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Wednesday 1 August 2012

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Cyclist hits out at ‘steep’ ramp Phillip Rollo

An elderly user of the new Richmond to Brightwater suspension bridge has hit out at the difficulty it takes to get off it, after he crashed his bike last week. Sixty-six year old Richmond resident Trevor Higgs was cycling home following a visit to Brightwater. The gradient of the ramp on the southern side was low enough

that he could comfortably cycle up it before proceeding across the bridge. When he got to the northern end he decided to cycle down the exit ramp, only to find himself flying head first over the handle bars. Stuart Hughes, the project manager for the 80 metre long suspension bridge, confirmed that early feedback showed some concern over the steepness of the ramp. But he was adamant that cyclists should be

walking their bikes. “Right from the start there has been comment on the steepness of the ramps, etc. If you have it too flat then you’re encouraging them to ride down it,” say Stuart. Trevor, still recovering from some bruising, says there was no signage to indicate that he should have been walking, especially after the ease of getting onto the bridge from the other end. “I was in agony

there for awhile. Luckily for me, being Saturday, there were people around and they came to my aid,” says Trevor. A fellow cyclist offered Trevor a ride home in his ute, before he booked a visit with the duty doctor on Waimea Rd. There was also another accident, when a younger boy was “racing” down the ramp, SEE PAGE 2

Brightwater mural unveiled A new mural depicting the history of Brightwater was officially unveiled on Friday. The mural is situated at the Brightwater Domain and was opened after six months of work by community groups throughout the township. The majority of the painting was done by local artist Marie Greeks, the neighbour of Brightwater community association chairperson Dorothy Rogers. “It’s something great for the kindy kids to look up everyday,” says Dorothy. The wall shows historic icons of Brightwater such as the water wheel that powered the first street lamps. Waimea councillor Brian Ensor and two Brightwater School students unveiled the wall. Photo: Phillip Rollo.

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Thirty-two street lights will be erected on Queen St to enhance safety, security and ambience at night. Do you think it is currently too dark and unsafe at night time?

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“I might drive through after work but to be honest I probably wouldn’t want it. It doesn’t really affect me but that’s only because I don’t go down there at night.”

“I don’t drive at night and I only go walking during the day time, not since I’ve got older.”

“I don’t go out, just because there’s not enough to do. I don’t go out in Richmond at night so I don’t know if it’s unsafe but I don’t think it is.”

“It can’t be too dark, it doesn’t really bother us. There’s always broken bottles but I can’t see how putting lights up will stop that.”

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Thirty-two new street lights will be erected on Queen St to enhance safety, security and ambience at night. The LED lights will cost approximately $221,000 and will replace the current 19 light poles. The current lighting along Queen St within the CBD falls short of the standard of lighting required in high pedestrian areas. The new white lighting will look quite different to the current yellow light given off by the high pressure sodium lamps. There is expected to be an overall energy

saving based on a 30 year life of approximately $35,000, says Tasman District Council transportation projects engineer Steve Elkington. The new lights will be installed between Gladstone Rd and Salisbury Rd. They will make the section from Wensley Rd to Cambridge St “quite a bit brighter” and the sections either side to Gladstone Rd and Salisbury Rd also brighter, however the overall effect will be to create better rendition. The new lighting is part of the Queen St upgrade.

Chris Auchinvole


says Stuart. The bridge cost $265,000 to build and is situated between Pugh Rd and Bryant Rd. Stuart says there was current works being done to improve the safety of getting onto it. “The biggest critics are probably the bridge designers. We’ve had a review and there’s a few improvements to do. Our market research tells us that yes it is steep, that people must take it cautiously but that it’s great. The whole thing is brilliant.” Trevor says the accident has not put him off using the bridge but he will make sure he walks his bike down next time.

National List MP based in West Coast –Tasman

P 0800 NATS MP (0800 628 767) E

The cycle bridge ramp in Brightwater.

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Councils support shared services

WEDNESDAY 1 August 2012

Helen Bush

Colour Designer Nelson

Phillip Rollo

it happening.” A Memorandum of Understanding between all All three councils within the top of the south will three councils will provide the political mandate look at every opportunity to share services, de- for the chief executives to progress joint purspite an amalgamation bid being rejected earlier chasing and shared services proposals. The mayors and chief executives of all three this year. councils have already engaged in two Tasman District Council last week formal meetings and the next step will threw its support behind the proposed be approving the MoU. Top of the South accord, agreed to by Tasman District mayor Richard Nelson City Council and Marlborough Kempthorne says the move is a “natuDistrict Council. ral progression” of the relationships The proposal will see all three councils the three councils already share. He use shared services to achieve more hinted that transport and roading is resilient services, value for money and the first area the three councils will savings, good quality infrastructure, look to work on together, in collaboimproved local services and perforration with the New Zealand Transmance of regulatory functions. Richard port Agency. Finance and IT were Tasman and Nelson councils already Kempthorne. other areas that could be looked at in share a number of services and while the future. Marlborough is party to a small numRichard was confident that sharing ber of these, the agreement to move forservices would also be of financial ward will allow the three local bodies to benefit to all three parties, stating that give a greater commitment to ongoing TDC would not “bother” with the collaboration in sharing services and proposal if it was just going to cost procurement. more than its current structure. Nelson mayor Aldo Miccio says it is While Aldo remained firm on his encouraging that all three mayors and stance that “the ultimate shared sercouncil chief executives have been willvice is amalgamation” he was also ing to see such a proposal succeed. “We hopeful it would serve some financial Aldo Miccio. haven’t had that before so that’s fantastic. benefits. “That’s the reason I wanted At the senior management level there is a lot of motivation, good will and enthusiasm,” amalgamation, because it would save money and he says. “This is an argument that you can’t not if you can get the governance right it can make be happy with. It should be a no brainer, there things a lot smoother and a lot easier as well as will only be parochialism that gets in the way of save money.”

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Jos also won the Ballance Leadership award. For that section he had to answer questions from the floor in a panel format. That was concluded by a speech to 400 people. Jos has been in the horticulture industry for eight years but still considers himself as a young grower. The official cut off age for the competition is 30 years old. Currently working with quality assurance over the packing season, Jos hopes to one day move into a management role. “I’ve still got a long way to go in

it’s not so much ownership but I’d like to move into management, quality assurance management, that sort of thing.” Because it is an industry award, the title shows he is doing his job well, which was humbling, says Jos. “It’s a huge boost for Hoddy’s. I can’t speak highly enough of my employers and they’ve backed me the whole way.” Kevin had given Jos plenty of encouragement leading up to the final. “It was great having him supporting me.” Jos received $2000 for his win.

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Jos Bell of Hoddy’s Orchard was named New Zealand Young Fruit Grower of the Year. Photo: Phillip Rollo.

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WEDNESDAY 1 August 2012


Police led on high speed car chases Two high speed police chases in the past week have led to four arrests and no serious injury, say Nelson Police. A 25 year old Nelson woman has been arrested and charged with a range of offences after she was spotted by members of the public driving at high speeds along State Highway 60 near Mapua. A police patrol pursued the woman’s red Toyota Carina briefly about 12.50pm but, because the manner and speed of her driving was so dangerous, the officer abandoned the pursuit a short time later. About 1pm a police patrol spotted the woman on Gladstone Rd in Richmond and a second pursuit was initiated. That pursuit was also abandoned with the woman reaching speeds exceeding 130kmh in a 50kmh zone. The woman then drove along Whakatu Dr and a third officer picked up the pursuit. The vehicle was finally stopped in Nayland Rd where the woman abandoned the vehicle, running into a nearby residential property. Police chased the woman and arrested her a short time later. The woman has been charged with reckless driving, failing to stop, unlawfully being on a property and resisting arrest. Sergeant Jo Managh, of Nelson, says police are requesting that any members of the public who witnessed this incident to come forward with any information they may have to help in the enquiry. Meanwhile two days earlier, three youths were in custody after fleeing from police in a stolen

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vehicle. The youths are believed to have then stolen a red Toyota Hilux ute from a property in Hoddy Rd, Appleby. Police located the youths driving the Hilux vehicle south near Kawatiri. They failed to stop for police and a pursuit ensued. Road spikes were laid between Owen River and Murchison and two of the fleeing vehicle’s tyres were deflated. The driver continued on at low speed without tyres. The trio abandoned their vehicle in the Matiri West Bank Rd, where they were caught soon after. Nelson Bays area commander Inspector Steve Greally commended his staff on the way they handled both pursuits.

Police stop a car that was speeding through Richmond last week on Nayland Rd in Stoke. Photo: Phillip Rollo.

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WEDNESDAY 1 August 2012



The issue at Sundial Square is a car problem, not a bus problem. The council needs to do much more than just pay lip service to encouraging public transport. The best transport hubs in the country are located in, or close to, retail areas. Examples are New Lynn and Henderson in Auckland, and there are many more elsewhere. Such a location not only encourages use of buses and trains (I wish!) but also encourages patronage of retail areas.

Ideally the whole parking area at Sundial Square needs to be converted into a transport hub, with a regular flow of public transport not only to and from Nelson City but smaller feeder shuttles bringing travellers from outer reaches into the hub. A less attractive proposition would be conversion of some of the extensive car parking areas (which are paid for by ratepayers) around the malls - the advantage of this could be a “park and drive” option. The council needs to look to the future and ensure that it provides for times when cars are no longer a necessity. Helen Campbell, St Arnaud.

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WEDNESDAY 1 August 2012


Celebrity chef visits primary The Food Truck’s Michael Van de Elzen flew into Richmond on Friday to teach a small group of students some easy meal ideas. Michael highlighted a change in after school snacks, now that parents have become a lot busier in recent years. Children from the Richmond School GATERS program, for gifted and talented students, participated in the cooking class where they were taught how to make healthy home made chips and baked potatoes with beans. Michelle Simpson, the teacher in charge of the GATERS program, says the idea to bring Michael down came when she was watching the television show at home and

saw the healthy potato chips. The group made their own lollies last year but had decided to make chips this year. The students were delighted with the taste of the healthy chips. “Mike also taught about all the additives in food and how bad they are for you, so it was really good that you can make healthy food that’s better than what you’d by in the shops,” says Michelle. A lot of the students had not done much cooking prior to the visit. Michelle has been able to use some of the skills she learnt at home and her own children made some of the healthy chips for the class.

Kameron, 10 and Taya Masoner, 8, with celebrity chef Michael Van de Elzen. Photo: Phillip Rollo.

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Time stopped in Queen St when water leaked into the iconic Network Tasman clock on Wednesday. The clock, which also tells the current air temperature, was off for close to 24 hours. A number of concerned residents rung the Waimea Weekly on Thursday but we are unsure of what the time was when they called. Photo: Phillip Rollo.

