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2018 - 2019

Annual Report

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Our Locations

Dyce Aberdeen Airport

VSA Aberdeen locations 1. Airyhall 2. Arrdeir House Care Home Bridge of Don

3. Broomhill Activity Centre 4. Broomhill Park


5. Craigton Grove 6. Cloverfield Grove




n Do

7. Crosby House 8. Easter Anguston Farm


9. Linn Moor Campus 10. Linn Moor Residential School


11. Maisie’s Children’s Centre

St. Machar’s Cathedral



University of Aberdeen

12. Mercat Bookshop 13. Millbank House


15. Richmondhill House 16. Ruthrieston House Care Home

Woodend Hospital

17. St Aubin’s

11 15

18. Westerton Crescent 19. Woodside Activity Centre



12 20



16 17




Kincorth Cults





North Sea

St. Mary’s Cathedral


20. VSA Head Office



Aberdeen Royal Infirmary

14. Northfield Lodge


Cove Bay

VSA Annual Report 2018-2019

Contents CELEBRATING OUR ACHIEVEMENTS ............................................... 4 WELCOME NOTE..................................................................................... 5 OUR VISION............................................................................................. 6 OUR IMPACT IN THE COMMUNITY........................................................ 8 ABOUT VSA............................................................................................. 9 OUR PEOPLE, OUR WORK...................................................................... 10 ADULT AND COMMUNITY SERVICES...................................................... 12 CARERS SUPPORT SERVICES................................................................ 16 CHILDREN AND FAMILY SERVICES......................................................... 20 EDUCATION AND LEARNING SERVICES................................................. 24 VOLUNTEERING AND COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT................................31 FUNDRAISING......................................................................................... 34 OUR SERVICES....................................................................................... 40 HOW WE RAISED/SPENT OUR MONEY.................................................. 41 THANK YOU............................................................................................ 42 FINANCE AND TRUSTEE INFORMATION................................................ 43


Celebrating our Achievements 20,387 people supported

40 services

11,500 hours volunteered

Care Inspectorate rated our services very good

2,000,000+ = 500 People


hours of care provided

VSA Annual Report 2018-2019

Welcome Letter

from Maggie Wilson, Chair of the Board of Trustees and Kenneth Simpson, Chief Executive

For nearly 150 years, VSA has played a pivotal role in supporting the most vulnerable of people living in our communities across Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire. From a person’s first breath through to their last, VSA has been there offering care, support, and vital services. As times have changed, so has the way we have delivered our services, but always with one ambition: to give the people of Aberdeen the best of care, to enable them to live the best of lives. Over the past twelve months we have taken time to reflect on how far we have come as an organisation since we were founded in 1870 and the countless lives we have changed over the many decades. It has given us time to think about our future, and the evolving models of social care and how these impact the way in which we operate. During the year we undertook a review of the services we deliver, and engaged with a wide range of internal and external stakeholders which included people who use our services, staff, volunteers, funders, and partners. The purpose of this review was to identify where our future service priorities should be, and find out from people where we could enhance our services to deliver better outcomes for the people who need and use them now. The review has helped us lay the foundations to build a ‘bridge to the future’ for VSA to still be here providing support and care to future generations of Aberdonians as and when they need us.

It is an exciting time at VSA-earlier this year we launched our ‘Changing Lives’ mental wellbeing campaign where we aim to expand our mental wellbeing services by building a new £3.2m residential facility in the heart of Aberdeen. In addition we are busy planning and preparing to mark our 150th anniversary in 2020. We look forward to sharing further plans with you all soon and hope the whole community will join us in our celebrations. VSA has bold ambitions to change more peoples lives, but we can only achieve this by growing our voluntary income. Statutory funding remains challenging year on year and it is only thanks to the voluntary income we receive that we can provide the right environments, opportunities and experiences a person needs to lead an integrated life and realise their dreams. Our supporters have once again amazed us by their generosity. We have had people hold fundraising tea parties, people who have trekked mountains, run marathons and even people who left us money in their wills. We are, and always will be, humbled by the support we receive. We hope to inspire more people to support VSA so that we can reach and support more vulnerable people. Together with your support we have the power to change lives.

