow to our team And

Dr Eloise Fry Back from maternity leave (Joshua pictured)

We offer all General Medical Services Accepting new enrolments


For Medical attention at any time (24 hours) phone our number (03 541 8911) and you will talk to either our Centre or Medical & Injury Service (After Hours).

• Domestic & Commercial Wiring • Maintenence & Repairs • TV Solar Experts

Wakefield Health Centre 12 Edward Street, Wakefield Phone: 03 541 8911

Merry Christmas to everyone and safe travels

Ph: 021 482 088 or 542 2328 Email:

4 Coach Place, Brightwater


Patio Heater

Every $50 or more fuel purchase goes in the Draw Winner announced on Xmas Eve

We are closed for Statutory Days and weekends over Xmas and New Year

Registered Electricians

The next Focus on Wakefield Feature will publish January 15. Send in your photos or story ideas to janina@waimeaweekly. before Wednesday January 8.

Happy Motoring & a Safe Holiday Period to all. Good Old Fashioned Service. • 24/7 Fuel available • All Mechanical Repairs & Service • WOF • Lube & Oil Change • Tyre Sales & Repairs • Chainsaw & Mower Sale & Repair Main Rd North, Wakefield

The Wakefield Health Centre staff wish everyone a safe and healthy festive season.

Ph 03 541 8444 Southfuels Card, Shell Card, Cardlink, eftpos and all major credit cards accepted.

WAKEFIELD PHARMACY Our Summer Giveaway - Be in to WIN one of two - General Concrete

- Floor Placing & Finishing

- Driveways & Paths

- Exposed Aggregate

- Stamped Concrete

- Professional Service

Wishing all of our clients a very Merry Christmas Sam 0275 811 621

F: 03 541 9081



Spend Spend $30 $20 to to go go into into the the Draw* Draw*

Doug and the girls wish you a Merry Christmas and a Healthy New Year Closed Statutory Holidays and Sundays Only

This Week

16 WEDNESDAY 18 December 2013


Ph: 543 8203

Merry Christmas

“We wish you a Merry Christmas and a happy and prosperous New Year,” from the president, vicepresident and the board, executive, management and staff of Club Waimea. A huge thank you goes out to the volunteers who help out at the club,

particularly the Courtesy Coach drivers who take time out of their Fridays and Saturdays to help out. The board, executive and management really appreciate your time and the excellent expertise that you bring to Club Waimea. Thank you.

Club Waimea member Karen Beloe with club president Jan Phipps, who presented Karen with an amazing $1000 prize for wining the TAB draw. Insert: Club manager John Hewison with member Bruce Pearson with his members draw prize. Well done to Bruce, who was ready and waiting with his membership card when his name was called.

CHRISTMAS CHEER: Santa, Santa`s helper Jan Phipps and Murray Pash with a young boy receiving his Christmas present yesterday at Club Waimea`s children’s Christmas Party. The event was a wonderful occasion attended by a great crowd of children and their families. Santa was kept very busy by the good boys and girls who were on his list for presents. Resene Resene Resene Resene High Five


Knock Out


Do you want to join the club? Join Club Waimea today and pay just $45 for a single orXResene just $80 for a Resene couple. Factor Pizazz To find out more information on the great benefits

of becoming a Club Waimea member phone us on 03 Resene Resene 543Bouquet 9179 or send us an Morning Glory email:

Member’s draw On November 21 member No.1126 was not present and the $1500 prize was not claimed. Member No.1132 was also not present and the $900 prize was not claimed. On November 28 member No.1133 was not at the club and the $1500 prize was not claimed. However, member No.632 was present and

claimed a $1000 prize. On December 5 member No.996 was not present and the $1500 was not claimed. Member No.589 was also not present and the $500 prize was not claimed. On December 12 member No.673 was not present and member No.1200 was also not present at the club, so the $600

prize was not claimed. Remember, you have got to be in to win, so don’t miss out this Thursday evening and get down to the club. Also an important note, please be aware that there will be no member‘s draw on Thursday December 26 or Thursday January 2. See you next year.

SNOOKER: Club Waimea member Nathan Geddes playing a snooker shot.

New Zealand’s most trusted paint brand Richmond Resene Hero

Resene Maestro

315 Queen Street Resene Golden Glow

Resene Home Run

Ph 544 9189 Mon - Fri 8.00 - 5.30 Sat 9.00 - 1.00

Resene Rapture

Resene Happy Hour

Panel Beating & Chassis Straightening Specialist

Resene Red Hot

Come in and check out our specials 41 McGlashen Avenue, Richmond PHONE 544 6137

OPEN 8am-5pm Monday-Friday, 8.30am-3.00pm Saturday, Open late Thursday night until 6.30pm

Tunes, services and WOF all makes and models Petrol and diesel

7 Gladstone Road,Richmond, Nelson

Ph: 544 2266

36 McGlashen Ave, Richmond Bill & Bevan Ph/ Fax 03 544 8978

This Week

WEDNESDAY 18 December 2013



Ph: 543 8203

Catering still on at Club Waimea

Book in your Christmas lunch at Club Waimea with Elizabeth Catering . If you still have not sorted out

where to go this Christmas, there is still time to make your booking. The Club or the caterers will take your booking right up until midday on Monday December 23, so there is plenty of time to ensure you won’t miss out. Please note the new ca-

tering hours for the Barnicoat Bistro are Thursday through to Sunday, open midday until closing. For all other functions please call Club Waimea or Elizabeth Catering. Club Waimea will have pies, sandwiches, toasted sandwiches, mini pizzas, chips and nuts for your requirements at all other times.

Traditional Christmas lunch What could be better than a traditional Christmas buffet lunch? Join Club Waimea on Wednesday December 25 from 11.30am to 2pm for just $60 per adult, kids six years to 12 years, $1 per year of age and kids under five eat free. There is still plenty of space avilable, but you’ll need to be quick. The menu will include: • Hot meats of all kinds with the traditional trimmings, including turkey and ham on the bone. • Cold meats such as pork, chicken and seafood.

A range of garden fresh salads, tossed salad, potato salad, coleslaw, cauliflower salad, corn, pineapple and pepper and pasta salad • Hot vegetables such as new potatoes, roast potatoes, roast kumara, roast pumpkin, minted peas, honey glazed carrots, cauliflower and broccoli cheese. • Desserts including trifle, pavlova, plum pudding, brandy snaps, lamingtons and chocolate eclair. • Tea and coffee with after dinner mints and Christmas pies. Book today by phoning 03 543 9179.

Club Waimea golf section members playing at Greenacres. Join this summer and get out on the green with likeminded people.

Upcoming Entertainment Dec 21 28 New Years Eve January 4 11

Treat yourself and book in to enjoy a traditional Christmas Lunch at Club Waimea this Xmas.

Clubs and activities to join at Club Waimea Pool

Rob Barnett

021 076 8726

Ballroom Dancing Viv Hitchcock

021 926 011

Rugby Supporters Ken Smith

544 7516


Colin Bowden

544 7819


Brendon Whitley 544 1091

Texas Hold`em Poker

Bill Mckenna

544 6166


Anne Ryder


Terry Richardson 544 5479

Sioux Line Dancers

Sue Wilson

03 528 6788


Doug George

021 0272 0641


Glenis Viersma

544 1355


Wayne Bowen

544 9766

Indoor Bowls

Athol Curtis

544 8046

Outdoor Bowls Jean McKenzie

544 7267

544 8060

Super Cheap Books English Sweets & Groceries Kitchenware Socks & Boxer Shorts Football Memorabilia Metal Signs Stockists of Autoglym

Avago Tony Wilk Tim Pannell Barry Korchski Nova

18 Damon Ward How would you like to go 25 Willy Mac to a place that offers; • Companionship • New friends to make • Lots of clubs to join • Play cards or pool • Great food at great prices • A modern safe environment • Always lots to do or a place for a quiet chat and a drink

LIVE Entertainment Every Saturday Night

Sundial Square, Richmond Ph 544 0815


18 WEDNESDAY 18 December 2013


Merry Christmas from the combined churches of Richmond and Waimea Wakefield Anglican Church

22 December Carol Service 7pm at the Worship Centre

Christmas Day Family Communion 9am at the Worship Centre

Rev Allan Wasley, Vicar Ph 541 8883

Or come at 7pm for Thursday night Church

Christmas Day Service 9.30am Sunday 22 December 10.00am

Sunday services 10am each Sunday

Christmas Eve Carol Service 7.00pm

Richmond Church of Christ

The family at Richmond Baptist Church wish everyone a blessed Christmas.

