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Wednesday 14 December 2011

Shooting for new camera club

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A Merry Christmas from your local churches

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Rabbits gather pace

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Rain a blessing for local farmers Holiday makers might frown at the persistent rain, but the region’s crop growers are loving it. Waimea will have no water restrictions before Christmas for the first time in two years and some crop growers are saying they are having the best growing season in a number of years, because of heavy December rain.

Water restrictions have been implemented in seven of the past eight years, with 2009 being the only exception. In 2010 water was rationed from December 6, but a Tasman District Council hydrologist estimates December 2011’s rainfall statistics to “double” the December average. Close to 130mm of rain fell at the TDC nursery over the past 30 days, while

120mm fell at the TDC office. While 60mm of rain has fallen at the TDC offices already in December, where the December average is 90mm. But it is expected to spike with 280mm of rain predicted by Nelson Tasman Civil Defence Emergency Management over the next two days. “We’re two thirds of the way there but only

halfway through the month and in another two days I imagine we will be well over that total,” says TDC hydrologist Matt McLarin. “We’ve got a lot of heavy rain coming.” Water restrictions force urban residents to restrict water on odd or even days depending on their letterbox number.


School’s out for primary students Phillip Rollo

JUMPING INTO THE HOLIDAYS: Hope School year 6 students Jense Noteboom, 11, Rebecca Rea, 10, Penelope Smith, and Shiloh Bell, both 11, will finish primary school on Friday. All four are looking forward to life at intermediate. Photo: Phillip Rollo.

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Finishing off the school year means a lot more for year 6 students, it spells the end of primary school and another step towards becoming an old person. Hope School, Richmond School, Henley School, Ranzau School, Brightwater School, Appleby School and Wakefield School all finish this week, with most of them closing on Friday. Jense Noteboom, 11, will be heading to Waimea Intermediate School next year and says while he will miss the “fun” at Hope School, he was looking forward to modules, hard technology and meeting new people. Shiloh Bell, 11, will also be going to Waimea Intermediate School and says Hope School was everything she could have asked for. “It was such a cool school. The teachers are the best and so is the principal.” Jense wasn’t worried about going to a bigger school, but did like all the things that Hope had to offer. “We were so lucky with some of the things we get. It’s a small school with a big playground and everything.”

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It is not long now until Christmas Day. What are you hoping to get from Santa Claus?

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Pavilion sources cups and saucers More than 2000 people will hit Saxton Oval when the South Island Colgate Games reaches town in the middle of January next year, but the organisers are in need of cups and plates to help feed them. With 120 officials coming from all over the country, the pavilion has discovered a bare cupboard for kitchenware and are seeking donations of old cups and plates that can be used for the games and to be kept in the pavilion for future events. “Anybody that has got spare ones that want to get rid of them, we’ll gladly take them and we’ll keep them in the pavilion,” says Nelson-based president of New Zealand Children’s Athletics Association, Jan Cockeram. “It’ll help out cricket as well, they’ll just be in the kitchen. You know

when people say ‘oh what do we have these old cups for?’ Well that’s what we are after.” Jan says she doesn’t mind if they have chips in them, as long as they are a plate, she will take them. “They are 60c a day to hire them. I couldn’t believe it.” The Saxton Oval pavilion is jointly funded by both councils and was opened last month. You can call Jan at the Richmond Dental Centre, or at home on 544 4704. The Colgate Games features athletes between ages 7 and 14. Nelson officials, which have often doubled as parents of the athletes, will use the competition as a chance to learn more skills and knowledge. President of the New Zealand Children’s Athletics Association Jan Cockeram says Saxton Oval pavilion is in need of plate and cup donations as they prepare to host 2000 people for the South Island Colgate Games in January. Photo: Phillip Rollo.

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WEDNESDAY 14 December 2011


Staying the night in the Starveall hut a group worked at the Railway Hotel as a chef before enof 13 and 14 year-old trampers were enthralled tering the Army. A horrific car accident left him with the stories of a former soldier. Their im- with head injuries. He was undeniably smart pression of him was the same as hundreds of though and was looking forward to the next others who turned out to the funeral of 23 year- phase of his life. old Richmond man Sharny Abbott – he was sim- Maxine says her memories of her son are all happly a great guy. py. “He was a great son and the brilliant things Sharny was walking out of the Hackett last Sun- that were said at his funeral showed that. I will day, the day after meeting and befriending a miss him forever.” group of trampers, when it appears he slipped, Because Sharny was swept 7km by the river most broke his neck and drowned in the river. He of his equipment is still missing. Maxine says if travelled 7km before a search and rescue dog anyone sees any of his gear while tramping could found him last Tuesday night. they please hand it in to police so it makes it way At his funeral, at his mother Maxine’s home on back to the family. Sunday, more than 200 people came to farewell him. Friends, family and even the young trampers, told stories of a bright, funny, strong and “awesome” man who died too young. At just 23, Sharny had already been a chef, solider in the NZ Army, DJ and was weeks away from starting a two year automotive course. He and his partner Lauren were looking for new homes and were talking about marriage. She says Sharny was her soul mate and she still cannot believe he is gone. “I wake up every morning thinking I’m going to see him at his computer drinking his coffee and every morning it hits me that he never will again.” Maxine says the moment her brother, a police officer, told her he had died she screamed. “It is the most awful feeling, it has broken my heart and I don’t think I’ll ever get over it. I can just hope it Maxine Abbott and Lauren Henry, the mother and partner gets easier.” of Richmond man Sharny Abbott, who died while tramping Sharny attended Waimea College, in the Richmond Ranges last week. Photo: Andrew Board.

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4 WEDNESDAY 14 December 2011

This Week

Burning desire leads Robbie to fire service Phillip Rollo

Richmond Fire Service recruit Robbie Reihana is loving life in his new job. Afterall, it’s all he’s ever wanted to do. Photo: Phillip Rollo.

Peering over the window sill as a child and watching the fire engines race past, Robbie Reihana always knew he was going to be a fire fighter. With only some final paperwork left, Robbie, 22, is nearly qualified to be a volunteer, but he has already had his fair share of action. In fact, his first fire was one of his biggest jobs he’s had to tackle so far when a house near McDonald’s Richmond became engulfed. “That was probably my first good fire. I was really nervous,” he says. He admitted that his mind went blank as soon as the siren rung. “I was actually here doing checks on trucks and the siren went off, I looked out the window and seen some ash go past. Everyone arrived and ripped into it.” That exact moment was why Robbie signed up to be a volunteer fire fighter, for the adrenaline rush and to save lives. “I was amazed to see the fire at the start because it was the first good fire I had seen.” The dangers of the job are always playing on the back of his mind, but saving someone’s life is a much bigger draw card. “Knowing when it’s safe and when it’s not is just part of the learning curve.”

Originally from Brightwater, Robbie says he “grew up hearing the fire siren go off ” and would look out waiting for the fire trucks to go past. He moved to Richmond and eventually joined in December of last year. Now that he lives down the road from the Richmond Volunteer Fire Station, he’s usually the first there in case of emergency. The recruit course gave him basic training to become a fire fighter, from running out hoses, first aid, risk management, breathing apparatus and much more. The course was completed at the Nelson Fire Station, while all his on-work training was done in Richmond. The current recruit training course is of 12 weeks duration comprising both theory and practical training. Regular theory and practical assessments are conducted during the course to ensure that trainees are meeting the required competency levels at the various stages of the course. Once Robbie is qualified, he will be able to move up the ladder in command from qualified fire fighter to senior fire fighter. He says the majority of the call-outs so far have been scrub fires, but he will be ready in case of another big disaster.

Rain a blessing for local farmers FROM PAGE 1

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Market gardener John Ewers says he is “very happy” not to be faced with water restrictions in what has been the best growing season for a number of years. “There seems to be an abundance of produce around.” John put it straight down to the rain. “We started to get a wee bit dry and some bad winds, but since then it has been relatively warm and moist, so that’s good. Obviously rain means there will be more production.” While he says the growing season has been particularly good, he says it probably isn’t the “best

ever.” He says the rain may yet take its toll on some crops. “If we get a lot of rain this week, it could possibly go against it and that would be worse than having none at all.” Acting TDC chief executive Dennis Bush-King says the river flow is in a good position for this time of the year. Only in the past four years has water restrictions come in before Christmas. Although, as the heat intensifies and irrigation increases, he expects the rivers to drop. But while things can change, the amount of consistent rain means it will be a lengthier process to dry up, he says.



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Shop ‘n’ Win ‘biggest ever’ Shop ‘n’ Win 2011 has now officially reached the largest amount of entries in any competition we have run. According to Waimea Weekly publisher Steve Page it will hit 50,000 by weeks end. “Our last record was 40,000 so it goes to show just how well read the Waimea Weekly is and how well our advertisers promote and get into the spirit when it comes to a successful Christmas promotion like this,” he says. While there is still time to enter, entries do close end of next week and then we will draw a lucky winner. The competition simplicity is one of its best selling points with any customer that visits any of the participating shops, able to enter. For a list of shops involved see page 15. Lynley Tainui of Westmeat says the response has easily been the biggest since its inception.

WEDNESDAY 14 December 2011


OH DEER: The closest thing to a seeing Rudolf could well be suited in Hope, but these aren’t actually real reindeer, despite many people being surprised at first glance. Waimea Weekly had a number of phone calls about the “reindeer in Hope”, it turns out they are actually Red Deer. So don’t expect to see them on your roof later this month.

christmas savinfogr dset!ails S ee in st o re

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WEDNESDAY 14 December 2011 Brought to you by...

Out&About • A L L T H E F U N • A L L T H E PA R T I E S • A L L T H E G O O D T I M E S

Having a par ty/event/func tion? Call our photographer 544 9037 or 027 532 6461 Jenny McMillan, Jill Reid, Brian Green and Phyllis Wood at the Nelson Veterans Tennis party.

Danielle McKeown and Beryl McDougal at Gardens of the World.

Kathryn Orange and Hilary Pitcher at the open home in Brightwater.

Glenn Roberts, Wayne Daniel and David Orange at the open home. Kath Beresford, Judy Ross and Paula Rogers.

Eileen Thawley and Helen Beere at Carols at Gardens of the World.

Mac and Mike Crampton, Betty Brown and Lorraine Lukey.

Nicky Gear, Trish Gray, Helen Bush and Carol Hargadon at the open home.

Justine Robertson and Marie Kainz at Carols at Gardens of the World in Hope.

Christmas fever definitely took control of Out & About this week. We started the week off at the Nelson veterans tennis end of year Christmas Party at the Hope Tennis Courts. We also went to Terry and Carol Hargadon’s open home in Brightwater and Carols at Gardens of the World. Did you know you can send in photos for us to publish in Out & About? Email them to editorial@

Catch up with us on

Ngaie Smith, Shirley Kane and Barry Rhodes at the Hope Tennis Courts.

Leona Ellis and Irene Hickford at the Nelson Veterans Tennis end of year party in Hope.

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WEDNESDAY 14 December 2011


Dairy farming book an amoosing read Di-ana Win hopes her new book will help the dairy farming industry win over some new fans. Dairy Farming: To boldy go where I had never gone before tells real life experiences of Diana working on two separate dairy farms, one in Murchison and one in South Canterbury, but with a humourous twist. “There’s a lot of bad press out

Greer Hill, 12, leaps with loan dog “Kobe” at the Waimea Intermediate School pet day. Photo: Phillip Rollo.

Students dog it out at pet day The saying “every man and his dog” might need changed to every kid and their dog, following the Waimea Intermediate School pet day. Students were encouraged to bring their pets along to school for a number of challenging activties and, of course, a bit of fun. Activities included dog agility and obedience courses, which was difficult for one British bulldog in particular. His legs weren’t quite big enough to jump onto beams and through hoops. But there were also fun games for those without pets. There was a strong man competition on the field, seeing which students could push a car the furtherest. A gumboot toss kept some of the other kids busy.


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there about dairy farmers. But I think people need to see what you can make of it,” she says. “It’s about the relationship you have with the cows.” Di-ana, a Moutere resident, says there is a lot more to a cow than what meets the eye. The book is on sale at the Nelson and Richmond Hospices, $5 from each sale will be do- Di-ana Win has published a book about the quirks of the nated to the hospice. dairy farming industry. Photo: Phillip Rollo.

