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a NOTE from the EDITOR... Hi, welcome to VARIANT Magazine!

We are very excited to present the first issue of

VARIANT. Over the course of a semester, I’ve had the pleasure of working with some very talented students.

The photographers, videographers, models, stylists, makeup artists, writers, editors, and designers have

been committed to this project. As a team, we are very proud of the end product. This issue features

articles on Women in the Music Industry and helpful tips on dates with your S.O. in this cold weather. The most intriguing part of the magazine is our bougie editorial featuring luxury products and

beautiful models. The photo shoot was done at Utah Place, a beautiful off-campus estate located right here in Athens, Ohio. I hope you enjoy our Fall to Winter issue. We certainly enjoyed creating it!

Yours Truly,

Kailynn Clark, Editor-in-Chief



Meet the Teacher




DIY Denim


Winter SFX




Redefining Ladylike


Cold Weather Date Ideas





MEET THE TEACHER Interview by emylee smith Photos by sam butler

Trina Gannon is a professor in the Retail Merchandising & Fashion Product Development Program in the prestigious Patton College of Education. VARIANT Magazine sat down with Gannon to get the inside scoop on her life, passion for fashion and the fabulous Mary C. Doxsee collection.

Q: Where did you attend undergrad/ graduate school?

A: University of Akron for undergrad/Ohio University for grad.

we have from any culture. It’s not like a building that once built hardly ever changes, clothing is fluid and changes with the times and reflects the social/ psychological/economical mindset of a given culture. Totally fascinating!

Q: What did you study? Q: Why did you want to become a teacher? A: As an undergrad I majored in Clothing and Textiles with a focus on Interdisciplinary A: I was lucky enough to have the opportunity Anthropology. My master’s is in Apparel, Textiles and Merchandising/Historic Track with a focus on History and Psychology.

Q: What was your favorite course that you took while in college?


hard one...surprisingly, I would have to say an Intro to Chemistry class. I loved all my classes in my major(s) and I knew I would do good in them because of that. However, stepping outside my comfort zone and taking a class about a subject that I was interested in but knew nothing about (ever) and passing with an A- because I pushed myself to learn really helped me realize that we can all be who we set our minds to be in life. It’s the simple things like that that end up making a big difference sometimes.

Q: What made you pick retail? A: I love to study why cultures turn out the

way they do, why people do what they do, how people live their daily lives. Clothing/ fashion is one of the most versatile artifacts

to teach while I was working on my master’s. Fell in love with it right away, it just fit. It’s fun to interact with people and see how people learn and do things differently than me. People learn from each other and I like learning from my students as much as I hope they like learning from me.

Q: What is your favorite course to teach?

A: RFPD 1100, Fashion and Culture. Great

class, all around, so many topics covered from around the world regarding cultures and how dress plays a larger role than many people realize.

Q: What is your favorite part about working at Ohio University?

A: Can’t everything be my favorite part? I love it here, no place else I’d rather be!


Q: Could you explain what the Mary C. Doxsee collection is?

A: In a nutshell, the Mary C. Doxsee Clothing

and Textile Collection houses a little over 2,500 items that include everything from an 1820s day dress (casual wear) to 1920s kimono from Japan to 1980s prom dresses and everything in between. There are purses, hats and shoes galore. Delicate silk chiffon beaded 1920s flapper dresses...I could go on and on.

Q: How did you get involved with the collection?

A: Since I was in the Historic Costume track

as a master’s student I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to work with the collection right away in my education under the tutelage of Dr. Sky Cone (now retired) who had worked directly with Mary Doxsee before she retired.

Q: What would you like the future to have in store for the collection?

A: More exhibits and student involvement!!

Any student that shows interest in working with the collection is welcome to contact me to become more involved. We have such a great exhibit place now, and it is easily accessible so there can be more student involvement if he/she is interested.

Q: How would you describe your style? A: Classic Trina total 60s and 70s - mostly 70s - and the gaudier/bolder the better. Modern Trina a little more polished/ neutral with a hint of 60s/70s once in a while.

Q: What/who is your biggest fashion influence?

A: Life - life experiences in general influence

my fashion. I’ve never followed a particular

fashion designer but I love to see what all is out there and how people come up with the ideas/creations they do!

Q: What advice would you give to an aspiring retail innovator?

A: Follow your heart, your head will catch up

eventually. Sometimes it’s a struggle but stay true to who you are and everything will fall into place.