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Work on education trust celebrated

The founding chair of a children’s education vious employer was the trusts national sponsor trust was recognised for his hard work and dedi- and he was keen to get involved. cation at a ceremony last week. “It was a challenge at the beginning but we had Chris Buckley was chair of the Life Education good trustees. Because we are not government Trust in Nelson for ten years and still serves as a funded we need to raise the money from the trustee. Current chair Marg Palmer received the community and it takes around $80,000 a year Distinguished Service Award on Chris’ behalf at to maintain it so that is always a challenge but I National Conference in Masterton last month believe in it and seeing how it worked drove me but kept it a secret until last Thursday’s annual to make it work in Nelson.” get together with supportThe mobile classers of the trust, surprising room now has a full him with it. schedule each year Chris says he was defiand Chris says the nitely shocked. “I was thrill of watching the quite humbled to get it, programme work is I didn’t expect it but it’s what continues to nice to be acknowledged drive his involvein front of friends, famment. “I love it, I ily and the community. It love seeing the kids’ was a real honour.” smiling faces when Life Education Trust they come out after teaches healthy choices to they’ve gone in with around 5000 school kids drawn faces. It makes in Nelson and Tasman a difference and I every year. It is invited love that. Sometimes into schools and employs Former chair of the Life Education Trust, it’s hard tapping on a full time educator op- Chris Buckley with his Distinguished Ser- the doors of busierating out of a mobile vice Award. Photo: Andrew Board. nesses, especially in classroom and uses its mascot Harold the Gi- these economic times but you have to persevere, raffe. if you don’t persevere you fall off the planet. We It teaches children aged from four to 13 year have to run it as a business so we make sure we olds about their body, food and nutrition, self- remain liquid.” esteem, social relationships and the dangers of He says he is keen to continue in the trust and is still getting over the shock of the award. drugs. There are 36 trusts in regions throughout New Marg says the award was richly deserved. “We Zealand and Nelson was the 33rd to be estab- are a small trust but solid and very fortunate to lished. have the experience of Chris and our patrons to Chris says he got into the role because his pre- keep us going in the right direction.”

1997 Toyota Paseo Coupe 59kms. NZ new. As new.


2000 Commodore S/W Very tidy wagon.






2005 Mitsubishi Chariot New shape. Popular sized 7 seater. New cambelt.

2004 Courier X Cab 149kms. Petrol. Partitioned dog box.

2004 Nissan Tida Hatchback, roomy & economical

2003 Audi A6 Quattro Twin turbo. 95kms.









2004 Mazda MPV 95kms. Popular 7 seater.

2004 Falcon XR6 109kms. Very attractive car.

2003 Jaguar S Type R Rocket machine!

1994 Mitsubishi Van Tidy workhorse.









We have another 80 vehicles in stock from $3,000 to $35,000. Finance available. Trade-ins accepted. We also buy cars.

Ph 544 0462 or 021 532 322

56 Gladstone Road, Richmond


WEDNESDAY 1 August 2012

STO P FLU Influenza Immunisation

Flu immunisation is available until the end of August 2012 This is free for people over 65, pregnant women and for those with some medical conditions Go to or or call 0800 IMMUNE 0800 466 863 Flu symptoms are: A high fever & cough or sore throat Other symptoms: headache, muscle aches & pains, tiredness, runny nose People with flu symptoms should stay at home until well Get medical advice if: ◊ anyone with flu is getting worse ◊ a person with an underlying condition such as asthma gets the flu ◊ you are pregnant and get the flu Do not arrive at your GP practice without phoning to advise of your condition

Stop the spread of flu germs:

Cover coughs and sneezes Regularly wash hands and dry them thoroughly Avoid close contact with sick people


This Week

10 WEDNESDAY 1 August 2012

Out&About • A L L T H E F U N • A L L T H E PA R T I E S • A L L T H E G O O D T I M E S

Having a par ty/event/func tion? Call our photographer 544 9037 or 027 532 6461 Gerald Adams, Kerry Fleischmann with Chris and Chris Hogarth on Saturday night.

Frances Gilbertson, Nancy Nyberg, Mary Starling and Bob Ker on Saturday.

We started the week off at Jubilee Park for the Richmond Athletic Football Club’s annual quiz night. We also went to Susan Jordan’s 60th birthday party at the Richmond School Hall where a number of party goers were busy dancing on the dancefloor all night. Do you have a party or an event coming up that you would like to be photographed? We’d love to hear from you. Please contact our photographer on 544 9037 or via email at editorial@

Cindy Smith and Rusty Smith at Susan Jordan’s 60th.

Adrienne and Alan Tear at Susan Jordan’s 60th birthday on Saturday night.

Roger and Jenny Lochhead on Saturday night.

Russell Blowers and Craig Merrion at the Richmond Athletic quiz night on Friday night.

Catch up with us on

Shelley Roberts and Rachel Wedderburn on Friday night.

Jude and Terry Delaney with Chris and Geoff Pitcaithly at Susan Jordan’s 60th birthday on Saturday night at the Richmond School Hall.

THE GRAPE ESCAPE CAFÉ Nestled in a beautiful country garden, The Grape Escape Café & Bar provides a relaxing setting for Lunch, Brunch or Afternoon Tea. With hassle free onsite parking, minutes from Nelson and Richmond, great cuisine and neighbours within the complex offering distinctly Nelson shopping. John Appelman has been setting the standard for the last fifteen years with out-catering weddings and corporate functions and continues to do so.

Carol, Maureen, Loey, Susan, Christra Lee and Marie at Susan Jordan’s 60th birthday at the Richmond School hall on Saturday night.

Gill Quarmby and Diana Ketel at the Richmond Athletic quiz night on Friday.

Thinking of selling? Want to know the full story about commissions? Lets talk

Ph 544 4202 Jane Neilson 027 224 5022 Kit Brydon 027 443 1498

Phone 544 4341

McShane Road, Richmond

Open 7 Days a Week 10am - 4pm

This Week

WEDNESDAY 1 August 2012


Ben Nistor was a recipient of the 2011 Energie Fruit Environment for Life Scholarship, giving him $2000 towards his study at the University of Otago.

Applications open for scholarship

Applications are open for the Energie Fruit Environment for Life Scholarship, giving students with a horticultural background a helping hand into tertiary study. The application process will close on September 1 and students must be enrolled in studies towards a degree with an environmental, horticultural or agricultural background. The scholarship is to the value of $2000 so it was no surprise that its first year, in 2011, drew a lot of high quality applications. The scholarship was awarded to Ben Nistor, a former Waimea College student. Ben is currently studying a bachelor of applied science majoring in environmental management at the University of Otago. The initiative is run by the Energie Fruit Charitable Trust, supporting secondary school leavers continuing on to tertiary education. Visit to find the application conditions and process.

• Double glazing • Bathrooms • Decorative glass • Frameless glass • Safety glass • Balustrades • Splashbacks • Retrofit double glazing • Soundstop laminate • Self-cleaning glass and more


& M IR R O R







• Existing window functions retained




• A warmer home this winter with reduced condensation • Reduced exterior noise and improved security • Heat loss reduction of up to 72%

0800 99 45 99 |



Big enough to meet all your glazing needs

This Week

12 WEDNESDAY 1 August 2012

Murchison student wins community award Rimu McGrath from Murchison Area School has been named as the winner of the 2012 TrustPower Nelson Tasman Youth Community Spirit Award. Run in partnership with the TrustPower Nelson Tasman Community Awards, the TrustPower Youth Community Spirit Award recognises secondary school students’ service to school and community. The Award is jointly run by TrustPower and the Nelson City and Tasman District Councils and will be presented at the TrustPower

Nelson Tasman Community Awards, on Monday August 6 at Rutherford Hotel in Nelson. To be considered for the TrustPower Youth Community Spirit Award students had to have given service to school or community projects, treated others with care and respect and been a good ambassador for their school and the region. Rimu is actively involved in all aspects of school life and heavily involved in the community. She loves giving her time to activities in the region and to help out whenever she can.


Reduce condensation and save energy with Double Glazing

Single Glazed

Double Glazed

Fit Double Glazing into your wooden or aluminium joinery.

For a FREE quote call Trevor 544 8913 12 Gladstone Rd, Richmond Trevor Norris

Just a thought It had been happening over such what it is like to be pain free or the a long period that she had not no- slipping of your fitness so everyday ticed the deterioration. She thought tasks become a mission. Or it might it was just ageing and being frus- be as you age, you notice the detetrated with her quality of vision, she rioration of the brain cells trying to visited the optometrist recall things. to get new glasses. That’s the body and During the inspection the mind but don’t the problem was diagforget the third dinosed as cataracts. So mension of life like a visit followed to the many do, what about ophthalmologist who the spiritual part of assured her the operayour life? tion was just like havHas that become ing a cuppa tea. That is sluggish, perhaps certainly not what she even damaged over said when she came time or never used, out of surgery! so that you are not Arriving the next Rev Martin Harrison, enjoying the treasure Brightwater Commorning to take her and the joy that it can munity Anglican to the post op checkup add to life? Church. she greeted me sayJust as I witnessed ing something had happened over and enjoyed the joy of the woman night and my heart sank, think- discovering what 20/20 vision was ing something bad. She carried on like, I have seen people freed and saying “some one has washed the finding new life through their enworld with Persil overnight!” and counter and engagement with the she could see all sorts of bright col- living God. ours and even the dirt and the cob Why not consider your spiritual webs. It was like having a child in a condition today and allow God candy shop during the journey into through Jesus, to begin a miracle in town as she excitedly described all your life today? the things she could see. The exam- You will not only find the joy as if ination confirmed her vision had you are a child in a candy shop, but gone from very bad to 20/20 vision. also the treasure of heaven that God In life sometimes because it is has especially for you. You don’t gradual, we don’t notice things slip- have to do this all by yourself, there ping, like the person’s eyesight de- is a good Christian church near you scribed above. For some it might be where people are discovering this something physical like joint pain daily, and they would love to help increasing till you can’t remember you.

Cherie set to WOW Richmond

Cherie McIntyre The creator of WOW’s wonderful hair designs and hair dressing tutor has opened her own business

Call today for a FREE Colour Enhancement Consultation and find out what colours will bring out your best!

31 Beach Road Richmond

Ph 544 7905 Mob 027 246 0134


Cherie McIntyre has returned to her roots opening McIntyre is Hair on Beach Road in Richmond. Cherie combines her design skills, her mastery of hair services and her teaching acumen to create a ‘boutique’ learning environment with a unique business model. Mc Intyre is Hair will operate with a team of apprentices working alongside Cherie and under her close supervision. It will be a dynamic and diverse team to complement her own skills. Workshops and classes will be available to all hairdressers, to provide training on up to the minute techniques and processes. Cherie believes passionately in the need for hairdressers to embrace the science as well as the art of their profession to be at the top of their game. She hopes to instill in her staff and those she trains, a mixture of good business sense, and a powerful understanding of the science of hairdressing. She says it is critical to have a full understanding of the chemical processes involved in the craft as well as developing the creative impulse, understanding shape and form to make the most of each individual client’s best attributes. Cherie has spent 20 years as a hairdressing educator at NMIT and has nurtured the development of hundreds of hairdressers over this time. This experience as an educator has been balanced with thirty years as a working hairdresser, never losing the sight and feel of her profession, with a loyal group of clients who are delighted that she has returned to the salon environment. To top it off, for the last 10 years Cherie has made

Cherie in action, with models from the Brancott Estate World of Wearable Art show. the most of her creative eye as the Hair Designer for the Brancott Estate World of Wearable Art tm. She creates the image for the hair, alongside the artistic team and travels to the show in Wellington each year to manage the team of hairdressers and most recently went to Hong Kong with the WOW team for the first international show at the 2012 Hong Kong Arts Festival. Cherie has a combination of skill, knowledge and passion that makes her a leader in her profession. ‘I have had the best of all worlds’, says Cherie ‘I am absolutely committed to working with the up and coming generation of young hairdressers and I want to create an environment where I can not only share my skills with my clients but also put the polish on the work of the apprentices coming through the system in the most dynamic way’. Business Update. Adv.