8 WEDNESDAY 14 December 2011

This Week

Photographer shoots for new camera club Sick of tired of camera clubs not following suite with technology, Richmond resident Ron Weiss is forming something more “new wave.” The way forward for Ron is not sitting around being judged and critiqued on your photos, but getting out and seeing the world through your camera lens. Ron has been a professional photographer for a number of years but hopes the group will help him network with more creative local photographers. There isn’t a single place Ron goes without a camera in

SINGING LOUD: Denise Adams sings aloud at Carols by Glo-lite at Snowden’s Bush in Brightwater on Saturday night. Hundreds gathered with picnic dinners and joined in with the singing. Photo: Phillip Rollo.

his pocket or around his neck, but for him, the limits are endless once he sits in front of his laptop. He sees the capabilities of Photoshop as a tool that will revolutionise photography. Ron is having a photo exhibition on January 24 at the Richmond Library. Anyone interested in joining the group can meet Ron at 11am this Saturday at the Richmond Library with a collection of their own work, or they can phone him on 542 3405.

PHOTO TIME: Richmond resident Ron Weiss sees a better way forward for camera groups, so he is starting a new one. He hopes the group will entice like-minded photographers who are keen to get out there and snap. Photo: Phillip Rollo.

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WEDNESDAY 14 December 2011


Scholarship a real fillip for Peasants star

Andrew McGlashen hands a $1000 scholarship to The Peasants’ Abbey Phillips. Photo: Phillip Rollo.


SHINING ON CAROLS EVENT: St Barnabas Church will be rocking to the sounds of the 2011 Smokefreerockquest winners The Peasants on Friday night, part of an expanded annual Carols on the Lawn event called Shine. The concert will be held on the front lawn of St Barnabas Church. As well as music, there is plenty of kids enter-

Abbey Phillips has had plenty to sing about recently. The Peasants’ backing vocalist and keyboarder was the recipient of the McGlashen Pharmacy scholarship for 2011. The Garin College student will get $1000, which she says will go towards vocal and piano tuition, something she’s never had despite her obvious talent. “I’ve always wanted to do piano lessons and singing lessons just to further my skills I guess. This way I can add more to the band,” says Abbey. Abbey says she can’t remember when she first started singing, but it’s always been a major part of her life thanks to her parent’s influence. “My parents are pretty musical. My dad is actually a music teacher so I’ve always been singing since quite a young age.” But it was only when she was singing in a church band, alongside her brother Chris

Phillips, and other members of the group, that they decided to form The Peasants of Eden and enter Smokefreerockquest. The Peasants of Eden finished second in New Zealand in 2010, and then went one better as the The Peasants, taking out the national title for 2011. Abbey says it has been a whirlwind year with a music video set to be filmed in January before their debut single Let It Go, which was recorded at York St Recording Studio, is released on the New Zealand market. “It’s pretty amazing when you sit down and think about it. Just to see how far we’ve come and how far we can go.” The Peasants will be playing at the 2012 New Years Countdown on Upper Trafalgar St, the Kaikoura Roots Festival and many other local concerts. “I suppose that’s where we have to start but we’re hoping to progress.”

tainment, as well as other activities for families. It’s being held on Friday 16 December between 5pm – 9pm at St Barnabas, 523 Main Rd Stoke.

A ll D a y S u n d a y R o a s t

CUB AWARDED AFTER 25 YEARS: Brightwater’s Robin Beattie from the local scout group was awarded a Silver Tiki for 25 years service as a cub leader. Robin is well known within the area, having taught many of the region’s young cubs.

ek Th i s We


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10 WEDNESDAY 14 December 2011


Gr wing Things

With Robyn Hollis

Where has the year gone? I am sure this is the catch cry for so many of us, as this is the last column before Christmas. I thought I would talk a bit about roses this time as several neighbours have been asking questions regarding deadheading, feeding etc. The photo this week is of my bed of Margaret Merrill floribunda roses (with the odd Iceberg and Avalanche popped in as fillers). This was of course taken before the latest round of strong winds and rain got to them – always seems to happen just as they are at their blooming best! My advice on how to keep them looking good is quite simple… feed, water (not a problem lately!) mulch and spray. Also, when deadheading, don’t just snip off the dead flowers at the top. For hybrid tea roses cut back to the first set of 5 leaves and angle the cut as in pruning. For floribunda roses you can take out the oldest rose in

a clump but then, as the others bit soft or that have odd blembloom the same rule applies. This ishes on them. encourages more new shoots and • Keep weeding – after this rain hopefully flowers, and also helps they, along with most things in keep your bushes growing more the vege garden, will bolt and evenly. This means that at the end start setting seed heads. Great of the season you do not have to old saying still applies today deal to a huge and messy rose “one years weeding stops anwhen pruning time comes. other years seeding…” I will I recently had the pleasure of judgtalk about weed sprays next ing the cut flowers, succulents and time – there are alternatives out potted plants at the Nelson Horthere. ticultural Society’s exhibit at the Richmond A&P show. This was really rewarding and another learning curve for me. What a range of really beautiKerry and Tina put their heads ful specimens together and came up with sevthere were, Margaret Merrill floribunda roses. eral queries so I will do my best with a huge to get this all in for you. range of flowers to choose from. It was Q: How do we get rid of Ivy and Wandering Jew invading a daunting task I can tell you, but I our property from next door? must have handled things OK as they A: This stuff is a menace. The Convolvulous cure I mentioned the other week could work on the Wandering Jew, have asked me back again in January! but I would use Amitrole instead of Roundup. Please be careful when using and do not let it touch other loved s Thi ks plants. Another idea to try for the Ivy, with the same warne we ing, is Vigilant Gel. Trace the Ivy to a fairly thick stem (I Things to keep doing over the next few know – there will be many!). Cut the base of the stem and use the gel as per the instrucweeks. • Strawberries should be ripening now tions. You will have to do this several times along the plant reading wing/sp e, so blo – watch for grey mould (botrytis) es- and if you are on good terms with the neighbour it may s m o le h b le ot a pro of flexib here is n w 0m plus y 6 pecially after all the rain we have had. pay to go and find the source on their side also. This will n h a it t s w ipped ll almo er is equ mpost, soil, she w lo b Lift plants off the ground by putting carry the poison back to the roots and in time it should rk a o dust, c • Our b lch, saw ! al than 0 ri 0 te 3 a pea straw or barley straw under them. kill the plant. It will also kill any other plant it touches so to m s bark mu s etre effective uses 20-40% les cubic m nd cost a o t s n • From 3 ly ie Clean out any mouldy fruit as humid- use with caution! n ic ick, eff very eve ! e prices • It is qu blower spreads o raking v n n ti o s ti d e e te p e o ity encourages this disease. Put bird Q: How to fight the war on Green Shield Bugs – what to use rk dn e qu at com • The ba nal methods an for a fre supplied ry e e b v o n A ti a n c e rk t netting over them; tunnels are good and when to use it? 3 conv ompos Call Ma bark & c 132 3er.2c2 1 2 .nz o 0 • Quality e free quotes! for this – check with your garden cen- A: You need to get these when they are at the red/black / w 0 vid 182 visit www.barkblo • We pro 03 544 tre about these – or make a frame with baby stage if possible. Spray with Natures Way Insect killor er, Mavrick, Beat a Bug or if all else fails use Confidor as wire and build your own. • Hanging baskets (Nelsons ones look a systemic spray. Personally I do not like spraying veges superb!) need plenty of water at this at all. You could squash these bugs in a mortar and pestle time of year and also lots of liquid feed. and make a solution from the paste (yes, it will stink!) try Thrive, Seasol mixed with Power feed, spraying that onto the plants as a deterrent. They should nitrosol or any seaweed based ferti- then drop off and you can squash at your leisure! Comliser is good here. You can also pack panion planting with Nasturtiums and Tansy can help Spagnum moss around the top of your repel pests also. I have not really gone into companion plants to help hold in moisture. It con- planting as it is a huge topic, but if you are interested in tains a natural antiseptic so helps pre- giving someone (or yourself) a Christmas gift, go to Page and Blackmores and ask them to order in a book called vent disease as well. • Lift tulips when the leaves have yel- “Roses love Garlic”. lowed off. Clean soil off the bulbs, It is written by Lousie Riotte and is one of the most interleaves and roots and pop them into a esting and informative books I own. netting bag. Dust with flowers of sulphur and leave them to hang in a cool Happy Gardening, dry place. Throw away any that feel a

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WEDNESDAY 14 December 2011

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until the 23rd

Cnr of Queen, Croucher & Talbot Streets, Richmond. Tel: 544 6259 •


This Week

12 WEDNESDAY 14 December 2011

Each week two photos from the museum’s “glass plate” collection will run in the Waimea Weekly and Nelson Weekly with the goal of exposing the photographs to more people. Right: Unnamed male. Nelson Provincial Museum, Miscellaneous Collection; 317515. Below: S.S. Maporika. Nelson Provincial Museum, F N Jones Collection: 309928. Do you recognise the people, the setting or an object? Email with details.

CHAMPS: The St Arnard Lakers re-claimed their 2009 title as Bowater Motor Group Top Team champions at Moutere Hills on Sunday. Photo: Brent Maru.

St Arnard’s Lakers our top team It was the best of the best, the top four teams from each of the Bowater Motor Group Top Team heats going head-to-head for the championship. But once again the might of St Arnard couldn’t be stopped. The Lakers, of St Arnard, won their second Top Team event after taking home the title in the inaugural event in 2009. Top Team is based on the television Top Town

concept and brings teams from all over the region out for a fun event with plenty of challenging events. Organiser Hayden Bryant, of Sport Tasman, says he is thrilled with the event this year with numbers up on previous years and all the teams reporting plenty of fun. The final was held at Moutere Hills community centre on Sunday.

You can support this project with a $10 donation, to find out more visit www. or contact: 3for$ Nelson Weekly and Waimea Weekly are proud to support this exciting and significant project


Babies can catch whooping cough from YOU which could be fatal for a baby under 6 months.

BLOWING IN THE WIND: Murray Shaw has been a busy man recently, his latest business venture, Vortex, the world’s first blo-kart track, has opened. Vortex is Nelson’s new power craze on wheels, says Murray. The track is situated at Richmond Park, next to the Men’s Shed. To contact Murray, phone 0800 286 7839. Photo: Phillip Rollo.

Tasman Auto Electrics are giving away

On time immunisation is the best protection. Immunisation is free for your child at: 6 weeks • 3 months • 5 months 4 years • 11 years Boosters are required to maintain immunity. (Immunity from having whooping cough or from previous vaccinations only lasts up to 10 years).

GOLF CLUBS & BAG (Valued at over $800.00!!)

If someone in the house is coughing, any child under one year old is at risk of serious complications. Seek advice from your GP or Practice Nurse or Healthline 0800 611 116

Name: Address: Phone No: Email:




Drawn 21st Dec 2011. Limit 1 entry per person. Clubs are men’s right hand

Our gift to YOU

This Week

WEDNESDAY 14 December 2011


Lighting up Christmas in Brightwater Phillip Rollo It may take 36,000 LED lights to do so, but Bob Peters has a Christmas brighter than most. The Brightwater resident has decked his River Terrace Rd home for the past 11 years, but hopes his latest decoration will

help him win his second Harcourts Light Up Nelson title, his last coming in 2004. Bob has also won the runner-up prize and was voted most impressed last year. Bob became obsessed with Christmas lights following a trip to the Unites States of America around December. He was stunned at the effort that everyone put

into decorating their homes with Christmas lights. “I brought a couple of crates back with me and it all built up from there. It eventually got a bit more sophisticated and it got a bit cheaper too,” he says. “It gave me the bug. All of the houses are done up. Not many are done up complete-

ly, but a lot have them here and there.” He noted the US had plenty of nativity scenes in their gardens. Every year Bob has added to his decoration, which took him six weeks, on and off, to put up. He says he has spent around $7000 on the lights.

A Great Entertaining Read & Helping the Community Local author Di - ana Win is donating $5 from each sale of her new book to local Hospices

$20 So purchase your copy from Motueka or Richmond Hospice or email: Brightwater’s Bob Peters has been lighting up his house again for Christmas. Photo: Phillip Rollo.

Ph 03 526 7220

It’s Christmas time at Just Incredible!

Christmas decorations, dress ups, lights

office party gifts Toys, stocking fillers


14 WEDNESDAY 14 December 2011

This Week

Carols draw hundreds to gardens Gardens of the World was blooming with merriness as around 500 people came together to sing in the festive season and spread some Christmas spirit and cheer. The good people from the top of the South also made a gesture of good will to the people of Christchurch with all the proceeds from the event being gifted to the youth of Christchurch. Francis and Paddy Day, along with their team from Gardens of the World and Marsden House were on hand to make sure Carols was an enjoyable success. “We are very pleased we got such a beautiful day after last week’s disappointment,” says Francis, as the car parks were filling up. After a week’s postponement due to weather, there were adjustments in the entertainment line-up but all agreed it was Members of the Nelson Civic Choir sing to the Carols in the well worth the wait. “It’s such a beautiful setting. We got here Gardens crowd at Gardens of the World in Hope on Sunday. early and got the best spot in the whole gardens I think,” says Judy Ross of Richmond. Photo: Jonathan McKeown.

