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Wednesday 11 September 2013

Behind the 8 ball


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Big week for colleges Page 24

Mum told Olympic star recognised unpaid job trial is fraud Phillip Rollo Reporter

Work and Income appears to have wrongly accused a Richmond mother of fraud, stating that free work trials are illegal, when they are not. Amber Heyes says she’s been on the Domestic Purposes Benefit for around 18 months and has been unemployed for the past four months. When her youngest child started school recently she decided to find work again and approached several cafes, as she has worked as a barista in the past. She struck a deal with owner of the Sundial Square coffee cart to do an unpaid trial for several hours over two weeks to show her she was capable of the job. After the two week trial Amber says she was offered the part time job and was thrilled. But her case manager at Work and Income, Megan Goodman, wrote to her saying to do a trial without getting paid is illegal and her new employer’s details would be passed to Inland Revenue, for them to investigate. The Ministry of Business, In-


Andrew Board Editor

novation and Employment confirmed to Waimea Weekly that unpaid trials are legal, meaning the case manager appears to have got it wrong. After raising the issues with Work and Income, a representative told the Weekly that it will investigate the matter but it could not comment on it in time for this article. Amber says during the trial she saw her case manager, who is based in Richmond, walk past the coffee cart and she waved out to her. “I said to her ‘it looks like a might get a job here, isn’t that great?’” A week later Amber says she told Work and Income that she did get the job but was told they didn’t believe the trial was unpaid. Her case manager wrote: “We do take fraud seriously and if we have a fraud allegation we must follow SEE PAGE 2

Black Stick Anita Punt received an Olympic pin from Sport Tasman during her visit home last week. Photo: Phillip Rollo.

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Going to the London Olympics was a dream come true for hockey international Anita Punt but she still doesn’t like to talk about the result. While finishing inside the top four in the world would be a welcome result for any New Zealand hockey team, fourth place at an Olympic Games is often considered the worst position to finish, missing out on a medal by just one placing. Although Anita came home empty handed, the experience is something she will never forget and to recognise her efforts, the fastest woman in world hockey was presented with an Olympic pin from Sport Tasman on Friday afternoon. The pin – which is given to every athlete that has represented New Zealand at the Olympics – has her Olympic number engraved on it, and was last presented in Nelson to Golden Bay cyclist Jack Bauer. Anita described the presentation, which was held during the conclusion of the Marie Fry Trophy secondary school tournament, as “pretty special,” before the pin was officially pinned on by former Olympian Jeff Rackley. While Jack’s presentation was SEE PAGE 2

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The America’s Cup is underway. Are you following it?


This Week

2 WEDNESDAY 11 September 2013

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Helen Clarke, Richmond.

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“Yeah I do. It’s exciting. You don’t see anything like it and I want Team New Zealand to win.”

“Yeah I just want us to win.”

“Yeah I follow it. I watched the race on Monday and I want Team New Zealand to win.”

“I watched one race but I’m more of a rugby girl.”

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Mum finds job, accused of fraud Olympic star recognised FROM PAGE 1


it up with our due process. The Integrity Intervention Unit follow-up with all fraud allegations and with IRD.” Amber says the email from Work and Income was out of order and she was made to feel like a criminal. “I don’t want to be on a benefit and I’ve always worked, other than the past four months. I’m not the kind that tries to get every dollar out of the government. I’ve tried to do it all right and gone out and got a job, even offering to work for free to prove I can do it and now it seems I’m being punished for it. “I’m not worried about the IRD investigation because we haven’t done anything wrong but I think the way they’ve gone about this stinks and I feel sorry for Rebecca, it was a big move for her to take me on. I’m genuine and I try to work hard for my children and do the right thing.”

held following the Games last year, Anita’s busy scheduled was only vacated last week and a fleeting visit back to Nelson doubled as the perfect opportunity, according to Sport Tasman CEO Nigel Muir. “I know she is fast, but we have really struggled over the last two years to catch up with Anita to award her with this pin,” he says. The 122 cap Black Stick, who already has a silver medal from the Commonwealth Games in Delhi, says the Olympic Games was the ultimate honour. “I guess thinking about it now it’s a huge honour and growing up here I never would have thought I’d get to go. I remember always watching it on TV but being there just

Richmond mum Amber Heyes was told by Work and Income that it was illegal for her to do a free work trial at the coffee cart (even though it’s not) and has sent her case to IRD to investigate. Photo: Andrew Board.

changes your life.” A well known athlete in her own right, Anita admits her inner sports fan came out when walking through the Olympic Village where thousands of other international sporting superstars were based. “You’ll just be strolling along and bump into LeBron James, Usain Bolt and Mo Farrah,” she explains. “I really wanted a picture with Usain Bolt but I actually ate my lunch too quick and he was gone. The other girls got a picture and I was so gutted but you got to remember that they’re there to compete and how annoying it might be, so you try to respect them.” Anita is committed to the Commonwealth Games and the World Cup next year and could return to the Olympics in 2016.

This Week

Keeping two cops a ‘relief ’ for town

WEDNESDAY 11 September 2013

Brenda Grant Richmond

Phillip Rollo Reporter

Police have backed down from a proposal that would have seen just one constable based in Wakefield. Currently two policemen are there, officers Marty Tutton and Peter Cobledick, but plans were in place to shift one out to Motueka, as police reviewed the way it serviced rural areas. Allan Wasley, a minister, and also chair of the Wakefield Community Council, spoke out about the proposal and described the u-turn as a “relief ” for the town. “I’m absolutely delighted for the community because it’s the community that really values having the police based here,” says Allan, who believed the move would have also had a negative impact on surrounding areas like Brightwater and Tapawera. “All those communities value having someone they can talk to face-to-face and a lot of it is about relationships with the community.” While police were brief in their announcement, which said the

Janice Feyen Richmond


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Two police officers will remain based at the Wakefield Police station after a strong response from the public. decision was made as a result of submissions and feedback, they did say other proposals within the restructure remain under consultation. Allan says the current two constables have a significant relationship with the community and he had worked alongside them on the community council. “All sorts of local groups talk to them and that makes a big difference to the level of policing we get. It also means a lot of preventative work has been done. If other police come in to town it’s generally

for an emergency.” Allan believes that it’s integral for the community to have local constables with strong community knowledge and relationship – something he says outweighs in depth technology. “Sometimes city thinking is a lot different to rural reality.” The Wakefield Community Council held a meeting last night. Labour MP Damien O’Connor, who had also spoken out about the proposal, was to attend, as were police and council representatives.

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This Week

4 WEDNESDAY 11 September 2013

NEWS Life on the golf green in brief CONSERVATION WEEK: The Native Bird Recovery Group Richmond will be holding a display during conservation week in the Richmond Mall. The Tui Book, which features photographs of tui in local gardens, will be part of the display and is available to purchase and to win. The display will be in the mall from 9am to 5pm on Thursday and Friday. The book winner will be announced in Waimea Weekly. NBFC DONATES CASH: The Nelson Bays Community Foundation (NBCF) received over seventy applications for grants in their distribution round this year. This year there were more funds available and the committee decided on granting to seven charities: Alzheimers Nelson Tasman; the Hearing Association; Motueka Victim Support; Murchison Theatre; Nelson Tasman Multicultural Council; Richmond Riding for the Disabled and Whakatu Riding for the Disabled. DISAPPEARANCE ‘SUSPICIOUS’: The disappearance three and a half years ago of Nelson teenager Leo Lipp-Neighbours has finally been labelled suspicious by police. Police investigating the disappearance, say information received from the public has led them to the conclusion that Leo’s disappearance may not be an accident. Leo was last seen in Watson St, Nelson on Sunday January 24, 2010.

Peggy Martin wanted to earn her first set of new golf clubs on the course. Having started off with a second hand set that she didn’t know “one end from the other” in 1952, Peggy’s goal was to play to a 16 handicap, which was just two below her own at the time. But of course it just so happened Peggy achieved her goal around the time of her birthday, and was helped by her late husband Richard who went halves with her on a new set. Peggy used those clubs right throughout her amateur playing career, which was highlighted by being the ladies immediate champion at the Totaradale Golf Club, until 2007 when her “aging bones were the boss” and she had to retire, passing them down to a family member. Speaking ahead of Totaradale Golf Club’s 75th anniversary which is being held on October 5 and 6, the club’s life member explains that earning your new golfing equipment was just “what happened back then”. “When the blokes came back from overseas you couldn’t just go out and buy top of the range. We were quite happy with our two clubs and a putter.” Peggy, who didn’t start playing golf until her children were “old enough,” has many stories of when Richard treated her to new golfing equipment. “I said to my husband ‘if I win the championship will you buy me something?’ I came home, he asked how I got on, I said ‘oh, okay’. He asked how much I won by, I said ‘oh by about six or five’. Which is bloody good.” Because Richard was a butcher, Peggy says most of the time on the green happened during the weekends. And one day shortly after her own championship

Peggy Martin is a life member of Totaradale Golf Club, which is hosting its 75th anniversary in October. Photo: Phillip Rollo. victory, she was handed an envelope. silly statement once that golf was a good So what was inside? “This one,” Peggy game spoiled. You hit a ball and walk for smiles, pointing at the ring on her finger. miles to chase it. But I had to retract that “That was always a highlight, playing the phrase quite quickly. I enjoyed golf and I golf to earn the prize.” amazed myself that I could actually play Growing up in Wakefield, Totaradale it.” has been Peggy’s only golf club through- Peggy, who now lives at Oakwoods, says out her 60 plus year playing career. She social aspect of the club, which prides itplayed rounds on Tuesdays, which was self on being the friendliest, was second ladies day, and then once on the week- to none. “You couldn’t afford to go to the end. Peggy was a keen sportsperson, also night clubs so we made our own fun. I dabbling in cricket and tennis, but says think Totaradale would certainly take the golf was always number one. “I made a prize for hospitality.”

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WEDNESDAY 11 September 2013

Fair sets another record

FAIR FUN: Jessie Chaplin, 9, Will Horncastle, 5, Kase Edwards, 5, Elysia Green, 9, and Emily Rogers, 9, enjoying the first gala of the spring season at the Appleby Country Fair. The event, held on Saturday, is the first of many school galas to come for the Nelson and Tasman regions. Photo: Sinead Ogilvie.

Sinead Ogilvie Reporter

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Ph 544 2228 A record breaking fair has announced the gala season officially open, after a stellar crowd turned out for Appleby School’s Country Fair. Saturday’s event attracted fair goers into the thousands and is the first gala on the calendar for the Nelson and Tasman regions, with other schools to follow suit in the lead up to summer. Principal Graham Avery says he couldn’t believe the “phenomenal” crowd that attended this year’s fair and says he was “over the moon” with the entire day. “It was full on and chocka for most of the time. It was definitely bigger than last year.” He says part of the fair’s success can be put down to its country charm, with people coming from outside of the Tasman area to attend. “We’ve got that country flavour with the paddocks, the animals, but we’re close enough to town for everyone to be able to attend.” Early counts have confirmed the fair has beaten last year’s takings with a record $42,000, which will more than likely be used in a similar fashion to previous years, going towards paying a salary for another teacher, special education projects and subsidising school activities to spread it evenly. “The highlight for me is that we are a small school, but every year people that have been through or are somehow connected to the school come back to help out and support the fair. It’s always a huge success.” In keeping with tradition, the Appleby School Country Fair has not yet had a rainy day and this year was no different says Graham. “It’s a spring gala, and we had a spring day for it. It was quite stunning really.” The next fair is the Hope School Gala which is being held on September 21.