As VSA moves into the next stage of our journey we remain the largest social care provider in the city and are fully committed to supporting people from birth to end of life. Our staff and volunteers, as ever, have gone above and beyond to provide life-changing support and experiences for vulnerable people and without their hard work and dedication we wouldn’t be able to provide the best of care-so that people can live the best of lives. On behalf of all the Trustees and the people who use our services, THANK YOU! Our team have worked hard across all of our services and their great work can be evidenced through our care inspectorate reports, where on average our services were graded ‘very good’. A key highlight across the year was our mental health team at Westerton Crescent, who with thanks to their innovative ways of inclusion using digital technology saw the service receive the highest possible grading of ‘Excellent’ and were shortlisted for an award at the Scottish Social Services Awards 2019.

Maggie Wilson Chair of the Board of Trustees

Kenneth Simpson Chief Executive


VSA Vision , Values and Mission Our Values The charity is founded upon values that reflect a desire to engage with and listen to the people who need and use our services, volunteers, partners and staff.


People who are in need of our services and support will be at the heart of our policies, planning and work

Our Mission

“ To provide the best of care to enable the best of lives; supporting individuals and communities to fulfil their potential.� 6

VSA Annual Report 2018-2019

Our Vision

VSA has a vision for what we want the charity to achieve over the long term: "To build a strong and caring community."


We will work to provide the best care to meet the needs of people who use our services



We will embrace, promote and foster partnerships to deliver our services in the most inclusive way for individuals in our care

We will respect and value the people we work with – those who need and use our services, partner organisations, volunteers and staff – treating them with kindness and dignity


Our Impact in the Community Over the next ten years we will increase our efforts in building strong, inclusive local communities and aim to:

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

Develop more community-based services, offering a modern network of care

Work with carers to support them and facilitate their involvement in active communities Through creating and leading strategic partnerships, we will enable investment in infrastructure and services which help people to be supported in their communities Share our knowledge and expertise to influence social care policy Be opportunistic within the national agenda of personalisation of services

ncourage active citizenship and enable a more caring community through individual and E corporate volunteering opportunities

Use our residential facilities as hubs for community-based options, where appropriate

VSA Annual Report 2018-2019

About VSA Since the charity was first established in 1870, Aberdeen Association of Social Services (more commonly known as VSA) has helped thousands of the most vulnerable people and their families living in our communities across the North East of Scotland. Today VSA provides vital support and services to people of all ages across four core areas: Children and Families, Adult and Community, Education and Learning, and Carers Support. At VSA we support a person’s physical, mental, emotional and social wellbeing through a range of residential and outreach support services. We are incredibly proud to be able to say that 95p in every £1 donated to VSA goes directly to our charitable work across Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire.

Adult and Community We provide support to adults and older people, some further challenged by dementia, poor mental health or learning disability. We also support people on their journey to recovery from addiction. Across these services, we provide care homes, housing with support, outreach, day care, carers support and activity centres.

Children and Family: We provide counselling, integrated nursery provision, support for young people with additional support needs, parenting assessment and out of school care.

Education and Learning We provide residential and day education for young people with additional support needs and housing with support for young adults.

Carers Support: We provide support to adult carers throughout Aberdeen City and have specialist services for those affected by mental ill health. This includes weekend day care and home support for those affected by dementia.

Across all of our service areas, we support the most vulnerable people living in communities with: • Complex learning needs

• Additional support needs

• A mental health diagnosis

• Living in poverty

• Loneliness and isolation

• Addiction (alcohol and drugs)

Last year we, directly and indirectly, supported and reached 20,387 people. We currently operate nearly 40 different support services, and further information about our services and our heritage can be found on our website


Our People, Our Work VSA has always believed in the investment in our staff by providing learning opportunities to enhance skills and further their careers with us. 2018-19 was no exception and being an accredited SQA Qualification Centre has allowed us to give people the opportunity to pursue a career in care.

600+ staff

23 new trainees

in Palliative Care

50 new trainees in Mental Health Awareness

5,416 hours

of learning in 12 months 10

40 new trainees in Dementia Awareness

+ training delivered for relatives of those who attend our Airyhall Service

VSA Annual Report 2018-2019

524 e-learners using Quintil



lifesavers due to First Aid Training

Modern Apprenticeship scheme launched this year

36 lone workers trained in Personal Safety

125 trainees in First Risk Management

70+ attendees in Adult Support & Protection 11

Adult and Community Services 1,509


Million Hours of care provided


Members of our activity centres


12 | Adult & Community

People supported

Hours of outreach support provided

VSA Annual Report 2018-2019

Older People Services VSA touches the lives of thousands of local older people every year. A range of flexible and adaptive services were offered throughout the year, including two residential Care Homes - Ruthrieston House and Crosby House and two Housing with Support/Care at Home services - Broomhill Park and Cloverfield Grove. The residential care homes at Ruthrieston House and Crosby House were in high demand during the financial year, with a number of people waiting for placements.

