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Kemijärvi is a small town situated north of the Arctic Circle in Lapland’s peaceful lake district. A place far away from traffic jams. In the midst of these wide open landscapes and bright waters, happiness is a natural state of mind. It catches you off guard and brings a smile to your lips. This is your guide to Kemijärvi and its shores of happiness. In addition to the lakes, we will take you to forests, hills and fells that offer wondrous experiences and challenging activities in every season. We invite you to experience the local culture and to enjoy food acquired fresh from the wilderness. And when your day of adventures turns into evening, you will sleep in peaceful surroundings, undisturbed by the noise of traffic.


Suomutunturi Ski Resort

Kemijärvi Ski Trails


Outisen Ratsastuskeskus Off – Piste Adventuress: Finnhorse and reindeer tours Finnhorse and reindeer tours

Kotavaara Observation Tower

Urheilu Sivakka: Snowshoe tours, campfire trips, ice fishing trips




NORTHERN LIGHTS, SNOW AND SPACE TO BREATHE In Kemijärvi, the long winter offers many reasons for happiness: plenty of cross-country tracks and wonderful slopes for skiers. The crunching sound of reindeer hoofs on snow, the cheerful barking of huskies and the warm and wide back of a Finnhorse are just some of marvels of a trip to the snowy white forests. Sometimes all it takes to be happy is a moment sitting by the warmth of a campfire under the glowing northern lights. Here in Kemijärvi, winter will not disappoint. There is snow from December to April, and there are four fells to discover within an hour's drive. The white expanse of a frozen lake allows the gaze to wander far and the mind to focus on the essential: the here and now.


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EXPERIENCE THE MIDNIGHT SUN IN LAPLAND'S LAKE DISTRICT The blue sky reflects from the lake’s mirror-like surface. Sitting at the end of the dock, you can lower your toes into the water and take a deep breath. There is no rush to be anywhere: light is abundant around the clock, and soon the fish will bite again. In the meantime, you can discover new perspectives: paddle a canoe to the middle of the lake or climb to the top of a fell where the only scent is that of fresh air. A picnic is the perfect occasion to toast the sun that never sets. The foremost attraction of Kemijärvi in summer is the lake with its sandy beaches. The weather is far from tropical, but people usually come here for other pleasures. Instead of heat and crowds, the lake offers tranquility, peace of mind and bountiful fishing waters.



Suomun Mökit:

Pyhä-Luosto National Park

pedal boats, fat bike and mountain bike rental


Kemijärvi Beaches

Urheilu Sivakka:


boat & canoe rental, traditional smoke sauna,

Yoga and mindfulness programmes

pedal board rental



at its most authentic WELCOME TO HAPPY VILLAGES The shores of happiness have attracted inhabitants for a long time. People came to live by these waters thousands of years ago. Along the lakeshore trail, there are still thriving villages where you can experience the local culture at its most authentic. Life has a natural rhythm, and every season has its own function. People who live surrounded by lakes and forests tell the best stories, know the most bountiful locations and can capture the ever-changing Arctic light on canvas. They can show you the best off-trail spots to stop and enjoy the moment.


Kemijärvi Museum

Jänkäkoira: Fishing trips from Vuostimo village


Luusua village museum, dating back to the 18th century

Art Gallery Lea Viita




Mestarin Kievari’s delicacies

Hotel Suomutunturi Restaurant

LIFE HERE IS UNCOMPLICATED – AND SO IS THE FOOD In Kemijärvi, both the food and life itself are uncomplicated. The best ingredients come from the vicinity: fish caught from the lake and berries picked from the back yard. Reindeer is a popular festive dish in these parts of Finland, but Kemijärvi is especially known for its large pikes, a delicacy delivered all the way to European courts in the 17th century. Even though the ingredients are simple, the flavours are sumptuous: the midnight sun, the clean waters and the infinite wilderness. And if, instead of a sit-down dinner, you prefer to dine by the campfire, this can be arranged too.



dine out



When you leave Kemijärvi, what do you take with you? Something authentic and local. Memories of unhurried moments, stories and sceneries. Flavours and scents of the wilderness that bring you back to the shores of happiness.

Artist Lea Viita’s studio is located in the village of Luusua amid a beautiful landscape of lakes and hills. She captures the surrounding nature and changing seasons in her works, many of which are large and brimming with small moments and details. The details have also generated a collection of design products. You can view her works and products on the artist's website as well as the Shopvida and Taiko online shops. Visual artist Lea Viita Luusuantie 3152, 98230 Tel. +358 40 766 4771 | |

Paapero® clothing is made of high quality, safe organic cotton knits and fabrics. The hand-painted prints are inspired by Lapland’s delicate nature, people and stories. In the Paapero shop, located in the centre of Kemijärvi, you will encounter the enthusiastic makers and hear the stories behind the products. The store offers a large selection of clothing for children aged 0 to 9 and a collection of quality clothing for adults. Paapero Kirkkokatu 8, 98100 Kemijärvi Tel. + 358 4 511 7856 | |


Lapland’s harsh growth conditions and the midnight sun give the local berries and plants their unique flavours. The Wild from Arctic marshmallows are brimming with colours and flavours derived straight from the forest. The product family includes flavoured salts and syrups as well as marmalade candy. Products are for sale in local shops and can be ordered directly from our online store. |







Silence Silence at at the the shelter. shelter. AA guided guided trip trip through through the the forest forest to to aa lean-to lean-to shelter shelter is is aa wonderful wonderful way way to to connect connect with with Lapland’s Lapland’s nature. nature. Sitting Sitting by by URHEILU SIVAKKA aa campfire, campfire, we we will will enjoy enjoy the the tranquility tranquility of of the the Silence the shelter. A guided tripdisplays throughin forest forest and andatadmire admire nature’s nature’s own own light light displays in the forest to a lean-to shelter is a wonderful the the sky. sky. way to connect with Lapland’s nature. Sitting by RELAX RELAX IN THE THE SMOKE SMOKE SAUNA SAUNA of the a campfire, weIN will enjoy the tranquility Experience Experience traditional traditional sauna sauna atmosphere atmosphere in in aain forest and admire nature’s own light displays 100-year-old 100-year-old smoke smokethe sauna. sauna. The gentle gentle warmth warmth sky. The of of the the sauna sauna is is aa perfect perfect way way to to relax relax and and leave leave RELAX IN THE SMOKE SAUNA everyday everyday life life behind. behind. Experience traditional sauna atmosphere in a ICE-FISHING ICE-FISHING 100-year-old smoke sauna. The gentle warmth This This trip trip offers offers a a chance chance to discover discover the secrets secrets of the sauna is a perfectto way to relaxthe and leave of of winter winter fishing. fishing. You You can can try try your your hand hand at at iceiceeveryday life behind. fishing fishing and and learn learn how how to to check check the the fish fish trap trap ICE-FISHING under under the the ice. ice. Afterwards, Afterwards, you you get get to to cook cook your your This trip offers a chance to discover the secrets catch catch on on the the campfire campfire and and enjoy enjoy the the results results of of of winter fishing.your You can try your hand at iceyour efforts. efforts. fishing and learn how to check the fish trap SNOWSHOE TOUR TOUR under the ice.SNOWSHOE Afterwards, you get to cook your AA snowshoe snowshoe hike hike through through beautiful beautiful wintery wintery catch on the campfire and aa enjoy the results of forest forest and and hill hill landscape. landscape. You You will will also also learn learn to to your efforts. identify identify animal animal tracks tracks in in the the snow. snow. SNOWSHOE TOUR EQUIPMENT A snowshoe hike throughHIRE a beautiful wintery Cross-country snowshoes, sliding boots, forest and hill skis, landscape. You will also learn to Annaliisankatu Annaliisankatu 8, 8, 98100 98100 Kemijärvi Kemijärvi fishing equipment, rowinginboats, etc. identify animal tracks the snow. Tel. Tel. +358 +358 16 16 813 813 567 567 +358 +358 400 400 157 157 737 737 Kiviniementie 14,8,98120 Kemijärvi Annaliisankatu 98100 Kemijärvi Tel. +358 400 157 737 Tel. +358 16 813 567 +358 400 157 737