Pohutukawa photo courtesy of Kelli - Anne Eastwood

(carols at 6.45pm)

(carols at 8.45pm)

123 Salisbury Rd, Richmond

Christmas Carol Service

Sunday 22 December 10.00am The Annual Christmas Carol Service

Corner Croucher & Darcy Streets

Jesus is the greatest gift

Hope Community Church


Why celebrate Ch Why is the birth of s who was born 2,00 ago still celebrated dreds of millions o the world over? Simply because Jesu is the only person history who has pro pable of transformi vidual lives, of infl nations and offering us for the future. He is unique. So m pects of his life were in amazing detail h of years before he w powerful evidence t dates the credibility pernatural inspirat the scriptures. On scholar wrote that t as many as 456 pas the Old Testament t

Carols by Candle Light 9pm Thursday 19 Dec

Christmas Services

Christmas Eve “Midnight at Nine” 9pm at St Johns


All welcome as we celebrate Christ’s birth together

Grace Photo


WEDNESDAY 18 December 2013

hy celebrate Christmas?

hristmas? someone 00 years by hunof people

us Christ in all of oved caing indifluencing g hope to

many ase foretold hundreds was born, that valiy and suation of ne Jewish there are ssages in that give

details of his family tree, his miraculous birth, his birthplace of Bethlehem, his miracles, details of his sufferings and crucifixion and his resurrection. Many who heard him speak were astonished and asked, “Where did this man get his wisdom?” An officer who was sent to arrest him said, “No man ever spoke like this man!” Pilate who tried him said, “I find no fault in him!” A Roman soldier who supervised his crucifixion said, “Truly this was the Son of God!” The apostle Paul who, prior to writing most of the New Testament was a former persecutor of Christians and hater of Jesus, had a dramatic

life changing encounter and declared “He is indeed the Son of God!” In fact he said, “Yes everything else is worthless when compared with the infinite value of knowing Christ Jesus my Lord.” Jesus himself said “I am the way, the truth and the life. No one can come to the Father except through me!” Research polls reveal a wide range of responses when people are asked their thoughts about who Jesus is. Some say he was an ancient philosopher, others a great religious leader, an influential social reformer, a good man, a prophet or ‘the Son of God.’ Jesus also loved asking searching questions, not because he didn’t know the an-

swers, but because he wanted us to discover how to live lives with meaning and purpose. He also asked people the same question. “Who do people say I am?” He then followed it up with, “But who do you say I am?” This is a question that still challenges us and demands an honest response as it is undoubtedly the most important question you can ask yourself as you discover the true reason for why we celebrate Christmas and the birth of Christ. He more than any other gives credibility in dealing with the real questions of life: questions of origin, meaning, morality, and destiny. Think about it!

Ross and Yvonne Ferguson, senior leaders and pastors Richmond Community Church.


11 Florence Street, Richmond Worship Services Sunday 22 – 9.30am Carol Service Christmas Day – 9.00am Christmas Service

GRACE CHURCH 10-11am Sunday 22 Dec Wednesday 25 Dec Headingly Centre Headingly Lane Phone 544 8387

Brightwater Christmas Services Sunday 22 Dec St Michael’s traditional service 8.30am 10am St Pauls Contemporary service Christmas Eve service Carols at 10pm St Paul’s

e Church have erected a giant, illuminated star on top of the Richmond Hills for Christmas. o: Phillip Rollo.

Christmas Day service 8:30am St Michael’s at Waimea West 10am St Paul’s church hall

Waimea Methodist Parish

Christmas Day Services Richmond 9am 4 Wensley Rd (opp TDC) Wakefield 10am cnr Edward & Arrow Sts All Welcome

Enquiries Ph 544-8394

Christmas @ Holy Trinity Celebrate Christmas with us

Christmas Eve Tuesday 24 December 4.00pm Family Carols & Christmas Story 11.30pm Traditional Candlelight Carols & Communion Christmas Day Wednesday 25 December 9.00am Christmas Day Celebration & Communion 11.30am Community Christmas Dinner @ Richmond School Hall

You are invited to join with us You are invitedEve to joinService with us Christmas Celebrating (for all ages) Celebrating Christmas 7pm Christmas 10.00am

Celebrating Christ 10.00am

Giving thanks to God for thanks to God for the Giving greatest gift ever given! Holy Trinity Anglican Church 27 Dorset St Richmond Phone: 544 8844 email:

the greatest gift ever given! 243 Richmond 243Queen Queen St, St, Richmond Waring Carpark (Behind No. 1 Shoes) Waring Carpark (Behind No. 1 Shoes)


20 WEDNESDAY 18 December 2013


Christmas H

SCISSOR ART • Hair • Beauty • Massage

for their support over the last year. Merry Christmas and mobility4you a Happy New Year! Craftsman S IN SMALL -JOB CIALISING SALES - SERVICE RENTALS SPE PLUMBER Craftsman Closed: 22 Dec - 9 Jan PLUMBER Thanking all our customers

Was $146, Now $68 Includes colour care and repair shampoo, conditioner, conditioning spray & serum.

Phone for appointments

Registered Drainlayer Baby&Mobility PLUMBER Thanking allHIRE our customers

Thanking all our customers Carseats | Push Chairs | High Chairs for their support over Cots | Porta Cots | Bassinets the last year. Mobility Scooters | Walking Frames Merry Christmas and Lift Chairs | Wheelchairs | Power Chairs a Happy New Year!

KEUNE 2013 Xmas Gift Pack

Ph: 542 3839

Craftsman PLUMBER Craftsman Registered Drainlayer

Closed Stat days and 27 December

56 Ellis St, Brightwater

With the Christmas season just around the corner, local businesses would like to keep you up to date with the hours they will be open and available over the holiday period and extend their good wishes for a happy and safe Christmas and New Year!

Closed: 22 Dec - 9 Jan

Closed Stat days only We wish you all Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Now oPEN SATuRdAyS 269 Queen St Richmond

Ph 544 6603

Registered Drainlayer Servicing all areas including Brightwater and Wakefield

Craftsman PLUMBER

Registered Drainlayer

for their support over Thanking all our customers the last year.Drainlayer Registered for their support over Merry Christmas and 4 Coach Place, Brightwater the lastThanking year. our customers Happyall New Year! Pha 027 5423 343 or A/H 542 3343 Merry Christmas and for their support Servicing allover areas including Brightwater and Wakefield Closed: 22 Dec 9 a Happy New Year! the last year. Jan Merry Christmas and Closed: 22 SPE Dec -CIA 9 Jan IN SMALL JOBS ING LIS a Happy New Year! Great for kids parties, fundraisers, events and functions


Servicing all areas including Brightwater Bouncy Castles Kids ATV Quad JOBS and Wakefield ALLJan We wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Sumo HappyWrestling New Year ING IN22 Closed: 20 SM Dec CIALIS SPE Closed: Dec -- 69 Jan Bikes Gladiator Theme Castles Servicing all areas including Brightwater and Wakefield Bouncy Castles Kids ATVCastles Quad Sumo Wrestling Obstacle Slide Castles Bouncy Boxing SPECIALISING IN SMALL JOBS Bikes Gladiator Theme Castles Water Walkers Servicing all areas including Brightwater and Wakefield Obstacle Castles Slide Castles Bouncy Boxing

Merry Christmas! 4 Coach Brightwater 4 Place, Coach Place, Brightwater Have a safe & happy new year

Water Walkers

Ph 027 5423 343 or A/H 542 3343 4 Coach Place, Brightwater Ph 027 5423 343 or A/H 542 3343

We would like to wish all our customers a safe and merry Christmas. We will be closed on the statutory days only.

544 5885

3 McPherson St, Richmond

you in 2014 Ph 027 5423 343 or A/HSee 542 3343

4 Coach Place, Brightwater Ph 027 5423 343 or A/H 542 3343

We wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a safe and happy New Year

s Hours


WEDNESDAY 18 December 2013

and Greetings


• Wheelie Bins

Wishing everyone a safe and happy Christmas and Festive Season

Waimea Weekly

Merry Xmas and have a safe New Year from the team at Waste Management Wishing everyone a Happy Christmas and a safe New Year

Your Community Newspaper

Open Every Day Except Christmas Day

Our office will be closed between Friday 20 December and Monday 6 January

Phone orders welcome

6 Salisbury Rd, Richmond Ph 03 544 9037 100% locally owned & operated

544 0203

Sundial Square Richmond

Christmas day pickup will be done on Saturday 28th December New years day pick ups will be done on Saturday 4th January Please have bins out By 7am

Open 7 Days 11am - Late

C Sta lose tD d ays

Under New Management For good, old fashioned, real home made food, freshly made on the premises

Ph: 548 1166

Need CateRiNg iN 2014?

Tasman District Council Office & Service Centres holiday hours

Salads for BBQ’s & our popular Platters or Burgers

Tasman District Council and its Services Centres in Richmond, Motueka, Takaka and Murchison will be closed over the Christmas and New Year period.

including • Sushi • Savouries • Club Sandwiches • Mini Wraps • Homemade Slices • Scones • Filled Rolls • Burgers • Gluten free & vegetarian options available. Delivery can be arranged.

Richmond, Takaka and Motueka: Closes at 3.00 pm on Tuesday 24 December 2013 and reopens at 8.00 am on Monday 6 January 2014.

Phone Monique to discuss your needs.

4 Cargill Pl, Richmond (off Beach Rd)


544 8625

M: 021 234 9918

VISIT OUR WEBSITE Wishing you a Happy Christmas and a great New Year.



Please call me with any travel enquiries over the Christmas break.