“My relative’s care is second to none. I am aware of all their care and attention and I am kept up to date with any issues.” Care Inspectorate Report, March 2019

Our over-50s Activity Centres At VSA we are pleased to be able to offer two activity centres based in the community: one at Broomhill, located on South Anderson Drive, and the other located just off Great Western Road, Woodside. Both centres offer members a range of stimulating activities, classes and peer groups which help support a person’s physical, social and emotional wellbeing. Last year across both centres we supported 200 members and delivered 572 classes. Adult & Community | 13

Mental Wellbeing As well as having a range of mental wellbeing residential facilities we also provide a range of community-based group outreach services. This includes our Reconnect group. Reconnect offers a peer support service that allows and encourages individuals to access the community in a safe and appropriate manner. Engagement is key and although overseen by a staff member, the focus is on the group and volunteers taking ownership of the service to ensure it remains meaningful and sustainable. The group meets five days a week to allow the people who need and use this service to take part in a calendar of activities that they are encouraged to help design. Morning or afternoon sessions are available and each person also has the option of one-to-one sessions should they feel this would be helpful. For individuals that may find it difficult to join the group, additional support-such as individual sessions or bringing a friend or family member alongcan also be arranged.

Linda’s Story To hear first-hand about Linda’s journey to recovery and the support she received watch this video:

14 | Adult & Community

VSA Annual Report 2018-2019

Bob’s Story “It is a great feeling to be back on a bike again. It gives me something to look forward to and is helping me keep fit and active”

Bob, a resident at VSA’s Westerton Cresent, suffers from glaucoma which led to his vision deteriorating. One of Bob’s passions in life was his love of cycling, but due to his glaucoma it meant that he had to give up cycling in 2003 for safety reasons. This was a hobby he thought he would never get the chance to do again; that was until we helped him buy a tailor-made tandem bike. Bob said: “It is a great feeling to be back on a bike again. It gives me something to look forward to and is helping me keep fit and active. I was never off my bike as a kid, it is a great feeling to be back out again. I love feeling the breeze in my hair. The staff at VSA act as my eyes describing to me the sights they are seeing; double pedalling is very useful for the hills too as we can share the strain!” The home’s manager Scott Macleod said staff were happy to help Bob reignite his cycling passion: “Our emphasis is on helping people with daily tasks and anything they want to achieve.”

Photo Credit: Evening Express

Adult & Community | 15

Carers Support Services 10,617


16 | Carers’ Support Services

People directly and indirectly supported at Airyhall Carers Respite Service. New carers identified


Carer awareness presentations delivered


Events attended


Counselling sessions provided

VSA Annual Report 2018-2019



The Adult Carers Service The Adult Carers Service works hard in continuing to support unpaid carers across Aberdeen by providing information, advice and support to local adult carers and carer groups. April 2018 saw implementation of the Carers (Scotland) Act 2016 introducing the entitlement for all adult carers to an Adult Carer Support Plan (ACSP). This is a document completed with the carers using outcomefocused conversations, which helps identify their strengths and where they need additional support in their caring role. We have also internally designed an outcomes framework and training on carer outcomes and outcomes-focused conversations which we have jointly delivered to our staff and Care Management teams to support the completion of ACSP. In addition we also delivered various carer awareness presentations to organisations across the city and attended specific events organised by our partners. We have continued to hold carer support groups, toolkit workshops and monthly carer cafĂŠs. It is estimated that there are almost 38,000 unpaid or informal carers in Aberdeen, which highlights the need to promote our services and provide support to those in need.

Carers’ Support Services | 17

Carers Week 2018 – Healthy and Connected Carers’ Week is an annual campaign to raise awareness of caring, highlighting the challenges carers face and recognise the contribution they make to families and communities throughout the UK. The campaign is brought to life by thousands of individuals and organisations who come together to organise activities and events throughout the UK, drawing attention to just how important caring is. VSA Carers Resource Service celebrated Carers’ Week this year by hosting a series of events and activities across the city to help support carers to stay ‘Healthy and Connected’. Being Healthy and Connected is about building communities which support carers to look after their loved ones well, while recognising that they are individuals with health and wellbeing needs of their own.