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WEDNESDAY 11 September 2013

Refuge collection coming to Richmond


Andrew Board

Gary Watson



Tasman Mayor - Zero general rate increase next year and reduce debt levels - White lines back on roads & retain free parking in all of Tasman - Communities to have more say on local priorities in their area - Reduce bureaucracy, improve services, consultation & efficiency - Resolve issues and stop staff taking legal action against ratepayers - Enable businesses and farmers to grow and create jobs - Improve & expand District plan to reduce red tape and costs - I will improve your quality of life by leading a more positive Council - The current Council candidates have already had their chance to implement their promises so it’s time for fresh competent leadership with Gary Watson

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The Car Company’s September drive for the women’s and children’s refuge has begun, with a street appeal collecting the first thousand dollars last week. The Car Company last year teamed up with the Nelson Women’s and Children’s Refuge to help raise its profile in the community and some much-needed money. It was so successful – raising more than $18,000 – that they’ve decided to do it again this year. This year the Car Company has organised collection days every Wednesday this month from 11am to 2pm and a quiz night at the end of the month. The first of the collection days was held last Wednesday with members of the Tasman Makos rugby team also lending their hand, helping to collect $1142.80. The Car Company’s marketing manager, Belinda Koloamatangi, says it’s was great to be out on the street and seeing the support in the community for the organisation. “Most people were really generous and the Makos were great, they got right in there and people were happy to reach in their pockets to support the cause.”


Collecting for the Women’s and Children’s Refuge is from left; Liam Squire and Shane Christie of the Tasman Makos, Trudi Brand of the refuge, Belinda Koloamatangi and Heath Scott of the Car Company. The collection will also be held on September 11 and 25 outside BNZ on Trafalgar St and on September 18 in Sundial Square in Richmond. Car Company owner Shane Drummond says he’s rapt to be able to support the refuge again this year and is keen to hear from anyone who may want to donate items for the quiz night on September 27. “Last year we had people donate all sorts, even a brand new television, and that helped us raise as much as we did. So anyone with any big ticket items can get in touch with Belinda and hopefully we’ll be able

to get some cash out of it for the refuge,” he says. Refuge manager, Trudi Brand, says the promotion was fantastic for the organisation last year and she’s hoping it will be just as big this September. “We were blown away by the support of the Car Company last year and them doing it again is huge for us. We’re excited and thrilled that they’re at it again.” Donations can also be made at any Car Company yard in the region; there are two in Nelson, one in Tahunanui and one in Richmond.

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This Week

WEDNESDAY 11 September 2013


Richmond Kindy turns 50

Nadia Lourens, Belle Pearce, Chloe Lourens, Seth Jellyman and Jadya Evans at Richmond Kindergarten.

Children used to walk themselves to Richmond Kindergarten when it first opened. There was no fence and they would splash about in a water trough outside. Oh, how things have changed. This Friday the kindergarten will celebrate its 50th birthday, an occasion its head teacher says is special for the community. “It was the first kindergarten building in Richmond,” says Robyn Amos, who has been there for more than 20 years. When asked what had changed the most since the kindergarten’s early

days, Robyn quickly answers “safety”. “Children would walk home by themselves and the fence didn’t have to be a certain height. The ratio of teachers to children has definitely increased,” she explains. The primary focus of a kindergarten, which operates all day now, has changed over the years too, and the teachers say it is more about transitioning children onto primary school. “Now there’s a curriculum that we work towards. We want these children to be successful at school so this is all about

making sure they have all the skills needed so they can succeed when they move on.” Olympian Anita Punt was a former student, and probably the most famous to attend the kindergarten. The schedule for the 50th birthday celebration includes an open day for past students from 8:30am until 12:45pm, a shared lunch with the current families and a dinner with previous staff members. Tracking down former teachers has been “a bit of a mission” but there will be some coming from out of town.

Club members told to pay up Suburban Club members have been told the club is in financial trouble and they each need to pay a $100 donation to help keep it afloat. In a letter dated September 4, the chairman and president of the club wrote to each of its 4800 members advising them that the club is in “substantial arrears” to the Inland Revenue Department and other creditors. Club chairman Ross Strawbridge told Waimea Weekly the situation was “gutting” and that the general manager of the club was no longer in the job. Included in the letter was an invoice for $100 and the plea for cash has also been promoted over the sound system in the club over the past week. But the board says it’s confident of paying off the $300,000 it owes by the end of September and has received a donation of more than $128,000 by one club member. “In light of this, the board has given an undertaking to our bank and major creditors that all of our remaining creditors will be cleared by September 30,” said the letter, signed by Ross Strawbridge and president Jim Reeves. It also said that the board became aware of the arrears in August as the debt had not been disclosed in monthly management reports. They say the club is trading profitably after some cost cutting measures.


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8 WEDNESDAY 11 September 2013

Kit Maling

This Week Kevin Kemp competes at the Seddon Pool Tournament held at Club Waimea on the weekend. Photo: Phillip Rollo.

Behind the 8 ball

Nelson has fallen short for the second year in a row, failing at its attempt to regain the Seddon Pool Tournament. Marlborough Pool Association took out the two-day competition, held at Club Waimea, after winning 61 frames overall. The Seddon Tournament is the biggest of its

Say Hi to Marc Nelson Local, eBusiness Consultant 0508 932 748

kind in the Top of the South and features the top ten players from each province. Buller men took out the men’s section with 33 points, three ahead of Nelson, and the women’s trophy went the way of Marlborough who finished with 34 points, four above Nelson.

Seeking expressions of interest to join a fundraising ideas group to discuss fresh new ideas to raise money for the Nelson Region Hospice Trust Contact Hamish Kennedy

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Bowater Toyota

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WEDNESDAY 11 September 2013

From football player to the incredible hulk


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SPECIALS END suNDAY 15th September 2013


FSS_RF_090913 H

Last Saturday night’s KFC was probably the best “Everything else in my life took a step back, I dinner David Lowe has ever tasted. After six- had no social life, I wasn’t texting my mates as teen weeks of a strict 2400 calorie diet with no much, I wasn’t going out to town, I wasn’t going saturated fat, working out in the gym for four out for meals,” he explains, running through his hours a day, David celebrated scarifies. winning the WFF Best Overall “It was all about meal prep, at the Top of the South Classic thinking about my next meal, 2013 Regional Body Building thinking about training. I had Show with a chicken burger maybe an hour at night to refilled with nachos. lax.” The 22 year old Chorus emSo for a former football rep, ployee, who had to endure why take up bodybuilding? “I friendly banter from his cowas seeing all these results in workers during the sixteen the gym and I just wanted to week stint, says he was greeted have a goal of getting into the with cheers and text messages best physique possible. I’ve alafter last week’s competition – ways liked the look of all the his first since signing up to the bodybuilders and I just enjoy gym four years ago. it,” says David, whose bodyHaving played football all building goal was put back throughout his teenage years, when he broke his knee cap in his former coaches probably David Lowe competes at the a car crash a few years ago. wouldn’t recognise the human Top of the South Body Build- David, who was trained by last hulk that flexed his muscles on ing Show last weekend. year’s winner in that federation the Theatre Royal stage recentJohn Pyers, says eating just ly, with David reaching just five per cent body fat 2400 calories a day was one of the hardest parts and 77kg during his transformation. of the process. “Being in the gym for that long, I The former Nayland College student admits was just hungry all the time. So I went to KFC on there were plenty of times where he wondered Saturday night and got the Mexican burger and why he had set himself the goal of becoming a it was pretty damn good.” bodybuilder, why he had prioritised training After taking out the best overall award for his over his social life and why he was eating plain federation, David says he would go through it all meat and vegetables every night. again, just after a well deserved break.



This Week

10 WEDNESDAY 11 September 2013

Out&About • A L L T H E F U N • A L L T H E PA R T I E S • A L L T H E G O O D T I M E S

Having a par ty/event/func tion? Call our photographer 544 9037 or 027 532 6461 Angela Lithgow, Fiona Holmes and Kate Hambley at Lucy’s 30th birthday.

Tony Dyer and Kate Yelverton at HQ last Saturday night for Lucy’s birthday party.

Steve Neville, Kevin Hendrikson and Deidre Hodgson at HQ last weekend.

Rachael Fraine, Brenda Scott and Shaylee Taylor last weekend.

Tony Thomson, Felicity Thomson, Bronwyn Scott and Marg Hillerby. Adam Lithgow and Lucy Lithgow at Lucy’s 30th birthday party last weekend.

Dan Shallcrass and Sarah Shallcrass at Lucy’s 30th birthday party last weekend.

Catch up with us on

Ducati Morrell and Jaden Roeske at the Wanderers Sports Club cabaret.

Marney, Brad and Trey Kelling at Paul Ewing’s birthday celebration on Saturday night.

Ethan Johnston and Shana Rasmussen at the Wanderers Sports Club cabaret.

Paul and Jill Ewing celebrating Paul’s birthday on Saturday evening.

y e l v o l u r o Re lax in g n i t e s t n e g ard Ph 544 0703

Cnr Malling Rd & Moutere Highway

Wed - Sun 10am - 4pm

This week we have photos from Lucy Lithgow’s 30th birthday party at HQ in Brightwater last weekend, Paul Ewing’s birthday party and from the Wanderers Sports Club end of season cabaret, which was also held on Saturday night. Do you have a party or an event coming up? You can contact our photographer on 544 9037 or by emailing editorial@waimea



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Wendy Pearson 03 544 5488 24hrs Licensed Real Estate Salesperson (REAA 2008)