Kelly Bowater

Murchison: Closed Wednesday 25 and Thursday 26 December 2013 and reopens Friday 27 December 2013. Closed Wednesday 1 January and Thursday 2 January 2014, and reopens again on Friday 3 January 2014. At all times over the Christmas/New Year break the Council’s 24-hour phone service will be operating. To contact the Council during this time, just phone your local Council Service Centre.

ays from Happy Htroiclit dCouncil Tasman Dis

Ph: 03 5444 622 E:

24 Hour Assistance

The Ezy Way to Travel

Richmond Murchison Motueka Takaka


Wai mea West Joinery Ltd Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

03 543 8400 03 523 1013 03 528 2022 03 525 0020

Seasons Greetings from Jessie Sutton & Kirsty Glasgow

Closed from 20 December Re-opening 15 January 2014

Contact: Alan & Kathy Gibbs • 111 Beach Road, Richmond Ph: (03)544 0177 •

30 Minute Fitness & Weight Loss Centre Hours from Monday 23 December - Mon, Tues & Fri 6am to noon, Sat 8am to 11am. Closed Public Holidays & Sundays. Normal hours resume Monday 6 January.

3 Elms Street, Wakatu Estate, Stoke Ph 541 0710

*Conditions apply. Starts 28 December 2013.

22 WEDNESDAY 18 December 2013

This Week

Eye-catching festive displays

txt us your view 027 UR VOICE

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Paula Taplin with her Christmas window display at the Salvation Army. Photo: Simon Bloomberg.

It doesn’t have too many traditional Christmas colours and there’s no sign of any tinsel but the Christmas display in the Richmond Salvation Army Store’s front window is certainly making a big impression on shoppers on Queen St. Store manager Paula Taplin has designed and created Christmas trees and decorations mostly out of driftwood she and her mother Anne Taplin collected from the Marlborough Sounds and the result is eye-catching. The display is also designed to send the message that Christmas doesn’t have to be about buying expensive presents. “The only things we had to buy for it was some popcorn and nylon string,” Paula says. “We wanted to say you don’t have to spend a lot of money at Christmas to enjoy it.” Paula says she and Anne started collecting driftwood a couple of months ago and then her father John helped out with making the trees. Paula put the finishing touches to the display which occupies most of the store’s front window. “My mother always get roped into helping me out with things so she and I started collecting the driftwood. We had so much dad started complaining about all this wood lying around the place, he was pleased when we started making decorations.” The popcorn and paper has been sued to make snowflakes while a constellation of stars have been made from paper from old books. The Salvation Army’s decorations were entered into Richmond Unlimited’s Decorate 2 Win competition for Christmas shop window displays. The winners were to be announced later this week.

s t m i Mo r a h s C re than

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Oakwoods’ craft queen

Seventy nine year old Jeanne Taylor is what you’d call a bit of a craft queen. A well known crochet master at Oakwoods resthome where she is a resident, she is always making something and staff say her work is admired. A refurbishment happening in the resthome has required Jeanne to move to another room, so her belongings had to be packed up including an extensive collection of craftwork. Diversional therapist Bev Inwood says staff saw it as the perfect opportunity to show off a “very talented lady’s craft” and her work was showcased at the front entrance to the resthome. Jeanne has entered garments in the World of Wearable Arts competition in its early days and she has entered many competitions across different countries when she and her husband travelled to England, Europe, America and Australia. She has also had exhibitions of her work in those countries. Bev describes Jeanne’s creativity as astounding. “She is always making something, be it fairies, scarves or showing the residents how to felt, there is always a project on the go. Just a few weeks ago she completed a crocheted garment that was sent to a competition in England. We just found out it was judged best in show.” Jeanne says she doesn’t think she’ll ever stop being creative and she enjoys seeJeanne Taylor is known as Oakwood’s “craft queen”. ing a finished product that she’s created JInc-Ad-xmas-2013-Waimea-Weekly-180x260-AD3.pdf 10/12/13 11:26:57 PM at the end. Photo: Sinead Ogilvie.

WEDNESDAY 18 December 2013 St Paul’s ladies Rosemary Heatherbell, Adrienne Matthews, Rita Tyrie, Kay Werner, Joy Byrne, Alice Conning, Ellie Smeaton and Bev Marsh have been busy over the past month, decorating the church in Brightwater with a variety of Christmas themes. It is open to the public until tomorrow afternoon.

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24 WEDNESDAY 18 December 2013







New Store open in Richmond KMart Centre




Nelson’s award winning café has arrived in amazing achievement to be acknowledged Columbus Richmond and it couldn’t have come at a in the industry, it is even better to receive Coffee will be in Richmond and that has better time. Well known for their service, the day to day compliments that Trudi, Ian come as a welcome surprise says Trudi. laughter and above all else great coffee, Columbus Coffee owners Trudi and Ian Brassfield have proven that they have the recipe for success when it comes to local hospitality. It’s an exciting time for the duo, who have jumped at the opportunity to open up a new café in Richmond. The doors to their new business based out of the Kmart complex are now open and they are looking forward to building on the fantastic name they have made for themselves around town. Their new café is modern, spacious and is unique while in keeping with the character of Columbus Coffee. Based in the hub of Richmond’s CBD, they are open from 7am to 5.30pm for breakfast, brunch, lunch and a wide variety of cabinet food. Over the past three years Trudi and Ian’s Morrison Square café, Columbus Coffee Trudi and Ian Brassfield and their new team at Columbus Coffee Richmond proudly has flourished. They’ve received a multi- welcome the local community to head into their new cafe in the Kmart complex. Photo: tude of awards for their efforts, including Sinead Ogilvie. the supreme award at the Columbus Coffee franchise awards last year. While it is an and the team do and it’s one of the reasons “We didn’t realise just how many of our they’ve decided to share the love customers live in Richmond but work in and open up a new branch. town, and vice versa so they are very happy “The amount of positive feedback that they’ll be able to get their Columbus we get is amazing, it really is. We’ve fix from the new store too.” enjoyed it so much, so it is exciting They’ve employed upwards of 8 new staff to be able to offer Richmond the to work in the new café, but the current same service.” Nelson team will also get to work at the Their existing customers have all new store, alongside Trudi and Ian. Reguexpressed their excitement that lars shouldn’t be worried that they’ll miss their favourite staff member though as the teams will frequently rotate, ensuring all new and current regulars are kept happy. “As well as the staff, Ian and I will split our time equally between the Bidvest two stores, so our customFoodservice ers will always see a familiar face no matter which café Proud to support Columbus Coffee they go to.” Proud to support Columbus Coffee That familiarity is one of the reasons Columbus Coffee Nelson has done so well. 93 Bolt Road, Tahunanui, Nelson The team takes huge pride in being able to offer all round excellence when it comes to customer service. As well as one of the best coffees

Phone 547 5349

Ph: 03 525 9209

Locally Owned • Choose from our extensive brunch menu or delicious home-made cabinet food.

Drop in for a coffee and a bite to eat at our exciting new store in Richmond Open 7 days Unit 5 184-186 Queen Street, Richmond • Ph: 544 6485

in town, they make a true effort to get to know their customers. “We really love our regulars and each of us has formed great relationships with them. We know exactly what their favourite drink is, before they’ve even reached the counter.” A great example of that was a Christmas card the team recently received, which was from a regular who sang their praises. It was signed ‘Julie - single-shot mocha, takeaway cup, extra hot – “that was special because she knew we would know exactly who she was just by the name of her drink.” “We and our staff treat customers as though they have just walked into our home and we’ve sat them down onto the couch. We serve consistently good coffee and great food because that is what people want.” With the new store right in the heart of a huge growth area, Ian knows they are onto a good thing. “We recognise that Richmond is getting busier and busier. The whole place is just buzzing at the moment so we are really excited to be a part of that.” With polished concrete floors, a living wall of plants, modern interior and plenty of outdoor seating, Columbus Coffee Richmond is going to be a place everyone will want to experience. And with the added bonus of free parking, customers will find visiting so convenient. The café is also on Richmond’s shopping ‘golden mile’ Queen St, with the mall just a stone’s throw away across the car park. The style of the café is a bit different from the one in Morrison Square, but all of the values and service standards that Trudi and Ian are known for will stay, and the ‘Columbus’ style of doing things will be a focal point. They’ve had trainers down to work with all of the new staff, teaching them the Columbus Coffee way of doing things, so expect to be impressed when you visit. The doors are open now to the brand new Columbus Coffee in Richmond. Trudi, Ian and the team welcome locals to head in, check out their new space and try their fantastic coffee. Visit them for breakfast, grab a quick coffee or rest your feet after a hard day of Christmas shopping for some afternoon tea.

Proud to support Columbus Coffee

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Your Voice

Thank you: I wanted to write and thank you personally for an outstanding article regarding our gridiron. You definitely have an expertise for writing interesting news, and we are very grateful for your time! I wish you a very peaceful holidays! Mark Rais

On behalf of the Nelson Bays Tennis Association, I would like to wish you a Merry Christmas and to thank you for your support this year reporting on tennis events in our lovely region. Media support at a local level is invaluable in developing tennis in the Tasman area. Ali McQullian, regional coordinator NBTA. Hey thanks so much for that, and a huge thank you for all your wonderful time spent taking some of the photos and getting the article in the paper : ) Have a great day. Mike Johnston, Tasman Swim Club. Grace Church shortbread and cross: Thank you so much to Grace Church for putting a free family day on Sunday 15th December. The berries and icecream, hotdogs, candy floss, cake, and rides were just some of the things we enjoyed. Me, my partner and our toddler came away feeling so blessed. Joanne Bensemann.