WEDNESDAY 1 August 2012

Just make a purchase in Richmond Mall between 1 - 24 August, write your name, phone number and address on the docket and place in the box by customer service. A winner will be drawn EVERY DAY until 24 August!

Cnr of Queen, Croucher & Talbot Streets, Richmond. Tel: 544 6259 •


14 WEDNESDAY 1 August 2012


This Week

MSZ-GE33VA 4.0kW upgraded to MSZ-GE42VA 5.4kW Saving $230 MSZ-GE50VA 5.8kW upgraded to MSZ-FB50VAH Hypercore 6.0kW Saving $575

Grace Baralett, Jack Macdonald-Hill, Charlie Perkins, Thomas Hart, Fergus Drummond, Oliver Clark, Maxwell Busby, Ruby Sharp, Sophie Alexander, Brooke Canning, Marcus Cooper, Tarn Morley, Jay Quinn, Sam Lama reherse for the Appleby School production.

Students prepare for production


14 Tokomaru Place, Wakatu Industrial Estate, Nelson 03 544 1616 Email


Hey, thanks for reading our paper. Have you got a story? Give us a call on 544 9037

100% Locally owned and operated

Appleby School children are in full rehearsal mode for their upcoming production ‘The History of The World in 65 Minutes’. The show is being performed at the Hope Community Church on August 8 and 9 with performances commencing at 7pm. Following a term’s study on the history of the world, teachers and students are using their creativity to write, perform and direct the school production. The story follows one of the school’s pupils, Grace Baralett, and her travels through history with the timelord Dr Who.

Listening to familiar tunes from artists such as Boney M, David Bowie and Michael Jackson, the two trip their way through history, bumping shoulders with dinosaurs, Rasputin, Gutenberg, Alexander Graham Bell, Neil Armstrong and Egyptian Pharaohs. Deputy principal Ian Lambie says the teachers are impressed at the dedication and enthusiasm all the students are displaying in the lead up to the production, especially with school fair preparation also underway. Tickets are $8 each and can be bought from the school office. There will be door sales also.

Warm people. Warm place. Enjoy real community living at Metlifecare Oakwoods. Metlifecare Oakwoods is a place where the old fashioned Kiwi community spirit is still alive and well. It is a place where you know your neighbours by name and where residents have lots of fun every single day. The social side of life revolves around Oakwoods’ recently refurbished community centre. It is always a hive of activity with music, dancing and casual get-togethers. With the big fireplace at its centre, you can relax and keep warm all winter. To experience this friendly village living for yourself, simply pop along and visit one our Open Days.

Why choose the Oakwoods lifestyle? Active community

Convenient location

Spacious grounds

Quality living options



RHM5678 AUG12 OAK Waimea Weekly 20x7 v1.indd 1

Friday 3rd & Saturday 4th August 10am to 4pm 357 Lower Queen Street, Richmond Call Derryl on 03 543 9746 Metlifecare Oakwoods 357 Lower Queen Street Richmond Nelson 7020 Telephone: 03 543 9700 26/07/12 12:41 PM

This Week

WEDNESDAY 1 August 2012


Another purr-fect cat show A showcase of the country’s top cats clawed its way back into Hope on Sunday. The annual cat show hosted by the Nelson Cat Club returned to the Hope Community Centre following previous stints at the Trafalgar Centre. Around 149 furry felines were entered in the event with contestants bringing their cats from all over the country. The cats were examined by judges from as far away as Finland. Nelson Cat Club treasurer Barbara Beatson was pleased with the turnout, saying the number of contestants was above recent years, although overall the figures had dropped since the event’s early years. “We were rapt with the turnout we’ve got here. It’s on a par or slightly better than what we’ve had in the past two years,” says Barbara, who won the supreme award for best long hair. Competition cats have to comply with a standard before being accepted into events such as the Nelson Cat Show. The amount of care varies from owner to owner. Barbara says judge’s preference has a lot of bearing on which cat wins. “One judge might like Norwegian forest cats while one judge might like Persians. But of course they have to fit the standard.” Cats were judged in a number of different categories. “For a Persian they’re looking for a short body, very rounded skull, heavy legs and long flowing coat.”

Wine Barrels

For a decorative touch to your garden

Above: Roger Frittel examines a feline during the Nelson Cat Show on Sunday. Left: Barbara Beatson with her orange eyed white persian, Pearl, which won the supreme award for best long hair. Photos: Phillip Rollo.


showers direct to you! • Complete Shower Units • • Shower Door Systems • • Replacement Shower Doors • • Sliding Wardrobe Doors • • Replacement Wardrobe Doors •

t in Wine no



Sleepers - Compost - Bark - Topsoil Crushed Shell - Landscape Rocks - Sand Fertiliser - Paving & much, much more!

Ph: 547 4777 59 Saxton Road, Stoke


11a Hunt St, Richmond Ph 544-8700 • Fax 544-8706

In-store for one day only

friday 3 august 9am - 11am

Elite Scooter representatives are visiting with their latest models. Call in for a test drive!


showroom 4 kotua place, Wakatu industrial estate ph (03) 5444 890

The Shower Door Specialists

A Scooter Made for Two!


pushed for space? Time for a family sized kiTchen

Papps Car Park, Cambridge St, Richmond Ph 544 6603

Latest range of scooters makes flying visit Can’t walk long distances without feeling tired or steering system that should get you around any sore or fancy yourself a bit of a golfer? Fav Mobile course. Robin Jordan, owner of Fav Mobile SoluSolutions may have exactly what you need. tions, describes them as being purpose built for a This Friday between 9am and 11am Fav Mobile golf course and unlike regular golf carts they run Solutions at Richon a different batmond, joined by tery therefore makElite Scooters, will ing maintenance be showcasing three easier. new Israeli built Being sold excluAfikan scooters. sively at Fav Mobile Not only will you be Solutions, these able to come down three scooters are and check out the what Robin calls new scooters but ‘high end, top of customers will also the range’ scootbe able to take them ers. Built in Israel, FAV Mobile Solutions in Papp’s Carpark, off Cam- Robin believes they for a test drive. The Breeze Dual Set bridge Street are showcasing a dual scooter and a the best manufacscooter, ideal for the golf scooter this Friday morning. tured scooters ever romantics out there, has an advanced safety sys- made and three of them will be at your disposal tem, ample storage space and adjustable seating this Friday. to name a few. And for all those who think just Fav Mobile Solutions is located on Cambridge because you need a scooter to get around that you Street, Richmond so be sure to pop down between can’t have fun, the adjustable rear shock absorbers 9am and 11am this Friday, 3 August. “Come in are perfect for the all the heavy footers out there. and have a look, they’re for everyone to enjoy,” For the adventurous customer the Breeze C4 will said Robin. have you travelling up and down Nelson’s hilly If the scooters haven’t captured your attention streets in no time. The advanced engineering, then maybe one of Fav Mobile Solutions other safety and stylish design of the C4 is perfect for services will. They are Richmond’s only car audio smooth surfaces or rough terrains, as is the Breeze sales and installation centre and offer a wide range 4 for Golf. of products to suit most car models. And along This powerful scooter has a fitted golf bag car- with selling scooters they also lease, hire and stock rier, front and rear indicator lights and a dynamic second hand scooters. Business Update. Adv.


16 WEDNESDAY 1 August 2012


1992 They have been a leading provider of electrical services to the Nelson and Tasman region for the last 20 years. Making homes lighter, offices brighter and doing their part for the local community, Glenn Roberts Electrical are celebrating more than just 20 years in the business, they are celebrating their customers, their suppliers and all who have made them what they are today.


worked, supplied and helped make a brighter day but very much value the relationships that they have formed with some of the region’s best known architects and builders.


whom they the years.

Keeping tru Josh and Nichhis father s ola would also to be a part like to thank ness and int Wheels, Tyres, Suspension, their hardhis father’s Wheel Alignment, Servicing, Brakes working staff, Nichola pr From humble beginnings without them being 100% in 1992, Glenn and his Saxton Oval where Glenn Roberts installed the power and lighting. Glenn Robconsider th Congratulations on 20 years in business. wife Kris opened Glenn erts Electrical ment to th Roberts Electrical to help light up Nelson, 20 years down wouldn’t be the company it is today. There are currently is too little Ph: 547 7008 the track the business is thriving with an excellent repu15 members of the team. In the office alongside Josh and they d tation. Glenn’s son Josh and his and Glenn, Mark Binskin has recently come off the tools job with th partner Nichola now operate and into the role of QS/Project Manager. Sandy, Reand passion the business having purchased becca and Nichola share the office administration duties members o it in 2007. Glenn still plays a and there are seven highly skilled, qualified electricians New Zealan vital role in the day to day runand two apprenning of the business. Between tices, one of which Josh and his father they have is soon to compete over 45 years experience in the for the ECANZ Apindustry and not only hope to prentice of the Year serve the residents, businesses, Award, having won builders and architects of Nelthe Wellington reson for many more to come gional competition but would like to extend a big for the second year thank you to them all. running. Glenn Roberts Electrical The team at Glenn Roberts is passionate about Congratulations to Josh, Glenn & the team Electrical would like to say a safeguarding the fubig thank you to their loyal ture of the NZ Elecon 20 years of lighting up Nelson! customers and suppliers. Josh trical Industry and admits that over the years there the company goal Nichola Strom and Josh Roberts, centre, receivi have been some tough times is to always have at ber of Commerce Medium Business award, in the industry but because of least one apprentice Christine Hatton and Dot Kettle their loyal clientele they are employed working still going strong. Thank you towards their NZ registration via the ETCO training reman Cham also goes out to all the buildquirements. SUPPLIERS 2011 ECAN ers and architects. They are not Award. only appreciative and grateful A number of the team have been a part of the business Glenn Rob for the opportunities to have for well over ten years. This is another key aspect of the

......It’s what we do!