CHANGES TO THE COMMERCIAL TERMS FOR CONNECTION OF NEW LOADS TO NETWORK TASMAN’S DISTRIBUTION NETWORK Effective 1 January 2012 Network Tasman Limited has revised the commercial terms for connecting new loads to its distribution network. The revised policy focuses on the impact new loads have on the network, given their size and location. In general the policy seeks to recover the incremental costs associated with specific customer connection assets and network extensions from new loads while in most instances Network Tasman Limited will supply the transformer. Additionally in uneconomic zones of the network (mostly rural), customers with new loads will be required to make additional contributions towards current and future network augmentation expenditure in these areas so further growth in cross subsidies within the region is limited. The revised policy applies from 1 January 2012. A copy of the policy is available on

Network Tasman Limited 52 Main Road Hope 7020 P O Box 3005 Richmond 7050

KEEP ON CALLING: The phone was running hot for BAM’s Ben Alder. Photo: Phillip Rollo.

BAM business booming Ben Alder’s phone didn’t stop ringing last week, thanks to an article in the Waimea Weekly. Ben, a Nayland College leaver, set up a labouring specialist business, along with Alex Davies, to help find their friend, Richmond’s Mitchell Ross, some summer work. The company picks up common everyday jobs for $10, and following an article in last week’s Waimea Weekly, Ben had received 25 jobs in just four days, making demand so high they are giving work to other school leavers in a similar predicament. Mitchell had applied for various jobs since leaving school, but says they were all after someone with experience, something no school leaver had. But Ben was thankful to the people in the community that have been able to find little jobs here and there for them and their friends.” “The paper really helped out. Everybody is talking about it. I’ve even been stopped on the street and stopped in shops from people that have recognised me,” says Ben. Ben, who works as a builder for Bruce Build and Design and is BAM’s administrator, says the majority of the jobs have been gardening and weeding, with a few car washes in the mix, but they were ready to tackle a summer full of work. Although he works full-time, the main target of the business was to find work for Mitchell who was struggling to find employment in Nelson.

Supporting local businesses

F 544 9037


Shop ‘n’ Win

WEDNESDAY 14 December 2011





for X



dvanced utomotive

All mechanical repairs & maintenance

12 Cargill Place, Richmond

Ph: 544 1212

Queen St Pharmacy 215 Queen St, Richmond Ph:03 543 9034

Lynfords Ph 544 6122

205A Queen St, Richmond Ph: 543 9953 Open 7am - 11pm Daily

For excellence in furniture

Corner of Champion and Salisbury Roads, Richmond Ph 544 0824

BarnicoISatTRO B

Members & Non Members


345 Lower Queen St Richmond Ph 543 9179

Gifts for every man in your life

302 Queen St, Richmond (next to Noel Leeming)

Ph: 541 0425

327 Queen Street

Richmond’s no.1 liquor store 183 Queen St, Richmond Ph 544 4798

RICHMOND 41 McGlashen Avenue, Richmond PHONE 544 6137

OPEN 8am-5pm Monday-Friday, 8.00am-3.00pm Saturday, Open late Thursday night until 6.30pm

267 Queen Street Richmond P:544 4000

249 Queen St, Richmond Ph 543 9977

Ph 544 4006

23 McGlashen Ave, Richmond

Ph: 544 4229

246 Queen St, Richmond

PH: 544 7575


Sundial Square, Richmond PH: 541 0578

Cnr Queen St & Gladstone Rd, Richmond Ph: 544 7289 Open 7 days FRom 8am

Full Workshop Facilities Clothing & Accessories 301 Queen St, Richmond

Ph: 03 544 7166

213 Queen St

Ph: 544 8290


544 0247 13 McGlashen Ave, Richmond

Ph 543 9755 or 0508 GET FIT 161 Salisbury Rd, Richmond

Thomas the Tank Engine instore now

Ph 544 6116

227 Queen St & Warring Carpark Ph: 544 4244

Christmas Catering Available

when you want to stop

PH: 544 1660

Healthy Living, Healthy Lifestyle


13 McGlashen Ave, Richmond

7 McGlashen Ave

Ph: 544 6613


38 Oxford St, Richmond

181 Queen Street

Ph: 541 0190

4 McGlashen Ave, Richmond

269 Queen St, Richmond Ph: 03 544 2112 Opposite the Library


$30 WOF

56a Gladstone Rd, Richmond

Paint Wallpaper Drapes Carpets

238 Queen St, Richmond Ph 544 8079

McShane Road, Richmond Ph: 544 4977

176 Queen St, Richmond

Ph 543 9513

Richmonds only AA Licensed repairer


16 WEDNESDAY 14 December 2011


Merry Christmas from the combined Just

Waimea and Richmond Combined Churches Ministers pictured from left are Tim Malton, Paul Tregurtha, John Parkes, Zelma Malton, Steve Rollo, Steven Dunne, Allan Wasley, Susan Gill, Steve King, Jono Martin, Donald Irvine, Ross Ferguson and Martin Henderson.

Waimea Methodist Parish

Wakefield Anglican Church

Christmas Services Christmas Eve “Midnight at Nine” 9pm at St Johns

Christmas Day Family Celebration Services Richmond


4 Wensley Road (opp. TDC)



Cnr Arrow and Edward Streets

A warm welcome awaits you

Enquiries call 544 8394

Christmas Candle Light Service (following Ablaze Thursday night church)

Christmas Day Family Communion 9am at the Worship Centre

9.00pm Thursday 22 December

9.30am Christmas Day Richmond Church of Christ Cnr Croucher & Darcy Streets Richmond

(carols at 6.15pm)

(carols at 8.45pm)

Decemb rations, out. I ha this year thinking whom?” celebrat it how shops ca how m obtain, o quality o provide? by any m not be in the sl more a q ally cele western and the have sen In my un than thi of seein

St Alb

Angl Chu Appl

Christ Day Se 10a Ho Comm

All Wel Rev Allan Wasley, Vicar Ph 541 8883

Christmas Day Service

December 25 - 9.30am

544 5

Christm Serv 5.30

You are we join us this Eve to celeb with

All Welcome 123 Salisbury Rd, Richmond

Ellis St, Bri

(Plunket Rooms, nex

Contact Dea

We’d love to s


WEDNESDAY 14 December 2011


d churches of Richmond and Waimea a thought.....

us, born a baby as we are, living as a human as do we, bearing the same ber rolls in and the lights, deco- weaknesses and sorrows, and endursales and shopping lists come ing death becoming the free gift of salvation. All this not just for us ad to pinch myself to spend this years savings, r as I caught myself but that we may come with g, “What do I buy for boldness by this new and liv�. What do we really ing way, and have access to te on Christmas? Is the throne of the heavenly much money the grace, Jesus meets us as Iman make out of us, manuel, God with us! many gifts we can What a an unfathomable gift! or the amount and The angels sung yet, could of the gifts we can Jude Saxon they even comprehend such ? This is not to say Youth Pastor a sacrificial gift, and a gift to means gifts should Richmond New Life fallen man at that! So Christgiven or are even Church mas is not only a celebration lightest bit evil, but question of what it is we are re- of love, mercy, and grace, but is the ebrating? Is there more to our ultimate demonstration of generosity. n society than consumerism So this year as you consider Christmas e esteem of money. Do we still remember you cannot out give God, instead celebrate his generosity tontimentalism? nderstanding Christmas is more ward you, stand in awe of the incarnais. Christmas is the celebration tion from God to man for the sake of ng that Jesus has become like YOU.

The Combined Churches of Richmond and Waimea are celebrating the Christmas season and are handing out pieces of Christmas cake and cookies to shoppers in the Richmond Mall this week. Pictured are Aimee Knight and Sam Black getting their piece of cake from Don Horn and Betty Lark from Waimea Methodist Church.


lican urch leby

tmas ervice am oly munion



mas Eve vice 0pm

elcome to Christmas brate Christ h us.


xt to Petrol Station)

an 544 5784

see you there

Holy Trinity Church

You are invited to join with us

Celebrating Christmas 10.00am Giving thanks to God for the greatest gift ever given! 243 Queen St, Richmond Waring Carpark (Behind No. 1 Shoes)

Christmas Blessings from

27 Dorset St, Richmond Phone 544-8844 Christmas Eve Service 24 December - 11.00pm Christmas Day Services 25 December 8.00am and 10.00am

St Peter Chanel Church

Christmas Eve Mass Saturday 24 December


A short informal family celebration of Christmas Kids - bring along a favourite present to show!

9.30am at 57 Rutherford St, Nelson and 6 Greenwood St, Motueka

All Welcome Normal Mass times 5pm every second Saturday of the month

Fairfax Street, Murchison


18 WEDNESDAY 14 December 2011

Christmas in Richmond We wish all our customers a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year


For the largest range of paint colours in Richmond

315 Queen Street, Richmond Ph (03) 544 9189

Ph 544 4244

Healthy Living, Healthy Lifestyle

Opening Hours Mon - Fri 8.00 - 5.30 Sat 9.00 - 1.00

Closed 25 Dec - 3 Jan

227 Queen St & Warring Carpark

Make sure your car is in top condition and ready for your Xmas travels Fully equipped workshop Qualified staff - A Grade trained Tunes, services and WOF all makes and models Full computerised scanning and diagnostics


Christmas Trees For Sale Cards, Plants, Decorations, Produce, Giftware and Art

With a Natural Focus

11 Mt Heslington Rd, Brightwater Open Wed - Thurs 5pm - 7pm, Fri - Sun 10am - 5pm Ph 542 2240



Says don’t wait ‘til the last minute. The Analogue switchoff is just around the corner! 16 freeview Channels and now add 5 Australian Channels • SBS 1-HD • SBS 2

eed Friendly service guarant

7 Gladstone Road,Richmond, Nelson Phone: 544 2266

• Channel 9 • GEM - HD (Channel 9)


• GO (Channel 9) (Some in High-Definition)

Don Clementson Qualified Electronic Technician

Ph: 0274 376 019 A/H: 544 8867

Send someone a taste of Nelson this Xmas Christmas gift packs 2011

Kids, Guys & Ladies Clothing Body Piercing, Tattooing Smile Gems - Accessories Body Jeweler y - Gift Vouchers

Find us

Option 1: RN Mask & RN Moist $129 delivered Option 2: Mask $70 or Moist $55 Option 3: 1 x manuka 5+ 250g/1 x manuka 12+ 250g with fruit/1 x Manuka Honey Soap $29 Our cut off date for orders is 19 December 2011 Phone 0800 289 992 to order


205 Queen St, Richmond Ph: 544 2383


WEDNESDAY 14 December 2011


Christmas in Richmond The Team at Storage World wishes all our customers a Merry Christmas, and thanks for your support in the past year.

Ph 544 4545

0800 2 STORE



Let the speed of the wind blow you away! * Easy to learn * Suitable for 8+ years * Full tuition provided * Gift vouchers available * Group booking welcome Richmond Park (show grounds) 384 Lower Queen St, Richmond

0800 286 7839


20 WEDNESDAY 14 December 2011

Tap boy turns it on at nationals Phillip Rollo Chris Brake has leaped with New Zealand’s best to claim two bronze medals at the New Zealand Secondary School Athletics Championship in Wellington over the weekend. The 16 year-old Tapawera Area School student jumped a massive 1.94m to finish third on count back in the high jump, 13.75m in triple jump and finished in the top eight in long jump, even more impressive considering it was his first year in the senior grade. “I was over the moon with my two bronze medals,” says Chris. “To be honest my goals were just to get personal bests and anything more was just unexpected.” Chris started the weekend in Newtown with the triple jump, hoping, skipping and jumping out to 13.75m, a personal best by half a metre. The distance put Chris right in medal contention from the get-go, he spent the majority of the competition in second place. “It came out of nowhere. I was stunned that I actually got that far. I wasn’t expecting to get that much of a personal best.” Next on the schedule was Chris’ favoured event, high jump. He entered at 1.80m, his personal best from last season, which really shows how far he has developed in a year. He kept getting over the required height, even surpassing his personal best of 1.90m, until he hit a snag going for 1.97m. “I didn’t quite make it.” On count back from the 1.94m height,

Chris was handed the bronze medal. Jesse Bryant, who had also cleared the height, had done so on his third attempt, while Chris managed it on his second. Chris stands at 1.80m, meaning he is jumping a whopping 17cm over his own height. Following two outstanding medal winning jumps, Chris had high hopes in the long jump. With uncharacteristic humid Wellington weather creating problems for tired bodies, Chris says he was up against it. He landed 6.26m in his first jump and didn’t better it throughout his next attempts. In previous years, Chris had also entered in the sprint events. But this year he was put off by the 11.3 second qualifying standard. Chris says plenty of core work has been the major difference for 2011, but is expecting to come back even better in 2012 and 2013. “I wasn’t really thinking about it at the time, but afterwards I realized that I still have two years at this. I might be able to get the record in the high jump. I’ve gone up 10cm each year, so I might be close to it.” He wants to build more overall body strength before club nationals. In other results, Wakefield’s Mike Lowe claimed silver in the Senior Boys 3000m, Garin College student Jeff Lautenslager got second in the junior boys 3000m, while New Zealand age group record holder Brendon Barnett injured his hamstring in a run-through prior to the long jump, and another Waimea College hopeful, Tom Stringer, pulled out of the 1500m after limping the first two laps with a reoccurrence of a foot injury.