NORTHERN NORTHERN LIGHTS LIGHTS SAFARI SAFARI As As the the night night falls, falls, we we will will set set off off on on snowmobiles snowmobiles and and travel travel beyond beyond the the light light pollution pollution to to discover discover the the PYHÄ SAFARIS aurora aurora borealis. borealis. The The moon moon and and the the stars stars will will light light our our NORTHERN LIGHTS SAFARI way. way. During During the the two-hour two-hour safari, safari, we we will will stop stop for for hot hot As the night falls, we will set off over on snowmobiles beverages beverages and and sausages sausages grilled grilled over aa campfire. campfire. and travel beyond the light pollution to discover the FAMILY FAMILY SAFARI aurora borealis. The moon SAFARI and the stars will light our This This two-hour two-hour snowmobile snowmobile safari safariwe is is ideal ideal for for families families way. During the two-hour safari, will stop for hot and andbeverages first-timers. first-timers. After After gearing gearing up up and and receiving receiving driving driving and sausages grilled over a campfire. instruction instruction from from the the guide guide we we will will take take aa tour tour of of the the FAMILY SAFARI Pyhätunturi Pyhätunturi area area lead lead by by the the guide. guide. We We will will take take aa This two-hour snowmobile safarito is grill ideal for families break break at at our our campsite campsite by by aa pond pond to grill sausages sausages on on and first-timers. After gearing up and receiving driving open open fire fire and and enjoy enjoy hot hot beverages. beverages. instruction from the guide we will take a tour of the SNOWMOBILE SAFARI Pyhätunturi SNOWMOBILE area lead by the SAFARI guide. We will take a TO TO A A REINDEER REINDEER PARK, PARK, AND AND A A SLEIGH SLEIGH RIDE RIDEon break at our campsite by a pond to grill sausages Snowmobile Snowmobile safari safari to to Kopara Kopara Reindeer Reindeer Park. Park. We will will open fire and enjoy hot beverages. We feed feed the the reindeer, reindeer, hear hear the the herder's herder's stories, stories, and and have have SNOWMOBILE coffee coffee in in the the herder’s herder’s hut. hut. We We SAFARI will will also also enjoy enjoy aa halfhalfTO A REINDEER PARK, Asnowy SLEIGH RIDE hour hour reindeer reindeer sleigh sleigh ride rideAND in in the the snowy forest! forest! Snowmobile safari to Kopara Reindeer Park. We will ICE ICE KARTING KARTING feed the reindeer, hear the herder's stories, and have Unleash Unleash your your inner inner formula formula driver driver and enjoy the thrill thrill coffee in the herder’s hut. We willand alsoenjoy enjoythe a halfof of speed speed on onride our ourin ice ice track! track! hour reindeer sleigh the snowy forest! Includes Includes sleigh sleigh transportation transportation to to the the track, track, driving driving ICE KARTING instruction instruction and and practice, practice, qualifications qualifications and and the the final. Unleash your inner formula driver and enjoy thefinal. thrill of speed on our ice track! Includes sleigh transportation to the track, driving Sädetie 1, 1, 98530 98530 Pyhätunturi Pyhätunturi instruction Sädetie and practice, qualifications and the final. Tel. Tel. +358 +358 40 40 778 778 9106 9106 || Sädetie 1, 98530 Pyhätunturi Tel. +358 40 778 9106 |

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OFF – PISTE ADVENTURES OUTISEN RATSASTUSKESKUS Welcome to Outinen's farm, where you can meet Finnhorses and reindeer and learn about the related traditions, which are particularly close to our hearts. The Finnhorse is one of the rarest horse breeds in the world, whereas training reindeer to pull a sleigh and bringing tourists in for sleigh rides help to keep old traditions alive.

HORSE-BACK RIDING IN THE WINTER We take a light, 1-hour riding tour, heading to the snow-filled forest nearby. After the tour, we sit around the fire and talk about the Finnhorse while enjoying hot chocolate and buns. SLEIGH RIDE WITH A FINNHORSE A peaceful sleigh ride in the forest, pulled by a Finnhorse. Also suitable for the physically impaired. We take a tour of the farm, groom the horses and sit around the fire after the sleigh ride, enjoying hot chocolate and buns. SLEIGH RIDE WITH REINDEER Sitting in a sleigh pulled by reindeer through a snowy forest, you learn what Lapland is all about. On this tour, the team of reindeer is driven by a guide and the guests travel under warm covers in the sleigh. After the tour, we sit around the fire and learn more about reindeer.

Sodankyläntie1007, 1007,98100 98100 Kemijärvi Kemijärvi Sodankyläntie Tel.+358 +35840 409639 9639 807 Tel.


SUOMUTUNTURI Situated on the border of the Arctic Circle, Suomu fell invites you to enjoy diverse outdoor activities all year round. In winter, the wind-protected slopes of Suomu offer activities for downhill skiers and snowboarders from children and beginners to experienced skiers. Choose from ten diverse slopes with different levels of difficulty. Four of the slopes are lit, and the longest spans 1,700 metres. There are 70 kilometres of maintained crosscountry ski tracks amidst the hills and valleys of the forest. The tracks have lean-to shelters at convenient intervals for resting and enjoying a snack. We also rent snowmobiles and organise safaris in the breathtaking landscape around us. Other winter activities include ice-fishing, snowshoeing and cross-country skiing safaris. During the snowless period, the marked hiking tracks invite you to experience the quiet of the forest and the midnight sun. A hiker’s autumn at Suomu is topped off with the northern lights, which can be seen as early as at the end of August, far away from the city lights, if the conditions are right.

Kotakuja 1, 98720 Kemijärvi Tel. +358 207 199 120 (rental and lift tickets) Tel. +358 207 199 110



LATIN LAPLAND JÄNKÄKOIRA Take a fishing trip on Kemijoki, the longest river in Finland, with a local ranger and experienced fisherman. In addition to the activity packages, we make tailored trips to the waters around Kemijärvi according to the customer’s interests.