WEDNESDAY 11 September 2013


Local Mike Pero Franchises take out Top New Zealand Awards


Local team, local expertise, but now with national recNZ. selves on being problem solvers and dream makers. Following a strictly confidential and no obligation conognition. Mike Pero Real Estate Nelson has well and Their great reputation may be known New Zealand truly stood out from the wide, but Craig, Kellie and crowd as one of the best the team are all about keepin the business after being ing it local. In the past 12 named as the #1 franchise in months they’ve sold 150 the country. houses in and around the Craig and Kellie Hamilton region. That’s more than are the proud owners of 100 local families turning Mike Pero Real Estate here the key to new homes and in Nelson and after just 18 upwards of $65 million months they have already worth of real estate changexperienced huge success ing hands right here, in Nelin getting local people into son. Peter Rollason, CEO Mike Pero NZ Ltd and Nelson their dream homes. Need any more reason to Operations Manager Pauline Jansen Hendriks with “When we first set out, it was talk to the team at Mike Mike Pero Mortgages and Insurance Nelson Franour goal to be number one Pero Real Estate Nelson? Rachel and Mike Pero with Craig and Kellie Hamilton chise owner and all round great guy Stuart Pope, and we are so proud to have They are proud to be a part and Brendon Skipper, Manager of Trade me property. and Mortgage Advisor Melanie Craig. Stuart won achieved that alongside our of the first major brand in Craig and Kellie received awards for number one franfranchise with the strongest growth for 2013. great team. Well done to JuNZ to offer lower, better chise and number one for marketing in New Zealand. lian Kett, Katarina Campbell, Norman Pierce and Wenvalue fees without compromising on service. Now that’s dy Mannering, and further congratulations to Mitchell a team you can rely on. sultation at either your home or our office, they can Wilson and Tanea Collier who were recognised as the identify solutions for you to get rid of that debt quickly, Since introducing the Nelson community to Mike Pero or make that new home or investment property a reality. Mortgages in 2004, Stuart Pope has written well over They have also developed a 10 minute on-the-spot pre$300m in home loans for locals throughout the Nelson approval service, making it as easy as possible for you and Tasman regions. to get into your new home, No longer just a great solufaster. tion for residential customMike Pero Mortgages Nelers, Mike Pero Mortgages son is located in the same now offers commercial and premises as Mike Pero Real Estate, so now you can get business mortgages, debt everything under one roof. consolidation loans as well Sell your home and pay as house, contents and car much less commission, insurances, Kiwisaver and purchase your new home life insurances and mortgage and get a great mortgage protection. rate, while dealing directly From first home buyers, inRachel and Mike Pero with Mitchell Wilson and Pat vestment property owners, Rachel and Mike Pero with Tanea Collier and Pat with local business ownHoulihan from Property Press. Mitchell received the to business and commercial Houlihan. Tanea received the award for number two ers who are determined to award for number one sales person in New Zealand. make your dreams come loans, equity release mort- sales person in New Zealand. two top salespeople in the country.” true. gages and fixed term investMitchell took out the top spot for being #1 in the numFor confidential and professional advice you can rely on ments, Mike Pero Mortgages Nelson has got you covber of sales in New Zealand and Tanea was presented talk to Mike Pero Mortgages. ered. with the award for being #2 in the number of sales in And best of all? Their services are absolutely free. The team at Mike Pero Mortgages Nelson pride them-

0800 500 123

Buying Or Selling Or need a Mortgage? Phone one of our team today on 0800 500 123

Mike Pero Real Estate Ltd. Licensed REAA (2008)

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Parent and Child Expo this weekend Just a thought... This weekend everything baby to teen and all ages in between will come together at the Nelson Parent and Child Expo. This is the third annual expo that has been held here in Nelson, and the event just keeps getting bigger and better says organiser Prue Fothergill. Due to the growing success of the expo, this year’s event has moved to the Trafal-

gar Centre to allow for more exhibitors says Prue and the public can expect to see a wide variety of products and demonstrations from local small businesses. With a variety of child care, services and product specialists lined up, Prue says the expo is a must for local families. Incorporated into the expo is the ‘Great Baby Gear and Maternity Swap’ which offers the opportunity to clear out used

baby gear and maternity clothing and swap them or sell them. Proceeds from the swap will go to Sands, Stillbirth and Neonatal Death Support Nelson. Items for the swap need to be brought to the Trafalgar Centre - Friday afternoon/ evening along with the form at The expo begins this Saturday at 10am. Entry is by gold coin donation.

It’s time to re-elect your Mayor!


KEMPTHORNE keeping TAsMAn positive

TONGUE-TIED? Lacking confidence?

Let us help! 03 541 9747 0800 481 482

Your proven Mayor for Tasman

It is such a joy to see the signs of spring emerge, after a season of living inside, we suddenly burst forth with great plans to knock our gardens, our flowers, and our properties into shape. What happens to the trees, the soil, the flowers and grass etc, is nothing short of miraculous. It’s like the sort of joyful anticipation and expectation a new couple have, when they know they are about to bring a baby into the world. You can’t express the power of God’s work in creation easily, but each spring we know new life surges out of nothing. We didn’t do it, nothing we do can really stop it or recreate it – but it fills our souls with delight. In the same way, faith in God pushes our expectations beyond the mundane, the ordinary, the boring. Remember when people used to stop and have a full body bath, and just soak and delight in it? At times like spring, we could do well to pause and think about life, and why we even exist. Making money seems important, until you compare it to the joy of a new child or grandchild. Money cannot buy happiness. We sometimes rush about so much, we fail to stop and think about the mind behind it all, the reason why we were bought into existence in the first place. As a Christian I believe that God created us, and sent his son Jesus to give us new hope and new life. So when you randomly clear the old garden, load up some new soil and plant little seeds, bulbs, flowers and trees – pause and look up. We are given the seasons to produce practical things like food and crops, but we are also given them simply to enjoy, like the daffodils, and blossom etc. God gives us every good thing to richly enjoy, why not take time to turn our expectation, into saying thanks to God our Maker, who is worthy of our praise. Your local church is a great place to rediscover the power of true worship and thankfulness this spring. - Allan Wasley, Wakefield Anglican Church.

Authorised by Richard Kempthorne, 11 Hillplough Heights, Richmond

Become a confident, powerful speaker Are you tongue tied in public- or even just come nervousness, learn how to think on your around friends? Powertalk Waimea can help. feet and speak off the cuff. Whatever your station is in life, good commu- As well as helping members with day to day nication skills are essential. The spoken word communications, Powertalk Waimea helps and the confidence to use it is a frightening people to thrive out in the community. Perhaps things to a number of peoyou would like to stand on ple. As the saying goes, they your child’s school board, would rather “be the one or be on the committee of in the coffin than the one your local play-group or giving the eulogy”. Never gardening club, but feel you has the time been riper don’t have the skills or confor the spoken word to be fidence? Instead of missing used well, so why not join out on the things you enjoy, Powertalk International why not join POWERtalk Waimea. This group is a Yvonne Cooke of Powertalk Waimea and see how it can fabulous platform for those Waimea Club installs a new mem- make a difference to your wishing to gain confidence ber Dongrui Pang. life. and self-esteem and effective communication skills. What most people don’t understand is that the skills learned in mastering public speaking and leadership are core skills needed for dealing with people from all walks of life. They are skills we need and use many times every single day. Whether it’s with family, with children, with friends, at work or even at play. So why Powertalk in particular? It’s simple – Powertalk changes lives. The club offers members specialised coaching and training, encouraging them to step out of their comfort zone and become great presenters. You’ll develop confidence, boost your self esteem, over-

POWERtalk Waimea provides a safe, warm and friendly setting, where members learn by working with others in a supportive, nonthreatening environment. They are a friendly group, and all are welcome to join no matter what age, gender, profession or ethnicity. As part of the rebranded toastmistress club, POWERtalk International, that was established in 1938, POWERtalk Waimea will celebrate 75 years of effective speaking throughout the world next month. They will mark the occasion with an open night party on October 30, so why not head along and become the poised, confident person you’ve always wanted to be. Business Update. Adv.


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Your Voice telecom


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Wakefield School principal wants to see a classroom with two teachers, what do you think of the plan? Good luck buddy. Muzza Gallagher. Lets have 100 students and 4 teachers per classroom...why stop there though? Al Amo Stevenson.

Telecom Business Hub Tasman are…

Local, just like you It is our job to understand your business and how we can tailor the right telecommunications tools to help you succeed. Our advice is FREE and our services include: • O ne-to-one conversations at your premises, at a time that’s convenient for you • H elp selecting the right landline, mobile and data solutions • R egular business communication health checks to make sure you are always on the right plan

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business hub Tasman


Nek minit ....and who will pay for that? I think home school is going to be the way.... Dwayne Robinson. Kit Maling says he will review the $240,000 the council spends on youth events, if elected mayor: Better to spend money on community projects than on councillor’s pay rises. Tom Booth (via website). Not enough. Ben Van Den Elzen. Way too much. Dwayne Robinson. Far too much I can see who pays rates. Simon Scowen. I just read in Waimea Weekly that Kit Maling is looking to cut back funding on Youth Events. The Tasman Band Tour has had amazing feedback for the whole time it’s been running from the young people involved, the parents and young people who come to watch, it is hardly an over staffed event! The Tasman Skatepark Tour is another successful event, that although aimed at youth, is a whole community event, I have spoken with a 70 year old man in Motueka spectating one of these events who thought it was brilliant and really show cased


• •text: txt: 027 027 UR UR VOICE • •

the talents and courage of our youth ( I say courage because some of the tricks they pull off would challenge the bravest! BMX back flips anyone!?). It brings the community into the lives of our youth to encourage and appreciate their abilities. At these events, all the youth join in to encourage each other and offer each other advice and support. You just have to spend an afternoon at a Skate park to see how positive it is for everyone involved. Maybe Kit should do that? Are they not our future? Are they not worth just as much funding as cycle ways and roads. I would hope that a ‘review’ of the funding for these events would involve strong community consultation. Rant over. Back to work. Jacinda Nurse. The Tasman Band Tour and Skatepark Tour are great events that are run on a shoestring. I support their continued rollout through the council. Let’s support our young people, rather than just bitch and moan when they fall off the rails. I would have though Kit, as a former police officer, would have appreciated this. Tara Forde. Interesting statement from Kit Maling, I believe pre-school environmental education is too important to drop as this lacks foresight in increasing the next generation’s awareness of the health of our community and environs. Unfortunately once we decided to seal all

the roads in our district we didn’t think ahead about the enormous cost associated with maintaining them in a roadworthy condition. Sue Wilson. Council signs: It annoys me that councillors are allowed to put signs up all over the place at election time yet businesses get fined for having signs on the road side because it is a distraction to drivers. Seems like double standard to me. (Via text). Couple celebrate 70 years of marriage: Lovely story on the Teece’s, lovely couple. (Via text). Beautiful x Tania Morris. Aw they are so cute x. Louise Armstrong. Congratulations! Vicki York. Appleby Fair makes kids happy: Well done to the organisers of the Appleby School Fair. Another great day and my kids have just returned home with big smiles on their faces and plenty of stories to tell their nana. Thanks for the write up in the Weekly too, was good to know what they had going on this year. (Via text).