We can assist you with helpful and practical solutions for your new or existing home ! New home specialists ! Renovations ! Rewiring and repairs ! Garages and sheds

! Extra lights and sockets ! Rural power supply ! Electrical inspections ! Caravan WOEFs

Ph 544 2105

76 Oxford St, Richmond Fax: 544 2107 email:

ON THE RISE: Tapawera Area School jumper Chris Brake claimed two bronze medals at the New Zealand Secondary School Athletics Championship on the weekend. Photo: Phillip Rollo.

In BrIef PRIZE GIVING: Tasman Makos and New Zealand Rugby Sevens flanker Shane Christie took out the supreme award and Sportsman of the Year catergory at the NZCT Sportsperson

of the Year awards held in Hope last week. CRICKET: While rain could ruin Nelson’s chance to see the Central District Stags in action, the line up has been named. Jamie How (c), Peter Ingram, Ben Smith, Matt Sinclair, Kruger van Wyk, Kieran Noema-Barnett, Jacob Oram, Tarun Nethula, Peter Borren,

Washbourn Medical Centre Dr Lucia Mitchell

Dr Janine Bailey

Mike Mason, Andy Milne, Marty Kain. The match is scheduled to begin at 10am today. But with more rain forecast, the match is again literally up in the air. RUNNING: Brian Kemp led from start to finish to win the annual Gutbuster road race organised by Athletics Nelson on Saturday, a time of 26min 5sec.

Only 11 sleeps until Xmas!

199 Hardy Street, Nelson • Ph: 548 0959


• Excellent • Accessible • Caring Services Include: • Vaccinations and Immunisations • Routine Healthcare • Minor Surgery

• • • •

Cornerstone Accredited

12 Oxford St, Richmond

Hours: Mon - Fri 8.30am - 5.00pm Part of Nelson After Hours Service

Cervical Smears Cardiovascular Risk Assessments Audiologist Available Midwife Available

Ph 544 8847

Thinking of Travelling? Contact Kelly Ogilvie

Ph: 03 5444 622 E:

The Ezy Way to Travel

UK & Europe Earlybird Fares are here!!


Choose Richmond Glass to double glaze your existing windows Retro-fit double glazing lets you enjoy the warmth and comfort of your existing home by replacing your single glass with the latest ThermaTech double glazing. Richmond Glass has been carrying out this straightforward process in many different kinds of homes, mainly around the Top of the South Island but also as far south as Arthurs Pass, for several years, giving homeowners warm results while also lowering their energy costs. Whether you have timber or aluminium framed windows, Richmond Glass has a double glazing solution to suit your needs. If you have aluminium-framed windows, a retro-fit could not be more simple. Richmond Glass replaces the existing exterior glazing beads with the manufacturer’s double glazing beads. Where that’s not possible, Richmond Glass uses its own multi-fit double glazing retaining beads, and where necessary, its new opening sashes. The new beads are powder coated or anodised to closely match the colour of your existing window frames. If you have timber-framed win-

dows, Richmond Glass uses the patented ‘Retro Fit NZ’ drainage adaptor energy saving system which allows all existing timber windows to be retained. With a retro-fit you have the best of both worlds; your home is virtually unchanged plus you gain all the benefits of double glazing. The work is quick and unobtrusive. Richmond Glass experts will measure your windows, the new units will be made locally in Nelson and a date set for your double glazing to be installed. Richmond Glass advises you every step of

the way. One of the company’s home improvement representatives will call on you and outline your options. A quotation is supplied without cost or obligation. Richmond Glass also checks that the task can be done within the building’s structure and that all technical specs and measurements are correct. Dealing with Richmond Glass you know that your home is entrusted to a leader in the glazing industry in New Zealand. Whatever the size or shape of your windows, Richmond Glass will handle it.

How does double glazing work

The two sheets of glass are line bonded by computer control to precisetolerances with a special dual seal around an aluminium spacer. Individual windows up to 3.15 by 2.4 metres can be produced.

WEDNESDAY 14 December 2011

mer months, ensuring improved warmth and cooling in your home and also reducing energy costs by significant amounts.

Planitherm total low E glass for maximum effect Planitherm Total Low E Glass is a high performance Low E coated glass, made of clear float glass on which a thin, transparent coating has been deposited by magnetron technology. This coating drastically reduces the heat transfer between inside and outside. Planitherm Total Low E Glass thermally performs approximately 10 percent better than standard

hard coat Low E glass commonly used in New Zealand. On top of this it does not suffer from the haze effect of standard hard coat Low E. The finished product has a near crystal clear appearance that will not interfere with your views.

Stay warm without condensation As a building’s interior is warmed, there is an increased prospect of condensation, mould and mildew. Condensation forms when warm air containing moisture meets a cold window surface. If the conditions are right “dew point” is

reached and condensation forms. As the inner pane of ThermaTech glazing remains substantially warmer than single glazing, condensation is dramatically reduced. Nothing can completely eliminate condensation but ThermaTech double glazing comes close. In many cases moisture problems disappear forever, while in other situations just a small amount of condensation forms at the bottom of a window or frame. This is caused by factors such as ventilation rather than glazing. If you’re building new or have an existing home that needs warming then call Richmond Glass.

Richmond Glass uses ThermaTech double glazing which consists of two or more panes of glass separated by an aluminium spacer, bonded together to form a completely sealed unit called an Insulating Glass Unit or IGU. Heat and cold pass through single glass, whereas ThermaTech units trap a layer of air or Argon gas between two panes, creating a kind of blanket that protects the warmth of your interior. This reduces heat transfer from inside to outside during winter and outside to inside in the sum-

Proudly locally owned and operated

Free site visit and quote

Phone 544 8189 • 24HR 14 Gladstone Rd, Richmond

Now also at 34 St Vincent St, Nelson




22 WEDNESDAY 14 December 2011

Business update Inversion Table

Come and “hang out” with Josh and Jim Mutch was satisfied with the enjoy a free back and neck treatment results he achieved; “I purchased in Richmond Mall. Being hailed as a Model 7000 in May this year. My one of the most successful methods lower back had been somewhat of back pain treatment, their Teeter inflexible since major surgery on Hang-Ups Inversion L5, S1-3 in 1987. Then Table will gently take the in 2002 my right femoral pressure off your spine nerve was pinched and and give ongoing relief permanently damaged. from back pain. This resulted in a Business owners, why weakened right leg and not take a weight off your constant thigh pain. team’s shoulders this That pain was relieved Christmas by supplying soon after I started using an Inversion Table for the Inversion Table and your valued staff – you now after three months can even claim it as a is virtually gone. In business expense. It will Josh Goudswaard. addition, my lower back keep your staff fit, healthy flexibility has increased and invigorated, which will benefit substantially, which is of great benefit them as well as your company. to my favourite sport, skiing. With With more than four years giving the increased flexibility has come lasting relief to thousands of Kiwis, improved coordination as well. Your you can rest assured that the inversion table must rank among the Teeter Hang-Ups Inversion Table best investments I have ever made. really does work. Research at the Thanks for the opportunity.” Regional Neuroscience Centre Josh is also looking to expand; if in Newcastle by one of the UK’s you’re looking for a great career leading Neurosurgeons found that opportunity call him now on 0800 Inversion Therapy reduced the need 62 62 83. For your free 5 -10 minute for surgery by 77%, more than three treatment on the Inversion Table times more effective than traditional come visit Josh in Richmond Mall, methods of treatment. near Fresh Choice.

Come and hang out with Josh at the Richmond Mall and have a FREE 5 -10 minute treatment on Teeter Hang-Ups Inversion Table for your back and neck treatment. • • • • • • • •

BIG HITTER: Nathan Smith clubs the ball in practice at Greenacres Golf Club last week. Earlier, Nathan had finished fourth place in the 2011 REMAX Long Drive Championship of New Zealand. Photo: Phillip Rollo.

Long driver fourth in NZ

Phillip Rollo

Reduce Back pain Relieve Stress Stimulate Circulation & Lymph Flow Improve posture Reduce Muscle Tension Strengthen Ligaments Increase Blood to the Brain Reduce the effects of aging

At the Mall d n o m h Ric il only unt ar y 15 Janu

Nanave Health Care

0800 62 62 83


$100 OFF

There are not many people that can hit a golf ball further than Nathan Smith. In fact, there’s only three. The Greenacres Golf Club golfer finished fourth place at the 2011 REMAX Long Drive Championship of New Zealand, held at the The Clearwater Resort Driving Range during the three-day BMW New Zealand Open. After breezing through the qualification rounds, Nathan’s 295m distance out-blasted Auckland’s Marco Deen’s 240m effort in the quarter final, to book himself a spot in the semi-final. “I just wanted to qualify just to see how I would go in my first year in the professional level, so to qualify in the top eight was just amazing,” says Nathan. In the semi-final Nathan was hitting the ball out to 320m, but was unable to keep it on the grid. Eventual winner Cameron Grant landed 250m, but it was enough to see him through to the final at Nathan’s expense. “When you’ve got television cameras there and 50, 60 people watching you hit a ball, it’s a pretty nerve wracking.” Nathan picked up the long drive sport because he noticed a continued gain in his drive, playing regular golf. “I was over in Canada and got training with a guy who hit the ball a long way and he kind of wanted a driving partner for gage but I was kind of keeping up with him.” Following a return from Canada, Nathan was

Your Inversion Table with this voucher

ready to give it a good crack, until he popped three discs in his lower back, laying him off for around six months. Nathan always had a passion for long drive, because as he puts it: “Who doesn’t want to hit the ball and just smash it. It’s a good buzz.” But post-injury, the powerhouse form of the sport was put on the backburner. Until some sponsors came calling. Mal Lowrie of Accessman and Peter Havill of NBS both encouraged Nathan to get back into the sport and stumped up some much needed funds to help him carry on his dream. Nathan hit the gym in April, under the guidance of Marcus Rose, and had his mind solely focussed on the REMAX Long Drive Championship of New Zealand. A solid team built around Nathan, including Craig Vercoe and Jonti Phillipson of Sharpies Nelson and Sharpies Blenheim. Craig did repair work on all his clubs while Jonti acted as a mentor. But Nathan admits it was the physiotherapist and biomechanic technician Andy Cornelius, along with professional golfer Alistair Palmer, that had a revolutionary impact. “When I first started I had a swing speed of around 126mph and after I finished with them I got up to 137mph. At the end of the day when you are doing long drive, that’s what counts. You can have all the equipment in the world and all the training but you gotta hit that ball hard and fast.” Nathan’s personal best is 340m, and he hopes to hit that consistently next year.

. . . . s a i w i K s A Advert


nZ neW

ToyoTa Corolla Gl auTo 2002 Toyota Corolla for most people in NZ is almost a houshold name as most kiwis have owned or driven one at some stage. This one is NZ new and had 1 owner from new. Its powered by an 1800cc fuel injected engine and is automatic.It has just had a new WOF. The interior is in very tidy condition. It also has ABS brakes, electric front windows, power mirrors, air conditioning, 2 airbags and remote central locking.

nZ neW


nZ neW

nissan maXima Ti 2003 This is superb value for a luxury NZ new low km car. This Maxima was the top of the range model in 2003. Its powered by a grunty 3.0ltr V6 and is automatic. It also has factory leather trim, ABS brakes, cruise control, electric seats, electric windows and mirrors, CD, 2 airbags, heated front seats, climate air conditioning and remote central locking.