SUMMER FISHING ON KEMIJOKI RIVER A fishing trip on the plentiful Kemijoki river – choose from trolling, jigging or an introduction to casting and jerkbaiting. WHITEWATER FISHING TRIP Do you enjoy whitewater fishing? Jänkäkoira offers fishing trips to the free-flowing rapids of Loukas and Jänkäläinen. In these rapids, you can catch a wild trout or a feisty grayling. FLY-FISHING ON THE JAVARUS RIVER The Javarus river offers amazing experiences for flyfishers. The river is shallow enough to wade across. Rest at a lean-to shelter on the riverbank and enjoy a packed lunch. If your catch is large enough, ask us to prepare it for you to take home.

Opintie 17, 98360 Vuostimo Junnu Korpela, Tel. +358 50 541 2877


Happiness is a healthy body! Exercise is a big part of overall well-being. Well-being studio Latin Lapland offers a wide range of classes for a variety of needs and wishes. You are warmly welcome to come and try out the different classes. Find a way to exercise that works for you.

Pelkosenniementie 2, 98120 Kemijärvi Tel.: +358 44 970 3312

KEMIJÄRVEN LATU RY Kemijärven Latu ry is a member association of Suomen Latu (the Outdoor Association of Finland) in Eastern Lapland, which promotes outdoor activities, hiking and other nature hobbies. The ice-swimming venue run by Kemijärven Latu is located on the shore of Lake Pöyliöjärvi behind the Poukama swimming hall and tennis courts. The address is Värjärintie 6, Kemijärvi. Those who have paid for the season receive a key to the heated changing room, separate ones for men and women. You can also swim for a one-off charge. There are no saunas or showers at the changing rooms/ice swimming venue. The swimming season is from September to the end of April, and the fees are paid to Kemijärven Latu’s bank account. Facebook: Kemijärven Latu




n the middle of farm that is easy ovides homestay urs to near and oeing, horseback r snowshoeing.

side restaurant pure feeling of d fell landscape ce. In winter, we mmodation for stomers.

0 Pyhätunturi 54 0683 55 0744


Persoonallinen, lämminhenkinen ja Lucky Ranch, located in the middle of helposti saavutettava hevostila keskellä Lapland, is a cosy horse farm is easy LUCKY RANCH Lappia tarjoaa kotimajoitusta, retkiäthat lähelle to reach. Luckypyöräillen, Ranch provides homestay ja kauas kävellen, meloen, Persoonallinen, lämminhenkinen ja accommodation and tours to near hevosilla, lumilaudalla, lumikengillä. and helposti saavutettava hevostila keskellä far by hiking, biking, canoeing, horseback Lappia tarjoaa kotimajoitusta, retkiä lähelle Tunnelmallinen rantaravintola ja sauna riding, snowboarding or snowshoeing. LUCKY RANCH ja kauas kävellen, pyöräillen, meloen, antaa puhdasta hyvän olon tunnetta. The atmospheric lakeside restaurant hevosilla, lumilaudalla, lumikengillä. Tunturijärvi maisema luo levollisen Persoonallinen, lämminhenkinen ja and sauna provide a pure feeling of ilmapiirin. Talvella tarjoamme lumi-igloo helposti saavutettava hevostila keskellä Tunnelmallinen rantaravintola ja sauna wellbeing. The lake and fell landscape majoitusta kansainvälisille asiakkaille. Lappia kotimajoitusta, lähelle antaatarjoaa puhdasta hyvän olon retkiä tunnetta. create a restful ambience. In winter, we ja kauas kävellen, pyöräillen, meloen, Tunturijärvi maisema luo levollisen Tarjollaoffer myös mökki majoitusta ja talvella snow-igloo accommodation for hevosilla, lumilaudalla, lumikengillä. ilmapiirin. Talvella tarjoamme lumi-igloo eksoottinen lumi-igloo maailma. international customers. majoitusta kansainvälisille asiakkaille. Tunnelmallinen rantaravintola ja sauna antaamyös puhdasta olon tunnetta. Tarjolla mökkihyvän majoitusta ja talvella Tunturijärvi maisema luo levollisen Pyhäntie 1210, 98530 Pyhätunturi LUCKY RANCH eksoottinen lumi-igloo maailma. Pyhäntie 1210, 98530 Pyhätunturi ilmapiirin. Talvella tarjoamme lumi-igloo Antti +358 40 754 0683 Antti lämminhenkinen +358 40 754 0683 Persoonallinen, ja majoitusta kansainvälisille asiakkaille. Anu +358 50 355 0744 Anu +358 50 355 keskellä 0744 helposti saavutettava hevostila |majoitusta Pyhäntie 1210, 98530 Pyhätunturi myös mökki ja talvella LappiaTarjolla tarjoaa kotimajoitusta, retkiä lähelle Antti +358 40 754 0683 eksoottinen lumi-igloo maailma. ja kauas kävellen, pyöräillen, meloen, Anu +358 355 0744 hevosilla, lumilaudalla,50 lumikengillä. IKIVALKEA rantaravintola ja sauna Pyhäntie 1210, 98530 Pyhätunturi antaa hyvän olon tunnetta. Antti +358 40 754 0683 We at Ikivalkea believe in the connection Tunturijärvi maisema luo levollisen Anu +358 355 0744as the of the body, mind50 and nature ilmapiirin. Talvella tarjoamme lumi-igloo powerful pillars of holistic wellbeing. In majoitusta kansainvälisille asiakkaille. addition to short courses and events, we plan weekend andjalonger holiday Tarjolla myös mökkiretreats majoitusta talvella programmes in cooperation eksoottinen lumi-igloo maailma.with our lodging partners.

LUCKY RANCH Pyhäntie 1210, 98530 Pyhätunturi Antti +358Sari 40 754 0683 Leinonen Persoonallinen, lämminhenkinen ja Anu +358 50 355 0744 Tel. +358 40 539 7505 | helposti saavutettava hevostila keskellä Lappia kotimajoitusta, retkiä lähelle ja kauas kävellen, pyöräillen, meloen, hevosilla, lumilaudalla, lumikengillä.

Forest baths & wildtours Forest baths & wildtours Sielun Kaiku offers relaxing forest bath IKIVALKEA IKIVALKEA moments and wildtours in the beautiful

Forest baths & wildtours Sielun Kaiku offers relaxing forest bath landscape of Kemijärvi. You can choose an

momentsMe andIkivalkeassa wildtours in uskomme the beautiful landscape keho-, jaKemijärvi. Weforest at Ikivalkea believe in the connection open bath class or wildtour or mielibook aof tour made especially for you.