“The Mary C. Doxsee and Textile Collection houses a little over 2,500 items”


PHOTOS BY Bri Esparza - Magnone

Adding sparkle is sure to make your nails stand out! Don’t be afraid to incorporate shapes or accents to make your nails unique and interesting!


One of the best ways to step up any look is to show some serious personal style with your nails.





Photos by Ryne Brownell

The stars What you’ll need: - star-shaped stencil - white paint (or color of choice) - sponge brush 1) Place your stencil on the jeans. Make sure it lays flat so there aren’t any bumps. 2) Dip your sponge brush in the paint. 3) Dab the sponge on your stencil until it is fully coated in paint. 4) Move the stencil to a different spot on your jeans and repeat steps 1-3. 5) Repeat steps as needed until desired look is achieved.

& Stripes What you’ll need: - duct tape - paint brush - matte white fabric paint 1) Using duct tape mark off your line down the side of each pant leg. 2) Apply three layers of paint per side. 3) Wait until paint is at least semi-dry before applying next coat. 4) Let dry for 4 hours and do NOT wash for 3 days.

pretty pearls What you’ll need: - fabric glue - fake pearls 1) Squeeze a dot of glue onto the fabric. 2) Allow glue to sit for 1-2 seconds & then place a pearl on top. 3) Hold in place for 5 seconds. 4) Repeat steps 1-3 starting at the top of the pants and working your way down.

*Tip: use pearls of assorted sizes to create an even edgier look

laced up What you’ll need: - scissors - ruler - chalk - hammer

- black string or laces - four packs of 15 pc. silver grommets - grommet tool

1) With your jeans laying flat on the ground, cut a slit from the ankle to about mid-thigh. Repeat on both pant legs. 2) Starting at the top of each slit, using a piece of chalk make dots down the length of each side. Dots should be about 2� apart. 3) Cut a small hole in place of each dot. 4) Using a hammer & your grommet tool begin hammering a grommet on each hole. 5) After all the grommets are in place, cut two 5 ft. long pieces of string. 6) Starting at the top, begin lacing up each leg. 7) Tie a bow at the bottom, cut any excess string, & voilå!

The jacket What you’ll need: - denim jacket - scissors - studs - patches 1) This look is meant for creative freedom, so embrace your artistic side. Lukas adds distress marks, spiked studs and patches to show his edgy style.

side slit What you’ll need: - flare or wide-leg pants - scissors 1) Lay your pants flat of the ground with the side seam facing up. 2) Using you scissors cut along the seam stopping at the upper thigh. 3) Trim any excess thread or fabric and you’re done!

WINTER SFX Photos By Allison Haas



A Photos by sydney Honaker




is a disease. Get well soon, Bitch.




One of this seasons hottest trends is monochrome outfits; Using variations of the same shade together to create a funky, unique, and colorful look.


Fresh Yellow Dontay pairs a corduray blazer and pants with a mustard yellow long sleeve tee and button earrings.

hot in maroon lukas is all smiles in an all maroon ensemble, wearing a slouchy crewneck accompanied by a pair of wire frame glasses.

Green with envy Hannah’s wearing a mint green one piece, mint eyeshadow and emerald tights. Paired with silver heels and gorgeous gold jewelry to accent.

sleek orange Khanh-vy poses in an orange t-shirt dress, platform sandals, baseball cap and orange smokey eye.

Sultry silver mark shows off a hoodie, flannel and jeans paired with a silver baseball cap.

Baby blue hannah pouts in a blue knit sweater, round, retro shades and a stacked silver necklace with a bright blue lip.




n recent years we’ve seen the rise of some interesting female artists such as Cardi B, Lorde, Kehlani, SZA, and Rihanna. A lot of these artists have certainly shot to the top with their talent and music, but what makes them so intriguing are the types of themes and messages they present to the media and through their music. By most standards these themes of sexuality, identity, selfempowerment would be looked down upon in society, but that’s what makes this movement of new female artists so empowering. It’s almost a rebellion against society norms on how they should act.

herself this. It’s empowering because sexuality is something that everyone has, and women shouldn’t feel discouraged from wanting to express that at the expense of how people will perceive them.


hanges like this are important because in the past, female artists like Mariah Carey and Brandy were slandered and judged for wanting to step away from the typical way women had to express themselves in mainstream media.