TRADE SPECIAL 1500cc Auto, Spoiler, Great first car great price

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Laurie Wilson


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WANDERERS SPORTS CLUB Thursday 19 to Saturday 21 September

Proud supporters of Wanderer’s Pig Hunt “The best place for trees in the top of the south”

Golden Hills Road (off Moutere Highway) Open: Wed, Fri & Sun 9am - 4pm Ph 544 9987

Jayden Moore clears the obstacle in the Pig Carrying Competition 2012. The Taylors Wanderers Sports Club Pig Hunt Challenge is back, so put away your rugby boots and bring out your hunting gear for one more grand final. This is a chance for your Junior Rugby Club to win some cold hard cash, and what better way to wrap up the rugby season than a bit of friendly rivalry off the field, and in the bush. Now is the time to get your entries in for what is set to be another fantastic weekend of fun. It’s all about facing off against your rugby rivals for one last round, and putting a spotlight on the JAB players to support our up and coming rugby stars. The heaviest combined weight of each rugby club’s three heaviest boars takes home the trophy and a cash prize for their JAB section. Hunting will kick off at 12am Thursday September 19, and weigh in will be held on the Saturday from 2pm That gives you three days to get yourself a monster boar, so try your luck to be in to win some awesome prizes, and support a great local hunting competition. While the event benefits our local JAB players, it is not limited in any way to just rugby players. The event is open to any and all keen hunters; you can simply choose which local rugby club you want to hunt on behalf of when you enter. The hunt is hosted by the Taylors Wanderers Sports Club, who will be defending their title as champions of last year’s event. After last year’s hunt they have been parading the trophy proudly and they won’t be giving up the title without a

battle. Thanks to some extremely generous sponsors, there is a $15,000 prize pool up for grabs so not only can you take home a cash prize for your JAB, but you can also win yourself a prize for taking part. This year the competition is expected to draw huge crowds, since the announcement was made that Hunting Aotearoa will be filming the hunt for their TV programme. This is an awesome opportunity to put our town on the map and to rub shoulders with Matua Parkinson from the programme, so get out there and show him how it’s done in Tasman – but don’t give away all the good hunting spots! Last year’s competition saw more than 100 entries prior to the event, and 31 boars weighed in on the day. Alongside two stags, there was also an awesome amount of rabbits, possums, goats and hares, so the benchmark has been set for this year’s challenge. This year’s sections are Senior, Intermediate, Women and Junior with great cash prizes on the offering. The winner of average weight as usual, will walk away with the biggest prize, $1000 and the winner of the heaviest boar will take home $500. Second heaviest will earn $300, best tusks $100, and heaviest stag will win $250. The womens’ section prize for the heaviest pig will be $200, and second place will take home $100. The intermediate section will feature some great prizes for heaviest pig, second heaviest and third


16 WEDNESDAY 11 September 2013




Thinking tyres? Think Jacks Tyres Local People Supporting Local People 1 Main Rd Hope, Nelson


Tyres . Mags . Batteries . Wheel Alignments

 03 544 0215

heaviest, and there will be a prize waiting for the who enters must be able to tell the tall tale about how heaviest stag. they were involved in the kill. Juniors won’t be eligible for cash prizes but there will The focus for this event is about more than just huntbe some great kids’ prizes up for grabs. Categories ing, it’s about putting friendly rivalry to the test and involving the whole commuare: heaviest possum, hare, nity in a fun day out. Weigh rabbit, goat or pig and a new in day will be a fantastic day one for this year ‘best dressed of fun in the sun if the forepossum’. cast is anything to go by and Entrants need to be aware kids, mums, dads and friends that the absolute final time are all welcome to come along you can present your animal and join in the festivities. for weighing is before 5pm on There will be kids’ water Saturday September 21. themed games, a pig carrying The minimum entry weight competition, a bouncy castle, across all sections is 25kgs, and you are to enter feral Holly Moffatt competing in the Interme- wood chopping and so much more. There will be some boars only, no barrows or diate Pig Carrying Competition 2012. great entertainment, good domestic pigs will be eligible. Sows will only be accepted in the women, interme- food, the bar will be open and George Paki Paki’s famous Hangi will be in the ground. The cost of your diate and junior sections. All pigs must be weighed in one piece with the head entry to the competition includes a meal after weigh attached and all offal must be removed. They must in, and extra meals cost just $10 so get the whole also be in an edible condition, may be chilled but not family down and make a day of it. frozen. Pigs must be weighed in by the person who Thanks to the generous local sponsors who have put caught them. their hands up to support the event, there will be Goats are to be gutted, and any intermediate entrant some great spot prizes given out throughout the day.

Proud to spo nso the Wandere rs Pig Hunt

We have E X T E N D E D our hours Monday – Friday 7.30am to 5.30pm Saturday 8am to 12 noon “Now that’s service!”

0800 44 83 88 10 Poutama St (off Gladstone Rd) Richmond Ph 544 8388


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Thursday 19 to Saturday 21 September

Proudly supporting the Wanderers Pig Hunt Challenge • Bulk Fuel • Fuel Cards • Lubricants • Storage Equipment Call us today 0800 544 6162

Total number of pigs caught on the Wanderers Sports Club Pig Hunt Challenge 2012. These include a set of 4x4 tyres from Jacks Tyres, an Alloy Dog box from Ace Engineering, and a chainsaw and safety gear from the Loggers Shop. A huge thank you has to go out to this event’s very generous major sponsors, this couldn’t happen without them so make sure you get involved in the entire day and make the most of the opportunity. Please note that the Taylors Wanderers Sports Club Pig Hunt Challenge organisers do not condone poaching and ask that all hunters be mindful of forestry workers in the area and obtain the correct permits before hunting. For more information on how to get involved in the Taylors Wanderers Sports Club Pig Hunt Challenge visit or pick up an entry form from The Loggers Shop, Stirling Sports Richmond, Southfuels Spring Grove and Hunting and Fishing Nelson.

Proud Supporter of Magnificent win

Wanderers Sports Club

JOIN A WINNING TEAM Proud supporters of Wanderer’s Rugby

62 Gladstone Rd, Richmond

Ph 544 6122

Proud to support the Wanderers Pig Hunt Challenge.


ridgeline clothing packs F % OF Top to Toe 8 Pack Womans 6 Pack

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213 Queen Street


Phone 03 544 8290

Proud to support Wanderers Pig hunt challenge

18 WEDNESDAY 11 September 2013


Paula’s Preschool Paula’s Preschool Richmond welcomes parents and children, one and all, to attend their exciting open day next Saturday, September 21. This is a great opportunity to find out why this preschool, with an outstanding reputation throughout the Tasman region, is so special. Anthony and Stacey Holder are well known in the community for providing quality preschool education in a genuine environment, and they are opening the doors to the public to showcase exactly what Paula’s Preschool is about and why it is such a fantastic place to be a part of. With green grass, plenty of sunshine, shade and spacious grounds, children that attend Paula’s Preschool in Richmond

Ca have plenty of places and spaces to explore. Located centrally at 42 Waverley St, Paula’s Preschool is the perfect place for your child to learn, grow and enjoy their early years, in a safe and caring environment. Supported by warm and friendly staff each and every child is made to feel nurtured at Paula’s Pre-

school. Their focus on family and community means that all members of the family are made to feel welcome from the very first time they come along. Children simply love attending Paula’s Preschool, because they find it stimulating, challenging and enjoy the sense of belonging they have within the centre’s community. A recent ERO report on Paula’s Preschool Rich-

mond found the school was “well placed to promote positive learning outcomes for children” along with fantastic recognition for the great facility they provide. This industry nod is a proud achievement for Anthony, for whom Paula’s Preschool Richmond has been a long time vision and dream. Anthony’s parents first founded Paula’s Preschools 18 years ago, and since taking over

Paula’s Preschool Richmond 10 years ago, Anthony continues to build on their fantastic framework for early childhood teaching. Continuing the success is Richmond Academy, located within Paula’s Preschool Richmond. This tailor made programme situated in 2 specifically designed classrooms for the older children, has an emphasis on numeracy


Visit our new showroom at 6 McGlashen Ave, Richmond to view a Carpet your Congratulations comprehensive range of curtains,Garage blinds, Bas for only carpets andThevinyls. Paula’s $990 Home of incl gst Preschool Ph 544 6746 or 0800 226 228 Visit our new showroom at 6 McGlashen Ave, Richmond to view a comprehensive range of curtains, blinds, carpets and vinyls. Ph 544 6746 or 0800 226 228 Nathan Smith

Based on 6m x 6m garage Conditions apply

Locally owned and operated

on your

Quality Flooring, Quality People, Quality Service th

10 Anniversary

from the team at Quality Flooring, Quality People, Qualit More Businesses Kerry Smith

are choosing NBS

Michael Lubas

Congratulations to the Paula’s Preschool team

6 McGlashen Ave, Richmond Ph 544 6746 or 0800 226 228

here’s why . . .

Locally owned and operated

• Fast, efficient and personalised service • Tailored packages with lower fees • Easy access to local Branch Managers


*Qualified Mechanics *Full range of mechanical repairs *Pickup and Drop off service *Quality Courtesy Cars

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NBS is not a registered bank.


8A Gladstone Rd Richmond

Ph 5444 777

Congratulations on your 10th Anniversary Paula’s Preschool.


10’th Anniversary

and literacy, preparing the children for their first years in primary school. Children find the transition to school a lot easier after attending Paula’s Academy and get an ideal head start to their early years in education. Preparation for school life is incredibly important, and the feedback Anthony and Stacey have received from both school teachers and parents has been really posi-

tive. “Teachers say that children that come from Richmond Academy are well equipped to learn, are able to focus, and have well developed self-help skills.” A common response from Parents is that their children are flying through the reading levels. The team have worked closely with local schools and new entrant teachers, to get the programme balance right, and the children who attend simply thrive in the environment. Smooth transitions are so important for both children and parents. From Paula’s Tiny Tots (for children aged under 2) to Paula’s Preschool Richmond and Richmond Academy, then onto Primary Schools, Parents feel comfortable that Paula’s deliver a seamless transition from

Tiny Tots

12 hours FREE every week

one environment to another. There are limited spaces available with lots of interest, so parents need to enquire in advance to secure their child’s space in Richmond Academy. Prospective parents are welcome to visit the classrooms to see the kids in action at any time. To find out more about Paula’s Preschool and why it’s little family is perfect for your family, head along to the open day next Saturday between 10am and 2pm. This is a fantastic opportunity for anyone who is considering Paula’s Preschool for their child. Anthony and some of the friendly teachers will be on hand to give you more information while you explore the preschool. For more information or to register interest to enrol your child with Paula’s Preschool Richmond phone Claire 03 544 1456. Paula’s Preschool Richmond has a morning session that runs from 9am to 12pm and an afternoon session that runs from 1pm to 4pm. The centre is open from Monday to Friday 8am to 5pm, with maximum of 40 children per session.

WEDNESDAY 11 September 2013



Saturday 21 September 10.00am - 2.00pm

Free Bear


with any children’s cold treatment

Queen St Pharmacy 215 Queen St, Richmond P: 543 9034

Paula’s Preschool Richmond Academy

20 WEDNESDAY 11 September 2013




18A Gladstone Road, Richmond so much, they stick around for life. Leona Ellis, a long-serving member of the Tasman Tennis Club was made a Life Member at their recently-held AGM. Leona has served on the committee, organised and still runs the Tuesday mid-week ladies group and organises social tennis matches against other tennis ladies group in the area. Head to the Tasman Tennis club

courts this Saturday and find out what all the fun is about. The day will kick off at 10am, so bring your friends, bring your family or just bring yourself and have a go at tennis. Committee members and current players will be at the courts on Saturday to talk to you and answer any questions on membership, interclub – both junior and senior – and social events that the club offers.