Yes - I spotted it when we drove home from town last night. We live in Stoke and I could see it from there. Tania Brunell.

Mall car parking: I enjoy shopping at the Richmond Mall, but surely this is a case of ‘privatising the profits, while socialising the costs’. Increasing mall profits by getting retailers/employees to park on the surrounding street thereby increasing customer numbers. But imposing a parking problem on the Richmond Kindergarten 200-300 metres away. Isn’t it Richmond Mall’s obligation to provide sufficient carparking at their place of business? anon Lot more cars parked down Elizabeth St than usual. Tania Wastney. That means theirs a time limit on people at houses they visit there maybe the home owners should protest at the kindy instead off been onesided. Terry Beach. Well they should take off the time limit in the shopping mall

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WEDNESDAY 18 December 2013

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car parks then maybe there wouldn’t b a problem for the kindy dropssss offs like if u work more than 2.5 hours a day ya work in the mall and u park in there u could have a fine from just being over the 2.5 if u have more hours are work. What is the world coming to theses days soon you will not even aloud to fart in public. Kelly Brennan. Polluted slipways: I’m totally gobsmacked that the problem with antifouling at the region’s slipways has only just been noticed the pollution didn’t just happen overnight. Surely routine monitoring is carried out, if not, why not?

Come on Mr Bryant, chair for the Environment and Planning committee, fess up, why wasn’t this addressed when it was detected earlier in the year in the preliminary study? This time of year when people are anti-fouling their boats means the gross pollution - 100 times higher than national guidelines is likely to be a significant underestimate of the true problem but worse, to leave it until next year before acting is totally irresponsible. A collaborative approach with facility users and council needs to be addressed immediately, even if this means council initially pays for the clean-up recouping costs from users later. Sue Wilson.

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Nelson sailor and Waimea College coach Josh Edmonds won the Laser radial section in Nelson Haven. Photo: Marc Palmano/Shuttersport.

Hometown sailors dominate SI comp It was a clean sweep for Nelson sailors at the South Island Laser Championships over the weekend. Laura Harding won the Laser 4.7 class, Josh Edmonds won the Laser radial class and Paul McNabb won the Laser standard class. The two day regatta was raced in Nelson and race officer Geoff Pitcaithly says it was great sailing conditions. “We could not have got better sailing condi-


Ticket Classes & Prices

Tickets available from Whitwells Motueka, Fresh Choice Takaka, Richmond Mall, Theatre Royal, Nelson i-Site, New World Nelson, Nelson School of Music, Hampden Hotel Murchison.

Online at or phone TicketDirect 0800 224 224 MATCHDAY SPONSOR

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tions, it was perfect on both days.” The competition was a good warm up for the local sailors who will host the country’s best when the Nelson Yacht Club hosts the Laser national championships in mid-January, says Geoff. “The numbers weren’t huge for the South Island champs which took the gloss off it a bit but we’re expecting much bigger for the nationals. We’re probably looking around 100 boats for that,” he says.


WEDNESDAY 18 December 2013

Cricket girls off to Christchurch A season playing against the boys is sure to make the Nelson-Otago secondary school girls team battled-hardened ahead of this week’s tournament in Christchurch. Five players from the Nelson Ladies rep team, which competes in the local boys college grade, have formed the Nelson-Otago side for the Canterbury Secondary School Regional Tournament this week, with a handful of girls coming up from Otago to help with the numbers. The team went to the same competition last year, losing all four games, and coach Warren Brown admits it will be a tough assignment yet again. “It’s the wider Canterbury region and the team we’re playing with is made up of half Otago girls and half Nelson girls just due to the other commitments of our girls,” says Warren. “A lot of the Otago girls that have come up are really young because there’s also an under 21 tournament on

at the same time.” Canterbury will field two Metro sides, while Canterbury Country, Mid Canterbury and South Canterbury will also take part. Warren, who also coaches the Nelson Ladies side, admits numbers in the region were low but says Nelson Cricket has been hugely supportive towards women’s cricket. “It’s hard work to be honest but we do have two or three girls who are really good and some of them have played men’s senior cricket which isn’t bad for 15 year old girls.” Because of the low numbers, the girls are a regular fixture in the local boys college grade, but Warren believes that has made them better players. “It’s great playing the guys because it’s either do-or-die. We’re coming down here and we know none of the girls can bowl as fast as the college boys and they can’t hit the ball as hard. So if you can compete with them you’ll do quite well.”

Seasons Greetings

Nelson Ladies cricket players Claudia Green and Julia Edwards walk off the pitch following Saturday’s loss to Garin College. Photo: Phillip Rollo.

s a xm

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28 WEDNESDAY 18 December 2013


Fishing with

Nelson Dawnbreakers Fishing Club December has generally been a month of a few missed fishing weekends due to windy weather which is typical for this time of year. The weekend just gone was a stunner and hopefully the weather will start to generally improve as Christmas fast approaches and looking at the long range forecast for this weekend, fine with light winds, boat ramps around the region should see plenty of action. The water temperature is on the rise in Tasman Bay with some snapper spawning now and on the increase over the next few weeks. There have been good snapper caught in the middle of the bay and once more fish spawn the slightly bigger fish will move in closer to shore, just in time for the holidays. There are heaps of pannies about down both the Boulder Bank and Rabbit Island. Large schools of kahawai have been seen in the cut this week, and it would be well worth while to start trolling the Boulder Bank for kingfish from now on. Kenepuru has produced some large snapper in the last two weeks but fishing is still quite patchy. The Marlborough Sounds Area opens this month for blue cod on December 20. Below are rules pertaining to this area that everyone should be aware of when fishing there. Marlborough Sounds Area > This area will be closed to blue cod fishing from 1 September until 19 December (inclusive) each year to protect the core spawning season. > Within this area, fishers can only take or possess 2 blue cod per fisher at any one time. This applies even if you caught the fish over more than

Aimee Hayes and Celia McMillan collected a handful of medals each at the recent Commonwealth Powerlifting Championship. Photo: Phillip Rollo.

DBFC stalwart Ron Prestage with a couple of nice Tasman Bay snapper caught on a longline. one day, fished outside the Marlborough Sounds Area, or you are transporting the fish through the area. > You can only have blue cod between 30cm and 35cm long. > You must not fillet blue cod unless you eat them immediately. Any blue cod eaten form part of your daily limit. > You must not use more than 2 hooks per fishing line when fishing for any finfish species (excluding longlines). > Fishers staying in baches or living aboard vessels are not exempt from these regulations and may only land or transport by sea 2 whole or gutted blue cod on any one day. Maud Island > No finfish of any species can be taken. For more information on the new rules and how they protect blue cod for future generations to enjoy, visit

Power Angels shine at Commonwealths Celia McMillan and Aimee Hayes are used to lifting heavy objects, but they still noticed the extra weight when posing for a photo with their championship multiple medals on Monday. The two Richmond women, who refer to themselves as the Power Angels, tasted success at their first ever international powerlifting competition, with Celia breaking Commonwealth records en route to her gold medal performance at the Commonwealth Powerlifting Championship in Manukau. Celia, who was entered in the under 52kg weight class, lifted a combined total of 385kg to take out the championship ahead of international opponents. Her 385kg was made up of 137.5kg squat, 95kg benchpress and 152.5kg deadlift. Aimee was second in the under 63kg weight class and lifted 167.5kg for squat, 67.5kg for bench and 142.5kg for deadlift making a combined total of 377.5kg. Overall there were 500 competitors at the competition, with some lifting until 2:30am.

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The pair won a bunch of medals between them and are now eyeing the world champs in Denver next year if they can obtain sponsorship. Celia and Aimee would like to thank coach Craig McMillan for his mentoring prior to the competition. A powerlifting competition will be held at Evolve Fitness early next year and anyone keen to be coached can contact Aimee on 027 337 7017.

Bridget Budget answers your questions

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fighting about money. My partner hates the idea of having a budget, but I think it is a good way to plan for bills. What are some other good reasons for having a budget? A: Having a budget is just about knowing how you are going to spend your money. Here are some reasons why having a plan for your money is a good idea:  Agreeing on a spending plan together will significantly reduce the financial stress in your relationship  Bills are not stressful. There will be money set aside for the things that you have to pay for: (rent/ mortgage, power, food, utilities, loans etc)  You will become more aware of the things you are spending your money on- Is it what you really want?  You will be more likely to achieve your financial goals (saving for a house deposit, buying car, going on holiday, going to study etc) You will have some money set aside for entertainment / hobbies You will be more financially prepared for the unexpected (redundancy, illness, accidents etc.) You will be more likely to become debt free and avoid bad debt

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WEDNESDAY 18 December 2013


ODI close to sell-out Phillip Rollo

West Indies stars Chris Gayle and Kieran Pollard have been ruled out of the ODI series, but cricket fans have still been quick to snap up tickets to Nelson’s first ever cricket international match. The Black Caps will host West Indies on January 4 – the first time both teams have ever played an international here. The significance of the match, played at the peak of the summer holidays and featuring the highest profile New Zealand sports team to ever play in Nelson, has made it the hottest ticket in town and already “72 per cent” of them have been sold, according to New Zealand Cricket. Temporary seating has increased the capacity of Saxton Oval to 5500 and match manager Neville Male says the stands are selling well. “And


certainly the general admission ticket sales are also indicating there is sufficient interest and what we’re hoping for is a sell-out,” he says. “As much as we’ve had Super Rugby games, this would have to be the most important sporting occasion we’ve had in Nelson and that’s significant in its own right.” New Zealand and West Indies are currently two tests through their ANZ International Series and the Nelson match will be the fourth of five one day internationals. Saxton Oval was granted international accreditation just months ago, following the announcement it would be a host venue for the ICC Cricket World Cup in 2015.