You can choose forest bath or wildtour luontoyhteyden voimaan kokonaisvaltaisen ofan theopen body, mind andclass nature as the or

Forest bathing is conscious nature IKIVALKEA book a tour made especially forin you. hyvinvoinnin tukipilareina. Lyhytkurssien powerful pillars of presence holistic wellbeing. In and exploring nature with all senses. Let Forest bathing conscious presence in events, nature we ja tapahtumien lisäksi suunnittelemme additionisnature to short courses cherish you! and Me Ikivalkeassa uskomme keho-, mieli- ja and exploring nature with all senses. viikonloppuretriittejä sekä pidempiä lomaohjelmia plan weekend retreats and longer holiday Book now: luontoyhteyden voimaan kokonaisvaltaisen Let nature cherish you! yhteistyössä majoittajakumppaneiden kanssa. programmes in cooperation with our hyvinvoinnin tukipilareina. Lyhytkurssien @ lodging partners. Instagram: sielunkaiku IKIVALKEA ja tapahtumien lisäksi suunnittelemme Facebook: Sielun Kaiku puh. +358 400 254207 viikonloppuretriittejä sekä pidempiä lomaohjelmia Me Ikivalkeassa uskomme keho-, mieli- ja Book now: Sari Leinonen yhteistyössä majoittajakumppaneiden kanssa. luontoyhteyden voimaan kokonaisvaltaisen Puh. +358 40 539 7505 | Sari Leinonen hyvinvoinnin tukipilareina. Lyhytkurssien Tel. +358 40 539 7505 suunnittelemme | ja tapahtumien lisäksi Instagram: sielunkaiku viikonloppuretriittejä sekä pidempiä lomaohjelmia Sari Leinonen Facebook: Sielun Kaiku yhteistyössä majoittajakumppaneiden kanssa. Puh. +358 40 539 | Tel. +358 400 7505 254 207

Experience Järvinen IKIVALKEA

Sari Leinonen Me Ikivalkeassa keho-, mieli- ja Puh. +358 uskomme 40 539 7505 | Guided fishing trips are available in June luontoyhteyden voimaan kokonaisvaltaisen until the end of September. hyvinvoinnin tukipilareina. Lyhytkurssien Come out and enjoy the warmth of summer days or ja tapahtumien lisäksi suunnittelemme a summer night on the water and viikonloppuretriittejä sekä pidempiä lomaohjelmia silence of the summer nights. Or book a fishing trip yhteistyössä majoittajakumppaneiden kanssa.

Welcome to fishing in the beautiful scenery of Kemijärvi.

for your group in the autumn browns.

2323 23

Mikko Järvinen

Sari Leinonen

Puh. +358Tel. 40 539 | +3587505 50 358 8586




Uitonniemi offers six comfortable, well-equipped rooms for 2–3 people, an apartment for 4–6 people and an atmospheric lakeside sauna for our guests to use. The hotel is situated by the lake Kemijärvi just a short walk away from the town’s services.

Cosy accommodation in central Kemijärvi. Mestarin Kievari’s family rooms are equipped with a coffee machine and refrigerator. Kievari also offers rooms with a private en-suite sauna.

Uitonniementie 1, 98100 Kemijärvi Tel. +358 41 317 8893

Kirkkokatu 9, 98100 Kemijärvi Tel. + 358 40 320 7700 | + 358 40 742 0618

HOTEL SUOMUTUNTURI At hotel Suomutunturi, you can sleep in a Lappish fell scenery in the vicinity of the slopes. The wild nature is close: reindeer often visit our grounds, and you can admire the northern lights from your window. We offer options for the needs of all types of travellers and skiers. In addition to comfortable hotel rooms, we offer chalet apartments with saunas for even the most demanding tastes. Our VIP sauna facilities can also be hired for private use. Two saunas and a cosy sauna lounge of 60 square metres are ideal for many uses like meetings, gatherings, sauna evenings and special occasions – for up to 50 people.

Kotakuja 1, 98720 Kemijärvi Tel. +358 207 199 120 | |



ARCTIC CIRCLE HOTEL ARCTIC CIRCLE HOTEL Napapiirillä sijaitseva Arctic Circle Hotel tarjoaa turvallisen ja The Arctic Circle Hotel, located in the Arctic Circle District, offers a rauhallisen ympäristön matkailijoille. Halusitpa sitten rentoutua safe and peaceful environment for tourists. Whether you want to luonnossa, tai hypätä Suomutunturin rinteisiin! relax in nature or ski on the slopes of Suomutunturi! Arctic Circle Hotellissa on 30 vuonna 2020 uusittua huonetta The Arctic Circle Hotel has 30 rooms, all renovated in 2020 and lisävuodemahdollisuudella. Kaikissa huoneissa on höyrysuihku, with the option for an extra bed. All rooms have a steam shower, joissakin jopa poreamme.Hotellivieraat voivat nauttia some even have a hot tub. At the end of the day, guests can relax rentouttavista löylyistä päivän päätteeksi hotellin saunatiloissa. in the hotel’s sauna facilities.

Välipolku 2-4 , 98720 Suomutunturi Välipolku 2-4, 98720 Suomutunturi email:

HOTELLI KEMIJÄRVI HOTEL KEMIJÄRVI Hotelli Kemijärvi sijaitsee keskeisellä paikalla napapiirin Hotel Kemijärvi is centrally located north of the Arctic Circle, in the pohjoispuolella, keskellä Kemijärveä, Suomen pohjoisinta middle of Kemijärvi, the northernmost city of Finland. The hotel is kaupunkia. Hotelli Kemijärvi on hyvä kiintopiste, kun haluat käydä ideally situated for visiting the fells nearby. mahdollisimman monella tunturilla.

Vapaudenkatu 8, 98100 Kemijärvi Vapaudenkatu 8, 98100 Kemijärvi Tel. +358 46 561 2020 | Puh. +358 46 561 2020 |

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COTTAGES, CAMPING MÖKKIMAJOITUS AND CARAVAN JA LEIRINTÄALUEET SUOMUNMÖKIT MÖKIT SUOMUN SuomunMökit Mökitvälittää offers rental cottages and apartments in Suomun vuokramökkejä Suomutunturin the Suomutunturi area. We have around 60 privately owned cottages ympäristöstä. Listallamme on on n. 60 yksityisessä omistuksessa and apartments onhuoneistoa our rental list, ranging from ski-insijaitsevista semi-detached olevaa mökkiä ja aivan rinteen vieressä cottages directly on the ski slopes, to secluded and atmospheric cottages ski-in-paritalohuoneistoista tunnelmallisiin yksittäisiin mökkeihin in peaceful sijainnilla. surroundings. Accommodation also for larger groups. rauhallisella Vaihtoehtoja myös suuremmille seurueille.

Raakuntie1,1,98720 98720Suomutunturi Suomutunturi Raakuntie Tel. +358 400 358557 557 Puh. +358 400 358

CAMPINGKEMIJÄRVI KEMIJÄRVI CAMPING Camping Kemijärvi is located the city centre on the shore of Pöyliöjärvi Camping Kemijärvi sijaitseeinkaupungin keskustassa Pöyliöjärven amidst beautiful lake vistas. järvimaisemaa. The area has electricity for caravans rannalla keskellä kaunista Alueella outlets on sähkötolpat and motorhomes as well as a camping area for tents. Guests have access asuntovaunuille ja asuntoautoille sekä teltta-alue. Majoittujien tokäytössä a kitchenovat andkeittiöservicejabuilding, as well assekä a sauna. The lakeside offers huoltorakennus sauna. Järvenranta activities such as boating, fishing, and swimming. tarjoaa mahdollisuuden veneillä, kalastaa ja uida.