For all your Electrical Supplies

 Industrial  Commercial  Residential 


Proud to support Glenn Roberts Electrical. Congratulations on 20 years of business


72 Pascoe St Ph: 548 6812 • 24 Main Rd, Hope Ph: 544 8491

Now Available



HR15 4x4

10m horizontal reach @ 6m high

Also a complete range - Scissor Lifts - Cherry Pickers - Knuckle Booms - Prompt & Knowledgeable Service Congratulations Glenn Roberts Electrical on 20 years of business

accessman nelson ltd

544 3985

21 Elms Street, Wakatu Estate, Stoke


Let us protect your business LOCaLLy fOCusED, NaTIONaLLy REsOuRCED, INTERNaTIONaLLy ENDORsED. Congratulations on 20 years of business CROMBIE LOCKWOOD (NZ) LIMITED Ph: 03 543 9021 | Email:


LOCKWOOD New Zealand 's Insurance Brokers


Glenn, Josh and the team on 20 years in business For a professional and comprehensive business telecommunications solution, contact Neltech on 547 7307 Proudly NelsoN owNed aNd oPerated






success of the business where customers can rely on the knowledge and workmanship of the staff members, y have formed working relationships with over

WEDNESDAY 1 August 2012


• CommerCial • residential • industrial again that when it comes to electrical installations quality provides long lasting value for money. From shop fit-outs to home extensions, office alterations to sporting complexes, Glenn Roberts Electrical are the team for you. They don’t just install they also supply and install, which makes it that little bit easier for customers. They have extensive experience in all types and sizes of residential, retail, commercial and industrial electrical projects and have a specialisation in architecturally designed homes and commercial buildings.

ue to the values that et up, Josh is proud t of the family busitends to continue in footsteps. Josh and ride themselves on % locally owned and his to be a key eleheir success. No job Josh believes that when or too big for them it comes to the latest do each and every Award winning home in Monaco where Glenn Roberts requirements, equiphe same enthusiasm Electrical carried out the electrical installation. ment and materials n as the last. Being that Glenn Roberts Electrical are right up there in terms of the Electrical Contractors Association of of knowledge, supplies and capabilities. Something of nd (ECANZ), their clients have the reassurance of the MasterElec- the latest is sustainability and energy efficiency products, which Josh says are now an expected part of our industry. trician’s free workmanSo if you’re thinking about making your home or office ship guarantee – essential piece of mind for anyone more environmentally friendly and energy efficient then contact Glenn Roberts Electrical for a free quote and contemplating building or renovating today. With all some helpful advice. They have access to a wide range of electricians being Site Safe energy efficient lighting and heating products. certified MasterElectriJosh and Nichola also suggest that if you’re thinking of cian’s you can be reassured that when the Glenn Rob- building, renovating or landscaping come spring or summer then be sure to get them an on board as early as poserts Electrical team are fitting your newly renovated sible as they can help with the decision making process. house that it’s being fitted Light fittings, appliances, heating and ventilation are just some of the many things that Glenn Roberts Electrical by the best. In fact so good can help you with. If Trafalgar Park or Saxton Oval Pavilthat Glenn Roberts Elecing their Cham- trical are the proud win- ion says anything about the company’s abilities, it’s that they certainly have no limit to how big one can aim. , pictured with ners of the Mediaworks Medium Business Award And if you have no immediate plans to start renovating in the 2011 Nelson Tasor landscaping but want to support your local commumber of Commerce Business Awards and the nity then drop by Glenn Roberts Electrical and simply NZ Wellington Master Electrician of the Year say hi to the team and wish them a happy 20th birthday, after all that’s what Glenn Roberts Electrical is all about – the community and the people of Nelson! berts Electrical have proved time and time

For more information, a free quote or just some friendly advice you can catch Josh, Nichola and the team at 14c Vanguard Street, Nelson. Glenn Roberts Electrical (Nelson) Ltd 14c Vanguard Street, Nelson. Telephone – 03 546 9930 Email – Website –

NELSON HEATING & COOLING Proud to work alongside Glenn Roberts Electrical to make a great team. Garry Spriggs & Glenn Roberts Ph 546 9928 14c Vanguard St, Nelson



Give us a Call

Ph 03 545 6447 Fax 03 545 6448 173 Haven Road, Nelson, Email

Mobile and Handheld Radio Navman GPS Fleet Management Cellular Phone and Data Solutions Full Workshop Facilities Installation at your place or ours

Proud to be associated with Glenn Roberts Electrical

“We might all look the same, but it’s what’s on the inside that counts.”

“We might“We all look the might all look the same, butsame, it’s what’s onwhat’s but it’s thecounts.” inside the insideon that that counts.”

For more information please visit, or call 0800 838 800 or visit

Robertson’s Chartered Accountants are a bit different on the inside, Robertson’s Chartered Accountants are a bit different on the inside, a good way.juice To get us go to in a good way.inTo get the onthe usjuice go to When you’re ready for a change, call us for a free coffee at Kush*

As business advisors we focus on the success of 546 7604 leading Nelson businesses likePh Glenn Roberts Electrical. *The coffee comes with a chat with a Robertson’s Chartered Accountant. When you’re ready for a change, call us for a free coffee at Kush* Robertson’s Chartered AccountantsPh are546 a bit 7604 different on the inside, coffee comes with a chat with a Robertson’s Chartered Accountant. in a good way. To get the *The juice on us go to

When you’re ready for a change, call us for a free coffee at Kush*

18 WEDNESDAY 1 August 2012


1st Birthday Celebrations

20 McGlashen Ave, Richmond and 71A High St, Motueka

Ph 544 0105

Congratulations to the team at Tasman Tyre Treads on a great first year in their new premises

Come in and meet the team. Angela Glen, Wayne Trower, Chris Horner, John Glen (manager) and Sam Moyle.

CALL THE GREEN TEAM TODAY P: 03 544 6111 F: 03 544 6117 86 Beach Road, Richmond E:

0800 777 144

Happy 1st Birthday in the new location

Driving along McGlashen Ave in Richmond, it’s hard to miss the vibrant, red building of Tasman Tyre Treads. With their high quality service, friendly staff and affordable prices, you wouldn’t want to. Tasman Tyre Treads Richmond is now celebrating a successful year at the new location. Throughout August and September there will be great prize draws for every purchase of a new tyre from the store. If you grab a whole set of tyres, that’s four entries! Replacing your tyres has never been so rewarding, with weekly draws, as well as a draw each month for a $100 fuel voucher. Every entry from August and September will have a chance at winning one of the major draws, with prizes including a new Century car battery, as well as Bridgestone motorsport jackets, signed by motorsport legend Greg Murphy himself! With Tasman Tyre Treads, you can be sure you’re getting a great deal. The team is committed to making sure you leave the store happy and satisfied, in a vehicle that has been expertly checked out and serviced. “We pride ourselves on great workmanship and friendly service,” says John Glen, Richmond branch manager. “We invite you

Happy 1st Birthday to the team at Tasman Tyre Treads

to bring your car into our shop for a free tyre inspection. We are strong advocates of periodic inspection of vehicles tyres in order to assure your safety and to prevent major repairs through the early detection of problems.” Tasman Tyre Treads take pride in being a ‘One Stop Shop’ for car tyres, four wheel drive tyres, all the way through to light and heavy commercial tyres. They provide the whole service, from selecting the appropriate tyre to fitting them on your vehicle, as well as performing wheel balancing and alignments. 24 hour call out is available for transport, farm and forestry. If you get a puncture, it doesn’t always mean the tyre is a write-off; Tasman Tyre Treads offer puncture repairs that will make the tyre safe to drive on again and let you get the most use out of your tyres. John has been in the tyre game for more than 30 years, and he loves everything about the industry. His passion and drive lets him stay ahead of the game and have a thorough knowledge of the ins and outs of the business. John fronts a team of experienced and dedicated workers who take the time with every customer to make sure they are getting the correct tyres and services for their


1st Birthday Celebrations Tasman Tyre Treads have now been in their new premises at 20 McGlashen Ave for a year and they would like to share their birthday celebrations with you, so call in and see how you can enter the draw to win some great prizes.

WEDNESDAY 1 August 2012

We’ve proudly supported the team at tasman tyre treads for over 45 years. We look forward to another successful year with John and his team at richmond. Bridgestone New Zealand Limited

requirements at a price to suit their budget. “It’s not always the most expensive tyres that are the most appropriate. We make sure every customer gets the correct tyres for their vehicle, and the best value for money,” says John. With two warrant of fitness providers just a stone’s throw away, Tasman Tyre Treads is right on hand if you need a quick fix for your tyres. Their quick and efficient service will make sure your car’s treads cruise through the checks. The friendly team are always happy to have a yarn with customers. The Tasman Tyre Treads team enjoy their role in providing the community with a quality service in a friendly and involved way. If your car has been feeling slightly off-kilter, the Tasman Tyre Treads team can help diagnose and fix the problem. When a car’s wheels aren’t aligned properly, it can feel like your car is pulling to one side or fighting you as you steer. Not only is this disconcerting, it can pose serious safety risks and cause damage to your vehicle. Your tyres may also wear irregularly, it will lower your fuel efficiency, and it can even create driver fatigue or cause you to steer out of your lane. Your wheel alignment can be thrown out by things such as hitting a curb, driving over a pothole, hitting something as you drive, or even having a new set of wheels fitted incorrectly. One or more unbalanced wheels can have a similar effect. Your treads will wear unevenly, even so much as to cause flat spots, and it can be accompanied by a constant vibration through the vehicle. Thankfully, for the experts at Tasman Tyre Treads, it’s easy to recognise and fix. Having properly balanced wheels reduces motion sickness and fatigue, and increases the life of the tyres, steering and suspension systems of your vehicle. Tasman Tyres has the latest technology and the wealth of expertise amongst the professional team to ensure your wheels are properly aligned and bal-

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Environmentally friendly and fuel efficient car tyres, with the excellent safety standards that Bridgestone is renowned for.

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20 WEDNESDAY 1 August 2012

Community Events Keeping you in touch

Each week photos from the Nelson Provincial Museum’s “glass plate” collection will run in the Waimea Weekly and the Nelson Weekly in an effort to find out more about them. Right: Miss Scragg. Nelson Provincial Museum, Davis and Nairn Collection: 6638. Below: Tomato gardens Nelson. Nelson Provincial Museum, F N Jones Collection: 311662. Can you tell us more about these photos? Email details you may have to:

You can support this project with a $10 donation, to find out more visit www. or contact: 3for$ Nelson Weekly and Waimea Weekly are proud to support this exciting and significant project

Film Fundraiser Greenacres Golf club invite you to the Premier of “Hope Springs”, starring Meryl Streep, on the evening of Wed 22 Aug. Tickets are $20 pp which inc the film, a drink & entry into a raffle. Tickets available from Greenacres ProShop, NBS Queen St. Richmond. Richmond Kindergarten Fundraiser- Movie night 8 Aug “Magic Mike”. $20 includes drink & nibbles. Tickets from Di in the Office or Ph/Text Melanie 0277528289. Church Bazaar / Garage Sale. Saturday 4 August 9.00am to 12 noon. At St Paul’s Community Church, Waimea West Road, Brightwater, next to Snowden’s Bush. Dance Party, Ballroom, New Vogue, Latin. Sat 4 Aug. Richmond School Community Hall. 7.30pm-11.30pm. $ 5.00. Everyone welcome. Bring a plate for supper. Contact: Pauline 547 4523. DanceSport Nelson Film Fundraiser premier – Greenacres Golf club invites you to the premier of “Hope Springs” starring Meryl Streep & Tommy Lee Jones. Wed 22nd Aug at SUTER CINEMA, 208 Bridge St. Open at 7pm for drinks, Movie starts 7.30pm. There’s an intermission so bring along your gold coins. All tickets $20 - from the Pro Shop. or NBS Bank, Richmd or ph Suzy 544 6813. Nelson model Aero Club - Indoor Flying Day Trafalgar Centre. Sun 5 Aug 9am-1pm. Gold coin entry. Model Helicopters & fixed wing aircraft. Radio controlled model display. Phil 544 9189 (wk), 547 3459 (hme) Forest & Bird, Wed 8 Aug – ‘Into Africa: New adventures of a Roving Photographer’ by internationally recognized and Golden Bay wildlife photographer Tui De Roy. To celebrate the release of her new book, with Mark Jones on Kenya’s Highlands. Venue 7.30pm, Tahunanui School Hall, Muritai Street, Tahunanui. Plunket Baby Bonanza - Sat Nov 10, 9am -12pm. Over 50 stalls with near new & secondhand childrens clothes & toys. Bookings now open, Large table $20, Small table $10, Space $5. Ph Lisa 5424496 or email footies@xtra. Spaces are limited. Music On Friday - Fri 3 Aug. Welsh choirs in Albert Hall. Soloists Renee Fleming & Bryn Terfel. Cost $4 incl morning tea. You don’t have to join anything, just come - all welcome.

