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Wednesday 10 October 2012

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Tasman set for $400m injection Andrew Board The Nelson-Tasman district is poised for an investment injection unlike anything it has ever seen and on a scale that will see the region’s growth skyrocket, says a local expert. By the middle of 2013 local iwi should start to see Treaty of Waitangi settlements from the Government transferred to it, to the tune of an estimated $300400 million. Nelson City Council Maori liaison officer Geoff Mullen says most of that money will be invested in the top of the south and will see growth in the region on a scale never seen before. It comes at a time when Nelson businesses are already experiencing growth with the region’s Economic Development Agency chief executive Bill Findlater saying Nelson is in for a “bloody exciting” future on the back of the iwi investment and Nelson’s current business expertise, especially in primary production,

Season Preview

like growing and producing food. Local iwi and businesses are already engaging in how that money will be invested with a conference to be held in just over a week at Nelson’s Rutherford Hotel. Geoff says the investment will most likely be in horticulture, aquaculture, viticulture and forestry, areas Nelson already does really well in. He says local iwi are unlikely to “blow” their settlement like Taranaki iwi Ngati Tama did earlier this year, investing their entire settlement into a failed IT company. “There are two reasons that is very unlikely to happen here, one iwi have big brother down the road in Ngai Tahu who has been there and done that and they are very willing to lend their help and expertise. Secondly, and they’ll hate me saying this, but Maori are very conservative SEE PAGE 2

History in a postcard Some locally photographed postcards are becoming so rare that historians are now willing to pay hundreds of dollars for them – so don’t tell them you’ve just taken an album to the refuse centre. A large group of postcard collectors and historians from around New Zealand visited Club Waimea for the NZ Postcard Society’s annual convention where stories were uncovered through the text on the back of the cards while others were more interested in adding to their particular collection. One of those postcard collectors looking to add to his collection was Richmond’s Rob Packer. Rob has gathered more than 2000 postcards during the past 30 years – most of those showcasing photos that have otherwise been lost all together. “I was in an antique shop one day and I bought an old postcard, took it home and I thought it was quite interesting. I’ve always liked Nelson history but this particular passion began when I picked up that card.” Once his collection grew, Rob made contact with others around the country. “Before you knew it, there was a society starting up.” Rob manages Richmond Antiques and Curios and says he collects other bits and pieces that revolve around the region. He says his collection won’t ever stop and that he is always seekRob Packer with a postcard that shows the 1919 Peace Parade on ing historic postcards from the region. Queen St. Photo: Phillip Rollo.

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Do you think there are problems between motorists and cyclists on the road?

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Ivan Neal, Richmond.

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Margaret Lindsay, Richmond.

“Not really. The only thing that gets up my nose sometimes is when they have races and they’re all over the road.”

“Down Pugh Rd, by the cycle trail, the cyclists look at the cars like we shouldn’t be on the road. There just needs to be courtesy both ways really.”

“I have had quite a few problems as a cyclist. I just feel that they’re not looking out for cyclists on the road.

“I have not had any problems but I make sure I give cyclists plenty of space.”

Tasman set for $400m injection portunities.” es and the likely investment from Pipfruit New Zealand chair Na- iwi. “I have a firm belief that Nelson investors. They will scrutinise any dine Tunley says there will be huge will be one of the leading regions in business before investing.” spinoffs for everyone involved if New Zealand, it’s bloody exciting. The investment will “inevitably” see there was to be a financial The strength of our region more people moving to the region injection of that size. “Any is our primary sector and on the back of the settlement and industry is going to benI would expect iwi to look more Maori-owned companies in efit from an injection of that to our primary sector in Nelson and Tasman says Geoff. “The sort of size. If you’re going to different forms to invest in whole community will benefit from pump up to $400 million into and that will create opporthis because Maori see themselves the Tasman-Nelson region tunities not only for iwi but as guardians of this area. They have the multiplier effect alone for the rest of the region.” been here for hundreds of years and would be massive. Everyone Geoff Nelson mayor Aldo Micwill be here hundreds of years from will benefit without quesMullen. cio says the council already now so their goals are in sync with tion.” has a strong relationship with Maori the rest of the community, clean Bill Findlater says Nelson is on the and the settlement is great news for water, sustainable practices and en- cusp of a “very bright future” on the the region. suring future generations have op- back of the food the region produc- “It’s the biggest economic development gain in the region and it’s probably one of the biggest cash inNational List MP based jections that Nelson has ever seen. in West Coast –Tasman They want to keep the money in the P 0800 NATS MP (0800 628 767) region and they are long-term playE ers so it’s a very good thing. It can only be extremely positive for NelFROM PAGE 1

Chris Auchinvole

son.” Four years ago iwi received an aquaculture settlement from the government and Geoff says that experience will help iwi plan and move forward with its latest settlement. “They’ve already started working on collaboration and they’ve started working with a lot of businesses around town discreetly. I think people would be quite amazed where they have got money invested if they knew.” Geoff says most Nelsonians have little idea about the scale of the investment and it will flow to the whole community. “What’s good for Maori is good for the whole community. This isn’t a takeover or a ‘you’ll do it my way now’, it’s actually ‘let’s work in partnership and make a better region’.” The conference for local iwi and businesses is to be held on October 18 and 19 at the Rutherford Hotel.

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WEDNESDAY 10 October 2012


Salisbury hope meeting Printed T-Shirts can stop school closure Phillip Rollo

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no final decision has been made and that the minister is still considering the submission. Salisbury School representatives hope a last Salisbury School employs more than 60 staff and minute meeting with the minister of education cares for around 65 students, with another 30 can save the school two weeks after its final sub- based in its outreach programme. mission deadline. If it is decided that Salisbury School is to close, a Salisbury School principal Brenda Ellis will meet change manager will be engaged to support the Hekia Parata in Wellington with board of trus- board to manage that process. Assets that betees members Helen McDonnell, Peter Campbell long to the board are owned by the Crown and and Kelly Wood. can only be passed on to another state school. It The Ministry of Education is lookis expected that if the proposal is aping at closing two schools for stuproved, some of the assets from Salisdents with intellectual disabilities or bury School would go to the special social-behaviour difficulties in favour residential schools in Christchurch of a wrap around service at public and Auckland, and some distributed to schools. It is also encouraging Salisschools in the Nelson area. bury School students to attend the coWhen a school closes, the Ministry of education Halswell Residential School Education considers whether the land in Christchurch. and buildings are required for further The visit to Wellington will be the first educational purposes, despite opening time that anyone from the school has a Maori immersion school next door at Helen had the chance to talk face-to-face the cost of $4 million just months afMcDonnell. with the minister of education regardter pushing for the closure of Salisbury ing the future of the school. Helen says the quar- School. tet is keen to hear from the minister directly on If the land and buildings are not used for further what her views are for retaining Salisbury. “We education purposes, they are put into the disposreally appreciate the minister opening her door al process under the Public Works Act. The proto us and as we want a positive and constructive cess involved with the disposal of Crown owned meeting. The doors have not closed on Salisbury land and buildings is “complex”, according to yet, and we are doing everything we can to keep Brian. It passes through several stages, being inithem open for the current and future students of tially offered to other government agencies for Salisbury,” she says. their use, and if not required it is then offered The Ministry of Education released what was ex- to the original owners. If it is not required there, pected to be its final decision last month. It gave it is passed to the Office of Treaty Settlements to the school 28 days to challenge the decision to be offered as part of a treaty claim. If iwi do not close the school before the end of the year. want the land and buildings it then comes onto However, the Ministry of Education’s group the open market for sale. This process can take manager for special education Brian Coffey says up to two years to complete.





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4 WEDNESDAY 10 October 2012

Drivers’ attitudes are to blame Phillip Rollo


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a complete inconvenience.” Dean believes there is too much “get off the road” attitude from motorists and noted that drivers are more lenient towards cyclists and pedestrians in Europe. “They have a rule where the little has the right of way. I don’t think we’re going to get that here but there needs to be a swing of attitude that we’re all just trying to get from ‘A to be B’ and some people are exercising.” And the problems don’t just stop with cyclists either. Dean believes this ongoing issue is also affecting road workers, pedestrians, horse riders, roadside lawn mowers and anyone actively using the side of the road. “I’m not pointing at car drivers or truck drivers, we’re all one species.”

SBL still seek second stop

Dean Fulton with his daughter Shaane, 12. Dean says the attitude of motorists is the real danger to cyclists. Photo: Phillip Rollo.

The club captain of the Tasman Wheelers says motorists’ attitudes are to blame for near misses, not infrastructure. Dean Fulton shared his views on the current cycle debate, following last week’s article in the Waimea Weekly where engineer and former police officer Peter Todd raised concerns around the amount of near misses on the Brightwater Bridge. Peter says they are due to cyclists not using the safety lanes provided, despite calls for a similar lane on the Appleby Bridge. Dean, who lives in Hope and commutes to Mapua for work on his bike each weekday, says the amount of near

misses continues to grow and it won’t be long before a cyclist is killed on the road. But that problem is not due to narrow bridges or the inability to use cycle lanes, it is the fact everyone using the road is trying to get to their destination as fast as they can, Dean explains. He agreed that the Brightwater Bridge was wide enough to cycle on and says cyclists don’t use cycle lanes because they are littered with broken bottles and debris. “It comes down to the fact that people just aren’t sharing the road anymore,” says Dean. “Roads were designed to get people from ‘A to B’ safely and now people are using them to get from ‘A to be B’ as quickly as possible and anything that gets in the way is just

24/7 RESPONSE 0800 744 272

SBL remain certain that an extra loop in Richmond is just a short term solution to blocking up traffic in Sundial Square and believe the council is not coming to the party to accommodate them. Police warned the bus company that its drivers would receive parking infringements for what was essentially double parking in Sundial Square. Because there is only one stop on that end of Croucher St, which Tasman District Council created after a request from SBL, buses were blocking off traffic on the one way, one lane street if there was an overlap in scheduling. The solution requires the first bus to leave Sundial Square, going down McGlashen Ave and McIndoe Pl, parking on Queen St and then reentering Sundial Square for a second time. SBL spokesperson Tom Heaphy says while the extra loop is “working” it is “less than ideal” and

is far from permanent. “We’re finding TDC’s indecisions are really dragging us along and leading to a bit of continued disruption to a service that is otherwise running really well,” he says. Patronage figures had risen above expectations since Nelson City Council and SBL began the NBus service. Tom says the best case scenario is turning the two car parks behind the current bus stop into a second stop. “It seems pretty simple from our point of view but apparently not from TDC’s.” But TDC transportation manager Gary Clark says there have been no complaints since the extra loop was put in place. Gary did acknowledge that it was just a temporary solution. However, neither party is yet to agree on what that permanent solution will be, and talks are still on going. So it appears the bus is not the only one going round in circles.