Hietaniemenkatu7,7,98100 98100Kemijärvi Kemijärvi Hietaniemenkatu Tel.+358 +35845 45202 2023770 3770 Puh.

PYHÄHIPPU CENTRAL RESERVATIONS Are you looking for a luxury holiday experience amidst beautiful, rugged scenery? Our high specification cottages and apartments are located close to the Pyhätunturi National Park as well as the best pistes an ski tracks. With us, you can rent bed linen, travel beds and highchairs, and also mountain bikes, fatbikes and rowing boats in summer.

Kultakeronkatu 4, 98530 Pyhätunturi Tel. +358 16 882 820 |


Lomakeskus Luppo sijaitsee Pyhätunturin keskustasta The Luppo holiday centre is located 6 km from the centre of 6 km Kemijärven suuntaan. Meillä on 45 huonetta 2-6rooms hengelle. HOLIDAY VILLAGE KUUKIURU Pyhätunturi in the direction of Kemijärvi. We have 45 for 2-6 Ravintolamme keittiö käyttää paljon paikallisia raaka-aineita, kuten people. Our restaurant kitchen uses many local ingredients, such Holiday Village Kuukiuru is located between Kemijärvi andvalaistu latu poronja hirvenlihaa, kalaa metsämarjoja. lähtee as reindeer and elk, fish,jaand wild berries.Pihasta In the winter, there is an Sodankylä, on the banks of the Kemijoki River, pohja 17 km from Pyhätunturille ja kesäisin ladun illuminated cross-country ski route from the resort to Pyhätunturi, Pyhätunturi Ski Resort. The holiday village has cottages (for 4 toimii retkipolkuna. and during the summer the route serves as a scenic path. persons), rooms (for 2, 4, 5 persons), a caravan and tent area, hut, beach sauna. Kuukiuru is open all year round! Come to this peaceful place! Postiliitontie Postiliitontie95, 95,98530 98530Pyhätunturi Pyhätunturi Puh. +358 40 028 3543 Tel. +358 40 028 3543 Kuukiuruntie 13, 98360 Vuostimo Tel.: +358 400 199 184 |


PYHÄHIPPU CENTRAL RESERVATIONS Are you looking for a luxury holiday experience amidst beautiful, rugged scenery? Our high specification cottages and apartments are located close to the Pyhätunturi National Park as well as the best pistes an ski tracks. With us, you can rent bed linen, travel beds and highchairs, and also mountain bikes, fatbikes and rowing boats in summer.

Kultakeronkatu 4, 98530 Pyhätunturi Tel. +358 16 882 820 |

HOLIDAY VILLAGE KUUKIURU Holiday Village Kuukiuru is located between Kemijärvi and Sodankylä, on the banks of the Kemijoki River, 17 km from Pyhätunturi Ski Resort. The holiday village has cottages (for 4 persons), rooms (for 2, 4, 5 persons), a caravan and tent area, hut, beach sauna. Kuukiuru is open all year round! Come to this peaceful place!

Kuukiuruntie 13, 98360 Vuostimo Tel.: +358 400 199 184 |


LOHEN LOMAKESKUS We provide comfortable cottage and holiday apartment accommodation just outside the centre. In summer, visitors will be able to enjoy our wonderful sandy beach, while in wintertime, there is direct access to snowmobile routes and ski tracks. We also offer a number of spots where you can build your own campfire.

Hietaniemenkatu 9-11, 98101 Kemijärvi Hietaniemenkatu 9-11, 98101 Kemijärvi Tel. +358 581 2007 Tel. +358 40 581 2007 40 | +358 40 581 6772

TOPYHÄ The Honkalahti villa, located on the shores of Kemijärvi about 10 km from the town centre, is available for rent. The fully equipped Honkalahti log villa has room for 8+2 people, and the guests have access to a 10-person wood-heated sauna on the shore as well as to a large kota for grilling. Peaceful location for hiking, fishing, berry picking, and outdoor activities attracts visits all year round. Food and programme services can be booked in connection with the accommodation. The semi-detached Lomahuhta cottage in Pyhätunturi is available for rent. The cottage has two apartments with basic equipment and a sauna, with accommodation to a maximum of 12 people. A peaceful location close to the ski trails, with a kota for grilling and enjoying your evenings.

Tel. +358 400 226 330 |

MATKATUPA ACCOMMODATION Located in the village of Luusua on the shores of Lake Kemijärvi. Accommodation is mainly in cottages and holiday apartments. The holiday home accommodation operates all year round with all the comforts of home. Car and tent pitches can be arranged by telephone.

SOPPELAN WANHA KOULU ART CAFÉ & SEVA BEACH CAMPING Soppelan Wanha Kyläkoulu & Seva Beach Camping are located on the shores of Lake Kemijärvi, in the village of Soppela, in an idyllic and peaceful location at the Wanha kyläkoulu village school. Lapland’s spiritual traditions and its natural purity, silence and space provide a setting for events and accommodation representing softer values.

Our guests have access to good beaches, fishing waters and cloudberry marshes, as well as state-owned hunting grounds.

The campsite includes the Seva-Soppela Centre with various accommodation facilities, an arts and crafts café, training and course facilities, a banquet hall, sauna and shower facilities. A kitchen for private parties and events. There’s a wide range of activities and experiences, a sports hall and, for families with children, an outdoor play area.

Luusuantie 2661, 98230 Luusua Tel. +358 40 578 8795 |

Kaisankankaantie 87, 98400 Isokylä-Kemijärvi Tel.: +358 40 352 5327 |



not try Lappish homefor cooking lunch! à la carte Why not try Why Lappish home cooking lunch!forOur à laOur carte features vendace and caught pike caught the nearby menumenu features vendace and pike from from the nearby menu features vendace and pike caught from the nearby Kemijärvi lake, reindeer prepared in a variety of Kemijärvi lake, reindeer prepared in a variety of ways,ways, freshfresh Kemijärvi lake, reindeer prepared in a variety of ways, fresh berries and local baked leipäjuusto cheese. forestforest berries and local baked leipäjuusto cheese. forest berries and local baked leipäjuusto cheese.