Nelson Tramping Club invites you 5th August Mt Malita, Med, $8,Katie, 5391336. 6th Aug 7.30pm, Presentation on Pilgrims trail, Nelson Intermediate School. 11th/12th Aug, Nardoo,Fit,$33, Mark, 5477038. Check out the full programme and past trips on website Sensual Tango lessons- Come and learn the sensual tango with a fun bunch of people! Course starts at 6pm on Wednesday 15 August at the YMCA in Toi Toi St, Victory. Email Anne-Maree to register your interest. or call (03) 929 5811 for more info. Richmond Spinning & Weaving Group meet at Richmond Showgrounds 2nd & 4 th. Thursdays & the weaving group on 3rd 9-30 am .New members welcome to join us. Contact, Mary, 5472 611. SPACE is looking for babies aged 0-3months to join our programmes in the Richmond region. For first time parents & their babies - weekly sessions include opportunities to meet other parents, discussions on child development, parenting, music & activities. Contact Marie Lenihan 03 545 2017 or Richmond Playcentre welcomes families with children birth to 6 years old. Centre is open Monday to Friday 9.30 – 12. You have 3 free visits so come to 46 Waverly St Ph 544 6316. Live well stay well group, Tues 7 Aug Wakefield Village Hall 9.4511am. “Cheesemaking you can do” with Alison White. Cost $2 Followed at 11am-12md by Wakefield walking group. Enquiries Margaret 5419693 Waimea Tramping Club Sun 5 Aug, Marahau Marble Quarry, easy/moderate, ph Nigel 548 5640 or Ken 548 9897. Sunday 12 August, Boulder Bank, moderate, ph Katie 547 7850 or Maria 541 8598. Parent Centre Workshop Taming Your Toddler. Tues 4 & 11 Sept @ 7.30pm. Strategies to manage behaviour. Practical play ideas. Qualified speakers. Contact Linda 5449668 or Music N’ Motion For Pre-Schoolers Each Thurs 10 am. Wakefield Methodist Church hall cnr Edward & Arrow Sts. $2 one child; otherwise $3. Cuppa to follow. All Welcome to a small friendly group.

Volunteer Needed - Presbyterian Support, we are looking for warm caring people for rewarding volunteer social work with elderly people. Several positions available incl van assistant, kitchen helper & programme assistant. Ph Sasha 547 9350. Public Firewood Collection at Rabbit Island Forest open on Sat 4 Aug 9am-1pm and Sunday 5 August 9am1pm. Charge $10 per Standard Trailer (6 x 4). Plse follow signposts & observe all safety requirements. All proceeds go to Brightwater Playcentre Singers Wanted! Nelson Bays Harmony currently has vacancies for women to sing the low or high part in 4-part a cappella music, along with 40 other voices. Rehearsals Thursday 7pm, in Richmond. Ph Jenny 5474354 or visit Waimea Tramping Club Wed 1 Aug, Club Photo Competition, 7.30pm, Fish & Game Rooms, Champion Rd. Books Wanted by Adult Learning Support Nelson/Tasman for a fundraiser on Aug 26th. We provide literacy & numeracy tuition for adults at no cost to the learner. Ph Judy Soar 5441747 A/H Scrapbooking Bonanza, Fri 10 Aug 6pm-9pm, 35 William St, Richmond, for details call Creative Memories Consultants: Marloes Aynsley 5440537, Diane Bennett 5441255 Waimea College Community Education Back to the Garden - Start Mon 13 Aug 7.00 - 9.00 pm for four weeks. $75 To enrol or for more details please phone 544 6099 Ext 870 or email . and Introduction to Scrapbooking Start Tues 21 Aug 7 – 9 pm for two weeks. $60 bring your own or $75 includes materials. To enrol please phone 544 6099 Ext 870 or email Parent to Parent -Supporting parents who have children & family members with disabilities, health impairments or special needs. Coffee mornings 7 Aug, 11 Sept. Free support & info. Call Jane 5468973 REGULAR EVENTS Choose to Lose - Trying to lose weight, join us for support, weigh-in, coffee, chat with like-minded people. Gold coin donation. Every Thurs at The Centre, 23A Salisbury Rd, Rmd.

Coming soon notices are free to community groups, schools, churches, gold coin donation events and fundraising. Notices for businesses and organisations who charge for courses or events cost $10+gst


50 WORDS OR LESS BY EMAIL ONLY PLEASE SEND TO: Due to the popularity of this column, while every effort will be made, inclusion cannot be guaranteed for free ads.

Villas Available Now! Call us today for a personal guided tour on 03 543 8070 60 Templemore Drive, Richmond, Nelson


We have 3-bedroom villas available. Contact us to see inside the villas, dip your toe in our swimming pool, relax in our recreation area and meet some of our friendly staff.


Family van steals the show in mud Phillip Rollo A family van stole the show at Sunday’s Quail Valley Autocross. Street cars were welcome with open arms for the first autocross event of the Nelson Car Club’s rally calendar and the inclement weather played into their hands. Ethan Curtis took a Toyota Estima van around the course to clock a surprisingly fast 44.960 seconds, taking top spot in Class D and overall, ahead of actual rally cars. His time was more than two seconds ahead of his nearest competitor, his father Adrian Curtis. Adrian finished the farm course in 47.100 seconds in his Honda CRX. Both Ethan and Adrian are top drivers, having won multiple national

autocross titles. But the pair shared roles in the Estima because of its ability on the muddy track. Adrian clocked an unofficial time of 41.600 seconds when he took the wheel of the family van. Colin Harvey, also driving a Honda CRX, was second in Class B and third overall. He clocked 47.800 seconds. Morgan Pritchard won Class C in a time of 53.140 seconds while Nick Sands took out Class A in a time of 1 minute 6.620 seconds. Nick was 12th overall. The track had to be shortened because of boggy conditions. The next event is a gravel hill climb on Tunnel Rd in the Spooners Range. It will be held on August 19. For further information visit

WEDNESDAY 1 August 2012


Locals ready to back the Phoenix When All White star Jeremy Brockie strides out for his first home game as a Wellington Phoenix player this October 6, the term “home crowd” will be more relevant for him than most. Jeremy’s dad Paul, along with other Nelson supporters of the Phoenix, have put together a package for Nelson fans to travel to the Phoenix’s first home game this season, which will double as Jeremy’s first home game as a Phoenix player. The package will see a mass group of Nelsonians heading to the capital for a Saturday evening game, all sitting in a block and with matching t-shirts. Paul says he hopes to create a real atmosphere and occasion for Nelson fans.

Paul Brockie is organising a trip to watch the Phoenix play in Wellington. Photo: Andrew Board. The package will be totally go, I’m sure a few will want flexible, meaning people to fly over and some will can join whatever parts stay with friends instead of they want without having our accommodation.” to pay for the bits they don’t Paul is also working on want. The basic package other extras including costs $300. “We’ve just sort breakfast with some of the of drafted up something Phoenix players. which includes a bus to Pic- For more information call ton, ferry, match ticket, ac- Matt Campbell on 021 448 commodation and t-shirt. 535 or email matt.campBut people can come and

Tyres & M re - Your Tyre Store Adrian Curtis drives his Honda CRX through the muddy Quail Valley Autocross course on Sunday. Photo: Phillip Rollo.

For w inn

ce ing servi

Come and see Adrian Curtis and the team for all your tyre and vehicle servicing needs, and the friendliest service in town.

36 St Vincent St

Ph: 546 7391

“Drop a dress size” guaranteed If you’ve got the will, Contours has the way! back guarantee, and it’s this confidence and deContours gym in Richmond is now offering termination that gives Contours members their new members a “drop a desired results. dress size” guarantee, or Contours gym is a safe Call in and check out your money back! and friendly place for the great facilities and The friendly staff are comwomen to gather and exmeet the friendly team. mitted to helping you ercise. There are group reach your weight loss fitness classes including Zumba, Pilates, spin and goals. When you sign up, you’ll be assigned a mentor yoga, which are interactive who can help you through and social, turning every the whole process, designexercise session into a fun ing a personalised fitness outing. and workout regime. Their The gym is equipped with support will follow you free onsite childcare, as out the gym doors, with well as a sauna, lockers, a nutritional plan tailored luxury showers, blow dryto your goals, and if you ers and straighteners, so begin to lose motivation you can fit in a workout at and miss your sessions, any time. they’ll give you a call and Once you reach your goal help get you back on track. weight, you’ll feel even Once you reach your goal, better with your new look, they can help you set new with a free makeover from ones, or help you maintain Smashbox. your ideal weight and fitCome to Contours and ness level. meet the friendly trainers Your goal doesn’t have to be weight loss. Wheth- determined to help you reach your weight loss er you want to run a 10k or a marathon or tone goals. The private and exclusive gym is upstairs, up in time for summer, the team have the ex- just across from Richmond Night ‘n Day on pertise to help you reach your goals. Contours Queen St. Business Update. Adv. is the only gym in Nelson that offers a money

22 WEDNESDAY 1 August 2012


Nelson - Murchison - Brightwater Wakefield - Tapawera

The last remaining rugby grade moves into the business end of the season with Murchison and Wanderers both odds on to meet in the division two final. Murchison looked to be following a trend of division three winners Taylor’s Contracting Wanderers and division Proud to support a great sports one winners Galbraith Group Nelson by going the entire season unbeaten, season in Murchison but it was the side’s closest rivals WanLocally owned and operated derers that ended that streak with a 1312 win on the weekend. Murchison has established itself as one of the division two heavyweights, having contested the final for the past two years. Its first division two final appearance came against Wanderers in 2010. But it was a long wait until that date, its prior finals appearance was way back in 1998 when it won the division three final. Despite being in the final for the past two Wanderers division two player Chris Rouse looks to offload the ball against Muryears, Murchison earlier in the season. Photo: Phillip Rollo. chison has always been the bridesmaids of put on the Wanderers side, which held the underdogs tag prior to the Nelson rugby, never winning game. “You’re 100 per cent right on that one. We take it as a positive.” the title. But according to coach Usually a cliche, Mike confirmed a complete team performance has Mike Huxford, 2012 is the year been the catalyst for its outstanding campaign. Murchison becomes the bride. Murchison will face Takaka at home this Saturday. It will also double “This is probably the best sea- as club day with a number of junior teams playing before the main son we’ve had for a number of event. Mike was hopeful the entire township would get behind the years,” he says. “We’ve had the side. Home advantage will also have a huge bearing on the next two team building for the past three weeks because of the time it takes to get to Murchison. “I know when we travel, coming on the bus over the Takaka hill is a big ask. But for or four years.” Saturday’s defeat to Wanderers us just traveling to Nelson is a big ask. I think that will make a lot of may not be a bad thing, says difference.” Mike. More pressure will be Kick off is scheduled for 2pm in Murchison this Saturday. 2012 sprung a new dawn for Taylor’s ContractFor chain hire, food and drinks ing Wanderers, making its way back into the Car on your way to the ski slopes Company division one competition for the first time in three years. Sitting in second place after round one, a loss to Nelson being its only setback, Tom & Melanie the Brightwater-Wakefield side looked an early are proud to supply and fully playoff candidate. Early form dropped off as the service the season wore on, losing by close margins to most Wanderers teams. An agonising 10-10 draw with New World Rugby Club van.