Events that were undertaken this year included: Carers Café at Aberdeen Central Library Information stands at the Health Village and the Trinity Centre Carers Roadshow at Royal Cornhill Hospital Cooking for Carers with CFINE at Cook at the Nook Afternoon Tea and Spa at the Altens Hotel 18 | Carers’ Support Services

VSA Annual Report 2018-2019

Taking Time for Me Over 40 carers accessed this opportunity for a short break. Thanks to funding from Shared Care Scotland we have been able to award over 40 grants to carers who live in Aberdeen to support flexible short breaks. Taking Time for Me enables carers to access funds and support, which provides the opportunity for carers to enjoy leisure activities or a break away - with or without the person they care for.

Adult & Community | 19

Children and Family Services 225


20 | Children & Family Services

School children supported through 1:1 counselling Visits facilitated at our Contact Centre


Children with additional support needs, supported


Families supported at Richmondhill House

VSA Annual Report 2018-2019

New Insight Partnership Building upon our extensive experience and knowledge of supporting vulnerable children and families we were delighted to be at the forefront of developing a new community-based approach to parenting capacity assessment called Insight. Through our partnership we aim to continuously innovate and develop the pilot to allow us to understand what works best for Aberdeen’s children, young people and families. Insight has been commissioned to provide an independent, evidence-based assessment service to help in the decision-making process for children who are considered to be at risk. We will provide community-based specialist parenting capacity assessments and interventions to help parents learn the skills they need to safely parent their children at home. We work closely with families to help them show whether they are able to consistently meet the needs of their children. We look at all elements of the child’s safety and their emotional, physical, social and educational wellbeing.

Children & Family Services | 21

Family Contact Centre The Family Contact Centre plays an essential role in helping children experiencing a breakdown in the family relationship by supporting them to have contact with the parent they no longer live with, or extended family members. The central concept of the Family Centre is to provide a safe, nurturing and child-centred environment where they can meet their parent or family member. A dedicated manager is responsible for ensuring that the environment and activities remain child-focused and age-appropriate for those attending. The manager also has responsibility for the recruitment and training of the volunteer team employed within the service. The Family Contact Centre offered 248 hours of contact during the year, facilitating 2,232 visits between children and their non-resident parents. The centre manager also worked intensively with parents to facilitate contact for eight children with additional support needs and one child with complex needs.

School-Based Counselling VSA provides school-based counselling services, offering pupils 1:1 sessions to cope with a wide range of social and emotional issues. All information shared within the sessions is confidential, unless the counsellor feels that the young person is at risk. Young people (over the age of 12 years) can access the service themselves or with support of their guidance teacher, parents and carers. VSA work in partnership with Aberdeen City Council, and throughout 2018/19 we provided school-based counselling services at the following sites: Northfield Academy, St Machar Academy and Hazlehead Academy (we also support pupils of primary age at schools that feed into the Hazlehead school cluster). Last year we supported 225 children on a 1:1 basis.

22 | Children & Family Services

VSA Annual Report 2018-2019

“The counsellor didn’t judge me but helped me try to find different ways of coping. She also introduced me to other online support services and apps that I didn’t know existed, and I can use when I’m feeling low.” Feedback from a pupil who was attending counselling for support with self-harm.

Children & Family Services | 23

Education and Learning Services Inspectorate graded Rowanlea Adult service and Linn Moor Children’s service as “Very Good” 4,920

Qualified teaching hours


Supported education hours



24 | Education & Learning

Speech and Language Therapeutic hours Scottish Qualification Award certifications

VSA Annual Report 2018-2019

Cameron’s Story Cameron joined us at Linn Moor School in May of this year. He had been living at home and cared for by his parents but had been out of school for some time, initially refusing to go to school in 2015. His parents were doing their very best to support him, but as he became physically stronger it became more difficult for them to put typical boundaries in place for him as his responses to requests to do something that he didn’t want to do were becoming more aggressive. The initial separation from his family on moving to Linn Moor was very difficult for Cameron. However, with continued reassurance from staff and written and pictorial information to explain to him when he would see and speak to his family next, he began to display his sense of humour and wonderful personality. He has had 100% attendance in school since he joined us and there has been no sign of the self-injury, which was how his anxiety at times manifested itself before coming to Linn Moor. Going to school is referred to as ‘Working with Adults’, and he is now developing very positive relationships with education staff. From being reluctant to interact with others, he will now happily sit at the table in the middle of Stepping Stones class and carry out his work, accepting advice and guidance from the teacher and his support worker - suggesting that he is feeling more comfortable and his confidence is growing. Cameron has also demonstrated patience and understanding, and frequently humour can be used to diffuse a difficult situation or to encourage him to try something that he is not entirely comfortable with. He is a young man with considerable potential who is a very popular and valued member of the school community. Education & Learning | 25

Linn Moor Campus The education and learning services at our Linn Moor campus provide outcome-driven care and tuition that is responsive to the individual needs and requirements of the children and young people within our setting, who have a diagnosis of autism and other additional support needs. We benefit from an enthusiastic, dedicated, and highly-skilled staff team across the campus, all of whom are supported and trained to deliver best practice.