Kirkkokatu 9, 98100 Kemijärvi Kirkkokatu 9, 98100 Kemijärvi Tel. + 358 40 320 7700 | + 358 400618 742 0618 Kirkkokatu 9, 98100 Kemijärvi Tel. + 358 40 320 7700 | + 358 40 742 Tel. + 358 40 320 7700 | 358 40 742 0618


SCENIC RANTAPAVILJONKI Café onmagnificent the magnificent beaches of Pöyliöjärvi, known Café CAFE on the sandysandy beaches of Pöyliöjärvi, known

the Kemijärvi Riviera. the scenery lake scenery with coffee as theasKemijärvi Riviera. EnjoyEnjoy the lake with coffee and and Café on theamagnificent sandy beaches of Pöyliöjärvi, known a tasty pastry ice cream. On are saleKemijärvi are Kemijärvi t-shirts tasty pastry or iceorcream. On sale t-shirts and and as the Kemijärvi Riviera. Enjoy the lake scenery with coffee and other local products. other local products.

a tasty pastry or ice cream. On sale are Kemijärvi t-shirts and during the summers. OpenOpen during the summers. other local products. Open during the summers. Uimarannantie 5, 98100 Kemijärvi Uimarannantie 5, 98100 Kemijärvi Tel. +358 40 828 6114 Tel. +358 40 828 6114

Uimarannantie 5, 98100 Kemijärvi Tel. +358 40 828 6114

30 30



Gluten-free and more delicacies, savoury and sweet Gluten-free lunchlunch and more from from local local delicacies, both both savoury and sweet

snacks available. We value: wholesome food, produce, ethical Gluten-free lunch and more from local delicacies, both savoury andingredients... sweet snacks available. We value: wholesome food, local local produce, ethical ingredients... and best all, withyou us,only youfood, onlyfor paythe for the amount you ingredients... choose and best all,of with us, pay amount you choose snacks available. Weof value: wholesome local produce, ethical and best of all, with us, you only pay for the amount you choose Vapaudenkatu 6 Vapaudenkatu 6 Tel. +358 40 687 0555 Tel. +358 40 687 0555 Vapaudenkatu 6

Tel. +358 40 687 0555

CAFÉ LOIMU CAFÉ LOIMU Located the centre the Pyhätunturi tourist the Pyhä-Luosto Visitor Located in theincentre of theofPyhätunturi tourist area,area, in theinPyhä-Luosto Visitor CAFÉ LOIMU centre Naava, Loimu is open every day and offers café products, a buffet centre Naava, Loimu is open every day and offers café products, a buffet lunchlunch and à laof carte The also café also serves snacks and food la carte meals. The café serves snacks to go.Visitor Located inand the àcentre themeals. Pyhätunturi tourist area, inand the food Pyhä-Luosto

centre Naava, Loimu is open every day and offers café products, a buffet lunch and à la carte meals. The café also serves snacks and food to go. Luontotie 1, 98530 Pyhätunturi Luontotie 1, 98530 Pyhätunturi Tel. +358 40 196 4750 | Tel. +358 40 196 4750 |

Luontotie 1, 98530 Pyhätunturi Tel. +358 40 196 4750 |



Local food and seasonally changing ingredients. These are the secrets behind our delicious dishes. Your whole family will find their favourites on our menu. The menu also includes Asian-spirited aromas and flavours. After-ski warmth comes from hot chocolate or mulled wine.

Order from our drive-in or store-front. We offer plenty to eat. The best burgers and sides in Kemijärvi!

Kuumaniemenkatu 2, 98100 Kemijärvi Tel. +358 (0)16 812 328. Kotakuja 1, 98720 Kemijärvi Tel. +358 207 199 120 (restaurant services and table reservations) | HOTEL SUOMUTUNTURI RESTAURANTS HOTEL SUOMUTUNTURI RESTAURANTS Local food and seasonally changing ingredients. These are the secrets Local food and seasonally ingredients. are favourites the secretson behind our delicious dishes.changing Your whole family willThese find their behind our delicious dishes. Your whole family will find theirand favourites on our menu. The menu also includes Asian-spirited aromas flavours. VILLAGE SHOP AND our JOUTSIJÄRVI menu. The menu also includes Asian-spirited aromas and flavours. After-ski warmth comes from hot chocolate or mulled wine. After-ski warmth comes fromCAFÉ hot chocolate or mulled wine. LUNCH The village shop is connected to the Lunch Café, which serves home-made 1, 98720 bakery products and goodKotakuja home cooking in aKemijärvi cosy setting brimming with Kotakuja 1, 98720 Kemijärvi Tel. +358 207 199 120 (restaurant local and table reservations) Tel. +358 207 199 120 (restaurant and table reservations) | services | Sallantie 2640, 98710 Joutsijärvi Tel.: +358 40 030 5849 JOUTSIJÄRVI VILLAGE SHOP AND


The village shop is connected to the Lunch Café, which serves home-made The village shop isand connected to the Lunchin Café, which serves home-made bakery products good home cooking a cosy setting brimming with bakery products and good home cooking local a cosy setting brimming with local history. Sallantie 2640, 98710 Joutsijärvi Sallantie 2640, 40 98710 Tel.: +358 030 Joutsijärvi 5849 Tel.: +358 40 030 5849


Order pizzas from our drive-in store-front. We offer plenty Delicious in the townor centre of Kemijärvi, right Order from our drive-in or store-front. We offer plenty to eat.toThe burgers sides in Kemijärvi! next thebest Taivaan tuletand market place. to eat. The best burgers and sides in Kemijärvi! Kuumaniemenkatu 2, 98100 Kemijärvi Jaakonkatu 5, FI-98100 Kemijärvi Kuumaniemenkatu 2, 98100 Tel. +358 (0)16 812 328. Tel +358 (0)16 812 222. Kemijärvi Tel.pizzamestaritkemijarvi +358 (0)16 812 328. Facebook:

PIZZAMESTARIT PIZZAMESTARIT PIZZERIA KEBAB NAPOLI Delicious pizzas in the town centre of Kemijärvi, right Delicious pizzas inkebab the town centre of next toand the Taivaan tulet market place. Traditional pizza restaurant in Kemijärvi, the centreright next to the Taivaan tulet market place. of Kemijärvi. Jaakonkatu 5, FI-98100 Kemijärvi Jaakonkatu FI-98100 Kemijärvi Tel +358 (0)16 812 222. Annaliisankatu 8,5,98100 Kemijärvi Tel +358 (0)16 812 Facebook: pizzamestaritkemijarvi Tel. +358 (0)16 812 150222. Facebook: pizzamestaritkemijarvi


Traditional pizza and kebab restaurant in the centre Traditional pizza andofkebab restaurant in the centre Kemijärvi. of Kemijärvi. Annaliisankatu 8, 98100 Kemijärvi


MOKKATUPA MOKKATUPA Sinisen pannun luota löydät herkut moneen makuun. Delicacies for all tastes available right by the blue pan. Kotiruokalounas sekä muhkeat annokset vievät nälän varmasti! Home-cooked lunch and lush portions will definitely sate your Kotileipomossamme leivomme joka päivä leipää ja leivonnaisia hunger! In our home bakery we bake bread and pastries every ja valmistamme herkkuja laidasta laitaan myös tilauksesta. day, and prepare all sorts of delicacies for all tastes to order. Mokkatuvalla on mukava rauhoittua ja nauttia herkkujen lisäksi At Mokkatupa you can relax and enjoy our delicacies and the upeasta maisemasta. Tupaan mahtuu myös isot ryhmät ja tarjoilut wonderful scenery. Mokkatupa can also accommodate large räätälöidään tarvittaessa toiveidesi mukaan. groups, and catering is tailored to your wishes, when necessary.

