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Wasatch Antiques & Collectibles Resource Guide for Collecting Enthusiasts in Utah and the Mountain West. Issue #195 - September 12, 2012

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$100 Reward For Woman's Identification And Arrest

Treasure Hunting For Antique Bottles

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By David Cowley

To some, old bottles are just junk taking up space on the windowsills of the kitchen. They truly don’t appreciate the craftsmanship that typically went into making these items, which was usually done by hand. Of course there are other reasons why someone would be interested in antique bottles, and it has to do with more than just how the bottles were made. Antique bottles are truly a part of history. The different types of

bottles tell a story about a particular industry or way of life. For example, medicinal bottles tell us how far the medical industry has come since many elements are now stored in plastic bags. Seeing an old glass IV bottle can take you back decades. There are antique bottles from the pharmaceutical industry that have the name of the chemical and even poison warnings worked right into the

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The Genuine Article . . . Authentic Country Pieces in Pine and Fruitwood from the 18th and 19th Century.

• Armoires • Tins • Tables • Utensils Samplers • Kitchenware • Candlesticks • Staffordshire • Buffets • Mirrors • And a Warehouse full Of additional pieces!

1058 East 900 South

Salt Lake City • (801) 538-0122 Open Tuesday - Saturday, 1:00-5:30, or by appointment.

• Antique Pillows • Painted Chests • Original Art • Decorative Boxes • Pond Yachts • Blue & White Dinnerware • Majolica • Dressers

Always Buying One Item Or An Entire Estate.


Forrest Fenn's Hidden Treasure

168 W. Center • Provo • (801) 374-1832

Forrest Fenn's million dollars in treasure is hidden in the mountains north of Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Unique Selection of Antiques & Collectibles

Fine Antiques • Art • Estate Jewelry • Smalls • Pottery Porcelain • Rare Books • Antique Dolls • Sterling


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Cache Is Worth A Million Dollars

Forrest Fenn is a well known art dealer and collector in Santa Fe, New Mexico. He's pushing on 90, he has a lot of money and he owns a first-class collection of Native American historical



he led for the thrill of the chase. Whoever would find his bones would also find a fortune in gold. Fenn liked his idea so much, he decided to load up an antique chest with gold and he concealed it somewhere in the mountains north of Sante Fe. If you can figure out the meaning of the nine clues Fenn shares in a poem he wrote, after his cure from cancer, in his selfpublished memoir, "The Thrill of the Chase," you will find his old metal chest which is reportedly filled with more than a million dollars in gold, and rare antiquities. It is apparent, the

artifacts. Fenn recently beat cancer. But before he did, he planned to die out in the desert with a handful of sleeping pills and an armload of gold along with his biography so the world would know his bones. He didn't want to die on a hospital bed. He reasoned the plan would be a fitting ending to his life. A life he spent pursuing fine art, historical relics and objects of art. A life Continue on page 15

• ESTATE JEWELRY • REPLACMENT HARDWARE (No Repros) Treasure Hunting For Antique Bottles Continued from cover page • PRICE GUIDES bottle’s design. This torpedo, and cosmetic were often shaped • HOWARD'S RESTORER is so different from bottles, and of course like log cabins, ears • WESTERN ANTIQUES items today where beer bottles. To col- of corn, women’s figeverything is printed lectors, a bottle that is ures, or even a pig. • BOTTLES on adhesive labels and in good shape and that These types of antique • FURNITURE attached to the bottle is an unusual shape bottles are valued for itself. or color is very valu- their different colors • COCA-COLA It can be said, too, able and some can sell as well as their shapes. that antique bottles for literally tens of You just don’t see • VINTAGE HATS & ACCESSORIES that much detail put are a part of true thousands of dollars. • QUILTS AND LINEN Americana. Old CocaThere are of course into a bottle any lonCola or Pepsi-Cola antique bottles that are ger! If you can imag• BOOTHS FULL OF TREASURE! bottles can remind appreciated for their ine a bottle of Mrs.



180 31st Street, Ogden

Just off I-15 31st Street Exit East

Open: Monday - Friday 10-6 pm • Saturday10-5 pm

one of the time when sodas were actually sold in glass bottles and were enjoyed at a real soda counter. Other types of antique bottles that are valuable to collectors include vinegar, whiskey,

design and workmanship. For instance, bitters are an old type of medicine that were made from herbs and roots and were called that because of their bitter taste. The bottles they were contained in

Butterworth’s syrup, you have an idea of what old bitter bottles were shaped like. Antique bottles can be found all across the United States. Good locations include ghost Continue on page 15

Salt Lake City Antiques and Collectibles Shopping Guide

City Creek Antiques



Market Street



I-15 Access - Northbound 400 South

Crystal Inn

Hilton Garden Inn


Deseret Industries



Chase Museum of Utah Folk Art

1000 South

TRAX Stops

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Tower Theatre

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Liberty Park

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Tracy Aviary

1200 South

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1300 South Spring Moble Ballpark

1400 South

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1500 South 900 East

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Salt Lake Community College

Whittier School

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Coachman’s Restaurant

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Ballpark Station

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Native American Indian Ctr.