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WEDNESDAY 10 October 2012


New link for neighbourhood Richmond Community Police are looking for someone to fill a new paid position that will coordinate with all of Waimea’s neighbourhood support groups. The successful applicant will be involved across all 70 of the neighbourhood support groups in the wider Richmond area, working between 12 and 20 hours a week. It is likely that the role will only be required for 12 hours a week in the beginning and the hours will increase in time. Richmond councillor Kit Maling

have a full driver’s license and own a vehicle. A flexible approach to work hours is required, they must have good computer skills, be a good communicator with strong relationship building skills, comfortable with public speaking, have sound problem solving, a ‘can do’ attitude and a good sense of humour. To apply for the position, please submit a CV and a cover letter to Neighbourhood Support Waimea P O Box 3026 Richmond. Phone 543 9500 for further details. Councillor Kit Maling and community constable Glen Applications close on October 19. Lloyd Jones. Photo: Phillip Rollo.

says the coordinator will need to contact all of the groups on a regular basis, making sure they have up to date information from police and ensuring the groups are getting statistics on crime trends within their area. Kit says the role will also help ensure better communication in the event of a civil emergency and recalled incidences in Christchurch where particular groups were able to come to the need of residents during a snow storm. The community coordinator must

Urgent work to fix erosion

Urgent work has begun to correct erosion at the Reservoir Creek near Salisbury Rd before it causes physical damage. The affects of last December’s flooding could have resulted in loss of land, now that the stream had changed its course. The stream was beginning to undercut private and public property, and one of the walking tracks near the stream has been closed until all rock work and tree repairs are complete. The work includes bank protection and grade control through the two sides. “There’s one public retaining wall Reservoir Creek. which we are concerned about. It hasn’t got too bad but the progress suggests that it potentially could so they want to get in now,” says TDC communications manager Chris Choat. Contractors will assess the rest of the creek throughout the process to see if other areas are in need or urgent attention. There are two hot spots at the Reservoir Creek that are currently being worked on.

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WEDNESDAY 10 October 2012

Origin gets backing from music star Nelson’s finest young dance crew got some star power advice just days before jetting off to the Unite World Hip-Hop Championship in the Netherlands. Chart topping boy band Titanium were in town on Saturday and with them was solo artist J Williams, himself a former Hip-Hop Unite attendee. The Car Company Origin Dance Crew were invited to perform alongside The Origin Dance Crew is Hana Morris, centre, their idols at Nelson College over the Bride-Rose Downing, Hayley Barnett, Jorgia Marsh, weekend and got some key feedback Meila Wilkins, Lucy Everett and Ashley Belk. Photo: from J Williams. Origin has been together in its curPhillip Rollo.



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ographer, says they were relieved to be finally going to the world championship after weeks of rigorous training. “We had 16 hours of training last week between four days so once we leave I hope it’ll all be worth it,” she says. “We’re not going there to lose. We’re going to try our darn hardest to come back with a gold medal.” Origin will be the only New Zealand crew in the junior category, which is for competitors aged between 13 and 17 years old. They will also perform at Coca Cola Christmas in the Park.

Open entry for Santa Parade


Santa Claus is returning to Richmond a week earlier this year and he’s giving more locals the chance to join him in celebration. Entries are now open for the 2012 Pak ‘n’ Save Santa Parade with the anyone general public able to apply to enter a float this year. The Santa Parade will be held on Sunday November 18 and full entry details can be found at, following the Santa Claus is coming back to town in November. event’s link.

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rent format for the past year and features Bride-Rose Downing, Hayley Barnett, Jorgia Marsh, Hana Morris, Meila Wilkins, Lucy Everett and Ashley Belk. They are coached by Gemma Laing. Lucy says performing alongside Titanium and J Williams was the “best thing” the group had ever done. “It was good because it was serious but we were able to have some fun as well. He [J Williams] actually asked us to perform our world’s set, which was amazing that he asked us.” Meila, who is also the group’s chore-


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Great people. Great place. You’ll love living with like-minded people. Metlifecare Oakwoods is a place where the old fashioned Kiwi community spirit is still alive and well. It is a place where you know your neighbours by name and where residents have lots of fun every single day. The social side of life revolves around Oakwoods’ recently refurbished community centre. It is always a hive of activity with music, dancing and casual get-togethers. With its sunny outlook and comfy couches it is the perfect place to relax and catch up with friends. To experience this friendly village living for yourself, simply pop along and visit one our Open Days.



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WEDNESDAY 10 October 2012


Historic turtles on the move Phillip Rollo Brightwater School is relocating two concrete turtles as the construction of the town’s iconic water wheel nears. The turtles are situated in the exact garden at the front of the school where the replica water wheel will be built. It is unsure how long the two turtles have been at the school. However, Brian Batchelor, who was school principal from 1962 to 1986, believes they would have been there for at least 40 years. The turtles were built as prototypes to similar turtles at the Lions Playground at Tahunanui Beach. They were donated to the school and then

painted by students. Brian says children used to hug and sit on the turtles when they were first put in place. “You’d always find little ones draped around their necks. Current principal Gerald Baldwin says it was important to ensure the turtles were kept in the school grounds because of their historic value to the school. “It’d be nice to see kids enjoy their company,” says Gerald. “I know people who are now in their 40s who remember playing with the turtles so we’ll be very careful to make sure we move them with the care that they deserve.” The first working bee to clear vegetation in the garden was held on the weekend. The water wheel has been the school’s logo for a number of years.

Brighwater School students Harrison Oliver, Harry Horncastle and Claudia Evans, all 6, play on the turtles. Photo: Phillip Rollo.

Bring on

Helene Thomson receives an iPad from the team at GJ Gardner Richmond.

Calculated guess wins iPad comp

A Tahunanui woman has taken home an iPad thanks to GJ Gardner Homes and her husband’s clever calculations. GJ Gardner ran an apple counting competition at the Home & Garden Show in Nelson last weekend. Helene Thomson’s husband was the only person to correctly guess 767 apples. Helene says he’s a “mathematics genius”. However, maths was not her strong point.

Labour Day

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Having a par ty/event/func tion? Call our photographer 544 9037 or 027 532 6461 Ella Kilpatrick, Reina Flavell and Nicky Kolk at the Richmond Athletic prize giving.

Tania Mangos and Richard Bell at the Sir Colin Meads IHC fundraiser. We have photos from Helen, Madge and Judy’s birthday party at the Totaradale Golf Course on Friday, the Richmond Athletic Football Club prize giving from last weekend and we also visited the IHC Fundraiser with Sir Colin Meads. Do you have a party or an event coming up this week? Please contact our photographer on 544 9037 or via email at editorial@waimea

Andy Morris and Russell Blowers last week.

Nigel and Cara Kilpatrick at the Richmond Athletic prize giving.

Clare Heslop, Adrianne Wislang and Helen White.

Dave Millson, Clay Wilhelmus and Ryan Ryder at the Richmond Athletic prize giving.

Catch up with us on

James and Angie Pratt at the Sir Colin Meads IHC fundraiser.

Chris Millson and Jackie Merrian at the Richmond Athletic prize giving last weekend.

Erica Mytton, Lisa Gale and Bev Doyle at the Totaradale Golf Course.

Helen Griffin, Madge Johnstone and Judy Beaumont celebrate their birthdays on Friday.

Ian and Sue Jones at the Sir Colin Meads IHC fundraiser.

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WEDNESDAY 10 October 2012

Just a thought... Anne Michelle, Sharon Martin, Zoe, Genie and Tyler Bradley with Jackie Tribe at Club Waimea.

Club Waimea to host girls expo

Club Waimea is set to a host the Girls’ Day Expo this weekend, showcasing local business’ products targeted specifically at women. The Girls’ Day Expo has been running for the past three years. However, it is now under new management and has a new venue, after previously being held at the Rutherford Hotel. Organiser Jackie Tribe says she bought the Girls’ Day Expo this year and has since upgraded it. Jackie says the best way to describe the event is a “boutique expo for women of all ages” that supports locals businesses. There is already 44 trade stalls signed up for the event. The Girls’ Day Expo will be held this Sunday at Club Waimea from 10am until 5pm. Door sales to this event will be $6, with $1 from every ticket going to the Autism Society Nelson.


What was the last movie you saw? How image of and by God, which means that the larger story of our lives. You may start did it make you feel? What did it make we have the craving to both create and to see that we are all characters in God’s you think? In the early years, the church be moved by stories. This explains why story. pulpit greatly influenced our nation and we are drawn to action movies that pre- I implore you to make Jesus the hero and people valued the church’s voice in the dict a saviour figure who becomes the saviour of your life because life has many community. hero, why we chase after romantic mov- heroes, but there is one who has the powOf course, we live in a different world to- ies that trigger a deep longing to be pur- er to be our Saviour, bringing purpose day and most people are no longer going sued and loved selflessly, and even why and meaning to our lives forever. Jesus to church to get values and worldviews. we watch laugh at comedies which allow Christ. Romans 5:6-11. So, where are we now getting us to escape our disour wisdom and worldviews? interesting realities Research suggests that up unand engage in a more til 50 years ago, people’s values humorous one. and attitudes about life were But God’s story does primarily influenced by first not come from a movtheir families, followed by their ie, a book, or a writer’s education, their friends and the pen somewhere in church. Hollywood, but it is a One recent study named media true story that is writNick Ippolito, Community Cooking Classes as the number one influence Hope Commu- ten in our history and in teenagers’ lives, followed by in our hearts. Like in a relaxed and fun atmosphere nity Church. friends, family and their school. every story, there is • Healthy Cooking As one powerful form of media, our cul- something inside all of us that ture now uses movies as a type of modern tells us that we need a hero, one • Cooking on a Budget day pulpit. We flock to the local cinemas who thinks we have enough • Creative Meals allowing ourselves to be led by directors value to be pursued or rescued. and screenwriters who influence how we That hero is a man named Jesus All skill levels welcome think, feel and even act. Christ who does the thing that is Mondays from 10.30am to 1pm Movies do more than just make us laugh, admired in every hero, he gives cry and chill us to the bone. They also in- up his life for the ones he loves, 5 week program fluence, inspire, and preach to us through to save them from death. Starting 29 October 2012 certain characters with whom we reso- There is a great temptation to $5 per week nate. watch movies simply for enterMy belief is that we are creatures that tainment, but I challenge you to Ring 544 5415 have been designed by our creator who take another look the next time to register is a master storyteller. Genesis 1:27 says you watch a movie. Reflect on Richmond Church of Christ that men and women were created in the how it distorts and/or reflects Evening courses available soon

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10 WEDNESDAY 10 October 2012

Your Home, Your Castle gement

a ew Man

Under N

Authorised Dealers Outdoor Power Specialists We service and repair ALL makes and ALL models Richard Ransfield

2 Gladstone Road, Richmond

Ph 541 0249

Thinking of selling? Should I buy before I sell? Let’s talk.