Pajulantie 1, 98100 Kemijärvi Pajulantie 1, 98100 Kemijärvi Puh. +358 50 344 5262 | +358 40 558 9325 Tel.. +358 50 344 5262 | +358 40 558 9325 Seuraa Mokkatuvan puuhia facebookissa sekä Follow Mokkatupa’s activities on Facebook and at


Sinisen pannunMOKKATUPA luota löydät herkut moneen makuun. MOKKATUPA Kotiruokalounas sekä muhkeat annokset vievät nälän varmasti! Sinisen pannun luotalöydät löydät herkut moneen makuun. Restaurant Mokkatupa Social Dining Pyhätunturi Sinisen pannun luota herkut moneen makuun. Kotileipomossamme leivomme joka päivä leipää ja leivonnaisia Kotiruokalounas sekä muhkeat annokset vievät nälän varmasti! invites you to dine at the same table. Kotiruokalounas sekä muhkeat annokset vievät nälän varmasti! ja valmistamme herkkuja laidasta laitaan myös tilauksesta. Kotileipomossamme leivommejoka joka leipää leivonnaisia Traditional feasts areleivomme celebrated in thepäivä shores of Lake Pyhäjärvi, Kotileipomossamme leipää jajaleivonnaisia Mokkatuvalla on mukava rauhoittua päivä ja nauttia herkkujen lisäksi ja valmistamme herkkuja laidasta laitaan myös tilauksesta. which are born from traditional Finnish dishes and ja valmistamme herkkuja laidasta laitaan myös tilauksesta. upeasta maisemasta. Tupaan mahtuu myös isot ryhmät ja tarjoilut Mokkatuvalla onmukava mukava rauhoittua nauttia herkkujenlisäksi lisäksi theme evenings that take you rauhoittua on a taste journey to international flavours. Mokkatuvalla on jajanauttia herkkujen räätälöidään tarvittaessa toiveidesi mukaan. upeasta maisemasta. Tupaan mahtuu myös isot ryhmät ja tarjoilut Additional services include a lakeside sauna, home-cooked meals upeasta maisemasta. Tupaan mahtuu myös isot ryhmät ja tarjoilut räätälöidään tarvittaessa toiveidesi mukaan. and a bakery, pastry andtoiveidesi catering services. räätälöidään tarvittaessa mukaan. Pajulantie 1, 98100 Kemijärvi Puh. +358 50 More 344 5262 | +358 40 558 9325 information: Pajulantie1,1,98100 98100Kemijärvi Kemijärvi Pajulantie Puh. +358 50 344 5262 | +358 40558 5589325 9325 Puh. +358 50 344 5262 | +358 40 Reservations and contact: Seuraa Mokkatuvan puuhia facebookissa sekä +358 405 589 325 or +358 503 445 262 Kuusiranta 3, 98530 Pyhätunturi SeuraaMokkatuvan Mokkatuvan puuhia facebookissa sekä Seuraa puuhia facebookissa sekä




Event restaurant located in the premises of Hotel Kemijärvi. Karaoke, disco, live performers. Our restaurant also offers a free billiards table and darts.

Hotelli Kemijärven yhteydessä toimivaoftapahtumaravintola. Event restaurant located in the premises Hotel Kemijärvi. Karaokea, discoa, ja live esiintyjiä. Ravintolassamme, myös Karaoke, disco, live performers. Our restaurant also offers maksuton ja darts. a free billiardsbiljardipöytä table and darts.

Vapaudenkatu 4, 98100 Kemijärvi Tel. +358 50 312 3145 |

Vapaudenkatu 4, 98100 Kemijärvi Vapaudenkatu 4, 98100 Kemijärvi 50 312 | Tel.Puh. +358+358 50 312 31453145 |



The atmospheric Uitonpirtti was built as a base for log driving. Nowadays, it is a private restaurant with objects and pictures on the walls that tell guests about the colourful history of log driving. The delicious menus are inspired by the pristine nature of Lapland and the ingredients it offers. You can also book our Old Granary meeting facilities and the lakeside sauna with a cosy sauna chamber.

Annabriitta’s kitchen makes use of locally sourced ingredients wherever possible, with all reindeer, potatoes, flatbread and baked leipäjuusto cheese provided by local producers. The private dining restaurant has audiovisual equipment and offers seating for 100 diners. We also have a sauna available for booking.

Uitonniementie 1, 98100 Kemijärvi Tel. +358 41 317 8893 |

Kirkkokatu 3, 98100 Kemijärvi Tel. +358 40 749 8655 |

SCENIC RESTAURANT LOHIPORTTI Lohiportti caters for up to 350 diners. Adjacent to the restaurant, we also have a sauna and lounge with a fireplace for up to 14 guests available for hire.

Lohelankatu1,1,98101 98101 Kemijärvi Lohelankatu Kemijärvi Tel.+358 +3584040 581 2007 Tel. 581 2007


OTHER SERVICES KEMIJÄRVI TOURIST INFO VISIT KEMIJÄRVI Tel. +358 402 189 2050 Kemijärvi Kuumaniemenkatu A, 98100 Tel. + 358 189 2050 |

ANIMAL CLINIC LAPINTASSU Dog kennel and versatile dog food and supply store. Individual, reliable, and versatile care for dogs in Hanhikoski, approx. 12 kilometres from the centre of Kemijärvi in the direction of Rovaniemi

Hanhikoskentie 187, 98100 Kemijärvi Tel. +358 40 047 1781

FABRIC STORE PALTTINA Handcraft supplies and fabrics, as well as ready-made personalized products for souvenirs.

ART CENTRE PUUSTELLI The International Sculpture Week exhibition brings together a wide range of sculptures that give a good overview of different styles of wood sculpture from around the world. Open in summer and, for groups, the Puustelli exhibition is open by appointment throughout the year. The exhibition hall is an old floating boathouse, which has been moved to the grounds of Puustelli. There are plenty of sculptures around the city, inside commercial buildings and, for example, along the Kuumaniemi pond outdoor trail.

Inquiries: Kemijärvi Tourist Information or +358 40 189 2050

KEMIJÄRVI MUSEUM Open in summer, at other times by arrangement.

Kirkkokatu 8, 98100 Kemijärvi Tel. +358 16 812 226


Sepänkatu 4, 98100 Kemijärvi Tel. +358 40 503 9591 | +358 45 842 4370 |

KEMIJÄRVEN KULTTUURIKESKUS KEMIJÄRVI CULTURAL CENTRE Kulttuurikeskuksen 200-paikkainen sali on eri taiteenalojen; musiikin,hall elokuvan, tanssin ja teatterin esitysareena sekä lisäksi The 200-seat of the Cultural Centre is a multifunctional space: koulutus-, kokousjuhlatila. ja a performance arena for music,jafilm, danceKulttuurikeskuksen and theatre, as wellaulassa as a training, lämpiössä on esillä kuvataidetta, kuukausittain vaihtuvin näyttelyin. meeting, and banquet space. Visual art is displayed in the lobby and foyer of Samassa ja pihapiirissä musiikkiopisto. the Cultural Centre,rakennuksessa with exhibitionskirjasto changing monthly. The library is in the Taidekeskus Puustellin tilausvaraukset. same building, and the local music institute is across the yard. Reservations for Art Centre Puustelli. Hietaniemenkatu 5, 98100 Kemijärvi Puh. +358 40 7795,4501 | Hietaniemenkatu 98100 Kemijärvi Tel. +358 (0)40 779 4501 |

KEMIJÄRVEN MOOTTORIKELKKAKEMIJÄRVIJASNOWMOBILE SAHAMUSEO AND SAWMILLjaMUSEUM Kemijärven moottorikelkka –sahamuseossa on ainutlaatuinen kokoelma moottorikelkkoja menneiltä ajoilta Lisäksi The Kemijärvi Snowmobile and Sawmill Museum hasnykypäivään. a unique collection esillä lähes erilaista moottorisahaa. Avoinna tilauksesta. of snowmobiles from 400 the past to the present day. In addition, nearly 400 different chainsaws are on display. Open by reservation.