Honda aCCord lXi 2000 These are a very popular model and this one is in good condition. Its NZ new and had 3 owners. The interior is in good condition. Its powered by a 2000cc 4 cylinder motor and is automatic. The cambelt was replaced at 90km. It also has ABS brakes, Electric windows and mirrors, CD, air conditioning, 2 airbags, remote central locking, spoiler and a towbar.

nZ neW

nZ neW

ToyoTa Corolla Gl HaTCH 2005 This has to be Toyotas answer for the car for everyone. These have been a huge sales success for Toyota in NZ. Its powered by a fuel injected 1800cc motor and is 5 speed manual. Its NZ new and had 1 owner from new. The interior is in very tidy condition apart from some wear on the drivers mat as per the photos. It also has 2 airbags, ABS brakes, CD, remote central locking, electric front windows and mirrors and air conditioning.

nZ neW

$10,980 Holden Commodore VZ 2005 These are always a popular choice for those wanting the comfort of a larger car or for those wanting to do some summer towing. Its powered by a 3.6 litre V6 and is automatic. The interior in in tidy condition. This is the Executive model and its had 1 owner in NZ from new. It also has 4 airbags, ABS brakes, electric windows and mirrors, CD, air conditioning, remote central locking and cruise control.


ausTin Healey BJ8 mk3 1967 If you are a serious car collecter or have a passion for sports cars then this could be the car for you. This car has been imported from the USA. Its showing 72980mls on the speedo and is other wise a very clean original car. The interior is in immaculate condition. Its factory 3000cc 6 cylinder with a manual electric overdrive transmission. The soft top is also in very good condition.

Honda inTeGra Gsi 1994 A popular wee coupe for the younger generation. Its NZ new and had 2 owners from new. Its powered by an 1800cc motor and is automatic. It has had the cambelt replaced. The interior is in tidy condition with only a small wear tear in the drivers mat. It also has a sunroof, boot spoiler, electric windows and central locking.

nZ neW



Holden Commodore aCClaim 2003 This would be an ideal tow car for the impending Xmas holidays, [except it hasnt got a towbar] or a great family car to cater for those looking for more luggage space. Its powered by a 3.8 litre V6 and is automatic. The interior is in tidy condition. It also has electric windows and mirrors, factory CD, 4 airbags, remote central locking, boot spoiler and factory alloy wheels.

maZda 6 GlX 2007 You would struggle to find a more versatile mid range NZ new car than this. Its had 1 owner from new and has been on a Mazda NZ service plan from new. The interior is extremely roomy and in immaculate condition. Its powered by a 2000cc chain driven engine and is automatic with tiptronic option. It also has 8 airbags, CD, remote central locking, air conditioning and electric windows and mirrors.

miTsuBisHi lanCer es WaGon 2005 These represent great value for a late model NZ new wagon. Its had 1 owner from new. The interior is in tidy condition. Its powered by a 2000cc 4 cylinder motor and is 5 speed manual. It also has ABS brakes, electric windows and mirrors, 2 airbags, CD, air conditioning, towbar and remote central locking.

nZ neW

Ford FairmonT Ba 2002 If towing the boat or caravan for your Xmas holidays is on your mind and you need to change your ride then this could be it. Its the first of the BA model Fairmont and has had 1 owner from new. The interior is in very tidy condition. It also has factory alloy wheels, towbar, climate air conditioning, ABS brakes, electric windows and mirrors, cruise control, CD and remote central locking.

$11,980 smarT ForFour 2005 If you dont want to be noticed or to drive a fuel effeciant niffty NZ new hatch then this isnt the car for you. Its had 1 owner from new. The interior is in very tidy condition. Its powered by a 4 cylinder 1500cc motor and is automatic with tiptronic option. It also has ABS brakes, 2 airbags, CD, air conditioning, bluetooth, electric front windows and remote central locking.

nZ neW

nZ neW


$14,980 ToyoTa Corolla Gl HaTCH 2005 These are probably the most popular cars ever sold in NZ. Its NZ new and had 1 owner. Its powered by an 1800cc fuel injected motor and is 5 speed manual. The interior is in very tidy condition. It also has 2 airbags, ABS brakes, CD, remote central locking, electric front windows and air conditioning.

maZda mX 5 roadsTer 6spd 1998 With hot summer days fast approaching now is the time to be buying a convertable. This one is in extremely good condition. Its powered by an 1800cc engine and is 6 speed manual. The interior is in immaculate condition. It also has ABS brakes, electric windows and mirrors, 2 airbags, air conditioning, factory alloy wheels, CD and central locking.

nZ neW

ToyoTa Corolla Gl WaGon 2007 One of New Zealands most popular wagons ever sold. Ideal for a company car or a family wagon. Its powered by an 1800cc motor and is 5 speed manual. Its NZ new, had 1 owner from new and has only done 66000kms. The interior is in very tidy condition and is very spacious. It also has electric front windows and mirrors, ABS brakes, factory CD, 2 airbags and remote central locking.

nZ neW



miTsuBisHi lanCer es auTo 2005 If commuting daily in a spacious late model NZ new car that wont also send you broke at the service station is what you are after then take a peek at this. Its powered by a 2000cc 4 cylinder and is automatic. Its interior is in very tidy condition. It also has ABS brakes, electric windows and mirrors, CD, air conditioning, towbar and remote central locking.

suBaru impreZa manual 2006 This is a genuine 1 lady owner NZ new Impreza manual. It comes with full service history. Its powered by a 2000cc motor and has had the cambelt replaced. The interior is in immaculate condition. It also has ABS brakes, 2 airbags, CD, cruise control, electric windows and mirrors, climate air conditioning, remote central locking, roof rack, towbar and Hi & Low ratio 4WD on demand.

nZ neW

nZ neW


$9,980 miTsuBisHi GalanT loW kms 2001 This is a really lovely low km 1 owner NZ new Galant. Its 2.5 v6 and is automatic with tiptronic option so would be ideal for towing. The interior is in immaculate condition and is very roomy. It also has ABS brakes, electric windows and mirrors, 2 airbags, remote central locking, CD, climate airc onditioning, boot spoiler, factory alloy wheels and a towbar.



ToyoTa Corolla GlX nZ neW 2002 The Toyota Corolla have probably NZs most popular car ever sold. This one is NZ new and had 2 owners. The interior is in immaculate condition. Its powered by a 1800cc fuel injected motor and is automatic. It also has factory alloys, 4 airbags, electric windows and mirrors, CD, air conditioning, ABS brakes and remote central locking.

isuZu mu WiZard diesel 1996 If its a mulipurpose vehicle for the family motoring then take a look at this. Ideal for towing or some weekend offroad trips. The interior is in tidy condition. Its powered by a 3.1 Turbo diesel motor and is automatic. It also has factory alloys, running boards, roof rails, towbar. Comes with 12 months mechanical warranty.

nZ neW

nZ neW


$6,980 daiHaTsu Terios Trs manual 1999 These small wagons are always popular with motorhome owners and with those who love to go whitebating or fishing. Its powered by a nippy 1300cc motor and is 5 speed manual with 4wd option and is NZ new. The cambelt was replaced at 73000km. The interior is in tidy condition. It also has factory alloys and roof spoiler, roof rails, CD, 2 airbags and air conditioning.






nZ neW

nZ neW



WEDNESDAY 14 December 2011

Honda CrV auTo 1995 I can see why these wagons are so popular. They have loads of interior space and good visibility for both the driver and the passengers. Its powered by a 2000cc motor and is automatic. The cambelt was replaced at 100,000 km. The interior is in very tidy condition. It also has alloy wheels, sunroof, roof rails, climate air conditioning and electric windows and mirrors.



daiHaTsu Terios sX 2000 These small wagons are always popular with motorhome owners and with those who love to go whitebating or fishing. Its powered by a nippy 1300cc motor and is 5 speed manual with 4wd option and is NZ new. The cambelt was replaced at 106000km. The interior is in tidy condition. It also has factory alloys and roof spoiler, roof rails, 2 airbags and air conditioning.

nissan saFari 7 seaTer 1991 If you have to tow a heavy horsefloat or big boat and also need a 7 seater then this is your baby. Its powered by a 4000cc diesel and is 5 speed manual. It was imported from Japan in 2003 and has had 3 owners in NZ since. The interior is in very tidy condition. It also has air conditioning, electric windows and mirrors, towbar, central locking and seating for 7 people.

nZ neW


nZ neW

nissan naVara sT X 2Wd 2008 A ute that drives like a car in many ways and with loads of features.It would be a great company or family wagon. Its NZ new and had 1 owner. The interior is in very tidy condition. Its powered by a 2500cc turbo diesel engine and is automatic. It also has ABS brakes, alloy wheels, running boards, towbar, CD, air conditioning, 2 airbags and electric windows and mirrors, canopy and remote central locking.

Ford Courier douBle CaB 2005 Family car or work ute shoppers should both take a look at this. Its a 1 owner NZ new Courier XLX 2wd ute and has been on a full service plan from new. It’s powered by a 2500cc turbo diesel engine and is 5 speed manual. It also has factory alloy wheels, tuffdeck, towbar,ABS brakes, CD, air conditioning, 2 airbags, electric windows and mirrors and remote central locking.


nZ neW

miTsuBisHi l300 sWB Van 2006 As you can probably guess this van has been a Rural post van from new. Its kms traveled have no real reflection on its condition as its extremely tidy. Its powered by a 2500cc diesel motor and is 5 speed manual. The interior is in very clean and tidy condition. It also has Cd player and rear protector bars.

150 Rutherford St, Nelson PH: 548 0568 Paul Dowell - 0274 489 855 Mark Taylor - 0275 482 249


24 WEDNESDAY 14 December 2011 This Saturday

Xmas Xtravaganza

Tahuna Beach Holiday Park

HR15 4x4


SPEEDWAY Gates Open 6pm - Racing Starts 7pm Now Available 10m horizontal reach @ 6m high

Also a complete range - Scissor Lifts - Cherry Pickers - Knuckle Booms - Prompt & Knowledgeble Service Proud to sponsor 46N Blair Cunningham

accessman nelson ltd

544 3985

21 Elms Street, Wakatu Estate, Stoke


Proud Supporters of Nelson Speedway

• • • •

Equipment Design & Manufacture Machining & Structural Steelwork Forestry Equipment & Fit-Out Industrial Plant Maintenance We wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

PH 03 544 8024

2 Poutama St, Richmond |


Open 7 Days


X 24 Hour Tow & Salvage X AA Breakdown X Vehicle Servicing & Repairs X Authorised Warranty Servicing

176 Queen St, Richmond

Ph 543 9513

Richmonds only AA Licensed repairer

KINGS OF THE TRACK: 7n Craig Boote and 1nz Dale Ewers line up at the Tahuna Holiday Park Speedway. Photo: Blair Hall/Photoaction. By Karen Carey December 17 and features the Superstock and For many, summer holidays in Nelson conjure Sidecar Club Championships, round two of the up images of lazy days by the beach, wandering Three Quarter Midget Club Champs and the through the Abel Tasman or sitting in one of Stockcar Hit to Pass. Also scheduled to race are the many wineries or cafes planning the next the Super Saloons and the Youth Ministocks. relaxing activity. For our younger fans the weekend also features For those who have speedway racing in their the Junior Members Christmas Party on Sunday blood summer holidays means hours of work at the Club Rooms. rebuilding race cars, planning and promoting After a small break to celebrate the festive season race meetings or sitting trackside waiting for the we are back in action on Monday January 2nd next big race to begin. with the first of the Speedway New Zealand Whether you are one of the many competitors Championships – the South Island Superstocks. preparing to travel off to compete at you national Superstocks are the heavyweights of Speedway, championships or one of the thousands of they are purpose built for both speed and full supporters looking forward to racing at the contact and with a number of former New Zealand Tahuna Beach Holiday Park Speedway this and South Island Championship placegetters on summer is shaping up to be one of the best. the entry list this meeting is shaping up to be full The summer programme kicks into gear with of action. Anyone watching Superstock racing the Xmas Extravaganza meeting on Saturday for the first time are left open mouthed at the hard hitting full on racing these guys dish up week to week and the intensity levels rise when there is a championship trophy up for grabs. This is one of the must see meetings of the year. The event is supported by the club championships for Super Saloons and Youth Ministocks with the Production Saloons, Streetstocks and Sidecars rounding out the programme. The other not to be missed meeting is the ENZED New Zealand Super Saloon Championships being run from Thursday January 12 till Saturday January 14. Super Saloons are also purpose built for speed but are a non contact class. They run predominately V8 engines, have full fibreglass bodies resembling road cars such as corvettes and camaros, falcons and monaros and reach speeds of about 85km/hr around the tight 354metre track. Just the speed and sheer size of the cars adds an element of excitement that is totally different from any other class currently racing here in Nelson. The club will be holding an official practice on the Thursday evening from 6-8pm. The public are welcome to come out and watch and entry for practice is free. Qualifying on Friday evening is expected to be hard fought with approximately 35-40 cars trying to make it through to the 20 car finals on Saturday. A public scrutineering is being held at the A and P Showgrounds on Friday and this is a great way to get an upclose look at the cars and to meet the Aniseed Valley Rd, RD1, Richmond drivers. The championship is being supported by Superstock, Stockcar and Production Saloon Woody - 027 485 9757 promotions and Streetstocks, Midgets, TQ Brendan Higgins - 027 457 6753 Midgets will also be racing over the weekend. Fax (03) 544 4364

(03) 544 8442


WEDNESDAY 14 December 2011


This Saturday

Xmas Xtravaganza

Tahuna Beach Holiday Park


Gates Open 6pm - Racing Starts 7pm occasional visitor to the track or one of the few who have never experienced the thrill of speedway racing this summer the Nelson Speedway Association has something for you. These holidays why not spend your lazy summer days at the beach or cafe then make sure you get your backside trackside for some of the best on track action you will get to see this year.