“This investment in staff training is reflected in our 2019 inspections from the regulators, with “Very Good” ratings from the Care Inspectorate for both the Children’s service at Linn Moor and the Adult provision at Rowanlea.” Over the last twelve months, we have continued to deliver improvements across the campus, notably with the refurbishment of the residential unit at Farquhar Cottage and the education facility and workshop at Easter Anguston Farm. We are grateful for the ongoing support from a number of corporate organisations who have committed time and resources through volunteering to help us enhance the campus environment over the last year.

26 | Education & Learning

VSA Annual Report 2018-2019

Rowanlea Adult Service “When we inspected Rowanlea Services we found that they were working at a very good standard. The whole service was responsive and focused on individualised support for people. This service had an enabling attitude towards what people could achieve.” Care Inspectorate Report, 2019

Linn Moor’s adult service at Rowanlea continues to support five tenants across two separate units.

Rowanlea House is home to three young adults, Rowanlea Cottage houses two young adults. Over the last twelve months, the tenants have continued to develop their life skills and are also working towards SQA Awards with support from our committed staff team. With support from corporate volunteering groups, we intend to develop a fruit and vegetable garden for Rowanlea House in order to provide meaningful and rewarding activities for the tenants. The aim is to further improve the general therapeutic environment of the garden around Rowanlea House, providing our tenants with further sensory experiences and life skills in caring and tending to the plants.

Education & Learning | 27

Linn Moor Residential School “Linn Moor Residential School provides a nurturing environment in which young people experience warm interactions with people who are caring for them.� Care Inspectorate Report, March 2019 Linn Moor Residential School embraces a holistic approach to learning, allowing for a combination of structured desk-based education and experiential learning opportunities - both on the campus and in the local community. Each classroom has a kitchen, group and individual work areas, quiet rooms and access to gardens. Moving forward, our pupils will also have regular timetabled access to the education workshop and classroom at Easter Anguston Farm which provides a highquality learning environment to help support them towards a range of SQA qualifications under the guidance of our exceptional team of teachers. In line with the Curriculum for Excellence, the children and young people are provided with extensive learning opportunities set out in their individualised timetables, with tasks being appropriately challenging to take into account different ability levels and learning styles. The campus is well resourced, with a breadth of technology infrastructure, extensive on-site facilities, and access to transport to enable the children and young people to take part in a comprehensive range of activities such as swimming, trampoline sessions, horse-riding, climbing and nature walks. We provide education to children in a way that meets their needs and makes the most of the strengths and skills they possess, while constantly striving to maximise their potential and celebrate their achievements. We embrace a multi-sensory learning experience that extends well beyond the school and are looking to further expand the provision of activities across the campus over the next twelve months, with the commencement of a Cycling Proficiency programme and ongoing therapy sessions in areas such as drama, art and crafts, and music.

28 | Education & Learning

VSA Annual Report 2018-2019

Testimonial “My experience of transitions to Linn Moor has been outstanding. They have a very dedicated staff team who will go above and beyond to make the transition as easy and as seamless as possible for young people. Having such a positive and nurturing environment has been the key to a successful move.“ Social Worker, Children and Families Service (Placing Authority)

Education & Learning | 29

Easter Anguston Farm Providing lifelong learning opportunities for those with additional support needs. Easter Anguston is an operational farm and local community resource which serves as a training facility for adults with learning difficulties and other additional support needs. Situated in Peterculter, it has 70 acres of arable land used as a working farm, plus 20 acres of woodland, which attracted over 15,000 visitors from the area during 2018/2019. Easter Anguston provides meaningful and individualised training placements for 15 adult trainees who are supported by a skilled staff team to learn and develop their knowledge and understanding of working in an agricultural and retail setting. Strong emphasis is placed on developing personal, social, vocational and land-based skills that can be useful in preparing for future employment whilst also increasing their contribution to the local community. Building upon the transformation the farm has undergone over the past two years, we are delighted that thanks to the generosity of our supporters The Budge Foundation, BP Coast to Coast Cycle Team, Nexen and others, we were able to commence works to redevelop an area of the farm to create an Education Centre - to primarily support our adult trainees as they undertake formal vocational qualifications. The Education Centre, once opened, will also support the personal development of our students at Linn Moor school.