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WEDNESDAY 1 August 2012


GO WANDERERS TRUSTEE TRIENNIAL ELECTIONS Voting Papers for our triennial elections have now been distributed.

Murchison player Jack Topping runs the ball after a free kick during a match with Wanderers earlier this season. Photo: Phillip Rollo. Huia in the final round was the killer blow, leaving the side languishing in fifth place and just one point shy of a semi-final. Overall it was a strong season for the young side that will only get better in the next few years. The division two side remains on course to meet Murchison but will take on New World Huia at the Brightwater Domain this weekend. The game is scheduled for Saturday at 1:15pm. The division three side went all season without a loss, amassing an impressive 420 points during the season with a mere 69 scored against them. The championship was sealed with a 26-0 win over Wakatu Marist in the final last weekend. The Waimea Old Boys Women’s side won its fourth final in a row and its seventh in eight years to confirm itself as the dominant force in women’s rugby. A 20-15 win over old foe Accessman Stoke in the rain was the highlight in the Waimea calendar. The result also came just months after the side had been likely to pull out of the com-

Proudly Supporting Local Rugby

petition because of low player numbers. The defending division three champions did not enter a team this year but both the division one and two sides fought bravely throughout the year. Led by an impressive forward pack and a young back line, Waimea, like Wanderers, went into the final round of the division one needing a victory to progress into the semi-finals. It wasn’t to be, however, with Marist edging them in Tahunanui. The division two side finished the season with a win over Takaka, but missed out on a playoff spot. Tapawera only contested the division three championship this year and met a fierce Wanderers side in the semi-finals. Despite playing in wet conditions, Wanderers still managed to put the side to the side, crossing for a number of tries in the 32-0 loss. All of the clubs’ JAB section will continue for another month while Golden Oldies has made a welcome return to the rugby calendar.

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Network Tasman consumers are encouraged to exercise their right to vote and are reminded that voting papers must be in the hands of the Returning Officer before voting closes at 12 noon on Thursday 16 August 2012. I suggest that they are posted no later than Tuesday 14 August. Candidates for this year’s election are: BARKER Ian BOWDEN Colin BRIDGE Brian FA’AVAE Nathan HURLEY John KERR David LYNCH Peter Lawrence Patrick MARSHALL Colleen SHERLOCK Graham SPITTAL Andrew TUFFNELL Trevor

South Street Gallery

Mobil Murchison Service Station Owned andthat operated Consumers are reminded the Electoral by Roll can be inspected at the Secretary’sAllen office 270a Queen Street, Richmond, phone (03) 544 6179. & Chris Peacock Warwick Lampp Independent Returning Officer – Network Tasman Trust PROUD TO BE SUPPORTING OUR PO Box 3138, Christchurch 8140 LOCAL SPORTS TEAMS 0508 666 447

Open 6am to 9pm


CleanMail toilets & baby change facility Nelson & Motueka Guardian 12x3

CNR Waller & Fairfax St Murchison Ph/Fx 03 523 9033

TRUSTEE TRIENNIAL ELECTIONS Voting Papers for our triennial elections have now been distributed. Network Tasman consumers are encouraged to exercise their right to vote and are reminded that voting papers must be in the hands of the Returning Officer before voting closes at 12 noon on Thursday 16 August 2012. I suggest that they are posted no later than Tuesday 14 August. Candidates for this year’s election are: BARKER Ian BOWDEN Colin BRIDGE Brian FA’AVAE Nathan HURLEY John KERR David LYNCH Peter Lawrence Patrick MARSHALL Colleen SHERLOCK Graham SPITTAL Andrew TUFFNELL Trevor Consumers are reminded that the Electoral Roll can be inspected at the Secretary’s office 270a Queen Street, Richmond, phone (03)544 6179. Warwick Lampp Independent Returning Officer – Network Tasman Trust PO Box 3138, Christchurch 8140 0508 666 447

Waimea Weekly 11x3


24 WEDNESDAY 1 August 2012

Local sledders ready to dog it out in Hanmer A small but passionate group of Nelson dog sled racers are heading to Hanmer Springs this weekend to race against the best in the South Island. Every Saturday and Sunday morning during the winter months a group of around a dozen racers head to Rabbit Island to race husky dogs around a 5km track. But instead of the traditional snow sleds, the Nelson racers use modified bicycles to stand on and work their dogs. Racer Andy Cooke says they hope to form an official club

soon and grow the number of people who race, after starting with just a couple of people. “Quite a few of us are doing it now. If we see people with huskies on the side of the road we will jump out of the car and say ‘Fancy doing something different with your dog?’ That’s where a lot of these people come from.” He says being pulled by dogs is an “adrenaline rush” but most of them enjoy it because it’s something they can do with their dogs and it’s plenty of fun. Andy says the dogs get so excited before a race they howl, bark and jump around but not all of the dogs that race are huskies.

“It doesn’t have to be a husky. If your dog likes to run, likes to pull, wants a bit of exercise and you want to do something different, with your dog, then you should give it a go.” Fourteen racers will head south for this weekend’s event and Andy says he would like to see Nelson host one of its own in the future. “We are on the verge of getting a club together, waiting for some stuff to come through now and eventually we’d like to get an event here. There are events throughout the South Island and we’d like to add Nelson to that.” If you are interested in giving dog sled racing a go give Andy a call on 022 0357 628.

Lloyd George with some of his huskies that race at Rabbit Island every weekend. With him are other dog sled racers on Saturday morning. Right: The dogs in action before this weekend’s event in Hanmer Springs. Photo: Andrew Board.

Body in Balance – Life in Balance


Christine Ridal Chiropractor B.Sc M. Chiropractic

Do you have a spine related health concern? Call for an appointment Corrian Poelsma & Christine Ridal

Ph 544 4554

64 Oxford Street, opposite Richmond School • Full on-site x-ray services • Parking and easy access • MNZCA • ACC Registered for spine and extremities

After practicing chiropractic on the international scene, working in Sydney for six years and owning her own practice in Hong Kong for 10 years, Christine Ridal has now settled in sunny Nelson and has joined forces with Corrian Poelsma (NZ Chiropractor of the year, 2011) as Tasman Bay Chiropractic Centre’s newest team member. Christine is enjoying the relaxing lifestyle that the Tasman region has to offer, especially after the hustle and bustle of living and working in Hong Kong. After her initial move to New Zealand, Christine and her husband alternated working on their lifestyle block with regular two-week stints when she returned to Hong Kong and continued seeing patients at her busy chiropractic clinic. Before retiring, husband Tim Brown was a pilot with Cathay Pacific, which made the regular trips less expensive. Another benefit of affordable airfares is that Christine has been able to continue her training on an international level, and has just returned from a workshop in Italy and is already booked in to attend another in Melbourne. After selling her Hong Kong practice, Christine was delighted to be offered the opportunity to join the team at Tasman Bay Chiropractic. Christine uses Network Spinal Analysis (NSA), a chiropractic technique using specific low force touches to the spine to help re-organise and align your spine and body. This gentle technique helps dissipate tension from the muscles, spine and nerves, connecting with your body’s

natural rhythms and alignment. Christine has been practicing NSA for the last 12 years after experiencing the benefits of NSA herself and is astounded at the positive results that both she and many of her patients have experienced. ‘NSA looks at the whole body to see where we have stored stress. Stress is stored as tension and this tension in the muscle can pull the spine out of alignment, causing pain,’ says Christine. ‘NSA helps to relieve that pain, and many patients have found that it has other benefits as well. Our bodies have an intuitive or innate ability to heal ourselves and NSA helps draw on that, so effectively you are fixing yourself.’ This healing work can often lead to beneficial changes in patient’s lifestyles and their behaviours and choices alter as well. Not only do they claim to feel great, with reduced tension or pain, but also their focuses, priorities and outlooks have changed. Christine encourages anyone who is struggling with a busy lifestyle to give it a go. ‘We are all rushing around, trying to do everything and often feel overwhelmed and NSA can help with that.’ If you would like to find out more about how Christine can help, she is now offering FREE initial consultations until Thursday 23rd August. Talk to her today to find out just how great things can be when you have your body in balance and your life in balance. Appointments can be made by calling 544 4554 or by dropping in to Tasman Bay Chiropractic Centre at 64 Oxford Street, Richmond. Business Update. Adv.



WEDNESDAY 1 August 2012


Waimea Old Boys Rugby

Bs end season with victory

Waimea Old Boys player Dan Smith runs past the Takaka defence to a score a try during Saturday’s division two match. Photos: Phillip Rollo.

Skipper Luke Thelin ran in three tries as the Super Liquour Waimea Old Boys capped off the season in style with a close fought 40-34 win over Takaka at Jubilee Park on Saturday. Waimea Old Boys had been ruled out of the semi-finals before the game, finishing fifth on the table. But the side was still eager to finish on a high note. In its wake was a Takaka side that had already qualified for the playoffs. Takaka had beaten Waimea Old Boys the only other time they met this season. Dan Smith, Aiden Mcguire and Mitchell Bateman scored Waimea’s tries Player coach Marc Hunter announced his retirement from the game following the match. Marc ends a ten year stint with Waimea Old Boys, where he played for all of the senior teams. He will continue in a Dave Renwick fires a pass out to the back line coaching capacity for the side, after a season during Saturday’s win. as assistant.

Top: Flynn Green looks to regather the ball before scoring a try in the Waimea Old Boys Intermediate 2 White’s 31-17 loss to Murchison/Tapawera on Saturday. Right: Josh Hutton sprints through the tackle of his opposite. Photos: Phillip Rollo.