Tickets went on sale early last week at an affordable price, and not too dissimilar to first class domestic prices. Nelson Cricket Association chairman David Leonard says he will be surprised if it’s anything short of a sell out as this is the biggest sporting event to ever be played in our sunny city. “With the capacity we’ve got we’d be confident this will sell-out. This is massive. It’s the beginning of a new era for Nelson Cricket.” Ticket prices range from $13 for a child, $23 for a senior or student, and $43 for an adult, but there are family options available too, including two adults and two children for $85 or one adult and two children for $55. Tickets for the Black Caps versus West Indies match can be purchased on All Blacks prop Ben Franks with Liam Peters, 8, of Stoke and Jeen Salton, 11, of Richmond, at Franks Brothers Crossfit on Friday evening. Ben was in town to promote the gym that has just opened at City Fitness on Quarantine Rd and gave an inspirational speech on goal setting and his experiences as a professional rugby player. Photo: Sinead Ogilvie.







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30 WEDNESDAY 18 December 2013


Dragons survive comeback to seal title The United Dragons comprise of mainly Broadgreen Intermediate School students with two from Tapawera Area School. By winning Saturday’s final, United now qualify for a South Island tournament min Christchurch which they won last season.

The unbeaten Eagles have gone down 7-5 to the United Dragons in Saturday’s Under-13 softball final, and the match wasn’t short of drama. A score complication eventually saw United awarded the victory, although the Eagles had claims for a 5-all draw. The Dragons, who had lost to the Eagles in round three, started the better of the two finalists in the Rookie Sox League for Year 7 and 8s, but a Ben Adlington home run with loaded bases saw the Marty Grant-coached Eagles swoop back into contention late in the game. Dragons coach Dave Morel says the first two innings were definitely going his team’s way, but admits things got intense in the third. “They ended up scoring the five runs and then we went into the fourth innings before we ran out of time so it converted back to the third innings score of 7-5.” Dave says the boys were “absolutely rapt” with the win. “Our other junior team the Rangers won their very first game yesterday and that means they came third, so it was a United victory all around on Saturday.”

Above: Eagles player Ben Adlington is mobbed by his team mates after hitting a home run. Left: United Dragons player Hayden Burns in action during the Rookie Sox League final. Photos: Evan Barnes/ Shuttersport.

 

New Home

Shaane Fulton, of Hope, leads the group around a bend at the final Village Cycles Junior Road Race Series of the year. The series is held for children and teenagers and gives them an opportunity to race against each other before making the step up to racing with the Tasman Wheelers. The races started on Aniseed Valley Rd and finished on Aniseed Hill Summit after four laps of the course. Shaane won the A grade girls section and Bailey Ford won the boys A grade. Photo: Andrew Board.

Show Home

     

 

 

Tasman Bay Sportfishing Guide Nelson Tides

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Dec 18

Dec 19

Dec 20

Dec 21

Dec 22

Dec 23

Dec 24



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L 4:58 0.8 L 17:14 0.7 L 5:33 0.8 L 17:49 0.7 H 0:05 3.8 H 12:29 4.0 H 0:43 3.8 H 13:03 4.0 H 1:20 3.7 H 13:37 3.9 H 1:58 3.7 H 14:14 3.8 H 2:37 3.6 H 14:54 3.6 H 11:22 4.0 H 23:27 3.8 H 11:56 4.1 L 6:06 0.8 L 18:23 0.7 L 6:39 0.8 L 18:59 0.8 L 7:12 0.8 L 19:37 0.9 L 7:47 0.9 L 20:17 1.0 L 8:26 1.0 L 21:02 1.1 Rise 5:49 Set 20:57

Sun Fishing Guide



Best Times



Rise 5:49 Set 20:58


Best Times



Rise 5:49 Set 20:58


Best Times



Rise 5:50 Set 20:59


Best Times



Rise 5:50 Set 20:59


Best Times



Rise 5:51 Set 21:00


Best Times



Rise 5:51 Set 21:00 Ok

Best Times




Set 6:26 Rise 21:18

Set 7:19 Rise 21:58

Set 8:13 Rise 22:34

Set 9:09 Rise 23:07

Set 10:06 Rise 23:37

Set 11:03


Light SW becoming moderate W

Moderate W turning SE

Light E turning W

Moderate W

Moderate W easing to light SE

Light SW becoming moderate W

Moderate W easing


SW 1.6 m increasing to 2.4 m

SW 2.3 m

SW 1.9 m decreasing to 1.4 m

SW 2.1 m

SW 2.3 m

SW 1.6 m increasing to 2.6 m

SW 2.4 m decreasing to 1.4 m

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MazDa 3 Glx 2009 Even though this Mazda 3 hatch has done a few kms it’s still in very tidy condition. It’s NZ new and was last owned by a night watch security firm, hence the fast mileage. It’s powered by a 2.0 litre motor and is automatic with tiptronic option. The interior is in tidy condition. It also has ABS brakes, 6 airbags, CD, air conditioning, remote locking and electric windows and mirrors.

hoNDa Jazz sporT 2009 Its not hard to see why these Honda Jazz Sport’s are so popular. They are well appointed and have an excellent fuel rating. This is NZ new. Powered by a peppy 1500cc motor and is automatic. The interior is in immaculate condition. It also has 8 airbags, CD, cruise control, towbar, remote locking, air conditioning, electric windows and mirrors and factory alloys.


MazDa 6 sporT lTD 2007 I think this Mazda 6 Sport Ltd liftback is an absolute gem. It’s NZ new and had 1 owner. It’s the top of the line Ltd model so it has many features. It’s powered by a chain driven 2.3 litre motor and is auto. The interior is in immaculate condition and very roomy with full leather trim. It also has 8 airbags, ABS brakes, climate air conditioning, cruise control, CD, remote locking with 2 keys, sunroof, rear spoiler and factory alloys.



ToyoTa corolla Gl haTch 2007 The Toyota Corolla legacy just keeps rolling on here in NZ and would be the most popular small hatch to be sold in this country. It’s powered by a 1.8 litre chain driven motor (so NO cambelt) and is 5 speed manual. The interior is in very tidy condition. It also has ABS brakes, airbags, CD, electric front windows and mirrors and remote locking.



MiTsubishi colT sporT auTo 2007 NZ new and had 1 owner. Its powered by a nippy 1500cc motor and is automatic. The interior is also in very tidy condition. It also has ABS brakes, airbags, CD, airconditioning, tinted glass, factory alloys, electric windows and mirrors and remote locking. The paintwork is also in very tidy condition for its year and mileage.

hyuNDai GeTz auTo haTch 2008 It seems everybody these days wants fuel economy, good looks and comfort. Well this has all 3. It’s NZ new and had 2 owners. Powered by a 1600cc motor and is automatic. The interior is quite roomy and very tidy. It also has ABS brakes, airbags, air conditioning, remote locking, CD, electric windows and mirrors, factory alloy wheels.



NissaN MaxiMa si 2009 If you are in the market for a Ford Falcon or a Holden Commodore, then you should do yourself a favour and test drive a Maxima. They also have plenty of power, comfort and heaps of interior room. This one is NZ new and had 1 owner. It’s powered by a grunty 3.5 litre V6 and is automatic with tiptronic option. The interior is in very tidy condition. It also has ABS brakes, airbags, CD, climate air conditioning, cruise control, electric windows and mirrors, remote locking, factory 16 inch alloys and a towbar.


$12,980 MiTsubishi ouTlaNDer ls aWD 2006 Buying an SUV with AWD for under $15000 isn’t always easy, but here we have one. It’s NZ new and had 1 owner. It’s powered by a 2.4 litre chain driven motor (So NO cambelt) and is automatic with tiptronic option. The interior is quite spacious and in tidy condition. It also has airbags, ABS brakes, CD, remote locking, electric windows and mirrors, roof rails and tinted glass.

MiTsubishi ouTlaNDer ls aWD 2010 If you are in the market for an AWD SUV that still drives like a car and not like a dray, then this is for you. It’s NZ new and had 1 owner. It’s powered by a 2.4 litre chain driven motor (so NO cambelt) and is auto with tiptronic option. It can be driven in 2WD, Auto 4WD or 4WD depending on the conditions. The interior is in tidy condition. It also has 8 airbags, ABS brakes, CD, electric windows and mirrors, keyless entry, cruise control, air conditioning, factory alloys, roof rails, removable tongue towbar and tinted glass.