Ph 544 4202

Kit Brydon Jane Neilson 027 443 1498 027 224 5022

Yes, we do curtains too! Visit our new showroom at 6 McGlashen Ave, Richmond to view a comprehensive range of curtains, blinds, carpets and vinyls. Ph 544 6746 or 0800 226 228

Locally owned and operated by Nathan and Kerry Smith

Quality Flooring, Quality People, Quality Service

• Repairs and Maintenance • Leaking Taps and Pipes • New Housing

• Drainage • Hot Water Cylinders • Solar

Ph: 543 8090

• Kitchen & Bathroom Renovations

56 Gladstone Rd, Richmond

Everything you need for your outdoor projects Tasman Outdoor Power Equipment is the Nelson region’s local authorised Masport dealer. They stock a wide range of top quality mowers and outdoor power equipment and can repair and service all makes and models. Manager, Richie Ransfield has spent his entire career working with outdoor power equipment and has extensive, specialist knowledge that will ensure that whatever type of outdoor and power equipment you Richie Ransfield have, he’ll get it working in top condition. If you are in the market to purchase any new gear, he’ll be able to help you select the right piece of equipment for your particular job and the conditions of your property. Whether you are looking for equipment to use around the home, farm or lifestyle property, or you are a contractor wanting to upgrade your gear – Richie will be able to get you just what you need. Call in and see him in the new and upgraded showroom and workshop at 2 Gladstone Road, Richmond. Should I buy before I sell? In the present real estate market there are more purchasers than properties for sale, which often results in cash purchasers viewing properties and multiple offers being received. In this type of market purchasers need to be aware that if they are purchasing a new property subject to their present property selling – they should be prepared to miss out if a subsequent cash offer is received. This causes severe disappointment for vendors wanting to purchase a property before they sell their existing home. One of the biggest hurdles we have to overcome in Real Estate is the vendor’s price expectation. “I am in no hurry to sell – I can wait for the market to meet my price” is a common train of thought but this can actually be a deterrent in the sales process. The property receives maximum viewing when it first hits the market and if the property is not priced at a level that buyers recognise as fair, they will move on and purchase elsewhere. If the property is clearly overpriced i.e. on the market as opposed to in the market – it may well be too late. In Real Estate, three prices need to be taken into consideration – the seller’s price, the real estate salesperson’s price and the buyer’s price. Guess who gets it right every time? Richmond Flooring First – They do Curtains too Richmond Flooring First have one of the best selections of top quality carpet and flooring products, but did you know they also have a comprehensive selection of top quality curtain fabrics and blinds from renowned brands including Luxaflex, Ken Bimler, Maurice Kain, James Dunlop and fabrics to match the Resene colour range? Their curtain and blind specialist, Jude Tasker, offers full consultation and in home design. Jude is pasJude Tasker sionate about home furnishing and her extensive career has been dedicated to interior décor. Jude will guide you through their vast selection of fabrics, many of which are exclusive to Flooring First, and help you choose those that will work well in your home. Jude loves to work with individuals, finding out exactly what you want. Curtains and home furnishings are a significant investment and it is important to the Flooring First team that products are chosen well and will last the distance.

Honest Reliable Master Ma Honest Reliable Plumbers and Gasfitters Plumbers and Gasfit Since 1915 Since 1915

Small Small • Leaking taps & pipes Jobs Jobs • Kitchens & Welcome bathrooms Welcome • Solar • Drainage Kevin Harris Kevin H

The Tuffnell Way Founded in 1915 by Albert Tuffnell, Tuffnell’s Plumbing and Drainage have grown to be one of the biggest plumbing firms in the Nelson region. Kevin Harris bought Tuffnell’s in 2007 and his goal is to continue building on their strong base, achieving excellence and supporting the local community that he trained in many years ago. The Tuffnell way means they respect and support people with their can do attitude, and Kevin Harris the ideas and energy to see the job through. They take pride in doing the best job possible and will move heaven and earth to achieve it. Tuffnell’s deal honestly with everyone – respect and integrity are integral to the way they operate. Their clean and green attitude means they treat the places they work with respect. It’s their job to protect the future, today. Tuffnell’s endeavour to ensure all tasks are carried out to the highest quality. They aim to do it once, and do it right, with minimum fuss.Tuffnells encourages a focus on attention to detail and going the extra mile for their customers, call them first on 543 8090.

Ph: 543 8090 Ph: 543 80


WEDNESDAY 10 October 2012


Your Home, Your Castle Richmond Tile Shop It may not be the biggest store in town, but you only have to spend a few minutes inside to realise that Richmond Tile Shop, just across the road from the library in Queen Street, is big on everything that counts. Big on honest dependable advice, big on superior knowledge in everything to do with tiles, big on stocking only superior, top quality products, and especially big on good old fashioned friendly service. Richmond Tile Shop stocks an extensive range of tiles and if they don’t stock it, they will endeavour to source just what you are looking for. They have tiles for floors and walls, indoor or outdoor tiles, right through to beautiful decorative tiles. You’ll also find everything needed to get the job done – grouts in a range of colours, glues, silicones and cutting equipment, etc. If you are into mosaics, then you really should pop in and check out the delightful hand painted tiles in store. Richmond Tile Shop have the biggest range in Nelson and, again, the friendly team are more than willing to offer advice on any mosaic projects. This great attitude to customer service has resulted in Richmond Tile Shop’s great reputation and ensured that they have many repeat customers who wouldn’t dream of going anywhere else. The Big Resene Sale – It’s on now! Just as we look forward to Christmas or birthdays, many people wait with bated breath for the annual Resene sale – and it’s on now! If you are planning to renovate, redecorate or refresh your home, then right now is Richmond Resene Color Shop at the best time to do it. Call in to see 315 Queen St. Philip and Audrey Jordan at your local Richmond Resene Color Shop and take advantage of up to 35% discount off their extensive range of quality interior and exterior paints, wood stains, coatings and accessories. The massive discount also applies to their designer ranges of fashion wallpapers, including NZ and imported ranges. Phillip and Audrey have extensive knowledge of all of their products and are up to date with current decorating trends and are happy to offer advice and tips to guide you through the decorating process helping you achieve fantastic results. Call in and see them today, and find out why Resene is the paint the professionals use. Kernow Designs With close on 30 years qualified experience in the Landscaping and Building Industry Jason Preller has a wealth of ideas for creating a cohesive design that combines both the home and the garden, ensuring there is a seamless blending between them. As a qualified landscape architect Jason can prepare a scaled plan of your existing section and after comprehensive discussions will design the garden you have always dreamed of and when combined with some of Jason Preller his creativity you will have a unique garden to relax in and enjoy. Jason can prepare plans for you to work from and build your own garden or he can undertake the construction for you. This offers complete flexibility to accommodate many budgets, thus the garden that you have always desired may not be as distant as you thought. In addition to Jason’s landscape skills, he is also a Licensed Building Practitioner covering design of new houses and alterations for existing homes, site supervision and building. Freeview – you don’t need a new TV With the big switch over to digital TV coming up soon, many people think that they will need to buy a new TV, but that isn’t necessarily the case. Nine times out of ten Rowan Dron can install Freeview to your existing TV with picture perfect quality. When the current free-to-air analogue signals are switched off Freeview is the only way you can continue to get free TV. Because Rowan is a qualified and registered electrician he offers a complete package from a simple switch over for your current television right through to installation of new TV’s, audio systems or home theatre packages, even installing new power points if you need them. Freeview allows you to watch programmes with crystal clear digital quality and sound. You’ll be in control of your TV viewing and will be able to pause, record and replay live TV to fit around your busy schedule with no monthly fees or contracts. Rowan can also take care of any electrical requirements you might need in your home, from new wiring, repairs and maintenance and installation of new appliances. Give him a call and he’ll come and sort out your Freeview or electrical requirements.

No Obligation • Extensive range of tiles Free Quotes • All you need for mosaics • Hand painted tiles & friezes No Job Too Big • Porcelain, Ceramics, Glues, Grouts, Tools etc Or Too Small

Expert tile laying - Domestic & Commercial No obligation FREE quotes Expert Tile Laying Domestic

Ph 544 2112 269 Queen St, Richmond

and Commercial

> Extensive range of Tiles > All you need for Mosaic’s > Hand Painted Tiles & Friezes > Porcelain, Ceramics > Glues, Grouts, Tools etc


PH: 544 2112

315 Queen Street, Richmond Ph (03) 544 9189

269 Queen St, Richmond

Opening Hours Mon - Fri 8.00 - 5.30 Sat 9.00 - 1.00

(Opposite the Library) See for sale details. Discounts off the normal retail price available 1-31 October 2012

Designing and constructing quality homes and gardens since 1984. For a free site visit and discussion phone Jason Preller

021 167 3803 or 03 541 9141


Registered Electrician

• Domestic & Commercial Wiring • Maintenence & Repairs • Registered freeview NZ installer

Ph: 021 482 088 or 542 2328


4 Coach Place, Brightwater


12 WEDNESDAY 10 October 2012

Tahuna Beach Holiday Park


CUT OUT & KEEP D Race Dates 2012/2013

13 October - OPENING NIGHT 27 October - Coca Cola Fireworks 10 November - Challenge Cup - Nelson Tigers vs Palmerston North Panthers 24 November - WOW South Island Sprintcar Series

15 December - Elf Cup 29 December - Xmas Xtravaganza

Karen Carey Daylight savings, daffodils and an increase in sightings of speedway vehicles being transported to and from the recent practices and the signwriters and various garages means summer must be just around the corner. And if you are planning to spend your


8 December - Carter Challenge Cup - Nelson Tigers vs Wellington Wild Cats

Dave Kerr takes a tumble during the Midget racing at the Tahuna Beach Holiday Park Speedway. Photo Phillip Rollo summer Saturday nights at the Tahuna Beach Holiday Park Speedway then you are in for an awesome six months. Practices have been well attended with new drivers and machinery getting in those preseason laps and ironing out the teething problems in preparation for the new season.