INTO THE WALL: 15n Chris Allen gets a little too cosy with the safety barrier. Photo: Blair Hall/ Photoaction. The final meeting of the summer holiday season 6pm. With the exception of the finals night features the ever popular Classic Hits Demolition at the ENZED New Zealand Super Saloon Derby as well as the Club Championships for Championships where gate prices increase slightly, Stockcars, Streetstocks and Midgets. TQ Midgets, all meetings cost only $15 Adult $30 Family with Production Saloons and Youth Ministocks are also Pensioners, children and members $7 Under 5’s racing at this meeting. are free. All meetings start at 7pm with gates open from Whether you are an avid speedway goer, an


All Children attending Speedway this Saturday get a FREE raffle ticket for a

Push Bike

(Valued at $900 & donated by The Cycle Shop, Stoke)





Proud supporters of Nelson Speedway

Locally owned and operated by

Ron McPhail

327 Queen Street, Richmond


Proud sponsors of Nelson Speedway 36 Ellis Street, Brightwater Ph: 542 4076

Saturday 14 December

Xmas Xtravaganza Superstock Club Champs + TQ Midget Club Champs R2 + Stockar Hit To Pass + Sidecar Club Champs

Gates Open 6pm Racing Starts 7pm Adults $15. Members, Children and Pensioners $7. Family Pass $30.

Tahuna Beach Holiday Park

SPEEDWAY Still Nelson’s Best Entertainment


26 WEDNESDAY 14 December 2011


Captain Panzer heading to final Phillip Rollo If Canterbury United wins the ASB Youth League final this weekend, Erik Panzer will be the first person to hold aloft the trophy. The Garin College leaver will lead Canterbury United against Waitakere United in Auckland on Saturday, following a 9-8 win on penalties against Auckland City in the semi-final. Erik scored one of the penalties and was the center of a controversial penalty decision in regular time. The referee deemed he was fouled in the box during a corner kick, resulting in a 3-all equaliser. The finals berth comes eight weeks after a shock 0-2 opening round loss to YoungHeart Manawatu, Erik says the team has come on

leaps and bounds in the space of two months. “We’ve been playing a lot more as a team now instead of being so individualised,” he says. Erik has only been able to spend brief stints down in Christchurch training with the team, due to school, but he still makes his voice heard on the pitch. This will be the first time the team faces Waitakere this season, but it is the fourth time in five years that the two sides have met in the ASB Youth League final. Erik says finals football is a different kettle of fish to a regular league fixture, and that could play in Canterbury’s favour away from home. “Whatever happens on the day happens. I’m sure our team will be absolutely pumped for it. We know what we need to do to win.”

The captains, Dean Lausev, of Auckland, and Erik Panzer, of Canterbury, shake prior to the toss at the ASB Youth League semi-final at Kiwitea St, Auckland. Canterbury won the match and will play in the final this weekend against Waitakere. Photo: Shane Wenzlick/

Rabbits squad gathers pace The latest Tasman Rugby League franchise has based itself in Richmond and it’s on the lookout for some local blood to join the Rabbit hunt. The Richmond Rabbits have already had three pre-season trainings, the latest on Monday night at Ben Cooper Park, and despite already building the foundation of a core group of players, chairman Ryan Charles is putting the call out for some Richmond residents to give the team a more local feel. “We’ve always had a group of about 13, 14. But we want a squad of around 20. This is a Richmond-based club so we’re really hoping to see some local guys turn up in the next few weeks,” says Ryan. Ryan says a team culture has quickly been established. “We’re trying to build a club of guys that enjoy playing but also enjoy the social aspect. We want it to be a real family culture.” RABBIT RUN: Yane Teinakore runs a play at the Richmond Rabbits training A large rugby contingent has now been able to play their preferred code, thanks to the TRL. at Ben Cooper Park on Monday night. Photo: Phillip Rollo.

The club has been boosted this week by the addition of Nelson based supplement store, Powerhouse Supplements, as a sponsor for 2012. Ryan says the TRL was in a good position and is clearly increasing in popularity, exposure and skill. “TRL have had a really successful year. Now these guys have a pathway with the [Tasman] Titans, that is a bit of a carrot. I’m hoping half of this team will be playing for the Titans at the end of the year.” The side is looking to be based at Ben Cooper Park or alternatively at the Avery. The rest of 2011 will be spent continuing skills trainings, establishing positions and teaching some of the players the basic skills of rugby league. Anyone interested in joining the team can visit the Richmond Rabbits Rugby League Club Facebook page or you can contact Ryan on 021 0264 6592

Stockcars battle hard on the coast

Ash Kelly was Nelson’s best finisher at the South Island Stockcar Championship at Greenstone Park Speedway on the Westcoast over the weekend. Three Nelson drivers made the trip south. Ash finished 13th in race one and 16th in race two, although an impressive final race, where Ash finished fourth, saw the 16nz driver into the top six. Ben Taylor was the next best Nelson driver, finishing ninth ROUGH AND TUMBLE: Nelson stockcar drive Ash Kelly, left, gets tangled in the wall with Chris Baxter in Greymouth. Photo: Blair Hall/ place, while the 199n Trevor Kineham ended 15th. Photoaction.


WEDNESDAY 14 December 2011


Top of the table Tigers to tackle two-day final Anything more than a loss will guarantee Waimea Toi Toi United victory in this weekend’s Car Company two-day final. But don’t tell WTTU skipper Jon Routhan to play for a draw, he wants his side to go out there and smash Motueka. Robbie’s Bar & Bistro WTTU lost to Hot Mama’s Motueka over the weekend, but only needing to take innings to cement top spot, Jon says it was job done and dusted quite early on in the piece. “To be honest our job was done by lunch time. The boys bowled together really well,” he says. With Stephen Binnie on form with the bat, Jon is confident the side has the right mix to win the final. WTTU have often been the second qualifier going into the two-day final. The ruling states that the top qualifier takes the title if the match is drawn or if rain ends play short, but Jon wants to go out there and win. If he wins the toss this Saturday, he expects to bat first on a slow Saxton Oval wicket.

CLOSE CALL: WTTU fielder Tom Ingham awaits the oncoming ball. Photo: Phillip Rollo.

Legend back on the diamond The United Titans hadn’t won a game in two years – cue three time world champion and Black Sox pitching legend Marty Grant. Now the Senior Men’s softball side are on a three-game winning streak. Marty retired from international competition in 2009 but kept his hand in New Zealand softball through coaching and mentoring. This year he dusted off the glove to play in the Nelson competition with his brother for the first time since their days at Waimea College 30 years ago. “I came to this team just wanting to be a part of it, the guys accepted me and without expecting too much, we’ve been able to learn and have some fun,” says Marty. Marty’s career with the Black Sox was exceptional; at the world championship 2000 in South Africa he pitched a nohitter in the final to win a second world title. But the humble champion, widely

regarded as one the best pitchers we have produced, says he started out as a pretty average athlete. “It’s interesting because I was just an average athlete, but I trained a lot harder than anyone. So there are a whole bunch of kids out there that have a chance to play for New Zealand if they are willing to put the work in,” he says. Marty believes he has a responsibility to the players of the future to stay involved with softball and be enthusiastic, and he hopes some of that will rub off on the current crop of players coming through the game. “I’ve had some of the best coaches in the world help me and I’ve got to be able to pass that on, it would be unfair not to.” At the start of the month Marty was in Christchurch at the South Island’s Jefferies Cup scouting for players to fill slots in the Southern Pride representative side he coaches.

we reckon we’re

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SOFTBALL LEGEND: Former Black Sox pitcher Marty Grant has made a successful return to the Nelson softball scene with United Titans. Photo: Jonathan McKeown.

NEW SUMMER HOURS Fri - Sat 9am - 11pm. Sun 10am - 9pm.

Valid until 20/12/2011

locally owned and operated


28 WEDNESDAY 14 December 2011


Classified deadline 5pm Monday


Happy Birthday!

Monster Christmas Raffle Richmond Catholic Parish



Results as drawn 7 Dec


Draw 1 - Jean Hallinan Draw 2 - Colleen Yee

Situations Vacant

Golf Cubs for Sale

Masterlink is looking for a plumbing & gasfitting apprentice in the Nelson area. If you are interested please email your CV to Roger Herd: roger.herd@

Full set Grand Slam metal woods complete with trundle. Metal woods consist of 1,3,5 & 7. Metal irons sizes are 3,4,5,6,7,8 & 9, also a pitching wedge and sand wedge, putter, chipper, range finder & 60 balls. Golf balls a mix selection of new & used. Also included is a 4 left hand glove. Great condition. All genuine offers considered. Call Sid or Roberta 03 544 5082 or txt 027 404 1947.

Draw 3 - Matthew Duncan


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WEDNESDAY 14 December 2011

14 DECEMBER 201 1

public notices

public notices

Submissions Open on Draft Joint Waste Management and Minimisation Plan

Tasman District Council – Valuation Rolls

The Draft Joint Waste Management and Minimisation Plan is now available for public consultation. Everyone is welcome to make a submission. Purpose The Nelson City Council and the Tasman District Council (the Councils) have a statutory responsibility to “promote effective and efficient waste minimisation” and, for this purpose, to “adopt a waste management and minimisation plan”. As required by the Waste Minimisation Act 2008 (WMA), the Councils carried out a waste assessment. The Councils each made a decision that a Joint Waste Management Plan be developed. View the Proposals The proposals are contained in two documents: • A summary of Information - published on this website and circulated to all households in the Tasman District via Newsline and in Nelson City via Live Nelson. • The full document, which outlines in greater detail the draft plan the Councils have developed. Draft Joint Waste Management and Minimisation Plan The above documents are also available for viewing during normal office hours at the following Tasman District Council and Nelson City Council offices and Libraries: Tasman District Council • Richmond Office, 189 Queen Street, Richmond • Motueka Office, 7 Hickmott Place, Motueka • Takaka Office, 78 Commercial Street, Takaka • Murchison Office, 92 Fairfax Street, Murchison • Richmond Library, 280 Queen Street, Richmond • Motueka Library, Pah Street, Motueka • Takaka Memorial Library, Junction Street, Takaka • Murchison Library, 92 Fairfax Street, Murchison Nelson City Council • Nelson City Council, 110 Trafalgar Street, Nelson • Elma Turner Library, 27 Halifax Street, Nelson • Nightingale Library Memorial, 2 Beach Road, Tahunanui • Stoke Library, Neale Avenue, Stoke

The Valuation Rolls for Tasman District have been revised by Quotable Value Limited (as the Council’s valuation service provider). The revised Rating Values are effective as at 1 September 2011 and the new notices of valuation will be posted to owners and ratepayers from 9 December 2011. The District Valuation Rolls will be open for public inspection, free of charge, from 9 December 2011 during regular office hours, at the Tasman District Council Richmond office, Motueka, Takaka, and Murchison Service Centres, and District Libraries (see for office/service centre/library locations and hours). The revised values can be viewed until 27 January 2012. Objections to the revised valuations must be lodged, in writing or online at no later than 27 January 2012. Objection forms are available from Tasman District Council or Quotable Value Limited and should be posted to: Quotable Value Ltd – Business Support Private Bag 39 818 Wellington Mail Centre LOWER HUTT 5045 More information about “Understanding your Rating Value” can be found at

resource consents The Council has received applications for resource consents, which have been publicly notified in The Nelson Mail. The applications and supporting information may be examined in any Council office. The full public notice may be found online at Council’s website ( Any person may make a submission on the applications in accordance with Section 96 of the Resource Management Act 1991. Submission forms are available from Council offices and on Council’s website. Please note that the following is an abridged advisory notice only.