I-15 Access - 1300 South

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Information: RIDE-UTA: 743-3882 Ute Cab: 359-7788

Smith’s Market


TRAX Light Rail Line

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Artesian Park & Water Fountain

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1100 South

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State Street

Main Street

900 South Station

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700 South

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AAA Jewelers

Retrospect Water & Light

West Temple

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Trolley Square

500 East

Red Lion Inn

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700 South

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Chuck-A Rama

Little America Grand Hotel

600 South ONE WAY

Kaiser's Barb-B-Q

500 East

SLC Library




400 South

Wash. Square

Matheson Courthouse

I-15 Access - Southbound 500 South

Beehive Antique Gallery

1100 East


1100 East

Utah Book & Magazine

Squatters Pub


Pioneer Park

SLC Area Code: (801)

Temple Square: 240-1245. Energy Solution Arena: 325-2000. Rio Grande Depot: 533-3500. LDS Family History Library: 240-2190. Gallivan Center: 535-6110. SLC Visitors Center: 534-4906. Trolley Square: 521-9877. Gilgal Gardens: 582-0432. SLC Library: 524-8200. Washington Square: 535-7280. Rose Wagner Center: 323-6800. Liberty Park: 596-8500. Pioneer Park: 535-6110. The Gateway: 456-0000.



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Salt Lake City Destinations


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Shilo Inn

Greek Orthodox

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K.Sanders Books

700 East

Eborn Books

South Temple

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Pierpont Ave.

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Rio Grande Street

Rio Grande Depot

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The Gateway

Walker Building

Capitol Theatre

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Post Office


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Gateway Mall

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Salt Palace


South Temple

South Temple

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Clark Planetarium

Lanny Barnard Gallery West Temple

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SUGAR HOUSE 2000 South



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I-15 Access - 2100 South

West Temple

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Home Depot

300 West

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Popular Salt Lake City Antiques & Collectibles Shopping Destinations 9. Beehive Collectors Gallery 1. Abode Consignment 10. Home Again 2. Eborn Rare Books 11. The Green Ant 3. All About Coins 4. Utah Book & Magazine 12. Ken Sanders Rare Books 13. Retrospect Water & Light 5. Unhinged 14. Kaiser’s BBQ & General Store 6. City Creek Antiques 15. Urban Vintage Antiques 7. S.E.L.L. Antiques 8. Lanny Barnard Gallery 16. Country Home Antiques

800 East

1700 South


200 East

1700 South

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Collecting News Lucky Find A woman paid $7 for a box of miscellaneous items at a Virginia flea market in 2010, that contained an old painting, a Paul Bunyan doll and a plastic cow. The buyer eventually had the painting appraised and discovered it was dated from the late 1870s. The painting, in it's original frame, by Pierre-Auguste Renoir and entitled,

"Paysage Bords de Mechanical Gold Seine" is valued at An antique allmore than $100.000. original Stollwerck Chocolate and Chiclets Rare Book Values chewing Don't mistakenly junk g u m out your copy of James vending Joyce's 1922 first machine edition copy of dispenser "Ulysses." The book, sold at a once banned for Morphy obscenity in the US in Auction the 1930s, due to its in Denver sexual references, is last month for $28,000. valued at more than Movie Memorabilia $120,000. A 1937 first edition copy of JRR Tolkien's "The Hobbit" with original dust jacket, sold for a whopping $89,625 at a New York City Sotheby's auction in December 2002.

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A vintage Heuer wrist watch worn by Steve McQueen in the film "Le Mans" sold for $799,500 at an auction of film memorabilia last month by Profiles in History. Continue on page 8

Specializing in 18th and 19th Century Antiques

City Creek Antiques 169 East 300 South • Salt Lake City

Sterling Silverware Sets • Fine Antique Furniture • Meissen Miniatures • Porcelain • Asian Decorative Arts • Dresden Candle Holders • Estate Jewelry • Victorian Purses • Chandeliers

We’re Accepting Fine Antique Furniture On Consignment • (801) 328-4004

Mon - Sat (Closed Tues.) 10 a.m. - 5:30 p.m. • Within Walking Distance From Most Downtown Hotels

Thief Caught By Video Surveillance $100 Reward for information leading to the arrest of this thief.