10 January - New Zealand Home Loans NZ Superstocks Practice 11 January - New Zealand Home Loans NZ Superstocks Qualifying 12 January - New Zealand Home Loans NZ Superstocks Final

26 January - Tasman Thunder vs Greymouth Grizzlies

Founding Sponsor ITM Building Centres

2 February - Sturgeons Amusements King of the Clay

Look forward to another successful season of racing in 2012/2013 for Shane Harwood

23 February - Classic Hits Demolition Derby 8 March - Brian Stanaway Roading Ltd. Stock Shock 9 March - Brian Stanaway Roading Ltd. Stock Shock


24 March - Classic Hits War of the Wings Modifieds

Tahuna Beach Holiday Park

SPEEDWAY Still Nelson’s Best Entertainment

Nelson, Motueka, Havelock, Takaka, Greymouth Building Centres

0800 367 486 or

The season gets underway earlier than last year with the reintroduction of the traditional Opening Night this Saturday followed by the Coca-cola fireworks display on 27 October. The first of the team races is the main promotion for the meeting on 10 November when the Tigers take on the Palmerston


WEDNESDAY 10 October 2012


Tahuna Beach Holiday Park


Nelson Superstock drivers Craig Boote and Shane Harwood speed to the finish line during last year’s racing. Photo Phillip Rollo

• All Mechanical Repairs • Servicing All Makes & Models • Warranty Servicing & Repairs • Puncture Repairs/Tyres • W.O.F

327 Lower Queen St, Richmond, Nelson (Formerly RPM - Behind McDonalds)

PH: 03 544 8652 North Panthers for the Challenge Cup. Also that night the TQ Midgets have the first of their three round Club Championships and Production Saloons are running a Best Pairs. The following meeting on 24 November sees the mighty Sprintcars make their return to Nelson, with a round of the War of the Wings being held here again. Being early in the season a full field of top competitors is expected. The Sprintcars are supported by the Midget Club Champs, the Mark Thorn Memorial for Sidecars and the Stockcar triple. The Tigers get their second home track outing of the season when the mighty Wellington Wildcats return on 8 December after many years in hibernation. This will be a hard fought battle with both teams keen to start with a win in what is hoped will be an ongoing challenge. The following meeting on 15 December features what is becoming a must

see event for Super Saloon fans, the Elf Super Cup. Early indications are that the number of entrants is up on last season and could reach as many as 20. The final meeting of the year is on 29 December and will see the TQ Midgets, Superstocks and Sidecars all competing in their respective club championships. A small break over New Year gives the club the time to focus on hosting the New Zealand Home Loans NZ Superstock Championship on 11 and 12 January. The Superstock Champs is the jewel in the speedway crown and Nelson last hosted it in 2003/04. That year the top three places went to the North Island but over the past decade South Island drivers have proved they are now a force to be reckoned with, and have had six top three finishes including three national titles. Nelson now has some top quality vehicles and some of the

GOURDIEAutomotive Proud to supply premium quality race fuels to all Speedway competitors

33 Waimea Road, Nelson Ph: 548 8584


Open 7 Days



(03) 544 8442

Woody - 027 485 9757 Brendan Higgins - 027 457 6753 Fax (03) 544 4364

Proud sponsors of Nelson Speedway 4/38 Ellis Street, Brightwater Ph: 542 4076


14 WEDNESDAY 10 October 2012

Tahuna Beach Holiday Park


Ian Burson will once again be looking to achieve higher honours around the country in his Super Saloon. Photo Phillip Rollo

t s s a u f o furi fun

Book your Xmas Function NOW

Tahuna Beach Fun Park Open 7 days for Prebooked groups

Phone: 548 5278

Proud to be the preferred accommodation provider in Nelson for the Top Of The South Speedway. 70 Beach Road, Tahunanui, Nelson For further information or bookings

Ph: 03 548 5159 E:

FREE PHONE: 0800 500 501

Kaye Taylor Solicitor

pson Linda Phili al Executive

Registered Leg

, Principal Tony Bamford

most talented drivers in the country and there is definitely a real opportunity to crown a home track champion. The other major promotions that round out the rest of the season are the Classic Hits Demolition Derby, the Sturgeons Amusements King of the Clay, the two day Stanaway Roading Stock Shock, Stockcar teams racing between the Tasman Thunder and the Greymouth Grizzlies and the return of the Winged Warriors-Modifieds. There are a number of support promotions planned to complement the main events and to ensure that fans of all classes leave every meeting happy. Some classes are introducing alternative formats to traditional events such as their club championships in an effort to continue to attract the fans and hopefully a few more visiting drivers. Our youngest members haven’t been forgotten and the Burger King Junior members club has some fun things planned for you. Make sure you get along to the souvenir shop and sign up. There are plenty of Coca Cola goodies hidden away to give out on fireworks night and plans are already under way for your Christmas party. This season the club has also made

changes to ensure that every tummy also leaves fully satisfied with new food vendors trading inside the arena, providing such delights as baked potatoes, nachos and fresh coffees. You can still enjoy a traditional hotdog and chips or a selection of hot foods from the McCall shop as well as cold drinks, ice cream and confectionery. We have had to make a slight increase to gate prices but, in an effort to ensure families do not have to miss their night out, these have been made to members and pensioner prices which have increased to $10. Adults are still $15 and a family pass for two adults and up to three children remains at only $300. For up to date information, photos, gossip etc make sure you join our Nelson Speedway Facebook group or check out the club website www. Obviously we hope the weather is kinder to us than last season but in the event of unsettled weather cancellations will be broadcast on Classic Hits and posted on the website. Enjoy your summer speedway season which kicks off this Saturday night at the Tahuna Beach Holiday Park Speedway in Lansdowne Road Appleby. Gates open at 6pm with racing from 7pm.

Terry Westley Drainlayer

Proud sponsor of Super Saloon 21N & Nelson Speedway

Your vehicle claim specialists Prefered repairer for all major insurance companies Proud to support Nelson Speedway

3 McPherson Street, Richmond

Ph: 544 5885 PH/AH: 542 2142 or 027 496 9902


WEDNESDAY 10 October 2012


Gr wing Things

With Robyn Hollis

Hello to all you busy gardeners. wonderful autumn foliage with good size white The last few days have really felt like spring is fi- flower heads. Look out next season for Loropetanally here! I am sure that the low hum I hear when lum “Firedance” - a real stunner and Ligularia working outside is the sound of the grass grow- “Przewalskii” which grows to around 1.5 metres ing, it seems to get longer by the hour, but it could tall is great in the back of a border. The website is well be the bees very busy at work. There appear and it is set up so you can to be a lot more of these little critters around this easily find your way around. They offer a selection year - the viburnums seem to vibrate with the of plants to suit your garden type i.e. Native, easy number of bees working the flowers. It has to be care, English, etc and I have spent some time on the most fragrant time of the year with narcissi, this and found it really user friendly. They also tell hyacinths and freesias competing with boronias you who stocks the plant and have many helpful and viburnum for top spot in the perfume stakes! hints on planting and care. Unfortunately, the downside to all this growth is that the weeds also join in and I am having a rather difficult time dealing to what can only be called an outbreak of feral radishes….yes, you did read this correctly, I am plagued with the whole back garden bed being covered by radishes. I can only think that they must have come with a load • When planting hybrid clematis always plant of compost and mulch that I procured two years deep. You can safely bury the first 2 nodes in the or so ago and have just been lying in wait for the planting hole, as they need to be kept firm in the perfect season to erupt! It wouldn’t be so bad if we ground. The stems of clematis are pliable and easactually liked radishes but neither “he who digs ily broken so care is needed and a stake or bamholes” or myself are at all keen on these windy lit- boo rod is a good idea. They can suffer from root tle vegetables. rot so I recommend you use a Kiwi care product The good thing is they are quite easy to pull out when planting called ‘’No root rot die back”. Once but I fear we will be seeing them for many years established they are well worth the effort and will to come. With the start of a new season I decided flower in spring and again in autumn for many to go and visit one of our local growers to update years. myself with any new and exciting happenings • Time to redo your hanging baskets with lobeout there in nursery land. I am not sure whether lias, petunias, ivy leaf geraniums, alyssum, etc for or not you are aware that we have several major a colourful summer display. wholesale plant nurseries located in our region. • You can also grow veggies in baskets; butter If you see the plant you buy sporting a Vibrant crunch lettuce, parsley, spinach, snow peas and Earth logo, a Thirkettles tag, a Waimea nursery or hanging cherry tomatoes all do well as do strawTitoki label or even an Appleton’s tag these plants berries- just give it a go! have all been raised and nurtured by local grow- • Cut fuchsias back by at least 2/3rds to encourage ers in our own region. growth and check for rust on the old leaves. This means several things but I guess the main • Trim hedges before they get too much growth one is that they have all been raised in this cli- on them, especially formal type hedges. mate, have wintered over in our area, and in many See you soon………… cases have been bred to really thrive in the Nelson/Takaka region. These growers also OPE supply good numbers of plants to garden N7 DAY centres all over the country. S My visit to Vibrant Earth was exciting and I came away with a very good feeling about the work being done here. There are so many plants it would be impossible to list but some of the stand-outs are the wisterias that were mainly in full bud and are now out in the garden centres. The hybrid clematis – many varieties including “macropetala” lagoon with it’s beautiful deep blue lantern flowers, and “Louise Rowe” which has, semi double pale violet flowers and loves to climb NOW AVAILABLE through trees. Sleepers - Compost - Bark - Topsoil - Crushed Shell Hydrangeas - a great selection of colours; Landscape Rocks - Sand - Fertiliser & much, much more! and hydrangea Quercifolia “Pee Wee” which Ph: 547 4777 is a smaller more compact version and has 59 Saxton Rd, Stoke

Each week photos from the Nelson Provincial Museum’s “glass plate” collection will run in Nelson Weekly and Waimea Weekly. Left: Miss L G Hodgson. Nelson Provincial Museum, Isaacs and Clark Collection: 8238. Below: Fire brigade. Nelson Provincial Museum: F N Jones Collection 321317. Can you tell us more about these photos? Email details you may have to:


Thisks wee


Railway Sleepers

Like your farm, Like yourbefarm, this will handed this handed downwill forbegenerations Grab yourself that’ll last as long down fora toolgenerations as theyourself land, with ourthat’ll STIHLlast Farmer’s Grab a tool as long Specials of up to $200 off this month as the land, with our STIHL Farmer’s Specials of up to $200 off this month

CommerCiaL farming Chainsaws from CommerCiaL


farming Chainsaws from


995 995

VersaTiLe misT BLower sr 450 $VersaTiLe misT BLower sr 450

1,595 $ 1,595

DriLLs anD augers from DriLLs anD

$ augers



895 895

CommerCiaL BrushCuTTer CommerCiaL fs 85 r BrushCuTTer $ fs 85 r


745 745

Offer valid until 31 October 2012 Offer valid until 31 October 2012

56a Gladstone Rd, Richmond

Ph 544 6122 STH0321 STH0321


16 WEDNESDAY 10 October 2012


Fun for Everyone!

