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Wednesday 7 May 2014

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‘We’ve got nowhere left to turn’

Mike Corkhill breathed a wispy sigh of relief last week as emails, phone calls and bank donations rolled in. They showed that our people cared. The stress and strain of living with a condition that will soon kill him, and leave his five kids without a father, hasn’t made for too many good night sleeps over the past few years. But the support of the community has already given him hope that he will be able to raise the $100,000 needed to get a new set of lungs and a new lease on life. Mike’s story featured in last week’s Waimea Weekly and since then he’s had offers from people to help run a quiz night, free product from businesses for him to raffle off and close to $2000 deposited in a bank account aimed at helping him raise the money before Christmas. But he needs plenty more community support. His children, the youngest just nine, walked up Richmond’s

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Local wins half marathon Page 28

Andrew Board Editor

Queen St last week with a clipping of the Weekly article asking businesses for prizes for a quiz night. Mike says he’s feeling overwhelmed. “It’s been really great and we’ve had a heap of feedback and for the first time in a while I feel like we’re not alone in this.” But the journey has only just begun and Mike says he’s turned to the community because he simply “has nowhere else to go”. “This is my last hope, we’ve spent all our savings on this and we’re really hoping the community can help my family out and help me get the lungs I need to live,” he says. Mike’s eldest daughter Cassie has set up a Givealittle page where people can donate, www.givea Appeal, or you can contact them at

Paddy needs one more record

Richmond vinyl junkie Paddy McMahon has had a one track mind for the last year, constantly wondering when, and sometimes in darker moments even if, he will find the final volume in the 20 Solid Gold Hits series so he can complete his 36 volume collection. It has been a frustrating 12 months for Paddy who started collecting the classic 20 Solid Gold Hits vinyl records “a few years ago”. He made good progress, quickly finding the first 35 volumes but then got stuck on Volume 36. “I’ve looked all over the country for it. I’ve looked in Dunedin, Christchurch, Motueka,


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2 WEDNESDAY 7 May 2014

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“I wouldn’t have a clue, fundraise heaps, sell heaps of my stuff, as much as I could I guess. Start something up through work, get them to help out as much as they could.”

“I’d probably start with Lotto and go round businesses in the Richmond area asking for donations.”

“I would downsize my house.”

“I’d start selling things I own, see if I’ve got 100,000. I’d be looking at my relatives to see if they would help me and then I’d probably go out and do a sponsored event or something like that.”

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Paddy needs one more record FROM PAGE 1

Takaka, Greymouth, Blenheim and Auckland, but I haven’t had any luck. “Everytime we travel somewhere I’ll pop into the op shops and record stores. I’m not a great shopper - I’ll go to the Richmond Mall once a year - but I’ve been spending hours and hours in shops looking for that record. “Now my wife always takes a book whenever I go into one of the shops because she knows I’ll be in there for a while.” Paddy says he spent so long looking for 20 Solid Gold Hits records at one second-hand yard in Christchurch that the shop keeper forgot he was in there and locked the gates, and left. “There were records galore and I’d found six 20 Solid Gold Hits volumes, but I’d spent so long in there they locked the gates and went

Simon Bloomberg

Senior reporter Reporter home. I had to climb over the gates to get out - I was a bit worried that someone would think I was a burglar.” Paddy started collecting the series, which was released from 1973 to 1983, after finding six volumes at the Richmond Recycling Centre. He subsequently purchased the next 29 volumes from op shops, record stores, including Everyman Records in Nelson, and garage sales paying between $1 and $20 per record. Paddy says the records aren’t just for show and he often plays them on his turntable at home. “It’s great music, especially the later volumes because I know most of those songs.

They were playing them at the Ocean Lodge when I was 19 or 20 - they’re real Ocean Lodge songs.” Paddy thought his quest was over earlier this year when he went into a secondhand shop in Dunedin and found a pile of 50 Solid Gold records, but the elusive Volume 36 was missing. “I was so disappointed but I still brought a few that were in good condition so I could replace some of the tattier ones in my collection. But if someone had it and sold it to me, it would make me so happy - it would make my wife happy too.” For the record, 20 Greatest Hits Volume 36 contains some really groovy numbers like Hurt So Bad by John Cougar, Private Eyes by Hall and Oates. Anyone who can help Paddy in his quest to find Volume 36 can phone him on 544 4148.


WEDNESDAY 7 May 2014

Compromise for cycle trail funding


Brenda Grant

Simon Bloomberg

landowners to deal with in the next stages and they have much bigger properties. It’s going to A compromise could provide the solution to se- be more complex.” curing funding for the next stage of the Tasman Nelson Tasman Cycle Trails Trust member ElizGreat Taste Trail. abeth Bean, who was to present the trust’s subTasman district councillors have this month mission to council at a hearing on Wednesday, been listening to public submissions on the says they acknowledged the council’s support to 2014-2015 draft annual plan and funding cuts to date and the pressures the council is under to rethe cycle trail and Nelson-Tasman Tourduce spending. ism tourism have been two of the main However, she says the best chance of atitems on the agenda. Cycle trail supporttracting significant external funding is for ers are objecting to council’s proposal to council to continue to support the trail, cut $600,000 from next year’s budget for thereby demonstrating a partnership apthe trail and delay the next stage from proach. She says it is “difficult for the trust Wakefield to Spooner’s Tunnel. to ask central government to commit furJudene Councillor Judene Edgar acknowledged ther funding when the local council isn’t Edgar. that all the speakers have made good making the same commitment”. points and she agreed the trail was an asset for Elizabeth says news of the cuts in the draft annuthe region. Judene also conceded that cutting al plan has already resulted in the trust receiving $600,000 from the plan could jeopardise negative feedback from revenue opportufuture government funding for the trail nities that they are developing. However, and that a compromise may be the best she agreed a compromise would be better solution. “If we want government fundthan losing the funding completely and ing to come forward then there is an exthat providing at least $300,000 or leavpectation that they want to see money ing $600,000 in the plan subject to equal from us as well. There could be a capacfunding coming from other partners were Roger ity to leave money in the plan and tag it possible options. subject to equal funding coming through Waddell. Roger Waddell and Adele Smith from from other partners, such as the government. Corru Gate Accommodation in Mapua, told “That was one of the suggestions from the (Nel- councillors last Friday that the sections of the son-Tasman) Cycle Trail Trust and it’s some- cycle trail that had been completed so far had thing we have done with a lot of projects. It’s all provided a big economic boost to the region about thinking outside the square and it high- and they couldn’t afford to delay the project for lights the value of the submissions.” a year. “We want Tasman district ratepayers to Councillor Stu Bryant agreed that a compromise benefit from the trickle-down effect and direct could have some benefits, although he predicts spinoffs of funding the completion of the Great the next stages of the cycle trail may need to Taste Trail,” Roger told the hearing in the counproceed slowly anyway. “There are a lot more cil chambers in Richmond.


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WEDNESDAY 7 May 2014

How good is our region? Wednesday 23 April: Home educator Jill Riddle is still waiting to learn the total amount of money required to repair her property after a truck smashed into the front yard on April 16. She said that, because the crash coincided with the recent floods, the insurance company has been inundated with claims so nothing has actually happened yet. Jill has relocated her children’s play area away from the road and would like to thank her friends, neighbours and the local police and fire services, for their efficiency. Wednesday 23 April: After having a massive tree fall through their home during the recent storm, the Hobbs family are now on track to getting their lives back to normal. The tree crushed Jules Hobbs’ bedroom and that of his daughter, but their house has now been made safe and water tight over the last few weeks. They are living in a long-term rental home until further notice and are beginning to deal with the insurance company and assessors. Jules’s daughter Sofie has had other things on her mind though, after she was picked to be one of the models for the new Gigatown mural. Wednesday 30: Richmond Mall’s Eventful kids holiday activity will definitely be repeated, says Richmond Mall manager Belinda de Clercq. The babysitting program proved very popular with customers, with some suggesting it be done all the time with a gold coin donation. One of the activities Eventful kids did was mother’s day cards which the children will now be able to give their mother’s on Sunday. Eventful kids will not be back next holidays as the mall have already booked other activities, but Belinda says that if they have weeks in between they will definitely do it again.

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Tasman District Council wants to find out what you think of our region. The council is conducting its annual survey of residents to ask what ratepayers think of the services the council provides them and the district as a whole. “We have a responsibility to track how effective our services, and the delivery of them are,” says mayor Richard Kempthorne. “The best way to do this is through an independent and impartial interview of

a representative cross-section of people from our district.” Survey company, National Research Bureau (NRB), has been commissioned to undertake the survey by calling 400 Tasman residents. Using a random selection method, residents from across the district will be telephoned and asked their opinions on the services the council provides, and how well it delivers them. The survey is totally confidential and

Flippin’ good way to spend the holidays Far from being bored during the school holidays, a pair of brothers have found a new activity to keep them busy – beach hopping. Coby, 9 and pictured right, and Macca Springer, 11, saw a You Tube clip of people jumping off half-buried swiss balls and decided to give it a go. Their dad Steve made a quick trip to town to buy a ball and then took the boys and their mates to Tahuna beach for go. Soon they were “back-flipping”, “superman-ing” and “double twisting” their way to a new way to keep busy. Their exploits attracted plenty of attention and soon dozens of kids were lining up for a crack. Macca says its great fun. “It’s better than what we thought, you can do what you want and it doesn’t hurt as much.” Coby says he likes doing the flips in the air and that they make up their moves on a trampoline at home before coming to the beach to perfect them. Photo: Andrew Board.

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Property insights Are house prices rising? Have you read in the newspaper that house prices are on the rise? Often these reports are based on the median value of all house sales in a particular region. The median value is the middle value, ie: if you list all the house sales in a month the median value is the value of the sale that falls in the middle of the list.




takes approximately 30 minutes to complete. Interviewing for the survey started on Friday, May 2, and is expected to be completed by this Sunday evening, May 11. The results of the survey will be made public and form part of the council’s formal reporting. They will also be a “critical ingredient” in planning for further improvements to the council’s delivery of services, says Richard.

24 hours

If the statistics show that there has been a drop in the number of sales of lower priced properties, for example from the government’s new rules around the level of deposit required for new-entrant home buyers or from the uncertainty surrounding rising interest rates, the median value will change. The median house value will then be based on a list of house sales consisting of predominantly higher value properties than usual, so the median value will rise but the individual value of

Lydia Heyward Licensed Real Estate Agent (REAA 2008)

each property may not have increased. In this scenario a more relevant way of showing the average house price variances would be to report on the mean house sale value. The mean value is the average price, ie: the total of all house sale prices for a month divided by the total amount of houses sold. If you have a property related question then e-mail me and I will see if I can help you.


NEWS in brief SUPERMARKET REZONING APPROVED: The Tasman District Council has approved the rezoning of the former Bay Nurseries site near Three Brothers Corner from residential to commercial for the planned development of a New World supermarket. Foodstuffs South Island general manager of property Roger Davidson says the next step was to apply for resource consent and they planned to do that within the next two months. Thirty-five people made submissions following the proposal’s notification in April last year. MOTHER’S DAY RUN AND WALK: The annual Jennian Homes’ Mother’s Day fun run and walk is being held this Sunday. The event, which is a fundraiser for the Heart Foundation’s Go Red for Women campaign, is a great way to spend a special day with your family or friends. The five kilometre course follows the Walkway Reserve and costs $20 for individuals, $15 for seniors, $15 each for mother-daughter combinations and $14 each for groups of 10-plus. The event starts at Jennian Homes at 6 Champion Road at 10am with registration from 9am to 9.45am. COMEDIANS COMING TO TOWN: 7Days star Paul Ego is coming to Nelson for a high-octane two-hour stand-up comedy showcase. Paul is hosting the 2degrees Comedy Convoy with new and used, finely tuned, well-oiled, international and kiwi comedians touring nationwide. The show is at the Theatre Royal on the May 13.


WOF & Oil Change

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Work on a plan to help Nelson and Tasman deal with an increasing number of retired people started yesterday. For decades Nelson has been a popular place to retire and by 2025 around 26 per cent of the population is expected to be retired, putting a huge strain health services. So around 40 organisations that work with retired folk met to discuss a strategic plan. The issue was highlighted last year when Waimea Weekly reported the comments of the medical officer of health, Dr Ed Kiddle, who said the ageing population


WOF + Oil & .00 Filter Change

sues that will arise along the way. “Ideally, the main objective will be to come up with a realistic plan that will, taking into account what resources are available, measure outcomes and progress on an annual review basis over a predetermined term.” A final draft isn’t expected to be completed for several years though, says Neville, but yesterday’s meeting is an “important first step” in getting all the parties together and thinking about how best to deal with the increasing number of retired people over the next decade or two.



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was the region’s number one health issue. Grey Power president Neville Male said at the time that leading work on a strategic plan was the organisations number one issue for 2014. Neville Male. Neville says the purpose of the plan will be to identify the main priorities and aspirations for the future for older persons, and the is-

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WEDNESDAY 7 May 2014

Searching for the Pride of Tasman The search for the pride of New Zealand is on and we reckon there’s plenty of Nelsonians who will bring a sense of pride to all Kiwis. The New Zealand Herald is running the inaugural Pride of New Zealand Awards, along with Hits, TSB bank and supported by Nelson Weekly. It aims to recognise the efforts of everyday Kiwis who each year make a real difference in their communities. Nelson Weekly is urging locals to nominate people they think deserve recognition at the awards, which opened last week.

The Pride of New Zealand Awards were • Bravery/Heroism Award – recognising announced at the Herald’s 150th birthday those who have selflessly disregarded their celebrations last year. own safety in order to help or Four regional award ceremosave the life of another person or persons. nies will take place in August, • Community Spirit Award – with the winners of those becoming finalists for the national recognising those whose selfless, award ceremony in September. tireless and largely unacknowlThe awards will be judged by a edged actions have enriched the lives in their community. panel of prominent Kiwis and Supported by Waimea Nelson Weekly Weekly • Fundraiser of the Year Award the public will also be given an opportunity to have their say in – those who have gone beyond the TSB Bank People’s Choice Award. The expectations, raising money for a good categories are: cause. Locally Owned and Operated

Locally Owned and Operated

• Emergency Services Award – recognising those professional or volunteer emergency service members who have gone beyond the call of duty to protect their community. • Environmental Award – recognising those who have positively impacted the environment, making a difference to the wider community. • Lifetime Achievement – recognising those whose ongoing commitment to their cause has enriched the lives of others, making New Zealand a better place to live. To nominate someone for any of the awards, visit www.prideofnzawards.