$19,980 NissaN Navara 2WD D/cab 2010 This Nissan Navara RX ute is 2WD but looks like a 4WD. It’s NZ and had 2 owners. It’s an ex NZ Post delivery ute. It’s powered by a 2.5 litre turbo diesel and is 6 speed manual. The interior is in tidy condition. It also has ABS brakes, airbags, air conditioning, CD, bullbar, factory alloys, canopy with side opening windows, rear alloy bars and a towbar.


holDeN coMMoDore calais 2001 An oldy but still a goody. This has been in the same Nelson family from new. This is the luxury model of the Commodore range. Powered by a grunty 3.8 litre V6 and is auto. The interior is in very tidy condition and has full grey leather. It also has 4 airbags, ABS brakes, traction control, cruise control, 10 disc CD, electric windows and mirrors, remote locking with 2 keys, factory alloys, and a towbar.



ToyoTa yaris haTch, auTo 2008 This Toyota Yaris is the 5 door hatch, powered by a peppy chain driven (so NO cambelt) 1500cc motor and is automatic. The interior is very spacious and in immaculate condition. It also has ABS brakes, 6 airbags, CD, airconditioning, remote locking, electric windows and mirrors and factory alloys. The paintwork is also in very tidy condition for its year and mileage.


$19,980 subaru ouTback WaGoN 2010 If you are the outdoors type or you are just wanting the safety of AWD, then look at this. Its NZ new and had 1 owner. Its powered by a 2.5 litre motor and is auto with manual shift option. We have the service history. The interior is in tidy condition. It also has ABS brakes, traction control, cruise control, climate airconditioning, remote locking, 6 stack CD, 8 airbags, factory 17 inch alloys, roof rails and a towbar.



$15,980 NissaN x Trail sT 2004 Its not always easy to buy an AWD in 5 speed manual that is both a handy SUV and a day to day family car. Here we have a tidy one and its NZ new. It’s powered by a 2.5 litre chain driven motor and is 5 speed manual. It can be driven in 2WD, Auto 4WD or just 4WD. The interior has ample leg and luggage space and is in tidy condition. It also has ABS brakes, cruise control, factory alloys, CD, airbags, remote locking, roof rack, tinted glass and a towbar.

bMW x5 Diesel M/sporT 2009 This is probably the BEST all round SUV on the market for sale today. These are very happy commuting but are also a very capable sports wagon and an awesome tow wagon. It’s AWD and is the Motorsport model which has all of the performance enhancements from BMW. It has adaptive xenon lights, self levelling suspension, cruise control with braking function, auto dipping interior and exterior mirrors, rain sensing wipers, push button start, auto handbrake and tinted glass.

$19,980 MiTsubishi ouTlaNDer ls 2009 This model Mitsubishi Outlander LS is the most popular SUV that we have EVER sold. It’s NZ new and had 1 owner. Powered by a 2.4 litre motor and is automatic with tiptronic option. It can be driven in 2WD, Auto 4WD or 4WD depending on the conditions. The interior is in tidy condition. It also has 8 airbags, ABS brakes, CD, electric windows and mirrors, keyless entry and start, cruise control, air conditioning, factory alloys, roof rails, towbar and tinted glass.



ForD courier FlaTDeck 2002 Not often we get a Courier XLT extra cab 4wd flatdeck to sell. This one is NZ new and had 2 owners. It’s powered by a 2.5 litre turbo diesel and is 5 speed manual. The interior is in tidy condition. It also has factory alloys, running boards, alloy 3 side drop flat deck with a wooden floor, alloy bullbar and a towbar.

ToyoTa caMry sporTivo 2004 If you are wanting big car comfort and interior room without having to buy a big gas guzzler, then this is for you. It’s NZ new and had 1 owner. Powered by a 2.4 litre chain driven motor and is auto. The interior is very spacious and is in immaculate condition. It also has ABS brakes, 4 airbags, remote locking, air conditioning, cruise control, towbar, CD stacker, factory alloys and spoiler.







MazDa 3 Glx MaNual 2006 NZ New? YES. 5 Speed manual? YES. Full service record? YES. What more could you want or need in a hatch like this? It’s powered by a 2.0 litre motor and is 5 speed manual. The interior is in very tidy condition. It also has airbags, ABS brakes, CD, remote locking, electric windows and mirrors and air conditioning.

MazDa 6 Gsx auTo 2009 These Mazda 6 GSX are are great all round family car. They have both plenty of interior room and luggage space and reasonable fuel economy. This one is NZ New and had 1 owner. Powered by a chain driven 2.5 litre motor and is auto with tiptronic option. Its been regularly serviced by a Mazda workshop. The interior is in tidy condition. It also has 6 airbags, ABS brakes, 6 disc CD, dual climatic air conditioning, cruise control, remote locking, factory alloys and a towbar.






$15,980 $13,980

ForD courier FlaTDeck 2004 If you are in the market for a low km flatdeck ute then this is for you. It’s NZ new and had 2 owners. It’s powered by a 2.6 litre chain driven motor (so NO cambelt) and is 5 speed manual. It’s only travelled 67000 km. The interior is in very tidy condition. It also has a bullbar, CD and a towbar. The inside deck measurements are 2.42 long and 1.77 wide.


$11,980 ToyoTa hiace Diesel vaN 2001 Are you sick of working for the man and looking for a first tradesmens van to go out on your own? Well this could be for you. Powered by a 3.0 diesel and is automatic. Roof rack and tow bar, ready to go to work.

$13,980 MiTsubishi l300 sWb vaN 2008 If you are a tradesman or handyman looking to upgrade to a later model van, then this is for you. It’s NZ new and had 1 owner. It’s powered by a 2.4 litre petrol motor and is 5 speed manual. The interior is in tidy condition. It also has CD, alarm and a towbar.

. . . n o ng So 2007 Toyota hilux 4WD, D/Cab, Diesel, Green - $24,980

i v i r r A





WEDNESDAY 18 December 2013

2005 kia sorento AWD Wagon, Turbo Diesel - $15,980 150 Rutherford St, Nelson PH: 548 0568 Vanessa - 0274 489 877 Paul Dowell - 0274 489 855

32 WEDNESDAY 18 December 2013

Community Events

Community Events Keeping you in touch

Musical Reflections for the Christmas Season Music by Trio Jackson St Paul’s Church, Brightwater Sat 21 Dec 8pm -9pm $2 door entry Nelson Diabetes Support Group will meet on Fri 27 Dec 2013 at 1.30 pm at The Honest Lawyer car park for a short walk followed by a stop for coffee. Ph Joan 5486263. Over 100 Morris dancers from New Zealand & the UK, US & Australia will ‘dance out’ at locations around the region from Trafalgar Street to the Mapua Boardwalk, & back Founders Park. 7-12 Jan 2014. Check out or Ph: Steve Rule 5452546 Richmond Seniors Christmas Jingle Bell Ball Thurs 19 Dec from 11.30am-3.30pm. Bookings essential. A few places still available. Ph: Elaine 5445654 or A/H 9700023 Nelson Cathedral Festival Of Christmas Trees Tues 3rd – 22nd Dec. Official opening Tues 3 Dec 7pm Open daily 9am – 5pm. Late nights 16-19 Dec until 8pm.Morning & afternoon tea available. Large groups please contact 5481008 REGULAR EVENTS Speak With Confidence Come along to POWERtalk Waimea & gain the skills you need in a friendly, relaxed environment We meet twice monthly on Wed’s in Annesbrook, 7-9pm. Ph. Linda 5447823 or Yvonne 5446350. Murchison Stables Market Travelling through Murchison? Stop in & check out our local market every Sunday during summer at the Historical Commercial Stables from 9-2. Crafts, produce, plants, soaps, preserves, baked goods and more. Stop in & visit across from the Mobil. Inquires 5239895. Get Money Smart Free part time evening programme. Want to shrink your debt and grow your savings? Learn smarter ways to make your money

work for you. Call Courtney today on 5476138, txt 0224842501 or visit Road cycling group for fun & fitness. Age 50+, fortnightly, Sat or Sun, 30km–40km with picnic or coffee stop. Sounds like you? Ph Julia 021659149 Social Bridge on Mon evenings 7.15p.m. All players welcome. Ph: Shirley 5446734 Richmond Bridge Club, 348 Lower Queen St Brightwater Scout Group Fund raiser Quiz Night Every Thurs this month at Brightwater Sprig & Fern $3.00 entry per person. Prizes & raffles galore. 6.30 pm for 7pm Start. Richard 021485650 Get Behind the Fence! Visit the Brook Waimarama Sanctuary stall at the Nelson Market or Outdoor Recreation Expo this weekend to have fun & join as a volunteer. Or give the gift of nature this Christmas! Richmond Social Cards Small Groups, Great Fun. Venue Richmond Seniors Hall at 62 Oxford St Richmond. Contact Kath 5445563. Celebrate Recovery weekly programme dealing with drugs, alcohol, gambling or other issues where you need support. Join us at Richmond Community Church, Warring carpark. Tues 7pm. Ph Bob & Jacquie 5380282 Richmond Senior Citizens 62 Oxford St Richmond. Quizzes, Housie, Indoor Bowls, Crafts, Lunches, Rummikub, Exercises & Much more Ph. Elaine Mead 5445654 Mon-Fri 10am-1pm. Totara Nelson Activity programme 10am-3pm, older people can get together & enjoy good company, friendship, activities & mutual support. Meals included. Transport possible & you may be eligible for financial assistance. Ph 5479350 Woodturning Great Hobby, Great Fun, Great Company. Create great gifts. Give it a go at Nelson Districts Woodturning Club. Free intro lessons. Ph Donald 5451339, Alan 9232158, Ross 5476331. Crisis Pregnancy Support - unexpected pregnan-