Intermediate 2 White show improvement against Murchison The Waimea Old Boys Intermediate 2 White side went down 31-17 to Murchison/ Tapawera at Jubilee Park on Saturday. The last time the two sides played, Waimea failed to put any points on the board, losing 50-0, so the coaches were pleased with



the turnaround in effort from the side. Bodhi Wardle has been a standout in the side and was again on the weekend. He’s had a hand in scoring most of the points. Ben Amberger and Jade Palmer teamed up well on either side of Bodhi to form a very

strong and unpredictable attacking side. The forward pack have continue to gain strength with the big tackling captain of Cameron Rodrique, assisted by Flynn Green and Bryn Stevenson and great hooking effort from Josh Canton. The af-

ter match was a friendly affair with pizza and chips all round just toping a enjoyable afternoon of junior rugby for both sides. There is still a month of JAB rugby to be played as the winter season draws to a close.

Waimea Weekly Your Community Newspaper

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26 WEDNESDAY 1 August 2012

Wanderers Sports Club

Wanderers confident ahead of semi Taylor’s Contracting Wanderers secured a confidence boosting 13-12 win down in Murchison on Saturday. Murchison were the only side Wanderers had not managed to defeat heading into the weekend’s division two clash. Murchison has had a perfect run this season, not dropping a single point. Bearing a major upset, both sides look likely to meet again in two week’s time. But Wanderers may now have the upper hand, knowing it can travel down to Murchison and secure victory. Wanderers started Saturday’s encounter the fiercer of the two teams and raced away to a 13-0 lead. Despite the result having no bearing on final placings, there was no holding back for either side. Fullback Dan Cooper moved from his

regular position into first five-eighth and streak alive, but it went wide, giving Wanthe move worked wonders as the former derers some bragging rights as both sides head into the playoffs. Richmond Athletic goal keepWanderers will host New World er played a starring role in the Huia in a bumper weekend of match. His kicking was also on target, converting an early try to sport at the club. The semifinal follows a Tasman Makos blindside flanker Conrad MaliUnder-20 versus Nelson Bays etoa and adding two penalties match and will be played before to stretch the lead even further. the second Town vs Country Callum Rodgers was having a blinder in the loose forwards Tasman Rugby League match. Wanderers team manager Kyle and was the pick of the forward Paki Paki was hopeful the semi pack. But Murchison were not prefinal, which kicks off at 1:30pm, Kyle Paki Paki, pared to lay down and a strong Wanderers div 2 will draw a big crowd for the knock out clash. “Huia are quite second half performance saw manager. an unpredictable team for us the side come within one point of victory. A shot at goal from 30 metres and they can be a bit of a bogey team. They out could have kept the side’s unbeaten just seem to step up when they come up

Wanderers Wolves captain Lawrie Kirdy in action for the Country side in the 36-26 win over Town at Trafalgar Park on Sunday. The second match of the series will be held in Brightwater this weekend. Photo: Andrew Board.

against us.” Wanderers have beaten Huia on two occasions this season. Top try scorer Stacey Lines was still at least another week away from playing, following an ankle sprain a couple of weeks ago. “Fingers crossed, he’s not looking likely for this week but he could potentially come right for the following week.” Without looking too far past this weekend, Kyle says the season goal was to defend last year’s championship and the side was on track to do so. The squad has a different make up for 2012 with many younger players involved. “Winning the title is one thing but defending it is even harder. Our goal from the start of the season was to make the final and then obviously we wanted to win the final.”

Wanderers Under-11 winger Robbie Brown busts through the tackle against his Marist Under-11 opposite during Saturday’s game in Tahunanui. Marist started the stronger of the two teams and carried its formidable form throughout the game to win 64-5. Sam Gale scored Wanderers’ only try of the match while Seamus O’Donnell and Jake Jenner had strong tackle countrs. Photo: Phillip Rollo.

Waimea Weekly Your Community Newspaper

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WEDNESDAY 1 August 2012


Garin fall just short against Nelson Garin Senior A were pipped at the post by a fast finishing Nelson College for Girls B in the first game of the Championship Round of Grade 3 played at Saxton Stadium. Both teams were under strength and had to call on lower grade teams to fill their roster. Garin made the better start with Abbie Powick donning the unaccustomed centre bib. While tentative to start Abbie rose to the challenge and put in a solid performance, proving to be an excellent pivotal link through court, she was also effective on the transition play. Garin had a 8-4 lead at the first break with goal attack, Sjaan Hungerford

playing a large part in the proceedings. Nelson lifted in the second quarter when goal attack, Julia Thompsett received an abundance of ball and had her radar well and truly tuned in as she found the net to share the period 9 all. Promoted 10A player, Merekara McGuinnietty made an impact off the bench at goal defence as she toiled to contain Sjaan. Merekara rebounded well to deny the second shot and was a competent ball carrier. Goal keep, Veronika Paulten came back stronger when she sat out the second quarter, she pulled in two well timed intercepts. Alice Hazlett and Tyla Rangi were a nice

mid court pairing for Nelson – they were steady through court and they worked hard to reach the circle edge. Garin’s Phoebe Harris contributed well at wing attack in her minutes on the court, she worked particularly well off the line and put in a number of nice feeds. Although carrying an injury, Makaila Powick entered the game at half time to add punch to the offensive end, while Olivia Nott had an impressive game at goal shoot. Garin’s defensive pairing of Annelise van Zoelan and Emma Greep worked hard as a unit and backed up one another to convert the deflection into possession. Nelson finished strongly to outscore Garin 13-7 to take the game 33-30.

Garin centre Abbie Powick in action at Saxton Stadium on Saturday. Photo: Phillip Rollo.

we reckon we’re

richmond’s No.1 liquor store

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Waimea College Invitational XV player Luke Burke makes a burst before scoring a try in the side’s 48-5 loss to the visting Bishops Stortford High School from England. The Waimea side was made up for players from the first XV, Under-18, Under-16 teams. The Waimea College first XV take on St Thomas College of Canterbury at home this weekend. The match kicks off at 12pm. Photo: Phillip Rollo.


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MON - WED 9am to 9pm THURS - SAT 9am to 10pm SUN 10am to 8pm

Valid until 07/08/2012

locally owned and operated


28 WEDNESDAY 1 August 2012



Classified deadline 5pm Monday

Ph 544 9037 FIREWOOD


Waimea Old Boys RFC Applications for Coaches/Managers for the 2013 Rugby Season for Senior A, B, Women’s and thirds to be sent by 30 August 2012 to;

The Secretary, WOBRFC, P O Box 3191, Richmond

Rabbit Island Forest The Forest is open for Public Firewood Collection on Saturday 4 August & Sunday 5 August 9am - 1pm Charge $10 per Standard Trailer (6x4) Please follow signposts and observe all safety requirements All proceeds go to Brightwater Playcentre


Duane Whiting President








Doors open at 7pm for drinks, Movie starts at 7.30pm There will be an intermission so make sure you bring along your gold coins.

iPhone - iPad Screen Repairs

All tickets $20 Available from the Pro Shop or NBS Bank, Richmond or phone Suzy 544 6813

Apple Computer Repairs

PUBLIC NOTICE Wakefield Bowling Club Raffle Trip to Fiji Winner Certified Mac Technician Ph: 0275481618


MEMBERS DRAW $600 to be won this Thursday 5 - 8pm

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Members, their guests and affiliated members all welcome.

Notice to all Advertisers By placing your advertisement to be run you agree with the terms and conditions of the Waimea Weekly. Namely, payment by the 20th of the following month, or in the event of non payment, the recovery of any debt and its costs will be on charged to the customer. This includes all costs and commissions paid to a debt recovery service. Should you require any further information please phone the newspaper on 544 9037.



Tasman’s No.1 Newspaper

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Euan Denison


FOR A FREE QUOTE PHONE SHANE 027 289 4491 OR GALE (03) 542 2305

10.00am Worship Celebration

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Phone 544-8844


Sunday Service

10am Sunday

Sunday Services Ablaze 10.00am 7pm Thursday You are welcome Cnr Croucher & Darcy St’s Our Lady of Perpetual Help Catholic Parish, Richmond

Weekend Mass Times

Celebration Service Sunday 10am

Saturday Vigil 6.30pm Richmond Church 35 William Street Sunday 8.00am St Joseph’s Pitfire Road, Wakefield 9.30am Richmond Church

123 Salisbury Road

5.00pm Last Sunday of every month St’s Peter & Paul Moutere Highway

All Welcome! Ph 544 8987

Sunday 6-7pm prayer

Ph: 544 7596



27 Dorset St, Richmond

Wednesday 10.00am Holy Communion

Sunday 10:30 am & 5 pm

Waimea Methodist

Holy Trinity Anglican Church

9.00am Traditional 10.30am Contemporary Theme: Being Young & Anglican

Biblical Christ-Centred Worship Services:

Richmond 9.30am 4 Wensley Rd (opp TDC) Cup of tea to follow Wakefield 11am Service 1st & 3rd Sundays

Cnr Edward/Arrow Sts Sunday School age children catered for at both services Enquiries ph 544-8394

Meeting Sunday 10.30am Ellis St, Brightwater

(Plunket Rooms, next to Petrol Station)

Contact Dean 544 5784 We’d love to see you there



11 Florence St, Richmond

Worship Services This Sunday: 9.30am Classic Church ph: 544 8387


WEDNESDAY 1 August 2012

1 AUGUST 2012

Newslineupdate K e e p i n g yo u i n fo r m e d a b o u t n e ws a n d e ve nt s i n Ta s m a n D i s t r i c t

Public Notices

Public Notices

Final Proposal for Representation Arrangements for the 2013 Local Elections

Proposal for a Rates Remission Policy for Land Affected by Natural Disaster

On 19 July 2012 the Tasman District Council considered the submissions received on its initial proposal regarding the representation arrangements for the Council and its constituent community boards to apply for the local elections to be held on 12 October 2013, and in October 2016. The Council received eight submissions on its proposal. Some of these submissions raised matters that Council could not consider under the law. Having considered all of the submissions, Council resolved to adopt its initial proposal as the Council’s final proposal, viz: • Retain the current five wards, their names and boundaries. • Retain the Mayor who will be elected at large, and 13 Councillors to be elected from wards as follows: two councillors for Golden Bay Ward, one for Lakes-Murchison Ward, three councillors for Motueka Ward, three councillors for Moutere-Waimea Ward and four councillors for Richmond Ward. • Retain the current Motueka and Golden Bay Community Boards, their current boundaries, names and membership; The Council rejected the matters raised in the submissions for the following reasons: – Golden Bay and Motueka Community Boards appear to be supported by their communities, as is evidenced by Council only receiving two requests to remove these Boards. – A request to change a ward boundary to move a property into a different ward was rejected as changes to meshblock boundaries would require Statistics NZ approval, redrawing of the plans and certification by the Surveyor-General at Land Information New Zealand, which could have significant financial costs. – Two ward councillors for Lakes-Murchison Ward on the basis of an isolated community was rejected by the Local Government Commission in 2006, who subsequently enlarged the ward area and reduced the representation to one councillor to comply with Section 19V(2) of the Local Electoral Act 2001. Council is therefore reluctant to revisit this. – The two submissions proposing a new Ruby Coast Moutere Hills Ward, along with its own councillors and community board failed to show Council any evidence that the Ward comprised a separate community of interest requiring separate representation from the current Moutere-Waimea Ward. Also this proposal would not have met the councillor/ population ratio under Section 19V(2) of the Local Electoral Act, which would have shown the new ward over-represented and the residual Moutere/Waimea Ward well under represented. Any person who made a submission on the Council’s initial proposal may lodge an appeal against the Council’s decision. An appeal must relate to the matters raised in that person’s submission. Appeals must be made in writing, and received no later than 4.30 pm on Friday 7 September 2012. Appeals are to be forwarded to: Executive Officer – Strategic Development Tasman District Council Private Bag 4 Richmond 7050; Or delivered to: Tasman District Council, 189 Queen Street, Richmond; Or emailed to: Or faxed to: 03 543 8560 Any queries regarding the Council’s decision should be directed to: Sandra Hartley – Executive Officer – Strategic Development Phone 03 543 8554.