Applicant: Nelson Pine Industries Limited (NPIL). Location: 520 Lower Queen Street, Richmond. Consent Type, Application Number and Proposal:

Make a Submission Submissions to the Draft Regional Waste Management and Minimisation Plan must be received by 4.30 pm on Tuesday 31 January 2012. Submitters should indicate on their submission form if they wish to be heard. You can: • Make an online submission • Post to: Submissions on Draft Regional Waste Management and Minimisation Plan, Tasman District Council, Private Bag 4, Richmond 7050 • Deliver to your local Nelson City or Tasman District Council office; or • Email to

Discharge to Air (Application RM100651): Renewal of the discharge to air permit for discharges resulting from the manufacture of medium density fibreboard (MDF), veneer and laminated veneer lumber (LVL) and associated activities on the Nelson Pine Industries Limited (NPIL) site. The discharges include the following: • Products of combustion from the on-site boilers and machinery; • Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from the fibre dryer cyclones and the heated continuous presses; • Water vapour emissions and wood extractives from the fibre dryer cyclones and log conditioning baths; • Fugitive emissions from processes on site; • Particulates including fibre, sawdust, wood extractives, and wood degradation products from both point source and fugitive discharges.

Hearings Hearings will be held in February 2012.

Discharge of Stormwater to Water (Application RM110122) Discharge of stormwater from the NPIL site to Waimea Inlet and Penny Farthing Stream. Hazardous Facility (Application RM110121) To use and store hazardous substances associated with the operation of the NPIL site.

community notices

Submissions due: 4.30 pm on Friday 16 December 2011.

Notice from the Rotoiti District Community Council Rubbish disposal in the Lake Rotoiti/St Arnaud area: If you have a property that you rent out or make available to family/friends, could you please ensure that you supply the appropriate rubbish disposal bags and recycling container, with clear instructions on the importance of the use of them. Unofficial bags will not be picked up by collectors and therefore cause a problem that others have to deal with in an effort to keep our village clean. all you need to know

council meetings Agendas and Minutes for Council Meetings can be viewed on Council’s website at

Feel free to contact us:

Richmond 189 Queen Street Private Bag 4 Richmond 7050 New Zealand Phone 03 543 8400 Fax 03 543 9524

Murchison 92 Fairfax Street Murchison 7007 New Zealand Phone 03 523 1013 Fax 03 523 1012

Tasman District Council Email Website 24 hour assistance Motueka 7 Hickmott Place PO Box 123 Motueka 7143 New Zealand Phone 03 528 2022 Fax 03 528 9751

Takaka 78 Commercial Street PO Box 74 Takaka 7142 New Zealand Phone 03 525 0020 Fax 03 525 9972

Full Council Tasman Council Chambers, 189 Queen Street, Richmond, Thursday 15 December 2011, 9.30 am. Public forum Regional Transport Committee Tasman Council Chambers, 189 Queen Street, Richmond, Friday 16 December 2011, 1.00 pm. No public forum


ices plumbers electrician accountants financial serv clutch specialists builders and e untants financial services brak acco ing ers scap build land ts tenance h specialis mowing home and car main landscaping brake and clutc lawn h specialists builders nce ns clutc tena ricia and e main elect car brak bers and e ing plum scap hom electricians lawnmowing e and car maintenance land accountants financial services hom bers ing brake and clu ing plum scap mow land ices lawn serv nce ns cial tena ricia main elect untants finan lawnmowing home and car financial services plumbers ns specialists builders acco nts tenance lands ricia unta main elect acco car bers and ers e plum build hom ing services h specialists bers electricians lawnmow ers accountants financial plum build landscaping brake and clutc ing home and ts ices ialis mow serv spec cial lawn h finan ns clutc ricia nts elect unta scaping brake and h specialists builders acco financial services plumbers clutc nts and bers electric unta and car maintenance land e acco plum brak ices ers ing serv build scap cial specialists nts finan maintenance land scaping brake and clutch ialists builders accounta untant lawnmowing home and car ing brake and clutch spec e and car maintenance land specialists builders acco scap h hom land clutc ing and e nce mow brak tena lawn main ing ns car landscap e and spe plumbers electricia ricians lawnmowing hom home and car maintenance scaping brake and clutch elect land ing bers mow nce tena lawn plum main ns ices car ricia serv e and bers elect accountants financial ricians lawnmowing hom car maintenance lands and elect nts financial services plum e unta hom bers acco ing plum ers mow ices build serv lawn ts cial ricians brake and clutch specialis builders accountants finan mowing home and cial services plumbers elect brake and clutch specialists plumbers electricians lawn builders accountants finan maintenance landscaping accountants financial services brake and clutch specialists plumbers electrici ers ing ices build scap serv ts land cial ialis finan nce spec h nts tena clutc and accounta mowing home and car main financial serv nce landscaping brake clutch specialists builders and Accounting Accounts car maintenaEquipment Access home and ts builders accountants ing for Centrelawn 23A Salisbury Rd on Wed 7pm mow nce landscaping brake specialis scaping brake and clutch ing home and car maintena plumbers electricians lawn land mow lawn nce tena ns ricia main car elect and mowing home financial services 7-30pm. More ph plum Bobbers & Jactants information coun plumbers electricians lawn untants financial services specialists builders acco quie 5380282

30 WEDNESDAY 14 December 2011

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What’s happening in your community!

Trades & Services Now Available

Pilates do you want to feel leaner this summer with easy to follow mat pilates held on Wednesday lunch hours in central Nelson upstairs at the New Hub on New Street from 12.10 to 12.50pm during school terms . Book your mat ph Sue 538 0318. LEARN to Speak with Confidence Let us motivate & encourage you to step outside of your comfort zone and gain the skills you need. Join Powertalk International - Waimea Club - meets in Annesbrook twice monthly in a friendly environment. For information please phone Peggy 539 0477 or Yvonne 544 6350.” Isel House in Stoke Open to the public from 1 1am to 4pm daily, Tuesdays to Sundays exclusive Table Tennis at Saxton Stadium Mondays & Fridays - 9am – noon. Weds - 7 - 9pm. Bats provided. Contact Stadium 5479479 or karen 5473005. Choose To Lose trying to lose weight, join us for support, weigh-in, coffee, chat with like minded people. Gold coin donation. Every Thurs at The Centre, 23a Salisbury Rd, Rmd. Contact De Ross: 547 4717 or 027698872 Croquet at Richmond We welcome new members to Golf croquet Thurs & Sundays 1pm - Sheryl 5410623. Association croquet-Wed & Sat 10am contact Betty 5447268. See you on the lawns opp. the new Health Center Lower Queen St. Preschool Music N Motion Wakefield Methodist Church hall cnr Edward & Arrow Sts. Weekly during school terms 10 am. Morning tea. $2 per child, $3 for 2 or more children. Ph 544- 8394. Stuttering Support If you stutter you are not alone. We are a self-help support group, of people who stutter of any age, who help each other. Meet every 2 weeks 6.45pm-8 pm 25 Maple Cres, Rhmd. Children u 13 with an adult. plse. No charge. or contact Neil Davis on 541-0727 or on 027 3526402 (txt if you want ) or email neild@ Richmond Bowling Club Lower Queen St. New Outdoor Bowls season open. New members & learners welcome. Tues, Thurs & Sat weekly at 1 pm.Social or competitive. Come along & have a try! Richmond Spinners, Knitters And Felters meet 2nd & 4th Thursday of month at Birch hall, Richmond racecourse at 930. Weavers meet 3rd thursday at 930.Evening group meet 2nd monday at 7 pm. Phone Diane, 5476517,or June, 5456466. Richmond Church of Christ 7pm new Thurs evening church. ph: 544 5415. Tasman Parrot Club Wanted new members with all the range of aviary birds. Meet every second month on Sunday, subs very ‘cheep’. For info ph Darryl on 03 528-7298 or Bob on 03 542-3725. Koru Christian singles group Koru meet monthly for friendship and fellowship ages 25- 55, open to all churches in Richmd, Nelson & Tasman region. Contact or Dawn on 03 538-0471 for more information. Single? Duck Soup is on the first Sunday of every month from 7.30pm. Details & venue on Adrienne 5442088

Coming soon notices are free to community groups, schools, churches, gold coin donation events, and fundraising. Notices for businesses and organisations/groups who charge for courses or events cost $7.

50 words or less by Email only, please. Send to: Deadline: 11am Monday

HR15 4x4


Music On Friday Date:16 Dec, Time: 10 am, Venue: St David’s Presbyterian Church, Florence St, Richmond JingleTap Christmas Show Singing & dancing Christmas show for kids from Glenna Armstrong’s School of Tap 2pm Sat 17 Dec. PTickets $5 at the door (St Barnabas Church Hall, Stoke). Preschoolers free. Pre-book on Festival Nelson Lakes Kerr Bay, Lake Rotoiti. Two days of family-friendly fun. Sat 21 Jan, Farmers Market, craft wine and beer. Sun 21 Jan, Arts, Crafts & Artefacts Market. Land-water-air activities, guest chef, free outdoor movie on Sat night. Stalls still available. Join us! For more information, email Forest & Bird Wed 14 Dec –Hear Roger Frost talk on “Butterflies in the Nelson/Tasman Region and how we can help them”. Roger was awarded a Royal Society Teachers fellowship to investigate the distribution and diminishing numbers of native NZ butterflies. 7.30pm atTahunanui School Hall, Muritai Street Nelson Beekeeping Club – From March to December we meet at 7:00 pm on the firstTuesday of the month at the Aimee Lounge, Richmond Park Showground’s, Lower Queen Street, Richmond. The ChristmasTree Festival Nelson Cathedral is a peaceful place to take a break from the shopping, or to visit for a special outing. There are 30 trees representing many community groups and businesses. Open 9-am to 6pm daily from Dec 6-21. Donations appreciated.Tea and coffee at a small charge. WaimeaTramping Club Sat 17 Dec, Little Rocky, Sherry River, medium, ph Jeff 522 4994 or Maria 541 8598. Washbourn Gardens Fare Wanted stallholders for Washbourn Gardens Fare on Nelson Anniversary Day $25 per site.For more imformation please contact Tania on 544 1091This is a richmond Playcentre fundraiser. Quiz night Brightwater Sprig & Fern 7.30pm Wed 14 Dec $3pp. A Wakefield Toy Library fundraiser. Mountain Safety Council Nelson Navigation 25/56 Feb ‘12, $50. Outdoor First Aid, 17/18 Mar ‘12, 8/9 Sept 2012, $180. Outdoor First Aid Revalidation 18 Aug ‘12, Advanced Alpine, 25/26 Aug ‘12, $175. Visit training & select Nelson as Branch or call 547 2426. email, Cancer Support Groups Meditation Group for cancer patients & their carers - every Tues at 10.30am at Fairfield House. Ph Cancer Society 03 539 3662 for info. Partners and Carers Support Group runs for five consecutive weeks. Ph the Cancer Society 03 539 3662 to register for the next group. REGULAR EVENTS Duck Soup Singles networking Social Table Tennis Monday & Friday - 9am – noon. Wed Club Night - 7pm - 9pm. $4 per person or $10 per family. Bats provided. Non-marking footwear essential ph Stadium 5479479 or karen - 5473005 Nelson Canoe Club Rolling & skills practice - Wed night pool sessions 7.30 9:00pm at Riverside Pool. Members with no instruction $5, Members instruction $10, Non-members no instruction $10, Non-members instruction provided $20. Info or book instruction pooltraining@ Celebrate Recovery A support group for those people with Hurts, Hang-ups and Habits (addictions) meets at the


WHY STRUGGLE? I can support you with:

- Bookkeeping on or off site - GST, payroll and internal systems - Debt/cashflow management - Software setup & training - MYOB, Quickbooks & BankLink & Xero

10m horizontal reach @ 6m high

Also a complete range - Scissor Lifts - Cherry Pickers - Knuckle Booms - Prompt & Knowledgeble Service

accessman nelson ltd

544 3985

Phone Sue Thomas

21 Elms Street, Wakatu Estate, Stoke

03 544 9748


Be seen! Advertise here from only $

15 +gst

per week

544 9037






M“We do it all”