30 | Education & Learning

VSA Annual Report 2018-2019

Volunteering and Community Engagement



15 0

volunteer groups



corporate corporate individual


7,000 individual

volunteering hours

4,746 corporate

volunteering hours Based on the Scottish Living wage of ÂŁ8.75/hour this equates to a wage equivalent of ÂŁ41,527/annum

Volunteering | 31

Volunteering Volunteers are at the heart of VSA, and without the support of individuals, groups, corporate partners and many others who each year generously give their time we would not be able to provide the vital services and support that we do to thousands of vulnerable people year after year. At our 2018 AGM we were delighted to recognise a number of individuals and corporates who had gone above and beyond throughout the year with the time they had selflessly dedicated toward helping us change lives. Well done to all of our 2018 winners The Lady Joan Catto Unsung Hero Award went to Nicky Bruce. James Logan Award for Outstanding Achievement went to the VSA Mercat Bookshop Volunteers. The Dr Vijay Jandial Award for Corporate Volunteering went to Subsea 7. The Melville Watson Award for Corporate Achievement in Fundraising went to the BP Coast to Coast Cycling Team. The Lata Jandial Memorial Award for Volunteering went to Rebekah Moffat. Special recognition certificates went to:

32 32 | Volunteering

Anderson, Anderson Brown

IHS Markit

Spirit Energy

And Macy Youngson

VSA Annual Report 2018-2019

The Lata Jandial Memorial Award for Volunteering Winner 2018 When reviewing the nominations for this award, our awards panel were impressed by Rebekah Moffats selfless dedication, commitment and support that she provided to VSA. The voluntary work that she undertook at VSA’s Contact Centre was truly inspiring.

Rebekah has been volunteering at the Contact Centre every week since February 2016. VSA’s Contact Centre provides a neutral and safe environment where contact sessions can take place between a child and their non-resident parent. Her infectious enthusiasm and understanding is most welcomed by the parents and children of the centre, helping them create and restore their relationships. She approached every situation with great sensitivity and helped to create a welcoming environment to ensure positive contact time for each estranged parent and child.

“Volunteering at VSA helped to build my confidence”.

Rebekah Moffat, 2019

Volunteering | 33

VSA Changing Lives Campaign

There is a growing demand for mental wellbeing services, with 1 in 3 adults being diagnosed with a mental health condition in Aberdeen alone every year. As Aberdeen’s largest and trusted provider of mental health services, we are more than aware of the pressures this brings. As a result, we were delighted to publicly announce our exciting ‘Changing Lives’ campaign which aims to raise £3.2 million to build an ambitious purpose-built mental wellbeing facility in the heart of Aberdeen to support adults on their journey to recovery. This new 20-bedroom facility, with an associated community-based outreach service, will provide vital support to people living with a range of mental health conditions, empowering them to take control of their lives through our highly-regarded recovery model and specialised mental wellbeing support staff. The campaign was officially launched by the Lord Provost and is being backed by ex-Scotland Manager Alex McLeish, Aberdeen Standard Investments, BP, Apache and many others. However, we need your help. With your support, we can make this desperately-needed facility happen and change lives for the better by providing first-class services and facilities for those who need help and support. To find out more about our Changing Lives Campaign please visit

34 | VSA Changing Lives Campaign

VSA Annual Report 2018-2019


Approximately 1 in 3 people in Scotland will experience a mental health illness each year

43% of adults think that they have had a diagnosable mental health illness at some point in their life of mental health illnesses are established by age 24

That’s why we are investing in a new £3.2m mental wellbeing facility, right here in the heart of Aberdeen. Play your part, support us today by visiting

36 | VSA Changing Lives Campaign

Get involved in a £3.2m challenge We are changing lives by building a new Mental Wellbeing Facility in Aberdeen. We need your help raising the £3.2m needed to make it happen.

Changing Lives Campaign Launch

Emily’s Journey “The hospital made me physically well but being in St Aubin’s has made me emotionally well again and I can’t thank the staff enough for that. I never thought life could be this good.”