Tasman District Council’s Proposal for a Rates Remission Policy for Land Affected by Natural Disaster is now available for public consultation. The proposed Policy is for residential land affected by natural disaster, in order to provide rating relief for ratepayers unable to inhabit their dwellings or buildings as a result of natural disaster. The Council has approved a Summary of Information and a Statement of Proposal for public consultation under section 83 of the Local Government Act 2002. Your views will help guide Council’s decision-making on whether to proceed with developing and adopting a policy. The proposal is contained in two documents: • A Summary of Information, which outlines the detail of the proposal, the reason for a proposal and the period for submissions. • A Statement of Proposal which provides detail on the proposal, options, financial and other considerations. The above documents are available for viewing on Council’s website at and during normal office hours at the following Tasman District Council Service Centres: • Richmond, 189 Queen Street, Richmond • Motueka, 7 Hickmott Place, Motueka • Takaka, 78 Commercial Street, Takaka • Murchison, 92 Fairfax Street, Murchison Libraries: • District Library, Queen Street, Richmond • Motueka Library, Pah Street, Motueka • Takaka Memorial Library, Junction Street, Takaka. The Summary of Information will be printed in the Tasman District Council’s Newsline circular, cover date 27 July 2012. Submissions are invited on the proposal for a Rates Remission Policy for Land Affected by Natural Disaster and must be received by 4.30 pm on 24 August 2012. Please post to: Submissions on Rates Remission Policy Chief Executive’s Office Tasman District Council Private Bag 4 Richmond 7050 Or deliver to your local Tasman District Council office; or email to

Community Notices Notice of meeting – Richmond Residents Association Tuesday 21 August 2012, 7.30 pm, Richmond Recreation Centre/Richmond Town Hall (Small Meeting Room).

Ecofest 2012 – Ecohome Tours

Agendas and Minutes for Council Meetings can be viewed on Council’s website at Environment and Planning Committee Tasman Council Chambers, 189 Queen Street, Richmond, Thursday 9 August 2012, 9.30 am. Public forum

24 Hour Assistance 03 543 8400 03 523 1013 03 528 2022 03 525 0020

Tasman District Council’s roading maintenance contractor is responsible for vegetation control within the road reserve. This includes the use of knock-down, residual and brushweed herbicides to remove vegetation growing in the roadway and around street furniture. The contractor is also responsible for control of pest plants and other noxious weeds such as gorse, fennel, hemlock, blackberry, broom, bracken, purple pampas grass and box thorn. Residents can request that their rural property frontage not be chemically sprayed and instead undertake the vegetation control themselves. On approval Council will mark the no spray area with red marker pegs. Rural residents who choose the “no spray” option must control the vegetation growth along their property frontage to ensure road users are not impeded and all roadside signs and markers are clearly visible. Vegetation height should not exceed 300mm. Any stormwater drainage ditches need to be kept clear of excess vegetation. At intersections vegetation must be kept well clear to ensure good sight lines for traffic using the intersection. If you wish to apply for your property to be added to the “No Spray” list, please contact Robyn Scherer, Engineering Secretary, Tasman District Council, Phone 03 543 8524 or email –

Council Meetings

Tickets on sale NOW. Be quick! Tickets & Info available at all Council Service Centres.

Richmond Murchison Motueka Takaka

Vegetation control – roadside spraying in rural Aareas Registration of non-spray areas

Environment and Planning Subcommittee (Boomerang Farms) Tasman Council Chambers, 189 Queen Street, Richmond, Monday 13 August 2012, 9.30 am. No public forum

join our community: Twitter • Facebook • Website

Environment and Planning Subcommittee (Boomerang Farms) continued from Monday 13 August 2012 Tasman Council Chambers, 189 Queen Street, Richmond, Tuesday 14 August 2012, 9.30 am. No public forum


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30 WEDNESDAY 1 August 2012

Trades & Services ACCOUNTING




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WHY STRUGGLE? I can support you with:

- Bookkeeping on or off site - GST, payroll and internal systems - Debt/cashflow management - Software setup & training - MYOB, Quickbooks & BankLink & Xero

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Also a complete range - Scissor Lifts - Cherry Pickers - Knuckle Booms - Prompt & Knowledgeble Service

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• Sales and Maintenance • Extinguishers • Fire Blankets • StayClean Extinguisher Cases • Hose Reels • Servicing • Pressure Testing Call Mark on

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• First 45-minutes consultation free for new clients. • Three tailor made levels of accounting services for clients as custom packages, accounting basic, accounting mini, and accounting mini plus. • Easy monthly payments spread to assist with cash flow. • A free “Business Health Check” for new clients. • Central Nelson location with easy access and free parking at our door. • Access 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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• Your choice of Coatings Over 20 years experience

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Honest Reliable Master Master Honest Reliable Plumbers and Gasfitters Plumbers and Gasfitters Since 1915 Since 1915


Small Small • Leaking taps & pipes Brown Shaver Pullets Jobs Heritage Breed Poultry • Kitches &Jobs Fertile Hatching Eggs Welcome bathrooms Welcome Premium Poultry Feed • Solar Poultry Supplies & Wood Shavings Quality Coops & Hen Houses • Drainage Kevin Harris Kevin Harris

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Add Value & Reduce Maintenance

An affordable independent visual inspection for pre-sale or pre-purchase of a house.

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A written report on completion of inspection.

Exposed Aggregate Kerbing Available Now

With over 25 years experience in the building industry, Pat provides an honest opinion of the current condition of a house.


Sew for U

Tasman Bay Plumbing Services

For all maintenance including blocked drains and all new homes & industrial properties


Bridal Formal Childrens Alterations - zips, hems, mending

Liz McLean

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Work Place First Aid Courses Aug: 8. 23, 30, 31 Sept: 1, 12, 20, 27, 28, 29 Oct: 10, 18, 25, 26, 27 Call NOW to register

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Trades & Services





Hassle free motoring

All mechanical repairs No job too big or small.

• 60m plus of flexible hose, so spreading bark mulch, sawdust, compost, soil anywhere is not a problem • Quick, efficient, cost effective • Spreads very evenly so uses 20-40% less material than conventional methods

A Automotive


Call for a free quote

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12 Cargill Place, (off Beach Road) Richmond

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Drainage & Construction Tasman LTD • Registered Drainlayers (residential & commercial) • Sewage Treatment (design,supply, install & service) • Blocked Drains • Video Camera & Drain Inspection • Waterblasting • Excavator & Truck Hire to suit job

Phone 543 8243 GARDENING

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ARCADIA Gardening

Qualified Horticulturalist

ALL GARDEN MAINTENANCE, LANDSCAPING DESIGN & CONSTRUCTION Experienced, friendly service Honesty & reliability

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Your one-stop shop for

-WOF - engine tuning - brakes & clutches - wheel alignment all other mechanical services

Exterior and Interior Painting, Airless Spraying and Wallpapering

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Kerry & Sharlene Friend 7 Gladstone Road Richmond (behind Mobil) Phone 03. 544 2266

• Pamper Eyebrow Wax &treatments Shape $15 • Facial treatments Eyelash Tintremoval $22 • Hair • Body Eyebrow Tinttreatments $15 • Eye enhancements Eyelash, Tint $37 • NailEyebrow treatments & Eyebrow Tidy • Spray tanning



AH/Fax: 544 3177

TRAINING HARRIS TRAINING SERVICES LTD Shane Harris Registered FITEC & GROWSAFE Trainer & Assessor Accredited EPA [former ERMA] Test Certifier

Give your staff the skills to make a safer, more productive workplace. For course dates see

Ph: 544 4062

Mob: 0274 574 775 Email:



- Rugs & Leather - Flood Restoration - Carpet & Fabric protection


544 1660

Richmond Brake & Clutch 13 McGlashen Ave, Richmond

• Holiday Homes • Bush Cabins • Renovation



Locally owned Fully qualified electricians Competitive rates Residential ‐ new and old Commerical

Domestic and Commercial Wiring New Homes l Commercial Rural l Retail l Alterations

Prompt response is our priority

24hr Service

542 4473 027 542 4473

Maintenance and Repairs Registered Electrician

Email: 4 Coach Pl, Brightwater





Garden & Property Maintenance Your one stop shop for all Garden, Lawn Maintenance, Landscaping & Handyman Services.

Andrew Wendy Neame Call


544 0444

021 255 6163


0800 827 772

Ph: 021 482 088 or 542 2328

0800 427 782 or 03 544 1212

12 Cargill Place, Richmond

Call Dave, Brent or Tristan today

Be seen! $

15 +gst per week

544 9037

(off Beach Road)



Call Adam

027 671 8417 or 544 9415

Ph: 544 4872 Locally Owned & Operated


RENOVATING? BUILDING? Talk to us for all your electrical requirements for your new or existing home

76 Oxford St, Richmond email:


Fighting Fit

Boxing Club

New Classes

Mon & Wed Senior Training 6pm Tue Beginner Class Junior 4pm, Senior 6pm Thurs ladies only 5.15pm - 6.30pm Kotua Place, Wakatu Ind Estate, Stoke

027 556 6571



Adam Brumwell

Painting - Exterior/Interior - Airless Spraying - Waterblasting - New & Old Work - Fully Qualified Tradesman - Obligation Free Quote

Pest Control also available

Ph 544 2105

Advertise here from only Regas or New Struts


Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning




environmentally friendly carpet & upholstery cleaning


Locally owned and operated

027 232 1550

WEDNESDAY 1 August 2012

Plumbing Services • • • • • •

All Insurance Claims Panelbeating Chassis Straightening Repaints 2-pack Touch Ups

Great Service at a Friendly Price

Call Tony Johnston 90 VANGUARD ST NELSON PH: 548 3954 027 548 3954

Tel Calvin 541 9204 Mob 027 915 0612

For a great attitude try our marketing team


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Proud to be

locally owned and operated


32 WEDNESDAY 1 August 2012





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302 Queen Street, Richmond (next to Noel Leeming)

Ph: 541 0425

Open Mon - Fri 9.30 - 5.30, Sat 10.00 - 4.00

1 August 2012  

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