Wakefield Bowling Club “Have a Go Day”

Are you looking for something fun and a bit different to do with your family, somewhere local, friendly with great people? Wakefield Bowling Club is opening the green to the community to play lawn bowls, and now that the weathers heating up, there are some exciting events on the way. Have a go Head down to the club this Sunday and join in the fun at Wakefield Bowling Club’s ‘have a go’ day. Lawn bowls is a fun way to keep active and socialise, and the open day will be a great chance to meet new people and have a good time. Mike Stewart president of the Wakefield Bowling Club says “Have a go means exactly that” so whether you have played before or never picked up a bowl in your life,

everyone is welcome to join in the fun. The club members will be there to welcome you and show you the ropes, the bbq will be running and refreshments will be available. Remember to wear flat soled shoes, and get ready to have a great time, the day will run from 1pm until 4pm. Community Bowls Community Bowls nights are coming back so make sure you get a team ready of friends, family or neighbours and come down on Thursday nights to play. These popular and fun nights are open to anybody, and all are welcome particularly non bowlers and children. It’s an opportunity to learn how to play lawn bowls and have a great time with other locals. You can form a team with friends or join an existing team at the club on the evening, and players will enjoy music and food during the night. There are fun novelty prizes to be won at these c o m munity b ow ls nights, and the

Fun for Everyone!

Sunday 14 October 1:00 - 4:00pm 61 Whitby Rd, Wakefield

Come and see the great facilities at 61 Whitby Rd, Wakefield this Sunday. idea is to make friends, and have a good time while playing against other social teams. All equipment is supplied so come as you are, and Mike says the Wakefield Club Members will be there to teach you the game. “Don’t worry if you haven’t played before, we’ll point you in the right direction.” These community nights are put on for locals looking to enjoy a social sport so bring along your mates and get involved, they will run from 6pm til 8pm on a Thursday and begin on 8 November.

Christmas functions It is almost that time of year again, and if you are planning an end of year work function and you want your event to stand out, the Wakefield Bowling Club is available for hire. Lawn Bowls is an easy and fun option to bring your team together and playing off against each other is a great way to get the party started, a bit of friendly competition is encouraged! If you want to create a social atmosphere at your function and cater to people of all ability, people who love to play social

Total Support We cover all your lubrication needs: forestry, contracting, transport, commercial, industrial and refrigeration to food grade.

Proud to support Wakefield Bowling Club. For more information contact your local branch on 03 547 7478, 0800 868 256 (TOTAL OIL) or visit

Sunday 14 October 1:00 - 4:00pm All you need is flat-soled shoes and a smile! n Book your Staff Functio is at our Bowling Club th year. It’s fun, affordable & something different! WE CAN PROVIDE: cilities • BBQ Facilities Catering Options • Bar Fa ctory Lesson • Lawn Bowls & Introdu

Wakefield Bowling Club 61 Whitby Road, Wakefield Ph: 542 2216

CRT Co-operative Your Co-operative

The Richmond CRT FarmCentre is your local hub for farm supplies at competitive prices, professional advice from friendly staff and to find out what’s happening in your co-operative. For all your farming requirements, talk to the team at the Richmond CRT FarmCentre. Richmond CRT FarmCentre 32 Main Road, Hope 03 543 9452 Proud to be owned by New Zealand farmers

Opening hours Mon – Fri 7.30am – 5.30pm Sat 8.30am – 4.00pm 0800 278 583


WEDNESDAY 10 October 2012


Fun for Everyone! Join in the fun at Wakefield Bowling Club’s ‘have a go’ day this Sunday.

Robbie Hill competes during the Nelson City Criterium on Sunday afternoon. Insert: Cyclists pass the Church Steps during the race. Photos: Phillip Rollo. sport or enjoy laughing from the sidelines will love lawn bowls. The club members will help you out and explain how to play the game, and you can spend the afternoon playing on the green and relax in the evening sun with drinks outside. The club boasts a modern and spacious outdoor veranda which creates a great setting, and you can take advantage of the fully stocked bar to take the hassle out of catering to a large crowd. Mike says the Wakefield Bowling Club is a popular venue for Christmas functions as employers want to celebrate the end of the year with a memorable work do for their employees that is easy to organise. “We are an affordable and fun option for a Christmas do, and people always have a great time.” There is a BBQ onsite which you are welcome to use, so bring

your own food or talk to the club about their catering services. The club has an awesome sound system with indoor and outdoor speakers so bring along your own playlist or use the clubs various music that is available and create a fun and social atmosphere for your event. Talk to Mike about having your event at the Wakefield Bowling Club this year. The Wakefield Bowling Club can be found at 61 Whitby Road, in behind the Petrol station. Call Mike Stewart on 541 9500.

Caught by a Potato Bowl? Talk to us!

Brads Smash Repairs

Ph: 544 8845 6 Kotua Place, Richmond

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Cycle fest begins The Konica Minolta Nelson Cycle hit the ground round with two of its key events being staged on the event’s first weekend. The festival began in the Moutere Hills for round six of the Benchmark Series with two Nelson riders ending Saturday with the leader’s jersey. The men’s race got under way at 11am from the Lower Moutere School, which was the base for this particular event. A break was firmly established towards the end of the first lap of the race with most of the teams represented in it, including a strong team from Cycling Otago. The Tasman Wheelers were forced to chase for most of the race to protect the general classification hopes of team leader Chris Nicholson. The third time the race headed down the Motueka Valley Highway the main field had nearly caught the break away group but failed to maintain the momentum with the race splitting up in the closing kilometres as a result of the trying conditions. Brad Evans won a close fought sprint finish from Brad Tuhi of the Homestyle Test Team with Darcy Ellerm-Norton of Benchmark Homes Cycling Team third. Chris has moved into the leader’s jersey with Brad, who races for Cycling Otago, picking up the Under-23

jersey and Mark Spessot of Cycle World taking the master’s jersey. The women’s race set off 20 minutes after the men and was slow to get started. Some aggressive riding from Karen Fulton over the Waiwheros managed to form a break of four. Eloise Fry, who was a last minute ring in for the Otago team, initially tried to close the gap but the group managed to stay away. On the final lap Reta Trotman of Cycling Otago attacked several times over the Waiwheros dropping Karen. There was a close sprint for the finish with Reta just beating Benchmark Homes duo of Sharlotte Lucas and Hayley Mercer. Karen finished fourth and still retains the leader’s jersey. The second key event of the Nelson Cycle Festival was one of its more unique races with cyclists rounding the Nelson Cathedral for the Nelson City Criterium. Weather conditions were a vast improvement from Saturday and the sunshine and the special course drew a good group of spectators throughout the afternoon. A number of cyclists followed up from the Benchmark Series and it was Ian Smallman that took first place in the men’s A grade race followed by Kieran Hambrook and Brad Tuhi.

18 WEDNESDAY 10 October 2012


Heartbreak halts relay team’s heroics Phillip Rollo

Luca and Nico Palmer-Donaldson got first and second at the New Zealand Mini Motocross Nationals. Photo: Phillip Rollo.

Twin champions

Josh Coppins may have just retired but his motocross riding legacy continues to flourish amongst Nelson’s latest crop of talent. Waimea West twins Luca and Nico Palmer-Donaldson have taken home silverware in their second ever national mini motocross championship with Nico coming first in 6-8 year old 55cc class and Luca finishing second place in the 7-8 year old 66cc class. Each class was run over five different races with points accumulated after each one. Nico was miles ahead at the end of the final day while Luca was amongst a bunch of top performers. Nico was pretty happy with his first placing. “Yeah it’s awesome,” he

says. The boys’ father Shane got them both into racing in 2011 and Luca and Nico have since competed locally on a regular basis and hope to race professionally overseas in the future. They will be competing in the same grade together next year. The twins would like to thank key sponsors Jason Arnfield of Nelson Motorcycle Centre, Fresh Choice Richmond, Hydrolink and Donaldson Landscape and Earthwork. Shane is looking for further sponsorship for the twins, to help fund trips to the North Island and potentially to Australia next year. If you are interested, please contact Shane on 027 628 1646.

Look Who’s Back! Streets Ahead Hair Studio would like to welcome Pam McGillan back to the team. Pam is looking forward to seeing you all again. Phone for an appointment today.