"Osborne Inn"

Home of Sophie Soprano

76 South Main, Spring City, Utah 435.462.5251 • 801.796.8028

This woman was caught on video surveillance stealing several items from display cases on August 9th at an antique store in downtown Salt Lake City. Please be on the lookout for this woman to strike again.

If you know who this person is, please call Procom Security at 877-7762669. There is a $100 cash bonus offer to anyone who has information leading to this woman's identification and arrest.

Vintage Home Decor • Costume Jewelry • Vintage Fashions

  2• 

2100 South 1019 East • Salt Lake City • 801.487.4668 7490 South 700 West • Midvale • 801.255.5457

Accepting Quality Consignments

35 South 100 East • American Fork • (801) 756-7046 Tuesday - Saturday 11 AM - 6 PM

National Dealer Buying & Selling


Shopping for Good Deals at Deseret Industries Thrift Stores

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American Indian Relics

Old West Memorabilia

Antique Swords

Vintage Boots

Western Saddles

Antique Arms

Old Photographs

It seems everybody in Utah has, at one time, shopped at a LDSchurch-run Deseret Industries thrift store and left with some great deals. The DI stores, all 44 of them throughout 7 western states, offer a wide variety of items at affordable prices. Shoppers can find everything from lightly used and new fashions, books and household items, including a large selection of used furniture, to valuable collectibles, antiques and vintage electronics. It's no secret many Support WAC Advertisers!

The Best Antique Arms Selection in Utah! Indian & Cowboy Memorabilia

1488 S. State Salt Lake City (801) 486-1349 or 554-5120

Open: 10 - 6 Tuesday - Friday or call for an appointment.

antique and collectible store owners and professional pickers make regular stops at DI stores to load up on stuff they sell in their stores, or on eBay. Vintage clothing boutique owners are also fond of DI stores, where they can buy a vintage article of clothing for $3 and offer it for sale in their upscale stores for $50 or more. Knowing what to look for is key to making a profit. Buying low to sell high is how resale stores work. Luck and timing plays an important part when thrifting at a DI store. You can beat the dealers to the good stuff in the mornings when

employees cart out new merchandise if you are fast and bold. It is always amusing to see shoppers attack a cart for first dubs on the most visual items of value. More often than not, some items are just waiting for you. It is a wonder how some items of obvious value can just sit there on a shelf, passed up by savvy shoppers looking for resale bargains, only to be there when you see it as if it was meant for you to buy it to take it home. One enjoyable part of the shopping experience at a DI store is the golden oldie music they play. Shoppers often sing along to a favorite song while a few more eccentric shoppers have been seen breaking into a dance to everyone's surprise and smiles. A lot has changed since the first DI opened in 1938, but the good deals can still be found at one.

September 12, 2012

WAC Resource Guide For Collecting Enthusiasts in the Mountain West.

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Salt Lake County Antiques & Collectibles Shopping Guide Tacos Daniel Diamond Lil’s Steakhouse

Deseret Village

Foothill Village

J&N Pawn






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 Visit us Online: 1. Redwood Swap Meet 2. ReSpin Records 3. Eborn Rare Books #2

4. The Consignment Home 5. La Belle Consignment 6. J & N Pawn

Collecting News

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Continued from page 4

Rare Mug A rare Fidel Castro Toby mug by Royal Doulton sold at an English auction for $13,174, last month. The mug, one of just three ever produced, sold to an Australian

realized $33,416. The seller had spent the best part of 20 years collecting the Royal Doulton rarities, but was forced to sell his collection collector. The mug over fears that his was part of a 30 mug children may break the collection. The lot delicate china mugs.

Antiques & Collectibles Furniture • Glassware • Pottery • Art • Collectibles Western Items • Depression Glass • Tables Buying One Item Or An Entire Estate!


Outlaw Relics

Nearly 80 years after the deaths of Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow, their tools of their trade are to be sold by RR Auction in New Hampshire on September 30, as part of their "Gangsters, Outlaws and Lawmen" Classifeds sale. Immediately after On any given day there the 1934 ambush that are more than 2,300 classified listings under the antiques category, and more than 2,700 classified listings under the collectibles category. Buyers can find items with the Keyword Search button option.