Emily, who is now 20 years old, has struggled with anorexia for most of her teenage years-spending long periods of time in hospital-before getting help and support from VSA’s residential St Aubin’s Service. Emily said: “Pretty much all the way through my teenage years I struggled with the disorder and I was in and out of hospital a lot. It ended up becoming a cycle, because I would be in hospital for a few months then go home and although my parents tried hard they couldn’t really cope. It got worse and worse and I ended up being in hospital for two years before we found out about St Aubin’s. When I first went things were really tough but the staff helped me so much. It was all about what helped me and them fitting in around that. Them supporting me made me realise I needed to get better. They trusted me and were there for me when I needed them.” Emily, who enjoys gymnastics and is a volunteer gymnastics coach, is now set to realise her lifelong ambition of studying physiotherapy when she begins classes at Robert Gordon University (RGU) after the summer. She said: “This has been the goal for a long time. I have had the chance to go in the past but I have always been too unwell. There was always something stopping me but now I am finally going to be able to do it. It’s been my dream for such a large part of my life and I’m so excited about it. “That’s something else the staff at VSA have helped me with when I needed them. They have encouraged me and helped me to get well enough to be in a position where I can go to university and do things other young people do. “I am so grateful for the support I’ve had from St Aubin’s. Because of them I am able to go and live a normal life and enjoy it.” 38 | VSA Changing Lives Campaign

VSA Annual Report 2018-2019

Putting the FUN into Fundraising

It is with thanks to the support VSA receives financially and nonfinancially that we have the opportunity to give vulnerable people the skills, opportunities, experiences and environments that they need to realise their dreams and lead more independent and integrated lives. We believe that no other charity is better placed to help our community and we will continue to develop and evolve our services to meet the support needs of the people who need and use our services-ensuring we provide the best of care so that people can live the best of lives.


Our Services Adult and Community Services Older People Services • Broomhill Park • Cloverfield Grove • Crosby House • Home Support for people with dementia • Ruthrieston House Care Home • Broomhill Activity Centre

• Woodside Activity Centre • Weekend Day Care Mental Wellbeing • Arrdeir House Care Home • Millbank • Northfield Lodge • Outreach • Reconnect

• St Aubin’s • St Aubin’s Outreach Service • Westerton Crescent Learning Disabilities • Craigton Grove • Home Support for adults with learning disabilities

Children and Family Services • Additional Support Needs Advisory Project (ASNAP) • Family Contact Centre • Maisie’s Children’s Centre • Richmondhill House Parental Assessment Unit

• School Counselling - Hazlehead Academy - Northfield Academy - St Machar Academy • Parent Carer Support & Development

Education and Learning • Linn Moor School • Rowanlea Adult Services • Easter Anguston Farm

Carers Service • Adult Carers Resource Service • Airyhall Carer Respite Centre

Other Services • Mercat Bookshop • Behavioural Support Strategies 40

• Out of School Services - Orchard Brae After School Club - Playschemes - Friends for Life Club

VSA Annual Report 2018-2019

How we raised our money This year our incredible supporters have helped us raise a staggering £1.2 million towards assisting us in changing the lives of vulnerable people. This includes money left to us in legacies, and money raised by our generous supporters through community fundraising activities, corporate partnerships, events, and major gifts. The Fundraising Team, in collaboration with other senior management and the Board of Trustees, designed and implemented a major capital appeal the ‘VSA Changing Lives Mental Wellbeing Campaign’ with the aim of fundraising £3.2 million to build a new mental wellbeing residential facility in the heart of Aberdeen. Key fundraising events during the course of 2018/19 included: Run Balmoral, London Marathon, Sing, Sing, Sing!, VSA Changing Lives Ball, and A Guid Noel. Approximately 1,900 people supported us across all of the above events. The team is currently developing a wider portfolio of events for 2019/2020 which will include international hikes, runs, and cycles. To aid the development of future fundraising income and to provide greater insight and analytics into our fundraising performance, we invested in a new CRM system called Salesforce, which went live in January 2019. The new database will allow us to get to know our supporters and their preferences better, while being able to accurately record information such as thank you letters, and donations in one location.