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last runner. Competition rules allow for another runner to take the place of an injured competitor so the team could finish the race. However, the men’s over 50s were forced to take the seven minute time penalty that goes with the exemption. Nelson’s final runner was first across the finish line but Auckland University and Lake City Rotorua completed the 71.67km course before the penalty had stopped. Athletics Nelson had to be content with a bronze

Athletics Nelson completed its best ever finish at the New Zealand Road Relay Championship but if it wasn’t for a heartbreaking injury on the final leg of the Men’s Over 50 race, the club could have been celebrating an overall first placing. Athletics Nelson finished second overall on points, behind eventual winners Wellington Scottish. The Nelson teams came from behind in both the men’s masters 40-49 and over 60 grades to take the club’s two gold medals on the Upper Moutere course. The masters 40-49’s hopes were left Phil Costley, who has 31 national titles to his name. Phil snuck up to his competitor in the final 200m to win by just three seconds, despite having two minutes and 40 seconds to catch up on the clock when he was tagged in at the last relay exchange. The relay team also featured John Kennedy, Ian Thomas, Jon Linyard, Stu Cottam, Graeme Taylor, Neil Whittaker and Peter Versey. But the men’s 40-49 team were not the only locals to leave it late with the first ever Athletics Nelson men’s over 60 relay also waiting until the final leg to push in front. Race organiser Ian Morrison was one minute and half behind before he was tagged in but managed to create a similar margin on his opposition from Wellington Scottish as the team finished the 39.49km course in two hours 21 minutes and 11 seconds. The men’s over 60 Jon Linyard tags in Stu Cottam during the Athletics New roster also included Chris Bolter, Zealand Road Relay Championship on Saturday. Photo: Barry Dewar, Derek Shaw and Phillip Rollo. medal and a time of four hours, 51 minutes and Hugh Neill. But there was heartbreak for the men’s over 50 49 seconds. team, who saw national cross country champion In other results, the junior girls team of BritCliff Bowman surrender to a leg injury, holding tany Stewart, Jess Martin, Claire Erasmus, Saman eight minute lead on his nearest challenger mi Jordan and Michelle, Schurmann finished fourth place while the junior men’s A team was on the last leg of the race. Greg Lautenslager, running his first serious sixth, the junior men’s B team was 12th and the race in six years, had got the team into the lead senior men’s team finished tenth. early after Ian Courtenay and Tim Cross had gone before him. Bill Revell, Patrick Meffan, Murray Hart and Dave Dixon kept the pace knowing they had a trump card in Cliff as the

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Waimea College Hall

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WEDNESDAY 10 October 2012


Community Events Nelson win big at SI Championship Keeping you in touch

Redwood Valley Country Market. Handmade, home-made, hand-picked goodies & the best Devonshire Teas around. Sat 20 Oct, 9am to 1pm, Redwood Valley Hall, Moutere Highway.Book a site, ph Jacqui 03 544 2833,Diane 544 8275 or Lisa on 540 2991. Combined Probus Club of Waimea – for active retirees. Meeting Thurs 18 Oct 10 am at Hope Community Church Ranzau Rd Hope. New members welcome. Level entry, ample parking. Ph: Joe 5447177. Waimea Tramping ClubSun 14 Oct, Dun Mtn, moderate, ph Julian 542 3147 or Andrew 546 5334. 20-22 Oct, Blenheim day walks, ph Katie 547 7850 or Maria 541 8598. Music and Motion-every Thursday morning at Methodist Church crn Edward & Arrow Sts. 10am - 10.30am during school terms. Afterwards kids play & the adults chat over a cup of tea. Cost $2. 1 child, $3 for 2 or more. Come along for some fun Ph: Paul 544 8394 or Lesley 541 8324 Nelson Buddhist Centre is open for all, Nile Street (opp school). Thurs 7.30pm movie night, $5 at the door. Meditation M-F 6pm entry by koha. Calm at the heart of the city. 03 9700749. Nelson Tramping Club invites & welcomes you Oct 13, Daltons/Elvy tracks, Easy, $11, Robyn 5473231. Oct 19 – 22, Burn Creek, Hard, $35, Dion 5477562. Full details Ex Westcoaters & families get together Sun 4 Nov at Suburban Club 1pm $5. special guest Tony Kokshoorn grey district mayor. Contacts Doug 546 4479 OR Geoff 547 1101 Tasman Talks Titles Book Group-Do you enjoy reading & talking about books? Then our Tasman Talks Titles book group might be what you’re looking for. Join us on Wed 17 Oct, 3pm–4pm at Richmond Library. Live, Laugh, Love. Remove barriers to happiness by addressing long standing issues. Rebirthing is a therapeutic breathing technique thats helps reduce anxiety, depression, grief & other concerns. Qualified, experienced practitioner, member of NZAB, www.nzab. org. Ph: Cornelia 5477642 or 0273010236-texts Nelson Social Dancing Club Dance at Broadgreen Intermediate School Hall, Nayland Rd, 13 Oct 7:30pm to 11:30pm. Ballroom, Latin, Rock ’n Roll & sequence

dancing. Live music. Members $8; non-members $12. Bring a supper contribution, & your own drinks (including water) & a glass. Note: NO STILLETTO HEELS Ph: 03 544 7408. Pottery class starts 17 Oct. with Erika Aupperle at Craft Potters Ranzau Road Hope. Last term. Enrol or ph. 544.5172 NZChina Friendship Society Nelson Branch meeting Hearing House Fri 19 Oct 5:30. Speaker Les Molloy, World Heritage Sites in China. All welcome. Contact Barbara Markland 544 4712 Singers Wanted! Nelson Bays Harmony has vacancies for women who can sing the low or high part in 4-part a cappella music, along with 40 other voices. Rehearsals Thursday 7pm Club Waimea. Ph: Jenny 547 4354 or visit Spring Fair Sat 27 Oct Wesley Centre, 4 Wensley Rd (opp TDC) from 8.30 am Plants, Baking, Clothing, Bric a Brac, Book/CDs, BBQ, Live Music, Competitions. Popular American speaker Beth Moore presents via delayed video coverage at a one day women’s conference. Hope Community Church 9.30-4.15pm, Sat 27 Oct. Cost $40 food & goodies included. Book on line or ph Rhonda 5445937 Waimea Tramping Club Sun 14 Oct, Dun Mtn, moderate, ph Julian 542 3147 or Andrew 546 5334. 20-22 Oct, Blenheim day walks, ph Katie 547 7850 or Maria 541 8598. Stoke Semiors-Frank Meria, young pianist & singer, with songs you love. Wed 10 Oct. 1.30pm. Ph 5472660. Hangi at the Social Seniors -we’re behind the Stoke Memorial Hall, Stoke. 11 Oct. 4.30pm. Cost: $15. Ph 5472660. Waimea Harriers 5k Summer Series starts 3 Oct. Meet at ‘Club Waimea’ 4 new courses. Walkers 6pm, Runners 6:15pm. Adults $3, Kids $1. See Nelson Community Potters-fun evening class with Charles Shaw. Tues Oct 16 - Dec 18, 7-9pm. Great for beginners or more experienced. $120 - 10 week course, e-mail ncpotters@ to register. Nelson Male Choir presents its 80th Anniversary Concerts at School of Music Sat, Oct 13, 7.30pm & Sun 14, 2pm. Three young, talented guest artists will also

perform --- soprano Jodi MacDonald, baritone Sam Bennett back from competing in Tokyo, & Motueka pianist Louis Lucas-Perry. Garden Trail, Sat 17 Nov 10am –4pm. Ten great gardens for you to visit in the Richmond/Hope area. Fund-raising event for Holy Trinity Church’s new centre. Tickets $10 each –from Richmond Mall Customer Services or Bay Nurseries. Call 544 6606. Teapot Valley Art Escape Tasman Visual Arts Grp & Mapua Arts Grp ‘art escape’ at Teapot Valley Fri evening 12 to Sun 14 Oct. Spaces available for 2 workshops tutors Kate Morrison, mixed media, or Emma Panting, portraits. Ph Lois Morgan 5477734 or email Parent to Parent: Supporting parents with children, family members with disabilities, health impairments, special needs. Coffee mornings 16 Oct, 13 Nov. Call Jane 5468973 Manuka Hunnies , an all women band on Fri 12 Oct 6.30pm at Women’s Centre, 44 Trafalgar St. All Lesbian & lesbian friendly women welcome. Bring a picnic, BYO, chair/rug. Tickets $5 @ Yaza Café. Txt 027 4282578. Nelson Alpine Garden Society Spring Show Hope Hall. Main Rd, Hope. Oct 13 & 14 Sat 12.30 to 4.30. pm. Sun 10am to 3.30. Presentations. Guest speaker Dave Toole. Sat 2pm Part 1 (South Island Alpine Gems) REGULAR EVENTS Brightwater community playgroup - Meet every Wed 9.30 - 11.30. $2 Per family. Morning tea & fun provided. Come along to Ellis St, next to Snowden bush Reserve). Call Aliya 5423852 or 021 220 1505. SPACE welcomes first time parents and their babies aged 0 – 3mths - weekly sessions. Opportunities to meet other parents, discuss child development & parenting, music & activities. Call Marie Lenihan Social Squash Club Waimea Squash, Lower Queen St, on Weds –8.30pm. New players welcome. Costs $5.00 per week for non members. Rackets provided. Bring a friend. Ph Susan 5441492. 2017, LEARN to Speak with Confidence. Let us motivate & encourage you to step outside your comfort zone & gain the skills you need. Join Powertalk International. Ph Peggy 539 0477, or Linda 544 7823.

Coming soon notices are free to community groups, schools, churches, gold coin donation events and fundraising. Notices for businesses and organisations who charge for courses or events cost $10+gst



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Nelson Judo martial artists will have a significant breath of confidence when they head to the New Zealand nationals in Christchurch over Labour weekend. Six members of the local club won gold medals at the recent South Island Championship in Rolleston and will be in line for similar success. David Jordan continued his fine form to win the Senior Men Restricted Kyu open division, Kris Seymour won the Junior Men U81kg, Lewis Saunders won the Junior Men U90kg, Finn Sweetman won the Cadet Men U66kg, while Nathan Munro went uncontested in the Senior Men U60kg division. The Nelson Judo Club recently held a showcase at the Cherry Blossom Festival in Nelson. They meet every Tuesday and James Calt is being thrown by Alice Van Der Bruggen. Thursday evening. Photo: Sinead Ogilvie.

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Announcements BIRThS

O’Donnell/Rowe Tony and Antonia are pleased to announce the arrival of Meika June Margaret O’Donnell born 24 September at 10.59pm, 7lb 8oz Little sister to proud big brother Marcus.

Parr Geoff, Tania and big brother Mason are pleased to announce the arrival of Tyler Owen Parr on 27th September 2012, 7lb 10oz. Special thanks to our wonderful midwife Jean Horn.

Skinner Tim and Kirsty (nee Baillie) are thrilled to announce the arrival of Levi Flint. Born on 7 August 2012. An adorable little brother for Ethan and Caleb. A special thank you to our midwife Andrea Vincent. Isaiah 50:7


Bronwyn Ramsay and Cory Eggers are excited to announce their engagement and are very much looking forward to the wedding in March 2013.