A Utah Art Cooperative

506 S. Main Street Brigham City, Utah 84302

(435) 720-0967 - Open: Mon.-Sat. 10:30-4:30

Featuring the Art of Kristina Wilson Through September 268 25th Street • Ogden 801.334.9881 Monday-Saturday 11-5

Featured oil painting by Kristina Wilson "Strawberry Ridge - Snowbasin, UT"

claimed the lives of Bonnie and Clyde, numerous items were taken from the scene as souvenirs, including blood stained hair and pieces of clothing, shell casings, window glass, and Clyde’s saxophone. One man even tried to cut off Bonnie’s trigger finger, and another man reached into the couple’s shotup car to claim one of Clyde’s ears, but the men were stopped by the police. The Colt .38-caliber revolver strapped to Bonnie’s thigh was removed by the police that gunned the couple down, as was the Colt .45-caliber pistol tucked into Clyde’s waistband. These two iconic pieces of Bonnie and Clyde memorabilia will be sold to the highest bidder along side several other items relating to the lives of the outlaws. Give Our Readers A Reason To Do Business With You! Advertising Rates: (801) 688-0563

Events Calendar

Antiques • Art • Books • Dining • Collecting Page 9 Make sure you contact the events you are interested in attending to confirm the dates and locations.

Weekends Visit the Redwood Swap Meet, 3688 South Redwood, West Valley City, (801) 972-2124. Weekends Motor-Vu Swap Meet, Sat. & Sun. 8-1pm, www. motorvu. com. Dealer info. (801) 394-1768. Find us at 5368 South 1050 West, Riverdale. Weekends Fantastic Indoor Swap Meet, 1717 S. Decatur Blvd., Las Vegas, NV. Ongoing Military exhibits, Fort Douglas Military Museum, 31 Potter Street, SLC, (801) 581-1251.

September 15 Abode’s Outdoor Flea 4 All Market for the whole family. Rain or shine, we’re offering some great deals. Come and find what you need, 1720 S. 900 E., SLC, 801-486-2633. Explore old photographs, books, and maps at the Rio Grande Depot Research Ctr., 300 S. Rio Grande Street, 801-533-3500, SLC.

“You Will Be Pleasantly Surprised Not Bitterly Disappointed.” Since 1962



List Your Event! SLC Gallery Stroll Every 3rd Friday of the month. Buy more art!

57 W. 200 S. • SLC Salt Lake City (801) 364-1401

SPEEDY . . .HOT. . .HOMEMADE Breakfast • Lunch • Dinner Catering • Private Events


2500 S. Main St. • SLC • (801) 487-7759

See Menu @

Every Thursday Through Oct. 4 Millcreek Community Market, 4pm to dusk @ Baldwin Radio Factory Art Studio's Courtyard, 3474 S. 2300 E., SLC. Event features live entertainment, crafts & more. Visit our Web site:

We’ve added 4 more large rooms and wider aisle space. Enjoy more access to our growing inventory!

Home furnishings, accessories and gifts.

1720 South 900 East • Salt Lake City (801) 486-2633 • Tues.-Sat. 11-6

abode presents flea 4 all! September 15, 2012

692 North 600 West Logan, Utah 84321 (435) 755-6022 “We Wheel & Deal On Everything In The Store!”

Flea Market for the whole family! Furniture, collectibles, art, vintage goodies, jewelry, Garden decor, glassware, shabby chic delights. Draw for a discount in the store and more! Held every 3rd Saturday of the month Through September • 9am-2pm

Join us as a vendor! For more information check with us online at

Enjoy 10%-30% Off Everything in the Store Every Day! Advertising • Roseville • Furniture • Juke Boxes • Toys • Militaria Largest Collection of Art in Utah • Vintage Guitars • Pin-Up Art Antique Dolls • LDS Memorabilia • Fine Mirrors • Estate Jewelry Neon Beer Signs • Antique Beds • Black Memorabilia • Political Open: Monday - Saturday 10:30 AM - 7:00 PM

Events Calendar

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Antiques • Art • Books • Dining • Collecting

September 15 9th & 9th Street Fair, starts at 10-6 p.m., 900 South 900 East, SLC.

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Certified Personal Property Appraisals

River Bend Appraisals Specializing in Antiques

(801) 540-6903

September 15 Utah Antique Bottle and Collectibles Show and Sale, Redwood Multipurpose Center, 3100 South Redwood Road, Salt Lake City, (801) 467.8636. September 15, 16 Antique Elegance Show, Richardson Civic Center, 411 W. Arapaho Road, Richardson, TX, (432) 687-2004. Chase Museum of Utah Folk Art is located inside Liberty Park, 900 S. 500 E., Fine exhibits of Utah Folk Art, SLC, (801) 533-5760. September 22 "Wings & Wheels Antique .Air Show" featuring a vintage car show," Wendover Air Field, 345 S. Airport Apron, Wendover, UT, (435) 665-2308. Give WAC Readers a reason to do business with you. Advertise in the WAC!


Department Store

56 W. Main, American Fork Monday-Friday 2pm-6pm (801) 756-4741 (801) 809-2350

Buy & Sell Used Books New & Used BSA Basics New & Used Sports Memorabilia


Come See us at our new location!