How we spent our money Total income for 2018/19 was £16.3 million This is broken down as follows; Charitable Activities £14.9 million Donations & Legacies £1 million


£16 Million+

Investments £0.2 million Other Trading Activities £0.2 million

Total Expenditure in 2018/19 was £17.4M This is broken down as follows; Charitable Activities £17 million


£17 Million+

Cost of raising Funds £0.4 million

A full copy of our audited accounts can be found on our website. 41

Thank You to our amazing supporters! Over the course of 2018 we were delighted to enter a partnership with local Aberdeen newspaper the Evening Express which is very kindly providing media coverage for our Changing Lives campaign and wider organisation as we head towards our 150th anniversary year in 2020. A G Bain Trust

Craig Wilson ‘The Kilted Chef’

Aberdeen City Council

Damian Bates

Aberdeen Endowments Trust

Dr Fiona Kennedy Clark, OBE, DL

Aberdeen Standards Investments

Dr Roger B. Williams, MBE

Dyce Academy ACC Community Festive Fund

James Clark Ltd James Roy’s Trust John Gordon’s Charitable Fund John Mutch Building Services LTD

Paul Mealor Roemex LTD Rose Recruitment Ltd Sarah Malone

Shared Care Scotland John Shivas Memorial Trust Dyce Electrical Ltd Sheena Middleton Adamson Trust Justin Michael Finlay & Co Shell Addleshaw Goddard LLP Karisa & Butchers Arms Finnies the Jeweller Sheridan Nicol Alexander Crombie’s Trust Kinellar School Fiona Kennedy OBE, DL Spirit Energy Alexander Duthie & Sons Ltd Laura Pike & Mark Wyllie Fletts St Machars Cathedral Anderson Anderson Brown LLP Ledingham Chalmers LLP Foundation Scotland St. Nicholas Charitable Fund Angus Shaw Lockhart Capital Management G&J Investments Steve Riddell Aon Hewitt Commercial Insurance LLP (LCM) Lord Provost

Subsea 7

George Crombie’s Trust

Mains of Loirston Charitable Trust

The Beach Ballroom

Global Energy Group

Malcolm Todd

Bob Crowe

Graeme Bone Property Group

Marathon Oil


Graham & Sibbald

Brown Forman

Graham Reid

Burness Paull LLP

GSR Healthcare Ltd

Centurion Group

GWS Archictects


Heat Tech Mechanical Ltd

Apache Corporation Ardoe House Hotel Bank of Scotland BDG Thomson Gray Ltd

CNR Combustion Services Ltd

General & Technical Flooring Services

HMT/ Balmoral Estate IDP Purchasing

Conoco Philips

IHS Markit

Covell Matthews Architects Ltd

Indian Assosciation North East Scotland (IANES)


The Capitol Building The Hospital Saturday Fund

The Ina Scott Sutherland Charitable Foundation Martin Connell Charitable Trust McCue & Porter LLP McHardy Financial Services Methlick School Mike Brown Joinery Contractors Nae Ordinary Burns Supper NHS Grampian Carer’s Information Strategy Fund Nils Elders Norman McLeod Patrick Mitchell Hunter Fund

The Oil & Gas Technology Centre Ltd The Scott Family Thomas Primrose Trust Thorpe Malloy Union Square VSA Event Participants & Supporters VSA’s Volunteers Wood

VSA Annual Report 2018-2019

Finance & Trustee Information Patron Her Majesty the Queen President The Lord Provost of Aberdeen Councillor Barney Crockett, LL Vice Presidents Lady Joan Catto MBE, DL Mr James Stevenson Mr Mathew Finnie Mrs Maggie Wilson- (relinquished October 2018)

Honorary Treasurer Alan Gall Chief Executive Dr Kenneth Simpson BA BSc MPA DBA CMgr FCMI FIoD FRSA Honorary Law Agent Burness Paull LLP External Auditors RSM UK Audit LLP

Chair of the Board of Trustees Mrs Alex Hunter- April-October 2018 Mrs Maggie Wilson-October 2018- present

Report of the Trustees for the year ended 31 March 2019 The trustees are pleased to present their trustee report together with the audited financial statements for the year to 31 March 2019. Directors and Trustees April 2018- March 2019 The directors of Aberdeen Association of Social Service (the charity operating as VSA) are its trustees for the purpose of charity law. The trustees of Aberdeen Association of Social Service who were in office during the year and up to the date of signing the financial statements were: Mrs M Wilson (co-opted October 2018) Mr A Gall Mr H Ouston Mrs K Sinclair Dr D P B Watson Mr P Murray Mrs G Miller Mrs L Fenn

Mrs K Begg Mr S Burt Mr A McBurnie (Appointed September 2018) Mr K Shand (Appointed September 2018) Mr G Watt (Appointed September 2018) Mr J Knowles (Appointed September 2018) Mrs A Powe (Appointed September 2018)

REFERENCE AND ADMINISTRATIVE DETAILS Charity Name Aberdeen Association of Social Service Operating Name VSA Charity Registration Number SC012950 Registered office and Principal office 38 Castle Street Aberdeen AB11 5YU



Annual Report



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