DEAThS ATKINSON, Joy Isabell, suddenly in Nelson on 2 October 2012. Loved daughter of the late Keith & Isabella Atkinson & sister of Leslie Quinn. Aged 59 years. Messages to PO Box 1214, Nelson. A service for Joy has been held at Shone & Shirley. POWNALL, Richard Neville, (Dick) On Monday October 1, 2012, Aged 85 years. Dearly loved husband of the late Joan. Loved father of Simon (Sydney), & Phillipa Dickey (Helensvale, Queensland.) Loved Grandad of Marcus Dickey, Jeremy Pownall & Brianna McLean. Messages to P O Box 1214, Nelson 7040. No flowers please but donations to Nelson Region Hospice, PO Box 283 Nelson or www. donations/ would be appreciated. A service for Dick has been held. MASON, John Walter. Passed away peacefully at Nelson Hospice on Wednesday 26th Sept aged 65 years. Will be greatly missed by his wife Judy, sons & partners Nick, Chris & Nicki, Tim & Donna, and grandchildren Jackson, Mickaela & Isaac. Thanks to everyone involved in John’s care over the last months, especially the staff at Nelson Hospice. Donations the The Nelson Region Hospice Trust, P O Box 283, Nelson in memory of John would be appreciated. A service for John has been held. ROBINSON, Lester John (John), passed away suddenly at his home on September 29, 2012, aged 81 years. Loved husband of the late Marion, cherished friend & companion of Joy Coutts, loved brother & brother-inlaw of Betty & the late Reg Kyle. Loved & respected father & fatherin-law of Kaye Duncan & Shayne Pickering, Susan & Matt Sinclair & Jennifer Robinson. Devoted Grandad of Jason & Tracey, Brent and Aimee, Logan & Teneil. A service for John was held at Shone & Shirley.


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Neighbourhood Support Waimea Coordinator


Paid administrative position based at Richmond Police Station, 12 - 20 hours per week.

Te Tai Ao Komiti is the Iwi advisory committee working in partnership with Tasman Bays Heritage Trust in guiding the work of Nelson Provincial Museum for the benefit of residents and visitors. Te Tai Ao Komiti is about to nominate a new representative to sit on the Tasman Bays Heritage Trust Board and is seeking the names of people with a sound knowledge of the history of this rohe and an understanding of the significance of nga taonga tuku iho held in care by the Museum. Anyone with a genuine interest in taking on this role is invited to put their name forward for consideration. Expressions of interest should be forwarded in writing to: Te Tai Ao Komiti, PO Box 853, Nelson by 5pm Friday 19th October

This part time role is to be responsible for initiating and coordinating the Neighbourhood Support Groups in the designated Waimea area. This will involve establishing new groups and supporting existing ones. Certified Mac Technician Ph: 0275481618


Notice is hereby given that the twelfth Annual Meeting of the Tasman Bays Heritage Trust will be held on Tuesday 30 October 4.30pm to 5.30pm at Nelson Provincial Museum corner of Hardy & Trafalgar Sts. Public are welcome.



Enquiries contact joan 544 6701

• A flexible approach to work hours is required. • Good computer skills - MS Office Word, Excel and Power Point. • Good communication and relationship building skills. • Comfortable with public speaking. • Sound problem solving skills. • A ‘can do’ attitude. • Good sense of humour. Must Have; • A full drivers license and own vehicle. To submit an application please send your CV and cover letter to: Neighbourhood Support Waimea P O Box 3026 Richmond

Applications close Friday 19 October 2012



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WEDNESDAY 10 October 2012

10 OCTOBER 2012

Newslineupdate K e e p i n g yo u i n fo r m e d a b o u t n e ws a n d e ve nt s i n Ta s m a n D i s t r i c t

Public Notices

Public Notices

Resource Management Act 1991 Tasman Resource Management Plan

Tasman District Council Consolidated Bylaw Chapter 11 Tasman’s Great Taste Trail 2012

Proposed Plan Changes 37

Tasman District Council’s proposed bylaw to maintain health and safety and enable users to be free from nuisance on Tasman’s Great Taste trail is now available for public consultation.

Richmond West and South Greenway Renotified Council has prepared amendments to the Tasman Resource Management Plan, known as Proposed Plan Change 37, which clarifies the appropriate zoning of lands forming the Richmond West and South Greenway which is to be progressively acquired and managed as urban open space to support stormwater drainage, recreation, aquatic ecosystem and active transport values in the future urban setting of the network.

Your views will help guide Council’s decision making on whether to proceed with developing and adopting a Bylaw. The proposal is contained in two documents: A Summary of Information which outlines the detail of the proposal, the reason for a proposal and the period for submissions. This summary was published in the 21 September 2012 edition of Newsline (see page 4).

A Statement of Proposal which provides detail on the proposal, options, financial and other Council publicly notified this Change on 18 August 2012 with a closing date of 15 October 2012. However, in order to allow those not originally notified the same opportunity to lodge a submission, considerations. The full Statement of Proposal and Summary of Information including the draft Bylaw may Council has agreed to extend the period for making submissions for a further four weeks. be inspected during ordinary office hours at the following Council Service Centres: Submissions • Richmond Service Centre, 189 Queen Street, Richmond Any person may make a submission on any part of the proposed Change. Submissions can • Motueka Service Centre, 7 Hickmott Place, Motueka be sent to the Manager Policy, Tasman District Council, Private Bag 4, Richmond 7050 to be • Takaka Service Centre, 78 Commercial Street, Takaka accepted by Council for a period closing at 4.00 pm on Tuesday 13 November 2012. Forms for making submissions are available as indicated below under “Availability of Proposed Changes”. • Murchison Service Centre, 92 Fairfax Street, Murchison Submissions must be in writing, clearly indicating support or opposition to the provisions, the And libraries: decision that the submitter wishes the Council to make (with reasons), whether or not the submitter • District Library, Queen Street, Richmond wishes to be heard in support of the submission and an address for service or contact address. • Motueka Library, Pah Street, Motueka Consideration of Proposed Amendments • Takaka Memorial Library, Junction Street, Takaka. After submissions have closed, Council will publish a summary of all decisions requested by A copy of the full Statement of Proposal is available on the Tasman District Council website at submitters. There will be a further period of 10 working days within which further submissions in support of or opposition to those submissions made may be sent to Council. Council will then All submissions on the proposal are to be in writing and posted or delivered to: Robyn Scherer, hold hearings on all submissions and all submitters may be heard. After the Council considers Executive Assistant, Engineering Services, Tasman District Council, Private Bag 4, 189 Queen the submissions and makes its decisions, any submitter who is not satisfied with the decision Street, Richmond 7050; emailed to or faxed to 03 543 9524. Forms for has the right of appeal to the Environment Court. making an electronic submission are available on the Tasman District Council website at: Availability of Proposed Amendments The proposed amendments are available to view at Council’s Richmond Service Centre or online Submissions close at 4.30 pm on Friday 26 October 2012. at forms are also available. For more information or advice on these amendments, please contact Neil Jackson Ph. 03 543 88485 or Email or Steve Markham Ph. 03 543 8427 or Email

Is your property at risk of fire?

Community Notices

A vegetation fire in the Nelson Lakes area could be deadly. Learn what you can do to better protect yourself and your property from the risk of a vegetation fire. The Waimea Rural Fire Authority (and Lake Rotoiti Volunteer Fire Force) invites you to a presentation on FireSmart, based on the successful United States and South Africa’s FireWise Programmes.

Customer Service Notice

Saturday 20 October 2012, 3.00 pm, Lake Rotoiti Community Hall.

The customer service centre in Council’s Richmond office will be closing at 1.00 pm on Friday 12 October 2012. This is to enable the team to undertake the necessary work required to relocate within the new building extension. Richmond customer services will open normal hours from Monday 15 October 2012 (8.00 am – 4.30 pm).

Available for $29.99 from selected bookshops, Tasman District Council offices, libraries and online at go-wild

03 543 8400 03 523 1013 03 528 2022 03 525 0020

For further information contact : – Rural Fire Network – Ph. 03 544 2441, – Malcolm McConochie – Ph. 03 521 1843, – Alison Rothschild – Ph. 03 521 1806.

Wakefield School Twilight Gala Saturday 27 October 2012, 4.00 pm – 7.30 pm, Wakefield School, Edward Street, Wakefield. Funds raised will go towards the purchase of new ICT equipment for the school. Please note the gala will run wet or fine!

Council Meetings Agendas and Minutes for Council Meetings can be viewed on Council’s website at Engineering Services Committee Tasman Council Chambers, 189 Queen Street, Richmond, Thursday 11 October 2012, 9.30 am. Public forum Tasman District Council Tasman Council Chambers, 189 Queen Street, Richmond, Thursday 18 October 2012, 9.30 am. Public forum

24 Hour Assistance Richmond Murchison Motueka Takaka

Community Notices

Communications Subcommittee Motueka Office, 7 Hickmott Place, Motueka, Tuesday 30 October 2012, 9.30 am. No public forum

join our community: Twitter • Facebook • Website

Environment and Planning Committee Tasman Council Chambers, 189 Queen Street, Richmond, Thursday 1 November 2012, 9.30 am. Public forum


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22 WEDNESDAY 10 October 2012

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-WOF - engine tuning - brakes & clutches - wheel alignment all other mechanical services eed! guarantte ce gua ndllyy service rie iend ffr

Kerry & Sharlene Friend 7 Gladstone Road Richmond (behind Mobil) Phone 03. 544 2266


- MYOB Certified Consultant - MYOB RetailManager Professional - MYOB Employer Services Consultants (Comacc) - MYOB ProfitOptimiser - Accounts, Payroll & Office Administration

Appletons Brown Shaver Pullets Heritage Breed Poultry Fertile Hatching Eggs Premium Poultry Feed Poultry Supplies & Wood Shavings Quality Coops & Hen Houses 03 542 3224

Liquid Waste Removal

Bridal Childrens

CCTV Camera Inspection

Alterations - zips, hems, mending

Drain Cleaning & Unblocking Simon 027 212 8688 John 0212 450 550 Email

42 Factory Rd Brightwater

Liz McLean

544 7285 No job too small

027 283 3448

Phone orders welcome

544 0203 Sundial Square Richmond Open 7 Days 11am - Late



Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning Quick Drying All Year Round All General Cleaning Professional Service

Stephen Oliver proprietor

Phone now on

545 1053

Fully Trained, Security Screened

Quick - Efficient Professional



Architects of Fine Flooring


Craftsmen who take pride in their work

FLOORING SERVICES Member NZ National Flooring Assn.