J & N Pawn

3380 S. Redwood Rd. West Valley City (801) 972-6691 We’re Always Paying Top Dollar For Old Guns & Western Memorabilia!

Pocket Watches Wrist, Watches Unusual Pieces Chronographs (801) 255-6570 Leave a message. All calls will be answered. LARGE SELECTION OF ASSORTED GEMSTONES


12896 S. Pony Express Rd. Draper, UT


October 6 ALPCA Utah, “This Is The Place Annual Fall Meet," Larry H. Miller Entrepreneurship Training Center located at 9750 S. 300 W., Sandy, UT. October 13, 14 "Seattle Antiquarian Book Fair & Book Art Show," Seattle Center Exhibition Center, (206) 323-3999.

List Your Event! October 13, 14 "Utah Gun Collectors Association Gun Show," Weber County Fairgrounds, 1000 North 1200 West Ogden, (801) 486-1349. October 14 "2012 Toy & Doll Collectors Supershow," 150 Tables, Ramada Plaza Convention Center, 10 East 120th Ave., Northglenn, CO. October 15-18 "Friends of The City Library Used Book Sale," 210 East 400 South, SLC, (801) 5248200. History Channel Pawn Stars: New episodes on Mondays. American Pickers New episodes on Mondays. 2727 Event Psychic; Fair, first Sat. of every month, 11:11am to 5:55pm. Nine Amazing Psychic/Healers at one place, 12896 S. Pony Express Rd., Draper, w w w. i l o v e l o t u s . c o m , 801 333 3777.

Give Our Readers A Reason To Do Business With You! Advertising Rates: (801) 688-0563 FREE STAND with purchase of any in-stock machine!

October 19, 20, 21 "The Original Salt Lake City Antiques Show," Southtowne Expo Center, 9575 S. State Street, Sandy, UT, (303) 595-0812. Springville Museum of Art, 126 E. 400 S., Springville, UT, (801) 4892727. Ongoing Classes, workshops, concerts and rituals for pagans and the curious, Crone's Hollow, 2470 S. Main, SLC. October 21, 22 "49th Annual Utah Numismatic Society Coin Show," SLCC Miller Conference Center, 9750 S. 300 W., Sandy, UT. October 22-26 "Family History Library Retreat 2012," Salt Lake Plaza Hotel, 122 W. South Temple, SLC. Ogden Art Stroll 1st Friday of each month. Begin at the Union Station or Eccles Art Center, and continue on to the various galleries on 25th Street. Park City Last Fridays Arts Stroll: Tickets and map of participating art galleries are available at the Kimball Art Center, 638 Park Ave. October 26, 27, 28 "World Wide Annual Antique Show & Sale, Denver Merchandise Mart," Expo Building, Denver, CO, (303) 292-6278.



We’ll pay top dollar for unwanted GOLD! Pawn Broker Exchange


VIDEO POKER (801) 450-9181

158 S. State Street, SLC

September 12, 2012 The Wasatch Antiques & Collectibles • Largest Circulated Monthly Magazine For Collecting Enthusiasts in the Mountain West.

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Mountain West Antiques & Collectibles Travel Guide Idaho Falls

Hidden Treasures Antiques



Davis County


Olden Daze Antiques

6 2 18 12 7 OGDEN 8

Country Village Antique Mall



Park City

5 Sta te

4 9 16 Midway 11 15


ee Str

Right At Home Design





Cat’s Cradle Antiques

10 1 B. Ashworth’s Rare Books

Spring City

Exit 265


Exit 263

WAC Issue #195 September 12, 2012 Copyright © WAC All Rights Reserved



RNB’s Antiques


1. B. Ashworth’s Rare Books/Provo 2. Valerie Taylor General Store/Willard 3. Country Village Antique Mall/Logan 4. Christensens/American Fork 5. Right At Home Design, Inc/Park City 6. Olden Daze Antiques/Brigham City 7. Gallery 25/Ogden 8. Motor-Vu Swap Meet/Riverdale 9. Auntie Bling-Bling’s/American Fork

10. Cat’s Cradle Antiques/Provo 11. Finer Consigner Store/Pleasant Grove 12. The Estate Sale/Ogden 13. Hidden Treasures Antiques/Logan 14. Sophie’s Black Sheep Gallery/Spring City 15. Edelweiss Gallery/Midway 16. Legacy Estate Sales/Midway 17. Bannock County Museum/Pocatello 18. River Bend Appraisals


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For Collecting Enthusiasts in the Mountain West Abode is accepting applications for our monthly Outdoor Flea 4 All Market, 801-486-2633, SLC. Mom’s Stuff is an all-natural hand and foot salve for anyone who's hands and feet need relief: Web site: You’ll love our low prices! Home Again Consignment. 2 locations: 2100 S. 1019 E., SLC, 7490 S. 700 W., Midvale.