Regular Domestic Pre/End of Tenancy Spring Cleaning Window Cleaning Office/Commercial


Phone Brenda

027 842 1780 03 541 0539


AL FRESCO Garden & Property Maintenance

Your one stop shop for all Garden, Lawn Maintenance, Landscaping & Handyman Services. Call Andrew or Wendy Neame

544 0444 or 021 255 6163 Massage

027 283 3448


Digging Earthmoving Clearing Landscaping Waterblasting Mowing Gardens and Lawns General Labouring Handyman Services

Obligation Free Quotes Cell: 028 2586 8006 Ph/Fax: 03 541 9723

Gas Stays

Guitar Repairs


Regas or New Struts

0800 427 782 or 03 544 1212

12 Cargill Place, Richmond (off Beach Road)




Your one-stop shop for

Treat yourself to better health Your wellness is my focus Relaxation to deep tissue massage Intuitive, Effective, Thorough and Caring Gift-vouchers - Mobile massage Riddy Hillier Dip. Therapeutic Massage

Ph: 544 6076 Cell: 027 544 6076

Plumbing & Gas

-WOF - engine tuning - brakes & clutches - wheel alignment all other mechanical services eed! guarantte ce gua ndllyy service rie iend ffr

Kerry & Sharlene Friend 7 Gladstone Road Richmond (behind Mobil) Phone 03. 544 2266


Sew for U Bridal

Honest Reliable Master Master Honest Reliable Formal Plumbers and Gasfitters Plumbers and Gasfitters Since 1915 Childrens Since 1915

Small Small • Leaking taps & pipes Alterations - zips, hems, mending Jobs • Kitches &Jobs Welcome bathrooms Welcome • Solar Liz McLean • Drainage Kevin Harris Kevin Harris

544 7285

No job too small Ph: 543 8090 Ph: 543 8090

Painter Decorator

Qualified Tradesman

26 Years Experience

“I’ll turn up on time”

Locally owned and operated

027 232 1550 AH/Fax: 544 3177


Work Place First Aid Courses December: 8, 9, 10. January: 20, 26. February: 11, 16, 23, 24, 25.

Call NOW to register

0800 487 475 Corporate Rates Available

ea ing brake and clutch tenance landscaping brak car maintenance landscap mowing home and car main ns lawnmowing home and maintenance car and e plumbers electricians lawn home and car maintenance hom ices ing ing serv mow mow cial lawn lawn finan ns ns nts ricia ricia e unta plumbers elect s plumbers elect lawnmo lawnmowing hom specialists builders acco electricians untants financial services plumbers electricians scaping brake and clutch financial services plumbers riciae ns h specialists builders acco elect accountants financial services bers ing and car maintenance land plum hom ices serv ialists builders accountants mow cial cial services plumbers landscaping brake and clutc spec lawn h finan finan nce ns clutc nts nts tena ricia and unta unta e main elect acco acco car brak bers and ers ers e ing build ts build landscap icesns lawnmowing hom ialisnts servricia specunta financial services plum utchacco finan untants financ untants brake and clutch specialists acco home and car maintenance berscialelect plum ices ialists cial serv specunta h specialists builders acco finaners maintenance landscaping electricians lawnmowing nts build and clutc brak ers ing ialis ers hacco build scapspec tsunta landscaping brake and clutc ts ebuild lawnmowing home and car ialis ialists build financial services plumbers nce spec spec ns h h nts tena ricia clutc clutc main elect and and acco car e e bers and brak brak ers e plum build hom ing ing ices scap scap ing land clutch specialists tena e and main d carland ing ts builders accountants financial serv e and car maintenance land ingnce brak bers electricians lawnmow scapialis scaping scap hom land land plum ing ices nce nce mow serv tena tena spec cial lawn h main main finan ns clutc car car ricia nts e and e and elect unta ingncehom scaping brake and mowing home and mow land car lawn s car cianand tena ricians lawnmowing hom home h specialists builders acco financial services plumbers main elect ing clutc nts and bers mow unta e lawn lawn acco plum brak ns ns ices ers ing ricia ricia serv build scap cial elect tenance land ts bers bers elect nts finan plum car main cial serv e and ricianslandscaping brake and clutch specialis ts finan electnce electr nts financial services plum ialists builders accounta ing iceshom unta bers bers spec h acco plum plum lawnmow clutc ers ices ices tena and e build serv serv main brak ts cial cial car ing finan specialis untants accons mowing home and lawnfinan builders services car maintenance landscap ts builders accountants scaping brake and clutch cialing and ialis land e ecialists finan finan electricia spec hom h nts nts nce clutc unta unta tena plumbers and acco acco mow e main car lawn brak ers ers and ns build e scaping ialistsplum ialists build specices bers electricia clutc e and ac- bers electricians lawnmowing hom brak cialh serv ers plum e and car maintenance land ing unta ing brake and clutch spec finan scapacco nts ialistscialbuild specfinan hnts services clutc ricians lawnmowing hom e and e and clutch specialists bui car maintenance landscap and brak brak elect e unta ing ing hom bers acco scap scap ing plum land land ers mow ices h build serv lawn nce nce ts clutc tenaclutch specialis tena ns main brak d carbrak untants financial ing build acco e and scapts erse and mowing home and car main services plumbers electricia tenance landscaping bra main specialis clutch land e and and nce e tena hom ers accountants financial plumbers electricians lawn ingcarbrak mow mowing home and car main scap lawn tenaence ians main nceing land main tena car and clutch specialists build e and accountants financial services brak hom plumbers electricians lawn ers ing ing ing home and car mainten ices build scap mow mow serv ts land cial lawn lawn ialis finan ns ns nce spec h nts ricia ricia tena clutc unta bers brake and plum home and car main viceslawn ing elect ialists builders accoChildcare cial services plumbers elect mow nce landscapingBuilder clutch spec tena nts finan and unta e main Advanced Auto Brake & Clutch Carpet Cleaning Cleaning car acco brak and e ers ing hom scap build ts land ing mow h specialis tenance plumbers electricians lawn landscaping brake and clutc mowing home and car main home and car maintenance plumbers electricians lawn electricians lawnmowing countants financial services bers plum ices serv cial untants finan FULL MECHANICAL specialists builders acco


Trades & Services

Hassle free motoring

All mechanical repairs No job too big or small.

Advanced Automotive 12 Cargill Place, (off Beach Road) Richmond

Ph: 544 1212 Drainlayer



• Registered Drainlayers (residential & commercial) • Sewage Treatment (design,supply, install & service) • Blocked Drains • Video Camera & Drain Inspection • Waterblasting • Excavator & Truck Hire to suit job


544 1660

Richmond Brake & Clutch 13 McGlashen Ave, Richmond


Local Tradesman with 30 years specialising in; • Driveways • Footpaths • Carparks, etc Preparation, Surfacing & Repairs Plus: Retaining Walls, Digger


Ph 544 7905 31 Beach Rd, Richmond


New Homes l Commercial Rural l Retail l Alterations

Prompt response is our priority

24hr Service

542 4473

& Truckwork No job too small

Phone 543 8243


• Holiday Homes • Bush Cabins • Renovation


For a Free Ouote Ph Richmond 9700 658

Undivided focus on customer’s uniqueness. So treat yourself to the luxurious experience you deserve.

Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning - Rugs & Leather - Flood Restoration



Drainage & Construction Tasman LTD

environmentally friendly carpet & upholstery cleaning

027 542 4473

15% OFF Limited time only Ph: 544 4872 Locally Owned & Operated


Domestic and Commercial Wiring Maintenence and Repairs Registered Electrician

Ph: 021 482 088 or 542 2328

Your Little Treasures

• Excellent References Call Rachel

Exhaust & Radiator

Financial Services


Experienced & Qualified Service while you wait Parts Guarantee Free Quotes

- MYOB Certified Consultant - MYOB RetailManager Professional - MYOB Employer Services Consultants (Comacc) - MYOB ProfitOptimiser - Accounts, Payroll & Office Administration

Conditions apply

Quality and care, because we are car enthusiasts!

Healing Therapy

Heat Pumps

Interior Sewing



544 6893 or 021 030 6097 Panel Beater


Ph: 544 1014

HEAT and PUMPS Electrical Services

Exterior and Interior Painting, Airless Spraying and Wallpapering

Call Elly for a FREE Quote

or 544 9415


Italian Tile Layer

A creative and professional touch for all your tiling needs

Ph: 544 7897

Mob: 0274 302 546 Email:

• • • • • •

All Insurance Claims Panelbeating Chassis Straightening Repaints 2-pack Touch Ups Call Tony Johnston

90 VANGUARD ST NELSON PH: 548 3954 027 548 3954

027 671 8417

ietro annata

Phone Brian for a


027 275 0443

Pest Control

ARCADIA Gardening

Qualified Horticulturalist ALL GARDEN MAINTENANCE, LANDSCAPING DESIGN & CONSTRUCTION Experienced, friendly service Honesty & reliability

Ph Tony Baker

027 5288 434 (03) 544 3977

Journey Healing


Journey Healing....

GIVE YOUR HOME THE EDGE Add Value & Reduce Maintenance

- Variety of shapes & sizes - Design to suit your needs


Exposed Aggregate Kerbing Available Now

021 122 9495 or 544 7958

For a FREE Quote call Rob



0800 527 981 027 479 8152 or 544 9934

Tasman Bay Plumbing Services

Call Adam


Lee Burton

Adam Brumwell

Painting - Exterior/Interior - Airless Spraying - Waterblasting - New & Old Work - Fully Qualified Tradesman - Obligation Free Quote

Rebecca Palmer Ph: 027 255 4346

Effortless transformation from the inside out!

Pest Control

Fully Trained, Security Screened

027 447 2265


Call Lyn Simpkin


Phone now on

Quick - Efficient Professional

SPECIALS • $20 ½ hr Massage • $50 1hr Life Alignment Session

Stephen Oliver

Quick Drying All Year Round All General Cleaning Professional Service

545 1053

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Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning

541 0366

15% OFF Parts



• Reasonable Rates

34 Beach Rd, Richmond

Whiteheart variety New season (2011) crop Grown locally in Wakefield Spray, Gluten & Cholesterol Free, In shell, out of shell, dry roasted (No additives used) $5 door sales at Hazelbrook 126 Main Rd. South, Wakefield. Phone 03 541 8901 See us at Monty’s markets, Nelson

Specialising in

Full care from Birth to 3 yrs

Email: 4 Coach Pl, Brightwater

Holist Massage Therapist Life Alignment Practitioner Reiki Practitioner

WEDNESDAY 14 December 2011



Specialists in Whitetails and Ants Plus: Spiders, Flies, Wasps, Silverfish & Rodents

Phone Shane

0800 111 778 or 542 2044

For a waste water design report and plan to gain council approval call Mark now.

545 1758 or 027 476 8002

Mark Rounce


Locally owned & operated

From maintenance to new homes & industrial No job too big or small Servicing sewage treatment systems Plumber, Drainlayer & Gasfitter

Spiders, Ants, Flies, Fleas, Rodents etc 15% OFF - Limited time only

Ph: 544 4872

Website Development



eco-friendly pest control

Locally Owned & Operated

Your Solar Hot Water Specialists

544 8059

For a great attitude try our marketing team

F544 9037

32 WEDNESDAY 14 December 2011


Local people with local knowledge Founded in 1996 by the McKeown family, Trends Kitchens takes pride in bringing quality kitchens and joinery to South Island homes. Unlike franchise owned companies with a limited product range, Trends Kitchens can provide you a custom made kitchen produced by our own certified tradesmen, in our own factory. As the demand for this style of designer kitchen service spread around the South Island, so have Trends Kitchens showrooms and branches. Not long after we opened a branch in Nelson, we found people were coming all the way from Blenheim to see us. We were happy to create a site to accommodate our Blenheim clients, and our Renwick showroom was born. Today, you can walk into a Trends Kitchens showroom in Nelson, Blenheim, Cromwell or Christchurch, and meet with a local designer who can offer you a free measure and quote for the perfect kitchen to accompany your new home or renovation.

When you confirm your purchase with Trends Kitchens, you’re eligible for a no obligation interior design consultation from the team at ColourPlus, to compliment your new kitchen. Ask our friendly staff for details.

21 Bolt Road, Nelson - (03) 546 5155 72 High St, Renwick, Blenheim - (03) 572 8744

14 December 2011  

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