Hiro Nagahama, 10, at junior tennis training at the Tasman Tennis Centre. The weather is warming up; spring is here and now is the perfect time to get into your tennis gear. If you’re ready to get back into the swing of things for the upcoming season, the Tasman Tennis Club can help. They are holding their annual open day, this Saturday September 14, and it’s promising to be a fun day out on the courts for all. The Tasman Tennis Club will be open from 10am and committee members, Coach Kolie van Zyl and junior helpers will be on hand ready to talk to you. Racquets and balls are available for use and this day is completely free to all those who want to try their hand at the game of tennis. ‘Have a Go Day’ is also happening this Saturday, which is all about encouraging school children to visit the club and ‘stay and play’, so expect to see people of all ages and stages down at the courts this weekend. Kolie has put together a comprehensive coaching programme to cater to all levels of ability from children as young as 5 years old, to adult players too, because you’re never too old or too young to pick up a racquet. A full range of interclub competitions, run by the Nelson Bays Tennis Assn. are on offer this coming summer season, so get amongst the fun now and visit the Tasman Tennis Club website, www. for more information on how to get involved in these. Three Tasman Tennis Club players have been successful in gaining Tennis Scholarships in the USA. Alex Hunt and Breanne Johnson are into their second year and Laura Wehner has recently left

Nelson to go to Greely in Colorado. This opportunity is available to young players and Kolie (your coach on open day) has had experience playing as a junior and coaching in the United States. Members of the Tasman Tennis Club enjoy it

Tasman Tennis invite you to their


At Tasman Tennis Club behind badminton hall, Gladstone Rd

Saturday 14 September 2013

10am - 11am 11am - 12 pm 12pm - 1pm 1.30 - 3.30pm 2pm - 4pm 4pm onwards

Henley School St Paul’s School Richmond School & Waimea Intermediate All other schools welcome! All adults & families Sausage sizzle & drinks

18A Gladstone Rd, Richmond Ph 544 6083

Nelson’s Specialists

in Racquets & Tennis Equipment

Special See us upstairs at

Lower Queen Street HeaLtH

P: 544 0327






Juice Lite






Winners of the “No.1 Mike Pero Real Estate Franchise in New Zealand”. The smartest way to sell real estate.

BLX Blade





247 Trafalgar St, Nelson Ph 548 3974

BLX Four





BLX Rival






WEDNESDAY 11 September 2013



Richmond Brake & Clutch, the heavyweights in automotive repairs now have the power to service your vehicle more quickly and efficiently. A brand new 4 post POWEREX hoist has arrived at the workshop allowing Barry Andrews and the team to get the job done a lot quicker, with the same great quality and attention to detail as always. A quick phone call ahead of time is always appreciated and will assure a quick turn around for your car. The family owned and operated

local business is your one stop shop for mechanical repairs. The honest and professional team offer servicing, tune ups and overhauls, inspections and replacements on all makes and models of vehicle, petrol or diesel engines. They source only the best in quality spare parts for your vehicle, customised car or 4WD, at a great value price. From transmission and brake flushing to fuel injector cleaning and repairs, as brake and clutch specialists they have all the equipment needed to get

P: 544 9111

your vehicle back on the road. With an onsite WOF shop, they can fix any problems that could stop your car from passing a warrant so thats less time wasted by you running around. The laws surrounding Warrant of Fitness are changing, so you’ll need to consider how you will keep your car safe in between warrants from now on. It will be up to you to make sure it is up to WOF standards at all times, so call in to see Richmond Brake & Clutch for regular maintenance. Barry


will still offer 6 monthly WOFs on all cars, so you can elect to warrant your car more often for your peace of mind. Need a service? Call into Richmond Brake & Clutch and ask Barry about Club Evolution, the best service available for your vehicle. When you have your vehicle serviced you receive 6 months roadside assist free and the benefits of becoming a member include: up to two events per membership, emergency fuel, spare wheel fitting, lock outs, towing and more.




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Are the Makos the real deal? Phillip Rollo Reporter

brother, Willis Scott made his starting debut for Otago in the loss – a proud night for family and friends with Mitchell coming on to score the final try of the match, already a contender for try of the year. The Makos will travel north to Albany to face a winless North Harbour side this Friday night – a game they should win, before taking on Mike Coman’s Hawke’s Bay in Nelson the following weekend. While all eyes will be on the North Harbour game this weekend, Tasman fans will also be hoping for a Taranaki win against Ranfurly Shield holders Counties Manakau. If Taranaki wins, and can see off Bay of Plenty in the first challenge, Tasman would get the second challenge – plenty of what ifs, but a real possibility.

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SUPER SUB: Mitchell Scott ran off the bench to score one of the tries of the season, a 90 metre effort started by Tom Marshall and finished off with this fantastic dive. Photo: Phillip Rollo.


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Could this be the year? The Tasman Makos have shot to the top of the ITM Cup Championship standings after thrashing former Shield holders Otago 49-16 in a slick all-round performance at Trafalgar Park on Friday night. Behind a dominant forward pack, which caused the Southerners plenty of trouble at lineout and scrum time, the backs were given an abundance of freedom to run riot with Tom Marshall leading the charge, and powerful winger James Lowe bagging two tries in the rout. It was the second week in a row that Tasman scored 40 points or more, and on current form, there’s nothing to suggest that the team will stop at that, with a number of players already putting their hand up for higher honours – do we need to mention James Lowe again? Former Nelson College flanker, and Mitchell Scott’s younger

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Judene Edgar Your Councillor

Richmond Ward, Tasman District Council I have worked hard as a Councillor for the past six years to represent the people of Tasman. If re-elected I will continue to provide a grounded viewpoint based on an understanding of the pressures affecting families, retired people, businesses and the community in general. Throughout my time on Council I have used my leadership skills and community knowledge to provide a strong voice for the people of Tasman. I endeavour to find collaborative solutions, working to people’s strengths and engaging with the community. I bring energy, clarity of thinking and a straight forward approach to Council. I offer my honesty and integrity and I will continue to be accessible, listen to and be involved in the community. I have worked hard to be an accessible and accountable Councillor and with the help of your vote, I would like to continue. You can contact me on 544 1927 or e-mail Authorised by Judene Edgar, 46 Otia Drive, Richmond

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Sport Paul Op den Buysch at the first night of table tennis. Photo: Phillip Rollo.

WEDNESDAY 11 September 2013


Nelson Waimea Gun Club results 100 Points Score marked out of 300 – 17 shooters. A Grade: 1st Martin O’Connor 283; 2nd Wesley Oldham 276. B Grade: 1st Bob Aldrich 246; 2nd Dennis Brough 244. C Grade: 1st Levi Pouwhare 263; 2nd Warwick Van Asch 251. 100 Sporting Compak – 25 shooters: A Grade: 1st James Simpson 91; 2nd Paul Hedwig 88. B Grade: 1st Lloyd Owen 78; 2nd Ron Marks 77. C Grade: 1st Isabel

Simpson 64; 2nd Darryl McLean 61. Unregistered: 1st Aiden Hogarth 71; 2nd Ian Sutherland 64. Next Shoot: Sporting Weekend: October 4, practice Compak; October 5, 100 Target Sporting Trophy Shoot; October 6, 100 Sporting South Island Championship. 9am start, cash or cheque, no Eftpos; morning tea and lunch available. Contact

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Back at the table Excuses of rustiness were acceptable on Thursday night – the first time table tennis had been played at Saxton Stadium since April’s flood. With the entire stadium out of action, Nelson Table Tennis was forced to relocate matches out to Club Waimea in Richmond albeit on a temporary basis. But with the green light given by Nelson City Council to get back in the purposebuilt facility, Thursday night saw big numbers drawn back to play again. Association spokesperson Kay Hazeldine says while the offer to use Club Waimea was appreciated, it wasn’t an ideal situation, having to juggle


their timetable around events being based at the Richmond facility. “We only had eight tables and the lighting was hard. You’d lose sight of the ball. But it was somewhere for us to go,” she explains. The biggest frustration was the fact just a week prior to the flood Nelson Table Tennis had been involved in an expo promoting the sport at Saxton Stadium, and a large number of new players were expected to join. While Kay admits she initially hoped the rebuild wouldn’t take as long as four months, she says it’s awesome being back. “I think a few of us might be a bit rusty, I was anyway,” she laughs.


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24 WEDNESDAY 11 September 2013


A big week of college sport

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Julia Edwards competes for Waimea College girls first XI hockey team; Waimea College midfielder Sally Hodgson tussles with her opposite during the football; and Justin Wehner laps up the ball in the basketball. Photos: Phillip Rollo.

The school books were left at home and replaced with football boots, kicking tees, hockey sticks and road bikes as Waimea College’s budding sport stars headed across the country while the annual tournament week took place. While Waimea College tasted some success across the codes, it was an overall mixed week results-wise. In Nelson three major tournaments were held, the Lotto Premier Girls New Zealand Secondary School Football Championship, the Marie Fry Hockey Tournament and the AA Zone 4 Secondary School Basketball Premiership – the latter being a South Island competition. In the football, the girls first XI finished a very credible 11th position. A solid defensive line, featuring Junior Football Fern Emily Jensen, leaked only eight goals all tournament, and the side managed to hold eventual winners Mt Albert Grammar School to just 0-1. In the hockey the girls first XI had a tough week but managed to finish on a high note, thrashing Kamo High School 10-0 in the last game to end

the tournament in 15th place and avoid the dreaded 16th spot. Kirsty Heyward and Brittani Harrington both got hat-tricks in the final game. None of the basketball teams managed to qualify for nationals, with local rivals Nayland College taking out the boys section of the South Island tournament. The Waimea College girls team were the top Nelson side, however, finishing ninth place. Other results from around the country included the U15 rugby team which finished second at the co-ed tournament in Christchurch, losing the final to John McGlashen. Waimea qualified through to the final after edging Burnside 19-12 in the semi final. The senior A netball team also had a successful trip, finishing third place at the South Island competition to secure a spot at nationals. The boys first XI couldn’t win back the Jim Wishart football trophy they won last year, ending the second tier tournament in fourth place. The junior boys basketball team, which traveled to Dunedin, had to settle for a minor placing, but won its final game against Kavanagh, completely dominating them 74-24.

Max for Mayor I am locally educated, have lived most of my life in Richmond and I am a Registered Nurse and a paramedic. I have seen our district grow dramatically especially in the last ten years. As a local business owner and Managing Director of MediMax for more than fifteen years I have developed an extensive working network throughout the district and have a strong sense of what the people of Tasman want from their Council. The people of Tasman are saying it is time for a change.  Rates must be affordable and fair – we cannot have another Headingly Lane.  Core services must again become our priority. We need a flexible policy, however, so that funds can be reallocated should we again face circumstances such as the recent flooding of homes and businesses.  The majority of Tasman residents are opposed to amalgamation. It is possible to work co-operatively without amalgamating.  The current Council has borrowed $100 million in the last 6 years. Borrowing currently stands at $159 million and is expected to rise to $311 Million. We must regain control over this excessive spending.  The proposed Lee Valley Dam must not go ahead. The only capacity it has is to financially ruin our district. Other safer and more affordable options for irrigation and water supply are available – let’s investigate them first before spending even more money.  We must balance the growth of our local industries with protecting our unique and beautiful environment.

The people of Tasman must be listened to – I am prepared to listen.

TRUST MAX FOR MAYOR Authorised by Maxwell Clark – 410 Lower Queen Street, Richmond. phone: 03 544 0411 mobile: 0274 577 575


Garin reach final

WEDNESDAY 11 September 2013

TEEN TOO QUICK: A scorching first lap by Waimea College’s Scott Barr put him at the front of the pack, and that’s where he stayed. Competing in the Under-17 catergory, Scott took out the first round of the Nelson Mountain Bike Club’s Cross Country Series, held at Codger’s Mountain Bike Park on Sunday morning. Meg Bichard was the in-form rider of the women’s category, edging out Ingrid Richter by 1 min over the 6 laps they raced. Full results from the race can be found at Round 2 of this series will also be held on October 13 and will incorporate the South Island Masters Games. Photo: Phillip Rollo.