“It’s a rebellion against society norms on how


they should act”

ne of the biggest and common themes that most of these artists share in common is the theme of sexual empowerment. A sense of being able to put their sexuality out into the world, but carrying themselves with respect. Rihanna for years now, has been one to express herself in a sexual manner throughout her music, but also go about her business in any other casual way. The way she goes about her life without feeling the need to explain why she puts her sexuality forward, or acknowledge that does express



nother message that’s been pushed by these artists is acknowledging their flaws and using them as a sense of empowerment. Cardi B was once a wellknown stripper from Atlanta, but instead of letting her past life weigh her down, she acknowledges that she used to live this lifestyle and uses her experience from this to become a hustler and navigate her way through the rap industry. On SZA’s debut album, one of the running themes on it was her past as being a side chick. What makes it so empowering is her willingness to acknowledge this and not feel ashamed. In a way she is taking the connotation and stigma that’s been placed on women who fall into this category.


15 Photos by Melissa Cordy written by Isabela Devlin

Cold weather date ideas for under $10 L


iving on a college budget can become increasingly difficult especially as the temperatures drop and there are fewer activities to do outside. While snow begins to fall around Athens you may be considering staying in bed all day watching Netflix under the blankets. While that may sound appealing, here are at least fifteen other fun things you and your boo, or a group of friends, can do this winter.


Rock-climbing at Ping Rec Center - Change up your usual workout by checking out the climbing wall at Ping. You can have a competition of who can make it to the top the quickest. Winner gets bragging rights and an awesome workout.


Kennedy Art Museum at The Ridges - The Kennedy Art Museum has free admission, although they accept donations at the front. Walk around the few exhibits and pick out which piece of artwork you like best.


Make snowmen or snow angels - A timeless winter activity; bundle up and find a fresh patch of snow to see who can make the best snow angel or snowman!


Watch holiday movies on Netflix - Nothing is better than staying in on a freezing winter night and watching holiday movies. So pop in a good movie, grab some blankets and snuggle up near the fireplace. There’s a whole world of Christmas movies on the internet to pick from. My personal suggestions: “Elf”, “Home Alone”, “A Christmas Story”, and “How the Grinch Stole


Make some hot chocolate and play a board game - What’s better than playing a board game with someone you love? Playing with a cup of hot chocolate in your hands! Break out that old game of Life or Candy Land and test your skillsloser makes the next batch of hot cocoa!


Go sledding at Strouds Run State Park - Dust off those cobwebs on your old sled and relive your best childhood memories. There are several hills around the park you can find and go sledding down. You can go just the two of you, or with a big group of people!


Go hiking at Hocking Hills or Strouds Run - if you’re feeling adventurous put on your best winter books and hike around the trails of Strouds Run. There are dozens of trails that make up the park, so just find one that interests you the most and get hiking.


Go to Karaoke night at the Smiling Skull Saloon on Wednesday nights and sing together Every Wednesday night the Smiling Skull Saloon has live karaoke starting a 9 pm. This characteristic bar is a haven for townies and students alike, and is the perfect place to test your singing skills! Sign up for your favorite song and belt those lyrics together from the top of your lungs.


Grab coffee and study for finals at Donkey Coffee - as finals season approach, students spend longer hours cramming and finishing up essays. Instead of making your way to the library, try Donkey Coffee in Uptown for a cozy place to study. There’s comfy couches to chill on and additional seating upstairs. Even better; there are free coffee refills all day!


Ice skate at Bird Arena during rec skate hours - Bird Arena offers rec skating hours for anyone who wants to get some time on the ice. Whether you’ve never skated before or are an aspiring figure skating Olympian, everyone is welcome! It is free admission with your OU id, but skate rentals are $4 if you don’t have a pair of your own.


Stay in and bake cinnamon rolls - If you’re looking to satisfy your sweet tooth, buy a roll of cinnamon rolls from the market or CVS and pop them in the oven. Maybe even eat them while watching those holiday movies on Netflix.


See a movie at the Athena Cinema - The Athena Cinema is conveniently placed on Court Street and is constantly playing new movies. While the movies aren’t free to OU students, every Tuesday they offer just $4 tickets to any film.


Watch a sports game - Say goodbye to those handwarmers and oversized blankets from football games! The good thing about sports events in the winter is that they’re indoors. Basketball and volleyball are popular in the winter at OU, so go out and cheer on your fellow Bobcats. Hockey games are also exciting, and it’s only $5 for student tickets.