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The Top of the South Corvette club was out in force last weekend. Their monthly drives take them all over the region and Saturday saw them meet at Stoneridge Cafe for a leisurely brunch. The club’s membership is close to 50 but Saturday saw a much more intimate group of 13 Corvettes lined up along the hedge maze. Organiser of the day Dave Bell says it’s always a good time to catch up with old friends and meet some new ones. Photo: Jessie Johnston.

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WEDNESDAY 7 May 2014

Motupiko’s ladies on song

A group of musical ladies from the Tapawera district are delighted with their debut “on a real stage” and are already looking forward to their next big performance. The Motupiko Ladies’ Singing Group was formed five years ago and started performing in front of family and friends in the former Motupiko Hall which is the home of the group’s musical director Giles Panting. Late last month they graduated to the big time, performing their Autumn Recital in front of about 100 people at The Suter Theatre in Nelson and Giles says the recital was a big hit. “Our first recital was in the Motupiko Hall for family and a few friends and then we moved into the Motupiko Church, and on to the Shedwood Hall last year when we outgrew the church. The move to The Suter was part of my overall plan of pushing people out of their comfort zones, widening all our horizons and aiming for the best we can possibly achieve. “The Suter has such good lighting and acoustics, and the ladies sang really, really well. It was

such a big occasion for them to perform on a real stage in a real theatre.” Giles says the group was supported by the Tasman Brass Ensemble which performed an entertaining middle section at The Suter. The group also includes pianist Adrienne Baigent who was “absolutely fantastic” on the night. Giles says the group’s 20 members come from all over the Tapawera District and sing every Monday at his home. Although many of them had not sung in a group before and only about half of them read music, they are singing in four-part harmony for most of their repertoire. However, Giles says the ladies have also made progress in other facets of country life since joining the group. “One of the most inspiring things about the group, apart from their musical achievements, is how they have formed close friendships and support networks through belonging to the group. That’s so important for new people to the rural area as well as established locals.”


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Local man plays key strings in orchestra The Nelson Symphony Orchestra delighted the ears of Nelsonians when they performed at the Cathedral on Saturday evening. The concert was named ‘H’ because it featured the music of composers Humperdinck, Hummel, Handel and Haydn, and featured solos by two international performers, Alan K Gray and Raffaele Bandoli. Moutere’s Jan Kuwilsky, who works in Richmond, has played the viola Jan Kuwilsky preparing to play the viola at the Nelson Symphony Orchestra’s H concert on Saturday with the Nelson Symphony Ornight. Photo: Jessie Johnston. chestra for about five years. He was playing with another local group, the Greenhill Orchestra, when he was asked to perform with the Symphony Orchestra after they needed a viola player for a concert. With a passion for classical music he came to be a permanent member of the group. Jan was brought up in a reasonably musical family and began his musical career when he decided to learn to play the violin a few years after his sister. He was involved in a number of orchestras throughout his younger life. Now oPEN SATuRdAyS Jan says he definitely enjoys these 269 Queen St Richmond performances but they are still very nerve racking until you get Ph 544 6603


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Jessie Johnston Reporter

into it. Jan says he has plenty of musical inspiration but the Nelson Symphony Orchestra’s concert master is one of his main influences. “One of the ones who still amazes me is John Thomson our concert master. I sit opposite to him and I’m always amazed at how well he can play and how easy it is for him to play.” Jan will continue to be a member of the Nelson Symphony Orchestra for the foreseeable future. “I see myself staying with the orchestra for some time yet. I think, while they’ll still have me, I’ll be quite happy to stick around. They’re a good bunch of people and they’re all keen on music. We have good social times between rehearsals.” The performance was one of five that the Nelson Symphony Orchestra perform every year, with approximately 300 people turning up to enjoy the classical music performed by its 46 orchestra members.


WEDNESDAY 7 May 2014

e l p o e p d o o f h s Y ou r f re Richmond Mall Manager Belinda de Clercq, left, hands over $1000 worth of gift vouchers to the winner of the Try it on and Win competition, Jasmine Hollis. Photo: Jessie Johnston.

Shopper wins $1000 of mall vouchers The Richmond Mall’s Try It On And Win competition for April has finished, and the winning shopper was given her prize on Saturday, $1000 worth of fashion gift vouchers. Jasmine Hollis tried it on and won after shopping at Farmers, Factorie, Hannahs and Postie. The competition will be running again through May in order to promote the fashion stores that the Rich-

mond Mall has. Manager of the mall, Belinda de Clercq, says people don’t realise how many fashion stores they actually have, from designer to department stores and youth. There is no pressure to buy anything, just try on clothes from participating stores, fill in an entry form from the retailer and you could win $1000.

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Having a par ty/event/func tion? Call our photographer 544 9037 or 027 532 6461 Nelson couple Holly Simpson and Glen Squire at the Wedding Showcase on Saturday.

Dean Campbell, Phil Tavite and Graham Smith at the Stables Richmond Rabbits after-game drinks on Saturday evening.

Brylie Buchanan and Alice Moran at the Wedding Showcase on Saturday.

Libby Brumwell, Hayleigh Hamilton, Ebony Lowe and Sairin Fisher at the Richmond Sprig and Fern.

Kasi Sami, Shevaun Collier, Whai Tuhakaraina and Viliami Akauola at The Stables.

Catch up with us on

Lois and Jacqui Schwass at the Wedding Showcase on Saturday.

Dolphin Schryvers, Hayleigh Hamilton, Marsha Rogers, Kelly Olson and Nic Thwaites at the Sprig and Fern.

This week we popped along to the Stables and the Sprig & Fern on Queen St to see who was out and about. Earlier in the day we went along to the Wedding Showcase in Tahuna and on Sunday to Taste Tasman. Remember if you’re having a party or event and would like us to come along and grab some photos call us on 544 9037 or email editorial@

Dylan Kerr, Anaru Paul, Eliot Smith and Cam Salton at the Stables.

Helen, Charlotte and Jack Danielsen at the Richmond Sprig and Fern on Saturday. John Wilson and Connie Charlton at Taste Tasman on Sunday.

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Kane Cockburin, Craig Waugh and Megan Newport at Taste Tasman on Sunday.

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Mike’s new lungs: Wow, what a story. Mike, I can’t imagine what you must be feeling. I am sure we can all join in to support Mike. Ideas people? Caron Proctor.

bake items close to the time, drop them off to you, and what you make from their baking can go towards your op/surgery??? Jae Walter.

I would be more than happy to help with travel arrangements, medical travel requirements, etc, if that is of any help Mike. Amanda Cuff.

Babysitters at the mall: Awesome idea! Dropped Miss 3 off there yesterday - she had a blast! Much more fun for her than shopping! Denelle Crichton.

Baking stall in the weekend flea market, get the community to help

Great idea!! Less of them screaming and being terrorists in the isles!!

Richmond Bowling Club AGM

For Sale

Sunday 18 May at 3.00pm to be held at the Richmond Bowling Clubhouse 345 Lower Queen Street



WEDNESDAY 7 May 2014

TXT • • text: 027 UR VOICE • txt: 027 UR VOICE •

Marvellous!!!! Janelle Thorpe.

I say bring it on! Jo N Phil Borland.

Now all they need is a creche for males (with a bar and pool tables) and you have the perfect setup. Jim Partington.

Fabulous, this should be a regular thing. The owners should open a facility, have trained, certified, child minders a win-win for everyone. Sharon May Patterson

I work at Pak N Save and I get a lot of mothers saying how stress-free it is to do their shopping without their young ones.

- Excellent Family Home in Brightwater

32 Starveall St, Brightwater - Enquiries over $369,000

Waimea Weekly

NELSON At the back of Vanilla Café Bridge St

Open home Sunday 11 May, 1pm-1.30. For enquiries phone Lauren 021 136 5918

Locally Owned and Operated

Oaklands Farm Fresh Milk now at 3 convenient locations STOKE The top of the Saxton Field car park

Sunny 3 bedrooms home in a sought after location close to kindy, school, shops and parks, double garage plus plenty of off street parking. Fully fenced, child friendly, easy care section. Open plan lounge/dining area with outdoor entertaining area for summer. Trademe Listing #: 722660152

locally owned and operated

NELSON Eat Me Fruit and Vege 117 St Vincent St



3 FOR $ .00

(12 pack)

(6 pack)

2FOR $ .50

2 FOR 0 0 . $







(Limit 6) Or


$ .99

05/05/14 to 11/05/14



$ .48

05/05/14 to 11/05/14



$ .98

Open 7 Days 7.00am - 6.00pm Cnr Vanguard & Hardy Sts • Ph: 03 546 6355 186 Queen St. Richmond • Ph: 03 544 3967 While stocks last.




12 WEDNESDAY 7 May 2014

An Air Force marshaller guides an RNZAF C-130 Hercules into place at Nelson Airport in preparation for Exercise Wiseowl.

Airforce sets up camp in Nelson

For advertising that really works!

544 9037

For ten days the airfield at Nelson Airport will be home to 80-120 Royal New Zealand Air Force personnel from Base Ohakea, as they deploy for Exercise Wiseowl. Exercise Wiseowl is a Pilot Training Squadron deployment, designed to test military student pilots in elements of military flying, including low level flight, navigation, formation flying and deployed operations. The exercise provides student pilots with a taste of what it’s like working away from their home base Ohakea, and in field conditions for the first time. Six Airtrainers will be deployed to Nelson for the exercise, with other fixed wing and rotary aircraft deployed for short periods. Squadron leader Tim Costley is looking forward to the two weeks in Nelson and says the location provides an ideal training ground for

COMMUNITY EDUCATION CLASSES Start dates vary from 5 May – 11 June

Waimea College

Evening Classes Monday • Painting • Italian • Microsoft Excel Tuesday • Woodwork [FULL] • Wholefoods • Sewing • Choir • Spanish • Photoshop

Wednesday • Digital Photography [FULL] • Ongoing Beginners Ukulele • ACE Ukulele • Te Reo Maori • Thai Cooking (new recipes) • Shabby Chic [FULL] • Batik • Papermaking Thursday • French Cuisine • Web Design • African Drumming

Day & Afternoon Classes Tuesday • Painting – No Experience Required Saturday • Basic Bike Maintenance • Bread & Cheese Making • Massage • Shabby Chic

For full course details (enrolments) Email: Phone: 544 6099 Ext 870

student pilots. “The Nelson and Tasman communities have always been very supportive of the Air Force and we are pleased to be running Wiseowl from Nelson Airport.” Accommodation will be in 40 tents which will be erected on the airfield. These will provide for field catering, a field medical facility, an administration unit, an operations headquarters, a logistics unit providing camp supplies and spares, as well as a maintenance centre for the aircraft. Apart from its operational tasking, Exercise Wiseowl is a chance for schools, organisations, and the general public, to visit the camp to meet Air Force personnel and find out more about the Air Force. The camp will be open to the public on Saturday 10 May between 10.30am and 2pm.

Try something new this year We welcome two new tutors to our programme. Vegan culinary educator and food writer Maddy Bellcroft is offering Whole Food classes to teach delicious recipes which focus on different meal times – breakfast, lunch and dinner. She uses whole food, plant-based recipes to produce nourishing healthy foods without processed and refined foods which boost vitality and wellness. On a musical note, Kimberley Anderson is arriving from overseas to offer African Drumming classes. Classes are suitable for all levels, complete beginners included and students will easily

pick up the African rhythm on the drums provided. If you want to learn a relaxing Soma Massage technique, Carolina Kerridge is available for a massage class to teach massage methods for releasing tension and to help restore your body back to its natural state of balance. On the menu this term we also have Allan Addison-Saipe who joins us in our lovely, warm kitchen to create a delicious, classic French four course banquet with our French Cuisine class. Popular classes fill fast so contact us as soon as you can. Business Update. Adv.


WEDNESDAY 7 May 2014


The Evolution of NBS

Nelson Building Society has a heritage, culture and ethos that remains unique, and of course, built on the solid foundation of mutuality. Life has changed quite dramatically since the late 19th Century, but despite the increasingly complex regulatory environment and the recent global financial crisis, at NBS we have remained solid, stable and dependable – committed to our customers and the community, and faithful to our mutual heritage.

This week on our Nelson Police Facebook page we sent out a message offering a giveaway, which was a key ring that also measures the amount of tread on your car’s tyres. Within about an hour we had to take the post down, because we had been inundated with people wanting the tyre tread key ring and it was going to become a logistical nightmare to post so many out. We had requests from all over New Zealand and overseas as well. I’m thrilled by the response and that so many people wanted the key ring, and more importantly that they wanted to check the amount of tread on their car tyres. We’ve since had lots of messages of thanks back from those who have already received the keyrings, which we really appreciate. Your tyres are probably the most important, and most often overlooked, road safety issue. All too often when we attend motor vehicle crashes, the vehicle inspection reveals that the tyres were not up to standard and most likely contributed to the crash. Checking your tread is easy to do and it could save your life. With the changes to the rules around Warrants of Fitness, it’s more important than ever that drivers take personal responsibility for the state of their vehicle. If you missed out on the Facebook giveaway don’t worry. We’ve got plenty of the key rings left and you’re welcome to go to the Nelson, Richmond or Motueka Police Station and pick one up. Our Highway staff will also have them to give out in the course of their work. Winter’s around the corner folks, so now’s a really good time to make sure your vehicle is safe to be on the road.

We understand that life is about much more than money. But we also know that money needs to be managed well for life to be lived to the full. We focus on getting to know our customers so we can anticipate their needs, often before they do. That way we can be sure that we have products and services to match what life brings. Whilst this may represent a significant challenge at times, we’ve got an advantage, we’ve been doing this for over 150 years – constantly evolving, and constantly aware of the changes and important events in our customers’ lives. So we’re a lot more than a friendly face, we’re experts, on a serious mission to deliver the competitive products and services our customers need.

Fast-forward to the year 2000

Strategically from the year 2000 Nelson Building Society changed, from simply a loans and savings organisation with two Branches (Nelson and Richmond) to a full-service community banking alternative offering banking products and services to both personal and small business clients across a network of eight branches. Banking software platform changed - allowing the introduction of New Zealand Standard Bank Accounts, Cheque Books and Internet Banking

NBS ATM Network introduced

Murchison Branch Opened



UPGRADE to NBS Internet Banking - allowing Business Banking to fully operate (Dual Authorisation & Bulk Payment options) 2012/2013


Teller Cash Recyclers installed in Branch

Takaka Branch Opened

NBS AccessDebit MasterCard introduced





2015 . . . 2000 The first NBS EFTPOS card introduced



Motueka Branch Opened

Westport Branch Opened

2006 Greymouth Branch Opened





Ashburton Branch Opened



txt us your view 027 UR VOICE

Call into your local NBS Branch to activate 207 QUEEN STREET. RICHMOND. 03 543 9391. NBS Electronic Banking and General Terms & Conditions apply. NBS is not a registered bank.