K-SUPERMARKET KAUPPAPAIKKA K-SUPERMARKET KAUPPAPAIKKA Paikallisia luonnontuotteita. Local natural products. Kirkkokatu 5, 98100 Kemijärvi Puh. +358 16 812Kemijärvi 001 Kirkkokatu 5, 98100 Tel. +358 16 812 001

JOUTSIJÄRVEN KYLÄKAUPPA- JA JOUTSIJÄRVI VILLAGE SHOP AND LOUNASKAHVILA LUNCH Aitoa kylätunnelmaa ja palvelua tarjoava CAFÉ kyläkauppa lähellä Suomutunturia. Seo-tankkauspiste. A village shop offering an authentic village atmosphere and service near Suomutunturi. SEO filling station. Sallantie 2640, 98710 Joutsijärvi Puh. +358 40 0302640, 584998710 | Sallantie Joutsijärvi Tel.: +358 40 030 5849 |

Varastotie 11, 98120 Kemijärvi Puh.11, +358 400Kemijärvi 232 512 Varastotie 98120 Tel. +358 (0)400 232 512

URHEILU SIVAKKA URHEILU SIVAKKA Urheilu-, kalastus- ja metsästysvaatteet sekä tarvikkeet, ja välinevuokraus. Sports, fishing, and hunting clothing and accessories, and equipment rental.

Annaliisankatu 8, 98100 Kemijärvi Annaliisankatu 8, 98100 Kemijärvi 16 813 | +358 Tel.Puh. +358+358 16 813 567 567 | +358 400 40 157015 7377737 | |

35 35


ACCESSIBILITY SAAVUTETTAVUUS Helsinki- –Kemijärvi Kemijärvi 911 911km km Helsinki Rovaniemi Airport – -Kemijärvi km Rovaniemen lentoasema Kemijärvi8080 km Kuusamo Airport – Kemijärvi 140 km Kuusamon lentoasema - Kemijärvi 140 km

Village manor house

JUU JÄRV I Juuvaara trail JUUJÄRVI JUUJÄRVI Juuvaaran JUU JÄRV I Juuvaara hiking trail Lea Viita art gallery retkeilyreitti Juuvaara trail Traditional Lappish village
















RÄISÄLÄ RÄISÄLÄ Cable ferry, Suomutunturi ski resort RÄISÄLÄ Cable ferry Lossi, Suomu Fell, ski resort Suomutunturi RÄISÄLÄ


Cable ferry, Suomutunturi ski resort






trolling competition LU U SU A LUUSUA Neitilänharju ridge, LUUSUA Camping, Matkatupa Neitilänharju Ridge Neitilänharju, Luusua suspension bridge, Luusua suspension bridge LU U SU A Matkatupa, village museum, Village museum Neitilänharju ridge, Luusuan riippusilta, Lea ViitaArt art gallery Lea Viita Gallery Matkatupa Camping, Kylämuseo, Lea Viidan Luusua suspension bridge, taidegalleria village museum,




Frisbee track 58 km Jänkäkoira T APIONNIE PYHÄ Geocaching TAPIONNIEMI VU OMI ST IMO OIN ASKALKIAIN EN Recreational fishing OINAS Tapionniemi chapel Tapionniemen Vuostimo trolling competition Kemijärvi’s village school on the Javarusjoki river, Old villageoldest school Tapionniemi Village hall kappeli, OINAS Tapionniemen Kyläkartano Nature T APIONNIE MI Tapionniemen Airosvaara nature trail Vanhatrail kyläkoulu, OIN AS- KALKIAIN EN Recreational fishing kyläkartano luontopolku KOST AMO JAVARUS oldest school, on the Javarusjoki river KOSTAMO RuralKemijärvi’s market event andvillage Perävaara dancing event, JAV ARUS JAVARUS Recreational fishing Farmers market Kirsti Kata’s event home gallery KOSTAMO SALLA Kostamo birdwatching tower Recreational fishing Javarusjoen Perävaara Dancing Event Maalaismarkkinat, National on the Javarusjoki river KOST AMO JAV ARUS SALLA virkistyskalastus Kostamo Birdwatching tower Perävaaran tanssit, Park SALLA Rural market event and Perävaara dancing event, Recreational fishing Frisbee tracklintutorni Kostamon 76 km 76 km SALLA Kostamo birdwatching tower on the Javarusjoki river 76 km ISOKYLÄ ISOKYLÄ SALLA SOPPELA TOHMO World´s shortestbridge, river World’s shortest HALOSE NR ANTA ISOKYLÄ Soppela Beach Fish Festival SOPPELA Kalkonniemi beach beach Kalkonniemi Art dinner, art visit Maailman lyhin joki, Soppela Old School& Art Café Soppelan rantakalajuhlat, Kotavaara observation HALOSENRANTA ISOKYLÄ KETOLA Kalkonniemen uimaranta, Seva BeachWanha Camping Soppelan Koulu & tower World’s shortest bridge, SOPPELA Kotavaaran näkötorni Art Café Seva Beach Camping HALOSE NR ANTA Kalkonniemi beach Soppela lakeside Art dinner, art visit JOUTSIJÄRVI JOUT SIJÄRVI fish festival R AAJÄRV I IIJOUTSIJÄRVI World war bunker Salpa Line concrete bunker Nature trail, SOPPELA Mäntyvaara war RAAJÄRVI K-kyläkauppa Kelloniemi shop place K-Kyläkauppa ja memorial lounaskahvila old mining village Soppela lakeside KKelloniemi, – Market Kelloniemi and RAAJÄRVI Nature trail Seo-tankkauspiste JOUT SIJÄRVI fish festival R AAJÄRV Lunch SEObunker gas station Luontopolku, Old mining Village I Salpa LineCafé, concrete trail, WanhaNature kaivoskylä K-kyläkauppa Kelloniemi shop LEHTOLA LEHTOLA old mining village LEHTOLA Fishing port Lehtola Lehtolan trolling Lake SUOMU SUOMU uistelukisa competition Kemijärvi LEHTOLA 45km km 45 SUOMU Lehtola



Kemijärvi Tourist Info Kemijärven matkailuinfo Visit Kemijärvi Kuumaniemenkatu Kuumaniemenkatu 2 2A,A, 98100Kemijärvi Kemijärvi 98100 +358 40 189 2050 +35840 40189 1892050 2050 +358

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