It was down to the nitty gritty Carol Cook at Saxton Courts on Saturday as Nelson Netball’s semi finals were Netball Reporter played in brilliant over head ditions. There were some tired bodies given the fact that the local unbeaten to take the top seed and colleges had competed at the South played fourth place Tapawera NelIsland Secondary School Tourna- son Honey in the semi final. From the first whistle ment in Christchurch. Garin were focussed The season’s results and totally in control. count for nothing Wing attack, Poppy as the slate is wiped Restieaux was potent cleaned and anything off the line and along can happen in semiwith centre, Makaila finals netball. The top Powick offered punch four qualified for the through court. They semis with 1 v 4 and supplied an abundance 2 v 3, which in theory of quality to shootshould produce the ers Sjaan Hungerford top two teams for next and Olivia Nott who week’s final. converted with ease It would be fair to say despite the hard work that Garin have had of Tapawera’s circle dean up and down seafenders Melanie Neve son – the first round and Chevan Katene. they were near the top in Grade 2, a couple of Poppy Restieaux. Garin galloped out to a 11–4 lead at the first below par performancbreak and had extended the mares in the second round, when they were well beaten saw them relegat- gin to 18–8 at the major break. Taranaki Wellington Manawatu ed to Grade 3 on goal differential Garin continued to build and alvs vs vs Round 5 Hawke’s Bay Bay of Plenty Southland though they outscored Tapawera for the Championship Round. The girls would have been disap- 21–8 in the second half they did Phillip Rollo 24/30 pointed in relegation, however to not have the same flow through Phillip Rollo court. their credit they reassessed their Reporter goals for the remainder of the sea- The 39–16 win means Garin will Janet Bennett 23/30 Waimea son and have came out fighting. now meet the talented Garin went through the round College 10A team in the final.

North Harbour vs Tasman

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Richard Kempthorne 22/30

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Alan Saville


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      

     

Jason Stack 20/30

      



     

Counties Hawke’s Bay Waikato Canterbury Manukau vs vs vs vs Auckland Otago Northland Taranaki

26 WEDNESDAY 11 September 2013

Fishing with

Nelson Dawnbreakers Fishing Club The Dawnbreakers Fishing club held their open day on Sunday at their new venue the Tasman Bay Cruising Club, with a fantastic turnout of keen and interested anglers. There were over 80 members signed up for the new season on the day, with at least 60 per cent of those being new to the club. Being a nice hot sunny day with a BBQ going flat out, new members were able to meet and mingle with previous members to gain an appreciation of what the club is all about. New members had various reasons for joining the club which included how to fish certain areas, learn new techniques from experienced fisherman to increase their hook up rates, be able to socialise on a regular basis, the use of measuring boards, partake in club fishing outings including day trips and weekends away. Everybody who hadn’t been to the Tasman Bay Cruising Club before were very impressed with the buildings well setup interior, its warm inviting atmosphere, to the decks that look out over the boat ramp and marina. With our club days now being on a Sunday afternoon from 3 till 5pm, there will be no better place to enjoy an afternoon drink and talk about fishing. We already have club trips organised to Okiwi Bay, French Pass, and Havelock along with day trips around the Top of The South. Also on our Club Days we will have guest speakers from the likes of MAF, Niwa, Coastguard, and some of our own club members parting with their vast wealth of information gained from years of experience on the water. The only catch to enjoying not only the above information and club venue but the up to date fishing reports on when, where and how the fish are biting, is to join the club. With our large number of members

Gavin Williams with a 10kg plus snapper caught and released at D’urville. which by opening day will be well over 120 members, we will be able to cover a wide area of the ocean, enabling us to put you on the hot spots quicker than ever. Our season starts on October 1 so there are still a few weeks to get signed up and on our email list. Just to let you all know we have it on good authority that the snapper are on the move and coming our way. Our scouts are now out on a weekly basis following the snapper from D’urville Island to Tasman Bay and will keep us informed. D’urville is still producing some large double digit snapper with slow jigs doing the damage. Delaware and Cable Bay are still the best local spots for picking up gurnard, kahawai and small snapper at the moment and will continue to get better as the water temperature starts to rise. After reading this and you are keen to find out a bit more about the DBFC, check out our website http://www. for our latest info and where you will also find an online membership form or else our email address is dawnbreakersfc@


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Trophy well within Richmond’s reach Richmond Athletic will look to end the football season on a high note when it challenges FC Nelson Sprig & Fern in the Price Charity Cup final. The last game of the winter season will double as Richmond’s last chance to win a trophy this year, having finished second in the league and then struggling to sixth place in the Top of the South competition. Coach Marc Evans, who took over the reigns at the beginning of the division one season, is well aware of what’s at stake and believes his young side are a good chance to win against the league champions. “We’ve

Phillip Rollo Reporter

got a good bunch of lads and they’re certainly up for it,” he says. “We’re a young bunch but as the season has gone on we’ve done better and better. We lost twice to FC Nelson 3-0, and then drew, and then we beat them in our last encounter, so hopefully we can continue that run of form this weekend.” Richmond players had a week off training last week, with a handful of the youngsters involved at national secondary school tournaments with

Waimea College, but the side was back together last night putting the final touches on their finals preparations. There are two other Richmond sides contesting trophies on the final weekend of football. The Richmond Colts side are into the Glen Stephens Trophy final against Flight Cell Tahunanui first XI, a tournament contested by division two, three and four teams, while Richmond Thistle will take on Golden Bay in the A.R. Hurst Trophy final, a knockout cup just for division three teams. All three finals will be played at Saxton Field from 1:15pm.

Richmond Athletic’s Jamie Cresswell intercepts the ball off his Wakefield opposite during the Price Charity Cup semi-final. Photo: Phillip Rollo. Advert


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WEDNESDAY 11 September 2013


$16,980 Ford FaLCon BF2 Xr6 2007 These Falcon XR6’s are always super popular and a good cross between your everyday family car and your weekend sports car. This is NZ new and has had 2 owners. The interior is in tidy condition and has full black leather. It also has airbags, ABS brakes, cruise control, CD, remote locking, towbar, electric windows and mirrors, factory alloys, kit and spoiler.





suzuki sWiFT auTo HaTCH 2007 These Suzuki Swift hatches are probably one of the most popular car on NZ’s roads today. Powered by a peppy 1240cc chain driven motor and is automatic. So no cambelt to worry about. The interior is surprisingly spacious and is in very tidy condition. It also has ABS brakes, airbags, remote locking, CD, air conditioning, electric windows and mirrors.

HoLden CoMModore V6 2006 A decent roomy family car that offers comfort and great performance without breaking the bank. It’s NZ new and had 1 private owner. Powered by a 3.6 litre V6 and is automatic. The interior is in tidy condition. It also has ABS brakes, airbags, CD, air conditioning, cruise control, remote locking, 18 inch alloys and a spoiler. It doesn’t have a towbar.




$12,980 Mazda aXeLa 2000CC auTo 2006 These Mazda Axela hatches are a very popular choice these days as a family car and a daily commuter. This was imported in from Japan in 2012 at 89km and has had 1 owner in NZ. It’s powered by a 2.0 litre motor and is auto with tiptronic option. The interior is in very tidy condition. It also has airbags, ABS brakes, remote locking, air conditioning, CD, electric windows and mirrors and factory alloy wheels.

Ford FoCus HaTCH auTo 2011 If you can’t quite afford a brand new car but would be happy with a late model NZ new hatch that’s like new, then take a peek at this. It’s powered by a peppy 1600cc motor and is automatic. The interior is very spacious and in very tidy condition. It also has ABS brakes, 6 airbags, CD, air conditioning, electric front windows and mirrors and a roof spoiler.

nissan puLsar auToMaTiC 1996 If the kids need a first car or the family need a good robust car for your daily commute, then check this out. Its powered by a nippy chain driven 1500cc motor and is automatic. The interior is quite roomy and in tidy condition. It also has airbags, airconditioning, electric windows and mirrors and central locking.



HoLden Cruze Cd dieseL 2009 Are you one of those commuters that has a long daily drive and your weekly fuel account is killing your budget? Well I suggest you look at this. It’s powered by a fuel effecient 2.0 litre diesel motor and is automatic. It has a fuel rating of 6.8 litres per 100km which will make your trips to the gas station a lot less frequent. The interior is in very tidy condition. It’s NZ new and had 1 owner. It also has ABS brakes, cruise control, remote locking, CD, climate air conditioning, 6 airbags and electric windows and mirrors.



$5,980 HoLden CoMModore BerLina 1999 Are you in the market for a roomy family car that can also tow the boat or caravan? Well this could be it. It’s NZ new and only done 143km. Powered by a 3.8 litre V6 motor and is automatic. The interior is in tidy condition. It also has airbags, climate air conditioning, ABS brakes, CD, electric windows and mirrors, remote locking, cruise control, tinted glass, boot spoiler and a towbar.

HoLden CoMModore CaLais 2001 An oldy but still a goody. This has been in the same Nelson family from new. This is the luxury model of the Commodore range. Powered by a grunty 3.8 litre V6 and is auto. The interior is in very tidy condition and has full grey leather. It also has 4 airbags, ABS brakes, traction control, cruise control, 10 disc CD, electric windows and mirrors, remote locking with 2 keys, factory alloys, and a towbar.

Mazda 6 gsX auTo 2005 These are in my opinion one of the best family cars on the market today. The interior has an amazing amount of space for passengers and has 8 airbags. It’s powered by a 2.3 litre chain driven motor and is automatic with tiptronic option. It’s NZ new and had 2 owners. It also has ABS brakes, CD, electric windows and mirrors, cruise control, remote locking, factory alloys.

MiTsuBisHi daiManTe es 2004 This is your chance to grab a BARGAIN. This car is NZ new. Would be an ideal family car. It’s powered by a 3.5 litre V6 and is automatic. The interior is in tidy condition. It also has ABS brakes, airbags, CD, electric windows and mirrors, climate air conditioning, cruise control, towbar, 15 inch Avanti alloys and a boot spoiler.



$14,980 ToYoTa CoroLLa gL Wagon 2007 Are you in the market for a low km NZ new wagon? Check this out. It’s NZ new and had 1 owner. Powered by an 1800cc motor and is 5 speed manual. The interior is in very tidy condition. It also has ABS brakes, airbags, air conditioning, electric front windows and mirrors and a CD.







HYundai i30 Wagon 2009 This wagon has a surprising amount of interior space and 10 airbags. So if you don’t want a large station wagon but still want heaps of space for luggage and the family, then this is for you. It’s NZ new and had 1 owner. It’s powered by a 1600cc chain driven motor and is automatic. The interior is in very tidy condition. It also has ABS brakes, ESP, CD, climate air conditioning, multi airbags, electric windows and mirrors, remote locking, factory alloys and a roofrack.


$3,980 daiHaTsu pYzar Wagon 1996 If you are in the market for a small wagon to take the dog to the beach or the mountain bike out to your favourite spot, then this is for you. Its powered by a peppy 1500cc motor and is auto. The cambelt etc was replacd at 139km. The interior has heaps of space and is in tidy condition. It also has airbags, CD, airconditioning, electric windows and mirrors, alloys, tinted glass and a roof spoiler.