14 WEDNESDAY 7 May 2014


Second-hand sale for ski bunnies Skiers and snowboarders still have an opportunity to pick up a bargain when the Rainbow Sports Club holds its annual sale this Saturday after a late change of venue to Hampden Street School Hall. The annual sale is usually held at Nelson College but was transferred to Hampden Street School earlier this week after the college closed its hall due to earthquake risks. Organisers say the sale gives skiers and

snowboarders a chance to buy affordable second-hand or near new gear as well as sell their used equipment. It is also an opportunity to purchase the club’s membership passes at pre-season rates and multiday passes. “The sale really is an excellent way for people starting out in snow sports, or for those who want to upgrade their gear to get it all at great prices in one place,” club chairman and event organiser Jo Rainey says.

Jo says sellers need to bring their gear to the hall on Friday between 6pm and 8pm or Saturday between 8.30am and 10.30am. Sellers need to provide their name and price and all gear needs to be clean with a description of the item for potential buyers. Sellers can bring a wide range of skiing and boarding equipment as well as accessories like roof racks and snow chains. Chains needed to be labelled with their tyre size. “Anything related to snow sports

and we will put them out for you to sell,” Jo says. The sale will also feature an extensive range of quality ex-rental stock from Europe and new and used clothing. Jo says the sale is a fundraiser for the club which retains 20 per cent commission including GST with all proceeds going to club projects and field maintenance. The sale opens at 11am on Saturday and finishes at 5pm.

Use MTA Good Guys Nelson AB’s Motorcycles Nelson Ltd Automotive Electrical Specialist Bowater Honda LMVD Bowater Hyundai Bowater Toyota BP 2 go Haven Road Bridgestone Select-Nelson C & G Watson Automotive Ltd Caltex Bishopdale Nelson Century Yuasa Batteries Nelson City Motorcycles Ltd Dollar Save Auto Centre Exide Nelson Auto Super Shoppe Nelson City Gourdie Automotive Havens of Nelson Hoist & Safety 2010 Ltd Midas Car Care Nelson Mobil Tahunanui MS Ford Muritai Motordrome Nelson Automotive Solutions Ltd Nelson Bays Holden Nelson Bays Suzuki & Subaru Nelson Brake Services Ltd Pages Automotive Ltd Paul Stephens Paint & Panel Ltd Portside Auto Centre Quality Paint & Panel Ray Rennie Automotive S & S Panel & Paint Smith & Smith Nelson Superior Spares 1970 Ltd Value Vehicles Youngs Automotive 2008 Ltd Z Halifax Z Rutherford Stoke/Richmond Advanced Automotive Richmond Ltd Bowater Toyota Richmond BP 2go Richmond Brads Smash Repairs Filco Farm & Sport Lloyd Heslop Motors Ltd Mobil Stoke Mobil Stoke Automotive Morley Motorcycle & Marine

Nelson Truck Spares 2012 Ltd Phil Nicholls Auto Centre Precision Regrinds & Auto Parts Ltd Richmond Auto Services Richmond Vehicle Testing Station Ltd Route 6 Automotive Stoke Mechanical & Tyre Stoke Motors Ltd Tasman Auto Electrics Ltd Topline Automotive Waimea Motors Z Richmond Z Stoke Country Auto Engineering Murchison 2003 Bowater Z Motueka BP Takaka Brightwater Motors Caltex Motueka Dixon Automotive 2005 Ltd Ellis Street Auto Repairs Ltd Golden Bay Mechanical Mapua Auto Centre Mobil Murchison Moutere Motors Murchison Mechanical NS Rogers Ltd NV Miller Ltd Parkes Automotive Parsons Motors Ltd Perry’s Auto Services Riwaka Garage Southfuels Spring Grove Stevens Automotive Ltd Takaka Fuels & Fishing Translog Services 1996 Ltd Wadsworth Motors Wakefield Auto Services Ltd

Members of the working bee, from left, Todd Tudor, Dave McCabe, Helen Omlo, Robert Pollock, Jayden Flanagan, Emma Flanagan, Chris Flanagan, David Tudor and Peter King, on roof, at Gilbert Lodge last Saturday. Photo: Simon Bloomberg.

Scout leaders revive building A derelict woolshed in the Wairoa Gorge south of Nelson has been transformed into a newlook lodge for Scout groups thanks to a dedicated group of Scout leaders from around the Nelson-Tasman region. The old farm woolshed was initially used by Nelson Girls Brigade for camps in the 1960s and later became a popular camp for Scout groups throughout the region. However, the camp’s days appeared numbered when the Scouts couldn’t afford to pay insurance on the woolshed and the Department of Conservation, announced it planned to condemn the building. That’s when Nayland Avion Scout group’s leader, the late Stan Gilbert, stepped in and persuaded DOC to let the Scouts renovate the building and use it as their camp. DOC agreed and Stan and a dedicated band of Scout lead-

Simon Bloomberg

Senior reporter Reporter

ers got together and started the long process of repairing the rundown building. “Stan was the driving force behind the project and we all got together to make it happen,” Enner Glen Scout leader Rob Pollock says. “We have one or two big working bees a year and some other smaller ones and we’ve been working on it for seven or eight years.” Rob says the group of Scout leaders has reclad the rotting exterior of the woolshed and relined the interior and installed insulation. They have also constructed outside toilets, cleared the land around the lodge and last weekend put on a new roof. Rob says Gilbert Lodge is ideally situated for Scout camps with the Wairoa River running

Tell us in 25 words or less why you want to say ‘Thanks Mum’ and win her a gift of goodies and vouchers worth $500... plus there’s more (enter via facebook or in store). See online or in store for terms & conditions.


Morrison Square gift vouchers available

Cnr Hardy & Morrison Streets, NELSON CITY

past the camp and lots of bush tracks nearby. He jokes that it is also strategically placed to be out of cellphone reception. “The kids love it. We have a Founder’s Camp up here every year now and last year we had close to 300 Scouts - they do river crossings, abseiling, bush walks and we even made a big mud slide” Group member Peter De Jong says the building has been named Gilbert Lodge in honour of Stan and was officially reopened at a ceremony, attended by Stan’s wife June, on February 23 last year. Peter says the project has been supported by generous grants from the Canterbury Community Trust and Lion Foundation. Businesses from around the region have also helped out supplying materials for the rebuild. Peter says anyone interested in supporting the project can phone him on 541 0380.

Advert 03 544 8484 6c Champion Road Richmond

WEDNESDAY 7 May 2014


16 WEDNESDAY 7 May 2014

Make her day special this

s ’ r e h t o M Day




Step out this winter in head turning HEELS and JEWELLERY

range of beer, wine and spirits


Sunday 11 May

Stockist of HADES-NEW ROCKS-PLEASER-DEMONIA 238a Queen Street RICHMOND 03 544 9293


Mother’s Meals for $10

Treat Mum to comfort and mobility

Lunch & Dinner Bookings essential

Give her some well deserved professional foot care for Mother’s Day with a Mobile Feet Podiatry gift voucher

Limited edition

Mother’s Day treats now available at LUSH Nelson Shop 27 Morrison Square 220 - 244 Hardy Street Nelson

Gift vouchers may be used for a home visit or for treatment at a regional location

Carole Horrell B H Sc (Podiatry)

Ph 021 0247 4037 or 03 927 5120 345 LOWER QUEEN ST, RICHMOND P: 543 9179

Members, their guests and affiliated members all welcome

Thanks Mum!

Mother’s Day Mini Session


MOTHER’S DAY • Sunday 11th May * Beautiful


With a free glass of Mother’s Day bubbles for Mum. *Children under 12 eat for half price. 6 Point Road, Monaco, Nelson • Phone: 03 547 0792 Email:


$ Delicious

DINNERS from 5pm

Award-winning restaurant



Mum & me

• 5 x Beautiful high quality images on disc • 1 x 5.7’ print (Ready for collection Sunday afternoon)

When: Saturday 10 May, 9.00am Where: Washbourne Gardens, Richmond If Wet: SDP Studio, 230a Hill Street, Richmond

Dads - Treat your special lady this Mother’s Day. Ask me about a Gift Voucher! Limited spaces available - contact me to make a booking:


WEDNESDAY 7 May 2014

y a D s ’ r e h t o M


Make her day special this

Sunday 11 May

The Alchemy Cafe

Mothers Day Lunch Menu 2014 11am -2.30pm

Mains $20pp 2 courses $29pp or 3 courses $38

Tearooms open


9.00am - 4.00pm 9am 4pm Shop-open 10.30am - 4.00pm 7 Days a Week 6 Days a Week

541 9168

Spoil mum on Mother’s Day - Book your High Tea now!

14 Wakefield 14 Whitby Whitby Way, Wakefield

STARTERS Bread & Dips

Cheese Platter Soup


The Lingerie company

Marinated Lamb fillet on kumara mash & warm roast vegetable salad Honey Cured Baked Salmon Fillet on risotto with side salad Creamy Pasta with roast pumpkin, pesto, spinach & feta with side salad Rum & Raisin Bread & Butter Pudding Black Magic Gateaux

all stock priced to clear The Lingerie company morrison Sq, hardy St

Craft Beers • Local Wines


LeaSe expired

Lemon, Lime & Coconut cake

KIDS MENU Available Also Brunch 9am to 11am

Bookings Essential ph 544 5853

c i k t ets 2 in



Mothers Day 2 Course Set Menu $20pp

FREE Glass of bubbles for Mum Bookings advised

Hours extended to open for dinner dependent on bookings

92 Bateup Road, Richmond


- Cafe Lunches - Bar Meals - Pizza Fully licensed


Everyday free parking Like us on facebook! OPEN EVERY DAY • Thursdays open till 8pm • Food Court • Free WiFi Cnr of Queen, Croucher & Talbot Streets, Richmond. • P: 544 6259 •

107 Appleby Highway, Richmond Ph: 03 544 4666

Prize includes: • tickets for two to annie in auckland • one night’s accommodation • return flights from nelson Simply shop between Friday 25th April and Sunday 11th May, attach your receipt to an entry form, pop it in the entry box and you’re in the draw!* Winner will be notified on Monday 12th May. *Conditions apply

Like us on facebook!


18 WEDNESDAY 7 May 2014

o’s super rugby & super domind make you a super weeken

Rugby & Domino’s the Perfect Match!!


Large Pizzas

from only



Delivered or Pickup

*Value or Traditional Pizzas only

Valid Saturdays & Sundays No Coupon Required!

(conditions apply)

Limited time30/07/13 only Expires

49 Vanguard St, Nelson Cnr Queen St & Gladstone Rd, Richmond

0800 30 40 50

RUGBY 2014

Day & Date



Kick Off NZ Time

Week Thirteen

Enjoy the Bar, Restaurant and Great Company 345 LOWER QUEEN ST, RICHMOND P: 543 9179 Members, their guests and affiliated members all welcome.


Free Food Friday Poker LivePlus Music EveryMondays Wednesday Good luck to the Poker Mondays Waimea Old Boys Harvest Pilsner on tap for the season!

LIVE MUSIC Every Real Ale,Wednesday Real Pints, Real Pub 126 Queen St, Richmond Ph: 544 4900 Plus Poker Mondays


Week Fourteen

Friday 9 May

Chiefs v Blues

New Plymouth


Friday 16 May

Hurricanes v H

Friday 9 May

Rebels v Hurricanes



Saturday 17 May

Crusaders v S

Saturday 10 May

Highlanders v Lions



Saturday 17 May

Reds v Rebel

Saturday 10 May

Brumbies v Sharks



Sunday 18 May

Stormers v Fo

Sunday 11 May

Cheetahs v Force



Sunday 18 May

Cheetahs v B

Sunday 11 May

Bulls v Stormers



Sunday 18 May

Waratahs v L

Sunday 11 May

Reds v Crusaders






Blues Bulls Chiefs

Week Sixteen

Join us and watch the Super 15 on the Big Screen!

Day & Date

Week Seventeen

Friday 30 May

Crusaders v Force



Friday 27 June

Highlanders v

Friday 30 May

Reds v Highlanders



Friday 27 June

Rebels v Red

Saturday 31 May

Chiefs v Waratahs

New Plymouth


Saturday 28 June

Hurricanes v C

Saturday 31 May

Blues v Hurricanes



Saturday 28 June

Waratahs v B

Saturday 31 May

Brumbies v Rebels



Saturday 28 June

Force v Blues

Sunday 1 June

Lions v Bulls




Sunday 1 June

Sharks v Stormers





Bulls Cheetahs Lions Sharks Stormers

Week Nineteen

Quarter Finals

Friday 11 July

Blues v Chiefs



Friday 18 July

Rank 4 v Ran

Friday 11 July

Brumbies v Force



Saturday 19 July

Rank 3 v Ran

Saturday 12 July

Bulls v Rebels




The top two team

Saturday 12 July

Crusaders v Highlanders



Saturday 12 July

Reds v Waratahs



Sunday 13 July

Lions v Cheetahs



Sunday 13 July

Stormers v Sharks

Cape Town




Semi Finals Friday 25 July

Saturday 26 July


New Homes • Re-Paints • Roof Spraying • Water Blasting • Wallpapering Plasterboard Stopping • Commercial Work • Insurance Work • Project Management Solid Plastering • Rural Work

Ph 03 544 3989

Rank 2 v High winner of the 2

Rank 1 v Low winner of the 2


A lu stay

Includ resort To be

Terms a drawn 1 2014. N shuttlew



WEDNESDAY 7 May 2014 19

DRAW Venue

Kick Off NZ Time

Weeks 13 - 22

Day & Date



Week Fifteen Wellington


Friday 23 May

Blues v Sharks






Friday 23 May

Rebels v Waratahs






Saturday 24 May

Highlanders v Crusaders




Cape Town


Saturday 24 May

Hurricanes v Chiefs






Saturday 24 May

Force v Lions






Sunday 25 May

Stormers v Cheetahs

Cape Town


Sunday 25 May

Bulls v Brumbies





Week Eighteen

v Chiefs



Friday 4 July

Chiefs v Hurricanes






Saturday 5 July

Lions v Rebels






Saturday 5 July

Crusaders v Blues






Saturday 5 July

Force v Reds






Sunday 6 July

Stormers v Bulls

Cape Town


Sunday 6 July

Cheetahs v Sharks



Sunday 6 July

Waratahs v Highlanders






nk 5



nk 6



ams from the 3 conferences - Ranked 1 & 2

hest ranked 2 quarterinals



west ranked 2 quarterinals



Saturday 2 August

Winners A v Winners B TBA


Total Wins Team Crusaders Blues Bulls Brumbies Chiefs Reds

Championships 7 3 3 2 2 1


uxury trip for two to Fiji for 5 nights ying at the Sofitel Fiji Resort and Spa

ding return airfares from Nelson, return airport transfers to t and full breakfast daily. in to win just accept a quote between 5 May – 11 July 2014.

and conditions apply. Quotes must be accepted in writing within these dates. Prize 15 July 2014. Package must be booked by 30 July 2014, travel by 15 December Not available during NZ school holidays. For full terms and conditions, please email

For EvErything auto-ElEctrical largest range of batteries in the region

Waimea Drilling C . l o


Top of the South Drilling Specialists Insitu Level Troll Test Pumping Special Prices for Deep Moutere Wells Submersible pumps supplied, fitted & serviced • Irrigation and Domestic Water Bores • Investigation Drilling • Diamond Drilling

03 544 8442 Aniseed Valley Rd, RD1, Richmond Email:

The Same... ...Low fees starting at Details subject to change.