Baldwin & Brown (Richmond) Ltd Licensed (REAA 2008)

cy can be a scary time but there are people who can help. Crisis Pregnancy Support is a free, confidential service to help you discover the support available to enable you to continue with your pregnancy. Call St Luke’s Health centre on 0800004277 or visit Life Line Nelson. Feeling sad, stressed or stuck? Identify & explore new ways to move forward with a LifeLine Nelson Counsellor. Call 24/7, 5482400 or ph our crisis line to talk to a Counsellors ‘New’ Core Balance class. Wednesdays & Fridays 10.30 – 11.30am at Saxton Stadium. A lightweight circuit that uses your own body weight as resistance. Cost $6. & Core ‘N’ Floor class. Mondays 10.30 – 11.30am at Saxton Stadium. Is designed to help you regain strength & control post pregnancy. Costs $6 or concessions available. Also Super Saxton Circuit on Mon, Wed & Fri 9.15 – 10.15am at Saxton Stadium. Using your own body weight as resistance and working to increase cardiovascular fitness. Cost $6. Sport Tasman 5380072 ToastMasters Develop your personal confidence by learning the skills of public speaking at Madhatters every Fri 7-8:30am in the AA Boardroom at 45 Halifax St. For info, call Catrin at 5390919 Stoke Methodist Opportunity Centre (Opposite Stoke Library). Good, used clothing. Very cheap. Open every Thurs 9.30am-12pm. Are you tongue-tied when speaking in public? Let us motivate & encourage you to step outside your comfort zone & gain the skills you need. Join POWERtalk International, Waimea Club, twice monthly in Annesbrook in a friendly environment. Pls ph Peggy 5390477 or Yvonne, 5446350. Have you celebrated a recent birth, engagement or anniversary? Share it with the rest of Nelson for FREE. Email to Scottish Dancing every Tues in Stoke, 7.30pm to 9.30pm, St Andrew’s Church Hall, Songer St, Stoke. Ph Margaret 5473913 for info. No partner

needed. Soft flat shoes essential. Richmond Joggers. Meet weekly, entry level walkers grp wanting to learn to jog & Richmond Walkers Entry level grp, social focus & enjoyment,, not speed. No Charge. Ease in2 Cycling Cycle Skills Training. No Charge Wed’s 1-3pm Social cling, gain confidence. Ph: Sarah Sport Tasman 9232313 or Nelson Canoe Club Pool & rolling training each Wed night 7.30–8.45pm at Riverside Pool. Pool & coaching fees apply, or 5475017. Check our website for trips & events. Space welcomes first time parents & their babies aged 0–3mnoths - weekly sessions are opportunities to meet other parents, discussions on child development & parenting, music & activities. Marie Lenihan 5452017 or Have you celebrated a recent birth, engagement or anniversary? Share it with the rest of Nelson for FREE. Email to Bass Singers wanted to join our 45 voice, women’s barbershop choir. Nelson Bays Harmony rehearses every Thursday evening in Richmond. Carpools from Atawhai, Stoke, Nelson and Motueka. Ph Jenny 0275444121, a/h 5474354 or visit Enner Glynn Playcentre come and enjoy quality early childhood education for children 0-6 years, Monday-Friday 9.15-11.45 am. 8 Enner Glynn Rd. Your first three visits are free! Ph 5474007 Free Advanced Business Programme Want to grow your business? Get help from a one-on-one mentor? Pip 5476138 or visit Community Life Centre Stoke, Life Centre connecting community by offering activities includ: different styles of yoga, meditation, massage, workshops, film & discussion. We also have therapy, workshop & presentation rooms available for hire. or Brian P: 5478468.

DEADLINE: MIDDAY MONDAY - 50 WORDS OR LESS BY EMAIL ONLY - PLEASE SEND TO: Coming soon notices are free to community groups, schools, churches, gold coin donation events and fundraising. Notices for businesses and organisations who charge for courses or events cost $10+gst Due to the popularity of this column, while every effort will be made, inclusion cannot be guaranteed for free ads.

Across contd. 23 Silvery-white metal (6) 25 Enrol (8) 27 Left to choice (8) 28 Remain attached (6) 29 Shrill (8) 30 Wild excitement (6) Down 1 Floor show (7) 2 Intermittent (9) 3 Too (6) 5 Country formerly Persia (4) 6 Disallow (8) 7 Devastation (5) 8 Great anguish (7) 11 Penetrating discernment (7) 14 Into parts (7) 17 An intermediary (2-7) 18 Publicly known (2,6) 19 Winding (7) 21 Theft (7) 22 Impede (6) 24 Provide food (5) 26 Principal (4) Answers next week

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HOUSE WANTED Cash Buyer. PRIVATE, seeks sunny flat/house $2-300K. Ph/text 022 637 6499.

WINNERS Congratulations to the winners of the Richmond Challengers U17 Football Youth Team fundraising raffle. Thang Thang, D. Kersten, Philipa Tristram, Liam, Dave Breeze, Freda Ellery, Julie McKay, Ben Cinzah, Lyn Roberts, Ross Harvey, J.Scott, Lat Thu, Lyn Roberts. Winners have been notified and prizes delivered.


NURSE MANAGER Wakefield Rest Home Wakefield, Nelson Wakefield Rest Home provides care to 22 residents and meals-on-wheels to the local community. We have a wonderful opportunity for a Registered Nurse to lead our very special home with a position commencing in January. A strong support structure is in place along with a great team of staff. The person we would like to welcome into our home: Has management experience in aged care. Has excellent clinical skills and preferably completed the interRai competency. Has strong leadership and communication skills with the ability to develop a great team culture. Is a Registered Nurse with a current Practicing Certificate. If you would like to manage our large family and really care about making a difference, please apply via email including your CV and Referees to Kim Poynter at:

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7 Gladstone Rd, RICHMOND


We supply new We replace existing We service all

Over 20 years Experience

Dave 0274 296 669 A/H (03) 541 9777 Stu Newport Ph: 027 55 22 883


Baby&Mobility HIRE Carseats | Push Chairs | High Chairs Cots | Porta Cots | Bassinets Mobility Scooters | Walking Frames Lift Chairs | Wheelchairs | Power Chairs



Smart Solutions for Smart People

Chris Inglis 03 5448059 0275485877



Sew for U Childrens Alterations - zips, hems, mending

544 7285 No job too small

1-19 McPherson St Richmond

03 544 8059



Bridal Formal

Camping and RV • Hot Water Heating Domestic and Commercial • Dairy Farms12v Off Grid Clean, green, affordable • 12V Grid Tie/ Off Grid • Camping and RV • Domestic and Commercial • Swimming Pools

Hot Water Heating Dairy Farms 12V Grid Tie

Low prices

SUIT HIRE Weddings, Black Tie,

Secure storage Staff on site Inside Car Storage

School Balls

Self drive truck hire

NelSoN TailorS MeNSWear Ph 548 7655

Size & Price List available at

155 Trafalgar St (opp Westpac)

74 Gladstone Rd, Richmond

Ph 544 4306



Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning

Stephen Oliver proprietor

Phone now on

545 1053 GARDENING

AL FRESCO Garden & Property Maintenance

Landscaping Lawn Care & Mowing Chipping of Greenwaste Stump Grinding Pre-Sale Garden Tidy-up Gardening Hedge Trimming Section Clearing Greenwaste Removal

544 0444

021 255 6163

Quick Drying All Year Round All General Cleaning Professional Service Fully Trained, Security Screened

Quick - Efficient Professional




Need help with your garden? Call Tony Baker

544 3977

• 24 Years Horticulture Experience • Landscaping • Pruning • Hedge Trimming • Tidying • Weeding • Lawn Care




Adam Brumwell

Qualified Tradesman

Your solar specialists Specialising in supply & installation of Solar Systems for:

269 Queen St Richmond. Ph 544 6603




Painter Decorator



Call Andrew or Wendy Neame

0800 455 141

Liz McLean

Phone: 03 541 9747

Richmond Brake & Clutch 13 McGlashen Ave, Richmond

Specialising in





PV Solar expert

544 1660


37 Years Experience

New Homes l Commercial Rural l Retail l Alterations


231D Queen Street

Ph: 544 1212

Domestic & Commercial Wiring



12 Cargill Place, (off Beach Richmond 4A Gladstone Road,Road) Richmond




(walkway beside T&T Children)

Ph 544 3985




Advanced Automotive

21 Elms Street, Wakatu Estate, Stoke




Hassle free motoring

Great for Trades, creative, agencies, consultants, prof. services…

accessman nelson ltd


26 Years Experience

“I’ll turn up on time”

Painting - Exterior/Interior - Airless Spraying - Waterblasting - New & Old Work - Fully Qualified Tradesman - Obligation Free Quote

Locally owned and operated

027 232 1550 AH/Fax: 544 3177

Be seen!