Do You Need A Caregiver? I will assist you with your laundry, cleaning, shower & bath. Call Albert, (801) 3267012. In-Home Residential Personal Care, Utah State Certified, SLC.

My Finer Consigner Store is accepting quality items, 801-701-0603, Pleasant Grove. We sell fine antique furniture at half the price of large city antique stores. Come see for yourself at Olden Daze Antiques, 506 S. Main, Brigham City.

Seeking Utah law enforcement memorabilia, call Mike Ross, 801-799-3000, SLC. Come have fun at the Motor-Vu Swap Meet every weekend, 5368 S. 1050 W., Riverdale, 801-394-1768. Auntie Bling Bling's is American Fork’s most popular consignment shop 35 S. 100 E., 801-756-7046. We offer house blessings, call for more information, The Cosmic Spiral, 920 E. 900 S., 801-509-1043, SLC.


Cash for Gold, Silver and Coins We Sell Wholesale Diamonds

36 Years of Knowledge, Experience & Integrity

Professional Estate Jewelry Sales & Consultation

Best In The Business!

(801) 358-3435


Please Help Us! We're seeking historic photos of early Spring City, UT. If you have any photos of buildings or homes that are now gone or family photos taken in Spring City, call Kaye Watson at 435-462-2211.

Enjoy 10%-30% off everything in the store, Hidden Treasures Antiques, 692 N. 600 W., 435-755-6022, Logan.




Ogden’s Newest Antique Mall • Come See Our New Arrivals

See our new arrivals from Pennsylvania, thousands of antiques and collectibles, Abby’s Antiques, 180 31st Street, Ogden.

Now Offering Cigarettes Hand Rolled Cigars and Accessories 158 S. State

APPRAISERS Professional certified personal property appraisals, specializing in antiques. Call for appointment, June Est at River Bend Appraisals, Ogden, 801.540.6903. Email: RiverBendAppraisals@live. com Antique Gun Values and Appraisals, Steve Evans, 801-486-1349, SLC. Specializing in Estate Liquidations & Moving Sales, Call for a FREE Consultation. Legacy Estate Sales, Certified Appraiser, Member of Certified Appraiser Guild of America. Ron Dubberly, Proprietor, 435.657.0156, or Email: Coin, token and antique bottle appraisals, Bob Campbell, 801-467-8636, SLC.

Salt Lake City

801-238-0111 Call for a FREE informal appraisal on antique firearms, 45 years of experience, 801-554-5120, SLC.

ART FOR SALE Edelweiss

Gallery is selling paintings by early Utah artist Florence W a r e . Available: paintings by Steven Lee Adams, Doyle Shaw, Carol Shaw, Daniel Murri, Milton Wassmer, and Sherry Omans. See at 65 E. Main, (435) 654-1335. Tuesday-Friday 12-5, Saturday 11-3, Midway.

Logan’s Favorite Shopping Destination

Antiques & Collectibles at Affordable Prices.

Silver Jewelry • Collectibles • Glassware Art • Books • Furniture • Smalls • Primitives

Country Village

The Estate Sale

4590 Harrison Blvd., Ogden UT 84403 (801) 940-4075 • We have 6,000 sq. ft. of shopping space. Open Monday through Saturday, 11-6 pm.

Antique Mall

730 S. Main Street Logan, Utah 84321 • ( 435) 752-1678 OPEN: Monday - Saturday 10-6

Page 13

BOOKS Rare Books at Utah Books & Magazine, large selection of science fiction, 327 S. Main, 359-4391, SLC.

Eborn Rare Books, 254 S. Main Street, SLC. See us for new, used, rare, outof-print, buy, sell, consignment, all subjects.

Find us inside the Provo Town Square, Suite 120, 55 N. University, Brent Ashworth’s Books, Provo. Ken Sanders Books, Always Buying Quality Books, 268 S. 200 E., 801-521-3819, SLC. Need To Know? We have hundreds of reference books, Civil War, Indian, Western & military history, S.E.L.L. Antiques, 1488 S. State, SLC. Antique Price Guides, over 100 subjects at Abby’s Antique Mall, 180 31st St., Ogden. Buy & Sell Used & New Books, Christensen’s Department Store, 56 W. Main Street, American Fork, 801-809-2350.

BREWERIANA Large beer bottle and can opener collection for sale, low price, Hidden Treasures, 435-755-6022, Logan.



Coca Cola collectibles at Val’s Country Collectibles, 435-734-1116, #45 So. Main, Willard.

Wanted: Old Cushmans and part, 801-205-9204, WVC.