% 2.95


Even better...

FREE $1000 of advertising *Conditions apply

Nelson and Richmond

Licensed under REAA 2008

Ph 548 2000

20 WEDNESDAY 7 May 2014


Who’s Who in Wakatu...

The Home of Quality Heck German Smallgoods is a gourmet butchery. We produce and sell authentic German and European quality smallgoods such as cold cuts, sausages, salamis, ham etc. Our products are GLUTEN FREE and contain NO fillers. We only use meat.

Factory Shop:

*Open to the Public*

Mon - Fri: 9:00am - 2:00pm

Taste It - Love It 10C Kotua Place (Rear unit - behind Skipper’s Choice Ltd) Wakatu Industrial Estate, Stoke, Nelson 7011 (: 541 0981 email: website:

Motorbikes - Outboards - Power Equipment


Over 100 years of qualified experience with the best diagnostic equipment on and off farm. We stock a wide range of parts and accessories for all makes and models. MORLEY MOTORCYCLE & MARINE 25 Elms St, Stoke, Nelson Ph 544 8703


Heck German Smallgoods Heck German Small goods is a German gourmet butchery that sells and produces authentic German and European quality small goods. Coming from a long line of butchers, Ulrich Heck has learned from 150 years of butchering experience and now shares the high quality delicacies he produces with the Nelson and Christchurch areas and an ever growing customer base throughout New Zealand. Heck German Smallgoods offers a variety of products made with the best quality New Zealand meat and traditional German recipes including sausages, salamis, beersticks, and specially cooked and smoked meats. All their goods and gluten free with no fillers and the best spices selected in Germany and exported to New Zealand so that you can enjoy the unique and authentic taste of German and European food. All their items are passionately handmade so you can turn a simple meal into a culinary delight. You will find their shop at 10c Kotua Place, Wakatu Indus-

The team at Ezy Kitchens 4 Kotua Place have a kitchen for everyone.

ducing your dream kitchen. They know that not everyone likes the same style and that means thinking outside the box in every project. From the moment a customer steps through the door, Ezy Kitchens create a friendly, stress free environment because selecting a kitchen should not be a daunting experience and with their European inspired designs you are sure to find a kitchen that meets all your practical requirements while maintaining style and sophistication. Whether it’s a timeless classic or a modern masterpiece Ezy Kitchens have it sorted. They take into account your personality and budget when they are designing your kitchen and their local craftsmen work on every kitchen as if it was their own.

Ezy Kitchens Ezy Kitchens have a kitchen to suit everyone and are proud to say that all of their quality cabinetry is made right here in New Zealand. Their focus is providing you with the best service and experience possible when it comes to designing and pro-

Triple One Care Triple One Care is a First Aid service dedicated to solving the First Aid problems of a wide range of people. The representatives of Triple One Care require extensive training and commitment to the services they provide so they can offer the best

tial Estate open Monday - Friday, 9am-2pm.

tra free

Free soft close upgrade

Upgrade from standard drawer and cupboard closers for free this month when you purchase your new kitchen.

Showroom: 4 Kotua Place, Wakatu Industrial Estate

Conditions apply so ask in showroom for details.

Visit your local showroom today Ph (03) 5444 890 //

Work Place First Aid Courses

Ph 544 3985 21 Elms Street, Wakatu Estate, Nelson


May: 1, 6, 20, 23, 24, 29 Aug: 5, 13, 28, 29, 30 June: 5, 10, 26, 27, 28 Sept: 9, 18, 25, 26, 27 July: 8, 16, 24, 25, 26 Oct: 7, 16, 17, 18, 30

Ph 544 9180 Corporate Rates Available


WEDNESDAY 7 May 2014


Who’s Who in Wakatu... knowledge in how to deal with viced or repaired, eliminating showroom at 10a Kotua Place, emergency situations. Triple downtime. An authorised ser- Wakatu Industrial Estate. One Care deliver different lev- vice agent for four major water els of First Aid training includ- blaster brands, Waterblaster So- Curves ing work place, outdoor and lutions also supplies hoses and Winter can be a difficult time pre hospital emergency when it comes to moticare courses. The work vating yourself, so Jessie, place course is aimed at Kirsty and Carolyn are enthose needing skills for couraging their members life in their everyday ento think ahead to spring vironments or a certificate and work hard through the to fulfill their workplace winter months. It may be requirements while the cold with wet weather but outdoor course shows you as they always say, “It never how to take care of patients rains at Curves!” for longer, benefiting those With Curves you can keep who spend extended perifit throughout the year. A ods of time outside includwoman’s health is imporing Scout or Guide leaders tant as it affects her whole and DOC staff. The pre family. You want the enhospital course is the high- Storage World offers a wide range of ergy to look after others; est First Aid level a civilian storage services in their purpose-built your family will also benecan achieve and covers an state-of-the-art, secure storage complex fit from the dietary changes advanced range of life sav- call in now to 19 Elms Street or call 544 and active lifestyle that you ing care. Triple One Care choose. also offers E-Learning courses fittings at competitive prices, Curves are passionate about so that you can complete it at as well as detergents and clean- helping women achieve their your own pace. For all First Aid ers for your equipment. Need weight loss and health dreams. Courses and Supplies, check out something out of the ordinary? With Curves Complete you will their website www.tripleone- Waterblaster Solutions will de- see lasting results through their or call 544 9180. sign and build machinery and 30 minute workout, healthy meal attachments to suit your needs plan and professional coaching. Waterblaster Solutions in their modern workshop. Join countless women and join Waterblaster Solutions sell, Qualified engineering and elec- Curves for your health and fitservice and hire water blast- trical staff provide precision de- ness needs throughout winter. ers, steam cleaners, industrial sign. Is your waterblaster or in- You will find them at 3 Elms St vacuum cleaners and industrial dustrial vacuum cleaner due for in Wakatu or you can phone on heaters. As a registered Electri- a service or replacement? Call 541 0710 for more information. cal Services Technician with Waterblaster well over 15 years experiences, Solutions and owner Grant Sutton knows ex- arrange for actly what you need to get the a call from job done and offers hire equip- their moment so you can continue work- bile service ing while your equipment is ser- or visit their

Ph 544 4545 • 19 Elms Street • Nelson

Monday to Friday

3J Kotua Place, Wakatu Industrial Estate Stoke, Nelson

Stoke Richmond

3 Elms St, Wakatu Estate, Stoke

Ph 541 0710


ProudAvailable to support our at Richmond Fresh Choice Volunteer Fire Fighters Gourmet Seafood Gourmet SeafoodSauces Sauces Dressings & Coatings Dressings & Coatings

Ph Ph 541 541 0324 0324

• Sales • Service • Hire Commercial, Industrial and Domestic Machines Available

Ph 544 9474 or 027 4450 540

For all your car, campervan and light commercial WOF, servicing and repairs.

0800 437 567

7 Kotua Pl, Wakatu Estate, Richmond Ph: 543 9400

22 WEDNESDAY 7 May 2014


Experienced Service While You Wait Parts Guaranteed - Quality & Care


Because We Are Car Enthusiasts! 4 Gladstone Road, Richmond (Opposite Mobil)

Ph 544 1014 ‘The best place to take a leak!’

It’s been five years since Julie and Wayne Bensemann made the decision to rebrand their Spring Grove garage business to South Fuels Spring Grove. Their busy workshop and service station looks after a range of people from locals to loggers and the Rural Fire Network. They are proud to be able to maintain competitive fuel prices, having done so successfully for five years now which has been both a challenge and an opportunity within their business says Julie. Becoming part of the South Fuels group gave them the best of both worlds with a fresh, streamlined brand but the same great service as far as their customers are concerned. South Fuels and North Fuels are a New Zealand owned and operated business. South Fuels are the South Island rural distributors for Shell fuels and lubricants, specialising in servicing the

Peter Anglesey, Carleton Taylor and Wayne Bensemann look after all of your mechanical servicing and repairs in the busy workshop at Southfuels Spring Grove. rural, contractor, commercial and industrial markets with the aim of provid-

ing exceptional service to their customers throughout New Zealand. Julie and Wayne decided to switch to South Fuels as it proved to be the most suitable fuel company for their rural outlook and desire to provide customers with fuel 24/7. Although they are not branded as a Shell station, they still supply Shell fuel and Shell cards are still accepted and they also stock a range of Shell oils and lubricants. South Fuels Spring Grove are proud to offer their customers with a 24/7 self-service terminal which sets them apart from many other stations in the area. The shop is open from 6am-7pm but after that there is a simple to use terminal

Braking should be pretty simple. When it’s not, you’d better call us.

Southfuels Spring Grove is located on the main highway through Spring Grove between Wakefield and Brightwater.

Nelson Brake Services Locally owned and operated since 1971 - All work guaranteed

190 Rutherford St Ph 548 2619 Bowater Toyota

Drive your dream

Winners of the 2013 Parts Excellence Cup for nationwide Toyota Parts Dealers, and proud supporters of our community.

Full franchise dealerships: Nelson / Richmond / Motueka find & us: /bowatermotorgroup

Call 0800 269 283

Proud supplier to Wayne and Julie at Southfuels Spring Grove


available that will accept Shell cards, all major credit cards and eftpos cards, making them a reliable lifesaver in those late night emergency situations. The privately owned and operated service station has a full mechanical workshop with a pickup and delivery service from Hope

to Wakefield, including Brightwater, and a fleet of courtesy cars that are available on request. The workshop offers full services, tyre sales, wheel alignments, repairs of all makes and models, farm machinery, WOF and the service, repairs and sale of chainsaws including chain sharpening. “It’s a real rural place: we get everything and anything here, even people who come in to get their lawn mower fixed or whitebait net welded. We get all sorts from all over,” says Julie. The close community relationship South Fuels Spring Grove has with

its customers means staff know them by name and they strive to keep their loyal customers happy by providing them with excellent service. Julie, Wayne and the team are very grateful to their customers and wish to extend a big thank you to all those who support their business. “We have very loyal customers and we try to give them the best possible service so they will continue to come back. Over the past few years it has been working really well.” South Fuels is privately owned and South Island based. It has been operating since 2006 and quickly established itself as a strong player in the rural

automotive The friendly forecourt attendants at Southfuels Spring Grove; Sarsha Jacobsen, Kelly Jackson (inset) and Julie Bensemann.

        

WEDNESDAY 7 May 2014

also purchase quality lawnmowers, chainsaws, weed eaters and other small equipment as well as a range of oils and lubricants. South Fuels is located on Main Rd North, Wakefield and is the perfect place to stop for a break and a bite to eat on any road trip. So pop in and say hi to this friendly, country team.


Service Station and Workshop Locals supporting locals

Pick up and Delivery in Pick up for Brightwater & Wakefield Brightwater and Wakefield

(2008) ltd

Proud suppliers to Wayne and Julie at South Fuels Spring Grove • BOSCH Automotive products • HELLA Lighting • FRAM & RYCO Filters

fuel sector. Along with the self service terminal, South Fuels Spring Grove also incorporates a high flow pump allowing for the business’s rural and contracting customers to fill mobile trailer tanks and commercial fleet customers. The service station shop not only sells food and drink but you can


Fuel available 24/7 • All mechanical repairs and service • WOF • Lube & oil change • Tyre sales & repairs • Chainsaw & mower sales & repairs • 4 courtesy cars available

Win FREE Fuel

All purchases in May go in the Draw to win a $100 Petrol Voucher

Ph (03) 548 9014 22 Vanguard Street, Nelson

      

Proud to be associated with Repco Richmond congratulate Wayne and Julie on their five years with Southfuels and are proud to support Southfuels Spring Grove.