Carpet Laying Floating & Solid Timber Floors New Installations or Repairs

 99% Dust Free  All Wooden Flooring  Residential & Commercial  Prestige Timber Floor Laying  Your choice of Coatings Over 20 years Experience

0800 455 141

Phone Mark 541 9332 or 022 013 1258




TLC Contracting

Adam Brumwell

Painter Decorator

Painting - Exterior/Interior - Airless Spraying - Waterblasting - New & Old Work - Fully Qualified Tradesman - Obligation Free Quote

Qualified Tradesman

26 Years Experience

“I’ll turn up on time”

Locally owned and operated

027 232 1550

Call Adam

027 671 8417

AH/Fax: 544 3177


Registered FITEC & GROWSAFE Trainer & Assessor Accredited EPA [former ERMA] Test Certifier


Comercial / Domestic

Phone Sue Thomas

03 544 9748

Maurice 0274 455 141 or Dave 0274 296 669 A/H 541 9777

Rebecca Palmer Ph: 027 255 4346


Sew for U Septic Tank Cleaning


I can support you with:

- Bookkeeping on or off site - GST, payroll and internal systems - Debt/cashflow management - Software setup & training - MYOB, Quickbooks & BankLink & Xero

Specialising in



Claire Parr




544 1660

Go to to see how we can help your business add up.




Ph: 545 0778

• First consultation free. • Three tailor made levels of accounting services for clients as custom packages, accounting basic, accounting mini, and accounting mini plus. • Easy monthly payments spread to assist with cash flow. • A free “Business Health Check” for new clients. • Central Nelson location with easy access and free parking at our door. • Access 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

30 years experience


163 Haven Rd, Nelson

Accountants and Business Advisors offer:

Call Mave 03 541 0082 or 027 226 8103

Ph 544 3985



• Landlords • Self Employed • Small Business • GST & Tax Returns

accessman nelson ltd



Struggling with book keeping? Let me help

All Terrain Scissor Lift 12m Platform Height FIRST IN NELSON Also 10m, 8m & 6m

ACCOUNTING Too much paperwork?



or 544 9415


Work Place First Aid Courses

Give your staff the skills to make a safer, more productive workplace.

Oct: 10, 18, 25, 26, 27 Nov: 7, 15, 28, 29, 30 Dec: 6, 7, 8, 14,

For course dates see

Call NOW to register

Ph: 544 4062

Mob: 0274 574 775 Email:

Ph 544 9180 Corporate Rates Available


brake a maintenance landscaping lawnmowing home and car home and car maintenance ices plumbers electricians ing serv mow cial lawn finan ns nts ricia e unta ng hom ers acco plumbers elect lawnmo electricians e and clutch specialists build untants financial services financial services plumbers specialists builders acco tenance landscaping brak lectricians ts builders accountants scaping brake and clutch services plumbers ialis mowing home and car main cial land spec lawn h finan nce ns clutc nts tena ricia and unta e main elect acco car brak bers and ers build landscaping icesuntants financial services plum serv lawnmowing home untants financ brake and clutch specialists acco home and car maintenance ices plumbers electricians h specialists builders acco maintenance landscaping electricians lawnmowing s specialists builders accountants financial serv landscaping brake and clutc lawnmowing home and car ialists build financial services plumbers nce spec ns h nts tena ricia clutc unta main elect and acco car e bers and brak ers e plum build hom ing scap ing services h specialists e and car maintenance land bers electricians lawnmow ers accountants financial scaping hom land plum build landscaping brake and clutc ing ts ices nce ialis mow serv tena spec cial lawn h main finan ns clutc car e and electricia untants scaping brake and d car ricians lawnmowing hom home h specialists builders acco financial services plumbers elect ing clutc nts and bers mow unta and car maintenance land e lawn acco plum brak ns ices ers ing ricia serv build scap bers elect specialists nts financial ans lawnmowing home and car maintenance land electr nts financial services plum scaping brake and clutch ialists builders accounta unta land bers spec h acco plum nce clutc ers ices tena and e build serv main brak ts cial car finan specialis scaping icesbers electricians lawnmowing home and l serv ts builders accountants scaping brake and clutch ialis land e and car maintenance land finan spec hom h nts nce clutc ing unta tena plum and acco mow e main car lawn brak ers and ns home scaping ialists build ac- untants financial services plumbers electricia ers acco electricians lawnmowing e and car maintenance land ing brake and clutch spec ricians lawnmowing hom e and clutch specialists bui car maintenance landscap financial services plumbers and brak elect nts e unta ing hom bers acco scap ing plum land ers mow ices h build serv lawn nce clutce and clutch specialists tena andbrak ricians untants financial mowing home and car main cial services plumbers elect tenance landscaping bra specialists builders acco plumbers electricians lawn builders accountants finan mowing home and car main ce maintenance landscaping brake and clutch accountants financial services brake and clutch specialists plumbers electricians lawn ers ing ing home and car mainten ices build scap mow serv ts land cial lawn ialis finan ns nce spec h nts ricia tena clutc main accounta e and bers elect lawnmowing home and car clutch specialists builders tenance landscaping brak nts financial services plum and unta e main car acco brak and e ers ing hom scap build ts land ing mow h specialis tenance plumbers electricians lawn landscaping brake and clutc mowing home and car main home and car maintenance plumbers electricians lawn electricians lawnmowing countants financial services bers plum ices serv cial untants finan specialists builders acco


Trades & Services




Hassle free motoring

All mechanical repairs No job too big or small.

Advanced Automotive 12 Cargill Place, (off Beach Road) Richmond

Ph: 544 1212


Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning - Rugs & Leather - Flood Restoration - Carpet & Fabric protection

Ph: 544 4872


Parts and Service for ALL makes and ALL models




AUTOMOTIVE - Mechanical Repairs/Parts - Vehicle Servicing - Warrant Of Fitness - Courtesy Vehicles - Cars, Light Commercials, 4x4, Campervan Specialists Petrol/Diesel

Ph 543 9400 7 Kotua Place, Stoke

Cupboard Maker For all your made to order and flat pack cupboard units Kitchen/Laundry/ Storage Units On The Shelf. Shelving systems made to order, computer units and much more. Just phone Gerard


Call Andrew or Wendy Neame

544 0444

Ph Tony Baker

027 5288 434 (03) 544 3977

021 255 6163



90 VANGUARD ST NELSON PH: 548 3954 027 548 3954

David Gerrard

Landscaping Lawn Care & Mowing Chipping of Greenwaste Stump Grinding Pre-Sale Garden Tidy-up Gardening Hedge Trimming Section Clearing Greenwaste Removal

Plastering & Painting


Guaranteed Workmanship


New Homes l Commercial Rural l Retail l Alterations

Prompt response is our priority

24hr Service

542 4473 027 542 4473

Phone 543 8243







Heatpump Servicing

Regas or New Struts

0800 427 782 or 03 544 1212


Doors - Screens - Windows Rotted Timber - Plaster Cladding - Fences - Gates Painting - Gutters - Rubbish Garden - Landscaping Renovations - Alterations Kitchens - Bathrooms Decks - Patios - Railings Pressure Cleaning

EE QUOTE FR 021 PETE 3 0290 722

12 Cargill Place, Richmond (off Beach Road)


Need a friendly Plumber at a friendly Price?


85 Improve the performance from


and the life of your heatpump Phone

0800 448 446 Steve Fletcher


Tasman Bay Plumbing Services

For all maintenance including blocked drains and all new homes & industrial properties

No job too big or small Servicing sewage treatment systems Plumber, Drainlayer & Gasfitter

Call Mike

027 649 2300


• Registered Drainlayers (residential & commercial) • Sewage Treatment (design,supply, install & service) • Blocked Drains • Video Camera & Drain Inspection • Waterblasting • Excavator & Truck Hire to suit job

Garden & Property Maintenance

Drainage & Construction Tasman LTD

03 538 0314 0800 752 422


ALL GARDEN MAINTENANCE, LANDSCAPING DESIGN & CONSTRUCTION Experienced, friendly service Honesty & reliability

Call Tony Johnston


Has ACC denied your surgery or entitlements?



All Insurance Claims Panelbeating Chassis Straightening Repaints 2-pack Touch Ups


(03) 543 3715

Qualified Horticulturalist

• • • • • •

A/H: 027 285 7421





Pest Control also available

Locally Owned & Operated


24HR Call Out


environmentally friendly carpet & upholstery cleaning

WEDNESDAY 10 October 2012

Ring Calvin on

027 915 0612

Your Solar Hot Water Specialists

544 8059

A/H 541 9204

Honest Reliable Master Maste Honest Reliable Plumbers and Gasfitters Plumbers and Gasfitter Since 1915 Since 1915

Small Small • Leaking taps & pipes Jobs • KitchensJobs & Welcome bathrooms Welcome • Solar • Drainage Kevin Harris Kevin Harri

Ph: 543 8090 Ph: 543 809

CHURCH NOTICES continued from page 20

Biblical Christ-Centred Worship Services:

Sunday 10:30 am & 5 pm (03)547-3255

Meeting Sunday 10.30am Ellis St, Brightwater

(Plunket Rooms, next to Petrol Station)

Contact Dean 544 5784 We’d love to see you there

10.00am Worship Celebration Warring Carpark (Behind No.1 Shoes) 243 Queen St

Waimea Methodist Parish

SUNDAY SERVICES Richmond 9.30am 4 Wensley Rd (opp TDC) Cup of tea to follow Wakefield 11am Service 1st & 3rd Sundays

Cnr Edward/Arrow Sts Sunday School age children catered for at both services Enquiries ph 544-8394

Our Lady of Perpetual Help Catholic Parish, Richmond

Weekend Mass Times Saturday Vigil 6.30pm Richmond Church 35 William Street Sunday 8.00am St Joseph’s Pitfire Road, Wakefield 9.30am Richmond Church 5.00pm Last Sunday of every month St’s Peter & Paul Moutere Highway All Welcome! Ph 544 8987


24 WEDNESDAY 10 October 2012

We are your one stop decorating shop Building trust one room at a time

N I W Nicola Gear Nelson



Includes: Paint, Wallpaper, Custom made Drapes and Blinds, Carpet and a Spring Clean! Enter in store or visit

Helen Bush

Colour Designer Nelson

Trish Gray

Colour Designer Richmond





drapes blinds wallpaper paint carpet vinyl in-home colour design






Shelley King


Colour Designer Richmond

Up to



selected Sunscreens & Blinds Kevin Gear Richmond

CALL NOW FOR YOUR FREE MEASURE & QUOTE* OFFER ENDS 22 OCTOBER 2012 *Conditions apply. See instore for details.

FREE PARKING 4 McGlashen Ave, Richmond Ph: 544 6613

40 Vanguard St, Nelson Ph: 548 7955

10 October 2012  

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