Specializing in Estate Liquidations & Moving Sales, Call for a FREE Consultation. Legacy Estate Sales, Certified Appraiser, Member of Certified Appraiser Guild of America. Ron Dubberly, Proprietor, 435.657.0156, or Email:

Abode, 1720 S. 900 E.,, 801486-2633, SLC. We're accepting quality home decor, Home Consignment, 6088 S. Highland Dr., 801-9988912, SLC.


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A unique space for local clothing & accessories designer gifts & decor FREE PARKING IN BACK! 1121 East 2100 South • SLC CLOTHING ● ACCESSORIES ● VINTAGE 801.467.6588

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We’d love to sell your items and turn them into cash.



6088 S. Highland Drive, Unit B 801.998.8912

We’re Accepting Quality Consignments

285 East State Street

Pleasant Grove, Utah (801) 701-0603 Website:

September 12, 2012

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Estate Jewerly Sales and Consultation, best in the business! The Rutherford Group, 801-358-3435. Alpha & Omega Estate Services, 801-374-1832, Provo. Support WAC Advertisers!

Vendors Wanted Utah County’s Only Indoor Flea Market

56 West Main Street

American Fork (801) 756-4741 (801) 809-2350 Premium space available. Downtown location. Call for details!

We buy antique, one item or entire estates, The Estate Sale, 801-940-4075, Ogden.

FASHIONS Buy new and vintage fashions and accessories at The Queen's Attic, inside Auntie Bling-Bling's Consignment Store, 801-756-7046, 35 South 100 East, American Fork. Check out Unhinged for vintage styled fashions, home decor & more, 1121 E. 2100 S., 801-467-6588, SLC.

FURNITURE Furniture must be 100 years old before it is considered an antique. City Creek Antiques specializes in fine antique furniture, 169 E. 300 S., 801-328-4004, SLC. Now Open For Business: We sell quality home decor, antiques, art and garden accents. La Belle Consignment, 8699 S. Highland Drive, 801.942.2090, SLC.

Swap Meet 3688 S. Redwood Rd.

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The Country Home Antiques specializes in authentic country pieces in pine & fruitwood from the 18th and 19th century, 1058 E. 900 S., 801-538-0122.

You’ll love our low prices! Home Again Consignment. 2 locations: 2100 S. 1019 E., SLC, 7490 S. 700 W., Midvale. Quality home & garden decor at Right At Home Designs, Inc., 1745 Bonanza Drive, 435-658-2111, Park City

GIFTS Unique inspirational gifts for all occassions at The Cosmic Spiral, 920 E. 900 S., 801-509-1043, SLC. We have some great gift ideas, home decor, costume jewelry. Visit My Finer Consigner Store, 285 E. State Street, 801-701-0603, Pleasant Grove.

GORD ART Original gord art by Michael Wages. Email: michaelawages@yahoo. com, Moab.

Vintage Miriam Haskell, cameos, beaded purses, estate jewelry, City Creek Antiques, 801-328-4004. Cash for vintage jewelry, AAA Jewelers, 601 S. State, 901-359-2035, SLC. Fine costume jewelry for sale, Auntie Bling-Bling’s, Consignment Store, 35 S. 100 E., 801-756-7046, American Fork.

LOANS We loan cash on most anything of value. We want to buy old guns. J & N Pawn, 3380 S. Redwood Rd., 972-6691, WVC.

MILITARIA Want To Buy old rusty guns, antique arms. Steve, 554-5120, SLC.

SUBSCRIBE TODAY! 12-Issues $10

Majestic Floors & Design specializes in sink vanities, carpet, tile, stone & hardwood floors, 6083 S. Highland Dr., 801-2720808, SLC. Vintage porcelain sinks, hardware, original Arts & Craft lighting, Retrospect Water & Light, 689 E. 700 S., 517-3876, SLC.


Wanted to Buy: Native art, jewelry, rugs, pottery, beadwork, blankets, kachina. Call 801-979-2685, SLC.

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Sapphire is the modern birthstone for August. Cash for estate jewelry, gold, silver, 801-358-3435..

1820s L. Marti Pink Mantel Clock, $950, City Creek Antiques, 169 E. 300 S., SLC. 1900s Brown jug from Black Hawk Liquor House, Dumayne & Millarich, Prop’s, Black Hawk, UTAH, Hyrum, UT.

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Country Collectibles • Antiques • Books • Pottery Garden Accents • Art • Home Decor • Postcards • Prints

New & vintage sports memorabilia, Christensen’s Department Store, 56 W. Main, American Fork, 801885-5962.

TOKENS & COINS We are dealers of rare coins, currency and tokens, and we sell metal detectors, too. Call All About Coins, 801-467-8636.