Wayne & Julie at Spring Grove

Congratulations! 8 Gladstone Road, Richmond Ph 543 9301

Phone 0800 999 989

24 WEDNESDAY 7 May 2014


Just a thought... By David McBride, Richmond Baptist Church A story is told about Fiorello LaGuardia, who, when he was mayor of New York City during the worst days of the Great Depression and all of World War II, was called “the Little Flower” by adoring New Yorkers because he was only five foot four and always wore a carnation in his lapel. He was a colourful character who used to ride the New York City fire trucks, raid speakeasies with the police department, take entire orphanages to baseball games, and whenever the New York newspapers were on strike, he would go on the radio and read the Sunday funnies to the kids. One bitterly cold night in January of 1935, the mayor turned up at a night court that served the poorest ward of the city. LaGuardia dismissed the judge for the evening and took over the bench himself. Within a few minutes, a tattered old woman was brought before him, charged with stealing a loaf of

bread. She told LaGuardia that her daughter’s husband had deserted her, her daughter was sick, and her two grandchildren were starving. But the shopkeeper from whom the bread was stolen, refused to drop the charges. “It’s a bad neighbourhood, Your Honour,” the man told the mayor. “She’s got to be punished to teach other people around here a lesson.” LaGuardia sighed. He turned to the woman and said, “I’ve got to punish you. The law makes no exceptions – ten dollars or ten days in jail.” But even as he pronounced the sentence, the mayor was already reaching into his pocket. He extracted a bill and tossed it into his famous sombrero, saying, “Here is the ten dollar fine, which I now remit; and furthermore I am going to fine everyone in this courtroom fifty cents for living in a town where a person has to steal bread so that her grandchildren can eat. Mr Bailiff, collect the fines and give them to the defendant.” So the following day the New York City newspapers reported that $47.50 was turned over to a bewildered old lady who had stolen a loaf of bread to feed her starving grandchildren, fifty cents of that amount being contributed by Time to tidy the garden the red-faced grocery store owner, while some seventy petty criminals, people with traffic violations, and New York City policemen, each of whom had just paid fifty cents for the privilege of doing so, gave the mayor a standing ovation. What an extraorTalk to the experts dinary moment of grace for everyone present in that courtroom! The grace Sleepers - Compost - Bark - Topsoil Crushed Shell - Landscape Rocks - Sand of God operates at a profound level in Fertiliser & much, much more! the life of a loving person. Oh, that we would recognise God’s grace when it comes to us! 59 Saxton Road, Stoke


Ph: 547 4777

The 14 Acre STore

Gardening &



Jill Rodgerson

51 Collingwood Street Ph: 545 8214

It has been said many times before: “A bad farmer curses the weather, a good farmer makes use of it”. The same thing can be said of gardeners. Now I don’t claim to be a good gardener, and quite often not even an average one, but this week I tried for the ‘good’ stakes. I paid attention to the weather forecasters. A wet week is predicted for the coming days and I have paid attention to that. I have just come inside, having spent an enjoyable and productive afternoon in the garden. Spring onions have been planted, along with beetroot with glorious rich red foliage. The label tells all who care to read, that this beautiful foliage is an added attraction to soups, and makes a colourful addition to salads and stir-fries. Which makes me excited, so a sowing was also made of sugar snap peas, and snow peas. Both of these varieties can be sown from early winter to early spring. But that ain’t all! Before Easter, I planted some perpetual spinach. This week, I managed to harvest a small number of leaves to add to a meal. It’s a lovely feeling, that. So today, in went some more spinach, along with another planting of silverbeet. The day was just right for this sort of activity, with a gentle feeling in the air that the rains will surely come. A liberal handful or two of sheep pellets was dug in and this time I added a sprinkling of sugar to the mix. Yes, that is right! I had read recently that a touch of sugar helps establish a strong root system, so thought

I would give it a go. A sprinkling of Neem Tree granules was a final addition to the recipe. Shortly I will plant caulis, cabbage [for a nice late winter coleslaw] and broccoli, now that the white butterflies are not so prominent. But just in case they should come flying by, I have a container of Neem Tree oil to spray on the plants to keep the pests at bay. So, what if you have already done all this winter preparation in the vege department. Now you can turn your attention to your ornamental garden. Do take a look at the new stocks of Rhododendrons, on display now, and while you are about it turn you attention to the evergreen Azaleas which are showing colour now. Many varieties of Pieris are budding up nicely, and the Michelias are showing velvety black buds in preparation for spring. It is exciting to look forward to the coming months. Don’t go about doing a hissy fit because we are heading into some winter weather. Look at it this way. May is here now, and it’s not too bad so far. Next will come June and July, and if you translate that into weeks it only adds up to eight. Next we will be heading into August and I bet there will be a few lambs on the scene by then! So enjoy now! • Make a sowing of sugar snap and snow peas. • Dig in the above peas after harvest, to add extra nitrogen to the soil. • Don’t forget to sow or plant Broad Beans now.

Get the X-Factor -FACTOR

DESIGN & BUILD Specialising in

• Renovations • Restorations • Additions • Alterations

Inside and out

A team of qualified professionals with that X-Factor available now! All work unconditionally guaranteed. LBP: 111586

Contact Miles: 541 9291 or 027 461 2199 ●

X Factor Design and Build can guarantee you who love where they live. Their new builds are will be impressed with their standard of crafts- one offs with a focus on providing their clients manship and attention to detail when you choose with environmentally sound products, good inthem for your next new build or renovation. sulation and ventilation for all seasons. They They are a team including qualified Licensed also carry strong themes to suit any homeownBuilding Practitioners which means they have ers taste, from the splendours of the Victorian been assessed to be competent in carrying out era to Bali, Asian, farm house, beach, batch and work essential to a many more. They do residential building everything from the structure or weather bottom to the top, tightness. They are re-piling new floors, skilled carpenters re-cladding walls and and joiners who can re-roofing are just the turn their hand to start of their diverse any trade including skill set. X Factor Deroofing, plastering sign and Build pride and tile-laying. themselves on their With many years friendly and honest combined experience approach to any job in the team, they also Miles from X-Factor with a recently renovated villa. and they work hard to have the knowledge make sure their clients of older techniques required to take on restora- get exactly what they want with an emphasis on tion projects. Their services include new builds, providing a smooth building process the whole renovations, re-roofing, new doors and win- way through. dows, kitchens, bathrooms, decks, pergolas and X Factor Design and Build are available now for retaining walls. The team at X Factor Design and your next home construction project. Call them Build love restoring and renovating older houses today on 545 6265 or 0274 612 199 or you can using period materials to transform them into email Miles at with their original state and their X Factor makeovers any enquiries. can rejuvenate any house for property owners Business Update. Adv.


WEDNESDAY 7 May 2014

25 $9,980 Ford Mondeo WAGon Auto 2006 Families and wagons just seem to go hand in hand as there is always plenty of luggage space for the kids sports gear and bikes. This is powered by a chain driven 2.0 litre motor and is auto. The interior is in tidy condition. It also has ABS brakes, CD, climate air conditioning, 6 airbags, cruise control, tinted glass, aftermarket 18 inch alloys, roof rails, towbar and remote locking.


subAru iMprezzA MAnuAl 2006 If you are the great outdoors type who likes to get off the main road but doesn’t want to walk too far, then this NZ new AWD Subaru Imprezza is for you. It’s had 2 owners from new. It’s powered by a 2.0 litre motor and is 5 speed manual with Hi & low ratio AWD. The interior is quite spacious and is in tidy condition. It also has ABS brakes, 4 airbags, CD, climate air conditioning, remote locking, cruise control, roof rails and a towbar.

MAzdA 6 GsX 2008 This model Mazda 6 GSX are very popular with tall people looking for that extra leg room or people wanting a roomy family car. This is NZ new and had 1 owner. Powered by a grunty 2.5 litre motor and is automatic with tiptronic option. We have the FULL service history for this car from new. It also has multi airbags, ABS brakes, cruise control, 6 disc CD, dual climate air conditioning, remote locking with 2 keys, factory 17 inch alloys and a towbar.



MAzdA 6 GlX 2010 These Mazda 6 GLX are are great all around family car. They have both plenty of interior room and luggage space and reasonable fuel economy. This one is NZ New and had 1 owner. Powered by a chain driven 2.0 litre motor and is auto with tiptronic option. Its been regularly serviced by a Mazda workshop. The interior is in tidy condition. It also has 6 airbags, ABS brakes, 6 disc CD, dual climatic air conditioning, cruise control, remote locking and a towbar.

Mitsubishi GAlAnt Gls 2006 In my opinion these Mitsubishi Galant’s are a very under rated car and represent fantastic value for money. This one is NZ new, had 2 owners and only done 77,000kms. It’s powered by a 2.0 litre motor and is automatic with tiptronic option. The interior is very spacious and is in immaculate condition. It also has airbags, ABS brakes, CD, climate airconditioning, electric windows and mirrors, remote locking, factory alloys, body kit and spoiler and a towbar.


$12,980 toyotA CorollA Gl hAtCh 2007 The Toyota Corolla legacy just keeps rolling on here in NZ and would be the most popular small hatch to be sold in this country. It’s powered by a 1.8 litre chain driven motor (so NO cambelt) and is 5 speed manual. It’s only done 64,000kms. The interior is in very tidy condition. It also has ABS brakes, airbags, CD, electric front windows and mirrors and remote locking.


$11,980 Ford FoCus hAtCh 2005 I would describe this model Ford Focus as a good robust family hatch. It might not have all of the frilly bits, but the more frills the more there is to go wrong. It’s NZ new. Powered by a 2.0 litre motor and is auto with tiptronic option. The interior is roomy and in very tidy condition. It also has ABS brakes, airbags, CD, remote locking and air conditioning.




toyotA CAMry Altise 2005 This is an extremely tidy example of this always popular model Toyota Camry Altise. It’s NZ new and had 2 owners. It’s powered by a peppy 2.4 litre chain driven motor with only 74,000kms on the clock and is automatic. The interior is very spacious and in immaculate condition. It also has ABS brakes, 4 airbags, air conditioning, electric windows and mirrors, remote locking and cruise control.

Mitsubishi Colt sport Auto 2007 NZ new and had 1 owner. It’s powered by a nippy 1500cc motor and is automatic. The interior is also in very tidy condition. It also has ABS brakes, airbags, CD, air conditioning, tinted glass, factory alloys, electric windows and mirrors and remote locking. The paintwork is also in very tidy condition for its year and mileage.



$6,980 holden bArinA XC 2004 Here we have a tidy wee NZ new Holden Barina XC hatch. Ideal for commuting to work or even for the children to learn to drive in. It’s powered by a peppy 1400cc motor and is 5 speed manual. The interior is in tidy condition and is quite roomy. It also has 2 airbags, CD, electric windows and mirrors, air conditioning and remote locking.

Ford FAlCon Xt 2011 There are still a good core group of people who need the grunt and interior room and comfort of these Ford Falcon’s. Ideal for towing that big boat or caravan without being lumbered with a 4WD for the rest of the year. This one has had 1 owner from new and is in very tidy condition. The back seat and boot don’t look like they have ever had anything in or on them. It has ABS brakes, cruise control, 4 airbags, factory alloys, towbar, CD, remote locking and climate air conditioning.


$8,500 toyotA CAMry Gl nz neW 2007 This represents great value for money for a later model NZ new car. Ideal for the family as it has huge interior space and comfort and is very tidy. It’s powered by a chain driven 2.4 litre motor and is automatic. It also has 8 airbags, ABS brakes, air conditioning, cruise control, remote locking and a towbar.

Arriving Soon

$5,980 nissAn pulsAr ls 2004 We have found these Nissan Pulsar hatches to always be a popular choice as a family car and a daily commuter. It’s powered by a 1.8 litre chain driven motor and is auto. The interior is quite spacious and is in tidy condition. It also has ABS brakes, air conditioning, 2 airbags, remote locking, CD and electric windows and mirrors.

$6,980 nissAn WinGroAd 5 speed 1999 Here is a trendy looking wee wagon thats been well looked after. It’s powered by a peppy 1500cc motor and is 5 speed manual. The interior is in very tidy condition. It also has airbags, ABS brakes, CD, air conditioning, tinted rear glass full body kit, alloys and roof spoiler.

$5,550 hondA Cr250 red roCket 1979 Not often now that one of these Honda CR250 Red Rocket twin shock models come up for sale. With vintage motocross so popular these days these are an ideal bike to get your leg over. It’s mechanically sound. It has a near new rear tyre and a new front. I have fitted some larger aftermarket foot pegs.



$6,980 Mitsubishi lAnCer GlXi 2001 This is a really tidy example of a well looked after NZ new car. It’s been in the same family from new and has only done 90,000kms. Powered by an 1.8 litre motor and is auto. The interior is quite roomy and is in very tidy condition. It also has air conditioning, CD, airbags, electric windows and mirrors.

suzuki GrAnd VitArA 2007 With winter just around the corner, now is a good time to buy that 4WD SUV for your outdoor winter sports. This is NZ new and had 1 owner. Powered by a peppy 2.0 litre (chain driven) motor and is automatic. This model has Hi & Low ratio 4WD. The interior is very roomy and is in very tidy condition. It also has ABS brakes, airbags, remote locking, climate air conditioning, CD, towbar and factory alloy wheels.

2006 Mazda 3 GsX Manual, NZ New $12,980 1999 honda Accord lXi Manual, NZ New $5,980 2000 holden Commodore V6 Wagon NZ New $5,980 2005 honda partner Wagon 1500cc Auto $5,980


MerCedes-benz other Mb140 VAn 2005 This van would be ideal as a delivery van or to carry your motorbikes or even as a tradesman’s van as it has heaps of interior space for all your gear. The interior cargo dimensions are 3.2 metres long by 1.65 metres wide. It’s NZ new and had 2 owners. It has only been used to carry gym equipment. Powered by a 2.8 litre 5 cylinder diesel and is 5 speed manual.


Trademe Auctions



holden bArinA hAtChbACk 2008 If you are looking for economy without having to forgo interior space and comfort, then this could be for you. It’s NZ New and had 1 owner. It’s powered by a peppy 1600cc motor and is automatic. The interior is both roomy and in immaculate condition. It also has ABS brakes, airbags, CD, air conditioning, remote locking, factory alloys and roof spoiler.












$4,980 MAzdA b2500 4Wd d/CAb 1997

If you are in the market for a cheap 4WD diesel double cab, then this could be for you. We have just traded it and it has a new WOF. It’s powered by a 2.5 litre diesel motor and is 5 speed manual. The cambelt was replaced at 258km. The interior is in tidy condition apart from a crack in the centre console. It also has CD, electric windows and central locking, canopy, tufdeck and also a torno cover.

Closes: sun 11 MAy, 8:00 pM reF: 725 468 299


$4,500 toyotA eCho hAtCh 2004

Are you in the market for a wee manual hatch for the kids to learn to drive in? Well this might do the job. It’s NZ new. Powered by a 1300cc motor (chain driven) and is 5 speed manual. The interior is tidy. It also has CD, air conditioning and electric windows and mirrors.

Closes: sun 11 MAy, 8:00 pM reF: 725 467 555


$6,800 Ford Mondeo zeteC hAtCh 2002

This Model Ford Mondeo Zetec liftback is ideal for those taller people who need that extra leg and headroom. They have plenty of both and heaps of luggage space. It’s NZ New and had 2 owners. It’s powered by a 2.0 litre chain driven motor and is automatic. It also has ABS brakes, 4 airbags, CD, factory alloys, air conditioning, cruise control and a towbar.

Closes: sun 11 MAy, 8:00 pM reF: 725 465 050

548 0568

26 WEDNESDAY 7 May 2014


Indoor bowlers win McNabb trophy Nelson Indoor Bowls won the McNabb Trophy over the weekend, holding off the challenge from Golden Bay Motueka. The A section of the competition – held at the Warnes Stadium in Stoke – was a closely fought battle, with Nelson only four points ahead going into

the last round of pairs. Nelson managed to hold on, winning overall by 41 points to 31. The Nelson B team had a comprehensive win, 47 to 25. Next Sunday the Nelson players are playing New Zealand Mixed Fours, the winner will go on to represent Nelson in a

regional final. The Rodgers Trophy is being played Saturday, May 17, on a home and away basis against Golden Bay Motueka. The next representative fixture is the Scott Adams Trophies, which is being played this year in Collingwood.