ToYoTa CoroLLa FieLder 2004 Robust, roomy and one of the most popular model wagons on the road in NZ. This Toyota Corolla Fielder wagon is ideal for the family that needs a reliable everyday wagon. Powered by a chaindriven 1500cc motor and is auto (so NO cambelt). The interior is roomy and in immaculate condition. It also has ABS brakes, airbags, CD, air conditioning, electric windows and mirrors, remote locking, tints, roof spoiler. It’s just been imported in from Japan so you will be the first owner in NZ.

$9,980 HoLden CoMModore Wagon 2005 If luggage space and interior room are your number one priority, then this has heaps of both. Ideal for an ever expanding family who carry everything but the kitchen sink. This is the Commodore Acclaim model. Its NZ new and had 2 owners. Powered by a 3.6 litre V6 and is automatic. The interior is in very tidy condition. It also has ABS brakes, 4 airbags, Cd, cruise control, airconditioning, electric windows and mirrors, remote locking and factory alloys.

nissan MaXiMa si 2009 If you are in the market for a Ford Falcon or a Holden Commodore, then you should do yourself a favour and test drive a Maxima. They also have plenty of power, comfort and heaps of interior room. This one is NZ new and had 1 owner. It’s powered by a grunty 3.5 litre V6 and is automatic with tiptronic option. The interior is in very tidy condition. It also has ABS brakes, airbags, CD, climate air conditioning, cruise control, electric windows and mirrors, remote locking, factory 16 inch alloys and a towbar.


$12,980 Ford Xr6 Ba ModeL 2003 If you are wanting a sporty car and still have to accomodate your families motoring needs, then this is for you. It’s powered by Fords grunty 4.0 litre 6 cylinder motor and is auto with tiptronic option. The interior is in very tidy condition and has a huge boot space. It also has ABS brakes, airbags, cruise control, CD, air conditioning, electric windows and mirrors, remote locking, factory alloys, spoiler and body kit.


$13,980 ToYoTa ipsuM 7 seaTer 2005 If you have more bums than seats in your current car and need a 7 seater, then this is for you. It’s powered by a 2.4 litre chain driven motor and is auto (so NO cambelt). The interior is very roomy and in immaculate condition. It also has ABS brakes, airbags, CD, climate air conditioning, remote locking, electric windows and mirrors, reversing camera, tinted glass and roof spoiler. It’s just been imported in from Japan so you will be the first owner in NZ.

$12,980 ToYoTa HiaCe dieseL Van 2001 Are you sick of working for the man and looking for a first tradesmens van to go out on your own? Well this could be for you. Powered by a 3.0 diesel and is automatic. Roof rack and tow bar, ready to go to work.

$57,980 BMW X5 dieseL M/sporT 2009 This is probably the BEST all round SUV on the market for sale today. These are very happy commuting but are also a very capable sports wagon and an awesome tow wagon. It’s AWD and is the Motorsport model which has all of the performance enhancements from BMW. It has adaptive xenon lights, self levelling suspension, cruise control with braking function, auto dipping interior and exterior mirrors, rain sensing wipers, push button start, auto handbrake and tinted glass.

$10,980 HYundai geTz auTo HaTCH 2008 It seems everybody these days wants fuel economy, good looks and comfort. Well this has all 3. It’s NZ new and had 2 owners. Powered by a 1600cc motor and is automatic. The interior is quite roomy and very tidy. It also has ABS brakes, airbags, air conditioning, remote locking, CD, electric windows and mirrors, factory alloy wheels.


$7,980 Honda CiViC VTi ManuaL 2001 This is just a lovely NZ new car that’s obviously been well looked after by its 2 owners and has only done 76,000kms. It’s powered by a 1500cc motor and is 5 speed manual. The interior is quite roomy and in very tidy condition. It also has airbags, ABS brakes, climate air conditioning, electric windows and mirrors, remote locking, alloy wheels and boot spoiler.

suBaru ouTBaCk H6 Wagon 2006 For those of you who like to get into the outdoors or not wanting to get stuck on the boat ramp, these are an awesome choice. Powered by a 3.0 litre 6 cylinder chain driven motor with AWD and automatic with tiptronic option. The interior is in immaculate condition. It also has ABS brakes, airbags, electric windows and mirrors, remote locking, climate airconditioning, CD, 17 inch factory alloys, tinted glass and a reversing camera.


$9,980 MiTsuBisHi CHaLLenger eXCeed 1998 With towing season almost upon us this is the ideal wagon. Powered by a grunty 3.5 litre V6 and is auto with tiptronic option. We have just done the cambelt. The interior is in very tidy condition and has full leather. It also has ABS brakes, airbags, alloys with good tyres, sunroof, climate airconditioning, electric windows and mirrors, running boards, roof spoiler, tinted glass and a towbar.


$9,980 ToYoTa HiLuX surF ssr-X 1993 It’s not often that we get a Surf these days in such good condition and still with lowish kms. This one is powered by Toyotas ever popular 3.0 litre turbo diesel motor and is automatic. The interior is in very tidy condition. It also has CD, air conditioning, factory running boards and alloys, sunroof, chrome bullbar and a towbar.

$10,980 ToYoTa HiLuX surF ssr-X 1996 The Hilux Surfs are one of the most popular SUVs on the market in NZ today. They are happy as a family car or towing the boat or caravan in the weekends. Powered by a grunty 3.0 litre turbo diesel and is auto. The interior is in tidy condition. It also has ABS brakes, airbags, climate airconditioning, electric windows and mirrors, factory alloys and running boards, towbar and a nudge bar.

$11,980 ToYoTa prado 8 seaTer 1997 Is the family expanding and now you need an 8 seater? Well this could solve ALL of your needs. It’s the TZ model which is the higher spec of the Toyota Prado diesel models. It’s powered by a grunty 3.0 litre turbo diesel and is automatic. The cambelt has been replaced. This has enough grunt to tow the boat, caravan or your horsefloat. It also has airbags, electric windows and mirrors, climate air conditioning, alloys, roofrack, nudgebar and a towbar. The interior is in tidy condition and has seating for 8 people


$18,980 Ford Courier XLX 4Wd 2003 If you are into a bit of hunting, 4wding or need a good ute for towing, then this is for you. Its NZ new. Powered by a grunty 2.5 litre turbo diesel and is 5 speed manual. The interior is in tidy condition apart from one small mark on the back seat as per the photos. It also has ABS brakes, airconditioning, CD, airbags, factory alloys,remote locking, electric windows and mirrors, tufdeck and a towbar.


$13,980 MiTsuBisHi L300 sWB Van 2008 If you are a tradesman or handyman looking to upgrade to a later model van, then this is for you. It’s NZ new and had 1 owner. It’s powered by a 2.4 litre petrol motor and is 5 speed manual. The interior is in tidy condition. It also has CD, alarm and a towbar.

Mazda BounTY sdX d/CaB 2004 If you are in the market for a well specked 4WD with lowish kms then this could be it. It’s NZ new and had 2 owners. It’s the SDX 4WD Double Cab which was the top spec model in 2004. It’s powered by a 2.5 litre turbo diesel and is 5 speed manual. The interior is in tidy condition. It also has ABS brakes, CD, air conditioning, airbags, electric windows and mirrors, remote locking, running boards, factory alloys and a towbar.


2005 Mitsubishi Lancer NZ, 2 Litre, Auto - $9,980 2008 Toyota Yaris 5 Door, Auto, Low kms - $14,980

150 Rutherford St, Nelson PH: 548 0568

Paul - 0274 489 855

Vanessa - 0274 489 877


28 WEDNESDAY 11 September 2013 BIRTHS ANNOUNCEMENT Your announcement here for free. Sigglekow On 16 July Jenna and Scott welcomed Archer Bruce to the world. Born at 5.54am weighing 7lb 4oz. We would like to thank Morag Whyte for helping with the safe arrival of our precious lad and to Janice Jolly for taking care of us prior.

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– since 2005 And can you change wording to. I had available wrong last time too


Richmond Community Forum AGM. Tuesday 24 September 7.30pm. Tasman District Library Meeting Room. Agenda: Minutes of Previous Meeting, Financial Report, Accounts Payable, Consideration of a motion for winding up of Society General Business.



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CleaninG Denice Devine SeRviCe 021 608 079 | 03 5423 396 Cleans Home Cleans | Good Rates | Free Good Rates Free Quotes

We can fix all your IT problems either on site or remotely. Business or Home users. Call us now on

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Save time & money - use an expert! Business & Residential Onsite Services/Repairs Free Pickup/Delivery Consultations/Design New Computer Sales Servicing Nelson/Tasman

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GUARANTEED!! PH: 544 7575 RICHMOND 38 Oxford Street, Richmond

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FIRE School of Ministry presents FATHER HEART of GOD 1 A course for those exploring the Christian faith Friday 20 Sept. 7pm - 9pm Saturday 21 Sept. 8am - 12noon Richmond Library Cost $40 Registration - email

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Thursday Night Church

7pm Thursdays You are welcome Richmond Church of Christ Hall Cnr Croucher St and Darcy St Ph 022 094 6692

Community Events

WEDNESDAY 11 September 2013

Community Events Keeping you in touch

Fresh Focus Paul Blackham speaking about “The Global Financial Crisis: Why it happened & how it will end”. Mon 16 Sept 10-11am. Nelson Suburban Club 168 Tahuna Drive. All welcome. Entry $2. Forest & Bird Fri 20 Sept, 7.30pm, Tahuna SchoolPenguins, Albatrosses & Other Wild Photo Stories - celebrate the release of Tui De Roy, Mark Jones & Julie Cornthwaites new book about penguins. A talk including adventures, spectacular photos & book signing. SeniorNet Nelson will meet at 2pm Wed, 18 Sept. SeniorNet rooms, Pioneers Park, Hastings St, (opp. Spotlight). Anyone over 50 & interested in computers is welcome. This month’s topic, “Hearing loss & help available” With Bridget Thompson” (Hearing Association). Timely for our age group! Nelson Royal New Zealand Air Force Association is Sponsoring a Service of Commemoration & Thanksgiving on Sun Sept 15. To be held at the RSA section of the Suburban Club, Tahuna at 11am. Members of the public welcome to attend Lunch on the Hill Tues 17 Sept. Tea & coffee served from 11.30am. Lunch at 12pm. All Welcome. Holy Trinity Church, 27 Dorset St Richmond. Ph 5448844 Community Concert The Take A Change Singers invite you to their annual concert on Sun 22 Sept at the Hope Community Church, 114 Ranzau Rd, Hope at 2pm. Entry is $5 or a gold coin for senior citizens / students. Afternoon tea provided. Native Bird Recovery display for Conservation Week in Richmond Mall on Thurs 12 Sept 11am to 12pm & Fri 13 Sept 11am – 12pm & 2pm to 3pm. Go in the Draw to win the new Tui Book Spring Fling Clothes Swap Saturday 21 Sept, 1.30-4pm, Richmond Town Hall. Clothes, jewellery, accessories. $10 & swaps. Fundraiser for Nelson Harmony Chorus. For info ph Trish 5448876 Combined Probus Club of Waimea - for active men & women retirees. Meeting 10am Thurs 19