VINTAGE VINYL ReSpin Records buys and sells vintage records, turntables, 801-679-2532, Taylorsville.

WANTED TO BUY I'll take your retro furniture off your hands. Call Ron at the Green Ant, 595-1818, SLC. WANTED: $700 for Lagoon Jimi Hendrix Concert Poster. 385-439-9702, SLC. Always buying vintage home and garden decor, one item or an entire estate. Call Josh at Urban Vintage Antiques, 801-674-5437, SLC.

Address:: City: Zip Code:

Mail to: WAC, P.O. Box 510973, SLC, UT 84151

Abby’s Antiques has large selection of vintage hardware, great prices, 180 31st St, Ogden.





Collectible Coin Slot Machines, Video Poker Machines, Repairs & Parts. 2 Locations: Midvale, Draper, Recreational Slots, call 801-450-9181. Visit:

We sell Greenware Crocks, Wood-fired Tumblers & Oval Baking Dishes. Horseshoe Mountain Pottery, 278 S. Main, 435-462-2708, Spring City.

(801) 973-6060

Tarot Reading, Palmistry, Tea Leaf Reading and more. Find the answers to life's questions at Crone's Hollow, 2470 S Main, SLC.

New Inventory - Largest selection of Civil War & Indian Wars Era rifles, pistols, S.E.L.L. Antiques, SLC.


For more information, call


Val’s Country Treasures 45 S. Main Street, Willard, UT • 435.734.1116

Wanted to buy old furniture, guns, top prices paid! Olden Daze Antiques, (435) 7200967, Brigham City.

Forrest Fenn's Hidden Treasure

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main reason for Fenn's generous offer is to pass on some fun and adventure for anyone who likes challenges and has the time and gumption

to go out everyday to look for treasure. It's out there, you just have to find it. It seems to Fenn, where you find it matters little when compared to the thrill of the chase. Fenn is getting a lot of media attention for his treasure. He says he receives hundreds of emails from people asking for clues. He says the clues can be found in his book

collectedworksbook Fenn has offered this advice in a newspaper interview. Read the poem first, then read the book, then read the poem again, and use the book to understand the clues.

Antique Bottles which is for sale only at Santa Fe’s Collected Works Bookstore at www.

Highest Cash Paid!


Collectibles • Books Comics • LDS Western • Prints Old Toys • Art • Utah

Estate Liquidations & Moving Sales


Legacy Estate Sales

UTAH BOOK & MAGAZINE 327 S. Main Street Salt Lake City (801) 359-4391

Country Collectibles • Antiques • Books • Pottery Garden Accents • Art • Home Decor • Postcards • Prints

CAGA Certified Appraiser (435) 657-0156

Advertising Rates: (801) 688-0563 Always buying books, maps, postcards and Utah memorabilia.

Ken Sanders Rare Books

Val’s Country Treasures 45 S. Main Street, Willard, UT • 435.734.1116

Proceeds from the book go to a cancer prevention organization. Fenn says the treasure is difficult to find so it won’t be found right away, but it’s easy enough so that it’s not impossible to find it.

268 South 200 East SLC, UT 84111 • 801.521-3819

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towns, old dumps, old houses, old homesteads and the campsites on the trails that the early pioneers used to cross the United States. Before you start treasure hunting for these valuable antiques I suggest that you pay a visit to the National Bottle Museum at 76 Milton Avenue, Ballston Spa, NY, to learn the early bottle making methods. The museum sponsors an antique bottle show every June and dealers and collectors from all over the world attend. At the very least you can visit the museums web site. Many of the more valuable bottles were produced in the 1800s

and were handmade and no two are exactly alike. Bottles are appreciated for their look and for the visual appeal they have. Lining colored bottles up against windows can really reflect sunlight and brighten up a kitchen. But more than just visually appealing, antique bottles are truly part of history. For antique lovers, bottles are an important part of any collection and can be very valuable. Happy Treasure Hunting. About The Author: David Cowley has written numerous articles on treasure hunting. He has also created a Web site dedicated to treasure hunting. Visit www.

PRSRT STD ECRWSS U.S. POSTAGE PAID EDDM RETAIL *****************ECRWSS**** Local Postal Customer

Salt Lake City Coin Show & Sale 49th Annual

Proudly Presented by the UTAH NUMISMATIC SOCIETY Featuring some of the best coin dealers in Utah and the Mountain West.

October 26 & 27, 2012

Salt Lake Community College, Larry H. Miller Conference Center 9750 South 300 West, Sandy, Utah Hours: Friday & Saturday 10am-7pm ADMISSION: $3.00 Per Person • $5 Per Family

For More Information, Contact BOB CAMBELL (801) 467-8636

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