Mother and daughter Erica and Thelma Price at the Wedding Showcase at the Tahunanui Function Centre on Saturday. Brides-to-be from all over Nelson converged on the centre to learn all the secrets and tips from over 20 local wedding experts. From photographers and florists to menswear and bridal accessories. Marriage celebrant Angel Pearson says the showcase was an intimate event where brides and grooms could get the best advice from Nelson’s wedding specialists when planning their special day. Photo: Jessie Johnston.

5km run, roll or stroll Check-in from 9am Event starts at 10am Start location is Jennian Homes, 6 Champion Road, Richmond. Follow the walking/cycle trail alongside the estuary. Free dri-fit style T-shirt for those registered before 1 May.

Register online at

Each week photos from the Nelson Provincial Museum’s “glass plate” collection will run in Nelson Weekly and Waimea Weekly in an effort to find out more about the collection. Right: Unnamed. Burford Collection:316778. Below: Waimea West School. Tyree Studio Collection: 36194. Can you tell us more about these photos? Email details to: history@




Kids ready for winter sport

More than 4500 kids will take to the sports fields, courts and turfs of Nelson and Tasman this week, as junior winter sport kicks off. Most junior sports start this Saturday, so Waimea Weekly asked each of the major sporting codes in Nelson and Tasman for the number of registered players aged between 5 and 13. Those registrations show football will be the most played sport in the region, although it is neck-and-neck with rugby, both with around 1350 players in that age group. Netball is the third most popular with just under 1000 players, followed by basketball, hockey and tennis. Nelson Bays Football general manager, Clive Beaumont, says the number of kids playing football has been increasing over the past ten years and he’s thrilled to see another

WEDNESDAY 7 May 2014

MILKING SYSTEMS SERVICE TECHNICIANS WANTED - ASHBURTON We are looking for Service Technicians to join our Ashburton team and contribute to one of New Zealand’s most important and profitable industries. We build and install rotary platforms and milking systems for dairy farmers throughout mid and South Canterbury. Based in Ashburton we have gained an outstanding reputation for quality, reliability and service. This position will fill an essential role assisting with system installation, conducting routine and preventative maintenance and troubleshooting problems for clients. You may already have qualifications and experience in this field, or you may be someone from a rural or trades background with the ability and desire to develop into the role. Either way, we want to hear from you! To be successful in this role, you will have: • A basic understanding of who we are as a company and a real desire to join our team; • A practical, hands on approach; • The ability to learn technical information and gather new skills and knowledge; • A desire to build a career in the dairy industry; • Great verbal and written communication, time management and customer service skills; • A valid New Zealand Drivers’ License.

More than 4500 kids are playing winter sport this year, with the vast majority of them kicking off this Saturday. increase of about 40 kids this year, giving the code a total of 1352 junior players. Netball Nelson manager Chelsea Routhan says she is happy with another strong showing from juniors. “It’s up on last year which is great, and we’ll all excited for Saturday.” Nelson Bays Tennis coordina-

tor Ali McQuillan says many of those players do play another winter sport as well, but she’s happy to retain around a third of their summer registrations which were 612 this year. Nelson Basketball says its junior leagues start this Friday night in Saxton Stadium, while hockey starts next Thursday.

In return for your skills and commitment we offer: • Full time, permanent employment with standard work hours between 7am – 5pm; • Additional hours on a rostered, on-call basis; • Generous, tiered overtime rates; • Training and support to help you build a sustainable, long term career. • A relocation package to assist with moving to the Ashburton area is available to the right applicant in exchange for a commitment of at least two years. The dairy industry is New Zealand’s biggest export earner with annual exports in excess of NZ$10 billion. Join our team and be part of this growth industry. To apply please send your CV and cover letter to or phone Jade Taylor on 03 9436311. A position description is available on request.

28 WEDNESDAY 7 May 2014


Appleby’s Canning wins half marathon Sarah Smale is presented with the McMurray Cup by Croquet Richmond president Athol Henry, left, and manager Sheryl Wheeler. Croquet Richmond’s vice captain Sheryl Wheeler managed the popular McMurray Cup played at Richmond lawns in perfect conditions over two days last week. Runner-up was Richmond’s Pamela McKee. In the final count back only five points separated Sarah from Pamela.

 

New Home

Show Home

     

 

 

U U drive drive DEMO DAY

28 Highway 28 Appleby Appleby Highway DEMO DAY 28 Appleby Highway Signposted on the right heading out of Richmond Signposted on the right heading out of Richmond

Wednesday May Wednesday May 21 21 Get there around 10ish for a cuppa and stay for the BBQ lunch

Signposted on the right heading out of Richmond

Wednesday Get there around 10ish for aMay cuppa and stay21 for the BBQ lunch Massey Ferguson, Fendt and Iseki tractors plus a range of Massey Ferguson, Fendt and plus a range of Iseki tractors implements and machinery Iseki tractors plusimplements a range of on display and and machinery available implements and machinery on display and for you to available try. on display and available for you to try. for you toFor try. more info call John on ForJohn more call John on 021info 438159 For more info call on 021 438159 021 438159

Get there around 10ish for a cuppa and stay for the BBQ lunch Massey Ferguson, Fendt and

Renwick Seddon Renwick 42 High St Renwick 2 Wakefield St 42 High St 03 572 51734203High 575 St 7195

Richmond Seddon 19 Poutama St Seddon 2 03 Wakefield St 544 5936 2 Wakefield 03 572 5173 03 575 7195St 03 572 5173 03 575 7195

Richmond Richmond 19 Poutama St 19 03Poutama 544 5936St 03 544 5936

Appleby’s Paula Canning continued her dominance of long distance running in the Nelson-Tasman region by winning her eighth consecutive Nelson Shoe Clinic Half Marathon. Paula’s victory in the race held around the Railway Reserve and Richmond-Nelson cycleway on Sunday was comprehensive winning in 1 hour 23 minutes 45 seconds to finish eighth overall. She was well clear of second-placed Collette Read’s 1:29:30 with Robyn Deane third in 1:31:45. The win continued her remarkable record in the 21.1 kilometre race which started when she took her first title on the Sharland’s Road course in 2006. Nelson’s Kim Hogarth won the men’s in 1:12:46 just edging out arch rival Graeme Taylor by six seconds with Ben Aynsley third in 1:15:53. Cliff Bowman won the quarter marathon run in 39:36 with Kirsten Walker winning the women’s race in 1 46:38. Bryan Calder won the 5 kilometre race in 20:58 and junior runner Breena Gibbins won the women’s in 23:16. Sharon McDonald won the half marathon walk in 2:28:08 ahead of John Llewellin who finished in 2:30:37. Peter Hague won the quarter marathon walk in 1:5:54. Lyn Smith won the women’s walk with 1:10:16.

Paula Canning on her way to winning the Nelson Shoe Clinic half marathon on Sunday. Photo: Marc Palmano/

Test drive the latest tractors Tractor Repairs and Spares are giving every you need to know about their products. farmer in the Tasman region the chance to Tractor Repair and Spares have a first class come and have a look at their new machinery reputation for providing parts and services and test drive their latest tractors. in the agriculture, horticulture and viticulThe aim of the Agricultural ture industries. They have and Tractor Field Day is to been operating in the Marlprovide farmers with the opborough region for over fifportunity to see the latest in teen years and they continue agricultural machinery and to offer top quality support services that Tractor Repairs and services to local farmers. and Spares have available on Tractor Repairs and Spares the market and talk to exoffer a range of services from perts about the equipment tractor sales, parts and rethey need to make the most pair to the maintenance, air out of their land. conditioning and servicing The Field Day will include a of new and used machinery. variety of displays including They are also able to service Fendt, Massey Ferguson and and supply parts for grape Iseki tractors and a range of harvesters, sprayers, mulchfarm and viticulture machin- John Mehrtens, manager of ers and vineyard and orchard ery from Massey Ferguson, Tractor Repairs and Spares mowers. Lely, Kuhn, Tri-Max, Hardy, Richmond. The Agricultural and Tractor Robertson, Spray Pro and Field Day is being held from Ero. All these quality products and brands 10am on Wednesday 21 May at 28 Appleby will be on display for people to come and ex- Highway, just over the bridge from Three plore, with Tractors available for test driving Brothers Corner. With a BBQ going and and demonstrations so you can get a real feel drinks available to visitors, even the family for the machines. can come along for the day. Company representatives will also be avail- If you have any question please give John a able to assist and give you all the information call on 03 544 5936 or 021 438 159. Business Update. Adv.


WEDNESDAY 7 May 2014




NOW $25

We also offer: • Full mechanical repairs & servicing • WOF • Diagnostic service • Wheel alignments • Cam belt specialist • Petrol/diesel servicing & repairs • Drive through facilities for boats & caravans • Brake, tyres & battery’s • FREE pick up & drop off service (local area) • FREE courtesy car

Until end of May 2014

John Everett

66 Main Road Hope Phone 543 9306

New Nelson Netball centre manager, Chelsea Routhan, is ready for the season to kick off this weekend. Photo: Andrew Board.

791 791 Netball’s ‘exciting’ 0800 season opener

Chelsea Routhan had a fair idea that running netball in Nelson would be a busy job, but even she couldn’t have predicted how fullon the start of the season would be. This Thursday night the premier grade teams have a pre-season game, before 2500 players take to the Saxton Field courts on Saturday for their first game of the season. The very next day, Nelson Netball hosts the Canterbury Tactix in an ANZ Netball Championship game at Saxton Stadium. “It’s definitely going to be full-on,” says Chelsea. “But it’s exciting.” Chelsea was appointed as manager for Nelson Netball at the start of the year and has been focussed on this weekend since. The start of the season is always a huge event for the governing body but throw in an ANZ Championship game and it makes it even bigger. But Chelsea says she’s more excited than nervous. “It’s a big challenge and this job has been a huge learning curve for me, not so much what I’m doing but the quantity of it. But we have great support from community volunteers and it’s really neat to have people there backing you up and supporting you.” Netball is one of the highest participation sports in Nelson and having the entire code played in one area of Saxton Field creates a huge “buzz” and excitement. Chelsea says that is a huge asset for netball and the sport is in a great health, with player numbers on the rise

Andrew Board Editor

Battery Service Centre

Super 15 Tipping Our locals pick their winners

and a new junior programme alRound 13 ready attracting plenty of interest. “I think because it’s for females and it’s traditionally been such a big Dick Baker 53/74 sport, like rugby has, for our young players. Their mothers have played it, their grandmothers have played Belinda de Clercq 50/74 it and it’s exciting to be a part of it as a family.” She says her goals over the next Phillip Rollo 48/74 Phillip Rollo few years are to grow the number Waimea Weekly Reporter of players, make sure the sport Chris Satherley 48/74 mains financially stable and grow the number of elite players coming from Nelson. Dawn Rameka 45/74 “We’re probably not representing ourselves as highly as we could when it comes to elite level. But Chris Shand 45/74 that is a real focus of mine, to have quality rep teams and pathways for our elite players.” Jason Stack 45/74 It hasn’t all been plain sailing though, with Trafalgar Centre closed their normal court time at 43/74 Ben Coman Saxton Stadium has been cut significantly. Chelsea – who admits she is now in her dream job – doesn’t Kevin Cross 43/74 seem too bothered by it though and says it’s just another challenge that they will work around. Mal Lowrie 42/74 “I’m really passionate about netball and have played here in Nelson since I was seven. I knew the Craig Hamilton 41/74 job would be a big challenge and an exciting one, and so far I’m really enjoying it, so problems like Mark Cessford 39/74 the stadium, are just something we have to work around and keep focussed on the bigger picture.” Locally Owned and Operated

queen street


Chiefs vs Blues

Rebels Highlanders Brumbies vs vs vs Hurricanes Lions Sharks

Cheetahs vs Force

Bulls vs Stormers

Reds vs Crusaders

30 WEDNESDAY 7 May 2014


Waimea Old Boys RFC

Waimea Old Boys Rugby

Wanderers rematch the clash of the season Waimea Old Boys seniors’ attacking game was at its very best last round when they scored 80 points against Blenheim side Central, but coach Mark Milne believes it will be their defence which will be critical this Saturday when they play Wanderers at Brightwater. The return of star fullback Marty Banks, released from Super 15 side the Hurricanes for last week’s game, sparked a 12-try demolition of Central. New centre Sam Franklin and first five Connor Trathen were also in top form in the backs, but Mark says the

Simon Bloomberg

Senior reporter Reporter fact that they conceded 38 points is a concern. “It was a little surprising to put 80 points on any team but we do have the ability to do that. Our attack has been good at times and having a quality player like Marty Banks helped spark that attack. “We weren’t too happy about our defence but that sometimes happens when you score so many points as

you can lose that urgency. We have to give Central some credit as well because they were very good close to the line and around the fringes. “But we will have to tighten-up on defence against a side like Wanderers. That has been our focus this week.” Mark says Wanderers are a top side and Saturday’s game “will give us a good measure of where we are at”. The last time the two teams clashed, Wanderers won narrowly 17-12 and Mark says they are keen to reverse that result. The game kicks off at 3pm.

Waimea fullback Marty Banks passes the ball at Jubilee Park on Saturday. Photo: Evan Barnes/

Waimea Old Boy’s Sam Curtis makes a break at Cooks Reserve in Riwaka on Saturday, with plenty of support from her team mates on the side line. Waimea women’s team started its 2014 campaign in fine style on Saturday, beating Riwaka 66-10 in a preseason game. Photo: Chris Symes/



Waimea Weekly Locally Owned and Operated

Stirling Sports Richmond Waimea Motors Limited Topline Automotive Max Fencing Sprig & Fern Coman Properties Ltd Appleby Fresh D J Cullen Ltd Accessman Nelson Ltd P J Simpson Builders Ltd Alliance Group Ltd Domino’s Pizza M J Fraser Logging D J Palmer Stallard Hunter Solicitors Resene McNaughtons Furniture Ltd Nelson Food Distributors Ltd MVZ Builders Ltd Signs & Stripes Ltd Hynds Pipes Systems Ltd Berkett Contracting Ltd Tony Healey Cullens Fruit & Veges Jensen Family Fitzgerald Construction Ltd Mainland Foundation Tasman District Council Trillian Trust Total Oil Turf Hotel Walker Engineering Ltd Strait Freight Ltd


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ChurCh NotiCEs


One church, Many expressiOns


11 Florence Street, Richmond Worship Services This Sunday: 9.30am. Holy Communion and Footprints - an exciting fun programme for children.