See a play or performance on campus - If you’re looking for something new to do, check out a student play or performance! free to student with an Ohio ID.


Volunteer together - if you’re looking for ways to give back to the community, look into the several volunteer opportunities offered on campus! Here’s a link to additional opportunities offered on campus: involvement/communityservice/volunteer.cfm

Two Leaves Two beautiful leaves fall down from the same tree Godspell winds will take them far Both blow with the wind wanting to be free But they yet not know who they are End up as they may, always two steps behind on earth’s hemisphere To each their own not knowing whether to care To be together forever to overcome and adhere True by unity, oh the sweet smelling air As they begin to follow closely you can almost conclude Millions and millions must bypass the mess That two will be miraculously united true and true I can take a wild guess Both hearts so true and have come together Weathering the storm of so many swept up leaves No they can truly be that constant forever Never leaving each others side being or being bereaved Being so bittersweet the ending is coming soon Two beautiful leaves have fallen down the same tree They are loved by the sun, sky, and the moon Fearless they are for loving for eternity To love is very hard, like aligning the stars Seek people do, but most times never get far - Efemena Ashley Efeurhobo


Recipe for Society’s Perfect Girl 1 tsp. of giggles ¾ cup of mindlessness 2 cups of big breasts ½ cup of starvation 4 tbsp. of well behaved

1 cup tiny nose ¼ cup of big lips ¾ tsp. of stay at home mom And for a little added zest a sprinkle of great in bed

Now remember when creating this woman to never let her think she’s more that any of these things That’s how things can get messy. It is also important to demean her about every chance you get! Scream disgusting things at her from across the street so she’s publicly degraded, and really remembers her place. Things like “damn ma look at that ass” and “I’d bang that” Are just some perfect examples of this. You could also whistle at her like a dog! That will really lower her self worth! Now this recipe isn’t concrete. Make sure to spice it up the way you’d like. Some smack them around a little if she’s too zesty. But I guarantee if you follow the basic steps you’ll create the woman of your dreams. - Julia Fassbender


Untitled How have I known you all my life and still feel so unfamiliar when you creep around me, I always know what you’re going to say but you still make me weep like somber willows, The weather shifts to let me know your presence is near, You kissed me in summer but slapped me in winter, You’re erratic but so practical and necessary, I hate you and rely on you simultaneously, But that’s cuz you’re hideous and beautiful at the same time, You exist to fulfill existence, You’re a walking paradox, You took my daddy away, But you also made me the big cousin, You made my mama cry but you also gave her strength to stand tall for me alone, I don’t always know what to expect from you, And at times I don’t even expect you, I can’t pick and choose when you come to me cuz you move like a river, You’re constantly flowing, I just hope you give to me as much as you’ve taken from me, In fact I’m counting on it, Sometimes I wonder what life would be like without you, And the fortune I’d have if I could distance myself from your sovereign reign, But I also think about the blessings I’d miss out on if you had up and disappeared completely from my life... I can’t control you, I can’t escape you without losing common sense, All I can do is accept you. Having loved you, Known you, And watched you flourish has been the most intricate beauty I’ve ever come across, Come my way


- Noah Turner

ACKNOWLEDGMENTS Models Adelina Miller . Briana Craig . Cole Bellinger . Dontay Graham . Efe Efeurhobo . Elly Portune . Erica Richard . Hannah Kerns . Hannah Raines . Jaida Sterling . Kailynn Clark . Kala Payne . Khanh-vy Tran . Lukas Scribner . Mackenzie Daly . Mark Thomas . Michele Weaver . Thanae Austin

Photographers Allison Haas . Bri Esparza-Magnone . Melissa Cordy . Mia Barnes . Ryne Brownell . Sydney Honaker

Stylists Aaron Hart . Erica Richard . Jette Garcia . Lukas Scribner . Sam Butler . Tyler Jordan . Zach Reynolds

Makeup Artists Emylee Smith . Hannah Raines . Jette Garcia . Khanh-vy Tran . Maggie Stotts

Writers Efe Efeurhobo . Emylee Smith . Isabela Devlin . Julia Fassbender . Noah Turner . Sam Butler . Tyler Jordan

Publication Designers Briana Craig . Efe Efeurhobo . Erica Richard . Jane Dickerson . Khanh-vy Tran . Lauren Klintworth Sam Butler . Tyler Jordan