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Call Adam

027 671 8417 or 544 9415

TRAINING HARRIS TRAINING SERVICES LTD Registered Trainer, Assessor & EPA Test Certifier • Growsafe & Approved Handler Certification • Chainsaw • Tree Felling • Quad Bike • Tractor • WTR Endorsements

15 +gst

For course dates see

544 9037

Mob: 0274 574 775


per week

Ph: 544 4062


brake a maintenance landscaping lawnmowing home and car home and car maintenance ices plumbers electricians ing serv mow cial lawn finan ns nts ricia e unta ng hom ers acco plumbers elect lawnmo electricians e and clutch specialists build untants financial services financial services plumbers tenance landscaping brak h specialists builders acco lectricians ialists builders accountants mowing home and car main cial services plumbers landscaping brake and clutc spec lawn h finan nce ns clutc nts tena ricia and unta e main elect acco car brak bers and ers e ing build landscap icesuntants financial services plum servacco lawnmowing hom untants financ brake and clutch specialists home and car maintenance ices plumbers electricians h specialists builders acco maintenance landscaping electricians lawnmowing s specialists builders accountants financial serv landscaping brake and clutc lawnmowing home and car ialists buil financial services plumbers nce spec ns h nts tena ricia clutc unta main elect and acco car e bers and brak ers e plum build hom ing scap ing services h specialists e and car maintenance land bers electricians lawnmow ers accountants financial scaping hom land plum build landscaping brake and clutc ing ts ices nce ialis mow serv tena spec cial lawn h main finan ns clutc car ricia nts e and elect unta d carand car maintenance landscaping brake and ricians lawnmowing hom home h specialists builders acco financial services plumbers elect ing clutc nts and bers mow unta e lawn acco plum brak ns ices ers ing ricia serv build scap cial bers elect specialists nts finan ans lawnmowing home and car maintenance land electr nts financial services plum scaping brake and clutch ialists builders accounta unta land bers spec h acco plum nce clutc ers ices tena and e build serv main brak ts cial car finan specialis scaping ices bers electricians lawnmowing home and l servplum ts builders accountants scaping brake and clutch ialis land e and car maintenance land finan spec hom h nts nce clutc ing unta tena and acco mow e main car lawn brak ers and ns home scaping ialists build plumbers electricia rs acelectricians lawnmowing e and car maintenance land ing brake and clutch spec accountants financial services ricians lawnmowing hom e and clutch specialists bu car maintenance landscap financial services plumbers and brak elect nts e unta ing hom bers acco scap ing plum land ers mow ices h build serv lawn nce ts clutce and clutch specialis tena and brak ricians untants financial mowing home and car main cial services plumbers elect tenance landscaping br specialists builders acco plumbers electricians lawn builders accountants finan mowing home and car main ce maintenance landscaping brake and clutch accountants financial services brake and clutch specialists plumbers electricians lawn ers ing ing home and car mainten ices build scap mow serv ts land cial lawn ialis finan ns nce spec h nts ricia tena clutc main accounta e and bers elect lawnmowing home and car clutch specialists builders tenance landscaping brak nts financial services plum and unta e main car acco brak and e ers ing hom scap build ts land ing mow h specialis tenance plumbers electricians lawn landscaping brake and clutc mowing home and car main home and car maintenance plumbers electricians lawn electricians lawnmowing countants financial services bers plum ices serv cial untants finan specialists builders acco


WEDNESDAY 18 December 2013 35

Trades & Services




24HR Call Out

BRANDS - SERVICE - FINANCE Parts and Service for ALL makes and ALL models





Carpet cleaning professionals

24/7 phone: 03 548 2831

Be seen!

68 Gladstone Road, Richmond

• Registered Drainlayers (residential & commercial) • Sewage Treatment (design,supply, install & service) • Blocked Drains • Video Camera & Drain Inspection • Waterblasting • Excavator & Truck Hire to suit job

Phone 543 8243

• Driveways • Floors • Decorative Surfacing • Commercial • Residential

Ph (03) 544 9418




Grace Hairdresser

per week

544 9037


15 +gst

Regas or New Struts

0800 427 782 or 03 544 1212

• • • • • •

All Insurance Claims Panelbeating Chassis Straightening Repaints 2-pack Touch Ups Call Tony Johnston

90 VANGUARD ST NELSON PH: 548 3954 027 548 3954




Specialising in small jobs and maintenance plumbing

• Renovations • Kitchens • Bathrooms 4 Coach Pl, Brightwater

0275 423 343 A/H: 542 3343

Maintenance Blocked Drains Domestic Work New Housing Industrial Properties Leaking Taps & Pipes

or 539 0953


Be seen!

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Small Small • Leaking taps & pipes Jobs • KitchensJobs & $ Welcome bathrooms Welcome +gst • Solar per week • Drainage Kevin Harris Kevin Harris


544 9037 8090 544 8059 Ph: 543 Ph: 543 8090 WATCH REPAIRS


Work Place First Aid Courses

Watch and Clock Repairs

Rise & shine

Jan: Feb: Mar: Apr:

9, 16, 24, 25, 31 11, 13, 20, 21, 22 4, 20, 27, 28, 29 3, 5, 10, 15, 29

Ph 544 9180 Corporate Rates Available

Rod Clark

Window Cleaning

qualified watchmaker

Overhauls ● Repairs ● All watches and clocks

At Benjamin Black Goldsmiths 176 Bridge Street, Nelson (opposite Graham’s Trading Post)

03 546 9137

Sunday 10:30 am & 5 pm


TRAINING GST Holiday Jan 2014

Biblical Christ-Centred Worship Services: We are located at:

Honest Reliable Master Master Honest Reliable Plumbers and Gasfitters Plumbers and Gasfitters Since 1915 Since 1915

• • • • • •

Contact Dean 544 5784

Call 03 548 3041

Ph 022 307 3986

547 1500

(offRichmond Beach Road)

Specialising in Windows Over 10yrs professional experience Residential or Commercial Call Brandon 022 0984 167

Ellis St, Brightwater

We’d love to see you there

Adult Learning Support

• 15 years experience • Great rates • Genuine parts

Coupon required for discount 10 Kebal Place, Stoke

Meeting Sunday 10.30am (Plunket Rooms, next to Petrol Station)

(no access off Waimea or Ridgeway) Contact: (03) 547 - 6056

MobilE outboard sErviciNG aNd boat rEPairs

20% OFF Colour Straight & Curly Perms

4A Gladstone Road, 12 Cargill Place, Richmond

Headingly Centre Headingly Lane

on site off site



Can’t read? Can’t write? Call us It’s free!


Women - $20 Men - $10

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Drainage & Construction Tasman LTD

Carpet, rugs & vinyl Carpet stains Upholstery Mould Pest control

Hot water extraction carpet cleaning IICRC internationally qualified

• Holiday Homes • Bush Cabins • Renovation

Marks Off

Window Cleaning Professional Window Cleaning Gutter Cleaning Oven Cleaning Walls, Bathrooms House Washing

541 0008 027 650 5605

Holy Trinity Anglican Church 27 Dorset St, Richmond Phone 544-8844

Sunday Services 22 December 9.00am Holy Communion 10.30am Family Service Theme: God With Us All Welcome

Richmond Church of Christ Thursday 19 Dec

7pm Thursday Night Church Carols by Candle Light 9pm

Christmas Day Service 9.30am

Sunday Services 10am each Sunday

Cnr Darcy & Croucher Streets Ph 544 5415


11 Florence Street, Richmond Worship Services Sunday 22 – 9.30am Carol Service Christmas Day – 9.00am Christmas Service Phone 544 8387

10.00am Worship Celebration Warring Carpark (Behind No.1 Shoes) 243 Queen St Our Lady of Perpetual Help Catholic Parish, Richmond

Weekend Mass Times Saturday Vigil 7.00pm Richmond Church 35 William Street Sunday 8.00am St Joseph’s Pitfire Road, Wakefield 9.30am Richmond Church 5.00pm Last Sunday of every month St’s Peter & Paul Moutere Highway All Welcome! Ph 544 8987


36 WEDNESDAY 18 December 2013

S A E D I T F I G TOP S A M T S I R H C FOR 2012 NRL Shorts Normally $45

Now $19.99 Converse from $79.99

Fabulous range of colours

Nike Adidas Bags Great Gifts! Nike Shoes from $99.99

Adidas Nike slides from $34.99 Cricketers

choose from our great selection!

Rugby Apparel from $49.99 Wilson Tennis Racquets with a set of 3 balls $49.99

MLB & NFL Singlets 2 for $100 Fun at the Beach! Mask Snorkel sets from $29.99

Queen St, Richmond Ph 03 544 8290

Dartboard set from $39.99 Trafalgar St, Nelson Ph 03 548 3974

18 December 2013  
18 December 2013  

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