Josh Coppins receiving the Ray Anderson Memorial Trophy and Club Champs Plate for Open 4 Stroke from club president Rob Anglesey. Photo: Jannine Pope.

Coppins wins motocross trophy

The tenth running of the Top of the South VMX club’s Morley Motorcycle and Marine Ray Anderson Memorial and Club Champs, was held at Tadmor last week. About 60 riders turned up for the event which was raced under blue skies and on excellent track conditions. Former World Motocross GP star Josh Coppins was the guest rider, with a Cheney 350 supplied by Tony Brown of Christchurch. The Ray Anderson Memorial trophy is drawn at the start of the day and this year it was the Open 4 stroke class to race for it. Josh was showing smooth and fast lines to win all three races to take the trophy which was fitting as Ray Anderson was at the events that Josh did when he was at the start of his motocross career, with Ben Alexander second and Ross Duncan third. Josh also dominated the Pre

75 races to win the Club Champs in that class, which shows the class of Josh as it was the first time he had ridden that bike. Rob Selby from Christchurch was second with Paul Baker from Blenheim in third. The juniors battled hard with some good racing between Keegan Anglesey and Seb Wardle swapping the lead all day long but Keegan came out on top with five wins from six with Seb getting one win and five seconds, to go one and two. The Basalaj brothers Flynn and Bailey battled for the next spot, with Flynn getting the better result in the last race for third. This year the Tapawera Hotel donated a trophy for the Overall club champ, which was won by Ross Troughton, with Mike Fodie second and Keegan Anglesey third. The Anglesey family ran a BBQ for the club with the Phone 544 8387

Grace Church 10.00am Sunday Biblical Christ-Centred Worship Services:

Headingly Centre Headingly Lane, Richmond

profits going to the Nelson Marlborough Rescue Helicopter plus the club matching the money raised from the BBQ and other donations a total of about $1350 was raised for this great service. The club would like to thank Ian from Morley Motorcycle and Marine and all the people that helped make this event a great one. The next event is round 1 of the Mainland series on the June 15. For more info see www. totsvmx

We wish all Mums a Happy Mothers Day

Ellis St, Brightwater

(Plunket Rooms, next to Petrol Station)

Weekend Mass Times Saturday Vigil 7.00pm Richmond Church 35 William Street

(no access off Waimea or Ridgeway)

Contact: (03) 547 - 6056

Richmond Church of Christ

Holy Trinity Anglican Church

10.00am Worship Celebration

Sunday Services 11 May 2014

9.00am Holy Communion 10.30am Praise on the Hill Theme:The Sabbath Rest

5.00pm Last Sunday of every month St’s Peter & Paul Moutere Highway

All Welcome

Warring Carpark (Behind No.1 Shoes) 243 Queen St

Wednesday 10.00am Holy Communion

All Welcome! Ph 544 8987

s y u b e h t t s for eek

be 1 Litre

Contact Dean 544 5784 We’d love to see you there

27 Dorset St, Richmond Phone 544-8844

Sunday 8.00am St Joseph’s Pitfire Road, Wakefield 9.30am Richmond Church

Smirnoff Vodka or Gordon's Gin

We are located at:

Meeting Sunday 10.30am

Our Lady of Perpetual Help Catholic Parish, Richmond


Sunday 10:30 am & 5 pm


Woodstock Bourbon & Cola 7%

10am Sundays Includes JAM Kids program

7pm Tradition style Gospel Service Cnr Darcy & Croucher Streets Ph 544 5415

ple is lue tip a v t s the g a be ks of Findin ith my pic rth w to-ea , simple ownd more r h o . F muc d n week a ’s n ry ciatio l Hen appre r loca u o y to call in ask. st and ju

Export Citrus

Mumm Champagne



330ml 12 Pack Bottles


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Interior Plastering


Renovations and New Projects

Bruce Irvine Ph 0274 444 546 A/H 544 8487

33.99 each

save even more! MixedSix AskYouinstore for details.*




Collect 1 Point for every $20 spent.

181 Queen Street, Richmond (next to BP) • Phone 03 541 0190 • Henry’s encourages safe & responsible use of alcohol. Shout prices run from Monday 5th May until Sunday 11th May 2014 or while stocks last. *Choose any 6 wines or spirits. Further discounts for Shout items do not apply. Excludes Beer and RTD’s.


32 WEDNESDAY 7 May 2014

Community Events

Community Events Keeping you in touch

Nelson Social Dancing Club’s - you are welcome to join us Social Dancing - next dance, Sat May 10 7.30-11.15pm, Broadgreen Intermediate School Hall, Nayland Rd Stoke. Live band. Member’s $10 (plus supper plate), non members $15, BYO drinks and glasses. No stilettos. For more information contact Tina 5442324, 0211774943. At Seniornet Westpac will be doing a presentation about Banking technology. How you-can have confidence and security in Banking.Learn whats new in internet banking. Come and have a chat and cup of something,its free. 21st May 2.00pm. Seniornet Learning centre,11 Hastings St,Nelson, all welcome. Chris fountain: 543 0320. Quiz Night. Run by Saint Paul’s School. Raising funds for our Multifunctional Space. Quiz on Friday 6 June ‘14 at ‘The 19th-Nelson Golf Club’. Bolt Rd. 7.30pm. Tickets $10 per person. Tables of 8. Call 021547874 or 035446384 to get tickets now. Square Dancing lessons from Tues 8 Apr 8pm 9 week course. $3. per person Florence Street Hall. Richmond TRY – IT – YOU – WILL- LIKE - IT! Ph Chris Hogarth 03 5440595 FRESH FOCUS Matt Lawrey speaking about “Cartoons & Council”. Monday, 12 May, 10-11am. Nelson Suburban Club, 168 Tahunanui Drive. Everyone welcome. Entry $2. Neslon cathedral - Heather Kelling from St. John’s Alarms will be speaking at the Cathedral on Tuesday 27th May, 10.30am in the Quiet room. All welcome. Nelson Cake Decorators are holding a workshop to make icing butterflies & learn new ideas for decorating cup cakes. Sat. 10 May 10-4pm, Richmond Church of Christ cnr Darcy/Croucher St. Ph to book 544 7631 or 544 5970. Cost $25, all materials included. Bring shared plate for lunch. COMMUNITY SING A LONG Wed. 21 May 1.30 pm Wesley Centre Richmond (opp TDC). Gold coin donation for Hospital Chaplaincy.

Cuppa All Welcome . Nelson/Tasman Endometriosis Network presents Fitness and Endo by Kirsty Glasgow telling her own story at Curves 3 Elms St, Wakatu Estate Wed 14 May 7pm. All welcome. Gold Coin donation. Info Ph Helen 5441724 Annual General Meeting; Richmond Bowling Club annual general meeting to be held in the club house on Sun. 18 May 2014 at 3.00pm. Nelson/Tasman Endometriosis Network presents “Fitness and Endo” by Kirsty Glasgow telling her own story at ‘Curves” 3 Elms Street, Wakatu Estate Wed 14 May at 7pm. Everyone welcome. Gold Coin donation. For info phone Helen 5441724 Star Party. View the moon and Jupiter. 7PM Fri 9 May at the Atkinson Observatory, Clifton Terrace School, Atawhai. All welcome, gold coin. Quiz Night. Run by Saint Paul’s School. Raising funds for our Multifunctional Space. Quiz is on Fri. 6 June 2014 at The 19th-Nelson Golf Club. Bolt Rd. 7.30pm. Tickets are $10 per person. Tables of 8 people. Please call 021547874 or 035446384 to get your tickets now. Teen Bingo has started for secondary school students! Register online www.tasmanlibraries.govt. nz. Start on any square you want. Finish a line, get a spot prize & finish your card to go into our big prize draw. Runs to Mon. Fri. 16 May – hurry up & get playing Teen Bingo. Nelson Cathedral event: Ursula Lewis from the Ministry of Social Development Senior Service (WINZ) will be speaking at Nelson Cathedral on Tues 29 April at 7 pm. REGULAR EVENTS LEARN to Speak with Confidence. Join Powertalk International - Waimea Club - meets in Annesbrook twice monthly. For information please Ph linda 5447823 Website:

Sponsor a Brook Waimarama Sanctuary fence post during May or June and we will give you a “Get Behind the Fence” bumper sticker PLUS an “I got Behind the Fence” fridge magnet! That makes it a great time to invest in our native heritage, for yourself or as a gift! See Tiny Tots, a free, fun introduction to stories, songs, active movement and rhymes for preschoolers & their caregivers. Tuesdays 10-10.30am Children’s Area, Richmond Library during term time. Like music & dancing? try Scottish Country Dancing in Richmond. Mon 7.45pm, no partner needed. St David’s Church Hall, Florence St, Richmond. more info. ph 5440902 Help new refugees & migrants to the area learn English & local info for an hour or so a week. Training & support provided. Next training starts June 3. Call English Language Partners 539 4848. Volunteering with Red Cross is fun & rewarding & gives you an opportunity to work in a team & experience new cultures. Next Volunteer Training Course: 18 – 20 July. For info contact jettie. or 548 4978 Angie’s Aerobics STOKE.NEW CLASS Improve strength, balance,flexibility & have fun! Use balls,bands,light weights & more. Mon 10 am,$7 St Barnabas hall, Isel Park,Main rd Stoke.Ph: 5470198 Pilates - strengthen & flatten abs, relieve back pain at Richmond Town Hall, Cambridge St, Mon’s 12.30pm - Book with Sue 538 0318 or 021 0344109, mats provided. Apple Mac User Group. Monthly meetings at Constance Barnicoat Room Tasman Library Richmond. Mac users, including users of Apple devices welcome. Refer to for details or call 5473408. TOASTMASTERS Develop your personal social confidence by learning the art and skills of public speaking at Madhatters Toastmasters. Meet every

Fri. 7am-8:30am. For info, ph Kate 548-6636. Stoke Methodist Opportunity Centre (Opposite Stoke Library). Good, used clothing. Very cheap. Open every Thurs. 9.30 am - 12 . Ph 5472604 Mum4Mum Breastfeeding support meets the last Wed. of every month 10am-11.30am at the Ecomoon Collective Building, 120 Bridge St, Nelson. All welcome. Ph Tara 0212772098 or Are you breastfeeding? Looking for additional support? Contact us at Mum4Mum for mother to mother breastfeeding support, guidance and advice. 0212772098 or visit our Facebook Page. Alzheimers Society. Offers information, advice, ongoing support, personal advocacy & education for people with dementia, their carers & family / whanua. For info Ph 03 5467702 or 0800 004 001. NELSON TASMAN BEEKEEPERS Club meets first Wed each month 7pm Waimea Lounge Richmond A&P Showgrounds Lower Queen St Richmond New members are welcome to attend. Totara Nelson Activity programme 10am-3pm, older people can get together & enjoy good company, friendship, activities & mutual support. Meals included. Transport possible & you may be eligible for financial assistance. Ph 5479350 Men In Accord are looking for new members to join our harmony chorus. Do you enjoy singing? Why not come along. We meet Tues evenings 7:15pm at Club Waimea, Ph. Dave 5402178 A“Naked Raku” workshop - Kate & Will Jacobson from Hawaii-see www.jacobsonartstudio. com at Craft Potters 3/4 May. nz Social Table Tennis at Saxton stadium Wed 7pm - 9pm on now! Mon & Fri 9am – noon will resume 27 Jan All Welcome. For details ph Karen 5473005.

DEADLINE: MIDDAY FRIDAY - 50 WORDS OR LESS BY EMAIL ONLY - PLEASE SEND TO: Coming soon notices are free to community groups, schools, churches, gold coin donation events and fundraising. Notices for businesses and organisations who charge for courses or events cost $10+gst Due to the popularity of this column, while every effort will be made, inclusion cannot be guaranteed for free ads.

Across contd. 21 Capital of Rumania (9) 24 Open to view (5) 25 Disastrous (7) 26 Permanent (7) 27 Covering everything (7) 28 Now under consideration (7) Down 1 Shakespeare tragedy (7) 2 Stripped (7) 3 Of very poor quality (9) 4 Velocity (5) 5 Concocted unscrupulously (7-2) 6 Impudent assurance (5) 7 Make unnecessary (7) 8 Prominent (7) 14 Worldwide (9) 15 Large amphibious reptile (9) 16 A ban (7) 17 Impute (7) 19 Be in the chair (7) 20 In a nervy state (7) 22 Spicy fragrance (5) 23 Vagrant (5) Answers next week


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Your announcement here for free.

IN MEMORY Your announcement here for free. Your announcement here for free.

BIRTHDAYS Your announcement here for free.

Background The Youth Court is part of the District Court and primarily deals with young people 14, 15 and 16 years old. The Court has its own special judges who are used to dealing with young people. The Youth Court is closed to the public, however media can attend with restrictions on reporting. The lay advocate is appointed by the Court to support a young person. They are responsible for ensuring that the Youth Court is made aware of all cultural matters that are relevant to the proceedings and representing the interests of the young person’s family or whanau to the extent that those interests are not otherwise represented in the Youth Court. The Registrar of each Court is responsible for the administration and organisation of these appointments.

ENgAgEMENT Your announcement here for free.

ANNOUNcEMENT Your announcement here for free.

pUBLIc NOTIcE Grazing. Approx 10 hec. 7 pads. Good water. Can feed out on behalf. Rai Valley. French Pass Rd. Tel 021 5777 46


SITUATIONS VAcANT Female Support Worker Required We are looking for a female support worker aged between 30-50 years old to assist our trauma�c brain injured client living in her own home in Richmond. This posi�on is permanent part �me hours working Tue/Wed/Thu/Fri 10am to 2pm. You must have a current full drivers licence, have fluency in English, be outgoing and have a ‘can do’ a�tude and clear communica�on skills. Previous experience suppor�ng someone with a trauma�c brain injury or challenging behaviour would be an advantage. What we offer Full induc�on, flexibility, training and a friendly suppor�ve environment plus a compe��ve hourly rate.

COCKBURN Colin & Michelle are thrilled to announce the arrival of their darling wee man Fergus Victor born on 19 January 2014, a healthy 9lb 3oz. A much loved brother for proud big sister Rowan. Heartfelt thanks to the amazing Kathy Farquhar, and to budding midwife Sarndra MacRae.