Sept at Hope Community Church Ranzau Road Hope. Ample parking, level entry. Val 5444134 Step Outside Exhibition Photographic Artworks by Emma Louise Barley. Richmond Library during Sept. 20% of all sales donated to The Brook Waimarama Sanctuary. Ph: 5438500 for info A service of Commemoration & Thanksgiving for Victory in the Battle of Britain & Pacific Battles is being held on Sun Sept 15 at 11am at the RSA section of the Suburban club. All welcome. Sponsored by Nelson Royal New Zealand Air Force Association. Richmond Kindergarten celebrating Fifty Years of fun & learning in our current building, 24 Florence St on Fri 13 Sept Open Day from 9-12am & a Social get together with drinks & nibbles from 5-7pm (cost $15) for past teachers and parents. Cherry Blossom Festival Miyazu Garden Atawhai Dr Sun 22 Sept 11:30am-2pm Free Admission 11:30 Opening featuring Rai Jin Taiko Drummers. Nelson Miyazu Sister City Association & Nelson Japanese Society Nelson Truck Show 19 Oct 11am–4pm Stoke School Grounds Main Road Stoke Trucks, Concrete Mixers, Tow Truck, Swing lifter + more Raffles Food Drinks for sale gold coin entry Plunket Baby Bonanza Sat Oct 19 9am–12pm at the Hope Hall, Richmond Table bookings now open, $20 large, $10 small and $5 space Contact Lisa for more info on 5424496 or footies2012@ Bread making workshop Richmond Library. Learn the tricks of the trade for successful home bread making. Sat 14 Sep, 10.30am-12.00pm. Free but bookings essential. Ph 5438500 for more info Recipe Exchange Be part of Richmond Library’s Sept Food Promotion. Bring in a favourite recipe any time during September and exchange if for another. Ph 5438500 for more info Parish Fair Sat 12 Oct Wesley Centre 4 Wensley


Baldwin & Brown (Richmond) Ltd Licensed (REAA 2008)

Rd, Richmond (opp TDC.) 8.30am – 12pm All the usual stalls. Enquiries Ph 5448394. A.G.M First Years Richmond Inc. Tues 24 Sept 7pm in Centre Board Room Agenda: Election of Officers, Confirmation of Budget Cathedral Christmas Tree Festival 2-22 Dec. Is your organisation interested in entering a tree this year? Contact or 5481008. REGULAR EVENTS Antique Bottle & Collectables Club meet first Tuesday every month Surburban Club, Tahunanui Drive at 7.30pm. Informal and informative. Bring your treasures. Judy 03 545 2181 Revive Cafe space open to all at Headingly Centre. Play area for children. Come & have some time out, bring your friends to catch up with or make some new ones, look through our family resource library, see what other programmes & services are available or get some clothes for the kids from the clothing swap table. Headingly Centre, Headingly Lane. Thurs 10am-12pm. For info Ph: Sandy 5447071. Stoke Methodist Opportunity Centre (Opposite Stoke Library). Good, used clothing. Very cheap. Open every Thurs 9.30am-12pm. Volunteer readers do you have a spare hour once a week, & enjoy reading to small children of kindergarten age, we would love to hear from you. Ph: Coordinator Sue 5440567. Scottish Dancing every Tues in Stoke, 7.30pm to 9.30pm, St Andrew’s Church Hall, Songer St, Stoke. Ph Margaret 5473913 for info. No partner needed. Soft flat shoes essential. Powertalk Waimea-Tongue tied-need a boost to get back in the work force–want to build your confidence & self-esteem The best thing you can for yourself, come along Peggy 5390477, or Linda 5447823. Richmond Joggers. Meeting weekly, entry level walkers group wanting to learn to jog. & Rich-

mond Walkers Entry level group, social focus & enjoyment of walking, not speed. No Charge. Also Ease in2 Cycling Cycle Skills Training available All Welcome. No Charge Wed’s 1-3pm Social Cycling, gain confidence. Ph: Sarah Sport Tasman 9232313 or Crisis Pregnancy Support. Unexpected pregnancy can be scary but there are people who can help. Free, confidential service to help you discover support available to continue your pregnancy. St Lukes Health Center 0800004277 or visit Life Line Nelson. Feeling sad, stressed or stuck? Identify & explore new ways to move forward with a LifeLine Nelson Counsellor. Call 24/7, 5482400 or ph our crisis line to talk to a Counsellors ‘New’ Core Balance class.Wed & Fri 10.30–11.30am at AMI Suburbs Club Rooms. Lightweight circuit that uses your own body weight as resistance. Cost $6. & Core ‘N’ Floor class. Mon 10.30–11.30am at Ami Suburbs Club Rooms. Designed to help you regain strength & control post pregnancy. Costs $6 or concessions available. Also Super Saxton Circuit on Mon, Wed & Fri 9.15–10.15am at AMI Suburbs Club Rooms. Using your own body weight as resistance & working to increase cardiovascular fitness. Cost $6. Ph Sport Tasman 5467910. ToastMasters Develop your personal confidence by learning the skills of public speaking at Madhatters every Fri 7-8:30am in the AA Boardroom at 45 Halifax St. For info, call Catrin at 5390919 Richmond Playcentre invites families with children 0 to 6 years old. A fun & relaxed atmosphere. Come & enjoy 3 free visits 46 Waverly St. Mon, Wed & Fri 9.30-12pm or Ph: 5446316 Celebrate Recovery weekly programme dealing with drugs, alcohol, gambling or other issues where you need support. Join us at Richmond Community Church, Warring carpark. Tues 7pm. Ph Bob & Jacquie 5380282

DEADLINE: MIDDAY MONDAY - 50 WORDS OR LESS BY EMAIL ONLY - PLEASE SEND TO: Coming soon notices are free to community groups, schools, churches, gold coin donation events and fundraising. Notices for businesses and organisations who charge for courses or events cost $10+gst Due to the popularity of this column, while every effort will be made, inclusion cannot be guaranteed for free ads.

Across contd. 21 Skilled (9) 24 Underdog (5) 25 A hunting dog (7) 26 To forecast (7) 27 Accelerate (5,2) 28 Rash, impetuous person (7) Down 1 Strife (7) 2 Meaning conveyed (7) 3 Unbiased (9) 4 Correct by editing (5) 5 Unforgettably distressing (9) 6 Influence successfully (5) 7 West Indian island (7) 8 Serious in intention (7) 14 Listen secretly (9) 15 Wild mischief (9) 16 Momentum (7) 17 Flat treeless grassland (7) 19 A pause from exertion (7) 20 Fizzy (7) 22 Chinese secret society (5) 23 Intensity (5) Answers next week

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Puzzle 1761

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30 WEDNESDAY 11 September 2013

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Drainage & Construction Tasman LTD • Registered Drainlayers (residential & commercial) • Sewage Treatment (design,supply, install & service) • Blocked Drains • Video Camera & Drain Inspection • Waterblasting • Excavator & Truck Hire to suit job


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edChris Inglis


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Heavy duty canvas trouser/ shorts are built for abuse in the outdoors - Water resistant - Breathable - Windproof - Quick drying -Durable and versatile 12 ounce, (gorse proof) and 8 ounce available

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Free AlArm DeAl

Now Nelson agents for Hyrdalada and Pellanc Sales and Servicing

24HR Call Out

Ph: 03 545 6171

24HR - PH: 544 5723



Carpet cleaning professionals

o Dynamic Du

Specialising in

022 689 7076 03 546 4672


Talk to us for all your electrical requirements for your new or existing home

Ph 544 2105


Phone now on

545 1053

We supply new We replace existing We service all

Stu Newport Ph: 027 55 22 883


Manor Property Services Ltd Painting & decorating

• Interior, exterior & roofs • Domestic & commercial • Airless spraying • Scheduled maintenance programs "Your one stop shop for all your property maintenance requirements" 0800 677 005



Sew for U Bridal Formal Childrens Alterations - zips, hems, mending

544 7285 No job too small

Stephen Oliver

76 Oxford St, Richmond email:

Liz McLean

Quick Drying All Year Round All General Cleaning Professional Service



Ellis St, Brightwater

(Plunket Rooms, next to Petrol Station)

Contact Dean 544 5784

Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning

April and Tony Cooke

Meeting Sunday 10.30am



All domestic work

24/7 phone: 03 548 2831



Carpet, rugs & vinyl Carpet stains Upholstery Mould Pest control

Hot water extraction carpet cleaning IICRC internationally qualified


Phone orders welcome

544 0203 Sundial Square Richmond Open 7 Days 11am - Late

Fully Trained, Security Screened

Biblical Christ-Centred Worship Services:

Sunday 10:30 am & 5 pm




Beautiful Gardens

Garden & Property Maintenance

Landscaping Lawn Care & Mowing Chipping of Greenwaste Stump Grinding Pre-Sale Garden Tidy-up Gardening Hedge Trimming Section Clearing Greenwaste Removal

Adam Brumwell

Painting - Exterior/Interior - Airless Spraying - Waterblasting - New & Old Work - Fully Qualified Tradesman - Obligation Free Quote

Qualified Tradesman

26 Years Experience

“I’ll turn up on time”

Locally owned and operated

AH/Fax: 544 3177

Lawn Mowing & Edges All trimming Full garden tidy-ups Experienced, honest & reliable

Call Adam

027 671 8417 or 544 9415

Ph: Kevin Wells

027 293 5280 or 541 0496


• • • • • •

All Insurance Claims Panelbeating Chassis Straightening Repaints 2-pack Touch Ups Call Tony Johnston

90 VANGUARD ST NELSON PH: 548 3954 027 548 3954

Work Place First Aid Courses


Ph 544 9180 Corporate Rates Available

Sunday Services 15 September 9.00am Morning Worship 10.30am Holy Communion Theme: Sternness and Kindness All Welcome


12, 19, 20, 27, 28 8, 18, 19, 31 12, 21, 29, 30 5, 12, 13, 14

Holy Trinity Anglican Church

Wednesday 10.00am Holy Communion


Sept: Oct: Nov: Dec:


27 Dorset St, Richmond Phone 544-8844

544 0444

021 255 6163


Ph (03) 544 9418

Call Andrew or Wendy Neame


027 232 1550

• Driveways • Floors • Decorative Surfacing • Commercial • Residential 68 Gladstone Road, Richmond

Quick - Efficient Professional


Painter Decorator

We’d love to see you there

Registered Trainer, Assessor & EPA Test Certifier • Growsafe & Approved Handler Certification • Chainsaw • Tree Felling • Quad Bike • Tractor • WTR Endorsements

For course dates see

Ph: 544 4062

Mob: 0274 574 775

Richmond Church of Christ Sunday 10am Speaker Warren Hardig from USA 5.30pm Shared tea with MFM international team Cnr Darcy & Croucher Streets Ph 544 5415


11 Florence Street, Richmond Worship Services This Sunday: 9.30am Worship and Communion 2.00pm Super Two and Communion Phone 544 8387

10.00am Worship Celebration Warring Carpark (Behind No.1 Shoes) 243 Queen St Our Lady of Perpetual Help Catholic Parish, Richmond

Weekend Mass Times Saturday Vigil 7.00pm Richmond Church 35 William Street Sunday 8.00am St Joseph’s Pitfire Road, Wakefield 9.30am Richmond Church 5.00pm Last Sunday of every month St’s Peter & Paul Moutere Highway All Welcome! Ph 544 8987

32 WEDNESDAY 11 September 2013


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