Role Responsibilities The primary responsibilities of a lay advocate are: • make sure the court understands any cultural matters to do with the case and provide the court with the cultural context of the young person; • assists and supports the provision of appropriate cultural advice and information to the Youth Court; • provides the court with the cultural context of the young person’s family; and • represent the interests of the child’s or young person’s family to the extent that those interests are not otherwise represented in the proceedings. A lay advocate needs to have a high level of relevant cultural knowledge and experience, as well as sufficient standing in the culture of the young person in respect of whom the appointment is to be made. Lay advocate appointments are made by the Youth Court on a case by case basis. Payment is for services rendered and is paid at an hourly rate by the Ministry of Justice. Applicants are invited to provide a CV with supporting written references to Raylene Harwood, Nelson District Court, DX WX 10725 or email raylene.harwood@justice. by 29 May 2014 For further information, and a copy of the role description, please contact Raylene on 03 545 9793 or email the above address.




Lay Advocates in the Youth Court


It’s FREE!




Saxton Road West, look for sign. 10 May, not before 8am. Many household items, freezer, bed, golf clubs, outdoor furniture.

Sunday 9am. 17 Dickens Street, Stoke. Household items, furniture, tools, children’s clothing, toys etc.




Experienced working photographer. I am available at a moment’s notice for any event, business meetings, product or property, family occasions, week or weekends, night or day. Specialising in budget wedding and birthday pics. I promise you can actually get a hold of me, and I love what I do and it shows. All the latest camera gear. I also have very reasonable charges so give me a call for more info. Gordon on 027 2156 156.

Young, short haired black cat with green eyes, called Tinky. Missing from Warick St area. Ph 544 4160.


Richmond Church of Christ

BOOT MARKET Saturday 17 May 8.30am - 1.00pm $20 a Stall If interested in a stall please phone Neil 021 063 5958


Fiordland New Zealand

“Living the Experience & Creating Memories”

Four, Six and Ten Night Cruises June, July and August 2014 Suitable for Individuals, Couples & Small Groups Small Ship Cruising – up close & personal

0800 862 334

Applicants for this posi�on should have NZ residency or a valid NZ work permit

Healthcare Rehabilita�on Ltd


For more informa�on contact Geraldine Ph 0800 621 222 ext 356 (Mon-Fri 8am to 5pm) w w w.healthcarerehabilita�

pUBLIc NOTIcE Over 25 years experience – Qualified and Insured

agents for Nelson, Golden Bay, Murchison and West Coast. Contact Paul Markland - 027 255 4665

MS Ford

157 Haven Rd | Nelson | ph 03 548 9189 |

Best equipped for all your tree & hedge needs incl stump grinding, tracked chipper hire, shaping and removal 100% locally owned and operated Customer feedback forms available for viewing

John Bush | 544 2197

e and c tenance landscaping brak mowing home and car main e and car maintenance plumbers electricians lawn hom ices ing serv mow cial lawn finan ns nts ricia accounta bers elect lawnmowin clutch specialists builders electricians nts financial services plum ialists builders accounta nce landscaping brake and financial services plumbers ing brake and clutch spec ices plumbers el ing home and car maintena ts builders accountants scap serv ialis mow cial land spec lawn h finan nce ns clutc nts tena ricia and unta e main elect acco car brak ers plumbers scaping mowing home and e and clutch specialists build untants financial e and car maintenance land accountants financial services plumbers electricians lawn tenance landscaping brak h specialists builders acco ricians lawnmowing hom untants financial services mowing home and car main landscaping brake and clutc cial services plumbers elect lawn ialists builders finan nce spec ns specialists builders acco h nts tena ricia clutc unta main elect and acco car e bers and brak ers e plum hom scaping h specialists build electricians lawnmowing accountants financial services and car maintenance land e bers ers scaping hom land plum build andscaping brake and clutc ing ts ices nce ialis mow serv tena spec cial lawn h main finan ns e and car electricia untants scaping brake and clutc ricians lawnmowing hom home and h specialists builders acco financial services plumbers and car maintenance land cial services plumbers elect electricians lawnmowing ts builders accountants landscaping brake and clutc finan ialis bers nce spec nts h plum tena unta clutc main ices acco and car serv e ers and cial brak e build finan ing ts electricia nts scap ialis unta land bers spec h acco plum lawnmowing hom nce clutc ers ices tena and e build serv main ing brak specialists nts financial mowing home and car car maintenance landscap scaping brake and clutch cial ialists builders accounta plumbers electricians lawn ns lawnmowing home and builders accountants finan e and car maintenance land ing brake and clutch spec ricia ts hom scap ialis elect land ing spec h bers mow nce clutc tena lawn plum and e main ns ices car brak ricia accountants financial serv clutch specialists builder cial services plumbers elect ns lawnmowing home and maintenance landscaping and ricia e car finan and brak elect nts e unta ing hom bers acco scap ing plum land ers mow ices build cial serv tenance ns lawn brake and clutch specialists builders accountants finan mowing home and car main services plumbers electricia nce landscaping brake brake and clutch specialists ers accountants financial ing home and car maintena plumbers electricians lawn untants financial services e and clutch specialists build maintenance landscaping bers electricians lawnmow acco brak home and car maintenanc plum ers ing ing ices build scap mow serv ts land cial lawn ialis finan ns nce spec h untants electricia maintena and clutc h specialists builders acco financial services plumbers lawnmowing home and car nce landscaping brake clutc tena nts and unta e main car acco brak and e ers ing hom scap build mowing specialists tenance land scaping brake and clutch plumbers electricians lawn mowing home and car main e and car maintenance land plumbers electricians lawn ricians lawnmowing hom elect countants financial services bers plum ices serv untants financial specialists builders acco

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• Pruning/Deadwood • Dismantling/Felling • Wood Chipping • Stump Grinding • Emergency Service • Mulch & Firewood Sales • Site Clearance • Fully Insured



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Over 20 years Experience

Dave 0274 296 669 A/H (03) 541 9777


Landscaping Lawn Care & Mowing Chipping of Greenwaste Stump Grinding Pre-Sale Garden Tidy-up Gardening Hedge Trimming Section Clearing Greenwaste Removal

Member NZ National Flooring Assn.

0800 455 141

Garden & Property Maintenance

 99% Dust Free  All Wooden Flooring  Residential & Commercial  Prestige Timber Floor Laying  Your choice of Coatings

Need help with your garden? Call Tony Baker

544 3977

Call Andrew or Wendy Neame

544 0444

021 255 6163

Baby&Mobility HIRE Carseats | Push Chairs | High Chairs Cots | Porta Cots | Bassinets Mobility Scooters | Walking Frames Lift Chairs | Wheelchairs | Power Chairs


Proudly supplying Orange Residential Homes roofing requirements for over 10 years

275A High St, Motueka



Soul Oasis

Regas or New Struts

Formal Childrens Alterations - zips, hems, mending

544 7285

• Energy healer • 20+ years experience • $40 per hour

(offRichmond Beach Road)

Supporting your healing and growth





Adam Brumwell

Camping and RV • Hot Water Heating Domestic and Commercial • Dairy Farms12v Off Grid Clean, green, affordable • 12V Grid Tie/ Off Grid • Camping and RV • Domestic and Commercial • Swimming Pools 1-19 McPherson St Richmond

03 544 8059



No job too small


4A Gladstone Road, 12 Cargill Place, Richmond

Sew for U

126 Tahunanui Dr, Nelson – since 2005

021 0264 4839

Chris Inglis 03 5448059 0275485877


Liz McLean


Call a Geek

0800 427 782

Hot Water Heating Dairy Farms 12V Grid Tie



We do call outs and remote support too

• 24 Years Horticulture Experience • Landscaping • Pruning • Hedge Trimming • Tidying • Weeding • Lawn Care

Smart Solutions for Smart People

269 Queen St Richmond. Ph 544 6603

• Keys • Locksmiths • Safes • Alarms • Access Control • CCTV

16 Halifax Street

or 03 544 1212

Qualified Tradesman

Your solar specialists Specialising in supply & installation of Solar Systems for:



548 0007

Painter Decorator


0800 506 111

Ph: 538 0824

Quick - Efficient Professional


Your one-stop shop for - WOF - Engine Tuning - Brakes & Clutch - Wheel Alignment All mechanical services Friendly



Computer Problems?






Specialising in

Stephen Oliver

24/7 phone: 03 548 2831

Parts and Service for ALL makes and ALL models

21 Elms Street, Wakatu Estate,Nelson

Carpet, rugs & vinyl Carpet stains Upholstery Mould Pest control

Hot water extraction carpet cleaning IICRC internationally qualified

24HR Call Out

SUIT HIRE Weddings, Black Tie, School Balls

NelSoN TailorS MeNSWear Ph 548 7655 155 Trafalgar St (opp Westpac)

26 Years Experience

“I’ll turn up on time”

Painting - Exterior/Interior - Airless Spraying - Waterblasting - New & Old Work - Fully Qualified Tradesman - Obligation Free Quote

Locally owned and operated

027 232 1550 AH/Fax: 544 3177

Call Adam

027 671 8417 or 544 9415





Suit hire for all formal occasions 249 Queen St Richmond


Low prices Secure storage Staff on site Inside Car Storage Self drive truck hire Size & Price List available at 74 Gladstone Rd, Richmond

Ph 544 4306


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Trades & Services

WEDNESDAY 7 May 2014

Trades & Services





Hassle free motoring

Hemming Alterations Repairs

Apple Computer Repairs

All mechanical repairs No job too big or small.

A Automotive


12 Cargill Place, (off Beach Richmond 4A Gladstone Road,Road) Richmond

Ph: 544 1212



SEWING Now at Richmond Mall between Jean Jones & Fresh Choice

027 885 3777

Certified Mac Technician Ph: 0275481618



Deck&FencePro ®

68 Gladstone Road, Richmond

Ph (03) 544 9418





544 1660

Richmond Brake & Clutch 13 McGlashen Ave, Richmond

• Holiday Homes • Bush Cabins • Renovation




Est. 2006

Sheryl Moffat

Driving Instructor Book three 1hr lessons during May for just



per lesson

Any further lessons just $50 per hr. For a limited time

Crazy Sheep Landscapes For the ‘baa-ack’ yard ewe deserve

LAWNMOWING lawnmower services We sharpen & Fix:

lawnmowing weedeating gardening Atawhai to Wakefield and everywhere in between

FREE Quotes

Rotary Mowers Hand Mowers Reel Mowers Hedge Trimmer Line Trimmers Hand Tools Chainsaws


• In-home fitness and training • Falls prevention programmes • Fitness for tramping/overseas trips • Personal assistant and companion driving service • Shopping - in-home fitne

- falls preventio programmes - outings - shopping aid - visiting friend - pet friendly

Based in Stoke

Free547. pick-up & Delivery Call Caleb change phCall Simon Please number so space is after (conditions apply) 022 122 5013 0274 071 328 Email or 547 4038 021 223 3135 to. I had spelt And can you change wording available

Sue Henley 03 544 9599 or 021 136 7562

545 1000



• • • • • •

Rather nice interior and exterior house painting 027 2300146


All Insurance Claims Panelbeating Chassis Straightening Repaints 2-pack Touch Ups Call Tony Johnston

90 VANGUARD ST NELSON PH: 548 3954 027 548 3954

544 0203 Sundial Square Richmond Open 7 Days 11am - Late



Specialising in small jobs and maintenance plumbing

• Renovations • Kitchens • Bathrooms 4 Coach Pl, Brightwater

0275 423 343 A/H: 542 3343


Experienced and qualified personal trainer


Honest Reliable Master Master Honest Reliable Plumbers and Gasfitters Plumbers and Gasfitters Since 1915 Since 1915

• • • • • •

Maintenance Blocked Drains Domestic Work New Housing Industrial Properties Leaking Taps & Pipes

Small Small • Leaking taps & pipes Jobs • KitchensJobs & Welcome bathrooms Welcome • Solar • Drainage Kevin Harris Kevin Harris

8090 544 8059 Ph: 543 Ph: 543 8090








Work Place First Aid Courses

Watch and Clock Repairs

Rise & shine

• Floor & Wall Tiling • Full Bathroom Renovations • Under Tile Heating Installation • Waterproofing • All work Fully Guaranteed • 30 Years Experience

Phone orders welcome

wrong last time too


H: 03 542 3807 M: 027 336 4125 E: W:

Low cost

Feeling woolly when looking at your garden? Then it’s time to call

For home loans that fit for a Lifetime, phone anytime 548 8590



Phone 543 8243

%Call Now 021 130 4130 INTERIOR SEWING


• Registered Drainlayers (residential & commercial) • Sewage Treatment (design,supply, install & service) • Blocked Drains • Video Camera & Drain Inspection • Waterblasting • Excavator & Truck Hire to suit job

paint, oil & stain restoration


Drainage & Construction Tasman LTD

You will be shocked at the difference we can make and the $$$ we might save you

• Driveways • Floors • Decorative Surfacing • Commercial • Residential

AVON'S MAY GIFT FREE - a basket full of Avon products when you sign up to Avon in May. Want to earn extra $$$ and work you own hours? FREE to start, and full training provided. Call Vickie 027 437 3885




We Restore Weathered Decks We specialise in the restoration and staining of all decks.



Paul Napier Certified Mapei Installer

021 548 390 Email:

Registered Trainer, Assessor & EPA Test Certifier • Growsafe & Approved Handler Certification • Chainsaw • Tree Felling • Quad Bike • Tractor

For course dates see

Ph: 544 4062

Mob: 0274 574 775

May: June: July: Aug: Sept:

1, 6, 20, 23, 24, 29 5, 10, 26, 27, 28 8, 16, 24, 25, 26 5, 13, 28, 29, 30 9, 18, 25, 26, 27

Ph 544 9180 Corporate Rates Available

Rod Clark

Window Cleaning

qualified watchmaker

Overhauls Repairs ● All watches and clocks

At Benjamin Black Goldsmiths 176 Bridge Street, Nelson (opposite Graham’s Trading Post)

03 546 9137

Specialising in Windows Over 10yrs professional experience Residential or Commercial Call Brandon 022 0984 167

36 WEDNESDAY 7 May 2014



NOW $99 (3.66m)

RRP $179 m² 4 colours or $27 m²


“PATCHES” + “CAFE” RRP $59 m²


NOW $39 m²

199 Queen St Richmond *Conditions apply, expires 31/5/14.

07 May 2014  

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